The daily Pittsburgh gazette. (Pittsburgh, Pa.) 1851-1861, May 12, 1851, Image 1

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arms o, :rasa ararcr, =XI VORIL TO ma 1.211 QM=
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.D....Rai—m.end0w.r."....... , tali reasty:
Sth Douses ifilieshyn ateanee. . .
VTDEKLT— wo oilers per atinumn. in &du o- M. arse
ili to, vapollei m the folimaint . .Walki 69 . 9— I ,
Three copies. lwr mtsinct i t 00
611 mew , • ~'''' . 900
Iva MO , . --. '1
7D 00 13 oo
.rmy collie. do
The packet for each Club to be
N od pp /?ne, person
g ad to be rakt inarily in advance_ No Clubespere will
be lent after the t on expthns, ulthiths the ..1 pp...., t o ,
a renewal.' •
• um pr ADvkairismo.
One Bunare (10 lines of Nonpareil or less)
one Insertion. . ..
. ..
. .... -...11 060
Do. enchasldltional ........ 0 i''
le. two weeks.
000 thno weeks.—....._— e 400
two mositha- - i 7 00
Do. three months.— ..... —..... 6 00
Da. - fat maths
10 00
Da.Mx months...-. ........ ........., 12 00
Do . to-4m months ... :, is 00
f tantitho Carda,s hnes or Pon per aannu-$5OO
One Dollar faro-eh additional line.
One Minna changeable at pleasure (per
• - limni exclusive of the Patin... ...... --...c1: 5 0 0
For each additional Mme, too-med.
or one Mcmth, and
for each additiomil rousse inserted under the yearly ram,
. half pd.-.' - '
• Asivertimmenti lin o- 4MM a Muth. 0. 1001 rrr 11110 . i,
loeg, to bo charged ILI ••• .00•1Ith .0 • natt
linhlishem not accountable er legal adverldnimitutt lwr
yood the amount chordal fur their
as enthrall° ~
Atinnurance mialida cum teu fur dn., to be aft . rgiel the same
other advertlecro
Advertisements. not marked on thenepy Or * 02.016 01(1
mniame of imertionn - will be oputinued tut forbiciond MO.
moot eracted egoordinirle.
The grivllme of annual aleartlsera le strictly limited to
their own Immo-dine trurinths; and .all mivertiermerinleac
0u 1 x...
• Me benefit of other pensmosas wellasall edverhaeutent• not
. immadmtely connected wltialteir own lbont anal all
asora of eiverewements, 12. length Or hallatul
• holimitiengugel, will by enact:ad at the usual gur
.01 each
pr at sdeurthintr. 12110 will he parately
_ enderel. and. ompt payment is desired.
All advertisement , for charitable cone
sPrerltit:,teloctagg.,l' h1:1 4 ➢ '4ooo
6.0"..1r, -, -.
1 price, earabla Mn 7ln ad.
idarrisme maims to ho chanted liOlonta
Death 130tim. inCeth.l Without charge. vale. mcompa
' Med by funeral invltalieu, or obituary note., and when
molemnpanied. to be paid for. I
i[erillth sdrOtthers, WA 101 010,00 Nendthe caiththo2k3.•
lths, a: th,thlthth ono-es dedgnot to call attend®. to ,
Taira, Soirees. Con ceit. orngiminlZerrg ,
x . t=la g tgnee - mad.
- niz i e &Meow] to call MtenOon to
mint. enterpri.,rauls or inter4e4 to maim. holl.
vidmi eaten., mat Dot/ be thwthed. with the ithatithand•
bur that. thrum , . ill to - be raid SO. If Weeded. to ho to--
nerted in the local opium. the gam) will be charged at the
rate of not (01.1. than 10 eents
o to p e c r h a ln rg ie e .
Th ho i po Lim* Not i * r t .l4each. d
rple proa
Ural Estate Airirote` sad AUCLlOnerre adentenunda . not
to to clamed under .yearly rated, but to be allowed a
count of thirty three
sal om third per mos. fro m the
•seetrat ofMi.
imam' on vsnworir IN UAW 1,2138.
• ' ' • - Do. each v 101900.1 10.1;:iiin1—..... . 31'
• ' .thrththaa[thrf th Ithr.o.l . rriall.
• - . ' 9'r Da.ol",llo,l7ignrthrti=7:::49 :VI
.. :, 411 tr..ool<ot adverttements mire mild in adman.
Onli A. PARKINSON, Alderma.4, Fifth
rig Ward, Nun street. battteen OIL.; aotl Walnut. All
bw/ocoo promptly . attloadot to.
5. ccacaa „
/ Low—Older cu fount street. No.B2tiActlrdwa Wood
add N 0114,0014 rtrAper, I'dtrborldk. Pk.
N. ldtplatut ae Cdroth.lwidder for the Stated(
New York. . • - kmlo
111.0111, 661.15.11 •
lIINN COLLIER; Attorneys at Law—
to Office on Fourth Area, above Rralth&ld.
I. NV. F. WRITE, Attorney at Law—Of
near Fourth, in Allard
ohio e , tau t ; Commlmicoher fo O rtaki et t
11;;;tfir47. "' at
i'"iL " S a ve , ear4S,tver
AJ P. &G.L. B. PETTERMAN, Attar-
AA • nese stasms slat 1142.1 Estate Agents. 4th.
amet Littsbuseh. &WIG
T AMES 7 J..K1311N, Attorney at Law, office.
te moms. foil, weerr of Groat street andVarrood
• , ritt.ohnur.h. Jolfcdll
AAMES F. KERB., Attorney at Law—Office
ay on 4th rt., hvhrron Emithhela mod Groot Pittsburgh.
Na` suer. tstutoran.
TOWE•& WATSON, Attcamaym at Law,
No.llo Fourth Wort, Httobtorrh ,
cosucce—Alosuml or k 0.7: Job. Buytim Da: Ilea-
Tost. Morrima Om; Wm, B. roam Jobs Flemlug,
casauau Get' W. Jork•Ort, Fitttbure,'
DWARD P. JONES, Attorney at Law:
I Fourth area, between WI:O3mA Smith-
ASPER: B. BRADY, Attorney at Law,
' No. EVFlfth stmt. Pittsburgh, Ps.
. Irua - o. amret.
11Cs. WIIIWIS dr. CO., Bankera
. .1 :Exchange Broiers, North East earner of Wood
r i rLt b n ' eNiteral team. end
reocaptir ntrentled
and Exchangeßroker,
. 'Fourth greet, Tienlek tn 'Bank "dolma FOIL at I.Y
-nma6old eind :Mae , Simko boned and mid.
The blithest market prier paid in premium Mr Amster ,
Ralf Dollank mid 1111 i 91.1.11 h itite
VVLAR RJR , Banker end „Broker,
V I'l
4t.b . street: l :CO. lE 64 ioloirtgl____„he Rink of Fittithargh.
WILKINS & CO, Exchange Brokers,
south I.'set Corner of Skied and Mar lut Meets. All
mellow at mrt liberal rate+.
1101.3 LES dr. SON. Dealers in Foreign
_LN • and Domestic Mils or Exchange, OextlbcabS of
. te, Climb Notre awl Epecle, No. , 39 Market street, Mt.
mole on all the Drhallbol
throughout the Unitorl litotes.
_ _ _
• 14.11.1 IL ..
n.., Ureteric 'Dellen , In Foreign dud Domestic
of Eze11..., Certnlnstec , of •Drposite„Bd.k Note.—
Ofrlcs. center of Third and Nind strenc.dnecur erredle
the Nt. Clueles Hand
11 — CAR6T11 — ERSBAnki n g Honse,
Y. oMang
. az.i.Tarta:-.Tng
-Wen of the Othed
...MA_ • Dm. 11.11.
go.A/ RD S: MTN, Coremission Merchants
isu n zi UM Brokers. N 0.114 Spr m ord street Presoasa nod
ALMER, HANNA CO., Successor' n er to
flown Lama CO.. Himmtss. Manna
rdeaktii Sondsco sie Domestic Eneheno, CottMacWordf
posit. Sight Checks ssie. sod collectioCarson
ns mnis on nest-
I T the prin. pa l mints of the Gaited Mates.
She higlnnt premium pal for Smeign and Annette.
Gold. • .
Adestricsamde on consignments of Produmsbipsint
• an literal terms.
C:4. - 7 — Vr —r---;- - TAILOR; •Coinith tad Bill
LP limb,. 112 fboand stre.l- Strict stiontlon will
:Eiyen- to all Ll:Mum indrosted to W.Pittabbuti
Manufactured artids. away. on 4.4 bt-Pc.brblbt
notice. ' Note& Bands. !tonsures. be:. begelated
ooh vor
ibla wank ..sosenutr..d.
CSTOCKTON,..hite Johnston 4E. Stook
11V to. Balm.ller; Idtiooef, Printer. cod Binder; r•
cier of Market sad Third otrort. Pitttburgh.
B7IIOLSE—S7 Cheap"--LitertiryYepot,
Thhd strixt, opposite the Pat - ObEr.. Neer Mei: r.l
t bril=2Jon. " ;:ii= r i r rutT e d rZigiedprtille/IA
• • lowest price.
117110PKIN3, Bookseller anStationer,
17.19 Fonrib erre. Apollo Building..
d-VID 1 . 4/1V1 4 :, .lii.
, Wholesale and Retail
Bak, and Confactlamer.l46 Fourth dreet.
adding Cake, and Ban, Caafactionaaa,
All ard•ra panctually /atarled o. - -
Bret,Wti - itx, Manufacturer mid Im
• rwr Cortotr, OH Cloths. Shoos gloat 'Mar
uyh tr rotor bhalrs, kr, Woribouro, IS Fourth 0.,
Vol .9 3toott rt. rittaborrh.
• Iif:P.OINIIEXTER, corner oflGter and
caua„, Amethefftletalrgh. Othhanastol Om FOlll.
- linter. hull for thh' purchase wad halo a flhar.
Wectern Predthr... troo.Nalls Glue, ayidtb• mahnisetased
(4 . ! Pittehurv.h generally:
• -•s`l.l.o—Agent-fin• the cafe of N. Meyer Co., sad'l.
h h oelebraled Manuee und lthy Foxily Phitadekkh
• • : ntld Jet:MlD:ea Co.', lathe:or Wheel Teas. ape=
I A. ILAN ULTY & CO—Tranaporters.
Lirrtgrzi.Mr, — .Agtts= 3 l — b - u - kLTS
IConminton Itorbstits, No. 61
eh. •
L FI. JOIINSTON, Forwarding and
CostwasHorg Marehult, rt. 112 Emend stmt.
, I' , an' am
: raL.4.in3lerelittto. In Pr.bun and
A. Muff...-
—MC e..soots..
WRDY, JONES CO., S;ccessors to
Jon. os
Go- Gani.Son and Forranfloir Mer-
Talon in Pittoborgh .Ilonotootorod Goods, Pius.
Vara, Po.
ire7l7l-i}tirrTz WIC tart..
V. • SiIACKLETT h CO—Wholenale
• bulbs , ha Pnrclun an! Dusuestlo Dry 000 , IN l f i e .; 1 1 4 01
cud Asset. Pittsburgh.
It.t . ttussUit & PO-11,1,10,011,..„-.. L. ASILIM /tax,
.lA.S.Citi C CO., Wholesale and Retail
aTir,a ia Fano. and Etstrie Dry Cowls, C 2 Motet
~R yji W.arßh.
1.1114.11,1141z1A Mm-Isats. coml. of yotnib
. 'tat namm....-.—aammr 'lnstal,- -,-- , l- ...
... t.RSEY ; FLEMING & ou., ComrairAion
: Itenelanta—ror the min of Dosaeatlet Wwlen, and
Omae alsn. dealers In oi beds of Tallimf Tema
!in. LM iiS oul parote fourth door from Mb, MM.
R. D. RUNT. Dentixt. Corner oi Fourtb
1.10 Devatai st...l . al.ncan Market and Tvairstrnra.
11371:4#13: 1 :11
.10VAVI: NfiSON, Witches, JeweVilier
;VA " ul t r g o Zarfstatta f awl=
sumo/ mare& l"
rtA FARNESTOCK & CO.: Wholesale
Melittglr'" "--04,‘ MI ,0`11"t'
burg. r. "
OIL . 04, Y. MB= I L... c...00wn ,
jEYSER & *McDOW ELL, (Successora to
to Kerr a liiyser,) amWholssalit'an l D 2911 and
reseriartou Sarsa, , rae of Weed street s ints aller.
Pbr.lolans . prwk-riptioa easefully trartwtmled welt and
day. --
......... Et . ruggißtz;
. lu Paths, Oils, Dye Stott, and ItArtuneutu—
gr=ors.zif t i . n .T ., Lf r ls . oekbra o tri
Fourth street+, Pittsburgh! . 04eroUli ' ll r gearefulti roel
E. SELLERS, Virliolesale Dealer in
67 ,roet
N. WICKERSHAM, Wholesale Druggist
kJ• and Dealer in Seeds sad Asieultursl lonlensteds.
N0a.164 sod ICA Wand street. corner of Idaill•
PIIMMICI lA., Groat ann..,
jiRAUN 4 REITER, Wholesale and Retail
l Dfulfl.f...ootner of Wort, and St. Clair Its.. Mb,
!F .. feb,!..
1 . iefitiCTNM.AKEff& CO., Wholesaln Drug
so NW.. No. 24 Wool It.. Pittsburg!.
•••• WILIAN.
W F , F. *hoiesale Grocers and
/IL. SHER, Wholesale Grocer, mamma
. Merchant, and dealer In. Patter and Itsse, coma, of
nn d ad Irvin stwets, Pltt
AM%Jar—P. SHRINER, Wholesale Gre
ta es, hotline sod OstorWriou Merebunts,.land Peal;
r i• eg l } ==rn " rof " sti A S= lr d ' . 'Pit&bo%d
1011,1 S. 141.191111_,.. • .. • ....MU. MI.WOaIO.
?ORE S. DULNiatil 'Wholesale
atoms!, Twine@ snd ContrelWort Merchants, sod
qt,l.,:db.L.ll,sgsure.-I;rew,tler Co., of wartleille. ho.
1 . 11. T. 010111.161111.
j; URR E & INGRAHAM, Wholetat
w t . :men'', Commission Merctiant, N 0.116
met, and 150, Wirt strreL
FIEF, & CO. V eatllrocere,poanalanima and Fortrardlog%terchants. ant for Might. Cotton lan:m.47 Water sa. l'ltteburga.
ariis JO. WO-2. ,
TOIDI WATT & CO. Wholesale Grocen3;
i lge ° m " d "'
nl N'i'zie n tTA' =lll= - 1
burgh, Pl '
B. CANFIELD, late of Warren, Ohio,
inr i rr:rti
Pearl Asb, sad Wenern Produce generally. Water rtn-et,
between tanllnfeld and Vol,o Intteburgh.
..S7 VS' gt m' o 1 e ' sll
Me . .l2!jrZ rv= enimt V `iriai d ul{ n § 1:.71tg
red aroczes, and Arents for tho oale of ,tichmoud
Lynotiburgh Oloonficturrd Tobacco, Noe- 80 000 l 81 Sf
Arcot, Plttsbarglo
• tale Forrardisu and aussubtuan Mersh
a Dcslerif rittAlire. blenul anti Wearer
N0.'36. tamer or Flout serest and Chsturry Lase
TAS. DALZEIS.,, Wholesale Grocer, Com
e/ mission lierchtni sad rSill' In Proinoe lO
burgh 01sauacturct7i. 70 Wats! s. l'itubure.nd74:
DICKEY & CO. Wb ' oledale On.
arra Oaaralealon Merchant , and Dealers la Produce
66 Iraq, arid la Yntra Jams, PDssbnarals
14te English,
&Gallaeter Wbolrealetirocenn and
GU llrwehanta. and Dealers In Produce aml htlx
ba ne Ilanufrenraa dmiand at. aid 121 First et—
bane. War] and limidafirld.
v.. smuts. maw.- -c- Ir. ilcras2s, mrsma.m.
Orcenrs, and Importers id Brsrullo, Flan of
No.= corner of Mem and Irnin street. , Pins
bcagn. Ps- 1.n.„ Nails. Corn= isms. tn. ire , constantly
la band.
P3OOl lOU. ...WM D. D.— -CDISCIL
AILOI4,LS ROE, Wholesale Grocers add
evoivica Mactmutr. 'So 2.57 Liberty surer,
re °BERT &OGRE, Wholesale Grocer,
S i ttr3oo. i,thlom:llk:iartt! Trrcautdr=
%vie. woo ILiquery, Ne ZIS Liberty suers. On v bard a
raririllirsn'idlalMete "
RT DALfELL & CO., Wholesale
saaWritilria% ttriaellPZ47.
71Dz....11rInce,..fasrarilor,„sod o:rmmlAsar
v. v; vovvviio —saw! luau.
1111IVM.1 BAGALEY 'AL Eo., Wholesale Gro-
T ress.llo... 18 awl Weed street, Pittabursch.
Sato o.
WICK & Mc-OA successors to
L.'S. J. D. Dick. Who/Irak CireCere. Vora dice
sad Ccaaression Narthexes, dealers to No. Nage. Mew
*Nam Verne, and Prttabergh Sleartfactmee grivrial.
caroer of }Food sad Water areas, Pirrehugh.
. .,?str . r 4 c hi m =s l o=r l - D. '"l brit
,i.,tas. "-, - IO A
& .
a m Irma...a_
LD. 1W WILLIAMS • Lt. - di '''''''' and
J• law' Paraily Grocers, FOTIFIII4II4 and Comudoora
.....,d.. „, CountrlPresfore eml fttmbetrub
Ifermbetums, comer of Wood sad FM ste, Pittsburgh.
Liberty greet- Pitteburg t o Wholesale Grocers, Pro
We medCoamoiseiors Merchants, and dealers to Pittsburgh
Ms. , - _____
aux TOE— i .... ... - um
& R. fub, W h olesale Grocers.
4. m sion Desk , " In rmince—Routx l
orch trtmting Marti . Wood, and Fist
ttredx, L..
... . - frltt.
AIN PARR:tit . 65. - ,Wildef:aeGrocen‘:
ON Defiers Itt ProNaoe. Pareign Winn, Liquors. OM Non
ovetbris and rnod.Wttiskey—lia CommerrlN Kay,
MUSICAL nsrentuffErrs.
jp NH. MELLO__ Dealer in Piano Furies,
bade. and Musical instruments, kbool nook., and
aln Bl oBras 'gra for I:lsland - ins'. /Anon Fornss. tor
1-B=rdrsissalsr-No. 81 sod st. _
AIratYM.LFBER, Dealer in Music, Sii-
aza lnattrnenca , snd imports' of Indian eoooe'
1111/IWl=Tran Tg.V.V =l.‘rlidr";
- -•- • - -
hIt...;;NEDY, CLULDS & CO., Monufacto
-4 .., of verygretior 4-4,..(lttrpl Chain,
no and sta. Penn Ills st
nut .ron. 40110 r. gm.,
...:1 1 4 7 1 . ES & QUIGO, Manufacturern of Spring
.0 Illtoter Steel, Plough Steel, State.l Plough Wing.,
Llpo. tip:in" it....nd TM taloa ..
tteolott 1. Slane... C.d.,. Fin 1 .".... I .. Put ...
DosehlTriutming. owner of goo gat Prom sta.,
Plttsb4rge, Pa-
at, Derry • Co-. blootifocturers of 15odo
f&den, Moffatle and Sulphuric Adds. Viurchome ,
No. Water st.. toloo &eery.
Yi SMOLA C. Mil—lmporter and Alder So Yuma
and Alllerfr. Paps,. Hanging' , and Boris., Winslow
Shadra Vire Board Prints, le. ritiou Printing.
and Wrapping Paper s No. Bi Wood Urea, beteresu Fourth
and Diamond alley. Pittsbungh. Pa
OBERT MORRIS, Tea and Wine M r er
etwa, ESA gille of tee Diamond. Plitsbuigh.
t:. — tretcao.. ......... _ . .....o. t. sOOO.
WM. A. ISFai,lliiifi i bii, "Grocers and
Tes Dealers, No. 256 I.lhrrty greet, tbov. Wood
hisjalways on hood It larze amortment of Choirs. Owes ,
Ite lasi Yhte Tess. Also—Foreign Fruits eve Mits. Whole.
tele tad retell. Dealers niptlled oo the lowest stow. -
• .
• ----- - -
01IN A. CAUGHEY, Agent for the La
Ilerie nod Weldon Um. to B. sod the Leal
tltte earner of Wator and Soddedld eta
& O. bpo Caa
Ty Forner or Peln gavot
oarA. BROWN would most respectfully inform
the public that he trepan ltand nat. enuad on a...rt.
the Insmond. Altratkeny city, s mannlem ...rum , m
of %milt:lan bltnnn 101.3 Vrntllan Shutters .r.nmfle to order
In tin. brat otyle. warrintefl vitml to am ln the Itolt.d
tlttt'en 111. Blind. MO be removidwithout th e ald of •
'env driver. lis.inn pnrebsotal the Finch teat, and vocal
of the cabinet. einabliphmest of It graelland, I am
ll W (0000 00 0
their old almtamnr, aa welt as the p.b
frg e trity, .o. 6 fa WW
g " 4
" " '
' caele2o street. ttaburah.
„ow N
_ . .
Ptastrmm—Reoldoe, corner of Mini Mr...tend East
mon. Allegheny. em
14.147.1tne, Eland, Mart., Lath, ke., as
pyr li:Ed]TAit-YSTIRGEON
A-----7-7-7--g;icDA.M HARDIE, Fete 7- _unnhlrt,te
Pa= grill, 1. 8 7 r. Viia . I d, :7 -1" W
eti=trga Ittr. b' s to 0.. ontlFbek7 , ,,
[ln connection with Jame. !Taw
to "
Toot street Lint
E W oof. DEALLIIS and
At h
-RP M anta rot the ogle of .A.OhreihMr
o. iiabetti at, rituburo-
.'2II6ItRAUGLI, Wool Merchants,
men W.
I R----;,..mdr
~ 1 110
EVILLE JOHNSON, Engraver on Wood;
Philo 1411. (111.4 .OPrT.) PittAufsh. P..-13eIrs
, ding; Ms.ehinKT. IllreA. Noirrpaf,,ers,Promisrpimm
p a p. Drug Label, lo rcicns Sralr for Di.imion., Po.
iti.,..ikdArsociaticon Cotton tbom,, a, ill tta 0101 Idyls
.01. and K the Invest prices. .
s Littort i
Dadsces awl Vldtlzug Cards../ks,„ssero
:draws nom, and print.d Is colon. sze. ar
Mimic, ths mart siprowd Ails: sod at Ms mad roster
We perms 'Maly
1414 AN, WILSON & t6„lxiiportera and
Rbolexak Dealers in Ilanlwars and Catl ,, g. N. 12 9
start iltbantealm.
11 . 17.M0NE • l• O.
OHN FITZSIMONS & CO., Itlanitluetti
end.rl li v
Atiri T Nrric a . l ilirtiti L s i ggc l 2sT cth t
E rn.'
thorn 4.010000 of hoeing surh work done, rou n oney
pr , n= to do it ataLhe Monet possible tats. at the ehort.
' Lcoad eto above the Cen o :l o frrt;lne, '" 2 'fr Ifhe Oar
a gga d /t . o t us foe Black nrolth and blast Furnaces, menu
the shortest notion, and at the lowest Stokes. —
All kinds of Jobbing don° on short now,
- Gas Fitting.
Front etrert. Ira awn Wood and
Market, Viltstadrah.P..
Waaht Inritr itte public Co thole
tooaamient of
Chande/iera, Pendant,. Broad.,
Ha sad mart rowan/6,1;1..1PM, (rnehiar'orcort,_nie
Wegner, Buechner & Mueller's
MILE ABOVE FIRM respectfully olu.tourice
Lo their friends and the public generally• 9mt
n the first style of toot art,
are rrerorcu 10 w .z.11.,'„... 1 1 ,, ,i cao Checks, Vtritlnit
.' ll ' lrro r f o es t sro b sfal ards,.ll2ph I.l6lek,ke
"' Their establishment is at so. to Market street, l!e . l‘yeen
Third and Fourth greets, up stain,
varl l e Brick Manufacturing Comp'r
TtrE SUBSCRIBERS, having been me
pointed Agents for the above named Tracery.
keep constantly unhand • supply of theediebrated Itoliver
Virelltiet,Crucible FireClat.} ornate Ilearthrand
They are also prepared to receive orders fur said Brick, to
be made In she and shape to suit pueblo... vraleb shall
_promptly filled
We do not deem it necessary to enumerate the malty tut
vantages the Bolivar Fire Brick. poetess over all Othersthst
have been offered for sale in the United Staves, their sup,
e iraitc b e ing well Mauna altmot ell persons oho
Fire Itelelt. The proprietors have determined that the
wuormo: to
better than 1.1 rhkt no 7e ' y hare hcretrade been. This is the ottly
establirlduent woo manufacturing
12tH( a
in ß.
c . hi Canal Basin. keventh Patshortth.
Pittsburgh Gas Pipe and Tube Works.
PRE undersigned have just completed their
. now 191.1211f5.1111. all sire. of GAS PIPE. Lo
de* and other Flom and all stun of ,
'Web they oder for sale ai the lowest prices. The, err
no+ prepared to eleCat• ordern. to uly «rte.. h e de-
L.y S PANG It Cu..
feba Zoo N 0.71 and id. \ cater dread.
V•ILMARTII .t. NOBLE—City I,l"uring
HUN No. JUL Irberty ear of Adana A., Plasburgb.
NICHOLAS VIVIAN, Civil Engineer,
Dranghtionan. and Praeridd Mining Arend Bakes
rtughts of Mode. for Hie Patent 01Bee,drolgto of 51sehl•
LristheLnrie,rsl.7=Pl,°slll.l.7l il: " 4;ati ` .....— M , ''..:l'
Marbory Pdteburch. Jatil4dl)•
, A. MADEIRA, Agent fur Delaware Mu
, total Party Insurance Company, f Water street.
11GARDINER COF gi , Agent fur Franklin
of two hour.. csaawar, north eut corocr of Waal
and Third streets.
WM. GLENN, Bona Buinati, Wood street,
V s..noof dad from the corner of Third. abere Le is
prepared to do open - description of Binding
NavalduraLdlity. Mardi Books ruled to any pettcrn. and
Nadal substantially. Boo!, nundcra bu.A.,
bound carefully . . or repaired. Name. peon to Flit letters
Slaw who Pave kilo-lit. We Olt it.Ol to pro's 100
) 2 ?ssi, -
'CORD & CO., Wholesale and Retail
Mantas:tuna, whit larahrn In Maxi:hr. and Fur,
of Woof Aral Fifth arreata, Fittsburgh. wissrs dee
Nauser "ards,
sit:L stwatsss o'f i tn;ir and Pnrr-hamf..... ,
ally. a..lring theta that [hay rill Mr. 11 on the moot AUTen
t.e.21.1 trnit,
`3 . 1 ;,a M
D.atß in i ev .a h . ag2tlo L r .4
.11m2;e:,:, I
New Coach Factory—Allegheny.
M. A. WHITE & CO. mould re
fnectfulir Inform the public that the, have
• open Lanwk, hereon Vedtral and Paoda.l.,
Ktreeta •
They are now ntaktnn and are prepared to
order. thr every neectiftion of %abider. C0e...13e , tbare , ta
tia.vorhea Ph:rum.a. Ae.. Sc.. lased. [rout their
loon•IM TY, lir in the snannlactum of the above work,
and the falnhtle• they hare. they feel enntklent th ey an
s. do work on the newt resennet.le term.. le Ith
tho. nting artt th
riee In eir. In,.
Paying sea-ttenlar ettrntion to the retortion a material,
ad haviny none hot competent workmen. Aber hare no
in ....Luting tr work. We therefortreak the
attention of theyublic to Mix mutter.
man p 4 lielVg done In the hest manner, and ?n the
EAGLE MARBLE WORKS. (eastablialked
uttct by EDMIINI) WILKINS, No. Int Liberty et,
nf n th. etrreL Pitteburah. 'Monument..
Vault., ToitAM, Madeira:Les. Ar 4 M.ttel Paws , Cehttt. and
Wer Tun A dean na rant . !
Ihanm e n On knot, into
I_ll rid
AHRY, HUGHES & CO. arc prepared to
do all Uncle of PLATE ItrIOVINO,
ALY.X. LAI2OII LIN. 0,00. cot.. Etna Carat.
At Water 0 eras,lll..l.orwh.
//3"-Plate Itmfa promptly repalr,..l. ,tetZt..S
ffi BURCIIFIELD, North Fart
teoro P er of . Fourth mil Jlintrt h sttrts.
turn Om n i; tha tb ko to Nt:ire=it'e.n. at n ai ' llit. public; to
ally. for the la n r4e share of CV.M.IIII extended to them. tot
invite the onotionmee then . farm+. eneeM o lt
volartnni and impthred their room. they smell...bled ton- r
on !mod a vem est...lva assortment of hood.— and buy. r.
,17141=T"Tfteyli“ketsitngo ' co ' =o n ;
their estainuneleo t t. ' an ' tar . presniethie. a FaAll. l
OTOIth, where every article to .' the Dry liamh Inte, treMed
for the wants of families, too yromonsi—aul In their
motioned effurta to Ile Mt the tent ands, and to mil at bre
mires :they hove r A make it the Interest of families and In.
dividuala to favo them with their swum.
IM:the NVIIOF.nALE Uthsithlaso otli be motioned lo
the rooms op stairs—entrains , front 4th strtnt. or ihrtamit
lomr nmo.
Corner of Third and Market stn.... Tbe onlr char -
Mead Inojurtion of the kind in Pittaburgh
AGCITT.—JoIan kkmlng, Principal Incrmatar 111.
&dn. of Ai: manta
0. K. Chamber Creamier of renniumneldp. Mercantil:,
Canputation, to
Jima. M. Esq.. ',Mom on Conorucrehi
now &linos complide know tadge of 110.1 i K.ering.
and Its appilnitimi to eam7 branch rf husker.. alio an
enkand raptd prnmanship, me Incited to md nod ra r
7.'b'eca'n'ru.7c/ft'orrixo'eUrcial Lam .tun e Mondal mmdlolf
kleicrene• to mr of the middent city undchards 01•22
ErrAni.mgrolB32,by EDSIUND
WILKINS, No. 245 Liberty .t.,
brad of Word Pituburgh. Pa.
klmiummita, Curial V au1t5,T0201.0......
ter, Mantl. Viva, l.entre and rier Topa
always or, hand and Mat to miler, of l.
choicest Marble.. mil .1 cery redurad
prime. A choke takction cif Drairings
• IVIII/. 1 / 1 • 1 • 12 • 1-••1
• t I Itt
lion. Ifarmar Donor Clare Thman. Eav
1700. Jad~~r 011010. John harper. Era
Wm. Rubinson, jr.. 4 ,1 •1••‘ , .../ JCen. I d l .l. ra 11141, 1
John Border. Rio, UAL • —. Pon,
Pittaburab Banta lltllllol Rah. do.
J. 11. itconbemer, ON, 11111 I. Curry,
Wllerm McCandl.V. flom 13argeLlt, do
Robert McKnight, Woo. bc¢aier t Cr.
Jos, McKnight, Eau, railing MT. Mouse Co.
Jmbm Rhodos it Co irinCri
Lothrop, Fac ., Allegbenr.
E We grateful for the tem Iltmel patronage
mired during niutern years In NI. city, 114•10{1 ba.l ti.
largest anif tautiohamtruntial to blo rare up In th. proven
and grill tladelkvla to mle/ satufseimo h.reaßer.
AN -It
fatultr, GastieETWec 97 VD ThiM U
n! street
J. W. W. rospectrulltWorms hie friends and
enetomers that he lost now enurpletul thelargest
d finest steek bonachald furniture ever he ron wen In
this city, as he is determined tu uphold the quality with
welPaeasoned Inats.riala. best workmanship. and newest de.
stung and from the extent uf tan order* end facility In
manufartorinit, he is enabled to produce warrantni furni
tare. et the lowest. pries*.
Ile has adopted the principle of Identifying the earls=
ere' interest with hie Own. in .inalA7 std gen., and beep
alert), on baud the greatest variety of every deseriPtion
furniture. the cheapest and plainest, to the nowt ale
gant and nutty, that a Louse. or mir pert ed nu.. teat le
furnithed from hit deck, or manufactured expnuulr to
.order. lie therefOre vollelt• au Inste,ettnu, that the Oven
lag. of his tatablishruent may be known. following
ankles consist, In part, of his eturk, which for richness of
,at . and finish cannot he surpassed In any of the Emden ,
Pular, drawing. dining. and bedroom chain, of evert
variety, netulant4 of r0....wma1, mahogany and walnut,
Klisabethen. Coneerndolre and boat Chaim. of every de,-
criptkm; Catches, &Asa, Tete...tete and Mesta of the 'steel
Frenrh and Aiveeican pattern ; Tarhare, Whatliota, arid
ladlrw rtriOT Writing Desk-11ot Termini Linde, ark
and (suet Inlaid .Mude, wane swats, and homers. marble
me, mahogany', rosewood alid walnut centre alld aka, to
Wes exteruka , dining tables all sixes of the meet improvc.l.
end . dreldrally the best kind milder natl. Pembroke ball and
pier tableir, wardrobee, bedsteads tad washstand. of each a
large idwortinent: gothic hall and parlor reception chairs.
and stools. secret and tank rues. side blainla
Orr ...wens, towel nuke. ha tst ands , and wink swots, cribs
and olds hu. children: Pala , ache, table and tea
aishoetany, Marken!, and pearl Table.,6e. do. ke.
A largo anarrtment Of Common Vurrilture and Windt.
Cabinet itinnaan annDlital with all articles In their
tlteamboata and lintel, frimlnhed at the ebony. notion.
All order promptly attended to.
OUNTY LANDS—Carr. Cna . s. NArtott
IJlPAltorney at law. No. 163 Third turner ..1 Cberry
alley, harlot( made arrangement* for therum., will
=means Bounty Lan& 'tor °Thula and soldiers. their
widows and ehildnt, aryl will Steed to my other host
one. connected with the in , ternment or any oil. t.
cots, the Pension of ice. or the Conde et the City of
mAtt hln¢tun. Att
Drawing, Perspective, and Painting in OiL
OnR. D. 11. SMITH in now prepared to give
inetruction to a tees pupile in the different Grandma
0 delightful art. al his vow, in Meagre Scat!.
Atkinaotie new building ? That Pri,l between %%rood and
Mayketytrecte. u 251 0..7!
rigewhyWcaldlalternal) at the ro oth . onta. cu
/icier to Dr. Oat.. or Dr. Addieon.
6204111 E E. ARNOLD & CO.,
'X* 74 lbirrlhit.....l niP.U.44lnwh.
N Dndt. colleclegl on all rut. of the Unlan.—,l w evaisnludun. teh7AawT
/MX .. ....... , . J.= 01,13.
QMITLEY dr: COL . 'doll MorcliDta,
mumroer st:At:J.7a logriccar... ,Imat . se t
Tm. 11.1 •111.
ES, NO. re. Market stool, lotrou Ms% .4 bee.d.
Pttut.o.b. Pa.
Poikul. ati
tm.. to old 4seo.
runt G 10.1.1... ItotAaxl , d a..3
,RETRE-40, etacks for sale
ATE}IMILLION-75 lbs Chinese, far sale by
Y .42 D. A. ELLLUSVCr A 00.
khmuccaL bLni 0 . " 51 :
; 2
amt,d Sta. Et. .......... litro 111 7 ' 115 Int-hul 4 kni7
Do. 4'4— ....... ..... 1 ,71/Ce 10277 ' ,100 lint. 7616.ki4 , 0 70
PanneyleanD tr.......... ..... .100: luo, IDS 'int.'. k 1'
Du 6 1 4 101 96 ,97 Ilni. Webt Atig
Alleny Co. 6 1 ...... ~.-....1100! 45 1 Er 6 DEL ki4l 4 NC"
D. mut/. Cenacrp;loo 96 ;95 do •
Do. conp.6'n .- -.llooi • 9EI , _ do ~
Rittebory,h city 9 1 ...... .....I11.71: 90 1 6. ilnt-Jan 41.1171 T
Do, coup. da, Mil-1W; 98 97 t do .
Ailetroy city Ces__ .1100, 06 ,83 Int..Mayk Noe
. r;c4l.ll ,,. .aiidi-1103. 87 160 1, .... do
Hank of Pitnlurvh .- —1 50. _. 163 MY Ma 1 4 66,7
Merchants' At Mawr( lisnk! 60 , ;bd .. do
Sayings . ..._ 10 57, 50,7 . JO '.• I
Allegheny ..... ... 169 ./116 .
Minot erocts. 1 • ,
Ewan 1 08 ahela Bridge 25 77 .c. , . M . "
St 0 r St. Bridge. ..... ..... 25 2 9
, i 3 55 Lay. Jan.VRI et '
hand Bt. Bru ' 50 48 44
Wrherenlo. . ... ~,., ~, 3,,,
il l iam sWls7art Tinder ,7614 . •.• ,
neer ..6,67.
Western; haeorance C 0.... . 1 5 llll 7 . Dlv7lsrieT7 6
I.9olsens'. ineurscint Co, ,• •• . 52 •55 Dte. Der.
Virenuan's 60. ..' 7 i 9 ‘.
TratlAwde I , I ,
YIII I gh to 081146.--- 70, 47 43 11110.152. 3A. cr.
I Pavillt 8, k Louisville., ro 4 ., ' ,43 „,,,,...,:,..,=„,
1: i • •
ILAIL Rua., 1111.40[1.TrIV
0,1. ke. '.• 1 \ •
pnyborgh thuElrork7...... 50 Li I 621 i I:dr-h.. 6 r.
100120[0aak011 Slaelvaten 10 _ 111 I , ..•
Youglougbany' 51acknatx. 00 40 I • 11
Penn', Central Rail Road . 60' 40!{ 44 ;
Ohiv 8 Penn's. Rail Road. CD' 40 00 .
111714 4 Ohio Roll Ficed...i 50. _
01eveiand at Welirlie R.ll 5n 40 •37 !
Marine It. Ray. Dry Dock 700 110 '103.10710. DenB 7 2,7
kayertu Manuf. 0n............1 50 , 50 • 911 •
605. ennal Don .
1, 713).....1100 , my ;40
_. Dal dn. ne . y5.11.19 0.1 .. , 4 , 6 •
T AD ' . g l 11 7 ; k r) 4 '.. Yl ' e p t
—. 36 -, '"... ' ....' 1 ;
Oreeruhk.6olllplite 00—. 60 ... .... 1
Opal Co , 671. 57.1 , ...
P•it.rg.h Do
;o sb 9.. A
.. n..
rtl 0..
130 1.1 , 2 1650, 5/ 0
3 3?) 'ZS
10 .
. _
North OA ont.
Nora4 - Western.
Iron elt,
Ohio hi r Royal
Nlerrbw3t. . . ..... , .
1 1 t:t,l
iiiiidLff:AihTtET& -- iliiis, &o.
MRS. A. LEECH invites the atten*
Don of her frtsods opening of.=
LNIX//r. oo Murals, Ansa WI
Children's RATS. In entry MIMA Dead Dream
atul Carc French Pottery eralt T,
Dlttgastas a...M. 0 a
Itibtanot, Embroftlynien.lltk lutid Laos 11.411.. sal
rr±W'rnal'to'rErair.l"ot!lullrlillaratim imsonli•OtT.
atrlatf No. Fifth Drava
W. Dixon's London
1.11 to anyatche P s
retternLe rWch
81 Market street, to
agretT: " ;L: ,b ; :rtardigtt i trorott w e l" '
app thy MISMIMMI,. WM. DIXON. Clan
notonter watch lfitunfaatures. lb King Now, U.
Item& London.
Thlo oertiglee mat the moomputyloyg Wateh, No.—, le
*Molted by ma to to of my manotacturs. and op Wst
WI my mom upon it gOtottlto Wilms SoMoolimiol
eerfulicate bestir.. my . himmture.
th h-Vt.'LL°,`A". "`l#rtiva t( me VnreLu.r. •
(L.ASILYEL KRAESEN keeps constantly on
tsos • good amiDneDt of Wadi and bath Tut.
Dore. Btrazahret, Oat Well, FiteDen or Drier Harker.,
Wooden Bowls. Maros, Dry Aleam3res, Tine ittal Cher , /
Wesb Board, arld all ocher kinds of were la his Doe.
1r areroora, llwale hall. Fifth street, PlUstersh. Pa
. ....
Steamboat• Agency, and GeneralSondnis•
sion, Receiving and Pawarding.
p:ILDWIN, PLC - HER & CO. hive thin
. day &sweated with Mae . lam Liam. and veer
wow lees to the public w.
am BLwanthat Apia, Ilrencral
Canthrlasion. Lod now/LAM:4 buaswes, under the Kyle w(
loazarttLa. April 11.14 n . na Malliami Row.
Ice Cream! Ica Cream!
r HUNKER. having removed to No. Liberty it., (It. A. Ensues old stand.) to
r. seamen. air day. Cllonday April 21sta Ms leo
Grimm cacao. said 111 fur - Lush tbs choked. Almond and
Vanilla Cream.
no OnoPREAD et Tarktr. CAKE ef all
Undo - nu band and nouns In order in short thaw.
FITUITE of lbs. ehnlasst kiwi on band, itTal *TM nsek
tnanthe East. Coil awl le,. ap2l
EIVKL. It CAMPBELL,- Attorneys
0 1,9 Lay. 21411 m. thot....wr Orni a3ve Do'
i .11• a. W. 113.1.. rial kuoi bona appola k tzt erstLeto
dovaer to tato aelnottlon.. vt IN
Tart. $1.71.4. %Weal. Oblo. allsoand, Yeotnet t . jan
to/um and ocher
iptos. J. PrEPPIPP.
4ee+ben. manufacture end keep... Una, Mt band
Ilnb . ;Li r l ' A al a et n tar b =l l =ag " lpe
Copper kallp and lack% Barerl ?Odle, Lkqoper and 7.1.
SKe• Pelle: Pattern Staten' Pant.
dr.. ,d. CAMPBEL L, CUM s CO.
apilPy truplpsuek. 69 K sSer al.. PBPhargk.
CY the scessauvointloa of olaitors. Tbs. brauty a
0., has been much tosprovod by the additive of
rnd, Shrubbery and flowers. A large nollentnm-nf e'er
blooming Plants and Phrubbery. of tbe chnlengt Itinds,m+
!". re f getn ie s,l'ru th rbritt-tPt In lbnitc....✓ , t f f , A L
,Noquoto tastefully put op la .h , n't tMorn.
The nnst uni comfortable ntesmbrat CIIIIiSTAIN. lesser
tbi Wenn., bets, ena Pitt Steens and the Old ALlegbarty
Pisan, tbr bnginuing of 0 o'n l ofit.
11- until 10 P. Ti. (Yoe rstrik trip sorry Ensuing. .1
nirnntern wan. tee PIIiCAT Lytr ar. toted toP.I • n. into portent Plower Onntrn.
on S
Gluten is Kept TeMPerancs principles, a
I"lrns, clam!
RJ.J. urgeon and
1121t1 Physician
macs dwatins& comer at Nallnenni
ahn sena non dna abo.e nnilttknald ot.
Dr. Myera L 4 pennaniantly beans! In Pltattargh, am
n atm,an the dation or bl. Pennmelna. 114,111
rtioutor uotettoo nrtoical. cam and the nmraaat
y 11
1.0 and rbildmo. 7 • ap:lk2m
Tuition on the Piano
Ir. F. lIARBORDT would re-
F ecthally mlbrotd.eltionsof PI
bb ' aoal Allokhout that he to stow pm
r-t to tak • re. more pupils on the Mb.
. 4Sin
holorenro•—c, apang,cw . Hoar/ ., F.a.. ,f Mn.
Gnat- (Fourth ttroot.l Madam. Preto,
Fresh Assortment of Apring Goods.
THOMAS PALMER is daily receiving
Ohm' the Eutaw Cities. at the old rtaod.
No. 53 Moulin . STEIrr,
Brewers Third and Fourth struts, Pittsburgh,
liVErlintrivM v="itint,4l;',a'rsrttlb=tl
far a fancy...Joh t . Paft!rae ehh:::11"
stylra prruliarly chuta. tha agars. lo of
taffy. ormarharaed. Prato 111 meta arriraclA the poieg
i . T . j o g o n n,Ml=rtat. fi f t ;Lau tt::riatfort
the attiita.n ' of roeilohoots and haskar treprro reapeehr
fully ,
Board of Underwriters
T a Meeting of the Board of Underwri
ter., its foil:swing essiointion noir utissiliftottily Wiry
irsiii"Strthe publinstion of this 00-
Um no Yr. BIM, whether original ses continned, shall ho
consklmid a. Worn by any Insorand Offirs'ln this city.
until the premium is paid IB c.o. A. w. swam.
By onion
mchiffitf &Rear, of the Bowl.
A Card.
JIIAVE FITTED UP, lola the New York
plan.> a eery superior Warrenton, Pm the ale of Cu,
, Curtain and roars thing appertaining to
favhionable parlor. aria hare minim' therlargext and
mat superior uaortnnenttof Satin De Wank Ilnaxesio,
French end Osman DasusAk Waal. liemonek,
Marano, Cbintste, Turkey Red Roots, Trige. (OP! or
every kind, Imre Curtains, glared and Ow l. Wuelin, Rol
land Of different widths, °mullein of IS different patterns
sod 'Wen, Dorm Sista Windom thin& and tahadea,Cluttain
Border. Silk Dandla, Curtain Pin ,e nasals and Taagal
Cord. Silk and Worsted, Bad Chintzes and Pliwirrol, Mar ,
Mee sled Lanruter Counterpanes sM entered
Cumforta. sad peddles..' •
ill ailed
All nrdera thankfully invelind and promp
106 Wll. NODI.E.TbIrd etrnet_
Co-Partnership. ( r iAMPßELL d. CHESS have this day, Ap:
I 01 I Ith. masuclated with them CRM4I A MclMugu.
he bnalneas.lll be continued Under the Milo of Ch..l.
toll. chess . (h. apliam
ue, ersons indebted to the es
tate of John A. R&ed. are Wltlf Moll M . ."'
holm , pt to the Und.r.ignedl and theme having claim , the emote nil onarld thkol for adfintment.
__ _ WALTER C. ROE. Trn.l./.
Business Notice.
Al t,k, L .,, L PERSONS hnvirig business with the
and•relgned, MMus .Yublio Amotadant. Instructor
In k Keeping. or °then/1w .111 and him at the Plrr.
A1.,0m 03.11.11111. Cotton, daily, from 9 till 11 titlark, A.
a and from A to 4 E. M. Merchant. in .ant af mo.P.
tent Book Eador. can he eartllled by miffing ml
JOHN YLEMBO, Principul Inrtavetor
Rog ln tee Mean. of Account , -
—__ —_
BAPEIL-3PO reams 24 by 38 Peal.* PT.;
" 24 brad
:DO 13 by
600 " la by 24, 24 by 22. 24 by 31, 28
by 41, 13: by 43:
100 " Blue. Yarrow Pape,
1:DO bell.
Dou Single Croon P Pager ble
700 " Medlar. „
350 " • ?tedium and Magi. C4011:3^.8.
The lump ennalantly on band and Ger de
or earl... , ror nags, a large and D oted a drunant of
Ruled, Cop, Letter, llanloara, and Tem Dedurn Bonnet
'Ward., le., At.
Alen—Feting of all Dm. for toPar 21•41:1 1 .t 4 r..
Printing Paper made to order on abort untie ,
J.l. 13117.0.
folieD corn. of Dann and 10.1001._
AW WHISKEY-200 blobs. on dongign
tarot, for de by HILI.T.II A RICPIDT3OI 4 .
•P 2 221 and 223 1114rttod,
UPACON—Sides, Shoulders, and Munn, for
rale by ap2l 8. DP. ILULDAIIOII.
71MED APPLES-50 sacks receiveCTuia
11 for de by a pTh 8. A 11811BAU0IL_
J)RIED PEACHES-75 sacks rec'd and for
de by ap 2l 8. A W 11AM:1AL:1111.
LAUD -25 kegs No. I, for naIO by QB
an2l 8. t W. ILAL2III,_
2.2 EANS-0 bbla. Small White,for sal — e by
•-021 SAMUEL P. 81111.1111 FL
CORN -700 bu. in store and for saleby
apZ WM.II. ./01171.41101,
DRIED APPLES-200 bn. sale by
w. t for
ICE-30 tierces for sale , l: . y l7.
AIMS-150 bozca Bunch, for solo tiy
AliD OIL-2 bbl. No. 2;; o 'mod and sor
RNING, MAY 12, 1851
Crabuve .....
Stoma. Liverpool
Lillettkre tlhe r tree..
• Porter llaruut
New Orleens-..-.
Sntemt eit)
Humbrddt...---Llue• Southampton Nay
Ldarette. (trom r4lladelphisALlverpool......• ....ay
MU , --- ..... --LigerturaL• Na! •
Hada; Ayr Llverpeel....-...--Mar 1
, k 3 l
puylrely ..... ..14C.11-•-•-••••eb..r" Ha! 12
M . Auagrina Mellon Clukkgre• ..... _ II
Orlreuth • _ •• .... ner /*1
.... -.Crabtree ' Zoothampton. ....May I.
irm..... -By Orecnebrim, Citemberstong, nth , J e.i .P sss,
Now for 14 Eastern, Center . 0l Northern garb N. I. ork,
Delmincre.reew Jersey, Mel the en New England Metes.—
The Bridge Provinces of Lower ("wends, Neva Pada, asOf
Nan Elnua+)ek., 4.114. knives at 4 F..; Departs at I 1.0.
Noun Etertax.—lly Plainville add Iledliclayetintg, Pa.
Including the counties ad Bradford, Camtdia,.V.ntre, Mier
Jnntens, Lytaallog, 7011010, McKean, Pater. Perry,
Dog.. U r ea. and pert of Westmoreland. Via LlTedasern
52 .. mutt, 1 ' Arriraslallr ear MNh :;7 51A ortYs. r e ' n'. A .. uW n :
WU deity tDX 1. sl.
Eau.—B Butler. Pa., Mercer, Crawford. and Jefferson
counties, 5 nano( New Tort and one. Cetivdstidall7•
Anises es r et • and depute ill 94 .
lion oco Wternan,—lly AraahLogtera P ay Oren,
iftPette. ' ereet, part of SV....Orelsent Maury, Varghets,
arylaul, time., Washington City, Boutbern and %Vests
pate Bid. and {Wiens, Kentucky, Illinals. Terme+
. 5, Als 0.,711401.i, MissiselpfJ. Askance.. North Cern
Ilual Gem Louisiana. Blonde, uid Vexes, dally. Ann.
n. itn
at Br. se.. .1 dedarts al or. et.
.._ dr VGA, Osno.—By Fayette. Ileonni, Barlagton,
notelme, pria, Pa", liollidiry 1 Cove, Va., Jetlerau. Lars).
um, Carrel . lialeaea... Ducar... eountles.Ohla dallY.
An,. at I r.. 1 &Darla.; a. M.
Soots attrase--111 Beaver, Ps., arid Cleveland. Ohio.—
Deaver Cos It., Columbiana. Trumbull. Protege. Gratin.
iTgt.l=4,s`lii..4o,!=l.A7tlrlZS , =:
and Luearcounties, Ohio; the extreme northern conntlee
of the sae...'toat...od 1111nAs. inrindlni all 54 8i1 5
gets. long an
M.d Waaansin, daily. Arrives at la .a. IC; de
-4... st 040.
Ktrra.l4.—By Eihmelinen.lloneton, BiritsaltddiTnr o7
taro, Preelort, ItlttanWrig, Kiskitalnites, matrons, Um.
Idn, cud tleciekl mantles, dally. ..apt on Pontaf a A c
rive. at 7 L... 1 departs M. 0 S. N.
lineal lly Perrysville, IVextal, Zelletteple, Pm..
.11.31001..4 out Nor lodge. Arrive. E..nesdaYa
Thursday I. and raturdeys, elk r. 0.; door. ,
Wednualis and ilidaye, at 7 t...
Etesisex ut —By Sturgeoceic flail, Violeyrille, and Mon
onsaiside UT. Ann. Tors& ye. Fridays, at or. 04 de.
parts W esday a and Erdonlays., at 0 a sc.
lismerows.-1.1 y Ilinkosina. Privet's Pon, Mertennet ,
Call Valles. Elindertlidown, Gamble's, Balm., Itell err.
non. Coolwto• o. Ps.J.P.U. bo l t liinortic 59700 55545 "
Zeiton',rads e'rce'll'euVan":.aatlinir " 0
1(.11131, ia—By Walliel . 's mills, Nefiteetrarty Mod.,
Burgettatown. Cry. Creek Tube, Patterson'. moll Pe.-
13.... y , Va. Arne. Beasley xMO Thunda, a. at 10 e. ral
" Ffe . ol M'''ayl
~__—.ll.4y_Ttur-l'l.•,'i.t.liu._. m., Sl . lnz
tot., Frtne... 7prezga ' Pt, Felniew, Va. 1175 V. o n
Friday, at 60. 00 depart.. on Miturday. at 6 a.O.
0111.0ce1.--Br_Ardrim, North. Washington. mid .Apollo,
Pa. Arrlre. on Walaesdaye, at 0 r 0.. departs on Monday
LuraselLa —HI La... Ferry. Arrives on Flider. et 5
P. K 4 departs on ffaturday, at 6 0 0
0 ....Lis.-117 Pern evillo, it Breakneck, Ogle,
Preepeet. Whiteatosra,llc., haelieting Warren and Venauso
counties. Arrives cielly at 7 a. er., and dinar. et 05i a .
letteve for the dell 0 mall. mast be in the ()Moe mishear
before their departurr. lettere for the trivricidy, wend
wecikly,ard weekly snails. most to In the Cam hall an hour
before their departure.
iSialt.r. OMIT roe 71. rourrount GAIRITI.. al
No 57 Marker st, Wanes Tkerd and Furth es. Psubwol.
i ,_
PENN ON LT A NIA Branch at Uuoillan---. 1
Dthlt of Pittebnrgh :-.--par linnet, as Woorter--do
Pe c r t .= . sl k aT k or dd07...-rur 111=:115,Vut.t-O--....-173
Burk uf Cennenerce par Ity %oh.
Bank of North America-par 0..20•Cial Ilk.f.lmingati do
lithlt of North'u Labersie.par Vrarallan Dank do
Rank of Prousylvania---pm Leder/etas Hank..—..--..d0
Punk of Penn Toneahip-.par Ohio 14f. Ina. • glad (1.....d0
Rack Mae Unthed e 1... 1.2 Western Kesatan Dthir..---rto
='rre'Arkl=lfegiiira.; v,--iigotrU"'"--": t
0.,, ...:_..... ~ ........ -*par KEW Itgai r lial: ...
Kensington Sant. ....pariAll solvent Banks-:...---.... I
Manure. a Meth Baal-.Pett NEW YORE.
•IlemWork• Donith...- ...... pwi , few TWk CIO -- --
va.-rgtiitolak - ..... -IPZI o'Y M.rilti .....
Southwark itatak...-._--par Badtimor. .. ....,... -mu
Western Ilmilt par INJE EY A DELEWARE-
Bank of Chankarthurgh- I All raiment NIA.— 1
Hank °rebel. , throMl -thr VIP 01 NIA.
Dank of Invarille..-_ ... ..par Bulk ofthe V a11ey.....-... 1
Busk of De..1.0a., Chester-par Bk of Virgin/. Ilklanotcd 1
Bank of thrmantoka-_-par %a. Dank, Va, Norialk-... I
Bank of ththythungh_...... 1 Vannes.. Dank of Virldnia 1
Bank of Lewistown---- - thratharate A Meth. Rauh t,
Bank of Mlddietown 1 North Warmth Ilagth-....- .i.
Moo Co.
l a
Hank lo Nlathumbruistad.pam NORT H CAROLINA.
Cnriudo Hank_._. --, , _ ...- -.. I Bank of Um. V .e.m.... 2
Columbia ith A /fridge Con. Bit of M. of N. Carthem-, 2
Doylestown Bank..---.lrth Commercial Wt, Illthaimen 2
nuorm nank.—......-...par filnehanue Ilank,Newbern 2
Eris Ilank--.---,-.. SOUTII CAROLINA.
=Et oofitc=x 4 . 011.1 r Ot. th ot i t ,,rah ii . i
Sustura'no. toinuOlougur Boa of --
Vane.l.lkrumbuylkiliClupm Plantar.' a Machanthe ScT 2
lama Drov. Wayamburg.. I GEOROLA.
..Wl , Atllk.filt_ragnor paLitmodpla. A llaaidtth Cog
a.. ..... ....... 1 Bk. of ionelmitt,Tii , 76 - 4'
Lwow Nal -tar TB-NNE:MEL
nation Itault--.par All solvent hunk 0 .11
Lebanon Beak- Mr KENTUCKY. I
Illnere . limit uf Pottsville I.llk of lientneky.Lentimillt I
Monongahela Barth twelfth of Louisville, Thurston I
West Branch limik -.-- I lhorthern Ilk ..f Acutuelti I
Wyoming Bk,Wilkmiurreparithuthern Ilk of Kentuck 1
York Dank- MISSOURI.
Belief Noma_ IBh of of 51th0uri....1. I
01110. ILLINOIS.
Ohio Math Dant ... -- I.arat• Clank awl branchea-....50
Antioch at Almon-- ...... dollnual of Illinors.._ .... ....TS
Breach at At .dul Wielkllhifl.
11 ' r ' :a ' f . 1 1 :1 =W.:: --
31 ' amlPrif.V.' . " 0
Stalarh at Glevelse..l.... .... ...001Panuent lalerhaulee . Dank I
Ramer. at Toledo.-•,tkweranient Sack Bank.__ 2
Branch at Day t0n...-----du Peuturollar Bank 2
Breath at Dela..., do Iromrsam Comm., . 3
Branch at tkrumbue. do State Dank 3
Branch at.
Salem--_-._-doAthula CANADA.
Dr.rach M. a-... _do Pk of B. N. Amerks.Tcerookt s
Branch at Mansflekl y --Ao Ba of
th. Penal. Tormto 6
Branth at Ripky..---.....d0 Book 01 Montreal
Branch M. Ciorionstl-- Broth of 1.1. gethsota a totouto 5
Braroth at Colrunbua-...-Ao EASTLEN EXCEANOK.
Brauch at Wasblottom..... 4 ° 00 N° . Z"fk r .,.....-- , ,
Branch at
do 00 Phlladelph do.. t,.,
=ell v. „..,..,,itz.:::::t: -.. ESTEllg ' Mt:IIIMM.
thanch et ML Vernon--do Cincinnati-
Branch at Newark do Leal/with.
Branel at Elyria- .-.---. do th. Invan-r-,--,-_-,_ I
. 1 . : rigardol_riel-2:..1 VIII AN P, ,, S= . LAI,Z r ,
Branoh e.t.a, ...... _ . ....l do I.l.riot 1.34,11
Bethel. at OIL Eagle, 01d.....-- ....... .....10•11
Branch at.Z.neyvilla- -.Ao Eagle, new ....... -.... -..104.
Branch at Norwalk..-_-dolYntrierielthror.....---_ 7,e0
Branch at Ildtra-.. .. ___.dulTooThalers_.... 7.00
Branch M. lake- rto thvereigns .3
Branch .t 4,.
Branch .t Itammaa.-.---,1 Tenthrilders...-.... ...... :. Con
Branch at Napolthas.-.-- ..... .-.- 3.e0
Blanch at Cuyahowm..—do Dumas ....-......-.. 2.15
Branch M Tolede.. ......
-----==.---,-- -7------- _
Front Brick and Howe Tile.
THE undereigned is now rrtnnufactnring, at
his Steam Brick Prom, -In Birmingham, Me hand.
onmeat Frout Mirk. for t 101.11,11, ever produeth. which he
thil mil at amethini to onrobalf Irth than laandthther mul
panwthlng perfectly me. sduare eam. ma 4 • mooth•P'O.
mlth surtme, they catch ter duet or wooL mad preserve A
handsome. trek bright apyommace, as ar•eo In tree. Mr
Rm.'. ChUrch, South l'ltlabi.uh: Oh? Co.tran hearer a It
nod other buildiogv helog 0 .0/ 'DI"' Tb . I . lo° o° '
umtnur am much superior to th. limner. pre bid e t,.
auf thing Ithe a galthrvi house should I. of e
the addlikmal expellmb.lon th ;mato g-
Certifother in my pomesmon from Oostrument Oaken.
Agents, mad Architect. who have nerd MIDy brkk es
knelstly, certify to their mperiority la etreogth. Mamba .
ity. rale:tame to frost, water, Ore, se.
110181 TILT.
Alm manufacturing, • superior &nide of TIM Memo. ,
Orli, by no mrdnent Etiglith Arrhitect, superior to lalate,
thal farulthed at about ono half thee...nen
001.000 Coalman Brick—etlenAtb, datebßllT.
g" TIII ". Pr". " 17416 . 01tE00.
kSPRING SHAWLS—Cashmere, Thibet,
00 "' """" 01 111011 MT a BURCRTIELD.
WHITE GOODS—For Ladies' dresses, of
.31 the verb. kinels usal-41011 Itugine Salo RR:
""" """'s
_ _
Ln ns; gra t o o ns s . s t r ; 2 l l ,y r i l l L T z E t: et bar
id s • r o rs s i t
AI AI la 4/
BACON -1500 lbs Sides;
MU .. ShooWarr.
boa . Moan
_pot iftelved and fur
B .F F. V(IN 110.NN1101IST IL W.
t. , 3 au4 YO.Froot bta.
ARSAPAHALLA- 1 bale (Ilendurae,) for
gale by ad= IL B6LLSRS.
ral for sale by WICA.MteLIITIti 10V"
apV Onnara and Sea Oaway...
do SALMON. ny bennatimllf naiad box... re
navfed and fat sal.. bY
(ICI AV A JELLY--Fresh, just received and
%fi for sal. Fr WM. A. MrOLURS k CO.
CIRAPI b lIAWLS, of various
OTTER--A Small Lot of the celebrated
41,.4 1 Zlrra`'`""Pririlo iutt
1f .61 Cha
- 4 - 11.SENIC-600 lbs. for Bale by
apZ R. Z. RUMP.
.411.1140111E5 --
ki 300 bbbs. Family noun
WO . Hsu -
GOO busts. Shelloi Corn;
1q . Cob
00', . Yotato•Pc n
IY.Ps . Short.;
60 bblp. Tar.
WU ne. flour Barrels - , on conaknyomt by
al p T. 1Y001.16 8 BON, 61 wister ist
QIVNERS WANTED—For - 41) Carriage
. Cubs, and I mkt of Bows, • T itbOut tnakssokft Ylllb
us y the lama Limiter. . WOOBB A 8 8.
ap2B . . 61 IVotpr pt.
IiIISH—No. 1 Trimmed Shod; in bble. and
1.; half bblo.
No.l Herring". In bls...
No. 1 Itallbon, " rerolvlllB ssnd for We
ion .77TIN WATT A W. b iriCl_F . F.E. o E — ,.. ' k i b 0 4 3 ... Wile good Itio,uet receivi
Join, j wArr A co.
.',:1,7, ' Lturrir ot..
TILE HOUSE of the Seven Uttl
moue. by Tiathantel
Living As... Na ono.
at mams. Ltarbry Dyad. Tara tb.
Pat Moe.
jat UTTEIt--25 Imp; wtlo by
_LP spZ2
FRUIT -500 bu. Dried Peozhee;
I°' turtirarArao,
C j b E UESTNUTS-30 bu f
It; IRON-250 tons fdi sale by
p 2:
ROBISON. urns s CO.
ICON -15,000 lbs. Hams and Shoulders,
!c ite &asuman, ne sus oy iso
rrrix. *
S P"GE-3 etrrege
IL bale Common& ANYSof the first etthscribid stock
In Oa faeodatad Firemen's 10na.... 0 , 4 fn ,
W. A. HILL • CO,
sss .1. 1
scuoo" c =ziazi 'ea:a woc4 '27Z' b 7 N 64 Hood st.
• •, •
BALTIZSViI Amexonao .—advertbrenente and i:ascriptions .
kr Ibis papa necrived and forwarded (moot expense. ft=
....April 26
April JU
April 21
The market on Saturday was general,' Voles, and noth
ing of pactimalar interest truirplr.d. The ' to grads
.ii inweedinci bot therm Is kill sogiCielleT of water for
all purpose* of trade.
FLOUR—She nicely:Ml were llMltcd, and sales did not ex
ceed WU b 1.14, at 1.1.25403,30, which is a slight iiiitMerm
cent on tho previous: day'. intotatleas, whieh may Le 'at.
tributed to Use .call amount coming (meant Small
sales transpired from Fiore at $3.31(4Y5.40 P Ltd
ÜBAlN—Price am without awing. We manses our
quotations.. for OUM77Ok 72. for red and mixed to
extra prime whim Po W; corn 3.5a00i, rood oats at 30(401
rIO. per bushel.
tiILOCERIES--SuMar soil =abases um well rupported.—
SMee 7 h hilemdlnarr, Orleans Sugar at 6Y - :. 4 month...and
of 10 Idols prime .t T 0,.• mouth. dater of 75 Obis molar
O.) at SOW". months. Coffee Is inactive at 100.
gall: for Rio. Calm of rice at Abieen iv =MI MM.
BACtiN-10e mitten...lcm .. enmities and • firm ma,
ket. with 1:1 fair gentuid business doing at To tor ationiders,
to for sides, tot plain hams. and 10U001034 for CUM ,
DRIED DEEP—Saks <untamed. western cured at ebi
LARO—Suppllee am light. and eery little dolor. we
quote at SLAYbi in lihis nod 940)4 in guru
Wll.lBKM—dales W bbdrroettlled at 210.21.'d earl atul
DRIED FRUlT—Liz:tall 'alas frtdt.a.cdo VA faP
%q.t . ; for opples, with an 3t4Waittloy
OIL Further taktof Linseed at blhgVoe. of s. I Lard'
at 011, add No 2 do of GO Ift ltal
RUTTER—PAW of choice and extra roll awl Tnifit team
Wm 1441 Ge la, add of rotor:non do at ant
CIISESE—daI4 of Row at 63.4(477014 m.
Intro PEWIT.
We are sorry to ere by our Wett.enl exchange, that the
Dank in the Illicit fruit market in that ouerter le but We
well keoundd. wad that the Injury to the fruit mop by
the late weer. hoot. is, indeed greater than we bad .t toot
suppwed. Tbe Cincinnati Casette of Wedneeder tut
Test Ferule too Lott Pinar —The math dependents
of s Wee number of pernme to th e vie laity of the cities
and Tillage, is upon the sale of their fruit. We hare
beard of no mei...this tale of the nentedslus, ^ that has
not eurcred ruthouely, save along the thlthrlhore — there
was cold. and mow fell, but the - late fog,' almost lure
rtably protects the fruit thou these killiug tooth which
are eo ten'.lesete.
Weyudge f the reverts remand, that th e loss
much ureateh et ant oupooscd. inst. W.A. and
Youth of ue, %hie shloof the mountalue, to., fruit and vege
tables Mye been deetrthed. atgetlr Iniured.
' The leyulsrlll Journal of the lash to
tkatlllivr4L;th==":";ir:Pd' gi;c%Fl'4
blow= gnu
not yet expsuLl ' , i psrusllY oed
Alms doe r of the crop, welds. d thing, le Id rd.— .
sre Injured. A l i egre prol;orttost of the trait
Hs& udicletth however.
=al i! ' y ' grra P:rt . l . s=s which hint:
Since of superior quality from the /revere damning It Las
The grankibrt (Hr-) Tee.=tys.that so bard s frost
and cold's nighthal not been known dr. Igle—ttut. the
truth vihkh protalial to be re. abunilent In this vicinity.
and was unusually forger& is behaved to be dost. Pal,
and forward erigetation of every kind subject to blight by
foist has teen killed.
The diashoille Whig gti el
Amounts. not only from the immediate nelabteattood of
this city, but been bele+. far as batch.. give the mod
detremlng arouunte of the hoot effects of del from
Monday nisht. Yrolt. vegetables.everything has been
ruined. We have converted vrtr.ti several gentle:men rmm
and all acre. In the belief that thet Lurie ,
has been and irreparable.
The Zaneeville Courier of the oth instant. (foam which
aection of Ohio large Quantities of dried fruit are browht
thisynarite. says that the deetruction of fruit by the
late frets have breve ray tted..l. Throughout the State
the crop has been nearly If not entirely destroyed. In the
State of IlUnnis. Ludlum. anditertern TlMiniß. the esse
taw been the emcee.
EwccnDr hamar 0. Batantoat Tlmutoao.
male avJ b.r. taken .feet •ire the 1.4 th,t rl. 74e
Is'lck".LlikaZes Ferry, tad. all Inter
Kern. Will. tr.
Donntottoo . • to
Flagab Mill to
butto.burp to
Clam Roo to ,
tbepi Crt.l. to' 1 w . firii;;;;l ,3l: „.
lbomtk, eumbettabl and
latot... to Itambroor
[The re.homoot on Flaw LT barptafs
ts per barral. Prim C berlabl
floor b fount= otot. prt• bastal..l
Undo. Pah. and Nabs, bib b. t tan b y
ear loads at
awn at float.
Ibtoo weatbart. 31olattes and Pazer rill b. taktb at.
moon& Atm tab,
14 1 n7 24'' . b , co br'"'". ... taken at 'h tr ga b bl -4 :o.l "h bt x.b e ou tilotr:boal th. . ll .... 4 at
•111 now
raw.] ' •
- •
•ere 5 lab G Ixeo ID clmp.. by
Die, marl, lan er.bilaz. unl fallsng.
Mich How, Haw. Rawer.
Waver, Hondo. Dearer.
Atlantic. Parkinson. Brwoorille.
J. HeKee, llendticklon.AleK
itedatons. lroaleard. runcre ,
Hibernia 2. Batchelor. Cincinnati.
Keystone State. litow. tbncinnati.
Ova Dent. Cincinnati.
Meek Diamond Cinchinatl.
Friendship, Cinelnnatl.
linaklyn. New Orleans.
tare Helga, Shank. ilallltalls.
?iwrlgator. Dean. Louisville.
Julio Dean. Zonro St. ilie.
Diadem. Coch lactia
Hind°. Camb r a ell. n
Moral, Connell. Wheeling.
Mkllan. Dal Detrrer.
Ileare lg rr.kion. e.
AVantie.. Parktnrco.
J. McKee. lloodrickfort. Ite.Keerport..
t.hrly..r. Harley. West Nerrtoo.
Itedotrmr, Woodyrud, Err...m.llle.
VOtatrt. Nen. Cariniall.
nger No I. Flr.ber. Cincinnati
F./demi Arcb.
Sarsnak ,Iclutyrr. St. Louis.
Ju. Nebr. Moore. .Wll6oLog.
Are.. K.lrtzeir
D Leech ar.l.V. Paso Nnwer rocket Dares 9 a m and
I Pm.
eT. LOUlS—hulls
Fon Wourria.—Tbe regular pacto f
steamer. Diurnal,
CaN. Cob , :11. will hi., wi above, 110. morning, at 10
o'clock, her roamer boor of dormitory.
Foa Winatairo a>a liariawyort.—The fins steamer Well
Tills, Capt.. Young, atll leas, as abase, this elem. a
4 o'clock.
ORIDORPORT—PR Guars-166 Ws Spor, Ca•l7 Janes
AC. 7 nom, Ws, A A A Wpa7; wka,7 <sou Wo
'a c ‘il ! a :p .t b fArrdi.r,s ' ltZre ," ;:t.„pl 6 l l
4110,2'.,`"Z%bess. willaratth • noble; 0142 0 2 .7.,
leg i t Thaw; ab b bl.t . t.::
.tbkol4.l..uttart. tobart Al.
WI * Co.
CIALEDA—Dtaora-12=fdte ked,Carllna • • Roberta:cm
11 bales balr. 18 do hid.. 3do N a n. d beef - hides 19 bbD
bristly', Turas 01)ormett 33 bake Damp, duo . Irerbs
BOOK 3) IDles bra:m.lo order; Oa plea timid bales deer
,AI A ,,, A Dames/mei &Cm 2 bort. D Leech • Cm 3 maks
.dreat, It Fahneetock •Cm 24 bits kraal, 34 bid. to.
coo, Wm' Badaly atm 65 therms tams. •d bbd. bacon.
W a R 11:Cutomurs 2 blab' Immo, Uppeneett bbl.
wkisker, Jae Parker CeeD Wale ehoaldena Oast • Th aw;
I bbl Sarabb. Deownreille wharf boat.
12ELL91'ILLEr—Psa 211300*a-196 bits Mop. Clark •
Thaw; a taco lard, dap Watt I Or, I baggy, AIIOIIIrOIIK
(rotor 1 bbl butter, 11 Chettnett; I boo earthenware. 11.".•
• Cald walk I er
loor ste. 6 cults; I 1101 kriaden
tDscdet Mils f, owner atmard.
W/18.1fLIML—Prz Jam Nrusis-16b1ds alnamara, Jas
O'Oonnett 37 MD payer,ll D Raabfialtb. 2Ws tobamo, It
b e am %made. D Lamb P Ilea 436 LOD Poor Clark a Thaw,
is bdls teatime. llthaff • Oa 7 Will paperi A Fahomscak
• Co 190 bil ls Pout Wm Diadhate; 11 holes bardware,
31.Padan P C0n4,0 4 maks bacon. Wm Bingham; I wagon
and datums. P dlurphy.
IVELLSVILLE—InmAtrA4—M cask. barcr6.3okrks lanl
1 612 do. J lltlannarrl ' est wan, J (1116 4 crates 1 caok„
srars,lo lilnabsanlbo24o.666. nbon.l.
NT Lool6—Pro ir6. , ,,,-1 lad hams. W Illnabans. 4 boo
od Ak lu
rA,AntwAtta.......w..k. boron.l24lbrao
arl, 11 A Y01 3 6=11 . 3 (t,,
_ 33 i 11.21 1Wn = " 1!o b .‘1= 13
la& 0 ~•4 11 Mies 1
u kliustro %loyal.; 1 lask. • rdnytb
t gTrrolcr, arn i sd ' , , ,_ ' c,
II llfitLobenson WO cam uur.lo6srars a 6112 . 20 rooks hand.
Clark 0 Thin: 2 pes rope, 0 BlackburOs . Wu 2 tones
mdoo IV 13s2alsr Co.
OALLIPULL . 6--Pra Gor. llslo2-31 Ws tobaccos D
1... , D, It. .C s b IIND Jt,ll ra_kt 0..6 bbds do. W._ 11 Jbp:
son; .. knd• do, IA en Innanans 4 tr. o bbdal do, .1 161vortn.
3 dos boasts, 1 bbl egas, 2 nal , sod, 10. a, 3 dna toeless.
6 bbla rens, 1 4ars.l 42, D T 71rosranz 2 1, 5, 1 boo mi.
_ _ ra, Tao notansrs. Duo 11.11; I balon, 11611 sang.
' 1 3. 414._ ' sreIR 3 si 61,ss to. WI k 4 I/Vandlor, 1 caoa
bacon. Wen Inreolsl 0 C•: ' 4 bbls %Inv, W 13111 6 Roo, 21
pko osts, 21 do onrn.ltosrart 4 0116 164 bls corn. Ida benns.
1 ols do, 411 do onto, J,D willnun., 1 bbl old royntr, Bar
bridal , 6 INsra. 40 &sir bucloto,3 e Canned, 6 old both.,
cokmse, 1.46. , ..0 S 0,6 7 griodesoos.Llppena,M A Cu.
C1R01:014T1-116 KITIIOOO 0.001.-4 Loam Loldlor
do 3.33. 18 roll—lessor,
lestbor, Not Smite= 5 bblo olsoncl.J
Vorsstln 6 nb WRA6ale y 2 Co: 40 dem. bunk -
Wllsdoo • Dam on Curat 1 Mu wool 16 bid, alenhol, 1 61.1 buns,
11 1.64011 A Os; 1 tel drugs. Clark 2 Than: lot gundrles J
11l Dilworth, 4 bblo ego, J Pallon.
OF.AVER—Pcx 111AVES—L%id a.n. c
. 14 . .: 13 be.e..
r h" Tt es 144.1.ridh. ' tti: ', ., s i::tiVr i 3t . l. L ; 30 0, ' 1 11. c:i
orfirsdk 2 bbto twice, N 4 W 11srbanals: 6 bou d oalaratus - ,
4 010 1212 Dlibl,l b., J 4 R Floyd; 14 bor. shwa
bozos al Ws eak6mA I. 641 4..62 box. d 4./ 0 CooSeld.
LO, a, N . ..140 , 10—'47 eko rboublrro, Jobn '
' &111 ' 7 41'o b t‘ btfs7ol=36t=ll3ls'6Ver 112 4 11 t &
rolls lase., Wto Ilinztams , n. bwhelio Ilsrley, A ar A.
Woo& . .
ZANESVILLE, TER JCIA;DIAX-1 hz rtnadtim, 16 Erb
-1,,,,, 0 hhd6 taboo. W II Johnston; 1 60,11 Leath A Cot el)
666 , no.. Wirt BrK.l.r 4 13. g AMU 6644 , 6000 14 /6 /10.4
n k•p, 1 cask lard. ionlrals 10X ' . . ' -- -.- -
'.. .. . . _
IRR ORLEANS. ei t, : f IIIIOOILLTI.46:S 66400imr 4 MAI
g a ror . = Yal.. Wa=isi t' W i ßare b e
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Coi lo hlsl4 sofa, W 0 1ta1.... 4 .14.6,tOorr r idl
dor, 1 Lbl
basso 46<ss, 1 box books, 1 bbl era
1 4M. 3 3 16 1 43' 31 "3 ,14 mio h'33l )414 1.r0 ,
wo6ll=6Keottoo, b..D3'
IIIaDOEPORT, OM Wmurnus-1.60 Ude Solisll Qat
A Co: = beds toWeo, rim Eltetmocl Ws do. pit
11 bids do, It Dalai' 0 Oat 'V In- brothi Oterre es.:
biltlrral I,gr k lisik kg' iti t i l li e.". bs T
. iTima:tl6 4..501664 - 64 lads Wie?i, .3:1 Door'
6M46:1 ! ~ .
2.54 Llbert.7 ot.
[Correspondence alba Pittsburich Oszettsj
Tons, : New May 7.
There is but one topic , of conversation in the
city et present, and that is the anniversaries.—
The murder trials. Jenny Lind concerts, and
places of amusement are all deserted, and con
sidered as secondary to the greatTannuel paler- :
ing of all the benevolence and piety in the Union
which takes place In New York during the sec
ond week in May. 1 . I
Yesterday was the third day of the anniversa
ries. During the morning, the children attend-
ant upon the Sunday Sclhools, to the number of :
some 25.000 marched through the 'streets and
held meetings et Castle Garden and Trifler
Hall, where the services were very interesting.
In the evening the annual public meeting was
held at the Tabernacle. •
The American Tract Society, met this morn
ing. The American Home Missionary Society,
the Institution for the Blind, the Female Guardi
an Society and the Nadel:Lel Temperance Socie
ty, meet this evening. _.
The sale of tickets foX the Jenny Lind concert
this evening, was held yesterday morning, and
I am sorry to say there . was very little interest
manifested on the occas l ion.` Not one half of the
tickets were sold pt auction, and the premiums
varied only from twelve and a half to twenty
ficecents. Mr. Barnum who waspresent in fro
pris persona seemed droeuifully chagrined et the
turn matters were taking, and told the-audience
that they world only have themselves to blame,
if, in the rush, which he assured. them' would
. coon occur, theyshould be unable to obtain seats.
Jenny has gone quietly: to her house up town,
and does not excite the: least attention, except
on the part of those who are immediately con
nected with the concerts. I have very little
doubt that Mr. Barnum Twill have to come down
to the one dollar ticket! at last. Then he will
have crowded , houses every night.
The news received from Her= yesterday,
has thrown' the "Junta"' into a fury, bort the
fact that one of their agents has been executed.
However the coolest heads in. the business say
this will aid the cause, : as the martyrdom of a
stronger, even, for their liberation, will stir up
the warm blood of the Cubans against the gov
ernment of the Captor :Genera Orders have
beenreceived here Co deliver the cargo of the Cleo
patra to any person whO may establish his own
ership: of the articles i on board, and .Marold
Tallinadge is now in correspondet° with the
authorities at Washingrn, relative to the final
disposition of the steamer herself. She is yet
in the prosession of the guard of marines.
Henry J. Raymond,j Esq., of this city, the
Speaker of the State Assembly, and junior edi
tor of the Courier and Enquirer, has had a quer
rel with CoL Webb, the senior editor. The bone
of contention is Mr. : Raymond's abolitionism,
which during Col. Webtersabsence in Europe, en
tirely changed the character of the paper, and
did it incalculable iejuryt Mr. Raymond bas
dissolved his mimeo:tic : a - with the Coinier, and is
about to sail for Europe. On his reerrnit is ru
mored that ho is to bel the editor of a new abo-.
titian print, to be started in this city.
' The sub-Committee 'of thirty one, charged with
the transmission to tutu. Daniel Webster,- of the
invitation of many thintsands of Our citizens, to
address them . an early day, forwarded the in
vitation, with the original signatures, by a spe
cial messenger to-day.
The trial of Samuel Drury, Sr., for passing
counterfeit notes, afte continuing fourteen days,
terminated suddenly and unexpectedly yester
day, by his acquittal, the Jury being only twee- .
ty minutes out. When the verdict was rendered,'
Drury stood up, and iddressing the Jury, said
-Gentlemen of the jury, please occeptsny heart
felt thanks—es for My perseentorsl leave .thorn
to their worst enemies namely, their own feel
ings." Drury was then formally discharged, ant
a noire pronvi, on motion of the District Attor
ney; was entered on! each of four indietmeits
against him, for similar offences, to the case just
disposed of. This verdict, I must any, seems to
give very, general satisfaction—it was rendered
without any summing up by the counsel,. on ei
ther side.
The flags ots . out City HAIL Hotels, Cour=
House, and other public buildings are at half
mast today, in res to the memory of the late
Hon. Philip Hone,
f N aval Officer of this port.
i b
His funeral takes is this afternoon, andwill
be attended by both ranches of the City Govern
: meat, and all the Government Officers now in
the city. Thera nFis already rumors es toveho
is to be his successor. David A. Bake°, and
John A. Collier are Spoken of, and the latter will
moat probably be the lucky man. •
Oar Common Council, now in session, :have
adopted a Resolatioa, and appointed a committee
to prepare a block of otone, to be contributed by
the city, to the Washington Monument- I! have
heard it said that the material will be obtained
from the Pot Rock Ilellgate, in the channel of
the East River. : •
There is =other! murder trial in progresss in
the Marine Court, :which sbids fair to resat in
the tionvletion of the prisoner of murderer the
high aeon i t
The following is; a comparative statement of
'the number of vessels arrived from foreign ports
into the port of New York, mete-,., the month of
April 18.0 and 18.51, and shows the comfirison
between the American and foreign vessels, with :
their tontueger— :.
1850. 1851.
Vessnlj. Tom. Valoels, Ttas.
American, 217., 87,22 d 212 62,-413
Foreign, 92: 263 145 a4,. , 223
Total. 300 107,209 357 136'636
From this it would seem - that the number and
tonnage of the foreign vessels is increaainx, and
from the operation of our Reciprocal Act, then
is every reason to beliiive that it will go On aug
menting to the de trimentof the shipping interest. '
Is will be recollected that in 1850 our ports were
opened to Britir vessels carrying other than
British products; thus, coffee comes from -- Brazil
in British vermeils : , and Weit India produce is also
largely importesyn the same way. The Ameri
can shippershave the advantage in the East
India and Chinaltrode, but looking at these com
parative April returns, I fear norenough to com
pensate ouch loses as we experience at home.
This subject is crorthy of serious consideration.
11oudIt7 Ma! 12i J
. eenu.
AATIMIOXICAI. CLOCG,—We understand that a
curious astronomical clock is at 'present being
constructed inthe vicinity of Liverpool by E.
Henderson, L L.D ike., from a series of.: very ,
intricate caleuins and complicated projections,
which has engirsed a largo share of his time
and attention since 1844. This clock, when fin
ished, will completely throw info shade the cele
brated "horologies" of antiquity and other clocks
and planetaria Of modern times. Hitherto such
pieces of mectuddsm have exhibited very carious
results, put they have been inaccurate in their
motions, revolutions, and phenomena;so much so,
that; at the end of a year or two, the machines
gave'out indications very wide of the truth, and
required to be rectified. This in a great measure
arose from the innecuracy of the calculations,
produced from a wrong basis, and such formula
thrown into wheeel work. The present clock
wi'l entirely obviate each errors, as it .is calcula
ted so finely that in many of the motions by the
wheelvrork it will not err one minute in 1,000
years.—These maculation,' we understand have
received the unqualified approbation of the lead
ing scientific men and astronomers of the day
both in Britain and foreign countries, where the
calculator is kilown. . The clock will, show the
minutes and hours of the day; the sun's place in
the tiled% the day of the month, perpetually,
and take leap year into account; the moon's. age
place and phases ; the apparent diurnal
revolution of the moon ; the ebb and flow
of the sea at any port in the world; the golden
number, epee., staler circle, Romanindietlen,Sun-
day letter, and Julian period; the mean time of
the rising and setting of the eon on every dig. s[l
year, with its terms and fired - and moveable
feasts. - The day of the week will also be indica-
ted; and die year will be registered for 19,000
years past or !come. The quickest moving wheel
will revolve in one minute; the-slowest in 10.000
years for the date. To show the very great no- jJ
curacy of the motions in this complicated chick.
a few of the . periode 'mai be noted—nameTy,tbe
apparent diurnal revolution of the moon is ac
complished In 28 hours 60 minutes 28 'Moods
and 4 79 .8 88 . 253 decimals of a second,. which
makes 'lna error of one minute too feat at theend
5er„1,470 years. ,Theater' willmake a :evolution
in 28 hours 811 minutes 4 seconds and 09,01 - 7
294 decimate of a second. which gives " *r t °r of
.one:ntinute too slow at the urrocinstion of 584 I
;years. The synodicsl revolution of the moon is
done by the wheels In 29 days 12 hours 44minutes
2 wands and .1373,544,2138 decimals of a second
• and this will glee an error of one minute fi e stin
1,167 yaari,
dais 6 how's, 9 ta 1399 " , 11 ' ids '
aro and 53,8 2,
siderial year U done in 863
496 decimals of a second which rill make I n
error of °nominate slow in 1,806 yearn Theather
h er e
batch motions am too numerons Toe etriat
T ern,h bat they all bear the earnests:tap of -
ecl 10 0 Jean withinticreq gto
be wound °Pr which ' waegiaallflite:horol • 1
science.- .Theclook Will contain ithout.-119'
and -pinions,. and of 800clielinit ,
It has been cotistemetedfor;and l esiamsetotsit 'ven
for the clock, at the Great 'we
understand that if possible it will appear in Chat
gorgeous adifiCe.-4401nroi 4/bion.
AN07111:11 8131133110
Our readers will moiled seeing a fewweeke
ago, some marvellous accounts by tho New York
editors of a French gentlemen and his nephew,
in which it wait claimed, that 'laminated in
different rooms, and without arty visible =mu
oicution, the nephew could receive Simultaneous
ly with the uncle any mental impression or um
munication. A public exhibition has beatitude
in New York, and with the following result as
stated in the New York Commercial ddrertitm
The public exhibition of errand right, by the
French philosopher and his nephew, took place
last evening at the Chinese Assembly mama -
The audience were chiefly French, very few
Americans having been attracted by the tuber
The youth being seated on the platform and
blindfolded, the experimenter went through the
aisles among the audience, and various articles,
such as knives, watches, keys, ,to ' &c., being
exhibited to the uncle, be would call out tn.
French to know what it was, when his nephew
would _respond with very great promptness.—
Very soon it was so obvious that it was
manner of the question being put by the uncle,
that consent was given that one of the audience
might ask the question, - but not until hie uncle
had first proposed it in Freacit. It was then in
sisted that the uncle should not speak at all; but
it was found impossible to keep him silent, and
when noise enough was Made to reader the un
cle's voice inaudible, no reponse Mauldbe obtain
ed from the nephew,-except in a single instance
when he was not blindfolded, and when signifi
cant questions were observed equally intelli
gibly to the nephew as wards.
The experiments were then changed, the ban
dage removed from the eyes, and the youth stood
before a black board with his back to the audi
ence. A slate was then handed round and figures
were marked upon the slate by any of the audi
ence when they were quickly written on the
black board, but • deign after questions were
put by the uncle, having as many words as there
were figures. It was now insisted that he must
not put the questions, when he made a speech
in French, said that it was not in the ',lanai%
and he could not proceed :with the experiments
without speaking to his nephew, all which be
could explain to any magnetiser, and would at a
future es:Mitten expound his science &a.
It was observed that the moment a, test was
proposed of any -kind, the experiment mishap
cloned; as when a committee of twit, one of
whom could speak French wise appointed to
write on the slate, all at once the slate was
withdrawn, and a pack of cards presented to
choose ono out of, which the youth was to
name. lint no sooner was it
urged by the gen- .
dem= who chose the'eard, that the uncle should
not speak a word, but he himself pat the
den, than the cards were withdrawn. The ex
periments abruptly closed without ; any exhibi
tion of latin, greek, arable, &c., tlspremised.
It was obvious that the etephstob has been well
trained in the science of saneanordwthe qua
lions are proposed in a set form,.eanseying the
idea of the answer required, and there being
second sight in the ease, p
pretence is e hum
bug. The audience, however,. pule there gene.-
rally to be galled, and a majority were evidently
unwilling to be disaPpoitderl..
The friends of General Scottheld ti meeting in -
Erie county on the 6th inst. Resolutions were
passed in favor of Gen. Winfield Scott as the
Whig candidate for the Presidency in 1.852, and
in favor of WILL F. Johnston so a candidate for
Governor next fall, end expresedie of confidence
in the administration of Millard Fillmore, and of
approbation mad confidence in Mr. Fillmore,
Daniel Webster, Henry Clay, s idJames Cooper.
The closing resolution was as follow=
Resolved, That this meeting appoint twenty
five delegates to the Western Convention of the
friends of General Scott, to be held at Pitts
burgh on the 20th of August next: In &COM'
dance with the last reaolution, the farming gen
tlemen were appointed deleptes to the said con
E. Babbitt, J. H. Walker, L Gaza, J. B.
Johnson, Wilson King, N. W. Russell, D. B.
Robley, John '4 Warren. .Taniea Inee; Lyman
Robinson, S. E. Woodruff, Scott Stith. W. 0.
Illsek IL A. - hillsciE - W. ClittorrardatGasar,..
Bester Town, Michael B. .51.11.1' is, EL. G. Long, T.
It Vincent, William Benson, 'Esq., 7111.1Pa:tor,
i B T. Sterrett, L. S. Skencer.'
From the Springfield (Meru) Reprafierue.
1351021 or run Wma PARTY.—WO 1120 gratified
Co see in the Boston Atlas expressiatte leaking to
the union and harmony of the Whig:; party.
this portion of the State there ban been no Tilt..
sion, and we have looked upon tfirisions else
where as arising out of personal feeling,personal
misunderstanding, and personal imprudence.
We have never believed for a moment, that the
party, as a party, was divided. We hare had •
no evidence that any portion of 'the party bad
forsaken its principles. We have seenthe Whip
in our Legislature standing shoulderto shoulder,
with a unanimity and harmony rarely equalled '
during all the past winter. We .have, .'seen
the Whip and all the Whig presses is the State
regarding with one eye and one interest the
Senatorial struggle: and in regard to the result
of this struggle, and every consideration am
nected with it there have been but one feeling
and one desire. • * * *
The Fugitive Slave Low is the only subject
Which =interfere with the harmoayof the Whig
party of Massachusetts, and we look Ia vain for
d difference of opinion in regard to it- through
out the whole Whig press of the State. We find
not one of them talking of the excellencies of
the law, or inculcating in any way the idea that
it is unexceptionable, but we find all of them
I vindicating Its execution, as n lair of the land,
and opposing all violent and factions opposition
Wit The Atlas speaks the truth • when it says
I •• there is km disposition on the part of the Whip
to nullify the law by violence, or in of other way;
on the other hand, the Whig party has ever held
as its chief ornament end regarded as its
dell' elements of our a steady wilier
eves to Law and Order." 1,
Here, then, we all staii, and we can but
count those as foes who would disturb this per-
I fere harmony of sentiment and principle, as it
exists. * •
For this unity the party will bare abundant l
use in the struggle which is before it, both in
State and Nation. .Massachusetts is now in the
hands of unprincipled • demagognes k r and the
Whig party must remaitrunited that she may be
redeemed. The National Admiinstration, as
„truly Whig as any that ever executed the Gov
ernment, is assailed by factionista of every name .
and grade. Disunion howls atitfrom the South
nullification at the North; and toctional opposi
tion comes from every quarter.. It stands,
however, on the ground of this Consitution, is
devoted to the Union, and executes the laws.
If ever the Whig party, everywhere, owed an Ad
ministration its support, the obligation was nev
er greater than now. Its position to in the very
citadel of strength, and around it the Whip of
the whole country. can rally to a man and. with
out a question.
-- -
turns of the Eastern District of Louisiana, which.
includes more than half the State...shows a pop
ulation of 304,096 persons, which consists of
181,306 free, and 122,790 slaves. The popula
tion of New Orleans, according to these' returns
is but 119, 4113, against 192,-000 in .1840.- -This
includes the parish on both sides of the Aiver.
The small increase in the population, may in
part be accounted for, bylha rapid increase in
the brim of Lafayette, *rill& has ptore than
doubled its population inchree years; and *bleb
'bee naw. about 15,000 inhabitants. • Bat even
with this allowance, the figures are by no moans
I fiatteripg as to the progress of New,„ Orleans,
"within the last ten years. The proportion of
of slain to free population in the-city of New
• Orleans is about one to five. :The First, Second
land Third Wards of th e First Municipality of
Now Orleans have. 11,632 inhabitants. the,other
four Wards 30.039. The . number 0f64'01-
ings in this dinsion of the city is .5,9-38: - In the
second Municipality, First and Setond 'Wards
have 8,783 of populetion: I'Mrd Ward. 10,050
-fourth ward: ti,b2o; Fifth, Siath and r•Sercoth .
Is s rds, 26,65 L The derellings, 11,110, The
population of the Second Congressional District
is nearly twice as great as that of - the First. It
is 137,129 while - the First is only 79;526. •
:h _
Cr.xsos or. Now Maxlco..—By refermee to
the tables in the 041.111111 Office , learn
that the total population of the Terr itory of New
Mexico is 01,02. The - classification Cif 'ages of
free inhabitants shows that; ontho Ist of June.-
1820, there were; under one lair old, 1,278 - one
and under fat. 7,628; fun asulender tem.8,781
ten and under 6,9q7;...4neen rautunda
twenty, 7,100; ticiity, mtd,under thirty, 12,572:
thirty and ender f0rty,'7,202; forty - end - under
fay, 4,375; fifty and under nay; 2;886; ‘aixty,
and under serunty,_ 1,721, seventy sad under .
eighty, 451; eighty , =A under ninety. 11 4; nine
ty andunder ontflinhdre4; 01 7 1 One; hundred nud
apwards,4l inalta:- n 3 femidoth-ttaknoiri„lgh
The number of free .blacks is 22 1 and , they are 4 1 44 taLant ,
tettedule of ftmodo4 l, notot, or, agriequare•
A:o4ii.E3-rinldbit-cirlinh*a t 6 .1>118.084 amen
and mules. 8,548; mucte'llairti%;ll l ;6W
oxen 12,140; other cattle, 10,068: : abfwp,
6,428; mlue o iike*ilfla, 6o4 , 497 .
- '
, I.
t - '1