The daily Pittsburgh gazette. (Pittsburgh, Pa.) 1851-1861, May 09, 1851, Image 1

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ow man nu" kut Moill T. MS Kat *MCI '
.DAILY-4evect &Dan Po w '
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• Three mew .
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Ttr,,,....Trert.ret;bia.ttiaaenrteote Wars.
41 to paid Inn:Way Iv winner. NO Cab r*p.istrtu
h e aent eora ato ezpins. unless the QlO9/1/T la mat for
oi,,,sp.r. (10 noes of 144=4.114 1.101
egkehadditimal Irweatkin.. 0 tai
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samm 0 01
' thren tooottis.-..—.--. 1 .4U0
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months—. ..,--.,
- ' stud Carts, (MZTt l esf ';-..----- ; 6 4
One Dollar Dr rash Wahiawa llue,
the ggrfe, chencabte at pleasure (per an-
Otis Milan and
mr men addltbstal square intiarted an der the yeerl7 Mat ,
Ad pram.
vertisements rmasedlng • num.. manta over Sheen
Ints, to be charged an a guano and • ball.
Vulallaturs not &mountable ge legal adrertlermenta
' Wed the lament ehargri for the public:Mb.
entasuneing caslidatea *lke, to be charged
au other advertisements L SD
Athallweseuts at natrkef on thempy for a aDeO
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Il e oirTeni ' = " E l lee T s= " all Ar i estimiuTnlf:l
tba benatie of other persona se well as all strestlemarn not I
immediately sannecbel villa their own Madame, and ell
am. or .I,..tbemeat., in keen othmstee. b•r•d
%belle:Me engaged, sill be chased at the nasal rates For
all roth Insolent advertising, lulls mull be separately
enders'. and protoldamPneot It desired..
All edrertisemmate D.,r chartable suditutafts, See tam
=al,l, township, and other , public inewbeo. Sad
th.Fod half Delas, Delable strictly in ad
llserlags notices to be eberged 50 ends. I
Death notices %sorted Walkout charge. nnleas ageongbis
tried by funeral imitation, or obituary notices, end when
ageommoMed to be DAM fur
Besnler adsertbera, and all others sending tottuntrtika.
Dons, or requiring notkee designed to roll attention to
Mrs, &gross. Concerts, or any public .enterteltunab,
ttr.=:,a-' , ";
Pis& Ontetriees, :dralatil or Intertd , to promote
lhagWlat i a sam st l u lab i ted fo rd
r- w i l f in&le u d b " ToTait:
seated PI the load column, Um sante will be damn's' el the
rate of not lam than 10 cents per line.
R ho. at i lu t, ur t0L1,1 1 ..p . r.l trip'. 'nice.
sew me. Adams' sad Auctioneer,' advertEarrosute not
to ts<Wed and yearly rates, but to be allowed • E4 ennui of thirt bo lthree and one third per amt. ;rota the
Wows oa eel-Won M DULY Fans.
Om i erre,r a r
One NUM, (10 llnes)oraa insertion rents
Do. etch sebilthltual Dieertion—.—,23 mutt.
An ttsoslent adrartbetamale to be Dahl in deem
ITromptl A. PARKINSON. Alderman, Fd
icamSPeast O'Hara y rtreat.-behreen sad Walnut. 411
atteaded to. •
- . o. Simone tram =I
ante =Wenn ninon,
teat Uniontown, St) • - of 'lndium. :SO
LIPIiANT & TAYLOR, Attorner at
. . Law—Onioe CM Soartb street. !lain.% tetwoen WOod
Smithfield sneeze, Pannonia, H.
N. , D.-8. D. Oliphant is Commissioner fa the Rote of
HINN k. COLLIER, Attorneyeat Law--
t,7' OlLlee do Toortliiktreet, above BraltlArkl.
W.:1 1 : WHITE, Attorney at late-.7of
ebo',, 'Zee oil irana eircet. near Fourth, In &thews' Bad
las,ll4..tebali.. Pr. . . . racts:lr
EIARR ISON, S EAVEL 1 1 / 4 Attwa at Law,
ei got ukthe 15... Ark
nwimiedettnttal of Deeds. Ottlar—F one, ably.,
- P:ok, G. B: FETTERMAN, Attar
. • mil at Law•
and Itsal Palate Agasta. N 0.107 4th
Pittsburgh. • • feblo
.:1:31;E$ J. KUHN, Attorney at Law, office,
• te Tihtiunin 11.211, corner of Shunt street . and Diamond
►„Pittsburgh. "a”"
- IrAMVS F. KERR, Attorney at Law—O ffi ce
op tar eh, batsmen Essithibild sun Great Pittsburgh.
BANC'S C. FLANNOIN, Attanny at Lair,
Pa HO Fourth istrett. Pittsburgh_ '
I= :St 'WATSON, Attarner at Law,
No.llo Pointh Paubanca;
wr.—,, a Dar Joiart Sipler. E.V. 1.1. -
-fen. Malin t Co.. W. a ftwii 0 Joha Floa to
n 4 Ow. W. Jack., rittebur. ay
BDWARD P. •JONES, - Attorney 'at Law:
Otar• o Ninatb. etemt. betwecn Wad and Smith-
.11 - At3MR. E. 'BRADY, - Attorn at
NI Ka ea nth stave, PI tlztatv.h. ey •
~:~:r7~:t3:. .~:~1~: ;71)Y:i~.~
±int.•a.snuarte-: 1.-1. J.0. come.
NIfLIAMS Sr. CO., Bankers
• cod Eaehange Broken, North East earner of Wool
NA SNtd Urn., Pittabmph.
tininmetions maile on Liberal terms . and oolleetiona
Promptly atteruleil . • jattly
EILKING,Binker and Exchange Broker,
Tartzth stmt. Truler In bank Nor" BUts at' Es-
Gold mid Sliver. Blocks truaglit nail wad.
Thehipberit !ambit wire mid in premium tor Mamie=
Half Donsirr, slut - Tiltriliuum pad Pp:parts Dram; In var
Y — I. LARIMEB., .11L, Banker and Broker.
T Aturtreet, No.!. sljoLullak the Bank of Plti.b.ich
.&MI:KINS 4. CO; Exchange Brokers,
laiath East 2 - mi isf Third awl Ifarigat streeta. Alt
akaat !loam rates •
HOLMES 4 -so,, Foreign
_IN • sal 11 . 15olottIODIDrof Exthikito, Cortaestoo of De.
BooliNtrterol Wr Z. .60 n Njr , =. Mt;
ttuoug t thoVtorEtotes.
saws casumi-.
KRAMER Vlallsf Bankers and En
omeeo - - Beak • - Thmestie
6 9".. ) -e,„ , e4i=f 4 g.,47Bt r ek
Z.a laird sod 11 - acd stneytet, turiKliy
tb• Bt. Charles lidtel:
-CAROTBEERS CO., Banking Howe,
1 1:11`6,. 1v IT.=lip%
duntbe AJ rs tbnl Stares.
II a. MM.
S : 4I
.'• . .
ommistion S &chants
, 2 . ': Balßrokets. N. 114 Fn ozd stmt. Pena:al sad
INA-11.313R, "HANNA: & CO., Succetsiors to
c0. 6, 11 , ==
• or Doeimeit, Bulk Now, enl Specie—Nortb 41% ...=
Weed arid Third nevem Dorreut Money received 00
. node- - sista Checks for vale. sod oollectlms =Wean near.
/I almPrindPel points of the urdthe Eta..
The laiDinet premium paid in Foreign end /merino
Adveneremeds on mad =made of Prodna.eDiDDed eMd.
calibers! terms. . •
W. TAILOR. Comatigaioner and Bill
ighlkBl . ; 112 Reaand greet Etrint. attention will b.
was :to all businearentrented to his cam inttabnrath
anatansenenal articles always on band or prrstual at abort
UAW. , Note+. tenons, Mortentra. ke, nevi:Wet on hare.
abb. tarns.. •Advsnesa made. if Moira& ods
11:115):4:):4Wri: :
RRc: STOCKTON, latk Johnston do Stock
., to. Bcolueller, &Mina er, VAM', ea,
asi4ClSAxicot sad Third stm I
ts. nttstarlb. W IM
AS. B. HOLMES' Cheap Literary newt,
-111101rtreet. appetite the Pee Wk. New Booke
tkZarCir,4l7,44,`7.' ."Lret=irge'dprbehreg
n .1-HOPKINS, Bookseller and Stationer,
JUL. 60.78 Fourth street, Apollo Minot
I li7E-41TSCplitisv7,14
YID BOWN, Ja„ WboNeale and Retail
Harr mlOonfpetlorgrr, ivartb otwt, Pittsburgh.
.C•bi. tad Racy extll2,ll. omsn7,slnrie hint
o, eßt. rumitudir attmleil to.
M'CLINTOCK, Manafhetustrand
g c mem emu. Ike •
ehadn, le Warehows, No. 65 rogt rt.
(iiartliWAyti:4 8:0
POINDEXTER, corner.of Water and
rime. Pittshmuta Commun. Ant. Pus
wassess atom. and Mr the purchase awl isle of Fleur.
Testers Probes. kon.Nalls,filtn, =Ube manufactured
sundae of Pittsburgh genenslir., • - • • .
. Alm—Agent far Um elle of N. Harper At Co.. and L. Wll
- celebrated Manure and Hay Parka, at Phdrefchs
preen and Jenkins rope nor Paelusi ttOnn
gri: A: 3IcANULTY & CO-Tramrportets,.
yt_i s Yareardlng net Ocestraxeles 41ercblents.
coast NW. 405 remstreet, Pittsburgh. retlr .
t.----,-------- esintt ir
, - ittelAkenadsrion Dierettents, N. at W. street.
'H. JOHNSTON. Forwarding and
. 11crensolssion 11erelma4 No. 112 renritl 121.12,
& JONES, Forwarding and Com
, Minion Mere Dante. Doan to Produce mat
Manufactured articles, Canal B. rim &math
Mad. litteLuntlit.
ARDY,, 0 & CO.ucCenorn to At
vtiod. Fonrudlng ilm
fel Pittnblanrb 11.uluractuml Pin&
C. SIIACKLETT k CO-4-Wholesale
Daman in Pact t rn and Domestic D m 'Mots, No.
tonal:ma. Pittabuto.
A. A. 4110.1 k mrsecium...—c. .111111110 IR t CO. R. TM.
A.A.: -
MASON CO., Whelenale and Retail
tnalan In fanca and 'Mania aooda. 62 ittmkat
. .
WadILEY &, I.3I3RCIIFIE , IVirocinsox
/ Retail Dry thuds Merchants, corner of Fourth
,---...-- _— _4-
. Du
I =am., —.mars resando..,,,.. .Oh ...up..
rRSEY: FLEMING & CO., COMlTllddidn
ideretutnts--For the
of Dornes*,oolett , sod
OC.iIK• alco,dostern In all kinds of . TaUore Iticaccr
Inv, No. DM Wood areet. fourth dook front .Ylfth„ Pitts
nUNT.. Dentist, Corner oi.Fourth
.0o Deedar ot:•bemeen - ll•rkat =2'o4/ street!.
w1ew . 1 4. 1,50 ,Vatehes, Jewelry, Sitter
RS.,A.NEsTocK & Wholissle
~ D rimists.isad troutuf,otororo of White' Leel, Rod
oullAtoarge. wooer Waal and.Yront Woes. rift.
. Ye..saeliy •
McDOWELL, (6'ucee " B7,;%o
• t o Kt,: a Kerrer,) Who Wile and Rrtali Drataral
iddon 13tore, eorror of Wood street ma Virgin ler.
.Riy sy. eldra' groarriptiona carefully compoondal old* arra
kr0,,..c0.; Wholesale Druggists: Peal
• rs in N 1.% oil..,Dr*stut d okre hlror i StE7
lets pf. Dr. lase S coleus ono pro .
er ills, sa4 Lung Snow No. 00, corner of sod
romiltiltrecra, P 1 h.. Orders 7111 be easefully OA.
e 4. sad forwszbel with alosseh. ,
1 '
E, SV.T.SYRS, Wholesale Dealer in
• hr 00,1111.1, Dye Muffs, 0110, Vareti•be.6 lei.
IVired -street, snubs:rich. P. uscd.sssnsam•
S N. WICKERSHAM, Wholeicale DrUggitit
Ncdl64 .6d lONTod street. a AVVEaCILIMDI"4.eut.'
ITER, Wholesale and Rata!ta!
Druggists, comer of lAberts sal at. CUD eta, Sittr
gLgta. No. 21 Wa4 Pittablug6.
rr7 . 7 - 7111::
I': WILSON. Wholessk Grocers Mal
i4s= m . titiis' A argz.e . _lpt
L s
L. Wholesale Grocer, Commission
..y . r[ i szt , el,, e
t r . l t n u r and Maus. earner Of
AISIUEL o..SifAlVEß;lV7tiolcsalo Oro
me, IW:duce ud commission Merthant. ad Deal
rblr'%l72re'- on. LW and 132Wa=Etru4djgo,1 Pittsburgh.:
'' 062/8
holf4mle l
zooer•h Prodnes and OommLaion Merchant. ond,
tor nasard rowder Cm, Of Ilstant.lll4.9in ,
2. V.
101EXIBBILIWE INGAllAle,Nishorest4e.
Jur Omer. tad Commission Merchants its. 110 Wits
Mee and 10 1 , 1 Mreet, Pittaburrat
11F,Y, MATTIIEWS & CO., Wholesalia
• gr
jcarklaff ' er,i •
Commission Mmtbsocs,sod Dealers In Produce sod
ttsbargb Muoutsetarcs, No. VoL LlN.dd7 ritt.
burgh. Ps-
B. CANFIELD, lato of Warren, Ohio,
Car=Lesko and Foressding_Arevebsost,
' bowler la Western Reserve =B . allU r Pf t.e g ,
Wean E "' sZel - d
LL L 1092L1021 L WM:M.
S. WATERMAN & SONS, Wholesale F TZ= 11=":
red erurimoult Agents Om the wale a Richmond
Lysahbunal Hannfacinand Tobacco, Non BO and 61 Wade!
street, Pittaburgb.
an VON BONNHORST & CO., Whole,.
• side Gloom& and Commies= Dlarli•
na to ritfitrE ' tx ' Vkginsfsetures and Welt,.
Pvtdnee,=met of krol2/ etntet and Chanenn Lon.
lAS. DALZELL, Wholesale Grocer, Com
e) mizdon Iteretmot, kegler endue* azgyitts .. .
Aaltztalanufzetares — na. To, .
RAt JI ' DIIdKEY - &"CO.,• — tbolesale Oro-
though. imuu ems,
«ward; Meg rall b° Deraers PrEr la Ind '"" Ut
burgh NflutretortZ: No. IV fecund ex. and 121 3111 1 3 , -.
• ..„.• I •
aILLER do RICKETSON, Wholesalo
Grarers. 'end Itoort,rs of finulles. WAD.* and
No.= tonter of Liberty anl Inrin street. Pat.
burgh. Pa 'lrch. tildls, Colfax Vlarso, constantly
-al tuna.
..111111 . 41¢4-.--.1.1113 D. 111%111--...1N1M1 C. son
VI -
AIILLS ROE, Wholesale Grocers anti
Comall.lsino Merchants, N. 257 Llbeny
ROBERT ' MOORE, Wholesale Grocer,
Reetifying Mollie. dealer lo trainee. Pittebtunb
anufactures, and all kinds of Foreign and Dotoo -
Wines and Ltuuarg Na. MG Liberty Wert to rella 0
verJ large stork of metior old Monongahela Wider,.
sh felf will Le ankl log the matt
BzuRT DALZELL & CO. Wholesale
linnet. Crannied= Morehead. de aler. In Yealuoe
and burgh Manufacture. Zia . :.t.3 lehertr exert
Pittstough, .
4 0BEILT A. _CUNNINGHAM, Wholenale
Greer. Oneinee, Forwarding. sod Coosesaelon Mes
e Land Dealer ha rittsburgh Manufacture/. Ns r -IS
Liberty moot. Pittsburgh.
WM. BACIALEY & CO., Wholesale Ern.
'oess.nssa 18 8.8,1_33 Waal ettert. PltlBlBBtVB. •
Wibit&ifeekfiliEWsuecessori ,
L. L. J. D. IVlck.
Groan. F0r}1.119.1
YlvecbaulaL dealers 18 18•14. 081 8 .4
1.88888 Tarruk .81 rittBburgb• blauvractaurs venernah
carver of W 888824 Walvr &Dye. 11188barvb.
L. Cell: . . ...I. ti CIAULL
. ()raters asel Cassmissina M•seturste. Do}... to re...
l'lstr.burgls nlsoursetur...l stelae.. 195 Liters!
.1. D. siw aas. lll.l,l,
D. WILLIAMS S CO., Whole,.le and
rnpllT IN.rven.llng luta entranLvtua
rchanlA, Desk.," In Conon, 104u...hi Mltt,ln.rotl ,
tuaufsetzints,coiner of Wood and Fifth .0,1111./..With.
wart, zointrson-..-neva trryLn.......anna. . der
OBINSON, LITTLE CO., N nos:o.. •25`,
Liberty sirret, Pittethurgh. Whole•alr Gramm l'ne
nee and Cantinindon Merchants. and dealers In Puttburels
ton. no. /1411. •
& IL
FLOYD, Wholesale Grocery, COM
tobotoo Ilerebnrt a, ant Laden to Prodno,-Itolnil
lth 6n11411w. (mutat., on I.lborty, 550.1. Ana bia 4,
stmts. Pinatnualt.
. .
)0101.1.11.....a........ .... CA
JOHN PA RKE R & 65.,IVboie s e G rocer
Driders fa PraloceForsign Wad., Liam.. 'ld Mrp
oohed, sad Rectified a alary—No. 6. C.C.6:1•4161 ROll
Lit... 7 Id-. Fdabarsh.
101 IN 4. MELLOR, Dealer in Piano Fortes.
10/ Murk, sent 31 .lad I smenunstlts, Books, atld
hlltka/CIT. Pols scent for Chicks ,. MA's rim. Fort.* fm
Western Pommylesnla—lio. 51 Wool re.
LENRY KLEBER, Dealer in Music,
Aral InArnmcnts. and Importer of Wellsn Ptelnire
ent for Nunes L Clerk's grand and n uarm Pisan!,
with (..olemsn's .Eolenn Atteebeseet- Also, Pe. Denham
K,ENNEDY, CHILDS k CO., Manufactu
rers of rem palmier 4-1 Ebrettap. Carpet C.
Tering and Battirdr. Pena 4 111, rittebura. :
OE S tr. QUIGO, Manufacturers of bp_rtng
hindLerer Steel. ;dau Ekes. b E. Ft4el Math te
_ Mu.
Ellptie id - prism, Illaravertal Iron Az/ex. and
deeded. In nalleabbi Caslingt, Tire Encire. LeePP 4 , 4.1 , d
Coach Trhamings prpermlll. .truer a Res l 4 , 1 d Frt 4 r 4 41 4 -
41t4trarati. Pa .
wt., Beni t N. 3fialutacturers of Pod. Ae6. Bksib.
.Po.den. Muristio Bolphurio Ada. Warehou,
No. CS Water-R. below Fetr)•.
WALTER P. MARSHALL, Successor to
Sainuel C. Hill—elinrorter and Dealer la Yrrain
and d m Parer Hangings and mans, WIMP.
Shades, )be Beard Prints, ka Also --Writing. Printnag.
and POW Paper, No. A 5 Wood street. bet . ..ten north
and Diamond idler . . Pittsburgh. P..
ROBERT MORRIS, Tea and Wine Mee
thane; Let AIM of the Dimmed. Anthem -b.
no. a. Wcttoo. . BOWL
VIM A. irdiffdric — ff., Grocers and
T V .100 Dealers rro 758 Liberty Mob.. ingot
Late always. bsof o largo oloortinoot of Ono 41r000.
Wood YlonToos Aloo—ForrOgri Frail, owl . olo.Wholo
solo sod retail. "'odor. sorollot co tbo loweet Oro..
TOHN 1. CAUGIIEY, Agent for the Lake
Erie .ed IllchiAno Liu, to Deaver an es ' L•kat--
ob ort Mama., Watirr . Pollthfield
_II)LEECH & CO., Transporters, by Canal
mad Famardieg blemotatatt, cornet of Yenn atreat
tba CanaL
A. BROWpi would moot respectfullyinfotin
the Pa il . tbet. low%on .0, on the wart
• of tho DismemdeAlleg crer.• complete amortmapt
realtitn phew* oleo 'reedit. Shutter* am mad. to order
her pert stela warrarded fiend to any to tho twin e d
Btatea. 10 Blind* eau be . r•mored without the MA of •
erre* delver. Jleding porchmed the Mock, tool., and wend
of to behind astalelieneerot et Ammar A Mdlelland. I am
prepared to fumble their old cortnenera, sa well so the pob
lle at 1.11,...,1c:i1l every thlo• lo Nate hen. -
ood, PRIAM:men '
Ageacp, No. 6 Wood M
melrlA J. AI DISOWN,
4 1 . . -
Pummgor.—Benklmme, comma MIN Mallet and Emm.
om llegbpur.
N. B.—Limp, Yam!, Mortar, Lath, A.P., Mr We.
VAM HARDIE, Veterinary Surgeon.
trona lidlolnerab, tentlatal, would reepertfully
t the public that be hoe venom:need Drartlnr IR the
.1..,2_P_,t 444 0n: br careful attention kr wbatetq le
`'".` hlrii be bop. to Live satiefaction._
In conneetlon . wllb Jll2oPfl IThoelnif
Blaelstelthlng In iteneral will he tartien one at the eorher
of Tunnel etreet at 4 l'annerlwanla Avenue.
1101111 - itPUY & LEE, Wool, DEALERS an
lentimixdou Ilsrehturto est rale or Amorigkro
WWWor. Ins Groan, N 0.132 I.ll,rty or., Pittsburgh.
IJARBAUGII, Wool blerchanin,
Rolm 10 Flour end Praloce gruvisny, and 'ro
ws:111oz Lod Clognsolsslon Momborata, No. 115 Vlrst tt.rl.l.
sad 116 Seam' streot. Pitt.obtirgh.
XEVILLE JOHNSON, Engraver on Wood,
otkpo li tgpap , l=l
Drug Lab..l", to coin= 6nrfot So
6,d.,,Loolis.e.latinn.r.Cutton Hamm le-In the Onrt Carte
a art. and at the lowe. prior.
•uhoeoi sin LithograD ;
le Kp:lablvat= wor4tt
thig o ,torri r l 4ia= or
"61P n7 4 44
id IScarc;
. HARDWARE =Ratan's.
AN. - WILSON and
ts Dad
. lo Hardware Lotle.r.
sup.t. fit
JOllll /111.1,1.11. Z. o. l r tlf ODALIT•
10IIN FITZSINSONS dc CO., lonactu
re. o r YLINT nod BREEN Illut.flll,')loindldt.arolall
kituls of MACLUNEUV, taks th is rorthod of inAlristutt
these desirous of baying sorb sorrk dons, that they ore
prspared to dc it of lucent poistlds rats, at Ms flora
estDome. and le the beat mantis, at iludr sstatillodsis.ut.
Sesood street. above the Caned Width% near the elan Works.
Tore Irons for Block Ballet and
Formers, maim
fortunol al Bus shortont oaks. and at ths lowust ,uosso—
A kiwi, of Jobbing done on abort suitor.
Gas Fitting.
Proot street. between Wool.l sod
nor ,
Idartet,Sittsta.4.l . s,
fool[ havite the pablte 41 the&
sweetment of
Cliandrliets.ilaktaals, Bond.,
A l / 2 7,1 5 ... They ve prep.. ‘ to 'eMmte
Um Witthwy on the shortest no-
We .4 moat teMsomble term, (mehtlf
. _
Wegner, Buechner - & Mueller's '
TIE ABOVE FIRM respectfullyanuounce
rei their flierkar lend tle public geterally, tbabthey
are prepared to execute, Irk tbe find style of thrir,alt, all
orders for Wm! Carle, Dfidasaaa, areal. 3 14 thog
sod Ibroforiloual Cable, )troy Civrts. Labels, Or.
?hely estoblialuteut la at No. 613 Market Weer. between
114n1 sad fourth ntreets, op atatrp .4 • trlctial
Bolivar Fire Brick Ilium:factoring Comp'r
.1. I. Josr3.-.... 5. MaMum.
GLOVER, KIER 00., Peoratrf9Re
TAE' SUBSCRIBERS, baying been .ap
radon/id Anent. for the above nernid concern4M
keep conetardly on hand • supply of the celebrated Bolivar
/Ire Brick.lrocilne Tire Cloy . Foment klearthiond !attain.
'They are Also prepared to rewire order* for yard Brlek.
In made , In ,to. and shape to salt purchasers. which shall
1 .4i...1a , anal.
viotVert rhe d floTlvl i tr o gerri r rewnen ""'"'ri ove t. ;lll=bl.
have been offered for eels In the united states. then sore.
Acuity twins well known to slant all weans evhq toe
Tiro Brick- The ppaprintors hare determined that'll.
Brick shall bore stone of their wee= enviable minder
and th at no expense shall armed to make them veo
better than they have heretofore been. This
is th e ly
vtablishotent now Itkorailacturing fire Brick at Bolivar.
- '41 . 4 4 0 Z 4 Ek I
Pittsburgb Gas Pipe and Tabe Works.
THE undersigned have just completed their
• axe now .1311/312flialltitla all dam of 018 PIP& to
•tia• . m
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No:91 and R 2 Water rtraet.!
WILMARTH tt NOBLE—City Flouring
6u., No. 685_Litwety e3r ofAdatu Tittatrn*h.
ycnoLA l s . and Pneual VIVIAN
tn Civil Enginfr,
.t.tcest'Agriusot. ."
mensa .11.1•31 s tor the Patent 091co_. g tbrll
%VDd t tI6A.N.Wd; P. 3I U •
.:A. err idt; et, It O. I A
Zen.) amt. Pittsburgh. • • ' jettl44ll.
. A. MADEIRA, Agent for Delawire Mu
teA weer Imam.. 0=1,..7. 42
JGARDINER COFFIN, Agent for Fruaklin
Fink lesdnane Co, i T. Tmth eYI cemtr of.WpW
sad Thin! streets.
.11PL GLENN, Bux BINDER. Wood street.
• • Awned door from the corner of TWA, ertier e e4l,
Prepwied to do erery description of Binding with .
and deiratelity. Blank &wk. rakel to anyinstlern,
bo,ma soletsntishr. i. ....h lll . old ..."
Wand carefuily, or repaired. Name. pot on in gilt letters.
Thaw who bare Matins ant invited to call. %owl law:
Paitdly •
X 1 'CORD & CO., WholesaLa and, tetjtil
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31.mM:four, and Deahu In Ilatheapeusui INTL
corner full food mad Fifth /drum illt.burgla. Inert Ybey
Ulu • and complete suck of lige. Cap.,. run. te.j of
eceY7 quality .tut style. by ifbedeude and detail, and Yu
cite the attentice of therii custnmero &MI 0.1 , 1.. rs
ally. amturioa them that (bar mW WI uo the tout adoloc
Locum. term:.
11731. DIGBY, Merchant Tailor, Draper,
sod D•aler in r. I, Mad. Maio,. 131 Libt"eA.
New Coach Factory—Allegheny.
M. A.IVIIITE & wipald re
apectfull int,to the public. that Owl I.
ereetwkl• vb.:Ton I.arork. hetween amt namlniky
atmwt, nor are tn.. making aml rreiwatal to ree.i...
orders tn. every deacripticta arblele,l"..wehea. Chatiat,
thrum+, tno, whkh. from thrsr
L. 414 the insular-tar. nt the alum woe,
and the twit:tie , thee hay, awe reng.h.nt they are
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I'a taw pattlevlar ntrratWo to the rlMkm
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warranting tbr. 11. the
attntlian Mar pahlte WL. matter.
N. Lt. heparin, dome In 'the tw.t. manner, aml
moat Maac.nabl. Lena,_ Yaltxtf
Eti ) AGLY. lAltlll.ll WORKS. (cdt.ablishid
155:. Ipy EDMUND WILKINS. So Ist Larrit 4t
of sl..otainvet, I%urt ,
V.ILL Twat, LielLivtonaL a, Mantel Pi1111.1.:44111 . 0 ap..l
Fier Torus aiasyr oa heal, and made to
N. IL A c.tmie• selectiosa or Draw Inn up Lan4. /.10
PARBY. II UGHES •E CO. are prepared to
to all tlmle or SLAVE KNIFING.
ALPS- [UN 01.. Car ho 4,
Al Watrr littsch:
OV•Flat. Ftnof. rvaalrN- 101.0
&arm. of &Merit. and Market rittytdiren., ecnnowarernent of the NewVea, to
tufo their thank, to Moir coMmy..... and the pubbr tremor
ally. b.r Lb. Imgo alum of emod , m extend.l to lbrifl.1•01
!Rolle roonottaa.... of their /011. M. Haying tit
mlaost.l and 10y0n....1 1b.,, ...lAA Pail.,
no band a vary munytment 0l flint.— and Imyme
the adyautage of yb....t& of light to
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they hime 4. mao It ttle.reat of familhm and M.-
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NVIIOLL&A Lb Ill`SlNEgb till . nm. 0.1 to
U,er atain—entranro from .testa thsnoah
bower room ;an..
Cosaer of Third nrd 'trees. Th. only •Lv
Ted Itotinatiou of the. Mod lo Flthdmrgh.
Vamm—Johti Prio.tal In.tructcr the
O. K. Cbatotwelia. Pea rroor of frnamarob.p..llerca.}.
Cumputatiun, to
Aka. ALMat.wm. Km, Lertaror etM6llTtillii Law.
&Aria. eamploa tooarkedge
and ita orplicatiors to e•try
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a.ant and rar./.3 prataanahlp. la esti aaal wawa
no , th. arranarerwata.
1...-tur. , au Caunweclial las ...ry Slorulay .realo S.
Keletenew to any of am ren..kot city earrebsota. de4
„......,' ~.,
. - ,
z .... _, 1 . ..5T An LISFIT. D 1E32, by LUX UIN L ,
~...c= WILKINS, No. 245 Liberty n 1...
bead of Wood utreet. htlelornelb. Pa.
Wm atnemto. Dartal V !Ann.*
le.. Mantle Marra, Caroms and Piatord.
all's, on halo] and made to ordrt, of
cbuleert Ntubl.. and at v•ey r.d.,c ,
. . mea.. 4 dd. pled., nf bia.4.o v..
Lip . ,b,••;= - - ---- - -y'i
..-7-.-. 1 '4,,'Tif:l;:' .---- i — -- 1 1
''gi • ! 1 !;.
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ar_trazxce.s. •
Mot. llama, Denny Clark Tiernan ` Fad .
Una. Judiu• Wilting John itarper. Leo.
W. Roblaron. Ir.. Eel 4J•cr.W., Fort, Architect
John Caider, Ina, Cub _ !cm, Lin - dom
Plilaboygh Rank. r & halo.. do.
J. 11. eb...bgr. Eva. •rtj.
Wilma i•lrCet Ey. run . •
Robert McKnight, Y.N. Magair a Co.
JP. NeKoJtbt, gao, Brining , D. t. Morgan A C.o. ,
ham. Joshua libodra • Co Frulrra,
Y. Lahr., Mao., Allegheny
E. W. Lela grao•ful for rrry patronage re.
mired daring taut... yea. Oda rity, haring had the
!used. and brat mboristrindrel to bloomy up hither...ant
Ome r Mod will endeavor to render satisfaction hereafter.
Warerooma n 7 • 00 Titled sheet.
J. ". W. ricifectfolly Informs him Mande and '
..omen that he boa nog romplated the laraert
' and Pont abet of hoitartiold furniture ever before /men
Mfg airy, ad he la doterrotned touphold . the quality wit
roahniair. he earkmanclap, end novena de
rmt .. and (ram tha extant of hi. micro and facility it
manUfaatettieg. he' la rosblrd to produce warranted turn
tun, at Melt:meat wk...
H. bu adapted the ptinctpla of IdriMlErlag the tefilon*
are interest with bin von. in anality prbe, and grepa
always tm. band the grealoat vartrty of every deamilAion
Cl:traitors. how the cheapen* and plativrt, to oh. nowt el+
quit and costly, that • Mom ae, or any put of ooFy hp
fumlihrd from bin 'Wit, of manollictilred• ea t.
doter. Mr Morrell. troikas an lrtapection that a•rpre
blishment may he hod.o. Th. l'ollowlog
aTiciejoramSto Part. of hie Mal, .Lash foe Mohnen ni
. . „ 141L/ and grt minx* be outward In my of lb. Masteril
Plantar, drawing, dining. and holoomo chatra, of mil
rarirty, conalming of roamed. mahogany .and
Elleatintben, Conaermatoire and EA./ ChM.. of com .. / . _
eriphoni 'Courlien, Bohn.Tete-recto god 1N..,,, d,
ic ai.
'French and American pa:Scram Taatuter, What•Notc, an
Wl.' parlor Writing Deets of yarion• klada,—Worielabirl
and fun inlaid *Lail. Mimic easob, toll holderkmarble
Maimahogany,' mecitordtrihial motre Mgd leijormi
ricarlon dining lath% all Margo( Ms militillinprorl.A.
and (I... Meetly the Net kind mob; rand, Prinbrok• hall and
pier oohing trandrobm, breletrade and intrindandn of racb
large .sort ti gothic ball mid parlor reception chianti
ottomans sod. Arm], arrertary mod la•k curs, aide board
err .creme, towel racks. bat Maude, amt mimic atoola,di
sod cot. for children: paper ameba table and tra et t4
mahogany, rlperrood, mai 101013 peen{ 'fabler . le.
A large alaiortment of Common nor. and W lotion
Cablnet auppltod :tallh artichm thrir
Pteamboata and Hotel.. fornlabed at the obottest tiotte.4
All Gramm promptly Wended to. 1 0 •
Attorney .t L. No. 1W Third yrt. corner. 011:berry!
i. hialost °moth erreserneente ror the Dungen, 01.
p}orute IS.unty Lord. for °Moen .04 radio., their'
widow. nrolchildre n, and will attend b, any other WO
C. 00110.4.4 with the Inswernn,ent or env of itn pepart..
out . Pr 11141,13 ornor, 6r the Courta tit the (il
ly till
,:O7 It
Drawing, Perspective, and Painting in OiLi
D. IL SMITH in now prepared to give I
livitrortlon to • few priplk In the branthre
nlblu doliglitteil at. or tag n. In In Minim &Alan •
Atklnrou'it sanebuilding, tint 6trivit, letter.. It iell itrid
Merl. Ann,. Hour,. of lustruition; trim Mtn 4 4. n"
I , l=l . l ,7 toaLli t t, ll l4Ti o es sne h other porilrulers 66h be
tutor to hr. tltazata or Inr!tthen. tsirtiltr
. 74 Pliofh it, aril Po Min, if Yfitiburpt.
Atha. bough
Jot sod
tend mold on ocanlistov. oullitiml on all parts of O. WIWI.—
CLINNINLIIIAM & INauutieturir• of Wisp:it
LOWS, No. 24 Nealtet .streoh,bitiroeu First . 4nd Record.
Paftleular attention geld to odd i•Zel.. Aluo—Deileri to
Pilot Win, tails. Bottles. £o.:
Qffirr 17651W1476,Z 1107,41 - till
and DoAler• lo Drr Doods i thoollo., Irtm And 14 . 5 . 1.1_11
itez-af w.tout Ornet mad I.ADOOrth. .
PETRN-80 sacks for sale by
~SRMILLION-.761be Chinese, f
,or. sale by
, • • • B. A. zganuorroor ir co.
51 ; qviAy test
Pirrsoo.a. MV
106 117 I
lou Ib2
luu 106 h
DM 96
1001 04
1.% 4 4
1001 1 90
1019 VS
100 VS
,103 97
United 13Latem
. • ..
D. rem -
/Deny 0,
D. coop.,
PitlryWthtsburgh city
Do. ooup.
Ilmi of rittnburob....„.
Ilporbanted MsottillMic
IL, • 6
rt;2112. 1. 1411?" '
• Wllliastlepon Whig.
, Mot:TA:Vt.. I
{Potter !Warms C0....1
Amociatod. Firromex Co
• 12
60 60
tel 47
Ategh to Phil'.
Pittabffb, & Loulreille
Pittsburgh Chte {Torte....
Morresbels Slackusi«r
kLtlggAPUl ' llt r d
Ohio Penn . .' RAU Rout
Rail. k Ohio Roll Rood..
Marius R. iSsy.Pry Dock
Ms r t elltiLl niA vi;)
Go. do. vie).
Turtle Creek Mtn Road
Alleg. k Rem . .. Olen Rd
(Overate, Turnialke Rd....
Chanlen COall
6 ° o I
7 ' l l. 243 i
Pittrboroh d Boehm.__
North Atorriato
Pitc;buigh - ri;r; • Gia: - ,
.• ••
Dm, liaughtnu--,
Oblo Trap R0ek....2...7.1
I.; ki .1111461.1 q:11.111
M RS. A. LEECH invites the atten
Childrarea iL 4 T4. In rule.: 11.4 Lima.
.4 CAM. - Prnneti P 1... and Lando.% mom=
wide -Ribbon,. riabrolderleiL 1111 k and Lae. Maatilly,
I gnat many other goads In her Hue.
P. 8.-2. n. or four good MUlluers avaard Itontedlat
02131. i Eft 9 ilftho4eet-1
_ .
Dixon's London Patent Lever Watelyn,
• Neftetbr m ney_tildeltet own:renal lot Pirtstieepit.
. RICHARDSON, 81 Market street! Ls
..leAfnat Ihe the above namni Lever Wateben
At ' hewing guarantee attached to each Watch:
Hy appointment to the Adtalialty,_WhlP/XOX.
unmet. and lgate
London. leltettninietineh wilting Square, ne
el! Road,
Tide entente that the 8,01a1.11112R Wah,
warranted by me to be of my nutanherate, and taelrsteb
with mr name uRIt U genuine unless seempiaded bf
• eertitrate haw My int:Wm ,
I guarantee the ateh No.—. to teaptime to the set.
leractiOn of th e purelmaer WM. DIXON.
' I:f' :fl yYI . ,
tSAMIJEL KROESEN keeps - constantly on
hand . 'coed tstortunnt Wash nod Bath ° fhb:
o.e. elnuabmt. (bilt %Frit, Kitchen Draw find...
Wootton lkwl. Ilturnt, y 7.1. and Men,
wash and all other hind, of wan is hi. line.
tya....a.. a1...h. RAI, Fifth ttrvel, Pittsburgh. Ft.
Steamboat Agency, and General Commis
sink Receiving and Forwarding.
aALDWLN, PLITMER & CO., have this
day a...lodated with Una. MY -Jahn Lawton , and oßay
t ~wine, P.O Do. publie u Resoloo. , kgrata. iOnoTal
CotamLcaJoa. and Farwardlag brottwok. tny the ittyle t. 4
Loroyor.a. April 15. 1851. 142 Willltana' 9 0..
Ice Cream! Ice Cream!
11. HUNKER, lwing; • remorcol to No.
. 00 lawny •1. 40 A. Lorre LAI Astasj.l , oll
Ile am. LaLes F.UAD of .11
Ithuat uS.I ermit b """. r"E
stv b
er shr.rt
k ITZ tbe lOW or. haw. •••rl
friza The Eaott. CJI.W 11 . • .1,21
'at Law,
Wu, 711gbirrsti 11.11..zIrset tirsatt area llsad
slns RsSpurn o
s. cake An..l.m sli bsi b.r owledplarst.. 8,-. 0.2 Now
York,OhN. liboorori. Kostorty.
Irlans, mod .ber elate.
..rll.O. man ofaetur. ant.l t»11 caf 1.04.11
11=b1 „. talls1. 1 .4. 1 V
0..{.• Nall. 10A Tart": Barrel Nall,: Cf44trr •01 41.0
.1.1. :V.A. haler. Mak.... 1,004 Ithrefs,
CASIPtIP.I.I, 1711PPe Cad.
r Water .1. P l / I .2t o ifft•
111 th. mN.finn .4 TL. I.WIIJ .I
Id.,olodaa /'l.Ol. .41 thri4 l .! . ..nn•-gibo
intl.Trtra.... "4"n l4UTtf. On ‘ ..1 . 0.1 ln ...10m. a. .001.
110,.., 1.61112 put at at 01..1
Th. et. 4 aottraeofnrlst4•44.o.l.+oClllZYAlN.l.•••-•
landing, 1•01 Arm, liar 014 A 11.0.10
WU... az th. 1.0110111 t-f eve, I..o—tram o'olo4 A
II unol 10 P.M_ 0.0 est. trio .009 ”.. I .fft .1 7 f.
• sritin4 the at, In .1W .1., •
OA to atm W.f. , YYry Gir4.°
Ti. Alm...ka seri rrionpleasan4 eitessf
Sa.L., aalfrtf
p R. J. J. M YERS--Snr -eon and Physician.
le• aa3J eororrd Darlinit4mie
one dur. &Go" nmlNMbl ..
V't Mr. , " hoe lomeed Ic rayhurrh, strof
.01 31.4 , 1 4 , ihr dhtYS 41' bly 1404.1‘45 11. will
0 0011
oarto - tal. allertkot brsost.
p.p. sod the of
.4 Milarrn
Tuition on the Piano.
lit. IiARBORDT would re i
AI VlATint i r " P r!,
pond to take few nacre gm Ole ne the eta'
v. amtl to 2";weion.
Barry Mr,
Fourth street., Madame reetai
Fresh Assortment of Spring Goods.
91Ni-1031AS PALMER is daily recalling
15vm th* ES•4I. CIWon, a, the 61 qua&
No. 55 M itch STurr.
Eftserra Third and Fourth stmt', Patt/hoirvh,
Leap. wcanoluon to hie pronontt Antic, of tL. ton.t be. uno
PA I'AR HA SIMMS 11.1 b... amorni to this coaritnt
1,? km. twr.i. Th. tattero aneatirelr aro. tho
tt,ltt rothliallr thatto, ant Om mita, In prnot hunt
NM?. onturropord. Pr. JO watt vr.trdt , th.
non. To thim altracti.ntot of itnkl, of nrbleh • more •4 ,
mr..,o4..attetoto forehol Light !bolt d.n.nlottott
ttno ontontino va,rehnot• owl boom keeper Ir mg."
10111 invited. . inthlt
Board of Underwriters.
A T ?getting of the Board of Underwri
R... 4,1. That from and .net pnbliesbon of thla no
tier. no Fan •bakiwr oral or continued. 'ball
ronoldorvel 110 GAM ) , 7 soy Ininangv, 01111 a 1. t i. tit).
untilthr premium paid In ..fib.
fly oiler. A. W. MARIS,
Lems — a Patent Revere%le Water Filter
S. NOW to he !refit in ortattnn at W.lit
TATE. * Plnorberit. - No 10 foorth Wort, bie
In Perry mat Liberty eta awl al MIT PR WI LITT'S.
to In alarbet mew., filtationth nu. Yllkr burertived
a Gard Medal from the American barbital. Of Now lort
nod a Cv'elf.tate fir n. the Tranklln Institut., cf
phis. for is aura-Merit y ita cleansing Pror
emtlEvanot from thotte birth. them In ore Pbil•delphia.
"("""I'''''ff l;afrnritinlarth Zith.l4sl.
It ram me pint ttleattore H recommen I to tha lovers of
Pitratidehr water. the Patent Revertible hate, IV term. in'
vnted by )Iry Lewis, Navin. need Mt or them for wrter
ale month,. I. its. , ~NI totoIlf_l!tor their ..lie:
GEOROR PLITf. lITI Walant atreet
..thmAtlatat March . ..tilt 1151.
The Patent ilevereibls It mar Plitentr. Invented by air .
Parotid II tool., 1104 used by me Sitv some month" at coy
. . 11 this Prima amid Esti 1
enn 'T... wer II • privikrett. ha , . It In nr7linm . o
rcromtni n.I It to th e public. JCINAR P. VAIRLASID.
N "teemtviet Captain. owl A: L eOL S e u vrofgr=l " to
r.II and examine nor tarty Filter*. for Altering water be
Inn emeriti, the Nolen, by whled manna they will no.
letOtit l and repeat at bout, our
Miler. me warranted fro bre T , ...,...1.1111 ears +lli tut
apt: tf . ."29 Amt. etreet.Philadelobla.
IHAVE FITTED UP, (on the Now York
Oen.) a very merrier Warennal, fer the pale of Cur.
DO. Curtain Materiel. sod every thing entertaining to
the fnehienable parlor; and have_tretantastaka
pl e e h tlel d ffn u r . gegrnent 01, ffedin Da Lalaeg. oriurteis,
Lelnee, Itnytteh Damask
afa ' roons. " Cblntree, mare Red awe', ffringlw,
every kind, Lare Curtains, flitund and Vein - 51011n, aloe
land of different widths Wakes of 36 different MU...
styles. Llcur Mete. Iftrehrer kllnde and ehadeAcurtain
Herder* awl Nude, Curtain Plne, Taseele and Towel Lieut..
Cunt. Silk and Wonted. Bed Chintzes and arlopt,
Mlles and Laneneler kkuneterastwe and entered
Cuinforts. Metre/wee. Bede and Ituldlna.
All order" thankfully nerired and liniotnatlY
oplb Wld. NOIILS,ThireI aired.
• CsPTutne - "Tiiii — p.
V!)AMPBELL CHESS have thin day, At,
1 lth. nowelited with them Coon!. Afclalarrr.
11. twin,ea will be rnattnued under the style of (hop
rhr./1 of O.
Nliersote inde te to the en-
II teteof John A. f l oe. deed. ere requested to nine.
intyment to the utelereigned; and time havind thdule
uteinst the ,estate win prri.nt then fur oulinstment.
apl7 1Y ALTXR It Trawl.,
. . _
Business Notice.
ALL PERSONS having huoiners with the
undereigorel, either ke Public Annul; taut. luetruetor
4 .1 , Keening. 01 . tdberudee, will find Min el the P.m.
cukun tkauesausktrOotkner4, , llolf, frond 0 till II o'clock. A.
11., und from 2to 4 P.ll. Slerehuotel in wfutt.of entollee
lent Moll Keeper, rem be eurpll.4l by cullinu on
JOHN YLEMINU, Pnoclo4l Itutenctor
ardl In (ho &knee of Acenunhf.
PAPEII.-040 twang 84 by a
30 Printing Vern
° 21 by
800 10 by
LW •• 10 by 24, 14 by .%1, 21 by 14, 29
by 41,•=1 by 438
400 ° Blue. ?skim Pam,
taubah. Pingle Ornrulitr . ” Pap . er;
° Bouble
700 " Medium
:2/0 Aledluoe ond ttingle Blown nag.
Tte undersigeeps
amouro on bend nod Br Pyle
_• h r . .lenend asutorttotot of
Brant no,
loner, 'unite.... Ann l'rel Podelne /Bout
Iltredn, he.
A les—Pelting of oil AVM for paper mnnotheturent,
Printing Pe's, weds 1.4. order on short yrAinn.
• 4blo earner of /lam andirvlnobo •
RAW bbls. bn consign
•i fmtto ' -1111.12112arent..t.
OP Vag n „Ire.
erwasa To =au. ,
, - .•
••••—• .....
Crescent city.-.Tuoct.- :-
North Amexica.ltletheo Cht= ,.... • ..Apral
Umre1...........-.Porter • Flirrula.: . ..
..Now Orleana..:-•;••34,Y ,
fut. Yob* Aoo
Int. lob* Aug
Int Ilay R Nov
lutJan A July'
I) lt Nov
Hum ..
1. 0 . 1 0.1011 r, Ur= 14.11.1•Ipk1.11.1rwr001.-:-... , -010Y
Preirtr.- a ....—..„.ap,.....—Lirerp001,...
.4107 10
IM' " " _ • •••
" 511 " r : : 1
H . q./me Hr.... Elletheo . 1.1
Br orathext...-'.... Cbsar—•••••••1101. 18
Homan . ..; .....
DIT, Nor Apra
Easaran.,,Dy Oreensborg, ChwotheiwbusW,lllladdpbh,
Naw froalS t .Mero, Centre and Northern parts of N. Sort,
Delaware, 'we Jemmy. and the dr New Denstand Elden—
The BOW/ Proalnees of Loam . Canada.. XtwOoot.l4, and
Nww roawhdr, drrieo at 4 ...I.Depnta /
dorm Zarra.--ar 1341 Min.. rthlndVg4cri.ii"
I fon th .t= Z7=r firtglrie C r eXtatter,
ligra, Onion, and hart of eernoreland, ada
Murraprellls, Balem la floods, New Alexandria, and Indl
ana county. Antra daily, Garold Mondays, at .1 atd,de
parta dally at IN, ww.
IMr Max 4 Wet
Dir. Jan Byrn'
f m .io4 l zsv
'Div gr. 3 p ot.
Div.{ pre.Gmo
r itk—ny Boller; Pa, Metre. Crawtbrd, mild Jefferson
&ama um
pu t
of, o Given.
Payette. &menet, put of, Weimmiehnd county, dn.
Ilidylarnit.lialthinme,Wasaington Clty, Southern and est
ernnarin of Ohio sod Indiana, Kentucky,
No . Tomei.
see, Alabama, allnottri,,Whodedg9l. Arkasas, rth Caro
lina, Georgia. Inotinsits, Florida: and Texas, daily. Arrives
id 8 an/ dapartsat 6 r. ,
Florrint Pa o :f Hall - 4 . V, =l * .
=r G etrartl i i.V. l*. dr a IV; *"...48108-10, dull.
—By &was Pa....a nd •
Deere, CasPa.iUoltunbirma. TreMbalh rtehlge. Ge=.•
sari Incas mantles, Ohio; the extreme mired= elnintles
of tha ltudas of Indiana and I i.e.. toeinding all
aIS, lowa, sad Wlaandln, daily. Arrives St 11•• de.
garb at 6
Ilerannio.—Vy . ntXtirg.,llonston. Strringt.da,Tarare
tom. F Ifl Klaktmlnigia. Armstrong, Claw
ima r and n =dit tountlei, daily, crowd Iltendayn.
rives at 7r. and departs at Br, x
, Wesford. Nalleasighb. Porters
erns, Harlin, and Naw Antra. Tatisdays.
Thursdayr. and Weary, n 0 8 1.; depart. Hoodoo.,
Wednesdays and itldaga:al at. •
Brattlmius.--By and !dim
CII?. Arrive. Madan. Fridays, at 6
0000 Iwo .r.b9 At;.:
Coal vale,. Ltizaloethtown. Gamble's, linstrare.. Dell. ser
mon, Cewkstons. Pi:MOWN. Nast Libri , V, Upper Middle
ton. Pa Anires Frantaya and Thursday; at wt do.
parin Mondavi mid libetralaysi at 9 a...
Etertunr. Y4.—Bs Walter'. mat Noldestown. Outdo.
• Gam detown; Cross Creak elliage,Pattereoll . • 1.111. Ps.—
Batheny, in ta rn ydays and Thonalays, at 10 a.
departs elmeay. one Thurelay. at I r.
Friday, at 6 P. 84 rplrta on ' istartiny. it 6 A. m.
Primer.,—ET North, Wasidngton.
Pa. Arrives on it oral t, at a r. n.. degartr on monda
at 6 a- v.
Lticaniclo...By Looses Pary. Attars on Mild. at 6'
X 4
P. dryads onratarditY.,..t e-
Fluaralta.—By Perrylville, Wealhie Breahneek, slate.
re= ?x i :4=Pa t u Pit " alr ' " st V
,Lettara ke. Na dap) math nout be In thereon oVor hour
before their dewattoria. Wien Ow the trtwreekly, }semi
weekly, sadwei4l nt .r ela maw b, to the ot6. Wiwi hour
before d
Di,. 1650, 510
Conran slay rot on 111111112.411 GAZIMM.
N. HOLMES & SONS, Bankers.
Na. 57 Ifsrktitt,lotiotro Mad and Abort/11VA AlLtkurph.
'PENNSYLVANIA. I Branch at MaaslC4s..-4-.. I
Nat or PlarbprAll,..--parßomb at Wooat.r--40
Eat...Pt Orta,-.4d 0 Braoch a 5 Xart1a....... ...:._4O
... I
31... ad AOf . d 0...-4. Brooch arYoun --do
Bank. of Coldaterol.....-- city Bak APA...•-•IA
Rank ofNath Artarlda-par Cooduardalk.Cloadruser do
Bank calf:watt Bt rtastiltt Ilaok-.:..--....-00
Haled Pennarharth-par Lakylett. Pank..---1.- do
Putt of Pena To
11 m.1,11p- LAP ba. t Tyr WhoWho 3.. f .
Earl Paw edlod AM 1.2 P Wearat Papua Ponk.,-40
Conmattal bank of Ca--par Book or Maddllod---..- vto
Earloare a Alottstdof Bt pr Stull Not.. . 1.
litra.4 Bart k;-.., --•-• NEW /Lill ii. 7117.
%Mogan rum- . - All parrot Raab-. -..-. I
liana.U. • Monk lraidiLper, NEW YORE': I
%admit.' Haar- Pa VOO l!rtt Yortrlltr•-•,...-.4-pat:
A=l=gbatt.)::---P" 0d0r..._
LAN... .
kook .Barak. 9.lBilum.r. r...-Fr't
T.,....... . pat (boot/7
Woolens Back- ---.- par N.JELMEY A DELAWARE.
Baal of Cluaohmbvik- I All advent todska-___ . I
East of (Aran Ikea r-.par VIRGINIA. ,
Bank of Dastral•-...._..... Pant onto. rtaltry-,.. 1
C a pp or Lal.l.l.,tfloroter-po-Ilk of Vacate, ItieMottd 1
Rook of arrotattlowa..- -par EL 14.14 V., Norllvllt.l... I
!Mk ofllatrattagb....-. 1 random' Blid4 of Virealla I
p j
Bank of lowatom %Mutate • Ideth. %Olt 14
Moat of blitAllernas-.- I North Walla.. Itahlt.-...-
Mdaagoosay (..... Haat- lambs.. .-....... . .._ I
East a laratusaorlassilm MIRTH AlAtrillarik
Callao Itallt- . . I IMP of lAto. Mr- ...'. ^
What... Et 4 - 11.;Iiii; &par Ilk OM of N. Csratins:,.. a
LI,, ~,,,, p t 0tt.....,._._ pat Cleouropial EL ra illostoten
Etatott Batt ------par Ifrabasta Wo k %ramp 2
Ana Itsalt.--,._ -.a I 1•01/111 CAROLINA_
liatmor EL of AMA ...,_paplittt <A lb la. OP. eszt 3 ,4l tut 2
Parma.' Et of LazoloPirlaParalt Of Potalt Otrull - 7
Yastror Ilarataliatdatt par IMP of ttltatinetoo__ _. 2
ram. Ma( rehoilkillOorm I'MPre A Earodlloe Ila 2'
... I
Far a Pan. WAtontdar... I ur.uittnk.
ArstallOHLlA•atdrako *govt. loaf Itar.klo g i . l).
Rartiabord EMI- ltltatak of Avadvta-.... ..--".
llooottlata Eant-........- lEt of Ilnamtrt, Au co r
Lotrotett Saok..------pa TENNESSEE. 1
, I=aortLlE:tody Patokpa All P1er . 147/1- ii ,..-1-..
I.lll.ft;siiii.67;iiil ' l Pk of Enattelt ,Looindllo I
MAoodoltas EtioL.. --ea Nk of Lustr u rdh.porntloo I
o" l ".""ittit. - com --- .1".. 4 1.:=3 1
y.10r',41._:... ._.. .1' Idldrital la.
%dal Nowa._ __ .... I Et of Sta. of Illmasl, _ 1
711110 ILLINuId
tlbto rtaaltasa..-. -.. I PAt. Batt ats4 brattba...?t•
Bator), at AP,. ... .I.,,ltatalt of lIIILM. .1..... i
Rash at /Mau. Aol WINArNrIN.
br.otit .1 lialtppta••,llsra. a far to. Co. chic,. 5
Prowl, at Cbtdratt. ..I V11C11.4.
%n oh at Cl...latal --... . otfartont.' /4..baatt, Rasa r
Praorb la 1)44,- ... - l voto..rolavdttrk boot v
Onuall at L0A.... .- ....t. I ootporollattpaur-... ~. . :
Braarb at Aattabola • CA . tfilra.
I= at alarm IBkof MP Marles,taotadd
at liana...Ll 4, lava of tra
B roopl.. 'Vamps
lama. at Clotionan .. . op Bank of U. Ca p Bank d M.O
lmly 1,1,1010 3
lamtv at Columba. --. dot EASTEEN AACIIAN CIE
brawb 1.4 a tab10a....-.lla. N.'. 7 .1 tr , ..)-- '4 , - , ,5 ,
Phoorh at Cala
Erattrb at Lamarr-. . oda llalamor. do. .. -•• 4
•o at rtra
Mt. t.d..111.• _.. di WI:STERN ILA
Idrarteb os N•rart of ML .
olLeutsrille , I
lamb at 'I ••• louts
r'... . ---...., o laiLD klit , il - Piei Y. VAilht
Oradell at fdtriArfala- - • A
Oradell a It avietta. r o•Dodbloosa.Almals- .-IdAa
Pm& at Par.
Enoch al Alt. Plemet-_Art rash, okL--_-.........1n"
lama. at Zattor.ll4._ _.2 rota.. sew _____ loot
linsorb at us..-.. • .....rfen Thal..
Your).., Portmottlit . o•thootta... . ' fare
Antral, at CIO Ilicoate -_ . do Napolsoo.-...- 3...0
Enoch at Corabora..- --.ta.1haaa........ -.--. 1.15
Ilmeh al Tol.dn.. ._....,.•
Front Brick and Bonze Tile.
TLE uuderailaneti is now manufneturing, at
ht. PO.. to &raginglima, lb. bunt
r.M.7r= " jl:2T T. n. "" t7firTuinr .
, bright ft•-•
And othm. batldlaws • I .tnh . TM' t," n n tt
ingli.logam tenet" immrint to the form.r The frmtt of
miythlog like . ...tout h. wi.bniald b. el pre...4 hrsek.
lb. edditinnal ran.... Milk tmelng
Certif.-Atm to my priorroon, fr. llntrtalDrnl Otge•r,
ging.. gal Arrhit. , elg. la. lam a4l ...Mir betel
rertlfy In Moir my.ertortly to Ws - oath. derol.l).
Ilr, trirrml-ngter, ft, 10,
sip mawtitikrturzi.. • 0dy..1, of. proontle
nd. hr Am .mbar ll , ll.llo2 tautect,
and famished of shat halt 113.vspenor.
Also. 300.000 Common Briek—ort,neb. durabiliy, ite.
otannt...l. Priro. 3 S 11100 U, aUm Wor
QPRING SHAWLS—Cmhinere, Thihot
And Mt.. ITKITed ne
ItC7IPItY A 13eliCt7FIELI,
Ladies' dresses, of
v 1171.: 66:)
kln'4l, Moullft,
li~oae, Ur HANGINGS—
me JemnUon pp 11 . kgthat of her palm at the
otp:, WALTER P
ACON-1504) lb* Side";
POP Pluntklipc
P 41 ' ffio,lomna "-
SBSAPARILLA-1 bale (lionduras,) for
Wy by rp fIf.LISZP.
UNGLISEI spLrr, PEAS—Received find
tbr rip by iTM A NrCLURd A CO.,
.V 1 Orocers and Tea Dealer,
- _ .
do 8.ALS10•1•
" I he
cr rod sad Mr sae b; """"""liT
JELLY.—Fresh, just received and
UN for oak. bY We. A. 11.-I.ILURD &CO.
V l a g v '''' i '"'"" l " 4 Mutually 6 sURCIIVIELD.
11 UTTER—A Small Lot of the celebrated
MI 8 r Tr br a op
ARSENIC—GOO Iho. fur sato by .
ap=, It by
I 7 NO bble. Family; Vloor. •
100 " ana l"
tolo [nob. Obo b llorl Coro;
ltee " tb,
100 1 1 hAstoolO
?In " Aborts,
LO bble. Tart
AO new Ylour 11senelr, on rololgoole. by
so:A T. WOODS A WA, II 1 Voter o.
( V I I III N b I e . ,.. * % R nI S I I e l oo V o f' ll r fo E o re p , - 01 } 11 ) 0 r 0 1 lote I i (3 .,1:11:g
am y the woarf alaator. T. WOODS A NON,
01811—No. 1 Trimmed Shad; in bide. and
Jr half bble.
No. I Ilerrlato, Iv 00le4.
No. I Malloon, " re.belog out MT do
by xo ' ll AMIN W ATT 00.
(I . OFIEII-100 bbls iUot.I Itio, just meiving
k and fbr ezlo by JOHN WATT A 00,
stou . l.loortl et.
TUE 110 USE of the Seven Goblets; a RO
moo by Notbantel Iloothorno. - . A
Atoll'. Halo. AV.. Ne. 3 43 .
At 110LbLeb . Wawa, Mout. TblAt stew; opllo the
root Mae. • apIN
B U WE R-25 kegs fur saloby
„. -- - _
F RUIT --500 bn. Dried P
• me •'. Am eac
r, for OOP br ,
VIIESTNUTS-10 bu. for sale by_
IRON-250 tons for sale by ,
lIIt ACON---15,000 In - teeand AT:
IJI In Poznkebouro, for sala o r nsoN.
Lamy a
S PON UE-3 etringe very Superior;
t we Losouionin...i•
11,5 Q..
aye' ikLlCiar r iAtta SI Wood 4.
• Racemes Ax mclat.—AdreTtlnnenti sad rubteripiow.
txr I U. lOW* aa4 lixelnnykllcreof inpro*,C.9
prrisaintorCia .
vretca Prrnaultiod Warn;
r market vas' amorally' quiet 'valet - axles
Waited. .Fur far sous ugations. sra CLOGOSIrd• PurkN .rteolts.rtnt
amok. from our Iwt mutt. . •'•
8141.11 L—The 1 , 0 , 040 by direr reatettlairi %ma lark.
Lb.b o.ya , al daPqAt...yaralt ileum:Alan lb. v 4.1
Eat are' obserueSl Pa,tram, IP Nye.. The sale% yesterday
dier ourooad op about GOO bias, irk 'various 1064 at .
13 , 3,003 Ts V'bbl, TatEiCd Ohio s. L heard of mural
..1 froth wagon st tbk mud,' From gum sake
MOIL., ire mall lob Om home coasomMloo, at. $3 aVi•
OE 5 0 lore atipar Mu sod gratra. brands. E. roodderabl.
V.lB‘rdork of Lb* receipt, Fete formate= Wpm.,
RRE r j toUIL &a., in $.3.41 lots at .82 87 fruit first
hands, and $3 from Ware.
914114 —IV e have no change to notice to pots= Wheat
Lo fp at...ay demand *0 city csllls. at plow rangi.ic
lag to quid*, twin op to 138 c -a lon, and Rye it 40e. Cern
nil Otto are heavy.' with ales Iran Ord hands ateehliptc
Oar Coro, tad awl. foe Oats We •best 'or no talcs in
0110011111106-9ugat and molluscs sew tees Ono, wait
anpolowschoo tendescy in• snow of which the Sellofing.
,so* hsospiroi regandaT:—al taut. fskr at .61f.4 mils and
7do good hoz at 6 oIRIO.. Ppop'sa , hoidloo:Drlmeu Te.
but of no, sales at that flifor•-6U fos 1:0131760.1
MOVlSiltir fate. and 01 6x• prithe, ars akent the invent
onangligioss of the Market if aliases la A axle
Ohl MAI amnion at 8734%1U-of him ha tot wnsfl !Oda
t. 460347 e tPf. Oaths hiaihne doU OXISII@IIIie
ter Ric, 0...1..0f 10ara5...4 13.4. 94m ,
.73 IX. in small lots Poorer N pekl at 1' r lle, Alaska
40. 0.
DRIED FREIE—We head of oo wan I
yesterday. Dealers are holding on In rim
;on. Soli* are holding peaches it RI .50,
Ca.' Primo we think most adratare,..ll
able Omar= belOw; to.tbe Tors
0000 lb. Prime anaon.
OREallZlLS—Thelbtkorhar la • Ilat of C
I ILI.; etwqtara. IP
Mrir . ..........
gxr .4 IP p... 1.--
CUEEpt—Pacclpts are rowans Ibrward xa
30100 A well audattloed. We quote at.7l
BUTTER—Thseels fah detioital /Drell=
sad plias from store at 142/11 , o; tower di
mutat Is rather dull at last quotations. ' '
BACON—Bales of 10 easks at Na tail ,tuu
shouldskS, and & fat Wes, and of 1000 lb
LARD—Znaplfea Inv HAT, AM piSm .
AA exasu Alr b1ZA..41 ie Bmbfs ' I
TALLOW—PaIer LIU of 6 tolo tibla at•
C.ANDMIL.--Bala of sear auaileo 7 /
al.3.oc.ami of dip at 96j1 lb. • • I
WHISKEY—for rooUfod ZIA cpb.. Is a
Ark": Ricca boreTer Atedy. I
3loarotearos or fitaa—The moat= of
from Nei" Tart. fa lb...reek cutup $ll.
which. added to lber mamma preflotalP e • •
730, makhat a lad •ibe the' Tem am 'rof..l
ainaat 118:1463 fa the slMe•tiptill
Impart of ep.d. Lod bullion roweled Mahe .
flea 'fork. for the mama. of Asalloros C.*
tipti,e,ra uin gala dust. 1161337 lo
England Ciithmea. end Saffl3'.
The folloorlog table nal Amu Maemorl
Turk 6r the WO mouth, and kr the w "ropl
of Ma throe mirrioun smite
Mau Pro. Pb. Pro: Puede. Tatar
1.372.N0 53,4•2,1 .
11130 21,144104 499.V71 MU,4071 3,936,f,L , f
NZ 1,11 V"
Tbe 5.50,00. of SM. Boob, authorised he, hunted by
the Stite'of North Carolina, mid for whieliproporate Irmo
Welted by the :Ital.. Treasurer. base been m I per
mut premium tints fur oblemils of I /Oilers cf.
!fin benro April V.
SPlitted —The market le erns. slab • fair T demand.
aml salvo hare boon made since oat tut. Ws. at
SI dit it sal, the foruser
WRIALE-...*Ccutinue•nord doomed. but tradmo
now ado. week t 0.,. hens limited. the hum impornatims
of the part week. not tenni wady P.O Pb. =mho, Wit au
tldr uMinotemi ado 4 . :0f . mt.. la it rube, et
42e It robsesseld:fou hble dOOO Pr.refe tstme. I
ISIIALEMISE—Tbere emote lemulrf, Wad mine bar.
bees made don our Met of MAO En Polar at and
WO Pe ds. „ ,
flas.mons. 51., 5.
Clttl..—Then on • 113.n1.n. ,inrr,••• lb the /LIPPIV
beyre 44 toe wuln lu • Nlt{4t ralorlinn
PI•n• In OA suns:, na.
Tlroptlrrlao nmard 700 teod. 0o d ulakt we KM in
NIT! biet:val. SW we,. LEN owe monld had 1:4 drle«rr ft
nitbaslpltla Yrkv. evapd Com rum a "AO
boa, qo.l to $4.11004.1. trtaa6 avrrui., iO.. imam
UPg . "l - Wl9.m. 14/.04 4,7 P.
Irv. 7 Prot.. D 10 , 00 Is eWmel, - LT
hot 0tett1....1
_too.. iicATCS
boar. 4.
Atat,Dr. I.nwo•a ill.
J. Mai...
\Ol ft•hvr.
loa So Crane
r. Kliovtrlter.
Air 2. PeobLer.
1: laorum, ImsDIDIP
t Silrbtom. Sae% Deaver.
MeKre. 31.ndertftv. MeKt,..pon.
Thom ll• Dry. Wert Nrwton.
ikupd•ard. Brownswllle.
Are., kilnvey,
Jam. Nehne, Morn,
Top.t, EridE , ll ,, ..-
K.utz. 41,1111,
FOR I . lll7..tht:Ll`lllA AND HALtnltatt..
D Leach A Cu, fa...12,-r l'actet :-area Jul, at N • cm at.:
LOCUS—Ultar. n
,o'l),ll—ribs\o L.
I'l CINNATI-11n1hant.
Fr, Sr 4,3,—Tb0 Loan , . loot nPI mr•ati
Or. .trot I.hPr. CAM Mvon. no* ri the owlft . orst Moto of
G.rt cfua lb.Wrgetets eves, .41 , 4•1.0rg arecnrcorunrira
t,r,nnr equal to thy . hrl.t, • 111 l.ln Ter R Luton tlas day.. A
wl . ..rnortuslits Or (hot erlivre.l to Itror Inirtrra of quirk Irtan•
and rtimplunort fuer.
Pea Xabgruts—TM Or etas, , Pori Pitt. 1.111 sx
aim, thts The ron 11tI. in as exeeltera. 1..4 and
rem. One acvornstudythm , for the trafiller.
CINCINN ATl—Pat tairrcallo 2-73 bblo hams fad be•C
Faller** SimP. 10 hp P lfrternaiek: 100 03111
DI :kart ON I I PM* lehlaka7;l2 / Weaver, 2
BBlgham eta' 1 do. D Lomb it Cc" tda Neale/ Lain:o%lZ
Itoyznn ther, D Leech' & Co. 9 baa imamate
IT Marall, Ca 23 trip eklas BB] 1 "
Baker Vorarth . : 4 ban r0d.....D Leertrl Co. p l o t
HEAVER—Pra SlTanscs--0 &us', eb r i s n.. A A„
33 do. B A Uhlman* IX: bsr butOrs..l II estsesld:
IX bbls float, myrr aloud. •
LOTI6VTLLE—Pct 0,19.026-611de cohort. Hn.704 •
O, 10 hbdo totner, flutter a Bun 11 tie rotton, P 9.ler
dult; II do, I
` bed lard, ; do dried fruit, 7 bus .4.0. 9do
(rub., 4 do .I.n m , bbl.
b.not.r. 1 Hickey Coo 17
bbds tab, Ifeysn; norm. 74k1.140n vsnat bp
*Mbar. I ho. 11101.1 • Co: 'X do glusware, Curling I
Robrrtron, 7 larlr Intele., Renner Wove t CM 1 tnurk 1.
Ralnherd; 1 to ontternr. Eterinn a Craden, bltte art
gar. J IT • 11 H Tbaeorrurt.
FAIT' LINERPOOL Ann 01.190011—Pn Al2OO --
77 bbls nor, O'Connor • Cot 91,1 414 bent — Wllularth •
Noble: III i mum., 19 dn apple, Orr barley. 2 Hut
turn 9 . etude. lb do potatoes, 14 ens do. motet *bawd
Imt Ind... Baker a rorryih; bblo Rwb. Fd..ed.a Co,
m4O unltes. &MUM a
11 1 rol ' ;. ry t rbrair C lTtot"6 ,l l 4 o:l4, 6 h. rube, ll
b. Munn, bble tinur,.l rob. 1 etteol. 3 empty bblx,owner
• ,
WHEEL/Ml—Pm las linsom-1 bell 001 dttures,_A
Fu3 rolls Wattles. 14 tkhd. totem, D freely& OM, 77D
/M foul , atme leslmm 242 1.70••4 2 exp_ptiss.
I do marls, BakerA tormthi 2do team, Waterman a *nu
1 dos teakettles; Nicholson st Payne; 1 bbl, dour, meted
I do esirn,,E Oar.
WILLITILL77— Pia Tteesmsa-42 Mu WM - ens,/ Ik
bbl eel/141410 butter. Armatrong A Omer; I do, J
P elitis: 1W do dour. Clare It Thom lot
g per, sollekettiAgO
1 N 0010
N A ° 1 "b ; 1 1 0 , " clf, 17, 1 5
ot 0 1
t ,
Lindsey: slutreawes.ouneu 32 .01, 1 Poor, 2 mast boata
outer abant
:56 Matra-
Importers, Jobbers, and Retailers in
Nea. C/2 and (3 Market Bh-eel, Pittaburph, Po.,
NNOUNCE to their (tirade and the pub
lk generally, that they me DOW pnwel to nablttlt
."`"l'"Aol4ltirt":l.l?"4.l'illiir or
tbny bane enrodaral In laterite. romptierd or the most
den mut Issblooable lahrlen, as well am the mare am moo,
and ertaelt rat be ollernl at the
et welch pods ram be nabt Iti yor the Eastern Ellin,
Tbnlr I no lower salesman]. *III derasel excluairelr bt
n tan trade, and the amnia .truant In Depnrlmrots,
Silk Department.
All the to.. fluhloomble stylno lcuported
looludlos m• belt tootoo or Block eit tn. Mb'
Dream Dinars Department
ropm, Beragoo, Tcrinis. Hera .t.Lira
Cashman, Do L.10e., Limos, WWI I` d
Ws, tireassiloss,
Shawls, Visetten,
Canton ltropt, plain and ambutidorod. tiottout,
Ilibet. InWe, tnalimere, Wilk, Pain, Figured dal and
p it = wh A pitt. (sett., ldelots, 31.14110. ta
flusiery and Move Deportment '
Will slwayi br found ottollete, with the bast oulloti or
C ths otton and silt hisi. a butt likl tlloyut ow., up
Linen Department.
3-4, 4-4, and b 4 11 - 111.• Lbton, Lkten !Meeting, Pillow
tn.,coshes, bleoehod and limns Dear
ask,Sowellioit, Wipe , a..
- White Gabils:
Checked alut Dotted Celobrkee„ llnll. 2.elss, nook and
Nolunoir )Isellor, Vida-Wand Wallop Wynn, of every
quality and COrtald Ilotedwho, Sissosas Ti.
ble Omni, ao- . .
Embroideries, Ltiens,Trimniings,)&m,
aampleta amortment. Also, anhone, .resei . Takt,
retesolLor theist ikon:wt. ot.ell the lateetsrAsk
• Dolomitic Goods Depot:neat
h probably one of the most estetudee In - the testate'', env
known es
br fsi:V=teel tottedentitittinie
fseintlen large •nd SWlette• neck, etet=n,l2..
prioehilaresanhotteil weinens~pasishotion. .
Wholsonispluelmets olexetrullyinttenned ti erne
e ra teryleusel to twelve their order*, at nat
soidiwst sswitrorrlasiss: ta Sanwa* tqwesuom - un
of i ret . e s rie f., ===i .
Wit 'Pala Wag ,r-t= 13'
a/29 . A. L.3IABON t CO.
two , • ,' ~, f •
,-1 -1, , 1 ~,i,,
1 r. I
f miseqUence
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A. A. MASON & CO.,
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' now ilesw 'you.
Nair .Yoirci-Ma3t 5.
• . Oureity to all the deeds' again: .We , 119U
ally have fair weather during Anniversary week,
but., it, sPlaiaa ,P4e;l:Dialiro bare come Fo. kin a
`few days since in adcrance of their, usual , time;
Alcleereicedie and world furs are therefots very
:Tropes 'list .
drat , night. the Be,. De, Riddle - , of your! city,
delivered onti.of. alai:Post powerful and, interest - ,
ipg diecourses;it has eter.,beerc:aldclOr to bear,.
before the Americanl Home, Afissipary , fioidety.
Dr. 'Riddle; 'at bride length, porikeyed the great-
Weiss , of our country; tied the abirMing speed with
which, the West,: espdaiiilly:. yea incrensth4 not
only in wealth, ; population, : and power., lint in
wickedness of all kind.—everything, be paid,
was done. An a gigantic scale in ,the West. It is
there that all , kinds ,settioni and
'itheiird'abotind, and men hate' little or ad (ear
I' or God before 'their eyes=ltliere; AWL,' the Roman
Catholics are ererthagtheir int neater GI phi pos.
ease= of the tankard With.auccesa too, 'it the
Evangelical GlixerZ are not up and doing. Af
ter Fr"eatiag af. pl .picture of the moral and
'religietis 'condition or our Western Etates Q ' Dr,
Riddle ehowed the remedy to be in the 'droll' ,
and labors of the Home Illusionary B ocietY4 and
'closed Idraddreas with an urgent appeal to the
behevolent to'stiptiott the Society.'
i • • Both 'brinchts of our' dry' Council hold the
I first meeting of the May Session this afternoon
at 'five' o'clock as each session can last but thirty
days, theliresent one will ter:ablate' on'the 'fifth
of '.leine. It is expeetecl'that r letege manto of
very important acts' will be brought before tho u
Council before the end of the session: Among
them are several projects for' street railroads,
• During the month' efcAprtl, just cloned,'there
were not less than fifty-six-fires in our city, in
volving e log of
. property, of nearly one million
'of dollars.
'This evening ItiO" election takesl phice among
the members Of the litre dedartmcnt for ad as
sistant engineer, ewe a ..
Llam L ' resigned.
• There ate.three candidates in the .field, and: the
result ctrill, not be made ,known bur
firemen are a: very rjelijie and Meritorious body of
meti;' lio very pectilleir, sensitive sad tenrhy,
that like the element they are organized' to aub
due; they keep - tentrybcdy • who- has - anything to
.do with them on needles„ until their disputes are
settled. For instance; take this election: Two
regular candidates, chips of the Chief engineer
'were nominated at' a regular meeting, Wheretipon
a clique not liking 4:ine , of tie nominees, .get up ,
a meeting, and nominate an indelieredent candid-
aka The Chief" comes out an advertise
ment in the public prints—calls the independent
hie 'deadly enemy, and exhortsall . good firemen
'to vete for Mr candidate the war of werai
once , begun, contintlesdnntil the-election• talker,
and "card" after c• earl" appears lathe papers,.
'!.pro-chief" and ".tinti-chief"—ontd the whole
world of newspaper readers is tick of , the die
' pntes of the firemen.
The Cuban ezpedit on, like any other nine
day's wonder, has faded cut of everybody's maid
steamer •Cleopatts,!' the nicfortimate tow
boat condemned as a !ll:irate," atill lies at the
foot of North Moore et;, (not Nutt-Moon et.; gas
your *compositors made me say in my letter of
the•Eath) with guard of Marines un board. The
subject will probably he presented to the Grand
Jury pert week.
The Locofoqo anti-canal meeting at Tammany.
Hall, on the fld, was a *relit humbug, there be
ing more officers appointed tNan there were peo
ple in the room. , Ode ,of the speakers, Hon. 11l
11. 'Morris, accounted for theemallne. of thode.
monstration, by sayitig that' It being the day
after May day, all good' Democratic hustrabds
were at. home, screwing .up their wives' Eeti.
steads Which announcement, produced such a
wondrous elect upon those who were present,
Veit tliCy either.remenfbeied that they had bed
steads of their own to strew up, Or that they
were very dry, for certcs they all went nut, and
did not. come in again.
I barejniit seen splint of eficientf.MOor,.
for 'a new park up town, on the grand European
plan, with fine avenues drives, fountains, `ro
mantic seats, ate, liplat ' i which will he . Ramada.' -
'Orly . subtratted to our COMmon Council, and I
bone itilthe 'adopted b them. 'The only
will beabout.the emit - - :. . • .. • I' '
.The Bark Regatta,arrived here yesterday,.l Et
tikYllfrote Ecylotb.via Cape of. Good Hopei. and
the Wand of St. Helmut, breught, as, passengers .
life' RlCO:anti, one Zebra oillinutere foil],
'sateen Banns , from l,6 io : 24.feet hing,'oaoPOr
cupine; and a 'whole stelerige till of Mask** a
everyone, shape, and color. These, writh - ollter
animals, are all consigised to Y_ T. Buquin, who
opens a great travelling Menagerie, of which
these hearts will form part, at Newark, F. J.,
to-marrow. The Elephants and the Bull; were
hunted by Messrs. June and Netter, accompa
nied by 161) natives, the partybeing three months
and four days in the jungle before they suc
ceeded in capturing all the animals. Their ar
rival bete has created a small stir, especially as
a real live Burmese chief accompanies the cars.
Tin, to feed the elephants. . .
An order has been received from the Post Of
fice department, modifying the contract of the
mall !steamers., by whiel they are compelled i to
leave on Sundays, .They will hereafter, when
their regular day comes on the Sabbath, sail on
either Saturday or Monday. This decision has
given much satisfaction to the order loving par
tials of ore• eitimes. !
More than 3600 emigrants orrivel at this part
so Saturday.
The deaths in the city and county last week,
amounted io 346---Men S 7, Women 70, Boys 104.
Girls 77. Died of Consamptiou 5`2, of Ship Fe
ver 37, inflammation -fif Lungs H.
Whereas, I;y an act of the Congress of the
United States of the twenty-fourth of May, one
thousand eight bundriTi and twenty-eight. end
tied •• An Act in Addition to an act, entitled • An
Act.concerning discriMinating duties of tannage
and impost,' and to equalize the duties on Print
sian secrets and their cargoes," it in. provided
that upon satisfactoryl etidence. being given to
the President of me United State_s„_ by the god.
erument of soy foreign nation, that no diserimiL
noting duties of tonnage or impost ore imposed
or levied in the ports of the said nation, upon
vessels wholly belonging to citizens of tbe Uni
ted States or upon the produce, manufactztree;
or merchandise, imported, he therume, from' the
United States, or fronX any foreign country,tho
President is thereby authorized to issue his pro ,
clateation, deettring ttiat the foreign diseriminat
ling duties of tannage ;and impost, within the
United States, are, and shall be, suspended and
discontinued, so far aOrtopeets the vessels
said foreign nation, and the produce, mantra.=
tures, or merchandise; imported into the United
States in the eame.froin the said foreign nation
or from any other foreign country: the said eus4
pension to take effect from the time of such no=
tification being given to the President of thei
United Stateo, and to continue so long es the re= '
ciprocal exettrption ofivemels belonging to eitii=
:ens of the United States, and their cargoes, se'
aforesaid, shall he centineed, and no longer.
And whereas satisfactory evidence has. lately
been received by me from the government of tbe;
Republic of Gpol, through an official eommuni-I
cation of SenoTl/citi Manuel Carrallo, eccredited:
to this government as Envoy Extraordinary andi
Minister Plenipotentiuy of that Republic, under,
date of the thirty-fire: of October, 1850, that no
other or higher dutiesof tonnage and impost are!,
imposed or levied in the porta of Chile, upon yes.'
eels wholly belonging I to citizens of the. United:'
States. and upon the produce, meonfeetures or.
merchandise imported4theeeme from the UM-.
tel States, and from any foreign country what-'
ever, thin are levied on Chilean ships and their
cargoes, in the name ports, and. under like cir
cumstances: .
Now, therefore, i Millard Fillmore., President
Of' the United Statelf . ol• Auierims, hereby de
clare and proclaim, thsrso mneh of the several
acts imposing, di uirimanating ditties of tonnage
and impost
,idtsin,the United. Stites, are, _and
shall be suspended and diacontiquod, infer as re
spects 'tile vessels oil Chile, and the produce,
manufacture+, and - merchandke iMpOrted into
-the United fleeter in the iiime:lrom Chili and
from any other forniOrcountry -whatever; the
said suspension to take effectfrom theday above
mentioned, and to continua thenceforward so
long Us' the reciprocal exemption of the %Tiede
of the United Stated, Inadtim viol/duel, manufac
tures, and merchandise, imported into Chik, in
the same, as afbremilVaball be continued on the
part of the government of Chile:
Given"untier , toi hand at the city W Washing ,
ton. this fitat day af I November, in the year of
our. Lord cue ,thonaand eight hunched inatt inn
and tho aaventy fifth of the inderndenee of the
Utilthd fititteiC AffLLABD .
W. S. DEastca, -dams, .Seeretary of State.
BYth f'rtsidmt of t4e.trnitid States of America,
: .C . P . EgaraigniON.. • '
,E 11A14. -
edotgrerm . .the
t*Lid, /A die:ninthotAaptemocs.
thotcyAdietat, butalred cisdiliftyomatied, 4 1 4,
Act 41tis,attlitaglieuttheAlskg.-E
lislacent cf bet northern and Welt= bountlante.
V9LumE LXIV4-NUMllgit
- . • .„ .
the relinquishment by the said• State
• ritirry claimed by her exterior. •to Maid' bounda
ries, and of all her here chime' upon the United
States, and to establishes territoriallheeirunent
for New htexien,” it was proyided, that the fol
lowing propositions should be, and the. one
were thereby, offered to the. State, of...Texam,
which, when agreed to by the said. State in en
set passed by the General Assembly; etionld be
binding and obligatory upon the United States
and upentheitaid Seidel:ll'Thu : Provided, The
said : agreement by the:nahl: General Aisembly
Shonld be gives on or 'before the:first day if De
cember, eighten hundred andAfty ;
- ...Pirst. - .The State of. Texas . ' , will agree that
h er. boundary On 'north shall commence at
the pointat which the meridian of one hundred de
grecs west' Rent Greenwich le interact:tad by the
parallek of • thirty six - degrees thirty minutes
till latitude; and shall run from said point due
west to the meridian of one hundred and three
degree es west from Greenwich; 'thence her boun
dary shall run due south to the,thirty Second de
gree oftvarth latitude; thence on the said parallel
of thirty two degrees of north latiMde to the Rio.
Bravo del Norte, and thence with - the 'tbannel of
said liver to the Gulf of Meaid)."
"Second. The Slate . of eras,... 6' edes, tette Uni- .
ted States all her claim t, termtoryextcrior to
'the liniits and lxituatiarieS winch ehe agrees to
-establish by the first article of agreereene."
The State of : Texas relitthittishis ill
claim upon the United Stites for liability of the
debts of Texas, and for europenrationor Indent
nitY for the. surrendr to the Urdted States ef.lier
eMps, forts;areetials; custom hussies; eirtoiti
• house' reismnes; 'arms -.1,41 - miratiociibt 'sir, and
public buildings - with their sites, which became
the property. of the United States at the lime of
the annexation.".. • . .
"Fourth. The United States, in consideration
Of said 'estabUshnient of I)outidaria, cession of
claim to `territory,• and relinquishment er Claims,
.will pay to the State of ;Texas the 'ltuniiif ten
minim:mot dollars in to 'stock bearing See, per
cent. interest, andredeemible at the end etforer
teen years, the interest, payable half-yearly at
the treasurfof the United States ,
xjtt Immediateilidier tile President of the
United Staietihall hare been thridahavidth an
authentic copy, of.theactof the etoeraPdasem
lily of ,Texas accepting.these propositions, he
-shall cause thestookto be issued in Weed the
State Of Texas, as provided feria the fourth ar
tiste of Mb' agreement r• - •Trevided That no
more than fire millions of'-said stoCkiihidtbe is- •
seed .the .creditoreof.the • Stator:holding
bonds and other centifitaten,of stocker Texas for
which duties bu imposts were espeeiallypledeld•
shall at first file at the ;treasury of the United
- States releases 'of air elainis &kunst "the United
States for orTon account of mid bonds or-certifi
es/Am in such form. assliell be prescribed by the
Sefretary,of the : Treasury and, approredby the
President of the United . States.. ATeided.,That
'lathing herein Cordained shall be construed to
impair or qualify anything; contained it‘the . third
article of the second section of the "joinl• - resola.
tie° fur annexing Texas to the United-States,"
approved Starch first, eighteen hundred- and for
ttfiue;eiVe as r ft th em e r tt c
that way hereafter er reed trth Soi
Texas, or otherwise." •' •
And whereas it was further provided, by the
eighteenth section of the same act of .Courreita,
° That the provisions of this act be,, and they
ore hereby, suitpended until the boundary, be
tween the United States and the State. of Texas
shall be adjusted, and when: 'such - adjMitment
.shall have been effetted, the President of the
United State, Ilia proclamation
declaring this act to he iri toren and
And whereas the Legislatureor the' 'State of
Texas, by onset approved) the tweed:y.l4l of
November Last, entitled' 0 An 'Set • accepting the
propcmitions made by. the. United, Stain to, the
States of Texas, in an Act of thp Cowees,of the
United Statia approved the ninth day of Septem
ber; At. I”litie thousand 'eight' hunticeed and
Sfty. omitted An Act proposing to the' State
of Texas the.mtabliebment of her-nprthetas t and
western bounthiries. , the, relinquishment. by the
said State of all territory claimed by_ her ; ex
terior to said boniMariee, ind . of all.her. ,, e3iras
upon the United Stator, anitto 'establish a terri
torial. gorenuacitt!for New Mexico,"-of 'which
act:. a copy anthentimiteth under , the seal of t the
Stabs has been furnished. to gip „Prefillakt.—
iniir.tti "That the State of texas hereby
to and accepts' said proposition .., ' snit it ti here ,
brdeolatod that the said Otzttei their VS' viand
to the. terms. there6f; —ttriirding to their , Atiato
, Now, therefore, 1, Millard Filltactrew
of the 'Utilled"Statem America, do „here
by deck:monad proclains thut,..the said oil:Orthe.
Congress of the UnitethStates;of
of September last, is in full foroe and 'topers
Given trader my hand,. at the, City or Wash
ington this thirteenth diy or Deets:niter,
in the ye rof our Lord, orie' thousand
[l_ e.] eight hundred and fifty, and the 'Seventy
fifth of the Independence of -these %IRO
States. 31ILLARD
By the President,
DANIEL WEnMTLE, grerrbtri, j gift. .
On Saturday last, Judge King delivered
very. able and very elaborate opinion, in the case
of the contested election of District ,Attorney
for the city and county et Philadelphin,i. The
decision was in favor of Mr. William B.,Reed,
the Whig candidate, an , lagabibt Horn R. Encass.
the Democratic candidate, and who, since 'the
election, has been the incumbent of the office.—
This was expected by ninetoeudwetitiethaof the
community, and will be almost universally re
garded as a righteous decision.. 'The recta or the
case have been stated so fiegnently, and such
volumes of the testimony have already appeared
in our columns, that we deem it unnecessary-to
recapitueate„ especially as the opinion at length' .
will be found in another part. of .the Inquirer:
The truth simply is, that Mr. Kneass was, imme
diatelY after the election, declared to be`suecess
ful by a very meagre majority, and in: some'of
the districts, especially the Second -Ward Moja-
mensing, the vote givento Mr. Reed was so small,
and that given to Mr. Buenas so large, that.eve
rybody expressed - surprise. The result wan re
garded as almost impossible, and Iniestigs.
tion was called for by the people -themselves,
,who believed that they had been defrauded
After considerable delay, it was ordered, When,
among other deiilOPtnents, it was shown, that in
two comparatively small' districts' of .3loySnien.
sing and South i'enn. more 'than en'citigh
viaittsls to out number tie maim* against him-in
addition to those returned, testified, under oath,
that they voted for Mr.. Reed Ample opportu
nity 'was afforded the Other side to producere
butting testimony, and althOugh they made an
effort worthy of a better cause; their &litre
,was cat once signal and 6gnificant. The -Court,
therefore,. governed by the rules. of law, equity
and juitice, had but one course left„and_as al
ready stated, Judge King, on Saturday last, for
himself, and for Judge Kelley, the'xciajoritY'Va
the bestir, settled this-long-vexed- questian;and
decided in favor of litr. William B. Reed. The
result will be . hailed with satisfaction,. by all
Who'properly estimate the purity of the ballot.
bates, and who rejoice the triumph , of truth,
right, and justice.--'Philp. Mg.
Spring trade has opened unusually brisk this
season; and all articled of liate coni
manded fair prices. : Bat•nre heard of 'a trin'-
saetion in '"lire meat" The other *lay 4hicli . is
said Input:lel-he best'dearlerstis to' the strife of
the markets.—The affair 'nisi' benunitifed up ee
31r. B. NO. I keeps!, A:business house'"ion--
sk,-in 'end Mr. 'ft' No: fkoii
country occasionally eons in. "itno' happined
that the other day No. 2 made his ustui
call on iD. NO. dojng which the .two Ira . got
into itnnsi bewildering arid beautifying etching !
of senthdeat upon and things in_ general
Which' as not detracted from h i the" east,
cense B. No. 2 had imbibed -slightly
therefore what is + cocked; 'fist'
the time being, and I always .inibibes
iritys . " cocked," like a rusty -dint:leek,
comae of their cogitations it was proposed by . B.
No. that he purchase the wife of B. No. - 1! "To"
this B. No. Inmented,. and the , price 'agreed'
upon between, the:two Ws 11 , ..1a4.30 -to be paid.
cash ip hand, m 1 ana: note for the same -mituta
.Thii was
After a stagger . home to "snore, . Mr..
B. No. 2 upon seeing his • own - -wife; - fttoollecliit
his purchase, and at oncecime into rnetbe trade
but be ftftuul his friend . -.Man- of. -his word.
AA There,'" anyshe, "is my wife, and hereinthe
pay for her—all I asked. She ip your3,,takc,
her." Mr. 2 httenipted to expostulate,.
and hinted about - A•beinea'fool when he Ps
drunk,"-fro., but it was no p. And to his' con-
Mernetion tho.womanbegau to show elgrin of :
packihg up and clinging to Min- . Afthis puts
tnie B. the 2dialled on a lawyer for Cetteelic •
tinn,;ind tusked irhat could
The r
rted-A! nothing..'llebitheteftie - rdntda m
well an responale for his
,lltatiltf olif he gets rid of -supporting'
" 16 rallri 011-1 . 44'
Kight,n tan ratight* . noi,er,
prvpcse to bay s in
' woman, however eattchWeenoam'“
to deal in other stock" on the