The daily Pittsburgh gazette. (Pittsburgh, Pa.) 1851-1861, May 08, 1851, Image 1

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DJULLY--.9.9•9 dotiors per =OW. 303.hh , hat 7001 -
D0111113 if tp adroaom
grr WEEKLY—Tit ' dollar. P.'
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0 , 190. do ... • 900
Tea =Ws • do ---- 13 03
t. t .adt.,17.99 Adm... No Club Papua mill
Yodent door tar roar rridroo, tbo 00113.10 0 on. for
• twroraL . : •
One Goner: (101ine• of NooDerell or lee)
one 11 0 GO
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DO. ono w0rt...4-. 1 16
Do. MO veers. 3 00
, twelve months . —.. 18 00
twain months
ar0n0n...16 GtO
4) . .e i tionere,= v BV4le t t pleasure (Dv PM.
los efolit )) ditiored oluodo. I M rTi - d - ei: --- one 81 5 121 0 and
; tee each utak:on! mane troi= tOOO4.
half prim
Advertlennents erneedbor • ovum had tot oeot.
I. to be ebartoel am • rotare and hlf.
Publfehen not arooantehle Gor legal .4:Lembo:melds be
rood the amount cberged for their publication.
Amooundor earolldditee for °Moe, to Go cheered the same
Y other edeertisemonts. •
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rked on Ms copy for . epoch:Wel
firer a Watt.% will be continua WI forbblouni pa
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r, 475 adsmtisers le a ti tir=bd to
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y cemented with their own bitainesr and all
Wastes of advertMements. tn length or otherwise, bepwid
the Want engaged, still be thawed at the
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al each tranalent ' ultmtinng. Mlle will be eeparately
rendered, and prompt payment - Is dealnel
Allgsleartleements Mr charitable forting:l ere cam
and other public owe and
=b. to be , ehared half prime Persble strictly In .4.
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• ptw4 to pixt Mr.
!W iMer letrartiarre, end all others sendlow emonnualm
• am. or molting notices - designed to cal annul. to
• Fa" names. Cancerte, ormobile entertainment..
when oh are made for ad mittance-all notices of prl.
vats wry notice &Awned to call atension to
Drente eutermises, calculated or introoded to promote indi
vidual Warm, can only be Inecnted with the modentend.
Mg that the eagle to to be paid for. If Intended to be In.
mated In the laud column. the same will be charged .t the
”ta a not Into than 10 mots per how
Iltshop or 4/4" Notices to be chased Uinta orlos.
licence Penni:too SL exch.
to rOttnerl ileltg rto VI e " gi ' ,Xr d ' lO. '
OM: tarty re* a one tall pm cent. from the
mount of WM - ' ,
One Square, three Mentions .111 60
Do. each eddltional.lnerrtlon ST
,1e11111 . 1.12,1141 IN stony PAWN.
One Sonare, (10 Ibun) one Insertion.- ..... BO mote.
Do. deb n.kbUonel insertion .25 WM*.
< AD tranelent edvertbnonants to be saki to edrewe.
ElI il
N'A: 'PARKINSON, Alderman, Fifth —
Ward. Run tnlet. tYllars and Walnut
-1.0.4417 attended ta.
a 1 t;',7r=1 , ..) i (L.' = "ll=' .. g.)
LIPILtNT 3; TAYLOR Attorneys at
. -.
.taw—Otliell au Feeeth rtreet.n.sl4,pitinka Wood
ahite;fieittettreahe IhttehOren l'h.
hie, s'•
•^' .110. 1). Ohyheht le Vitaminloner Ea the s h are
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1465404. t etirmx....-.....
QIUNN 4 COLLIER, Atttinibyet at Law—
, 1.7 0111 a. un Youth area. wbare Scalthfuela.
• r • .
, ttorwey ctt w
gli:inf : stnt, war Fourth, hi Arlll:7ld
j" .11.ARRISON SEWEL . L, Attorpe at Law,
J. taste Comohoicmas for tatiox •• • • .itak-
. ~. •Q. g , Attor
. A' '
AXES J. KUIIN, Attorney at Law: office,
la 11:I t em% Hall, comer anima street arid Diamond
IFAMES F. KERR:Attorney at Law—Office
01v:ea we at.. betve. Smith.<lekt nal amt. FlN.lngsb.
EANCIS 0. FLANEW K, AticiilleY * 4w ,
Holm Fourth ilrmt. Piiol;l3 : '_
. 1. OWE & WATSON, .tittorneys at Law.
N o.
Fourth at.Ter, Fittaburrh. _ _ . _
caa — ata...Pi , a PIN aatilla.arail qa 3aCl.. luz.
Vteigt Aidtra'''' ' M
BDWARD P. JONES, Attorney at Law:
-02 a, on Yourtn inr.t, between Waal and Email
JASPER E. BRADY Attorney at Law,
Sasalllth street Pttt`barih. Po
aI . WICLIA.ISIS. & CO_ Bankers
. • iner rather Brokers, Math Fast cams of Wood
"snerna7Plxsal tarn., and enneetton.
Lattanded to Sa9:l7 .
'.D.11.1.N0, Banker and Exchange Broker,
Pdarth Aran, Dealer in Hank Notes, Bills of Ex
and Ether. Etna. tonaht and sold.
market prise paid presalam tor Asnatisan
and Manlcan sad Spanish Dollars, In
LARIXER, JB., Banker and Broker,
&Introit. Na Ceokijoirdog the Bank of Plattmrgb.
WILKINS & CO, Esehm: = Brokers,
CIIaOMES SON, Dealers in Fiireign
• lad Doecistio BlThe of Certificates of Dv
' k. Notes act 4 flneelo. • Exchsav, ....r.k.;4eet. Pitt.
-LIMA= 1.111.
11.A1131, Bankers and Ex
,Adgcup nra_ur rtl _Dealen_ln Voreirn_szll Dcamstle
I I ele= 1 I a,a " D
Ita.d. Rata.oppodt•
tOABOTUBS CO., Banking House,
e~pLjibl /d=
eid Of the - f - 'isited States.
SailtaL . Ont.
B AIRD IRVIN, Commission Merchants
ssid Bl.llllsokars. No. 114 BeconelPanted and
. V.stat• oneurtties from 8100 to 1110.000 lemma cm Mad
- C .,t4
• 1•1112Nall TILEIX-...—M111....71..--Inf.. IC. MIT.
, HER, HANNA & CO., Successors to
nmoy, Maas k C., 11‘7170. EXcatsol BMW,
dodoes to Toteixo awl Dootestla Etehongs, Oettllkatas
Beak Note.. and epode — North W.., mew of
Wood zed Third streets. Current Stoney remised as De.
putt. Bight Cheek, far rale. and colieettooe mate= neap
77 •11 the principal points of the United fltatee.
A s highest prealluto 714 for Zottict and American
=aeon contignotents of Preeteel:shipped wet,
gW. TAYLOR, Commissioner and Bill
' Broker, 113 &wad .nest Ethic. ~lon will b.
Os all truisms entroated to hi. are. - Pittatnsrgh
siwassfectorwl article. altr , mobasal or Natured st idiot
Note.. Mode, SS Le, negotiated on favor.
able term. Adrances made, I reqo Ind. oc2l
i 1 ,10:41 AA :Llp.%;1170:1:4:1:
'l4 . C. STOCKTOX, late Johnston & Stool
Bcolseller, Etationtr,yrloter, ftad Mader, -••
=rot .uartgt tblxl streets. Plttaburgh.
i tt. B. HOLMES' Chet* Literury Depot,
oermite the Peet DMft. Neer Books re-
XenermtlarTe " AsgtrVet. Vll l TelVtg d prhestrell
lerWlittee; _
, HOPKINS, Bookseller and Stationer
t 'No. 73 Fourth etmet, Apollo Hall.llaPP.
BOWN, JR., Wholesale and Retail
Hake sattCoafctioner,-86 Fourth Anet.PittAbursh.
mmlaue=ll:ZrZ, u f , T , I,L , T, &Intro on Leas.
- -
sad 4-----
M', Manufacturer and Im
• perm.CLINTOCK of Carpets, Oil Cloths, !Ulm Asa Trim
Rusts.. SIM., Ae. Werebowe. N 0.83 Yoruth 4.
Wood K. litt.bursh.
0):#31:1116:(1):114.1:11 e.•(:j
Wlt - -
..: W. T'OINDEXTER, cornerof Water and
• Market rtmix. Pirtsbrirfb, Comatian• Arm Po.
M. 'Wm. sok for the inarebamsulfule of Iflffru
j o rplir th .. A • B '...L.ZVlr..satllbrautaufactured
41.-..arret for We Tu . ifeirri: limpet it CO,WA..WII
- ollabrated 11sarerauldfs FM., . 8 . 8 ".... 8
P , Crr: and leaking k Ca's mt.i T,... mirra
41 7- 171 ItteANULTY & CO—Transporters,
01,4f=4:1 e nittlit a " u * D r'
a dairec RR, PRODUCE ED : Cam :04km Nor No. 01 Wata
. • 11. JOIDISTON. Forwarding and
Clowestioo Ilarcbsa; No. 112 Soma Amt.
lER J & JONES, Forwarding and Com
. ..11 1 1131/ifeiclasats. I) , alen la Forwarding
sad nu.
. au:tbred ankles. Canal Wain, nsar brrentb
' 11/1120t.-- MIL 1. ARIZ -
L.RDY, JONES & CO., Succettoots to At
out, James & Cumusission mug roman:Hu Igor
IMPltibs Pa.
to Pittsburgh Manursetured Owl; Pitt.
r 0..• SHACKLETT ok.
aiDes.lswltoniir k ts IMO tic C
Dry Oprdr. xJleee
"rntigirrcii, NVt - ol'"Zao Nat
111 b. fttel and Staple Dry Goods, CZ !Luber
• 'HyB i
, 34. I, • ROLIGIALX
„ luta
met.. g 0,..
m.burrx 3,
tserelon. corner of Routh
L ~ Commiseon
or the de of coo.,
-gip 47. M " 81 1 .170t! P el i Meg ‘ a grgitT. 6
, .
R D. HUNT, Dentist, Corner or Fourth
gas Doestar b.t.. lb..t mad rem mkt.,
nmtzma - s.
w. • I , ' althea, Jewelry, Biker
Rua end =Nut Goods,esrmv ofis gmbt
2 azod
putemo. N. 3. watebsab Ma*
OW/Tit"".l. ra.
•'Lluguta. and manufactunr” of Init., Lesd, 14,1
Ltunir, earn,
Wood ...I,Trout stre.t.s, Pm,
McDOWELL, (A ' cic ' Ce ' r "'
o Kett' h NeTeer,) Wholesale and Rewi B D2 l ,:vul t l '
X 11 "don Stara corner of Wood etreet and Virgin all,
Physimora phescriptlons carefully eosoPottttleel debt nod
day. .
a Lon a. ria
ArKIDD do CO., Wholesale Druggists: Deal
. en in Paints (MIN Dr. DWI.. .nd
dor. of Loop lane's celebrated Wonn Enrcifle. hi ,
er lis, man g Syrup: No. eil, man of Wood and
linorth atm% Pitt4urgh. Orin. will D. eanfolly pact.
..L sad forwardwd with di.mteb.
'E. SELLERS, Wholesale Dealer in
Dr." PLUM.. Pre Stuff". Oils, Varol.hes,
Meet, Plttaburgh, Pa Goods warrant...l.
SN. WICKERSHAM, Wholesale Druggist
Nif nisitrv: L ßeeds Aga;ls.l4ll2l„lmplamont,
RRAIIN & REITER, Wholesale and Retni
ago, Drazglirts p,_ ,eonreo of Liberty and AL Clair eta., Pit
JSCHOONDIAAER & CO., Wholesale Drug
[is* No. 2.5 Wool et.. Pittsburgh.
Sr. F WILSON; Whoi,e,sale Grocers and
A>. ( l:Nit'llt=r, t:iidAlirgotf.V Do
L. SHEE, Wholesale Grocer, Commission
?to Merchant, and dealer in Paper and hags, corner of
and Irwin Wrote. Menarche
ABIOEL P. RIVER , . Wholesale 0r0 a.7
a.7 ceT Produce and Uccarelsslosi Slerrhanta, and Deal
ers in Dittabarrh litannfactaard Articles, N,A.IDU and II:r2
lieread'ataret, boralxn Waal mil DroltliDeld,
Jos t.
lions S. DILWORTII .1. Wholesale
Utocer Produce a: r d Dounlicrion CO.,
e i rebanta, alsd
3t g ritgAl k irl.. Pittabilreh n . ' o
zmuntlam] _ (a. Mautim.
& INGRAHAM, Wholesale
One•ra and Carnirdistoo Merchants, No.llo %Va.,
.D 4 I'A Mot stzwt , Pittsburgh.
LkHEY, 111A.TTELEWS & CO., 'Wholesale
Othwers, 9.1 Forwarding Merchant, arid
. We Brighton Cotton Yarns, 67 Rater at, Pitteborgh.
TORN WATT & CO., IPholethal° dtoee re,
OunistassiOti Merehmts, sad Itruie_rs tu Produce and
Immix Illanufnelltres, N. 3. s 6 Liberty Meet. P,°,.
I BT CANFIELD, late of Warren, Ohio,
Pearl As.h, end Western Produce genet-any
.° Wa . ter strVe ' t
betwven.litoltbilskt old Woad, Pittsburgh.
4 S. ■11.1.101.. -Z. WATILII44I 11...11.01.11,,
WATF:R . MAN & SONS, Wholemale
. Grocers Con:mamma and Forwarding Ned:Laub,
has iq all bands of Fusion, and ntsbargh Idanabuto
rrd Articles, and Agents for the de Lynebburah Pdanulactur.d Tobaers. Ay. Sd and Ed Wm4r
stunt, Pittsburgh.
Ij• Bala oriwara. Forwarding god esnanaLunott
ants. Dea/ars Pittaburgh Manufacturoi and Welition
Produce , . corsair or Front street and Chancery Lau,
rAs.IDAIILELL, Wholesale Grocer, Com
e, • mile= Merchant. and Deals In Product. and Pit,
burgh dtgansfacturres—No. TO Witt, R. Pittsburgh.
ISAIAH biVittr. WI: *holes e arr.
072=itieMt'Cdtig. to Pr`du'--
gNGLISII & I rite Englimh.
Gallagtier a Co.. WiLolenaletieneii.libzamissico and
rmarcling Merchant...l.d Produce and Pitt,
taar h 7dtr i st 121 Vint n.
arn. =nu. ran.nda c. a. 1{1C.T.071. 1111.04.111.
cam. yo corned of Lit+rty s o U. tn,:ta. s
bandy Pa. Iron. Nails, Cotton Yar..,tc., so. nl.taotly
na hand.'
.enrs Iscoru. ..1113 B. Ya6t. vowaa c. nos.
'Gala& Wholesale Grocers ant
Slorchonts, Co. ..:417 Libortr
ROBERT 3100 RE,, Wholesale Grocer
lieittfyitur drab, :dowe
onufaclures, amt all lamb , of in lg Foroo and Pin lOomrau l
Wines nn4 Liquont, No. 415 Liberty stroet.
= a lot . te j tre . k m ot o rrope r wr
.old 11bo 1.1
5 ,08 41 ' th&LZELL & CO., WitOie..i,
Mercbooto. deolon Pr do
Pittsburg . •Pirti4crio 3tiaufacturos. N. .2..1 Wort/ .troo
rticer. IhvlumFor.rualug. and C.cumikicm StrT•
..T*y• :14 Pitt.harsta .51.11a.actur.,
1 4 1 .rtT gp,el.lltUblargb._
xautur Jll.l sari
4111211 1.0/1127 •
WM. BAGALEY'& CO., Wholesale Gro
ovy, Non. is and 10).Wand dint, PittAbaritb.
VC. dr MeCANDLESS, succefsors
Wick, Whalen& Groom Fornanilno
sad on idorchnnts. dodders In Iron. Nails. Glass,
Cotton Yarns. and PlasbnoSll Mnlonfsotno" Ssomilr.
corner of Wood sad 'Water 21.170111. Pssonbursh.
CL121.1.1.1( 1 MOM
• Ont,s sad Cor,c!teiom V•alep i• •
wri t llTlAmsj.hltundacturAl Ankles. N., Elbert_
stmet.Pl butgh. •,-
LD. WILLWIS & CO., Wholesale and
• Reel Family Geo,r, Porn.ling end Conataulon
antajuldler, Lbuutry Prod.< end Pittatkurgh
Mattufacturvs, corner of Roil and Fifth Si.., Yinnbungh.
OBIN SO N , LITTLE & CO., No. 255
Llberty street, Plttebers.b. Wholesale Getrers,
eirstut Otsamlssitott Merellsnts, and dealers In Pletsburgh
h r
IL FLOYD, Wholesale Grocers,
p. mhewe enliaulu, Put two.. ruuluui--Roared
muli d
Buildup, BUidiuu on Lawns, "'me, and tllrtL
U eds, PitUburgh,
tom, - .
ea. Cur
JOHN PARKER & CO., WholesaleGrocent
Dealers to Perdue, remise Wines, Liquor.. Old Mao
assattela sad 'teethed Whiskey—No. 6. Elosusescial.fra..
Liberty rt., littebarsh.
( 1 1-10 1:1:VY1 :411r, I :VII i:1
E1 .743, 1N FL MELI e OR, Dealer Ut Piano Fortes,
Nasky and ilnalotlit lostromenta School
5 0t.,80 and
Sole [,gent tr ClAcketinet Piano opt.. Sr
Western lisylVimila No. 01 Wood tt.
pENFIS H. --- ER, Dealer in Music, Mu
sks' instostotrots. and Imparts. of Italian Strings
sno ,
t forNanos 1 Clark's grand and mo Plan"
... I
1.30 e a &Aileen Attachment_ Alta D ms
unham s
V. EDY, cfirLDs .k. CO., Manufactu
..or • e, 7 reenter 44 Shornag, Carnet Chain.
Twine and Batting. Penn UM, Pittsburgh.
Own soara
irES & QUIGG, Manufacturer-8 of erff
'and Mister Steel. P 1.412 Keel, Esetl Plougl
ot4lLllxtle Springs. 11.2mnal bon Ax1e , ...72
r. I. IM•ue.ble Ce.etings. Fire Kuina LUDPI4 and
Coach Thu.:dugs plurally, corner of Nam and hoot sta.
Pittsburgh Ps.
mt,ikrry& Co, Manufacturer. of Sole Ash, Bleach.
awed.* Marlette and Sulphuric Warehouse.
No. 63 Water W.. below Fern,
WALTER P. MARSHALL, Successor to
Eateuel C. Hill—lmporter and Dealer in French
wed Amerinen Paper !longings and Borden., Window
&hada., The Board Riau, te. 41,o—Writing, Printing,
lad Wrapping Paper, No. 8 b Ijood genet, between Fourth
and Diu:motel siksr. PUtsbursh, Ns.
ROBERT MORRIS; Tea and Wine Mar
chant, Fan aide of [h. - Diamond. Ilttmborgh.
. . . . . .. •
WM. A. 3PCLURG & CO., Grocers arid
Tea Dealer, No. VA liberty alert, shave Wood
have &Inman on bend • huge ensortment of Choirs, Ortnr.
ke wad Flue Tnae. Also—Foreinn k mils
th and Nate. IVludt
sale and rendl. 'Makes au tddied ad e hanntt teem,
JOHN A. CAUG lIEY, Agent for the Lake
Ede satlehlgav Lb.. to tleiver and the Llam—
a. art tb. earner or Water sad Stanfield str.
LEECII t. CO., Transporters by Canal
and Forwarding Mord:mon. corm of Peon rZrort
for CanoL
JA. BROWN would most respectfully infonn
the pobile that Alb ps. hand at Litt tual colt e eat
eer the Diamond, eor eft. • coat tete eawa l jant
of Venittan blinds: al. VealtJan Shutters ate madt to enter
In the brat rtyla. warranted equal to .f tta. Untied
BM.. Me tan be reenorrd without the aid of
screw driver, Ifavlrninurehateal the meek, nob, and wood
of the eabittateetatdahment of Hammy A WOW land. I a.n
ri7=itf..lVA-.1407111,01.VW171.1-07 "" " "
Ale . rj a . NO. Wood street, rittaborair.
Pa.=ltli—Rasidenea.rorarr of Third rtniet and Kart
totai. Allrgban.r.
N. 6—Lira.. Baal. Mortar. Lath. .11, 4.r ralr.
. 4 DAM HARDIE, Veterinary Surgeon, late
Edlnburgb, Econma
lapuld teal7tiol/7 at
thr_At h
t7, h" ef17.7241, - ,=. 1 ;1:
W, ior to sire Natl.:don.
coortectloa with once Hardie. Horse Eboclox
Blaekbalthkut la entertA 111 be carried tna. 1,1 the owner
of tunnel stroel and Pronedlyeal•
URPHY Sr, LEE, WOOL Newts and
Connadadera Merchants hr the .1. py An:anima
Goodi e No. I.N Liberty. rt.. Pittsburgh.
Q & W. HARBAUGH. Wool Nerchante,
tvdt Ll_ Deafen to now and !Woo<Amorally, and tor
awl 11 & w street Pltrolrrah.
Coramladm Morcbanta. illrot otreet.
- - -•- . - -
NEVI LEJOHNSON, - gligravoi , on Wood,
Plglo IWI. Mari mend P
,U t t . hth:V. --- Vie•• of
Maebhury. Ilea& ..r.rro,ter, ronureir,..,
Latalat= e• Wee Lahr', In enlnnh heat. fnr Dirlehens. t'o.
della; tiongt Cetton Phnnlta at , in the firer aro.
tef an. and '
at the 1n... mio.,
-I.:44blisTmrot, Third street- appraitr the Pan
Landscape, Portraits. dhow WI.
Arebitcrtaral nod Machias
Distrings a rinstrids and Visiting Gana tcensrared
&Snit ea Bain, and printed la eiders, Gold. Dross, or
Igagg, annised sty's, 1./111 at lilna MUM
abl• prism Anitay
()GAN, WILSON CO.,¢ Importers and
Whoh-ealo Nairn In ikr. and Oat'pry. Fin 1 . 29
11 OHN FITZSIMONS k. CO., Mannfactu
r.r. of TI.IXX wad GREX?i taAss. MOULII2. wad all
k ode ot 'AIACIIINIAY, take this method of Infurmlng
those d.drousof having dash work done, that they are
nrsßared t 6 do is at the lowetd possible rates, at the short
est notice, and In the beat manner, at thelr catablishment.
&rood street, above Oho Canal Bridgemear the Gam Work..
Twee Irons for Black no tice and Blast Funned., mann.
(*stared at tbe shortest . and at the lowest priors
MI kiwis of Jobbing done on short notice.
Gas Fitting.
Front street, between Wood end
flarket,Pittabur f h,
wood invite the nnUllc to their
ter: Pendants, [Brackets,
tbey nt re I :4't:i to execute
Utz and tins - t reuunable tenrs. • iluu °u hu t nth7di r u'••
Wegner, Buechner & Mueller's
rIIE ABOVE FIR3I respectfully announce
2 to their friends orld the publir generstly. that th,y
ne P rnr. Ib t olr . gfr'igu th , 7. ° 7`'ts,
and Prot:mini:lto Cards :asps, Ch I tui c s.7h.oets. .o.
Their establishment is at too. tO tdarket street, between
flint nod Fourth Arr.., up share. rochtrtf
. -
Bolivar Fire Brick Manufacturing Comp'r
FrIlE SUBSCRIBERS, hating been ap
winded Agents for the store named emeern, ad!
keep constantly on band • supply of the celebrated Bolivar
Fire Brick, Crucible Fire Clay,vtp.rellevdhaand
hoey aro
tuneal prepared to meals° orders for eald Brick..
mule se and she, to suit purchasers. trblel shall
be promptly filled.
We do not deem it necessary to enumerate the many ad
rants.. the Belle. Fire Brick poev.ei over all others that
have been offered for no in the United SMtes, their out
rioritv being well known almort all persons who
Fins Ildek, The proprietors hare in
that Mr
Brkk sto4lone noon of their present enviable reputath.o.
and that ;to awn. shall be spared to make them even
,better than they hare berehrlore'been. Thin
is the only
establishment now saartufnetumm Fire Brick at Bolivar
Loch: Canal 112.1i11.Seveoll a-,Pitt.burgh.
Pittsburgh Gas Pipe and Tube Works.
!THE undersigned hare just completed their
and err nowfactuting all sixes of OAS PIPE. 1. ,
comonve and otherHuss. and all elan of
which they odor for ...Is at the lowest pore. They as
now prwpaned to execute orlon. 4. any extent, without .1.-
lay. SPAM] A CO,.
No '9l and WI 1, ems ettes.l..
feh4 • Par
vtills. \u. SG. Li bny 0* of AAama Icon I'lft bury L.
ICIIOLAS VIVIAN, Civil Engineer.
Draughtsman, and Practleal Mining Agent. Mat...
Nghts of Models f..r the Patent 1nt1..... de..ty,u. of Maa..
nery Mr Mines, Water nort... Mditng .te . 01, I.
found Lwtwlst 10 A and 6 P. 11., at hie rwstiense, Sosl
Marburg *ln,. Pittsburgh 1501411.•
• '
'l3 A. MADEIRA, Agout fore Delaware Mo•
fuel Peery lustaxamx Oompany. 4 . 1 Water etre.,
"JPGARDINER COFFIN, Agent for Franklin
Firs Insurance Company, nor. ea..t corner of
and Thlul stmeta.
..end door rrpm Ihr j r;D o re, Woo street,
`J.7log.tii d ,47lTrat d /k - VVrn'4l:4l: l :t il luin' w pa lth lr ' 7 " 4.
DoUsul suiwtantially. bona. In number. ) or l varrss.a...
bound carefully, ur rrpslred Nantuaput on In letter.
Thou, who have landing are Itrelual to call. Prkes hoe
ATITom) & CO., Wholesale and Retail
31,artuta:turers, aml In nat., IYtw . lll[l4 For ,
e,rner oft Wetsl and Fifth etreete. Pittsburgh. II het, lb.,
offer a lull and oranpleto'stuct of Hat, ram For, ar .
every quality and style, by Wholewa.le and arel iu
rote the au of (Mir sr ...towers wad purehasers
ally, ',sum, them that they will sell on the moat wtru.
11731. IIIGRI, blerehant linper.
Sx3..dy 11..1. 111.11) rt
Now Coach Factory—Allegheny.
ov,rtfun. lothrztt lb. public that 1t,., h.,
.1, • • A.m. Lar....-1, s•o.h.v•l.
Kn•elq. Th, •re ot.• soaktoK stud as. prolon,rl
Arden. So- de•enf two
Varou,t,‘ vavvv., !le •h• Irak 11...,
Inns 11-. r.lao.fartur. of the 0.1, r 1
.12.1 they th..• ..I nt.
naNa.l to do mr.wt. ts te, 10.01 r• t• 'cut ..11.
W war.tit.4
havuof 01.4 o•
lo • •..r•
at.otwu th , thL tfoater
B cl‘ne-r.
mort reaputable. term.. ja.Ttl
E AGLE .MARBLE WORKS. (...stn.blish.Nl
19=1 br EzatusP ITILKINS. N.. 1,4 Llt.s.rty Buns: B of ‘r,,,e fb•••-t, Pltt•bo.r.h Sluftwoera..., Buns:
Taaalts..TE..mtot. .11afttri •11.1
T 04.. Ai...roan Land. 10.1 11.11.
.B. A clotrevelectinn brvirtaxs Llr.d. Yip
P ARR, -
ILUGIIES a CO. are prepared te
do Mt Undo of SLATE 110.110I1Q
ALEN. LAMIELLIN. Asct.,ax FL cony.
At WY,
ifirState• proatStif
A CARD-1&51.
torn their than., to their customers ood the potlic
tor the tar, share rf custom ertended to them, anti
invite th e continussow of them (seem recently
tad Improved their mom. they are enabled to
on hand a very extentdre assortment cf Occods— mot Water ,
will bare the adearits‘e of jjenty nt 4, seattat,
at'lrte r ifai d rriltlV
STORY., where 11.7.1 ankle in the !try °or. linen:Lc...den
fur the want* of fa...mrliwa. ran to Pres , nred - -ood theft'
coutthned efforts to seleet the hest stmts. and to 4dl at low
prices, that hope to make It the toter. of (amines and to•
dividual, to fatur theta 'with their .0.000..
1111—The WIIOLESALE BUSINMS will he eoutlutted
the mcana up stairs—eutran, fromi.lth street, or throve;
In+err men. pm,
Corner a Third and Market nr.etn The cut,. char
tered Inetltutlan att. Lind In rittabur‘h.
facrLn.—John Fleming. Yrit - Ir.l Inetruntor 10 the
Seienc, a Accounts.
Chan - tbetilia . Prot.,. of Nom:namelt...Weems:al.
Alm M. Watson, Zen., Lecturer On Commenial Law.
'thaw desiring a complete knowledgc of Book Keeping.
end MI appli s ettion maser, braawli of tswin;:s ii
=IV r"Mggtf..'44's an Ia.II Ito
Lenore o tsammemial Law saw n- )land as evenin
Reforenoe to say of 11a saaalsnt city merchant. g
Errenusaco - 1832, by EDMUND
WILKINS, No. 245 Liberty et.,
he of Wool tamer. Pteteboreh, Pa.
Monument, Ettriel Taalln.Tombetcoco.
te., Mantle Hems, Centre and Her Torn
always On hand and mono to order, of the
choicest Marblu. sad et rm. endowed
• .1 Own". odecnon of tretrenva
Tbe Colon
Imported' • •
S. •;,a from Dely. • -1
Hon term. Denny Clark Tiernan. De,
Hon. Judge Wilkins John Ilerpsr, Del.
Wro. Robitutak Jr, EN 40, • 14 :: h.', kW. dechiDT ,
John Snyder, I*. Cam ._. - a Song hooker..
Pittsburgh Bonk.wrestler a Kahan, do.
J. It aocubemar, Esq. Dill & Corn. do.
Wilson MeCAh,liess, gsg. Moon a Sargent. do.
Robert McKnight, Rsq. Wm. Barmier 0 Co.
Jas. McKnight, lbay, lirming- la. T. !largely a CO.
hAiD-. E. Lathrop , EN, JoshuK W! . aCo Fruit,.
R. W. feels grateful Co they liberal patronage rs
celled during motes. years In this city. hewing bed the
largest and bo.trote entrusted to hie rare utflo Dd. onwnt
time. and will endeavor to render satofertirn hereafter
facture, Ware-rooms DT it OA Third unqd.
J. W. repeccfully Inform. him Mende and
customer, that he has now output...dab. , larycrit
and fireqtritook of household furniture en r f.. fore a-en In
MIA city, as he drternitined to uphold the quality with
•alluostoe. d Iff
heat .A3ll.l.6othip, aptd.
algpsaid from the extent of hie &Mere and facility In
man r, a ufut he l ilri ow sr. Ice is enabled to undue. warranted tonal
tot ta.) price..
Hr has adopted the principle of idanitlfyinx the radom.
cue intent with lola own, in quality and price. sod a...,
an hand t he areaWeet of • , ,y dcwiriptlon of
furniture. from th e eheapeod plainest, to Hie uacwf
Wit and enkUlli that • boo, or any part of one, nay furnished from hi. stork, inanufailured no(rely
order. He therefore edielto an impaction, that the*dean
tags of his ectstilislanwrit may tie known . flu, f o to,q, a
salad✓a consist, in Put, of him anaik, whirl> for r'olmor
at and !Mirk mount be aurfaaiwd in any of U,. Lactern
r•Bor. dra.thl, dining, and hml.rnr,al .Lure. ed rlrry
variety, enuriating of kmr.F.4, maboaany and main...
V.liralmthrn, Cooarnatolre and Esay Clads.
niptleal; hots., Trt....trtr and !Maas of tlo.late.l
Prrneh and Am.rtran pattern,: Tart...... Whad..N.Ade, and
1.44.' parlor Wrltlnt Ihmka of varioue kind.; Malt 'fable,
alla &bey Inlaid Mazda, musk atandr, and holder, marl.
tcp, Mahogany, ramea.l sad ndaat .wrstre 8.1 ••• - ,ta, tr
ble,rlterolon dining Intl, all .1..4
nal .1.-414.11y1h. heat ktrul ;mil and
tradea; man/rota., bmlatradre aual..tand.
large aanortrarnt: gothic hall and parlor romoidloo tido,
otkanano otoola. arcirtary and loadt raw, Aldo hoard.,
hr. 0 , 1.11.11, Wwrl /111,044 hat standa, and .141.4. .tor A., ern..
and rota for children; Mtn mad, lablr sbd los
m og
ahuiy, roarateal. and
I.:mano p.ahl
A largr aPrortment of r, Yuman.. and iodon
(Thalra. Caldnet runkrrartuppll.4 •,tll all In I.l,rir
litaasnbrada and Ilobi., furn4tre4 at 11, WAY..
All °Hero pramptly attoodod
Attorney at La, NC, i,,3 Third .t, I . o{Drl , barry
haring 111.1• 0rr52701n..1.• th. pyym, .111
prueur. Itounty Lando Or /411mra and .I.llra. thwir
widiolra and eildr,•nd tortll atltmtl In any oth•-r bun.
11,1 t, enntiwlty/ taint th.tuturrnrh.nt nr any of IL [Arlan
oral, the Itrnakm wOnayta at thrt l'lty of
ISultintann. IsZ .114
Drawing, Perspective, and Painting in 0i1...
1.1/D. SMITH is now prepared to ch...
Instruction to • fen pupllo In the diff.qnt terandirm
• delightful att. at Ms Mean., In Mew.. &alto •
Atkin...Ws nms building, First street. Letarest W.e.l and
Market qr... Hour. in.X.rOcttnn. Oon, 27,i to OS. not
frt. n..h. to fli i r. X. Ch... and other isartlrulars rant.)
kola. lq
ling (afternoon) at the, rooms
Hofer to Dn. azunt or .Iq. Addlaon.
.Sr 71 Pull). 4, wcst N /Auk qf lidenoph.
?fn./ and INANA collmtsll trn A.!! J— of U. Union.—
Amok. tAoAoht and sold on ausomis.
uD. 07111,11,011.1 D. 1.1/D.
R. a co, Manufeztawers oriel/mow
NO. VI Market Wert, between heel and &cowl,
Pittaborwb. Pea
Pertlcaltz ett.etlnn paid to old Atm. Also—Deelrr• to
Flint Mama. btel, il&w8
10DX 071,11,
ka NI IT LE Y tr. COLVIN, Coal Merchants,
as/ bawler. In Dry finale. rimemiva. Iran enrl
earn.w al Walnut .treat and Wublnewm Tnrnelb. /Ww ,
.11i. sr l.•.
(aALT 'PETRE-46 neck, for sale by
VERMILLION -75 lbe Chinese, [or ai b y //2
t 4 0.9.1140.98.
Culled Staten 6'n ....... ... • 100 -- 117 ' l l5Wt . , July
Do. o'. 110 d, 1023, 100 11118..Febt Ang
Benylrards ...... 10C' 106.15 10 5 ant. Jen &July
!b.e"e 100 06 05 ;lot. Feb! AM
Co. 05 02 ;Ink May& Noe
Do. coup. 6k.scrp,loo. 06 9 5 t do
Lk, conp.6lx,. ..... 10(1 118 ; I do
Pittsburgh My cis 1100, ;87 111,8,Jm 1 July
k coup. , Phil -'lOO dO
Allegheny city.. . . 100 85 :lot. De/ Nor
Do. cou. 6'e, 1111-'lo3' 67 66 ! du
run 'l6OlO. •
Bank of Pittsburgh GO. .15 .Dir. Nov Open;
Menufßank, 80 .. 14 do
Exchange Bmk
Allegheny B.mlogn Bank; W*
10 155 5- do
ktonong 4949 ahela Bridge
AL C1.,l 0c Bridge .
11002 AL 8tid0 , ....
Northern Llbertiee
Wllliarneport Bridge.
Western I.4lBrmre Cn'
Insuranee Co—.' • l4f, • i Dec 113 •
Anenclated i 4 •
. 4 • 9 I
741400.4101 .
Plttlgh ..... . 110' .45 40.
Pittsburgh, W. 47 44 do
Lake Doe 50 . .Ihei pr ctl coo
slorse's 3hureelle. 501,
PlltaLip . Jan 54. r
Holum la Slarkumer; Oil 50
Iv! e.brf thi. It , 1.4: : 0 4 1,,
thin 0 Penn's- it
11.11 Itm,d. JO 40
Belk A Ohio Ra 50
A1Dg.61,001,04.1 D. IL 50' 40 37
thkrlne W.,. Dry Doek.B.X4 110 ,1024.4.1.10 c. Der 4 914
Payette Ilmuf. C 0..........-; 50, -50 ,
Elie Canal 1301.124.01.11.--'lOO 141 40
Do. do. (rum)._ 100 5,1
Turtle Creek Plank Itmcl :12
t Iterryttvil
25' 24 21 I D , '
;•.6 334,'Diy..13.4prct
I'lltrburgh 6 liorNm
Surth Alurrinsu
Soren r.:..
North rstrrn
. ,
I•ituLurKh 6 Imlr Ho, al.
.thlu Royal ...
1611011,4, .
It:, 1.0 .Ino. lot.o. no
nriscaummous CARDS, 6ce.
): L II li ti S o;
0 / f 1 ~ 71 e, } , M r, I , i It V o l , f:Lt li IL M s tf i :lli
Children's 11 ATI, .n ever,vrlet?". 'lead Dt , J.tek
, and Vag, 1 , 1 , mM Flower. auJ a h.d.enme at...eminent rf
wide. klbt.,,,n, t 1..t.nn.1.11., ,uk and La, .11m:ill., .1
i ' V ' : '-'-'l'l =o;LiJT:rtZttirlll!:. t 7; wanted Imtnollant4
1 at.24:rf No 0 flfth street.
W. Dixon's London Patent Lever Watches,
.v„,,,,,,,, IJ any 11.”6 , s a...eve...dn. Piltawq.,
n „,,..„,A.ti,soN. ~ ,Slarket Ftr,ot. i..
-' Ar..ut fur the. tdado ttatcad Lover Watcl....
full d.'
gitarantat I. attached to each Watch
litaarr..l,,tm,nt to tee Adtalrally..w.kl !AXON, Chr ,
Err unt 14 atch Matsu -t
ta.uner, 4... king I,tuare. Oita
i' Pht n a ' ctil L fl ' e ' Prat the kceompant log IV. h. No —. ,
warranted by car to t.e. ~r my manufacture, and no M at,tl
with my 111111 f upon it Is R. , notor vole,. a.......mpattled 1,
a ay
l.earin, no altuatur..
I guarantee the Watch kr. --. t,. keep I,olto the f1it144., U. of the purehuwa lJ Si Id X tik
arlal ir
Mt• EL K ROKSEN noro.tontl y on
latrr , .11,1,144. 14, Mrrrr , drr.. cr. , +.l 1b..,
11.-11 antl the, ktr.rts c war. IN hie line
ll'ae.rtetts. Ilvortie 11111. allll. Avert. elloatur t .h.
Steamboat Agency, and General Commis
sion, Receiving and Forwarding.
IN. 1 Lt Mtai & CO., hut,- thin
tr ii r Jr "
et , tunste..l , n. *pa For, artlint- untler ar
the t r
Ita OW IN. Ma' ‘Ial: CI..
LecteTtt Illtann. 1•.:...
Ice Cream! Ice Cream!
H. ER. has ivl,4 t,, No.
1.... • .•.1 ••••••••1. v •••
ft:!1.1. M•••,,,, 1,1 'ZIA.. P.,. Lr.
üb, A
I n.mrn
a. b.• wrl wara.l,
tp.../. hau.l wuJ rum. •t.tlt loar
NZ, •10"11.1.
,i(EwELL CAMPBELL, Attornep
a La, TOchno. )101. ccruo• Oraht Orewl .14 I*.
nh.n.l ITtu. halo. Ot I. lama arpoloted o..3,hinh
•hmer UR. doweittrao. V., hew
Val*. MAr+lnn.t Varvala )11,ouri, Kettho . ky, &JO
ooa, ram 4 other goo, 14.21.1 m
TM. r .3( . 4.ff1.1 C 2113,• ItVl/11,
IRON CITY TAGS, FAcToit Y.—The eut.-
perilvvn snanar rture. amt k.. ev , n,tantl} nn Gana
.... Tae!...l...v.s.tvltlruh, fluivb , u,, Clout. mud
Rob An. 'Cunt' Floor Tharrol en 4 Lallflnk
and Naik. Curl" , C. , hit.
1 , 11../n )I..tton' I•nvnlv: illvris,
a Co.
v Ws.r•t_ 1.10.1 t orgh
SUMMER RETREAT i% non . opril
h l far the sotorantroadattan of I,Pa, TL. tol.nuto r.
ti•s lova ?anon imam... by ilia so:lai , . Of
ohntr. t , hrebt.ery a. Ylooroao. A large onlioattoot
binartinto PLanto Mid ehrelotter, oA the rh0...t011/toile. ATV'
ter ....Joon the proadoe.
Ti. Crontno, fruit, ay. trtt In in. Saloom. RI IiTU•I
lellln, pat up at •nart
Tbo noat and anonfortablatlitellinbant CHIEFTAIN. leave*
IC. landing, between Pltt Ntrari.. tioe Old Allettin.nt
Brits, ne twgittivins •of over, to or—frarn P0..100k. A
3i*tar, , unit! II P. 3I One ..era trip ...or; meaning. . 1 1 .81 it
atrungert . 'totting the t'xnaky !avant to par.
visit to this p0rt...3)1.1.m0 tinnier.
no Garden is [apt an Tomparai.,,,i,,cipt.,,
an fund.,
J. J. NI YERS—Suli:e...n and l'hpieian..
Wane awl darellina ,ornew bilohninadlnn'•.on.
:Mint afoot ma door star., hzdahneid al.
Dr..l.l>ara ha. prfnaanantly looßtad annaldarah, and
.111 attend In the nnt.4 of hi. Prot...nap. U. will give
paftlraer attaalLop tp Hrsoaad Our, and lb. dvantata of
antra and railtdoon.
Tuition on the Piano.
e Ni R. F. t i !-A , 1113 , 2R. L DJ , woujetr .... e-oh 9
ithat and AllkghntY that ha 11l now n
gattad d
.. talus a Ivngo mot, putnlo‘rn ti. Kt.
oh an In Singi
haler...h.-0 P. gan. 1'....., .
Ent lli..nry Irwin. hah... 31, ..
th,nt. I I..nttrih_ rtrr.t.., Itglatna , artglf •
Fresh Assortment of Spring Goods.
T110:11AS PALMER daily receiving
!mt. lb. Eartorn Cilia, it the old rfarl.l,
Between Third and Foura .treds, Pet/burgh,
Lea,m...lmm to Ns present Kea. of thereat twettalful
iAjMt /LANG/XIIN that have,eprpeamt Ie this
[trey nets, lb.
rykt riaal Th e. e att; thee len ''' . to win , of dot.
Wit lionmamed " PrOM3 10 ens., nyerahle , the prim ,
reale . . ' To Mb ettnetlteltrt etsxte. of whiph .ore
gmael nob. fumed Ity sight titan tteertiptlom
of merchant* end htnnr earprre Is reep , olF
keitril : mobil
Hoard or Ilruterwri tern.
T n Meeting of the Boarli of Coderwri
, the (Whoring mohair,. was ananlynonaly
aurt ordered to he hutdirbant' •
Ifeorlr.d, Vol fewn anti after !be vuhllnaflon of thin no
Ilee. no Tire Itirt, whether onginal or roohnuert. oltall
notoviront an tate, by any brourranno Oa.. In thit
unttl the premium in told in ea.!
fly order. A If
wohT7l.l nerretary r 1 thy Proof
Lemia'a Patent Iteversii)le Water Filter
(IS SOW 10 he in operation 111 WM
TATE A CO 'P. Plurnh.r, NI. 10 I 'myth /noel, I.
worn Ferry end Latterly Kw. anti at fiftooo A VVIIVIIn,
for In Mario., Mreet. Vitt. Itlowl. Thin VII., hmowlvol
• Yo,hl Hold Cr,,,, lb. Armenian Ito/Mute .1 New V.I.
end • IVrtinoato from the Fratfklln I.llllolni
nblw tor It. euportmity In Ity rleanothrtoolorharn aunt Men
ewt/Preen front Howe hmring them to um In Ph1in.1,11,11.1.
II 4lrm no moot pirseur• reni.tmonol to the Ittroo. el
two, rho. •ater. IL. Patent Ite•mettle Vilt.e.v.lo
retool 1.1 Mt 1.•• lo, torfl firw of them f...
timnthe, I am mottled L., Itnlyr rf heir
.thoftllV. nirr. 10 sr on,.
ffarwla •Inth,
Itsrmyrtirte W.1.,' ltan, wont/tot Itr 11l
nano., II Iwwle. tonf tool try no tor mono nointhr
reeiVer I. ell
i lft i al ar t yartrge ratee if wl.l,
f;,11,: " gr.11: ".
JP, 4 ' . 47. I ," A RI.TVIII! to
~,, no l
75 -Itootolowt I s t,llll/0 mro
ut Anm.le tlo 'M w. et ll In
' r "' ;:t; ;tr. I r 4 " :ll . 4! " ;.tent r ial
tr. IemLEILO • yr.. to or mrl ,pen t/ te.ller• • A Imo
V re
11., la. Imo ra....4 tra fir. year, alt 4 with . re will
4/4 I . l.4rtsit JAlltifiV,
avl; tt • a.t *oft Am.-I'llllw hobla.
A Card,
',Ay,: VITTEI) ion OP Now York
.uprz . tor , lS wrrvatto, lb. e 4 I.,sr
I rit i no l 1t!;
01 •upa e.r •..,.1 111,1 IA I,llj, In,: lain..,
„1„.1..0,1 Y, dials eAII.I
TArkey IWI 111.Ic , VOA ee..
110.1. LA. ~,,,A eAo. ion•le.l.lre Aleexeln, 11.1
lame 4111,..r0t •Islll.,
el fel 1171. A. Wer.l.,A rit.l
leollrr• •rol 11.10. enrll/14 Ta.,l•And
Armi, 0/10 Awe Wouw.,,* ',le o,' AI.
t.“l lantAttrr f , Aeon, Awl :4nl
11.4• tth;l 41.1ellne,
All elisAktull I eirnielere/r Illle+l
•0 4 Wll Peeilel.E.ol4lpl tttttt
IA 11'11ELI. It CHESS hay, thin Any, Q
1,1. ',es S 0., uplti in
I\,►IoTICE. All .111,411n01
Jr,l,lr A IL, J.%J , 14, 110 , 11 .Ir.l 01•1 1
went to .:4•raisee.; And eh.. I,,,enee
sAmetor pp.,. will ,4•10011{ 0,111 I', 1.111,10.. l
•017 W•l.llr.N 11 OAK Tr witar
LI. J'EINONS Itnving blininemi.vrith the
In na )4
ggll ottl2/ g, fm .
atlll 11717
and s frnn ag n4P. Alonlann ; .aril +n
1( 7, 1 0
.Pd eknryoul.
I, PA/TR.—W.
• 24 by Priming 1•111.4 r,
Ng/ .• 21 by an
NY/ 12 1,7 /12 " • "
600 " IY ty 11 1 F L ; 4 7 6 1 by 34, 21
400 ••TJ1714141;i'414-11
120 ti
4114. lnglo C own:gnaw Pane.
700 ^ I.l.llurn " -
360 , 4lnlturn and Blngle Crown Rug.
Th. UndarinenrdDr mnrlantlf nn hand and forralr
rrlii.rigri far gaga, a largn and gni.. ao.rtni.l of
C. Letnir. llanlwarr. and Tea Pa..: 11.041
!Wads, kr., Fr.
rif 111 Pitt, . paper manuflielurrra
Printing ;taper mil. nrdrr antler,
6.1,26 nw-nar of P•no and Irwin sta
11 A W WHISKEY-200 Ws. on consign
ud. for We by MILLER RICKMAN.
IA4) =I sad ZAI Liberty
smsz BEM
STEAMERS TO /maim' • : • •
I lerninem....--eratitren .. . . --Ron n
Ayril 23
Eurnrin ..fiannon...........lAveryon ..... .. .--APOI 5,
Arvtie .. ...,-
•• .. -Lure.— ...... -Livery.' -A231130
Ervervii3 eitr.-.2.33Aer.—..:.--213Aviv Apvil 23
north AmenenAllethes Chant. AP ill Ei
Merlin .......... ~ - E ameen .3 rb.m... ....
. April . 2:
Havana Mir 2
_...liner St:athwart...
L.Eue , t, (remMiLaelphla.ll4verponi... ..... _May
Ana. Liverpool. ..... 7
Liverpool ...... --May 10
Empire City--..... Porter ..... May 1J
¢la Porter Havana-- ...... ....May 12
soon Amadeu Blethen Chagrin ..... .....slay 12
Br Jonathan Row._
Herman CrabOve.... ..... SontlimnPlo.--MnY
aniensburg,Cliamber•burgi DbliadMlMbh
Omani and Nortberojiartv Of N. I.
Delaware, new Jersey, and th. Ma New England BD..—
Britleh Produces of Lower Cons.. Nov.
New BmnAwlek, ddir. AniVell at
NIZSTLI Bantam—By Blairnill• add Itallidayaburgi
ineindinn the rountie• of Bradford, Cambria, Centre
Juniata, Lvomoln., mayo., mum ,Pareses.
nook end part of Westmoreland,via Livrltuare,
Murray - milk, Wt. Road,, New thisandria, and
daily • or IllonlaMat 3 e.z.; de.
Etir--1171Intlee Pa. Mercer, Crawford, and Jaffee".
rooier.. 14 Meru pirtorleovr 'fork and •
Arrives at B r. at.• and departs at II A.
roan, bomoreen part of H.moteland
Maryland, Baltimore, Wartilnittou War
rro parts of Üblo and Ind**. Kentuelty, Terme.
Alalatzly, Liaaruri. Arkantaa. Borth Ca.
"were.. lanialana, Flotida. and Tem. Wt. AMT..*
at Y. mud departs at IS r...
liramizaertra, Unta—By afro.. Hatr , on, Baritattab•
Florence, Pula Pa.. Holliday* C.a.. ra, Jaen..,
CArroll. Holmes, and Tuesrawes• eountios.Obiu,dally.
Armes alv..: dal/arta at 7 a...
Bonn Wuria.--by bearer. Pa, and Clerrland, Ohla—
Hearer C.., Pa.. Columbiana, Trumbull, Portage, tioanßa a bul a , Iftaryt,lyarne, Medina uyab=anamit,A.alte,
Itkrilan4, bundn, Huron, Ottawa ret, may, Wood,
and Lucas
....11 +, OLIN U. attrem• northern counties
cl the eta. of Indiana and Illinois, Including all Licht
pan. luau, and 11e.oredn. daily. Arrive* at II a...; do
par. •I 6 1.1.
u firtrA,nn—lty nnarpabutg.nnustnn, SpringNel4.Taretn
non, 1. reeinlet, Kittanning. Kb;knitaa, Arm'Nunn. (Aar
tnnarteld nounnen.dail), r anent on ti unda, a. An.
ri u at 7 e.m. and departs at !I t.
Altarta.—lty Yarn - grille, 1i exintd. Z•linnople. Porters-
Ilartinrhurg and New LAAIy,.. Arrirra Tualda,r.
T'ennew.laya. and hatunlaya. at it V. depart. NlotulaT , .
IV...ll,e•Jara and Friday...l 7A. a. eturg rib Flnieyrille, ardi Moo
~nohela Ott. Arrives Itaen.la7a. Fridays, at L e. 5.; d.
par. Wrap...lay , and :Saturday, at 6 A. M.
C0r0..",..—H T Buchan., Street's Run. dlrlieeanoort.
Coo Eldahet,htawn, I.latable'r, HootraAtr, (tether.
rnna,l2.nointown. Perr,dpolln. Nan Liberty, Upper .111.11.11...
Son o Pa dar• and Tburnlara. al 2. a.
par. Mondays and Thurodays, at V 4. E.
1.11101.11. Walker. Noblentown, Candor.
Burg... Warn, enon Creek Villa., Pmdtrransia mill, Pa.
11411 An, .V a. Armee Sunda). and Titrnda), at 10 a. w
depart,. $l orula, and Thuradaya, at 1 • VAdaviaw. Vd.—B., Clndnu. ntuniccknyille; Moon, Sion
,tanNfort Niningn. P., Fairview, Va. Arrive. 40
Friday. at n ; dent,. ou Yaturda.,. at aA. a.
, nstdan.,-R,-Bt Antrim, North, NVanhinglan, and /1,11,..
Unitsenlay.. at So. a., departr ua Ronda,
A A. a.
Last net:MO.—Br Ulf=l . 2 Ferry. Armes ou Fraley. .t .5
r depart, Ott Fatunlity, at N
litatasanc—Pr P....en/eine. Wexford, Prealtoeelt. Ogle.
Pro,tort, tillestaan, A. utelullog Warren stet Veneer.
rtouttle• Arrives daily et 7 A. a_ sod dep.. et ,
Lotter , roe the duly mall. roust tat tr. oue Lour
tholv deperturt: letter, tor the trf-arelly. tom,
etteltly.ttal Peek I t malls. mutt Le ILI the Officaltalf a/Ihour
Lek., Weil departure.
citan-ren. yam'. rent rot rrirsaclaci ocarrit. •a
N. NOLNIES & SONS, iillllkera.
No 07 Mirky/ r!, artuart TAird and /horn s,. 11112idara1.
I'ENNEYLVANIA Iftianch at klameilion.. ...,
Baal ot Pittalcurgh . ....par; Braneh at iy...mter............ ch.
1.1,4...c.p Bank..! ,to.. tar(hawk at Anna- J
olyr and Man W . 1., ... par Branch at lining...e All
liana of tintincoar.... tar City hank. Cincinnati...4 .l
Mink 4 NorrA Aroanc...-par clointoccrial Ilk.Cinetnnatld.,.,,
1..0 or Norktio Lila-rhea Jar Franklin hank - ... dn.
Baal of 1011nnlyania.. - pa: Lielairtle Ilaak ... .... .-- AY
Pant of Patin tar oh lo 1.16. Ina A Tra-d 12. , -A1..,
lowa ache Cwt.! Btalea Id Wertern li...ara• Bank- ito
lannuoereLal Dank of Pa-...par Bank of Maradlion-- _.....d0
in ' ti; ' tuk l . . "-b"‘". 4 . k . l ire . L '''' U L 4tt . iiiiici - ca . . ---"
Kan.noton Dank . parlAll solve-at Banta-. I
Manufac..allech haat__ toce te NW WEN.
Mroyzu,so . hau1......... rasa Now York eery ... -. . .... .per
Sinyaniettrl . n.il4uk {I. Country ,
hillJelt.ia Inaba . . par MAKI LAND
snarl:r>, Sauk . roky.llatUraon .. .. par
l'ral...ruan's liana , eutvonotri -. ... ~.. I
11 ...taro Bank . .t o A JEIt,CV a IoLLAWARE
Yank of Ctiatal,rhaergh. I!A II hanky I
Bank of 1.1.-tyr Cc...tole tar; IlitlllNia.
Dant ..1 Icanycl F. . .. toriflaok of the l rtßai I
11.111 of 1,1. to .Ctoo.L.r-par,lik et I lamina. litchanAid i
Bank 4 Gernienclown ... par, 1... Hank, Va., A ...riot.-- I
Bank c , f6yrtychararh Orval,: Bank et I Iralati• I
Bank of Leyandown _... -.l.llare4ienti A Mach. Bank '.
hoax of ah.Licoloa a. .. I INcyrth It ..tarn 11.... - .. k. Co Ilsok sari ByanYhey..
Bank,, A Yoilt unateriand tar A 010TII CAEHLIN A.
reac-le.le Baal I Bank of Cape Pear-. ... . '2
C..lntutia ill A brads. Co of 'u of A Carolina -
lloyie-Aica n ILok _ . psi Coccinciaraid Bk. Mlltionen . 0
lii... ua,,,,a ~../11...chareti Dank.l , ,Nl..rn ..:
Kna Dana.- .. -... II rOVTII CAROLINA
Yarracribk of Boca, Ca. par Ilk of the Sk ‘,l S. Cunha. :
Panto-a' Hit of parHianit of South Carotin._
kanotane'llank of Bruding par Baal ofCbatisatun--. .... .:
Enna kik ot,horikill. o.par Planta-re' A Mechanici• Elk . 2
YaklbrOw W.Frolvar, 1 IiELOIEJIA.
I r lfri nk atr " fir.i b''''' lll "' T:f . Liv a 8 '" Al " Co :
llopossial. 1:liol Slopkorrel itugurta ~ 1
I...anueter auk.-- B ask.__
....___... --.11. TENN ESAk.E.
LauclutarCounly Ita . nk-..par Al aolrent beink...., ..... .... k ,
Labsaast Munk- ... -- --par ' KKETECIVV.
Mtiviree Paoli of PoOdonlin 1 Etat Kentucky. Lanialitla I
Monongahela Pank..-......Ear11k of laxilanlte. Shannon 1 I
lAcat Itaancliklank.- IhNorthent Ilk of Kentucky. 1
Y BlLVllltrai
mr,pardtccothera Hit of K.atiuky y. 1
li , lliCSOLitil.
Italia, Note•—.. L.. , l'Eseof Stale of )11....narl I
o,lllu. I ' ILLINOIti.
Ohio citktaßank....--. - - I Coo Bt and kranc10.......50
Brand, at Minna- , J. , hank of Mani* ... _ ..... 71
Branch at AU101:13 ..... - ,hit AY
Branch at 'lnd. -lan . - dal Marine A DAY Ina. Co. chkee ~, I
Branch at Chilecothe . . ctol , Al ICIIIGAN.
Brooch .t Clevelani LL dollrettm•r.. Mechanic,' awl 0 }
Branch at Toledo do °overtone-at Stock 11aaL...,
Branch at Dayton ,In;Pardatular . Bank 1
Branch at DaLairara Joilnourann.C.Antany---... 3
Branch st. Colombo. cla ..tat. Bank .
Itrata-ti at Anh.bula. -.Bel CANADA.
Branch at Bakal. . .. dieltik oflt. N Antericia.Tornato: ,
Branch al Ilansll.lll. .... cloMank of Penni.. Toroutot r
Braveeib at /DPI, . cic.iliank of Maud ....-- . I.
Brutal, as CoicAnnail dolliank of r. Canada, Tinsman!,
Branch at enialnlna- Jo KABTERN EACIIANtIk. 1
Brunch at Want/burin:lL -An He New Bork the m L.
, iri .
Branch eat Cadiz. d On Philadelphia do
Branch at Laaardar... .... do l On Itaithuore do . .1, ,
Branch at Blentarnnila Jo WESTERN EXCLIANtiIi . El()ATti LEAVINCI Tllitt DAY.
Branch at Mt Vanua.-- do Cincinnati-- ... ...... - .... I le iR PHILADELPHIA ASO BALTIMORE.
Branch at Newark.... do Lcolnille
Uncial. at F:lyna. - ........ACi r‘t. Loins.. ..'. ......... . 1 L' D I. '"" L ' h . C °. I"....aniva
,Pu , k m c! Bar.. a daily at a a in and
Branch at
tham-h at Marietta__ do Doubloons, Facials,. ..100 N.CiIIVILLE-Fort Pitt
linnet at Troy -• ••• • .40 do. Pe.B l .- l' , '. 1 VT If l tl3-1411.0r
Branch at AIL Plaanant -_,ln Patio, old-. -- . --- 10,C0 '
Onatub al tainen111........d0 liaele...-- jun ; CINCINNATI-- Brilllaul
Branch at Norwalk do Pdarialselron .... .... tau 1 tVKLISVILLE -Aran,
Branch at Plquo- ... ... ... do T o. Thatara , .. %An
Punch at Parlamenti,- .docOnloneas... L Yammituasalautuatuturut,
. - _____
Branch at Eaton... do ibasraiita. . . 4.40 ;
Bntrich at liannina...... _Jo Tenthilldan . 4.1 a, , A. A. MASON 4--CO„
ilrulc.h at Chilliotho Saynleoni ..... _ ... .... 9.00 1 ,
Branch at CuYabchts do.Ducato ..... .. . ...... tLIA importers, Jobbers, and Retaile
Onxh ~i Tolmo.
Front Brick end House Tile. 1 ... v,... 6s and Cl Marka .Irret, rittqntry, )rm.,
THE undersigned is nosy manufacturing, at A I NNOUNCE to their Irionde and the put.
his Means brick Piers, In Illrminalsam. the 6ami ; , Ih. general', thlt the, are row yreptied to catittit
will Fron t Brick. for home, •ver prnalinni. which be , the arm., and rtmq carv.fully relet.i..l 11.N.L ..f
will roll at onetbinl to tin-hall ler. than htaldmul, and . KNTIiik:I.I NI:lt 1 1001`.
rogreaing patently even. samara edges. and a smooth, p , ./ tiny hare ever ,dlered In OM car. m..e 1,l the moat
triod turbine. the: retch no ant O and, and preserve a ; rich and fathionabie !Maas n. .til l . . tit, oar, commun.
handannlt• vie.. brat. erre.4.•4., at peen In Rey. Mr and which will hs named at lb.
Kuria . ..Church. Smith Pittsburgh: the contratt Marco it ; LC) WEdO? P0,'91117.R PRICER
tt i kill b ,rar•Va C W L' , l grie r Tb 't .tvai.r Th ge " g,! ' 7, , 11.7,1 1 0ttr:,', ° :, '.lt , 7,^f..l...lT..i t aTclol:ielt:Z•
11k,.. genteel house should Iv of mewed brirh, retail [note. and thy goods arrant-tat In L..rartments, eir
the wilitictua
I n tette 40 trilling
Silk Department.
Certinnalea my potemthiri. from /armament Meer.. '
Agent*, and Aretillacta, erhe. hem used 'nailer Mick el• ,' Ail the new trot fuhloonble Ityle. impornd tine return..
naatvely. certify to th eir oraperiority to strynath, dun 1 melnding the Itlctmakeil ..1 111.c.k Mik.
Ity. retlltaint to frost water. an, le
Dress Gatti s Department:
II0l;31 Tit[.
1 cattiptieing Poplin.. Ilreaark Then, a..., d. f.aore.
.Alen trinulanturinK, a inporior article of r 0... pronoun Cut...-. Do twine, I,Atror. Alitnlicir.Canitri, -reran
an eminent Knalith Ant:ann. niperi rto Chan , a nt, tirroadincs. lienabiWnet, A1p.,.....te .
and farnirtad at about o n l y
half th ereto.... I
Shalt' b.. V nett..., 1.0.
COM 110% billet:.
Alen, diAbOad CAMIIIn. Brict--ettenfirth. durability. 4, lon Crape, Own and embroidered Al., tiama,k.
; Ta b bc " r ' t , li i .. ' w. " l7 m it ' l ' ;..,'t h 1 ' 2741 ' ' ..l l. tie l l '. ..t% ' ..Sl ' a i nit u rl a.;!t a n . 'n
guaranteed . Price. al la loath at the Work..
Hosiery and Glove Depordtoom .
- 1111 NG SII A W
t S—Va.hoere, thihet, I win .1... he ion/a ..unet, win, the tort mak, of rar ram teenier.,
• eon. and :tilt Il..ntery. Tn.. wid Kid 0id,....i.Ky, on
0t,..1 II UttPlll, a ITURCHFIELD I hand -- •
iIITE GOODS--For Ladies' dresses, of Linen Department.
, 34, 44, and 0-4 White la en. LI ten loe inn. Villa
nil the various I.laJt urwl-Mull :Muslin. Itrela dc ; , en. Linn, Nradtin.. Polla n' , blenc ‘ h...l and lar-n Darr ' ,
N tnaok't kineen't 1,•i...•. A, a rural/ prat reed by gat Towelling. litapm An
ay. %Int I'll V A PURCIIFIEI.O I '
1V hite Cloods.
F,Ni`4 V . 11.1iti II PAPER. IiANISMS-- 1 Checlud end Dotte.l eamtric.e . . lull, t , vrltr. Itur.k atid
fa! The .1... a anon me., at. that a I .r Paton.: the Nalrom.nk 1....111... , irteria and Illatio . p Lawns. of ere,
1.1 ...cantata 110,...., to rale la duality and 11..... A 1.... Curtain %aerial, Piat so and Ts.
a A ITI:13 PII A ItSll ALL. IWe V.mrent, A
.0. a Weed .. , EittlitiiiiieriOn. Lbet,, Tribilliiil,g7a...Ne,
'/AVON - 140 0 His Skive. A complete an-atinent Alto. lUblo Fk mem, Tab,.
;An Para.als of all kln.l. liourat, oral' thc iatml attic , .
. .. .. Fhouldert.
o,ai thong, nod leyeivnl awl ha 1 ihilllOat it. Goods Itepartmet it
...I. 1,, at' lON wNIIOOINT 1('O, IIs probablr one of the same ettenrice In the country. ea,
awe at r ,„, a, y,mt I t, laming •T. et thing known at duturatlcs.
. . ,
.. ' The PrOprietort reel conlblerd that. whh It ea Imainett
S A SSA l'A 11l LLA 1 hole (Ittinotimit,l tor , t..111‘1.,, lar - de and attractive stmt. and an 1,1 , 111111, M.
I rah lor at,..;:i li. a, atm 1,,1tt, Pricer, they ...Met NA to glee "ern, mantra not.
, M holvanie poreitinorn 'ow nefectfully trilin mid that we
IL , MI 1.1911 si , I,IT PEAS -Roceived ittel., •ili be pleatof to rec , ter then order., at ', o n,. time, for
I'l t 3 to. t., II NI A Nicel.llltil A CAI. . :' , ...'.. , ''41:rg t .1 k T r t . :7 , 1 . 1 0 7 . .. :Z . I.PM.. an. y eastern tall
" '" '.."•" ' lT ' . ' "" "" . i NO. anti Whim:table rei n olio,
grill be nowt" vat constant-1Y
• il I.! - .1 i i.IiIiKITHS throitilli the ...ton
.. . .
ii.A . E . Pkir A tiN L).
. .1.. P.I.I.IIiiN. In lwronolivoilt eente.l hoer., re. , ~..,,,
~,I,,,reiet 1.,/ sal. 11) A. A. Mild ON A I.°.
. IV A N1.1'1.1180 a (NI..
evn INO 1.11.'4.4 .1. ILN DI Alt ÜBllEti ItEt;rl NG . /I very large
, he. of India !lubber first-bane Beltli oi on lowan.
i ll' A V A JP.1.1,V t'reslejnet recta, eil atm • 111 01.11.1110 Of. Iti In ....0 lllebel. Thlf logthioß ...-
II Igo ..1. 1., it 11 A Melll.ltltil A elo peeler to leather or any Wier. for all 4,111 cIIAII.I' lb. Iv,
lowing. mama.
‘IV 11 1'1'1: clt Al% Sul A\ l' 1,5, I/1 VIIIII , II/1
.l l ti '1 ”. tr . r0,...t 0.1.1,1, ol st.ith en., 11. IL In-. v. hieh II
41 , 4: "'j'''' "I'l'ol
Ali illal V A ill/ hell 0 INLII. 'I No 'oat qualrr :100 egrees. het s
old Mon,
;II and it remains devible In any dad meet oold
I; i l i : l n " t r i ll : i i t t ier A ,..1 4" , "" , ~I ', l, ":,, " ,.. " :„ . ,; " ,. I‘ , ' „,, '" , ' ' ' , ‘l , o i l, e L I I?i t ts 4 ItfI r,.: :: " . 1 , '" :: `, 1; " : 1 ,;:l7;?,1: 1 .:L , r,: i „t O .:„ ° ,:i ' .
~, ~ „,„, ~,, .„,„ I „ -.. ,, ,, , •,. c ,,„; . .„„„ s , ~,, -‘ • ~,,. igloo •41..1 to umrlkturr). 40. no t ........
op'... h. pa Is the rase with Icatior or an
nib or
. • A. la •1110 belting las rnsa 1s much tole . that of 'nail,
4 ItSi . :NIC 11111111 w for ollit• by
/IA "P.. lt r. P1:1.1.till olr rtn, littft
P.ll , Ie • eta. dir...1.1... the ore and nn of MIN ., . tr.
111111 , INIO4 /flank leather and remora by JOIIIIII“.1,11.11,1 ,
4,l , tlll , ltirS . 1111 hand and lot .1.. al. Not : and It It awl rt.
pd J. A 11. PIITLI.ITS.
1 ; am hide hardly l'hlurk ------- -- --- ——
hag 1,11,1 '' tockinghain and Domestic Queensware.
0.. - A..., -
I - 11110Mb Phalle I Coin: lILVOODWAItD, BLAKELY' & CO,. Man-.
on •• rniar.q V ofectmern of landtinshant and renew Cane Marc. 1
pinata, Knot Idetaroo, Ohio.
add. TR , . ...
Arlaniple IIMI/1114. corner Sixth and 1.11 ,, ,' ,tams.. tal
iIIGIIIIII Church I.llllusJ el:ono:1.v nest door to J. A It
op: , '''."."' "r ' 111.....17.. 1 ,1 7: l V, u rilNl're ' ; ' , l ; ' n'l4.'"""'"r"'''.
, It., entrain,. Morita enable un to fill rorterspromml , y
(~ ~I„ ~ I v onapeteut &Axil, lolua ennr . autly en , pl o / ed. - I - ; b
4 p`;‘rj.l.'", l „l.."„vh"..Nl', l ,:in', l : -,:,'':,a, 41) - 7h•••11', - k •am.. in trap pme with all th, new and imprortA;i 1..
111 .r Iho vr halt tou.trr T o l oi t it ' AT4s; ' , w'
' I "r itk1, ' , 1 ,T,,,,, Flacons, Pitcher', Fara; Tni rkihmort. , e...
M W .. , ",. ' Pinner Vmee. llohletn, Slantel Itruaroexp, -tearing. and
; .• 21 off Jars. and article. for dramatic unr, in gnat variety.
I 4 4 1511---No. I 'Erbil met Shed: in !ibis. and n 0.d... ~,,,,, rv,,,1..d..'
half bide
Na.l ll.rring.. In lad.; 11 . 4 AY . elSil) - 3IA NU RE PORI: t 4-125d0z.
No I :1e1... .. re,elyina and for Ws harper 4 Co's celebrated Ilay and 11,uotre Forks.
Ire •0. Arpin WATT A (k). rece ved from the mannfacturer, Phlladelphm on remain*-
. ... _ •
K. W. pal NIDETER.
meta and for sale by
i 1 0 ITKE-1 01) bbls good Itio,just receiving ntreet
-11, ) and tor entle 10. r JOHN IV ATI' a -CO. Pm neat,a• of finish and fetrlntic vain.. then Verb
Elbert, st. cannot he 0 , 111VII•eti: mad the low price at ..ehleh they are
sold must Ihrlt Intrduction. aply
/Ilia: 116 USE of th; Soren Gables; -a Ito- ' _.. _ _ _ . ___
11.1 1 UCKWILEAT FLOUR—I.OOO lbs. fo r a
thence by
At t lioutEn. Mawr 1/nrsa. Third xtre.. aPP. lO. t.h.
I.ll'm I.lrlng An, NB 3KI
_UP II .1 ,,,, ItOb/50.N. L[71%6 a CO.
re. t Office. er , ' , _ €l - ..A - NDLES - 10 0 boxes Summer Dip Led;
filfrEli-25 kegn for silWby is - Etta; wt. ~le b
li l ittilt : :soo bat. bril:d-lioni,i.; ytAroN—anoo lbs ceuntrT cured for soleby
IJP .41.31 - JOEIN RI lATI 1 CO.
opT.: W°
- R . 0811tn. k r.11% 7 11 1 1 t h . 7 o.
fIOTTON—SG bales now ---
landing from stall .
CIIES - TNUTS-30 hat , forsale b• 1...,4 Fort Pitt, for salo by ISAIAH DIO4CRY 100 •
av-^.! ROBISON. LITTLE Ar CO. _ anN/ . Ware ant tomtit at
piU .9, 1 , 1t0
N-25° tone for
t r7LE s co. S
ACON-15,000 lbs. llama and Shoulders
it In entokeholue, fay nabs by
S PONUE-3 otrings very Superior;
I bale mv,
" Cearar, kr ado by
spB J. 241/00NILLitia a Co.. 2.4 Wood .t.
BAirmoma Aamuc..—ddaertildoelate and subscriptions.
fiar IbLa pap.. I . ..aired wad tharxrded (rano( expels.. from
l ITTECBtrItte 111ARKET. ,
dryly Perrenctort alatirrr.
Thuradars Ma, I. 1
A amoral .Iletness pervaded the twins/ restentay. and
40,Anti.j. , 1 nen rally were without change.
FLOUR—Ite..-Ipts by river y....rda, .........0.0
SILL. from tretlhande mulinort to •kw small lot, only. A
sale el th e low r wharf of 113 bbls. at $3 91 V bid, and of
30 Lble 3fonorthabela brands at $3 25 VI bbl, 1.3 a) was of
Potty for • lo 'of 16 bbS., but th e holder demanded $3 :a.
and the sale b not Goo effected op to a late hour. Wee
hum stow we mallow] to small lon at the lamed rates,
say 13 314.3 37 . 0 bbl.
GRAIN—Tim market to without chimar, receipts are
light, and small mice transpired at previous quotations.
tIROCERIEttI—We notice a continued armorer In coon
and molusaa.lra mace of the Mettler at GNM)GIic, and of
the latter 37 it for comma:Lon. and see tor anger bows,
For Rio cafe the market Is dull. Cl 10%0116h11Sle as ID
OlLa—klides 11, Lids NU 2 /8/11 all at fide s and of 13 Lids
Co 1. to two 10 ,. Cl 6 0e 51.1. 4 mos, with per for bid...—
Linseed Is selling at 47490.- i , gal. and 'Tanner's 01l at $lO
4117 Is $4l. I
DRIED FRUIT—The market iI comparatively quiet ,
with no meted I change to priers. comparatively
beard of no sales
o.n; large ceient
i r.,,,
lialkihl—th ' socket rordmiter tom , with a fair busine ss dolog, doing. Cl for SS. rides Nita ~/houlders ..?4,3 it F. far
..ern and .-1 y coml. and of eountry carol l, to s e e
lower. i
I .AltD—Suoplies am limited, with small aalea s in td.. at
Sti.l.i. 0,1 iril keeirat 9(49...e1l h.
LINO SNATi—Per.- LuLanWhitmore
A Wolf; 3 A.. pi+tasb, Lech OeC. , tea hem.. Mereden
ICurnlr, akileker J A Koos; 0 111,14 hair. 72 du
lard oil, IV ktiajbam. I trunk. 4 ban mdee.lle kir I Foray th
73 ',ht. hlekey, Cunard. i etoldb: bO bias tAcoa
dere. Sellers I be bble aloi•Itor. Nlalistire Nom,
Cm .5 hlsde a/um:alder., A Kb,:9 has hardaprej I be mem.
As hemp Need. 1/ratrJk Cm f, lab wrap, 1 Ir, d, I do la,.
was, 9 bas ' , cachet, A Ws dar IL "kWh:
Lblprarbea, tll,, rap, 11 do paehi, 8 Wind..., Atlas, I
be be..., /Uwe a• Co: bg. apple,l tn. 14 aim fdo fur.. 4 I, gs.gin4er,: apl , l, M ,
bemee, Ibl Treitla, L. ?leleavallt • b oh, 'Traver...-
Tilde abed boa , banal shoulder", 97 ',hie !art
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1 ryl
The tu bop Triweekly Herald, gives a
glowin u l re accounb of a recent discovery of lead ore
about e mike from that town by Mr..Thce. Le-
rt.,. F he editor ban been down in the mines,
lin tel
one di dyed anci,twenty.feet below the surface
of the , and be tells, with great minuteness
what he saw there. The extreme length of the
aubterraneart nu:this something like ,one hun
dred and sixty feet by sixty, and varying in
height from ten to sixty or seventy feet. It wan
discove . I
alloritleix months since, and since then
one milli o pounds of ore have been taken from
their hid g place, and scarce mote has been
done than to remove what hung upon, the en
crusted wall, or laid exposed to the , eye, or
slightly buried beneath the floor of the cavern
The Herald sajs $2.8,000 is the reward of this
bare skimming of the surface, while' the testi
mony of experienced miners is, that the vast
! reservoir of wealth is as yet entirely undisturb
ed. But when this portion of the an tern is ex
hausted, the work and wealth of its owner will
have just commenced to he realized.—Stretch
log on from the eastern terminus of what is now
viSible of the cave, Is a narrow passage which
may be traced for thirteen hundred feet, and
through the Whole coarse of which are visible
signs of the same rich deposite of mineral. The
explorer wormed his way for 'about six hitadred
feet, and saw entingh to gratify his curiosity.
Twice the rocks open into somewhat capacious
rooms; neither of them of sufficient hieght to al
low a man to Stand erect, but both showing MI
equivocal evidenitthat the depths below are
loaded with mineral tree:sure. One of the open
ings which he denominated ti " bed-room," is
about twenty-five liy fifty feet, and the other,
'• the palor," is 'mine thirty-five by one hundred
feet, and is highly 'ornamented, both with clut
ters of mineral froth thel walls Ind beautiful sta
lactites of carbonate of lime, 'from the roof. It in
said to be impossible to estimate the value of this
lead-3500,000-may be too high a figure, or it
may he tun low. take a long time to ea -
haust it, and until exhausted its value cannot he
told. It is, doubtless, the " richest deposite of
mineral ever found in America, and sinks Cali
fornia into the shade. Of the process and the
labor by which this' discovery was made, the
Herald says:
We know not what tribute to pay to the per
,everenee and courage, which carried the din ,
coverer, for the first time through this long, nar
row dismal track. In the worth of Col. Whit
tlesey, the geologist, (after going ohkr the same
ground that we have gone:) •• no braver man
than Thomas Levens lives on earth.—
Six months ago, .f there were none so poor a%
do him reverence." impelled by curiosity
and determination to strikaa big lend,r_he
entered a small crevice which, by accident. lit
found leading westward from an ashen, aban
Boned eight years ego by some disappointed
miner:and overcoming almost insurmountable
obstacle:4, not knowing whether he tended, or
what dangers awaited him, pushed his _ way for
the first hundred and fifty feet with. hopeless,
sickening toil—still be pushed oward. At length
the well known glitter of thehilltlenore sparkled
upon his eye. Hope now took possession of the
heart and gave strength to the muscles. (In
ward be pushed his course; no mortal near
share his transport or come to his rescue should
dangers hefall—onward he goes his way, nod in
ten hours, emerges again from 'the mouth of
the old shaft, the richest man in lowa.
Every port brought me letters from my friends.
I Dr. Winthrop, Dr. Cdoper, General James War
ren, and sometimes-fronoGenerel Ward and his
nide and Gen. Heath, and many others., urging
in pathetic terms the Impossibility of keeping
their men together, without the assistance of Con.'
vers. I was daily urging all these things, but
, we wereembarressWithtnore than one difficul
ty, nor only with th 'party in favor of the peti
to the ging, !Ind the party who were
jealous of independence, but a third party, which
was a Southern party against a Northern, and
a jealousy agaliai e'Bew England army under
the command of a NeWEngiand General. Wheth
er this jealousy was sincere, or whether it wan
mere pride and a hauahty ambition of furnishing
a Southern Gerieral to command the Northern
army :I cannot say g: but the intention was very
visible to me that Col. Washington was their ob
ject, and an many et our stauncheat men were in
the plan, that we could carry nothing without
conceding to it. Another embarrassment, which
was never publicly known, and which was marc
h:illy concealed by those who knew it, the May
echusetts and other New England delegates were
divided. Mr. Hancock laid Mr. Cushing bung
hack; Mr. thirass did not come forward, and even
Mr, Samuel Adams 11 . 0.3. irresolute. Mr. Hancock
' himself had an ambition to be appointed Cum
ma nder-in-ehlef. Whether he thought an election
a complimeht dee to him, and intended - to have
the honor of declining it, or whether he would
hare accepted, I know not. To the compliment
he had some pretentious, for, at that time his ex-
ertions, nacrifices and general merits in the cause
of his country. had been incomparably greater ;
than those of Colonel Washington. But the
delicacy of his health, and his entire want of ex- 1
perience is actual service, though an excellent ,
militia officer, were decisive objections to him in
my mind. In canvassing this subject, out of doors, ;
I found too that evenamong the delegates, of Vir
ginia there were difficulties. The apostolical ;
reasonings among themselves, which should he
greatest, were not less energetic amongst the
saints of the ancient dominion then theyg were
among us of Nest - England. Iwseveral conversa
tions,, 1 found more than one very cool about the
I appointment of Washington, and particularly Mr.
l Pendleton was very clear and full against it-
Full of anxieties concerning these confusions.
and apprehending daily that we should hear very
distressing new, from:Boston, I walked with Mr.
1 Samuel Adams in the State House yard, for p lit
tle exercise and fresh air before the hour of Con
gress,- and there represented to him the various
dangers that surrounded us. lie agreed to them
all, lout raid—“ What shall we dos" I answered
him that he knew that 1 had taken great pains to
get our rolleagues to agree upon some plan, that
we might be unanimous; but he know that they
' would pledge themselves to nothing; but I was U. S. SENNTr--Three vacancies now remain
determined to take a step which should compel in the Senate—one in Connecticut, one in Ten.'
them and all the other members of Congress to nessee, and the third in California. The three
&elan themselves for or against something. - I seat. became vseent on the termination of the
mu determined this ;morning to make a direct last erasion of Congress—all of them, - therefore
motion that Congress should adopt the army be- belong to the class of 1817. • Our readers know
fore Boston, and appoint Col. Wwthinfiton cod - that the Senators are divided into three classes.
outsider of it." Mr. Adairs gem.ed to think very The first class. whose terms expire in 1853, enu
se.rioesly of it, but said nothing. . sista of twenty two member,: the class of 1855
Accordingly, when;Congreas had assembled. I' of nineteen, and that of 1857 of' twenty one.--
rose in my place. and in as short a speech as the The Senate, as it now stands, consists of twenty
su bj ec t admit, represented the stated' the two whigs, three regular free toilers, twenty
Colonies, the uncertainty in the minded the p.- . regular democrat/I. eight State rights democrats!,
pie, their great expectation and anxiety, the din- i four demoernts elected from - whig States, or irk;
tresses of the army, Gila danger of its dissolution, , had whig aid to elect them. Whitcomb, of ; la
the difficulty of collecting another, and the probe-, sham. and Shields, of Illinois,-were chosen by
hility that the British army would takeadvantage the free soil balance of power; but they are to
of our delays, march not of Boston, and spread ; be relied upon to act with the democrats and
regard their pledge to the free killers. - Thin
desolation 03 far as they could go. I concluded '
with:, motion, inform, that Congress would adopt • political analysis, although correct at the present
the army at Cambridge. and appoint a General; , time, is quite likely to be inapplicable to the
that though this was not the proper time to pomi- , body before the middle of the next session of
I Congress. The presidential questinn krill change
nate a General. yet, air 1 had reason to believe
thine was • point of the greatest difficvilty, I hed : existing- relation Sand create new ones - aiming the
nu itancy to declare that I hod butane gentle- 1 democrats, in the course of the mist year; and
man in my mind ( cc t ha t lth p" tha ., !
_. . comman , a, ; we do not, apprehend such a concert between
and that was a gentleman from i'leglwat, ••••:. 1 them as td constitute a very formidable opposition
was among us, and very well known to all of as, tO thealministration Presidential aspirants In
a gentleman whosekkill Jut experience as an of- the Senate, and the body contains at least half.
Geer, whose independent fortune, great talents, , a score of them, wilt bs, more anxious s,,,cirem...
and excellent universal character, would command ; vent one another than teen:Marra, the executive.
the approbation of all, America, and unite the ; Their intrigues and raameavers will delay the
cordial exertion. of all the Colonies better than '
; public business, but they are not likely to; take
any other person in the Union.
. a courve calculated to awaken the active resent
Washington, who happened to sit near , roe , of the .dmini Amt . ! on . -. .Bggia, C,... .
the door, as soon as ha heard me allude to him, ,
__ . . • .
from his usual modesty, darted into the library
room. Mr. Hancock, who was our President,
which gave me an opportunity to observe his
countenance while I was opeaking on the state
of the Colonies, the army at Cambridge, and the
enemy—heard me with visible pleasure; but
when I came to describe Washington for the
commander, I never marked a , more sadden and
striking change of countenance. Mortification
and resentment were expressed as forcibly as
his faco could exhibit them. Mr. Samuel Ad-
atm Reminded the motion, and that did not soft
en the President'S physiognomy ,ist all. The
subject came under debate, and several gentle
men declared themselves against the appoint
ment of Mr. Washington, not on account of any
personal objection against him, bat because the
army' were all from New England, had a Gene
ral of their own, appeared to be satisfied with
him, and had proved themselves able to imliris.
an-the British army infloston,ithickwas Wilkey
etted at that time.
r. Peudletoo, of Virginia, Mr. Sherman of
Cotmectient, were veryexplirit in declaring this
op mlon. Mr.
' Cashing and several othenamove-
faintly expressed thebtopposition, and theirfeere
of discontent in the arroyand in New England,
Mr. l'aine expressed a great opinittdof General
Ward and a strong friendshill,fht him; - haling
been hie classmate at aCtilliti,' mat least fits eon-
temporary, but gore no opinion *tithe Cluestin,
The subject was • postponed to e future 'day.
In the meantime, pains were taken oat of doers
to obtain a unanimity, and the roiers.were gen. •
erally .. so clearly in furor of Washingloa, that
the dissentient members were persnadedto with-
draw their opposition, and Mr. Washingtott waa
nominated, I believe by Mr. Thos. Johnson, of
Mar-land, unanimously elected, and the army
From the Nationai Intellisrerteer.
RAPID PROGRESS 01' memo ittempric
tVe lay before our reader, a statement from
Professor Patti respecting the Electro-M4nrtic
Loeornotire: and when we regard the feet that
the highest power ever attained before his expe
riment, win less than half a home power, and
that costing probably one hundred times as taucb r
as it does under this new mode of applicatiorq
we cannot be indifferent to so great'a resale(
and the bigtilfromises with which it seems to be
Messrs. Edrrons, The Electro Magnetic Lo
comotive made a very favorable trip on Tuesday
lost, more especially when it is taken into the
account that we were constrained to. make this
trial with only one halt (or even a little leas) of
the power, the engines mini battery are-capable
of yielding. Each engine, calculated upon the
basis of toy stationary engine, ought to give at
the lowest estimate 12 horse power, which would'
snake the locomotive 24 horse power. The ac
tual power I have not been able to ascertain; but
the following data may serve to give some ides
of its power. The locomotive, with the battery
folly charged, weighs ten and a half tons. With
the seven , passengers taken on the trip to and
from Bladensburg the weighfwas eleven tons.—
Under the - most` favorable arrangements eight
pounds are required to start a ton on a perfectly
level - roil, and seven pounds will barely keep a
ton in motion. Ordinarily, upon railroads' the
allowance is ten pounds to a ton, but this applies
only to can unincumbered by machinery. The
friction of locomotive machinery renders its
draught far greater, and can only be accurately
mrertained by experiment In each case. The.
magnetin locomotive, the first of Its kind ever -
made, is imperfect, and from the newness and
stiffness of all the work, it tuns exceedingly
hard. We will take 200 poundi, - which is below
the actual power required to keep it in motion
on a level portion of the road. A horsepower
upon the usual estimate iv 150 pounds 2f miles
on hour, or 375 pounds 1 mils an hour. The
speed of the magnetic locomotive is, we will say,
15 miles an hour on a level road, (it has in fact
made more,) and its traction 200 pounds. We
have then 375 pounds 1 mile an hour, and 200
poonda 15 miles an hour for the locomotive,
which gives eight horse power. But the engine
has more than this. It has greater power at a
slow speed, and most hove, by all •reasonable
estimates, twelve horse power; which, as I mid
before, is about one half its proper capacity.—
One of the most serious defects arises from a
want of insulation in the helices. After the en
gine was placed on the.road it was found neces
sary to throw out of action five of the helices, and
there at the most important point In the 'stroke...
This difficulty•could not be remedied without ta--• •
king both engines entirely out—an undertaking
for which 1 had neither time nor means, as the
track with which we are now accommodated is •
soon to he filled up for the purposes of the Rail
road Company. Another serious difficulty en
countered was the breaking of the porous cells in.
the battery, causing a • mixture of the two acids,
and the interception of a large portion of ,the
power. I had great difficulty In procuring suit
able porous cells, and the manufacture of such
smm.l needed was, after a great expense, given up
by two of the best pottery establishments' in the •
country as a thing impracticable. It was how
ever. accomplished through the ingenuity of Mr.
Ari Davis, my engineer, but they were made of
a weak clay, and have now, from frequent use,
become so much impaired as to break from the
slightest cause. Before we started two of them
broke, and the defect was only partially repair
ed. Not far from Bladensburg two more gave
way, and detracted at once • greatly from par
working power. On ourreturn, about two miles
from Bladensburg, three more gave way, and • we
were reduced to at treat one half of — our power.
The running time from Washington to Bladens
burg was thirty nine minutes. We were. stop
ped on the way five • times or we should, have
probably made the run in less than thirty min
utes. Going and coming there were saves skim •
and three delays—that is, the engine was back
ed three times, but without entirely losing head
way. It is a very important and interesting
feature of this engine which I deitionstrated
some years since, that the - tevendng power is
greater than the propelling power; it is nearly
twice as great. When the engine is rerwersal,
the magnetic electric inductionis in favor of the
battery current, and augments its effects. The •
defect of the cells is easily remedied.. The trouble
growing out of the oscillating motion of the car
can all be obviated by using rotary Instead of reci
procating engines. The greatest speed attained on
onr last trip was about nineteen miles an hour,
and about seven more than in any former exper- -
Tux Knocersos et Disonscr. , --The "Spiritual
Knockings" in Massachusetts have, as we learn
from the Springfield Republican, taken a decided
ly corporeal torn. it appears that. Herman Yi
ning, a frequenter, of the house of widow Here,
at Williatesburgh, in Hampshire county, where
the ”manifestations"- were domiciled,. bas been
examined before Trial Justice Clapp, of Willi
amsburgh, for lewd and lascivious behaviour and
speech, and bound over in the sum Of $BOO to
answer at thedune Common Pleas st Northamp
ton. This Yining is the recognized leader of the
knocking band in toot place.
One witness testified that accused had at sun
dry times embraced certain married and numar.
ried women and continued in rush embrace with
kissing for one hour at each time. Another
stated that in answer to the question, •'do you
believe in promiscuous marriages:". Vining said
that Christ before his accusers was , eometimes
Miss Martha J. Morton, and Mrs. Arabella
Gere hare also been arrested, the former for
••Ifwd and lascivious conduct" sad the latter for
keeping a ••disorderly house" in Willirunaburgh.
Tirey belong to Vining's party of spiritual oper
ators, whose conduct appears to have seriously
outraged the propriety of the good people of the
village, and stirred the cup of scan dal-to itavery
dregs. The examination of ladies Morton and
Gera is Yet to take place.
. .
N AN.. ROAD To TOO trios Mortrratef.—We ,
dorttano that a recoinnoissance of the country
between Ste. Genevieve and the Iron Mountain
' has just been completed, and Rut afaibrahle
. report is made of the practicability and seine of
t h e proposed Plank Road.. The capital. stook of
the Company has been subseribed, and
placed under the general direction, id consulting
! engineer, of Mr: Kirkwocal; the' Chienaginesr
of the Pacific Reamed . Company; Under 'lle
direction-this reconnoissance , hat bein Made.
and the parties for =rev are Omit oomuteaclig
their labors. The work is to be put under con
tract with the least possible delay, say 4Mseta
Juno 15th and July let, and urged to iiimiartate
The projectorn contemplate IStidtcsal
Pilot Knob, to the lead mince nmirredericktan,
and "continuation to thoPotoal tante" thanulab
iag to constant market ,an. immitme mineral
wealth. The mein trunk. of this road to the Iron
Mountain will be about' forty . .thred - miles in
length, end passes:through in* Aiming land,
and whims there is OA &bonds:ink"' timber, - both
ask and pine. Farmington is :oae• of_ the Ant
. .
Tito above is but o ne of itermil plattk. roads
"atttletki,are about betig coantanced.L4l. Lodi