The daily Pittsburgh gazette. (Pittsburgh, Pa.) 1851-1861, May 06, 1851, Image 1

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    ESTABLISHED - 4N 178(1.
- WHITE & CO _•.
111. W. InCtrit. (War. WM.
snot ox =to sac?. sore roam rim tax omen
'DAILY ~flarso.dollarsper annum. jaar4l..l.Y 0.17.
aft ir lann nmll: l pald nranna.
trValnalitraa r tal " == —"."'..
Thr:a nonten per 00 .
l'lnsliYnrenrClobac7in.-.AAaI,;-0,1: Te,,”
and to be rani Invariably In Menace. No Club Pnininiaiiii
ton none after t.b• year eaplnn. uninnnthn monk b tent for
• Melva. • •
op. ilk... Clolinee of Nomentll or Pm)
oe 0 50
lra - :wets addlUonal Mention- CI 28
Do. etc week-- . I
DO. them 900
- Do COVITB 13.(10
Etsibling CLAM (5 lines er lets. Per intram..9B 00
Om Dollar for each additional lim.
_lame Spam ehangsubh. at Motown (per ewe
• FM Wach Itienal
hmerted mordtbated
. each additkoml silage inserted under the yearly rates,
Advertanneed cemeling • square, end DM ems =mu
Lama to be charged a/mamma and • bait - •
labllihere Pot ecomatable for legal alvertbomenta be
yond the amount charged ler their geblicatlon. •
amigo eclat candidates far .46,5e,!.0 be <barged the mai
see Mhos adeertieements. • •
Agretthements notimaked on the copy fora epeottlell
eamber of inentions, will be maimed till garbld,andlWY
asset mactwl aareeditudr.
The prisilege or anDUSI odrcrtimm N Fleetly limited to
that own Immediate buslocos7 and all advertioemenle too
U» Monitor other ponces, as well as all advertisements not
Immediately coneectel with their own badness, and ell
alarm of advertisement. In length or otherwise, beyond
the limit. engaged, will be charged et Me nanal mica For
all such trandent advertising, bill. will les separately
t eadered, and prompt payment le &Weed.
All edvertisementt for charitable lostittrtions, firs am-
Melo!, Ward, township, other public meetings. sod
meal to be charged b olt Prim. Peyabla etricety ad.
Marriage notices to be charged 50 meta
Death matters hmorted aithont Marge, onlow accomple
sled to . ::neral invitation. or obitnarrnetices , and when
SO Daniel to be paid for.
advertisers, and all others sending . enter
lam °e'en:,lring wilco deigned to call attention' to
alm, Mimes. Coonerta or Imy public ntes - tab:meats,
was:4=r are made tz 5. %t:1e5— ....41 alaoticee
poirete enterjniese,ra T kn tared or Wended to promote Lodi.
vldpai Intemat, can only be ranted with the en:denten&
leg that the same is to he paid for. If Mended to be is
avid In the Iccal. column. the some will la charged at the
ate of vet Nee than 10 mete per live.
Bishop orerme
Agelr gotta
Fenton. . to be charged triple mina
Tavern Idt 92 cull.
Bonl Estate Agents' and cha:cm? aivertbemeate not
an be clamed ander' Tarty rates, bat to be .Loada dbe
ward of
of thirty U three and one third per tent Dam Ms
mama lla
mrzscit 11.WIZICLT Q num 01TIMS.
Ohs Madre. t we
Do. nth additional . 87 '
is m
(10 Incur run.
Doe &Dam (10 Dm) ea insetio-..-10 cent ,
Ihaeach odds
tertio--.-Z cent,
All transient admettlements to be pald In edemas
EEEN A. PARKINSON, Alderman, Fifth
Mal, Penn stmt. ten. O'Hara and Walnut. All
Drainpiir attended to .
~ 1 ~~:i: !-I'l~
s. D... oirtun,l , autommt :awn.
.0.- of Malmams, P.) I • (late a ludlans, Po.)
LIPHANT & TAYLOR, • Attorneys .at
Liti-41ffiee °a YOurth strlxt. N0.112.)f, between Wood
essititfald streets, Pittsburgh, Ps.
N. 14 , 43- D. Oliphant, Is Comtolastooes for the Bests of
2teer Yost • . . , split
f' .•-•
KINN & COLLIER, Attorneys at Law—
Powth Fired, aberornaltbrell.
W. F. WIIITE,-,Attorney, at Law—Of
-NALcotogrr.t. meet, naqa Fourth, In Art.ttigp;l:ll,l
i 7 at Law,
Ma Pude Cominbaner for talus tloas. /la
Ilz i euts of Ands. le (Itur-,Vou Kn.; Mr.
P. & G. L. B. VETTERMAN, Attar
e.prtimtga...r and Ural Estate Astute, no. 107 4h
atAMES.J. KUHN, Attorney at Law, office;
In Tad Ltell, ao. corner of Grant street sad Diamond
. Fittaborgh. jollollr
. S.;lntnit:TitorWm.-157Fce
CLE i WATSON, Attorneys at, Law
NO.llO Fourtb Wort, Plttaborsb.
—Alennuder Dar: John Pnyder, r&qi Ilet
WO4 Uonison WO. B. &men Jan Flew 0 01. ,k
-anyptaat; Om W. Jael.op, Pinaburgn. on ay
AWARD P. JONES, Attorney . at Law:
Mee on rqurth .tr•et. between Wow:load Smltlr•
.14: • it E. BRAPlT;Attorney at Law,
159 Yfab meet, I'llol,lu-eh Ps.
{randH. FICLIAbIS & CO., Ranieri;
Eulainnellrotere. Natal Viet reostoiot Weed
sot .mete, Pittrburgb.
All transactlona toady oat liberal terms. mai collections
Ilsontillis ilea heir
XD. KING, Banker and Ellaban go Broker,
FOlllta street, Dealer to rt.nk not., nab, of Ex.
dolt and r User. r tools bouratt and anal.
Ma 1.1 hest market prier told In premiums far American
Bar DnUars. and Mexican and Spanish Dollars. In par
toads. Ja•l"
Wi. LARIME, JR., Banker and Broker,
4thstreet, Na GA, adjoin his the 'Bank of PlClAbursh.
ALTKINS & CO, Exchange .Brokera,
. Soatli . oA4 tamer of Third and Attain stmt. All
uherhi ratelL
HOLMES & SON, D.enlers. in Foreign
• and Domenic unle nf lileheng•,'Cerltheates or
pod* Beak Notrearel Sped.. Ito. GO Nlarket street. PM.
61mhZ1:13.Collert.loom mule on all Use principal cities
through - not the United nate&
assn ca &WY.
KRAKER—E laiiSt . Bankers and Ex
thangd Brokers: Deniers in Foreign and Donentic
of greininge, Ciertigrnt..e of Depadtr, Bank Notes.—
Otire, earner of Mint and Wind street, directly oppanie
On Bt. (ilisehir Mont.
Ar, -. CAROTHERS & CO., Banking House,
Wood street. Plash:trek.. Catena Money' tee•
re7cl Dertesit Coilettions Ins.le on all the prindPni
ettlee of the United nteles.
Alfi l la IRVIN, Com . missiori Nieitintits
and Dill W0k...N0.11i Sscood street.
Estate ads - will.. from $l.OO to 110.000 always on
K ix.,
. .. . ,
(HANNA. ..
CO.,__ . . . .
ALbIER, & . Succeasors to
- Minns k Co.. noncom. nut.... Moms,
Est. ns For Ann and Doinoftio Eneboore, Cortinestes
Cod sndlW;; - 17 ". .. to dgl i rial b. Zi1.4`":.V.1.
r t.
i i , lght peek. (Or min, and collections muds on sow
rfo lillZ vendo ral r
giht.noreited2' es
And Amon
Adraisceo mite on consignments of Proloomblynod east,
MI Mona toms.
ga W. TAYLOR, Commiesion6? and Bill
Butter.lll2 &mud 'treed. diriet attention will be
Mr= to all business entrusted to his ear. Pittsburgh
intnatdaetunat ankles always on band or smeared at ststat
motto. Note'. Bands, mid Le, negotiated mt favor
ebb, taxi.. d. - ay. e, if reunited. et=
11:TII0 :4, 3 3:4:7:1E13 13hc9:113:1:4
110 P C. STOCKTON, late Johnston & Stock
-IAV toe, Bookselle Stationer, Printer, and Moder, ea,
sots of MAAR: sad Third streets, Pittsburgh.
ES. B. HOLMES' Cheery Literary Depot,
ei stmt. apposite the Past DMm. Nev Beaks re•
-the . ]Hisersisl y 4 ' 7:7l7 . eperene.pAllsbed etthe Dab ais
riIOPKINS, Bookseller and Stationer,
No. 78 Fourth stmt. Apollo 111,1141 nm
: :
pAVID ilOWN,ala., Wholesale and Retail
Ccmferttoner. RI fourth street, Pittsburgh.
adding Cam. imd immy (bnfectlemary, sibmgr. cm band.
4.11 orders pc peltscll rmitstecteet t.
V 3PCIANTOCK, iiinnufacturer and fin
19=Elhartb. h B Y
b 5 J/ l'6
watt.. Wood rt., Pittet.6lsl "4
1)P W. POINDEXTER, corner of Water nnd
_LE; Itarkef oteveld, Ettaboteb,Cowdelod Ado Pod.
..dffdo 'MM. add fr, Torehdae sod ogle of nool ,
Western Rail., from, alls,G dad the onfseittrod
=Wes of lattaburah
4.—Amt for tbx Wen( h. Ilarro , r X Co. p and r.
imeit celebnaed ildoure and Ha y Fazio,. haadetphia
1767.: .4 &onto t Co.'s foluesior pock,' Tees. WWI
,A. itaNULti & CO—Tramporters,
Va l arzsgtpt a lrul . 4l4ll , lla.lou rtinas.
• .
Attecrzualeston Merthants, Set 61 Water etreete
jEH. JOHNSTON, Forwarding and
tkoamlssloa Ile:Thant, 112 Penal street,
KIER & JONES, Forwarding and Corn
' allaakna Nerebatta, Dralars la Nadal* and Pitts.
/daantactnard satiric% Canal ftwan, near Kerman
stale. Plttetalrab.
Artmr: JONES &
Conamm..firB°rB to At
r, burgh AUbnfactured Oob, pity
inuclum. FATAA
C. SIIACKLETT. /c CO - --IYholecale
Plttob iln Nnryll. oMen and Doinnotlo:D77 . oo.4o.
A.141113A A CO-.11Art1101411......A.
L'DA. MASON & CO. , Whole.cale and Retail
onlon In nary and Dtarlo ID, Goat; G 2 Nuke
nal Retail Do, Goods Ifeninalto. wry'? of Fourth
nolobtaNnota FINAL:n.OI.
ER.SEY, ' FLEMING & CO,Commission'
litcrch.apr ID. mole of Dnine;Ur, Wank. nn,l nlan,thni.r. In all Moho or Tollore
Na ID) Wood rivet. tndrth door Dom Flab, PM.
Dentist, Corner of Fourth
iin4 bki.r.n Market and
'TV W. WILSON, Wnteben, Jewell, Silver
v ml„ r „, and Itillfut eon s, Rot lot and
iowt h ar..thrittaburgh.... • • .--Watebes and
i aU = - .:~
, .
. . . . . .
GA . .
... ...,.
_:.........,.,,...,.....,."...,,,.,.......„.„_...._ ..L-,..-
......,„. -4- E•.-,--
,-,,,,.. . 7 ..
44A. FALINESTOCK & CO., Wholeide
• ThidgMAtel maaufatizaw• of Whlto Lead, Bad
, corner Wood weljrcal Wads, IWO
cnnxi n. sescncitu.
F EYSER'&• •
McDOWELL, (Successors to
le Ka elt &TNT.) labot.sue asa lkisu Drag atIJ
Pn reverlptian emu, of mu, cdMoot and VWO
ana' ptelmalidom artfully ecanDonndnd dtht and
& CO., Wholesale Dm mt. Deal u -
1141*,7,1 or tell'Lanenele 3 lcratal Ito= kptillc,t7.
7.4thnt... 7- ilat:4 4 lLP:
with u
andlonranival lna ° kV! " " "'fun '
WI E. SELLERS, Wholeaalo Denier in
pane & p r , snob., Oth. varatbss,
7 Ir tzar; Fittsbargh, Ps. Goxls vtartsated.
QN. WICKERSHAM, Wholesale Druggist
isreslitNA:Mtr"'"Alal l "'" ut4
RAUN & RIMER, Wholesale and Retail
auh.TA Dr. a. gsdAU. axner of Libtrti and Bt. Mir An. Pitt,
JSC HOONBIAKER & CO., IVholesale Drug
chts. No. 21 Wool et, Pittaizrgh.
11111. If 11110 N. 31 MOWN 111180,
& F. WILSON, Wholesale Grocers and
v . Controlmion Martbanta, A . 01311 for sal. or Du
Pont'a tondar. - No. 118 necorat, and 147 Front sta. apl
.1 - L. SMILE ; Wholesale Grocer, Commission
• llerebant, and dealer in Paper and Hada turner or
and 1.111 ...eels, Pitlaburdla
igAIIUEL P. SURIVER, Wholesale Gro•
&.JProduce Cataminsion blercbants NW
;NrAtabtails lleaddfsedural Ankle. No. 130 ad4ll3i
wood iooot. Debra= Wood and PlakbOeld. Pittabure. •
JO. a. nrorortir JO. V 1 11LWWOtt.
Grocer., Produce and Commissions, sad
nts for !!.surd Pranks Ou, of lissaadville. Coat, No.
SI Mood st., Pittsburgh.
#I.itIRIE2E & INGRAHAM ' , Valesale
Groton ind Canuntoolon Merchants. N 0.116 Wata
and 160 First street; Fluotargb.
RILEY, MATTHEWS & CO., Wholesale
.trolfPf= Yhtaa Cotton CommlWonnaad I
67 W i it it lr V 4
d h.
4,0L1N WATT & CO., Wholesale Grocers,
CanaatmdenaMerdhaatsoadDelen fa Prodan Gni
burp Alatutheturm dicta 266 Liberty Ara, PHI.
botch. 1.
S. CANFIELD, lato of Warren, Ohio,
Oomtolgriori PorgFarollng blereimut., bad who.
rale~Dealer in Wegtern Itnerre Chregui Butter. Pot am!
Petri Ash. tad Wring. Produce genershig. {VILEer street,
between, lhalthbeld sad Word, Pittsburgh.
L B. RM1L11115.......1. A. WAT10.11.•,.......w... WALLS...N.
abS. IVATERMAN & SONS, Wholesale
e Grace" Commies:lon and Forwardlng Merehante
r.'', .111 dude of Produce anrl Pitsbue=zfactu
red and end
L k t ", 11 Blarlffulett l'obacco, Wong and 81 Water
x get 147. Inseg h . • .
utt F.:. VON BONDTHORST & CO.. Whole-
• rile Omer. FornartUng and Conantlenen Meech
in Pittabargh Ilanufnenten .ed Wrstern
Mtn:l ntni =i6. nn 418, owner of *ant street and ChChantedtree,
JAS, DALZELL, IV6IO Csalo Grocer, Coin-
r&LIAR DICKEY . Id).,Wholesale Ony-
ET-= c 27 14 `F..1:" D l' "e! R°"*--
LNGLISII. BES/NETT, late English,
Chalakher k Co, Wtolnodethocers,Ocoombro and
ug klerchanny and Dollen In Produce and Pink
burgh ideurdertnres. No. Iffi Cecond st end 1= Met en,
between Word end Endthrodk
triit ' V ' Velara4 ; 7170
asnt 'Tres urdies, Wines and
IZAtfy:. ' 1. pia:, catnarns, ,
4017 11 . 42111....,...../..1 D. 11 . 613.1.....-.1,1,13.
M'GILLS 4 ROE, Wholesale Grocers and
liontnoL•rdon blrrebanbb No. 2.57 Llbcrty stmt.
- n otRT MOORE, Wholesale Grocer.
tifylng I/Willer, dealer In Prodtute Vittaborgh
Votfeetarre end all kinds of Forei g n sad Dotorrele
Winer nod Li:viols, No. :115 Liberty Mee. On bond •
eerylarto be stack of put/erica old Monongahela Whiskey.
wbieb w mold low for oath.
_ . .
1110 . 4ERT DALULL *. CO., Wholesale
( tt=ita Manutact u M No.%ttL i tV
F.l 11+84
Onlc,. PrctluteFormattlittg...l o:amts.°. lin ,
t. Nader Ilttsburtat .11attuttetures. N. .In.
Manx tre.t. Pitlaburgh.
. _
10,12/ .5.1.1 r.
'" . "' Fffiiiii - 4 :-. 1 - 66:: A rat:Ze '
Nos. PS ood
1)) Wood Mod, Pittsburgh.
INI K. McCANDLESS, successors to
t. j. D. Wick, Wholesale (imam Forusrdlag
sad tiorosolintoo Ilaschants. itsabirs la lout Nall, tilos,
Cott. Tarty sod Pittsburgh tilsondastures
maser= Wear assets, Pittsbuti...
4 qUisßEleitifiliric dada:, Wholesale
OroUsins sad Coutudeshus blercbruts, Maks, In Pro
mo. and pittibututi bialudhrtursil AttWes. 1W Liberty
Went, Plasburgh.
" -
LD.IWILLIWS & COTWholesato and
• Rotafl Yalr Ore m, Vora noting av,l Corantioalun
ean a. end Doler• In CountrY rrodner nnd ritt•hurfth
Manufnce urea, corner of Wood .04 VIOL M. lllltteburno.
A 04.031....-11104. .111.1. 4 .10101011.
Liberty Pttert. l'ittebursh. Whol.cLale (hexer& llrtc
Commbeion Merchantki=d dealer, In Kttabortgh
'°" & r t ' R. , es e rocers,
micskru Merchant., and Duelers In Produce—Mond
C web Buildlnse, hooting on Übe./ Mud. nrul OioW
Areal, FT:tabu:db. Pa.
SO. eitoltlt... VII. con.
TOIIN PARKER & CO.,WholesaleErocem
twr is Produce. Foreign Wine. I..kinno , Old 510 , .
Ong.h.l 5. Ocrornerchrl Moo.
Litantr littehorat.
OH fV 11. 3IELLOR, Dealer in Piano Fortes,
Bluifr, anti Musical Itotruments..N.l.3l 1 , 901.. awl
B.ll , ageot fg . latlaczi j n . ve Masa, lune*. tur
LIEDIRY KLEBER, Dealer in Music. Mu
f lastr , umettatzt. surmt.rr of Itsll. IttingL
itretl=.l meanA n geLent. /itt,Tr ' r
~Z,kl: p).y.UlrO a:i:~~
EaN . E.D r .Manufactu-
Trine mod Darrod. Pem WM, Atrburgh.
4.0 kV,4I QUIGG, tiars "nr oNp7ng
andittllster Steel, Plough Steel. Steel Plottlt WIMP.;
h mat 131rde Spring, Hammered Irrim Adler; and
dealer. to Ida.M.abla Vire Etidoe Lamps, and
Comb Trtmmlort genera/Ir. corner of Hors and Front ata,
:,V—act..c. rd-szbwz IdBt, vh•
No. 63 Water n.. below Fen 7.
170711ITER P. MARSHALL, Successor to
*mg C. Will—lmporter and Dealer in French
and American Paper Hangings and Borders. Window
Shed., Vire Dowd Prints, ae. Also—Writbig, Printing.
. 04 Wr4Ptitg Paper, No. W. Wood street, between Fourth
and Diamond Pittsburgh. Pit
ROBERT MORRIS, Tea and Wine crier
eh t. East able of the Diamond. Pittoburgh.
.wht. A. idtEifird . o. and
't. A.
Moslem. No. 256 LiNerty Wrect. above Wood
have sloop , on hand a large assortment of Choice Omer
lee mai alma Tom Also—Vomige Fruit. and Nota,Whole
sal shd Fotnil. Ilealen eoppl .d on the lowest tares.
TOR N CAUGHEY, Agent for the Lake
Erie amlWpm Lim M Beane mul Lake.—
ou film ember of Water end Smithfield Ad
LEECH It CO., Transporters by Canal
an 4 Fondledlnit literehente. metier of Seim Meet
lik il the Cana
4 A. BROWN would most respectfully inform
the Publlo that dokeepson hamlet - hi...on the tern
of the Ittentootl, Alle•hotty city, • oomph. moortztoutt
Venititon 711 otters are mute to order
to the toWit style, warranted equal to .7 to the Uutted
Stat.. Ulu itlitote eau be remotod without the .1 Of •
1.00 drit et. listing purchased the stock, tool!, and Word
of the 6..4 twtablithment of itantts7 a M0t:1.U... / am
p•red to fumbh thoir ohl customers, se well, t the Dui ,
Pkat 111,with ever] . thing In their line.
Age= , etnot, Pitt.thutitt ,
tucht4l J. A. BROWN.
rrrtlot—ltreldenc , mums of Third otnpvtaml East
N.ti ri zie;ne, Sand, 3lortar,
m Irth, le., An Isle.
ADAN HARDIE, Veterinary Surgeon, late
trout &Illiberal, Peottand, would etweiwil_. ell) _!.`
et the putille that h. bee tounsiemen2 PeeeLlee In te•
•th , ii W....1m awl, by eattifal attention to whatever le
rams .to him, b. hope to eve estlefenloo.
to coop with Jamie , Ifehlie, . Howie Stiewleg .04
fillsokseil deg In metal will la Carikd On, et the coiner
of Tuna. ..trwit and lirtinsyl rude Metier.
Woot MULLES and
Coaatolodott )(trams:Oa for the role of American
Coo ttooda, No. MO Liberty oh, Mllebuttrh.
Q h 4V, HARBAUOII, Wool Merchants,
to Floor aryl lholore generally. and For
R ad Commleena Merebanth. No. 116 tlret
and 116 greet. Pittatotrah.
NdEVILLE JOIINSON, Engraver an Wood,
Pilo Ilan. rlnry,) PIM Duran, Pl4—Tirwm of
lo limb of Neorpopen, rrentartnelana
Landorapea. Ladd, in rota, Seals for Malabo, No
&Una la lArazelatlonentedlon Slam the Dna Atli*
of art, *al at ths toward prlres.
olne: Pitta burgh. 3a, Laralaree, h`rtr , t ,
Billbeada Droll, Bond, aolai, Arrhneeto an mar P
Inelozez WA {lolling Card, de- arra - razed or
drawn on etone, and wizard la color, Gold. Bronze, or
8 64 .• tho Jaaikkr
OW w inert Moored style, wad ot the moat reason
KAIDIVAIM mumwrrs.
1 4 0070, - IVILSON & CO., Importers and
Willem!. Deem liwkimare Cutlery...l4.lW
m. mmultose- ... -- • -.....-.. 0. mmoutv. - -..-- -
ptptsosamt, Pip 1.45 L Name of !Data - ofl - Port of IGmbe I •DeiUrtaLloo.
., 8 1 .313 3... IDeltrVel Departareflaairst US
rers of FLINT 666 anzit/6 a BP,MOULDamdaII I, I '....:,
_ll MN • IF•It - le..-- *pare 16 Hint York U. Stat.! Lb... -
ktd. of MACHINERY. take Una amt.' of I mrmiox Matta .. t * . -__.l-____ Wm.. - April /9 New York U. Walesa...4l 00010.
those desirous of haying .uch work done that ' llef are lbw, 84 . 4 ,,,c 4 ~.--.-, lir 11 3 11. 4 . 4 . a ypb. Aft .-........ Amil in New York 0 RAM. Umppool
pre 1.174 tl.ggitia.. 4l rjrmt.
, Iril . leit t r & !d b l.. Mort- Do, ~..- . : =2::: 6 0 . 10 . 2 ,1 0 , 4 lot. o . bk A ., Lafayette-. Amll 26 New York U. Etalesrarre a BMW
rie . mod 1...eb above 66, Coral ErH4t6...jia'atiCn P•u°7''".'='. 6. ^-•••• . --- ''''' 1047. i1t i. ' " '''', 4j A . “17 ( ATtierlia_: -.. Ip p fili n ! N". I'k
17 101100 0 0 Dv
A ed eb*
Twee In. for Black Smith and Wt. FU000000). 010000 An ..., 43 ,. t...L .-------- 1, 4 1 L 6 , 9 . 4 1..114s Nor Men.. sts. - - - .. 1.1 New t om - 17, spa., L''''' ' ' •
factored at. Um .bortent not . , and at the lowest prices.-
all kinds of Jobbiog do. =short notte. Do. coup. 6's, 1001 9tl Do do erometbew April New kook U. BM. Chasm.
Dmifl2 .., .... May I New York U Stem Liverpool
exchll3m Do. n0up.214.-- WO, 00 r 4. 4.4 a 'ky i Hutu... Hay. = flaw York U. Rs. ffarrettlahm
- ' Illtaburch 1100 O'lL... vii -. I% I . ) 4 s tra ~ T
Ada•-•_--, Hat !Neer York 11 Britain Liverpool
Gas Pitting. 5u p 4i,,4,14. 6 42..... ......... 03 33 4 4 ,34 4 .* 44 4 , Lafayerm -411af . IPLII.a.e. U. plate Liverpool .
7 lIIAFFETT & OLD, Do. con. 6'a Phil_ lab W Ed i do AU lett. r and anwapapen on band for Engle.. Ire:
of STOC(.O. host mad tkolluid, are not by the asst Steamer. no =Her
...el, F ro nt dove; between Woof azatl Bank of Pittsburgh 601 ... 66 ID(.. NOT 0000). 0 1 )000) U.-
Market. Plttsburgb,Pa., Merchants . * Mama Bank 60 ... SI d p • rotten to the Continent of Europa; Ili thii Collat. ,.
tf• Would Ignite the subtle to their Exchange Bank-- - 60! 6214 62 xi =Di Pretg a t;;Anall t e .. l7 , cent. 7 . siglr fate, earePtlot t.
Vi ~,,,,,,, . amoirtmeuX
Brvcdrt, Allegheny Parloss 'Data; _.l Itt3 16*
smog stoma bete= to the Contillebt oremope by the Continl 11.„
9S I " 1 Div 111 {Wet . 04 S•PrePaid eve drubs a dugle rale , elmpt to Mote
1 t 4 A&,:• . ..' They an 44;1v% . to execute 1 1 4=NrAnd r r 4 "7.= - 27! i; Es ~ Dlv../in beret 21...0 .2 2146 61 la ht repaid is full.
Um FitUng rut the, shoj,M l tor Hand Et. Bridge-7:- 11l 4.3 I 44' ' r 4 5 fiT 4 ,11,..7 . 4. b fi1!1a P. to thtC2 6ll3 f o l. most 04600-
Um and mast reasonable terms. MIL... N or th,. ub,. 4444 ,
. i. 2 .
-- - wim6666port tir6ii6:::::: 261' 16 , —13 1 Md Pmtsg• must be added 00 tette. and turerrpapers
to uispAtincat, olTope by the bum and Bremen
Wegner,. Buechner la. Mueller's 1016.1300.
NEW LITIIGGRAPHIC ESTABLISHMENT. c w ,Y,r, 1., 6" ,„. ‘ „, ° ' ° : c„ c° 72.. :i Mg; P,L 4 . D eic 'N D,,,., " 7. " i t: . 4gribrile•lls . hy,..t, b. ~,, 1.. 0 4 2 44 ,
en. half Outsm, lead p.r.sce to be shied. mast to
Tut ABOVE FIRM respeetfullynanurance A " '"u ' d v°. "'"' ' ' c° l .--i °S I 0 1 un , strrines. •
to their friends and ths public murrally,lbst they pa4. 4 hLf=r .... .
..I 30 1 33 ! 43 11710.Qw3 pr et,
are prepared to execute, in the firstatyle of their art. es Pittsburgh. a LtErllle.l 60! 47 143 I do STEAMERS TO ARRIVE 111011 EUIWIPS.
ordem for Show Cants, bills, Dlpk.os, Cheeks, % bit.: balm Enw .... -....._ ..... ...1 60, IM j - 10•••1 pc willoo ASI A--Itail forrew. York. Aprli 12
and Profeseloonl Cards, Map, ChartalLabes, Mom'. ilmrietle
Their eMabliabtoeut Is at No. di Market erect. between _
- — l 4 ;ramie — -
Third and Boort* street., op .... ' .. .. 4 6 . 3 tb,/ . V 34,4 7 . 31 I 1
unth tla.Worka. 60 64 624 Div. JaChtsr e
Bolivar Fire Brick Manufactaiing Comp . y. Z."4, F .i.). 5i..k..;;;, Gol . 1 u
Youspicabessy Plarkwatr4 62 .IU I ...
JAS. 01.0110).....-0. at tam 11. v. .101001........0. 0. 31101.00. rlzt: a..,,(341111VAN1.,.10 .. 1, , V,, r i Vil : 4 ,r 7,1
GLOVER, KIER & CO., PROPRI E TORS. 11 1 1, 1 "0 .1 0 4 0 11 1 t11 1 i1 l t a i 6 i g .
T.. SUBSCRIBERS, boring been ma - Marine R. Way. Dry Dock 10t11 1117 113344 Div./Wei bra
pointed Agent. for the above med emacero. atoll Payette Mama. Co-. ...... - 621 SO 1 30
keep coustardly Gotland a mpply of e arth r Bolivar Erie Coral Words. tow/.__ 30 40
Fireßick.Lßusiblotir,Clay.Pormace 5... lowslls Do. Ow tomb. I . d . y. IA 40
They are elm prepared Its receive orders 0.0. ~,La ma,. Tettle Creek Plank 11.1 -; 22ta, 23 •
Le made lu sizes. shape to
purchasers. which shall aUeg• t I' , 1, , ,, , i .- 1 --
Nr.TV4 miss!. It oecetsary to enumerate the many ad. Ch741,4 • C0a1717 ...... ..... 201 . ..ii I ::-.
i taistr i l i di r T . 107/ Brick pweem over all otherethat e c ybe e i
sal In the Beitsl Stags, their MP , Pittsburgh t Dorton.._.-.- .... WU 120 Div. /1160, 610
tiortEb6.. well known to Almon all per.. who U. N o rth sept e c, 44 „ ........
.. ..7
..., , ~,.
Pile rick. She proprietor. bate determined that the b o mb 1y,,, 3 , 34 ,- •
Brick Mall too, noise of their prenctit ea... 0 , 1.0.10. North St ester._ ..... - -.. ...' 10 7
and that no esp.w ehail be *Med do mate them even 1b0,3 Cloy._
better than they hare hereto.. hem. This ht the only Berea. :...' l.t
establishment now mattufartutirot l'lreßrlek ar Mlle.. llttaburgh t Isle IlayaL., I 0
KIER a Joaikaa. Otslo Ike Royal ----.....-1
.2 . 1.-
meta Canal &Ma. Seventh .L.Pittsborth. Advviture-----.....- . 1144. 10
— Pii - lisburgh Gas Pipe and Tube Works it ' lrg h l.:rt Ilaught.-- . .-"I - i
TFIRE undersigned bale just completed their at, °° ="Teiv . =::::::: 71 y, : L i
2,_ Menefee
' 1 a
and am now mamtntreming all vOreO:or G SPITT. LW
comottm and other Mum. and all Mon of
• 92ffekt they offer for wale at the lowest pekes. They are
LO7 prepared to execute Miens to arkr 4 tZe i tt i witnat de
b:a-Read 92 Water street.
hitt ffro P 121911129011.
NOBLE4City Flouring
TV 11116, No 665 Melts nor of SlXlsats Pittsburstb.
pIICHOLAS VIVIAN, Civil Engineer,
neTVDraughtsaaang r ad Preniett . 111 617,ASet ro, t f
! ,!IWk
1114 I the NITILLIT, M. br
found betwixt 10 A. IL and 6 P. M. 0* /its resident*, N.. 21
Matt:art street, Pittsinutrit ! ianwni•
PA. MADEIRA, Agent for Delaware Mn
wal Safety Inntrawe Oumpury, Water Arai.
- - - - -
JGARDINER COFFIN. Age . t for Franklin
Flee Insurre Oroareny. north es c rt can= of Wood
WM. GLENN, Boos Ittripri, Wood street,
bre V
wrereaedd doore very front thr corner of Third, where he le
to do dawr of Manua with lawman
end durability. Bleak nooks iptlon
ruled to way pattern, sad
tround eutotantially. Batts In ntintbern or old route
Loured carefully; or malted. frames put on Ilk flit letters.
Thom who We binding are Invited to call. I' nme.
xi 'CORD & CO., Wholesale andt Retail
Sleielictuxere. and Dealers in Capsr d Furs.
turner of It nod and Fifth streets. Pittsbnegh. - 16 entries .
offer • full and complete ruck of Ilats. Cape, Furs. ic,
emirs. Quality and of
by Wholeelle and Retail. arid 111-
rite the attention of their enamors, and purchase. v.... -
.41y. assuring them that they will sell on the mist sa van
tsgeous terms.
W M. DITiY Mel7r , Tailo grtfer:iniy22c!..g.4,,r.
New Coach Factory—Allegheay.
~.torat„ H. A. WHITE & CO. wduld re
ePectrall • Inform the puhlk that tiler hart
shop on Llosock, between - Vederal mat ,fandusky
:treat, They an now making and are prepared to rash,
ordcrs tbr term description or vehicles, Coaches, ll.:llarkrta,
Bkhkudank batten; Phaeton. ie.. ac., which, tn. their
long expeller., In the niantahottnre a the abgee work,
and the raellltha they hae, they reel oteuralentl they are do work on the moat reasonable ternts with
those varmint, articles In their
• •
Payinit particular ett.nt:on t W. rel Act lon a material*.
and having non. Gut competent o.lmeu, they havr ut
beeilnUon lu warranting their wort. • We thrnenv e4.k the
attention of tho pulak, m WI. matter.
N. it. Brpairlog door in toed mato, end on the
moot rearonable tormA.
NAG LE Al RBLR WORKS, (entablitilled
10021 by KIAIUND ArtuoNe, No. I 4 Liberty id,
h oWood otreet. Pittzbureb. Nlontunenta. Hartal
Vaunt, Tototra, fleadatainev.., at,4 Mantel Nov., Cep. and
l'ier Tope. elwaye on hand, not mat. to order.
N. 111 . A thaw rc4cliuu of Dr;vl up; on b-ond. Jald
IJAHRY, 11110IIES & CO. are prepared to
j. do all It.inda of SLATE MU, I NO.
"C""LIN. PkaZ , I I ; 4 :4I.PttE.TZIrti.
drijr.Slnts Roof, promptly replan...l. Iretoo
A CARD-185L •
tare. n rjthe r e;rna h r=e M nr k ollts.. " V:
turn their thanks to their rurtontere awl the public gvner
ally, for the ler, share of eurtotn extended to theta. sod
Invite the a theit (attn.,. as rerwutly
eelarned and improved thvle rot', they are enahled keep
un hand a very exteptive tutttrnment of and
will bate the advantage of plenty light to examine
goods, and make theirs elections They design tnaltlnw
[Mirotteblishment, as far ts prnettr-able, a 14111 k
nTtllif% when, rrery ankle In the Pry tiorde line, neoded
fir the wants of fxrnllies, rap 1.. nreurral—and in their
<untanned effinin m rivet the hoot gond, and to eell at low
dipmime, they Lope
them It the inkreA of (unities and In
dividuals, tnTernz with their custom.
. . . .
11,,,..The •111 ho enutinu-11 In
Lle roman up otairs--rutrance from llb street, or through
Inner mum. Jan , .
Earner of Thin] awl Market street. Tho only char
4red Institution of tb win g. In Pittoburgh.
VAcrixt.—Jobn Fin in" , sheb 3 s iu tbn.
Selene, of /mounts.
O. K. Chiontreriln, Professor of Pruninanship, Mercantil.
CompuMM., La
Ales. 11. W.Gun, Co. Leedom on Commercial Leo.
Those d.irina • .mplete imowletge of Burk Keeping,
mai its k r 511.110 0 to nrerr hronch of Luria..., alas on eh,
Font and rapid penntaathip, are incited to call mad elaill•
n.. the arrangements.
Lecture on Commercial Law every Monday et:ening.
Iteferenre to any of the resident city merchants. [J.
WILKINS, No. 245 Ltherty st.,
Lead of WOW gtreet. Pittelmrgh, Pa.
Itonuments, Burial Vault, Toadortones,
ita... Mantle Neer., Centre sod Pier Topa,
Malmo on head and toady to order, of the
. t Marble., mid at eery mimed
t oe. .A nko fr e tfletton qf Drawing's on
The Brien , _ ,
imporred : .....„ 2,::.. - . - -C: . :41
from Italy. ' .
k 4l 1 1
REFETIENcr ' B. . ' ------ 1
Ilea Harmer Denny Llark Tiernan,F•p.
itroti. Judge Wilkins ' oo ° 11 .Wri ...)•
Wm. ItobMron,jr., Eaif 4ML.W., her, Ben. AlThitiirt
John Snyder. Fan, Cash . _ - • So... Broken.
Pittaborgh B.A. Ammr 0 Ratan, do.
J.. 11. Shornbemer, Eon. Hill [ . Cony, to.
Nilson lilefndlass. Viso. linen 0 Sargent, do.
Robert 31rdinights r.q. Wm. nag Mel 0 CO.
Jus. Matinight, EN, arming -D. T. Morgan A Co.
horn. Jindma nodes it Co Partin,
S. Lothrop, Y..m.,,Allegheny.
E. W. feel. greleful for the very liberal patronage
netted during ninteen year. in th is oily, having had the
barged and )eat jobs entrusted to Menem up to the prevent
'us and will endrstror to rentlirsalleDictivi hereafter.
hewer, lianemorm M k 1M Third street.
. W. respectfully informs hi. friends and
customers that he has now completed the to
and finest stock of household furniture ever before seen In
this city. st he Is determined to uphold the quality with
yeelleeasemed material, best workmanship, and new. de
A tom at rno; and from the extent of his orders and facility in
at -to t
prim be Is ena
s. bled to produre warranted turn!.
the le
Ile hes adopted the prindyle of hicntlfrinit the Merm
en' Interest with his own, In quality and price. and Imeps
•ays on head the nreated variety of every deem - 1131cm of
furnmure, Won the ct end Idaineet. to the Wet ohs.
gent and cushy that a n tie of any cured
umbhod frcon hie stock, or manufactexpremly
ordcr. Ile th. 1. 4 4. solicits no inetwetimx Met Ulti ad eau.
tame of hie ernablirnment may Le known. The followiou
ertlgirn ron/det. in put, of his stork, whisk for Mel:leen of
style and finish vaunt be surpassed in nut of OA res. , .
- • .
Parlor, drawing, dining, and inl-room rhalra, of evert .
IrtaibTlettl,ntr=7:ild'ELlV.l'l„',l,7 4 , T ,7lVo;
rriptiom Ibucties,Poran,Totekktet• and !Mona Oftmrsatert
French mid American patinas, Tuba... What,t." and
ladle.. parlor Writing Darks of various kinds: Work Table.
and fan, inlaid grinds, murk Maud, ad holder, ,
top. nishoaany,raiawocal and walnut realm and oda, M.
Ides, extrusion alining tabler. all dart. of [lir indirnridi
add derldrilly the brat kindcard, Pernburdic ball and
Latablmn wardrobes, !mtge.& mid warhatandi cacti a
Lama assortment: iodide ancl parlur manikin chain,
&indium. and nail, merniarr and iwmk caw. aide
antanmene, tom.' rack, bat Wanda, and music 'nut, nit..
and mita tor eblldocr. Pane , Mark, hibir and ha Yid,
mahmtany,ronrwood, ofd Inlaid marl Table, kr. /tr. ar.
A hole aaairtment Common Furniture and Windsor
CLa 1. enblin 4 . 0 . 4 " tnntilled with all artirl, le Owl?
t?trAniboata and Ilotelt, furvlAlled at thr rhortent motley
All orders ProhlPtli Attetri , l 4i. Jai/
Annvevi at Law, Pin. /t 3 Third at., romp, or Cherry
~ haring mad. artanitrtornta for thr Durso, will
prorurn Dowdy Lando for oflirera and rohlirra, their
widovra and children, and will attend to any ether burl
nate, connerte4 with the irovertatient ar any of Depart:
amino, the rewind of fi ce. or the Court., at the Cite of
sehingtnO. landlt
Drawing, Perspective, and Painting in OiL
MR. 1). It. SMITH in now prepared to give
lartrurtion to frw pupil. In the ddrrrent bratarbra
P 4.14114101 art. at hie morn', in /knife
Atainnon's new building. Find otrert, brtwera wind and
Nartrt etreeta /lowa or Inetrurtion, frtun loop.. nod
oh. to r. a. Charges and other particular, eau In
laanrn le (afterno,) at r
Refer t o Dr. liartatuy, Dr u . Addithson.
N 74 /twin 0.. 'teal In Dank qf
NOten sod Ittafts enllocted an 01l puce I,t the Union.—
ttnelto boonht Aal Pohl on enttnhanan.
ciastNiNonAm Manotheturrre M. 0 .,
1213 a Na. Martel Wert, bellow. rind xad
llttsbargl. Pa
artleal.r attnillop ps.l to , 1 Al»—Aealnn In
Mot Glut VW. dairS
QMITLEY - COLViN, doal Merchants,
,73 p.a... in Dry Goodkarocern, Iron and Nal.
onrner or Walnut arra loal Waal:angina Tur np ikeNA
Trn,nn .111. IOP
i n aitur PE'rKE-80 sacks for sale by
VTERMILLION-75 !be Chime, for lotto by
8.4 WIN/f9TOCK • W.
A. WILKINS tir.. CO.
PI ,'iiigi
NIES. A. LEECH invites the etten-e
L Coo
v ei l bcl. 1r r i l 1 , nj: Lo , a a m oTro 1 of . ag i nix
I,lllldoev's RA11 , 17111 every variety; Mad Dreams
and Cam Vreech Iriowerr mot a handsome emertibent of
man ,, kmbotdderim. 01Ik and Laos ilaatillaa. cod
0 meat yather roods In hooting,
P. 2me or tour good Milliners maotod Immedlately.
.No. 1) FM Strtet.
Landon Patent Lever Watches,
p r s Vo r talgt h irBl:s73% i i mk " vh. ;
alrle . Agent tar the abbe. =nod Levee Watches.
o4 r e n rt . s aut
t antee Le attached tn tech Water.
enteter all 'fat 111:=1""74"' DIXON. cb"'
w.l! peed, przerou, Mu* Square, Oar
. .
nrr. Thle c;rl ,44 iSk y O;ii.; .
u t.b. o r companyi og Intel,. k.
Irlth ei my ore b... tralt y loiLktlso m' Ellete I.o " ANO ,'""W ie b bf
I gootonte* :g. to koe
of tho Duretramer. ir eat eN e .
A . ::EL KROESEN keepß conatantly OD
hand • good lIMIITIIIO3I. of Rub and Bath Wm
me, Pteamtaat. trtk Well. Kitchen or Drew Burkett
irateleu Ihnele„ Chgrus, Pry Demure, Zinc. autietatrer
trash Manta, an. 1.11 other kinds of ware iu his Dne.
Warm., Memoir MD, Fifth meet, Pittttorgh, Pt.
(Formerly the Exehange,)
Corner of Penn and St. Clair Streets,
HIS spacious, central, and most conveni
ently haated HOTEL. baring, ham cemopletely
asal thotauabli mahad Loa Improved. will M
opemat for tile amunhaatataa. the I.lllthe oa Thvastay
the 24th last.
- • •
The mthrnber. lemee and protnietne at the T. CLAIM
110TE.L, re.i.ectfully luforms bit frith& mid the public
that be hes furtilahral It in the mast tleaant and entalinta.
1.1. , sty le, and employed rompetamt .I.(taits adl attentive
mud faithful enemata. mei that be nth rpare no atertke
to make It equal to any 'mum. bathe muntry.
Th. well known erntral larstlinA a the Boum, met mn.
ern um
of it. arm:meowed. redlerths it. th e tonattlealre
-14.. either to tratelm. or pentane ea Imaalen.lngluma him
to witch and hop, be its 111rnl Aare oftostmatge,
Steamboat Agency. and General Commis.
Ilion. Receiving and Forwarding.
ALDIVIN, PLU3tEIi. & CO., have this
day aaacclal.4 with (haat Mr. John Umtata anal ease
weak,. to the public as ataatatart Areal. Creortal an.l F0r...MD.4 toadoelia wale, the rty le at
Lortaanat. April IL. /PSI. 142 Williams' Bev.
Ice Cream! Ice Cream!
(pU. HUNKER, having removed to No.
. 33 Liberty rt., (W. A. Immo'. old AV ir 111 N.:
.1 . 2.1," 4.7
4 . guilt; Cm..
Ile fiREAD a all rarirty. r.f all
kande on hand and made W order In olunt doe
ERLITS.4 laud n 4 Land, (mall 4•Tery •erk
fromthe I:aat. Call and try. *ten
SIC .I.o.[Vta 0. CM.1 . 0“.1..
JUP at Lan. Tll,hman 11.11, nom, Grant atr,t and lila
mond alley. Wm. Ilakruall hoe Aeon anPnlt'lle4 ennat.n•-
• to take depnaitlnna, art.nowledna,rd., Ar., for Ne•
ork, Mlnanurt, Kentucky, Lon.
Ke y
and other atatnr. att.ll:ln3
fn mftnufrlttn , aptl keep conffitalalt nn hii7J al I of Tarts, aradl, and Namarablr.: ritudilng, Clout. and
Hob Nxibc law Flour Ilartrl atal
. 4 4 , 1a . r Nails atul Tact; Nalk Mir
elm. Nall.: Pattern Ma ? Pnlnt tthrts, an.ottr.l else,
dr., dr. CAM P111:1.1. CHIOS IN),
Warebouw. 64 lf Pltt4orgb. !
IL far the sasamoroodatlon of visitors. Tbe beauty of
tLe ;dare by been lawn Inthrove.l by the addition of
hob, Shrubbery and Flowers. A lame rolleatiou 1.4 cop/
blooming fiats and Elrubbery. ed the eboierst kluda, are
lent for sale on the premium.
Ire errata. trail,, A,. Lent In the bsAnoa aa usual.
14 ".Inak tnatarnlll but LP al snort notke.
Tlu. seat and comfortable steamboat CIIINPTA IN, Inarie
the landing, between Pitt street and the ma AllegtirnY
liridae, at the beginning of every hoof—flow 9 &dock. A.
clock. stinllo P. )1. One extra trip ararY arising. ot 7 . 4 i
Stmeero .I.ltmg the Nmokr City are invite,' to PITA
tIM thii perfeet Ylo.rr , lartlen.
The Garden Ig kept on Tempenklue principle, and dosed
.21 lianday.
R. J. J. 24 YE RS—Surgeon and Ph , yeici an.
m.o. of Darlington • row, No.
P l Tbird street one l oot shove Sadthneld it.
Dr Dryer to
pertnanontlr located In Pittsburgh, and
sill attend to' tlaa &alai of ta• Prolamin,. Da •111 giro
rartlenlar attention Cr, Sraorcit:T., and Ow dim.. of
aioa. and chlldrrn. arl6.lso
Tuition on the Piano.
AAR. F. lIARBORDT would re -#ll l
attecttally Intomi thettlibell. l'ltta.
g and Alleahany that i s p a , a •
tamd tn take a few Mar.' Pal Olig OD the P 1..0 nod In Blaring.
IttierehrerLe. Epuou. 'pun , ir e ' ' , E r , w r .
Grua. (Fourth street.) Madame Fretet.plc tf
Fresh Assortment of Spring Goods.
THOMAS PALMER ix daily receiving
fnln lb. Eastern CM., al Mr old stand.
No. 55 bid IllEtT STRUM
Between Third and P'ourfh streets, Pittsburyh,
' I'VE= 7 , , ; ti r l oo ;IV'. " "" In t iZrAVIN
tot • long period. The .pataanol err mainly Der, the
rtyll , ll pmulbaly ma the color, In point of dra
bility. unnurpnveyt. YytYp amt. ur•am.. the prig*
ha of amt.. of 'clads •
amt. nu
oar.. inapnent ego be tortoni by phyla Mtn decrition.
the atteuttou of wrchm4 wad how° ktmlwra to
tully natal
Board of traderwriten.
IT' Meeting of the Board of Underwri
e,.tr,;„trgrbi:wrilat° • "'P
rceroltaal. That from and otter the putAlration of this n.
Ilea. uo Fire Rink, whether orional or ryntlturtd, .bail ha
ormaidernd u. token br any Ineuranr a Unice thla city e
until the premium IA paid in con.
Ile order. A. W. MARKS,
nch7.73f the-rotary of the Board.
Lewia's Patent Revertible Water Filter
NOW to Le seen in operation et WM.
S TATE M.'S, Plumber,: No. 10 Fourth be.
, perry and Idherty ate. and at PRYfIlt W11.11.1”.9,
No. lo Alarket rtrr, Pittahurab. This kilter hoary...l,rd
Gold Medal In.ra the American I 0 111.1. of Near York,
and of......rtilleate from the Franklin hut:Bute of Philaatel.
phi. for ILO Puprity in Ito riven/dna prolurtler. and oleo
.ertiAratey from More having Mato In nee In Philadelphia.
t.l which the following are exanaPirte
It ,ereat pleoaury m reentOmand In the Inter, of
pure, dear Yoder. the Patent Beyeruhle Water titterer. In.
ventrd by Mr. tool.. flaring mad ono of them for mam
notl.3 = l X ' P j aKlNPV:lrt! ' lltrett...
ellnitanatema, ?dant. 2htb, tool
The Patent Iteyermible Water Finer., invent/al -by Mr.
Samuel 11. I,wln. and wed by me for wally month, al my
prlvs. rwwieurr. In all that any i.e... could .lei. 1
t Penton. ronaider It yrlTllegr 11, hare It In my lamer 10
...,urnurtud It to the public. JUN AM P. FAIIM. tre AIIII.
et' .
N. —Steatoteed Captain...l44(o.Mo would do well to
,„11 a u,' ...,,un,ue our large Fillyra. for nltYritue water be
1. 111,. holler,, by .01,0 moony lifer will new
Millet le.t SILO. year In toed and repair of boiler.. AU our
are Ireinuard too bre peer, .0141 With <1,11.01.111 Wt
ten. :41,ATKIt A JARUEN,
2:19 Arth etreet.Plillodolubla.
A Card.
LIHAVE FITTED UP, (on the Now York
plan.) • rei.y ruperior wir.rwm. fur theeale I.( CUP
" Curtain Materivaa, rod every Mug apprrtainind .
fsebloriable parlor, and have rebutted the lamest and euperior asaortnead of Hallo Do Lain., Ilnentele,
Flood. end Noonan Damask Dr Lulu, EnklGh Damask,
klaunne. Mots.. Turkey Red Dotal, Fringe, Girona
n.ry kind. Lure Curtain., fluornland plain Worth, 11°1. .
laud of 11111erant width+. Mroiera of 06 different
aka elyhr, Door Munk Window Blinds and rihnlen,Curtnin
border. mud Bowl,. CUM. Nor, Tanalrand Tinsel Loupe.
Cord. Milk end Worsted, llod Chit:tees and Fringe... Mar
null.. en! telemeter gullte. Counterpanes ant rolared
Comforts, Idairepon, Tiede sod 11.1.1100.
All orlon thankfully reorient and promptly filled.
aplk WM. NOBLE. Third otrett-
(I ANIPBELL & CHESS hove this dny. At,-
/ ril 11th. arroria4d with theta Coral. Mellumur.
hn bueloon will he eoullollril tinder the eryln of °nag
rnent d , aplP7to
NOTICE.—AII plereens indebted to the ea
late of John A. Roe, deed, ar reloooted to moe
payment to the uncle tined; unt those baring claim.
Wlthult eplote till prceen AL T E R lt ulthotment.
spl7 W C. Iffir.. Truntee
Business Notice.
V, , ,L PERSONS haring business with the
mum 0.1,11.141. 47117, fgt . :l 4 9%w 1,1t...",7..::
atal (tom 2t04 P M. Merchants In It
af comps
{ant Mona R a e by calling an
• •
7/017tMENT6 ; •
=Ai _
AU ATV =Pen. - -.. OP WALLS.
Enr t l .l4 ';:r Oterer, Clunbersbux 4a ndladelphis,
New s hstrnt, anti Northern of X. Son.
Delaware ow Jamey: and the six New luoidand Mates—
Tbe Britiib Promami of Lower hash, Nora Scotia, and
Nate Brattasklb d 417. Arrive. at 4 r...: Departs at lt.M.
Nam Mancsa.--11,111alntrilla add lloilidaysburg. h-,
Inoludlew the Mantic. of Bradford Cambria: Centre, Clio
ton, Janina; Irreoming, Minh, Ma... POOOOO, NM,
WMS Union: and part of Westmoreland, Ma LlTelmore
31 amaysville, Fditm st Bogus New Alexandria. nod he
...L... .V.' AIM. dMIT. sampt. Mondays, at 3 de
part. daily at lti Jr.,.
East — fly - Datiar; I. Menem, Crawford, and jefterson
counties, Wertruepartof New Tod and upperUseada.dally.
Arrives st 3 r. Is faced dm:luta/49a. m
Muth. sin that:h.—By .Washinstms. P.r Ohm.—
, hype, Somerset, parlor AnoWmwisted smutty. • irillta.
I ,
Wastdastottaty.Sautbornand 11 est.
ern parts of Old Indiana. Hentneh. Wes Tenses
me, Alabama, , 3Bassodynat, Arian.% North Caro
.. „11.nati, and T 0,.., dallßtillrfires
Ficrerms. PasI U LPs., BoiricranVt, h.. .1 ' ofacmo i T i t, 7 = :
TA=ti l l i rlrr, ..d 'd T 'ltl‘.. ?..... •7 ... 4 k4 Ob i t t, hat.
• II oars Diactuaßi Brav er and Clamicusd. Olds*
eßeaver OX, r UColmublans, Trumbull; ktqat%,,o,eusLa
ltbunturana, W rnA, Ottowa bas ttaCy7lltud.
.... Lams eaustleit, Oblo; the extreme muthart mouth
of he Matra at Indians and Illtnals, Incluellug allinkbi
=loNlurdharantln. dally. Arrives at 11 a. at.; do-
Hrguitilfly Plitsrptburs,tionston, Spinet:M.2mM
tura. treeport t Kltrannina, Kiskimlnitas, Anitstrour. Clar
ion. and Crantekl counties doily. except on Sundays Am
rises ar.ll, r. and deserts at 5 r...
atasucs....By Irmyntlls, Wash% Zellenople,Porters
silk, lan eat New lairs Anima Tuts:Mutt
Thursdays. and Ssturdah. at 8 P 04 departs Mondays.
Wednennua sal !Ways, at t .t. x.
Ittatlaratl,-By Snanceotts liall, Plulerville. sad Men
, 1111 ,To gt. ays, Y.tidare, at 4 F. ts.; dm
"TP,:,,,,11 twk.L.. elatt4 . ll%. McKeesport.
C o d yalic,,,,town. ilsotbkte, Ilouramr, Bah mr.
nom, Cooknstru, Permupolls. East LlOttty. Umter Micl.ll.l.
torch Hs. AttinX.•Burtibtrz and T , lrrstlays at : b A. 1.., 4,...
Plltzuv ....._*tr*Nllll•Ntblestown. Cndor,
INtrammuditi. Onus Creek Wilms, Pattor
amnesty. ts Amino Sunday. and hum:tams at 10 s. ts;
dt e,A r l", " Tjr jato r t l LVcs ' lta .. Tills Moon, Mace
town, Pran)dont Wass. Ps, Pairstew. In. Armes an
tmt a y, at { r. st.; &yams on Satarlay, at OA. m
Suatocrin--11LAturits Ifortti, ihnlnston. and Arun.,
. t
Ps utrrinta ots Medtsmialf , el a r. w. depart on Monday
t,ri,Yuntitnixeelly 166.x'. Ferry. Arrive. on Prktay, at . 0.
r. mx depart: on Patuntay. at 6 a. IL 4.7
Faaerctx.i—lly Wexford, Breakneck. 061,
limerick othltrotown. do., lartalLog Warren and Vertex...
mantle, dirties daily at a. rt., araLdeparte at CiS
Letters to the daily nulls mart be I. the (Mee ogle hour
berr.n. their demure: letters fur the trldreekly, watt.
bealT,th t 6
ir X 1 tra•k mall; moat be tba °Zoe half an hoar
ere e
MUM. Intl lot tor nmaraart nacres,' m
N. lIOLSIES & SON% Banker'.
No. L 7 /Mart if. Admen TAW soul /barflies. /thillvink.
PIaNATLV49II. Uncut at II ainthon.-- 1
Ikink Of Plilitliothli,--Par ktrincli at ktnthitT-2..- - do
Earthman Dant 0rd0.....par llnthen at Tann.. .- . --do
3lrr. aid Man. of do-..par Branch al. 1 ottantow
hank el Cannueree...,-par 19ly Nang ... Cineinstan-...-do
14or. of Kurth Autorina-par Cominerslal 111LLInclottat4 do
think of:kaiak( Libnlokpar Vnuallit Hook. .do
Banta( Prom tannin...psi LafartTth flinth---...--
I.nk of ha. Tvoniihrp-par Ohio Linn lax. • Trust 133...d0
hankWlltolhaitad 241/0 11:11irgorn 1t...0re Ilank..--4,
Onin tharthl Bank of PA.unar Rank of Masrallutt..--- -.du
thithers• a 31rettaisleatlik par Stuall N 0.,. _.....___....d0
tthard Bank— Ina NEW kth..tiD.
lithilinthxvilank., .. ----par AU pollen( Bank.. -- - I
Amon/mit Meek liank....ner NEW lit/10 - 11 . .
No adelitniu Ith-----Pm Al Alth LAN D.
tiouthirith Oath, I. l ll l thithor....- Per
{Triton think- . -thr N.J2, 111( A DELA VANE.
lkink of
Ithasabo;thurit . h.. I All sotrunt booth-. .... ._. I
Nankai tthethr Count,- 61111410 A.
Hank DthrlLle..----thr Muth units talk)-- 1
Hank of thiLl.k..ltherior-lier Ilk uf Virginia, Rielithood I
11thkaf tlantaeliova-....par Na. Ilaalt, Va., Nortilk.-- I
Bank ofliottythorth....... 1 ikruntrif I.lAnk of
Hank Of Latkitokro..- ..... - lierrinintat A linen. Bank ti
/tank of Millletotra..--- I North %toroth thank. 3i
Xraliaa.n" Ca. Maat..-par Ilithcbor.:.-
Muth of NorthuniterlaraLpar N 02.110 CAILOLINA.
tkurtWallank.•- •. ,.. -. ..- 1 Rank of intim Year-....... 2 I
Onlinalna Ilk Allealsothoiar Ilk of Mt. of N.Carolina.... 2
Itnykknvitthith....-.....par thunnerrial lq , llththatro I
rya.. Yorrthatit Newbena 2
Krim itank-....,,,—. ,- I NOM( OA LIRA. 1
Polithars'Ek oil Docka - Un.part ilk of kW lit of EL thanAlna 2
artn linutPtautnautattharthank•flenoth. (Inutt,
Famine Rook of Itouding par kink of thartebin--. . • 2
Vann. Ilk of tich uyl2lll thipnr Plantrrit A Mortnualiat - kth 2
Yarn Dthr. it snoolutra.. 1 0 NORMA.
Franklin 11. It soblocton yor Autualn ink ig !kaki.' Co
Harmkaro Eunt Pliant of Autusta.. .
Iloaeadale 11ank...--...... 1 Ilk of Bruniatek, Augusta:
lu t ocam.r Ilsok .... -• ...._par „ TENNNNSY.L.
Lanthator County Bault-tatr AII leohrout b.a1r...........--. 3
Lebanon itank....-t par Ii601171.71:Y.
Minoru' Bank of Pothrillo I nk of Kinturkr.Lounrillla I
kloonitarbola hunt litrTlik of Louluvilli, Tlmmettou I
Wog; Itraaurla Itaal-.--- 1 Nr•rtbrrn lit of Kunturky 1
Itiorolon lik.lillkostarripar 3.atb.,raa la of Kentuolty 1
took lksok 1
o f
Itellef Not , . I Ilk anitate of kllntottei....... 1
c 11/10. 11.LINUIN:
lain. nth. Bank. ..... -....-...llAtait H. 21 sad ht ea_ Branch at At.-
!trawl. --
.set at Atrott.-.......d0 flank of ITI4M - ta.... -....
sorb at Athens.....--......1n Irida/NSIN. .
atteh at iltideemmt.. do Marina A Pim lac Co. ehlia 6
web at Chilictahe-... ' .....d0 MICIIICAN.
math at Clemiami 40 Partnere blechaalea• Bank 3
.OmOM at T01ed0_....-...._d0 Ovvernment Mork Bank-.
Imorh at Dayton 'do Peninsular liaok
demob at Delaware AO Dountmo•Cumpany 1
Branch at OA umboa....--44 Mao hank...,.. .... .... 3
Branch at Jobtaboda--.--tto CANADA.
Branch at Priem alo Ilk oflLN.Ataarlra.Tornatob
Branch at 11.44.1 4t, !Mak of the People., Tomuto6
brooch at Elide/ doOlank of Montreal .0
branch at Comianati.....--alo•Bank of U. Canada. Tomato 5
Brunei, as.C4lumblo.-.......d0l EASTERN Y.XCLIANGE.
firm:Ala at Waehlnatott..... AD On New Zook (pram). .N
ifranell at Culla. Ao Ou Philadelphia do.-..._.....4
Branch at Lattrieter-----44(1n Baltimore de..._._... 1.,
linnet. at Steuhen•lllD....-dol 'l7l4TbilN EXCIIANUIL
Brandt at N llrooob at
ewark._ ....... ...dol Lou Imille. ............ . -....-.- I
Brandt et }Apia do Pt. Lula I
Branch at Sprombeld ..... (MILD AND SPECIE VALUE
Branch al biarietts.---.-....41D0ub1000n, Spanish- 16.00
UnaneMat nut- do do Patriot -.--46.51)
liraorh at NIL Plearaust_-_do Hakim old -....----..-10,00
.. _
"..sach at Zanesville_ .0- ••• • z ar,....711:.=r,.iz.:,‘...._ ..... ......::.10.00
tintatoh at Norwalk ..._...-do Vredartekatrorn-_... ..... . 7.w
Brant+ at Piqua do Ten Th aler, Tll.O
Dr.uch of ChNimthw. do l
Drawl) at Portsmouth-....d0 that. 411....—... ........... . adal
Branch at Y.atott. .-_do Panetta ..... ...... -....-- 4.1t3
Brandt at Toledo-- doi
STOCKS WANTED—Bank of Pittsburgh;
Northern Libel,leo ttralir; bp _
ap7 titO. R. ARNOLD& CO. T 4 Fourth at.
STOCKS FOR SA LE-31onougabela Bridge;
North Western hank of Nkleellor 1 , 7
apt OF.O. R. ARROW Oh 74 Fourth 4.
PPER 17.ANG INGS—Quakor styles, just
d and for rah by 00.1 . ...11ARSIIALL.
arta ha Wand .t.
VIESTER CENTRES, of Gold and Velret,
IL ma earl* Caper. for sate br
apls W. It. MARSHALL, 00 Wool rt.
"'WRENCH CHALE-300 lbo. for sale by
I .OLOCYNTH--25 Rm. Paved, for sale by
APE:RS-00 lbs. sup. Pea, for sale by
TVLAXSEED.-1011 bu. reo'd per 17. E. and
01. Line, and Ptr wle by JAII/ 2 1. DALZELL,
09 Water street.
B LOOMS -200 tone Tenn. for rale by
-321 and 2..21 Liberty et.
PA PP.11.-130 learns 21 by 35 Printing Paper:
3io " 3 3ii " • •
300 " 1 1 by by
32 ..
000 19 by :1, 24 bt 31. 21 by M,3
bt 41. LI bt 434
4.1 " Mtn. Paging) Pawl:
V- 41 6!!' oth .Clair
200 " Medium "
330 " Meditun and Oleg). Crown nor.
The undereigned keera enorlantly on band .rut fur rale
Ilornrint'7Nrrtm', litter, 11ar;iauneIoAb.-.Ae l
of all .10-., for paper no anagtetarera. •
Printing Pap e r made to order on abort untie,
fell% enroAr of Poop
11EA I{l. ASH—.II casks for sale ky
.07 J A r R. FLOYD.
44 4 ipARATUS--25 bids. (Adonis') fm al o
p hbls. Roll, for sale by
.1. 11. FLOYD
R AcoN--247 pm, Hams, Sides, and Shoal
-11, fornds LT mai J. AD. FLOYD._
%it TOOL-3 seeks Common, for solo by
spl, J. A IL FLOYD.
gIiANS-4 bbis. Saint! White, side by
D ROOMS-75 doz. Corn, fur mile by
it zid7 .D.
s b tr , inzvory Superior;
J.114:11"110.SITIZar r i jO b ., r ll4 Wood 0..
. .
'LAX—A ouutll lot for sale by
ap= IZt Srmad, ma/J 161 VIM rt..
English and Irish Tea&
lIE Hubseriborm havu just reed an ,
•Ia a•reaner Amp a tortataut eupply tie.
nr Teav, the daror of ebb% I. ea, ;mortally wet.
emu the "Old Country:' and by weer ,
"r aigeVe l . aud 70 crate )I • •
The Imam which ha% teen advertising
tawave me
netady ut them Tea, cauttot twainu la dew WWI./
ro. or truth.
We have shoot Land a large experiment cl Fre.h
of all grade" and every deeer/ption, which we believe eau
not Le excelled lu l'lttrburub.
A..11c(3.1:11U Inv
aPO Urtovera ut' Tea Dvalera.
r AR-20 Mils. N. for !kale by
ap24 JOIIN PAT *
IrrANNERS . OIL-15 111,18. for sale by
bvis. N. C. Tar,,eby
o. 3E0.1 CO.
ihialAat; fbraisdal free depress. Mao
• Orr= flrrovao at Gum;
• A maylaraLadeeree of aetkritY Prorated in the , wwYki
TweberAer.still o fhlr emend Malmo was c1010g...54; Car
a. ;moistly= an raaceneed. we have oo mama ebanße
to notice.. The river emtinum la ;Int amth-Able order.
and Le fair degree cranially Dimas to ttat, gaekr.
• 91.01:11I-4?.sculdetable lota hare itirlynt Horn our last
rrport,.aeaNT ell of whir/a- however. was. ceatliroetl
art shipment art.. The only sale-rare heard or rrm stst
hazels were,4oU t.tas 53. E ana icy do'at X. 14
144 - The mks from now rem conanal to mall iota fur
eltr .?..i.drilaa nt $11163 :734' bbl: .
ILYE,IrLOUIL—We jre , sf of nothing doloz In rye dm.
We mij on/throe oar goolaltioos at SF 67 from Ana head!,
and mom Io imNl Iota:
GIItAIN - -We dike 0c.'44.11114 10 sraln.lois haSs'
been ouslends. aid Wes' light. at for -.heat Vic, syst
400. cora. Oa:Xs' oats at 431.10 Ina.
UnOCEosol43ogar Arm. ar Mt sat WIPT001:1II leaden.
Y. 8.46 r .• 10 lobed 515:5, cash. far prime. molass.
Is stationary at 37): far and 4Cidtio sozarhouso
(33, fr0 =061516 idstllidna lefideney s with ;idea 105 bags
Itlo at lle. 50 do .it - 11U alai 50 do at 111‘o. is In ovalltr.
RIC/5.-Ba4a 6(10 that 4Y5,..0r0a•
. .
PltoVdnlttlia-43matnantleniaa dna stoat price. Sada
18 ck+ ahotAdati _ at We: nula; W pity for <km =Oa&
city anytat at cdidafdin far aliciuldera sad Walla a aka tick.
at B).f, and of ta7o,li country weed bacon. at 710 Inag
DRIED FROltilalbeii ia•ttar Della,: I otittiLtsDal In
.16.4 truly, n 4 or to the MEotal dram le Clneteuat3.
Roles yeatarday. Enna first basal., of DCO bas ik•tea at TOO
Me. sod 01.48040 frownatma at 730 DI 6a. Ellellso Itus
wad. Dom stomat SI ;I'D : • • '
DRIED It/ZE—bales In smell lota by the DaVa aa
. - -
_ -
IllBflLXlf—We bare Wes rrivrrted In ranif lota at 210
"ac., arb siad thiir, for rectified:
ASIIES—TIir market Is quiet...lth Nee to rocarrali
0.:344333i fircmj..rb, 63i the pearlasb. 8044 fin Wets
tar, sal Icarrprtrab, :
roT APP 4O /25 . - aa15e ze4n, . ,..1 3) .hb1...1 .1 1. 11.. P01=1 .1. ..47;13 40k. 1ar1.
thole* phillttes, and 3048 c tor •
EMITIM—N.sIPe from stoeo of chola, pint and roll at 14
014er , 'hand eamonson and prime Qualities at ilerk
CIMESE—EaIes in mull late from etc. at.7a.7loSC'm
TALLOW7SecuIi s.le. trutsplm7 .t 1%%74c ' 11l lb
O.IINALEA--Salaa. - at gar catodlem '.ltle. of mould
talkrtrat 10e,and of ttlppost at 40 Vll9.
Amon= Sate—At the Philedelphis Stock Board. o
the Ist lust, then very elle, of $ll.OOO Allegheny City 6a.
1870. 86, at Ofc and 15,000 Allegheny County It U 11
G. at OW,
MOVEMENT OF PRODUCE—The Weltlnitartei it Re
eheetei. wives the folkrwlng statement. of the amount of
prtdeto, whieh pawed the weighlerk eastward the present
Fin* week, weatoracing April 1.5;
Flour. bbb.
M.Mekt648344 103.221
Coro. err --! "14.4
SecoM e •
Flahr. bbht : 111.
Wheat. bus, .'
emu, DO.. •'-' 145,312
Total for two weelor
Flew, bbth . M 1.412
co Wb v e:t i, bus. 4117
let - urn -M. Mar I.
There Isar rem little done yesterday. The recent ad
in amnia and male',.. loom buyers out of the mat ,
kes. who
In on*. , welling off their stock on hand. before lir.
to impplits. Wecould hear of only sales of Sto 10
blob d the der, ti!..(dofe. but last evening
Wes 0(03 irtwn lota 140 end itird wore made at ('lO
Plantation naidame• It lido( anew Wane sal at
41e. Paull salts mere 10.100101:c.
Flour lease little Armee. A sale or 010 bids trom . the
Ins. at VI on. srltbstal ineyortion. Soles from store in
lemlted quantities at 137 00.
A sale 0140 bade shelled core from the leverni . 42t, and
to a lot of ear sue, was 0tt....1. net Ineloded. Oita
kraal...ooM Rona storm at ..VlgStdo.
Palos of her nom Intro $l.l - # too tw ticonthr.
Puri qukt roma la held at $l4 and M.O. at $l3 70. bet
baconld bear df tnutmetions There was vane allr
ahouWorro and eat. to the extent of 2.10 eke wide
made at fe. and =lrks on private tem*. Tinge purchases
wero minelfeille on eastern orders :isles 10 to lb caste
elver ekler. atoe. •
r. Lou. 'April
Ilse moelpto pnalore nod toosslAlons the 1..4 Stows
dm. are ous.modly now] fur MIA PeAznil or She year, osol
Io tin touteto to rowe.sueons. bore I..en
Osboreo.. ,oo notolitely Within, dolor. and no Solol
mw rot vo the souk.-
tonop, Pal. 'o,o:aprno cboat 10.1 1)1, emotooll
prim. al (ma 5:1) 0031 to,.
Lead Lo .1011. eral loners holding off for SI 21 1110 it
Am Opp.? lahleo.
In roar, the auonlr la 113bt. and round lots Lehi Irm at
Inr onolattona, ray for r. reuntry and tits at fn. 13 as
3 Isnot at 1354380. and rat= taunter and city at
fnan $.11:7N L 015014 Lit.
11l w eat, the mark t rio,a3 with an advance upon our
qua: pouvallone, the emir. use moderate. and vulva
at from to XAc. for Lair In clan. lohc. Own about aa
laat quoted. withmite of mixed from levee et Viiiea37e;
And yellow at STiggl7tiali bn. Ate dull. and but f..w lota
ontn . l . ool , with email Wog from logos u 11,01.3;110
. . . .
prortatons. tha mask. ckssed trot .$l3 50 Ihrlimse,
•sannued and t ad . prime .111 Al. 0..112 Cst
and drat. 114 Wt. htl. There la .1 a'lt's demand for
hulk airal..wlth sales.' shun:drip et *.dd.d.r..S.Le.•und sidm
5a I.
fa Wm . . an advance upoti.salr last
am, vm owtles sale/ mwd isaarprossifnohlers at ta(lejr.r.
7!,f6.17N.e. rllded ridm at 7544... , rdel clear e{d..
at .
awed hem at en prime No I. In Rd.
and los at , dam.t9. In
fur at and 1 uuel awl
prime at a - Ant., 1./
Sugar has slightly odranned. with 'Stem et nuolatlana—
In other article"usually diaded _ no mateidd salience.
The weather has been r. ry te7l and Vleuvnl. The
eppre.i. Mk+ city t• reredlng Aloud, Ind affords a bler tar..
nble 'deuce of water to Calro. The ?ll...nazi felll
l very dltheult to narhmtd the lad worm., rePdtt
ma the prinelpa/ hark The
ere felling hot affonlme hos navigable slam• .t "water to the ;
principal mints .lens.—lttepoh.
April Z.
toff o ws
orltonthan re Tu rmda,lenlar. =II WI, make(
y's. middling
4i middling 10.4410!N(.
Palos tat blab. ,naar, t etoadr prio," fairrur
1 0 . plantation. on [Lyon Latiorrlit tau pe , of tair.l4s
and 2711 Mats .0 and up the as t, our of WI land. at
ra. !woe, sales ronfincal to a for rand( at previuma
Salve 6 , :s 1.1.1. lobs," ors pram. terms
Flour. ante( VitiOn Aida. litrindinu unbrandod. on
rat^ term.. :00 L Ohio 4:i00 and .0. St 115,4011 bt bur
Is al 1/4 3,4 OUti an(l 70111 at ft
ElJ arm
.a pri me ail if. O. at
.hotUr;"..',l"o EE, :1:1 do
Clrl and at and Its do idaln ham! at 04 - .
Lard..air, 1.7 hbis lO a r., tea and 2t11.1.4a No lat
S. atal 163 hidn (145 a n d la) al Zor. prime it. 'keg. retail
ing at 11(ic.
H .
salan 83 tierrx...l....
Wier, vaalra 110. q Lag:. Itfo at
• Ramat:at
COPTEr—The trangartien , the met week Slay
amount to
4.400 hags Kla o,olne. The bolt of !oleo terra
from the ve.e.l'm mide.endl et the Inside agnn., There be
ing no more et prement giant. holders an Ohm, awl Dot
thvnood sell pereent gootesanue. 01.0 note rale
ut 40n tewot Jlll.. .t 12h41:te.
"0.• tent. (.32 T-46,.Tra, au ZOO coast-
04.402 b, CA* bap
filo Julien',
Litwin. and rorin Ca
bell, - VIA
mankinbo. 1.4,119
Other mete
ouhlee, . ' MO
ining.—Then iiere 6 feet. 0 inches In claiming. by
Pie , mark. lAA evening. .ml Alhmr
%clam, Bole., Braver.
Waver. Gordon. Darer.
Atlantic, Park Dixon, Broworrillo.
J. IDE., lhoutdekson. Mcßerrport
Clocinustl. DlnA d l w utb Ard.ll un. ro
Eto no. Cox. lranooville.
Jaw. NrDon, Noun, Whoe
Thornel, llontlethort.
Atom* Kinney, We
Et , leral Anis. Idoomen,
FooIII. No t. Iheobt.o., ElDAboth.
511eh1m14.44.1, Rear,.
tlava.% l'orkirmnu.
J. Me Ket., lirtutrirkrron. K
Thm Cbrivetr. Ballo , Tent New
%rnir..ho & l
imiun -
Atgal!W Y,„7 .l: , W.: l ,l ' ilA i."'L
hint NO 2. Clan, rutalts,"
D Leech a (hVa I'mproger Packet t dad, at tl. rn wnd
h i. 111,
NA 811 11144:--Port Pin
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Murderers' in „New. York are at last, I am
say,, to he broYett lto their Ames.—
Murders and, outrages of all kinds have been
growing:, more and more nOttierons for the last
few years.'intif it has'gOtto be a queitionstde
thing whether a anus is safe 'tiny where; even In
his own -Muse, IndesiLit is not long Shoed a
man up town was -shot through his window, be
citrons be had killed his neighboes dog... Yon
'will recollect that 1 Mentioned in a - former-letter
some- two meets ainet'ithe - murder, In the Fire
POints, of one Edward Moore; atieltrot hYs`ohite
cone. named AO= Lt. Stookey,: Yesterday the
prisoner was tried, ettul so etrong., was the eTi."
deuce, doh the , jury brought in a unanimous
rewliet 'of minty; after - 'being' out only fifteen
mitnotes.; -.This trial; the second capital centric-
'don this week. p resents-a rare instance of speedy
justice, and it is hoped -will exercise a salutary
influence. It has become extremly difficult of,
late to convict a prisoner of inerder in New York,
on nicetuieof the reltietanee of the 'judges to
consign the criminal to capital punishment, and
. consequently. a great many,rassale escape!. - As
an...instance, sines the fireeof .January, there
have been eight trials for murder before Judge
Edmunds, only three id:which have resulted in
capitol convictions, the ethers being alt verdicts
ofmanslanghter and homicide, In variousdegrees.
At noon to day,, James Wall, convicted- of, the
tnurder of lathed -Casey, and Stookey, were
brought into Court, and severally sentenced to be
Stuoged on Friday, the 2lth of June. Thigh. the •
I.lay to which Carnal Sas been resorted" They
wilt all he executed ottlthe same gallows.
-Mays day yesterday paned off with the usual
accompaniment of moving, the whole city being
in a hub hub from morning till night. It is esti=
mated. hat 20.000ietwons.Shariged 'the:trilobite
titers during Si dui.`
Another foul and deliberate murder took place
olhe -Five Points this morning, about three o'-
cl k,. when Beckman, the bar keeper of Rick
el ' notorious rum hole, corner of Chatham and
Orange streets, was shot in the neck; and 'in
by'a mannatned Michael Milroy.
No cause for the act was assigned, and the mur
derer, with *number of witnesses, was instantly
'mixed bytlie police, and locked up in the tombs.
Mulvey is a member of Engine Company No. 21,
and is said to be the same manwho was stabbed
some time since in Doane street, by a French
man, with whom he had some difficulty. *,
Still another case of an (happily unsuccessful)
attempt at murder, occurred yesterday afternoon
in the open street. A gentleman named Saimel
Saunders, with his daughter, was walking up
Morton street, when suddenly Saundeiastoppd,
and fired a pistol at Mr. John Morgan, who , was
engaged in-moving. The ball of the pistol luck
ily fell out before the charge went off. Morgan,
however, received the powder - and wad in his
face. Seeing his first shot unsuccessful, Saun
ders drew another pistol, and again fired at and
missed Morgan.. He then drew a dagger and
stabbed himself five times In the heart, killing
himself almost instantly. After the first shot,
the daughter tied, and was not by when her fa
ther killed himself.: Saunders has had domestic
difficulties during the last few years, which, to
gether with the loss of some money, it is sup
posed had deranged his mind. These two tra
gedies occurring so close together, have created
no little stir here. t
The Irish had another spell of indignation last
night, and are making preparations on a large
scale to have , Sir Henry 'Bulwer kicked out of
the United States, With all the dignity dee to his
exalted station: Several other meetings are to
be held before the memorial to the President for
Itulwer's recall will be ready for signatures. I
am sorry to see apparently respectable Ameri.
cans mixing themselves op in this affair.
Two unfortunate men, employed in f. brewery
in Williamsburgb, fell the other day Into a cis-
tern of working molasses, in the process of dis
tilLation, and both were instantly killed by-the
carbonic acid gm.
The American Art Union exhibition has open
ed tor the season. and n large number of - One
pictures are already on the walls. By the way,
it may lutortadsomo of your readers to know
that the subscribers 0(18110. from 1 to 6,000 in
elusive, can now obtain their engravings by ap
plying at the rooms. The intbscribera than far
this year, have much exceeded those . of any pre
vious, in numbers. s
. . .
The ineorne of nine Beneiolent Societies in our
city for the pastyear, 031001111 led to $1,038,798 84.
The previous year, the incomeans $1,083,742 74.
The increase of the American Traci,Society alone,
walr, the last year' ' $310,018 02, .ot.whiah $2OO,-
^20 ^ 0.7 here- - the' , procCesAaottraets sold. PreetY
1r ell this.
Our :Anniversaries begin in good Carnes! now;
Next week three will be twenty-two of thcm,
The Rev. David U. Riddle, of your city, will
preach the annivellsary sermon before the Home
Missionary Society, on Sunday evening
Levi Cole, the hank robber, and accomplice of
Tom Kanonse and John Collins, arrived here yes
terday in custody of officers Bowyer and Ste
phens, who arrested him in Baltimore,. charged
with participating in the Phoenix Bank robbery.
Gen. Stuart, Engineer in Chief U. S. A., ar
rived here yesterday. as (lid M. F. Tupper; both
arestopping at thedrving Howie. 'Gov. Hunt is
also in town.
The Committee on Nations, which got up the
great republican celebrations in thiscity in 1848,
will Meet next week at the Shakepeare Hotel, to
relive topic, having reference to republican lion
trines. What's in the wind, I wonder
An experiment of a new means of destroying
ships of war, which was prepared during the
late' Holstein difficulties, terminated disastrously
and almost tragically, near Kiel, in Danish' Hol
stein. The Boston Advertiser translates from
the Illustrerta Zoltan, published at Leipsio,
the following account of the enterprise and its
The machine was invented by en under officer
in the Schlesirig Holstein army, by the name of
Boner, and was intended to bstmed in blowing
up the Danish ships, which, during the last war
were operating r-gainst Schleswig Holstein.—
Having perfected his plan, Dauer laid it before
the Government of Schleswig Holstein, and ask
ed for their aid in building vessel. .But they
not having faith' the practicability of the plan,
he was compelled to turn for assisDirice to rich
and sacceeded in obtaining by anti...
' neription in the Schleswig Holstein army, a "suf
ficient sum to enable him to undertakethe band.
ing of his ship. In this . , tray the vessel was
built at Kiel, and completed in December of that
year. This wonderful ship was launched in the
presence of a great 'number of spectators at the
port of .Stapel. In form Dissembles a common
yacht, except that it in much narrower.' A tube
is placed in the fore part of it, whickis provided
with very thick windows and a trap door, for
the entrance and exit of the men necessary to
work the ship; the visible apparatus consists of
a primp for tilling and sinking the chip, and a
screw by which it is propelled. There are also
in the fore DarLtwo gloves of gotta perch., pro
tected by which the director of the diving ship
attaches the powder magazine to the vessel in
tended to be blown up. This is ignited from a
distorice by means of a galvanic wire. The sides
as well anthe deck.of the ressel . are or iron. An
exact description of the machinery cannot be
given, as the inventor very 'naturally does not
wish to make it public.
On the first trial the sides of theship, no well
es the pumps, proved quite too weak, a difficul
ty which wee early, r discovered, but which was
caused by want of funds. The first trial was
successful, however, 81 limier took care not to
let his vessel sink too deep, being aware that at
a depth of 80 feet. his ship would inevitably he
destroyed by the pressure of the water. The
particular object of the inventor, the blowininp
of the Danish ships Of war, was prevented at
that time. no their ships left the harbor on the
approach of the frost.
On the first of February last, Bauer made an.
other trial of his vessel, and this time he was
not ms fortunate even as before. Ile descended,
aecompanied by two vohmteers from the Sebles
wig Holstein Navy, at nine o'clock in the merit
ing, under seater, and did not appear again with
his ship. Alter the boats *kids had accompa
nied him bad waited a long time:foe the reap
peomnec of the ship, raunon were . fired, in the
hope of causing it te rise. Its place was found
after some search by dropping a lead, and the
cries for help of the submerged Men were beard
from the depths of the water. ' All isossible at-
tempts were now Made to • lift the diving ship,
but they proved vain. Strong trots chains and
cables were sunk in the . Water - ' and after long
bor .:' some of them were' actually made fast by
Da * ; brit the heavy abipCoulsi not belated up
i x.
n, and the multitudes from the city who had
assembled in beats; considered the rescue of the
three unfortunate men as impossible. What
Bauer had dreaded had taken place. The .
pumps, when the vessel had reached the depth
of thirty feet,. worked hilly, and It was foreseen
that at they mink deeper they wouldbe destroy
ed by the pressure of the water, or at least be
come fifties!. • What was dreaded was not long
delayed—a crash followed, and 'the three 'sias-
merged men looked upon their fate . as certain.-
This was the tense fearful moment, according to
Ilauer's account, of the whole nix homes which
he and his companions spent under water.
Fortunately th&deek of the ship and the nide
walls remained uninjured, although an opening
was made in the lower part, by which the water
slowly entered—a circumstance which mesa the
three men "from certain death. The attempts to
lift the ship by means of chains amt cable s wens,
as r hare-remarked, given' up after ;king tad
rain exertions, and nothing remained &Ulmer
and iiisVompanieni bat their 'own eats. - - The
two strongest men tried to open the upper top
door, but in sal.; the pressure of the water was,
too-strong to allow them to lift it 33 Muth Si Cr
inch; and there remained but one hope of 'Salsa=
tire, and this has also a - mere-trial of their'
'patience. It was with ditßenty that Bauer per..
minded his cOmpanions to keep nniet, and 'maid;
'ail useless waste of their streligth. Ile could
not make them satisfied with his plan, which was
to await quietly the rising of the water:Bß the
pressure of the air caused by this tieing would
be strong enough to open the trap door. With
the greatesecoolneas,Bauct wrapped himself : up
in hls cloak, and remained stated in, the upper.
part of the ship, that he might- not be chilled by
the cold water. When theship was so far filled.
with water that - the -three divers steal in it up to
their necks, and it was, almost kupossible for
them to breathe the Condensed air, Bauer gm
the strongest of his companions the signal to
make an attempt to open the door.
1 Be was able now to lift it srlth ease, and wee
carried in the same on oment by the pressure eJ
the air up ont of the opening and thrown upon
the surface of the water. Baeur and his two .
companions, who were almost (eluting, natural-
ly followed, and all-three reached the surface of
the water in safety, where they were immediete
lyreceired with loud hurmhs from the assem
bled, multitude, and taken into the boats.
Breathing in the heavy air, and remaining in the
icy cold waver had so exhausted them that the,
two companions of Bauer were obliged to be sent
to - the Hospital, but he needed but a few hours.
repose to be entirely neutered.'
•• The heavy dieing ship, which weighed seven-.
ty thousand pounds, still lies forty feet deep in,.
the water, and it is very doubtful whether it,
will ever be got up. Tho invention, howevirr,."ls
• valuable one, althoughAhelirsrtrlel has failed
in consequence of the defective construction of
the ship. In building another ship, which - Bauer"
is still disposed to undertate, he hopes tq remedy,
these defeete, and to be able to prwte that hie ;
invention will be foUnd tiseftd_in carrying on
naval warfare. • •
The German paper from which the above nar
ratire is taken contains' an engraving of the Di-,
- ring Ship at Kiel, before its submersion..
New Exatan.—The Nlw Orleans Conner ban
the folloiring account of a new intention. 'A
atearnboat to travel on land or water;' would In
deed be a novelty. • '
A gentleman . eitabited this morning the •
_Lyceum Hall, while the assembled mull:Wide
waited to be organized into Ceara:dime—a model . '
of a locomotive which can be used for - a meant , •
boat to:travel - on land or water-4or ploughing;
or for any sorrel' riding yr traveling—it can.
also be used as a rue engine, or a street nail:
ler. He said it would throw water 800 or 3,000
feet - high, according to the size of the machine -
constructed; and if one had been in existence et
the time, the fit...Quarles fire could have been ex
tinguished in five seconds atter the invention got
upon the ground. The inventor is one. of
,the ,
keenest, at the aims time most gentlemanly,„
lookingehaps in town; and we believe hapersuel.
ed everybody, that his invention is the greatest
yet. The fuse engineers of the city have exam- •
Med it, and .pronounced that he has overcome ,
every difficulty in the way of travelling Malawi
by steam. - He made the model inure ahead, re =
trograile, turn round and round every way, with
grace and case. It is, indeed, wonderful.. •
BURNING OP A Tards-sio=sair.
The overland mail brings wit' account of a
frightful catastrophe, the destruition by fire of
one of the largest Indinmen called the Lucking.
hamshire, formerly belonging Lithe 'East India
Company'esertice, while on her homeward Toy
ege to London. She was a splendid chip of near
ly 2000 tons burden, with high . poop decks, and
her loss was nigh being attended , with the moat
fearikl consequences. There were on hoard up ,
wanl of 200 individuals, consisting of troops,
passengers and crew, whose preservation from
horrible death may be considered truly marvel
. •
The. Bnclinghameldre • railed' for Englaitdda
the Ist of March, - under the charge of Captain':
Macgregor. Her crew amounted to nearly inter-:-
hundred bands. She had on board as steerage,. _.
passengers about .0 of the 80th zegiment of bet,
invalids; and their families, and thirty date - Oa r
kin passengers. The passage from Calcutta dein
the Hooghly passedngreCahly, - and on the even- - '
big of the following .31entlay;: the 411 t of -Mareh,"-11*
she was brought up for the night, and to trts,-
charge the pilot, elf Canterbury Point, about ten
miles below Diamondllarbor. During the night
a thrill of horror ran through the ship at theory,
of fire, and the decks , were instantly crowded I,j
• ..
the terrified passengers.
The first intimation Capt. Macgregor received - -
of its existence, was about ten minutes before
ten o'clock, when a man reported to him that he'" .
feared there was S. omethibg wrong in the fore. ; . -
hold, as smoke was coming tejt of the loWer
hatchway: He went instantly forward, and found
the smoke and heat almost overpowering the men -
below. Suspecting that it emanated from acme
jute stowed away in that part of the hold,: the
pumps were set to work, and the moot energetic
steps were taken by all bands to prevent it get
ting ahead—hot the smoke and heat increase:leo
rapidly as to drive the men away, from the
hatchway, and ere ten minutes had transpired,
from the time - of the actual discovery, a body. Of.
flames burst forth, and shot up from the quarter
With the aid of the officeni. Capt. Macgregor
succeeded in inducing the soldiers to keep calm, •
and with all hands, passengers and all, made
another attempt to save the ship. Tons and teem,
of water were discharged on the burning cargo,
butwithout producing the slightest effect. The' -
fire, in fact, gained, and communicating to the
fore rigging, sky and water were lit up by the -•.
glare of the fire. Captain Macgregor, per- •
ceiving that the of his ship seas bum,
itabls, determined, if possible, to ranher ashore,
and give orders - to his men to slip her cables.—
The current setting- strong in shore, drove the -
burning retied in that direction, and in the
course of an hoar she grounded in such a posi •
Lion that those whi) could swim contd gain the •
land with little difficulty. In the meanwhile, the
lire had extended to the main hold, the whole of
the fore part of the ship, with the main past,
presenting one sheet of flame. - • •
Soon after the wreck touched the ahore, a • :
steamer came down to the spot, the 'crew of . :
which had timid the firing of the Buckingham-
shire's signal guns, and was guided to the. spot:, '
by the light of the conflagtation. bier arrival at;.."
the critical moment was beyond measure fartu:'
nate, for, had it not been th e cue, :the 'beatsof' . '
the burning ship could nut have accommodated
one half the number on board, and great semi
tire of life must to a certainty hare followed,—
Captain Macgregor, with his first mate and off'.
eera on board, awed through this tragic scene iu
n manner deserving of the highest eommenda
nnd by their...l4)l and determined seal re-
stored something like order among the invalids:L . ",
About five or six, the moment they !nand the chip
had struck, threw themselves overboard-mid trere
dnavined. L Directly
. on the ; steamer'
them, the lady passengers and the eoldiera'
wires and families were consigned. to them, and:
conveyed on board the_ateamer in safety. The..
boats quickly returned and took the remainder .
of the passengers end soldiers., and lastly the
Captain Macgregor anni . the last to leave the
wreck; 'Luna then, with tho exception of a artmll
portion of the poop, On firefrora and to end, acid
continued Liaising the whole night, ant two fol- -
lowing nights and ilaye, before ,be glided into
deep water and-nook. Not a single articlek wan
saved. Many of the families were reduced by
this calamity to absolute destitution. b
. . .
She was laden 'with a most valuable cargo,
consisting of East India produce. The total loss
is 'calculated to 4120,000.
Luck of thcErie Ilai e New York..Cyen—
ingPontoreaturdayiinya that the income of the Erie _
on that day would prabubly_exteed '
of any road for tbe oame period of time tali was
aver cowtructed. It would he over
in addition to all the earning, by tae trantlioe
of passenger, '
ex planation of this unusual prosperity, the
Post states that in ISI2, when the charter was .
granted, the Stare of New York loaned the road
1,^3,000,000. On the 14th of May ISt:, the Legisla,
tore missed an net, ~ 1 111 1..T110171 of WhiCh eltelldell.
the time for completing a single track of the -.
fetid load -six years, and provided that if, within
that time, the said Railroad Company caused
beconatructed a single track of the said toed
from the Hudson River to Lake Erie, the
County of Chautauque, adopting a certain route
(which has since beep followed, ) and - the Preak, •
dent of the said Company filed with the
troller. Inc alhdavit that the said - track was con,-
en -acted, and that ears and engines bad passed::..' .
over the same; thou, from the time of tiling such
affidlit, the said Company were to be released --
from all liability, to pay to the State any demand
which the State might havo against them. by
raison or on account of the original loan of the .
credit of the State- to Company '
.Theaffittsit required by. this act (the /Post
sap)was forwarded on Friday-night to
lobs filed with the Comptroller ciaSaturdey„ and % . 1
6)1 that "-I, the Company were rei ,t.sfFoci:,
83, - 000mo of their liabilities:
aa.l.'._ ~: er~l
• ,
a ;: igtiQ toca i xa 6-4