The daily Pittsburgh gazette. (Pittsburgh, Pa.) 1851-1861, May 01, 1851, Image 1

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. • ---'""+"" --t.. • i ' , Ak- FAFINESTOCK: 10 , co., Wholesale
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' L- WA= * Co, ;;',.. aat sa, corms Arad ana.frostreacars,. lltu
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''''"" C ''' """ " 44 . 014 .' /4'44 term ""' ".". ' - FIE I YSER 4t McDdIVELL, ( censors to
tt ' ditera Wholesale god Bad & stal
~• TERM. , ' '." .' •"' I*. selt:rl l ecceer of Wood drat and VLr o t:alley.
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I' be mat short. yacapsian. dais the money la f 0r d . 4444 1 41 " 44 .. 1444 Pith•Ps.".
Fa RELLERR • Wholesale Dealer in
RAM OP ADVEIEELSISO. JEL, : 4, r. I r• , Mete, Dead. 011 a, Panda. Ar., . ,
0.•41- Red ltreat, Pi Mint. P. Deals warraotek
•.; - thy!lhitudls pi tines or Itroron or heal , Praia hoe '• , ' . ,
• •..h.y. , net 4
eS :ll!dota - firar,, 8 2 N. WICKERSIIAM, Wholesale Druggist
....a..: - .t.: - ' - At - . ki .-- __ 1 TO land Delr a Bed
tle e sad Implanicals,
_• • -1•2•_ - Waol street, era 614th
' pa oto niniatth.--...:2'1
Do 1; r j „,„,,,.. 411 th.,...--•••••••-.....- a
-00000 ARAUN rh-REFTER:Wholesale and Retail
BY , ;-- cr" months --,,•-•----- i lt , 0 0 0 ' ~ t inetena, Mena of Liberty and Bt. Clair ea. Pitts
21_, - Do. 'I Ys coat. .----
19 1/9 . P.'
1,,a; I 1 twelve a...aj - 11 00 ' lI"SGROONMARERd CO., Wholesale Drug hers. ii... 00 0 . 1 6r r . yjp, 24 wad a., pgaidarah.
1, Oa Boat, wt dame Wel MP , -
om) anginal. of Me paper - -OW 00 1 r . r ..„,
for win add.o.l square, Boated ant onitoooth.arl -j - ' ' ..... .C E88•
fa whets mditional atimre aseralatida the pearly rates, .
' " 1 "'" 4 " 4 , L0 a" " „,," 4 44 .,.... r 4 .1 ' 4 ' 4 144 4 4 UT &F. WILSON, Vi r holosal7=e " grnd
l y
- • Slihe - riii orproaThWelraiat - rertamatate . ' be. W T a Commission Meets. Aged. RP ale of be
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yo ah a i r o . h oo r,, - ' Bat • Powder, No. lit aecoud, s ad al Front as. al
.' , A.m.. eanalatcs fat o&ye, - to ohangui the moor
- L. SHEN, Wholesale Grocer, Commisaion
Adrarticeaustda ad market me jibspy for 0 staaasat Merchant, and Ocala in Paper .4 Bag, metier ti
, mobs Of inertia. will be coutlo.4llifaba, and par- and hen. strafe p.a..,
theft Tar o t:n orontoul atrertilert o'otr= . alteez: RAMUEL P. SHRIVER, Wholesale Gm
emote taulate4; and all ad ,I' me and laruniosion derdauda, ead Dal
the bated dabs , WM.. Pell eall sul D =at „Naso_A • ri ' lts Pattabory - M. future] A rtides. No. Pa aid Ist
Imandistely coal:mad will tate awn 444 ' . 0 . Load stree. bt ' etwati ' Wood end Mniatield. Pittsburgh.
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" r,,,,,'''''',2., ^4 "" i ,',..1. b tnl . t. .1 , ....1.1/ rT, ~ S. - DILWORTH & CO., Wholesale
„4,,;,,,i7,&-"Rirltbi„, err , 4 ,,,.., j Claes% Paktum - ral Commlnion Merchant. and
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for tau. Powderfk., of Basardellls, Oa, On
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Nittrat.. "" l " = " = " 4aarag, *""L onn on ...,, iIIUBBRIDGE & INGRAHAt c . VIZ A ZIe
r fwge..l leeLeeeeTe oe ee11e.27 - .013,,,,,, .y 1 iiirii, Gamer, and ranntalen Stactauta, N 0.116 Wats
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sq wag.' dr. greet. sail /16 Pint Meet Pittsburgh. ,
+Pinar Plarnaa4, and all others Prodlaz eallanlnlce. A
Huesca requleng_toblees deafened mall etwenr. to HEY, MATTHEWS & CO., Wholesalo
. Pain, Edam Coo.. or m s imbue entertsituneuts, Goners, C.ndedou sad For rashes dacha. ad
" 444 ,== 1444 . 4 • 2 ...Wl..a - di mu...a tea- to far Brighton C,....11.0 &aro. 621ater st, Pittsburgh.
vale rayon.. eling:4l acne etteution to
private sularprats. Weeded,. to alma. lad- 2 ° 44 lIKEI JO2l VW..
, .1 Niter., an ouly be in the u MN - wATT & CO., Wholesale Grocers,
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... p D 2, 4 t,,,,,,, iD ~,
jaw ,, , , ur.thz, . naburah llandadtdes, . 2e5 Maly strat, Pule
N '''' 5 " NW
use Petitions ag meth le jp.a. - M P . r. '
1 B. CANFIELD, law of Warren, Ohio,
• to n Vtif and sarnsmarescarttoeareats at 0 ,.., D .,,.. ,
Wbe elan. rearir rat. but CO be alloyed a die . 1 . 1 . 444 ° l-4 . 44 4, 41 °Ab 44 L 424, "01.
wont of Way three ad me third per cash tetan the Dear le Wesman Reserve Cheese. Butter. Pot and
'amount of bill. Peal Alb, and tO estero Produce Jr...tally. 15 arm ortrat,
en s rtlLLT4l .... serwreal nt tsar rarras si
oo between Budthileld and Wu. Pittsburgh.
Dn0rn00.........._ DT
i t. Is "WITT, ~... N. Iretrebez..-li S. Intim..
_ adastmmaina Pi IMMIX tau. S. Vi A DAMAN & isON , Wholesale
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Gas Nquang-(10 lira. oneltuatam-........80 amt.
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tatellargh Nian.cared Toteman, Na: SO and 81 Wad
street, Maur.
-0 • ale Grocer. Four ad ad Ommialsnon bier.
&T.IVRAVIIIN. . Prolate, N
PleLbu[b.36, oar. rr tont stre ana
et oid Chancery lorm.
40MDI: A. PARKINSON, Alderman, Fifth r ,AB.,DALzELL, Wholesale Grocer,Com-
W= l . Potut SW 4 do___,bdldel 9 ,..... 0.11WWW4V41444. All idi Jatitarn Wandard, and Praia In Prob. ad Pita
v,.. lrrixitl/G2 hiPuuna se , tot. Manutketurer-12. TO Water rt., runners],
Itril DICKEY & CCL, Wholesale Gru
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), V. a gadraia tattal} Cimmisdop /i wards, end Dealers in Produce
d Moils. fro, 66 at. and ad Frontal:re. Pituburets.
LIFHANT & TAYLOR, - Attorneys , pi 1.,,k; ~.
.. . _ - . .. Jeirxe J. Wren,
LameeDNior OD Pada Mat. No.24ll.brbroan Wal. g NGusg &- 'NgNbiEry, late Eno s h,
rilled areas, Pittaborgh. Pa. Lt.
~..4, I,..oliphorjria.o„irecom. rue rh o gb, o f 0.112,012, k On, Wholesaletimeers,Conatisam ad ...,
- •Al oik. . • i• • • a pta rarartha magmata. and Deana in Pdua, sal Pi.. _
burgh Mamtheture. No. 122 Brand at. ani la Pint st..
I• s . tail....- - ' -." ' -I, theca= taped Wood aid Busithbak
HISS & - COLLIER, - Attorriera at Law- 4 . e0 rarcia'A.-c , s - . ---
M s rnT....oa.
O anFourth a.rm alma Fatithald. e."' Mifi FLUB 4 RICKETSON, Wholesale
j 1Y• F. WIL L ITEr ...., 4ttOrni a....,1 Law-Of- galk 1 , 4 `1 k "'d
i nriba7rerfal=ine vi rriV
iiiLlue,`l4,,rg -,-- P oor ! ''' -iarg i rli' = l. Ps. lena, NW; Cott. 'sr.. fa, ea. conatantlr
,T HARRISON , SEWELbiAtV , pilaw, f.ssot rani .. -ureci a. son.L.....vrarra . 100
0 Ohio Mate boats par Wing Nana, Ark- /( GILLS .-& ROE. Wholesale Grocers and
i aaTts of laphi. At . Ca2l-.4 1164462/2. fi ns: Merchants, No. 257 Liberty enact,
P. &. 9. L.• 13: I FETTERMAI , 4 - Attor- It i OBERT MOORE, Wholesale Grocer,
• ' .I.T. at tair cos nest rsta,, arads,...sl6.ler alb . liccardas Diatfligt. 11tpla In Prude. Pita..
Pltesbargt. ,p , , 1, , 0• , 61,10, ...Nat.. glad gads of Aram sod Doom.
1, ' 2i. SS Liberty gnet.. 01 band a
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in . gilitta4/P . 22, mar; olGysti)pheym& and Disearmil Phi. _villa mid bin ear eLllt.
14341 T ,OBERT DALZELL & CO., Wholesale
~- PIES F.: KERR, Attorney at Lem,-Offtee w at...., Com... lierchards,,k.l., I. Prot..
Mt woe. leiteiiit tatllheeld a. Gad. j7"laugh.
~ Khanna Manufactures , 110. irail libettf exat,
1t.0 , 101 C.FlANEGlN,AttorsieyatLaw PI - -
Nw /7 . 0 'Math area, Pittsburgh. ' ', •. ' KIER, , laralws , FarwsNipg TA. CONNINGH ; IM . WhoIesaIe
ca ..,os, Mee
I to & WATO. Atteraeyq at let w, Lowcr ar. and
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Httabtara ]! an , 3 Nn :Ca
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A Day2Aßuyacr. Paid 2.1 a• 1, a, peanalo: . . ..nest mama.
fal.then 2 W. Qat Win. B.
- awn Gm jalmoroeitiabe 91 " ii nrithr - - WM. BAGALiif i . CO., Wholesale Gro-
V • ears. and 29 Woul street. Pittsburgh
~.. P. JONES , IAttorneY, at law' . ~,, na radar. -
, 9' l'""th ""'"' b" ‘ "d W '' 4l t . l r d "" hb. WYCTi r ribredriitSage. 3110.0.80211 to
J ' - 1.- a. .7. 19 Wick, Whaled° Grocers, Persradiag
ABP R' 11 BRADY. , Attonitij . ..4l,.lf , t'sw, and PagaroPdaa Xfaelimita, daitty le j jrnah Nmh. 01. e.
211.120 Mk *at Pitabrilt..29h ._ -, -- - C 44 ° 4 JIM rd a t e"g b -= 4447 ,'
BARK/Rjrl/".3l3lnriaL - " A - tam.fs-.5.-,(z. CLOIISE, W h oles ale
we. h. muma....--el eh•nerar ... - ,...r.a. MM. a men sad Commlsiont Of erchate, Der.bee In Pro
U: AL WlTha AMR a tax, 13eakers cos, and Pittsburgir dardleturd OrnMa., IP& Liberty
id zi..beec u nea.rf,, warn, intt.tcerce al Wad 444 . P/ 0444 gb• F - -
AU tIIIMICUOLIS MAIO, on ten. Sad Milaitlase j WILLIAMS & CO., wh e ar 4,,,i
PalatalY Waded to. 11.17
, 1 • neon
i : , I j am. Grocer. Forwarding and Couunineis
2 . a:JUNG . ..Banker and Erahange Bremer, d i•xs In Cantata Pridae and Pittanrels
I a Fourth otrat, Deder as Beak Notes. ECU d ?Jr .....' or W.n ..4 11111 i el , Plaelelleb
• • tad Biller. Stocks bend sad sold. lel3ll7lunniane. 1.11714..7....)1ert. 1at.1300.
l . • - Matta pampa hl a pemnitua fd Amerman BINSON, LITTLE &. 'CO., No. 235
. s. •^' jg . no 38.1:,.., - .4. Pew.* PV*434, W Liberty Street, Pittsburgh, Whodeate Grecs. Pa
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lad Malian Machu. and dealers In Pittaburgb
11DIffM:LARIMER, JR., Banker end Broker, 11n,,t,m..
vT. , stasnestascas, asioisies la. Bat& arPlCtibarldt• adirrida. . .. -... .. .. menus nom
---A ..k.. WrifiNS - & CO, Ere Ilmkors, IL FLIIIiii, Wholesale Grocers, Con
gona taamoya. o r •pard etyma, rex) sea.. Men. end Des. in Prold-oued
staort liberal rates.
~,, __t__. j ....tia; ea Mad. Weide and Sixtb
HOLMES .& SON; Delius itr Foreign -- ,, -- 0 „„, - , - ,i, - = -
• PrA lkamatte Bina of Exchange, Ciartilesitin le GO' -- j - Ceillittß i 0:, - Wiiiilesaio Grocersi
turovrromrsatiaresclea so mats argot. Vitt.
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uocti.....a. 0. writ. Nerlsorad cites lu httlUsjoi r roNibra ? I WM.. 014 E..
the tatted Bata.
=II : al Bectilla agar- a . me ir,
PE°ROE E. ARNOLD 4 CO., Bankers: --
D ''' ' 1° E'"''''" sa nk Mons , 4 r a. 3° ' " I MUSICAL IHSTRVEREITS.
rust, next dad to th e ok of Mau Col. - j..
lodide mirefdlEettented to, the premeds remitted be
say part of the them H. au: - - LLOR, Dealer in Pitani3Fortes,
Ueda, ana Manol hatnicoredix °shoot Bads. sal
901* seed Ito e.t.a/es menu rata, Id
ER .1c 'RAND, Bankers and _Es• prlt k aTiarairroar,-so at w.od ~.
f3l - ar ":"'' k' D'''''' h'
r'''' ' 'd
P'll* - ENRY Ella 3ERVie, Dealer in sa.Certificases of Depora,Blak hot,
bead of Iliad aad Wood strata. MMMW Maga laical Ingracar. and Imparter of Italian Ming, 1 ...-
Cbesleil rata
cosh iii'a rile Ata k climent• A110. " 44 D.lot•Te sae! .
4 CO., Bankiof Alone, .
is lfe. u Word Mat, Pittabsugh. CaTen sere: - ~
MI /Int l Collections mode ale ell Um Praellal j imuumpAmatua .
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Et, ,k ,,, Cg. : If e fanu f ma actu n :
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i. C4 ' TOVI "ny or l ro "T o " 4 " 4 , Tette mud /Wang. Penn Mill. P.a...
naeC . . f- gm.
"'""g nir "----""'" """... --".-r.M.2. &PIE& Q DIGO, Manufacturers of Spring
AL HANNA &- CO., - Successors to Blister BILL Plough bad. bteel Mona Wing '
' Haat Ilan= a ca,.. lususs, Pada= /hon.; • ord . 1 .,.A 0 ,,,,,i n , r0. li orororro d fr o ,. y La j,,,, or ,
... 4,43 . 1 " 47,46 A 4.14 1r.... f .44° ,4°4 4 . 04Li k'' 4 11 dealers in 21 .elle Ceuta. Ha CMOs. Lad. al
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1., IR.& ?I and ..pair•-•.tortli ea tomer_ coaAlhairein. generally, comer of Roes end Front es ,
Wonlaad Third Mena Current Max melee) ea Ge pi tt , thmd , p...
PO. - Sight aleckg for sale, ad ail OW undone ~..1
X o llispinsial point. of the thilbsel Bad 1 E,,..a.s„URGH ALKALI WORKS.-Ben
h*"-° r"mi''' P ' " a' Y'..l4' '''' t ":"""'" • to
l. Lb, Idasufacturea of Pela Oath mach
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:loossyswas ANDk STA 110711118;,
RC. 2 VIDOKTON; Johnston Stock
. tat. &vino' Stationer-Pointer,' od itegairox,
B. ,Cfilap
_Literary Depot. :
- Ante:am:46i th e Pixr Wm. - Ng grks,
" A=oVrAngs, pAllibdr6vutate.
Bookneller and Stationer,
• fro. 111 /mirth rtycet. !Wolk! Ittallngt.
10.(14: ,, JirCippo4:',g1promm: 1 4
- -
I AVID BOWN; Ja., 'Wholesale and Rettig
titer sal Ccarectioarr. S 6 Fourth street
ceVrost=isgril rg."17.!!!...T"!h".
- ~ ,. AABEL~ I1Le:
71ireLINTOCK, Idauvfa taieraid'lm
arc•niets ai okoo. eu.s, ase.trm
. 6 .;z 3 z . rr, ,Warehmsa.N. loartb. R.
comassioN ;AND. FORWARDING:'
"fp W. POINDEXTER, commaW{647=o
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h Canwsixdoa Nadu:a; No. ea Wow Stmt.
NSTON, Formal:lin
lorwardiiig and Col .
P= 4.4 "" .
i5r...............4.............................X11. It XIM ,
AILEY, JONES & CO., Successors to tAt
reur, Jaw a Co.. Caccuelnsloa sad IforaardaulAtet ,
demon la PflUbtaga Stastufretarkl• 0 , x40. mo
-- 41,32,Y GOODS
R. It&M.
-BHACK:LETT & CO—Wholesale
om s= i ltezr, awl Damestle Dry Gads : gin
a.a.amos & ratc
14,; MASON CO., Wholesale and.Retall
Dear, to Pasta ataDk D. 7 amd , . 62 Yatß.t
IUM-1 WuatuAlz
and RotaDl Good. -Sirrohlkot4 corner of Fomill
tot stmt.. g
ERSEY, 'FLEMING if co`mrainsion
Werchant&—For 4 , e ulo of Daseettle,Aoolet, and
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.t.t% Lm th d.:4r lhat Innkluts
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HUNT, Deatixt, Corner oirodith
usi Dayton Rabe uld Fm irtsw%
11)VALTER . P. MARSHALL, Successor to
Saralee/ C. 11111—Iniporter and Dealer In French
add .aroceirati Paper Iliaalags and Borders, Window
VPZ=lll.%Vcr=rggerl ' eVatli
med/dammed. Lies. sittaburgh, Pa.
I QBERTL MORRIS, Tea and Wind Mer
etrant, Eigt gide of the Diamond. Pittsburgh.
..........--__ ..._ .. ......... .. . •
WM. A. , B,I'CLURG & CO., Grocers awl
M . V .k i l Tea Dealers. ,is 240 /Ahern. street, above Wisial
Pave wayless haud a large assortteent of Choke great..
lou Tine Tees. Alia—Yoreigu Fruits eild Nuts. lt bolt-
W... resit Dealers supplied vv the lowest teems.
o - , ,
tO, gN CAIRMEY; Agent for the Luke
nto and ittieniomldea to Deaver .1 tO.
aepr Os etat re 4.l . lilger and flulthlleld rt.
ugcli 4 CO., Trabsporters by Canal
sa4 Prrardits Mammas& earner of Penn arwt
A. BROWN would most respectfully inform
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NooCrtreett PlUg
noffrUM—flesidnotty corner of Thud street wolf:on
N, land. Slats:. lath. to., fbr alto
4.111401-1/ARDIE, Veterinary Surgeon, late
time E4lpbmirb, fleallead, 'mad reelextrully
L..k"'4 Itt?:=111.711=4:
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conneekte lettb Jame. Mud*, none bbee4eul and
r prentrel rill be eerned oe. et the ee=cr
Y,Sc LEE, .Woot Diait* and
coo - oadooton maid:tante for it. .1. or Annie.
as Oasis, Na ISti Liberty .L. Iltabnasb.
C - ViCHAIIBAUthi, Wool Dierchnnte,
k 7 • Degas to Flour . and Prodaa end Ihr
warllmesed OneennWon Mr 2. No. 115 }lnt NUM..
M Eeeo t AMU Pitt.barsh.
NAVILLRJOIIN - SON, Engra . ver on Wood,
Ia .Moot .ignl f =l PlttaLimrb, rs.—Thos of
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clothe": Moog Cotton Swops, to, Jo the fins rtyle
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Drawl, tinniness CAW. ,encrlted or
Amyl= Rom and prtato4 in cram, G.a. Braun, o
11/clc,ll. the tooll amoral 'We, awl at the mat 10.1 -
Vas Wow
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Tur W. WILSON, iliatches, Jewelry, Silver
y y, ard Mllltarp Goxis , cam.. of Ilarket and
Fourth ntraetatPit.b.Pffh.P. 14 B—w a t h y
tarefollp rr, and Chets
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Wholesa le ttoroh. I)ealeto inawiro DWlClitiorn No. 129 .
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401Ih FITZSIMONS: & CO, Blanninctu
refs of FLINT
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Twee boar for Melt Stahl. lad Ihn Voraserree
factored at oh. thorteet wake, rod it the lowert faker--
All tithe of Jothloff dote on door notice.
Gat Fitting.
• 14 10FETT k OLD,
Front orret, batrorn Word sad
WonTerit t liftleVat
ronment of
Chandlfih.l, Pendant:, Brednde.
Th"F sn o[mpahodto wirente
Uaa tine and taut r V ‘ itir4 " !he
~~~ u
Wegner, Buechner Mne ll er's
THE ABOVE FIRM respectfully announce
to thei r trier and the public get:orally, that tit
are prepared to execute, In the Stet stria of their et.. all
orders tot Show Card. Hill. Diploma. (ameba, Vlxhing
amlProfteedould Card. 3,44. 7 .thartte Label. do.
Their establishm e nt to at \n.ef, Market between
Third and Fourth streets, up gales. tuchwtf
Bolivar Fire Brick Manufacturing Comp'y.
Jut. otnyea ai sr. mu a. r. Menem
pointed Agent, for the above named concern.. srM
InTN.' - ,ZearactiuiPulY " 11 eVgrn .
Trey are Ills preparZto gce .. 3re orders for nuo.lhi w cir., to
be made in rise and shop to owl purchaser. which shall
l 'lce m d m o P t t a g l ecua It Imre, Fto enumerate the many
vantages the Bolivar Fire 'Brick ravels over all Gamest/Al
-u °tiered fur sale In the United State. their soap.-
rs ko rl e ' I' 'being we l known to eltonet all ye a wht/
trre ' llrlek. The ' proprietnts have ;latent= 11. the
Stich than lose none of lbw pretent enviable repul.le.
lhnt no
ham shell kw etareal to mat Meal ma
better than the, ham herctolbru been. This do the duly
ettabllshment now tuaroalartnring Fire Mica et Soli..
131011 t JONII.I.
.61 Canal Ilaxln, &yeah at, Pittsburgh.
Pittsburgh Gas Pipe andlibo Works
THE undersigned have just completed their
.ad aro am mwoofacturbsa all sista of GAS Lco
am:oaths aad aeoaa ilaa, and all visas of
blob they parr for rate se thrtorrert. mime. They am
•orr proparoo to emeute other, to
thp 2 hogout
ay rzr..Pm:ol and
WILMARTH & NOBLE—City Flouring
RUN No.= Liberty eor of Adams et.. Pittsburgh.
I \TRIIOLAS VRIAN, Civil Engineer,
Mrsughtirmam, and Practical Mining Agent. Makes
laughita td blcticts Mr the Patent OtilesolOsigua of Mash/.
mn - for Mires, Water Wraks, Rolling Mills, Ste... May be
ud betwixt 'lO k. M. .6 6 P. M., at his resMenor, No, 21
Itsrbury streak Pi ttslaitrg h.
PA. MADEIRA, Agent far Delaware AN
tual Safety InsurauasComyany. AI Water Amt.
JGARDINER COFFIN. Agentfor Franklin.
Fir. 12 . xsultoos Compaq. north mrteorner of Wood
GLENN. Booz Boma., Wood street,
swami door from the earner of Third when be la
trd ' l77=l/ d t 9 rMak 2Violedto
bound solostantlMlr. Look. In mamba; or old book,
bound modolli.a ropwlraL hams wot oo Its gilt. letter.
Thum who boo. biodlom are Invited to eall. PrWm low.
ltif 'COED CO., Wholesale and Retail.
IVA. Manufacturers sad Dealer. Is flats esiesarat Furs
offr of Wuxi and Fifth exacts Mali:ails - Where they
ers p let. poet of lists, Ce
.. tje1&m:,.4 . 1, i, 0 . f .
ItTtla t t ' attgatlos of t!ll ' elnuetrancre and Mauer, reee's
f v flly .1111i0S them that they sill vett on the .ftert
WM. DIGBY, Merchant. Tailor, Draper,
I sad Dealer In Beady Made Mein. 137 Lffint.7
New Coach Factory—Allegheny. 1
M. A. WHITE Sc CO. would
alectfolle Warns the ptdOle th at they beer
eWete — d r a op ou Lurk, between Aral and Vateinsity
atnerts. They ant now making and an, prepared to melee
orders for every descripticm hldes, (Neches. Chariot.,
11•201110ECR i'hiAolll, re
kn e which, from theft
I . c . a m ts• areateLln a. y e h r r a e si d oraLA/ze h.. n
en an
abled to do work on the most rusannalde tams with
thaw wanting articles Ls their Una.
karag partk-nlar allantfon to tire selection of coatatiale,
avd s o z
one "ginTintrtTra, boy.
attentions of the pantie to this matter.
N. B. Rep:dens done' to the gnat amour. and on the
most renannable terms. .
)N AGLE. MARBLE WORKS,. (established
isatiLtritDl4llND WILEXCEC Llloses rt.
of Wood Wroct, Elttaborgb. Alotrutoenta. bort&
Vaults, Towba Ltsadatowst, .llantel tivess, Omen and
Ms Topa eways on band. and =ado to order.
N. B. A chola, Medico of Drawbars al boo r d. Salo
DAERY, HUGHES Ot CO., are prepared to
do all kinds of PLATE 11001'[:f
ALEX. LAIMILIN, Art. ear. Etna st. Coral.
At Water Works. Plttsburals
sterSlate 7locd Promptly wralstal
A OARD-1851
oorovr of fourth and Moak. Amide, Pliteburgli.
n at the commencement of the New Year, to re
turn th eir Umtata to their customers and the them. om
ally, for the lams store of swum estrodsd to and
Invite the oorditnianee of their Wore. flaring meetly
enlarged toad improved lb...thrums. theist+ enabled Otto , *
on hand a very extenrive went:mew of ticods— wed buyers
will hare the advantage of plenty of light to examin•
frtiifilt. when, °Very .rtleJa lee ' llet%rmomune, needed
for the Rol. of familial.. ean be proented -nod la
emetbm.i. effort. to wlrel e beat and In e ll at bee
orbs.. they how to make
It It
the Wgoals. end. of feetliiee and in
dividends, to favor them with their custom.
leen. WIIItiegIbiLE . BUSINEF.B will be continued in
the roma up etaita—entranett i from 4th street, eir th rough
lower roan. /Lot.
Gan. of Third and 31. dirt striae.. Thal only dno
rN hatantan of tha kiwi in Pi h.
EdFaccart.—Jotat Firming. Principal icarnetor to the
O. K. Chamberlin. Pram .= P,oonnnoblp. Merman le
computation. an
Alex. XL %Vat.. Esq. Lecturer on Commercial Law.
%hoe., &airing • condatcte_latorledge of Book Keeping.
sal lta applies:Ma to every branch of Liman.. aim an ale.
mut and raged per/m..10. are Invited to call and exam.
In the arrangements.
leettarc on Ormonercial Lan every Monday evening. '
/leferance sor of the »lidera rtm =err-ban..
a ea EMBUS/MD 1232, by EDMUND
1444 " WILKINS, No. 245 Liberty et.,
head citron:l Meet Pittalrnrth. Pa.
• dr.. Month Pies, Centre and }ler Tope.
Olean on hand and made to order, of the
choiceet Marble, and at Verr red/tent
pricer A choice rdolion NOnmoinpr an
( Imp
rum Ital.ortd
;.-' .
Iron. llama. Bonne Clark Tiernan. Paul.
Hon Judfia. WU for John Ilarpsr.
Wns. Bobinamihjr., Eon Jr..W., Kerr. Esq, A roll vet
John Snyder. EM Cashd Son; Brokers.
Pltt.hrirah Bank. strianer d Ralun. dn.
ti I LUIWZ= E EL il l W47lant.
Bohm Ildinlght. Wm. nusier k Co.
Jos. licriadnbt. Era, Brinban. D. T. 31nrgan t Co.
barn. Joahira Rhodes d Co Fradthr
. .
e. Letbrag, flag, Allegheny. ,
E.1:17. Gel. grateful for the rel./ liberal patronage re.
wired during oltateca year. In Who city, having had the
!urged end taut ph% entrusted to Mr can Up to the percent
time, and troll endeavor to render eatitfaction hereafter.
factures, 07 et 911 Third street
. W. r informs Id. frt.& nod
customer. that he btu now c.renpleted the !snort
ibis " tll: f d=t i f r io r' : l ;b7li v ibe W it:l " l77 " :llll .
.elle=d material., here worktna ettliakno neweet dee
100, and from the extent of Me o r ogen and POEM , lta
manufarcuring, be. la enabled to prodOte warrant"' NMI . ;
Ile has adopted Um principle of klengfrlAVl&LZ
lub=l.ll l llle owtAntztty . el P 4 .„ 1 „,„,
funnre.f.n. tb: ebetort and ;Id= the moot e or
gent and ontly e that. a wee. or .7 mot of one. may be
humbled Mon Ma am or manafectured expremlf tor
order. Ile Murree. roll te an 1napt...21.e ad...!
rgm of Ida mrabllahment any be wn. The following
rUcle. onteht, In pork of M. elm rob'. fur rtfltnest of
a llesul fad. sans. ba surpueed . ln any of th
Parlor, drawing. and ltedoooto chef. of eMtry
moiety, corudenng of romerowl, mat= and walnut.
Elisabeth.. Conaerrannre and leer f• trftd7 do.
crlptlons Cousbm, Tete...tete and DM." or MUM
Wrest. and Anterban pattnur. Tmlaaes, Wbaabote, Anil
testae . parlor Writlng Deck. of various Md.; Work Tables
end food y Inlaid Mande. meal. Max.. and holden. marble
top. mahogany. fab les and walnut. centre and toora4s.
Oleo, extension &Mad all Am.( the mat Impromd,
and decidedly the beri kind medic cud. Pembroke hall and
Mar table, wards r, sod wash.tatale of eacb a
large amortment ball and parlor meeptlon 00010,.
end tr OKIVI•17 and Wok came. able board,
foe secrete, towel rem, hat ebtodo. and 131W1113 .tOOlll, IMO
and cote kor clalldletn to mach,, table and tea rays,
mahogany, rosewood. and Weld pearl Tables, to En lea
A large amortment Of Emma. Yurulture and Wndeor
Chaim. Oablnet maker. cupplted with all article. t o their
ntegmbceda and Ilatele, tomb/m.l at the almelard sentoS.
All older. PrsooPflr aste.ed tea MO
OUNTY LANDS--Carr. Cues. i11d.r.91,
Attorney at L. No. lo yhlxd se .. career 'cims7
y. harms uuds srladlustuatits for tb. purpose, will
prow Daunts Lands bar facerssod soldiers, their
widows and shildrou. and will attend to OUT other bits!.
nou s couriected with the government or say of-Its Deiwsh
mew% the Pshsiou aim, or the Courts at the Qty . of
Wiodituston. isTfsltt
Drawing, Perspective, and Painting in Oil.
S t. :l7_ll v !
f 0 8 11 ° ,77tEe r Irrent broke.
a s
° Atkl Ws new bultost Fitt I " =et., lt e, ' ,VlL ' ir s =
Merkel street, Hot. of Metruction. from 2.1 i to AK. cod
from fai to eye w Cbermen and other particulars con be
am at Um roams.
Rehr to I hr. liemam or Dr. Adamant. le=dtf
No 74 Pull/ of., out ff , ifoo4 Psdemo74.
sod lOUs collected fro MI porta of the Union.—
Stocks boubt oold nundUon. fodifalUT
CIINNTNOIIA3II CO, 34.21 %autumn, oflionvw
o. No. V! Mart.t Axe, Wore. Find Iwo &now.
Pinoburgh. P. • ' 11~Deaiev to
maw .11111X1 ..... ...... MUM
QMITLEY Sr. COLVIN, Coal Merchants,
t 7 .wl Dykr. 1n Ilrigolleaeria . Imo AM Palle
senses a( Walnut mot so& Wsoldemlos Turapiks Ew a
Tmperso vrils oeleralkollePS
`l4Elits or alma's':
~ nsroatsn sr
CORNER-OP lutiativ kip ILU kl; ST .
Preartattat aDat 2 4 ISM. lima , of ilia. .q. Ban a , I Get. bag rDastrattldie;
retracts areptlVet Departure !Waltz ma' , ' ' %IV'
• 1321.... Sartic......— April 16 New York IL Mabel Itterproet ';
--OW 1 - 1 - iri — f =--
-11016 10114.1 0 "
--. ..... 1061 la' . 42 .4r.calaaril IS Nere York U. tratraßreta t Seat?,
... rT3 New Sark (k Errits:i Weapon!
Labr.u...-- April 26 New 'Nark U. Hurter Ilene lathe,
Ubi0........,r iipal 26 New Tack Ur !States N 0 Ilar Acta.
Atiltrin ..../Aptil a • &Nan . Olsittl ..I.AtetwW
eNtaarre.... Aprit—raw York It adder ' Ctrairrat,l '
hatrerkeur Arell New 'York' U. , Mkt. fattatte •
veep -- Urrr 4 Niter York. U.. Canter' lrlartange.
- Iluarlairt- Us, a New York 0.-Erstss Utereattaled•
kat. •. . .... . Hoy TlNew Tort NI Drittro Pverpar,l : j
Lefeteito.r. Lay 71PhIladel% lU.' etan, L1 ,,, -P.or •, 1
wank h i
_al t
U'llroi E gan
-- lit . Itilh ft - 1 7 0 1 11VP:bi j A:
Prn0iriran1a11a . .7.......7 lo o' lanai 105 Int Jan tJuly
.. Do 601 _ --- 1100 96 195 Int. Feb a Aug
Aden, Co es _,.. . ... .110. 95 92 Int Marl nor
amp 0 Ntor9loo, Sal 95 do
Pittsburgh eilr 2
.- 11031 1 1 2 157 llnf .1 adult -
LlP '', hrlgolr ek ''''' —"«,' g' Y. it., IdE• Not
to. al. di:Phil-110 t 01 da t
.41f0 TM., I I
Dank of Plttaborgh 1 50;... 1 55 IDLY 24 42d01
:Verdun/2' a P4anuf Rank 50 55. 0
Rartugure Bank
•lloghetry Parings
Dank 50
it.1 46 11V19 1
h= glom.
I ft n NMVltr ß l4:." - : 2 1 .?itt 1 13 1 )6 44;3111:41
Iland fit Drlgto- -.---, 501 4d I 44 . t
Northern Matt. . —1 50 _ I
122 2 5 111asorport Itridge - 15 ''''
Imola tor .
WeAlwril 113.11119ane Co
...., ~..2 , 111, UTSkrliters
422222 ntorrance Co !
.1 .4 ,
.11J,IDIr. Dr.
*awl/2Q llrentan'a Cr' t
1 - 9hl 0
Pstt gtt to IVltl ' s._ 'n .- . t 70 1 , 50 i t 45 I DIr Qr 3pr et.
Plttatgargh, 11 innlarlll4 ,50 47 1 44 I do
I•ka Pile ___ t 5020 . I/9.4 pr e dato
1.111 1000, eIACZII,II3O I
Oh, L. 1
Plttrbortth 1.4..W0rka.. -1 50 54
Dar. Jan 6Pr o
M 0 .00{.A..1a tkulteatar 611 al 49 I
I . . lL . A ., ? , 2 o tr a tr i kt..„ .tou 40
lido A 1...00.• lull fuli d 1 0t t h . 1 .4
11011. 0 Ob. Rail Raid 501 .
lig . 4 Wellalle H. Ft 5 2 :..11 40 1 37
ruing 11,24, . Dry Look lOU 110 1111241D1r Dec{ prrt
rXltol4.l"l7oftidd C0 , ..., .. ,.,.10. 00 f t' ' ' ',natirc . 10. • g ' ra
Turtle Crrok Plonk Road 21/ 22 t a .2r.
Allan • Perry.lll442 Hal Z ...I
Orettrattog Tanana Rd 00 t
Chazt.cra Coal 04 . . _ 21 I
.. I
Pittsburgh t Bottom
North AIIIIIIie.
North Ran
North II e.tarn -
Iron C
10 :ty .
Rants 19 2.0012 . th - A zoo ii.,..1.
Mkt Isla Itoral
Donal... Han.thtott 9t• 5
ohm • lra; Rork _- -1 1 211 '
Coiling . i 4 t 3N,
123 Xl3l JDlr. 1333,*10
1310 1
nRS. A. LEECH: nvites the al
uses( err friends ta ine asehink Or Bp
:TER ou Thursday smut Lulleo
Chlklersee /Lan, to weary anierr. Woad Dr
and Caro French Flamm sod s bandanas at,ertansait en
lam kthbon, kmasedern, ads and Lars thintillso, Aug,
'1 7 .7.'10,=,'.17.‘rti.,',01',11 .. if,":7;., I
a9213f u Wed mmodlafellk.
No. 9 Firth Otani_
W. Dizon'e London Patent Lever Watches,
Sepsass tn gay Mathes torr .erred ra Tiltstesenn..
LtII2 , IOIIARDSON, Si Market street, is
artensit ssizs 0
Ii .;..tarto.dbas..9:l.,ll,;Llatch.,
moans and Wrareb Wtholarturtr, 4$ ROM Dghwrs "'-
well Mond. Lcadors. -
This cerfaltha Oak tha ootoursanying Wash, No.—, l a
warranted by ans to bo of lay ounubetora. and noltubb
with oar roma tql 11 le moths Imlsts acounthandal by
a artineas boa my elmaatuso.
miarthas the Cash ho.—, to lap Duos to th e sat
in/at/. of the purebeacr. W3l. DIXON.
apt la
SAMIIEL KROESEN keeps eonstantlren
boat a good sallortalerlt of Wards and Valk Tea:
oran.litessoboat Oak Well, Kitsbas or Draw Vadat.:
Wasises Basle, Cams. Dry alaarstea, Zane and harry
WWI boards. and dt other kind. Of antra in Ida Una.
Wap/l a arman. Mamas halt, 011th street, PittebutTbs M. •
(Foimerly the Exchange,)
Corner of Penn and St. Glair Streets,
EIS spacious, central. and most C
r . ra t orett a. =
h fffrilii=o . 2o i rst otoapkt/4`,ez;
opened per the aroosamodoliota of the paXVon tharoisr
net. tbuil/thlort.
The euthertthr. Rome snit v. h 4 of the BT. CLAIR
HOTEL,. rorptelf oily informs hi. Wroth. ant the public
that he has
II to the mad alothat and ethatitta.
big Idyl, Pd elayloyed cutoortrut assistant, and anew:he
AM faithful Amara, .at that ha .111 to o.ertloo
to nuke It equal to an, bow.. tha coon
The mat knows matral lambent at the awe, .wt ga r tr
rouleure of It, armrtgrments. rendering the moat doting-
Lle ettherp grav•lers or permanent bra:darn Wears Ilits
oithlt •tul rope Gar a lament Mare of path:maze
apttlif tt. W. WINN err.
Gfearnboat Agency, awl General Commis-
Rory Receiving and Forwarding.
RALDWIN, PLO3IEIC & CO., hate this
dor utautiatial Ann thou Mr. John Laortma and oilier
torticra to thot Public as WeareMett Aerate, General
IL font...limb:tallow under th e earl of WIN PLUNICI . OU '
. ,
Ail% Li. 1511. 142 Williame Rant -
Ice Cream! Ice Cream!
IL HUNKER. remosed Gr N.
11.,2C+ 3 Liberty at., (I%*. A. Lowe, old !Inia own
C:va t tr b.:rrtri ier Ifirt2rtra7dlr,42lltaTaittl
Vanilla emu,
elan (ekes BREAD of all variety. CAST. of
kinds on hand andattale to arderin abort lima.
FAME , of the ettoboat kind on hand, fresh every work
from the nun and try ` work
at Lan, Ilishnunnall, corner Grant rtraet and Mr.
wood alley. Wm. nkt.evell has hoen atop:duns( romnsla
+toyer ta take depatitiona, arktoorloismonta, le., for Nee
Yark, M
and n aryltoni. ti ut, mid*. Unto, Eandnok tau
scribers otariLlet tl t d a k7 . 1=1., ,, ,„, , kand all
hob : o f'otTl!f k Latina §:IV"
Copper .Gaily and Tacks' Bartel Nano Corpse and 71a-
Aline Nails: Pattern linker/ Point." Civets. atoorted quo.
de, Jc.. CIIGSS
aplk,r Warehoum. C. Water at-. Pittaburch.,
for the aroontoodallon of eieltora. The brew, CI
„,„,, hat beet
moot bummed bf the addltlon cf
chola , thrubbery apd Flower, A large colleen= of ever
Manning Planta atul ehmahhery. a the ehokettkluda are
kept for pale on the precedent.
Creama, Fruits. te.. kept In the Platoons as usual.
Moquete tastefully put up at short nob,.
Tbe Peet and comfortable neural:Noel ell 1 Err Ara, leave ,
BMlandluk, between street soul the Old Alleilheu,Y
Bridge, at the twatunl 0 1 every hour—hum o'clock. A . .
hi., until 10 P. 11. tine extra trip every eteninth at :Pe
o r i t i ruf imp Invited to pay a
The rUudeß
Garden no kept an Temperance prltclples..4 do.d
SanzlAT. nand( .
gR. J. J. MYERS—Surgeon and Physician.
office and derellind. corner of Darlington's tur. No
lint street ma door &hose Smithfield rt.
Myers haa permanently located In Pitteharsh, and
will attend to the duties of his Proleaskim Ile g lee
particular attention to &Ulm cues, and the
If os2l. and children. aplrciito
Tuition on the Piano.
R. F. HARBORDT would re
specituay ltd.'s, the etti of Mt. a
aPA aillriFbegil that h. I. P •
pa ' red to take fos!PL
alaOio pupils PO lbw PUP
'°;tnt:lr,irourth meet.) histhkm.llesur Ir. 44:041,2,
Fresh Assortment of Spring Goode.
MI:LOMAS PALMER is daily receiving
from thr Y-artern Min, .t the of eland,
No. 55 MAIL6rt &WET,
Btheren Third and Fourth ehzets, Pia:burgh,
Imnrozyn th,“reaml• th
.drgi = l t
for a long penal. Th. yettt:rt . % P are entirely new, the
Areal stir chain, and the colon, In pole or dun.
r. en.n rrem to cant, ap ate.
filch l b. '
aim mat tan be !braid uy mot mood ,of
than drrettptk n,
the stir/Aka at entrelnante and house toe is
fully Invited. P"'
Boaid of Underwriters.
A T bleetil4, of the Board of Undarwri.
_Va. ILO a i
d noolotkai Tram unatdmonalr atop ,
TLatfrom moat publkatloo Ma*.
tka tao 11150,, limber original Or coottoopl, 440.
osortdortat am takoa by 417 Ittrurroace Odka to fW
nt?'" '°°° ° MAIMS.
ofchS7df Ikerotary of the Board.
Lewis'. Patent Reversible Water Filter
48 NOW to be aeon in operation at WM.
TATS CO.'S Plumbers, No. 10 Fourth rtreet,..l,T
-014.7TrithiretZi. 0001
t, VhPiPmakb:avi
• bold klealm hout the tamest "' • Institute of Nert York,
a o nl . finata I= tits
i tunkilo InsUtutaX.Pget
nertlf,eatee In n = Phl.ddhis
of whirl Um follenrium=c umb
It `lra.. mat plasma to ram:amend to illettlrof .
7...7.1r1711':.`114t 0 11:41.1=1 v r•tar.1.4'.1-
0.1 mouth., 1 am enabled Injuftt of weir mane.
OFAHUIN PUTT. 107 Walnut street."
The Patera Revenible Nt'ater Vlll.4r.ttr i et4l 6 4 • Mr•
tiatauel H. Lewis, V e rn! tryx fbr etitne= l 44l 10 1
=1.171.4101,194: "2. 7r10 Pot "
1 1..: 1 Vr UtultiTn ,"r°, 7o7l%l.. y
N. B.—Staarobc•t Captains and 1D•8atie....4110110 r O.O
I and exandoe our June Filters. tor Sharon water b.
entering Ware. by gnarl uteaf 4i ther 00 711
gligt • yew 0001 awl moan of eOa.PO7
Tilton an warranted' Mr are k
JAM .Y 11l nut
c". .017uf " Arch stmet- dab,
• A. Card,
HAVE FITTED UP, (on the New York
, for the sabi of Cur
Otto=n7=ens W daat7 taloa aprerteDdnn tf ,
the frablonabla parlor; and have relected lomat mid
mat rupartor asevatutiente of Witt De Lain., Mantel.,
rreod, end owe. n o.oeee, wow, Eesob.h Di'DDL".
Maroons, Mintz.. Turkey fled liocdr, Prtnrcr. , tttrety
hVora.:' , 7VidtVel,";: d . gt? 1 ,111?Za I 40..
retina Door Mal. I 'Wow Oiled, sod rhadacCortaln
&rim and Banda Curtain Pint, Taandrund Trebel Imp*,
Cord. bilk and Mound, Itail Chines. and Frintroa
Cllls and Laotaater Halite. 0 0 unteirpintec and adored
omfort, Margaret. Dada and bedding.
All Orbil 1./tartan:illy received and frunrCT fined.
, ant& NODLIC. Third rtrtvt.
- -
Co:Partnership. ,
'IAMPBELL itICIFESS have thin day. AP
yeloted with them Cluotts Me:Wm.
' fbalmeeroAll typo:Ahmed under Am stli v e i r i gnop.
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MORNING; -.MAYAV j 8514,1
MAILS, -&c,
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lilorente, Puts . P., tiove, Ca, Jiiftersoti, IWII , -
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P. Arrives on Radmisilars, st 5 T. K. &put; on . Komiar
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N. HOLMES Et SONSZBankern. . ..
N 0.51 Atria:lB4 batmen flint and 14er4d....rifterp4.
YClBBYLVdfild..!Brandi at illuallkaa--- I
Boak of Fritairanilk..--par Branch at Wooster--do
LarthtnalLflank.aftta.-par itrataelt al ronda---:......-do
Bar. and NA.. of do- --par eb. as Y0nakn00rn........d0
Matt of Onnanarco ....par City Baal.
Bank &North arnedna- Conrooseial Bk t illanianati do
Bank otllorth•n Libertlactotr Franklin Bank-.---......d0
Bank or Perzoily.ll.---por Lahretta Bank —do
Fut of Pell2 T. 13.1 p-par Ohio Lib Ina 411,1.. Co-do
sank ants Calked Swag 1.2 Wettorn lOW's dklak..-.-110
Controodclat Bank of Pa-tur Bak, of k1a55i11an.......-do
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U.. Bank ,-----par, MOW ASO Link •
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BaskOM- Cop
Ilaratidam■Bank-___... 1 ittank of Morusta-i..---
Iloneadolo l lt of Elevastalrit, Maputo
Wooster Dank.. . TaiNN/CY. -
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Wert Branch L 4.7 Il k 11!,",. ag;
~"...,H.lsMana. a .nadtar Southern Bk.! biliatmelj I
Teak llonk.-- - -------- INSOUItI.
Railer 1 • Ilk of State of 51biamii I
Okla Stale Rank ans trearadma_43
Brooch al Bank of_Mlloota-
Ileaneli at WIMIXINMDL ,
thaw. at Iltaioa Mee It. Clikatilui 5L'
Unmet at Chlboatbe.....--do AcipiAN._
Brandi at Cleveland ...... ...dnifannera . Mebank"' Bakk 3
Month at doMorerainent Stook Bank.,_.
Branch at Daytoa.----...d0 kralsoulat 3
Brooch at De/ lostleaneaCetapaay:i......... 3
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linarieh at Aabtabial.-...-da CANADA.
Drawl atSalato----do ofiLN-AmezirTeroutoS
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Dtseah at Miler do Dank of
RI-wok at Dank of fl.Canada,_Tortiatos
Branch atlkdambaa-. do kin - IDLY iacu.a.vor..
Iltanch at Wastlaidaa.--d7 N. 4rk
Rama at ----do Philadelphia
lininek at Laneadvo--...40100 Rattlitioni do-
Brooch at wr.sraur 74.cuisaa.,
Branch at MI. Vionati.-...d0 ....
Branch at Neavk
_ Ao Loularillr
Branch at Elyria. ... -_-__ifi St. Louts ....-........ " - 1
Brant* at fiprincteld... -do OULU AND fiI'ECIT. TAM:
Fraud, at Martetta.--....-.doiDembktana L Epaate,--16,00
rawl, at Teo/ • do do' Arleta - 16.fiv
Araneh at I 1 Plefitant-„_do Eai/e.okt.-....-...--.3ttEu
Branch at ZszeaTill•-. --Aoll , aels. na.----.--1 , 1.00
Brandt at itortralk.—._do Fredertekadtas.-.--- 1,91,
Branch at M. .. ..-., __do Taullaltas.-------._ 7.Bir
.Branch at Guineas- - ....... ___..._ 3.03
branch at Eaton --do Sotaveittat... --a-. 4,11
Brars , h at Rarontga_.--do TanOultdent..- ...... .._.. Coo
Brandt at Cbllllefitbe.-....d0 Nvfil , •fifia 3,9.
Bran& at T edo. do
STOCKS WANTED—Bankof Pittabuigh;
NrathertalberLim _ _ _ _
'lO7 .6103. A.X.bULDI CO. .1 Towth K.
TOCKS tux SALE-3.tonortphelagtidge;
Norte Weetern Blutk et Whet .
apt . LAW:OLD t CO, .4 Fourth rt.
Bank Stick for Sale.
NOTIcE is hereby given that invompliance
with the unition an sof Ant of Assersibly,.approv
e Aar of Marsh, IS" then sill be offer at Fah.
lir Yale. oath.. Winkinour CESIIIOIISAKD MAKES
NEW STOCK of the Mo g H nonylielz Klink of Brossiswilleatin
Wanassosr, the ;lb day of lay. MI. gala to aonme ma
at to eridah. A. DI. By Order of the Board of Diraytons
arida D. S. KNOX. Cuban,
ASSIIRAICCE Ihn.,lz.lf of L 004 3 2 .44
t r• Tort.
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vantages to than egetitoze to hum,
°thee of the Compenr fa; Wrefefe Nora* at tbo
Dooklog Holm of • • 1f.11..1
eta:3. Wool et f
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&ad Company.
1/60K8 for subscription -t Stook- of tho
shoal. Company win be oyeastat the ottce 0(3110.
day tft• L a LU. " r nl = 4 E t rif u Tal T" li
at .6 o'clorlt Of maid &qr. an . n at the eta* WU. 4.
a cx)., Laynairllla.aa Umtat a / 1 3h. 00 . dy , "
mat, at lu .ad.{ dm etan. ..-ELBLE. In tha
.111 m. of Hatay . on Yrtday,_lbe Ilth day of /ta l oa tO
ealoced and, at the !llama( Da Lsrld, a In um
130,,,,at to tan !thura..ah. bm‘o
.lock to r0m..10 0ym.Aw 1t., 7 1.&22324. gu il
mar.....a.uns—WlLßON MaCAYL.LEddiI,
uks ot,Amkix'
wm. weiwntund
Ward s •
pAp.4 Itik?iQlNClS—Quakoi. styleust
tat'd nod /or tele by W.Y. HAnaItALL.
atilt et Waal .t.
'PESTER CENTRES, of Gold "and Velvet,
4. on
h 1 o. tta silo by !
&pit. W. r. MARSIIALL. BS Wood et.
Front Brick and House
rplIE undorsigned is now manufacturing, at
hte Stem briar Pro., to Dirtaingheon. the fiend
ironbeet. Orr Boom, ever xognartf, wfdon bo
will cell at onw th ill onwhalf nhW
Dud-mobs out
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Clestlfaxtes WY noasaaag:?An U sOveratowit *dicer.
Amt. and Architects, who have wood shatter brick o;- certify to their aaperheity to stressts. thaw , .
Hy, nut/dawn to float. water. flre, . • '
tuaniitactarlAA. daperfor Ankle of The. VsAldab
<dd. by an eminent Ensitab Architect. Yuperia SIA,
and fdrnithed statmat vow bag bberyrdn,
ZWAIIO Common Iltick , ShibibbiduraLaily, Ay.
SAAY.... I- !kti,l3 plOeu. st. Ills It orbs.
VRENCII for sale Cy
ap9 11,'LlAILVESTOCE . t CO.
VOLWYNTII-25 .Kned, for saie.b.y
sp9 It. A. TALINESTOCK l 01:-
AFER .0 Thg.
It 1111. Pea, salb) ,
ale A. AIL IC CO. T
W4XS I EED---100 u,e'd per L. E. 24d
-I- .1 9 L 4A)nesttlelt.L.'
9 00 Corm Tenn, for sale
on consign
... Mart, l!n• gale by' um
.v J ~a~7 :.:f ~:a >I!
Runyon Almucur:-.Adverttmeats and sitonirtio.!
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441 ratbero3l4. Ibetbireewren . • •
!—VOPIRTTFIIt Pour mtre Pahl. rind 'ales on
.atte,mtall Wont oqn . t. ',For:A.II Jots *MI at [425 V" *ICI qmlblo, tendency., Sale, tram Aram in
dmiT.loi4:loti kf 1k749,40 p aid.
'Vf1111M:-:{Stinideti$le lotvara dallr'isken amen+
i_oolmthato,par . OOMIGS- far Mediterranean and red.
'and elkelbe attar; Pita i gip Par..- rm. ,41
ki4M CoMot 90§310 p bu from and hand.
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My,OM for morn= UP, for,litir. mid fYs Par prime. in
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Pet7,suld Is limited. lob, at 141441ktul ad. 44 Be*E. ttal.a •
aatrat,amal,a; 100 Galatia cut matt in slang 4 fa
0014, 7474 aal Elagitja imalattahlera NAM, and bnm,.
ItAID-4ttleTk• of hal ara very; ittatt.aral gra de.r of no
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al:Ilaft814111:41 "r' r • 7
D tha. WV* . a*,!itiLsge '
• VLIU - rrrical'allailma vcr &MU with . anaa StiVOOET. In
par Marl, atatit mapala at Salta af._lCa lI mak.
tel at 58,2:403 t 50 1. 4"H ajtma, with 0 0.
eturieiili °dal ,
1.'601,6 lvrt,
• •
SEEDS—Ttie motto u dull. with no tales of mimeo ammo
Wptipat i 4 no sales trout lett howls Cler•r lo bad hymn,
med:titiothr u 152(ar•LVZ.It btit n1..1,1.110
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DA ,, ,__DES—Farther Azle. •
ATA:roi r 3- 7 -bOyplietn 1p Apr,: preli,Ght.
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• • lune Newton, lintebleog: At. LIMP.
Capper Darpl.llineliuunt.
Jas. Neb.:, Moore, Whcehng.
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. loans, IliAlgernrn
PIRA No I.:Creuni'tlenteth
Mangos, LoubgeD
Mahican. Bong, 8..,
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Itratetons, Wacelerarsl B
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Dtrantal, Borman, Wbroe , ileo ,
Cashlee, 3101111.tu r 13tslish.
D Lamb a Co.' Pmakagat Parka Mini daSIT et 8a m url
81101718/I—Plkt,No 2. •
CINCINNATI—BriIItaat. 10 .4 31
meow BY aivsa
LOITIS—PIa h C Drerrei-550 Digs lead. D A Cahn
mock & lira Dla (.1 . 0,21 de deer Alley_ Holmes * Dm 11
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'lumen—Pm PROT NO . Z-4:3 lads tab. D Leach De
BO lab Boor, ID4Grad A Ca 9 aka acen. Baker Aren't/6
4 aAatr , l44. a kr. Lard. 6 des brooms. Dar,aler A ta; 9.91
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ware, Parrr Beat • (1912$ wE ot:`
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Dalsell Ore 14e bbla Bar. Bobbass k LIMB: It , do. 2do
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Boor, artier,
C1NCT132137-333 Bautu.22-102 Ws lett
1222330 C , 26 thbiattgla. W. Bowen: 12 632 1,211,42, 11
Graff• C. 406 bat estate; Eke t tormx, ..3 Rs hems.
bas 622 ,3; titer & Thaw ; 22 hod s ha:mg.:tilrs & 512314
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d , 2..1 tatter 4c42 lbs. 10 azo pkg. 11,44er Ikrsytti:
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baba* ft tags. W -
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LANCSSIII.7.--Pll4 5141.144-12 tauls tolonx4 D leech
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tom! Cog 11411.1' b 8 81 Mater 18 bbl44srres•possmv,
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• • •
Sidll[l4l,L7,Pra Oars 4145,11 bls custom. r
taloa 13 Ilk Ili,4, , iouctu.f. I Dickey P Co: bbd totaasu;
J A Mustafa, 20 , 11g. Lanl oil. DI I AC, 11 tan Pura
wail 41anx, lloleuesa 114,21. taut* Lohes, 1i Orsal
`lll 2+ Lott,, Chat F Thar; lu a - , :Smith Histrlsm
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• Vissak—L
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• •
•• •
Tim STOCK ILOLDEILS t. 1 .0 ••Bdu.,s 3 1-
- • •
sin •lunufaciarlu g , Ccaarsbr."
'sal Instalment of Twelve I , llly
pair rhaze ,react
to he rail tb the /bib are. 3 , ,
I 4 lia
bleat, at the lihazle. -
• ET melee el the Kim, of Dle,etrr. , .
IlEp/30).1 Tr.& gibd
'East Tarntitabi. Abell
DEARI, A'.sll--ZS I caiki f r mile .
yLk UTTER—S bbls. Roll; for Kilo 1;v .
.ur R6ll J. L. R. 1 .1.61 1 ,:
dm. gar eakirr apt 7 .6. c R eLoyD
19trO0L-3 !sacks Common, for sale by
v apl7 ' J. II R. mit.
BE INS-5 bbis. Small W h ite,for tale by
-J. n. '
11141i.0031.-75 doz. Corn, for sale by
ni,l7 J.B R. FLOYD.
- Pam.— - -
• " • • .
PAPER.-9-50 reseusgi I? 39 T'rinting
3M) a 24 by 3e -
300 " 12 by "
WO a AS by 24, 2.1 by 02. 2{ 07 34. 2 T
by 41..26 Le 42;
• 400 TT aloe. Taetnry Paper:
191 blls.• Lingle Crown emir Parer:
. 400 " Double
TOO a iletHerm "
930 " Malls= and Sing!, Crown hug.
undersigned keeps constantly on hand and for w t
Or @miasma 54 gaga, • loge and general assortment of
haled:Cap, Wier. }ladies.., and Ica reperst !Logue,.
Alteo-Veittg of all sises.Ter payor manufacturers.
Printing Paper made to order on short notice.
gel ' corner or Parinweid irwln att.
'‘r,PO,NGE-4 strings very Superior;
- 4.0 C uourto.n;
arsdr, tn sale by
04 J,l364oololAlsiat MI., 24 1454,4 n.
CCiIIN-14bbissh6c.rrec'd and for saio
by RIO & P. WILSON. 147 lint st.
DIGICIIED POPLINS—A. A. 11.1.tsos. Jr Co.
ci.":rfr r=a u ` s t.o 7 -0 . T% of Imp com.spoczet l rourdte..
_ i . .r 7
PPLES-76 bbl. linranniteCfor safe -by
nazi - 8.1111:Mt P. SURIVEIL.
QUGAII.--.22 bhda. Clarified, Wade Ground
Letaesy.iast tio'dmiter mak by J
41404 . 1/15/iIIRIDOF
C ODIIB , II- , -15
, dru
LLEttin sto a rr tic ffr sale t
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sTales first sort Western N. t,
„sap!' "1 Por " I° %mut% a IL ICH =sox.
lILLACK. NtESStSIL lkek L l . o3 . — A i tree'd Per
sab g ct4 " °131. ' 1 " 64 tharArrl P
RISII LlNENS.—Received this morning
T i 5 4., 7 -350 gall. for origii .
-ipo l* ,-- ! l auks (prime
00b13-00 dozen, for solo by -
m t ? ..L
DYB--1200, bn. for sale by .
Alio 02 8. W. _
ToRECIP. cARR. IRON-75 lbs. for sale by
r IDLITZ MIXTURE-150 /be, for noir
DY ' ' Ara' D. A. TAILNESTocK Co.
CITRIC ACID-48 lbs far, sale by
.1 , 2 IL d. VALINESIt. ICI: r CO.
ORES-1000 lbs Refined, for sale by
bs CMz Fee, fur Bale by
~, PETRE-80 Fricke fot sale by
VERMILLION-62 lbs. (Trieste) for sal°
by apY Tt. V..
.iIIiEESE - -40 bates remising and for sale
Liby •p 7 It. PALMY'. 11. (5)- Liberty. Libe mt.
0 f
:Viirar.‘rnter, •
bale. COreceiving rgy_ L.,/r. 'Jr 31 1.1
Mt !IT seltiby JAMES DA LYELL:
ee wet, it.
( 1 LOVER SEED-25 bills, prime,fai sale by
1j AO. Jolts Nr.vrak
Q ALERATUS-r-41000 lba• pare,49r o
3 1 p 17 3 .
-tt ; '. llOll 2 , WATT . kfft. -
D IO COFFEE-ISO bkv.liticiiilo,DiriL, "' sicy
LE inch:ll. MILLER it ItIefIETICOS
ACON:-.3_taski! , Fugay cured 1eum57 777 7
SOAP - 414 boxes No. treed: rot side: by
ULM - 4 ',"" ,TIARTCAttIr.
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1100 FLA ND'SCelebrEttedLGerazan
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:Biased we tis des4 - mbleit IA tbs Lanl ftam
Amh:,,TAA, Asyh R1,0;0;At. they rw.r Mt Dom thsir
labors . ad Llodr works do RARA: -
I remember one evening, the last I Pasted on
that globe beitiw7 "The • lingering rays of the
setting' stem the-.leaves of
the majestic—. oaks -.which; I surrounded my
dwelling piece. ; „ ; The Jake At. the font of the
' hill was calm, and its Waters reflected .the pure
azure of the ThSnotinde - of • did' 'evening
bell from the &arch of the nelghborin - villige
belled the !Mowers - to rest frOtorthalittignes of
the day. The nightingale begatuto,eingher
ladians the ; thicket. fler plaintive voice
.resonuded melnocholy, n
_seemeds.. she
- to regret' ii?G • end of 8 'beattlful "dzij; and to
mourn over the dying light.;•but all 'nature woe
delighted in the breathing of rest, and an air of
solinno serenity, neereed._to ascend,: [Am those
Gelds of labour 'and scvrow„..ta, • the , unbounded
dome of. t h e . ski, as if to ,prent image of
that eternal hest which the world Shall yet, enjoy.
alas: Rent therh belesfrie • g ,t. an Alluaion.—
The day which OCIIIS to have pine forever, lions
always again. The Mertes . salute . him in hope
that he clay, bring them new sOurees of hank
peas, and they And but new labotire . .and sor-
. .
It woo thiCeVeiting,l r e m ember; o have
scen around erie those whom I. loved,; looking at
me, with a sorrowful' air, I saw my mother, my
sister weeping ataly side, aretiwaichlog the lest
motion of my eyes.. I scarp". the,ectce of one,
of my friends . pronouncing the: most consoling 1
verses or the glorious gospel. , .recollect the '
WOO' • ~...I )q t?' ••• • •.• • but that
! gazed at that picture which Ivy before me,
and which thczsall eo beautifuhi hearts .
Holm voice saying that I should Deter ime a wine'ng ina,.
but it seemed to me as if this voice, instead of
awaking regrets, opened tome a Spring of hap.
Pintas in my soul; which I hid never known be.
fora A. peace• which the:language of - :Heavers
alone cmc describe, entered..into: my heart, and
seemed to absorb all my . feelings. All my life,
until the; appeared to"mii like a Long ahienco
train' my manlier land; the shoitei of which I
thought saw la the distal:tee, glittering, now and
then, with. anliziknownspiendor, ,The sephyme
murmuring in,the leaves seemed to whisper is
my ears the delightful win& "Ilotne, home I"— '
!101l as if every Sigh which 'escaped train my
'breast wait breeze irS the wails of • the''boat
which led one towards the Chore. Horsed then,
my ears were attracted by the soundest.", dis
tant harmony, upon which say heart began to
thrill,—as it often thrilled in hearing, in the as
semblies of the saline, psalms laid. hymns arise
to the thione of the Eternal,=but these 'voices
wore so clear, eel melodious uneven I heard come
trim a mortaL- - lensed my eyes so.that none of
these delightful sounds might - escape. , ': They
camencesser sad nearer . . Sty whole:. being
was absorbed inattention. del:ult.:l could dis
tinguish the wordaz"Bksriair, and honor,ond glo
ry, and power be taws /rim that ritteth upon the
throne, and unto tie Lomb forever and cies.'
Suddenly, the. 'voices' ceased 'to :slat: Sun, i
moon, and stars seemed - to roll' anarlitto an
abyss, and I saw the whole ocean of apace filled
with a light so clear and so penetrating, that even
the shadows of. things disappeared,—but away
at an incommensurable diitance I perceived four
letters shining yet more than that ethereal light.
These letters were,of the language in which the
law-:of Sinai was .written,—l read them and
knew that they corresponded to the great word
in my own language—JEHOVAH..
But as noon as I had unravelled this Word.
an immense Cross appeared between the word
and myself, and on the cross was written in cha
racters which had notless splendor than the firsts
Now, in oneinstant, all was over. =The sun,
the moon: the stars had 'returned to their proper
planes. I opened my , eyes,-onds sow, once more
the faces of my beloved on earth.' Their - looks
were yet fixed upon illy features which' must
have reflected the feelings of happineta produ
ced in my bears by the scenes which I bad' Wit
nessed.,• A glimpse of celestial joy shone oven
through their tears; their blinds were duping
- Thwilghtlirm ofirry niother turrotindtd
my head, whicirrepoled ori bee 'llearr•-• , .Littli,
children were kneeling and 'looting et me Willi
amazement, I heard any frienalsay to them alto,
hold no dies a I".. :The last beam of the
sun fell upon my face. Now [felt ns if tuba one
thuchedkny shoulderruld said to me. With a kind
and friendly voloes"Comid“ :Suddenly:lth bilexpli
cable shiVering began to rise from my feet width
ascend higher and higher. Ttio , world with its
objects began• to satins in odnfusinn before my
eyes. I hustened to clasp the bends of all Raved.
I opened my lips and whispered "Fareviell
shall meetsgitin . . Farewell! Farewell!'" .
yore more my eye fell upon my 'mother, who
kissed the last larva - ell prom my lips: ; .
The world had 'disappeared, and with it the
body I used to inhabit .on earth. raid not un
derstand how I existed, but I felt that I eiistml
yet. At first, I found myself lead by a myeter
ious hand. A night darker than I ever before
bad imagined surrounded inei howerer I did.noi
fear. A peaceful' rtssurante that 'although in
darlmess I was at home; made me advance and
follow my invisible gnide. I donoVhnoir how
long we walked together, The notion of titifehid
disappeared from ellymemory: • I had ail' idea
of it only in thinking opk.the past. Dlitaitee also
seemed to hare lost it'S effect : I recollect that
always I went on, without feeling any' fatignn
My whole soul seemed to enjes , the happiness of
a fearless Imps, Although I 'did.not distinctly
know where I was, neither where I wits going
to, I felt that the I:04 my God was there, and
that t' //is rod and Iris clef cUmforted me." - At
last I heard again the same voice I bad' beard
before, saying: Mere now wait untilanother id
sent to open the gates of Paradise for. thee!" ~
"Who art thou? asked 1,. astonished to hear
my own voice resound, withoit perceiving iffy:
self; "net thou ono of those who walked before
me on earth, or a benevolent spirit cent by. the
• I ern the. Angel of Deat.l4"' inrarered the
voice; t• and I was sent to lead yoicthrough the
shadows of my valley." -
tt But," nontinued I, "whys this, thy valley,
so peaceful ? I believed that here I should' feel
much terror and fear, yet In spite of all this
darks:cis, a feeling of heaienly delight thrilld
within me."
This delight, my brother, Is but the fore.
taste of others then wilt soon enjoy."
" But it seems almost impossible to be hoppier
than 'I am now. How can I enjoy more; when
already T am' overwhelmed with felicity ?"
"My brother, thou bast mot - yet an idea of
those enjoyments which are prepared for thee.-- ,
In these regions of eterital peace. happiness
increases always. That which thou feelest now
Is but a humble source - of that stream which
shall conduct thee to the ocean."
" One thing I . wish to know - : shall I set all
I loved on earth, and who elm gbno bribes to
those regions?"
"It is not allowed to me, my brother, to retell
thy future- I can tray but this: thou wilt' go:
from surprise to surprise, and be - aitonlabedi
how, for a little moment of sorrow and pain, as
thy life will appear to thee, thou art rewarded.
with so great an abundancii of happiness. 1311 V.
now farewell I I must return to caithi I--have'
to cad one of dribrethren there below."
AU was silent again, but the feeling of peace,
seemed to increase more and more.
'The Gospel.
) for oalo by
.1. KIDD UO..
CEN4Us or .11.16 DISTRICT or CORCRBRS.:--The
Washington papers publish the fall official re
turns or the census of the District et Columbia,
acccording to which the population in theuggre.
gote i s 51f.70, compobedas,oU3wii
ton city, 40,001; Georgetown; t3;,308; new, dis
tricts, 3,303., The tete] white poptilstion 38,027,1
of which number , 29.813 are in Mishingtoti
6,081 in Georgetown, and 2.131; in the rural dis-'
tricta. The total frise colered.popaintion is 9,p73,
of whom 8,073 are in.Warilditglon ally, 1;81301in
Georgetown,and 340 in-the rural districts.. !
The sleets uunabct. 8,087 • the lumber !in!
Washington city being.2,l.lB;.7thesei in. George
town 71 - s, and ahonn isktintrarni distrias 849.
The females outnumber tins males in the district,
thus:—White males, 18,648; white ;female, 19,
470 i freo colorOd M111er5.4.2/0: free colored 1e
ma1e5,.5.763•, malarsittsmid.422; female!. gams.
2,265. It is o note that this excess of
females it entirely tithe town popuist,lo2.there
retie bring lite - case, In the rural. district, The
ntunbei of death:4 hithgdratrict during the year
Was 8401 :- !Th
berii9 are cot down's/. heiag friciadew the
tontolit of Washiegto u city; aafi- 9
The productive -eitablishments owm et
am families 8,293; and , the- - direllinga
Washington esii isitur6.343 rind 0,679
..dos,srgatoen conMinsl,l74dWellito
and 1,31;i families. The population of the this ,
trict is lB4O irs.s.idsout-12.000i.but this locitided
Ale ! trio and theinat aftanaVicstictia district,
all of which haWaltrisbeerißedo„bgekl44!"aid
• -
liesown lutctuavts
LVCEVE2 91e0Si tiiii.vivri ont.D. -
ht J. d. l SCHAD
? ( '''!" l. r,
ro oe Comr.srio
From Palmer). Dertster nut ..Spitft - if .14 Pro..s
The business or Advertising hes notsbeeame
Co extensive, thatits ad4nteges, are ray pre.
party a siabjeii.for convideration. trite claims
as a promoter or bi4nvels, ou the support or the
public, 'are just, it ehOul4 be suitalned.
are false, it should be discotmteitaneed. Money
should be taken from rionau mane - an -' equivaleat
In the '
view of the writer, the advantages of
Advertising trey more important than hes been
usually sapposed. They ere,' to Ills mind three-
Tbe to benefit the Pereao
'Soda: To the purchaser..
nird: To the community at large.
st.. That titebaWness of Adrertising extensively
.3, to is now - ailductod, ißrigt in speenniary sense
aJvaatsgeoaii etTtho ottner of goods lain . wishes
to dispose of aim. and' a v ails .bitottelf of this
medians to make tt kadmt, is indeed a - -reflec
tion opon the shrewdness - of the business .world
which results-iv Other respect - will - not justify.—
The :Writer does not doubt dint • the laninees of
adeertising this country ( and - perlicularly in
New Eughmul and the ?diddle States,)haa nearly
if not quitedoobled in the loot ten ",veers. Ths
reason is obrioue. Those who lutes done it hays
found their account in no - doing. It bno yielded
an additional profit. by widening the circle of
customers and time enabling them to run Ott
.a.largei quantity of goods in a given time.
This:point is lrorthy . of .3 - moment's censidera-
A menthes tmay say,l have a fresh lot pf goods
Zerny rim of custom is'establishedLi 'shall cer
tainly sell thesi-L - whythiruld I advertise There
are come who reason thus. - BIM' tie 4taivd as
certainly in their own light as though they kept
their`afitrei open but half -tho Liminess hears.
True, their old easterners May 'continue to trade
with therm but,: every . ' new -.customer: that is
drawn in by the advertisement issued, assists to
dispose of the stock in sumach less time time be
fore—sothat; it by availing; theraseltes of the
advertising medium theyiell their itock4 half
or three-fourtha the time theyethervrisaiiivalil,
the additionslprofiit is increased on the isciem
ed sale in a much larger ratio. The:salsa the
first half was attended with certain-necessary
inCESCS (treats, clerk, t ke ;, but the portion
told in addition'hsd to bear but a tonsil - per
centage of the necessary, expenses - of- - the -,tore.
The rents, the clerks; thejnetdentals were near
ly the same as formerly, but.the goods were Bohn
time, in halt the me, tad the profits thus increased.
That Adrertiring tu s ks Laing.% is a fa 4 go well
gatobtighed as to reari 'no iaori for doutt. It lathe
testimony oral] Orperience. Hew are the" ad
vantages offered by the advertiser to tie erten
nicely known ; exceptthrough the universal me
diem, now consulted by all,-the.wewspanere
' A jadicioassoystera of advertising has given
that large class of buiiness men ,wlio hare bens
so sensible 113 TO amilthemaelves of it, aii'advan- •
vantage over' those who do=not follow it,lhat
cannot be surmounted, except by the adoption of
the same mole of tactics,- mu system =shies.
the basioess man to, proclaim what he haste dis
pose of, throughout: the land; and as a cense
'nuance; to - dispose of it more rapidly than his,
neighbor who la isot up to the times in this
spect. . And thus selling rapidly,-he tune'
money oftener, and, can sell lower than that
neighbor, and yet make as much -money—us-
CAE= MI ants none WYD9:m the same time.
'The tusks of a. "nimble sixpence being worth
snore than a ekor ehilling,". is never more clearly
illustrated Shan the benefits as shown in
wertising. These advantages ant becomiWgmore
and.more aPpareat, I tun happy to say:, wader
the excellent system of advertising note-well
perfected by. Mr. Pat ass-rinitis - Agencies for •
that psupose is several -principal eines- of- the
Union-„-by which merchants, traders.. end all a
others wishing .the public car.--may have„their
advertising done at established rates, with but
slight trouble to themselves: o system too ' whieli
is fast gaming the confidence . of , the public,
and which must ultimately dean immense bnal '
I now come to my second propaitionsstlust
advertising benefits the purchaser—the -.groat
consunang public. It needs not many words to •
convince the candid mind of Ads truth. The
-newspaper at the present day is isnot consulted
may for menus that are thattspiiing-all ovezthe
world, or - tor interesting essays, or instructors
or pleasant reading. It is consulted as eagerly
In regard to buying and eelling,in reganiao aba —
Wards of the community . or its retiandancy,S ns
for Any otter matter of information. :The lid
vantage Is reciprocal-' - have an article ta sell
someone, (perimpc.nany,)!tetinaantygthat
very article. 'LIMY-patiently Iwnit. the issue of
that map-Of .• moping incidents by flail ad
field," We newsplipCe,; and there find, what weeks
of persoonl, anxious; inquiry • might otherwise
have failed to diselcse,ansd.the article-they want,
We ship, the boaci.the goods,,nre frith me-, A
half-dozen lines, frilling slim uspeticied; hare
saved that pirceisei' the trouble that otherwise
Would haveensned,"andef dais tinielost.
parties are pleanl,l' and .benefitted'-the Medium
of ezebange pathss 'frau' one to 'nletlier, - and
r new enterprises goon." Traced, -so_indisperssz
' ble has this system beCome, that 'a - bu s yness
community of the Moat molmt'siaci'vionld be ea
rnest thrown' into chaos if it *au .broken
Mem eonattit the Morribr• Mere hasi
neSidadone thrOugh hi&s trim- that,
than by all other hints put together; Thallieet •
has become as indispensable as • the, ledger,
is now as implicitly atodiedand heeded, the
. .
,iaercantile contioanity.,.
"The third 'proposition—that dilvertialsl4;:of
advanthgeto the comnothitist i alive
°Mayer or seller, LS one which,„ if sus inedhy
proof, will much ;enacted the liustheis tci.the
public approbation, in; a bigher!ens9 • • it has
often been .rieiaa, rfad giro u , lizai 43, the
transaction,ahove the ' hare . stun of do' are. and
ceita ,
To sustain the impc , r4aiii.Positka . l
must alltule, for a monaeot, "thg ,
cofozonaity, of a well-ciao:Noted,. new
is too late to ciuesticin this—aad few d
fact 15 admitted in its hrowlest scnoo
of newspapers awl Modem. ...Wittt doe
himself of this medinwl t Itigence
boier and the ernpioyer--the.uteel....
capitalist—the Merchant and the man
on biz interest—all acknowledge the
the izewsgin*lO . ram, and conseat'it
from day to cloy vrittrinereased Seal.
nano .of the neimpaperis immense in•
try, .torl no one who ion loser of ratio.
and a republican form of government,
it less. Whne the press is friona
or oppreosion can never °Tectonic O.
manhood— Thergloty-of this land, "w
radiating the whole. earth,. =not h.
And yet, few nowepapers ,tble cp
liTe end beepine strong, without-don
tion of thefr columns - to tacit:flu
rata of newspapers Is 'so Tow among irs,.
mere subsuiptic6 price, without tome
will not satain them. The ablest; •
nent, anti most influential papers
are .those, that are enabled, by.yilsling : a.poE.
lien of their columns to advertisements, . to put
a quota of the income from that secrets on teethe
paper itself for its improvement—deirotingthat
expense to it which i,s tnertraubseriptitaxprite
will not justify. -
The writer 3 observation ittthis' respect.hok
been of long continuant e, 'itrakthe fact bus not&
mended itself to 'hint -.Car uniny'timer Lathe—
last twenty yearn, in the. rise.aad fall orators
f, then, . the newspaper is eo indispansahlo /as
the guardian of oar libertics-,liddressmg_ itself
ta thousands, where the living voice can knish
but' hunthrede—how valuable is any mode'
which it obtains strength and permanency.. strew
important a duty it, hecomeatoaustain it. silos
few think that, in the commateations they make
through the advertising noise:nut of a newsPapur
..-which in 'ripens° is but trilling; and returns
with tenfold interest to the advertiser—how-few
indeed, think that, besides this - pecuniery
vantage, poring out of theirliber,s iviews, the
higher, nobler one, of strengthening.the neww:
piper of their choice=uf gising it a alai's: cir
eulation.„ and more power to its etfortt,of spend
ing it with Mots, certainty rind efficienry into the
family circle; thus laying the fotrodationinabe
youthful members of thaws. circles,,byjrupereepti-
hie degrees;.for good men And women—strength,
citing the patriotism and virtue of all, nistf . br , 6 . .,;.
lug the State with thoierichtscieirels ' goad aatt
teas! And yet, out of 6 , well‘digentnd eyetetit
of advertising. springs, ingitimately, .arch-.
'stops as these—growing " thCY
the gnoil they dobecomes in:unease: incilikit*J,
Ifs s not wise, either—in a arailillY, no'ora,"sdi
nlal wan—with so-great resubnorpringing 'Octet
such a line of business •por the
Gasman. PATILONI Or .1 - .Jr1",,1C.MV....dr,vax,,,..„,..
y Water Loan. —A loan . of, ;$3%!,00X1 is
proposed for the city-the'preposals
on the ash of May. ' " ,
- "Chaera.—At - Sew Oriestdi durtaalbeNiek
ending lhe' elBia s o7therd wire `Vitra - US
trans ohniens sad lirfrnor Asiatic tholers.
eciaplojed 'in
h ci . s c. ;; 130,tort, lists 'received. his •free' Wrsitil
9 , ,W4PaSter in Norfolk- strait.
BulareLyrion's neeheotody:-Ithlidg:44l
3dia.4 l V Users*. Atitithscarals =it
is th 9 hands of We : alP l 4 ll r4, for the L0ttu4.2.4
gaiir'respidtive red ifs, The_proaltitiori assay
some similarity Vale' auttior's" , MoarY,"'le ‘ i
seitar Went:tram:the sapeeinativiltbolCot
the gain:Les sotymciatarerds, A:Apt* titizast.
, •10 L thaperfoanwitk