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From the Trumbull W - hlx.
nr r. a ramproN
.T:Te a homo - in the Greenwood, Dora,
A cot in the aylvnn shade,
Where the robin sings, and the young grass
, llo'freidi in the sunny glade.
The swallow builds in summer
lerlmt 'neath the friendly eases—
Ilow fragrant the sod, dire bursting bud,
And the tender green spring leases!
It cheers my loneliness, Dora,.
And sweetens the toil of work,
In the jocund spring, when the wild woods ring
With the notes of the matin lark.
I have taught the vines to clamber
Round the bower, o'er the fountain deny,
• Where, love, we can fly alien the sun is high,
Or the evening shades draw near.
And now in the pastures,' Dora . ,
The flocks and the herds delight ;
And the young kids graze, mid the• clorered
• ways,
Far op on the mountain height
There's a halyton quiet round zoo
That reminds me of othe - i - days,
When my heart was clear of the doubt and
That shadow My present ways.
Stay not. in the city, Dora,
Nor envy the rich or great.
For the lack of health is the lack of wealth,
And health is our hest,estate.
But come with me to the greenwood,
To my cot in the leafy grove,
And our life shall be like a peaceful sea,
And our home tie that of love.
From Oar giATiflnary lrma ,
CIIINA.—The following interesting let
ter, together with th, translation of the
Essay. on Prayer sumeding, are communi
cated by lice. M. C. White, of the Full-
Chan Mission, China. They are taken
from a volume of Essays and Prayers, by
Keying, recently published in China.
Dear Brother,—Thinking it may be in
teresting to you and the Christian public to
know what views in regard to Christianity
arc put forth to their countrymen by the
dignitaries of China, I send you for publi
cation the accompanying translation from
the works of Keying, the Imperial Commis
sioner, who took the lead in the foreign
policy of China .It.t recently, and who May
probably be considered one of the ablest
ftStesmcn and most learned men of his
time. AlthMfgh the essay which I have
translated, stands among prayers to heathen
idols, it is exceedingly interesting to see
~such clear and correct ideas of Christianity,
unshaded by any tincture of Romanism,
published by one of the highest officers of
China, and thus scattered far and wide
through the empire, where no missionary
can yet go to publish the cospel. The
geographical history of foreign nations, by
the governor of this province, (Tukeen,)
also states the principles of Protestant
Christianity so clearly and favorably, that
we can but hope that the walls of supersti
tion, thus undermined, will soon totter and
fall. The day teems already dawning when
China shall be redeemed.
So clear — do the indications of Providence
appear to my own mind, that I often find
my heart throbbing with joyful anticipa
tions of that glorious day.
Yours', in the Gospel of Christ,
Felt-Chan, (.71;na, .Inc. 15, Issl.
Essay on Pray, to (Fion Shin) Cl•o of
Ilooron, 1y Keying, tho Jat, Gnp. rial
Coinnzinsioner of Chino, Gorornor
Itaanyiuny and Kuanyse.
Ranghi's Dictionary says that ‘• Western
nations call Jesus Lord and Saviour of the
world." Western men have translated (in
Chinue) books giving account of his nume
rous miraculous deeds. The worship of
God (Shin) and repentance are the leading
features of his religion.
The explanation of this is, that :—ln all
the world only this one person is Creator
God of 'Heaven, (Pieta Shin,) powerfu
Lord, ruling over all things, everywhere
present, knowing all things, who,' looking
down with compassion upon mankind, sent
Jesus, the Son of the (supreme) Ruler,
amongst the_ wicked, to suffer and die to
save the world, and after death to live
again, ancton - this need:int to perform these
numerous Wonderful works.
Those wholiclieve in him will, on no ac
counti,wershipany image, either openly or
in the most secret part of their dwellings.
They purify the heart, repent, and reform
their lives. •
With the face directed towards empty
space, they kneel down and worship God
the Creator, confessing their sins, and
praying for blessedness. Thus is this reli
gion. Some years since, having gone to
govern Raangtnng and Kuangse, I peti
tioned the imperial throne in favor of the
people from abroad, and the religion of
western men, to know if this religion may
•be considered good, and according to up
rightners. Previous to this, and also sub
sequently, I learned that this religion is in
no respect not good, (i_ e., altogether good-;)
I, therefore, as in duty bound, memorialized
the throne
hat said religion might be in no
respect-restrained, but that an edict of tol
eratiotimight be published far and wide.
A man of rank, surnamed Le, told me,
that during the winter of the previous year
he was attacked with a violent disease,
which the whole retinue of gods, doctors,
and forttrile-tellers. (diviners) failed to cure;
whereupon, having he.ard.of the manner in
which western men pray for blessin g s, he , a vacant private place, and called
upon the God of heaven and the name of ,
Jesus.. On the morrow the disease abated.'
After that time, whenever he prayed his:
prayers were granted. On this account her
requested me to celebrate, in an essay, the,
excellence and compassion of God; where-,
upon I wrote4he following us a supplemene
to the above :
Only God is not selfish,
Who expanded the heavens and made the
• universe,
All things contained iu myriads of forms,
Living beings and moving things.
Ile is merciful to the human race,
Looking down upon the earth
There Is nothing he does not hear,
Nothing he does not see. •
How sublime is the work of God!
His glory is from everlasting,
• Praise him, ye people.
Will ye not know the Lord God?
Learn to give thanks to God,
Who clothes you and feeds you to the fulli
Ye wicked, deceitful, avaricious and wratlij
I.',.mr ye not an angry God?
And death just at hand, with
Darkness, punishment, pain and tormeno
0 that the world of mankind
Would heartily repent and reflect for them
at which is good and ho happy, the ancient teaching.
nceforth worship God,
Work t
Aemord .
From h
And he
,And sa
`will answer your prayers,
re (pull you out) from eternal pun
1 correct (or iuide) your thoughts,
ling, blessedness will come to you.
For this I pray.
E.—ln the above ode the word
. God is Shin, uncombincd with
er term, except in one case where
.'llO is rendered ,, Lord God. Each
the original (Which is in hexauMter
•translated separately, and as near
, .25 is consistent with clearness apd
C. W., Translator.l
[N .
any o
i Shin C 1
line of
Terse) ,
1y E:.
! ntANCLBCO.—Some time since ' in a
Rev. Wm. Taylor, we said, Give
ci of San Francisco. The folldw
occurs in a letter from h r ,
1 . . sth :
, ask for Yu picture of San Francis.
am not an artist, nor have I thee
drani a picture so complicated. 15
if you imagine yourself, on our telegraph _
hill, rill may see a city spread out over
more than "SeverVhillk, ' exhibiting every
variety, of architecture, containing many
large and beautiful brick buildings. Seven
miles cif her streets are planked, and very
solid. . Her wharfs extend from one to six
hundred yard.; into the bay. Her general
I appearance, with her bustle of business,
I will remind you of a flourishing city twenty
1 yearsVd. Look out upon her magnificent
bay, a a you will sec a fleet consisting of
550 s t ea vessels, besides small coast and
river vessels unnumbered..., Nineteen ocean
Isteamers and nineteen river steamers are
constantly plying to and from her port.
Well, sir, this city, in the opinion of
some 'thinking men, is destined to become
the center of the commercial world. The
mineral resources of this land are, I pre
sumel, almost inexhaustible..s . Gold is spread
over surface of many hundreds of miles,
and s now being taken in rich abundance
from ;depths of 80 and 100 feet. Its agri
lcultural iesources are ample. Its position
and population give it a moral importance
above that of any other land. Here, with
in the compass of a single voice, the Gospel
may be proclaimed to "all nations," or, at
, least, to the subjects of all nations.
Much 14, 1851.
AT IBEING PENILE to kubstititte locks
tind keys of some ind for those now In use for
mpil service of the Dulled States, specimen lock, awl
keys, with prt.poeals to furnish the mule. will le received
and c•Suesdered at the Poct Office Delmrtment. until the let
day of July nett. The different 'r k. will le. submitted
.s commiamon far examluatiort and ref... Dtam Uto
de re .
port, nontratts wi11... soon as precticahle. ho entenol into
for furnishing such luck. era key. fur four ye. re. with the
oo the lwrt nf th e Po•nnuter Orneralfor the tune
beingm ext,ml and continue the contract In fore. t'or
ahlitional term uf four year.. by giving to ins sonssk ,loo
. written notice thaf.effect. Ind more thou nits. nor les.
than Ila months before the termination of tbs. hot termer
burr yern.
With a elew of procuringthe best leek at the loweet
00 kind of lock is prescribedasa standard: tbe Department
rt; l - 1 1411.: f l ' i ' a ' f:11 ' n, " trr . et ' lle! L n . . m s. '01.1" n VitIP.
It le. , however, prote, to state. that stock eudahle her t -s.
j mtillserviee stioula poks,ss the following nualitire.rts , du.
reblry. uniformity, lightness, and
purpose of displacing simulitheon..y all the
to.ol locks and ke, now in use. about thirty throi.eand
stow looks stet twenty thomount keys adapt.] thereto, will
00 ni•juired to be forialthed by the Dlutractor •Ithin seven
months alter the contract shall have be,. entered Into. af
tenr'nnls the annual aupply will depend on the f i
t durabit)
of the loeks and keys adopted. as wellaelte lucre., he
inalf s..reice: but it will probably never *aces ., " in
throe, thou.and of the forum . and one thousand of the lat.
ter 1
:qP lock will be nonsidered if it he lite .11T already In
general on: nor will anyone with whom the contract may
In made he allowed to make, sell. or furnish any l
try{ similar to those contracted for. for any other purpoor
or tow than that of the Prot litfirc tionartnatot.
The bind of boks adopt...lmm.. be witeuted. and the Ps
teon* yre.t, on mitering cyan - art- to make .
:Pitro'PThrre;fatam"erjrilltte"lZlTmat.";*oo.l7end she%
deem such requirement essential to the
tit. •er
vh, In of the failure of the contractor at an, thoe
co Intel faithfully the terms an.lcondition..ol mut.. trt
the Poetnmeter Ileneral shall have the right,1a..1.1.... • n.. 0
to the penal remedy hereistafter mentioned, to annul Last
contract. c ud to contract anew with any ether I ' loll
.ar lot es he mop see. fi t, for forntsktuk simika locks and
In denditlf upon thy sPed.h'. 4 .f fered • the
Po•tmaster lamirral may deem it etprthent to aetra for the
lock of on. hiJJre.and fur the Rey m.fh
that l
tr ;ling with dilfegnt I:l7rl.luals for rb .I:dermat
lett WI he may sett... and aho right to reß:t. all
the steamer ,. mid proposal!. If he shall deem that rwili-e
tor the intereat a the Department. The part, or Parnee
r;fit'irs=7o;Vehed c oVflr p'ropeihr'irsit''•etio‘o"oftZli7e oVa
a nlis,s. and also for guarding agutnst their !Me
nTkrTt'oeilt:Aribthl,Set'TaTtinenil t"arTrtEern'surr,"'°=b't7tLrr.
If • and should be accepted.
tio applicati width.. considered if not accompanied with
salisfactori . eyidenre ft o he truatwortby character of the hid
de . and of his abiliky. tm pier ,
1, - 1 beets made to thia office tor tnlormatlon In relation to
the manner In which Land 1% arrant, under the art of
241:1 of September, ahnold Incatml, the folh.wln;
ann.rers thereto hare teen pre y srol. to lei,
There me three mo , k , by abut thme Immticns mar be
Of the IVarrantt..• in perton.
Ity thr 11.rr.ntre through the nosey .1 Ott.
i. Hy no Agent or Attorney
if. thy` 13171 or ....cot mod.. in adokrted. the pvlacaln , n
M 1131 1 , 4. mode in torTitinc.rt.... , trYitnt Imet. a
toction of country, telneh the lEN,IIO/3 ,levied. oat
In, orrumnanied LT .13 affulot tt iterordirtz to the
It-re the third mole sJopted, • Power of Atu.rne
moot preduerd. rseented by the to the Pr. e
en, o afro:dint, to the refl.:mina F.OOl So . 1.
tthiell potter of Attorney tun. arLoovrle.lgnl. or proved
tt. the ca, me, he- of totee otters. authorit"l to , tot..
the a.
of deed, aceonling to form 3or I
b. all ot.tes.. the [tatty. tall be transmitten . to the I.otoi
0111, where the leat.tfon Ls mole, nitli;r s 476i l , l : a . tsoste
to the ,Itt”.ry br given.
lona No. I
Corm or
r .
ante nf werrattler,J who being 9 • • oMa• ?Vow , ew
that he la the Identical [bare merit name of "'ran
tee,l m whom warrant Nn. —.— serer. under the
ne t
of M•yhendleer. IMeh me. _homed on the Jul
"-'". and ' b°
?morn to and etldwrrihed before me the , — J•J of--•
FORM No. 2.
linawall men by thew , prewenta. that ;beet; troert the
name of warrant...l of awl:mad, of and lwate
do hereby constant., and
m of
y true and lawful attorney. 04. me and In my
to locate Land Warrant No. —.. for acres o
name. f
whleh booed under the AM. of W•entamber.
ardrer of tiolwdltutlon may be itmerted If deeinai
13igned in presence of 1
(Warrantee , . en•nature ;
Foam No. 3
Comm OF
On Una day of —. in the year —. pareenally
n twarnnte. awl saltnow
:5iir::472..(47;`,i."ii7;,`.r°,7'.....,,, So bY, 5.1
I certlay. that l well that b
sept Mara omen the
name of warrantee.) and that be II the eama perein Who
19 a.-.abed In the *Rhin Power. awl who exaellted the
[Where. fignature !
FORM 'S. ',
I hereby certify, that On ,11/1 -. In the
perennally came bend' , me here nerne
Of entnere. A and ',here ineert the name of sarranteYl .nd
the Raid iwert in. 04121.0 of sitne-ed
• 5. FU - 0171 by me, snd bi el‘th
•-•- ' •
wen ver the enld there Inner,
the name lnd . ;al.l:l — th;:i . li ) e well
that he vrarqne F • , ,
fa' warrantee. aname perenn
defetihed tn. and whn erecuted the within lOweer ••f At
torney. and hi. teettmo e y gram to eaurtawtory erideure
of that fart. and the here inert the name of wgres•
twej thereupon woknowl the call Power lobe •ort
and deed.
1016 ..r$ ..tust or., I
Ohio Laboratory.
*IW 76Wrk 9 6 ) *.
I•• - •
1 111111 S O viii 9 5 litt
85 99
Per cent. Strength.
rers a AkeAnitn.,, Pcre9pirimtotcoicct. ond Om'
Cov, r alma, on hand.
vs rtrreu. (..Y.V . 1N04 11 , 0010.
{j-All urdert (rum Pitt.l.umda .111 L. pravtdir l aird
at Inweet market prim, an 17:1,
Wines and Liquors
No, 167 Liberty et., Formerly Davis crock, factory.
o. Maus., of Pinahoribl V Y. eretrrasirt , of N
VICKEISEN & STOU VEN EL, rempeetfull4
411.0.11.1rDiOnE as'lne' re
above eland, when. they sh f
the b<st iallaul
Draodlss., of the ehoteest vintager, Jan...tea run.. II 11.° 1 4
/Ash Mio,,rt.empfsline arri sip...kilos( tort. wines,
volts must apprond brands, port wines, Madelni, sherot
MIA am., al Mner, Abensthe,Se. Also,
herring, tilwb. and 11.1m`oorgh Cheese. All ct. .they
will sell. wholowale. u nabletheruostreato tem,
of e partners. Mr. Ntotirenel, contnoli4 hi,
importation busioesa In th e city N lork, Ihe a 1..... Or,
Is enabled to Nall a <beeper and Getter artiste than ant
other house In this eiti• nease st.sens • eon. hefore on
poninsee ,
m and
ireVarollies supplied free of extra char at the
'!2 rt. ' .4c "
1.1/ full Assortment of the different qualities, including
IVA l'A l'Elt OF MY OW N
ort MMOOIA Nl'
VACTORI:—A large and neneral afr
WXI . O on hand at 55 market
ItROOI4S.--350C10z. fancy and common, for
,sis hi sp; L. E ITATEInIAN t ttCVLi. -_
DORDER SLIP. ELM—WO lbs. Just reed
t and tr •Pir by J. Mb 1 CO..
CO Wt.! mt
DARN GREEN- -3 d cons assorted for sale
I, 4 tplb
FL y .:ASEED OIL--I I Ibis. pure, from
ls l at,'" u° '" d `'.iiiiiS o iii . A . % VCO., Llt..ctl ,L
'FRESTON CRACKERS - A nor article
u. tisi• dtr: ..o.Bomtaa 116euit and Ilympopelnentrk.
• • •
011 .----10 Barrels Nu. 1 Card au
A Mir 4.1 tn . !. B. North Rtyr
sod for Plif bIARBAUOIf.y
eta I
G RAIN—NO bn. °air;
IIAD AND lIERRING—N ea- Baltimore
tr 7 titml end Herring, re, t 1 and for Fab. by
.08 Julia WATT CO.
11 ANo A blils G round, for Glass
Rakers. for mi. , by BF.NNirrT. mune A co..
ho 3
7Z t rE B 47lA L N f Vo'N' i s e .
140 - I — S- 7 150r.d,_oz. Ly
fact doz. extra and
). - 3 mom°. tor ed. at tulnoureee
y"ORKS--7-7;:) best cast steell
7 1" r " for
by l.. B. WATERMAN °Otis.
male by ap: IL E. SELLERS.
111713AR8-4 cases Pow'd, for ;13Ie by
Xi; sp7 R. E. mums.
AIL SPRUCE-4 cases for eale by
yap 7
IROI . .iN I) TURMERIC-2 t i t i !p i pir , sale by
IPEORN'S Extract or Sarsaparilla and Co.
ttx wamintad gundne l for N•l
s : ti rs,
Lade Goode,.
H. EATON, C 2. Fourth street, between
Market and W. Invites the atid-ntlon of arbold
:nd retail burnt to too larva anti =ell "el.:led...lva
meta of
Coton, Filk and Merino BO', half ' lir.r. and dila...,
11..dt Parin Kid taw. soul Id,ding
Vigured and Halo Bonnet Ribbon,
Mark 8110
Iluttona a 1'620211m anntid 3ngl,,unding
Dove nd Trho_
Lan Co ry,. Underalrered and Veil, enlW,l 1141:1,
Fro.nch World.' Coilaa, Chetniselle+. ant Cult,
Inaerttne. FAlRing load.Lseee. of ed..n
Dimity Ilan& and Wronfla IlnuOrind,
lievta Crarata. 11. ]moral. , Tlr4 111:1.1
lin.' :Mir., Coal.? Wandwota and Pre.a.ind God. ,
Pine. Needled, Tarr. Ituttono. and ritraid, Rory..
and Horn Coml.. Ilaleand Perfun,rd
awl votainou Fan. and l'ara ,, 4, r Wordnd.l Cam.,
and Pattern, vainer. and EXCriSi ,
tValking ShoeK wlth a er.dat rariety a .10.11 Iran, WA
a...ful Fancy Artki ,, .. 4 - 1,11.11 to. offer. at lb,.
ell her fur ooh. r apt , ay.,:xllll
A. MASON CO., No. and CA ISln.r
-&.,*(knsotroe'LA:.‘;rlomre.Z'l.7.l.rn'al.nft: r
1.111 Alt LETON RI NI :11 INo ;S —A. .1. Mo.on
& cp. hate rod iwrdai ... . Lad, ....d.,,rtut ,, t ot
at etnn . Trinandlogd, Lao., W'=-n
111_10SIERY it. GLOVES- -,5 ow opening 01
1 A. A.)t AVON 1 CII7. a Colt Ilodorl
an , titorre.
per eanrem. at A_ A. )IA:d.Q.N I C.. 5..... addlod
metl of the above goolo.
L INED ` PARASOLS----A rhotee le of the.
nrl, far rah. hy A ; , %11AffON k. .
roCI and ha Mark.:l22.
BLACK SILKS—We obi for role every
grade and prier of thr differrat mak... of
efiaf A. A lA` , 4 Of A CO.. Nlarkrt ft.
t ASSIMERES- 90 pieest faney and Marl:,
L) for sale hr C. Alt Ituni NOT
I)LKSS LAWNS - -1 easer printol,
mi.. 1.,
E . III3BONS 300 r Cop,
e, sale he nte., C. .A11111:7101. or.
Al%ll. t/Ilibra, N 0.12.41 Litman glazer.
A verr herr and .I . ..rine of EA-hional.le
Wanted to °entice:len a Wear tor Siwine ennviwt-in , tin .
urnoy ftries In Fretieh Caw,
arn, A eery vplendld of leetinea Anil Cloth*
f r toloottaLla vhade nod color:winelv.peetherwith.
etneSv wevt it the Allrgheni.... ail al 1.161 . /1 thv Itonrawer
tietersolned to offer at vngf, 'll
hat Ike, him with a eAll. that me ..nla :be ni.wt
Clothing la add At thee e.tahlehualt. Lot al. at the ova
e-t io the rat!.
All nnlera iu the Tailormgline evrentv , i. avugual, in lig
I,tt jaAs ., il4l.• snanuer. and it the •1,erte...1 maw,
Straw Bonnet and Hat Warehouse,
11 rnh. very
; PriALM,F..IIt
VPLFordin and Ar 11, 1 ,11 plwn und fan.,
Straw . . 11rald. Chip, du:14,11111ton, Lay,,1111r.1 . ..m.13. Le:
horn..< .
nt , 1.7.1ti0 . ,%. 0 17idr.
nutp.n, an.11,11...r1..rm• ..r...ITArI
rtT n( .ha and ur.llrisl.
and Feral.
r" i ' A NZ11::27L!IVE.:;‘,101%)1:Itt;V Our : j .i ' 2r. ' . l ' , ' A r7 .o 1
enttnn Nett.
Srl W
FL t 117
i 11. , r• neh and A tn. rlr b nth.. ..i...
Horton.. ...1., .1,1,
0,/,1111 , atniet.lut•
T/N.,--A..nrled quallti. and r•
lon g/ l sram..l , and
rre,l‘Lng hl. t1rr1t.:1•11.. , . •.,
CARPETS, Oil, CLOTHS, Il TRINIMINfi: ltkrll.llo. oru
Kates Royal Velvet 1'11,:act...1.., do .1... Tape Orr Ilrw
..44e, dn. dn. Itruvedo. eaten rut.? ~
plt . supeollm.:l pt,
do. Inman: extra. due du.: h0 e 0,mm0n , h.,...d.h.n. 1 ..
44. e-I. Y. s. und 24 twilled I cotton, I- 4 . 14. :rs. and j'
plain do- 44,34,w00l mad nAIOP ,1..
RUGS, MATS, OIL eLIEt 11.5. sr.
Elle. Chenille hug, Pro do ...1:.; ea Ira 411;4 .I.', nn
Judoo Chenille le.o Ilse, tufted .10..1,,
sheep skin ~ Adelaide do .I, Thrum do do
Crumb Cloth, Felhod do. Ito kind I 7-Ln, met ,t.
A 1..--Sh,t oil he.
ent t.... lit en, ..,:e beli ..r r-ot
.... I . :4, 4.4. L-I. 44. met '',4 . 'II cbd h
Alm , -?tare Rol, of all ere , Carpet Merl f 1,: . ,. td.t Far
tot, beg .tn, tot. 4-Latol 74 Moto,- Tet.le I.meno Cr.,. _
and Limper. II iirkehurk do Tratoperent Wm... She..• .. _-
Butyl\ indute 11,41Az01, \ enitlan Elm,. hvnt..-.1 Pos., ~ la Eris Ko• SUGARS,
• ~ .. •IA ,t. led,. Id It. Lan•l• fr." .Uu,ar.
11411/I%ilnryort. , at , l'eTbord...r .'.''''' - ' l '"' . "' s " " It , . I.N. Crorhol Sudo'.
40- l• lensol -
,od ,n oey ov• 0., F.:eoe,, : . • t10,.1..., oot tdernt.•l :, no ,
.` SUES I 11l TCIIISON 1 cit o
"The Carpot M . areboose. ' 4 Fourili 4.. t r, et. A, , nr. St 1..... n. sewer IL-Room
Inv it 19 I Tf l
V. )1,-( . 1.15i2K. •
.. ._ k...; lti A 11-9 2I.b•L.N. , t. t arrive this day,
4.4 . 411 A ty Ls ..,. 111,Ess ( woos -I:, ,:irtoi, Ie e r , ale to 1,1.21 4.t W. BARK AtOII .
.7 ...r the mo, foto. ovt,.. ,Ipo. I, t 0..., We' 4 , t 4 ak . 1 ~b,,,,- 14 , ~,,,.. N. 0. 1,, ,, ~,,,, by
µ..,.., Poplin., .Lootte lie. are. ur
tts api. e ' l 11. inet..:4 n. A W UAW/AtOIL
~/. LACK FRENCH CLOTHS -Nlt Eri, o,t 1;' 1;1 1 15-- .1 low ItGls. (fresh) for gale I,
5 s W. ii.,/t11AUl:II
jIP 111,Xlirtrl. hese IYI9. 1,441 11,...r ,prot, •up, I. ..I
tor (len., selected warn rreet c,... o. I od.,- il,.
.NRI I -- 19 14141 g. ,I, 7., kp. No. I Lard, in
ra11...t aentlemen oohing to •ni.rt , O. , ueei o • wOhnse 1 . ,
. i.,,..
a,.. , ~,,
...„., „,
mats. • V j- m,.,1 PAW. lIARRACCAII.
111_7 , 7 , Kit -2 0 gr0ek..tir,14,,,,1,44J ;7h: by
1111 1 F . - 10 i,,-.5. prime, how CTOII, tor gale by
m mom,. s. ElltKr &TRICK
I.( .
d e ais PIN t. , --3l Istx l,-
.... or ,14. by
IL„ spi i J. I , WILL/ .Lll4 &CO •liRI ED APPLES--10 0 bo. far gab, 140
sigowN / KIRK P.l.lEtelf R.
TORACCti---.10, N t . 1 Twi .,. , i ,., i ,,,, e P . _ -....
_ .
.1 111 1 1 MIII.,ISSESI 14141 y. S. It. for
.;:f2.1 t, It tI ti 1.1.. \I. t 1 .9. to a.. WAI , la II SON. ' •
_ - _ -__
rgIANyERs• Ills -IS Ittik. It., :11 - P. , .•} 1., 111 WA. I ll" 141115. gtiosl) for sale
old by 1011 J KIDD A 4,4 ill I- •r JOON WATT .t. CO
rrIOIK EY UNIFIER --1 1 t 00 I ,
..... to arrive; I) All/\-2 , ca kes ihrn,
for rale to 14.12 J Etta , &Co P 1 1 - shouth.r4 for mt. tO
• 11 L'RNT SENNA-n(4i lb, tto arrive] for . Ifl_AlAtl DICKEY A CO.
IN este by sot', . 1 KIDD Ato SI . I:liIt I ES : 2.110 bugl.4iig.l Apple , :
, 1,1,1 v Pearl Ash.
v NT. LOG WOOD-2 000 11... Ito arrit ..) for
1:4 sale by enl2 J 111 DI. ICO , l; i' ' . '' !!N P t r ltrAll 1. 0 ' 117 1 ;;ITT.
i RSENIC--S ke;:51p..5.w.:.51iit5.'0ir,;;t.1...,:i.r.,. 111 EA NS - I (Sl' 611. W 1,04 4 , a prime article, i
-L I •145 I 111 ,„ ~,". ss I tos ....1.- av -
EsuLtsil 1 at..s:. art. , - , - -
_ Morris ' Celebrated Tea°. • , r b, '-=;«, a''• and 111 r''' ~et il 4 AS CHANDELIERS AND FIXTURES;
Frill', BEST IN priTsist • Il till .in tho Din •I I SII '... 111 . White Fish; • - , XII Perinr Cliandellem and BMA., of the latestelytee
.I„mond, 'ZI door fnan tham,del all,; els, two met 114bt ornamental Pendent, at eastern
Eavelleeet Family Teas ... ,4• 4 4 4... r• -I„, • • N•. Ill eekerel; for • ale to i Idler. , . W. W. WII-SN.
no finer kind. .. ... . ISAIAH DICKEY ACO
.... nantl. corner of Facirth and Martel eta
The .err','d . _
Prwoely the rec... loode ot Elea. lea thut Are el., .11 ARIt (111,- 11l bbl , for SAO by QOLAII. LARD LAIIIYS.LIII. I .NDELIERS ,
the Obi Conover o 4 end f.s. e. 5 . and v. ...A.l dad, st
. I , IF AJAR DICKIT A CO.. 1 fr, urologsatsi wet ewes eavension Lamps foreboirch.
st ablOhment et. .... and 7.... 'O. 2 , Ti.....- 4,,,.i. oi , 54,,, tv,,,,„,1 p v ,,,,,,,,,, i ed. Shramleehe Hell, and lber . l . llrwa. glgs, new and hemp
Tees cannot be °blamed at 00 tutor lo IltOberele , ... . , - -- . - . 11101PM... 1 n of Center Table, ...tend, end enndr lamps .0
' I '.Ol . 4 M.- ..0 Igip,s Itio, for sale litr i ~, the annulled taimatletuts of Cornellne & Cu., and al
QOA P-30 boie, Row lens I. C 4 4.. • improved .1 , ~,,„ igs,l), it brcE,KV A v,,, , . Otrrn price, nbll W. W. WILSON.
1 7 "Ira Chun Olive f.0..p. fur ...le I d , ,
IUBBR , '" - " 1 ~ .'l ll "AM+ , I]i EA t•I) ES ---200 101. Prig; halveg, 114 r tt . 6ltt 1
riti.',1„,,,1 1,./:',1,18..},..;,1.D....e°,:!!!!in.1,5.,..51i5N...ii‘c.......1ER-•
telt S.. Ile 11 Ater street 4.,, ele, J ' Ar" e ' l. .' oula, N . l. CS/ ' Mad sweet Pittsburgh.
RIEIP APPLES -7:. lat. for ..alo by STARCH I". boseg I F0g'4 4 41 poet ree',l and . te . ,..-fraf.,, , , 1 . ... 1 , et atort L. r , ...or 4, ..ttirdou or Meat
EL 11E111 lel E A eels ftAll feldi
aide 1 ''' " ".-r s' '''' ' ' ' -- - ' •- - ---- TIIE CO-PARTS ERSIIIP HERETOFORE
. I OA P---. 0. borto. for gale love by
QALMON--:' , o 1,1.1, itthl 111 bid, No. I, lor 111 1) . 4 ealuluu berwee-n the outertihe, Wes the etvle of
JAS. A 111:TC1If SON ACO I ~,. a.l In a A 00., Iv oda day dieedeed by mattrai
11 . 1 by eplt, JOHN WATT A CO.
.. -
11 k ii t itim;_,D, ' , bk . N O. l ~,,,,,.) f,, rs m -- , b y , 11 .,..,,,.,K„,ERE,.1..___ ,... 44, t,r - 1, N 0.3 Large, for '''''''''' ERA HEREY.
.1 1. apls hUREP.I - teYE A ISt:REAM ' e I Ira now, er It G. Fleming b. anthorind tn nes the
e_l ~\ LERATUS - I:: rusks arid :, Maea On i two., r . .t the lest itrat to tht ..<attot.ot or their burble,
S li
bhi'Li,N4't'itt!tior.:';:".t.)mfit'irtt'l..l't't I'
",:"..."- • """ fr l 11tt,1.,:ut'„Vf,r,,t,t,k...,,,,,1r , fr". •_,
et.lf. No 111 14,1 er.toot - - ''..-.--'.-r---. -- . 11.1;SSOLUT lON OF PARTNERSHIP
. . I N1 „ )4 , 1: 1 4- :: ..a.t ., Manilla. tor gale by , i Te. p a s tnentap beretufnea eel...lbw between the
PAPERII ANO INQS . Fro. I. I) gt... to J. SCIIoON MAK ER A CO. ied hers, under the style of Sharklett & White, was dlie
AU. tor sale to W ell P MAltsll .1 IL. -_ I aolved on the (Lent day of January, lalvl, by mutual eine
ei:, ',444 ,1 • 4 yr r 1.: . % ...0 I ,k ~, 1.11,, for nut, by I Prot. Labor cart e aulecriters elll attend to NORM( or
SNAKE 11.0 1 - ;VT ll.i. 150ti....t0 for sale i • ! the Duane!. ure authunted tonne the name of tbelata
lvt A 1.411 DIChEI A 1 , 0 . firm for that purpoee. Nu 101 Hood street.
eot 5 . bl1.1.1.1:S. fd Woo.) we odd • Water and Vtorit no FL C. SILACKIKIT.
- 1 I' I'4 •%,I. TLItIS. R. IVIRTR.
SOAP -1 10 hokes 1 1 , 11. I Itostn; t,, CG A 0.--4 1 1 111015. prime N. O.;
y, •• •• n indeo un eouet:t. it , d„1,,W,fi111ntiv...4„,, ' 'MEW FIRM-1 1 . - C. ShoiAlettufel William
swot tan] fur nth by It A CC!. NI , III all. . ~,,,.
apt/ So :. Litont d ' IIL I ILAS.ES-- 151 1 I.bin. N. O.; II Payne... gemrel partnere and InajambrAllyde, se
1 ittl and limpet partner, will continue the Whnlerale
11110 . 1 . 1.,.; 1,,K114km.rA,17,11.K. ,Ur lio.h. bu.lness limier the bran of B. C. Ettacklett & Lb,
A V A LER 1.1. N-2 • ".. .) lb-. for solo by ! 11l ,at The stun. lately °coupled by Pherklett &‘1 t9te. Nn. la
XL got R E SELLERS. e 7 ;lost o. , ', ' Woolen., R. C. SIIACKLKTT,
1 case for sale i
14 it E 5.E . 1.1.t.,0. I
FUNK FOOT- --. 2 .110 (ho. farts
E. alestib bY
11-ANNEL SEEI I -:itt lb, . ree'd and for pale'
- t
In' ePldlt I- sELLEIte. '
lOTTON-42 11:11e, ~,,,, ,nev fr,,a, ~,,..
IL/ Mayflower, :or .ta, I.; le AI All DICKEY - A lee I
•gelelt ,'ter and Front •t+. .
. .
IROUND NUTS -20 igielbg, irbgtoi e., for I
tele ITT• lode ISAI All DICKEY A fit
1 init o i t . , 1. 1 ! . :A . 127,1 , 1..7 . ... ,. / R os e I.J: , l:: , t r i n . ,
i ti l f:Ot , 11: ,, r 11 r i g: , 1
1114'74T1.1.e.r".'-r:jair " Tiiiii..2l.4., trit'h h ,l l !i!" - I
if i ASTI LE SOAP- -3 0 111, for ',do hy
l ~,to t StIIOoNMAR Ell/ CO, 1
gIA ItIIONATE AMMONIA-I clod; jam. ,
II )n•00 0 d 0141 Pa ode to
POWDER OF OINO ER -4 ltx, roe'd -
and i
1 - for sale ht It F: TELLERS,
enD'No 1,7 AT...1 et
. .
1 LOUR Wit 1, ,, in. rov . ii and for sale by
.04 It. A F WILSON. Ii; Pest •t.
NIURIATic 5,...51J Lbw Ric ACIDS-On
' .obend
" Br:: Nm. REEKY I CO.
fill BRICE i kiln good ther-
JB°.(ln"llt'AnTrit'::,"Zkr. Tri;tl;;-I,or°•:'.°l"
0417 .... 1....ath orort.
4)EARL Aiill--L,:,.,
/es 7.. ; ki vi t i , „ %r r, al . ll ~ ;l e,„,., bv
•j_ apt; -
PLASTER-- 20 bids. IV him, o . ,It sale by
407 W. .1.. WILMIS . IL 140..
BACON-25.000 114 s. prime Shoo 141,. r..;
lo.teet '• " Item , for .ale I.y
_err - , , ~ , SI.OI LI, 0 111. E.
)I.AMP liAin..- ii.,,,ee fia ,. . l el, li title'
A Slow Room On the reten o l Our, .u. , my 'Ln. I
ton largo and complete abwk of t o oolot h .ct tos , r,, , , , , ,
Land Lampa--the ' ' . ''''',. l l l ytV.:7 " l " ..itt . Tme.T ' en.
Y'rh'..""rr..P. Choi...hes 11 . 411 1 Web
dc; Ill?" l'igh'ib^"`""' r w w.'ivitsaN
&c.; and art very.l.Or prim.
1106. PALMER.
ill-iDE L I E litiA - . F IX4 li RE S-- -
LA The lurgost Stock In the city, ana .. lrMo=r s tl: .
3101 , ...
87 MP for Parlors nud Droning ltsfanu.- - liuld
ist, Tapostry. llonnot 111111 Ike/dation I r0n..1/ Pals, 71. 1 .,1.
Int . billllancy of coloring, olouswer of sty!, updsuporlorl )
of fi nish. can benlly boson... Pod —lira rent Idol fur sub
ou ntslatlno bolus, lo 1 1 1 11V si l:St u l.M . l4
)RUNES--Avery llpol - 101 1 ilanlits . , :iel.loni
Imported,o t. t reed and Rd sub by
.. .
111.11 W 31.. 31c1.11.U1L1 1 A 1.0- ...d.l.lborty at.
_ ...
W lIITE r, W AN :--1 en,e reed and to r r i. e , ll;; ., l,y
uni_ R. ~
LIqUOILICE ROOT •GuO lbs. for rale Ly
.WIG It 8 SKI.I.EItn.
powl) ALOES - 50 Ilvaor rale be
WIG 11. K PiIt.I.EIL ,
11 — ERRiNG.. 1 4ZIA RIB. Baltimore:
r l' i - • bl . •el , ''''' Loon leATAirgiViVVilird
Lontimi iiidifes and Sauces.--
JUST received la N. 2.56 otrev,t.
arortrurta of everrtliiher r
. I% ' !k t' l% ". :L'cl= " , "kb ,
'''" i ' ,.,;.- t.
111 - ted Pickle., ICaluut
g;holale'renl.„ Nl.,•hruum
Vt,r rnl• hr
Ayrik Groom mud Ice /Mau,.
S. D. WILLIAMS s . & CO ',' ..'
Corner of Wood and blfth Streets, Pittsburgh,
AVE NOW IN STORE, and to arrive this
reic, the Unwind mrals. of the mon recent IMPor`,
ttlt.. which ere offert..l on the
HS er.tty Lour. prime Green , l2'.. Patent Zinn W.A.]
Te; Muni,
45 Pt rhe , t• 110. do. rd 2 Maw extra pure Stareh
46 °onion.: &Cbulr. 3.0 " EbleMttud
100 bar. Rio Coif, 75 Lida. N. G. 51.1....,
15 ° Lau. Jarm 15 o 8. ii .
60 hne, S'e, 55, 5; and 119 10 ° _ Golden Srrur
lump Tamer,: 25 . Loaf., ernaheaL anal
25 bbh.. No, 1 end 3 Mark. Powdered:Linz.:
ereh Won e.g. neede,. Itainime
drum. um , „
2 9 ' ' 1 ": i s :::i' I , ' , l :_ ' 11 • Boni ' eird. ' P l'ig n '.
5.,1 . :„Ve,: i g , : ! 5: 1 ;:i 11e " rr ' i ' ing . s ?g r7 SleilY r'.
loro d. entre 51.1.1,1, brae. hat Cwo.11:
5 1.,,1., rria: 3 ° Genoa Citionr,
I - Clove,: 10 . Corns & Chocolate - ,
a one. Pep,r A All.rpicr. 5 * & Almond
L 1 Md. Nutmeg,: ....lap;
I' - - Gruund Ginger. 12 do. , andnr, guar
Pepper; 1 P3l. rule Carb. 5..1.4
I - - Pimento; I . Ceram d'aeldr,
1 0 L..e. '- Mtwara; I on , . Pearl
10 - '• l'.u.sid: 3 laingls,
1. , - - Clue, 2 ° .Sielly en d Ruben
1.1 , 1 , . Garrett'' , mind': I I.Liumiete.
4,1....., bleman Candle, 1 1 ..
A.' . 14 "L'' ,
20 - Star - 11_o Ilath Ilri:k:
lu - Sym,m - 1 1.11. Flour Sulphur:
MO dmen Maunlllackinr. 151 anon Match,
ido ll,...orwrllne Rice Pion, 10 dos. Extract nf Lemon
100 - N. V. Ind ira Rar.e and Vault!.
30 dnr. Ink; 5 .. harlot; Sugar;
Vl:ai - 15.rn Benno:0'; I calk sat :We;
had,. White Lead. Lanl Oil. &r.
I ::$7 prime R. Coffee:
ixl rkg, Y. IL Imp% and
I.nit , • Lllll, t end,
1.1.1.. N. C. Tor:
•• Loaf 1 tied Furar:
raw. llKrmsn •
hr... hail% 10.111,171a , r,
I. ut. nad 1 . 1.
Fre 1..1, \Vb..
. kr, Neil, sArkl
xt ,
ko Tetulier
0 :
1,10,4 0
taa. boat.. lt.oln Snap;
tun M.Cgavilec
, Laertile Pants
.t. Satrar vt.l !it..baapec Ina! Car ,Intund end Urn
rnmnd Coning., Wrdanq and IVrantdur
Am... 1 ann.: liatun. Candlewick and Twine: witli in.. -
. rat a...ntineut al-amity kept in our line.
1-nr F.:it/1.1: 4 11 d lII<NNETT,
and.,.,nnud. and 161 Front at..
. •- _
Produce, Commisidon, and Forwarding
V. 74 North :Wert, Baltimore.
• rriiE undersigned. Agent for the Penn
,tun and iittlo I.loe. hein
t ettutrallY McePal
the Riltunore and PtitreMirtua Railroad. Int made ar
• the
e FORWAltiltso BUS rs
NKM, l
expeettall oestemalemuentenf
al. I attoemiliT •
. dull.. P GORDON.
tleir..h. 1951.
D or 1.., dalt. ae. promptly executed.
Sle,r, J.. Nitilicau A km, %V. Stan A Buoa. Thoa. J.
o A . Idreullouh t Co.. WOW a SVilvn.
CrAuule t IVltnltttg. C n.
Tbau. Lienry WAR. CM/4.ra ,
llr J Korr .11m-Mhurr.
' F-Na . Columbia-
Stollbollan A Kar t Bt.nrat,
4. N 5 Nl.--n A e lurk.
JAW , " ,StArri Lv
, al, A Rutin. Ylulatelphia
• nut" , .11a•ul to
3 7, N O. :moan
At. f,:r rol. I.
1:43AR—•.2d0 for
, .e by
VI ;Ai{ • V. 3 hilds. for - sale 1m
. moo. J DAtZELL. {Sat. AL
L11111— . 20 Lep No. 1 Lard, and '2 bids
land. ft, rale by K. DALZELL A CO.
A L}:RATU S-125 boxes and 11 bbl!. for
• II DALZELL t 00..
ma 1,14 Liberiy .rret.
I 1J
lj 1,0 rrano rrOn. Paper.
14n1 (,ont,
.uperior Tabocm,
4 tr meant
and ILI / runt ttroct.
__ ..
tt 0110 N--- 4 •2 bole* to i a t frive pablayll t o , w , :17, ,
) " . t..!Atilrl l lCnnY PCI./..
.ell 19.9er awl Frool f tl. .
, i..14.EN SY 110 1 , --10 111 bbls. fur sale by !
111 ut, If LV. WILSON.
- - -- --
S ulsi At' _ .25 hag Sicily, for sale by
I` Al . tuxr - Itorit aCO I
i !..; A LA.]' SAUCE---Gray'%Sauce fur 411111.1 i
, 7.91 ''
V,'; ‘ ) 7 t:',•l.Pitut Jr.. iik,..n, e
i 11)11).1 NIJTS--'2 Lab , rec'd and for sale
i 1../ 4 • .0., 1991 A. SIeCI.UIIO A CO.
I'll„oc ' ''""”"
'TrilVairANiljitist, ' 1.511:;Ira 0.
1 V -
N:1' ; 1101,0
11'NTII COMP . ' 41- -40 1 - 1;:. fur
11. A. YAM 119TOCK 101). ,
11)11ESTON'S EXTRACTS7-bemon, Moe,
( 1 01 1 FISH -10cacks just reed and forsalo
! 1, i la- A. to LB tatrcoN I CO.
n,,i. 190 I..thelir 0n... •
1A LLAD OIL -20 IlasketA iota reed and
1 - 7 ror ..1. 1,, 1.01 A. CU L111:11T3ON aco
di LA RET WINE-100 boxes choice brands
'Li" ""
'''r'n "h.
A. CIII..IICTSON a la/.s o
t,O4TIIYEAL--150 lbs. for ink by
zoo It. A. V AIINKSTOCIs A In.
Vir ISK EY-96 recd per rtr. Chi
tT' rionatl..4 for rah by
LIME --1 0 0 bias. frmili Louisville, for sale
.Itt Firm. and I 111 1•4•••••11.1 ma.
[PRINT Nit MA'FFICIALS---Printer's cop-1
o, a Vol"="1;itg: `tir. 11 ,741.n.1174 wd
Irthle onndun rulen,•r, An. linr role nt
O.F. lIA t EN'S
Oltirc.7.r.l,betwern Nl:aka. and ferry stn
A 131.1•101.4 any.
I Xvr; CA I(ll.ll4—English imported, Inc
RA rah. I.v tnrlol D. A. FAIINESTOCK kCO.
)CM' l'—lu Madden., in assorted sized
package, for Wale by
tOD OlL—Warranted pure, on
.) 4raurlnt. Itn,litnn, Clarke A 1.1:0,1ol.ttlt.. for rain
comer Flrnt awl W.evlnla.
111 IDES-100 DRY HIDES ! received and
s. in nab. b, Mar S F. AU. HAI:TIMM!.
wrr '!"
L~r air I c y !'f i n .l brat" '" &r.
IKON-20U tons Forge, for sale by —
It ror JUAN WATT£ Cu.
tT z T .l :e f o ti . l
bbl 9. bent White;
VI to 110114,
vrl L'''' T ER • CO.
'I - --- ERFU MERY--J I list recd, a very choice
...Nowt of Krfumery. Or: rduct Soup, Sour HU,
y, rartn d.r the HandkerclA.i , Pomade. 'fordd Pule and
ddo , ..lrr. A. , , the Jrur..tun; of
—'• d. N. WICKERSHAM. a
mod, runlrr of Wood and Cloth ar. -
Odley's Wife B. r,
C. for APn
()Artd reduced M
do. at:olio. do-:
HOLAIt . illtt7 4 l:pu_ i
Tblnt IL, opp:eite the vl'e.
F r anklin lilt Liotainice 'Co. of Philad'a.
rRECTORS: Charles W. Baneker. , Geo.
i k. -Thc.:llart. Motel. ne i D. Leirle,TobLia
Korn. Adolphe Bork, Swat Uwe. David 8. Brown.
J rob 11. Weil, Moat. Patterson.
CLIATILEB F. BANCtillit. Pr evident.
CP= G. llama. Fee
hi . p (X. pm, couthoorielcl war I lonaraws, Pamclavvi
or u m wd. oo every deerviptloo ofPrtgertt b lii Yarn sad
'Vida titre
i m low rren 7 var rt; wits
Ta i t! Lod.
blob. wißtPet:''pattlY. " .11. l oo""" 1.
The woo.. o. tbeCompany, Jeloary 10.15.51.,vav01v
who,' wrerahly to the Art of Aecerubly, acre .0 1016050,
Fwl Eelato
fl2l'l t 1
Knee their inourrnration. • period of 21 fret , . OM
L i re pabl upwerds °Wile Million Your Hundred Thoumnd
MM.. La,. by Fire, thereby nflunlinir eridento of the
.i i ,oitages of Itouranne, AA well at their ability sivi dfa
t'o with
P I7IITRMVA `I 6IV - , Arent;
Otlike S. E. corner Woal :14 Mx
State Mutual Pire Insurance Company.
. E 4 Bx3runr.tu Smarr,
TcoHE best evidence of the success of the
Dir ,, nll. In endeavoring to cooky the srATEML77;
FIRE INSURANCE CO.MPAAr meet the want', of
the community, to the noparelleled amount of Intednem
which hoc helm dune; having issued over 6,0011 Policies hs
• little mom than eight mouth. and aiding 890•000
eepltal to the Company. The Picture are proud to say,
Gat. nearly all tta•
p roperty Insured is of the safest LRAM
small MA., and • large PMlgation i.nted fra only one
islumber of Policies issued, - 5,005
Amount of property insured, - $5,139,499.00
do. guarantee premiums, 57,909.79
do. cash premiums. - - :32,194.24
do. guarantee stack, -- - 9
do. losses, --- 4,100.00
To he &slurred from the above notanee, the incidental
et.. of the office.
er rcity or country merchant,' and owner. of dwellings.
arel o imiated and country property. It Ls believed this coin
luny Mindy advantages in paint of cheapness. Wan and
. c enalty, inferior to no Insurance Company in this mann'' .
Conducted on the equitable and irrestlYimligoved.lttgm
Clamigastiou of !Usk, ...Indio, all Previa Cavan...Cc
going may a limited am in anyone ioraity, thuspre
eiodina the fregnency and Wilit.nn of t lar greg end
',boon both the Stott and Mutant plan, not °nig P. ,-
pegs the cheapness and seammalation of both Methods,
tot entities the Insured to ls porticipialon in the profits.
It U under the control of the following bignnorig—John
P. Rutherford, A. J. tlllleit. John It. P•eker, S. T. Jones,
Mew.' A. Cerra, Phlio , C . ..!tiv r ic i k ii tteritt . H i tomi a. .,
A. J. See...awry.
A. A. Gown. Acta., fear
Penn Mutual Life Insurance Co., PlulruPa..
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700 drums Fisr,
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buttrr Croskl , o
all Lis. -Smith's . ' Al,
100 yrs.. C. A.D. Tobssr,
:31 fin. rut s•
Marine, Fire, and Inland Transportation
rjrLIE Insurance Company of North America,
rhlledeleo,l*—Cbsrterrllligf._Cepltal $500,000. Asratt
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A Maur G. Coffin. Pre't, Thome" P. Cope.
1 emuel W. Jmoeti John lb Goff,.
Lls - erd lona. Richard.D. Waal.
John A. Winn, William Welch.
Manuel P. Singh. Francis Hoskins,
Punnet Divots. S. Anetin Allibame
.2F.P.Ctieriee Tailor, Win. E. Doren.
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N. Morrie Wein, U. D. eiter,t i .re.
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n No. 141 /toot 'greet.
American Life anaHealth Insurance Co.
Agmf fur Piitaturgh, SAIL. D. TOWLE,
OM, tT Fifth rt. 41 , 44;*mithbeld.
Pamphlets containing. All nemsary Infor m .can be
obtatticd at the 45ce. ja171141
Western Invirance Company of Pittsburgh.
APITAL 8300000.. R. MILLER, Je.,
Ilm.lent, F. It. Go tten. titcaelarr.
111 14.4nr.. agaln.4 all tin.l4 of riot., Fin. 14,1 , 1 Marine.
111 will I. 1.t..ra.11y 044.4,1 sa l prumv.l4 paid.
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Delaware Mutual SafetyLisi:wuweComp'y
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ANCK COMPANY, N.. 151 Meekrt nnet. Newark.
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N111.11.t.11 P. JONES, Agent,
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'ERSIIIP—Tho eultscribe o 7 B.d hav:
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" tot. H. tcAttp,__
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JAMES ATN.)....t10N,
JOHN SI. or.
PARRY, HUGHES & CO., Proprietors of
the /Loch Baton Anrutoltunie, Quorrar,heit
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Larionsti L . of l'ltteburgn, their &vat, nom
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" Vaitstr. rd Ei ltattat & Co., ant la Preeehtlon of the beet and
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sirialsta Rtatfs promptly repaired.
yo ATENT MEDICINES, Le.—A lures Ktock
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I.emun All Iliatemart's .„ 7
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Pornlorn, ZIA. i - Muntaid
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R,,,,.. oimmail for r 1:r.• %Tab.( •
drain,' l'hutprs ilardetter'sLlnliiirol
Plow,. ,WlfreesConlll.l
Turllngton's Balloon ilolaleu Tlncton .
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Worm T. (loran Pot.rdrr '
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bbls. sipertine, for sale by
metal .I.a R.S1.011).
AIDOI4- 10 bid. No. 1, on hand and
for rain! br WALLINUVORD t Oa..
WI Water Atrret
Wenste iii Unabridged Dictionary.
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In ' , Wren. Main , qunno--Pen. 3.1 ,, 1L
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- - A - •,: l. 4 cip ,ply .I the nhnTO work n.cW by
JUJU: 11. 111:LL011. hi Wood Ft.
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6- r I. 00 lbs. prime, for sale by
7 S. 2 W. 11A1111/1171111.
' -----'-' BUTTER--14 kegs just reed and fo,r
Kh. Maki) 1111.1./ilt A RICK MON._
- ir ''''''' ' '' S y " --- PO l CKET lIANDKERCIIIaS
-1i F s l i N k l and LI ro Cambric, of new and handsome nylon,
it -46 ' .° P rk''' '' '' a . NI ti , BCRCITFIELD.
" meta
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driENtiIITEPORT WlNE.—The pure jui - ca 1
kg of the Oral, •oultablotormodkittly..orpooos (co yae h. - - - -- - -.-----.
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kfrb2- ITS. 0.10 ItOBISObt LITTLE it W-
M ACKEREL-25 bbl. No. 3, fo satei
Qt, UNDRIES-1 bbl. dliestnuta; - ----- 1- -- - - -1,7
1:3 3 " ari.
iIASSIA-100 matte just reed, for sale y
.25 Lox., Mario entoltro m for nil. by 1.-/- m ` "
otettl3 • Lit WILLIA el AW. VOR SALE—EXCItbri ---B— ge " k—S—tC-7Ck----77. ' 1 1
11117LON' BLACKING-25 gro. for sale .I.* todot IL D. ElNO.Toontt
I% ih, malt; J. KIDD r co., co Wood ot E
--_—___ -
'POTASH -10 eseke, mutilated pure for tor ige br S. l-/
jp.„ Nato bi =la J. it s. suyii. a.ta ~ - ,anact nut lla AtMcst Al.
. . , .
rAßGAlNS!—Teachera and
Fansthan winking to ktulukutaket k e
ek.e.bool Biota, Casale Test Book.", &a.
will Stud bargaltui biasng Lustoodiately at
tbe Calueatlonal Book ktone a ouhu "°.'• D'"
now, marnaVpfklarket and Fourth OA -Ma eat:Whim ,
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troika at aced.
& Dro r `a valuable Took", ctn./taut stock
for nth at mot. Call do/donna trm an weld "T•
. •
I --
iiiirEOLTATloili L BOO[ STOKIL—ThIS ntore
in vow fur
front.ery low. It ha. hf , u lb 2 d
th beautiful Yale MAI
N -W BOOK !:—Buttmaa
mar for the use of high . . Lode szt4 ; !ap?l r.2fd*h_j .
Fht ip Itutlanan. Revised and esdarged..h,_%Z.l 4 lla
Iluttovn. Translated from the eiffhOsetdcw.
hr Edward Robinson. _ 1,9, hl
'lle Irish Confederates. and the ReheU
Henry. Flea
The Autoblowmpby sod memorials of C.PUP. 011 . 1 . k.
Coucer , for fifty years weever and nhivaster from 10 tbc.
dent of New York; by Hoy. CronMmrcr l . 0 . 31 .1,11
-Tbs Wood Irorld of the Pacific" arid - The Mbela end
Franconia don - . by th!' .uhornf th eß°ll°
Now 3 and 1 of Loam tabor and the London Poor.
TilW en. works lust reccurrd and tor we br
a tn N 9.40 /Market 41.4
qOOKS ! BOOKS I—Channa and Counter
Charter. by Mull J. Mclntosh.
e Shoulder Rape or liketehes of the Three-fold Llfe of
11.. a storLof the ab
17th Ceatury; by D. If. T, 1 vol. 19
u jigtelt . of Mechanic, No. Joat reed astd for
to by.
ras, NOPKINS, 78 Fourth ste
'Apollo Building.
_ .
itPOOR, In the Nineteenth Craton;a Cyclopedia of
edoeial I:Godlike sad Earnlnge of um Poorer
the DriUsh Met tapolls, to coneectloo with the comae) , SY
It. Mabry. With exivravlnes of the weweiand personedw
_No.I of able excellent work has been neared al
11011111,e Literikry Depot, Third rt, oppwlte the jaw; ofber,
erl.l2llc Der No. ap2s
of-this exoellent work will L comjdodad lo • few
Isle. Penman wlsTior to hate tha•wor.“ oot , •••••11
boutal (New Yark .410 at 11(1131ka . Lkerary Depot, 9rd
Aro.. oppdalte-tbe Rat ttffaw. ap3
NEIV Bqog.p.—Elements of Analytical
deometry, nod of the Dittereotial arid Integral Cal
cub,. hi KILO LOOMi% A M.
Nile Nolen of a HOMO
Irsitsee, • Peeriwtola ewer, by the author of the Roflo
Boa , .
Letalen Labor and the Loudon P 0317 tr flearYll•Theati
with ileauetrwitype C61(110111310, taken by Beard. Part I.
:the *beets LcoCsJort reed and for nat. b)
trichal R. IL UOCKTON, 47 Market et.
KOM's; SIIAKSPEARE, Nos. 35 and 36,
'J 110 LIMP Literary D.Vg. Mini meet, op
,nite I ree L. 0111oe.
84 0 . t tA2M a plt . f.
Graham's Magaslar,
Ladle,' National. "
The emnalwilogier a new novel by G. P. R. Jame, Reg.
Intionary of Slechthies. No. T.
Too., the Avenger. Ilre. Marsh..
Littethi Living Age, Nov. SCI.
hathalla: &Tale.
Ii ee Douglass, cr the Autoblogs•DbY of • SlboteWe•
home Influence: it Tale for Mothers and Daughteng by
Grace Aguilar.
Itenonthenees by Orthe
Bitten! of or the White Noe of &inland.
The Rl.Wory and Adettitnere of Pen Own, by the author
of "Laurie Todd." thd the Three Slahlesi Aunts.
Po foam by O. W. IL Reynolds.
Reynolds.. , thelo, in 1 vol-50e.
L.stime La V wilieret or conclusion of the Iron Mut. .
glaneeld 11.11,w1lbthaical Ik/m..l—complete.
The Warwlok. /rank Parmelee.
The Rirkleburow an th e Bbinig by Ilithkarey.
The Queen's blealagin by Duman.
Polly Peablooom'a Redding; Uhuthated by Duly.
Port Folio of • Iledleal Bthiderith do. do.
The Cal Merchant, do. do.
Berth a Llumensoug Novel; do. des
Reverie. of ittiOlet Maki: or Mute to 'felons Yen.
(begun and enlifortda.
tientlemeser Edgy:Lath by Count WOrsay.
Elltte and Toth. Book-
Laveugwe the Sabolar—tbatithalir—lbei'fivet—by 000
Borrow au th or of the "Bible in a" New supply...
Cruliang ba the lootA•nr,_by . Petemn — .MPlet•
Ilistory of Pendennla, by Thackarvy—wanoplata.
Caroline of BrunthielD bY ReYWoldA •PS6
EW BOOKS I—Louisiana ita Colonial
..ut by Chu. Uarirre: 1 vol. Sm.
Lori Holland' , foreign 1
Ined llollamh 11Moo., imam
Bard, nt the Bible; br Ga.:Milan; 1 v01..1an0.,25e.
Nature's ooden, flora rare color Wilda arde/IZhAio
author of Peen at lisitono 1 vol.,lamo. roma
Itendinam In Lamt. compiled from dm snit
'' Ve L e ' ftll: tfr7i 'Y ta l A I.lllXe n ttl u tt . e
file&tattoo of the book. lasoo., mum.
11-lam and Lallo Perim° of the la th tamnt.nioa ahe Baal/oil Chaldee. Prom the of Wm Gerantua.
IMbluman Em
ramie twin Teetaxmot tir Bea.: P.m, mu,.
Cocuoltie 1 1 oetical Works of Itotarrt Borne. rah rplan.
, an d comeettal now and a life of the author. 14 J. ,
CurrOn 1 wel.. Mtn. ma.
:sap..tom and b. Maribahr, lo .1. F.llmdlr. denidor..o
m il:rnos Incnnonry cf
InUrnsc.l47l4lN. Mu..1":1).
t. 31snaxIno f..r Aril; NumbenealsAl.nn Load.
Jno. rnvnrnl. son fr,c nr, _ _
LIOPKINn. Anal. Unnllanns.
OTES AND DRAFTS.—Eograrea xnd
In Nag , and las t f . r. ot nf , enit beAutlful i g
Amrrim. Journal. mid Poet cupy.)
1 - 7fk - ritTl'iNG IN EC—Arnold' Writing Fluid,
V ,pviait and Won Int.
i'llrenksl Fluid apd Itld
enlmulalsn Int -.Ted sal Mark.
A Tbnmpsonir Connmerelsl Ink—blantoltsriet.
I' A hew Myth:misty of Greek Rama bk:
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rephy. my th ology awl =ply, pertly bowl tl; . e.
ot tithes snet
W 111... Mout. LL igiti.rtlaieth .r toith " ylotti
11 W num.
Laithoe, brow*/ Mahan, IL. A
hI . l'nesm
CoUoo er of oof
by h.. sou.the lA* Cballe, Quit:Gra °god,. X. ' II.. Cu
rely of Plum/MAIL Couttewlatth. banul thWA. with
No. 6 of Lb. urc atd camrp , n=o , on of Robert
th. .
Lie, albs Qom.. of SrotithiL EnyilLih ninone
connyetwl with thee regal emwesehies of Urea ihitalu. by
howl huieklend, author atlas Lie. et the Queens of
En t , 11.:417e L o i t Posum and it. Cituswe• Sit A.ldergigell7-
1.11,1111 the Anwolerey Tal.rturle. Wk......d*T
ion Is. MI, by Hwy. A. Murray. D. M.
the above books just remised...l Scar id{br
ta. IL C. ANC11)11. No. Slarket et
.ption or Legal, Commardal.Stearabtot, Canal and
Aa c a ." 4 Pritttlog. aueuttal at abort'yolks. oral
to lb.
ben tamale, by W.& HAVEN.
Priottos ta re .+U Third AL. between ltarkat Mal k'.Vy.
pat .
QTAIION RY—W. S. HArs...4 comer of
llnotufatal Market sal, as large et tsar
ta assartmaat or foot y rtalloactS baa nn ben
MVlALt i llattlito rt7ll":=YeLls.'" ;ZIP
Sts tioa Boot-keeper or
..0, 1 n :2 r
Cortreptiost.o city teret.M.ll V err. A Um
t. 0 It..
of LdlifL i Rww. will rewire sttext.
BROOMS -50 doz. for sale by
E GGS —7 bbls. fresh, for sale by
NUTTER -5 kegs packed, for sale by
toch3l .9.1.3111 E L P. EIMIVED..
nRY APPLES-10 bbls. recd, for Salo by
ll toci.ll PAIMEL P. 1311RIVEIL
lIED PLACIIES-2r , bu. for sale by
Itlci--: I 2L tierces landing., for sale bY
patall situla a inciorriox.
IVT.)!: WAIL PAPER—Wram th e toast eeletasted fats
S ' O . .Vo ' ; ' C ' s ' t ' st. ". lfs ""l l:;3 4 3 ". " "FX.7141"41."
zo shams Avery >bolo; Comounny:
. 100 - Collins " .
• , 100 " YireStrel " "
15 " Algonquin " "
GO " Donelew Houghton dodo:
l'or tab eitho Banking House of
i cornerllerket an Third ate.
DIES AND TARTS—Fieeh Cherries
and Plume top la their owl:dairy. preserving th e
°Ertel ntrnr o f the
the fruit Also—Coovvreeeletrtehet
Sbect end Shred bloater+ .on Fnueh tielatine, for Jelling.
111ane Ilene, Jr.. kw rely by
cortai WM. A. 11+CLUNG 4 INi. =Liberty at.
VENISON 11AltIS-03 for sale by
owlll3 . J. D. WILLIAM& t CO.
TANNERS' 011,-10 bble.warranted pure ;
for vele br rar•l2 IL K. BELLE. e.
- . .
lIRRRY PECTORAL, Starch Polish, Sonp
j on,t'"' Stagarlitalt.
E-10 tos. (fresh) for sale by
m,sio sAMUEL C. ISHII'S' ER.
11RD-40 bbl. No.l, in store. for Pale by
s. a W.llAiticAron.
LgVERSEED--8 bbln. for nate by
L./ - nwll4l, • WICK & :51rCANULEZ,S.
B UTTER-6 bbl. prime Roll, for sate by
WICK lk 11Le/V:IMM.
,11 h rhi
limoo l f'he Lam otaLlud o O m Clo. b lliti fn ren •
H. C. STui.:4.ll.lN,
NamcLiS l7 Marketat.
ttOltTS bu. fur sale low to close con
:ra. 01 s &MUM. :11.111%T.1L
:JO dos. JOAat. Tit= VAL_
LOLL BUTTER- 7 3bbl. just reed and fur.
ode by • T. WOODS 411 SON.
• .1 Water At.
I Alt 1) 011.-26 bbl, N 0.4, Just reed and
44 fur Kale low 1.7 AV ALLINWOILD & CO.
1411111.10 E, OIL CLOTII- on hand, a
) larar arsortarnt of 7. 5..4 G r. Sheeting. Twilled.
rvl Vigeml Back. 1./dealt Carriage Oil Cloth. • apirodid
Pr Asia whle:ode aaa esolena rieea.
üb: J. IMLIwPti.I p Wcaal at.
110 VaetorT-2444) yds. 4 cad .5 qr. OrdenChl Cloth, whole
we AO mein. at Nn. 7 and 9 Woodst
i i
130TAS11 - 10 cooks No. 1, for ealo by
ThjilED BEEF-5 to. S. C., for orals by
Ay m rbe •
__140111Y.(1N, LITTLY. it CO.
I:ASS-350 boxes W. 0., aaa'd, City and
Countrt brands, do .lo I.
iIOE.OItY NUTS-8 pkg. for aale . by
Q.ALERATUS-14 cask and 23 boxes puT-
Teel.l, fur tale by
orhS STICK a 11,41A9DLy.::9. _
IIitOOMS-138 dna. (Corn) for sole by
ACKEREL-138 bbt. No. 3, :for ale by
I 1,415 ,NICK aNn Ay DLLs
II W t-25 bbl. reed and for talc by
A.MPI.I:—Z Ede
fibl 0 SELT.P.RS,
VIAL f,, C iO ORKS7- 1 0 0 A)
VI OUSE DE LAMES—Printed anlFolid
FOPS-5 tales for sae lre'
Ix &bill Nr31.11. JOLINVIVC
RAINING PAPER---300 Slieets.(eisperi
m.llO On isab , by rd...111ZW1,,
WOODIS—' ^OO.. doz. domfr A sal n. ; Lo bl ya.
UESTNUTS-30 bu. fur
iIOLASSES-25 bbla. S. R.;
2.50 N. 04 in wk ; bbLa.
tr"a*b 'ea.nedfisaluk.n so'xit.. •
EneU kr ' "631Tront nt.
bbl. pnme larviackeral ,
• boaloo
10 •• DalUmonillerrlmr, for ibibt by'
sehs L. fL WATZKxI24 .1801115.
DRIED, FRUIT-725 bll.l/2teiii
" "I°I3..bEARL STABCII--,, f
LARD IL-20 bbist uiiici466
•250 tone Soft Tenn. for sale by
`AF ETY FUSE-150,0 00 feet Bacon, Sick•
to card Cm% makeorsznaltad, Re do
iILCLOT.IIS-1100 0 1ardalloorOil eloth,
here y and medium. from to 0 yards vitae, of the
Dewed patterns, witieb will be as tow at xi:holm/el as
meters , inake,and retail lower Wan
to sun. p th e
city. Ire We attention of ra the bove
Hoekat our ware room"; N 0.7 4 9tH et.
L Pll 99.
AltDI7 kegs in store and tor sale by
i_j mehtt WV. JOIMITIVN.
ABLE OIL CLOTHS—A very large as.
sortment of T,bl Coronb on band amt fur sail at
a 7 Y \ t street
mold 1. PAILLIPS.
tf tags Clover deal: -
4 Timothy - 10. n soed and tor sale by
meld J. B. DILWOHTII t CO.
glom LEAF TOBACCO-2 hi& for sale
br mane W3L f1..7013211M0N.
, .
GROUND PAINTS, in Oil, neatly Alt up
ta tip cans of. 10 lbs. each. amen • airtd
Martha Omen , Paris Green.,
Bieck. ' Tells. Maws, -
Terra de Mama. Pramimtßlas, i ~
Umber Saw, Burnt
Umber But
B. A. peaNysrucs a co.;
carver Wet and Wood U.
AND CRUCIBLES--100 nests for sale by
mehZl .l. KIDD C CO..
LCOHOL-12 bble. for sale by
me= ll. g MIX= 67 irocal.t.
MOANED PILL BOXES—Assorted sizes
oe .es y B. A. 11.1114 Faro= i co.
ILA ported. Dr We by a. A. rviszrrccic•co.
OLL BUTTER—A few bbla. on hand and
for stsia hi ENGLISII
DRIED PEACEES-550 bu. for war by
amta '4 55 Liberty st.
DRESSED SPIKES-160 k AT eg! (*proved)
for itaa. by mehl9 iiIIEY,3IWSi CO.
IQ DISTAL.-440 tons .for sale b
. • : .4. . t 1
L 7 St, Louis Rellnem, lust i s Q i
by neon Illebud
CALLOW -20 bbl'. prime, for Bale by
L mam &t W. iIARTIAUOII:
Or psi , . br '
girt= I
_SWEE;I' , OI 71!.._. , Arte z i , t i , c; . r z, fcjIt i lt . by
as.ortment to
• • fur Ntle lry •
giu^,• ‘ ,l rod
re.ce2l 11. 1. .• • . •
Iy. IIITE :IV I :CF: - v•L'F
Lfsible 31edi . tuu IsnsUnz Jrnt r , e , / S 3,
Lcor_tg . 11AV am. Second end 31
roc la. ISAI All DICKEY &CO.
iIiEESE-50 fur sale by
/ mehl9 JAMEn)ALZELL.
-20 env. Ire•h AVM
1W Um o[een
yor tza .
APP. n . . WOODS 50N
R O b S y IN-1 . 00 , pbls. to avi a lo w to-< 1 l i mf l oz i ttale
VINE . G a I.II--20 bias. (CitidAks_al.e
ji kn. t.ap. tOSIAKILID:p:rI tdt,i , a
2 ,
wood n.
J St:1100:01AA.
T ANK) Rs OlL-15 bbls.l , :o. 1;
' io gar ...le br
me 112.5 I. VC IVIONMASSAL A . CO.
L INSEED 01L-30 Ws: for axle by
• J. scumnuar.a co.
ICES tierces Carolina, for sole by_
roctU., JAMES A. lIUSCUIFON tco.
M. By
metal JA ' 1117Varigg CO.
GROSS Rushton, Clarke th CO.'s Ke'MAD!
Col Livor Oil, KT d• Dy J. KIDD CO.,
menu' 00 Wad '
GUM OPIUM-1 Pm for sale by
mad° MOD & CO.. GO Wool M.
vs. Manufacture, of ttle s rdi
meal? CO.
SIGNDRIES-1 case Gum Shelac;
1 bbl. Silver Band;
and bby sal. by
_ _.l
CYDER-4000 kegs Hazard's Blasting;
moo do. Mar. fatal*
mehl9 J. S. DILWOPZII t 00..
CERT e ea performed by Pear:dein Fro.
CtO Vl= .omwee ,Vi,S.t="4" •
ethe, a great variety of new compoidtlons by th nmh
Arst all the late popular Musk, hensed by
publishers, resels ,, d and fur sale by 3. n. sintort,
Agent fbr ChlelerhAswirlstot
1 ,
EW MUSlC—Where are the friends of
:°..4Trth' bT e . Harker.
The Robin.
I'm thinking der the Day, Wary.
My New Nnaland licene,e new song, dedicated to the
Leek. of New England.
She I love to far Away. •
Oh, meet vie on tha Ether Share.
(hod Welt.
kl home's on the Ralrlo Lee—Wohlbury.
Lily Rimy, by B. C. Koeter.
Yee left mbga . thre 111 age, by 0. Har t er.Yr, 1!?, ' I ' IV the Clack Nbakeef Sons andliolka.
Would I were with thee—he Unita.
Leo Adieux. Or Roir. • •
An extensivreotlectlon of new Polkas, Walls., Tart.
Cone. an
Alw, a new randy •of "New Carrnina P.m r_ Cantles
Cambia, and an excellent new wort, called the "Melodist::
• oallontkntof mut. arld odd.l .WO. harmonitoi , w 4 .1
arranged or Webb and W. Ilaroor—comettlexed one of
the best viorta ever publlabod. U. 6LEaOR.
4014[beside[Carp, No. 101 Third et.
.117.1 Ck KERBlNGhores(fresh) for
jlj, mile by nichs WICK i 31cCANDLI148.
1,11A1,3i nih. in store, for Cale by
CLARET WINE-14 hllds. Bordeaux;
ZI balers • "
Ib tibia. Etta. Satarne Ranet fotimi. by.
:curs a kucKgrn__
EVOLVERS—Just received, an addition•
A 17., Mil( pipe, Cocohto Brandy, "PIo and Ds.r2.' .
1 e.k. "Polo" 11,11011SvInt'A
. .
In 0t3,1,0 r• I,Fralrvi bron.ld.
1. Over -bol:Ioo• Anchor . ' md
imorho-o , 1 , 60 ch Itort,Wlnekof.
Ili I.hb . N . . 1,. .1., 4.'.
:If• jr. 1.5 I , vl
ii , Maleirs Wine.
SI . Fovet Ulu,
1., Dry , IO• • do.
In J , Fherry
11 , bolo , llonlyous Clary, .„
/1111tait Md for rale by JOH:
• WI Llbortr olrrot.
laul -
11. MANGE OFFICE.—N. 1101.11E3 .t.dra Ewt
noda;l:slorgi:clitnor t2:Salloedgnln.l. In t all OIL
Iteinripal in
in th. oir.. Note, onny :ts
dimmuted. Nonv and Time bills jab,
INDIA RUBBERPASTE. 4 pysa of that
7:7::::gl fi LYV: 6l
artirLe Li WM7..4,1 to *weer the revreeeuted, etr
the money ref.4e4 Vor Rae erbolesele .4 At., eh I
Bl itan r , knell •
4E A WAR E—English
East e ta Candlestick,
ulo Y l . rattler:or best cilality tem Bal:,
ILtdm i.Wit c decc, Meer Works, Spoons, and Bah
i ;Kart. NSW rZtlairi=gFalta,:g=
`Valle MIA T'' . arpeeted Trag. or teauteut pdterns.
fa ensigns tad pollehbas plated
artnlckg. Cheroot. litho, Feather
!Yin ,
1 , ..,,,../Nnumeoene—itorar's celebrated little Kitchen,
t „,„„ • bah wlatcb 111 make melee, ccolt beef.
maws. h Wog etas to • t. 61/11:1UtrIL
Cbr.rdarlet. tut fond at.
11, hundred and Mr hrs large `ltd Bed blanket.
pads Crib .13.1salut2za u ic ashcie.
e boat dn. to
120 do
do .
tar *ohm Wanks bears.cesaL
100 do Drtb do do do
td do Blue de do 4.
3 mem Risen Blanket Clothe do
I do llearer tires Mired, do
• 3 do aupettor Black Irmscb hosekirdb.
3 do all wool Dowd& ansarted mew.
3 do "
Cat ""'"llaVi
-do a& and
3 do WNW Twilled Manuel, rant .
plecre dement L eonia are all on condturoent from
ustualbetusers. east Ind iretteldelare Int tat cot
Gael ter= to the Ueda. al Mann=
$ _
. . . .
..Theeaaathln. In brawn sal estils
' are dream I
tt er t ;lab, oar..
rrlilE - VIRTUES of thui reparkable iesne
dy,:tut thy oceoltant , andieotioa be it, to the proara
V= u 7awli b* bli tntb la;
nle uvritotzum is procorrct &In will' in tha.N .
ry, ..depth Innr burodod do. d • ram onsdalana,
„ .„1
.ebolndal tharge,but yall'ao It
vt coono :raw. s Ore. LabrabnyN ybat to natal.
wporties mi • number el' diteoses, to no loam •
leatter unorrislty. Tbele hin. la the ad
of tostnoe. baowni taribt.. a rant
and teownna oho bloom o.
I•ultb wool since ta =say • waterer. Le. bean the bro.
thoug s, ~.ttio g it ne In dettle, bwl • rep..
,13311 foe tbe ears nion. The towitant ...Ur twos]
'lns odd foe it... Wet. tesnowlablo carve It ha
farmed. is • owe ladowdook urgto res.hetui,s4
we at. conseloas thst then:edition con peon wort 9
„on the favor of Manor oast, and s job to do
Whil. sr do acit <Lip for It • noirers.
• or disease,. unbesitstingly say, that In • maim
beats D... It Is ...Ile& Anima Ems.. 0.
eartnerated—all' dime. et the moans turn,,, me!
ASTUbliti sad all dlsessee at Ea ale Ll
Madge sal Mach. 1.1. , the Ea. or Pilo /Om.
Netwales, Ebevoutle Eal l =akEryalpo
BIOSNWINS. =W. &ALM. Oldeneed
On tn. In cases. dobilltY. awnitlnS EnEr drEdlrddd - '
T vv l l( Y an lS
of db
ee .. Oita me=ne wlll •
ouch num ...At toni ° ll C eoog•
s th o l s oketrattneta °VW E. lad ,
batetiona, litilch est. dim. and • ben 00 , 0n1
rad alai. Wiese. and renewal eastay to all tho ot . •
sr Ilad Ono. pooptiator knows or sem. ed.' or ?IL=
that trolotsd sooty olden trattawat. got ander thew.
et Eta PETROLEUSI foo • short Inna The pred am de
e'er. tp mot. pm. ho: deolin It
ea t i o z tou t ids Avatars or tao plobrieldn• - •
al. Esoln,wea Fevyatd ibitoL
Aar, by It E. SISI Fr e 7 W.I
comas Wool stn. Sad Tklrho aldri who ar!
One2dly Id. mr. 1 . 1 7 Waal. Agra.'
1)13 for t by
1). setxrr.F
Bale by
.1.411. FLOYD.
.. .
NOW - NOW all men who are sick and atlllatAl
with dLerate of the Il!cider and Kidurys, with thew
o palm la WY m /Mobs, matt
by okicva.renntag
u an., that they can be mead by taking the P Mar
IEII . - loa may talk about its Wagantrum:oc mach
at you glean, tmt this does not Lesko I t
Kr. for we procialM,
la the Cm of no honest communiy, tkat it hr.,. rialto.
le blab me act contain:ad In uoyntitar Iv lardy. .11. 1...
I. ked with pain; arid
hula dlWaas, ea,
n ' aerntx, get relief from Mo 7 or so. ills anurasnact
Bache It cords vary little to ROA. a
Ttda Petro
I , uto la no a:nature—an compound. put op Ott the p= -
th:awning on the community; but it Is a r emedy
1•-1 by the master band Of ftatUrro, sad bath/es ay Ihso the
Wean of our mother earth, hnits original purity , and of
m to .fferiag bulnallitr a ready rerncly, a ochan sal
Cusp cu a m •
It ha cured Piles. after other oundicium bare
r.mder any relict It has cured kbenntatisno, of
tamling , and of Wm worst and most :palatal etutratam,.
pan cured Molars ?data% by one or two docs. ; 111
cared Cameo of Dtsurhom. In which nay other: ,
I.a.beco of too avail_ . As 11 load remedy in bums
r.voldrOt Is batter thananymeelleal compounds or Automat
that we know of. It .18 cuze ... italalns =I Ironed i. Sat.
• to d ti . t7b:LaWtat___ til ic ld ra Ihe oboe. Mfroment., by cad.
1,1::= EL ft I•Ka. Chad Basin. nevanth Wang or
Kapar a e 0.;,.... carer of Wood street and Virgin
allsrit. Z. Whoa, ST Wood street D. A. Elliot. Mad D. Id.
Carl7;Alisgben7 oitY; are the agents. . •
—Da:Jacoa Ron, the dlicreemer and We Purrieern •
oe» rood pannier and betwasial aredichno. and alto
Ate itreantor of We eelatosted instrument for latrOngaree
Longs. In effecting a owe of Cturntle &wares, nag ,sln•
dent of that: esoirent php& - latt. Imo Physic. asA II 'a
of the Unlverefty of rentnylvanta , and for third
years, Orme has been engaged inveetigathan of Air
cam. ant the api of remoreeios there.
b a•b. l b r at ur ; of 111.1 . V.= trth r et t ln anslowti bed
gained an unt•atinance in curing theta, fed
sod fatal maladies - Tubercular ConstantAkau- • Camara.
Harohlia, Bbenniatism, Aelluna, Fever arid Ague.likmatm o
all ideas. Meade Erysipelst od and all those engines dbr -
orrnst=rderl'&lifri'a his r=llot.alifb= •
la brim-not by the ' use of one comptund only, for that
le imeompatible with Phytiologiral but bY the we ef
his remedies. adapted to, and presceted, (Cr. each pesullez
.. •
!tun of disarms. ,
Dr. Bow's Tonle Alterative Pills. trio. =AL are /Marla .
bly acknowledged to to motto.- to all others, • p one --
nee or liver pill: inasmuch at they leave the bowel. Der'
featly flee Mot cootiveneirs u also his U - Oden aresst
mine& L 7 too faculty. to pewee pectin. properties Weir
cad to female does.% bat being reward that. bare MY
etifficient to establish what has been raid, in the Waters(
the moat skeptical. -
The 22/Leted us invited to tall up= the ag ' *nt, Intri 920.
roe, [grebe) one of the Deaner , parephicts,giviroa •detaur
moans, of verb remedy, sad Ha applicatn.
For nide by the following agent.. as well ae DI ante diut -
AA. Otounthout the county,
J. f Sebommuker .t tkl Waal Fitteburt:h.
J. Al• r.wraml , Drags*, Market et., . ..;
Lee A. Beekbarn,Brogon. near the root, Ofke,Allesbe
ph Barkley, Darlington, Beall, meaty, P.
John =kat, tftnon
T. Adam. Beaver. •
anaI:GAIT -
• •
bbls. Russets and Pippins,
1Q41.41. THE AFFLICTED will Le Coma i 714
,11,1wwitt o.4Cellincur's INFALLIBLE LINISITZT.
acit F I. biisit,.%l the net et thin: pas eV
rcnevcc end bee. beywal • 41..0 ht, lawn the wraps of wan
the lice• of thou.. et itsllviditale. In almost eke?
iaz and character of disease. Wei f.ol that ye hatard
thing iv :my - um aail. is the cult - C.11,1,1..e that InutZl
sltrrest to the altiktod. that don, in every cont.ol the
n hal it Li veld •
It hee curesl: and Is catialit, of curing mere
by th aw
Sher unctidne ofterni kw sale, ter cart not by eh= rung and
by what name.
mid cmilovinz rr ,-, .4 of the aMee. MJ.
that it ts the witty article that Tss acfarsl In the tbrtin
Fatally )Icolciwe rm. 0a44 Icr ',an, cc wed hy .st• at
Wwns. Tu:
The Dm.
lu te llrtonrll, lot,. M. C. The Bits. hoht.
tl. !Lens te Macon 110 v. tel A. Int.
E. heel. ,
T i r. 'William U. Par telitor of the Spirit cif the
Tmm awl a hoot othor d
in citizens. of liew
yak. who bore folly tealcd In merits,. ham permitted the
promietor to ria•r to them
• ft is well known that Patent Aftelldemare not .ter•
ally praised by• the teamed. wealthy amf polite eirefesi
ill:l,4eyentiteW2.l4a.eggo& ottivel .t =
barn outs
mmoo yeses Wore the Dottie. its AT. friends are tow Its
steougeet sul beet. This most undoubtodly omit mm
meanies moot' of Its getteral torlelnem aftil mostlmt
auslitlee, It is a eoveralen remedy - 1M ail memos diseame,
ib." .traVtt ‘ t:a tl= B ,l . Pelelrager , ad.
enre a, Over .1,00.41 Mu talks. hem beam eole without eeseplahit.
aod hove mraeted 'ltch attattlahhog emu,
_after aIL dam.
rginwitel Pave taild. as would. Ragn.
be hwl w• ftrkt
ofiered...l our pLesealosi. the Rammed pcesible
Thla emakim. or notate'. remedy. Is Pentefed mem, 'MP.
Ft rhea. me internal as wellea external um It vett
la elan+
IT pin the diammet part—Melee It health and atreagth , -..
It la a awe mare for Diairbes, Cho , k4
all rpunudie alP:dionn. di... thin WM.114
Weskne male oe female, from whatever mate Mar.
ham oriemted.
-CoLab to Mature, br Ikea
n.; ..a od,ha a anomie= and he Ma retail
tt .. nersily. UP. put up in four, two, and am shillime '
of topers
lA, 114.1-
1 belay; Ite;the 0
I ease LiquN. Wl orice Cal..sellAtEl. Itilkuttel ne lid
corner - Waal sad nth sta.
New Music.
To the 'Enders of the Pittaboa# Oasette:'
IINIELIO ATTENTION is respeethilly in-'
•Itad to the following tenths, net 100 in retatlie
year Igo Anne this great n O
mtqy was hatyncht beton the
gbteekf=.7,la4".',`,',=. ay n T=. Ire
contakonity. ant we allege that the, racy tt is taw
DU. eat. Will Ito .rtht haw ayreal tie 1101 th a T• 111,
rely of *nonfat nce ter the aolorpois of =bog ingeelt
bat. one, wleleb wa conceive' will continue to be used when
all ether metro:as here been forgotten, The Petroleum la
yieeoral Remedy, eistaratad m the depths of - the earth"
br a Waar tront i tt Lte arli wa b ierVir M itletfe
doting we-writ. the tett we eay nothilig - Won: -
led to dowdy* those who mar watt car ward OrDoteanitl , ‘
deuce in or etateolants The Mob we wry apt to catch of
any thing Vast promises relief Men disease. A tiara . '
hardly be tao highly termed to answer tbe toed of
Cog hnenbugging eon. of them. Seer, we no not,
to do this to are undone only that the truth in relation to'
our remedy' shooll be tat in order to Retire Der it armor
ration tar exceeding any single nettle, to the mutate mat,
tea. Plain anwaroishfileta—harto that toaTheance , :lhe..r
ut tor elty end sealelbarbftd. bear ample Witty..y
Within the pea too months, too of oar conta claret* ,
oLo err to .WUy Mad. Ilan teen restored to eight, i lbw. 1
era* ease. of blindness. in the Enda of. Ohio. hare teen,
erred. *WALK., the cue ore gantiemartln Bearer oeinetV
Thereat, ft•• . but then an area new hone. and in e. i -
be t.. lad to by any parlous .ho bare doubts on the su b-.
ja Theo lauseemers eared after the t. lad
..., teen atersioe , '
...d by physicians as hopeless: The a= trill earl.
whet, used' wording to d ir e c tions —
en . ,....3lderednattetn. tient. tielondada,ft:S r no==
an the hem Chaga. Bore ktyes. one, 'may 7
&Mined, pans ha th „e bones and Ants, seals, Mem,
Wenn. Agee, Chwtit Wash., Asthma. llronehttle. and ell
l'ults=reetlons of a ohmic nasurt, tendlng to ;222 •
dew .•
Bums and Baskts, diseases of the Bladder and Eldnele,"
Ch.. El ihnste. Est . .. Wei Nipoles. Cerro and Bunions:7
10 t Ix a war =rum 11.13 MDT, ad bas been tried .
ha of the ahem dimmer onto the pod yea with Una •
most rotted moms. Catlett. that oill astouish vein
thebends of the In. Liar oho trill take bleanare In goo. ,
Wt Witte. altated or . thstr Wends • • ,_• :• -..
Walaa.oUaa =7 fay about their haedietues. sae •
hada= to the grated Itentedy of the age. l'hysidue '
of highetauding in the profession st• beginning to nee It
In their maim. Thom who at trst looted on with doubt
.od as allll4 a , arta it due yells - and
coneidttedion. • =baba yra rah road.all. lll to
eon= sohnowledge that the Petroleums le the great
est arse heovee. Par e. wboletels and re: -
ha:TH.)O_4 hteDOWELI.J4O Woof 2t. • •
w.b.!g_ll.. E;sellerr, 87 Wood street; ILI. Cum, Lb d...
Elliott, d e t2.241211. 1 .2ti1f
.... .t i llsg i tray , 9p;A th iso=hvg,......:
tfar k r,.end II: f. Fehneendek t Co. Wood , and Exent. att .,
'''' /S t fagt k' ' ' & l l .' . ' 3 l aVg. 'l44 T :
like other, Lure been
sutured to troublesome roughs. soli ballad wed different ,
m .
remedies to very lane Purr. , tea! , ...tort by 'gear:
tiles:nuts tutbo your Coosa Sir.p
gore it to nof my boye:and sun ton . l7 o„ ;..ave. tea
diar". 4 U . 4 .• ' 44 4 b 4 t"'" '
Zburt n u erd m iti =Set '
)4 " 4-4°4 ltt l it l ta . rittrlNtrut to ugh medicine
tb et bus over ban offered the peddle.
damns . Alisreosa.
ParanteasOnld not permit their elildron to suffer nom
'Conan Vitra they maybe Cured by a di at. bottle of Ude,
3 74 P ietrell sod cold y IL S. EELLIS/114, • •
mnd) b tr.od it-. end Druccistner •
hg. prime, for care
I. 11. It lIARBACIOFI. •
T ar Arr.. —
COD FISH-- S catkin re.'d and for %ale by
sorb2l M. 4 W. EARBAUCIII.
QADION- -5 bbla. No. 1, lbr•sale by
1,7 tetelat It. DA I.ZELL a CO.
ERRING-5 bbls. for e:de by
oackZl R. DATIELI. k CO.
Frll - R72111Rj . ..
• • .
L do do EbuuldrrY to gore sod
Vale br moCata.3 L iwr.
tz EElls-20 bbl. strictly prime Clover Seedi
0 6 Thn
A othr Reed •
mcltS • - L. B. WATERMAN bONA. :
'POLL BUTTEI--5 Barrele per S. s.
Tuscartra..4 for tale by
8. A naanAturn.
Eau, 8.
b inter Strained.
11113. ftne W
for ode br , J. KIDD OM.
osebl Na. O. Wood et...A.
OPPERAS--25 bbls. (in good order) .fo
Aty J.ItOD t CO.. -
No. 141 cacd ettetet. •
- -.
-10 ZOO bll3. N. 0. Mahn.,
. rt . l i. ior.ol 00t . , vie. , to 1 . .
metal 6 r ''Lli -14.7rett r
It ttl.A.ol. 1 . W.
COLD - LOCKETS.—Just received /1110
I..afropply of elegant (lad Watebng and Miniature Cabes.
suitable W Lsb rrvttpea MIT. an`
ONDUN TAMES-50 doz. for-eale by.
IL4 GUI .J. KIDD & ‘..Sh
CILEAP WALL PAPElt—Frem C. 14 cents
to 2.y ...L., • {and arlortmaa, fo , bt •
IdA2 V. 31AmatIALL.
7:'INATILEILS-110 Racka Feathers received
1 and Axe rale by mar 8, Y. kN. LIARBADOIL
lid to Comb& sod erect apparatus, for UIZA
ma t m l teut l a ow l h oll y
oera b ,
topai• snll
sold its am.
traction. oral MAIM. ATKINSON C ONNLY.
4 LeOllOL-2.5 bbls. for sale by
r.hl J. KIDDI CO, 40 Wool st.
mak Iry marl J. KIDD t •:.:
fAItIS WAITE-15 bblis. - eztra fine, for
QT" ' AS bII II . -: - 6 cl3 4ths k: , are) to . r iuD eal D e l b a e y
LACKIXA.I3-1200 lbs. powdered, best
' issig iD fall4trki 84% , 7 0.0;