The daily Pittsburgh gazette. (Pittsburgh, Pa.) 1851-1861, April 25, 1851, Image 4

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jitY kit indirr
.twttl ns gi'e my Ea iweet,Je.
a'. the wives I yet bEe e'er!:
It s no "bet /001 E% it's no her air.
her eeern to me see fair;
xfolter form o' toodeet grace;
her winsome bonnie fare
in her heart; sari pare'and free,
....,',4..,2sist:inalCeiher a' the mirltl to me.
..._ Let itkerS fret, 't is wine toaing
The joys that riches canna bring:
Let me the Miss o' rapture share,
Where smiles dispel the'eloudso rare.
file me my cosie, happy home,
a the gear on earth I claim;
My wifte and my bairnies three three,
Are main than a' the warld to me.
TIM :FLORIDA EVET.OLADEs.-03vernor Brown.
of Florida, has made a 'eery considerable etPle".
ratiolt'of the Everglades; the opinion he has nr
' rived at anti confidently entertains it, that not
only is ; thorough drainage impracticable, hut,
iC It could be effueted. the depooito laid Bare
.-iitould-be found to be a purely vegetable dedum
poiltion, light enough, when dry, to be Moira
away, and quite an combustible as peat. The
• ~ Everglades areintersiersed with numerous ohm.
Eels and lamina of n depth below the level of
- the Ocean, with a limestone or sand bottom;, end
where the absence of all current permits the
vegetable deposites to accumulate to a greater or
•- -. leas depth, it is still so Imam and unsubstantial
that many year's exposure .to the action of the
tonisnd atmosphere will be necessary to impart
to It the qualities of .soil. By deepeningi the
. outlets to the aca, , the water of the Everglades
could he materially lowered, co ss to reclaim
• and about the margin, and drain the numerous
:A M& Interspersed through this great waste of
*atm. hut nothing more can be done.. The wa
derti of the Everglades-teem with fish many
"Ariel-iv, and ipsiich numbers one mUst see to
believe. With a simple spear the fisherman
may load his beet in a frit moments. Wild fowl
• ore therein such enoMr..:s 1:10,k4 as almost to .
'darken the AIM, and game is ebunda,4 on the
Add to these the indigenous g zwyth
• co a n dy or ,anow root of which the Indian
,motet his bread, andlhe attachment of the hes
. Itge to fnlCh a spot is easily understood. To him
It Is almost n puradise.
,ILisaitha,o/lnyhet and the.Cardial's
21. y; Herald professes to have certain information
.to tint effesa that the question of making Arch
ihisher Hughes g Cardinal, tattle- came before the
.Callege of Cardinals at Rome, and that the opinion
of the American Charge, 51r. Cass wan asked Upon
' the subject. Ilir.Cass advised that the opinions
" 'of the American Catholic bishops taken relative
the Mutter, and this has been done. Tho Herald
:states tLuitatheir reconamendaticu is adverie
the appointment, and that they have so signified
-to the College of Cardinals. .
.' • GENEJLIT, LINT) orrICZ, April 4, 1•±51.
' e ma. to this alb.. ter befortostlon herebitthnt•
citable.- in arfilch Laud Werthote. bleier the art of
trylltof otenther. ISO. ehould le! locate-1. the follotettth
=wen thereby lath been prepare]. te wit
X re Ate three modee by which three luestir..) 41.7r1,.
By tho Warrantee in pereinr
C/61. t a telLar L lttez=pla the t.gc,cy or tbie office.
It tho Brat or work mode iiiitopbal, the application
• •olzt est be nude writletr. specifying the tract, land diatrirt
_oraaetkm of country, in which the inearion Is d. ired, and
acco lt mpanied by an affidavit adconling to the following
Whertrtha third mote ie alerted. a rower of Atiortut
must ha ruzineod, exrcuhal by the warrantee in the
oanaz of • 1r121.164, according in the fallowing form tio. 2.
whhit pewee ot Attar:ley moat Le acknowledged. or rebred
• the cane may he. before some came authorized to take
• 4.oseknowletizurtent of deed, =cooling to !beta Zia. for 4.
• toad amt. the Parente will Le transinittedtri the Lead
OW* where the loaatlen le nude, unless areciolvilreetione
the contrary be given. J. BUTTERFIELD.
Foam No. 1
'C,oirsrr or
Rotors on [a Justior or the Pesos or other arises author
ial totals ad:davits) nerennsaly armarod [hers insert the
-4anna of warrantefq vho twin. snrnna. &yeses snn
afa r that hats Oa unntleal [bars frossrt name of warran
ts,' to thorn nannnt fu— .res. and the
Art - of Sninsnibes, ]SLo, was Issued s.“ th.• day of
=A who now kopho . to Moan the runs.
[Alas.'s sins:mums)
Emeent. to moil tultectibed
'Mawr's dirtottom.l
Is now constantly retetrme Lis Spring Stock of
ewes-frit; in pastae followithe. reediest
Extra Royal Telret PDC CarDetK do. dn. Tapestry Urn..
Sr. do. do. Drhestlrt extra %opts. 3 ply. supertine
do. Intstisice, extra Moe do.; One do; common ds, cotton do.:
4.4.; 34. reh.mtd Wald= '44, 44, 6-4, and 24
• 04.1 n d 044-4,34, 7A, and 24 wool and whom do.
Extra Chenille Anse; toe da; do; extra tZtrtol do, toe
, dn. do 4 mum= do. Chenille Door Maim tufted do. do.:
I3SATZ OP elossep skin do. das 'Adelaide do. do.: Thrum dn. do.
Corwrr 1 Crumb Cloths. Palt o itzdo.. Itnclang 124. 644.0 d 24.
' Also—Sheet Oil • cut to ht. any clue or room.
• th i s -- day of in the year —. personally' 1.4.7-4, 64, 54,44, and 6 1 4 Oil Cloth,.
.614rartal [lan w ' rr. "• l4. " . """' • STAIR RODS 'BLINDS, TABLE COVERS, Se.
VSl=l:-th, ;tlrZi7=rir.o to , Also—Stale Rola, of all sheet Carpet llindicgc Mat Car.
Inx ) and that
ls the came person who i Path Rag d0464,44.and 2-4 Mattleao; Tablelew; Clash
•le described In the within lbwer, and who eras:wed the I and Moor: ilockalmek do. Transparent ti ludo. Stiodag
[Otiteefe 800 liairdes. mittan Illiothe Embossed Piano
Corer. do. Table do. otand do: `too
Table do.
Ft r , ll=l alit I p toiLltVj. y e s 1:1= the
WI To ratra dl
' Ts ' ;twos. .we 7= l ey th roVe h p7t.;;;T
" torniralyTtl ' ite n ' S ' ad I solierand o ur stark at
The earl et iVarchouse, Fourth street.
mehl9 j W. MeCLINTOCK.
Fonx No. 2
Sam all men or thearpreeenaf, that I, [here trarrt the
ws. of warrantee.l of Oho County of —. and State of
do hereby amitstltoto and appoint f
.7 true sad lawful attorney, for me sad Is my
matey to lo land Warrant No. —, for acres of
hod. end& Smelted soder the Art of September, IN:4.
Rower of Sattetttution may be Imerted If dedred.l
Signed in presence of
.11Tarrtnteo's nicnature.]
Form No. 3
Forte '%.0. 4.
COW= mr
hereby tertifs, Cl
'iat 8111.14—day of In the
car---,car---, • T rsormuy came Were ma (tour insert the Imam
'camera, uni[btre inert Creamy of warrantee:lood
lbe told I ere faxrt the nameof_ witocrad hot ps • well
Loam to me, no duly sworn by roe, alai on Ida oath
d=lared and tall that ire Well know . the cold [here luxe , .
the sumo of warrantee.] and that he war the aunt- femme
d_wettlbed I tool who eleeuted the within Power of At
tumor: sha- u•stn- to me razi.stsettxr eV•de.r^
of t h at fact, and the told herr (wort the name of marmo
t...l) therompon acknoul gut the raid Power to be b s act
aptliAlatnEhr • ifdrer'salgruluted
- • I. Poor Orrice Df-astarllENT,
Aforch 14, Ibsl.
rBEING DESIRABLE to solidlitutetodk9
oral ken of come other kind-LA..Moss nor In ose - Tr.r
service of tbnll Mug Vtate•g - sternown locks mid
- . keys, with 111.0"...114h. Garfliql the rune. ail' he revelled
And ftlil/idcrod at lb.. letvg Ogles. Deportment, until the let
. day of duly next. The different locks nulls submitted to
ocantahrion for examination and team, liyno this re.
port, conlowia will,. coon no amenable. ho watered into
fu foredehlog such leeks end Ler fm four ysena nith the o
aSzight on the Dart of the gnetruuter wen for the time
',Laing to extend end meadow the contract to force for an
• additional terts. of that
yearn by giving to the eoutractor
• written oath*. that effort, nnt more than nine nor Dar
than elasnimths before the termination at the fir - 5C term Of
fitowlhe e 3 •
view of ormattaun the heft lock at the lowest mire,
no kind of long preserlad as a rtatulann the Department
relying for n telethon oh the mechanical kill and logenu-
UT which *lair competition, issw in ad: nay tlevelete.
It is, hoverer. proper to stale. that et het imitable for the
mall service ehoold pnese the/0i1...c10g nuelities, TiT, du.
nollity, uniformity. llghtotve, ILGiI strength.
for the postgame of dispivelua "mimultatwoumly ail the
locks wad key, now J1M23!.. about thirty , th ousand
or lucks 241 torah/ thousand keys adapted thereto, will
-rogire n d tole fruitimbrl . lstt;:trsetn , r ,, wl il i d l n n x
' te:gm u unL;t:: stoma supply will dem:A n on ' tl;e rr durability
es the to
and kepradopted; well as thecae
tail sernof hut It will probably er reringir. amount
:shrew thousand of the former mud our thousand of the let-
enera lock co n bereonsldend if it be like anr already in
00 „."11 k , o'V r
a TAlt'i,c;fl7l=l
totbom co/Warted for. feny other amt.'es
or nm than that of the Itet Utica DenarintsOb •
- 6ntae will Tbri kind of locks - agopted musthe Indented. and the i
- required:On entering Into ountroet. In mate.
sawlmuuent of hit patent for the...lustre use mad tow
:et of the Departheut, tf the ("mend Flail'
degas such rosoirement'emeutial to the itthcomts of the ter.
rim In manor the. Were of the entitractor at any how
to fond Ihltbrultptbe tern. mud send Won. of his contrast,
thaPtentawsterlietteral obeli thee the right,theLleesirewet
tbe penal manly linteinaftre niention,d, W 00001 odd
Wet, wad to contract anew with ant other wty or
• as he mar see 11t, p.• furnishing alma:. loW and
deciding nontlannropoitala end .icienerta °firma, lb”
:Partmaattir (knoutmay deem Itespedleot tee 'elect for the
through =allot/4e loot erase bilder.and for the...Y.. 1 /r
tau of &natter. the reserve, therefore, the right of am
amens with Mikes. individualm for much different kinds
Of lock. as he inky nelact, tort also the right to tedeet.all
Ithe=ena and propagate, I f he slain deem tbst comae
Seethe =mat of the thpartntent. The' forth or .
con g be redultsd to give hind, with ample te-•
carat., era tom of thirty thousand dollars. tar • faithful
'porformance of the contract. The contract . It to nonfat°
nt eortaione fie the doe and proper hugtotion t the kdka
• 4tea, and aim nor guarding against their f.11261ba into
buidr,dlin wrote ortiteea provislow be
between the Department and the eitc , ,,..nfol bidder.
If • kt should Desecrated.
21, wileattrent tor be ecissidered'lf not xmmpnaladwi tD
adiatlndory evideoneor the trnatoottbr atanaernltte .
deli ardor his ability to fulfil the enthot.
Donme se tter °costal. •
South East swum- of Iva and s Walnut Strata,
tmscutssit 'onto.
(Incorporated in 1851.)
Rs. ..
H. SNOW. Emo---,-.teeturrr en Conmerdal
•O. WLItIttOT an d T. V. Ixosue-. ...... aseirtante.
itS. BACON begs leave to return his sin-
Dire Wank s tar the very liberal patronage which
ortelved, , and bee.. sr indefatigable attention to
_pontoon, to merit • continstance of the unprecedented enc.
"am that hoist/coded his efforts during the pert winter.
• • The attlitrof Itualtution. of this description bee bee=
oteoplatery established by pertilasl demonstration. nal
rtsm so .10.1 y attested by, the th. 11111.111 la. 1.46 enter
ed the olventages of their intruction. se no looter toe. r
511 11zige bt a argument for !lai r support C eulogy unto
Me pith adopted to teaching combino practice with
Elnorrt fortnad of using book. the rtrtie eee*.tvit.d to
=Panel entries of .”.7 dey busineea traneartions.
rig. Pao*, lialencing Konsunt. opening, and
chafing a mart variety of dtlferent eon it 800., bow her
p and individual butinee. where the buena.
Creset7i 'd orrapero • and cdversrt anti thus Qualifying the
'student Po eraverng into the phrrtket dunes of the so.
ortnetant In stay kind of bonne..
The morn of instruction will omelet of DOODLE EN.
MY BOOK KEEPING. entbracing__rterY denittiment of
• lonleand Mercantile ...count. Or Wholesale, Iletall.Ccos
, Exchange, Boo ting. Manufacturing. Shipping.
• • Intlividual, end Cantrtond Co.
• 111:1411G811. Ornmerelal Calculation. Practical rourterusbilt
and Palmy:tartlet law. _
Pukes are 'unneeded Individually. awl n pr oceed e so
. , .
..V . ,Meese =•
t t , l2l . 2e u l d . St as a -y u lt;ue, andr In the
• " 'Public 6.1121211110134 ars hod. (though vuolls ore ream
• • bed privately If they desire 11.) when the student odder
goita ,rlg4d and thorough in br the Principe/.
wadded by &Como:U..lw of Practical Accountants and Bo
". - AIM. Men. and Piploinew awarded to those who are deem
' ed wart's), of them.
• ' - A coureeeme be completed In from six to ten weeks.
: ...And so suesedo4me, thil Principal would state that army
Skirt* In Ws weer will be done to advance his student,
asses may* them thorough and accormillehrdaccountants.
• and tds sate:wive awmalutaree with the but
nity will .oM:tale enable him to proctue Idtu‘tioin for
!thaw diadems of &Awning them.
Terms—Fur * full rousseof telecom In hook EseePlate,
Writing. Lkommetelal Law. &re. eauts). lip-am
The Pennsylvania Volunteers. .
. 1)13SC11113ER, late a member of the.
—■ Sno od Itegtoutut of Petuasyhatas Tam:deer* offers
; serrieree to the member, of the too .hea+
aortas of TfOniilroats Tolontems sewed In the Lae
war vita I.Wtm. tatoileet the allays to which Met oh ea
ptborderftes det of .AY , passol the tfoh day of
matted an Aet to provide fat the pa to
sod floonel Booboeu to of Permylnals Nob'
unseal, tabs mend to the lets war selth bletie."
._„ - IL IL WOOD, Attr7 et La.:;
it:I7E.LpHIA, NEW YgitKmid.,lloS
zemectiv• cities,. Wu
eg , b 7 IIiTP3-421114
11E '-SM
,lefelteiltiratiatatabieter Wear.
111.7MRPHrtritURCIBEFIELD invite the at
.1..V., teittlanliflotrOa tsi ttiair full ainsorniarnt rir ?prior
and tinonniar•Wear, tar Mel wad toys. tranaisiluft a Cob.
mantis. Merino. mares. tantantereaaaintetea.tiV2
ar= D'el tata s'741111" eal7N . Lik" ...
sat Freud, Luau, Al. put open. superior Shirtina
Marlins. Mots 11 a. warranted all nat. tient , Tel
Ildkla, finer BPI, ilturbani 411.tana..iiid spa
Glove. and licelerr at aouttnnat cco•urt rr Fourth and
Market stream API.
cOLLA RS, CUFFS, An.—A. A.. basos: &
~ p.... aro nor "vain, p.a) v.ssada Wrought Ooltars
au l: mit. Loot sit, liPm. Ciriutearttaa. sstre. i-s.r , .'
mai: _____
44. A ;ul ifi c, A . SO . !,,,,,,,,Ct....61........nd
New Spring Orb, at No. 85 mark et s t•
4 LEz.A.NpE & DAY anuld reipeetfiull:,.'
./3„...... 04 ite r tet . je tru t „...,...,,_r oki ti b"' s t r t . Zo r i f, A L - :f .., :‘:l: 4th il l:i t . : 0 . ,r ,
Pastern Marti. int.... , •,;1 3 .,ii. tcy wtroacrale nr r.
trirrrS ".""tvAl., VaiLltit k PAI , b 5 E1R&0,4 t_
tr9 . l* ark llotich vil4 .....' 'AI. 9P2.-....11....L. ,
Wholesale DrY 60081 . ~
,t 4, MASOI; .i. CO., 02 and G 4 Market
. ~,,.„,,,,," nen daily ono..
, a . nd . r i e;rl . 4l o n d a . thel:
t ..f., L r ri Valitcliena .°I. tn.) G att ention ... rr
loa to - nriltch MO rw•PaalLect: d
the att a
„,, ~,,,,,,i r atecy YI - mita ' a ni__
He •• Spring Golds
A. MAC & CO. will open this mGrn
g—lW Of /Mportect not American :PRI'
dCrlAi. i'
the latest set trent faratonabte style:. to itatch
;110 sot Lat Ow all. on of their patrons rad the patche
rriiE SilfSC • flpt Lon iOltreneecl te
vih'l3 'Yl3lrAltitt r tl
i7P,R 01 I,tg„,ti ,
lfZ',lrit'lii 'Nit. J L., 1 , 0,.. 4 boons Al.
n yc a n l ' acto a, Erin, l'' Mull. UPS I t ailltria. alma ' s.
a n Milan (..tis. Cancclint res. Cassias., Tweste.
and Jcmur Drills us Q.. drape, faith Liana; Pont.
lisltfs and Ceram , MN, Mon, do trate, and cotton
:bawls. 110,,,, , ta'r'o I. ),,,Ark, LaCel, re Combo.
Button , fare 1.1 . rc. ic.c. cc I. cil rellra Table nod h e
et Cntiery, Coe as, al .sus- is swim. Az . tn.. to. bleb he
respretintty invites e attention of merit... and pedlars
.2. , Lt. AItDIUT/IN ter i . ll eon et
i t
0 OEM. two 1.... No 19.12rrar .1 • .0.
A very lama and raw Mack dr iarafsaabte Locals,
crawled 10 thattleat al •It Vl.' foe Ipri u , octrametng the
newest styles in A erican Sclagit-b. and in.rh Co-i
-mama • Tel y erpleadal I.l2.o7tment ni % estitlM, and Cloth.
of every fa...latch ehade And colon win...nether with
4... K. a.% wail manurratiraat 'rock of "[LADY 0 1ADE
CiAPTIIINU, maker me of the , largest and he` , Men..
us-3.‘ al,c , of the &tracheate"' all of which the Pram. r
It deterraland Ins nee. at retch peke. an will manna ail
I who far, •• --•-•-- -• not ante the most any. rt.
Outdo, tent. Lot alq,, at Oh.. low
Al trier
t or T.1“.11.(4. 0.1.,.... Ll 4,' the
heel pow ends. nonce
met! _
.. _
Out, It Warehouse,
11If. (Cy 'ale, at very
,•...„,..01.1. oaracrarcent of }Amor &rat Udine
"7 / 1 6.NAT4--cro • na•l American plainr' dfa •
Straw, Braid. Chip. p, illCou. Lace. flair. P.uaeta, EQ.
horn, a c.. kr_
HAT,tc—Merc`e, 1 Itae, and 13eys Leracrp. fancy .d
I it. linald.a.raw. a. 51.111 e, and Yalta in
1 L YlLcs"Gtr: . / 8 1 * 7 . l . 2Pacc b rt P.l s,rn ' Xlt i =
etcl or schaV r tleri'll i fl d ,
EMMA S—lttak Entuatt nu! -.all plata eel. and Tot
filer, all width, and colter. twars Gauge alattlraw tape
LACE—Plain 1/111 tlCured white ani Sit and
Cotton Nett,.
STRA W TALEALLSOS—Cord., trawls. Cut... Brai d,
Patents.. kr-, trea. L
FLOWE/Lcln—freich and American Sprig.. Detaches and
eeparate y rich and vat style.
80-VARY BILE AND EATINS--anare, Om de No
Ora um de Wand. Florence, acal other irtylcs. mocorted
i nuallttea •
SA TLY., ' ries and caloric
Ii clal'a—ale l'arasole and Ilintrallae, Band
Doan:. eto-, malls
is receiver, and
the follaving•Z,
White =ll
3fillan Chip,
nne Straw .
Floret. Cri
Q.e•en'a Own,
War and T.
Jenny Lynolipd sad Faith.
Roiled ltnw and Salo,
Amer Paul and p Loo bsart Lace,
. .
Fluted Standla.
62 and 04 31arkeest.
'gon 70, 71. a rt lo
of SPRINEI i, BORNRIT. reltint, ve almorym this
er 10w...1 , 019C re,
1.5 i rent, Ronne Ribbooo, Roo.. um, 6 0 .
RAREGE Jr.) LAINES, Light and Dark,
Juanalna a fts ant-. vet-, beautiful Freneh. and eat
em far children, roam and 'elfin, low Or
QRAWISH.A. A. Mons & Co. have just
~, 7 .4,-.111 u' Pm?rt,;. - . 3o .nrat'.. Crh',,' - ',. Jr'i'.'..',','',." - •''. X:-
er Shawls. r *P.
TRI:I3BONS- . -A- A. Mous & Co. will exhil,
it, WI. morning. natant of siew rtvles Cannot Rile
egg, Cap do, ang Lace Veil, Dialgeihirriee. 00
, -.--
lk URPIII7 &BURCHFIELD have lust re-
J,T 1 .1 00..,3 dal iziorrd g.hy rip 0x.% IA of art - goule
eve 1 azi Islaaa langlienlorvil ' iriltv,Ture ' retine ' Palstilerileliwiee
needle coltarvand tuna Laragas alai Mot... Waive of lies . an..l
begatlinVatrav Wile Bonn Ipliligaviil White nod ,. Tart
ton Ilkialins e, 1 . .1 4
IC - 10 R.P.H.YI tc_ BURCHFIELD hove cow
i‘majli, alZi e t 4 rßirrAftlA l li r oln. ,V IL Vitja, " or:lite? , :rt.o
I :."'" ~ e .4 . :, . .hed i. heelhh, 12.-1 taunt Eheiginh• end Pillow
4 . ,,i,... .o e and alstlln .111 In..kle fur 1111ov Can... aril
Ladies' tear, to to and at
aal - . 11 UltHrY k BUR&IFIELD'S
m URPIII, & till Reif FLELD Love rt•reivwl
r a jet, more all wool tm-mi, mai Caaaltrare,
, e.; re apt
lipRE N 0 111 PAPER HANIAMIS--'l%Sprs
, R: err, Livicuration, Velvet *nil hal Paper Ilimpiuse alai
harder, rim Drawing noon. and Park& a !rout the i eii
heated annta-ltume Deltagent, at Nei* jail refil aoJ
04 It iael 010001 .
Wines and Liquors.
N 0,157 Liberty if.. Formerly Davie erode r farhey. -
o. nrcsitts, of i•ittsbutti t i [2. , toryt N. , of V.
• ..neaseeha, the poldiegerittally, and their trends
littlfay A tigity ,i lre estatillthod I heir ' WLNE: sod
aloreir . Uthere they shall al
tki.g.l".sfoli=l7;.' WrAVi 5 Zt
EuZllco. of tlie, chokes; stagger. 'Jamaica row. lioll i siut
gig / 11 2 Whisli.TititAihttsirhr sod sparkling brtrk who,
ailr steal . 01po 'r ,qteTaili " .... 1 11,r • A " l:o, " =,NI:o i lgod "
herZoss, SitissAos thou rib voters. All °fit hird the..
Till sell. wholesale, or set& so the moat reasonable Um..
floe of the partners. lir. htotivettel, stilt ...attuning his
leatortatios burtiness In the city of N fork. the stars Vett
it enabled to sell a cheaper sail s better ord thn so
other house this elti. Please glee • .0 ele
1, h eft . 10 0
,:pareltsse else tiers
,I:.fifszoilitta Flo:Tiled bre of extra charge, and at the
riost satin ! ap.9
11,11). KIK Banker and Exchange Br,
a km. ran= Literrt r In Wmtern rondo, Mont
• on the taatern no' maker renter-aim In the
wort at km rat Os. and It now yarin,vl,hr hlghert market
premlum.ln pa; fa for Almaden whit
Temp:alumnille and Noblestown Plank
1. Road Company.
NwOTICE a hereby give n to the Stockhold
ers of saki Coy:pay, thst they . maks DaYment
a laiatent, Treasurers <We sahl , Com Pay. of Floe
Dollars on each *hero of the t oe tor the Mot Dorolay in
each ardr=sonth hertalter,irtll the abole_stock
ald Tth, 'l ls6l{ .t 4he Ftne Toad hrilden, ' iVren'tleshoiTol be
to ) 12.111 )4 1 e'd th lt rhittOtrii, Preoldent.
EAD PIPE--Cornell's improved patent
Lne 4 Pipe or Uraninite,
Atot u tlnets,
ntruth< Ream
AU nines on 14.1 sand to ant f el< b
.<1,1711 AL.Bl3lllCr4rOtp.".
ht;.C.AIiD. , -- I Mice remOveilto my new store,
maw dOrs belorr,) Mealy oppyrbe the Bank of
b, : n lE:to I will by glut to to my friend. and tel
ls. Mime an metre • shim their m
r ths emo. 1 aill
keep a very arrortment of Unbohdrey, Bedrand Sled
ding Curled flair, Henna . ] toes. Cotton and Slosh Mahe.
me Heather Bilk Solemn., and Pillage 111.kerk Quilts,
Counterpane., nd Comfort.: Window Shades. of ermi or
ohne Door Ka a, and army ankle arn•BY found In the
Inset extensive • Ihdadentr of the kind. Onlemrmrome
f"Y arl i"'d ..
':""" 117. '1 0)1 1 111. Third /Meet
1 aziaoveL.
A& F.l WILSON have removed to No.
rti mr—, at.. and 147 Front we, between Wood
oo err &..BEIvNErr, Whole-
Grw wad Dealers Produce. os m
. a.. 1= Boomed. =6lll /loot O bo a, between W ood owl
Broltbdold PI • borsht' ioo3o
'me removed to No. 281
a. above Ma former satal,
st. apA7tit
ot Tai l nt s tm t, his Seed Store
Imllang rocontt, al ly
most m-cop lmo
, t
EM ON 1...--GEO. F. DIHM has removed
so, Der was Store Emma leo. 118 Market street, to
... nr
0 Seat's , Irwin greet, fent doors belcer Peen et—
wbere be will 84 pleased to waft on his tomer customers
ajt:llle ;4_,tb!le weralln___ atalle
W FACT( BE—A laiwo, and general °torte:mot U.
way. act tend 6.5 Junket vs . ,
me , I. AIME R . 1
1.1 101 t ROOMS -50 doz. for eale by
mco3l I.IfULER a RISKETA. M.
V GGS-7 bble. fresh, for sale by
.114 mcll3l SAMUEL . P . 'an:RIVER.
_____—_—_ _
BUTTER -5 kegs packed, fop sale by
metal MA3IIIEI.I'. Mill Mt
~. D Ry . A, PPLES-10bbls. u r rx ec" .p d re for sate .. by
h.. 11 . URI 5 LH.
'l7llll. just reed and for sale by , ; billilllED PEACIIE,.S.--25 bu. for sale by
1. - . W. tF. WILSON. 117 First at.„lf metal V.ANIIAL P. SHRIVE&
'Preserved Ginger in Syrup; .
- -s ciow Clew, Ltc_suirtare
Wager an 4 1
eore. eby
J szkaaa
ITS-4-50:b Ni
sale Itt
lit OF 17
it OW
4 IA • :MI s 43".
' '.T. 'D. 8 & CO., • '.
Corner of Wood and Flfih Streets, Pittsburgh,
.11AvE NOW IN STORE. and to orrice this I
. w ...rho frillonlios
c orms. of M Mew
e mad remnt . i
OF. reach are )41.nd on the 1004 reawnnaLl. term.
415. ratty boner priori Um./l' 4. 0 Pwieut 21110 WOO i
l'irai licond...
41 LS encl. do. do. ISO Mara elm pore /gamin i
40 .• Omicron d Claim: 01:, . nal.natom
100 bane RIQ Lliafec 75 lilde. N. O. /101 a...,
IS - Laidurro sal damn 15 - S. IL ..
L. it n's Ws, ni sod ID 10 . Golden n) rug
TT ObiIWAS . 41 .. Loaf. tinuilied. and
25 litilis. 7... 1 aril 3 31sck. Pondered nirrn.
ed: 550 ts. roodlies HAM n.
50 1 J.., 3 4 .1,,, No. I 'do. [ 50 denara iM.11115 n/2..
'2 i anl . do. hainrors . ..inn. Horde.. Penn.,'
7Su Lunn. grind Iferrin.' 50 lb , nir l l7 " " ; .
1300 IS, eaten SI add/. • i• bu/ o, ' B.k Cl. i : ii i •i
2 tia/../ Ciardic 2 . Orono L Mon.
I .' pore, • 10 •. ilimiti
..ii t i ar
1 1:Eter I £ll,olc. 0 " L'aidi 4
. S. Almon)
:.. UMlllnitllrll7 - 12 don. 'liars Sono
1 " ` Pepper" 1 Mil. nip. Carbi nindir.
1 • 0.. 1 0,1 0 .1 ;1 .. Cres. Tarlac.
10 0,4 - tiludizied; l rase Marl Sago; -4."
1 , 0 1,
i L .,,.., -
~,,,../ 2, a ., ,,. , 2 - 110 , : 0 17 4,,,,
.11 .. . 9 (Amen 2 . 111.1) ...I Pi. 00.1
45 bone. 81rario Ca - Min, I 1 - 1er"..... ! ' "' i
02, " , 1./7 '. 11W Bath Zricti - .
10 " nsiszio ". 1 LSI. Dour Sulntio. I .
100..lozen Moron's Ilf acting; 100 e. Match.,
100 b....1,111001.m Flour. lu 010. /Intinol 07 Lisonn.
1 5 0 '. &V. !isn't. nun. , 0.1 nerailrin I
3. , Jun Inni • • S - Lemon toga;
150 .. Cr,,i liromo. I 'ad& nal .Scal a:
Gill, Nell!, Whine Lead, 00.1 Oil. tr. • mch2rt
$.._.7 317 10,11. prim/ R. Cods. 300 6xo ll. R.& L.ltaidinq
1.1 &J, 'O. 11., Iropl. said 3dau Inn Almonds;
11.1.4 Trap: 0 25 h.4. - Erwil }juts
150 Lula 5' Lump C. n.n.l ini .L. Fad. %Caton,
' 4'3 ROI TM..., 5 ; 1 - 0 naiad Sol, '
2S tr.. Kim: 700 driduslirsm
&000 SA. Codfish; 00 rages Fire Learner,
211 Mar/ 11,01.2 5 - Print,
100 1,103. N. C. 15r. 5 - [canc. nova.—
So " Loaf n Lied Sugar, 10 " Tomato Ketchnst
NO [...W0 Havana t's neva.: 20 - I,Ni.. liiros,;
2 litidm. Madder: -r,
4 ...mass Indigo: ' C Co o
" ti li rir ttl ail e Enca.
050 Sm. arlo. 10012 1111, 1000,0 Principe &au.,
luu orrnir Jr an.) Pi Fla.tir.i 5,00 Havana .. ,
i.o boirs', I 15041. Conc. .. .
50 or. Lir.lCiii.l.2sl.lnreli 10011. ii.iinso "
49 kt. no. 1,0„ ", and orJ3c.tre, :10.1 r.rd '
SW ken/ Nails. 4.'1.1.4 I.lollrr prarkts ,
50001.5. wt,ltiax; _ :;t316."",1"!:%1'T41,,i0'
40 la,. Tl•l3lleni U 11;
1000 1 011. Loren Oil; ..1 -'' tio • iiiit o -"'
lOU ay! Bucket, • is) bort" Homo MSPI '
5. - Tunis 000 - D. A M.A.:1.001m
:Inns '
77 O nip. and N01a..., I D .I Conlin ornond nod fin.
rinnn4l iiiilde.r. Cordon. Writing and wrappulc rum:
vn. i unc
of Caridli.riek and Trim: rite a“e
I ''''''''''''
0 ' O P.II ttrill o tt o tf: l .4 " AlT.
IN•4 ;.•,• : 7
torl7l f• • 101 :emu& MIA 1,01 From 44.
L. S. G011.1)0N I
Produce, Commission, and. Forwarding.
No, TS North Stred, Betimcre.
'PILE undersigned, . Agent for the Penn
lo u
i7etel rss prttni nufe
In e.urarrtina with the . FORWAILDISO ' HUHINg...4.. an 4
;zpatt , ll , l4=l . 7::aganl y n . lauf Whistrr,ilour.titain,
Tenwtt.tullY. L S. GOR.DoN
Vidert War;;;im, Salt. ke. prusaptlT
Mosarr...lnka sallisaa t Eanc, W. Scar * Poo, Theis. J.
Carnal a Co.. John ilreollosch a Co. iCylle Ullman.
David itayal.Co- Durall.Ke!shier 4 Dar', , Mille a May-
Lear. Turnkall,l)lllt flub, lloOcrt Garrett t Son, J.
31.0r5. It Cranglo k C.. IT ehaa. TA •
Mea, Clark a Thaw. Hear! Gm*, Eitte.burgh.
Mr J. W. liert, - 11Amirbox - ,
JazNo.likk Esq.. Columblt.
eas Mullbollan
' lllSitrrGlc.
Ivnar.. A. S. Ernall, Tort.
Melon. Jam,* Roe! d Co., 1....ar1s t Butler. Thlladrlphia
-74 MU. Prip, ;igloo for ror
me1L 4'. 2.1 bW.
L'''''SUGAR-200 bls. Small, for sale by
enclt4s JASLF.B.t. lIVIVIIISON a CO.
M 0. SUGAR-25 hhds. for sale by
II • althlS JAE. DALZELL. Ca Wean at.
- Vf, ACKERSL--150 bble. prime N 0.3, land
ivy lag this day and tot sale tty • .
. . . .
-10 bfida. Plantation $,
400 bbl, In 31olude0. (oak cooperapd)
In atom and for sale by
50 S t„ HA . l i t o„T S Company
spa mkner of Mark., lided et.
Altll--20 kegs No. 1 Lard. and 2 bbla
_AA na.n. Tani, fix .1. by B, DALZELL a CO.
Q , A LER A TITS-15 boxes and 10 bble. for
bC D.U.ZELL Leo.'anc h 24 Liberty P.trnet.
I_7 150 remmi Wrapping I'sP=
LO dz. Ite.l CaPi.
10 keg, auperiorTobace4
' 100 fl.a. Qoecz
. aro =La Ewe.,
1 Ohl. Nutmeat;
25 1151 a. Vinegar: in Aura arp.l inr E rtl , e Cr
112 Sec an 151 Emut. Area
In the Diamond, Second Doorfram Dia,rond alley.
"JF YOU WISH FOR TEA that is really
cam, to th e place 4‘ buy It. we, Interior 1.. paced
e r i o are Data kept at that e .r hotollrhment.
Excellent Family Teas -.L., LC. tlb
The terY . --2.111A0
MI. to th e e Wily ethe;
i ;Pi ,ee ttnth . , 'that t
told eepe for We
e...,; - ...'rdtrbwaffirarZitf.a k
trethE •
wbula D. H. Ler. Loaf uytt.
7.1.5 bbla. t Ctueird bu . gs.
170 - Pn•4er...l -
10 - Claribni ..
1. .. tiobten un•Cr•rifiell t+yrup• . .
" -.
i i;)l ° Lni 4 .7lVal% ° !:l l . llo
rnL.l/2; A..-cnta Ft Ina. Sugar twlnerr
CI UGAR -412 hlids. N. a to arrive this day,
p for •el• I, ute112.4.i . _ .Ft d W 1.1•L11•1.11H.._
y i oLcskts--,40 bi,,.. N-. -- 0. for Hale by
2. Iscb.^.4 B. aTv lin aninon.
._IF,O6I:I3—A few bide. (fresh) for sale by
allairli a. a 'W ItAHlSAlttill
_ . - --
I ARD-10 bbla b. I kys. Nu. 1 L
laird, in
A Mr. •nal lot sale by
mekil . S. •W. ILAILISAUOU.
g iIIIED APPLES-lio kg. v IL rime. for sale
.1.5 . by_ bieb2l F. •W. A•HAUtill.
. .
‘ 1 01) FISH---s casks read and for sale by
1, ) otrb . :.4 N. 2 W.ILIRIIAU. II I.
SALMON- i Lads. No. L, for sale by
mobs.a. DALZELL a 6).
IFIERIIING-5 bhl3. for sale by ..
melV.3 H I_Ali
U. HAf.I. a CA)
VIJLVERIZE D CORN—Refined. and Prs
par.,l Exprrel, ex Foul-TALI Issozanarsur rum
(...awful ortkri.,ls.arec..llb•lY bca1tb)...1•11•1,•. , tua
e,notmairal l'ullituo, Gk.:, Cuaard, a., i.e. ..1.... by
the atr.v.tmcia •crt•Llpany lug .a. , ..h package. sil l Is fogri4
'... 1 . !: ° ,. ' ,..r..t P d. 1 i1.!'...° hi rtYtiVits"'A , ard N .
BACON --5 hhds prime Ilan.; ~
4. 4.• Jo Elaculdr, ii, alum anti
. 3 7. P .,_,.
_alrilli.l.a a HAIR.
Rockingham and Domestic Oncensware.
IV V ntertartre hncthmbrun eud 1 rllus C. 11 me,
EAST Lrtmh,h, Ohl..
iennmple ih.,to, N. 101 Vonrth rtmet, nrnr the Mat
crt 0111, rumhorich, Mx.
oar nitennte Ninths enabh. ti 3 tO aminm Fronantlt.
A competent &stow,. being cnn•nnntlY cmploYc‘h Dim tn
abb., us to heep pare with nll the new and Itnptotr.lotilm
of the de,.
Meter Urn, Spltmes, Fount Toys. `en
newer Toms, oubleM, Mantel Ottuunents, Simnel., and
noun .Inry, aml attiel , . for alcakertln um. In event tmitty.
onkr. •aoc.led. taintnlntt
Wenner - a Unabridged Dictionary.
A i.l inivnta Ailr,p.
Falun work bound n lt Lad sbl a,
T 7l . 2l . 7elil — pply w iTthe Ow:ye work reed b 7
mebls • JullYi IL MELLOR. Fr Wood st
'EATIIEItS-1601) lbs. prime, forsule by
VLALSEED 01L—fi bole. City Make, on
Land and fur ask by
N. war
mLt K
-Rw.htun, Clark &
C 4 :01 -' W.IN'ER OIL-.
‘./reeo - . rawd for Ws or - -
twat • N Wre
I , wes et.
ThRESS SILKS - 20 . pen. assorted Spring
Ety le ram Silks. just Rem ny
A. MASON 44.. ea.,
• Richt No. C 2 wut 84 Musket West.
LA 10 yet plein all wool MO colared Deplete%
osw and •
srlend43 style ItsrsCe
10 eboire style Clousiluetu just opened at,"
mob 4 A. .0. MASON i CG. S.
P OTASH -8 <maks rec'd nod forsale 4y
mcb4 Libtrty ft.
WINTER WHALE 01L--1900 gall. bl'd
Oro and for min td.
mall% duLter. a racKErsoN.
of • very nuked. vislity—s amtment Hui
opened by [roeb4l MURNIY k BURCHFIELD.
MURPHY A BURCHFIELD have Jost teed .Dash
eupplr of the abovemls, of 01 the various
EG BUTTER-14 kegs just reed and for
IS„ nat. hy [mcb.l) MUEt. RICE:MON.
‘ft Silk and Linen
, Cumbria. of men and handsome style,
soil at maims price juat opened bp'
meta 311.11`1.11Y s BITRCTIFTELI).
GENUINE PORT WINE.—The pare ju — ice
of tho °rim aultabla for Eardlebtal for sale
and Wi ne.
or Botth., at MOttltlS 11.&11ORTIIT
and Wine. Nem, Oast Ws of the Diamond, [ frb2s
SUNDRIES -1 bbl. Chestnuts;
3 - Hickory Scam
2.5 boxes et.main CamllM for sale bT
mchl3 J. D. WILLIAN/8 A 03.
,‘ ~h, J.
A.s y IT —IU casks, warrripted pry
14 1-.P-•°
Porlor:Clustutelioro aud¢rncknti of the Lana stylog
al.o, two sad am light Oroosandol w PAns, "Uostera.
P'k tehts carom or Fourth see 3?orket
Orummoul ad PlotratmodmilatoyetroraWr.
patteru, et n Ct i atu Tato. idorfl,orAtudy Lop" LI
of-them/rivaled mautasture Conselius 6,C0.. nod a
eorterri lutem. media Ir. W. WILSON.
S EEDS-20 etrietly prime Clover Seed;
.• Timothy Seed
mat , .- L. S. ICATC6I4AN t SONS.
k OB--25 tieicenluditAht=
FiaakiinfFire.lasanuie'ikiiiiih* a .
iIiIIIECTORS: Charles W. Baneker, 'Geo.
ftv.tietirtaaisrt, Tablas
.1= s.itk Rani. P=3l .lG" ! U ' ihrld . • r !!
. CUARLMI [ LUCKE& Preskirat.
Ceuta U. Mama, Seerstarr.
o. Courpwar continues to mata Insurasss.wassartit rut.; cf•lhopert l e a. atat
anatrr. at Its ars cot.i.stit with sorority
Tbs. Cusipahr Wars• lasts anatiageol ralw4
which. wtth their Capital as al Preallosua.satrly Iskosud.
a.tra.lasopls proteclarn lo the .4..1.
th a caospaor.ow J. oar, Ist. LW.. We
liah.l...hly to the Art Of wr, v ,
, t °2 / 7 2;t777: - 777777:77.: -1 11Y 3
CAA. ....... .......... 61.1116 .
• of )2, roe •
tines. their Issearporab.., ISrsbset .1 'a semWry
ham raid upstarts ...Mae Million Mar ttstu.lMlTlsteSsema
lbstrare Um.. by fire, therebyatrbbiluz'a :lessen of the
ussizet.rrs of be Uulr ataity 0011 Wt.
""" to
" Iftgan6.l;l3WlTN‘,
bpl6 Offine2l. E. tomer of Wrx,st sts4 II sta.
State Mutual Piro —us' mance Company.
.ITin,. beet etideneti of the success of the.
lilierotra in endeasiOrma to snare the RCA TZ AIM - .
FIRE INSCH.I.Vet COMP.INT meet the wants of
tio. aommunitr, is the utsparallehsi amount of bud. ,
little h„ . , d o ., Lusting lasuml oter 6,tatU Policies in
a no,re Man elaht month.: mat sadism; over MOP.
sap d a m e , th e iNeopeuy. The Limb., at. proud to nay,
that overt, ail the property imsunal It of lb. safest kind in
soul) risks. and • lame pfltportloichmtired for only . one
liluMber of Polieies issued, - . 5.04;5
Amount of propv.rty inEurA, - 5'5,130,496M
do. gintrantetpreitilumui, '67,909.79
do. rush premium,. -- - 32,
do. guarantee stork, -- -
do. fosses, - 4,100.00
To be deluetcl from tbe above balance, the incidental
m -et of the ram
to To ' cits or 0001111 Ur 111101A4110111A, 094 ~roe:, CT 1 ,, t11111111 1 .1
I and lsbisted and Obi 0030.0) ' is litiletedaderom
tgit'ltfetiklr4V to I titrig. ' B , Z:f ' l MO g l.ll iV
Cestdalled ms Ihe rrintilff i arelrlTlAlPr ,.. =
01 1.1111,111540i1 of filets, 'sr man sal slept, p a s
fairing' coif a I nilUti otunUnt In sertualu=al If . Gana n
minim, the frequent-3 . dud Oetterrelleht a lArim tiro , ' and
alto on both the Stock Idol Matetal plan, it not milt M.*
buttho chraparm and acoorminclarlon of both teethesiN
but entitlct the insured tn a participotionin the - profits.
It is under the control of the'foliobing Iniermeu_John
P Rutherford, A. J. 011101, Actin 11 Packer. R.T. Jimes,
Alvnr., A Carrier, Philo 0 thalmrich.Robeit NUMJ.
J P. RUTHERFORD, Ptudlant.
A. J. GILLETT, SeCiettrr
A. A. 1.101111111. ACtUAIT• ' 11,1;1
_____ .....*.
Perm 14.uraftl lag , lacunae@ Oe., litkilad'a.
hil..t.t. 3. Elmtcpsar, docessed.) No. AC: Libetti ntmet.
i or the better convenlartne of persona robling in th e
loner pert t.f the chi , the mien , not y dam Le found WIT,
from 1110 12 and 2 to 3 o'clock, at the counting mom id
J S-hoonntaker d Co.. No .21 Wood street, where. all recto.
cps ladonnation P a m phle ts On and cemmardcatiolls Montld.
. I, at:ended to. explaining the principles awl
N. , tutria (.1
. Insuraner,and blink tonna farnithed DR
. • . .. ,
Capital mock or., $llll4OO CO/144.401.• IttrrlShlg"
th 7 lemared Cur life.
Marine, Fire, and Inland Transportation
IHE Insurance Company of North Amelien,
Philavllthia—Charterrdllll4. Capital =O.OOO. Aroett
vry 1.1.1K11. $l.Wl.= 50. Will Make lexonnee on
buildmv clad thtir contenta, Ila thl. city olao ' ldvitr 0i
Arthur (i. Coffin. Prol, Thomas S. Cure,
• .
Samuel W. Jon.. Jan C. C ell
' Eduard Smith. Mecum
. Wmai4
John At Brown. William Webb.
Samuel P. Smith, Francis Mehl.
Samuel Brouts. S. Austin Alllboain
. I , tharles Taylor. Wm. E. Boarma
Ambrove I% hlu, Gear. Ara
Jamb M. nom. James N. Diann,
S. Donis Wain. 11. D. Sherrenl, Seely.
L'lldslAthe old. laamoca ConnanY in inn UMW Min.
and from to, high Mauling. Vag ania . Manui. ainnin ...Mil,
anti aundlog .J 1 Milks of . oat. Maas eharatter,4
COy be sundered . otleVatrillA rim , r 6 Tegr...
M 1.14 No. 141 Front nowt.
American Life and Health Insurance Co.
Agent /or Pittsbegh, EA.IIL. D. TOIVLE,
Offire. Fifth et, atm. Smithfield.
Pamphlets containing all meeetem7 information ma be
obtalbrd at the office.
Western Insurance Company of Pittsburgh.
/QAPITAL $300,000. R. MILLER, .Is.,
President, --,Sonetary ,
Mauro agalnat all kinds of rink Mee area .11artate.
All Lamm will b. Ilberalleadjuatol end promply pond.
A harm Inealtutlen—managrel by Memnon mimosa. well
known In the community, itetti who .e deterculned by
ECTKI,. ° ,7 ".Ung, 4. t riArg 4 l:B"got="ch h tt
mho dealer to be Insured. •
Iltarcroke—li. 'Hiller. Jr., Geo. Blank. J. W. Butler. N.
Holmes, Jr., Wm. li. Holum., C. Coma, 800. W. Jackman.
Woe. W. Lyon ii tartyphteott e.. eleorue Duane, Jaw.
° Y.144. A 1t7.42 (tralabOuru sr , P4: a OcLo
up mint) ['Mehemet. pa4Gl7
Delaware Mutual Safety Insurance Comp'y 1
CllAtiOti. Third men Phlltuiriphla.
." Pcscaages.—Bollding , Merotggellso. and Mils ,
roperty. In town and. country. hammed agalnat lute or
damage by fan. at the loweet rate of premium.
Move Putramect.—They Moo Insure Treads. Carve,
and Preighte, furelun or coastwise, under opetr or sPeetal
valeta!, so the seennal may deal,
latann Taadatamoramog.—Tbey elm Plume MerchaMilae
transported by Wagons. Pall road car, Canal Imate. and
Bream haat, on riven and late, an theatre! liberal Una ,
Draserate—JracTlt IL Beal, Edmund A. Bowler. deter C
Amis. flobett Patton, John It. Penrone i Barnard tiOwanne.
?i '•"I o C. lii!_ 7111';''In.. IS.
Di. Ai!"'itN.'ittl./Y"....,7:.!'
lima. Theuotallu. lulding. U. done , Pnara , , Hanel
Craikt. elmtrge earrill. ePetmer Italraln.
Charloa Kelly ,_.f. le. o ld
e o n
IV m. Ilay, Dr, E. Thom.,
John Saline, Wm. NM , ji. ..
John T Log..
Walt. 31. tam, C. C. Ilatto, VI, Pim:-
dent. Jeered W. Patron encretnry.
bur*.t.,:"."'lllg.f(ik7P."' P ' A. 42 atl i lit. ' l:lllr " , A ' ke i t ' lt. "'
! ANCE COMPANY, No 11,1 Market etroe Newark,
4.04 V, Net.l
list7tr a 22=l l a i r ,e ' r . c4=nl i trr d antVer.
Neat . 113 " rhr rtare " r ' s% e "'" f o u t l fu l lura '" u ' re '"' ll - thm 9 In ;
antlre w 'P h , T
prelts Irina &Med among the
ll 'Udall P. JONES, Aaron
• a Nu. 141 Enka etre,
CHANT. for Ow of
1.111. Dnmeet,
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Ire 'Jct., , r R. K. Fleming I. authatitA to uu• tho
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IlbySSOLTiiiON -\ OF PARTN'gligillC-
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wr'berg, ualrr the ',tile of el.airtt a. Whlleoknedlr
pelted rti the Mt .ho. of .h..uu.70 . 551. br .tutu ,
me i rawer n. e tr.= rn5 .. ;`,..1'11T=7:(11°.:i:1.'
Mtn"- " W ii - . 7.`..tateKLETT
NEW pLILII— B. C. :• , backlett and William
prorral pattern, sod IletMr.witiftlyar,
117y ' r. ;', l , gOZ•4"
at the wort:LA..6 . err eyird by ehertlett Whlt .
No. tut
Woed rtrrct U. C. SMACK LErr.
rtlo-PARTNERSHIP — The subperibeire hate
icutowd Into IM-ruto , rship ftwlrr the arm of Emit.,
fittrun 431,1 y. W.M. B. [WAIVE,
ARRY, 111JGHES & CO.. Pro prittors of
men W the Porch
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&Wow fioncwinet o.arrtcl. beg
ders. Contractors, and Where, at Plow
bon h. lihecllnx. Chicinnall. Se., that they lime appoint
ed Atax...Lanoulin. of PlLtrbureli,diele °vet. who is now
noely undertiike contrary. for Roofing with. their best
dewed Pierre
P., Minion A Co, am In tenure= of the Met and
tto largert Plate guest*n in the. jnited Etatee—the quality of
tltelr'lain winaL If not superior, to the best tr'eleh
pi,,,.—tp es employ none other hot experienced and cram
tint .tier In do their work, ourearcinently they Imre no
hecitation In lamellar • %exited,' aralcreJxlit roof,
and handwanely completed. A prim per
dome u any In the trade.
IL 6 Co. pesticolarly recommend their Matte to be
put on lath Itiad of ehretlnii , whleh will benf adreietav
to the contract°. and ownereof bundled..
tieferricces a. to their elate. end elation cut be men—ond
bir..Thomaa Par., one of the cmicpany. may o f Le con•
milted an, day—st their axon's OMe• corner of at
/car Slate Roof e promptly repaired. •
1, LOUR-100 bbls. superfine, for sale by
metsU 3.0 IL MTh.
I ARO OIL-10 bbl. No. 1. on hand and
1.4 tor sale b 7 WALLINGFORD lt CO..
yy - 150L WANTED—The highest market
price. lo mob. will raid for the dirrowent grade&
001. by male • ••• O. aW. lIARBAUOIL
VOTIC E.—All persons having claims
ths straws SCIIVYLEILL, will please ore
@sot theta to the *adorn:ars tor settlement Immettlatelr.
as the toot has pad Into other hand..
mutat AVALLINOWOHD * CO, 03 scat's et
FOR SALE—Ohio and Pennsylvania Rail .
nond ee«k• tester PittAbAtmeg r m.rk,
j_ =apt for tole ly JA.3IEB DA,421.,„
SPRUCE CIIEWING 0U51.-4ltilid, received
Poti Balmer. Me.• thraantl the barrio of allele Tan.
tee, • two Ica of trite pleasant and aable Chening
(116, Whkh 11 need for sneetenlng tpeU e etp, deed:atop
':be teeth, ae. Fur saJe abol end s
web{ tenure Wnnd and Filth 00
Cure Manuel. by Joel Shen, If. D.
ter Care tn Amerleamlital by • Water Patient.
Mod Book of Ilyderpatby for Proßttional and Domenic
tie., by Dr. Wel.
DonteinepraetkeorllydroM ildth CORett On:raved
11l astradons of Important en by Edward Jolausloth
M. D.
Id. D.
The above works for eale by R. C. STOCKTON,
&Mueller sod Stationer, comer Market snd Third erts.
ibla 4 tba oala 1. •
conntertett coin cask lac canal
quirtng but a moment. I.
pale at the Watch =I Jewelr
: als .. tt
u r...4 by Thiel"
LA., fahrere :11 ' ift I T.,
7 Alkte ol ' '
W. W. WU-49N.
• er of lork.t areittli ...
ti,"&.:l - .A7lareliii;C•k
the mint Meng lams, via
.Artnantio Yoh.
Blistirigel el 11=i•
Livaorp Mild: a uadEn
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E. 1102. Of /Orppoiot
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1 •:: If i lo T areen
1 ' Amu*, for Dyer
try Water •
thunentr's Liadnent
thrlfrof. Omaha en
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Worn. "WIC " It IC WIC
of Weal sa4Mler oils.
.jI3ATENT 31E6.1017&
.torn, end air pale CP
this inutteken
Lemon kid
Essential Ealt or
:Terre and BOW L.111i19001
Opteleldtei Steer's
Volum:mu &Hos=
Puy, A.ll-Biu..,
• Lees
Lull • dal.Drrpeptla
Phelps Tomato
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4.141.010 e
tosnlers, Soda
Rote thetment for Tetter
htreaelhettleg Planers
fltrahref faiterre . I
T ur r g i tt Belrent • •
iforat Tea
Al the Dm Stare of
Wee can=
Poiuk-keeper or
Clerk le • merrontlip or alwoufacturiroi
often. A hoe od-:
AOats. rr.wd WO. R., motor sloOillo a Ron rm-ri..htr-Olf.otro
FOR PIES AND TARTS--Fresh Cherries
and Plume, but up I. IKelr own juice. preserving that
,Jaginal dayur of. the frui- ' Also—Cubpeea ral s br a ted
btu,. and Shad bluglassand Prrush Gelatine. (or Milo,
flaw SWUM, Ao.. for sale LT
tnebl2 W. 1.1. A. aIoCLUSIM ebb- '2:4l , Abertr st. .
i - .tENISON HAMS-93 for sale by
J tra. o l .: . T w lL . LlAll , : w it CO. pu re,
rP.AN '" E I RS ' ' OIL—IO
L Yu. ale by such= lb K. MOLLY. S. ..
4 . 1111E11Y PECTORA L,Stareik Polish, Soap
, 11
1, I are, and EITerTTI L negtusg : ,%:47t d b , r t...
Ire lu A T_
10 1,... (fresh) for sale by
main SAMUEL P. sliarrta.
e — b
rrt... H_
y L ~.1 . w.1,,A: !.
( ),m4
UTTER--6 Wit, prime Roll for sale by
" -- - -
o ' A Syllabus of the Lo of Laud OM. Titles In S,:no.
, lost* by Jart Yon, reed wad ar sale by
uscils N... 07 Market sr.
(ILI RAS' ALE--301.1 Whole and 111. DIA,.
t:y )11 MOM WWI MEM/W. antrais Iron,. We Krenery,
s wanted Prot quality . ..Kr sale bs
Bop' Wear.
/~ORPAI & FIU !WIWI ELI) hav e re'l
j 1 N fooortonent of the:above ADM," 0.1.11,4 t.tAlog
It. ntlnyt plaltt end ratan SAAt. tolkt
Trent., Merino Cat.oloteres, aid Att,..." A00(...1 00,1.
of 'Arbon Allot% at Int!otrt
1j)01t42Att41,4 4OURNI,NU ALPAC.
.p vas —Nteirai a Etta*: tit!, invite 110 AttosUon of
Mosndsc Got-tl 4 , to the motet:nom of
tt,Pbalitoot,Botaltat.lsotto,j4.4 AlonsedeLeloco.
arobol t Ao. melt,
TIORTS-- , 300 bu. for sale low to cloho eon
-GO dm 10 dcr Tubx for fair
metaD JA.111.3 DAIZELL.
11OLL BUTTER-3 lybl. just reed and for
role by T. WOODSI CON,
"till) t , bl. No. 2, just reed and
toy 844 • WftI.LIMIFORD k CO.
large amortioent of 4. S, and G Sheeting. Twill,4l,
la Figured Back, Patent Carriage Oil Cloth, a ent,...11..:
article: for ask wholesale za low s, erodern prier,
inch 7 J. k 11. PHILLIPS, 7 and Wood ft.
Of Fortorr —2.00 T Tau 4 laul 5 or. UrorultilC ' h. u 561,
s t to omthwl, at No. T anct WcxTt.t. • • _
• ti 4,41 J it 15. PILILS.IPB.
POTASH—fO casks No. 1, for oaf; by
meta • ? 8. DILWORTII o CO.
ious tio. thr MTN:aim of uustr ee reharers to 1115 ouorttoeo l Utirt.
84 Fourth t.
DRIED te.S. U., for sale by
scw.h6 Ramos: LITTLE & CO.
. (Li LASS-350 boxes W. 0., aes'd, City and
C.untrf brand, Do imgle by
H citoßy .NUT= g rkF. for Pale bymr.l6 W k McCANDLES&
QALERATUS-14 casks and 23 boxes pal
erisal, br
8 00 coda,
RMS-138 doe. (Corn for sale by
MACKEREL -138 bbl. No. 3, for Sale by
mr/L WICK. 6 11cCANDLEM.
110P_LACKWOOD, for February, andthe Art
meta oncuite tbe Post Orem
PAR-25 bbl. reel and for sale by
MACKEREL -25 bbl. No. 3, for sale by
I eachs 1:0111E0N, LITTLF t CO.
CASSIA -100 matteitlst reed,' for sale by
mel24 MILLER s tuccrrsoN.
FOR SLLE—Exchange Bonk Stock, by
tatltil' : ILILIZIKII. }O At.
CIOD LIVER OlL—Warranted pure, on
drauzltt. traltica Oak. A tft,'Aritt baUes, for salt.
- x.lO corner first and Vinod rt. •
rRINTINO 31ATERIALS--Prin ter's cop
buma;rdzotn ger. dem. nnileTt i fnljti
t]mbl. rule, A, ,u
Trintinn Came. trdrbetneen alai rerrr r , r
kb3s American cony.
i liCTUCA)l,lol—Englipill imported, tore
• 1,1 gale by mcha If. A. TAIISTanOCK a CO.
11.31ITTY—In bladders, in a=verted nixed
mge, for yd.. by
a " B. A. FA /INF- , TOCE a Mt.
EWEN'S PLASTERS--Large and small.
tor aalr by B. A. CAT1N1,40 , ..K A I'o.. I
- ecrner Finn and Won, .t_..
I_IIDES--1 00 DAY. lIIDES receive,' and
Lk for sale L, an ~, S. SIC HAMM Unll7
FEA.TIIERS—Cds stictY Feather. received
mall, nal , Lt mar 5, 2 A W 1/A1111).1..11
ROLLBurrkit--,5 Barrel, recd per S. Is.
ar. 14,
Tuararcd - a. and tor .a 4 Li
m ' .V. 8 It. 1111113AM:11 I
.._.. . . .
A ma.assnartmtmt ran lm inno.l at the Carpet W 4r...
bon, So. ai Poorth , Orret.
.I ATTS---A very large assortmentkilehe
.l3Nl ellle, Toned, Thrion.t..term.Mn. Urn. Jenny 1.1.1
ate. /lung,. and : 1 1.1.1mt Mall., If. etura aml DO nab , . 1
the. Gr eet It ar.lmant. Na. an Fourth Id
India VI . 11rCLINTOCK.
1 ARDOIL--10 Mils. tine Winter Strained.
1,1 Gar .x.h. t. • J. KIDD 4 CO.,
Mehl NG. lin Wnat gtrett.
sOPPERAS- , 25 M.'s. (in gold order) for
I_l le b, J 'KIDD A CO.,
me •nt hl Sr 0/ W.. 1 Aire.
1.,1 3.. 61,1.. Nll M01a....e5.
mill rn hha. - Migsr. Inn rewelring tor *ale hy
Ik/tit:AO, Kin bt a Vo.
1 . 44 EEPS--..10 h . b . l, ll . i ., l m os. , : , e h r , Se a s o - ,l; i ,
we ,
. . _. ._ . . . _ _
a Belli:11/1Mb Mao on Land a anral mwrttunntni
' Blankets, or all the dttirn.nt nualiur.....i.lnnx a fr. nfestriboire and quality, all of whtrls an. mom onernd
at in/in:n/141nel trb.l
(lih 1 OLD LOCKETS.--Just received - it:large
airaly or ring - ant God M a
r c and 31iniature Caws.
au table Mr bastacrotir, flair. tc tr.
. rola W. IV. WILSON.
1 UNDUN TAPERS-si) doz. for—atileLp
LA kb22 J. hint, &
to 25 mot, • 1.11.2 r •••ortatent. PW M e bi
- 11402 iv rt .
g. Alt.sllA
ANIPIIOII-3 htila for sale by
I I 4blo II F SF;
HAYI3ERHI-2 bbls for sale by
L 4410 It E. SELLA:RS.Iy
V lAL CORKS-4000 groat. for gale by
V feblo M. E. gr.LLERS.
I , gAINES---Printed and mould
k,,13..t.10.• or rAilrlittiVirl'i!iiiitchrir4.ll.'"
ilt±l3S— noelss hales for sale 1zy .,1.
DRAWING PAPER-4300 Sheets (Empori
oaa aolty)farad. be J. KIDD & (0..
81n. Go W. 04.4 drroL
ROOMS-200 doe.. Cora, for sale by
Osall J A I:. FLOI'D.
CHESTNUTS --30 hu.. for sale by
J. a tr. FLO 11).
MOLASSES. --25 bbls. S. II.;
15 0 .. N. 04 In oak 551, lo
' thth. "4 to th''4 l. " .o!tt'A S lEßMAlO A 8084,
$O ABl Water, nod 82. rood rt. _
p 191.-10 bbl. primes N 0.3 Mackerel
10 vrUrtu
- OaMemo. Iltrretute for rate by L. S. WATERMAN a CON
FRUIT-45 ha. Applea;
876 l• rearbuc, fur rude be - L. &WATERMAN a bONM.
lt.blcl";Xi.V=Ti Prue. 1:lcr.
LT Fr~ck7lnmatvr.
Dictionary of Mccbarera. 014 ::5.
Weehad et 110141E8r Utersry Drynt.
even Mire at. ornadtethe Dole ten
'PEARL STARCH---. 50 boxes for Bole by
mcble, HARDY. JONES k
• LARLAUD OIL-20 bbls. No. 1, for sale by
JAS. DA - LULL, 09 We
WOMS-250 tons Soft Tenu . for sale by
_his --- 1161ZEIL. GO Water St 7S sr_
SFETY FUSE-150,000 feet Bacon, Biclo
tl A oa•cmate,lownaaed Ada Ft
mcb7 J. Dn.:MATTI CO.
OIL CLOTHS-10,000 , ardatloorOileloth ,
beary'iud medium. llobt to 6 yards vide. tho
,3e,rest tratel.4 which will be so don low Vbblraolo
eartern mat o, and renal lover than any otbor honor In the
aiir. We Invite the attontlou of p. Ts 14 the aLora
pod, at our wore ovens. No. 7 and 9 Wood sc.
mrtsT • .1. b 11. PHILLIPS.
gr nn4
MILLER d ra CR trilos.
TABLE MATTE—In store sod for side a
the Carpet Warehouft of
mda . W. McCLIYLOCK, 85 Fourth
—-- -
AUGS.—W. McCLINTOCK imitee . the at-
Milo° of th aw Wishing to l'ortakt= re. k
ug,trlab aXolukt recriked frkto
New Books! New Books!
11 etre.t,opsalte the Pot Mr.
Ili, • 1111001 .0 61 Novel. by lio3 Salterorthx
Orezen aud , LYeltfrrax. or to the 4.10L1
Leek.. La milker . Alex Dexxxe
Coweeelee by Geo tittod-4 vole be 1. Peke, teee
Level:we. the &hulas. the X.lpee, the ert,t, br um
Elern of ' at ISN '
IlLree 'l l ' llat u tt ‘ l ' bung Alretteteul
hAlTTher&teran .120 10 had of P. S Ileti AMA setaLlAe , At.
IiIEkrLIERS-8 sacks (prime) for. sate
,t• s py WILE • aIeCANOI.ES:I.
LARD—I 7 kegs in atore - nntl tor sale by
toeb9 WM. H. J01L191 . 019.
T AB L E OIL ELO . T . lIS— J. A .
i v L e F ry ulu
j large m sartt ae Covers. so new olal for tease
N0..7 sad 9 Wo•I street.
1-1 .
.I"t'`."``l'- re:'d rout fix . mlslor
mo.' ' '"thr
I J.S. vILSVUISTss a vv.
UIIIOLEAFTOBACthr - 2 hbd. for sale
wilkinaLEN, . ATTENTIONI—Wia.Ieft
i ts 4 ear L r or e, o r=ilibleta....4.4 , ,v4 , l
rgra,ta. =tit= T.1,1.tx...34:
iks But• J-4./141,11,,
-PO - Kg
41,,,1'0NE.1S THE CALMNESS; r s- 4 5 1
hy V. Kafta.
'Wog+ I don't Ilk. to sew tontki.rng
Can I Ifanortlle, Maylalil -
Wanard (loran:man br John Peril ,
Mamma l. ao ter, particular.
V. 1.. or Attune daysby Ywtrrl Annie Lao
Lily. or Ma Lost by.Wt4ll9T. , .
Kind IC nIN by Mr, M 111.1 Unlit,
BatchaL'a leuheeth by the illittehtnion,
Wand Polka de Comet by W. N. Icathee, _
With sh the ihte Dothan+ . t'altsen, tieh
. th t .em is he th lt . :
WhithetZ &Ashen, twouos.
Hartarn CI
\'.. }(uric remind even nark.
A very largo and new stock of
To •YM" bvvbs MS.M.:.aud 7 muck, Caned and
plain. eurylog Prim from .T.rni ao. VAAL ,Alao, two mug'
ullkeht INnowt, frcm the rams ce.Mbrated rummest.
be sta... with • full and grunt] Molt of Pluck and
Plmdchl Iderehundiu. ralc by
. U. IIELLOR. hi Word
N. 11.—T ea Liam, I' ores told!, ULI Kama takro Io
part for now 1.1.11.
boaruet rcrelve.l far salt—
°baud Polka de Coms•rt, a pm - flawed by Fraulein Sus
owasl by Wallas,
Wilt Itshou he gnus, bowel A eery beautiful ucwsw - al
ductu.Lby c.
Th. Natl. no his Piste', a new song, by W. V. Wallace.
lb:, Sulker. Ica,: by deo. bark,.
55 y
last thoughts are of thee: calniroMal In , mai moo by
Wno l dbwrY•
tt 7 re , Ce w :, ' , ' 4=174 Mlllutta "'"h.
C.Stme, rk.ddems. color, or Truro...llllo.
Pagas—Swver Heart, Coquette, Bridal, Cully; Isfd.
New buck Lulls.
COOMIIei Filtolog trends,.
Cantos 5,50 h11 5 abbs)k sopplyj by L. 51.0.r50 t Nrehlr
11.11.4 Pianos, MeLcillf.LlS Stilt" awl every thing else
the music WI, U. EISNER, 1111 Third el.
N n.—Thu MAW and most &Allocable music remised as
mon I.llpUblisbed. • ruch:.l.
VOL._ lot. LO§SI_NO_ t
'S Pictori4 T , •
F.ta look of the Revolution. 11, urt.,•r•,,
12 Pictorial Field Rook of the R, , 13111-
Bon. Paiiirhlet curia,
la ,
Ikons. &skin°. a the nulb . Or of R.I"
Tioivo the Avenv:r theontherof the "IVllmitrXiativT
°Lott - Ice 31aurdant 11411.. to.
2:Vit C. ir
s VM : t..ecojrgle (=alba: ,
• Metal N 0.41 harket greet
Granule's, Mt.Tasibis foe Hatch. with 144 fag=
liorticutturist. far Febrhury;
‘Vhig lischwr
Mlt% a..;:tr
Wunitoip ilL t srucl, by
on Wet/ . moths. and daughting
holarectou o'lboc43 : ' lr It or fJ?tory- rve irtgrhutunn
for sale at IT r . on" Lint
.S Lion.) tarot, untoui. g.s7
11. K It take. pleasure la
pounring thug. h. bps just intoned e kit o
choir,. Pianos of the erbetrestsit make
Nunes A W. and Drsessi, New Y ork, which. with thow
outland. form the mostelegunt, lurk& and extrusives/Apt
s °Resist in gas city.
Amnon other. clue sA4suilid IWore 40W:deterred Plana
Louis KAY style. With the new 'lmprovemont of the our
extrusive I:hf N. Musky snibrueinz Jonut
utintf t, WWI the choicest new Penns, Polkas, Waittins.
APEit=lrolio; Packet; - Cbmniercial and
Quarto Not and Coyaryor. lam csa aar
0. ruled sad b and white. foe sale on 'llona'
to of 1 9 W. S. ILVir-V^i
VOTES AND DRAFTS.—Engraved and
.L Sterroymph 3iotrit nnd Drlttn,of mot tesutitolBe•
:011 la
lalr% EM
Ana) • Con Market end Sonoma Fm
lUkrtiurn. JOurnal. Ana Nor mnr.l
Wil e i' D .l.ll\ g l.i .. i d N4.7l4l . lOW's Writing Flni , d,
bort', Clonminal Finial and R,d Ink.
ILarrhauk ntiumbina Ink—rod end Unrk.
Horan • Thomvou's Corunarelnl sarlet
nnd red.
Ranch Carmine Ink. ' Flor side by W.B. HAVEN.
t41'41'1.0: 4 1
A.. 3 A ..n clartdral dkrionaryrt Oteekaml Roman bit; ,
rtglO;;;113t= atlir u trn?
by Wlluana ' Sualth LI. D.. editor oft r. ro. - Llosturiesoftlyrea
and Roestau.lztkpiltlea, and of lirrekand Roman Biographr
and Mytholgy, revised; With numeral. ourrectlcts , ana
addlOrna Chntist Authen, D. Profreccy of
citeck and Latin I..aninaa4stlta Columbia Collets..
'lle Life and Corre.po..loll, of Robert Southey ; milted
hy his non.the Rat. Charles Cathbert Southey, NI. A.. Cu
rate of Plumtland; Cumberland. Volt bound cloth, altb
•4 cf thr and Ccrttspondence of Rnhcrt ton
Liacs of the tall giros et and Engliph Prinetnotts
encatectrtt crab the trcal of Went Britain, bt
Agns4 tirtekland, author of the 'Laws of the Queens b ut
Ennland. rnl. I
The Serlitu.r Pose
. 7 and It. Curer. t ao Alice.. de Hr.
The sbure book.; ju-t mmiced, Rs
lao3o IL L'. etwioN. No 41 Martel
FURTES—JII Illf }l. lo Kli
]luau, No hl ironl .last, has argil
I ;ele:tclZAT.V. ' ,
'ati r .`l7 ',1tt . ,..",7'
no• are invariably sold at 14..nn sliest teithrrat ens extra
V t
dRILTh. 44 , 11. 11
,1,1," -.
vi 7 ,31, for the tale If Ctdeierhariallat„Trir
• •
A N , liiV td CLASSICAL r man ~ b lON ARY ,, of
Lb trit L lt " "it r 'rtHi;
it,%13.4%, ••'' •
Ern, 0 tt., %pawn.. of 2,41.4 .4
OrAgo , ..qrieklmn.l.
The 44.1 W tbrnstwooletwe Of IL Y4puthey. Falb-4 by
hip ..on. Duo. O. C. bmithey..ll. A. 1 lob by°, mu, •
The 1,4,111, o Yopen, nn4 Its Cum,. An Alin,.
liven-41n the Brozulva, on
Lug. J.ouv 15,4b61. N. Mary.f? l !,,p,...
Jun meetve..l.k.o,l *dr br uurne•
71. Apollo Mailing% Toialb 'IL
Lovely Maiden. •c+Jetra44 dont fro.
c ,ara hmouda, b pobr.
thwert faithf u l taw,orwrooF. hi Sll Furte.
Bw,tly the deep my Ali, fate, by 8.1., Voator.
I'd oh, threthle baud of Ono..
. • • ..... .
1:M.131.1.1bie1) , INV., or Truneedi
mn , tr haply rat: from the 1/authter, t-t. Mark
~r eau Curial. a tatotite and tolmtang halted.
Thou ha.n wounded the aplrrq that laved tbee.
Ben 11.11, or don'ton remember aweet AIM*.
ttolree Polka. hy D. loahrr.
The relebrated Polk. Mores.
.leanett mad J
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Fatr, Quadrille., by Mr,Tam.d. I'moldon Polka.
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Lilly (limdrillv—vvrye • ley oind pretty
Rem, 4.101111. v. licviirtiol Allrzhvor
A river edition of Ilianten • Idstructions tev with
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Clari.'s Catechism Our the •Inato.
BUITOW . 3 Hum Fe, I rimer. Received today by
JOILN li. MELLOR. SI Wood st.
N. N—A eery lane etncltof Nele Mans arrivin,v. and
till beetv•n fnr We this week.
Litcrarr riepi d. Third stecui•drldi.d.
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I tome Intloon, a Tale for ntol Doubters. Dt
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Mothers Reonrutonse. Hr ON.. Aguilar..•
WhiHankers'Almanac Itapstmo for J
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The Mother'sr lt,oratroce, • nose'. Ill - p.m AS'nlla.r.
The Lunn - elle; or too marriages—ft novel.
The Ladder of Onht—en Eneleb miry.
To Lone and to he kored—atalo.
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hf RrOnsietok. NYO.R.r+ I . r:ornoide.
A torture on the Jesuits. It Dr. Der..
Dr. Boer' , Reply to DIAN*, on thr Decline of
linme Journal. Nol of rrolr
u turrete by the author of 'The Oelvien."
No 1 of the Asnerlenn illunallottea ekt ‘ lort of tlto
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New Booke,jut reeefeed. - 7
•THE Bards . of the AiLle; Geiirge
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Greek liramman doesl...od coo. tu ned In Greek. and as •
took of exerrltos for smleeiles and solletes. By Arad* C.
Keodnek. I vol. Ilkoo. mon v.
The Youth's Carona/. Bynum:tab ilannßould.lvollfle
Charms nod Counter Chhrtos. By Marla J. Mellnu.
I lto ..l ' othe:Tteompenso; a sequel to 'llome Imeuruce. -
B pYi l ac~ &i' Nn ins and Journal.. Firm
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Byrshe's Dictionary of Mechanic:rat:l MAMA'.
Just reed E. , r tale by
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torilints awl critical Lana, FAtilish iderirr.• fronded
. larger atin, Greaten Leak,. of te st illiam Dee m .;
with viilitlaese and torrectiODe frt. tomi of
Tactician, Detwiler, Ortrartii, DT T. A. Andrewit, L L D.
Tat Dump watt. or rat I.ICITIC Wag the personal rut.
t o result,. nitrate throoTh the Earalwkti or Damn.
alien Dime!". aml ow
parte pf Palmed. Britt!, sierr
T. Cberver, author of The We mut 11. Captors,
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I•nper or all MIA. and 'nnallth4. mind 'and Plalnt bina
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IIjEW BOOKS.-L-liumbolVe ngw Wnrlo,
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the American Revolution. 111 Marred Orayisa.l2• :
ixtury of the. ficformstion of the flaxte,An b. ..,:g . , ,,
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No.echnol onraialttior to stot examine , tn./. ,
No. 1-slop or the Western liendspber, *3 3 la. Ineb..
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3 , do North Asneeino 66
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jtOUNI) PAINTS, in Oil, natly put pp
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Mark, Ocbte.
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rINU RN Ell Pll.l. 110XES - -As,ioiteil
tra Ante by E. A. FATINESTOCItA CO.
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114 1 , XT ttA CT INDIAN P
II FA —English iui
ktL.,OLL BUTTER —A few bbL& on hand and
forskle by CNC Ll5ll i BILYWIT,
le . .12.1.5.,5.5.1, 7.4 151 Fir.t xt
DICIED PEAMES- - -5 50 Lu. tot' tqlle4
- 1
m,h, 5 , 55 liberty P,
IJIRESSED Sl'l K ES-160 kegs (improv€()
L fur ealr in_hl9 .:111CV, MATe111:11
- AIEJA L. —l.l,oaittrApssufquoit I)lmebi
.I.q. Louis Refinrry, m non , and En - Isr
• W 4,1 MILLEN A' crenN.
I rALLOW-20 bbk. prime, for bile by
• sneb24 S_o Ir. it.truisMiu.
PPLES---20 bbk. Itimsets " anti Pippim+,'
AL for Kale by o. F. TON IltltiNflolthr a. CO. •
011.2 casks superior; for Auto by .
sia,r,i •• It. SRLLEII:!, 57 Wood ,t.
817 - ALL PAPEII-: - Largest assortment in
to. Wret—enttairting Fl,lOl and Atoertemi Pa
wl lanatmes for Parlor', and Chambers, at prima
raneriag from 6,t‘mrde *Gyx - optero. far Ali° by'
motal - W. P. MAROILA LL. e 5 Wood en
1 1 V - tlft E to ellt s u ' o ( rder A f l o i r C eine e l 3 l ec ou t L o a n ,
key prim arill'he paid. April. Wore the let pnattroe, at
the lionising thettar of WM. A.. 1111.1. et CO.
uirE WI NP, V INEUAIt, of suPerior
Liar Cina:ar, an
h!„T Te
4_APPING PAPER-500 reams .I%fed.
D j'rPer.' A P °. ° , i , rP/T of
TIMED PEACHES-- 7 -4;66 I.tor1 , ; 110 by
bOXCF for sale, liv
1...) I=lll9 JANEriDALZELL.
bbls. ireth Egg
'lOO - flue Green Apple,: Mr le L 7
12.112 U T. WOODS A SOS
OSIN-100 blas. to arrive trednyl fur sule
=chat S. & W 11/1111:11.1:1
P r AR---110 bbls. (Wilmington) re arrive to
t ear. for 'J by uu•le.:4 S.. OW. lIARDATOII..
411 1 ANNERS' OIL—IO libls.'Ne: IT T for sale
k by 1n0r:..1 , .4 W. II AICLIA.MII.
1 INSEED 01L-25 lilils.ree',..e and for sale
• a 4 ar m , 004 : 1114,191 N. LITTLE CCO
/ ' i't REEN AI'PLES-1/3 tibia- Russets;
es - !Isiah., kc.
./tt. rrt....1 =1 for •nle by
mcb24 7:ODISON,,JIISLE k co.
VINEGAR -20 blAs. (Cider) for sale by
svilen il. DALZKLL 0 CO.
-- ---..- _
pIITRY/INI.II. 7 A — P — ER-70 Beams for sale
aieltg '''' 6° l! iretWATlzt y r. & CO-. m Wow 01.
TANNERS' 011.15 Mils. No. 1;
..for 1.0..14
tort-'. J. reIIOONSIANCIt & CO,
LINSEED OIL-20 bald. for gale by
1110 E-15 tierces Carolina, foreale by
17 xnch. JANES'S.. lILSCIII.SOM kM.
wo.plgs Gldona
.ter lb. Bar
3. koc• :hot. 11,1. rale
toctal • JCIII,S A- C CO.
5 GROSS Rushtert, Clarke & Co..R gerluine
Cul Ilier Gib foe ula by J. MITI) k CO..
mcblu Jo Wood tt.
rI U:11 01'11131-1 case for sale by -
11 . whit) .1.1:1 1 / 1 / ta C9_ 65 {{'E,l
111 A ktYER'S )I.Aki.VLINE, for
,r.ll tra .41 J. D IDJLAID-T.
I,,try . •trvet.
taco nppr.-4, the Yam (di,.
S UNDRIES—I Gum Shelia,
2 2.0.•_,,,.. piLtl. , Lrk,
1 r.....e Liguori. gall ro•L miri-1
nnJ f.r rale by ::. N. IVletiLltl 4 llA \l,
mrlat2 turn., llo.rf aua iarltict,
PEARLs- 14 .1.5 L (11r6t sorts) for L'ale by
..LS ‘FIVIr A ,IrC.lspLeze.
... _ _
ywi)Eit- 400 - 1
keg,' Ilaz:trcr, Ill,ting:
Iwo .1... ride: far rtle
tarbl9 J.:'. DILUVORTII L 15 I .
_-- - -
. New Music.
(ypts l7 4 4 .llANl) P01.1i..,t DE ,-CON
CKTZT, ta 1(.411.644 , f I ri11..11 St- .
wlth eurh 4o Kowa 1-Ind td the
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AI,. • ere. sarn.ts nr clitu.m,ll, in lb -aloe
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mdon.her and f. r I,
J IL :,11.LLttt:.
Agent f, l'hieLerant ,
un.ha •
0 EW 31USIC—Where are the tripntts of
y truth hr U .
I've Something watt to nett lou.
The Robin
I'm thinking o'er the Der. Mary.
- Clear Engt.ind Monte,. Low ran i; , a,,ll.tted to tLe
bolos Of Now hogland.
She I Lore Is !sr Away.
_ Oh, Mort me on the Oliver Abort.
b on the Prairie Lwa—Wrodbury.
Lily Rhey, y e. C. Prouer.
I've left my NW., by U. Dater -
The Spirit Dr,ve
th• Black lihakers' enue and Polk,
Word.) I wow oath thee-6,r thaitar.
Len .5,111q12. by
An eatemure oulirction bt new Polka., Wa1t...4, rm . 's.
thm, a,.
AL•o • to supply of "New Carolina Saera." Cantu,.
Landi....1.1 an excellent now week, called the - ,Stelodist."
a rolleetton of taviklar and ...vial eon, bartmatlaed sod
arranged by U.S. Webb and g
Stamuroowdered otw ot
tho bc3t work. e'er vublitheJ. 11. KLENEIt„
febl4 /Olden Map. lul Thin!
y Wm. M. Ttontarot atl Ou,n , Nreklace, or
cret lll•tnry or the mart of Inut.l.lxteenth, by
• Dome, hare ten.n ter d, and tor rate at HOLACk. s
L t lt= Depot. N.,. 71 Third at. 1. 4 43
500 burlgib Dried _
s t5l,
AGIRL wanted to An house work. Auly
nt tble office.
1 A ItD— , l kegs for 9rdc
Ph.' 10)11IFON. LITTLE C.
TOBACCO -49 boas, 5 Lump, for sale by
fee , : •_M,GILLaI floE.
ruthOWN FLANNELS, a Domestic
41 Alm: White. Barred. Omen. nm3.11‘.14n.n.
°Bd At e Ftre,
box,!R (frl:sli) f or
lI the Fr mrthS WICK k 31eCANDLF.b5.
PALM. 01L-1000 11., in ntote..fnr gale by
IN-1.1 hbdi. Itordeuns:
'2n Ned,'
IA hhds. Ihkut Ml.urne Win.:
- , ..-- 0 - N. . In . Ptort.thenle by
zneh.l MTAT.F.It t ki.leKETtitlY.' .
EVOLVERS--.lust rmeired.
onpply.of mivlne
TolTer, Gebil W.%. W I r2+o3
&P.P. of onorloPOl, .41 oar,. to 'PP lo
pf.fortiol stock of llotper3, Coder lle %bore nrUclo 1p Pak, W.I. 3.10r.0.
Cott., of al rite...l prlcr7i empoptir anefof
We low . by o.
11 - 1.0 LI) PENS, We' ha e:.ousr on hand a
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matufnelair, in lieu Yak, ad .cede rarAsUr o..onter.
(lbtd PA.:As ant 219. er
CAM to ..trey Porruvla IfrAderA Peal do.
All Mr elle abb.laala awl t9toil at .NA./
CIIANG% fiflt.All: - ... Stu. :17.
ata:rat. Pltr , butalt. tn Selo do: Ea-t. to
.4 11,:ern case , fur .ate. Cab. 601.0 n.Wn•IT. ll IL.
prtalpal tn tbo upall as,lrant Hunts
dinee.JaJd NtAs 5t411 . 0, lilt
A i NDIA F.ASTE: 4.1 Out
noel. tot boot, and ,hrwa, rAndstrinA theta
exid I.lable es a Wm; t Alab.
stemAr re,reorot;,i. ~1
the money pfunded. tau .tilA ehauale earl 'nail. at
I J. A. 11. PIIII.LII9t.
TEAW AltE—English & Atuaticatt
l 9 es Ptaal do.; Its Ilatetn.Cada,Gal..
flbu9Trors; 14.91 Urout• Loa Audits Isar, PAI.
Ann. Llatall.. Table 1,11..4. Naly, VOrk, 120¢¢.4 and But.
tAr Mt...laud olArian Saver hots sd ZNJ , JI.
lAs 'lass of tia ItinutuabosnAnartuLltt
hlphlr ornauentul Plalod Tra,g of beautiful pall.Aut.
A very supAnur harder for Nr l / 1 1,1gInd viliphivir
wary. Drueh... rleattiou. ChAtublA r
hir,htillwa k lr e ß@l, , 0.
abut ibr ,iv a, hat,r wl
AlAbr9. root.
Jt 001 etro is a fea minutes.
Far rule 01 - It. IT. t111.....1N,
nor. Ilariba Sod Soma ea
Li hatared and far Pa &rata at=o F4al Ulnoliria
..)in pass ("th blanket*, nape dor arijei.
lir) do ?Paula boat IllanknA, ribbon boobd.
111) do dray Coating Blanket., I...err. •
15) do Liral do do • do • r •
NJ do Illua do do do •
3daa..l Mark Blanket Clan, do
I do Bearer rimy Mixed, do
a dosuperior Mart Freneb Tiroadeloth.
3 do all wool Tweada.P.Arted rotor,
3 do J..% areortrd tolorc
• 2 do I.Y•ulinsraa. Watt sal [tag iirdors,
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,• -
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TWO.. &arra:ono goal. aro all andat tmor.
oranainatarmarrut sod wag.d aro Ow %U hl an
IllAaral &ramp& Ur ll** at Inall.frarect prima - •
R. 110PK1.5.,
1.1411}A1t.=50 bliatt:Tt=stat
ous. ,
' i DR. .I.VDREw MIME fiX hcnywg.gpj u x_y,
Odnbel. In his valuable wrlituesT the• - ebylcioldgy of On
~,..s t ieu." olwicrecti tint . dt , miuus o a o f _ the Iraq tittantlty_
o s s; m ule .I . lo . T 6 i r s l v iil .,, u l,,,, , ftUwl4ll c la tt slllairi p aefl:
i . 7= l . ,„,,,,,,, a ho was, stoalt.alilietest with tlds
',. i ,,,,,,, pouting et L./Fawn, elm to tod. hod N.M.*. to
' ..1. e tiostrid Juice. obtained Mau Mo./demob or Wring au
mmie, whirl, loosed completely Amore:dot's. ..... .
Dr. Maiglitoo's Mr.'s. the try.. thocatic, Enid, ~. u ...
''''''''''' .""VaTl"tr•trrolio';"7"l,"ll7'L
' r " r r " "rth 'Tri, ,lok.o.aelailaisn'y J.
9. lioagn.
L.." l i . e i t r iZllelpids
T,i 4 - 1 ., ~r wonderful for lallgralion. Diet
potato Jam:slim. Liver Com nishat, Cnuotiwiascabil Dia
o my:curing all, bottom sow si metnsl, hy isatace, 0 ,,
. 41 , 1 „t...,;.t.y., I . Co. grsat solvent of Caw food, the Fun
it agent or ttm Kolas& ...1
! : l i t it " ,Fa '' Vratit l iTtl ' ottan be no illirslims-wo Tito
',..4L' o i . fowl miu blod-o0 OUtailion at tbe tot, mit
, a foal, torpid. painful, mid dist . ense c wpd,,,,. ,
I too wbolo dloodise appal-atm. d wiwa. hair dead;'Wl..
.:I,d ..Insell vr.ltievi at gmal Urine cry sop b i ,,,,,,,-
ho ia-aso. Mout,. mat debility which woe.
but this want may bo_rittritta tp ..!:_arlitg , the, dice,
Idco prim, I,le. 1 , 0.1., ~ ,T , .
g ' :. L. T - i.r....._.r . b.. 1 . .7 -
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"rrt:ha':t.'t',',"regn'rn.''',:t'hrg.'tr,t"g".'tn Ai'scun7
... lam Mew sem., to Copsislogists!. pc... u m ,,,h,,,,,,
Um. Ilia merit of inagnag lb. anaemic. uf 11,1,,, c.
the ..,,' .f lif , POIll'l•• ill• lid. , nand asowetble Wm-
It•lPllla..cselitltie cv{to.r.c. emir. Lielsor, to his eel.-
Ma4,l work it, Animal Chatantry. reds , 'An Artlgelal
Messily. , Fluid, anatssous to the lilting Jilin.. may . lii
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f a it, iv, wish various anions Of god, al sliest sad eggs, will
.s. ollowed, eboolsod, and dikest.l smt Os charms mmo
mews tn., - mould to In the human"
Dr. insight°. of .11111alelphiN prepares an artifiewil di.
..eitice fluideolled PEPSIN, Min the dowstivo stomach .1
, he Clx, which adonis ...Imitable regualy for /laligestiou
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F CISME d , 31elonKT.M . gMapc
143 Wool m a , Pittenurin
Dealers supplied at rrnpriet,r'r prim,
11.-o. al for -ii het It. E. riellsts.yi iron* at. ..mehe
• -11. re an:alnt, thing. in Maim'. and math,
arr dreampt of in p.Likeemtly.. •
VlitTliEb of this rematkibleieme
L dr. and an constant applicationfortkie IhOprosnll
Mr, has induced him to have it rut tip In bottlos, with la
, <D , and directions. for the benefit of the . •
The errituGt , :ll3lJA prowl :
. ) from a well In this mm!
tr. at a depth of fon nurldred ut. Is a
al article, wlthout an, chef:Oral elonge. but oat
Mors form bature's Great Labratory!! That It embalms
idwrsetire reaching a number of &emus, Is mime= •
matter of uncertainty. Timm are many d0., t0 the
, ana nano. which. If kmorn. might be of vast used
nese h.
alleviating suffering, and rearming the lac e , w , o f
health and Throdo many • ^Offeror- Long I .lb:tette pro
Minor thought of potting. It up in bot !lot tocd • repulse
.ion fie the =mot ,ar e- 'f tunoant, and jairy.iom
-Inc calls foe It, and ...octal remarkable cures it has per
orrio.l. is a sure buidcarion of if.. fifturepopmlerti, asd
wide room d appltmlion in the rum
We do not wish to make a Los parade of
we are conreious Oat tie median. ran MVO Mgt' Its
lota Um favor of this. who suite, and wish lobs
Whilst we do not claim for it a universal applicatkm
ory divase. u,
It ray. that In a number
1. - hronie )-hears I. unrovdlol. Among those nosy be
eon...rattedall Mowers of O.: • mueous tours, such as
00110.701,1 BlLUNcurne, .coNsiturtioN, nasty
:to:re.) ArTII3IA. amt ail dioshO of the airjossages, LIV
-00 011IPLA Dlerhaw, Dlowees of the -
Madder and Kidneys. lob
in the Bark or ride. :Imo=
-bran u Nenrelght Paley. Rheumatic Pains, Gout. Erysile
Totler. itingworno. nillll, Maid. Ohl Kowa.
r. Am. .mss of ‘1.4,110y.
from eayorare, or
long and brotractol moo Of dioase. Mia medicine will
e m, te ller Is will art a, general TONIC and ALTER
tTITI. In math CAR.. i6,1.11311ff tone and energy tor the
„.h o l e f oofo , ',m o ving otoptrl.ll:ls,,Dprtliitig I,l[lgri
U 1 1.1.31 t. cum, du muse and a Molten comaltu
that resisted eV., other trea t of trend e
tment. get well node , the nus
givene PETKOLETM for • short time.. Thb,proof can he
g to any person who devisee it.
Hone grumble Mil bnat the sigrusturs of the protertabar.—
by u r. T r Zg: am.' /NAN near %ffentkiatnet.
Ohm. by 11. 0. rOJ.LFAIP hi Wool MI
and KEYSER 31 : 110W ELL„ • '
; corner Wool street and Virgin Alley, wbe "ale
I ,_ ncergally regnhair appointed Agent.
NOW. all'men.who are cick,and afflicted
with Shoero of the laxative mot 111,1uaya.artth nee
lea e bait, In loak or Init., nut jnia V. el,lann,rtillniu;
ar aural by taking the -PETRO-
LtXtf. Vntt zany talk along its firing onstrum,n mud&
al ben bbeani. nut lb,.mai, It or for we prochem.
t, 1 an Ittueet community, Rat it h. virtues
ntn, 11 L. paitalstrit In any other remedy. The matt
metn.l,lth r 11Sla ufferthe trite ailie==
inr, Lit note, gat niter Artain inY of 'la aa
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