The daily Pittsburgh gazette. (Pittsburgh, Pa.) 1851-1861, April 25, 1851, Image 1

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I , uxuaricp DAILY AND' WERILLY: DY i , .. A. FAIINESTOCK b.. CO, Wholesale I I
• prtZt.... r aro m m r ••=o , s ro ttle (...e . •10, , , , ; . 1
i..‘,.,... t0eh . 7 , .
il''' . !or. ';,'-' . Estuin. Um.. b Mb. HL ' m"' '
arrici OS Tittirkbucre, SLIT Nos TO TiS;TON amts '' ''''''. " l
ELSER do 3IcDOWELL, (Successors Ow _ --,.
to Karr a K Who
oyoor.) le•olo lust flotisp: Drag 3.0,1
~...,Iptios Store, tomer Ll' Wood 'tree( sod 51[504 W<7- LE.
Phydia.r. p.eriptlao ouvfolly coropo O urvi TOOL .od ,.
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TEE 8.
DAlLY—ren ;1011... pin. annum. Fara 4 half resrii.
!IX /*nuns If palii
WEEKLY—Tioni &Ou. pi• monvin, aiirstinr.Aro
111 be un conditions.—
tgbrx f 600
Twenty 0343 40, 24 00
baSi l Pgr
lb* r uel Ozer. unle•mtbs a soileyl. sent fir
• ren•mal.
. ,
One *pure (10 line., of throparell or lea
Wgm e L ls , ,tlno
• Do. each additional !mambo.. 0 25
1 15
Do. 00
) Do. three week,
. Do. one inonth 00
Da. throe ..... . 30 v
tour months o Do. all. mouths_ ..... ... 12 .00
Do - tWPITC month; ..... 00
Care, 15 dote or to. per annum-15 00
(hui 1101117 Llt each additional line.
One Elrate:chuigamble at pleasure (In , c4rts 00
• nom) exchreirat of the paper
• - roe each additional sqae. Inaerted over one onth. and
2.4 . th ikldWohn.l
hall rite. Minato Inserted cadre the yearly rat,
Adenithastoesta eneeeling a ens, and not over Garen
Ji notarseee ' t..TreTaNe t ,..ell b fpfeeents
—.Fund tharainount etnaU for thel2l.o4o4ltlnn
.Allnairnelee candidates o. into, to to e/unrccd the aims
- Y other advcrtteesnen •
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Advcrt4.lquenta not Inarkwl on the oopir . fad ermined
drttatbeir Of rusertietut, will be continued Mitorbid,aud Pea ,
meet exerted accorflnr.le.
She prielldze of mood alvertisent Is etriedy limited to
MD own leatotallateltelam, earl all wivertisetacets for
DIP brwellt °father perm., as well mall edeertiscareate not
lnumellately mime,' with their own bealneam. and ail
clam. of advertisements, In leugth. or otherwise. beyond
the Malta nand, will be charged al tbe wool rate, Yoe
rpach ...
trade - tent ef rertision. bills will be separately
eedtM.. and proadf Mime.% D deg.&
All advartisemeuts for charitable IMitatioa, Are cord.
Pude, wawl, townshhaend other publie meeting, and
match lite. to Maimed.' half price, payable strictly la ad.
Miriam =tic. tobechain..tit° coots.
Depth pollees itt without Marge. mains wenn.
Med by funeral Invitations ar °hits./ =Med, and whet.
. ea weemapenied ha be paid far.
Awntalwe adman", and all others eroding eammunlca ,
or ouralrrair aOtiree decloacf te cell aired= to
TOD. &Dees. (kmerte. or „any public
1, 1 17,4„111 -
•privato tuterp=ealeulatall or tuuteiltal t promote kali
• widtatsl tarred...p..lly be lacertril with .the.mulerdaud•
had th same is le , be loaf for. wi l l te to
rated fu t ure Mal wham, the eatue LC charged et the
rore of not lead thaa la cent. per line.
..Sah• . • ..• . • • • .
a / a or air Notices to I.e. rhartie.l triple price.
Tavern Lleenoe Pet'thee al rziell.
Real /abate Age .a and .tectiomern' ailvertlormrou not
to lia elueral ander yearly rates. but Vp t. allowed •
o hirty .larre otul 11.0 tine For rent. front tr 4
o ot bill.. •
Ottt'Moore, no le.oertions
Do. eortimotrittibunl itoortion.-
';.Olio Square, CIO Un . e
. epa , luaertion ee r
ch lANCrtg., ^1 rent.
rtairrlinat totrarLbsse to to salt In edema,
A. PARKINSON,Mdermart, Fifth
W. d. Penn west. 1..ec0 0111111kni Walnut. All
promptly - AttonArd
(Ito of Untontann, Po , I (tare of Dollar, ea )
LIPILANT. ,47 TAYLOR, Attorneys r.t
Lav—Ofdair on 17.42.71
133althfirbirtrrttA Inn - burgh, Da:,
N. H.—o. D. 014Lont D.romnralagror far the Stye
Ben Tort.
lITYN ..E.QOLLlER,Ltittarners at Law—
tam un`➢outti rtroct, ai.ra iNalther.
3V. k,',IIrHITE, Attorney nt Law—Of
at.clithipantrunt, nextFonrth, in A rar:y r u.ll.
• 4.,LIARRISON SEWELL, Attorp- at Lag,
AP Oda Mato akin. [lnns, Arl.-
:= 1:341.. 'hi""—"""
. " ' .1. A Attor
• 4.;Oys'at unl 114.4 L Ag 4411.4, Yu. 107 4th
• Pittetnugii.. r &Liu
i rES J. Willlii, Attiwney at Law,li)ffice,
tilirhiltan hall. nort.s. of ilmit -trvef .W lii.ara,..l
. .1. . rittebstegb .15,111
TIA.IIIEB F.•KERE„ Att...rnvc :it Law---Oilice
.... ap..ea Ith a., LePretin Stalthfi;Ll tat tirant. httaber,h.
-- VRANCI s C . FLANEtiLN, .I.ttarney a Law,
r N 0.17 0 Fourth hit,. r.; vida.swo.
TOW 4 , IVATSON, Attorney, at La
.17cr:1111Paartb raver. Pitt.l trtb.
tlosander t Jkoko Strati Eta-.. W.
C.: Nrt , B. Par.. tthi
coonesawtien..W. /tally
roIVAICP P. JONES, Attorney, at .I..avr:
ae. - an,.rnarte eu. t, Lev.. $1%,...14.n4 Enid.=
TA.SPER -E. BRA DY, Attorney at Law
at lro. 89 nth Wee; Pimturgb,
animas Amn) BRoms.
& 'CU., Bankers
andllarhanr., Broken, ?,Nth Fan corner of {Foal
; alrect i a Pdtslitonb I
- 2.llblnflactkina tante eit liberal teras, and eallectione
Ilnnallibbl *maw Jaly
ED. - KING, Ranier and Exehange Broker,
_ VrlittribrAttrect. wagerWßank Nnte, Sdh. of Ex-
Gobi .04 L'llter. Litmlut lioµgbt /ad rola-
TU. Werra Market prier rata in prrmlunalOr Amilless
• g.ll:DollsrArma lier.lrart and Ipmrish Dollar", lo in
f anda.3 ~..,
• .
. UM. LARIMER, JR., Canker and Broker,
,- VI 4tArtmet. Na 6Cs al.loinlnit theltrAk of litsrurnb.
&=INS & CO. Exchange Brokers,
-, - 4 :South Eart Owner a Tbinl and llsiket Mama., All
at most llboal rat.. . • . _
' 4"/101.111:ES - t. SOlk s : Dealers -, in Foie r ign
sad DOtiwtle Bills or mrht.s i. F. , .. i lzim,sur „
„ Ir .:
. Reek Notes azul gt."l, N. a 1 1i!,,,,., simiml eit.i..•
Nab.. Rt! On
thrmlUAtttUnlted Stgs,
- -
- ' • ROE' E. ARNOLD CO:, . Bankem
• , Deslors' Extbanfro. Coin. 'Rank NO., fie— No. 74
=fat Amid, rata door to thy Bank. of - Pintstriun.h. Cot
sat rot in the trefld lrColin, attenitid to, and the Dretveds remitted to
• or '.
0.11.1011101..-- ..
IRA3IER '''''''' and
chain* Drokeric rimier, in Foreign tand IteineAtio
'" of ithan r e,Cedificat, of Deposit,. Bank Note.—
f=eorstruf &V and Wood dtivdtir °meal.
CoLCAROTHERS it CO., Banking House,
• No. 1.6 if cid strevt. Pittrbam .. 6...Curni MA=
Deppa. ketton. ms,d to
dila Of tbo uniud
MAI• *um_ j_
'RD ' IRVIN, Cinumission lercharit,i
and rall3n3kers. Tim 114 Snlnl rtm•L l'enircul and
Ernte tettlritiN, from $l.O ny $lO.OOO ilvoye on hued
WATCLX. Pa1X0r.........J0ea1LA 114.. A.... --WM...IM
ALMER, HANNA. & co., 'Succesors to
. [tosser, llama ff• Co. Harms. 1-.cncfoo Bs°oat.
• &Wen in Yarns". owl DoonookEatehan., Cortilkans
Lank Noun.
ipron—Uorth Won corner of
W sod Third amt., Curn-ut 31cnoy.roconed on I).-
.ipodf. • Bien Checks fpr ono, otol enCeotinna tante.= DMZ
.I7 all th•sainolfal wins offlie CrinclEnnet. ,
at tEDlghest pr tarry {mid lor kareign girl Aronlcati
• - bfrsuessuoste On eassfussmests ol Prolooo,shippect nun.
49.1.1beral Semi. .
.14 W: TAYLOR, Catambisioner and Bill
Broker s 112 /Second stmt. Strict attesition ..111 be
to all baldric. entrusted to his ode. 175:4161.0
marrafassturrat articles blows. on hand or procured at short
notice. Notes. Bondos Mort/moos. Le.. clegatatat on favor
alga Walt. :.atslsorioes made, 11 =inked. .0c22
101):•‘:)3Airc_411.1tatliiikrAty(1):Fm: 1 0
.R O. STOCKTON, late Johnston Stock
• tc., Dook.ller. Stfttioner, Mader, co,
max ad litatket sal Third rrtmets, Pituburgh.
grAil-B,HOLMES' chestp r Literypepot,
jantatted.orwit. s tmli'mr
• =I:KT pen -4 1 puthahed at the trabliebrea
:'IIOPKINS; Bookseller and Stationer,
70.71 Vitali& divot, Apollo IlolkllPOo.
pAVIDBOWN,JE., Wholeaale and Retail
HotxrueN Cordo-Coorr.Bol Foortll stmt. Pittohurcia.
tddtos Caw. on&
poaly a tleat
AU at Fa
lod t no,. Omf
o. Inriry, alraye hsr.d.
31'CLINTOCK, Mannfnettaer and lm
Wof Carpets, Oil Clotho, Et.coo Boat Trim
i: Ehadoo, Az. Itorobonze, lio.OSTourth
sal Woodst. rittema.
COMMISSION ham pomom°.
Itlt W. POINDEX7'ER, cornerOf Water and,.
Mutat etrret. Vittllrorgb. CoMaillilO3 WO, Vol,
LLCMso,I 1 . ..: tto vurcLam aod.l. of Fin.,
liettena P 5.0444 IN ,
li ilso 5, Atatto rosonal4tursl
ar 1 i 1th.. ..,2.,...rair ttlnftlt I ll:llnrper aCo . aer4 I. It id.
=A •m• irr r e t y, 1..0 .e.l II•y, Fork% 4.i . Philadolphon
Pia N./al. a Co, mperax Ta..1,c4 Teu. si•S tf
IIcANULTY Ca—Trap - nport,v,
libriardlnr IcaTlatct,
6.4"PAnn edr....t. I Al...burial.
..41:"ou-Ds warn inxire.. -
" cozolawirm ST.or gr.
. • J - 01 — IN'STON, Furnarding and
ppacii•Si , la Ala:daunt No. 11.2 :emu.%
lirt ' urwading, and
tidscua t -Ntesetuorttt% itl,l_n_..P.n,lnte...otroLP4.l,l,l
l I I TZKIT r i * e6 -- cir''''''''''''''"
i .4. R . . ccegsore tr. Ai
-eireoi; Anna k Cn,j,loomind ' an and Forwarding M•r.
Arnim in Ig;101•9rnh lianutagrured 0.1. Pito
Igra. ft; 1
O. S [LACK LETT & C(t—lVltolesule
- .. t e= r A i ll. t.,- ; g o . and IhrayPeAr Dry cloud.• a i lul
a- • , .1.00.? 1 o).irtniiTcoll—.,..C. Z. kMtyrsr: sc., a Tots.
A. MASON'S. CO., WholelalP and Retail
Waders fa r‘nt r . n a f tnple Dry, C. make
-Plterborgh. . ,
• " `s•it BURCHFI'L ' unctsmx
Mad iteadi -Dn. Gad. Ilt.retisnt., eor!tes. of /mutt
• iteurti. rttbburgh. • •
erE ,l. , YLEMINO & CO., Commission
jgathointv--Yor tb4 sale of Domootie. cam, sal
Ilrlat 11 .4 0. 1 7 1 g4.4.1= ' of
1 41 c lIMPIa
Dentist, Corner OI POMO
A l bitilllESlLlrkit sad Terefskeet4
• .
.U“ .
E T -
'' , Ms
KIM) & CO., Wholesale Ih-umistse Deal
•• roils Palutib . Oilt e low etude, sodliCutrusseutsi—
er Vit"::11.1;, 3 : 5,,,4!".tf:10, ~I.°P ' 7;1;3 14 ' 1 '
Worth irtrreo, Piltiburvh. Orders will be nrefull, sseli•
il. sod lorwsoleil with dispatch. _ _
t. E.
„. EAL L l .. .9{ ,y E o , s, : ,,, Vh ., %l i e , iii , le Denier 1 ., e:
, i . ri
•,. sl Wcwil stree. Pittsburgh, Ps. I.locide wartuoir4.
A N. WICKERSHAM, WholesareDruggist
... 1 ist ta p rointtf —l ' M. A t' i r`,Vgrg l '°,'"`" - "'
',song. mugs ' -- Wriou — liiiisa
pRAUN & REITER, Wholesale and Retail
mh Dr? ... fight. comer of liberty and ht- Clair sii, Pitts
T soliooNmAKE L IL .v. co., ‘Vhole - inle Drug-
V gists. No. 2.4 Wool st.. Pittsburgh.
V & F. WILSON, Wholesale Oroeers.nnd
il,n t ;a<r', N - o.
ad. rl ,
ad l iTgrtt r ie olpr'
I L. KLEE, Wholesale Grocer, Commission
op . Merchant, nun dealer lu rnner und it.6 ,4 1C 0 .... a
I . nu and !roma Avant l'lttnburzh.
ANGEL P. MCIVER, Wholesale (iro
, - crr. Proluc• alul Cosnuinnkut Mencluanin, und Inul-
Zl P = r igeru ' lNTitl A ata 4 MlL=.l , :. "
.1 . 0111 F. RIL•01,11- .-... ........ -. -101.11 , 111 D1L.4.11.
TORN S. DIi.WORTII ,t, CO., Wholesale
r , o g r P 0 r=17,,,i,Vt..."; m
orlr=d!l,7 ,c , h (T:; .:"
. Wood nt.. l'itinburnh.
.6141BIffedE 6; LNGRAILA., Whole:oc
Gin ColatairiAnn,Merdalat, N 0.116 'O..
• t. a.nd 150 Yintstrect. litObunth.
. :„..Ii II.EY, MATTHEWS la. CO., Wholesale
morr.Cmmhoinn and Forimnting Merchant . ..
for Bri g hton Cotton Yam. 57 WateraL.lltiehm-h.
TOMN St CO. Whalesale Grocers,
oy - CotartananaMerchnut, a nd limier. to Produce and .
S t ttaburch Manufactures. No. thin Liberty igreet. Pitt...
bur ‘ h,Pti..
- - - -
B. CANFIELD, late oft Warren, Ohio,
falr-entronhoinn and Sorsa:Mine Whole.
sr Driller in' ITeaMen Vapors Biome. Bata. Put and
1 .1 Ash. and Weeteru Malmo g enemily. Water .trees.
to Moen Smithfield and Wood. Ptuaturgh. .
S. WATERMAN & SONS, W olesale
11..F.ITLY101 It. N. VAM-11...—.W.b.
g o
Grocent.Onnatiosion asel Pomading Mcrebante.
ors in all Made of 1...10w and Msburgh Mortufsetu-
Arndt:P. anti Spate too_ the sale_ of ritchstiontl . end
, lA,ZicalgAM2ottired. 'robots., Nos. Su Si M r
kg• Omen. FornamiLn_ g CatosnMet • on Merch
ants.. Mea/ers in Pittsbuh Ilannfattnres M otter.
Prods., Na.3d, mews. of rg Yrs...tree. and CheannY Lore ,
1' I ttsjlmHos
JDairaECIZ - NfhT3iesalGe &m
-u Wad.. Merchant. wet Peeler I. Prods.. ind Pais
SI soh SI 10 it ater so, PliMibtint
.... ....... •oprer
Merrhaata..l as Produn
-11.6 {tau,. and RC Front ?Cron. l'ittetntra,
..... - -
NGLISH BENNETI', late ,English.
j.0i11A,11.7 Co..lSlDl , aleter.,l7.Cuannign...a
L trilr.g m . retaute...fl j.fater• I•rorta.-e , as l Pm«
tStweru Irma ark 4 tqcutawkt.
Wm 'mom , ILO-KiTl43. irrorroott.
• ILLER & RICKETZ'ON, Wholeoltle
aimpotooto tintrottos, Wino on.i
uto, wooer of Mee ortt halo' rtc.P. Pm;
b rXO. lti Iron, Notio, Como. Tore., or. ate ....month
(OkiS 1e4411.1. ..1...." to MOW., ...- WM-11a C.' 1:13.
I ' cliia t iS .,,i l . k; R u t.?!... i, 1 . V i !1t 5 : , ....1 , ! . ,ii ,b rife n ;". , . , rt ,, n . ‘ ,. - 1
ih ,
ItOBERT 310011 E, Whllle,alP Grnci.r,
Itectitymc Distillcr,"&aln in Proda...
ITC:s 4r .u.Trei= i • go. k .t;,l4 's , ' . ''' t. ' D V.T::.
qae. , l:.t.-k,..d‘,....:zr-.;;. 1 • 1 ~—.--....- ---
it ub u i:lci: c DA . 1.:...1:!. , L' 3 &.. , C0., 11:ht-3: 0 .
sod P;t6i.urzh Ma.oufArtAtivA. 10. ::43 L.A.rin, , t , ".•
:11 1 0BEIt'r A. CU — NNINCULA)I, Wholesale
11. Grocer, Pr...lan.. YmnrarAlate,l....l 4.7....usuigion 11. r.
e ma'am! Dealt, toPitt,bury.,h Mauut.turel.. N.. .7.•
I..erty xtret-t, hu,bur;:b..
O. liAalkirs CU., ro.
err& 1.90_ Ig 1.1:.9 1ti4,4 Intt4burg6.
WICK & MR 7 II4NDLESS,. races4:rP to
L. a. U. Witt, ilit.4erate
- CcatuLqion Ilamtunt., , ,Lnier4 In Imu, tit.,
(.544,4a tsltts. 1.4,4 Pittetburgli Muustart...
.ecirster of Wool Sot rtr..4‘. l'at.burek.
ic . Cinlnr+++ , .... , •. n. ++.......
Ipm.:•2lltig,tr4 c trid " = ,' ll. " Miri ,-,111 . ;: s it ' :,.;;
r t, PlLL•burgb. 1 . .
D. WILLIAMS & CO. 11 - bolt,Ml n e " and
• firtnil Fatally tiruenfro, FarstnnLn: sad Crnusaln,n
ortiu+l+. and Deniers In tAuntry 4 . roduce sa4 fituotaar,l+
anutacilare., ...n0... of 6.x...1 ..f. Fifth rt., „fiftstonre+.
tom atsnt+72+. InDs. I...n4idt-..:nsap... a .IItIX.M .
ftOEINSON, LITTLE tt. CO., Ni. 2f5
Elborty ormot, httsburgb.lllactersd. Cantor, fro
ttoe aa Conummo3an Ilerodunts,asn.l dralnrs In fatst.:h
Joan rte. steam. 'Win
, & It. FLOYD, WholeßsloGrorrrg, Cmn
. mind... Morellaut+, and [waders In Penance-4+ , 410.,
l Building, fronting ea LiLerty, Weal. .+I SIT w
s roots, Pittsburgh, Ps.
JMig PARKER it CO. ,
Nalsie In ProdumForrignWirr.. Llsitsters, 014 31. m.
14 otoralteln and Itontifird Wbiskrof —No. L. Commorcial lit ~
bortrst, Plttoborall. •
OILS 11. MELLOR, Dealer in Piano ,
31.1, an.l Mak& In.rtractents. ticku.l Bonk& m• 1
tiovrry. dole egr•vt for flAkkertvfer Plano I , rt...
1 , 4
t,rn PenusylvastlA—NA. ni ll,crl .t- '
!i ENRY RIEDER, Dealer in 11liniic, Mu
.itrat Ittotrwa.nto.. And hap , Aler rof VAllan ruins..
i iiirrnt for Nunn, A Clark'' , cru...l A WI ',. Ilan.,
th Coleman's .I:olrAsz Attach.... Al.°. for war'd
/ •ok
ENNEDY, CIIILDS ,k, CO.. Itlanufnctu
r,,,,,, of earsur.rler 4.-1 Shnetlug. Csrpg awn.
“..,e, Te,1p.,...1 Sault, Pens Mill. Pitt...burgh.
• 111. ATM -MINI. uvr....
ONES & QUIGG, 31anufacturen of Spripr
.ad IllistAr Stoel. Plough SuseL Eltvel Plough Winn..
. h and Eli ,tie EptlUglg. Illustosn,l i. 2730 _ Aslim and
g:h"Tl. to
M egrg b rt i ne t t:l '
1117 e ' t. ' int ro r ' R ''' s. 't /; " ; zuM P OI ot. d .
Ellttaburgh. to.
--, pr1 8 .7.17,g;1; 31 ,,Te= °L1 . 71.:, "A"r.T. — . l ::
CI wp.t.,
a z d v A = v,All—larpart . rrg
5 ...Tire Board Prints, aa alrs.—trrittug. riattos.
• Wraggiag-Papsr, 0.5 Weed street. betwaso Fourth
• Platunact alter. Pittsburgh. Pa.
ÜBEkT 3fOkklS. Tea and Wine 31er
ththt. Yvt Aide or the tilsethuth Pittsbnesth
31. A. 31t1.611G CO., Grocers
Tea Dealer, No. .1.74 Liberty rtn,t, stem yl red
lave lawns on hand • lame wortmemt of Chnioe atom
le• and Vine Tea.—Vorciiro Yen Ite awl Nye, Whula
.I`loand reUU. Dmko.thprthel on the Innen tonne.
1101 IN A. CAUGHEY, Agont for the Lake
01 Erie and ?flehton Ulm. 14 ikuser acid VA Lek...—
Wm on tbo corn, ef Water ..I'SmlthlSeld Ft*.
LEECH & CO., Transporters by Canal
theFcrraarding Marbautg. coml. of Pron, etrrrt
nZls=M!i' BLINDS
I A. BE N woo I A most rtspoetrally inforta
the public that b , keel - arm handy bla nand on the wept
t deaf the Diarnoral, Allecbeny city, a eatupleta tura dataaat
14 Senitlan blind, alto Vcnltlan Shutter.; ate tnideto cad. r
tittle, beat Blind. ,rrated move`" any In %ha erliT..l
lha ran be re witludit the tdct Gf .
_. drive. Raving parthaand the atn•l.7. moll. and awl
the rahlort establl!htnent rd iiitlll.l.l .2 MCCHilrld.i ata
renatad tc furnish their old caticti,•. a. latil t. tta. ~..1,
.: at Isacce,,,wlth ever) thing In then. tine
Abrcnev, 2./. a %V cnd at. - e. 4 Yittatatrala J A. IttlttllTl.
' • 'ER 11.211101N0 AND PLA6IER..I3 G.
`tvi—lLirsidroor.mruer nr Third stro.rtund Gn
Alhh , qlY •
N. 11.—Uni... Siarsd, Nkrhas. lath. gla
.. . _
mina . Duck SURGEON.
i.D.t: - Ni Vrt.
liAlitmE, .riuurir Surgrod.lsw
Iroin Edinburgh, Engl.:id. nnittl x...p.rtfolliig ,
iu zEt thr p 0511.1 that h. ha" ft-minim , d ii , , il o .* lii rbe
'..,' P.1%.50n; inat, I.? rntrfill sitn.ntiou It, nliiii..l... Ls
fiirrolited to him, tii , ho +•. [.. gi, iiidintnelinn
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illoilimallhlnir in giirii•ral .111 it enrsioil in, st•tti•• corner
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W. HARBAtaill, Wool 3lerchants.
.DPelett. la Flour and rouloga sraerailL: and For
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W. w LSO N , IVateltes, Jewelry, Sil, yr
w,.,._ and Military (hots mrrtar Sfar[H. and
Yount , MrpAn t ll.l..rgla. P. N. 11.—Watawsond elmka
• j CiOAN, WILSON A; CO., InaTiorters and
Dealer.. In Ilan] wan. and (ratlen,, Na 1.29
tout, errttntattl o alidahrt.
FiTzsilstoNs & CO., Blanlifactu
rfr. of FLINT and fill lIEN LASS, Nlttlil4/2. and all
!Ind, MACllthElt V. tale Ulla method or Infnrnalnt ,
thor de•iront tat inn oneh work thug, that the, re
prenared to do it at the Intehrt rule,. at the 0.4,
est Salk, and in the t... 1 rumer. at their eAabliatimeht,
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Tao. irtint tar Black Smith and Blast Furnatr..
featured at the .Lortr.t moth, and at the 1..5,11 V ru. . —
All kinde of Jl.bbier drone am oho. 111541,.
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Front etro W
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Ah.rkrt.Pittsburgh.l . a.,_
drN- Would itteito the ,ta,tie totheir
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-5.7 1 , They are y ' reivnt:l'll , exeru.
tirc and men reaseghle t=.. F"""“" th'itAV
Wegner, Buchner & Mueller's
MBE ABOVE Flll3lrespeetfullvammanee
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inr Shen.. Cards. 11.11 r, thplorns.*, eLerlf.o. V.50.1r.
and Vrorvesle - mal Card, Map, Chen, Label, A,
Tlwir e.l.2.lllhtbrnent I. at No, (A hetve*,l3
Third zitAl Votirth .1.rv01... up Awr.. mr11,41
Bolivar Fire Brick Manufacturing Comp'y.
GLOVER, KIEL & CO., I'Romirrogs.
o t
r NIIE SUBSCIiIISEIIS, basing, been :41-
- polotc.l Agvnts for the pie
natuml e..noern. attl
..., notoriety on hand a ..roy A 11., ,tebrateel Bolivar
Ire Briet.Cruethle Fin, las . i urns., Ilenstlmand Ina:111..
They en tin pr. pan-1 t o receive orders Gm sal.l Mob.. In
he made in also and shape to oat purchmets. *MI% shall
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Cr .1.1 n o t
d al eem it nemnsui to enumerate the many 1.-
vaapn. the Bolivar Pin- ltrtek Nl.* neer all other. that
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1,1E1: e. JON V. , .
Carual il.4n. evvrtah IMlGlnirgh
Pittsburgh Gas Pipe and Tube Works.
T HE undersigned Lave just completed their
sod am now nianufActuring ali alr.a of OAS PIPE. 1.•
coll./Ira and other Flue, and all Au, of
witou4;FlT IRON TUBES,
.corn they oa.r fvr .ale at the boot prkr.. nrr ate
vrnpand to rareute orders. to arty without
lay. SPANti t CA)..
No. 91.134 92 Water ntreeL
frt.4 l'At
• mil., No. 6L'Llhorti enr Adam. et.
- IV/CHOLAS VIVIAN, Civil Engineer,
al• nr.ughteman,,,nn I'rart...ll Mtraing Itak.•
i-aughto 01' Model. for the I.striatArien...,l.t.icrl4 of V..-111.
Dm, for Mtn., lint.. Wort., N.dllu.l Mill, A. tins tr
found I.dwi OL to A. 11. awl G V 11...! ht.
Marbury Vit.bunch. Janlt . ip•
113 A. 31ADEliti. Agent for Delaware Mu
taLLivalety. lo..nrs.ri.a It. Water me. t
JI3A-liiiINERCOFFIN, Agent IL.L. Frnuklin
cite ao.unalr., coconstly. t. mtl, , 0713, a irt
and mIl l etre,*
34 .,?; 1 ,it ; ; N
I..yarml dn.r..ry Aer Itltatog . r.ratow.•
4wr.l.iiity blaat ruled to sac ;Att... an
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ta;..4 cyauh,, Cr 'aware,. Nwc. , a awg noN.It
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ILI & - Whulet:ttle
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of 7 7 ....1 1.111.1 l'lttstur‘h 1.,. 7...3
otwr lid! net :74,k at ott, a..
,r,ry 4.11.4 atrl., d
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104 rhr.•
auunta ahem that lite, / t. 1.1 14.,..1
iitg. Lawn-, m,r,
V 4,1 It+6t4g, 1,. 1.0,0 t
New Coach Factory-. AlLogi:cip.
z.,^Z.-11kr., M. A. If flu tS. d co
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LILVID, 1.410 cat ccial-frat attatatat. 4..1
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. Ilto pmalle 1,1 stn t, Imud cat 1.,
U. Flail. %D 141..ert • ,
1 a %r....!
N n. .1 “t re m tx.
IA 1:1:A. 110611 ES CO. are i,repar,d t.
Al. PanePavin.t h
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A CARD-1851.
uitpuy S BUIICIITIELD. North Fort
ttMNturm thetr IllatAts tr. their 14 ... nt
CV , Vl4 tn. piThlse .en,
14. Ow Tuve .h•o. czkesnUT I. h‘s.
th• tontiltaln, their Invt, Ilwetrni rnn-Tat ,
and imp - , thnt run, W. enatAnd keni
On T•nnl ellehaiwn anannstartat r,
•111 the antea,n, of !Tent, nf
L en their Tii,tinns. They Jestn tnllonry
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ntaaavhtnent, bn •• prtarttrahle. • YAMI
hT , JkI".. where aver) l ie, in the lyrr linc.lT tine, henlns
tn. Th. •sats f•mtlie, ens penrurni—aal In then
enntlntoni eft, In mart thn tnet ia. air? tn nen7
prin., IL., hat.rn La mate , the intennt Inadlle• nod to
rlinvlunlT, in tat, them •Ith lhair
try The 1P Li: I:UP I .111 M evtattints^l
thr rain. up .P.3l,—rpnwap , fmcn 4th rtr..4 w thr..•!:b
- -
Carr., of 21led and '1... stn . TI. ,mi n
Yrrrd Iwiltutirna of Um. Mt.! to IlttAurvh.
I.attoi. tritolpal InFtro.,,
Sci•txce Ancoon,
0. K. Charmlonlio. Pmf..e.r.r r.f Prumurrr..l,rp,M.frerrsltilo
AI., M. h.,. ',rte.,' op tivaLtyr..frirri
Thore .lertring • ..rcri.lete - rrlfrlso. Ker.r.l4.
1.11. ort.rptivirtinn to rorrtr, trunrir ..1
great anrf ra.o.ll...fralrruAtp, arr. Inv tt....1 •¢J I, arr.r.rr`franrrormt...
tmerriAl vr',rot .
.•fterfet-0u..... irtly. of the ri.rrrtrut
- tP.c.".... E.T A MASHED iKi . ..?.. by El )31 L 7 NI,
C.- WILKINS, No. 245 Libel ty pt.,
i t i i , r . : 1 7. 1 ::117:'.1 '1 " .. ' ':t10' , .1:1::,...: 8' , : " " " :1 ,. .!; , ‘ 1r1r 'u : '' ' roLl ' : . : 1 :t1 4 1'7 ; ,...;: :
.-1.11.,•-...1. 11.1.1 e., .1.1 at r•ory rvin,,
...,,,, =-. ~ —tic, ~„:,—, ql /..1.1•14.4 ...,
Th. 5,,,t ..
I M n.. 1 - - 7.=..-:_.. — ':.l
. from Italf.
ji -- .5 .
' --i I'
i 8
•••• • • •
Ilan. Ilarmar Penn/ elork Tiernan, Em.
Ilan. Judge Walldne .inha harper. PJ.
Wm. lw,hlneim, Jr.. Fen Jlerr. Kw,.
Jahn Sn,der.a &•u.. 141 , 1,er9.
I'lltelwrgb Bank. 3...5er Jr' Leh,
J. 11. elmwoyerger. rwq. ...W
Who Mr( a 1..., Ern. Mel.•mt. in,
Robert llrg an Y., Wm Imm‘h, a Co.
Jo. McKnight, T. Mormon •
T. Joehns Ith , eleo Frulert
S. tothnv. EM_ Allegheny.
E. W. fewla grateful Lv tin eery. Illwral patronage re.
owlyed durthz olatreri year/ in Tilt rlty, having had the
largeat and
to bleram up In tlw prelent
time. am! will eralcavinr to render ealiefrallen brrnafter.
. _ .
/Deur., Wanaronnia...7 Third curet
. W. nxpectfullr informs hie Metl. airl
cer, that he ha. mar nanyletal tho largect
anonestatock of houswhold fornituce ever ttforo er.,.ti
thir city, SA br determined to uphold the oaa/Ity with
wall.arearmal mannish, beet nark roan oblp, ant neweet.l..
Anna and from dm ea.nt hie order. and facility Io
manufacturing. hr la emaided to. I.roduer. warranted font
nun; at the lowan. pricer.
11. Ida adapted the ptinriplo of Identifying the corium'
m' into rest with Marano. In qualitr tot {erne, ltd
always on hacul the - hen
variety of every dracron
frniture. from th e chesdant and pitine.d., to the mart
rant and env, that a how, or any run of one, may 1..•
furulab.l Koch. or manufartuted esnce , ir
order. IN theretare eall.ta logartlon., Not the advan
tages of hie artablictimeot may ba. known. The follotelud
and la pact... 4 Ka sleet. which for rielnea I
et, le and tomb maw% le, tuirpar•ed in any of the Ladara
Parlor. dranlnLr. dinlnr - Tind Itirtnn [hairs. cf 0, 222, rnerlrting 01 curoonanad. ruat•Clrany...4 wa in n' .
Elir•kr4l..n. ynn.rratnlr” and PAO; rr -
molt, CI enr..T•t...411. and Irlrann cfthr larr.:t
frt mrli and Ano.r,an Inu.rnr Tart., tt hat.rirda, An,.
Weirinairnaha cf lath.,,kind,Wort:
and lanry hrlard snuor 0/ , 1,•, marls.
nod Ir•ntra and &dr.. tr.
Inl•a.arenAtur shin, lath,: all 01t..0l lha mr•rtitnprrerr.d.
and drvidrally On, 12 , x2 klnd made. r-a...l.Prrardalre hall and
Pier Table, wrd - dr0tn,,1•..1.4.1. arnAndranda of rael, •
largr int•nrittient: nnthl., hall and rnreption rhatr.
idioms. awl Ono', rorrefary and bra ,t ewe, aid, holni
(lry er•rrtnr. Ward rail., hat stand.. and law& atord,
and n 4,, k.t. (141.1ren; r''
nu,nrnnl, and inlaid pearl Tablrr, •
.1 lar, ii,ortm...l. C...rnahn 1,m1., and V.
Clln entlua witle nil nrudni In U.,.
I..amtnat. and 11r.t..1i, furnl,lw.l •1 the fhf.rtort wk.
All .1 , 10,41 tortnord,
P(ANTI . LANDS--esrr. CHAS. NATI.taIt,
Attnrhoy ht I.hw i So. Tlia,l norner .r Cli•rrr,
v. fisting taw.. ftrritocttnellite Lir the wlll
tare Itounts ohlrowt wilithwt i .thoir
ki,“. s emit i t, t. mint ottenil to mit Other Cori
new, ronarret.l with the or any ht its
4.01.41. the Pantinti oflit, or lin. COY.. iit lbw elti '
IT.JIt •
Drawing, Perspective, and Painting in Oil.
R. L. R. 8 , 511T1T is now giv.•
Inrtrunlnti 4 1 ( 71 t t l. tlll In an. 4likr in t u t lirl r he ;
Athni:Pite h w th ntlViline. Watt ain ..
Marto* k n eel.. floury ni Itrtenctlon i trtan 21: to 4.4 . .
front IN th Chattivia nod pnrt look. ran I.
', w ow, li t calling inlterunotl at the mina,
anti Dt. or hr. AUttnu. le, Jtf
No 74 Antra ri, meat to Ant etf littentrph.
Notes and i 1 4L eolleetnt ou J 1 yryvrto of the (Wm.—
Etcsts booobt assleold m zotstad, febTAtiT
D. . _
, =_._.• • --- •
iNTTSBiiRdit CITY CLAgs'ivoßKs.--
. IT. CON ratio NAM k CO.. )fikuuhrturani of WI ,
urn, No. 26 Martel street Lebrun First arKi 5..,
Pitt.burgh, Pa. .
Particular Mention raid to add err. .11.0—Dea7art 15
Flint Olata Vl* Bertha tr.: dtwil ,
-1-4 CII,7 2I YCOLVIN" -- ,Co j er. Mere mm ilinii,
a tr aw i ta r = Cla!lVrecalds.- ia. u M
Viiima 116
• - •
Prrnorpait. ADM! 5 ' 2, l ''''
Unit.l Stat.. 0 . 4 104' 11' / 15 lint-Atti*" i l ;ls
Do. 5 . .......= . ......... 1 1.1 ' 102)000 ilut. keD**.t
Penn, Iran. t 2, July
ll ' uT 1 g .4 ' 1 1Y,.. 1 ,1r1: 1 1 , 111 Aug,
1.,, 5. 0
Alln'uy Co. 6 .. 1100 01 , IP2 int..llg i t. Nor
P. r00p.1,...ecrp.100; Mt • 05 ;
1 . 01.10.1r211 .41, P . . , 100 Po i P. 7 'lnt.Jon a July
' Do. r0up..... Pb11...1100, $ 4 0 7 ' 40
Allm.theny rat) P',..., ... .1011 P 8 P. 3 t int llnyt Soo
Do. , 0n. , .,1•110.. , 11Di 87 i Pe i 00
Rant of I . ...burgh 160 ... ', 45 :Dir. Now 49rd
Merchant,. 6 Mann( Itsniti :0 ' ... 165 do
11,ehnonn Ilnok.. ..... .. Po' 52.!: 52 1 d ‘ .
A11....1•ny ratio.. Bank i€l2 155
no2uos Prop..
Sinonpnbt•ln Ilelag.. 1 2f; "4 21 1,,,, •'" .4 ?" 1
84.1.:1ntr R. Dridn. i 2f,' '•11 ' ;12,11/...1t41,11pret
11,..0d et. llndte ' , ~,,p :,,, .• 4 ., ~ _. •
Nortio.nt iberto. ...... ..., 60 ..
Wllliumrport Itsidte ..... .. • 25 ii , ...
IVnntTn It.orao. Co.. ,
.... 1. 4,,,.',1110710rt/fls're
CM/roe ln.urnne. Co . ' ' , . 111; Div. Chm. 1.3 •
014.14/1.11.11 F 111,133111 1 .11 I,
..' •',
Oi b 4 .
,I ,
ritC2l. to Miro- 1 1 -50 :15 Dir.ltr.r. Or rt.
I•ittnlntrgh, t L0a1.11151 1. 4 . 47 .44 do 12. p. , 54i, .2, , ... .1)..4 pi o,lltuo
Mom.. Nlnc - ontle...
.14 110411. !ll...telrlf hr..:
... „,... a, I t i
1'11141)0n:1i G. W0rt5......t ( . _,K , 54 92X Dl'i• 340.1 . 5 r. , c
11ouougalleln ditgelts.trr, Z.U. 5 1 i 44 1
l'ouglitttghror Vliviruntr. , 50' 41, i p.
1 . ..0'1L. C.entent Hall Road . :0, 44N. 41 I
.414.4 Pt on's. 11041 thud.. 5o zi, 37 ,
!tali- 0 tthlo Dull 14.1... 1 50 • '
Clsvslartd al% ritillr IL It 50 iti Li ,
'lrvin' 11. War, Dry 1-.4., 100 110 1021 i 1 / I r. Doe 4 prel
R, eta 31•0,011. Co.-- ... ~ 514 (el 1 ati i
kr. Cann) Dont.. t0id).....10 0 45 :40
.0 1 1 ' :. ,. 1.crt d :A.,;)1 " i7. 1 ;;ii 1. 1 9 4 1. 0 % ,: •t? '
Ile,. I Pprrynrllla rk lta; , ." I "
I n..o.bc. Turnpike kJ.— 5.1
1 mr1.15 OW 11.
1 itslotrah d. Iklgitall ..... ... '"
rib Montle.
Irttt West
aril% Pit...terra . ..—.
1 reka .
I ttrl•ttrgll P Pi, .1.......
t 1.1 4.1 r It, ul — ...... ..
.Iv..nto, . .
i.rrhnot . ..
1 mtin. lintorlit.m.
t 1 ,6 t r i , :, , ,...., Trn0 11.52
iy~ nu , tar. 1 , 41. ev
:Jo o-4
(iThrliterly the Exeliange,)
Corner of Penn and SL Clair Streets.
prwious, eratral, and Most conseni
. entl• litrated iirrrEL. haeln writ, remit-441v {sr
eld. thor”nithly repairepenved.
I,neel fiir the arevianic4atitda ut the uu Than.led
et the tiath inst.
I The auherribcr. if.r&M and pyrprictoi of the ST.
Informs his m.nd. sal the ',while
hat he has furuisbeit It In tho 00n0 elestant and ctimiartar
Ile -et b . and emphired competent antistarda well attentive
ill tuthrui servants, and that he will Tare.* exertion
'rim. turas it equal tn awe him.. In Ow
well known central kwatino of tha Ileum, seal COW
. .
inem.. of arrenuemente. mastering ft Ow itnit.d•Ww.
I. ealwa to trar.leri or perionorni hown.l.ri.l6lprwi lann
innest ated hope for it. Mena Abu. ofpain:Rum,.
aptlttf C Ininntfir.
teamboat Agency, and Generul Canunii
aion. Reeetvme sad Forwarding.
PLUMEIS & CO., have this
Joy 5i0.,..e.1 with Mein Nlr. John offer
per thr pcalSe :qr.:mhos.
/11.1,11.111. •Oti
April 1e. , " 11. WthLusjr,...r.
n1: - .1 Il
Ice Cream! Ico cream
D 11. lIIINKEIS. baring rpumred to N.,
• t',.3 .sW • Last* * eLI stam.4,l •.111 ot.o
r Is alo.lay Sprit .14.4 41. 4,
‘,.r. ;AU kn./ r.II lurnLS IS. .toss* Matt....l awl
Mat.l,l, (4 all Voris CAKE Cr .11
fru. Lb. 1, 4 1, 1. 441 aul trl
*,.. 1 1114. . . . Ir•
ItAK NII.IIELI, AtOrlltera
ALP 1414.5ue0 11.41 k. r "44 lA,-
ta.s.t .
0, • in., IS• Mb, 4
I I; , ,?.4 . 1 tl • I: y .
wauof..-tus a/ me , 11,01” , %owl mai
/ Healo t'itmlorsy,
.laT an)
MY :tad< fit.. Et,r Cu-ml
n" 4.
kIPIfII .' 4 1 1 16% ." 11[1 •3
i tt
t 1 111..a .SL3M.U. opo,,
tom Ito ••••ccolsooctaro.44 of c•cilcm loom! f
hal•-• • On .h aoloo,corol hr IM .i.lot:oto co
•ttc4re itoroaLtroro •••4!.ricdtp sr ••••
Plc., alc.i . /0we.... •
\n u Un the t.rolaot+n.
I, • ata r,u,t• 1.,t too ,Loocto. oc,to co
. • .
11,. 4 , ,..•.1 • 11 LITA IS,
Dr Imalmr. ,Ivt,u 1,1 ,
1 •16.0,
Str,t levnaLlbr r 1 • • h. aix .t, -Cr n A
0 .011 lu 0 5.0 •‘sr.
tt.thar :.4.) 11.1, iong.4*.; ~;
• •., t;
In. •I 1 I. l• 0505 all i1mj.r.....pri0etr.e..•.44...^4
IL J. J. 11 - ERS—Serge,na and Phvsician.
}ll •pd cwt. r a rrrr,
ThiN .trvrt. e=tthtmt.t .t.
Dr. liver, ko.. ,- IN to Dlttehorttb.
wssl .ttend 11.• attars nf him r. - .omrairm Ile vrtli
.I,ot.ton in Scow," .k, lb.
Tuition on the Piano.
,ettelly InF•ren theelberee•lhn
r. mei elbet.en [bee I. pr. pp;
t••^ • f• • ' euri , • lbe ha:
r., ,,
laze eel, n,l.tltn
Fresh Assortment of Spring Goods.
PAI.3IEIt dnify rereivittg-,
fmtu th. Yaa.m , 111,.. at Ow .11 ...W.
Nu. 5.'1 • : 1 1 Alt I.F.T Szaerr,
Bettr,, 're,/ and I.arel. orrter% Pau.Lurgh.
Larr,ut tn. true 4 Lenunt...
11.4.,41,1GN that hay. in Itul
tat n 100 n ?areal. rh. ;mitten. are eytttn-ly new. at.
Ntylcs peculyarly ellartr, at.l th. mint.. In point .1 dura-
IsYsty. umeornseeel n.u, 10 cent. nftwarrlon lb. prjrra
ran.,T.. thu attru-Cly. lot el' gya.t., trhi.h sty)rn
ran tar *wined l,rrlatt than dacetiptlati,
tl ettautaau a( maxima. ual lama. Itaapert /4t.
tan; ,nvia..t. mahl.rrttne
it A 1141. A IN s:—Tenillers nail 41 - 9
lanai:., ann..; to parclisue
laa ?dual Manta, Clalude Text
Il ntal ksrnaln• 1., aallln4 nutnalletaly nt
LataramonalHare. d}alnlnn bt. 'fbarts'. Lorna
ma, aura, II !Wk. ann routth eta. Tble'ratat•lalb
want la gloat ekalng op. awl .all tall any at lb• an.ta
aork• at anat.
Al.•,—C.rter q Fir,, 14.4., an elnallrtit
a, owl,. at oral_ C4lll daring Ma present grerlt only
Att.T . Faitt'ATION.II. BOOK. Sto Rtbre
menu i tow for rent, vrry los. It has Juan tn.en renttzti
with s Wat:nil frntat, An• ara
Board of Underwriters.
AT n )leetino the Boerd of Urlieteri
, try., the, f9ltonTng tent won WS• übartimouoly man,.
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Preared. Ttuat frenY ~eI :Orr Lb* pnl.nrlnUnn ,•1 this or•
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Its filth"; A. W. MARKS.
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Lewis's Patent Reversible Water Filter
S sow to bo seen in operation at WM.
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Ohio Lobonitory.
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l'er cent. Strength.
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Bnnneee Notice.
AootLli PERSONS hating businefis with the
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T OUlSVlLLE—Piarigsarr.
CINCINNATI--Clipprr Pin. 2.10
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deeervera liberal patronage, and'we hope he will meets, tt
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'Warr, re, Mercer, Cieerieni, end J rife n.r.
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e-mlnaex A., a i..clUtn.—lty Wa•hout.n. re., Green,
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ran. In.rx. Whe,n4u, I.a t>. Artivrf at 11 14.; 4e
rmr“ at If P. V.
hire L. 13,1 PbsTrat.arg. unc.uhe. Syrlr.,s,l.l.Tare , r6.
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111.rse.-11y 1,177•1111... Phrt..r.
IL'., PIA• L•011ar Amy., Tne.Any.,
1 1 hunAnya, en.l rah:Hays. nt ar. 1.1.1. art. 31walnya,
• and 3.Way, et 7 ...
end 111,n
Argythrls Ctry NrArAes ir1. 1 ./ . .. at
p.n.s and elaturday, et 4 a. 5.
I.lhtonuwa.-11, - IhAtiana, Iton,
CAI.I hlltalAthlown. thantlo. IthAnAvr, 111•
ourt.CoalLetovn. Perryoholn.. IhAti I,l6rrty. a t MkldlA.
tho,, ArrirA. roods', and Tharsda.".. et a.; db
raft. Slortley. and Thor•day, at 1 1 a. n.
Lunen,. Ve.—By Alter', Noldrannwn. Candor,
r.urgettAAwn,l-ru,.• erreli Wade,. I'attereon's to.lll.
.tkihhnr. V , Arr l A , 11.1111. t.
Thnr.daye, at 10 ,
dopert• Monday. and TlAuAial 1.. at 1 r It.
Interice, % • —lly Clint., SlurdAll , tll, U.., Mon.
ton, Frankfort einio s s. relryl•w, Va. Arrlrts on
niter, et 6 Ir. XI envertihn naturday, at 6 A. 14
4110441 A. Aptnal, North, W,A.Llrhoon, Ate .llo .
Pe. Arrives on WroltuAlay., et r. n., depertr on Stools,
alb ...m.
lazgnutTn..-11 , . Leig-an'e Ferri. Armee on i'rhlity. at 6
r. M. depart* on PglOrdaf, At 6 A. W.
Fitt, Wer.furt, 9tenkneek..ooe.,t, 6.r. 11:winding %%emu wad V.tnthtn.
runntier. Anion. daily at 7A. X and Jevarte et Oil 0. ft.r 11.11.41 r net le rnltel hel In the Otter nno twur
befirre tlepartur, lettrrs for the trt.eireklt . vend
ereitly.entl wwt I r Cutlet he in the Office half hour
Wore their thrhartute.
coaltacraD DAILY Foa Via rnnom", a 11117. OT
N. 11001E8 .S. SONS, Bankers.
N.: L 7 Ma rl4l d, tw/wron Third and /Lusa str. Altana 9k.
I . ONNSTLVANIN Dronelr at k1anr1110n......-- 1
Inrok n/ Pktrhurph.-........par Itranch at Wlxoter....____Ao
Excluogn Dank A .1u......par Branch at Xattla- 40
1 , 1.0..04 Mau. or d0..-....par Ilnumh at Yroroprnown-....40
Isnot or Conotrore.6.... .... .par Clip honk. (7iolonall--- , 10
Dank of North Arnerrea.4at Comnwrclal Dl6Cluclulalltlo
hank 6/NortL'n lAbortleapar.FrAnklin Dank-- -.....qt`
Ilank of I r trnaspleatda.-..4. lA2rPrrno Ilan..
Pack of Penn 1 ure 104.1 n-par Ohio Life Irk. A
!lank of thu Unltorl ritale,r 12 IVegern 160.6 r
(kantaunnal Dank of Pa--par Dank of Muni)
I lanrwrO A itorhanlei Ilk oar 30.411 N 010...
1110a11 11ault . ... . ___ I ri NNW '
Korolowtou Dank . ......- ... ....... A 11 ruhrrot
Slontifon. A 31.0 h plank....el NMI,
Ileollarde , Burk par Now York eft
kropewornelern Dank. pu Coun , r7 mAit
Phllrulnlphia 13aok par
1600.11wark Dank tow Ilalllmore....
TradranoWo l l ant-..--.1.1 . C0 1 0r1D7•,,.
Mamoru Dank , por. s,,lELigy
/lank of Chan,l6 - .4.01011.. I All solvent 1
Book of Cherter (booty par 0 111
Frank of Drareille . . par Dank of Ow
Donk ~r /W, Chentor..par Irk. lkilltl3
Dank of tier - wanton, 00. Itk,l"
!lank nr Gott} rbunrh p 1
Farm / De
Book of /* ..... , - Ntorrhantr . .
Bank 61 1 / 6 411etown ....... 1 North Wartnro .
trontlerrdlorr Branrhe.....-. . - -..
ank of Nor th urnlnalooritae NOILTIII CAlat.l3l A.
CarlltAn t00k........ ..,..., I Derpk all pir r......... . . ... 2
Colutnthi 11162 Itrt. to eaphr Ilk rr .TN. Car - olDll., A
I } /pyro i tlL L lAnk .... ...-...p0r ta1r0d,614,1 Dk, k l , l 1 / 3 .1 . 1 . 2'n 2
41 . 0. tan k. .......... - " .-1 1 I" l4:Tra l eAttui.iN..l. ""
4,.....' flk of 0 twits Co..par Ilk of the lit. of N. C4rallna 2 :
T attr.r.: Ilk uf Latuw•trriurr loot of Froth Carolina.-- 2
- "."" i' l l"kl/"../Irril Par Isasat a/Marlon.-- 2
Farm. 0401 Srhrtelkirl Cu par Hanka A. Mechrenlose Ilk
Var.k Won. lOW, uughurw... 1 • tiliNlitti lA.
Vranklln lik, 11 uhluntun par An puts I PA. A Bankrof tk./ 2
I 1!f1 t e 1 dt r A1t n e.....7...... ......
i lir frri ' lk i l,..' ;-. ....
- "
1 .....'"' Ils "...;; . ...,.::: ...... ' ''' ,11:4 100 LS 6 llr ''''. -
L. 0r..., C0unti . ...........par All Portent wo k .
... .. 3
Lobarrou Bank
Al 16,0 Dank 6 /P , 41441110 1 IlkotKontookl.Loulortll., I
kl 000 r""n" ill"k ---,Par Ilk of Louls4lll.. Thu mum I
Went Wallah Nak.....:.., 0 Nolthan irk of li,urrek r I
Yolk Wponiltur BkAtilloartapeopli r Southall 110 of hooturkr I
1101101Notk;...-..--.... 1 Elk of Blow of 511r0uirr1....._ I
01110, ILLINO IP.
I 01110 Mato Dank.. ....- I Rate Durk and lownehr.._ro
1=1:11111=i: -- " U l l /k.P , , ill" 1 3.. ....... . •.%/,
branch .t Drldpeputl.....Ar, NILO. ..),... It. Co. aka L
Drawl/ at Chlhouttro.--.-do RICH/CAN. • .
""" b " el. " 1 " 4 du r...... ic , Tank
branch at trunernarent ttock 111n16.....5
Blanch al Barton .. ... ..,.....Ao Peninsular Dank 3
Drawn at Delawor. du Iwo Carnpany.......-- 3 .
Branch at Volum bu0....-...40 Mal. Dank 3
Urauch at Aititedrul...,-,Alo CANADA.
I Itratich at linkno./....... do Ilk of Lt. N. Atrwrks,TorontoMl
Bonneh at 1 i1anAke11.......,43 Dankut the reoPIJ.T." 3 " ,
Un ' "b al ' I D l//). _/_;,•• • --A. 11.. k or m0....a....---...3
Broach al elaclaoots....-4n Dank of U. e.x.d., T 0.... O
Broach ot Col 0z5b00...--d BoSlßlei 2.k.C1LLN11.4. .
Branch at Wtehlnktun do (In New Goa (0 do
Ernurek at C 0115........- ...... On Philadelphia clo--- /4
11=1:4=41/1; . ....:11f4 °VetilMexen..A.NuE. %
/Mach 14 N0wark.......-....d0 nit•111e......- -----.• -- 3
Brandt al Itlyeis
g 1 1 :11,1) OM - SP/XIS VALOR
Broach st 9
Broach stlerie kL ....:- . 7.d Doubloons. BOoahh--14 , 0 ot Troy-, . ..- .. ....Ala do patrol-...... 16,8.)
Broach st MI. Pa...oat—do root,. old- ...... ...- ..... -10.00
proach ßM4 4 " th g ....... 1: F t4 4 =CT;::::::= I VA
aroma al Md..... --. ....d0 Tea rtdaro....-...-..-. TOO
Walla POFF•aaiatt- . ...2 243111 --'77 ... .ti0: 3( 3 )
. *o 5 IMBhcaßoo..-:.....d0" No. l -, Mi
Doroto-.......,0.0.,...0:.. US
El - 10,.,:1i-1.:.,?..,
AxtrucAn — AJ•ertkmrn4 and r4b , c ,l Pflom
it thiopary, nsonlynd and The-warded fre00rt,31.......,^.4
rirrastraoß MAILISZT.-
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lim:r. lqtattnetata Ilorrem. t
April Z. f
TL. ~,,,,th, y..trnlai wan cl”az ntul ;dr..; nod itt
a Rama" , 'rat , a fair drat " or ~ : a, i l, pr,all•l In tln•
The firer contlnn, In toe order ll.r WI tho purpue. of
- lola, and quite a lirclT Lndnet , &Inv t;rl the wharf.
FLOUR—The tanelpte of flour- aere moderato. nntylth.
guodlna ableh the artiele peera,l lirarthan on the ln^twsiln, Jar. }lal, on the wharf anvntated only to
ho hundr.l LIN at 111.L , dtd.d,..5 - 41 bbl. A lot of 110 bbls
mind) brand% trb off,nd no the wharf at 1.1.25. without
Inverthm. but had not Men .011 up h:o a fedi hour In the
afterauun. Salt from stra-e were mnfinkl to man In,.
for enty conanot4lon. at 1.1,410 , 41.4004,15 71 bid. .aule of
30 bids Inna a lot in entre. at 153.31 P bbl—sdly odda I.
aelllua at f fur ,atra. and t 1,75 for common, TA cat, by,,
RYE rtnurt—Stuall rale. at 52.t11d2.51 front Ora 11.114
and V10i3.00 frain etnre. Suppllet are modtrete.
Cdt.llN—Files have been limited. Owing In the, light
Mocks In the market. PAR. ir.nendly are ulthoUt chance.
PROVlSlONS.—Stmluturdecrveting. and prin. lOntinve
very brat. Mde to ells Loran at o!4 0.0 shoulders, 7% for
sides. end 6%c for Lama a mina 1110011. shoulders at 6S
rash. Sales of e,oal and 12,Ual 111, city mired boron at the
cane Osvree, Sales 12 to sugar cured vauisseed hams al
I.e. ettrn Sales Seta do, at UM,' Tery Iltlleb
doing In lent. for taut of FtIVICII to otieratz , uhort &de of
eat i 0 bil at ae, CO data. I . rime No lis held at
0 %. In Obis, and n,, in ktsts. :mall salts af dried beef in
Ice I. Misr
01:0C.Ehtl ELL—There o , n general tirtnn..ln the Market.
rartintlarly In ntmar and usolne , ,t. !LW. o.( Main cnnol
talr N 0 sun. at M. thm, and 7 do at 1.e., or
7) Wnw Lair al W a n time. M 011... Ter,- tnn. with Nairn
:Al I.LL ar..1:144 1 1.". In ryprra. and nal b., cocr,,
;Lately. with .1.1 In small hoM nt 1.1.:X2i2.1061 . 21 In rity
and r.,ntry trade. :nit, of loaf vulgar
Lana /Irk.. at .0. it Th.
TALLOW—lain of In 1,131.,,,a7e rash.
' at in-, 4 nic.t6 Were,
31.•11—Th. m.rbt nontingt, nisi.. Gnu. will • bar
.10... doing. 11. ',taw. raltunn ut El , ' 7414.1. n. "r .bud
311:"1; ',mug Nn wad' or/ $13,- , r, Mai: N. 2
JJ 310, amtl N.,S ri LW: owlfl4l 34 1 4 vn , •
lilt TED PIIVIT—Thr inarlTl L. (oily ruppllrd...'n'l mill
er Jail IV. Ilvan 'a:re •••I
744.7.• Ynnm tu.."
e•Lut it.n.l.• 7 00 •7: , 1 4 bur
IYITATOES--Suppts." an. naL.l..rute. with .1,1", ..1
and CKVLor Vnr nI/L,
4 ) ) ) 11KK--11)) bear a.) etuanam notir. in Um aAlatr
{..4 Safe. »Kia Kali ral,ratua at 4/K4a ) 4 . ))1 ;war).
.aa) at f'. mai 1. t. 46 , 1 ) 4..y. tti
{IIII,K I:1 nt 1).1
nALSIII.I. April 12
Omle— nie enpiplr Imenes nt the :cairn tO ehoo -
- asn torrense ever that tont 3tionlai. so.l miens man
ntirolip roleil loser.
111° ofroriluv ruaclle.l:+(.) 1,14..1 of •111,111 , a,re ot.l
dtp Witeb•vv. and 70driv..n tn ractzud
trau 11,3 X., on the bout plus: W 11W,S,Z nat. 104
IfnuWe quote at 5.1.7:,
Since our last report there has been an increas
e,' demand for money, and discounts are not so
andly obtained. The rate on , good paper is a
shade higher, while second rind third rate paper
Is with difficulty negotiated. Dixcount en West
ern Currency has advanced to I per Cent, al
though It Is not quitooo abundant at present as it
was a week ago. Silver is stilt bought by the
brokers nt Ito premium. Stock, of every
dewriptims are exceedingly buoyant and prices
on almost all kinds hare advanced. The flea
•-iee, in the shape et Copper Stocks have been
especially,active, and uwiug t. the favorable ne:
cwnts received meutly from many 0.-their
mines there reran, in he a growing diSpoxltion to
dabble in this kind of St, eke To all .s . uch oper
ators we would commend the billowing excellent
reinarks from tin N. Yew Herald, which will be
found quite no applieable to the Latitude of Pitt.-
burgh, ar to that of New
The onion in about rommencineiug when we
way look for the •ppeurauce in this market of
tiny iiu.ritity of Laseity incorporated eourpanics
hruuglit forward by vprettlators• for the purpose
of distributing the cloak, and et-Urina l ; sliemuel
•ea of a portion of the evpitivl noek or rash. IV e
no doubt Coon have a botch of copper
stoeks,and a host of Califurni *gold pomading and
'inheriting companies, set-king purchasers. The
encases of the . Rocky liar Mining Company and
stores of Luke Superior Copper Comparilea, in
palming off their stock upon this ConlCOUSlity.hAl
Firma fresh start to this kind of opeculation,
and vet the win of rpeeolatore to work, in get
ting up companitio to vopply - the demand.
There are indications that the choirs of Luke
Superior, are arwin to be the vretie a( another
copper hankie. Certain prime., who were very
kunceiodul during the hit movement, have again
entered the field. believing that the public mind
Is ripe for is and that there are plent)inf people
prcnareel be catch at any thing likely to give
good retUrns on small investments. When we
recollect that the Coder flaw and Salvage
Company - actually procured on not of inenrpor•
atiou from the Legislature of this State, and net
only .Itlita AMIN, at a high premium, but indite
cl alined rapitalinvs to in5...4 in them, we are
pieparesl to Lebec any then,.
IVhen suck thing" take place in a community
like thin, it ishon'tl not aUrpti..o otiy one to sea
witailat companies started during the preakit ex
cited Ante of all nlarser, and the nisporition to
enter into all kinds of rpeeniation. It will be
necessary for all to be oirtlietr :man!, taut avoid
all Lake Superior copper otoelo • and rtery other
kind of etork, the location of winelt anti the at , -
tie! endue of which are not we'l know/4 There
without doubt, a vast quantity of clipper ore
on the chorea of Inks noperior, and 'mat amothin
of gold imbedded in the rocks of California: but
the question in who' ttiii it C.,1 to get.ft out, owl
how Man)" of the companies formed for that par
peer will sink every dollar employed in the ope
The probability is that nine out of every ten.
and there is no guarantee that even the one not
iMnell will ever give its stm•kliolders a neat.—
-17m r : r n k k e i .1117 hT , T n re g m e . ",i, ! r :o ty ., " . P .V., '" , i h ° ! P c g ou o n r' - .
try, hare Co many difficulties to contend with,
even under the most fevorable aitspleeS, that the
stockholder 4 seldom get any thing; but compa
nies formed Inc manufacturing the ma
terials, timely make large profits upon the a
mount of labor expended. Industry, properly.
applied, will meet its jnst reward. Llut what we
are opposed to is the getting up of sham compa
nies, or rather companies making false represen
tations of their mineral resources, fur the pur
pose of swindling ate community, and injuring
those companies the operations of which are le
gitimate, and the profits moderato nett perman
The following is it comparative statement of
the population of tht principal cities of the coun
try in 16 , 10 and 1850:
141.0. 1 , 10.
11A10, 113.11'1
1'h1401..1.10.2 CAM ;1".1;,,
1111111.010....140,7-' 2...75ts
ltnevm.; .
411,,c1000....116.1eS 40 . 4 721y01tn00...1.. .....
1111;1414•h. . ~g° " .:11.% 140111
balL.lo 47.1.7 , 1.111
7 13 N 411301.1 ......
.11.1•10 21.000; 1.7 -
STOURS WANTEII—Bank of Pittgborgh
Northern Libertiora Br.klpr: .
ap7 C.1.74 . F0ur1b
TOCKS rou SALE—Monongultrla Bridge
North 11'...b.rn Batik of IV bean,. he
r ow. E. ARNOLD C.', "..1 Fourth 0.
Ewa Stock for Sale
NOTICE is hereby given that in compliance
witb the re,nitstk,L.o. of on tot of Anee ... tn e hl),.ll7 .
e,', , ,w,11,11r,1i.-„•v:, , , , g...,- - ah;,°Ar.,7'NlltAlll:7
NRIV STUCK of Ito 11ononcatele IOOS of Ltrowneallle. an
Wen. Ih. , fib of 71 IT. PO. Olaf. 10 remrom... ,
a ...MI.
t 11l oclock. A.ll. Hy or,kr of the lic.r.l of Direetort:
an1:0. 11. .o.
E.N. , X. Itethler.
' l l PECIE.—The highest market price paid
for Alone,. awl Fotriylloll.% Ell. and f..r fon•hro
ll LD, et the Etelt,lnfe OM, of 11 - 31 A. LULL a ca.
'ova. 41 Wood .., . 01.1 n., anno.. Fourth.
9kt,• ill 11l TO INVEST IN 31011.1'0AllE
9^t,.lrmly on mpfv.y...l ell, rrl . qr• APP t !, to
OEO E. A 1.01.1 , A 10. ,4 tourtb..
. .
Life Lusurance. • _ .
APAUFIANCE titICIVrT Lond.ku and New
frr Yak,
• ...le •tut permanent !wino..., eouttdmo, the tnutual
alth that ol • rterß 1,01111... Y•
VRllln. to the. , within: 1n In nfr.
the 01-4.1111 r fur IVe. Penn. - It:Las.. the
ilwk.ha Motor .4 M. A. [(ILI. CO,, oil lIWNI
Eastern Exchange
. near YORK.
1.1111.ADI:Ll'Il IA
am - min 1.3 WM. A. 1111.1, a CO., •
Lawrenceville and Sharpsburgh. Plank
Road Company.
IttMKS for ttubt , criptimt to Stook. of the
above Cuinpeny will to iiiwned et the 1110.
1.K.4111:.14 Itnli Amt. Vitieburigh„on Toe,
tiibttnittal r glrUlVaggjotg . ggt ' fgh
.V.". t n i o' . _== . :6 " :=9 T i u ! 4 E B I/11, P lati
oil= IlallSOld, F . riiiii i y A ntaiaiLtlr ~a „ ,alo
r.ifffough of g t tgOunglf,.oo Eatosioi, a; l 6th of /a l" :
Of 10 Val ff. fno.oi. 01.0 from 19 o'clock; A. M.' 'ta r o
tkana dart . ustotrath , 47l...ox fIoCAIiD4S9.
— ww•wmossutui_
(Corrn.alene. the. Pittgranh Gaset
klzi - r Yam, Ap . ril . Bl, 1851
. . .
The storm which has heen raring here fora
week has new, apparently spent its force, and the
clouds aro bekinitini to breilli once more—a great
deal or &linage Las , been done to the city and
To day, Easter MOrnlaY, 'neat all the Episco-
Clairches!iie holding electioha for their ves
try men, which elections . are 'mole inipoitant
than usual, as the wardens and ietstry; men now
elected, will appoint the delegates to the nett
convention which is to elect o Bishop for the..
The Governor's Proclaiiirtion calling 'an es 7
tra version of the Legislature for the 10th of
June, appear, to day. Uri elections to fill the
plates of the twelve resigning locdocos will be
held or or about the 20th of May. '
The Friends of the Union and of Daniel Web. ,
stet in view of the services of that stateemarhond
as a eurt of conende for the ehabby , , treatment of
him by the Legislature of this State, and thS
Board of Aldermen of Boston, have .now in cir-i
ciliation for signature, an invitatient. to him, to '
,speak in this city on some occasion to be an-'
pointed by himself. It is intended if Mr. Web. ;
stet accepts, to get' up the largest gathering
which has ever met any statesman in Few York,;
and fairly start him on the Prmidevitial race d
• There is likewise a movement , the
city to offer a public dinner to Seeator Doughiss
preparatory to bringing him out for the Tres'.
deny with Senntor Hunter, of Vieginia, as Vigo
The Locofocos belonging to wluit is called the
Tammany ',Society, is r., the root of al!Dimoco
- ore to have quite- a pow-wow atl their olii
Wigwam to night, on the ocelision of the election
of Sachems,. Sagamon., IViskinkiei and other
dignified officers, the duties of whom are
. known
only to the initiated in Tammany' inyater
les. The preparatory baftleS between the Barn
burner and Hunker candidates for , Sagarnore or
Wiskinkie are already.quita slaw!), both parties
have issued circulars, and there is considerable
fun, expected. as on this election depends wheth
er the complexion . of the Loco Peleo mut' in thin
State for the. next year Is to be Iltmker or Bare
The .arrival of the Steamer Pacific in nine
days and twenty hours from. Liverpool, created
an immense excitement in : this city on 'Saturday.
It became the town tulle, and 'despite the 'gloomy
miserable dripping state Of the weather: quite
infosed animation into the Board'if Brokers,
who suspending for a while their: quotations cf
Harlem and Erie. unitqd in eving, three hearty
cheers for the Pacific and bier Captain. I learn
that the vessel wan under Canvass from the day
sbe left Liverpool until her arrival at-this port.
Since Saturday morning seventeen emigrant
vessels have. come up the Say, with. 5,21 1 4 pas
sengers. This makes the total number of emi
grants landed at this port for thehionth of April
thee far' 17,296! •
Qs Saturday last, the ease of Edwin Forrest nt
his wife, came up in the Superior Court :before
Judge Edmonds, on a disiMire the ie-•
junction sued out by:ltlrs. F. The Judge' diasol
:red the injunction. So far as It restrains defen
dant from molesting bin wife, - er from - disposing
of his property; because no act of molestation
was shown. and because it was not reared thee
Mr. P. had any intention to leave his wife desti
tute. The injunction, flowerier, to prevent Mr .
F. from currying on his suit in Philadelphia wet
The new steamship Lafayette of tto Philadel
phia and Liverpool line is completed, and goes
on her excursion to day.
The letters which came by the Steamer Meer
ice, ( Boston Cunarder, l were delivered in Ne - a
York. on Friday morning,-while those by the Pa
cific., (flullin'e, i fonrdays later ware delivered on
Saturday noon..
11,0 Coroner has fat work here—dilo fees for•
the last quarter were siearly43ooo. On Sates ,
day five inquests were held, three althorn were
cm.e of enddendath, whera.the vartiess,-kipar
telly wale moinont previous:tell niona-dead on
The astruer slime enamor Church; !bribe Gee:
man Congregetitm of. The _Holy Redeemer,"
leThelifffitMiliflleilifiselbli - ets of the
larger and handsomest church edifices in the
Mr. John D. Davis, of your city, one of the
Comroi.,ioners appointed by the. GriTernor of
rennsyhrania for the World's Fair, is at their
'lag-Maze, here on, his tray to London. •.• •
Ileorge Simonson, one of the crew of Abe Pa
cific, was arrmted on Saturday, charged by Mr.
Collins with mutiny and reroltstsen.
The Croton water pipe in the third story of a
fancy Mom in Maid= Lane, Nastiest nightand
before it was discern:wed spoiled. some $3OO
worth of goods.
A new regiment of Irishmen, who wear the
"green and blue" has just beenorgudzed in this
city. It is to be called the •57th Reg. Irish
Volunteers." -
A new weekly paper, called the "Spirit of the
Union." or the "White Ma m's Newqmper," has
just made its appearance, to advocate - the eLsime
of the Country, the !.'thou, and the Constitution.
John W. Brier it the editor.
The packet tbip Gallia arrived from Havre,
this morning, with 712 paimengers. :She wason
ly I 3 days on the passage, and the Captain re
ports that he did not-take down his top gallwit
once during the voyage—the oil" passed sever:
al iceberg..
The St. George's Dinner will be held on Wed
nesday the .ad not Sir Henry Lytton • littlwer
the British Minister has signified his intention
to be present and define his position. •
About the year ;812, the renowue4 vocalist,
Charles Inciedon, perhaps the Ant natural ten
or elnger this country ever Tiroduced, eras en
couraged by (e suttees., ogriarinister; in the well
knownantertainment which ho' called, his "Bud
get," to cor..root a 6130. performance forcatm
try repretentatiou, when not engagedin London.
Ile, accordingly, Colljer, raid other
vocalists, hod an entertainment constructed:
which he entitled " The Wedering Meleidiat,"
in Whichlie introduced several of his moat cell.-
broted songs, including " The Storm," " Mick.
eyed Susan," Old Toiler," " Sally in our
Alley," &c.
Among the other provincial and maritime
towns he visited, it nosy bemire that Portsmouth
was not Omitted. Universally recognised by the'
public as the " sailor songster," this was a port
in which a rich tamest was naturally to be an
ticipated. •
Potting up, onthe dey of . hfs'arrival at this
place, at the Blue Posts a smell buicarafortable
publiedumao on the Point, in Preferenne , to one
of the hotels, this somewhat hunhle hostelrie be
ing largty frequented by , captains, pilots, and
blue-water men of every description--the com
pany our vocalist most level—he was towards
the evening, enjoying himself over a stiff gla ss
!Ogren behind the bar, with the.busemlatulledY I
of the house—ho was ever a favorite with land- !
ladies and barmaids—when a pour fellow, In a
rugged jacket and trousers, without either. hat !
or shore, entered, to beg the means of a. meal I
and a night's lodging. He had aaad tale to tell. •
After nine years of absence from his native land
had Leen wrecked on his return,: almost: in
the verysight or port, by a gale from, the
west throwin his vessel, during the night, an the
&wham beach, wbere'she had, as a :nutter at
of coarse, gone toPienf!, rind be, . with the rest
of t h e cr ew, had with difficulty escaped with
their lives. He had an aged .motber a.. lie. !
loved Poll. whom he had long fondly leped:to
make his w ir e , resident somewhere in London.
stilltQl e g
due h to t o him..; A t e
t ra n j.l
e o
Thither beau
so ohhimre ni vw" fl iog r e ta gga b iNini r u e7 t l ced , per t %,, P l. ll* ,.
other ship, could he only manage to , bs. ribs ebsi-
Ims sufficiently to eteeehim tou the right poi*.
incledon's heart always 'tamed. at the sighl'of
a blue jacket. The, odorant' pitch andlar were
to hisaYeritable essence:ls:flit, and: Mole; while
the 'melte( gunpowder was Ida attar,of roses.;
His 'Ship ahoy ! --what arm toyr hearty!' ins
answered by the poor finesse, recital, delivered
in the nautical language, which laded - an tp well
. .
• .., Avast henving niessmate l" said the rearm
hearted vocalist, deeply.- 'afflicted - by' wiint
he had.'heard. 4. You shan't' be'without is
shot in the linker, my poor-fellow. ' Steer your
course'into the taproom theft. Take up. yoirr
mooring& In the chimney corner-ImM rind Ili a
iengberth. . I'll inenre you iilinamineir. for
night, and in the morning find, yon- tome . teeth
rigging. You shall 'then sell fot the port of
London. ' 11l be purser; my .. hearty: aid it. eh iill
go laud but you shall meet year Poll with Ilyi*g
colors yet_ But what 'slabber I itn to be sun.
zing oo my jawing tackle at tide' ride, :tomtit.,
ting thleyouhave nothing. ili the: bread !onto *
and that year had Moat iriiiitieliotasThuir. llly
love, servo out this honest fellow Clatftsi of
~,,Itju . k, with eciallinianee of "beer aid -liloolp
stutthuomskuhluksotiftubfeloter.:.:Lothinslui t ro
a 'watt:ad of too; for, no doubt, he Waite
a Aidd. 2 • Eiti: 'WWI itat taktaisehdrsti.onos
my bid... Ituteltidk i
eit.llb Venn? and - bi, aura
you don't holotillivid BiritAfuticooriztalt dr
dem. Don't slip your cable till I give the sig.'
nail '
With a thousand heurty exclamations of 'God
bless your honor r the tar he was de
"Now that the poor fellow has retired to , re
cruit, let me haul over the log,"sollloquised
cledosto himself. • .‘t 'five.poulder will jot
pay off the reckoning—fore sod are Well, well!
I have often sting for alecra,Mun than that." •
Secretly proceeding to his bed-room- , br cabin
as- he termed it—the generous vocallsttook from
one of 'his tesielling
_trusts the blue jacket,
check shirt, block silk bundkerchint, and straw
hat in which he was 4ffiwtonied to sing 'The
*Storm - in character: 'Slippint; them on--a task
of no., difficulty, fantilinnied as- Ile was to
it—he stole dowu a tfligbt of stairs, and gained
the open air; unnoticed ,by e.y one. :Furtively
making his way fo the "most frequented part of
the point,: and taking . an advantageous position
he commenced Procedtngs by c.banting, with all
his energy, George Alexander Stavengi.
known invocation—
"Cease, rule Berms, blustering
.. ratter,
List. ye leadsmen, all tome; -
Messmates, bear a brother sallor,•' •
Slog." fie.
His rich volume of voice coon made • the whole
place vocal: in a moment every onerithin hail
gathered round hint. A sea ballad sung with a
voice like his-4the effect may readily' be cent
coined. Soto tar that did not instantly give a
copper tit poor, Jack.. The :shot - poured into
Indeledott's locker like hail; tiiapencts, half
crowns, and even heavier metal; not to pay gold,.
were tumbled into his hat water:ll the " reckless
profusion of delighted seamen: ; • .
Just at this juncture; Mr. Tolinve, die then
respectable town clerk of Portsmentli. Who wise
proceeding to the hall on rune biwiness,
happend to giess the Point, and_wis 'attracted
no less by the assemblage he beheld collected
than by the clear, manly, awl' meloMetis tones
that had gathered it together: This gentleman
had heard Incledon itt Covent garden Theatre,
in torment visit to the metropolis, Minn affiliation
ease. There* was no mistaking, the - magnificent
volume of sound which re-echoed from every part
of the Point., lie knell Iriolendpit was in
Port:or:with, for the "liampsldreTelegriph" hail
announced that the vocalist was ;flout to delight
its inhabitants with the periiirmance of his "Wan
dering hieloilist'l • • • " • ;• -'
"This will be the very. thine" ejaculated 24r.•
Timms, '"his worship . the- mayor, Idr.; Stooks,
gives a grand party this evening, - :The Putt Ad
miral's lady, and all IllitEstinguislic.l ientty of
the place are to he pr sent r Such a lion as In
cledon will, indeed, be an uexpeetal - attraction.,
The great singer little-known his anastrieradiag
is found ouL Ills worship must secure .him at
once. No doubt the vocalist does not want to be
known; I have heard of Lis fondness fot n frolic;
of his practice of assuming a disgaisi'for .the
purpose of enjoying himself more atlas cue.
Ills worship must exert his authority:, he has a
fair opportunity now ofgratifying 111k:wishes,
eves in spite of the singer himself; let me 'not,
therefore lose- a moment." :
Leering Incledon still delighting hit 'charmed
auditors, Mr. Timms hastened to thesitayor's
house. end communicated to the grailfled mu
nicipal the circumstance of hie haring disco'',
ered the great vocalist masquerading Iton the
Point, adrisin,4his worship to lose ncolnie in se
curing the Weraleriug 'Melodist's 'attendance at
his party, by having lam taken up. noleni rams,
and conveyed to his presence. - Mr. Stocks was
enchanted, and Mr. Timms' prepared tnilepart,
Promising to return' by the time dinnertime end
ed, to enjoy the treat; profeisicmal busitteis call
' ing him away till that time. ' '''''
—Capital! my demi, Timms!" said his irorship,
!rubbing his Maids oreinlingli: '.^lll 'Send old^
LtaPiper, our beadle and crier, to clap ' an Whiled
won our_ harmonic star, and bring-him her!,
tauter. I shall expect y'ou bask,ther meat
the cloth's drawn; Timms.'
The company 'wire just beginning to iasem
ble,". the Port Admiral's lady had y me
rited. bin_ Timm., snuffled uff to - confer the
honor of paternity oa some promising4oung
gentleman of the town, and his worship hasten
ed to Mr. _Piper; to-give him the- necessary in
strnetiorm; . .-..: :.;..^.l.
-You must go immediately to : thejtnint Pi
per," said he, 'and take up •si man,gon will find
singing there, in a tiailor'wjiiiiet:tikai brows.
era, and bring , him here per forCe'Wiltiout a
momenta delay.. Pay no,regartleranythibg he
While Mr. Piper was abilinit; executing this
commission, Lis worship desired his two. fact
:mem John and 'Mourns; to prepare an apartment,
for the expected visitor, when Mr. riper should
arrive with him: charging them to take no no
tice of his ragged attire,. but to be careful to
treat himwith all possible .respect; 1010 him
hate any refreshments he might wish ,for, even
if it were some of the real turtle aid his
own particular Madeira, and to give - him,
his worship, Mr. Stocks, notice of the Stran
ger's arrival as soon after dinner aa•they_ were
able. • •
'Mr. Piper'bed been previoitsly instructed to
remain on duty in the house when he - should
have made Ms captitin and) committed hin'pris
oner to the custody bt the two Bill-powdered .
lacqueys,-in order to watch over his safety and
prevent Ms absconding. But to return to In-
Very little time had elapsed, after commence
ing his exertions, ere the warm-hearted inealist
discover:6i that his orplieart strains had gained
him considerably more than the ruin he thought
requisite for his generous intentions!, amt having
somewhat wearied himself, .he made hia-parting
bow to his delighted auditors, and managed to
slip back to the Blue Post, as he had before quit
ted it, without attracting ally. particular -obser-
Thus matters stood, when-1430 happened that
, just before the arrival of. Mr. Piper to ,execute
1 the mayor's orders, a miseribinlooking _fellow,
1 begrimed with nil the filth of extreme wriatcheds
ness and recklessness, wearing a very - ragged
shirt, and A most disreputable pair of trousers,
t slunk under cover of the darkness into trorts.
mouth, on his way from Southampton; lee was
one of that lowest claii 'of cadgers in
the, "fra
tensity of vagabonds" known as pdor Jaclfel-
I lows who levy contributions on the 'public by
roaming from town to townassuming the charne
-1 terinf disabled and shipwrecked seamen.
Not having any shot in the locker,
.nail feel
ing: a strong inclination for a bit of something,
and n glass of grog, besides being duly Paves
sed with the necessity of securing! a three pen
!ny berth for the night In one of the-many lodg
ing houses that - abomd about Pormantnnh, this
, wretched wanderer, whose name was J,ack-,- . o . key,
1 proceeded to raise . :supplies lay ..pabitzton44.7 11
Mars." Doubling up his right, 'or shrboard
arm, as he termed it, inwardly . from 'the elbow,
and raising his hamd to his shoulder, conbenfing
it under his arm-pit—conveying the fin,.or pin.
ion, thus formed, dexterously _into. the.npper
portion of the sleeve Of hid jackq, prepirezt for
the purpose, he left the lower part loosclj dour.
ling dawn, so as to give him the appearance of
having a.sturap; then crooking hislartioard gam
--that is, his I left leg—und ruing his knottinto
the socket of a crutch wooden pin; also prepa
red for t4c purpose, t he clapped A black . patch
over one °this eyes, and, thus transfinniel pro
ceeded to commence operations by bellowing out,
in a atentorion voice, redolent with gin - and fog,
the well known street chant— ,- . -- .. -.—
. _ .
••Xly starboard arm I lost . in battle 500 n....
And my larboard gam on the glorionifirst of Jiine;
My day-lights dowsed, my glinaiare Mken : hack,
Then spare a shot, my vorthieS; for poor `Taes!''
It may readily be conceived that huh'
howling didn't- excite much attention, utter the
rich strains. of
.incledon; hoverer, his Aunt
lOoks;liisepitig through . his thick =awl ,black
hair—his apparent loss of limbs, and bread.baro
chest, visible through his ragged shirt; S'ireiCit
ed the sympathies of a few charitable old Mien,
who'happened tole passing that way to evening
jprmics that he bad nearly managed-to get cop.
pers enough for bread. beer, brandy,hackyisuld
bcd,'when M riper hose in sight.
•- (concluded tomorriiw.)
A letter has been received by Samuel Alsrish,
Esq., Secretary of the New . "Tork stud Erie Ittlt.
Co-,"from Major Brown, tlic former ChiceEngi
ecer of that reel, and consulting " engineer`
Emperor of Rosie. -•The Emperor has-determin
ed. an roan as the reason will 8/1011 . , to eenitistemo
tho projected railroad from St. Peteraburgh. to
Warsaw, the surveys for 'which were =de -USpear.
Year. ..Major Ilrown will, by his.position, Imre
the chief superintendence: and - We Ease 'Miry
reason to believe, sustain Inthiiiindertaiting, his
ortieminettoWand that of his covateymmOn this
department of science. • The It MOSSIIIII
of rents continues to be applied seen ttt,,Eeil
roads- The distance in this instance to be Lyn,
is from 750 to 800 of :our nines; and titeekinn . :
for the limit part, through an inhospitable tract
of country;. intersected by many risers, Wad
=mutes t and lowlands. .Tberitare, itolitoser•
no engineering difficulties to subdue Oter which
the genius of this country hos pot repeatedli-Wi
rimphedi and wo look with pleasure to fie iota
-plaice of s route Likely to qniekett Into actrety
the. internal commerce of northern Europe.: -The
railroad will be begonia the latter part dile).
F.' Courier.
Tbl New liampahire Cow •'• • •
iadjounied finally . on FrideY• /nen metre
two hundred aid forky members '
aroendraenta abolishing the ref igetieltseg,.the
prcrpert7 qualitkottoo , for 'office:lM Whig:to
.she Legjalitun power to make amaidviint=to
16a ConslAution, wire - rttogniada,tattbs
oi.duee, otoi adopted by lbo.Consontictootth t
jai to the dedzion of dui page,' tali Miatli: