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leder:maiden her little godchild, as joIejo" "
~ ondere of her sorrows.
- • •
And when he, had promised her this, she told
old Paasch to send hither his child to her, that
she might fit a new gown upon her which she'
had cut out for her a week ago, and which the
timid would finish sewing this very day. This
went,to the heart of Alm good Old fellow: that
he began to weep aloud, and at last raid,, she
shouklnot . do all this for nothing for inateed of
the one hen his wife should set three toiler in
When he was gone, and the young lord did
naught savo , talk.with his 'betrothed bride both
in thovolgar andin the Latin tongie, I did bet-
ter—namely, went up the'mountain to pray,
wherein, moreover, I followed my child's exam
ple, and clombnp upon the pile there in loneli
ness to offer up my whole halt to the. Lord as
on offering of thankigiving,.:seeing that with
this sacrifice be is well pleased, m in Ps. IL 19,
..The sacrifice of God is a troubled , spirit; a bro
ken and contrite heart, 0 God, shalt thou not
What night the young lord again lay in my
room, but next morning, when the son hod Waive
. .
Here end these Interesting communications,
which I' do not intend to dilute with any addi
tions of my own, My readers, more especially
'those of the fair sex, can picture to themselves
'at pleasure the future happiness of this excellent
• • All further historical traces of. their existence
us well as that of the pastor have di;appearcd,
and nothing remains but n tablet fixed in the
wan of the church at Me.llenthin, on which the
incomparable lord, sod his yet more incompara
ble wife; are represented. On hisfaithful breast
still hangs !'the golden chain. with the effigy of
the Swedish king.' They both seem to have died
within a short tiro% of each other, and to have
'leen Iraried in the same coffin. For is the vault
under the church there is still a large double
coffin, in which, according to tradition, lies a
slain of gold of incalculable value. Some tWea
ty yearn age the owner of filellenthin, whose
unequalled extravagance hadredmed him to the
verge of beggary, attempted to open the coffin
in on:Wt.° take out this precious relic, but he
wet not able. It appeared as;f some powerful
• ; spell held it firmly together; and it hen remained
unopened down to thepresenetime. May it. re
main so until the lest awful day, and may the
impious haul of avarice or cariosity never des.
.secrate these holy ashes of holy beings.
Thiafinevessel, 'whose machinery, iit will be
remembered, got damaged on her voyage from
,Liverpool it January, has been remoeed within
the last few &lye into the Hunkissoa Graving
dtick, where she how- dry. She has been mi
nntelyinspeetedby h number of sch titific per
sons Well versed in ship building, ad of whom
'report her to be in a most perfect an - Bedded°-
ry state. 'Notwithstanding the fen al weather
• the experienced, her copper iS all smo th throtigh
• out as the day it was put en: aclose eiamination
does not discover even a wrinkle; witibb less any
sign of straining, in any part of her huge but
-beautiful symmetrical structure. Tc the mini
tlatedwho view her sharp wedge-like stem, it ap
pears wiraderfa hair with this can C .(3 combined
• the jut breadth that coversyon Eke a shed when
You are raider her bottom amidshiP; while her
lines running aft are so beautifully drawn to her
stern, as to leave the water verygrefully.
On Thursday the ship was inspec ed by some
' of thosU acute gentlemen upon whose opinion the
under.writers form their judgme4 and also
price of insurance, and we understaiul. that the
,result was so satisfactory that a laric saving will
be effected in this item when the noble vessel is
spin ready-for, sea, which we understand, will
be in June neat. Captain West is taking advan
tage of the repair of the erect a
most spacious and elegant dining room upon .
It is an dmiabletraitin the character of Mad'lle
. Jenny' Lind, that after hearing of the safety of
the "dear ship" that had conveyed her across
the Atlantic, she addressed a letter fall of kind
ness and sympathy to her worthy commander,
Captain West, expressing her earnest hope and
wish that the noble vessel may be ready to CDS ,
ry her back to Europe in the ensuing Summer.
i %Those who take en interest in naval architec
ture, would be well awarded by a visit to the
Huskisson Dock, where the Atlantic is lying thigh
andtiry." ,
Ms Excellency the American Minister and
Mrs.' Lawrence entertained at dinner Mr. and
Mrs.. Samuel Gurney, and a select party, at
their residence in Piccadilly, on the 2.1 inst. al
tar which Mrs. Lawrencebail a soiree, which was
honored by the presence of his Grace the Duke
' atitellingtmr, and several members. of the corps
' diPlomatique, &c.
.. A printing machine, for composing and distrib
uting, on an, entirely new principle, is to be
shown at the great Exhibition. .
Mr. Crafts, of Coventry, proposes literally to
set the Thames on fire; during the holding of.the.
World's Fair. He professes to have invented a
cotaposition which will ignite water.
Mr. John Dickens father of the. celebrated
novelist, is dead. a ir. Dickens was in his 66th
year. He formerly held , a situation in the Navy
Pay Office, but bad long devoted.himself to jour
nalism—principally in therepartingdepartments.
Theschedules of the population inGreat Brit
ain were collected in one day by 80,000 enumer
ators, acting under 2,190 registrurs, and 624
superintending registrars. -In Ireland the collec
tion will extend over two or three days. The
registrars are to verify the accounts, and, after
correcting any inaccuracies, to deliver them to
the irdperintendent registrars, and before the let
of June the accounts axe to be deliventik to the
Secretary of State. Abstracts of the returns are
totbe printed and laid before Parliament within.
twelve months after the Ist June.
Archbishop Whately's Treatise on. Logic has
been placed among the interdicted books of the
Index Expurgatories.
The accotmts from all parts of the country
show that emigration is still proceeding on a
mat male. From the small port of New Boas,
county - of Wexford, several large vessels are
proceeding , direct to America, folly freighted
with 'passengers, chiefly farmers of a superior
clans - The Londondery Journal says—" Last
year the emigration from this district was not so
IrCiallliMe as it had been in fhe year preceding,
but at present it is proceeding upon what we
should suppose to be an almost unprecedented
For some weeks past the business of the far
mers has been greatly impeded by almost con
shaft rain, and in consequence the sowing of
oats and other spring corn is very backward.
It is curious that 'there hem been no such de
lay in the. planting of potatoes, and there is a
general concurrence in the agrictiltual reports ate
to the fact that there never has been such early
sowing generally throughout the country as in
the present year. . This has arisen from the ex
perience obtained, since the commencement of
the taut blight, of the comparative safety re
stel from early sowing, Indeed the instances
offailure have been rare where good seed has
been put down in January or February. The
country people are now convinced of this, and
brace the renewed confidence in the potatoe, end
the great , and euccessful efforts to procure seed
of sound quality, and complete the planting ear
ly in the spring.
Great preparations have been made for the
cultivation of tax; Ur supplies of [Seed already
come to hand are abundant, and .large: quanti
ties have been purc.based by the farmers, espe
cially in the northern counties.
The official Bologna Gratus of 3Lcirch 24, con
tains an account of the death of the celebrated
Passavore, whose real name eta Stephen Yello
w. He hum been lon4 before the . public as the
head of the most formidable hand ofs robbers in
festing Itornsgua and Tuscany. His last and
moat daring enterprise, the each of Forlimpopo,
11, while the iniutbitants were.: at the theatre,
will be fresh in every reader's recollection.
His band was originally composed of about sixty
men, perhaps occasionally reinforced by dales
tamf, or unprofessional bandits. The price for
this passanere was $3004; the rewards for the
capture of others ranged from $5OO to $5O.
appears.that in the evening of the 22d ult,
• moveable -column of Papal gendarmes and Im
perial chasten= received intelligence that a par
ty of banditti were sheltered inn hodie near Lu
go. and went in pursuit of them. They had left
the house, but from an ambush fired on the
Map; of whom two were killed, and one mortal
ly wounded. On the following morning two of
bend went to the =miry hens° of Count Spa
dini, sibuded near Bassi. Here another en
gagement tookplace. The commanding officer
wee mortally wounded, but nothing daunted, led
forward his men after the marauders, who, un
der cover of the smoke, endeavored •to escape.
A soldier recognizing the Unions Passatiore,pos
ted himself beside a tree, and took deliberate
aim. The PonaOore fell, but raising himself as
he was about to make his last effort to repel his
foes, when a ball through the head laid him dead.
urn his person were fouad.7oo dollars in gold,
to mead pin, a gold watch, Severid strings of
owls, and other valuables, beside a good store
of ammunition.
The &venue character of this brigand and
his bead will appear from the statement that be
tween the 27th orAmlusr,lB49, and the Zld ult.
1 3 "mem including 4 officers, have been kill
ed,suld Wen wounded, in various encounters
milk them. Thin account will also prase that
Its Papal Government has not been so inactive
deslusgvith the Inigendage which it inheri
ted bat:the latellepatilie, as 1
. 133 been, Tepre9
. _
• - *atilt'Skeet gore for Bert.
r:BEN,T.—. The Store, 118. Marketa
a m ot.eiptromg.cor tb rot i m
• - • -263 gas
194.. commiTTEE of the Allegheny Whig
•zia Arttiquantonlo County Couventlow =rat nt
S.. Court lion" on Eatorday, April Ztli, at 2 o dock.
P. H. to e. on too cons for m 141.• County cntlY•n tkn
to anntlantetrllmwrdr the Intl irous.
.1713.74 . JOSLA4 biso. Cbalrawa.
. .. . ..
To the Whip' of Pennsylvania. •
• we A- STATZ , CONTINTION wilt lin held' In the city
et I.amtalinge Cl . :=lt,d e til t m 2,11::.11 of 40,,,1rg,p...,
=...a a ol.l.l.2trece, and *ln br e .; edges of the &Wrestle
Court. , HENRY 11. FULLER Chairman.
Conk A. /I. Mulled. • Samuel MAit.,,amr.
P. on Morton, iatrgf ET.ll.mna; ,
;;L' . t,eili'LlT• .„ 4 . 11. DF,e4 , 4, ,
.I . l= L . i ''''''''
Wm. J. •
Word= E. Men n. Wm. Inter.
• Thomas C. Coebnes. , woo. hi. Watts. '
Beau Johnson; Jam. . „dw,
Char ge les . Badman.
Geor Cram. ;Aele C. Gilson '
• D. In Planer. I John Aline.
C. O. Leanne. 1 lo.k1310:0.171
"k""''MMI . . Liv.vina—,
Wen Evan. , greeds Jonlan.
. " b° C ! N. , th ' G. I{ . . LE 2511111. M'cretarr.
The conclusiort r of the thrilling and beautiful
tale, "The Amber Witch," will be found on the
first page of to-dap' paper.
On fourth pag4_-Tho Kent County massacre,
statistics of the. census, Poetry, Ste. •
Third page—lome Matters and Telegraphic
State is undo#ted on this subject, and she
awaits in confidence, the response of the other
States of the U ton.
ALTIMME.—The Baltimore I'a
Fugitive Steve excitement in
triot thinks th
urn the trade of that city, and
ire a new impetus to the prosper;
E. As a proof, the assertion is
e Boston Jouruel, "that the els
!. that city has injured the trade
Boston, will inj
consequently g
ity of lama! ,
quoted from
very agitation ti
.4 West to the amount of two
or more."
with the South
zoillioes of doll.
a great deal said in the South
.nrso with the North, but we
the northern merchants have
Thera has be
about ncm-irate
cannot see tha,
.to be alarmed. The people will
t goods, no matter where they
terest makes stranger bedfellows
cu . great reset)
buy - the cbeape,
come froze. .1
it often brings together the
than misfortnal
greatest enemies, on the platform of a bargain.
The pocket ass .rts its rights above the vulgar
passions of spivs and revenge, and the great
mass of the aonthens people will continue to
purchase the 4ieep and necessary "Eantee no
tions," notwithstanding the "wrongs" of which
they so loudly complain. If the trade of Boston
with the Seathl has a substantial, basis, the ef
fort to divert i from its natural channel, mast
very soon pro e !NOM It may be possible to
draw a portio lof the Boston trade through Bal
timorb, and th benefit the merchants of the
latter city, bu the expense will fall upon. the
consumers, wlr will be injuring themselves in
annul of the New Englanders. There are a few
nice questions lin the theory of trade which the
ultras of the South should study, before they at
tempt to carry the system of non-intersonse into
It becomes n question, also, whether the pock
et argument be justly used against a people
who are ' ' g a question of conscience, but
we fear this p.. e of the subject will not receive
much attantio . from any party.
Limnos • Noturtcarms.—The conduct of
the.Locofoto ii embers of the New York Senate,
in nullifying the action of the Legislature, is so
chltrageous thuit we cannot see how any portion
of the party pretending to common honesty, can
have the face to justify it. If this practice is to
be allowed, the power of the majority tan have
no value on in portent questions. A dissatisfied
minority, if relently intim., could at any
time set wide the will of the majority. It is no
apology that an wattage of this kind throws the
question bac . upon the people to decide. An
argument bisqed on . this, strikes at the very
foundation ol the representative system. Be
tides, the laps of time may entirely defeat the
object upon 'Lich legislation is needed. If a
represtmtativ government were involved in war
and a toajori should decide that new levies for
troops were n ry, a minority by causing a
delay might b ' g defeat and disgrace upon-the
nation; . and e condemnation of their conduct
by the people ould come too late to be of any
real benefit. ' is extreme case, but affords
a just Distr. 'on.
But. as th
is an excuse framed for every
bad action,e Democratic members declared
that the E gement Bill was unconstitutional.
They overloo ed the fact that the judgment of
themajority, inthe question of constitutionality,.
Wan as much to be depended upon as their own.
The Conistithtion of every State, makes a pro
vision for testing the conetitutionalitz of acts .
passed by thel Legislature, and if the Democratic
minority really believed the Enlargement Bill
unconstitutimitil, they should have taken the
just and legal course of bringing the question
before the j 'cial tribunals of the Common
We had scum hope that this disgraceful con
duct would bh repudiated by the great body of
thsparty, bait we begin ,to fear otherwise. The ,
jubilee and ft • gof a hundred guns at Albany,
show that • victory purchased with dishonor is
still a "giori us victory " in the eyes of the New
York Democ y.
The questi n of the constitutionality of this
Enlargementßill, has been tally discussed in
the New Yorkpapers, and the conflict of argu
mentcar has elt ly set forth the truth that the ma
jority kept ly within the letter and spirit of
the constitutton; and they are sustained by the
higluSt legallopinion.
Marx= Titans= tit rue Sotrrn.—Tho Paul
ding Kiss.) on of the sth instant, furnishes
an account o an elopement :and murder, from
which we ga h
er the following facts:
A citizen o Hancockiiississippi named Hardy,
residing temporarily in the house of a Planter
in Florida, ft rmod a criminal intimacy with the
lady of the hottest,. and induced her to elope. The
guilty couplei took with them a namable negro
"boy," a fail carriage with a span of horses, and
a costly double barreled gun. The husband was
unable to follow them, but a friend named Smith,
undertook the 'pursuit, and traced the fugitives
to Hardy's house, in Hancock. Ho then procu
red the assistance of two gentlemen whose names
are Dials and James.: The three, well armed,
entered Hardy's dwelling and after a desperate
!draggle secured their'prisoner, fettered him and
placed him in the carriage with Mr. Smith, who
undertook toeonvey him back without assistance.
The negro was allowed to follow on horsebaek,
and was protobly in the interest of the guilty
parties, for !Smith Wu murdered before they
had travelled more awl two miles. The carriage
and one horse were left, but Smith was robbed
of hie money and some other articles of value.
Before starting Mr. Smith offered to take
the guilty wife back to her home, but she refused
to accompany him.
TES Socsfltno Mcninnta—The Southern papers
contain a conuter statement in reference to the
Socorro murders, an account of which we pub
lished some; time ago. It Is urged that there
were some p • • cireumetances, and that the
bm!ty 'on lustl not the common excuses
which are lined in favor , r Lynch Law. We
W th , :tnint tnaggerated, but it iMP° S "
'able I . • a statement which could be re
lied On:
POST Orrice AT .111111 M vssir.—The new Post
°Seed lEisAmikile, the istablishmentof which
we nalked S.tee i lays ago, is situated st Deer
' Creek * " 1 4e PCS myhtmis Canal. John Miller,
EWtik Lao. i *burg, is Post Master. It witi
be. slis7 tornias t far mesons striding in the
pARTIEII . IR ENGLAND. ~...; ---, , When theitalf houriferfiLlpseV their sorra
It is net the Catholic question—the papal' ag- told th at their time tad c ome. inmate were. .
soma hiii.,,soppood, remarks the I
Moo ugh g tip ?rot,' melees made, and the guilty weetehms
_ ! • -
Bostan,Trasellem 50 ..,"
that has divided th e: `-" : ' This: took place at 12 o'clock last : night(Fri
and their bodies were still suspended
when- oar Informant left(e3-1
jgliohsh. FRawrlis:iiiinet9atti.andwpe.oppltei;ensreituo,,ionfducce.,Lo.rd. I
merit. Upon that question there is a remarks- I though pemomi ,recre engaged in digging Awe i
. 1" .
ble unanimity. The very s triogent hill, brefught ' ' graves. : . ,• . • . .. •
in by the Ministry at the opening of the Pariiii-. 1 c,... .males
0 - ;
N. Took
0....6a. . I
went,-60 stringent that Lord Stanley, when at- .
took`, oc- , THE.WORLD'I3 PAM
ere ,
' - - LONDeii, April 4th 1861.
thathesh:u uT ld . aim wt a' la every department of the crystal palace I
t i p or, ting
to to
.. co , n ou strancq! a aeon
modification of the measure—was carried to its ! great advance toward completion has been made '
second' reading, as the last accounts informed , tinte my last letter. The subject of a wafer
tight roof is not indeed disposed of, but the ex:
us, by an almost incrialible majority. The Ebert :
F'''' ' is sunshine only they need, In order to give
._.. , planation of Messrs. Fox and Henderson, that: it
of Rome and its adherents must have been
mayed at the result; for, from the confidvince : time for paint to dry and putty to harden, aid
ae , 1 they can effectually stop nll leaks, seem, to have
vrith which they went forth to re-conquer the I that with four days of continuous fair weather
postponed for the preaent the many complaints
revolted kingdom of England to the Holy
they could not have been prepared for such al u pon that pain from contributors- It is evident
lesson on the tree state of public opinion. IFf if, wood in theic minds, an experiment yet and
reference to this question, therefore, the (floe- what is to be the consequence, providing the fair
ernment is strongly fortified. But there are par- r weather does not come, and orttgit there is not I
the slightest probability, they do not say, ' I
ties which divide the nation, and to a greater
or less extent,threatenthe pcvmar.ancy of thelliv- .T . hzu n gh n o e u v t e tl t if
nevertheless g oes
building the work of pre-
I le building itself, but o g f the contrillms peak
ernmeed. These parties are four in number.
They occupy different positions; from which they I are daily being unpacked. I have 'spent the
will besiege the Ministry with different degrees I whole of this day in the deportment where ma-
of energy and success. They are thus describ-
chinery in motion is to be placed, and though
rd by the London Times: . .., c h o a ns ve th e n ce!n o m e u eu ch gr :o d f th in e ' reel. sbgle T P 6 rti o ' qOan ot tlt t' y of l
' . _ • . .
"The Protectionists increasing section
in the Lower House, and, with better tactics,
more subordination, and a surrender of one dog
ma, not • unlikely to become one day a majority.
In the Lords they possess as large a majority as
they venture to work in that quarter. It is true
they want union, they want policy, they want
principles, tljgy want leaders, they want every
thing but nMbers, rank, wealth, and social res
pectability: but in the possessien of thosethings
they are strong enough to be dangerous, if not
separately, at least in combination. The second
party consists of the political representatives of
Sir Robert Peel—a brilliant nucleus of statesmen
in an indefinite haze of intentions, with a lane
but ill defined following in the middle, the com
mercial and the educated classes
Such a party is formidable, even if it be a lit
tle more than a head, for it is all the more at lib
erty to unite with those whose streugthlies ratti
er in the body than the head—in the number
rather than the policy of their party. That it is
ready to form alliances, and to make bids for
power, no one can now doubt—The third and
last English party is that of the Radical Reform
ers, men who demand sweeping changes in oar
electoral system, our finance, ournationol defen
ces, our religious and educational establishments
and, indeed, every other part of our social sys
tem.--Combining vast energy, great variety of
talent, deep enthusiasm, on overwhelming ma
jority of the half educated classes, and more thaw
all, the prestige of recent success, this party is
the most formidable of all, because its roots go
down deepest in that rich soil of industry and
enterprise whence the growing greatness of this
empire springs.
Whoever would prevent the country from fall
ing into those rude but potent hands, must take
good heed what he refuses, and what he concede&
to the public importunities, for, if the country
finds it can only obtain such and such reforms
through the agency of certain bold reformers, it
will not always refuse their cervices. To these
three English parties must be added the Roman
Catholic section of the Irish representatives, who
in the present equal balance of parties. have a
power far beyond their numerical proportion,
which they do not hesitate to use In support of
their - church against the Crown."
JENNY Lisn gave flit concerts in Cincinnati.
the fifth on last evening. She leaves this mor
ning for Wheeling. and gives a concert there en
Thursday evening, and ou Friday evening, gives
her first concert in this city. She will thus give
four concerts this week, besides trszvelling five
hundred miles. • •
meting', held
the head of
1-time from
idential cant
i excitement,
lesson of the
ace manifest
ieting of yes-
there is an
ranks of the
1 . district, in
I Scott, an the
sy. There Ls
a to create n
many of the
itention to Tote
the Keystone
florace Greely, Esq., left New Fork on Wed
nesday, in the steamer Baltic. He will visit the
World's Fair, arid afterwards proceed to Scotland,
Ireland, France, Germany, and Italy. lie ezpecta
to be gone abonalaur months, and intends, during
the time, to write Lome a series of letters, which
will, to doubt, contain highly interesting memo
randa of treed.
_ .
"rae Complete Cattle Dorton; a treatise en the
diseases of Horned Cattle and Calves, by Jahn
C. Knondson." •
"The trompkte Kitchm emd Fruit Gardener,
for popular and gcaeral um"
"The Complete Florist and Fkm-er Gardner.,',
The above named works are published by T.
13. Peterson, of Philadelphia, and are for sale at
Holmes' Literary Depot, Third street. They are
cheap, practical works. and those who have not
access to more elaborate treatises may derive
much benefit from them.
BC15111:SS rx SACHMCF.NTO Cm.—As the sea:
son advances lmsbieis of 'all kinds improves.—
Our streets, at the pitatent time, nremore throng
ed with wagons and pack mules loading for the
mines, than we have seen et any previous period
for months past; and many of our merchants be
gin to speak - confidently of the nattering pros
pects of the approaching liminess season. The
opinion is very general at the present time, that
the business of California promises much better
in the future, than it hoe for months past. Per
eons are now satisfied to prosecute some legiti
mate trade, rather than to trust to some lucky
speculation fora fortune. Within the last few
months the change has been quite marked in this
respect. Gambling, lotteries, and other occupa
tions, which are uncertain, are not received as
favorbly as heretofore. There are, indeed, but
few persons at the present time. who will risk
their money where-the return is not quite cer
tain. . .
This feeling not only eitendts to gambling,
lotteries, &c.; but to all branches of business.—
The person who now lends his money on inter
est, must have the best security. It is no
longer the case that men's wordi are implicitly
relied upon in such matters. Otincitireus are in
truth fast becoming a matter of fact' people.
Even the miners are not as ready as heretofore, to
leave fair mining locations for a 'Gold Lake,'
'or 'Gold Bluff humbug, as formerly.—Rrn
We have just received the startling intelligence
that twe home thieves were arrested last night
about 11 o,clock, as they were crossing the Co
sumnes river, taken back and bung after a few
minutes notice.
The people along the Cosumnes river, who oc
cupy the different ranchos, and have large bandit
of horses and mules, have suffered so much with
in the last , few months, that they have become
perfectly desperate, and will treat with no cleat
ency whateverthieves who are clearly convicted.
Within the past season one hundred thousand
dollars worth of stock has been stoleu.
John Rhodes has lost $20,000 worth.; Mr. Wet.
Ditylor, $16,000 worth; and eo on in the same
The cinumstancee connected with this sad af
fair seem to be aslollows:
On Friday night about ten o'clock, a teamster
came up to the rancho pf Messrs. Gage & Al
mond, and informed them that 'some men were
below, attempting to cross the river with stogy
and were having a hell of a time.' These gen
tlemen seemed at once to be impressed with the
idea that were horse thieves, and they
started for the spot.. On arriving there they dis
covered twa men whom they hailed—. What hors
es are those you have. They replied that they
were horses of their'omi, and that they brougiet
them from Dry Creek. 'Are they all yours °'
said Mr. Gage. They replied 'yes, all but one.'
When did you lesiva Thy Creek said Mr. Q.
They replied that they had left there late this af
ternoon, (Friday) that they were taking the boils
es over to the American Fork.
Messrs. Gage & Almond, in company with two
or three others, saw at once that the horses hnd
been stolen from their own macho, and belonged
to themselves.
They said to tho thieves, "G—d d—n you, yon
hare stolen these horses,'" and they nt once -ar
rested them. The men and horses were then
taken back to the rancho of Gage & Almond, -op
posite Rhoades', where strict inquiry was imi
tated. An examination was made of the brands
on all the stock, and the brands mere identical
with those used by that firm, and each and every
animal fully recognized, not only by Gage & Al
mond, but by others inattendanco. ,
The examination was mails at the corral, and
the evidence was perfectly satisfactory that the
horses had just been stolen. They-were perfectly
dry and smooth, and exhibited conclusive evi
dence that they.bad not been driven any dis
The prisoners were then arraigned, and arm"
Lion made to give them a trial by Jury, but the
proposition was hooted down by the incense , '
crowd. A motion war then made thatthey be
bung at once, which was carried by socialites-
They were called on to Enke a confession, . : be-
Witold that they had but half an hour to pre
pare for the solemn change that awaited theta.—
They gave their names asJas. Baxter, of Maine,
'and Charles SiMIDOUB, of .Manahnsetts. Their
names, however, may have been assumed. The
prisoners! „were then told that their time had
nearly elapsed. They seemed to be much ex
cited, and begged, "For c.vs sake let U 3 lire;
little longer." Elva minutes morn- were even
them, daring which time one ;Atha prisoner'
called en the ether, saying. ins low tone Of Take,'
“let us ten them allabont it," to wldch the other
replied, "ne, no, Inuit."
this machinery is so great, so much greatertn
deed thin all the representations of consignees
had led the royal commissioner to suppose, that
a new building, expressly set. apart for that, is
to be erected contiguous to the &Tinian, within
the palace ; An additimial reason for this Is that,
in running much of the machinery, a large quan
tity of material will be required, for which there
is now not room. Besides there are some ma
chines—we hare one from the United States, and
upon Its merits alone I should be willing .to rest
the success of our part of the exhibition--which
must have caloric generated within themselves,
and under the conditions of the insurance of this
building all fire within it is positively forbidden.'
Among much that attracted my attention, is a
large timber ilfringapparatus, the old technical
name of which is bogie, where the application of
the screw, or lifting power, on entirely new. The
advantages to be gained from it Is in the de
crease of-time and labor in hoisting timber, with
far less danger to the working of it, two men
being able to accomplish by this, what has eau
ally required the force of at least six-
There is a new and very ingenious machine
for launching a long-boat from a vessel, without
the' assistance of the mast, and even with the
helrh‘f but a single boy. In cruses of ships en
fire, or foundering at sea, or themasts gone, or
the hands washed overboard, it could hardly fall
to be useful. In connexion with ilia, I am re- ,
minded of a model ofx machine in another part
of the building, called by its inventor muting
shears, which attracts much notice. These
shears ore capable of lifting a boiler of twenty
bons weight, and others of a larger site may be
as easily constructed to lift-one of any weight
whatever. They are also adapted to put masts
into ships. The model is mane on a half inch'
Throughout the building much statuary is be
ing erected, aid many nations besides Italy will
vie in this. From our own country Edward
Riddle Eea. the United States commissioner, has ,
brought with him the -wounded Indian," a piece
of sculpture by Mr. Steubeneon of Charleston,
which is much:cammended even by artists here.
Some French artist is now erecting a large
piece of statuary in the central avenue, directly
in front of the Frenchorgan, and oppo
site the division of French productions. It will
be in the show of silk manufactures, however,
that the French artisans will carry off the palm
of victory. Here, as in all which ehe undertakes
in eariaeSt, France will maker; magnificent show.
lientoui, en Italian artist, has three groups in
marble, 11712‘ unpacking, of the thee of life, rep.
reventinf. Cupid and Psyche, Innocence, and
Gratitude. Macdonald, whose stradioin Florence
Americans will remember, has also a marble
smear in its case awaiting his arrival to be un
Three large mosaic pictures of the temples at
Paestum, by different artists, automats picture of
Saint George, two circular mosaic tables, cam of
the Byzantine school, inlaid with gold, and the
other Cupid, as described by Petrarcia with an
allegorical border—a seise of oriental alabaater
with handles, all wrought from one mass, with
pedestal and basement, immensely large—mar
ble mosaic bricks for pavements—and a crystal
vase of pine seeds, are among the opening con
tributions from Italy. There is also a rimier '
mosaic table, by Chevalier Barberi, representing
the sky of Italy, with-emblematic figures of the
fine arts. This splendid work has been execu
ted for- the Emperor Nicholas, and, with Setae
alight variations:Tor Lord Elitalliftey- I disaliami
it is considered, bath on acconEt of therare
minuteness of its finish and the exquisite taste of
its composition, one of the finest prodoctioststhat
tier left the Chevalier's studio, width, lam
told. in allowed to he the first establiahment of
the kind at Romo and, in many respects, Mil
superior to the Vatican mosaic laboratory. :
In my future letters, when what is now piled
up in cases is displayed open thesemilea of cyan
tors and tables, I shall enter more minutely in
to a description of what I may consider valua
ble and interesting. Now, while every depart
ment is in the bustle of preparation, Win impos
sible to designate" many things that meet the ,
eye, or to determine the totalities whence they
came. it is certain even now, however, that
Great Britain means to be represented in every
brunch of her industry. Manchester and Glas
gow arc here with their printed goods; Damfar
line and Leeds with their linens and damasks;
Bolton and Carlisle with every description of
cotton; Sheffield with its bright steel; -Dublin
and Norwich with poplins; Paisley and West
Riding with friezes; and Scotland with its tar
tans and tweeds. In gold and silver work, Eng
land and. France are in special rivalry for su
premacy. Indeed France has entered with such
soul into the spirit of the exhibition, that her
commissioners assured the royal committee at is
recent conference; that if Englaid would next
year open the whole building to herself and
France alone, he would guaranty that his coun
try would fill all the ;space. ,
The exhibitors in leather, skins and fan, are
very numerous. Russia is foremost here, though
both England and our own country will in this
snake a good display. Mr. Nicholas, a man
widely known in the fur trade, has an apart
ment fitting up for the better show of every
kind of fares in use, that promises to be among
the most interesting things of the whole
lion. . .
I am very happy in being able to assure you,
that the United States will make no inferior ap- 1
pearance. The opening of our variety' pack
ages exhibits more and better resnito ofAreterican,
industry than we had anticipated. :The Ameri
can contributors are begining . to arrive in
numbers. More than 100 were present at •
meeting last evening, during the whole or which
the utmost harmony and good feeling priestly!,
Mr. Edward Riddle was formally welcomed in a
set of resolutions tchich were unanimously paned,
as the commissioner of the United States. His
plans were submitted to the'lnecting and Appro
ved, and committees were appOnted to old him
in his duties. There is nothing now in the way
of our going on rapidly and snecessfrdly in. the
duties of our deportment of the exhibition. There
is a disposition on the part of the people of
England to show all honor to their visitors.—
The reading room of the Society of arts has been
thrown open to all our country ' and ntr. Biddle,
Mr. Stansbury, who conveyed theganitribistionst
hare in the SL Lawrence, and kr. Dodge, lave
been elected honorary membered" the society.
They have each also been IffitStili.: members of
the Reform Club, giving them acceen to the fa
cilities which that club °peas [Oen whe reside
in London Mr. Lawrence, our Minister, is
contributing in every the aid of, Ameri
can visitors, and to rendigoaremmer in London
agreeable to them. The United Service Club re
ceived a most revere castigation from the Times
for omitting to admit the officers at theill. Lew
rence as honorary members. It was charged
that the omission was intentlehtil, because the
St. Lawrence was loaded, lltd it merchant ves
sel, with freight. . The elnb-wlll probably give
its reasons publicly for the omission.
ser Luca Connurrr.—The may remedy
tho Totblie, whkb his meet felled of work•
1112 • mire when directions on Ibllttnted. Is McLane& Lim
1.111. tt hot owe been "morel Teari telthi the rohlk,ood
by boon Introduced to 01 Nett= of the Wm Whore
it hes Lreo od, It boo had the mitt tdirkianat mom.
. 000 1, boo eotoeni out of SOaU other lowest.. I
bran tried order all the d1174 , :nt p10u.3 of r
and boa beet. found NIIILUT .1E36.1. b 01.
rot sale hr J..tun Co,
Beashmeso, iluntloolloo m., Po.„, blur& 4,
Knoo—betr Ur, Your Potmlottosts . row woo,
dors lo this vicinity: tbesehow we would di u to soul.
us two dozen by Om Potttolitudo Railosad. Wo are en.
unto °a. and ls being inoultol for alsonst cowry dor.
room, teluoetrifdlY, JOHN Who t CO.
Mr:SULIS. d hland S., 6., Muth 10, '6l.
S. 51. Itatit—.Deosßlr, Soot Abotti, • Wlr *oohs shoo.,
kt, w ith ue roo t &mu Ibtok4oll, Whlth co 1121.2
Please iloword tons tit do istamiktely.
Your mak - to s it working son,lenl tkia region. We
am otteba amoral osoolleut tostJecates,lt you &troths=
Yours, to.,
For pie by Keyser t 51cDowoll. 160 Wood .trot E. E.
61 Wctil strech, D. A. Poltuosttnk. t Co,. .nano
Wood sod PrOlit MSS* P. M. Cowry, D. A. Elliott, lokub
• Douglass, and U. P. Eobwirtz, Allegheny, olso, b r the
briotor, • 8. M. KIM
Foreign esul Ansi= Hardware,
No. 129 Wood Street,
Lim NOW IN none
- ... ..... _ ..ko JU: ..~~
9 .
B,rrog em by_ t itratt u m sr, maw"
favonWitb or of the slam ettl.s.
r, IMPariirrYibit la• .7 , e.
The New Orleaal'iarlie, Or elf 2 0t inst.,
, elm amuse imPortent news from Nicaragua and
t r the Mesquite kingdom. The elates are to the
j s th instant, and the news is furnished by a gett 7
I tletatinehose authotity is unquestiened.
:It appears that the - people Nicarugne ?6,6"
grown hostile to 'our countrymen, and have dia
, played their enmity so strongly that the Ameri
! CMS on the Isthmus hue thoughtit'prialent to
1 renicive: The merchants have broken np their .
• busincei at grcat lose. The cameo , of all this ire
r 'said to be the intrigues of the i3ritlahConsuls at
Sin Juan and Realeje, -
Fifteen of our countrymen were murdered on
the highway across the Isthmus withinihe four
weeks preceding the taint accounts. This route
was formerly considered safe. The authorities
were appealed 'OS, and answered in such a man
ner that their connivance at the outrages war ap
In reference to the manner i which the Eng.
lush manage matters, the info tof the like
An English stripling, twee or Twenty-one
years of age, named Grant, is . mtptain of the port
of San Juan. lie is also one of the Supreme
Judges of the Mesquite Kingdom,. the English
i Consul sitting with him on the beech, with two
I native Nicaraguanas, not native Mosquitos, as
The fines they inflict are charged and collect.
ed in pounds, shillings and pence, ' the currency
of the country.nerer being heard of, They take
possession of the papers of all vessels entering
I the port, keep them during detention there and
retum them at departure, though Sin Juan, they
assert,, Ls a free port.
They have eii strapping Jamaica negrocs,
dressed in blue and armed with einbs, acting as
The poor Mosquito King has gone up the coast
and will be absent for a year, leaving these
she's mhjecta of his to manage things their own
The English Consul rill only receive such
communications as are addressed to him at
"Oreytown, Mosquito; toherßiitainio Majesty'e
Acting Agent and Consul General," not in the
least recognisi4dan Jinn de Nicaragua UJ the
name of the place.
Orm en ma a Eloartsrmw—hfr. Cherie. Wood. recenffr
proprietor 'alba Tillage of Heramanrilie. on Lang /eland,
in lumpily the demands for his imde, has laid off an addl.
Ilona! number of lota. Mimi In aim and ac.liry...l ed .
peeing those recentlf Meruard of at that rime, which are
beeold and divided among the punter., to thn same
manner. Them lande are of goof quality—srater and
wood almarlant—and ther Ile directly on the Long Island
Itatkesed, War miles from N.Tark. Ronkonkoma Lbw with
Mmndance crash and trantrarent maim. M ono
toile to the north; Cm: South Da), with ite clams,
awl amitah. I. form ladles to the youth; while Lakeland, a
nasty started, where rung handwarie buildings
are Mrsearif erectod, Immediatelf arhoias ,
is therefore si 'Clentrablu point. foe the eye of the earliellet.
the aentleman. or the mechanic, 4ishing a ministry real•
ileum to rest cm. Weis/elm' the artnation to It, and told,
Wood'. wivertiamoms to anwtherpolumn.
Citizen's Insurance Company of Pittaboro
ri r. No. 41 Wstes street, In the trerehtes. oft'. 11.
• •
C Meer, Peed Jena......... A. IT. Meath, Reel
Thls Cotafrany tallow Dernatxt isuoreoll turthangile
to ewe, atgd transetn. cowls, to
An mine *namely Ow the ability AM Integrity of the'
Intettnthec. la edordol tho character of Cm three , n.
who are all citizen of Plttobartb. Ltd favorably
1.3•1/ to Uld•outootonuty fur their prodearo. Intelligence
eel Weevil)
John Dayeertll. Ifarbaogh;* 44,P.
RE YOU A FATTIER, laboring for the
eutift , of p le n hertnlTatod u Vr= am gabo bs rld nn
o.l),ltowoVakar.%reapet "4=4
Aye you a Mother. eufferlog feturt to :trhkb to
mole one mall& /: ... ut= or ler. b. !Joy • ask.,
Call .tour klal . .., boo r olf '4 negate, ant a
pasonble. ErvdN 11.2% . " ta WU' Had St 4 f.ter +or
eaparilla. as penal* 4 Dr. S. D I one, leo Men
xeane peroessennlyetrinot aloe to al.
boa. hell too coottnnolly sub. t 0.11 ere robe
V="4 Danee*.ariaa er let bolus the
This needlen• by etalelnhat Do hi* r.patinen by lb
numerate Cod troll tabs - fen core*
U r n
not:pg* t ortoottfog , arats u ano t aaom
Urn, whkb restdojteol= oCoabbe to eery
bon, a m e n to Meals.
Be men gag voqulro tor Dr. S. D. OWL - 9 SUATERD
SIItZtArAILILLA, tout tato no ether
Ptiee bttht-4 Wales too $5
loran ogle by
DIL. B. D. 1101 TE Y COL., Perynietoro,
1 Collet. ilet,C.clonatt, 0111.
To who= al:larders tiny bo ohlroseod.
Mao, fen N. by el.tO. Jove, J. tottooomanter • Co, if.
gin g , D.A). Nem, notneend, 3. Noble* 17 loot
eve, flotates= 6 lt . . te ,
( I=k i les; o eny city ;. W. 11. Mon
s .
0 1 3. 1 ifhelloc 'Palueroutl. .arre i tt kegs ' te . Po lt j .
(ItaireviDet Whet A Km. 4eldus. oabolno**
SLAWItIy. on Mordny errant, Man Yteorire, of thb
dty, estreatarl end reopened b 7 all oho • tram her. The
yurrntlydr tat eller , et 10 eY dock this tannin& tent the
,nettorreof Mrs Ifivnt,Wavtisit. 02.14, seen htneetllt.
otttnglel.l.. Ohio, ma the attenteo4 of deo Ilettar..
Mn. Jeer Conn. err of Xt. 10. Y. Gene, teratorly of
thls Clef end Alleghnly.
Oa liateLey enorloy.2ll4 Isr=. Elm.= r rife of Joende
; T. teens. The Pawn trill take plum ten Thunory tiers
at 10 earl. fres the Marne of het tether. Zdteari
Daft. Itchlruon dent itiogherr . The Inner of the
ill no netted to Wend.
TA Meeting of the Executive Committee
cf the, Sound Mehl, Testp,:rtata Assetihd.len, will be held
ee Thunday, April 21 at 4 deka. at We banking Um.
Of If. D. EMU, fourth et. A tall attenihmttb detlred.
W. M. wittily',
J. M. EllthkA37.lCM,
thEdllUE wew.
W. C. It4ltltls,
• triune Dutch,
Quadrille Tarty.
A BONNAYFON'S subscribe:ls to the Ex
tra Party, aOB otbers &Ammar bmOnd.o
ngirejrAzzet w atMLista 1414 Ms evening,
Wbe may toe &Livery a. that rreethr.M"'',llV
AA. MASON & CO., No. 62 and 64 Mar
• coda's, per inpresn amid .
ana et Crape nban la. ankb'.l,l.lll. and plain. - ap'33
lIQSIERYI4 - GLOVES—Now opening at
A.A. mAsorl t (X/RI, . full asslttluellt of Ilunkry
out ÜbYn. . of=
V V ey per exam" at A. A. MASON t Cdls, a new aesort
nu Oa above goad*.
PARASOLS--A choice lot of the
'huvt arks, gyessio by A. A. MASON A CO.
P. C2 and C 4 Market Wt.
e e
• oeror e e evesi
EW BOOKS !!..Buttiaan's Greek G rOM
cue far the me of high icheole and universities. by
dD Bottom. Ifervlsed.end enlarged. by Weser, ,dles
bt Maud Robinson:
• The mat asa..terstos. tad Rebellion of line. by
Ifessylit:lleld. •
The Atitobleidapby and Memoriele of Captain Obadlab
cougar for fanner. flutirs.r 1144 shine:Tater from the
P4i r k fd 117 r ytff, leirf;ti",sr.ji 41."'Crikateu erl a r t o il:
t =leiin • Troasfide hturr, by the guabcr of the Rollo
No. $ sad of London Law and the London Poor.
..born vote jolt r.(41C4 and for sale be
sisti No. SO Market street.
(Post aussdrie sad Aiturtinu <OPT.)
FA A maiall lot for sale by
_-_ EN(11,1158 a "95. a
PM .
1= &coml. and 151 Pin
English and Irish teas. •
THE subscribers have reed an invoice
mad mill hereafter keepomadaat supply Of tha oboe.
uf T e e, Ilm o llgtr id oi c gich cerviir pra.v.4
br tnen7 other
= f 7 ' end 75 mm41147, 7 ' r
The homer whlett hse beem atlverthittg
pepolf of these T. ammtot continue to doom with arsi
'bur of math
We here Wu cm 51.5 • luxe Meartmufot of Fresh Tmr.
of 611 wader sad mem dmuiytm. mid& Ire Where mer.
Pitteberxh v . m.
4„,,c co
&DM, , Oronere tit' Testa.
Bale of Valuable Real Rslate and Iron
Works, in Montrogalia County, Ve.
- OuRsuANT to a decree of :the Circuit Su-'
parlor Court of Law aid Chat cry of aid aunty , mazed la the twat wherein Johanna and gibers were
leatlON, sad Ilan T. Nikon and arum way Cana:tan%
t h e tederallaldndloara, wanted lathe purpose,
..w to sell/all cantata., la add rowdy, on the
ry mayday in data. (toles aunt day,) all then
pmersaLa in ad
lea Wake? W re n ia sate trat lararraien . i ° 1175 . =
Tat ad others to told Evan S. art otbaw,eorr
Wining about 14,000 saw of Loa, whereon ape Honing
k..„,„, Foundry, Nall Pg , tfrg ib tiristad Elaw ant. all
delta b artegrit rondo:me o et= tTr,9==
Tuaber. sad larearale. ban L. two • a valuable leaf
haer, airman, twain property.
Thle too teats is well situated for armuleaurlog porpowe
ppotoytan but of Woul end Oat., Wag
Rth. of e fantelo and tvuolitrostath <away,
opear any-Ilr ma coadh * w
an, raan, beans one or
t t,,, ay:water Vaal at the w and stater cronatunks.
Want Vlanbursh ad eberwatan
CM ate. ide . hte“ thaw ban beau esmoded. athia the
lonian or twelve raele v eterut OAF thousand dollar. tzttbe
emotion of the Bohan lactory, Bias Vaunt
and aber bulkiLona .
The Wort , . oar la Weal/ Van order. Imo:date:
caoreeird with are see rouse War a flu hundred
,4 : ,,opeare Vann lad: tome Eta ur molter
toCtZg....hat.d.thirht7 thetithod bow. snit,
VP ale will boascredit of ono, fwa oldthree Tease,
t IL 3r=g ran bead with wally Ire the payment
tr i rj
tacen mu bearing Lama front
tae day of lode. it L award that the anaarty will be
arena ra tau In par.
I ' 4" thou g'd wW . O, la eurb.way ea
oral teethe the =et to= .4
now vat* WV Its mated landatatr, aref
exact g rad- barlintAk Ina parttime of Ude Tanana
Trez=all do well or-amine the magma
old take pleasal: b la tarn tsh:d any "
t 43.
th' 11 1 C . ..W 4 ld
Mt!. Inuotti, 0
st,zehtetro, MAO 1;1UL I Canothetrocht.
No.Bri %Dal et.
rthe Vonorable, the Judges of the Court
ossess a Q. Pvt.; to and.ffi
Tea r at &Owl , . at Sala Fay tte I.
(nserssysts, iforeiald, hoZably Loreth,
Oar praddal Idavalt CUL =Senate
for as agoaaa travelers, sad others, at his dao
g i Vit r At lateen.* to and rano sp tlyi % W'
of antaota,"". em VW:al" - u in ddly
...(hithatolisartbeib4,er mottothlostbrmAde
aad tiordanam and ta 1 / 1 /1 12 . = " 46:a .
10fflit COPTRISISICIO macomatothAdd,
a manors and trpr•! , ..* tidd flad tin= Is immer
" VAIOCIA Slogs3o)lWWlll.:.hnOollids,
raAt4l=ll l . lll,o ?:= 4 lP
su'id 6 k i& s .f ` L ' A ' .4 s .lft.
Cf RE A N 14'•P- A 0 bDle: for Bale
B E:A;; 3S— 0 bblx. by
IDES—I . OO 00 ( D ry) fur s ll4 i b i L uumuorf.
OEASSES:-2.5161.8. N. 0., fors tle by
arr..l s A. tv. BARBA COIL
UGAB.--30 hid& N. 0., for axle I.y
as= S. * W. 17.1E8A SOW
ACON SHOULDERS-7 casks forsale by
srsa • • .401E8 110TC11150N a CO-
Q UCAR-197 hhds. prime N. 0., foredo-by
HERP-47 bales irime Dew Rotted bibs-
MPH. Just reed arid fir sae br
up= 4=3 A. I.IIiTCLIISON t CO.
OFFEE-50 bag., prime Rio, for . fr a l2 x l.7
RICE -10 cub prime, for 801 e by
ap= JAMB A. 1M1TC111.904 & CO.
TAR, d ROSIN-25 bble. N. O. Tar,
23 " No. 2 Rada; tango 1.2
IIVAD & SHOT-400 pigs Galena Lead;
40 kecs wed Shot 101,4146 r
JANES A.11UTC14113014 t 00.
Jur Lar, comsr Grua street and Dia.
owed alley. Wen Wowed has been appointed commie.
goat? to take &ponder.: seknowleddosents, an., for Na
York, Maryland. Virgin!". Ohl, Missouri, Known'', low
li nna. and other states. •
Steamboat Agency, and General coniiiia r
don, Receiving and Forwarding.
BALDWIN, PLUMER & CO., have this
ear acrorfatrd with them Mr. John Lawton. eel off.,
megrim:crimp , lo thepublleu ateliatoar Agent; General .
Cunimlrolon, vor.rwa v i r
Licrivilax. April 1.1857. 1,r..! %mu... Bow.
(Formerly the Exchange,l
Co.nw of Penn and St. Clair Streets,
rs frpacioult central, and most convenl;
ently loated HOTEL. hexing tern complete', re.
oled, end 'termed, repel," and Improred. 'well be
pened for the arounceoletlou of the On l tlic ou Thttreanf
next. Me Ett.
The enteext th
br Me x. tasty and preerietorof the EL CLAIR
ItuTF.I., reepeetfully Informs Ms !Mode and
. the pnbtie
. .... . _
iattttrzliaL tm'rhchnnetrgt h
oem To't4-a
'The troll knorn central locattau of tLe nous, an/ ante
I , 7l:l7Z i ef o tta a v cr i ange l trattrende i rtak it the . tooet thetas ,
to .1(elt and hope tar to a Literal sheet, of rfe ' iLastee ""2 ”, 44".
aptr.tat C. IY. LILNNetT.
New York Millinery.
ISS C. SMITH of NEW' Vac': has I iu
lately mated her liliu'
r P. - taddNLent
t city. No. 2 4 bt Clair Wert. o , tipled
by Mrs. bud. where she hasopened b..r stuck of -
Ferhienabie epring SULLINZIZI .IXI , FAScr 4100145.
and le prepared to errant< any orders eh" , may be favored
Ifh by the Ladies uf Pinteburgb and emin/ty.
tier NONNVIB will be insat to be of th. Welt elf la.
Jul have ha:s op,n their iipricug supply a!
call, Ktntleenr.nehlu ' PL ' g7,1,-th • .e.tte=
rya wortment Ithe differcnt yualitte, larladins
Vilc‘" r"7 "P'
i soya.
FrillE undersigned having disposOi of his .
- 1. entire Intvtint In tO,Clottlog licoducto to Mo. OW.
Nam", rospertfulaT tmsocota
Tents th ose todebtad to Lim to oil
t-Na 2. Biztti Gct sod beza leave to tal Mt.
Nebo= to the La palle of hue manor potroo.s.
It. S. MU aLAND:
Ttu outworlbwr having putehmed We moolilohot Clo
thing 'Mort of lire It- S. lionotank, be hapPT to "nit
upon his Lamm friesoloMid out - Waters: nol no an lod gm
moot to them to ow% he would Kato that Let hmi memo'
M. Iforoinal's aseWszm In the tone, where may tot found
the tortud indottronnt of Rowdy Itnle Chnlnng. Customer
„wort mode to order neretdom
spit TI10)1AS NELSON.
Vacant Buildings at An :
a ES t ly, at Sa of t
n!ilicAetion, c
, ..ii
trm l kra.'gr a • r . 31 3.1 the
rah of about 30 Iniet =I 5.20 b..olto.,,,l3.finding . goo
ariet I "d l pl 9.
r.s oh 0 vs••.•-•
Peddling Wagoa
A Large and substantial two Liras wagon
.(1. vain wan axle., for sale o Itorso . l jsz..9piff,
A Vary Desirable Residence for Sale.
/Ell.ll Lut tic reigned offers for sale, one of the
usijat desirable reiriileners In the town etalaedllom
L moldy, tilde, enntelnlng about ell ACM of land,
with a large and commodious prick Dwelling Domes tool
out homes, and • noon supply of Minim fruit and shrub ,
btu. One of the best schools in the mutiny fe within a
that Meta., and weirs. It to re.mrembvred that in six
ampdha from this time it willb.withtn hum' Attest
Pittsburgh. it Olin be soon DAP here L oo small Datum
ment tar any who desire s cheep end elsrmit retreat from
the eta. tither me a summer rettimmut or •
Uinta A tan or the whole dr the lend sir=
with the buildings Thiabroport may owe be had DM.;
Nan the buildings met. I will also procure title end cam.
'es . , without thane, a let of pcoLthan two moos situated
on the bank of the thin Canal end about twenty rods
Dom the Depot of thatnno mot esylvenia Railroad, to
my moltalid or einerv i tir WI. *DI rateldich than,. n
antiEseMry er Iron, tou r er Wool. which shell employ
• capital of Let It borne In mind that Matedllon
I. ODE of the Mad beautiful end thriving treks west el
Plimburich. Galrand all the means of HIM:, es well on
bmeta, can he precuts! bore as low one at any point- (Mods
en manufartrerwil ma of mums with great cepa be
transported by Canal or Deltroad.
ilsoditott. April 17, Vill—fardinnw
.A. 10 tort. Ss and 6. Johnd d Lew.' arr.*.
:.5 - 6. Puna= Srvad:
la) " 6. Daniel. "
6. 1 6 -,.. Lang., ITrrnick dim
OLdr; eland; '9
= ". I Robert Norris • "
• 461 " 6a, TIJ. Savant's
,_' 1 :
: t; I t ! ' ll.=z ..
,_. "
.. .
Jart reed an ennsfament tram u.:•onr6and and Lrocninant
'''""444'''''' '
''' T ' .. 3 6,. t . ' IVATERSIAN k SONS.
5p1.... .6 aml 61 Water. and 112 Front rt..
OATS -100 bu.l for oak by
. o= 1 • IL DALZELL a.
!C' „ ALERATUs -20 0 boxes (pail in lb. pa
kJ MO for , app IL DAIZELL L CO.
TIMED APPLES -2U bige for sale by
.11.7 alg2 IL DALZELL .1g Cu.
har r i c rut Cored rcr coprrrs-100 d0 . c. ,,, e the
piLecxwoores MAGAZINE, for April:
and [Atoll's Wit' Age. No. :;d2. reed at.HOLMET
t4P.'-•Th4d OPpyito Pug OMR.
RYE FLOUR-7 bbls. for •
SUTTER --25 kegs for sale by
r eIT-500 La. Dried Peaches;
soo Arplm for
ar2.2 ItOßlour.. LITT'S co.
VIIESTNUTS-30 bu. for bale by
DIG IRON-250 tons for nale by
BCON -45,000 lbs. Haws and Shoulders.
s ' A ` l ' u " ..z. "' " itri
g2ll ttsoN. LITTLE a CO.
F LOUR -150 bbls. eup. Family, fur sale by
BI3OKWHEAT FLOUR-1000 lbs. for Bale
CANDLES -4.00 boxes Summer Dipped
- Died
Str.r. nr hy
apt". 1110BlzON It CO.
rBACCO-11. hhds. Ohio and Va. Leaf,
Exude by 4.1/22. J DI WORT 3 A CO.
BACON -4 casks for .le by
arc: J DIINVORTI.I k co.
l o t OTTER--6 tibia. Fresh. for sole hr
ap23. 3. S. PILIVOUTU d CO
F IWIT-200 bu. Dried Peaches;
200 Apia... for pale
11,,t2 J. a. illLWlMini J. COL.
CORN—SWbu. Shelled, for sale by
tip= J. S. blLWOlttled CO:
TEER'S OPODELDOC-6 gross superior,
1...7 far sale by S RICICEItaII.OI
ay= earner Wool soca :lath stwo.ty.
WAS — ' ea.s.^:,..aCkLivriati: by
HORN— 25 bbls. for sale by
voN BONnonst a co:
A KES-50 dos.. Ray Hake% for
ad 9. k. TON BONIIIIORAT 6 co.'
GLASS -800 be:et Window. ras'4l, fur Dale
Ls 10.2.1 S. S. VON VONNHOWIT 2 CO.
Q UNDRIES:::7 casks Cheese; .
. -
OA; JOXI tax. titled Anion •
_ , bo too. W. tilans.• staiessaa e Mos ,
heart'. brand:
dqC/ ,lo3lnra c .tylui Kid Ihridelrr
. Ind* lame:
VASSIALEHES-90 pica' Inn and black,
L) tor al. br • sp.= C. AItBCTUNDT..,...
DRESSLAWNS-4 eases printed;a. great
"uktr orPatteeafur '" l ` c.
ERIOE DE LAINS-2 easei desirable
B tor .o
1880N5,300 pa Bonnet, 250 Cap, for
rata br C. AHBUTILNOT.•
COTTON -4 bales on Steamer Geneva;
do - do rod PltO ar
lira and for rola br ISAIAH DICKEY o CO,
oat Wader to 4 Front fat
I ao do ° Zen" . a.
do do do Pet},l
d do Fathom.
I do Obosen,frow lesdlbittal ft=
Cumberboo3No2,ood for yole by
I~..:. ~~~y~_.
PENJAIUN PATTON; hating zelinquis !L-
K ' the ',emeti4s of the tai.. ttia Pertnerehlp_.hettia
esiesing totems thimble:ides I. thie.etty dizehred,
re mutual - =gum:. the tmtreathed tout ten of the late
arm, ertil w.twfuled to tylillihist neteetiL
Lae:mammals " sad Efharilatnp# 'park
111 ad 41PRIY.
OORS for *
subecrip g4 uon to Stock of the
atereilMinfany sill bo opined at the *Moe of BIG-
I LUBLI/i, No.lo Width Wog Pittrimuitx on Tarr
dim of liam.
gibl l i'lc.:2 4 ore a I .lt d rMaetti jil at k atte NI% di
,t. P. to Lanre4iille. oliannunlay, t e'dday of
naafi at 10 &door, sad at the more or 4. F18i.., in the
' , inane of llattleld on Friday. the Inn day of' Slay, at to
o'cliet; and at thietormof L9ll - 111DAva.LI,t 0u,j6094;
Dorduan of Sharnaimigh, weatordig n the UliaSill7 .4,
.210 erlooldlo remain <pm from 10 o cipijk,a••
.4, i 4 4
(eclat. Y.. 11 mob dar.
inadismirri—ZlW:.l 31OcANDLEss,
dtilirilltAliAM. j
O. W. 1:11. , & , r,
.. JANUS 131 anat.
_,T ,
i • WY 11 - 81156111111.01 •''
' CiIARLIiI re-nub:v. •.1
ImiltY IL. 1X9919. • l
Joarr ottoLerz.
8..1, I.WaLT.
, ~ It. 11A1WISta
. • IlDifitMatfitairT. JA3163 tiILABP.• l ,- '
tiEhtIUENGS-18 bble. Baitinion4 ',..-
. - 96 ban Latee ft6lnkbilttesl69
NU try , . . 01 11991.991 Dlmir • W.'
VIABISOBRBS-30 , cans mooned for .
by statt _ J.1142/474=1
RuNKRX hiaiDcrimovea - 4. No.
tlt T et Atwood and
Vontlla Cremo.
tin alio W* BREAD of an t o ' C
e ara on
kind, on banal sad xuadio_to order In otoset thne.
FRUITS of the chola. hind on band, froth even ."k
floor the U.- C.ll =4 try. oo2l*'
Young Ladies' Boarding and Du Sohool,
s:151: F. - 6REGORY*llopeita SchOol
Md.. .ran darrtirtliin, ai 246 Pion gum., PIM,
bung m Monday, April Bth, l 1261, 10030 Parents and
berogs annifi . = W . ' snn ' w4 r' ' '''''''''" h " . '"
Further Inforniation may tat °bribed sit thn Mre of
11. kin rtigithirglish 8 Co., Bookseilers, Wood st.
BONNETS!—A. A. MAsou ti Co. havejust --
nerd per nom. - n . nisr lot of the 'moat Whitstable
loring and Ilurniner Bonnet, margining In tart the .1.44
ow Inn Wien Blot limitable, Albord and Jenny_ LW,
Pearl sad Bann, Feld, like Paul, Pedal, MM. Gipsy,
Mime' Cottagns, Coburg and satin, Itrusirts and Rorer
tlx, a w.:= , T,z,:,,,g,0=b7151„.c......,
.• • Front Brick and'Hermi Tile. • •
nTg,tBE undersigned is now manufacturi
bb Stem B Peen, Binalagham, the band
gamest Prat Aria, far lima. ever rod ID he
sill sell oue-thlrd to etteinalf len than headmadr last
possessing perfectly even; mare am.
soot: mama:6P.
oiled man, their cads no Mist or d preserve w
handetene: clear. bright eppeasact6 ea sten la An. Mr.
Knor.'s liburet. heath Pittaburuta the centrist between it
mad other building. Mktg very visible: The bat - sere
attes are mnith superior to the former. 'She front of
anything ilkingentael house ahead be of pans* belch,
the additional t oy p m tanlit.P. •
Catiflean In tor poote.tion, tivws uaroruntent Mari.
Agate. ad Arettitects6 who have used similar brisk es
te:n[lrd,-; cfrtlfr to thole ensesiorin is amanita, dorobit-
Ity, resistance to frot voter, nee, tro. •
Ato manufacturing. • gsperfor artfele of Tile. women
nth bran eminent English Architect, superior 0 BOW,
and femlebed at about one WIT the expellee.
comxoN Imucr.
Aiw,=moO common brick—ecreneth, derabilitr,
stnerantrel. Pete, 53*# 1000, nt the Werke.
I t.
. NDON LABOR and the London Poor,
No. 3. . .
Mysteries of t he Woolen by Eozerie Soo.
el Martaaraet a nova
Tor rale at HOLMES' Laerary.Depot, :Mil attest, "foe,
tite the Poet °Zoe. araa.
Q UGAR--59 hhds. prime N. 0., for sale by
spa JAB. DALZELL, 63 Weer ne- •
MOLASSES -20 hf..bbl. S. IL, for sale by
On JAS. DAIZELL, 63 Water it
HAMS. —l.O cooks EViln &Swift's S. C., for
ALIL AN by ap.ll B. k W. lIARBASIG
BACON—Sides, Shoulders, and Hams, or
EP We by sp2l S. 4IF. K. lIIARBAUO t.
VIRIED APPLES-50 sacks received .d
Al (r... by 021 S. AW. ILLICII/X0
TIRIELO PEACHES-75 sacks Teed and for.
I_7 sale by ar2l E. 4:1 W. lIARBAUU .
A1t .,. 1 n 1) —'.25 kegs No.l, for sale latfin:
DE A N S-6 bhls.,Small White, for sale by .
ACON--5000 lbx. Hog Round, for 631613) -
u, lap2l EDIVEL P. !MITER.
IRLED APPLES-300 bu. for sale:bv
,p2l sexua. e.stuurEit.
DIED PEACIIES-300 bu. fut. sale by
•721 eAll GEL P. SIiftIVEIL
INSEED 01L-30 bble. Guthrie's superi
1./ dr brand, fur sate by L. S. WATI.II3IAit
SO *MIA Rater. soot itt Front Ot.
SH. MOLASSES-20 bbls. for salelry
410,...A170 21 N -' 1 —Afew mole of prime Sides and
I, Shoulder, for rale by
ap2l B.
O. 3 MACKEREL-190 bbls.; Large
Norborrport No. 1 Mackerel. for We ma ronolgyo
moot by HELL t L.lll6tilT. •
Cum] Bubo, Liberty stmt. '
Alta-100 bblo. &smaters' 110.1111: • •
PERSON wishing to retire from busineis
XI Prat sell hls hiterert to mAndrhettengastshlldt
mst In Ws dry, edodplete add sneer/ant cperattone—
Only•pert or the purehard money would be bigarryl.
Address "A- 11. C., Dor',Phst Oftee,Plttsburgh.'
EC - aI : VS Wheaten Grata ,
Vholvale t_p_ta
8 ""P• m ' d S Trz, A. lIECLURO
I!.OLDEN SYRUP-10 hf. bble. reo'd to
LA for soli by 1317ABILIDOS 21SUIIaAM,
419. 116 Water styeet
IrrOBACCO—) boxes 3lookleas d:
oupalur 5 lump, tm rule br
(0, IL MOLASSES-130 bbls.
O anivingjor
U. "ale by ap•Ol9IT
EIREDOR t Ltiolllll3l.
VLOUR--200 bbls. S. F., for sale by r. •
.919 BUIIIIILIDGE. nor 0.1.
:rill) LET—A lsrge &on in the third atom.
En from =taller.
pl 9 MIRY= * LEE, 129 Meet,. at.
WOOL—Cash paid for Wool, by
apl7 MLR MIT k LEE.= Lbomb rt.
2 bblc Lcrd No. I; .
6 meta Fea th er% -
. 6 . Flturedd; ' - 4
. 7I : (- 11.' t.i.
%.1.. . ..
x - . 4 Paded Percbcg to aidiC cc 12222662
Cdscberimd tin?, and 'or male :by'
12.615.11 DIMLY.* CO..'
apl2 ' . - Front 'col Vat., plc
the twee kiwi 'of Where and rood, favored
act Tow that ere wed In the 0/d Canner'—can be bur ,
chased .t MORRIE' TEA MART. cart Ade et the Dlomo . n
osort ad no other Wolf Piltebureb. Prier, 60 end .
mots 3 R. Thew Tees are entirely free hem en b
. .
; London Pickles and Sauces. :
'UST. received at No. 256 liberty eticeti
.., an assortment of Cram t Illkebeelre celebrated Pick." ,
Ida and bacleev e !mode .Addk mar la C.Ack •
Pickled Geld:do ‘l.oreesterehLre dare,
wahlut.e. • dadidd
. " Cur Mower, OAreey. •.
Mixed Pickles W
e. • ale= Seteloon
AOOO Parte, Mdelama " . •'•
Ea. of Ancbeeds,
aplo Omer, and Tea Dealers. .
yHE STOCKHOLDERS of the "Pennsyl
, 'emit Salt Slanefacturin_e Compeer," are itotia
a 'an laelalmeet. of Thelra ilitruirso and My Dolled
per there DI revered m be Pall on the lOtb Car ef
meat. at the trio. 'of Clarks
n t caticr of ter Mont of Directors.
GEORGE. TiIIiMPSON, Treat. and Ser}.
East Tamotsu.. Sari! Mb.
cI ih AMITELL & CHESS have this day, Ap
ril lItL. 2Loottlatat with them eittur-t hleration.
c ek usitgewillle continued ureter the st yle
Tao. J.
serfs• solortfactnia and km. constantly on band all
3! . :l?.f k 'artr• r t° N =PLT= - Vc
04per Naos and auk.% karst' diallr. Copper 44 Lo
Yaw Nails; Pattern Marrs' Points: Mee, assorted Macs.
0.. &..,40. vastrait. CHE SS • -
apty Warabosour.ls9 Water/IL. Yittalloirah.
x. in this city., alrob liortoraLresdt, ard Dynepstaersck.
err. nerd ved an d far sale by
Ryla WV. A. m<cLucc co.
W. Dixaes London Pa t Lever Watches,
Sayarsor to any Witch's arc/ errernlan PittWeruel.
sl Market. street, is
. Age/ Ear lba unarm de c dve Watch.,
alleable guarantee la ar N Winer
fly antulr.l2l.l2t to lb< Adealtr DESLCaI Maser
nometer and Watch Mumfacturar, is King- rquain.. Eiaa.
Rind, London.
Thin eertlites Ulm the saeompepplog tiatolk No.—, h.
learrentol by me to he of my matinfeetecre, ski no Watch
Nub my passe upon it is genuine noteoeleoeithiNNl Ds•
cortilkato Of arbl4 it
punnets* the Weitat 1w to keep tt.e to the sate
leteotion of the musltses. WM. DIXON.
apleisk s.
ILnARD OIL-40 Barrels No. 1 Lard' Oil
rx'd tWs dal per 2,,8. NOW. Him, and ta Age by
G RAIN -20t) ttu..Chttc•
. _,.. 2 y15 . l c ") MAUI t Rot
QUAD AND llERlUNGetrlialtupora
Fh.lenlnntinf, .04 *Ry e r 4 t i M r . l
ILIANGANESS-41 Mita tirmind, for
Madura, for ref. by BESNETT, IrEljar.t CO,
_ arIS • Wart rOvrt. -
ODA ASH—A superiotarticle of ourowu
Q n . Al. SODA 200 casks forliale by
,1115:411LIT.BUJIY CO.
11140KIDE OF,LI/LE=. l -15(fritilirs for aale
br. ma. : SENNETT. BEM - Co. • ,
--7 ,, Illett's t:4nc 444 _ Wear . : •• - . ~,
AUO th URI:WIELD intite the at-'
t.titotsg tray.. te um: MT aucf.t °frog
sucuocr wear. Ibr tam atrritcrya, ..g.las Vasa.
leasatta, bleftsta•Asloarrea: Sunset moth
ages. W
got axle* cf CaiWa= lir. Ir treat ...M.'
.. _ _ Algg ja4.m 'superior Shbil
Ilosi rn' l h r, lat h % warraatel all gal. thsiVe WA
Rai., fancy Ellt 174astmak Cratott, KM ac 4 LW.
Mc,. aid /Icalt.7. at sautddin. caster of Emma sod
Markel greet". . • , • .pl 6 •
1Q11.4:109 BRICK-1 kiln rid mu ,
1-71.1• ebsuahth Dela 1040.1ze
Li n " r 3
p3.31P. HALL.---11.aviag fittei up- a ifrao
, . 11:buw Rom um al micam4 sMors utriliqm r
v•lm Ilan ems auarima sa' . a co' .u.
lant Lc:apt—thy tt+l Itattattli . 10 . 111 .1.11111,'end 11 14
. rm. in tur Pallor, tur , .. ant 211/0 Ltattuc
wa d Twpijed Cu.. 4.7.16 fox Churelvt, litals
Sr, gad at +err low prices , W . 1 V.V• 1 46. , A• • I
~ 017
'BEAK, ASH . --9‘Oarkzi for ea? ty
'.07,1i c It 1171 , 5r,N, IR l mut rt
P CASTER - 20 bbls. . White , Cur ogle b
: •pl 7 W. iy. N11~Y: li'tlrmt~
8AC9N ...- Z QQa prime Shoulders;
111,00 n.o. rale tn.
. lINALLS a nu.Z.:
1' AS
x S
Z 1
QP.o,, , „. 4 PL END o. e
d_iD Far,hf: W
"31ko;t PAPER u
e. 4 .e=.—k4eo co
s"fsoeia paNteast Pmr.*Mab
ieaCTtits aada L b i sd T b rsedMm
ur, , 5 inv./411nm., .
Nipeems, indebted to tho ce:
IN m" of Saha 41. - Eas. dm% am maaestal la make
mama to the s , Ma.. Imams alakaa
•SalmMbeetkma via Imam sal La. tritons=
DRIDIES—A very eerier quelity IBeIdOZEL ‘
. a 'l *a lO. UZI 11E OT a ..L.L,i„,:,
W HITE AX,— case recd andfor teleby
ilQuwacE ROOT ------ E f i n , —6OO tale
1110WTO ALOES—SO iber,for ealeatm
- -
_ . wi4 take place en Friday, AprU2sth,
4 PROGRAM - 31E: - •
lanala Yellacliamata rreinerue, w......
.. &axial
maim eiirtiazo /Mums_
N274 9i - ntlaKi7 ---
St' n t raUr terrsii !rim (Le241,._1:12...... a.
.14-40 b ighti
• rears/co:in.
erp . s.ll. - -Tfrarrlso,
_ _ Ezuton Itatz.n.
11.6 atpar saw__ mant,..r
Itataamta—belia adore.. HI (Harehaenhw).—Mercalalite
Irthaha susL• ' • •
Rallad—Melse. Se - et Home-. .. TIIHWIS
• ' JHAT . 1.174 F.
BUM-• best
endtalent of
e diuo.B.,n - versie ,
V.* It led by Mr. 0-E It ,
tbe.dlreetlost of JULYS 111.11ED1CT. 1.,q, has teen ea.
“ VThe fake cf adscleolon has tem 1... m at $5.
Au-E"rerr seat la the Hall Montero!, for which
earreepatahow times
The•flawo to tw rod O
en t th, ocesnon le Vera the Wawa. ltickerian /. /.4/.4 by
J. H. Mellor. •
The chmee of *rats will be rtszered of r t Author. : 9±.
Yrlday urasalog. at 10 o'clae.T. 1.
WY I'. u.
prawn[ yr:Telma beinc havem=rfre- br /. I krr o
the asoral emu - gag/I' /0 cents will be me/Leto adualaaloh
la the atletlote, Unawake prweed, efrthroh will te
d to his Honor, the Mayor. to be diatribe... to charitable
wayposea. 11.koi:wrox.
ava Agra...tor V. T. llartturn.
Emperor Napoleon's Enter all .
!VILE Wonderful Dio-Panuramie View of
1:31PE110/1 NAPOLFuII'S 1.122:1.1t3L, OngesentLnit
Lvo rentun from 21. Helena to Franc,
of etu
11211, tod the tirt22 31111tmm - Tri,plsy
the ten
tualmon of Ma r=2.11. of the Great emperor to Vowel
eot to Enumbuseml wrn open for exhibition_ at the above
lint, on Zoonfow, nurcl9, H.lneAt.y, Tel.m•Umen
.erne Akan 21n, 221. 221, mml_2lth. 21.-o, cn Irtzsraza
AmmatMook; et 3 clock. •
This magdfkent 2reetaele erto kotten uP fast .3.-
ig nexus, empreesly tor 310. ruum'a 3loseum In 0-
York, at au expellee of elm Thousand I.,lnuml It Is not •
bul mantle of • comburelion of lotehenkal amt
3rtlatlon skll.
Drum open at 1; to eummemer u6dokek. Curia of ad
toiM.on. Chltnen Ulf luxe.
aff2l , o 0.11. NICHOLE, Amt.'
1851:: I'iSRA
EMUCUS Packet and Railroad Lino' fcir
a", l . l .,, e ab e e t lea of kfaT, Ly Eteamm 119314
ratrburgh to heaver, in cuutioctiou w nth the elegantly au
hd harms 1 4 skete of Clarke, Co', from Bearer
n Raven.. .0 the splendid new PSoscllger . at the
:Weals. and Plastra . . h EllillOad Co. to Cleveland.
rmayLveNv .). flo ,
rrzaw. , •
llAlt i.e.. ... —..,.—......- ' N• klalwlw.
Manual !case CaL , Et.,.uog tha Msatagabal•
louse. at 0 o'clock. A. a... COtWWWI.I2Ig With Ma !Ickes at
cater, whichulll leas. hutactitately on tha artivarce th s
Laccosir, arririuw at Savanna in time !praise Es.proasilaha
r Co,. for Cleveland. Pass lly.thnt S. an Co
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