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    tTABLISIETED 'IN '1786.
wmT & CO.
OMMI ON ?MD MCAT, Na, root TO to parr 01/Irt
DAlLY—Seven OnDern Or gunman yaraLle half yearly.
Ir {alai Ito slower.
WEEKLY—Two thOlvto roe anntlnf. Iv adrsaar. Chess
111 be eumlled the A4lowing coudillonx—
op ree wylor we no nem 4
6 00
• 7* yer — Voio neittll D . CZaa ...
n r y..nitnrair4Llr ln thlntnee. 'Noon raperzwia
be teat :for the yr...WM uttlvro the money rept for
One &pm. (10 hoes of Nonpareil or /cm)
• • one .... 0 LO
. . each .1.111.10nal bees[tion.. 0 SA
une 'reek .176
4 CO
three months 9 CO
nea- (OW menthe 10 OU
• .Do. Fix tonoths..-. ...... IT. 00
10, twelve months 10 000
Standing Cards. 15 linesnr los, per mumm...65 00
One Dollar for each add 'lineal t 0,..
• ,' thee exclusive Sena. lat pkutire (per so
- mum) e of the . . 00
Pervert oblitinnal einem Inserted . evrer on map
for each additional men. Lome - to! under the one
belt prin.
Advert...Ms es.reoling a tonere, owl not oeer 1511.000
lore, to be eliergol . • half.
Publicher2 suvountahle ler legal edema/semen. be.
yawl the amount clamed for their publication.
Announcing curelidates fur Wm.. be charged the same
se other advareireorenes.
n a n v bro m i.... mull kd m n tnn e dtil ai d. .rla P 4
meet exacted amoraingiv.
• The privilege el annuil advarthers
stetelly limited to
their own Dome... Inolnaer: .1 all advertiser... for
the 00,0111 of nib, pers... well agelladevrttomente not
ineuishatele otonagol with their 000 bosine., sodail
e 1. ., of aleertistmente. tolength or otherwise, beyond
the lisulta engagal. win be charged et the ...Imam. Tor
all mach flatulent atteerionor. ,bilLe wilt be eepsmitely
remleaval. and prompt payment a desired.
All selverileerneuts for eharitsble boaltutians. Pre come
Verdc. ersol, hmetehip. and other pub. meetiegh and
en. like. to be ebseg. halt' prim. payable strictly in ad
3larrune notiree to be rherced 50 netts.
beetle =LC. 11:1600124 sabot. eharget nolnet emend 00.
axed by (corral InviMtions or obi - Wary notice. andothen
so ertempenled to be paid for.' •
Regular ritivertleers. an! all others eencting Contrannito
Maus, ar deritrued to tell antemtion to
00al. "Soirees, Concert any public eateralsPra%
bare che. are made for admittance—ell nab. of pd.
to losoviabione—every not.. designed to mdl attention to
Mira. entetTlos. caleulated or inlendiel to promote Jodie
maly be inserted with the underetand.
log that tho sante is.. .11.1 Mr. If Intended to be I.
oared In U. local mint. the 00000 0111 be clamped the
rate of nut Imo then 10 cent. per 11..
Bishop or, Notices to be charged triple price. Tavern Liao. Petitions SS each.
Beal Es.. Urn.' end Atietioneere advertbeemette not
ba lee clouted tinder yearly rah, 17. to he allowed a dice
count of
three and one tMrd per cent from the
amount of s
ACCILZT Ot =AMC. Cr 00100 nms.
One Squam, three . 60
{DirL7l5Ol.lll WHISIT
Ons Sow. e ach o linm.) one Pm.
_ • Do. adelltional tosortion---25 cents.
All transient advertimments to be pild ...oh
JOLT N A. PARKINSON, Alderman, Fifth
Ward, Prom rtrw.t, between O'Hara god Walnut- All
Luriner protopUT attended to
(Late et Onientorn. la.) (Late of 10d1e04..0.)
V Pi APiIANT TAYLOR, Attorneys •at
Law-0111m Wourth etrrert.NoleN,Netweeu Wood
• nithlielA etireP: Pitt.hereb.
N. it —P. D. Oliphant • Cnutealminner for the Etat. of
Neve York. spa&
TPOIL.V. a. SIMIN ....... :.. ......... [Law..
5111tiN & CO LLI ER, Attorneys at Law—
an.. no Fourth otevt, above Salltheekt. •
.- Y. WHlTE,Attorney at •Law—O l P
I=!lWert, near Fourth. to JnFtold•
I,,.?l mgt Cl
JIIARRISON SEWELL, Atlt ve at Lciw t
Ohio nun goutiMoner for taktro . tlorCAck
ralmf. Doo/s. ho. ehion—F oh*Oh.
AT P. &
....i 6nl Moto ealnab, No. lditth
AMES J. KUIIN, Attorney at Law, Office,
Tththaval Hall, comet olliran4 street and Illanand
• r Pinsburgh.
JAMES F. KERR, Attorney at Law--01 Bee
on 4th at, Intwevn 'acanthi:l4d and Unint tittnbargh.
FRANC.IS C. FLANEQIN, Attornoyat Law,
tie. WO Fourth otract,ttitterungh.
VNoIVE & WATSON, Attorneys at Law,
. 110 Fourth tdreot. Iltuburgb.
suuent--Aterandor Lap John Snyder. Env Um
ma. Mor oi k Co.: VI. i n John thounur.
counton% deo. W. Junkman, Pittsbu out. innlAr
1' WARD I'.. JONES, Attorney at Law:
•• oak. on F.:mirth Meet, between Woad asul Smith,
JASPER E. BRADY, Attorney at Intm,
N. **WIN stmt. Pitlab... P. •
VI. H. =WM.. ... . . ..j. ' ..J. a. °Mts.
W ara H. H. WILLIAMS & • CO., linzikerei
...iFarbank:s lirokors, North East dirtier of Wood
and streets, ratcturgh.
All transactions made on liberal terms. and collection.
yroraptlr attended to.
EI:). KING, Banker and Exchange Broker,
o Fourth IMIT.I. Noler in Bank Not.; Inns of Ba
c . liold and `clt cr. flints bought nod .Id.
The highest market price paid In premium for Amebic..
Half Dollar, ...I Mexican and epaiiish lioUlare, flog
rands. .
NI-131 LARINEER, JR., Banker and Broker,
4thotree . e. No. fAndfraulog the Bank of Tltuburgh.
WILKINS & CO, Exchange Brokers,
o, South Earl Comer of Third goul Market drools. All
neartiortr nt meet liberal rata.
I.IOLAItS & SON, Dealers in Foreign
: op • and DocnesUe Pills of I:et ,ke, o.rttneatea Of De-
Notfsatel Ppsic, No. 69 Market street, PIM.
l ' itto r Tstiost Ike " thy
fl EORGE E ARNOLD & CO.. Bankers:
,t Deans fis Esehaose, Colo. Moak Notes. N. 74
Poen/tatter% next door to the Dank of Pittsbur s kia.
leettors =While attecht.,l 1,. and tbo proceeds remitted to
mar part of the llamas.
ITRAMER RAID!, Bankers :an ks
chance Brek•ern Deniers in Foreign and Dorman
of linchen Certifier. of Deyoeite. Bank Natty.—
Mice. corner of te.
Thiel and Wood events. directly orPrtliti
the di. Marl. Hong. , •
I CAROTHERS & CO., Banking Houati,
OP 13 WooJ rte., Plrtaba.roA. Carmat Blaney la.
camol raa Ilaxalt. Calle...Yaw made on all the prliaripal
dd. of lb. Ilaltad Stay..
• s. nuttril Om: 4....T1J.
AIR) & IRVIN. Commission Merchants
:tio. 114 Second stmt. Permaal
Estxte gocuritl e. I rup 11ot. Lo 1110.000 al wa rs Wald
I.II7IIrAN rsurre MX.- VIC 11..
AMER, HANNA & C0., - g - uccessors,tg
lacy, Mons Coo. Ilsiouns, Knossos llSanta;
psi &Gem lraVootian sod Domiatic Exclaims, Cortilkstes
of Demon.. &auk Noo, irpaticdortli West corner of
Wald snit Third Aorta. Current Money rewired on De.
posit - Eight Chocks for side, Arid collections toady on MI ,
Ti all 'rho principal pointa of the United Stec. • -
The blgbort mod= 151.1 for rondos sad Amnion
•• • .
mule nu corAgnmenta of Pnalans.ishipped
Cu Metal term,
AD„ W. TAYLOR, Commilisioner and Rill
Droner. 112 Ewald street. Start attention .111 Ito
risen to all nosiness etttrosted to tar nae. Pitts/lariat
notrinfsetored artidos ahrgra on band ar mowed at AIDOrt
nod= Note. Donde, Morltrattest ant nein/hard on es
able terms. Adronote made. If Innartel. 0c72 -
RO. STOCKTON. late Johnston & Stock
. ton. Statioiser, Printer, laid Dingo. ear
noaflitsrkat and Third strretit, Pittsburgh.
_Literary Depot,
Tigto arwt, opro,ic. v tal• Prot N , ez Book. re.
th:=A i o=ap4., ptattisbal at the valffeg
lownrt prim .
110 HOPKINS, Bookseller and Stationer,
No.7S Fourth 4,rt. Apollo Bundiur. •
PAVIJ)I3OWN, in Wholesale and Mail
Baker and OrlaNttnarr.a.s Fourth 'trek., Flthatulgh:
ddiur Calm and F.ury Confeettour.T. altF•r• ,and.
AM mien runetually ntteudcd to.
ift I N VIC, Mactu fa ctriren
• r a rorLc
, 11 (1 Cloths, Ntram "
, 8 . 011. Trim
in:l"74 N°.
R- of Water and
. Market oto:ou. Pitioborgh, Contooloo, ozo VT ,
looLoLoo Ijocu, and lor 'he ourotooke ot4 role of iloor,
%Team Profane, Yorm,Nollo,Thom, ozolthe maanClowood
ankles of I . 4l.borph pmerally.
Almoo-otoont {or tho role of 11. Hoopoe 0., and 1. An
eon's odebratal Mitoont .43 Mr Yorlo. Phaoddorda
pricw sad Jenla cr, A Co.'s noperlor pockod Toes. WOW
A. MeANULTY k CO—Tranaportern,
aiii.ravlra7V%atit Commhvbv tirDr*
THa onvloi 614111[1.0090.
A •34 . entsnai , ..krtt blereirt,, N. 111 Water street,
p.itWM. 11. JOHNSTON. Forwarding and
„ Alptchont, No. OR &eon!' otrort,
kER & JONES, Forwarding and
minion Nolo.hentn, Produce dote
Monotscion.l luttir, C o m a Booln. twat
L Maier
LARDY, JONES & CO., Successors ki
limed, Jaws A. CO., CA=120.6012 and Forlrmling lfer
14 P
a.kre let Pittpburgb Manufbesurvil duals, Pilo
..1 , •
C. SITACKLETT & CO—Wholeaale
• Nalergigt Forel,ll .11 lwm'aue Dry Owl; No. 101.
cl:ittsborrig. g frbl4
LiliailiCera., Jorrnrorr g 00.. N. MIL
ItglgrAEON & CO.. Wholesale and Retail
t...e T and Maple Dry O•rgh. e 2 Ifultot
lad !Laid 117 aoods Allerehantag comer of Fourth
•111• t Unget.g. I ittxbor;tb.
NT ant rum. ... N. nom,
km th
boOto—ror e fol. or Wmtmt and
hooU Osier" kr kird• of Toiloof Thom,
Ism N. 1251 _ Wool street. North door tom filth. 'llt
pR.. Df . lll.liTT, 1:0 - Outlet, Corner of Fourth .
aral Decatur Ist, between 3.1...ut0t woo run strut..
A : F AIINEITOCK ik CO.. Molest&
b *
utriffMtV'T=7:lY " = 1 1 4 14 V
k -----
.... a. mu.)
I. r. atonal. '
ti - Up E il t d , c t MODOWELL,
, 16=ors1;
1 ; 1 7' 4 i "r p= 1 FEL :. I
''' 7 C 7' " '''p,.:4 1I Z ' Z i l l' LI i
_l_ KlDit......Wicidesale Druggists: Deal
!, •„:, , v v it ta t . l ;il/...DPlkuterx. Ind hottrailooor.4-
r r.... 1
~. ,
4 ..„ 1F . V .. 0...rd Worm nr 4 rlA Itti
rant q tr , Plitilo:ii.r Orders 4111 be ts:re fully wk.
1 . sal farrurdsst Irish dismis!,
n E. SELLERS, Wholesale Dealer in
AL:, 'nf.',.. re 4.1 .,„t, 01 1 1 41. , T r IA". : ae.
41 . .
T ees low. [
IQ N. WICKERSII AM, Wholesale Driiggiiit
ki-Zie n ,,D7, , lrr, ; )u—b , r. L..e .l e tt rt issisillisueuitt
irtr..l.ltMlMl fitall. 111..-
REITER, Wholesale and Retail
-1111RAUN &
nrotattioii, rustier ofl.lberty and At Clair ids.. PAL.
grub. Ps. .
I SCIIDONMAKER4 CO., Wholesale Drug
*" ere., Na 25 Wood .t, Pittsburgh.
4101 v. 1111.303-1 - --. R.= .13.1.0 X.
& P. WILSON, Wholesale Grocers an 4
1 1, • CnMinimum Merchant., Agant4 err tale 'a 1/1,
I.nnem Powdor, Nn. Iln Second, and 147 Front ata. 117 , 1 j
L. SIIRE, Wholesale Grocer, Cammisoio4
0: a t ri=cl=l.lJV;l, P ." '" R '''''"` 'f
AhIUEL P. SHRIVER, Wholesale Cr°.
•• oniTliggilV.:O i cr e o=o . .g. th rr t lrwul D r2i
' nd stmt., between Wood and andwferldr Pittaburgh.
Joilot a. 1.11.•0rm.. —...... ..... -.... J 0... I,ll.lrini.
k io
OHN S. DILWORTH & CO. 'Wholesale
and Cotandselon MeNdowits. mad
f r ja ' MaPlPowdaa Co, of Ilazazdatle, Conn., No;
ah•oss •e.; Potcbccce.
. .
BIMMIX) E ING 114111. a Vit ' orealle :
yers lktmmiastort Idembent, N 0.116 W.
treet, axed Ignrt Meet. Pitt•burgh.
HEY, MATTHEWS & CO., 'Wholesale
t:iki '''•
tl ' Aghton ebmm OVA Yar n ,, .sd F or
07 W i alaNittaltal
• to. WAIT.— ..... -....-. ...... ~---JOH3I Puma. i
OHN WATT & CO., Wholesale Grocers,
Ootninisiikes blinelaats, and Dealer. in Produce and.
ttsborott Manularture, No. Vg3 Wherry 'greet. Mts.
bitu Pa.
B. CANFIELD, late of Warren, Ohio,
• Oommistion and Yorganling_blerehant, and Wholei
e Deers to Wesben Retwere Chento, Dotter. Pot and
Ash. and Weatem Piteneral Water street,
nom Smithfield and Weed, sburgh.
LL R1011111.11.—...1t..M1.11..W. IL IMILVII...
B. WATERMAN 3: SONS, Wholesale•
. erm.,. commend= and Porg•rdittg blenlaget..,
q to all kind, of Endure and Pltsbusgh Mancirsette,
Ertt=lt War=ed f' inVreo. "l f:o o o f Se k ao h dlrktel
Kirsh Kilobit/Ith. . .
deUwcer, Paroardlon and lkdonelenon
er I;kalers Pittaborgh Dionnfortarne and Wonerla
Produce. N 0.36. corner of Freon greet sad Chancery L.
AS. DALZELL„ Wholesale Grocer, COM
••••—F1"-•?•Ir'''''Ront irer .17.4
co., .Wholealle tiro-
Slerebant, Dvalcie Thrinc•—
Front 011.04 PitUburgla.
BIsNNETT, late Ea lieb,
. Whole.taleUrommt....l
and Nde. km Yrolurafto
0.12124.00,1 sod nt Viro 0..
11'.10KETSON, Wholesale
Inthortere et ttrtelles. Wlnsa
et Liberty and lrwlit Manta. Ititt. ,
..nn, eaten tants. ie., k .awrtantlr
7 -- eona c. sos.
M'GILLS ROI, Wholesale Grocers &A
OhertmLnlon Merchants, So. .11.7 Marty Ann,
ts are,
gORERT BIOORE, Wholes:de Grocer,
Bad tryingMAUl., &gra In Produce, Plttsbureh
anufacturiss, and all kinds of landau and Dosnest
ttloognrvl Liquor , Yn 315 L IAM le ' W h 11 " 1 4 fir) lane , I ^ ,
Web 111 br,aflow
1110 BERT DALZELL & CO., Wholeonle
draws, Coniudasion klerchan4 . , dealt, In Padua:
Ual Pittsburgh Jleatufacturca, No. Liberty street,
&luo !ERTA.CUNNINGIA4, Wholerlo
~,7 47n1A9
t.and 1.0., I.liuri trlaurs. Ns 301
If tarty stress. I.:tubers:b.
sal ILIAALLY e . aacurc
ISUOMI., ......
& ru
BAGALEY CO., Wholesale G-
We, N. IS and 111 Waal stmt. Pittsburgh.
/0. 1". ...... .
IWICK & McCANISI:ESS, successors to
it. J. lb Wick. Whologala Oconee& Portearding
and enholan Ihnehanto,dsidara hoo t Naha. Wan,
Witton Yarns, and Pitlaturogh Manufactures getterally.
e l iptinc of Wood awl Water sweats. Pittsburgh.
.. tt - truaresa t U. Musa.
P":s:d e r 'Vtist,':ii i ,V,Y:ll: " ! T l a r:triZtir , Ll.!; . 4
rlFt, Pitiaburgh, ra..
Jr. O. JOHN .A.I . T.
?D. WILLIAMS & CO., Wholesale and
• Retail Family firosusr. Fontanal. aml Commission
cram: n.. 1.1 IleiLler, 9, Country Produce mud Pittatunch
icaufacturos, carver of Waal cal Firth sta., Pittsburgh.
No. 255
merry Mort, Pittsburgh, Wholesale Groom, Pru
ssia, sad Chwominiou thaulusata, and &aim in Pittsburgh
0113 ring" ...MD /1.0..
& R. FLOYI), Wholesale Groeera, Com
m. 401:n =an , , froutior d m i t a il l se " 4. ' Wor2 amllll.=
• . b. Plitaburah, 1,
.300.1 , .....-
01IN PARKER & CO.,WholesaleGrovers:
Dealt, In I . 7llitiCr. Foreign Whirs. Liquors. OH Mins
. • ashela and lbetillect Whiskey—No. 5. Commercial Pure,
• bray al., Pittaburah.
37,mN H. MELLOR, Dealer in Ann., Fortes,
/Intim awl Music-al Instruments. bchrAl Tank, ant
buttoner , bole aunt Mr Mirk/mines Ittino Fortes. tar
Western itennetiranla— Wood M.. •
pEKRY KLEBER, Dealer in Music, Mu
sical Instruments. and Importer of Italian btrinar.
anent for Nunno it Clart's umusd an 4 square Ram.
tit Coleman's Mclean Attachment Ala. for Dunham's
1c,.£,, NNEDY, 'CHILDS ..V. CO., Mannfactu
- rers of very superior 44 Fleeting. Cern.. Chg.
t Twine atul Batting. Pmutt.Sfill, Pittsburgh.
_terms_ ......... . ..... .
.-... .... ~:----... .torts V. QR..
ONES & QUICG, ManufnOtarers of Spring
and Flirter Stoe'. Plough Steel. Steel - Plough Wing,
h and Fiddle._ Springs. flammenel Ir. Amer. awl
Galen in Malleable Canines. Fire Engine Lamps, and
Coach Trimm
P ings generally. corner of Item and Front ate.
. • hargh.
"at. Berry .t Co.. Bfoorrfselowoo Fola Ar.h. Bleach.
ow Powders, 31wriatle nod Bulfburio Warobonoe,
:fa a woo,' ft— below Ferry.
,WALTER P. MARSHALL, &memo!. to.
ITV Sunda C. 11111—Treporter and Dealer In Vrerith
and American raper Ilevainire and Portiere. Wieder ,
dtdidee, Fire Ikard hint., tr. Abo—Writhkre Ferd. l6 6.
4D4 WRI7PinZ Perier..No. 65 Weed eked. brkeeeraleortil
mind Dtareortil alley. Yittrbersh. PL
OBERT MORRIS, Tea and Wine bier
chant, East sia c t of U. DlasnondL Pittetronrto
rm. polteorno 41k.. I. 11060.
WM. A. M'CLURO Sr. CO., Grocer+ and
=SIL T "' nor , U .
_b'r.t2nMltrorl7 Wood
Irs find "T. Alno— I g o Amin. and Nut.. Whin..
Do.h...“Polnkt on the 1,0.4
MIN A. CAUGIItY, Agent for the Lake
ane .m Ambtoe Li.. to Beaver and the Lake/L—
-OIS.= the corner of Ilfttee anol Soalthfield ate.
- LEECU- & CO., 'riansporters by Cnial
sod forwarding' Merobanto, corner of Penn curet Canal.
A. BROWN would niost, respectfully inform
I the pulite Lint he Ant+ an hand at Lifland co the wort
of the lAsmotal t Allegheny city. • compkto aseortnient
V ,pitiggp hunks Woo Venitlatthhotten are amen to mho
i . ts.. tomt Ay le. intimated nod to any in the Unsted
• tea. Wm Blinir fan lo retained without the aid of a
dd., Unbar tairehamed the stoat, WIN and .001
. Stai +=hoot establlmbrant irony A IletAolland. i 110
itroam! to farnin their old turners, to well am the pot.
...t hapo.lthi= thing? ghetto.
A ra '''' 'd''l '
. J. A. BROWN.
11.fx...--Iteri4enne, turner of Third purer 1.1 Et-Int
AA, AlleghtrtY•
N.. ilsod, Mortar. Lath, de., !or 1.111,
[`LAM HARDIE: : Vetorinary Sui •un ! bite
trimLlintibrah, YkolJazol. woula rte g we l etibilY ...-
QUUZIt the public that be hat eambeneed Pnetla hi the
aboa , noteonkao nod, by eareftYl ablation to wlatterier is
eb to blatdor bows to Ore soktlytartlom ' .
..I to bounectibn alth Junes limb.. lien* Sheelhg h th t
riee..hehandhlt in Itetwal will he carried on, at the co:4*r
-. • moul Areal tad rebasylvattia Amur.
ZcoitU IL NI Y & LEI. Wnoi DtALeas and
Cotoralrdoe Merrhamtr, for No at. of American
(Lads. No.l3U , Lilerty PL. PilithOr.b.
4. ly-HIAILBAUGH, Wont Merchants,
INntletti in Flour awl Produc t : Rem?, and For.
=Va "4 e lt .' l . 2lgDu ' rtt ''''' l' '' i '''''‘
___._ •
ii.tViLLE JOHNSON, Engraver on Wood,
'Pm" 11.11. (third stami PiUrb 80.N.,-...W1,,,, ~,f
' .6 IND. ilsaldoery, Reeds or Nstrposp,Fru.und.„...,
Dm Lobel. in adorn bars far Urinous, No-
Wl , 040. diraafx. taa le ta. Om Idris
ordfd. the Oman F rs.
AN'S Litii6 id .
ti. ,
Edge. Soria. arra ',LAW= Can
a., rm.drarrd or
ru" so Soda, sod rrioud to color., Gold..orortra, or.
moot *Mond rifle. Sod at the man moat.
Ols - - - ALMS , •
W WILSON, IVatebes, Jiwplry, Silver
surd Military UOI4I. 44704. Of Ililainft end
Fou re rth streets, Plttaburuhas. N, - /I.7lVistehastst MASI
cshaltr teparteL
TAMAN, IViLSOI4.:Ic CO., Importera and
Wholattle Dettlen Ittilardwar• and Cutlery. No. Pa
J irtnnt, PHU/ninth.
)01111 'MaMOM! a. DIDWAT.
term of FLINT and 0 nom GLASP, itelOLDS:and all
krada of MAC!Ma:Wt. fake Ulla naethrd of lotanallar
Mons; deairou. of having mach Stork done, that they are
to do It
the .roper,ble vitas at the abort
. nal., and ha held tal their establishareat.
Pentad three% above the Canal Bridge.Orar Mr Gar Work.
Twee IMO fur Mack Smith aod Blatt Parnarets. menu.
rattans! at the thnrtat notice, and at the lovast
All Mods of JoLhing done.... abort alla.
Gas Fitting.
Pivot street. tietrreru Wood and street.
Pittaburdb. Pee
1111 rite the publie to their
assortment of
riesertrUert. Andantr. Bruarts.
ited deed reertiesbip atm..
'Wegner, Buechner & Mueller's
Pr ITE ABOVE FIRM respectrullyantiounce
n. their friends sod the public grporalls. that they
me prepared to execute, in the tint stria or r an. all
onters for Show Cards. thlts, ,as Cheeks. Visinon
anJ Profs...anal Canis, Maps. Charts. Saheb, As.
Their estalAshuseut Is at No. t 6 Martel street. hatassen
Third and fourth Arent, upstairs. triehßtf
Bolivar Fire Brick Manufacturing Comp'y.
ISUBSCRIBERS, haTin k been al)-
rointsd Agents for dm above nate concern. aill
keep constantly ouband a supply of the tele rated Botha,
Fire Briek.Crucible FireClaf . furnace Ilescl/datallnirsils.
They are in
prepared to receive criers ger said Reich. to
be made in dee and shape to snit purchuers. which shall
b' r
. 74e not "
n deem "l
It nreesserT to andocrate the many atb
'mdse. the Bolivar Flu Brick poems over all others Out
have been *tiered for sale in the United SW., their anp ,
rimity being well known to almost all perms who to
Flee Brick. The prteprietors lure determined that the
Brick shall late acme of their precut enviable teputation,
L•l that no eaten.. be spared to nuke them even
etter then they have heretofore been. This in the ouly
establishment now Inaunfacruing FM/ Brkk at Bolivar.
meta Cana/ Bade, Seve Klß nth at •,
Pittsburgh Gas PIO and Tube Warta
HE undersigned have just completed their
and anttsow manufachtlina al des
tonsutiro atel other Flom and all dens of
which titer offer for .ate at the lowest prices. Thor are
now Prepared to tomato ardor", to any extent, without der
ja7. SPAN° a CO,.
No: PI and 92 Water Kneen
Y !ills,No. 060 Lihertyh st
or of Adams ~ RUM:mann.
rcuoLeCs , Civil Engineer,
Dranghbonan,and Practical Yml
tralghts or .ttodeb for tbe Palest Oillor, of Machi
nery err Miner, Warrallfraint Nab, Mar lc
Wood betwilt 10 A. U. abd 6 P. M., at his rasidenee, N 0.21
Marton. rimer, Plibburah- 1.1431106
PA. MADEIRA, Agent for Delaware Mu
tuts Safety Insurance Company. 42 IV g ter stitrt.
JGARDINER COFFIN, Agent for Franklin
Mire lerrirsziee• meth eYtwrsvr of Wood
Tbitel :dearer.
Itrat. GLENN, Boor BINDER: Wood street,
V V z
Second donr.frura the. conger of.Thlrd, , wbere , b,ll ,
I:7;=.ltrg..k—ra.te ~. tal
boarod ,utootantially. Boot.. to number., or 'aro...,
bound conlially, or rrgalml Natant pot onlv grilt 'Atom
Those who hare hindlng aro Invited to fall. kw.
M ?CORD & CO. Wholesale and Retail
.LFI. Manulacturers, CO.,
Hasler, la Iliala,tNiin%
earner af Wuxi and Fifth nearby eunteten. t enter
offer aaJ rreaplete atoelt of Hata, Otpa, Fart. Lai W
4vality acid style, by Wholosal. and Efftll.l.l
Tibethe atteutinii 11r Ilielychatacrieraml pott h ;haerni saner.
ally. mina theta that they mill tall an paint adv..
virm. DICBY, Merchant Tailor, Draper,
end D.-aerie Needy male Ulothinio37Litediy RL
New toiiiliFactcrry—Allzgheny.•
M. A. WRITE & CO. would re
. beer
-ac.4 l ;l.,: =fal c r Inf . ,i , r , l:ll.the o.,t, they
,•treel.a, They
nowasuklto, and am prepa cleral
red In metro
olden • (..recur drocription vehkles, Concha, Cbarlota,
Swwleba , Irge/ Phadout. Ce., rhkh. from Mir
long experienee ill the manufacture of the shove work.
nal the !twilit,. they bee, they feel roultlent they are
, erbled Lrtorithe:ll.tit e
.rea.ronable term. with
, Marin•particular attention to the alettkru of mamea
having..., hut romp-tent workmen, they have he
heeitation warm:dint, their port. Wetherell:de ask the
atbddlota of the public to Ke tt
N. IL Reptiring done In the bait manner, and un-the
Mad reaannoble terms.
EAGLE MARBLE WORKS, (eatabliehed
, by. EDMUND WILKINS, No. 184 Marty et,
Wocal etre., MUNI:Inch, Slouumetta, o ur
Vaunt, Tomb, Ileabdones.d, Pier., Centre end
Pier Tope, alarm, of, hand, amtmade bunter.
N. ii. A rhoir. relectlou of I.lnTina, on hand. yalo
PARRY, RUCHES & - CO. are preparecrto
do all kinds of SLATE ItIYOYINII.
ALEX. LAEGILLIN, Aet., car. Etna at. • Canal.
At it ater Works. Putebuqh.
iirYlate Roof. promptly 1,111111154. [NW,
r,i&i..:4 1= 1,41 1
1 , 1 ,,Les of Br.
/mirth and Ileac t streets, Pitteborsh,
torng ear, at the roninirtionnent of the :few Year, to co
their thanks to their customers sod the poblio purr.
ally, f. the isrge Aare of men,m extended to than. and
invite the anntineterice of their favors. Hoot reorritir
cabaret! and improved their room. they aree..Ned to keen
on halal • eery extender icalentnient of Ocala- and borer
wlll hare the advantage of plenty of light to ermine
goats. and make their admix., They design Peaking
their establirtnssent, aft far l
ne Fnetlea s, FAMILY
MK& where every article in the WY Goods thee neaLed
for the .an of fernlike, ran be proennetv-ancl rs their ,
continued efforts to mina the lent go-ad, eel injwil at lere,
prier , . they hop,. co snake it the inter. of fernlike nett,
dividend, to horn them with their cturom.
nat..The WHOLII.dALE he-continual - 1n
the morns up etscre—entrenoe from aural. or through
low rr faun
earner of flint and Market greets. The only char
red I ncedurive of the kind to Pittsburgh.
FAMLIT.—John Fleming. Principal instructor in the
idener of Accounts.
.•• • -
O. & Chamberlin. Plot.. of Perolneauehllakleceerdele
Compulatlnn. An
Alex. M. Watson. Eau., Lentruvr on Commercial Law.
now &tiring a
bane:le:lu of took Koeptna.
and In application to every branch of balmy. alto Ar.
gent wed rapid penmanship, are Wetted to call and avm
bee the tarsal:el:news
lecture on Ceneuterclal Law every !loader everaln6.
Refeyence In any of the reed.nt city merchants. lac=
,or, „,, ESTABLISIIED 1832, by EDMUND
! IVILKINS, No. 245 Liberty et.,
hand of Waal atreet. Yittantillit. l'n
Manutoente.Burial VaullanTonannonet.
de., Mantle Piece, Centro ind Paar Topa.
alway st M s on band , andand mad.
to ordmal lb..
cankaunn at van nail:nal
N t e,t t l a. A choice adection of Drnainas on
Tbe anent ..
;! ... i ... 1,: c,, ,
:, Ported i n '--- '?_.•
.--.- I I
k Ii
Ron. IT/inner Drool Clark Tiernan,TAO.
ILon. Judge Li - liking John Harper. Ens
Wm. Rebhan Jr. Jos.Til Elio, Architect
Job. &Ude , . gm ' , Cash Sow, Brokers.
Pittehurith Hang a:tuner & Rohm, do.
J. 11. Fhorobenres, gm. 1011 Cull'. do.
mai...naieer,.Lie, Mein k Sargent. do.
Hobert Megriliht. Wm. Lisiodef A Co -Joe. Ilegoight. gag, Drating• D. T. Mork. A .
Joshua Rhodes * Co Pennies
S. Lothrop.7.Pq... Aliesbe.r.
E. W. frele grstrfal for the eery liberal patronsg..-
reived dosing Written yr.], in th is Idly. hiring hid the
isroest .t 5 brAi jobs .truttAd to t& nti to the firerrat
time, sat 0111 tottlerror to render ratisfaction hereafter.
fluitumr, Wangroomm 97 it Third street.
j. W. mopectfully itiforms tioalvit . and
customers that Iv rm. oow colon the Octg
solmoststok of household (Moil.. over bettors PeOZI in
city. u he is detormincal to uphold the quality with
weitmemonod tamodain, boot workmariohiP, and Omen de
elicosc sod from the extent of his orders and bonny to
mauotartuying,be loonabled to pron. warranted f oral
ture, M. the lolomt prices. „
km adopted Um principle of idoottrying the custom
orne Mimeo& vilth his own, in uality nd price, and ImMier
alWayo Oil hood the orestoot v a riety - o f ...0rd....Ti t -Coo of
furniturr, from the chospost sad plaineol, to the moot elm
gam mod that s boons, or ally part of ono. MO be
furnished from his Mock, or rammfootunst wooly to
aril,. Ito lbendine mildta an to that the admits-
Isms of his mtablishmont may be known. The fulluwiug
ertkim egotist, in part, of hlo stork, wldsh fur richnent of
tylo and finish cannot In ourpasiod lo any uf the taistorn
Parlor; drawing, dining, sod bedroom chairs. of evory
then,istio of rivomoul, mahogany and walnut,
Elimbe tionsomatuloo and Easy Chairs. of every der
mignon; Couches, Wm, Tams-tens and Div.. oftne Wort
Prraele sod Atnelientl pottorog, Tod., Whop to and
Who' parlor Writing Desk. of various kinds; Work T ibia
and fancy Inlaid Moods, murk: stando, and bolibm, mortar
tops mohogorty, rumwood sod walnut centre sad ogliaom
Woo, extenskro dining taidog all Musa( lme swot improved.
and deckleilly the Mill
card, Pembroke hall sod
pier Udder, wardrobes, n sod waohriands of oath •
large aosortmook goth ehall and parlor reoptWo choir,
ottoman. sod Numbs imretary and look coxes, oldo boards,
be Fer , eoA, towel melts, hat stand., and tousle etnobl, nibs
and sots for children: in , P , Salmi" table in.! H
mahogany. rolasond, and hilaki peoet Toll., to An. Re.
A lame mornment of Common Wunsituro sod Wiodour
Chaim. Cabinet soaker. supplied with all articles to their
ithetothnste end Ituteh. tarnished st the shortest notice.
- • . . . .
All firdersPumPtir. Munded
lAttarney al Lan, No. lel TIAN t..„ corm. of mom
ey. having made errangements Yoe ploPme,
procure Bounty Lands lid *Mem soklima. Their
W . and children and will attend to any other bud
ner, nonneeled with * Me govidnment or anyofite Dityart
muds. the Pension alio, or the Court. to. Mir of
Wariblimton.. ja'27sidl
Drawing, Perspective, and Painting in OiL
41t. O. R. SMITH. io now prepared to give
litetrtintion to fete pupils lo the &Mount brsirehrie
b delightful art el late room. In 'Mows.
,liiistire A
tkinsorre new huiltlitig, Wiest street. between Wool mkt
Market streets. Hours of lostructloo, Irmo gib soil
Irmo OS' to ES P. A. Charges sod other psrtleolars can be
Istsiorn hr calling (itfteritooo) st the rooms.
/ler., to Dr.(leorsto or Dr. Addlrth AMA!,
oulry.a tx xxxueßoz, bout, asta. NOUS, LC.
.No 74 Inntrid .11, mai to Bank of ittistoundk.
Not. 4 end Drab redleettd 444 411. parts of O. Alulon.--
11t0 , 4d ' , meta nod sold on rvmmfnfw. ratddldorT
riiTSßUliiiiidifflZA§l§VoßK .-
W. CONN MG lIABI CO., Alanorortrers of Worr
m No. Bleakst street. tete.. d•
PA U ob, Pe..
Psalmist.ottentlon odd to odd Al —Deolore
- nat. Glase. Vial. Bottles. re_ dkeS
Srafrai , 1 - 63131ooarirghlits,'
• Dry God. Gramains , Iron 41.0 Hans
over as wan:Al stri wycl wrizaros
, •.1 • LI .7 11.
• • .
or ralc,L g yp q
, zo• - •
Name of 'Dote 01l Port of I floe 06,1 fleflkliddlld ,
'b. ll ll.r. IDePoWelDrlartarre 'robing tol
-- ttprl P llll,.si Ne :r 1 : :Ir k . Fllt t rwillpt i caZltlk
Afrlee2 " .... Apra B 3 new York - felltitolu ' uvragmt
Lafayette—. April= New York U. Stale likereitlibui
Min. 14Prit D 3 New 'York U. Stake fl V Rev Ulm
Mewl= --01prIl 3. Barker ~, if IlfUrdo; : lAfr , Bl . '
Cherokee-44,61 •-• New York . U. Stater Msgr.
Nue:nth,. April New York U. Mateo ehaVa a .1 .
Par.k . May 1 Nev York. U. Stales -.,thlefPwll
Humboldt— May 3 New York U.. Slater fferrellabm
Aria Toy TlNnw York II Brttein .. LlforlaWl
Lafayette— Bar HPldledelle •V: MID. LtrorPaß
All lettsnw and newspapers an baud Ow ,
bawl si! Mwalland, aro sent by, Ow prdt examezo.
.• •
Lettere to the ewntinent of ,Ctuove. by./bw lino.
Intuit be prepaid twenty me - nett/I r rale, enwr br
r. to . gr t}nitl ed i n c' ett unn: r bY L tbn '
mug. . 0.14 , k1 dee mats s• tingle rate; encenbtn*lbose
Owes required to be prevent In
Newrpei..ra by either line, Iwtbe fulL
Continent. mast /ffle Fre
y.] four "ea.. each.
. • .
Inland portego must be addrdan letters shilneirsnaporii
to the Vorrtinent al Bump, by Me Llarre. and Bremen
lretren by tb Users Ilnp must be pr.paid [tent? bur
rents per ball' ounce, Inland mistage to be added. 4WD. to
°rest Britain.
ASIA—EeI (o New Tort.. Aree 12 •
'marvels can DEPARTURES OP *An&
Ginenebora. Chambers!,tutr,.Poll4.dr.
New York, Ladern, Centre and Northern parte Of 14. , ark,
elaware, New Jerxer, and the ela New Leotard Iddea. —
The llntlela YrOTIVIray of Lower Canada,..Nova Roth., sad
New Ifrunsnlck.d.L7. Arrlets st 4 r. K.: Departs llidayabarit:l 4/1 P. 11.
Illanwillte add 0...
toduding the rounneo of Bratlnird. Cambria ß ~ COW., Clio.
ton, Juntata. Leman. 3.11141 a. Potter,' Perr) ,
Mom. Union. aod Pert of Weetmoreland, via Wedmore.
Morearmille, Fodem R Made, New Alemealna, and Ind.
aaa county. Aeries dear, except ItCdldaYS • a 4 3 414: &-
MIL dolly at IX P. n.
klark—Of Bader, Pt, Mai. s Crldfidni• 9 lnt
essontle9,lt emarn parrot San York and nprer(kmada49ll7.
Arrlns at 9 r. and &parts. 9 A at. ••
Formats .9 Wionimr-11T Washlairton..ta. ti r.
FiLyette. 80menet. raft a Weanissaand county, lath.
U+7 19,9 1. Mthnstoro, Washington Mi. houthernamt err
mu parts of Ohio and Indbms. Kenturkr. 111100 K T , " El 9 f.
res. Alabama. Iflssmoti, Idlsslotpsd, Arkansas, North thew
1199 . Gmna. lsaldassa, Florida, and ;sus, dally.
at a r. N.; and dew. at 0
Flennft",;"=Aragaj:gt Meeirl=-
eon, Carron. nam. and Tnacenwraa otaintleaOhiadallr.
artier, n &pa
Norm Wterreare..--Dr Bearer, Pa and Clevaland e Ohln—
Deaver Co" Oolutablanratoball, l'ortase. Oneun
Inehlana, Lenin, llama Ottawa. Eria. amdtutr, Wood.
and Loma mantles, Ohl,: the extreme northern mantle.
of the &als or Indiana and ltaludlna all Web/.
gaa I.
•• and Reeennalnedallr. Arrive. at 11 a. X; iler
Darts at B
Kinurna.--ity Shaspbmx,f lamrtaa. elenelaid,tira•
tam, Yftelnrt, asaalos.X=mtoitms, Armautag, Um-
Ina, and Clan:go K ld 'maim, daft, ...t% 8.4.1.
rives at I it. r. and departs at
Idtarm-110tre l ailliv, Wasgird, &limo,la, Parton- .
villa, limit= tiros Lats. Antra , Toads) . ..
I Th risl u = " atid Tridar, l l4l.ll. • M.;
WV'''. 11'4.714
lizaskarg—,y Hall,,Tohirrille, and Mao
angahata Qty. A/TIM Faradays, Molars, at IF. w.f &-
post: Wedstestars awit Saturd
r. y; at 00' • •
C 1 a I liEgLthuatr 'r ewia,
_ ‘ 1111. 4 ,; It Mg
Oxast6n, ften.P.ll+ to. LA...n -13 Fr
tea, AlliTta 111.1070 asig Thurvitara, ski do
parts Mondays end Thorolare, at u.
Itorguis, 1"..—8y Walker'. oaills, Nobliwtown, Pada,
Barkettsteint. Crow Credit ViLlaga. liattarsoni. rw—
liatbany,„Ta. Ards. Holidays arid Mondays. at 10 a. 04
depart. ilivoilas toki Thowelart, a 4
Familiar. Y.. —Br tlininn. tiolorktvil la, nae, Mc*
tours, Fratiklbrt Opting., Vs. Fairview. oa. anis. a.
Fralar, al ILI 7.04 deart. OD y. .0 6 0.0.
Seasa - ra.-11, 10.01.021. 10141, Walthangtoo r , and Apollo,
Ps. MTh. cal iVoltaislare, at 8 w ihitartr klooditr
at IS a.m.
I & tscuitre.—& Lamea's Term. Amine op Priory. at
sr .: Vale datuatertM 6 M
husurr.-87 terrimUle, lamfard, &matter. tads.
Prosper. Whltestow. a., Mahatma Warren MO %mum.
mouth.. Armen daily at 7 and &Dam at 6% a. rt
Lettere Le the daily malls most be la the Ulnas mamba.
before Metz &warfarin 'letters for th. trtereeklr, weal mealy atalla most be la the Otkeetulf as boar
before tbstr &mature.
0.10.6TV0 DAILY rot TfUt 11111711711.1111 6.41211 Ti. It
• N. HOLMES & SONS, Bankers.
N.hT N,rbtd t third zed iburagr. Patatwo.
Bank of Pittabangh--.natiltranett of ilfoorter—,...k.
Earbango Bank of d0....-par Branch at Nanln
!dor. Ilan. of d0....-..pat Einuab at Yonwitoart.-...d0
Bank of (Nantaarra....--. r Hank. tlminnati. to
Bank of North tkontuercial Bk.Lineinnatt
Bank ofNorth . t.Llbeftbraptx Pfankan Bank.-...
Bank Or a.a.ll , waa-.(.r lawy..u. Bank.._.._.Ato
Pakk TnnaatOP-Pao OOP. Lila Ins. a lb-4a
Bank of tto. Vatted States 1k Wader., Bosom Babir..--.40
Caottanotal Book al Pa--par Bank of Maatillon-.... do
Meant Bank— ..- NEW ENGLAND
kau.iuoton Bank.. -
klanufar.. A Wok aW Twat: —
Meolanie. , Bank- -*par New Yotkllty-.....---,
Bank of Obambera . un/1
Kaiak of Chant, County.
Dank of Cumin.
Bank of Uey lb. Cheat,
11.2 of tirruunnown-...
Mink of liattrabennb.....-
Paalrof Larnlslonn.
VIMIX. Or Rikiafrio•6-....
Montgomery Co. hank—.
Hank of tiorthumberkand.
I.Srlie/ra ...-
Ckilurabla Pk tiring. Con
Dorkalonnßank ......
EL.= Bank
Fara:err BIC of fruTii• Co.par
Fartarre Ilk of I..aneattenpar
Va nn.
Vann. Mao( Salo=
Yarn Pro, ir arninburn.l
pa l
Franklin Elk,_Wartilligton par
l l lassialt ool rur l n ß lrank
Lantastrr bank..
Cksainty . .........
B ar r : anßanahn t of . F
0115 ..- i Bk
Rank..l-l.• I
Mononrakela --..p 1
pyoninnok,Vllkorarrenr r
York Bank ... ..-.... I
Relief I
.11101anieriali 2
• . .
• .
Aufroota IlooklngCo
Bonk of August. . - 2
Elk of Brunswick, Augu5t......_...._
All oolooal bank $
. .
Bt of Rotoolty.Lools.illo 1
B o of . Loulrolllo. Thorrtoo 1
Nrtbrn Bk of Krolacky 1
kookhero Ilk of Kooroolty 1
State Bank and brand... Jan
Bar.t 61 Minot, 76
Ohlo Stataßank------ 1
Brancßranch .
Bridfrwit- do
Branch Chlheotta.----do
g raerb at CIPTYI•ja..-....-.1110
Munk at Cohnoboa do
Branch .t Arbtabotn----do
Stanch at Salem..-__.-do
Branch at Ma.ficll-_-__do at Cit do
Branch at cnlttrobna _ do
Branch at Warblostort....-4o
Branch at C. 1....
Smartt atLm ..... do
Brawn. Steubenville do
Brandt at. at V.r.ta___do
Branch .Nonark ...... do
Bnoeh asElyria do
Ora.h at S?rladleLL---Ao
Branch at Troy do
Brunk at Ilk Pleasant---do
Branch at Zanear111a........d0
Branch at Notnalk ......
Branch at Ildna.------do
Brandt Portantooth.-.--do
lintoolkat Eaton__-____da
Branch at Inarrann..-......d0
Farman' Asthma, Bank '+
(ranataetzt blank Isank..
Ronk of Ibo People, Torontoo
giNf=: , i;.•l
On Mee Zack (p io rom)...
On Pttholetpkt
IhrEalthboto 4
WESTERN axeuXiibk.
FE Loch.
Doubloons, Fpxouh 16,00
Glid, ne.
Tan Ths
Ten Guilders. -
taloyl 'lads tro.
e'oy Co.
D. coop. 6's,
Bank of l'lttatnugh....-.
Mercbants . la Siam( Bank
IS Inhume Bank--
Atkabany naatuks Tank
1.111.01 ROCKS.
. .
•illtsad Ilt. Ltridge .....
NOrthe. Labertles...
IVllLlamsport Brkif,
111.1711.1 C.
Wirig4rn lenitane.
Citizen? Innurane.
Atsuctuted Fireman's 1.,
Pitt . g
blfte.3`. Maxtt;tie:—.
llenoVela.' Mart water
Yougb bray Minimal,
tearer, stand Ralf Road
Ohioa Prater, Roll Huad.
Nait. a Milo Hall Road-.
Miranda Wellella Lit
Latino it. Way. Dry Dart
Krt. Canal Honda. (unit.
Du. o. (twat...
Turtle (Walt Platilt Heed
t Perrirrilla Pt lid
iltueurba. Turuidka
Chartlera Coal Cu
Pittsburgh k Boston
North Ass...lion
Plttnbunrh t lale Royal.
OLIO 1.1. Royal
DOUZiligl LizAlChtnel-
Fresh Assortment of Spring Goods.
TIIONIAS PALAIER is dully receiving
from the ldeatern Mee, at the obf stand,
Na. 55 Rolm STRUT,
Betteern Third and Fourth streets, AffibfirSh,
IVElntergaktir; ta boo. th t= g
for • bog w-riod. The paths... _are *away 1 . 6 .1 th o
ee~la. peenharly MUM Jud i th °oh la romp of , a ny ,
bUlty. stuirmweed. Prom 0 cents upwardly_ wt...
ramp. To thle attractive lot of goals, of which • mum a.
ural. Judgment can he gamedlie sight than 4MCMOMM
the , attention of merebanta and bold. ken.. 4'
fully Melted.
T. 1741 -Iw ,
r1..4T"1" rteul 1) =p "
Eastern Rechange
PLULADEg i nt immoitt
ill. 41. NW, *ADM. .
Coins for gala bs
cprrtmke I A L
..:Itaimitois:Ansica.—Advertlsmeat, ikad rabomptionl.
ails mei reedved and Onvirded (reran - muse. Trum
the waessiti;Jpra V.; 18M.
' , ' ItnnArns—Shnmirktigruerally. ban been
Ont. during the pant Arent. and IT. barn no tagnrial
ehatagn to nalleeinquotatlont. iteatbei Ann bee.. .ern
31Inattled; nod the Implant, boxy/ •ithts bad Cho
feodenel In nbnnk n9trnrUntis Ints ntasklersblannlent.
The - Ayer le alas {all. there Lanus about 10 Peet water
lis the enamel. a merlin, of Pyinlanma boar been heitey
.pdirot titit....diwca. large ablynieute
east, supplies h e been kept pinta full le this market
"atin • heavy 1 Lime hoe Gat . Mug. The receipts of
Pour have been orniparitlyely light, but nrir.c, hoer no
ifyyffene no change.
. The canal Is nue outer. WM m Immune booboo. 0..0
Li4n donna ho In the .way of impartsand reyento There
Li tiring:nth', Lu the chew of the annent yea., the toll
will p t • large 11;ereare on the bunnies, of lan
The wholssai uterrhsofe of this city, in the rerimie
bransipat of 012. trade, hen .bno actively managed in at'
attroding to the wants of their country custamene end
there arc abundant &uphill still eve hand to most at/ the
drmends of the trade throughout the mature, on totem nut.
ardently limiting to meet the riewe of buyers. From tits
pnsiorif foe shine of water in the ricer, the large number
.of hoets atifime.d in the In the trade, and the overt/owing
surplice °revery description of merchandise, both forgo
and dormegic, now to be found here. there never era+a
better time toe annutrytnerehants to refit this market fur
their erring hod ere ouner kuprdice. ant we autkipate a
'brig brudoese for mu wholesale dealers foe same time to
came-411 we went to iliftlTC a lively trade lu this city. Is
stood plasma( water ici our three—thle we we here et
ammo; maul there is 111,11 every prospert of Its nentinuenee
thregighortt the erring scion.
ABlll3-11ustams montages quite moderate, and tax
have rbo hem, Wes to report under this head. Pales of 10
Masks Ana
I. at 31{4 4 tom Pennant. Is selling to
emitlersr at IP:. Plierates at te,33.,:, Potash 444 tis it 0.
APPLM-sitmieipts use demmadar. owing to the latenvs.
Of the KUM Pales from ant head, to • limited extent
at, $1,14 , 011.03, anti from nom et $1.20 ((11.31 40 $l.OO
ALE -We have tin chin. to notice in prices during the
Dwit .Lek. Vre nod. • fair business at Ptic.. 3 ll lo . 07 . 7
SO to WV, mak included, ihr common to extra c.lltien.
ALCOHOL—daI. regularly at 60d300, actemilog to
• BWOON-wilb• receipts during the part week have been
notwithatanding the heavy ebipments mat the
market emaltio. In giwd supply, and a heavy b...
bat been ding at full wrier. Mao. the sales which
ha. ..Spired daring the past week. MT the foliewin M--
00 mists eastern eased. In iota ea Md.% for hams, 0'(43
ex for shouldem and 73( foe aid. 14,000 Le thoulders at
034 i maga rka at o , 4oWeli for elmulders.. Nan; for
WUe, aced ithl r fdada for hams. on Mum 15.030 its ski. at 710
ca.; WOO h meantry oared should.. at Whi, cash: 00 I.
sag. enral hamn tans... 00 frinn smoke
haute of 30.00313 s prime aid. at 7h, rash; of 10.0U0 by
aboalders tiattlX. and of 10,000 Pt hams at ki(aSlic
11. Ths mood mite Ts munery curvit baton are 03f, difia
,7xe4,.. for shoulders, Mies, and bat. The market con
tinues very Mat at thean prices, rich u unprovins ten
DMA MEAT—Sales have beau oeuttonuively light
1e5T1,404 la country rut. bee roues. at &ml., seal a
4.000 b• Adel at 4.‘ic...4.
ME:MAX—Son/I ode tranapireal at 7.162.1e,frum0r5t
1161124(gMe rhea atom
LIEL.N3--fleeelpta cantina. light. and sups.)let .. llmlt-
mo. at 11.taaittl.76 let Lo, for chat,
*fill, al alga' Cur, tulued.
11110011.4—.1tereipLa hare Dem Leary. a6l the market
waretztekod. W. quote from fir 6 haat. 6 et:X(43161.1V.
aralt t feace atoralat 11,14.1:641,Z61,er0 rp dot, at... Larding to
/11JCeier$ I, ..tut 2120 mark 2
rather 4.11. Iteatular sales tram tor*, at 32.1262.15402.2,
for ba4ela..ol 1043,01 3u tabta W. ..r 0. 0 0 rmm
brat haa.Le 11,5764 for bucket& 6.1 $3.2:447,5a Le
001. TER^ - Th ,. *.PPII. conaLA ton Ally of common gaali-
Um. Baku ot.zo hotel/ ,tam print et Iler, ed. roll I/
slling at 140 l4e. .r.d einamoo
BROWN of Pittabomb matacifaetur ,
al lute ban, [ducal, .4 Nun ilbeetlm are o. wiling
al Se fur No for Nokulaul/.
- . -
DICEIY—WPetern cumi anc.l beef le Prillog 11.1.4_01.
70 un'eatee of ow-se or Nit.,
tot ,.. t; flo Th ltan o t w ltt i er , 5 1i. 1.3 the
• dOf U. ewe,.
btaallb. Rope. by mil..
L. aIS, tut..
Whit,. by TAI—
L... , Jo eut..
Tim Ito, by eon..
U. .lo rut.—
rarkiny Y•ru. fine.---..
'Manilla .....
Manilla, II ..A__.
the Valter.....
re , g.
COPPERr—Tba rrirolar Manama mailutketunrtia prim
Meals Mai Mack, am Mai - We; min M ancatitku g fwy
ail 4 4,14 imagumMak *
• CORNMINAL—We nano • molmate diattamt In Cu
market, Pith mal a. from tint hands at ikank, and
limn Our. at 1,n(14k 1.% nu.
COTTON TARNS—Ws mane a tmluellen on pound
yam of nue mut la The fuliontam La a rurrectnl Int of
Bk. Wihkituen
Bank s Nreb•ro
of IL LkuNtos 2
tin. A
CANDLES—.-ttalet. nf otar ossalles at Slc. of mould
tallotrat 14.. M 'of dipped al 9e ? D.
CRACKETA—Tbe Sllterwrltla le a Itst of Um manutaxtut,
Water Crack...NV. batra....
Fug 'c
Crack. itr , :tua4
ClltUt—The 4 the week ammat
boats tC kaa. at prin. 1'an.111.7. frtm ri!‘ tn. for coromm
DaltD Far/I—S.M.!.of drlN frail full. and th •
market mo pu pcsahrs Guru stns..
sail 300 do appl. Ln luta at ;4 , 6150 id tw. Vrout
th,l baud. 'Lunn, praclull at 14=4 and applea . 70%7,
Important otta=c. In quotations.
loes. thd.
Alma .
• 10,84
- • d)
14 TO il; '''''
Rona, retried _it% iNal Sulu 4 a
Balm= 43 Senna- IN Cztli
44.:(5. Tartaric AM 44 C 1.50
nitophne t n 451 45 nr '''' 41.1
Chlde eisSi Cain wand. In bbb;;.. 6
Co pperas rtnr.-..--'5 14471 Fustio 2h4 - 2 ,
Co 1 lincNruod. rliippul.. ~
Ulue. 10 ta., • 114451214 114146 m riien .32-504 , 2.7%
UumGGum Aribie
11-50 +slap - 1.10
auml.,, % t um Phellav 15
15Iilt th . t.titn N 0141,1
..5 4,01 4, 0g
.. 6 Clove, ..... 1456041iiin
win Opium urkey.-- 4.5(45.un
001115-13 alee Is,. 05. t bolo tine. teen to • Gar extent,
at PhiVe VI dee. In bbis and boar,
ELCll3ll—Thcre lune . teCen=tech.! change In prise.
during the track h . due& The .muntslolling (Co.
ward hare beim conlincrito .nil lots. mad crekkporthen
of designed for e.teril delprnent- AWOL DUO hble tutor
changed bandit on tin wharf, at wk . .. razurlas Imo
@TeraTAO,:montly at themleldle Antra. The mice front
atom bate teen confined to email parnela Mr loom cone
,o no, ati3,AkT3.4.51/4.3.N) according ,o quality
and brand. City calls flour In held at 0.40 it bbl fns
tr. A heavy rutill business In doing from city mill, on
"IA to common, nod 12 Y crt tog eztra.
RV E.FLOUA—AaIem have berm tun.d to small kds at
02.81 from drat boon, and $3443,14414 X idel. Very
It Arming Aderanl, and entetellm are modorat.
FlttilT—Tbe demand In hdr. with sahereof Redd. at $2,14
it Loa; of Almada at 146.1. kt it; of Iltound hula at
SZCO 111 bushel; or Villerrte al 0.; of Cream Huta al 61:
411 e; of ZanteentMette at lAt9)4e; and of nand. Walnut,.
Ile; and offload 12(418c * lb. 15ale, of Orange. at 52450
: Lemons at 1.13X1403.40 it tat-
Vidal—We notier a general km.. In the market 03
rerlee. Nor 264,1 1. toll at 211,70, and new herrn:ea
at ST ke bid. gal" of id boil, No 3 markrnel 113,21., 4
tnoo in mall h. they are held very firmli at 33.70 'll bbl .
No 2 mackerel le held at 019, .70 No 1 at 113,244;113J4
DLL s.l.s or fit ilia '0 Rd, and or which at 14
, Letc. rob& Ana
Int.Jant July
Int. /oil it Imo
Int. May t Nov
lotion &July
hal May *Nov
'Div Nov 4prel
DI, M.
4 pretlll et
Dn.. .r i.~1D..
b. 11' 3 '
DIT (tr.o R du
Me 4pr . mo
VlLATlMlLtt—itundi. are runipartittrely light at pm,
ant, uW prime are vary •..11aualalatail. Hal. 1100 Ins on
time. at &UV A. bairn of meta1...411 lots 11..20{0344 la
P. Plun4 narks an hall in story at Min i lb,
Iffrtlat—Tliera Ina roodar demand
am. Ittan ant tomb at InK(4llr a.
.ho,t.. H le..r chap kola 30.fanya
VltEltt lilt—the Ina to Ma motto.,
In the rifts.. anti tha largo 0 ,
(bp oharaea tat halitht from thin pro
mostly nominal: To Llnclunatl, Re .11
and Witoilho fur hoary; to Louisrllti
vine Zara , : ha tit 1.., 250,10 a
CANAL FREIGHT:L.—The foil - awl,
tattiLlisbod rates of (night. by Canal
wrr la, liallhan., arid Howl - Gra, •1
b e opening of the Canal the preaent
Haron. Lwrd A Lard NI it rwt ..,
Hotter sod Tallow, do
Boil' and Pork. 1.1 1.1.1 do
/lour. Jo
Whawkor du
Tobacco rd./ la Wad./ "V curt
du Kenturk,) .10
do lo bxnd do
iebro do
1t...w0w do
tillosen, do
Dwer A Iluffelo Odor do
Yore A Paltrier d„
Dry Yrull do
llon . t . v,
77wwwo (matawfartured) : I L
Drugs • lanthdoes do
Rao A Clod!. di,
Wool A VoatArr• do
elms. I , llw do
= du
limp (baled do) du
'NT ;Idea
Omen do
IRn , do
grrollare do
E d
arthenware o
Lowther do
Ron. A Iliworw
1. 4 , do o , :t baled) do
CUtor MI do
. MUM —{ce lune Imo =alerted d.
..Bitertob. Um been anSesdeokoel Wes
lad dales cOiziknol tu.uayl lOU. Tb
..7 . 213 7 k140 ' .1:L 5 ,
- 10,14 lb
. _lNr .
b. Nall
^ No. 19
9. 4 .4 N - Arerhrt Vora
I • '.
Ca 1341.
. " B. V 11111.., nir
. 8 .. Llattlb,..Nat. I A 2.14.1, ..
DIE SIEFFi--We find tho
Tilt. L4!o.lring 13 a rum, -
..1:: k. 15
31verla. Tarkey....-50 45.
Oil Vitri01........ ... 15.
FO6 Zaece•vtu.—The Low 011:66 Fraooo66. C. mutes
will leave aa thee, We afternoon at .1 &ands.
Fog Warm.rau—Thr arlendld racket Diurnal. Cain Con
well. will Irma Fur Ulna.ling this morning at 10 &clink
VNESYILLC—Pcv Ettr4r.-19 bbd tobacco. adth
1 bblpork. W Chwastst & Ott. 32 hbdt tobarth, D :
Co. bx mitt, CI 't Thaw, Ido Moth Ilmbilddd &Ivo.
Fr , 4 I;bl , 62 . llant i Übda tob, IV ft Jobtototh 111
NASIITILLE-143. (lucre-2 . 1 hhde Neon. Clark A
Thew; 51 ble hemp. IL Wert A Co; 5 do Paton.; Dickey A
Cm 2c bbls whl.key. Lambert & Idetorh 3 lept feather,
Nlroleun A Pay or. 3: empty bbl. A A A
Woe.b. 3 blob puma.
(I W Saylor. 1 be. mane. Boller A heti MI Ina LeOLhom. 1 5
du ginseng. bm mdm, bllnkt A l.'.< 7 . 2 Lbls wblekey,
51rberItt 21. Ps ham.. II Brett tCte 21 bid. lent. Sellemt
ti Wag 12 vb.. beer.. Kier & Jonesc 22 Les hams bleladen CA W. rolhns. I' McCormick; 10 Low metal. Edwards
A CAN 01, lop. ,I.A I.l..lbeLs A Co.
CINCINNATI—Put C3,7,-..4441-2.5 , tuun.. RR bbl,
lanl 14 1Y NIOFNm:
?k h g t e ' rs:tru g X, ' Crß i' .lll7nYl ' gS
MI& rbouldrrs. 27. e-4 tuun.V l deFailub • Bawd.; 13 nb.
Wwn 4iden, <Au bacnoiour Bell a Lluurt4 1 trunk. 1
Nt,V=nitt E .A " 17:1! ; LILT:
Axe *AN Bentz. A Co; U bbl. el,n neap lona, I uttato
Ltridruy Co; kb& u110uL14... Kier J. 1.,
10 broutor, IlleCuounona • Etrueru.... eku mhouldnry, 1
te buns, 7.4. bbl: , 441144,3..14m,• Short, 4U oludttal Truck
C 40 1, , r lavely; IN do, Many Muthmtn SON b brad
rattle, owner. aboard; I hone, titutf Jt. La
WKI.LSVILLK—P. Turemact--fej M0i1...14J fiord..
1 e 4.4 Ibis evLbolware. 1144.1..11 A Covado, 2
bbl. wrap Ir o. Kveronn 2 I.leitnit, I by hair, .1 q'miw•ll:
14 111,1. dour, II t 1.1.1. r 241 t 4.0
Word; 451..bn01a, Kier A Jude..
WIDIELINU—ha Jaa Nrks.-111 Llols Mel; W Vtnith:
1 pkg./lakrr Forsyth; hhils top 12 Ws leather, 1,
Leech a tkrll ban mit. yarn. if hagnin7 1 Cni6 I.
Ird.". "h'i'en I.lts 9.9 e, I Narwhal):
. ..3 , 1111111e; 2 bbia ea.. 11 !WWI bile J
~n .
WELLSVILLI:—Pcn Leech-27 111, aple, Arandrona
A W. , . nPlae , Leech Son: ' crate nom Loon
Duff a Cu; U bble flour. 1...h. , ' (41
heap: re, I.hl. flour owner elmeLnl, 32 d. Mteleneon; 9do
lut wake low, keel tonal tqam In hoc, owners abard.
•t ltdr prima R.
m bran, and ale fur
Irorkl rt... of 'rid,
f haste In the Irak,
rt wept, are low, end
• :tar for dry go o d,
125i4Ltr4; t :gash ,
F.. I
on ors kw
and Ilallrusd
hlrh ttok
- -
`STOCKS IV ANTKLI-- - Bank of Pittsburgh
1.0 Northern lindge, by
. V S
. K. ARNOLD! LN1.74 north Pt .
C'L'OCKS rog SA.LE—Munougabelu Bridge
" N'th
"'' r17.4) 1 .r. 4 ne4 h .1r TM, h Fourth
op 7 •
Bank Stock for Sale.
oTiCE is hereby given that in compliance
trokt7.llll^z i. r;
molar Ing ham, tein - .11011:1AND NIIAnKS
N KW STOW( of the Winhoognhela Bata of
th e 7th d, r, Ih.SI Sale to Ttllliteritl.
of In feeloet. AM. 110 onler of the limn) of INnainem
. 1.. 0. KNOX, Cashier
,SPECIE.—TiIe higlirmt market price paid
' Lc Atrwricatt and Foreign MIXER, nod for rorrig.D .
ii LD. a lb. K.lmut- . lfaltelcg_ll ; l,- , 111(1.1. d CO,
stpl,br LI 1. tap.. Fourth.'
86 ockr iYO Esf IN MORTGAGE
.0 t .o!', l 2l7.ClPirr,nvT,. "'P I "'
arth st..
-.• Board of Underwritena
;OLT a Meeting. 44 the Board or Undeiwri,
t„,,,,,,..rnik,,,T.,,,,,..:Juti0n was nosabooosir . c o p:
, dust ordered to be publishol:
: &rand. Tharfrom sod .thee the puhlkitiod of Ude no.
tOr, no ere Star" he wildttst or sondobetty shell be
esueblenil se tsrrw brae Use.. 041. In Oda
until the premium ts bald imbues
0u1t74" .41, W. MAURO,
Z. '' . . ,,, r/ of. th. BUM.
1 41
Life Insurance.
Assreacicic MONO Y of Loudon 'WI New York.
o fob •0e41...M.0t /4 04 011.4, eatubtxdat the mom&
miodpal votb mat al • etak ontap•ay, proputs, ov ad
...tares to flown tiabloLtowfutro.
8i0Uff10427"7 Wl= A CO. , the
'. 0:4 Wool ti.
So all that mom forward, at the following
" e barlar 42: rom Li 40-10 for 4olleal sod iv
tong cob M CN‘lte a Lal.
Oa e U ' 3, lFS — Wr Maim a avoersl firrommt io Um mar
art, M. fall prlem. Salm lli Moir fair N 0 at e a t /mm
6'4Lalr and Mb...qt.:Wm am held ii.VitIGNC. bJ the
small lab. BAtes , to Ws at 6,li€,Keie WI, Sales 170 Max
Viols., as follows -,00 bbln Wpm's) M. 3C. caah.C.o do at
bei•sbort. time, GO tin sugar boom at 43e. sod t 0 bblr myroO
Mae Viand. Corlm Is oak, and naJn otitirknotimal to
Small lota to ell) mot muntry &mak at 114611:1101I2%e
It b. ltler tom hem rllltot la a Ihultal 43ie
U. 0 " , Soar at 1 0•745i56 1., sod of N It eleiti.,l at
8314 it
- GLASS—The ittekaof wirtior nit. , aro hoary, And Mi
res arii dotni- Onote oily brand.. at 13.00 (orb by 10;
13."310 by 10.0 l ALE. I rn , io by 44. Canary brands 11 by 10
are Kohl at 82.7teliit and 01.0 rho, in proportion.
1101 . S—Selrei beAt oastern mot, 113&u . , abzitialtue
IlAY—ltreulaz rain, from aaeon at 11'1.014 le ton for
Anal thnothr.
IRON AND NAILS—W. no Llano a tat or prima a.m. of
the teiraipal artkLx
" Round and oquan, ............. c
x. 6.1
Nuts—lo Is Lti pcvvf
'4'22 454 d
NI. V ;won,
- penny 4.25
4111ILY—Cut LO 11. Inch 3.74
Cot to loch
Cut oto 7 inch............_.......4;1.
The alnveurbon are given. suluert to a dive:owl for mete.
LARD--The meld." of hoot routiner lied. the mint of
the remitivildirt brim ebilmod mod. The ertielele anneral•
.ly Arid above the riders of boom, eaughpumitif tales havo
brimconfined to renal lot. to KW thaemoliatc wan. of
the trade. We quo. In Ws and kegs at 8,7097g(g.13.1ic, ac
cording to quality and term+.
LEATHER—We nodce a regular demand, at full priers
for all 'encled under thin hod. Salem of Baltimore Pole at
glin,Vni and of New York do., tt 16(41at-'O, el.
LUMBER-Abe motet Wee. tat the raritiare--liminbii
sll4ll7for coninurn,mal elcar.lClCOn. ann.
glee are wild at V2,50(42.70 to 10n0.
LEAD—Them la a regabar demand In the mulct, at 53i
6 5 !1 for Pin. and 51Z@5%c for b...
LI. Ines—The proment rat= of prim. Is 7@74t., mord
'inp to rile.'
nags LEAD—Regular rater at dye br tar sbret, rad (lie
D, wbm rut. • • ,
worn Wan—Pure Loo4 to selling sa 1.1. and No. 1 at
SLY3I4 keg.
MALT—Re hear of no large idea of malt Ira gnat. at.
011.8—Caetor olli./wiling In legularly at oogwegs
.1, according to goantity and Quality. Fates linreed,
hero at coo, II gal. Pwl. of No I hod a , '
G9o, and of No 2a, 50elligsL
PIO METAL—Nothing of conee.....has been doing in
the market. There vrit a sale of KW 41. of Metter (10
toetal,no private term..
POT.ATOMI--.l , opplies are limited. 17.4
would bring 02(46.3e and emb. 45€E5ne per Nu:
Dapookind Lollo & PrEdtb'e RIP.
Powder rosy be quoted In lam quantities, at $4,75; and by
single keg, at/5.2.5011.0 h keg. ILook Powder at taus
tq $13.50. for luge and mall onanthiea
RAGS—Rare are worth .IFle for goal eleast mien, with
a ornd demand.
SECIM—Thr rayon lbehm over for we have twth
ot mosoquenee to noting. We may quote twanlmall: at
14.621A4,76 for timer. and S=Vl23O for tdoothr. oft
boar oftmarst hand take. Flax eeed may ba quoted at
teem etore at 71.64 w M.
itOdlN—Muem of 70 Main et $3,:0. Sales to rmailer
at $1,75.
SALT—SaIe, Iria regular way at 11.2 )4 bbl, w hieh Is
tye mgulart r evtablinhal prier afloat
SPICES—Nut., 111.30,31= Clove. sZa2o‘..-.
elfin—Bales at $1.(1,-bl7O la tag.
TUIWYSTINg—eaIes Iv blll, at W.?. rail
bbb eat= eba/
TIN PLATE-4.k, 14 . 1 C . and of IX at
=IA, It time.
TALL/VV— Ira In bids in loft hum el., at is N V..
ThliACet.t—Thee•la s intal demand for all desriptimie
of manufactured tolatem, aml prier. routlnue eery
The following nay be ,pnven a/1 the groans ruling Prim,
Virginia umnufarturett 'ZkftW, halt. Hug. Lyneh
burgh plug 17r. Virginia 1.14 Lady's Mitt Ea: In.—
Leaf tobaceo btanoted at Illol2n. with an advancing
hurt. Itut...l'a and Hotiin.u . a are held at 314.-itte.
IVIIISIOEY warkil iA dull rilb mull mks
1. rrneee nrtitte.l nt 211.2.14, ("eh and time
A 11241.1. April 1.2.
inelcuwney ..r the weather on Mutir
[tar MOM wet. trusty made al hull Wrier. Th.- numtg,
olignal. however. wag 11.11.1.
Brat aa—Alwat 7gai haul wen , wild In city butchers .t
5a.500/0,7L cwt. ilea. which pi an wliamer on lent ....Ma
Iluwa—Thr uutular 00.1 , 4 wag ,null. with ralcw at
it r net
eil[ll.—.ll.. Lai hurl 11,,,Wk1il Ilagua.
egialb—A gruall number ware eat alSZlaaa araul•
lug In au, alai quality.
Mum.. April Pt
Cattle-11w 1,...0rem at am Rahn. On Monday.
re. 4 usual at tlsn. .a• v.ry vnall, and prim,. Mind
coooldvlably hi {7 er tbau sns lasi Mood.t.
This olleriusvo tvaehn.l 240 M.A. 21 of which vete add to
ray er, butch a4..1 a, %acne leftover a 50.014. Prima 4 , 044. 4
Irmo $3.50 to • tr,of, equal to VF.411,71$ Int., and
ay..ntatug U.,' .
110iThor. Innett.r n.ting In Um mark.. IT•quo.
Pamanctrutt. April
wer. nflered a/ tho diSmI2G yrizas dUri.l2
rl ' v l r:V ‘ 4 .0 .7 0 Y ktrt:::=1 " 1 ".. I'6
tl lO 0 2.=
]an rba.p and
Cra T , r. 500 Oil
04'4 .1.1.N"-thM.T fair um 10! rilg otradll•
nant.h... * tram 00u I. tp
Ito fu a er~ .d tlPuland. sod $4.b.4 7 . 00
Pim, rod Lamb. rang.. Imm 02 to f6r Fbrep. and
11,40 10 540, e ach, Larnb,. rui in qUattl,
Itmor..—Them mere P n.t. 10 inaten In =stave). 1 , 1 .
Om' reaTlr, Itut:etv.3ln,. andfwiting.
Km , s. &as,.
Cnnlnn. beaver
Atlantic. l'arklnnnn. Rtnwn.lnfir
Kn.. Headmenln.n. WK.:l,nrt
I,llKant. rare Onel ti pan
Geneve. Nr.rnlon.
anpr al ,
Chn.ftn. R T%Vt., Unever
Diurnal. Counrnll,
SIIrhL .o. 14n -. M. 2,,
lk.a.T.,l:onloe. heaver
Atlatte. Pax 8tu...111c.
.1 M,K,.....lh.nflnciozn. hlcliee.ftene.
Shriver. Wert Newton.
Wivedenel. I,,rnorilh
lIIN.rLIa It v. CirteineAll
J... Nebo., Slav, Wheeling.
Cho..ll.acci, T Whit. .
II:1.V% , LEAVING TIII.i D.ll.
Co. tear,' tla/Ir at Sat L. an , /
ZANESVILLE,Esupret , ..I v. 11.
FS WlRS—Errmi
BEAVER-121gram. I' .51.
Monir...—"l'lve re.lar lukcXet..grint. Caintam
will les,m. above. thin Aftrrtioon at 3 o'clock.
Of o..rxt eint
And non might we bevel:eon at, rest, and have
thanked God on our kneed by day, and -
For,. beside mercifully. saving.vis out of curb
grvut- tribulation, he turned the hearta of ray be
loved flock, so that they knew not how to do
enough for us.' Every day they brought no fish,
meat, eggs, sausages, and whatsoe'er besides
they could give me r and which I have since for
gotten. Moreover,-.ther..eve ry , one of them,
came to church next Banday, great - arid f small
(except goodyifo Klima of Zempin, who bad just I
got n boy, and still kept her bed), and Lprearb-.
ed a thanksgiving sermon on Job IS. and
19 verses, "Behold, hippy to the man Whom (lcd
corrected:: lb ereforedespiSe sot thou the chasten
ing of the Almighty: - for he: muketh sore, arid
hindeth up; and his bands make whole. Re
dull deliver thee in six troubles, yea, in seven
there shall no evil much thee." - And during.
my sermon I was oft-times forted, to atop by
reason of all the weeping, and to let . them, blow
their. noses. And I might truly have compared
myself to Job, after that the Lord hod mercifully
releneed hint from his troubled, had it not been
for my child, who prepared much fresh-grief
for me.
She had wept when the young lord would not
dismount, and now that he came not again, the
grew uneasy fIOITI day to day. She sat and reed
.first the- , llible, thee the hymn-bank,' item, the
history of Dido in Firming; or she climbed 'up
the mountain to fetch : floweret (likewise sought
after the vein of amber but found it not, which
shows the - cunning and Malice of Sabin), Auer
this for a while with Mani gee,briespalce not
a word (for, dear reader, what co uld Irv!) un
til it grew worse and worm and na she now re
cited her carmine more than ever both at : home
and abroad, I feared lest the, people should
again repute her a witch, andone day.l follow
ed her up the monnttin she sat on
the pile which still stood there, Vat with her face
turned towards-thestra,-xecitiogthe versus where
Dido mounts the funeral pile in order to stab.
herself for love of dEnesa.
"At trerld. , lo.l:4ll-Imattetbam efFern DWI>
!.. 4 .eagWoes. rolremacle•zo. mum:alma° trastetta
I alerts:us ortua., et pallfda rPOTtO tutors.
Interiors dooms irrumplt Maims at alto, • .
Cousndlt faribunds rogos . • •"" •
Wheal saw this, and heard hew things really
stood with her, .I was affrighted beyond measure,
and cried, "Mary, my child, what art thou doing?"
She - slatted when she beard my. voice: bat eat
still on the pile, and answered , as she cuter: :d
her fees with herapron, "father, tam homing my
heart." I drew near to her, and-pulled the spree
from her face, saying. "Wilt—then then sons
kill me with grief" whereupon she covered her
face with her hands and moaned, "Alas, father,
wherefore was I tot burned here? My torment
would then have endured bat fat a moment, but
now it will lase as long as I liver" [still did as
though I had seen naught; and said, "Wherefore;
dear child, dust thou suffer, ouch torment:"
whereupon she answered, 'I have long beret
ashamed • to - tell :you; for the young lord; the
young lord, mylnther, do I stiffer this torment!
lie no longer thinks of me: and albeit he saved
my life he scorn me, or. he surely would have
dism uuntedassd' Come in awhile; but we nre of for
too low degreedbe him !" Hereupon I indeed
began to.etenfort her and to persuade her to
think no-Metre of the young lord, but the more
I comfortesilher the. worsuhe grew. Neverthe;
less I saw that the did yeT in secret cheriah
strong hope by reason of the patent
which he had • made sue give him.' I would not
take this hope from her, seeing that I felt Ihe Min e
myself, and to comfort her, I flattered - her hopeo,
whereupon abe was more ,Iniet for some days,
and slid not go up the mountain, the which I had
forbidden her. Moreover, she began again to •
teach little Pesach, her god-slaughter, out cf
whom, by the help of the all-righteous Cod, Sa
tan was now altogether departed. But she Still
PiuedsOnd was as white as white as a sheet: nod
when soon after a report came that none iu the
cootie at Mellenthiu knew what was become of
the young lank and that they thought be had
bean killed, her grief becafue eo greattlial I had
to scud my ploughman on horseback to Mellen
thin to gain tidings of him. And she looked at
least twenty times out of thessloor aid over the
paling to watch for_ his return; and when
. she
saw him coming, she ran out to meet him en for
so the corner by Pagels. 'Hut, blessed be God,
he brought us even worse news than - we hod
heard before, saying that the people at the castle
bad told him that their young master bad ridden
away the self same day whereon he had rescued
the maiden. That he had, indeed, returned af
ter three days to his father's funeral, but hod
straightway ridden off again, and that for flee
weeks they had had heard nothing further of
him, and knew not whither he was gone, but
supposed that some wicked ruffians bad killed
him. . .
And now my grief was become greater th an ev
er it had been before; so patient and resigned to
the will of God no my child had ghown herself
heretofore, and no martyr could Lave met her
last hour stronger in God and Christ, so impa
tient and despairing was she now. She gave sip
all hope, and took into her head that in these
heavy times of war the young lord had been kill—
ed by robbers. Naught availed with her, no:
even prayer, for when l called upon God with
her, on my knees, she straightway began
grievously tq bewail that the Lord had mot her
off, and that she was condemned to ming& save
misfortunes in this world, that it pierced thrdngh
my heart like a knife, aid my thoughts forsook
me at her words. She Lay also at night, anal
' , like a crane or a swallow so did she chatter.
she Sid mourn like a dove; her eyes did fall with
looking upward,"f because no sleep came aeon
her eyelids. I called to her from toy bed, ..!Dear
child. wilt thou never cease :sleep, I pray, dice!"
and s`ie answered and said, - :-Doyousleep dear
father; I cannot sleep until I sleep in death
Alas, my father, that I was not burned!" 'But
how could 'sleep when she could nod .1, indeed,
said, each morning, that I had depLawhile, in
order to content her; but it woo so; ; but like
tlavid, all the night made ridy bed to swim; I wa
tered my couch with my tears."l libireover, I
ag err fell into heavy unbelief,. so that I neither'
could nor would pray. Nevertheless the Lord
-did not deal with me after my sins, nor reirard
me according to mine iniquities. For. - as, the
heaven high above the earth; so great was his
mercy toward" me, raise[ able sinner !
For mark what happened on the very . next
Saturday! Behold, cur obi maid-seresztt came
running in al the door quite out of breath, say
ing that o horseman was coming over tho Nan.
ter's Mount, with atoll plume waving on his hae
end that she believed it was the - young lord - -
When my child, who sat iiponthe bench climbing
her hair, heard this, she give a shriek of joy,
width would have moved a stone under the: earth,
and straightway ran out of the room to look
Dew the paling. She presently came running in
again, fell upon my neck. and cried without
cawing, "The young lord! the yOung lord!"
whereupon she woe .4.1 have run oat to meet him,
but I forbade her, ,'ttyiug she bad better bra t
land up her hair, whit+ she then remenadmed,
and laughing, weeping, and proyiog,:all at once,
she bound up her long hair. And n•w the young
lord came galloping round the corner. - attired in
a green velvet doublet witir - silk sleeves;
and a gray hat with a heroes Leather therein;
gaily dressed m beseems a. wooer- And
"Quomodo Etat dukusima Whereupon
a w l h o e u n d t w e e la o y ow chi r l a d n .in ou th i. e at l th ati e n d , " fr i a , u h t e arre,
she gave onsirer, saying, .170te feasperto." He
then sprang smiling off his horse and gave it in
theeharge of my ploughman, who meanwhile
had COMB up together with the Maid; but he wan
atTrighted when he saw toy child no pale, and
taking her hand spoke in the vulgar tone, "My
God! what is it oils you ; sweet maid? You look.
more pale than when about to go to the stake."
Whereupon the answered, -"I have been pt_ the
stake daily since you left us, good my lord, with
out coming into our house, or en mochas sending
us tidings of whither you were gone."
This pleased him well, mitt he said, "Let na
first of all go into the chamber, and you :shall
hear all." And when he bad wiped the sweat
from his brow, and sot down on the bench beside
my child, he spoke as followerhat he bad
straightway promised her that he would clear
her honor before the whole world, and the self
same day whereon he left us be made. the woe
that had taken place, mole especially the confes
shipful court draw up an authentic record of. all
don of the impudent constalle,lfem, that of my
ploughboy Claus Needs; wherewith be -rode
throughout the same nlght, , tor le bad promised,
to Anelam, and next day to Stedin. to Sid Pn"
dons sovereign Duke Begird:awe who marvelled
greatly when he heart, of sthe wickedness of his
Sheriff, undid that which be had done to my
child; moreover, he 'asked whether she were the
pastor's daughter whoever upon a time had found
the signetqing of his Princely Highnerit Philip
p= Julius of most ebristiantmo smorylin the cas
tle, garden at Wolguse rind as he-did not know
thereof, the Duke asked, whetl ker she knew Le,
tint And he, the young lord, 'a =mired yes, that
she knew the Latin better that[ _ he did litimself;
'Rat furious Dldo, with derk.nlndikk • itnolitt.
Skook at wield onedskf
she remit ed.
Wfthweld . her. f
,Thrri.r lr dryiejert ' n
And nature - Weed ap=oejsim, d 4
And mounts the htneud kdle Via
.ISn. x 71410.11.
His Princely Aightiess • said, "Then, iulenl,.it
must be the same," and straightway putiiin his
'spectacles, and read the meta himself—Hereupo n
and after hie Princely Highness Lad read the re
cord of the worshipful emir': ' , baking
,his head
the while, the young lord , humbly lawousilit his
Princely Highness to give,him an ciawede honor
able for my child, item, iitercia_ wanierodiadius for
himself to our most gracious Emperor at Vienna,
to . heg for a renewal of my patent of nobility,
seeing that he was aleterinhieil_ta marry crone
other maiden than my daughter oo long, as he,
When my child billed ShOgave'
n crj of
joy. and fell back in a swound with hit bead _
against the wall. BAG* young lorAcaught her •
in his arms, and gaselier three kisses (which I
could not then deny hint, and
„seeing, so I did
- with joy, how matters went, ) and when she came
- to herself again, he, alike," her, whether 'she
would not have hini, seeing that she had given
such a cry at his words? Whereupon. oho said,
-"Whether I will not have you, ray s lord!. Alas! I
love you as dearly fl.B my God and my Saviour!
Yon first saved my life, and nowyou have ituttelr
ed ray heart from the stake whereon. without
you, it would have burned all, the 4hijs 'of ray
life." hereupon. I wept for joy, when he drew
her into his lap, and she clasped his neck with
her little bands.
They thus sat and toyed awhile, till the:Young
lord again' perceived me, and said, slchvt say
you thereto; I trust it is your still..rever.
end Abraham ?" Now, door reader,libit could
I say, nave my hearty good will?. eeeini,that
wept for very joy, as did my child, anal zuMirer.
ed, how should it not be'my will, seeing, that it
was the will of God! But whether the worthy
good young lord had likewise con.sidercsllbst he
would stain his noble name if he too'k : to: Wife .
My child, who had been had in repute ea'awiteh,
and bad been Well nigh bound to thestake.l
Hereupon he said, By no" miens ; for'tliathe _
bad long since prevented this, awl hi.piiiieeded
to tell us how be had done it, namely, his
Princely Highness, had promiied him to make
ready all the enipta which 'he required, within
four days, when be hoped to be back from his
father's burial. He therefore rtalestmighfray
bark to Mellenthin, and after paying
. thelast
honor to \my lord his father, he presently get
forth pi t his way "
again, and found that.his
Princely Highness had kept his Word meanwhile.
'With these scm'pal he rode to Vienna,.and,eillmit
he met with many pains, troubles, and sjanger
by thelLray (which he would relate to usatacene
ether e), he nevertheless reached the city
safely. There be by chance met with a Jesuit
'with Whom ho had once upon u time had ilia
locametztum for a few days at Prague, while; he
was yet a samtiom '
s and this man having heard
'his business, bade him be of good cheer, seeing
that his Imperial Majesty stood sorely in need of
money in these hard times of war, and that he,
the Jesuit would manage it all for him. This he
really slid, and his Imperial Majesty not only re
newed my patent of nobility; but likewise con
firmed the encode honorable to my child yranted
by his Princely Highness the Duke, no that he
might now maintain the honor of his betrothed
bride against all the world, as alsoliereafter that
of his wife.
• Hereupon be drew forth the arta from Mabee
om -and pat them Into my hand,saying; . "And
now, reverend Abraham, you must also do me .a
pleasure, to-wit, to-morrow morning, when I hope
to go with my betrothed bride to the Lortfs . ta
ble, you' must publish the harms between me and
your daughter, and on the day after you must
marry us. Ito not nay nay thereto, for mypai
tor the reverend Phillippits says that this•iS no
uncommon custom among the nobles in Pouters
nia, and I have already d
ding for Monday at my own ens lk, whither we
will then go, and where I pa one to bed "my
bride." I should have found mu ito 'Lapwg
thin request, more especially` th e n honor of the
holy Trinity he should suffer hi , Tito be called
three times in church according t o en gem, and
that he should delay awhile the espousals; but
when I perceived that my ch ill would gladly
have the marriage beldright semi, for the sighed
and grew red as scarlet, I had not the heart. to
refuse them, but promigd all' they naked.
Whereupon I exhorted them bot to prayeriand
when I had laid my bonds upon their hcale,'l
thanked-the Lard more deeply t an I had ever
yet thanked him, so that at last I could no lone
er speak for heirs, seeing that they drownetrmy
. . . .
Meannrhile the 'young lord ifs coach bad
en up to the door, filled with chests and eaten
add he said, "Now, eweet . maid, you . •ehalrhee
what I 'have brought you," and he trade-them
bring all the things into the room. Dear reider,
what fine things were there, such as I bad never
seen in all. my life! all. that women can use Wati
there, especially of clothes, to wit, bedices, plait
etrgawna, long robes, some of them bordered
with fur, veils, aprons, item, thebridal shift with
gold fringes, whereon the merry lord had lain
some six or seven bunches of myrtle to make.
' herself &wreath withal. iten;there was nomad
to the rings, neck chains, ear drops, k.c., the
which I have in part forgotten. Neither did the
,yonnglord leave me without a gift, seeing he hid'
brought me a new
. surplite(the enemy had .rob-•
bed me (dm!? old one), also doiabtlete„ hover', Mid
.sho - nr, Jllllllll6, whatsoever appertain , / to'u rnnif's
.'attire; wherefore I secretly besought the Lori
not to.punish us again in his sore displeasure for
such pampa and vanities. When my-child beheld
all.these things she was grieved that she could'
bestow upon him naught , save her heart
Mad thc . e.hain of the Sweetish king, the Which
she hung round lasneck, and laegged him, weep:-
log the while, to take it as n bridaacift. ' This"
he at. length
. promised do. and likewise to car
ry it with hint into the grave bat that my child
must first wear it at her wedding, as well as the.
blue silken gown; for that this arca co' other:_
should be her bridal dress, and this be made her
promise to do.
And now a merry chance betel with the
Old maid, the which I will heir note.' ; 'For When .,
the faithful old seal had heard'what had taken" .
place, she Was beside herself for joy, danced;
and clapped her hands,' and nt loaf said to Mr:
child; ' , Now to be lure you will not weep Whem
the young lord is to lie in your `whereat
my child blushed scarlet for shame, and ran out
of the room; and when the young lord vrObld . .
know what she meant therewith she told
that he had already once slept in my child' her
bed when •• be came from Gntlkow
whereupon he bantered her all the evening after ,
that she was come back again. Moreover,' her
promised the malt! that as she had once =ad - '
my child bee bed for him, she should malcW'
again. and that on the day after to-morrow, the
and the ploughman 'toe should golifth us to:
Mellenthin, so • that masters and servants
should all rejoice together after such' gnat die."'
Anti seeing that the dear young, long
stor the night under my roof, I lawn Idni 'Hein „ ,
the moil closet together with me (for I coidd not
know what might happen). Ile soon slept
s top, but o 5 deep came into my eyes; for "very. '_
joy and I prayed the livelong' blessed'nigh:k r — or
thought over my sermon. Only near morning I
dosed a little; and when rose the young
ready tat in the next room with my chili,' who
wore the black silken gown which he hathrouglit'
her, and, strange to say, the looked fresher then
even when the Swedish King Conic; to that'.
never in all my life saw her look fresher or fair--
er. Item, the young lord wore his black doublet
And pitted out for her the best bitimyrtle for, ,
the wreath the wss twisting. But when she am: 7 .
me, the stenightwey laid the wreath beside her'
on the bench ; folded her little hands, nod said.
the morning prayer, as she Was ever wont to di.;
which humility pleased the young lord,. eight:
well, and he begged her thatin future she stiould
ever do the like with hint, the which she ' prow
;' ' .
. ,
Soon eller we scot to the--blessed ehnrrh
confession, and An the folk stood gaping: opai
mouthed because the young lord led ' my ;
his arm. But.they wondered far More when -
after the sermon, &first read to them in the sal.;
.gar tongue, the clan:rule honorable to my child •
from hie Princely Highness, together with the—'
confirmation of the same by his Imperial Majesty
and after that my patent or nobility; - and, lest
ly began to publish the banns between soy child
and the i , oung lord. Dear reader, there arose
a murmur throughout the church like the., lnntt•
Ingot a swarm of bees. (N. These smarts
were burnt in the fire which broke gut in the -
castle a year agar ail shall hereafter relate,
wherefore I cannot iusert them here ori-
Hereupon my dear children went together
nuach the Lord's table, end oftet•
c hurch_neorly all the folks crowded-round Them
and wished them joy. Item, Old. Parlich -curie
to our house again that afternoon, and Dime seer'
besought my daughter's forgiveness beenusethot'
he had unwittingly offended hen- that he would
gladly give her a marriage -gift, but that
had nothing at all; howbeit that his wife ohould
set rum of the hens in the Spring. and he would
take the chickens to her at klellenthin bimselfi'• •
This niscle us all to laugh, mere especially the
young lord, who at- last said:: Asthan wilt:
bring me a tuarrloge-gift, thou mustalso be ask-- -- -'
ed to the wedding, wherefore thou mayod cense ,
todeprees with the rest , , .
Whereupon my child smith... And your.
Mory, my godevid ettall come too, and _be toy
briclansbitm, it my lord allows it." .:WhereupottL
ahe beipm to tellthe young lord laths! tad two-
Men the Child by them/ince of Satan, and bow 1..:
they laid it to her.tharge..346l" time 5 " the
nllcrighteous God , brought her inmieence to.' t .
And she lied; slate heidelir:; taryt :Sad
commanded her to wear the - ...mtOclrttoittsit
3mr3rStatnetddatithOutotYore lomSat~ Isn i
. 41(edisbling,Atididtenwards to go tcktintatoi-73d
hi would Ht else sofa her to taicfar-Fer".