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.'Pin Besr.—George W. Evans, a butcher!
this city, will have on his stall this evening. ;
the Diamond Market Rouse, three of the Itzt • ;
bad cattle ever sold in Pittsburgh, which h e 1
behappy to sell to his numerous customers.
These cattle, which - are fouryear old steers, a'
ishibited in Warren, Ohio, lately, and took
list. premium at the fair held at that place.
They are undoubtedly the finest and fattest - •
ter wale in the market, and will be disposed
this evening and to-morrow morning.
April 17
Present, Hon. Wm. B. WClare, Presid ,
JeWund Wm. Boggs, Associate Judge.
The cue of the Commonwealth o. Oliver
136 w—indictment assault and battery, was eo -
tatted. A number of witnesses were e • ,
end speeches were delivered by Captain Charl
Naylor for defendant, sad Mesas. Stowe
Watson for the Commonwealth.
After a short absence, a verdict of guilty w
JolutMellon. Esq., made e motion in arrest f
judgement' which.will probably be argued 'cin
camsnourealth - TIL Thomas Bogue and Wilir
tim ,pason--indistment larceny of a large osp.
tie -indeed at $l5, together with a number Of
.ther articles, from the wharf boat of the Tough
logheny steamer. •
William Jackson, one of the defendants. 4
bers tirice convicted of larceny during the m
int term of the Courtosad Bogue twice scent -
Thomas Faucit, owner of the cable, ewore
bonsai doh=
A. number of witneases corroborated this
Ofdoer nape found the cable before Jacks
door. It was Ina sager hogshead, which
*irked with Jackson's name.
Pines Breanan, saw the cable before Jae
'eon's dour. It was marked with his name,
lima= same bad been rubbed out.
Onrhepartof the defame, a 'dense festifi.
that he raw Jackson draw &large table from •
alter, end' helped him to do so. lie found
rope La the water outside where the steamboa
were lying. • ,
Anothervitness prond that he had hind
rope from Jackson, and forwarded it to h
wham he had finished using it, enclosed in aho
fiesd,'andautrked with his name.
Akinattoon, Szamos.—The jury returned
verdiet, of
.not guilty as to Jackson and Boat,
tried in the mornmg
Commonwealth vs. Joseph S. Turner, •
.Commonwealth vs, Oliver W. Shaw, cross tu
. Ibrarramtit andbattary. The constable who
rested them was also indicted for an affray in .1
A large number of witruisses were examin
on all their suits. The eases should never ha
been brought into court, so trifling were th
but the jury dill not return any verdict, prior
the adjournment.
THURSDAY. April 17.
Before the Ho arable Hopewell Hepburn.
In the cue eta Sheriff Curtis was defett
dant, noticed in Yesterday's Gazette, the jury Tr -
tamed a verdict in his favor.
Henry Wilson is. Ross Black—No: 456, Amil
Term, 1851. And-now, on motion of Wm. Me.
Candlesa, judgment was set aside, an appearaae
and pies having been filed.
James Dunlop; Administrator of Joseph Ellitit.
vs. Robert Crewford—No. 728, April Term,
1860. List No. 280. Plantiff takes a non suit.
Miller & Eleketson vs. Thomas Owston. E -
*cutlets No. 4 and 5. April Term, 1851.
•Protsitels of mile, $3,266 81
Auctioneer's commission, 213 33
3,C63 48
on leave, pays into Court toe
de. And now, on motion, John
hsinted auditor, to distribute the
Meilf Curtis
poem& of the o
U 3 op
WOODSON TIM .orrrvT.—A meeting yes, h d
on Wednesday ev g, in tho African Met-bast
Church on Wylie Street, tp congratulate Mr. W.
upon his retort' 'from slavery. A number of
those who had contributed to his release were
present; together with a large audience compo
sed both of white and colored persons. Tie
Bertrand Mr. Green opened the meeting with
prayer, after white Mr . e Woodson, who was in
.truidaced to the meeting, stating the einaunsancen
albs:ding his trip to Louisville.
After an ad from from Doctor Delany the
meeting adjourn
fimastann....4ohn Denny, convicted a short
time ago of assault and battery, committed on
the person of Andrew Fontana, an Italian, 1 9 ,5
yesterday sentenced to pay a fine of twenty dol
ls is and the costs of prosecution. In' another
awl wherein he had been prosecutor against
Fondants, he was sentenced to pay the cost of
-gtoseatstion. 1 •
Tag Existurrt Festr.v.—This talented
of little vocalists, have been attracting large a d-.
lama at Wilkins Wall, for the past two
Inge. We advise oar readers to go and eels
them to night, at the same place, certain that
fluty 101 be highly gratified with the perform
Tga PANALINA.--OrbiteB panorama of • e
Hudson Myer, and flumes in Vuginia, draw ,
large audiences to the Atheneum. It is abeam
tql *ging, and well worthy a visit. All 7
wants &Meld take their chUdren to eee it
PILL—A fie broke out yesterday morning at
latent three o'clock in the residence of Mr Hen
ry.Woode, an Penn street. The furniture in the
Wng room was much injured, but the fire Ya B
emangniehed before my other damage had been
~ ,
• i
me Wuranst.—The b ather for the past few
days, his been cold and unpleasant.
"Comma' Lirn so SoongCAICILDIA. „
some interesting sketches under this head, in e
Charleston Courier, we extract the following in.
-cid' tat : '
During the visit of Mr. Leigh, the Am r
of Virginia, to this State. in Nullification ties,
he; of course, was received every wherewith the
greatest hospitality, both parties, Union nen
ant Nullifiers, siring with each other who du aid
show him the most attention. Col. Bryan of
Camp Vete, in St. Thomas' Parish., at that time
an .active partizan on the side of thatate Rights
Party, among others, claimed the honor of enter
taining biro. . Ile invited him to pay him a al sit
at a fewdsys, at his country seat on Cooper 'titr
e% The invitation was accepted, and duly ber
ated through the parish. To- do the hosiers
priperly, and in a manner becoming this lan.
get ocesedon, the whore country was inunol
ittely-Ftzt into requisition for supplies. Tliere
was bota wild turkey shot "within the bond r ”
off deer killed,—or a. fine fish caught, or a fat
lamb slaughtered, or a dainty or a delicacyro
tatable for love or money; that did not find its
, way very promptly to "Camp-Vere," stocking
the larder in a manner that would have I de
'Lilted the eyes, and made glad the heart f a
W e ". or any other celebrated chef de cadrieur.
On the last day of Mr. Leigh's visit, ha lag
fixed sAmptuously every day, the convent on.
as tirmafater.dianer, over the wine, turned p
an the eraidition of the State, and the din
area l :mete .ttNit awaited her, not only politi
but socially. The gram it woo feared was al
ready g rowing in the streets, and the fief in
the country wo,Ald no longer yield their p as
dot* and if they 'tild„ of what avail 1/011, eY
...jam a market—.vary could see nothing but
starvation and privation around them.
• Mr. Leigh listened ,with respect, of c to
all that wag said, but After contemplating the
dark picture, of famine and misery prelims to
hint on all aides, and rem embering at the e
time, the sumptuous dinnee he had Just -
en of, and tha excellent old • wine he was then
d.ritking, at last very pleasantly oteseried,
“Well, good friends, since it has been my eels
fortune to come among you, 03 I do now, in Your
advendty, I only hope it may be my od
forione to visit you again in your. p -
WANTED, and OA Idearr ua nignat o dcd
tan _ erner Marina and Third
' th.Pl ‘" Y ' d ik 7 A AVlt i kile ,
Information Wanted
(the whereabouts of AND'W DOUGH
sON. Drover. vim resides lo Trumbull t0.. 1 MI
a, IMP to ttd. cite, cm the TM of Muth. A ter
tmoiflosAmat to JOBS Trumbull •• 0
lbstillblir meshed. • t
SMOLASSES--20 bble.Battle Oro• • d,
• et Phisut .tr.
Ja DA aa:l far ado by
•012 JB.LZLL, 68 Water
sacks prime Rio;
• 10 .14 •• !mod. for wI. S. by
tsnis & FIGS-100 bp. R A ro
hadil Kntri&arcx.
B ACON --3, cash llama;
w winm emu cat
ca sad ter Ink bi
PENN &TIMINGS reduced re 8 einta.
I m "'" sccrorrar.carmeacol
•.. •• • •-•- -
Nirmrsiyixs o ee em ploy spar llangenk will
,t br s ,..d : r promptl i rett i laft
Wasnmerros, April IT.
The Union o this morning, seems to doubt
whether anothbr expedition against Cube is on
foot. The editor thinks that the report in eir
molation origintted with the agents of the Span
isht}orernmenn whose interests are promoted by
keeping up the excitement
. new._
BOSTON, April 17
The city authorities have refused the use of
Papeuil Hall to Mr. Webster to address the citi
zens. Having recently refused similar- applica
tions front others, it is deemed inexpedient, 'in
the present excited state of the public mind, to
grant it to him.
Now Tons, April 17.
The New York Senate has had a flare up, the
Democratic Senators; with two exceptions, hav
ing withdrawn from the Senate on account of the
determination on the part of the Whigs to pass
the Erie Canntenlargement bilL The bill was
then lest, there being no quorum present.—
There was great excitement, and considerable
rejoicing among the Democrats. The Session
dosses to-morrnw.
BorroN, April 17
We were visited yesterday, by a most terrible
storm and gale. The wharves were mostly over
flowed. The cellars. of the Custom House, and
stores on Long Wharf, were completely inunda
ted, and the destruction of property was
The flats air the east and south of Boston are
covered with water. The rails, in a number of
places, on thel Honsatonin Railroad, had been
trashed, and the embankments carried away --
The track of the Worcester Railroad was tin
detrained beyond tins data. The eastern railroad
is also badly washed in manyslaces.
The new EPiscopsl Church is soseserely dam
aged, that itdwill base to be re-built. The stee
ple of the Baptist church at Charleston was
blown off. Ifr. Than's; Lock, who passing at
the time was killed. The tide was higher than
was ever before known at Boston. A schooner
is reported to have been wrecked on Chelsea
Beach, and all on board are supposed to have
been lost. ',
It is impossible at this time to give an estimate
of the losses sustained, but they are Ivry henry.
WosossotoN. Apt d I;.
The Republic, this morning, contains a list of
the awards of the Commissioners of the Mexican
Claims. The Whole number of memorials pre
sented waa 272; the number rejected as insuffi
cient was 40. ' The sum appropriated was $3,-
250,000. The aggregate of all the awards is $3,-
203,523; so there is the sum of $46.477 left to
be paid to the 31exican Government
In the meantime, I may state, that some of
the larger rewinds are as follows
Lewis J. Har6us
Dr. Ottardiner,
Union Land Company, TOW,
Trinty Land Company,
Galveston Bay !Ind Texas Company
Aaron Liggett
W. 8. Parrott,: 114,000
The regatta generally are
.eatiatectary to the
The heady min which fell yesterday duce not
appear to hare caused any freshets or damage to
the Public Work,
New Yelec April, 17
There luta been n riot in Renfew County,
Canada, among the Orangemen and Catholics,
owing to the appointment of Wm. Harris, for
mer editor of the Byeton Packet, to be Crown
land Agent. There was some bloodshed, lint
no lives lost.
April 17.
Business continues very quiet, with no materi
al change.
Flotcr—A few hundred bbls standard brands
were sold at $4 60 11 bbl, at which :holders are
firm, Bales in lots for site use at $4 56 iG$4 69
far common and good brands, and $4 76 to $5
for extra lots.
Rye Flotir--Ccaltinues in demand at $3 50 "t 1
bbl. with light receipts.
Corn Meal Ls selling at $2 37 g 1 bbl.
Grain—Supplies of wheat are light, and prices
steady at 105 for white. Rye le in demand at
at 70c gl km. Caen is scarce, with sales of yel
low at 660 afloat..
Prorisions—An active . basineas is doing, and
prices of Pork and Bacon have &Franca Net.
Mess pork is held**. r 616 60,4nsff. .• *l2
yt bbl. Lard is Om at 409} ? lb,
Whiskey—Ls scarce, and ts selling at 22024
. .
Flour is active, - with sales of 1400 bbls How
ard at, at $4,56; and of 3000 bbls City Mills, at
$3,112 g 1 bbl.
Provisions are active, with sales 206 bbds and
116,000 The baton; sides at 8108}e, shoulders
at 76.71. mess pork, at $15,50; now
prim; $12,54; old prime, $11; salmi of smoked
hams, at Penlle -+? lb. New Miss beef is sell
ing at $l2: prime, $9 "V bbL
lard--Sales of 1.260 kegs No. 1 Lard, at 90:
and 760 bbls at 9©9le 20 lb.
Grain—Sales of red Wheat at 98®1000; yet.
low Corn, 636 ; 64; and white at 62 to 68e. Sales
of Oats, at 40 to 42c 81 be.
April 17.
No tidings have teen received from nalifat,
of the arrival of the Steamer Americo, which
. -.
fact., together with continued wet weather, has
restricted busbies. to-day.
Flour—There is a fair Eastern AL trodo del grt I.oE—ii bble. best White.
mend for Westernand State brands, but very ti iu - bone
little has been doing. eye m - Common . for eats bz
Grain—Wheat is in fair demand for milling .
rim .: DRY WHITING-50 bbls. for bale by
and holden srefirm at i5t1,16@ p
ii,le for spa J SCROOMMAIER a CO
Demme and $lOOO foot rained Ohio. Supplies
of cola are moderate, and the demand fair. RIO bldg. Chipped, for sale by
Et ACON-2, co .. prime...i„.. for ... b
Sales of round yellow at efic per bushel.
Provisions—A good business is doing at $l5, , ' mks Shoulders.
12f . g15,25 for new mess. end $14,25 for new ' a' '
prime. Sales of old at $12,37i,e,12,50 for as; nu and el WaOe, and 00 1 , 1” t greet
mess, and 511,12,ig11.26 for prune. Pickled I II Alt D--13 tibia. No. I Leah
meats We firm and secure. Lard is steady at : llal la Innis '''
~, . far tella i la
ap; 1...... WATERMAN a NS.
fic for prime.
Tobocco—la dull, but prices are steady, withltilLOUß -Pi? Mils. S. F. and extra, for sale
sales of Kentucky at 71C,til I/ per tit ' 11: tr spl L S WATERMAN a EONS.
Groceries—The demand is good, with sales of lIPRUIT-260 sacks Dried Peaches;
Bt. Domingo Co ff ee at 91 x ®9;: of Lagusyra at I ' IV/ - •• setae.
it LLIs. " . fur sale t.)
lOt etlOic, and .of Rio at ili @Attic per lb. at ;
Molasses 18 firm' end in request. Sn g nrn are - 14, ROO 1 S-- 5 0 dos. fancy and common, for
In active inquiry, at full prices. : Lis rale ny Bp; 1. S WATERMAN a aI:MIS.
Linseed Oil—The market is firm, at 97c for'
HOES --150 dot . best cast steel, for sale by
English. -- ay; LS. WATERMAN A aulit,
, mmuon. at tripoolitturer's. pr. , . A,
Cotton—The market is steady. with no change ' FORKS -75 dun. beet cast steel Roy Fork,.
in prices.w - •• rsto 7 ',mood
flour—Sales 1300 idols, at tM,E.O for common
to straight state. ' i •
114 .1
Grain—Wheat Is more active,with sales 12,000 . 4. U . 0 HOOT by EICE
~— .40 Ibs
a. sr- . Pow 'd, for
1 ,
ul tins es o s h ow lo, a t t ... looe at %0 74. bu y sh b .. h Eye c is om easi i e s r, lo w we iti r :
,11 , 11 . 1 , TAR11 - 4 eases Pow 'd, for "ale by
. .. ... .
sales MCI busun
prune yellow, atCBc
? b'
OIL SPRUCE-1 canes for sale by
Provisions—Fork is firm, with sales 1400 bbls
at $15,12i for new Mess, and $12,50 for new IL H. „Flume. .
• Lard is firm, with sales 500 bbln rat Or _,„.
prime. t - t
11. ^ 0 P UNDWRItiERIC - 2 bids. for sale by
for lair. .
•I 7 fl F.. PELLEIItk.
N'S ' Extract of Sursapariila and Co-
Whiskey is lower, with sales at 24c 10 gallon. 1 THOR
No tidings yet of the America. I P' ' ''' ' '''''''''d g."""° ' toes ll. St:Lucas.
. ...'P'
April 17.
Flour—The demand is fair, but prices are un
changed. -
Whtskey—Sales at 180081 e lil gal.
Provisions—Sales 1800 kegs Lard at Or, which
In an advance.
Oroceries...4air N. Orleans Sugar is selling at
Other articles usually quoted are without
The river has risen 8 inches.
Fresh Asurrtment of Spring llsohE
THOMAS PALMER is daily receiving
from the East.= Ode,. at the old .Land.
No. 55 MARS= STItY.ZI,
Pavers Third and Fourth streets, Pittsburgh.
Why eimmaloris to his ptiment .toek. of the most beautiful
PAPS'? HANGINGS that have appoint m this minket
fin • loot Crtcd. The pattlos are einth4y.turt dart ittples pemil ebast i r t , said i tb tb.
int r . %
Wan is
note. ilit= .4d attiartiee lot of coon. of
• awe ao
curate be fonoed hp eight Mao deeerloeee.
tbe atleaLitm of merrhaitts abd hams keepers Id Tr' .
NI? Invited.
T IN WALLPAPER—Fr= the aunt fax.
of lb* rm.-Uwe title., Wog re.l'ed at
65. Ifarkrt NIA) PALMEIL
CANTON Preserved Ginger in Syrup;
Cho" To". (6 mixture of
innorr and Pniltlaned %VA . c cium;
drovers and Tea NoLlerr.
The Perfect Mart.
WawaUm °film Itoprononoia•
YainiltlyTew =7, =ha,. e'pru l e l
n A
IM4 it 734 onionk; Owing with palate enwalvotions.—
WWI, ono onon.
air l'sologaionol d.lloeath,. of chorneter, wilts numb,
wl =ro, tad aloe nu. iretttena7. lwaltatina advice
. Lttalth, Oreenpaaaaa awn' olnadT,
WS mumps, toonagningrat of an, ha, non, gwa
a/ WI miaow onsoisaont Bronles
ARIL • - Dgiolgo g.
tH REGULAR PACEET..—The Bpleralld
Worr n st. ' l l iYar. commenen on Goo 15th but., to make
reader tripe from tbe erd of the Old All...herly Bridge.
(St. Clair Week) every boor. eommeneing at 9 ocloek. A.
oabuonioa mai the Gardenadene. she alll lied
on the Allegheny aide. for the oecommOdation of poem:,
gem also. at ail other points. Pe - Extra Trip at 71: o `.
clock. P:11. aDln
mm „. er E mennse,n...nwt._,r leave lad
boveand lotenneallata Dart 0o Wed villneaday
oftemoon. at 4 o'clock.
For freight or 0..... P. .PAT m board. apls
and splendid steamer FEDERAL ARCH. ,5:3 •
Bowman. commander, till leave Mr above
and intermediate ports on ads day, the 16th Instant, a 4
o'clock. P. a. For frelchtrArm.apply_nn hoard, or to
N JONF.S. Agent.
eplt, P
yoR NAstiviLLE_The fine
steatner lIATFLOWER, FlarJett. muter.
ad I ha v e for the atoreand intertrodlatenotti,
on thle day, the 17th. nt 4 P. N.
For freight or passage. aPPITMI beadq. or tn
apl7 . JOHN FLACK, Agent
ti g ht drznycht St.truari PARIS, Greetzke.
master...lll Imre Par the alAre and 611 I to
pinnate port% ott MU day. the Ilth WA., at P. M.
For freight or pitaage apply on board or to
ckpl.s D. WILRINS, Agt.
-11. SVNII.SII. PACKET—The fast running _WM ' e
ksr WELLSIILU, CspL B. ticrung. will
run ex a regular packet between Pittsburgh:l ,
Bridgeport. and lioniish, leaving Pittsburgh every Aloud y
agernoonforWelll.We, Steutienrille. and ArlitgePot4 and
ry Tburoday aAernoon for gleubenrUlo. Wheeling
C.Pti...1113d EtinAehl re turning. lea ea BHA
port end Suntleh every Turaday afternoon, ILL Su
every Friday afternoon. For freight or Peerage, apply n
boanl. or to ifeb•Ml W. R. WHELL}III.. Agent.
eFItaIIIT PILOT \o.:. A. B. Crane curter,
will leave Pittsburgh for Wheellug..etplitis and Bonlo r.
every Monday and Thrulday, at 3 o'clock P. M 4 returolt g
leave, guntlsh for Clothe. Wheeling and Pitobtinth, •
err Tuesday and Friday. at ID o'clock, a. M Passenger.
and thinners can depend upon rho teat running regelx
during the low water season
For freight or Waage, apply on. Loan!. tochlh
' 1851. THE nett and lost running Ftr. CASIIILR.
CsPh n .) , nd
Funfish Fachrt--leares Pittsburgh ern-, Wednesda at
o'rloch. F M.. f., Wheeling and Bridgeort. and e
are. e at
at 3P. 31. for Cartina stud Ilunfl,b. Return ner
51311.15.41 eln - 71 Monday et n'elock. A 31 . nd
lint p o rt and IVheeling every Monde) and Tburedel nt
• I' I.
Fee freight and on bra..l. nr
Wrhi dtillN FLACK. Arent ' •
1.3 b I: 11 1. , 1. A k Ai2 ET BE-
Tl WF iell=kru L Ve l h l f l rt r eastr D APF T NJl;
D. I' Minna,. IVelleville • ,rry Monday.
P SI , far East
01. r , SlcVerralia Landing, Beaver. land I'M.
hiagh Pittsburgh over; Tuenday. Thuralso. nod
Feturday, at Inloon. M . for Nearer.
M r
Olnenos loot Well
For freight or eve., apyin 1.a.n1 :40
I_ll, IrIIPPUNU PACKET —The eyiendidia&Z
nevparitet iteamor DIURNAL t3gree.ll,
ter. ,
11.1 performing her regular trier-ell; Wipe tretse'en
thin cit and Wheeling. leaving Fitteturrh et IA oeket
every l oath ; , Wednender nod Fridah and returning.
leaven Dliseling every Toe day. Thirreday sad
in each week. Tor freirht or paerage. srply on board. or to
uollt ARILiTRON4.I d LROZ.P.I3. Agra..
twPACRE. T,C h INCIN e NAT W I. Captain John lknnhnf Th ee I van. New u n. b nd
other, err
the Cincinnati and Flttnlotrgb Parket treat., and .111 tenet
every Wednesday for Cincinnati. In place of the Near Eng
land No. It For freight or ottener apply board. or to
areal_ 0.11. SI un
SOINKT.—TI. hue *learner PACIFIL,
ago, mentor, grill kale for the &Lova and in
ter-me ports evert, Thnn3hl P M
For ar .lW ight or Ohmage avid!' oul, 01
nicht° No. CI Wster and 03 Front rte.
QALAD SAUCE--Oray's Saw, for dre.ol•
lOE ' OA NUTS-2 lake recd and for male
lJ br spit, irm A. , IeCLITA: a CO.
—A beautiful article, just tveklauti fur We b,
• IWO& VALSIER.No SS Martel .1
\ lA* abate. Allay .111:315r Wawa.
la, nil
Dowd.. Houghton d0.d0.;
tor W. at the Banking !lotto of
ap9 coroot Ilarkat and Third .
lI7ILISKEY-96 bbla. recd per dr. Cin
.tanati, and tor gala by
-11_413tr'-100 hbls. fresh Lnuisvllle, for sale
by W. A F. WILSON.
al* 147 Fir t. and 111 &crud 0.
QYRUP MOLASSES-51 hbls. S. 11., fir
sale by ap9 W. h. F. WILSON
fl OLDEN SYRUP—IO hf. bbD. for sale by
IX .0 W. tF.
Q bags Sicily, for sale br
RSENIC-8 kegs Pow'd, for sale by
VOCIIINEAL-150 lbs. for sale by
XT. COLOCYNTEI COMP'D--40 11,1. for
.LA Kor by see IL A. FAIINESTOCK Z Cc.
exeuVeollls. far de b
FlSFl—lne..izmlffioni t fartaie
IZCO Llieerly eeeeTl..
ALLAD OIL-20 Baskets just ree'd and
ts . LARET WINE-100 boxes choice brands
N../ a sa toad and tar sale by
cuurrsos co.
CHAMPAGNE WLNE--Heidreick, and
fiber wmit• brad. trvt mnrtsntl O.nd n'd
fur sale b 7 [.1.1 A. CULBE t Co.
ROLL BUTTER-10 bble. (good) for Kale
11, by JORN VATS & CO.
PEACHES -2 - 60 bu. prime halies, for sale
by ap B JOHN' WATT t CO .
1)111IG IRON-200 tons Forge, for hale by
I ILI ULES & lIORSE-2 fine Canal Molex,
IT I alvt 1 Deer Norm,
J for de by
arA OHN N , Al°rb CO.
QTARCII-15 boxes (Fox's) just reed nn
1.. j tor .ale b 5 WI JA.i. A lIVICHISON A co.
'OAP-5O boxes or sale low by
s.;A JAS. A. 111;TCHISON d CO.
ACKEREL-40 bbls. No. 3 Large, for
/TX .1. by BO JAS. A. lICICITISON C - Cu '
(aALERATIJS-13 cull; and 5 boxea A.//
" "'"4
" tglz4TAt ' Ut4 In _
NDIOO-3 cases Manila, for A ale by
IgENCII CHALK-30 0 Do. for rule by
VOLOOYNTii-2rilbs. Povr'd, for sale by
st_i spy CAIINESTOCK - A CO.
W A . F p t:ASS-00 s
a.Au. c. A p i lt ,. for
TOC ir,utAletsob..y
7;LAXSEED-100 bu. reo'd per L. E. and
M. Line, snd 2r isle by JAMES" DALZELL,
MlVAter street
BLOOMS -200 tons Tenn., for sole by
RAW WIIISKEY-200 bble. on consign
man, for lode by MILLER • RICRETSON.
opn ER and' M Lll.orty et
rirDIOTIII SEED-24 bu. prime, fur sale
j by ap9 MUM a ISICKETSON.
BUTTER -14 keg on consignment, for sale
COD FISH-9 drums for sale by '
Alit/ 01L—V2 bbls. ennkling'n No. 1
Q.ARMES- 5 muses and 300 halves and
boss. IL (Willa.% 1111.141A.AL/R.t.kicitmo
OPS-7 bales let sort Wee. N. Y., for sale
lIICKORY NUTS-9 bble. for sale by
. v g k RICKETRuN.
auks Sweet MAW.; .
s poNGE-3,
r, " num; ow bead awl for ale by
° P 2 .--.. . —.,_..
tf b ,luip Ter7 Supenor,
. " Cos.4. : TErr nee by
_ L
.1. eCIIOONIIARER it W.. 4 Rood .t
11 7, 61t:C=.11 7 11A,125. Shelled, roe'd Ltidfor .10
br npln w. t F. WILSON. 14nrint
b.:IIMM POPLINS — A. A. Menus , : & Co.
0.. ownip Wm. • q cu. alargolotwl pmeltf Lan Cap.. yges of YI•lo, yi ms eg.
Lhern .r•
fast Cap, op?
APPLES -75 bbl. Romanitea, for sale by
.uhaa UM= P•
Valuable Property for Sale.
TILE SUBSCRIBER Zen fl,r sale a valuta
his op,. of ppopeity ... loleapny Pity, bari ng
hunt on Irrbartz Aro ft Of S: Pet. nod rtinolop toe
T propert) I. 41.04 inuouliole
r"Ltlßhkir 1;• rtgil yw hl tt &wort China L and oror rho
' lntrorrin. There it IL ' Frant• litre of
Ilona. on tlio prrmhrr. whkh Yo.llbfeorinltrApV,TZ:
The pro putt y In level And nultmd
baring Prow, on klebooon and 1114 Re irtn.tx. It wit, Or
dtold ebenp. and part of the muds.* mOnoy ra n retooln!P•
ated on tn. ground. Imuire or the bornbor,_Ott tae
promisor, I apS:l JOIN tnonms.
For Bent.
A Small well finished and eympletely fat
ntohed Styr, on GI It., tterer , r 4 t i sox i. PoPla ,
No. ;a Liberty It. brlstopol3.l and dth es.
opt-If 'Coot etna Tribune •VP )
For Sale.
TIE members of the Faimiohnt Fire Corn
willil itnir Engine
quirele It in geed or
der Kind Le :gild cheap. Eof
J SMITH, Seely,
440 Peon sreet,
A Good Opportnnim for those who want a
ub titer tam frtr pule thr flllaeript; htrars
o, 1. it
. N y.r
oSlotaln tho Etihtb
mtly .horded, mull will Lc robs at • bar.sain, as the "snot
lires at a illstatm, and whin, to tilmose of them.
No..' Throe Lots at the cornernl stroct
mosnelTim—advantammuly locutod fur oitbyr Onsisestlar
Israte residence,
No. T. Tou Lots in the TlorTigh of Lawroncetilly sell
11111161 for prirate rouldemm
No. 4. Two Acres of Lind in pmts: Ws - A:hip. This
noorooty IA admirably tumuli tor country t beinabuta
Mort e from thr city floe, and adjoining the Itabroad.
No 4. tine Lot Ott :Webster etre., mar Elm, 2i Oct hf
N. B.—.NYA 2. 3, Alla out be e at' ll ill. time; Only •
portion of the puryhm. mo, 'will be requinol in
A ihree'thori Ii ,hear the eorneref Webate r r , E 1
...L....m.1=11 1
; 11 !mmu, letet . ve u,
r".., t 9:4,2 '''''ltllllENTnlVlLtr,
either WebF. emi Elm stheth
For Reht
TIIE ACADEMY BU I LDIN US, toi,c'gz - V,T:. - .11. L . 4 , ° ..„ 0al 1 =tt, ,, ,..a
:,:1m ..., :, p,-, 104 ON., liumiTti k i i rire of
me 112 0 .11 reeroarrl„rt alaraett.t
TOl.l RENT—A Dwelling Howe rok
abor- and ot,r :mitht,l,l
L.. ua•L tot., .tr.
tente4 ~r;rvn aritta+thatPly
woo—For Pale or L.., Acme lot• In tLe Sloth ifor-J•
Strnit ex.! the Allo,b et,
tVII Dhltl.lNail'ON.
Valuable Real Entate.fur Sale
HE SUBSCRIBER otivr..);tr
fal . ..Ahtr term, the a !la. tit, 1001 141 ate
r tretly of l'itlAntruh, r.
No. l'hno.. • altmtd. hriek
tat ,ervata 11str4. an•l I.arry at,t,
tat% 14 , 1atz ro. 0,1 Matt 1..
Nu etilaStri , :37 trot fro a 11,181 oirr..l r.l,papaut
l'rorOrtorlau Ir 0n.rt....1 our
cur 'tor, brick hour+. ur.l ps,ut,ur.
twt, lA.
Nu..l 1 , 4 la, In Fa1.t.0u.1 . 11,1811 - 0.-irk, la.
Nu, 3 era I. torin4..atrout lw 4,1 rquer....n wbvl,l , errri.
uur blwk ..r Cur hum. a8..1 one ,prrate
tnuurdo,lllll,. all 1.0 hirlr
. .
,Ne. 4 Vne lot (444 fr. 44,44,4 13..4 4E44.4t...14,.44t.4 II
el.t4ndsl44 t,he t.,4 tb.. hill
No Twz. ',oath each 0t,1..t front. ant ruatoof
front the raw tolow wrier inNrt. ota raf. Kra. ,
No 0. wrlar 100 r 1.1.1 Rao.,
yr too
lotsater pow., attarbrt
No : One optwrlto wrar toot 11,rt, arol
..xtenaing ta. lb. top of the tallo rn ortrioa 'ono
two rori Wick...ton sod war.hotrw., hi Art: alr.ouo
(ran. t•o atorra blob
No 4 On. lame lot in Nor lintrboo. 14.ater moot, be
no stunt 14t. , fret on lanxklar.. snot about
oonlaitang .o.....mrtra tn.. lota Ito,.
ds.allitt‘ mad our omall frame how, uord •o
w. forurri, Mt T C. iiould,
and I. very pletrantly I. lono.,liarly y o
flaw FaMton BHA.,
No w, lien ran, lot.lintoltatoli trio. ralMou Brxiae.
trio, tarot foot lowa.. era *lnflating roan 'iVritwt
.oret low - orator mart, oi tow lna iwth
The alrar (moped,' will b.. Kaa Loona.l..
Apply_ at 0.11.1 Store of la 11 STOCK TON. corner Tiara
an.l Manor .tropt. 40115 PLE , IISIi. dgera
urVal .Jounul an 3 iNot entr' •
Drug and Prescription Store for Sale.
ei c, ,.. lrat7 , lll . 6: 4 rl4 . lilming :tyrrihc . par tad
' l;r
.4314 lit e,ons.l .1.
IrLET --A AItEIiOUSE, riitunted
on 1$
tr.t.., 31arkrt .n 4 /4 , 7 ;ip
Amtable to. tho Fartterm, 1...+
qua. of JAfIF.a DALZELL.
curb 9 So. 4a Wwier -t.
For Sale.
ItLOCF lICtLbINU:L:. rat th. Lot., t he l
tnaton and Penn streets. anal fronting on the Penna.. ,
Irani. C 0....!. in the City of Pittsburgh. The Lot fronts
pno hundrrd and fOrty lour feet on Penn street. and one
bundre.l nod nine feet nine inches on Washington street.
to a twenty feet alley. Inquire of
No. In , . Penn st.
yII2E MALT—Two large Flour Milli and • fate Hill on
the heaver Creek. with the neee , ar7 pnwtr.
• well improv. Form in La wreneecuunt, Prtoe SLOOti.—
Also. • farm of 110 nen, op the Otno river, triree miles
bettor Reiss, for 1 . Alwo. one of Ito ten... no the
Ohio river, 0 miles below Deaver. for 5.12. pee an, Alto.
POD ',errs for Sit per arm. farrneof PA, and uel
ter, for $2.5 per arse. Alpo. 174 acres floe 312. and Al
C 0.,... for 11l per arra, together with Loamy others of earl.
rears 01.1. Enquire of
N. P. It U, L.ll. FETTERMAN,
Attorneys at Law and Restate,
Pitts /1,-T b ots,
(chin No 107 o t h st urgh.
—1.1.. for nub, or on perpetual lee., one baton
Penn street, 24 Art trout by 100 fr et to brains alley. ad
oining the Ninth Ward Engine Ron.. Also, one squu
obnded by Liberty. Carlo, And Allegheny streets, and
ing Alley. bring 2114 feet® Liberty. by 1Z to Spring
V II.'" 41'56 4.r. :ttr 61 9.4_1ES WU/LILL
Of Forty Town Lots in Enst,Liverpool, 0.
THE recent unprecedented Bale of Lots in
the Yana thriving Towel having' nearly exhausted
t law previously laid aut. and the demand still continulng,
the underairtned has been induced to las out a portion of
Lto property in town lots no abov
e. and offer" them fur sale
at prima and tcrme that cannot foil to meet the views of
those withing to mamba*. Ili. moillers to Laving hin
of the location of the Town and pro-twats (itboon
-sufficiently doscrihed In !event Miir. , ll}...ments) o th er than
that over ii‘• Wohdrodl tole hey. eorr tat,' ch.^.^ l
al town pnrehased by thane twist:duo to priwure • denier
I.le home.
The shore lot. yearlong the morn ....igiblvonddreible
la the ply , aod are principally lurond In the mit ni re el
throe roren e tly aold.
For in apply to the 0r, ,, k0.0r In Llvvrawnl. or
to James Blakely, Eon., Fourth stn-It. Plitsburch.
Jolly E. BLAK ELY.
East Liverpool. Feb. lid. 1651. fehotalittl.
A Blast 'Furnace for Sale.
E UNDERSIGNED offer:? for Sale bid
MAST FURNACE, .)tuned In Our couniy, C :edema. R l
olm ee the .Allatmna Furnace.. with ell the out
builtitnne. SAW and ERUCT MILL: and every ne-,
eewary to more on the Smelting of the. It lute Letto
Ail.. of Land
whichattachth se ni fro m
otLioittion tie
would he neweetat.T. elm Mnlnul freina 75e. to 2.-1 pis
It has the 010.0 favorable lewation In the tionth. fee.
ending Imo. having the ore within one-half 45 ono den.
,dl. i 0 ery terse , inantillee, easy to mine.d ,eieldion
'nun 0) to ter snot. 1111 on.. mile and 1, mo oll from the
rdowelt Rollin. Mill. Own.. wade rale mu Ie fond for
ail Its prielnete of Phg Metal: end two gale, troto the
11.1 tern and Alistair Railroad, which Is one of the line,
rallnirde connecting the TroO. ewe Eitel. with the Fa
now d. which ha+ elm Howe of rallr,e4l,l r unnin g not frees
It. noielied end under wintratt. rawlndthwinth el , tb.lm
lownii sad Cities In tieornia. where • lamely idla
Mound for Phi 54 , ta1, lichen Ware, it to
ow. in thud worked Ly waver poVre, with e Win{ 15
wet nn null er blintz, rtreetn, so-I it. the moot healths
tb.r. South.
.. , L l TLrli ,, toty m ter .o 4 . 4l , 4l , 2 nie , st Fameeti.Ceifi ,
11 h 0 . 5r.Z9 ' r ";ru
POO5 ,00. Mareh I. 1,01
t clo um, idirrll for eel+ ft hone taunter of vainelde
heihding tote. and Ponce very deorthlr titer for menet. ,
teyien, is, the Borough ot litructughmo. located mwe 00 5
ceew Public [loom cool Poe n. Lutheran Church
The rapid growth of Dicudoeban, popolatiou end
tozuctfacturile. wealtb, sod 11,c reewm•Lle prove at *Welt
1.0 will be mid. cell/ render troln pare atol pmfdable
',meal berfeet . Term. fevorable.
For 4w:twitter. and term, ...unwire of 11,. utotpr.l.owl, at
tine nine. of (learn. I , straut litt.
burgle. het eseen third mut Fourth PLreeta. wf
,111.11, and N. Patters... Kw, al their "doe. In hire,
notion. oggl 11011 1.0 P. CAMS.
- • • - •
Covin&" 6 on Works for Sale or Lease.
I opteoll. Oucluouti hkt lug to the layt tear
o , ergoo• tboroneb retottrPitc new Intodenon,towlsinerT.
Sc'.. twine oup of the toont legation 4 in the Union
• th. manor:enure of the T.ilM , plic4 and I. itelP of Iron.
combining a. 111•01. 1.1,r mon. faeilltu. than ant petal,
li.huivot In the tie., Ir for pole ex tepm on
erm. to cult eppltraure It p0p....44,11 the advantage...4'
• euablithuteut situated bitten men dcwirable part of Ctn
. addltkm to the rase. telow ;noel, Itchier—bar
lug all feellltlee for Cincinnati trade. It c0u41.14 of erne;
Puddling Vurnamo, three'ritmr, or Nobline flue. tiro Ite
litwry Nil Heating Portlacv, ith Morin« nod 11.•
hiller, to auk.. from legh Iron op to 4 ugh. 40.1
inaare ,, Alt all the coma) flat Iron. wet, eO.l shirt soul
Ent= n ante shirt
mt,'.;u, 5; r Still, n.loYle4, yarn
In addition. there It, Flo.b.ry, with Feuer-ate Ety
C 1,... meta/ulna 16 314teltio•- , whirl, out be locrw.e.l
. 14Zrell t .111. ,4 4Veil AN, Cluclutear ~rd IIeNICKLE,
• , 11.11fttlai Iron t-dahliehmetet pitualed c..
the river, In Oallla count, .0111... el', Forge
matelot', three bobling ccr Firwr" Fire., elf rr
MO-..1.-eti, ono run out Ph, nue pair HUM', hulls. With
eaywrity to male ten tow I nut ter oar The. t ru-t routenot
Ital zero of Coal lend, of two vein, pact, :I 4. Got
The entre. e to
pcoat the DUNA, or Phu, le from SU to 4.1.1
W l4llOrit of ttiebvzt hwationl In the
Ilefer to 1t.1,114(4 .
lANAN,Cincionath or I H bIoNICK
AL4-0--A large brick ere proof 1 . 1 , 11/ r . for rale., rent,
tottOlOtng the liolltna. l 4lll front, aloe(.. bleb, P 0 ft. whir.
a i ' 4 1 45.— a n o rY el4likbr4 t ( A n id.
41:41,ljetittry sting,
';1014:11ialleu a c tr., , v4 o , 4 t , t4e k t beg Elg. ,
Alreghenv Tuneace property, contatedng c o Z on tl,fr.”
wren The land, abounds lu Iron. Coal, I.ll3ll.lUnid. Vire
Cl.). an., making It • veEPlreble location for menufer
turing.purpuelog boss Ha utterly beautiful location. of.
' l " ll,e ' t:lt ' lt i ni "L re&r:t f t? ,r g cilriry= ' lll:4 ' grprlV:g
ore PuxerpUble of twing ' higlety IMlVrtd; ft.ii] are alre
dy opened to all th e printipal poin t , of thy land and lb.
pane:cat country. There ere emoted twc the brunt.. o Tor
Starke, Engine. sal 111..appmaus. for making Iron:
tother .11.1' all the buddies, appertaining thereto. Alpo,
poem Ilona, numb Roble., Lc, The whole will he die.
44,41 of upon favorable terms, or it will be divided Into
trarto to Pult purrlsacers. A plot of th.• prop , tr 1. . r.
the, particular, eau b. obtained hy achlnweelng
aplcual4lte BUCSIAN AN, Clueinuati.
t ll b
tIAWLS—A. A. 31,..50N S Co. have just
reed twr aspresn--80 Parton Priel.lClishmm,
Thil.t. Ltatorolftust dutjp4.7 k tAiu‘'
I? IBBONS—A. A. 111 Amos &
slab willexhib
c It. Ohio morning. outcrop of liew Boucot RR,
no, Cap do. and Lace Vella, Embroideries, tr.
ILI 'U It LIY &BURCIIFIELI) hare just, re
j,l.. F ed Ohio ma I.c. hi' ext.. • lot of 000 g .
such as blank and , ado ollks,Tulio ream Palm lee •S
' b7o i a l l , . ' t Tr , I ,nt rl V. ei 1 -.. - littl.. l lV,Tatr:. o 7T. l
~. siunlins ac. NA
menood reel {Lott recoil,' supply of Goody
among which will be V
Mayers, Mew , : wi
and unbleached !Moth . LA Lim. obretiocaui Pt o
Case, Linen and tluall to lui wide for I L1w...."....„2._
TrECTIFIELD I l an:receive:4
F rd " ° l2. er I =f
Ibr sallg
;hlli I AN rii NG s—,
lvat an. 0,014 rarer lI.OIF. Pr b !
Itoom. and P. 17000. from
ur a 7 .4
ud graigP!TAl6 o4 kL"
P. Wood ar•sc
(Shelled) fur eels by
Bigot!. P. etlaYl;B,
CORN -15(f
E• 401 •
FOR RENT-rThe.Dwelling House, on'gt
the ...or °flora. And WO• :WOW% 4,47
gereDied by Thaw" Lybdekle, deed.' rosseciongly
ta..dy. Sequin or J osiah King, ENrie._,......W..-
. im".4 (I, work, Alletbm, ' ''''',.' --
11. MI. Ancbor
Valuable Real Ratite for'l3iile.:
VprCR SALR—That ealuable of Ground
tituatoll at the corner of MarteVand 14s 4 r dmtw
elAtt 4Aeogled by Malvern . * lidlle. as a ills,sWase-
Loam. having %front on Market Short of del net 11 Inch
es. and on Maur street of Li fewtll4 Inch.
Also—The Lot of Wound WJajnittN th. O. VV.k ! . .,
Trif 7 mtio i rllat ' it's r en th'' Hr
er,. ' atal running back 3i! feet touteeaouso Street,
'l4lllOOl deairout of purchaSing can receive further In
ismation Iron, . BTOCISNON,
soli • No. 47 Market et.
A Valuable Coal Farm for Sale,
Q, IT IJATEI) on the Bank of the M a,. jlt
teJaaanafaino•r.toetlarertollo4l.lll.Rosl39ol ,
laudP7s., 04 miles front Pittsburgh, . ntik.
Monongahela City, and gne-half mule above irebeter. core
talnitoplb. Aerie, 130 or more of which ecortaln Cad, ad
mirably located fur mining, being intonected by a
the vimewhish adapts It to the adiniesion of fresh air into the
by b O,
Coal eau all to eantrolently conducted to the
piece, by nos= ILAILIIOAD which Is now In etsva-
Alan 111X111 the mans.. The landing at the railway Is ex
cellent, and the eitusUon well adapted for haelortng boats
hi ea.dr. Thia locrlion offer, thcilitiee tat the lOcal trade
unturptgolt awn the Monongahela river.
The soil upon the surface, moot of which le choral 4.1
under cultiettden, It of verynineties ottallty,being mostly
Iltneetone Lad black. walnut toll, weliadanted to the growth
of wheat and all other min common to the country. Limo.
us an
em abundt thou the premix, slit easily Quarried.
The buildings are a veer 000,M 0100 01 , two story Brick
Dwelling House, attar.. an....... 1 .b.akitd..
a largo Log Th.: Ism and consenlcnt Stable, Utanagg
smote Coal to A never falling enpnly of
gto4 water, with an es oellent ;undo at the Tb enlace
le abundantly sannlittl with 000 1 le most of the
fields There slim on the ndal's. w h oleng hennas Or.
chald onlittior arafted kelt The leaf convenient
.Xel3 to thelteatoloat landing at Welmter. The Coal will
IA molt oeyar - -tely. with all the rwee,garg privileges kr ta
king h out, or the Land and Cad together, to snit purch
aser, Arran on the preniloe, to. • ,
Or L, L HA BOLCOMM. Pittrbreb. rach3lat
'llO LET—An Office, with or without Ware
g e li ag Ban, JOHNSTON.
Smos.J 0
From England via Quebec.
HE uniirrnigned, rrniiiing in Qurbee. ix
Grmartluar large guar/tithe Itnilrani Iron attlette
ravy ankle., to the different nom on Lan...Erie The
natter of refer], attains at gurt.te in hallast t a rtar
Kerr of lumber. prnhably t
en4r. trite mode nf Import mi.
touch the lesrt ',teener. kw ell heavy rnerelantutire.
alit pay lb. Atlentk fright on rarynee entoepruel to hint.
ia. I end attend in any bonne.. ronn.eled thrwarlth. bud
emit artoternltorte a* tont . rteintml rot' fo , hh , o
t.l'arlit't'".ctrZl*r.:lliW the '" 1 1 ";! ' t ' ' "1
ate,:ittolted) n aps
-Orr ri.tearte
.1 8 5 1.-
CI. 'RICE, PARK,' A a,. K.,ataarta. 1110altutor ,
Tiff PROPRIETOItS of 1111 A old and well
asa.ww , Übe. 1.1 intcraltatlalle that tho, ore
1A),,41,1l1•41 to. th.. pr..aolat anal hat. ra.nuatatt
o.reiv.a.l /1+1..1 own, or. hall,
ara , horp.l lomat, in •11 to.tot• lb.. Canal. oral I... Erie
. I.7rlr M wMa *L r.:gttl) '" ltr ' ll ' : ‘ raw.llrl:l.:l ' n ' aV ' ll ' OCaV
ahola Huth,. n o
o , rette lar , aght
W thaortivaharn. New CAHIP.
I , • Slott...we,
1L• !....!baron.
.1 a it lintl, tharplAater
tau 0.-hn. 1.• On ,
Ism. Hew". fiat tolow
I'.ll. Iteral, Erie. I.:
0 lt.lVollbralge.llatlola. N V. and
_ .
Forty-oil hours to Philadelphia.
Forty-four hours to Baltimore.
Itaroaid 103 Cum'.
Two Daily Lines Erpress Packet Boats:
Rv A
NEW rOttg.
N the opening of Canal Navigation, Two
In r Daily Lines Ncw Ecrnms Bolas will low., Ica
atenen Purt,gelroad Lc.
Two Hunan.] Enri.v-fire mll.l diner
Time through roart-sil
Fare to Philadelphia. 1110. Fare to Btdt4torre. IFBd5.
The C., tm this runty ate men, and of the !rent approe
.d eorotroetion for comfort and rarefy.
Passengers for Baltimore,
iio antral of Gayu take the rock and Cu.m
fmlNkucli dinTA autt kehtY
four rullrs'i Time. YOUR
.I`S; chnrge far handling Baggage on this route.
The Inernued vpwl maker this themoel ecntathrtahle.
re.. And deeirable roan to the Eastern Mire.
Yoe rmArage informatkon Arrlr
J. P. HOLMES. Agent.
idandenothe/a lionse.
Or to 1). LEECII CO.
Canal Basin, Perna street-
N. 11 On U. I.t. of Jab', the Penn.,Pranta Rained
trill La Itnithed to Lockport, which will aburten the tit.
through hour.
Pittebuttak. ram..., 10, 31
tan - 1: - 1:6idir's• Line. • ---
Wairla=W 1851. ZMb
3 %MEM 4` REX 'MX JaCl/lIILP,
I. .0. Iv 101 l opriatlon. with faallitaas to carry a la.,
quantity of freight to Philadelphia sari Baltimore. wahout
Irowshipmnp, Vabort time, and at as low raiz., as any
Jthar recut. Um,
• .
;peas./ •rrangemente have aim) been male prc earning
Way Yeehalt In Itialrorille. Jametn.m., llollidayeboeU,
Water eltryea Ale...frt. Pelee...bunch. Huntiumlon. Mill
emek. Year Hamilton. MeVertmen. L•lrilltplir. MiffHu,
Neeporc.Clark'N Fan 7. Ilarriaburu.Columbm. and all otle
r intersonliate points on the Pentvelitarlia Canal and Port.
nun Haitree{ Having return loads of Iron mecum! from
: tle , Juniata promptneu and rreuittrlty In Ilhipment,
the afurese4l le at du bullet rate, may be relied
j MITCHELL WCOTT,Prolnletor.
ttPon• Warthoupt Liberty etreet.
rreht33f stand door west of the Canal.
tto J brother.
WI BINGHAM. the bu.ine. at Putobnrgh trill her,
truant - 4A under tie style of - Wm. Itinxhato
Itachl) W 31.. BIM/HAM
Binghains' Transportation Line,
./xl== 1851. VIEiIMA
THE CANAL being now open, we ore ren
trrrtTe .ml Ihrimrd prcrt.l.l7. rmlu ,
reehan,ll, entt atul w•st..
oat Merrb:milse will be reoPi•ed end forwarded
ra..t unl wr...t. without MIT cbwrpro. for tororarding s.l
- Irralons tiltbradY
übm~rd n. 1;'11 - ;, 0 :,1171.V% CO
Larrty and PlDsburgb
Iit:WHAM DOCK 1M IlArkct
No 102 Nurtb •treet,lfaitlmorr
JAMES HINGHAM, N. 10 1C.4 rt
Lncl, 1 New York
at. g 1851
Pittsburgh Transpottation Line.
JAMEY OVONZillit a CO . c... 1 nwu. Pituturo
. . ..
. . . -...
:+i14:1"..JA:1114-A aC. llet ,, N llnut.ll,U4 Ch. , rY ...vt ,
~u.l Nk , 3, , uuth Fourth 'dn.., 1.,, 0r,.... Mark. 4 nal ehr , t
uut ~..14,1•1,111,1.1ati.,.
VI:ON AM.; d CO., 71. Nor. Fin,. tlAlliug.arr..
I A VINO fullv pk.led our arrangt
I wont, two *lli propatral uttou lb. °prolog of I •
PPP Ira W. Could, to .4.r, erolghl to and from Pitts
ourott. tiaitormo.. Vora. Bodo, Chi
moat.. Juntoville.:+t Look and all the Ev't Wrst. at
ioar, tat e, sod Tilt. wort. dGlutrl, sod ram than boy
.t Liu. All v. 40 *hippo,' Lt om law. are fully noTered
I,without ku, .hare. to townern. . protection
not tomtit by any oilier Line
AllMS1111•0•156111.• to OUSWII•vg or airetitA,
'Lori, Co.. Cindunati 11eLL Low.
rf Louie wlllineei onto prompt athaillon.
ns nor Linn haa uonaninctiou trbotet er with the
and Trauiportation I.lot of At.
kb. A M. 1e1,4)
As ` a- 1851 fft_4ll4;ffi
Merchants' Transportation Line,
1115T 111 - olil PllOll
" C
A WANULTE A Cll. Canal 'With ail Peon atrnet,
1:3A111.10 , 0,111, C..ntral Illoet. Broad alt,t.
and prralue• pr,parod to ircelvi• • ler, amount in•reliatollre
ahip on Ow onvolny of s
loweru to Phila
dell„, slut all tutennodloto pine, at httr, slot lu
le.l,me than In say pro,lous
Triykszi . 7ll , l4. ,, ! .
Stan Iludnut, will I ILe stop j: real aul for n j:l•4 o bffittr of il:l n ar at
Jobtitown, liolida,..Lor, Colombia.
L Canal natio.
raio;:P 1851 tfLEEEA
To slippers of Merchandise, Produce, &c.,
non VITTP•111011. 011110., onnmou 0511 N. roac.
' , Taws A co., N.rprietnr.. No. CO7 Market, Carol
comma.. atreet.
BELL t LIUULIT , Agarita, Canal 13.1 n, Plusborgh.
10$1 , VA LOU bl/N, Agynta.
IX, an prwparnd, Nu the opening of tEn Peutul7l,ADl•
treantrart for Freight kt az low rat, aka gire
,hipper.aa [tomb devitt,h and <ale any other Line.
JOHN 'Wu" JON} MVOlit.
lauteeranro to John Mcfaden i Co.), Penn Street.
Penna. Rail Road Co.—Central Rail Road.
lIE eubeexibern having been appointed
ehlolog agent. for the Penneylunle ar Centel d. info= the public that we are no. pmraral to re
-0.1•• PUT herelundlu or produce for .hiproent eut oaths
ore njem of the <anal.
flood, eh thi. route will he carried through in flee day.
ion or all ron
ehrge fuduled tadrenoec a u. will by forwarded fret of eoranals
air. or rayon? errerkre cumkaratne ono milkman.
DrY Goals Mr., Shoes, Woks, Stationary, Cutirry.Confee
fionorr,Pyrdts, Furnitura, Drag. Medici... 4
Soaldkr). WOW. to ac. 11,1)0 1001..
Ilan.rese,Qutuaarr. firoerries, Paints. Die SWIM., OD.
Plaa.'Llraothy and other Grua "a...,
Else°, De fork, Baiter, CAA, Lard 08. Tabotca Lea.
Coffee, _
Orain sad tele 100
lobe, Nubia Omagh . / tar. 111,els, Bonin. Orr.. Clo&
ALTPTATE-46 wekn iorAale by
ITTLMILLION-62 (Tr l rr y l i lgr ,s male
CIiEESE-50 P ccaroceivirig and fur hale
•r 7 11.:liALZKI.I.t Cl). t
A.A.. Delnt Art Ic:.
ii tox F C .'b.".
ar.d (nr fule h• " b"''''''' /IWS " ro I dL E itLE Ll4*
ay . .' fis Ws* ot.
if 'LOVER SEIEII--2.5 bbll...Aitalv e l co al! by
kJ ar7
ALERATIIS-6000 lbs ic r u ng
a il by,
0 or
FACTURER, lic, 41 Swab, elcartid Strewt. iabore
t. cant rdde.) Philadelphia. febn'iT
Y. OaO.LLT -JO. O.
IP, AGALEY, WOODWARD • & .Vo., Inole
io mile amours. 7.4. i Market AL. .p4]
AEALD. BUCKNOR- • & CO., . Tobacco
Ltrimui"l , le Meet+. ta. No, 11 North Water Amt.,
..o. 16 North IC Lam, Philadelphia augl
, General COmM
aim Merchant', Philadelphia. L.11..ral advances
Mon coualgumenta of Prtalucv Peneralll. Den.h.d6ca
To Southern and Western Merchants.
110 2 11 . S . ELL'S
O P , REAjI , II - 5 . 1
eitchtire stock Of riftlginir. n oVara.gll ' n;Crrno:
Le, to which
Silrer and two Golden 3 edaLt hare,
within the toot 010 yearn • been awarded by the Institute. of
New Toth. Boatan...d Phihdelphia. the latter Leduc the
only Cadent:lßMs ever awarded for perfumery either in
t otterlhomfelotrotOnnfrY•
Laillattluatt SitarMor Craxx. (almond. Me , .
and AmbroaC,hareerereally arknowlodgod to be Fuperiarto
.7 ELM, .. ). peen tilde emlntry or Europe.
OttorA.. Yon Aroma—Beautifolly tasuasparrot, rod
romp/wing highly haporlacerout mod . emollient proprrtion
4spilmu,oxs Compound: Ambroaial hharlon Tsblen Hill,
ry Shaving Erma
rm:lna Tabu poolll—Abooo.l. Rona. 31111.11curs.lioto
1."`• Puultiv'eirt . T2Z,72,lc.?;'r'naus';.
limAryra rho Tat HAnordractarle.—tha, 'amain. limo
oiled de Garonne. Ger . allCUM,Jeusty Lion, Mow., lhar,dock
uatriMtglu'alliarrly 4Tilg r i r' H r' g e t "' f ,
Tours . Waros—floruaa Watr. Er u r de Triliettot Orson*
Moore {rah, ahn a gnat raxlety Eologorr 'Arr.
der Wart,
Parraltanotre raa tor ham—Gott:la. ileua'OtbArlDque
Bannollno, Co u Luotralo, Ohio, COZOrktUld 02 !lap
to, Hair Dyes. Ilunin and
powder, and Indiana, inch
ram. and
Llud Pummlor. •
Onoararalo hameAaarmaa—Badrarma Rm.. Troth
Pub, Charroal Denier., (Moatine, Tooth hmto.aun Tooth
hood or
Contaibla—Vegatablu Cosmetic Cronin, Astatulina
chnittonii GoLl Crown of INC, en-am do Perm. UP
to lValTr ' y br lF r artZ •n t, ,upernuoaarwr, Pearl
Por, er, Vinninno do ' Rouge, Aronoitic Vloogor. Vittoria
ILair Conpinition. Preston Bolts, twilit. , n-ront vonety of
nth.' v. nontorout to ne"nattion in thin LdTertiE,
The stn... - nt,r holies to 03.U1112 tilt ret.lit.booll which
this rettOtlth.nt hat acioldtrod 'hr' disposing of nothing
but first tate articles, and will be happy to furnish thaw
who met with to pktrOtlitl hint either wholnult MAIL
on et teesottable termsus may erLibliAh.nrot in the United
f. Malb,
. . •
iusru.r to otblic.rawr ihr...2thr a the !At-amt./1 a
Et:tit-Ng EtbIUULL,
Ilt Chepout ht
Mr Bann . .. Perfumery It I:4 pale by all the yribehAl
DiagirPU In tileCOYOtrl
tri N si r Ou i: f!rt S u r r,. ' : ," ,ll
• EN1)1.1e11 PnINTINIII INKS, for ,••torel via 111bo-
Iheap h • alnlku t rsg, ud
o &NA <P ul,,
Wcak. • . 0 8 4 4 f 8
ac really upon all uNluary
'l'he.viaLlnaliorps In thou. Inks, sr.••uch a.4. 41re s rich
r,o,l wa,r11..14,..n0r to am ••• , ber un..
In 11. e. :IW4 at •rt.rytu,t frt. 75 vt.
ut op in eau.. audlvrawarded or,lrr.
11. On al,oulnutalscrtirucolnred Ink. of ryer, .13.1.53 J
,ashtT ley from 11..11i, 12:k.U0pwr Ib. trwirJ4.2tn
lo tilt 1101,C. or TIIE STATtiS i
r , thtetnm. or to, 13. return./
rim 1I IS LE I . eolilliesed of pu ney
re Silver;
ti..., teva w d t.l hnune keep. , to York for the
last 41. 'ear, Hof I. beaming Rll.,..Arlrf windy In the
Jotne,ne ....onoinv As, to•rwm rt.. in in. I.w minute, re
nor. onolual I..nuty old plated tk..l, ruch Camturr.
C IbJtTw. enr - rity.r . Ilwrne..A
)1111tari floipinentr., S. Ware with P. , ' , itrrr Cr ,
Copper. or fiertown
fund,rrantx .tif
heieut NT Ito Introduction Into ever,
Prim*.2 s mmnir re: I.rttr. A Illaeral 11.3eount to Jr..lero
sal Jeater•
For sale hl JUN J. ItlrtriVN
nvh Ante4tr.hrT 143 I'.ltnn .newt. fir* York
No. 79 S SI (late 7G), MA WEN LA-NE
Doreilly T po.sik Om Old Stand.
j . 1 9 - Z B T
l i gig 3 o
ts f
' ll:ll. l" ..irrrs ' L r n.l Drmarrs—llesin and Light. At 001, A.
gals. ,haler, Mprino and Cotton. Demonic end Fur.
Slit. Mode: liwillsatine awl fancy of all
.tyleo and qualities.
Scarfi awl nel —Fancy Elk. and 11la,k •
wrery kind.
(Wars and 11.1 nap—Of all kind,
Vraran.—Vane) Mk and Satin. llPary Eonligh Sladisa,
2alas, Italian. Prince Albert Domdiem 7tirlllN ludi.
:Win. Le.
ftrlvt Manalerch.oft--Con, Linen Cambric, Ir.
Naniexiden,-French and neat Ibmeatio.
and /oreign.
id, 611 k. Linen. Thrvs,l, and nil the of
French nod Enclirh irnr.rtation,
Haney—Sbakera'.3lctin% Lamt, a II ool.Sit,C. Linen and
Vorning Pracry—Virli.rt..C.aghtarre. EngMO, Frcnch and .
tb ,
SAnulcir , Bract+ ter gontiemen and ladies—a Tttrlety of
Russia Riding bur of all qualltirx.
vrould turithipartkular si , redno Er, oar Dcon.,tle
Fait Under.lbingtbravrer;-
617 NeriraAN a co..
mcbl ,to(is)
Shawl and Mantilla Warehouse.
(Up Stairs.) , NEW YORK. la pow op,mlot, , one_At
OUMITEIf SiTA l Wl ,',6 47 .' f7e=tri o Li b" rxo ' LACE
MUsILIN and all kinds of SILK MANTILLAS. ma:am...ta
red from thr Latest Purl, fashion, received by the .reamer.
and tuxOcularly adapted m the Spring trader
A 1.,,, a very epleudid stock of PARASOLS AND CM.
,111tELLAS. oonebuirie of frimml mat plat. edvel c.ttou
, imul aral Turk Satin Paraenle, and tt arid Girl,
Item Umbrella', All of which will he offered et extremely
low prima. We especially (mite our ilettaro friends to u.
=lase our ...A beforeplug:using.
Also, WIRE 0110 W STANDS. for eablhitirm Shawls and
Maotallea, pot up In calm for traruTortatiun. feblhlf
11,...T.CL1a. .11. JO-
AVE now in store, and ani constantly re
tee latret end rirh..,l 41;!..• of
• Glnyr., I . ester ,
I Tie+, Slorkx, Oiled Mks. Drm.lxur
F , heulder
r. All
rrim., our Inc.!. are
invited to wank e ear stock
Superior Black Writing and Copying Ink.
ONE'S EMPIRE INK, Kr Nassau street,
No. York.
MCTI MUMS TO r. 17.11
• ---41 50 Goa per doe_.
0, draught. per 'cello', "0 ten,
This is the best article Manufactured. It down freely—
la a good L'OPTIN(i INR—and will not comde, mould.
precipitate or decay. and poraleapea all the uuallties Icontr.
ed (or • goal Wetting ink, table for flu. Quill. and ad
mirably sanded for the eif.i aut
The underrigned la prepared to funilah to the trade vY
they for expert or home eonaumrdion. at theabore Ter?
low Price, put. up so per order, and dellecred lu soy part
of the city free of chat,. :fo charge for roars. Barrels
or Lean ate thargt.d curt at neatest.
FS NIVOL At.. :Sew Ymk.
Q art lvr doe
I iort •
o ••
'Murphy's Self-Seaing, Advertising• Ravel•
O. 283 .11AD1,..t0. ST.. NEW 10Rh.--
I 7
The snl.crit. in v ne ro
ikiti the patn...slat' who
m., arr. this dhertis, ment, non.. uf that hesitatl.
with whl , h a n..• *Akio lo 1..v0u.4ht lwfuro thepubli.. The
exetwo of pars ertalsll.hel Fu r .riority tw
food nll pae,hen. and be mOnd.utly mt.,. to Ow teglittio
• ny of thoew bonnets men who hare 11]..1,la t wa,
1, and to his tardily luetea,n., us procd of their ',eel.
hau following are a few of the rea,onn thgtr popu.
I.t ltTh,
ttri the place otcupl.l ur the Fm al. wr,o tot,
bare EMmY. bwinena, and addre, cou:.l.lzuottly end
bunotlfuLl., esolastes..l, cv10r....1 or plain, thus alf‘rtlin,t per.
*et avunty agaluxt fraud.
2.1. The F.nrelopea cannot F. apoed without being .1s
•aferA r...lttirs.,ll ,, •ral thorn.
4th. Ulask the toirearriage a a letter. the itirturelt,
lunnectinte return to the ris.l..r. tali, I•uried
tuouthe In the t.. 1 Getter
••• • ,
bth The Envelope, are foruh•liml at aluuut the mu,
V rim so plaits tureites.
1 1l (alter pulled s turo,ted,tive estvertiormaieat.
pun. la &Wert the !Wearies of all'thnutgh rho, hauds tl
rhe follurting lo a lit of pg.!, fc, liar. oorsee.l ctn
bran, and which sill la-t fur slid F:., of
the sisal alm..either white or kat, or a,....1 Wirer. and
wade atm', a ith saw.,
)Yfar.•f titer Prirrr, 4.11
Irtter, ur hew ... ,dine
• "• •
11'11. It La wt. romraolent to forward amount ..t order
umpt 6.1.1tr..,...1 WM. al 1 , RPILY.
No 0,1 ilndo.o N..a L
thdrrp *III be 5tt..41,1t..1 t“ prtnni,tl. If lett al the wnne
of Mem', 0411.11 11,11. 0.0 ftr.wt.. , r , .t
lerpllsnan Jt co.. /34 William .t.
The Human Body Must Perspire,
QI 0 SAYS NATURE, to have a healthy ay
' tt7it,r.,,'",74M,.,-tith P 'Z4FSt3 4 ;'"4'" Dl Z;rtilia
Ch.uita..•;ooprAlli, g l, • I,4r:tin:Ll at dot scrae
, tone int,lllLet and rolletti flit. skin. Nald
of infants,
I.:a lo Rheum. and Son, are not only tualt‘l, hut
eon,' Ita um. at at kaAt
it In la N. Tort buoy.
who u-e It in such MA, suit twit nullnling—ao alma In
Moult,. Freckle, orany aktotllteNue. Tbe
triolt.r ncsiirt.l that this Lana pu1f..1...010,
t~mtrial will woke. I toulJ cow/aerate at eight/
ruml of som brad. sore log, and rt.,re Leant.
Buy It—a n t the maker I. anain astun.l I would not aro
ell aril It for the
(laid, u.
I turn It to la. all I Malts
Thoi.t. • ho aro Ilalde to thalea. day.ganl arab,
ODA thin not only a Cure. but a pereentlet: and I can
law null add. that anyone all,iclad with any of the atm',
t,r ay...., will tual this all. and t-r. Mora (
sadrt to Its
tw. tutzierot'i"att nolionCbgraind toe
to, it only Io iOl JACIZEON. only Ain•nt In l'ittth•
ST. LOUIS & ST. JOSEPH. head ol
N.,... Cant, Vnitnnn4 ivlcir, frven naive
Dien. at 1110.00 per thnownll. frir2.37llm
cutemto. 11.1.1 51114,
lONTINUES his usual fat...111140t to rocei%o
no I...t.otapv. t , alo, sod Tr.. Mont nt. nll NorchaalLw
on th
con..lgn.l .I.toato lerrn clve dail, Car ail pato,
p LalPs and We - 11110ot. Conal and A
Ilefrmonv—Meo.Tra. t.orvnt, Sterling
Mew, Ju
&Caught.)lG nex d QUR:
ST. JOSEPH, MISSOURI. Pearly White Teeth, and Pure Erste
hersti2s rente.—Presoto who have either,
MIDDLETON,- RILEY S N.PGEE. •drvaT~• tam..
PraJure, Commlrsion and Forwarding 31.1rhatit, the ' jj' A e ill maks
t.s4r, rt. Josph. Ma th,• treth •4lte now, atul the otirevouln
Refer to Alexander Oordon, and Lorenz, I,trtlia, C. •
Pitnbursh. °V 4 iv SoCI .1, at JACKSON'S Son, SAO IJ• d i /...4 01
. .. .
Bearer and &MU
14AVID C. Turriz, Attorney nt Law, i " '''' ' • • _
and Comml.floorr for PrnntTlynnia. Z,. toul, N 1... . A Scientific Hair Tonic ,
rummoulattions pronkilaticavml. " -' ' ''lr I fkr.—Tnal Eloltltu, 37.14 0.,...., t mr,!.,,i, , , w .
1 011 - N 11. RANK IN, Attorney and Coon- 1 ; , .;: , .. , .:.ira v utr o le , :.rrt , to Tom., um sattoains
10 nellor at IWO:, 6134 COMMlX.intlf r (111 . th. State o ' ou7tler.—lt 411 fort< tbrlZ'frf:l7:" . tr .t •h . s., St Louis, Nn i 11at..01 Pitt.l7l.) .pn n
.., na„,m In
IT ~,,,. i0 ,,,,, ,n4 0 .
gr., t: fr ct7 . ..11
3111a. " 711.7urat b rer. z Cinrc .n : Y0 . 1:1;71%air. 111 .• 1 R • I V" ,, ; , .:: , r d , : . l 4 . ,l h nt r ibf;ruls,forbink. ran ept,i
Semple. Met'anl k CO. augllly .
llo—it make. t• truly tlA ".... `' . .. "'Q. it 1a.132.
undersigned haring entirely re- yrst
built .4 anlarmi the abuve.,alenerte reta . }.ll, , h.
snout, eraitalning lu all about tbn-abundrrd uel
w e
reapertfully giTa - t: that it b haw
for the recepUon and amuntualatka , cf tip. travelling
Allextendedlloll , Or the ;bras
Boum in donned Putwrauha , a , 0, nntu ,. .'n , thknrova
tutute • hit+ have been wale ,1111, f.lArerir 0,11 le
an advertlregura. raffle,. It to en, n- b”
enend t. tender any ararttu,nt rw.rieet of
furniture road.: ea .r ~n kr.
,let/poe 1.1 the Pr 557...
ruin, will tunnel to In, Or the meet beautiful mat -
tare. lb. Dining now are repsenthe..l th e ie. tot
meßlr will be , . arraftged IA to Inn. the. nentonley , ile
carly .0 late.
!:earn ttepartsoaut will be thednetell in RA ant'P th.*
Fla mannr. and lb.
_proprietor , i4edge. Ithnee.2nee OA
Atnetieso Ileum ahaibe:tralV
feb....lendkneT .11. ICE. '
E LP. , T,ISILe„ I.e l gbaUlif,-,7 I ==lP- 1 4 . 4 b kr a .
PloWl VAr. Ppm, And Porter n . Artav,
c • .MA M,larJf ••-ly
(Corot %Wles nulr.) Lemon 0,-- M.MAIM , "" d'" lttarr Iddd' ' ° l .
Morrie... Mora., Boa* atte . P . e,.... th 4" . ..„,.,‘'"'Cb ell :re; r %
aet arta:. = Ebb Elea
danyyy, fisa Gractat; Ciao Flatair Ir rthaaki as on eunn.44 ,, D. i" of aotti
Mad,. Gold Prue. mot , ' " b ".• 1 9. 1
ac.. do
trE=Worlttortd-'7oEalot. ...-•lrgr.,""tPicrut. i r ctrr c 2:Z. u c .' tit n
r„a C • hnri , * Vod., Pries
b y rnr.VZ sae a,
ar T c r td , 6 " .. gm? • t UED N
• , GUDI.IIg.
. •
• - • -- -
-- . E-.4_ 11.- tiCT'k .'
id ----
•,...... , . 114 ~:-...; --. .
~ .... -A
... "....-----.1% :.T _
. ..- .' .otAr.7-...-,.
• .7.... ! ...-z ast a!‘ -..,,,,,. 1 .
;.-.c7-Ak _. • ..... =
11, 'man...o for Cbnstrnwls of tho Lmn. Ade."
the Live. Attima,Bramenlit, itirtf or Irrakastraf
the Dr8...1 r;r both:. and ciAer afcctiana 4/ the
Pulmonary croons:
r ` TE do not wish to trifle with the lives and
V health of de offlirted. lent re w
nit pledge our:
eelees to make nOio.settlon no to the 'titles all& ottedP
eine, and to hold inn hope to cafferlag boledully, taleh
bete Old sod trorrout.
The Sloe; of Jerboa, and the Pine and Wiin ("terry, ee
I tutly crlebratel r the cured all dice:secs of Me_ Longs
ciht Liver, st hick are ao f.arfullf pro - stoat to all Northern
lath. lrr Front e crcat.i.tion of chemical extra:et rm.
corr.! Ire= Shia Mors and tboen Trete. Dr.' Wheal's Bat
e. or Mtn Cwrehr to chitty (=rani-
ciaaat of Wad Cherry ta a Owe tOtttwa
entirely of Wild Cherry Bark and the
amenltte Itrtawtt Ma - at:taw latter kap=l.l entree:sty for thin
the rare medical t Om. of which X.R! alp> roe,
binei bra oar themitalprecear. with the extract cf
tho. r:otietintr tha wtatio roinpanati the moat eertehtt and
efft....—anout riwartly e r tlitmeervi fur the
Cottf..I.MYTION OF VIE LI/NW!. . •
CONSUMPTION CureJ by iriftar . it Dal
ram of WU Chary—Dui Wllowing cam of Jeremiah Is.
Frig , of Coorobartion..(bre cf lila brother , and :Were ba.
C.1,.401.... 14 truly isorulerfal:
.1. to. Pam hlr I take the tibmr of driAug t ot
of the benera I hove derived from the use of Dr. Metal'.
Batumi of Will Cherry I was mounded by that terrible
eaourge, Cotoutoption. in list la.zt. The attack was truly
horrifying to me, for of our (multi, (any brother: , and
rittera) end Wed of Cgrubiniptloo I true ellltc . ie.] with
nearly all the wort feature, of the Weenar, I had a distr..
ing canal, and expe:tgrated •drrect deal of blood, hectic
Terer, revery. taint in the aide and alert, raid &Me, alter
mama with &Labe, of beat.
I thus undo, the rare of • skilful attleirgan. Irma the
(.10 I to. taken sick until about *six wneks since, being
than about helpleeg, end ray Mende enneidered my ease
Lopeleke. or at loam beyond our physibien'e talrieed
the our of Wistar'a &luau of Wild Cherry. 'Without my
a u oul g ugurny tather rroouotd at, and commenced admire
otoritag it to mr, and (tom the nrat Jar I commented tabu
au t a my health improt.d., and in two week, Dam the
tiou , I , and ;aging it. I wee able tuts out and over
tn, latrine, end labor. chub I Mill eontlime to do:
bare taken four bottle-. of the medicine, and now mumbler
0 4
•f` P {;
Ceown go d. Lake Co , • . June 1., 'lt.
Jonel U r.f.-I,ar Fir in duly - Z.1 . 5W I wau &meat.
wall • ..rot tholtrui character, which lett oat Ina very
aletolitme.l - ,tate.wlten. la the following winter./ was la
ten wins u.,.tore eo,ld. which yedUrsd ale no such an es•
mce we the anycmanseof • Yu - unmet/ ernasumie
I blond under • serer,. rough--.MiectoranNl surest
Hest. stet co• tr001.1.,1 with roil feet and night 11.1relt.,
alsto fre,nentl, raised blood-hum toy 1.. e. I ~ .ptin.^..t
0e till. suns. graduolly sinking under the .1/..a.5.% until
when I was ...min attacked with fever. My
tri , nds Jegpsired of .t life. and tar lOitTeicimm thought
eurrice but a .hyMnime 3ly extremities, Yvette
ly thy feat, were constantly cold, and almost log their feel.
mu Under the?. circumstances it 12. T e traiT raid was
•hying ykeleten I totally determhsed to quit taking me.
themes preterits , / by physician, and MT Dr. W/star's Rah
soca of 0111.1 Cher's, sod froth the Orel week that'l cony
roowed taking it, I can lair urtulnal recovery. rrontlo•
mei its nts at months. at the end of which time I was rue.
d. nod goad health ever since, and cheerfully re-
oduariend the littlsam to all thaw alliirted with annum of
the Lulu, and Would car to Ma , commenting its O.M. not
to tai .issoourmzed If two or Unir bottles do not affect a
cure, tut be sawn ti I have dons. and 1 bate no donbt
Luteine esse.ei inn of Md. gill Le ,booed with renew./
begin, es I base been. tient...Atoll' yours,
IIIiVILTANT rg toox am... arta DMA., or v. &Mal
I 69
/from br. Baker, Ppringheld. Wushington donuts, El-
SPRINGS... Kt- May 14, %.*.
ktanf..l S Parke—l take this opportunity .111.
forming f on Of a moat remarkable cure performed upon ,
nee by the uso of Dr. Witter's Bait= oc vnog Cherry.
In the year 1910, I waa taken with ut Inflamed!. of the,
bowel.. which I labored under fOr cis weelm. ortio . n I guol.
nelly renorered. In the hdl of 1941 I IMP attacked. with •
rota, which eest.9.l Iteelfuponml lunge. toad for the
spare of three years I was conflnedlo MP bed. 1 hied all
kind/L.of medicine, and every variety of aid. without bane,
et. add thy. w.earini along until the wit.. of 14th,
when I heanl of Dr. Wishes Balm. of Wild cherry. My
friend. persuaded rue to giro It • trial. though/ bad given
up all hopes of t ...very, and had prepared Myself for the
change of another world. Through their }abdtatlono I wet
11140.1 to make u...• of the wench. W1...a Balsam of
Wild Cherry. The effect .as truly attoulablnk. Aft.
three yes. of ellictlorkand Buff rip and after horns
fluent four . for hundn.9l &hare to no porno., rad the
best and mad nwneetable physicians.tuot inured mourn&
log. I wav soon restored to entire health by the blestlug tit
God and the t 0.., of Dr. Wistar'sklalsaM nflibriCaerns.
boy the blearing of Cpl mat uyon kb° proprietors of so
valuable n medicine as Wid...• Babette of Wild Cherry.
Tours RePectfully,
Wm 11. Bala.,
Sold by J. D. I'mg, (no cemo r to Saidurd t Park.) Fourth.
and Walnut streets, Cindnantl, Ohio. General Anna sr= the
South and West to Tebota all orders moat be stldresest
J. Kidd t Ca- D. A. FaLneduck J. A. Jon.. le
Wi1c0...H.. Pittsburgh: Lee A. Beckham. Allegheny City:
4 T. Russell, WashlngtoM L. 11. Bowie. Caintoen. IL.
Welty, Greensburg; B. Kounta.:SaMenet: Scott A Wham,
Bedford; Bead I Sou, Ilantingdom lira Orr, llollidaysbmg
Hildebrand t Co.. Indiana: - J. K. Wright. Kittanning:
Emma I Co. Brockville, A. Wilma k Son. Waynesburg:
McYa.•alnd I Cu. Callender. Jim:11111n Beet. I. Co.
Erin (graham t Yorker. Morten Jame. Kelly t Co. Bate
I ley; S. Smith. Bearer. 3. 0. liumulerten, Warner F. L.t U.'''.
Professor A. C. Barry's Tricopherons,
()R . SIEDICATED inf a llible
sna.. in.: the scurf. damirtit.and all affections ofthe . scat
and ennui eruptions on the din, aianore of the gioladV.
Otit,it• all n.o , gurnents. idol relies lag range. cat, brin
.. 'prairie. de. lt ith tine preparation — Mere Is no oath
cord a s tad." The Inatjouruals to Americo. medical men
of the highest emilmnce, pnealnent estimmi of All mites.
since, 6134 IvlleeWho haft on-1 it for years in their disne
tog penna and nuramiee, admit It 'ills one essordolat for
imputing • icon . adore, luxuriance. aml curl to Lb, hair.
eredinclin scurf .211.1 dandruff; healing wounds. miring
enntmione, eprains, stings. tn.. and rejoicing ot
the akut. the dziands. and
rotaries. It ha+ no equal
emong the latilutude of compounds ulverriont In the pule,
prds. or used in private practice- Ineheapnes .01
as off.othei.diariy'sTrio.pherous is unrivalled. The' me.
emcee sales of the article. Lave enabled the inventor
pemold f hat cents per li tt le, erideb is from in to lei
r eent ices than the price Of any other preparation fur
the hair The scientific treatise on the hair
and the alb embracing ins ealusbla dinctions for the eul.
ture and yreee,,atlon of natures choicest ornament- in
to a Inch out, bottle is enclueod, Is alone worth the inan.7.
. . .
:113r , intuit) betneeu the useuthranes ',bleb constitute the
dem and 0110 hal, setath draws its sustessuee from this.
triple envelope. is rare close. All &woes of the hair Cui.
e.t.a m the rain of the bold. 11 the yam; ots main
sire clogged. or if the blood and enter fluids do not tire,
late freely through the small see le uhieh feed the not
with moisture, aud impart life to the nee, the mull le
mat tlaridzna, shedding of the bmir. greyer.... dna...
and herein:in, of the ligament, .od entire Inkluessou the
ea, may be. Stimulate the Oda to healtlaftth action
the Trionlierou, and the bnpl.l vessels. reentering their
&midi,. will autunilate the dim., In all artettionsof the
,kllO. asel of the substrata oilman:.. nod ipleinitaPOLNkbe
and the effect are the same. It is tilseu the aath.
lb, muscular Stir, and al...glands, that the Trirophenaue
bee Its spirits...tin, mud In all wtNetionp, and injury al
as.• dirs., it is a sovereigu remidr•
rWCin large bind., price
0 24 sow, at the ptiodral
illoanlear, Nen Tort, nod by the unwired merch
ants 404 druggists thronthout the tuned Staten sal Cllk.
Needle Celebrated
, The, highly medicated OlaWerc hate beau totrie At
1 m..r. then twenty bears. duralg which tithe they toter
vemed frernieuent reputation, ao the most etheaciout
r end :Cranial...Wog I'lLrter ever offered. PhT.
I moans of the higheet emitter,. to whim their rwrob..t.
lion hat It euhmitted, have given the mt. Mattering
lettunoolal,..• to their superior virtue over all other plas
ters . a hl.
The lc re.heuta of their eamtewitato. very carefully awl
rect!, rruthined, reader the.. iewullerly applicable to
ieueone cutteriag with pulturmuy
brr punt to the bleat. remelting from protraeted colds,
el ee .rtne cruet, wad heat paint to the 'Mini. nourrJair
&was,+ nu the body, their beneficial Character le be,yood
~itloll "r dubnite.• At a remedy to Lumbago. their ST
ten rite over all outward appliestiont, ouch as liolutentt;
. bet teen fully corroborated by the many coreertrected.
For weaker o and pail. to MY hark nod et, tetuition
trout we're...l'VE.. dintaw.s ef the kidneys. Or— their
• r. 6 :.".3.°,ll::,V,l',',? r '7,,VltZ h :=TATelfrui'mll i hr b li
,applicetioa. To two as putter with rhumatio Twit. them
planer* ere TIZEIMP[I4IO.I, with the 1,111111.13 t aceurauce
throer henetleial etterta will be lound very &aided.
.ale..bolreste and retell. ton
octal It. E. tbr.LLEII.. Waal el..
bar. ACKSO;VS :tam. 20 Liberty knot
no only at 1111,h .
btad at Us , nlymkt, and U.
imm-1. •
jo y st . i r . l , ri ,,L o gi n of
t tt ize, rt - ,d . Liquid H uman .
PtirtySqt V a at l kel:4o-Ibttty gyreLsadof Rept
USES' L!LL iliTE.:LiAdvp are cau
V:lnt%lltr. q. I stoc .
...,atte has roug . Last sailor, yellow..l utaltalLtlY
ekm anyassro. allot late Creyatt-IChalle Bash, Iva
Wars-un- mulaining • late quantity at trot
V. Lott perrarvi a beastilui ve.staLle arnels,
sail Jos& :watt: Lilly Willte.
It is perfretly tunntsat betag l s o ttr , ttl , ett , at .all b t
Stne h l:Cleiy a , " tte . Aspetira d . ;aSUsg
Doti dc.
. Pittaburgla Price.=
„ .
' • bble in mkt cOrtdi:
•.4.4r 0 1 141 4 ; 4.9
. 3.. :h.
...~.`~.a:.. ...._
L .
ltrolllloE BALLl2_bbls for sal%
p 3 _ AFA
Ull. ARABIC --500 lbs for sale bTT
1) ILM
I'l-85 lbs new crop fur sale*by •
L I B A FAMCM. cs & CO.
ILUL litda ICo 1 foisale by .
A LeNED MAGNESIA-20 eases foi sale G r B A FALINES/OCg t CO.
itt - AY -- EkDa3oo lbs aleby
. .te• A TAIINESTOMe, j 00.
kitet - MAL OINTMENT-400: tids
1 .wyAa• sale by 6 A PAICiE3Toc aCal
;- • -
("RANGES-40 boxes sweet mPiehm reel
Ifi nod to mite, fig tole by WM AM'CLVIIO SCC.
. -
PREPARED CORN—For Polling, Mono
31.34., ts,'ldwayl al bud sal Olt sale, Ir&lmat, or
ret4l by WU 8 McCLCRO 4 CD.."•
413 ' Gams and Tea 041 M
nriNNERSOIL-59 bblareed and for lige
br ar.3 J. DLLZVII.
rilorsacco-15 kegs No. 1, 6 twist for sate
e 4 1 ,3 J. SAXZI.II. I
CBEESE-33 boxes j oat recd and for sale
'ap3 R DALZELL Co:: Liberty wt.
fi OiHEN CHEESE—Superior do for solo
'sot.% mccvcso .t co.
1... Y hauls from rt.imrrTott Pitt rut file br
DICKLI A CO.. trtititr t front W.
". Just- 'J, a lam and handsome assortment at
asts SILOS. YALIIhtt'S, 65 Muted st.
T UHPENTINE— choice,
fo , ,01 BRAUN* REITER.
•{.5 corner Litortr ♦nd B. Clair W.
LINSE:II 01L-35 bbls. for sale by
ap.s BRAUN d RErltsi.
CORKS --10 bale= large pint bottle Cortra;
V, Sob. Corks. (short.; mit reed
-1000 Lall. for sale by
J. KrbD k CO., 60 Woo 4
NUFF— cask Garret's Scotch, (in hlad
t, derso G.r.le I, AP'• KtpD4
(10TTON—qu bales to arrive ou 51avtlotrer;
2S ntorw, far sale hi
PO r thud 0.
- -
for rade .t 'MORRIS' Tea M.rt. In the Disamma:
I_lll AD GEVIIAN-373 lbs recd and for
JAL J by so. R E.-BELLIMS.
fkRANGE'KEL-250 16 reed and for .
'ale by era R. E. Sri 111,Pa
- 1. 4 "IRIIIT -150 ibl. ,---- driedaoples
1. de do Priter, - Gr •aln by
i - ibIicSTOIT S— 500 hu for sale be -
\‘,..) ap2 J. S. 1)11..117)Rill S CO
. .
BACM -3 casks sugar cured hams; . 1
n du ,In Shoultlerrlbr ,Ils jty 1
S°wAil:9-11_4 boxes
, No. 1 for sale
13.00FLANLYS Celebrated. German
Jjr RITTERS-1 g naw for Bala by J. KIDD b CO. r a gs 00 Si oat
a$ J.,CODLIVEIL 011 D Rill: Or Sand
lIRO3IE YELLOW-4 eases recd and for
sal, by a b s- • R. E SELLERS...
_ .
lemon, bergamot, cloves,: anial; - ;.'
marbly lu original yokkairabroo lisal for
SELLE ashiby
sp3 • R. E. RS,
lIVEW BOOKS!—Elements of ..Anattruml
Oinitnatry a sad of tba_Dlfierenttal and intetral Ca
naan by Elise Loamn. A. 31.
Milt holes or
%alt.. a Magnolia aura; by the nuthntitt the =P.
- London Labor .oJ the Landon Poor: by liensrhleybalti
-riWda taken bjErani.• net I.
the stortbooks Just ere cts's' for isle ny
what R. C. STOCKTON, 4, Ileirkot. at.'
,BOST SILANSPEARE, Nos. 35 and 36;
r.e.a at HoLliEs , Liwnor Depot. Third drat. 00 ,
P.lte the Poet Ott apy
127 . f .i. BURGH . C4VE--3013 . 1t p tbrafor . -;
QUGAR CURED HAMS-10 tierces IMP , "
fkld'a celabraled C. !Ism, on bawl and
'amhls. wALLI.NOVOILD a W.
LA'l4'kegs.No. 1, for sale by . ,
trkehl4 WICK .11cCULNDLEIL3.
OLLSSES-400 bbLs. N. 0., fulk cooper
age. fin oba - by. =dd.& J. IR. FLOYD.
LARD --20 kegs No. 1, for soler.3y , '
Triebti ;•! J. iD. VLOTD., ,
ITA NTEti 'TO BUY—Notes ofthelYestori?
Bulk% and Stock aide Plusburgb i tteittr o ::
any. •
pRINTLNG PAPER--A superior lot. oft;
. Roge Medium P.per, L'7o7; apt len t rial. s r,
ma. .raper Marke4andals:".
r . O.RN TALL for ealb
t • bewilders 'undies fronifilir:'-`
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erd tor Wu by IeAIAFIDICFOI4 OCN: '
Wider mod Front
DPEACIIF S-118 sks. for, solo -107,-o
crszbll WICE /31cCANDLY.813.
12 :add • ,
DRIED PEACHES-150 bu.lprinierfol
tale br • bach7l DILWORIIi -•
'nos.—cam be re-NIT/a. tiir !de:rata] afrlfalke, ,
neve and dales sasortmott Ezerkeh and I:nodarn PAP= • • '
fbiNcLvas. In gold, dzartata. Logy. and plain l'attetas,
tnaettur milt; a lartn lot of lath •nd Cnnman"Pn
"-raja IVALTEII. P. 31.4.1ti , d1A14.,
SI 104
V GGS-4 bbl. for stile by •
II aacLA wm. it. ;GUNS - TON.
l o t UTTER ..s:EGGi—in 1. tare , ap.d for by
Jut , sp2 IV3I. if. JOILYZTON.
Uu bu. in e:ore and for rale by
tin[. H. JOHNEION.
PPLES--120 }Alb GrueniaTples..for wleby-1
ag, WA. JOIItioTON..
n ACON-14 hhds. (hoe round) for sale by
Al as: T. k. ILA..B.SVG
SUGAR -200 hhcier arriving, for cafe Iry
.02 116 Wzt<2 rt.
fl ROOMS-100 doz. IQ- sale by
11 tr 2 i iN6TCRAI6I.
SUGAB—`22. hhds. Clarified, Battle Gromid
n. rl,"just rLe'd and f.a rale hr
eel ncancmotL INOUE:AIL
.CODFISH-15 drums in store, for sale by
HOPS-15 bales tint son Western N.
1/11LACK DRESS SILKS.—Just rec'd per
Ekitteee--aukralor black LaWeak . - -
1.-100 pieces Irbil, black, mat fancy aclart4lrok
curbla A. A- k t Ca)
KISH. LlNENS.—Received this triornitie,
1_ anothes Lts..orted gradme Irlgh !Jams. " - •.•
meta:, A. A. I.AiiON .k CO.
SWEET OILL-350 gal'. for silt; by :.
(...3 mow, .1. KIDD a co. -.
'I'ASII- , 7 casks (prime) for safe iev.. -
ruehlfi J.Ell , DtiV.' ,,
lititoo3lS-400 dozen, for . sale by • • -
I. a W. loannaitia.. •
lIIIE--19110 6u. for sale by " .'
11 , v- al- ~ .•!...tAr HAl:Mixt:a.. ,:. 1
I)RECI P. CARE. I RUN-75 lbs. 14,r Sule Ly
ay:. , k R ..n
A. FAlrsl.fri . g. t. 015.
, Eitif.lTZ-11 , 1INTORE-150 fi - ,s, for' sale
pI I , ft' _R. A. FAIINE_KIINSK A (X.. '
,1.11 , • by bk . .' • li. A. FAIINVTANNE A C'''. '
eltifle'skelll--lo lbs for ~ a le by . ' ' ''''`
Boitix - -1000 lbs Refine ii, fair E.,:ih, E y - 7" , ~
~ _ 11. A. EAIMSTOCK 'A". Cir:; ' ,
A rEßmiLLiaw--7511. Chines°, tor sial,s . b . y . ,.;
1 1412
____ k , A . EALLVEIiTOCK A. 6.1.7 -:‘
rale by /L A. FALIVEST'
ri MANI:HET POTASH-2;k- - Abs, far naleaii
%_.l Lr 4. 1 ll. A. FA4L'ilartiCE„.t. „i
The best:Green Tea in Pittsburgh. "i
OSIE Kew. crop Young ilytiy - a ,
I,o,4l°PitZhiargb.tot srtra g th ana actor r34'
OTOULDERS- 7 -9000 pieces in salt, arrirestij:
LJ and for sale by • LtAADY JO];iLTI
QIIOULDERS—G4 enakr, arrited dnd-ret
t,7 irale by [ap2] HARDY/OTX k. CI).
BACON -200 lba received' and for aale by .
ALT PETRE-50 kegs refined for 6014 by
atelaZ B. A. FA • c 'O.
. HITS WAK.7.:; i 2s A o ,, l r b A s j . L‘ l . :u x r 6 saltly 4o ;tl j .
1 PZ.thsH WILITIIiG—so bble. for ealgt by.: - ;
mcla. , J. KIDD .5 GeX; ..
AGO-300 lbs. Pearled, for sale by ....Lei
suAtaz YAW:LUCK'S . * ollXl. eitsys
C OTTON--Sti bales landing from mr:Geme-qt- - s
melirt u DICKEY GCCIK •
fIREASE--In bbla. landing from stdae-Ve
IA or,. and for role by /SAIAII DICKEY
oteb . .N Waterboul Wront sY. •
CIREEN APPLES-20 bbl: reed,' , T .
br mchlo Z..* W. num 10.';',..;.;
Otto 110 t:SE-KEEPERS--Ordera
~)IILL=1 Surat
wi Ef , •
‘1;11 ct6tigit t„
TURRETNTINE--301bIrtzi..;:17:' -
TitT''` - ‘° br 1.
mks Wint er .s i)ann
mut% 6 da Hew brii/ei&-,,,,..7-1'
mchal J. OLIN — 4 7-4‘.a.
14 .R. ,, z013b1a - Citiar
V..tas` ° "'" llo2 " 4 . br T.
~'~iB--1 GbLr'r~~ ~d , r eaie s
ROLL for sale 6_.
•`nr,t ! .rd-uormozeio., , ,rq