The daily Pittsburgh gazette. (Pittsburgh, Pa.) 1851-1861, April 17, 1851, Image 1

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OW plat ITALLT, 0001WO TB5 •OT? RIIR
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DAlLT—geirest tb;Ders per aunom. Dayahle Ulf 'ally,
luWYJSKLY—Werodoinlignreer%.,o4 CO=
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ar e follnwinit =Wham
-S 6 60
Three eebiee p
1 . 21:m. eraeril club
exel id raid brrertably etbrortee. No Club r,
be writ eller tbe reee etbine , , len pc.l.l' 4
• resmni. :
NA oat OP ADvEß.Tisnict.
Our Square (10 lir. of Slonnateit or lo u)
one intertlon..--...----11 0 60
Do. '
each oddiikesal Insertion- OZS
Do. threeaterahe...-... 9 (A
Do. (Lae months ...- 10 co
itt•- .... 00
twelvemonths . . ... .
.. 1
18 %
Standing Clods, (5 lines or len, yes atanna...lls 00
One Dollar for each wilitional line.
. - Obe Snow, elianceable at plcailltre (per an.
• ea c h
excluvive of the paper IS 00
For each allainnal inwrted over one mouth, and
for each iddOlowal Nut,. Insetted under the yeszir rote.,
halt prim
u .
.01+1•..rttrnenti z•AA•klatg row. arti 0r.4 over fifteen
hut, LC charis,l tr. a wimr• h a hall
nit narountaUl• for logat i adralteenten bar
elal!ral 6f:barged the mos
Advertisements not waked
on the cony for • low7elittd
amber of Iroertleturordi heWhilh.,l rill Dibl l oAD4 FAF
ineut exactas! arcordinaly.
The privilege of annual itlvorthery all=l.lted.lo
their own immcdhow turiurr.,; IA We hr. m'
the benefit of other per(ors.,lwaltilealladverdatrtnentanot
lottnediately er
mrn Witla *liar ownlldtien, t1 c. :( 7, 11
IVIVt! e b ge t V t te t li= h stihe narirls. For
a melt tranwent u.ottDing, bills will De separately
rendereJ, sal prompt payment dean. .
All advert/sealant,. tee charitahle inwntutione, Ors com•
pins, want.. towubip, sn4 ether phhhe rerrhhtire. and
sorb like, to two chortle./ halt once. psia•le ATOM( to stSr
M • •
arriage motives to t.. charm! IT. PIMA , - •
'C s 4 ttilf 6MV.
0 ° 1144W slam how.,
TifiaKeil4rtrUsers, au/ oil others fenilifig commutates,
Mona, or 1111413 M,, uotives designed to mil attention to
Palra, Poiret, Mower... ar imp public entertainments,
Eero rharifss ore made far admittance—all
It of prt.
vale makorlatkine—erery I.M.designed to ran attentiou to
private enterprises. calculated or latendist to promote tali;
11.1001 Interest, imo nal, he inserted cot
t Wpfr.
log Mat etsme is to MW for. If_ Ippt . ire
retied lo the lord raluinti. to. rime Nt,. Übe
rtln of
p u' ey . " .ls l4. llttnra .. ti? "l 4 th l ' I lir,
Itstlite Araiti:t , t7l , =ore t aprettlpl 4 iatiM n stko . !
'4''? " " Vi(FAty (F. ilrlira , lM tx alit. MM..
• VlU fr 'r. '''
• , LlMMlTlikallors 111.11 MILT
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. . . .
On. Squaw, eac h
A tinea9 ends.
eacl.l.U.Aud Arta..
AU looookut Alvertimilauts to la lAA ao .411100.
OLIN A. PARKINSON, Alderman Fifth
' Wird. Penn eireet, between (Yllera end Want. AEI
urinne promptly attended tn.
d:V 4l '~}:i: t+l'~' i
21. swam, 011PliArr.
( 1... t, or vakda. r p, ho I t i.u. orsi="'"' )
_Walley,' at
D. laliphkla ' lA b l ju b mka . boor kr the State of
_ _
SHINN fa COLLIER, Attorneca'at
Oak* ea ruurill rbvet, above SmittlEkl.
W.F. wurrE, Attorney at lei*--Of•
J• Gee au Ora= etreat, war Po:ma th . Artlatare l&
Pitaabargb, Pa.
JHARRISON SEW.EU, Atioriiej at Law,
Obto gists Ortunrjrrioner kw Wrists Devonlans, Ack,
nowlettgements n( Denis. I. (Mee—Fourth street, stens
otrisif vr-T
L. B. }'ETTERMA.N, Attar
~.i . f tt g r Meal Estate Agents, No. laittN
AMES J, KUHN, Attorney at 4,Aw, came.
In Aflgtnalnall. corner et asalit sUect atiannand ir
A/WS V. KERB, Atiorney tat Law—Office
as 4 I...trron Etnithnekl end Unnat. Plttsbarst.
RANCIS C. FLANEG IN, Attorney atLaw.
No. 142 Fourth stmt. Pilloborrh.
"ATSOti, Attorneys at Law,
No. Ile stmet, tm
dt. Da/co Pnciderg h ev
3/mtwit k Co. Wm. FL
latm• vg . , At
ammts4M Gen. W. Jackmn, eittiMumb. -. MM:Ar
uDWARD P. JONES, Agco - 1 - 4, - 5 , 4 - craw:
Ft.. bsormi wma awe,-
I ASPER E_ DitADY, Attorney at Law,
0/1 No. PO/Nth Onot, Pittoborth, P.
Ki. IL WILLIAMS C(L, pifikers
d in1at... `"° . 1,10 41:4 I.y"thEut‘i'rne"tw'd
Z arfarAce ou liberal terias, and eollmtkme
D. KING, Banker and Exchange Broker,
. roar°,
Dealer In Dank Noteih =got Ex-
Gold and Sitter.. Stocks lktught and aohl.
rae hiAbent market Film raid in ProMiAni for AilliArtatri
f Dollars, aml and Spanish Eloliars. in otar
NV II-.4 4 1 3 .0.1Eft, JR., Banker and Broker,
Allimartok n
No.Croajohtinit the Bank of Eittalturglk
LwiatN. fr. CO, Exchange Broken,
ta South Eaat Corner of Third and Martel. etreeta All
hosts at moot liberal rate.
podX,HOLMES & SON, Dealers in Foreign
• fad Podded 1111 b. of ibllonge, CertiGades of Da
INtak Note, sod Fwd.., No. Go If ykof. Went. Pitts
b'ghtm.Vell=T"f au
" dth'
fIEORGE - E: ARNOLD & CO., Zrinithis:
Nil Dealers In F.:thane, Coin.. Stint Hetet, !Cu. Nei 74
Fourth sheet, neat Uwe to the heat IX ihroburgh. Ck.).
tedious pelf etntekttt tig V.] the tunetteb eenuthre to
rinr tor •
R e A
t, RAILK E:-
ban Enkers . d
r grolterm Dealers in Forrixu and Dunacteie
Mathfft x nhnitT w il th C\4l i e f a e t e n W t o- e em, ie d r m s u i k
the et, elutes lintel.
JCAROTHERS 3: CO, Banking House,
. 15 Wool Ptr&t, Pitt.toauti. carrel:a Dloner
raolod Doposh- Colleetkoms ado co all the•priorlyal
title. of Or !Ailed Etat...
a 1143.1aL (Ina a lane.
AULD A IRVIN, Commidnion Merchants
and 13111 Brater , , Na 11i Seenal Parma Personal awl
Eatate wuraka Cram $lOO in $lO.OOO ala•Ya an aunt
WATERMAN swam J 0.9. 4 ,11..- 11--.. UST.
:rALMMASER. HANNA di CO.. SuWakirs tti
Hume,. Ilanoa I Co Daasse j Ursa= Damn,
eeler, in fbraidn and leansrat/a krabsaar. Cantles:we
of Deposit, Dank Nays, abd srpreb—SiortlaWert carrisr of
Woad and Thibl Mesta - Shamus blowy reraival on Dr
poidt. niabtger w isa=ad o = g rid•on near
14.11tga pariainso paid Co Foreign and Amarbutia
Adraners msde on sonsictunrutant Prof nizoshiPlad sag.
on liberal terror.
TAYL 0 IC, Commissioner 'mid • Bill
ara,c, 112 Second meet Strict attention DUI Ite
[bear t all baeleve eulrasted to Ur rare. Pludour
mearasetured artLdeeraa7 Itsjul or procared sa abort
oak., Nuns . Baud, Slur re, aro., argatjal,l tam ,
able Irma AdViZIMI wad, 1 milted, retet
.n 0. IffeeKTON, late Johnston & Stock
iZtetratrAise`T.,'"pi'Ltltu.4 n'". , m' -
A.S..II:IIOL3IES' Chen p Literary Depot.
?hint &mt. mot:lie the Net Dttlee. New
: 1 ::V1Z1ttee 1. 4%7447:4. - gata . 17.dre d g erh1=1
lawn prkw
a HOPKINS, Bookseller and Stationer,
80. isroartt tntet. Apollo
1):1 7 ,11:1 PAWN, JR., Wholesale and Retail
aun.34Coninttkrper, FS ninth stmrt, Pitt.barib.
I antgrstiZtraVllrardt'!""""""'
ykr Pd'CLlNTOoK:ManufactureranTifiii-
...„ non.. sc f .... Beat Trim
... 54 , t a w t W. Vimltbd,
It. V s l ,s .
~re b o rr of Water and
Irate. Roy., ;, 11, inirriametsiot
IrriNeLe.Ulaas, sad the orainfiLetarda
a.teadf katsbarrb eenerelly.
Oho—Aw far tke nil.. Ilerper Co.. w i a I. wit.
WV. oriebrolaol eluitr• and llor Fork Pha.Wahf.l
prier . ri Jrokine & Co.'s ruperior auk; I Taw. atilLif
A7MeANULTY & CO--Tranap:Trierr,
• Foreman. and Commis:km kteretilik
• twi n . Jn . i Prot( etre., fettetna.n. fen}
-- '
C.Artmlx•Sno !1.-tehatnt., NA/1/ wan' Mse,o6
H. JOHNSTO, Forwaiir — i ng
Urrrhar 11:1
lER & JONES, Fonousding and Co* p.
Innulen nen hunts. Naltn. In Plod nab 11,
urPh t. nmal, &no
&trent. l'Anburnb. my
11.4. JO ES & Co., Succemrs to Ab
Sr, r•lntai.on sA.7I Foment] trif • Mc,.
tObar - l. Nturtafacture.l Good*. rm.:
emin.l.l. *l `" " •
r. IMUTt •
_ PUS.
• 11...lertm Lonsorstic Dry Q./ .1. No. 101
• #,. a. !MN L. ANTIX., 4//
A. MASON & CO.. Wholetaliat
.ttl x Tot '
FaINT arid 8614 T 0 .36G6 , 4 462 Market
. Trt 41,1, 31661 .6.... rice Taarth
k 6 nnet., Pituburzb.
RF:RSEY, FLM4ll.lii 6 co, Jomtaiesion
• Wor.loo, and
Conic alro.l.mlenin all 1.66. of ' I • anan• 16ma
-29 Wood Amt. 1.11.11 .11.111 11116. as
NM No;
ft. D. RUNT, Dentiet, Coz ri-a7",ilPourth
pa molt= at, Wren Kirke, end hat Ana%
!1g. ,.
STOCK & holesale
lllllLLlGlfilalinta a CO., Ate Lent. lied
earner Rom and grant epode. Pitte•
le. c.
cDOWELL, (Successors to
Wholesale Detail Drug and
of-Woodcorner street nod Virgin a ll ey.
, earefollyczooponudni night and
afreo. - , whae;Ta Deal
) • in Plants, Oil, Dratatta and bentruntent.,—
of Dr. ArLane's celebrated Worm. nne Lir.
and Long limp: .No. 60. corner of Wool /Lax
fourth etrreta, Pitt...burnt. Ordm will be carefully Wt
.& and forerarelpd with glaregeta
E. SELLERS, Wholesale Dealer iri
l t . Pent., De, emit, Oils, Ttnaltbe, Let Let
Preo. Wed state, Ihttsburgb, i'L Wets tweeted,
en lee.
SN. WICKERSIMSI, Wholesale Druggist
ierl & ;; a :r tIo . 1" " "
nuax-n€:l ........ ......... anonax 1113i13..
)10 R N & REITER, Wholesale and Retail
Drst..^alst, earner of Merry •xd :At. CLair et..., Pitts
SIOONMA KIER Wholesale Drug
ao ne. 21 Wood rt.. Pittxbtaret.
W s t F. WILSON. IVl;oiesoie Grocers ami
go• c.. , •••‘. 1, 9 MtrthooLt.•Apeutt for malt Gr Du
Payrdec i No. 155 ..tuna, to,/ 147 Front stt. opt
0=- L pHEE, Wholesale Grocer , Comminsinn, onn dinar in V.prr and nag., tartar or
And; frorm A..kts.Pntaurich.
CIAMUEL P. SHRIWEIt, Wholesale Oro
ecrit4Produce and Coutolicks Merchants, lend Deni
min Pi urea dlanotectetted *Andre, Noe. /13 and 1=
Second nivel. betercvn Wase end duthnold. Pittenumb.
308 , • AUNOSITIL • ..... ....10.1.11 VILIKOCIII,
S DILIVORT &, CO., Wholesale
Umurrob Prudue. and Commiwiou dfrreldtutx, mud
t.. ltara.rd Putrder Ob. of ,Ilwardtsttr, Cum.., Nm
31 Wand t.. Pittsburgh.
J. W. SCiI&LIDOL]_IIt. r.Fuladeu.
0 4 7PRIDGE & INGIRAIIAM, Wholesale
liroperff AM Lbrraullsiou Merchant, 1.10. 116 Wato
L gall ILO vim Navel, Pituddargl.
lotliiiir, M ATThEWS .i. Co., Whoiewd.
riztrqU'istr—' 7 2l V arts: bi X% aVa l t7Pitun V.
#. ri
011Ri WATT & CO., Wholesale Grocers,
CortunistActa Merchant/% and Drairri in Produrr.
iintalMlL IttaiMinlin"... !in 1.T.4 Liberty rirrot, Pita+
toiTilli. Pat
B. CANFIELD, late of Warren, Ohio.
g e . ne e ="ktrA F cfn a, .. L 'RL; h ali..7 2 4 ° .ti
Pearl Aati, nal Weston. Yroduro grut,atly : lat., stn-.t,
betir«it limit/Arid anal Wircxl.l4t.laugh.
i- a. .N. •INIIIMILN- O. b. 000403.
I S. WATERMAN Sr. SONS. Wholesale
U• ti thl.a.ratniarion and Vornrionlinti Merriman%
al l t d. a Product , and Pit/burgh .11arnitrau
red atilt ra and tatienta for the solo of 'Urbino." and
ityl- toi a dlanufactumd tolam,,Nor. SO uul SI %Valor
rim% Pi it.
'l ,, '
• Groat, Porvanlina and Conualrroon Menlo
an Nairn. iit Pitishornli,..Vontiforturrr sal Western
Prolurr,;No.M. comet c 4 Vsust ettert and Chaveny Late.
_I AS,! UALZELI.r, Wholesale Grocer, Com
es iatsass 51.rchaxt. sod Dralrr is P.OlOO. and lira.-
nasty hllMnfActurca — S.. To Wsua st., rituburgL.
mum ...... .. ..... -...._ DIG.,
ISM A.II DICKEY' i CO., ii'holevale tiro
orrx.pnambnion Mere...brat. and Desires in Proil tie.-
0. 14 Warr. and 107 From oltreti Ptti.bontit•
im l'e atitia J. exxxer,
N 7 BE NNETT, late- English.
A ~ , i, :.
tut A Cci , Wbodestiletlroereff,ooolmbuion aul
4.404 Dealers in Wallin. and Pletr
burgh • 203...122 aroma it. null 121 Vogt st.,
Letter. 004 and ft 117175010 .--- '.
•.....k..._„.„,..„........ber.r.Frrie, rtressrlion.
/..lettg.-il, 111CKE . i . .S i teN,
~..,,.U u t tulesale
. s. 110.1=1 camera Liberty anti lreriu eterets, Pllth
Wrii Ps. iron, tinlls,Co4ol3 Yarn, ke., tie , coostaittly
11%0 1111 . 66!....:..1.71,1 a. ricus.......wsksrs C.....
.GILLS.& ROE, Wholesale liracers and
itradualksloo Merluza.. Nw lrl liberty streak
WELE.X3 MOORE. Wholecale Grocer.
k , CtifyLug Distilks, dealer Iv Prcalocs. Itttrtnarsh
cl•rac., and all Idol. c,f Forelcu and Thsarese
Wooes a .1 lltaoca, No. Ittl, Watts rtatat ila bsod •
.et lug Stock Of •siscrko Ada Slocsaaralxls. Whisk,.
IDa sold law for club. L __ .. . . .
ROBERT .I)AIZZEI L CO.. Ni . lll2lenle
a l nd .l P ind M
r:iM CMoauvn M n a . N. in.=
Want,OßT A. CUNNINQUA.3I, W141145:114
Orem Product. Pnearalading. and loalsolonon Mor.
Lid Lawlor In haannota 4inunfo.o." ,
Liberty. root. Pittonowats
BAGALEflWhole:ale Gra.
1• T7 cm , . Son fa and 21 Wood CO. ;
14Tet. Pinenancn
McCANDLESS, .licCeiVol.ll to
• Y V T.. it. J. 1). Wick. Whnietele oxcarts. lierwsrding
and Ceneualssiott Merchant-, enders 1. Irne. Ma,
Oottoo "'ern, see Pottntetrula Mariefeetume rternll),
eareere.t Wood and Water bunts.
............. 11. MOM.
AellutEiltg.N &OUSE, Wholesale
• dn.,. and Comtroxelpe Mena:mot. Dealers in I . lx.
we, lei l'ittsbargh Aleatulactaret Articl., Ltherts
street., lUsbozgh. Pa.
3. 13; 13.11.13130. Jens nArr.
WILLIAMS CO., Wholesale and
• Wetea Veylr Grocers. Fereeseelez and Cemsnbeine
g NSON, LITTLE .1: CO., No_ 255 4' corner of Fourth and Starlet streets Pirt.burgh.
It ° LILT signet. Pittsburgb. WhOirsale Greer.. Pro- u.f."4.7a.Ut..q?tbrir n.e . a.l.lrl,t7pt Al at '
trusinoksa iderrluots, and deniers to Pittsburgh •
ri t e for than lame eh.. of cook= extended in usero"'stel
.nrite the mulatto... of their far Having ova . ..ldly
- sot/crated void improved their emus. J. 7; me a s toter.
co ham" • very •xlendre assortment ef aloode- sad harem
will have the odvantane of plenty of light to examine
goals stal tied, their election, They design wading
their establistimeot. se terse practicable. • FAMILY
Minh. ; whets every article in the Dry Chador tux seeded
for the sante of famine, eat be procured-ant In their
motioned pitons to ...lest the beet Food, and to wit at Ms
Kik, they hops to woks it dm Interest I females and i o .
dindunis to tumor them oath their custom.
IliS-Tha WHOLESALE BIL . IINE.IB Will he motioned lo
the mow, etaire—entrsoue from oth et. ter through
loner mom ymie
Corner of Third sod Sl•rket streets no. only shu
n...el tortitution of the land In Pittsburgh.
FACV.Ti.—John Viewing, Prinelpsi lostruelar to the
:Aeries of ',mono,
0. h. Chamberlin. Profs or of Peormanavtaip. Mennonite
Computation. de
Alex. Water.. Kea.. Lecturer on thumnereisi law.•111i12( touniedge of hook heenittg.
and Its Loplica on In re r . branch of bummers/am no el..
Faint and rapid pernanus4up. are Invited to mll and .1/1,14-
too tb. arrangment,
Lecture uu C.eattereted.leto every IdinOlOT ctetlitig.
itelermes lo any of the near.. city merchants idea
11/(VAD norm I
a• 4!E IL FLOYD, Wbnlesale Gromn-ls, Com
. en "don Merchant, and Desk" ha Idvalun—inanaf
rch ./111nd . . frrdning ca LitartY, iVnd,
en.aa, iitnnung2. Vi
)061 riaca vm.
Id‘akrs In Produce, Forribru Wll., Liquor',
abeln and Rectified Lananaanial
Lincrty eft,
1 (MIN H. 31ELL(111, Denier in Marini 'ortel.
ej filyrlua losirstmerap,.Mcb . ool , 3.1
btaacm.fy. Rob , , Oral for Chiekrruag Piano On.. hr
Webmajneuusybratgla , -Nn. ond
ICLEfskift, benler in Mt oie, Mu
a~il t tuUlumenta of ha u. snug-
& CO., Manufnetn
-1.6 41 very' nlparlor 44 SSeatin, , Caroot Chain
Trine and Cate Peon dlnburais.
lONWEL QU IGO, Munnfitclr Irera of Spring,
ity and 1111n4er nterl, Plough %trod. CI 41 Moog. 141.44,
444.. red tin SPrp , ir, Illororuea7 I inro Azier,
drabryp_in le (Aaiun, km. 4.g10e Lafola, 4 44
.Trllutologa geoonally, nf go, and mut id,
A esie ß LZ
. - -
md Peeler in Freneb
tit /.47 . 11;;; Witahor
r1b5.1.4411 , 1r• Baud Prists. L Maim/.
Wripping l'orr, Nu Aim - a tan... bet... Fourth
wJ I.llMond Ilttall.m 414.
MORRIS & lIAT voirrii, Tea and Winc
dt• of the I.l.norsd. l'itubmvh.
• -
W.M. A. Bit'l & 0.. roCero and
tea Rodeo.. 8 Liberty otrooc W.d
love antays on bowl• lance 0000rnornt of hob from
Intend non Toro. .1 no—portion rosan and Nuts. Who!,
de soditendl. Doi .orn oormliod on thr I"w"""'"'
lON A- f JAUGHEY, Agent far the Lake
fiEel rah X' jehlon the. to !helve .o the lakes—
Wlm vu
_Atkeor , oet of Water and etnltheelol
LEE t.f fl Trorporters by Canal
Bg venting gerchsete, cert.'s of Who street
the cent I;
a•! ROWN would most resprtft . illy inform
• ; 4 11!,..,. rirrut7 b rr l _ n " rot te d
an the weer
.:neue IZ OW, I caltlan Abutter" t o!•ty e n in nrder
to '.bret Azle. ■ c s n moll to !•ty In the United.
...... Ilia lints& csn be tenoned Wnnl tb. aid 91 •
at op•
irtre, Ilavlutt ratts-b...1 tb. rlerß.oul~y enA wont
eV • Abbl•at enabllahment llamrey t•s,
F,'?.7 Ito burnish tbelr b r i • n itl . . , 7 6 ,A r ,r . .. ,
• ...with,v,vl, 4 l'ittrbutab•
Ato o
• IdAtireirst —lteridenre. corm, of Third rtrwitraid Kari
e. 131.1211111.
N. II /rand. Mortar. lath. kr.. for rr.1,..
DIVNI 11AI{DIE, Veterinary Surgeon. Into,
16 - Ta Eolintairdh. srriNrmrpe , trul!T nr•
.IJ.• that 11. m•ttivievegrt Tro-tirp tri the
alxoro , Toten•lntl, *ad. br can.(ol attputtlqi to what,iirer 13
cla, Lo laq.c.o to Ore ml.llthrtion.
trytoinctirm with anni, Iforre Shorittit ant
131.4.2111itti: to 4+,,, , r41 will 1.. carrit4 on, .1 the nom,
at Tutipel iar,t and l'roobvt•snin Avrsitie.
PRlAtidoino Menbant. Um Fair or Amettran
no enUoalt, N,, la 9 1141,1 T Ft- !Mau Mb.
CIir:IIARBAUGII, Wool Merchants,
Tfraltif to Mar and Prnuur.,neUlly. awl For
ward • end Coalmiodlin 5... th FRIO "Orr:.
84 1/ , semen Meet, Pll.l.hurvh.
ENG VING AND I.4ntooßiktunia.
TLLE JOHNSON: Encraver 011 Wood,
hito 1101. Mini otnr>.l rittoburgh. f,,—,1,,,, „,
Mw"'" " t t . aa rg! V7:177; F lj, '"''' ' ''''' '
deties.=gol;ll.2sail:r6,4...lBl the 1
of met he 10. ,, et Price.
, -r IU IC A. Itiaograp ~
Is LerrabllddasoL. Tldrd ' stn. , . opoottla ant t. Pak
• ttskire. Ids landeesper..=tralu., Flow 1.41.1 a:
Is. Arrhl ral va.
• . 71Vir" Vida.' Csrds, de-, _ •• or
on Sanas, sad printed In colors, Gnu, , el or
laths mod sdarpra2 t2.7* ilaa at tam nason•
.W. WILSON, Wl:itches, Jewelry, Silver
V Wan, au3 31.111ttuF Good., ton stela , gurte mut
Fourth rtruete. Fluxburgti.n. B.—Al awl Clock/
earriolly repaired.
LWAN, WILSON & CO., Importers and
Wholesale Dealers in klardwara and Clattery. No. DIP
I onset. Pittsburgh.
t. mast.
tete of FLINT and OT.E.N GAP.S.OLEIand
ktncht ot MACHINERY, take thin method of Misruling
%how deals - ow of having "nett work done; that they are
nonce, to do it at the kivold posaible rues, at the art
m .4 in the best manner. at their esnahlishment
gr cowl meet. above the Canal liridechnear the Gas {gecko.
lu.n. tor Black Smith and Elan Furnaces, manu
factured at the dollen notice, and at the buten prices--
All lurid, of Jobbing done on chart matter.
Gas Fitting.
Would In
the puollr lc:ahem
mum - Meat of
Chaotic/feed, aura, BracArts.
Rev aud!d.t : r . l7 " l:a \ ble leOrhruLM:y.F'':ragParroith'lliol;77l7ft no
Wegner, Buechner & Mueller's
rPHE ABOVE FIRM respectfully anyounce
to thole friends and the public sawmills. that
are preSued to eereote ' to •tho first style of Melt art. all
order, tor oho" estd.s. , lttlls, Diploma; Cheri, Vimitinn
an.l 5 SSW.. Slam Chute Labels. le
.Tbetr eqwblinlununt is et No. 80 Marltrt ',Ur., between
'MN and Vourtb noel, up Maim.
Bolivar Fire Brick Manufacturing Comp . y.
0L0T1R......R. lE. KIER E. .14)3101 Y. RILORRIE.
U LOVER, KIEIt & CO., Pitorsimuts.
SUBSCRIBERS, lowing been tip
... iolobal Agents for theabove named euturrn. writ
keep irottetently ou hand a implily .1 relebnited Bolivar
Mire Brick. Crucible tire Clay. Varna.. Ileartleseal I anal IL
Th., ere elm prepared to ternri. unbere fur ear Met. to.
be made In she at& ch-VAT to toll purchasers. which rind
pruniptlr tilled. •
%redo not deem It &merry to enumerate the many W
earer. the Koller Vire Brick ro,o,us neer ell otbenthet.
bre been olfered tor ere In the United rtatea, their none
rarity being Well known to alert all preens who or
El* &Irk. - • The protretori have &trudged that the
Rtiotatiall loft nane or their &rent enviable reputation.
betJ: ltut. no expo. ,hall to erred to make them erre
ter than they bare berrofere been. This I. the only
noversnahrinKna Pin Bret at Roller.
.• KIER a A/Nat,
toeh7 _:.Gut Ilaeln,Proleth Pittsburgh. ,
Pipe anti Tribe Works.
Mitt: undersigned have just completed their
and um newoirufacturlng all alms of Uri PIPE.
ensurer. eml other luto. rut all alleged
'which they offer Air mle at lb. lowint trees. They re
now prepared to eseente orders, to our extent. witho ut &-
Na. 91 and 92 Water street.
feta PITTaItURUIt.
Mile. No. CIO Liberty cer of Adam, st. Pttlabargh.
CanNienoLAs VIVIAN . Civil Engineer,
Drauebtionen, end Practical Mining aunt. CO abe
ed& of Mahler& the Patent - Ode, deemmihr 11
Hotline MIR, It thr
'42jo",.e'ltiTrOn.";:arktp. ni
Marbury steel, Platebanch. Meta:dire
YA. MADEIRA, Agent for Dolan - are Ain
teal Safety Insurabor anottoni,:l2 weer Wort
1 :GARDINER 03,EFIN. Agent for Fran klin
CP :Fitt. instil-nary (torotonty, north rut mane of lroml
ntol Third ttrects. •
- - - -
%/ M. GLENN , Bom BiNbr.n. Wood. titre. et.
end moor it,. the navel- of Third, when ha Ix
Prep ltd dada every deserlptioo Illothow with nemtne.
.M durability. Mena Books ruled tour pattern, and
bound nubetantlally Ilawx to mambos, or cild boob,
boulad rwref oar, or repaired. Nam... patina ins lattors.
Thaw vb.° hare bitidini 11:1111.1 to call. Orto ru
1171 L 5: CO.. Wholesale a tad Retail
SlanuLsoturer, and DaLlr" in 1101.1. , U,.. and run.
corner or M e col and Fifth tn.* Pit - 0b....en. Wit,. dm'
offena fell and romplet. Ave* d note. Or. Fur, try of
qu.htr and !qt.. by %thou-0.u.0t
thr attention of tloir curtain., and rnreidoers
ft crr
'alll.'-eta..taring Uwe. that tt, xia nu .on thn most ndvan•
New Coach Factory--Allegheny.
M. A.. WHIT V. -& CO. would rt...
t ' N;
Arent.. The, are non making and due yonatn..l P.?prcrlne
onion for rrrry deem 4.11 torn.n.. Conch..
nAnnw-boa. Httnnto... lqintnan . a, wha 4. (man awn .
10 . 1r , r b y=1 , 1”
b r . .ntnna
j ot
4 :trw y ron.
Mq "I° nn Q. moot rraontable tat.; .111.
tine* mot an
ion arta-Ina
b'en , Oart'mlnt . atfa.f.tion to the ..b...t.tro
eat wring non. hot aapet,nt trarktnrn , they hav Is, .
hnitatlon in warrant* their unrk. Vie therofone ant the
attratnm of qr.. pol Oaf , th ia maw.,
2 ". It. tone
ton tba.larat saannto, and on the
aunt tonannann. ton nti
A C; L ARRa WORKS, (established
•,:ostud, 144 Lat.erty
El or Pittsburgh. Nlnarmroca,
. Itrad.tonra...: Manfol Pleven Contra and
Iv or ay. on hand. and manly to order.
N. cb Nel,lAnn of 4rawinoa ma head. _ jail)
ritn Y HUGHES k CO. arr prepared to
do n'l knot. d nt.ATE Roorittn.
• AI .EX. 1.1 , 4:111.1S. Ant_ ror. Mon ot.l Canal.
At MU, P art.. Vatelograh.
"fire la. ever. promptly roPairod. I
- • -
U ' Erreumsur.o 1832, by EDMUND
''-'• IV! LK INS, No. 2-15 Liberty et.,
liLed of Wood Wert. FittnburtLh, I's.
Monumeot, Bued Vaultn,Tombatoorn,
Ar.. Mantle tire, ri (Mare of Pier Topa,
al way o on hand nod made to order, att.,
eloirest ashie', nod at very milord
F rler i t A chufa• vlrclacon of Praloingt on
rhr t:ta
M litafl . t . :;! ' S i -.---
' ' . [
1 1 11
~ 1
Illonliannar Denny Clara Tiernan. Kart.
Woo. l i t ' otare % •l l . l l ' rnal : 1 ,11 " 4. 1 V4 . ftivldtril
John Snyder, ben. Cann
Pittelourab Batik. B.ruuei Icahn, du.
J. 11. Shoenteerger. KM. 11111 a Corry, Jo.
WIIPOO MrClklIdIPM. but. thein &tarot, do.
Hubert McKnight., rad. Wuf- ' , Mater & Co.
J., !Irk nigh[, K.,. Brining. T. Morgan
hare. Juehtla Ithales • Co Fruirrs
M. Lnthrop. Fan., Allegheny.
E. VV. reelq grateful fur the very liberal patronage rt
reired during uluteelf yeanq ltd la city, to had the
largest and hest joke entrufted to hilarity.. up to the present
tin, entleavor to render satiefaetion hereafter.
-10 wtork, Were-now VI 9 99 Third Arent
.1. W. W. reepertfolly Inform, him friend/. mod
rub...ger , that he ban now romptetul the lariceet
nod fineet Mort of hourehold furniture ewe before men In
thin 'city, a, ne le determined to uptu.kt the !timidity witb
welleevaenued materials, best workmatiehlp, and newnst de.
1.19. 0011 from the extent of h p order, and facility la
LE ...tincturing. lie h. enabled to roduce warrantee! furni
ture. at the lowest Priem
It.. ha adopted the prhaoltde of Identifying the custom,
re' Interest with Manna. In anelit7 Mad Price. and Von.
alweye nu hazel the greatest vwlety of every d.eriptlon of
Panda, front the cheapest. and !abduct; to the most ele.
welly, that n luau, or any pare of one, may he
lurundied from his sleek, orb,
manufactured entreaty to
order. lie Wu-rearm solicit* an Inepectlon, that Woe advs.
•tagra of hie entabllstonent may he known. The tabOwluff
article, bonelet, in part, of his stOrk. whiell for tichneso. of
:r i ga . Ydeh cannot be eurpume4in mw of the Lestern
,Parlor. drawing, dining, and W.Vaom dab*. of every
variety. ...mining . of mahoganyand walnut,
Iglisatethen, tlornerveneint and Taw Chairs, of veer, dee
eriplion; Couches, Vass, Violet.- and Divans of the latest
Preoeh and 16100/.113 PattartlC
Wile.' parlor Writing Ohms of 'MIMI/ 011414 Work Tabbo
and fenny Inlaid eninds.oll.l. , wend., sod ladders. marble
lop, mahogany, rorownol and walnut eentre and sots, ta
ble.. retention dining bible% all slaelof theatre! improved.
.d deeldolly the feet kind mule: card,Perolgoke hall and
tder table,: wardrobe, levletevete and weaboteude of earn
awl An
iodine hall and parlor reception chair!.
ottomans awl And, secretary nod Ivok caner nide hoard.
Pr. woven, towel reek, hat r tandr, and
and nob for flab... Pelforerib , 91,1, " 99,
mehoneny. rorevond. lota m
marl Todd, 9e. Or. at.
A 61, 0, , 11.01(11 1 I , f ecennum Y.u-niture and Wind*,
"helm Cobble? make, eurplied with All mules In their
Sumanhot. and Week. (unbind at the elsorteort notice.
All ogler. promptly Micteirti to. late
JP Attn.!, et 'AV.:Ye. ICA Third ft. rerner of Cherry
vy. haying made artannetacrut ler the Pnrimee..ll l
or env- Womb-Land.. for robber. and eoldiere. their
nod childrn. and v - ill attentl lo 1111, nth , 1 1 0 " 1-
ov.e-o.niteeled !he government
1•1,ln. Penelon odor. or the Courts at thcity of
Washington. raTiolb
- •
Drawing, Perspective, and Painting in Oil.
I). R. .5311T11 is now prepared to give
inetruction to a Pfw pupils in the different Installer
of to,. delightful Lel illb e,oaun,id Mcisra. Scalia 9
Atkintou'e urve hulldlnc. Yirrt Wert. betw.o.o Wood and
Market 010y.0-.. 1 bone Of Instrnetlen. from TX!. •01. end
11 , s, 6!' to e r. u. (None!, sod other partleuture esti be
buoyon by railing inftertmet) at the rooms.
Ilefer to Dr. Ouzo. or Dr. Add1...10192e11f
.N.ll Fl ETA N. next to ahr,ok
No., and Inrenn collect...ll on Ott pant nt . the Union.—
Stnet. Innurht ~td no. nnnmlnnkm. fetnnlnta
r00N1.1.11,14 .
M14..11.011 ..... . ... ..... 1111.11. M.
Jrirrstturto .. oLAss WORKs.—
w.Cl.ltei I Milt A CO.. Mpoutartanerp of Wrmalt ,
.„ 7.6 Mark. rtrevt. beim.. Wird and evostsd.
Pltt.tmrltts. w.
i t told to yd dm, Biro—Deaera
Vial, Pottle. Ate.: dawB
= Itiva=V . l.
Daman Tut. xlairlre
MOVEMENTS • _.....
• —4
• ---2.. ft-A. or ine ~,,.
. ^-_,_ . CEAN STEAM BEM . ._.... _
The undernoted erothre weeds are gi)Prdat.d t... 114,
follow": - . '
Wrisns . Line—Antennau Sleconers . . . • , ,
. ,
FROM HlVyews FROM ullOtont. ,
~ ,
Wednesday. March ung!aunhey. . 'lnch 4th
+ .
Wedudds). . 1901Salloldar. ..,.{
Wednentay, A p 1:1 I 241Wallowdar. Aril 3 .1
Wednamday, • 1619 Wm:doe:star.
Wednesday. 7.1.0 10 th Wedneaday,
Nay 41
Saturday. - 21111 Ws:loudly, t ,
hatudda), rm. ittlirednaday. 4 hoo &la
Saturday, •• :Om Wednesday. ;,_ rd
Saturday, duly CAS Wednesday. ....!" 2.1,d I
Saturday. - " NW Wednesday, tly
Saturday., Angulo 2J Wedneslot. kFli• A
Saturday. - 76th Wednesday. h
Saturday, - Mb Weonewlar, :-, ,Y tot. Of
Saturday. rent 11th We:Wanda& . : 17 th
&tuna), - 27th Woduetelay,' ' O.`& lAtt
Saturday. Orr. Illb {Vey:Weldor. ' .
Satanist, •• 2:Ablir.iwedar. -
Saturday, Nor Mth Wednesday, &W. S II) L-a
Sarunlar, - rza Wea 11 eld •I ." .
&Loy D . mtp,
ola). One. 67t Saturday, D r y. 4 , ,
e6np,fl ;Fiat/ TriN.
TIROL LIT...POOL TIM ist 1.111.1. 555555
r! . ! ,°rk --
.New V6rk
TOIL 1.11,11,001-
edneAl or, Alla.. Lt. I
Irk& .......... Vurt. 747 Z Vrird* li Awe', ; len a
Am.rlew Bon. WednorslaY.
New 1 ork YredswalaT,
If Ltwtoo. fitl• VGA. 1:1.5; *woad
Nese , 1.1 . 1' ,tnd Rua, /.•ne—dnuttAlk
Frankilo. Saturday. b Yeti. rraukilu. Wed•day, 1•11./1.
llututaddl nth Star Humboldt IHh Aye
Franklin, Litti Ala Prankliu, W Mg
5.1 Iday Humboldt, " 4th J..
Franklin, 71St .11 . k Frmkliu, 31.1 July
Humboldt. •• inith Jam 11.3.14 t. •• 3Uth.lutl ,
Franklin, " =lb Jul} Ihrsuldlu. •• XtbAux
Humboldt. " Auk. 11 =LOH. •• 20.0
Franklin. " l o bna riot, Oct
Humboldt. •• h Oft. Ilumbnidt. •• Ilth Nur
Prituktiu. " Itith Nur. Franklin. " 140 Ora.
•• 13th Inn
µ'..n... ui
-New York .....
..N e w liutt
Wa.bin.loo fur New Vurk.
......... --how , York.
.11rruseral . Ng, V.rk
rut eaL170111.1•.
4 rse
11. mall
th. for 0101.... Nro. Vort . th• I Itt. sad 161 E
h mon
•1 , 10 ••1111.
Steareuhip lan
Charirstun ma the 13t and ishw
dwlt stroutb. ,
Eatrvidtx.—tly ticx.rusburg, Chamber. Lam. Pt:111.441b1.
}infarct. Crutra and Nurtbsro pasta of N, York,
belavearr,Nr• Jersey...lth. six Nov fraiglaad Slates.—
ThslvitiAh Provirdvs of Lower Canada, Nuts Vdotia, sad
N.. liruilosiel. daily. Arrival. at 4 r. Isparta at L PN.
N 0... Itams.N.—lly Illidrovilk. add Ihillidaystsitrx. Pa.
hariudiad that mantis+ of tiradfont, Cambria. Centre. Ma
hon, J uhista, Clan..{.. Puttor.
This. Utah.u, awl part 84 Wortisorriand, is Llssicaors.
Mumarevills, :ite lituipla, Ne• atul
dodutY. m
dall)..acopt lilotalays. at: .10
Part! daily at 1.!,
Bader. Mennen Claiford. end Jefferma
eutuatirs.ll.2.ena part a/Wear Yorks.! upperCallada.dally.
Arrive. 219 p. a.: add depart... 9 a. 111.
SOL (UM( ua WAYSZ.,-14 W.11191192a. Pa t ,Oh", •
/12rtle. s2atermt. pan.' Weatztalteland ecuntr,
112012.4, taltiature,Washlagfoth CU, , iouthormaal Wed
.ra pa rt s of Uhl, sad 1.11. a. Kentselti.lll.ll.l2, Seams
.22., Alabama. 3142201tr1, Mlastaidppl, N0yt1t1...)21 . 9.
Has, 1/..ur2.2. Loulaisaa, florid,, and Trsaa, daily. 4rtirer
at s a. P., nal departa aG e. a.
truwavnzr... Twit, WCrrv. Ilatipatoo,
Marr, Pan.% IP, 1121121 a, Corr. V, JeSro., IlarrF
Cured!. Hold., and Tamara.. couutlra.lll.l2,
A rt.., I I dep.. al: a. a.
Moat u Mtma-13 West et. Pa, and Cleveland, Obi.—
Beaver 13a.. Mhstablans, Trumbull, Forty., (testis,
Arh labutulttatt.lV sy oe. Medina, Cuyaholes, hen:mit, Let..
Itichlazet. Lunde, Hut.. Omits. Erie. Pete:bulky, Wool.
stet Lam% euvett., testa; the ettrecte ometuten
tb• rtalrs of fie:liana etel Monte. latiodlog Mehl
...loes. and Wiamaste..l3ll,. AM/ea at II t. U.; 4.-
.. • •• '
par.. 6 r. r. •
Kmarts4,--kly 2.larrirborr.lleratno, EpriarlSPllTanto-
Ynr.putt,.Kltlarmurr. Anus more. lW
Ll.arLeLl raartleo, drab', rstrptta3 nandayo. Ar
rive , 0.7 P. amialepatta at 5 Y.Y.
Verryntlle. extry% Zellmople. Porters
-111.1111,61,,i and I,IV 411, Arrive* T 6.1111104
Tbtarada, a, aL..l...Lugs), r.: dmairo llorttrY,
Wftlre,da, an.l 16411 t., at 7a. X.
. .
Rau-Loa - W. —By Fttine..on , Hail. I lalerrlUe, an 4 Una'
ahaah,la Arrlr•l s. 141311,M 5F.11.; 8.
pas rstarla, s. at 6 A. K. -
nlnnrarn.—ilv Buchanan. Strret} Enla, BleSe.nert,'
n. 11•11,,
ann. C....a.... u. Perr.opulla But LlMrt v. U .11
pperll , l6*
, .irrtve• Thurfla), at • A. at., de.
Mnntara eml Iburntay.. at W A. la.
Bctuart. • t.—/ly al:rt millo v, Candor.
butarttat.nrn. Ctrs Cre•k Palter."... mill, Pa.--
Iletltany. Ila Anive• nunday • ant Thuralny>. at la
d' i " ..trytY n'd , Tg.on " N ' ltjorkotli., •tnnn. Moan
team tr:uktort Blair,. Pa:, Palevlear. aa. Anil.. are
Fran,. at G a. a: depart/. au SaannUr ‘ lat 6 A.lll
Awn., N•rtn. Wa...drhntant. and Aa6/ka.
Pa. Arrival, no Ineeltanclay, at 6 r. a. &Pant; on aland•r
at 6 A. Y.
t o Fem. Arrive. on 7t4day. at I.
P. az dcrarta Batunla, Y.
Fa.altuat—lly Ibrr,oi ll le.. Wexford,. Drealk2a , k. Oste.
Py‘areal, Whltestown. ltechntlna- arms, anal Viataure
manta-, Arrive. dully at: a. IBA &rota at nhi a. a.
Irttera thr the malls moat to. In the Oraer nor horn
la-tnr• their Elerartitr; letter. tnr the tri-ne•ltly. Few
nacaly.and SP most he in the Int...halt tour
Brfore their Illiretrtur,. •
N. HOLMES & SONS. Bankrrs
I.E.eikleT Lk ABTA. 'Branch at Mawdlion.-.....- Y.:
Bank of glatehurgh-
el --pax Broach at Wonter..--.....—...dn
w l
Exchange Bank d0..-..par Branch at Xatd.a.....- ..... ...dn
Mar and Man. of d0...._ -par Branch at
Bank of Caonnerre .... CIO Bank. ..Claginatan---do
Bank of North Axotrica--par ennunercial Bk.llncinnatado
Bank allorth'n Libettleakeer Vrankho Bulk-- ..-- ..... da
- .....
Elank of Prna.lnada.—.par Lalmrtla .........
Bank of Bonn Inn.B l P-.P4 r.rri. 1w.iir.:14:0...010
Dank al lbo United eta. 12 Bank. ,o lloocrre
Cunionarcisl Bank of Pa.--par Bank a Ma...lkm
Pm /nor, Mochanrk par .im..11 Note.,
tllrvd Bank, par !. MTV iNIILANio
Ronnnalanßank........--.1.• All ...out banks__ ..
NlannfAc..lllorti NEW YORK.
Meonanirio Bank. . Nor Varklsty .....
Moramonoingll.k . Comelry
Plainalclphla Bank par MARYLAND.
tlnihwark Bank.. parißaltimr• per
Trdonsian'a Rank__ ....... para.:lDi
Bank of Chambnrshanghl- .% All advent .....
Bank or raw..., county—v." vi Hu IN la.
Bank of Danolllo pat 11. k of (ha ialky
Bank Cheator-parMla Vlrmnia, Richmond X
Bank of •
'lank o'
But ~i ii;iiii.ltTAW:ll.7, H;Lis:a"V;:: , X;r111.117.
Hank of tietttaborgh I. Farmers' Hooka V t. irginia ,
Bank of leerrlatown... ...... - Merck/Lots' & -Mach. Bank Y.
Hank of Alktitletown.. ...... hi North Western 800 k........
Nonitta.ry lb. Ban k... -par Brand:mt. ... .. „.... .-. . a,
ook of Noithumberianityar NORTII CAillll.llN A.
C.liale Bonk ... ... ... - :', Bank of C. pe Fear
Columbia kik it Bruh .. n. tki.pse Bk of St. of N. Carolina- i;
boy lesmern 111•111{ gar I.luncoorrial Lit. Wilminien B
Valium Bank ........ --....p0r klerctuitara . Bank, Neatens. 2
Erie flank ti BOUT/I CAROLINA.
Formers' Et of Books iki-por Bk of the EL Of FL Cartlina 2
Fortner: Bk uf Lanmater.par Book of South .rtilloa ... 2
Formers' Boukofiteacting par Book of Chorlemon .. ... . 2
Farm. Btotilebuylkilltb.por Planters' • ilechaairs . ilia 2
Fart Brow. W apt...burg.. l i iJEOROIA.
Franklin Bk, SS dank
par Augnaris Ins. 8 naming il 03
llorrieburg Bk
ola Es.k. .....- flank of Augus
ilooral ta
kf Et of Ltrunirwiek, Allgytt.2
L o neager Book P. TENNEMILE.
Loneastet County Bank. -par All tiotront loot_.
.. . ___ N
Liam.: Bank P. KENTUCKV.
Omega. hook 0(1'01.111g N Bk of Kentucky. Liadirrilleky r
Boot. kabala 8ank.........par Bk of Loulorille,Thungosi !,
West Branch Bonk t i l Northern 0k of Kentucky !,
Wyoming Bk.Wilkesborrepu Southern Bit of Kentucky !,
. ' , t 4 ........_P i !.% ) .Y.'! l. ,
'toilet Notea.._ i... 1 ES It or st.l;7;isitillio{ ~
Übio Blab Bank —...- 7: Stat.. Bank sad braarbes-a0
Branch at Altrtow-.......-....d0. Dank or lilloola . 5
liraurla at Admi t _ WISCONSIN.
Drauch at lirkigeort. do Marine It Fire Ina CV Mika 5
Branch al CLllkOthr-.......d0 MICHIGAN.
Brooch at ClarelataL ... -.40 Flown' Mar.Anakp . Baal 3
Branch at Toledo.-...-......d0 tlowarnmeat Slack Bank._..?
Branch at Jr.yton. .dolPealoatalar Bulk. a
Delaware do Hou
Drawl at ma...Company._ .... ... 0
Brandt att:ol.36as .do State bank
Dfanrh nt Ashtabula-I-du CANADA.
Belanrb tabn -do BA of Lk N. Anzerka,Torontaa
Branch 14nk of lb.Poluploo.Tll,ootOb
Drum& at do IDAk of Moutnal.. .l.
Branch at.lluclunal/.-.-..40 bank of U. Canada,":Turonto
Dtnorh , Vmbi.ift. , do On Now 7.ork
lit=o da. Cadiz- do On
Branch ntriteulouville .do IVESTKIfN
Drbnelf at ;It Vornon.—.4.lo
. . . .... -.. .. . . .
Branch at Newark..,.......- _ LooDrllle I
Iltatich at Elyria .do st. Lout. I
Branch at SpritotE•l4-......d0 NOM AND EPECIE VALUE
!Stanch al.Mariatta—...-..d0 Doubloons. SpanDit tam)
Dr.& at Troy....__ do Patriot. ..... ...15,50
Branch at ML Plamat-....d0 Eagle, old 0014
•. •
...- • . .. .
.13tnothot Zatatitrinr... ..... do rattl: t er. 10,00
Branch a Nortrallt....—.._do Verde oked'ort--.-..-.. 7,11 u
linnet at No.-- .. ...._ do Teo Won 7. , t0
Ismael; at Portionoutb-.—do tlolocikt roo
Branch at Itatoo- ....... Berendgot-. 4./L.l
Ilraneh at Hatenos._.....-do TroGuildpro 4tH
Brandt st ChIUMW". do Napolwou ..... . ...... ..... ZOO
Blurb at C0rab0ga.........d0 bout. •:,1.
March 19, 1851.
lT BEING DESIIIABLE to sobatitutalocka
and tern or some other kind fur thorn now In one roe
e mail senior of the 110144 Rat., agrainiro lock. and
keys. with pro poomis to furnish the owe. will be recelfccal
atal coneidered at thereat (Hare Dpartment, maul the tat
day of July neat. The different loran wilt be submitted to
nambraismon exatalnation and report. Upon thin re.
port, contracts will,. num as practicable, be eutercal into
for furnishing such locks and keys for four roars, with the
ci•ht am part of lb.
General lor the time
being h, extend and continue the contract In form for an
additional term of four years, by airing to the contrast,
tliTul t ers=ste ' f b, am " ti ff intanTinrtM c l f7 n tr i ll n ic " ll7ra b iZ
foci year,.
With • irWl4 animating the teat hoc chconw i st prise,
no kind of 1,,e1t is prose - 111.A as etscolardt the
en d m eet
rllying fhr feleetton no the nirchanewl skill end inscon
yhieb • fah - nommlition, inn may ciscrinfc.
it is, however, proper oath. that * took sot fable for the
msll faire ehonict porsem the following nnaJfiftwcyl. do.
rahillty. unithrrolty. acid nernisch.
. . - . . .
For 'the porn, of dieplueing timultancoutly ail the
mall locka and ker. now hl tote. about thirty thoomuel
near I.cte and twenty thoueand key. adapted thorn. will
required to be forolibed to the enntraihm "whin ...Yen
month. eliot the contract ehall hare teem entered nom at
teeverti• the sonnet ouNily will depend on the duratHits
to il e leek. end key. adopted, tio, well to the imresac ot Pee
m wt., hut it will probably neeereueml In amount
throe thncommt of the tomer and one limonite] of the let
lin lock will be ...demi If it be :thy tiny ahead} In
tt ' :lo7l•l: ' aire:flo n' ga i ;: o , L i t? o w r h =l ' igi n t r n ret ifYr
loey, smaller to thee., contracted tor, for any other Porte.
or ma then that of the PottOttlee Deportromt
lit. kind of I.k,tflopind inturt lo! patented, and
lea will he nplutrect. no entennu Into contmet, to make
P.n... hi. patent Mr the eteloalve nee and here
ell[ f the Department. if the Postamater General ahall
dry ouch rwqinnwrient ...LI to the Intern. of the mr
eleet' 11.. am of dm (allure of the mntrartor at any tinhe
tO fitl e : faithfully the term. end ouniltioneof hie man..
them tmetaMr Chemed 'dual hare th• richt. hidden a tercet
to oil remedy hereinafter mentioned. to•annul mid
contract, and to oantract anew with any Mh. Per..
D ale. ea he may see 61. for furniahltne similar lurks eta/
Ei ' dedillog Upon the proyeatileandspedmettaolifered.,the
Pootmmter General m nom it ea pent to select for the
Ittinveatt walla the 1,0b.0f one bidder, and for the way math
of another. Ile roterree, thireturr. the right of -con
tract)ng with illtTerent htflitithild.o for met dlilleYent kind..
of unto se he may eels., and alma the right to trivet all
L ' lt% ' l ,P, rlU n te ' r=f d tt r e o Vii?Agrt_ th ik u e l gily th t4 t ..'":•:
contracting Mil be rimuired to ' my. lona. with ample Pi
corny, lo thazei . of thirty thoitaand della.r • mit..
h tract. The ermine , bet n..
f ^ : Z i ztr: 11,..1rar,...11.70Pef .int i e:}l,6l of thepout:Met
VlatTirtiet=l:=Zarr adiri=l ' b r d:i7.
if • id deruld beeempted.
tioa licallonswillbeeonslderellf not eeteempanted with
Olen., of thatreintwormi eh.ritct! , rof e." 4 4"
der, and L atetty to NMI the ....-
tie HALL. Panaa. CierisraL
Ditintozi Altzt...N.—Advertbratents subwripiroTis .
t ar ibk,.*er metired end forwarded (ma orprow.
• Isl. 'nil.'
°MC. herniate Gazette
Aptil IT. 1851.
The ntatgar yesterday oral rola wad ridgy, In' 'mom
queens tit which, buttons generally. eras 'WI dell,:ltrui
tittle doing let the nay of Nye.
. fLOII-There time been no change In the market to,
She pest tendert but wives too gilt finals sadntadaed,
Jn meamqueure of thellghtreoelpta. We. tram
. elnee oar lan fermi, have not metaled a.O bbl. at. 03.514
3,271.1 Wok': Wet from atom In dray laselots, of ASOCk . .
- bought baton the late advarre. at 03y1703,40 bbl far
-good brionla a 1 and oftetra Wands at higher rates.
RTC rvollß—Small ode. from story at $2, and from
Mot babel, 0612,77652.87 la told,
Mar of very tittle movement In grain: by
eellote have teen light, and saleseonthysl to man lots how
trot hinds at treoBs for Woolly, ear for rye, no; for rorn.
.and 31431 for mu.
ouelea eutillmast flemneas Ito the
malied tartlet palm of 1.1,305 Oa heron. to lota from
More and Ram etookehottoe, at, for plain hams tbe meer
eared mare:mid° lodic. bales ill. and ehouldere u tdir
II lb.' lard io Arid very fern at So for No I. In this, and
lb begs. Priem are very firm. and buyers are
aloe fa 105100 Auld. Dnr4 tong ts wiling at the by the
irab . ll.
nil..of 30.)1 las and 27 rata sides at
73‘e, :AMU 'thanlaws at In K.
ROM WRAT—Sales on Wednesday of 70.000 ba monler.
at AN.; 41.1‘, and IN. Su eboniders. W. and bating.
(0,1)4.13L1V.—w. b.. of m ..d.l
13..M.11) . Pate no. •lth Du 'Wise
tioa Ow Dor hot rtwt.
11 or lu .1,1.1141 U AI: SI .1/111% Lis
11111111,1111111 , 1100 e 71Rd, 111 • small way.
SIISSOIT—SisIeI lU tbla M. store. 411 Tr SI N.
NONIIN-Salem of 6 !Mk No Isa $3.f6 P bbl. •
• MUSD DRUM-Thu market M fully•upplieM and dull.
,rp - 04,11 rub, from Acre $1.37 fur pmrbm. uml l'Gc
fufaNblm.• Nu mt. tu report from ern bands.
P ON .iIIICHTINU--Peun shaelloas are tkosr set
110 at* Id for No I, aud 7% fur Noustoois We
Ikea iWt tnlurtion In our daily report of Thursday last.
psif the narreetiou ea• loadvergently no Med to oar m.ssiti
nl.ll of yrstanlar.
.Patunla,, liar. •.'3.
Putteran.rina, April IL
The itupinved feeling optima ha atoelta yealerday wee not
tadataltad to day, and eloaitie priers of newt of the
lwallent Werke. etune a decline of a Quenon on yesterday
quotation.. Unlt.l etasea and /worm ' , lnds
nen Is a moderate demand for [limey. hut the .apply
1.1W1? equal tu the demand. and Meet rano bane thelle.
N • fraction. Primo And dame pater Ie ...nand ...Alb
at Dank ranµ while names Ina favorably known now.
between ! and it and other end. Ann.
The rupply of ether le gradually 6womlng We
dant. and rate,. have a downward tendency. We owe.
bah.. a •444 e: Pratn. ikawlaw lotttalta" .
?ate inset!, ("annuli., I t Zitt , . We quote thee
liar else n i f '.. itr a arndise " .rs a' pnini Idl '`t l ntOlt Wm from
th'afalforthe. quarter coding 31et of Num.,. wa. In
Antetirau Tewela, 111.014,77 U. and In amigo veyeele rad..
The coin In 11w dew fork Bente war et/noted on Than
day, and the molt prwee• • dere... of eland kWalaart, as
daffy, Ith th e carnal op the 24 of Mosel, a which
lly adertl ham Anne Into the euhtivaaurf Antll'tvd
ath. nom/rate In Use ke and kub-Treasury.
Prklay, Slush
April Is.
Wit In tits above, it 1. elthtriateit the Ftwi• brnk
eratogt 3.1t/ty/tKL
sopeavd t 14.. .Lich establhe the amount of rola at
diderent fotiods to 1554.1 sal 1,1 ,botpro • rott.i.lembl...
erralalloo. Bank, Sult-nry
tigjh.llVi. 17.21,4.0
0,01710)11 T 4,20,0.
3.609. inn
ja.u.ry fo, 1,51. n,.1.01. 4.00.1,..
.Als.tyl 17.1,.. 9,217.10) 1..503.0.
..112U. 11. li:o., 10.111.000 1.C.16.1.1
BANKS- —Tho Pl2ll.l.lphis Bulletin Kive, We htso
Baal, notutto nrovired tt (b. Auditor tleneres Ot
R.v.urrgs.., Co ..-nquat honis ~/ /F. riesaa.nir...lth
MII. Insnmat"L. . --$24.40.44!... 7.3
Arnie ..1 TrVanury Dote.
Dog tl disks 7,212.9110 N.
1 CA3,lits
Naps sod arc,. of ,aber
Ilpl oente WYI prrnmal pror..rty I.OOS 434
BUHL , ' Morlgagn and caber .ocurtlbea
et;eb.ra lot. Igiory 4'4
. .
Total t...‘0ur.4 . 41
Ft...a:5.1 , 1 la
. %or
Dar ctbrr _ .
Ott moat.
P 4J and Icar _ . . 111 a; 111
Clucitnotmeallll . ......... ..... 4=2.31 . 1
Mixwe'llaneovx . 93.4
4 4:1
lu, , urauazu
D ,
Lluits,l P.D.. 11 , OW 117- , 115 ;Ipt_Jart l July
D. :,.., IUCY lollliloo aut. F.tia Au.
r - rh - 1.:' .- : - . .:: . : - T,T 1 V ,, 1 11:ttll'Atl - ,
•Co'oy Co C0._..... ...... Iluoi 01, I 9 . 2 Illat :M.,' • N..
P . . TPf . l?' .... PlP'P . 1 . 4 .." ! 4°
;;;ZiFe.;;7*" . .liW Yy • do
ritl2d.rith eitT-40U , 1 July
t:'+,Yl;ll...llOte Ve i V 7 do
rity KS I 0.1 'lot %far S No.
Phil el e 6 I du
Eno! of Vittsoburgh.—• MS W iDiv Sow toter
Ilerrhana A flagaul Wok :,rui 64 , 4; 1 , 4 do
Exch... !look_
A11,fa..1 bul
142 Ito!, ' du
Cl.l~altla s I
Huta oh ...... bo. , to
Northetu Idlarr4.4, ,
%Villimrport Pdidgr. js,
Wrldr,zst l.os Calitrus' losarton lA, 501
AA...6st.* ' 1 4
Pitt4lll‘. POW, ... or r 4.
I.llbOurgh, Lcularille... 00 , 47 45 do
Lae Ker.- - .
..1 y, I „. t D1•.4 ore r,to.,
Morx'a ..... .1
....n. Ile. . .
Pills4arghl.lakWrak,.......l (0! :..1 , 52S 11 1 1 , . J. 5Y ,,
Mononftla 151Arkwater , 0 la 4V
Yuurh bray tilartwetri r. , o' , 40 I
Peon's. otral Hail 11.4 WI 11,; 4.!
Ohio A Peuu'a. Rail Rolla GO. (3 '4.
Balt A Ohio kali Roan... IWI , .
Clevrlsod a Welbille &lit GUI 40 ,I E;
klkrlor H. Way. Dry Dort - ,IW, ton Itil 10, b.... , 4 ~..,-1
Pay..ll. Abutur. Co 50, a) , ;lo
Ed. Canal Pond&o , l , l)..—ill.j LA , 1 1.
. . 0vv , )...,10a f (2! 44
Turtle bo errt,k do
PI. Itoodl 11., 2'3.4 ' 21
Alkg. A Perryn,lll4 Pk R 4"., j ...
al 12.4 b • Torspikr , Rd ,o,
Plttrbargh 1241,1tno'IID 1 ,110 iDir 1100. Slu
North Am.rican ;
North Wert- . , :5/ • i
Iron Lit, ..........
' 3 ' 4;
I . lW4urgh * [Loral Jti
Ohio 1.1. 'Loral ......... ,
Adventta, I
Alerch•ot .
Ikmghut. Ilaughtoo
i 7
.. ...........
conn.. . .. . ......... 4 I
ITOOKS WANTED—Bank or Pittsburgh;
Y Northrrutilonrtion Brit hr
ORO. K A RMA DA CO, Fourth 0.
( - 2 ny7
TOCKS FOR SALE—Monongaltula Bridge;
1.7 North Wester,/ Bunk of.Wbertion;
ar7 OM). K. ARROLD t (V, 7$ iourth n t.
Bank Stock for Sale.
NOTICE iilierebygiven that, in compliance
arltb the requisitlona nf fan act of AaorsobW, appro,
Ile• .4'd day of Mare!, ILA there valll he °demi at mat,.
he sale, ed the Banking [louse, ONE THOUSAND SUARES
NEW MILK of the Monongahela Hata of Brownsville on
Wt.too,oor, the 7th day of Slay, 1051. S Ie h,
at 10 o'ekrk. A. AL By order of the 11 of ihrecLra:
apt:ta B. H. KNOX, establer.
Eastern Exchange
Constanlly fur as by A. an HILL 1 00,
Rpl:7, Bankers.
4PECIE.—The highest market price paid
to Ameriran and Yonian /MAWR,and for - Fontlgo
nOi.D. at
Or Exrhanno 0610. of W3I. A. LL A CO.
apt.24r . 64 Wad at., ?Adler above Fonnl.
gOTeA V ITAII/ i rculrni,r,Vl? '
_ _
Bop.rd of Underwriters.
T a !tlveting of the Board of Uuderwri
I y ' lcr e.l kw to re,olution no- unanimou.l ado
in I+ publlehnt!
lhat incei bad after the publication of Ml+ no
t:, no t iro Itl.k, whether original 1,./ muttony!, ohm!l to
maider+l aa taken by any Insuranro Office In this city,
until the pronitum In pail in (ASII.
11, union A. IV. 31A111C1. 4 .
moli 7'lf ,erector of the Hoard.
:V* Drlod A 001.,
/1/ bldr. 1410,1 14ar10-s,
100 ^ 0. r. Flour
'i g,. ta.''tr u, w.
1 Lard'
20 1044.10 11 duo,: •
ILWlntah. Timothy reodl:
10 rnall.l . ol.lE.
10 r..10A Salrnatur In •tnrr and far an. kr
nil J. .1 K FLoYIA Brand 1101.01!.
- I
JIG IRON-35 tons Allegheny. for sale I,y
1.11 Ft/11'D.—
_FlSH—Mackerel, Salmon, and Lake T rout.
15r Yale by JOIN WATT S ,
i _
ISIOT-11/0 baga ad A 'd Nom.. for
: toy
OPT . .1011N
B ACON -11 crook,. llama:
11;li "'
corn soy, fur hale 7, .'A prad2Sa._
COTTON -5m .
trA g ll D ro teli t tt S 00.
War, ror -air 0 2 .0. • JO etr.
House Kelof.r e l r _ an
ap4 45 Mat at Mont.
IVIED PEACHES--60 0 Ina for sae by
AY apt zoataaDICEJIYIOO.
6..4, 6 loth,• 63 nhiywrl. ha
pler mark. IILSI eveninv,:6l6l rittpc.
Alienist.. Boise. 13esBeavem.
B Gimlet, r
Atlssille. Berth:mu. Brownsville.
J. McKee, liendricksni. McKeesport.
Redston. codwanl. Brownsville
Ctuntesi. ilk Loins,
Malta, Dexter, Zanesville..
AEilennorn. Murdock, Wellsville.
re Kinney, trelliville
Jenny Lind. Hurd. Eanerville.
Illichle-sit. Bales, Beaer.
Beaver, Oudot, Beaver.
Alludlc, Parkins:in, Brownsville,
J. McKee, lieudrickenc. IleKesciport.
Thor Bliriver, Beller. Weil Newton.
Redeione, Saalwaid. Bruensvillo.
•DhAtuel, Cornwell, Wheeling. • ,
illurlnnall, Martine
P lli.. Cincinnati
(SAW.; Melltlllu. unted,
Bruprm, Cox. Zanesville
Leech A Co's Palemoget Parfet Dave, dalir et 5 e u , wuJ
ra ,
1111'0E 1 19 BY RIVER
CININNATI—P/A Lima-45ST pos bull. went. u . 2 114..
hull nil, bb. tu-nip. I Mol (!..c I
trunk. W Al43lntwk:2ln. WI,. Wm...Nal A 14.4'.! rratr
II 1411 q.t.!, Slug, Ilarlanau / O 2 41.411 rug.. I e.7...k
r..xley ACV tra clwonrare. Mulvaney
3 dot Isekrla. I W bso, J Kn+lrt: 'L; .Inl..unnr It Hall
131 tr. baton. 344, II UnsITA 04 6 11611 tdtharr...
I Ls Or!, ilasulen A Cort Ale: lG lap leaf 4.lnnv,Cl.3rk A
Thar: GU rk. haron.Ki.r A In bbl. whi•key. A Kin,.
ail I, IwrkT.o IV Pmilbi 3 W.I. bormrsa . 11.$ ob. 11'm
11,r. .top in.u, Coleman Ilailmau A 11'4
ZANESVILLE—P. blda park .7 do lard.. ho
do,. du bull., bholn tubabro, 010. nr.. J
Birk k Cze 4.. rum. (7 du oat., ti du 2 . 11.1.14
o do . I mcg.- T \ia.4% a S.: 5 bxs 12 1.14.
dr6,l bolt. 11 do floor 1 W 11aJabi A Co: 4 hh.l•
1 b. banun, 1.1.1. eggs S P VLrirrr, 12,11,J Black A Cu. 2
bhd. lob. 11 Luerb A I.\r L t, drird fruit, Ido fratlkrn,
bbl. lard. J V Dilworth: 0 Lb& lAblatert, IL • M. 0...
Gam.. S 2 Pk. apple, 12 du pestb.., 11 Unlit 1,1.1 ,
Whom., W 11 Maui.,
Pat Jaalli Llso-10 1•11.16 lobler, !XL I._,b
lanl. 2 do butter. Abs. tad... 1 rh...1 1.. Ii 1...1.h A Cox In
bbL. Ii Paul: I .h. tanner'. wralm, In Yla..u, 17 clo. kaeon
Rm.; 4 WIN rag.. J Ilhul.. A J 11111.6rt1e A C.c
5 du dried fruit. 7 do ...Ka. a du cons. 5 du tautlun boot,
lot fundlue, 13 rob.
Se:CFI: 4 II—Pu evon..-31 Ithd. 41f. !Mei ....
II L.lnch A On N dried •P 1.1.. 1 du ...J. 1 /J. l .
toban-o. Clark k. Thaw: 1,h , . 11' 11 J..1111.1..13: appb
O Arsußroaa, Cro.n r. 12 do. 1u ba. 111 ../
K bbl. de m., S Nlrclarkan; Inn do. I/alsull A
MIN rig.. 1.11 I.l,tzelt.: 2 e.l.a 11 A Ms.,.
11.0 do dour W Car. 21 .4 barb,. Ann' 1'a..1.1.1- 3
botd - Jaule." In boa. ea,. •.1.1.
WIIELLINO-1,& 1..1gg,n. T
ligo: I pkg money, 70 . 1,/,1. H A Valng,k,4 0,
.I.l i sy . 42 : ll . aakkr&re, Illughaw & ck, e&k.
II Chill.. 1,,x 11.h1 I Is r ••, I vI
tgigkm. IG khi. Hour. ow no, "
ST 1,121: , --r. 1,1.1. lard. is hf .14 .14. 4.1
41ruu, IV a It. :Mreutrlmaar. 4,:t. Jr, tilde, twr
ord: 2 bbl• r.vrtor ail, II Lo,ll 1'44 .1 II NV
Nmlth Ul Hu ham*. J 2 do ax, 2 do glum t
II Graff a C.K 4 Ax. 11r1 , 411.x.
haw: 24 11,.. 11' IL Atcl.:filrl.via: md.r, a
Os WO tr. how,. 2 Ims Hob..
b',.ro,tb; 2 b. 1 1 ...43.,11i 111.1, 1n..,.,. II lirrol
Orr. lOU bblr trudrs,,, J flvuny (41: frs ham, :411,r
Nimln 131 du. (40fiklen a Ontfle: I 111 hut., If Llcarein
4 mules, Ltd. owl., 11.11 a L;,,ti
'low to toy etvonee the devil reeled old Llnie:Kolken.
When I recovered from my above-mentioned
and, I found my host, his wife, and my old
maid .'landing over me, and pouring warm beer
down my throat The faithful old creature
shrieked for joy when I opened my eyes again,
and then told me that toy daughter inul not suf
fered herself to be racked, hut had freely confer,-
he,' her crimes rod fyled herself tut a witch.—
This comet pier: ant tome to me in my misery,
inasmuch as I deemed the death by fire to he
less heavy punishment than the torture- Howbe
it when I would Lave prayed I could not, where
at I again fell into heavy grief and despair, fear
ing that the Holy Ghost had altogether turned
away his face Trout toe, wretched man that I was.
And albeit the obi maid, when sho bad seen thie
came and stood before - my lied and began to pray
aloud to me: it wan all irk vain, and I remained..
hardened Linn,. DM the Lord had pity upon
Mr. although I deserved it not, insomuch that I
pre: Potty fell into a deep sleep, and did not
or :alts tuirrreat ItOertrlttg when the prayer hell
rang; mid thou I woo o.'o able to. pray
where .t I g.l catly rejoiced. and still thanked God
in toy heart w hen nay ploughman Claus Neel, -
L toe in and told tan that be had come yesterday
I'll tot :thou' toy geeing that Ire had got
1,, them all or !Intl That the constable come with
him who bad been to fetch old Limie Kolhen, in- I
minterli as the honorable high court had ordered I
live t,,‘ight r.,e Tlereat the whole
village reioi, A. but ilea her-elf laughed, -and •
,hooted • and carte, and 141 him and the consta
ble, by the way (fertile constable had let herget
”p Lof t in,' for a hbLet time), that this should i
bring great lurk to the Sheriff. They need only
bring her up before the cc.- -t, and in good Rooth
she would inn hold her tongue between her Meth'
but that alLinen should innevel at -her confession:
that such a court ns that was a laughing-stock
to her, and that she spat, salva.venin, upon the
whole brotherl,ood, et cet .
Upon homing. this I once more felt a strong
hope, and rose to go to old Limie. But T mass
not quitedressed before she sent the impudent
countable in beg, thet I-would go to hog with all
speed and give her the sacrament. seeing that
she had become very weak during, the night.
I hod my own thought on the matter, and, fol.
toned the constable ass fast as I could, though
not to give her the sacrament, as indeed any
body may suppose. But in my haste I, weak
oil man that I wee forgot to take my witnesses
with me: for all the misery I had hitherto suf.
freed had so clouded my tenses that it never
once came IMO toy head. None followed me
ye the impudent constable; and it will soon
appear how that this villimMul given himself over
body and soul to Satan to destroy my child,
whereas he might have saved her. For when
he had opened the prison (it was the Same cell
wherein my child hod first been Shut up). we
found old Limie lying ou the ground-on a truss of
-straw, with a broom for a pillow) as though eke
Were shout to fly to hell upon it, as she no lon
ger could fly to Blot:kola), so that I shuddered
when I caught sight of her.
Scarce was I come in when she cried oat fear
fully, ••I'm a witch, I'm or/itch! Have pity upon
me and give me the sacrament quick, arid I will
confess everything to you!" And when I said
to her, “l'onfess then!" she owned that,slie, with
the help of the Sheriff, had contrived all the
witchcraft in the village, and that my child was
as innocent thereof, as the blessed sun in heaven.
llowl.eit that the Sheriff bad the greatest guilt,
inastuuch as lie was a warlock and it witch's
priest, and had a spirit far stronger titan her's,
called Dadaim,• which spirit bed given her
such a blow on the head in the night as she
:Amnia never recover. This same Detlaim it
was that had raked up theenops, heaped sand over
the amber, made the storm and dropped the - frog
into my daughter her lap; item, carried off her
old goodman through the air.
And when I asked her how that could he, see
ing that her geodman bad been a child of God
until very near his end, and much given to pray
er; albeit I liad indeed marvelled why he had
other thoughts Mills last illness; she answered that
one day he had seen her spirit which she kept
in a chest, in the shape of aided:cat, and whose
tunic wan Kit, and had threatened that'll° would
tell toe of if; whereupon she being frightened,
Lad caused her spirit to make him no ill that
he despaired of e'er getting over it. There
moon she hail comforted him saying that she would
presently heal Iris if he woold deny God, who,
no be well hair, could not help him. Thin be
promised to do; and when she had ...traigtway
made hint pate hearty again, they took the sit-
ver which I hard off the near sacrament
cup, and wmit by night down to the sea-shore,
where he lamd to throw it into the sea frith these
words: When t.ii4 silver returns again to the
then skill my soul return to God." j
the Sheriff, who by, re-bapti-
CLARK'S PATENT Pt IRTABLE COMBINED Whereupon w „7,1 ea n e d., him
Grinding and Boltibg, or Merchant Mill., Jack.ihimi: the
bail no spotorors stoic only her
nAVENG porch:ma - the entire Patent Rigid! i f 01,4 1,,•,„,•,, moreover that on St John'.
th ' 7 d C :lit"r Iblv"lia.nit"Lfrill;''L.Trik!,,.,,,Pb",,n,!. eve . , ultras he .errs with them ,
w to .o lll l oe he k ir ul L a lo, f ,k or
R eclaimed tomtit Celli: mai State MOP. th• hjj„. fi rst time it he rferret ,, v 4 ll
01„), they liar' talked of my Jangle ter, end Sii
"""" with eorraa.r. sad vhreb tic, himself turf swam to the Sheriff that he
he the meant o veer,. troOlradetr 4. ."'"''
an.lntam • larreaheme Moe ahlt I should Irate Ire . for that he would show the
Le prolletle potable, and ,
-u I nab ,"ruts: • rm. , . of 10 , La , old one j herewith the villain meant God) what
atherodinkjatal to aWr do, and that kre.would , make the cap
hour. It eon be po t ...lied ~nt, „„„„, ror pettier s -on went tor exatton(tre upon thee thou
to top p.wer rleelool 00,1 aa it o et thou
Means. Wilmarth :rohlrn vile" a +act - it 1 titala. that couldst thus speak ni t
etreet. IMPbursts. j ~,y aravione' Whereupon her old good-
I. node, bore Mr right of t'let , • . h a d groridaerl. and they had never right •
Shit 111 A wad the Slot:ma La t tar • hoot j matt
trot 11 sic rely all lathe, pot err: t.' ,• P 11.. 41 lira , the Ifodai one day dew
/ .1 -. rn.wert.i. ••• ft.. through rue no by the Sheaf s
der that h,ro nr. 1r spirit. called Nit, Wait
I UST lIEC'Ii .6 - 1 ) Nnlk 41'F.g1.541 A T
too week il• aarry hit. That the same Iludaim '
ep wst No. ttL. Ihtvey ,
A re, loge hod al,. been Ile, tratt.tprrLer who - afterwatq, ,
, toed to dattrlver and P.1.13C11 to the put
te , a ,„„
j e j
j,Lt with his cries, in order to.ruin her. But that ,
et 'l6t tril tio. the giant who had :appeared on the StleChTllmig
• l e
CLnj , , r jß . lurk reral e en - t. rrat matt drat!. but the younglord makr.thin,
''," r " . "'i t atti r/1 as her spint. Kit, had told her..
t „„„. , .tad thi. - 'he •.aid was nothing, hat th e truth,
4 battle% l• wol et t y tr • ore moo
ir herrhy would Ilse and die; and she beg
tee.. th• _ , _ ,
" er ~,,, n..t.ttr for the inTe God, take pity open her'.
innnn.r, nn
, I,nd. after her repentant confession, to speak
presets or her sins. and to give her the Lord's .I
Slipper, for that her spirit stood there behind
the stove, grinning liken rogue, because he saw
Wet it was all up with her now. But I answer
ed, ••I would sooner give thernerarnent man old I
sow than to thee, thou arevisted witch, who not
only didst give over thine own hatband tateten,
but Knit likewise tortured me and my poor child
almost unto death with pains like those of bell.•
Before she could make any answer, a loatheame
. .
II 5.56,uUu
1 AM. P. ,ROSS, Attorney at haw, Office
1.3 roarth vtreet......,14 dn., *lx,. ,withrd.l.l.
bumf, .d.rol,
s,,ua Earl corner qf kVA and Walnut .4• reel.,
trINCISN ATI, .111 ft,
llf rporatod
Cetttuteretat law
I . II WARM... er.rl Nom.,
111 S. BACON begs leave to return his sin
cene thauka ter the very liberal fotrQuatr. which
he Kea reevlrrtf. mad hop... Ity ttelefstizable Affruntu
(pal pea, to inert& • ev.tantuture 4.1 El. cm vntvJet.,l eue
eert. that btu alttnaled hi. effort. during the part amt..
The utilirt a lawn...ono of this dr.rnttnett hart
retr ' fal ' a=r7:=lly l l i e r ;go ' t;gtr; ', =3 .. ..e " :.:T ' .
e , l the ed. ttrt4ee. of Met. in.trittlitatt tt- itt• lancer It • le
val, .rattuseot for thrir -nrt.rt ~ t its: urt.
the Nat. :k.tonal In h..... eornl pro•to•
lon, to,' of ut , 1,121 tip pop.,• el in
11. Joe or,
,a n . earn,. of art.on
Journal...or. meting. Itelanetu,
.0 , 113d:f •.. trirte 11.. too..
yr.... and tbu. the
.0 nnt , los il•r•
BINA t•thetng erer ,
trod.. and Ile, alined. ti. 1.. tail I - , .
IILL•410/1. Lantana, Ildthitu. Martfactunn.t.
Partnerehli. ateanthoulon. end t'olon
iinetnere.Cootturtual tahoeltuat.., Ita,tlcsi i ....
and Commercial Law
l`uplt• are Inn...tell .nl'4llEl2ll'. and not In
that rtmleute may etthrr at n• ttme. and yroered 1.. th
ratio of their eapaeltr and aroidniti
examtnationn raps h,d. ettonigh pupil. ate evatn
hard yriYale, if they dealre IL) when tho meter
gnea ngh.l and thornugh Intermgationa br the PTIVIVIrmI,
nastated by • Committee of Itueekal Aeeronntartta and lin
ble*. !den. and Diplom. award.' to those who ar e donor.
ed worthy of the..
A eothen coo hr completed in fnmt Fa to text wyet.a. •
Ant In canetualon. the Prlnettaal wenld atate that ',cry
thing In hi. power 111 bn dont.. adieu.* hlastudenta.
and at them thot and a , ..yrnyllahod arvountanta.
and thr extrusive Ainla the , 11..i11,0 , 11 roman
nit; will gent-rallr enable him to poen.. eituationi Crap
thortedealmo. of obta.nln,, them.
Terme—For a foil mar. of koaour In Knot For
Wilting. Commercial Law...he- tt11.01.. sta.ritn
.\ n. 3.57 I.27,erty at., ccr.r.,riy Lc*. tY - Ockerfflefor7/.
o. rterarmt. nr Tittsbrirr..] [J et N. ti
VICKEISEN t 1 STOUVENEL, re,pectfully
.nognre to the pbtlir gyro:rail, god lb: it frivol
dark dial,
Brandi...of the Yhtonyst glillager, Jamaica run, llollont
Irish Wllf.l.yy.rboarogoOe sod 14:nt mors.
Af or meat approved brands. part .nor, 315.1/.lra. , Ig.ty,
andloantalt Ala-aathr. Ao. Al-to.r.trtlintr. nl
byrrioFy. sed Llathor,b eb....yr. Al! 01411,1, tb,
1 . ..11 • obnlrsalr. rytait. go thr uso.t rt.atonable teroot
On.. of Mr parlor,. Mr Stontrorl. rnotloultw to.
Init.:What louAlness io thy city of Vt:rly, the alwre fir,
ankle tnv,
purrha, elvohrry.
shortyy sp
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nob aorilart 513.thed fry. al extra. Yhartv. ud at thy
D. KING. Banker and Exelunr,
kre., rourth gl., &al. , i g..., li
n Ilio,Lrn Fund,. Slat
r ile hast•rct Cale, and mak.. , .Jl..Lmu m w.
at law raw+, and I. noir paynw
. the laark•.l
premien In is r (mei far Aparnran par,. • zu• Lai
Temperanceville and Noblestown Plank
Road Company.,
OTIOE js hereby given to the Stoekhobb
. of :mkt Ceatiputty, Wut they matte" ruN tuent L.
!ot. Vargaut.Truneurere
of the raid Computo". of ri•.•
au] ever
Dullatu exh share of lite rhea. the hot Alinolat tu
eh tuooth h. mutter. the whole A.0r..11
purl in full— y
eu the foot will beuntil
undo! and
July 4111. 1,41 The Flock holder. ure fettUr.tral to le.
protunt sal nunetuul in tittle pat wont.
nieh22l., 110,000 S. Pnoodeut.
I EAD PlPE—Cornelrx improved patent
41,31.1 rine fur Ilydrentu.
A Tlyi:u l. lle [tont,
Cleteruu. Ao.
All nit... on hand and to arrive, for not. I.y
A I. KS AN I; U:11 a 111 WS.
webl7uf 11l Font .0...1
Patent CombineA Grinding and Bolting, or
l'ittaburyls, Pa., Mara 14, 1851.
71 THE YU ELIC:—IVe have now in MP.
lu our Flouriec lwo .. Jano.. 31 . Clark'.
leu Cam Lined Uriudingsod IlolUng. 11..rrhant I ' il3,
log HULA:. Our I, fin arauaa a; Nhadina. oil the
olthrr fur grinding thy. ..r .1“411, the ' llnu and
Th.. lint I, port . ..ell, ulatewl to It, ow., donor Ito work
ns ut ordo.nry Uon, otour.aud rw, morn lor
plwer. oinking It witilfnlent, In n Nlorolontol 111:1, In noarl,
one .4 burr .burn that 51.,/11 to 52.0.10
Ti run n. lotto., Brno and ilsal .'rotor nwl awn,. or..
doom op watts! Droll of about portrot on Ow v 01...
of the 017nIn foam lb. 11111.
. - . • • .
For roanufartiaring [lto raw main Into Floor. It thwA thr
work ao•edaly. prmluelogn g.aml of superb., Ilotar.
the ottn
ant trat
otion of tn, IFifll
do p ll pe y: a men.haot rat.r..1,41.1. It fp worth
and kr ,-
ltri,t Mille it Ix taursreptlooablo.
We, the undermeved. operatt lo the .. 1 . .t. burdi City
1101,," verlify lo the e 1....
'O. It. N 0..,
Wit ITIN. ;, wm t ppi NG
1,1•Elt--r, reams. hr INvo
1,1,, 24. 21 by
1. "
11. 17..;
. 400 •. !smut,, raver,
1,0 tAll,
lluulFloolo Cnrook Plea'ret
" t."'
Plnnln Cle.p
ar umse a rm
la sadhn, a s
11,rderare, 11.1
Alno-7F..1.1k0g of •11 PM, for pgper py. u nn nitn „,„
PrinUnff Pato, um,. to or& rem !tort glotie,
~o rloor of Penn and 1 ' "
Ar 0 0 L--i 5 eacks — n
V V IN4v. IU,, /1.1 ry rom
I: aI.A II DICKEY a Cu..
ig 111 P STIIPP--100 racks for rale L
1.0 ne: Al. mi. 11..1011:U , TON.
10111APPA—;00 reants'Med. and Croirn Wrap
..s.. lb, naa low la dam ecal llAI A Jl, • •
6.1 Ws4ar C.
Vuics and Liquors.
Va. llorlonatlOssel
re left my' snow clad hills,"
In foreign lands to roam;
I've left the sparkling rills,
Of nip dear mountain home.
l' ire same to see the land ,
For which your father's bled,
A noble, gallant band,
Now slumbering with the dead.
Pence to throe honored Airm
Their memory is as green .
As the grass upon their graves,
Ere Autumn'e frosts are seen.
And though no marble marks
The spot where many rest,
Yet are their deeds inscribed
(hi every freeman's breast.
Bleep on, ye gallant braves.
Who MI at Freedom's shrine,
A nntinn guards your graves, •
And will through coming time.
Crowned despots dared not wield,
O'er your proud heads their rod .
For, virtue woo your shield,
Your trust was Fit' your tied.
Children of noble sires,
I greet you oil us.ene;
One! since your, altar's fires, •
Were built by Washington.
TyrancY have seen those fires
Of freedom burning high,
And trembled as they rielred
The bright illumined sky.
Tear not your altars down;
But brighter may thetblnze.
Till Europe's every crown,
The shouts of Freedom raise.
.)! seek not to destroy
Your glorious Union fair;
'Twill give the tyrants joy.
Awl freedom will despair.
:Trans/411rd from the (e'ermati,
• Ma remarkable Irma arum intim 1 Mee kir'. lb sr„
ae tbe name of a ylmt Okla producm trurtfuluma
Itsbut the rmtuentatelt.l. are ta ~5 , 1"' to
Its tame anal Im Koerner lbe LSlLlrendieeltbr lakre
dram:mm*lmb bar beet, umlerrtomi tb,
lament awl maim( tleolomme .to mesa %Lek=
Iklraulaleurmll rn fauretamt tbe. hidosTollittebendt.
many 16.awritntrtratvilr enriftsmceiretChz*
tim nem., thus tle IStu aplrit of LISMels
warel. called Mlt, i.
• A MO nesr COfenee. atincet slltArasizOrill4e:
huh, a thip kind to the rtelgfiberrimoterilm mewed me:
gp.,[141, Walpargl ; i rw llpt. Z.
erbere ererlock urlte ' ..ballster edam:W.lo=m%
I,ltieh are mere pm.. Win of tam, alpha/12 1.4151110143,
insect, about as long pe my .finger,-and'iilli.w, .
yellow tall, crawled in under: the door bf the
prison. When she espied it, she' gsme
such as I etyrer before heard, and never wish i '-
bear aisin. For once, when Silesia'
my youth, '1 saw one -of the ettemy"silr '"'
spear a child before its mother's face, stud I
thought that a fearful shriek which the matraer
,gave; but her cry was child's play toile ay of'.
old Lizzie. All my hair stood on end, and her.-
own red barr - grew so stiff 'that it wan titi - the s
twigs of the broonrw hereon she lay; and then she
howled, "That is the spirit . Dimities', whbmthe :
accursed,Sherilf has sent to me—the decrement,
for the love of God the sacrsmentr—lwill coafeas
a great deal more,-.1 have "beenn witch these
thirty years!-the sacrament, theracipunentir--..;
While she thus bellowed and about bet
arms and legs, the losehsonle insect 'rose 'into
the alr, and butted and whirred about her where:,
she lay, insomuch that it wall fearful to see and
to hear. And this she-devil milled by turna on
on her spirit Kit, and on me, to help
till the insect all of a sudden darted into her
open jaws, whereupcn she straightway gave nyi
the ghost, and turned all black and blue like a,
. .
I heard nothing more save that the window. `
rattled, not very loud, leut as though one had;.
thrown n pea against it„'whereby I :straightway
'perceived that Satan had just down throu&
it with her soul. May the all merciful trod keep,
'every mother's child from pitch en end, for the' ,
sake of Jesus Christ our blessed Lord
and S
aviour! Amen.
As soon as I was somewhat recovered, which
bowever,was not for a long ti me, inasmuch as my,
blood had turned to ice, and my feet were as
stiff as a stake; I began to call out after the im
pudent constable; but Le was no longer in the
prison. Thereat I greatlymarrelled, seeing that •
had seen him there but just before the vermin •
crawled in, and straightway I suspected no ppd.
as, indeed, it turned out; fat when at last he
came upon my calling him, and I told him to let
this carrion he caned out which had just died in
the name of the devil, he did as though he was
amazed; and when I desired, him that he would -
bear witness to the innocence of my daughter,
which• the oldjhag had confessed on her death
bed, he pretended to be yet more amazed, and
said be had beard nothing. This went through •
my heart like a sword, and I leaned against a
pillar without, where I stood for a long thee; 0
but as soon as I was come to myself I "went to
Dom. Consul, who was about to go to Usedom,
and already sat in his coach. At my bumble
prayer be went back into the jadgement-chem-•. -
her with the Comerarius and theSsnle, whereup
on I told all that bad takeh place, and how the
wicked constable denied that be had beard the
same. But they say that I talked a grest deal
nonsense besides: among other things that all the
little fishes bad swam into the Sault to release .
my daughter. Nevertheless, Dom. Consul, who_
often shook his head, sent for the impudent con
stable, and asked him for his tmttimony. But
the fellow pretended that as soon as he saw that
old Lizzie wished to confess, he had gone away, • .
so as not to get any more:bard words, wherefore
he had hems! nothing: Hereupon I, as Dom..
Consul afterwards told the pastor of Benz, clench
ed my fists and answered, "What, thou arch
rogue, didst thou not crawl about the room in the , ',-
shape of a reptile r whereupon ha would hear- -
ken to me no longer, thinking's@ distraught, nor.
would he make the constable take an oath hut. ,
left me standing in the midst of the room; and got
into his coach again.
Neither do l know howl!. gotont of the room; but
nest morning when the sun rove, and I found
myself lying in a bed at Master Seep his ale- •
house, the whole:roms sermedto sae likeadreans
neither was I able to rise,-Ist law, a bed all the
blessed Saturday and Sunday. talking all man
ner of ollotria. It was not until towards evening.
on Sunday when I began to vomit and throw up
green bile (no Wonder!) that I got aomewhot bet-
I us. About this time Pasfor.6acemis came fo. ;
my tAslside, and told me how distractedly . I had:
I borne myself, but so comforted me from the
word of God, that I tins once more obi.' to pray . :
from my heart May the merciful God
my door gossip, therefore at the day of judg
! For prayer is almost as brave a comfort
er as the _Holy Ghost himself, from. whom it. -; ••
• some; end I shall ever consider that so long as!,
man can still pray, his misfortunes ore not nn-...,.
bearable, even though in oil else "his flesh and
t his heart faileth." (Fs.
Tne Rwrxr.msck ron LAW, as the exponent.of, - ,`
the nation's will, is that which peculiarly gibed'-;':`
our country its proud preeminence. ' It lallte,=',
very vital essence of our free.inatitatirint . c.,wit,V.,c".
out which they could not endure fora moments,."..••
The American people . knott eomething Jot' -Itfl. s ,i` r :r•
worth indeed, but they do not prorrly i a rreS'e•
ciatethe immense advantage Ulna. given'ent..-;.,:- . a
over every other nation.. They seemtoo gener;.,..„.,
ally to regatta this sentiment as a port opatimd.:: : . - 2
instinct, instead of being one ofthe'very highest ,
and raremt 'developments of thb himan conscience ; ' ..
and underatanding. Because it his been babe* ......,,
and inbredin them, they deem it sportaneotti„2- . , 0
not bearing in mind how much time andhoar mit- , '
ny influences It has taken in former gene:tali - MIX ......,
to • establish and diffuse it. Its absence, is thic,...,,;
chief reason why
the civil history of the past is_. ; .
mainly made up of the doings of
.despots.. In:, ~.,
ancient tltnes the Greeks and the Roman, a10nr,,T . ,.- . ,
_possessed it As long as they kept it nnimpair-, , ...„
ed, they remained great beyond all approach ; ~ .., ,
as they lost it, they sank to the lowest impotence
ti '
and degradation. his a de fi ciency. of th is sell
meat that makes the establishment of rational ' ....,
liberty in continental Europe and ip South . A-: : . .
merino so difficult as to be deemedby many lA., - ..,~
terly impracticable. Free government involves ~..,.
;elf-government; and self-government, in a melee . " . .:
civil as in his personal capacity, implies self-re-. .., 1
straint and eelf-submiretion to established law.— ...... ...
The very operation of the -sentiment we speak of;',, ...,
shows the difficulty of its =olre:tient It re...,.....
concilm personal freedom with public order; res . ,. ~
dery the sanctity of authority compatible with ~:;',.
the utmost liberty of speech against those who :4
exercise it; open every law in the land to the '. •
severest reprehension, and yet requires 'its en-.
forcement with the utmost rigor; exposes the
constitution itself to assault and even. as We Se :
often see in our Stale Governments, tetra it . ,
down and hailds it up again at pleasure; yet.. ,
reverence, the name constitution as a paramount."..
1 rule of actlmi, and denouncei every one wholift.i, • ..
his hand against it in au unronditutional way, as . ,
j a public enemy and a traitor. Certainly a sen
timent that can do all this, and work front it the
strongest, and yet, the freest system • of govern-
went the world ever saw, Is a thing of no con- '
mon origin and no ordinary worth.
At no time, probably, in the history of our lie. ,
public, has the efficacy of this sentiment been so
.. .
severely tested as at the present. A law has been
patine!, which, however just and neceseary we., ..
individually think, it, is, in an unexampled de-, ~
free, obnoxious ton very large number of the ... .
1 American people. It leis deeply moved the pew; ',,.,,
lic conscience, and has given n shuck is the pub, „..
j lie mind that the Loudon Times is hardly wrong - .. ~..
in saying would have shaken down half the . .-
thrones in Europe.
It matters not whether this strong feeling Ina,
i l reasonable or not ; it has been, and even now 1 _ , ..
intensely active. But it is still absolute!). poor..
erless. The lavi.respecting, lair•abiding spirit,. ;
of the people lin.s . coerced it into . complete std,=-....
jection. It has just received an effectual, siaiet.. ~7,
. iu the very spot where the most.vigorons 'ex', . , -;
ertions had been made to excite re ,it to deed f,..._„,. ;
violence. In spite of the furious effoyts of foe- 7 ,,.; ,
lion and fanaticism, and notwithstindliiiitliWl,.;:,
very general and very strong aversion to thellitati,,,,
in question, public opinion has every w ers,
throughout the country manifested its purp, e
to. ~,
maintain it inviolate. No surer p ro of caddd be
~ ,
given that we are worthy of our free institutlons . ... ,
and no b etter guaranty can be asked that those. ...
free institutions will prove perpetual.—X l',.orf - ,
Courier 4- Elly r uerrr.
FROM JAhlAll,4.—The cLoler.4 has not yet en
tirely ditappeared from iho Island, At a m
iog of the Board of flealth of Montego Bay, Neu.
JO the 2tah of March. it woe stated 'dist
el.° had hot-yet ceased it, rlync.,mar imthe
nu.] the <mthject.of providing for - tirarther reOmt
. , ,
• rention of phyureirrn:r vre t s muter dierurtera..,: ,
At ,.,,„
~5 , ,r ..
o l f ' hr hi a ,. .l in
ei 1
,b the.
t..,a East,
~,,rt he e f r a t a, tre d r u e4tY; . ,
...,,, ••• • 4 7 ;
• I "rrion of the month of March. Ainong_lthe •i,...t:
...; et i m , ;‘t st. Thoreau in the rule was ße.. Koh- si , :,
ert Seer. At :it. Luceer there had been neveralq. ,- ,.....
fatal eases_ A return made by the Secretaryl ;of r , ..9-..1
the Board of Health of St Andrew to the liortne, - , lot
of Assembly, shows that the Seethe by choleraino or'
that parish from the lbth of October 1860 telthe ,5..,,ti
"let of .lanuary I bsl, av farce ascertained *rev: .fr!:.
males, ail; fet/lef!, trfei ; total IfSlB— a m0k.4.,:r.,..,t>
ity fearful to contemplate, . _ : _ • s.
The Falmouth Advertiser of the let inst. ; eaysT,' , . •
that the crepe of February, thin year, isill be ass) sv't
banded, although they Till fall &Ott unegvlarsis
ter of what sins expected-
.. ; , . ~ -: stviiLs •
The rinpiton papers, are still, discaitioli . li,-,!. ~,t
subject of a free colored immigration from the: C . :. ,, 4
United States and Canada. • The Morning J ur_so,..t.4.
zusl does not anticipate any addition to theahaelte;
of plantation latOrers trom thin soniie,.l3l4 l eF.--; L.,
pests that "adminge will accrue to the.c4ins . - . 1t,„.
ity"geneially fropt the superior qualiSeetioriX ai.. l ! A t
aoxiculturints of the expected immigrants, „,..,...„.„,,
I . Thtilte'rntt- 01. the fi neneit'etatuit , tees :Riftitpit - s,",.'s
, A ;
hi& the meals' of misitig the'. t
,Leecsays. ,irrenttlteLL-nd
for the,ftwort. of gefertattellt, 5W1.5 ' :x . 44 . i.a1i... ,
.: 114
Cak , iob in the' ome Of '.74.5.56:1Fy, :0, e iii o.ll9iit '''‘
soicei; 'eliciting 94?1:111 tither *A.iiix .4 . i1i0iet.„,.. 1 L's,:t
The tanimres recommended 'ea11ti4.4ittC1,?k..4",....t,4;
Mme as well IS a 1.vy..11.,ftax: .-- . - 4 ~
_,.- -