The daily Pittsburgh gazette. (Pittsburgh, Pa.) 1851-1861, April 14, 1851, Image 1

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(b' lIIIITi.
017113 001 TIMID T 10.1 0 .1. NEXT POOR TO TZT POW 0
J.ILELY:—Seyen Jolley. por annum, Payable half Truly
,I T ,M , l LlT TVll:t i t ' it ' r " 9 . nnant, adeenew etwd
"' '"" .thYdled. the di:lowing ennditiont
- Thtee.ednies par no num__ ......... 6 CZ ,
Ten eta. 13 09
Twenty entatet do ..... .............. .......
The packet 13y etch Club to be widrested to our pawn,
F e ed
tO paid insdrlttly In adrana, No Club Papaw whl
enewal. twat after the year erpirat,_nnltdy the money sent for
• •
On. Octuarrllolime , of No:quirtll or jets)
QUO La. - te.
rtin. ...... 060
each...lolmm/ ......... 0 11.•
• one wrek I 71.•
two aneka
00 Do. three woeka 4 Ou
to. one moth 5 05
Ito. ttro m0nth , _.._..........._. re
1/o. o,ur mOOll.. 10 00
• Do twelotttoti. - 13 tat
Ot•naltalt (re lutelloar
per to
Ow Dollar Mr path additional line.
One . rttnare, ehni,,i,,oble at {demure (Pet at
' 00
For eacltVatele tr:r . 2ll7;;;;leaZ:ott. and
/be each additional muare n to .. .eral under the yearly mho.
ball' prior.
eMl•ePti , ententt n mum-, and not over tinean
lete,• to Lecharged em a pare end • half.
Pabll•Lera not aeonintahle leanal
foal the amount charwol
( rM their publication.
A• o ; o •o4ritortotalidates r °Mr, lu be curd the rasa,
ut Other alrertleetnerna
Ad•eptiromet... uot !narked nn the comp for I. treeltiol
lowertione. will he continued till forbid. and pay
-611,14 tmartot acruntnOlr.
TbeTprirllege of snood ralvertieers Is ntlialp limited 10
• their own lunuedial, tevinene. sod all advertoeruenta for
'tbeln.nent of other. perone. nl well aOO all nfrertlftnnents nOl
Immdia4lyrontoonel with their own buelnent," and all
-Mamas of adreetleettreota Irtanti or othemelte, be}ortd
the llunta env/vol. will lo channtl 311.10, 0.31 ratan. tor
'All tact transient advertielog. 11110 will be tewatebon.lereal. and prompt panto of Is arsine!. ' ,
All adirrrtleenien. for charitable. Itolitutlons, Ore norm
11.11 1 tjanl. 'tnanehip. mud other pultile Inertinat,
Oath to be charge.l half price, latyable strictly to ad
Martha e mode, to be charged GO cents.
Death nOlaweitioalcd without charge, uolowDreamt.-
Igo} DT funeral harstations ue. obituary outicwi, eta obeli
eo twoutafistdol to to old tor.
Haimar etharilsotaut all other, sending'comtitouice.
0 to
erber=ere T r :U.-fur r ed . u d aitteuria— td t rLo i taioce to pi-
Pinta etilergriacC, calrulet., or ' intended to =2 . t,,j 1 !
viduel interest, two only G., (OPerttli with the utiatoolawl
tag tgel Lt to lo Gold for. If loterGlol to be ro
tateserted lathe locsl column. Um guar will Go charged et the
of Out leo , than 113 rent, ger
glehopor par °Moo to charged triple trice.
Term Lieeroe Wigan:tit esah.
Haat Yirtatt Ageonf sod duet.loneeth advertLeemente not
to be ciarael toiler y tsar rano. bat to la allowed a dis
count of thirty tine. toe [hint per rent. from th e
araoroat of Ulla
Ono Spoon, three [mom.. 11 DO
Do. oath 544510.1 broortkm 37
aotre, (1005,5.1 on, twortion— Pont,
.11rtrooziont adVrtl n gemollt.:U ' a r r t ar "'st."
,111:1 advance.
TIN A. PARKINSON, Alderman, Fifth
. ... h... lllgri p lut:e t e t Ajniza &Liam WI Walnut All
ATIOBSt - 3i13.
Q.TILNYh COLLIER, Attorneys at Lair—
Mee oit Ararat Mail., WA:me Smitldwld. •
W.•.F. WHITE,: Attorney at lava--Of
'ear Frartb., Arthure Build.
Pa mettr:ly
BISON SEWELL, Attoniev at Law,
r",, oraiat t trtialv,l7. Vit i ,L l TvolVv ld " s ' • -
P. & G. L B. YETTERX&IN, Attor.
p r t tat t.♦ and ftral Endo /Limas. No. lair
tAMES J. KUHN, Attorney at Law, office,
. 4 ft:MI6. !lAA corner of Grant griit Azar.
irmus KERB, Attorney. at Law--office
414 h. betweau 121221Lbeld mid . amt. Pittabursh.
' URANUS C. FLANEGIN, Attorney at Law,
Y 0.14 2 Ponitl.treet, Pitubnr2h.
IVAIRCN, ,Attorneysat
• No. /10 Fourth stmt, I 1 UMugh.
auc-jAaTM. te=hri s Wg, Eng.;
eogotang flee.Jacluon, PitUbgeir.h. janht'
DWARD P. JONES, Attorney at Law:
OZeo on Fourth met; between Woad and Roalth-
JASPER E. BRADY, Attorney at Law,
Neal* Ilfth newt, Pitteargb. Pa. -
Bemas — ern axos~ss.
vi ma. contr.
H. IiTALLLMS & CO., Banker!
.4 and itschar u ß b ro un kT, North East owner - of Wood
11 ,:r amtlommadfo r,e ;:beral. tmas, and eellectkm•
2. 1
rattende4 to. 1•917
111.7D.latiG, B.SII and Exehoage Broker,
AYR. 5a .1.1 SEM.,
d &Ma,
st market r,
aml Merl
Satre; Jh7le of Lr
raid In prrminza Gar Amernmn
and Epnnish Dolls"
IMITM:LARDLER, • . Banker and Broker,
4 th , t , ed, No- co, a-ijoS rang the Hank or Plmburgh.
- - -
& CO. Exchange Brokers,
• &mai TAM Canter at Third .od Ilaiket ....wt.. All
at moot laheral rate,
, HOLMES it SON. Dealers in Foreig,n
• noo Dcanastie I. of Et , hanga. Certlf.rates of Da.
O c t Rank liars and Oroolo. No. 64 Illarkt.t. rtawt.
• Aleetlohn on all Ow Priali`a
Wa United Elan,
grjEORGE E. ARNOLD .t CO.. Dankerx:
‘:‘ Realm nextchang, Cau, Rank Now , . A, I•Zr6
Wouth anon. door tz lba. Dank a Pitt...tough. 1.1,6
iteLIOLIS :staidly_ luta:Val to. and Va. prooras mnittfd to
NIT Pinar lb. Union.
RAMER A. tankers and Ex
awake Broken, la.alars Fon.lpo and Doiando.
allsonas_.l.NvtiLcau.a. of Deposit, Rank 'Nara.—
Ogre: matter a Third and Wood strata. dirrady
UP et. Charles /lota
CAROTIIEItS & CO., Bankin' lio r use,
No. 15 wpwqr,t, Pill,buriat. Current I/ one/ rr.
icllcetiona mnl+ on all thr principal
elms of 4b
__United Astor.
[lnc a. tan".
IRVIN. Commission Merchants
J j owns Bill Brokrra Na.11.114,0ad - Ftnt Prrroba/ *rd
frtatt SR. to 110400 alrein on haul
ALM L EIL 11 NN 1 & CO., Successors to
/Lowey. Janos d Co.. nA , 11111. 1:glom:mg Egon.%
doglegs In gomion and Domestic Excbgtore, gretificatre
DI Gewalt. Sank Nut, slot Opech.s—.North Wont corner of
Wood and Mint Gros.. Gummi Mono). ritsolvell on to.
smolt bight Cheeks for gO.s. and nude on neon
17 hlgh priniipal points of we s Cobol blotez
The mt Dn.:LOU:II paid for Voodoo and doscriceu
Moaners madman oei guitiouts of Prot nemslilppid redt,
ac librral imam. .
AU W. TAYLOR, Commissioner and Bill
LG Broker. 112 Second !devil. Strict atointion till to
chars to all basins. outmoded to his mire. Pittsburgh
delano.Glottired articlits always on bonitos. poolocil .t short
wake. Nolo& Bonds. Marticaors, go. wool:Anion rotor.
able tams. Adramem , Made. It empires'. rez-1
11 O. STOCKTON. late Johnston & Stash
xt. tan. Bookorlleii Etatloner. Printer, and Linder, am
Der of Market and Thlnnetreeta, Pittaborgh.
JAS. B. lIDL3hES" Cheri') Literau Depot,
Third street. oppraUte the Port ofm, New Hooka re.
e wed daily by entre.. eubtariptinna treclred to any or
the Ilvaahles or Newerapers, pahlishnl at the publiaher's
lownst prim.
RHOPKINS, Bookseller nod Stationer,
No. 7S Fourth stmt, Ayr,llo tioNdlogo.
Baker ant Coutectlinces'. al Fourth Arot. PIP/Aura)
eale and Retail
Wats Calton
and Fancy
&luta' on hand.
All yam punctual,' a nn oy
M'CLINTOCK, Manufacturer and Im'
elethe. Steam Boat Trim
. 4 4 , 11 W.4
pm eiZ . Warehouse, N 0.8.5 Fourth et
g ri A. , MeANULTY CO—Ti;nsporteii
alithinTralt=ittlrrh'°". D of
and Conundanon Merchant., No. CI Water street.
H. JOHNSTON. Forwnrding
Slorobuit, No. 113 Eeceal stmt.
JONES, Forrnrd and Com
'nand= Merctunta. Dr 01.... 1. 1 1 ,mduesnth. L . .r le.. Canal Buhl, near Fe.rath
rtrNteL l'inedroxt.
LARDY: JONES Ca, Saccessora to At
'rood, Jona • Co-Comdexlon aotronnustlagMer
o 'doolers littentroh Mootholurrd 0.414 Pit.
bash. Ps.
• .
4reixn Orr Gtmds. ° ?t e
ad amt. Illttbitz4h.
S t renrgrang.
A. MASONk CO., '
19huleeale and Retail
Dnim, In Pane,. and Stavin DI" Gnnb. Munn
- and Howl Dry Mordittato. oorno: of Fourth mite. ar...., Ihtttborrh. , _
',ray: ii:78111s 7 d"r . 6:: - NZZon
.nn—For tho nal". of Dotuottk. Wootook ond
Gools. aLcs deelvrs ill RH Mods of
hAL o. 12e Had grot, r-ttoth door ht. Fifth. Pato.
D. HUNT. Dentist, Corner oiWurth
and)l,o 2. r rt. brortva Mark! t aad Ferry nrpru.
LO. Inor4l 14 e. ;11 . 00if ILL
tEYSER 31 cDOIVELL, (Succe:vtoro to
o Aar & Keyner,) aal ftit:qlls7.&nl
ptreet l
Plivdtfa , aw
4%8M) & CO., W.boiesaie Drugri sts: Deal- mla Twat, osh. Dm Drafts. sod Ostrooronc—
Of D. Insce's srletrrafed irons Epollk,
remer u
b.. or r Lood n ri x.
44 atull Item* walk
I A. FAHNESTOCK & ' 0.,, Wh.le ,3l '
1 1 • Dr - Apr.l Merx W+. Ana tannufaeturen of Whin. 1.e..1 , Fed
. 2d h Pn no
"e, rept Wood and:Vrool •tr,n, inn..
E. SELLERS, Wholesale Dealer In
Drugs. Paint, Dye :quit, Oil, l'anni3hca. Se., O.
• 7 larnri., PeD,burnb. Pa. Uni.ds warrant...l.
riens inv.
I OIIN D. BIOROAN, Wholesale Drugi.6;t,
01 Dealer In D,.. Stud, Pakinn,uu... vtonn.h.”,. A.
if,th :t r nri etr,.., 1./ lillilf natal. of Inasonu..l Ann, ,
4-,--....-- . ;:—_ 4,-
° N. WICKERSHAM,. inolesale Drnggiet
• son Dealer In :lend. nnd Sinieultnrnl 1emp1.n0.n,..,
oc 164 sod dud 11'..0 .aunt. rumor of enitn.
nMeticr 0uch....... .'. ....... ..... .. ..... 6mA:iv. an fix-
RAIJN di REITER, Wholesale and Retail
Dtitggint., e..rn, of Int.inny sod .q. Clair rt,.. Pnt•
SCEFOONSIARER &CO., Wholesal;D-rug
gin, No. 21 Wand rt . 19,(..b0rnb.
'j t . 1' , ... ,,,, WILSON , ly L hu A le.l o e
6 (ircter i l
Pt E . . itor ' .l ' ,.r.:::, 118 ;.... - .nti1. ' .11.111 . :1"..... ' T.i:". apl
1.. SLIKE. Wholesule (lrover, Cosuusissitu
. Mrrehaut. and dealer io Parr a.u,., R a i, ~.......- .t,
Prim awl 'raw atm., Pimhurgli. - -.-
S. ! 4. 11)1; .,, E , 1 t, P ;. 8 , 1 . 11{ . 1 , 1'!,:1i, ,,,, W ,. 1i0 . 1 t„,i e5a . 1e ,i 1 3 ,,, r1p ,
a :see, sd ......... tesveen w.ssi and ,mithitll:7;l[l=t\i ' . ' ' '
. P. UILITOL2II. J. , ar.P . 11, 4111.4..1.11.
1 UIIN S. birwowrit & Co.. Wholesale
in/ Glum's., ['nature and Cumeolm* , u 31••trboolA, aid
Aoellts fur liatard Pumirr Co., of lialanlville, Won. No.
al t...,1 st. Pitinbunth. .
ja.... 1V.16A.11.
) 1 1j A U .B it " lrd E & INGRAIIASI, Wholesule
usurers and Cotombodoo Merchant, I:,-110 Warr
L. and 11. First street. Pituburgh.
HEY, MATTIIEWS & CO., IVholesalu
(Inure, Commintlott and Forwanling }l<n:Laatq nod'
fur Might.. Caton Yarn, 67 W., st,
N WATT & CO., Wholesale Orivers
babodonlercbantd.okod P;calurr .11J
b Mataufactun, ZES Libvrty nbrrA. Pitt,
- _
B. CANFIELI), late of Warren, Ohio,
Comalnolos sal Fur•snling Mereban. snJ Wbul...
er it% .lerck I:,,nerve• Cheer., Iluttpr, 11A sal
AA, sod Weviars Prcslure sptanslly. ettmA,
o SmithAA! and Wood. l`ittsburgl,.
liror4ra, Como lision and Forwarding Alerthalaw
• r in all tads of•I•rolucw and Ihrhotah 31monfort ri
red A irks, and Agents for the tale of Richmond alai
L 'burgh alennUcturrl ToLaora, Now 80 and 01 Water
strke Pittsburgh.
(1 . VON BONNIIORS'r a: CO., Whole
s • ash. Oromm, Forwarding and Comm:Limon
an 4, .rs in Fitlaburgh 3lanufacturea and 11 eciern
&lodic. no. 36, corner of Front Mrect imol Chancel y Lane.
Pitts rgh.
r A;S . DALZELL, Wholesale Grocer, Com
*, Oleo., Mt. erchan and Dealer in Produoe and Otte-
Magi, 31anufsmures—No. TO Water M., Pittsburgh.
1.1411 DICES? MALT, MUT.
ISI , I i AII DICKEY & CO., Wholesale Gro
ee Commlasion Merchant , . arid Drolors 10 Frminne—
a, 60 a ater. and 107 Fronat street I•lttabianch.
n. no= rant IITNIMIT.
EI,GLISII k. BENNETT, late Br i iglish,.
In Prolu: .
Manufacture~ in. I. Senwttl at and In /Int SL..
n Wood and Sudttdield.
firdiftigiic * WiToTelair
Grocers, and Importers of Brasellm Whtes acil
Zia.= comm. of Liberty and Irwin stn., Pitts
;tasty Pa. Ism Nails, Gorton Yams, te., ac mamtartUr
at Pawl.
.1 . 1ear1—.....”.112.1 D. IleCol.. Watt. C...
Ai GILLS & ROE, Wholesale Greven and
Canttoisrtion Merchants, No. 257 Lenny Meet.
N rntt
FOERT DIOORE, Wholesale Grocer,
ring Distiller. denier in Prixlnce. Plttsburnb
it V 1 47 " 111 rors d , ' i l l bd 3 n ll: LI I i " " D"'"'''
dirty street. On band a
.17• large stook in eru . 4rior .311 Slorsistimbela Masker,
bleb trill be sold knr km cash.
111 O: ERT DALZELL k CO., Wholegale
Prosier. ennuaLosinn Mortbusta. dale,. :n Product.
and Pittsburgh 'ltanetiscture. o. .Ibeust Musts
Product, Forwarding. rind Comm Mott 31.1.
•ri Dealer f
or Pittsburgh IlartufLetures, No-.:14/
street, Pittsbgh
;I. BAGALEY CO., Wluiletnale Gm
' ex, tire, lA guld 23 Wood irtmet.l2l2,lmr4l2.
.."Jl7 • ,Cr. 11,1 - 13
and elan
111cCANDLESS, succes..nrs t
L. J. D. Wirt, Wholesale Grrnett, l'orrardin
!clan 3lrrahantn. dealt], In Iv, WS"
COMO [Ya, and Ilttabnetth 3.l.ntarturea anda.rll
tonne, 1.1' rn ,4 and Water attnads.Plttaban..D.
and Cartualadon Ilarehaatia Mauro la Pm
A,..unTiaurg.hborgh Masafa.nared Ankle, In Ltbarty
- ittel. Pa.
D WILLIMIS & CO., Wbolosalo and
• Ertel f auttly Omen, Fortranling ao3 Command=
Stertbahto, and Deniers to Country Prods:to...4 Pittsburgh
htsatufootutes, comer at Wood not FM gto., Pittsburgh.
ItOUNSON,' LITTLE & CO ., No. 55
liberty rtoevt.PlttAborgh. Wholetale fircrrs: Pot,
juot tolcotortiosent Itcreboott, or...tattler 3 to POttburgh
JA: R. FLOITI, Wholesale Orosess.
m as Merchant, anaDtal.r, In Pminr•--lizarl
oreit Man .nlicltasc., [muting en , rtr.
st- , ects. Ipttzbarwitt. Pa
c. -- • ........ ......... Ca.
JO r ll/I_.P.ARKIIR £ CO., Whoiesnle Grocers:
• Ls. sic. rocinc. Wino, Lkluar, 31c.n•
UWII, -I.l.whE'").-"' b, Cowmetclxl Maw,
. . i . .. . .
I Oil NI IL NIELLOIt, Dealer in Kant? Fawn.
ro Ma.. r. and Musical hartrur.l4lt. 1 1 / 4 1g.! Mar..
Stst.k.ter.r . Bole agrnt Pn. tltirl.ring's ham fort,...f
Wsnoru . ruurylwahle—\o....l W0..1 at.
biEN ItY KLEDER, Lealer in IlittriTM
rl I lortrupinant >DJ litipurf.rr a hal... ril.Fitt.
a,o furs unn, 6 (lark'. grun..l ...I ' , gust. Pins
with Nk. i..f.01r. Attarlancut. a 1,.. lor Dunk •
ENNIEDY, CIIrLDS it CO., Slanufitrui
of tcrY prior 4-1 t..Srp,t
T ine and Bat 'o Una. Perm !lilt. Pdt.l.uraL.
r. gum./
lON ES & QUIGG, Alimufacturers of Spring
to atul 81151er :Wel, Plough Mt... 1. :RM.! Piough Wino.
Coach atoll Eliptie Iroo Aalavr, and
dealer. Ir Fa. Eal.ei. Lamp., and
geoarall). c.,rx.n. of RA, and Front
Pltt..Lurg Is.
net. rryA nu, Manufacturer. cif Sol,. A sh,
us Pond Morlatie and Sulphurk Arid, Warelluuee.
No. 63W er rt.. below, Ferry.
and Ame
ebutes, hi
cad Wnd,
vad Liam, ,
ILSIRc. P. MARSHALL, Sucrenror to
Atll—lmparter and Dealer F
• raper kohl. ' iVinrr b
Board Frluts. Friuti d' •
us & fIAWORTII, Tea and Wine
.hants not th. Cheannud, l'ittshuryh. •
havo abash lun and hot
ma.. and Ma
IMO OW. L. Mr..
A. M'CLURG it CO., Grocerm and
Dealers. No. =Ai Lawny otrvtil, &Gov, Wont.l
on haul • Isr, avcrtzuent Chnlre Urtar
Tea, Ako.—Fnmigti sa l t utoltol..
I. Delders mupplled on the !ov term..
JOliN ,A. CA UGHEY, Agent for the Lake
es Erie aryl 51khlgan Line. to flonver and the Lake,—
tnner on ttl cornet of war nod Smithfield to,.
• LEL*CII A: CO., Transporters by Canal
•nd fat - wattling 3frechnntn, enrnee of Penn f.reet
the Caul.
narnea Rums
T A. BkOVJN would .most respectfully inforrn
4 /4 the puhllethatteekeehr o o n bond erhlr rtonit on the wed
ekh , 'qr. a rowinkte rowortturot
Urn ore tw order
without ! the Vnited
the ni4 of o
or, tools, and Ir./
oky k McClelland. I aur
ln. as will no thw pate
VElEngliAltY 81711GEON.
A DAM TIARDIE, Veterinary Surgeon, late
from Wit:burgh, Scotland. woukt re/Tee:NUS
.aunt Um piblite that be has ontnotared nnwtioe in the
above rm . & orn and, by earrfni utantinn to abater, Ti.
entrarted to Ira he hnlaw to give eatlefactinn.
In eonrnwtlon with JllOl , ll Bann, Ina, Elowing awl
bennith]exc inn In
M general wi l be clarvenue. ried an. at tlen earner
of Timmel t Pennsylvania A
---- -------
MarrimOts for the pale of ArtwilA , ..
1:01 , 11.19.1-• rittAM,gh•
liitBAUGII, 'Wool bferchants,
Floor and Produce gererrellT.and For
mudsstrui dterchnuts, N. 1.16 Fug etreets
greet, Pittsburgh.
4.1 & W.
1...7 Dealer..
and 11n Pecan
JOHNSON, Engraver on Wood,.
I 11. (third rtory.) Pri.—VInI•II
nhin.ry. limn. of l‘tiorrpapern.Wronthipleire ,
Tic 1.1.1.. rolorio &filo for DlrlAlonsi 10 -
cotton iqamiq.. Le.; in filo
yEs ILI i
Milo ll'
of crt. nod at
11 711.1.1
f ,
. tltt.l
I Dral
Pr .n .1 . 1•
drawn on &ton
Mirk In the
st.lo p rlrva .
SCIitiCHIVAN'S Lithogra,ph
hlthromt, Third •rtreet. nr.perds• th e 'pert
. Mar, Land•rnp, l'ortradt, 'Atm OW,
,Ran.l,4alwdn, /Urt ltettural and Mar hit'
nes. rind Vidting Card, ot,enclAr. 4 .1
MIS dr
I LSON, Watches, Jewelry, ShFcer
VI Military tIoNI, on.r./r. nr litart.t, ;an d
ituburgh. I, N. Il.=—M,alA-1...a....1t .11, a mi..
111 V. 11i
rarefull rey'd
VILSON & CO., Imporiiii and
Defiers fa Ifirdwal• and Outlerli, Bp-)..
LOtitt N, -
*A =sot, Pt •
01IN FI'I'ZSI MONS & CO., Sltinufactu.
rera YLINT and GREEN GLA:.I. 310151.1.1+. and all
MACHINER V. take [Ma Method of Wirt - ming
drt.1 , 115 nf ktarb work don, Gut lb/ are
p,parrd {4 do it at Ilie lowe,t praa•ibl, mrt .
tbr tog Mauna?. at their o-stabli,hmrnt.
nerd, above the Canal Rridar.urar the ;Vora..
Tv* Mack Pdnitb and RJal Furnar.n. alarm
f....rturred at tb , -btru—rt nedt.v. and at the lower!
All I. in& I
of 4 , d.beng done au shod WLLer.
h lUta
Wegner; Ilueohner & Mueller's
ryiliE ABOVE Fl INI respectfully announce
tit,e4 frietala sad ytiLlle gsssr,tllr ataat they
0 - NY.....1 lu rancute, lt. the brat rta thels.l, all
ord., far Sly. Canla Di 1.1015., ch,24. .thug
Third and Fourth 5tr.•.... nip Maim ugFletaf
Bolivar Fire Brick Manufacturing Comp . y.
OLOVV, ..... M. 4rl F. !Wt..% N. A. LA..,
rl ll /11: SLIIISCRIBERS. having been :ip
tadutral Agent: , fur the above nnuoat noor,u. a
ronFtautly nu bawl a autpl, ot the Malta
Virultrlck.Cruelble Vint Clay, Ifurnaer Ilrartlonnuiltunalis
They acv 0n1.4-rot for mild Brick. t
In ni.u, in .In• amt chat.. to cult vumlnuerr. • high rill
heptaanntly What
We Ju mMI , 1.111 It tuavanlry Inruunternte the many a.l
- itna noln ar kin. Brie). peon,. over all otherp that
been otanaal Kale iu the United Stan, their. ntre
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Pine brirk. The pruprietora 101. determined ttud the
Brick nhall lore man. of their prraent ruviahle raputallon•
and that uo ,swennn slinn be rparirl <0 MO O. <.
betier than they haft. heretofora been. 1111.1 thv , only
ertahliqlaurnl now ruotturarturloi, Fire Brick at holism.
tt JON El.:.
mold Canal Illain., , eren Kl th E at. Putabora h.
,c 4 Sit - CORD SI CO., have received
their mu 641 e of 41%.* to w I hey ne
er, illt7etiplu'llte"Kentnetrah.l.lf'.
Pittsbuigh Gas Pipe and Tube Works.
T' tindersigned have just completed their
red art isms fvturinu all sir., of GAB PIPE, Lo
tusre awl all, Flues, acid all sites of
which they offer for rah, at the [Gwen prices. They aro
now pecrareit to earettloonll,; to nay extra. without ,le
lay /IPA NO • OA.:
No .311 and 9'2 Water. atrri.t.
f... 14 . .. l 2 PlTTBlllllltill, l'A.
_ ______
11 P 3 1 1 ‘ 1„ 11t o. 1 61 1' Li l lert N y °l3 o lA. f I'd—Cl Flouring
I \T ICIIOLAS TITIAN, Civil Engineer,
iil Draught:wish. and Practical bIlo1 ait Arent. MLR.
isaa.tita of 31cidel, for the Patent Ilthre..drati„-na of 31ae hl
story Thr Mines. Water Wrest RAllittA Mac, Ac-. Hay he
fraud betatxt 10 A. 3f. attil Ci P. 31., at him rrgiletter, Ni.t.M
Marbary Etrisct. Pitt"hurah.
.1.14: My*
P '
A. 31ADE1ftA, Agent for Delaware Nlu.
Una Safety Insurance Curunanr. 41 Water street.
JJGARDINER COFFIN, Agent for Franklin
Fire Ihrti.riwe party, north (Mt corner of it .a
and Third rirretr.
m4g.1, , 44r.wm.t.w.:111
'WM. GLENN, Bone BINDPII, Wood street.
v v mama door front the corner of Third. where be I,
Prep...lto do every deatalption ledi with toed
alterability. Mani; Nola to any patter°. and
bound nutertantially. Nana to nimbi.... or old book,
bound earefully, or repaired. Name,. put on In gilt I ettvra.
Tb.e who bare btriaing ate Invited to call. Prie. low.
XVCORD k CO.. Wholenale and Retail
". lilantotlirer, and Dealer. in Wats, Cant and Cure.
corner of It . ..laud Fifth atreeta, Pitt...burgh Where thee
otter MI NW and complete atoek of Hata Oarff.• tort te_. of
~o rY quality dd Ftyle, by Whole-aleend Retail. and ill.
One the attention of their en:Armen and partbraera pen,
ally. emoting then, that they will sell on the MI. nal . ..
Wl4 DlUlll,..lll,..e.Tp.Tl:rciita'brin,a2o,2.l,Drage.„.r.
• -
New Coach Factory—Allegheny.
M. A. WHITE & CO. srouli- re
on VC:enithantetl abet
atreeta. The are Down. uking and arc prepared In erecter
micro fur e'en. dzsor:.ption or 'dark, Conch., Charlet..
Ilarosehe, Oberlin, Photon, an, rn'.l a.*
ion, experience in the tuannfastors of the :as, Oct),
and. the fadlitiea they hare, the, f.-e. csntident acs
enabled to do seek on the On. reaanr-able tertox snl?
tbs.• tannin. article. In Abele lien.
l'aytos rsttienlar attwneasi to the slection cf reaceriala
an hallo, o_ tst ectutent serd.reen. have
the he: d
Ad/lon crattlos tlec ps ir sort- We ther, they f4re we. the
attention ct the rIAlk to thin man,.
•N. 11. Repairing done in the he4t =neer. no 4 casll,
13.4 renooo6ole Orion. niArtf
It=l by EDMUND lIILK LSS, Sc. 1.4 t o tt rrry. n
ot' irsnd strvt.t, Pirttturuh., Lum..l
Pse Toy a, Tott . n.j.Ltadrat-t. ottA IltAtttt PST, Cut awl
N. IL A , 1171 , 4 ' s.Tettica Dr.ots . ..zo on tauf.jalo
PARBY, lIIIGIIES S QO. ore Trrepareti to
do .11 tied , of SLATE ROOLLSO.
ALEX_ .W M411141', A rt—to. Carat.
,At Wt. ' s Pirhtsagb.
itreSlnt, ItottPt promptly ret..tire.t. ffofP
nit, r y&`;" . MlV,:t, l ,." b y 4{44
cct.: comer an! Diatncroxl
A CARD-1851.
v ,111.7 ,
F. urtb Lod .flark/t Rts,ll.. I,l4.trath
tunr ..I , r. ia tr... c....7..c00t•=.nt , she P., 1,4. to ITh
tour th an. to their C5171,n,15 Cod TI. , r Lai , ,nrr.
lly. I„; the lan, ,tan , 61 , t•ztt ea - no:tinl to them. =1
1L...t011. ronnnuancr of their tarf.t..,„ re,tail
eoloryrd end ttoor ,,,, ithrlr roam. Ow y Ar..rushlnl In kt , ..p
no hand a n-rr eiten.,.....mernasot a1it...1-- .ud hop 17
alit bars thm alocusa,... ot y Iron of Lot. to ciesl.l.o
i , oln, and Inlik, tbrn- rHeng,...• TI, d,,an suanin,
nolr ...Nth/bows.. Sr (51. ... yr...t00-10. • F.01111.1'
srurig, ....•,, amid.. in Ow 11, 1...1. lin, ti.,tod
for no, raul. of tAloilo, ran 1.. r.r..5:un..1 -Ion! in thvit
ront.loind vi10rt....,...1.,:t the 4.‘t g.,d , v•l to ,Il at low
prOw. thr, hop, to i.iko st the ion- y. 4 famine. and to
dkviduml, to nneur thmus with their r u .b,:/ 91-'t I, linsiLE,Al.l: 111,11N11.,..‘ call tw. romtoood .o
M. mosugs... , toi,-«otran‘v trout 4th ..t.m.t. Or lbrourb
ici e
low. r 11. .3 . gm..
1)11 ” . Bilitli ti CONIAIE ttel A L 0..1.1.r,
j 1..0rn 0 Thin! and Market xtrwto The ..oly rhor
1', 1 71' .4=-t!rtt: l .; ' iV k i l ts h aa t Z:Z r lo h .lmrt„r so lb.
.`icroco of .....ounu.
II k I:Loot - wens, Prfif,ror or I , nosnasolsio. 51wmont../.
Alex. 51. t%, Is, Grelttryr on.. i 141,11, Lao.
Thra4. d,erisne • r.
15 1 57 hoornal or lic, , sna.
and its arra:ration to 1415.1, .1 1.0....... al, an 44..
ow:. and .0.1 wontan.hlo, or.. ..vlted to rail
in/ tlo. orrauvrowoll.
1,,0r. on Canmetaial Law rvo, ilonday et-ruins,.
Ike,.. to a ny 14 Ala.. rmmidrot ost, ...hoot. i 4....1.1
.. . . -- • . .
W ILKINS, NI, 245 Liberty et,
bend of lVtod ',opt. Pitt.buroli, I.
Monument, Ito rod Violin , . Tonto:on,
&e.. Sinntl. 1inn , ,1.....ntrr tad Pier Tot.
aka) x . bawl and wade to ord.,. td MI.
rhoinvot Stand.., and at t•rr, roland
! yr,orit. A choice trlrtYwn . l,lllnneittp, as
Tlo. cheat
.... - •,_—,—...,
, f
• '..; iszl,',.'„, ~....,1
i l
LL„ii . L .._.._.... j..._
J .
..... .
Ilan. Ilannar I/.uoy Clark Tlrman.liaot.
floe. Jon., li ,11-Itot dotal Ilaiynt, It,.
11'n. Rubin_o.n.jr., K, . 1 -v4,-A, is , rt. E.,. Arrbitnet 1
Joba I.oplo-r. 154, Cat-It , .. • 1•4113, , , 1tn.1.e,...
l'iltntrutgb bank. nrsairr & Hahn, do.
J. 11. nhoont.err Pr. iSei. Hill & Carry, it.
Wlloroi IdeCendle,n,. , lisa. Ilan.. & esrtre•nt. do. •
flobert. MrKolphfl.. Flo, Win. Itautder I, I'..
.1.0. 11.-K utallt. h.q. !Inning- 1 , . T. )long,, & Co.
Jtolnts Itho.le, • (..o Fruit'ro
P. Lothrop.ln:hotly
E. W. feel, strat..l•l (Or tlo. very 'Moroi patronare re-
I•ed durine, nlntoro year,in lion. tetring hal the
ho , t and 1,1 entro.Ood hi, Con. up to the Como.
an'l pill ototrovor to resider valklawlion hereafter.
tartuter. rare ttomn 07 00 Thint ntreet..
.1. V. tV. reoppeZtllp lofarto, te and
ruetotrierethet herbs," now ramplend the largect
and finest clock of boon hold furnitureet. r 1,40 re seen (u this city, at he is determined to uphold Ulu quslity will
well...armed material,. /..crl orcrkuiewhip, and newest &-
clang, and erran the extent of h p ordes, and Wait). Iv
manufacturing. he lc enal.l,q/ prulure warranted fund
tarn. at the 'unrest price,
He has minuted the principle of Identifying the cwt.-
ere' intarest with hlc awn, in quality and price. and tents
lways , au hand the grratect variety of rem, dearaiyainn of
fOrn7ture, from the cheat , tr ou t ,e an , d plainewt, to tha o trinat els
Fi n t ru n 3 4% 4 1 = 'hiiha'tete o r pp
•Vrvl p en e7 f." 11., thereArre mdielts an larpeetien, that the &Om.
tag. of hit ettahLkhrnent may be known. The [Okuda'
articles nonsi4. to part. of his stwk, which for Ile/mese of
et and finich cannot. ho surpareml in any of the Lanett.
I =I
lor. draning, dining. and beil.rami ehalre. of ever,
rirly,eArairtlng of romewoiel, mahogany. and walnut,
Ellsabethen, Coneereatoini and Esey Chaim. of gyro de,
Motion: Couches, :inf., Tole-a-te Tutor,l,llll of the lateen
French and dandle. pattern. Whidetinni, and
Parkd Writing Make of early.. iVork Teary
and Laney Inlaid ytantle, monde Kande, end holden, marble
top, mahnean,., 7, manned nod walnut centre and rota. ta.
ll'a, lerielon dining fabler. all Megan( the Mont improved.
end decidedly the heat kind made: earl. Pei:Amite hall and
lariat aeyertmesir: gothic hall and parlor reception chair,
ettertimya and Stool, remetary and book .We board,
tier nereene. towel rneks. hat litatatit. and mode porde...lbn
and ode Lye children: YAW , mad. , tni.b . atn , ten peals,
mahovany. rirewre.J. nod inlaid ;weal Se. ke
A large marrtment of Ciao' nn Yurnituro and Windrow
Chen, Cabinet maker, eupplled with all article, in their
I.4esrabot” .d fin - 1114415t ollortrAt
All iftntrtts mtuntini tn. lOn
Attoey at Low, N 0.163 11loi rt., center of Cherry
having tondo arrangoloonta for the porpone, will
nodento Land.. for °Moor , and .lilkos, their
widows childnoi, nnil will :LO NA n is i
any othoo 1 , 04
novi, rononotod with lbv onvonin i ont nr
went, the Pollnow ollico, Cr tbo Courts at tho aft; e 4
Irioldnoton. laZ7vlti
Drawing, Perspective, and Painting in Oil
D. It. SMITH is nose prepared to give
..;%11totrurtton to a viols In dirt:rent brand,.
tkin6t • dellghttnl at me., in :+e=ll.
.on'm art.
Virrt atm.!. trtweert trosi and
Market Atrreta. frrn oo to Aid , nod
Ant o
0.1, to Oh P. Charm.. hn.l oth, part:rut:Ll-. Lan be
Refer to
ADO , . or Dr. Ga Lolling (ztnllo am , r
Dr . U.l at the
inon. nalrox,
Xs 74 F..arth rt., me t^ aunt N Psitarroa.
Notes and Drafts eullertad r.n all part.. of ihs
<}nrts bought and Jd on teb7l.ll•l .
w. CVNI , II:4I7fIAII t US rt
. alanufaursra of W ,
Tun, No. Zi-alarkst stress. Issas... in .t sod !:cony Pittsbareb.
Patticularattantion o.
pall to odd siva. AL , --Itsalera la
Eliot ti Ws. liottlss. Jka.: diva
CFAIITLEI & COLVIN, Coal Merchants,
1 -7 WY inns Nail!
ssrosr Af Walnut street and Washington Turopit. Maul
Tomes rills • osl9-slawlrl
ARD OIIrIO bbl. No. 1., juAt ree'd and
14 tor ihat. br B. B. FAIINICSTOMc it CO,
=hal comes /Ind sod Wood Ito '
- Oa§ Fitting. --
r.ut Bn , . 1.1/eetn/ end
/ducet, Patehicr ~
7 . • Would invite the puLdic totbe
C wirlir,;',lggn
`'/ They . are ta ' :iecti la exect//e
thus on the ettort,t uc
Parrrreille : IVezlord, Zelthnonle. Porter.
Ilsrßarbara Rrd hew Lda.. Arrthro TnewJadia
Monday, and raturdara at sr. driauta 4lonlays,
Wrdth-rda,a sal Y'ridara at: a. a.• Kura-vales ILO. Ili:dart:lie, and Urn
orthatiela Cl,, Arrthre Fr - 41•1 aat4 r. Jr, dr-
Carta llorduralap and Mturday, as h a. X.
nnu,Cora.Atnwv., Nert,opolls. Lipari, Li, Middle.
can. Pa. Arri,6 Liulta.,! wail ihar-da, a, at A M.: de
' parla 41..11, a and Th.-alas, Sc n a. a.
Irardax, t . , .-114 Waltrer mm. Nctlesthan. Candor,
6 argthaquan., LT Cerra Villa:, Patter:an'. mill. Pa.-
14dba;-. l'a nanda,s and Thuede.,, at 11.. a:
&pat. 3frudays and Thar - Aar.. at ra • .
trlrmtrulk, SA —By 1.117“..31. 31yrdorl.,* , 4/cen. Slow.
Frant.24 l 'a. Satires
Frilay, a: drparts raturdar, at 6a.
rnathcra.—lly Antrim 'Nand. Wallington. and arrrika
athirra tha Sr on
2l A. X.
Lracdarr.a :417 Lena'. :err, ArtiTtx do TWAY..
r. drm-th Earathdar, at s.
1 a_thaass.--117 rcriTarsilo, Vicatard, Elthakoset,
Prcap,t, lildtratharn. do, including Irarrela VV12111,9
mann". Arrives dolly at a. N, and dtharls at a. a.
Lett.-r• Al. the dad, wall. maw La in Uth 0110: ow Lour
their departure: L•tters far (be tralevc/14, rata
rthekle.andaecaly tata.l brad th e °Dia hall an Cour
brfra, advikvionre.
Aar.r.erro :aux 5. gra Illy,ackuu oarrrra, at
N. 11001E13 it r ONS., Lauktra.
,le..] Atz..41:1.0,,, , , Mini ..1 pg.,11 dr..ligt. , 4co/4
PE::NSYLVA-VSA. ll.sto-h at Mato/kn..... S.
Conk. eideboratt . . -yar,tiror.en at I Vocater-. - ...h.
Ktel.anso Bank ..f do. .--44 r Branch at Nlenl4 do
/ler and Oda of do. yalbrar.. 1,. Vt.ungatown
P. 4.4 ot LanoneteelLuut, i Ic.onati Jo
Lana . P,..rth .2......15....-rala Crittlitef eiLl illt.aildta.4lldl.:
P. It of NosttCo Ltiernes.per, I ranklin Ritkl.. ...... .. .... dr,
hank.. l'entoylvant4-4ar I.4l,yette Rank ....
'oak rd Penn Inato , h l P . Per 01. Id, las a 1..1. lo do
ILdak of the Unitas ;late. 12 11'11'.-tern Il
11'.-tern 11ank........1.
~ .tanorrOal Ea. of Pa... 1 honk of Na.,111011... - ..I.
Oaken' a SlectianlesAlk la. hrne , ' , o n.
~..,---. . ..4.
otrard hank ...part • PK I:NOLAND
Keteinatno Lank......
Usual., a Ole., Lack .. par till 1 OILY,
31....qan1,, Bank n. Nen ~ t k City . 1.
Cha/o,4l jk la ha afl nk ..... car iIfI:II.AND.
1 radenttan'a Bank par. .4.11 b I V') .... Is
l, .1.2. n. hank_...- par 5.. 0 , R 54.1 tONLAWABL.
L an k an ebarnaerd,tur h.. !... all .:.tent leurk•--.---. 4
gook of Cheoer Canal,_. VllO/INIA.
henk of Dartedle 501 Lank of the 1 Ohl- ~..
Lank of [ALIN,. Cle-rtor 1..., ha el Varnota. Rea l[ 1
11.1.. of liertnantdau o. La honk, 14_, Norfolk.- a,; ul tlettkobury.b...... 1, Partner, Bank. Virg min N.
Look of Lea sato. u .... .... - Slerehanne A Merl, Lank .'.I
Lank of 311,1,11.4.0. . . ... .. S, North Woetern 8ant....... ,
%loot:towers Ca. Llas._ Itranelo-... ... ._. ~_ !.,
rant afNurthuntberlend.yar NOWIII CAIKYLINA.
Carnet.. Bank_ . .... .. .. -- le Bank of Cale . Year
I . ..rumble Ila Jr - bridge Con. Ilk o , f el- ot N. (4tmlit..-
D,,, tern. a llatak.-. ...... par Cutotnervial 11t.,11 - iltattnsgts
Eseturn Lank ........... Merchant: Bank, Neatens?
P.rie Bank h Pc/lif /IA IutLINA.
1. angler. , Ilk of Bucks Co..nar,llk of the et. of g. Carolina '
I artuen , Ilk of lancluder.parißank of ?out', Carols...-.
1 ann.,' Lank. Reading par flank of Chorlearou.. •
Farm. Lk of tchuylklllCo.par Manteca' t Iderbaulra. Ilk •
in. A Pro. Wayorabura.. h: tlFAllitilt.
Franklin Lk 11.41tingt. par Augurta Ina t Bank lon Co
Ilarreabla. Mau1._...._... SlLlauk of tunings-- .. .... . 2
Ranee late fl.k-....,....... P, Lk of Ilru.nlek. inducla 2
11 .." . =311 - 4 ' n u t . .!. 1 ,... ,6.a!'7..1.Z.: All
''''',7l.4 . ll`.T. '
, Ihmre'll../M. of ruuarilte N Bk. Kentoeky. Louisville
ra nch Bulk gar Ilk of
e r n Thong. 4
Wept Branch Wa1k._....„. h Northern Ilk uf Kentucky
iry.colot Bk,Willumburepttr Southern Ilk or Kentucky I.
lark Bank... .. . .. .............. N Nitst+mtikl.
Ite/ief Notre h Ilk of State or ath,0un...... sr,
11/110. • ILLINOIS.
lo ran State 8ank......-...... li Plate Bank and brour.
ranch at Akron.— Alt, Bank uf Illinatti. ... .......74
Braneh at Antrum.- A. WlE(.`l7NAiii.
Branch at Bridrepurt-...-.40 Mari. A fire In/cc°. aka If
Brautit at Cbilleuthe.-.......d0 /I ICIIIUAN.
B ran c h at Cleveland do Partner , Ilmhardat . kink 3
Branch at Toledo. do Government Stuck Bank-3
Branch at Day t0n.............d0 Penhaaulas Dank 3
(Innen at Delaware ....fn InsaranoreCarnpany 3
Brandt at Ochuntgra. do St...Bonk 3
Branch at Aahlabuln do CANADA.
branch at Salem do nk nYILN. Antenrat,Tocoutoo
Branch at Slanetlekl du Bank of the People, Toronto/.
ltraneh at Hinter do, Hank of Nlontreol ... ~......5
linnet, at Clorlonati -......10 Bank of ll. Canada, Toronto!.
Branch at001umb.......-do EAFTERN EXCIIASUB.
Ittaurh at Waeltlngtm......Jo On Now lark (prim). ..... ...3ti
!handl at (;adis do tlo Phltadelphfa dn. ..... ......ti
Brandt at Lan/easter.- do ina Pattlneme do
Branch at gleuhenellle do ivErTmo, ENCIIANOE. a
liraorh at OIL Vernon _...d0 Cinclnuatl
Branch at Newark do Leatleellto 1
Erne gh al E1yc1a...... .-_..dr. SC Louis
brat'h at SPOngfedi s - .do OOLD AND SPKIII VAI.UN
Branch at Martetta_..- ..... do bonbloo..ttpaniah 10.00
Itnotch at Trff...... ..... ..--do do Patriot 16.30
Branch at OIL I' Eatle,ol,l- ............. ...10M
Runnel at Zaurcrille... .... do Nagle, nee 10,00
Branch at riortralk ...-.....d0 Fratlerielud'ork
Branch at I'hio4 do Tworhalt,
PrancA at Portescouth-....d0 titling.-- .......... ..._ L • 00
Branch at 004.1. do Soecreigna 4043
Itnotch at Brernna... . do tent/olldera-.---- -•-• COO
Branch at LlKLlcatba-......d0 Ziate..haane3,so
Brunch at Curaboga.....-_do Durate...._ 416
6111.13H1 at Toledo- .......
Roar Orrtrc Dente reeler,
March 14, 1861.
11' T BEING DESIRABLE to Fuleilittiteloeks
md keys of some other Ithht for throe now In ma for
. Ferris, of the United hteles, siewimeu Inelts taut
keys, with pnr , prtals furniAt the fa tn, will N. remised
and nmsiderrsl at the Post hole , nepartment, until the Ist
day of July next. MO different Icahn t. Imbioltted
• copp mmission for elmulnallon and mprill. Cpun Ulla I,
h,r fu nbhln2 rock lucks nod 5,•,.
nron, with the
ght an the part of the Postmaste 'r r lienen, ' I Mr the time
being to ey.tend and cOnthlue the nontratt In forte Or en
additional loan of four years, by airing to the motractor
• written notion to that Orel , oat mom thus nine nor has
than .11 mouth, befure nu, tsrminallon of the fat term of
fnur years.
With a view of pronning the belt fork at the Invest Mims
kind nf Inelt igyrrearlibMlll4 a standard: thntWP•rt." 4
relying for a ' , tertian. the merhaniral skill ond linTF
It, which a fair compentlon, Ineltpd,'M•Y de'.
It is. however , proper to state, that • lark suitable for t •
mail Ferric, should pre., the following gualitles. vie do.
' , ability. uniformity, lightness, and strength.
For tho
of displacing shoullaneOnsly Olt tite
Mmall locks and keys nrrw In use. atmst thirty c rate, tit
kicks and twenty tholmnd hey. adaptrtl
reoninsl tube furnished by the rontractor within toren
nninth s after the contract , hail hart I,ern entered Into af
terwards the annual supply "ill deyrnd no the daranllitr
of the loelm mad keysadaptd, es well rot Mein/nesse of the
malt nervier. but It will probably amount
three thousand of the former coatl one thoumnd of the
No lock will he ronaidered if it he like nor In
t.:ll:?l'h`rja7ailiotrZ,°Vith whr0m...14.7v,-TLF‘'.Ol.
tinderelner to Urea contracted for for an/ olh i 'fr .,--e
than Otto of the Poet thihoe Deportment.
Tho than of to o adopted must Le te. ore' pa.
tea., will be required enterina into!utman. to te make
on AItIiPPAPICIPPnt hl patent for the reel...dee um. lona bete
eID of the Dersztatent. If the Doetm toter General shall
ear/ routremeat etteenthil to the bah...relent the
rice. In rata of the failure of the contractor at any time
faint faithfalir the film.. end orindltlon.. of his ronturt,
Herwralahall Lau the rialtt.t...,olae • raeort
to the penal tented,. hereinafter mentined, to annul said
...freer. and to ecatreet anew with any other partY
he noir are fit, for forniehlon similar lurk' no
Lderiding utean the . aliand epr-eiment offared,th.
Pe.tma...ter leciteral may deem it sap... Dent
for the
for the
through malls the I.k of one bidder. and for the war mall,
that 4th
acute r. Ho rearm.,. therefore. the right of
trartinif with alienist individuals be loth difienrat kinds
of beg. as he May saint and also the right to relict the "Writoel 11201Nnai, If be ehall deem that mores
• for the toterest uf the brut... h t. The party or P.. ,
el t o till I» he to air. hod. with plc Ia
(o at thirty thourand Ito. a
pert...mane* of the eontatet. The rontrart le to motel... I
Pro, to
Me the due and proper Inspection of the lnets
sod hers. and who for 1011Adillp agatu-1 Item. pa...lna iota
improper band, the terms of theae to be an
rrnzig7o,..,, , : ‘ ,• i r d. minitat34 the • iseeee.dol bidder,
hoopla will be contidnwd If not areutupattledWith
satbdwtory aeLlener. of the truatworthr that.'"
der, ander his ability to fulfil the mantra.
N. K. IiA.LL, Poettnaster Genera
./IM! i w, r
The usblsnuot,..l or other v.-..h are appultitnl to sail so
follows •
Ct4.l . Linr—Anfriatu Sloolners
il"..dur r s ' sl " :;. "* !Isr " ..ti LttuEstunla n ;, ' "'" =.ll atli
Wsodwreday, - lgthiSalusday.
Wrslnesda,. April 11Vodn..sdny, April Olb
Vl , ..lus,lay, - lUth W.lneMal. .
Vi ...1.,,,J,. May lotl.,ll • ••dvesOur. Alas 11113
r.aturdrs, - . 211 W, 1 Vednrstlay. " I t ,
tiaturd,, dub.. IthiWisluord•,. June 11th
sturday, " 2lst Sltdrasday, -. ~...4ql
Salurda., July , d l l, l Vedussdas.
Eutudsl. - 19 11111Vrdnesdar.
Stur r day.
„ gustAu 111 %Vest:lassie.,
Saturday. lidli Wssinesslas.
Saturday, •• , x , th IT,lutssdat„
:,,turdas, ?Put. Ellli Veil:l...lay.
:!aturdas, - ..,:tl, 11'0du. , ..1.,-. Ort ...
Saturday, urt. Ilb IV..durs.d," . - 16th
:!atunlar. - z.itt.,Wallneaday. " :=Kh
elltyrdny, .v. mth.W...1u.5...1ay, buy. 1 . .. th
1ni'1v..a.....i.,, " .sh
Sarunlai. I/... tAlsleaturda, lu.r. 1011 t
Sat .2,1, . - ...issl, Saturd.u.
•• - • - -
... , .
Pimard law— 11?.11,, Pep,. ..
"1.014. 1 .11,1tr, , 01. rill 'LIZ loillitlS
An. s lew 1 urk ....... . .....Patunl, , Murk I.
Canada. ....... ... 110.1 t. natunlis) , March lb.
A Olen ... ..... .... ... tin. 1 . 0e1....... ....... Pah/play, !Ilarch AA.
.1000-0-a 11 . 0 .0........... ..Pslurday, April O.
A-sa 1 0. w 1 ork ...... .......SalurJar. APO , 7%,
VOIS 1.1,1,0.1
Lon, 1.4,,,,“ S 170.11Prplay, Mar. lA.
.le. 1 0 York .... .. ..11'0 , 1.0kInr, Mgr. ..1..
Africa I , lunla r. k, I%...Jurnilla ) , April P.
Alyvtiss ........ .. ....I4antolt .... ...- ....... II 0,11.0.1 s). April 30.
Nip 'An. kurk Ironlrannan) . Mal 7.
Y u. to Ilalilkk, 11101... or New I. 1415; nnekoLl
nabiu. LA.n.
New .15r4. tirki liar, Law— .Vantla I y Tron.
LILA. !Ulf 1,11. Z. 1.2.2 1.211.
Franklin. T Italunlay. r, 14.15. Franklin. ' ll 'o.F. 1
14). 12 th kin+
Ilunilx.l.ll - $Ai filar 11nui1..1.11 - WA Apr
Franklin. .• sth Apr Franklin. .. 7tb MAT
11uru1..1.11. .. 31 Rho ilulnla.lll, •• lth June
Franklin, - 31.0 AV, Franklin. .. 21 July
Iluhuldt. •• 1Nt1../une Humboldt, . :kith J uly
Franklin. .. Willa July Franklin, '•• aTtliAug
llinula.l.ll. - 2,1,1 Any. llinnhol.ft. •• 2411atirpt
Franklin. .. Anti $..pL Franklin. .• 221(kt
Ilucula.lilt, •• lith 1./ct Ilumla.l , ll. •• Inth NOV
Franklin. - 1511. N,.. Franklin. 1(11.1i..r.
il inn halal. •• 1211, I),
flan Sinai N614g666.1 lb.—Mord A IV Prim
. . ' ii .‘ ,.: j . : r r i; ' .' . .6turility,3l66. -61.
1 - ..,?.:: I`,',`, l it'" ....... ..Z:ItIVIV;:k r , 1 11 . :
W.h1.t.100 for New York.. Frklay, NI kreti 21.
Hermann.. New York Vrlday, April IS
%Yr: Wort., ...New I'm+. .linday. %14.5 16.
Ilermarm New Yntl Fri.ta, . June IS.
II •ni van
11 ..h tnelt
C. mail steamers leave Neer Cork the 11121.110 th
each month, far Chas,e.
011 KT
etrunshlp I/ Prabel hftv.sebarlortnn nn the Irt
each month.
P•srras.—nr Ilr,naburg, Chambersburg.
Nrw lurk. Kaarru, Gentry alba Northern parts of lark.
Delaware. Ne• Jerrmy, Auld the six. New Luglaaal itates.—
The llntlah Provlarr• of bower {Suma... Nora Wrutkaand
Nrw Itruaralel, daily. Arrives at I r. ts.; Departs at 1 r. at.
Nora.. Emtras..—D J Disfrarllle add 11.11klaraburg. Pa..
Including the murales of itradtml,Qataluia. (k w
w... Ca
Juutata. Lmmlutr. Man, .11eKr.... Putt, Perth
howl. Urtiou. and part or Weettuotvlapl. tax Lirelrma.,
SI array...ollr. Salem Wt Loads. New Ale%swarm. sod 1.11.
arm eount, . Attires dally. except Ilualaya at 11 •. a.; dr
Sally at th p. w.
• •
Elos.-11, Bully; Slerrar, Crinfired, and le&ram
muntalt, part ofNir York and upta.r(..nada.dallf.
A rrnve.. , at 9v. 9.; and tin,trt• at a.. 111.
999 WaTs: aotilnittan. Ma, Oman.
ra)olta, &menet, pan Weatnanneiml totinty,
Mary land. BaJthanna Waaldn atop City, tonthernatal ca.
na,rto 00In and Indiana. Kenne dy. Mind. Tenn..
lialaborna,lll94...i. Arianlaa. Nor th Car.
ngnipdana,biorida. and Tmaa. dant. Attire.
at 9 •.. and 'departs
. . .
Frrenutrrnau thnu—Pr Farrtte, Ramon. RarinOnn,
Flommu, Patin Pa., Ifollulayx Wm, NU, Jrffermat. Harm
n, Cannll. 11.111nr.,And Tonearaursa rounties.Obkt,datl).
Amu" at 11 a. sr.l !Loran. at 7 a. u.
01unt Wzmultr.—Pr Bum, Pa-. 001 alemlunt.
Unarm Co_ I. Columbium, Trumbull, Portaga, Gemara.
An btalutla,titark,Wayrat.Madlsta, Cu aboau.bautatalt a Lakr.
lachlatal, Lorain . Ilumn, Ottawa, Lrio, San.holy, Wand.
aml Luna.
Lodi; the catmint, nortbent mumble.
of th e o fna and al! 311clib
gam lowa, and Wlncounba.datlr. Amt.'s at 11 J. 0. ;
luuff, al 6 P..
ii/STANtr..—B7 trbarptthur t t. llnmtnn. Pprinniltli. Tama.
tuna. L. Kittanning, Altalmoninv, Artuntroug,
oual Cleartubf ...tenth, duly. nunpt nu Panda,. A,
nye , at 71. .and depart. at 8 n at.
.. ± a•ulcu 2 Aavertispelat• rem Itirra rr.. t, L... 1,. iol rtnaatel.
Zs this p.rxer rtrvirod and Ibrwar&l fre. of pier mark. 1,1 -v+l4 , l3{E, said
ski. °Bhp.
urnr. fines calm
April 14, 1331
The market on rstonlay mil without my nalaimii..
I and quotations Scantly were marked - by material
ebonite front our Lames report. Thu Mier moth:tows to
lair oath, alibi order for all the purl:urea of trade, ad ..03e.
degree id activity prevallal lo that quarter.
FL OWS—thrlog to the small euntnlXlM arritiog. Mites
bate Inaptove.l. The receipt. wen limited, Mal sales up to
a late hour ua natio/ay did mit leveed 13U bid. at $3.30
utst. freCuMare sales vireo congaed to small lots, at 03,31
43 • 44 4 3 4.11 ved superfine to extra brands. A Witt.
retailing barber. it doing at city mill. as 61.74412 Mrs ,
for muumuu to extra 01.110.
tiff.AlN—ltsteliits bate b. I. maltrate. and we hear of oo
loft . axle, Wheat Li pretty dm at 004624iV3e 01 lu itokl
ity, rye will not command over 40, &null sale.
al M.kpa,k, sad of oar. at 304y11e from Grnt. 11111.1 d,
tifltiegglgr —ire Lionee a nsittiousid (manias hi ...war I
sod moianart, but sales hate been nounistil to mall lull 0.
UM ROIr home trade. We quote sugar at O l flgit'vei and
molasses at 30441163, to typo,,,, and oak tails. C. 11,1,
stalkutary at 11ti4y1244 for fair and trim, 0 001061 ' 1110
1.11 . 011 21033-IYr notice a eutatinued grausets m [swim
at full prime. The wins on ratunlay wets 10 ltheln shout
den at .% Dim stunt rates from stnokehouse of 4.1.0 few
shoulders la Gii< 3,10 (d 0 aides at 7Sii, and 2.4.100 do hams
iViic %I .kale or zut.ra 0, shoulders s 4 o',. $4 M. hale
e+lis sides ist It.e }I lb. Lard la in nualerata supply, with
small sales at lantlistirkis Iu tibia mil kegs boy No I. Yolm
dried bre' at 81,3101,ie Mm, gale, Mgrar ruml eattrassed
hams at lltifstoWy 11 lb.
BUTTEH--Saleit 6 bbl, romaon roil at 10e, and of L do
prime lg. 1204 12!0. ethic. roll I...wiling to email way altar
1 10 .
WtilSKl:V—?yea.ll.l bbl, at 22c, SO days.
(3)P,Pkilt—rales M sheathing, to go to Nashville.
onprrrate tenon.
FIAII=-The market mialsoles lirm la full prices. Dales
13 blikt fin 3 Mackerel al 600 IL Md. Bultdi do No 1
ai $134 mil of 31u 2 at 110* hid. Sales of 'forcing 0410.10
skki*S—The season being over. the market L dull: aml
Prim , nowls,sl. We based a a Wet of consequence.
Ito keaol arm changes In other niticles usually toots.)
Aland Wort Sara—Vend Allegheny Co. IL R. alien we
sold at the Ilalladelphla Mont Board uo iredneedar harl.
, PP,OVICION TRADE—The Courier ant Inquire
lere—rn our mmerte, under date of lilt, Murk, we allu
ded to the astaniahinu dear/earl in the roc/trite at New
Urbane, of pork, bacon, and lark and we adverted to the
nine. which had tended to tanduce, Orel a With decrame
I In the muter and weight of hop alaughlered throughout
the parking rcoloct mad .coed, a largo Increment home,
rocalongtion of hog protect, mid omsequent/y even
mutter pooporitmate irrirplua Par export_ ire atm advert
ed to the rapidly del - manna end. sith,Oreat
410111 by export thither fur the Mt threw root an loth
ceding that the trade 1. drawn to lick..
The receive at New Orleans continue to show the emetic
attonithing dburepancr imiapitred with perk.. yetwe
and lb. coll7kl fan 1..211. iieetCliort trOnld, that thine
reciipts may b...... ea • lair miter!on yy which to
estimate our enpplb, for the precut year, and this logeth
er with the telegraphic advice. trona that city up to the Let •
roil, of an emOve market at advanced labs, act a small
colt. haa tended to produce the advance to Our market In
dermal article. notad below.
We proceed to give the receipts at New Orleans up to the
latest dolct flo 9411 March for the yearolith) Wad Iksl,
1551. 1/10).
Ramis or park lelkaba 4915.812
use, al 40 1462 15.h2.1
Ilhds an 1.100 13.405
Park ira balk 11,741,1740 111.310.310 Ls
1..1 la barrrls 04041 • 197.151
lard In ter 101.1.40 24;592
Llama la barrels and asses 8.91 u V. 511
ITlir male - llama" and - Park - are cararannded In Near
Oral., and awl Ladbertralaately.)
Bbl. Pork. Uhds Baran. Kra•
1 , 00 1951 WA MI 1950
to liesk 164.413 6.1134 15:„55 SAMS
&emu 61,401 119,111 4.771 0.444 1:1.017 =mu
• l'hilf• 15,34.5 2.WM 2.01 5 3441.3 ;7,703
• Baltimore 4.60 :141170 1,74 e 4.4,4 TOW.
TM export, of hmon to.lerral Britain. Mr Moro year.,
have tam as C.lloors, up to ith April to each year:
lea. 1650.' 1041.
Baltimor S Tort. e
I. 10114 ti 1U7 041,640 0.014.103:
Orleansrein'wel i5914.h.L0 10.,issi
'these hanha need too commeht. New, alter Uric , date.
daring the Was.- of the
basin. tar, there were ...owned cf
1.30. tilt,
/rum Rev Trvt. 4.4 w Mt N. :.70{3V4 1 , ..
tit, Orh-au,
The et:dm:tents of bu,relami port to Gera: It Mat . frt.
lrt 6,3 t to let AMU. h•rit Wen .. foikr.s:
1341 1344.1 1343
lit 4. la& 131,13
rrcak New Tort. I,IMI L.2:3 13412
New 03 . 1 , 33.. , 5,9(4. 34721 17.074
Ilw amk. of Canek3l pork. at all 3.!.313.313 New 03.433133.
lw 4.3... kr 33.12=1.1-1
W.. on April lrt.
Cm LA April,
(J Its April, 150.
KI N S & CO.
n•t•e. . • •• 114 .1l IIUJ~o A. 17
1.0 lint-IEI6A Any;
r... • . . lab S 108 1 1 . 1 -JA. A
6'. • 10u ref 15 Jut 11.00
An..., Co 'Cm • ... 11:0 , 46 ;lug. 1 .141
~ .P• . v 5 d.
ccup.6'..... .100 VT do
jot Jaa A Jul,
: wi lal Star • Now
1.1.1. do
4% 11 rtOrS.s.
litteLburgh Lt. lki• Nov .4prrt
Alrml.stan' a Mama Bank.
11‘.-1...up0 . .. L. 2 LI , . al,.
Allrglway cadet's flank. IW !LSI.
=kilt 11.3.14. •
Muth.M.Llabeill. Unit,
ft. CI., et. U 11.1.3,
1111.,1 et. ItrklKr.
Jau.B Mar 414.
. ! .IN, 1, et
Ititlllaiampon .... 13. 3°
i t
_j , j
Wort.. Ituurario. ia I its Ihtlirr-Ithlre
Cltiren: !worst., ' ift 'lhy Dee. •
/ kll,oask's
.. 40! 50 : •
Ilt4lngl4b. W I 47
Lake 00; I
tloroalt LO, tt
lam stoat, 04crivATI2t4
OA. ar. j
louithlus hear Slackwatr. , I
1. la. tentral Itail Heal: bO I ,
11l Wt..; 44: al HO ty,
Haft 1 Ohl. Hall Howl,
Clevplml IL R h tau {u Mari. K. Itay„ Dry ikraktUu. ILLS 1101 I htt Dor 4 Wel
Eayetto Sl.of Cht.. ...... . t.O •
Kno ( '. o4l lohlt. . 0 1 0 . 141 18
Ito. tua•y.. 2410 to 48 •
Turtle Creek Plank Noah =H.
Pk 114'
tina . ukby.Turoyite !dr
Chanter.. Coal .... 20
Pitt...burgh dt &nun
North Autorleau . ....
North West
lrott City .......
Eureka . - .
I. l l l.turills A I.le 1t0ya1...„
Ohlo I.le Royal
Adrou ah u t ru
Vouttlaao Ilaualdon.
Mft l = — Gi-11.7
'Dis.Qr 3 yr et
3: ay
... I
• .N
5' I
I I 22
PECIE.---The highest market price paid
41, American 411111 Foreign SILVER.and fa , Fumes at the Fa Lb.,/ W)I .MI
Of W
.A. LL a CO..
spiter at Wood at. 31door above Fourth.
`STOCKS IVANTED--Bank of Pittsburgh;
Nortiern Lltsertiee Midge; hy
• ap7 ORLI. E. ARNOLD C 0.74 Four th oc
TOOK S ma SA LE—Monongnhela Bridge;
North Weetern Bonk of Wheeling.. by
ap7 11E0. C. ARNOLD A UI, 74 Fourth st.
Yta ""V , ..L!'elimirNalllT,4,ll. 9 4 1 ' "
Eastern E:sehange
Coro.ntly for W. b
- •
Bank Stock for. Sale.
NOTICE in hereby given that in compliance
with the thetAtititt h ott i e t arrt oli ta ttattlty r j uprz..
, 1 "F T1101.144/3 suaes
Ile Rae. et the Danklug 1 tette. O. .
NEW hT0(111 of the 31ottnetrebele Meth of.Ertortathllle, eh
the 7th day of MAII, WI. S.llll , to nomorkenco
of 10 °Week. A. 31. By order of the Beard or Directors
D.S. KNO3C. Cultler.
- . .
Board-of illuieromiters.
1T a 111erting of the Board of Ernderwri
teet, the following remlntlan woe atumlnwmaly odor.
and ordered to he lothIlshrol: r
Ermined. That from and after the publlestlon of thle on.
Ile, no bite WM, whether °delta/ ar eonthmed, ahaa ba
eartAkleml a. taken by any Insurance 11111 q to the. city,
until the premium te paid In coon.
0.0,0 A. W. MARKS,
mobT7TI Meretary of the Hoard.
v. In stments.
.30 ntirs n a ive Houghton minhurC . ?,
100 do. Fire
PActilc itAnita Rock
A. WiLKINS 00..
corner Third oad ILarket to.
MACKEREL -450 bbls No. 3 (Halifax
lOU " VAR. bratuls.
JV.S ha
;TV . Water
rilttnicalings T0.172i . tr " cw
u 3.
Itut. A. McClurg, In the cities of tf'el7 Vera %XI Plinau b eo
phta, whet.. he 4 , fun returned. Ito exertion will bo
*et to aulato the high raputallon aired,- acquired L 3
chit lontag, at tett sal et:Laurel goods iu
ling to to had in the city, ani at the lowan bar, •
All They w4l nothing but wiaat they can roottasaand.
atut ,uarauteo over; thing ae regnearutat. fro Watley...a
eendtrig children or egrvantt Ga . .; thing neat hare no
gar. uf having an Interior article panned 01 upon theta
They refer with•otaditdenee to lbw customers by whom
curthey are kattnolsed, holing for a rantinuattne at their
1311111 y lidditioll9 v{u
iS2I A.
4 ,1 I/rave:l.d 'ha Ibmlrro
FRUIT -150 hblo dried apples
no do do Peathey far 'ale by
ate/ , J. DILWOKTII twit
CORN & OATS--5 0
' 0 tni for male by
BACON -41 cauks cougar cured hams;
3 do du Abouldera for Pale hy
ap: J. 0. DILWORTH a OIL
_ _
QOAP-114 bores No. 1 reed. for este by
eado b. W. WARBAWWIL
Nirllieut. Doi.", Drover,
I;a.o i t ' ...l .lr myu.„ll.•
Dittrual, ,Wh.rfsrav
1 4. 1 , 18,ea0uk
, IT. (lord., :1,1.r
AlttOtlf, Pstkin.o. 8r0w.% ilk
J. WK., lirodelekimt.
TLu.Xtair.r. Wa-t Newt..
tedgamo, Wtntivrard. Itrvvra,lll..
Friebibblp, Csnriptral.
Jvuoy Luad.
Dexter, Zan.-v{ll,
euluutLian. 14.0.
J Lfrau, St Lola..
Wambitigtou, Sturtln ,
Atetwuger No. '2. FinLpr.l.7llkrll3llldl
I.ll,kryr :U..
lDtr. l'orLstom bra. Cucinraxt.
111 . 1 ,111/ Prubaah
A CO, P2a.1.1,, 4latly nt 4 a to awl
T. Arch
NT. 1.11(111.4—.1 J Critteml;“
ITKLLSVILL):—PGII ARCNIII—U7 bids dour. ILI do apple,..
J D'lllounot 12,0 Lfv lairk, 1 onal flat, owner, 1 bbl egg.
T Hubert
IVIIEKLING—P. J. Nai-vax--;4 •111. lead, 1.1,
etuply . 6.011. J Jordan:ll skp flax nwed. I 141
tm mo rzek. D
Dehntens: 4U bLI., d,, ,naitln I b, Ra
ter A Yong' lb; I 0 bble I la I.
112J.LL4 Omar. TV Bingham; 4 loss,l•ar,
IWKLLB I ILLE—Pra TOW... n--1 <held outulb Bidwell:
1 r.k illahoFel. 1 bbl flax peed, 2 kw. ma... tome, 1 rook.
log ptore and fixture.. 12.4. rag.,li Renuadv; 2 Ir. nom,
Whitmore& Wolf: 11U 1,b1.11,mr, owro, I, do pyygr. 3tri4
deo: 1 do tarthea war, 4 (GIL :4 <rates ware, 0 or.h. do, Me
nde.; a Conde 6 t.lla leather, maw,. 21 bbls lour, Arm.
Mau& A Croser.
REAVER—Pre Ilinttrour No 2--1 rook are, R 7 . 61.1,
rod A C.; 1 roll carpet, IV 61.Clitateck: 21 1,16 pap.r. Bell
& Lull,)): 35 Lb!, xtanth. O'Connor a. (b. 2 1,.. tax .red. 13
bbl. tallow, Brown & Klrkintrickt 43 do hour, 4 rtsoat.
4 do wheat, owners aboard, 10 1,41, apple., 9 bas eherae, I '
B C.mrleld, 1 bs surd, J C Bidwell.
CINCINNATI-111 Ink, CM-UV—LT ryks ban., Lama
3 0
do .hoolder.. 38 do
r (
k .
George &Jeakitmll ekt brow
4 671. 1,3,45, Brown a Kirklatri , k. 3 Id. ono. Keonedv &
ChiblL L 5 hhil. trugar, lo bbl. .umtrhouto. tonla.arx. Bor.
bir . i ,, dz y &lo o orra l it,Ll9 b h 1 9 , 1 .. ru,;Lr if 1 . 1
i 1f . ...1 , 1a b yri,, ,,, Wut
cot, G 11 Milloubermer. 50 to,;. pl 4; Into. Ni.r.lelt 4. Co. 4'"
Pm Lao TA floil--Welaur and Yandr rnoolt—lbo bbla
loot, 11 Graff it 1.14 27. do, 3 do ey" 01 do Rimy. 41 bah.
loather. 2.!, bblr aid , l,
.111 O ral & 1.,.. 19 1411. paper, J 11
i M is ' it i I° ,. r7 . l :te. b il b ;inr It "
,t, ' Go ' ' 1
' e '-' o .lt . ,.' tn . i ' d o l
l b ' El ' dob , 4 b o b' :
t , 4y . t. illltchfinht to p olos , re tiorr 4 Work; 1 lot a tan 'i rintt
rulture, IV Jeliionn, 151,1,11 fiNtlf, Ann , treng A Crtcer
It do. Cu191211,1L Smith.
DRURY/WORT—Pre et*Pll , lr-1 4,1,1 abl ,, e. Shnenberm,
tN boa barley. Al It Mown; Ob., 2 ehexts,3 Id., 1 cupbrcirl
llrowurrille wharf laatt 2 rks Wave. 100 bid. flour. 14ra
P:LL'Z'li Zr:,l' 't.ilitl:::ti'L',„;,',lhM'Z'r.lilli.:
le.sehry. 162 bbl. flour. Bell & briceit.
LOUISVILLE—Pm Ant,,,.., :±1 . .--;.11 lerl Eton, 1.Z.1
tall ham.. 0 blal. bloon.l hf 1,14 toe!. If Bingham: CO bbl,
cement, li R . Wall., ;a do molars.. llootra & Rirk7ut
rick: 1 do 3 r.k. tad., )loFaden A: 04.1,, 59 Wei lard, J
GA.: :al do whigker. J Y 1,,, I'o .In, R vent,, 75 bit ,44.
Kb, Rem June,oody. a Clubl.; 3tl do. Arbuckle/Leo; v 2 c^.k: tmren, i
& 11 bbi. whi.k.r, I: Roar,.
lard. 122
LOIILLEre.Ie, -- Grwt
104111.1. $4.1-1 Y 4 hhd, baron, 14 1,1,0 1 ;
Slbbly pl.O.
12 do. bnn. 2 tad. lanl. er ,
& Jour.: :10 bbls pork. 4 do lard. 3 AM. eo baron I) Loechl7.l 4,
Cat! lade.. drank Ito, Hay. a Biwa..
WHEELING -I'n loon, 01...--LOm. 'paper, I ;thidel
501 hbl. Whams D Le-,b & (..(3, I N roa l, ,am: IV Ramie,. :
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Translated fruit, the German.
When we wire.sammoned before the court a
gain, the whole court was full of people, and
euxuerliuddered when they SAW no, but others
wept; toy child told the same talc as before. Lint
when our old fele was called, and who eat on ri
beach behind, no that wehad not seen her, the
.drength wherewith the Lord had gifted her was
again at an cud, and she repeated the words of
our Saviour, 'lle that eateth bread with mr bath
lifted up Its heel against met" and she held fart
to tay chair.' Old Isle, too, could not walk
straight, for very grief, nor could Abe speak for
tears, but the twitted and wound lier4elf about
before the court, like a woman in travail. But
when Dom. Coons! threatened that the consta
ble should presently help her to her words, she
testified that ray child bad very often got up hr
the night, - and called aloud - upon the foul
o. Whether she bad ever heard Satan an
swer her!—R. She never had heard him at all.
Q. Whether - she had perceived that Bea had a
familiar spirit, and in what shaper She should
think upon her. oath, and speak the truth.-11.
She had never seen one.
Q: Whether she had erer heard her Hy up the
chimney 7—Q. Nay, she had always gone softly
oat at the door.
y. Whether she neverat mornings had missed
her urotan or pitchfork
,I—R. Once the broom
was gone, but she found it again behind the
stove, and may have left it there herself by mis
V. Whether she had never heard Bee east a
spell, or wish harm to this or that person r--R.
No, never; site had always wished her neigh
bors nothing but good, and even in the time of
bitter ratable had taken the bread out of her own
mouth to give it to others.
QC Whether she did hot know the salve which
had been found in Rea her coffer 7—B. Oh, yes!
her young mistress had brogght it back from
Wolgast for her skiMand bad once given her some
when she had chapped her'hands,and it had done
her a vast deal of good,
Q. Whether she had anything farther to say 7
B. No, nothing but good:
Hermitian my man Claus Needs was called up.
Re also came forward in tears, but answered ev
ery question with a ay," and at last testified
'that he had never seen nor heard anything bad of
my child, and knew naught of her doings bc,
night, seeing that he slept in the stable with the
horse'; and that he firmly believed that evil folks
—and here he looked at old Lirrie—had brought
this misfortune upon her, and that she was quite
When it came to the turn of this old limb of
Satan, who was to be the chief witness, my child
again declared that she-would not accept of old
Lirtie's testimony against her, and milled upon
the court for justice, for that she had hated her d
from her youth up. and had been longer by hab
it and repute's witch than she herself.
But the old hag cried out, -"God forgive thee
thy sins; the whole village knows that I am a
devout woman, and one serving the Lord in all
things ;" whereupon she called up old Zuter Wit.
thahn and my churchwarden Claus Bulk, who
bore witness beret.. Rat - old-Paasch stood and
shook his head: nevertheless when my child said
- Putsch, wherefore lost thou Wake thy bead 7'
be started, lied answered, ...01i,'nothing!"
Howbeit, Ik',. Contra/likewise perceived this,
and asked him, whether-he had any charge to
bring against old Littim , if so, he /Mould give
glory to God, and state the same; item, it was
'competent to every one so to do; indeed the court
required of him to speak out all he knew.
But from fear of the old dragon, all were still
as mice, so that you might have heard the flies
burr about the inkstand. I then stood up,wretch
ed as I was, and stretched out my arms over my
amazed and faint-hearted people, . . and spakc
"Can ye thus crucify me together with my poor
child have. I deserved this at your hands':
Speak, then; alas; will none speak?" I. hearth
indeed, how several wept aloud, but' not one
spoke: and hereupon my poor child was forced to
And the malice of the old hag was such that
she not only accused . my child of the most her
' tilde witchcraft, but also reckoned to a day when
' she had given herself up to Satan to rob bee of
her maiden honor: find she bad said that Satan
ho• . without doubt, then defiled her, when eke
could no longerheal the cattle, and when they
all died. Hereupon my child said naught, save
that she cast down her eyes and blushed deep
for 'home at such filthiness; and . to' the other
blasphemous slander which the old hag uttered
with many tears, namely, that my daughter had
given up her (Little's) husband, body and soul, '
to Satan, the answered ae the had done before:
But when the old hag came to her re-baptism in
the sea, and mite ant that while seeping for,.
strawberries in the coppice the had 'recognised:
my and stolen to wanlikier, and per- 1
reived these doings, my child fell in send
ing, and answered, “Oh, thou evil woman! how I
maddst thou hear My voice speaking down by
the sea, being thyself iu the forest upon the
mountain! surely thou hest, seeing thato the mur
mur of the waves would make that impossible."
This angered the old dragon, and seeking to get
out of the blunder, she fell deeper into it, for
she said, "I saw thee move thy lips, and fiom
that I knew that thou didst call upon thy para
mour the devil !" for my child straightway re
plied. 6 -Oh, thou ungodly woman I thou midst
thou Wert in the for es t when thou didst
hear toy
voice: how then up iu the forest couldet thou see
whether 1„ who wan below by the water, moved
my lips or not!"----
Such contradictions amazed even Dom. Con
cal, and he began to threaten the old hag with '
the rack if she told such ties; whereupon she an
swered and Fold, "List, then, whether I lie!
When she went naked into the water she had no
mark on her body, but when she came out again
saw that she had between her breasts a mark
the size of a silver penny, whence I perceived
that the devil had given it her, although I had
not seen him about her, nor indeed, had I seen
any one, either spirit or child of man, for she
seemed to be quite alone,"
Hereupon the Sheriff jumped up from his seat,
and cried, Search must straightway be made
fur this mark;" whereupon Dona Consul answer
ed, Yea, but not by us, butl,l4 two women of
good repute„' for he would not hearken to what
toy child said, thatit was a mole, and that she
bad had it from her youth up, wherefore the con
stable his wife was sent for, and Dom. Consul
muttered 'somewhat into her ear, and a-sprayers
and tears-were of no avail, my child was forced
to go with her. Howbeit she obtained this fa
vor, that old Lizzie Kolkeu was not to followher,
as she Would have done, but our old maid Ilse.
I. too, went in my sorrow, seeing that I knew
not what the women might do totter. She wept
bitterly as they undressed her, and held her heads
over her eyes for very shame.
Well a-day, her body was just as white as my
departed wife's; although in her childhood, as I
remember, she was very yellow, and I saw with
amazement the mole between her breasts, where
of I had never heard aught before. But she sud
denly screamed and started back, seeing that the
constable his Wife, when nobody watched her,
had run a needle into the mole, no deep that the
red blood ran down over her breast,.. I was
sorely angered thereat, but the woman said she
had done it by the order of the judge,. which
indeed was true: for when we came back: into
court, and the sheriff asked how It Ness, she tes
tified that there was a mark of the size of a sil
ver penny, of a yellowish color, but that it bad
feeling, seeing that Reis had screamed aloud,
when she had unperceived, driien a needle ,
therein. Meanwhile, however, Dom. Canierarius
suddenly rose, and stepping up to my child, drew
her eyelids asunder, and cried out, beginning to
tremble. "Behold the sign -which never fails;" f'
whereupon the whole court started to their feet,
and looked at the little spotunder her right eye
lid which in truth had beervleft there by a stye,
but this none would believe. Dom. Consul now
said, "See, Satan both marked thee on body
and soul ! and thou dolt still continue to lie un
to the Holy Ghost; but it shall notavailthee, and
thy punishment will only be the heavier. Oh,
thou shameless woman: thou ,hast refused to ,
accept the testimony of old Lizzie ! wilt thou '
alsn refuse that of these" people, who have all
heard thee on the mountain call upon the devil
thy paramour, and seen him appear in the like
nese of a hairy giant, and kisa and caress thee_ 1
Hereupon old Paascb, goodwife Wittkahn, and
'toter, came forward and bare witness, that they
had ,een this happen about midnight, end that
ou this declaration they would live and die; that
old Litrie had awakened thini one - eight
about eleven o'clock, had given them a can of
beer, and persuaded them to follow tie parson's
daughter privately, ant to see what she did up- I
on the mountain. At hest they refused; bat,
order to get at the truth about the witcheraftin
the village, they had at loot, after a devout
prayer, consented, acid had followed her in God's
•It ray 1.11r•nl ttut them, tztarlro vg•rtt an d al of • • 11.41 they art . relosernible, and Una ther .
Le ihte
I ea. by the devil: and havu lISCW44 Tice!!.
latar atareht`d taen.• other anthoritiete. Dukan#4,,rnadt•
They had soon through . the hushes seen the
witch in the inuonshinri• she seemed to dig, aid
„yake iu sumo R e ethge tongue the while,. where
! upoii•the grim arch-bend suddenly appeared atid
fell upon her neck . Hereupon they rot:awny in
encriternation, but, by the help of the Almighty
Out, on whom from the eery first they had set
,their faith, they were presereed from the power.
of the Evil I Me. For, notwithstanding he had
, turned round On hearing a rustling in the hushes
he had no power to harm them.
Finally, it won even charged to my child as a
crime, that she had feinted on the road front
Coserow to hides, and .none.would belfeth that
this had been caused by veistion at old Lizzie
her singing, and not front a bad Conscience, an
stated by the judge.
When all the witnesoe bad been examined,. Dom
Consul asked whether she had brewed the atorre
and wont was the meaning of the frog that had
dropped into her lap item, the hedgehog whictilay
directly in his path To all of which she itritiwer
ed, that she canard the one as little as she knew
of the other. Whereupon Dom Consul shook. La
head, and asked her last of all, whether she
would have an adva-ate, or trust entirely-in the
good judgement of the court- To this oho pre
answer, that she would by all tatalLl have ad
vocate. Wherefore I sent my ploughnted,Clans
Neely, the next day to Wolgast to fetch-the Syn
dic. Michelsen, who in a worthy man, and
whose house I have been many limes when went
to the town, seeing that he courteously invited
I must also note here that at this time my'old
Use came back tvlive with me; for after the
' witnesses were gone she stayed behind , in the
chamber, and came boldly up to me, ated tweecapsht
Inc to suffer her once more to serve her old mss,
ter and her dear young mistress; for that now
she bad saved her poor 'soul, and eaufessdl all
she knew. Wherefore eke could no longer bear
to see her old meter in such wotal plight, with-
out so much- sia a mouthful of victual, seeing --
that she had beard that old wife Seep„Who . bad
till datum prepared the fOod for me *and 'my .
child, often let the porridge burn; item, over_
salted the fish and meat. Moreover, that I was
so weakened by age and misery. that .1 needed
help and support, which she would faithfully - give _
me, and was ready to sleep in the stable, if needs
moat be; that the wonted no wagee for it,
only-not to turn her away, Such kindness made
my daughter to weep, sad she said to me; 'ire-.
hold, father, the good folks come back to us •
again; think you, then, that the good angels 'will
forsake us fortsrer i thank thee old Ilse thou
shalt indeed prepare my food forme, and always •
bring it as far as the prison door, If thou inayret
come no farther; and mark, then, I pray thee,
what the constable does therewith," •
This the maid promised to do, and from this
time forth tooknp her abode in the stable. May
God repay her at the day of judgment for what
she then did for me and my poor child.
Bosros, April 8, 1850.
The following is is sketch of the remarks
of Mr. Mann, at the meeting held in the Tre
Mr. Mann, after taking the chair addressed
the meeting. He said he had come. here to
gle his voice in the torrent of execration pitted
oat against the Fugitive Stave Law; and when
he looked twelve years, he was astonished at the
change. At back that time there was not
one person in the State or, National councils,
or in private life who was not - utterly apposed to
the extension of slavery. But what had token
place?- On that . accursed Tth of 'March, when
that Senator whohad so long been the pride of
Massachusetts, gathered together all the senti
meats and noble thoughts he hod ever expressed
against Slavery, and trampled them Under foot,
not only did he wish to extend slavery over n
Vast portion ofour territory, bat ne wrath' have giv
entwo hundred millions dollars worth of public
property to build up their interests, and to Corti; -
tit) , their position, and then he held not his en
ticements, and in that speech called the Revere,
Speech, he broached a new topic, that of
est, in the ears of our citizens, to induce them
to give their support to slavery-.
If our pecuniary interests could have been en
lanced by the • surrender of freedom, it was:an
inhuman and wicked project; and we were'res
tiring further from the true interests of Massa
chusetts with every step we took forwards-com
promise.' We have lost, rather, by this act.—
It may aid in making a northern man President,
but we are detracting from the product! and
business of the North. How has this been done?
By making of a President and by cotton.--
Whatever doubts I may have in referencetonn
imal magnetism, I am a fires believer in cotton
II has been said the Press is the fourth estate
of the'realm. But I deny it. Cotton the
fourth estate of the realm, it rules the Press.—
Tliere is a strange power impregnated in. itatill
worse. It iN when the velvet -covered Cushion of
the pulpit is stuffed with this cotton. The minis- -
ter grows delirious in hisministrations, he for
his Master's - precepts. The doctrines. of
the New Testament and Heaven forbid thv_ cse .
judicial seats shalt be filled wit h this resettle
cotton. And what does this cotton accomplish in
the editorial chair? Let the history of the last .
twelve months tell.
Oentlemen.—l hope this cotton intinence. is
'coming to an end—that some more fertile sub
stance may tie discovered, or rather thatitseulti
iation may lee greatly increased in the earth,
so that we shall no longer be dependent On our
Southern neighbors for a supply. In this way
the cotton iiinuence is soon coming to an end;
and then how will those men, who have sacrifi-__
ced principle, feel and how will they appear in
the eyes of the world.
There a mercenary motive operating to 'in
duce you to rapport the Fugitive Slave Levi, be
cause you will lase-Southern custom if you do .
not. But there is no danger of this. The South
wilt-not go hare-headed and unkilted because
we wish to prevent them from carrying back free.-
men and slaves together beneath the powei 'of
the lash.
Ile had been asked, he said, since he entered
the hall, why we were here, and not in smother
temple of liberty! Lv it not, he added, a mel
ancholly consistency, that while • . the Court
House is in chains, Fennell Hall should he dumb? not the first time a temple of justice has
been in the hands of the money changers—and
may those who drive them out of the temple
meet abundant reward.
. .
Crest enthusiasm was manifested by the midi
enee during the delivery of this address. gen
eral other speakers followed.
Gowns, April 9th.,
The case of the negro Sims begins to assume
a more serious aspect, and a direct collision
between the General and State Goremonents
appears to be threatned. In the Massachusetts
Senate to-day, an order was passed by
of 2.5 to 7, appointing a committee to enquire
.. wbethet the freedom of any, inhabitant of this
commonwealth is in danger through the remiss
ness of any officer thereof, or if any law for :the
security of personal freedom btud been violated
in any officer of -the City or State."
This movement is in consequence of the retu
rnl of the sheriff to serve the writ of replevin
upon the Marshal, and also his rqrassl Warm
a criminal warrant upon Sims for dasaulting the
officer who arrested him, both of which were
designed as plans to get Sims out ,of the hOnde
of the U. S. authorities • The Committee is now
in session. The Governor MLR aLso, directed the
Attorney General to consult with the Sheriff
relative to serving the writ of replevin upon the
Immense plaeandl nee' posted about calling
on the citizens and all opponents of Slavery, to
assemble at the State •!louse on 'Friday, and
witness .thS States disgrace in the deliverynpat
Councils of Baltimore ;irrived here yesterday
about one o'clock, and were comfortably quarter
ed in the various hotels. In the afternoon they
visited and took a look at the great railroad
bridge across the Susquehanna, the insane Asy
lum, and other objects of curiosity alld interest_
They also visited both Houses of thelLeetalatnre
and appeared to be greatly delighted
,with the
rapidity with which the billy on private calendar
were pia through on third reading ini the Titmee.
We saw several who were profuse its
,their -cote
pliments of Nit.. ' , Speaker Cessna, whilise prompt.
nese and intelligence in the discharge of his la
borious and important duties, excited special ad
miration. Mr. Speaker Matthias of; the senate
was also highly complimented for the ease and
dignity with which he presided.
About eight o'clock in the evening the whole
party called upon Governor Johnston at. his
dwelling, and were intrcduced by Col. Robertson
of Allegheny. Here they met with it most mil ,
dial and hearty reception ; and afterai brief ad
dress from the Governor, and a further- inter
change of civilities, the party withdrew, appa
rently mach gratified by their visit- I
The company, we understand, will take their.
departure this morning at ten o'cloel, on their
return to Baltimore. —lTarvisbucy .4 rur.
MAssAcuretrrii.—A dispatch from . Boston
states that Judge Allen, P. 8., has benreelectid
to Congress from the .I%h (Worcester) -Distrie' t.
• Noelection in the lid end IVth
I the Vllth, Goodrich, Whig,, anSrlfea to be
ebisee. A Plurality will elect at the:, iteitAriid,
'a Isla* Oat effect hating *ontly- .16 8 44 th e