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t 0... warm. (mama same:.
OMCE ON Tulsa Still 0515 TO TIM 5070 0/TICZ
DAlLY—arren 2.1210 e ter annum, payable half yearly.
fax DOCIA. If 0511 In soil sum.
. WENKLY—T let en...r 1 0 • 17 .0ee. LYme
ns, .pplird nn following 202 a:
eopiepi per sunurn .1 6 00
Ylx mpie. d.i 0 00
Trotnk% .3,1 13 00
te nnple. 17.) 00
The ssrlet for earn elub to b. addressed person,
and to tr W4l lu st.lvsum. Club rapers will
be sent after the es pi n•A, unless the money Ls sent for
• renewal.
- One Swam (10 lines of tionyareil or leo)
to townie's_ II 060
Do. • each aulditioual Insertion- oo'
Do. me • eel: 1
Its rc-• 'spelt.. 4 00
IMt. two
two months 7 Ds
Do. three imintlia.- V 0 00
faur owniths 10 00
Do. :it months VS 00
Do twelve months - lot 00
. Ptanding liner or Ism per annum... / 5
One Do ll ar for each additional line.
t O. e square, ehatigeabia at pleasure (per an. 2,
puni) taxing... of the raper
Tar each additional square. losertral over one month, and
ph additional equal, ineertial under the yearly rotes ,
half prim.
Advertisement!, exe.oding a square. and oat over fifteen
lora to tie chargnl tia a square and halt.
rohlishers not arrouutablo for legal advertisements he.
fiend the amount char,sed far their publication.
Announcing- eaudtdatee for ugh, to be charged the same
se other advetisement..
' AdeCrUseMcnts nut ulark.d on the copy for • spcd•cd
number of losertiona, will Le fontil.led Ull
'meat etacted accordingly.
TOO privilege of manual advertimrs le strictly limited to
their - Own inuneillate Inutile., and all edvertismanta for
the beneht of other t.Cl,Olll], well es all advertisements ant
Monted.hitely onitmet4,l with their own bualness. and ell
dams of wivertirement, In length or otherwise, beyond
thatirelte ensmited, he charged KW. lis.lratem. For
all such tratodeut Wrartising. bills will he wiparately
. rendered. and I , O+UPt PSI it'd.dted.
All advertises:ion. for charitable Matitutiona, theommi
panics, and. toirtubtp. and other public meetings, are!
such like, to tie charged half prim, payable /grimly in ad.
Marriage notices DS be charged 30 cents.
Death motto.. inacti , 4l aiittout charge, sinless scuccups.
stied Li (=lend invimtwele or obituary notices. and whoa
`Aro accompanied to be paid for. •
' Regular advertiser, and all other! eelienns communiese
Mons, or requirina tatiraw deal:pled tot call attention to
Pairs, Mitres& Calmest-a. or sor public entertalutuatte,
where charges are tuedelt.r admittance—all notices id pd.
Tate adutociations—every notice designed to roll attentioo to
private entorprisey, caleuUded or Intended to promote hull
',thud interest man only Lo Inserted with the undemand
ing Mod the samo Le to la paid for. sill otendml to be Ito
'muslin the local column. the MM. be charged at the
rats of not leer the. In sent, per line.
Bishop Lin, Native to be charged triple price.
• Tavern Petitions 92 rash
Heal Estate Agents' and finctioneers' advertieementa not
to be classed nod, }early rates. but to he allowed •
eonnted thirty thrse sod one third per cent Drum the
14120. t of billet
Doe 3.47.. re. tbre. 1n..-rtions. .$1 30
Do. eac.b.s.llltionsllaiertlott.. ..... 37
o...square. (10 lime.)one Inachlon- .50 Dente.
Do. cacb vadttional invertlon..—..2s cents.
All transient advertlvements to be read to advance.
AOILN A. PARKINSON, Alderman, Filth
Ward, Prnn rime. botnmn O'llAna and Walnut. All
Den promptly attonOrl tn.
COLLIER, Attorneys at Last—
io oak.. o Fourth Are.. shore Smithfield.
1 7 ) W. F. WIIITE, Attorney at Law—Of
f Graut nrrr4 molar 1 , ,0rth . . to Artbureßuild
t.g. Pittsburgh. Ps. m< hsay
.0 ObSo Efate Onntnenioner far taktna Sims. Ak
noviettatteMOLl Or 1.41,. AC. 001,—.F,m, a rt ,. 0,,,,,..
Oftalthadd. cririalkyoT
N P. &C. L. B. FETTERMAN, Attor
. .6 5 , 1 7 a at and Heal 'nate !went, Nn.1 , 5 , 111
trAIIES J. KUHN, Attorney at Law, office,
; . ..I.triewfau,,.recr of liranCstrret and Dltt y ncant
JTAMES F. KERR. Attorney at Law—Office
cc 4th FL beprean Esnithre•ld end Brant. fittateurgh.
FRANCIS 0. FLAKED IN, Attorney at Law,
N. 112 Foortit ,rent. Eitteburab.
-• • TOWS
•• - •
CZ..t. WATSON. Attorneys ut Law,
No. 110 Fourth 'levet. Pittsburgh.
,—.llrmander & Dar John EllTdar. Hp.: Ue
rot; Morrlaort it C 0.4 WIT. P. i'11...r, Jam 11..nartg. Ac
nountutt; deo. W.3ll.ek,...ti.Pat..burich. iartlly
AWARD P. JONES, :Attorney at Law:
me, as Fnurth alma, between Wool a Smith-
JASPER E. BRADY, Attorney at Law,
Nag Fifth ortrret, Pitti:lturgh. la
ESL wittums & bo., Bankent
sad Esrban flrokere, rya corner of Wcol
WA lard RmV. Piligbure h.
All traanartionst mall on lawn./ term, alLl•nolieetions
, D=DtlY to.
D. KlNG,Barkker aud Er:change Broker,
'a - Vowel greet, Dealer In liar& Notes. Ellis of FA
. Gold and &her. blocte bought and noW.
The 61 marlin prim roll in premium Mr American
Half .Donars. mid Mexican and Fpanish Dollar, I, p 4.
AVM. LARIMER, JR., Banker and Broker,
V .1 4th ota-mt, Yo. G 4 slioiuiu¢ the Bank of Pittsburuh.
A 1: ILKENS £ CO, Exchange Brokers,
South East Corner of Third:Lad .111aketstrootu All
um at reeetnapoo var.
i „, HOLMES & SON. Dealers in Foreign
• and Domestic Bills or Exchange, Certificates of De
pod Dank Notes end Specie, No. fro 31arket street, Pitts
-1:111111S.Colfectiona mate on all the principal cities
the United State..
O„EORGE E. ARNOLD & CO., Bankers:
ltea/ers in Usenet/gr. Coin; Dank Notre, ke.. Ito. 74
lonsth street. next chow b the Bank of Pirelinenti. Col
leeikins esrefullyettentled 10, and the pennies remiti.ed
ger Vert of the Union.
KRAMER dc RAEIM, Bankers and Ex
et.ap. Brolorn twain . .. in Ponies .}34 Do . ll7ltEtie
Oeitr: " l9 ‘ =:?ili= ' s ; :ZZ iertZdi=
the cr. , . " Marlez Hotel
CAROTIfiRS & CO., Banking Mune,
gtlati4d IChetaid" ml trolVetiarrPeh.onC:'Ll'l'V=lZl
of the U nited Bute,
411.11214 L • A.
and Bill Brokers. No. 114 Fem. street. Fennelal Eagle socurttln from tIC,J $
10,V00 ea.>, oo head
114111=1" il.r” WI. C. FISET.
Ettusey, Hanna d Co.. Mauna. I,Xcauffox 81D.1141.
dealers In Fomtae and T.Krielltk Elebairxe, Cantldate*
ortlepWt, Ilanlo,Notes, and nneck—North Kett corner of
Wwdand Thin, atrrato. Curren: Monor renßred on Der
B 0 dia. Vista Chocks far , elm and . rnileatloda Ml4r, on neap
IF all dta prindpal mint. of d+ I.;ptad Staten
The WON, premium paid for laralgn and Linerkan
Adannensmadeoncononnalaentsof Produos,abippad auto
tin literal term.
W. TAYLOR, Commisgioner and Bill
Broker, 112 Second street. Strict attention will be
girth to all 6=1..1 tumoral to his care. Pittsburgh
attentreetoted articles always on bend or protared at short
notica. Note, BOMA. 11rtgaget. th, negotiated oh favor
able-team Advances mad, It requite& ce22
A A a :I:WA .1 0.10
DC. STOCKTi lato Johnston & Stock
. M aaacoaor l a a a Blae, a
4 - AS. B. HOLMES' Cheap Literary Depot,
Third street, opposite the Post - Office. New Books re.
tha t arsZo o r ' R - 44‘.?rl ' patZedTat 'l ire d ta t rbli=
111 - HOPKINS, Bookseller and Stationer,
no.lBrourtl Itrect. AMU* anadlnm•
VIAVilt SOWN, ' R, Whalenle and Retail
.. 13 4.Aba Coamtioner. Toorth ct.t.rt.Plttgbnr¢ll.
eaalaq Cake, ittuf Yawl. Confectlotal7.lit , .7. Ot. fAtAA
AtelerArenvtually attmaded tn.-
?COURit/71K, Manufnetureratrdim
..T.,T,LlLTP.: Va C
rTit . ;r "'' et.
o. S 6 Fourth .
"a" Wood
coireassioN'm - FORWAILDING_._
.V: A. iti,AULTY CO—Traitsiciiierg,
alt."lll.V.VA:r °, l=3:rtlnriT.' th '"' ktDr.
arul Commlnica Dlevh Watt, ants, No: GI ette•t.
Wi. 0: JORRSTON, Forwarding snd
Gammiaslon 11.aahnnt.„ No. 111. Be.o-od street,etantgb.
KIER & JONES, Forwardink.; and Com
:aim= Merchants. Draleam in Pro-ure and Pitt.
nunar.setived article, Canal Basin, lam Seventh
Stmt. Ilttotbargh.
I. A. OLDT .1. P. onau
ll t, A
IG RDY, JONES & CO.. Sue,essors to M
.'S!, Jan. A Co..l3anmlseart n.5 . .4 Parearllng a 1 . ,"
tif.3PTS lo PittAlmr.:ll Manufartnrall (load, Nu,
burgh. Pm. a
. .
is Dealers In For nod apsargtle Dry (Wads. No. 101
Awe street, riu.AbeNe. 4b14
... A. CLAM CO-MT taraf.....-c. 1...711uNT *co.,am I. T.
A. MASON CO.. Wholesale end "iM Retail
In Pansy and Staple Dig (toodu. G. Shute,
h Pittsburgh. ,
124 Dry Merrl3.2., miner of'Foarlh
' , V.1.,
• _
...... emu, T t .
.WRSEI na t, FLESIING .5: CO., Commission
hherebantr--For the 'elleof Droneetle. Woolen. STU!
Uouls. alp, amenln oli Mule or Tedlmif Triutin-
W a 1:7 Wood greet: fourth dour from Fifth. Pitt.
D. RUNT, Dentist, Comeiloi Fourth
end Decal= la, I,tween Market sod !Urea.
C. C. IerVII . 4I-
. EYSKR lvtctn wy.tx, (UeeetiSortl in
:;", i • to Um It. Keir.r.) Whnleanle and Rettll Drag and
7 &O re, em - nerof Werel street and Virgin rater.
prasciptions carshilly comparartdad vlght.and
. -
4.lin: D & C 0..., Wholesaie tliu — egistw Deal
*. en In Met& o:bk, Dye Flee, . ‘ ,..41 t ,,,,,, r ,..,,,t x _
a De. M'Lanebrbb•beaterl Worm Speellin, at.
•,ey ing,' sal .Ltum syr.rn No. ea, emus,. of 'Wood and
litarth Ames, PiltAbergh. Olden, vlll be carefully met
-14, Stmlibtflidoo Vith &Pall. .
A. FAIINESTOqK k CO.. Wholesale
• ,ItKLai wad mantifiEcturen of White Lend. I:v.1
• urgh, Ps.
wth.rg, .met IV{.l and.Prnin ntrvets. 1.11,
E. SELLERS. I'holesale Dealer in
• • brCIF,I, Pale.. Toy. St tin.. Oil, Vernl.l),A, dr- de,
57 Word
neat, Pft.burgh. Pa. (loots wartarstea.
• 0..10.•
OFIN I). MORGAN; Wholesale Druggist,
and Dealer In Irro Stuil. Pinot, Verulshea;
93 Waal .1(.1 South of Dhunond
ritt!hurgb. —
ca N. WiCKEILSIIAM, 'Wholesale Druggist
fa A"' D 1VZ411,17" r4n A tT i r Ml=
117-.1.1C[ 1111.3 uioeUr-itirict.
, S .. . --• •
poltAU & ItElTEl{,lWholenale nod Retail
I 1.41444m3A-4.4,4344, ~4 LlLl•rty .oI ..S Clair 41., Pitto.
ttrub. Pa.
IT SellOON3lirdlt , si co., elllVllOlegai rug
toy gi.1.3. NO. 24 W. 41 4E.. ril.4burgh.
wx. RUA.. JR rr.aarla
F. W!LSiN .4, Grocers and
pnader, tin. II g I ' l7 Frout r 4. apl
1 L. SHEE, Wholesale Grocer. Commission
1 • Merehavt, and dealer Paper and Rage, camacr nt
'run end Irwm PittAboryh.
, ASIIIEL I'. SIIILIVEIt, 'Wholesale Gro
cer. Protium. and , mminalou echant., imd rk•m_
" In Pittaburrh alanufacturod Ankh, Naafi IN) and
ad street. beureen Wood and Smithfield. Pitinburuh.
• • • •
1 • -
OLIN S. DILWORTH & CO., Wholesale
Grunt,. Prxlute and tu:nmission 31arctututot AO
, to for llntard Po , stlvr Cat, of Ilusardvilles Cum, No.
I WoOd PL. Pittsburgh.
J. W. tti.
I Grooors and lbvmfeaioq Mocha/as. N 0.116 %Vat.,
'erect,and 150 }lost Ktreet. Ilttrburgh.
timer. Commission and! Fora arding 31 , ,h. , .....1
,hir for Bright.. Button r....., 57 wm.r of.. risubuxvii.
rifk WATT & COI, Wholesale Gge.. era,
Commbsion )lochs.[[. and .. IncajEg...l4l .
~, :vr, 3„ . e . .
L i ilr r g tilm.stfactures, No,. ..t.lO L 1
j o B. CANFIELD, 14te of Warren, Ohio,
. Commission and Foraarding_n m
ercht, and Whol,
Dealer to Western Resorts Cheese Butt, Pot and
P I L .V A t ' i ' kerlgfeld " =i l'A lTltgr 'nr. "'''''
L' Snra t iEßSl o .iStl x lll.6A . ,..icrene
. Grocers. Committal. and Forwarding Itcrchimts.
< em In all kinds of Proinco and Pitelturgl. Manufactu.
Arad.. and Agents for l the We of Richmond and
tindtburgh IlannfammEd Tobaco. Nog. Id and Of Writer
tree, Pittsburgh.
-", F. VON BONNHORST & CO., Whotp
mar Grocer. Forwarding an 4 Commimum ilex&
tin • ,
Dealers In Pittsburgh ;Man ufactures and %trident
Produce, N0.:05, corner of Front street and Chaamuy Lane.
ff AS. DALZELL, Wholesale Grocer, Com
o MBA.. Merchant. nod Dealer trt Produce. mid Pins.
urgh Manaseturas—No. 70 Voter st-. Pittsburgh.
SAIAH DICKEY is CO.. Wholesale tiro-
cers. Casualsalon Mire/ mid, easd Dealer. 133 l`rolue.—
o. /A Water, mad lin Front streot. 110 hvrwh.
, - •
NGLISII & BENNETT, late Engliah,
iGallagher aCo blr.le /mom, Com:abam and
orlraOlnx 31erYhant, and !Mrr in Produm Had Niue
tomb Manufactory, Nu. 122 nerocel aod 121 nt.
. terevn and gullthtleld
RI. X... 1161.....4, W. weer's., etronomon.
ILI ILLER th 111CKETSON, Wholesale
VI armors, and innowters of Iteswifos. Wt.. and
gam Nn. =comer of 'alert: and Irwin sem., Plus
oreh, Ps. Imo, Nails, entlort torn, de, to , cnostandr
JOTEI V0nf.......a010 o: O'cau.......froter.e e. Inc
'GILLS & ROE, Wholesale Grocers and
COMIttiP:SOII N.. 2.57 Liberty Meet,
' ti. arch. .
frtOBERT MOORE, Whalalo Groaer,
Ittotifitag DOWN., deals in Vroloro, l'Otsburab
.nfortnros, sod all kinds of Foreign:li and Dolor,.
Tinto and Liquor.. No. 815 Litany vt0,0.. On bond
r:gd,°:n at.ZEZZT,Z;;..I4I liononitabolo
11110 0 BERT DALZEI,L & CO.. Wholesale
ta L riusts:a c i= l T ` l `, :. 'l ' ,l ll.l l7 s l siy rr : 4' . 7 .
tousia. 7
I I °BEAT A. Cl:rNN._,—... ..... tirr hole Sal.
I Grocer. Cruduce,ratur j ardlnn.nnd ecnunhodon Me ,
ant. wad Lauder In Pittahargh Marto[. ten.. !a ti
N Z . .. , /
dberty etre.. PlUshnrgh. 1
ult. ItAnAlti t , t •
01E1 S. I.,OIIItAT,
R. 11. IttssltSFAS.St f • ;omen SAILIIIST.
NV3I. P.A.UALEI. S. CO., 1% holegale biro
-1 V ~.,..., .40, In and L' , l Wool stn..t littrburgh.
T JOIE, , WU,— ......... ....I. —.ISOM Ittattlat.LS.,
WIEKk. J. 11
~i e, .. :.k .
j .i.. ,. 1\ w - DL1 , ::. 5 ,.. 5, ,, su
rk t.e 'Tint
~kt o
Lai Cornme , .. , . M.u.ehanL, dealer. In 10.0. Nail, Glas,
Cotton Yarn,Pittsburgh Alanufartur, general',
eorner of Wood and 'Water stvet, Plushurgh.
_ - -
i t . CULBERTSON it CLOUSE, 'Wholesale
, . Grocara and trununiuion 11,rlsoal.. neaten , In Pro.
I oce. and Pittsbureh Manufneton..l Ankh,. 1.5 Liberty
1 .1)17
trent. Pitn.burgh. Pa.
J. D. itILLIANI, ...Mlttl• HA..
D. WILLIAMS il CO.. Wholegale and
• Retail Family Grwerv, Forwarding mut Costrai..ion
A erchanta, and Deal", 03 Conran . Produce and PI. ..101,h
:anufacturee. comer of Wood and Fifth rt.. Pitt,burgh.
I RCPT. SVISINSOI sr.m..e.._-..011- , Ittottl‘Str,
IiOBNSON, LITTLEI ."‘ CO., No. •2L.`.
Liberty atreet. Pittaht&uh. Whol.u.l. dlnaur, 140 oce and Ournmisunn Merchant, and demon. In Vlctshurch
MIN rtti. mom us IL.VII.
& FLOY Wholesale Grocers Corn
• tah.tion Merrhancs Ihmlnt• Protuor—.llh.and
arch huildht.. trt.nuas on idtsrtr. Wo , d. sad sixth
• e•ete., PlCh.hur,:h. Ya. - -
. . .
OIIN PARKER &,Co.,W6oleZleGrocea,
Wsh•re fu Prratuer. Youshro Murat Liqunot Ohi .Mou
•nzahela and It•wefimi Whial,r—So. 5. l'artananaill Rnv
I.ihrsty rt. Pittsburgh.
• 011 N U. 31ELLOPi, Dealer in PiannForte,,
Music, snd Musk.' Irv:a:wen, School DNA.. and
I...cionrry. Sole 111,2 e. 1 , 21 . Chtrit , llng's Piarrn Forte, n.,r
•• ettrru Nardilvar,l2,—S., SI Wool ,
ENItY KLEBEIi, Dealer in Maxie,
II steal Instrummuts, and Imparter of Iralisn ntn,.
nt for Non. t Glad's grargl abd s.lusre
th Co nae lvlrteues .E.olesn AULthmasit. Also. hr Dunium's
ENNEDY, CHILDS k. CO., Manufactu
k rn. of verysuperior' 1.4 Shootin Carbe c Ctul,
Amu Tutus sod Ilittting. i Poop !Hill, Pittsburgh.
ONES &.QUIGG, Manufacturer,. of Spring
moll Mists,. Steal. Plotigh Stoel. Stool Plough trios..
I t .sousb , sad ?' i l , ytic lipr , insa. Ilsrotoort,4 Irma
L d :lea al
Coorlfil ' lug=7ls=o ' n2 l .l " of V' h fuot Yr®t :i.',.
Pittsburgh, Pa.
pr4r;re,;; A 4P .
No. 63 wstwi eL, ow 14 , 17.
ALTER P. MIAMIALL, Succesgor to
• Samuel I.llll—linporter and Dealer in French
nd American Payer Ilantimis anti Decd.% Window
Studee. /Ira board Mi.—Writing, Printing.
d Wmninnn Paper N o: lA Wood street. between Fourth
• d Diamond slim Fit1.66.63h.
ORRIS & HAWORTH, Tea and Wine
Merchnt., Lad abbe of We Ilmmood, Yittabutxt&
vex. •s. rem's° • OLO.
M. A. •M'CLURG & CO, Grocers and
Tea Dories& No. :TM Liberty street, above Wood
• are always on hand Imo& worriment of °Moe Grim,
es asatl Fins Time. Also—lorelun the
and Nut:L.llll°lu
and retalL Della supplied on horses terms.
TOIIN A. CAUGIIFY, Agent for the Lake
Erie and Michlgsn Line. to fienres and tbe
. tbe mrnor of Wayr eteltlabld As.
I LEECII k CO.; Transporters by Canal
and Yoroardlnt, Merchant. corner of Penn etrret
A. BROWN would most respectfully inform
the r mbuc that he keeps on hand athUstand on the west
of the Diamond, Allegheny elf, a complete avortment
of Vital. Wail', also lieo4llo. Shutters qr. , made to nrler
in tha brat ftyle. sarreoto.l equal W any to the Coltof
States. M. Mod,
leap retuovnel without !In old n
screw driver. Ilar porrhs..ll the rtork, ant wool
of the caldnetestabllehtuent of Knossay k 3lellazul. I am
po lr ' llteTy " (l.ttrn l ' ar r At! '""—"' " 1 "
lb at data.,
Age].) , No. 5 Wore] ousel. l'lthshorgh.
trt..lsTrAntlleritienroi,ce!rer of Tbinl st....tend F..vt
rrnmen. Allegbr.T.
N. 11.—Lime, Stavl, Mortar, Lath. &c..
IMM HAlUME,:VetPrinary Surgeon, Ltte
irovi Edlwbur gl i ie rvrtlr p in ti.
6 t. ,
by rarefed rittentk , jto whatever i.
entnelieted le,reel Ore eatlrfatlion.
nnertiob With JalliVA Ileffee Shoeing Axel
Illaekno n Itbluc in .-eneral will be carried on, of the corr.,'
Tunnel etre.t marl Petinpylvanis Arcripe.
_ . •
NI U . 1t ,.. 12 . ! t0 1.;
fo I , V
*auto So. 13'd Libra, at,! . _
RTI AUG 11, Wbol Merehantß,
kJ DcalartSn Moor and Ihvalare ropially, and For
wlna and Connnipx!on sterrisanta, No. 115 ritst
anal 116 &woad street. l'lltabumb.
_ 4 -
NEVILLE JOHNSON, Engraver on Wood.
Philo Hall, (dart stort.,) PRGlntralt. Pa—Views of
u dings. Mar nine,. Heads of f..,,papang,Yronarriters ,
Laralsrapor,l/rutt In oolong !Hall for DiriaStma.
irtintandAssriaticlir.emtinn•SG.P,,,,n the tir "' Off to
of art. and at tbe to pr....
t il h;
Bon a.. re • • -
Drawings, and Minn, Cants. te., cograt,l
drawn on Stone. and prlgtr4 In colors, Ord& Drools. or
111. k. In the moot apprnri.l Fty I, and at U.. moat rraton
ablo prima. wn
li r W.
WILSON, Watches, Jeefiv, Silver
ad MIRA, w
Stark. and
Fuvrth otre,t, I'l.bnn;l4 P.. N. 8. — M.. 6...1 9 .k.
jjOGAN, WILSON & CO., Importers and
Whofisete Drtaers in Hardware and Cutler?. No. IN
aul stamot, Pittsburich.
.1010 U. Mutt,
irl reta of FLINT and tiItEE.N .sr.
k nalf. MACIIMERI. take this utellual of intberaing
those desirous of having inubeurrit done, that they era
Prepared to do It at the lowest pousibla rates, at the shon
e. with, and in the best manner, at their establiehtnent.
Eenotid street, above the I.lttal Ihid..near the Ors Works.
Toe. Irotut for Black Stotth and Blurt Fortuna, 131•110.
factored at the ehorteat Indica atai at the lowest pries e.
kind, of Jobbing done on short notice.
Gas Pitting.
1 1:16'_
Fmot Mr. , . betwoon Wood and
eN.A.. Pittoburgh.P..
ii Would lad. the pubno to tbrir
. nooorunont of
. . Chanddirralindayat, Bract..
...4 1 4 . ...
. Tbry nro preier:a to onocuto
t, , ,,
t,. ( , / .. of ,. litting on tbr obollont nu
Imo' W
Wegner, Buechner & Mueller's
RE ABOVE FIRM respectfully anuounee
to their friends and the public generally, that they
ase prop ot!:tr to execute. In the first styl ofe their art. all
=, l 4' vroto.rotr
Their eetubliehment I, at No. W Market etreet, hctwoen
Thu.l and Fourth etttetc, up Mal,. suchX3l
Bolivai Fire Brick Manufacturing Comp'y.
SUBSCRIBERS, having been ztl!-_
polut.d Age,. fur the above tamed omen, will
keen cunstanUy ou halal a aupply of the odebrated Bolivar
Brick, CracThle Vire Clay. Furnace !testi hs and Iw:rails.
They are also yrepanal to
ordere fur sell Mick. to
la, mode in else Mad sharal to eult pureheaura. which shall
ta. promptly raw.
We du not deem It necessary to enumerate the many ad . ;
hovve a b
nonce bdug well known to almost all Persons who use
Flee Brick'. The proprietor,. hare determined that the
Brick 401 lose none of their preeent enviable reputstio,
nod that no expenee shall be alum! to make them even
bettor than they have heretofore been. This is the ontr
egtablishment now manufacturing Fire Brick at Bolivar.
8188 t JONES.
meta Canal Baxin. Seventh FL, Pltteburgh.
,aM WORD & CO., have received 41
their 4riog Styie of Ile., to which they rp.
peetfully invite the attrution of their curtono
t. and the public tmereAlY• feb=
Pittsburgh Gas Pipe and Tube Works.
THE undersigned have just completed their
Wad 11m now manufnettuing all ~f GM+ PIPE, Lo
n:mm[llm =LI other nue, tad all glus of
Mel they offer for gale at the love. primaa. They ere
•01, prepared to execute orders. to uly extent. withnut
ay. SPANG a CO..
N0.'91.d 92 Water street.
(OA 3loa *
it .L y
ICIIOIAS VIVLA,N, Civil Engineer,
Draughan. end Prort.kl Mining A. 1.10.. Mkko.n
N.kih, of WO kaa / f, Patent 0n,.. 41.-.1. - ns of klkehl
f. tor Mlnen, 'WM,. Works. Rollin. Mills, Or..
,ulOl betwixt lo A. M. salt P. M.. al hir n,olrnrr. Yo. _1
3larbur, str.rt, Pit& mr.b. • 1+n14,41,
A. IsIADEIRA.; Agent for Del ware Dlu
total earty Insurance Company. 42 Water rm..,
GARDINER COFFIN, Agent for Franklin
tip Firt Oaurpany, north raid cunt. of Wow
.. d riL d ENN, Bt. BLN , DE f it ith . lolXi b.
too Tri e.l ' Vul toao ire 'rd'heliFoirllOrdn'"'‘orkthl
Mn rrfolly. or remain O. Name, put. to pill letters.
u hare binding , are I.llod 10 rail. 1'1'1,4411U,
I%I'CORD it. CO.. Wholeeale and Retail
Manufartorers, an & lk-alero ma, Apo and Inn
torner of Wood anti Fifth atreeta Plttabanth. - When. they
offer a full and complete snort a no., ps, Put, le.. of
every quality- and min, by Wholonle and Retail, and im
rite the attention td Chair eustunarn and parebawrot
an, th em that they will sell nnthe won ads an.
tn,cpus tern.,
itr.m. 1)1011Y. Merchant Tailor. Draper,
V V amt . Dealer in R ead, Slade Clothin.. 137 Elbert,
New Coach .Factory—Allegheny.
c4FirAu, M. A. WIIITE & CO. would Tr
isilhnn theblic that they hare
Writ enw • Upon betvern Federal and eniAltoky
Ain... They are an. making oral an, ono.o.l. , renlre
It. tn. eterry deeeriptionot it Cu...cher. Charm,
heyouchr, Iturno,l•li.rtone. le.. Co.. which. tn. Mir
Long cniterirune Ilse inanuracrun ikl tbe afar Voelr ,
amt lb.. Ihry reel ihel are
murk ten the must term. eritb
tbrao wan.. 'nen, in their
IC.11•• ptattrialr •CUlttio. to the etlectleo c0w,0.1,
and loodo, nous but nucktnen. lheT ha,. S.
hesitation in werrant in• their woe, Wetherell-mina the
anent... •kr the puhi le to tisk matter.
N. It ilep,unny. it,... in 11. 6..‘ manner. anal on the
m‘et resehrehle terra, JiVtf
AGLE MARBLE WORKS. (e,tablixlied
6'4 1.',` 2 .11Er.!'°,4,.1.,..,„'"•t"..., 1 r1._ 1 1171111411
Ruh, Tomb.. Jlrallstunm Ao-r sLon b `", ‘
. 1 " ."
Pier Topa. always on bawl. and .utial• Lo order.
N. 11. A choirs. auloation of Unstrings no bataL 1.10
lIITGFIES k ('O. ore prepared to
00.0 kinds of NLATE
ALEX. LAUGHLIN. AgL,or. Ettusat- & Canal.
Al {{ii Works, Pittsburgh.
loar-Slato fonts pmtoptly ropalnul. I frla:i
P1:1 NG FASHION FOR 185I—Thisiii
Immtz.tut style of Ilatoir , Ic t pL
mrb: comm. Aroma Ft 5.,1 Diamond alb,
. ---- .
x r .,,„y BURCHFIELD. North East
iy corner of Fourth and Market stave., Mt...burgh,
eave. et the rommenortnent of the New-Year, to tv
turn their thank.. to their commit,. and the Mitille gen
..11Y. fur the large share or enstenn extended to them. end
Invite the cuntiunatme of their favors. Having twatitir
enlarged and improved tirwlr morn. they save... Ned to keep
en hand a very extensive assenthunia of id.wata--aml huiers
%ill have the advantage Plenty of thnht
goody. and rnake their neleetkms. They &who making
theirestabLiahment. na far an prisetkatile. • FAMILY
where every irtiele In the Fry
for the want, of tandllei. can he procured __d in then
eeintiowd aorta ni select the Net gouts. and to sell at low
priers. they hope to nuke It the interest of L•l22thiell and in
idueis, to favor them with tlietr custom.
nei..The, %YUMA:SALE lICSIVE ..., will to continued to
the o , onaii up stairs—entranee from lth street, or through
kleer row,. Janie
(ire of Third and Market street.. Thee only War
red Inaltrition of the Ithal to Pittaborgh.
FaccLx r.—Jobn Fleming. hind* the
Echlin! et Aconinta.
O. H. Chamberlin, Profemor of Fen=anablp.....tercentil•
Computation, Lo
Alex. M. %Vahan, Esq., Lavine., on Commercial Low.
Thom, dwelling a complete knowledge of Book h
and V. applieation to every brwoch of bustheaa. deo ut
gent ar.el rapid penmanship. are Invited to call and •
ine the, arraolumne.
Leoture no Commercial Law every 3loialay evening.
Ileferenee any of the reddent <By merchant.. [de=
EstAnustiED 1832, by EDMUNiI
. WILKINS, No. NS Liberty et..
. Wnr4 rtrn , Pit , nbnrgh.
Monuta•nta Burial Vaulta.Tombotnnea,
&.. Manila Ileora. Co
m al , and ner 7npa.
slwara on hand wad ado urder,of the
rbolnrat Marble, and at yrry rodurrd
A choice se.latuft torutoinos on
4 }MI WO,
non. mr.„. D eonr ' Clark Thernso Esq.
nor, Judge Wind. John Harper, Esq.
Wm. linblmens,), Esn Jans.W...,' Lien, Kan.. Arehltect
John enrder, Esq. Cash . Elec. Brokers.
bsttsburgli Bank. ',maser & Balm. do.
.1. 11. Shcentwrger Esq. Hill 6 Curry.
Wilson shrfl sli ...Fa. noon k. Sargent,
Robert lielrolghi, Esq. ' Wm. Bagaley &
J0...116E114d. Eon. Brosing. LE T. Morgan Co.
Awn. lilsolea It Co Pruit'n ,
K feels Adefts h lMlLT,e l 4ll7:4l patnnusge re
celsed during rdnteeu rears In this city, having had the
largest and trot jots ratruatod to }Assam up to the present
time. and will endeavor to render astisfactlon bereflUr.
jalt -
W . Ware-MOO. If; 10 Third street
. W. respectfully informs his friend. and
customers that he has now completed the largest
and finest sink of bouaetudd furniture ever before 00.41 in
thin city, an t a I. detrrnalund to uphold thn neudity with
eell.seaseme ',lonia best warkmanthtp. and new.. 4.-
artm and farm the ertent of his orders and re d f u In
manpfilettlfiDg. he Is enabled to prulure warranted furni
ture. at theta's.. price s.
lie has adopted the principin of idarinfring tite antdotti .
ere interest with his ow In duality and prire, and keeps
alway. on hand the anwiest variety of every dr.mildian. l
furniture. from the chnspenl and plainest, to the moat el..
Kant and roatly. that a house. or any part of one. may bc
furnished from his .tork, or manufactured a:prated, to
ord.r. Ile therefore solicit, an Inspection, that dm adven
ts'', of hls establishment may to known. 'The following
artialea ...gist. In part. of his seek. which for riehnsen of
1 1.. and point' cannot nurpasard In any of thy Eashan
Parlor, drawing, dining, and bedroom chair,. of every
variety. consisting of rosewood, sualantany and walnut.,
P.llmhethen. Conaerratolre and Es, t7hadra. of over? dee
criptiom Couches, Sofas, Trtea-teda and Divans of tint latent
French and American patent, What. Not., and
!hair.. parka Writing Dffl:ol4 rarinuo kind, Wm* Uhl.,
and burel inisid stand, mini., shunt, and holder.. marble
top. mahogaony dining tables: all A n. roncnowd and walnu t ...of the MO Im centre and suds, ta
of decidally lb, beat kind made: card. Pembroke ha p ll and
pier Udder. wardrolen I...intends and washstands of each a
large anwirtment: r id', hall and parlor re...idiot, clod,
ottoman'. and Att. ....cretary and book canes. side hoard,
bn screen, towel rack, hat stand, and muoln ntoriln,
and oats for children: Pater ...rho. ..Mu " t o n r ‘,,
mahogany. reeentood. and Wald pearl Tables.Ae. Le. e.
A large a...ortment of Cartoon Furniture and Winded .
Chairs. Cabinet maker'. aupplied with ail article' , In their
Pleamboats and lintel, furnish...lst the shortent nab,.
All order , Promptil ...tut.] to. lea
Id ird at.. rornrr
ifley, nr
haring mad'ng at .
arrangements fur Um purpose, will
nmen, Boon*, Land, for officer'. and moldier, their
i 1,,., and children, and will attend 0. antother Inul'
conunded with Um government or ant . of IY lie art.
Ur Pension office, or the Conlin at the lilt of
Wanhlngton. jalliAtt
Drawing, Perspective, and Painting in Oil
beft. I). It. SMITII is now prepared to give
Inetrvetien to few ropes In the diff nr
erent brab ea
t;lt. delightful art_ et lio• mom, in Weer, Screlle
Alkileenee new Find elreet. tween Wood and
Marketlama,. Home of inotrurlion: from Yi to V d
from O. to Ng and other nnitiesil•gr een be
known UT ng (afterponn) at the mow.
Refer to Dr.linzgane or Dr. Addition.
iIthRGE E. -- musrou &
74 Flora L. next l .Onetk N Anahuac/4.
Note, and Ihn.fts collected on 111 pkttl o f NnOnMo—
anoint bauutzt and sold on commt.. kbtalla _
(aMITLY ffi COLVI c oa l m erc h an t.,
LT and Deniers In DM Ono'. Gran rtes. Lon and Nall,
earner of Ittdnut strept Via 'Muhl; nano Tumplka Hood
W. CUNNINGHAM CO- Ma nulletoteni itiflrreaor
1.1.1. N a tit.l Market street. tea , eati
Plttehergh, Pa.
Partirular attenti. paid te alms. Abo—Dkalm
Flint Übe, vial& Bottle. tor dill 43
bbl. Na :1 juli reo'd and
Ltor gale by H. VATI NESIVM k
km= mkkkt Tint ikal Wool eta
g u t
-gOAtl-1 OF TII6 •
The undernoted or other vowel, ere IPeoleted to een "
- . .
...u, e tune—Amirieau Steamers.
TROY NOW YORK. /UM 1.111131.1-
IVedneAder. Mareh trthlßaturdaY. Slych !!jl , l
Weducalay. .. IMlOSattod:/.
i ,::: ,
7, i t:: i
~... ,+ 0 rt .. a :
yr ) . i
m A R . oil
14 2 d 1t p ,,,, F ...
d a d tr .....
d,.,,,, t.
: a 1
, Aril , , r
,:t 0
t t
1 1 :
Saturday, - 24thlWedneadal.
Salurda>. June 7thlW..doeralaY. June ? 2 , 5 1 , '„
- 21st.Ordsesday.
Saturday. July ZdhilVolneaday. Jm I T gl
Saturta). " 19thINTatItter.lay.
Paturda), Augu.t :kl , W , •dnodaJ. A_US. , fit Saturday. . 16th Weduevatay,
Saturday. . 30th Wedursalay. ,-, 3 11
Saturday. Sept. 11th Wedurad./. •. ,
Saturday. .. 17tb Wedu...alay. Oct.
Saturday, ()rt. Ilth Weduaday.
Saturday, .. :nthWedveadaY.
Saturday. D.c. N57.
... 2.,,, n t t h b l lir ., l tuu,rd ese:d l. • ,, y :
m4 tiire . .
v 1 1 2 2 11:
batunlay. '. Oath Satunlay. - Lich
Cunard /um—Mel - 4 Trip..
10.01 1..,[81.001.t flit Till UNIT" , STAIP.S.•
Azlk ' N w York ...... ..._.....Aturdsy. lihisrb 1.
Cum In ikwuni ,kr.urdy, Marrllls.
.kfrica Nvw York .sturday. 3,larrbtl.
Anwrim Ikwtmo Faturtiar. April 9 .
Apia N,.w York &dunlay, April I'2.
.Boawn w.nesday.N.. 12
.New York a Nu...4Y 5., •• 2..
... - . ._... ._-
iaira.iA ''''''''''''''''
iket;tot! -... ''''''''
...Wo — n;;;;Vip - iil U:
Africa Nov, York Woitterdoi:APril 23 .
Maori,. lAutuA IVednewlay . April 30.
Asia Sow York AVettarnlay t May I%
Pass., N MLA., &at., or New York. 1-15; ..,...,
rata, 123,
21 , tv York and Llarrvs Line—Monthly rill.
Franklin. Saturday. Feb. 'Franklin. W....l'day, I,lllNlar
Humboldt ern Mar' Humboldt Uth .Apr
Franklin. nth Apr Franklin. .• 37th Mar
Ilumbeldt, Al M. Humboldt. •• Jane
Franklin. alstld'y Franklin. l` 'll
Humboldt, .• 19th June Humboldt, •• 31ithJul4
Franklin. 160 July Franklin. • • 37th Anil
Humboldt, •• TM Aug. liumboida 11th ern ,
Franklin. Llh &pt. Franklin, 2 . 2.1 Ort
Humboldt. Ifall Ora Humboldt, •` Nth NOT
hanklin, 1316 Nor. Franklin. •• 1701. Dee.
Humboldt. i•l3th bra
Oceem Steam Xaricatiow Cll.—MonLl7y Tripe.
-Nw Y a
o L k M . IN.
-New York. .....
-New York , sturday, may a,.
•C. 0111111.1.1,1.
IV•eltio.low for New Yore ' , rider, March 21.
Hermann ........
Nn* York. Ayrll 19.
1 1 . .htuutort York Friday, like
llerialkou New York Vriday. June 13
10•ILII . OhNt
eA. mall steame r l e a ve Nem York on lbw Ilthasol 16th
of each month. for Cl.b-rra.
Po.R AND Writ. •
Stoaloohip Gabel n om lrive.Charl.sto be Igt andMho!
Orvennboog. Clounberrhuryr. PlllladrlPb 4 4
N.w lark. Eaatery, Cent, &MI Northern parta of N. C ork.
Prlawan, New Jorary. and thr pia New Ynyiand State/I.
Tb.. Ilritlrb P00r1y....a of iron., Paaada. Nora Sontls, and
Now . Pounrwlck. dal)). Artn., nt k r. w.; Orparti at 1F...
N.rtrn Illworvlllo add 11,111.1.7 tarn. 14..
Puha:flaw We countler of Itradfunl. tStatria, Centre:. Plito
tny, Jams.. 1.)ronlog, vml,n. Moire., Potter. INroty.
Taw.r.. Calm, and put af 11.-6.114.1r1141.1. rla I.lvolmorr.
)Inorayrrille. Palesu it Panda. Now A 1111.2911.1), Fag inch
il37 P. M.
alert. lionda,/, at .la. w.; 4.-
Eraz.--Ily Butler, Pa., 11en-er, Cranford, and Jefferson
count , . II rex= part Nen York and uplor Canada ...tally.
Arrinq nt 9 r. and dew.. lit 9
&arms" Ann - Wcarsaa.-11) Wwhlnatort. I's, Omen.
Fayette, erset. pof Wertmortluni mutat. V frorton , ..
Maryland, Indtimot S% uhltnt , n CitY, Snotnerttnod
ern pins of Ohio and trullann. kenturr.r. Illinois. Tenor.-
re., Alabama, Stu.souri. ifissfrdpo. ArLarann, North Caro.
, leortrin. Loolsinna..ilortda, sod Texas, daily. Arrives
and departs ud r. a.
Orruvronvir., Vay.ett, Rae., 13.1.1nrt.n.
Flamm, Parl, 11o11ulays Ibre. Jeffro.on, Ilan*
Two:trews..., rfluvt.L.s.Ohln.d..lly.
Arrive,. at 11 r depart* at t ♦. •.
Num. Won./and Cleeland. Ohba—
Ilravvr C.lumbiana, Trumbull. Itulaa, lies W,
A.bbsbuta. .? lark . syn... Medina, tuzatvva.llanult,
Itichlaud, Lorain. llama. Ottawa. brle, banduaay, lb ord.
and Lurm Obla; the ralretur anrthern°Lamb,
a the !rate. lndia:J. and Mina, Mcludln; all MHO.
gmb low, and W,ouldn. dal!). Arrivra al it a.
pasta alai
6tryaatim.-4 Shanahan, printelit. Tana ,
tam, Yrrapart, Inatialin. laiskiltdaltaa, Amanita, Cha
n, Chartleld maids. eacapt oa Simla/ a A ,
risco at 7 P. Y. Iklfd
!tiara,—ll y Pemardle. Wexford. Zrlienople. Porte,
ill.. nra' and Si.. Ida.lgy. Arm. , Tue.da3,
Tbuna and naturdaya al a P. a.: departs 31unday
Wrdtanda,• and Vrtdays, at 7 a. X.
bUllyedrri.l.ll. FltlierriDe . and Slon
°upbeat Citv. Turadaya, Fridays. Si sr. Si.; de
xarta Wed..J/3s and eaturdara, at A ix.
easoarows.—Ely ItuoLanan. Fir-H'6 Hun. MesKeenart.
Coal 6.11.,. EllxaboNtown.Gambles, floaraver. hellver
ann. Cooludown. Perry La. Lthert7. Unrer
noolays•ao4 Tburoda, at a- a. a., dt.
parts Mondays and Murals', at Y ,
StiraL3T, A.-11y it Owl'. nIW NoNleolowtt., Candor.
fluruettodown. Cr... Creek I , lllazt. Patt,arn'• 13,111. Pa.—
aethan). Va. Anne. fund... and Thorala,a,•l lu a. a
de.arta .11nrulara and ibanala,r. at I r a
marts, )'r—lty Chatty, )N1,1 , 16..111, Moan. !lon.
taunt. Frankfort Spying, Pa, Vairnra. Arils. on
Frail,. at , &num on ,athria,. at 6 a.
SBILIJCIc-1 1 . - Autrn. North, Waaidacton. and Aladin.
I'i me on Wrxthealaya at 8 r &Tarte on Monday
ate a.
• • .
LLEXIISILT.G.—By Lavan's Ferry. Anises an friday. at 6 .
cm &parts en fatuntay, ate A. m.
Paat.t• Ferrvosille, Wealort, Breakneck.
ITv 11211./(lrett.a, Including enaa , •
mano dally at 7 A. u., and. derluts
Letters Pat We daily mails must he In the 0M... one Lour
before Weir departure , : Leila. Mr We 4Lsreekll, e.U
aerkly.and weekly malia.mun Le In We Canoe Lalf hc , ur
Lefore Weir departure.
/pa 57 Marl, tr. terwera Purer an 4 Antra.. Patsburnk.
PEKNSYLVANIA. ;100000 o 0 11a.i110n....- ..' t 1
Bach o 1
Each... Bank of do par' Brandt at Xenia . .do
Ilar .4 Ilan. a d 0... . Branch at Younplown .
Bu n k of u.....r.... ' par Cloy took. INnennaati . -do
Rak North AC.serki. L t./ . Cannercial lik,Linc,nnart do
Bank of Northl. Llberlitapar .Franklin Bout ..... - ... . .1, ,
Beat of Penasylvanla-.-partLaday,tte Bank.. :--- .... ..dt.
Yank of P.a. Younal. -0 1"...if , In.. d f.,da 1. , ...d0
Bank of the Unital Mato- es ro Reeerra 8ank....d0
Cornuarrial Ilarsk of Ps-- Dant .I Mansilkas.- ....1, ,
Banner. , a Ilectuaded Ilk tar Poop, , 06 . 1 , - ...... . --... -do
Oirard Bank_ par. 4..:VP EKGI.INO
Kenstrithrti Bank - ..... par!.Ul ' , at 8ank,_.......ti
31.0ta , a Heck liank..-part NY.W Yoltli
Jlectiwator Wok..pariNso 1 . '41 Utz _.............. tar
Southwark Bank par Daltmtore..... ... -. ...... nes
Tradamaan'a Bank- par Conotrr .. . . ... -k,
Medan, Bank.. ... . . ..., .tar N.Jr.ll.4if i 14:Likvitiu:
Bank of Clvtobers . borghi. Kr II
solven t
Gantt.- ... -.'
Bank of Chatter Count, -.Par VIRGINIA.
Dank of 11.1111 a . - ... -.- par Bank 01( 10. Valley $-, •
Bank of Del.C.o.Chsoter-par Bk of ritirinia. Itichniond t.
Bank off rmardown....-par Na. Bank,Va. NorfOlk-- 1 ,
Bank oiLlettpshurttki.. - K Partner? Bank Pf Wirtfinh. l.
Bank of Lewiston. - Merchant.' I Kra. Bank is I
Batik Of llllllstown I. North Wester. Dank t
Ilontipwery Co Bank_ -par
0 01 1T01 Brah,.
Bank of North ow Iterland.parl_ CAROLINA_ .
i . arliale Bank.. .. ------ 11 Bank of Cape o.r . ....
t'olurnbta Ilk A Illidg. Cup. Ilk of St of N. Carofina-..
horlestolos Rank parrounnerclal Ilk. Wilndunkt 2
Er is Bank ...... -..--.... par Merchants' Bank, Newtern 2
Eris Bank.. i s SULT/I CAROLINA.
y a rna,n,' 111, - .1 Bucks Co-par,llk of the
ant of e. Carolina *..•
Farmer.' Ilk of Lancaider.parillank of South C. 0.- .. 2
fa rm. Bank oflisadiust Par Bank ant ' A ... - 2 I
Vann. Bkof Sehuyikill C,,par Planters' A blschanke Ilk 2
Far.*lrrot Mresho„ . 1. GEORGIA. '
Yranklin 114.1 uhington par Augusta Ira. k Bank Inn Co
itarrodu,r,-; Bank. Kai.* of Augusta- .... . „ 2
if enee nde Bank... ..... - ie 'lilt of Ilrontsrlek., Augusta:l
Lancaster Bank C or i TENNESAELL
larauter County 11.1L-nalAll solvent bank.... . . - 1
Lebanon Bank • pr KENTUCKY.
diner.' Bank of Pottsville 31 Ilk of Kentucky. Louisville ki
• Innorigabela Bank rar , llk of L.1...i115. Thurttori ! a
it 'ten Branch Rank ii Northern Ilk of Kentucky 1.
It rot.. BLlVilkaolarrapar Southern Bk of Kentucky 3-.
Yook Bank , _
Keller Notes. ~',
ii Bk. of State of 1115antri......14
01110. ILLINOIS.
tea,. rttatz Batik ........ .-....KKtaite Bank and branetwa.-50
Brave:rat Alm. Ala'Bank of Ills 'I
Bratteli at Athena .rlo WIS(kINEIN.
Branch at Bridapport do Marl. i m ia fr,p s,, ,, l . Co.. rhka 5
Branch at oilllsothe. do
Branch sat Cleveland dolanonen: Ilsetianirs . 01.0 k 1
Branch at Toledo_ ' du tlortorotoeut Stock. 11ank..... 2
Branch at Peninsular Bank ...... - ...... 2
Brunch at Delay... do itl.lrani , Comp.7
Branch at Columbna...---do Shea Bank 4
Branch al Aahlabula- _do CANADA.
Branch at Salem--.
.. ....... do Ilk of B. N. Atnerisa..ToruntoN
Branch at /lantflold do,Bank of thsl'enple. Toronto'.
Bran. at,Rank of Montreal ........ . . _A 1
Breach at einelna.l.- ..... .doillank of U. Canada, Toronto fo
14.000 at wd.thingtoo_...Ao 0n New fork (arr.)... ..... to
In-Rosh at ("roils Ar. On Phitsdelphia do.- ...... 1.,
kranch at Lancaster do On Ilalttroont Jo-. ....... J.
tranch at Steubenville dn WESTY.IIN P.NCIIANOE.
1 Intact, at lit. Vornon.-...d0 Clneinasti .
1 hooch at Newark_._ do Inulesille
P ranch at glint 10 St. L0u15.,... .-.-. . - --. . I
B ranch at 60L1/ AND S . PECIE V . ALVE
B. .nneh at Marietta-- ... D0ub10....5par.141......1 1 L00
Ili snob at Troy.---... .- .. .40 do Patriot. lb,:ou
Br 'welt at NIL Plea., Full at odd-- 10.01
Itrauleh at Zancesille... ..... do Kakis, new- ......... ..-.. MLitt
Brand , at Norwalk..-.:-... , 1n Predsrlekad'ono...... ...... 7.xoßran. It of 11dua......,. .... At Trn Thaler.
Brans hot Portsmouth- . -.cito 110 1 1000-._.....- q 9.
Brand h at Eaton.- ...... brersteigns
Brand . at Ra50000............10 Ton Guilders-.
Brant at Chillhothe du Napoleons-
Branch at Curaboaa .1 0 Dural,.
Branch at Tolsdo .a,
rfiaT 01710 E DEPARTMENT, I
March 14, INSI.
IT 11E1 NG DESIRABLE to substitute locks
"ire rs.rne Lullednd for those war In 0,41 for
tee of the linden, specimen loske sod
key, with .4 opinala tarnish tha same, will b. ',relent
no d 1 at the toot Mara Department, until the Ist
„f in, 0. 01. The different locks will be submitted to
mle ,w heexamination and report. RPM this re .
will,. won impracticable, he entared Into
yell locks and Xs,. fr Lmr Team with the
ri of the Powtonister General far the thin•
and motions the contract in force for an
additional tar. or foot . Ypiras by. airing to the contractor
no tie, ,to that euret. WA mom than nine nor fool
than els months. hernia the termination of the Ent term of
four yetars.
With a akar of p owuringthn hest look at ths lowestpriee,
no kind of leek la to nowribedu•ntandani; the Departinnni
relying for a stiertit on the no-shank"! skill and Ingenn.
Kr which • fait nom Petition, I Invltod, Mu! de•eiriP".
It Is, however, ornpe.• to elate that a lock multable for tot
raVi l lirr. o h :1= 1 4, 1 1, ri=e"sr, ft27tggg ' ll ' i7 "d". vir
Foe the
e reiwitur eitnultaneonaly all thn
mall 'lock. and keys in us, 01,010 thirty thounand
Rieke anti d
m twenty thousand hays aslaptsd within
n r. f ou " liVa ' r ' t 'i st:l Y lPea;r=eift:rri n urii o a o 7-
ti,ri rants the annual supply will depend on the durability
of the locks amt halt Med. wollevithein mimeo( the
nsreleo; hut it will probably never ese4 In ainotint
pr no thouranl albs former and ono tbou.nd of the lot
lock Srill Le eornidered If it he like any already In
eral we: tun tonyone with whom the contract...)
c v mfale he allowed make, sell, or furnish ear lock ur
ey, anoll a ar to those oontMacted far, for any other Parrs.
or use titan that of the Pent/Moe Department.
The kind of lookauloptod moot he Latent d, and the par
lentoe will he required, on entering Into contract, to make
an *lummox of his patent for the exchope um and ben.
aft of the Department, if the Pottraexter General .hail
deem noel, requirement raffentlal to the tolerate of the so, !
•ire. In caw of the failure of the contractor at taw time
to fulfil faithfully the term. and conditions of his contract,
the Posthauter General shall have the rightbeerldeli a resort
to the penal remedy betwinafter :motioned, to annul said
contract, and to contract anew with any other party or
c ities mhe may we for (urn-bating Madly lock. and
In deckling upon the propnals and specimens offered. the
Yostamater he may deem it expedient to select fur the
annual malls the kek of one tfidder,mairor the wa mails
that of another. Ile revere, therefore. the right of
Maalox with different Individual* for such aliffewnt Muds
mf Locks as he may select, and
the right to refeet
the apecimetuf and prfaxwals, If than deem that worm
Bur the Intereat of the Iteparthood- The party or part no
egfutractlng will be ramoinal to Ore twat, with annfle n
en et,. in the cum of thirty thousand dollar; for a faithful
pe,-formanoe of the contract The emxtrur le to contain
pro visions for the due and proper ins t artion of the Incite
and key, mai also Or gnarling N nain e t their Imalng into
d to
if • tft.l 021.70t0 be accepted.
o artdandlons will be considered if not accompanied with
sallafactory erklence of the tronworthy characttrof the Md.
der, and or Ws abWty to third the contract
N. K. ILILLL., Pawn:natter (lateral.
nolt=iftrfith •
BALSIMOIia AltrBl.ll.—Adrertimmo. and sobwriPflorn.
Crelhb vapor rereived and forwarded flown( expente. from
Ormcr Plrrsarralla Giant
April 10 . 1151
A fair .letrrne of arilvitv.prevailed In the market yeAter
a.. without any we,- matnnal change in Pri"' TLr
wharf pmeent, s lively appearance. and mrelpts and Rhin
meats hay, for some time, been quit^ heavy. The ” T"
continue. In Ilme nm‘izahle onh r, a larCe allmber o f
bale arc dell, arriving and departing In the
Wahl below.
ymt.mlly wen. very light, and
log of tomwmfmer trun.Mn4 fnm Bret hand• vro.-
ent ruling raten ere 12.150r:3,1641.3.2.5 from Prat haml, nud
IWAlfg , l.3:M t a.4o from .lam.
• ORAIN—W. here lymed nr nn large Kale. for thr part
ft.w damk. A fair gem ral busfor...howevrr. has hero
n, fur ~hret 115,wr~t rye M0 r .3.1 barley C0mM2,....
and oat, nt from flrt
11ROCEILIEh—Tl,nara,‘ In b d ,,, and
TerT firm. Sales of N 0 suliar at WiatAi , a r in WTI,
and 6.14,1i0N h, bfila. Nlolasws IT Tory firm at 36. G.r N
in3.l44T:D4tor for Sugathotoe. We liar , . furthor limited Tales
of onflTTat IlYiylV4rll
PROVISIONIT—ma,m 1. nna. and bold at • ann. ad -
Wa hare ~AIJO rd;al Task, ',Woe; at Mk , and ,0
shaa4dT o, at W., I .111 pay fur [1401., 4 tn-.. etde• nry
now Laid mane At for prim.: amo abooldor•
on:14. of plain ham. at 44. , •rti, aal..f .near
ctliDd ommoymt at
DRIED REEF—email saITT weltt,. rn ,ur,l at 444 -, Ca1...
In Dams.
DILIEU FRUlT—tee have ti, ch.g. rn nod, In prwA-
F,rtan first bandy we quota •ppies at V.othuc. and peaelle
at $1.31(2 , 1.37 illm. in .mall
FELTIIEIifv--Small Nil, at 3114,2, frAm 11,1, Intml•
and 3143,:...A. frau Fume.
tiGELLS--The evAnton U Aver for reels, and 11,e inquirY l .
limited: from firvt hamtv Ae may quoa cloy., at 7s. ,L.:
Rid timothy at 12,234..2-7 P bu.
VLSLI—NA 3 mackerel a, quite firm at SA.LO: other
rkrinnotto are quiet At former—Pricrm nee without rhauge. Swan eat., trna.l.q.
to ,
tOc Co. No 1 lard end Ole for No 2
TALLOW—Furth, rotor at 7r
CANDI.ES-7'nlor of ..tar ,n , ll at nt 7 2 .tgair.
['allow at 10e,and dipp.l at Pe "tr D.
M . /AP—Sal. of Pt nn... 8818 anat. t;' , k Y 1,1
11OPP—Saler Isrdt, nt and of 1849. at . 2kii•
1..1110-7118 market fr,lirt.9t 8 4 , 4 9 ( 8 8, to bblf and
IttrlTElt-1 Itmm. roll m rell.m in lan at I int. I.
And rcullintrn and mime do at 1118.1':.• V P. I:, la tmnd
Cal at 76,7 Y. ? P.
corvEr. TRAIIE—Ttc. f..ll..trlng at thr of N.111..e.
Itornrtrd {Mc Itrt.trm durintt Ihr Ord quart, of the
UM rr (mm
~ u tcll Fvf I n. t
I lat.!
. .. . ..
cettrxtt.el letemerter. 1,111
.. 2,', if, , , C:1.4, t.
The eVel. et J 21,1 cll,. held ht the tra.linz .
gottenteen. t.n the . 2 , 11,1 nit.. eteeer. e ...mottleral.le tlettrien.
tty romper...l tr.]. rMI,IOII. term, I ...tog , e14.0t1) tn....rein et
4flownon In 1,.... end 71."....11 In thin,
Tad Jaiitago, Feld ri.
I COFFEY— lin/. nur giarilr arldflr ul raladl- la tudirl .
argil and tgunrintni• air/7/Mo ilivitisatinn. il. *III id.
ien In It n.unrt m rnn r
rkt the pm,. ruling at (Ina fluid laid
.11k rho... nn u rorrrnt Tbr .turf no band in tli .
narkrt. J.n I. ...~i alinnt 01././ lin:, aim, Ihru. frriali
tipplad hair Inn 1-arrived. and the rli-raned• frntri W.
luttims 11ni,.. in id I iinartrra tut iniinth. ernountrd to Xi a
JO tiga—our actual itork ia about 1/.1,10 Naga- chndly . 4
middling airl Ina dual bind. Mem i•• notialdrratile Quardtt,
tow iin mut, fradn tin , rnontry. inn future print rutlid
naiad/ dryirnd on thr tailor of adrin, fman alinauL nrlnel.
all, from air Vuit/.1 Mat,. /rtiirli LIOLIMiIf Uik, A nonr-
IY it.. half nt the artinlr.
. . . .
V;7V.,:1;.111.;t7,7.:7,7. Sul44t 1?Vr!IZr:.": in l
W. hot upon rlta- aaantinalpm tn.. fareftt.
dill la. routed ttlaporfm-t. Then Are 11,1h4, thati l!•
tntlint, and th.- thr tad e. hhh
tha tr-outtnin hat.- nr6t. tat Oat
kryka—There Irrrpc feet. Inch., JO eoanoeL
mer mark. 1a t errulog. and
.18.1.11 Eb
It.aver. ta.n.loo.
J llondrwicaaa. )I,linalant.
r.olstn.aa . ant lin:v.l..lU,
f tipper :it, 2, PSI lui. 04(11311.1U
Rev. :laLdrlef;
. Stichlean, Dnirs. 'leaves
liravar. Ilevory
Atlanta-. l'arlduaan. Itrovruaatila
I. U.:Kt....11e.1ra-tows. 1.--lica-qa,rl
- Ntaalvralal.
altaalau.J., L \Vb....1113k
Key vtea, ,tra,
hi, N.. :.`„ nu,
IValinriie. V: WI,. 11:11,-,rt.
Man/.. 'v.. 1(.11.1.,
. . . .
WI, PHILADELPHIA AND ItALTIMonfo NA 111 It tight w lilt 41414 11 Ii:IAM MCCANIII, st.tne
Id • to. 1,...r0ur I,etet 1,444 e. Aul yatt, In AIM weeks ago, die.! on Saturday, from the ellect, of
. IP la. his wounda.
....,_ . (in Saturday afternoon. 11 Judy, ate of the Up
vi. LW: IS-Editor : per Ten, 'while working in her back garden in
boulavlLLE.--ailaucos. , 2Stif Street, found a small boa. Full of curiosity,
tvIIICETNI:- Diurnal.
It lILLSVILLE--11,ollle. she opened it, and ditspoved the body of-dead,
hT 1411 1,-4 J Crittenden. of course--of it male infant. non and contents
delis reed to the police, and sent to Potter's
mous BY RIVER.. I Field. '
I The lion. Daniel Webster arrived in this city
I'm e. b. , --,..oalidy A &over Canal , ..-sa4 td,.....• ,
~,,,,,,,.. I to ~ ~,,,,,, ,t. ah,,,, n ie. 00.1. a,,hdo., 13. , on Saturday night . , and took rooms as quietly i
4 .41,71.1 era 4:. A , 114A , A , bbl _A.'''. , ' ''`, rt., i ''''''', 1 '.' ' possible at the .Istor. Ills health is by no means
ow,. -do Dotter. I. do tod..e, Ita ho oat., , .rd. ~,a
Meat f P :tat. , t. 7 tad. thnif. IV 112.1 . 45e1b h 1... rani good, and lie proposes to leave for his Country te
ll linat • Co. 5 ale LLD. G W Smith: 11 , lee laoca. ~ bbl' ' slimes at Mamlifield n. soon /14 practicable.
.ca. Lh W atereou 4 :to :cdo, lln butter. eummin. A ,
P 1514114. 'V do eca., It I oall I Co: 1 , MI. leather. 41,1.1. ! The National Academy of Deign , gave their
&led ohrile.4. ammo 1 51,1 buffer. 4 do ei.AA Arnotrot, A ' annual
l'e4n4rr. 111 ndla leather, r4;11 t 1.,,, - ... 1 Lbl t,..,..0 inu 'llll ,l lllur'bY eve .i.g. rlt t11.i., new
notate) AOA 2 barreli 2...a....1, I do eccx. or•DC, .1.0.... r lialierieq, now the mast superb place of resort
lon l'oner.--1 - 5 bbl. Sour, 0 ..1,4 pd...., I: Ileuktoa. o in the city, The Galleries will be open to-m• r
l.hts corn mead. 1 .1. dried arrlo.. Lambert t bbihnoc LA, I row. ,
M. apples. Artrotraoc A Owen Mb bt.lh Scan 11.10 .
Paton... tt Limn, '
1111.1DGEPOIIT-1 2 . 14 Irv-Lulus-la hb.1.4 fobarro. 11
Grad 6 co: , In. W Im.chkot. 31 dol Nat broran...l.l ,
wni.k., , 1.a.u0 0 Colwell: 31 do Ihr...suo P Dia.:
hour a hbd. [Aaron Cluk .1‘ Thaw; 2 .Lo, 3 L. nod. 4 k.,
do. itz 1 . /. • , loa hl.l .. .. rlrk ha
euu, liellrlT.4;4-..:.1,tt. git. ' ... 3 .1., a . hi1e,:r..5 . c0.
~i.h..., him. mbar.. 1/ Larreh a Co:Mahn. tuner .3
I.Sheo. 011.114 do, Iv trunk A C. Ito do wheat hd hid, I
is. Wfimarth I Noble. II beAl hoa.. , ..ner alaurd
It Y.LL, ILLS-Paa Th-cdoatt-1 hot. Annatronc I
Crozet. I LWis butter and etas, I ~0, J enrflAAA. I.
do driod fruit. owner ahharl. ho td.l., molt. Clark a Tlo.a.
• de. .1 111•41.; 2.10 h W athattt. a ke 4 ooleo I
markeWoo. 4 tibia lard. t
bun., 2 de r ll aos. 4 ko e l
aa I 1,1. I sit ..o.
does. 0 . Its, 2 !Ada fomOre, I bk. I, 1a owners atonal; It
111, knot, Id•lna.ton A locc3en; I chat, hartheuwaro,
tolklnhon: 'I do, ID Fodhn A Cohole
Pit AAAN.--': 1,111. crh..n itudo...._ do dour.) lil'on•
nor .1. CIA II lc , . Armol-on: / Croce 33 do. ovenhr &toad.
in tow. I oval riat.“ . :R n.tlio.t.
SUNVISII-Pot 12uhr N•. 1-30 laid. tolaree.ll .....or
sic ht . '', A t 0 Wool, 1.. is, wheal, Wilmarfb • Noldo
CI NCI N N ATI-Pi. OA,. No 3-4 LOU aleoliol. Ila
hec A Colwell, 2do bum, II Grua • Co, 4 ha. tobacr, 31
he. feather., , Lida aino.n.r. 3 rk. a...414 4 1..41, , ~„,,,„
, 1 bk. rue, Id fur. 11 Loeb t Co. I he Ink. Ilnall.h •
Ilennett: I bh na1..., a hka. homphr tool, Nieln4 re: 11 blid•
tobaeco, a .1a feather.. 3 bbl. hams. 7 Idol, f 01...., I mad
weir. Clark a Thaw, 213.1,4 0511 loMto.r. it Drown.
11.1113:LING-1 , .1, 0 rna.o-3 bus a oaten (urn. D
teurli A Co: I 1.1 no. W Holey, 1 ek.,llaker a Fonda. to
hnd. wham, It 1...0e1, / 10c 2 rat, 1.... n. I 1.... furniture.
04 Illncliann loa W.I. dour. Ikll I lAccetl, I do lud, own
er thowul.lhld h143 , •1 do dried Ilium.. I el. dried duple.. I.
LlzAhra-I Idol lobar. ; 1 bbl do. IIsnIS
Ellllle z ' 1 .. :!3 ' 1:1 g " ree "* .l7 ' lrit . 11 1 0110 t s t7L t , ' , .4 .4 t .I:,:b i rTz::
II, 71 ., do owner alounl: 30 lalt.aelha MIA,. C. 1;
Indwell. 2 551...22... W I , ,rn 3, do dour, h Nlvelurkan
I a, Co.
L. , .....
ISIN. 17_1 ...c ' ..-,_ _
Unllnl elate , Ws Sul. II: '71:. -- Int—l u &July
Do, WA 'lol.' 10.7{ I. 'lnt. Poi, R An,
l'enuoylvanlis As. .1,,, lu Si DIS ,101..1an &Jul,
In,. S. 'lollµ 5 ' IS lot. Fel, Aug,
AlD'ny Co. 11. Ilsol Pt I 5.2 Jut. Mop I\'n
Do. soup. 151.1 , ..1 . 1..100 ill ,•.J.S , du
Do. tollp. Cit.. ... ... I W o'. Pitts.butsrlk oily tl'et 'lOO NI 111 .Int. Jan &JuST
A"' g. "F d o t Zts ''s, Mal l it ' . ' - ', t, 1 ' MI ' I"
l' i ' l ' is 4 N''''
Dank of Pit.burgh 60 54 JI 110. Nov 4pr et '
Member:o.W* Mknuf flank. lo 644: 64 . do
Exchange 'lank-- . . ... . Gm "52 . do
Allegheny 2avlngs ........ 00
ad l
Hand gt. ..... PI. 40 ' 44'
Northern Libertira. .. i •
Williernspnrt Bridge 2515
Went,in I:immure .. ! 11.6 1 1 , 1 , NOvISrre
Uttar.' buurauer C Div. DR. 'I •
A, o cintrd rirconao CoCo• 77.
Pitegh to '5O 50 45 Div.ljr. 3 m rt.
Pitn•burgh. 50. 47 45
lab`,o ,Dir./pr 1.0 me
ors Magnetic
6011 00141,e..[k.,.
.1 V, r. I I I
rdttakdlrgh tiaeWorkx...... 00, W ; 62h .Div•J22 , • 4,1
klonong ivor
ahrln Slnnaten 2.0 61 f 49
Youghinihrny nlnekwatr., .60, 4u I
Peon'. Central Nail Road 501 . 1
Ohio k Penu . e. Hall Hued., 60i S/1:
Balt. 6 1/010 Its)) 1it0d...0 50' .. ...
Cleveland d Loi 4u .00
Maxine It. Way. Dry D,lrk 11V, 110 101 . r DIT. Dan 4 prrt
Valens ... 60 50 ;9.1
Erie Canal Donde, 00
1111. rdl4..
Turtle Cmrk Plank Ilneur22.!,
Allem. Perrysville Pk 1411 -251
lireen•bg. Turnpike 1td...., 501 ...
Chartier. Coal Co
Ptscolmrrh Bootml ..... 300 99 DI , .
1 North American *-7
North W__ .
ln N ut
City . .
Ihnnka ..... "
l'ltt4Liugh ......... 0...
Adventure - II
• -
Doughom Llaughhn.. .....
Th YE WOODS: 250 . 1,1;1e. Chipped & Ground,
11 for sale toy II A. FAILSE42TOCIi 1 CO.
- - - - -
11...alsuritun, April ith, 1851
The House RIM passing bills by steam this
morning. After the Appropriation Bill, with its
monstrous provisions, had been swallowed whole
by the Locofocon, the House took up private hills,
and ground out legislation in the moot rapid and
approved style.
Among these, Allegheny county had a share.
The bill to incorporate the Pennsylvania Mutual
Lire Stock Insurance Company—The supplement
to the act to amend the Citizens Insurance Com
pany, of Pittsburgh—The resolution giving the
assent of this Commonwealth to the purchase of
ground in the cite of Pittsburgh by the United
States for the erection of public buildings. and
releasing the same from all Daes—The hill to
authorize the Pittsburgh and Steubenville Turn
pike (load Company to change the location of
their road, and increase their stock—The bill to
authorize the State Treasurer to refund to John
11. Alellbeny an over-payment of collateral in
heritance made by hint—The supplement to the
net to incorporate the Pittsburgh and Braddock's
Field Plank Road Company—The blllrelating to
.Momingabeln Wharf—The bill relating to streets
in South Pittsburgh and Birminghnnt—The bill
to incorporate Turuersville, Crawford county. into
a borough—The supplement to the.act to incor
porate the village of Youngsville, Warren coon
ty,—The bill to revise the Warren and Pinegrove
Railroad Company—The bill relative to the claim
of Williatu Rhea. of Indiana county—The bill for
the relief of John Nichol.. of Crawford county
—The bill to incorporate the Greensburgh and
Uniontown Turnpike and Plank Road Company
—The bill to incorporate the Myer's Mill Plank
Rout Cdmpany in Somerset county—the bill to
provide for the erection of a house for the em
ployment and support of the poor in Crawford
county—The bill authorizing the extension of
Wiley street—The supplement to the net Mem.-
paroling New Brighton, Beaver county—The bill
to divide Lower St. Clair township. and erect
Cloutier township, Allegheny county—The bill to
authorize the Directors of the House of Refuge
to locate their buildings on the Common adjoin
in,- the Penitentiary—To erect n lock up house
in . . .Birmingham. and to erect an independent
school district out of parts of Allegheny and Bea
ver counties. passed the !louse, to-ddy.
The Senate hare no afternoon session tnAhy.
The Finance Committee are sitting upon, and I
hope ~zeeing, the Appropriation hill. There is
ample room for the evercise of the knife . of the
In that body, little was done. except paviduc
couple of Bank Ihills, a work in which that bO , i
May plenvantly amens itself. no the hilly will
never rive to a level in the llouve.
LC.r , `,ndror , rf Pittsburgh "am
N LIT YORK. April 7. 18;31
We are in the enjoyment of delightful April
weather hero, Yesterday we had the first thun
der storm of the season, and the lightning, to
ward evening. was quite brilliant. The trees in
our parks, especially the willows, are rapidly
becoming covered with foliage. and the grass
throughout the city is quite well grown.
Another of our Smiting palaces; the steamboat
Pioneer, was launched front Jacoh Len's yard, on
Saturday. The Pionerr in ::.11911 tons burtlien,
and will be ready for sea on the first of .iune.—
She in intended for the Liverpool trade, and has
every berth rne her first trip secured by risiton
to the World's Fair.
A large number of steamer. reibta.l, and coach
proprietors met at the Astor Clause, on Sato,
day in order to denies means to accoll/I.othlte
ell the traveller , who ere expected to visit the
orbt's Fair—that is to 10,--on Governor's
in Moe, Jh&3. Their deliberations were confuted
to passing resolutions, and calling a general con
vention of their profeestonal brethren to be bold
in this city, on the 30th, to, make the proposed
The amount of unclaimed deposits which are
appropriated lie the savings' hanks, yearly.
is enormous. lir. Brendeth, in a report to the
State, Senate. not long ago, estimated the amount
at -eral minim a ., out of these unclaimed .1,
poelta, ve the Seamen's Savings Blink. in Wall
treet. have porthaced a lot. corner of Wall and
Pearl streets, lee Itilll,lloo, end are about to erect
a new Combing hence.
John H Pow. an Englishman who was whip-
We are to hare another Opera house here.
built on the site et the late St. Thomas. Episco
pal Church (destroyed by tire (out weeks since)
corner of Ilromiway and Houston etrert.
Nlartzek is the speculator. and is hacked 'hy
large amount of capital. The boll(bng is to he
of white marble, in the Corinthian and Doric
style of architecture, and it to he ready for per
formances by the let of November. Several oth
er theatrical enterprises ale going on, one of
which is to be a lar(re hotter iu the ltowry.
The moult pox. typhu+ and ship fevers are very
prevalent among the emigrants arriving here.—
The Manhattan which arrived on Saturday
brought eight hundred pmetctigern, many of
whom were nick.
The brig E. 1.. Walton was on yesterday mor
ning discovered to he on fire, and was scuttled
and rank at her dock. The vessel wan ready
loaded. and was to sail to-day. Iler damage by
fire will be small, but that by water considerable.
Iler bull was somewhat injured in the hurry of
sinking her.
The deaths in the city and county this week
amount to 343. Men SO: women 77; boys
girls 1 4 6. Natives of the United States, 196; na
tives of Ireland, 101. Died of consumption, 44:
of small pan 12, of typhus force 20.
Sonic of the Ward Whig committecsare out in
Card, and published resolutions expre,sing thtdr
satisfaction nt the election of Senator Fish. The
tatieh Whig) Ward committee published
resolutions to-day endorsing the conduct of their
Representatives in the ;,egislaturell Messrs. Wil
liams and Wakeman, if voting for Mr. Fish.—
This course, however, taillit phrasing to the
jority of the Whigs of 'file Fifth Ward.
Trans:Wed frup the German,
flow .‘strin, by the prrniLwion of the iurwt riubteatu. tb.l.
Naught odbourther to ruin 11, nutl how we bwt 511 h.,
The ensue day, at about three in the afternoon I
when I was gone to Conrad Seep his ale house
to eat s omething, seeing that it was now nearly
two days since I had tasted aught save my tears,
and he had placed before me some bread and
sausage, toget:,er with a mug of beer, the eon-
stable came into the room and greeted me. frig
the Sheriff, without, however, no much as touch
his cap, asking wheeier I would not dine
with his loniship; that his lordship had not re-
tnemberd till now that I belike was fasting, see-
Mg that the trial had lasted so long. Hereupon
I made anssror to the constable that I already !
had my dinner before me, as he sew
and desired that bin lordship would hold me ea..
eased. [tercet the fellow wondered greatly,)
and answered; did I not see that his lordship
wished me well, albeit 1 had prehchell at him as
though ho were a Jew 7 1 should think on my
daughter, and be somewhat more ready to do his
l o rdship's will, whereby peradventure all would
yet end. well. For his lordship was not such a
ro ugh ass as Dom. Consul, and meant well by
soy child and me, as bometneth a righteous ma
' After I had with some trouble rid myself of I
this impudent fox, I tried to eat a bit, but no
thing would ge down save the beer. 1 therefore
soon sat and thought again whether I would
net lodge with Conrad Seep, no 83 ter be always
near my child; item, whether 1 nhpuld not head
over my poor misguided flock to 11.• Vigellius,
the pastor of Dents, for each time as the Lord
mill should prove MC.du IkbOUt: an hour after
I saw through a window how j that -an .empty
coach drove to the castle, and . the Sherid" and:
Dom. Consul straightway stepped thereinto with
my child; item. the constable climbed up behind.
Hereupon I left everything on the table and ran
to the coach, asking humbly whither they were
about to take my poor child; and when I heard that
they were going to the Streckelberg to look after
the amber,,l begged them to take me also, and to
suffer me to sit by my child, for who could tell
how much longer I might yet sit by her! This was
dine at his table as often as I pleased, and that
grunted ed
to to t.k m e e, up tin m d y ou ,, th w
bod e
ei ay the nthec S a h st e l ri e ff an o r
he would, moreover, send my child her meat
from-his ono table. For that he had a Christian
heart, and well knew that we were to forgivenor
enemies. But I refused his kindness with hum
ble thanks, as my child did also, seeing that we
were notet so poor that we could not maintain
ourselves. As we passed by the Watermill the
ungodly varlet there again thrust his head out of
is hole and pulled wry faces at my child; but,
deur reader, he got something to remember it by;
for the - Sheriff beckoned to the constable to fetch
the fellow out, and after he had reproached him
with the tricks he hod twice played my child,.
the constable had to take the conchman his new
whip and to give him fifty lashes, which, God
knows, were not laid on with a feather; Ile
bellowed like a bull, which, however, no •one
beard for the noire of the mill-wheels, and when
lie did as though he could not stir, we left him
th w e e
d r: t ui o e f t
the, enough,
lying on the ground and went on our way.
As we drove through Uckeritte a number of
save one fellow who, Rai. testis, mocked at us
withipluen tlsoeceltr,c,ydtogether ,
when he saw us coming. The constable had to
jump down again, but could not catch him, and
the others would not give him up; but pretended
that they hail only looked at our coach and hod
not marked him. May be this was true! unit I
um therefore inclined to think that it , was Satan
himself who did it to mock at us: for mark, for
God's cake, what happened to us on the Streck
elbergl Alas! through the delusions of the foul
fiend, we could not find the spot where wo hod
dug for limber. For when we came to where we
thought it must he, a hogehill of sand had been
heaped up as by a whirlwind, and the fir twigs
which my child had covered over it - were gone.
She was near falling in a awound when she now
this, and wrung her hand and cried out with her
Saviour, ••My God, my God, why halt thou for
saken me:"
Howbeit, the constable and coachman were or
dered to dig, but not one bit of amber was to be
found, even so big as a grain of corn, where up
on Dam Coneul shook his head violently and up
braided my child; and when I answered Satan
himself, as it seemed had filled up the hollow in
order to bring us altogether into his power. the
constable was ordered to fetch a long stake out
of the copier which we might thrust still deeper
into the sand. But no hard objectuin was any
where to he felt. notwithstanding the Sheriff,•
cansui, and myself in my anguish did try
everywhere with the stake.
Hereupon my child besought her judge to go
with her to Coserow, where the still had much
ember in her coffer which site had found here,
and that if it were the gift of the devil it would
all be changed, since it was well known that all
the presents the devil makes to witches straight
way turn to mud and ashes.
But, God he merciful to us. God he merciful
to us! when we returned to Coserow, amid the
wonderment of all the village. and my daughter
went to her coffer, the things therein were all
tossed about, and the amber gene. Hereupon
she shrieked so loud that it would bare softened
a some, and cried out, "The wicked constable
had] .lone this'. when he fetched the salve oat of
my coffer, he stole the amber from me, unhappy
maid." But the constable, who stoodby, would
have torn her hair and cried out; "Thou witch,
thou damned witch, is it not enough that then
has belied my lord, but thou moot now belie me
tool" But Dom. Como! forbade him, so that he
did not dare lay band upon her. Lire, all the I
money woo gone Which she had hoarded up from
the amber eho had privately sold, and which she
thought already came to about ten florins.
But did gown which she had worn at the ar
rival of the most illustrious King Gustavus Adol
phus. as well as the golden chain with his effigy
which he had given her, I had locked up as
though it were a relblin the chest in the vestry,
among the altar and pulpit clothes, and there we
found them still; and when I excused myself
therefore, saying that I had thought to base saved
them up for her there against her bridal day.
site gazed with flied and glazed eyes into the
box, and cried out, "Yes, against the day wen T
shall be burnt; Oh, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus!" Here
at Don. Ceased shuddered and. said, "See how
thou still dost smite thyself with thine own
words. For the sake of God and thy salvation.
coefess. for if thou knoereet thyself to be inno
cent. how, then, enlist thou think that thou wilt
ho hors,"" But she still looked him fixedly in
the thee, and cried aloud in Latin, "Innocentia,
vial err "inoorenno.' aide dominator,bolo
paa pro-ri,'.orn roe".
Hereupon 116,a. Conrui again shuddered, so
that his beard wagged, and said, "Whr..t, loot
thou indeed know Latin? Where didst thou
learn the Lstial" And . whoa I answered this well as I was able for sobbing, he
shook his heard, and said, " I never in my life
heard of a woman that knew Latin." Upon
tide he knelt down before her coffer; and turned
o,er every thing therein, drew it away from the
wall, and when' he found nothing he bade' us
show him her bed, and did the same with that.
This, at length, vexed the Sheriff, who asked
him whether they should not drive back again,
seeing that night was coming on' But he one
leered. ••Nay, I moot first have the written fac
tion which Satan has given ber. " and he went
on with his twit - eh until it was almost derk.f
But they found nothing at all, although Dam.
Consul, together with the constable passed over
no hole or corner, even in the kitchen or cellar.
Hereupon he got up again into the conch, mut
tering to himself, and bade try daughter sit so
that she should not leek upon him.
And now we °ace more had the same erre/eel.
with the accursed old Witch Lizzie Kolken,
meths that the again eat at her door ns we drove
hy, and began to sing at the top of her voice,
"We praise thee, 0 Lord." But .he ecreecluel
/the a stuck pig, so that /km. COMM! W513..7.-
rd thereat, and when belled heard who she woe
he asked the Sheriff whether he would not that
she should be seized by the constable and be tied
behind the couch, to run after it, as we had no
..on for her elsewhere: for that he had often
been told that all old women who had red' e sethinting
eyes and sharp voices were witches, not to men
tion the auspicious things which Rea had declar
ed against her. But he answered that he could
not do this, seeing that old Limb was a woman
in good repute, and fearing God, as Dom . Con
sul might learn for himself; het that, neverthe
less. he,had had hersummoned for the morrow; to
gether with (imbiber witnessee
Yea, in truth, an excellently devout and wor
thy womaul—for scarcely were we out of the
villnee, when so fearful% MOTTI of thunder, light
ning, wind, ond hail burst over our heads, that
, the corn all around us was beaten down as with
3' flail; and the horses before the conch were quite
eueldened; however, it did tint last lung. But
I my poor child had to bear all the blame again.:
inasmuch as DM. COlll[ll thought that it was
not old Lizzie, which, nevertheless, was ns clear
as the bun at noon-day! but my poor daughter
who brewed the storm;—for, beloved render,
what could it have profited her, even if elm had
known the black art! This, however, did not
strike Dom. Consul, and Satan, by the fermi.,
aion of the ell-righteoui God, was presently to
nee us still worse; for just as we got to the Mus
ter's Dhmt,p ho came flying back over us iu the
shape °fa stork, and dropped a frog so exactly
over as that it full into my daughter her lap:
I she gave a shrill scream, but- I whiepered
' her to sit still, and that I would. secretly throw
the frog owns by one leg.
But the constable hod seen it, and cried out,
ire! hey: look at the cursedeeritehl what
bas the devil just thrown into her 14!" Where- ,
upon the She riff and Dom. Cooed looked round
and saw the frog, Which crawled in her lap, and
t h e eene table, after he heft blown upon it three
times, took it up andihowed it totheirlordships.
Hermit Dom. Comm! began to spew, and when
he had done, he ordered the coachman to stop
got down from the coach, and said we might
drive home, that he felt qualmish, and would go
a-foot and see if he gotbetter. But first he priva
tely whispered to the constable which, howbeit,
we heard right well, that when he , got home be
should lay my poor child in chains, but net so
as to hurt her much: to which neither she • nor
I could answer nave by tears and sobe. But the
Sheriff had heard it too, and when his worship
was out of sight ho began to stroke my child her
cheeks from behind her back, telling her
to be easy, es he also hada word to say in the
matter, and that the constabLa should not lay
her in chains. But that she =net leaec off be
ing so hard tottim as she had been hitherto, and
come anti sit on the sent L beahlehim, that be
ntight privately glee her some 'good edifice as to
what was to be done; To 'thisshe answered,
with many tears, that elm wiehed . to nit only by
Iter father, as she know not hew much longer
she might sit by him at all: and she hogged for
nothing =tinware that his lordship would leave
her in peace. ]lot this he - would not tie, but
pincheether hack and sides with his knees: and
as'slie bore with this, seeing that there was no
-help for it, be waxed bolder, taking it for a good
sign. eleaewhile Dom. Coned called out close !
behind us (for being frightened he =j after
" Constable, constable, come here
the coaelt),
• thew wesit• aro from Cicero, dosiot selitsks.
m him.
settitt'e;Ti u d = t„-411,
V e ' t ,r os s'r dorms was antenatal Is witches
cial:l to the rment day seal le - met smile
LS. &ems. , . r;
quick: here lies a hedgehog in the midst of , the
road!" whereupon the constsble jumped down
front the conch.
This made the Sheriff still holder; and at last
my child rose upend said, "Father, let us also go
a-foot; I can no longer guard myself from him
here behind"' But he pulled. her down again
c i
, by her chitties, and cried out an •y, "Wait,
thou wicked witch, I will help thee to go a-foot
if thou art so wilful, thou - shalt be mined to the
block this very night" Whereu n she an
exceed, "Do you that which you of help do
ing: the rightous God, it itrto beho ed, will one
day do unto yon what Ile cannoth p doing."
Meanwhile we had reached the Castle, and
scarcely were we got out of the coach, • when
D om . Consul, who had run till he was' all of a
sweat, came up, together with the constable,and
straightway gave over my child into his charge,
PO that I had scarce time to bid her farewell. I
was left standir ' v on the floor below, wringing
my...hands in the dark, and hearkened irhither
they were leading her, inasmuch as I hid not
the heart to follow; when Dom. Conn/, who had
stepped into a room with the'Sheriff, looked out
at the door again, and called after the constable
to bring Rea once more before them. And when
he had done no, end I went into the room with
them, Dam. Consuf !whin letter in his hand,and
after spitting thrice, he began then •'Wilt thou
still l i feny. thou stubborn witch? lie.u- what the
old knight, lions von Nelnikerkeu, writes to the
court 7" 15 - hereupon he read out to us, that his
eon was so disturbed by the tale the accursed
witch had told of him, that he had fallen sick
from that very hour, and that be, the father,
was not Much better. That his can. Itudiger,
had indeed at•times, when he went that way,
been to gee Pastor Sehweidler,whom he hndst
known upon a journey: but that he swore that
he wished he might turn black if he had evernsed
any folly or jesting with the cursed de,irs whore
his daughter, much less ever been with her by
night on the Streckelherg, or embraced her
At this dreadful news we -both (1 mean my
child and I) fell down in n swoond together, see
ing that we had rooted nor last hopes on the
young lord, and I know not what further hap
pened. For when I came to myself, my host,
Conrad Seep, was standing over me, holding a
funnel between my teeth, through which he lad
led some warm beer down my throat, and I nev
er felt more wretched in all my life-insomuch that
Master Seep hnd to undress MP like a little child
and to help me into hell
(to ne counstran.)
We noticed a few days ago come terrible tra
gedies committed within - the American , territor
ies. on the Rio Grande, in which the members of
the American Boundary , Commiseion bore a con
spicuous part in bringing the offenders to sum
mary and condign punishment- In the narrative
which' follows, the render will find a full and
doubtless an authentic coconut of the frightful
scenes enacted. In this terrible cane, us itjast/y
remarked by the IVattonal Intellige:tar," although
the summary retribution inflicted on the laleady
miscreants may, in the opinion of some, have
partaken a little of .the character of what Lord
Coke, we believe, calls a ' milk, justice,' yet all
must admit that it was a justifiable act, growing
out of the necessity of the case, and must ap
plaud the generotia young men of . the Boun
dary Commission rho dew to the rescue, fir
coca resorting, as far no they were able, to
the fortes of law, in avenging the reorder
of their unoffending associate, and punishing
the other atrocities for which their aid was
invoked We are happy that they were near
enough, and en gencron-ly prompt to obey the
call, and front that the exemplary justice inflict.
ed on the criminals may prove a salutary lesson
for all others of the 'auto stamp, of which nume
bens sent naturally always to infest the outskirts
of society."
The extract we take is from n letter in the
Sew Orleans Picayune, and is daterAorro,
February 16: • °
The discharging at different periods of many
worthless and vagabond men from the /l,`alifornia
twine, near this place, had thrown upon the
peaceful inhabitants of the little village a set of
ruffians, whp, by a daily increase of ' numbers,
had become so formidable that at last the life of
no person whatever was considered safe beyond
the walls of his own house, and not within those
limits even, as the following will-show
The first check given to this band of gamblers,
horse-thieves, and munierers was the arrival of
the United States and Mexican Boundary Com
mission. at Socorro, which, for the better re
sources this village presented over theothers, for
the accommodation of the larger portion of the
Commission, with the necessary convenienecq for
quarters, storehouses, he., was immediately se
lected. The presence of a body of well-armed,
well-disposed, and spirited young men, tended to
make these fellows hide their heads during the
time that the greater portion of the members of
the Commission were together, but duties con
nected with the Boundary Survey had called off
different parties, and in different directions. As
the number of the Commission at Socorro became
reduced, in the same ratio was lost the peace and
quiet of the village: until, at last, but ten or
eleven reliable men could be fauna to muter for
o combined defence, and oar nrighborheal pre
sented no appelronce 13101, of the infernal re
gions than of a place where human and civilized
beings were known to Houses were open
ed for the entertainment of all, and fur the indul
gence of every vicious passion a wicked imagina
tion-tuight suggest. Each midnight hour
allied new scenes; anti oftentimes bloody ones,
-for tha fast filling record of crime ; each morn
ing's sun, though rising beautiful and bright,
could nut warm the chilling stasation which lay
1 heavy on the hearts of the trembling Mexicans,
as _they listened to the recital of curse fresh and
bloody deed, then hastened to pack their little
store of wordly stealth, and with sires, children,.
all, tied quickly from the rapidly depoptdating
Ott Tuesday, the 2Sth of January last, Alexan
der Young, the principal actor in the comes l am
about to write of, gave, at to prelude to the bloody
tragedies which followed, an exhibition of his
maliciousness by cutting the neck of the keeper
of a "fonds," which had been recently: started - •
in the place. This taste of blood for Young.put
him on a fresh trail, and be kept it like a blood
hound, with a pack of many others like himself
following at his heels, and in the same pursuit.
With pistols in hand they pttraded through the
villages in all directions, nod seemingly.desirotts
of committinemurder. They enter a Mexican's
house, call for wine, the poor fellosi is not suffi
ciently prompt to suit their excited fancies ; im
mediately a pistol is levelled at his head ; but:
thank God, the cap will not explode; now hear
aid, what fiendish pleasure the raffmns tit
the innocent man's fright. A harnile-s Minn
shocked at their rude familiarities, seeks to
escape, hut finds her sex no protection froni the
wholesale brandity dealt out to all - who dare to
present an appearance of decency and propriety.
The night of the 28th has its history ; the day of
the 211th presents that which bears more particu
larly upon our present object,
' About mid day, or shortly after, a part of the
band had collected at the "rondo" of the man
who had been wounded on the day previous:atthis
time a peaceable person passing by front a shoot
ing excursion, his fowling piece is forciLly taken
from him by this Aiexander Young, who taken it
into a house and kills an inmate-or the same.
The murderer then coolly Lakes a drink of li
quor, is informed that his victim is dead, or 'ly
ing, when he enters where the body lays, straight
ens it; and crosses the hands and arms core the
same. A few minutes later the crowd is seen
walking together up the road, laaghing over the
bloody deed, and threatening to kill every one
'or drive them from the place. John Woods, the
murdered person in this instance, was generally
known as a little harmless old man, rather to be
be pitied than feared. In .the evening of this
came dry a person was riding along the road:"
when six of the band cocked and pointed their
pistols at him, forcing him to return by the road
he came, or be shot. ABout night time, terror
and dismay had shadowed every face within the
village that belonged to the orde r ly part of the
'community. it was then resolved to ask for as
sistance from the military post at San Elisario,
about six miles distant. A note was, written,,
stating the necessity of the case, with a history,
of the past occurrences, and the condition of
things at that time, In about two hours the
express returned, with an answer declining to
furnish any assistanee,on'the plea thatworlonld_
first apply to the civil authorities.
Had there been any well known or reliable ,
civil authorities at Boeorro, such an answer;
taiga be deemed proper and excusable; hot there
were none, and admitting that there ins, such
could not excuse the taunting, insulting intion
do, which closes the note of the ofiieer applied
t o , '"hen he writes, "I should think that there
are good citizens enough in Socorro who' may 5. ,
nimmonal by the alcalde to protect the lives and
property of the inhabinints.' 'To this note from
the nearest military authority, the fallowing re
ply wan made on the following merninz signed
thalam g e tio: persons who had addressed the. 3
fir , .
Secogao, Texa, Jen..;
Oarnmandini &an
S Lc—Your node iwas
t; t