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    bahty lies in a
,irtint - iif menus for escape of the
dense impure strata of-air that are stagna
'flag just above the floor, amt through which
the fresh warm air cannot penetrate in suffici
ent purity and volume to raise the temperature
Of the room.
. -This was found to he the case at the Patent
°blue in Washington. An excellent warming
apparatus had been used. but in a certain room,
about forty feet square, tightly closed, andwith
it think) but one window, at the end, it was
found impossible to attain a heat exceeding for
ty degrees Fahrenheit, with the furnace turned
en to it, fall blast; when some one suggeked to
cut a hole in the flour, which was no sooner
done than the confined ponderous gases plunged
down the aperture, .and in a few minutes the
thermometer showed the excessive heat of nine-
ty degrees. - s" iet VIZ;0. ' Pffninsuler of _sig., depending to.. _ .
Heatingtby means of hot water appnra tus Ls tlomge slew., upon that extreme northers tray mere mot- I given a brief history of their voyage to the pees- ' who '` - '` •th ''''' .
daervedly ettracting great attention 1301 r, and ifirt7Firi-a, lAles rM. MeLletre.
1 ly ra raci J rd... ety of the business and [nissol et the West-with- I ent time, as also . outline of their futureplana" 1 SCOTT. am a randmate for Un. neat Prmideur, of the tni.
when constructed on scientific principl,, is an ' , v. C. N` vilk • R. 11CNDILS SM " A 2 ..."" 7 ' out brooch., without a single Connection with I IN States. are noturstml to a.ormbla in Louut, 31,11 nu.
From thr Clera.ol True Democrat Extra. I An'. th e 22.1 d 'r ni. " di 4. '" '' l ''''''''' ; . M.
agreenlee, healthy, soft Pennon:dell method, andet Ids, Court 'louse, In the CIO of PUMlntr-11 on Tom
other MUteft, ex Cept BO far R 9 it it a link in the
one I wotild, from eXper;enCe, re , :c 0 [amend in
fit&'• The reader will full on our firs page a chain of that northern travel with East: and yet
preference to nny other. DETROIT, Sunday Morning, April G. apad&wad•T l Sign,' bs am name...]
int-est-sting story of 'The that road has pr.., littler its Pittabltrgb Life Insurance Co. am loony machines fa effecting this continuation of the very : THE SUBSCRIPTION BOOK° , I'. it- B tosit.
'Home,' ; agement, a profitable invest... Our owu Mad- ;
end, before the public, bot I Lure not found that Amber Witch,' No. sof the articles on
the pretensions of the icon road, running from Indianapolis to the Ohio A captain just came in reports seeing a steam- .
.1 .. In o , , 0 ,,,,,„ 0 ., ' ' "
greater mother are justi- and Commercial Matters. i --is doing a V7ry large and succeseful business: er off Point Au Pelee, Canada, with pipesoomy. will nm ,In op .o fin- a few
gone ' time, st the Clontre of tho contr.,. 1. math At
fied by C.. actual operation. but who can look upon the map of the country; i and cargo thrown overboard-he thinks it m the I "0"' c. 5...,L IoN. ne',
An Italian villa was erected in Connentkut, THIRD Paon-Local Nea-e, Telegraphic Ile
, .
and say that it has any such nature' advantages ' Southerner . Passengers by the May Flower say IIIIIERF UNI E ItY-J ust reel a van ehoice
Rom ray deeigns, provided with a ventilating ports, kr•
and a num b er of i n _ fas the road we have in contemplation. If these they passed lore of goods and merchandise float- , ~2- "'''''•"‘i l . i f i lr th ''' r, i ''. enure s". l. • a'ar- o.i.
Mal heatin o , sapparatue in which hot water was short roads, and side roads, and north and south i ing on the water. ..xtraets Sir t.e dkerrhlr . Pormulm, Tt,,th ram. md
Well, tellich,'nfter a trial of eighteen months hae I is,,der • sc., at the urn.; store of
Faunal! PAC Peaty,
' Wres articles. • roads can be made profitable to the stockholders, I LATE IL-The captain a the schooner Belmont a. N. WICK OR,II 4 11,
given euch entire satisfaction, that lam induced nag _____ -....e.!------- 1
• nplo
what may we not hope for from acontinuo. line I pasted the wreck of the Southerner yesterday - --- • "'"‘" r nf "..*-1 a " '''''' -
Mahe mention of it here, perticubirly ag its -
Manuft ctureraliines, noeho & co., offN. York, OWE WEEI/Bil "I M O AND ITS " I N - ' of read, connecting the Atlantic with the Unlit I with one pipe gone, and they were throwing over Brandies, Wines, ea.
have f 0 distinguished a reputation that lam re- 1 BIONL West. running through the very heart of our I her deck load-she was in the trough of the men H AYING completed arranzr,iii•li:. With
ter to their work without incurring any sueld- IWe are happy to be able to state, that every country, and on the line Nature has point. out 1 --eugine stopped. The May Flower passed her ii...... in Donk.. ..d t, Lo. Po. J ...
don of :Mention to "poll." • I thing connected with the progress and wetly as being the shortest, most direct, and best whip- this morning, and she appeared to he ashore . II») tu,uthou of my onion. I ato thus , o 0,., ... • a
tel to bring the two Let tremes of an Maned brat,. LA TEIL-There is no doubt but th. it tr i te.Z'it'iNW. ”. .. l e i l ds ..T.Fi s iZ s !,"f1T., 5 .'i e u :i .• .,, 1 , 1 i , : ‘,,, N r,:
Tne thiiiding hat a frontage of nearly ninety
I completion a tho work on he Ohio anaPermql
feet, le'lenit ot brick find stone, and upon a 9ome- boundless country together! Surely it cannot. :is the Southerner. She is probably a total wreck. - I ''''Zi`.„ • ,.l;T i tli`,",,; • ,; . ,' ' ,;" - .' d
y 1,4, a• tr.i.,
who , I , xpesed eituatioe, every roma is rentals- l Tulin Railroad, to progressing quite sabsfactoris othemvise than a profitable investment The I The cause a the disaster is not known. Will ito nukes. C...., Bordeaux, ar,d ...ti, a a „,..„, ~,
fed and most pleatsantly warmed , by &brat Which ly. Between this city rid Mos...Um' ,ou the travel a our country to not so much between the send particulars soon as they can h e pt. ..... sod ! i , tope.. and .1.0,
the North and the South ns between the Ea. ..1 1 Lareer.-The Sinitherner is supposed to berm !S lihaa. and t ar. er,... p ate aeld. sod hror u rt.:41e.. , clue
thou:th c•thable orincrease to Mmes. any de- Ohio Canal, the grading and bridging of the Ithemdmediumoualit, ...,
West; hence we see what giant efforts oar the beach nine tulles below Detriot river. She e ,g,'" r •• •• ' 4 " '!„'",,T,,,',.. •• . ',.",...7,',..,``, „I.'', „,,,, ,„,..„,„
gree, is vet so sagas neither to warp the Wood- 'is nearly finished, and it - Ibe in readine. to re
work of th e Lading, nor the furniture, ce is 1 Atlantic cities are making to secure a share of , has slider. no serious injury, except the loss of . st n hseLet 9 , Parlow Cliatobagi. won 1.1, ,,,, or,, 1...
iire9lllCNl by an expenditure °Crud so trill' g as
1 ceive the nuperstructure at the time previously in- this great weeterh trade. If theta these ronils I her pipes. She win be got o ff soon and on the . ''',:.', t'a",,; • ,;',..",.`,,7,"„",',`,:.',',V", 1 ,2, 0. ' . ., 5 ....;',, , ` ...1,5,
i client.. Between this /it). end Brighton, the • running north and south can be made to pay, . ; track again. We will liave full particulare to- 45 ~.. Santoro.. and Claret . ~,
' 7 R , " surprise those who are areustomed o the
hot-air furnaces in ordinary tun. The w king . work of laying down the rails will be commenced is the case of the Madison and similar roads in 'morrow morning. is 00.. old' I/Aland awl It»h»tdra» I)»t.
' la pu1.....1,1 Svotel. and 1..1, 11 h,dtes .
of this rinpurntos is the subject of praise from in a few days. The onlY thing which can delay Ohio. what may we look for from one that has I .___..-----.,•••--_ 4 - superior old Jamalen Rum.
,all Who rave witnessed it, and it has new been .
rh , . . _„. more the appearance of a national highway- eiresk. supersor lundon Snowy, !WA( and ~ c ote 1. kl.
e work is a ['allure to deliver the requisite . From the /loshingt. Republic. 1 With • ometant mppl, ot Impasted . l.l.,,, ell I, A l
in fiction euffic • ently ion to thorough toy its I like the one now under rensideration-then a 1 Abartithe. Muneehino. Cora., Amiettle, mean Maze
, ' quantity of cross ties, and we thinkthe energetic PLETCHER WEBSTER, ESQ. ~, te.
merits. mere •project for the convenience of a limited I , A lune stock of 11.1rA V.l jEG All, alas,. on band.
j'Alt ventilation it equally necessary at hose j officers of the Company am find a way to obviate section of our coontry. The truth is, it is un- I Con . flicting BLitt...RD , haring appeared in ws- All o f - w itch I r o t o n„ o „ , e ,,,,,,,,,„ ~:,,,,
equaledin advantages and assumes an import- I rioue journals at the north, it relation to an act , „r e . l 7.l7:!... lb ''''' '' ' ' " th Ue A 4 ll .-h i s " . l'...'A ' . -I'o'
seasons when the furnace or other waning up- I this difficulty, should it arise. The mud sills, of Fletcher Webster Esq., during the of the .
watt. is not in operetion. ReCOnrse must 1
iron, spikes and chains, - are all provided for, and once to . that it is extremely,doubtful whilther ' Importer anti Dealer..., ..ot ,rret.
therefore at such time be had to ...her means • one other project could ever possess; and yet all I arrest of the fugitive
• mostly on the ground. It the contractor who has s pleasure in laying before .r readers the follow- 1. - 3
Sim ' °I 12I ''' t ` m . w e take SZl. ' •N h' ll . l * l ' l ' E m Sl o •`.) ll /..i. Dr - i... 1 A prle•
than ths.r. alsore described. ,I . these isdrintages may be lost to ue, unless We
Moot amy readers. I dare , oiy, will be con. i charge of laying down toe rade sustaine the rep- properly improve the present moment, and put I . ,1 1,51• I, an ....b.
- tented with such ventilation as open doors or , uthtion he brings with littil fa experieuce and forth our whole energies to secure its conetrue- 1 ing explicit account of that matter, derived from
,iiirtit 1.,..L1,11 4 Hi N, I r
windows tr ill provide; but there are frequently ! act i v ity, our citizeris will enjoy a Railroail ride tion to thie point.- ;It highly respectable gentleman residing In the '
BEA --- i'fil I."
' Pr" "'"'
time when fresh • air is very Sirabic, and u 'elide] firs
Ito Brighton in July. The seven splendid t - I city where the disturbance has taken place: . to amts. mat for sale L s
draught by no means so__Te e ke the RIMS • JENNY LiNn.-Nlr. Jogs 11. MELLOR. Of this l ~ k.`"bi'" A “ I •`‘.:TT,
and appal-due before deecribed available due- , dims locomotives ordered by the Directors bat 1109ToN, April 4 . lasi , apla
ing these times, place u p. the' to p o f th e o p_ I fall, will arrive during ext month, as well as city, received a despatch yesterday. fr ' Ai Me ' .T. the Edit' , of the if.Tealte, vl5ll-5 , 1 Oils. White Fish
T. 13 mum who is at present in Lanisville, I Sin: The last evening an arrest of afu :tire I
ward thane, one of Emerson's Patent Ejecting I the beautiful passenger contracted for In
P. --a ' - to .. •• a.. ivs .....r... I , r ... t s
Ventilate., and extend the downward shaft, the meent i etei eye , , . eeetieetei t w i th the •totiug that Jenny Lind could not, probably vi. 1 dare was tria i,. .7 by the . U. S. Mars:hnlin this g' city. wpm
The law s wit le sustained. leethii 0... be 1 A (Ai
which I di,cribed as leading to the cellars, up . II AtION-'S , k• th orn=;
1 ' Pittahur li before diciest of JUIIC We 9U,
company,o.s Officers endiagents, isbuey. There , sli
....„. g ' '' ' Al about the time of the arre.d Fletcher Web- D
to the reef. and terminate it with one of Freer- , , lx - chulder.. 1., .1.1. , •.
son's Injector.... is an immense quantity of work to do, of earth. I pose Sty that titne the Masonic Ball will befinish- , , , . ' '
, . ter, .1., surveyor of this port was in company aele . 1,1,111 Int 1,/,5 aCo
- _ sal, which we believe is the large at concert r.m l with George Ashmun, M. C., the marsball, po st-. COFII F I i i I I __
These Ventilators ere made in Boston. toil 1 deSeriptions , to start Maccessfully a nrst does , • • v ":- -Z.)) nip ii.., *or ea e,Y
quitedesirable when the Swe- . muster .d one or two other gentlemen, at the ' el.
remont II i.e. of rescue beitzg
can be procured from agent in various parts of Railroad Plans and specifications for offices atot I le ' the .. rit y. It is - ' T ' n Apprehensionse • ,- -- l ' • " l it sicKl6. A " 0
-- -
the country, of the size suitable. entertained, the marshal started for the court 1
}.A -o) pkg., 1 . 11., f.r sale by
depots at the stations, are to be drawn up, and 'll." Nightingale Jose visit us. to hove a comma- ,
'Mien. the Om of the house will pennit,these • is it ell tacit rl a art,
contracts entered into. Water and coal stations dious and well ventileted Hall prepared for the
house. .It. the same moment the bells rung at. . 0 °
Caine-flues may all be gathered into one large alarm for fire, when the marshal remarked that QUI.; A ii-N 1 Idols. prime N. O.;
sir e terminating with nn Ejector of extra eel-but difficul
.to be erected. and tank provid . e . occasion, and we shall not regret the delay if it
affords time to make the desired preparations. I the alarm was given for a rescue, when all the 1 -7
size which may be embellished by being pl.. ties arising are to be m t and Fettled daily, and , „t o ,MNAEIItEPOTWN
- I gentlemen above named left for the same place. - - -.
In on operrturret, or other allowaide arcbitectu- a hundred other things to be do. which ate a \lot. Ass Es---1,7,0 h., N. 0. ; '
ral feature on the summit of the roof. the on would sriumely think of. THE A.IIIIIEUCAN ExPLoßras TR THE LECTIc 1 'lnning by the church in Tremont street, Mr. do -SII . f,r <Ale hr
Another plan of ventilation, in the summer, SEA. . Webster. supposing the impresaion might be true a• „,,, 1110.11 N a Eli' he ATRIt t: '
end eoch . seasons when tires. excepting for cook- ' Gus. ROBINSO , _
N the 'r,ident of the Compa- , that the hell. were ringing to collect a mob for .• -
The Lona. Spectator makes copious extract I the purpose o f a to.ene, vent it, and
ing are aid used, 1 will dethriht, and with im , ny, .devotes all his time
f ind energies to the work, front n ...,,, • m a ma Na k 1111, 11 I,ICn
iume by NI, buoits giving a narratise the-belltum 001 to ring the bell. when he was at- ,
description terminnte my chapter on Warming arid performs almost cute. labor for ogee- I requested ICE - „ U t' : "• Print". tr.' , cvop lor .11. 1.,
DRIED APPLES-1 0 0 bu for •ale I,
and Ventilaion d i of the voyage of the " Albert, - the vessel fitted , tacked by two pare. wh., i ids. the police. by
s o ld nito. • A it 1na1.4 - 11:1. - fs
-- "' e - "T' t '" e et the subject ! lleman a his time of lit ;and, together with the I
which wilL Iho
induced my readers to eat by Lade Franklin, to go in search of her bus- , whom 31r Webster was hurried 011 to the jail.
RYE FLOLII-W bids. for sale 10;
- Chief Engineer; whose eat experience an.Nde- hniiii , , sic John. Nic. snow n .... n „ low .. in there kept in close confinement until this mom
give it an attentive perusal. ~ i ink his friends in the meantime in mill offering „1., MUM N a alai;
The means by which all ventilation is obtained ' cislon of &erecter rend e el s services invalMkble
the expedition, being a great traveller,
,le by sousing motion in the atmosphere are to the work, keeps all he rnultifatio. busitess . . r • a- I any sreurity for his tippearthre to an•wer the COFFEE -15. sacks prtho • Ili .
1 sushi. to have an opportunity to inspect per- I chary whatever It might he. winch should he to - Jars. •.., hatt 1. I r..e:.• fi, ,
chamber. to be moire I. of the Company movie. forward with preeision i
.. . . . ii .
~, st . w , . f , aPlo /Mott • A 1,11.1t1. t • 1)11 It •
- .
The motion is effecred by providing some e- , ead d 04.0,. Innally the Arctic repo.. The Albert return.. to e is morain e at t t opt ing ii [he court. EtAis f ics
it,. Fit -„ , ,, i...... „, i at ~..„... I ,
.. i. iii, ~.ii,...
A more gross and brutal outrage than that In
thod of making a strorig in a Sue which ' home without wintering in that frown clime-no - sis, fee .L. L.
aided Upon Mr. Webster, was [Meer Made i n n •plO Rh.. • t .:1,1, i• , I airs' •
connect -, with the rooms to be ventilated. ! With respect to the e Went of Alassillort. we the condition of the crew being such as to milder.. c .„. , . , • .
_,. .
The re , ..iiest menus to, coast this current is: by ; map lass in answer to the many inquires from • • and
... . . ,51,11,41 maninunity, ano merits.. it tali•Unal- 13 ACOS_
..„), .4 . .-, li eie ,„
It inexpedient lmproper to presecute the ly ceetNes, the condemn.. almost of our en- Ulll
=steatite , in said Poe a pipe nr chamber, con- 1 that quarter, that it is either forgotten nor ne- t . i .
age etre , . • i • ehoutter, prime muntry rot
sleeting with the hreiting api orates, therediation on hurt and Ler oale 1.,
from the ~.,,,,„„., tie .,,,,, „ rri .., e ,
pro _ glected. At present th pressing duties required 1 But Mr. Snow La 1 the opporamity he sought All isho know Mr. W will bear willing test,- .0., BRO. • A cuter
,of the officers a the C mpany lstor, to his high, toady ill
and - • • • . • . •
one evpat*ion and rarilictien of the cothath of '' 3 taahl" ciao I° Without obtainiug sn actual tight of the North that •,.... one
i e .f • ri • • last • , Liiii.N N SIILLI EN t.S reduced to • ...Lute
air within the sne. This eerie:ion. of eiourse, finish and stock the roe Crean Pittiburallet Mils- 1 Pule. he A,. • ' • 111 a brawl ato ineult any person.
great dial . or the urighboring • " . ''• very
a r o. SEN•EDY. Cllll.l, a Co
cans, motion, and an upward tendency being,•illon by the close of id coming auto., absorbs ' i 1 , ;
°pillar), an.. tse canons wuters-or rather_
Thal b. h., been most grossly abused for no if 1011 N -14 kids. Shelled, reed mid for sil•
given to the air rurr ooo ling the heated PiPe- b 0 . the most of their tie and attention, but e I • '
•`'• =ells- ice. His descriptions are drawn with a melt of his own is strictly true, and that It will l_. to .i. 1.. as i Wit...o'. It" 1.:,.. d
its r i des buoyinac, a rapid current upwaris
know that •an anxious wire is felt . We .•
' YE--S bble. just ere's! alit for sale by
is prides., and the Otte being isd by duct, lido ! .
know- to place e I ready Laud in graphic sketch., thouth rough. call down en thu beasts of his assailants the ex
. the „ jou , r 0,,,,,,,. t h e i r ~....,„...a t etthesi th er i,. remainder of the line b yond Wooster under con- ~. Ili, ~isle,' cops the i s peet . ter. ~ i„. vigorous , tr:in i e peI . I . ItIOS of the law, is the with a ~,ry L .0. ~., ,iii.....i..iiii , ....
content: are drawn eff 1,11 , 1 discharged into elm ! tract at the earliest po alpha day, and we would I , r
I 111, the scenery and eh. ..stances are 50 freth, " ''• "Is"' ( ' , ANTON Pr.:seri,. Ginger in ;tip up..
open air at therhouth of the flue terminating ' teg, leave to suggest to ie people of Wayne. Ash. I . 0 w ,, ta i e , foi, and so 0.‘ ,..,6„,.
~., to justify r , )
TIIL . Sr. 1.. tSt amt.," Sumusxmos.-..drier , - ~,,,,,,,, sod y r ,,,,,,,, ..,,, , ,t ~,,,,l f .,,,.„). ),, •
•• Chem Chow, a tu1111.1•A ,
above de roof. land, and Richland con ties, that they can great-' .
For at Imam greater portionof the day, a fire , .fleet.. The singularity of the ..m nt mid•night, i
, ran f.o.b . ', IL, Iro-Sfs --A letter from aat A ateCl,t ~.. 10 , .
1 h ten this tte byfilling u tho sub- London to the Philadelphia North American . s aid. are..e.wl Tea 1,.,a4...ra
- ii -used for mime purpoees of cooking, in the j Y hit en g p - 1 the :them. desolation and to of Arc-
ALAD SAUCE-Grav's Sauce for dress
kitchen, and the heat thus necessary for culina- • scriptious of the stoc required to g rade ` Ltd tie scenery, the wonderful operations of nathre i
ry purposes may be theme... by width ventila- bridge tiara part of th line. Iby mea. a avalanche, lex bergs, and almost ? t 0.." ''''''''• till 7,' . .:',N.,*'}f,:',! - ,'.r 2, ~.-...:
lion can be secured . I As the work will be to than a incalculable perpetual frost .ml mow, are not so hackneyed ' to t , sw., ,, atnaton
The 1* S. frigate St Lawrence was tow. in
dock, loot Saturday. Her 1 ,„, - ,,, ,~ ... ' ' '
1 10C1 i 1 NUTS-- ° bad, ree'd a1..1 thr fa.
A la:_e metal chest or ,tharnber, supplied with
, value, rmtl as the ethic will be among the Eafmd. as to pall." c sr. was eotirely discharged on Tuesday last. .to .0 i M 0•11. 1..,, . ott x
fresh al; fn. behilui, should To. lotilt intri the
chimney of the kiteheo, or other room where fires ; and meet profitable in he country, there should I WIIIIC in the heart of the arctic region. the and pl.. in a warehouse, w here each peAsge \,,,,...2,..7;,,;,-,,,;,.!.,i),,,,,,r..-..,”,......,?..,,,::::.;.:.;1;•!:.:d:
are dally used. The chamber must im pl.. 'be no h.itancy or al yat doing: their share a , Albert fell in with two Aineric.,n vessels now ee. • ens iseitmed and the that of the Cuetoms attach- .:`,.. 7 5 i .... 7.. ,..:vi.. de, e
m.i0 e . .. J .. „ : . ....t .. -; ..,...., .- ~„.....1 s. ,• .
book aWe firrorlace , ”ts ,<•, or °her cooking a r ''s ,C. work. The Preei ent of the Company will gaged . thug ire prosecuting the search fa Sir ed . '''"' ' h " sh lb° wb. h. ''''T° f‘..`"'" ' III e :.1 TO mmon. eh , ... ~1... t t .,,, : L a,. '‘':, "1,...r „....,too
writhe, or over the boiler. if Lot water Minting, . , , . ~
~ London hp the Vouthwestern milway Theis.... .......,... ite r.r..t .1,, er J olt to .t. t») , , , •), -.) • .1, :
Mare for the East till. week, and we should not J o h n rreriklie. Mr Snow • ..,, s
operates is presided. It must I.e capable of, J.- to iia` e 'r • ° acre taken from the ,cation in saw., oser We- '''''' ^ -0 " - °" .. v' °-- .
lit .11 ii...e., gm.
he surprised to learn that he had arranged the ' mu. strict. with in.. I..sbr demeanor of the .1m- eel. bn.lge, through the Strand to 113de Parke •
ae. its, a.. I. . 1,, .„. 1. s. . .., • • •-•.• ~ 1.. I
rent:tithes Ind less than ten cubic.fret of air, and
- from its top pipe, not l ee s than s ax inches in di- I preliminaries for the upply of the iron, f o r that i se ise., their -pint of starir. and self-reliance . It is tdattol that the monster block of tole ore . 48 .`", ,
nmeter, ...odd lead lino the discharging flue in- I portion of the road before his return. At any The ftherring piquant tar:nave is we'd told: end from iv o .tertrt, attracted great talent/11u at Allegheny County, SS: Latest Puhlications
tended for ventilation, and then diminish so . '
•nib.. don seventy ern were eta do ~ liar. '
i• rate this Object 6 not will not I. lost sight lis creditable both to the I=qt:dor and those of I. ' I . I) 1 I N tho matter of ti, Admieis. .••••••... T rIlLmEs• Literary Depot, Third st.,
Arr.t...le the Na la,
to leave around it, in the shaft,
' say.'• °I. ' t iof the office, a e comp. • who intend to 'whom he e oak.: I ty minutes In raising it from the hold of the I. tmtion Ao-ount rf Me E.t... , r ri..,- .;" e n
~ -,..,,,, Ituri.t. for Apnl.
least two incites in the clear. each w Thus -by -i); I -P - fr.. aid landing it on the quay It was lift- •=i,.!-,fr:r.,'Z'L,`,....•4;,1 ,. . a. ~ , ..:,'Zi ? i1e45 . ,... t ulto-Mnr. - •
diminished, it should extend upwards in the flue rinii. the road entire to its terminus at Crest- I •,. frigate
• 4 . 14.... i lion too. se, No. Me
The America. intended to path on where- el ~, a e... 4113, worked by fifty two men, and . sae,. o, .5 5 e...... t i 0....,..., • - T.._ ~..,„„ „wgy les- Lough... . ti , AutobinitraPl3l si • ..irdateis
.t. least ten or fifteen tect. , line, at the ealiest ..ssible day, and they will ever they could, this way or that way, as might the Merle I. described as a curious sight. “The 1'V 0 r , `', 7 „.,::;!..V:..;11,%:::r,: . ' 1....,“ .. .;,....-;-:, , •Th. 1,54, Da=... ,
~...,, ,
o n .
The y aiaion thus caused will produre a suf- ! spare no
to it esthry to accomplith that be fond best, in the
d a da a m.a. , ille Dia. tram Ping of tae nom round the capstan. the nth- ..h......hn1i,,,r4i.r...r.....5uwi5ii-:
..... 5...,. ot. r. N • )AAJ ~,,,,,,,,,, ),,,,,..,,,,,......,,, , ii'l4
ficientl strong meant to draw off from the , w eat ti ,,,,,d tnac h, o _h e ai et „ . , cone . ntat t. of , e ed parts adjacent, especially Bank's Land . and •ie of is marine aft:r. the creaking a the tackle, n t , it. , n.. , 1.t .,.,, ,,.. t i L . - . r . ..!: .
0 v r ta ,.. ..... , .., , ,;, ,,., A , ,,, , - 1 1. r1 -110 1 7 :
, %,,., , ,,..,.j ..
roams connected with it. all impurities of &mos- I they meant to alma wherever they might chance . the Loans bawling., and the teem!, a the sib The Audit. .. sta re ny,....1 a ~,...t:m.i t th. I ~t.,. •, . ht. •
t'''''''' 's-' 9 °.• .
, the undertaking.
phere, and the effect may be increased by sue- , Ito Im, in the pack or out a the Pack As ling aer wht•tles of the boatewain and Lie mate. in .re 5..... ., s. so• ..„.... 1..0r b ..r.-... 1,, nr..l " ^
''"•."•° .." ~,,, .• • M.). l •r• '))) “•••• 1 •.011.
mounting te due with one of Emerson's Eject= i Besides the ridiou imports. improvements I . they could . moviug or ni.thing any pro grme giving orders while the mg.tio Ihinp was imp,- 'as •,.' "s` 'N. *. l' i- t• o l-• --, s 0
nisllohltr 111. ,•.o.r
on, spokenf before. . ' which intersect the Sio and Pennsylvania Rail- ;in :any direction that might assiet in the o bjeet 1 cepahly rising from the bold of the shim were henh
In many parts of this caustry, and especially New Spring Goods, at No S 5 Market st. 1.',V,:''.1„ .„ 0 .,,,.„ t ,; was, a t l e ,a
road laWrally, and re therefore legitimate ex- •i for which they had th e they meant to be still , very singular. ap7
in the Southern States. u summer kitchen is .gob, on, and wall the true •chareeteri , a the ' lice a the greatest curiositiES amongst the i LEX A N DER ,1 DA I a ...ild r.... 1.... Milli . ( I. ( •
tattoo., as far as • en d treed are concern- ' v. . . )011 1 (.1 IN V EsT IN MO lac. AoE
need, schith is detached lanai the house. I American, care 1 for 1.0 ohstacles Or intnediments ' Amerman contributions is an air ethausred ref- . V •sut,le I), AU Wt.., )1 ti, t o: ~ t.,......r, ~... *..., )
The Mr, Bo is often slo dead that Emerson ' s rd, it has two cape& and direct extensions- body '''''' sot ,
e •
that might setae in their way. Neither fear. nor : tin. which wdL it is said preserve a human ~ ~,,,,,,,,,,, Ta ..,,,,,, ~.„,„„, i...i„,t
at ~,,,
.....„ .„, t . Y .rn knlZZlii " .V.Zri r P...i. A . P fi l _ r '
apparatus will not act and the kitchen 11. he- the one to the sou ••-west, by way of Beilefon- / the necessary caution wt.! might cavity be al- for l ranY years. This coffin contains a brand- tatAtAttl Aorta..., and 1..,..,rt, s rao, a., r d n. ~..,.1 "
WOMAN: ~,,
tag at so great a distance, there seems -no Way mine end Indianapo es, to St- Louie: mad the I leged am an excuse fa I eeitafion or delay, fit 'millet of flower., which appeared. fresh ...1
has •• s ' s ' " fl."- ' • 77,.: - ;; L i ', ' ,-', T 1• : ,., :: ',. ‘: , ..: , ' '
, wit PulitsSOLobt . SPUI ilk, TROATIII...r.
.9 1., . rl
of employing its spare had to ventilate, unless by way . o f r a ,,,„ , r id !at periods when any thing like fancied danger a theflowers bad only just beeu gather.. 1., rts ~ sod Paartcrlua-10.1.11VU f.) V LOC.
Other north-anted}- , . I i . a iiiimellall.Monday and ...Moeda, evening.,
the Pedantic, of the house have orension for a . appeared, was to deter 91. Happy fellows'
Less or 1•11 e I "Sam CON naven.--faptain I C I` M. iit OR NIL Y has retwo. t.s No. os i ,„;;;,. - „,` 0 0, - ' fl o .c:",,, b L i 'zi,„': ' ,",i. o : l' '' ' '' "f"'''''
Removal - Arra) 7th and tan. at 14, o , fist, with imams 1, Dr. Rat
go and Galena . The first 1 tho ~g h , I : ~,, f ,,,• r ,„.„,d no „ t „„ „.„, spee t, „,p,
constant, supply of hot water. If this be the 1 Fort 'K W' , t° Chi
t der contract , and in va- .
case, the boiler hack , a the kitchen fire might ' named exteasi°. -s a ,be lost with you ;no diesenfions or incorapeten- B ot i e. o f ti, Jp,eph Welker, which left New VV . !saes. s'eest• , f ..r• at- ,, L. ' r .:, r la,. I T,, I...toing. April sth-1ia.,..... iot Dut,.. anal'.
communicate (as in fact it would . required to riot. degrees a pro asion..from Creetline, the Icy among your exethfiee officers est st to of.hY York in ...natty will, ths Ivanhoe for Livepoeh -rut lte.rtis 0ni , ... , - , eatb 4 ~,,,.. Petro., , taught br PhrmadoNt
tr., Evoning-llonslitary Law. and Fart. a wort
do for other purposes.) with a eeeonii hut - water terrain. of our 'ro• 41. to the Wabash river.- your progress. Bent uptio one errand alone, reports dint on the Bath Feb. two days out, he ea...., testae
I yout min. set upon that before yun embarked. saw her rho, frn the Rourefehonl of Nantucket Business Notice.
reservoir placed in the main body of the house, 0a.....0.1 delineation.. ohmmeter. gal number
' Some portions of th line are finished and in use,a IV: twins bilsio..• 1..11 II .. ''' 'f-srf . ' ''"e• °lv' "if wt . ... `tut...L.. 41011 M ea ,, '"
the water circulating constantly hackards andrapidly. From the i . triflee nor common danger will prevent you ail all sail set, if is therefore to he feared that kLI PER , •• • . •.. ‘ ,- ong Itralth. 0mup....., faulta, A, . their remely.
forwards, from reservoir l ace oil in metal pipes. . and the whole is pro easing ,, ...rf, non n.. r Put , reason , le: ae dale .1
daring everything for the carrying out a your ~he ~,, to p i.... otou boa,' p.,,rj,b ~d. Th e ,l, ~,,,,. am m o, or ~n0.re0... will Mt him at t. PI,- „,,,...,, ,„,, ~;.„,,,:f ,:t 5 , ~r , ,r t„ . r ',. a. - ;; - 1 - ,,, , „ •° .
The reservoir could be pld within or below a Wabash to the Miald ailMi• the work will probe - mi t )SUAII. Co on, Wen, brave so. of America , „f o ll ow i ng i B s , or the ~E 5, nod , of the ,;ise . ,.... i sree . ?;.,...:•i!ar,.,......45.1..:.„7,..i....:,.,ii.n..,11......1), A „,
~„ , ' , L ,,,,., • i P. 0 m; . .. 1 ..,,, Li r •
chambet as before described, and the radiation My . put under contr this summer. a. nog at least Fame thistle of prosperity and low faith: ....1 DM, ;a n ..., r.,.. W "unpins! by ealltn.... f. TUCKS WAN TED-Bank of Pittaburgli;
from its heated ...face would supply the current' , SucCess attend your not etTorts. J.. 1 1, /LEM 1,,, Proolpel I...tru, h‘r
The north-watt 1 estermion, although a bet c,,pu s in !d e gree Thom. Hartshorne, mate; CM in the mien,. ot 4,,,..,.. - -- 7 'l.rtheth Lil'el.'" P.eiV• '''
requisite for the ventilation of the rooms. •• The Advance war most extraordinarily fort, , .john te s ti er , Lod do; Joseph Hayward ad do , , - _._ „, GEO L 4 ...LDS 00, 74 Fourth a
hi TI WK . ; Mill SALE-Monongahela Bride.
A very simple means a ventilating a room, recent projection, is in a flatteritag sate . for an I
fied to resist any presnure of the ice, and to ens- James Dore, carpenter. Junes Mitchell. steward: lAA till A 1 N SI-Teaeliers and -,.,.
. Only occasionally used, is by placing 11 . lighted early commencemen and speedy construction as .
. ble her to force her way epithet such impedi- G eorge s m ith, cook. Seamen -Wm. Sbumway, i Ve4 . :` . i n irs7: ' itt., ` .• • l l .."-Vir..s ,'' a u . ' • ir
' -
' .i ‘ .; .". ' w ' " ri7. ? . D .r k ,,ANA 7 PA r i. ,l,,, u ,.. .h 4. .
lamp in the flue (provided with one a Arnold's far west as-Fort Warne. 8 All/N-23 casks prime Shoulders;
I ments as those she encountered this evening .- j. 4 0, w ar , J ames B enne tt, te m. D om . , Iv .. sot t r y!.,r,„:1, ,,, 11:10 . 1 , tn . g Imord, at -
Salves, as before described, to prevent downward ,
This extension commences at Crestline, run- I Her how wao one solid mass of timber-I believe Iludeon, John Anders., Edward Wilson. Ch.- r• •• • L ':•;:::• " ...r vi 5.0...... :Li ll il:',..l.':(,“:l, ,ll` rii.r. l,', ll l .l ' il' '
draught.; Theeheated air from the combustion
sin from thence treat to Bucyrus : from thence i I lim right in saying. from I. foremast. Her , Hoist, William Smith, Hugh Tootle. Thomas ',r‘ i ' '''''''' d ''''''''' " t• • ''''''' "'" "'I .n : ~t d" .''''" s•• •• Sider, for Rale br
of the lamp - will produce rua upward current, and g 1 . , ors* at mud • ..... and ad Mater. And 02 Sinn stmot
will ventilate the room 'without in any way pr. to Lpp
' er Sandusky thence to Um.; thence to increased in ixe and number, • °. Dennis Jolth Stank • Samuel lloward Wit"
I timbers were . , 3,, Al•'---'sane sdei, i , ;” h
amt. the might well be sat to have been doubled Price, Barns.. Nialvey, William Footer , John r.• ' • ''' s '''''' `• ' '''''''• '.• r " ••• "' "'' I ' •sd' Li-UW-13 libls. N. , . I ld'al;
10 k,ga . - for . ale by
clueing thy increase a temperature by the burn- Section to (now Delphos,) thence to Vanwert, .
; inside . well . out Ile deck wra also doub- I poi,. 'bleb James, Jame. Hellen, John Cans%
ing of the Letup. and the west line of Ohio, and ththce to Fort :led, then felted. and again RIM inside, while her ; ,1-- . .
y 1 lbert Stenfield. Ito.. Taggert, boy. ' ' say-Eta , silos. limo, Sao.' - Thi., store . , L 5... WATERMAN A SONS
all is very nreeesary to the comfort of a home Wayne, making the Whole length of [hero. from ' cabin hail, in addition, aal endung of cork The t ~,,„, 0 „„. i s , o . u , -es, ie. ti 1..• i... h,-.11 rentbd 1;ILOUlt---157 bbls. S. F. and extra, for sale
with • braotaul (mut, lr no+
that the kitchen should be thoroughly Ventilated; . after-part of the reasel as remarkably strong I. „ -_ _ . I te' thi L S WATERMAN a SONS.
to Fort Wayne, 1. miles. The counties
Crealine :• • • . ' ,ram or foal. W 4 ogwORYII.-WO have the From England Tic Quhec.
and though my readers will see, from what I . . rind a moveable bulk-head , which ran are.. the ,• . • _ 11. 4 1 111 . IT-260 seeks Dried Peach.;
have said. that this room to bo more readily . through whichthe rind tans are expected ha a.-
1 fore-part of the cabin, cou .1 at any time be un- 'me anetlety duty ot announcing the death or T HE Undersigned, !Panting in tblehee, in 2 14.5 ••• - Apple,
purified than any other, they will agree with me I Ecribestock sulfide tto defray the Pe of gra- shipped to afford a free co munication fore and Commodore Alex.der S. Wadsworth, which and 4,,,,,,nns 1,,,,,,,,,innue, or e s eesei tem soden.- a , - IS tads. '. - fer ale by
event took Ince In -
this city , 013 Saturday last.- ere., artielm, to the darer+. p.n. "FE 1... k. Er)). The ' .
in condemning the want of attention that has so ' ding.dpreparing t e ❑road teethe iron. This ex- , aft when needed. The ew. if I remember „... ___ ,_ I' s _ ~_, .. . .
I rof hts ago. ~ number or ooset , sensing at Quel., tt. Lana, for ,ar B R.., ),1.5_,.., doe , fancy and contman, for
°Al° F tntilted ° Itltt'°°°°. from "Wed effluvia : peruse is estimated the Chief Engineer of the tom . rightly, lived inn strongly built • round houth • ! "`", :i 1 i ';` ,,. "..;.; ':'`l a' I - o. of lumber prolabl. reml, r. 0.. mod, of Mumma...
i Wadsworth a. a native eitisen mat. the tan , rrennee , all tws, 0) ,,, A 1)„,,,. tie .1,, by ap p -L. a WATERMAN & SONS.
of conking, that might so easily have been. onsleck. amidshipe, one e 1 of which .a. con- n , ibe All.lir too,rht on mope. ~,..mmost to bin.
;pay, at about four undretl and eighty thousand - • a th e stet,. a Maine, and Reeved Ms countri , • „'„ii;,,„,,,t 0., an y business nnu, 1,1 terewith. Crew ad II 0 ES-151.1 doz. best cast eted, for sale by
avoided. re „ re ere ie,.. . named into a cook Louse, all. a • galley,'
1d la T meet t r is ex ditu
ol re. o pen , and ' for many years. with great distinction. Ile orig. ... it , ~,,,,,, nor. a. inas Le re u ntred for furth,, I R apt L , WATERMAN A SONS
A ventilating flue should be provided, not on- , and loather the • pantry. fen run formed the
inane enter. the navyof the tailed States on ra - azOmnr.t i- --b7,..-1 , -r -Po , - A QUICTIIE SNEATIIS-350 doz. extra and
lyii the kitchen itself, but in the vestibule, hall I formed that Cravrfo d, Wyandot, und Allen coon- , natter of t. working set men ; there were no the '2d of April, 1004,and held his eons " ' •
M spells y... 1, ~,,,„, ,
._ .
a a b e ttoßN E. I.j nltutuoct. for sale at irLsourtereeeeriere by
or pantry connecting it with the of of the ties )ri Ohio, have a ready authorized and made '.. ice-mestere: nor regular , ice-men :• but most post-cantath from the :Id of Nlarch, 18 '' '' ' fru " •-•''''''' ''''''
bane, end the store room, vegetable room, la, I county and individ nil supscriptions a slack, ) a the sailors were long tic ustomed to the ire.- ,the' tim , e
of i ili , aent „ . Ho
.., the
..;.• pto , - --
4 1 0 lES---75 doz. best cast steel Hay Forks,•
der, and of course, bathing rooms, etc., should A etetverl end a cook comol ted the full eoniele. nth . Life Insurance.
amounting to three htmdred and forty thousand r 1 the roll of the veterans heading our naval list. IplIE NATIONAL LOAN FUND LIFE lane Forks. fur mar by
lal .. .. .. .. tour pronged
each have an air duct for supply and escape. meat of the 'hip.
Chan:there immediatelyunder the roofs of corms ionises, leaving one hundred and forty thoueand ,
The .advance was mans ed by sixteen persona of , the
It will be perceived, by referring to the order ,ig asseitaaes stICIETY er Imelon and Nm. York. ap, OS. ITATERM•N ,:SONS.
a s a fe and peria.nent lustulaton, vorulanit, the mutt,,tl
Secretary of the Navy, which appears it I IQUORICE ROOT-0 lbs. Posed, for
try haves are frequently rendered ecarcely ha- i dollars of stock to be subserth. by Vanwere officers Methyl.. Ilex el . mean d er, Lieutenant I
_anther column, that sultat.le honor. are directed .ntaass i to thee-et... ie tamie. .
_ ... ,1 sate Sy .4 R. k. SELLERS.
bitable, in COM.equence of the heat. i county, Ohio, and . lien county, Indiana, and in- . De Harem It young 1111111 r boat 2.; years of age, . i „ be vi,.. A the Coma, tor W...tern Pen *y Iv ota at the
paid to the memory of the ilacet.ed. - ugiini c-: Reese or um. A. al.!. :. 4.4;. 1,2 III:I/AIM-4 eases Pow'd, for sale by
This eXCenin heat may be greatly lessened '
i dividnal , When t ese subscriptions are made, . had served in the United States Exploring Expe. I . ),,'
Hash. epublte ,4 W.•l 4 1 R spc R. E. stut.e.tal.
by making a double roof; that le by furring out i , l dition, ander Commodore Wilkes, in the A1111:1•• , - . . .
or authorized to ,
be made, by a vote of Incthe -_..........-----. if ItOPPER STOCK S
o space all over the roof, from the under side of I , tic seas. Ile seemed as fine a specitnen aa ' 011 . , 0 SPRUCE-I cotta for a ist_hy .
the rafters to the line of the ceiling. This space, 1 Pie of said cow:Ai 8. the company will feel au
seaman, and a rough and ready officer RS I have I Market Street Store for Rent. ..., !tool , Marto corneae: ..".11 3 _ _
. 1 - 1
say of about a fad deep, would, if made perfect- I thorized to order n cessary surveys and estimates I ever then. Nor Was he at all deficient. in the true 1 - ( i , 41. 1 .1tei •• - gl • 1 ROUND TURMERIC-2 bbls. for sale by
ly tight, afffird a receptacle fa a stristam a deed iof We route to be ade, with a view of letting ! characteristics of a true , tit t e ,.,, i 01 th e ~,,,.. TOR the oreund lour f r foor the current !Market ?A " A lgonottin -.. XXi ar, It. E. SELLRS.
4U " Douglass Illoughlno dada:
air,; than which amore perfect non-conductor
the whole I day en is , . often misapplied and ill understooZ i "'' l ' thr " " M " ... "' "" '''''' t 13111 n if tiggn, For .1. at the Banton thi. or
road to &tract, at the earliest y . nom . ...o , nett. Inn., of EPIIORN'S Extract of Sarsaparilla and Cu.
cannot be found. External heat could not pen- I
an d a sharp quick eye, ceenuntennuce bro... • indite ICOI Penn at. 1 A WILKINS &CO, 1 • MO.• warranted genuine, far sale by
etnde through this double roof, e i. i n no m we „. practicable. Whil; the grading is belts
and apparently inured to 411 weathers, his voice ' naner Market Awl rep • ...
- y. 11.. g. SELLERS.
. . . - - . _
der, internal warmth would not . leesenesiby I the Directoni will opt the necessary steps for ,
gave unmistakable signs o' energy, promptitude . I tpt;sl./a. 31' LtNCH LI VON Pmts. -The de- . ILIT 11 ISK EY --96 Was, rec d per eta. 11. V ERM I LLION-62. lbe. (Trieste) for sale
• • dh dt - -
Contact with the cdd inner surface of the root . procuring the Iron n renninery, on t c cre 1 . a I •.' Th
s. an I eel ion. ere gam o mirth mg the man
t t i t • - .mend let this meat remedy 1. rapidly increasing, a nd a n. •v V cinsiog. nod Ea. •nk b, . , .. p ,
51 ALLINGII/1111 a Co R. E. SELLERS.
Bp observing theee simple directions thus giv- 1 . ~,, ~,, la, re. en ins orders from a distance for lota I ''''
or the rempany•, in order to complete the whole° Ile was undoubtedly well init. to lead such an . „ hi , ~,, ~ i , ~,,„„, ,„,,,,it. ' - 1.4
to supply as fast .e. 1:41E-1 1 - 10 1 , b19. fresh Ismisville. for sal.. 8 lIEESE-50 notes receiving and f
rao. or sale
,' bl' •Pr R. DALZELL & CO.. rty ..
en, a warm and well ventilated home may bc
road 1• dfo tiv o •rations expmlton, and felt charmed to sec it
U 11) male lt. ready y rae C At. 1 n oire.) The truth 1.. the rertortY moot. only aOWto ' by WaY.VI L- t\,
contrived. In my next number, I will speak of I "Ills second in commadil (for they were very it•IIVIII») the rotnt skeptical. Its excellence. We soled.. 190 147 First. and 111 Se. tut 0. L a ; li ND 11.1 ES--
tile congruity aho ehouhl possess with ' the without delny. Al en comity, Indiana, proposes
!differently organized from Ins) wae still younger I trees o ale si sass. daauseats. llowing: - 1
Si'll,UP MOLASSES-51 bbls. S. 11., for ' !,
}Der t „ e ti r,i, ° ,7A er t .
-scenery around. G. 11 . to subscribe $lOO AO, and a vote for that par- Wm} s, May 15, 1847. I ...Why ap9 WaF 11 I LSoN e•
I and more slim, but withal of equally determined • 2 " ..hens
t ., ~ co ~,a t io ato t a , At lam engaged In selling • - - • • ' 4l boxes C mem
pose, by order of m county Commcommiesiouere, will I and sailor like isppearance Next to him Was a 1 j ~,, ... OoLni,: s . sl RUF f - - -10 Id. bbls. for mile lo a . receiving per L. EA M. Line,
fi.• 'l,, rlinl. , mrvllleitst, I ..... not answer toy 'tack Matt- • ,) and f,r Rale by JAMES DALZELL,
[eke place this mu th. If the subsciption car- I junior
as of whom I saw but little, and that , nat . „„ a „, b „, „ ~,,,,a„ o r n r , Ht .,. t. ,,,. ~i„.. I anit tr aY 11 ILsoN 'l'' .4 Water Pt
. )A
ries, there will onl remain 5..40,000 to be taken I line Was
to tell Me that
executives i , „,,.,, 4 ,,.., was. o f M om pul a r , I ll y-b o ll a S 11111Ae- 25 lags Shilv, for sale bv I). 1. PE R-. 1011 n. than Med. and Crown Wimp.
under Captain De li aven Would he efficient nnxib / 5 „..,,,, h sold sr, nod, an ,
J I A IJIM • new sup., Immo. at. II AVA lIN Et.iTi/c WA CO R. ma. 1, tale gprt tat rlnete ronAgtanent, hy
to fill up the sub, riptions, which we feel sure ap7 JAS. DALZELL. CA Water ...
I inries to him. Lest of all, though .t level . ai.o. YB WINDER, P. 31.' I A RSENIC- - h kegs I I
fur sale be _ _
will be promptly met • •
I among them, wee one a ~ .rnei I must be excu. I to,,rest: by . J. KIDIt • CO., .Ol, U. A FAH N ESTIiCE ico I)RODUCE- -
Stich are the a g uis i ceut prospects opening lied for allying more than a causal word or two. 1 narba.4_7„L•sa____ No. SO Wood at. I .
I COCHINEAI. -150 lbs , for sale by NA/ bush. Dried Athlete
10 Lida tined Pearehng
I before Pittsburgh, a. the stockholders of her lt was Dr, Kane, the eurgeon, naturalist, jour- 1 Attention! , ap9 11. A. FAIINESTOCK ACO Dm . S. V. flour.
... IMO dol. cure. Erwrar.
Western road. T °Masi.. done on this road i pallet, &c., of th e expedition. Of an exceeding- I w i-pm.o, etas ... vi m, i, moat ~,,,,,,,,,i netaio to ma ___ i _ xir.
LOCYNTLI COMP'D-1 , 1 lbs. for JP kegs am! 5 bbl. No.l butt e
ly elim and apparently (ladle form .1 make, i ,„
iszo e on...shed atatecomt of John Wen. who muerte.. m help. Rail nutter.
must be immens, audit must pay . large illll- ll. I h f the • Fide br •.0 1 . . B. A. FAUN ESTOCE ACo
, end with features far more suited to a genial I. an old Imu qI e t.a. a e erne... • 100 bush. Timothy Need;
dende as any mile ad in the country., . i "TM. in, ~"rue that I hare been curs aan old I_)RESTON'S EXTRACTS-Lemon, Rose, to ran. Peas..
, c lime , and to the comfort , of a pleasent ham•, .
1 / 4. .
mud I mall, for lisle b) IU ca-44. Saltratus. In atom end for sale br
The people of t c West have a more dahlto i
than to the rotighneme and herlehips of nn urctic ' '.;',7 - ;
. ° , l .i ` ien . t ,,,,;" „.. two , l : 4' a I elroleum. ' ~ D . A. FAUN ESToCE A Co. Jit It FLOYD. Round Church.
December, end I bad - ''' ' lllll IRON-95 tons Alleghery, for Bale hy
conception t.. 1 thl immense adre.agee • a our voyage, . Was yet 11 Very old reasoner both by hex .1 h0m....f ireiona welt as I had taken the advice of ' UM:Nell CHA I. li.--.910 llos. for sale Iy
• i op; J. IL non/
Western raid, o ing to its remarkable position , Kee end land. Ills rank nasurgeon in the Amer- „..., 0 0 etii.ehos. without ale benefit 10. benefited ,
.1 . 7 a pP IL A YARN ESI oCE aI,
Ipr intlnent at thrth de,' elm.' Instantly by the Petroleum. 1 mughei an d.roW '
as s great trunk ens, than many persons in this i , °°° Naw Y• 4" hi '. ' 2- ' •f , , ✓ f 1., f.rfrolcues, a Aortf ratembhap . bore.- ' I
WWI IIS 1 --5 Ihn. Pow ) 11, ,
, for .10 b y 1 .)... , ~,,,
• it.° In this service. were euthcient proofs 0 , 1.. ••• • . • JOIIN WATT A CO.
regon, who are oly no* w in g up to the fret '• I • • • . • •i• 1 r pable , I main. thew. ststerum to without any aoli c it a tim from .0. . _ B. A. F A 1 1 ` , Elq 'S ACo /
Ins alit lale9, and of 11, bong 0011r1) t re, ii ' i.,! kLEIt A TUS-60.10 lb f 1 I
8. puTe,. or sale by'
that we have a route possessing such decided ad- ' o f ...l ur i n g a ll that would ham to he etlile : , no: , ,„ ~,,,,. ~,,,i ~rb.l, fur the maw. that oa t en, who , Al. ERR----00 Ilia sup. Pen, for A)11). 113) ,CI err JOIIN M ATT ACO
.., 0,. ~1,, may . be benefited. You are . liberty to !%v ..,,, R. A. 'All ~. ESToCE a IN) , ' _-... ... _
vantages. As al , evidence of this, the what a I through. . dbl.. this mrtillente. tun mold ont_ . } ISII-Macker. d, Salmon, and Lake Trout,
ca 'Ode ' , s ' • " l•4thh " rah • I - OSTON SIIAKSI'E ARE, Nos. ;:.", and ::6, 1 4 for sal I -
It Writer in the F rt. W.V.° Sentinel says of our i -If ever a relPtel and Iv, &mall wen 1 ....vine m0u1..1 here thirty.thr, 7 ... e . A . lei r .,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ~ , •tl M. , JOHN WATT ACO
1 undertaking in which more this um, 5.. Smond .irws. . r eed . DOLMEN' Literary Ih.pot, Third . t un et. et' 'al If T ... '-
line, in connerlo with the proposed extension 1 a g r ' i 'g Ihr°° P an .JOHN WATT. I . 00t te the Poet Ma", a pp - I t in J -1110 bags weed Nos. for nide by
1 than ordtrary difficaltier had to be encountered,
; riroodsom, set.tharr 24, 1ab1..• , i . 1 1 ap7 JOIIN WATT !CO
to that place: .
I I had no doubt it vrould . the Ameriente .1 1 e p0 „. 1 ,, to . g ., a me , „ , - ,,s eett t. Wood
.. tro,,,
E. I 14-ILAXSEED-101.1 hu. reed per 1,. E. and - . ,
, M. Use , and for sale by JAMES DA USU.. BACON -II casks Hama;
, 'Leaving Pit burgh coming West, it
,•- fir'd I this was evinced to me even while we were on ; Kellen, 57 Word street; B. A. rahnestrek, A Co, anti i •10 c., w.ter •tre.... o •• ider,
crosses the Clev and and Wellsville t'''' .t. Ain - 1 board by the apparently reckless way in which I Wool and Front strooDu D. M. Curry, D. A. Elliott, Joeeph '
ii , L 002.15-- 200 loon Tenn., for sale b " to •• shouidere landing from
Lane May. for sslo by ISAIAH DICKE'. • C 0.7 ".
once; then, the eseland and Portsmouth canal, .i.
I seey dash. through the stream+ of heavy ice • Douala, and It. P. Schwa.% Allegheny, also by tho pr, g g ja 41 y.,,, nAI. - ,,, ' 1,. ap7 Water and Front ata.
at Masaillon; nee the Hansfield and Sandusky theeii. off from teem. Island. I happened to ' erieter. c, at Klett, '. _. . _
AI P Y - W II ['IKE Y 7 'llo 111 consign- lor .lON-.• bides landrn • from n f•
4 , fote..V.d&orT Cued eesin.Beventh re. Pittsburgh. lt -- • ,- -.. ,1t P. ?n .. 0 6 tr. -ape
road, at Mangle] ; at Cresthne it apes, the 1 go on deck when they were
engag,an , . . .
..____- i meat, roe ~.... by M1L1.14,1 •
.1 , 1•1p51.1,MtN..... _
_Mal. for mdo to. so,_ Ismail DICKEY At Co :
Cleveland, Coln beta and Cincinnati road. and I Was delight pd to witness how gellantly tae } 'put I Foreign and American Hardware. I . 0 !
,_____ __ ' " PE AT HERS-17 sacks landing from eta,
intertects at we e place, the Indianapolis 1 aside ever ylinpoilitnent in their Way. An officer . - FIIIMOTIIY SEED-,"' , bu. pram., lor sale F Cape May. for Pah) I,
and Bellefont ' toad, not yet completed. It ' 'a...landing . the heel of the bowsprit, conning '
next crosses the Sind River road, which mat the ship and innuing his orders to the man at the : Na 129 Wood Street, 'le UTTER-14 kegs on consignment, for sale
i D
, from Cincinnati to Sandusky, and which has : wheel, In that short, decve, yet clear manner nave NOW IN Mak, , by sp9 MILLER & RICKETsoN
I been for some ti ein successful operatien; it which the b ey at once well understood and a tau thdeorarlsoisteekof FOREIGN AND AMERICAN (1 - 61) FISH-9 drums for sale by
' then crosses the Miami Extension canal, at or promptly obeyed. There was not a rag of eau- I yo miLIX.It A RILKETSON.
-- - - -
near Section Ten thence on to Fort Wayne. It vas taken in, nor a moment's hesitation. The I -., HAR:DWAR E,
win ww., bo se that, looking at the whole line way was before them; the stream of ice had to be I thimble s :be the ortheizad, PSI® tha whlaa. thy sre pr0... 4
Irma here to : 11 tatnug,b (which Indian two either gone through boldly or a long detour °' °Ag:trireZtrei:of ottarti.7.tei
Tin CareTs AT LA/Ors—We published On
Friday a list of ten cadets appointed at large.—
It will bo-seen that out of the fen young gentle
men deeignated, five are suns of officers of the
army and navy who were tilled or who died in
actual service. Of the remainder, two are the
sons of officers of tho army still living, but who
were distinguished for their gallantry during The
late war. one is the sod of. a highly meritorious
officer of the navy; and twonre sons of persons
in civil life—to wit, of }Drain Powers, the scalp
' tot, and of the bite Copt. Whistler, who acquired
so much celebrity no rt civil engineer. Ohe
these two gentlemen died in Europe, and the fa
er still resides there, in the proeecution of those
studies which have already enabled him to shed
so much lustre upon hie country. It woe thought
therefore, that sts the fathers of neither of these
'young gentlemep Lad r. residence in any Con
gressional distnct, nod both had strong claims
on their country, they cams , within the spirit and
. intent of the act, which confers upon the Pre-i
-dent the power of appob)iing ten cadets from the
country at large.—llepAlit.
_ -
llLVatele4, ',ewer is err, ik:C. —The Daily
Globe, published in the city of New York, ar
the organ of the Old Dunker portion of the
Democratic party, tar been dineentinued after a
somewhat iingering Once again in
Democracy left withouX a :tepresenta tire of ito
=asses among the morningpapers here, and but
• section of the , •nnterrified" harp any organ at
this city which can be regaided as repre
senting their 'sleets. It 'is remaricable that the
experiment of sustaining each an Old flanker
newspaper has failed again '
and againß. Y.
, , cotopoo iee),"it has a greater number of impor- 1 . made; mid despite the heaviness of the Stream, i
• ,mat connections than can be said of any other , they pushed the vessel through in ber proper i
road in Mk , United States. It nuts through the , course. Two or three shocks, as she came in
' very heart of the most flourishing part of the ! contact with came large pieces, were unheeded:
6 tote o f Ohio, at a distance sufficiently removed and the moment the last block was past the bow,
- 7- -, --• -. ---- ' frets the lake to insure it the largest share of the I the officer eang out, "So; steady as she goes , ,,iin
"APRIL 10, 185/ ." carrying trade of that moot important part of her course," and came aft as if nothing more
-------=----- ---- - theStatc. It forms the main line from the East I than ordinary sailing had been going off. I ob
i in b,, hell In the fit) . , to the West. while the many roads it crosses, are , served our own little harky nobly following in
sub, ten. '7'A-!';`t . 'n - but so many branches bringing to its support I the American's wake; and as I afterward learn-
Judg, or 11 , eur><v' e the travel and business of the severel sections to i ed, she got through it pretty well, though not
I,Chat( 9 . l . l .
which they lead. I without much doubt of the propriety of keeping
eraoo ity.w.usior.
t eriTi'UTini=. Ocographically considered, it must present to on in such procedure after the 'mad yankee,' as
the eye of the Eastern capitalist more attractive , she was called by the mate.
oLe Y. Brown,
r. r.,,,,,.. w
g .,1 , b ,i, _ . i features of investment than can be found any- , "If I had ever doubted the daring and enter
11''!`ifk;,"1 where in the whole survey of ourwidely exteod. prise of the Americans, what I caw and heard on
„,, st. nate, ea country. I know of no other road by which , board of the advance would have removed such
am, mare.
nD. RAI" !to compare it—there is none other to which it is at , doubt, but these peculiar features in the chil
l:lrwin. Wit.. i all analogous. We see a road running across the ! dren of the Stars and Stripes were always appa- -
Juba AIII•V.._
Mantel )1. - ilnrof lilichi - s. depending for itS support I rent to me, and admiringly acknowleged. I was
of I A n r A 2T a III V V I
mooe nf selecting eamildar
Canal Conamlsdoner. An al
Julep!. IL Vlsneatn.
Y.Knos Morton.
Wm. 11. sii.glar.
Nathaniel tillmater.
Wm. J. IlcAnneow
Warden B. Preston.
TtAanut B. Cochran.
cnar ß nI n,
G en e, Cr.,
D. A. Pinar.
C. 0. Lucent ,
John LLmsman.
Citizen's Insurance Company of Pittsburgh !
0171 co No. 41 Wstxr 'llse, in the wa,ele.u,e' II
T C. Tlnssrr-PreMdsne ...... A. W. 1
I iA n pp.r.,l
ulota,. Sn•-.r.
n tare. Intra n tu. vend, As ln.r • ell nereba
ample irtnu•nnti for Ow .Imit, and Intrniity of the
Institution./....Zorded In the elusnirter of .the IPireter4.
who anall dtms. of PlCtsburgh. .011 mrtd
known to the communit, fur [Sets
and ItastnitY•
Dttzcross—C. G. iV(l2.
Halter Bryant. Hugh P. nr•l Urn, ult.,
inhn Molnsrth. Ilarbanoh. M. Fier. at c[f
- - -- •
On Tuesday night. Str.An 1.:•TON,
It: cr Isaac
and Mary E. Urea. o tu.ntly. nod I , ' do : ,
The friendm of the fano', are 4. at
tend her funeral. al lo o'clock. Sloe morning. n,lo
wir Th. Citizens of Allegiu•ny County.
favor of the mut:lin:W. of W 1,411.1.11
AID bbis. Coaling's No. 1
LA winter, itz wbr mam uisp7Bo3.
y ..,:r.risFnien..7trmnvzmrve.b=per: 1 . PD. for sale et MORRIS' Tea Mart. I. the lharnehd.
Leann dt, , nel thine in or about a ge e ntleman's place with
1 --- T-- -
''' . ... ,, e. attend ineMe If wanted. lle le •Protestant. I
nnn oen • sr lend ,r,,,,,,,,, if ~,,,,nn.f. Apply at this
ni11,,. aptl43te
QARDINES— eaeen ar,-
I.j boxer 11. Guilin." Pahllnes. to Web y
HOPS -7 bale, lot eon Wee. N. Y. for sale
by .pg MILI.ER a facia:ism:.
LI ICICORY NUTS-9 bbls. f --- ',7m Hale be
1 .if , MILIAR a RICKEigIM.
d 3 - 0 - 0 halves and
A iOD ' FISII-10 casks jitst rec'd and for sat
11._ to A. CULBERTSON A 00.
'CO 19.5 Llbelif street
{,, ALLAD OIL-20 Baskets just rec'd am
i fomale LS [n a] A. CULBERTSON A CO.
fyl I LA lIET WINE-100 boxes choice bratide
~ band And for tale by
I ILAM PAGNE WINE--lleidreick, and
1 .11,1 r Swrorite brand. kept tr. v.tmaly OP Rand and
rale bt_ reLp9l A. CULBERTSON * CO.
T.) molts Ssevt
5 Port:
5 .• Msateric
" Shrrry; on
A. CULBER band and for sale Sr
t L N Election for Managers for the WtSTERIi
Pr ex*rt, Axu. Ilo.rirti... oill be holden in the RoPan
..t t ,- ho
p. ld of Trull, on Tufts's, the I.sth Inst. at A 0-
The i , oattibutors are requeeted to Wend, If possible, as
buques• of itaportanee to the Institution will he laid be
(nr,. (ii.,.. aps.tdl JOHN HAI:PER.. see).
- • - -
XI C. J. C. SIIAAD'S Lecture on PAN
., V 111 E 1 SNI will he delivered on icr-quer, the 15th of Plank Road Notice.
(pri . The amount of ticketsould daring this week will
let, mote the dance of the Lecture hoot. Ticket*2... A L I CI, PERSONS who hove subscribed to
ent, to b , ha 4 at Mr '
pl tenth's Atom., sod Mr Loofah? book d the rum( for waking a Plank Raul ors Pennsylvania
.1( 5, A Avenue, or Partaere . end Slechanies' TeroPike from
.. t
iJouroal. ',wand Dippeteh ropy. 3Ll land to ll.3er }Were, ere uottrwd to cell Kt the boa of
_ the subscriber. in Ileteellle, on or before the 15th of April.
Manchester Savings Bank. , ~,,, t . and per Mr per rant. on their re,PrtillV 1111h.. , P .
T AN Election for l'renident and Dirac - . [ mm. let t.u.l I HENRY 1(1.3S Tine .
A 1.. r. of till. Manch...der eavlow. Bank. held ots the ' Seed Store Removed.
~,..a. the tolkorine peroetw. were duly elected, to wic :
Pre,dent—densee A ndenon TILE subscriber has removed his Seed Store
trectara--Jetor. nehtnninaker 11. L.e.e , John Donning. 1 frout ..ecutni street to the hullding r......., I, r.c , uOied
W. it l'helre I . Moe•ler, end K. 'helm.. b. Ir nerd as a Tallow shop,on Thirol street. Limon fun
NI TI RP Ir. the 2rith We-, I. the time @zed for the late ! ' • , ", than ~,,,. of the twynient of the reeklx Instalments t_ 1 1: - . 1. PP .. . ' F . L. F ,,,,,,,
111.. tlie.lot for the outwertptiou of stork will be kept open n le .
• ::t the oni..e of the Cutup., in Manchester, till the 19th Eastern Exchange
.t, and team the I.otla tu ties letb ineL, at the Counties
Show.. ut Janleo Seiwouroeker A el.. NO. 24 W. 4 6 tP" ... " ()N BOSTON,
' burgh,
botch latter Oder the Slockhulden residing in - NEW SOAK.
Plttel.urutt are dented topay - their weekly lostaltoeole. PILILADELPIIIA,
et, it 0011% E PARK L. -
Tresauter — . and BALTIMORE.
111 IV . POIN IiEXT lilt, corner of Water and Cwri.lttrilt r for tale h 5 WM. A. MILL A CO.
.01,• Market oLlvetol. PAW., -1,, T.,,,,,,,,L,,,,, ~,, F... _ •[ 14,2 . ,
• • •
4 11•. i 14, not to. the forebear and sale of Flour,
.1. rn Prodnre. Inn. NMI., Glares, and the manufactured
- 14 l'ltt•hurgh generally.
iy...-- ka.eal air Me val. of tai
Harper A Co- and I. Wil.
In • relebrat.,l Manure sod Hey Fort, cd PailmiclpAlo
rv, mat Jet, tur. a t,... 4uperior peeled Teas. &salt(
Wholesale Dry Goods.
i A. MASON h CO., t. 1 •2 and 64 Market Board of Underwriters.
.. - 16. • •trret• are now dell, °mating and receiving th•ir T
3 ,. a Meeting of the Board of Underivri
e,d, romprodmr the most ex. tune and varied aseurt.
nen, of leue,rtnl and Amerimtn Gonda they have ever ex. s tera the 01110.100 trointkon an unenimouall adore
whlrlk they re•pectfully Invite the attention of • mul onlered moe enl!llsill . . - .. b „__.,.. of ~,,, ...
, Ity and Counts, Nien.lmnt, • apS Retaired. That Does and alter toe Pel ma..
tire, no Fire Risk, •belber original or continued, o=ll be
R OLL lICTTER-10 tibia. (good; for fi r ble ttocuttutrya 1.1 taken by any Insurance Office In OMR city,
00 &MN Iv A rr I CO . . mini the premium I. paid in emit.
By order A. W. !!ARKS.
.IjEACII ES—III/9, hit. prime halt.P., for gale mr1127:11 heeret
ovAL : arof the hoard.
I JolO 'RI IN- - 20ti tons Forge, for sale by
I awl JOHN WATT A CII• , - Vtr &F. WILSON have removed to No.
. 118 Second et., and 147 Front ft., between Waal
%II i; LES h lIORSE-2 fine Canal Mules, DJ Intheeld. apt
.., It "•.‘, I Dr". 7 41. r... nor "'''' b r . . To Contractors, Masons, Carpenters, &c.
. 0 . J HIN tt Air a CO.
TARCII—IS briars I Fox's) just ree'd and PLANS AND SPECIFICATIONS of the
Episcopal Chureb. L. be erected of STONE. on Grant
171 Sr .2,1 e b, aps JAS. A. 111-T E
CHISON A CO. _.. a i,ean be wen at the Sunday School Room of Trinity
t - I
Q .-- ( - )A 1ef_501,,,x,,,,- for 7;)7low by , 1:hotel. etrx,ott c'u'e a.los out b. Itsa by cantos on tingh
' ackhuret. who lire} on the eller adjoining the ram.—
et , JAS. A. IICTC11( 11l
SON A CO. I perm= mauling to contract for thr building. must hand
In their propmala, before the 15th inn.. to Tboa. )4. 'lime,
VI ACK EREL--4 0 blibi. No. Larg e, 3 ,. for :at the Exchange Rene. en 4,, d.
,1F ll tt, of AO J AA. A. IR TCHInON 0). •
1.11-ARPER'S MAGAZINE for April, "the
L ALERATUS—I 3 casks and 5 boxes on I unrivalled" of the month!,
tj r•r111.11,11111.'111. warranted pm, and for Pay low by I. .
,lbre and Rebind the Ctrrt_or
_llft_een yeare_otew . . rv . p.
J. SCHOONSIARLII A Co. I Min emong the theatre". New Tore. be W. H A.m. , -
International Slagerine for April: ree'd and , for sale at
\ plflll-3 ewes Itlanilla, for sale by llolmes' Literery Depot Third rt. opposlepte lost office.
“ lAIE----: bbl... best White; -
to - untott
tlo - Common. for sale
by . _
.R CO.
I - lit, WHITING-0 )
- tibia , for sale ho
; I SC 1100NMAKER. to.
• - --
1 OGIV()01.1-100 bbls. Chipped, for sate by
8 l'ONCit -1 Ltr i iriz very Superior;
i Coant ' s {or ale by '
'l' J. SCHOONSII•RER A W. ZA Wood et
Valuable Property for Sale.
11111 E SUBSCRIBER offers for sale a value
' ale pima of ' , eery , in Allegheny Qty. 4sv_tott ,
7,04 on itrlnu-ca • of 2 fret. and truant. WS
feet .. Ithix• •11••••1. Shia property le situated 121r6Sedi..-
~ .. , ..111 , f the reddens of Samuel Church. and near the
,-0.0.4 - r Of %, inil P. ID Warmth. There lea Creme how of
11...,• , .. tsr: air pennix.... ebleh Ma for 137.0 Per —
rhe .I.ortt I. 1•.• I and well guild for laying off to too ,
tt.t.,, tN on com Erbeera and Ridge et
ye It ' 4 " ''''
•..,I rhea, alui r, part_of the pn ,e rel o sor money eon remain ,e
-,•,:--;,',:,;,' u '" " 1 ;V:1,1) 14° ' (4%.17PT1MM07. the
New Spring Goods.
A. MASON A: - CO. will open this morn
01.0, «taloa dm &L 1... of tlueir {atoms ofol Umo
1 4 1 161.:11.E1) POPLINS—A. A. Slew?: &.Co.
1, .i-7,A74f4;05Z7,11:;4!'" no.
Laze Cam., Peak-
Flouncln. ' am •07
S RAWLS—A. A. MOON& Co. lotve junt
Carl:mere, liiGb
i.raLroervada. Fancy de Lame otla.
I Mil ki
I /NS - A. A, 31.i10r , A Co. will onllib
of new .tyle. Bunn. Mb-
Cap • awl La.:. Veils. et:cam:um,. A,
WOOL-25 .acloi now landing from mm.
V V Cape May, for sale by
MED PEACHES-00 bu. for .ale by
.p 7 ISAIAH DICEXf • 00.
L ALT PETEE-80 sacks for eals by
1.2 wr . = MU & 00.
JSHEA has removed to So. 11.§ Market
• Amt. Vrno doors north of bla old alrnad-47Orn boas
Istria' maculated by it D. 'Mornay.. apkGt
House Keepers
WISHING to employ Paper Hangers, Rill
.1 the WaII " PYpe t P I. 37LVT C'a3P' 7l7.tjr.t d p ra f EjZ
ADS 13 Marko. /amt.
. . _
Ie °
A 96 TIIOJ. YAlll EII f. FS S .
IRITS TURPENTINE— bbis. choice,
male - BRAUN t REITER.
as eornor [Awn, Cad 80.1.1au
LINSEED OIL-35 bbls. for by
.0 BRAUN it BErtER.
CORKS -10 bales large pint bottle Corks;
5 •• Soda Corks. 1.6b0rt.5 rood
for sale by . .N' BILAUS t REITIM.
LINSEED 0I1;--1000 en for sale by
J. KIDD t C:0 60 Wool
liR. 1100FLAND'S Celebrated German
I,ran!. for sale by J. KIDD A CO..
apS wlccat'st.
RUSITON, CLARK St CO. 's Pure Medivi-
LIL mil CUDLI Ell OIL-4 - Frees (r pale
apl• J. & (,) Wre , l At.
UFF—I cant - Garret's Scotch, (inbind
-1.3 den.) ror Mle by aDS J. KIDD J, Co.
COTTON --111 bales to arrive on .11aytlower;
r:. .n More: for sale I ! ,
a n,1 , 1)2}: El a CO.
SPECIE.—The highest market price paid
for AIIICACIaI end F.rcigia SILVER, strul_for un
I.D. at the Eleharin lane of A. /1!II.
. 1 +Do
APPLES—!O blue. Russets, fur sale by
51,4 SCIIOON M AKER C CO., 2h W. .l
•eelvell this morning., by eatrse.s a lot a Oe.
• n u ,.. 7 .e samok . L. d
Leantlful Wide Lan White Ena¢n and ble. 'Dai
l...llton. Le.
_ .
—A briatlful article.Jort reed übl for we by
IN WALL PAPER—From the mat celebrated fee.
of k t.h• re•cooll•• atlas. being ..enin+lT red.ot
55. et et. by [ep3l THOS. PALMER.
FACTURE—A large end amend lerortment al
way. m band et 56 market
lading from gleam, Fort Pot (cede by
eta ISAIAH DICKEYS CO- er Wl' a front We.
m y . % ttr 4 nl=ez r lit c =ry i . • ciscZt! .nre . . l ef , ;l.l.c .
Irnnectiat .11.6 the ecant2 - 4. =.
j 0e d. 1 ,.. .a.n . e' ;fi e.eJ Depot, n ,
th o ' Z d
it o b,4 —a
pne.123. , Per No
in INNAMON-50 mate fur sale by
l mob= R. E. ELLLERS.
G jir
'I INGER ROOT--600 lb v. for male b
meld? • A A 5
II a
late.ka Bum, harm
5 rotau
3 do do
10 do du eboulders.
i 1117:tcrIt pea V
1 dm sluaao.
17 bog frail,..rt .-
,z, do .onl: tnarrite Sod for rale 07
SO 15A1.111 DICK NY 81 O. Wnt..r& Fronte
._ _ .
- - -
I IHROME YELLOW-4 cases recd and for
IkILS--Oil lemon. bereamm, cloves, ord. -
=salmi In orlonal and for er
tr EN TIAN -373 lbs reedne for
~. ~5Et
iIRANGE PEEL-2 LO lbs reed and for
1 I vale by •y b. C. SELLERS.
LIQUORICEBALL—E2 bbls for sato by
.0 II A VAIHNESTtN.Iri 1 .b.
G U NI ARABIC--500 I;e for sa -
le by .
ArliqUM—Ss lI'S new crop for bale bv
Ijr so B A VAIIN 'll, - TOCt6 & CO.
di 1 LUE-51, bbls No I for sale by
111 s s .l B A FATINIr.STOCIC 2 CO.
11 A I.C•IN E 11 MAGN E S 1.1.-211 eases for sale
il_)•hr .p. 3 0 A FAIINESTOCK A CO..
if I ARA W AY SEED---:3la lbs sale by
vi ERCURI AL OINTMENT-10 0 pounds
i.T.L .truug bo P.I. I, B A FAIINF-nOC6 A CO.
()RANGES -40 boxes sweet Messina reed
sad N. ant, for male b, WM A M'CLCRO t CO.
arzt . 2.5 e Marty at.
PREPARE() CORN—For Pudding, Blanc
Manz. 2.....7.1way,...a band and for ralr. wholesale.or
Wail by WM B NrCLCHO i CO.
.pt ilp..erra and Tra iralarr.
T ANNERS OIL-50 bbls reed and for sale
9 1 011ACC6-1.5 kegs No. I, 6 twist for sale
by apa J. DALZELL.
gr. REESE-3:1 boxes just reo'd and for sale
..µ3 K D kI.tELL &CO- Librrty
GOSIIEN tllLESE—Su . perior do for sale
0()KS: BOOKS!!—Louisiana; lb+ Colo
Utstary nrri Ittertnnee. by Chu , U•yarre.. t l oottt lop, l'h
or Uir King of the Wyonoa, r:
ht.torkatt romsocv, by (I. U. 110111. tor. aro
Mar tr
y NIL • Fraaroctir mory• lip Wr author of We fto . ba book,
lrub Labor and the L 0911012 Poor, by Ilvm Malmr,
with , t i rt ts:rry ener.rtnas. taken by Herr* Part=
Lailrre o b27;s7=el m etl r ftl=b7 .
R. C. PEOCKSON brorreller.
• 2 No 41 . .
Market newt.
XTEW BOOKSl—Louisiana; its Colonial
11 History mt Boma., by elm. gararre, I vet, Svc,
Lord Hollandistiorelun Reminisurocer. by Henry Maned
Lord Holland; 120,0., mos.
Buds ot the Kibitt tleuOilfillant I v01..116m0..
N sturc's Woodemor Oult..u.ra over ail his work. blithe
amnor of Peep at Nature; 1 vol., Irmo, muu
Readings for every day in Lent, complial from the nejt
-191.",;11111°1"1.7.71=. ih o elt i :v m t . :l 4 % sett h
the author of the Rollo boort Hum, mu,
II dire. and Latin Lexicon of the Old Testament, inel d
ie, the Itiblieal Cbaldee. From the Win of Wm Gesm.rus.
by Edo. Robinutu Sou
B e ns's Latin Testament by T. Reim lino. mu.
Complete Poetical Worts of Robert horns. srlth eaPlau
merry and Oloasarlal notes aml • lite of H. author: by Jau
Curds: 1 eol., Irmo.. mm.
Napoleon Pad Ids Msobrar. by]. F.Hesdly; 2 volu,l3no.
Byrnes Dictionary of liechanine. 2ltb No.
t o of Popery and Ito mimeo, addreu
endist the Kraut... 7 Rey N. Mumma. 11--
Harper's Magazine for Aprit Nontsberialways on band.
Just roceived, and for vela by •
apt /L HOPKINS. 70 Amilln Building, fourth at
MACKEREL -50 bble No. 3 (Halifax
brat:4ott •• brandn
22hair LTD for saleby
at. JAR DALZELL. No. GS Water at.
No. g 4 We by
then ne'd - by Holmes, Third et-7.
Nathe v. We by author of Woman In Freelm
RECIP. CARB. IRON-75 Ms, flir sale by
Ant B. A. VARA/L.I'OCH a CO.
EID LIT Z MIXTURE-15 0 Ills, for sale
B. A. FAH:an - 13M a CO.
ap2. B. A. FA lINESTOCK t CU
V ITRIC ACID-1S lbs for node by
ap2 O. A. FAIN:MI:ACK t CO.
I ORAX-1000 lbs itriined, for sole by
VERMILLION -75 lbs Chinese, for sale by
'DIME (MOUND GINGER-74X11 lbs for
*ale br ap.2 B. A. FA lINFSTOCK * CO.
i - YRANUItET POTASII-2L lbs for iwile
k . ../ by aid B. A. FAIINESTOK A CO.
The hest Green Tea in Pittaburgi
lOME New Crop Young IlTson Ten has
Yh 1.412 received. al t ea Store In the
.1,01 fits etteugth and Caeca . guee • head •I any
.old In Pitnth h
.p 2
- - -
11 hhls leo
:interior La Prime Ihirk irs Fish Green 1110 Cake;
In do do do Bannon;
hl o bl= ' NO T T k ilr i
10 r do do 001 do
108 rum, OAlSish:,ll2 store end kir sale ho
opt Juir,v WATT t CO.. Litertl
C 4 IIOULDERS-9000 pieces in salt, arrived
aul far ple by /LARDY JONES a CO.
SHOULDERS --GI casks, arrived and for
ezleby Isp2l TIMMY JONM d OD.
BACON -200 lbs received and' for sale by
B UTTER &EGGS—in store and for sale by
(BORN -700 bu. in store and for sale by
lJ sps mt. B. JOILVSTON.
LES-I.2obbla Green apples for solo by.
. °pea et the ATHENAEUM BULDll7....laler
WLK,A 1851, BEIM
XPRESS Packet and Railroad Line for
L e Cleveland, gadded Lau 4f Altry, by Steamer. fr e es
tt_burgh to Barer, to connection olth the elegantly gee
Esher. Nn. at hoke, Parke ACo , host
Oevertna,tand t he sple C ndid neo Pawnor Care of the
Plit.burgh Rattroed Coto ch. lowed. •
I atiAll .
Steamers leave their landing, ottowite thelleneenfahela
How, O o'clock, -A. 31- rttme , ttng with the Packets St
Beare, which will leave immediately on the arrival of the
ntile. at Ravenna In time for the ExpreselTalta
.1 Cat, Le. Cleveland. raiment:era by thas arrive al
Cleveland in Wee tt.t take the Railroad Lino of Stamen
vOr VYALO awl Dh71:011. - and the enamors fee Mew
3111Waukle. SandueltyDtt-ttki+k and Ana:
Clalto rot+ nettle, train of rare kw 031utebtla Xenia, and
Cinriattatie CLikt-Kit, rAuss
Lto. CO.. itivprie...,
• • aastaa.
dGENT ,,
If. ft. 51001t1 , 1 .
6n 4
~,,„._, . .,, , q, „ Ehl t zi wos.
0.„, uu,„ .+l.
J .... A u t i p xylv.
nattier of Smithfield ett4 11.M.Atnou.
ass ee... - --at teas e,e- 1851.
On the Pennsylvania and Ohio Canals.
ctanar, PARKS.. .
CIIA)11.1111.LIN, CILAWFURD a ''''..:_Ctrn 'e , 0.
1 1 11iS well known Line is now prepared to
teaomat foilabt and INIASC.I.7. 01201 PirrSDUROU
CLYNKLAND, to uty point au the Lana wad Laken--
Tbs. facilities of lb. Lbw.. unaudganital numb...
ty, and capacity of Mats, experience at Captain; and af•
`ISS.7 of Attest..
One boa
tlenvea Pittsburgh and Clesaandthayrtatuft
to conneetion rill • Use of atearnbaats betnian PI
BURGH nod IIk:AYER, and a Una of Twat cloalatmettatosin
propeller and vetxta) on the Laktaa
P.rks k Co.. Yonnasnin. 04
3 ,1 1 :1:: : "EZI ,1 .= ,,"0 . 1),
C. Prentiss, 11.1.<110. 04
Brayton a Co.. 0., 04
Kent, Grinnet Co., nankilu, 04
u. L. Liner, 0. Fats, 0.;
Wheeler. Lao Co., Altedu. ()d
Healer:4n A 13.11.0ne, Sanduaty City, 0.
Peel:haus a goon . Toledo, 04
G. Nathan. Co.,_Detnat, Webb.=
DUILEMAII• • albrattaic,
Geo. A. Gibbs C0.,t"C0., 1114 •
atil ens. wane and emitharld it... littaaburgh.
TallE SUBSCRIBER hes corpmenced yes
relying • larger and more &dyable stock of FANCY
N A INTT sod DRY GOODS than he ever btought yin this
todket, consisting to part of
Prints. Dented Lawn, Mons. de Lahr, Glnghaid,
sarnlntit=l3•l,7atizn=imirok Muslir.rgrdson
Jeans. Drills and Cotton Stripeg Irish LinstiMPonlim
MAD and Cants; Thlbst. Mom. d. Was, sad Colgan
shalrtg Hosiery. Gloves, Ribber:ln Lami,_ Casabas
Buttons, Surpealern Parasols. Umbrellas. ToblO and Pock
, Cutlery. Clocks, Jeweng, Watches. CO., to which bs
respectfully bad n the attention of mdcbunts and Tellies.
apt 0. ARBUTHNOT. 8$ Wool It.
FRUIT -150 bbls dried apples
1. d n dn rserlauffsatillCO
ft:ORX 4: OATS---. 501.1 bu for sale by
B ACON -3 casks sugar cured hams;
3 do do Should,' for aalOy
.21 J. S. DILWOR.TH W.
EGGS -4 bbls, roe'd and for sale by
OLL BUTTER-10 bbls. for sale by
11 H. & W. 11ABBAII011,
6.3 N 0143 Ylrst, and 116 &woad at.
ROOMS-400 dozen, for gale by .
era 8. a W. nAffaaran.
RYE -12(10 - bu. for sale by
ACON-14 hhcis. (hog round)for sale by
E3IOV.AL.--GEO. F. DIIIM hu married'
111. Dry Gogh gnaw from No. 118 Markst rued. Is
o Feaitt'o 1b , .. Irwin street, fear dears beim Penn sla
where be will be pleanal at. welt on hie forme enstalnelli,
and the public generally. Wale
ORAN GES.-100 boxes Just receiTed an ,
for We by BURBHI I / 116 11 0 & 1/5011111164
W ata sten&
~ZUG AR-200 hhds. arriving, for sale by ,
316 Rau. K.
OLASSES-300 a gt12 . m n f o or sale by
111 •p 2
ROOMS-100 doz. fcr sale by
SIIG AB.-22 bhda, Clarified, Battle Groan&
Murry. just reed and t+r ale b
256 Marty :treet.
F /311 LY rafttlir:r d riTh P Al . =peij.L 43 l7
Ir.. A. 3feChtr.f. thr eltla of hen :fort rut MlLO
plus. whear., be has /13, returned. ho exertlon will be
•pured to euA4lO the luzh rrontatton Ore.!, unddlud
b ee. of
in the lest and eberrest grads la Oterr
Ito e had in the clef, rod at the lowest rates
the, tedl nothing but whet they ern reeentunond.
end +manta., retry thnut reprerented: Po that
ererbor children or WM.. fur uty thing =TO
erre of haring an Inferior estlcle primed elf upon the.
They refer erdb mordent* to the erottoseters by erbos.
t e rg em arc eo r d et=l y rn e, t ieu h=f e foe e Lr e nztlnnanor of. Unit
M A- ?1114171t0
apt Gruver and Tea Dealt s.
Bank Stock for Sale
NOTICE is hereby given that in compliance,
with the rautoltloosaf ao Act of
..iseetobly, approe
e Val day of March, 1850, them ...Ili be oaereo at ate_
I lc tale. at the bookitla Mon.. ONE 111017SA:s1/13111h=
NEW STOCK of the hohooaalsela Bank of Brotratville.cea
W.:ILS.i, lb. t_th day of NUT, ItAL Sale to ociatatease
at 10 o'cloek..a. 31. Hy older of the Baud of Itts tvoC
•plaaD. S. KNOX. Cuhler.
UTTER-5 bbls Roll, just recd per Union
Lth .01 torso. br :(sp3) DALZELL is CO.
ICE--50 tee. arriving per De Witt Clinton,
for sto.:e by lira W.* V. WILSON.
Q H. MOLASSES-70 bhls. LouiAiann Re
0. nom...riving prr WD. Clinton. An. de by.
AY-18 tons Timothy, arriving per Mss- Hnet, fbr aale on the wharf, ty
apt W. t F. WILSON,
vtußriii S BURCHFIELD have aota
•qatell raceieint their Peeiral mtlilr
araonc which will be found Iluckabaet Di/Pgrs. DI
and unbleached Sheeting, 124 Linen Sbeatinc sad MID , *, Linen and Muslin 401 n. old, for PlOO. Cm,. 051
crop, u !'S.Plgn a BURCHNIEI4)II.
rgAURPIIY &-BURCLIFIELD have received
all Imo* I Weals sad Ceimam,
rs . 'rej k‘.."'" .
I ARD—'2O kegs & 3 bbls. No. 1, for sale by
Al =l3l ff.t.IIUEL P. 8111111MTL.
ithmi ,..vrt...t.golium Ilaughass slid
bnted araufseturer Dolarourt.. of Para,_lost r.ed sal
for lode b y WALTER P. martsuAtu .
me All LW Wool stmt.
)(TALL PAPER—For 61 per Roll, for Rale
by meb.2l W. P. MARSHALL.
1A PPLES-20 bbls. (Green) for sale by
meh3l JAL CAN • .11pA
ROLL BUTTER-5 btils. (fresh) for oak by
mcb3l J. E. CANFIELD.
V=. MOMI.1•0111
Just reed .4 for sale by .I.•.ILIDD it CO.,
• metUll No. GO WM SS.
I AIIZIUND GINGER-3 bblt. (pnre)•Rip
lT de - er -.431 J. KIDDI OD.
OW DER RHUBARB--4 cases for sale b
mehal J. KIDD &CO ,
j_ fob d• by me= J. KIDD t CO.
UM ALOES-3 eases for sale by
-h. CO.
LARD OIL-12 bbl, J. L. Con g's No 1
Lk:31911 let store Lod for sale by
11:1ch.31 =I ml=3 Liberty et
clop FISII-12 drums for sale by
z , ..31" atxuy.a a antrum
UCKETS-20 doz. (Bearer) for sale by
R IO COFFEE-150b for We by
BROOMS --50 doz. for sale by
metal MILHER t lUMET9O.4I
EIV BOOKS !—Elementa of Analytical
Otoinota7,. soul of lbo Ditforeatialand lebegratag•
C . Ili 111, by Elias Loomis, A. H.
Ape Antra of e llovadjl.
allaco. a Franconia atom by the author of Cleo SODS
.• .
Lnoilon Labor and. the London Poor by Henry klayUlin
with danuerrentype eviler/urine, taken byPut L
The above bookajast reed and for vale by
ineh3l ILI C. STOCIiiii.N. 41 Market el
EGGS -7 bills. fresh, for tale bv
maai svonr, P:SPERITEIL
BUTTER --S kegs packed, for sale by
metal ,PlitUF.I. P. MI RIVER.
lAPPLES-110 bbls. rec'd, for eale by
SAMITIM P 911131111111.
DRIED PEACILE3,-25 by. for Bale by,
or: !al P AMU EL P. E /IP.IVEIti
(Shelled)for sale by
• metal RAMI:PL P. 5111111.124..
4 PPLES--75 Romanites, foi sale b
mrbal. PAMUEL P. PiptIVEIL.
Where le the man who do.. not srorreiste th.tuiu r ,
of en may (Maser If any there I, we do not oddness'.-
mire. to them. Rot tio all other, we my, If you wish to
Ader .b s yi ssa p ieunre , porch" a boo of Jules Heuer,
lmond vi,tarlio, or Ambrosial :Marisa theams lute ut
terly immesible to Cud words to describe t h e feelings of e
urson—who boo been reed to Moving with °Misery
upon making Vial of this for the ant time. /t is • etml*
mats of wunder,admirallou rod plessure.
email/est, randerlyite etiffat most shy header
ad pliable orod as admirable lather, sal by Ito eO.
semis. rhos the Imitation, mid promoting
' 11.1 maple...sat end etiff !Ming of the skin wbich Leo
often mperieomd after Mariugg.
u. st u. s . seitia Jules flamers Jahartlig ern.. may tese
rcmeri and mad piercing winds Introwilstely niter Its
use, without the olds beaming shay..
It we mu safely lay, sill 130,..1 . owe ssty other ,
um , s imstase—wbkh will te snot:telly aripreds
-441 br who weer whlckere—is the !bet that It evillest
diwolor the beard. which modwowne wado giving sandy
or wry 4 , w...we to the else of the irblekers.
Jul.. Sharing Creemstavareilightl4lpreparstk..
eoincounded with AM, to the Otter minden el ALI articles
cticedsted to render the oprretioa of ahgr s f l n n gg as
uwi will be appreciated by ell eta make taierof
JULES /SAUL, Perfumer and Chembd.
In) Umtata entyet, Philsdelfdels.
Tor oda, wholeesie ant mall, by IL A. P thnestock
Uhl Et. X. Balm, PltraMirsku and Jobs Went mid J.
Alisbiay Glty; •