The daily Pittsburgh gazette. (Pittsburgh, Pa.) 1851-1861, April 09, 1851, Image 1

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remx:/,•• AND WEEKLY. HT
ID N. linr, /11.1.1[11311011T.
MTV; pa 'too :raur, NI:X2 Dona In UM Poteorram
'ars use annum, payable tun' yearly.
tkA.,O.• 1. tel•anr...
VEY:1(1.1-1A., •• •lisr• pm annum, In advance. Cr,,IL
S 5 00
P.l On
ibs packst lur e...a Club tu allrmund to one seme',
and tol.c, 0101ranos. No Club Papers 001
to *um. atter eks Tot Asir, unless the money le sent Per
• rencssL
o t , Equ.,re i it line. of Nonpareil or le.)
to, insertion.. S 0 50
rub additional insertion.. 0 Zr,
onset: 1 75
L..,, tap Mark , S tat
, two suanthe
illoce months. 4 04
/I.t eta months 12 00
PO ; twelve months It 00
St.todlng .ara, (4111104 ar los n per annum. - .SS 00
Out Dvliertvr cab whillitmal line.
10, Senate, ebantteatter st pleasure tr , cr or ,- •
rj,'excl..,,s,..if the furor 0 00
001 eafhadditi,,,,i Ineertsd over on. month. and
fitr each eddltlimal loscrtod under the yearly role,
inivertittmento ...atilt,. a square, and not over fifteen
charo..l . 1 1.011 and a half.
Pubitst. re lot a• ..111/41.11, Oar lent alvertleements
fecal ti.e eber,sl
A tttttttt for otra, to be charged Me mint
es other
meld ...acted , •
The tr Ang.,,1.1,• In Aridly to
their own Ittroldoso. t wret all advertisements fie
the bcortt of tilt, mt....act - 01as all adrertisemeots not
Immediately etn,tchsl vitt, their
and all
dame. monis. in leitzth otherwise. beyond
the limits etgatotl. will Le chargad l ith e umul ratrw. For
all suet, "watt,. :Avert. ing, bills will be separately
rendered. arta tomtit rat tient Is desired
All advertl,ement, Mr charitable institutional., fire from.
Mob. wool. tow, and other puhlle tending - , and
such likt, lobe charged bolt Price, Parable shietlY ba
Maniac, notice, to It tharrred 50 tette.
Death notice. Inamut chirge, unless acootonr
stied by funeral luvitallm, or obitiaasT Ltd.., and when
solemma:soled to he paid for.
Regular adrertirrerc. and all others sending communion,
lions, or rectuirit. notices dmigned to mil attention to
Palm, Soho-es, Cotten, or any public entertainments.
where obv,oal me mote fur adtuttlance—all notices of pot.
rata associationa--every notice call at:olden To
private enterprhe,
onl calm:dabs-I or intended to promote lodi.
virtual ybe Inserted tbo understand
ing that thaeaMe i., lo be paid for. If Intended to ta•
lathe howl colnoin. the some will he charge! at the
' rate-of not Ira , than 10 cents per line.
Malmo or Lai- Notices to be chargod'tripla prim.
Tavern LittNlM Petition. S 2 each.
-- -,toll Estate Agents' nod Auctioneers . advertisements not I
to VSchtssed unit. yearly rates. but to be allowed a dl.-
moot of thirty throe and one third per cent- Data the
amount of bills.
. tr...-Tsceras :a DUCT Pl,.
Otte ill.rt.:ol2 Parma.
01 50
, Do, earl. addlouord lowertion 37
Aortal :creole:A tv .ZELT PAM.
. .
One Sentare, (10 Ares.) one 1a5erti0n.......-50 cants.
Do. tarti wlditinnal cents.
All transient adirertisonenis tO De mid In nelTana.
M M. 7: n
41)11N A. PAIll:INSON, Alderman, riftl
w.ra, attA Walluut. A
utivem PrOMPU, taleLdr.l In.
1110.703 ./. LuLl.lO,
SRINN 4 COLLIER, Attorneys at Law—
),o oe,cs ss Staithtdd.
JW. F. WIIITE, Attorney at - Law—Of.
Co, Os grant rs rw.r Perth; In Artlatra'lluill.
lag. einsbutyl.; is.
JIIARItISON SEWELL, Attorne . y at Law,
Ohi o Graani.o.tnner t, taking Demutton. Ack.
kowlrdakmontk orpre t.r /aim—Fourth stkont, aLnk.
StnitMAJ. tort-4.1w,
P. tG. LIITER3IAN, Attur
. neyo nt Lair;and Neal L' tats Asorls. No. 10: 4th
Meat Vittol.urgly frblo
, . .. . . .
I(SaR7rDA.IrLELL ..cbo., Wtiulesule
lilt: Grocer, Cocoa,:+siva ) lextb.4. dealers in Fri/door
and littsbnr s h lianufacturus No. .1.,:l Ltherti stirro ,
l'iu..., txr.:l6.
t _Omer., Produeo. Fnreardltne. and Onmnalsainn Me,
an and IN:aler in Pdt:burgli Manufactur, N, ~.v Amer. l'i.Larglt.
ex. 'IAA act. ..10.1 6. f aStaIAVIL
. A. 10.11 SW..FA 14011.1. T.
T .,, 31 „ 12 c Ay .
1 A.L.E ..,1 1 . '
W .5. 0, C , 0 .tr ... „. 1 , V p h i 0 ,u 1 e b s u al
rx e h. G to-
I ric!:...: .11.-dANDLF.SS. •mevessors t.
_ .. i 4
1.. a.'.o D. WOOO.,al,l;ll,nro, 1,MIVII:It
r ‘ 1 , 7 4 / 7 4 , ! , 1 i. , ...; 3 z,,, 1 ., , , r, ,, i_ :;t, ;,,, ,1.... , a1 ,,, r t r : :: , ,
, 1 , : ,. ... „
. .7,41+. i:I,
Cot n: Yarnr. ar.l PutAbolvh stamdzeum, grocran
JASPER E. IiItADN,. Attorney at Law, i,
No. tig Falb str...l. l'ltz,hur F li, Pa.
T AMES J. RUIIN, Attorney at Law, officer
in.Ttlabauell33l. woo.. of Grant Area/ anti Ilinmond
• r. Pittain.a•h. • jai:so:llr
AJM;S I'. li.E1:14 1
Attonwy at Law,--o ffi ce
on 4th et.. Iglaceo Stroll:an-i4 and Grant. l'inolargh.
VE.TU,SCIS C. I.LANEGIN, Atterneynt Law,
e . No, lin rflon.hotroot. Pa:Aaron.
5 ., ' ,,, T0WE IVATSON, Attorneys at Law
1 . :o. 110 l'clut!l IltUhureh.
Dny: Supt., Emi.: Ile
ron, Morrievn I C., 'lt, P.,: Joh. llemiu6., A
1V..;..-- 1 / 4 •oa. Pit übtugh. jenl:ly
WAIID I'. JONES. Attorney a Law:
IMEleal 013 strvec, between Woud asui 6nalth
- WI. 11. 1V11.1,1.1.118 co., Bankers
and teche nee Pro!‘e, , Nortli Fitt corner of Wood
and Inf 'tree, ttOntreh.
An trnmulien• meat, on litrend terms, and collections
promMtintten.lni 10. jsY:ty
liD. KING, Danker and Exchange Broker, ..
• Fourth Ksr,t, 2.,..), In Bank Nos., Bills of r.. 1.-
gr.,Go!d and 811,, m.,10 , 1.44.1d and gold.
lell b f ' D h c i .l72 '. , ' S m ur k :itiL l 7i i' atl l gp P ankTl!liottF, " l7P ''
f und. • All
H. LARIMER, 41., Banker 2nd Broker,
4th street. N.. (03. rub aninc the Bank of Pittsbunth.
AZILKINS & CO, fachatigo Brokers,
' • &nth Fitt Corner of Third and Maiket streets. All
• on. at runkt lilv,ral rat..
I\7 HOLMES & SON, Dealers in Foreign
_LI • and Dome , tic Bills of Exchnut,, Ccrtincates of
pOldb, Hank Nut, cud cocci', No. fa larket strest, Pitts
mode uu all the principal titles
throughout the Unit.," crow.
GEORGE E. ARNOLD lc CO.. Bankers:
Dealers In lirchangs. Coln. Bank "hues, te., N 0.74
Fourth street, nest dc..r to Dar Dank of Pittsbringh. Col
lections carefully att.:slat to, and the proceeds remitted to
any part of the tn:on.
atuc .1.1.11 WM.
KRA3IER & ItAllM,Bankers and Ex
bsac• Broker, lkmlem In Porrign md Domestic
Exehmdr.Certidmtm , of Deposita, Bank Notm..—
OMm, earner of Third sad Irood strecta, directly oppcatta
the Et Charier !hurl.
L - F CAROTIIERS CO., Banking House,
• No. 13 Woof ctrti.t. Ilmahurah. Current lonej , no- -
caned on De.d. , kll..etom, mode on all the
,prIMIPLI .1063 P. 0)100.
eltlea of the C alled Stat.- . 7ONES QUIGG, :Manufacturers of Spring
'JP and 13II‘ter `..cmel. Plough etec•l PlouM Wing,
AM, and
AIRi) Commission Merchants I,PrTf,',..'",,d wd
acrllllllllmtert. street.. Pers on and Coach Tios generally. torn, of Rua end Yrmt
Extate reenritleA fr. 3109 to 510.000 on hand Ilttabrr h. Na.P
NM., PA.= c. LOS", WV. c. B.S.
A_LIMER, HANNA & .CO., Successors to Hanna .t Co.. 11. cons. EICIIISI. Itooto.,
dealers In l'or,olr.n4 Dramatic Exchan Certilhott.
of DepeslL Bank N0t..1114,1 Spod ge. o—North West man. of
Wood and Third ,toot.. Current Money tveelred on De
pw.. Sinht Ch.!, for rol, end colleen. nude on neon-
It ell tho principul the United Slob..
The hlghwt Drs .m rob for k'cnelgu and Amoolcan
Adeanoe• mode ou coutrzuturras or Praruee. stripped east.
van p - iv. TAYLOR, Commissioner and Bill
limber, 112 Strand vcreet. Strict attention will be
to all basins. eatrususi to bUcam Pittsburgh
soutuLactured sro,lio always on hand or procured at short
notices Naga, lianas. Mrtgagee, ac.. negotiated on favor
albs terms.. Ailvanct. Ez.le, tf requilvd. tea
Rc. STOCIi'fON, Into Johnston Jr. Stock
. ton. .noolowner, Stntiener. Printer. and Minden., cop
aer of Market sad Third Yht<hurgh.
4AS. B. HOLMES' Cheap Literary Depot,
Third stmt, o; trite the Post OtNee. New Books re
-1011 4114 by. etre... bwriptions reswieed to Fly wf
Messwetnes or esreptp,te. nuidonta 0 the publish, e
lowest price.
HOPKINS, Bookseller and Stationer,
N 0.78 Fourth street Apollo Buildings.
fiIAVID DOWN, Jn.., Wholesale and Retail
Baker and Cur F , Fourth street. Pittsburgh.
liug Cake, and Furn,y CoutEctioussty. always on hand.
All orders punctual]! attrnd..l to.
Munufacturerand Im
e Strome Boat Trim
-1.0• ;. 00 1 , 1 , .....1; In.... u t i f
h. %; orohouon. N 0.8.5 Fourth R,
ULTY cO—Transporters,
Gvafliaty, +. AttrA-1.
reurxtseie - '
T wool
101.. 31mLents, No. G 1 Water Amt.
WIT I . JOIINSfON, Forwarding and
Mw nrerb .. iiroi 11i.ri.tiant, No. 112 &wind Ftne•
KIR & . JONEii, Forwarding and Coro
olsolon Monition,. lip:dart in linadinai and Pitta.
ur Mann .tend a:Laic, (Cal L'Aldl2. near Fdranth
t. Pion , lin h.
a. a. El OLD..._----- ---- Wlt. 1, JONV.
KARDY JONES IcCO., Surevidors to At
wood Jn. s . 1 , .. ir.oanon and Forwardinga Mile in l'lttAtl,ll !lamina-tared Goals, Pitt..
burgb. Ps. • .
La GOODS macvarrs
lICK LETT S: CO—Wholest&
Forv:,n,ll , ll.l.7ie,tic Dry Gond.
C. 6,
Desl r,
rrret, I
•.iicamos k.
/A. '5 lA.!
Drain ,
PlUal ur
rrm.r.on AVIII ,, NI
tl)...lWitpleFale and ketnil
tt:4 it-iple Dry Goals. C 2 Merkel
Mordionto, coretro of Youth
sad ai I
t 4 rtnaar_.:
o. ere l9-
Mb s io. 1.6
FLEMING & CO., Cnmmission
the rtale of Doru,tl, Word.o. and
d..dlrrl to all kir& of Tailor.' Tritlllo
- ntreet, fourth door from Filth. Pitts
Itorhß. I). UNT, Dentint, Corner of Fourth
• - • rat. trtreeo Mtr
Mulct nod Ferry rrrre.
P. In
EYSE ' & McDOWELL, (Successors to
to Kerr Keyper.) Whnlesale and Retail Drug sod
Slott ' re. euruer W , eel greet and Vi2i.
ellllluue carefully e0n:m..114 night sad
A 4•
KIDD • CO„ Wholesale Druggists: Deal
. aro In P ed.. Nu. Die Ptutra, and liatrowiesda;_
aora of • 3fq.ona'a eel-to-atm! Warm anoellie. 1.1,
of 11 , ...1 -mg !.. Inn , No. W. ownar of iFo. and
ftcah d ro da, ktaburaD. Ordeal win In rummy pa
.,...4 ~ • •
with Onaktu
A. FAIINESTOCK & CO., Whn1 , . , :,/,, ,
• Dm3,44, awl manufeetnrrrAnt 15 hile 1.,,,A. Red ; - -- -
u et r A . l,Ltlhar,. eurzu.r tl,..landJrnnt
h 1 t-- ~,,s PITZIIII , ,NS .................. .. ....... r. G. ore..
. an u /tern
~., E. SELLERS. Wholcsnie Delaer In irj , , ,1,,,. r ~,,, ,
I Lro---4. l'a,nta. 1 ,, r 1 10111, inla, Varld.h., A, .1...., 14 tnd. " , ' , " MACIII . NII ' II V U . 1 1.2. , tl, ' lt .'" il, ' , l.' o U P 'S° ,,," .l"
• . Si , W0 , ..1 Ftrret. PittAurgh, 1,.. 1 ,, , ,,, h warrnno-ti. thc..., dr , ir... of hot Inv ',eh •nrk m ,l*: thatthe, ' a n n.
,1 " ,0 4 . ,
Ar..l to do tt al th.- I ,I.
, I !:71,,,,,....„, in ~ ,,...1.71. . ..,."— ' ,°'^ "'''',.: . °l,.'hi t ,..ho" .
OLIN U. lORCr AS, Wll.,lerale DrocgtAt, r......r.r.4 0 , ,,,, alni, the 0,,,i,,:i nr r ldy!. ' s, h . ' a 'r tn ' . a. '' ,:' ' ,,.. "L .
and II•nler In 1/, Stuff, Pain...oa , , ,,,— i I wrmr.,..:::::::::::::::it.:1„7,:t11Z:.11:11=.4, nnrnkt:-
)o. 6:1 V1'....1 strurt, 6,n. , tha , r :1...1th or 1.11..0rd Miry, I Vsltie n d , :t o p; nhnrt-eln. Doti, and at th. 10wt , , , t ,0,,,,,,
' '.....,. W ICKERSIIA3I, Wilt,h;Zale Druggict I --- --______
• 1.4 Nnler In ..-s, , l'Aolculturnl Iturlk.roritts,
kn. 164 mad 1.1, 1 .1 , ..1.1 ,,, .. ~,p ., ! : of I•istb.
RAU N ILElTEll,lVli..lesale and .1.
Iteta ll..
Druct,L, n.rn, Liberty and wt. Clsir *to., Pnt,
SCJIOON AKER E: CO., Wholeemle Drug-
Ft. l'ltteburvh.
, 411.44,
I . VILSON, holes:lb."ANC.
Groevrs anTi
V inrnt. , ion Men . hrin, A.en. for ,nle of Du
n, en.l Frnnt
L. :•AIEE. Wholesale iirocer, Commission
:22,Vrri?:,?:.i,,%dtjt.1."„r1;717 end "
Cooturlx<inn Moreltnnuo. mid 14,0.
OILN S. DILWORTH Sc (20., Wholesale
Ornorro• Proturo vai ConnoWhoa Mrrehang, bud
nto for Hazard 1 0 ,order Co., of Ilarardrllll, Conf... Nu.
nnl •t. 19ttNmnL.
ilirafkli; & iNGltAilA3l:AVriFi ‘ e . a u .l . lo
Urnetus and Commisaion Merrhant, to. 11 , 5 S 1 00
s t. and 101 Mr.[ qr.... PitMtutrgh.
CO., Whnlesala
_ult. li fno. ,r
e.Err.i._gChotmnn.Ctatonn a
r w
57 Wa n te g r
N m la , e a n hu r e g nd
.11,1 ITAIT .P.llllll IFILSO.V.
ORS WATT & CO. Wholesale thveers,
Conmahadon Merchant., CO.
Dealers in Nature and
I tt Aburgh alannfartures. No. 266 Liberty street, Pit,
her gh. Pa.
. B. CANFIELD, late of Warren, Ohio,
ut• , rnnalmsion and Forwardla Merchant. and Whal,-
ood * Resler In We.tern Itearree Ch, Butter, Pot nn,l
Pr I Allh. nod Western Prmluce generally. Water *Mau,
het ern Smithaeld and Wood. Pittaburgh.
p. warm.. a. a. Varraataa . irATZILIGN.
S. WATERMAN & SONS, Wholesale
. Gramm Commisamo and Forwarding Merchant,
e . er. In all kind, of Produce and PR...burgh Manufactu.
1,1 Article.. and Agents Or the Rale of Richmond aml
!?;t i h . lutt,t , 1 ,. . , T.t . fixturvd Todu?co, Noa. Si and al Water
a .
Dealer.rocors. ForoanUng amt Commt.sion alum!,
anti. in Pt. , ' Manufacture. and Wefterr
PrOdoro. No. 36. cm , street and Chancery Lao,
111 AS. DALZ '
huruh Man miasion Mere
11 . ' A lAII 1)I
S a o. •,:irimet`,"T',‘,T.ti'
ltl JU! J.6II,INCIT.
& BENNETT, late Engl h ra Co.. N 1 lirocers. Commigoo.o
or unll.u;; 31orrhant.t.. end to Prolure
bur 11 31arsuactun.s. No. 122 S.avatui wad 121 Im.t.
bet ...en Wend mud Smahr.eld.
x. x.1..r.t. rtul.tx - 'L...., .. xx•ccrst.s.
I LLE.R. ,4.. Itl CK ET SON. Wholesalo
t:i....1-n, 'end Iruporl , ,, of Ilrandlrs. Win, and
N. No. =3 rArn,..ll L.:1«,..0' and Irran ctnoc.. I'in..
ha l f.. Iron, Nan, Com.Sc'anu, SO. c . con , an.,
4.1 WOILL. / OIL. D. Wholesale:lP C.
' 'GILLS & ROE. Oroeurs ::11,1
C 0.51153.1.1 Merchant, No. .:.37 Lacrty street.
QBERT MOORE, Whol 4 esalo Grucer,
• lltectifybag thniller. alralvt iu Prtduce. httAburgh
(6..n.0. tuki All kind:. nf Vvrrign and ih......ttir
.ill..El.Liqior- i
~ .5u % i . , Z .2
0 1 1. 11 , e.r 3 t2 . ; no eri u el id. 01:1 „.. kmd . ;..
. 111:11 ' 1 ' ..: " . ‘, t.11 ' 1.,.. for ,1,11.
Grwer. and CommiArion 51.n.1,ant, Ekal.r. in r
awl Pittoburyla Manufacturrd 15. Z, Lat.,
/ D.
"1 - D. WILLIAMSL & CO., Whole,ale 11,
"ft P r:r
al:tudartun., monser of Wm 4 ruhl krllll.
• .
. •
Lit.rty I:tt. , Ozur.l:. '1'1,01,411e Grore,
C.11111...b. Ilt r<Gm4 atul dialers lu Pll.l..burwh
r I .
. mkxion Merrhau, and Wale. to Ihrdo."--linond
•.1 H 011.11,.. In.otin, on Lax,' , Wood. and rls.tll
11.hurgh. l'a
OFit's; PARKER & CO.. Whelt.lcOrocv,
ojun. In 1,011,. M,
101 A Ileclif.,l L, Cum... 1,21 I,
11ELLOlt, Dealer in Piano Forte.
W., and 3luonsd Instrunannta. Sahrad Itooka. aa
n.en. Sado mond for Cbleknrirden PLUM
3 . nna,lTania sl Itiodd at.
NRY K LEBEEt: Deulerin Mnsre:
( . 11
stetd Instrnment,and Impurtrr I,llan
..nt Nunn. Clark's grand and
nor., Pisa,.
nteman's .I.olean Attachment. Atm. for Dunham
NNEDY, CH-I-LDS & CO., 3lnnufaccu
rrn , of wrry eupnior 4-4 Sheelit”i. Car,t
Twit.: end Batting. Penn 11111, Nttsburah.
)jij& . lijlin
. Derry A Cu.. Manufacturers of Soda Ash, Bleach
I..wders. slurlatic and Sulphuric Acid. Warehotuk.
Water FL. below Fer'.
A ALTER P. MARSHALL, Successor' t.
anwel C. and prialet to krrne!
... , ..
_ .... . ...
..erman lapar Ilannint, and Borders. What,
• • . Fire Board l'ricna. kr. Alnu—Wntlag, Print:an.
raplau x ll Paper. Na. tZ. 1 , 60.1.1.r,nt. between Fourth
. ...nd aey. PlMburgh. Pa.
RRIS a-. HAWORTH, Tea and Wine
Merchant+, Elan eat+, or the itintanntL Patehurah
• •
\I. A. 31'CLURG S CO., Grucern
Tea DtaltrA. N. :LW', Lilivrtxgr.nt,
way• on lotnd lar r .,
n Tear. Als,.—Forolgn tratta , end
a retail. 1,41., nlnnliril nut], iimest term,
•--Yr- , --
IN A. CAUGHEY, ...torah fur the Lake
awl Nlichtgan Lin.-to Ileasi, and th. lAA., --
n the e..,rm.r of Wat, awl ,rnitheek) nc..
ILE . ECII S CO., Trarwporters toy Cana
1 1/81;1 1 rw . larlaag Merrbantn. cvnavr Peuct nrn.
J. ...TER.
AVESTEII,VELI' & well known
• reoluoi Blind Makers. keep eonetantly on hand or
snake enter the tot.t artvie in their line, at their aid
stand, 'O. 1.: Clan- at No. kn Markel
taroond Hory, entrance in the thamotal. Vestal. Shutters
made • order, and old blind!, neatly repaired. aplo
_ -
I A BitOWN would most respectfully inform
ON publle that he keep. on band at WO ntand on the .Ht
rider,' he linAnnod, Allethenyelty. a complete an...Dement
If Vest. ian tittera are made to order
n the Loots warrant. d runal In any In the United
Stalls. Ilia Mind, ran he renioted without the ald of •
screw Hoer. Having purrhaeorl the Hoek, tools- and wend
of the thinet oatablishruent of Ramsay
ore. to fundrh their old customers. se we ll es 00, pule
11 0 0 11 00 ,. with every thing In their line. '
!age •cy. No. 5 Wood street. Pittsburgh.
' .7. A. BROWN.
110 G ; 31 • t
Aii; a oT ZMlence, of of Th . street turd ENO
N. P —Lime, Mortar, Lath, rata.
1151 HARDIE, Veterinary Surgeon, late
I mlinburtch. t+entland. would respretfnill
he public that 11.• has eutemrunxt Drvllm M the
ro&sein. niel, by earrful atte , ntion M whatever Is
u Wm. he hopra sattsiactim
I. nee lion rich James Hardie, Ili*. Slowing and
i.ato ng in p.orral will IN. urried nu, at the corn,
el str,el and P..nusylrania ATOM.,
lt PHI' & LEE, Woot. I)E.tutts and
el: I° , . il .- .t.,.. iT.r ,7t:x; .t. 7 r=,..•.,th." A- r i ''''
& W. 11.AltEACGII, Wool . !tlerehano4
ti I Mem in Minor and Acme gonnrally, and For
war.lloo and Corombodon Merchant,. NO. - 113 k Inn strom.
.nlll . ..nowt s4met, Pittnburch.
--- .
NE 'ILLE JOIINSON, Engraver on Wood,
i i... i
. 1 it. 3, 0 1 a i ,.,.h0..t .. v , r ,.. ) Illtrburn h. 1 4 ‘..—Ilers of
L. ' . 4144 : ;;... Urn .7121 . .. i 1 1 .... * 1t c7fl,; S r;7 - LUZI r oM4 t r iTA, :r .r.7 " ;;. , ;
eletle, mlAmomatinn.: button Stamps. A r..ln the flnst style
of art. rut at thn
Wi,III ,; .:k b i h SCI , IL T . ; , CiI.I , 3IAN , 'S Litho .
oplmdla gra e
offtr. - /' ti. burgh. lie +. Landoocres. Portraita. Storer MIT.,
11111 h a, Draft, Llond. I.n,ln..lreisitertural and Slseldne
Dranlo , llnoiren. and %Inn.: en... .en 4. ..r... 1 4 .
drat.. a 4.lnue. end printed In .4,1,.., Gnu!. Bronze. or
Mark, I the most aportnon st, In. and et the most ',moon
able PA -44. janicl 1
V WILSON Watehex, Jewel,. Silver
0,%4'.W nnmor Sfivt.l. awl
Pourli N. 11.—W ...h.,. and (34.-ks
rarer mrnir,l
WILSON 4 CO., laTortenq and
.• •I .11 1,1 16 . = in wax* an cataai, /la
Front qr...L. bataqn lk.qd and
Would loth.. the public to their
Chundeltir%, ' "==
t Thdr ard prtalhal to ern,.
and ;odtndoonable totrr. r"'n' lb. i ' n h „T, ' ,V
• -
Weiner, Hued:l.ller & Mueller's
TI E ABOVE 1 , 11131 respectfully announce
their fricraln and the publle adnrrallr, that thdy
a, :mitred
exmote thd InTt nt Ilnar art. all
ord haw Cant.. Bill!. Ihnlcanaa.
att.lrrkfdd.quital C a nt., .klat, Chart, nd.
Thelr enabliz.hrucut P. at No. 1.6 Stark, etd,t. hrtardu
Tani and Fourth !tree.. ataira. tnehtd.f
- .
Bolivar Fire Brick Manufacturing Comp . y.
JAN, cwvu Mv. can nF. JON.. n.
Whoh,de in',
(;LOVEIL, BIER & CO., l'HornltTors.
THE SUTISCRIIiErtS, huring been ap
esiriesi Agent for the abovenabattl, coric.irnll
keep ron.,M "II hand " hand a supply .1 the relebrateil floe
Fire Driek.Crurible Fire Clay, I. unlace Ilearth.ati,l 111.1.16.
They are at.. premn it to nareice °niers for ...aid Mirk. to
le. made in nisi. and ,hape to suit pubnlusw,re. which ehsil
be pan:linty
11'r pia net 6 1 , 1111 It ticeeaaary to enumerate the men, ail.
vantazi , lb. Borar F pout..
ire Itrtek over all other,. that
ha la.en lb.
for In the United State, eon ,
rierit 3 being well known to almost all perattne who mw,
For Brick. The unn.rietore hate determint...l that the
Crick .11101 lore none of their pre..ent enviable reputation.
and thou no cayenneehall he ennetal make, them even
betu.r than they have heretofore been. Tbi. IN the only
e,,tabli.hment now manufacturing Fire Crick at 11, , Itvar.
bt a JUNES.
Inch? Canal Multi. Seventh lilE et., Pittehurgla.
4 4 MC001{1) CO., have reeeiv6d
their Sp
M O ..
ring St, le of linte,
to which they re-4
gpectfully the attention of eir ciutistri
em an..l the public generalfv.
Pittsburgh Gas Pipe and Tube Works.
THE undersigned have just completesi their
- - -
and ant noir tnemufartnring Man. of OAS PIPE, Lc,
nocuotnee and o ther Flom, and en MUNI of
which they otterfoe rale at the Inverxt sclera. They or_
prepared to execute order. to liti; i ll , , eX, a 'sraa . out dt
No.'ol and.fld later xt;et.
iLMARTif & NOBLE—City Flouring
Mil, No. 56., Liberty cur of Man. al., littwburgh
'VICHOLAS VIVIAN, Civil Engineer,
„LI Draughtsman. and Prar.tatl N/Init: 4,:ent Make.
drau.:l f
A, of Nlodel- , the Patent I Mr, d0,0,01x of Marlw
nor, for Mutt, Water It urkn, May tw
found Leto at to A. M. and 6 I'. at ho ',Havoc, No. 'll
Marlo, PaHlirgh. pollt .110*
role Grocer, C;re
La Produce aed Pitt,
, Wholesale G
[kder In PeWu•
A. MADEIRA, Agent for Delaware Mt
_l, mad :::ifety I csurnairr Cotnranr• 4= W.tdr
GARDINER COFFIN. Agent fur Franklin
01/ lIC. In•aranrc Curipany, mirth raid corroir 0: Wond
nirl Third rarer.
Itr 31. GLENN. BOOK BINDE_I!,..W)o4 stret,
,lunkbatt). Ilwks rukil to law - nttcl
lk,und , u1.1.ant4211:. Boa., in numba,r.... or , full), rtra:n.d. Now.. put on gill lett,rn.
'rho-, Otto
lamina, Are ISIVIO.'d CO calL Proa,s
Co., Wholes:de and Retuil
• I Manufacturers. and Ddadere le. flats. Cap. and or,
...oar of ood and 1.1111. one.. Plltenurgh. When the,
utter a full and complete stork of flat, rad, Fur% de, dl
ta, quoin, and style. by Wholesale sod Ilan:tn. nod In
rite Oa attentdon of their don/tomer. and purrhaeen dt can
ally, enuring them that th at will seli ot. the mutt
1, -, 1 , 11• tern.,
%% 31. DIGBY, Morebant Tailor , llraJ or,
New Coach Factory—Allegheny.
„„...kt. M. A. IVILITE CO. would re
intarin 11.. )4.0 In. tlea the) 1 r.r.
Laarre).. 4.411 and
arr.,. They are now turknr4 maul ur, ruarrl 1 - I•Lvit•
artier. I , er ever> tleaunrorn et v. luele, ererehe,
Itartrucher, Iluagter. Pltalune. Re , • 'odor)). frt. the'r
lung er,.-rircar to the tannufneture of the Ater., suer,
null the fuerlitn a • they burr, the) feel anat./rut [le) a
1. • - th
sat , errroutn,ll...r u. rk II et 1., re:ere 11. e
atteutrun 11, ) uhne to t h.• rultree
N. H. katunnuu lon e m tbe -I manner. rar) rur the
mot reaenturrie
1, - 4 1 Ai; LE :MARBLE WORKS, 0.,tai.11+1,1
MOIL ND toy t.,
Let of etn-1, Ploybur c h M.q3bsu nt• Durisi
Vaults, 'f.tb/.., Mentel Pwors, mud
Pt, alura t s ms. m, trovls orlt,
8. A cl...:cobblyetk. c.f brayong• no hand. 1110
pAR 111 . 1./ LIES & CO. ore prepared t,
J, all I tr.:. Y 1 SLATY. ROOFING.
ALIA. LAL6IILIN. .411....,r. Lott. Cat.t.
At Wut,ur/A
Roly prbrubtl t reituryd.
4.ZPRING FASHION FOR 1.!...51—Th15 4 4 ,
Is.subful volt IlOy resstvol anti for-alb bY • •
own. r .1 and ......
.. 7 ,!!:„...'tf , .. .-',:m ur r . .,:Vtm. ' ,li" . . in:T.: 1 11 :..";. ' """
turn their thank. U, tbodii ru..iinori. and W. nubile :vibe:
all,. frr the Cara. +bare. of eu.toto extaindoil to them. ob-1
invite the coutiunancv cf thilr tavor... fla , in; viiiir,y
...largo.' and.npnive.l their room. tii, •r•• enabl , l to ie.,.
° :lll ' l ' ..ii d r ' i ' Jr, ' l ' al ,'• ii; ' ,.. * ;." .. ,l ' 7.f. ' i ' l " :l ' ,- " :!f " i ' l . ..111 - :i n ?.%f ' il . :
.obila. awl ni3ke their .d.rtiii.-. T 1... ile,ii making
Ili., ..iiiiiii.lim:, ai. for ii. priutliiAliiii. 1 {,Mi LI
air„ i;t.. .1.., ~..,, article in the DT, •••••1. hoe tie,ind
hir the, of funth, can I.—and 1., the r
eirditinu..l..flid-ta 1,, .elrot tbo 1.,. coo., and t.. *ll nt lo•
prire, they hope to make It the inter. 4 of facuillea a.nd lu ,
.10 altird.. to favor them .4th Moir cuo.on:
12.-ThObliiil.EhA LE BI:hIN !SS .01 1...c.0....1 in
blo rt.4111, , 111 , rtalrii—enitran, from fib rtr,..1.. or tbrouall
tan , '
JL Corner of Third and 31¢rhot itnieta. Thu 01311 char
tend lanfrution of the kind in BO...bur:Eh
FACLITT.—Iobe Flamm:, Principal Inatructor In We
°ciente or Amanita.
0.41. t'hairiberan. Prof.-tar, of Prnumanahlp, Mereanti,
Coraptuation. die
Alra. M bTateon. b,04.. lecturer on Commercial haw.
Thu* iliAtring acomblrbe knowleslde id 80, Keeping.
and lb. application tei eiiiir, branch of bitialtie.....aba, a. oil.
Fant end rapid piiiiananalifp. are Invited to WI and ex.,
tor thi. arranartnenta
I..iictun. on Coniniemlal Lua .trey Jlonday evobing.
Iteif.ininer to any aWe rraident vit., u,rohnot• dr=
~....4,, Esr.tnusnr.D IS32,br EIO I)
wi,..:INS, No. 245; Liberty et..
I brad of Wooil a1r....t. Pataburgh• I'..
llonutneute. Burial 4 alai,.,
dir-. Mantio Three, Centre and Pier To,.
*lva, m on basal and toad.. to order. of the
ehoi,rat tiarlilea. •nd al. .ery ro , dli,Nd
Imre.. .1 ciwue Jelechtm .1 Pruuntlys u 4
1 . '" 7g; tt, - .t
1111,fl , ti
..„.„ j .. , from hall
• iT -T.-.:
.-7," - -
(lon. Ilmrmar Deno, Liar'. Twrnan, E.
lion. Jur!, , Criltro, ' Jul Warl...r. E.
Wm. Tolritworr.,.. e, •dus .
A, .K,,.. r,.. Ar r h.t,.!
John ,nrd., T.,. Caerlr - SOU/L.llmA,,
l'itrArur.rb Rauh. Arturo,' A Cabo, .1,..
I. ILtror
~u 1,,,,:. E.I. 1.r% , a ''",, • do.
W rlorn Wm 'au./ 1r0... 1,, if rron.a Snr,:eirt. du.
Itober; Nlefirrriclw. To . WTILt, liructo, a ( . 0.
Jr. ~ ..-Kroght, ENT La, .
Ir, T. Morgrrn a Co.
~- -- - Jo.hua N.,. aCo FrolCr.
Lothrop, fem.. .
:. W fean grateful ter the e.r7 1/I..eral
vet .turlne pintenn vear4 In 'Jun ...t, hat so n • had U.
pent nnd Leet 3/.l...entrunted h. ears up It the prenent
. and Pp!) endeat., to retake nutinfactivn berestter.
L.; Cm•turvr. Wart-moms 97 a tdl Third streeL
J. W. W. P.41.117(31], ina.ruis his friends and
eummuera that he hen now completed the Largest.' •
and Hopei stock of honech.ld furniture ever helot, seen Ia
this city. as he re determined to uphold the quality will,
well...cued materials, test workmanship, and newest
slun nu WO from the extrnt of he. order. end facility In
wa g
facturimr. he is enabled to pi...Wm warranted fund.
tut, at the lowest prices.
-Ile ham adopted the principle of Identifying the cotton,
era inert est with Ids own. In atordity and prier. and k.,p.
always WI hand the greatest variety of-every description
ftirstiture. from the cheaposd and plainest, to the moot el. ,
*mat and co .sly, that a •
bouec, or any part of 011, may Iv
furnished from his mock. or manufactured exprensly
onless. Ile therefor, solicits an inopection. that the Aral,
tag, of hie establishment may Le known. The following
articles euend•2 In part. of hi. Mock. 'shish for richness el
1 , , , ta and Artist taruot be surpassed to any uf the IL,utetn
ia;lor. drawing, dining. and bed.roura chair, of envy
varity, consisting of roscwowl. mahogany and walnut.
Ellraberhen. COOSPrlltthi I, arid Easy Chaim of erery
, !ription: Combo, t‘ofre, Tete.s-tere and Divan.. of
Yrrachand Ameriran patn.rmr. Whnt-Nins. on.l
hulled parlor Writing Doak. of larious klod Work Tal.l,
and fancy Inlaid idarxis, mode standr,and holders, mart.).
top. mahogany, ronewcw.l and walnut centre and +of., ta
blet, extensiorrdlning tables all ail...sof the nunt ImprEctwi,
and decidedly the best kind made: caw!, l'emincke hall auJ
pier tables: wardrotwc, towhicada and wach•tands of each a
Varga uaortment. Kathie Loll and purl.; re.wption
ottomansand Wad., lawful-6,y and lank camas. ski,. twkant..
Lae wicrus. ,to •1 tacks, bat stands.aupY music stool, crib..
anti rota thlidren: Ma<hc. an, par.. mahmtany. roww.awl. and Inlaid 00. •••
A lat., .1,111111.11{ of (i.mmon rurniturs Wind.,
übi.vt ..k.,, , ,unplied with all artlclrs to then.
Hl,ll.l , nik. and lintrla, furnt.bed at the 'honest nod,.
All on .n prurapaly atannd..d
- • -
Attorney at Law. So. 11,1 Thin! et., enrner Chert,
Ity. having made arrangement. fu
r the porno., will
Pntwure Mount, Land. tor °finer. and rohliera their
..I.lwo sail ebildrea, and will attend to an, other hint.
near, enntiecte.l with the goaernnient or any or IL. Deja,
1•11.41 ill, the l'euel.. tan, or the Court. at the tit, rf
Wiwhington. Wan.
Druiving, Perspective, and Painting in OiL
JR. 11. R. SMITII now pmpared to give
IL. fey tha ditlfrrut braurio
01 "
Ttlclrttn'n u e " ir
Markt., .t o p. Mora al luntrurtlan. Irma lu and
frum 4.!.j t M., P. I. Chara,, and uther particular. ran ba
knave by raillna lall.nruum, at the roman.
Rarer to Dr. Ilauszu or Pr. Add Loon. • pin. Alf
Ne, 74 / , ,urff, K.. fo,rl to 4*OK qf Patewsryk.
Notes Praft4 oollorled or, all wt.. of Ow
Stock. bought sod rnl.l r0f0R10..1.1.1 fot.T.DIvrT
eXrElla. Jour- Ms,.
fe COLVIN, Curd :‘ fere hants,
, ‘ „ 1 i,„1,.„ , n Dr, (, grarn•rir,
, Wahaut and Waahltsgton Turnrat.
Ttri,ntn vine
1,70r1,41.1.11111 ••
a' CUNNINGHAM A C. , . ussowooo ,
N... Market gust,. betw..qt Fing 2.1 Sorutul.
Pli.burgb. Ps. In
Plii:(lllll:2rntlT.lntrmi.d,V nld .r "I.'-1""'"
LAHD 011,-40 bid. No. 1, not reed and
Each= oozes hut sad Wood on.
Mm-ra--11e 14rrysaille, % , eibrd. Zellia:topic. lb
ill, 113110:46,v and Nev. Lode, A pry.. Tuekl
Thurmt..,. and •.tunny., at hP. x Jet•.. sloud.
\t,.fn.•daf.e snd Inds , ., at 7
aturgoon'a flan, arid MOD (lay. Anat., Tuealay a. Yr.daya, at 6r. do.
pun. 4 4 asinfaalal and ratunial a, at A. it.
AIA•X/Xs.--Ly Buchanan. Street'. Run. .MeNtarapUrt,
enal all,. thanlanbnmn. tianabla'a. Itoatmer. liellarr
nne.l.4,itatonn, l'emanatio. Eaat LJert., lip r Ml,llla.
tar_ Arnaax nundaas and Thurats, a, at b a. , de
par, ,I.a.arr,- and Tharalaya A
, a , a
• • —LI, 14 all, • LI., N.,hleatown,
Cna.k l'oat..r...n'a trill. Ps.—
runday• amt 12.tna.dara..1 lu ..
daparta 1 1 , 11XiM11• Aral Tbur.alayo. at 1 r X
AI% I [X. II
A --, Chun., Slardiatkaville„ Mama. Mow
taura. FranarnrtPpran, a. Va. arrive..
Frada,.. at 1 r as depart+ nn Naturlar, et , A. V
aatnn ip aton andAlenndaf
at a • AI
Ltwencco..—Lly Locww, Fell, Amens on Pldi. itt 5
P. 0: denwrts on Faturdwy, at w
14, swill, Wttl.fori. pres.Ulttet. Ogt.
Pitm,et, Innwtow n, le., indwitun wreen snul
ttoptstle• Arrl•et dall, at 7 and depart.. M.
I,ttera frt. the don> anwt n] the tun, on. boor
tLelr derwrtwrw. n, thn
must tv ha Ile (Aran LAI( an L.n.r
::: Markel thin-haven Parry! and FLurf.har. PtS , IO,,A.
I•ENNSYL, ANIA. Branch at Mandllon
flank of Plttrl.orgh. Brand , .1 \...1.r
Esrban, bank ,f do par Brand, at X. 1.5.. .......n.
tier and of ~,, .pariliraorls ad Vnunratown....
Bank of Cord:nem. pariCny hank. I ..
hank t , l North &mono.- ..parKonamorelal
Ilank North'n Larartleadwr Eranklln hank
hank of Penindlaanta......par Lala,ettn hank . .
Pank of Brun Townahlp. fwrdthin Life Ina Tr...1e4 uo
flank of h a n k tqatea 121‘eatcrn Reran.. Bank
t.:nnmanlal Itank Pa....rwr Bark of ‘1.,110n
Bannon a!Btn-hanica' BB par ,mall Notes.. .
•hranl bank par N EN6I.2N.b.
Kennnnton flank par. All aoliont
)fanubr a Bent. &auk-. in. ,, N BAT TVILK
ifßeo , lantna thank parlNew Tork City- .
ennencing hank narrounfrT .... ••.
Philsolelphta But.. ...... par it AIL TLAND.
Southwark Bank •Bar Baltlonn q n.
Traderman. Bank ...
Wewn...rn Hank parl N Jt.h.SLI ARF
hank t.fehatuberahuryth.. K!All advent hank._ ......
Ihnkl. of Chrotcr CnunLy.-par; VILLGINIA.
Bank Laan•llle inarlgank of the Valley.- •••••••
Bank of o wn. of Vorgiols,,ltirtzmocul
Dana of fiermantown. ...par:Kx hank. Va.. Norfolk
/tank of BottyaburaL ~, . dardnen' Bank of Vsrsltna
: hank of Lowhanwn --,3lerchanta' Mrl, Bank
:flank ~ lAlkldletown r. a jNortb U . ...sternßu t
%lontdnruery liranohea. .
Bank .INortbuntherland.par NORTH CAR , , LINa.
I'artialo !lank I. Bank of Cape Fear •
Bk & Blldneen•pardl4 of :ft of I:angina.. 2
Lnolortown !lank par.Connnennal 1 1 1‘. 1, 11nitnen
Keaton Bank.. • par:Slemhantr Dank. Nowl.wru
Erie Bank . CaItOLINA.
1. ann.,: Ilk of Burka Co. gaar Bt of the St of S. Carolina
Fan ne r ? fl. of Lancarh.r.par•Bank of South Cu.olnon.. 2
Fanr Ban aneadlo,Palhenk of
tf.nls.n,o .thardekdu.... ..
F arm. 11.111Co.par I'lantera' , Ll 4 'd
Far a hmv. ITot, ...burn • hr 411'011111h
h urt klk If ~hln&tnn par,Ani.vata•ln, a Bank mig
Ilczna Bank- ... Bank of Anandta . .
Ilthoonale Bank .... cf BrunKwiok, Andu.sta I
I.sneartrd ... TENNESSEE.
I.nuoarta. r , ountf .11au k -.par lAII han .......
Ilnor. liana•f Potn4•3lie hdlik of Kentuc2
3.1 , 415TH1C
4 • :.! ' •;1? '" Cti l l:I ' il k l. • • pa 4: , j‘ J rl ' h!VO il Llll " .. l ; .. i h n u t r u ' C ' k " ,
tV,Lhnn,ll4. l llikeabarrepar s.uutlern lik if
York • Bank, Nllnholltl
" iteroet No4s .... ...... .... i ., :illk of 841. of Sllnoort )Y
U 111, 11.L1NU1,..
Itno 0tate11ank........-..... !, Sta. Plank and branclos--LO
Itmcch at Aaron do Bank of 111in..6.1.... - 5 at Atbona otol 00 IoCON,'IN.. at 1111.1gonort. d0:34.-Ix.. t top- In- Co. alikt b
ltuoc.i, at Chilluttio 'Sol )11CIIIGA.N. ,
Hronot. at (.3cor:and.. ..... .altd Fannon.' Morhatalon* hank 3
Itrancb at Toledo.. ....... ... do I iocarnment Stock 11at.A..... a
Urao.ll at Da. ton do l'onlnsular L'outk 3
Unmach alPria•rare do,lmotran...Compazy.... ..... 3
linaroh at Colo:I/but Bank _
. . . _
. . . ... • . . , .
Branch at Aeb.hula... ..... .dol I..AN ABA.
Brooch at Salem dad Bk of 11. N ..Itueriea Tomtit.,
Branet, at Man...laid do,llank or the People. Toronto,
Brahel. at It.pley dolllank of Montreal 5
Bronel, at Citenonall doillank of C. Canada. Tomnto,
I:ranch at Colurabus.... ..... .do, EASTS.IiN EXCHANGE.
Brand. at IVaaltington dolOn New Cork (prem.. ' - .1
g,,,,,,,, , n , c a w, don:, Phllsalelptua do. ...... ..• -..
Branch at Lancaster doOn Baltimore do
leanri. at "51' ulnlaville do; NVESTEIIN EXCHANGE. '
Branch atMLVernon.---AloiCinclnnaG I
Branch at Newark dolLoulsville
.d St. Louie
llr Branch
2 1
) ... ; p 1" 1 -5 4 . 1 . .:eld:', ' GOLD AN!, tiI•ECiE VALUE
Brro c rh et ZI.LI.- —do Double..., tipaniah 16,00
Branch at Troy do do Patriot 10,50
Branch at 51a Eagle, old 10,09
Branch at Zanierrillo... do Eule. new -• MOO
Branch at i'redaricked . ors. . 0.00
Branch at Piqua- do Ten Thaler. • 00
Branch at Portatuonth—....lo tinineaa....- ............ ..... :,,011
Branch at Eaton do &Arraigns 03
Brooch at Ravenna ..... ....-do Ten Guilders 4.00
Branch at Chillicothe do Napoleons O.FO
Branch at Cuyahoga do Bouts 2.15
Branch at Toledo. dol
March 14, 1851.
Jr BEING DESIRABLE to nubstituto locks
end keys of wattle other kJed for taso now in,uee ior
a mall wrtite of the United Stales, specimen locks and
kkya with p r zi7o t t . to furnish the sane. will riovlved
• '4.'4 Th l e ‘ Star% Jig
forunnission for examination and report. Upon this re
. contra., w as .on as practicable. be entered into
furnishing such locks and low for four 'ear, with UM
right 0n the part of the Poettnaster General tor the tiute
heing to extend and continue the contract In farce for an
inblitmonl tetm of four rears, by giving to the contractor
a written notice to that effect. not more than nine nor to.
than woollen before the termination of the first term of
four Tear,
With a view of procuring the best lock at the lowest price,
kind of lock preacribed.aPlandAnl: the Department
lying for a aeleetioo on No mechanical skill awl ingenn
y which I. hdr ma:petition. ..w Inotteol, may develop.•.
howeeer, proper to state, that a look suitable for tho
•all service should potasmot No following gualities,•lt:
hint,. uniformity, butane., and etrength.
Fur parlor., of dimplaring Pimultaturowly all the
ant.-1m sal key. 12MY in use, about thin) thousand
ew ;wits and twenty thousand keys adapted thereto, will
• redulrod be furnished by thy cootrontor within wven
1.1.11* after dm Nutty+. shall Lava been eutemd Into: ad.
.rward• the supply will depend on the durability
fallf the im - ks trod key• as well asthe Mores/wt.( the
oervire, but 110111 probably neoer in amount
tree thousand of the former ana one thousand of the lob
to irk will lie oonaidemd If It he Ilk. any alremlf in
1• el usk nor will my one with whom the r rrriethS 4 r
w not. lei allowed to make s well. or furnish uiy lock or
key. 'droller to thine nontrvieted fur, for any other lihtToass
or nee Phu that of the Post Offlen Department.
Th. kind of lock. adopted amid he Minted. end the pa.
Mute , will be required, on entering Inn, ran:graft. to make
meignnient of his patent for the exclusive use and ben.
eat id the Department. If the Postmaster (lessens' shell
deem eurh requirement enteral/11 to the interesteof the rar
e., In mute of the WI." of the contrartor at any time
to fulfil fauthfolly the term. and orindltions of hip mntragts
POntlnantrr General shall have the right. beside. nuiort
L. tips Penal mined) hendueller mentioned. to annul sald
matter, and to contract um.. withany other party
reties us Le may see fit, fir furnishing ohnilia locks and
hPott the ProPosalsand offered. tins
Pietmuiter ( mineral may deem It expedient In select for the
thromth mail. the lock of one bidder. and forth , ' waYltndle
that of another. Ile re.erven, therefore, the right of eon'
~ranting with dlffemnt Individualeisfor much different kinds
isf lorke BA he may "elect, and ale, the right to all
the enceinte. and propoesdp, tf he /Mali dorm that course
for the intenuit of the Department. The party or parties
eontmetion will be mouired to Orr bond, iuth smote ...-
roils,. In the of thirty thousand Miller, per • faithful
performing, of the contnyt. The mrart le to contain
.provimme for the due and proper Inepe nt etiosi of the lawk•
nd keys. aml elei for ' , minium against their parsing into
inthu ii itor lotteles the Deliartment tern. of thrir. ,111-1•11,1.
einTee• 141 10. •r.
and the sful bidder. I
' rf r' • bid ehould smosion.l.
Noapplimtitine coneklered if not aceompanied with
statimfasytory evidence of the trustworthy risense.r of the bid.
der, W. ability to Will thentn t.
N. R. /lALL to PuelmUter irenend.
The IA zufernotell or other vetkels art. appoiraid to ua
follovr o:
roalnz' Lin,—.llweritau Sbunners.l
/EON NV. TOZI. 'ox 1.1V1 . 001.. ~
7edll.+Alay, sfarch fith'Sattolay. March Sth
‘‘...1n...a1a,. - INthiSaturdnv.
14, ..1n....1ay, , April '3l:NVl.lnowlay, Apyll 9th
%‘...1n..m10y. , -, .' 2001
I W...1n...a.ta), .. May 10th,W.i.,41.!. Map -54 th
Saturday. . .24thArodu , ..daY. .' 2^ th
; , ....tuntay. Jona 9th{Wralm,lay. June 11th
saturda>. .. 21.4Wedut,...L0. '"'th
~':"'''''. Jul! July 911.
urday. •• 19t11WrAne...lai'. .. IVA
. . Atiguat 2ELlVethutidal, Aug.
1411'1V;4;;ZI:;: 17' 2. ' 1
' iiitl44Y: Sept. lHilr;;;lay, " • 37th
Saturday. .. 2.lth iVedneetta,, Oct. Ist
atunlay, (wt. I Ith Wednesday. " 15th
, atonta, • .. 25th, Mulrouutay. " ''' th
Nor. oth . Not. 12th
Satunta, .. 2,1; Woalnowla, . " Nth
euturda>. Ih.r. bthSatunlay. Dec. lath
Saturday. - , 51,13 . Satuntay. .. Z7el.
Canard LUw-Vlictly Trips.
~. ttrearoot. rorilttit UNITZD 6211 C..
A. ' . \rw Y0rk.W.....-...Saturday. 31arell 1.
Canada .11.natun aatunlay, 31are211.5.
Alma . \ rim, Y0rk..... ....... Adurdai. Mamtra.
Aturrin. 'baton Saturday. April P.
uatolday, April LI.
Europa. Boston.- .. .......... ..%Cr.inewlay. Mar.
Aro. New Yuri ....... ....WeduratinT. Mar. . 0 .
Wednene. April 9 .
Afrira \ rY sd
ork Wedne-Nl*Y. April 'J.
America Boston Wednesday, April 30.
Amin Now York Wedneeda, ,r 31.1 7 .
Pasaane to Italia, BOebd or New York. L 35 : semen
cabin. Las.
..1",...7 .nrk and nacre
Line—Monthly Tr,pt.
Franklin. Eatunlay, a. Feb.: Franklin. AVorday, 12th M.
Humboldt - kth Mar' llumlwidt • 9th AN'
Franklin. . sth Apt Franklin. • 71.11 ...7
linrubuldt, • ad )la yllumkddt, . 1 4111 Junk'
Franklin. • avt. 31'y Franklin. - 2.1 July
Ilumladdt, • 1 2.51.11 Jun.. Ilumbnlolt, .. ZUthJnir.
Franklin. . 1 2tith July , Frunllin. .• ,1 7111 Au
Ilmulaoldt, - 12! Auw m
. i1u1. , 1.11, ^ 2.111.6"1 ,
Franklin. '. Sot Sypt. Frank li n. - 214 Cli3
Humboldt., • Pith Oct. Humboldt, .. 19th Nor
Franklin, • 1 5 tb Nor. Franklin. • 17111 Dru.
Ilumboldt, • 12th Ike.
Clorcrn Steam Naripaa4l CD.—.Munflay Trips.
Y or k Mar. 22.
York ' trt " a r t d ‘ee ' Y . ,Pa r ; 17.
kow' BaS.llli.N.
lor Nom York r i d s, F March 21.
...Now York.... .......April la.
—New York Friday, May 10.
.New Y0rk...,... ..... Julian 13.
Ilprrnlun .
lierumuu. .
Wruhln ton
if olu
11 uL ann
rOlt 11.1110,11.111..
U.S. steamer. hare Sew York on Ile Iltlmmd 15th
of each month, for Chaarca
FOX 111,". /IND [Cr WZI
stearnshlp laabs.l leaves Charleston on du: lit and Ihth of
sash mi;hth.
Grauttaburg.Chatulwraborg, Phlladetpina,
New 1 ork. Eastern. Centre and Northern ;wets of N. ora.
Britis warr, Provinces New Jersey,
of Lauer and the atCanaa Ne g
w E r
N nland
da, No r a Bcotia, and
New Brurswiek. daily. Arrives at 4 v. x. lk.parta at I!. x.
Norm, Easrtus.—lly lilelrsville odd 11.ol:idayatairg.
including the osuutiea of Itradfwni. Carni.rta, Centre, Clin
tn, Juniata, Lysol:inn, Mifflin, McKean. Potter. Perry.
ra,a, Union. and part f Wvainwreland. eta Liveininre,
Murray...We, Salem Road., New .aleaandria, and hail.
a. courtly. Arrives dell>, except Mondaya, at .1 a. x.; de.
ilexts dairy at 1.1, r. X.
kodr..—By Butler, Pa, Martyr. Crawford, and Jefferson
" i'eLveu liana New York and utitarrCansida,daily.
.lr r rit~u at 9 I, M.;and departs at 1 L. a.
oLTIILIIN IN" Wurtas.—/ly Pa, Green.
Ftise N tte. Nalkarset. part of If eauinnreland county, Virginia.
Mar, bunt. Brilumons, Wanhinotrin City, Soothe/m.lml IVe,t
orti tai of Woo and Indiana, Kentucky, Illinois, Tenni...
w.o. Alabama, Nlliianurt. Arkamiaa, North Carte
livurgia. LUISII/11.1, Florida, and Tr.., dad,. Arri•.
at P. and departs at aP. v.
rrruurrivr.u., 31.ring‘on
Florr:rcr. Part., 11.111.1ain Ore, Jeffermn.
u. Carroll, Hulmer, and Twarro.ras couutirs.Ohlo, daily
rni rt. at 11 v. 1.1., depart+, At A. M.
- • •
Naar.. Ircatv..x.—llF OraTer. Pe-, and Cleve.laud. Ohio.
}la-1T o PA-.l2 , ou.aablazia., Trumbull, Portage, tie! 1•1-
A.l talon le. Start. Wait., 1dwg.a.;14620a1t.,
Loma, Hump, i Ma*. Erte,
and Luau courttleA, Ohio: the extr. me northern vaunt,.
of the ma.. of Imhana and IllltunA. Ineltadtng all tibial
wk. gm tl
. uld Ntw,aelu, dauly. Arry,A at II A. AL; de-
KITTAAPa..—By SLaryabura linen. Spin al rr
tun. Frt4j.crrt. litttanning. 16. kind wo n. . :nnto d g.. T . ' l.:
tun. and L.rarSeld 1....1ea...611y , eat tun ' StlllAilZ N. C A
mt.. , at 7 r. S. and depart. at
0.113. - {l, 4.11.1 NOR 111 . 111,110.1.1
N. HOLMES & SONS,.Banker,
' ale+ 3,0ri0 bass ittoin lo” at dup 31e t' M. The mks °file ' LOCAL MOYEY EARILET. 1 MARY SCIIWEIDLF,B.
. hi... Men kur . 11,.1,t2: 4119, asslly at the farmer figure.
There is but little change In the money market sl I
n - --.-, _ .
.- -= --- - Corn is dul l . with sales In small leo at ,t7t,' i c . Of '
- 1. • loot CePsll. • Three ts ;whs. an Mortared demand. TIIE AM1.111: WITCH. •
11 / 9 1.011.2 .5219111,2.-Advertlsmente and subDcriptin. noel.', we .d no sales uf aoxi-nimno, but War lOWA -
for money. but the rates on good paper an unchangol.- Continued.
i for ads paper recedes! and forwarded freeof expense, from i nommally at eit s isei2i. Vi bd.
Stocks tea'
to Isi ,mite active, arid our own taint Stneks .
i GLASS-The stocks of window pi as+ nre hasty, and psi- er , i n goo d ri „,,, at _ t n e er p enne hi ng dividend day e au .' -- RAFTER XrIL
I "--'"--- --- • e --- - ---- -=---,--,, - re. are down We . t uote city tineda a t glno for is by 10. ! Inc them to advance rapidly. of
note a sale at auction I now my ~,,, , h ,.,. sig. , (6,, 0n np f 0,.. ~,,,,,, ..., d
REVIEW OF THE I'ITTSBITROM MABSET. 113;21 10 by 12 and $3.:5 Loeb/ by It. Country brands 2by W ,
, 17 :.. 5t
.„ 19C ,, 11/11 , : to o u f .a 1.32 th b e ari rw s
. 192;
ru t a lc, t o l r lts u. bura y.ri b
o at . 54 .0, 1 i
~ , 11...- 1
e P t he to n ' e .' x ' rty. elonday, the 12th July, a - t - ttho m- itt e
_ I are told at tik.T.543 , and ether elms to limPonlea•
Mir Mc week ending Apra E.M, 1651. HAY-The usual rates at the river imul from wagon axe I this market. c --
__. • 1 eight in the mar ng, while we sat in our grief W 011.1!
- , $12(314 V tort I w est ,. Currency Is tomb more abundant. and the rates I d ey i eg whe . eenid hey ,
ared sash
Ormast itee.e,,_D oe .i ne th e 'nation closet eelte• I IRON /NT NAILS-We cub Din a Ilit or priess of scme of .
1 oth ea; the n 'us.. thet - ecers P etl P Witch ra Lizzi gv' e K t ' l7 row
110.10 businois has been doing. with tie 'my titAteriAl I th"Pth"P'''''''''''': of yet higher rates. for „, anti eper ev r agreed that it could be none
change In quotations from our last general resits. The I lairs-ilat lute .04 , 5 , i 0 'en, a
''Sll.. , , me P r. "'" "" ncerdedwee c' coach with four barks
to ' t:t th t' D 'll'Jvt'tt.intiP:car'"ust
weather kw dm most part has been dear and pleasant. I . 1 i t ,, 0u , 7d and equate bar
drove quickly up to the, ,ee a like decline here. The Brokers me buying at 1 tki . ~.
which has had the affect to enliven the various branches of '2 - tt :,',,
raldni s e p. em tient., Wherein sat six fellows, who straightway
s , k, ,, ,, , ;H. P .
Oar MOP, and at. tone and feeling to the mar k et; Bever e Sh a nct
_,' all jumped cut Two went and stood at the
ally. The river has kept to fine navigable order for all Na!ta--10 to ...11 penny Vas/ - rt tee 1 -,-4.---- .
3.( 0. 0 - PRICES OF STOOKS.. - front, two at the back doer, .11 two more, ono of
Haws es Of steamer. and Wads In that quarter be. been 1m- - ji :I,' ; r,..,, ,, ,,r1..
whom was the c astable Jacob Knake, came in
mense. The ran. I, in splemikl nyder, and the imports s 6 Penor 4 4 . .. t. .. L . at BY to the room, and heeded me a warrant from the
mai exports Omagh this channel h. been such as to be . 4 Peonl
5.50 i: 1 11 ,
hinhlY satlefartory to the varknot trarouportaDon line. mid g ,.,.'„ .... .,_,7„,
...., jr,i i ii . ,P, , ,,,
... 6 ,, .. As WILKINS 6.7. - Co Sheriff for the a •est 01 ml - daughter, 09 ill CO
to tie with a similar period iu an• former year. - Cut sto 6 inch mon repute a b.evEr a wicked aitch, and for her
The royipt e o f dry gods by the on. have hero ice- - Cut It to 7 inch.-- ........ _..... 4,00 "
STOCK AND EXCHANGE BROKERS. exaraination beforle the criminal court. Any one
meow., and notwithstanding the' snares of tons which are The atom primes are given. ,Warr[ to a diecoun for cash. ,
may guess how my' heart sunk within me when
daily shipped Weal, large additions have been made to the LARD-Receipts of bud hove been light. and SCOW , . I CORNER OF MARKET AND THIRD STS. ,
--,--t. 1 --= I 1 read this. .1 dropped to the earth like a fell
r==--: - - -- Tet 7 ratte... aevo '. ll' s l-_ e tree, an when came to myself my child
eennties 01 this market; and we are assured that our an limited. We quote from store at 7 iif.SD la bid. and 1
1d• . I
. 11 111 1 22211,111- CORN dealers west nevermore imply nue akirgAt v lix keg. ....
had thrown herself up. me with loutderies, and
Plied. and better able M fill thole country enters see the LEATHER-We notice a regular demand, full prices . • ..., i . 1199.11.9
cholceit article. and on terms the mod scommodating for all articles under this head. Sale. of Baltimore sole at ' WAS, •a, 4 . ,2, her hot tears ran down over my face. : When
and Inviting.
,h7gy - fiy - 11l - Int.lan d.duly i the' saw that I came to myself, she began to
a 216a',22c, and of Maw York do. , at lika,ilSe V lb.
Our wholesale dealers, in every other ...Lon moat LU3IBER-Thapnisent Priem at the yards me-Emard. !'„ B.'. ,„ i ''',', -- ' l°°. I°''ll 100 'lnt Fab& Avg I praise God therefore with a loud voice, slides
! United States d's
•10,3 imi,Vi 10 ,InL.I. a July .
abundmtly stocked veldt mury variety of merchandire. $11.@12 for women . ma '62242.4 fur dear. V 19W. Shin -' i '",,,,.' l ' . '"'N''
......, 0 6 95 .Ina . Feb. Aug iCd to comfort me. snying that she was innocent,
mid we venture Ed mer.that couutry merchant. have mil, glee are sold . 82.5tkUk2.75 V 1100. ' Allen,' Co. we.-- 'loo' 96 9 - 2 :tht.. 31 .7.N.• r and ebould epeear with a clean conscience be 'visit. our mart. totted here, on die moist.„..accommodee LEAD-Them is a regular demand in the Market. at 1,!.. , Do. coup. Sia.ecryiloo tali .05 du
foreh r 'int • /t - - shrepeated t
Una terms, every thing that cm be desired. ' 45.4 fur pig. and 5.4451ic for bar. i D o . whp.61....... 100
.. .... _ do . _ , e
.1 . ge_. c,.. „ e 5 1110 the
beautiful text from •Nlattliew, chap. vs-e• Blessed
TM mecipts of linivlsions and Onacerin have been ale Lais li t rs-Th e p msent emage o r ryt „. In 7@nuen , Pitt . sburgh city .n o's. ..... ..- 100: 9 , 1 ' lei ,/nt..ja j a o k d u ly
u D Phil- 1W 9s, PT
during the week, and the strophes of those articles now In in . g to else. ,d,'`..' imny
~. na . us, 25 I 83 4tat. May k Nov are .ye when men shall revile you andperso.
markst, we o h m , ennat to the demand. n one an d drain 5 0092 1,.59-9.2y-al., soles al She bit. sheet, end sue , ftre cou.C.Phll-,103' 57 '66 ~ de . cute yeu, and shall se toll manner of evil againet
have mine forward spatinglyandsuPPllini maomiPmati VD. when en. 1i1.12. 2TOCis i
Warn Lt Purelead Is selling at K. and NU lat I 61 ,,p 6nts . am a it ( R a nk; 60 , 6 4 5‘; 54 ! do And she begged Meta rise and to throw my the.
- eteo et keg
! Brahmin. Ban. ' 60 62 ' 511. do
- ' Bank of Pittsburgh 60 63 64 y th .. N „, ~,,c , you f a l se l y f or ~,,y eeke. ., ,
sock over my donbtlet. and go with her, for that
t uste-We hear , fen large sales of malt Wequote at . Allegheny Savings Bank 00' 16'2 .155
• without me She Wintlii 00t sailer herself to be
51V bra 22_12ar 6•10:919
OILS-Cuter oil i s senio r Ina regular way m 9smisi Monongahela Bridge. 2:, - 22 .21 , 11 0 , ...1f,,t t r,. ;:1 i:Dt i carried before the sheriff. Meanwhile however.
V ext. anionling to quantity and quality. Sid, linee,l 1 iit , , , , , , r,r,1i 8ridge5........._ tl il L 3,. . ' rill the village, men, wolnen, and children Insd
have tramplosl at teng;P:se V ged. Sales of No 1 lard to Northern Liberties-- ...... -1 LO ~ g., ! thrOttged tOgether before
door: hot they re
ale. and of No 2at Yam ji_gal Withanaspert Midi, !26 13 ...
I maineti quiet, and telly peeped in at the windows
POTATOLS--Siiphlles me hinds Goesl Neshasitiricks I
WeAtern Insurance Cu- fie t o t e DivNovE2V,i're null:lough they Would have looked right through
would bring 02 and Redo 45D.L5w per im.
...nom C 0.... ::: p_i ".. 114 Div. Me. i...i -
PIAVDER-Ilasard. Down. and Lanin 0 Smith's Rifle ! =ted l' itreman's CD ... 7 i.' ,04: the house. When we had both made . ready,
Powder may le queted in quantities. at $4.75, and by ! 119902...0•11 •• i mad the consitohle, who tit first would not take
single keg. at 5.5,,, Ti k eg . 11,-ek Powder at .1,12 N 1 'Pitegi s i , to Phil a .... ... ~ .
........ Iki 49 4 , ! . ,;, ' .n., l Ir ct me with thou, had thought I.etter a it„ by rea
to 93.50. fur large and !mall Quantities i Petah
n nth. A Li.imiiir-, ' n '4',. ..+4 ,
... t „,,:„ . „.„ non or :, guoil fee y..u.61:11' my daughter gore him,
Lake lune
RAGS-Rags are worth :li g e fur good clean mixed midi 1 31„.., magnetic we walked to the comae btu I was 20 helpless that
a good demand.
, not 20.. 21.00011ATCL.„ • I COlllll not get up into it.
SHEDS-lbe demand for clever »1d t. less active. nod ; G2S. ds
Minus base reede' We non!, ea, in a mall way from ! Pittsburgh Gm Workt.-.... , 50 ti -1 52.1 a 'Div.JM. 6 M c Old Paasch, when he SAP: this, came and help.
$1 kwater DO I 49 ed - nre I. ipto the coach, sayilig, 'God comfort
store at Si42;gitil,so. and from first hmds at 8.5.75a8 it Mt. t` ) if i n. '!l', l ;',lt !'y Srackwatr. 60 4t) ....,
Timothy may be maw at 52.2642-37 from first hamlaund limb's central Rail Road, 50 44 43 i ye'. Alas 'that yeti should ever see your child
6.240(42,62 from stun.. Small mks of Hat now store at obi. A Penn*. liMi jk.d. i 4 40 37
, come to this ." and he kissed my hand to take
31.63 V bus Balt. d Ohio Rail Road.. al/ , .
Cleveland a wetiefie it Road...' 00. ill .Si ! leave:
ROSIN-Sales at 113.75 'V bid for Nu. 1. Marine R. Way. Dry Docki(Xl fit) :101 ,Dir. Deck Bret
.. .k r e ,,, ° th ere „ Lew . up t o ,th o ~,,,,h, end ~;,,w d
SALT - Sala in a reat l / 2 1. way et 01.23 V bbl, which in Fayette Manuf. Cn... . _ .... •50 50 !30 ,
Brie Canal Donde. (olil)-alo. 55 :43 1 . have done likewise; t at I besought them not to
the regulmly establish,' prim What.
146 du. 1new...:100 50 45 • make my heart still heavier, and to take Chris:‘"
SID iT-Ss. ut 51.02 'V 0.1, - Turtle Creek. Plank Road 25 .i...2„ti ' 21. i
SPIRITS Tr ItPENTINE-Sales 113 Ws at 65c V gall .Alleg. aleerryneffleek Itre 25 , ... ... I jinn charge amy house and my affairs until 1-
-ben extra chltrits• tirienabg. Turn .Ike na....i so ... ... i ihoold return. Also to pray dilligently for mo
Chartiers Co. Co
TALLOW -Sales a9l hbls In lots from store st 7014 D. and my daughter, so that - the Evil One, who had
TOBACCO-Them l e . o goo d dem an d f or a il doscrintione whims I - i
Pittsburgh a Boston ........r ... 100 199 Div. 1530, 010 long gone about our villuie like a roaring lion,
- of manufactured tobacco, and prime Dominus , very Ono.- North American ....... --...: ... 121 293 and who nowt hreatened 16 devour me, might not
- .tie or no moven.- The following may he given ma the present nlaing uric., N 5 „, ,, ,,,r1; :4-,
prevail against 00, Lai might be forced to depart
~., lee .„,„,.,.„,..,,..„ Virginia manufactured 26429. halt Plug, 2/le, Lynch f r i. i i i " City .'''''
chan g e In prices. I burgh plug 17c, Virginia twist 15c, Linly's twist lie V lb.- Eureka .. - : t -1;!: 13)?: from MO and from my chill as from our guileless
' regular huum Le. tobaceo is guided et 16,120. with an advancing ten- attetiurgh 4: Isle Royal-, ..., 0 , ... : „ Savior in the wilderness:. But to this none an
-1.; e„„e ; ,... deny. Ituasci's and Robinsim's are held at 31Dr.,.T.5i. I
~,,',." t r .',.,"' Al ::: fi : - ii ! ' swered a word; mad I heard right well, as we
SiIAP--Sales ofd boxes rosin mo t , at 40 3.1 5. klerc'Emt drove away, that many spat out after us, and ono
... ... . ... 1
- ,
WHISKEY-The market Is dull with .mall sales lieugime liaughMh-- - $• 5 I said (iny child thought it w. Berow her voice),
We quote mental at ~. .adde. astairding to quantity and j= ° .y= 16,,,g_ " .ti ''" le,/ ...WO would far soener lafetire uuder thy coats
Rid, • :.: "Fe; i 'i ./
Fir owl than pray for thee." We Were still sighing over
Coven- such words as theee, token its. came rear la the
Aikiatmer April 7.
Lizzie Kolkin at the door orher house with her
m.0.-Th. „froolooo werrair to day, amounting. as re , , PITTSBURGH GAZETTE . hi ,
• hymn-book In her lapeeereec ng ou at the top ,
rtorp,d to me th stout 250 aced. All were cold to city boleti- i ---
------- '-' of her voice, "God the Father dwell with us,'
en ist 1tikk,..50, net, V cwt . i
. FROM HARRIIIIIMIG. as we drove past hen the which vexed my poor
llose-Molerate sales at 55 "D c•t. net -
Slime-A Binned mother weiu sold n! prime ranging [coriosomutoom of the Daily Pittsburgh Gazette. ] child so sore that s. mounded., and fell like one
from 1110 to 33 crab. mounting to omaitY. ! - dead upon me. I begged to the driver to atop,
- Ilanaisnuea, April 6, 1631. and called to old Limie to bring no a pitcher of
liananmstua„toril 3. water, brit she did es. though she did cot hear
The .Ippropriation Bill is in a fair way of
rThere were offend lit the different yards during the - me, and went on to sing se that et rang 5 ,..a...,_
:zit : et:M y r ..
, k 71 0 ,4 be....L . catt e llu . Including Dan iffissing the House. All the doubtful provisions Whereupon the constable jumped dutrn, and at
' sheep and lambs. hare been acted on,`-and they all passed with amy request ran back to cop house ta fetch a pitch
f Cattle-Aro In fair
am , m i n ,„, ~,,,.., 6 6 ,, n0 r 'i„ . ,' 6 7,,,',; 60 . ';: . : 7 "di " : I rsiisill r vote, such as showed a previous under- er of water odd he presently catr.e back with it,
r" , •• and Ca1 , 21-S2-121 ~ra cy cow• front $7 tn 10. spring cladding and arrangement At the caucus .
,and the people after him, who beg. to say aloud '
en 22 to ga. and Desh Cows nom .7.2.5 to 33 nth.that my. child's bad conscieece hod stricken her,
111F-Ars iv 192.11 demand. and mill at 16.50@7,00 il 1 Thursday night, it was determined and the or- and that she Lad now betrayed herself. Where
toe ..
der woe faithfully complied with. The appro- fore I thanked God when she came to life agein,
quid and Lambs none from 51.60 to 4,73, Ming to i
quid ty. , prian on to the North Branch passed ; :658,000 and we could leave the eillagei.'But at Her-
e have been appropriated to straightening the keritze it was just the same, lei •all the peo
n t 1.7...... -slew
were standing on
ple had docked together and g
Cattle-There were ollen4l al the wia,,,n iii, ender .:. .;M
Mad of !weans. of which number 255 were sold tocue . the green before Lebalm Ids house when we -,
balm erv . gs Warr Iry „ se , „ n .„ld. and 10, ~.D . n . , r ,„, „, to the avoidance of the Inclined Planes on the wee , b y,
Phil el t hia Prises ranged from K 1 in 4.23 en ' the hoof Porethelload. A loan was authorized of that theyquiet Enough
op to 1164.2.5 int and it verkkim 61... N ur ,. •Nevertheless, were as we
11 , , The mark s is rather dull. We .
' debt to that extent thus received the approba- be, how can it be:" 1 heard nothing else. But
tude Cl 69,3014, i 6mon.t, l and of Course, an inmate of th e State drove past, albeit Conte few cried, •SHow can it
-r-- - . ill the forest near the watermill , the miller arid
43,,.. 1 tr. of a majority of the representatives a the
au his
• I people. The following is the vote: t and ehou ett, ' lallghing, a'Look
' ' Ye ae-)fears. Benedict, Bigelow Blair, Brie' one of the men struck at my poor child with the
ta--There were 7 tem 3 Inches In channel. by ! . ' '
_ ...- - . i ',, Ely, Evans of Berke, Feather, Fegely, Preemie , quite white, and the dour New till above the
=_ ee -- 7 : at the witch, look tot the wimh . .". Whereupon
. tile, ."_'assielay, Demers, Dorian Downer, Dutm, seek which he held in hi, hard, so that she turn
a. last even.. and i 5111.4• '2O
• Goodwin, Gosiler, Griffin, Guffey, Hague, Benin- coach like a cloud. When I rebuked him, the
AiLRIV ED • ' -
511elintan. toles. Beaver. I bill. Runlet, Jackson, Laughlin, Leech, Lect, wicked togue langhed and said, that if no other
Beaver.l4o Son. Beaver I Lilly. Linton, .leCune, . McKean, Mcßee- smoke than that ever came under her 110,R,90 much
Atbinuc. I'm kinw,u. itrownsell:e.
J McKee. Ilem n inekan MDR. .. port Reynolds, Nlov•ry of Wyoming, Olivine. O'Neill the better for her. Lent, it was worse in Pudg
-1 1,,,,,,.. weetee t a linos okvilie. - i l l'atten, Fennineare Reckhow, Reifmyder, Ithey, la than even at the mill. The people stood 20
t•l ' lut t h:TZtt's,• ‘ 1. 4 , •.:1: . - ! Rhoads. Riddle, :toss, Shugert, Shull, Simpson, thick on the hill, before the caetie , that we could
em e ne e iu.x. Zmiesslne - ! Skinner, Solider, Thomas, and Cessna, B,oralrer scarcely force our way through. and the Sheriff
Bnilian, tin., Cincinnati.
ihurusi. l'oe•eil. a hyslin :, i, --18.
, . caueed the death - bell in the castle - tower to toll
Reveille Dliedden Weilsetit;
, Nays- :Messrs. Aemstrong, Baldwin, Bent, an an arisarn. Whereupon more and more peo- s
Casio,. Sl,llOllOO Denteli
. ;
utrekaTED llighani. Bonham, Be ro
wen, Broomall, Bwer, ple Cana, running oat of theale house, and Gotta
Closhscsa. 1,12..1_5•2., i Alexander E. Brown, Joseph Brown, Cooper, ges. Some cried out - Is that the witehr-
fire r . Bunion. Dealer.
~ Dungan. Evans of Indietna Others, , Fretz. Gabe, Hart, Oers, again, -Look at the parson's witch! the
atl g on. park:mon. Breen...lli
1 Ilunsecker, Killinger, Kunkel, Maclay, MeClas I parson's witch: - mid much mote, -which for shame
rz lese
I her, McCurdy McKee, 31oLeen, Monroe, Mowry 1 I may not write. 'They .crisped up 'the mod out
'nom of Sowerset, Nissley, Paeker, Reid, Roberts, lof the gutter which ran nom the castle .kitchen
'e. Scofield,. eccouller, Shneffer, Slifer, Struthers, and threw it upon ue e....-.., r greet etene, the
• ,
Trone, and Walker--38. which struck one of the horses so tune It ebyed,
Clue, Justau
and belike would have:upeet the nook had not
Aenn. Kinn., .
It is useless now to count up the excess of
Thamon. Monks'...appropriations over the estimated receipts. Let the moo eProog, forward mid hell it in. All
it be sufficient to say that the,• are much bare- this happened before the cattle inter , a here the
BOATS LEAVING Tllt. er and that if they are allowed to remain, the' Sheriff stood smiling lOW looking me with a
5T LOCIS-Dualem. Public debt will be increased to a censiderable heron's feather stuck ie his grey Lot But so
PT. LoCIS loam Newto n,
unt. The Locofocos are doing
Newton. soon no the borne Ives qiect again lie came to
WELLSVILLE-M,111,.. lb 1 31
amo this. As n
the conch and :necked :It my child, saying, “See,
wit EEt Ne-Itturnal. 12rty they vote for the highest figure and place
D11111611:12/Fti-essaisr • themselves in the rooks of those who by reckless youngma._, id [Lon to, teelst eot come to we, and
11NCIN ATI-Merril:m(l.lo s v voting are prepared to drive the Commonwealth here: thou art neverthriee s : - Whereupon she .
etre PHILADELPHIA AND 011,11310 Rt. hendlong into such wasteful expenditures, and if sm"-weeed• "Yea , I 'ie. , : and mot' 3 ,, ooe doe
D Merl A 10, Pmseneer leaves dad, et 5a omehefore our jud ges as I come before out"
persisted in, will inevitably tend to the tnrther c . 3 : 3'
, -•
s e te. entharmisment of the State, the greater incriese 1
• whereunto 1 -aid, Amen, and asked lent how his
of taxes, or to rank repudiation..'
I ' lordship could answer befere God and nem for
e‘.. ...1 what he-had done lb a wretched man like myself
IIiv•• r."r•-•- - w'' •!' m'Ie"•! 1 . m" , bileicw'r' Cl '' 1 The .tv'ect of their voting-thus is easily
or .caner Lb ter to st Luid.. and oilier over papers
plaited, j .he Cenral ComMloSiOldero are foreitl sod to my child:. But . answered,saving, Why
ahead of the M3ll This is a practical illuAtratiou , I thv i - g had I come with ler: And when I. mid him of
I a,. nee when Ezra or run the, me cant to heat. lit im much . their influence will allow and are - the , . . . , .. .
rude people nor.; 1,711, of the churlise mil
-1 ' I doing it to subserve a political purpose tube /IC
lees man, he said that it ver • • 1
is not his twit, an
coo fished next fall. At that time a very int
.id ! Wttlavitta P "'Ay' threatened the people nil around with his fist,
portent election is to he held, and if large ap
, so ~u..
' is emete
for they were making a great noise. Thereupon
.. lii. Vl5 No . K; ...... 7.. ........ ...a.. - r m. , e- propriatione can be secured for the various as
he commandal my child to get down earl to f 01...
... ... tee •• Sc 14 .. ....... ... -3, -
seta they are anxious. and if they can put the
lbw hitn,.d w b f " ! • ! rt '
ent e ereuerio.... tee castle; m0...011
',..' '' 10. is .
.0 this time and that
work under contract betwe en ,
; ed theconstable, who would hey., gone with them,
..... .. .... .. ~ •• Nii 1:
20 go IC COI/CCo n lurge mmiber of liaboeers'whose .
"e_e ' to Stay at 110 I . oot a the steles, ..I began to
1 ................ et, •• ;No. 1. ...........,.,...,... --, votes may be under their control; it will enable
'lc •• INN 20:Sic
them to wield the weapon with vast effec e tiThe „one
with , II
. mount the winding staircuee to the upper rooms
nay C.J., : .
1 Cenal Co m missioners have ecarely wit enough,
_ ..... -
- -
But the whispered .as. priratelv, •‘Do not leave
- IMPORTS BY EMIL • to devise even rt scheme so simple and yet so
I me father" and I prenently foilowed softly af
. discreditable a 9 this ; but they are lending them- . ,
- IMe Yiin g __ ...... .. ZANESIILLE.--lisa
,590•2922-1:1 Mids. mime,. R to. I
selves to the purposes of others and are moseng
• ter them. i1e.119117, by their voices in which ••
•' , ...,, se . Bingham t Fib... du R. LalreiL 11 LI.. .1.,. D. Leeeh srs . ,
chamber they were, I le:t1 My enr .23inat the,
,0 . a ban eggs. Wm. Bagaisu. 1 bbl-to. J.lin 1. Perri: with alacrity in the path pointed out by skillful -
i drai lib's dour fur reehliment to Nam York. 1 door to listen. Ater the villain Ofier“i to her that '
though secret. Inastero.
iIV EI.LDVILLE-Pm Ames-lug iihlsdour,JamesteCo n - . lif she would lore him nauget should harm her,
.1 toe mese oee. Tins, however, is a game which tws can play •
I ~.."'l. c" it.l 4 ie d r's!.r., L` l;elit i l l e'e b t"t ' ';/+ o e l .'euirnie es a Z • mitie : saynag he had power to 2.1191 ill5l- from the per ..
ok to the Senate to pr ..
' event the
I 6 bil les payer. It . Ilas en: 1 rent l o keel legit in Lt. iS . .rntin: oil sod we le I ple; but that if she would not, she should go
frauds upon the ballot box which this scheme
before the come licx , ,i-v led she revolt e , s
„1 r r•e.. A1 t1!rt ! ,,,,. "- T , lz L . -,.-...;,7,..r: L.',- .-. ,....',1.1-- - thr e at e ns. If they f thlee to their trusts . --.• e ' .- g u •
I. 5_ ,masks ey prove . ..S
, . , herself how It would fare with her, seeing thou ho
do. isl: bagg ' eu name. II Wals Lobar. ) D. mien 0 Co.; .iiZ5 sand allow so monstrous a bill a this-which . d • . '•l a h
1-ka mi l a rd. bier . dem. 2 eete axle. neat!, Lindsey k Co, ua many witnesses to pro v e taut 'dig I na p 1y
.91 casks shoulder, ',myth a Cs., 01 roach, Wren 13'Gra. not only npprepriatea more than it eau . ren- ed the wanton with Satan, and .1 sulrered him
-barn. Lilirs'oroti A tie , 177 ...hi' leafy. G. 9 v. Binith 0 sonably expected will be received but goes flue
Cod yes
saulsdo )1. a Drown to kiss her. Hereupon she was silent, and on- -
ST. LOUI-Pin Suaxwit-11 toles deer ski. J. .tlier and tnerta..., ate State Debt by a. direct Ititin i y so bb ed, orhich the „r,,h rogue too ,
o„, o
I O'Connor: 0,1 dole lame Dell a leeeete ea• la. lard 2 -their names will be loaded with az much in- sign, and went ore -leyou huve had Same him
i k .. m . in ,, 1.2591 p i reu .s nark meat, il eas baron has. 299 i
dryyn. 21 Wm wmis board. Brown 0 Kir. i
I t . us . are the names of those who originated self for a sweetheart you surely may 10,1 ma"
' I [strict: 25 dodo I I Delsell; 42 packages 921. J• 01 .19.9. H. And he went to her and would have taken her •'
~1 5 bob lard 011. John Oder . 249 bblp whiskey, M. 31indiel
.-.52.75 ' trve. 11) do lard oil Ido red du J. Rielaardsom 21 do Pork b When a candidate for the office . DOW holds in his arms, us I perceived, for she gave e loud ,
5,506.1.75 ' boxes candy 6 do mop 1 do starch Wm. Sine.
W it.h so much credit to himself and honor to the seream, and Iles to the door,
.hut he heel her fast.
' ( 5; - 7,,, 0 1 WHEELINO-Pra JAWS Nrisca-2 half bbls butter, J. S Goc. Jh t prompted the people 'that and begged and threatened as the devil prompted
e--- 5 t fully; 14 bob sweet pa.... Annatnem d Croser 70 t' u 'i or • -° us on
"L' r, '''' t ""
•oti... lal' 1 I 1 W S 'di 1 d 11 lt d i his administration the State debt should him. I was about to go !towhee I heard her strike
vressa. es „. , 4. , !bb • e, Lt nirnos o alseo. W. nat . pain .e. a sir , nring
, - t e o „,
_ .: ,,,,, e5.ane ,
~... Forsyth: 1 elewe I Wam, Dell 0 Liggett, 76
. kegs and i . 0 , be increased, but that he would use his best him in the face, saying, I •Get thee behind me
~ ee mile, Clark k Thaw; Id this apples W 1,4 &31 Latidlem '
.. i h Lemon
i'Al Pe uiermi Int 4500.2 tat
24 ' A i-''''''`" ill tsdlil tree. Isrmetning 0 Crose rem boxes leather. 1 ability to secure its dimintltion. This promise Satan," Sc that he let her go. IChereupon 60
.9 '111:10 lOpiuto Turkey- - • "'-"' I Day: 2 Isom. hardware..wPadcit 0 Covodir, liJ boxes m- he hew, thus far, abundantly performed. He ran out at the door so suddenly th at she threw •
, dim B. P. tilid•er, WO We flour, Wm. Bingham.
and carried successfully into ef- me on the ground, and tell upon me with u loud
O CINCIN'NATI-Pea Clacgsin-10 `able Lunn. to 12 has eri g in ' l • d whi h :
c m annuellY cry. Hereat the Sheriff; who had followed her,
, Ws red oil. MeYaden a Coyote; lenses... Hay as Black; feet , the present sink/rig f. a
a , " trait ...r.• Mi I i I I ,TVY A 'llein,l bola .ih decrea.shig the State indebtedness , and under I started, .t presently cried out, ••Weit, than
l ' :ll4;fltra ' itrit . “o . ll I l.os'perketerry, It Tfs.-V21,7, 1 ,1 I his meatagement the burden is becommg hgliter prying pareon, I will teach thee tolisten:" and ran
I c•-•e• meroeta,..-Villeyrd In ble s , b , - ,, .“7, , ,iiii , itui,-, and In ;liter. The question now is whether a ret- out and beckoned to the conetable who sthed oa
I Vifiele k eNtii;.,- ‘ tfre a eorto ..Z. r " ,rllaacai'le had, I regrew e movement is to be made, and whether the nips below. Ile Inele him first shut me Up
tob. 3
ho do, 11 ble bump. Clark k Thaw; 4 pkgs mdse. increa red liabilities are to be assumed, still fur- In one dungeon, seeing that I was aneeveerlrop-
Baker 0 Fonotin 2 bbd, lode.. 11 bus owmr aboard.
to weigh down the taz-payers of the Com- per, end then return and thrust to m
into an
• WELLSVILLF.-Psa Temations-3 has rise, P)1 Davis tiler
• Th L f . f the House anotter . - B h • • '
ewe olth . C OCO OCOS 0 • : But e thought better ofitt wean we had
=3 bblmppley(kipt Murdock, 16. din a oks bacon. J ir. MO .
iu the affirmative and demon- come hilf way down the ! cl : ng-stair - and said '
I ..r ' tT.lrite U st.ilt b s bl ee'ef le ' ' ,r4, ° :‘,.-- 2' . 'it rT,L,T.,!`.: - ,tl ! ..., th-i'' question h . f desire . - . srm „
to. I rod. 2Ws egg. Ibe butter. D Pcunan. 42 by mks. 1 ; striae ley their voted OW sincere y they re would excuse ma thi3 time, and that the cons •
•4:. horse• orwmr aboard ' , to sedde, mother curse upon the State. Hay. I stable might let me oar.go only lock up MY child
shrsuose-cot has cheese. W a It Mc-
n t o h n , on will always be found where be ow- very fast and bring the key to hini, seeittg she ,:.•' •
. to better, Et P Von Elonnhotat: 12 barrel. 1 .
he Would be. All wl•-• :
tas,"kft lha mdse A Braille, 42 blils to Id' 1 Ned the pc opl eo . . , I was a atubbom person, as he had semi at the Tery --! ..-....:
' '''''''"° A r ''''''''''' ' I'll. our. ' d" 'A. '
know w his fidelity -- 1
. first hearing whiali he heti give* her. e _ e
di 2 Aill , dm seed. $ MeClurkan, 14 bids pees .
_Meld, 6 do. Wick k Nlullionlless, Ila Ilidwidli an dec i s i on d Ol t o Hereupon - my poor child was torn from me, :
.r, J II Canfield. to entereee
and I fell is a swound upon the steps. I koosv '.- ~
Cla-Pnt nor. .-;fir dm hides. 7 tells leather. i t.. -
not how-•I got down them: but when 1 come to
or slilus, Muhl-him a Imnsmi 402 dry Md. 1 I,
myselfel was inthe constable hie room, and his
r. T J Brooke lid Ids hem, i drier_ , de.' '
era 10 kgs she. J A Hunt:ism A . co:
wife. Was throwing water ' in my, face. There •
avoid, 111 MI. leather, D t.-."a.
I . paieed the night Bitting in a chair, and sof- •
deer ski. I'mng, 5„
~e ngs, W Bingham •!'' '
rowed more than I prayed, seeing. that lay faith _
11•022. 1.51,5.
Wm greatly shaken,. and the Lord calve not to
strengthen it.
41 , The fullowlng . llat of quotations, with the sales which
have come to our knowledge. we have made out up to the
late" hour, and we feel assured that It may he relied upon
being corm/ lo the main.. For the Information of our
country friends, we would remark. that our quantum,.
have direct ref . ..truce to wholesale me:radon... and that In
vlsitlna this market, fur their supplie, and Orkin/run arida/
orders here and there through the market. they will nut
think It etrauga If they have io nay prices slightly above
our quotation, We would el. remark, that with reference
to finet hand prices for the carious articles of country pm'
duce brought to this market, we find the hardest Mutt ofour
tad: In reeking nut our general review. A country dealer
In produce May see our lieu of quotations, and batten here
with the articles he may have fur sale, and very often,
fore he arrives prim, may fluctuate, diaapPoint hint In lits
expectations, end cause him to an inaccuracy In
neaen•Per Quotations. These ere dlttleulties which the tr
tarter of no paper run obviate to the full eatisfaction of all
concermal.and from the general shrewdziessof city dmlers lu
nouutrfpreduce, theadleicultles must and will be found In
this, as well as In every other market Our quotations are
uleeu generally from actual 'Wet. and with entire Mehl,
nod with all the accuracy which the utmost exertion and care
ran sevure. The time of the reporter is devoted toads object.
and he 011111 J no pains to aflonl the readers of the thisette
callable Information ou suieects of so much pecuniary is.
ASIIES--Thcre has been little or no movement in the
market, during the week. owing to the vuolerate. demand,
and ashev are without any marked change to Priv. ,
tales have been continod to am.] lots to the regular hum.)
(mound, at the following figures:—Pearlash etaAta. Milers.
toe Potiodi 44•Liai Soda Ash 11...a(Vlic It fe
APPLES—Notwithstanding the advanced state of the
conaiderable quantities ut green applet continue to
arrive tr river. and sees on the wharf during the week
hare been Lair, at prior ranging from 51 to 51.12 h "e
for common qualities. Sales from stare In small luta, at
51.121.ablabgalat p bbl.
ALE—It e have no chmge to notice In privet durine the
pug eeok. NVo notice a fair twine. at prices ranging from
fa to &Lamb included. for common to extra qualities.
ALCOHOL—We quote relay at ik(„reno ?gall av
ty amt str,ingth.
BACON— In the early Nat of the wael, the market was
nut ao brisk. awl Immo. if any thing ware a litt a le. tirm,
but at the clot.. there seemed to I, an improved =eating,
nth so screened Orroneta in mines. The rive of the a., et
'amount to tome lint to WO caolts warder,, and oi4l, cured, at
fur haute, al., aides ](y,74, and ahoulders at of 16, mostly
on tome: awl mane be in various iota f m smoke'
hone and from elan, at the same p v aees. Country cured
rough at bacon. although It may mostly lee of gouti
quality, will generally •ary from 'a to from the
above pria.. Sales of ..gar coral radivuaed haul, lu
small lota by the Urn.. at 10(4104t
BULK )1 EA T—The only • of cow,t, ace n.p.orh.l
during the past week, am a lot of outai ahoulden, go
the wharf at a fraction leas than In 8 E Cagb
IitATEK—We nonce fate ruppllev in the warket, tocetly•
huwewer: of onllnary quality. Ite quote. choice roll from
more, In tad, at Lietlac. In small lota." and common to
prime qualities du. at 14,, I,`c j. E. Keg in nominal at
:'444y Tv.
IfI:E2W A X —W.. Dutton m Irogoorod druund
Vox, and priors Ire bettor. We quote from Ersi turol• si
2.2a54.1, and from non, at 1342.1 c P D. to lota.
.•• • .
BILI./03.1P.—.Supplle• In store are full, and torleea . rum.
taratlealr low. Prices from ant bands cur t quoted at
fn. 67* to /1.:3, and Ikon Mara at 5te....•14/ 4, 4 4 4.10
slut, iabich ratra ftnne 9at,lts pave .Land Lauda.
BRAN aXo SHORTS—Ib. renelpta LATe been light. and
muletata. W. quote from Snot hands. and (ma the
mill., at hr., anal A; (444 for ohorm
axn Turfs—ms market La auppin.l
,tt, tn. chan, In prin... Ne quote Lurk.. at
fn.. (rut hands. and 112.1241.3 trust start. Sales of lute
th.t. for sad Imr.go nes.
oupplte. . 1 ”..1.11
••l.• at {miner razzingnnu I $1.13. to 1.37 p bts. for ' CO
r..lruitt.l u•• ttra •hlte.
Glt ACK EILS—Tbr tuaolr:v.: la Bat or the ma aurae...,
nre Prrou.
lot il L nuu 1, 1 0 bum. I • .
nu.. k...r".
' " e
E Lut—lahule re to ...Ir. at pncu•
.. .. ....- .
- Nehee. Ilandrwkauu. Nlohee/mrt.
. Ti,.. rheiv, 1ia. , 1.. Mee/ Nea , n.
en, for (Mr to extra quallt,
Ret.twoe, W , •alwael. ItrOwn, ale
CollbAt/F.--We I,, , tlter no etutrure In P.m• Ia • 4. tm.... ' Ylnaueler. Pm, W•laoh. •
artalra under tlote bea/.1. Pb. Inllowm:I• • Lod tf the quo- Peru. Bane. L0u1..11.•
latanne J Neleo, Moore. .:ing.
SI Amin,/ INpe, be n• 11 14 ie Of , 1 erne.ot. Ilselelt. Stab..
lar - Cu Juan,. Jlarrhal New Orlea.ta
Whno Rm.. by mil . .llr .. Aenra. litlntle, Welleville
Lh, do rut ..... Lk " 1 TUNarora. )lurduck. Well/rill,
Tarrol lhoo. by mil. lue - ,
1., do aalt Ile -
too di f oummou to - i ST.LOCK-.1/ualem.
Te LoCIS Insao Newton.
Manllla .......... ... . ..... -..5 1 ,0://62. ,1 1(4.3.76 la dal. /
Hemp . 41.5/et2,2.54.1.,,, o W l : l .L.SVlLLE—hereillo. tb 1 a
llrrop, YI mil '' .... Inc 1./ D. 1 IVllTElNti—lliurnal.
Manilla, li mll 14c ° I 111 (11 , /PIN/RT-1 . .nler ' .
1 ClNClN.lTl—linernrialt.l7 a u
)lanilla 47,,,e. Hemp 'Se p ima.
01111 PHILADELPHIA AND 11.1LT131,1,E.
CI IPPEII The regular 1 11..burah M.mfantumr . • Pr , .
f ~,,..„, 1n „. 0 „,..„. ~,,,,,,,,. ~,,,, of ~,,,..thi„,, at , e ,.. I II loerh a Co, Pa:longer loaner chill at a a m atal
awl of old romor at ler 11 D. /11...
~,,,uN MEAL,--Wo not./ a nwelarato ,lemand In the I
market, /MI, a5.11,,,,1m from Krot halals at art.tlNo' n. and , Itteer. Ftroma—M".• a. mdebleel to the ohllulr. fa, CI
nom store at et,e,./.:o 14 bn. , of atm., r Lb for to r- Lon), awl tw.hor mor palor
CANDLLS—Sahe of .tar raudle/ at 2-N4.,, of mould . ahead of the mule Th. I. a prao“nal Wu/twat/nu / 1
allow al llN.and of dipped at 14, ? D. ', fact. ilia/when }du ~-, run the, nre hard to heat.
"orn , s YARNS-IFr nntlre • reduetlnn .0 pound'
of tor mat yl D. The ono •la a enrwer l / 4 ' 1,0 1 01
0, / .., Wrt.yeettil P. - arr.—lt will lo men by advertwoment
' In •nother column. that Me r:‘, 11.1,t draught etensuer
N. , Amine, Capt. II limue,, haa n•rumwl her rt,o,ar trlye in
llw. II t,11.1,1e trail. The ATenu ha, jurt ~,,,d through
the tiamla of Mr. C. Nnuore rd the Monne llall// a, - , nod loon
~,y,,eoe l to the erfutin, of Mr. :••• Snot/tin , . :nu..., of
•dramla.ta, who pronounnael hor 10 uvet elo•Ilent earth'
lion, and a safe lean:porter of Imlatiand p.wavnarrr. We
hope Capt. 11..11 bo well pa.4.,,1ita1.
Mal, I"
./03. pt.Cart.l. Chain._........
No MI/ ..... . 91. , Coverlet Ya-n ......
10e '•7lal [Saudi,. Wick
No. SOO..
No. S Ihka ... . ..
No ham Liatt1ug.N0..1..11.14.13k.
COTTON SIIKETINtir.—No. 1 Peuu aml Anchor 31111 a. Is
At +Oa, mud mannon or Nountook at Sc itl Yard.
mai VII 7 rum.
I.6l,Puttartt, than:, In quutations. The 4.110.r1ng IS a corr..<
erl Dot of pru-e...:
Aloe., 15. II (4.17 ,Madder, Umbro....-14 fa,l6
Alum Ilia. 4 Ili b, Turk, .......50 4.0.1
..fisMa. ........ .....'2. 1,01.28 its it V itriol 4 0
Aran Root— .. __lit (5.12 iltbisharb tuns it( ail
Aquethrtis lii ml 1 ma Munn. s 4 o
Borax. milne4 ....... 0:5 (RCS liial rala 4 FA ' S
Balsam lloptvls...-10 64." sienna 18 420
Brimstone Add 44 (4.50
C C'n blen r t ' s Lime 534 ......
41h1 ( 1 2 ' 5 1 .141C I: Fltr imd cM ,7B btils..l p
Conners.. ........ ...- ilk.. t Sogweiod, clapped- 0 , 0. . 1 ,
2 1 .7 t:. '" " 6.- ..... .V,i'4ll, 3 ‘l=it',l.' . .r. .. ...... , Eo3;:it
Cum Arabic .64 (470 Com te
, (502.01
1 ( lutuCopal 38 0.50 dela], at 1.00
Gum knosseloth.._.(s, Wit) 011.(5utor, \01.... 9541 OU
Gum Shellac._ ..... .15 file - Cassia.
53,34 6 .. Cloves ..... -...: 2,5453.3.(5)
diati r rm Root ' .0, :: Lelllol7l . 14.51.43,01)
~..„, t,„ 1411 18 sin.,
opiu. terz.r...
4. .. z.
11 Dye
030 quinine 44 30
81 'ICES--Ntittnei 11,304135: Clove. 2.5(436m Case.
12111113 nturr—w. notice 0e receipt of several co!d
urable lots during the week, and the sumdles on .al in
is nisik
this are large. kale. of mashes In lota of 100 to TA/
bun et $ 1 .31(41,37 from lint hands, and 111,4001.46 rr
store. Pales of ankles from first bands at 750, and f
store at 80c it Lu.
DRIED DEEP—Re 001160 moderate suPPlim In 00.
with mine IMPrOvetnent In Prices. Salce of prime wee
. 0 0 8 1 M 01 4(553:,,by the tiara.
PIA/lilt—Dating the peat week, milli.= slaked.] I 0
est hia transpired In the Market. !fragile have been est
abundant, and the most the, bee some forward arm
n 1 either Mr eaeltet l / 4 shipment. or for storage hen, In ew
of obtaining better nein , . oansatuantly we ean Mlsiirt no
heavy operations. :isles on the whorl have been mans
ly confined to lots of l(S) to kV bbl, at $.125,1(4,.1.15(4418
Iftibl. - Prom ~t ore sales have torn moaned to small lot,
for city consumption, at 1i1.316.3.31553,40. wording to
brand and quantity purdbasetl. The tall rates at the
city mills am $1,71 to 82 11.(45t, for common to ;Mrs
.. _
!LYE FLOUR—Herein. have been moderate, with ales
mailloto at vs !mat hret hands, end $3,121ii.:43,18 [rum
FISH—We notice • continued firmness in the market
with o flight improvement In some binds. The &mond to
principolir far 'No 3 mackerel, which are held tinnily
8,50 ai bbl. No I and:: are hi moderato requen. with
no change from hut repot. Bba.l are selling at 110.10111er.
ring at 14340 i bbl, Codfish non: Ink. B.h "16'6'4
T ID bbl.
FRUIT—The demand la fair, with emirs of ltalrlns at 82.50
box; of Almunds at 14(44X , e 'f 15; of Ground Nuts at
$2,110 IA bushel; of Filberts at Se: of Cream Nuts at tiS
We: of ZantoCurranta at ViaMi,, and of IF:nlttle/4 W.1..b
and ofFtoo at 1.1(4P , .c th. tales of Gramma off .LO O
Lx ; Lemons at 5 2 . 54 .4 3 .: , 0 It no ,
FEATIIERX , -,Salea bare transpire.] from tint ha ads at
, l(Qat'a. and from story at 334.0:t3C it D. Salmi Ly ntnika•
sack St 31(54g:eV C.
01,0 ( 1 :HIES—With the eareptlon ur molasses. bleb Lae
slightly adratirnd. we Leen on clamp, w tiotlee ID the MI -.
ry market. Abytit AU larts of 0 .user herehands. In different lotg ; !minty at 4 mew. At
thews rates the market le to rates andMl Iw
adattnre In tualurea, tatters .re'n•lurtant In tatting hot I.
and only PUrrhaar for thr r apply aftnitordtatr rtantadn nu. I
lod,rnltannututly are °ann.,. no larar odes. We quote
tin, 1"... ruling Own,a of the market. fu ryhrrnr,
and taw In oak >lda, tritla an itelvanrium trudro, ad."
"....dittat may hr durtni .t had-Cre it dal Thr rra.
Oar rah,. for loaf arr ha . It ".
Coffee it Tt...flit, and sal, of Ito hat, tat, n.ntit,l
trnan harm'. at 1 it 0, rat, it ewe b the
tiro.. at a , a' It
611.AIN— gmin. dur.ce the rack bane
~e n kntJa. The rahle. &DJ a ri,luctwO u PM . .
kale* rbrat. d.nrg Lbc.reck
la, coma 2.,U0U bus to various 1u:0' 444 kg 0006.0 wev_
BEAVEII—Pea Mwalala-101 has cheese. IT alt Mr- 1 - 0111.;;J3 - 0 always be round where be proms
Cutebtim; 1 bid Ihi butter, El Von Elannhors.: 12 &undo. i • '
Pr...NA,. 11Q0h11 , 1, ha 01d11 A Dradlay; 42 blds ht.! man the people he would be. All who know the
do. 2 , , do ale.:l , 4, „ l i na...!lr,,Clurkam —who boo w his fidelity and the real . strength
i.t A owlish s ooriviek 'a - Niu:walla,: I la. Ilidwi7l l LLla 'l: CHILI decision Olt this subject—will havunoCiUSe
2 bbl, sugar, .1 D earilleld. to entertain asi ogle doubt. Will the whip of
DT Lol:l.4—Pre Ealroa-44 1 dry halra. tall. lralher. the donate and, i (there be such, those Locofocos
1 .1 Jerr.ktun nurrrhb" k "' 6 " wk., do not forge t what they owe to the people,
leather. T.l lima. 101 bls .1 11 1 1 t.r. d 0 .4
=ill, kgs .had, A A 1/,,t a r o a,a 0. ; dry ;as their.represeni show that by no vote of
11 Bayard; 1111.11. leads, 1.....ech Cat lg, r, hal... 1
bl dr, skin* W Toon, .50 1,4 lard.:. eats baron. I boa I thews will be plated upon the people ally boo.
drug. W DirathalA 'AI 14 1 • 4 1. , fur , b`.... teens, ore 00 OUS 0
hams, tail oheddrra. 11.,laner. 5 O.; 1 , , rsa• 1 Ira, 51,1.1., • we r 1200r0 gnetoua than
„a s copper. 21.1 slat. siren those ey now bear . This is the question and
ioi a laun rats b,.er ...• 111.%•11 t Ca, 2 maks 1
11 omen( one it is. Let their votes indicate
Ma.oll. Iu Aiu IJ. pr. 01,R. J T llogera
MrVadrn a 110.. 1 a...0.141..5. t en. u(1 one Du QuEldc.
ken; 102 naars tolawro. Mks ba.a.n, lads lard, Ido
• - -
, ``l ALT Prmg-5o kegs refined, for sale by , original tables returns A by the 31arshals and
1 xj me+, /I A. , AII'IEST..f . A!-:9_ . . i tiled in the Census Ofßee s profess to include the
. .
S A . G ,h O- - .3 . ; 00 lbs. l ' c l ?r . t e ' } l . , A f i 'i , N r c.. T r i , ' , ,.', l p p .t .
co. i names of all persons reef ding within the United
States at the time of the. enumeration, and it is
ClftTliS—; , . 6 bales landfng from str. Ueno
v a... 1 for ..I.le br I. important that these tab les should be as correct
zrarb , ISAIAH DlCii!.y_4CO. IAS the nature of the case will admit- .Appeals
fl RE Alif:— bbls, hunting from str. Ge- I will be hereafter made to these records •.o . as . c . er-
Ls racy,. and totale by 10.01.10 DICKEY A ‘l.) ,
.tnch, %I al, ....d rm.", 7 , Cain facts of impor um, to families land mdsrod
-I,IIOL-5 blobs. for sale by
LCI ! lt ls. References are osw
. fterleentlY.m.d. e to
ft ''''''' J. slue A CO.. roll W.,' e , e Census Buren uto aSc ertam from tle the i. tt c c o oc o u- r 1
1., 1 NG LISII VENI'II.IN RED--20 Ihfs.TO - r . then :
,ts in
"ff''' (nets '7.lh`u"g, t o • P r these
1: .alr hy rnch= J. 0100 , Co. i resmeuee.of faudlice iu I • 90. al stew
. o i. es! ,
PAN ISII WIIITING-50 titifol 7 l , b .. cire " -mbt... . wo bole t '! "' "4"`.6te"
• J. KIDD ot C.O -
' ur
''' '" ' , thyf all ail mina's who may aye
kJ moon notate think the L0 .,1,,,,, uverlooketl by the as- 1
I)AIi.IS WHITE—Li blile. extra h'ne, for . „ - ,: - ,1 5 . , , ' :1 t :,.. 0 ar... " .ta1s I.
I. rate b t well= these foots, and tr , TegtleSt .
j L-1 4gZ,,, ,., ..90.t they wall fart! lei, to the Superintendent of
1 1.3,05.--2, bbl. fur enlo he th e c et ,:e., the neat e, age, color, sex, and condi.
turlo *IL IL JOIINqt•X. tion, t free-or slave, I nail birthplace of each mein
, r Fri: W. --'2.50 lb, f„,i ,„ ~ h.,,, 0 t I family,with their place of residence
12.14 D, 11. A. 1 .i.ILNI:."'IO:li 4 . C...1.. OIL the 1.4 day of Jut w lost.
j) YE WOODS: 210 bbls. Cll4 - .1,141 &lir 'wad, I'l.p:re throughout the country might confer a
tbr ial• by B. A. FA,,,,,A,,,,,,, n (xi ,'
.- i furor on some of the[ r readier. by 'giving dim:
metals latiok to this notice.- JUL .TitteL
Tat BIBLZ AT Boor.—A culject which has
taken/us much discovsion ler any since the ma
, toration of the Pupal Coveruntent has just heerL
• arranged through the mediation of Mr. .
I the United States Charge de .kffairs. This is
the copies of Disdati's Bible which were printed.
here in Mien for .the British and Foreign Bk- •
hie Society, under the Republican' Government
(such things being then practienblo), end snbee-*:
quently deposited for safe kcepingarthe Ameri
can Consulate. Thp Papal Govenastaitdeman
ded the confiecation of the Bibles,"the;prittlin:t
and publishing, being elpresely contrary to the
Lava of the cou ntry, to which it might hive beeu
replied that they were prmted whets a torso of
governmentirxivte4 which , rveoguired
law, but so the Ilepithiicen l'iorer , unent of :tome
was never acknowledged by the United State:,
Mr. Cass, of course, could 0,5 put forward d.T. , ; ,
au objection. All he has been ahle to obtainir .
that the Papal Government should getpossoatelen
of the Bibles. not as a er , r.nrcuth.n, bet , as
commercial trunsartion, c ootV in root, the books
being taken by his at a valuation:roil
.sequetitly, on the :2;ith or loot month, 3,642 Pro
testant Bibles were given up to the Papal ,au
thorities, who conveyed them
,forthwith to the
Quirinal Palace.