The daily Pittsburgh gazette. (Pittsburgh, Pa.) 1851-1861, April 07, 1851, Image 1

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t s 1/11112. (mann 11.18 T.
Off= Olt 'MILD eitln,>in GOoll To 702 .fff Gmfl
DAILY.-4taren dallars iwr snouts. Parablr half
EIS b 01.1.01 ifpaid
WENKLY—Two dollars pr Room, In 110.1:1011. CLUB]
a"...DPUMi 011 ho (alluvial ...dirk...—
Teo copies d•. 1:1
Twenty moles
Tao ranker for eace Clot. addressed to ono person,
arid to drams. No Club Papers will
beseat after lb. - roar .:Direr, mile. the to i. Wilt for
• twoewal.
One Square (10 Ilan of Komnirell or losA)
one In.erlion-. . . ...... .II 0 :A
Do. rar,ho,loltionnl lnarrtioni, Y':+
Do.otm • mt. 17
. Do. two we.. 1........... 3 00
110. ono. month 5 00
Do. too mouth,. ............ ......, I Ito
Do. thrt•o month, 9 ou
Do. tour montlot 10 IV
DO. Mx rthootto..., 12 .
Do twelta. mont6Fll - 14 .
Standing' amb. (to boo or le.. p.n. 0na11na...114 (X/
One Dollar for frt. el. mbilLimuil line.
Orie Sonar, •
rhunp.olde •
Pleaeure (per an
puml rlonir-• of N+
ro, oser one l' ontB. o end
fbr each additional aquaer inserted under the '' vetrly rate,
half Pete.
Atlverthomenta a elvers-, and wit over fifteen
gra, to be cheeped an n roman• ands half.
oi:dither!. not h . out for legal advertleetnents to.
pant the asenontelargod for their publication.
Anuonneinc e-a.volntmen for office. to hr charged the rame
es other advertiecinent•
Adorrti,emente not marked on the ropy for a newt' o.2ll2k , of taeretkmo. 0111 he meth:iced fortAl.aml Du
mont eYartel treordin,
The privilege of armaa: advertisers le strhlly.Unalted to
their own Inienedlnte nod all adrertierments tbr
- thee benefit°, nolur.oer.w+,a well no all adeertteomento nut
Immediately ouroncrow with their own heeler" and ell
elegem of adverb - ft.:no/lc. length or otherwise, belted
the limits engamel, will be eliaeg , .,l id the usual rah, For
nil loath trattelent, bele will hel
reudernal. and prompt porno , .
AU alrcilietrutet. for charitable xparafelf
Inditntkins, man
panlee, ward, township. mei other potato medium, anal
mob like, to be eliseirel lodf prtee, payable etrietly In ad.
Merrage n0d..., to be charged 00 cent.
Death entire itiaertet without than., tent.. woman .=
hied by funeral thritatlone or nblioery notice, and when
accompanied to to paid for.
Homily advcrti...e, end all OtterA sending communica
tion, or repining notion dad -red to ml/ enmities, to
Pair, Siree, Cowell, or nor Pnbile cnnotaltuttenn.
where charges are mate admittame—all notice. of pri
vete suwodatlons—every moire deelgruel to callatrontion to
prim. enterpri.e., or intended to promo. with.
victual intemet eon onl, - be learned with the underetand
ing that the fame le to he veld for, If intended to he he
in the hap column. the came will to charged atthe
ratan( two leer. than to rent. per
Bleb, or g a r Notteen he charged triple price.
Tavern Wren , Putitzona ad.-sh.
Real Rotate Agent.' and Auction,ere'oderrtlecteenta not
to he'd...Kt ender ',tele rnto, but . he allow:et a die
count of thirty three mid one Wild per cent- Irmo the
amount of bill.
• • • . • •
Wctrur na tni.lrcer.t.r or DAILY rArrall.
Ch2eltirre io un SI ..50
Do. ennhaiktitinnal irowrtion ..... 37
. -
. _ ...
Oar Swam, UV 1mr.....i ma ioJerlson... ..... .:...0 real•
D. earl. erla:thatal aw•rtiar . ,:.5 crab.
All tznalleat tal‘rrli:rtarals to I, mid In a.liranee.
101 IN A. PARKINSON, Alderman, Fifth
ey Ward, Penn t. bet,4l3 Walnut All
business prvualali et.i4.1.1e4 Lo.
SIIINN & C OLLIER, Attorneys at 1.14'
11111 n. un FlPurth ele•re Snatheeld...
1 W. F. WIIITE, Attorney nt Low—Of
d Lo on Grant. sm. Pow/Z. to :Lytham' Duda.
Ivy. eillaburgb. me.hs:ly
JHARRISON SEWELL, Attorney at Law,
Ohio 2tatn Cointuirrlcner for Writ. Deposition, AnY.
ourrleckgements of Sc 016a—Votirtli stmt, above
NP. it G. L. B. IEII'EB.SIAN, Attor.
. .1 , .st Law auk ital K-tate Agnats. N 0.107 40h
.rect ritt.burgb. 4.1110
in4AMES J. KUHN. Attorney at Law, office.
Tilghman ILdl. comer of Grant ntreet and Diamond
7, Pittelfurnh jal3Dlly
JAMES F. KERR. Attorney at Law—Office
na tth at, betnmet Smithfield and timed. Plttabantb.
FANCIS C.FLAS EGIN, Attorney nt Law,
No. Fourth stawt. Picubursh.
t'127 . .E 'IV AT O,N, Attorneys at Law,
No. 110 Fourth snot, Fitt•bur.x.h. -
cit—Alexmitter a b.: John Mayder: Y./ hi lief"
von. *anima A Cr,. Wm. 11. Itt r. John Fleming, A,
conntann Gen. W. Joekson, Plittammat. j an] a 1
DWARD P. JONES, Attorney at Law:
Oran on Fourth stmt. between wool and
JASPER E. BRADY, Attorney at Law,
No. Ea FM an.. Pi...burgh. to.
ICI. H. WILLIAMS & CO., Bankers
and Ezeharide Brokes, North Earl corner of Wood
mad rd ildreet, trhurgh. ,
Ad those:ions made .m Um] term& rthd collect/oar
promptly httendcd to. jdady,
li;D. KING, Banker and Exchange Broker,
Fourth street,Tralse In Bank Nam Mils of FA
, Gold and ein.T. Mocks bought end mad.
The highest market price rati in prmoluns for Ameri p
Half Dollars, amt Helicon and epaaLsh Do lan, inar
- ---
JR., canker and Broker,
4th street. No. GG. adjoining the Bunk of Pitteburyh.
A=KINS & CO, Exchange Brokers,
s &math East (timer of Third and Market streets. All
at mart liberal imam
HOL3IES SON, Dealers in Foreign
11 • and Domestic Bills of Excha4e, Certi6estes of
pwlba Notes end brylin, . i i. laarget etreet,
burgh...„ -- 11,..0elloctione made on Lbe principal cities
throughout the Unit..! States.
fIEORGE E. AR.NOI.I) & CO.. Rankers:
ILA Dealers In I:sebum, Coln, Mot Note", to.. No. 14
rcarth street. nest doro the hank of Ptttsburnh. Cnt.
I eetkois easefully oltral.l to, sap.ho procenle remittal to
any part Of the Una},
anu • COM. It.ll.
hRAMER Bankers and Ex,
daunts Innterm fienkrit in Frirninn and Doninetic
Bo tl k y
tbs it. Charbin
a4rCAROTHERS & CO:, Banking House.
. No 1S Weed Pictxburgh. Curnna n
ved cro Deppait. auvi.• on ell
I:Ulm of the United rn°
A. Lion,
JIAIRD Si IRVIN. Commission Merelianta
sad Bill BroUrra No. 111 Svand otrwt. Prrrocial and
Mate krntitJb frum SI.. to SIU.OOO ish.sT• no hsl.l ,ll .l WK. g. Oda.
13 ALMEIt, lIANNA Co., Succesooro to
a= l i m o* (';1. 6, 1: Pacnnoa Bnocas,
thmAt, a n al
Woad and Third Am.., eurn•nt Money' an Do
point Ellgbt Cheeks tbr and roltectlons random" near.
4 76 11 e U ggrrrr i t o r3l o. p 4 akl b. r:lr U Vl 'd mvi:ral Amerlm
Ado-kr:made& ron , ignmentr & Prolure. dapped enst.
on liberal lona,
girl W. TAYLOR. Commimgioner and Pill
LA Broker. 112 Seeond Etriet attention will bp
riven to all burineep ...meted to his care. Pittrbarah
rameadarea arbeloP alwar. on 113 nil or inbound et ahoet
Notpa, Bond, Moruest,e. neactiated on bob,
able term. AavAnrro. nevi, if rtProirett. ne7.2
R - .
O. STOCKTON, late Johnston & Stock
• ton. ookrrllr,Snalonor, Printrr, and Binder, cor
ner of No:net nod Third otrecLo,
TAS.'I3. S' Cliraf, Literary Depot,
StdIWT hone,
ono rcre vfxl to any u
{ dl
pohlt.hrvl at the publlabefe
Waren price.
HOPKINS, Bookseller and Stationer,
Na TS Fourth ettvrt. Apollo DulldLors.
Tr illadesate and Itetal , l ,
it—rb BOlV,a'r :;:rmt^,t.TZ:4l7=4*
Dakar and Co?
♦ll mien DU
ffM'CLINTOCK, Manufacturer andln
ugdtt4r,lcrtllktt. otl . , Cloths, P r ..... float Trim
.4l3 { t u,houst, No. b, }aural rt.
A. McANULTY & Cg—Trangporterro,
t7e 4
• wet Cemtatadon Mereltanti. No. GI Water street.
M. 11. AMINSTON, Forwarding7ind
, „ CamcolAskin Wertbud, li. 112 6.contl atawt.
jihIER k aTNEP, Forwarding and Corn
**Sou ikreb.t!. Drolprs (13 1114.1. ea 4 nab.
¢rg manzdartnrod and, ennal liasin, near Seventh
gavot. littsbarrh.
I t
A. Ilabr VIII. I, turd.
ANDY, JONES & CO., Suceemorn to At-
Iroad. Joe. a Co.. enzuron and Pnrwanlln. Ilm
&sin" In ilttsburnh
Otods, Pin.
burgh. P.
IL C. ilitaclirtf. •M.
C. SIIACKLETT & Ca--Wholosak
Des/en In Foreign awl Damostlr Dry (lords, No. 101
foid str,vt. koittrbtlich. 1'0,14
L. /0.11.031& CO.. rrrrnn 1V111.......e. L mom iCO.. it. To..
.IA-. MASON A CO., Vaeleaale and Retail
Dealern In Fnoey and Stzile Dry Goofs. G 2 Market Plttrbnoob. Pittrborob.
NM DeOLD:Dry Gn - .1.‘ Men mote . comer of Fourth
_arta street., Fitb:looorl..
FLE3ING .M CO.,Commisaio
n h
lefthant..—pm tfir m:e of Dmm-Ftlr. Wonlen, and
, :oodc atom tlenglet, In all kints Tnmsnl
11204 19. stm-t. Month dam Ma Fifth NU&
DenUet, Corner oi Fourth
end Decatur ed. between Market and Ferry ...tee.,
11. VETS=
f„. lencrint,
YSER fr. MCDOWELL, ( ' ticeKaortt to
Kry.r.)lVlnteml. and 11.441 Orvit anal
pap. Store, corn, a Went Atreet .tot Virgin file r . pmortiptio. rnrtfully compoltulrd vialat
.. .
........... .............
riKIDD & CO., Wholenale Druggists: Deal
era in r t yitt,!m.. urn amrt. , %TA Ir
W= triFi...WenT;l;o 4 4l:4;V
Vino, sad Lung l ye'
No. CO,
m m it, mwte, Itt•burich. Orden wilt w k.
"Wand itmrarded 'lib &match.
• ithskr. lust manufartitrez, ~1 Whtte 1...,..1. hell
b ____o7 . A 1.1 r....hence 3v...11 sza.rsont ttreett. 1i1t..-
.q. SELLERS. "I‘lliolesale Healer in
IL. Drug,. Paints; Ilts Ftutre. lii.. r‘t - b"" , .... 10 '
14 7 4 . .. 1 .tt-et..l Pitt iburhh, Pa lbs.!. rsarrttant.
1110 I/ / 1 , . ISklii.l l .IN. :lnilsals Druggist,
and haler In D 4.• Stun , . l'aiut.t.tlib..
.. 9.3 Wood str....t one door booth 14 Diamond ...11..1,
._ .
c a N.11,11.4(E1t511 A 1, Wholesale Druggist
turner ant Dealer In :teed. and .kgrieultural implement,.
No.. 164 end Ind Wood street, r of ei.t.b.
...-- , .
itItAUN & itErrEit, Wholesale and Retail
LfraCalet.6• colt of Litssrty and :it-Clair tta t . has
gh. P ..
I. SCHOON3III,I(ER & c. 0., 11 holesale Drug
!" gists. No. 21 Wood rt., Pittsburgh.
_ ..
. IN.. ~ •.n • .•,., -;
I •F. W I I.SON, 1 1,er,.."s and
%yr. ~.„...., %1rr,1.2014c Agent. her rale of Int
Pont , 1 ,, der. Nu IP. ~...7.1..90 147 1.0.1 ..t.s. ttut
1 L. 311EE, WholesaltiGro , er, Commission
el . Mereltant. and 41ral, 'ln Pan, and I:agi. rt.rner a
Penn and Inn street, Ibttsburgit.
.{.IA3IVEI, i': SII I:I V ER, Wholosale Gr..-
C, rer. and r ~,,, uu,lon sitt,heuts, mill 1..,1
en in littNinirr:i klanufartuml,artietes. Nu.. 1.20 t and 13
Er.rond 14,4 betteren W. 0.1 .....t Pittsburgh.
JOHN S. 1)1 IWORTII & Cl ~
W , ji , o „ on:d
troen, Potts d Ctnutruut tlerchanta.. nod
9.• 11... - ard Pittbler Cu.. of Ilexan.brllle. Conn., No.
.31 Wend • .-. Plitsburih- . -
,I 4 • M....
it uR6l:ll.:E I NI:It AII ANI. 1%11,11es:1.1e
AP firoest , and Co Inns.. 111srelotott. N., 11G (I.b
treti attd Is?? F , rst s t. pitt,but,gis
II liE , I..i'lliii;lV.S. &CO., Wholesal•
~ n . , I 'ornsuil - .."‘. ano libreabling Slerrhanto. and
gtato tor Urtabton t_buk. 1 1111!.'. . t.. Patt.burt.),
Jul. 1
1 isbarg
burgh, Pal
WATT Wholesale Grocer,.
teeitiet Nierettaztet tint{ Denier. In rrieture and
Nt.ttrititeuree, Liberty 14,14. Pd.-
I ANFIELD. lato of Warren, Ohio,
mt•Aon •0111 FnMari*lc • 3lrramot.
and IV..rt..rrn l'n.tursf. gruerrat,. %%Kier tali...,
l,randvaon anti F.., ardlear Morthauca.
I kin.. l'nalurr add I%.burvh Slanntartir
L.)ta 111 u
0. .1.
. .. --
irravrr. riirvrarditair iiii-i :nn Myrrh
; liiturtiriiii NlAlialii, ow,. :airr ire! Wr•lrrri
Frio:el-ie.,. mud Chiusrel, L..,
ALZELL, Grover.
and r to Prclue.• 111.11 i 11, 4 '
fart un.,—No. to W. 11., •t. 11, t.Ntrvli.
.• -
DICKEY & CO., Wholes:o,s
apigmlno Dr:alr, In Vra.lur.--
. sod 107,+l. Pit.bur,h
•-•— .
SH & BEN-skrr, late Eiglinly
•hrr & and
51ereltat....nn.1 . and
factur.v. No. rowt 1.11 /Int :4..
awl ...4clifirl.l.
wx. ut .x. ruli...n'a c. a. an iri... PIK .lte, D
VI 1/.. ER 4 . . R ICE ETRON . IV In deea le
47... , ' : l. -,,,,r , -" n d ., n .:; -- r . :., q,: - .. f .,i r...e 7 2 1.1'. . t it
bomb. Pa. Iron. Naaa. Cotton VAMP. ID . le .
, 0 band
.3.-- ,
Jona 'mu ..tkii, O. n'an.L. ; ••tita
tit aur.—
1 'GI LS & ROE, W113.404ate Grocers and
.. I . l urgh
rrtisrlon Merchant., No.: .2. LIIP'I , n ^ , .... 0 -•
---- -+
IIIOBE T 3100 RE. Whalesale Grocer.
_ Itmc Vying Instate, dealer 111 VT.,/ PT. Plttlburzli
ulartu 3 , , and rdl kind. of ' , vv.:gm end P0111. , 1.1 ,
IS,itee,i and LLoora. No. al. Libtrty I .tenet On bond a
DUD) lame lock of oulwrior .44 31I,:nougubela,
which will *old Ina- for each.
110 BE LT BA LZELL & ' ..'0., IN' h0n. , ..a.1ir
Grier, Conunt3.4o
N.. u , in Pr.lut•
and Pllt.b rgh Manufrgton... . ..Z',.l Liin.rt; envoi.,
01 . 2 T A. CC NN I N ' C. El A - 31, - Whitie.:ll.l
nt.. einl jell ' Ve i ' n ".. l. ' „=t ' tlfat=t m r, '" To ti," 'Y
. 4.
Id ,crty, Pittaburgh.
W. P. 00D4DID ..,..-....DP1N R. CDP.ll.,'[..
at. AIX,
V3l. BAGA LEY & 1ff.1.. Witc.lo,l.• Gra
y m. Noa.P , and ~, 1, nrt atrlt. l'ltr•lmre.b
ill ' Ifoirt
d & .Nla ‘, CAN ,, p h L i E ,, SS4 r, gutaarso k ore
h. to .
not Cornnt.un i :terrr:r . 4,4:l.r, " 1; 7 0 .- ifi ' . ' Nr.: 0;:.
Orlon Va 1. mod l'lrtaburgh Nun !Acta...a /33,..rta11,
anner of %' NI Mar
Pltir Lur.h.
envC LBERTSON & CUR. :SE, AV hole+ahr
~, ~,
a Ira nil eutntula.lon qt.re3V,anta. Deal. r, In Plll
n, and lttsburgb Ilanufartured Arta3l.-.:. tii:, Liberty
t. Patsbumti. Ps
.r. ix • WAND G I2 PAM.
„I I B. WILLIAMS & CO., ilrhol -114 raral , and
• Re 'Famy rooara, Forwarding and Cagranl,l3 - .
. errt iar
tool t . V . Desteradai r Co o zn . MP i rodue• azat , / , 11 . 113 ,“ h r ug . 1i
..0. - niiitasow -- rnsa. - Lrrn.a.:37.. T aa.
ut.: - eratt•alw.
jiItOBIN SON, LITTLE Sr ,CO.. No. 255
Matt' . want. Paittoargb. Wholo.ash. Gn.. ,, r , . 11 - .3
ocee and OtnutulrAtai Mere ham, and a .alers , in Pittahur,h
nata nal . .
& I FLUID. %V liolcsall C. n,,,, , , Com
t• ran Mar-banta. and IN•lorA in Pr...1nc.—K.3.4
lurch But 41Ita. fn,otirn, .41 1.31.3,1. Ntta..l, and math
Or.. 1 , 1 burnb. Pa.
TWIN AB.KEit & CO., - NV hol,alt - OnKrar.:
... 3 „
110 Ik-ule In Pralu,. F0r..)011513.33..... Liguori. Ind Mon.
onnabrla Itertl9.4 Whl.,ko)— Su. Conn...must 1t.,•,
Ltb•rty at . PitOburgh.
lOLIN IL MELLOIL Dealer in Pian" Fortes,
•Nluxtr, aal 3lusleal Iwiromeni, Scbool 11.1, and
titatiouvry. riot. agent fnr (111 , 1:1.ring s r. 1 . 131. Fur., PA
Westrrn Permrylvartia—No. EI \V‘,.l st
I.IENRY KLEBEIL litivler in
uml urtrunk,.., loud Twipreer nf
o agent or Nunn% k groul
Cotrni rim :Enlnn Att.lebnorpt. Alon. Iknnll..
NENgEny, ciiii., , s .4 CO.. Nianolletu
ron of Ter, au,?..rlor 4-4 tihretmor. ,aqua Chain,
'ei,. and Batting. Pertn•Mill. Patettitedt.
ONES & QU IGO, hlanljfantorors of Spring
and B u Burl. Plauvit Ste.l. Meet Plonch t rim.
I..ta , h ant Eliptie Spring, Iltantar mi Ir.. Axle, tool
dealt, In Malleable ....Una.. rin. En4;ine ittottl, and
ectseh Trannungs gent,..ll, e.,rt., of P.a, and Erttia e,...,
Pataburub. Pa.
VITT Bliltfill ALKALI WOKES.--Ben-
Ap::1, - Itu'g'i7;:'„,l"`.YpT,.", , ,:,`'.;;l'.i.'. 1. 1;tinc....,
No. C., Ws rt.. below yrrrs-• .
_ .
W ,D.S.:::;ciens94%l4:
Shade., }Yowl Print, kr. Alm—Writmg, I.r.cting.
sad Wrappl. Power. No. RS Wad 1,m1., betvreeo
DLtmniod alky. Pi.burab,
_Aloit. tIS & IIAWOI2TII, Tea and Wine
Merchant, /can or the Diamond.
-W3TI; & (Amen& and
sy. on n. r t:a • Y.;
and firtTrato. Ala.-- r fnn , izn Fruit. ant Slit., Wht,lr
sale and rt. I. Ittalert , on the Ingrett terttat
... ..
JOAN A..CA CG I I EY, A gent for the Lake
Eri rld 311chi,n lane. relknver nr.l th. Laten.—
(Nike on ite+
c l u rne ot r r ofter T paid t 4 trilthErld O.
pLE CO .. railsnorterp ,y C. anal
th en ,
. I:mpling Merebantx, mime, bf Evnn .Lr...
vmaTitai Bums
R Ina
STERVEI , T & SON, well known
• Cr itinn Blind 31 Arm. krrp ronnentli on lintel or
tit rthr lert artirte tu bor. et Or ir old
lin Ciatr elm,. tit Po re tterket rtrre,
event rto , entrant. In hr Diem nil I enttinn Phutterr
[Lurk to on in . . end old blietir re elly r.pnln.L 0710
I A. B OWN would mos re•peet fully - inform
of greitiar giro \ rrilitnn Plititterr grr made to tirire
in Ili. L. style. era-rented roue' to any in the United
Stater. it .1 Itllntio turn tie remit - red .111,001 the nil of
per," drie r. H•ring titirrharett the ttork. toeit. ttnii
of tbr retilnet nt of :.r x .
A Mir'iriinnd. I ern
timpani te fin-oink their old ear:Muer, ie. erg the put.
lie et harp ..111, rye, thing in their line
o,in,, Poe k Wood etre.. I•lttoihtirgit
Encii:Xt J. A IlittiWN.
- --- -
rernrr or Thin' .tart end kart
• nn.
v. B. tor, P. Mortar, !nib. A, . for
1 .
A DA. I HARDIE. Vo44inarc Surgr9n, lute
ja, inini Edinburg, frcthind, wonti r...,„.,,,,, ~,..
quaint th public that lie kinii rimin..n.v.l prrr in 1.1,
,a,r,. pro ...b.; J. by riinitui nitertinn w hairy., In
rntrurtril him. br,hoi.. to 00, ,milrfn.rtin.
In rano with James Mirth, 11r- Shrielnir and
lillitelirml ~vain cruel - Al will Inrarrird on. at ti,......,,,,,
of 'funnel relit rind Prnnrylininix AirMIP.
. .
. . .
WOOL mcatarrs.
WOOl. 11P.M.ERS tI m i l
If} 1 r
Eu r k i Ll 3 14 1.11 1' 4i 1. an F ts for thi, Nilo.. a Anwrimn
ind . .139 Liliiirtf 01 1, iit' i . .
(a & 3,V. 11A1114Alltl11; Wool .111e.reliont 0 ,
IT In Vlour Rua I'oolll1 gruerally, and Po,
iruilln, id Cmiren-I/a, Su.t 116 i l , itisit km , .
an , t IP) .. rid Amer, ri in li ttrt.nrith.
.lEngrocer 4111 Wood.
vto 0 Ilan, tthint iinirT.l it.. Drab . Pi ,— V 1.. ." " 1
ling/ Slatildurri. of !fra•iiatierii. Frntinike,
14 nd..1. , Drute Lotipla, In mho,: 14101 for 1fiT1.1.1.1.
eipli....lD , Aastailatli.usi. CM ton Mt0niii.....t..... in Ili' firoi 011*
of art. in‘ at tho Invnit {irk,.
l, .. .. .
• ic Establi.nlonont., Third 01.1" ,, t' lb" rro t
oliaj. Pit Lunch. Mani liatitim-ni...... Nirtriiio. SIO,O hill,.
11111tnads in.alt.. B0001.1.0)04, Arrloo-d0r . .. 1 L ,Ol m. 06 . °
Dnmin ilnattleito and I iritin. Carl.- lac., i.iiiintied nr
drawn on Stnn, and print...l in i hail. lining., or
111 rut. In c amid aprimviiil id., In i i.iii at thi , mi. , riin.""i
obi.. prin.ianKly
. .
t...... .TEWELERS.
. _
111ILT 1 . WIL ON. W e toiltes..leweirv. Silver
v v % ,„„ ~„, mili, r , Iluod, eomer of AtA-10, end
rotirth 5t I.:4,11(1.1.0th.), N. II —11,r1,.,1•11.1 Ch.,
rmr..1117 r,0...r."1,
• • : WARE MERCHANTS. OGIN, WILSON & 1 00., importers nod
IWh e liardrare
.04 L'ufloty, No. 1.29
N A hl P1tt414.4h.
I Oil a
op of FLINT and . tlllF.EN GLASS. I .loUl.llS.and all
kitalg rere
MACIIINEIti. take thisethod of ill r ll l/111r11 - 1(
dr Iron. of baring curb vork sn
done, that they are
pr. par. LI to do it at the h.aced coasthle rates, at rhos abort.
eel none, tonl In the beat manner. at their estahlehment
...ental street, aloe. the Canal Blida, near the lip Work
Twee Inc Mack Smith and Illael Furnace.,manic
het ured at 11. e nhortret notice, and at the Insteet
All I. .4 Jobbing done on ebort
Inch 11,1 m
Gas Fitting.
Frout street. hetween Wood and
Stll ".. 14 the public to their
ao.ort eet of
Chool.liert. It-a m dopt, Itruul..
Tie, are pnpared la execute
tx. Flatus: the shortest
tdif w
lin and most rpaaonable Lem,
Pit I Nt; FASHION FOR ISSl—'l'lini;;i i
17 loauttf u I vitt le of flats w.0,Zrg.,,4,11,ra1"
:pelf corner Woxl A. sad Pinutotal alley.
Wegner, Bnechner & Mueller's
rirlllE ABOVE FIRM respectfully announce
A to their friends and the publir gencrilly. that they
pmparlat to execute. In the P. KWh. of their art. all
out,. foe Pl.. , Cards. thuls, Diploma, etteelo.
ago, Profe......uat Card, Map, Chart, Label, Sr.
T h..r e.lnl.l.lltllent in at N 0... Martel ..trx, 1.,t0.0u
'Hoot sod Fourth stnots. up stall, tor40:1.1
Bolivar Fire Brick Manufacturing Coinp'y.
THE SUIISCItIBEIIS, 'nixing been ap
pointed Agent,. for the above natural concern, will
L..ep rournantl, unhand eurid, of h ea rth.rat Itolivar
Ire I:rirr. .Crueible .Yurnaceand I
They are alai prepaml to nvelcr onler. !N. +aid /ark, to
tande 1 ud elapc to suit purcluanda. which .hall
"\VT,'l t sto .numerate the inner ad
eir aup.-
' ul„ I
m' tr
' lr
i ett=? that ...h
t the
ltrick .hall i.e.. none of their Anent ..,,habit reputa:ion.
AMR a Jo] t_.
Canal 1.1. i. . Pll.burgh.
4,4 MeCORD & CO.. hove received 4
Weir Sprmg Fly of lint, 4) which U.,- re
n^vtftill. 14,14 , the
rt4•ntlun nf their CY.10.61-
the puLlie get. ,- . 11 Y• Iv 1
Pittsburgh Gas Pipe and Tube Works.
T HE untlernigned hare just enmpleted their
and nry °fly, mentifarturing all .11, of Ills 4:11E, L.
comouiv end otl.r lion. sod all Av.* of
eltich they role Rt the lowext I.eltee. They aro
1, ',Tared u. rurule order, to to" extent. without dr
N0.'91 mod rater .trert.
fel.' :la PITTSIIP HIM PA.
it I L it A:NOBLE—City Flourin g
V v
1111, No.:, Lawn) cirir of Adam. L. Pittyliurati.
IC3IO LAS V I VIA X, Civil En g ineer,
Orauglitunan mud Practical Mining Agent. Make/.
MuleLi foritlic Patent of Machi
n,' Mows WaterAV.irkn. kn..' May be
lictwixt lu A. N. and P. M.. at liiii mitten,. No.
Pittalimgh. tanl.l.4lr•-
).) A. M A Di:MA, Agent fur Delaware kin
,na.l S S,tr Inevran, C“rumny. 42 Water Are,
I .11{1)1:CF.!: COFFIN. Agent fur Frnnklin
irlr In•uraner Company, vortb earl corprr of \V
W i d h
0, a. every 11,cription of Utudintt With 13r attleMS
and duratalitt Iteolts ruled any pat
.ro. atal
tatl, Reese manta., ta. 01.1 Peek,
mood who ally. at repaired. NamPve put cut in Flit lettere
Iteete who have bawling are inettati to eat!. Pelee. , 1..•
'CORD k CO., Wholesale anti Retail
‘lm.factnn.n., and Adm. Hat, Carl saui Pus,
ht %%teed end Fifth 'lrreg.. Pittnbureb. R In , ro tOnv
r ul! nod nnotoletn vf Mtn. Caps F ur.. A, of
re. re quelite end aryl, he end 14,11. and In.
.4.. At.... 'A theirsnstArnere end pureneerre
eeettring thrtu that thy .111 lege on W. snost Wray
Innenti. teertne.
11. 1.1 l; BY. Merchant Tuibr, I.ra rer,
• • and 1,-.ller la ilnutv 11.61 x Clothln,.. 137 Uteri, Pt
New Coach Factory—Allegheny.
M. A. WIIITE CO. Would re-
Trt , fnll• Inform Mir mthlw that tiler ham
.nmrri • mhniion Lactek. Irotwoen Trilrral and
mm. They am nmor mal.init and art (rtrharril rerrivr
.di,. (or rm. derertrmin of telitcho. Curio,. Chariot&
Itmrowliem i I'lmtnum. Lc- ac.. hid.. frmu Mira
lour rater... In tho Mannfartur• a the above work.
and the fat intim the/ Wm. the, feel confident thi.y are
enahlrd dn work no themomt rearrambie trrmm with
Mitre • aututa Mtn.... In their Ilnr
liamne nert.ular Mirnthin to Mr meleethin mu/aerial*.
andiiiatinf nom. hut minimorut workmen. tht r ham. nn
...Mahon 11.Iarm:M.3c their whrlt. tie reform. .sit
at:ration of tin public. 1.. (him matter
It. iirrairlit done In the beat manor, and cm thr
arm rearriruble Lerma TN - .tf
AGLI: MARBLE WORKS, (ePtliblinhed
Dsutbr 1.11.3115 ND laberly ,
Parr T..pc. allra)A oa band, and made b N. ft. A ch.:. wilertiou of Draaing• on baud. .4alo
A CARD-1851.
BURCUF k IELD, Kurth Flat
the n.turnrottuf Y•.urttt oral
ut of the hew Veal-. V.
thotr than. • to thrir eu,..tron and thy puhlte anter
*U.. tor thw 'flan of rant , . onontiod to thou, and
int ,0. nottlitoan, of thotr to•nn. Ilarfuu tonal!,
tottertrud itt•l tettuntrod Ilwor roa n
. ther an rualtint to loft,
on Ittoid n on, .-tlonorrfootrtut , ot totol• - anti lons,
mitt ha.• It. adamant, itt Dino, Intht
g/•,, ..11.1 mate the, oflorthoot .1.01. T. tontine
rralilifhtfont. no far 11.4 Dra-twat.O. a it MIL ti
whruf 'tr., ankh. to If, lot .1.•• I• urnlnt
hit the •tants nf nin not. --tortl dolt
rots:mord rtlorta to tale, tlo I.nct at•ala and to ...II at low
prinn, they loive to not,. it thr lutrnot r ef famlloo and Ito
do-utast...far, thatu watt the, •uoittst
1:19-7'iot,Al.l: 110.SINEDD
or to
l.• ronsn• otwirs—ontrauce oth otter t. or httronwh
low, rot.
I corn, of Thl nt nod fflarlt•t Tb: only rim,
rol rotituvon blot in
tocurf —John Flouting. Pi - mont Itotrurtor fu the
thd-•11 , i 1 An,tottif.
I h. Clduultortitt, Itnifotoir of Prountarteltlyi Slrrrantila
thintrovoi ,
iti Matona loicturrt on listourretal Law.
1t......,Vf010g otags{.l.q., lifunolnlap of Bonk h.. +ping.
and IL aphlltualt. to ovary hianrh t.I loninnfs alo. In .le
want at..l rnttal Desatuanahtp, tor It, tint to rail and era..
son Ow Arran to 111.1..15.
• -
tat Comm.rrial Lew
H. nra. to not of Lb.- r.:41 - Pnt 4 . 11, Oat rrlaunts.
K.-7,111.151 m; I R:;•2, ht F.DJII ND
4 1 0 .
ul i rp r nt
a 31onannntlta lturtal T
an Maril.• " n".'"""
• nr• anal Po, Topa
al•aya a. band aaad makln ord f
elninnst lltarlden. n.l at nr, " rnlu t oaal
it tn,
uor trd -
!toga Italy. f
I 111.1
1 •
ItEVERF.tiCF.S. —.
Inn. Ilannar Iffrnny Clark 'Leman, fin.
lion. Jodgf. \t tlkin. *jh'hn4lffrlf,r. ff.,.
Ncto. Rol., rowon.jr.. r... 1 JAL . , .K.l-2, }....1.. Arelitart.
int., Su 'A.,. Fay. C.. 11 a Bram,.
If etrolfurgh linok. xer t Itn)im, do.
J. 11. f•tnwniferger, P.m. hill! Corr,. in.
Wilr.fn Mrl'ondln.of. Kft.f. Mon A Ef. ,, n4 dn.
fta.rt )IrKnight. F...,.. , Vm iffsgni..r 4 Crs.
.1.f.. ffirKnf Oft, l:..1, firming. D. T. 51organ . Co.
In.. Jo-thus Rbodes A Co FrniCrs
a. Lnlltrnp. Een., Ilre
r t 9. ti-eln cratolut far thevery Iltnand
tntn.,l dun. ntatern yearn In thin rig,. batting htal tha
largest and Iwyt jobs rotroyttd to hl. TIT up to the Kranit
LIMP. awl I.llllsrudeaynr Ti pnvler stallrtartion hervealter.
1, I Noun,. Warawooma 97 /t 1 , 9 Thin] atewel
J. 'w W. nwyeadfully Inform. his Ittend• and
etidnap ra that ll.' hint now completed the latwt
and 11,1,1 atewit of houaebnkl furniturn aver before wen In
cit>. ae hr I. determined to uphold the quality with
weliwounned materials, hod warkmanahlp. and newext dr
onto, and ,love thenat./ of 41. ,mbar, and flanlllo in
lurmanufm luring. he fa mall.' prwlure warranted turn!.
lure. at the loweat pair«.
Ie bar adnided O. rinciple of hleutl.
nl Warr. with hie o w in qualit, ntal p o P.. atel
niway• on hand the neatest variety or every deerWidnin of
furtutune. from the chi - apt-et and pialnewl, to the moat el,
ay., and nally, that a limier. or any P.{ Or Due, me, b•
forni•lied trim hi. etnek. or manufaetured expnwely to
oniev. 11. therenem Ronan., au in.peanon. Iliad Or silvan
nan of hi. enaldivldnent tool kunlrw The/ falowlng
artlele• ronvict. in part, of ht. idnek. which for tlchneva a
and nnleh cannel be vurproiacil In any of t he F.artero
drawinr. dlnintr. and lo,]-mom chair, of every
variety. ten. sting of reewared, mahogany and walnut.
Eltrwholom. I:on.crvatnlre and Vaal . nf every do.
eriptlon: Town tete mud Nanny ofthelatcrt
Pro, h am! Itirlilll3l patterow IVlint-Nobs. and
1n.t.... 4 MI.: ct Torino, Roan, ork Table,
and 11, F 314 111,1 6 i^ damn . awl lader,. tnorble
;cp. nod., newar...l atnl emit, rind . t , .
Mee, iennon Juin./ tahliw. all Wee.n lb. mewl...tuted,
and the knot D 1111... cant. ',raided.. 11011 and
pi. tw.l.tewl. and waelaidandn a
ec•nrlioent, tn.the hull and par/nr reneptlou
Pr , wteeon. ton. i /: .Poel end nitede crib.
fuf . fidldv. 1 1. 1 1 .1. , tahie .04 1., r.
n....vat. and inlaid pearl Tat.., 89 [r.
A la,: w-nrtinent .i and 11 Indlan
Chair. t'..Linet maker. nipplieOrafirnond with all articlev in their
nteranient. and 11.nelr. fiyannhed at the .hurter tintlna.
All onle, prompt], attended tn yet
lI( A ) , V , NT 3 Y t 1diN , 111 ;., -I,; i n i i-r i . ,, C d
mt.., !any ion out
armpit...meta. for Ow n . woman, wanrr of rt
pow., Howdy Litwin tor a.liiwry and ...Idler,. their
idony nod elallal rota. nod w 111 nttood to 1111, labrr
ow,. wont/a...0A with a la.. ganortinaotit od stay a I. 1.1..rt
.,13.. Ilan ',onion or lbw Court• . (hr City of
li .I.ington ani.'l At,
Drawing, Perspective, and Painting in Oil.
li. I sm ail is mr.v prpp i
ared give
.111;th-en , new , I,l.lstth. Flret etheel, le.tween Won.l and
%Turkel More nr In. , ' melba,. Ire,. In 1 , , and
than b., te r. u. l'Itar.••••",1 .lerr Irrrbrbibb• rub b.
thfleneem, At the ben,
Refer 1.. He th.trus. nr Dr Atlabron. oltr
71 Flo, . ne, /14nn f t / INlts , urph.
Notaa and 1/rsfla rollnl ell part, lif the Union.—
1"4,1n, llnnalt and .Ikl rointon.lon.
Jonn IMITLCVrtnin.
QM a LEy & co LV I IC, Coal 11Ie r liants,
and Peal," in Dry fiord, Onwrri.... Iron and NILO,
corm, of Wnlnt at,. awl Wasitimllan TO ,011.
Trnn , .. "sl"t
1 kV
~ rUNNIIIIII. P. mamma.
W. CTINNIStIII (lflanufartu n .rs t.f IVinnow
6t.45, No. 'AI Markrt street, between Fir , t awl ,cond,
Pittobur,rlt, i . a.
I...rtlenisr attention paid to odd 'lva. db.-Nairn in
/limo ti 1,.... Vial, Pottle, te-: ad mil
._.- _.
1.1 It 0 OIL-10 1,1,1. No. I, just reed and
4 r , r -al , 14 IL A. FAIINESOOCIC
~, t o mer First an 51u04 itt,
pia ASii- - - - li cooks (pure) for stile by .
mein:, MICK & lirCAtiDLsi.9
- --- . • ..
1)111E0 API'LES- - 71 pkgs. for ode by
011. TII6
Tbe undertwled or aller Traci, *rr
Mame Lin , — Affloial. Mrgnmera. '
ruom wa VAL. raid.. LITIAMOI.
Ww‘lununial. March 511t1Saturdsiy. 'Much hth
11 udiuulan , " 141thlSalarniny, " . T.. 141
W. 1 • 11,111 . 1 an. April I.ld Wtalti..adur. APrin Flh
I ! . e`ion , niY. “ 111th Wain.,4d,. '' Mal
1 ' ”ntun , d, . May 14th Wulu.lay. May, 14th
Saturlay. " 24th Wrdnevalay. 27th
Satunia>, June 703 Wedoemtay. Jun4l 111.1:
inatunlan. " 214 t Wnaturialay, " :nth
Satunlay. July 211 Weninenday. July Dth
Saturday. " 10th Writunthar.4 •. ll&I
SatunlaY. Augurt 2.1 Wenltuuttal. Aug. tlb
Satunluy. " 1111 ni Weds...lay. " 2041
Sat tent,. .. 13 th IVeninumlay. en.lnt. I.
Satunlon. :Mot. 13111 Wadueulay. " Fah
enatunlor. " tnith W.lneolay. Ort. 14
Saturtlan. Ort_ Iltb 11..docanlar. " Ibth
Satunlan. '•2.sthllLpllnentley. " 'MI
Saturnia', Nur. nnthlNiedtaullaY. NnuN ~,,ll
Saturday. " ?LI IVenlne.laY. " -"`"
Satunlun, 1/....r. 11411itiattadno, Doc. 12111
Falun", . •• an ilaturlay. " Lich
Min • Y.'rk
.....ri1...7.w1" . -- el;rl;nin. ii;;;El..i.
New York eaturdoi. A pr il
Pewtun watunlar, April .
. . Nrw York .S.TuTtil.). APrii *a.
- ll.mtp wftirtv.lay. Mr . T -
A5in.......... ........ N.,/ lurk 1ce11....1wp. . Tll.
Commiw llotou . . ..... - ....%%.,Ipewlay, Aprli-51..
Alrle.3 tiro Vork I% rolnewloy, April
3 0.2
A A.. Bootuo
AA.. New Pork ll ,d 4...tat . ..bail .
55 ftin
k. b11.1
Pw...Agr la II ellf.x, lrn or New Yu.* :Pl ...Tlcalla, 12., .
.V..p , I',k and 'lan /As.—Monthly Tropt.
start Naar 1 ultit 1-PJ.II. II Vrlt[..
Franklin. ~3tunlar. ts., lab. Fr.klin. Wedgay,r/th Mm
Ilumboldt • - nth Mar Ilunil.ohlt .. bah
Frankbh. - Lth Apr Franklnk. -
4 th7 .ni
Iturul.oldt. - . '.:I Ma, IlunilaoLlt, - tb JUnP
Praulliu. .. 31st IP). Franklin. - .-11 July
Itunkbplat, •• ath Jima Humboldt, •• tlUtkJuly
Frankhn, .• ....Lb July Franklin. •. 371 b Aug
11.11.N.1.1c. - •''..:+l' I Aug. Iluniladdt. - 1b Sent
Franklin. - Sept. Franklm, •• 124 Oat
Ihnula,,lt. - INth (k, IlunitarLit, •• Mk Nay
Franklin. - 15th Nnp.,Franklin. - 1711 la,.
Ilutuh..kit. - 1:1t11 Irlpe. I
On.rn slnlm ..Nicrlpatirm (b.--114,1A1y Tile .
New York.
.New Nett,
.I , •turds,
I:: I t
_Nem, rl
Ne• Itork
FOR Cil,fll.
mall Apemen leavr A Nev New lurk ors Ilthan4 ISO
rO6. 11-4,01.4 lIIND LIT Wthrf.
Mrllllolll, 174.1Nri Irate Charleston on the Int nod 13thof
rah mouth.
)i.wrras.—lty Oterennbonf.Clamber.hurg. 11111vIctphIA,
N.. I orl. EA..trrn. Organ, mud Arartlwrp par. a N. lot k.
IN,war.. N,. Jer,v, end th. .1. Now 1,410•21.1
BrillA Provinet , . of l...mer Canada. Nova e‹.10....1
tirmtnylet. dalit. ArStITO at 4 r sc . ; Drsouls at 1,
!..tatti Eaman.-1.4 Blair...llle add Ilotittlaywharg.
Including. the ttf Itrwatorti, Cambria-Oman., Clin
ton. Junta.. Lama:dna. Iclitatea • Putter, Parry.
T.,11. 01.01,111 d part ni 11.-danoraland. via I.treunora.
I.turrayrattla, aalatrt It ad., N- w Alatacairla., and Ina.
an. n`tantl• Aratattat dal', • aarwPa ilttudaya. at S /1. IC; d,-
{runt daily at v. Y.
Care-11r Butler, Pa., !garter, Crawford, and Jalferron
aouncialt, la...tem parlor New 1 orlt and at ppeaCanada,dalty.
arrmea at it e. w.; and depart , ea it a. a.
s..trrnana OSP Wab - ra".-11, INatiungton. Pa, Oman.
Pap.ttn. iv:Martel. part of Wyttonraland couutr. Virginia
%I arra land. Baltlmona.Watabittir.tto Pit), nouttrarn and Woat.
ant tart+ of Jltart alai Indiana. lientnekt • Inittots,
511.tataari, Illetalaalptatt Arkatuat, Nurl.6 Cat, , •atiatana.Plorids. and Ti,.., daily . drama
at and &Tarts at 6 a. •
r """' .
Pula, Pa— Malt a.,rl
on, Carnal!, liniruk,as.l Tuoarnarraa
Arrtat. at 11 r tl,ertA st 7 a. m.
Norm —Hy ha.. nod Clrrelnnl.
Ilearrr , Yn.. ~ l urublaus. Trumbull, l'orta.m.
b bul tlmrl,lV., C
Eri u LAY.,
.Ilielll.n.l. Lnraui. l/ttavu. e, Sao-lurk,
4.1 Luc.. rz.uon,.,. 'Lb. ...romp tu.rtheru ry
,Mlx• nut 1.[1m11,4-
all 4151..
.. ETa, ,%,1411,. A rrrrr •aIII t. ; dee
purtx n r
K man y harfnl.airf.fleurton, Sprintnield.Tare.
tam. Frefrpr.rt. h !Manning, Islathalua... Annan-nc. Via,
ton. alai Clearfield trnintne, daily, ran pt lini:dale. .1,
river at 7 h a. and &parts at S P 111
%Inman —lly Parra Wrafmat.7...henna-a., Porter.
Santa, Arrian• Invalna ,
II Iliurada, a, am:l I , atianiaa a, at n &pasta Stamina,
mtravaia, a mal Fridaa e, at 7 a. 11
11••Liai tux - its sturaruree flail, Fantle, slile, All , l Sinn
flora/a , . City Arrima Tumlay, Fridays, at r dn.
Matittaaalaa. and tianardaya, at n • IL
UN1..1v14,1 —Dv Marlin..,. Same. lion. fir-hraajort,
Orr I an,. I.l.zawilatawn. liatravet, 1.1 sop
twat. Crnaatown, Varratlv.ll.• Fmet I.llwlty. tipaar M
n.ll Art-Iva. sund, • and Murata,. at t. • ar ;dr
Marataa s liniMlaY , at n ••
11,1 tar. —Mr 11.11,?. mdia, Nit blosiowm Candor,
Murat tutnarn. Cm-k Pntivraou'n
and Thurataa•. at II a W.;
It.parm ainrainy• anal Murata,. at 1 r u
a amass., —lir Clinian. Manta Sinn.
tear, Frani:foraSpring, Pm, Fairview, a. Arm.. on
Fraina. Ns r. a.: depart" an hatuniar, 6 •
f 1,1.•,• Antrim. Sort), M aabingtost, and ita. Arras,. an SI maiwalaya. at ar. . dapartr un Mnada,
ta • u
—R, Lerrsn's Fe j. Arrive. on Friday . . at 5
r. . depart. on ratnNai, tit A. X.
Perrr N ethics!. lirealinerk, Ogle.
Pivetiert. trhiteianten, ite., including %sawn nod VenritiAn
artinliten Arrive. m ail,, and neg... al Gin n_int
Lrtteaei the d ap motet be int site Unlienoneibione
tarrnew their departure: tette, for the lig vrill
weekly, nitil mail, wet he in the Oftlee halt/. hour
Inorti their dTartare
Cnltllt,ff. WM, TM 1. ,711,1101...1 ...Wt. KT
N.:.: kt•rt-t pl. taNaten no,/ and Flnerfa as. /NlttOnnah•
PEN N,S 1.5 ANIS. ,Itraurh at Nasal:lon • '
Boutol ktittobtt rah par Brandt at li 005 h... .4 , ,
IN. hang. Bat, ad.. par Bran, hat X.I.S. . • .do
st-r as.,l an •,i do - par ttranrh at 1i0....r.r0wn . 4 ,.
Bank ot M oturrtoroo - par Crl) U.S.A. C 1114,1113. .do
Bank. t.f North tkruartes- par C.nana-rrtal Itk,Cloalatmuln
Bank of North'n Itflartlas.por , Franklin flank att
Kant of INnnailtranta-- partLatareon Bank ... _-
. . '• 4,
tank of Penni Totruship.._fatitthlo UN los. A Trusttax-4n
hank of tha Cain./ Plates IA 31 ...tern Ite.ary• Bank. -.1.
Ccauthanial Hank of Pa--taar Bank of 31aanitun____ __An
Ik.rtaerat A %mbar.' Bk par Paull Naha....... ...._....d0
, itrunt Bank_ ..... - ....... —.part NEW"Ztlii.
K.otonglan Bank . -par , All animal - Bank, ~.)
11..outar a Mach haul.... par NEW liOltli •
11....yanka . Bank for New York Intr.. - •• • ...... Par
I.l,,,unousitot Hank- par Countr). - `i
I.l.ll.ohlphla Bank par NIA/111-INV
South•ark . Bank-. ..... pariralthrtnnt ....... .- . -Ira ,
Trtabonnan a Bank- par , latantil ' , N
1T....-u•n. Bank par, N. JIIII, it,Y A BELA If ALE.
Bank ..f Chamtenhurgh.. .tal 111 nol.ent tanks Ii
Bank of Ch0...ft:m.04...par VIBUINIA. -
Bank nf Itavrill. • . _par Bank of th. Valk, .. .. ~. l.
tank c•f bet C. 0., Chostar..parillk of Vlrahttla italtutond Nt
o f tarn...lawn. --melts Stank, Va., Norfolk.-- S
Rank f tit•tlystotrgl... ... N Faro:lora' flank of Vlrgluta !.•
Bank o 5 lowlstolan S. Merriam's' A Stark Bank N.
Bank of Maidlatown.....- Na North Woatarn Bank. fa,
11,..twornory Co Slant .....par Sr anahra N.
Bank of North NOWI'll CAROLINA.
Carll.le Bank tajßank of °spa Wear
Columbia Ilk A Brtdan Co tar Ilk ..fal• of N Carolina.. ...
1., tat.. Si Bank par liannaernal Ilk, Hiltolog'n 2
Ktuton thank...._... ......... tar March/tab' Bank. Nowise=
Erl. Bat: . la eourii CAROLINA.
FArno. Ilk of the St or S. ( aro .
y•nto.rx . Ilk of Lark-Aftfl.fkkr!llknk South
Partners flank of Itenctllnt Bank of CbArieNtoo—.-.,..
' , arm PkaSchlkylklllik+l., 11....t.'re A Alet•barilcs' Ilk
' , kr A Ihov. Woyne4trunt.. ti GP:ORA/lA.
I , taukllo 1.11 k," üblt.¢l.l/ tar Aurunts Ins. Bank Ira Co
Ilarrloburg flank— ...... Bank of Au,sts ... .. ...
ks Ilk of lirtinrwlek, ..111gtuta
tanea,ler Bank par TENN F..,310:.
l.oraster Gsanty Bank—nor All oolveni honk.- 1
Lebanon hank-- - ... . par KINTUCIa.
Nlinevs' Bank of othrrill. Ilk of Kentucky', Louisville Si
Mrmougnhelo Book par Bk of Louhnillo, Thurston In.
We. Branch Bank .1{ Northern Ilk of Kentucky N t
Wyominy, Bk.Wilke/barrepor Southern Bk of Kentucky !ti
Sock Bonk 3I1S201;111.
Ilk of litaLe of Mipa061....-X
SUR. Bonk sod brzorbm-./50
Ilabk of Illinois. .._.....,._70
11.011e1 Notts,.
Ohio titat.Bank.
Branch at Akron.
Branch at Athen
Itro.neb et tirtdiroport do Marto, t Aro Inc Ca. obits
Branch at Chilicotho do
• • - .. ....... .. • .
Itnawh at Cleveland do Vg11713.• Ile Stectsattka . Bantk 3
Ftra b_ z h h :: T u n . let tn i.; .
d tl , o , .( p.. lortment Knelt Dant-- 3
I las Dank
Itranth s 1 :a.m. , .tio tatteranerr Com
Brat:telt at Calvtatma 'Act Stata 11. alt I'L" 2
Branch at Ardatabola-- ..... do CANADA.
Branch at tialeto do ilk of R.N. Arnertra.Tomato.s
Dranrh . Manateld.. do. Bank of tha People. Turuntn s
Itraoah at Itlplery do Bank of Montxral
Itranth at "-do Boot of Cmada, Torontab
Itntorh at Colombo. ....doF.AF.TKRN EXCfLANtIE.
Branch at Oa NC.. Zort tynco)-.•....‘•
Draor Cad.
church at Looasr, do a lmor.
Branch at St , oheuville do W &STEIL% F.SCII.A6
• •
Branch ut Mt. Chatitmati .11
Itranch at Nrwark do ...............
• • . . • ... . .
Urno. - ti .. , itirna.........—d0 tit. L0u1..... ............... —.A
Branch at Surinufirld.l......alo GOLD AN . D . I{PECIR VALLEY.
!Innen at 11arietta. ...... Doubloon.. NPaolet 1 0 0
Itraneh at Troy do do Patrint........10.14
Itraudt at Mt Pletuant FAO, fold. 10.00
Branch at Zatorsvill“... .... do Baal.. new
Branch at Norwalk.— ....... do Frederick...l'6re . 7 0 .60
Branch at linos do Ten Thar. LSO
Branch at Guinea. • b... 0
Branch at Baton do Bovereigun 4.ta
Braorb at Ravenna . ... an Ten Wander,. ........ ..... 4. 0 0
[Daunt. at Chi Wroth., do Nap010rm5.......„.. ..... 3.1.11
Brandt at T o shwa do Douala 1.15
Bratsrls ...t Tohdo do .
Waal . I tyytec 4:PlilfltrliT,
Myrrh I I, )
lT 13i:1 ' N ( ; I )I . :S IRA lILE tto solv:Lituto• locks
sod of Pane othpr kind for ti,,,,, , tom In oPI fnr
e taunt arreue oi the Dulled Plat, eppiruen lock. and
key., with ormopzlP fornieh 41. , ran, will be n,i4.1
and ameidered at tit. Poet 4111, , e Deportmeot. until the 14
day pf Joie neat. Ihe tlithrent loek• wl/1 be entanltted
routtupolon tor examination and r..purt. 1;11.31; thir
te.rt, pontAr.eta vote, ep practicable. he entenri In
Attu euel, 10rke . 14..1 key. Mr tour year, with the
Halal yin. port of the Nutt:water lieu/Tat for the time eat.tal sat eoutibue the pontract hn fon, for en
te'rh.l of r . ./ . I 4 hiving to the eontraelor
o Tenn,u tm,. m that ,met, not sore than nine nor len
than Mouth• I, tote the terulinallan uf the hut tenon(
prororlntr the beet Inch at the loweet Prir ,
no kiwi of is-it I. tor,....rtlpd etesplard: the Departtnent
mil lug tar • uo the nuphsnicol akill and In
t o
tart,. fair
mot . .T .
It 4. hop e,, t. mon. to note, that s hck *tillable for t
tool Peet treuese the thllowinit atoulith, rfc du
rstobt,. atohproott lightne, anal atreligth.
F o r
co o of dieldoping alnalltanvouply the
t o t he, now in is.. shoot thin nu
new toehelotot twenty thou/and kept adapted thereto, will
he repilaf' to IN' furohlsed 1,, the pontren , tot within /even
monthe otter the unitropt shall have Dun macre,' lath sr
anon OUPDif .111 depPlall on the dtirstaillY
of th.. Pc, and Sere adon.y, am well uthoIIIPIPPILPP of Um
moll Perri,: hut it probohly novel' exerul In 111310 1 . 11 ,
three thon.oud of the former and one thLonand of the Ist.
Plo tonnidenal If it like any alnuulT In
generalnor will ony ono with wbouuthe n! nor
be made be allowed to make. MI, or foryo a h any , pch or
ket . Owlish to tin* contr.-tad flir, for MI, "Dm , po r t . "'
than that of the Peat Ufa,. Deparlynatit.
Tio, knoll of lork• adopt.] tonal lr notelinpl, and thr. Va .
ton.— will be required, IFIL entering Into onntrnet. hr snake
sue seounsiaut of 114 pah.nt for the, earlualve tue• and bow ti.• Department. If the Dtattonalcr General than
porli aPitorenient ...polled to the intereptsof the per.
In nu. of the failure of the contractor at any time
to fulhl fulthfolly the h•rta, onalaoubtlone of bin contract,
the 1., timers' 'boll have tin. rialit,beridea rever.rt
to the penal ~ t oady brrrinalt.r wino] , owl.l
.. sod to vontrart wItl; may allerVart, 4 .r
radar/. on may no ht. for furnlnlilna lock, sal
la deriding twat the Loropwal.end nociturnsoffaml.tha
Po , tuomtpr Iletteral way deem e_xpoieut W,.deal royale
throuch male the Lek of awe libbler. and fur the way math
that of another. He Dupree., therefore. the right of our
ditheePtit load,/ Wool. for such diflerent kfnde iv hp may reletl. anti oleo the ta,thl relult sit
eePime 4 o mul nroPoeale. If he /hall deem' that emir.
for if.. of the DepartmouP The, party or purlieu
...nrocting will s be roonitud to taro bond. with tuttPD lhl
pitrit,, in the e of thirty thourauul , Inllara. for a faithful
Performance of the rataract The nantrart le to lontsln
I yroviyloug far the due and proper Inapectlon of the locks
and key., and ale err howling saintsi their naming . into
Improper harsh, the term/. of throe prorieknor to be az
ronual between the Delartmenl and the surseftfut bidder,
if a bi..ll , hould
Nit spplieollotz• will henctwi , lered If hot aerenlon•ttWtt
a. K. liALL,Postru.stcr Genera
BP ',ovule Arsalcan.—Advertlamerda arta enbecHor.lot.
foe ltd. paper raceirrd and forwarded freeof expense. (ruin
0. , • 111,.
The weather oo FM.utday, a rainy mai aturml
throughout the day. which ebeeloyi bi/aloen operatinul
very nrah•rinlly and an oislep r•r 001:00 . 141.4 . 1. trampired.
El.ol7ll—Thr• "aka my Saturday were consaed to p few
Ilmit,nl iota. from river and wasurt. at 83,1743,15. SLUM i
ale- 4 tram non at $3.3109:1,Ti.
}al: FLOUR--Is sell In Molted lots at XI from Ord
hands, and 113.115.(;:41x Mau store.
(11tAIN—We notice ght rocciple mil* modende busi
sows, at the following quotations—wheat thraGrs U.' ta , '
WMI.I . 00002% corn U and oats M 31632 c Crum girt hands.
llltOCliltini—Tha market la emu. with n fah enteral
i).l W. doing, at fur sugar roan, 12.12%i: too,
lane 36(01.311, rier..1%(.4.1:e It T.
IMOON—Vriews are , nnehang, , l, with a brink genreal
buxinr. salt, for pinto ham., and lue fikr sugar Itur.,l;
sides 747'.i. and ..boulder,. nt V'
LARD—Supplier are light, with an large tir
quote Oil., In WA,. at 7"6titnr. and In krge at 8 , .{(41... ,
BUTTER—Munn!les of the baltrt Muds are light. and
print., are firmly .notaltnal. We quote ptiale n it Al2 , tlZ ,
no.f enonaun do at likalle ?
CM:ESE—Sumo .mall lota arr brglnulog to arrire. (mos
th , Waxtern It.,a•rv... but auloptiPa a.. Yet naatel'al. ,
5! , :f.i:1 4 47e, for ordinary. ',al rots...m.lml prim..
PELD , —Ti•••• to 0.1, • •••1•••••• Irvtoini for •••••i• aria
priors are nelvding. Wr quote doter (man wagon at UV.
a5:.,75; and rrtno %tore in road Into at it ha.—
Timothy I. ...fling from not Laude and Ist
s 1 Sliaaa L.b N bu
OlLS—Matra of LituavA Si riatur nil at 906.05.,i41
so In gonlit>. MI. No I lant oil at vecra - 2‘. and of Noll at
505 it gal.
UItItU klielT—Froul lint hand,. quota goradum at
81.3141.37, alai aloyba at 7:.a , ii LA From awn naittnte
at $1.100EL45 in pellet.... and KY. 6m ard.te".
YEATLII:RS—SmaII 1.. t. are odd from Aare at
sat from lint hands st 91(151.4. it Ito
BEANS :'.alt. from atm" at 11.3.56 a
tn quality.
AM.IIRM— :loud! rates nods &Ai at ay, 6, nota.d.
ealeratu. V a c j. la.
iIIIISK :l" rpetitml A "M
.Priday, Hatch 31.
Yr. 3ntll 18.
Slay If.
.Fridsr. June 13.
Ntw tit Sc. to Citoosts.—The leginiature of Virginia at
tem. moon pa•etl hill. rims.ritur Indepen
dent bank,. npui the Leule of Sate Storks. The following
are the luiding f , at tires of the new banking rbarterr
1. A deonalt with the Treaeurer of State Stork original
ofnr guara
ch ntied. arter. for Improvement C 14111.111,. W the uoount
2 The exeratina and deliver% of thewea fqr alreulatkra.
counter.l,.ni.‘l by We Trriourer. at the of the
J. At. obligatd: In pay the wee Issoos. and to keep
n haul th, ad.. mt.'s". of .lade. at other tanks.
4 M.
ak. the Stnekhntder. pencdtally liable 1 , 0 th.cll ,
It, each stockholder to an amount edhal to the
rtsck hell by hint, for the expre, nsutracted dabs, e,l thr
The hank, wt.-. chartam an known In hare pm..
both Hon,. are. the Nierehmna' liana at Lynehburn. with
capital of not lees than 1t , 00.000. nor mon than Matio,Oon.
and the Central flank of tuuovm. with ..{.1.1 of WA
Ira than 11150.fral, nor Ins AT than $300,0(M. Llilla fur in
...rr.roing the followln: BAnk• tht• -• eatoe prlnriple
mend the Ilona. of IWlerain on Frida, last and an sup
'rowed kr hare h 4,11 4ftel/.04.4 1,, the tionato prorione
The flank a the Old Deaunnon. at Alex”,lria.mth a cap
ca' not le. than SAMI.OnO, nor loon. than IIUMLUOU. TI
bairn' anal Mechanics' Bank a N. - 4.MM 111105,10, te Von.
ma, The Bank of Commerce nt YnetrAckatuntalfaLlaMto
SaM.OOII The Nlantsfertunn , and Yartnero' flank at
%I henilor. 11151),Cam h, IPon.ittak The Oanufvrturem* /lank
Charleston. henbna. SIIO,IYN toy &MOM. The fume
llemk a u,, t . t .o ;iio A Wak at
Wnk at
The nikolroum liantJ 1. 11..0.1.W. and
thr triszueion3 .eve runt lb.. Haulm:kw
raplutl rmn t. evhaluivil ours.
IZlvria—Thera (u.u, U Inetv.4 in runotz.l,
marl, la.t er pini, am) rt,n,
)1101,4a. Doi., IlesTrr
14-arer. Iscavvr .
ktlsote. Brown-, die
J McS.,
M.....t0nc.. 1, .411 all. flrown. , lll,
K.,.t..rur ° lVnnnnntl
Ilan-nos taw
lhadem. New 11r1...n.•
`1 mina. 1, .1,1.0r ,
‘'..t0v..11, 11
,1+..1.1 en 15
Allmtfe, Partitr..n.
Tbox IV, Nev...
,N11•11a. Mrtrr..Lannovillr.
- Yin Ilut,lllller. , ar.h.1114.
Holwrt Bulehrt.
)1•h. r.
LI It 1 , V11.111.!--Nnvic , " ,
111111 m; %POST
WIRTJN.i —lNtsruall
J t"
lall 1 . 1111.ADE1.1 . 1114 ISO RALT10 , 1(1:.
l • •• • Ps.. rt.., I%L. t ttrttt dal% of • • Itt mud
Ar 111 lI.LE- Prt M —ll .-14044. 1 1.1
IlutlAt A Itn,, bAr..l4, 3 lA. AAA se..l.
ly d 3, .1.. I , AArbeg 1 IA ntrrln, I IA4 on.rna.ll
foetherv. RA. rgAg. I Dick, t 11+.Da..
fg.gthrn. , 13111$1. 1.4 A, brawn.. DI DJA.
tiklue, AnAk Att. lig. I,totsgta,
11snAlg: IA 1. Letup, I'lnrld'alat • It 1,11.1. Inbar., II tirAtl
A I. fur. t 41,1ng. 11 U 11011 am d Dn. te bids lime.
11 11c1,11, J. Or. .I.A. Drank 51 1.1. r.nts.un. lienu.dy
1 . 11.1,1 A 11.13 hamr, tAgJey t Alrlano, 27 2,1 n r. 40,0 VA.
lAug- 42 42.. Ku.. t I•rnnrAk la ANA whlrkr.,. It 1 , 11,
lA.. At. tArle, .4. W Dnutli, Ably Lama,lliatlmul.
.It, IntwArro.ClDarrla A Murphy, 7J aka run, T 11 .1 A Son,
1./1151S--I`tn Irkar ?i[RTON- ure: rhouldrr.
A tg, ht.. A 0...111. 13 ht. I.n.krn
1 1.1 , 1 Itnl. 1 Jo I. Hutchison, hemp.
1"..r11. CA., rt. 14 J., .11..uldert. Gm, 1
trtink.. NltHer I. llnrrA br • rarrlles. 1411 A Litt . .. ,
II 1,1,1, 41-e. 1 tr do 2 rAkal A Ibis Irg•gtxx. Ano.l.
ilark t Th.::. , tr. lAlron Immg. 11 t 11 11rl'utrh..on, 50“
le, haw., J .5 a l:4: 100 Id .0. hull. mr.4 . ..7,0
1.1,1.. 1 kt WA. DI: lIDAA,
CINCIVNATI—I'LI 111,1,1 tirArt.-.-1 I.s and 11411.. r
llnr. 14 1.1 rharr.l: Yount: 2 bm. 1 trwal...
11rAsdro A CAA...-. 4 It. gptg: 1 do etat...l. HAvorth A
Cairn, 6,10,J L Tau At. 11 1.11. AtkrArll
1.1., 4 (ranks 1 l.x, 1. 1AA.,11 L 14t to 1.1. Illung. I:
Mu. A 111r.k4 glumthlerg. I pkg 1.111, J 601,1 it (Arr. 1
1. NAO., H One,* DA,' , 4 trg bro. k Altouldo'rg.. I DI. Mr-
FLIAA A l'uvalec 10 1 , 1. - 2 Itquor. J lardha 'I Imo
ettAt'Agg. U I.rcl, t 44r. 4 II Oratl t 124, I 0,1
Imtng. IA McCully: 2 PJur Llrk wt., 15 pt. rA.Art...
W Itlnchttn C T . t 1 lOWA 1 1.1 1,1.1 Nunn. Kir, Jon., 4
!Ads app... 11111er A lirm 4 Mag.:lag rot, .1 Black.: 4 14,111
t et, II !shag Dater, Fulgylll t 11tIrr.
1.1115111.1.13--Prt Plat —l4 hl. tart k giant. Baker
ibnitb AI big rvlbu, DI. Pennock A CJA 3A okx Rt.thArA,
Niourt A CA, 0.5 nk• An, U I4.rh t Co, 14 lalAlgtolarrn .1 11
Tolloo AR AAA Innzlatr.. WAIt II Pollllpc 74 In, mks
pork. 1 le ham.. Dell A. I.lvArts. 21 1 bag D
£l4l IA bump th t I'n L. till Jo. J /mint
WELLSVII.LE-I,A runrutnr..—A rI,, harno..l
”bn Yt otl.l4plte:.: „ l n lslart . butr i. J , 11 . .rtglI . 14 . gks Artl ,
1,17a7 DA of corn, I:A rt.:/r ornArt % algard, 13.,
potatlAA, Dirt", A 01.
WITEELINII—Pra J. NI[L , 4/1-1 1.h,l tol.areo. E
sella.n, a bbl 4a, I. I....evit A C.r. I pkp money Knauer A
Halm.. 4 WA. nal, 6 P ffbrivrr. I 1,.. t,rrner, 7 kg. 6 lad ,
hull. Holm. & Pm.
BIM&11.:14114T.- Pax Caron-7 II I. I , ,,karro, IVO 44,1,
flour, It Da11,41 AG, 7 AM. wino., It At Pa Iz,
Pb!. flour, II Graff .4 04 Mt., Anti.... NI 11 lirnwo, .27 nk.
J I. Sher, 64 WA. dour I. I+ Waterman &
hart.o. W Dunham: P 2 1.1,11. flour, 3 en, Anas.m. liter A
.I.,per; ?autoFNom& A C, lot natl., S
AN, Moor. A &will-lei
CINCINNATI-11m KIT .TIFFT-19 bbl. hung. I% .....d...
114 ran.. ti.l.act, D Lret, a I, so raka bandy. Nut
Jon., 10 1.11.1,0bw.r0. Clark. a Thaw; 37 tr. ham, I boa..
md, IA Abb. oil. 3 do ham.. 3trladrn 4 C,vc.le, 4,4 tr.
bun..' , hhtla bayou. 11 bbla dned Lett. a do baixo t Seller ,
a Nicol, Id haa alarrh.. l 11,0 uIT. II do .1 A Ilutchb•ou A
ex. 3 b•.1,014r. A II 17n,t11.11. I or e lliquor. V Fchl, DI
hx• , IgarP. Y. lkoselbou. 4 cip LAWN kelt Yornyth.
1111111 , 11WORT—Pst 11'4u.arixt.r-4 rrlia bwc0n...1.13 Id&
flour, li blab. (data, , IV Itito.rhaur, 11 hhas do, II Leech A
0, II h, letrh.r. 01 11 Brown: 10 rdt. boron Bell A !Agar.;
140 ..t., port, Copt D Vouny:
7:IV MARTINSVII.I.N—Pnt INtof N. 2-37 Ithdo lob.
17, ok.. 61011,.. 2:.0 Id& flour, 11 lord, & 1.7., 3 (ltd. tot.,
II Drat, a 110.. h .In. A Roe: 3 bid., A Ri...., g ky,
. L.
lint. lo A, drunl apple.. 1 la her, wax, II kg. lard. i r It
ra,. Wlrtt 4 MrtNn11...... 62 11, rhtp I.uffx., M1. ,01 1 A
morn.on: 01 (ea wheat: Ido ram. 10 do • potatnr, do , , 2 In, Immo.. A liro. , lanl. lloore: I bx beou, 2 ,
krt.. 033 , , 2o 1.., 0b.... I do bean", 2 ka , lanl; .1 New an:
=3 bl.l. who'd, 2 4,1 w.rapl.l Ir.h..r.
E f 1.111: ‘14,4-3 11. dram, R E
hemp. LlP,aarntl We 60 In. 1 Ail tonkm. II naafi& en:
M. p 1.,. 1,65.. I hhl l bf 16.11 A Lioart6 Dm,
11161 10.1,.. 1, 0515: 6Or 15 mlis bawl plfa, J lb thr
a K.,. 6 Id. 4,.,,611., :INN,nott, & C.,. 24 skr. awl I' ark
♦ Thaa, N 614. lard 611. 75 ra,a ;;,.
i s banat, h
It 56 1,61 N .1.111,15 , Ina hats, taller 4 A NI ulf
1. 61,1,1 • 61.1.,.y ..1 Nada., 1 do
11 61. r a 12,6 IA 1.1 V a
V It 11.4,6
161•145,6—;4 hv. ',melo, 6 tl In,.
0 10 11161 r 1, era ..10, linker & v 11.:,:
hhda 1 1,4 16.141 flapk l'hawll.ll r 144 wheal. 411 I.
N 61.1, 4 ,516, kinn, Innl. 1 55 feather, K e
,11,56, 4 lk • ray.. 1 41, 6.51615, 156.46 A Kletpstrie •
rolls Iralber, II Urall A I'6 15 11161• Loran. 1V Moab
WELISVILLK-1,6 Itaviataa-1 1,.561..e. Roberr . ti a
114 , 6541 1 .11 01 61,1 Iron. Ball 1441116 u, J In,
5 dried a6..b., 3 ha.. 1 611 "01. 10 Md. 6,..r, 0 11 . r.
ataard, In 6.116,1 KW. Jarl, & Nlnta. 011.1
lin.. IMO, •
- -
Temperanceville and Noblestown Plank
Road Company.
rc ()
i 4 hereby given to the Stockhold
., id Comp.,. that they make payment to
no n k eann.nt,Tnwotn.r , wild Company - , of V.,..
Donnt, on endh , hare tho 4., on trdho last Mond. -
w nd eser, month until the whole gawk. In
aid ll'fi,`."ll;4;
!I. It. IhIOWN , frnwrnl.
1 , 0Is. , ;:l n ":1 PATENT S TAR
Itao.ri.,. Col Inr, Shirt Mann*. and an kindwof ins
prni..taw no. Iron Inkut alluring In the Iduco, and dust
fnan wicking , . it ...RIM, nothing injurious to riodan In
wn, req.- , Th. nwo. nun xi... hilt the necramitv
of ouch an rattr and intheir ekne , nninw •in Nl
rennlalirewl. no competition I. fewn.,l at, on tmlawnal
--(nes 11. k,. will ths thirty dozen of clothe, and no
Nunn- Arnold br without R.
prnw ,vutw tar Cake. Enrhenke with Nu direction,
For ruchZ IL E. SELLERS, 67 Wm.! et.
`CAP-114 boxem No. 1 reed. for sale by
0 tnhln N. AW. II ARRAIII.I
- -
A 1 REEN APPLES-20 bbl. rre'd, for wain
W W by' onliloNxt 11' II ARIL:WOW
5 hhl• —,
h 11011 Ruin,
10 lam do. do
11k Mg, Linwood OIL
131 bib Pearl Awl,.
GO ham Extra Cnown
1:01 doe Corn lima..
200 Into !hind Apples.
:WI Ws lined Ct.nchca, for wale by
mrhl9 J. B. CANFIELD.
Fro HOUSE-KEEPERS—Ordersfor Paper
1 =ens tem Lo r .
1 1 . 1. the Well Paper . ai1e..41.t.
teorrvapouchque.. of Ow 1..11,- Plt , hurgli 421,11, 1
W.IIINOTO9, April t!nd, 1841.
The Secretary of State him vac to Marshfield
by way of Harrisburgh. Ile will probably be
absent a considerable lime from Washington, and
during his absence the duties of the IMpartment
will be discharged by Mr. Derrick,i-the chief
Omcs Hrsnavmx UAssm
April 7, Itga.
Judge Hall, Postmaster General, returned thi.,
morning after a few days' alhienee at the mink.
In the event of Gen. Scott's receiving the
Whig nomination fur theTrettitlency, it t+ the
general impression that Mr. Crittenden, Attorney
General, will be second un the ticket.
Nothwitindauding the decision of the Attorney
General that the law deer not require the Secre
tary of the Navy to advertise for proposals for
building the California Floating Dry_Dock, it it
understood that the latter officer, after examin
ing the proposals of Messrs. (akin h Co., paten
tees of the plan adopted by Cont,rress, ban der'
led to throw the contract open to competition,
and to advertise for proposals according to the
letter, hut obviously In defiance to the spirit of
the law.
Some unfavorable comment Etas been ore vino
ed by the discovery that lion, Edward Curtis,
former collector of New York, and Charles W.
March, Esq., author of the popular sketch of
Mr. Webster's biography, are very largely inter
ested in the contracts for renting warehouses to
the Government In New York. It is a sufficient
answer to all surmises upon those circumstances
that all the existing contracts for renting these
storm were made by Mr. Walker, in ISM This
removes any ground that might otherwise have
rattled for supposing that Messrs. Curtis and
March had obtained their contracts through par
tiality. Yet the enormous expenses of (be ware
housing in New York, is a most formidable ar
gument for a revision of the system. and partic
ularly of the o 'gins] bargains for renting build
ings between? 'r. Walker and his outside friends
five years ago
The rutunble and eagerly expected report of
Mr. Owen, :mil those of Messrs. Whitney nod
Foster, on the Mineral region of Like Superior,
will be posten ed and distributed urcording to
the orders of th Senate, tinder the direction of the
next. I node
researches of
istence of rich
perfectly /roes'
those of Calif°
mire to be mot .
of the faithful '
starred contra
been carried o.
by Merrrs. Whi
interesting an
to be printed I
lane, to the n
yet been deli•
cops Intl liver
the end of the
ready for the
or Philadelphia
little more th•
execute it pro.
tract Rperiifir4
that it whining
justice tb,t
price for tb
so impudently uvokisl, bring upon the
retiring veter. II," who Flies of his 4ervirrs i
purity still immeence, the penulties of n
Tieut cntraciar, and would iithhohl from him
every cent .of compromatiou for work delayed as
Om, hnn Lltelk.
Amendments folded ton number iif House LdU
* . reupied the Senifir. Ohm, -t the entire rportati7.
They are offered tIII , I pakll in the Hon,.
so rapidly. flint it is almost untiossitile tit knot,
what their tirivei, eLjrn nd they are row(
mild voted uponso sominarily in the that
it is eiinally difficult to tell ohnt lottitlatton
actually proposed and nook. rah, these eiri
cumstances, it in a work little loss tedious than
unravelling a difficult riddle. to divine what is or
in not done.
The topic of conversation ey cry where today,
is the speech of Mr. Webster. listened to last
night, by 11 large and delighted audience. It Ra_s
tut admirable production, full of elegant thottylits,
startling and beautiful imagery. mid high toned
patriotism. No one can stand in his tdvsence—
see that massive forehead and highly exptessi
countenance, without not only knowing but
toy, that he in in the presence of II roan of extra
ordinary ability.
The welcoming speech of Gov. Johnston was a
Model of purity. chasteness, and propriety. The
inserter is always fortunate in his addresses.
Ile uniformly lilt. the happy wean between tame
ness and extravagance.
The Appropriation Bill still drags its slow
length along. Discussion follows vection after
section, anti the time is soon spent. The West
ern Reservoir contrary to my expectation.hos got
through the House safely. The warm apposition
of several members cooled since Monday last,
and it passed by n majority of twenty. Never
theless, Were are many who doubt the expe
dience of the appropriation under present cir
cumstances, and, when the passage of the sc:
tion to it stood, will throw the work into the
hands of contractors, at the price of eleven years
ago. . .
The following iv the vote:
Veao--Meevrs. Armstrong. Benedict. Bigelow,
Bigham, Blair, Bonham, Brindle, Camsuly,
Demers, Downer, Dungan, Dunn, Evans,
(Ilerks,) Feather. Freeman, Goodman, Gossier,
Griffin, Guffey. Hague, Hamilton, Hart, Hemp
hill, Haplet, Laughlin. Leech, Bret, Linton,
Nl'Cline, M'Kean, :Wiley. 1.14, Morrie
Mowry. (Wyoming) Iffwine, Packer, Penniman
Reckhow, Rehl, Rhey, Rhoads, Riddle. Robert.
Rosa, Simpson. Skinner, Slifer, Smith, Sander,
Steward, Struthers, Walker, Cessna, Speaker.
Nays—Bent, lffaine, nOlfell. Broomall .lley,
E. Brown, Cooper, Dobbins, Dorian, F.vans, (le
Fegely, FUR, Oahe, Haldeman. Henry
Ilimserker, Killinger, Leery, Lilly, :Maclay. 31'
donkey, SlTurdy, 3FLean, Monroe, Mowry
(Somerset) l'atteu, Reidsnyder. Scofield, Seoul
ler, Shaeffer, Shugert, Shull, Thomas, Trone
Van Horne.
Ise., r 01; Nays, 3.1.
The bill to re-anuex Montour county to Co
lumbin, was not reached to day. Tho indica
tions are decidedly in opposition to its passage.
.3t this, all good men, who haven regard to their
duties a, citizens and leohdat ors, bar, mown to
The Free Banking Bil! it n v., It ,riey,
come or. I can see no further encouragement,
cowardly opponents think they have necompli.h.
ed all that their fear of responsibility Will al
low, when they slave otf its consideration, and
prevent any action upon it. Itt: ter;•\l'
thir city wears but a dreary aspect o. day: it
bus been ruining ever since ilaylight, the streets
are empty of people, tat full of water luta mud.
Last evening the State Historical Society, held
their monthly meeting, when Major Richardson,
of 11. It. M. A., read a paper on Teetunnoli. The
Society have selected a site for their proposed
new library building, in Lafayette place between
Axtur place and Fourth street, an 1 the work is
NOVII to be euMule:wed.
Lturieg, the moults of March jumt c1u,441 there
rtrrived at this pert 16,0:el alien ple,enger. tttel
citizens; of the aliens 12,6:13 were Irish:
Ir, Germans: and 1,7:16; English. This is lin in
crease of 17,010 over the arrival of emigrants
during the same month last year.
The Steamship Arctic. Capt. Luce, of Collins
Line, sailed from this port at noon today carry
ing out a heavy freight 120 paasengertratid $250.
000 in specie. Among the passengers were,
lion. S. C. Goodrich, the newly appointed Con
sul at Paris, re" M. Walsh, and his family; lion.
Chas 11. Haddock Charge d'Alfaires to Portugal,
lion. Geo. Wright, M. C. from California, a num
' her of eminent clergyman, two of whom lire
bearers of despatches to foreign courts, and
several merchants, inventors, aid others whop.)
out on business connected with the World's Fair.
. .
The Whig General Committees completed their
organization, separate, and joint, on Tuesday
evening and are now about to invoke the aid of
the Common Council of the city, and the Gener
al Committee of the Democratic party to assist
them fa reforming the abuses of the city primary
elections, which have of late become glaringly ap-
I the Land Office. ',hoot Atigu4t
i stand that the biter siirveyv
hese gentlemen ileeelope the el
i and reaourees in that high, but
'ihle northern region, which rival
in, rind it now le, hrilliant pro
permanent. It is another proof
manner in a certain
t'' for the public printing has
fi t, ton. a report on this =abject,
key nrol Foster, containing very
important information, oidered
ly the notoe on the Ittth , Nitty,
miter of 10,0 . 0 copier, has not
Ired to the :hernia.r•. Not este
en hy any mender. and an ni
•ar we hear that A few are
rider. To do work in \ell York
me year. after it is re.Ptired.
nne half that it wonl.l r o , t In
p!ly in IV,liington, th,
It i np,.n ,Itch (v++ ft,, they,
od beggarly ttppeal bo, Itrets Itrol
vomie to l'onerot, for ..4ttoor
to 'Ay. for three tulles tto• kir
nting, and !I, Much 3' th
Nrw April 4:
! parent. There is no doubt that theentlewors of
the Whig leaders will he earnestly seco.ded by
the authorities.
The'excitement about the Dull affair at Alba
ny is as great as ever in the city, and it is said
the committee of investigation reported to day
I in the Senate, dismissing Bull; and censored
the three senators Robinson, Johnson, and Store.
The scorch of this outbreak has recently leaked
out, and I think it nerd do no halm to give it to
you. Suydam the complainant of Bull, it is a
notorious fact, is an expert Ila hmant and gamh
. ler, and has also been for some timwin the dear
confidence of the well known prostitute Kato
Hastings, and is partly umtociated with her in
keeping the housii ail Leonard street generally
known as •.the Palace. - It is saitithat Suydam
is greatly attached to this woman, but however
that may be, when the Legislntnre were down here
on their recent trip last week, Bull Went . i with
tome of the lion. members to the palace, where
they sole "entertained" until next day:
Kate taling particular charge of Bull! The re
, Milt was that in a fit of jetiltily,Stlydant swore
revenge, hence the exposure.
The Hutchinson Family are now giving con
. rert here, tool milking themselves risticolorts in
the eyes of their friends. The Six Ilrothers it
ter•merse their songs with remarks on tin'
politico, trade, rause of inmantly itc., they
are poorly attended.
The illeghenians are also performing. here to
large house,
Signs of Spring are multiplying here. Foil,
yesterday dined on green pens and atmwherries.
bronglit from Savannah, however, by the Nlearaer
Alabama: 111 trees are be, to had :..;tad
and salmon are served up at . all the eating
hotises : and it is said that a seal was seen in the
East river, yesterday.
The neelc.nbitem held a grand celebration at the
Tahernaele, Ingt week, Jame. White, I'. C. it ,
pre ,,i,il n „ A number of achire,reo were made.
on the ocenFion.
4 44
Anat.! er ebthbing ease came off, hint night, in
the Fir •
l'Ant4, where two •‘ colored gernmen "
engaged i 'a rough and tumble, and one of them
ruing he W. likely to he worsted, seized a
Innen, knife and stabbed the other in the hen-I
and shoulder. The wounded 111111 wan taken tn
the ho , pital, tire "rounder to the tombs.
M r . Jacob CiOl.P, the man who way shot nn
Suntlar night, at his residence in tilst street, iq
beyond hope or recovery. iii' physician, have
given him op.
The prize fight that was to come or between
Torn flyer noel tiomiervon has fallen thrnngh.
flyer worth! not tight for le, than i.OOO .n side.
nod Gunderson rotrld only -how $2,500. . flyer
has yet to settle, however, 'with Sec,. a %Vll
hamstutech bully. who hos taken up the enont
lett, nod raysilint if Iforeferron won't fightfkrer.
be will. flyer, however, his taken nu notice of
the threat as yet
.1 portion or the flielennitiver Pei!reed, about
::041 het in leneth, below to len's Dock. opposite
IV,I Point, o n ok yrsterdny,into the river. nit ,
i. the ' , wend tinw thin neeidont has occurred et
the .ntee rt,ce If
NlP:mutt:le I finished my ::groont in wirutio. c1:--'
which ms laslgh;e-r transcril..l (seeing.)
that her hAndwriting IV.P. fairer 'lino mine, oil
dl.geml, le:treed so that she might lot) it t••
Mojedj 1 Ler clothes were gotten ready
nodlow purely: arul g. Monday
went op to the Streeklelowg, although the Leal
A A, such that the cows gAspedthe h e d ge s
she wanted to gather dowers fo on r
a garland sbc
designed to wear. and which wan also to hr Mora
and yellow. 'lon - Ards evening she came home
with her apron filled with all manner of flow
er,: hot her hair quite wet, and him,: all
m ittol also. her sho was
ulder, IMy 11.1, my (hod,
c,erythilig to come together to destroy me,
wremile4 nom" that I atoll 1 naked, therefore.
whet, .-he had town that hr hair wtax so wet tttol
matted: whereupon she answered that stir had
gnat. rd gowers round the t olpin, ansi Iron,
then, she had gone down to the sea-':Lore.
Alter, du: 11.1 lathed iu the sea, seeing g. it
Wel, eery hot 1011.1 no one could see her. Thu,,
said do:, jesting, shy should appear before
Majesty to-morrow doubly a clean maid. Thin
displease,) toe at the time, and 1 looked grave.
Although I...aid naught.
Neat morning at six u'aock roll the people
were already at the Giant's Stone, men, women,
rod children. everybody that watt able
Ito walk woo there. At eight o'clock my dough
! ter was already dressed in all her Isrovet7,
IY 'We silken gown, with a yellow apron and
kombief. and a yellow hair .t, with a garland
of blue. nol yellow flowers round her head. It
not long velure ray young Ion! arrived, fine
ly dresocd, as become a nobleman. Ile wanted
to impure, at he said, by which rood 1 should
go op to the Stone with my ilaughter, seeing
that his father. lions von Nienkerken. arm Wit
tido Appehrem, and the Lepels of linilne, were
also going, and that there was muds people
nil the high rends, as though a Mir waft being
held, Um I sta.:lie:6mq pereriveol that all he
KA.111,1 I,Lo to see soy daughter, inavuouch as he
preenitly occupied himself stout her, and began
chattering with her in the Latin apin. Ile
113.10 her repeat to him the rarforn to t Mt Ma
jesty: whereupon lie. in the person 'of the king,
answered her •./to 'ratwaia r,thrn.
•11, eo rolors;nim colt, ter anyrlat Dornint
oirsom ..cittprriarcum can, nunqnnen Injin
, 4•11 r nobwr:" whereupon the grew red, as like
wive did I. but from vexation. as may be easily
gviesaed. I therefore begged taht his to ship
would but go forward toward the Stone, seeing
that my daughter hod yet to help me on with
toy surplice: whereupon, however, ha answered
that he would wait for us Ste while in the cham
ber. and that we might then go together. Soweto
I blessed myself from this young lord; but what
could Ido 7 As he would not go, I was forced
to wink at it all; and before long we went up
to the Stone. where I straightway chose three
Runty fellows from the crowd, and sent thorn
up the steeple that they might begin to ring the
hells no soon as they should see MC get up tenon
the Stone and wove my 6 noplein. This they
promised to du, andstraightway departed; where
upon I not down on the Stone with toy daughter
thinking that the young lord would surely stand
apart or became his dignity; albeit he did not,
but tat down with us on the Stone. And we
three sat them ell alone, and all the folk looked
at or. 101 l none drew near to see my. child's fine
clothes, not even the young lasses, as is their
wont to do; but this I did not observe till rarer
ward., when I heard how matters stood with us
corn then. Towards nine o'clock, Ilans - lvon
Nienkorken called to hi, ton in ass :sum voice;
tool seeing that the young lord heard him not,
he rode up to the Stone, nod cried out so loud
that all the foiks might hear, "Can'sit thou .not
heat-lien, hay, when thy father calls thee r
Wliereupon Itooliger followed him M much,it
plea-ure, owl we sow from to distance how the
old lord teemed to threateh his son; trod spat
our before him, but knew not what this might
signify: we were to learn it moon enough. though
nnine's the pity.
Soon after the two Lepel,. of Giiitre 4 twine
from the bamennv.. and the nobleman solute,'
one other to the greensword dose beside us,.
hot without looking on us. And I beard the
Lepels soy that nought could yet he seen of his
..,Irkjesty. but. then the coast-guonl fleet around
'Roden woe in motion. and that assent !noshed
. ships were —tiling !hi , way. As soon this
ore , wn , known, all the folk ran to die:,c.tirre
is but a -top from the Storms:and, th e
hohlemen role thither ton. all sure IVittiolt„ who
had dismounted, and who, when he caw that I
, ent old l'onsolt hit. boy up into a tall oak-tree
to look out for the king, straightway landed
himself :timid my daughter again, wino now Fat
all clime upon the Stone: ••IYhy hod she not
taken his I.llod:saw"' owl whether she would
not change her mind on the tuna, and hare
him now, or else come into service with hint
;the Sheriff' himself' for that if she woold not
he believed she might tat Imrry for 'UMW day."
Whereupon she :maimed hint Ins the tUlit
that lintm woo unit ann. tiling the was sorry for,
namely. that his lordship would take so much
ostler. , pain, upon hid, whereupon she nose with
ill haste owl came to where I ctood under the
tree. looking after the Intl. who was climbing up
it. Bid our old Ilse said that he aware no great
cm,• when my daughter turned her hack Upon
him, and went straightway- into the elder-move
dose by the high road, where stood tine old
Witch Lirsie
Meanwhile I wont with my 'daughter to this
tea-share Owl fountlit quite true tint the whole
fleet VMS tailing over front Roden and Ole to
ward" Wallin. and several shires passed on. elote
before 131 i that we ensild see the tiddlers thendine
upon them and the dashing of their amt. iron,
we Mani the horses neigh and the soldiery laugh.
On one ship, inn, they Were drumming. and on
another cattle lowed rind sheep bleated. Whilst
we yet gated we raw smoke come out frdm one
of the ships, followed by a great E mits% and pre
sently we were aware of the hall hounding over
.the water, whirls foamed stud splashed on either
side and coming straight towards us. Hereupon
the crowd rut away on-every title with loud crier,
'and we plainly bourd the soldiery in the ships
laugh thereat. Bat the hall Newsnp And struck
into the midst of an oak herd by l'astsch his hay,
so that nearly two cart-loads of boughs fell to
the earth With a great crash, anidcovered all th
.A .0 lake war the r2e.a.
la yelllo/015 m UHNiOI9.
road by which his Majesty wall to come. Here
: upon the boy could stop nu longerin the tree bow
ever touch 1 exhorted him thereto, but cried out
; to no as he cam, down that n greet troop of sol
dier., was marching out of the forest by the Dame
: row, and that likely enough the king was among
them. Hereupon tint` Sheriff ordered the. rout
to Lc cleared forthwith, and thin WWI some time az
doing, ceing Ulla the thick boughs were stunk
foot in trees an Around, the nobles, as soot. as
all was mode ready, would hate ridden to meet
his Majesty butistayed still on the little green
! s ward, :c.eCalMe vi'e already head the noise of
horses, carriage‘ and voices close to its in the
fore t.
it was not long before the .cannons broke
through the brushwood with three guider seated
upon them. And seeing that one of them was
known to me (it was Stoacr liraothnhn,of Poen..
yuletide), I drew near and begged tarn that he
would tell me wite4l the king should come. But
he answerel that Ate 1V41.4 going foncard with
the cannon to Cosiirow, and that I was only to
watch for a tall dark man. with chit and feather
lint' a gold chain round his neck, for that was
the king, and that he rode next after One great
standard whereon woo a yellow lion.
Wherefore I narrowly watched the pmcession
ns it wound out of the force[. And next aftm•
the artillery came the Finnish and Lapland
bowmen; who went clothed all in furs, although
it was noz the height of summer, whereat 1
greatly wondered. .Ifter three here came Inch
people. but I know not what they were. Pre
sently I copied over the hazel-tree which stood
in toy way so that I could not see everything as
soon as it came forth outhof the coppice,. the
great flag with the lion on it, and, heltind that
the head of a very dark man with a golden chain
round his neck, wereupon straightway I judged
this must be the king I therefore waved my
napkin towards the steeple, wereupcn •the bells
forthwith rang out, and while the dark eton rode
nearer to tn., I pulled MT toy scull-cap, fell upon
my knees, and fed the Ambrosias hymn of praise,
.d all the people plucked their hats from
their heads and knelt 'town on the ground all
aronntl singing, Idler me: men. woman, and
e . .hildron., sane only the nohleig, who stoat still on
the greensward, and did not take otT their hats
and behave with attention until they Raw that
lit, „Majesty drew in his horse. (ft was a coal
black charger, and stopped with its two fore-feet
right anon my field, which I took as a sign of
good fortune,.
When we had finished, the sheriff quickly got.
off his horse and would have approached the king
with his there guides who followed after him;
ifrM, I had takeniny child by the hand and would
also have dr.twn,near to the king. Howbeit, his
Majesty motioned away theSherni and beckoned
to to approach, whereupon I wished his Majesty
joy in the Latin tongue. and 'extolled his mag
nanimous heart, seeing that he had deigned to'
German ground for the protection land aidl••
of poor persecuted Christendom; and praised if
as a rigs front God that ruck had happened on
this the highest festival of our poor church, and
I prat',..l his Majlisty graciously to receive what
my tflachter desired to present to hint; where
upon i ri s Majesty lobked on her and amited
pleasintl. Such gracious bearing Mode her
bold again, albeit, she trembled visibly just be
fore, and she reached him a blue and yellow
wreath whereupon lay the carmen. saying, AM:Fe, '
ha, viler, core:nano rl for, whereupon She began
to recite the Meanwhile his Majesty
grew more and more gracious. looking now
her and now on the, ..-trua, and nodded with
especial kin•lnc, ten ands the end, which was as
MM , ====l
111N-ra rrgua men:
Tone mob ,0•,•• til.i zarneina mote,
'rum. iuo. res. i..l.rtaA tarta eno.¢l.
AllO/1 , ” e•t.t ed. futura brril I
ri• tor,oe optit.•
A o soon :IR She held her pare. his Alajesty said:
Pr..pim ore rel.:, of to creirto, ; nhere
upon ,ha drew w•.++ to his hone bliu•hing deeply.
thou; ht he w+uhl only hate kis +eil her fore
head.+, potentate+ commonly teed Jo, hut
n o t at .+H ki;sed her hp: with a loud smack.
and the long feather; on his hat drooped over
her nerk. so that I tow: quite afraid f.'r her again.
Hut he ...on rai,ed up his head. and halting off
his gut.' chain, n hereon ilututled his'otrn elligy,
he hung it round my child'a neek with there
words: //on,s, rob-Araltelmt ei faroge Deo
redur fuer° rider, pr.0.,1111.1. n 1111.73 .1 pritterea
.Itto we'd° eJereet...
. .
Hereupon the Sheriff, with his three men, again
mane forward and I.owed down to the ground
before hi, Majesty. Foe as he knew no Latin.
den,. no Italian n 4 French, I land to net ns •
preter. For lain Majesty inquired how farit wee
to Swine, and whether there was still touch for
eign soldiery there And the Sheriff thought
there were still about 2110 Front s i n th e. „ any.
Whereupon bin .Injesty spurred on his horse,
and, nodding graciously, cried , " l'alete!" and
now eame the re,t at the 'troops, about 8000
strong, rut of the coppice, which likewise had a
valiant bearing, and attempted no fooleries, ne
troops are wont to du, when they passed by ay'
.and the women. hut marched un in honest quiets
and we followed the train until the threat
beyond eoserow, where we commended it to the
care of the .Xlmighty, anal every one•went on his
way home.
[1" nr. covrtnrtt•.
iThott vlfhlt 11::11:11 chnoito r 111.. fit,
lbr innnai kintatoun...l alp Wise land'
'llion Ash to, ton:: will, Itiffirrninionen flow.
Botwlint: tht. tint. ~ 1 1hn hone, bawl!
noon, not. m.-towline. lhoitle lint, If fling
. .
•i•bi fel tur.•
vntl•-•• prodro•rnitA •
r, [v. thre well'
The Watchman of the :Ath Martilt, puhlioLel
at lAreenport. on the 13ast end of tong I,lland,
gives the following history of a hasty marriage,
oera.ionerl by advertising for a wife in the news
-.ln affair, somewhat novel and exciting, took
place in the village of entenogue, a few dip
since. It appears that Joseph Baker, of that
place, andlate of 17reeoport, went to New York
a few weeks ngo for the purpose of obtaining a
wife. Hie first move was to publish a notice in -
the New York Sun, stating that a young widow
er• about 25 years of age, having ono chilli and
a fans at a :short distance in the countn•, wish
es! to enter a second tine into the matrimonial
-state, with some respectable lady of shout his
own age.
. •
This notice attracted the attention of a young
girl in the city. aged some lb-or Ii) years, by
the name of Elsie Craig. who soon responded to
Joseph's notice. This was followed by nit in
terview between the parties.
According to the account which the girl - gave
at Cutchogue, Mr. Ilaker represented hiume:f to
her to he a gentleman of character and retpecta- •
!dray in the community where he lived: that he
hod n volimble farm down on Long Island. witty
a good house, pleasantly situated, and all the
necessary improements and appurtenances: that
he kept cow:: and other stock, together with a
horse, earriag.!.&c.
After a negotiation of o number of days a ma-
trimonial engagement was entered into, which
was finally eutemnumated in Into form, by a cler
gyman of :he city, on t 4 aturday morning hot,—
After 'tho marriage Ceremony was solemnised the
parties accompanied the mother of the bride,
imfitediately left the city and teak the accontmo
lotion train to visit the splendid establishment
of Mr. Joseph Raker, at eutchogne, on Long Is
land, with high lopes, and pleasing anticipations,,
no doubt.
flu arrivire , , at Mr. Baker's handsome country
re,idence, behold it was not there! Nothing hot
p ',lvity. vitnateit in a Eoneeonio, out of
nay plate. with every indicationof indMence
nod poverty. instead - of a neat, comfortable
dwelling. presented it,elf turbo astonished stran
gere. The poor girl and her mother, after tak
ing a fair view of the premises, and di , covering
the imposition, and the manner in which the
daughter had Imeo 'duped, overwhelmed with
disappointment, mortitic;ition, awl divin.t, at
once decided to return to the city.
They found o friendly Owner nt the honor of
Mr. at no great distance. and after
makirig proper inquire!, respecting the elennc
ter:habit and eiremortancea of the mild Joaeph
Baker, no they were untlernhard in that commu
nity, tney declared that the marriage was brought
allied by fal>e pretences.nii,cpre.ontations, arid
hypocriry. .1 lawyer and a jartice were snot
called in, 6, untie the Matrimonial knot which
hnd no recently, and rn impnnlenOr . nod f ‘tt il...
st,ty on the p art of the gist. teen funned by the
leaden. Wrinnb , were duly , F retted by which
the young lady reliwpii.hed all claim and right
of dower to any property which the raid Jos e ph
taker might hare, with a consent on bin port
that tine marriage contract, to nil intents and
might iw ilissolteil. The mother and
dough!, took the Car, on Monday, and returned
In the city.
rite understand that MIRA Craig, now 31rn.
Baker, is nn itlu_.trionn respectable girl—a
New York., and or respectable connec
tionn: null that Ilio matrimonial alliance between
herself and linker wan with the advice and con
went of her mother, who it ,ectus gave too Much
credit to fair protestation without proper proof.
The girl, we apprehend, has learned that answer
ing an advertisement of that description is, sil
ly and somewhat dangerous practice.
I:o , NlrAltr QUESTION.—The commissioners, of
Rhode Mood and hlncsachosetts have been tins-'
ble to agree as to their boundary, now nearly
two hundred years in dispute. ThoGorenkor 9f
i'llassachnsetts, in communicating thia ,19et .
the Legislature, rays: 44 shouhrittere b e ao'Te
Intim: upon the subject during thepriaelat.aelt
' Sift, he shall consider it his duty to• istetttiljk''
such proceetras may lead to a jidielal 3'g9j404.`