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Our citizen, ye•dPril.ty, received intelligence
through a telegraphic despatch, that Major Gen
eral Winfield Scott, had passed through Browns
ville, and would arrive in Pittsburgh, on the
steamer Atlantic, at five o'clock. Long before
that hour, the wharf was thronged by a crowd,
anzioni to come our distinguished visitor.—
It is to be Priretted that, owing to the want of
due notice, the necessary preparations to receive
the General, in u manner worthy of him, were
not made, but our citizens made the beet use of
the short time at their command.
At about sin o'clock, the Atlantic came•into
view, with her colors flying. Minute guns were
flred,until the boat arrived at the wharf, when she
was at once boarded by hundreds of the specta
tors. Gnarls had been stationed at the stairs
leading to the cabin, but the crowd forced them
aside, and rushed up the steps, when they were
introduced to the General.
Byerly's Brava Band was in ' attendance, and
played uppropri4te airs.
After Collle time, a procession was formed, and
General Scott. escorted by the Ilcnorable Moses
Hampton nod Gruel Lorimer, proceeded to the
Monongahela House, amidst loud cheering. The
crowd was so dense that he hod considerable dif
ficulty iu passing through it, added to which, he
was stopped by those who wished to shate hands
with him. The halls and balcOrlit, of the Mon
ongahela house wore crowded, immediately on
his arrival. Loud cries of Scott: Scott: and
cheers arose, and the General, in obedience to the
call, appeared on one of the balconies.
The Hon. Moses Hampton introduced Major
General Winfield Scow to the citizens, and the
latter said:
"My friends of PittsbuiT,h, I thank you from
the bottom of my he irt, for the kind and affec•
donate welcome you have given me to your city.
I have been present at many scenes which have
been more or less pleasing, but few have given
me more gratification than tho cordiality of your
reception. Accept, my fellow citizens, the
thanks of an old soldier, for your kindness, and
excuse me for not now making a longer speech
to you. (Tremendous cheering.)
The General then retired to the hall, where he
was introduced to a large number of our citi
zens, among whom weobserved Colonel Trovillo,
and other veterans of the late war; Col. Block,
Capt. Naylor, and many soldiers of the war with
Mexico, together with large numbers of our citi
General Scott is accompanied by the Hon. R.
Jones, Adjutant General, and by Surgeon Lawson
of the United States Army.
We regret to state that the pressing nature of
his arrangements will not allow him to remain
more than a few hours in Pittsburgh, and he
leaves to day at 10 o'clock, in the steamer Mes-
The soldiers of the late sear with Great Britain
are requested to meet at the house of George
Beales, Fourth Street, nt 9 o'clock, for the purpose
of making arrangements to escort him to the
Oaannn's MallAZlNE.—This beautiful monthly,
for May, has already, made its appearance upon
our table.
BEIXONS To Tocsin 31Es.—The third of a ee
rier of Sermons to Young Men, will be preach•
ed on Sabbath evening the Bth inst. at 7 o'clock,
In the Second Presbyterian Church, Pittsburgh,
by the pastor, Rev. W. D. "toward.
The middle block of pews will be reserved for
young men.
In the case of Joonthan H. Baker es the own
ers of the Steamboat Hibernia No. 2, noticed in
yesterday's Guiette, the jury returned a serdict
for the defendants.'
}Baler and "Staunton for defendants. C. 0.
Loomis for plaintiff.
Woods and Sheldon vs. Jesse Rhodes. Re
cognisance of T. Williams and James I. Kahn
filed in the sum of $3OO. The recognisance
aforesaid. is approved. and it is ordered and de
creed that the plaintiffs be allowed to take out
of Court the maneys deposited in this case,
which the Prothonotary is ordered to pay ac
Henry Boyle, surviving partner of A. J. Catlett
is A. G.- Richardson. No. Sti January Tenn.
• W. LOOM-
S& for defendant. No veil:list.
COMM OP OYES AIM 173141108.
FRIDAY, April 4
Present; Honorable William B. McClure, Pre
sident Judge, and Samuel Jones, and William
Boggs, Associate Judge.
Tee case of Commonwealth vs. Joseph Acker
ban, was continued, and was very ably opened
to the idry, by John Mellon, Esq. A large num
ber of witnesses testified to Ackerman's •exem
plary Character. It wits also proved that it is
the custom in lithographic establishments, for the
bands employed to take small quantities of col
ore, for experimenting, ac.
The evidence was closed for the, defence, when
CoL Black addressed the jury on behalf of the
Commonwealth, and James K. Kelinedy for the
The jury, after a short absence, returned a ver
dict of not guilty, and that the prosecutor pay
the mists. This, the Court instructed them, they
could not do. as it was a cue of grand larceny,
and the verdict was altered to "not guilty."
The Counsel for the defence, then asked what
disposition should be made of the paints in ques
tion, and they were directed .to be banded over
to Messrs. Wegrier', Buechocr, and Muller, to
whom they belonged.
Commonwealth is. John Duffy. Indictment,
Larceny, The prisoner is accused of taking a
gold match and chain, together with two gold
sings, from-Mr. Alexis Bonnet, on the evening of
the 14th of January.
Meals Bonnet bl9olll-.--1 loot a gold watch and
chain on the night in question. On that night,
that of the Mayor's election, I was standing on
Fourth street, when a crowd came up and naked
me to treat. I put my hand in my pocked to get
a dime, to give them, in order to get rid of them.
They jostled me, and in the confusion my watch
was taken; Duffy was afterwaids arrested, charg
ed with the offence, and said be had not taken
it, but If we would let him oIL he would show us
where it was. Duffy was in the crowd. I recog
nized him partly by his voice, and partly by a
mark upon his check.
A. B. Keevil sworn—Saw Duffy in the crowd
Be had hold of Mr. Bonnet Be naked the tat
ter to go to the St. Char co and treat. Saw him
take the watch from Mr. Bonnet. The chain
seemed to break, and be thrust it in his breast.
After that he handed something to a man named
Cook- I followed him, aline pulled out a pistol
and threatened me. Be admitted that he knew
where the watch was.
Hamilton liastiops sworn—Saw Daffy break
the chain, and—put the watch in his breast.—
Was standing
alongside of Mr. Eeevil at the
time. IleardDuffy say that he would . tell where
the watch and chain were, if they would let him
- The case cloned here, on behalf of the Com
monwealth, and no witnesses were called for the
defence.' Oliver H. Rippey, Esq., appeared on
behalf of the Commonwealth, H. 8. Slograw,
Eeq., for the defence.
Commonwealth vs. Joseph Barker, et. aL In
dictment, Riot. Messrs. Black and Cochran up.
=for the Commonwealth ; Messrs. Mahon,
w, and Snowden for the defence.
The counsel for the defendants, insisted on the
names of the prosecutors being entered on the
bit Considerable discussion ensued. Mr. Coch
ran stated that he was employed by the city
councils, not by any private prosecutors, and.
therefore, had no authority to enter any name.
410114 and Pryor finally consented to ap
pear an prosecutors.
The case was opened to the Jury, on behalf of
the Commonwealth,. by J. T. Cochran, Esq. The
defendants were accused of creatiug'a riot, some
time in the mouth of October last. This alleged
riot was committed in arresting a number of po
licemen, appointed by the Councils.
Mr. Richard Pryor, one of the Councils' police,
testified that while he was in the discharge of his
duty last fall, Joseph thicker, and a - number of
other persons, violently arrested and assaulted
kint, taking him to the catch ' , ,house, where be
was kept for some hours.
Mr. Hessen, (a police oner), was sworn, and
testified that he saw Barker arrest Prior in the
Diamond, and that lie, in company with a crowd
Of upwards of cue hundred persons, came into
collision with the police committee's night watch
at the corner of Literty nod :llarbury streets,
while the latter wore quietly discharging their
B . arker and his on William, arrested a mace
frolifillfkintols, and too of he ex-Aloyor's men
took him, in el riulez.t umunec, t o the watch
house. '
Alderman' ajor wo , Aaron,, and t,tifieil that
00 the 7th of
it ., the committee
'Sent word to rkor that thoy an pat on a act
of tight watchmen. nod that they- did not with
him to dirturh them.
The Court then adjJarmal until ten o'cluek thitt a.
morning. I
Now BMW:C.—We learn from the Enterprise
that the Chestnut Street Bridge Company have
contracted for the erection of a new wooden
bridge over the Allegheny River, on the site of
the one recently destroyed by fire. The plan is
somewhat new in this part of the country, and
ill cost about $17,000.
Tar PANORAKA..-Our readers will recollect
that there will be nn afternoon exhibition of
ogawell's Panorama at the Athenreum to day.
Sight exhibition as usual.
HORSE TIEIEF.—The horse of Mr. Walter
Bryant, which wa: , tied in front of his store, woo
ooly unhitched by a genteely dressed mon on
(Thursday. who rode off upon it. The animal
[was found on the same day in the neighborhood
of Hayti. the thief becoming alarmed, having
labandoned it.
Peter Shoemaker, was yesterday committed to
prison by Alderman Major, charged with utter
ing counterfeit mosey.
MZCTING OF Tlin CoCNCILS.—The Allegheny
Councils met on Thursday ensuing.
In the Select Council, the minutes of the last
meeting were read and adopted.
A petition relative to paring a portion of East
Lane, between Bank Lane and Carpenter's Alley,
wan referred to the Street Committee.
Action concurred iu by the Common Conn
A petition from citizens of Carroll street, pray
i!ng, for the exterteion of water pipes from Bearer
o Webster street, woe refereed to the Water
Action concumd ill by the Common Coun
A report of the Superintendmit of the Water
Yorks, favorable to retaining the watchman at
Le basin, was read and adopted.
I it was resolved, That the Superintendent of
'the Water Works, be authorised to escermin the
r l sponse of laying four and five inch pipes from
the outer station of the Ohio mull Pennsylvania
raiLroifffi to the nearest connection with the city
water pipes; and report at neat meeting.
Action concurred in by the Common Coun
I On-motion, it was
Resolved, That the Committee on Markets be
uthorised to settle all difficulties between the
lerk of the market and stall renters.
Action concurred in by the Common Corm
A report from the Committee on Surveys, fa
,rable to retaining the grade of Ridge street,
as read.
Report neeeptid
A resolution was also read and aOcepted, in_
aver of opening n forty feet street, including
idewalks, eleven feet wide, from Federal street,
long the North Common, to Shanapin Street,
..d laying out a forty feet street, including side
`walks eleven feet wide, in front of in-lots on the
ommons, with the exception of Webster street,
hich has been already surveyed.
Mr. Moffit moved to amend the above resolu
'on so as to make the streots on North Common,
d on the in -lots, sixty feet wide, exclusive of
(side-walk, which is to be eleven feet wide.—
mendment accepted, and resolution passed.
Action concurred in by the Common Coon
A resolution was passed authorizing the Street
Commissioners to procure plank for repairing
canal bridges.
The pay roll of the Street Commissioner, for
March, was read and accepted.
Mr. Painter presected a petition praying for
the grading and paving of Rank Line, above the
Aqueduct. Referred to Street Commissioner,
with power to act.
COMMON cormr.
The minutes of the last meeting were read and
A large number of bills; petitions, and resolu
tions passed in the Common Council. anti were,
with one exception, concurred in by the Select
Council, as follows:
A petition, signed by a number of the citizens
of the Third Ward, praying that the water pipes
should be extended along Poplar alley.
Referred to the Committee on Streets. -
- 7:A petition f roma number of the citizens of the
Fourth Wald. praying for an' appropriation for
the purpose of putting Saw Mill alley, between
Chesnut =tree! and the saw mill in good or
Referred to Street Committee
heveral citirens,of the Fourth Ward presented
petition relative to the grade of said street.—
Also relative to filling up a pool of stagnant wa.
Referred to Committee on Surreys.
A petition, praying for the
„erection of a fire
dog at the corner of East Lane and Ohio street,
referred to the Committee on Streets.
Itimond . be th - roma open to the accommodation
,f market wagons.
Referred to Committee on Market.
Resolved, That the Committee on Streets be
.4trueted to inquire into the eapediency and
ost of widening thank Lane, between the Ague
not and the Hand street bridge, to its truper
Atli, thirty-three feet: and that said Coni
..ittee report at the next meeting of the Cuuu-
The .layor was authorized to draw his war
ant for the sum of $3 .- J,35 is favor of the City
In motion, it RIM
Resolved. That the Committee do Engines
and Hose he authorized to contract with the tow
st and best bidder for 1000 feet of good leather
hose, and that 500 feet be placed in the dd and
4th Wank each, provided the.eame be consider.
ed city property.
Action not concurred in.
Resolved, That the City Treasurer he requir
•d, in receiving and paying out the pour tax,
o conform strictly to the requirements of the
.inth and tenth sections of the Act of April :4th,
Chimotiom the Council adjourned.
Tare Biu.s.—The folloiting ic a list of the
e bills, returned by the Stand Jury, since our
ast report.
Henry Johnston and Robert M'Cutchcon—Lar
Ed. Mullen and Bernard Lafferty—lnvoluntary
slaughter. ,
'Thos. Whittaier-13urglary.
F ,
Henry flosack—Assault and Battery. .
Henry Johnston and John Duffy—Robbery...
James McDermott--Larceny, three bills.
Tim. McPberson-+lforse Stealing.
Thos. Jackson--„Larceny.
Martin Day—Larceny.
James Robinson—Perjury. 1 -
Tux PETIT J cwt.—The /nowhere of the petit
ory, were yesterday discharged from further
wendenee on the Court of..Qnarter Sessions, ort; ,
5 GROSS Rushton, Clarke & Co.'s genuine.
Cod Liver OD, for tale by J. KIDD et CO..
ntehlto 00 Wood et.
TURNED PILL BOXES—Assorted sizes,
b see by f. d FAILNESTOCK CY,
HE\SP—Engli him
por.d. for We to
OLL BUTTER—A few hbls. on hand and
B. fur vale by ENGLISH aD E NNLIT,
Second. and 151 Firm 12
PRESSED S o f: t ! , h.:EtS--- ,t ' ut: l l. 6 ,A
o i k i tAs ll ( i i , rrarAved
IDIG METAL.-440 ton) for sale by
mrbl9 RIMY, mArrrirws & Co.
- 0 It. lambi Rani:wry. Iv atom and for .nlr by
meb4 5111.44:11 nicKersoy.
BLED PEACHES-550 bu. for Sale by
••eb/. 2.5.5 Liberty sL
Ie hhdr. Illautelloo sgar ,
tee bide. do. alnlatere, (oak roapr•rTgr.)
Itt rtore sod for sale by
UM OPIUM—I ease for sale by
• =lllO ./. KIDD 0 CO_ 110 Wend It.
v.. Manufacture, of the beat brawl, foroale low by
I metal'AlAll DICKEY ok CO.
R PIES AND TAETFreeli Cherries
and Pituns. put trp in their on° Juke. Drrnerrinn the
.1 Caror thr fruit Alm,—Ceouper . e relebrated
Sheet and Shred leingines and Frettrh llelntlue, fur Jellirs,
Blame Maus, 1.• fo , b
mehl2 W3I. A. NI I.VRO & cn.. 2.56 Liberty' et_
7ENISON HAM S--93 for Kile by
' =lll3 J. D. WILLIA3II3 & CO.
TANNERS' OIL - 10 blAs. warranted pure,
for rale by ruelad it. k. dr:Luxe.
PECTORAL, Starch Polish, Soap
Po.ler, and EfferrepcinirCumpuusad. fur sab• by
mat. It. L. dELLERS. Wcod rL
HAftl'Elt'S MAGAZINE, • fur March, rc—
alved and fur ralo .t J. 1101.31 M
Literary Der. t. Third rtm.t,
mchh nypralls. tb. Peet 0111 r, •
LW. Siltvr Cand:
I 10. l. Lori, 10,lb Corlx
I rA, Lbobrirr IIAII: lu , lreorlsool
d for sale by r, .N. WICKLUSIJAM.
ob:1,12oornor %4',..1 bad Fr
Sixth ..
Leollol.---fi ',IA,. for !Of` lIV
Lo^b2l J KIIII , A C. 11.. LI 1 {1r.1.1..
NG LISH IT N - I T I.IS RI: I )•--20 lib Is. fur
A pa, I, tr, , ,,, .1 KIDD o: co
l'A NI:q1 AV II IT IN( i- --:',o t,his. 1,,„,j e ii, v
~ 111111 , 11./ .
oNtr% firo•, for
I.: lOb 4 ~..
'.l':U('H.l . l:l BLEB-10U for sale I,
J hILP r , ,
1,( . 0111)1,-- I s :. MAN. for ,tl.•
, FLI Fit ,
)EARLS-14 casks (find sort.) fur loth, by
Grain—The market is unchanged, with sales
, 4000 bt- yellow corn, b us
METHEIt TNTELLIG.ENCE prg sr EAKE E Prormions—Sales 900 bids me. , pork. at Sl4
BALTIC. for mess, and $11,87 for prime. Sales 300 bbls
Lard. at B}6B.ic lb. Bacon is firm, at last
Groceries—The market is unchanged.
Cotton is held higher under the news by the
- •
lincatisrurrs—The late accounts from France,
reporting an advance in wheat and dour, with
some cessation in exports, have created more
confidence in the maroet, with a turn iu prices
in favor of holders, flour having advanced Cid td
DK, and wheat 1.1 1.4 70 lb.
FLorti—We,terti canal in tilluted at 161 b. 1 (;
.11, and 1•1 1:14.1.4.L.t. 22t Ohio,
20:4(;,2 I, aw I Cuirtda 200 2 1,. .. •,urjour i Nuo .
tell at. bbl.
GSA IN-11 heat in Zei 3 , 1E63 ter red,
and tO.,(a i iib ~ .1 for white, *E- 70 Pit. 1 e'dour tom
is quoted at CO,; what Lt. . S and railed du at
2Po quarter.
Priovist4its—liect,ind pitrl. are in full' di tumid
at limn rata .' llncon h . m terther a.ivanccil
2,, with a hare eitilliet. eitulJet,
are wanted, but now: are to he Lad. Lard has
adeauced 3(.2„,1id V cwt.
TALLOW-11as :lily:Laced 10 with
a Fpecuiattve dinand.
_ -
2, is ca[i
OlLA—Linseed I.r lower, tun 133-
Ting boon accepted. (hive 1, vteady. s.da 1050
Puitas at £du on the nod 22:9,
to., arrive.
MET.L.Li—Orders fur railway iron are Dueler
0.. Welch bar es hind at T.l lis Tin plates
are mere freely offered, lint the rates arc still:;:at
per cwt. In lead, tin copper, there is edit
a good busuits, doing at unchanged prices.
Scotch pig iron is dull at nlio Is decline.
'Gnat:nate N —Coffee i, dud, and sties tire cue
flood to auLtli Si. annitl:!U Od, and of
Rio nt dtio per cot. In sugar nothing has been do
ing worth tutuaiouing. Molasses is quoted at
lizxr—Good Nleuille ie eelliug et .C. 37 per
TUEACCO—ne irc,rket is dull, but unchunged
in prices, excepting M4rylaud.
WOOL—The market is actiNe, cud prices are
well supported!:
The Papal Bill, modified sod curtailed as it le,
is acknowledged by no party, hut still occupies
the time of the House of CuW.A..
A correspondent of the London limes says,
that it is impossible to deny that there evidently
is a reactionary movement among certain legiti
mate circles in Faubergstreet, lieituain, to ac
cept u prolongation of the President's pow-
The Cyrcie, in reference to the circulation of
- rumors that France would assume a warlike po
sition en the German question, remarks, that so
long no a good understanding exists with Eng
land, there can bp uo-war on spch account.
A council of Ministers wa)flield at the. Elysee,
, and the news Iron] Berlin , Illiresden, and Vienna,
I was the principal subject of discussion. Tile
Council decided that instructions should be given
to the French Minister nt Vienna, informing him
of the attitude France would take, should a con
test arise between the great Germun Princes.
The siews of the hang of Prussia met with the
sympathy of the Central Government, leaving
nothing wanting but their ratification by the Sov
On 3lontbreuffler's return to Berlin, he found
that his Dresden adVersaries bad not been inac
tive, at Berlin, with the King, and the aspect of
affairs was entirely changed. The King'svo-ws
were entirely different from what they were
when he left him. Frederick William indulge ,
visions of ambition, and regards this as ninvorn
ble titßo for a rupture with 'Austria, broken as
she is in power, and her armies diminished.
The determination of a second Dresden confer
ence is supported by the views of SLLSOIIy,
temberg, Bavaria, and Ilanovcr, white the pre
ceedinga of the conference in relation to the Ger
man provinces, presents a powerful obstacle to
the ascendancy of Austria. They eectutui to form
a paid establishing a confederation which may
revive the hopes of the National party, which
threatens to increase the rupture between the
cabinets at Vienna and Berho.
It is believed that Prince Swarttenherg, has
Sent wield:end reply hi the King of %V ifteleberg,
Italian that his Sovereigh in.teed of be
leg oppotedto hi,view,. itb them,
and does not think the tone hat curer to Curry
out the project of the German Confederation.
The dreriand mail :rum liindnstan and India
arrived at Suez. on the ith of h
The Bombay journal, aIItIOULICe toe .urtender
of fort Darruhut in lii,eii or I. doiniai• An Oh I be iltb
of February. A portion iif the Prune', term
tory has been rattle over to Ea.: In. , ia, a an
equirilent for o debt of op f./OU ii..iinds du . by
' h i% tVYACrriiTtitiliETUAkill Let: 'AieC tfoless fr . ai
the Oriiintni li auk.
ii:ta ;Tn.:en out In the
dh.turbed Cht e,e pruvutces. The !,ez.lth a the
truqp. nt /Lay,: }COW has beets hluch lihrueed
A new of 1.e., tour
hfindrett and fifty m::‘, Ir•..w I't-I.ln, t.y a L.,10n
Commercial os,: u., Bth,bay.
The import market ass r. a, Lot n, there., it.
prices La,: :Ada, IThohl;l1 ,r.te vot•
too woo produced by heldet, beinett,•aspos,..l to
.oli. The money tuarket had imen.l,l
The commermal prospards dsloutta and
China were generally Letter
The ship Ivanhoe was Seen ashore on the
Board Shoal, ott Nantucket, on the 'I ith of Feb.
ruary, with all sails set.' I here to no doubt but
she ha, gone down with al: on board.
Tae overland mail had arrived nt Liverpool,
with dates from Bombay to the 17th February,
and from Hong Bung to the 17th of January.
Fears were entertained of a fresh insurrection
111 the southern provinces.
An extensive smugglinl company has been
discovered at elningha,
April 4
A fugitive slave from Savannah, Georgia, was
arrested here loot night. A good deal of excite
ment prevutled here, and the negro was stabbed
severely. The officer who arrested him is held
for examination.
Porrsritre, April 9
The coal operators met this afternoon for the
purpose of conferring with their employers in
relation to prices. The attendance was large.
Mr. Tucker ' President of the Reading Rail
road, conferred with the committee, anti stated
that the Company was disposed to receive any
plan from the operatives, that'. would either re
duce the quantity or maintain remunerating
After. receiving the report, the-meeting ad
journed, to meet again ou Monday forenoon nest
to devise tome plan to meet the exigencies of
the trade.
SUBSCRIRER has been appointed
• Lwitcssren, (Pa.) April 4-7 P. tITFIE
The bridge over the Conestoga creek, one mile " h. r
below this place, was destroyed by lire thin If . rst.hlrn hero off.r,„,„ in
ternoon,.hetween 5 and o'clock. The cause of th,pu , .11... menu( tune as the public. that the
the fire is l. (fist _hleh pmmotre the
yet unknown, but is supposed to have tlbMtrr o "1";,,u,!%,„ the but dh
caught from the sparks of the locomotive of the *, .teel with a e , sueare tul Wade, and from the per
Philadelphia train. Goods will hove to be wag- 11 ".N r ''''''' b t t14712 . , , ,,,`
gonad diatabce of two miles round, until the nave,* re-eramnal them: Se w item
ell ratiolled hi - he with lb.
budge is rebuilt, which will probably be a month., =`!` - ,T,Pe„ - „ d o u ,
This will cause but little delay, however, In the , da , aal.
transportation of merchandite. ,roarautre ever, roe to Oro perfect satlersetloo.—
Fur oalc, 1,, the dozen or ear,
toth the telegraphic wires which crossed this u, w. W ourth e
rota, Market acid Ft,
bri'dge are broken, but will be up iu the morn- n al2l
D. KING, Ranker and Exobonge Bro.
F2orth st., Anlr to IVrternFutole.,F:tqpt
i,, , , - 1(...:a it.: i.;:....i.:,;.',i;::::::;:iirt;i:;',:;:u ,. .eif4y; in 'the
Itnurimonr. April 4. ....i ,e •10, r nrsl I. now paying the hhttomd maet
Lieut. Jame.. Ridgeley, who fell from the third ''"'"'""' '" '''" dr+ ','
r""'''' , Am.r , '" nu b ) "l"'
etary of the Exchange Hotel, is now suffering Investments.
greatly from the injuries received, nod it not 1000 DOLLS. Plu
ITTsßuat CITY Go;
expected to survive. umstulays Iss‘Fl.“ Honghtou Miclng C . 4 .).:
i ' l . s " , ' . l 1 ‘ :: 1 Vim 'lb"'
• Mort s ..
do. Parille (Nan] Rork *. ..
For .vieby .t. 'WILKINS A Ur.L.
z .4.17 sorts, Thlst end Slsskst rte.__
„Y I t;,.14.,, L•slf. Brx,k, fin. Aprth
tireduun'a Magazine do:
Sertedn's do. e . For pals 41
I )spoilt..Lera Doput.
msh 17 This) rt.. ° the Post LIM,
April .1.
Stocks—Sales $5OOO Prima s's, at
Flour is firmer, with Bales 600 ls, at 5A,.1.1
Grain—Red wheat is sold at !'36 . 39N. and
.bite do, at 1020 "t. , be.
`Provisions—The taarket in firm. at previous
Gruceries are quiet, with nu change
Whiskey—Sule at '22. l je 1 4 gall.
April 4.
,The Baltic's news 11d4.1 nu material eth.ct npOD
the market.
F.lour—Thu market in unchanged, but firm
er. Sales 4UU barfeis 11 S brazalt at $1 37
nQu—The market i., firrrc..ith ralc, of rud
wli,ut evru ut
IVJa f.trydluw, an'd uUcivr w T rte. Oats tire [et -
Hug u t 3i1",41 , “
\l:klk,t firm, .with,
of tit,
Itt,s p.lrk Li :11 and of 1/6111,. 51 1;01
LLh L trd is mAli:ig At I . llrtstl 15
rel:laa gal!.
The prAh Cc himrket, pere-eAry, h, vet
cate.el u* the alit,! , . rt
chhru:tihg th prtvlo.e 'h nelui :to
•,htituilohn thet ht , g in
tr.VENL, I,l`ol,
Apr:l 1
Flour-1 he e to ' l, , "{ere 1,0°9l le, "
April 4.
Flour—There is a good demand at yesterday's
prices. Sales of 750 bbls at 0i 45, and 600 bbls
at $3 50A4 bbl.
' Provisions—The market is very firm, and hold
' ers geueaally are asking a material advance.—
Sales MAO has bulk shoulders, on private
terms. Sale , 110 hills inferior and No 2 lard at
1111.i•7; qt lb.
Wintkey—le in fair demand at 17e
Groceries—Molasses is unsettled; 34c, in par
funds, were offered this afternoon, but re
fused. Sales 130 hhls at 33c 13 gall. Sugar is
in good demand, pariicularly good and fair to
prime, which is scarce.
The river has fallen eight inches since last eve
fling, and now stationary.
I t ' 4 o ft WABASH RIVER—The
•atanker 1:1:31tiNT: Capt. 111. , lett.
clan e and all Intvrtnedlaa.p , ak.
1 1.aat.v. the 7th In,. at .1 o'clock P. )1;
frrt7ht or pa. , ag.. apply eaboard. al' s
f i lOR ST. LOC I—Tlis.t nese and ,
1a.., awl :.11 intennetliUt*t was Ow day. 41 P. H.
For Irlight or ,. ..PP1Y on I ..rd•
r . ill SASH %IL LE.—The ,
141 .q.atn , r FORT PITT, taw.,
w I Ow a 1.,. and littertntallate porrta
till, day at P 31
. .
F. r freight er po.e.mqe, apply on be
Olt LOUISVILLE—The splen- _
eteruner AV MATtPIt, Capt.W. Dren,
, I ler the nleme ana all Intermediate
pone on )lonia.. the 7th Itm., of 10 o'clock. A. M.
For fmight ur pa..age orpl, onboord. al`+s
•1 IZITF.n —The 9dendidnew pamnon•
%ham, ST. I / 4 TE,3IAN, Jame. Cormier, at,m
tnander. Lavefor the above and Intrrmutliate ports cu
Enda.. the 4th /1,11, at 10 A. M.
. . , . .
Ye nuosae freight or ige.rwoly On board, or to
apt I.IA t. 11. MTI.TENIIEttIiEII, Art
11 4 At ST. LOUIS—The splendid
j_ 7(j r,=r otermer 11011E1L8, - Butcher, -4y o r
comtuunder, wilt leave for lit.kft and inter.
nlethate ports °rainwear, ed 'IA.. at 4 v.x
For freight or Pre-rue. seri 0. board. sr-1
.1' The flne Q.
ola,ter. will heort. for abort, and intertneyhate
Portt.ou this day.':xl inet, at to.
freight or apply on beard an=
1.) CL Alt PACKET BE- ..-
eleartir PILOT No Y. .\
. S. Cran. not-ter,
leave Pittsburgh for ttl,..Log. Cortina and Suntlah.
every .fonds v and Thurndry. at 3 o'clock r. retorolug
leave. Nut:doll for Caption. Wheeling anti Pltaborgh.Or
ery Tueaday end Friday, at 10 o'clock. yo. Paoa.n.gere
rod atuytelo rat depen , ) upon thin boat runolot regular')
r Mario, the 10r yr..., Yawn
or freight r }manor, apply on hoard. mean
INHE nrw and fast running str. CASHIER,
1. s AltuAx. Ma•trr—ltegular WelthrOth, Stra.
Laura), WhUnburg. U bYelto3. 1111,11 3 . 0 011 - CUU I u , and
Sonfi.h Unekrt—lea Pay , bur.h h.or3 WedOrhlay at
3 0,.1.• P. M.. for Whrellna had Brid,rpart, and nary
i•atarday at P. N.. tar Capana and Aunfoh. Returning,
leaves oant3,ll array Mandar at 10 a,lura. M.. and
Drl , l,part god Wluuting every Alcaalay and Thurlay, at
For frel¢ht pupunier appl,m . t s iove nr
AcK. to
SUN FISH PACKET—The f0..1 running
samer WELDSVILLE. Capt. It. loung,•111
run v. • ,regular packet between Pitt.burgb. Wheeling.
itrid,aporthind titincsh, leaelna Pittsbur g h eXery Monist
Afternoon fpsWellatlth,tdeuberirille. and Mid/repos; and
.very Thurrday sterns,. for dteubrovUla. WRglins,
itmi g . w ri. Fonllatn returning, Imre% lirid g m.-
port and Sunalb every Tueeday afternonn. and buntab
every Friday aft.rugas. For freight or pasigge..PPlr no
hoard. or to t 55
fan.: t W. D. WHEELER. Agent
packet steamer DIURNAL. Crowell.
ter. I* nog perfonnlng her regular trigreekly trips bets...
th, MIT and Wheeling. Ira, Piosburgh at 10 delook
...ell gouda,. Wednesday and Friday. and returning.
Wheeling.gerry Tuesday, Thuralay and Paturday.
r7ll . g=elfillj47.lL b 'a , f. r . `°
rningbaln Thin mplendhl boat was built by
the o•ner• of the steamer Issue Newton. and others, for
t he Cin,lntian and Plttanurgh Parketrade. and will lean.
... o gy W.-doe...lay for Cineintuati. In place of the New Eng
land No Cur (might or paamagr. apply on boar Age n t
A i) FLU, ILLE—The tine etginor
t LIE. Win ,bedden. muter, will run
To A rtgular r acket lietwern dd. rit. a nd
an d Hilo, at
uoKh ,e r y W o n!. f Wedue,lay. and Frida: . at
(am frei g ht or passa g e, apply on toard
iNt:P.giT —The tine steamer PAClFle,: t ail
li.•oa maser. a ha... Mr th. above an.l in,
t,nu g hat. ever, Thundsy. 4 o'clock, P.ll
For frei.,Lt
or ravage apply on Mord. Arm
T. WOOD! , a SON.
No. GI Water and ea Inunt at.
uwuweu Ur/.110111,g Blld MI tug, or
kfI;WA, 1%,.. 'lurch 11, 1651.
TILE PUBLIC:—We Lace n.iix in use,
A In , 11 . F 101171114 tarn a( M I,
”t tira,,ll./ awl Men-haut Ih.-
. . .
L! -
tho ve,k
•• a:,
ILburr fhtue.audr, , at , t^h
It •.,u.vah.nt. Itz a Mt raaot ILI: to L...trly
n.. rua f hurt that ar tll cf. Aay SI-Lff .
I', lath, a bran ant tICal f Juott,r. On.
aloutit twftrt . P , uN. of th. calf.
.gla, Iffs tht. tftll
}•.: Eh.ray. min Int. fluor. it du, the
. a ut.r.S. of •uperthe !lour,
u.l ...L. th.•.lu-thaz apparatur ec.mbiu....l. It ut
doto.l tuerrhaut LuoluLes:
Mal/ ta u.x=ptiouable
r..:1;•. a r. , 1 the (.'+!); Th .
. It.
A J. 31
Grinding and Bo
Cans' ust Grinding. or
nar, , el o...tar
a Per
hi .e.
I to take. del I
tm s Ober
tn.l one. whp-11 le our.. to
th, en y• of enalelnei
and Elate , Itlbta reaLls
se palace Ir portable , . an.
the,. Indira aquae., ta
arlo , llng nal bcdusw :
hour. it
ry clan be PmPell
Messrs r N naarth No
-treat. hetet/on:I.
li.g, or Merchant Mill
ed the entire Patent Right
rt. tor - Jame. M. Cl'ar. Patent
IMerelsant .11111.. and now belt,
Sta. Itigh.. 111.... the Mill
mvthod of tolnintlna thu Publ.
meafeet Invuotian of the ag,
meet with fumes, and which will
.' Llt P l74a ' n ' : rtaM i ::. " 1b17 " ; 1171
1 ohlY oreurlua a Aiwa of four feet
to opeaLl , on, and la tmpalda of
... f. %lan buoheia of wheat ref
I' with from an one borne p.a ut ,
ICall and arof TI to opal-MIT. at
le's City Flouring Mt/11, ldhcrty
I. norther: he, the
VACIIIAE, and the M •
$t of k
dkv hoe T
lIOR '
Dims, posed c•
Iciraediate health This
of thy otoverou. diva.
elz: (ilotolerr.l•
aporttto, Ilarle !Mater,
at. , the l owing of the Cr
oollod Coroplalnt. •
table Loma; owl ;novo
foundered: It cornea off
blood; It 1,0140 o .MI,.
•o fat C f. <2, ita ;
andfro 80, ifTrtaa,
Lowela to healthy Ito
For Isla, •holorolo
cat Judea M. Clark's SIT]
. me, for sale. haring parenswed
tern past pant will be answered
of vnmuok., will restore to
I l'izwir i r d illriziAllu e nlsl: 4 lb i r k the
r.. imre
, I nir ' d N an k r: per I lt
G, laid Itheniratirtn, ci=conli
• lett pro...fatal to. Emmy 0410.
hams trove sLit or
MGM home, and aorthea the
, certain cure for th • Heaven al
, which .aotc, to b. the =ten of to
an° cleanse the Etoniach and
le, and again mortar. UN:stomach
retail by
aariler'Ellth IVc.o.das
L PAITIL-41-50 resmo 24 by 3SPri PLG ,,
90 13 b;9O
6 2 t j 1, 2 ! b oy ' 2'.;.
br 41, 2..4 ttz la:
400 Dluc. Factor,' ear. ,
100 bll4l tllu¢lc Crown Straw Paper.
400 Double
)I.llum rn and I 4 ingle Crown REF.
Tbn omit - 216...1 keep. ronstanUt on h.nd and fur aolu
or ..ha., for Rao. n Inn, and ATPErr..I uwirtmeut of
Car, I.tter. Hanlon,. and Tel i'apmr. monet
t. of all FM, for I , +r ,
Pr.ollng land,. t 4 ord, on .hurt n0e1...
4.4n.r I`..nn and Irwsn
I 2, \r. 1 IVI Inr Ftnalutil Lard Oil.
Jtiulnin I Innlnet.
; 11..„
V.v.... 1.4 R, In !OM'c hOlll.l
ta , N. , I Mu. krt.. n
Cnisnl 11.0,4 n
.ANDLES-533 1.33x3, Mould
•• Mar.
. t , .. 1101{160Y. urrt.r. A (XI
' /V Eit SEED --,., 1 ) lin. rr.•'3l. fnr sale by
I E . \ 1 ,. 1 . "‘ „ I' l :E IL-
I.lhilitit';tr „
r E It n' 111 L
T 1 11 3- 3 11l UK E!" dor. Ito. ket...
3 ..
I VI OLASSES--2Uu bbl. N. 0., for sal, by
ITx. ac/03 A. AW. IaItDAUGIL
For Rent.
Small well finished and cuinuletely fur
731...11.,14 4. 1.4v...n Id .ud
PC. an 4
For Sale.
T 111 : members of the Fairmount Fire Com.
an, oer, atde It it. Itt tor.
der tu p rd trill ff
he t.oltt tnou m nf
A Good Opportuni_q , for those who want a
tatonntocr ttaer,, f.., tale the fo' intn'n. .
,mtntl, el,:
I .
Nn 1. Frntr Lott in Pn.l.. p , An of Int. its 151' lit
W•n1.......b Int lhnun: '4l I.vt In 4
In 4. Thn.e lot, 0, 0100n
uttlY 'ttunt.....l, owl %In he Noi.i 1: a 1.00,, a, the tlt 'ter
II ve, at 0 d,..tanon, and, to 411srnn Of ItM.
No. 2. 'flat, I..ntm at the rnrr.t.o nf 112.1 't
rent 0.1 Du•
tittem. Sal .-4ntrant, Inented for eitin:r Intme, , ut
prieate rewilenne , .
No. Mu Ina, 10 L / ,. Unruti.h of Law macoetllin, 0.61
ftlitalfor Tr 0000 ' , Aden,'
No. 4. 100100 Anne. of Land m P-nnltlet cAro•bilt. Thl2.
Prnterty 1, nlonratl; Int - atcl fur ottAttr. Atut...lovta4 tan t.
gnat. doattone frutu the city line. Red ntbointnz tin. Itenlmtt.
No. 5. Que Lot on 11 nbAcr >tmet. tnntr Ell. 21 feet Ly
N. r. —Nnt. thend 4. 0 :11 be .old On Inn:: Lurie: nolo 0
mall t.... 01), ~f the the Intrint:e mover will ).e rein red iv
A theta str, 11.........nnaz the ra.rnerat Wei..., and 1:,...,
-tree, n•ntainin: 11 1...,m,. sill I- rented Ter „ lon. V. n
Owl Tamil v. !I is .I,ott•truc!...l thus :yr faunle. .an ....-
cupy It Appl, to Ii.,BEET WitAY• M. 1 , ..
nnir.r:.lm corner WeltFter and Elm •Incer •
D WELLING ii,niEus, I ,,,,, II ,, O , A7 I S ,,, F m .
~..1 ;(i ) , ,,1 ; ,E , L —, ,N , f e, ,,,.. -1, : :,
iTi.:7,7II'L hou r• trr,T-, ferry "... 1 "" ' " "3 . ' 17*,1:
—0 i„., t,i,:fr 0'::17,` .n.,7 1 :',7:1°'!..,.,"1.ii,..,7
Situated coma. ient to Inan.,. nun mark, an.l In a nun,
and p l e a Fant 11 aal. In 0rhn...1-31.1.1 I' . the
I rnmin , ..
mar 11,:t(
For Rent.
tn , 141.h..:11 corner 'kite; and Tisyetie n.
TOLET—An OFFICE en liTater, be 7.774
1.0 Merl., god Ferry tn. Enquire of
n , eh2 o JAS. DALIELL.strer 65 Naor
st. z 6
VOR RENT—A Dwelling .. House on TS..
Third qtz.;.l. atm, and tioAr to mnithf..eld. lt d P
ha. ,roi fisturi, Ar
fr+rutot giveti Inmt-cluay
r Len., iOV , in the Ninth Word. Pena and the Allegheny river.
. . .
r% r It Fault as.
Valuabls Real Estate for Sale.
tTHE SUBSCRIBER offer. for Sale, on ..r.r",
farorahl• terms. the fnllowat, Real hstate;inkll
City or l'ltlnhunth. rid:
310. 1. Thrm. raluahlr three .Cory Innek dwelling hon.,.
on r.mmtul rtrert. Imtweno Matl. and Ferry streets. the
terle l.ln meh 191.,.. front I.;
No. V. finn. front on Thin! y.t.
the Third Preabeterian thimeh, on which IF •Tvrte , l ntle
four rt.,,ry betel. Lou,. unnt im a rtinti, ttnee, and ono
tan .Cory brick warehonn..
No. ,3. Two lot. In Frdlrton. Bray, enont,, t.etrn
and J. bettor utrout Ital fort wrianrr.tna which m emet.
ed mte Mork of four fn.,. dwellings, and one repamate
frame a.aulno. ah two rtnrina Mat.
N,.. 4. ime lot 3. feet (toot on baek - strect, ( hr
rnni extending. to
eachn of the hill
No. 5 Two beach int, foet front. BO running
from the road to line water mark, on the Bin Hearer.
• • ..• . •• • • . • •
tt One Tatunble 'rater I , lid F uv Wlts,l ham.
with ten Flory, water
‘ o .Omr lot uFlntiir the water 10, rtrtrd
exteutßog to the any of the hill. on whirl, la ereet.l ..n•
two nary britl.Ftore and wombat., 28 I, ,`d feet: al. one
frame dwelling, lborndonee high
No. n. One large lot In New llnghton. BraTer,uy,
lug ahnul 11n fe,t nnnnOrr., way. and abut ohm nt d.w.p,
ce.natavnina mere. on .111r0 are emelt, two large frame
dwelling, and tale small fume hour, ur..l an go otim.
Thto property wag former , - nerta,ned by Mr T. C. Gould.
and fa Ter, pleasantly lasted, befog immediately uppadte
the Pall:dun Bridge.
No. 9. On. grater lot. Immr,:!itted, bodwa F SHAM, II
toeing about 100 fmt In length. and extenchng from Water
dtrwet to low seater mark, or towing Path
The aBoTt. property
Storewill Be .141 nn Ter, faTerable term,.
of 11. e.e-ft,CKTIcS
meißtl Journal tag) Poet rem.;
Drug and Prescription Store for Sale.
leennal In • out - iling Rod troprerinit 1 4 e‘ etita
Use ell). In • 14 doing term ttale buyines. ie
(erect 21, sale upon cur , For further nartteulam
•PPly to
ourLl4 B.tinu IRWIN. •
114 mectel wt
OIL SALE—:I large Brick Dwelling rt.
ma., and Lot of Oivund. on H.
bane. All. ~..;;Z
Jr3y City, very near tbe Old Allegheny Bridge
Th. Imo, sin irc.4 mpair. lot 11,6 u (vet b,
Persons doing bumne. In the ctrl go ,, i.dd Paul It conecial-
.:;1°"""' 'II'.IV,PLIY,,'iRwIN.
FOR SALE—Taro choke LOTS, I,lc,hient
ece,l,lVl=.!. 71;'".1r..7;:.77.% :17-
r. 13 fort trout. and catrn.l Auk 140 fret to • . 71.1 feel
Alt, F., wr.r., apply 10 C. IL I
10 LET--A W AREHOUSE, t•nuated
41) ,. ...4 4 . lt
Mraet urri For, 44..
quiAuicabk. 1,4 cht I'mdurt
AME bush., iort, 3,
t:( JS I.ALL erm ELL
m 4.1 34 • .ter pr.
For Sale.
BLUM lir BUILD! un tho corurr N
Peon ft y... 1... and TunU1111: on Ow l'onto!
•riranin Cnnal. al.' rho Cittt.f I itt..Dur,ll the Lot front.
nur hundrvd and font, lour on Conn •tn-ot and c
to rwrhtf foot u.
hundrod knd
ollry fo..t moor nn WaoLlnatou Woe,
- JobbU lut pu,j . •
.n 1 of tr. no..
pant: nits-. inqum
ril• 0 ET
:1 liltl;'!i DV, EI.LINU.
l' MILLS. 1 . .ki{Ni:`...V.5.1.1..1 , TS
V TA.n.51... urn.-
I.r uer.. Alen
ecru , r r u turtn• of 1 n./
arr, .r a., r and
entre re per . acrv, nn man, uthere ut earl.
)e., Las and Res: Letan.
feLIU \o l 0• rt.
1' —1 sill Pell fur nun. or nu purnetual 1ea..., one lotus.
erun etrnal,..Ll ft, fnn,t Li lun t. t t..prl. all,. .1.
ttir ]anti, Ward nn.,lnn Mut. : P ane ,nan.
le,uneind by rareun. sad Allegheny Atne.t.e. and
oppvcau Cvntral
IS rne. ; O'll.lllA
L'OR SALE—The Auhs, ribs r offer;
alug a
nd en II alit linen erlth
Ronarn serve of en.und nnnaten watt, etnen.neu , -
, nnton thn.. nnle•ul thb rlty. ~trrn cc
the 1,1 of Anrll next
ALva 1.771;:{t f it e i nVeEn ' t ”A n;LlTr ' a i u 7 rTv ' n ' . elinatd
now the shun..
. .
Abu, a luL ..t Rl,llld 1n IA, 11 Inelle. a1.,n1r.-
'l ,?” ' f . '.1 .e . ;. ' r. ". e .177 / 4 , ', /o 31 1 .1 ;116 1 ; ' ?;L: L a "' A ' v
11 1 11:t1 Mao% gond
pp .
road, near the brat devcrithalnprvrerty
.11 ea.l?rrent h i l , avezdirvalep , orry
AlleafuTo , thg Cg:=l . og. ' lte . 1. a
large double twirls imilding. M ah on .piti ,, orthr. There is a
carriage hou, stable. and wee , the aniund‘,
which ootnprix two &nv., improved.mnteJning ever>
iescrlption of 11 . 411. - , a.m. a err:T.; Loupe cull molt« hous.
Poewawion given whenever denrell. JOIIN GEBILLItT.
Rare Chime for Capitalista and Manufae-
TIIE being ugunt tor the own
ers, niters for aale a nn her of town lots In the matt
aunton. etark county. Ohio. with out lot, and .mail
prnela of land admitting andnear the town. Maaallion.
baths eltnated on the Ohio Canal. and the Ohio and Perth
tylvarda nalinud. now nearly ronthleted, through
this real fatale •rfords, perhaps. lb. 1... t opportunity
tt=g7::( .I . lrjr,Zwahj4,l,72'h•NJ:t".=:. 5 .."4
f u e l of all the town. of Ilinng..the aupply of coal tor
fuel for steam
0.. eragat quantity of wool brought
to this Market. at an o d e ,.. faditiler for transportation of
manufutured articles. all rombinc to matte ilia ere of the
cunt de,lrabh.nninba for eatablishlng manufactures of Irvin.
Wool. Coln.. fade...l4 all dvarrintiona witleh ls afford
ed In it,, It'estern muntry.
aeveral farms. In th. Tteirlit, of the Canal and
Railroad. are al•oniter,l—Le trart 3%, art. of ...viten'
timbered land. li log between the Can and Railroad. and
about lull a note from tho latter. a lot of atnutFerro
acres, adiothLror the Railroad Depot. along one aide a hlrh
the (mei nava.. aml on two aides. aiteeto of the town It , .
.1 kroner. and tnerebauta will do well to had, nt G.
fore they rumba. elaaw hem
The nowitlou of 31..ad10n.10 the heart of an actirulteirs:
rtntion, nut ournaaaed hy any tu the onintry. .0 well
known that it In deemed norien , eary to &more than refer
to It to all who wlali to wake pe..l inweetmenm, to
call and extunine this proper't. Title indlanutalole and
long credit given If deainol. 1(on. Andrew . Lawton. and
Joshua 11an.., Of Pittsluirgh, will give Inforrnanon
enneernina ii,and any enduiri. will he anew en.d
nitration to Thom. Jarvh.or the tin ler
.1 tact nt 31.aillqn. Itty WILT JARVIS.
Of Forty Town Lots in East Liverpool, 0.
lIE recent unprecedented sale of Lots in
the abovethriving Town having nearly exhausted
previouNly laid out. and the demand still motioning.
the undar•lAned has been induced to lav out ID portion of
Property In town into and otter+ them for rale
at price+ and e rror that cannot fall to meet the yiews of
those •ishing purchase. It la avedle.s to say anything
of the kwation of the
i To:. an t
d prr itt having been
loam purchased by those wishing procure • desbra
bin Louse.
Sfie abOrs lots aro smong ths most eligible and desirable
In the place'. aud ars principally kexted lo lb. emstre
thooe rveently sold.
For Inform/Woo apply to the proprietor In Ideerpeol, or
to dames Blakely. Esp., Fourth stret. Pttlaburgh.
East Lls exp KELY.
. Jt.)llN F. BLA !. Fob. 2nd. ISLt. fold‘dtvrt(S.
A Blast Furnace for Sale.
PILE UNDERSIGNED ;.furs for Sale hit
111.A,51 1 1 1 1:11A ACE. wltuntral In ttrawotn•y
and known aw tit , . 11 kllntotatin I ortintr.'' ntrL all tba• out.
bulldlotor. SAW anal li/tIrT MILL: nod rt err Ilona 1, •
m. 0.., to cotrot the Amid., of , irr. It lot. Ittr•
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*1•1 , 1 l•wt anr. .1 •••,,14,....1.•
)1 ~ . ~••• •
, : ,, . , n t r i ' r, ** ;i;.. , " :, ; 1111.Z . . ' tr ' ; ' ..„ " „ .“ ....r ' 1.1 " 12 " : . [1 „" 1 ' .. * : ..1
• 1 , . tul I.—u.. nl / I
" ""'*****; A LL.
* Nlaryl. I 1,1
EAL ESTATE:FOtt -Th.. Las,ler
. no. 11,1• 1 .
gr.11,. ‘11:11.1
newlarwplt wth tlrU 111 llw
wwpwaatira•wl Title ,wfert. Trruw
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hja..„1,3 rtit
Lur lara
ss retd uu e l lii
nalau. .3. wsl. .MOM
A Valuable Coal Farm' for Sale, •
t,ITI:.ITEI) cat th e Bank .if the :$lO- tl:f;
k - 7 nouwaLela Itirer.flortravrr, toy nehsrs ~ , •"lll , l s 're; i,,,,
tend •••• . Ite.. :11 mike,.
lit.hUrc homerll• .....,
5 : , 55,,,ahe1a City, arid one-half mile a ,5 ! Awl.%
zunIll: 1,1 AiT,I, MI, 100(1. of whirti F... Lawn Low. tat .
ntrahl• heats,l lily noning, being inter - fee:ed. by a ra
e•ne whteh adapt, it tr• the esimkeion of C5.5h air Into the
...". Tht• t 5.1 nen all 1.0 evneen•entiv rondurted to the
rlver h, nu...a. , o f a hA11.H0.115 a hlt.h . now In opera . .
tn,n nunn the Inmieee. The landing at the reht,ay . e •
eet , ent. aud tl, -Itue , •rn aril talattle 4 f" , ''''' ... t b'''''
In fel. Th/ I••••atues etlere faellltiee fr.r Ile Co truly
0n. , tr0a,.....1 .n the M,,rabls Liter.
The ° x•11 u. the eurf.kne. moot of whirl . ,level :tad
under rull•estx.o..rf yert ,op erior quail% $ . beirtLr mortle
Isme•t•he and Mark. walnut entl, well etlat.4.l to the
ed •. he•at au.l ali sthr ~eatn ~ t utuct 11, the csmutr,• LI."
,r, ,,,,,.,
%ten.. •• • s ••,slant .t. the t•rttni,-.. es.). ea...tly .tuarritd.
Ihe tun du:L.,. . re e ler. 5...1t0z. lan. tor, Brick
Itaelltn, 11.5•. U.K...,.. 5.0 r ter, re•ie anal a hael.l.ltrben:
a lurk , I. rha . lar, .0.1 eksseutent Stab:, strahar.s.
t-rinhe 11,•••,e te el lion, er A. tt.,, fv.linv, Rupp, of
1,,N1 water. with an eleel!eut 5uu55 at the tosr. Th.0...1
I , 51•htId
Iw •Itt3 -,, 1111 , -.1 w.• 11 ...,l .-f•r•ss,• In Infl•t of the
••I•ent . I ...reeler r. - eft...l(n.. T 5- al•••••.. A mnr,nl..ot
,•••1. ~, 55 . .. ea ~ 1 Mll Ow•.nr•
Kul: IL 555 • r
I. 1..... Ltd end Cee• 5 t,the I r. 55 patt pitrel•
. , 1,504 1 5 1 IN Tflet)!AS.
I , AnK$ 1,11.71,,
kunwt, Llre would iut rut the publtt. that they am
r.e. In pt.- f'T the prent er. amen-
red rt.' rtu, 1re,..-ht net 1 . a....•th,er• hif•Ez 'Ley are tedr.
ppeparof to carry
I. thr Canal. and lake En :
And 31r1.1,n. the tor e ' rat.. One cf of
Lihe ut s: lelt,w the thulona-
Eruhte, rmeirn tr•tultt.
dr; CAUCHEY. tmnt.
n r ITatrr and llmitllfeld VitGburzb.
Forte-si hours to Philadelphia.,
Forty-four hours to Baltimore.
280 miles Railroad-103 miles Canal.
Two Daily Lines Express Packet Boats.
(EXCLEMELY FOP. PIESE7ittEHeo UTCHINSON & Co., Nol3 Spruce Street,
TO PHILADELPHIA, BALTI3IORE D ! NEW YOWL Who!male manuflacturera er the Peet
NEW YORK. : 11,. ENGLISH PRINTLNL: INELS, for Steel and Litho
hi:ero Printing and fur Fine flock and Job Work, whleh
tIN the opening of Canal Navigation, Two' the w , wr,ct tel.e p,:icipie.w am.. pure., matcrialt, ...I n.
x p Eu,ly Lines Nrrr Expect" Pocket BCatt Will Irace Orr I ...g o .. r i2g;= , . , =.l,l2,== ci ,
...... h . . ent.
Johuttottn..,ence. ;ry Porto,. Itollrusel to
rucctaft permanency to wort copal-jar to any other (Item=
HOITTDAYSBITRGIf, !in .r.x. Sold at prices razying 75 ct,,, to 3t, 00 per it, .
1 , up in CLOA, azul forawanled to order.
.Therr taking t L.. Li 4 Co. alsotordmiLacturn colored Inks of ereryahodeand
NEW PENNSYLVANIA RAILROAD. 1 Gummy nrticc cowcsi.oo to szAo P. , Ih. mder.Z.: ,
T.O Hundred and Eml D
e.hre =Pee duo,
Time through FORTY-St% 1.10111 - 5. t FANCY AND STAPLE DRY GOODS!!
Yen to eitllide:hhie. 110. Eire . BAl.unrr. I.O.73NIOULTON & CO. Successors to Jour
lb. m re ta
tern on Ulf, mom e new, and of the mt &norm'
~..T Pemontx 100.. Ls Cedar and 22 Pine attach, New..l moetrartion tor comfort and; rates,. • 1 - or , invite Merrhanta rieltintr New. York City, to their
_ hakete knee ,eery morning prechwit M. Eight e'elech, I Immenae Rock of FOrelgli and Dommtie Taney end Staple
cod ,very evening at the tune hour. Dar 01,00,
Passengers for Baltimore, , Theta. mock la entirely no, and In addltion still mere
; by every steamer, new and elegant stylet =fined excite
on ctrl, el -Lt , 'art et Harriehurc. tnke the York and Coro. i ereoir to ibi o hoo,e, to, of ~,,.7 . ..,,,,,, o f 1,,,,,,
twrlend Railroad. o now nt,1;1,1 , tPrect m that coy, (eighty , Gonda to be Itrund lit the French. Grreurn. English, and Am.
tour miles., Time. POCH boom. mime mortar, and a; prices than will defy compeUtori.
No charge f. tr be.ndling Baggage on this root,. 1 Cada borer,. and Meretnnta generally 0111 do well to
Ib , i„,.,.. 0. „,, 00 ,,,,,,, m,,,, do n th o mo n mo d ont6 bl, 4 . call aril examine oar a:micas our tined, are adapted to en
,are end dmirable none:now to the Lamm Citiee ; ery section or the country; mid we are molted to span no
alone to tusks It the Interest oreeecy merchant to Door
Fm ;.ICILL., ./r Infermation
i nfs 1 .
J. P. oits, Arent , :n, with their patronage JAMES S. MOULTON,
Mononneheli Dottie ZENEJJ3 NEWELL
Or to. D. LEECH .t. CO. • Nrw Toss, march. MM 1,2 . — C.. 4 42w
Canal guin. Penn etre.. .
S g tin the Itt of July. the renneyl,,rJa Railroadopt I. fi n t.l„..; to L oe t t i,ort, ohol, will shorten the time
LbmughSlX hour, -
PlUbburgh. Ft.brunry
18 5 1 r ,
I._l Wei th.. LINE. dmpn....l enprvly zzeetion Beata.
is no. t o 411 operotten. . with tamlinve to carry a large I
.ittataay of fr ddlit to Plallndelphla and Baltimore. without
t , onahiP`,..vd. to aa short Pm, and at as low rat, a* say
ether regular Um:.
arrangementa have al. been made for earrYing
War 14 it...1v1. Johiolown. liollidayeturm
Water levendria. Peterehurgb. Huntingdon.
Creek. Ne. Ilanalt.n. MeV.. twn. alsto.n. Mifflin, I
Newport. Clark v herry, Harrisburg, Columba and all oth.
a. intertordmte p.m, return ) he enn.) leanta Canal and Port
tPailr.nd Ha. snit inule of Iron areured . from
he Juniata. proms tue•• and regularar in rhipmenta, to
the afore.... p.m, at the loweia rate, nmy be relied I
uPou M/TCHELL SCOTT, Proprietor.
Warehou.... Taal-tr. etre,. •
inel 11. t 5 . ,,,nd we.? of the Canal
185 1.
VIA Till. NENV LI ASIA liAiLlioAri
Mail Lines of Splendid Now Troy Built
Coaches for Hoilidnysbnrg,
p tArrwo 243 Iphin. New Y,k, un.l Baltimore
k% I!
h•r,Lur.: ns IL
LAr • I: 4,1 '•%
r LYE.hiY
Binginins' Transportation Line,
S— • .6;4
a 1 ;
TIIE CANAL Leine now open, we are rea
m farara,l reeiaptii. vreeece ata
.avet and re,
I . rtalum anA Merrhandv.,... 1..11 ri.rrl. , d and forwarded
cart ant wtth.vat any ry for 2,1. a: du, - 4 ad
varln,fr.,f nl corms:..“--. vr
f•rw4rd.d. and a.ll.l.mcflona faithfully
WM. 131N.:(1.1.31 s. CO.. Cara' Ra+Tn..
ad Warna.44... Ihtt,.borgh
4; .
North and Fllith l'tdladolphla
,-• tn.-t.
J Li , 101 l Y-47. Ot-
New I'.r.
w r X 4 lB5 l l-ds ;
Pittsburgh Trans - portatiou Lite.
.1 A )I}:r. C..nal P.arin. Plumborgb.
a .1 .4rertw,
ad 1.e.. 3 Wath Fo“rth rtrtvt. Ntwecti Market and Chert..
nut wtrte, rh.'adr;rhla
o'o • oliS 1 CO.. 70 Nona gm,. Balt:m.lro.
. . .
jaAV INC:. fully compluted our arrange
eats, wo pplia Yeti upon the ntwintoti th
ann•ylsanta faro's. to C/47" . fringlit to and trim Phu.
burt..h. Dalt:mom. Phibuivitaiiii, New 1 orlt. lloaton.
tSt. and all tho Latit andiVyst., at
100 yr rout. and .its atom thivatrh attil cam than any utbi
er 1.10, All ihlyynl by our Lint• are fully covered
by Lueuranc.. withont chz.r, to oar [lllll, n nyoUietii.o
not really affitrdod my rrthre Line.
All ecumnuna.alons addrsi.mal to tiurstilses nr
11.114 Co.. litielnuatt: E. AVoltb i Louisylllv. and Lowe A
t.itd+trina. St. Louis sill utryt with prinurt attention.
[ - Z.: , It , tur Lino has niiminniyituin ichoityrfir with lbw
Philadaltihis mad lilt:burgh Trawyairtation blueof At-
Yin. A C.,
Merchants' Transportation Line.
'C. A MeINELTV a CO., Canal Dula. 405 Penn striNt,
CHM:LES IZAINOR, Central Keck. Broad meet.
we are rn . P.1 ,,, 1 to rereive s larre amount merchandise
dnd pp .fore. 1. , ship nn the opening of the carafe to Phila
elphia. and 111 nterm,dtstv Maros at I. , wer rates. and in
Ume than In any preheat •lop.r.
C - # . "- ii. Tbe In, need number of Trunks provided by
tbe Can re fur cu - rying our boats on the
tare ail; prevent any pc....,11`111t3. of delay at
J"Dnai , "ti. liolidaYsbdrg or Columbia. the...... 441.
To Shippers of Merchquilise, Produce, &c.,
1.11 . 7,111.11. Malt.
TATio-.N.: LINE.
ATKINY k. CO., liniprietors. Nat 37v/rt. and it'
commerce street, Philadelphia
BELL a LiGuLrr, Att... Canal Bath, iiittlabno‘bt
JOS. TAYLOR 0 Agent, Baltimore.
NVe are peepansl, nn the aof th. Poutnel , nnia
Canal, to tsantratit ror Freight a mine tas loa one. tottl
ihlppent d much despatch end eat* al au, tither !All,.
• . ...
• ISucttentorn to John Menninn d t'ott
Caned Basin. l'cnn Stress
Penna. Rail Road Ca—Central R.aikßoad.
IHE ..ui.Qrtri ving hot,t nitroin , " 4l.
nitlppintt intent. for u. I , ent,
1. Inform the ruldin that en nor not nr..l to n-
Myr ant tnen.t.andtan , noel um (Cr PLlinnc , . , nn^t
.0 the
op.-rung of thr "tont
thi. rnut.• Int entrntl thronula In nen tin,
tvl c0n,tn...1 t.. tn. 11... 1..nnar.1,1 vt
inu char, for n.l•anen.
tsl 111, 1 11 N $lll
Dry City.k.
1:.11) PIPE
1)111E1, _
bu ,. . ,, 8ep. L. Apples;
8.-ht 1:11•Krill.N
1'f.:112,1.13115.--„1::.e),_bi,1,. ~l priau, : : ,) , fur
I, II ,
1 .1.1.1'1:11. IL% SUINGS--SPRINII SELEC
II —tvui If LL,
rm. uu.l tri...,rttneut freuch PElt
HA ONG,. i
t , ,,tte.r • ill. Jar, unld.
lot or Om. dume.A.. ,
brio. and rizio Partrrn,
W ALT EP P..% .1.1:.:11 /1 LI.,
. .
kibl: for Bale by
nißbb 1111.11....101Th5r01t.
C. W Cunnin;7ll..n.'Nes. Cvstie. Ps:
C )IDthet , ..
W. C. 31..1an. SI/anon.
W. . nvir.a;
m Henry. Ibrtvrs , wir
Wu. Ccalleaul.rdle:
Erse. P. 1..
Wnllt.r,l...lltsLialn. N. T SCI
Manufacturer's Line.
( Me..I.NL LTV a C 6
anal Fla An.
J r
L.prolmi -patent
FACITREIt. No. II South Second Stew:, alvv.
Ado.) Ph 11.1.4111.... re61.5:1y.
111.100,110 41,11 110.11-1,
B AGALEy, wooDwARD & CO., whoi,
6 roc., No. 21 Mykrt Phllftlelphla. art I j
Conaroipaino Mere.b.ta. N. 41 North Water , tree , .
.'O.lO North WharreP. Philadelphia. ..el
XIE.RCER LS: _INTEL°, General Carnrui;-
ciw Merchants. Fllladelnhra. Llberel *Aran,.
eenelgennents a Produce generally. bente,,,w.
Caranit...on and EE.r.rhrdiur 3ferchaz. and Fl.r
rg. Na. 27t , Mork . m en,
, Ti.;lE.t. tiosTox.
To Southern and western Merchants.
uNnodVer,Eiß.,nrS•'T. ST}: EE
lentiret i v x- ....,
, The sot:snit, nopeettully trit . ttPs rubh: attentioa ' ~„,.,..,,,,,,,,,_ft , ..,,
. i........ r. ~,. 7:,it
tßts extruder FLOCk of l'erfonveVonr.bhaviog Cr.., t 0
tr.. to which co ven Ether and o Rolle° Medals bate, I lt , ` , .• . et n'tjlooir M rdl t. , 14.11: dtroe 1,,,,,,,,1 ~,,,, t t . r ty
within the NA :la war, la+,ll ea led t,01.1..w.,,,, of i
, I:pntr . . :4o
.... . , 1 „. 7 , ,,rfu!,, ,d‘,. rt.., tEd It i, Ivor ~fir
New bort. Etudou. and l'bilaritlphia. dig/latter being the t 17_!_ft,_7,.,.... ' . --ua ...,,,-...-...... rt Lt. tratellmE
only Golden Inial, , ever aseazdol fur pttfooacry either In t'‘ , .. , ` tn_., . .
Eft or in this rountry. , An extenueunaireof Mr. unt - ttrt‘evyi rtonve&orn, of Rd]
BotsLl.l'd Urtztv..n SZIASIMI Cat.. (.IThrts.l. tOSC. ! - 1 - 1 01 r
_i 4,, ' , . c „.1 . :n1 , erR0 tt, e. the, r..•zurnis imm ,, rso.
and Ambrcdial.) universally arknonaledvsl lobe suPetdOrto I m ut' "•"! !' '-` s o' • ~, md:. rt... t I- ttmiteri, 4 .- ; •• by
spert,l to entl,r ane atmrtraert rttrr. et
ant :Marina Cream in dale country or Lured., ta. r." ,, t.tnatnt- :W...1, t -t ...,.. n o ,t, r ,„„,,,,„,. 1., b . ..
Outoriusr, roe SRavun--E•autifhlly transparnt. and Th , rw ,,.,,, ~, ,i ,,,,,,,.,.,,r ,.....
pu,,,tiust highly :sputum. and emollient yrnpertitAt , , wind mrtal a rtrthn , el it. v•r. , • '.ll, tho Erateing
r....-•• , on , CoPound; Atntrotial eitaving Tat , t'4 Mint. j mom, will be (wind tr, le of the trtt lt , antithl nunufat
ry blueing Stan.
St, rrastat TOtu - T 5...ty.-Ah...d, IL., Milleteurs, Don - rn.""'als. I : 7l'l'l ! ' s ' t! ' ...! - : ` .. 7, ::: " . l' ;:.; 'l2" t.tti ' d7t . lte . <7.tar ' o l ''' e ttt i Vof 11
I ateboody, trrmailms. Floatind. . ,l e ~d i,,.
cl-,T,...z. , , , z,,-"mnk..W1 . 1.1...0r. and Clrcavian. • Eierr detnrirent WIE I.- volt', odinau • •• . •
101.tcra rua for ILianataritim s. —ltrcet. hand, Ilms• ; b1i,,:tt,,..,,,,,,, th , ~,,r , ..„ 17 . ,. , , bt. .- . 21,"71 . 1.a11 ;
ant , de Caruline. l lerancom, Lind. dlonuellue.Joelt- i dnamican nrotr . Fl tall, trust th. ?tat - el:kr', Item,
t üb, tindoolia. ClomatlM. Citronelle, Rout, and mart t r,b, - ,, , ,,,,,,14,,,,,,,y , ~,t. , ~. ~,,,,...
ut bet ,truq.. In all slaty dltlerent perfumer. .. ,
TOILTI Wxy,,-Elorida Water, Lou de Tollctte, Oraum
Plot,tr St 'arr. mol a rrent. 'variety of Col%-nes and Lnvm ,
der ttrtter,
PI: LP CP.I. TM, roe THI °'''• M P .
itykdolitte, Lett lx,tralt, (Dein-. In b ttx, nr.
row. I lye 1 , , , ,11.0.4 end in powder, Issid
nine. and J. on. Lind Pomade,
most...tole Pnereetnoet-11.d.ottnic Elixir. Date Tooth
Lhatt , al Dtntrifire. Wotan,. Tooth Pastealnd Tooth
Dreun Amandine for
(.41 10d; , ' I Cram Itoece, Cno:to de ferns. Lip
Depilatory lelere, ftr tvincertne superdonue hair:, Pearl
iglo o do Ponce, Anttrati , VlroTar•
Ilyr mp , oilloo, Prtoona n great wartot,
ntb,er article, too nornerone to be nutted in this extrertler
rotweriber hap, to MthltMill the repr.tatfen wh!ch
thin oetebliehment has eretttized, by dlaraing of nothing
but first rate ankle, .tot will be hap, to surmise the,
who ISlity wish to patron:11:o gum, either 6 hotelle recall.
.ha reasonable terms ea war establlqummt Unittal
tt =cu. to end heats: Director of the Lohorstory of
114 [lmp.
" 1 ' th-Pri.d=-1
Ihpg:iets to the eaeatrs.
No. 79 & 81 (Into 76) MAIDEN' Lao
Directly opposite the Old Stand.
Cider o a f Ai Drewn . l-11e Ty d Light, Wool, An.
g i olo, Choker, Back, Merino and LUTZ Doni...le and For.
t.. 413 Satin. Silk, Iloilo Bombasine and fancy of all i
styles and qualities.
50..; and Tan—Fancy Bilk, and Black of every kind.
Mars and ..10..ents—Of all Undo.
Chreotr—Fancy hilt Al b, . 11.1117 Enall.b Hada..
Sot, Princert Dorothea Twilled Indian
Battu. ac.
BtrAtt HanEtrchiefi—Cors. , , Leven Cambric, tr .
./....I—French and Eng/1.111. new otyle. Domestic
and Yoram,
Gioces o —Bld, Silk, Limn. ' thread, and all the Waal of
r Wo r n 4 c t i rial tk Lfais Wool. SU. Limn and
Morning Goions—Telert, Cashmere, Eng lieb. Branch wad
Should, Bra. for gentlemen and ladies—• racist, - of
tyleo .
Rulria Riding Pia of all qualities.
W. ...Ad Invite parttrular attention to our Domestic
Knit t rolerthato, Draw.. and lloalerr.
coehltialmo.) 79 a el Maiden Loos.
ittito MTh" ta — CUrnprecr - o butd" caecaf pure Silver,"t 4 '' '''' I- L" -
..^t ` I°-414.4114.41
tan been u.,.1 by hour.. keepers Le New York for the 4. °lol l°. / bare tn.:- r-- , r , .,...:.!, ,
1..., t.” 'nu-. end in hemming a nes:wawa wtiek, in the J•ou -ell JACkAN.
.....c .."...of A° , T. .. i° fe° °daub n. re• V.a sir-trt: in, L.:0n...a .... ..6 6..
nanail ...way ad pistell Goole null ius Canto.",
Cando -nob, Basket, :aw1..., end Ilarnou tura. -
k, 1.111 tar: Lily... A,... or Vase with yore mien on From Dr. Pah,. Synn e .rico., I.w:on, .n C matyTEy
rA.6. l t•pp, or cortuou 01. or The wurr-ar.4,- is rT..I" ~....-.-..- h . -11 yO. 'Pk
Lo.ot tr lutreduruon into 4.61, 01011/7
i 7 :n .4 rent. yrr . It, A 1.6110 ant:a:at to Jewelers M/4441° ' 44 ''''' ' rll. ' l-1 '" ' h °l-.lll4'. ' l•l '' 4 ' n4l.
and I anci Geode deakm for =ro o of a :oat asn. l, 3.6,1 DD • 1, 1 - ,Lued upon
F ,' nr ..., s e JOHN J. CROWN. -se bf the 11. 0. Dr. ttl,ar . L., .....n, oli 11,1 C.. r-r
clef,' n oosse . t.:
114 F°l4 ' . ` 4-4 " •4 N 4.4 York.ln the 'nor ISI ~ I war tole,: .::;h uo .. -manor. of the
--- -
Shawl and Mantilla Warehouse. t0...n, wiad, I Labored ...ale: t - on we..., er,en I k - red.
1. 4 1 S. MILLS, No. 6 CORTLANDT ST eattyr....,,.....! 1 n tae tutor NI a.,. attosed with a
•• >even u.ll, teLeh ... Lt.., Itnd 6 , .. - -,10- I. , Alla Cur the
14 •, tp rtder, NEW 1011 K. in now otereng 01. of ~_ , , - •-
. lau,et raid richest iwnonments of b. 11.1 Nin LN D 'N .° a 1 " °1-4 " ' 44 ' • 14 ' 4 ' 4 ' " 11 ' /1 ” o ' l - 11 ' 1°4a
St ;tit hi: Moi l lt Lo •v.- Wt., ren Ped Also LACE wants of tanula,a. ard aced' Varl..; ..f a-a. a alma ben.
11l -LIN wul al koude ' of siLh 31 tNTILLAS. manufactu Co. and thus I aesziol nl, o„ 1... LI n el., of. /US.
'°' 4 ' 4° I • 4° 4414.4 P°ll4 4 " °14 " ' l4l44 ' lh r /11° 4.-4 .' 4 when I loan! of Dr II Lawn/Li,. ot W.hi t lietey at
..t. I tennusalwl: alerted to the Syrian; trade . y
tbo a Ina, nolnudid stock of 1•A11-1: 1 0L9 SNO CIL friend. Parnund . l d ctc to ;;:.0 It ° tr..o.tioa.ou I had nilt 4 . l .
111.t.1L.C., cousletror of Dl:Lunt and plata ellkal cotton tip all hopes of :tourer.. and Li) 1 - L,ured eurrelf for tie
aryl Llk cad A ll Paroeols sal Cottoo and Ging. 4 1 4 ,„„.,,4. ne ,y . ,,,,,,
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Ima t =to lb, of winch will he offerul at can., lau ly --" ' " ' •1 -1. y 7 ' --,
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tlno. WIRE SHOW STAND:. for exhibiting Shawl. end ~,,,,,,0 „ ,., ~,,,,„: „ r , „ 4. ,, ,„, ~.,, . ,„.,, ~,,,, 1,,,,,,,,,
110aulls, put op in rat,. for tranow , rtation kbll V
span: four or nee L iudro.l dollars to . no nuncre. and the,
SPRING IMPORTATIONS. or,, and meet renyeemble ploe.eane 1, ::1 proved unavaLL
C B. LIATCII & CO., Jag, I was soon tn.-toted to ...Lin health by the blueing of
SO '..17 WILLIAIf STREET, NEW TORY, Godard the use of Dr- Wletar s Po'eam or Wilda... -
, h ,, o,„, Moth,, of ''God 4,,, noon ~,,, p ,,,,..„,, e , o r ~,,,
AVE now In store, and are constantly re- ,aluable a nue-Plot as II !r,r.s tat,....n of m oat.-t.r el .
wiring 01 nteidner, the most eatenravearsonnnent of You. :en:setae:dlr.
Li l lecten , TYR \ 10111‘011 GOODS ever before offered.
Wit IL Ds.,
embrecw- the Lute a nod nchert nt. if I' of Crevets, / blairts.
GT, Iforierc, rweenders. Lrelor Garment. . London eat by J. D Pus. (seiner.- te,:aniNol J. l'sak.)Yourth
Toy, S tock, Oiled Silks. Drevaine Gowns. Ilandkerehlers. and Walnut streets. Cmunneti 3 Obto, General Agcn/f , the
Shoulder Brew, Linen Cellar, with a variety of other ern ... no o„ ye, 5: get , a .„,i,,, a , e a, 0 .,3 e ,,,..,,,,,,,,td rar .,,,,d.
ticks peculiar to their Ilne of bedews. All of whkii will
•- ' ' '
be ,ohl at d, v et , low, pro w on e tr e .me r y, ro sa a,, i p, J. Isidd A Cu. IL A Falancrock A Co, J. A. June, L. ,
1116000 to examine our dock fehblext . Wllum, 4r, Pittsburgh: to,. A. Beellom, Alligheny Car;
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Quarts, pc.F . doe- --SI lie dauber du- -SO SO
. e .,,, /lolanda! re Co. N Callender, Meadville, Bar- n A Co.
01044 1 441 4.4 “ - ' ..". heir Graham ,t Fork., Meter, Jasnee Kelly A Co. nut.
011 draught, per goo__ ....20 earl lee S. Eralth. Beaver, J. o.B , anunerton. Werra, k L A 0
This in the 1..4 article manufactured- It flOwl Owl.- 0 , +.,.f.s l ,,C..dmrort; P.Crocker, Jr • Brom:evil.,
13 11 good COPYING INT .41 not coned. monad. ••°.4.41 1 t11111 .
predpitate or decay, and poesesere all the qualities crept, The Human Body Moat Perspire,
ed f-r a anal Writing Ink. ndtable for the Quill. and ad
mirably ...hinted for the Mod Pen SO SAYS NATURE, to hale a hecatty ap-
Tit , . otaitrulaa , ta It 0.711.60 m forabb to the trade eb none who Jo not petnWre ere Bahl*
titer f , r export or halm oonsulaption, at the &Fore vant7 e. ab,ratest ellsgatantG t ' a d dre skin Pm a Now JiLui Call.
I low prior, fat 50 .4 per order, an,l deltvered ir. any part ~,,,,T,4 7 .1& , ,,, 'r e , 7,.. 4 ,;,4 • tl,
~...,. p DOOM. 5:, pp ern .0101, 0 . 6 .200
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cS an infairCe.
THFODORE LENT, &awn, Salt Inheum. all norm are notably hn..k.l, but
kb/1y SS baraUlt st.. :New lurk , r ,„.., b' lo ~,,,,,, ~,, s e l oo t 7 pherimen, In N hurt La o ,.
Murphy's Self-SealiX — g Advertising b lv d. who n_ It In each ewe, rat cal .t unnulta,,--,... ,, aLnu n ln .
Putrid, , Blotelic,}ll.oo.l. anew eine. wo . ...
I thu le no nehn, powni ran;,n_. al
A . 0.263 MADISW. ST., NEW YORK.—
..m.. cur....d. eizre head, soca leua, and o re L. apt
li, " C U t ‘ riadVlll Plerve I could enumerw, et It nt ey
-4 1 Th 4 411b11441b44 1 ° tn°: ll,o °o the Patnnutrie of dl °no , Buy Strand the reader it :aria eseured 1 a ou.J uoterl.
nun' enn. thin advertisement. feels none of that twrttation . elle 'ell it for me above, unite./ knew it to lo all / ttate.
with whlnt a new article Is tuntcht before the publiu The Thom who are lutbie to chafed. eracke-Lor do, Ind leek,
experienoe of >ears has esegbhyted theft superiority be. will gad thin rot only a en.,, ,, but a yr, rentive -, 1 I can
nal all owetion, and he conSdentia return to the tertmen r o , en ly Todd, that one on e r.5,,ed with wiy ur I e ebavo.
1 01 thaw twoneso men whn have need du. envelo p , or abrupt:. direetem. ell/ bud this all. and :run mart tuhad•
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rirliut, nailer, the stores ern Lorded 1.04 .t. - 2Z± , on
The following ern a few of the twuctul ter their pops- ' and be sure yen sea. for Joan' Malian Chemical boa
twit) torr MOOT of Sim.JAChnOn, only Await to I atu ..1 - I,la,
11l On the place monied by the seal, a Swam 1/I°T head ell Wood.
have his name. bushman, and addre-, conunturoWiT end -
beentlf° ll, e.t.a...1 coloiWd or Ilon a Ulu/ °I/a/n I J.LI Pc' Pearly White Teeth, end Pure Breath, to
Put nearity against resod
2..1. The Envelopes cannot to opened without lair, d e • be had der' . 'at. -Pernoun , rho law other, are hone.-
etroyed Id) tnentred that if their tre-a, is ev:r so Lol. or U.=
nd tt , N'''''''''''r.4frn 4 ' 4 441 4. 4d4414 4° 44'' them- 'l ° .%l",tiol rk or.rj4 o 'irlV "'7l,V.' l ,:s.l t =
1 4- Upon the mbearriare of a let , the seal inruweitz th at
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luntudiate return to the Fonder, inateed 0 being btuied atc 41.. . 1. ° •`' 1 " • 11.1 0 Loath • •
1 oundlo in the Dead Letter &Wee sweet
Sold only at JACKSON', atm, 2. Lth
0 rty rt, bead Of
ath The Envelopes are ft:stashed at alma[ the asme
I price err plain ones ' 4 . 4
tth Foch letter mailed b ,meet elf:nettle edvertieetnenh
Superior Black Writing and Copying Ink.
TONE'S EMPIRE INK, 85 Nassau street,
au Nor Yoik.
. __ . ..... . • ... . . . . .
sury toattract the attention of all through whose hands It
mus s y ;ay...
The folltrwitur Is • list of miens for Du, engralvd on
bros.. and which will last for rears: and of F.Ovatorra, of
the usual sire, either whitoor buff. of goat payer. nod
made PP above, with name. outdrew, Ar..
Price. elf Dia. I hi. µf Tawelorwa mod , as
33 f.” letters or leo.-- ..... -$4OO abort.
5.0.4105. $4,00
SOtoass 6.ooross 7,50
40toNs 6,00 3000.. .. . .... —O. . 1040
Flltuvo. 10.00 4000 \ • 1.3.00
gi to 100 12.00.'0 RI \ 15.00
IVhen It L. not ennv:to . LXiisrwarvt aao , :n l. l c o w f ois o l , ss i t.
mf..-.--..i7TC:'..`717.8:2i.r".u1..1r% .r . :1717.2,t .Ith prompt
attention, If addrenal. WM. lllt/l(PIIY.
No. t o Muthon street, New Trek.
Orders will be aMemled to Invsnoptlys,,lf left at the atom
of .rO. Fsbell a Mott. 'X M .11 insect. or of Messrs, IL
Jereilman a en. 154 William ot- •
$lO,OO Cards, emboss...l In I.olorn. from R• 100
Pie, at $lO,OO per thouathst. festilM'alln
- Professor A. C. Barry's I'rioopherons,
, C h,g o3l .. P d oll.N . l ti
nmo infallible
iing foe
the seurl dandruf, and all affections a/lb la :sal p,
et trmg eruptions On the skin. dam., of the glands,
mu,w1..,. end integuments. and relieving stings, cuts,
sprains. to With thin preparatkes n - thine is no Bach
sort a• She first:Journals in America. medical men
of the hlahret esolnenZe, prominent citltens of all prof....
slow, end ladles atm Lave nerd it for fem. in their dres
sing and numerics, admit it with one scrord. Oast
m,,....ung vigor. aims; luxuriance. and cnrl to the hair,
eredleattn: et - dr! and dandruff; healing wontelF, curing
stings, kn. and relaying a
the skm. the tut.etlee; It ha. , eettia:
.1.14 therm:lllsode of cnntpounds advertise"! in the truh
lie Trims. or usol in private practirs.. Inc hkeTte,. m. well
rtielent, liarry Trleet hennas is tinrivali,l.
di. 4,14.11 article, Lave enattled the innutor
on :., aat eents Ter bottle. which is (rum PJ /,./
Ter reld them the luny, of an other preparation
the hair In, The seientite treelike on the
I,LO the
e n:
embracing the salualle dtrectlons to the eal.
toto re and prewervahon of ehowe-d ..ruawcut.
robot each bottle la al,ue worth ru, , nes.
TLr attnit, lades - ern the tuembraves.whieb ...comtute the
skm at..l tlie bele, whichits sustenanee tk-ont this
triple envelope. Ls very hee d . ll Ms...we of hair eel-
What. in the skin of the heed If the Tor, of the wait,
ei e clgged. or if tbe blood end outer thilds dr, to,t
late thr.ugh the emall which
the r..,t
tr...t.turn- and Iniyart ll* to the fThrea. the
oeurf. dandruff, shedding of the Lair. p.,71,01111,. dra neia,
...I Lerida,•" nf the linaments. wad enfirr a•the
enke ma. htirnulate ehin le•althful acti,m with
the Tmeiddn•rouv. and the torpid erinu their
nen, .1,1 annihilate the altalhetions the
skin. nod the subdrata nuowles• end int,gutornh.,the
1 , 00 , 0,6 104 effect are the 'acne. It is tho
the mu
01,re. and the glands, that du , I nj u ry
ha. IL , specitte net7 , :u. end in all affections. and Injury of
the., it er.ven.ign remedy.
S . :n One., et the Trlne4,l
ant e u. Itm.les, New the priunTal myrrh-,
ante and throuvhout the niter' Statea and Can.
• - - derffsrdni
Blank Books.
fritlE Inr g . t Stock k
.1 Book , s, a o n4 fez ;
,•-rwt.n . , In c, hl
thY A V KN'S Blank IksQk
. • .
en. MarkK Seasal
an. r,ur.h.l to rail at, .imam our 3141-
una awl hrusl Blank Hurl, %bid, an: ullvel at fuser
-prices than they have era heap sold hi title dt.T.
(Cart sad AIIKiPMIII sm.] mactiO
rmlurt. Coraothsjort. at r,,vtrtlin4 !..Z.n.cht,att, ca the
Refi .r
pVII) C. TU T'UL Att”rxt,y at Law,
ant Ctlauulnst,mc • • . 1 . lit!, :1
I oommullienttm. tsr,,,''t,
011 N Att,,m, N . an d cc,,.
01 - andt : ,33 !.1 ,1nr 7. 1%,
Park r517.4i1s
117E•j'IVw*sh t d .- ' ii' with tholice-and
~IrLcte.but teeoce, ,
selves to make so arvertion as to-the virtues of this mods-
MM. Ilia to hold no hope to eutrim; humanity, übich
fade will cot warrant.
The Sloss of Iceland, and the PI o end Wild Cherry, are
justly celebrated for the men of a diseases of the Luisae
end hirer, which aro eo fearfully press:Mt in all Northern
latitudes. Prom le cembination iif chemical entree:, pro
mised from this Mont and the-sunnier, LT. H.:anis De,
cat er Wan Chaser is chiefs- fartuel. '
41 - Ifinaire Bottom of Will 'Ch. - rr Ito Ina UM=
Morruz,unapcsed entirely of 1111.1 Cherry Oa. t and the
genuine led and Mesa. (the latter importia espserelY for thla
Purpose,) the mu meliral suture of wLich are him mar
Mood by a new chemical primes; with Cl,e setae: of Tar—
thus remleting the whole compound the cot exrtaln and
r"-.--dour remedy ever ilUenvervel for the
sum of Wild Cherry.—The filionurig ewe of site Mah la.
grigg. of Consumption. (Lee of .l.brothmis nn l itirts ha
ving died of Cousumptlea.) II truly wen:MM .
tq......., Pram, liardittu co_ Scpt, 27, ifk.
J. D- Past—Denr Slr. I take the liberty of advising yen
of the bereft I hale derived hum the use of Dr. \filter'.
Balsam of P. Cherry. I uni pmt rata, by that terrible
FtolllTe. Consusaptiors, in May lad. The attach was truly
horrifying to me, Mr five of our family, (my brothers and
deters) had died of Comminution 1 te afiicted with
nearly all the word Amur, of the dikes, m I
hod adirmiismi
lug math. and expectorated a great deal cf Skutt, beetle
fever, serer, pelts Intbe Ode and chezt, cell chills, alter
luting with Pushes of heat.
I was under the can of, a atilful physician. from the
rime I was taken sin until atm. rim weeks ..12M, being
than about helpless, and my friends c , M.Mtervti my mm
hopeless, or at least beyond our physician's skill: noised
amuse of Wistais Bale= or Cherry. Without my
hoot/edge, my (nth.," tmucarei it. out commenced admin.
isterlng It to me, and from the Erct day I cominoced tak
ing It my health =arrayed, and to two wo,'," from the
time I ccormaeond =ins: it, I secs able - m be oat and neer
see my busliaesa, and len:. whin I still coonc.r, to do. 1
hose taken four bottles of tRe toolloire. and on' consider
myself perfectly cell. JEREMIAH IeaSILIGG.
; ;
Cuoscw P och. Lake Cc., le., duncl3,lo.
Jinni D. PUS—Dear Elri to July. ;.1 , 340. I w a • a tt a ck e d.
with a feverof trrtold claractcr, ~bleb lilt ma Inn very.
debilitated stare, wiles, to tb. following wlann. I was ta
ken witti• severe cold, whlch rerlislid con t...udu an co.
tent as to give rue too ay/marauder a.contrt..,l c,[1711.111P-
El7ll. I labored wader ebirremcou.ll--.77,:nrawd ogrellt
deal. and was troubled with cold but tool night s - weats. I
also frequently raised land (was say lima, I datum:ll
to ibis .tote. gradually Kinking under Ilia diwwee, untli
January, 1E47, when I ono attacked 7,77. 317
3311[141.1deapdred of soy tic. and my lib/ 'learn thought I
could survive tut a start time._ 317 cals.:o,s, ...nodal
ly thy fiat. Weft ornislautly coal. and alum.: List their feel•
tad, them eircanalatio.s it may be trill,said I anti
a living ,beleton. I bully dettentinsil to volt tahing av
aldinea prewlibed by plii[3cia.F., and try Itr. it i,tar n Bab
was of Wild Clismiy, from that I MC:I
-ac:wed taking I isai date anradia: rornsi-ri I won..
out Its weals instal,. at lb: end of Whir:. V.. , I as. cur.
ea, and eninitil now: ver Fin. and re.
too Ilabam al; lir, d
A Seientisehair Tonic, Restorer and Dena
ieer.—Trial Bottlre. u-Lo Lave-need
loxes' Cure' litur licstor,r. know Mt
there who havefoHtt
. a , ure it to tn.,,,et the erit.:
quallticat—lt not
ksce the imor to ton edit,
nature Intended hair t. Id; runny!
or dandruff . ; au.! make ,ht. er gr, dark.
rendertna . the hair an•l reALing c - scmcd
thu—tt toakea It truly teen , ite.•entl it It 13, IC'
du,t. 1111, uSL kcntrior--art; AT the
bramil at IV3I. J.5.1.30iU.N"6 t.t.ru4
• •
JONES' Solution of jet, a Liquid Human
flair Die. far the &nava, GI wib.. rtd, leix,tos
beautiful brown, or black :aw =du taz.
PliGes--Jqeenta. and Si.
JONES' LILLY IV /11TE.—Ladies nre can
tfoml ttwknion 4ber
are not aware how frl,:htrull3 nwitirak.. It It/ /-I , a n 2
how mane. Low roach. Lnw tinbralU,
thpflafl aprrear.. allwr 1161, r rem., t Ur,
lnjursons, conlawring w 4
hare prerared a kwotlrui
mil Janet' rea..l,
it I. ,rf,,wrly Innocent
and it ...Tarte . •km, .
wlttt, t.l 11 .e i
on the sk:n, ,r
Sold by the Ar.-nt. ti ub. Athrs:,
dee --413.1.13,S
Needles' Celebrt.ted
0311'01' N 111..31 h. 1' L A STEIL—
ctt the Ithtto rt r t!...1. try pore
terhlco oleos tie to tto a 4.3
ten , Nod
The Ingrtnlienh= n•th4.ln IC 1e.,1'. n.... re
th, ~ •
'Lath:lnn nit: .7 '.-
Fur I.nin,. rt
• tn.!
I ~ ,Attni
!n:1, n.t.,. I.•
tar ut-alan, nr,l rni;.- -
hot. Merelrr I I e
•11 , 11 ,, t.) , :n. 'ln vcrl, n. •-;
yth--ter, srnre“thh,
that the!: I.nrch,inf .rame
huh ac..
VA tiny :e Prinr
tLc trelarve Lie
llg of April -
of ho uil cv-tui, •
tn , t7oa w.hus4.l.
woo,ll ,
cf th , ptc.k
ita bm... ca
fat hytllr