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    were melancholy persons who only imagined to
themselves that they had a pactum With the
devil; and that to him they seemed more worthy
ofpity than of punishment? Hereupon ants.
wered that I had not indeed read any each book
(for nay, who can read all that fools write?), hut
that the appearances here and in all other places
pieced that it was a monstrous error to deny the
reality of witchcraft, inasmuch ae people might
then likeiise denY that there were such things
as murder, adultery, and theft.
But he called my oryumenteni a diiimma, and
after he hnddicoureed a great deal , of the devil,
. all of which I base forgotten, seeing it savored
etrangely of heresy, tie said he would relate to
me a piece of witchcraft which he himself had
teen at Wittenberg.
It seerms that one morning, as an Imperial
captain mounted his good charger at, the Fader
' gate in order to review his company, the horse
presently began to rage furiously, reared, toestal
-Lis head, snorted, kicked, and roared not as
homes use' to neigh, but with abound at , though
the voice came from a human throat, so that all
the folks were amazed, and thought the horse
bewitched. It presently threw the captain and
crushed his head with its hoof, so that he My
:_wytthing on the ground, and straightway set off
- at full speed. Hereupon a trooper fired his ear
bine at the bewitched horse, which fell in the
,midst of the road, and presently died. That he,
• Budiger, had then , drawn near, together with
many others, seeing that the colonel had forth
givim orders to the surgeon of the regiment
to Cut Open the horse and one in what State it
woe inwardly. However, that everything was
quite right. and both the eurgeon and army,phy
., Malan testified that the horse was thoroughly
sound; whereupon all the people cried out more
titan ever about witchcraft. Meanwhile he him
self (I Mean the youtes ' nobais) saw a thin smoke
coming oat from the horse's nostrils, and en
stooping down to look what it might be, he drew
out a match as long as my finger, which still
smouldered, and Whieli'some Wicked fellow had
privately thrust into his nose with apin. Here
upon all Omelette or 'witchcraft were at an end
and search was made for the culprit, who Vat
presently found to he no other tharithe captain's
own groom. For one day that his metier had
dusted his jacket for him he swore an oath that
he would have his revenge, which indeed the
provost-masted himself had heard as he elm, I
ced tube standing in the stable. Pert another
_soldier bore witness that he had seen the fellow
cut a piece off the fuse not long before he led
nut his master's horse. And thus, thought the
young lord, would it lie with all witchcraft if it
were sifted to the bottom: like as I myself had
seen at Guftkow, where the devil's apparition
turned out to be a cerdwainer, and hat one day
I should own that it seas the same sort of thing
here in our village. By reason of this speech I
liked not the young-noblentau from that heart°,
ward, believing him to be an Atheist. Though,
indeed, afterwards, I base had cause to see that
' he was iu the right, more's the pity, for had it
not been for him what would have become of my
But I will say nothing beforehand—Samna:
I walked about the room in great displeasure et
his words. while the young lord began to argue
with my laughter upontomme h , te e
witccrft, now in Leda
• and now in the vulgar the words came
into his mouth, and wanted to hear her mind
about it. But sbeamseered that she was a
foolish thing, and could have no opinon on the
matter, but that, nevertheless, Eh, believed that
what happened in the village could not he by na
tural means. Hereupon the meld called me out
of the room (I forget what elle wanted of melt
but when 1 came back again my daughter was
as red no scarlet, and the nobleman stood close
before bar. I therefore asked her, as soon is
be had ridden of, whether anything had happen
ed, which she at first denied, but afterwards
owned that he had said to her while I was gone
that he knew but one person who could bewitch
and when she asked him who that person was,
he caught hold of her hand and said, "It isyour
self, swest maid, for you have "thrown a spell
upon my heart, as I feel right weir." lint that
he said nothing further, tut only gazed on her
face with eager eyes, and that it was that made
her so red.
But this is the way with maidens; they ever
have their secrets if one's,back is turned hut for
a minute: and the proverb—
.To drivcw.wh a maw
Necils tLu doll him , elf
is but too true, as wil! be showu heresion - . mores
the pity'
Tut Corn. Wan.
Accounts have been received front the Cape to
the find of February. There are no soldiers at ,
Cape Town or Graham Town, every one being 1 p
sent into Caffrarin. The Cape corps, Hottentots, If
continue 4nite staunch to the government, and
no bad feelings existed among them. The news 1
on the whole is far less uxfavorable than was ,
anticipated. -
The only engagement of importance which bad I
taken place since our previLus advice., wasl
brought on by an attack of the Catfres on Fort 1 1
- Hare and the town of Alice, in which they were I
defeated with great loss. This acd.ou commend- ; 1
ed about 9 o'clock in the morning of the 21st of
January, and continued until half past two in
the afternoon. The Caffres are said to have !
been 6,000 strong, while the British force, con-1
siting of Cape mounted rides tuol Fingoes. did
not exceed 400, with three or four pieces of ar
tillery. The number of Caffres killed is various
ly, estimated at front 65 to thrice that number.—
On the other side six Fingoes were killed and
11 wounded.
A demonstration had been made against Fort
Beaufort by n band of ("tares and rebel Hotten
tolts,-in whih the Caffre chief Hera:anus was
slain, but the c affair does not seem to hove been
of much importance.
The Governor, Sir 11. G. Smith, had issued n
proclamation, expressing the satisfaction of the
Government with the gallant conduct of the Pin
go race and, the Christian Caffres. and declaring
ere lands of the rebels confiscated.
People at the Cape were confident that wi
,his present force the Governor,would quell th
outbreak within four or five months.
A correspondent of the Times, who has bee
an eight year s resident at Graham's Town, say
that it is a great mistake to suppose that lb
punfortunate colonists can be madea the ex
nses of this war. They attribute to
' p it y entirel
to the mismanagement of the Government.
The Due do Nemours, Prince de Joinville, an
the Hoc Anmale have gone to Ireland. wit
, •nart of th
the intention of visiting every in
country. 1 other fowl is gardens, orchards, enclosure . .
The German newspapers say that the supreme . poi . ....,,,... 70 , 9 ~,d , .e,.., h,, f any
cleat authority . of the Duchy of Holstein has die- " O P
solved the Civic Goad, and repealed the lawni- I borough or town," thelse is a fine of fort shit
thorizing their organization. lingo, (between nine and ten dollars) •Wsn half
L'Adrpencknce Edge announces that the 07-I to be given to the poor." There is also very
leans family intend to quit Claremont CO as Ito
1 just d necessary city ordinance agai t di,-
be absentirom England et the time of the Great . ,
____, 1ice ......, . 11.
Exposition. Th e Queen will go to Brossells, the I """ -B ` l4
Duo debremoars will visit his step father, they If the mayors and burgesses of oar cities and
prince de Joinvillewfil retire to Scotland or Per- 1 boroughs would make an effort to enforce these
fugal, and the.. Due Tim:pale to t ts:eples. T ey . laws, they would receive the thanks of • host of
will not return to Englund until the Fair is i ... 0 ....,..m.
over. -------..---------
By request of the )linister of Marine. el m
1 .. us Weer NEKTON PLAIII: 12.0 . 0. The Som
._ President of France has authorized the format on !
• e at Herald flays that Thos. Shrives, Esq., the
of a board of 1 naval officer, charged with he ' r°
selection offome point so the globe to be c „.,-.• " energetic President of the Company,
he com
as a place of transportation for criminals. ' menced operations at the eastern end of the
The Gisrmae'ai Rena c o n:Anises to give inler- , read, and expect to finish one milt a day'
If he
eating accounts of discoveries made is the e ca
vatiens• on the ancient V... Appi.e. beau ful ;
m... . elime i . July. Thi,, will be a oat im
fragments of Boman architecture have een .
brought to light; among them, a frieze with ex- I Port."
j . succeeds in this it will be finished to We t Sew
t thoroughfare to PittehUrgh, led will
toons supported by children; Come heeds of le- give us a very brisk trade with the Baltimore
dose, belonging, to the same clecoration, dal Road next Fall, and will make the Youghiogheny
cippus, with a,, bets relief repllssenting a so dier I Slack Water
v, on es e t of N th wt e 4 moti u t n i ,i m e - r
of the Urban cohorts iti full costume; a fra lent ,
of a motto, bearing the words Caettua 'Mr 1 •
Commie, and other inscriptions denoting hit erto such advantages, most rapidly gfow inl popole •
unknown offices or sites of Rome not befo as-1 tion and importance.
The accounts for the year of the London pF
represent that the fees, penalties, and foil
urea at the various police, courts were £lo'
12a. Gd. The expenses oT the police court,,
eluding salaries, were L 41,0-16 /h. rid. 0 ,
first of January the force consisted of 1511
• . Thenalaries range from £44 44. to £0
annum. Clothing and 401 b. of coals week
allowed to exh married sergeant and con. I
' daring the whole year; 40 lb. of coals wee I
each single man during six months, end
weekly during the remainder of We ye,tr.
force willsitortly be increased to &WO me , .
The average number of passengers 1 .
through the Thames tunnel is 10.1810. T
ceipto lust year fre more than £3,00, of
1412 were 'from rent of ,archways and
from rent of hones. A balance of 458'2 1
remain on hand.
Thirty four miles of sewers were 0 000'
last year in London, which cost bb,blZ ,
cleansing alone .f.. 11,5 21 were paid.
During the month of February 1617
were admitted into the London hospital
It is calculated that about 10,000 pars
at presenf confined to their apartments, i
by influenza, exclusive of those in hose. 1
Preparations are in progress to send oh
the Prince Albert in Fearcli of Sir John P
L'/tali.:. llama! Ltd La Yuma 1.• 185
in eulogistic terms the triumphal rece ,
Miss Catherine Gaye in Rome
It is understoml that 11. Jullien, the ee .
conductor, is preitivelyet,ming to this l .
At the fourth concerkof the Pailharm nic So
,ciet, in Paris, lierliot's eyrophooy -grime° and
'Juliet" was performed.
The Emperor of /turn, has commis
agent to purchase every uiodel at the
Exposition, which may be useful to ltus,
Practnres. A letter from St. Petto sersi
Pounces tickt the Emperor intends
000,000 silver rubles in such purchase
For the Worlds Fair. -. hog of
weight. raised in New int/ by Mr.
wee taken on board the Saranac, 00
to hi taken ti the World'e Fair for m
From the BolUnsure Sun. yo.T.Fdi • l' AtEDlciliFts ,
Tns anzeorn . otelltrtrlO?th New flasta:-
_.. ss... s
_„,,_ edifies Ohineent tke.-A large stuck matri,onyorphrermi o .i ci a ro ve.
-_-__ saiar- -li il l im r P rl^m g t° " eel ') i d, " I, ' " 2 "' :ft: t l a r] ,,, T" r]Br pgaiMß.. AT .116BEDj• le ' ..ib" for Mir catit.b,„...„....V.i1b`.,,, ''`....` vi‘" ITS Signs and Effeets,Selei nob - , ur win. can
_ mense tato si n the liberal premise:MS of tlte.,neW
user - the deseentP.r3lifiliamai t ukt„T",7,TerrY,,i,„ 4 'll' l ' ,i''' d ] , n . ~, 1at,,.......,1:1)774]. I . .""'"' 11 " W ' g ' th " .ff`..'"'"'k'l' ".'"A‘'‘. err
lottery ticket .eller. in that city, 0u 'i..... - 1 -' - 1
N.' m .„ . rid s til a .;.:e 1110 - deeofs , nvir"" t ' aillt V .' vT a'a itia. "' • i r - Haj al u ' e A. t u' t lli i tt " }-tb . thl'....:7',l"rllltt°l k,,,,
town) get 0w.... awl i n.-recency , rannletele. In lc ei le
constiattion in • evr Ilampstorelmietteen sten
' ted by ti e people New Ilampshire Is truly "be - hold up good old M 0 laud and D '.. e . L . w aT ti . re '' t ' o ' l V7d elm ' e m o r' arrtrd sr ma "
~.ght5„.1., : ..., ,w a we ww, t h e Lee. just in the oppo. i scathing ridicule for thetr benevolent destines in 1 i 'a d' taa.....'...firnara ' Hewn 011 , , .. , it Ls. I•D+ Aral 'n lan I ltli at 'l s „ w ort ok Fe
targoo_tela ' ...... t.] ..]].". 1 sr. roam 'Conn and - art a tomalred fuhl the worth of ;I L ; '
------.---= , 1 ' 4 ' 44 ett ` t f joloettee T v orn , . crildll tf I 1
3f Pennsylvains. 1 -de eense in *huh some polluctena have here. I building churches, ,Ite ,by lottery gambling, at ;' at1.r..... Ineourelyrsibs'e:fV,,f.uroenill• ea Ames. ... ' a .i . .. ;11:1-rit.l ' , , ; , 1ni ,r V , ' l r eeTNie n e a . a 2.Tee 'r
IoN will be held in tr. Cur tofore applied it they term, It. Me would be out - Boston eootem- I . I ka.lar' - 1 2,1.1 stump'. .t- ''
•'' hin ' "'"' th "-""-` "`"`" ' "'
ir --i '
~,, on „, „ ea ) tne Patriot has returret of the votes
June 24th, It4cl for the P. , „... Concord
a. 11 .,,. ne 115...1.
I pantries to rememtwr. however, th t Sta te!:tsar lEt.".".2°Pt i'BlOrml'll I 7al,r,ert'orr.Z.."--m""'''b"d'" '....r. ""' .." t
' Reform Cunt - anti., now in tteS'at Cinnamon smogs ad Ws piano.. swarm alr Brown sMr
yeaStiyl4)lsl,..,!tn.r.=. lof 154 towns In these totem the Vote on the - Lemon i :tuw" letatrl n s Towt,rit is
I take plea-ores to abolt.h the lottet':',:::al'a i ..
( , I 'l7 'h ll h' ,.. T'km•Jl"
.. 'u,,••„;.;.,;•,„,„...„, i eina.„7,,d.,met:istt in .n re d lo p u r o4 abolition.l;.tlyheguhti o u r , the re- wt,, ,
kh i e ,, ,, ,,, f , , ,,, ,
0,,,,eat,1,.„,-,;,,e:ne0e,:,,,,,11,,..::,:hrr:,,rdr0ipa.r,t,,i..s I
C Thomson Jane.. 1 ,
Swami B Thema. ,
Tagit'lltirirl'flnh 17,122 014)w, tO 9,81.2 yew. on the amendment The Boston Bee say TheyCare n " d r' '/ "a
ra'aa • • • Bergamot
] Lavender
] r limn.
I - M lota on..
Cll.Decti. of Ludlam! who wens sr rklnmon the M Mein i
Incad 1411 g. at Sea Brighton mul leIttl „ re nn the Otb 1
] • nvember laaL Ilia wife has arrived from England. nod
1.. cltcruce, for Deer each Waxious to hear from him cadre. her at New
i, }.. . 0. ,,,, , i provniugg for the election ot Judge. of th. Su- „„
.„ e 1 _ u t...- , oin tment for Tette, Eye er nor communteate to tide "Mee op . at`
Rah., with mcgrarinne of the mom . " ohd P. r'a ] .. 4. ' r.ib ' a
Al];fl,lo],a. I premo Court end the Attorney General by the The name are tan to embrace many wei , tr re n a rir meters Wat
erd Liniment
5a,,,,. I Matta.
bo d e t 001.. ., about town who carry !reit 2 ,aims r' tiollfrers Cordial 11 - ONOI,ION In i Le LABOR AND TIIE I.AINDON
James Clark i people, 19,7.19 nays to 7,11 it ) eat on the amend
~ • - I entlington'a thaeare c Golden Tincture
,b„ eg yantr Phelps. ment rectutrlng the election of a Superuitentlent ' nun ` na• High en ,mage They were all h„„,,,,,,,,,,, ...Vel i el i m.Root. and ann';i:g..qailiqgia'ar'icirsi....',ail, 11'.',.
,4,.hity. Wilson, Bettleh tletmpubs. in nonneetai • n wtth:the country, h it
of Public Instruction, nays "I 177, vet. 0 003 !aien la Jail , trung t Botts were hi tilt to obtain tiortn Ten
bell but Just. Rogers most . at,tnr,tutt,,vtlryoudne-d I .
_A_t4c Dr.n stare or ''..?
Ij°7l4.7P ‘ nthsli'l ' lr ER=ll",
John Alloon i
latrilel,i3r... ul , on the amendment requiring the ejection of a '
,a , oee wtr. prat+ trout Ihe Cote.oltilated I.lttery , NI.I , .
cline.' inving it among the • erne, of Mond set Firth alma Dt , .ticc ., t
, chnl . of this earelleut wort. tiro leen reeelved at
4, ITTEI•L'S LIN ING AGE No 159, tie
~1,',7, w m,-Lie,-,, 1 Commissioner a Agriculture , nays 2.1,447, yea. ..1 ,.. ......1 2 , e 1, , t .,, a1.? ,.. /AlOl/t, third at optwoUr the pot oßate
}rands Jordan • 1 5 182 ou the. amendtiont for dectdie,g aectitors' Sale of Bank Stock. ai...
111.4DLE 811ITII. Secretary .
] tlo 1./. eO O ,pi seas L , , 01 to be drown \latch 20th, by F.\ Lir. .1 C0.,.C0 ,I d 'IN Monday Evening, April 7, at 8 o'clock. ,
)- ' ' '- It thtniore tle I, prizes on the Delawnre stet
1 , The n cote ) ol ' ol ur' t
b " ' laVl' s" of • em. I.] Dolan ci Thi' 't- el
Ms. See first, third. and fourth pageshe annn .111.11 of Right. vre• t
• '''' Lotter) 1) Paine tCtNI n drawn e tc. b ...., win he sold hy order of haecutora of the late ao. at , hallee, • tale lo the anthor of Moos!. in Prows
i „ Conuarmlal bales Boom. enrner of Moist ant sot
----------- iDI 411 nay a 111,7't I 1 two third tote an, ere - \
, i t, 't '• .. V.l.+. to be J lan tribba, dred-13 a bszet block In Bank of Pittsburgh 1W •
I I_. Tickets styl The object or this lot- , str t- U - __2 .I , _'2!!'_° . '_2'___
at„, an I:p..01.111 church -piths, a queer source by I 111 1 00KS' BOOKS ' l -Lou...taloa its - COI.,
SitOOTII44I WITIIIR THE Clll LIMITS -Now cessar!, in order lo a the nth - mit - in of these amend
tery was to erect 011 0' I
LAI emy, and also to finish I REMOVAL. plat Illatory and Romance. by lilac 4•Ynon
thin the spring has opened, we find the u.... 1 .1 loon , note - , r 11111 p KM of the M nmpaneagy .
swarm of iwould-be sportsmen, (that is to nny, ] FnE•cn Pro ruidicut -1 royal f ontly 'weer which to raise funds Elever, p1,,,,,„,,,,,,,,t,,,i. Marc th.ll a Franconia sh B
ir & F WILSON have removed to No historical woman, I, t n „A„.,,
pc,:.... toker.,) prowling around the outskirts , becomes...rime. aml the line of succeeston is nee- I
before the Police ' , btil. arrests Were not made in rill of them. Some era Smithfield
1V a Iln Second irt , and 147 Front •t , between Wont ik „, ‘0„,,,,, Iry ] the author of the
orfully ' The
a the ca , and shooting every bird they can ler torgotton, no matter how many rtvoluttons w ,,, ~Le
~,, e , ,,,
~,, • , ...e h niTc a o r. fii7 , 4.. a. e.. rar e a .. ai ; ', . ..V . V.% li ka'd l'a' L
flud IV s do net arnpathlse with the peculiar i take piece hecording to the late news
1 or the coo. od •• ,riturmeil most - -------- ------"L---'' --
si Lm' i d i nn ''''`"d •
the L '''' '" r ''''' '''' """ M ' b".
fr om t'ourt, on Sntertlt: orning for examin3lsol3 -- , 'the above book Just neelve.; suci s fortale I n /y!
benevolen e which would forbid the shooting of I I Frenee. it eppe so th it the Orlenmete and Legit- The following are he names of the
c c - I'. e ft C. n141(4010, Icank.eller
ylic 4 - ) hirktt stret.
-__ - --___
ame wh u the human stomach is empty. Bill- utast, are et open feud. The
via l tern...pen- rtste.l ft... ON. ttoddar I, Albert C Raton. Wm
log a bit for food m no more than killing a dent of the New 1 ork Commercial . 11.11. tr 0 , :ter Bringliam, IA)! Jennings, NI. sere
Pier.... I , reetnan Dail'. Prouty, and Brack- I
eheep, l'e have our doubts, moreover, of the writing on the± point, say.
soundnes of that sentimentality which weeps'e Princes of theire of Orleans have had I
over the eath of a dove ors rtn'-reeat ti me tn express e restrament ag.tinst the i WI. 10 l'orT., -rile New York Dry Goode
andloa. with disgust on stape and herons , but 1 ,Lheeg'itsna.s°a,,t4tnrh,tl.:l,`,'srea.ta' l'in,,a,',°ol,ner,T,7l,,eae,f . /I ,, : l ,, ' ar s f , .. r . h i s. ' , ' r s n ' a'ad. fa " l ' he ' a coniPar .tive
we have o language to express our contempt . the tone of the fhb. Viet paper. that reeet ' Unient tear , 'lit ~I h r n :
h e:
t u ,, f p c p u , t . t r o , il
th.t. ,luring l
ru Llte th l: fi ttt t i v r o o f
for the f flow who kills birds which he cannot it. most heel. In the Jeered de- ',char., is -o Nortintar lett to the hot al \larch, the change
eat, mar ly to satiety a brutal propensity to de 1 article looked upoo as the autliongial expression , a,loerve to the ) Muter It
been as tollowp 1
stroy lit This, however, may he called a mat- ol tin ftelinge old Ntelt lot the •0. et Louis I 1 Wines and Liquors.
.lentil, Diff - ne ' NS, 1,17 !Ahern, et , formerly Dem tracker factory.
Philippe Tit it article place+ a gulf I,..tweett h1 i d, ,,,„ ; 1. 0 ,,,,,,,, ,
ter of te, as there are, undoubtedly, men who lii I r le X. `lt , ] n ruv.ta., , , of t i n es
] KTOUrtfl, of T
°onside that republic. freedom gives them the i Thl. sudden demolition of all their hope , has 11 Fair
14. 12. 2 , 1
pi - mile of being brutes if id so pleases them- , enraged home of the Ltgatmmts and aiscour- Ili 11 11-10 0 1-16 annorlnnt. to the nubile ge , rally and tlseir fil
selves; and it thus becomes neceeeary to snow a ged e t
Instead of the honeyed language e .-ll.saa t
1 lat they hale established a SEW WI • I and
how fa ,in ,Lis nest.ce, the brutal privilege is `" le n g , d'ed ta re g.' 4 ` th Me
i d set°. o f
tit , , , ... srt,. mil a•sorwrientet the heat etnel-Sfeetelle add
exereas d at the expense of others .
To gut with a practical argument, we must
It. I them and the 11.1,e of Bordeaux
Nliddlin7, to fair N. OA c' 1 i i .1- IFI
Avert ~ e
The at stage daference per bale Is equal to CKEISEN & STOUVENEE, respectfullY
LIWI OR STOltEaat the bi l e en hn thee sludl al
, Count of P ins, to Ileum, N , mid hie udoptlon ] ...RE 1 0 . 1 a 4 e u aaltat's whtt.h, Upon a crop . of Iron 11 emir
, c , l esLaite Ufa.. tl a frer . lh dark ciatd u i=
of the party note declare whet 1. certainly cane i iitt 4 -rest or tarry three ',idiom or hundred thou Of the moat. liprCed lommle Port wt. , , ladaircah ] lf . T
as prince royal, the Oaf/rough gotng party pep°, , 2,4041 WO bake, would give aloes to the plautth r t ,in litt ' st ' t
hi,rijera=n;Zl Ittr,,l4TrkittlitritutToeir lintt
call s o d the fact that birds are absolutely , that the direct desceud.te ot Louis NI 1. are med detioer. I,:lrie7g ;wt.:a i. b i a gi!l!ex ' huCe.Xa've„l7i,,,;: ,r',v
asses yto the preservation of frmt and *Leda ,to be preferriel to the t olleteral brenthes,
The awn of this enormous loss to our youth- ',,,n,',.f,',1°.,;',h°,!:,,,,h,:5f,,,whire•5,ta,,,the;:,.?0,:t tLr'see"est,beff,,,,,Te%
trees. Among all the plans for getting
1 to the
Ina the bra t+, '.44.111'11-Itlo4'l'rh 0 " ar e CT
I tt: ,,, 11: 1 16 M i l, la u lt appelrs i. th i ns, be r‘eetiaddy ij . .n. , . , ,r , ttr i ..: ,, t . c.. r 5r . 5.: h 1 2 ,0 .. ;,,,,wr1 ir b ::: ,.. . r j?.1:
dettro tng worms and tesects, partmularly that tenet . e tlZur"(.'..'l"Xo's, the pretender to the th ' rone c um P rk " . ' t tine year 1. 1, 7re t' a t t ) er r a7 je s ' e r if 'by s ; . . ~ All. r b. h , liu , s i ci , l:
i th ,.r, D. city Pkame give am a oil la fon you
arch ague the Carculio, the beet and wiseet ea of Spain. m the
eaece - cor of bit le- *et...toured than toot pear, by 136,000 bales Vler-lietault, sunplied free of tetra eharge. .d:2. , the
to on tirtge the birds that delight to build in i tare Nlayesty Henry V To dos abeurtinv haee , while the donatstie consumptiou of the year Is I
i • ehortest soft,
re their rettemlnatotis r tar htul lajen considerably below the meirlous -a bL.k.'"N] Ijo,l.2]oVtar.'lllll.2aa et
DOR I. trios do not spa ~ r ItENCII GOLD PAPER-FOR PARLORS
we come at 1119 L II e convert. to the .....e of tstimatt.l a 1,100,00.1 bales less, althouz.h last 4 - ~ ,
ankle, , ,_
gro and orchards We do not hesitate to say
that i there were no stone-thrownig, nest-roh
, e.t.a the Orleans Preece?, attu•ine them of out. l thug tilt., owe .0 lettuce to we 1
bmg echoolboys, no gun-carry mg fools, to prowl I d- 'ENV YORK - d lIOJ
I bud f ith d I d 1 h 'B . O (100 .1.1 1 boys,lil h p
up duplicity, a all lIIITC•ftra De pennon. tt 0- , a Moan for wc a Mar. TI• HALL PAYttlt- From t•re most r. - d f•
aromul farms and country seets, worms and on- ambaton, let meet L e sought no Lump:, and if to this we 1 .t... stile r e nextt.., clot., being recrul:srly reeelred at
Beata would scarcely ever be complained of, and The th.courriced Legi t imists expre.s the ino.t .1d the don 1111110110' the pr 0•1003 year. we ishall t, ~. l am er I' be t. 4.1 TIII 4 VAL , II.II- 1
oar markets wonld be plentifully and cheaply profouud despair ot satin tht co . untry from hale a total . f littl. Abort of ..0,0.a. bale. told , ,
rinklL T. OF NI'Y OWN - 111NC - 1" - . -- --
PAI'EII. • .. • • ( ' l l It INC BET POT-N.511-2o 11,1, for
supplaed with fruit We know that farmers and
talllng into tho h anis ot the Ise 1 hepubhcans, Lomat and heat.• the fallen pace . , F WTI , ILL- it large and general acoortreent al
ways on baud at . market al, mad for cede ht ,Is er
rand traversing tig til the acs or blood whith led •ow, h 1 I the tariff of 1812 bt.tu i.ertnated to .ra TU.. , I' kLMER Bc] VtlINI , 0( It t 1
The best Green Tea m Pittsburgh
tcard tiers often make war upon the bads, be. to the nr•t Restoration remain In existence. and had the coal, the iron, ' i i ,
1 uNDRIEs- -
s O:NIE New Crop luting Ils..pti '1,•.1 her
eaus they eat gratn and fruit, hut thm proves This thmecord between the Royalist factlon Is and the woolen mitt esta, been allovred to grow, , i,_ 11 eask.. Baoon hams. i pact leen re., wed at tlorruce i'ct sh r. 10 the
to bel very bad policy. Like till other good an effectual thee , to thy revolut °miry p.m et .• they w. et in 1•4 t.. there would by this time 1 baps coMart Diamond. whirh far amt Miser t.nen a bead .f any
both Latter would preter tht advent of Social- h ite bete made a market at home for the whole ', io do do shoulders.
woe men, these feathered servants insist on be- -
1 C. l END RlES
nag aid, and the pay they exact. la far from outl ttirsterln'!"" i 5
I. cal losaa Prune Dark urn •n Lin Coffee
wet. g the necessity for Weir service. Not rS.r• , ! .... bid.... 1. nor late lit&
t. ~ AD-IS, GIL - ficcordlng to a published ,tents, the i hiutera would probably have eeen I j f ' 7 ." 0 frata`tt- e. ,o, ~ • lo salmon
tun ago,. in some highly c
irg l ur, ism to the emcee-. of the other
---- . thtee .10.01.1,0011 bales that now weigh down I do as rider.
the pri ce abroad: and instead a a tall a three , • i nag ulneavon
b, wrol toarrive mat for sale b 7
ulnrated districts ; ;in ' list a cadet, app to Jo.. the C S Mill rise of three in iking a difference to them a tte:- o Va t t.l .... Pt 11All DICKE] A LO-Mater A 141101.1 A
- I add In Pitiaburth
...0 In Laroc No 1 tlrtekt eel
fe Icfhl w Large No 4 dc
4 ter, do do No Ido an 2
be any, the farmers become so enraged at the
~ her
y Ncademy at W est l'omt, between the I.t spry' enfitoh" of . 1 In n Kum the Pr." . ent feet . .. For Rent 1., O r man. Culflish, ore and for sale by
birds for partaking freely of their g ram and and 20th of June, 1051. the followieg eadem `s',,lalon: "` beg l' a t r 1..17:":g,,,,,rd1d:mt,* e ' - f
I k Small well finished and completely fur- ' 'l'2 ''"'''' T k ° ]l c• "`"e 0
hull that they detertutned to exterminate' them . hove been appetnted from Conga iieth n , n od f deter ment i f
11.. et not tn. price they ply tle yea or t t tilAwittl 3-“ , e, tin rid st n nekVoic.c,r,rAtzhiNt:lffirs• I . liOl JeDERS-9000 141000` , 111 ciallt, urns aNi
t J and 4 r nab t y . .c II t ILIA JOVE: , A 1.0
rh, did the work so one Mat on a Ttinoth. /11 Bryan Jr 2deas I llatrlet free tarps Last? it Itilt , Bow 111111,i1 they wlll 00 73 Libertr at between 3.1 sod 4th rts at 2
alio time nut a feather wee to be seen In the Henry li i reedly, 3th do ,iN nest rear,lt they have a good trop, and if Qll.Ol LDV.RS-b4 c.icks, crmietl and for
wh le country: Mat the Victory cans scarcely eel- Cornell Van camp, Bth
it do .... dome.c tonsuteption tontaint ti to thisoniall, matt t ,Pou and Tribune at ry ,
Par Sale. .
0 11101.11 .021 II t 11111 JOSE- , aCO
Churl] , Dl. inert 12th do ~ Is to te tn, ce.e, .... lest, to them to ' F rill memlwre of the Fairmount
eb tell until it began to fade veto 0 most rhsee
Lewis Nlertill. 1`,41 .1. ?ph ss , t !sass what eetnuate they may, we 1. ...., 0e es thew Lnglne ft r sale It I* In great or lup
' d f t. NV
crops eea orate and insects appear.' in Edward L llertx, 140. .1. t - hrl it and be tilOrt or the truth to the extent d'r au I will he wild cheat Fonitir,lf Tii ~..
nW] I , C.I tII DU hLI A CA/ water A front . 1 , • I t' _ anti i t t ''''l l ''' ' ' ). `
l I , 1.1 UTTER it EiIGS-iti store and for toile by
/twits as formidable as the Egyptianplagnes, and ai Le e n et p 4,,„ Li ii
i 1 .th do ,of the value of all the foreign cotton se. Import .a• it
_.- NO 4c1. , I , un arse 11, nu it Juii•sru•
( v v .... -, Jo ou ti store and for mile by
len a was found that the grain wee stekly, the Ihtmel NI NI Greg.. I7th tl • I -Ilroui i' i n ' 1...E1 4 SW EE - 1
PO'll AToKS--.2.0 Id ,1.. now I ~t. A -, t ,
1.,.j laulim. fn m • di water Fort Iczta fcr mi • t y
f t destroyed, and the trees diseased, the l arm- , The Roan! of N mittr. ut. nil. Pc itiemy for the
e met again In council, and were glad to send', year have Menappotet , 4At f Jioe s Market Street Store for Rent .- fk sll . 1
RE'. 11, u it. n Ilimu C imp inc ' i PPLES-1201,1i1s Careen a pPdes for sal • by
egents far and wide, to purchase the blood relit- I Ruben 11 Gar pact. 4., Maine ii .0 aim it .1011 , PTOts
I , o ' l : a
, 1: 0 1.. \ 1
~a - h.. , t. 5: ; ,.,
.I I - t '‘ , l , tirlt i . ,. t 5,,y, al! , t . twl i, r citilt.hlsocEr.Cci. , ' _ ___ - .
thins of weir Tape enemies, and form new cote. 2 ISll'lau bivlght, L. I , Mato, l i iixt -r" _ ran I' ' 1... ' T''''' ' lt` II ll' S 1 I. V I -1 1 s0 s icks for • tle li . t
. l`rofeettir A. B Smith t ,at
Tula Under the protection of laws and penalties. "
4 Ron Francis , • 1
F. rulers m remote districts are not we rend} - per , ~ee George , , d „. the i„ ~,,,,,
1 ef. i 1 "' "c" f' 1•'-.."'Lfutmf"r`..`,',,I,;`,St:, VI „ L. Iti ACK Idle \.. J tllelitnx il e
,„, - I•lNen .. .11. , Mot
_ - \l'd U ~11,•44.0,
1. , - a Mo.. bbscs la ii I ftEDN All 1,F,:-.--td bbls in good ~ml ,
r, half Idle for wale bf
l fr , DtL7l. LL 'a .I, Water o. Air 100 ~,•, for cal. a y J - DILIM'aI.III a ell
Forst and American Hardware. "'
h ded of this truth, becatue the different final , ~,„ ,i,, z „, L i 3O „ther ti „,t, I - t r ,^,w it e-,,r, 1t t ert,,,,,,,, a ,jilt. II -1 ,0 1,1.1. dritel apple.
runes manage to bcced ant Sourish In st ire lltrote-,r /tinut , Ph . let tf • f
r all enerniet but 'lathe outelarts n? caw. and 8 1 t t f . ' . l ,.‘ . ‘ , n . ' I l . 1 1 ,7' ., a 4 i 5 , ( '` , : r i g ', II
, birds are scarce end must 12. protected n a
111 Ilenry 1.1 llontin, ion I tt., I tv.
they will dlaappear intrely , and their . „ Dr . ~,,,,,,,., Brack hi,
ace noon roaches the farmer sad hortmultUrtst
esteem them as they tither.
t r.
The birds that build around a homestetol te• 12 II n. Thom.. hen I. II eft .
19 not .I.ihn Il]Llthrt ]II I. Mi. LOG.A.N, VVILSON & CO.,
No 129 Wood Street,
II ate • • cM 15 .Ttatt
t t 4 ,1-., Ist. stock fes ,tal. 4 • PAMERICA3 „,,, ] , a .„ ~
11 AItI) \ N ' Nill:„ pito,' `t."-"f.:kil'iA"'-'-' ' ~_
L 5 E ,„ 1 . 1. „ F. , 1 . ) ,,nni
, 0. ,. ..N. ,.. ... „,,, zl ,, , , n e ,
~; ::7, ,,, , i i, ;it ;
ths leliere •
cf the follswtoc artleiss.,:bs ow of the oat as (
I the t . Mann. Manual acct this , it , until the licth das
li as frw. s• tw...stf Is from twols y Mo. ter rood.
1 Lirmul liwf to welsh on IL :
D Fuaar „f the best itual/t1
+it I,hl 'ra` r .yrug .-wle and calo. , they are mYrsrsit 1 iti,, • - -
14. cd ti t rime. , at cm m that wilt ensorslw , ii ~... „, ._ I'n
h h .hr i lll s t.S ' r?lall 2l . ,
`INV I 4 .i. 11.1 T,..-Nisi bu for . it,. bi
.1- t JSc Dlll,llOll aCO
Aco.).- 4.‘., .o l _ntr , ur..l halos
ar - ' 1 ' ' J !' ' 'l . l n lt.tt7ili r l ' ll . l e l l l
re G 43.9-1 bbfe, ne d nod k,r •nle bv
let rr .c , with •o] of the east. ru mum ~,,,
0.,,,,, .] _ 14 sa .1 J ti. DI I W.W.11! A
Lm IN •te lei., t
wdally those that sing) are often to with the Gra ra ‘ L "+ % . 1,1,•• ..
i supplement to tue rot eutnorming IL tee Ls. 10.. J. Citizen a Insurance Company of Pittsbingb, I ;',-,,,,=0,.....a- -
shot down by semi.
firmly, and when they are itt Ntvr Jesse , , ref CAL..•
I mar+ t the c rLftLif 41
" ] l I i k 110•14 IN s'IIIFTIONS ititi7r . ssio
e , the grief and Indic-eau 0101 the act as requires bat It p+h , lot ...,..v.. tt ,I r thf '''' 1 ' • '• -- die . 1 '
A ro+++. •+ 41 V.,- ..t5....4, to t ~. ...masa...of l. 11 . • 'cc.
T:1 1 1drell IS net so purely childish that older per- perpole of benkinc shall be re,
+ olt- ittt t ~ ti t.- . ‘,. .
... Ente
ons may not share in It A man may be far less
cotate rai l d it provide that ane,:c.,l,.,en,t,ia, ti
.10. 1
1, ~,',.. t
„ .”I i - .7 :,, , , : , ,, , -.:, , r,,„ 7.: •,,, „,,,,1,..,,,7::.,L.,,„,,.. i r s L , l+ ,, ur tc.] sunertne
ellUtnental than Cowper, and yet mucerel y P51",,r:r,5,1g,,,,T,,, ; h i , a ; h a ,li„ ' „ . ° , s „ , , .car: • ,t,es , . 1 r e use ' ;haw sat Integrity sr it s ~ .- t Yu..
•, i,, s • .. , i ti .1 i,- ..1 sr... r rear Ilfrcetnr. , 'nes.'
ourn the death a a bird that hoe built her ef the ..,,,,,,, 1 t„, r L i, ~, , 1„,,t„,..., ~,, I. . , ~.. r 0 .1,0_4 ..11 ~,,,t r. , , ,, ,0 ir l.
eat yeer after year m his garden. Equally dt- 1 , ,,,.i, ~,,,, ~, -,,r ~ 1 ,r,,,,„„ ~r „ a] , 0
, 1 , 1 , :11 ,t 1 ,,,..,Lt,
0:11110 01 b r II err
your s r irdellheree Ice*, mw. , mewl
tensible is the fondne.antoch m felt foram name tin s prosslCll. at.. OW the feds 1.....1 ..,. Ibe oo.. ....... .
, r.
s p. ii.....r,.....e... E.....,e..tryt, t,,,,,,,,e, I.:T.
.‘ ed • o , .c.r . ` l b‘ D.thil' ''''' ' ]]] ( I' .]]']‘" I. a ?som tr;,'llariwn-gh ' I , 11 hk ' r
of Inrds The German law, 'Ouch putothes I,y P '''''''' 'll
, Treasury ior .e. ortd 10, ' , ebb , •to , .• inl ne..i
a booby ban ' a ' 3- one who k ‘ lla a mghte'lP''' hand , and ittortge.tes in the Ptmte Treattory a- Attention'.
though the bird is valued for as song only, com the caee met be t maiont , of tie Director, ~,, ,„,,, tll t the 6 0,1110, rte 1. lt l. a th.. , very tent t urd
• 1-1,110 ,UI M I .1 nr.,etfutiv Innts , l. 0-..- or ostsl tol. furnished at coach times aral In eartal t itanic
I man. our respect, for surely If we conic. , that mesa be re.l , l , nt. of the Stale The ,act gee. in- , •In 1t,•., 44,1 •t.ttrtwnl .12 hal M atc. wh. es. roc' ...1 1 ices aoc•n the redowitton of Use and of the I „anima
effect n rt ed act.
men who devote weir Imes to music end raper' to 1 . .., . .
sox Tril'ei.4."..Z.:i 'eVitaw".,=ita ... entetor
M e a drift that the erten} , eo f ovisuig on 1110 ma, recta. , Ito:I hese . n rund of an off h, fe;t:ithat the losrent market
refining arts, are useful raiser's, the hind apish
the .ectirity of •totk. has been n 1.1 tett to some ',lt' t.- ' '-'t I' '''' ""' ttl ' "" 1'.. • . ' P.' it... - t ,!,,,,:•,...,, 1.7.-d ,bat the
i!.triFittl.=.. he
,5 ; . .. ,
gives cis it sweet natural song, deserves our gra extent
the Legtriaturc et N Iran nla Me ‘' ` ]]]]. ' b '.]." *4 ].]] ^ '''''''],l']]"l"."]-..1." r ''''' ' b. ' theta wilill about 10%1Borra theor,. to br upplled
I co. •I I Ve• ] 1 cc. .. .ell sc .l a l t 4 k.". the ..I•I`r Aar information oc:iceman. contraet. will toe Oven
dude and protection. I have no lit ‘,l tht :at Wes ill which tht sys ..,,,.. L , ,
~,,,,,, ,„„ e „ se , 00 ,, , us , „ Lee , i
4,0.,.. ..., 0..„
\d ell these veers, WC are ;Sat SUrpribed to heat tern to now allthart to I hitt Ito es, tot t. 00 ~,,,,,,,,,,,,, ~ , it , i ~,,,,,,t, ~,,/ „,,. 0 , 10 ..1 ap...t2un rue-sena and agLl. b Marine 11..0.1
nor fellow citizens . the border, o f
the town durum the 1... amt. ..... n• . r th. emu .• • ~. ... / .... s 1.r.m.m.-,..e.5.'0.ef5m.4-- ' (. 1 W ADI'S I'ANACEA-111. dos just ree'd
.l 11, °ea • is 1 , 13 , %al raf 1 I i ,,,„, „, ~ , s af,. a s a f .. f. Ltatt Al frtrn arc, It Y awl ff r oafs by R V nLLIt Rs
complaining bitterly of the const.t destr.uon il .
~............a .
~,, ,
s, , . 1 „he
,‘„ , , , ,ree the ,
~,,,,..,,,,,,, _
~ No 61 11 not at
of their bads They tell us that their round . I :),17,,,„ „,,,,i,t I , ~,,,, .1,, , , grt tr, that f, -• •on i.dr is i'an't"' 1„u " st m "'" , n ' d 1 II ItaNIE YILLOW--4 eases ree'd and for
erects P' ..,.. -0 0. s rst , s o 1 sia an .11 otusen if Pitta) urgh IL ...„. ~, ~ RV. FELLER , .
are daily Invaded by 181 looking ecoundriltt who ~ery, of corm • 11 N 0 Inch o•t 1. to h.q. , ',,,:,,,,,, ~,,,,, ~, „„„, ~,,,„ {„n. it, ,„-„,,•„„. ~, ,
tire at any and every bird they bee Besides the n, ot a Ida,. i tht edett . a lire.. trainee 01 i ]],,, a Jolt, 11 ATI' I ()ILS--4. 1 11 le.nion, bergamot, lost ea, note
I _anions,. is original packcsgot.rer dao I f omle , I .
evil we , hate Leon 9POLkang Of, the datiger of dl, trade 14 iall+t IN f ,rode to Is. .4 I t eal rath ~1 ~., , r..r, -4 1 . :.1 - I awl R 1 sal I tltri
ce calculated I 'cr pet -cat Curl , raretitc. mid imr - ~„e , , .„ ~.„, ..,,,,, It, .......1 tree: H . 4 . . • • _
I charging grille near dwellings, and the frequent
th.. for
~„. ~,
I ~ 1 I . t lett n 4. t altott Joca-rh IA
ode 1., as IL F.. SELLI.RI I
panics that are thus created
onion the semen bie pro... 1,,,,
~ I tb, , on . tr ' y
-1, ,„,,.,,,,,„
~:,, ,
~.,,.,„:...., :,
~ ;1 ‘ ,
~.., „
~,,,,,,„, , ,
I L and children, moat not be forgotten The nut L.,,,, i ll ilitti 1‘ IR iNGE PEEI, lb. recd and for
P lt r ... la. T i Ann It +esenth st Pittsburgh xj, tale 1 y sp., it F- SEILt Ita
a.ce thus appears m two forma!! caber of which . -
L1(110111(1: BALL-121,b1,, for sale 10,
Is suffament to warrant serious colnplatot ssi 0 A 0111 • EnTl.a.K A IN)
] But as It es not at all likely that a newspper I' l UNI AItABIC----500 DlO for stile hi,
homily would do much good, cacti if read byl the 1..11 spa II A YAWS Lt+TtieK Alt)
, offenders, we wall mention for the benefit of the ( 1)P1U .,.. .N , 1-435111 1 1 new crop for sale by
El t 1 Alrc OCR ACO
i is a hew of which sufferers, who happen to be withm city or tior- t w t LUF,-. 5 0 Mils No I for sal: by
I °ugh limits, that there they 1 - 0 et. B A YAIININTOnt aCO
', can avail themselves By act of 1760 (Dualnpe
' 53) "for shooting pigeons, doves. partridges or
To " °
airi A STATE C L .
'no CO'
ALf I t ini T oindidatoo
Ti d E..tV
V.7n A ps iL i rote '
Win. 11. S iniriniL.
Sontoel 11.
thie Miramar,
'An. J. Limn.
fht'rt ro=l,
?.?. rz ,cti.
John ilakn ' on.
I .forini.
evilly it m
lice I NAILIALIE; A tale by Julia Kavanaugh, ant or
felt- :'of "Women in France," "Nlalelina," etc. New
7C r 2- I York: I). Appleton & Co. It
n. I This is said to be a very fascinating book
i:published in the beautiful style usual with the
t er Appletons, in two parts, and is for sale by
iv are i English it Co. Wood street
the Wings to of
' ° T i e b ' • lluntingdon county, favorable to the nomination
of Gen. Scott for the Presidency, in to be held in
eekly the Borough of Iluntingdon,on the 15th of April.
c re -1 The call in signed by 338 Whigs of the county.
' l ' l ' l 'l A large public 'netting of the Whigs of Arm
-4.521a0. ,
strung county, held at the Court House in Fit
tanning, on the 106 Inst., apiointed delegates,
acted to the Whig State Convention, and passed a
For Ilengthy series of resolutions in favor of Scott for
President and Johnston for Governor. The fol
'r'_ons I lowing resolution is of interest:
ns ore l'l Resolved, That we coincide with the Whigs of
Union county, In relation to the importance and
Is. propriety of holding two Mass Conventions on
c , ;o i r , the Nth of August next—one for Western Penn
sylvanin, in Pittsburgh, the other for Eaters'
recor d Pennsylvania, in Philadelphia; and that we will
o f send any required number of delegates to the
GENMAL Scorr.—The Waukegan,
Gasetto has hoisted the IMMP. of Gen. Scott as
candidate for nomination for the Presidency.
It says :
We shall also use our lufluence to help to the
nomination, and we has no doubt but thatorhen
tbeproper title comes, 1111 Mos, ludimm,wlll
show ber hand, and we hope to see her in 1852
Gall in line with the Whig States.
oned his
Wu ld'o
inn mau
-1 urgn an
k cud 10,-
We learn from the Winchester Virginian, that
o stem floe mill is about to be erect
ed in Chat town.
The liquor license ticket has jusc r timmphed
Chester cicninti, Ps.
ANIA tans T, ,oc 441 ! )
correspondent of the Philadelphia Ilullotm. has
partially anticipatisl the labors of Mr, Hazard,
by collecting front the Colonial Records to tic
Archie, of the State Department here. a few
p a ragraphs pertaining to the early history of •
this Commonwealth, some of wind, are of deci
i ded witered. the grovetl; awl delel
opement of the of the State,
in a period of little le, than ti century
The annexed papers, which we clip from this
l correspondence, will exhibit the co;ditiou the
I Iron business as it existed from the year 1749 to
1756. inclusive. The c omparison of this impor
tant branch of car tolnilfprlllici at the present
day, with what it was at that early period, will
he found both curious and instructive.
[Copy.) I i
Wurrnuitt„ June 9th, 17!51;.
Sin: Ills 'Majesty haring, in pursuance of an i 2.70-estawates____;
address of the !louse of Common., of. the .23th , MARRIED,
last month, commanded us to lay
L ' fn " thnt 0 . t he ."..1 in... by
Ger. David Kerr, C.ant CI Vonne.. l
House, in the next ,'lon of rdrlintrlerkt, nn ac- ,
,h, ot..amer M 01,111.. t... MI., Elias Jane , char of
count of the quantity of 'run made in
Mae „ m amm.,,,,,,,-„,,,,,„„,,,,„ (~.„,m,....m„.
jetty's Colon in America. frill Christmas, : - .
' 'II \ --
174 J to the s th of January% 1751 i, distingundling , ‘11:l..1. 1.. :".t., AAD pc,po•co. if sufficient
.'cil year; 7.'
you trill r `," nwit". u p on , "t, i 7ri!.. i t.‘".'a47...ntil.,=it,72,',ninarrilrh.t. it!Ttesilig
the receipt m tins ietter, [a., tne proper fillia 31,t,t c, c.. (Alo.el,ny i • Solo.' fat
and moat effectual method fur obtaining the Baal 1;,:•;,,tt,T.;;:;;;;,=,,,,,,,,tt,1,,,,:‘,;‘!n.:trti1t.a.ti,;:;,:,t,tter4.t.L.AJ.:
account so far as relates to the Colony under , ‘,„:„,,,,,,,,,,,, „. 0 , „,,,,„, „, o tc in ttd.
your government, and transmit the stanc i to us 1 alrt,,;,„yymm„mm
m,,, , , „
with all possible expedition.
We are, Sir, your 1110,t obedient bumble see. . M''''''
5 ll"'""
Vant.9, Ursa IfALlf.“.,
W. O. 11 , 0111 , 0 3 .
W. SLOP1:11,
tio,tr. JeNNINOP.,
Lieutenant Guvol.r of penn'll.
[Copy] Philadelphia, Srpc ib, 1757.
Sir —I Ma desired by the Lords of Trade, as
you will observe by the copy of their Lordship's,
letter on the other side, to transmit to them,
Iwo. as possible, a just nod true account of
qnantity of Iron made in this province, front
L'hristinas 17411, to the Jth of January,
You will be pleased therefore to order a purlieu
, lay account tube taken of the exact quantities of
what Iron has been made at your Furnace or
Forge ineuch of the years within the above space
of time.
As it may be necessary the amount should,
when delivered, lie attested upon a legs quali
fication, I do not doubt bat you will he careful
that it be distinct, full and true. Pray
time in complying with this request, the Reason
being fur advanced, that it may arrive time
enough to answer the purpose proposed by
their Lordships.
I am, Sir.
Your humble servant,
To Samuel and others, owners of Iron
An account of Iron made at the several Forges
in the PrOViIICO of Pennsylvania fr l7E om- 4 C ns the
mas, 18-19, to the sth of January.
same wee returned to the Ilan. William Denny,
Eno.. Lieutenant Governor of this Pro
, vinee. by the respective o wners of the said
Pat tinovnr—Froth Christtam, 1749 to Jan.
sth 1756, LOT.
POOL FOISOE.—From Christmas, 1719, to
Christmas, 1756, tuns
OLssuomeFoll6 r—l rum 19th Sept.l749 to 7th
Jan. 1766, tone
rorrso.vs loaoz.l—From 25th Dec. 1755,
to Dee, 25th 1756, tour
Cornsray FOlLOr.—From the 27th Dec 1719,
0 25th Dec. 1756, tons
WI non FOlLll4.—From nth Itec• 1719, to
sth Dec. 1756, tons Fottov—From 25th Dec. 17$1 0
'2'.ith Dec. 1756, tons
Dams FOZOL—(built 1759.)—Vih010 turn
out to 25th Dec. 1750; tons
Total tone
T17.11:511.11ASI TLl,lllitSl' to tb.. vLdue
„t 1), kleLeror. Vertntf))), hrwt, •Il that deukt
1..), tlo; raantee,ee ynnrteen the
estertwon, Itle exteteute. and den, the de
(uten ; 1.1. t. A. 15 Ilk. manner 1 bate Innutl
Dr Marne, AlGefl,4:l entolu, I.) optnntte u pno ;r
thus.- .nul(ul etrul .tatt.tertnlt tennentelk clai
Ths. true-1). the beret. ewer. the nr.erture a the
n; ;tett). true, .” the cull, hunts round the statlank,
IA)11 hi 4 rne, thr •ext 01 the reptiles.
...ere et, >II th, d. an. rarrtm tlaur car..w. Oran ~ u t
a the stern at hen; been ern.t 4.1 the
1m -twinge utrru cb"^."' Irsl LITI•
N•rtr .Jan urm 1+47
• rmay that I bare used. SieLmm'a
tuer. , arl hare !eon , ' tt 'ire In 110 manner upon
nit chtl.lma JOIIN BRIGGS
N tn... lune. 11 , 47 "
For mle nt
inch-244gal ,r$
No. Go IV ot,J St
Ile T. D. D. D„ Filth mt. 'ZS. New ltark•
Mr. Mick. 11. P. 71 4 .
Pgetthurph un.1.11/.0‘..
Ike. A. T I , D.. IM
IMr. F.liringtot, M. D.
hey jr. 1:1111,1‘. D U .
Ile , J. T. ..... Ir. IP P. r j ! . 7 . A K l . iun n i,
M!lward. lk
n o.Aborn. IC Pug. Es,
Mr. rem.. *Ai hareteenz h tsitar In my farrillY for
'artil'otql:rrtVe''tiL!'llie't‘. rt'oe'd'aeTifi.;,.:ctrprln'heal We
ape.. irdge ef Inortuv• which ie.
and ...Al oalliblei dopert Inttrurvon in that
ef is. an, other didiehlual with glom It bar
to he o.luallited. THOS. iVI LLI A Mr.
e‘rvr.t iJoltrUgl oogr.l •
• - -
Seed Store-Removed.
TtlC...bcriller hue removed Sited Store
to. pool atreet le tbe building ocempied
ilr. Reed ar n ta:ldr tin, atm.
A Late 'Removal.
I ~lt. ISAAC 11A11RIS hue
Ol ue
removed hie
Lu letenr l,,„„
Tu.e m her t
mt Lit friva a guArmero.
• '
:sit f , DLETON, ItILEY &
Produce. Itaniuttme m,sod gerrorkllng Merchant, 01, the
Leiter, Joaepb,
Ilea , to Alexander hurdoth sod Wrens. Sterlll4 ,
Bt.tattgt , ,
To Contractors, Masons, Carpenter% &O.
h ,
to of the
Koineoral Church, erected of 010 NE. on Grant
rtreet, eats be seen at the Hondo, ELetteol Room of Trinity
Cltureh. Arrow t., the Fame ran be had bymilling on llUgh
Maclaine., rho lite. en the allot - a/Yoinlng ( hr
Yon.. hod,ithig hI contract. fur the building, ...MU... 4 ....
tledr prndaalr. before the 15th Ind.. to 'fn.!
at Um I.xcbange ank tp.h.tlt
(J B onnial and root ropy 1
Eastern Exchange
NEIN' 11)111i,
Cututatill, ha role 1,, \\ NI. A. HILL
flanked ,
6...1LD, at the Exchun.;" Mote of IV N. A. rI3LL A CO..
Av-2. w..i 4 . .,21 doer
IV I DOW LAM . ," uf highly reopeetith
torkts.ction, rrcrutir from the old ravuttyiul 11 , viettesr
Ittruir 0, tato chikrire or en) . reseal ..l. 0,2 11 j
eii.r tho World Var. AZT: •
IrfOß RENT — TW6 ROOMS, adapted for a
STRK. i with • DrIl•ro GpparDr w lbr ilalrverl Dr
-0- Frdrral ,
Alleghruy. Apply .)ri wad." to
• OLL' •031*
Eureka Mining Co. of Michigan:
MEETING of the Stockholders of the
Eureka 311oIng Co. of 3llehluau. erlll be held attire
of Palmer. llama tCo ( Pittsburgh. ud I, °°d . n
Aorll 701. lkUl, at d o'clock, P. kl. Puuctuul aldrudorecom
emometett. layldlt.) (IEO DAILPIE, Pepin.
A PPLES -10 bbls. Russets, far sale by
J.sciloon , OCM Co.. a wood a.
r1101,T071 sot, .• . • ---
S H.ll\ ,. N on & pou l73l:l , l;!Eß .t , ,,,, A . t,t, t m e x , i i, at
IIAII.PEIVS MAGAZINE for April, ' • the
unrivalled" of the monthly*.
fore.nd Behind the Curtain or fifteen year" obvert's
tufo *RIO. the theatres of Nen York. hp a. IL Northoll.
Internatiolual Naminine for Atrll: d mud for *ale at
Itolmete Liteinry Depot Third st—oppoodte the Nat olliru.
iv I °rived dile morning, hy emelt., • Int of neer geode
eneb blark and colored ellk•Ture eatine Pali:ales( Flame
nod le coharsand end, beragra and Moualel•lne of new and
la.sntiful et, b. Wide Meal Ribboned White Ernble. Tarl
ton Nlnellns ara
fl A Lel NED MAGNESIA-20 ea&es for sale
Nj by ap , t II A TAIINES'OCK a co.
C ARAW AY SEED-300111s sale by
B A PAIINtu ock & co
lltliCr RI AL OINTMENT-100 pounds
.31 .rong for role Fy O A FAIINI:ST0.11 , kCO
OStIEN CIiEESE-7.terimc2l;fool W.
16 .
LARANOES-40 boxes sweet :Bassin:, ree'd
1J too to s m., tor .1., by W)* A Wei•" 9 A ')).
25.1 Lltnrty at
- - ,
REPAItED COltN—For Pudding, Blanc
r 0,,,,. LC, Owary an . hand and fur Nixie, vhole4).)la. or
\I It It IteCLURCI l CO.
era Amnon and Tee dealers.
TAN N ERs OIL-50 bbl. reed owl for sale
by •,...1 J. DALZELL.
riroßAcca-15 kelp No. 1, 1 twist for sole
, I by spa .1 TALY.ELL.
1 1-111FISE—ate bOXP3 just, reed and for sale
%.:., by *to IL DALZELL A CO. Liberty st.
Election Notice.
TILE Stockholders of the Perrysville and
7 a lleromle Plank Ilona Companr. ara requeoted
Meet in Zebroople, air Met., for the par
pone of
i d Co ns • Praeldant, On. be Wet Slalom,
to for rid Company. Ein.Uon to be bold wn ball.
Nilo open from 9A. 01., till P, Ida
and other.
alltl7VL,l l tZ r gintzlre b, !: e
narkrt, connirtlng part of
lkinta hinted !Awn, Move.
it nleyv
5raa,..1,44:r . har1 e ai..4!;1 1 ,, :. end hook'
tel 3.„.. 04,„„Tgp71A
Hut, and Ciente! rt:None.
haale. Ilnriery, Myers. Minna, Lace
Button, OWnenders. Yana,lr, Umbrall.
et Cutlery. Clorka, Jonriry. Wears. le
taapalfulli Writ. the attention 01 alert'
. _
South Euat rororr of Fifth tool
BBL:BIS:NATI, 01110.
(Incorpornted in 1
v n tikroN ..
It. $lOlO. ilea ..• ...lA-e1m . ..c00 Com
C. 11.1‘ sanua en/1 T. V. Irnithia......
R S. BACON be leave tio r
hut 5......
thanks for the vary liberal
loeba_::11;cd, and bops, by inticiatig
bur nen, to merit it coutinuvice of the u
math/it Au attended his efforts dining
Tar utility of Institutions of this de
so ampletety establiehed by practical del
bee. so Iniolly attested by tho thousands
rd tsr wivanuigus il their inetructlon, si
gala rill' , allotment for their eupponi
Owl . media
Tle plan adopted In teaching ambit. Practice Willi
theory: instead of mil., boob... One pupi s are exermseLn
ruling elicit/01 entries of everyday bus ocintransaal x.,
Journalising. Posting, Balancing A . X . /riats t aallti . l l l l .l
c p '"'nb e ' rit Ip"alulrotignritss, whe
the Mathes.
p e s nan h pnwperma and t he and thus qualifying the
stud/nt for entre% it f itc the prortiad dutlea of the sr
daesontuthsc.," T it ' stru " etioe zr-coosist of DOUBLE illi.
TRY BOA KENPINth embraoing even . delartha'n! of
trail and Mercer/Ulu accounla. etc Wholesale, Retail. torn-
Mi/lsbi , Etehauga Banking, Manufsaming, Phil/pinl
all/lush Partnership, litoamtviating. aodCompeind Co. I,
Asisess, Commercial Calculations, Practical PeumanshiP
and SoMmenial Lac
Mils are instructed Individually. and . nut I r na , a d ss i la u t
list students may cuter at a i l/5 limn, 11 P
ratioof their opacity std ern luleyt•mg,
p, „ ...0.
I'd". "Wnrl2" I L T:lre ' 4.. * J ' er n han ' lne s !idea under
goialn"Ti'grgilfth;giugh Interartions by the Pencil:J.
Ind by • Committee of Piedal Accoun and ii
ct Men, and Diplomas aw In thaw whon. deem
al iris ' ;thy of then].
A nurse can be completed In from six to ten weeks.
Aid to his
the Principal would state that every
the his power wUI he door, to advance his students,
I h n g ' le them thotough and aonomplishol eccountsans ,
. - q jd Next/ad.° soqualutanse with the busrae t lifx;
a ny will progralli , ensige 11 ) 10 to procure
thr,odror......rnato tw ,, ,,, gii71 ,... 5,...1 . ikanK,.21, ...
Welkin/ Lblomer - -
BIIT T E 5 bbls Roll, just md nes Union
L d 20 kegs No.l 111,21-ar
BOOS!—Luisia its om
History acul K
Womanrr: o by Ow ntr .
Gayarrc 1C m
Lord Ilolland , Forelan, 1,1 IlenrY }Bohan ,
Lord Ilußaud, l'Ann.. mus
Bards of the Bible; he tleo.fillfdlan: 1 r01..12rn0..?
Nature's Vounders.or O'. awe over. alibis worko. blithe
author of Peep at Nature: / sal., Ibrao.. MU%
itreng. for every' day In Lent compiled from the writ
iljarylill l'gn m d . a . 2:4 7 4 i th ' .lX. ,, ;3 . . ' . ' l° ..-,..,b,
he at
of the Rollo las,ko. lama.. taus.
I..breve and Latin Leakon of tin. ind TraNment. inelmt.
int the Biblical Chaldre. }nat. the train %1 tv mg 1ie.0121.
by V..l'w. ItoblnAmo Mvo.
Ilesta a Latin Testable. by T Ikaa: llinw , ., mu..
ounplemPoolloal NVork. of Itobert Dorm, with explam
legii.nd,f,lo.svitna! na.: and a life of the auth , r, by Jaa.
Napoleon and 111;3larslusis, b, .1 F. Iletutly; 7. vols.. 1...1na.
14ernIzLIte,ti.orif,y, of Me/,Tiew, , :2: , No.
wi, o
eredp th e rgeleesyr:le7j-itade:i:, rt.4'!"3l--Ty-;011..d0t..,
Harper's Magazine far Aprlr. Numberialways OP hand.
Just rocalved. and for sale by
an:: IL 110PkiNa. 7 Apollo Buildlous. Fourth nt.
pit EC 1 r'. C ARB. lII L ON-75 lbs. for tale by
.?IIXTIT I I , ii i, :—; .
A l V .,, 1 , 110, °, ,.fxr x & , ale
tr i
x ',ale I.y ap2 B. A. FA lIN',STOCK .CO
s lbs for sale hr
gOiIAXI-10t1U lbs - Refined,forsnie by
1.1.2 11. A. YAIINESTeet: t.CO.
ERMILLION- 75 Ihs Chinese, for pale by
B. A. EA EsrocK
EIRE GROVNI) GINGER-7 00 lbs for
ralo app B. A. FAUN CO.,
..._. .
NAL BUTTER - • 10b1.,,1...,f,!••117,1,1.b4;.ii. 1
atil \a 11S altst and Ili; Sesona at '
ultooms_A 41,,
u. Ixti. for gale be
lIP •ra s. • It. 11.alittat till.
. _
DIE 12 th I. for ..,,le by
I a still O • \‘' limn - tin:lt.
D ACON 4 14 WA, ( hng roundn I fnr
11 .0.1 ; • Ann•t-4.1i
1110101' AL.-4? F.O. F. NMI IILI, relll o, eil
Lt. Dry Giaaiii Stars from No. ila Marais atria., to
ia 0 itt. 5 Itoia. Irian. atiss, four Jones Nilo. Prop at..
he sill he plea...a to snit on tn. fiirmer cuahmer.
and the public senrrallr . ...las .
. i and
1 ( ) Kr,kr W9n}.;S.—"Bit73l.ltin';.4arte'SG'l7ll.e.l3l.
ii 2 16 Nalsr at. , -
SUGAR -20U hllds. arriving. for sale by
IlllklßßUSiE • INtillitAM.
7`A Water at.
I_lRl),(Pt' . b an f n c r r a M i r? t b ?:Nes II It Alt.
I:1; A 11.—:!..2 ithde. clarified. Ltauft. Ground
.put reeJ an.l tor nth. by
apt nurtmunnt. at INGIIRAM. •
2b6 Liberty Street
lA , 11. Y 'Cilt",:irt7y
Win A McClurg, In the vine. of New York And Ithiledth
h', whence hi wit returruvl No c
n parel to voltain the high repute:kit a:res..l,
thiv bola., of veiling the hot and r boice.t wod:. In their
nn. to 1: hall in the eft,. and at the In ran ,
Ike They well nothitut but ghat the, can rtnymmend.
and guaranty. , every thing ge rynry.ented: no that pervonv
vending rbildrto or servant/ 1 for any thing need bath
fearehaving an article almed oft unno them.
met rekr vfltb confidence tv t p he ..touters by whom
'1 they an. ratnagred, honing ter e continuance thei
cuannu and many addition'to the already large livt.
IVNI A a 00..
tlthror• avid Tin In.glen..
Bank Stock. for Sale.
VOTICE is hereby given that in compliance
f l il..%id th .d e ` Tr . = " i, r
tolj..7hrt;‘..ifielnirrtilr7.k. Z...
Zyt e JAX - V B r a
... u°"" l, ll i N il Ti r ' r '' u A'sb 1 tr ''''
iv;....;.,...., ul ' r , h7; a,:, `LT'i ,:, ',KT. %I.'1:7;,"V.,`:::: ,
.1 10 o•elret. 001 By order . ef the Beard of
shlor dlreAors,
apt. D. S. KNOX. t'a
i 12 Alt D.-1 have removed 10 my near ,mro,
tlibui3Ot7.grr.olb;rl;'• k.'t:lri..,,7l;.—ni.i. ,`1,1,ruL..,,",kf.!1!
loe satire., end revive • moire of . their ' cod., I will
leap • very large esaortment of Upholstery. Itrdsand 13.1.
ding. Curtest Hal, Spring,,Mosea Cotton and 110.0 olatras
ea, Feather Beds. Bolsters. and Pllloora IllanLeta quilts.
Countermines, .s 1 Comforts: MD:dove Shades. of eestl v.
Hear. Door Mats, and every article usually found in tbe
f lux , : eztiez,l7.7„,ta,,,,bli,; of the kind. Clrilers respect
apl 1 O WOl °. . .itt l l4lk. Thiel street.
Covington Iron Works for Sale or Lease.
TIIIS tiSTABLISII3IENT, situated on the
Ohio river. opposite Cincinnati. having. the Ind. year
er,nr thorough repairs In 000 foundation. machinery,
te., being one of the most eligible liscalions in the Cann
for Ow PatanuMature of the various sires end 111101' of Iron,
eßnbltiltig its many. If 1101 mom feellttlea then any relate
Ilshment In the IVeet... Is new °fiend far 1411 e or lease. on
term. h • suit mantle... It 1,011 , ...1 I• 11 1111. 111tVa.11.1te.of
an establishment situated In (he tresst desirablemot of Cm.
cinnatl. In althtion to the 140.05 trei. 11
touch ,later-111.0.
Mg ill facilities for eincinnati trade. It condos of
Puddling Furor. there !inert. or Nobling Faros, two Ile.
finery Fires, ill Healing Forme., with Enmine and Ma.
ehinery to amts. from .1., Melt Dun up h, 4 inch, and and
square. and all the usual dal Imo. with • gond Sheet and
- Boller Mill.
.t,V. - 4.7,1n", , g1"... t '"„ f„,B°`mYt!'l l :;.T.V`d t r , ; TZ
Iron. eAdltlon, them Is a Nell FactSaro. with wise.. Eli
rive. centaionag IR Machias, which can be itternstel to
- CP:r,.:r. Errgll7: AN. (I . itasloruiti; or J.B.MeNICKLE ,
Vith nALE— A valuable Iron Establishment sttuatel on
the I lido river. la Gallia eounty,Obio.rousisting of. Forge
c 5 ,, ii ,,, M1 1 ni o n . o
0 t ,, h:a7 ,,, ; , 0 ,, 151ing , or /Them . Fires, throe •Jasiiing
itrLi;Z:s's:f"::it,kael nur.ol'l'S'frliw"',olerertr2).:yaßelF.',:ieel“'‘rd"?:j."4
The role. , Os all the Drift. ta Pita, is tram I,u to r 4oo
v 1 1 .1 , , , , ,„..
I ,: 4l . it i n or vin 111. otie of Mae lest I.lDM:isle. the
Ilefer to 0 DraliSlN.iN,Citirlutudi: or J. O.3IcNICKLE.
AI.SO-0 liege brick (re yr.( Foundry. fir salvor rent.
sAyolnlog i the . liolling Mill trout 0 storms high. sett' , sside,
n u tte A u llYsi•tti r Itait T 9 r . ar 1 Asti " , st:=l on
tletll , eZur I . lzr. 5t1 , 5azt ,„ •! , n , V7 ,4 11. 0 . 0 1.. ,.. i g , Z , inz , 111 ,eir . ,
Ai ine
pt R(
0111.1111r0.yn.1;13,-...ittalning a; all about 1.04
n"ac:te.r.h;alirtlg l'l's.o,lo.•l4ltrest;aol:fe‘i:e'ltitL.l!';,7'irii7;„7"se.
twang p . urposete. 11010 Its occullarit beautiful heats ..... of.
fen malty aleantages ha farming Interests, alarm. portion
of the bottom land le 00W under cultivation, Oar high imoist
am susceptible of beim, Wahl) Improrm: Is One r... ,
.5) opened to ell the pflorinsl points of the isnd sod tl,e
.I,am. oa11111r:. Them ere erectall 011 tb. P. , ./ .4 "..F 111..
FStarks, Engine. nsul Bleat apparatus. tormaking Inar.
together with all the budding.. appertatuing We... Aiwa
Farm Mouses. Berns. Stables, de, The whole is 111 be die
noted of upon favorable terms. or It will be divided lute
to to cult purchasers. A plot of the propt•rty mid fur
thee particulars ran to obtained 1,1 l addressing
ap1,...P.1m K. BUCRANAN, tiorinnall.
•- - -
LP ICE-s-5 0 too. arriying per De IV itt Clinton
.I.IL, for sale by orb la W. A 7. NVILettN.
.61 11. 3IOLASSES 24O bbls. Lxmisiana Ito
13. finer,. en-lett:o per Ito Witt flint.. for rale by
ail . W. tis F. WILSON.
LI AY—la tons Timothy, arriving per )Ingo
I_loet, for sale .m the wharf, by
W .t. . Y. WILSON.
SOCIETY win hold their regular quarterly meeting
In t e &Am of Trade Itorint. nn Mondas, Alalllth. et 116
151 , . ,.. 5rk ,4 A . . , SI , t rade
n o who , ha.,ver„to,lt,:ittelng to the
By order of the gieet l t l tl P ve Committee. .
aplOlO,A. R. alcall./ BST AN, Secretary .
. .
-rariared reeciving their ressuud roPPIY of lisslata
among •hleh will be found Mickel - sack Diapers. Bleached
J unbleached Sheeting, 12.4 I.lh. Sheeting and Pillow
CAne, Linen Rod Muslin 40 In. wide for Pillow Geer. apl
_ —.—
I ienced
• k of PC ,
nught thi
r l ilnql .3 Al
t u. e.
barrr4ltr .
Inn I,"VaC n
Ca Le.
raro . I I ork
Ire. to whieb he
I 'alma Strerlx,
851 . )
L. mrid law.
turn his sin
. tn.., which
; I=te:tlor to
o ro st vitae,
r Uou hos boomon
•untratiotm, ood
' . tr * ar 4 :
!! o r rialto°. upon
GROSS Rushton, Clarke it Co.'s genuine
Cull Liver Oil, for tabs by J. KIDD tmehle CO,
, io Wont K.
rpUItNED PILL BOXES—Aseprted sizes
1 lb, sale by U. A. FAILNESTUCEt C 1).
j - s oLL BUTTER—A few bble. on hand and
tot sale ter ENOI.IBII !SENNETT,
121 &mai. lad 1111 First et
DRIED PEACHES--550 bu. or sale by
smcb6 ZS a r t 00. LIMP.
in yvy.s.
I PHV ,t, Blltell FIELD have received ,
• L. pl.r.ey more all wool Tlrneds and Capdxnezet...
' AI D-20 kegs k l bbl;,. No. 1, ibr sae by
me 1.31 SA.NItEL P. SURIVER.
L Dvt - bration. Volvet sad tiobl Pap.. Haugh:Ur... ,
ardeb‘ for Pravlo. Roams and l'aziors„Crom Lbe Delo.
.msoufaetur, I.lwourt.. of Perk, 1,,t 2d add
nartal SS Wool =met _
. -
TALL PAPER---For GI per Roll, for emle
by coch::1 W. P. MAIISAIALL.
. .
1' LEE---20 (Green) fur sale by
. 001 J. B. CANYIECD.
s=tl":llZ:T. the
Gnh W. The finder sal router a great benzin by mem
ne 10 00 the owner. thrwasth thht etßee. meta:
ROLL BOTTER-5 bbls. (fresh) fUrsa.le be
t tnctal J. B. CAN FULD
by O R t o sal u e
ru. Addi oria .N : ur rx .1
'Pio. CO Wool R.
E R-3 b b i l
. s
K . (pure) J.
f for
mit. hy
OWDER RHUBARB 4 cases for sale by
for ode by moh.ll 3. KIDD k OD.
UM ALOES-3 emelt for sa i l . e gi bi D a
~1431 -
ARD OIL-121161s 9. L. Conkling's No 1
L"d Oil In rmre end fur rile bT
2.21. d 1: - 3 Liberty' xt.
f 101) FISII-12 !home for male by
UCKETS-20 doz. (Beaver) fur Rale by
111[P9l ulthma RICKETSON.
DP 10 COFFEE-150 bgs. landing. for sa e
11'25 tierces landing, for sale by.
mehal * sicKErwiv
ROO:CS-4 0 duz. for sale by
ENV BOOKS !—Elements of Analytxc.
/.1 liounetry, Rows of the Illietentlal nod Integral Cal
collat. by of mis. e. v.
bite Notes of a R aljt.
Wallace, Frame:oats ottery; by the author of the Rol •
Locutno Labor and the London PO= by
. 13,rtury, *alb
to ebnrr boot
chTl R. C. STOCKTON, 47 market pt.
Otr`S-7 bbls. fresh, for sale by
goYTEß__sleg.packell; for sale by .
I)ELY APPLES-10 bbls.ree'd, for sale
_ metal SAMUEL P. SHRIVE!,
PEACIIES-25 bu. for , sale by
Ity =tat r SAMUEL P. WAIVER.
lORN-150 bu...(Shelled) for sale by
PYLE 75 bbl. Humanity!, for sale by
metal 3.131UEL Ellll.l VEIL
WEFT POTATOES--2 0 bblr. for Seed,
1.3 we'd order. to .eels pc•r i lo t rAVA D V E S 7 1 .ay
Water =et root Ai
ERRII6-15 bble. (1&50) well saved,
'" 4.r ale bar.
" t 'i b 2.lAll DICKEY d CO.,
mth3l War.. and !toot at a.
I.) . _ACON .11AISIS do SHOULDERS for !alp
1.1 mch3l DIALAtt DICKEY a 00.
n RANDY S W SKEY—Soine very prime
It}e Wtdthey,thd Peach Brandy, for Lee at
MOBRIa' Tea Store. In Oa Diamond.
. - -
PIRITS TURPENTINE--i 0 bblo. in hue
i 7 n
rder. for sale by J. KIIOOK3IAILEE* CO.
kff--2 c.;.ics Winter Sperm: 5 do. do.
lJ What., 5 do. Refined yKALl4LioarNtlzkia.
!,2GE!7.. boxer Sweet Sicily. on
..;Z for k;.,0
tehO, CMII.IOII M ax .
EW BOOKS!—NiIe Notes of a Howadji;
11 1 ent 12 nio., Inns. and paper.
allare: 'a Enthrone RIOT r 3d el. of tbe mottle, by the
author of the Rollo Book cl 3 too., at. , •
tial'gri'n'telrial"V=}"bri.lll; 'lfinstl4tllDATnr,
• 1713 . 1.0 . 1:Vr ib .4 . 8 . t0t i 0 thrllthnat.
Fourth street
artzele. fur rale by the . psylyr, by
.4,, _NV B.IIAI EN. ear. tut . tat et.
rVARTARIC ACID--I 0 cues for solo by
rathe-, B. £ F ESTOCK & CO.
b l , loL— . LObblt
A t . e F a A te s tmt o rgitlg fur
BLACK LEAD-1200 lbs. powdered, but
s,ll,9'elelso,f4`'". by
WAS—°.5O I f lrg i cL salt h j yr eo.
111 TE WOODS: 250 Mils. Chipped Ground,
for ral.• by B A. FAILM—STOCK t CO.
mrh. ,
ia ALT PETKE-50 kegs refined, for sale by
ii..:160 -- 30 0. lbs. Pearled, for sale by
. .
bales landing from stir. Gene
mdc. ,
if 1 REASE-14 bid, landing from atr. Ge
and (or +ale by IZALAII DICKEY CO.,
WaLer Bract e.A.
B ACON -7:18 casks Hamdroc s;
bboul landln4 from We.
ornove. and for tale by ISAIAH DICK El • CU.
6.4 Visser trol broot
rrio LET—An Office, with or without Ware
I. House Itonm. wu.II..IOII2:ErfON,
112 &mud xt.
European Agency.
BErliaving been detained by businees at
New °Hew. and 13t. Louie. during the LA km weeks, 1
it not leave this city• fur t .
urope until Tuesday, the Ws
a! Lmril Vtt• corner of Reed end Firth eta
'ISU-50 bbls. Mass. No. 3 Mackerel;
4 - No. 1 &dram: taz 44146
110L11IES' LITER/111Y DEPOT, Third
oppc.lte the Poet Oficr
acksurl. toe Marsh.
Dictionary of Mechanic, No. M.
Leann Art Journal. for March.
tittell's Urine Ace. Nat. •
T Mist
ry cod Adventure of Pen then, by the author
of -he
Laurie Meld"
Tom Raconet and Ida Three Malden Aunts.
Pictorial Mehl Boot. No. 12.
Time. the Arenpr 3114.31arth.
Cou Louise LA Tallier.: or antelusiou of the Iron Mask.
Stanfield MR, a Illathrintl Remulnee—erroplete.
The Warwick. Woodlands. by Frank Forrester.
The Kleklehtirgs on the Rhlo. by Thackany.
The Queen's Neeklacc, by Dumas.
Polly Peablnemones Ned 1001 illustrated by parl/".
Port Polio of a Medical Student; do. do.
The llty klarel3Mr.. do. do.
Ilerth a Humor. Novel: do. do.
Reverie. of as Old Maid: or Mute to Vomit Men.
Oregon and Califon:R.
oentierneter Etiquette; by Count D'OrsaY.
Ladle' Etinuetto and Toilet lkok.
1.00000V 4 the Scholar—the tllpary—the Psiest—by Geo.
Borrow. author of the "Bible 10 Spain' . New supply.
Rupee. New Monthly, for Match.
Reston Lhakepeare. No. 34.
Appleton's Mechanics' Ilatratine. No.'.
The lloreiculturist , for March. •
The Cultlrator.
Cruising In the Last War. by C. J. l'eterson—rnmplete.
Illertory of Pendeords, by Thackarey—complete.
Caroline of Brunreler by it.rnoos. meta'
- -
ta ANIBOGE62 lbs. rec'd and for sole i)3 ,
mrlll7 R, F.. SELLVII.S. fa Wand rt.
INNA3IOS-50 meta for sale by
NUR ROOT-600 lbw. for sale bv
m 4127 R. Y stai.grts.
x_/ .ale by ym-b2. - it. EL SELLeIt.S.
VUTMEGS-75 lbs. fur sale by •
.11 mai= FL E. FELLERS.
SUP. C4ltß. SODA-1000 lbs. (prime) for
sale by met= R li- SELLERS.
EMON VAS ILlA—Preston's extract, for
I_4 ude by ately27 R. E. SELLERS.
O. SUGAR-156 kinds. arriving. fur sale
. by sw_b27 W. t Y. WILSON.
• _
- 110 . 0. MOLASSES--50 0 bbls. (oak) for sale
.1.1 • by melt= t k. in LBW.
liE partnership heretofore existing he
taron Morris end Jehu Hayworth. dol.
o Federal Street Alleehnny city. met In the Dia
mond, Plttiburgh, under te Arm of . f MORRIS HAY
WORTH, I. this dsy alsmired. All ervous Indebted to
Brut the lets no will Oren rail end settle lhe /I= with Rota
Moron at either of the above storre. Racial
- - Envelopes.
ttort:2.-07,diminit thee:leer In water, watt trl
4:,1.. - , i .}7,l.l: , gfA n Tb l7.l76thuzi'L.a a rli.;
of parchment ' paper. 'Ouch 1.111 a Ithatatul Lay ontinarY
Ir.anntoihnllur:i ","01.1, th '' ert. ' .
111;14. ug k
`e A :SI P 1101t--3 bl,l;retinNli Tor sale by
l_.l meh.o3 B-L Y.LIINEFrOCK A OD .
AIT 111 .
0-100 bllsfrlFby
.!'. i,a.;aa„,a:aace.
bbls for sale by
fort,26 • it A FAUNESTOCK A CO.
tiIPI4M bbls, for sale by
.11.1 aol2e B. A. FAUN ESTOCKA Co.
Al 7 L,VI)A—W casks
. E . 1Nti . t . ,11,. for sale by
It CO.
L - ofkg---sou lbw, (dr sale by
et.oPPEICAS--.L.2.5 bbls, for sale by
X-) ...AI, u. A. VAIINT.STOCK t CO.
tip EA:Is;SL.IO bills. just ree'd and for sale by
Z 2 tLK MEAT-100 pieces for sale by
tor sale by ma-A . 3a J. B. CANFIELD.
lINSE.I.ID OIL-442 galls. to arriveand for
LA sale by zaattsu t BENNETT.
mrICI 1= Second. mod 151 Pint areeL
IMOTILY SEED-4O bblo. for sale by
EESW4X,-2.50 lbs. for sale by
WIIITE LEAD-250 kegs for sale by
melt.% EMUS!! & BEYNEIT.
. I iTS-400 bu. for sale b,
-1.60 reams Wrenlag Paper;
oi;irs on . plitiOr Una%
T i o w mx . a the .41112: : VATIf
Y 0. S. FOWLER. of New York. or Phre ,
Thunalay crating. March 27th. Slew a Clutraerr.
at,s:,"Altorralgz ,lo . 7 4
m o ada, eccuing. 31A. Mentor )nand Intellectual Cut
Niednerlay sod :11 and lth ,„ NlA wut fltl a.,. sl ll
;,,,,,,,- cil: a t.b I. ncienre of Loa.. Pe,eetam. Code.. p
Ye ah. pauld enjoy matrimonial telicili, oral artal di.
cord, tan e.
..Mondly and Wedneday.,:th and 9th,hnSosee• P 1122.111,
..lify Sphere. Riahta. It rota, Door.;
mum. • Plans.
Trralment and Perfoction.
Let her whom it-woks to e laillgr::: .. .
io . :
p e tlajZth. hereditary Lootnd
thlotatay and Redneyday, 14th and 10th. la v rihotat . ha 4
ce, perfection, ltuyairtnent and rcAnsigura I at
_ mac Ex..
Cotomencingat Si o'clock and elceing alit Pl:
sir First Lecture free. Tieketa to !len. 15 centr. No
n,lO c 0.., or 10 for $l. Pruf.Pdanal dclineatkai!tet
hander. with numbered chart.. ar6 al..° t . .F._ 'Mt
kat"ael.."ll2fentan'raeTtcpehigfc. lior=tuett7:l7
children, ap, apdally and ortornumen eacninas 4th h 2,
Tate apartments at litrourn a lintel.
11 1 .
PRESS Packet and Railroad Line for
1:4 Cleveland..todhout I,at kr dolt, by Steuners Conn
rtuabstrgh to Beaver, In toaneetion kith the deg... ol l lU '
Lobed Eatoya Packets of Clarke. Parka aCo Croatßeaver
to Ravenna. and Uta splendid nen Eassenger Cars of It.
(.3ereland and Eittaborgh Railroad Co. to tnakelantb
PENNSYLVANIA.- ......... --....--... J. llorrwsN.
NI.3OAKA M. Teen.
MAYFLOWER......... N. Boon._ .
Steamers lease their land Win opposite the Moncminksie•
Ilonee, at 9 o'slock. A. 31- i mmed ia te l y
with the rackets at
Rea., which will 1.. immediately an the arrival af_ Auk
atesSiatT assivins at Ravenna in time for the r..pre.r , s
of Cars ' for Cleveland. l'amengers by this araire
Clasen." In tn. to 'Ake the Railroad Line of Stenesede
also ; 711 .9 el; n'L' o l' f l r amt the
ist .C1;:a
Cinches., CLARKE, krooleton. -
Racal:mt. Ps.
W. W. 110QWWEAD..
Moe todera3 . l- 3 E=o.air ,
office under tvztjar..
corner of Smithteld E.lNpikstr...trrirocit
liMia • 1851. Zig
On the Pennsylvania and Ohio Canals.
CLAIIKE, IARKS A CO.„. . .heenzavue, PA.
THIS well known Line is now prepared to
transtort freight and Peseengers from VITTSBINUM
and CLEVELAND, to any pond uti tho Canal and Lakes.—
The latilltles of the Lino are unsurpsexd in uuntber.unal
ity, and rapacity of Boats, expetieute of Captains, andof
a... Agenta
Ono 7 Boat leaves Pittsburgh and Cleeelsial dally,rutualng
in eutatection .1111 Line of etesoaboate between 10.3-.
IM MO! and BEAVER, and a Line of first clam eteantboata
(Propeller and vessel.) on the Lek. ,
PathsT Co., Yourignown, 04
. NWeii i el 1 a 04
C. Prentiss. Ravenna 04
Brayton S Ca, Ravenna, 0 .
11. A. ?I=lCSoJ_C%pa}l•9olkilk.u. 0"
Pi heeler, Lee aw.. oh Akron 04
Healerson a Pettilone. esialttaky CUL 04
Pettit. Scott, Toledo.
ti. William , A Co., Detroit, Michigan:
tenteentan A Co.. /Illasokie, Nis:
Oen A. tlibbe A Co., Chicago, Ill:
Thomas Ile], Chas..,
4OUN A.,(2./.IIOIIEIL Agetd,
epl fur. Water and evaiihiliold 1414. Pittsburgh.
VINEGAR -30 bile. eider (wirrivited) for
gale on consinoneut, by T. WOODS SON,
trainht N. 41 'Water et.
VORN MEAL--5 bbls. for sale by
I_, ludas IMES, HAMELN& & CO.
(COTTON-25 bales un consignment, per
"."-Z.TIIN;ITGOADON: Cron n.
ma,35 er
NION bbls. for sale by
ass • RIMY. HATI7S);n tl & CO.
-A:CC-0110E,-11) 14,18. 76 and 92. degrees,
m fin sale by
V . OPPERAS-35 bide. in 'fine order, fo
ezie by
Th HIED PEACLIES-2000 bn. (haves) for
Ay pal. by meta,' HUEY. MAITTIV.WB h. CO.
1...., 00 MILL prime N„ . O. /..10141.1..":
1 i.":5 . Nt. , .. O. 11. ••••
13, bh,b, " N. 0..508.1
60 !acts Bneloebest;
_ 3 . , 61,19....a1M
I Saa. Own 7.;11..,1111., Imp and G. P. T..
IlsoasM •
30 boon Dsolay Rs Tobacco:
:31 1 fa. Isms Tabaces
- Jame Ilara's IN. hasp 'Mama
50 - s'. Totem, various besmit
50 das. - Backe.,
30 Tubc
10 " gcalenr.
30 MA, L.maioille Lime; In Korn and fbr ado by
cro .
co azOs Lama and 1300.8.
" arr,
?or sale by ' mcled J. eCLICKMMAN.IO.4 CO.
PRINTING PAPER-70 Reams for Bala
lov to clove .q•Z•VßNiiii i oA. a CO.. 2i Rood .t
T ANNERS' OIL-15 bbls. Npil;
.10 " • tor ea. by
..ch23 J. SC1100101KKK1; & CO.
LINSEED OIL-30 bbls z. for : sale b •
11,ICE-t5 tierces Carol i
na, for sale b!
400 gr .slene 1.01:
30 kegs 313 t anattat fin ule b,
4 LSD. Lard No. I:
IS - Oreue Lard; •
3 . ;lessees%
I . Beelnl/1;
17 mks Damn Dame;
V " " • Dhoulderr. •
111 tree t' resiD ‘' 4 . . ~
t - Dean
- . Olosen
I •• g;
Dried Desch.
W SUL Draw •
2 maks llorrA
' - Cow Tel* to arrive on_ the stewarer
Front DIC.KEY V CO.,
sod Water no.
ito renni t. s ., l4 r ed._
M' v'm 4 3:1 seed by VI ci
Dc"a"di Iva N. tor. &mod nrul "UAW.
RIED PEACHES --500 bn. for sale by
Building Lots. •
situate In tbis Pistilli Wird, City a Pittsburgh. Ten
alois , Lots front on Ponies - les:ill Avenue. Inquire of
D. Is. it -LE. DELL. Attornoss it Lm,
otrii2A2vr Fourth arr..
CIIEESE-50 boxes for' !ink by
D 3 Dbl. Vresh Gaaw.
10.1 lane Green Appler t avar a
ROSIN -100. bbls. to arrive to-day, for sale
by mchat 0. W 11.1.R11.1
TAR --50 bble. (Wilmington) to arrive YO
day. be Pal. by . enchf.l o.s W. lIAP.BAUGIII.
TANNERS' 011,—.10 bble. No:. 1, for sale
by incli24 11. W. IKARBAUOI2.
j-INSEED 011,--25 bbls.ree'g and for. sale
by enett24 ROBISON, LITTLE & CO
GREEN APPLES--18 bbls. Russets;
Jost rued sad for Tale bi Lrrnr. k co.
rINEGAII,-20 bble. (Cider) for sale by
• D.W2 4 R. DALZY.LL dPO.
Q - Al - XRATJJS-125 boxes and 10 bbl
s. for
de by 6 DALZELL L CO.,
rieh24 Liberty gird.
NVANTED--A Situation no Bookzteeper or
V Clerk In • mercantile or marnitlittorind boom.—
tooreeptlrdiabla dl, raferenrea will be siren. A lino d
dzwJe to G. It., oars rarely . Roe, will rely. allow
tion. rachltif
TAI-20 bblo. prime, for sale by
APPLES -'20 bbls. Russets' and 'Pippins,
e-t 0 .1 ,1 1
for sale by S. F. TON BONY:1101n DO.
111ROIIND PAINTS, in Oil, neatly
put up '..•-;
LA In tan 'emu of 1 fa. to 10 ka. each. moan .111r0 . 0 .
Marine Green, Teri, Green.
Blank, Yellow Calm.
Terra de Bien., Prutrinn Blur, -
Illnbre Has, Umber llama.
corner heat and Wood Mi. :•.:-•
SWEET OIL-2 casks superior, for sale by
oath= IL E. EEL - LI:HE.. V Wroal ec
ALL La of r i g r, e:t a,iA. assortment
erinn ;10..
pee knnedniga for Parioes, and Cbeateer, at trio..
r”Xtner'tl vatsto
IV ANTE!)-- r — al .:.2,.t r A f l m lef h liAr%Cr ii. Voupon
Bon ilg=ruiikrauweti Apply, I TV tei'.llll.lTChtt. tt
tM ttait4 Pa—, to
mcblz thaws and TreaDealone.
Where to the man who does not apwroatata-the ImnrT
any there be, we do not address ono
selves selves to than But to 01 others. foe 4;0 f you what
render shaving • pleature. purchase • bow al Jain Usual' a •i•
Aloud Pistaebio, Anatvadal blaring Creaks. It ls
testy impartible:So tod words to diatribe Ur feeling. of • '•
person—who has teen used to sharing wlth arettead7 wan— 7 -
atom making toll of lifts ibr th e lint tiered It la • cam*
• Italian of wooden. admiration and whouruce. •
JULES 11AUEL'0 , GRAVING MCA)! la ....dill
emolliengisaing the entreat end snort wiry heard
and pilaf ming aft admirable lather by its ex. r•
truster int ordure alining the irritatirds, prematmt
that suiplesamt end indl feeling of tho Oda Mob is so
often experleaced after during. , • -
Gentlemen min. Jules il•O•ell 2hodogerM2l. MIT Ars
the caldera and mostgleraing Eras Immediately after he •
row, without the skin tweerming ethspued. And thaw who ,
once use lt, we reedy say, will lICT y .Was
One great .dra i
nage --winch will teree=y aeche
led hy than who arr. whbilans—Ls the tact that it vill nut
discolor the beard, which roost the
'rill do, gi ' • sandy
ar rawly appotranea so the wigs of the tebtskent "
Jules i ri s ai u tt er
er dethfuim
canycanded to exclusion doll articles
calculated to render the operation of abasing sinplanomt.
az4 will be appreciated try all with make trial of them.
Prellorad ma/
o Llili =UM, Chemist,
, Chem= meet, P hiladelphis.
Yar We, Wholente and retail. by B. A. Wock a Oa,
ang It.
ch4l, . bllagb,thy Q ty. Pitiabo y. rgh; and John leargent. .44 J.
Inegan 1n wthre and to
113 rfflasal, IB
01161 Swot &wt.