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To the Whigs
.f Pennsylvania.
Sir A. STATE CONTETIONIOII he held lie the Chi
of Lancaster, on TUESDAY, June Nth. Iti.D. for the Isar
=of selecandidstes for the odic.. of Governor and r. and also for Judoea of the Supreme
•Court- t lIENhY IL SLO.LEll,Chdroturi.
joesub It. Yhategin. Samuel Statements,
P. Enos Horton. ~ C. Thomson J 0...,
Wm. 11. Slinglnff, Samuel B. Tlieuvos,
Samuel hell, John S. Brown,
Nathaniel Llhouker, . T. Taylor Worth.
We,. J. Itoblivon, Aletznder K. Broun.
Worden &Proton. Wm. Baker,
Thomas h. Cochran. Wm. hl. Wells.
liners Joicruou Junes Malt.
• Chula, B. Banhann. Sheraton D. Phelps,
(Surge Crum. Edwin C. Wilma.
• D. I.7lnney. John Allison.
• 0. 0. Lunn'. Daniel McCurdy,
. John Bsoulasn. • lieorite Beason,
Wta. Brans. Aler. r H. Shaun.
John C. Neville. Prude Jordon.
R. It LADLE SAIIIII, Saurian..
First page—Continuntieri of the Amber Witch,
fourth article on Home,.Commercita Intelligence,
Fourth pago--Poetry and Mierellaneons Ar,
Third page—Home 'Matters and Telegraphic
Tar. Wsr.sbr Onserre.—Our Weekly publish,
ed to day, will be found a very interesting num-,
tier. Besides an immense amount of Foreign
and Domestic News, Weekly Review of the Mar
kets, Washington, flarriabthg, and New York
Correspondence, Local and Telegraphic news,
me., it contains the first ten chapters of the Am
ber Witch, a work which the London' Quarterly
Review pronounces one of the most memorable
of modern times. For sale at the coaster; price
Cmmeas or NAll.63.—The Postmaster at Rei
mersburg requmte us to state that the original
name of his post office was first Maple Grove;
that it was afterwards changed to Pinkeville,
and that lettere and papers are frequently ad
dressed to Maple Grove nod Pinkeville, and he
wishes that in future this confusion may be
avoided. The address now is It.eimenburg,
Clarion county, Pa.
Whitney, who has labored with so much energy ,1
and perseverance to induce Congress to aid him
in carrying outlhls scheme for a railroad to the
Pacific ocean, despairing of assistance from our
Government, has sailed for Europe. It is said
that he has long since received intimations that
the English Government is willing to listen to his
projects. provided of course that the railroad
can be carried through the British territory.—
Alluding to this fact, the New York Tribune
,„. - .Trie route through British America is in some
respects, even preferable to that through our
own territory. By the' former the distance from
Europe to Asia is some thousand miles shorter
than by the latter. Piu3sing close to the north
ern thereat Lake Superior, traversing the wa
tershed which divides the streams flowing to-
Wards the Arctic'Sea from thosewhich leave their
exit southward, 4 and crossing the Rocky Moun
tains at an elevation some three thousand feet
less than at die South Pass, the road could here
be constructed with comparative cheapness, and
would open up regoin abounding with timber
and other cultural products, and admirably 'suit
ed to the growth of grain and to graring. Has
. log Its Atlantic seaport at Halifax and its Pacific
Depot near Vancouver's Island, it would inevita
bly draw to it the commerce of Europe, Asia and
the United States. Thus British America, from
• nacre colonial dependency, would assume a
controlling rank in the world To her other mi
ttens would be tributary, and in vain would the
United States attempt to be her rival; for we
could never dispute with her the possession off
, the Asiatic, commerce, or the power which it con-'
T , We are inclined to think the fact that the
road would have to be built above the forty ninth
degree north latitude, must outweigh all the ad
vantages enumerated by the Tribune. Long
winters and deep snows are the great enemies of
railroads, and would be apt to triumph in this
cue. Besides, the United States route would
lie in a country which will be rapidly settled,
(witlxtbe exception, of coorm of some barren
anti mountainous districts,) the other is
betel the line followed by the'tide of immigra
' lion. We think, therefore, that if Mr. Whitney
shouldaucceed with the British Government it
would still not be vain for the United States to
' , ,attempt to be her rival."
Siva% WADE WATER. PlPE.—This is a new
• invention, which promises to be of great utility.
It is manufactured by :deems. Hill, Foster &
Co., of hliddlebury, Summit county, Ohio, 'of a
clay which is found in that neighborhood, and
\burnt by a process similar to the manufacture of
earthen ware ; well glare-glared inside, =dm/t
-eased outside. The inside is smooth, and very
similar to the inside of a fine stone pitcher, pre
senting no resistance to the free course of the
water while passing. It is made in pieces of
of about two feet long, czclusive of the tenon
or joint, which, when laid, are cemented at the
joints; with water lime.
The followingeertifiente shonstkiat its strength
has been severely tested:
"We, the undersigned, certify that we have
witnessed an experiment upon Stone Wore Water
Pipe, manufactured by. Messrs. Merrill's Patent
Machinery, at Middlebury, Summit county, Ohio,
which resulted as follows : The pipe, which was
subjected to trial, was in section of two feet
long, 31. inch . diameter in the inside, 6 square
upon the outside, and of an inch thick upon_
the taco of the squares. The first piece tested
was subjected to a pressure of 3,290 pounds,
without breaking, by lever power resting upon a
piston in the cylinder, as a fulcrum, which was
equivalent to 429 pounds to the cubic inch, equal
to 213/ atmospheres, or sustaining a perpendicu
lar column of water, 944 feet iu height. The
second piece tested was of the same kind, laid
subjected to the same process, required a pres
sure of 3,610 pounds to break it—which was
equivalent to 470 pounds to the cubic inch, equal
t0:,31} atmospheres, orsustainin*l perpendicular
column of water 1,034 feet in height.
Joseph Myers, Rosewell Kent. E. T. Chapman,
Hlrnm Weston, M. C. Clarke, Wm. S. Irish, John
Middlebury, August 6, 1850."
The makers famish the pipe at the following
scale of prices:
' 1 inch caliber, 7c ft.
" 9c "
2 " 12c "
" 16c "
a " 20c"
4 inch calibei, 28c
6 " 8.6 c "
G " 44c "
7 " 52c "
The durability of this pipe, and its freedom
from the objections to which . iron and lead are
subject, will be admitted by all. If it will
stand pressure, and can be prevented from leak
ing, it must take the place of every other de
scription of pipe, as it is decidedly tenet and
A prospectus for a newspaper "dictated by
spirits, by theta edited, superintended, and con
trolled" is published in the New York papers.
sp hit h hoiresereatmot getalong a-103mA cor
poreal agents, and ee:afore four phrsolis in the
flesh, whose names are given, are to be the pule.
lishers end proprietors. As the spirits have no
stomachs to feed, no backs to clothe, and are
therefore free from temptation to acquire mate
rial wealth, it is to be presumed that the four
publishers will have all the profit to themselves.
We are not informed whether the spirits are suf.
fieently endowed with fore knowledge to be able
to knowwhether the paper will be successful, but
we think they had better keep out of the news
paper business unless they have learned a great
deal since they were disembodied.: If they should
happen to fail, which is not unlikely, they would
lose caste, and the mysterious reverence now a
warded them would Boon vanish.
While on this subject, we will . add the follow
ing explanation by Mr. A. J. Davis, of the man
ner hi which epirita "rap." The paragraph is
taken from the learned Philosopher's late work
entitled tho "philosophy of spiritual inter
"I now proceed to eiplain .how spirits can
Mora a table or other inorganic substances : A
spirit, without possesing any of the grossness of
the earthly form, is yet organised in its pripci
plea and functions precisely as we are in this life;
and /hen it, a spirit, desires to more a table, (by
Way of manifesting its nearness.) it concentrates
its own magnetic and powerful elements so as to
take hold, as it were, of the magnetism of the at
mosphere. In like manner, this atmospherical
magnellism takes hold of the electricity of the
air, aid thus latter is then concentrated upon the
article which it is the spirit's design . tomove. At
recapherical magnetism and electricty are,thers
fore, the naves and musclecwhith spirits employ
when manifesting their presence to the material I Aactrurn FLAGRANT CAFE or KIDNATEINE,— I
senses of believing as well as skeptical individu- ' The foliwiog account of a most cruel and out- :
als. Hence, when "rappi' are heard, and i rsgeotts case of kidiapping in Chester county last
when it is certain that no Mille 'elm= or design-. Week, we cut from the Daily News, which ac
ing person is producing the by way of imita- sects that It is from a respectable source. A
than, then it is perfectly teas table to conclude, more daring and flagitious invasion of „the law
Da has bee hitherto explain ," that a friendly the land as well as of humanity, has never oc- 1
spirit from the spirit land is roducing electrical•
• ,
rolling concussions upoasom material substance ! WEor CALE, Sandy Hill, March. 10.
through the intermediate agelnies of terrestrial ' There has been a case of Kidnapping in our
magnetism and electricity.iThe maw operandi ~ vicinity which seems too cruel to be untold. The
of these phenomena I desi , not now to detail; i house of a colored man, named Thomas Hall,
because at. present it is
that it is o dth e med su ffi cient for i was broken into on Saturday night last, by three
pi i,
mankind to smotenaturally and i pppersons who immediately fell to beating said
philosophically possible for spirits to approach ; Hall and wife with clubs, until Hall was beaten
and influence heavy and'l9 bodies of matter." I down and secured. Ile WII2 hurried away into
a wagon without any other than n hisnight Oath'',
Th e wife of ME . Davie is
hoe written to the reii , j o n; and instantly hurled away—the wife tied to
the neighbors
m T v he n,,,,
l e r i ,, e s
tires of young Grieves and ilia wife, stating that i the nearest house, a distance of about 100 yards
if the unhappy couple had tel.d her husband's I
bu nni te ir t i .wh r a o e
inmates. s: s h e c i d y i :l i tiy t tl i
s i
writings understandingly, thy would not have'pt h o o f ; :::: . e passed, f cu ro p .,
been led astray. If their peservation depend-
seeing what was gain P
on. Hall's house was
ed upon their being able to tmderstand such e. - 1 .imated within hallo,g distances of some dO
planation, as this, it is not o be wondered that , zest of houses : but business was done so expedi
they failed. If the world an never grow ar i se ; tiously that he was out of the neighborhood lie
until such explanations are [understood, it lo to moo ' {ore inhabitants were apprised of it. Hall
as au honest CIVIL 501,ET Ill•on • and Much rl.-
: be feared we will have to continue as we are. peeled by hi,,
neigh non.
, .
just TV-
This great event of the seasen will soon commence
n all its wOtlderful variety and splendor. From
late letter from London, do the N. V. Commer
cial, we take the following extracts in regard to
this Interesting subject
Loma . March 14, 18M.
The industrial exhibition is the topic of con
versation in all classes. it uch as has been an
ticipated in regard to the i terests it would ex
cite, the crowds of forei rs it would draw to
gether, and the competitio it would mil forth
fromthe artisans of world the reality promises
to surpass it. From mo ing till night, Hyde
Park, in the immediate neighborhood of the
Crystal Palace, is one unending throng of gaz
ers and visitors, though th former far surpass!s
the latter class, from the rigid rules of admis
sion and the constant surveillance of the po
_gee and sdldiery, that hasp been adopted. .
The building is beyond all description. Nei
ther picture, nor scientific description, nor meds
urementidetailed upon pa er with utmost awn
' racy, can give anything li - e a correct idea of it.
Its vast'extent, its fragile texture, its fairy out
line, airy reach, its perfe t proportions, its in
tenant symmetry, and its thoroughness of work
in every part, can scarce] be fully embraced by
the mind after repeated bsereations from eve
ry point of view. 'the rch of the transept is
said to be the most pert t arch In tho world,
and one whose mind is 61.1 with amazement' as
the eye runs over and and its webbed tracery
lost in the complexity of lines and curves, can
well believe it.
The work of comp) 'on is now a match 1
against time, twenty-se en hundred workmen
being constantly employld upon it, for the !lay
fixed for the last delivery of articles has long
since gone by. This decision, however, was,re- ,
versed several weeks ao, and now, instead ofd
the first of March; the first of April is appoint- •
ed as the last day when t trticles for competition '
will be received within e building. Even this
late date will hardly be adhered to in regard to
the United States. Col.' Reid, the chairman of
the Royal Committee, a sured me, in conversa
tion, to-day, that every ssible latitude of time
would be allowed to the goods coming from' the
United States, in consid ration of the very great
distance of transportati n, and I think none of
the contributors from ere, let their articles
come ever so late, will tail of finding admission
and requisite space and display. Eighty thou
sand square feet of roo it are allowed us. There
has been some question whether our goods would
require so much room, and an attempt was made
yesterday, on the part of some disappointed
British exhibitors, toduce the committee to
apppriate a portion ofit to other purposed but
it failed.
The portion of the
United States, one sixii
is at the west end. Ne
huilding assigned to the
faith of the wholeapoce,
this is the Await, de
' • -
partment, then the ictlverein. then Spain. !then
Prussia, then Deruna# and Norway, and .then'
France, the most earnest competitor of the
world. In fact, France means to outdo England
in the beauty, skill, ex cat, perfection and pom
pletenmis of her fabrics. Already jealousies and ,
strifes have arisen between the two feud reraem- 1
bezing nations, and tie French commissioner! Maas:awl:sr Woux or Alit—lt will he re
threatened to send all 'reach articles for coupe- ! membered that the late Edward S. Burd, of this
titian back across the r lortnnel, unless ROMIG ex- I city, left directions in his will for a monument
ception was made to the rigid adherence tol the , to be erected in St. Stephen's church. to the
regulations. Much micasiness in felt among the , memory. of his three chtidren, a son and two
foreign commissioners in regard to the want of ' diughters. The commission far the execution
protection from insasit a of patent rights, which ! of the work was given to Steinhauser, the des
will be felt the moment those rights are epee ; tinguinbeil GeI:MU sculptor, who is now engaged
English soil. The sub ect has been before p m - , on it at Rome.
liament, and at a of the commissioners 1 A chapel adjoining the chureh is to be erect.
this evening, it has been agreed to petition, in 1 ed to receive the monument, which will undoubt
behalf of all the forelign nations represented, 1 edly be the most elegant thing of the kind in
that a bill protecting! foreign patents may be I America. -
'weed at once. Thee too, it is said, that -I the The monument is in alto rellevo. The artist
juries of awards are unfairly constituted, a t too , has represented the three persons vs gently sleep
great porportion of the members being English- i ing, in a partly sitting posture, at the foot of a
men. I think there ks good reason for feeling cross. The elder se-ter lean, ligatust the tiro,
I that this is 30, though I base little doubt that i and clasp, the Vtalngur sister with one aria. and
el l
the evil will be rem '
ed by the Royal comMit. i the brother wi th the other. This sister is made
tee, when it is fairly toted to them. , the personation of Love, the younger of faith, with
Russia is here in filler force than she protnis- 1 one hand on a book, and the boy of Hope, Lear
ed, and her Nicholas i s to be one of the liorts of ing a. pomegranate Hower in his hand. Above
r ti
the summer. Franc as a staff of distinguiShed them (14ILL , the angel of the resurrection. The
KrCalll torepresent he terests. Turkey is here figures are of the site of life. and arc said hap
in her turban, and Ig ain her modernized pily in combine the classical antique in from
capolet- Spain has her commissioner in one of 1 with the christian sentiment in expression. The
the best mansions in Piccadilly. and Portugal, ' whole is to be executed in marble, and surroun-
Prussia, Austria, Denmark, Greece, and even • dell with a frame-work of Gothic architecture.—
Egypt, have each a distinguished representation. . The will of Mr. hued directed sl9!otkt to be
So, too, have the Italian states, so has liontay, expended on this monument, but we are told the
so has Sweden, and tr the astonishment of eery ! artist is not limited m that sure. We are alsoone, so has 13. ii. In all ,this competition of informed that, by the munificence of his family.
the world up• • a single platform, a citizen Oti the I St. Stephen's church is to . lie tarnished with
United States tinot !but feel some solicitude for , other new and costly decorations. inch tiding is
the honor of •is country. In relation to this, I i chancel window of g e nuine stained glass. the
hear but one ish a ong, Americans here, and • finest that can be obtained iu Europe.—l'Ods
that is that C ogress has not failed to make aime . North .4 torrtcsa.
appropriatio• to met the necessary expenses of .
her special a.ent. e should at least see that ,
side by aide ith other tuitions, we make no
garly show of meanness, and the outlay of m ney
to meet the tool and necessary expenses of in
ternal throw. rtatiori, unpacking, depositi n g,l and
re-packing of goodtt, must amount to no small
The weather is like your May or last of April.
The grass is of the greenest color, the buds
swelling into eaves 4 the warmth of mid -day un
comfortable, and Or tattles are covered I t s
early garden produkts. It is said that London
is for once • acing ' up in exterior looks—thou
sands of ho• es unclergoing the process of paint
ing. The tit' will he full of people to overflow
ingl. before the expi tion of another moo n
They look for ten t ousand Americans to Come
to the show. Pun s 1 caricatures our rote mate
rial at the Far by th e picture of a slave -d:ri•er
using his lash upon h. negro's back. One I can
not complain f being too partially treated in
this, when, u on tole very next page, Lord John
Russel is repr seated as summoning his support
ers to a vote n aortae test question, in thei atti
tude and s of a vexed and thwarted menag
erie master. His more impetuous suptairters
will not be trained from pursuing their own
hobbies, and his More quiet ones will not be
mustered from thei after-dinner siestas. 1 His
wild elephanta art his tame ones are equally
unmanageable. 3 einwhile the crisis calls out
the private enterprise of his subordinates in the
show=eachletty aspirant for power cracking
his whip wi thout rear of being rolled in the
dust, even should he cross the path of so feeble
a Minintry. I
Lin insuinuer4—The following in not bail for
the purpose for wlueh we presume it was itend
eil. It is from thsi Buffalo Courier:
Criminal 11‘glecl.—While the rumor wan cur
rent on Friday that the Hudson was burneiq with
all on board, a friend of ours was present when
the 'news was comMunicated to a knot of three or
four persons, among whom was a gentleman from
the "rural district'
After the usual expressions of surprise and
regret, coupled with some remarks on the negli
gence qf stetunborti , owners and officers, the rural
individual ventured to suppose that she was in
"Perhaps so," replied a bystander, " butpro
bably the passengers were not."
" She! you don't say to ?" exclaimed the
country member d waal, of all the ratister
pieces of carelessnqss that ever I heard on, that's
the beat P.' and helwniked off, evidently deplor
ing the melancholy omission."
GLIIIRAL Stork.—Among many of the leading
journals of the ertry which have recently re
ferred favorably o the proposed nomination of 1
Gen. Winfield Scott for the Presidency of the I
United States, on of the latest and most influen
tial id the Beata Atlas. Though the agitation
. 1 .,
time of the question a this in any manner.that
would distract th party or impair the efficiency
of the present inistration is deprZehtedi yet 1
the Atlas thus e presses its own opinion regard
ing the nominatien.
"We hart noT I V that the Whims of Penns i ylva.
nia, Indiana, Mi igan re
and, to a gat eatent,
of New York, Ohio, Maine, New Hampshire, anal
Vermont, have already broken ground in favor
of General Winfield Scott, subject to the deci
sion of a Whig sational Convention, and we have
no doubt that ill the question was put now to the
Whigs of thosO States, a very large majority
would prefer him as a candidate to., any other
man. Instead Of this preference beingthe work
of political wirepuller, or cliques of interested
persons, it appears to us to spring directly from
the people; and ;that the papers that now advo
cate his claims are, in a manner, by the strong
voice of public sentiment, and by other eensM."
It is understcjod, that Major Noah has left be
hind him an autibiography, which his eau! will
publish. It will, DO doubt, be very interesting,
for it will comppso a history of pelitics and oth
er matters, for early half • century.
covering from a spell of sickneb,. There vim
found in the house themornifigafter his capture
a viz barrelled revolver, a bilk handkerchief and
an advertisement, describing two negro., who
run away from Maryland in lhlii; (hull Intsbeea
in our vicinity for .1 years past,) also three other
advertisements, carelessly twisted up, which
was a notice of a hem heat that took place in
Emittsburgh. Md., in December last. The above
descirbed articles arc supposed to be the con
tents of one of the marauders pockets, which
I creates a suspicion that some of the party was.
from Emittsburg, Md. (Inc of the party seems
to have been well acquainted in our vicinity, as
he first called upon Hall to get up and go to
Phloem, Ashy's, a near neighbor, stating that one
of his children was sick, and they wanted him
there. Being interrogated lcy Ilall as to who he
was, he gave the name of a man living a Mr.
Tut WATtIO Serninas ArntrA.—The Brit
ish Cape 11n,lony, originally settled by the Dutch,
but captured from them by the English, has an
area of about 120,000'square miles, to a popu
lation of about 160,000. The population of
Cape Town, the capital of Southern Africa, is
upwards of 20,000. Graham's Town, near the
Eastern extremity of the colony. is the only
other one of any importance. litre are station
ed the government troops, on 'the borders of
Catfraria, for the protection of the frontier.—
From this point, to the North-east, extends the
Kaffir Territory, following the line of the tea
coast. The Katfirs nro described by Hugh Mar
ry,l talus Encyclopedia of GeograPhy, as extreme
! ly handsome in their external appearance, and
I completely pastoral in their habits. The men,
especially, are tall nod muscular, and the fe
male?, though lets beautiful, possesses features
almost Euoopean, and vivacious and intelligent
eyes. Their skin is a deep glossy brown color.
The men are employed in raising cattle, and
milk is the chief subsistence of all classes. A
cow is never killed except on high occasions.—
, Their king is tail to have a force of 13,000
men constantly equipped for war, and on urgent
OCC.iOIIS. can arm 100,000 men, who, it is pre
slimed, comprise the entire adult male popula.
• ..
It is with these people, aided by the liotten
tots, that the British colonists are now conten
ding, and with whom they have had some hard
fighting, with unfavorable reEults.—Journal of
Dec. Texts Term Leon SITPLRIOLL—Mr. Ju
lius Austman, accompanied by Mr. Boy, of La
pointe,. Lake superior, arrived here on Thurbilny
lust, in thirteen days from that place, via the
Falls of St. Croix. Aosta:lan canwthrough with
two trains drawn by dogs, which excited much
curiosity in our town. They brought several
hundrell pounds of freight, baggage, ale. Un
like the dogs of Red ricer, they are a mongrel
breed, 'and rather under sized, the train being
made of two thin boards of polished oak, cur
ling at the end like a skate. In this way, with
a hussy load. two dogs will make their forty
miles in a day with ease. The roods were very
bad, almost impassable. Mr. Boy left on Mon
day on his return. They brought uo news, of
nay importance.—ifotivio:a
LITERARY GROVE, —The Nlessr, Harper of
New Nock, distinguished for having accumula
ted an immense fortune out of their literary
piracies, it will he seen by the following letter
has 'at last in their rapacity overreached them
selves. They have had the unrequited use of
author's brains no long that they think thein,cl
- entitled to the entire aelnerly:
You may ha,. s,en in some of the city papers
a correspondence between the Brothers Ilarper
and Mr. George P. Putnam, respecting the pule
lication of Morrow's new book, Le.engro. It
seems that Putnam had purchaved from Murry
of Landon, an early copy of that work, mid nn.
i nounce.l its publication here, in advent-cot every
other house. Almost immediately after his an
, nouncement appeared. the Harpers ennounced
the runnel work from their pre-,. at about half
price. Putman remon-tated with them again'-t
this proceeding, as a volation af compact whi'db
fins existed for a long time between all the lead
ing publishing how, of the which they
have bound themselves not :to interfere in the
republication of foreign: works, with any other
who many have succeeded in purchasing or pro
curing the earliest copy.
To this the Harpers replied that they consid
ered themselves absolved from the compact r o
ad Mr. Putnam, by his republication of Miss
Bremer's novels. Putnam rejoined that this
complaint was absurd, inasmuch or the Harper's
edition of those works was published many years
before his—at twenty-five cents per copy while
his edition was a dollar—that lie undertook the
republication at the requeet of the authoress,
• under her appropriate compensation, while the
Harper's edition never received her sanction,
" nor did she ever receive any thing for its
T 6 this rejoinder the Harper's made tic ans
wer, but in three days after Putnatn's reprint
appeared, out comes their cheap two shilling edi
tion. But they have had to pry for their pre
eipitation. Mr. Putnam had a few copies struck
off, with three or four pages omitted from the
body of the work.—The rumor goes that they
sought from one of Putnam clerks an early
copy, and that be favored them with one of the
spurious volumns. From this their edition woo
published, and of course is valueless. They did
not find this out till Saturday, and after au im
mense edition had been struck off.
The story haAsuggested to a wag the follow
ing epigram:
For all thoim people who are able
'T were well to read a certain fable,
About a dog who dropped his ••cadimu -
Toolishly to grasp a shadow;
Some greedy men may point the moral,
Who with themselves have cause toquarrel
For they have lately found with sorrow
They must pay tntrren when they rro
[Hartford Tana.
Nno Counties in Viryinfir.—The bill to form a
new county, to be called Pleasants,out of Wood,
Tyler, and Ritchie, has passed the Virginia
House of Delegates. The bill establishing ~t..he
county of Upsher, outof Randolph, Barbour, mad
Lewis, boo passed both Houses.
The Virginia Block for the Washington Monu
ment is of granite, four feet by two if/ site, and
bears the following inscription, surrounded by
en ornamented wreath:—'•Virginia, who gave
Washington to America, gives this granite for
Li! tr1011LLISICIII."
An Even Mertaiity.—Last year, up to‘the 10th
of Nlarch, just eight hundred depthshod occur
red in Boston. This year, just the camp number
had occurred up to the 30th of March, which
shows an even mortality between the two years.
Neu ' rock "'. . s lot , 6.—The special committee
of the New York Legislature,. to whom was re
ferred to much of the Governor's message fly re
lated to slavery, made e. report, condemning the
fugitive slave law as unconstitutional, unreason
able mud cruel, fr.e. Forcible resistance to the
law io, howovor, condemned.
The Shr. Traci+ enters Largely into the general
business of Norfolk, Va. Last week, at the ex
tensive establishment of W, H. Addiregtonoipart
ear of the house; of French ic Ruggles, New
Y or k, purchased $3,000 worth for San hands,
co, declaring that the terms—both the prize and
time allowed—were far better than he could get
in New York.
Gift of the Right A - Md.—Dr. Zadoe Home, of
Billerica, Mass., rho died lately, left $3,000 to
the Bible Society, and the remainder of hit pro
perty is to be applied to the erection and mainte
nance of a high school in Billerica. He has
named 10 trustees, four Unitarians, one Ortho
dox Congregationalist. one Baptist, and one Uni
TIIE WRECK 077 MoSTArK.—We lens that
there are strong hopes that the wreck lately Been
off Nlentauk is not the packet ship Ivanhoe. It
is reported that the latter vessel Iv:, spoken off
Liverpool by the steamer Canada. The letters
on the cotton hales picked up were painted black,
instead of red, as before reported, nod from the .
appearance of the hales, it was evident that they
had been in the water some weeks. We trust the
:text steamer from Liverpool will bring as intel
ligence of the safety of the Ivanhoe.—N. 1. Tri
77, amount of duty paid by the Cunard lino of
steamers at New York, for Ds: 1, was $1,322,183
30, more by over $lOO,OOO than they have ever
paid before in any one year.
Control Coon and the Prc.dency.—The Galves
ton Journal hays that a gentleman of Indianola,
Texas. has received a letter from Gen. Cass, in
which he says he "will be a candidate.for the
Presidency, at the ensuing election, if he should
be nominated by the National Convention of the
Democratic party." The letter is of recent date.
Nrio llisAop.—The Rt. Rev. Joseph Cretin,
late Vicar General of the Rt. 1t.,.. the Bishop
of Dubuque, and appointed to the newly erected
see of St. Paul, Territory of Minnesota, receiv
ed the Episcopal Consecration, in the domestic
chapel of the Itt. Rev. the Bishop of Belley, in
France, at the hands of that Prelate, assisted by
the Coadjutor Bishop of Belley, and the Bishop
of Lausanne and Genera, on the 26th of Janu
ary last.
An Unlucky Voyage.—The Poringneseechoon
er Ribiero Prieneiro, which arrived at this port
last evening front Lisbon, has been four months
and ten day, on the passage. She was beating
about off the Western Islands, for the best part
of two months, and put into Fayal for provis
ions, water, he. She also went ashore south of
the Highlands, on Sunday night, when, Ofterdis
clutrging her cargo, she was got off by the un
derwriter's agent, Major Wardell.—N. Y. .Ez
yrers. •
Sudden broth.—We learn that a Mr. Calender,
a citizen of York, York county, in this State,
died suddenly in the cars, on his way from this
place to York. lie had just-effected ari insur
ance upon Ids life, in the sum of $5OOO, in the
••iieystone Mutual Life Insurance Company,': at
this place, a few boon before, and left here in
apparent health.--11or.
A Feather to the S, ale.—Said a prudent fath
er to his 800: "You ought to marry." "Never."
'•I know a 'girl for you." "Lot me alone." ••But
perhaps, you don't know her. She is yqung."—
•'Then she is sly." "Beautiful." "The mere
dangerm.." "Of a good family." "Then she
is proud." "She is tender hearted." "Then she
is jealous. - "She has talents." "To kill me."
"And $100,000." "I'll lake he,"
Mairtmormil.—Since Rev. Sebastian Streeter
was installed pastor of the First Universalist
Church in this city, ho has married three thou
:and rouples.—Borton Ado.
At Cap , May. there are two large hotels in pro
press of erection, and twelve double boarding
house, and private residences. The coming sea
son promises to be a gay one.
Market Street Store for Rent,
Volt ItENT.—Thr , Store. 11$ Market.7.l.l
th : • rnnu:r u We :r
utrhl, lea l'oun
Foreign and American Hardware.
LoGrk_N, WILSON & CO.,
No. 129 Wood Street,
lIA\' • Y. Noll SNIP.
.t tali .0.1-+c+nir~•.~+et of rt UKIG-V ANI , AMERICAN
Altl)W AltE,
nut. ft, th, • wring tarot whot they me 0-trend
tal.. n•Ali, etto-Cewes •t f
ate oa tha tern •111 rottonwre
I tworchit watt eny t.k eice,
Citizen's Insurance Company of Pittsburgh
41 Water .snit. in the werehawte of C IL
I . 1 I . re.larnt . W,
A t te,
TI, lAttottan, o
n• ortiwn , l to Insurean etterchunlise
In ave., .n.l to mow., twwwtte
An mop, ectorent, for the *laity and Integrity of the
Irwaltutowt. i. effordwl to lbw chanter., the
whet ore esttowt• Velfeltureb, le., and feworstAr
known to dn. want:meaty for thetr prodenne . Intalleenne•
end tot..Artty
I t herercoo-17.. O. Honey, lent r ilae•lert Wee,,Letetrose.
Jr, WO.. !WI..At llnGb Moo. Etlearttl Ilifeeeneeto
Joh- Ilewnrth 115e...1.:h. ic ■ Rote. el•ltAtf
ArTL.Nin. : l Da., Ityltal to Om
Oaf.. Al. It aft...boa. ruzad
•n 1.1 of Ow rrinnLtt
,t ,t I bay. lawn eurrd of an old
rlar , o, .0,. 1. , tto. oa. F..ur of harolauro.
1 h.....0.t1 ./1_,••••4 In , • : •l. had
to. all I. .0
na 1 loaf of
•,•LAIL• ony I,oeftt la, t 4 t"
I Mat, altnont auf ..M0t.... . K.-,
t.... t -of., f, .r Vurp..^ll../ otb.. • In ,
10, I. 1.. v nn al 111.017 to
~ .tart. I *of I.llorl rlts,a of Illtaborall.
havlne ra thrre cara My roaktarara,
.101 IN 1t ATT.
FPpr A Stelkportl, 110 W,.4 0,444 It It.
...I r..nt -tr•—t.. I , rut,. A Itlll , d,.l.portt
ltnu I' , T a.. Pr
r. 1,14:11,
l'arpAP Itsaltt.,Ten .. l'lttabutet.
TI:11 M1•11‘,7 TISTIMONY to the Val
4ln lohatt. •I errhiftwo 1,44..11 that doubt
A Ironth. entrantrr of a fat hole.
mi. al. thege..rlve. tli
sz.l ar,...% the ananal ,
111 111 omatter I faun
In ‘I•1-no.• • nun-on:on rowan, lo.• ..,orato - mon
iltoo Jr. n.1(.41 n .1noo.onno• toroornir• a ,Ittldr•la -
Th.. r•••:.•O . :.4^• l ola 1-rro.t. Ow aperture of tlk..
,a On a lono nool entrooo llunr na.oaono ,
ono Tlit, •no ex". hvo I oon the elect a at.
55 11. I.IIIATT.
rm." that I bat,. tapal Dr. }.lclAroa's Verml.
anvil t , .‘t0.1 It to ort-ratr In ID, 133.1 ROT up..
•htldr,n !WIN IMMO:,
In Claryn. ots .4nturdny , Tart h tr....v., vr
11. h Crnig. f.rm,1, ,, .1 llnAlwny .
. 7n 771711[0.
(.1111 NS kt I. LI Ell. .‘ tt, T.., at Lavr
S -1 ~,,- F .,tosh aenithl..l.l
g DD ll.E`ik )14i EE, Prod ue. e,
,T I 4 . .snial-1.4. 3,1 E..rwanliug Starrhaph.. on the lu-
Mao ... n
e- r 11.nslon, *
/111,1,1,11. arab'
ILI A MI:WS :%l At AINE for April, .the
ralvale.l" .4 the .1,1011,
11.4 nthl 1,11,1 th.Curhon. ur filleen yr.,. alarms.
L. tyf lot, Stlt Northall.
far Ahn and tar Kah.
111,1/.1.. r+f t flint l; wan
the 1 1 .1 o4he.
11C , IIFI ELD h ,, r , tv o l;2rt,
;4 1.
u-h .J 4111‘...Turt. vtOns I,ln 1./filli•1111
ruff.and Mou,lulalua.ll mew .41
N 144 114,Nn It %%lotto Lathle. Tarl.
Nat MN , Nn. 1r
Wines and Liquors
t hrrry rt. . Fgr/fledy Dfigi7 cracker factory.
D. ricat.m.t l'alnltur.t.l t _rotten- of N.
i EIS EN & STOU VEN EL, respectfully
e NVAVVII • C i . I.7; r : I
alxtvt.'..tand. where they mad at
,. keep tt full aomrtment of the la•t-t ateck—tloaelle end
Errnelt rot and olds, Winer. Also. Frew+ dark end f inal.'
Itraml of the ehole.d. rintatten Jamalea mm1,111:41..1
Irish Wltl..k...y.ellamyttume and ayarkllntr hock gigs, •
Ofd h s on n.v..l Grand, port wines, Madeira, aherry
an mtstrat In, Ala...the, Ae. Alsn,Fardlnes. llolltmd
lwrrtngt. t. and 11btart rbeeFe. • All ofrltlch they
Lett. a httlefale. or retalLan the tot restamtabla terms.
Itte of the partner, Mr tfhttnettel, forttintittitt his
Importation lottatnets In the city of N Tort, llm above Ern
I- enabled to
In a them., and a better article than any
other In thin etly. Phase :tire oa r • Worn you
stzttplloul fr, of extra charge. and at the
Abet.. nett.. al+l
—A Ic.nntllul s nick...lout reed and for rale by
ant: PALMER. No. fts Markel FL
"VI i I LAM.: L I'll lA, NEW YORK and BOS-
T IN WALL PAPER—From the most relabratt.l far..
tor ea of lb.. rega...ttve eltles, being ...mutely merited at
Market Ft. by la t iti PALMER.
, FAIITtIIIE—A largeand general usortmeut
tray. nit hand el tnarketst., sod for tale by
, kJ I I Wrap hams.
do ndert
1.) du do ehoulder,
tt beg, 'teacher
Itlol oterntet
I tutu t ine
IT ban feethert
.1.. l: loan-ire and for Fale
ISAIA woo H DICKEY t (.o.,Wery Yrnntate.
For Rent.
Small well finished and completely fur
uhht.l Snrre, nn td., tarat E d , tr4n A kArt-olltcr.
N „,7314t... 4 t, hrtvh.qt 3d and 4th ou.,
(4h44. 4 10 Tribune t4hy
For Sale.
WIFE members of the Fairmount Fire Com.
NM, °Run. their Engine rcr ule. Il 111 in good UP
der mini will b. E.old clieN . Log J ', of
031.1111. Pee'}.
No 40U Penn otrev.t..
TEl 7 :6Thgif 7 P (7 4 •M E 'SN S-2U bills now
nmer Fort Pitt For male Li
.w AMA
l'"" tram
It DICKEY a Co.,
50-7---SUARES ij---OUglitun y
IbY gbly by A WILKINb A
cbrner of Mark. and Third Ft.
VI AC kERIL-5 1 . 1 bids No. 3 (Miltia
INA braod:) .• .• 3, Hue brande
Z. 5 halt bbla to Lalebr
JIB DALZBIt. 80. 611 Water 6
Corona linter, Pit - memo,
1 , 51.1
EALED*EoPorMwll'brr6l *2.-
el.mired at
0 tkiaomu. onto 12 o'clock. SlCat day or AMU. Ined-Jor
th•Ael.rOf the thllowink artldev„for the nue a tn. da,
tht s Hospital. tear thtstity. nniil the .th
Of Sun, 155.1:
Beef. as foe aa prwaible from butte, prier per Nadal
Itr.d, each loath weigh erne lb
Oman Sugar 01 the Ix, quality.
T ice .
fl Ilya our .
Sperm ....... ........
Butter. best quality • .
VIOUr. Deer auperfine..
11.ENed meal
Bumr •
Egg ,
1)-nt bushel.
kil of fhe furemilna ankle , to be of the eer n beat
ity. and lobe furnlelied at such tlme. and In encl. quanti
stun the re.ttlimllon of the Steward of the iloapltal,
"X"=y the r [be rovvrtor
T mar Le mlulml.
to furuhdt at the that mar b'
market prime
It Is ...Mimed that the natraber of patient.. to be sup
plied will average about ..Oper day. In addition to which
there will be shout 10 office. and .mment. hi be annulled.
Any information concerning the contract, will he given
on application at this °lnce. HENRY MOOD:,
ap3. - r2Mn Surveyor and tegt. U. S. Marine
LI Nl' AIM'S PANACEA-12 dos just ree'd
0 and for sale br It. E. SF:LI.EItS.
apt No fa Wont sr.
tilito3l YELLOW-1 cases ree'd and for
1_,./ sale by ap3 11. E. SELLEIL , ..
iILS--011 lemon, bergamot, vloves, unit
l if?".'"` °l I "rigft - tr - "g' 4 •11.a,71,1:f.AV1 .
G o. EN N —373 His rood and for
()RANGE PEEL--25U 11,0 reed and for
vale by au: It. E. SELLERS.
IQUORICE BALL—I 2 bbls for sale by
sr3 B A FAIINESTOCK 0 6.).
GUN ARABIC-0l) lbs 1 . ,,r sale by
d 11'101—$5 lbs new crop for saleby -
t 4 LUF,---50 bbls No 1 for sale by .4
ap3 B A FAIINg-MXli A GO.
ALCINED MAGNESIA-90 cases for sale
I_,) by •r 1 n A FAIINESMCK & CO.
ARAW AY SEED-300 lbs sale by
‘...1 a A FAIINESIpCk okOD.
Mb ? 1 N T u 11 , 1F ;. 1 , 1 1 T .s7 j r‘ Ol )c ) inlcnoo
USHEN CHEESE—Superior do for nale
WM - 31cCLUItti CO..
ORANGES -40 boxes sweet Messina reed
1./ and tri arrive, for sale by O) ,
;C L Liberty A
13REPARED CORN—For Puddle.. Blanc
no hun3 and for onle. wgoleatal...or
11 1, WM 11 NIeC9.UIIII l CU
TPA N NE ItS OIL-50 bbls reed and for sale
TOBACCO—IS kegs No. 1, 6 tcrist for Aale
1 .1 1
~ 1 .1 DAIKELL.
. _
H YESE 3 boxes jolt rood and for sale
L . ; by sp3 It DALZKLL A CO.. Liberty 0.
BUTTER -5 bids Roll, just reed per Union
Un".. l Lnr , a , •• :lapro IL DA LZKLI.
4RD-20 kegs No. 1 Lard, and 2 libls
_LA Grew< Lard. fur by IL, DALZKLL CO
Election Notice.
MIIE Stockholders of the Perrysville and
Zellenopte •lsok Road Company bon emu...4d to
Rot in %Droople, on the :Mb April. Mei-. foe the ma
p., Id Meeting a President, One )on
mid Mumm
er !or mid Company Ilertion to ] be held M. the town
v c,,.
ti. PAI.W.R. t
130.0. ROWF.LL,
ap.l.2DeS and other*. 1
Matrimony or Phrenological Love.
ITS Signs lun.l Effects,Selection, or who can
and rannot 11140 to,ther aliMlnnatrlt. Coort.hin. or
how to m 4 numelve4 and pro-n. 41444 ...14. 441, • in lore
and married life—full .4th. for him.. ommutuptLon,
at woo.. 114 m, on I tru l Ices ESDAY and YRIDAI
EVVV.SINW. 4 , Aunt 214.1 and 4th. at rt, Moelr. A4m4
am mu, C.4n4 Ind s hundrrd fold the worth a your
,, uretipau.w. .ult.. As_ thslr
If j,erTertion, of shildr..u. kr, 1,, dad, .5 : 1
=piale i v p h , p; l 34l his private Apartntr l Ttn:4llalo
.h au iworldnit on the Wes , en ,
oßroa at hew arbihton. and loft there on the
Nnornilser last. Ili. wife has anised from England, and
IS ifor , anxious boar from hon. Add.. hen. at No.
Illftlien. or noiumunionfo hi this idles. .
' • -
'CIE elannien‘,l
a lar,or and Wit , . desirable .not of FANC V
17r1 nod 1,111 4:4 sifl/6 than lin err; Lofaht to this
markt, M1 1 11•1AtiIII.t om or
Pro, Priotril Lasrus. Mous de Lain... , iiinghams.
pa.... lu-tor-is, hirtio. Null. snit Hunk barrnt an!
loorbot Muslin, flab, C 4.1131,,. eivi.nets. tweeds,
and dean , : fifths and (hum, iotrlfier. Iri t, louribh Ponjoii
MOJA and Cravats. nide., Moab it. Lain, laid Cotton
Obis... Hibbs.. L.rei. Cella Comb,
utton.. 5,, Weft Par , Umbrellas. Table and
it Cutlery. eloctsi Jeeelrl. IVatehlob lie.. A,_ to shirt Le
Partner hip beretante existing under
Oar firm rf and McCand...l.A thud*, Ltto
vt.l toutu,lcoweut NVIP
.• _ .
ScerM Euct corner of and Walnut Srreetz,
( I neorrorated in 1, 4 51.1
tow.. • .141ni.11.1
Leeturar..n ibineneretal La+.
on•I T . Asaistatito
•S. 13,A CON begs kaA, to return hio sin
n tbonk• bo• the very liberal ratty - maga Ivldeb
has reeid.ed. and hops, by Indefatia - abla attention to
tit to inerlt a sunlit:Wan., of the unrmedente.l on
sa l hat/ attended his efforts Juruni tbs mit .141st
• • • • • • •
The utility Of I natltutiona thin dew-avant. tins teenme
"lull•latetY estahla.lual Prvileal deanottatnuons, and
Iran loudly atteeted lky the thnuauala who haae
e•I the nylaantakara ttoor no lon •er to ne
to their aupport or ettlyty . gy urns
Tb •
pilyn edoptraltearhina onlsiora praetarn with
then., ynal.-yol turbo: taut, the n pupils an. exerefaud I.
of et a r yLlayilynaintr .
r;oyina groatyuarirty . ditlerent fate ' o ' ; ~..,r,u a ;ll
partnarOon and indivldual lolyindosa where Lbe huotra•as
. Im i l: , :inr;e:y p a- t i . ...g , a , and n, aai n yam: and Ulna onallfulnu the
the prd,acol dui.. of the se-
... - .
~..ont.ot y kind of Iman..., -
TLe mdi di no of inntrualon .111 onnxiot 11.411:ELF. EN
TRY BOOK KEEPINI.i, embraring serf deinodowni of
mad.. and Mrrtantile rdri-
Li,rd.ndo. M•qulartunng. Shippirid.
litttnordlik...l4l.Antretind. and CUlllpldilOd Co.
Common-Sal lakuLaLons, Practd-al l'euman•ldp
and Cututornid.l Law.
rupits see intrsolesl individually. and not in elasso~ .n
(1•1 soadvett, mar enter at ste, time. soul proreml In the
.1 their Jathl
Pubi esssolnatiens are Lail. (though pupils are
IrvJ p n Hs awl, if ththe,dr.irr H.) when the .411,1 e. Wit,
goes -Id and•tben,ugh lists:ropy...go by the prsneisol.
n o o sb,l to s (tommittee of Practical Am-nolo:oats and llus
ones. Sic, and his.lomos awarded In the.: she are deem
,ef them.
A ...nese. cab Is, esompleted to trim nit In tea weeks
And in ot•elusson, the Principal nouhl state that every
thin, 14 ho in n er will be door to aslsaney bie students,
stud nolo. stem thorough ang aeotuttAishol sewoontants.
and ho catenalve ncquanstatsce with thy business commis
till generally shable him h, precury eltnadone for
th .y. sieetrnue of ohtsming them.
Terme—Fur a full course of 14.11.311 P hi limb Keening.
Writing, Cant:nen-Sal 1-s, le.. 1.10.0 n. aP2 , 3th
Pt nth Lim nineteenth eratnl7, a eteIoPYOM of
the scroll onrelitfon eanlairs Of the roarer .1.0.. lu he
British tlrtrupolls. In mnatectlon countfVXl
ingrovlngenf lhe oversaw] persorod
hns, I and gof earellent work has hewn remised at
J K IDD Jk (X),
No. 1)0 Wood et
ITTELL'S LIVING AG}, No 339; the
CS firat :Se n new rot rred 4, WWI, Third Pt.; a 4
ath•likl, s tak 4, the sutha a Woman In Prance.
i n )OOKS! 1100KS!!—Louisiana; its Culu-
Ilhahry aal unman., I.y Cba. klayasyr.•
Illp Of an. Nt'atniatacape: au
Llrnrtlrnl nnoaner. I.y C 11.11011E0er.
Starr Bell; a Franconia rtnr,. By the aultux of the
London Labor an.l London L .
! I
da.gner,ot, rogravlnga taken by Bonn. 1; part 2.
!Coro Stn of Ilarp.,ra New Monthly Nlatnazins.
The mt.., book just neelv...l and fur by
DTI W 11001(S!—bwisiann; its Colonia
' ll 111-tory %tad Rama.. by C 0,.. Oararrr. I vol., Wry.
CSIL L , II/ .. l . ..lo n rll , l . teroinisorvem by Henry Richard.
tbr 11141. by (leo.filltlllatt, I vol., Ithoo., 2tet.
e t,' store's Wornient,or (Intro.-am over his wurk= bytthe
author of Prep at :gat
or= 1 vol., Ibmo.. mu=
Itesdlnna threvery day In Lent, compiled from the writ.
Va o r f t
, 1 14.111 . k r n ' Tit u aTort=; I tlt t elr .7 - It ri b
the author of the Rollo b.,0b0 Isom_
11-Mearbanti Latin Lealoen of the Testament inelud.
t og g i n;BLZai Cnte. From the lath of Wm 06.1111i11N
LatluTetatnent: by T. BeasOtino mu..
Complete Worka of Robert Burns:with 'ratan
tll v 1 00110 aO.l a "k onl""'"h." by Jr..
N a ,edeon and hts Marshals - . by J. I. Ileidly; 2 t04.,13m.
e L urmes onary of Mechanic= 25th No.
Tf,, D r n, of Popery aml Its eau., an =Wrest chile.
e redin the Braolway Tabernack,hy it.., N.. 11 intray". M..-
Harper's Muatino for Aprll; Numbers always on hand
Just rmelyed , end fur ”le by '
p 2 K. UOPKINa. 78 Anglin Ilnlldlnsta. Fourth st
P. CARR. IRON-75 lbs, for sale by
ar2 11. A. FAUN It-STOCK A W.
V Nan Ipy 14 , 2 B. A. FAIESISSMCK ACO
- - •
VITRIC ACID-1S lbe for sale li
%,,,) op 2 D. A. FAII:g k CO.
BORAX -10W 'be Refined, for sale by
ERHILLIOK—i 5 llaq Chinese. for sale by
j~a B. A. EAIINnTOCE k CO.
- . .
Pale by . AO n. A. VAIINESTOCE l CO.
f I YRiAN URET POTASH—In lbs, fur sale
it ,/ by AP2 B. A. FAIINESTOCK A MI.
The best Green Tea in Pittsburgh.
OME New Crop Young
Tea had
§owl been received. at Mum" tea Store in On
nond, which for Warmth nod flavor gOOO a hand of an,
old In I'maburab. ap2
113N111i1E& --
lou bag - . Primo Dart (Inala Rio Con,.
- bid] , Superior Into PIA
20 do do
do Salmon;
O brbl=VO ' Y ' d 7l
10 or dO do No I do
In drums Cad 1114 c In MOM Rod for mia br
.10110 WAIT CO., Liberty at.
SIIOU LDE RS-9000 pieces in salt, arrived
and kr =le b 5 ILUDY JONIa M.
fIOULDERS--64 casks, arrived and for
ITIAC6N-2 0 ( 1 lbs received and for sale by
UTTER & EGGS--in store and for saleby
w . 11. JOIINKTON.
fIORN-70 0 bu. in stare and for tude by
11) wm. H. JOIINFrON
A PPLES --120 bbls Green apples for saleby
SHIP STUFF—WO ,neks for wale lor
• LEATHER P OC K ET BOOK. contain'
CIREON APPLES-40 bbIA in guod condi
tns•ts. SmlthSeld Ht&e. •
.on, of monoy. Imo loft Lotto EV .
noo ana tarsals to - J. S. DILWORTH & Meenth,
bT . . ' log It thoo.nes •• -• tilde/
FRUIT -150 bbls dried apples _ ... it.;;;eitriia: ..-.
Pio de a.. Drub , . far omit. b} , I ROLL BITTLR--41hbls. (fresh) for sale by
ar2 J. rn.DILWoKTIIk ( o . , z,,, , , ,,
J. D. CANVIELD_____..
C , ORN A OATS--3i SI l 6. -1 i for sale bY i UNDILLES-- --.—
- -
IL.' .w 2 J S DILWORTH ACO i 3 - 7
.zeg5r,....1.. 0 . ....a,Ad.t: Nutmeslß
B ACON-3 easks ...tigar cured barn, ,
r,, , , ,5!.!._% .....1+ , ..n..r. Koh Bruarson, Clurtsmow
3J. d. Should,. I, odo by I ' '' " rdi .... wr .... 14 J. KIDD k CO.
J r
Wall * Co . No. CD W. 4 At.
1 ROUND IIIGER--3 Ws, (pare) for
V GGS---1 bids, rev 'd and for sale hY , v i ,„ by metal J KIDD t
I % aw 2 JS. DIMWIT - II dOl ki . - _ co ,_
v0 .... 1 , v - j2l:l{ RIIUBARB-4 eeises for sale by
- - ----- --- - -
lit OLL I.IUTTER-1111,1t. , f , Or ii s&le i,A lz ni.
~, Y,
'" tt ' - .
1- %,2 N. IR, r,r, att!t lla r ,,. .. ,1 ry . DOWDER LIQUORICE ROOT-4 eafts
. . .
B ROOMS -4041 dozen, for sale by J_ far we Dr 1.131 J. KIDD k 00.
_ _-
23 " V """A",...,4 (_I-UM ALOES-3 eases for l‘ale hr
, .
Y--I:2 11 bu. for ked• b
eh{' .ll ~E , - 0 s .\r. lIARD.Ja,OII. LI mcb3l J. KIDD t CO.
ACON—I4 !aids. k bog r. , und) air sale by
„up hp:: S .k W. 11A1:11.4X611
N ll .° ll , l , ..N s l m h . a.s . remoti
, ve o,
le'fa , scoics irsan rt.rrra. four rinrln. kr+. Penn 0..
whe hr Ir. h trar.rd a, xult on ha forma' r.bnrsers
1,1.1 Ihr pshbr lrnrran r . aptlm
d IRANGES.-10u Iscces just received "and
tc vale byßli 1N01111...151,
avl Ilb Wider rm.,
UGAII-21.k1 hhdn. arriving. fur sale by
ay, 1% Water rt.
AIbLASSES-31./11bblx. arriv'g, for ,ale by
sp2 ituninumr: a INOIMAM.
BROOMS -1141 doz. fcr sale by
4;1 UGAB.-- , 22 liltds. Clarified, Battle Ground
17 Keta.ry, J Lot rred and flr .1e I,
11thIlCIIM.F, k ISM! RAM.
EXPRESS Parfet and Railroad Line for
Cleveland, Icitht.l ha et , by Steamers from
Ytto.hargh to Bearer, In rooneetion with the elegantly En
hated E1WV,..4 Pack,. ,4 Clarke, Parka! Co. Iran Beaver
Ilayennit,nal M., splenilkl new l'amenner Car. of the
Cleveland owl Ititteburgh Itaily,ad Cu. to Clereland.
.. - •
Steam... leave their lauding oppoelta the ilonOri,;.bela
Ilan.. at 9 n'elork, A. 31...runneeting with the Packets at
Deaver, whieh will leave immediately on the arrival of the
',banter. arriving at Ravenna in time for the Ilitoreo , Train
n( Cara for Cleveland. Paaeengery AT ihle hne arrive at
Cleveland In Ante f, take the actilroed Line or Stratnero
(or BUFFALO and lIKTROIT, and the steamera for Chlea
go. !Illwankie, Toledo, 'Sandusky Dunkirk and Erie:
alan fur evening train of tan tn. Columba,. Xenia. and
CRldnrtnti. cLAling. PARKS CO.,
na, P l'roprietars,
W. 11. 1100ItMit%
Mae under St. Charles Hotel;
()Moo under Ilonrawahelm Ilamaa
earner of Smithfield anal Water rtrevt,
:.J 1851.
On the Pennsylvania and Ohio Canals.
CIIAMBERLI N. CRAW IC ill.ll C CO. .....
THIS well known Line is now' prepared to
It - Ai...poi . , freight and pansancel, fn. I:011
Icy, lad rapacity of Boat., eisperieniv of Cglin.n ,
itieticr f.l .'la.
One UN. Ia r n Pittsbot - gli
connection with • Um. of litnanatioiits t..ityren
1.11310:11 sad RI: no.lll.liiii ilr.t elia..6 steamboats
tptyptiller 4114.1.x01.! on an.
Paike A Co.. Youngaina ix, 04
M. If' Taylor. Warren.l)4
A.. N Clark. Newton td.
C. Prentlas. Ravenna. 04
Bray ton A tw.. Ilave_nn. 0,
Krut, tirtnnei A Co., Yrankflo, 0..
11 A. Miller. Cuyahows Falls, U
heoler. Lea • Co.. Alma,
ilenderaon a /Nfritona, handuaky City. 0:
Porklouu • SrodA, loledo, 04
U Wallas. • Co o Ibuoit, 31.klagan:
D00m.... aCu Milwankie,
U... A. OiLb• A Co.. Chicago 111,
Thom. Male, Chit Ado, 111.
4.111% A CAUGLIKA. Agent.
aVlror Water and tontthheld Putalrurgh
CLAIRE. PAIIA9 A CO_. Itocnverca. l'aor.crani
rrlf of tLi= old and well
j known Line. would inl,rtn the pulu. lLat the, an.
now In uperafron fdr the prepent ....AL. nod have...anew
oat krtoght nod .era, Inch they are fully
prepared to carry to all loltds niathe Canal, and Lake Lne
and Mirldgaa. loweg I rate.. One ad the Roan. of Inn.
Line will 1.. ronstantl, at the lauding. ~ eldw the Moto. -
, Brahre. In revere..
3'f4r % h A t. , A
.I '" r Y. l:2l;Mr, Nd 30.1.7a:11 Sni,ld-r.l : .k
256 Liberty Street
, A FEIV ,. DAY, a
FAMILY and FAA*,levtxd Ind , wlmAll.t
Wei A Mt-11u,, LI, • Met of New Yxrk and l'Idlodel•
phut whdaite la. hAi Addrued N• ex•irti•A will to
Ti. it U e, u 7 W :l
hu.‘. in.J N. > • ride*.
LA - The) noiltiAd •I•al the tan t.:Awl:pl.
•Al wiarantr• e•eri dam: A. r•At•••••••1•41: iy• that ix•r•••••••
.Max .111M -en i•-rtatitt Cdr Ad, ••••••I l•••••
f••••• xl Mating an 10Artd iddlele , 41
rr4 t • al. n•riAler••• tx• ~,,, don r• 'mum
they id, ixitr•nimt tint ddilninut• 4 their
cu•ttini and
litany AIM, io Mir Ixtue •
It M. A llvel.t Mi.
roc.. r, 1../ lex Livaler•
Bank. '•
CA It (I, lin c relllrrt e.I tt. ItIY .tore brio,. :wart,..yra..3l,Ark or
Plrwherett. Oa,. I v.,11 glad la lywn.l. awl frl
law HWY, awl recrlt• • •.1 lb. Ir ~,,,, I vvill
Lorf. • vt, lergr sav,ruwalt .1f 1,1” awl 11,1..
thus, Curln.l ati.l Matra.,
rev: raliwr LLaiv,
(buttery/Ip, wwll.7..enfarts.en . ry va
riet, 1..0r 51sw. awl every ...rk wwvll , thr
ownt ratruvl.• rvtativt.mvuts'n Na f tit. 1.1n.1 try,
fully awl
IV SI N.M.).- ll.lnl
Covington Iron Works for Sale or Lease.
lIIS ESTAISLISIINIENT. eituated on the
Ohio rite, Opr.mllr Cirwit•ati. harthg In the lunt
thrush mown, in orw Gum halos, wartnewry.
Ar.. le•nu wnr most rit,thir heat.. ,o thr Ultlon
for thr manufartnro ••1' thr snout uswr an.l Imo;
rorobtusng an munt. If not mon thulttu than ant tr.!,
linhateta tn thr M.-, in now •Wlrrrd 'fur ••r 1•••••••• on
Iran. 1•• tint applwan. It p• 5.00. all llm wiranthurrof
estahhohn•rot utuate.l thr mat drnlntl•lrpitytorCut•
colour!, in whin tall ban i tourlY
'nu all tar . illttr• for Cincinnati Inuit.. It runri•tr or !wren
Itu•ltinn: than Mtn, or tioblina Fire., two Kr
flurry rm., sin Brazing Furnace, it ti h .,) k. c. tet.atal Ma
chinery to male then inch Iron tu inurtkaPi
m tn i a i tr i l all thr woad list Iron. mod Ybort s •
In addition, there le Neil Facbiry. with mrarate En.
give . evintalulng In Machin,. which ran tw Inervairal to
uty amount rutultod.
Ittferto 141/1,1711AN AN, eineinnotri or J.l l . MeNICKLE,
FUR AAI.F.—A valuable !nth Establivlrment rituatml on
the Ohio river. in U.. 1 , M1,0111,.11b10, ,, n.1.1nea.f a Forge
ne ru
car witty to melte ten toun Iron mr dam The tract contain.
lOU acriu ot Coal Irind, t•i, earl. wet dee,—
The entrance to all the or Vit.. iv Mom So to Vai
.1.11.111. one or the beet lorationv Id the
Rebirth It. BUCllANANXincionati, Or./ B. McN
slut noulding Floor 1111 n_ by MI. Refer ae above.]
FUR SALT.—Tliat tleitimbli. Tract or Land mutated on
the Allegheny river. stout shoe . ..the thriving hot'
ough fintruitning. In A rtrouning en. Pa., known as the
Allegheny Pomace onitierti. m.nt limn; in about 1.011
acres. The hind •teinotha Iron. Coal, Litoe.hinc. Fire
tiler, kr. making it a nor, location for manure,-
Luring tinemieetv froth Ite toeultarly beautiful Imation. of
fere man, talvauta,.. fir fanning intemet, &lathe
of the land la tone tinder
am ruweiAlblo or being bight, Impnivedi are aime
d, opened to all the lutheiral path.. of the land and the
.invent country. There am envied nn the premier:emir!,
c Steck,. Angina. 1.3f1 Blast apraratue, to...king Iron:
together with all the buildinga ant...thing there.. Al,
Farm Ilornies, Earn, SUthicia, Ars Thu whole will be dia.
roved of upon Amnrable term*. or It will be divided tut°
iron. to. olt purchaser, A plot of the nroPeM.l sal fnv-
Ibex particutars can be obtained addremlng
apt:teal:lm It 812CILANAN. lAnclortati
ICE--50 too. nrricihg per DeWitt Clinton,
jar for Web,: apt W. It F
II , I,laJltt.
G ,harmo
J d e Il ull. +Lul•llur¢l.
E.J. 1,1.17
ru Hear,. w
C. JI 14.1, !Ina,
G B. \\allArW.•. llLiffaln. N. V
Bank Stock for Sale.
hereby given that in compliance
11 therenuz.itlnto of au Ael A.Koulhl,.arpro•-
• , of Iharrh. ISho. there ollferml Al pub
he nankin, how+ .1/NE TIIIII.',AN
K tho )I,norhoJ‘ela hank Ilrnvuorille.on
the 'IIII Say o 1 11., 1,1 NO.. 1.1 orunmener
• . .N 1 111 unler oI the of Ihlevlor.:
I 1
CI 11. .310LASSES-- , 70 111,16. Louisiana Re
U . lanet,, anteing pr Du Will Clinton, for fate by
apl W A I' WILLiON
IlAY—le tuns Tisnotliv, arriving per Shi
ne, for sale on thu vharCliy
apl W. it F. WILSON
fIE pirrsnuituti 1101:11CULTUItAL
N/CIETYwiII hold their regular quarterly tugw.tlnz
lo the hoanl of Trate Item.. on 11nrulay, April ith, lU3v
7.ll l :rVl s, y ti tl
2t t l ' :•:r:rlrl f ; , 7e "" aro re b t ' t7r k n ' :l ' 2T ''' to
Ily order of the Ls.evutiv, Comtulthe.:
aptet, A. lIIrtjUE , VAN. 5...-cretary
M •
,Ly meneed rerviviun their son.] eunnlY t:. de,
annnwt whieh will le halal Iluelyaluek Waiver, Blearbnl
and unbleached eliecting, hinen hhecting nod Pillow
Chase, Linen snit Muslin lo fn. wide let Pillow Can,. awl
Ladies' wear.. he had at
'IIFIELD Inive red
r lNl L o i r t - P a l ei l ..!•er & te U er. sil L wohl Tricoda and C Imeres,
or ye wear itet
kIID-- * -1: 1 kegs A. 3 hhls. No. 1, for rule hr
radial SAI UF.L P. 011111 r Eft.
INSTITUTION, 11 Boarding and Day.
w ' Ttra l r e L= o r
TOLFOltli, D. D. Principal; Mrs Tavola, having trio
mediate charge of the lloarding Fuplls. aided by resident
aarismags The enure root of the teminary. Building will
ark WI far short of 5,...,0. It la ofinaautifull chills upon
and releconnected with the range o axt of
Wheeling. apart from the duet and the name of the city.
Every convenience and appliative has been provided which
such en Institution requires. Internally the arrangements
complete. The government Is firm, but mild and pater
nal. During an expedience of several years, the Principal
bee never had to extvl a yupll, ur had a single case of serf
rus discipline. which he ran but attribute, with Dutra blue
tm, to hie mode of government. and Ia hr regard, them)
'London. arrangements. A sound and finished education
ls here given, while roods! attention Is over paid to those
moral and relhtitrur Influences which constitute the true
beauty and ornament of the female character. Due atten
tion la paid to physical, as well as Intellectual education.
Donst •
The Principal will rend cataloguer. and nice any
Information rtstalred. A catalogue ran be rern a nt
this antra
The ritlt Term will commence on.ths fiIIFT OF MAT,
I and continue two and a half calendar mon th .
try, Decotatiors. Velvet and Gold Paper ll.girga cm
lbr Drawing Room" and Parlor, frt. th e adz
b wl
.h3l Ms Weni
WALL PAPER—For GI per Roll. for - sale
by meb3l W. P. MAIISILALL.
APPS2O bbls. Peen) for =II.
LARD OIL-12 bblo J. L. Col:Aline. No 1
Lard Thi In Aare and far male br
2.2.1 and TM Elbert, rt.
/ 1 01) FISH-12 drums for sale by
mcbm MILLER a aulcrsoN
BUCKETS -20 doz. (Beaver) for sale by
COFFEE—ISO bolt. landinz, for sale by
c team miu.aa a ItiCKSTSON.
1e1c— , 23 tierces landing, for sale by
BROOMS -SO doz. for sale by
xrEw BOOKS!—Elements of Analytical
teeomecry. and of the Differential and Integi'al Cale
r lac V.V."I",
W la, inn . meta inaa, by the author of the Rollo
London Labor and Om London poon by Maori M•Theal
vim dio.4tierrndyro run - ravine& taken by Devil. I,rt I.
The above. I.oks Jun
a n
and 14 sale ST
eichal R. C. STOCKTON, 4, Market at
GGS-7 bbls. fresh, for sale by
1 nr.h3l SAMUEL P. - SUMER.
BUTTER -3 kegs packed, for sale by
DRY APPLES-10 bbls. rec'd, for sale by .
DRIED PEACHES-25 bu. for sale by
meh3l SAMUEL P. 8P EIS
150 bu. (Shelled for salon
PPLES--75 bbl. Romanites, for sale by
`MEET POTATOES-20 bble. for Seed. in
° fa y
Water and Front Its.
ERRING-18H bbla. (1850) well saved,
c " " k low l '` l Vl'isw DICKEY a CO.,
WM.r and fremt Ft*:
BANDY & WHISKEY—Some very prime
Ohi Whlskey,erel Pewit Breeetr, for
ct,ll MOlittle . Tea Store, le the Diamond.
J osier. for sale by J. SCITOON.M.AJLEIt f. CO.
0 1 , 1 ic . , 2 „,
aaostnW inued ter
. rL i rT O 5 do. do
•hll ' .1. kfIOONMAK/11 t CO.
IRANUES-300 boxes Sweet Sicily, on
E:W BOOKS!—NiIe Notes of a Ilowadji;
1-I,7.ll'°Litems;;es'ttsriot per. seats. by the
author of the Rollo Bonk, 18 ma. m ou ths
Elements of Anelytleal Geometry, Ind of the IHtfererr
Gal and lotogral Calculus; by Ells& Loomis, A. 31, 1 vol.,
Jolt reed end lbw tele by
' 7° ' °b. ''' 110PKIN1478 Apollo Building,
Fourth Arcot
ankle, for role brkbe quire, by .
web YS W. 0. HAMM, ear. &coed and Market.
/11ARTAIIIC ACID-10 eases for sale by
A LCOIOL--30 bbh. (various strength) for
sale br time US B. A. YAM:MOCK a CO.
BLACK LEAD-1200 lbs. powdered, best
m ""u" ' for
kat B. A. FAIINT , TOCE. a CO.
WAX-250 or sa l e by
b/ w.
TA YE WOODS:SO bble. Chipped & Ground,
I 7 Inr ule 13 A. FALE4I.BTOCK a CO.
`ALT PETIt}.-50 kegs refined, for sale by
1,7 noA a A. FA lINEATOCK A CO.
AGO-300 lbs. Pearled, for side by
lOTTON 86 bales landing from att. Gene-
And fin. sale .by
Hl:Asti—is bids. landing from ate. Ge-
Lifq . , .. awl Ur ~lc by 19.Vgir
I , iams;
tercte m v%k3d for sale by 1..71:5D1tE1 , i . C: . )..
reo 'LET—An Office, wiloi without \Tar
j lion.. Co.m. 4.4. i.
European Agency.
ge - listing been detained by business at
sea Orlva. Louu. aunty Lhe 1.4 1 1 .•.raek.
grill v. leave {lda city. fur Earn. , aeLD raeal.l.l the , Lh
of April aemc. .runs
c0ch27:41" OUN D. DA VIE.
carrier of Wand and Fifth lila
F ISH -4 4 ! bbls. Alas.. No. 3 Mnekerel;
1 1 4t!h.....,: for salebr
44-444hZ7 W. • F. wilsos
street. oppoalte the Pod Oftice:—
I ae15,...1, for Mania.
hietionarY or Heebobi`m. No. 2.
I.aton Art Journal. for Mareb.
LittelF• Liming Age, No.. OUT=S.
The illd.ory and Advert.", of Pen Own. by the author
of .. Lurie Todd."
Teo Baronet and bit Three Maiden iruats.
11ctort,1 Eat Book. No. If.
Time, the Avetiirer.
W. by Mordo.
M. Reynolds
Cowmen. in I vol-50,
Linn., Is 1 or coradustori of the Iron Mast.
,tanbeld 11.11,a Historical Romanne—complete.
The Warwick Wiwsllaude. by Enna Forrester.
The Riekleburits on toes Kilian by Thaekarey.
The Quen's Neeltlam b Dumas.
l ell, m Waddium illustrated by Darly.
at Medical btudent: do do.
The City Nlerebant: do. do.
14111 - o Humorous Novel; do. do.
Reverie, of an I.lld 5.1.a1d: or Uinta to Yonag
Gentlemen'san California
Etiquette, by Count IFOraitT.
ladle, Etiquette 112 d Toilet Book.
lavenpro: the ttcholer—the Glyetey—the Priest—by Geo.
Rorto uth..r of the 'Bible In Spat." New supply.
hatw Ne Monthly, for March.
11c.1,0 speare, N 0.31.
Appleton Merhautes' Magarinr. N. 3.
The llorti,olturist. for Marr_h.
The fultleator. -
Cruising in the Last War, by C. 3. Petenarn—euthplete.
History of Eetidenuis, br Thaekarey--oomOeta mth .
Caroline of Brunswick: by EaToolda
11 1 A.MBOGE-62 lbs. rec'd and for bale by
It I meb27 R. F. SELLER:I, ST Wood at.
INNA3ION-50 mats for sale by
, 3 wh27 R. E. sgusas.
1 INGER' ROOT-600 lbs. for sale bT
vTIF mch:l7 a. a stuias.
1...; fur sale by mcb2 . K E. SELLEII:3.
X7I.II'3IEGS-75 lbs. for sale by
11 .4127 R. E. SELLERS.
SUP. CABS. SODA-1000.1bs. lo r = for by wybez 1 11: E. it
IA EXTON VANlLLA—Preitraes extract, for
salt by meta R. r_ SELLERS.
SUGAR-151i hlldsiarrivirta fur sale
• by mcb27 I v. a e. leitsoN.
0. MOLASSES-500 o la (oak) for salt
_by goal= V. t P. WIILSON.
T HE partnerthip hereto
StobL Morris arid Jeh
aineas on Federal Street Allegheny
mond, lilltiburgh, under the firm
WoRTII. Is this day dissolved.
the lot, firm ‘i 111 please call amine
'Morris at either of the alsrie rinse,
Alt LL PERSONS indeb .
Samuel Robinaanate orate ..
- make payment to the mineral , .1
claim. etral.4 the gam, wilt P
Inch2.ktit JoILN U. ROD,
Endo ,
1 -
VEIOIE2.—By ' Ondas the •
trzu . sli b a:ul kinVi t the gculafted d I
rwr frcZ""itit vl
Wte redim m • mi n
or. u art. )01" e x by
N.A. at the Aare of mch-r,
AMPIIOII-3 bbls refin'
L.) Ince%
• u,da, B. A-. 11
BRIMSTONE -12 bbl f
1.11 .120 B. AF.
VPSOM SALTS-30 bbl 1
'A mehAl B. A.
casks E
" •
d ,LOVES—aO lbs.. for s, e by
f`‘ 0 Pl' ERA S-25 1.1,15, fo sale by
lj mel,,i ' B. A. AIINESIOCK a co.
.BEAN.s_ill bbls. just r -,'d and for sale by
tn , 11 . 26 •' J. D. CASFIELD.
BU LK MEAT-100 piec, s for sale by
ineu2s J. D. CANfrIELD.
Ed..xle by me
AV 111 TE LEAD—.!
v marzti
(lATS-400 bu. for saU
tnel,M ENO
1,.7 150 1 Vr..0Pi.0
50 002. 1 , 01 Conl.
10 ke, d'ob .aperi or To • •
2,mats Cusi.
1 111. Nuunesor.
20 tibb. Viney;sl; 10 stare
1:15111.1 0 .
112 &mad, oft
VINEGAR-30 bble. Ci.
rale on corudgnment, by
VORN MEAL-5 bble:
mets2s RIMY
VOTTON-21i bales el
11j•steamer Wuhington Ow sal
meh23 . MET
ALCOHOL -10 bble. 7
for ale 11
sach23 J. 8C
ram open at the .1 THEN-£C3I 'I;CILDINGS, Limn
R Y 0. S. FOWLER, of New York, or Phre
f627:4,11',WP' 64
Thursday . ormlne, Marrt. =O. Flo. a ll..etre.
Friday rTe ning..tstil . ,Anst.r.sal . roptuips . s.
ftturd., vere.trig. Self redact.. and J•nalla
31st, 311,0 rt atid Itittlketttg ed.
t ur
Wednealar and Friday. April 31 and Ith MATIMMO..
NT or the Science of L. Selection, Courntdp aria Mar.
al 1:1
Pe who amdd enjoy matrimonial felicity, and avoid dl.
coul. come.Manday and Wedninday, 7th 9th, Woman . . Tara..
logy, Sphere, Right. 11 rothrf, D 1na...0r. Plonk
Treatment and Perfectku.
• Let her wham it seek, to innoure ne Iht
Friday, mt Hereditary Lars Facta
ph —s IMb.
ifilMouday and Wt 14th and lgth, Manilas!, Ito ufc .
Perfeetinn, immarment and re.lnTiguration-
Commencing at .1; o'clock and clueing • ith PUBLIC IL.T.
Mcr rrit I.elll7Vfree. Ticket.. to Men, 15 °Mktg M.
Imen. Ln rent... 10 for ft flufeadunal deli neation of
character, with numbered chart., and slob
mtn MU 1/210111
oyanionm, Including &eke touching heath.
t m p
Fault, aa. their reutedY, /elf 1 1 . 1 . 1 " 1 „..
children daily soul utaccutneu
rata apartments at firoun's Hotel.
COPPER 13-35bble. in fine order, for
V bY
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PRINTING PAPER-70 Rezuns for sale
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melt= J. ECIIOONSIAKER co, '24 wood P.
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INSEED OIL-30 bbts. for sale by
me 1323 .1. SCROONMAKEB it CO.
ICE--15 tien3es Carolina, for gala by
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600 pigs Galena I
4000 La. Dar
30 kegs Shot. assorted; for sales
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1 casks Bacon liana,
9 " Paton Merit.
4 Dag,
1 " Ginseng:
1 " Dried Deseben
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2 Cow Tail 9 to strive on tbe Dam=
Coma: tot sale by 'NAIAD DICKEY It CO..
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'WRAPPING PAPER-500 reams Med.
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DRIED PEACHES--500 bu. foi sale by
InehlS IS A I All DICKEY k CO.
'Building Lots.
situate to the Eighth Ward. City or Pittsburgh. Tim
we Lots front on Pennsylvania Avenue. Inquire of
D. W. A. A. BELL, Attorneys et Law.
roeb2S. - 211 . Fourth street
OHEESE-50 boxes fur sale by
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100 - tige linen Applag t. ib . & 747, sos
OSIX-100 bble. to arrive to-day, for sale
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IIAR-50 bble. (Wilmington). to arrive to-
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MANNERS' OIL-10 Ws. No. 1, for sale
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lINSEEP 014-25 bbls. rec'g and fcr sale
GREEN APPLES-18 bbis. Russets;
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INEGAR-20 bbl& (Cider) for Bale by
SALERATUS-125 boxes and 10 bbls. foe
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WANTED=A Situation as Book-keeper or
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ALLOW-20 bbLA. prime, for sale by
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APPLES—: 20 ibis. Russets and Pippins,
for xole by S. Y. VOYI BONXIIOII.ST k
GROUND PAINTS, in .oil, neatly put up
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Black. Yellow Oaltra.
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Umber Burnt
Umber pair, •
11. A. TAHNUSTOCII a CO., ..
meb2.2 minter Irina and Wool Ma.
WEET 01L-2 casks superior, for sale by
mac: R. E. EELLERS, 57 Wood A.
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=thin . WM. A. CO- 236 Liberty at.
VENISON HAMS-93 for sale by
rata I. D. WILLIAMS * CO.
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CHERRY PECTORAL Starch Polish, Soap
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67 Wad es . sale
nARPER's MAGAZINE, for March, re
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SUNDRIES -1, case Gum Shelac;
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Yale by mebf:a J. KIDD Jk CO.
SPANltlll WI.IITING=SO bble. for tide be
meta' J. EIDD t 00.
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ARIS WHITE-15 bbls. extra fine, for
,We by mcle.'4l J. KIDD i CO. .
AND CRUCIBLES-100 nests for solo by
mrti= J. KIDD &CO.
LCO.IIOL-12 bbls. for sale by
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100 Doug*. Rotted. Mit.124142.:
100 do. Coiling
100 do. Fire 2 4 .4 .•
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Graham's Mamalne do.;
Sartaln's do. do.: For sale at
HOLILKS' 1.-Iterms Depot,
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PAPEIL-350 rem. 21 by 3$ Printing Pam;
300 ° 24 by 30
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400 ° Blue. Vaex.,ry Paper,
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Printing Paver nude to order en [bort DOW.
J. L 811EZ,
1026 corner of Penn and lerrin rt.
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