The daily Pittsburgh gazette. (Pittsburgh, Pa.) 1851-1861, April 03, 1851, Image 1

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t. •lIIT. I.ltru
DAILY ier noon., payable bolt yearly.
gni . If pant .....learm-
W.NEKLY—r.,,,,., G"'"
aupplle.l Ili , C.:boo/Ina s
Three pork.. annum .... •
• 9 00
'Trn .1.. . .... ....... 13 00
On 00
Twenty .
The okri eac l . tlub to le .I.lmar.l to one perion,
Vto t rani 1,1,...,2 , 1) in *Liven."... o Cob Papera will
tie ..ent after Ow veer etvire, tivirot ttre money I. sent for
• renewal.
One &purr (10 Imo. of Nouporeil or I.
w e
inwrtion • i 0 50
Do twit .lattional insertion.. 0 25
1.... non...ek 1 75
I. Iwo
m . .... 0 1, 3 00
Do till", vreetw. 4 00
' 1. , 1w0 nannths. 7 00
1/o lour rnonth• 10 00
D. , pia mouttan 12 00
twelve mocllsi 18 00
- .
• • •
Siam Hoe Cards, lines or ie., per 1.10
Onsi Dollar for "mi. additional line.
flea Sonar, chanemble plciwure (per an.
num of the paper 25 OP
Tor esehaddlilonsl sonar., Inserted weer one month, and
fir each addition...l wow.. Inserted under the yearly rates.
half price.
Ailrerthietnents exceedlne n Ppiare, and not orer fifteen
Line. to hr charged a• a goners and hair
Publishers not iec...iiitabie for trjrld Zglrertionxtenta
rind the amount chusired for their pablication.
annonnelogrondidatesram, to be charged same
as other wire rt
Adserideerneuts tint marked on the copy for e ped •.4
129.011R2 of Insertion, will lw continuo.' till forbld.mid Par
etseted ,meet in_ll.
The Prtr urcr , tr ram. , oileertieere I, strictly limited to
their own Inutwiliate end till wire. ..laments for
alm henna tot ether well axial' adeerthements not
Ammedlately creineel..l with their own business, and Oa
elatreaof alverbsenewits. in Worthotherwilee, beyond
the limits eneasiiiil, or
Iw...reed at the nsuat rates. Pm.
•Il Pllal [Annie.[ .ll , ( llllllW,l , lll. arid be separately
rendered. and prompt [
is drifted.
All ativerthwinents for 'charitable institutions, tire ann.
pante.. ward, township, and other patine meetings, and
mach like, to be eharecd half price, payable strictly In sd.
Starrlace maim.. V be chargt.l 50 mote.
Death moms in...nand without shame, natea amompa.
tided by funeral hien...thin. nr obituary miles., and abet.
so ascompaniml tn be
Resular sAlvvrtina. and all ratters mauling enuninunive
timm. Or reuniting nuke, di—lasted n• toll attention to
fairs, Soiree. Conserv. ar any public entertainment.
'whee charge. are nuale for admittansm—all notices of pri
vate anrielatlons—every maim deeignml to call attention to
private enterprhies, milsnlatml or Inlwlal to promote
Victual Intermit, can onlylw Inverted veiish the underetatab
lug that the same is to be mad fur. If intsmiled to be in.
Parted in the brat column. the menemill be charged at the
rate of hot leas Lbws 10 cam per line.
Bishop or P. , Notion to be charged triple prise.
Tavern Limnos retitionn S 2 each.
Real Es.. Acents' nod Ajtetionecre lulrertimmenta no
to be
.mount o otaxstA under n yearly rates, but to be allowed a dl
of Wif
lbills. three and non tilled per cent from [h.
WELK, an 1111.WEETLT 111 DADA PAP..
One S oave. thtve
zo $1 50
Du siditnal hirrniun .71
. ...... • -.
Do. curb a•leit:..nal Ineertion, eenta.
All traneDnt ad • be ;mid In advance.
TOIIN A. PARKINSON, Alderman, Fifth
Mani, Penn•t. between O'Hara ILIA Milani. All
boainena promptly utended to.
I W. F. WHITE, Attorney at Law--:-Of
-91 • Ike .0 Grantstreet. ar. ler:lnit. la Arthur.' Bald
rittablargh. 1, meb.rly
, 71 - HARRISON SEWELL, Attorney at Law,
vv Ohio Stele Commiesiecer fer lAtica De Dons. Ark
etowledkemente beets. de. trCtre—Feet etreet, stave
Ilmitbeekt. merdeldwer
P. Sr, G. L. B. } }MERMAN, Attu,
As `"' No
ARIES J. KUHN, Attorney - at Law, office,
t Tilghman Thal. ournst of Grant street and Dinstural
lay, Pittsburgh.
JAMES F. KERR, Attorney at Law—Office
rta-rth rt., btrtrten Smithfeld La.] Grtart. Prtrthurt.h.
FRANCIS C. FLAX EGI N, Attorneynt Law,
-Na 142 Fourth ttmct, Patsbumh
TONE & 'WATSON Attorneys at Law,
lio.llo Fourth stmt. Pittsburnh.
—AlerArvier a Day: John Snyder. Km, Elve
n", Morrie.. 4t. 00, Wm. P. l'; J4b.n Fleming. A,
coorttant.,lieo. IV. l'iclAhnrnh• janlay
FT N DWABD P. JONES, Attarne v at Law:
O 1 on Fourth rt,c, betwc,n {10;1 and Enntla
JASPER E. BRADY, Attorney at Law,
69 Fifth rtmet. Pit burgh. Pas.
IV. H. WILLIAMS & CO., Bankers
Esehangr Ernk Nprth Eapt corner of Wood
and id env.. l'ittgburgh.
All EransactionomsKlP on Ilban/ nmn.. and coLleetion.
IM.PilyAttended to: Ja2ar
. •
W .
RING, Banker and Exchange Broker,
• Fourth stree,t, Dealer 'ln :Bank Not.. Bills of .Ea
old aneelli tr. Eq..r.ka hougidi and sold. .
The highest market price paid In premium for American
Half Donate, and Alexiean and Spanish Lail., Iv Inv
fund.' rat
Xtr H. LARI)IEII., J it., Banker and Broker,
T v othp o o+l. No..tA, alieining the Bank of ihtlait t urgif.
4.2:iri.i.KiNs ~... CO , Exchange Brokers,
, ••south nowt C orner or Third and Mnlk,t streets. All
gm. at Inner liheral rt.,.
HOLNIES & SON, Dealers in Foreign
• and Dorneatie Bill,. of Exchange. Certificate, of 7>-
ro;l o3.ank :Cote, and S h eri, No. 11,1 Nlarket etr...t. PIN W
N . ,
-Collectroan made on all the principal cities
Ultima ant the United States.
GEORGE. E. ARSOED & CO., Bankers:
Dealers in Exchan,e, Coin, Bank Notes, 4c.. tin IS
'Fourth street. next door to the Bank of Pitteborgh. Col
part of r ally
flnlon.attended to, and the prozeede remitted to
any e
R -6
1{.11131, Bankers and Er
'ltlareirgro-kene Demers In Foreign arid Domestic
Rol Raet atter, rertiteettes se Deposit., Bank Notes.—
Me, Corner of Third and Wont streets, directly opposite
the Bt. Charles Morel.
CO., Pan in^ me,
. No. 15 Wood street. Pittehtrgh. CurrenT Money te
asel on Bennett. rellectione 000 do on ell the nrtneinel
cities of, the United Pratte. A. inn,.
AIRID A:. IRVIN, Commission Merchants
end 13111Brnker, No. Iti Seenna otrect. Pinuotud and
Ertute Nevrltlu from Fla) to $lO.OOO sllway, on hand
Wittllls, 1,1-4. -111,•Ja VINI WY. IL.U.T.
rAL3IEft, lIANNA A CO., Successors fo
Haney, Hanna k Ituntama, Exertaeoe B 101).,
detlderl F0r..14n and Umn.44 i.xehansre. Certificates
Depoeit, Hulk Not, and S,Krie—Nneth li e dr f
Word and Third strevte. Current Money ...on Do.
poidt. IEIO4 Cl4 , nke for rale, and eollecUorte made 00 near
ly ell thenrinciifitt po!nte of the United Stab..
The highest premium pall for foreign 'and American
ga Ad id•
vancesmadeen corivignmentsot Pt...lace, shipped east,
envllberid terms.
a W. TAYLOR, Commissioner and Bill
Broker, 512 8m0...1 street. Stlice attention will be
ram to all twine. ..otruettd to hie core. Pitteburgh
tallaufseturnl articles always on hood or pmenred a”bort
Salm Nutt, Wools, Mortgo4e.i, Re., negotiated on fovor.
able terms. Advanees mode. if rt,quirrel. co=
RC. STOCKTON, late Johnston &
to, ilook.eller. lltstioner. Printer, atui Binder, cor
bel' of lilarket and Third greats. Ihtt,hurgh.
JAS. B. HOLMES' Cheap Literary Depot,
Thlrd .tent.optinslte the Peet Wilco. New Honks ne
I daily by hart... Subsetiptlnne received to any at
the ma gazines Or Ncei,Aper, published at th e publisher's
AAIHOPKINS, Bookseller and Stationer,
. No. 74 Fourth rtrmt. Apollo Dural/WM
fievi 13CTWN,T1n., Wholesale and RetAil
tinker an! Con fectinnrr. Fourth grnct, Pittaburuh.
Caken. and fannyfrctionary, al 1W ITP on band.
anignv punctually nttemind O.
ladAM'CLINTOCK, .31anufacturer and lm
kr.V. 4127,, ':' WraCebet.. B ;i7.733 Mrt T lr:-
Fool o.:lll.l..burgh.
ift. A. McANCLTY & CO—Transporter;,
cl. J rar:Nr4snccratt,g,—. b--
ri V oiYal§jY:iqtoiiehlialitiS
u laeorcarzion .`. , 1 , ..06ant5, No. Ol Water surer,
M. H. JOHNSTON. Forwarding and
Com/anion Merchant, No. 112 Forced xtrerl.
XIER k JONES Forwarding And Corn-
Missn.n dlrrchano. Deal , n to Rodney end Pit,A.
nrsnfax,dvd nrnr S..v.dath
greet. Pitwinran.
ARDY, JONES k CO., Suecesgore to At
-21 nin tect,crlrt,Tf="43=',
C. SIIACKLETT CO—Whol e s al e—Whol e s l e Tlrt
Dashirs In Foreign et Doi:nettle Dry Donis, N. 101
=I street. Pittsburgh. reol.l
A.a.manotteect.prrntriuen ..... L. erl7lol. /ICC, 7:00110.
k f MASON & CO, Wholentle and Retail
In Fancy ana Staple Dry ticols. 02 Market
• ittstrargt.
atol• Retail Dry• nor.ds Mord:m.o. corn, of Fourth
. - • ¶ aka sboot...'flt.liro..
littfrOrsrf.. .....-ANDKEW ffriiso — .L .ft
RSEir - , M FLEP.CG & CO., Commission
Vezehont..—.For the, volo•of Domootio, Woolon, and
ikollo: 0110, ook•rp t ilk4ll 101.1.9 of Tatlone Triono-
NO. 1.2-9 W oaf rtzoo . f drill dm, from Fifth, Pith
_ I
h -iD. HUNT, Dentist, eurneFor . Fourth
IDetatcle tetweett 'Market aad Year streets,
M. G. H. [Mitt It. C. Ill'cowns.
EYSER &. McDOWELL, ISu'coessora to
to Kerr a Karam) irnakatalr and Retail Drug and
th. mm l ` smu t street'anallraln alley.
arearriptinas cy ra enranrainet mght ...4
Mb]) & CO.:ISt oleeale i iiiii i i iiiiiii Deal
rm In Paints. Mk Dye Poor, and butrmeatc—
, !MOM of Dr. Srlarm's orlebrgled Worm Nportar.„
Ona LOOS sirup: No. GO, emnier fW! and
PitUborgi oi 2ids . m of
rad tarwardad ETA
DnaptistA. And manufarturpr*
md, and Li ar., n.rnrr W.. 1 anAVront Pitt
a itt
burgh. Pa ane
12 Y..
Oils N/OitG AN, Wh"l.4ale I)ruggi.‘t,
and I),‘ rr In II • ntuff.t. Palnd, 014, Van:.ll,, 1r _
400 donr Snoth uT Manua.' All,.
. . , ..
N. W CK ERSHAM, Wholdeale DruggiNt
. til i 7" I "Z"lf 6 `V= l ' l- ''"" . M.. 61tct.Lr.. .
FIiZIARarA karat 114.11,..,
ItA UN, at. REITER. Wlioleeale and Retail
inan,,,i/t,i, t 0..., of Litwrt, and Se, Clair .., 111.
I SCIIOi/NMA KER 6: CO., IV hole' • 1.)
, r ,, g .
CY RIM, 9 24 Wo.ll at.. Pitt.hur.h. 1
EI~ r IV I LSON, hult•sal Grocers alrii
~,, , , , , C orpmlP+l,2lNlercheuts.
_Ay . ....ny for sale of Du
Pantsl dr r . No 11,, and Id. Pr. • 110
L. SIRE, Wholesale Gnieer, Commission
• and dealer in Paper and Ruts, corner of
SIIRIVER, Wholesale
td ComniPciion Mereriaufa, and fool.
mufactured Article, lifoo..l:hi and 13 . Z
di Si 0...1 and Smithfield. Illtheburgli.
JxviPx MVO..
.WORTII & CO, Wholesale
Ice and Comnlon Merchant, awl
'order Co.. of Ilaxatd,llle. Conn., Nu.
& INGRAHKeI, Wholesale
Jounlasion Merchant, No.llo ti ate
street.. littaburah.
''THEWS & CO., Wholesale
iota. and }'orw.litur Merchants. and
Cotton Varns.47 Water Et-. Pittsburgh.
- W Ants . RILXIN.
RN ATT & CO., Wholesale Grocers,
lej O Commission Merc han ts. and liealeri In Produ, and
P ttsburgh ilanufactunx No. In: Liberty strrt.t. I'lll.
burgh. Pa
-t 42. diiNFIfLD, late of Warren, Ohio,
ev • Cumnlitadou aNI Forwarding Mernhant. neeWbol ,
sale Dcaler if We<tern ite,rte Cheewn, Butter, Pot and
Pearl Ash, a.l We..t. , rn I' 1b toonentilY• Wan' , ,tract,
brtween .imi Wield and Wo , od. Pitbduirg 1.
4 4 i . . - . 7 ti.61 N 1...N.11,11.1. N W. ii.... 14.1.14,
S. WATERMAN & SONS, Wholesale
rhst . tsi l ii itla c ltlit ° .,, i ..77.lVr„ l °g ==
rl ,
rod Articl., — .Skews for the male of dieinnond and
Lynchburg), Manufactured Tobacco, No. 60 and al Water
street. Pitts urgh.
62 . F. N.)N BONNILORST ditCO., Whale
-17• sale liror,r.t.. Forwarding and C4131111i81 , 4013 Merch.
I=un. D' A ' OlZoo l rn " Tr b C:f r iliNtnr•Zah n aVEonz W y "' Ll ' O.
Pittsburgh. i
lAS. D.KLZELL, Wholesale T,roeer, Can
t, wlesioui Merchant, and Deal , r In PrOalllY Vat,
burgh Alanneturra—No. 70 Water rt— 11t .burgh.
:mug turnkr avatar 411,11.
ISA/Aft DICKEY . & CO.. Wholesale tiro
mot. ClulAnaboion 31...m11.4, quad Dealer, In Produce--
. 56 {Pattie, atul 167 Front ntrret. Itittiburgh.
WY. tl. 6c Last -ranks J. os...orcrr.
NGLEiII & BENNETT, late English.
c IE Gana: tun• Jt Cu, Wholeatir 1.1 ',ern, Commlnum and
orwarallu“ ,lervlnnta. and Lkalen in Prudner am! Pitt,
bore. Manufactures. No. 12 srt+nkli et.' nd I,ZI 1 , 1,t nt-.
bet+ two Word nod `i•mit.htleld.
-:~.. v
11:1 - 411 & RI,LISPA'SE)N . , Wholesale
Orocrn. and Impale, of Brandies.. Minn and
•pan, N 0.121 rorner of Wbrtr and Irwin 0tr,... Pitt—
burgh. iron. Na4l, Como Sarna, lr, pc . cangtantly
'GIL' S & ROE. Wholesale Grocers and
Lsaltaa Ilerriaant, N. '47 r
NIOORE, Wholesale Grocer.
Re.ctilirlng dewler in Prolune. Pitt,burgh
anufacturrl, and all kinds Foralirti and Dun..7hr
Wi n. and quo], No. 25 Liberty strwel On hur...l
ZiaMtt Wh""..
BEKT AALZELL & CO., Wholesale
Grocen., Conanguion Morehaatt, drub, in ProJum
Pnd PittsbrirFh Msnufactiirr.s. No. '22 Liberty
Grocei . Prrabn,orw
Farding„ Cottanissinn
Fa l it. and alrt in Mannfacturea. No na ,
Liberty .rin• I.Ettaburch.
AVM., Ai k i A: i.EI
~,5.c,C03..,:‘,.W t. ,hl)llsaleb.Orc,-
1011.• .7. , , DAVID We 1,../.10.
NI T/ 1 (.... IC , f,
1 ..1 , ..7±N:J . . b )i... 1, EL5, ,,,,, ,. ,... 1,75 , ors to
lial4 Cuantun. .4. Awrchant, J....ter.. Igna.. Nail: ul l aff.
Conan Tam and F . ...burgh NlsuActurt.. Iren.raliv,
earner of W .1 and Water st.r.vt..l,nalugrwh
_ _.. . . .
it. Oravre and Cognnalssion 31erebanta. Drab,. in 1,...
lac, and hetaburgh ilanufactured Arndt.. In, 1-11.rti
abeet. Plr=h. ra.
J. D. Om
• • •
jTi.WILLLA3IS & CO., Wholesale and
• p.p., Grum, Forn.a.nlin sad CuEnsoirsion
31,117=t 'i co '"' rx: " 7 , P1I' C' ontin I tirrtV7u s l..
. ,
Llbrrt, Pittshoreh. tir,er...
te L and Corn nit , lon Merchant.. sod .1...111 - . is PdVLutxb
Blauufrctur.e ,
MAP . map
& R. FLOOD, IV Ileueers, Gan
. end urch it ad,
etremtn. Itimb r. h,
30.11‘ PLIZI.III an
TOILS PARKER &• CO., Wholesale G rovers:
0 Dealer, 11 F , a...i‘ro Wine, Liquor.. Old Mrt
t=';,:tr —No 5, 1;,.320.1.1.14•1
• • - -
"OW , : U. MELLOR, Dealer in Pi.tnn
0.1 11vie, o4ul Slustml Irmtrunwmt, and
:tationer.. ov.nt for 171310.erinc ,
I,nta—No. 14,.11.
piENRYI K LEBER, Dealer in Musa., Mu
lentrumeot, and Import., oil Stri.,
ENNFI:DY, CHILDS it C 0.., Manufnr,:n
-n of
177"Pri°r445.'ItC=1 Chain, turn T.lve 6flenina. I'ron4r, tr t.
:40101 r.
1 ONES QUICiG, Manufacturers of Spring
ex end I.l.hPlou g h 5t....1 - Plough Win,.
Losels Iliptin Hemmer...l Iron Aeleo, and
ander. in Mialmble P . m , Engine Len.n. ma
Coach Trunmn,, f s K eperelly. nrrrner of note and Froni.
net, Hely Co. 31anufecturers of :We Aka, Blend,
remrdero, fariatir ana Ada, Warehmm,
N 0.113 Wader 1.. below Ferry.
Samuel C. 11111-Imydrier and Dealer In Preach
and American Paper Hanlon, and Border,. Window
Shades. Fire 41caird Prints, se. Alin—Writing. Printing.
and Wranninic Paper, N. Wend etract,:between Four th
Diamond alley, Plimbural, Pa.
611:111 ;pa and lit me
iyerebint,e, Earl side of thr Diamond, I:nt.burgh.
WM. At M'CLURG Sr. CO., ' Grocer!, and
Tub *o der, No. VAS Liberty Ktivet. •bove
have alw•ya oft hood • large •FL•arttnent ,f Choice Ore-eer
ie. and Fine T a.. AL.—Foreign Fruit.
lowaNu.. Whole
vide hod retail Lkoder•
TO}IN Al. CAUGIIEY, Agent fee the Lake
Erie and , 4MlchigAn IVaver sod tip. Lakeg.—
(Mike the eller of Walrr sM Smithliold xt.a.
LEECH & CO., Trandporten. by Canni
nod Forgrandm 3.lerelimM, mrtdd• of Pend Mme.
the Canal
1. W.l.l6rati, 411. ......... WiaIL.S.I.T. J.
AW ESI;ERVEL ; i' & SON, well known
• Venit. Blind Makers. keep .constantil on band
eto order the bat article in their line ,_at. their old
stand No. 13 I .., (liair street: also. at No. In Market etteet
second story, e trance. the Diumend. Sadden rhuttere
made to order, d old hued. neatly - repaired. nolo
A. BROWN would moet reepeetfully inform
the publicjthat hobo fp• nu band at bitatand on the west
de of the DiaT i ond,Allottbenr city, a ren;piete nrrmtmrnt
of Venitiatt bli a elm enitianl.hotters are mad• to order
to the beet At Ir. warrated equal to anY In the United
Ilia Mods an he removed without the did of a
eas e. Arlene. Aaving purchased the mock, tools. and anal
of the cabinet Mrtabliehment of Rms.,. IdeCielland. 1 aro
prepared to fualeh their old enstotnere. as well as the oath
fl at ever? thing In their line.
AgLyb i I.lCongf .1.44 et, Pitteburgh. J.
P,_ranall,— ,al. ttlreßeten, corner of Tiara arvet and P
.-1A Alltlll
N. 11me Sand. Mortar. Lath. ac . far tale.
trehatlE ,
ADAM IPARDIE, YetorinorT gorgron, Into
Ircut Edinburgh. ttnlllnud. would .rettpn-tfully
ut the pub lc that he bvt counnenent!nrytlet. In the
:=ZetT i t ' o " Ai r 73l ' .
In nu:auction with ne
4001/1, Hard sil ie. Hunmnlm
m. oboe/OR nn.2
geuenti br curried on, the rumor
of 'tunnel .zolitlitel Punu+sltaula
- - ,
illy RP 11 Y 41r. LE E, Wool. I.E a LERS an d
4t.1 is pn Nierrhuntn fur the as eor Apeman
no an Licvda, o. 1%9 Liberty at... Pitt , hurFh•
. •
Q. & W.IIARBAUGH, Wool' Merchants,
1... J Dealer, 1 Flour axat Prattle. , gen,•tilir. and For
wardinF and tnralaninu Merrhwate, :in. I p Firer 'treat.
ri_:llt. Etron vt nit Atr....t- Mt...burgh.
VEVILL , JOHNSON, Engraver on Wood,
it - 1 Ph "" 11111. , lhiol otnrl.) Pittsbortdr. l'a.—Vkar• ..1
I:ndr ion l; ,m rkirLi,it e ,ll::l N r.7rirTt VA'Ai'',l7,7,-
cialeandasatatione.Corton Stamp, lc.. in the fir , d. "tile
of art, and at le low.. price..
. •
TILL 31 SellliCll3lAN'S 'Lithograph
, . le Est* 114onent, Third rarer,. oppoeite the hrt
Me, Pittalntr b. Haw, Landaeatara. Portrait". Show hill.
Billheade. I . Bond, 1...1,1, A trintr , tural and Illarhtne
Drawir..o, Box • and %%Ritmo CAM., tn., runintrtri or
drawn On Eta . anal ptinted In ecolnrr , ibbl. limns, nr
Black, in the oat approved dr ie • and at tbr punt p.unn.
able prima. tantkly
WW. WILSON, Watches, ./ewelry, Silver
Ware, land Military °axis, wrner of !dart. ouvl
folarth etre.afilttaburati, Pa: N. U.—W.l,4llround Ck.eka
rarafull, ropalea.d.
lowl awn, Pl 1:=
, In WILSON & CO., Importers - eu - Td
Wholimal• Dealers liardware .4 antler?. Po. 12D
rvin, ov, , d to
, No i
01IN Nlanufnetu-
VP nee cd s lel 1:1 N Mt n' LDS. nod
sreln aNI I E t ll Y
. lel, the. moth. let uh.nnind
I tear dedrete , et hw orb l, done. thn thee are
1.. 1
Ked :11 Mall., at their ~I.llrte i,
eend 2d.reel. e het e the I l e ' 4. idge.llrArlhe ork,
T.... I t•ei. ter :mit It a 111.4 Fu
n... 4, new d
rurture.l ni Ihe eburte , 4 rdad itt the he. e-t to
ht hde d Johhaid .1 , de. en .hintte eh I 1...te
Gas Fitting.
Ft , nt pmet. L.t. vt , n awl
Msrkvt, Pltts , bunth.l'm
IVml,l ot‘m poai, li,
11,1 r
n , lmut
/141 hi
rettelarat Brae_Adz.
The, It,. preparml to executw
nn Fittlng onll,e rhorte4t n.
>nd inoq to,otuttl, t..rntd utr11711"
.I,le Ilut• end for 1.10. lb!
JAML, 1111,1 N.
tt0.1 . 17 ,ortter 11.0,1 .tt. And Itiamml
Wegner, Buechner & Mueller's I!
THE ABOVE FIRM ,speetfully announce
, • thQi, and the pol,hr grurrAllt . . abut the,
Sr. prypartil to vatr.nte. In t tr., MO.. (lour itll
for F•liorr Card, 1111, Diplom,. I'llerltd. Volt-11W
at Prof,,ional Vim!, Slut,.. Cher, LAO, Lr.
1,11.1,40 , 111thtm0t IT at N 0.14 harko .trvet. bets,so
Third and.Yourth Ttreet, up .L.,11,
.Bolivar Fire Brick Manufacturing Campy.
a.. nwrxn I. Ct. . 7..1,, II 5. atAnn‘a.
GLOVER, KIER & CO., PittirrtiErons.
THE SUBSCRI BF:RS. having 'Well tip-
Agruts hie 1b..a1..., named nmrprn. v•t11
nnuatantly on hand ,61,1-at...111..11var
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erm ...I Ow puldie ,nentil, 1..A1,
Pittsburgh Gas Pipe and Tube Works.
E undersigned have ju...t completed their
andnee nnar manufArtura, 211
comative and nth, entl 1.11
whleh they offer for gale at the lone.' ' , 11e... Th.,. are
non pennon.' tr, prer.. , • 1.... withmit
_ ,I . ANo C.,
N... PI and ster etre.,
Ll , l Am .
PIrS111:1:1.11. PAt
1, 1,,u t rin i7
ICIWLAS VIVIAN. Civil Imaineer.
n.l Prlplinl Mt, ,u; tr. nt
urry nu, 1tc...111..: Ar MA, 1..
Nlnrhurt ,an 11.11,•
- 11.) A. 31ADElliA,
Com,11). 4'l Muer
GAIWINF:Ft CIiFFIN, Agent f,,rh,nklin
T 1r.., ,racr 111 Thint •Arn• l•
prepar,l It, • AI,
.I.lrOnlay. t.
I , ut:a uucat,r•.
[nand cannail,. rvlrnansi N•rn• • tu
Thaw 1.1, C..hg4 E,•
I, 41,
X , 1111.1 , 1,11 e .Lnd
t, a ran and nant.l.t., nal I I'D
wi tn.
qua., t .ct t pt.
t-nT .1
. . . .. • . . • ... .••
et, Ow attennon Mr.:rr• cler.
the], , 1.. t !h., .11i r. ••n m .11 an
• -
IV . M .. : ‘ , l; I
New Coach Factory—Allegaeny
Wig= Al .1. N UHT .\
,riel the tt..ittle. Ile, ht.leht the Ire
enabled .th the amt.( t. rut.
Lte~ mettnntm hettete. to the, ,tt.
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P4'l7, rarBruhar 148..88. n nt 848.
hay int: 8.8. hut
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.rah 8.. th. 881 li. h• - 88. .
8. •
8. 8.38.18: thr.lB.l th•
utt..l re.a.cBal.B. ja.s. tf
1 4 1 ,11,LE 24.1.1:1:1_1.: IVORE.S. f . eytnt,liAheti
LA EI , M ,I, CI, I% A.. S.. lA4 At
A CARD-1851
RI 1.: ; ,„t
will hat.. 1., ..I•ant,... I ••I
: 14 %
tt, 31
dtotunl.. ...LI, 1,0. 1,1: ..11,1,•Ial
. .
'PALL" sill Isi runtintaiiil in
JVlTTSlitlitill C(1)11EIZCIAl.
Corn, .d 11.1r4 and Marl, The ebar
terr.l ra of the it /1./ II; 1 . 1tt.10,04
1 . r . m.-3,1 I .thr
tr K. Chzuntufn,rn.frou , I l'ennnt-Qt.tup..M.rmasttle
0nn5.0,1)..n A ,
M..%. II M saw., 104 a.. 1..-turer on I'u:lnner-Iml 1..,.,
oLnu tt. , 0,...,11 t• , 1 , 1,... ut In.-mu...xi... ttn .1.-
r: ,,,,., : .,... 2rz.e. .. 4 ,-... n,4,. we Ini it,....i I.J ,/ ]ll , l ..1.1.11.
lowtn, on , oanlngl,i , al I.x.r ••,,, ii , M , l4, •' , OM,
I,ferrno.. te, al, ..f the 1-.4:16,1 .li, wurcican, .d...L3
EST., til aura i KT2,lty F:DNIUND
• ita.= WILK INri, N 0.245 Liberty , 4.,
. I Kati uf K ...I 0tn..1. Put-Kur,ll. 1'...
Mon "own 4.llnrtnl 1 au Ito. Totulolunec.
.4. , .M=1•11. Vi...,-.....ntre “tul I . u.rltqui.
altrot-..., nr. I.el awl tar. Lu ',du,of ti..
ettoio, Nlnrhlaut. awl 41 very naluml.l
.., price, A (.4.4,.., rlectlrm •,1 braletnos em
• hand-.
• 'll,c tnect . -- _,
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4... .."' ' imported , ~,.,
fn. ItaJT. , ' - ''' l
' I ) '
Ilarmar Denny Clurk Tleruau. Erg.
Judur Wfl u, ..I,,bn !taro,.
Wm. Robin...l,u- Ero, .lu, II;, Km_
lobo Snyder. I.:ao.C.Alt. 5. , 13,11r ,
PlWabural, liank &
J. U. Shornberaer, Lao. HUI a Curry, • ulo.
31.•Candkra. SuruUnt. is,
Robort MeNniahl.. taq. Itkun,..ra ..
J., Mot; muLt.. lirminr•llo.Mor,no k
ban, Junhuu Work , k to E,lCts
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li. W. teal e grateful fur the eery IP...rat antrunwe re
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fartnrasr. Warosrooms ts: tea Thipt
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that he hot now cotisphdasl larssert
and Ilneat alssek of hour...bold furnitur. s-ter ts. or ,
till. ell,. La 1.. ia deta•rmtusal to uphold Oa quality with
well.ssaannsal material, ta-sst worltutam.hins nssar.t
rurort and from III: .1101s1 oi ords ra and faeillty
maw:if...stink, he .ssalslrd ist,lure wurranta d tnhi
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lie 1,21 A Fatni.ted the prinriple Islrntifrine Wm...tom
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Pa sa rlnr. drawing. dining. and Iseshrs.ns chair.. of w
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Cllzatasthers.tknmervadruns fa, Chair, 1.1 da•
rtintiont I:smelter. l , Als.n.Tots.a.t.te and Maw. of the th,
rPmcla and Amernan Tubas, Wliad,sda. am!
lathe. harlur ft rttssur Darm of warmur loud. Work Talds,
and Mors Inlatd nand, mow 'wad,. and holster, marble
top r
mahomm pannrand and walnut ...tore and Kla.
r[14.11,1. dull.: Midas; alI •Ire.s of Ilse uudd unpro.ed.
and dsstidedlr Its- host Ind ma+, rant.nnnlaolts hall and
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and assts. fat risll.lrstw Paps lanehe• MI and , sa ry ,
m Kogan f. 3,1 sada.' Est.."' l` r
A larps. as-ortusassl of Cummots Furultur. and Ws. .or
Chain. Calws. Innkers auppltssl MI all articiet in Ihrlr
F , ..amboat• and llrdsdr, furnished at the , Isurtert note,.
All tr
OUNTY LANDes—CAPr. (111.1 S. N. 111.011,
Att,ta, sa Lau. 1 11.1 ,
, 3 11(11.1,
j 1 1,.. 6urinv road'.tranurmrra• 11,. purrrar. till
la”ctire 114.untr laa7r2r fir otlirrr. sod p.1.11.r.. !lair
w 1,1....• sod rth.r..l to rtt,' Lahr, I.ur,
non, ronnrrt..l with ttar write 'a ..rit•
men', thr thr Cort. et thr 'AI
W14111.111/1 ,It'2:•111
Drawing, Perspective, and Painting in Oil.
R. D. R. SNITTII now prejnirod ter give
otn,two n pupil- in t(1•1ill
u .urunt brunrhe.
M. n
41ulutlotrul um him ruunn, in Slu..r. :Luau 6
Arkin.on , nru I Inlthu, V.r.l buturuev Wt... 1 and
Mu of lo•trurnun. roan . I '. K.' ,
t„ ir.
hp, .. 01 ~.1.111. I. int .1 . .1 he
k l n
out, suing..flurru , o ul num,
Itunr I, Dr I.furfrun or fir Anl,..n ru?-uolif
_No 1 i , vrth cf., Pre.rt to Bunk ittraborvh.
Notes and Pinfts e,.11•rt..l • M 1411 parts ,W tb.. Eulon
Stoek , . t,.nvbt and 0.1.1 on ennonl ,, Non f.ll7,l,tisT
/011 , 1 .01111.11' -I.oln rows.
1.3 and D•elero Drr rn. end Natl.
n;roer or iralou4ntroq and Wuhlngtnn.Turnpike Fri
C1',113011.11111 .. 1.101.1..
.I.oopirrsiluitaii CITY GLASS WORKS.—
W. CUNNIN6IIA3I k CO.. 31.1.ourarturen of Klvlow
Plna .l. ho rith No. 20 ..11takot Atm,. Fit< otot Non.rol.
I...rtlentar ntrotlnn pe4l to n. 1.1 rlvn. Alan— Donn - 4 to
Olo•a. Viol.. IN.ttlm
LARD OIL—IO bbl. No. L just recd and
tor sale Cr B. A. yABNEnroCK W o od.
mob= corner Ara sad w
The under... 4 or other re,arl, are appoirthyt to mail so
Fa. NIA . 1 t.k... YLOYI lay car,ora- '
U mlntahany, Mareh (411,Saturds, , . 51!aeAt 1 !!!!)
,t At 11,d*, . -.
i"s.l'erh,ll,; April 1 IVti
1 . ....1=1".: ..
A! : ''' ir,rhilv:Y.;,42,:: 24th
11....i.....,. > . !Any ' luthi 11 . ....11.ker.1a, . Slay ;. it b
I , ..tunla, •• ' 2441.1%....1n......1.5, . - ••••th
S..turd, , J um. 7 t1111:...1u..5.1a, J . utt.•
. I , ! lb unlal , • • 214 111 ..duexta, . • —2
Snt unla . , . July
192, Tr:ll":a.'.ll:',.. July
raourdis, .
~."." • August :it W...lntamla C. Aug. ~,,‘
,alunlay . - Irak Waduealay. - ILO
2 , ,aurtla), .• 3.0 W..dur.aa,. Apt '..:::!
Saturday . Sept
..,.k'?rt:,l - .T.:::'4 1 :',: ..., 'Vs
~,t Lord:" .
r l / 4 2 ur,l, , 0,1 .Ith ,W.alnepaa,. - 14111
Sal urda, : - •A,11.. Wedn.r.4n) • " 29,1
~ a turde, . Nay. Pah , Weatia.lal . Nut. 12 th
' , aunt,. - =.ljlVallne,aa, . ' " i ., h
SatunlaY. 11.4- all1;a b.u'. ~
faUllaar. ~,
Falun!, . - ..11,Ubatunla, • ,
Cunard Line—Well, nun.
Agra .... ... .....Now York ...... ....anal's'', 11en-11 I.
Saturday, 11..1.01'16.
Ari1.,.........\.w lurk . ... _Saturday. March:Z,.
Atooroa .. ....Mount.. ....Saturday.S Aft! N.
/ . Sea York .. aturay. April Y.
• ,
Enroo.a. ... ' , own Wrdoeftlax, Mar. 12.
Akin .Novr York ll , lnvabil,Mat. l'''
Canada. - . ....11......10n . M,Itooloy; April N.
A fri.x. ... low York . .. .11 ...lunolor April T.l.
Anwrion .... . ..... 11oaton Wothitoalax Apnl Xii.
A.lo Vow Y0rk...... ... II odurals y Map 7.
Pa...ago to Halifax. Beaton. or law York, Li,; .Illi
cabin. /.2:..
New /"..rk and Ilarre lew— Af
at. tve
Franklin. s , sturday, *rankln. W edday
1 nintsida " Sth Star lunits• l ldt "
" Ayr Franklin.
Itutnlrdlt, " 3d Slay Innslooldts "
Frank:ln, " 31st Sts 'runklitk. • "
•• 2'th Jun. Ilumbtldt.
Franklin. " !nip Franklin.
I Inodsddt, IJ.I An, Innd•• , ds. "
l'rank •Indi S•pt. Franklin. "
Il nints.l.ll. lath I tcd. I I atuloddt. • •
Frsull to. nth Nov. Fran4lln. "
II tindsdlt. •• 13th It.r. ..
Oman Srenwk Norigank.
, 41,11 New York.
iii ......... New }'irk.
f r ur
Nuw lur
Nuur Ynr
S. Fteat for Chum,. nom hr. loforktm 1 m outh.
11A AA • A AND ,LT R",
Strannbin le”rx Charionnn on thy I.
aria mouth.
, elloxolxv,Lalrx. adxl_phl,
No. I ~rt, P..utre and \u rtbern part,. of N. lork.
and the .1x New t. Aland nat..
Tl.e Bralott Pr.., latex Loner Catadx.
D ya ; lulls. and
ru..lrx. duly Arphrs al 4r u n 4 . 1 ,11 al 1r...
N 0 ,4,11 —By Illairvvllle add 11 , .11t.lardurx. It.
includOpi nottutlx. Isradlurd. Calut.rtx. Chu,
lim•tx. Magi., McKean, hdr,r. Pe
au. vt sod part of l 4 tvrtmorrland. vta I.lvetolon
Morn, •• li/f. Paleru :1... Alexandra. and b ill.
11114 rr.vex %adds, Nal 3 do- JAIL ) nt A
3lrrevr, Crawf,J. and lirarilam
..tern part of New York axxl drlmaCauxl-1X4.1,
.0 rrivev RI y . and depart• at V 4. Vt
,11. t.xxxa.a.--Ity Washinclon, P.. vire—v.
te. ` , •111V,01. part rd rxtmorwland county. Irwula.
Mart 14n.1. 11311,monu IV axhlno.on Pdutlx..rxiatxlll •
et. part, ~f Oux. and lodtarla. lirotttek,, I amok.. Tvra.e
‘11 , 41vv1p4 , 1. Arl.auxxv.
1141 I.....pdana. Aud , Arrix.•
at • • aux pn.rt• Or X
1•ll•N. 4.
`,llll m I,vrttr
rm. ........
il. h.. 111. ,lb 1a • etrrr Jrll.•b
Mr.•• • 11 r arbart•
N•4IIS %V.rtuv. —Hy heaver, 1,, am..l , hr. -
14... br.lum Ginn. Trumbull.
abotax.,..mnrolt. Lad,.
111•1..• um Irrmn. II urrm. 1./114..X. Enr, r..mturb, \•.••1.
sub Lbw,* °bud. tb.. rstrrms r....rthrru rbunt•••
rl rmt.— I n•lmul. 1M .11 )7mht
am/ b‘ w•m•:11. dads Arms. At II
1.4‘14 /11, r X.
1,11,1•17, —H7 strarp.Larg
turt I k:ol.nutnr. Ki.klrmalt......lrlog.r.u:.
arul ruutill.• J.ll , . err,
•nd r •
‘ln, —l!\ 1.1-, l'ortrr•-
•11.... and No IF 1.4., At 211 • .•.
Tbt"‘ .n.l IA • I I. .11,1.14,
Nt . 5...1 ..1.114, •*I k
. . .
It “.•, , , Ar --1 . ., ;rur . 11,:, F.: • r •••••• .ud , C.a.
~..•.1,..• 1, . 1 mi..-- 1••••••1.1,.. V ',Ay.. •. • . . 1.
1•••••••• s• —ll, ••••• • 4.1 ',lan., Mt % A ,
. .
tht.,•• 1.. "4404.'4 111.tra , .
•••••• 4••• 4144 ' 1.
Pa r•••••• •-••41, • ono 1 litir,ll,•. At 4. •. J.
• .".1 I 1....r.14 .4. si •. • •
i tt ttlt- NI. cn.
/rt./ 4.rt0,.. }wry 1.... S. s .1.
ritu. t , • .lott.r• .at f. ••
Antr.. North. matl Apt.l4.
Arrt...... AI lt I. 11 ./.lartr ou I 11.utlu
.t .1A •
I ie. 111•111 it Pert, Amy
II • it. 1,1,1 t; le. Ernaluert. un Ir.
Prnapk,.. U An. -1.4,wn. ••• . incluAnn4 , 1 an ,
(../ r TA7:lal ' L '4 mf„ znta!,
tro C 1,..,, peal nn:; 1•14., t..r m-no
.41.1, ,unt mail, Ent,' 1. in L•lf lan A,-u,a l-Lthdnr •inralurn.
nail! MI rilr•Orp..i 6... Mr, VT
N HOLMES SI;NS. 161,1,,,37;
,11 2 NIA Brat,. Aat Hout-oll••ro/ •
ot tNtb••••,,,ll Ento ,, nt , •••o , • •I•
on, LA.... .1.• Imo' Branch nt Cow. tl•
n t ..l Uno Yottnr,to vrE
baulk • ...won- , Earltlrl Eat,. Cto, inonti .1,
Eat. ••••rth Arn•olean Ear Conoretoct•l
I. ••• Otto.n•wo ,•at lbw •I•
lial•4 1••-olt,,Irnau y•E.I-Ef,••tto Wok •1r
E•not• t••. , ohIl• ENr•illo•• Mt. Ito a Tru•tlC.•
.•2Elilt 14.4" It
band •••:,•••••rotal flank .1 onrillant •If Slatet , 111••••• I .1.
1r• s 4•41•41.• 111, Ear
t•lrrel Bank_ tax N ENV t:\r.l.AVf
•••••tot o 11.r4 - All NM trnt Ilbolo• • .
fem.... a .4••• o Ilan. NEW YOKE
. . . ... . .
11.... q....... parr"... Tort rill •
P t '
..... .A
.1...0.nng kant ...PArjeoorltAl ••• .
l'hilAdelphla Itsok ~..... 11AH VIAND
S. , utl...a.rk IlAr.k . lA , LBAIUAA^.N . • -lAA?
Tra.1.......Am's W. 1.. ........ , ....../try
5t........ Hank ..
I/Ank .I L ........r.1 ,, .A. tl N. lAll ....lArnt Lank.. . N.
lia./...1A15...... county p.s VIII4/INIA
NAO. ollAnnwillo. parl l
Bank orlh. %all, !,
j.....Anri....1 C.... (A:ln.,. pnr•Ill. nr Virginia, Itirl.runn4 N.
itAl.k ..t 1.!
.. .i....n5u1...Ar5t.... g...., Ax /lank, V.A. N.AVIIA ..
1.. ..I 1....) .I..trgh `...Yarrt......' lank..f Virginia?.
Flank r , f 1..,•........, . --.11...r , ban.. A 11.... h. Ilan,. ~
BAnk . N1.A 1 .. , ..1 , N. Nnrtli M.1.1.rn IlAnk, . .. N.
Alu....mns..r. 1....14n1.. ..... 11.-..nr11e.. .. .. N.
11....1.... N..r.)../...1..r1and par , 51.11111 CA Kt ILIN A
CaAlt-le f1unk...,... `.. Bank ../ Car. Yrat . ... .. 2
C.A.....141. 111. A 1ru1.r.C......rti11. ..1!. of N CA r.A.........
IA 11.1.. 11....1.. .parrompter..l4l Ilk. %Ai1...L.103'Z
YA........ 1,..... .... .. .... ...pAr 71.....thAnt.' Bank, N., hero'!
rale HAAN. . ..... ......... N. N.11.111C.A1(01.1N.A.
Farmers' Ilk of Rucks C.o..par. Ilk of the St of'.. Carnlina 2
Fanners' Ilk of I...taastccpar l ltank of Pontl. Carolina ..
Fanciers' Batik of Bawling ie. hank of ...
Farm. Ilk of ',hit, lkillektpar Planters' k Inchantra' Ilk
Far.* Bros .9 nesbotra.. lE. IRO lA.
Pranklin Bk. 2 11.1aluitton par Augusta Ins* Ilauking
Harrisburg Bank-. Bank of Augusta
Bank . . i.Bk of Brunswick Augusta 1.
Lancas4r Bank.- . • ... .parl
Lancaster County parl All aolvent bank._
Lebanon Bank... . par! KENTECEY.
)linar... !Bulk of Pottsville t.lßk of Kenturkt . Louisville S.
51onougabrin Bank par.Bk of Louisville, Thurston f.
Waal Brandi Bank 3i:Northvrn Ilk of lit:tautly t.
Wy riming lik.lVilkesbarreparieloutharn Ilk of F. I.
Relief Sot., u tata of
011 in Fiala Bank . ..... Plato Plant and branches.-. 1.0
Braila...l Akron do•Ltank of
Branch at Ath,•n• WItsCONSik.
. . .•. C0. , ..a , . itri.l F .,,,. do marl.. a Ei,... lon. C eliks 5
Graorh at Chilli . ..he do MICHIGAN.
Brawl; . Cleveland dolFalnurrs' Mochnntri , Ilnak 3
Branch at Toledo do llovanatnera Eun.k. Bank—. 3
Branch at Garton ..... ...... .do,Peolosular Batik I
Branch at do. lon :mare Company
Branch ..Columtto du , State Bank 3
Br-Ennis at Anfi.bule. dr) CANADA.
Gram+ at Salrni .. .... I. Ilk of 11. N. Mont-ire, ToroaG3
Itrano.l. nt Manatinld do,l4nok of tho People. T0r0n4,3
Ilrao , ll at Itipin, do/ Bank of Monironl 3
flrannh nt Cin , lnnati do'llank of U. Canada, Tom.° 3
Drawl; at I , lumbua. do EASTERN EXCHANGE.
DEGO. at M n.l.Gicton do OE Nnw Pork I prom, '.
Itraaol at CMG
Itrnerb at Nato-nate, ...... . ' d i' o-go n rt h alt l iornr i4 . 4 l,7 ..
Prau,ll at lit. , ' , non—...A/Cimino.' I
!Impel] •t.r
pe Senrk do Innilarlll.. I
Torpor. at El, no da,St. Lauf.l
. . . ..
. • , . •
Manual a,priodforld d• d:4 , AND SPECIE. VALUE
Ittandh at aim - tette. do tamlllonna,Sprardah 16.00
HIT2I , iI kl Mt. 11.•aa50t......d0 KIWI, Old 10.1 . 0
Bawd. at Z00...di11,- d
.....o Eagle. twar 10,u
Praoch at Norwalk do Fnalertrkwl•ora....... .... . Lau
Thatorh at Piqua do Iva Tlaalrne • 7.10
Itrttot.htst litsinroo...-..
Brunt-11ot Eaton-. .do Sovorrittoo..-
Ilmtelt ot Itovontio. Toottuildoro.
&moat at I.ltillionttot do Nopoloons. -
Branch at 1t0v0tt0tr0.........d0 bum..
Ilrottrtt at Tolt.dra dol
Oorler. 1
March 14, Ipsl. j
T BEING DESIRABLE to muh4titutelock.
nral .Y• of monoe other kind for thoac now 10 uac mr
of the Unitod •perlmon kwlto and
kat WOII prnpacnla to fur .h the rano, iw lend
Aunfit.naltiered ,tt the Phat 011 icy Der artment. until the tat
ar of Joltnext Th. dlllerent lucks .111 lw cubmitted
.ounulwoon for ettaninathm and report i'lann Od•
tow, contrtala will...awn an practleml.l.., iota
li , k, and kcys for tour whh the
r,0,10il TI.O part of the Poonnastcr General MY the ttr
ben,. te extend arid continuo, the contract in Mrre Mr an
mldito.,l term of four yeurtt, by girths: to tha ryntractor
writ.:: nal, to that 17,41, run morn than nine nor lens
[hull 0 X month.. 1.-tort the tornmustich of an , tirt tonna
With I at pnrurinvtbn brat Inck at the Inwect
00 Ulla of nwk a proacribed as a atandsrd, the Itritartuient
reit Ili, for aelertlon on the mechanical aklll and Inveno.
itt which a lalr mkopettllon. .nur Intl4ll,
itIP, 100,00 f proper tmatate. that lock ault.ble for the
until 'html towatata the followits 1,10.1010, Vt." did
milli,. unlknquit 1 • Intinneca. aunt at remtth.
p..r the Of di•plarine. all the
mall Irwka and kcy• nno in UP, slaw. thin. thottaand
De. lock. and ',Nerdy thotuand 1tr,..1.1n0w thereto: vfll
roquirod to ftirol.ll.l by the contractor within
tumttlic after the enutruct shall have Itecti cutemal itf
ter.unle the asinual •111 denend on the disrstalitt
'of the lock. and key.yltoi.,l„ a. a. the incl....cot the
wall arr.., but it will probably never. arned lu an ~,,,
three 1t,,,,, af the former and ono, thounand the tat
1..• k .111 concldered If It lw like ant .hwo, in
k.•,. similar to tin.. enettrartud 0.. r, for on. oth , r turisi . "
ue« thou that of tbolfied 110,1 , DeparOnost,
The kind of
adsitortl snort be Listen...l. laud the pa
lentos will ru,guired, out entering Into natty...L. to mak,.
ossignment of h. patent fur lle ethos" , itios.d
efit of the Departments If the houtuarter General shall
dem. such outmost:mint ...sunhat to the Others...of thsw,
rtoe. ease of the failure of the stir ot ant time
to fulfil (Killifish, - the lentis slut
of hrtrootrout,
the Port urts.dtieutiesd 011011 lune the right. beside. • rwss,rt
loth. tusnoi retools hereinafter melitifinol. sunulssniil
outlaw,. and tu sustitr.l. attest 1.11.11 1.07 .ither tarty or
t ot., an he mar a.. 01. lisr funstsdong,rtrtirtll
Iu doisliug upeutbsi proposals and speohneus offentd, the
INottuarter thineral may dorm it ...pai1...1 to select the
through omits the lurk of tone bidder. and for the rat rtssis
that of nodles Ile rtiserress. therefore, the right uf
trorUng xlll
indlaidiials for suet. different binds
of I,s-ts as e way iselort, end al.n this right to ofieot
tbe suid pr.p05.1.4 if be .11.141..1 Won roans"
for the inturest uf the Disport...sat The party or potties
eontusig will Ise required grtss bond, with sulfite s
runts sitni nf thirty thusumod doll., for • NlOllOl
,frOrl3l/O.lC+ ..f Ilte esiotrArt 'the ointrort In In runt.o
provons hir the due and propur Inspection of the loots
mod Ois, s. out also fur guarding .4g...c unite passing Into
If not
wll herunxlderest Ifoot •rtortraolod with
Irtfiolortory avid...mut trustworth ths bkl
d.r. mud of hLsto fulfil the contnoct-
N. K. LULL, Pottozairter General.
Harra.u. Artaarerw.—adrertismentw sad prbeeriptlorow
for I no paper rerwired nod forwarded frowof oxpeawr. from
Orrins Ptrunuitun Ussreva t
April 3, 18.!.1.
The weather yesterday wu warm and rainy. In row,
quence of which . buyinret was nidardumtively doll, and no
lance Vaneartidu treurred ear as we maid learn. tiud
l.t.lona were generally the Nam+ as given In previous dare
FLOUR-1 4 everal considerable tuts were received hi neer
renterdas: but were meetly designed either rot shipment
or 'donne. From first hands the num,. ma. $3,1042.15
Idit. The ride. of 250 lads at 53.10(4./123.1/5. reTawhd
cnour iVednendar edition. wan. th ro ugh a mistake of the
mtaisitor, placed under Rye Flour. From store. we hoot
on alteration In Anon... it bbl, to mt."
loin for city con4moption
MY F: YU/UR—email ...le. from first bands at CVs -12'.
blitAlN—We find no char under this head.
bare been truniersto. with .mall rairs at for whkat,lVA.7o
roe 50 , ..:4:4, barley OU. corn 40445, and OW at 3:14,i4e
notieed' a continuo.' firmness to the
market. with an 'amy.] 14 ,1 •110r....nel a Alight advance to
manor, which 0 now Iwld pretty firm at 3.543 fie in
em.r and oak titan. with small wiee. :isles 14 titul• sugar
at tNe., tom. which in about the present ruling price. Of
coffer the last .ale to any extent, wan 100 hag. Rio at 12.,
moo. gmaJl Won to counter at 124(41,:y.
BACON—lleoolpts for thin market ha., come forwszi
more freely, and the market ill better supplied. Sala of 2.1
lands skinuldirs at gc, and of 10 do hams, at 114 e .60 de,.
sugar cuted canvassed ham. are selling 10e 14 Itt to tc,.
faha of country cured meat at y italic below treotern no ,
city cured
LARD—ltupplies are moderato, and tales confined no i
mall lota at 7340 Re. and I,N(4Bkhe to ibis and keg,
DILIED ule• wqffiern eurnl at SNO-S'e
I I2th Mar
"It A l:
4th Jt Le
Al July
3 thAew
24t1,et t
1111TER—Salet of Y 14.1 s roll. In let., nt
. - ^nnitEn: to .1.1 , 111 T Sale, In km . ..t 74 . (47!1(a ,,
TA I.le , I IV—Sale Of 111 IN—at 7e?
MUM/ iltill7-13alea of peaches from store at rl.aUri
1.1t41.4:a for Mmamon to prima quality. Salem of appllw at
Soe Int. From al,t Nand. we may ono.' Dead... at 1 /. 31
BIT. wad apples at mr.s. , it ha.
t 1 1LSmall mina of Unwed at 9039.1i0, of castor oil at
Waaat.l. and of ho 1 lard oil nt !Or B gal.
CLOV ,Y.Eft--Vnrth. mire from trot ban& at
Ir..C.ilrat 6. and loan atom at S0.141(401,5o 11 bat.
little moariarnt In 1.6L4 rtaylt• to •m y. with
salt.. nf bale+. follows 17 I.lm mod anatnon at 87',
:13 4.1 e, fair st; 30t4.1r.0 prima 1{.. , 3: 73 do .4 f.• 4.
and 40 do rh,,ltv ?lon
. • •
‘l.—.Tld nuly ttdo reported dari 1700 pip upprr
at 1.1.• Ar 1+ 100 Ti Lotti r nano, v. rlurrre nouutntlit
td•r-Vd.1,1 0 1.1 Idu Col
e..-31arket NUR al an lodraln, upon InAt
quotatinn• Wet n , A.11, the ord., of 755 bhls , :n 100 1.1.
44,0 bbl. Stafr* •nd WgoinY
HA. Ji11.... t Barker, .t P.7S
Wt..At—Th. Mark. ,
WWI serpre to dot. and tbe
mmuttrtted luArtt, hut. Mixed to chola, at from 1.2 aoc a.
follows: tko 'mutt wheat at oitc- and Nat do at CP,. 2,
dr. rvd fair at ".14 do, 1.54 do. and Wu .to prime
What further lor ne t utrnie nenki l a no
Any , !mann T.J. u, Patina-ow u. tin •nit rain, end whet
he proticsett u, rtik - dan,hiet
The Lord blessed my parish wonderfully this
winter, inasmuch no not only a groat quantity
of fish were caught and sold in all the village..
, but in Cooerow they even killed four aesals
the great storm of the I _tit of December threw
goodly quantity of anther on the sdosre an that
many found antler, although no very large
pieces, end they begun to boy cows and slee p from Liepe aud other plare•. n. I myself also
bought two cows ressa, my great which I had
sown, half on my own field and half on old
l'ausch ss, sprung up Isra rely and gladly a, the
Lord had till Jorum hennwrd s
n o p,
winter but so soon ,t. it had shot up a finger s
! length, we found it one m o rning again torn np
Lot IsvILLE, Mar eq and ruined, and this time alesi by tie' devil's di.
7ki 4 a ' at,m! in ge , sei nes now, as bet not the smallest trace
hos, sgs tent to,. t4c/Yd , al....ta V. 44.. of oxen or of horse. was he a, the field
11 ' 1- h '" fts f . ""'". ; May the rightonu , toswerrr revrarl it,
ll.ku tn.o, a.
rt.. mall, 111.,. eukt. • .4 , indeed he Mos already dm, eti
nt Lk., Ali,.•
and • iLer hed•. Falr. 6 , 11,1.1 r
leanwhile. however . s. Fit,l,ll(' iin.a.akinnn
hat.p.n. 1., on, to,“11), kk I I. Ike mars.
I, .ak knit i them., sod Inn tint- run, Wk ttitth saw out k., the kvindew that
a .1 t i c at ok,e. an 0., • the ditii,,hter of hit to-heron.. a 'iM •, omen
! whom be h s 'd lwrsos . is sh''' 1 1 ' ,
h ag ,. 7 it belt .ta dn. al k. coppice to gather dry sticks, 1,, weos thsther to,
s ga roan Ile ai,
r „„i„ „, whens Ode I -31% 1,01 el. re oh , el ty
k taunt. nAnst goer. laink.elt tien I, n 1 w r
duit then .-o-. moat ,
ti et ski i erne nur un.akentut I thine the runt eat inkiond. aad sk ...rile t i k.
re. k tt - tm• ••t.or ""'"'" - II" . I i.rit ',ridge. where am si,outstain a•sli shied, li e
There n. nut, • nentti ku .vittnu k•rtn.. • ,
U vet loc. 3le ne Wells vs two wolver, oname taw and- him . and a•
euet , •••• ei.tet k -t Idels tnt....T , re...ost bh •. e had DO weapon gl , li • • map, I e
ss-so, It in, at at 5.0. h, 12 I. I. I
'limbed up „ L . "
st au V.V..... and I toa tree. wherent.nri the wok.,
" . .erotism , sa arisvedriaarsm does , 'ells hi , .' onesaround it, blinked at him vv.tls their eve..
the LLI et t: ••., and by the Lu 6..50 TitotiMl L a,. ,
kski lash
E . ' 4 6 . ire st 1 1 l o ' ntr i .pu t w n r ei ti r i l k l a;11 17:: the due k• , l with thd,r
10 tea. r.
- fairows--T, Or.. organs/re ewt. knitt . r then saw that une war lie-wolf, a great
at brute with only one eye I lereution in nit.
fright he lirgan to serrain, i the long-suffer
ug of Buil war again 'how, to him • without,
oweter, mating him wiser for the maiden who
had crept hrhin.i a ;unities-4,-h ds the held,
when atmsaw th e shmitt ',lam, ran hack
gain 10 meetirre and k i.e., her mk
he of hello. . nikki -Irate way the
se .il ter, and reik eimed hi.
1nrk:..1..1. Ilk. a then ild
•leresla great wolf hunt to lie held ti.xt lay in
the cent wood, and lie who idistmlst the
onv otte
yyed monster, dead or alive was to have a bar
of beer for hi. psi 'Sod: they could not
catch Into, unseat they that day tools her wolves
in their net. and kille , l them Ile therefore
straightway orili'resl a wislll/unt to be held in
me par i sh But wheit the tkllair c. c to toll
hell for a wolf-Isunt, he slisl not snip awhile,
111 the wont for wolf.lsunts, hue lordly rang
t e !sell on, sy, s o that all tile lista thought,
t it are Isa , l broken out, and ran s, tag
out of their liott,e , :-bids al,. came lim
ning out .1 myseif hod doyen oi v"•., tk sick per
son at Zempin, seeing that walk u,g lolzon to lie
Wearisome t , , nie, arid that I could ml altkird Ike
he inure at 11111/11 ea.,. lint .he eu
lung, and wee asking the 1.4-on of the ro,;mg,
when the Sheriff himself, sal hi, gray k hark;ei,
with three imrt•l lad, of stet': and nets. following
him, galloped up and or Is ceil the peop'e sttaight.
way to go into the forest and to kink, the I. en
With rattles. Dena:psis he, with hi, Masters Raj
a few men whom he had picked out of the crowd,
were to ride on and spread the nets behind ',funereal - . seeing that theoast s ondrusis
narrow there an,' the wolf dread , thew
- „nor.
When he salt my , laughter he tut tied Lis i.c.c
round, chucked her snider the shit,, and gra
ciously asked her vs Ito she sena, and Nile
came' Whun he had heard it. he said she was
I as fair as an angel, and that he laid not known
till now that the parson hero had se la . :tote-nu,
girl. Ile then mile off, loolang round at her '
two or three times. At the tired boating they
found the one-eyed wolf, Who lay sit Lotushes
near the water. thereat his lorthship rejoiced
greatly, andmade the grooms drug hint OW. of the
net with lung iruu hooks, anti hold him there for
near on hour, while my lord slowly and cruelly
tortured him to ilestth, laughing heartily the
while, which is a ',apses/scum of what he after- 1
wards did with my poor child, for wolf or haul)
is all one to this villain. Just Got ' But I will
not he beforehand with my tale.
i Next day came old Sedum his squint-eyes! wife,
limping like a lame dog, and put it ta my daugh
ter whether she would nut go into this serksice of
the Sheriff; praised lout a, a ' , ' mod and ;siisus man:
: and vowed that all the world, said of hire were
foul lies, no she herself could hear witness. see- ,
' ing that she find lives' in his service foe above
, ten years, loc., she praised the good cheer
S they had there, and the handsome held-money
that the great lords who often lay there gave
the servants which waited upon them; that she
herself ball mere than once receives' a re:sensible
from his Princely Highness' Duke Ernest' Lade-
Wig; moreover, many pretty fellows came there,
which might make her fortune, inasmuch she
s was a fair woman, and might take lice choice of
, a husband when's' , hirer iu Ciriersiw, where no
body ever came, she might wait till she was old
/ and ugly, Isere!, she gut a .'arch en her hestd.
thereat nay doughter was beyond menkiiire an
gered, and answered, ••Ah! thou old shush, and
who has told thee that I wish to go into service.
Ito get a much on tn . ; head' Go thy ways, and
1 never enter the bollSP again, for I have naught
'm du with thee ' tt hereopem she %mil, I away
again, muttering between her teeth
Scarce had a few days passed, and t was =tend
iug in the chamber with the glarier, %Ca,
patting in new window , . when I heard my dims',
ter scream in the kitchen Whereupon I straight
, way ran in thither, 01.1 W:14: , 11. , A01 3[1 , 1 allrielit•
ell when I saw the Sheriff hins , elf standing in
the corner with lib , arm round my child her meek ' ;
he, however, lire...nth let her go, and 'aid'
reverend Abraham• wino n coy tittl, tied you hat
tor a daughter' I 51'111,1 10 1.,1,1 her xlll, a
his's, a. I elves,' to do, and .liik -tengeled
and Med oat a. if I had been young lel
kw who hail ' , Nil.en imi upon hed hereas rineht
he" Sae hither tiviia• over I.k I nin.we end
aught, he went 011 111 that Ike had dune it to
er, scrimp
iota his
g: 1 t
1 :‘ f :: s uses :: k ea'llwt' lle rulerset over me by
k r 1 :11 , i s k ,r 7 , 1 1 I n k
7 m i
t ‘v
W o o
hI asked what 1,1. lordship khe-'
L,• unrwered me gl;a
ok:,1 i
e toil ju.t Cause fur "
anger ngn 1..1 •me ',icing •
that I 1,1 preached
at biro before the whole congregation. lint that
he was ready to forgiveaml to hare the
coMpleant he had rent in contra tar to his Prin. ;
rely Highness at Stettin, and which might easi
ly cost me my place, returned to him if I would
but do his will. And when I asked what his
lordship's will might be, and excused myself a.,
best 1 might with regard to the sermon, •
he an,
swered that he steal in great need of a faithful
housekeeper whoinhe could set over the other wo:
men folk; and as he had learnt that my daughter
was a faithful and trintworthy person, be would
17 =Mark
• Its. no
•Imw ant blob ainstantly dkohillsbitur, now wart*
a•--Tht nternnt rt • ry dull..nd no tan's arm,.
1ant,%.1.• nf end tilt Nn Ist So
chnlnt ‘t I at 7', end IP tea., !to 1 et TV - 0 lb
Ma! data. .1 hat 5r..0d 3 it . ' at
.in ntht.l.d. et 0 5,7 6 an at F• 01, and b J.. k - e.l, d
.11cAl/de t• at 1, and af •t 74n* lb
tn nt ldtbda attr , at t'. I
't dr • ett 1., at d‘c It ft bbls fur P1.14.11,n2 ala..
•t lirr. dn et d dn at At fair In
rt art in Inn lon , at 11 , . I Ira ne + at at. and Inn aka n A
t'alt at 11 - .k
..nd /d dry 111111.. • r - rtudl 650111.
Jatr66rd. It I, rdwd. Lad dl 10, VIII Or,
.rd... at • ~ .1, 1 • 6r61 irrern .611.1 at 4 , ..04 4 i ,. 5
r.I r. - 12111".13 Lad ;dna.. 6t 7,
e .tu. to 11•1 ~,,l a l I: .14 at... 1 •tetal tar
aw, lt Stu Flatatutt, SI N. at
.Sl,t, I ta. (q.
Featuora, new. all.sllttaeatta,
...lrapt,lS, anal au Jemazat I.statatd oal at Y. 'Matta att a
al . .t.S. anal eta, er,nt. to .leat. at ttoul /7 7S It,
Ittr‘a , 4$ ro. 4 1,. I. 111,.• In .1144.ne1. r.
441,1,4. szi.l
Mm - blean. bows. 1t...,
J Mskre,
1,a...1r...50y/ant. Hs It t5...11.
J 1...11u,
MeNlllllt.. t. 401.1.
4dt.. 1...5t, tato,' tll..
/..ri 5.4,
I Mu,. It. 4 -11..14. •
!awl:agars, ILuw., .
Allttudr. Prattnsal. lintt.lll.
J When, Iletsdricknott. row Ntsl.4•4,rt
T 1,... ett I•••
14•1•4. n. th-m•tr, ill..
Mr., la.m.
.1 4 Adam.. Zanr•stll•
tt..• Mettrs. Shtak.Mart•ltx
Itlonsttl.l2t.o•rt.ll. M brells..l Wrll,lllr
Illnninettan. l'lntlottat I.
ATl—Pta Cr•.,N mi.., TAX.. A 0.
..... .k. truurr, m•ra,... lakeug- 17 alle.
11/o Vi I bt perfumer, II A
FAhnrot.* A 1 trunk. It =MI. baron.
;V. A - Abases. Mera.l., it 1 MA wrk. II 4.rh
A .ap pkg., llalter I J
1 eleplutut
A Valuable Coal Farm for Sale,
iTUATEI) till the Ronk of the Mo.
• 7 001..11Plit Itl vet. Itostraver township. it esnaiono
land . 24 nallee !non Pittsburgh, b
Monongahel C. nod 1 .1.1,1111.1 f mile above rCeneter, eon.
taitnng dreca. 13u nr mo at which contain dl.
boated for 'mining. bring iniereeeted by a re.
vine which adapt. it. tr , the admiesion of frtoh air Into the
mines Thiv Coal ran all Iv conveniently condueted lv for
river, by means of i KAI LltiVAit whirli In now In opera.
lion upon the 'moraine.. The landing at the railway la ex-
IDa the rituatlon well adapted for harboring Coate
valet,. This location I•Sen lacillbee for the Coartratle
utivitrpao.ol uron the Monongahela titer
There'll upon the eurfinv., nowt of which le rhumb and
a of, well
ta, wheel and all oWe:. grain common totnacciuntr ' y. Lune.
plum , abondatt upon the premise.. and molly quarried.
The building. ary a wort connota
tion. tern atory 'trick
Dwelling 11.". , with four large mow and • tack kitchen:
large Log Darn: large end convenient Stahl, Granary.
ellnehr llover. Coal Cr. A never falling.upt.t? of
Tel water. with an eveellent puma at the doer. Thar. ,
IP abundantly otiiiitilied with mend epring. In most the
field.. There Is aim, on the [mail... a Young leering lie.
chard of itoprrior grafted fruit The whole leo( convenient the .loam ...a hanging at %Veinier. The Cgal will
he wild scialadelr. with all the nevvowary priviMges hr
king Itout... the Laud and Cool together. to atilt punt,
aegg. AVph, oti the pronaleue, to
to S. W A ill. lattehurali
A Good Opportunity for those who want a
sulo , ni,er otter, for sale the following Pieta , of
grournb Ti.'
No. I. Inn, La. In Pride , plan of Inn, In the Eighth
ord.roch lot Leeng 24 feet los Int. Thee WW are' Ono.
tlm ntuated. and will he sold at a bargain, a.. the owner
Ilvoo ot dletanre, and whale" to atop.... of them.
Three Lot. et the corner of lllmd ;greet and IN.
Rented for either bustoript,
\0..1 Teu Lot. In the Borough well
lowed tor private, re.idengr..
No S. T wel4e Acre* ot lA2II in Rehire lowarhlP. ml.
property i• h. rated for country smote. Laing bulb
An. dietadm Crum the :It 110 adj n oining the IL:llmnd.
No fan Lot on WeEnter rar Elan. 24 1,, 1,.
puree 2- and will In. 'old nit long 'lmre. only a
smallrt of the norrhaw money will leo Intalnel In
A thine ntory Hon,. near th earner,( Welorter ..SEhn
Winn, Aintalulnii 11 r.,11.. he r.
ma' very loir to o
i.e.! lam.; i• yr, rinirtructed that two eau tin
envy it. ARM/ 1101IERT "RAY. NI D.
mrillY7 lin nlnlirr Awl F:lin ntreetn.
TILE ••Folueational Association of Alleglie-
Aon, 1 :::".
V•17:1 , ; 1 . .. , M . . , 1 i a i r11 c h Inue be deli erre. Li
la Saturja,. the. lit. oral
t John tirewory will &bier an
War , . on Ile 'VI, sioloairal Trainho. of Children in the
lieloed foliowea Li Sir I. I' Covell.
The fro.loli eilloshou . sri• reeimetfully Invited 4. st.
4.4 4 1 If, I JrJer of the on,. Clorant.,
u" . " ' J. C. lIERMIEII. fie.. y.
Temperanceville and Nobleatovro Plank
Road Company.
OTICE herelq given to the Stoekhold
ere of eal.l Cuuniany. that they mok• payment St
W. 4
.0 swami of the
' , n the
Of Et...
Dollore eaell eh are or the %tort. on the lad Mandl, in
each ant ere, iatioth hereafter. Until the whole ow e\ ne
l l l:e " Aler.l? ,l .l.L l TrrV; d r. l ,Tu d e l elitT i o 1.
?""'"" I g. r llll ‘ l ' iir,l • Preindent
Board of Underwriter.
T a Meetin g 1,1 the Board of Underwri
ter, 010 folloring re,ilution •fts unailitunucl) aloic
t and nolored to be publi•hed:
fircaired. Thal from oral after the rubbeation of thic un
lire. no Fire ILIA, whether arininal or ...mooned. chall
" "k".byany Incurance IrtMi. ,n ett,
until the premium./, raid to I tmler: A It* itaftlic,
meh27l( recretary of thr Board
BIPR, rut 1.1.111 a a beautiful glum to tan,)., Mualln,
0 manic". Colima, ahlrt lamorne, and all kind. of ortntt:ll.
fre gmeren. the hurt fowl aclherinic to the Linen. and dust
rom wicking; It contains nothing , nint , ""
nu, rave, The ladle. have long sines. felt the neceadtr
of cuch w article. and In ills their eapectatinn •111 be fol
ly realised, as nu rointwiltlon Is reared after Impartial
• • •
N. 11.--orm Cake will do ttunr dumu "1°w"..04
family thould IFNl:mut r
ortaCalro. Xubbublomitb full dllvetioul.
/or Oslo Or arLlll4 Word rt.
liattaisaraiih, )larch 29, Iri J.
The Governor thio morning notnittateit Wm.
Ellmager anJ John Smith ati Associate Judge , . of
Lyconsing l i outity. Their tiowthwiti oti s w ere
firmed, together with those of Jamo• of
Erie comity. nail John Itatc•iin, FayettPl'ollll.
The Appropriation Nil i.: travelling slowly
through the House It ha. codhnitise
the Whole, and two or three regions have
adopted on second reading. Several amendment,
have been offered and discus.e.l, lint th ey h,, e
all been lost. The hill tlius far stands as it
came from the Committee. The appropriation
to the Portage Railroad will elicit se
skn. and.mny he defeated. The section pr' i.i •
iug for the completion of the Western Reserve,
contains a provision that the contractors shnll
proceed to the completion of the , work according
to the contract made with the State, many years
since. The contractors, when the
e work stn.
stopped. obtained damages from the Common
wealth, for the loss they srpttained in Cott. ,
quence. The prices nt that babe contracted for
are much larger than the same work would opm
mand now, and POMP metnhers of the Legisla
ture do not feel disposed to see a drain made-up
nn the State Treasury of $15,0110 for the execu
tion of a work which could he done for much less
The .I,i - dement to the net incorporating the
Franklin Canal Company and the Pittsburgh and
- Erie Railroad Company, passed the Senate this
morning. I cannot get possession of the hill,
and cannot therefore state its precise provisions.
It is howeier opposed very actively by Mr. Low
ry, of Crawford county, who is interested in the
Franklin Canal ton considerable amount, and by
, Mr. Galbreath, of Erie, whoso sympathies are in
the same direction.'
It appears generally conceded that no attempt
,wiil be made this teeter to change the Judicial
iliistrict.4 of the State. The Leeeh,e, are afraid
to undertake it with the S ena t e an d Go vern , t o
drevent their consummation er the ourrag coax
gerrymander they -desire to have made.
The Legislature is barren of news.
that I should send her into his service. "See
there, - said he to her, and pinched her cheek
the while. "I want to lead you to honor, though
you are such a young creature, and yet you cry
out as if I were going to bring you to. dishonor.
Fie upon you: - child still remembers all
hie r•rhoten.; I myself should have forgot It a
hundred times over in all the wretchedness I
since underwent I. But she was offended at his
words, and jumping up from her seat, ahe an
swered shortly, .•I thank your lordshwip fur the
honor, but will only keep house for my papa,
which is abetter honor for me:"N.tereupon hr
turned to me and asked me what I said to that.
I must own that I was nut a little affrighted, in
asmuch us I thought of the future and of the
relit in which the Sheriff stood with his Prin
cely Highness. I therefore answered with all
I humilisy, that 1 could not force my child, and
that I level to haveher about me, seeing that
nis dear liuswife had departed this life during
the heav y pestilence, and I had no child but
why her That I hoped therefore his lordship
! would not he displeased with. me. that I could
not send her Intl, his lordship's service. This
angered him sorb., and after disputing some time
longer in vain, be took leave hot without threats
that he would make me pay for it. item, my
alitn, who was standing in the stable, heard biro
say ns he went round the corner, I will. have
her yet, in spite of him!"
I was already quite disheartened by all this,
when nn the Sunday following, there Came his
huntsman Johannes Kurt, a tall, handsome fel
low, and smartly dressed. Ile brought a roe
buck tied before hint on his horse, and said that
his lordship had sent it to me for a present, in
hopes that I would think better of his offer, see
ing that he had been ever since seeking on all
video for a housekeeper in vain. Moreover.
that if I changed my mind about it his lordship
would speak for me to his Princely flightless, no
that the donation of Duke Philipp., Juiius should
be paid to toe out of the princely teraroun,
But the young fellow got the same answer as his
master had done. and I desired hint to take the
roebuck nwaewith him again. But this he re-
Instil to do:stria an I had by chance told him at
first that game was my favorite meat, be prom
ised to supply me with it abundantly, seeing that
three was plenty' of game in the forma., and that
he often went a bunting on the Streckleberg .
moreover, that I (lie meant my daughtetr) pleas
ed him uncommonly, the more because I would
not do his master's will, who, ns be told me in
confidence, would never leave any girl in peas...
and certainly would not let my damsel alone.—
A 'though I had rejected his game, he brought it
notwithstanding, and in the course of three
weeks he was sure to come four or five times.
and grew more and more sweet upon my daugh
ter. Ile talked a vast deal about his good place,
and how he was in search of a good buswitc,
whence we soon guessed' what quarter the wind
blew from. Ergo, thy daughter told him that if
he was seeking for a huswifc she wondered that
he lost his time in riding to Coserow to no pur
pose. for that
,she knew no buswife for him
therv, which vexed him so sore that he never
came spin.
And now any one would think that the grapes
were sour even for the Sheriff: nevertheless he
came riding to us soon after, and without more
ado avked my daughter in 9trriage for his hunts
man. Moreover, he promised to build him a
Lon-e of his. own in the forest Vern, to give him
pot • and kettles, crockery, bedding, tic., seeing
that he had stood godfather to the young
who. moreovor, had ever borne himself Well do
nog seven years he had been in his service.—
/I ervupon my daughter answered that his lord
ship had already heard that she would keep
home f‘r nobody but her papa, and she ' won
vt;ii Mod/ young to become a huswife.
This. however, aid not seem to anger him,
lon. after he had talked a long time to no pur
po, lie took his leave quite kindly, like a rat
IS hick pretends to let a mouse go, and creeps be
hind 4be corners. but she is not in earnest, and
presently spring, out upon it again. For doubt
how that he had set to work stupidly;
wherrfore sa lie Sent away in order to begin his
t 4. k 3Ctiiil aser a better fashion, and Satan
uel.• tv,th 1,1111, a u tolotri with Judas I:ccrict.
T r ini.slern Italian tirricketted style is one
which bas been frequentiy adopted for wooden
hut lilin
It demands snore regularity of external out
line upon the ground, and hence is better adapt
ed for n villa, in finished garden grounds, than
a rural Lome, in a picturesque and natural
element consisting in the constant recur
of horizontal lines, a ant roof seem, al
most it/insp....dile: a high pitch, or pointed ga
ble., are therefore out of place.
It permit, great variation in the heights of
ditlerent part- , of the building; hut the breaks
niti4t be made vertically from a horizontal line
—not by slope pointing above slope, as in the
spire and 'fatter of a Gothic structure.
The species of buildings whence thin style.
as noel now . originated, abounded in campanile.
or 'tell towers, the form and character, though
nut the uses of which are retained—the upper
st4ry of said towers being finished as au obser
vatory. affording a cool and pleasant retreat
from the Open windows of which an extended
prospect mar ho commanded. In a house of
mine on the Hudson, this portion of the tower
I. used as a billiard room. For small and nn
preletolitt: country dwellings. this style in ilesi
ral.le. and, in many situations, would be found
to look more home like than.perhaps, almost any
Tb. great objection is the necemoty for a flat
ter pitch of roof than a shingle covering u - 1;1 al
, low; and there are many reasons that a metal
tsmf should not be resorted to, where shingles
can he used. A sullicient pitch of roof to per
itact covering-with wiggles would give ILL entire
j lv dales-eat character to it house erected in this
style: but a mo , litication of the style may be re
sorted to. which will render such a pitch perfect
ly toludasable. In such a case the slope of oth
er roofs. such an veranda, porch, Se., should a
gree wall it; and it may farther be harmonized
by making the brackets moth longer or deeper
than lithe roof were flatter. If any of my rend
er friends have occasion to travel East, they may
see an example of a building destined in this
; character for the Berlin station, on the railroad
between Hartford and. Nett - Haven. Circular
headed windows are bound vary generally in the
variant examples of buildings from which this
style has been derived.. They are often intro.
duced in modern buildings here; hut where out
side blinds aro to be used, they do not look very
wed, as each half of the blind, when open, pre-
Bents an unsightly appearance.
One advantage of this style possesses is the
adaptation it affords to internal furnishing and
decoration. Gothic furniture in too apt to look
outre; but any species of modern cabinet work,
ea.-opting Gothic. looks well in a room of this
• iameter. `'•.
In executing from a design in this style in
wood, them seems nu difficulty that demands
particular notice, other than that the too great
temptation to introduce ornamental work in this
this facile material is apt ,o lead into the putting
up of n great deal of unnecessary carpentery,
the maintenance of _which will he attended with
In speaking of these three different. classes of
country houses—the Ituistl, the Gothic, anti the
"Itali-4 Lave comprised all those th at are gen
erallyan seen. Other varieties there are, I•know
but they•all hove so roach in common with, some
tine or other of these three. that my reader, will
not wish me to describe them.
Stone. with its pleasant associations of moss
tin,l fretted surface, seems the material for
qa,et, rd , tn . home: there is something in its as
pect. of :ippcal from the long, long pta.¢ soil of
prntni , e of endurance in the future, that must
make it especially sought after by those who
preach a crusade against the ephemeral preten
sions of the present day
1l here it t. found in abundance upon the
and its character is such as a respectable
notsca would recommend for building pdrpo
,P, I would say, use it for your house, by all
it ens are from the city, do not, however, fan
,. lerau,e stone is your material, that you
11;11,1 hate a Fifth Avenue front. If your stone
~ y _dressing and tooling, as it is cal
led. tool your puree and the character you 11430
givr to the architecture will allow Cut stone to
at hotel portions lif the erection. there can he no
objection to artistically displaying the material
to the beet advantage; but.even•then, un1e...0 you
ore seeking to build a palace, do not think of
having the building faced with cut stone. Rough
stone, as it comes from the quarry, and laid in
IL, natural bed, for the walls, and cut stone for
your door, and window dressings, and your
plinth and porch, if you will; and the one will
Five contrast and value to the other.
lf, however, the texture of the stone 'should
not prove sufficiently fine fur working, and you
desire to build the walls simply in a durable
and substantial manner, use the, stone as fol
Let the quarrymen split off just as tho voinsof
I the stone make it most easily worked. Select
such pieces as, from their length and even
ty, eedin adapted for silla and lintels, and use the
I remainder just in the shape it naturally comes
upon your ground from the quarry. In building
your nrran, lay the stone in ita ozactbed as itlay
in the quarry, and here end theie let long pieties
be introduced, the length of gni thickness of year
I walls : these, lying aerois, would serve ss bowl er ,
to the walls, and will materially strengthen the
A mull built in this manner, in irregular
courses. looks remarkably well forcountry bnild
ings, and it it the method in which the time
honored musal churches . of England bare been
built, than which more simply beautiful or more
durable erections cannot be found.
'Many builders will tell you to place your stones
edgeways or upright, instead of in the solid man
ner I have described and it is true the masonry
will look as if constructed of larger blocks, and
will have a more regular appearance, bath is by
no means so durable—the walls, in fact, being no
more then shell. Of outer and inner veneering of
smoothly-fitted slabs of Fume, placed on end,
and filled in with loose bits of rubbish and mor
tar. A wall can even be built more rrpidly if
laid as I direct because no time is taken in
selecting the stone, and of course the stone
is - quarried and built into the walls at less ex
Nrany persons complain of stone-houses in the
country being damp. This inconvenience is
coup.] by the walls not being properly built,
rather than by the nature of the material it
self. I
Such ditapness as may be found in a stone
building, COMM, not from surfaceexposuretothe
weather, but from wet arising in the walls by.
capillary attraction from the ground. A wall
built a. I speak of, would prevent this; because
the pores of the grain would-be horizontal, and
the possibility of dampness finding its way by
any means through the interstices upwards, may
he guarded against by building a coursoof slate
into the walls above the ground, and immediately
under the joists of the first floor. This, where
slate can easily be procure", is ea infallible me.'
thod ;, and whore it is not within reach, atrium
of large stone, of the width of the thickness of
walls, and about four inclus thick, laid in hy
draulic cement, will do equally well.
A wall may be plastered inside, without
any furring out, as usually done, if built as
above, and without any four or wet finding its
way in.
A country house, to be built of stone, in the
rural manner described in my last, wotildrequiro
to be of very simple form there should be few
breaks in the outline. and the effect called by ar
tists breadth" must be that sought.
The veranda, windows, doors, audroof may be
treated ins manner similar to that recommended
for the rural home sketched last week. Thewin
dows should be set deeply in the a-alls, and the
roofs have a greater projection, end their timbers
that show be somewhat heavier in, their scant
lings: Let the stone be rough, just as then:alone
lay it, knocking off, here:and there, with a hail
mer, any fragment that seems to jut out too
prominently, and I would much prefer that the
walls be not rough cast. I
In building on a Gable pion, the style would
have to be less ornate in its details, than if
the "material Were wood, and . the mittunte of
the building should be more massive in their
In nutting up bay.windowa, or other projecting
portions of the plan, only;partially extmiling up
the walls, unless the piers betweeu.the open lots
be very large, it will be better to use wood than
stone, on account of the latter occupying so much
room. The wood should be painted a color that
will harmonize with the tint of the stone, and its
surface sanded t 6 suit with it in texture.
akOutside shutter-blinds never seem to match
with rough stone walls ; and as the thickness of
the latter is such as in all eases to permit of their
being arranged inside, I would advise their being
so contrived. and a pent roof over the window
will add as much to the picturesque external ap
pearance, as it will to the intenael comfort of the
building. •
The modern Italian, us described, before, is so
suitable for, erection in stone asdn wood, and most
of my readers will remember a beautiful example
in thi. style at Newport, the windows of which
are protected IT coverings such Ile I bare spoken
The masonry of liouNts in this style is s,enerally
more . rogular and tinishell than would be requisite
for either of those described before, -and hence.
the expense will be found granter ; but a rough,
gone building would loot: very well, provided the
~implicity of the wood work and rest of the house
was agreeable. Open arches are prominent fea
tures in an 'Wain rural bdiiding ; the veranda,
the porch, orubra and wir.chirr-openingt, especial
ly [hove of the upper gory of the tower, may
take this beautiful form, and the massive na
ture of the material hf the house will blend
delightfully with the ideas of strength the arch
ionveys. .
Terraces ore eon:I.:illy associatel features
with 11112 style, and if the ground on trltil.h your
home is to be, naturally presents a tsrraeol up
f.earanee, a very little aid from art-a-ill soon oon
cert it into the beautiful form thilt is so suitable
to an Italian villa.
Moulded brick might be frequently uied upou
a country house and brick, as a enitablo
ferial for building, must receive a few mo
ments' attention, before I bring this number to a
It is not so suitable' for Gothic as far other
styles, though the Tudor, ,s it is called, which in
but a hater period of Goalie architecture, seems
well adapted to its ace, and England, and the
western portion of the Continent of Europe, abound
in examples.
lirtek wails should be huilt hollow. They will
he cheaper, drier, and afford room for eliding
shutter', windows and blinds, and, above rill, give
the opportunity for thorough and .ailv eounoll
ed ventilation. Insist upon your builder wetting
the bricks before laying them on the walla, if
even you have to pay the labor of au ea Lin man
on ourpooe to is sn. Yale walla will hi etroager
and drier if you do.
Do not, as a g:enerel role, permit any onokes
flue, in outer They are the cause of an
extravagant ven:ste of heat, mei r f useeijiitly beerus
and 'tutu., dna, your external walls,
if painted: If you haven cistern iu :nor roof,
build a kitchen or some eenstattlystis•ed flue
through it. You will then not fear fret ; aurrif,
once every elI months, you will place therein a
bushel of powdered charcoal, you need not have
stagnant, fretid. wow - , breeding corruption in
your home.
If your brick house is to be painted_ ewer it
with MO coats of paint in the fall. Th'e bricks
will he thoronghly •dry then, and the quantity
of paint will bo amply muffin:ant to repei all wet
.luring the winter, and will bo ready-toned down
to receive the finishing coat or cost., in the
The color chosen should be one that will Ma
the objects around. If there be mare lichen
: covered rocks near, or grey mountains tu the
distance; against which tho balling is seen the
tint should be a cool gray,:which may be made
with any blue that will stand, mixed with ono
tenth part Venetian red, and lowered with white,
as requisite; and I„lisve frequently ui.ed. sand
upon brick buildiirs, with great advantage, by
mixing it with the lest two coats. or conic the
last, and applying at with a wiyethruth, which,
though requiring a strong arm, is much morn
satisfactory in its effect than if the spud were
dusted on, which leaves a number of ehiningliar
ticks to catch the light, and, by their dartling
appearance, destroy the quiet, coat tone of color
a house should possess, and width the former
method will secure.
If the house be stu - rounded by trees, mauy of
which are evergreens Of dark foliage, a lighter
and more dibtinguislaing color may be tiled.—
Cream color, made by mixing ono part raw um
ber, two parts raw sienna, one-fourth part burnt
umber, to one hundred parts white lead and
oil. The last coat. mixed with silver sand; is a
very beautiful tint for a building in„entb a situa
The taste of the owner will no doubt load to
the selection of a proper color, particularly es I
have said enough to guide him ; and I will con
clude, by quoting the advice given by a noted
English landscape painter, under timilarcireum•
• tAIICCS: • Pluck up a tuft of grass near you, oh
' serve the tone of coloring the earth adhering to
its roots po ss esses, and paint yuur house the tint
• you see there."
1 The gist of this remark lies in chorea that the .
• tone of coloring of natural objects immfsliately
around you is the best.pussible pattern-curd from
which to select the pigment you desire your pain.
tern to use.
11 AY , V1LLF., LEVNGTON AND tionnit Ratt
y:Av.—A vote was taken in Fayette county, Ken
tucky, en a subscription by the county of ?::00,-
WO to stock of the Railways, from Maysville to
Lexington, and from the latter city.south Duo
ville. The majority iu favor of the Marseille
road was„6l2, nod of the Lionville road 431.
The Observer thinks. now that the decision in
made it will he generally acquiesced ha—and the
question rettled that the roads are to be made.—
That is creditable to the people prosecuting
those liner. In this connection Cincinnati ehould
remember two things—first, that no Tot« was
taken to subscribe to the Covington and Lexing
ton road, and second, that the Cleveland and
Columbus Railroad hate got . an amendment to
their charter, authorizing them to construct
branch roads to connect with Maysville. The
question then is, ore we to remain idle while
these roads are being made to take trade and
travel away from us, or make a new effort to has ,
ten on the Covington road.—Cts. GO.
Gnat sak—Messrs. li. If. Leeds is 05., who
sold the pictures belonging to the estate of the
laws A. B. Htortutn, Esq., obtained furs celebra
ted painting of the Hely Family, Curreggio,
$ 800 ; for painting b.! Dettssme,.s4.2s, and for
• large number ranging from 5.5 to $lOO each.
If. Y. Com. Ado. • •