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    SOM Ti:RS.
0130111AII cASE—ColliciEtt'S hiQULßT.—Coro
noArthurs was called upon on Monday night to
hod an inquest upon the body of Amanda Smith I
a olored woman who bad died rather suddenly
on 'Sunday . , as was supposed from the effects of
poison. The hotly, which wits interred in the
grave yen' of the Second Presbyterian church,
was, exhumed on Monday night, and a post mor
tem examination made by Doctors Martin and
esse Swede, a colored man,restiffed that the
d •.eased had hid a quarrel with a woman living
in .be neighborhced of her residence on
fi Smith
street, who threatened ehowould poison her
in onnequence. She had subsequently sent i n..
i 4
'etas articles of food, which the deceased, by
he advice threw away. On Friday, however,
she ate something which her neighbor bad given
heti, and shortly afterwards complained of pains
in ithe stomach, which continued to increase in
intensity, until she died on Sunday.
Cieorge Smith, husband of the deceased, teitti
fied, that his wife had said nothing to him about
the food disagreeing with her, but said that he
had heard the neighbor suspected of causing her
deal, boast of her shill in the art of poisoning.
Sid wife's head was very much swelled prior to
her death.
The jury wis compelled to adjourn until eight
o'cl i ock last night, in order to give the physicians
time to make the necessary examinations. ,
hey were obcupied all day yesterday in es
laving the contents of the stomach and intes
tines, bat could find no traces of poison. The
atoLich was very much inflamed, but the infra-
America, was not; in their opinion, caused by poi
soul The physicians who attended on the de
ceased, declare that her disease was the erysi-
Tne jury returned a rennet to the effect that
Mra. Smith died from the effect of an erzsipels
tanp hifiamation of the stomach.
FOR Onscoa.—Albert Eggers, M. D., and
Quincy A. Brooks, Esq.; attorney and counsellor
at law, two of our•most estimable citizens, leave
to y, on the Oriental, en roate for Oregon. We
&4t that they may there meet With that success
which their merits so well deserve.
OMITTED TO TOE BAlL—Messrs. James A.
Nolen , and Anthony Hartz were yesterday, on
motion of the Hon. Jasper E. Brady, admitted
to the Bar. Both these gentlemen will do credit
to the profession.
We bare been acquainted for a long time with
Mr. Bindery, who is a young gentleman of much
talent, and haze no doubt of his success in the
arduous 'mention be bat; chosen.
ben been received at Holmes' Literary Depot,
Third street, opposite the post office.
tattoo, located in Cincinnati, and which is adre,
tined in another column, is of deservedly high
reputation, and has received the warmest enco
miums of the prem of that city. From these no:
tines we select the following, for the information
of our readers, from Advertiser."
tt ACOX'S Commsamm.CoLczaz.—Tho Mercantile
Colleges of Ohio have become ao well known for
ta few years past, for their admirable aystem,.not
only in drill - mg young men in the theory of book
keeping, but in reducing that theory to practice,
in every conceivable entry a merchant's book
may require, as to render a minute description
of. their connse of instruction superfluous.'
It will suffice to say, the pupils are so thor
oughly trained by the discipline of these schools,
that they are able, promptly, and without diffi
culty, when Missing their examination, to assign
'to any trai - section pr6erited to them in ques
tions by visitors, its prpper disposition in no
original entry, and to follow it through a set of
books to its linel settlement. In doing thie, they
are required- to give the reason for what they are
.doing, in.every stage of the entries and char.
gee, and to give such reasons as will satisfy the
prettiest book-keeper, that they deserve the di
plomas they are about to receive:
The system ;under which these students are
instructed is both analytic and synthetic. It is
the taking in pieces, as a study, a complicated
but exact machine, to contemplate and learn the
relations of the several parts to each other, and
to the entire machine, and the putting it togeth
er to make it operate accurately, and without
One of the hirgaet of the commercial colleges
is that of It. 11l Bacon, at the corner of Walnut
andlittit strode, who numbers not less than
.180 pupils', whose names have been enrolled
since the Ist of October last
I have attended - Mr. Bacon's public examina
tion, and can testify to the thoroughness of the
ordeal to which the pupils were • subjected, and
to the highly creditable manner in which they
swatted themselves.
~Mr. Bacon'a Commercial College has been in
existence not quite one half the period of that
of Mr. R. M./Bartlett, the oldest Institution in
of the kind in Cincinnati. That he should have,
'at this very time, h greater number, by fifty
per cent., than his competitor, is the best an
swer of the various hostile publications recently
made, and designed to injure his reputation and
Tuesday, Aprils.
Present—llonomble William B. ?ledlure,
Prmddent Judge, and Samuel Jones, Associate
Commonwealth vs. John Thomas—ghe trial of
this case was resumed this morning, and a large
number of witnesses weae Called: and identified
portions of the stolen goods. • .
Louis Weyman was sworn, and testified that
he saw the prisoner and 11 , FJ others standing be
fore Mr. Mcintosh's shoe store at about eleven
o'clock at night.
Hon. llogh S. Fleming sworn—l issuesta war
rant teethe arrest of John Thomas on January
Md. After his arrest sent to Mr. Mclntosh,
And other dealers in boots and shoes, who went,
In company with the constables to his house,
which they searched. They took all the goods
to the Mayor's office, mid his private trunk also.
These keys, (exhibiting a bunch of skeleton'
keys) were found in that trunk. • One of the
keys will open Mr. 31cIntosh's front4oor. Oth
ers will open the padlock on his cel door.
The prisoner lived in a nailer reared . place,
and no signs of his doing an active business
James Robb sworn-1 am engaged in,Cheboot
sad shoe business in this city, and am acquaint
ed with Mr. Mclntosh. We purchase goods from
the same eastern dealer. Mr. Robb corrobora
ted the statements made by Mr. Mclntosh, rela
tire to the person from whom some of the sto
len goods were purchased.
The ease on the part of the Commonwealth
closed here.
The counsel for the prisoner, proposed to sub
s& the ease to the jury without argon:um; to
which arrangement •the counsel on behalf of the
Commonwealth assented.
Judge iteChlre then delivered a charge to the
jury, at the Mese of which,' the counsel for the
prisoner, requested his honor to - instruct the ju-
TY, to cue of a conviction, that they should find
htm guilty °My ne regarded that portion of the
property stbleit had been 'identified.
This Wm strenuously opposed by the coun
sel for the Commonwealth, who, maintained
the that the Verdict should either be guilty or
not guilty... The Conn coincided in this view of
the eme, and the jury. after a short absence, re
amed a verdict not guilty in manner and lorm
as he stands indicted,
The prisoner was immediately put upon his
trial, on a Charge of Luring stolen alage. quan
tity of leather from Mr, Jaws Loogtoore feather
. The lime counsel uppeared on both aides.
Longmore was sworn and testified that
he kept n leather nod finding's store leittlegheny
city. During the months of October, November,
and December
. 0 large quantity of leather was
stolen fromilL store, and be saw a portion of it
I s
at Thomas's h use after his arrest. • No person
slept In his e re, which is upon the south aide
of thee Diamen , The witness identified a pos.
Sion 7of the II ether exhibited in court.
High Cons ble Adams testified thait the lea
ther In Court taken by him, m the lgesse
34 the prison , l in Allegheny city.
Mr. flerdin n,`EL leather dealer, testified that
Mr. Lcrnzmbad sold do IMMME
proved that one of the skeleton
the prisoneen trunk, would open
'a door, the ease closed en the
Atter ham
keys, found in
put of the Co
bout lensing the-box, returned
end the prisoner was re.
The jury w
a eardiet I of
Trieny, ailed
stealing cdp
The prisoh
Cochran atil
to sotsEl his
evidence, the
diet of guilty
undergo an'
Western Pen
onwel ,
I hills of
• VI Cochran re
!lth se. Isaac Johnson—indictment
ed to have been committed in
Cr' kettle, the property ot . George
r hat no coutenal, anti Messrs.
:hinu ate: e appointed by the Court
1 stayer. After. baring heard • the
ury retired, and brought in a ?ee-
The defendant tram eenteneed to
ittprisontnent of one year in the
I.lth ye. Sampeon liVerfiehl sad
,g. -to. Bernard Dougherty.. Cross
Ceondbattery: l Stowe for Doughar
1.. Wan for Warlield.
~...... .. . . . ..
.., . „ _
Polie• Officer• Dougherty testified that he was
u ked 'go to the wharf lo interfere in a diffi
culty which had occurred there, and that he in
company with police officer fitarcelLus, went
dnisn. Barfield mid another person were won.-
ling abont some soap fat, and in order to settle
the diffiCulty, he thought it beat to take all the
parties to the Mayor's office. Wurfield resisted,
and tool! a large knife from the cook house of the
steamer Cincinnati, swearing that he would cut
witness 'e heart out, if he attempted to arrest
him. The - witness finally induced him to go to
the Mayor's office.
The ry of the police officer Was corroborat
ed by th t of other witnesses, and that of War
field differed essentially from it. He alleged that
he demakided Dougherty's warrant, and refused
to go with him unless he showed it. He picked
up a knife to defend himself, and Dougherty
presented a pistol at him. He finally followed
the policeman to the Mayor's office.
• The jory retired, but had not returned any
verdict when the Court adjourned.
&Mille? COMM .
Beford the Honorable Walter H. Lowrie.
Hear Hammond vs. L. !faro= & Co. No.
653, A ' Term..lBso. At o-
Fi Fe No. 7, N
vember Term, 1850. And now, on motion of
Patton a d Bakewell, rule to show cause why the
msney, • ..93,56 paid in'o Court under Fi Fe, No.
828, Nopt i emb er Term, 1850, at the suit of Kra
mer & vs. L. Harms & Co., should not
be applied to the al
,fi fa in the abase cruse.
Datrel Haughey vs. John McMaster, No. 113,
iJanuary Term. 1851. And now on motion Robb
Woods, sq., the Court grant the plaitdiff leave
,to amen his levy, as granted to him in a Nos.
274 and , 75, January Term, 1851, without pre
judice the rights of other creditors.
Tare 'mtg.—The following true bills were re.
turned by the Grand Jury, yesterday: ,
Comm i lmwealth vs. Joseph Baxter and Wash
ington acketerweller—lndictment, Burglary.
Comm ! nwealth vs. John Duffy—lndictment,
Comm nwealth vs. Joseph Ackerman—lndict
ment, rceny. .
Co nwealth vs. Charles Elworthy—ludict
meat, A Built and Battery.
m i
Co nwealth vs. Rosanna Steverasonln
dictmen Larceny.
Comm nwealthrs. Samuel'lltrop--Indictment,
Assault and Battery.
Commonwealth vs. Joseph George—lndict
ment, Malicious Mischief.
Como nwealth vs. John Kelly—lndictment,
Comm nwealth vs. Samuel Rumbertson—For
eible En ry azehDentainer.
Comm nwealth TR. Elijah Bramty—lndictment,
to t
Alarm a or TUC COUNCILS.—The.SeIect anti
Common Councils of the city of Pittsburgh, met
on Mon y evening.
In the Select Council, Mr. Edgar presented a
tili l s
petition f !sundry builders in relation to the as
sessmen of water rents, for water used for build
ing p es, with an-ordinance entitled "an or
dinance or the bettePcollection of water rents,
supplementary to an ordinance passed the 27th
day of December, A. D., 1847, relating to the
water wisrka," which was read and referred to
the wal committee. •
Mr. elly presented a petition, praying the
city to purchase ground on Grant street, from
Seventh .o Liberty street, for a new central mar
ket lions s. Read and referred to committee on
markets. -
Mr. B-uce presented a petition for the open
ing, with sing, and straigthening, Webster street,
• from Elm to Roberts street.. Referred to the
committee on streets.
Illso, a communication from the Firemen? A 2• 1
sociatioll I asking the appropriation of $l6OO for
building engine house for the Eagle Fire com
to place that destroyed by fire. Read
and refs to Committee on fire engines and
Mr. all presented a petition for openingßash
street, fhom Pena street to Allegheny river.—
Read and referred to committee on streets.
' Mr. Cassel—Petition of Wm. Cozy, for a fer
ry landing on Allegheny river, at Factory street.
Read and referred to committee on Allegheny
In all of whichaction ere C. C. concurred.
Mr.inehart presented a report from :the
committ e on streets, with the following resolu
Resolvrd, That that the Finance Committee
be, and bey ore hereby instructed to provide
means tq the amount of;$1,381 94 being the a
mount ofleontratts entered into in:1848 and 1849,
and executed and paid, for id 1860 out of the
improvement fund.
The report was read and accepted.
The resolution was read a first and second time
and, therebeing an objection, (Mr. Edgar) was
laid over Jon third reading.
Mr. e
r presented a report from the com
mittee ortlre engines and hose, adverse to the
petition oo the Fairmount Company, and adverse
to the, olution in favor of the;Good Intent
Company The reports were severally read and
accepted. Action concurred in by C. C.
Mr. Ed from committee on markets, made
T ..
a report By resolution as follows:
Resole ed, That the clerk of the market be, and
is beret:- authorized and directed to rent the
stalls of e Second street market, at such pri
ces as ybe fixed by the committee an mar
Resod , That the committee on market be,
and are ereby authorized and fit up
the Malta in the Scotch 11111 market; provided
the ex se does not exceed $lOO.
Tue r rt was !accepted, and the resolutions
read th times and adopted. Action coact:n
eed in b , C. C. •
Two liens in favor of aNew Central markt t
Rouse. In C. C., read and referred to commit
tee on kets.
Petitio for water pipes on Wilkins street. In
C. C. ref to water committee.
Petitifor-grading Smallman street In C.
C. refe rrsdto committee on streets.
The fiellowing resobition in C. C., read three
times and adopted :
Besot That the committee on ordinance be
in.struz to reportan ordinance ' forthwith to
settle ently the difficulties now extending
in re to Hemming,. drays and other vehicles,
owned ad. employed - in the city of Pittsburgh,
las well those ownedin places adjacent thereto,
and us in said city.
The fo owing resolution was read three times
and &dap ed:
Resole ii
by the Select and. Common Councils
of the Ci of Pittsburgh, That the committee on
engines d hose be and are hereby authorised
and instrncted to receive proposals, and enter
I into contract for the rebuilding of the Niagara
engine house, according to the resolutionwaled
in Comells, December, 1850; and that thir, in
connection with a committee from said company,
shall decide on a plan for the same : Provided,
That the cost of rebuilding said house shall
not ex ceed the sum of $l5OO, (the amount appro
priated by said resolutions of December, '1850,)
unless said Niagara Fire Company shall enter
into dents for any excess in -the cost of said
And the resolution basing been read ea first and
second tame, ..
Mil Lorenz moved to amend by inserting after
the parenthesis, the words "and to be paid for in
July, 18t9,"
'Which motion prevailed.
And the resolution, as amended, was read a
"'-'e• - -
third time, and adopted.
Also, ei report from the committee on gas light
ing, on e
resolution of inquiry 10 to the causes
of delay u extending gas pipes on certain streets,
&c., emb Wing communications from the Presi
dent and e committee on extensions of the Board
of Trusties of the Pittsburgh Gas Works. In C.
C. liedTd accepted.
Action concurred in by S. C.
Mao, t e following resolution, in C. C., read
three time and adopted:
Reso t td, That the gas committee be instructed
to con t with the City Gas 'Works for the
erection. f a su ffi cient number of gas posts, with
the nec ary fixtures, on such streets as the gas
may be e tended into, as contemplated in the
foregoin g g report.
The rdsoluticm was read a first and second
time, an Mr. Kennedy moved its third reading
and final ge ; but.there being a vote in the
negative, (Mr. Kelly,) the resolution was laid
over on 'rd reading.
On motion of Mr. Day, Council adjourned
to meet on Thursday evening next, at seven.
o'clock. ,
CONIMOR C 01721011.
Mr. Hammond presented a petition for the
priding of SmaMean street. Read and referred
to the Cop. en Streets, with instructions to re-
port at next meeting.
Action j eonciirred in.
Mr. Lolirry—A petition for the erection of . a
new market home on Grant street, in the Third
Ward. quad and referred to Market Commit
tee. I
Action ' , concurred in. .
Mr. C4nlell—A report from the Water Com
mittee, accompanied by the following resolu
tions: I
Resolved, That the Water Committee be direct-'
ed to addarica the water rents in such manner ac
they maji deem-equitable and just.
Resolved, That so much of the Water Commit
miller's rt as refers to the extension of pipes
on s 'ed streets be referred to the Finance
Commit ,to consider and create means for the
laying o the pipe.
Repo rea d and accepted, and the first resolu
tion re twice and laid over, and the second
Mad threes times and adopted.
Mr. 13 rpe r offered the following resolution,
which read three times and passed:
Resol That the Gaa Committee be instruct
ed to clixact with the City Gsa Works for the
erection f a auffielent number of gas posts, with
the nee eswary fixtures, on such streets se the' gas
may be I extended into, as eontemilated in the
foregoing report.
A comMunization from Jacob Knapp and oth.
an waa — Few 4 Du i% fa compommion I{3 cop•
stables cruder Mayor, Darker. Referred to Police
Action concurred in.
A petition for wster pipes on Wilkins street,
Ninth Ward, was read and referred to Water
Action concurred ;in.
Mr. Friend preseated a petition for the erec
tion of a new market hem% in the Sixth Word,
and also for the improvement of the Diamond
market. Bead and. referred to Committee on
Action concurred In.
Mr. Kaye presented n resolution relative to the
rebuilding of the Ningarn engine house, which
was passed.
Mr. Lawry—The following resolution•
Resolved, That tKe Finance Committee he and
they are hereby instructed to provide means to
the amount of *18381,94, being the amount of
contracts entered into in 1848 and 1849, and exe
cuted and paid for in 1950, out of the improve
ment fund.
On motion of Mr. Or ibben, the resolution was
laid on the table Cori the present.
The Council them concurred, in the action of
the Select Council, in all the business communi
And on motion adjourned unti' Wednesday
evening next.
Arrasticr TO BacAc JA11..-012 Monday night
at about nine o'clock, a prisoner named Martin
Day, confined on a charge of larceny, was din.
covered by Mr. Fox, the worthy and efficient
jailor, to be engaged in an attempt to break out
of his cell. His wife bad carried a vial of sul
phuric acid to him, which he poured upon the
frame of his iron bed, and succeeded In break
ing off a long bar, admirably adapted for a le
ver. With this, he was prying at the iron frame
of his window, when he wiis discovered. Be
had torn his bed clothes Into strips, and formed
ropes out of them, in order to let himself down
from the window, and facilitate his escape over
the wall, but all his projects were frustrated by
the vigilance of the jailor..
WATCH SITITIMO r —Three men, named DeTe
nn, Nolan and Dlcaea, were committed to prism
yesterday by Mayor Guthrie, charged with at
tempting to palm off worthless watches upon
Tin PAionAme of California and the Isthmus,
now at the Atheneum, will positively clone this
TANioN."—We take the opportunity of again no
ticing the extraordinary beauty and typographic
cal finish of this great pictorial weekly newspa
per. Enough cannot be mid of it. Its high lit
erary character, and its exquisite embellishments,
constitute a feature in newspaper publishing
never before attempted. "The number before
the reader is a fair specimen of those to follow,"
says its editor, "save that our motto being ersel
'for, we shall strive to improve in each weekly
issue, and more and more perfect a design, which
is both original and beautiful in its purpose."
To one and all, we say, call in at Wall's, and
subscilbe—s3 per annum—or buy a single copy
for 6 ants. lie will have it for sale every week,
as regularly as the mail arrives. 1t
ttEMAININt in the Pittsburgh PoettOffice,
from the 15th ay March. to the Lt ( April.
email &ling hie letters,. hill plesee oily they ore ad
rertiiett •
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Ball Lucy fi Beatty Mary Powers Susannah
Bailey M. Wm 8 Bear Ml= Bridge Mary Lydiaeech M.Th. Beek]. Bmnsa . Bnualtnhuni L
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Gregg M n Childs Gray C II A
Arnando !batman 31 J Honeywell 31
Harmon Erporson Hers, July A 110.11 Ebtb
Hammer It 31 llrnion Mary Horn r Cll3
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Harlan. 13 Ilemuntigray CE lluut M.l
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llaydon E 11 Hill 1 Hughes L
Hays &ally Hughey Sarah Hughes 11.1.
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Adams Wesley Alexander A Ashtnn Owen
Marco Ihml Alemsder Albert Ansley .1
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Aaron E E Atuneneng Sleoan Ashford Soon
Allen Ilereklah Armstrong A 0 Amain Arebd
Allen Sand drunk' Wm
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Barker Perry &all Cba. N Bmwn Alex
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Baldwin N Biddle Bel Beadier Dm
Bel Du Dit.ley Mr or Mr. Brae /Air
Baird Ace. Birkelbug Braeken Wee.
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Darker Donn Royer Ruben 11.1 Mr
Dug . Chas Bow.. Elijah Rush I. M
Da W W kW= Peter Barton R 0
BenttY J. Do-km J Dries Cornelius
Benton C C Boyer Reuben Bum. Roll
Beggs Jo. P Bond 11.0... , Both. Wm P
Bea.. Jos Boggs C/1 W Ilushrmr. 11
Balton Thos Ilnr.n llr E Barker Peter
Berger Geo DrownebasE Dorm A /I
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'luker J. Clarke Rev J Cowdy Alex
' Clutkell Jno Claridge Cyrus (Ivry A A
Carter Jno Clark Y J Coyle lianas
Cargo Geo W Claypool YaluW Cramer 1 , 4
Carnahan Jaa Clarke .1 N Cull/ Wan
Cita Ponder tkata Al D Ckawford J C
Cassidy Jam ' Wan J. Crawford Ow°
Cue/Willy= lkallna Thom Chatty D o
Carney Jas Ijollloa David . Hobo II
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A C Cook It Ilaw Cunningham 11l
Chanther•Joa Qua l) W Medals ,
Chan:Liras J. Connolly Peter Curilate John IR
Christy firnentanCcula DI.Pi C.t,U Nicholas
Chester Rohl (balk Henry Cutler Jew
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tittuotterlln I. J Cook J D Culbertson 01314/
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Dilworth Dr Dory 8=
hazel' tinbt Dickson J nobler Fred
balron tile W Dineen llin. Drip John
Dale. Jwo II Dickman T D Dryden J C
hailer Ito. I DIM.I e C Dote J A
Dark Knoch Doblei (leo Drat. J II
liarig il 8 bong!. J Dr.. 0 L
lierb.r J T Donnell T, Sp Redly El
Ikwoe Jet Doyle J 11 'Wu J
Dc.hy T A W a co Doherty oe, Donn D.
Dearli n i Wm Dorian. 8
hewn Z W Moe J 31 Druni m
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De Bola Jni, Doll Leo Doman I W
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Fanghl Jut Evans J
Fawn T H Elmer Mehl Evans K ,
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Ellis Wm Elliott Dr A B EIVIVII Om
Ellison Saml
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Yanall Jz... 1 Fleming Wm a=l J u fi j w
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Ll=tll/ ' . Tllit2el-'7:l Frazier Wm
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Fellow, D W }Tome T P New - J.
Fetterly J Paler Martlu Fullers ltst
Fitzgerald /1 Fader Ed Fuller Wm R
Flatter J F For JOhll Nit= Ju
Nailer A - French Newell - Fuller J I+ a. Meer
Fitzpatrick Trench Joo an
Flulele Nor
Gallagher Wm 01flIn Ilen j % Green TII
Gallagher Chas Gilmore A Green J
J. Wilmer W Gnuat Harmed
llielladherJ °Mon.,- John Gregg Joe
Gilbreath Wm Gilchrist John I.lrarey Dui •
Gainhan U. Gillett A J litifilth Paul
Geiranger J Gilmore W J WOW, Wm
Gabler J Uliddon Don Carloallitillith W
Getty Jaa tilkhlon J W Griner Hil
Gallagher Pat Glynn P W Urine Hobe
Gunner W W Glarisford And Gm) . Alen
Gardner Thom Gard. and Rafferdlray Jae
Gored J A tY Dray Jae
Gardner A J Gast Jail army II T
(Maar J
ery Th =I IF , ll f o ir=ta A.
4144. 301.. °' Uoold i W Graham Hold •
baron (leo uountr J Graham D li
Wham Wm Gordon Eel Graham 0 II
Drab= Rohl .
Hall Wm /Wu Th. Holland P
1101 l .1 C Ileadin And. Havarti Wm
11n11 P Ileekrotte J P ,wall .1 B
Hall ha. Herr C . Htiliklus J P
Hall Wmllopktns ha
Ilamillon Th. Hen en de y
rson Jos Iloylated nos
Hamilton 0 II Harlin J 11 Howard Joe
liagom Pat fleshed. Wm Museum J
Haynes oeo Ilenty Hobt Iloyland Ttun
Haffel 0 A Henderson gam' Hoover B V
Haden Oni Henri E W Howe Pat
Homy J Herndenent And limiter B W
Hammond Wm II Hemperger A 111 pm.).
ItV7i?.. 11,7;,.'g 11 11 u urItt a Dl m
Hanson J Hinegan J Hughes Pathan
lianlln Th. alums II B Hultman Jae
Hammond WJ Mod. Jes Hudspeth Wm
Harkins B Himpaon Ikon, Hughes J
Hart Any Holmes Ad Hunter J U
Manch Peter Hagan James Hughes Pat
Hasten Jew B Haag I V Hults Pad=
Hayward J. B H ave W Hunter Ben
Hawkins W 0 Havens Wm Ilughor , U
Hawklue It 1.1 Ilaybourn Wm Ilyenng John
llasklis Thad
Peter Henry IrTi. J., Ingram David
Israeli ll'
Jack,. Peter Justin J
• • •
JayniS J,•• •
John.. F V Joon Lest
Jackson li A Johnston Jones J
Jackson Jos Johnston U Jones Cleo
Join; J. D Join H Z;1
Jordan Jae Lion Jones K L /tilde. nos
Kane Win Kerr Jae gnarl:tit Bryan
Kane glartln Kerr Jag Klonder lha.
Kane Hiram K. Mu King Ed
Kane Thom Karr Thu. Kemal/. J
K.. Wm Kelly Jame" aralKnna J A
Kelly I IlWarla Enna Wm
Kelly Adam • Kelly N far 1 / 1 . " U
Kemp Wan Kelly J
Kemp A J Kelley Oran Kyle Wm
Keeper Lent. tinily Joan Hum Llgpaa
Kerr J N Kelly Tbc• Knunta 3 K
Neer J Kelly Jae W Krebs A Boyle
Kerr Jena, Kiley Edmond
LamaJno Levake 0 J Logan J W
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i,. t . z . 1 4. 7.11.. L u ozn i u ,
Lanabr ra. 40 . 1 ......1,
alli - Pit' 1 I.I.; T.
Lally Michael Levin Wm town . J W
Garnet Sand lanmon Dub Lawry Elieueur
Larkin Abram Lehman .1 D Lynch Clem
Loughlin 21<lif*. Dalin./ P Lynch Oren
Larell John Linnhan D Lpriell Datil'
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Laughlin lirrinh Lindany Boot mat...rioted PJ
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31slouiDmer Jno Metesif T Mood. y . Palk
Maddock T Mlnaben Ihml Momr, V li
Mackrell Thom Milliken Jou Mosel, Robt
Markle= Wm Middleton T L Moms? Toed
Mankan Wm Millblirm Ichid Morton JT
Maddox L Millirem Meagre itMeore J E
Macke, J G Co lime Jae
Malone Palk Milli em Jar Moore Ilriiry
Mellon 3 D slllliran LbillD Moore 3 D
Della., Wm Miller 3 II Monism Joe B
Mein., Wm Miner Nicholas Monism W a
Mmllcle Timm Milk, On, D Muleteer . Blepbem
Marrhell.l /I Miller A J kleillbe 0.
Mathews Rama Miller Jae Malliren Jno
Meth..., Time Sillier Joe Munn Tbd
Marvell Tbd Miller Irue C Malmo,' re*
Maemell Jno Miller Cant V Pitt MuntenW 111
Mayer Jno Miller RAI Murry flak
Mamma Rev W E Miller JeihnonMirky ED,
Nitetimi Tom Mitchell Jno
Merrick ten Morris Jno 1tr74D.4....
Henn, Joint/ten Mona Mee tirmity Denali
Meehan Pear Morton A kitieDby Dim
D MG Moron
Mcßee.. Semi. reran* Jac; McKay Sara S
MeAtior cilannall Wm McKinley Dam hi
Melina Jormne cDonnellJes McKelvy
Mcßurnie T cDosayugh Chas MeKrause/1u
McCullough Wm McGuire Ptak McKnightJohn
Ma'am Je s HMI. Henry McShasta Wm
Mcehmicy H H Maguire Dennis MeKelry Wm •
/Icelarken Kept leWann PakleJtialn hubs
McClure John McOraggur Jun McKean*.
McClinton Jno Jou MeCUain Jae
McCann PM MAW JaeClarinSeml
Steelman Jos MeGambit) Enka MeClesn Jos
SleCesiln Mu McGrath FTSIIII.II Maamailn Win
McClam Are hid McOnery Sansl McMillin thigh
McCaw Jno StoGrady Joe McMillin G
McCann Arthur MeOyler S H MeWbhlse Pepe
McO o II Jas Mi S VPIZIr b I r rjrn I ggh
ma McGinnis Shag SeNuntnoo4.) C
MeConaghy Jai MaGMT Kat MTMDTITIc A
MrCullerJas MoEllaumry Jun Aliened= Oven
McCune Wm • McKee Wm
McDerguA Dermal McCoactioni D
• N
Neil Jai Nolan Saml North C
Naylor Adsas Nirbolson A I' Mama Prodk
Nutley 7u N NoLleC C Melte° Chu W
O'Donnell el tellemoell TB. Owens Jos
Oberlin C A (rConnor lon P Oneal Abna
Ore J oho Orr erempron Orblw Jou
Belated Ely J (PDaMelWeo orE
Parton Pa. Petters= Robe hen. Rope T
Puling Jae Paltemoo J..
Palmer E 1/ Park miodw Pawn O.
Pau I Jam A ihlen A li Powell Meld
Pavan P Penney Woo B Porter Anthony
Palmer Wm Peter. Orilltb Powell &Se
Palmer Theodore Pack 3 P e d,' Joe
Paramtine Peek Peery Jae Poster Pol Usurp
Park. Ely R Posmem Semi • Prom Iltory •
Pattern. J N Phillips Chas Probl Mr
Pummel 'A .. Phllllpe JO. Pr... J. C
Dunn Jr.
Rank. Wm Reed /no I. R
RodelllY.Mr Then/reale. Mows Rodgers Jew
Rafferty 511.1 Rhedes Wm Rodgers 0111 i./
Ra/erdi Dr(4l Rhodee Buil Rodger. R
Reiter /Boob Itlrlimond R. J L'lludgrrs Strobel
Roamer Jos Richey J C Robinson J J
Iteuch Jacob Woe Rents ' Robinson DR
Itedeorroke A L Illundi Juo Rob.o, 01.7
Reynolds RII Reilly Pan Robinson Iff.tUghm
Reynolds Thos Richey Jou II Itoblnrou X
Reynold, Juo R Brooblyn Po. Robison Jon A
Reel lice It a ROREI /I 0 Robinoon i.e
Reed Wm Roxburgh 11 0 Ruff B A
Reed the 1101/12 Joins B ld
Reed Ilohry Runty Dan Row ell Wm Xt
Reed J bl Robert. Wm Rudolph A
Reed huo
..sandrre Th. Shunt J N Ponders Prank In
A. riders J D Shedd!, Copt Wm Speer Jao II
so. ders T li Plano Palk APArn I .JI
..iv . A Allenuan Barn S.W. ^I.
Aar gge • Sr... Oben] Am. Merritt The
h e n,,,i,` Doh.= Block Walter AtehlrY J A
h. n d.. o 811 Sleith Al BI 111.1 on Band
10...1 0 , deo Alla Jno iltoveneohlharld
Scott Wm SW.. J. nevem. Johns
7,,,,, y o b. ur Smith T II Steward WWI
Scott Rub Smith Olsen litrutters Th.
Scott Walter Smith Jonothan litucbtield Wm D
Seat k Prawn. limlth J. ri=r Thai
Scott John Smith Robt
Scott Patk nuith The Stinson Wm
Seibert Wol Smith Chas Strotter W A
telrif smcp Ixoi h mith Jo. Moue John
Acebrist oeo h, hlth Dr WmJ A=. Bob%
Sear. A5l no lob A lB 'd 8 Richd P
4.'" Abiall j ln " Jos W gm ' t 1 li t i oll o e'l .'k' "'' '. W o h e : Mc
Altered 0 W Smith BRA Co Aulliv. J
Shatter Donal Alms.. A Carty_
Shea Palk jug,,, Wm It Ankh Wm
nosaJno . Slut. L O .. 8 ." J..
Smiley P• 13,011 13,011 Pi"
.Ahlelds Wm Anger W. li nrouls Patit
Shroeder Henry Lowder Peer lierthrt Sandi:
Shott J. Anlvely Chetahs , Sonde. Deo
Sherman Jno
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Taylor 0W d Thateher, Phone /M. , * it li
Taylor P Co Town.. 8 J
Taylor RA J Th.ompeon Thos Tcold Jll
Talbott J A Ti. run Pat Ttlatio .1.•
Win '
TammF. TilLtor Jos W Tarn
BermanH Tittikarmatb. Trtunbls ii
Taylor J C Torben W II TWO. Robt
Taylor Jos Tobo r Debi Trey. S al ad
J Tool. 11. Cl .
Taylor Renj Town end R B Trumb a
Taylor Alex Torn.. .111
Unable Clam
Tames hi
.., .
Walmer Gm Wendy 8
1111 D
Manson' J W
Wagner A Ram Wad crams Robt Wit& AO ...._
WaDick J W..., Wm Wlcklloo ..P._
Walb P Weal cb Jr wt.u,d Prnt , e .
.Waker 3 Il Wen! lid Wilkens. An)
Wakeharn Thom Weals* , ..J Wlllnmon Om
Wales) Wad," . Ismetin WMAIIM ci i
Wallace T P Whl te IPm rThril.
Wallace Pat White, I t W
Walborn Ir. White 0 nob I' Wm: a ' . Mik6 A ss c r.
Ward J White N alba., We John A
Ward J T White J tth
Watt Jam C White Mt sihl WoIIJ A
Watt T II Whits, W WoAvllle T 0 0
I V V:tVIJ I I I T ' ono n ACo IT V l h r`A W' rns i P 4,1 V.lo:*;ettb". B Il
Watts IS AVWlorns I Woodward
'Falters Asa Will s on ,j IR Wood. John
Wothen Art W Clans 0 W {Vol Jea
Wanack ACo Trllllelm Alt wrisoht.CJ
Weller AI % 'Alas, R e , try
y.iat. r 4.14 Tama A D 1:21 0 0 0 ,7br , II
'VOW= Alta Young Job.
Vona Ii as• ..„
• W•
Zimmerman I Mad
P. A.
Steamboat Vireake.
Captain of Chief Jnrt. , re 3tgulttalL
J P*Ar,,,Pr''g i vg°
fitnee "
Monument " 4Z.
Rhine " 414.
ir . ltTi * PI tt i b 'g ut b cT ,
H. im. C"T IO Sa ll.
n .
of Evenint, at! z pies o. a
America.% theletm of Sons al Temienm.
Fort D115113.N.
t . . 1 32=
Mar of How "
1444 Off ce. Pittsburg' gyps., April /A Wir
UM. 11910111131 t, Y. JL
MIN Arno. owytite tbr Thin] trrian Claorth.
We tiTag h e o . ' 4:V=ln fr inlgt;eu Ti nt.24 . /.. ' • 171 Y . ' aar . „,,r,
ww... with hot and evld sMer
to hods ar• markot to • sp..,
and pleamaut .Ighlaaboul—APlAl 0 . We ptvmisr..
Mar 2,131'.
Fat Rent
Ferry street—a large and substantial buildinii..l
feet front, suitable for wt Academy. or alumnae.-
enrner Garrison all end Fayette st.
FrOLET--AD OFFICE on Water, he-t
A. ?Irma Market and Ferry streets. nquire of re w q .
JAS DALZELL. 600 ode st.
_ '
,;' , OR RENT—A Dwelling House on
yi 7;4
Mini street. above and near to EmlW6ald. HEIL
nns nature, large y I wash
M rented low, and rove= given InnnedianlY•
Also—For Sale or Lin., some lots In the Ninth Ward,
between Penn street and the Allegheny river.
. c 1 13,7 y. Darlington's, Fourth latent , near Woad.
Valuable Real Estate for Sale.
E SUBSCRIBER offers for Sale, on
tl 4ll. favorable tern., the fallowing Beal F.rtate. in
0 City of Pitburgh,
- No. 1. Three ts
valuable three story brick dwelling houses,
Ott Second street, between Market and Perri meet+. the
lots being each 19 feet hunt by to deep.
N 0.2. Contains 57 feet front on Third street, adjoining
the Third Presbyterian Church, on which Is 'recto! one
four sort brisk bollife , used as a printing odige, and one
two gory brick warehouse.
No. 3. Two lot& lu Pallaton, Bearer county, being iota
Igne:3asul 4, being about 100 feet suture, on which Le erect.
ed one blrek of four hams dwell Lugs, and one weparate
halo. dwelling, all two !stories high.
No. 4. One lot Z 4 feet front on Hark street, crop:site the
abase, and extending to the top of tha
No. 5. Two beach lota, each -1.0 feet front. and running
!nem the road to low •ateemark, on the Big Dearer.
No. 6. One valuable water lot. 100 feet on Wheel Ilan,
with to o
. sharer water power go.stmd•
N. ~ ooe lot apposite she water lot. 00 feet hoot. all
to the top of the bill, on •0100 la erected one
two story brick store and warehouse. 1.1 by 2114»t; alto one
frame dwelling, two noel. high.
No. b. One large lot i o New Brighton. Bearereounty, to
&boot 140 fest on Broadway. and about OA feet deep,
eturtailaing 151 ace, mall hich are erected two large frame
dweithunt, and eve s frame house, used allow
This property au formerly
. terupind by Mr. T. C. tionid,
and is vary plearantly located , being thatotAlateiy oppOOLO
the galleon Bridge.
No. 9. One water lot. immediately below POlstcat Bridge.
fl ,oh bo zilo u . l.l . ol) .. fee r and i.g e . abe th rgi . ing from Water
The above property will be hold
on very favorable terms.
!Journal and Post copy.]
Drag and Prescription Store for Sala
located in a flourishing and imp:using Pael "
whkh is doing • profitable Nokias; Ls
Dm" kg nide ituoa slur Lens. For farther particular..
applf to BAIRD A IRWIN.
asehl4 114 Around et.
lEOlt SALE—A large Brick' Dwelling
Rouse, soul Lot of Omura. on Bank Lano, Alk
litonzocitii.trory.gar O r d .. A i lletray . irez.
by la,.
Perrone doing husineu it the city would Rod It ooneanb
Also—Two 1.04,25 Bet by 100, co Rebeem street
For yoke and terms apply to
motile DAIRDA IRWIN, 114 Becondsti
FOR SALE—Two choice LOTS, pleasant
ly situated for private nisidenees, fronting on Du.
guesne Way. between Pitt street and ETllrei. alley. Thew
Lots ars 24 feet front, and extend took :140 fret too Wi feet
alley. For be anal' to C. IL. GRANT— ,
mchlklm ' J. IL Pe•ii:.
JAil :$3 DA:
N 0.68
For Sale.
BUICK OLDINUS. on the corner of it. I. .!
is=lr F BUI
one hundred and rutty tour feet on Nun street.
hundred and raw feet nine lychee cm Waelthlgton
to • twenty feet alley. Inquire or
No. 106 Henn rt.
Land for Bale.
WE TRACT of 320 Acres: one Tract G'
1110 Arms . . one Tract of 60 items and two Tracte nt
a each. Jill the above land le more or iellal haprov.
ed, of find rate quality. and well learnt to Monroe cre. 0..
and will be mid. to colt porchaerre, very low. For further
particulars inquire of Wit. U. JOHNSTON.
with •LTPS o f ground .
twitted, t
web 3 HARDY. JONES it W.
FOR RENT—That large dwelling house 2
with rub...vire grounds for Eroden. And stable '""a
at tied, the residence of the late ‘l . :nt J. Totton, sit
ruled OD Cliff steret,.. PVetrOlon riven on the brut of
For ten., apply to LI. &Ahoy, Guardian, or It. C.
Toner, at the tort Pitt WOrk.. feblUlApll
POR bALP—Two lune Flow 31111, and a On. 51111 on
the Beater Creek. with the neceaory watt, power. A/14,
a well Improved bona Lawoneecounty. Price WM.—
Abin. • 1. om of 115 &ern, on the Ohio firer, three mil,
below Bearer. for $4,0.110. Also. ono of 1411.senw, on the
000 Ohio river, mle. below WilTer, to. V 2 Tenon, Also.
arree fOr 111 per 4-11.. Al., farms of 114 135. and
ore, for V 2.5 per ors. Alen, 174 acres for 312. and
MITA for
per ore, toother with marl others of rati
ons slos prier. Enquire of
Attorneys at Lial, and heal Estate Agents.
feblO No 107 4th O. Pittsburgh.
'limed Offers f, We lars.l smasher of valusble
g lots. and. Roe very deelrable ritos too manure,
tortes. In the Borough nf Birmingham. toesied nmr the
mem &bra Bonne and English LotherenChoreh.
. . .
The ratan growth of Eirenbucham in population and
manufacturing wraith, and the relunuable ruerwe at which
lota will he void, will render,them a rude and profitable ire
meirneut. Title prrfret. Terms favorable.t,..
• logrtlettlars and mo r e, chettialeraialted, at
tin at t.earga T-Gi . on Grant st.n.wt,
Ourab, between Thad and F ourth s
Meer" or of II illiana
eflutoe. and N. ratteratn, EN% at their otticra I. Elem.
Ingham.'ll.V4 MOSES a. EATON.
FOR SALE—The Rubseriber offers for
we a lathe and well built Drlek Ilona, with awe e^
or mow semi of ground. all Ilan) on the Fourth se met
Rama, within three miles of tilt. car. Pos,easlou ritual on
the lit of April next.
velary dnalrable lot aground, matothlufrover Four
AM •oing errallrnt sratrr them:, lltuxa.,l
veer the above.
dim: 14 of ground 4S feet II 'nth.. trr PA) feet Wish.
Ing the resident. , of M. Toner. near (he city, opmeits
the Seventh Wad. en Pennsylvania Avenue. Pones:dun
'6. l;lP :c r.: a = thm the Plank Road will he tranydrte
part the above amper, early in the taming summer. For
Maier' infortnstion. nPnly tp DAVID SEMLER., Fourth at
Riad, near the nistdwrited property.
OR RENT OR SALE—The subscriber
will sell or rent hie very dwdrenle Cannirr !Leta
A " 4:nle b rlv A i k lt . e n r "r. glter j TIC s hoe..
Lam, double brick oulldlng. In nompletr order. Th e: ls
canine how, stable and gond wet, on the graual,
which comprise two wire. ell Iminvved.rontainteg e'er,
delletialon fruit also. • owing lsouw , an rmnke bonne.
Poeseserna given lamer. dwelled. .101Lli I/ KIIIIAItr.
perpetual LEASE
aell for ma, or on aw, one ton
E Avast, I .J feet front ll
by IGO foot to ey l rixt s lo
s d Go priu Amoi, bmn. .Scs Avt LlbritY. ll
n7 hen
1.. tu 000
Alley. Aba,l,3ou 0.4 frtoollnd no F..ritu.oratn"ob hot."
oppualla tbe Central Railroad Lipa,....1 containing
43 scree. [yaultOottfj ' JA MBS °VARA.
Rare Chance for Capitalists and Manufac-
11 . 1: undersigned being agent for the own
ers. offers fur • number w ith wn lots In the town
llon. Mark county, O hio, out lots,
, Sful
thu .od levy
It, this cool pou'rruY4
Lately offenct, to persons who may wish to e.g.. in man
otsontring of shoot thy deserlphioh. The ehtmeltheethd
thermion of oil the tonne of living, the supply of cool for
fuel for Mem tower, the son quantity of wool brought
to this market, es well or tbe facilities for frit...taint:l of
mafscturnt articles. all corobl. tonne this one of the
d Ananbl.pomr forestoblishing withufseraires of Iron,
Wool, Ootton, indeed of all deoriptions which is now afford
ed In the Western country.
Several Improved foetus, In the eirinlty of the Ca/milted
Rallnirm. alroolfertel—a rearm of 371
of excellent
timbered land, lying between the I..rmal and Railroad. and
about half a toile from the latter, t lot of .hoot PACO
tons, adrognlng the Railroad begot, along mends of which
the tract panes, and on two sides streets of thee... lio
tel keepers and merchant+ will do well to look at this be
fore they purchase elm...
The men= of Martillon,ln the heart of an agricultural
region, not surpused by smith the country, I. I'o well
known that it is deemed ntuncessary to do more thth rein
to It to Induce sll who wish to make good i Investments, to
l ona . rg d r t sr , i .o rte i t t h d ts c iropet . Iv , oar tat a n ti
Jost. Harm. Fog, of Attend's. sii r inies hathetnation
enquiries will be an ern by ap.
plitiTtWeoPho n :n l . n illnullough, Kent Jarele "r or the under
signed at Msseillon. DWIGHT JARVIS. •
/domino. Pet, Obtain&
Of Forty Town Lots in East. Liverpool, 0.
I.IIE recent unprecedented sale of - Lots in
the above .thrlving Torn having nevi) exhausted
Pmrionsly laid oat, and tha demand FUJ continuing,
the undersigned hes been Induced to lay cot a pardon of
his property In town lots as atom, and offers them for vale
at prices and Mrs. that cannot fall to most the vine e of
those wishinglopurchsge. Ms needless to coy anything
of the location of the Town and prospects (It having been
thfliciently described it recent advertisements) other than
at over one hundred iota hare recently changed hands,
and been purchased by those gashing to procure a desira
le borne.
. • • ....
She above lota are among the meet eligible ansldeldrable
In the plan., and principally located In the centre of
those rte. air add .
For I o Ulan apply to thciproprietor In
to Jennie . ely, Eris. Fourth street. Pittatairsh
JOllli S. BLAK.II..Y. •
E/I . _ moot. Fob. aid. WI. feblidantM.
Executors' Bale of Real Rotate,
ILL BE SOLD, in pursuance of the
W last Will and Testament of Marlin Lowt7, late of
t i tiaAtr ljt Pittsburgh, deed, on Mender, the da,y of
p 'SUL at 10 o'clock, A. 111., at the Court Botts, lo
City of Pittsburgh, or peddle auction • valuable Lot of
Uround, situate on Quarry MIL near the New Basin, in the
Cloth Nerd. rontedning nearly ONE. ACRE; Meg fort of
mlarge Plow of ground which won held undl.deled by the
id Martin Lowry, and ethers, and which, by 'lett o of
certain progetellugs di Partition. lb th e liistriet Court of
the County of Allegheny, No. 00 January Tenn, IMP. not
ry wirAlt i v ,, Fo r 7er ‘ itlt; tattle heir. of
... the said Martin ,,, LoL.
also " tb b gr i nie l LrieieZ " 21 ", rletr pore
feedings hi the pl an
ho d ,
will now fully and at. terse oP
pear. It is unneteaury to enumerate the advantages ef
the above property , femmanding. as It does, a beautiful
yrospeet of the city end the two rivers. being easy of an'
tonefor a private resident, nod alemmling In excellent
stone 11l for building purpo...—ae they are well known.
Fora plan of the an,perty and further information. apply
to Boors. Mitchel mad Palmer. Attorneys =I Cuttowellors
at Law. Fourth street. or to either of the undersigned. Ex
ecutors of the lest Will and. Testament of Marta Lowry.
N. B.—The 1.4)0111Ing Lot, containing about the ram,
quantity of land, Is also for sale. roetV-Mdkar
A Blast Furnace for Sale.
TIIE UNDERSIGNED offers for Sale his
BLAST FURNACE, situated In ntes rowed y, GemlPa.
known .u. the "Allatonna Fornare,“ with all the out.
building , : PAW and iIItIST MlLL,and every thing oe-
A, ea ry. to tarry on the Smelting of Use. ft hao. 1,004
cre, of Land attached. with ea winch minty adjoining as
would be
the n neecuy. which can loca tion ad fm TSe. to al per
e wre. It bra moat favorable t o the South, for
n niking Iron. having the oro within one.holf to one mile
off, In very large quantill, eiwy to mine, and yielding
from SO to TA per nrd- It LI one mile and a half from the
Etowah Rolling Mill. where • ready
on be found for
all Us pendant. of 114 Menet and Is too mile. from the
Weetern nod Atlantic. Itallnawl, whieh le one of the lines
of railroad. contwallnif the Tennewiea River with the Sea
BMW. •hleh hae is lines of nitro& running out from
It, finished and under contract, pawing through all the Ism
taat Taal.. and Ciller In Mental.when. • ready tale Iv
found for Pia Meted, Machine, Mellow Warr, ay. It la
new In full Marti worked by wafer power, with • L 11416
fret. on a
part of the Sout never falling 'Savant. and in the roost—
Lettere may be addrelowl to me at Etn.ralt:Crea en., Gs,
Or 1 can be wen at any time tli t t i h n rw i pea,
.0 . bTQTALL.
ALLICOPII Trma, March 1. foie
LEAD PlPE—Cornell's improved patent
Les! Pip. or nmaa,..t:,
Ara 3r.
AU Am o band awl to vil i t nu by_
inablTlS • lat hana street
FOR ST. LOUIS—The splendil.
rad. desack, ROUT. ROGERS, Buteber,gßa
romnudoler. Ira,. for stem.. and ltd.,
pamagr, apply on board. .2
.1 . Mr
will Mi1...1....3. 5. ADAMS. im..
master. Ir for above am, Ildrrtianliste
this any. lasts at 10 s.. lc
Fur n
(night r 24
paesalge,•lllY on bllwl , l. sllll
yoR ZANESVILLE —The fine
sun., 01 PRESS.CIux. manter, w ill 1.., .s.leing
L.r above/1M lr.t.rro.thate ports thlsaltrrtw.v.
at 4 019kv3.
For fit or panto, aPPIY . ap2
RIVER.—The Aplendal noir, ptua•near
rtaantre I,TAT6.IIAN. Janata Gornatr. corn
ananJor, 'ear.. her the above and Internoallate porta on
11',Ineitlay. the 2d April, al If A. L.
F'or freight ur MALI-..apply cm Lard, or to
le= r PlL L glrg . l . r"'" '
smd leillog . . 6 CAlina and hunheh..
Annflet for UMW,. Wheeling anji ' Preietrur
er n s Tneaday and Friday. at 10 o'clock, • n. p ' a• " k"
.frgarrn•..d.e.9.rd. non thle 6 , l:Mr - tinning regularly
Foy freight er moan, apply on 413.1. racial%
.14gEta 1851.
T IIE new and
fl i a . Lruntng i. s r tr iv F n A . 4l .
hen. me Welloburg, Wheeling. Bridgeport. Cantina. and
Punkah Prieket—leave, Plttabursh every irmlneaday at
3 o'elark. P. 31, for Wheeling and Bralitoko.. and •Y , AI
Paturday. at 3 P 31.. (or Captinn and flottch Flentrninbr.
leaves Punkah eye, Monday at 10 o'clock. A. M.. and
Illiderport and Wheeling erers Monday and Thunday. at
4 P M.
For freight passage apply oo Wad, or to
olds: 3011? i FLACK. Agent.
SIINFIIII PACKET—The hot running
Wainer WELLVILLE, Capt 13. Young. will
run • ...tar peeket between Pittsburgh, Wheeling,
Bridgeport. and Puntleh, leaving Pittaburgh every Monday
aftonsoon for Wellsville, Steubenville. and Bridatipor and
every Thursday afternoon for
Ettuberivlll, Wheeling,
Brktmort. Chptina. and Nuntaln refurrdag. leaves Bridge
port and Sunllab every Tuesday afternoon, and Bunt°,
= t on? .a rfTbVl t ,
" WV. Wig "
WHEELIE° PACHRT.—Tbe enboridld
new paekei elestner DIURNAL, Oonwell.
ter. le rune profornalng her regular °I-weekly trips between
this city and Whetting. leasing Pittsburgh at 11l o'clock
every Monday. Wednealay and frid a y. and returning,
tem. Wheeling every Tuesday, Thurslay and &needs'.
In aaeb Por freight or merag, &Wynn board. or in
Ingham. This splendid bust was built by
the owners of the steamer (sue Newton, =A others fur
the Cineintast/ anti Pittsburgh in
trade, am/ wlii lest.
gem Wedneslay for etnelnuati, in plats of the New Eng.
biind No. 2. Put (might
( . 1 0 . glumly] y on hosnl. or to
tura , WEEDER, Agent.
AND WELLSVILLE—The fin. steamer
TEILLP., Wm. Etusiderb master, will run
as nig - tatty. whet between this idly and Wellwille. t.,..
i.K litistriart every lionday, WetinetkinT. A.,
2 o clock. P.
Par &tight or ustifsEri ggPir nn board. is.hi
hours to Philadelphia.
gar hours to Baltimore.
Railroad-103 miles Canal.
Lines Express Packet Beal&
.., of Canal Navigation, Two
'r" Pea. Baas w•iIl leave 10
- - Uwe Railroad to
'ct I'l- . 1 9AYSBURGH,
tars direct to
i... • '''.7I,YELIL
TT-SIX 110111,
' .
Fare , ~• ' . it:dtimore. 1ig....i.
The a . . .
.. , . and .... moat apyrol.
ed roost,
L.Peekets rioly at Eight ..,...),,,k.
am] ever, • .
'' tltimore,
Chl antral et - . . .. tbe York and Cum
berland Itallr • to that ellT, (eighty
four to
No charge , •„; ~ : • ,:o on this route.
The locrease.i . - mot comfortable:
safe amt deldrabl. .. ' • -u Cale"
PR purage ~1- • • ~. .
. Agent,
....Abele Howe.
Or to
N. It Ot: the Ist o,
"ill Fe 11t11404 to Inc
through SIX hour,
Pitttburuh, Fehr.,
.111.0IInfaCtUrer's t..
1- " rt l B r .'.
eat this LINE, eon:Mused
I. note It 1111 operation, with fseitits.. - '
mileatty of freight to Philadelphta . -
freasansping, In as abort time, sral Mas Icor • • 7
other mentar Line. -
Speetat arrangements have also been made the criresixti s '
tray Freight I, Waterville, Johnstown. liollidalahorte,
Water titre., Alexuldria, Peterstsesti, llnutingdos. 51111
Cersk. New Hamilton. McVey:own. - te•wl.towit.
New:sort. Clark's rout . , Ilarrisbura,Columbht, first all oth•
er lolgemed Late points on the W nmsrltanin ihtoai and Pert.
aar Italletta.l. Hating return lot. of Iron veined from
the Jentato. promptness tind reg.nLarity in thiPmehta, to
the pAnts at the )040. rates. may
J 'shod „
opou MrII2IIFiLL VT, Itoprietor.
srebouse. Liberty attr , t,
eurbl7,lf Set•oral door west of the tonal.
1851. • I
Mail Lines of Splendid New Troy Br&
Coaches for Hollidaysburg,
And from thence 243 _Virn hy the
To Philadelphia, New York, and Baltimore
Tom Tagoron ONLY Ilumts.
Conches will leave Every !doming at .8 o'clock; I o'elnek,
P. M. and 0 o'clock. P.ll.
Extras to leave at auy time, always IN readlnetw. Title
le the twat dine[, romPortable, and expeditions route to
the Earterneitle, Pawns... for Baltimore take the new
Railroad at ilarriahurc drool on the arrival of the CI F at
that plane.
N B —Thely Ofice for the above Linea under St
Charles Hotel, No. 40 Wood earn[. Pittsburgh.
mehtt W. R. )100RIIP 4D Agt
TEREST BINVIIAM'S LINE, to my brother,
QE BINGII.OI, the twines. at Pitteburgh will herr
alt,r be transacted under thr stele of "Wm. Bingham A
Binghatas' Transportation Line,
UgglLz:=l lB5 1. "`".C.—.-'9.12--.
HE CANAL being now open, we are rea
m dr ta twelve nod ftwwsz.l promptly, l'ecaluer nod
rhantl Lae. E.. sod west.
• . • .. . • . . .. ..
'lfnighte ewer. at lowert rates c'llarged by rewponaible
•Produee mod Merchandise will be melted and forwarded
rant and wart. without any charge for forvardlog :o• ad
vancing freight, commivelon. or etorage.
Dille , of Lading forwarded, and all directions faithfully
'l'."'d '''.
{NI Ag 716,11 i 00.,Canol Basin.
.... Como. Liberty and Wayne eta, Pllteburgh.
DINGLIA3I a DOCK, IS3 Market Pk,
between Fnurth and Fifth et, Philadelphia .
No. In - North Howard etenet. Dalllmore.
I JAMES UINOIIAM. No. 10 West et.
=chiNew York.
~ . ... _ . .
Z... , lB5l t-. 41
Pittsburgh Transportation Line.
JAMES O'CONNOR A CO, Canal Bath, Pittsburgh.
BITER. JAMES * CO.s Depots Broad and Cherry streets,
and No. 3 South Fourth dumb. bagmen Market and Chtut
'lletrlllragna,lllo.-Nortti Forret. Baltimore.
AWING fulls. completed our 'arrange
, ['tants. we will Ire pretutrwd utron the opeulog of the
enueyl vents Canal, to i ?cry freight to and from Pittw
t ri o nti. n du " l ' st7e.l7 l L;brat ' l al e rho ' l . n . an ß tl s' ;n t , i n " i
lower rate' , and with more digpateh end onto thou tad oth
er Line. All gads shipped by one Lino ate fully noerod
by L losurante, without any chance to own., • nmteotion
not really afforded hr any other Line.
All d onat e addremwd to nulled.. err .Rent,
11.11 A Ou.. Cluclonatl: P. Webb, 1,1113011 n. and byre A
° !.47 2 .; . . ;I t ; U ' l;r ui t.l w rie "t hron Zox "h to ' :e ' ta V • t rtar=ltl; the
Philadetphia and Pitteburgh t mew-W.l°u Line of At
kins & t o. hon
EittEißi 1851 X=w , ..
'-hiereliants' Transportation Line,
. A..NIeANULTY 1 CO., Canal Dada, PIA Penn greet.
6611MR:a RAY NOR, Central Ithwk. Bread atm,. Ptah
adVetwa prepared to reveire a large amount merebandloe
end \ts
to ship an the overdue of the canals Phila.-
delphLN. and all Intertnedotts plates at lower rates. and In
tiniell?anlrt any pravlnua
, ....
th i e li&
1 11. Tbr Inerruot numb, of Trucks provicird br
a Commissioners for carrying o loc . h
etaty Ityain.i., .111 m yyyd ~,y, IV. 1 ( y"; "",` "
Johnstown. tiolidaythurn oreolumbLa ' t Wa ft
5.% ° Ti ' i d' " "
114,15 C. A IloAnit:l.TY o 03,
camel basin.
/*- -2 Wa 1851
To Shippers of Merchandise, Produce, &c.,
sxn non rsersaracn ansnisseamn x. roan
ATKINS & Pmprictnra. No. 3larket. and 54
Commerce etwalt:Ci'hiladvlpbta..
BELL k LIGGETF, A.rento, Canal basin, PittAlargh. f.
JOS. TAYLOR t tiON. Agen.. lhalemor,
tbe I:doming 'fo bs Pennsylvania
Cum!, to rents!. fsr Freight at Ls , and
shieren as much despsteb and ears as any inner Lina.
Rummers toJohr. Mamba t Co./ s
Candi Bann, Penn Ste .
Penna. Rail Road Co.—Central Rail
tnihneribere having been appointed
iboa 'hipping weds for the Perkwayirrada or Centrai
. Inform the Wee that we are tem tempered to tr.
core an, dterebedanaer Or Noddle for shipment rag oaths
opening of the canal.
Goode via tide route win be canted thronah Irttee days
e e l .11 m.qmed to ha will be forwarded fees of eta ab
ton or charge Its aaiancel.
, 11.1113 01 MOM WWl= rmtaQCp fl un TIIIIIBIIIO¢.
. 1) =, F es t i b t, E .l 3 eatnee. ll r,agtiar th l , '"
liachlhei7. Wool, to. to. 100 a.
arc, Oroecries, Patois. Dv. krukri 0 1 !.
Lostbor„ Qom, lilui,7lmoth) WI other Orum nerds.
goo IA 00.
Bacon. Beef Pork, hatter, Lard Oil, , To e trioAkt.
ift&o„Tollow, Unita sad Rank
Ashes, Marble (rough) Ti,,Pitch, Norio, Orrohiri
Bohol to, aft_p
Isoo. atereins A COWL%
ACTCRICII.. Nu. 41 Sloth 1 14. - othl Stn.. kabovr
ot. ..M PUN/ Phlladolphl4. fehlhay
wa. • 101.13 T
--101. S. C.a,
M. O. 11 . ...... . ILI,IVI 4443...aur
14 AGALEY, WOODA ARP & Co.. Whle-
Ai, 4411 , Grocer, No. 2^.. Market wh, Philadelphia. awl
A- J. BCC... ' .110,11. S.W.
11EALI ) , BLICKNOR ..t. CO., Tobacco
Ccemmbalon Mvrehantrh No. .1 North WWaterillseet.
pa . 4
n. 18 North illtarr., Philadelphia azAKI
ERCER ANTELO, General Coromi
Ie M
on erehants, Phlladelphl.a. Literal sele,say.
on conaignmanta of Produce generally. I.Jan9-Alesa
{nit? V. POMIXT. - IrAtria C. CLOY.
K•W. POINDEXTER & CO.. General
illommLakin and Forma/411aq Merthaata and /law
a No. !duke. stmt. Philadelphia /yild
To Southern and Western Merchants.
The subscriber respectfully inch. puha, attention
to extend. cock of Perfumery.Soapt. Sharing Creanits,
itc.. to which amen Silver and two Golden Medals here.
Narable, the leg gin years, boot swathed by the Inetinthes of
ew Toth. hoodoo. and Philadelphia. the latter bettor the
Golden Medals ever awarded for perfumery either to
Eorope or in this country.
Rocstu..• - tinatratub 'ditatoo Gamut, (Aboard, Raab
aral Ambrostial.) unktetthily athoottledged to be ruperior to
any Shaving . Cr.. 121113 thit country or bun*.
u gorear M a ra
Baargo—fwetlally trampare T n
t. and
K't' yßapoaneons and emollient yr
Ts=etc Soto pound; Ambrealwl FlogiagTablet:
Tour, Soars—Almond, R. Mittel! estrs.Bon
ct. Firtr . hic, i 4let,PatehrtllL
e tilmitibtle. Floating,
Bantam roe rag hagentetcgraff—Row, Jaarniti. Bou
quet de Carolioe, Liam:gutty Jenny Lied. Moosaeline,Joeg
ey,Club, Magnolia, Cletestit, CthosteLle, Itaeat, and crny
other earietiee, le all eirty different yerlhalea
TOIL= tgame--Florida Wear, Eau de Toilette, Orange
Flower Meier, awl a gnat variety of Llticetnes and Larne
der Watere.
roa rat lawn—flancnnell.ara . oll,Anuqua
011, Dannollne, Eau Lnarrale, Mein, Clatopound Ma,
run Hair Ilqnin and In powder, and Phllacono,Rlcl.
nine. and Jenny Lind Pasoan...
01,ONTALMC Falun, Rome Tooth
Pant, Charcoal Dentatice. Caluntine,TocthP.te,aalTotab
Criairrp—Tegetable Ltaccoette Croatia. Aztaatticat Etc
dhapped hinds, folddram of Ho:wail:ream do Pare . Lip
ales. Raspberry ern. to
Depilatory Powder, for mooring roperithatotabain Pearl
Powder. Vicodpre de Nonce. Aromatic Vinegar, Victoria
ILdr Com l. Precis= Palo. besides a meat variety of
other articles, t o oa stumerotat to be named in this etdrectitte
The subscriber hope; to malutaill the repute/lon whi h
tbLe mtsbilehmeatt Jus scoured, by climments of nothing
b ut first rate
to artleket. and will be happy to Tomah tin. ho r oe y. wish p.tronise him, either wholesale or retai
s as any celablie A
t in w ette d
ats, ae reasonable term
Pooteueor to mut former Director of the La/onion of
114 et.
Mr. 'llatirie Perfumery is Co. eel, by all thCheeniut
Druggists ho the couutsT.
i S L.,
HUTCHINSON &. Co., Nol3 Sp e Street,
NEW TOOL Wholesale mem:Anton of Um ben
amphl Printing, and Or Fla* Book knd Job ork. ahlch
u mw , iljr . ant to les coto ni pored of
br thew:quest ma alto
Theend=ln ' tbese litke, armlet ast e a rich
nem and perneummy to work strriertottof o %durum
an um bold at mita varying from 75 etat. to da) per lb.,
Pu lt. ' l Co . atm "'d onator% egotl=ofere shale ind
otuility varying from 51,157 tut/AOC/per lb. rotehtss3us
MOULTON & CO. Successors to Jon::
Fetcoente & Cu.. 64 Cedar and 22 Plne Ampex, New
th: ‘ , l e T or o , k . g .ti r d to B l .l. 7 3 :
Dar 00(.3.
Their stock le entlrelY new, =A in addition rtill receive
tty every dimmer, new and elegant etTlea, congaed coda,
= be frondinTlVZ. a Gr e tZeg, Ro ' han, Id ' . N 47:
, and at Juices that will dory ecropentorg.
Cash hum+ and Merchants gener allweed y do well to
call and examine our stock.... our words :ad to l
fginut=4772-11ET"rdmoult 477 . 0 0 0 r
cia with their patronage.
Now Toog, Match. 1101.--lutch2l:l2w
WM. wemekur & co.,
No. 79 & 81 (late 76) SlAtovi LANE
Directly oppozite the. Old &cud.
' l
Bode, Sher - U O = f
41 Dromm,—llefory and Light. Wool. An-
Vim :Maker, Burk, Aloft. and Cotter. Deolefole rOd For
Stuch . --Satkl,Set. Mode; Ilmnbazino and fame, of all
dyke and qualltlm.
Sa.l., and Tire—Fancy Allk, and Mark or erery kind.
,',lore and /lemme-11f all kinds.
,_fbromots—Aanry Silk and Satin. Merry Enzleb Madre.
""M. itaban, nine. Albert Boratbrra, lndlan
Linen Cambric. de.
....511—Irenclf old Enteleh, nem rtyle. Dommtle
Id• named. and ell the latmt of
Freuelt and Emelehmoortatione
//overm—Shatrzs . . MeV*, Lamb's trOo4MIII.IJAA.I.I.'
Mornino Coma s — Velret.CaAnnere.Englith. French and
ottl, etylsm.
Shou4l, Drocce,for gentlemen and lodina—a Turley of
Tharfa Ekt* of all nnalltien.
We would Write tarticular attention to oar Domedle
Knit Underekirt, Mom., and Holder>.
en,hl9..'Sn(l.) 79 t al Mullen
11 CO.
lon stmt.
fieicnt,FV•llw opcmaymow
Prim teat. De r Tottl.k. - •...- •- .L
Foy Oath dealer, ' '
For ode by
Shawl and Mantilla Warehouse.
(D Ebro,) EtaWO NEW YORK. Is now opening ant of
a and pith. as...nes of SPDINd AND
NUM! SILAITLS tart before merited. Alm LACE
3IUK.IN and all kinds of SILK MASTLLIAIL masoatartm
red from the laws lyric fashion., remind by the Ammer!
and torticalarly adapted to Um Spring trod.
Daen, err nplendld Mock P.V.ASOLS AND UAI
LLAV of Distant nd plain edged cotton
awl gilt Attir To e tick ParatolZ tual Cott. ttml Dina
h= Umbrella. All ofldakh will be offer. at cattamtly
low prke. Invite oar Weatent frien. to ex
amine our ato. before P urc ba si n g.
Alm. WIRE 5110 W STANDS, f. eablblting Slamds and
Mantilla. put up In cues We tranaportatmm. fehllgf
•ar r IC, •• : . I • •
AVE now in. score, and ani constantly re
t,lving by downers, themod eiteruiraaaturtment of
IiOODS ea, twfore offered,
endraring the Ideal and Velvet styles of Cesenta.TEhiets,
Glow, hutiwniers. Under Garmenta. London
Taw, Stott., (filed slum lhicrlog downs, llandkenwhiefe,
nimbler Rms., Linen Collars. with • variety of other ar.
lid, peculiar to their line of [ulness. All of which will
he colvited d at
to ex the amine our Mach eery lowest prices. vor Western friends pr e
Superior Black Writing and Copying Ink.
TONE'S EMPIRE INK, 85 Nassau street,
to New ,art.
........3I LA 60.. per dos.
I GO 4 ..
OP draught. per "all= Scoots.
Thla I, the beet article matmlirtured. It Son enpor
-13 • good ItiIPYINLI INK—and Wilt Pot arrrala N.
precipitate or decay. and pommel. all the qualities moult , .
ed for a goat Writurg lab. voluble for. the Quill, nut ad
kairably adapted fur the Steel Ent.
The turvirrairmal perommt to furnish' to the trade el.
ther. for 'apart or home eurmuraptiom at the above veer
hor. prim put up ea per order, and delivered io any Dart
of the eitY free of charge. No .huge for ream Barrel.
or begs are eharged extra at Unit co.?.
65 Namau rt.. New l'ork.
QwLrb..,per dm_.
Mnrph — y's Self-Sealing Advertising Ravel
IN The nibeetiber. anlieltlng es patronage of al who
:iany se. thts advertisement. feels rum. of that hesitation
ts, which a new artlele I. brought before the pub.. Th ee
expert... of yeara ha. he
their auperistity. istim ~
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andf those budoesa men s a le .. e wed theme envelope.;
to hit rapidly Inenmalng ar , pnof of their ...rel.
The fulinwing area few of the MMue fur their gni. -
let. On the plate oethpini bY the MoL • Pere.. met
hove hit name, buethreo, and addrem, thavpicummly ond
beautifully embetwed, colored or plain, thou affording Pio'
fort security aganut fraud.
2d. The Envelope. cannot be opened without being dm
A. Neither war nor refers me melted to teal them.
4th. Umal the misruling* of o letter, theme! inennoLits
immediate return to the seder, Mowed of being buded
menthe in the Dead Letter Mire.
nth. The Envelope, are furnietool at almost the same
prier m plain on,
romh. Each letter melt,' le • moot effective advertisement.
p to attract the attention of all through whwe hands it
' ho following Is a list of prier, No this, tug - raved on
brae, and which will bolt fin Ge ar* and of Eff tritons. of
the venal rise, either white both of goad piper, and
made ae above, with name, madmen. t 0.,:
Priem of This. 1'6 , 1 of Dmefeper mate as
Al to 30 sffo 1000. 040.0
30 to 40 0.00 WOO.
63 tn nu !TOO Wo lo7o'
60 to 00
SO to too
When It le ,o,
.malvet to forward amount a osier
yes. mad seem • rferees. to • respectable New York
Home will to milkient- All orders will moot wlllsprompt
suet:Won. if addressed. WM. MURPIIY.
No. 263 Madison street, New York.
Orders will he attendod to promptly, !I' left et the gaols.;
of Moors. ;Obeli 6 Mott o .oWaft street, or at Mem.. H.
Jerollman k Co- 134 William Ft.
N. IL—Ruelners Can, enatoweed in colors from fame
Dies, at 010.00 tor thousand. tett:3sta.
Professor A. C. Barry's 'Tricophercrus,
remitting, iriefteorstlng, and beautifying the bolt,
towing onrf, dandrnf, and alections of Lite swap.
nod outing eruptions on the Ain. di.oamo of the aloud,
mueelce and Integuments and rellevina clog, cut., brut
sproins, Se. With thls nmjaratlon . ftsentis no such
wont as Gila" The linttiourtals in Atomics. Medkal men
of the highest ODIODDIN. DIVIDODZA eltilorts of all proton
Oat, wad ladies who have used it for years in their drew
. Ong moms and outwork, admit It with one attend , th at Or
importing vigor , alms luzurkome, and curl to the hair.
eredkating mod mid dandruff; healing monocle m ring
w a ft:t u tu.. arai k t i s , thaa tb. releliit t ing .. ..lileaset of
.a.metut the I:unfitted." of mono:toads ad e :Witted ir, n l,llll.
Ile prima. ar toed lu private pactic.. In chroes; os well
efftelency, BorryWriherous is unrivalled. The We
name mob Wee of the ae.le.
otobled the itiveotor
to Itopply Itat 25 motet:or battle, which from Zio to .16
mut lees than the Lowe of any them es oeie. Cr ' r
laSir DOW UM. Tha scientibe treati en fix 13Da
the skin embracing Me valua ble dlrections for evi,
;um and preservation of natures choicest 0n1.3001., 1t
• which each bath; Werteinsed. done torch the
The aftnity betwsnalhe Met:Ando. widch consols.. t
kin and the haft. which draws its; mammon from tta•
Hole enrelme, to very elms. All dims.. of the
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the Trio:Therms and th e fo roil
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Uwe MOD., D Is • • co•rehro..p . V .s
laold to lore? br 4.6 `7 . _, ..... rn 7 s eeret by the prirmpal
tire, • toot Lto Unltel States and Lige
ants and drusOem dedgolot
Blank Books.
LIE largest Stock of 'Blank Books, of ev
don all Mks of
ntim to
at th''Wg. a 1../ t
S. HAMS'S 131sak Hook Store,
comer Mirka NM &good eta, •
un r . rpl i t.r tnir _
dto adl sod examlne our Morn.
wideb ne cared at bofr
prim tlaas the) bang bon sold to thiS WT.
Rosa odd iMlaa word SOodilt
AVID C. TUTTLE, Attorney 'Law,
1:1) ea,
=o .0 Voiszoissioerr for Perinallnal.. kL o y e.
coromardnalow pPur
- •
1 OHS 11. RAN . Attorney end Com
o milor at I.vr. and Commispioner for U. ?tat* o
14nopylvsulal., et. Leen, Mn... Oat. of IltiabOryb.)
Refrernora—Pitaburpl. lion Forward.
)Miler. WOurilmea Yana. Ef.a.olts a
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Aid:ERICA-1i Roue,
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TILE undersigneil . Gating entirely re-
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mom, nonwetf ally glen nation that It is now randy
far the reeeption and accommodstkaa of the inswitilag
" a ' ef=nore of the ottennamed eseneeniences oft..
deamed =north:ions as the nonutincul billertaw-
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ea advertisement Solace It to say.= proper a.. bat ve
spared to moiler any apartmsotpertem
The fortittore was made exormaly to order, nimble. an
a - at, and certain portions 'of it, especially the Drawing
ma d , will found to be of the mast beautiful munsfac
ea, The Dining to
are earadoua, and tt . boars far
iamb will be so arranged*. to suit the ain. etee of the
early and into. '
Every department trill be conducted In ma nweiteeptkinne
ble emu.", and the proprietor plalgea bloasall that the
American House elm/ Sbe:trulr the Travellers tlims.
febnc3awdgerilmT 1.Z17113 !LICE.
. ~ 4 ,-..': .:-.,,telt. .. 1 .::,: . •
..;.., 1...1L-- •k ' nr-r ..•\' c ': -:',..
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. atiA 0-14;:4,.'?;7,' 1,
.::7S P`l•_•,-. 41. - -
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...-7-7,--;:%..'el 7'''. '
- -...*:•-,
annappurr, of the Lwril7r, :darr.tCY4
Aram., Brom...idly, Pains or Hinkived of •
' the Bread or Lew,. and cam afrectims of CL
Puhermary Oman..
not Wishthe y lizn . and
selves to make so am e
ertion as to the vi ,hut we si
rtues of this =di
dna, and to hold no hope to suffering humanity, while
facts will not warrant
The Moo of Iceivad, and the Pia. and Wild Cherry, at.
tartly celebrated fur the cure of all dlseasm of the isnags
and Liver, which are no fearfully prevalent in all leorthern
latitudes. lemon a combination of <heroical extract. gem
cored from this line and dhow. Timm De. Wisistel Rate
sot or Wtoi Coaxer I. ailed, - folmed.
45Y - Wistaes Balsam of Wild (Merry is a ADP DDIDDa
urnimok compseed entirely of Wild Cherry Reek and the
genuine Imend abam. (the latter imported empreasirlos (hie
puroneed the ear, umlical ripOica of which are DLO EOM.
Mud by a new chemical process.iffth - alwiestinek a-Tame
that metering the whole rompound the mod Mid. And
inlearious remedy ever discovered for the
men of Wild Cherry.—The following ease of jeterniala I.
arrigg, of Cinduniaptlins, (flre'of.hks brothers and deters ha
ring died of Consumption.) he truly wonderful:
PLPAPANT Rmaq Ilanditou eci., 30 -
J. D-Pekx—Deer DID I take the liberty of advising ton
of the benefit I have derived ham the um of Dr. Wiatar'•
Bda•m of Wild Cherry. I was preetrated by that terrible
scourge. Umsamptlon. In Hay last. The attank . Wkl truly
honifying to me, for gee of our family. (my brothers and
eiders) had died of Consumption. I was Meted with
nearly di the worst foetuses of the (Mime,l hda distress
lag cough, and expectorated a great deal of blood, beetle
fever. some palm In the side and chest cold chill% snot
mating with lashes of Leak
I was under the can of a skilful physician, Mom the
time I was taken tick until about Mx week. dune, being
Own about he10t..., and my Mend, conaidered my mos
hopeless, or at least beyond our physician's alilk eddied
the um of Wistar's Rabaul of Wild Cherry. Without my
kaomledoo, my Maier procured it, aid commenced stann
istrring it to me, and AMID the Ant day I onomenced Mk-
Mg It my health improved, and in two weeks teamthe
time I commenced using it. I win able to be oat and drier
*se my hi:mined, and labor. which I still oordinne to do. I
hare uteri four bottles of the.mediehm, and now Madder
myself peefrotly well. - JERFOt II nourao.
Comm Dour, take Co., le-. June
Rom D. Peas—Dear Km In Ju1y,7,1P40, I wee attacked
with a giver of trphoLl character, whkh leigme
debilitetad state, when, la the following wilder,/ wee ta
ken with a n 0,,,,,. cold. which redueed , me to rasa an er
time on I. glee Me the nil:mining,. Of IL teIIEITIMI eranaterme
Idobered under • revere cough—uxpeetneatral .great
deal. and wee troubled with cold feet and bight eoeats.
rare frognently rol.rd blood form my lungs. 1 continued
In this ante, gradually sinking trailer the diseaeo, omen
Jimuary,ls.l7, when I was again attacked with Diner.
friendo de palled of my life. and my phyalitiana thought II
timid enrolee but a short time. My egtranultira Mode
ly my fret. were constantly cold, and almost kat their bat
ing. hodvi then• etretnnotoncen it nosy be truly Milt M.
skeleton. I Malty determined to quit taking Mee
Deletes praraeribrat by trhysiciona and try Do. IVistage Bob
am of Wnd Cherry. trod tenon the: M. week that I min
mencral told. D. 1 eon date , a grad.' rearvery. I =tau
• Ito onset. months,lt the end of arbieb time I wee Orr
., and enjoyed Zed health rTer 010,e. end cheerfully
commend the Balsam to el/ therm oglistral with ettaceoce'of
the lung, and would rany to thrate commencing ils not, tort
to le discouraged if two or there bottler do net effeca
but trereevenr. a. I hour done, and I berg no deradot
but nine nee, rut cf ton, will be hie/mail rentiind.
health. I hose been. lteer.ectfully room. • t
7: • TTATID.
nnamarr TO teem 01110120 wall VlS....Ci: t ilii trPrei
From Dr. Baker. Prolog - dela. Woshington Cnobtr, Nil
:ffractutumn, ak. Maj. IC '4O.
• ffs. Rumford t Parke—l take thisoppcnittait7 op 0..
• .:: • g Sotto( a most romartoble core reran:tied apart
....- the um of Dr. Wistais.ltalsom of Wild CkenT.
tie rim 140, I was taken with au Mama Mem of the
••• els, whistillebetmd under for oil week*, mlloo I gro.d
-• . .ly rffneirol. In the fall of 1041 I sew attacked wiry a
sem rote. whirb mend itoelf tumoral lung*. Ind for the
~,,,, mot three years I was auttlinecttb on test, I trki ell
* Otteei of tualletiot. mod every variety of aid, wept:mot Lou,.
to. eta., them I wearied sloop until the witett of 18.1.7,
when I herd if Dr. Wlsney's Balsam of Wthl . oll.rary. My
Mends perietaHlad me , to glee It s Utak tbmigh X hid Kneen
nlealltergettelseronry, exell.4 orrr..4 mr*,.te for Wm
okuttge o(w:tether . ..ld. Tbrough their wait:Mint s I ve.
Induced to "lake no, nt the genuine Wlsteres Balm. of
Wild Cheffr The eamt wasffrtdy• artorash.4 . mt Atte .
three Tr-4s of sallearn nn,( seaming. Mod a rt hachss
arZ 4
spent truer or file heurdrsd dram* to no y , pusl Ibe •
best and moot rtmectable physician bad y otemo.B.
ink. I Ins Kan reamed to enUre bmith by the bituping et
Lied .d tho von of Dr. Wirtur's Dolmen of Ileffeff.
01.7 the blouse:mg of Gal rat u 1 o !the Kennett. of or
talualds a mobteies as Wistor's Balsam of WilaCheeff '
I our. respectfully,
.. ,
WV. If BUM.'
!told by J. D. P.m. emcee/Air to Sanford a Piekiirearta
and Walnut strogc Cinsineuiti, Ohio, •13......1.5imaer th.
South mol Wert to whom all orders must be edlneeled.'
. J. Kll.l 1 Co.. B.A. Paluienvek a Co, J. A. Jane?. le
Wilcox, tr.. Pittsbuzght Lee A. Beckham. Alleginny eke,
'L. T. Russell, Wasiongtra; L. IJ, Bowie; Uteicalown, U.
Welty, tireettsber, Z. Koontz, Somerset, Stott t intaffe,
Bedroll!, need it :on. ilonticolootlfmOrr.llollldalsbunti
Ilibletrraod it tk. . thellatim J. ll,' siVrightllittanninc.
Enna k Co, Breokrelle; A. Wilma a bon, 1 ay - ambers:
IleParalted a Co, li. Calleuler. Weadellle; Biernse .S. Co.
Prim Umbria A fortes. /tenor .faares Belli CC. Dui- ;
kr. 5. Entitle. Bearer. J. O. bocanifflar. Wat 4 P. to a C.
S. Jane*. Coudersport ; P. Crooker,Jr , Brow • I.
• 'The Homan Body.lduat Perspire.
t*. SAYS NATURE, to hate a hialaty hp
-1........; aced yeryella whooto not permiere Melds
to the MC. ellocusting Skin Liessoeff. p\o.; J u ra Indian
Chemical bum M.o. •6, leptetersitetn, and I ) tl. ......
Moe malt. Cod scams t [ .• akin. tieing butsmum
of . 011*1.110..
Scurry. bolt Rheum, out bOric.arie not enlytteekled. but
7117 a ctil i t t re u rn . orrtet771 , 1 htrif-.,,.242.,,-,
..' a-, r,:
Pimple.. Bletrbm. Freeklor, moor ems , sinotlenens. ins
order is mewed that. thip Is no no•letn. pogo* um mt
one trtal will prose. I could oturaterate at 000 ..10.1
;emote cured of one head. MI, /MN and 0.. t. e d.
Buy it—med the ender is agate ag7l 1 w uln i lla.ll.
o" ?
M r th e ihtiMlA r :lrVektj. t :f . , g.'!l tt
no w god Ude not only a CUM bla 6 preren.l. mod I CAD
now only old, that anyone seglect wee. anY f the above.
or similar disease* sail Mel Ibis all, awl eten knee I knell.
mble no Its propel - nem them I sten, . _ _, „ .
~,, ,
Di- -Rut, reArkt. tbe naffs me lloonst wall lou r =
and br .ear you ma for Jams' Uallmoltemmull Pm
buy It only a 1131. JACK - AWN. only *OOOO 10i1•jet,..,,t,
Ord of Wood.
Pearly White Teeth, awl. Pure Breath, t
he but for 25 rant:L-1 , 1.w who-lane aithat,are Antiwar
hly araured that if them bt.aath Is aaar
"tenth dneayandaak or yellow. ant anarnaust with tutu,
that rant ban of Joaaa' Annbat Twth note nal maks
tha teath ns white as n o , a n d. the brFatlandorilarantaly
Soil only at JACTOON'S Eton, 1140 Liberty ft., halal .1
A SeientifiC Hair Tonic, It i estorer and liteatt
ittcr,--Trial Patric. 37./i cants, Mane who hate noel
Jorga' Curak'llair Ilestorcr, twee ito errellent gualltica—
%hoar who tar. not. ;onus itagposess ths Ca - Vowing
silalltiag—lt furry the hair lar fillAr on agypartubero
nature Intended hair to grow; rtupitialling off: rare scurf
or dandralt and make light. red, to gray hair grew dart.
Yor rewirring the hair ~on and silky, nothing toll skaggl
tialsit maim it truly beautiful. and keeps aas It is. irg
dead. the moat econatalcal—/ et airgerlor—articlo far Ct.
Po • only at WM. JACKSON/3 Ro, 2g/ Lfterty great.
head of Wood, Pittsburgh.
pclrc•-37.1a centr,so coot, and Si,
JONES . SOlll/1012 of Jet, .a Liquid fitunan
Reis Dye, for the changing of whilia red, ur Val halals*
besullhal brown, or black tot calor, to • au. galls"
Prices-64 cent, and DI.
Said by Wn. JACKSON:2IO Liberty street; hard of WcCd.
JONES' LILLY WlllTE::—Ladies are can
t/mad against using the mango grapued Chalk. They
aro taa awarehow trlghtfull/ Mural , . a tg the aUtl ,
bow rumor. how rough, how sago, e.oduhbeel , by
the skin arpcarc after ussra c7ragd
nea Tr=l'l:calftierlalls artztla wlaich
NI Joraa' Spanish L i ly
It hi perlkaly introvul , lelns gurgled of all drletteloas
qualiies, ual it ingsaruo to dm ainn azatural. trate?, 11-
abater, elm, Io
''''''"l',,•th'?ll',,,rVZl.":l'ACANYX unsnr.ovit.
las i al a g Wad. Putsbur..h. Price. 2Scantic
CO T 3 b lPo cy htie.C., D IinfLOCK PLASTER.—
ighl medicated fitasteth lady teeth made
th em than meaty /et. dump Ythich time they hav•
fle .d • permatient. relegates, sit th e =oat ellicodocii
Ytheathatic arid tetreddhatiln,, tidier eery 01crell. ItY•
d ie bladed ethboa. iirhoth Uthir thotteel
,,,,, by been yobtadthet. have dela th e moat fatted/di
.41mm:dale o. to three currinoatreut Cner all mbar blear
ter chid.
Id s
yth. 1 agnalmn. 1/Ic3S r. 6aMpEbitl... very carsballyibil
onsabined. Paolo tht tar pot al/44y appdcabis to
• pie-en. 'aflame with pulthoriarY Cheese.
roe p.a. tho broad, rosuithig from protracted cohle,
erboarana etiogth did local paths in thy auto*/ ocatailtae
deism. lo th e body, their thraldom/ character is betoad
atm.. or dithtthe. do • remedy ha Lumbago. their orth
rrgralTelrr.4=4=-s; oath L.lfvllDYay.
the wen/dose , dd. Was to too back ustl 7 thla.reseltiag
thou ...ere etraivo disease. ef the kittheys, 6.0., their 1.•
ge: =o . ete ,, y , /1 . ;, ,: th . el tae !tern
. 0
tested by
eta' lhelr
lolithdoti. To each 27.1.107iiff:h ''4
ie( ra;z:z.7,..,?,,'":0,z2;,;71t.',117',"---
Yor sole, abolosede mad mei], by
It. 0. Ch./J.ORP, 57 Wool rt.
Closing out the &tire Stock.
GREAT BABGAINS.—A further reihic
6=i. pekes. Tho butomlbor wiAbloyL to don oat
tba b•hote of Ms stook of Fancy and Maple M 7 Goods by
oft Awl rose, wool!! respstrally attootioa
of his old ccatalzten Wt the Dafh4 ,to nabs moat of
road (soda at fifty ter mat tem former yrtozo, To ROT
Person wisMog m commeom Moine*. ou Ilarketetroet.thls
Y=l4l b• • Cmd Mi , rx , ufdtf• .111 dl*Pflm of tho
arms of thee toe/ cal tcoMll,olth M. teen =begot , .
latch be Dm cemlybst for over 11 fears,yeel Mu Ma W.*
lent btoily Made. 1 1 , 1.11.(1ABRojW, •
/SAM :few Took Mora. Harker M. • • I
./DoPy o ws--to pus for Balsibi -
; ; ; ; ; 4 4 _
Needles' Celebrated