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NLIVISPAPEI7. Cnnsrc.—Jir. Harper, of the Pine
fin r2h :Vornbiy• PM, announces in his paper of
yesterday, that he has sold the one half of that
establishment to Mr. Jests LAYTON , who has
been for some years the confidential clerk of the
office. Mr. Layton is a very agreeable gentle
man, of a good bnsiness capacity, and we doubt
not ho trill manage tho financial business affairs
of the paper with skill and profit
F . • As; c .•• • eiM). b
.This now law, as passed by the Legislature
and approved by the Governor, is published in
the Ohio State Journal. It is modelled after the
New York law, and appears to give general sat
isfaction. It provides that "any number of nat
ural persons, not leas than three, may engage in
the business of banking." It is very elaborate
and careful in its restrictions, and appears to be
be well framed, although time and a fair trial
are, of necessary to prove that it "is all
that is required. • •
It la very strange that while our adjoining
neighbUrs of New York and Ohio have establish
ed Free Banking law's, the people of Pennsylva
nia, who have so long and anxiously demanded a
similar reform, have been ti/3 far unsuccessful:
It a to be hoped that the example of Ohio will op•i.
as a stimulus to our citizens to demand of
their representativat the passage of the law now
before the Legislature in a.form that will be ac
ceptable to this business community. It is true
that from the beginning of the present session
the Legislature has been flooded with petitions
foi this object, but from present appearances it
weld acerb that this is not sufficient, and the
• only hope therefore at present is the renewal of
'tat clamor at the doors of the capitol.
We take pleasure in copying the following ar
title from the Harrisburg American.. The ad
vantages of the system of mutual inaverance are
so easily made clear to the commonest under
standing, and have been so triumphantly dem
monstmted by experience, that we need add
nothing, at present, save the assurance that the
Actuary in this city is a prompt and efficient of
ficer, and is thoroughly acquainted with the
businesi of insurance:
The "State Mutual Fire Insurance Company,' j
at Harrisbirg, whose advertisement will be found
in another column of thii paper, it will be oh
served; is one of the most successful and flour
laffing institutions of the kind now in existence
in This or any other state in the Union. The
- Company was chartered at the proceeding se.
Mon of the Legislatnre, and has now been in
.operation but about ten mouths, and hos already
accumulated a capital of more than :$125,000,
more than $25,000 of which is the balance re
maining of the fated 'arising from mrii ' , memo
after the payment of several honey losses.
• In this company the risks are Co classified
that no one descriptiuniof property has to hear
the losses of another. 'Farm property, for in
stance, constitutes one claw, while town and
city property constitutes another. •So it N. we
. believe; with mills and factories, az:Anther risks
of a mire dangerous character. In this way
. the farmer is not made to pay for the more
dangerous risks of the merchant, or. the mer
chant for the still more dangerous risks of the.
miller and manufacturer, but each class bears
. its own properlosses and no mere.
In addition to these manifest advantages, it
will be seen that the Company is chartered upon
the mutant principle, and that, consequently,
whatever may be the rate of premium exacted,
• the actual lessee are-all that tho insured are tall
. ad upon to contribute. A certain rate of pro
a:dams, about equal, or perhaps, less than that
• leriß by stock companies generlly, is original
ly meted; but the capital thus created, is safe
ly profitably invested, and the clear profits dis
tributed at the end of the year, or oftener, if
the directors, may so determine, between the
parties insured, according to the amount of pre,
mines paid in.
Tho officers of this Company are gentlemen of
the higest respectability and worth: and their
well known character .for uprightness and pr.
bity is an ample' : guarantee that all the opera
tires of the Company will be conducted with
scrupulous fidelity. Capt.. Johrt.P. Rutherford,
the Presidint, is too well known ill this comm.
ray to require any recommendation from no:
• and bir. Gillett,; the Secretary, is not only a
young man of tried and sterling integrity, but
from his thorough - business habits.- and Imar and
• , active experience as agent for one of the oldest
and most popular companies in the Union, would
be ab invaluable acquisition to any institution of
the kind. We can cheerfully and heartily cora
-1 mead 'this company to - property-holders in
• • stymy section of the State, as a safe and econo
mical medium of insurance.
waxers senzaz AHD womews ateErs
Nature, through her physical laws, has im
peratively oidainedthat the child shall be borne
and nursed by the mother.; To deny, this would
be called madness, because the law has been en
forced since the beginning of the world; yet
when we consider the matter closely, the moral
law which commands that the training of the
infauttaind shall bb peculiarly the duty of the
-mother must seem scarcely less imperative.—
The physical law says to . us, without' mothers
you- can ha9e no physical existence; your
race frill disappear;. and the moral law says,
without mothers who are capable of trairdni,
and developing the moral and intellectual powers
of their offspring, yen can have no-moral ell's-.
tense; your civilization not even culmi
• nate and fall, but will go directly down to bar
;harivon. Bat the boor or the blue stocking who
Would make a jest of the idea of changing the
"physical law, may be, from gross ignorance or ,
perverted education, incapable' of understanding
the spiritual law: .Thnt there is a great deal of
snob ignorance and perversion is proven by ma
-ay evils and errors cretin(' us, and among these
we may justly reckon the existence of a sect
which complain of the narrowness andnseless
nen of the sphere • which has nlways been me
eignedto woman:
But ithat do wise - men say! What say those
penetrating minds which will ferret out a cause
hide it where you will? They have told us over
and over again, *'the fate of every nation is in
the hands of Ha mothers !" If wedenythis they
ask tts, "what great man Walt eicr trained by a
weak or foolish mother :" We turn to history,
and to the records of our own Memory and ex
patience, and are forced to say, not one. Bea
ter ten thousand times that the - child should go
from the cradle to the grave than :grow up to
manhood under the roof of a foolish or wicked
mother; better tea thousand times that he should
be thrown upon the sea shore to be suckled by
wolves and . reared by savages, like the founders
, of the imperial city, or whorls worse, cast into
the purlieus of Civilization to run the gauntlet
• of poverty, crime, and ignorance. The world,
with its coldness, its buffets, its sneers and in
difference may not teach him the higher virtues,
'got It will not make him - a fool. It will give him
courage and manliness, and with these, there in
hope that when the first :heat of youth is past,
his better nature may triumph. Solomon tells
us that a foolish son is bitterness to he a r that
'hare him; but many a wretch going clown the
highway of ruin might add that a foolish mother
voids the perdition of her sor.
The Mothei is the first teacher, is the first
whoop influaoe is brought to beer upon the fu
ture character at her offspring. She ha; hero
1.14 advantage of which the other eel cannot de
prise her. It would be vain to form any scheme
d reforming the world which would •not include
the preparation of women for their maternal
duties.. It will not do to lavish ell the training
• upon the eons; and allow the dr
. ;hters to load
idle and trifling lives. In countries where public,'
schools have been established, it has been foundl
necessary to, have, normal schodis, for the edmi
• cstiorkof teachers. In liko manner, the mothers,
-...E the *rot and Most important teachers, must be!
to the top of the eittliaetten in which they
''• live, or there will coon be a, reaction. It is err'
feared that among our own people, a great
error on this point- exists; end we may be 61- 1 ,
Mid tilit as tar,na the error eztends, so far will
the punishment fcdlow.,
And now, ho ! w many mothers fill this impor- I
ts# erasers csfy . l.pasetier ?„,- lintif few..:liaviA the
tam*" educa4ms iie eissary for the duty, few
the cannot' on s ejimwledge of the world,. and
moral c ulture, tad still fewer form a justiesll.
mate of the responsibility that weighs upon
them, How could it-be otherwise? Amotig the
poor, ignorance stands in the way, among the'
"rich, dissipation and frivolity.
.We hear a great
deal.from the l'Ortyo about pro gress, about ap
proaching the 'iailienium; from the pulpit; but
what is preaching - worth If one .half our race
havenothing dove morning calls for business,
1 ball rooms for pleasure, music for study, cards
1 for relaxation, and gossip for conversation
I We must send Missionaries to the daughters of
our land to tell !them we wish the next genera
tion to be twill,. wiser, and happier than our
own, and that less they are willing to assist
us, unless theylare willing to give up idleness
and folly, the attempt is hopeless. Instead of
encouraging th an to turn from domestic life as
a field too nw for the development of their
genius, we eho Id endeavor to foster their love
of home, and re ttitm a proper understanding
of the noblen s of their true Position. Were
this done we s ould have fewer complaints from
blue-stockings that "women have no object in
life„' " that they care for nothing but trifles be
cause they have nothing but trifle, to care for;"
we would hear of fewer unhappy homes, clissip
paled sons, and worthless 'daughters; and we
would have nacre true woman, praying devoutly
for the strengti to fulfil the many duties as
signed them by their Creator.
And would fulfilment of duty be
r iLs
expense of omen's happinesi and indepen
dence ? The eryoontrary. The laws of Heav
en do not wo -so Loosely. Joyous Youth, hap
py life, tranq - old age, the nevertailing spring
of enthusia which rises in a sound conscience
would all b eers. Her intellect would expand.
her energy of! character would be more fully de
veloped, and the Would be more worthy of the love
and veneration which she, in her natural cha
racter, has always received from just and hon
orable men.
In the courre of these remarks, we have hinted
that female education has not kept pace with I
the progress of civilization. In an age when
science, philosophy, and all kinds of practical.l
knowledge have advanced with miraculous
growth, we find that women are still trained for
show rather than real life. Undoubtedly„it is
a dim percep - on of this fact that has given birth
in the extra grumies 'of the Woman's Rights
party. We egret to see so much honest real
thrown awe r A must useful society might be,
organized far the purpose of training young
women to se! a proper value upon a solid educa
tion, solid i tellect, solid facts, and solid men;
to teach thim that the just fulfilment of the
- duties of the wife and mothers the highest ob
ject toward which their wordly ambition can
point. Among the many schemes far the ad
vancement ,r Morality, Science, and general
eivilisationi we can think of none which would
be more useful than this, and we earnestly re
commend it to those who feel that they are cal
led to enter the field als advocates of Reform.
highly intricating and raloable table L.
I clscaligloti.
A' firgroserr i • , wing the =mint of banking capital r.
played In • L Commonwealth of Penneitknin me th.
tax on di
stf b
ends and on corporation nicks deticabi
therefrom, the Ware./ years therein dengrnsted. tc
gather with e ratio of said tax.
Pis.. Ilnk'ng capital. Tax on Dry's Tax on mom Ratio.
ration kooks
1941 ,a 1 9 . 17 7.47 7 09 $ 00,921 011 51.047 11 414
1042 19.12 7 .677 50 44,950 50 21.184' 4.1 3,64
1949 10,5R.5,55 25 25,554,' 50 12.902 15 21'
1644 15.5 r,459 50 40,705 55, 91;111 :A , 5 .
nue Int on 02 86.975 85. 57,416 02 9
15.0., in: 721 70 75,364 62 63,458 roi at,
1047. 11. 37m0 1 190407 13 09.149 2.3 9
1:1 21. ;2,610 01 110,048 55 60.609 11 81i
1049 10.4 0.342 39 164.1C1i 70 92.940 34; 14
1.." 16,6 - 5.444 141 155,677 14 70.041 56, 12
The shore • wtemenkis correct and wax prepared at th
instanced T. I. aigh.2. E.g.. of th. 110...
101114 94. PCIISI/177C6. Auditor Gen.
Marsh 27. r c l.
It 11l b o reed that whilst our poNslatios ltar rm-et
Ipinoxerseri d • ring the last ten yeses—our Wainer. berocee
MOTE widely .rtesulnl. the basking =vital has &emus!
56,618.971 4.
I nn
Esowxs s's Conexara FARRIER, is the tide of
a small 'Vol e published by T. B. Peterson Phil
adelphia- The title page tells us that it is -the
smelt of envy yea. extensive practice of the
author Jo .C. Knowlton." If practice ' makes
Per safely affirm that Mr. 'Know!-
) to furnish some useful infor
by J. B. Holmes Third strett.
For the-Garda.
'or the information of the Board
the House of Refuge, I hand
trocession, passed
by the Leg
dvania,:lBth March, 1890, fir
the Commons, the ground on
ie walls of the Western Peni
, tame may become neassorq for
airs of Allegheny, are in no
wt. ___ _ . Oat their city should become re
nowned alp the depository of all the thieves and '
yagaband;of this end of the State, we hardly
iinaginehey will consent to such an appropria
tion of
property, and it is equally unsuppos
ahle Um will interfere with e
vested ri ht, which by solemn act has been re
affirmed the Commons, or if they' should be so
m the Legislature
far forge al of their duty, that a grant for the
purpose dialled could be confirmed, whilst's
single commoner was left to contest the title :
Wuramas by the liberality of the commoners
of the town of Allegheny, a lot of ground was
granted the State, for the erection thereon of
the We Penitentiary: and whereas, the said
grant e raced a larger area than now appears
to have en necessary for that plume, ops part
thereof ever having been used for the object of
the gran : Therefore, 1
Seta .1 1. B. it enaufed by the Serj , e , :e and
. •
Ilouee o Represuntatires of the Common ith of
Palmy! i s iel General Anembly met, and it is
hereby by the authority of the rant : That
so 01116, of the common ground; situated on the
west std ofof the walla of the Western Peniten
tiary, a 4 l is now, or may not hereafter become
te l d
necessa for the use of the maid Penitentiary, be
re-ves , and restored to its coign:of use, as part
and par of the common ground, belonging to
the borcugh of Allegheny, and that the ground
hereby ;ranted be laid off,. under the direction
and sup;rintendenee of the board of inspectors
of the 'ester° Penitentiary.
nen ' ,
Y ;rani
I. l. eTir
TEE t:. - 8.
LL1101.1.. en/.
&lam Clemena-- ..... 1a53
WEI, 11 E. az-- —n s,
Athri= --- - . 1::: 1 M
.. ,
Wm 310 fa—. ........ -....1 1 84 ,
--- 7
Jam . .1 Bamml
. sf:p k r,... t311 . 1 : ; : ;::::::1Vt
JAI, ilf
W m ^_lssl l
, ta
. l ag JoNo D r
qapher/t M—..IFJZ
41,rg0 ' looa----",l''''o=7-----1
~,,,, 14
L0 . 4 ....g..^ . .." F l
Sa101:110 U D0me.......
_Battle. ..
limmdtkil Hamlin. ....
la.' Bradbury...
itdz b ira. ....•
Avid D
Mary S
!few ELLWP.IIIe.
Joca P ......... .-1143
Ma. Yards, Jr 1855
ny itlie.
lIVEZna //Smartt
Sotereon Pir/t. i ....- i
arab W inßm... 1t.53
Robert F Htocktio ....: ... ....1e47
Notre eltra..4.
Mire PArtooree--.-
IGeo E Badger--
BadP cw, . ....
I~ (~r......._...,~..1x51
Rlchaed U+w1heu1 ........ 1k17
1111.2 ULM.
!Ms II Clarke • 1.15 a
Charles _taw
R Barsmell ithett...._
Andm , P Butler.
ITbcatan Sufi—
Ssna IlOaabn
ITU7ierst Warm
Won., flout,
Robert 11T Roarer._ -.19
haw P ....
irb ,,,30 gl ar,7-%
. ace of tba N. Y. Commercial Admits..
LONIMN, Friday, March 14, 1831
Da-ing the last week the public business of
the country has not made the slightest progress.
t, 1 1:,
Altli ugh the Russell Cabinet are now safely re
Lusts ed, it is with no in ease of power. They
have een again beaten 41on the only important
question that has been discussed, and have also
SUE Lima further damage by giving up the most
stria ent portions of their Papal bill.•
Li ..o
t Friday evening, is you will bare learned
by e Franklin, Lord John Russell announced
that he intended to proceed with the Papal bill,
and persist in making it , applicable to Ireland
as well as to England.—As be proposed, howev
er, tb leave out the clauses declaring bequests
invald when made to priests bearing the terri
tori titles titles which are to be prohibited, a feeling
of • tense disappointment was raised throughout
the country, among all those who have taken
pa in the prolonged agitation upon the subject
The Ron= Catholics openly manifested their
triumph, for it was this minion of the bill which
had 'stung theta most and the conduct of the
I . members speedily showed what it is to
t =cessions to them for the sob of expe
di cy. Their inflated denunciations against
the g part of the measure ire now far
bo er then those they uttered against the whole.
T • night the bill again comes older ditcoogen
and the feeling on all sides is no strong against it
although from wholly opposite I:actin:oi that It
seems impossible it can pass un'thinzt further
Modifications. The papers hitherto Munn friend
ly to the Goverment on the iliestitm: clamor
loudly against the mixture of weakneas and cite
stinacy which hoe mutilated the measure for
England, where its full force was demanded, und
has fastened it upon Ireland where it is none ;
Hence although every• man seec the necessity
for toleration toward the Government nfterthe
crisis which has just been passed, there are signs
that it will be impoisible for matters to continue
without a new dislocation. On Tuesday, - Lord
Duncan, an independent member of the Douse,
brought forward a motion.for the management of
the crown lands. Recent expoeures had led to
a national conviction of the necesaity of some
reform. But the Ministers were unprepared
with a measure of their own, ondrefne.l to have
one forced upon them. A division took place,
and the result was an ignominons minority of one
the rotes being 120 against 119.
Three weeks of a session, which was to be
more condensed than any previous one, have now
been lost, but the Ministers and the Parliament
still seem upon each new difficulty to stand and
ook ntench other with rocant surprises ns to
. . .
what is to come nest. Last night the bill for
the emancipation of the Jews was to be brought
forward by the Government, but there were not
enough members present from the Howse. This
seems to betoken more confusion, and the pro-
. .
ceedings to night nro consequently looked for
ward to with new interest an if some farther sin
. .
gularities would transpire. Nothing will set
matters right but some extraordinary than any
that is likely just yet to happen, but it seems as
if we mbould see strange things in Europe before
the year is over.
It is a curious fact, considering the storm got
up against him lest year, that Lord Palmerston
is perhaps at this moment the man who could do
more than any of the other Ministers if he were .
at their head. Ire Is the only one of the body'
whom the party of progress regard without utter
indifference, and who could command upon any
emergency their united support.
From the Continent we hear less and leo, of
what the people third: and feel, but more thou
ever about the intrigues of their masters. The
ludicrous perplexities between Prince Schwartz
enberg and Baron Alantenffel in the Austrian mal
Prussian contest for supremacy appear to in
crease, and then now seems to he no probable
solution except a return to the old German Diet,
precisely as it existed before the revolution of
1848.—After three years of oaths, slaughter,
treachery, and persecution, Germany Is to re
sume that position which every one from Prince
Metternich downward had then predicted must
end in an earthquake.
In Hesse Cassel, there is reason to believe the
Elector and his Minister Ilassenpflug arc exceed
ing in their open outrages all that - could have
been anticipated. The whole of the members of
the permanent committee of the Chamber, who
so nobly supported the people, in Weir resistance
to the illegal ordinances, hare been errested,and
are now in prison. These things, moreover, are
tacitly sanctioned by a Prussian commissioner.
But although the German Governments have
effectually sealed their own doom by silencing
their subjects, so that disaffection for the future
will never be accompanied by premonitory symp
toms, occasions still occur to demonstrate what
is working beneath—The building which was
used for the sittings of the upper chamber at
Berlin has just Leen destroyed by a conflagra
tion, and the sight was watched by the whole
city with the mast unequivocal expressions of
satisfaction. "It was startling," according to
the words of an eye witness, "to notice the ex
ultation and mockery with which the crowd
looked on, Thepeople teemed to identify the
building with the institution, and toimagine that
because one was perishing before their eyes, the
other was sustaining a fatal blow also." On the
following morning, it is 14tewise said, the event
was spoken of by persons of position:and educa
tion "with careless levity er pdeitive malicious
satisfaction. It was thought a visitation on the
government and a sinister augury for Its system
and was enjoyed accordingly." •
Yesterday, in London: the German refugees
celebrated, by a public dinner at oneof the large
taverns, the anniversary of their revolution. It
was tuanotmeed that Nfaxlini, Struve, Rouge, and
Professor Kinkel would be present, and although
the price of the tickets was only 2s. eel., the af
fair Seems to have been managed with excellent
order, and indeed so as to set an example, as
compared with our own manner, of conducting
such entertainments. The number present was
about five hundred: A remarkable and ominous
feature showing the most powerful reminiscence
that now dwells in the mind of the German Dem
ocrats consisted in the fact that the only addl.
djonal decoration in the room was' , a large cloth
hung en the wall behind the chair, wiih the name
in red letters of Robert Blum.
At home, apart from political matters, there
has been nothing to excite attention. Everything
goes on favorably with thee:position, and goods
continue to pour in, According to thelest state
ments, the packages received were 21t41 from our
own people, 441 from the colonies, and 2808 from
foreigners, and to-day we have accounts 'of the
earival of the St. Lawrence, after n passage of
twenty-two days. with between 1000 and 2000.
The King of Naples has refused to allow any of
his subjects to visit England during the occa
Advises nearly • month later were received
yesterday from the Cape of Good Hope. . The
war in Callreland has assumed a less unfavorable
Ship building is actively going on and the
proportion of screw steamers is most rapidly
increasing. A remarkable instance. of great
despatch has just been mentioned. A -screw
steamer called the Arabian, eight hundred tons
and one hundred and thirty horse power, was
laid down in Mr. Napier's yard at Glasgow on
the 12th of December, and was completed, rea
dy for starting on the 28th February. She is en
gaged in'the Liverpool and Constantinople trade.
)10,1 EY S. MIT. ke.
There is nothing new in commercial matter,
Money remains in good supply.
The Irish Peat Comparil have received the
grant of a l royul charter, and it is expected that
within three or four months they will briny their
produce to market. The question of their cue.
ens will therefore soon be decided, and if their
hopes should be fulfilled, it will be impossible to
over-estimate the moral and social changes that
must result from their operations.
There is 3 strong disposition to speculation in
London which, for want of any new outlet, is i
expending itself once more in the railway chars
market. ' Mr. Hudson is one of the principal
operators, and is believed to have made enor
mous profits. He stills retains his seal inyttr
liallient as member for Sunderland.
The Government stocks hare scarcely experi
enced any alteration. At the last date ConsoLs
were quoted at NI, and they have closed this
afternoon at the same price.
The Grain market has been steady. In Cotton
there has been a decline of O. per lb. owing to
the advisee from your ride, but the market is
firmer now than at the beginning of the week.
Our last dates from New York are to the 26th
February. Brxe-rsron.
Tue Wages CAB Z.—There is a good deal of
excitement in New York in regard to the convic
tion of Mr. Wilkes, of the Police Gazette for an
alleged libel on Mr. Jordan, late Attorney Gene
ral of the State of New York. Mr. Wilkes has
taken up his quarters in Hoboken, in the neigh
boring State of New Jersey, in order to avoid
the action of the emirs before whom he was tried
until a stay of proceedings shall have - been ob
tained, and the,exceptions which his counsel took
on the trial argued before the Supremo Court.
The Governor of New York has issued a requiei
tion to the Governor of New Jersey, but the lat
ter says he will not at present authorize the ex
tradition of Mr. Wilkes, hut will consult the law
authorities of New Jersey. In the meantime,
Mr. Wilkes is writing fur his paper as usual.
Market Street Store for Rent
FOR RENT.—The Store, 118 Murket
and ere
Lit=;: ', =TX:t h y': in irt f ,PA r e k ;ilEl
neat Inquire of !AVID tig..rn,
eh Penu
E Insurance Company of Pittsburgh
Onion No. 41 Water stnet. In the warebouw of C. 11.
C. (i. Hunter. Presldent......A. W. Muse.
yid, c0...m unw prepared to Imzure all ineretundha
In stere, gni In treneltu, rowel, kr_
An ample guannty for the ability and Inter:tit! of the
Institution ia afforded In the character of the hireetnw,
di citizen,. of Vittehurgh. well and hammy
known to the rommunlty for then . prudence, InWlllgenee.
and integrity.
Doserms—C. O. Huney, Sim.llWreler. Wm. Latimer,
Jr.. Walter Bryant. Hugh D. King. Edward Ile ton,
Jet.. Heworth. E. Harbanith. fi. M. Kier. apiketf
Foreign and American Hardware
No. 129 Wood Street,
swum. for the .bring tnele, and ',tart. the ara prepared
to ober to pureluwers Plilf that will mama
favorable with PUT of th o meter. pi 11,,.
a -Proud AlTY.srm is most nupeetfolly lovitrd to the
novarnishval statemeot of John 196 U, who tr. rand
of m Dia fkmpli by the we or the Pentotopt,
ce rtify that I have been cored of an ohl
cbp o pj a Cough. by the um of Your Bottles of Petal/ one.
The rths.h attacked Ine • Year .00 I•Jd Laermbetyand I b,
lusl all ho , o f gettlpg Rai. al I had taken flu: nutrias of
moor.] physiciaos any benefit I war benefited
almost instantly by the Tetroleeot I entipAuf t en, auth.
the Ins of the Priroleuv, a 4.4 =Lobo.. bote.—
I teak. these staterhents withal:M=7ooM tioh from an/
ono to do vo, and volely for the poly*, thud others who
may ba nillering may IA benefited. You ore at liberty to
Tobilah this certibeate. I ant an old eldest of Pittsburgh,
hart., remitted here thiety.thret yearn. My rivideoce. at
BKOW:i street. ;JOIN WAIT.
Ernastaton. rabroary 24,1451."
For see hySeilerZ itelZwell; 140 Wood atone; R e
a. TT Wood streeh D. A. Tahoestak, A Co, w
Wood and Prom Rents; D. M. Corrz, 6. Elliott, Jo phis
Douala" and 11. Y. &btu% Alltaheny. alto by the pro
testor, )1. ALM;
bbnalaTra . 00 41311‘13413•1•Zabitt.littsbungh.
S& • • TRIUMPHANT TESTLMONT to the value
rid Dr. IteLatiits v.eicifete Reed;•lll6st
A fate , . Oared entwine...of a rat We. etr
.lalbt thalipellitate. trivets glans thapantite.melapupon the
etberardhates hie exletritte, and deep thasialtaara de
'funk verearaffothe Ilk.. manned have ktund
McLane's American lennifege urea exams.
those dreadful and datigerona tonn e n‘ a ,
of rhlldmu.—
nit finarot.i, ferret; entre, the aper i. u. ., of the
tunuth, travels iloau the flullat, /Annie nnual the sumach.
Isle Lord V the wormtieteetestbilife-out - of the rePtile ,
ea repo clean Muir den. and carers their cannimee clean out
of-the new. ,Thle.. et. Ana. boa been the erect. et the
r o roOfoge open ml childten. , if if. Root-ITT.
`This is to rattily that I have used Ur. McLane'. Vernal
, fuge, and have found it to operate In like manner upon
my eiditirrn. JOIN IMMO&
If ietha, mu, 1147
Fur tale by
j undo.n,dairla:S
J. lirDD • CO.
No. GO Vl' wd
Tuedatxymerninst. the let Int, Enr. , tla..thter of
Rec. C. cud 11 J. Pttrnettl, 11.4 tel 14 year..
Th• funeral will take plan: on It ennonfay aftrrnoon, at
3 o'clock. from the rnAletan of her father, on fir balm
Perry SLICeI.
Tuendny morning, at 10 o'clock. tit the n.Pldence of
Ilcarc Holt:know .moth cal Monongahela Bridge,Mr. b.
D. Pait. in the nnth >onr of his ann.
The friondi of hM family am rcspectfulle Invited to
tctkt hip funeral. todo:c (WNlttonlor) at 10 rielork, A. 31 ,
pt th. above month. renkleno,
Matrimony or Phrenological Love.
ITS Signs and Effechi,Scinction, or who can
i 0011 1 1 . . y 0 4 11,00 age . dl4 , mtely. , Courtship i , or
b end married of truths for ilalti o u 're n,
EtENINUS. April 2nd and itis, at ik Orals
trIE DIME. Color and um a hundred Ida the worth of your
g'-Profewilonsl delimiations of rimier., with number
ed char. , and alwyru. written!nand= advice
biathlon Health, fierunatlen, Faults, be, them remedy.
,„ e l( i „, r .r.,, t i oa . management of ehlidren, On.. On daily and
unoccupied eyeing, at Ids private apartment at. 7.4 's
r. Brown
Motel. isiti2itf) O. 'OWLER.
0101000. of England. who was workinu on the \Vattern
Italltuad Bridge at New' Bejaia.. and left there on the nth
No,innber last. His wife has arrived from England, and
6ri v g= n o ' r i Cirt " to u i treLe f. tnrAle;. l"'" ryillo ho
'FOIE SUBSCHTBEIt has innunenced ro
t. MITIng lerKer mad more desirable ...a of FANCY
VARIETY and DRY 1100100 than he ever brought to this
market. rondstine In tart of
Prin.. Prinnid Lawns, Mous. de Labors, Gingham,
en,: Al-
Vittoria, Sari, flail. and Book Minslinic barredand
Jaeonet Marlin., Cloths. tr`moilmeres. CiontitieD4 Twords ,
Jeans Drill. and Cothea Strip, 10.10 Lirmur. Poniee
11,100. and Crum.: Thihe, Mous. de Woe, and Cotton
shawl, linidery. (Dorm Itlbleum. UM, Vella. Combs,
Button, Suidwsklers, Parris., Umbrella., Table end Pock
et (lottery. Ckelts, Jeweler. Watrheii. Ay to which be
rii.tai,tfull) Invitee the attention of meridianls and tiodhuie.
api2 C. Annurnmrr. FS Word pt.
d TIIE Partneri:lap heretofore existing under
the fi rm of Gr... end Ile(l.ndlemm, ham thlm den 6002
1,3 mutual itkutchtt NV ID OREM].
remaining in Wilkins
st Marrh.
Mahar John
I.OA Mae, Pa., up w 9
ntl,•on Wllluun .1
11 1 1rno ll lb..cra
tYßripe Michael
Coyle Frenrin
: i : , :l,ll „ nr,pa i r, Steward
Der nood P.llraheth
Vouch y John
!If rt \Wham'
l:vinx Amur W
. . .
;itatta.col.l.l Levim
Irartz.vreldel M 'ln
Fuldl, TIN - awn
Fo.n.• JOIn
Shriuler l.alwl Jane
ackylor rialnuel s
anoroler Dar L!
Iran Cleat Dr
0.11.1 c Mnrtha
Ooehrinc Jwar li
Ilmrshey chrtAllan
Henry LAtbrr
. -
letn4 Cnnrad Whsebl.fale Itebrer-a
Johnntnn li n njuale Wonleklarr. Charicrtta
Jntifnenn W 'Mani Wandliohn II A
lilinoliqt, Thounis Wino Henry P
LirliA•V )lacy •
locll )olit Sr.ll! of Snmprrznnn (W.nh
inct Vnuntl 3
n72:InT Lt - sz a. n inst
kvisox. p... )i.u.r.
South East corner of l'tfth and Walnut Struts
Irterirrurated in 11451.)
. renciral.
11. SNOW. Esi..—....Lortor•ron Commercial Law.
C. NV 3.1t0r.01 and T Y. .... Aninstantn.
n S. BACON begs lento to 'return his gin
. erre thank. for the very, liberal patronage inhlch
pn4 Iwprs. Indelatign ble Attention to
Morin*. to merit • tiontinuanee. of the unnrrendentolaue.
that h. Attended hi, elHeeta during the past *later.
Thu u11:11 rot lendAtuttone of Ong dercriptlon has bocome
Iv..,yripletyty natahliahril by orneriest denionitratkuna. and
en attested by the thourind. who bare main,.
the nlennia.,,. nf tipsy (nstrurbob, as Ia:VT to ls
quus. harems
for their nupoort or colony upon
their inerita.
The plan adonled In teaching nmalilnen practine with
the, mr. contend of tiring tandig. the pupil• are eserciAnd in
blOtlna ~ rlgtned enthrs nTrryds.stanlitnir tranaactionn.
Journalrun I. posting, Halaneling Anainotn. oprolne mod
th is a unlit evict) . of dill root no. of Hooks. Irgh for
nartnridup and Individual the inninese
teenteenha. o nronorroun sal riper*. w
and Ana modifying the
eLudes, for entering Into the vennnoil du11... of Urn so-
.41515011 n an r kind of
C.. 11 7 , ., luitruntion will iTAndo of DOURLY. EN.
THY It nIK KEHPINO. enibracing eine, department of
reds and ttrieuntll ona e ironing, Sir Alan trlinlemlo,
and rime., lal Law.
. . . . .
Pupil, a lost: ted Itallriduall, . and not In dun, or.
that minela mar rnter at 5, lime. and rimmed In the
rat, rf their emeaeit, and aemihnlir
Pubile emanlimtintu are beel. I thnneh Tunltaanectatan
Innl pr - mainly If 14, draft , . It.) alien the rtudent undo,
nee. and thohnist, Inierreautlon• by the Ilincinal.
arelhal by a (3,mmillee of pray cal Accountant. eel Flu.
el.. Nen. and hti..lamae shunted IP than let. are. Joann
~.1 wnrily of than.
A emirs , ran le romplen4 In.lenen air IS ten •.Ike.
Ana in ... uenueen, 'in. l'hurinal annul irate that greet '
ihmg in lue boner nu] he Anzio to aeleance bl• shinenta. -
and make them thninuab amt 11,..1)41.512.1 signmintab..
and tan eateneirr amosintacee alth the Mases. hmusio
nitr will eren-rallr nut.. h.& tn nmenee tor
1.1. nm der:lrene of ohlaml., them.
Term.-- /or a full enure. a ~..... la tank 4.5.r.x.
11 rlfitz,. thrumerrlal lA,. hee.nh .e....
Y,.111 It, the Cue.. nib mnturr, ereloralia of the
1 n.c.10 ren. li tiun an 4 cantina of tle. nennm rhea.. In the
Itranb Vteroryanr. in ,enneehnn a ith:the enuntrr by II
>1ahe....1.1. engrae to :a uf the
menu` seal Tee dtarnted.
10, I and , of 111. rs... haul mirk Ime , M
. ll.Urnee' Lunn', hei..4„ Tbiril 0.., unman. the pot nines
prim 1.!.r lel St,. an ,
Era: Nu of • nen nut. nail he Ilnlnne. Thlnt 11- al.
a.. . .[hall.. a tale hr the antler „f Wntuan In ream
1! 4 ..K.1K5: BOOKS !!--.LAIi.I.IOa; COlo
ra il lb.wrin.ll4 - cm ao oer- by Ch nays-mi. •
~ u nt V1.11.p Kln. .f tb. Wslskysyurts.
th-th.,. tbt
L•hYr end lby , I...ndm For, Fy firm, 1 1 / 1 1
. 1..
,oKrotinly. tnk..y, by aunt. Tart
Ay , noF , F 3 Y
"I h r .. b..ykltot rFryisyyl ...I I.r ..Cy bj.
It_C. Ft. , ICKToN.
No 1 - Msztyl. atrwo..
N6O16•0 it. C..lontal
awl F...y..unor. by Cbt.. oayarry.:l..l-5Y0..
I Lor.l Itottatol • Itocultaervarevt by lblary . Richard
tio.t I_'m.-.tow.
Ittttl.• tihe fltlAto ' fitlsllaot I vol., ITuttlt. =et.
=Nature.. Tottlercor -ere over all Ma wort% blTtt ,
oultrot of Pt, Notnr, I vol , tow.
kowtow. for ....ft dor tn Lent.olloct from the *fit.
mrt. by
the author of ' the I , m, mug,
II tar. artt.l Lat. Utak. o the 014 Ttottorneoirtrlto .
h ttt . the Itloital chot.tto. From lb< latlet of Not tivoutue.
bt I.thtm.tot. ttv.o.
Lotto Teeismt, T Pock lotnt, Inn%
t),,,mtvot Itotttral Wort.. Itot•Tt 'torso. with (avian.
pot, a n on onot • 1.4, of the otithor..l, Jo.
Vcrti, 1 vol rot•
wIhL Itrt•hale. Ivy J F 2.,.1..;,1.xtet.
mot ,
reldroto ‘1•41
erell In t).ettno•lvray Tat.erntotle•ht s fk , NtontftS:tt
Ite: •
Harp., Ila4aatne la Armlr. Nam,'[To Always ma hand.
Just Aw l 1;4 by
• II01 . 1 4 :1NIt. 74 Malin nuMibla, Fmarth
CA4tll. lI{ON-4:,1i05, fur sale by
• sr,/ A. A. VAIIN,TOCK A Co.
Elttl,lTZ Ml XTIIItE---15 0 llle,Jkr
1.7 by 'e 11. A. FAIINCSrUCK. 4 CU
PLASTER-2 5 Ils fur
*s* hr sp.! D. A. FAIINIOrTOCK A Cl
11 , 11'll. IC .1A:11 1 —I* lbs for sale by
• er. 1 , . A. VAIINF,:IUICK CO
l'finilllEST:.;kK i
a ,C I..hV
li. t A . C „ .
1,1,1 t )N-75 be Chinese, for sale by
7)CRI itOU ND GISI:EIt-700 Ills for
A . 'al , . 11. A. PA lINEWTOCK A CO.
IYHASI 11E1' PO'fASII-25 lbw, for *ale
• to *p: D. A. FAIINESTOCK 4 CO.
The beat Green Tea in Pittsburg}.
Novo Crop Young Ilveloo Tea bag
. kl 7 jaAl Ira Star. I. Ow
Iriarn"nd. oil, f',l.M.rvagtli and Ra‘ , r an w a br ad a A.,'
sold inl.l.rnsrah ay,
Prim,' Perk (in.,/ Al, WI,
71 I.l , llPnwrior LAI". Pl.O
?a; :t.,ll.A;)it •
!..0 1,1 Om barve 30 3 lit,
1 13;14 , rt, Ibr
IV pale 11
ap2 . JOH W
N ATT a .. Lamar
110( 7 LI ) . F.itS--9001) rieveN in salt, arrived
J wad f:,r .:..1., lIARIIS JONES t
IIOU LI) Itti-44 ,arrived and for
).7 I•t•2i HARDY JONES AI%I. _
1 .1A(2 . 0 , 5 , —2,00 urn
I. joll,irvvvrlsNby
B UT . T p! iI, & EGGS—in skip) and f?! . ruvAb9
bu. in Rum, and for male by
nr2 WM 11. JOIINPrON. _
PPLES—I:2O Id& Green apple,. for lullaby
iva I
W. Jolt NsToN.
QIIIP STUFF -100 sacks for eale I.v
1.3 aid WA. 0. .101151510 , i.
V REDN APPLES-4010)1e in geod7eondi-
L 7 eon szu turnale ill J. F. 101.1VORT0 ,t (10._
F RUIT - 7 150 1)1,18 dried apples
1100 du do reachrefsr pal.. I
•OJ. M. OILWO .5.KT11 00
• •
CORN B:_tilATS-501) bu fur sale by
J. S. DlLWOilttla!X•
_do sugar eur o etl , htTls;
3 'h
1 4268--1
bbls, ree' — tlar j rd i' fo p r th snle by
s nuAvontit a co
111 OLL SSITTER-10bblN. for ante
tin 145 Vint .1 116 Smn.l 0.
B Room. dozen, fur male by
S. a W. tinfinamm.
bu. for sale by
IL lip?. I p k
B ACON -,14 Rle. (hog round) for side by
F. 0 W. 11A.IlItAliall•
EMOVAL.—"EO F. tilllPif has removed
why, he he
sill N. on Ma 0.0000 fr
ex tun
sad the Dull it x ylter.ll.3 • sp2lto
_ _
ifkW:INC:F.S.-100 boxes just received and
11,y formale LY DUILBIIIDGE a IN(Illadil
ISO Water etreaL,
UGAit-200 lit
ILITICITIg, for side by
110 Water at
ItIOATSSES---.100 bble. anis,.for sale by
iyi „,,, bwe.nttimatllVlllllAYl.,
Bithoms_4oo cloz. fcr salo by
QUGMt-t.V. hbds. Clurititd, Battle Ground
t..7 . .en1...,r,imt ..ed BUlla'3lX l . ii . ... F.
Osircoo, April 1
Vessels are daily arriving and departing for
the Upper Lakes, through the Welland Canal, by
which it will appear that this improretnent is
aot closed to American vessebs.
H~aa April 1
Hon. Daniel Webster will be received this eve
ning, in the Hall of the House of Representa
tives, by the Governor and members of the Leg
Jenny Lind will give three concerts, in Cincin
nati, viz: April 14th, 16th, and lath.
Engagements in New York and elsewhere, will
prevent the appearance of the Nightingale in
Cleveland, or any of the Lake cities et present
The amount of Ti. B. stock issued to foreigners
lost week, woo $51,700.
Nr.w YORK. April 1
13y the arrival of the steamer Merlin,. this
morning, we have later advices from Bermuda.
The news generally, is without interest. The
Legislature had been summoned by the Gover
nor, to meet on the ith April.
13orroir, April 1
Indictments against Elitur Wright, Scott,
Hays, and others concerned in the rescue of the
slave Slusdrach, were read in the District Court
to day.
Floor—There is some export demand for flour,
with sales 7000 bbls standard brands, at $4,31},
at which rates holders are firm.
Rye Flour and Corn Meal—Are more enquired
for, with Bales of the former at $3,87i, and of
the latter at $2,64 La bbl.
Grain—Wheat is steady, at 95€.97c for good
and prime red, and 102 c for white. Sales 1000
bus Rye, for distilling, at 61c 11 hu. Corn is in
steady demand, with sales 4000 bus Southern
and Penna. afloat, at 60c. Sales 8000 bu Oats at
43044 c bu.
Groceries and Provisions are witliiint change.
Whiskey—Sales of small lots, W22lc, in bbls.
Flour—The market is firm, with a moderate
eastern and home demand. For western and
state, holdettisra very firm, at 54,44a14,6 0 for
common to strafed state: s4,62P4,7sforMich
ignit and Indiana; and tb4,B7®fiZ for Genesee,
and $4,G2C1,4,76 for Orleans.
Provisions—For pork, the market opened less
firm to day for old mess. New mess is stillheld
firmly, but is dull of sale. Peel's in steatlyde-
mond for the trade. Pickled meats are quiet, at
Ge6l for shoulders, and Sfii:St for hams. Bar
con is scarce, with a fair demand. Sales of west
ern short and long middles, part ribbed, at 7fCti
So. Lard is firm, with a steady demand, at Sic
V lb.
Groceries—The market is without change.
Linseed Gil—is dull at The V gall, for English
Lead—The market is dull, and nominal, at $5
t 1 cwt.
Whiskey—Sales at 2:46221 ".0
Wool—There is more inquiry fur wool. and
considerable lots have changed hands, since last
report. Thursday's sales of domestic. fleece
reached 30,000 Is, at 45q,47e, and 1:0,000 lbs
pulled, at 4.00 - r1 lb. Soper country pulled is
quoted at 42c for extra, and :38c for No. 1. For
eign is also in demand. With a little more ac
tivity in the woolen cloth trade, there would be
an Increased disposition to buy largely; but the
price of cloth is no loicouragement to manatee.
tare 'freel, and makers are consequently re
stricting the production.
April 1. -
Cottore—The market le dull, with no antes to
Flour—Holders of western hove submitted to
• decline; of rei ? bbl, with sales of 60(01 bbls,
•t $4;4)60.018 for Nlichigun and Indiont..
G m i o i_ Wheat k dull, with sales ISOU bushels
Genesee, ou private terms. Ilya le steady, with
salmi of !WO hue Penn e, at 74c 1 4 Mi.. Corn is
firm, with sales 11,000 bee Yellow. at•626i.67c
? bushel
Provisions—Pori: chows with more firmness,
with sales of old nt *13,25 for mess, and $10,25
for prime.
iirhiskey—fides nt Sac ?
Flour—ls in moderate demand, and prices are
less firm. dale of COO bbls, at $3,43 1.1 bbl.
Whiskey—The market was heavy to day,_ and
closed at 17e, which is s further decline.
Groceries—The demand is good, but prices
are unchanged.
Provisions—Are quiet, with sales 200 bbls
mess pork, at $l2 1 0 bbl.
Cheese—Sales at 71c "t 1 lb, for eelected West
ern Reserve.
The ricer is stationary.
The crevasses near New Orleans, of which.the
telegraph has given an exceedingly brief account
ars very serious ones. One account says that
the Week extends all along the river. We clip
the following crevasse items from our latest New
Orleans papers:
The point Look Out Levee caved in on the 10t h
from the heavy pressure of the water, the Levee
being new and not being able to bear it. The
Lake Providence republican of the 10th Rays :-
4•Some forty or fifty feet of the levee burst up
all at once, and then the levee on each side of
the break continued to wash away capidly from
the great force awl rush of the water, it being
some eight erten feet deep. The opening is sup
posed to be between a quarter and half a mile
wide, and the ends of the levee are still wash
ing off."
The Delta has the subjoined :
The following authentic intelligence, relative
to the crevasse on the west bank of the river was -I
received by to last evening. It is from an expe
rienced engineer :
PAR:1111 or Jcrunsoo, Wert Bank, 1
12 o'clock, !larch 19, 1851 ;
Ede.. Delta : I have just visited the crevasse at
Mr. Gardanne's plantation, opposite Napoleon
Avenue, hi Jefferson city. The breach
mado yesterday morning, about i o'clock, nod
might to have been stopped before now, butes yet
nothing has been done calculated to do any good.
It is now about 60 feet wide, and the water
hen a fall of from seven to eight feet, with a tre
mendous current. It might still be stopped at a
cost probably of $5OO or $6OO, it the work wan
pot in the hands of any competent or efficient
person. From what I have seen and heard, the
chances aro that it will not be closed.
The Police Jury have been assembled in nye
cial session, and have just adjourned, after
oussing the matter, and they did in the premises
was to pass is resolution leaving the whole mat
ter in the bands of thesyndic, who In recommend
ed to not in the premises according to law—equiv
alent to directing him to do nothing—probably,
as it in the general impression the laws on the
subject are so defective us to be nearly of no
practical utility.
The agriesed is from the Picayune of the 20th
A break in the old level at Mr. Millandon'e plan
tation, a few miles above Gretna, took place on
Tueselny morning last. The new levee did not long
resist. By dark fifty feet of it had ilissappenred
—the water poured in, inundating the neighbor
ing fields. Efforts were mode to stop the breach
but no far as we have heard wore unavailing.
RED RIVEII.—The Alexandria Republican of
the 16th lust, says that the fall above had no ef
fect on the river at that place, where it was still
Owing to breaks in the river et Mrs. George's
and other points still further down, and to Bay
ou Sandy's being open, a good deal of the swamp
land between the river and bayous Robert and
Mut Is inundated, as well MB some of the land
In cultivation. The railroad and causeway being
both covered with water, the communication to
Bayou Boca was almost entirely cut off, except
through the fields of Messrs Flint and Hymen.
on Bayou Rapids.
A large portion of the islrnd. above Alexandria
formed be-Bayoultapides, and Bayou Jean do
Jeno and Red river, not having been leveed,
(with the exception of Mr. Flint's plantation,
which is leveed in) is underwater. The planters
have, however, secured their stock, and will not,
if the water runs off soon, suffer much damage.
Many of the plantations on the northaide of Red
River were more or less Inundated.
Francierrille Chronicle, of the 15th, soya, that
portion of the levee around the town --of Bayou
Sara., running from the foot of the hill to the riv
er, looks badly at present, although the water has
reached as high as 18 irides above its base;
mane:able numbers of crawfish holes hareibeen
discovered, which idfordan passage way for the
water whlcb has been arming through for Seve
ral days. • It Is unposed howertT, that segoon
u the draining machine can be put In operittlon
itvriß pruye effectul Jr' keeping the town . l per
fectly dri.
oisrLY.26 Hams TO. CLEVELAND.
gaa , -.:lBsl,l2gEigi
EXPRESS Packet and Railroad Line for
LA Cleveland. tudhouf /..” of slays by Steamer. Irmo
i'ittabarall to Beaver. In connortion with me elniantly fin.
inbal Exprx, Paskets of Clara, Parts A Co. . fr.] Boarvr
to Ravenna. mod the splendid new Paaenger Cara of the
Cleveland dod Pittsbnrich Railroad Co. to Cleveland.
PESNIiiILVANIA. J. tforrEuu:
NIAOARA.._ M. Tutor.
MAYFLOWER. ...... Ram ,
Steamers lea.. if.. Monongahela
Hour, at 9 o'clock.
M.. nriLw= with the Packet. at
Beaver. which
.. ill leave lmleidiately on the arrival of the , arrivig at Savanna time for the xpre Train
of Car. for Clr.rlaud. Fa... ten UT La. at
Cleveland In time to take the Railroad 1.1.3 of Steamer.
for BE FEM.° mul DETROIT, and the steamers for Chica.
Milwarikle, Toledo, eiandurky City. Dunkirk end also for evening train of rare Ibr tkolumbuo. Xenia, and
lhneiturati. CLARKS. PAREIi t CO.. Prophet...
Itorritatu, Pa.
W. it. 31001tIlEAD.
Ofebe under St. Chart.. Hutu
Office under Mottanitaltela
corner or Staittalettl and Water mtrett , g
On the Pennsylvania and Ohio Canals.
• • •
CIIA.IIIIE4LIN, CNA% FOOD t CO.,....ClaVtEi.iro.o-
miis well known Line ia now prepared to
trntuipert freight .ad roomy.. from VlT.:eel:Gil
aun CLEVELD. C i e ` Line Point.. th,, n u m b e r. ""
rhe [...Dries orthe Line at um...named qua
ity, and asperity of Boa., experience of n.“ C.
tiemy of Agents.
Linn &at lame Pitta ond Cleveland doilY.runnievit
In connection with a Line of ...memo. between PITT,
and BEAVER, and a Line of wet clam...mem.
Woo/miler and nemelei on the Lai..
Parke k Co., Vonavtown, 04
ito O kalia. O.
C. Prontles, Barran. 04
Brayton k Co. Ravenna, 04
Kent, Grlnnel , l Co.. Franklin, 04
11. A. Miller. Cuyahoga Yotlo U.;
enders,W Dee k Co., Akron. 04
Henderson I Pettibone. Banduaky City, 04
Peckham I Scott, Tolerho, Og i
U. WiLllarne &Co., 0010011, Ichlgarg
00 .001.21 • Co, Milwaukle, Wie4
Goo. A. Gibbs I Co.. CLkago, 1114
Thomas Bale, Clocago, 111.
oar. Water anal 1011005e00 IStraburvh.
NNG43 1851. gal
CLARKE, PARKS A Co., itocukarm„ P1[01.1M022.
'rue PROPRIETORS of this old and well
known Line, wauld MK= the public that they are
mow In wpetatitin for the prerent moon. and hate comman
d roceminti Freight and likwetrcre, which they - aro tally
a,Prjrlijir tarry
th ' ettru t iral ' es a . th Uit e. eo n tihnio i leoltri
cane will be anwitantly at the landing,the Runifit
gahela Bridge. to MeciTe frclabh
OR., ear. Want and Smithfield OA., Pittsburgh.
R. So!'”Ingt!!!;',No. aeuc, PO4
D. C. Mdte.n. l'uln;il.Ps4
W. C. Mal., Sharon:
Wm. Reno ilartelmmt
Wm. Power, ColmeauMille.
C. SI. Reed. Erie.
U. B. Want:Fridge, BMW, ICY
256 Liberty Street
WI uoa LL
r ARIJIVE IN A FEW I:A . , Y c S u , a
liltrttlEatlrti 'n and "' Ttr seTX.,77.W.ur
Wm. w hence rit In the yin,. of hew York gad Philadel
phia. holm, just returned. Tin exertion will be
spared 40 sustain the high reputation alreuly acquired by
Ohio bouve, of .11Ine ILe bet and chnieest aooh in [heir
lino to be heal In the city, uul at the lowed Pd..
iterThey yell nothing but what they gen reeaturoeui,
and una.nted every adult rePreeentnli that Wrenn.
mallow children ur Ferrante for oar thing need ha. no
fear , of having en inferior article palmed off UPC. them.
Thvy rend. with confident. to the agetomer• by Whom
Melare Inttrimixed. hoping for• contintuince of their
custom and maoy additions to dd. already large tart.
' A. )feCLERAI t CV)_
aid firocers ard Tea Pullen.
Bank Stack for Sale.
NOTICE in hereby given that In compliance
with them 000111000 of an Act of Asacmblyo.PPM ,-
e If :i1 day of Larch. 1550. there will be °Breed et nub
ile sale, at the Banking 'Louie, ONK 7110I1SAND 811ABES
NEU OTOCK of the Monongahela Bank d Brtneorritle, 00
Weiiiitewavi the 71. h day of Mae. 1551. Pale to commence
at 10 iieliw i l.. 0. NI. By onler of the Mani of Dinctoric
anti. 11. S KNOX. Cashmr.
CARD.-1 have removed to my new store,
Ztbre.anew. nearli opals. the Ttsnt of
ttimburgn. whom I be glut to we MY Men& and fa
lcon CMUCkr, and rale. • •linne of the!. custom. I will
ken, • we, large ae.ortment of Cpholdery, Bed
ding,Curnd 11.0. 14••••••
my; Fettbrr Mader, and lLaer• of
ColMaDel, and Comte., Windom bhadon of evory
rietr, Do ,, Mate, and every ankle usualir found in the
man extend,. •stablvilments of One idnd.
folly eolinne•i god mod vomptiv ailed
WM. NOBLE, Third .11011.
• .-----
Covington Iron Works for Bale or Lease.
THIS ESTABLISHMENT, situated on the
Ohio rim. unman. Cincinnati, having in theta.. lwat
u ersone thorough Dr. initalMlMa.mnehirierY.
benag Lac or the most loeathata In the Union
bo th. manufacture of the •miotto sine and land/int/ram
rombildng ae many. If ant more Unlink-ethers toy nab'
!lament in the Weet. Is now °Dead walw or law., on
term.eon apptirente. It pnewereas all the advartlages of
so actabliehment situated la the innet desirable parlor Ctn.
come. ..Melon to thecae.. being moth lighter-Iw
log ail (*.claw,. thy Cincinnati trwle. It con,lsta of warn
Puddling Furnace, three Finery or Ndhllng Fire.. two Re
newer fire, eta Ilcauttg Furnace, with Engine and Me
chine, to make inAu `i loth Inn op bat ,i 4: ....:tt tai and
1001eunete. all the mu, list Iron with a bliseet am!
A Lb.— A separate Sheet and nailer
gn:lne. capable of producing from 310 4 tuna per day Sheet
Ina. •
In addition, than Is a NMI Foamy. with m.. En
gine. containing 16 Machine, which ran bu increased to
' Yertnt. rAL's, AN. C3ricinnatit or J. Et 21eNICLE,
golt ttALD—A valuable Iron F...tablLthment altuatol on
Use (thin titer, In Delia county,Ohm.awohding of ts Forge
ccabeining three Nobling or lthery Virene three &Ailing
Fun. new rum out lir, one pair Donlan with
ju ' iracrCs ‘ 4 0 . 1 ' 47
ton ton. iron t.!d.i Theteactsnntaln.
Tbe entrance to ell the Dr or Dlts. Is from :A 1.0 1 400
yard. fn. the Forge. It is one of thetas. lorattoutsin the
Weal tot•• Indium WI.
ha,. D. 131:ClIANA1.Cinclunath orJ. D. IIeNICKLE.
ALbts—A large brink em Proof FunnarF. for ale. mot.
sol,lnlna the hulling 21111 front. 3 noruss high. e 0 ft. arida
with %aiding !haw DX/ ft. by bIl Hofer shore.)
FOR SALE--That desirable Tract of Land, situated on
the Alleghmly lifer, about 2 mile shove the thriving us ,
ougb tiltratining, Im Armasttong n.. FIS-, blmwn .. the
Allegheny Furnace property. runthirun2 In all about IOS
raw- The laad abounds Iron. Coal, Limestone. Vim
Cla, tc.. making It • very desirable Damson for rdanula ,
toting parpodwa from Da peculiarly beautiful ineatlnn. of
fer...any advantage, far hrmimg totems.: •largelm 2l .
of the bottom land Is now under cultivation; th e blab lands
' lll 'l =te m' ArrisitltY ' re
edowerst country. tui.. 6 tweed ma. PreitniaM•Fmr
nate- Awls, Etch, Lod insnsros.tai.esesiskiash‘s.
together with ell the buildings nrilw.thatri4f.thereth. dint.
Farm Donee, Darn, Stable, *a The whom will he die
po4oll of upon favorable them, or it will be Mental Into
tracts to mot pored:wars. A plot of the PasPer2Y and fer
thee particulate can be °llan:tn.! eddrmang
apl,eahlm It. IIeCIIAN AN. tlnclunar.l.
RICE -50 too. arriving per De Witt Clinton,
for htlehy • apt W. tV. ITILIIII.
I 11. MOLASSES-70 bhls. Louisiana Re
burry, tsrlying tow? Da Will Clinton: for sale by
apt , W. 2F. 14\.
11Af—Is toni Timothy. arriving per Mog
xi nth for .ale no the wharf. by
apl W. 2 F. WILSON.
SoCIETY bold their regular antirteril Meeting
r Ikon! of Tend. Remo. on
ha l e Mo lt,
11.0. at
,'clock, A. M. Members who hare Molt, belonging to I
llbrai2 of the toned plat. return (tuna
ay cutler of the Executive Committer
apLete A. D. Mote:EWAN, f“wrentry._
. I\lllltPilY A. BURCHFIELD hove cum
mcnewl renrivinn their nworet supply of Good,
aitudm whirl , will he found ilurkaback Waren, lUrached
and nobler-11,1 Shorting, 12-4 Linen Bliretilt.l and Pillow
Cm, Linen end 41 mlin 401 n. wide for Pillow thole, aid
wear, to he had at
UItPIIY t BURCHFIELD have resuivell
af,c phew mom all wool Tweeds and emetruere,
kegs & 3 bills. No. 1, for sale by
mehn SAMUEL P. 81114 V :2
I.3:6)*Wils;t4rpMClAWADCge , l.l:i
TIIIS INSTITUTION, a Boarding and Dr.y
School for Young Ladies, is now In imentasfiti ;me m.
. with fall 1k4040f Teachone. the Rec. DAVID W.
TOLFURD, D. D. an Principal; Mrs. Totroth haritia ins
fiuts 4,,,y g , of the linardiug Pupils aided by rewdent
Andwanto. The entire nowt of the Seminary Building will
not fall eur Awn of LOAM. It is beautifully situated upon
an elevated atte vont:wend with the range of I,lll.east of
Wheal., &pert (Wm the duct end the unlace( the cite.
Ey convenience. and appliance has been provided whleli
curb an hutitution requires. Internally the arrangement&
are complete. The government Is firm, but mild Pater;
nal. During an rapatienew of general year.. thttPrincinat
has never had to expel • plant'. or had a single COMO of e
ono discipline, which he out but attribute. with liod'a blee
ping. tn hip mode 11 guyernment....l tee be regards them)
yudkions anangrutente. A sound cool finished witwation
is hem glean, while Procial attention Is ever paid to timed
mural and religious Intimaters which conatitute the true
beauty and ornament of the female character. Di...1-lionlctant
lionIctant to physical, as well m intolleetnal salvation.
The Principal willrend catalogues. and glee any addi
tional information required. A catalogue run be peen at
thin oglee.
The nest Term will runic:neon. nu the FIRST OF MAT.
and continue two and a haircalendar months.
try. Dentation, Velvet and Gold Pater Ranging...l
Mr Drawing Dorms and Parlors, Prom the cele
nuutufeeturer Delarnurt,of Paris. juot reed end
for salt by . •
ES Waal !street
WALL PER—For tit per Roll, for sale
by torloll W. P. MARSHALL.
PPLES - 20 bblx. (Omen) for sale by
wri.3t J. CANYIELD.
* mall sum of money, was lot between Sixth
r4Wer , w,tb stmts. on !Smithfield streat, oo Toeslay, the
Inet. The flndor Ell E grad nter benefit by return:
lug It to tho owner, through this °Mow meb.l7
100 abates Mocha Houghton htlulug
100 do. Colling
100 do. Mc /heel • - • "
2 do. Madge ttgarts
A. WILA . CO..
corner Tido! and Hooka na.
Ontiern Latish. Book, for April;
Graham's Stannatne do;
Sartain's do. do; Sot sate at
uotat Es* Literary Depot.
melt IT ThI,I .t.. onMatbr tht P. 4 ("U"'
PAPER.--350 roma" 24 by 38 Printing Ptprc
330 . 211126
SW " 13 by 32 •
600 lo by 24, 24 by 32, 24 by 34. 23
by 41, 29 by 421
400 Alma Factory Paper:
120o r talla. Pinsk Crirrit Finn Par:
tOOF " Doable
anal " Cronta
undersign keeps coridantll OV,tOl4 d
*Casaba/not fur,_• largo and
Ruled. Cap, Lector. llanlaittro. anil Too PAM% &mat
Alito—Feiting of all rhea, for Mar ni 049,90941114 . 1 .;
Printing Paw nude to onto, on slant notir.
p. 323 J. L. B r
manor of Penn =I Irwin .tr.
25 bbls. No. 1 Winter Eitestamt lard 011;
30 tam Jaalela. Dl!cmos .
7 s. Mess Park,
Beam Ilmkgbaublers.amt Mee la smoke house;
10 Ws. No.lls ekerel ; Its sale lam by_ •
l OLL MIITEL-5 bble. ifTveb! by
~ IL
&talk Ad!: "...
't:fg. Ir: l 'u o . B. s nuinG. CluusaLOM
Just ned aud . for ade by MI - J. KIDD 1 CO-.
mth3l Na 60 icarl st.
fi ROUND GINGER-3 bldg. (Pwro) for
trich3l J. KIDD t CO.
LIRDINV DER RHUBARB-4 cases. for sale by
L metal J. KIDD t 1.10
tor We bT roctull J. UM t CO.
Gq 31 ALOES-3 alters for sale be
toch3l J. ROD k CO.
LAND OIL-12 bbls J. L. Conkling's No 1
Lard OM O ooze nud for .ale bf
meINI 221/m42Z Liberty O
f' On FISH-12 drums for sale by
nar.h3l MILLER t /MORMON.
lICKETS-20 duz. (Beaver for sale by
RIO COFFEE-150landily, for sale by
RICE— S Intiding, for sale by
metal • MILLER' t RICIUTsO:7
BROOMS -50 doz. fur sale by
metal ULMER a FuotErsoN.
EW BOOKS !—Eleteztlo . f ,i itetyzif ,a. al
Nile Elio
b r the antDor of the Rao
L i gdon Labor and Oa; Locator, Poor, by gem
eaken Dr . 314712 z .;
d T.! MV: ulreNitd
en& t R. C. btOCKTOS, 4, Kraket rt.
GGs-7 bbls. for by
BUTTER -5 kegs packod, for gale by
DRY APPLES-10 bble. reed, for sale by
RIED PEACHES-25 bu. for ale by
CORN -150 bu. (Shelled) for sale by
m , h3l somEL P. EHRIVEIL
APPLES -75 bbl. Romanites, for salty
meh3l EAMUEL P. 81111.1TP3..
SWEET POTATOES-20 bbls. for Seed, in
coOd coder, to arrive per YorrPitt and for fair by
metal Warne and Front sta.
I[I . ERIIING-18 bbls. (1850) well sack
s and for 1e low to dose. by
iseun DICKEY s 00.
Water and ironed.
metal 1.5.41/tII-DICKET a CO.
IaRANDY & WHISKEY—Some very priroe
iv. Ohl Bye Whiskey, ..1 Pesch Brandy. foe use ee
tach3l hit/Wile Tea Stem la the Diamtead.
:PIRITS TURPENTINE-30 bble. igne
aj order. Cr wile by J. ECLIDONMAKEIt
OIL -2 casks Winter Sperm; 5 do.•
Whale: b db. Rene Whet:, fig balelL
meb3l • J. NCILOONILA u•t CO.
►RANGES-300 boxes Sweet Sicily.
‘ jr t!fot rag 7is Ps r
NEW BOOKS!—NiIe Notes of a flow ,
vol. 12 mo., mem sad papa,
ulls= • Fesnoonit Mom &IL voL tittle eerie by
author of the Rollo Booltn_ lb ma, U.
Elm.. of Analytical Geometry, and of the Di;
UM and Integral Caleulnai by lib, A. !Li L
Bro.. sleep. Jtoit reed lied to, tale by
IL HOPKINS, Ili Apollo Buildings,
article, for sale br the br
mete. W. S. IIAV.r-S, cor.E , Kcauf and Sfekrt.
All;4lMatsiiil rfzirsrelyi
LCOHOL-30 bble. (various strength) for
male br ma2S IL A.. FAILNIIITOCK. at W.
BLACK LEAD-1200 lbs. powdered,
oto}, for .. 14° by
/o. A. PALM }TOOK • CO.
ILITE WAX-250 lbs. for sale by B. A. FAIINESTOCK it CO.
FIYE WOODS—ZOChipped & 6round,
ror zale by B. A. FAIINK.I2OCK 2 00.
C 1 A LT PETRE-50 kegs refined, for sale by
1.7 mete.l B. A. FAILVZSTOCIE C CO.
AGO-300 lbs. Pearled, for sale by
meh2A B. A. VA TOO:STOCK t CO.
OTTOI.;i-86bales landing from str. Gene-
IL" T. and for wile by
GEASE:-18 bbls. landing from atr.
nod for solo by ISAIAII DICILEY
aboaCi Water bad Yrord n,.
B ACON -18 casks Hams;
6 Shoulderd larding from dr.
0 00 656. ard for rile by ISAIMI DICKNI CO.,
Orchtl Water and Front rtt.
TO LET—An Office, with or without Ware
ftrn .aim . Wit a. JOILNSTON.
Sercdl rt.
European 4gerit7.
05-Having been detained by business at
lf ew Cirlrane end hi- Lowrie, doling the WM few week.. I
will not Inn this city. cur kluttlP , asTlifidilit
of April next Wadi. DA A,
rartalAiw corner of d klith Etat
F ISII-50 tads. Mass. No. 3 Mackerel;
" rhor.:
4 - No. 1 Nal.= for Ws by
ma= IV. a V. WILSON.
/ street, optoe ite the Poet Mot—
knoal, Ar March.
Inctioury of Meesanies, So. % - I
Loudon Art Journal. for March. •
LetelPs Laving Age: Not 351-11.
Tee theory and Adventure, of For Own. by the author
of - Laurie Told."
Tom rw. net and hla Thee )fallen Aunts.
Pietorle Field Book. to. 11
Time: the ATV6P.r, by Mrs. Marsh.
Pope Joao. by IV. M. Reynold..
Colour!. In I rd-600.
Lout. La Yellen: or coneusion of the Iron Mask.
Stanfield JILL a lllstorical Itronauce—conspletu
The Warrick Woodlando by Prank Fmtilp.
The Elckleburna on the Wenn by Thackano.
The Quern'. Neckbear,
Polly Prabloeson's Weddlna; illustrated br Deily.
tort Yolk, of a Madlual htodant; do. • do.•
TEA City HorthotO, ram do.
Montoya= Novel; 1. , do. do.
WTerie of an Old Matt. or flints to Young !dep
ortsrot end Caletatint
Et . irjr z l i ff F.C. l l : aa „ D'Orwr. •
Loftin' EO
w. Seholar—tlta bileety— th e Prite—by Ono.
100.000. author of the "Bible to Site." Nan ouPPLY
Harper 's bore Monthly, Au Moth.
e rtn t:l'a 3=ll 3 a 4 ga . il •'T H.
Tbe Horticulturist, be learrlt u4'
Tile Cultivator. ••
Creston In too Lost War, by C. J. Petarann--tompletu
llletory of Itoulthulr, by Thackarey—ccoupleba
Ca'nOltu, of Brunstrlck: by Roynokla
fIA3I.I3OGE-62 lbs. recd and for sale by
NJI rocht3 &E. BELLE/lA.ST Wad rt.
lIINAMON-50 mats for sale by
1,1) .tar IL E. MISES.
GINGER ROOT--600 lbs. for sale by
trteb::7 R Y SSLIARS.
La amle br nu.AZ E. E. SELLEES.
UTMEGS-75 lb, for rade by
mrh2T R. R. SELLERS.
UP. CARB. SODA-1000 lbe. (prime) for
b we by men- R. E. HELLMS.
LEMON VANlLLA—Preston's extract, for
..L.l We by . mcbyy R. E. SELLERS.
.o. y m
SUGAit;4S6 Mils. arriving, for sale
D 7
R. • F. riLSOL____
0. MOLASSES-500 bbls.(oak) for sal
IN • by Each= W. It V. WILSON.
T"Epartnership heretofore existing be
tween Robt. Morris and John flaywOrtlkaloing toe
sinew on Federal Street Allegheny. eity, and in the Dle
mewl. Pittibutels, tinder the fam of MORRIS k DAY
WORTH, is this day diewobred. Tomos indebted to
fino will plerueeell Aral settle the sante with Rota
Morris et either of tlie ebore stores. mett%
1' H'
ALL PERSONS indebted to the Estate of
Rommel Robinson. We of tboßoroußb Mandoster
. out .w koxi t to th et e tt to t e ßo . t i tonisnott ‘ t bem ootl f.. ttsz l hivint;
IschtSlet . JOHN H. ROBINSON, Execolar.E'
Divelope& •
ELOPYS.—By dipping tbe s Png. , in nnin,...ingnid
tt and sweseiou the gummed relics, these Envelop...the
e:me the West s.M 10.10IgeTt ULM on be usel—belrww 4 4swie
of parchment raper, which will withstand soy o
Wait= or moisture. Tor Pale,
_by ths quer:ll:Ms or dug 7 e
st the Mom of mob= , ' P. liAVEri.
V AMPHOR-3 bbls refined, for sale by
ti 'made_ B.A. FAIDIESTOCS t CO.
b k i l f an st =s,
B RIMSTONE -1: bbls Tor sale by . .
meh . .ll
PSOM SALTS-30 bbls, for sale by
.1.74 aLctaf B. A. FAIINESSOCICA CO.
AL SODA-20 casks English, for sale by
mch2l B. A. I , 3I.I3IESTOCIE A 00,
ir ) LOYESL:TOO lbs, fee sale by
TOCK fur sale by _
metal B. A. FAIIHES 00.
E ANS-10 MA,. just ree'd and for eale by
racti..ll J. B. CANITELD.
BULKEAT -100 pieces for sale by
Air or by mch33 J. B. CANFIELD.
INSEE:I) OIL-4.A2 galls. to arrive and.foi
ach2ls E.\
h 25 awl 151 rtrxt Anne_
SEED--50 bbls. for sale
BEESWAX -250 lbs. for sale by
W"IlEz3 LEAD-50 kegs for sale by
OATS -400 bet. for solo by
150 Rat. Wrappityr Tam
50 .105.1301 Corltc •
10 ken fl nlpreiParTObliSM
1 Lb!. Nuuneyr,
25 Dbl.: Vinegar,. in Kern and in eale by
10:0111411 BENNETT
..<1 , 26 112 Second, 151 Fr.% street.
ATINEGAR--30 bbla. Cider (warranted) for
de on to dirment, by TATOOD3 & SON
nach2B . Na 61 Water'st.
CORN DIE AL IbLs. for sale by'
COTTON -25 bales on consignment, per
gb•Arner WisablArtra tor nil, by
tkNION SEED-3 bbla. for sale by .
rotb..*l .t
A LLOZC:I 7 -10 WA. 76 and 92 degrees,
4-s inenss y J. ECIWONSUEZ6 a co.
drOPPEILAS-35 bble. in flne order, for
sal. by • •
ma2s J. ecraoorizunat a 00.
LARD, 01L-40 bta. No. I, just reo'd and
er. 4 21. A. unararmac , a co..
sietdo coon FM sad Wad etc
O ps o at Ose THE.S...ErM BULLDLYGS, Liman
AY . O. S. YOWLER, of Nem tintk, or Yhre
wine". and PhYWobaY apylied . perliwYlna
TILISISS LIAIJ., * ea Stamen
• Thmaday evening. Harr T:111, Signe of Character.
slitLevenluit, =lb. Analysis of Propensitias
rtrennlt. 2-qth Self Perfmtlen awl JuVerdle
Tr y
Manday evening, 31st, Homer,. and Intellectual
Vedneaday and rr;dlr. A r ra34 and 4tb mAnnto.
NT. or the Mance of love, Selection, enuttahlp and Met
Owl Life. dis
Ye who would enjoy seatrimenial telicity, end avoid
cord. mann
Heyday and Wednesday, 7th and 9th, Wonlan's Made
ltst7, oPben. Bight* wounon Dales. 'athletic.% Pleas,
Treatment and Yerfetion.
Let her whom It web to immure he there.
Friday, Mt Hereditary Lava and nat.—aria plane
&fel treat.
gHmda rd Wedmwde.l4th and 16th, ilitnbend, Its di
impeleme T nt and IseisseiPrnikat
Ccanmeneing at o'clock and elating with PIM= EX
lacuna Ikea Tickets to Hen, 15 mute: Wo
men, 10 emus, or 10 fur ST Ptofassionsi dellnealiena of
character, with. unnsber,l charts, sad also TULL Writta.
ejmnions, Including donee tonelung health. Deets
PaWis, k, their remedy, eel f perfection, manta.=
shildren. le.,.te.,dally andsmorcapied er.ndnig at
ate apartments at nemesia lintel.
TIRIED PEACHES-2000 by. Hydreii) for
1J sale by tnehl.s SHAY, HATTHICII - 13 t W.
kj • Toe, bbl. ;rev N O. Blanes
ta3 Ws.
50 sacks Buckwheat.
.93 Lewes Alec
Elirateal; . T. IL, Impl, and a. P. Stag
260 dun Cbst larnomz,. so 0;
.00 bop.. Dvlap Tobscat
al • IS. lump robot.
" Jess Hues IP. lump l'obses%
1.0 " 6•llSobseco, various bnuadr,
60 dos Backetr,
08 " Tabs
10 " &elm
30 bblit. Us:angle LI mg In stun am ter tale br
-603 Rearm Medium and Cron
60 extra Large and Strong;
300 Tea Payer,
or sale by mebts J. OCUOONMAILER Al 00.
mag ° ` l7.T. ECILZTa i k b
ila s CO.. 24 Wood st.
ANNERS' OIL-15 bble. No. 1;
10 " EJT sal. br
J. scuomotAar. a Co.
INSEED"OIL-30 bbls. for sale by
mch7s J. BCIIOON3I/Jillt k CO
ICE-15 tierces Carolina, for -
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2 ii (km Taller to arrive on tbs. darner
Gem= tor sale bt ISAIAH DICKEY t CO,
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VTRAPpNG PAPER-500 mans Ate d.
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mc.tal W. S W AY ! ..m. tor. Second Mzetst.
DRIED PEACHES-500 bu. for sale by
met= • BMA 11 DICKEY& CO.
Minding Lots.
situate in the Blehth Ward. City of Pittabmiiti.
these Las front on Pennsylratils Avenges. of
D. W. A A. S. BELL. AtterneTe d LLB.
melt/Wee Fourtn stmt.,
CIIEES - 50 boxeg for wale by
sichl9 JAMES DAUM. .5
Frenh Es . =
.-• 'Das Green •Ibr isle
mete!) T. WOODS SOS
OSIN-1.00, bble. to arrive to-day,. for sale
'LT mdl24 S. t a♦UGH.
AR-50 Ills. (Wilmington) to sirive to
- day.for ale bytach:A . S.a W. fiesatunt.
TNNERS' 011.-10 bbls. No. 1, for sale
y a.h . 24 S. B W. lILILBATJUL
INSEED OIIr2 i bble.reeg and for sale
J. by =tell , ROBISON, 'OMB a CO
G REEN APPLES-18 bbln. Russets;
go IPD~G.aa
.sus ree dead for mkt by - 1.
VINEGAR—`O) bbLs. (Cider) for fade b
stele..l • B. D 612811. •Mk
SALERATUS-125 boxes and 10 bbLa for
de by R DALULL • 00.,
vacte3 , Üb.ty amt.
NVANTED--A Situation to Book•koepergr
Clerk In • mem:ile or menttfriituaing bonen—
Unexceptionable dry references will kw green A ,11ne eti•
dressed to O. lt, care of CP* will Melee Mut
don. make=
APPLES -20 Ws: Russets and Pippins,
for sob by • F. I. %AN BONNIIOICff2 &DO.
GROUND PALNTS, in Oil, neatly - put np
In tin mos of 1 U. to 10 to. meta moon ',Lift ar.
Itatireen, Paris Greet,.
Blatt. Yellow Ochr.
Terra do eirma. ' Prt.Wl , ll l Ar.
limber 1f... Umber Bond.
comer lint sad Wood sta.
WEET risks superior, for sale by
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WA t e i . l. P 4 APEß—lNZ 2 zortawnt is
per !tanking. for 114 Is, ?Jam and Chamber& at prim
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WANTE!)--$5,T0 1 Alleglm . Co. Coupon
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atchll Wooers .41 Tea Doke.
PIES.AND TARTS—Fresh Cherries
Plum. pnt ap in Weir mrn juke, I.....rwing the
mend dayat of the halt Also—tkotera celebrated
Meet and axed Isinslass sod french (Matinee AM lelliewe
FM= Mande. AC. tor sale bx
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NTENISON HAMS-93 for 84.0 :by
v nachlB J. D. WILLLLMAI ca
TANNERS' OIL-10 bbls.warranted tire,
for side br cod= 'B.S
CHERRY PECTORAL, Starch Polish, Soap
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mr.1122 R. K. tir.LLEBS. 67 Wood 4.
lILAEPER'S MAGAZINE, for March, re
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SUNDRIES -1 case Gum Shelact
I bbL Silver,Sued: •
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corner Weal. =I Sixth six
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bl 7. sale by
LCOIIOL-2.5 bbls. for sale by
mthz J. KIDD t CO.. tetrad rt.
we b 7 meta' , J. KIDD t CO.
PARISH bbls. ler sale by
meats ' J. KIDD k CO.
ARTS WHITE--IS MAL extra line. for
de by aid= J. JUDD & CO.
iaAND CRUCIBLES-100 nests for Bale by
mcb2.l J. KIDD* CO.
LCOHOL-12 bble. for sale by
meta= A E. SELLERS. 51 Wad se.
TGHE SUBSCRIBER has been appointed
• Agent Ibr the of
Theme are the beet Rum which bare ever bees Gained to
the public. The manufacturer g e ed the public Mist the
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S Ci m AP el — 'o ; 1141'9
Kea No. I:reo'd. for sale by
8. k W. lIABBATIOIf.
GREEN APPLES-2(1 WI reel, for sale
by 1 mutil9 elk W:11)11tBAUCILL
1310 • 'TAIL-440 tons for hale by
1.1149 • u•Truswa • iso
SPIKES-1801egs improved)
1 for sal! by mcbl9 oIIIET,MATpCO,
6 tibia Fresh 801 l Butter. •
10 bxs do. do ter.
Z bids Lamed Oil. •
Bl bids Hurl ,ilrb.
60 boo Yarn Crum Cheese.
160 dos Corn Bream. t
3Xi- bus Dried APO , .
• 600 bur Dried B eaches. tor We b -' / .
mchl9 • , J. B. C
; •
•;1. Smut Mill (comptetel fa
icor.bl9 R. DAIM.
HOUSE-BEEPERS—Orders for Paper
Ilatarers ewt be lett at tha W.q P&P. MOM of
mch2l W. I'. hlAllBllALt . SS Waad sta
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JULEP MAUEL'S 131 LAYING CREAM is ersoistingly
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tremely mane allaying chi ltritlau=„d proventing
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will be appreelatod by all who Mae uia of
• Prepared OWty
• ALES ELAM, Chamfer,
12:1Cheanut wee
Tormilartodeole ratan, br.B. A. a Co.,
= .1.4 L &Mom VIM nen timl John lhargent,