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PRATtIisOR. EsitIISOS'S LlCTl'lo . .m.—Profassor
Emerson will deliver.bis feat lecture this evening.
Subject, •"Worship." We trust that he will have
large audience. .
Too Coos ER SiOi , r. OF SALVT PoTER's
large concourse of our citizens assembled
. yesterday, on (leapt street, opposite the Court
House, to witness the imposing ceremony of the
laying of the corner stone of Saint Peter's, anew
Church, which the rpincopalions of this city in
tend to erect, The area in front of the Court
House .was covered with ladies, and every win
dow overlooking the. ground was occupied by
At four o'clock, the appointed hour, a proces.
sion, composed of the Right Reverend Alocao
Potter, Bishop of this this. Diocese, and the Reverend
„Messrs. Lyman, Taylor, Crampton, Paddock, and
Rowland; accompanied by the Church Wardens
and members of the Vestry of Trinity Church,
proceeded up Grua street to the spot where the
excavation intended to receive the corner atone
bad been mode. The stone itself wan hollowed,
CO on to receive a copper box. The Bishop, stand
ing near the corner stone, said:
Chriation Brethren—lt is decent, and proper,
and at•reeabl e to the precepts and examples of Holy
Writ, that in all our doings we should beseech
Almighty Gal, from whom cometh every good and
perfect gift, to direct tlei with his most gracious
favor, and to farther us with his continual help.
, Especially, therefore, when we are now assem
bled to commence a house which is to he set
apart to his honor and' service ' and in which his
holy name is to be worshipped, andhis word and
sacraments proclaimed and celebrated, by the
ministry whom he bath commissioned. let us
• humbly and devoutly supplicate his assistance,
protection and blessing.
After prayer, Bishop announced that the
box to be depodted in the corner atone contained
w copy of the Holy Bible, and Book of Common
- Prayer, together with a paper on which was in
scribed the name of the edifice, and the date of
:its foundation, together with the names of His
Excellency, Millard Fillmore, President of the
United States; William F. Johnston, Governor of
- .Pennsylvania, the Right Reverend Alonzo Pot
tar. Bishop of this Diocese; the Reverend
Theodore B. &yam, and Joseph P. Taylor, Rec-
Itar and Curate of Trinity Church; Messrs. John
D. Davis and John H. Shoenberger, Church
Wardens; and Charles Shafer, Bopewell Hep
burn, Robert Robb. George R. White, Thomas
lif. Rowe, Wilson McCandless, John McFaden,
George Miltenberger, Charles Rasp, William
Witty, James Dein, and Josiah King, members
of the Vestry of that church.
The other deposite_s ;O•Ve numbers of the Ban;
wer of the Cross, end the Churchman, the lour
ad of the General Convention, and copies of the
Gazette, Post, and Journal, of the date of Mara
Slat. The box was then placed in Its receptor
she, and covered up, and the corner stone was
laid in its place. The services customary on such
occasions were performed, after which the Bish
op delivered an exceedingly beautiful and appro
priate address relative to the solemn ceremony,
'the celebration of which had assembled them
.together. At the close of the sermon, after pray
er, the congregation dispersed
.The atone was laid, at the corner of the ves
try TOMO, which will front on the twenty foot al
ley, intended to divide the "old basin lots."—
'The Church of Saint Peters will front on Dia
•mond street, and n ,space twenty feet in width,
will be left before it,.in order to afford sufficient
room for widening that street, if it should be
-'found necessary. The building itself will be
ssixty feet in front, by one hundred and twenty
-# length.
dectnss - 4—A furniture wagon, loaded with
the effects of a fainily removing, was overturned
yesterday, on the MouongalTela wharf. Two
young ladies who were in it, were much injured,
one having her collar bone broken, and her head
dreadfully cut. We did not learn their names.
Conosta's NeCEST.—The Coroner held an in-
gloat on Sunday, 611 the body of John Miller,
drowned sonic weeks ago, in the Allegheny direr.
The body was found near the Marine Railway.
ATTEMPTED SIIICIDE.—A man whose name we
refrain from publishing, attempted to commit
suicide in the Sixth Ward, on Sunday. lie got
out of jail, where he had been confined on a 37
cbdrge of drunkenness and disorderly conduct, on
Saturday, and next day he ordered his wife to 59,
leave the house, and fastening a rope round his
stock, he tied it to a hook in the wall, and jump
ed off ntable. iris wife, suspecting something 13
of this kind, rentrited in a short time, and found
him hanging, upon which she immediately cut -
him down, and he was restored to animation with
considerable difficulty.
Present, Honorable William B. McClure, Pre
sident Judge, and Samuel Jones, and William
Boggs, Associate Judges.
The case of Commonwealth vs. Samuel Wiley,
Indictment Assault and battery, alleged to have
-committed on his wife, was continued.
The jury, after having heard the evidence,
retired, and brought in Et verdict of guilty.
Arrtusoos SESSIOD
Commonwealth vs. John Thomas, Indictment
This is theeclebrated Allegheny City case,
and the defendant is accused of stealing a large
quantity of leather, and boxes of boots and shoes
.from Messrs. Parker & Mclntosh. Atorney Gen
eral 'Darragh, and District Attorney Flanegin,
Appeared on behalf of the Commonwealth;
;Messrs. Magraw and Fetterman for the defend-
The officers brought in the goo& alleged to
„tare been stolen, wrichplmost blocked up that pot
s:km of the Court room, allotted to the members
Mr. Mclntosh sworn—li carry on the shoe bu
rliaseness o:‘Federal street, Allegheny City. I Fir
bom.4 and shoes at the east, and also man
ufeeture theo. here. There are from fifteen to
,twenty-five hoods in my employment. My stock
was appraised at ten thousand dollars. I bad
boots and shoes, both of my own and eastern
;manufacture in m,l- establishment, in January
;last. I base experienced great losses in my
%Lock for the last ten months, and bad made en
•quiry about it.. I trot saw some of the proper
ty which I had missed, it the Mayor's office, Al
legheny. This was after the arrest of Thomas.
'The 'witness here identified a portion of the boots
and shoes which had been brought into court.—
IHe testi f i ed that he bad lost nearly two thousand
dollars worth lltsigether, of boots, oboes, and
New locks were put on the doors, .by my di
rections, after my losses, but I still continued to
mitts goals. The doors in the morning were al
trays, as I left them on the previous night. lam
acquainted with - the prisoner, John Thomas.
In the month of Jane list, he came into my shop
and asked me for work. I did not give him any
--he called in after that once or twice. The
• guide were found in his house and
. cellar. I
was obliged to creep on my stomach into one
Portion, where I found some of my goods.
Cross examined—The floor of the cellar (wbich
liras a back cellar) was Eo vered with straw. Ten
rffirlys before Thomas was arrested: I bought a
aural= of sides of leather, a portion of which
.1 used, and found the iest in his cellar, when
smarchdddi. I believe them to be mine, although
there is no mark upon them, by which I can
Valentine .Eteck sworn-1 am by trade a shoe
- tinker, and Worked for Mr. Mclntosh, in Alle
gheny City. The witness proceeded to identify
a pair of ehocs which he bad made for that gen
tleman, among the stolen goods.
Daniel Wilbur morh-1 am a shoe maker, and
• •-•
Enke edam shim, I worked for Mr. Biliatosb,
and find several of the shoes I made for him,
among these.
Adam Null, a shoe maker, identified several
pairs . of shots, which be had made for Mr. Mc-
Intosh, for whom be had worked for nine years.
• Neverial other witnesses identified boots and
shoes of their workmanship..amonget those pro
duced In court.
Mr. Ntewart, a tanner, identified several sides
.of sale leather, which had been stolen from Mr.
ldebitoilb, to whom they had been sold. .
The court, at this stage of the proceedings
adjourned until nine o'clook this morning.
rwarig fails, whose names we refrain from siring,
Is:tasting chat they will not again be guilty of a
• similar offence, were yesterday brought before
its honor, Mayor Guthrie, charged with being
guilty of disorderly conduct in St. Andrew's
church on the precious Sabbath. They were
fined ale dollars each, and discharged.
7ilsinucars or TIL COI, —A detachment of U.
13. Dragoons left Pittsburgh, yesterday, on board
the steamer Amazonia, en route for California.
They are under the command of Captain Ran
som. 1
COWIRELL'S PANCIAMJA.--Our readers will re
collect that this heautirul panorama of beetles in
• California contisues ui. exhibition at the Athe
gms —A emu l frame house, on Fulton street,
vig rotorday burned to the ground.
INCL. POILATE II .—We are pleased to learn that
th e Le g stature
stature lus palmed an
,art, incorporating 1
the An c erseninn Apprentices! Library, in Alle
qity. ,
Con , 11-rm.—llia honor, 'Mayor Fleming.
yesterday committed James Williams, a colored
mo n, toprison, on a charge of larceny.
- . PHILADELPHIA, March ill.
The I I rig India arrived at this port this morn
ing, wi a cargo of ivory, 0i1,..1ic. She left Bea.
tutu, wet coast of Africa, on the 234 of Janunry.
and Po t Pmya, Cape De Veille, on the 12th of
Februa y, having put in there on account of the
sicknes of th e Captain and crow.
Bess u was very unhealthy when the India
sailed. , A Belgian bark had lost all her crew,
and theiCaptain was compelled to engage a native
to takeher to flora. i
The ndia lay four months at Benny, cut at.
count of the unhealthiness which prevailed, and
the Captain and all hands were down with sink
ness atone time. The captain, mate, and sere
, rat alders of the India died. 1" •
The India left ut Port limega, the U. S. sloop
of war, Portsmouth. benringl the ling of Corn.
Gregory; and the U. S. brig Perry, Lieut. Foote.
The officers and crews of both vessels were well.
NEW Yalta, March 31
The park Mason Bainey has arrived, bringing
dates firi Buenos Ayres to ,January 21. She
brings 10 news of importance.
A letter from our Charge, d'Affairs, W. A.
Harris,! acknowledges the marks of respect to
the memory of Gen. Taylor, adopted oy the
Buenos, Ayers Government. I
The acket ship Washington arrived from Liv
erpool esterday, with 5 cabin, and MO steerage
passes ra. Making a grand total, including of
ficers and crew, of 1010 souls. The only death
was that of a seaman lost overboard.
I iise•-•
1 - .PHILADEI:CLIIA, March 81.
' I, .
The bark Thomas Pallet !armed here last
i i.
night, txteen days from Puerto Cabello.
Aco espondent, writing under date of March
14, sa 8: “ Business bas become quite active
since e decision of the Presidential question,
which . 80 tended to restore public confidence to
the mercantile community. lam under the im
pressimi that the country will continue quiet for
a period at least. All must and will depend on
the codrse of the new administration, which has
jest been installed in office.
1 -
I mmsw.
: . New Tone, March 11.
Port l y thousand dollars in specie was, shipped
for Europe by the Berman, on Saturday. The
Frankllnand Arctic will take out about $BOO,-
It Is'reported that $500,000 in coin is on the
way ck to New Orleans.
Pri to letters from London represent the mo
ney ket as being in a healthy condition ; also
that e Bank of England, with an increased
4 .
lino _of bullion, will probsbly reduce the rate
of int rest.
Am rican stocks were id good demand, with
out pressing on the market.
The liabilities of Austin It Spicer, who failed
in this city, a few weeks since, are officially set
down et $1,200,000. They decline making any
statentent of their affairs.
i .
Ncw YORK, March :31.
Th typhus fever is very Prevalent here, and a
great any deaths hare meurred from it.
' [ March 31.
Rumness generally has been very dull to-day.
Cot n
t t
—Ls in limited demand, but without
ma change.
Flo —Tho market is dull, and inactive.—
Frit range from $4 311165510 r common to
extra brands.
• ()ruin—Wheat is in limited demand, but prices
are utchanged, sales of gotel to print.) Penna.,
at 96 '97 for red, and 1O; for white. Rye i 5
eteadl, at tlOcc. Sales op° bush. yellow corn
- oat
at 60,0101 e. To bush.
Grucerieupplies are coming forward more
e .,
e 1 and more 15 doing. A cargo orLagnayra
ff and one of Maracaibo have arrived, but
en t yet landed.
W key—la in limited ,request, at : 221c . in
r7C S.
March 31
Flo. 'ales of 2,100 bbl. H. S. flour at
yl bbl.
in—White and yellow *corn is selling at
to a` • 9tl bush. Wheat! is unchanged.
Pr. 'aions--The marketlis firm.
Cattle—Ssles of .1110 hand at s3€o
e goss.
March 25.
Flo, l nv—Good Western end State brands con
__ouctin goat demand, with no noticeable change
in p s.
0 •n—Wheat is in limited demand, and prices
4ce l
no • 'at 98€1,100c for Ohio. Corn is scarce,
and ' fair demand for eastern and home trade.
Private advicea per Canada, in reference to breod
stuffs are not considered as favorable as publish
ed accounts.
Pvisions—The pork Market continues good, l'
with fair demand for the trade. Old prime is
sel • g at $lO 123, new do. at $ll GO 11 bbl.—
h 2.
Sal of old mess at $l3 123®13 25, and of new
do 54:13 75 - tR bbl. Lard is In good demand at
81 a 10 bbl.
Omceries—With the exception of coffee, the
demd for groceries is good, with some improve
men in feeling. New Orleans sugar and molas
ses qje selling at 53 o 63 . . c per lb, and 80} ®3lc
T cco—ls In moderate request, with mode
rate inquiry for the country trade. Kentucky
leaf s selling at Bic 'V lb.
iskey has a downward tendency, with no
Oar sales
March 31.
C. ttan—Prizes hare declined 1 with sales WOO
Flonr—ls firm with miles 3000 lib's at former
Grain—Wheat is dull, ;sales 5000 bash, yellow
core; at 66}c lit bash.
lrrovisiona—Pork elOsed with a downward
tendancy, sales 700 bbla at $l3 12013 75 for
old an new mess. 1
Flour—Prices have d Mined 5c 11 bbl, but the
demand is good. Sales of 1200 bbla at $3,4564
$11,47 :el bbl.
Irakey—The market is heavy at 1716171 c
11 ion, which is a slight decline.
Groceries are steady. Molasses Is generally
held at 33c.
qovisicauf—The only tale was 1,000 bbleprime
at fier? Ib.
La llie river bee fallen 2 feet since Saturday, and
is ow stationary. The weather is warm and .
clo dy.
. pm.
1 / Lomas/us., March 31.
The river is falling: Slowly, with 7 feet I I in
cheii in the muse.
The steamers Griffin Yeatman, Diadem, and
Shenandoah, passed up to day. . •
craw Bonnet and Hat • Wasebense,
lii,ll. PALMER offers for sale, at very
. owl prima, a fag areiortenent of Straw mad Mill
tryfiftNAltForelan and American lain and fan y
Erma, Braid, Chip, (limp, Milton, tom, Oh io, Pamela, Le;
harn,Aa. se.
41 TS—Alerea, 'Moths', and &ye Lephorn, &MCI end
w 'arum. 11.111. and Palm Leal Ire
0, A t 1,7 Z. o n! " . Braid.
: 41 1 t , ml , err ! ., lid, mad other faro:o4lu dTe•I. Tari•
'trEidlAlN'Vteblionnid. and Scarf. plain Bath:Land Tar-
U 4 '!;ontc;-:-I?:.ager4-apiAftj-g:adi4,.„1.u..,:.
c..... Netts.
4.1* R.JW TR 1,101 I.IV G S—Cords, Tenets, Buttons. Braid.
Peleninta , 00.,
F.4",Z)::Elfs—jdre.Wt and American Sprites, bundle , and
'"lty.-4,IIbEfLAB ~r,IrZI TlNN—filace, ona de Ns.
plea, tim. do Rhine, florenta, and other atria', warted
''..so4.444—Ztsited thaw and color,
Itch and low isiesa Parasols and Urobtella, Saud
ac.. &a. enehlB
„ ----
OfthIMIEAL- 40 bus reed and for sale by
ably _ S. kW W. HAI:MAUI:iII.
641 Drind Prarho,
110 bbl.. prime N. U. 2M.1.
bOO bbla. I hmtatiort 5.10.13wr, to arriv!, for We br
mehl9 lIIIEY..IIATTLIZR 8 dt
VOL. lat. LOSSING'S Pictorial
Field hwk or the ILevolutluo. Cloth. Zalldtl;
tso. 12 Pictorial Field Docket the Itarolo- ..
tido. Pamphlet aeries
i.l.;l4•2•Er akhle. • Franconia SW,: by the suthnr of Rol-
P.: the Aren.7c., bY the autto. , r the .. Wilroingtoos."
..bettice Arnold," ^Mooed:sat hell." 4i
The abore works put rreelvee and for lode by
It. C. HTUCILTON, Ilwaeeller and Stationer
roch24 No. 47 itartrt wart.
TALLOW -20 bbb,, prime, for sale by
tzw..ku _ .Bi W.IIARBAE(.II.
T , ...... ...- -
kg •16 ockg , Dried Arad..
DJ 601 a. Green de:
" relid peeked Bunt,
In.'" all ow end dunlillor
3' ll do ..ud
bbl. DIN*
mcia9 rialza' Libuty
FBI NINO in the l'ittnburgt;
th - ita the I,th of m
larrh. to the lel of Ap o, ril.
for plm. th are ad
La .lie List
Ailaws A A limes Allen Au:l Armor Sarah
ADAles , Ann AndersLni liebnera Armatrong Klittb
Amu . Farah A
Antrim bIS Atkinson kinnia
Ball Lucy K neatly Hari Bowers Susannah
Bail, Mr, Wro S Bear Eliza Kett, Mars A
Burch Sirs Thus Scsitls Ltutus lirandentuSu Lydia
Kennett Ann E Billings 1.011.3 Bryan Susan
Lknosit Lucy Hinuhen. Ann Kruuka Sarall A
Perim:et Mrs Bug, Julia Ilnurn Elias K.
~,,,,,,i mar,. A Bousbraks Elisth Ilrnun Kan.
m o w Mary A Elnusn Carnlens Bothusll Mac,.
CaAl Six C 01111.14 '3lNry Cox l'aharine
Mary A. ealltnA Martha Corry Nn Barr
Sarsh Cont• Sarah Cont., NaryC. , er Fah , . C.lli,ltaw CartCotlun 1:1130.1
Caaiyl• II Iltullna Collier l'otht, Crteker
mnt. Elvirn Cucat... err , bl LarNt
Chamb , rll 3l Elizth C.,,nvay ilery Crrcl, F•Et.t
chri.o.. Mary Ctalval Mrs It Curlew. MarY A
letrk. Ca Clark \I lto. Cnr
an Jenn
Clark 1:11., Cosrna t'ar-Alt 51 .rY
Clark ',din arA
Darragh Sarah Dickson F:liza Donahlann Harp A
Dail, Jane II Diver Hannah Dunn Ann
Dvsilt nary Diann Jane A Duncan Ilachrl
DltrihADA' Dougheri, 51argl Dryar Nancy 13
Desna Iron Rebecca
Film tin J
Wlne J Elll. Marla E. W Ann
Ephlh Pheba A'
Fogg Martha FloolelagEliath Fratwk M M
Faulkner Mary A Fon Eliza .1 Fraud. Matilda
Ferguson Mama Yorayth Marl" Vra . l
Feramou Miztba AVaater Reheat.] Frastrr M A
Fergunma LOU - Ford ttailth futkloaaer Mary
Flater Saran A Fuljatabe Ella Frankallseb.l
el.ansaing AunabelErcanuan Mary .1 Fulton Mary E
and Mary
GeGamma . Ass (Maas leabella Orwan Isabella
hiecty J thwhorn Mn M dna.= Mar,
Ceorge Sarah J Corm. DlMEklrahanrMarai M
Upland Elias Craze M Graham ET4I2 Ass
(Moon Susannah Greer )Ira Caul Crab= Mazy J
0010 1le Mara A UfIAA Mr, Child,. Ono CII A
Oloastord MrJ A
lint! Amanda Ilertmen M .1 Honeywell 51 J
Mormon Ex person Alarrey July A Iloupt Ebtt
Hemmer It .1 • llrnintl Mary Horner Oh
Ilarbrund Fraud. Iteuderwen Mre 11 llornieh Lydia
Ilurkinm H Ilenonlngray CY. 'Lunt 11 J
Wean:Los Clara 11111 Mary A Ilughent l arub
IlnyOuu E M HMI ' 'Jumbo* , I,
hays Emily Hughey Farah 1111Anw 1 11 111
Irnu Smi
Irria I. runct
Jackson harah Jnors V J i th b o nz t;s i
James Mar A John.on. A
Kerning, litAtiellii Keeler lir... li Kinsey lii A
Kane NI A E Ken It II Kn• Jane
Kneiran Ilanara Kelly Nancy Kiwi Barrier
Kent Ann Kelly Mnil King Sarah
Kepler Nary Kirk Cth Kurts Al
Keeler Harriet .
Laughlin g Aurae Little Jane • War.. ILlisa
Lauhlin ther Mar,
Lunft-oy KiAsh Lind uur
Lu Lu
new Niro
14 nn. Ann
• -
Mary Mackey Itell Meiehaa
3lalouey .Ellen Mackerel Sarah Mille !Ulu
-Warr :iamb Mackerel Ellth Miller Itikn
Matthew* Ann Maul One MO, Mllkr Mlle
Moran Sarah MarAall Sarah Murphy .1
. .Vartland M 3 May Jan.. M.lholland
Alarrbeatl Marla Moaer llhe .VallealLaral Sarah
31yrrow Camllue A
Mcrell .Varray Mar,
Morrow Moth Morvall A U 51
• •
' KC
Mcl.llloo Sts , A C men.w,ll Mary MM.lan . Mart Am
31eCardm 51ra M McDonald Latho Met Miff equal
McCarib, Sane, J McElmo. andget WED*. Allot.
Cauoland Mr. McEadeu Mary MuLuoa.n Marlah
)Icl:4•Hmta M J MrFaden Nal., McMuter arch E
McCullough Mr, LiMeUarrWllhrlminaMcMaDou Julia
Noble Martha NlchoL.ou
Owes. Moner Ozta.. Eli. Ifßaolon Ceti
O'llara SI, Juo 4/o..rn unlit+ lien 1:41,t
Payne Julia A Paciii AA Purria
Payne Mary A Pattersou All.hath Prior CAlitio
Poiriral Mary J Patter.. 311 - + J Prim. Ilary
Parker Sarah J Philips rsarah A Price Ersticiii
Patrick Urine Peden Sarah A P.M. , P
Bay Mary A RnPOCIFT 4a1.11a Ridnut Marl
Rabe Bath. Richard , Sian J hahrl
1t:y..4 :iamb A Richard... iirdaliAlirdrin. Mri 31 11
Biwa SUN,. Richard.. kW, di 1 0. 1 . 1 . 1 . 11 . 1 . 1 . 11
lieraicy Alma J Nye. Biddy
Sesto 51artit6 .Mn E Ii Sam. liannmh
Mn J
J11, , n Mlah
Sharkey.Ann L Stewart Hazy A Shaw Catbn
110.11 A smith Jt.ehltine sumo- lietwra
RI , . Mary Smith A Myth SLLlliran Jnn*
Shruirr Cathn Ymith Faith. St**l Itewhel
shuttir,worilt.S. Smith iamb Stewart Jan*
,h 1,14, Jen. Smith Mr. ' Stewart
Shthl..n Mundt t , aivrlyA nn
tt,loannt... 11;th Stovart Muth
Tuttle ?tart Tray Bridget 'natal... Tr R•t*
Tolley Oahu aaral. )1 T.hotn,, n ehrlutut
Tolley Ilrulyrt 1 urto, Mart 3tun.
Si'lnbar% Mar; We+tlr euu Waturtcht Ahaxall
Williamson Asney ICbralin M. , tma Margth
Vihn, Ilitlda A Whitt ettrah War.r,tl Mr. 13
Wright Mr, White Nancy L Cret.b Arnido
Wtaalt IlanuahSu an littleb Mar, L
Wsrl Willittutt 11t7rtha:
Young, Young 31b. E
Gentlemen's List
.Llama no. V Ando Adollla Anther Joo Le
Man. John W Albertan nand Arbuthnot A Brown
Adv. W.I. 'Lk...lld, A Add. do.
Adam. Datil Alexander ABort Aotlei .1
Addo (sane • Allen : , anfoni Ashero J.
.Dune Wm AIIIIIIII, I ibtvt Aucht... W.
Abel A Anted.. Dan! Aiken.. Jos
Aaron E B Air.... Slwan Aohforl Henry
Allen Ileacklah Artuntrona AI; hurt). Arai.' '
Allen 5.11 . An. Wm
Barker Day'al BIIIIII'II .1.• Brown Nathan Jr
Bork. Perry' Beall CL. 'I Bmwn Alen
Migrate 11.11
A Bra , BBinn h lngto n V
, Bran
Noll ! .
11 k i te
0, Biddle Kn. lir.lley .1.
Ball .1. Bind. Mr or Ora Bran. LAO
%led Andy Dirket.. Philip Braeken Inthoia
Baldwin Zvi .. • Biddle Wash _ Brackn, dire BNI
11:Vt•O'...' llli.o01"0:''Illlt"" Itrth ' y ' Al
Barr Chu II Bum ATna J limed Lowia
Bark John Iti.ell Cabin Wu. CafireF
W Frodk Bingham JOA Co Bryant J.
Bark. Bart Thor Blake 0 11nOingO0 it to
Barb, P ~. Wakened Wm Boorke Pat.
Markey J. Blarthe Jon Barker NIT. ,
11 J. Boldlu 'Bury Bono Wto
8.00, Boyle Ch. Borland li
artley B are;'
8.., Menu Boyer Rob. Burl Mr
Barr Ch. Dowror Elijah Bosh Lll
Ifril W W Banton Peter Dorm K 0
IkaattY J. &deo J 1/01. Contain.
Benton C C Boyer Beaten Bum. Itobt
Beggs Jr. P Bond Ben) Bull. Wm P
Meeker Joe Bog. C B Boaluager LI
Balton Thor Brown Mr E rrkey Peter '
Berger tn. Brown Ch. E or. A II
13,13301.0 Al. Brown Joo W lye. J.
Boltrhooner I% Boon/ A. Lbw:rare Butler 800 It
Baker Quinn
Chalon A Chop.o Jno Connell Metal
Cartncrool.Alaz Cheyee Roe II lbw., Moo
Carroll Danl Cli.e Andy Co o Chas
Cawley A V C li nton J J wl. George w
Carseell Jr. Clarkelia• J thiwdy Alex
aekey Jere
(land tie Cyruk Coory A A
Carter Jna Clark P J Coyle 31.0,
Claypool Felix W Cramer N.l
Carnahan J. Clarke JO. Craig Wm
Cato Preoley ' Con. OLI Crawford J C
thaedily Jon Con. J. Cr. tor( 0.
Cu Mullin. Co Th. Cratty Kola
Ouster Jon Colli ns llina Band Cr. Rat 11
Carpenter 0 N CnonerJ A Cr A n J.
Carroll Bunn 0..110 Wt. Cr.. AL..
C 31111,11 JOG ` Cook Bs= N Crawford Be
Candy JmoD Connor LI Crownan 011 •
Camino Annatnangt.ole Henry Crowther Da
thttorno Polk Connor J. Coll./Iwo J
tWdwell Jno lbogor Jon T Combertaou Lea.
L'hainhero A C tnok It Thor Canal/iglu. li W
CBI/rub/I,Jc* Cook 0 W Curti/la.
Chatobera Jam I 1 alnoils Peter Corllette John It
Cbrinty klePlier.nCeute Pant Curti' , Nleholao
Cheo.r Kohl Cookie Henry COIL. Joo
Chapman J C Cook Karol Conolngloon J.
ChllZllberlio L J Ornk JI/ Colbert.. ', - ,nrol
Cool. Mende..
DAWN. Den Dean Wm_Jr Dmirmlll J
Daeidnon ii Der:minter Ilea I.lollgh • rtY W. ,
Damon J V Dilworth Dr Daniel tiarri
Dslmil Road = l t . wi Dot p le j r ob V u reil
W2, ' , SA W Diet/win TII Dryden J C
Dallas Dr. I temiry C e Unice 1 A
Davis Enoch Dobbs Geo Drake J Il
Duets C 8 Mold. J Drane 0 L
Drinker J T Donuellw T. Fdel Darr Ed
0 I 'II Duke Joe
Done 4'; wa Co /til l ers,. ti. Donn Du!
ran•AW' D"
- rrnea l‘ t W ' on '
Inn n _ bol d 31
Da . llois Jen bold leei Dinanan I W
-Debra.' Jon
Eagan John 1:111, Wm Erans Th.
MawW 3.1 Fdrierie' nR W Leann J P
Erhart Wm Eunitht Jim Evan. J
Eaton T It Elinor Mehl Evens It
Eimen W dorf 111 Ellin A T Einlbare Francis
Kills m . Elliott Dr Ail Rolm , thei
Elllion diaml
Faso.ll Pallet MI/mon. J& co French Flan
Fawcett. JaA Field, eansi Fn.ler IfsAlin lre
ranch Jaa Fleming Wrn Frigid J'S
Yenta B e Firming J Franklin .1 W tS. Flinn Bat Vraaler Win
Fonday tiara Findley Pal, Frnet J SI 10,
Verguaon Al 3 Flanrgln John Freght J
Fellows D W Vier.on T I . Ilma J.
i Vo it t . l.c ,4 rlrJ d u f;....,,1p..yr1.1„Artin Entt
Fuller Wtn It
VieberJ V Fun .lobe: - Full/in Jul
Vintlei A Arnril —Fuller Jll I i:h.
ntapatrick .1 French J, rat
Flrncle l'elrr Jr Jae
GalluGher Wrn Giffin than , Omen TII
Gallher Chug tiiiMore Arch Green J
041u:cher Jan filllegper J W lima Ilarnard
Gallncher./ (1111e.yes Jubn orng Jo.
Gllhreath Wm GllehriG. John Cower Jan
,iatudng Geo 0111ott A J Onfilth l'aul
Oeigincer J ' lillnunc W J lariThiu Wm
Gubler .1 Ghddou Don Carl.lololth %V
Getty Ja, Oliddon .1 W Griner Ed
Gullugher Cat Glynn I' W (ince ROA
Gardner WNV GliGglnrd And Gruy Alex
Gardner Thom Gordon and• Geer-Gray J J ag
t, limy an
Gardner A J O , AI .Ins Gray It T
Convuor 3 Outman NV II Gran 0.70
Gillmny Thus Gormley V Graham And
011nin John Gould J NV Graham Bold
Oltronn Gen lifolfYVY J Graham I) II
(Gluon Wm Uurdun Exl Graham 0 11
Graham IluLt
Ilall coI liar. Tbo lloll.d F
11,414 C 1111 In And Havranl Wm
11.11 F Ilreknnta J F Dowell JII
Hall Plunl Ilea C Hopkins J F
flail Wm Henri W 4 Ilopklne Pat
Hamilton Tbod llentlmmt J. lin/land Th.
Hamilton 011 flcelne JOI 110..001 Jen
11Invna Pat 11.4.01 Wm J
IlayrdoOry Henry Ilobt Uoyland TllOll
MAW 0 A HewlerPon Saml Unurer H F
Md. Go. Henry E W 11. , Pat
}tw' i tlentlemo And Ihmler It W
Hammond Wm 11 /lender... A Huh. J .
IlannltauJ Redd,. Tim Hut g a.. IN . m
II nit.) 'Th. Ilignins Th. Hurlbut , . 0.
II:norll J 111ue,..n J Ilugh. Nathan
flaalln VI. /110000 II 11 Ilurtm. Jna
Hammond W./ Hive.. 4.... Unth‘n.tb W.
Ilarkin. 0 Maw. Moon/ Hugh. J
/lot Ad • Ilvnl.o Jll
tivctr4„, 1 1 o.,p'Lzi'"Jszu 0 , 4 8 . V. ,
400 .1 8 11,2,1 Vw" lillui..tgaitf..
Ital. l 0 11 us Wm Uncb.Y J. 0 _
/Watt. E U INA... Wm 11,1., +um
J.k..tio Junin J H Jitrwe CMG
Jliiiritian Pi V Juana MIA
H A &Amnon J U JorliG J
JariG.nsi J., J 013.4 4 ,13 H Jortra G.
Jral.rsßm ,Ja.ot M
Jordan Atid Jamison IV .11 Jan,. H i•
JoniatiJw.kual Junt., L Stine
Kane Wm Kerr J. Kllhrnif Bryan
Kane Nlartin Kerr Joel Klouder U.. 0
Kane Iltram ,Kerr Cl.• King Ed
Kane Th... Kerr The , Knnal , un J
Ktillr IV µI Kelly .11110 r. andKnoa 3 , A
Ke..11 I Eruod. Knox Wm
Kelly Adam Kelly h Klngsler M 0
Keno. W., Kell) .1 King 3 .
nKen] A J K , IleY Oran Kyle Wm
Keep, Loa 0 Kelly John
Kerr .1 :s Kelly Then .11 sll
, 2: t.., 1V
Kerr J Kelly Jut IV Krea & Boyle '
Kerr Jc...e filler Vahmond
Lamb Jno Levin, 0 J Logan .1 TV
Lake Th,. IRagno Edon Iminu It T
I.nneny Felis Lowly Mr Taylor Long 'blur
Lambert li o B ,L e ... J.,, long D II
Lally Palk - Levis Jco Loom T
Loll) 3helmel Lewis Wm Lowry J W
Lan.ol cool Lennon Bob Lowry Ebeneut
Lerkln Abram Lehman .1 0 Lynch Ch.
Loonblin Moon Leslie .1 P Lynch Owen
Loot John Llnsban D Lyneh Nothi
Lorimer Jos Liston E. Louder Jesse
Laughlin Urialt Lindm•yßootrankeTLond IFTJ
Lobshan J II Limo Jos Love Hobs
Lewis 0 Boiler Little Med Love Mr 6th St
Leonard J. Linn Chas n Co boadenback Jae
Mange u Peter Metcalf J SlortonWin •
Mainkred Meed Char Meal. T
Mator J Al Meek Band
Slaloughney Jno Metcalf T
Alaildork T Minahan Duni M MMna orr l r 9 C PM Ir I
Mack...llTh. Milliken Jar Morel,' Rohl
Macklam Wro Middleton T I. Mooney Clad
rint, - ;r: - BHT:, titir,.tv,,,".ljET
Mackey J G . Co Mon. J.
Malone Palk Milligan J. Moor. Ikon .
Mahon J D Milligan 'Philip Moor.. J
Atoll.. Wm Miller J It Morrison J. il
Mahoney Wm Miller Nkbolaa . Mu llaney
et R
Modica. Thor Miller Ueo 11 Mullaney etcyhm,
Mar.hall J 11 Miller A J Mullin Coo
Mathews Sarni ' 11111er Jao Mulligan Jno•
Matheo• Th. Miller JOG Munn Th.
Ni.well not, Millar haw C Mulruny Pr 4
M.lrell Jao Miller Cant P Pitt lions. }T AI
Mryrr Jno • Miller Rohl Murry Al.
Alawn Rev IV II Miller Jeers./ Mum,' RlOl
Michan Torn Mitchell Jno • Murry Jas
!derrick A Co Mortis Jr. Murphy Wm
Meyer, Jonathan Moran Inn MurPhr D1M1121 3
Mrellan Peter Morton A Murphy J.
DA il Morgan •
Mci Fruucl. Juo Malay 8.2.1
Mcgt, Wm 11cl/onon Wm 51c61111.9 ADD M
3145 hide Jerome DlcDocalellJuo Alchelvy JY
Ilcßurgle T McDonough elms AlchcausJas
McCullough Wm McCluire Falk McKnight John
McClure J. MaglL Llenry !IcKulght Ifto
McChezucy 1111 !Sunlit. Drool. Met: Wm
McClarkeo Robs .11cOlum Palk ' Ale Robt
Nlcelur. Joh. Illagru Juu. nut
!ice! .101:1 MI 110.11 no 11=11 ' 1=1 •
Nicest. Pan Ma/ II 311.•
Mrelgrulu J.. NlrChurshlllitobt McelcsaJgc
M&.1.3%.• SlcUrzth Fruncic 114.sughl. Wm
ArchLl ilcauerr 9 gull .11c391111u Hush
McCabe Jou 31rUrsoli Jtw ocotillo 11
llcearni Arthur flolluler 911 McWhlrtrt Pole!
Mreaule, J.. II McGrath Hugh !IcquDlou Auml
Mceuougll Jan McCiarr Putt Maighhuo DIVA
McCcughey Hugh Malign's Th.B
111,inuagby Juo! McKim.) . Ito. McMClncic J A
McCune.. Jo. McElhinny,' Jae 1131cAlghaa Chun
Meetly* W . McKee Wm MrlFhlaucrAWb
McDormot Batumi 31cCuIcbeoci D
Nell Jar Nolan Sand North I; L t
a 1 4 4 0 kh gt? * a ir rauaa. W
„lank, Jar N Fru
O'Donnell C O'Donnell TO. Own. Jot
Oberlin C AO'Ll , nour Joe I. °oral Abr.
OA John . Orr gam.= Orbit, Jou
o.lefunl Yew J tY Daniel Wm or .K
Palau Patk Patter.° MALL Pierunt Rapt 't•
Palma Jno Pattermn Jet Plena Llrtak
Palmer E P Park Ands Puleen ilea
Pau I Jar a Peter,. ALI Powell Hictid
Paulin I' Penney Wm P ' Porter &about
Palmer Wm Patera Orilatti Powell tltintl
Palmer Theodore Pork J P Polour Jog
Parading Ptak Perry lee Porter Gaunt.
Parker PA. H Neon. Bazol Pratt lintel
Partaxmon J N Phillip. Ma PnUtl Mr
Patter". A Phillip. Jo. Prentice Jan C
Rankin Wm K. Jou I. noggin , II •Co '
RaJelEff Mr TheatreHeed Moses . Ildgeralno
Rafferty Mich' ' Intake Wm Rodgers 0/111/.2
Ital.. Dart.' Kn.'s. Ram' Rodgers R
Reiter JSvub Ricbroom' Hos J Lk.Um. Steldtxu
Reamer Jnx Ritter J C Reba.. J J
Bunch Jaron Ittre Herr' &Intranet D K
Rednereal. A L Rimmil Jou Wane. Muer
Reymblz r. H Reillt Palk Malheur k !finch ,
Reynold" Th. Richey 2. R , Robin*. R
Reynolds !no n 'homburg Peter &Memo Jou g
Rem' Hon Rlt Rosen II C Rbit.O. Jr..
Reed Wm Roxburgh II C Ruff II F
Rovti in, Rug Land Jdlata R Remelt+, Mt
R,...1 Wed" - Rarer,. IMnI Russell Wm
need 2 11 Roberto Wm Itudotish A
Rod" J no
Sander. Tim. Shank .1 P. tinders Frank in
Sander. J D Sheddin Capt Wm Speer Ju 11 ,
Sanders T V Slewin Patk Sparks ler!
Sander. A Shell...Li Saml Sprague Win
saw... Vr.Maa Plower A tails Merritt T hos
Sariviell Dolman. Mark Walter Stehley J A -
andman ft It Sletth P M Marano Sant
Neb.., Ga. Silk Jan Stevenson David
Peon liEn Salami. Jam Ste...swop Joatios
San John W Smith 1 II Steward Wu!.
Walt Hugh Smith tiaras Mother. now
Sant Maher Smith Jonathan Ply: Wield Win D
Sant I Forri.vter Smith Jut. stiler Geo
Prot: John Smith hoht Stnithern Thns
:Ova Pet li smith Tbs. Stinson Wm
ibert Wm Smith Chu Strother W
Se S.
Peveranse Icvl Smith Jaa Stone John
Sechriat Ilan Smith Dr Wm l Prffirrou Dnbr '
SechrDt A .51 Smith ALftwd Stratont Riehd
er Jas Smith Hear, Strtasur Caleb
Snklin J'as W Praithfton )1 SaariJas
Pharral G W Smith Slt& Co Sullivan John 31:e
Shaffer David Simpson A CartL
shva Patk Pitntwon Wm P., Stitch `Van
sheaJno Siman Iv wia Porn Joo
Sheridan P Smiley !Orr, .: Swift Pratk
Shiel. Wm Moires Wm Swords Patk
TiSrorder ilectrr Loydre Peter Swett's, twital C
Mica Jon Snivel, Christian Souders [Ho
Sherman Jon
Taylor CI W nateler. gbiim Bremen W 11
Taylor J I' Co Toarr.Jtmd 8 J
Ts,tor AA J Tbmayaon h. Tnnlkl J B
Talbott J A Tiernan P.t 10.810 .1•A
Taman.' Fran.. Tinker Jo. W Tuna Wm
Taper Harman Tltil•Jonath. !Arable A
Taylor .1 C Towers W 11 T 111111.7 Anba
Tar lor Jo.. T01...r Mchl Trapler FrIKI
la. Ir.r 1 Toni Alex Trovlllo Wm
To; 10 , 1.c.) Torn,end A 8 humble li
Taylor Al.. Tormar• J SI
rim +. I cl..b Ta . m os e=
cal Julc mn t 3 .
Vs.. C
Walater lien Weekly ti U Wickman J IT Jai
Warne A Muller Wertaniaao Rob WILA And
Irelitek J Weiser Wm %Sideline Jolla
Wall P Wralrh Jae Rimed ?noel ,
{raker J II Webb LI • Wilkens. Aiay
Wakeimm Thin Wrelie J Wilk e Oro
Waletel Weber Severio Wi gg leggi .1
V. 11.-. T I' White Wm yOro
Wallace. Pat White It W Wi1k...U.4
Walla,. Wm White CriaL,V Woolelale Mlliel
Ward 3 White Nalh.o Wool John A Mar-
Ward 3 T White J tlo
Watt Jae C White Mehl Wolf 3 A
Watt TII i White W Woodville Z
{Watt Milton Wheehm Vol Wiatelavath•J 0
Watt. Wrens deo Whiting DM Wtical Clma
Wal t E Williams.' Woalvaril Bfl
Walton Yea Willa - iv .1 F. Waal , John
\rather, Art Wlllama GI W Wolf Joe
Warnock Co Willlella All Wright C J
Weller Jan W Winter Unary i
0 ,
v.ktt 1).04 1= IL 1
Young Alex
Youtur Wta
Zimmerman DanJai
I' A
Captain of Cbief Justin+ Marshall
Villr ITV " IA?"' ?' 41
11111 tirnee - - ili
Monument .. - 421
tfl ' o ' Clfigolrrn ' i ., %ll . .. No. 41.
R'. A. of Errnlng tit. Temple, Na 69.
American Pialaion of Min of Tampranee.
Kirarlorir4 " " .
Von Duau , l9o 1; .
trA1707 .. -
Thotoni. ,
.- ...
btu of flow " " .
Piot Mn, Plitainirgb. PA, April lot, 111151 .
PAWL 111/S6lll/8.0.P. N.
171 —" ` . 1`...":1%"c' d gt hii erfar
Mr It. K. Sollere—My children. lite °theta, h. , e been
suluert to troublesome °ought, mid had cud 41f/ergot
remedies to very HMIs warpage, I teas tued by adver
tisements about your Cough Myren ve4t a tee. I
eraland also to •
falleXcare theiri bt"" .
I hare rocommetaled it to soy nelgloteraelld do toed
cersurioneiously bailer. that it 1. tbe hest rough ratellelne
that has ewer been armed to the Public
ANDILLW Aitasnatoul.
Parents should not pirmli their children to euffer trom
rough, when they may Le cured by a 25 ct. bottle of this
'7urs'aared SELLERS,
meh..% ""i'
67 Wood M.., a/lassie' iteuersal.
DELI, compote!! &WV of Vesetables, wills...tore to
Immediate health. This Powder is lorahlable 100 the core
of the mimeo:me dienssn to which CMOs sod /lanes are
hin , . vlc tilsooder.lossel Strodoe,ll.lde Boolo4,Loesof
ASDetite, none DiateMpor, Horned DisbemPer It Cattle.
shoo the bolus of the Clot, alsol Rbousostism, commonly
Bled Rid (retools's:. which proves fatal tom moor TM* .
7girl t erhi t "e1V.71,71i1 h a;c r or h f o n' oro rs, t* Tlg i ff
Mood; It on aloes s nate nod certain cure for n lhe atfrlCK
eo fur Coughs sod Cold. ohlrlo seem 04 th the ash& of so
many fatal dissolve. It ill ONO cleanse the Storioseh sod
fro 41, fr0 Wilt... Or., SSA Sesta:roam the stomach
sod For
so health) . actisu. '
For sale, wholesale or retail br
ARCH-50 ixlxes fur male by
LI 'Ln iil l e lrac o r li c tralual Lard 011:
11 4 half. Mess Pork;
114ron Ilarra,ELonidemand Sidra In smoke Leman
Id Lats. ilackerr3; far ala
ram.' Basin.
L A ! ,, aB OIL-20
N.O. SUGAR-25 hhds. for solo by.
• whIS JAS. DALLELJ., 68 Water et
no .1.... Douglan Houghton Hini . nn C 24
100 do. Hailing
" 2do. 1:. 1 7itZi‘... Rook
by W. M. Masterly. Prim. 11:No.
n Warwick Wowßanda by Frank For mMar.
Dictionary of Meallanica,,No. bd.
lbswired at H /LAMS' Literary Dart,
tartar Third st.. °mails M. Pod Umsr_,_
lodey'a Ladyl ook, for Aprik
Orablona MAMMA. do.: •
klartain's do. do For
oo gals al
oschl7 Tbinl l AL, opposite ury
Ow Prat ismoa
1 EAD PIPE--CornelPs improved patent
brad Pipe for hydrants.
A V7l%toßama
All slats on band and to t arri . _ for a 1O ' kLikANDLA °DAMON.
Mina Street. opposite the Third 11,1.fletion Churrli.
tr. i):;;A F h!':Zl4"iro:ti...n4,,,t..XPCit',ll=
room with slot thol cold water !motor. shower bath. Cr.
Situated curtssoleot to bollosaa au! market sod to a quiet
atal phnuant oolabborhood —apply on the p.endem.
For Rent.
• -
91H} ACADEMY 111:1LDIN4iS, "n
Feu) lame and oubstautial udding.
fort Y..x. en>. c.r
,1 . 11 , mr ; vlren irunlialt . lk s F i rdre c:
Oulat:tf ...rcter Gerria.o niley end
T LET—An uFFICE on Water, be— t7p
JL twee:: Marta end Ferri . oliveta. Enquire nr
FOR DENT—A DnAling House on
Third atmet. above and near t.• Stluthnold.
be .T4t".7i
Also—.l),r IM 5 in the Ninth Ward,
Eetvean P""
." and'alitlgi:TON.
Valuable Real Estate for Sale.
PXILE SUBSCRIBER offers fur Sole, un
favorable terms, the following Beal Etta:, Ink .
ity of Pittrborg bl ,
No. C I. Three valuae throe nor y brick' dwelling houses,
Becaod ree k e , t i,,, bfZegi2d b ar y k , l d eLl p d Ferry cornet,, the
IoG below
No. 2 Contains 67 feet front on Third street. mijoining
fourhird Presbyterian Church, on which 11.
tory brick boos.. yowl as a printing ofilno. and OPP
two story Nick narwhals. ,
No. 3. Two lota in Pelham. Bearer eocinry, g lots
Nos. 3 and 4, below about ion fret Footmen which teem,
1,1 one block of bur frame dwellings, and our separate
frame dwelling. all two FUnie. high.
No. 4. One lot frO feet (mot on Back street oPPcolto the
above, and extending to the top of the hill.
No. 0. Two teach lots. each PO feet front, and ruing
from tho rani to low water mork, on the Bic Beaver.
One valuable water lot, 100 fevt on Wheel
with ton shares water power attaciu.d.
No. 7. One lot opprette the water lot 00 feet front. and
extending to the top of the hill, on which IS erected one
two dory brick store and warehoww,2! hr 60 fort also one
frame dwelling. two stories tinth.
No. S. One large lot in New Bearer county,
op .
about 1411 feet on Broadway, And anon , feet dtwp.
toutaining WIT. on 'stitch are erected two large frame
nga and one wadi frame house, used as an nitre.
This property vas formerly occupied la) Mr T. C. Gould,
all , le err Pleuwatly handed. lel. immediately oppowite
the Valiston Bridge
No. it. One water lot. immediately below Fannon Bridge.
being &twat 100 foot In length. and extending nxini Wnler
stmt to low water mark. or towing path
The above property .011 W wold OpplJ.l hoe hook vote of 11. ~ o n rery, ,
favorable teorn
nach2l I.b.urnal and Poet too.]
Drug and Prescription Store for Sale.
In Pourt•hlng ned Improving part of
.voy CO Irt BAIRD &
SALEI—A largp Brick trolini2
Ituum, and lot of Ground. nu Hank Lane. All..
doing Latin., in th.. ell. • uuld find It rouveni
Fur prior I.r...ll;rcus tap ply to
FOR SA LE-- Twoo eltoieo LOTS, pleamant
ty ritual"' fur print.re4l‘l4.ruN.... frond. Du.
2i Rut front..ttd :I`,7L'LL' t 171; ' l _4 l "
. 11., For r 4 , 9 1, w e
11. IXlN'itfr but
ToLET—A V. AREIIOUSE, situated ree
on Water Pt:. betvonn M .nd Ferry •teeet..A .
lut table an the Produeo buolneem. For terms. In.
quire of JAMES DALZELL. •
xnehb No. hi Water 4.
For Sale.
. ,
BLOCK Or BUILDINGS. Ibe eon., of Woh..:
Ingann and Pen nand fronting on the Penn
aYleattla Canal. In the Call of Plthdatrah The Lot fronts
huhundred and forty finn. Gad on Penn
ndred and nine feel nine Inch.. on IVaahluat..n
to a twenty fm alley Inquire or
No dui Penn gt.
Land for Sale.
INE TRACT of 3211'Arre,: one 'tract of
Arrewone Tract of 20 Mews and two Tracts a
au Acres earl'. All the above lend 0 mar,. or km Improv
ed, of Scat rate quaJity, bad aril 1000.1 la Monroe rv.. 11.,
and sill be cold. to rail surchatr". very los )or further
particulars Ila,loo. 11. JOHNON,
Incbs 112 So ST mali at.
with err OCT, gronal anaahnt, atttuLtmt atn
lach:l (LARDS. JONES B 11.1.
VOII RENT —That larl..:.ilw,•lling
aftsch - tr,';`;',°.:,V,..T.,`?2: tTc.1";••.".,17..
k it a ttA on Uhl! street. Porrm.anon 'riven nn the bflit.
lint *if
For term, apple to 11 boy, ilmentian. RC.
Totten. at the Fort Pitt tlon, feblSrlapll
FOR :IA IS—Tarr, large now NIIIt 1.1 • Saw !1111 on
the hearer Creek with the merest.) watrr Mar.
• well (taper, ed I. no In Lawretrraeonntl. Prim. &Som..
Also. • I aryl of lit are, on the Ohin neer. too, rally.
below Deaver. are 51.... , mr. A 1... rrnr. of Itormrea. on the
"trio rive, 6 190, bele, Deane, for te.r aro.. Ale,
mat acres /or 8 18 tee arrn. Also. far r f I:Ar, end ort
r. 4.;:.
Lx fl;. per
a aere. , ar
ono alter 1.1 prier& I:plalre of "
P .6 G. I. P. FFTI-1.111311N,
. .
Attoteeys at Las and .\,f
107 lth et
}IAL ESTATE FOR SA I.l:—The under
.iialed oda.. for /air • hams nuaila, of
Sliding lots, •nd note.e
sit, for amnia's,
tortes. le Me Iktroliah of nirminr,ham, tastyoluesz
w Pu 1.11.• tithoul Mu... ant Enatidb LattitirinChurrh
npFI growth Rirtilliithata Ia Lopolation•nd
manufsciaritic wealth. nowt bb. tir - ta whioh
sill pold. will milder those sof , Aral prof:labia in
vestment Tit!. wrfert. Tema favorable
Vet partkulta..od term~ ea h. of U. und.r.1.., , n1. at
li,. °Mc. of Gear, Esq.. on Grant'mast, tit,
burgh, between Third an! Fourth sltisiet, or of Mints=
.r.ree. tn and N Patters., at their otitis,. In Dim.
lugha. _ nt.M E iATON.
FOR SALE- , --The subscrilier 01:1,,rs for•
'air • ter, arid .oil built brick Mous, withareil
or llama *errs of a round. sna,sl ttte. Fourth street
Enna. wit hln'thrin. wilts af 1,1. Insurisswiti airva on
Liu Ist of April nest
Alm. •miry ilgrourol. containing orer Foos
A ••itli • sarlea of rAisilhait water Oa mon. pitiaatod
I Uree ahoy,
Aso, lot of around to f.a.t II In.ibe. br IS feet. ialtole-
Ina Mir native... of Mr. A lan., isr the rev, opts.sle.
thr arronth M sol i on narfliania Asset,. 'I , . iession
seven truntisllstili
II is noir iwirtoin shat the limit( lined 0:11
,n n Pmlerty wrlr
1 ,
1111 tint .terms. Iyr
road. rrar Ole Tr4A.-Arrtio.l
1 08. ItENT 0 IL SA LE—The ~uhseriber
...II or rent ho. .err dercrable titular, lic a gLiia .
Alkctxuy Ifil 7 tru_t It a
lams donole L ' nelt In ...torten. ontet. Slum is
earlialtr house, snable, and west—a-at, on the ground,
whkh ernaprin. two octes. veil lot pn.sed.centaininc trot',
description o h air.. rpri. Louse and
Poarenrion .I rmoit. nirrer decired.
. •
.in for risk or on perpetual loam. one lot on
nu gran, feet front by 100 lac( to Faxing alley, al
, joining N. Ninth Word Engine lion.. Al, ono mum...,
bounded by Lawny. Carrem. and Alle,rherly mete. and
Pprlnst Al/ey. being 21/4 h.. on Liberty. by 120 In Spring
Alley Al., 1,4ta1 4:1 frontinglF/Tolman nurne
dlatay °m alt* the Central Railro c.n
ad It:ptd., and onnlairong
, //Ave. [Jan2o,l:lf ; JA , II,4II'IIAHA.
'.Eare Chance for Capitalists and Mantifm-
rundersigned being agent for the awn
.atolgl for sal ,,o e a number of town lots In the town
-of MI 10.' 91 To'g"a2clht::ritgecottog...s. and
MlrgilleVa d llanal. and the aml'Ponn
eylvazda Itallro ' s7, now nearly completed. pa.. through '
tali real mate efforts, paha., the best °manta.,
lately offered, to tan-soot who may wish tmeage In maw.
ufseturing of any deeeriptloh. The abon.nreand
cheap.. of all the means of living. the supnif of seal tot
fuel for steam power, the andit quantity of wml brought
to this market. as well . the facilltlea for tranfportatton of
p articles, all combine to ma. this one or the
comt desirable/ oo.r establishing manufactures of Imn.
Wad, Chtton, frul.d of all descriptions which is now afford
ed In the Western muntrf .
Several Improved Carlos, In the nity he Cum/ and
Rantoul. are almoriered—a tract of 07:. sores of excellent
timbered land, lying between
tatteral and Railroad. and
about half mDe from the a lot of about ven
M adJoixdog the Italiroed Depot.edong one Ode of .bleb
MI tract p.m" and on two ellee. street, of the town Ho
Lel keeper" and xnerchano. do •ell to look at this le
ft. nay eon.. elsewhere.
The pmition of 51.111100, In the beast of . asivlrultural
kglen, not aurpasaul by soy the °rotary, ot mw II
nown that It le d.meal Yillb`rtNßSlT to 4.W... th , t , row
to It to Into all who wleh to make gr.] toveettoenta,
and examine this uropurty. Title ludiepotable and
Joshuangecilt given If.dedred. Ifon. Andrew IV. Loomis and
Ilan., Led., of Pittsburgh will girt Information
;r ' trl ' t s rl . 7%otls ' z r za= ir. " b. --Ir. by
signed at
M•Ifill011. Feb. I. Isl. rebid:gad.
iForty Town Lots in East Liverpool, 0.
recent unprecedented sale of Lota. in
the have thriving Town baring nem)/ •abintid" ,
t Dratlown laid out, and the demand still cnntlnuing,,
the underalmord hat been indoessil to lay out a Portion M
PMPerty In ban the.
an. above, and offers them for rale
at prime and term" the. cannot fall to meet the thy" of
thaw wishing to purchase. Ma muslin. , to say any UMW
of thilocatlon of the Town and pumped" (II Laskin been
rafadently dmeribed In resent. tivertisement", o th er than
that over one hundred lot" have resently ehmmed hands.
and hero purchased by Mon. wishing to procure a dealer
e home.
ab[tve loto are among the moot elletde m} dn.irtai }, l
to the place, and are prinripally located In the maitre or
tb rn Info =ol . poly to the proprietor In 11, .erP0. } .. ,
to Jlll.ll }Rotten, 14. Fourth Al j rnt. : . , lregr A lt i . J. ,..
Gat Liver-pant. Feb. 14,1.,
. Executors' Sale of Real Estate,
WILL BE SOLI). - in purinntuee ,of the I
hEt WIII and Tostart.. ot of Slartin Lowry,`lan• °
,of Pittsburgh, deo .1 on .londay the ;Ili day t f
Ptrt r j ,
I..firehittlrogl°,,";kttnAhl‘Lle.:llgrne.TrlVlMY.' Il.o' the
tiro nd. altllate on ltuur, 11111, war tne hew Basin. lo the
Six Ward, nottaining nearly OV I , itelti.. being part of
I ge plena of ground whteh was bold undivided by the
said 3lnctin Lorry and ottorr an I whirl., h, virtu. , of
te It proecettlinte in Partition. hi the Inetnct Court f
tb.C.unts of Allauhen) No gi. January Imp I , lg. Ira,
vetted in Inert rah, to the heirs of the maid Ilarthi Lt.,
rY. red by nu te.• snd bound., te as by n fercioT In the
In! Ireton an t plan lb. reunto annexed, and other Prt.
ore.tings In the ia,., hod. will now folly and at large by
prat. . It 1 / 1 unnecessary to enumerao the ...bluing , of
too to.* re Property, .vonananding an tt Owe, ala autilul
to r lot n( the en) , Bud the two ewers. helni, ,,, eas, o i f:ti r
ot„Oe ' Of ' lnVl7lll:lL7l: '' ;:u n e7.; r,--a d l ' rb u e ' y 'a nn• ' ••,1711: , ..,
tor a plan of the i mwrty owl further inform.tion. or le
to Ittrur, 31110hal Lad Paltnet Annnley.A. l (. ..m....i.”
at La, FouNtreet, or to either of the under•ltoted 1.1
e a , c ,,,, tl : irs of th• Will auti ltetal j zoZlLl l ;l:V i tti t irTY.
.1011 N COI.Wk:LL.
Jolt N N ht , llTll.
4. U —The satomlttir Lot. containing about the ennae
ouaratlti of land, I. also for sal,
P.u.aa —4,F ! 2 i!,PraLt.g
57 ;6 w r :14
800 1 . 2 by 2 , by :Si, ` , l
" "13:11: by
400 " Blur. Ekclor, 12nper
D yingle CrTruSITU
0... •
700 31..41=
3Z4 ModiAttn and 5111.010 Crow .up•
The andatallun'd keens et...tautly on hand and for aale
M .rrha,,Ma for Haan, a' large `
arsineeral a•aortment of
Ruled. Cap. Latter. IlanPorare, a Papers. Llonart
Itunln. Le-
Ala.—Felting of all olzrx. for
on mar. uf.ctu ""'
Prlntlna Paper male to order on s hort j nttiz iE ..
(AIM COMM} of POI= nod Irwin sta._
. .
REMOVAL.—Escusa BrssETT, ‘Vllule
tal,oromra and Destrr. In Prdsine. have IVICIOTI•d
M. I= SeGorid. nsul 121 Fl.l twtwoets Wont snd
Ealthlrirld Pilasburgh. .433,
to Jrrnh anJ erwl
undl butitlloo
Mod D.ll. Wtillarn, — 4;PS% OK FLY
ttoalon. .1.31 SCAII!.. ATM.
DRIED RPI'LES--10 bu. sup. ll. Apples;
R-50 bblze m O
x. Lcdco.
it', Er.—The ppler.ll,l pry ;v....war r ..,.C 5. ..!' 1 0:..
eteamer STAT:II:IN. J 11.1,1 Courralle,. rum, .
mauder, alll lelor 1.,r the abure u 3 ,1 tutertoe.bete loon
Wedneolm., the al April, el 10 A. AI.
' "-s'lW.PB.liiiiki."ZiiVric. Sgt.
1. 1
M..,uner .1. Q. ADAMS. Luce,
ter will leave 4,r .1,,p,e brill luterru.tiste
... , , .
po., un Ih. AAI. 1.1 In.. ar 10 A . tt. -
, ra . unias ...s.crilEN EV A.Capt. WilkinAit
on 11t.5.l rthh:l.:l7c.':."•ll"4'..l7oi''''''"
For fra,ht or A n.
1,,N01{ ST. splendid ,
j: hag Buther, '
comolunder, i s
for ahove and Inter
moaner parts nn Weeter.ehel, 2 d , 11 . M. .
Fnr frriaht or ',Ames,. nppl> on leant.
l ,Z l 4
• S Crane. muter.
will Ica.. tur Carina arul Ennf..h.
every Stood u mai
' 'Lorne). nt r. /14 Cumin,
iinnls..h Captinu it hyliln- and
cry Tueatar and Frida, at lu oclrk. a.
Qshipper.ran &vend upon Gnat running regularir
&mina tkm low watgr
For blight or apply on hoard.
THE new and fad running &tr. CASHIER,
J. 5. 11c3Int.A. , Ma...ter—Regular Rrll.oßin. Stitt.
benrille Woll.tttg. Brldg‘ , Capon,,. and
aanfL.h ' Packet—lrnre. Pittalmrgb over,
o'clock, P. 11.. fur Wheeling Anti BridgviKsrt. and every
Saturday - . at :3 P. for Cantina and Returning,
leave, Bainfixh even" Ilondny at 10 o'clock. A. !1.. and
Bridgrport and Inceling .rery Mortal, and Thurda,. at
I P.
For !might andaz.Fago
mch7 JOHN HACK. Anna.
JAL SUNF/SII PACEF.T—The fan running
Kramer WHLLSVILLE, Cant El ruun.r, will
eon . • nrrrular packet betww.en Pitt.burgh, Wlseeling,
Bridgeport. and Sunlifh. leaving Pirt.hurpth ever) Mond.,
afternoon for St.mben and Bridgepoti..and
erers Thursday aftvrnwo tor tent,..nrillo. Irheoltng.
Brid,,eport.,l..ltptina.and Sunfish; returning, Ira... Bridge.
purl and bunion everr Tneadar afternoon. and
.ver, Friday aftortwests For fn.ight p apply ou
board. or to foh2NI W.ll If 11EKLEll, Agent.
li E w G i t , 0 P
PA 7 . 5 . 1 7 ,111
r t
b d;
gl k • C drl
nen packer rnamor BII.RNAl,.Conaron. maa
r.l.• now performing's., n.stular trl.w.ekly tri two.n
thin cit. and Wheeling, leaving Pittalourgh at ridorA
nrl Alonds3. and Friday, and returning,
I WA...ling ...Ty.
lii Tlevralay
slot e , atunlay.
Dols is nct i tTnt! '" ,Zo ' . l i.Ca r
Ingham Thi..plondid boa C t w ap .built by
tho wen,. of the /I.antor lens. Newton. and Oben. for
Bs. Cincinnati and Pitt.hurgh Packet toad*. and will /ea , .
every for Cincinnati. in of I.D. hew Eng
land No. 2 or freight or pavotoo, apply on board., to
F:11.1.. Wos tamt.r t wall ruts
trguLtr pnrk•A bets ...11 till. tit) lea,.
Pigtaburgh Ilf.nda,. Pr 1,13,. at
2 ° e.
clock, P. 11.
For frai,ht or a.aeo. /.1301 on hoard. stab
Forty-six hours to Philadelphia.
Forty-four hours to Baltimore.
miles Railroad. -103 miles Canal.
Two Daily Lines Express Packet Boats.
itS the opening of Canal Navigation. Two
:boa, by forty Fa ge KJ:giro.' to ree. Parket Boats will leave for
Tiro Hundred and Fortydllre milt. dtort to
Time thron:•l, roary-six
Fare to Philo:Leiria!, Sld Fan to Rollie:lore, to.:lt
The Car. on that rotor an. nest.
ra and or the too. appro....
rtl room-runt. tor 00.1011 SW le , /
honingrr' ivenlina . I, at Eaton 'o'clock.
d a r k en at the mime rotor.
Passengers for Baltimore,
Os arrival r I an at Ilarroloott. taro. tto For!. aid GUM
harland Railroad. (now ankholid.rert to that eitr,(elddity.
lour ante, Ton, FOCI( bourn
No charge for handling I;44gage on this route.
The I nerendor Foteel mek.. thle tld. Opel ~ ntu.rt.n. b l«.
1 , 3.5 tit oralle roto4ttere to the fatly. (11tit.
For tootes, tororroate.ntottly,lo
F. P. III.11:11ES, Agent,
D. LEI:011
nal 10,10. Foot •tne t
N. It On Oa tat of Jul.. ti. Rettioylsaloa Railroad
WITh. finl.ll,l to lock Ron, oho!. Nett' shot - leo the tom
through SIX. hour.
Pittaboralk I.ldoor, 10. al
Manufacturer's Line
AltF. 1.1EltEln"1\I•YI1 ME
'l,l that attla LINK. (41411[Nr+ 4 1 uutir-ly of :u....miun amt..
in num a npuraUf es. man fautlisma ...rn" a
nun-milt trearla YhllfaMit , ua mol u
testn.Joymang. in alaurt tatue. aud luw rate, v muy
caber maular .
snmelal arrenarmenta harr nam, ImMn wads fur cnrrylug
War IP to 81air...i11.. J4.Ltuauwn
mtmma. fmNmuarm. Ilunt2uaaan. 11,11
tmrk. Near Ilanalton. Lmwmufmn. 111i1211u.
ewpora. Clare. Lurry.ll•rtiaLuro..l'olmun , ,and allotll-
r tnternaethate pfanto uct thu un,1111.12 Canal and Purt
eum: nut. ~ f Inro . .rand
prlauplrum. rtaulult, .11iptat-alas
tlau sfuremmid puluta al ILv lumual ruts M ma, be
J. M , , TITC:II:I.I.,T. Proianator.
1V.4551.uum., talwaly
mud .1.. r a..t of thr CanaL
Ilivnyvad ea tam gaivint..A r tlr,. mune, rctstrianl.
THIS FLUID is einupos6:l 'of pure Silver;
NVllll2.'l/ by bazar keerers In New York tar the
te.t nee years. and kbeencraftig neeraaary article in We
uomadir irononay. Any pp:: ow. in a few wilmstea, re-
run. to onnanal Wanly old platrA Gad, curt as Casinr,
Camp.. .was, Cale 'twins. Carnare and Flusters rand.
tar, Military Eqnsintna. Le.. cm Nate watb purr ailver on
bans. C,prer, tlerrazu
intou.o at every family.
wr battle. A libiral Sr of to .Towelers
meliaArAw2PT 103 Fulton atrert, Nor York.
Shawl and Mantilla Warehouse.
, Lrm3tEll .‘tut.s.N ENEEN TS. IF S. MILLS, No. 6 CORTLANDT ST.,
Nnw Vol:K. Is now,_erertlnnone
Istaw.t. d -at aerartments SDILINU AND
,re, before • rrerlved. Alm LACE
' 4 5 • - IN ' .1
all kinds of SILK 31-1-Vl:l4A.Smalairartn.
VI 1 i THE NEW PENN,YI.IANI.4 \ILIt Irtrra ~0 " •
ONL I 110 UNS TO PHIL.; D El. I'lll.l. ! S o rrl i zfg A n t ti s A k E,
ROOD IA /AA f AND TELEGRAPH RIELk. non.olno PI.I. . 1 1 10 1
end .110. nod Turk Sutio Par:ol. nnd Cotton and 1110,
Mail Lines of Splendid New Tray Built ' ham whfrh will oftnred 0t extrnranlr
rOO. Nto rume-mlly invite eat lEooer/a fric.d.4 to en.
Coaches for Hollidayslyorg, 610 b. onr , tonk Wore
And fro. Men, .243 Milo Ala, WIRE 1101 V LlTANlKexbiEttiEg 1 1 100,10 and
puz 113 cs,nz for trannEortalicn. 01,11.1.1
' . W. 4 1. , 7' .-*---- " ..-.
-..' ...44'.! I C. A HATCH & C 0.,.
au '.:.4' W 11-LIA NI STREET, NEW YORE,.
TO Philadelphia, NCR' York, .3titl Bflifilnork. 1
lIIAT E Hatt in Ittllrtt and are conEtantly la. ,
Toot Timm oil ..001 le, lbewe.
mat wt.. '
Ilkathea orill leave Every tiormor ot t. .. el., ti, I o el.eb. ' ,inalth'd:,,,,,til.t..;;;;TN.4-,„,,,,,:t or,,t,trtrlhtrhllli
helot. ulere4
P NI, and ,I olelwit. P 'M. letal.raeing the libel an 4 rtcheet rts Ira 1 ernm 11 .. .... t .
Wm. to leave It an) time, alwary lo read...wt. Th. , i 11,....... 11....,.., u,pey ler, ' Under I.l ° ate n " 'br hir t
le the moat direct, comfortable, amt expedition. woke 1., Ties, 81oete, thle..l '' Slik, ' Dr...wing Gowns. ilaniliewbi fa!
the Eastern CM., Paevengera for Baltimore to/wthe nee . :Moulder Bram. Linen 'Collar, with a tariely of other ' or
itallnAol at Ilam.oburg dim . [ on the atwlral of the : Cara at . [wire reollar to their line of bwein ., a. All of whkh wtll
th !: . l7 ‘ L ' The onlo Oilltee for the ahnve Mori undm bt ' 1;',,,11 ' ,,,,11,1= 0 1° ,,r,,,,,.",,,, H0...- : ur w " .. " l f tl e 4 t l e m hrr
Charleo lintel, No to NI nal Atm, Itittaborwli.
racha tr. It. )100itIllt.ap. Aft
.t) tit: BINCIIIAII. the bookie.. at Put/burgh will hen.
after Le transact.] under the eto le of - Wm. 11111015. 1
C.. - t narhl j It'll IliNilli All
Hingham' Transportation Line,
gagEllf 1 8 5 1 .
THE CANAL being now open,-we ore rea
dy t . , receive and forward prentiptli . Proinee and
hand te. Piet and wret.
Frvight lateral aat low.-et rate, eitue,l by trab.oalide
EnalticeLand Merehamlire •111 be nweired and forwarded
mud awl e•t. without any Ol for forwarding - er .1
yawing Olaf, fur
ftielight.entuuthael ~,,, or atnnego. .
Bill. of 'lading forwarded, and all dlrevtion• faithfully I
at lb. Addree.• or apple to
WAL 81N0.11A.11 A Olt.. Canal Rosin.
Colour Litert• and War.. eta. litt•hurith. :
tllblillASl A IOCh. 111 31arket al-,
:between Enneth and Fifth.... Philadellibia.
No. Itl2 Muth Howardatbset, Baltimore.
JAMES 111N011A11, No. 10 West at.
mchl New York.
&EEO 1.8 5 I MAT4I
Pittsburgh Transportation Line.
JAMES o',CtlNNtill A CO- Canal 11/4111, Pitteltur;h.
SITER. JAMES t Co.. Betad• Enaml and Cherrf etroat ,
and No. :1 South Fourth xtraot. het,ween 31alket and Choet.
nut •treebt, Ithileulelpltla.
01.%)NNORS A N. 70 North strewn, Baltimore.
ii A . y . ., ,, N, ,, ,, ,
. 1;1 1 1 1 11 ,; :t .
p i r, -i . i p n . i r tl i e . t , lil ,,,, ity , r p.. i i i t rr . a . n r iLe-- ,
Munsylrania Canal.. to early
(might to and fret
buruh. Baltimore. Philadelphia New Yak, lawton. Cin
cinnati. Lonixellle. St- Loule and all tin. East and Weed. at
lower rate. tunt with more ,n,rati-ii and care than any 141.-
, Line. All g0..0 .111,444 by our Line ore Billy no end
by inauneatoe. with
any charge to owner,. • protection
not really afforded by oat' other Line.
All centmonleation• f01dme....1 to oormelroi or- taGlente.
11.11 A Co.. Clocintudn E. 1 t ebb. Loulaallte. and Lowe A
Ortnrne. St. Louie will uteet 'with prompt •BtMtioft , '
AWN. it Our Line net. noeunnection whatever with the
PhlltatalPhla and littaborgh Tran•purtation Line of At
tuna • Co. febNi,
:÷7 ^ =w A ra L ., L ew 1851 ,P,...--..„.
Merchants' Transportation Line.
01.1 I'ENNSI I.l' t`i I t 1' \NAL.: AA!, R 111.NJADS,)
OR l'ii I L:11)E1.1'ilI A DI REC'r—W ITII-
OUT ItE.-111ININti.
A. A. IIeANULTY a CO.. t'nui.! E.t.a, 101 Penn rtreet,
1. 1411?& IZAYNO IL Ceutral (link. [load etreet. Philo.
d'l Ve ia lem prepared to r. role', a large
th e
and terealmw to elop on the opvions .0 the ennui, to Philo
.l,lplain. and all inter:m.l , de plaree at lower rate, and In
hee time than in .L., 1 , ” "OU , ..,,,...
IQt- N B The Inemas.-1 liaml. , ..1 Truck" pmetbel by
the Canal .Ce.nernia.lonere ihr enrr., e t , e ,e . n. bo a ,. ~, u m
:tn. Bailment , . all! prevent ,:y posaibiltt: ot 'ld, nt
Johnstown. Itoltdat .t 1 -roe ct '''''onti•a•Not e.!..m.
C .1 t 1., :, t I.TI A CO,
• , Canal Built.
7 1851
To Shippers of Merchandise, Produce. &c.,
ANL. 11{ , 31 1n1,5C1.,11. Ylllll.. /,11 . .011i N r.n.
ATKINB A. CO, Iturori..t.m. Marto. and 61
Cc'OE'rls Rash, rOtAburgh.
.10:4.LTAY1.017. ,ON. Italumear.
,c e prypool. opon: 0' the lain,ll7Blnit.
Canal. to rootract Frrlght ao tow .d
.1.41,re a.O mart do,o.rh .04 , ro , " nnY
icFA DEN & cov i,"
to .lohn 31 , ta , 1 , 11.t C.
Cana: Burin, Prtn
Penna. Rail Road Co.—Central Rail Road.
IHE subscriben haring been appointed
Ahlr ts for erlt7m lb. 1,nn,11,131a or Col:Aral
I.snforto t public that art wor
aelra a ., ...lire or, titslilmaattt nut oaths
op-nine rf (be nail.
rla Ml* mne , Trill thrnn,h In f.,
di all chia•liMAl In at will furwarded Irv« of coca Inia
lon rharp. 11 , r advarkerm.
"um, nrnnanT Ban= riilLann.rittit ISO erreurclun.
Lir, Gout, lien, Shoe, hook., Stattanary,Cutlet7.Curin-c..
tionary, Frulto, Feather, Furniture, Drug., Medicines,
naddlcry, Wool, ee. ae. 41oU 1001 St.
umnsie on. Grafirrive, Faint", Into E ham, Oils,
Leather, Clos.r, Ftar,Tlmothr and oilier Gram Sands.
Bi WU.
paavn, poet. Port, Butter, Lard, Lard OH, Tobacco Leaf.
Cane., Talltuf - ?Uraiu and Bag,
Ashen, Marble Omagh) Tar, Pitch, Rosin, Germ., Clay,
&Oa. ix.
bLae a coTol
IL, No. al roulls tz....0p.1 Sin.,. tabo;e
1 i1 .n0t..n.4 nigro Philnd..splsia. 60 1...1.
lint. Is. trans,n 5zn..... - — t . 2,„,.:=A vr "
li t .1.: 1 :‘...1.} . . 1 ,4 .
..,11:0,011.,/ilyi,,ktn,,ilpt-iiEnsi.,,, Whole_i.
... . CriNoll.. ..... .. ......... ... .... ...IT !Mill; -
Co., 'Tacco
Conotolulon ttletrhanns, No. 11 North 1 rah, rssreet.,
. .'o. ltl Norttr Wharres. Philsnlolph.. anal
B stiad l lor:l CER „ & A NTILO, GenefuFo mni:-
o..rtun en,,Pa.i.,sn. L .j, .
rordh no Yrnlnsv nrn'nliy.
SairAT R. POINILMTICI, WALT. C. 1.11 , 1.,:m
W. POINDEXTER. & CO., General
Commit . ..lon and Vorwarding llorchanta nal Dour
,r, ,•
No. .17n Nterkat arret.l . lllll.l. - Aphln.
1-3 ,
To Southern and Weetern Merelianta.
. The sutocriber neglectfully WTI. peddle attention
se i, stock of Perri:invention...time/rig Cream..
1, hetisere ne Niece' and ton Golden Medals have.
within the hot air years. teen Boarded by the Institutes of
haw lark. Boston. and Philadelphia, the latter briny; the
nly Cahn Medal, ever wearde,l for perfumer,' either in
Europe or in this country.
1t01.77..01 USLITII.I.I3. 5i1.130 Caton. dinsoni. hire.
net Jambe - isle.) universally aektenrledmid ( tobetoperior to
any (baring Cream In this country or Europe. •
fe_ternamt roa Sitar.6—EaalltifullY transparent and
possessing highly haponsceous andemollient prrimr.
intonate...boa Compound; Ambrosial Ehaving Tablet:lllYMb
ry Shaving
titTartSC Tall= S',lns--Al.naudi Rote. Milletleurs, Bate
Pistachio. 31. k. PltebouSly, Omnibus, vb....mtg.
Tranfflparva, Oiler Oil. Windier. maul Clialdl4.l.
EX - M. 13 703. env Ifaymasonstri.--litose. Jsamin. &o
ewe Curoline tieraneum. Jenne Lint llonoellnu,Juok
ev Club. Magnolia, Clematite. Cirennelle, hood, and many
vazielles, sixty deferent herr....
Teen Warbut—Slorida Water, Eau de Toilette,. Orange
Florin' Warr. and a Mai variety of ' , ABP. , an d
der Wats,.
Prteeturgins rot eon lienb-Oencine Bears' ltil, Antique
Oil. itandrAle, F. 411 Lustrale, Componnd Mar
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vino and Joon, - Lied Pomades.
Oruorsutie Perrtasmove—Balsurnie h air,
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Peale. Cheroot; brazil., Notelets, Tooth Paste.andTooth
Clegstritm—Vegettible Cosmetic Cream, Mumline for
chapped bartde, fold Cream of Rawl, 01,2112 de Pas, LIP
eel re, ilaspbereT Crimea, Lc.
Undieteri• Puirders. fur removing mPirtiOMmiimiri Peal
Powder. Vivaltcre de Hamm, AIVIIIStie Vinegar, 1/m[o:is
Hair Cemposittot, Prrston &alb. besideri mai rsebts
other tro numermei ist osiosd to Mid sdveribo.
Th . e aumeriter bone" to maintain the reputation ariiirb
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but neat rate article', awl a - ill be happy to furtibb theca
Mho mar wiit to patronize him, tither artioleall• or retail,
Cueriable terms a. ant eatabliabinant in the United
Cute.. ' ZAVIER wars,
oeoewor M mot former Ihreitt ) : AVe - R tiekity t:f
111 Cluesuut sr.
Alr Pauli. Perfumery la for sal. by .11 tlm yrirrelkal
Druggist. Iu Lturemmll7•
UTCILINSON .4.. Co.. No 13 Spruce Street,
F:W YORK. Whrdesali. trivaufaclurvrn of tbr heGt
lINGLIMII PRINTING for Snot and Litho
Then blontlona Iv rhos Ivk., are tomb utogl rich
"d unlr'"ff"" 7' 11 ° t''',ll"o."'"'ir
,O p yarTang from a C 4 , per
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/ wlorrd Inky of e'er, Abed. and
yunlflf tarying from $l.O. to W.: , 0 per lb. mcb!..T4Tha
I\l OULTON & CO., Successors to Joys
2 1 9 Pi r
of Foreign avu wm e esue sfanry t gu ° sta th ilu r •
Dcv MD, etmk lot enlirrly Leer. and in receive.
11 every .teonter. new and rivglaut ay!, mnfined exrio
•3vely to tide hoot, oatotxting of every variety of Dr.r
iconit to be found in the Prroth. Grraum LSpLiA. sod
"e &TbnVy ' raa "ti .e ppe •e thet rill dell e frIIIT, " TI. to
call end exanuno our Mock...our:mix are Want"; to ev.
:2, gn.”24,,r,V.P:,:7 T ^ZthtT 1 ,1.T.,t7 with their instn,non, J.OlittES SIOULT()N,
No. March. ISLI --.lturh2.l:d2o
No. 7!) & .`ll (late 7G) MAIDEN LANE,
Theraly opposite Mt Old Stand..
;17 t; EX TI.E.VENS . AIITICLES, eon.
I.ZrTritgui Draawrs—llrary and Light. Wool, An•
pnla.,h,ker. Bunt. Merino and entnku, Itinnestir and inr•
Sill. Axle: I , ntbsslike 'and fancy of all
ftylre and qnalitim
San's end Ti, , — Fan, and Black of ever' kind
LIMIT tad linanns--01 all kind,
.. . .
811 k and Estth. henry Englkh Madras.
Italann. (tin. Albert 'Wrathy's, Twilled lid
main. ie
Liam Cambric. Sr.
surynd.r.—Ft . ..u.t. Bud Engll.l, new etyle, Domtstle
and at.n.n.q..
I.lnen, Tbr,ul, and all the late3t of
Fr. nel, and Eitcll-16 ipert data.
Shal,l-E', MAUL.. 1-au b's lVoel, Silt, [loam and
Jfimfry a„*”.,—T,lvet.Colhmere.F.rt g llab,Prenrh oral
'l .4.:ll4,firners for gentlemen ntal laat/ev—a variety of Ri,llo is of all qualitic,.
tenol4 torn< turticalor attention to our DOISICILIC
K"i"-".''D'"'. .. "r"Se -TAT. d ataitSCO..
TO Kt Malden Lot,
TRI A9K-1C.47101V al SPE
Superior Black Writing and. Copying Ink.
T ONE'S EMPIRE INK, e 5 Nassau street,
•ir NMI' York . . .
MITT P 11 1 ,.. ipi TIA.C.
Si 50
4 doz. per dor -$4 'eh
tto draught,per .... wen..
'Phle Is the heel article nianufartared. It flova freelo—
a ineei ME-- and will not marred... mould,
or decay. and pews... all the Qualitiea requlr.
I for geed Writing suitable for the tertill, and
tirably adapted for the °Aryl Pen
The undersigned I. prepared to tare ish to the trad e
ther for export or home coneumption, at the. shore Tory
o priers, Pot of
Iv per older, and delivered in any part
of.he city fr.. of elm,. fin eharge fa . ewers, Barrels
tr too are chare<4 extra at netteret
eleNs.asu at.. Near York.
4uert• Iwr
al ,
hiniphy's Self-Sealing Advertising Envel
1 1 V O. 263 MA DIS s. ST.. NEW YORK.—
.1.1 The •otwerlter. to 'eliciting the patrons,. et al rt.
mac wh i n.i aderthenueut. leen. tome a that➢
experience of years ban eAtabiL.hed awls superionir be
rood all questiop- and he confidently refer.. the teatime.
00 of thou• humor!. men who hare used these envelope;
lonl to hi. rapidly inenuaine pale+. ea pronf of their excel
III:. 09 the place occupied by the I.lli. a pen.. MaY
have ho name, budneis, addnevs. couxpintowly and
beautifully embarand, colored ur Plato. Ibne anntinn Pec
feet security wan. frau.
2.1 The /Inv.:lupe. cannot be openn.l without being de
""ilniLeither wax nor wafer.. are required to seal them.
4111. Upon the ml.carriane of • letter. the seal
bum s
Inanolinte return to the sender. instead of bring buried
11.101011 1 1 tin. Dead Letter Once.
Lth. The Envelopes are (tarnished at almost EL.. mine
tolo.• as plain ones.
nat. k.ach letter mailed • land effective advertisement.
tot, to attract the attention or all through whoae 9.134,1 It
M ; 7 9 . • 14 V00 1 11121I 111 • lid 91 Winn , for utra, vitrw•wi °s
brae, and which will hat for year, tunt of Kavrtoras, of
the usual It, caber white .tr hug, or peal paper. and
tulle M above...loth name, mitirca...4.e.:
Prin.' Dua. Of Enrcivrs madt as
dlletter, or lea.
1/0 114.tai /
. 10 dome.
9,19 5, , • ...$4.00
tat to 40
40 to tat
CO to n). *... 10,00
00 to 100 12.00.5000 15,110
Wh.m It i. oot onammuntt k forarsanl amount of nnl.r
tclu ' arta ' a oat ‘' Zi o .;l.t n o r n 'fr 7ttror.t.4 7. r
attant torn If mt,lmanai. WM.
No. 31.11,...0 street. New York.
. .
... • •
()niers will Iv attended lei pretiiptlyi, if left at the stones
iif M.,Frii. `i1..11 I 31.1, .1 With nln... or Of Meeste. IL
Jernlimiin S en ,13.1 William I.
It --iiiiwurp• tianln oitulwww.l in colara from rame
Plea at $1.0. 10 1 per thMwiwitii. t.iliad3m
Professnr A. C. Barry's Tricopherous,
JIF for neutrino, inineoroung, and beauttfriug the , boar.
among the +surf, and all maven... oirthe ersdp,
tmag eruptions po the eklo, distant.. cf the glands, int...gumenta, upi eat., brut.
a,. rondo, At. With th is preparation - tlipre 4, no no-i
...nil o CAI" The tit-Amoroso io 11301
ut to blithest .remelts.. prcirinneut .intena of all mfrs.
nom. nml ?adios who hose ow , ' It for voids In their dnw
sin.; nom/ end nurserier. admit It with mamas cord. that lot
inuutrttrz • 00r. ohms. Inaurmare , aml curl to the hair.
el-salient:lg scurf Cud dandruff, wounds,
etiogs, ft. nod relcirtna diva/tea of
the skin. the glands. and the mt.arlui, it has no aqua]
/dome the othltitodo cLa.pounda 0411111.14 d In the
lu pro,. ur Wiad 'in put., praetiee Inehrerness
es emcleoer. Parm'e Trioupbennos m unrivalled. The Wl
rotruie skirt of the article. have aaabiad the inventor
pal elt at tits per bottle. which froni Zid Usti
per ornt lludat the mai of ult . other preparation Mr
the tour now In use. The scientific treatise Mg
mat the skin emhouing the valualile direction* for eeuot
. 0 4 prusert atitrtt caturds do:Meat artionacut;
in winch verb brittle Is enclosed. id alone worth the moue,
The afilmtr t•twthu taa tocabrattuart,lta cooptitnta
skoi arid the hair, which draws IL.auatroenoe tram 'hi.
is very thee. All illnesses of the .heir or•
ninon. iti the shin of the head. It the portw of the cooly
Ott clogged. or If the bland arid outer fluid" do not circle
(nal) through the mail veneelo which feed the root
with moisture. oml impart life to the tihrea, the result Is
tul.dandralt. itheddlOg of the
end en tir e
and hondinees of the ligaments. entire bahltaus i se a l
rm. mai be. titimithote the Alai° hiselthfal *titan with
the Tneoplaeruna and the torpid vowels. reemerlag•tbetr
act:, ity. oilPeorithilate th e ffsemse. Inallabe.llonaof the
s ato, and of the sul•trate of muerte. and ittlegl.dinkti, the
wt. , . eat the elect are the same. It is own...the 'kin,
the enuacular fib.. and the gloats. th at th e Irkaphertaa
h.. its mantle *Nowth4 all efLettioua i , and Mutthr of
0111.11. d. it la • soccrelith remedy.
Sold th large hnale,t Pica ttS auts, at the priori,' of
:17 Broadway. New York, and lir the prialtal tnerch•
ante atul drogaistli tluoughaut the Laded notes and Calk
TIIE largest Stock of Blank Books, of or
damHpUon, in all etylea of binding, le o2ered for
aat at We lout yaw as
W. B. HAVE:r6 Blank - Book Simak
• colan earner Market and .&cond
Mwl:Ante are ravened to call alai examine our Mad}
and Demi Br Works, arbleb are offered at kW,
p.m than they are era Wen 1014 WA. oily.
raft and AmadonP.Wry.l =AB
RAVD) C.! TUTTLE. Attorney at Las.
Are 4 l'enia,v ;v.l, hl...Lotilt. 51 .
antrwleatio. oetZLIY"
JOHN H. ILA—NEIN, Attorney and COUll
lertlar at Lek. and 0,3 lnin:nt, St..
I ennsyli an* ;..q. (lates.r rittAburtb.)
kburgh. lino. NV. onward. tftIDPIAt
McClur, INkrt, Mandl& A
Ileford .t
0 3TCEET, 903T0N.
TILE undersigned having' entirel.yre-E
.1. efunln
lo .11 about thaw humind Ally
maw,nu Lln.spectrully gist ere . mom it is say nssr
fur thr ron.ptic.l3 amt arcoutracdatio a the stsselllsts
d e , ss,,,,hd notieo of the nalaryamed COOTGOOFISOtOcttIiA
IA deemed auperflooma a, the a emery.. harrow,.
rut, a hael, lawn made ea,,met be hahardly it la
WU Oa rortiftournt: it to say. cm es - perew has ban
:pared to render any apartment perfect.
The funalture tae made expressly to order. reirardlera ci
met, and amain portion, ed It, errweially the Drawl.;
raettm;will to foam! to A, of the most beautiful attaanhia
tam, The Diving moms Jae rat...loam and the bears ttr
meals *Ol Le so arranged I. to suit the mamas:deo etthe
early amt late.
... .
bie llwiitT il! r tittr , ltarnt will kw.voroltiottoil to on =el.
Alittwiesn ' lggigzAz = zrfti l e ' 'Prire . , Hloit. that .
teltStilawiltweinT LEW] /LICE.
TA. Orr.f , rtrdP.M . antrum :don IlLf azreAt.
Liner. Alarm tironchttu,
ar &tart or Lung. and other Off . .. Ur=
Pidagrolary (*yaw
vire do not wish trifle with the lives and
V health of the attlieta,l, but wn aineeraly phyhya nnn
tu mate no mteertton ay to the virtu...tor this metd4
eln, and to hold no hary h. auflerinv humanity, arblei
Mrta will not warrant _
.flar Alw. of Ireland. and the Pine and Wild Charrf are
trolly re telualt , d for the cure of on dlecarra of the Lungs
and Liver, which are an fearfully prevalent in all Northern
latitude.. From a combination of.rhesnleal ertratta. Fr►
cured hem thla !thee and thoew Trees. Da hot.
or Wtta te formed
LaelVietar's bats./ of Wild Cherry ve a nor lICIZAL
0(00111. rompoved entirely of Wlld Cherry 'Bach and th.
genuine lingand 31tee.(tbe tarter imported exprevdy foithia
Pm - Pow , ' the rare medical virtue. nf wtileh an 11)SO'com.
Idned of e DPW chemical prow. with the extract of TO—
thus tendering the whnle tviruponn.l the moot r. to out
erticeciouv rem./ r ever dim•livered htt the
111.1REI/ITARY CONSIjI.IPTION Cured by Il vast - WE/1
sons of Wll.l Cherry —Th. , followit,s, ea.. , of Jeremiah la
anew of ergurumption. (tee of hi. brother end sirtert
r .lend of Connumption.l is truly wnmlcrfnl:
• Putnam. pipet. Hamilton ea, &pt., 111,
J. 1:1- Put —Dear fire I take the liberty of - advising yaw
of Lb:, benefit 1 bare derived from the UM or Pr. N'is4Ye
Lisburn of Wild Chtrry. I arm prostrated by Mutt terrible
OanstiM,htlon. In May last. The attack went truly
borrifyingtu me, for fire of our family. (my brothene mJ
punter') had died of tbustunption. I was tallliktrd with
nearly all the 1/01 , t Costume of the disease. I beds distrwv
hag rough. and en...located a great deal of blood, !lette
rer., wrens pain. In the side null clout, roll atilt., alter.
bating with flushes of heat.
I ow. under the care of a ellifol phynician, from the
time I was taken sick until stout sit weeks oboe, beina
then about helples, and my friend. , considered my twLee
hopeless, or at least beyond oue phYaician'a talrielra
the u. of Matta'. Balsam of Will Cherry. Without Inf
Ltrowledy,tny father procuml it. and rommencod admin.
irterima It to me, and from the tint day I rommeneed tot
ing it my health imprormi. and to two weeks from the
time I eornmenced using it. I war ible to be out, and over
.00 my businees, and labor. which I still continue to rta. 1
Litre taken four bottle. of the rovilleine.altd now consider
toynelf pvrfeelly wall JEIZEMIAII isGrtrao
;;; ; ; ;
Chown Pon r. Lane (:v. li..lnne In, .41.
.7000 D. Pena—Dear :Mr: In July,:lalD, I was attacked
with • for tpyhoia character, which loft me in w T.l,
atato. when, 1.. the following winter, 1 was ta
ken with • severe oold. whin, netncol nm+ to eurh an to-
Icrit at to give ' the nylwarltro , of tt munch...l coueump-
I labored UMICT, conah—rArretoratoa a croat
dual. and wan troubled with cold r,, awl night awcata. I
ado frequently rwieed bk.! (non to, lunge. I continued
in Ills state, eratually rooting under thn until
January, lal7, ..Lou I wa. 4,ilJ attacked with fever. bln
friends despainel of tny lit, and toy phydcians thought I
cold surrire but a stout tin ltr catretnitice.;capacial.
ly my foot. were cotttnntly and almost loct their r 011...
l... Under thew° ei1,111112,0,0 It lard , : trulr ttidl to,
a Wring analaton. I famlir determined to quit taking Ina ,
dirlueo pr,eribed by phyciclane, tool try Dr. Tyittar's Bal
am of Will Chen., sal from the heat week. that I
ta . ,,ioX It. I ran date a gradual recoecte I Matti.,
cod ha sic-eix tuontlo. at the end of which thno I was WV,
J, and CO., Pinl goad health caramet, and cheerful!! re.
col:11.nod I l< Iloloctrn to all Oho., wallctod o idt ditcac, cf
the Iwo,. and 7 , 0111 , 1 con In thew., commencing its use. tot
In be discouraged if two or thnee redden do Tot clad
rare; hot iwrececro. as I h a e e do t , and I hare no dJuld
hot nine cord ton of ton. will b. I,lecetel with moot ,
I health cot torn. your,,
Fnacci NV,hinzibu
tirta.”rtraa, May 1 I. 'Vs
Malan. Stanktrl & Porte-1 take Ulla chportumr; of Is•
fartaban you of a most remarkable cure performed op..
me by the use of Dr. Vastness Dalt:sin of Wild Cherff , ')
In the year 1540. !was talon with an ipllamationkf,tir,
boweLs, which 1 labored ander fur six .cots, letted 1 & r .A
nail,. went - med. In the fall of 1341 1 WWI attacked with a
mil, which etatesl itself imam MY and Ito
apace of three year, I was waft,/ 'n mr tad. I teitn
dada al m e dle t n, mod every variety of Md. aritbottibene
fit. and thus I wearied along antll tba winter of MA&
when I heard of Dr. 'Victor', Baba. of Wild Chant'. 610
berAnaded me to glee It a trial.thOnCh I 11,1 eran
op all hors, of remarry. and bad taepared myself for the
change or another world. Through theiraoliatationa
halucel to make un. .1 the genuine Wht.nerEaLran 'of
Welll Cherry. The eileet at:Ptrelly rertnniehlns,
three years Of alllletten and eul:ertuz. and' after 11,104
ste.nt four Gee hundred dobars b. no purpose. and the
hest mad meat reapeetable-rhysietane had mond t•
inn. I was wan reatoreel to cadre health hr the 41 , 00: CO
Cod and the are of Dr. ITletar's Dal.. of Wild ch , :y.,
Mop the bless:ink-of Mod resat von 'Abe proviedern of no
eat:aside a medicine us IVlstar's Balsam of vrilil
1 x.Q Iltinn '
Sold Lt J D. PLIM.III , II4I,IImr to banfard it Park,/ Foolit.
and ITnhaut .areete, Cioentratt.Oldo, Cameral ACaottke the
,mth amp Weat in whom 011 order.. must Le tu1d.r.4.A...
J. Kidd & Co.. It A. t Ib. J. A.
Wiko.z. tr.. Pittetairer. lase Deekkan!. Alleghan , ,thfr
I. T. hood!. Waalsimrton: L. 11. Boat, Onit.heaarth.Ll
!felts,, streetteburtc Y. Konotz..Frnerser emu 0.1F61.110.
he+,ltorehltoed & Son, iluntananlorchlmOrr.lfolliedutlaM".
Illblet.rarai a Co-, Italtaux 3. L. IV thiht, Klthannian
brans t Co, Brookville, .0 MIL , . a Soo, Wayne:razz
Melarahal n Co, N. kallreelar, Meadville; .Daroan
Eric tiraham a ymksr. horror. Jame.
ler. h. Zmith, Deaver. 3, ummertao,Wuru;F L ask
&meet Comirtapart, Y (trent., or., Droartmille • •
feblE:dtvain,l •
The Human Body Must Perspire;
610 SATS NATURE, co lltta - e a healthy sy
pearanot, and,per.aon. r.ho de, not persaint,pre
A, the me at disint.tma.Skiu Not.. Jun-
Chattiest Snap .oust. a Rev t.errydraCon, awl at the as
tune uhdlifie , and softens the %La, givin, tb.1,7,11/,
of an infant's.
:cony, Salt abeam. and ..,orc. are LAI only 10 1
bed h an toe, as at lemt ; phriti , tna in
tuo it ill such ewe, slut tined unfaillow—s
tr,etk-t. °ratty oth,stindlFea.e. b•
reader I...isturt that this ia tteeleso, puffed no..trunt,as
one trial will prat n. I mold enumerate ot lw-Co-Ista,
ta-Nons cured of rote head. seat leg-. and ~,r e besnl. •
i t the riakr ts a,ain a.....und not:l4,lf (1.1
ally sell it hu - the above. nuleer I knee it to ha IL •44.1.
Those arlio are liable to
net nod Nu
opt only a cure. but • Pre , renti ,,,, and ean
air add. that any one afllieted with an, all, .bon,,
or no ri;ailar will find thi. all. and ero4t In,. • Am,.
rahle in Its propertirs) than state.
muter,the stares Irdh
W be,ure you .k 40A1A . ItalmuCheruieal Not --awl
buy it only of W.ll. JACk(sON. only - , ,,ent Pitt,
head of 31.1..
Pearly Whiie 'Peeth, e l lure Breath, t.,
STTTT bed for 3 eteta—P.Tystsas who has r either, a, ismcdaT
bir t
s d s e u r r p e y d e d t . h iarsf hr
elbow Lrt is
..1 . ,. 1 Issot d ls wi t a l a th ar s .
spas a
thu mot Jbstus. Adam, Tos,th Poe. will ad,
tewth as white as ant tL.T brsath odstrifTsT.,l7
Sold colt at JACKSON'S Slor, die I.llwlty et , heal of
A Sientifie Hair Restoret and Beau
iner—Trio hon k =`,c.rnt , Thos who here ..N
J,,val . Coral flair &awl., know Its ear. Hera qual..twa—
flu* who hare not. we 11,M •it to 14.:0403 the h.llnstfua
qualitiec —lt will lam the hair to grow 011 me part whew,
nature Intended hair to grow: stop falllng. nth <nue scurf
ur dandruff; end make light. red. or grey few grmr dett
Poe retaining the hair soft and bay, nothing ran earwwl
this -- It makes It lahrftihtl.'and keel. it be. It la, lb
deed, the mo,t movetpiCtr. ~l l.llOr—mrtir-Wtur
012• J et 10.11. JACK ve Stare, .4b Litre, rtraet,
head of Wrod, l'ittsburch.L .
t.4.jep.-37f.i' ben., du cen ,and
JONES' Solution f,f Jet. n Liquid limuutn
hair bre, for dm rbongina of while, red, or oral klair..•
besubilnl brown, or TWA Jet sone, o fru . annutos.
Pricey—M.; and $l,
Sold by WIL JACKSON:2Ib LilY•rty street. bred of Woad,
bitht tuzh. ,
JONES' LILLY WHlTE.—Ludies are cau
tioned what ooiod Up, coo:noon PrePothl Chop , - Vasa
are not ovum-boo srightfully trutignoss It hto theate,
bow war,. now rough, bow oalloo dl
, t.ow , and unbe
the elths appears. idler usl.protored Chola: bondos,itio
ir'r ts:ra ' s 7 p n lalL i e7fabot .,To r tataf i ticleortbe6ao
I. nponleb Wolf , .
It perfOrtl yln Innoeen4 1...10g . 7..1,5t 0 , 111 de it ht. rloth.
o, shun Veiny
met* on the eldn. nrelord It t o
and moods. •
odd by. the It 31. JACS.aON, Llbealyalcet.
brad Worst Pat.:burgh. Pelee, '25 esarts
Needles' Celebrated
flomrouND .111.:31LOCK I'LASTErt--
C., Th... hicitl - =.4iClttett pia.... 1.. , r 1,-:c ti.,it lc:
. b . 0.. s we pt, si e es dnarttig utiels hon. abet Ins[
pained a persou,nt. seesaw., it an dm rhet avec:out
be sno b [ and etertittlAtung is. ter ere °dere.' It. •
old.. of ths tuahrst cliiittlAtte, to wheat their cteoppee
')on ha, ion submitted. hare elven the mutt WWI,
oestintoguals as to their sliperior sit tut ore. •415,11 , a::. ,
[ers sold.
The in..-resliscate of their ocintoellisne wee caret:ll7'es.:
annely cogabincti, tinder them petal:a:ly aelitahlt..ts
b u ne t . ate... srltb 1,0.=01.:111 In
wa e prtt '" I n t l? ' a b la r ritl ', :l i s i st '' ;:' '''i.'a f .
d...... rtht L.T.,... 1 .0,41;1k..'=;; . 44: 0 4:1
question or &split.. A a remedy in Luationto, illetr sip
porturity tier all cut ra n d by such su, ihos.e..
an, has best tulip corn rand by
a nd
tor weatocis and uslee. in the Tack and oidserrultspt
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