The daily Pittsburgh gazette. (Pittsburgh, Pa.) 1851-1861, April 01, 1851, Image 1

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0,714 . 2 u.. 111 1, wean. X r-rt
n!luil3ro rwr annum. p•y•bl. Ziff
Sax 1.u..•1 ,1' 0..1 ltium
WEEK I. tar. ,wr =num. warams,
~•r ,onurt. ...................... aao
....... ............
Twenty rovlo. 00
no tmel..xt tbr es , h elnl) to lw •dare , od to one. tenon,
n pd t o 1.,. in tiles nre. No,Club Papen. will
rar _,,.in ie.. the to rent for
• renewal.
One Sonar.. ill hoe. of Nonpareil or lanai
1.,.D0. inaertkl.. 0 2.5
ne • ...... 1 70
3 00
Nem. sreeke 4 00
,ue month-- ............ 00
t so
tuna- moth,
immt u hu 111 1:1
Do. ea month, ....... 111 Oi
li t .va.PlV , l months . Di pet
etandln.v. C,Pla lint, or les, pnr annum...Bs 00
Ons Dollar for r.nch '.ditiourd line.
o rn , ,liam,nine at pleasure (per an
num, ocnol,e o f p0per:....... .... 00
Fa each ai..nol 'quart.. inserted over one month. and
1010t.11,11.u, inacrted under the 'early mice.
Adrerlemente ertc,.tine a mimeo. end not over fifteen
Panf, to. ho SA IL 111,11.1. .. 111 1
Publi.her. 10,1 aeetuntelde for lesal wlvertleent.te
foul the amount charvsi - 1 , 0 their puldiration.
Announrinc conlidan. fur altos. to be charged the woe
as other aJterthannents..
)1.1‘ , 1:10 , 11P011'• to) markml on the to fora 11.66.1
runnier 10.0tIous. %111 n.utinued till forbid. and 0001
meet execte.l arvonlinzlY•
The prietlei, unte.usl is strictly limited to
their ono histeeslimfe :m+.: and all advertiarniente fire
tho Lenora of oher psceons. as whet as all adelcUsements not
Immehately mmuert..l with their own Lupine., end all advertienmeids, in leouth or otherwise. beyond
the Dealt, ennaa...l, will la. horned the usual r" ,
.11 each transient a 1411 s will L. lel...retell
rendered. nod prompt 0, ot. • tit 0 desin.l.
All advertisements for elicritable litetitntintui. fire
want. town..p. eml other public .eotinge. and
each lite, to le, rharg...l hail price. pa) able atritill to
Marriage notices It le rharged 50 mot*.
Death nottree without elm. , . Holm; arentoPe-
Med 1,0 funeral .invimt.ona or obitnarr Ilotiree. Led whet ,
so necompanital to le 1..1,1 tor
Deuttlar rulv.ritser. and all other. Pending mmmunim ,
Done,or requlrinc nothes dschmad to call-attention to
Palm, Soirees. Cowen., orany entorteironents.
where rhanuc are awls for asluilttonee--.11 nutlet,. of pi-
Tate aac.istlona—Wvery entice Mciarred It roll attention .
vivate enterprise, mlrulat , sl nr tutonled to promote Mai.
cidutA berme, an only L. inf,rted with the underetand
that that the same /a 1.1 1. paid for. If iptendral to be lo
wered In the Itcel eolutnn. the Pottle will be charged at the
rate of not l than lit per hc
Bishop or .0W - - Notices to be elmr,ed
Tavern License Petitlona 5.2 read
Mel Estate , Ancou' anal Auc ,
tioneers' advertisements not
to be .laced under yearly rates, but be allowed • dlr.
smolt o
of`rylrty three and ane third per rent. from the
Mount bills.
wrzate rra.nrratr nlll.l , Poirna.
One Square. three
Do. 8,11 w iturertloll, iditionnl ivArrtion 1 81 1 . 4
faits:., alit wer.C. Pkylatcont.
'1Y.,.. -- ;;;/;ZI.Ii11 , 11511n , rtion 2.5 rents.
MI testut.nt adverti.,nemie to be paid In M•nnee.
I - OLIN A. PARKINSON, Alderman, Fifth
ie ard. Pam tatta.l.. t au allaa Lod {Valuta. Alt
Mishap. promptly ott..lnttott
IV, F. IVIIITE, Attorney nt Law-0(-
iSce an (leant ouret, twar F..orth . . In Anbur:
VilLibut:h. weloay
N.P. &O. L. B. FETTEIZMAN. Att.,
to. end @NF:tnte N0..107 4th
Pitt-bur,l4. •_
A.D II.S J. 1;.1.,VV I I's;, A
jathal/Yttraney at Law, office.
lu Ilightnan !tall rip, of .irmt strevt and Dianamil
. .
CavAttorney - at Lan, office
1... - nrrit,:s F.orth at. Move t.initltattla.
In, 19rniZQ• t.nnrnct2. , n. 41 th W . hi. N0r..., & , 9- Or
Washington City. (10.1 , 11 of the 11ina'Jbo.h.1. -
mead ha give nttention hi the. proouring,nt Land
IV•rrenta and to the ,11.4 . 11{}0110f claims
brfure. ( . 43314.0, my of ttv. ilmmthaenta. jsl7
eIA NIES r }Pat. Attorney at Law—Office
on Jth rt. bemoan Krultbll.l.l ntol Crant. Pittsburgh.
F RANCIS C. FLA N.EGIN, Attorney at Law,
Igo. 1L" north are*, PittAburoh.
. .
. _ . _
t.11:1:1; kWATSON, - Attorneys at Law,
No. 110 Fourlb Fan , - rtlxbuilrla.'
.I , IM—A ',under I Da , : ,nyth.r. 11Kr
ron.111orrkor., A en.: It m. E. .I•.tart Virtolug, Ae
EiDVII4I-I.ll' P. JONES, Att.rnev at LaW:
• Perke r q GO Vourth hrtgentt Wool and Smith
. 31L5.1/1 - , Attorney at Law
J va P sar i ftTh E rs-ri j ..t. Illtebutvh.
msurEas Aln BROKERS
M. H. WILLIAMSt Sr. CO., Bankers
d Emiumm , Broker, North East MM. of Roodarl
otrvt., rittAnr,;l4.
trimmmtiom. ramie on literal term. nnd malectimm
promptly attended M. isDar
E,.D. KING. Bank, and Exchange Broker,
Fonith etre, Dealer in flank Nerve. Bills of Ex.
e Gold and ed‘er. I. , netd au-i ,old.
The hteheel rnartet 'aim pelf! In j.reuiluse far Anterienn
Ihelf Dollare,.and Mellen-I and epannh Dollen% n ar
- .2+
VM. LAIIDIER. JR.. Banker and Broker,
4th atr, , t. n. wip , rmnx the sent or rU,hornh.WILKINS flx,liance Broken,
a Sault, East Corner a Third and Slailget.trvemU
isetiopm at nth,
1 1 / 4 T lICILMES k SOS, Deal as in Foreign
.k 1 • and gy,rban,.-t,Lerttlleatee nt
t : De
rgt,..Pv_n-4,Tv=7; 7,4=7A'
thennanoni the Cm..
fI,_OII.GE E. ARNOLI) k CO., Bankers
ILA Dealers In Cola Mask No.', ix—No.7 4
Youth Ft , f pr2l: doer to the Bank of ltatsloaah-
Italians certfolly sticodal to. wad the proceeds aitultlal
any parlor the i7nico
Bankers andkx
henee TN.aler, in Yon.lgn and Tkenertir
of Exch.,. Orniti..e.tre t.r locpasita.. Bulk Nntre.—
Ortke, corner of Third .o! W.est greet.. directly oprerelte
the St. Charles Hotel.
CAROTEIERS CO.. Banking House,
No. u womt Itin=borgh.. Current Mney . rn
-4d on DOIVAit. Collrctionx =LI, on all the prit,clo.l
ell:knot the Unitod
sum]_ _ ._ _
1 MEW & IRVIN, Commission Merchants
I and Bill Bnalcvm. No. 114 I , esaul xtr”ne. Primus] and
. UWE frnm nit so Mote
. • 41:111I.CI vni.ats4 .... ..-/• , snca u.tads Tx. L. OA..
AVIE It, .1 'ANNA EC. CO.. Sumessora
r Misery. Thurno lltrumsos llama^
a dealers In For him, stic tlarbanco. rortlaratsso
of Delasdt. hank Note, and W.. «anal.
'Wood and Third Oro.. l'ort , la Mons,. rewired on Its
f'l 71 1 1 i thoprlloolpl poln4T.';',-11,`;!a117-1r.L.r:_._711
Iliznort prestos paid od Foreign and ILISIeriMIS
sonsi.ualPts of Poolueo, shipped oasts
an liboril toms.
TAY LO it, C.anniissianer and Bill
Booker. 112 Second strrst. Strict atoostion will ho
0100110 tn oil busitoos entr,,tol n 1111 ears. Pittsburgh
saanafacturni als, • ..11 Dust or procured at short
=eta. - Nob, Mont, N1..r,a0 , . as- nogotiatol on fan,
shin terse. AtoAfl' rani, If requirod. Dalt
- up C. STOCKTON. Iate John+Pm & Stock
it; to n, Bonk-. 11, Printt r, nrul
nor of of Market and Third or. Pittrt or i th
4AS. 8.110LME , .. Cheap Literary Depot,
Third nitro , rpi..qt. ilt , Prot Oillor %el, Moto. rt
ttior=orboyoVLri;:po;V:r• iria'.i'llZed"artr' to any of
leveed pnce
ItHOPKINS. B.ol,eller and Stationer,
• Igo TO froirtli tonilo Braid]."
EASON AND cowrrEtnomts.
p — AVID BOWN. att., IVhelesele and Retail
Baker and Cnnfrtione, Fourth 'greet. Pittabunth
nidlng Cake, and Fan, C , ,sl, , tionary. al way on hand
All olden. punrtnally altraded tn.
'CV M'CIA rirroi%. 3lnnufiwturerand
.419 Wond ft, fs..i.urb•
if, A. 14Iv A N Y & 4 - ; . 0--TransportArs
lenonootnorew n.omv.t. D EA LERS WOODS & SON, PRODUCE DEALERS
• • Curun3L4.l.4, 11..rebanto, No. 01 Water str ,, ..
H. 11. M.
11. JOHNSTON, Far:carding and
prta.rc t b kr . tntalAnic,ii Slerrhanl. Nn. IV.: Seeend Itreet.
Ii I !ER. .t JONES. For.rarding and Corn- -
alb . uism I , lenthlaa... 1.-,t in Pro.lneo and rat..
burg 3tnrsetured art.eln., Canal ltmln. neat Seventh
street.. Pittnbargh.
A. A. FIMIT ilral. r.
ti t, ARDY, JONES & CO., Suocesgorg to Atr
wood. Forwarding
end Me ,
e dealer.. in Pitt .I.nrirli , lanufarturni Pitt.
bursts. Pa.
C. SHACK LETT Co—Wholesale
D•nleneln iomi. mid Ib m alo my 41a.11.. No. 101
lid stmt..
& ~,rrporrni, ..... vnomt n. TM,
A. MASON &Wholesale and Reutil
palmln inney end et.sple 1 .7 V.7.11.ket
11.4.,1 t5. ) Dr, CrAtin , h.rrhnote. rorn ,, r of Fourth
wad xtnw
— IX itian-rnymr. 1 , 1”1 . 1[1.1 11, a./LW,.
lIERSEY, FLE3IINII & 'CO., Comminnion the J.. nf t.m.Atle. W 001... •od
1:1 livail, 11.140..1,m1.1.. , in •11 kirds. a Tailor.' Timm.
1 411.. No. 14 Woad Art,. fourth drw.r from Filth, Pitts
R. D. HUNT, DentiFt. Corner of Fourth
an.l h, ,t.. ‘brkPl P4.n-r
IA SEP. h, NL.DI - 11VP
1. cri•rr.
,Antn:PaP6l , l
and 'tonsil Dm: and
.gbt and
men aE
. /
KIDD ,t CO.. \V N.uggiqu.: Deal
tJ • err in P.lntn. I.yr sineg. god I ngtruturult
ropg i gr , or s of Ur. MAL,- Spreige. Wr
end Lung rrrur: No. 4). rnrurr or Wood ..11
erne., Pittsbu
vith 01 rg!,
04146 Orlon trill bs cardar
, FATINESTOCK & CO.. Whotextile I
n . trauggidA, and manufactum. of lAhito Lend. l i . .'
Lathargo. corn, %%mai arrd:Vront rtrrota. Pitt,-
burgh. _. • ... h7
t. ' ........S7EL . L i.., 1 E1 . :, ,,, 1V , h:: , 1 ,, egf , i1P
i. 1 , ..?« , n1 4 e:
A in
A. 47 nn 1 rad street, Pittaburgla. Pa. tlrgais warraoird.
r r '
.. .
tioi ' D. MORG-IN, Wimi.isitio. Druggist,
arN Drab., in 111 - . Stuff...l'ol..lAl.. Varnish.'. ir .-
i, i '•,3 3 . 7. 0 .1 . atrfkA., ~o r dm., 'oath of Piarnuod Allry,
' - - - ..
{ii . i WICtiERSIIAM, WiPiiesniP Drugpi/at
a alrd JlA:alerin .1•••-ds and Agricultural Itrildrup.oir.
N frliA , rod IrrA , lrarl xtrr.rt. corn,' of rratn._
11. 'UN & B.EITEIt, W 1 II Retai l
I,..oies ;ct n iz iiirt..
AIl girlata. corner of LiEvrty land st. Clair rta.. Plug
nzh. Ps.
s lioilX!klAKEß k CO.. Wholt.sule I)rvg-
IN i.ii y. No. :44 WorAl et.. Pittabunrh.
Jlk. SIIEE. Wholesale Grocer, COMMiKSi O .
• lor , hent, and deal. r P•Por ar , d , r
Iran and I rvrln Pit4bur,ll.
A 7 11U1.11, I'. Sli It 1V E lt,licae,ale I; ro
rtr. Vro.lorr I ndMrrrhant, d 1..111,
er•hl Iltteturr SlanafArltlml Arttrl.. Ncm. 130 an Anti 1.) . -
S•vond street. trtrorn and 5tn111,150.1. I.ll4lntrat..
.10.41 , 11 ,119 .T 11
1 0 tIN S. DILWOIITII & CO.: 1..1,Na1t•
dl f*o4wl rt.. Pit4burgh
J. . Li ..,.,,,
Bitr..itii.E & INORAILANI, Wll. , lesale
[1...}. , and l . ihrnmroin. %Lerch., N 0.116 We.
On.. and I,tll First oUort, Ittlt.shurntt.
11,1..EY, MATTIIEWS & CO., Whttiesaio
tironenc.Comml-oon awl Inra•rl.g 51e , b....... 1
itii fo r Roam°. ono. Ystioi,:t7W. ,.. r.L.Pit .b.,,,,
] al., r• WATT
Grocer, 0 IN WATT & CO., Wholesale Grocer,
tilL . , ,
... nti7iLli Mriehe.nta, and
. D . eiderl In ltindua• and
h M ufarturtt. No. ...tto Lltwrty oteret, Pitts.
burn,. Pa. • - •- - -
r . CANFIELD, late of Warren. Ohio,
el r
e e o inmmt ',lay and I,n-wanting Merchant, and \ll,Ol,-
axle ale; In West,rn Itrcerre Cheerte. Iluttwr, 1,,, and
Fran (oh . and IVeairrn Prottutv p.neraltr• Wanr stn. ,
beta . ttatillttit.ld and Wood. Iltraburgh.
411.11.17 , a. ~ A itic.l3lo , w. N. Is Aram.,
kst's7,iiitise.iT7l7,::Tesriter'g,4l% 4,74'Z'u
red Attlee... Nam Agron. fur toe axle og r dlchnrond and
Lynehburghfarransl Tnbaego, Nos. SO and SI Watsr
arm ' Pittsburgh.
-10.• sale George. Fororaltling rini 031,11.M1M1011 Mel . r . b . .
WAN ElOolerl In Plftsbursh Manufaetriresi and 'Western
Prot re, Nn. M. men, of Front street and Chancery Lane,
Pittat urgh.
JAS. DALZELL, Wholesale Grocer, Com
passion Merchant- and Dealer In Praluoi and Pitts.
burgh2Lanufacturee—No 70 Waters,. Pittsburgh.
nil DleMiT ..
BAH DICKEY & CO., Wholesale Gro
. ir=St.lllTCTea.,r,t't.7itilvlVolT. P`''''''-
-----;=. ['MUSH. ........- ...... ~ J.I. J. INXlrin
LNOLISri & BENNETT, late English,
osns,tsr A Co., Wholesale Unger. Commionon and
ing Merchants. and Dealers In Irodis , and Nur
tar= 0 Manufacture. No. 12g Oecond rI and 121 First st..
haw all Wood and , nrithtleld
. -,- 1
. Willa. Pall-kii• ...... .1. . ILICCOMIS, ilrilkinwill.
Groner. and Inucrtore of Ora:idle. Wine. and
i . , , , , ..caLi :1 1 . 1 . '0. rle r l o zr? . ?l ,c l , gbe ,, r l y and
stream Pats
.Cotton Yarns, Or, I t. e.,..Euttwllll)
• . . . AWLS O. 11 . 01L1-.......A.LT [11 . C fag
t . G ., :ILLS .37 ROE, NVllolesale Oro.,'rn and
) t, l i , , ImlFalwri Merrhant, to
N. e Lat, FI
AORERT Alooll.E.—Wholesale (lrocer,
Ilwoifyinw MOIIIrt. 4..510r In rndue.. l'Olaburgh
farturra. yrid all land. a Vorrigo and lalaw - or
WI 'a and Liquor.. Na . 1:. Lit.rty onmet. On halal a
re larwe 'York of aypen, 1.1,1 Nlotsonpah•la Whltl..e,
whiti will b. add low fin rash.
I 'OBERT c DALZELL & CO., Who i letelle
Phen.r.4l. Tsfo-f..,NL'h'lrt7.:T', 7:1::7:
t. burgh.
. Grow,. Prolnow. Forwardly,. and Cwinsnloloy Iler
1., and boalwr in l'ioalwirglz 31anufacturr, No ~,,..
ty rt., l'ittaborgb. .
ww. iowalar /4.11,1 ~...
......V ,
11100 DR tan ..... .. ...
LEY & C0.. 11. Wholesale Oro
ten, sr.. in and . 3. Waal auvet.. I'a.L.O.yr,ll.
`TICKK. .11.1... IeCANDI-40..
& McCANI)LIiSS, suseessors to
L. Y. J. li. Mlek. Wheloule tOnevnt. Fornantlnk.
sonlleonetulealon Mnrehant, death,. in Inn, !ooln, lilno ,
Cot Yarn, and Pittebunell Nlnnutostnre. cenerall)
el of Woet ..1 linter rtreeLe. l'ittelolgb. t
/ 1,..• Grow. sodCennnlndnn Menthnnt, Ilnalers In I,
Tlti:l‘e'Art"'''''''''''' ' '
Artie r Ina Liteert
1). WI I.LIA3IS & CO., Wholes :ll*. and
• n•Nir Family limwrr. Vnnntn M
.ling awl anaLs•Nua
t i Ln.ntn, and Dealers 1u12,...r,1itvw and rit‘.b.rgh
311gmfaeturax, maw, of Wuxl-1W Path lltteit.tovh.
- .
.. _
Lthersr ,tactPatrburgh. Wholeattl.. Groner, 1,-
1 ime o....augrion 3kretwmt,...m dealt!, In Pittohura
ht frctdr...
1 in. MIT. a.m.. FIAPTP
Nlttß. FLOYD, Wholesale Griper.,, Corn
. snl.sion rehnnts. end Derarn. In I,4unr--tlouni
t.l2tlrri/ 11121141 m, fronting nn Litk - nr• Wr. 1 .... 1 ~,,,
A t... PLILAI..gIA. Pe. .
. - . . ..
.tat c
C,0,1011N I'AII.E.EIt . oCO.. Wholenale Coc.e
nl In PtralAte, Forr tc-n 1011u....1.110 ,,, .. to 4 1,.t,
on tel. nut Itortito4 Wbink., —No. :... l'.oannwrrleJ nO.
LI rtr ~ I _, Pltuburgh. •
- ----- -- - - - -
4t. . - •
OTIN 11. 3IELLOR, Dvalrr in Piano Fort , t ,
Music, awl 311.uneal Inetrucie.nte.,Schtenl leee.{:e. an
. t iOnetT. Fel+ .1 , 1 , fiir CV...Merit.: e Pwao t errs, :1..
Wirer,' renn7leania—N , , ,. .l NV,..eel et ,
lENRY K LEBER.. Dealrr in 31usio, M u
l`.i,-A1 Instrument , . en-.I Imte.rter of Italian :qr.,.
ren • agent Ow Nunn+ 4 Ciare'e eran.l end ...pier , 1 . 111. W,
WI h Coleneen4 }Mean A.A. - Marne An.,. en. Dunham
PAnifiXivtup: 439 4
ENNEDY, CIIILDS & CO.. Manufactil
of very ro perlor 41 en..rtino, Carp. Chg.,
nTwine and Batting. Penn Mill. Pittaburi;.h. ,.,o,.
au Jots» .
ONES& QUIGG, 3lnnufneturer , of Spring
img BHA, Steel. Plough :M... 4 . Fuel Plough Wink.
L. II and I.:lmile Spring.. llgarnered Iron Axle,: and
d taro in Malleable Ila.c.nio.. in+ kngine Lolnt. aml
CoTrimming" generally. corn, of hoes and Front. stn..
P ttsburgh. Pa.
l ,„
net. Item - 0 Co.. Manufacturer , of Soda A 11,111,1.1..
./ Powders. Mininde and 0111,huric Acids. Wu-thou.,
N .. Po Maur od-. r ode and
Samuel C. lllll—limmrter mei Dealer In Frebrh
a P ' ican Paper lisn s, and Imle It'M i d. , .
ea, linard Imi r;
NVrapplou Paper. Na. , 5 Wool Meet, between Fourth
/Mamma alley. Pitt...burgh. Pa.
T vlts
• . •
TiLid,n-tianin End :We 11 the IththnoviL tthurah.
Merrhant.., Ewa, :ide 11 the Inaan....—
CO. L. 00.
M. A. M'CLURG & CO., Grocom not
• T. Anders, Nn. 'GM Liberty .trst.t, abnye
alwayt on hand • „pert] a Chola. Gr..,
ILIA Too, Abo4'or..iun Fru. and Notn.lVl.l.
and Dealer% mopplind on th. low. term.
JOHN A. CA [MILEY. Agent fur the Lake
1 Erienid Mlehhpan Lane. n, Beaver and the Lakes.—
wane Get the turner %Vat., tau! Smithfleld Ate.
• Um Canal.
k. WVITICirI.t.
\VESTERV ELT ft SON, well known
I,4:ta v e7t!'tt n . Le' r :i M art. L ...."*lt" . S 71'r 'lr ti Y t o n titrVoZ
tauid. No 1 3 St Chair gra...4 two, at ' No Sa,..k ' art. t .tn.A.
w.,: i tna:r .. . n ol2'o7t l i.ii l T.9i. t 'll'.‘ZT:r i ,, , ,:gi ` . ''." ".1Z".
1 A. BROWN woul LI Ino. t rPH nee tful ly infnrm
1 the paid le that be kaarraatan hand at lil a 'land on the meat
leaf the Diamond. Alfrghtany city. a complete neeortment
4 Venlttan I.llndn sled lenittian hhtitt , ” are made to order
n the tarot atria.. warrant...l...goal P. .11 In the United
tate,. lila Blinds can he removed withmit the aid 01 a
, ar dere,. Haring pureha-e d the etzaelt.tanla. and vainal
the cabinet ratabll.tnnent of Damn, IL 31eC3elland, 1 imi
re pared to rumialt their old euatornerN OA well . the pub
fn. at lame, with ever" Own in Choir tine
" 1.7,1; '"- A W""'
" I Ik
J()IINS , I'ON, PA Ok k ii.ANirtalt &
ur —r.6l , :trr, corner of Third atreart and eitert
unramon. AlleulienT.
N. D.—him.., Sand. Mortar. Lath, Ar-. for sale.
A DAM MARINE , Veterinary Surgeon, late
it from iilfuliurFb heotland, would rregartfully
swami the public that he has rommenoed proctine in the
ionfonalosh and, hy enzßlul attention to IVIIMCV•1 . is
entrueted bin, Ise lushes to
nnect glee .161..11..
In eoion with Jame , Bantle. Ilona. :hoeing and
Rinekunithing in general win he carried, on. at tie. corner
of Tunnel rtmet and Pentrylvania
ILIIB.I'IIY & LEE, Wool. and
.I,mmirrinn Mrrellantk for th. pal« .f Atneri..nn
129 LiLvrtr'rL Pillmhurgh.
17 I. , slen In Floor and Ifrt,lut. 5.n11y. knd
warding and C....minlrn.lon Nlerrhant. rra
No. Virg. .tr oo .
and I lb +.OOOO 00.0. I.4”..tiorgh.
NEVILLE JOHNSON, Engraver on IV orxl,
Hall. .) Pit.burgli: Viewn of
dlnca. ;binary. Heads nf Nowapepera.Frnntild ,, ! ..,
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VILLIA\NI S1:111'13111A:sl'S Lithograph.
k E.uadahmant, Third
Pittiburub. Mara Landn-apa. Portrait , , Shaw WO.
lallhanda.lhatta. Bawl. I.ahrta, alehaeetural and Machin
Drawing . .. and Vl,itanst ena-rairal
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rourth 5trr0....1 . 1.1tura1,::',.. N.l:- 1, r
- -
LOCiAN, WILSON CO., Importara and
Wholesale Dealers La Ilardwara Lutim, No. Lai
a i d =apt, PlValaargh.
01IN FITZSIMONS kt Mdlitdadttl
n.raof 11.1\T and a ItEEN GLAF , e. 51.1 r LltS.atid JI
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Twtt• Ituni tlr Ittack Smith Um' Btept Fttrilsto.. want,
farturnd at the ,hortett notice, rapt at lb. est
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All .
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bas Fitting.
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FAsllluN FOIL Issl—Thls4
Ift..sut 1101 Ilstr by
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Wegner, Buechner & Mueller's
rr II F. A I: FIRM respectfully am t ounee
to their friend. nod the lotion.. ti
geerrill ,wither
are prepereil to elec.., to the Mt ett 1.. of their art. nil
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met Profe—eafel tool, Mai, Chart, Lohela. ete.
Their eqatiltahment in at Nn. Mork. •itrret, latiornen
Third anti i..ortir etreete. oli forhe:tf
Bolivar Fire Brick Manufacturing Comp'y.
;LOVER, KIER. & Pitornterons.
9 1 1 I E Sl' lISCIZIREIIS. hating hem] .1 ,
roOntyki Auente for the rtlekve named e.P.P.rp,
keep ronetantly nn hand a so ppl, of the relebrated Bolloak
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mccoßD & CO.. have received
their Si
.rttly St, 11, of RM., to whirl . , th,
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awl thr public AO,-4
Pittsburgh Gas Pipe and Tube Works.
Tu E undersigne4l hate_jmq completed their
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soothe am) t.ther ova %iv, of
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without dr
nrs.l , 2 Water •trert,
NOBLE—City flouring
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1111 L.rnugladruun. enul Innctirnl Mndnd Au , nt Usk,.
drnuuldp Modulx for lb, ',dont dun.u•
nrry fur NI Water Work.. MM, d.• Mny 1.
found betirlxt 1.1 A NI and n I' Al, at tn. n.nid.don. Nd
Marbur,druvr. I"ol,tdirnld
3 MADE! L. Agent 1, Delaware Mo-
Itisi W.fntT In/gummy. 11,41,14, , 4J N et.t Amt
JGARDINER COFFIN, Acentl, Franklin
lublartmr• twrth vrt n rof Wt..%
..i TLird .amt.. .
1,/M. GLENN, Boo.: BIN VER. M"Oli
From lb , 'mum 1, 1.
vre.N.r. lo .1., n( Vilvimr 6it lk
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'GURU R 1 . 11.. holesnlo anti Retail
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and Filth Pi...burgh Wlstn- ,
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New Coach Factory—Allegheny.
m. A. W HITES CV, r,..
..01, toroth. the 400 . ••
on , h w ..ot • 4..4 ' 1 I r t,.l. bj' a
rthwt• .., or. low. ~ 4 . 1,
rdr- fur lr.,. 4.. nYi • Immol•
Ihrnow . h.w. WI, oh- 1 Ism At .. hie from I rwo
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aml the froth,. Orr. ho.w. ri. thr row
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LI ro mot., More or the C I F-t inthwer.
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IA 1,321 by Errlllll 11. K INN. No INI I Ily•rtr tt .
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Vault, Tom!". ilt-olltUWlr, 44 - .. Mum, Itu.ryt. t - .utrt
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A CARD-1851.
tun, tr U., I, nul, caner
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pritnit. 'hi, ti . I mail in
t0..1 - hp
th., !roll, 4th nt.r”. 4. ..4
I riSBU. COMM }: RC AL. C.n.Lti..l"..
.4 Third nrni Atn..l.•• ~,, • Tln. .... I y ban
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ompolata.n. 4t .
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„ca, EST!, 111.151tr7.1. I by E D3II:N
W I LKIN S. \..24. Li lwrty It.,
n. ,n lVe44 - 41 alrra A httaharub jl. ,r.
1411.11111,44411144. a.ll,
de . 1 4 1.44,4,4 k ntra and IT.
1, Tut,
aiway• •..n hanA ar4.l ma, 14. •.14.144r, of tin.
44144.44,0 klarlA44, .4441 at arta 14444144.4444.1
1 Ova , . A4.144.14an gl . / 0 / 11 1 4.114 , 1 .^ 1
1 ,,Tt 1,,
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lino. Hamar bowl,' Bart Tlornan.EN
Ilan. J nags NI-111.1n, Ilstrior
Itntanottn, fts, hot., Ets,. Arrll Ja lpot
lnl.ra 1-ttt. Cash Sons. lartltars.
Pittshtirgh sitanser litslsm.
J. 11. Ilipootorttor. Esq 1101 t 011,1..4 da.
MrEttlstbS.sftst, tVn, itrsgs, rn.
Jos Itch mcbt..Esot. V I Nl.rgnn en
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hsrszost nn , l lost to , . voiruflost hts sets.. 1.15 . 51 - nt
and .111..tslesmsor n, rends, ,st/.15..1.1t.ti hstsallsr
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\r nwpwrlllillt Inform , Ilk Irhdrl• and
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and lased •P• k nr Irorwtedd (tirnit pew rt. r dwfr, wrrn
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end lath.) inlaid otando, Ints•ir dandr. and hul,l.r nodhlr
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aud dowl.trd the hrd lot Inzubw, rant. Prod/pd./. hall and
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la nrinierrt. gnthir 11,111111 A laal.ot r0.1• 111.1 r,
gate;:. , d elowl, wpdar, and honk raww. ride tannla,
Orr KrrOTll.. Ward .ark., hat +land, a nd mnr .r..hra....rily
and ro• for rhildrou: toper Pnl,
rnahoCany. rhaewerth and inlaid 1.3,11 Tubb., Ar. Ar. he.
A large aw•Prtundll 1,111110011 runillvdr and Withl•or
Chaim Cabin., rupplhth with all artirir• In their
.91..nrnbotsta and Iledwlr, fornlohed at the ahnth
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All ord..,
Att.kniPy atl.nw,Ncb. Von( st.ccoruor of Cheryl
by" Innclo •
obrrrancomentr for thy. hurl" •••• •Hc ,
procure Itoontb Lbw& for oltioero mid cuchtiory. abetr
yricloor• fool ribthro
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mon', the INcnyoch oftbro, or lbw Courto at the City cc(
Wbobtoinirton. yaf7 .I[l
'Drawing, Perspective, and Painting in OiL
r. r
tLing..lurlifful Mu..or. Seat. A
Atkin,. • .01.110. Vint a..., lolrru W
on uud nod
Marl. 4 lurtrurtiun. tolt.. and
f ro m P. a n , luatuuulan rau
kuuau .flrriv ,, ur 0. Ilse na.,
Iturre . 10. Ilsz7arn or Pr
s„ 74 }nur/h or. orra to Bank i t ( l'attio,A.
010. otol DmIl• ...noon, AD all pans of Mr l'nlan•—
Mork. bonoht orol .yl , l rolmmir,t.n. fr!,
I 11AltIllSf SEWELL. A 'tomes. at, i
ej Ohio !lan. iimoniounner for latuno Ihi.ollihnr. Ark. : 1
ronrnalgomenta 1/n4 , la. L. Minn—Fourth atvra
Fons I.IITLE qatrr, ;
yI & co I,V IN, (74.,t1 lerelittrkts,l
and ttrnl..r. In 11rr Iron and Nall.,
rr % A .i na ,,treet and A ...ton,lpu 1 ormolu. Inual)
Froportto vlll. • ortintAwl.aii.
AM A IM., Nlanufarlurors of AV imam
1. 11 m!. Fop Slurarl Wert. twtoren Ftral wail faunal, I
Pittaburon. P.
Partkolarte= lo odd els.. Alw—Daden
nut Gls.. Vi al s.o 10. dk.6
The autternotaal or other verabela are •Prolotot to WI "
ildhar . Line—Ante/I , lu Strutrterr.
1•1101 . OSED DATIN. 111 , SAII.INII.
rean tutu TUILX. [MOM tIVIZPOOL.
W. , 1n...1e, . Al arch . C.thlssturnlay . March 1111
Wednoulo., - 11 1 thWatunlny,
1 "I'W,"lneml33 April 9th
V.. .. 1 ‘.".M• APP 16th 1l ~ i k"
Me , lne.l3l.
IV...due-An,. May 10111 IKedure.l3,. 31.)" ~0, ,
haturday. -.. 2.lth,
ent onle, . Juno 711 , Wealneulay. June I . lth
Naturdx,. - 2.l.llCulnexday. -. -' ll , l
Futunle!, July :oh IVedur.lny. .. 1 ! 1 7 ,_ . , 4 3
Saturday, .. 11/1111Ve.lnemlay.
balUnia,. Augurt ,14 Wedenkla.t. Aug. .....,,,
Setuntn, - 10th Wedtuudnr• '. ....
hautrcla). .. tg , th Wednuch.. ~ .1. . • ~.?11
uutuulay. Pent. lath Wedrunkln>• .. •'''"
Saturday, .. 2:th Wedne.l.l. ,)^t• lot
E3lOOlOl. Oct. 11th Wedneuday. 2 15th
tiatunlny. - 2Lth WedneuthM . , -* ,! h ,,
,Mturd.y. Noe. htllMednenday. N.". !"..
Sntords,. Dee .. .. t '" *.thi, " .... d urd "d ay! '. Ilk • 1-;11'
.. nth
t4.uolni • . .. Web enturday, •
reamed Line—free.t-16 Trim. •
11 , 60,11. Ltrkeeqot. 100 , .. 1„ , , 1
Alll, New lark • ,, utunln3... •
Calmil4 llouon.. Q. t .:l.', Marrhls.
AN toe Neve York , nttartlay, March 23.
Ainernu Ilopuon.. .... ....... ...tkaturdur. APril' . .
Au.t . Nea Yorlt .. t41a5ur , 14,.. / 1 0 , ' 1 : .
Ful4 1.3,1.4,0°,
F.uro, 110.t0n.......... ... ._.Wednrufity, Mar. 12.
.1.1. \ 'York ..... —lVadne.lovr, Mar. ....t.
en0..1. Bo:t . .%..Ine...l3.y.April V.
Arrltu ... ......... ...New York Wedueodar.APril 21
trodue..!nr. A 1 .61 31 New York It' orl ne..131,11ny 7.
1,....ane to Ilsllfus. Bortau.t.l Nor York. ..A' 1 ..""."
and 11. Line— itralaty Trips.
1 . 11.
Franklin, ratunlay, 1., Feb. 'Franklin. WedNiar, 12th Mar
31wr Humboldt %Kit Apr
Franklin, " oth Apr Franklin, 7th May
Humboldt, Pi May Humboldt. 4th June
Franklin, Mat M'y Franklin, 2.1 July
Humboldt. •. Llth JUnr Humboldt., 3ilthJnlY
Franklin. .1 . July Franklin. •• 37th A nif
Humboldt.. Aug. 'Llthreat
Franklin, •Anh Opt, Franklin, r 2 . 111 Oct
Humboldt, lath Oet. Humboldt, •• liot haw
Franklin. r . 12th Nov Franklin, r 11t h hoo
Humboldt. lath the .
&mat Airriuntn.n Clu.—.llmtfhly Trip
lon lilLllllol.
Hermann-- ........... .3lew Parkftturday.Dlat.
nolano...n. N., f0rk............eatnn1ay. &yell
. ... New Yoft. ...t.turdny.3l.7 . 17 .
rftaw .
for New fork.....Frida,llLarcb
Hernenn. New fork..._. April
waningtr.u. New Vork ...... .......Frklay. MOLY 16 .
Hermann.. New Park. Wriday, June 13.
U. S. all rlen.mer• Ira,. :ivy York on the Ilth and Itab
of each month. for Chum.
Stonm.l4 leur Ch•rlestoo on tht Int acullslhof
each month.
F. , ,,rrtaa fireenAura Chatoberaburg, Philadatplata,
Nea York, taatera Centro and Northern parts of Yana
New dem., , and the .1. No. England nate+
The British Prnsinre. of Ina, Canada. Nova &oda and
New Itrunsahrk. daily. Arrive* at 4 r. at.; lawns at 1..
50000 I , ..a.mtaa - fly Illarnille add 110111.1. r Oars.
in.-ludo:kg the rountaa of Iln lfoN. Cambria Coats CU.-.
ad, Juniata, L,comins, 11111.1 m, 5kb...a Patin. Pettr,
Tioua. I Mon. and tart of a eqmnrelo,tal, via Live:am;
Murru, rattle. Salem a Maas, Now Alexandria, and lbdi.
son count,
Arrives dally. eanept !fonds}, at 3 a a; do
,artn daily at 1S r.
Eata-BT Butter, P. eraarurd. and Jettarun
C 9 ..1.1, ...let. gm. of N.. Vora and tapper 11nm:1,d all)
at'. p. • • and dep...
1 , 0,r11.13.1 ' 1%0(.9 - It% '4% artllngton, Pa.,. there.
fl anrart, part ,d 11 - ,ablots,•land county,
Mar, Lana. Italtltaarn, sabluatcn ci y Liyutharn mai 114 as
part, .d ..hue and Indiana. Kent...ear. Ten,.
I.l•l.atua. Mtaatsalppi, Attains., !tont, Vu.
Flonda, and Tracer,
at r a . and '1...6,4 at p. a.
,P.1.,01.1, nun.-- Fa,rttr, Harron, Dartnaton.
ll.P•nea. Part, P.., Uollatay • CoTr, la., JrlTerron, Mari
noa. Tuanaraarrus rountlr...lThlo, dal))
Arne., .t II r. * ,I.part, at ,a. at
N.LtOnFru, --110 Beater. 1,. and L.levelarrai. Ohio
1,.-toer 1,-.ColuuO.Latta. Trumtool. hartaK., umw
4.•tglnl.ula.etsrk,l , l q ne. Ha m..Co y tOsoo.nmonll
lUeltlasat. iota*.. Erse. ean.l.o.llond,
arid Luov o•tsutie, Ohl, We tu nortoon tle•
slate...llllooo and l e Hnos. r Weudlng k n Wl.
arai 011.4,13.41, &Of, Arrive. at it a. •..
Vat. , at le
KIYI•VIN.— eharra.rit. Sprinirll.lo.Tamu.
tun.. Itutunsn.g. KI•kirIAII.M., ArtlldrrAlar. Clar
leun..l.l rv.unt.n, • um Smut, s At
51, - . St ir und at h V'
11,..114.7.0, 1,117 . 2.11 e. NeaftN. Llienupir, Ittirtar•.
.111, Itarlitaitairg and Ns* licalya &rely. lariat.),
Tliunalei a. and eatunlat, at it r . depart. }Linda)
Ha l lFratat•. al it. 11.
.IL., :11./ - Hall. Violet Ole, atal flati
Arrffrs Priilat Pi, al e at.. it. ,
part,. it 4ui...1•t • arid Flaunts), al a. at.
ti.oriaa a -. tit Kuala/tan. titnitt, Rua. 11.1tKia.stairt.
Itliaabratiuiala, Ituatravar. banter
not,itaat. Uptier 110141,
1.., I, matalat• aal Tburaliit, d •
Mi.a.tai • Stui •
- BLit. it .Ik.?. mm. NtiLle,totria, Candor.
1 arm, ot•ualai awl Ttiunalata.,at tit•
ti.,aidai • twat Thur , at ,• at I e
. 4it tlifrilidVioitll....lliait. Moo.
ur. Vraaavirt Spring.. Pa-. /aural.... 1. Annan*
raiai. G ile•tiarta ' , stunt.° at al iat
v•., • 111 Anvil.. Siortli. MAU,
Array... r. at • , itiliartre as
at • u •
r Catunt•r, at Ii la.
Nat, •-hy FFer, rein«. ttextort. Brastneek, ugh,
t. ‘llo.ll4Arrk. tneltall. 1% wren atul ett+.4 .o
un ,ea d•tir at t w.. and .I,arte LL <4.4 S. 5.
u.r ths..ll, mall. sn net I. in the other nnabe , ur
dere.rwse.• letter. for the tri.....tfy.
man, awl Tv In the Whet - Ulf itti bone
1.1-re the, densztu,e.
IIIITED 2,11 r FA T. 1.11, noarrl7.
N. HOLNLES & SONS, Bankers.
.11,tct d, tarloern Third and *bertha... 11.13 , 147 vh.
I'ILL. , N? Ll A NIA. •flo,oot. at Munition
1,01 kt t•borgh ps.r,llraneh M..ourr. AY ,
Ezek,..r. Lilac ..1•40 par.,ll.lrh at keno.. do
I. r al. ..0 . I.•utt,town `do
Itkok •Y paroktr- 11.uk_ do
parit Ink.Cmonnall.k.
. imhertae.-tar
it k o. • Lark) . .. R.ok .. dr , 1 . 01 I , nn Townektp park.h.o Llfe In. t Try.
or :10. rt, Re..erve Punk.... do •
Rank .1 I....parltank •
Harmer.' a klectannw'Rk Note.. ......
/tank . .. ........ par NEW ENGLiND. ,
E.-....10,t0n Bank. ... rer,All solvent Danka-.... ).
tl..unt..• tlrch NEW YORK.
wati k par , Cnuntry... 1.1
t. 0,1 MARYIAND •
ar. flank -pas Rattonore. • par
I .0.1.-10..• • hank.. . par ',COYPU,
1V.0..rn hank .........par N.JYAINEY DEI.AW ARE
hook ..f , l....a.Arr.borott Ik All ...trent
hank a...trr Cpuelr
Rank of 1 0 1 1. ... ..imr Rank nf the Valley I. I
das.t. Y0,.(71 - ....t..r•Pw,1tk of %Arent.. Itkikta.M4
11.00 pariK, Bank, Va.. orfolk-- 4.
R•ol...fliatty•dturah 15 Farmer.* Bank off irginia ka
hank of Levrolown - 31m:tante' .S.rch. Rank ti
Hank of Middletown ... 15 North IVrstart Rank- tk
U 7llr/PTllt • tltta.bli. •
Hank of
earll.l. Dank. NlT'..ok of Cape
110 • Ender Co.parlik of St. of N. Caro...
Do. ....... pariC.*ltmcft* Bk. " liwttte*
/..0.10 11.00 par.llerchault , Dank. Nowbern
Farm,: 11k of Burka oa-par,ltk of of t of B. (NtrulLus
yarmorr . I•auraster.par:ltank of outh 1-11,11ne-.... 2
Y.rroors . Bonk oflto.ollne par'ltank of Charlpston 2 Ilk nOwbuy It'll Co Par Plankrr.' * Mock...lce Ilk 2
"Par A Dn.. Waynr.bura.. IIEORIJIA.
Fr...klEn Ilk. It roddnaton pkr u.runta k Rankin. Co
Ilvortahtukt /lank Haut of
floro.+1•10 'lank Bk uf Brun.wtrk 2
Dank . . S
ItanL.-pur All ...ler:lt bank 3
1..14.00n hank ... . par KENTUCKY.
Miner: hank of 1,111.011 r of Kradm'ltY•
ilonnaahol. hank.. ... par Ilk of Lc...troll, Thurston 4
II, . !
Ilan, . No
Ilk of Kentucky
kocutne. Illeabarropar Southern Ilk of Kentucky 5,
York Bank. . . MISSI)UUt.
mi., - Non.. e. t k Ilk of State of slbwouti.--lic
lillcr IL
Ohl. State bark .... ~ r late [tank
11 and branches... J-0
Branch at Akron .... -.lo , Bank of
Branch at Athena .40 WISCONSIN.
Ilraurh Ilnderport-.... tlniMarine A (Ire Inc Co. date 5,
Branch to (I.llloAhr. do
Branch .1 0 . FINTrICrI , klrohartlea t Bank 3
Ilran.h at Tolodo do Government Stock 3
Branrh at Da)) ton ... do
Itrx.wh nt .do IrourancoCampany.- 1
Ilranch Colombo.. do Stato Bank
Itran.h .1 Arbtabula CANADA.
lionm.h at Salem. do Bk 0111. N. Anlefira.Torovtns
Ilrau..ll at 51.0.1101 J do Rank Of the ItnOnle. Toroutos
Branah at Rip!, flank of klOntreel
!tram+ at ..„ 1 / a nlt of U. Canada,_Tarnoto '
Branrh at Colombo. EASTERN EXCRAN4)E.
Hran.b at 11 Lobito:ton --do On New Lork (plk•nt)-• •-•
Ilmnchal . do On l'blladelphra do.- 4.
Bron.h nt Inrosptrr . -du lie Balt/morn do
Rran.ll at Steutsmvsll.. . WII*TIIIIN EXCIIAN(I E.
Ilrauct..l kit. prong.- Cincinnati .
Ilratarh .... do Louborille
Ranch at Elyria. SL Louts-. ....
Brant I. 01 rprinallkld do IiOLD AND
Brknrh at klarkata_ . do Doubloon, P. vanish 111,1 k•
Brkuol. at Troy. .... . . I. do l'altiot 15.1.0
Brant Ito Mt Plraaaot .. FAO, old.- 111,00
Branch at 0•.111.:......1 , Peg:., new MAW
frran..ll at Norwo.ll. Fr.lerieks.crors... ...... 7.10
IP-knob of 11.4.ta du Ton .......... Lk!)
lOntpl. at Podl.mouth lint ......... (kW
Branch at Paton.. ...... _do Sok.relon. ......
Branch at Itaronon Tent/under, ....... . 4.00
Branch at do Napoleon.
Branch at C 00 .00 ,1 1 0-.. ..... DuoW* 2,11
Branch at Tolrdu
-•- •
Spring Borunts.
)1.;11 FIRST Lo.rr is r..ived and
% i4ienisl, ei.nintioloy. in part., the fullewina
A lionii Chi,, ltiteeni• Own,
11 hit.and ..Haar Leers, Sher end Tulin.
11111ets Chip. Jenny Erna end Satin,
kinulteli Chip. ' Plute.l Straw and ems,
4 tn. , Straw end Insue.n.l. Pearl and L o n Satin,
,I.l..reteis I runiwil, A 111,1,411 L lota Pearl, Hungarian Silted.
Anion., Ir r it , l iile!!Illa..
•• t.s.lit Straw. ,
A- A. MASON a CO..
niiihtli 1.1 and n 4 Market It.
LACK DRESS SILKS.—Just ree'd per
pmets- -•upe.Hor blnrk I.ul4ritly
Wert. and bow,' narktml
nl,lll, A. A. MASON • CA).
- -
RISII LlNENS.—lteerived this morniug
3..thrr lot , l *rule. blob Linen,
moo' A. A. 31A1,11N
IV Err 011,-351) gall. for Cale by
17 ni..10:. J. HAW, A CO.
poTAsti-7 casks (prime) for cale by
noho , J. KIDD it eV.
:5 Fe--5 1,1,1 s: (Cooper's) for
V V pale 14 110.1114 J. Kll3O A CA).
lirrrsisult(lll MAJE-30 bbls. (beet) for
i .I..meets J. KID)/ dt.'o.
VGA 1{ CURED lIAIS-10 tierces lluf
-17 11Pld'A 00Abreted C. C llama. t.o band mud for pale 14
tui.hl.' , _
, WAI.LINOI , OIAO A 00. .
. _ .
A RI I --I4 kegs No. 1, for rule by
Inch Id wree & 31.d1A5:1/I.ESS.
VI (I a LA SS ES-40 0., on_ 0 bbls. N. k
.. for role by trobli .1.0 IL
I _
Altp--'2O kegs No. I, for sale by
L 4 0d.1.1 J. YLOYD.
130TAS1.1-1 0 casks, warranted pure, — for
I sm.. by • n, hll J. &IL LOYD.
it; Parlor Chaudollrro and l-onkel, of thn
.0.0. Tao nod one Kula Ornomautal Ptolonto. t ...tern
vo , "
mr1315 nom., of Fourtb sod Market CO.
s Pl r
I.,ante e r n Tablffl.otand. and study I•nunP , nil
th Ito , . on. nnd)rnil
e MIT ivnll,l Llama. Corrlve itrlin,,iband at
lir A N'r TO lII I Y —Notes of the Western
banks. sod Stook of tlos Plttsburob Hank,
KIM:. bp
11. D.
NI'ING PA PER--A superior lot of
.I, oo t bi° n 37; Ire: I li/I/ r ig 'a "
mehn Papas More. we. Market and Seomai sta.
- -
Thdrentas docatrao.—Advertneuenta and eel... Art ee
far I tali paper fedliTfti and recounted free or :+n.. Nee
010 +Oink
Orricz Ptrnenuaau Uaasrra t
April I, Itlsl. I
Th. inneltels yesterday, we, zenerally quiet, with nu
larg. trangaetinn., so far .4 • • m uII oacertaln. In an,
branch aftradc. The weather was clear awl 011112.... and
busitkla....l, the wharf am., at the canal wai meth* The
riTer ha.. Levu c - radually reee.hug, but there cantlnotte a
rair asA. or water in the chtuanel for all the purp.we. of
1,-derday won . HIM. The
NII continues Ina dull don, and the amount. offetiog
from Rtst heads were vett light_ We continue our quota.
Doan on Um wharf and from wagon. at 83.0.2 q 3T 3,15,
and fn. store. In small lot. for citi consumption, at p.. 31
(4.37, a. It, quality and brand.
tit:AlN—Them bon change 10 ootiw to undo. Ihr mar.
het continnlng stosd)'• at. fat wheat.
barley 1400131/, corn 40.05, and o.da of ott ,
tiIIUCERIES—)fn make on ebange from our loot report
—nru . 6 or rio,wir steady, with Miami aoh - a W.
punts ND sums nt O!..tbn!i: molums 34435. In MT. , .
and oak bble. EMT.. .134121(101151.4 to oily and country
trade: loaf smote aYAlloc, and tire at 4}s6nsc as in quality.
PROVIdIONO—Iin4OO continuen quite active nt full Pri
ma. !aloof 14 cask. ihoulders at and of 11l nn - LO!',
Lot nhoulders. and , 44', for ham.. Sugar cured ham. in to,
are veiling at Info 33 Z. Small sales dried hot at b!..,c. Lard
is selling at TX(tic la Max end begs, Mama]] lots
nvE rcoun—sule of IV bbb on the wharf at 13 *bld
OILS—We note lurtbet sales of Linseed at 1 , 0 , 351 m, a
Castor all nt 9041,11, and of hint ell. No 1. at One jt gal.
SNEIM—The market i. fairly =Rh cloverm•rd.
with roles from store at 501,50 p bu From find hands we
mono 1110.1000* bu, to moat: lota. Wc find nothing of
importancedoing In timothy or flamera
DRIED FRUIT—We tome no oltanatlmai to notice from
former nuotationot Milo, of otnelam ut 11,4041.45 j. Im
rum atom, nod 1(34 0 0 for apple.
AnUES—emall sabot have tramiornl at the used ram..
say for mda ash, 3 fkg,irla,hll/464. saleratui
and pariah Mg:4%Zr IA lb.
FISII—We have nochange to notice. No 3 nmckerri arc
hold at 5a.25tu0.4,0, r:hal at 110. W, boring et gb.W.
frit at II 'it Cats N, rhango 113 other kinds.
BLOTO., MII. li.
Ott DST Boxi—llw total Inputta of &perm amt %hale 111
Into the United :tare., In. the I,ek erallu Sea 21, h 441
Ma Whale
12.6./ 41),C3Z,
11111.—Tbera w 1 t,O inches In enennel, by
pier mut, 4 , 4 iszul 1.111.
111.1chIpm. Role, Ilvrivt
Navvr. tiOrtion.
/Womb, Browno.vlDr
J IleKve, HealtielLeuo.llrlievsr;rl
Wood.•nl, Ilrownnvl k
J .1. Crlltv.l..n, t'terltnv, et L.
J. Nebr..
Hirtulngham. Clorint
II 11 Lev. Cm,- lituatt
Mirbiaan. lion, Dearer .
Nearer. Durant, Boater
Atbottle. l'arklueon. itututett
.3 Metter Ilendtirkent. , Melienate.rt.
Tbto staiv4r. Ilallet . {Sett ?:•• tun
Itedatone. Wocalwarl.
Kerma.ste State. Slow, ltittesunaD
Diurnal. nroorell. Leeiing
Ittlnt Craw' Stull:lL
Veuutt. itritlyenori
amatunla. to 'amt.,.
A•u., Hot d.:11 Louis.
NASIIVII.I.I4-14trer. lu •
ST NUT, 1,/ Adau,
• MaArlf SI.
CINCINNATI-I'U K•urr ,,,, r• .' —2 Gt. hrlttalal•
war.. Mu!vale,. A 1.4.111,. r.r.4 hum, lI tirallA li. 4.t[.
1/0...r fieL.l Iwf baa.. A I.z• 2 Jo
be lm* raidb4 NM., A Jour,. 1 meemEgn..P....m. A
17 ht. rotsou. Nitiurl.. • :.4 2,;1.1,1n
kirk oath,: 1,. ham. MrI,J.II A U.
124.. CA J.. Imcom. A.11.r. Nienl., IA
L 1 ,1.1.04, A. J. , •
übb.l.l.rt. A T 1....
- T1 , •n..1- 1.1 1,14 s r
k Klrlt‘alr...k 13 3 , 41 psr 1., ~, :with A Sin
ss.. 1 , 11.1Jankh. 1.1 , 1 J ,lessl 0,114.1
J.. IJAlter. W 14.3..) A I 1, I.l,lselvvvr nenl, S 3frelur
kss 01 1 1 , 3 I,lls, Ilason A Co. 1 1. Lull,
Cant 31.14,11• ss r-. 1 tint
hUNIFITII-Iq, iV mt,ntk- Khd• InLacm, 12 Nth
legltter. VI Bingham: 14 h,l+ tol•mvx, k Lisloell. 127 g.-1.•
Earle, /4 B Omni:, la hhd• tramr, fl loreeh A Or. :17
dry TIM*. Clark A Titan. M do. hall Baker A WurLIL
M , LalA 4 nnum MI 4L• emu Ktuvle.. t Ale , m 1: liu a.
Fr LOl6-1, Paean. IV l 11 Vr
Qttehespt 70 tants . 1, 4it,...` 41, '" Bar". H
it Ong •
.111. 1/M4 • gm.. cale. dr Rohione Little ACr
NO 1.74 beim, totsrlh 11.11 A Liguett
7: tip 11. ml, 11 time / .41. 11 tabu...
1,1. A Ca.. 2 7 Jty Inde-. 11 Ynnm, C, mud°
Pipe. 4 bat ..hovi 1..1 J IV Butler A Br,
RE YOll A FATIIER, Inhering thr the
tupt.krt .4 IT. Altdi trout urttorml dt
it or ant to. ut that lift...totot adfOld • bk 17.1.11,
stmr - rtr.,. oltnltfr
ft . Moth,. •rtil. not "out tolutorh fe
malfrit, gottotalti tttu Itr. lioa stt Phstor
Parru.ttartlli—it .pt.tolr ottr•L 'ou
Call at our ttopot, IT co ot.. of our aufatt, and art a
pnc-tphle, cratt t. wh.tro lOU atti Itod that CC. Part
tapartna.a. rnpart.l by Dr 0. Met the ,rutuo.ottr venue =our dtarar.... to blob th.
human Inallr are r...tually futuert- than y othrr
PrruarKton PaptepartlLa frfr >ft LoAtiatt but the
Thu medic,. h.. r., tddl It res., by dm
nithurn....l la...deur...
It to put op to t t oartl.4ltes. nod id lb. noir Panttpartlia
that arta tut tin hirer. Km..., nod Ilictur at thr. furor
put, .b..+ ft-oft,. it nltto,llo, wort. •aluattla tu ersrr
Otto, partrontarly tootairs.
Ile .uro root emu., for Th. S. D. 110 W W!!
hAILsAP.kI(II.I.A...I take another
Prtee SI per 1..t11,—.51..tt1es
tor .al. 1,
D/1 8 D College I CO, Pisspristors,
I ll2ll. Oncinuall, Ohio.
To whom all =den Olaf B. utdreward
Alto, for ude B 1 J.A.J0... J.l[4.llmatnalter a Co., W
Clack. II W Mr., J. it. Towneand, .1. hlottler, W !ark ,
teen Mt • IT IL kit-
Ml i" t b \ ral4re p tet ~. g. il l k 'rl.;kN fr lf 7 L.
~1 P
. tiartl , . roll
A Co, Wheeling: J 111 Patten... and_r, 0. Momtan. St.
Liatmelllm Writ. 0 Enna. 1.141 a. ocht+lgerT
A Blast Furnace for ale.
THE UNl)}:ltSiliNfill offisri for Solo his
BLAST FUIINACE, Adulated to tti.tsmunty, 1i0n.,.,, .,
known a. Om ',Mamma If ormicr. - olth .11 the out
building.. S ISO alnl GltI,T tIILL, tout ever thing vv
r..tary to car,- Lir lite SP:Wiling Of 01 , It L . 4 1 . 3
Acrra of Land attuhed. altli . moth More ad.taltalrot as
would he a crwarr. a high ran le. Kul Irmo Ito. t, :i.Z yet
lt ha. the mmt thyorable 10.11,n In Mr Booth, for
m akingm Iron. having the ore within onfidialf to our tulle
.41, lu vary large ouardltire..way to gam. sat , Irlding
(non 60 to 75 per rent. It is one milt. and • half from O.
Etowah Rolling hllll, whrre a tradeT tall ean he { , 111:11.1 for
all Ito prtoloota of Pia 11.4. mud L. two milt. from thy
Wroderu and All.lie Railnaal. •hleh la ono of thr Um t
of railroad.. ronnreting the Trnneesee River a ith the t4. 0..4. whirh haR .la line. of nalimed. Forming not from
It. fhil,hed and owl, umtraet, Pee4 o lll tht , tterhaD the lm.
pmeant Towne and atl eorgla. where • read, it
found for Pig Metal, , lorhlncry, llollog W arr. le. It le
+now In full bla.t. woidtral 1.,' water poo It • allot 1:2
feet. on • never falling Arrant, and to the mo.t h$ althy
part of the th
Lettere make addrem.ed to ow. at tarnish Csis.s...tiii,
""" Ln '" u ' n "'"''''LliiNtlirr:TOVALL
AL,,,, n 000,1. 11.1.1. 1.15:.1
10 , b1 , d21.6,.,..0
March 11, 1851. j
IT BEING DESIRABLE to oubstitute locko
and Ito, . some other kind for Chore nom in Is. for
mail service of the Unit.' States, Pt.-1 locks and
kers, with priowls to furnish tho emu.. will inenbe received
and oonsldered at the Yost Oface fieparttnent. until tho,'lnt
day of July nett. The different locks will be submitted to
apuua mmission tor etatuination and rep., Upon thin. re
csmtrarts will, es soon rut nrartl.alde. entetwilnki
tir furnishing sorb hscke and keys fur four ye . ars, ih:the
rigid on tbe fart of the liostut.ter General for lb. ' time
being to eits•nd and wmtinue the rotates% in fore 'dean
additional term of four yeara, by,glekost to
to ll the [.deer
thanatop nothe that eect. nut mare thanni • l."
Ma months Igfurn ilia terniimition of the t noe
term of
four Pare. i
111th a stew of pnouring the lest locket the ldwest
no kind of lie." pr."cribed sbuidard; the Ile..rtment
eels Mg for a selection the 1110,11allirt0 skill and itJgnu•
it, which a lair competition, 1.4.1 11/11iond, may develon,
It Ls. however. proper to .late.that • lock oiitable for the
mall merrier gouda tomen lite following qualitito, via; Jar
Atm., and strength. )1
For We ;airtime ofd.ilering simultaneously all the
mlOllO.lO l anti bid, now in us, about thirty
new laxity and twenty thoumand key. Wanted thereto, will
redulnel to be famish...l Id the toutraenir within 'wren
mouths after the contract shall have beet] entered lutsn - a
terwards the annual supply will devott on the durabilili
+ mall
the lock. and key" adOSIIMi, RP m the
to sonnet of the
s4.rrlm ht. w i l l probn i .sl never exceed In ensonnt
thrto tbonsand the former and,ne thimmital of the ISt'
No lurk will In romlilerwl If it he like., already to
d lock
' . an y .a hsiz".-tl.l,7otz7lll!ri.pan:"
The kind of lock. adopted must be patented, and the
tentee will be redoired,ott entering into contract. to Make
.Algutnent of Ihn patant for the earlusive on- and Pan
rot of the Department. if the gositus..r General shall
deem such rwhiirement woonhal to the interest" of the.r.
ri.o. In sane of the failure of tbr noutractor as any time
W fulfil faithfully the terms and...mahatma of hi" ....trail,
the Postmaster General shall barn the right. bend. a moon
W rho penal remedy hareinafvr ineutionid.
tar to annul n said
enntrart. and to control moors will. any other twiny or
r es art he via, soe for fornioblua
711 deddltak4 upon the propogalmand ailechnonaottunAzth,.
Postenapter benend ma) deem It eat... Oda to ""Iret hig"he
thiough toad. the lova of one halder.and far the way mails
that of another. lle mere., therefore. the right °Paton.
, ra eting •Ith individual" fru ouch different kfnds
of ind he may seltot, mid also the right to reject all
he awl propiwals. If he .11.11 Moo that courve
for the Interest of the Department- The party or pollee
etintratillng will be r.. t tilrol to give bind, ample t
curity, in thestun of thirty thou/and dollar", iir a faithful
performance of the contr." rho contract I to .utain
provision" for the 1t... and proper inspection if the locks
ml tern, and also for guenting against r.i. r into
Improper hands: the terms of these_hrorloons to be so
ranged between the [apartment and Afte suorweodul bidder.
if is bid should tw moepo-d.
Norippliestions i.e....Mem! If not aceompanitd with
satisfactory ability/theevi
der, and of ability n, fulfil the. onrart.
K ILA I.L. l'indut.ter
New Books! New Books
hard 1,1 , 1 Holland: tntitent by Ms nem /tenet Ma
h .T Ctott,
Cottaue, by authne , Ittrn Barton.
Love., The ieltnlet lb.. Pri...L by I.m.
nts/Iner ot the loble 'pm., nnd thy (itprien fn
"I the l'ultteti nteitee—seconti
--'ju.t ne'd fa, tole by
It. C. Srt.A.l:T. am/
ructa.l. curtier 3torket and Third
," • Syllabtuk of the Low of Land Moe Titles In NEM'
"-mule; by Joel Joon, reed and f /1. or sale&
fie. 47 kat ft.
- •
le,rrrtrrthlrurr of thrll . y l'atolatrch Oarrttr I
A few more heads off to day in New York, said
to be all of the Seward streak t toe of the caves
is . that of postmaster at Corning, worth one thou
sand dollars per onoum. But the details of this
movement are Itantly worth commenting upon.
Mr. Hall is a pretty vigorous and thorough nine.
and has probably resolved to make a general
sweep of those gentlemen holding appointments
of Importance and value,. who do not concur in
the measures and policy of the administration.
I never considered this matter of office-holding
of muc h consequence ; but I confess that, in the
abstract, I ant opposed to depriving men of their
situations for opinion's sake. , Ido not 4 . 741 w that
it would be good policy to dismiss from their
places men infected by the pestilent and treason
able fanaticism now raging in South Carolina,
which consists in open and professed hatred to
the Government, the Constitution, and Union of
the Republic. But I mean admit that Jefferson,
who Ivan a very wise man, and the author of that
"noble sentiment," "error may be tolerated
where reason is left free to combat it," pursued
exactly the oppositeconrse in practice. Ills doc
trine was obsolete toleration ; he illustrated his
creed by turning out every Federalist within his
reach, mai appointing nobody not a democrat.—
But Jefferson was the Joseph. Surface of American
politics. and his morality exhausted itself in the
noble sentiment, - with which he interinnied
hit writings and speeches.
At length we have an official authentic state
ment of the construction which the department
will place en the supplementary revenue or new,
appraisement net, erroneously called Hunter;
bill. It was determined, yesterday.. in thel7abi
net, to reject n construction which the law will
undoubtedly bear, so as to give a very consider
ble increase of protection to iron and coal, and
to conform to the interpretation of this act, which
Walker placed on the Tariff law of 1846, namely,
to reckon the price an the assessment of duties
on the prime cost and charges, without including
the freights either acmes the ocean, or therefrom"
the point of production to the.port of eaportation.
By the !Alton of these two items, which might
have been made without a siolation 01 the letter
or apparent spirit of the law. I think the duty
upon English or Swedish iron might have been
raised from three to tire dollars per ton. to
the objection that the prices of freights to differ
ent ports would be very rffinous, nod therefore
that the rates of duty would be unequal, that
might have been easily obviated by striking an
average, and adopting an uniform list fur all the
ports. But the Cabinet, and the Secretary of the
Treasury, in particular, went upon the higher
ground that the protection due to all the industrial
pursuits of the country, was not to to , reached in
that way. Until Congress shall recognise and
establish that system as the pulley of the coun
try, it italvisable to let every interest stand upon
the Soo. footing.
cannot but he amused with the chagrin and
indignation of the Southern Press, un the one
hand, at the adoption of a strineof moderate and
pCrtscularly insignificant resolutions on the slav
ery question, by the Virginia Legislature. and
the extravagant delight and exultation, upon the
other, of certain journals of 3 very different cha
racter, at the same happy event These reboil,
duns are in part a repetition of the rote which
Virginia played to Is:12, when she interposed :111
mediator between South Carolina and the general
Government. On this point the resolutions at- I
firm, in brief, t h at no sufficient cause esists for
the secession of any State front the Union on
account of anything which has recently taken
place in reference to the ••Inmitistiont or the
South, - and they, in effect, tolvise the pepper
pot, South Carolina, to wit, not to midi, a fool of
itself by piling nip the agony to a ridiculous
heigt. The advice will, of course, be thrown
away. The Virginia resolutions have cotaidnn
ble say about the consequences of -continued
Northern aggressions. nail with it cruelty which
ms really heart-rending to contemplate. they pro
scribe Vermont from rill polincalcommuticts4on,
by directing that copies of the rs-solations be rent
to as the States excepting only her. That 21021
tot tloareo‘trg to Verlonot
The Southern Press joys these reotdut tow are
of the milk and water order, undonbtedly
they tire compared with former effusion, front the
flume -worm It is remarkable, however, that
tame and unmeaning a, in themselves. they
really are, the votes upon them, and all parts of I
thein, were nearly unanimous. Indeed, upon
most of them, the rote w unanimous, or with
only-one dissentient, mud upon no division were
there more than three nays against about one
hundred and twenty in the affirmative. It is
evident that in Virginia the Compromitc meas
ures are almost unanimously tupported. As to
South Carolina, I do not think, now, that she
trill attempt to go out of the Union. All her cit
izens know that should she leave it alone, with or
Ifflthout the consent of the other States, swill
destruction would fall upon them and theirs. it
is now pretty evident that if she decides to leave,
it must he without company. Some are already
Predicting that within one year the United States
mail will stop at her northern, southern, and
western borders, that it will be .shipped from
Wilmington. N. C , to Savannah, without touch
ing at CLiarleaton, that that point will he block.
acted, and that not a bale of South Carolina cotton
will be pmnitted to go out, nut a ton of mer
chandire to go in. Ido not share in these
ticipations. I say, as I have said from the
beginning, that South Carolina should be permit
ted Intake her own course. Let her secede, if
she can nod if she dare. Could my voice calm
I the agitation there . to-morrow, I would not speak
the word The wellbeing of this Union requires
that the experiment set on foot by the fanatics of
South Carolina should be fully and fairly tried.
tier degradation, misery. and ruin, out of the
Union, would he a monument proclaiming to the
world the blessings secured to other States, sit
uated as she now is, by the Union. It is neces
sary, perhaps, to our future harmony that this
sacrifice of use member should be made. If she
will rush upon her fate, lether go out front among
us. end disturb oiar pence no more. Outraged
by her insults. and disgusted by her treason, that
great notion, whose protection she will have
sionlaPtl, may laugh nt her calamity, and mock
when her fear ...meth. Cut the catastrophe is
not impending. The tragi-comedy of Ite.O . SAOII
will te played out. to he succeeded by some other
foolery, but all on this aide of the ~rert art.
Ilmuumovuoli, March 27. ISA
The house were engaged to day, in the con
sideration of the lleneral Appropriation Bill, anti
of 'various Senate amendment. IL is now so dif
ficult, as almost to ho impossible. to tell what
bills have or have not passed.
The system of amending almost every bill
which receives We favorable Action of the House,
by adding to it a large variety of bills, in the.
abape of amendments, renders legislation so ron.
fused ILS to require a great deal of care to pre
vent improper bills from passing. to tins way.
many measures are definitely acted upon. with
out the people of a district becoming aware that
their representative has made any effort to puss
the bill, or has succeeded nr failed in his etihrtii.
The _Senate passed the bill regulating bor
oughs. with amend:neats.
On motion of Dr. Carothers, the Senate pass
ed the hill to change the name of the Methodist
Episcopal Church of the city of Pittsburgh, and
to authorize the trustees thereof, to sell certain
real estate.
The hill to authorize Tobias Shoemaker, trus
tee, to take a part of certain real estate, was
also panned.
The Harrisburg and Lancaster Railroad Com
pany, passed a resolution to reduce the fare en
passengers over their road, to 3 cents per mile,
to lake effect on and after the lot day of April ;
awl have also made n drawback, in conjunction
with the Canal Commissioners, on all articles
coming from the Cumberland Volley Railroad,
and passing over the Harrisburg and Lancaster
It. It. and the Columbia R. IL, to Philadelphia.
Ur Qrcnse.
RAIIIIISIIOIO. March 28, 1851.
The House did a great deal to day, yet the
busine,. was transartal in sn confused a man.
ner nn to prevent any nne from telling exactly 1 ,
what N 1 .1 1 .4 done. A long debate. however, enquesl
upon a section, passed by the Senate, which pro.
“That bonds or certificates of debt, created by
any county or municipal corporation in tkis
State. and is-med in payment of a subscription
made or to be made under the authority hereto.
fore given for that purpose to the stock of the
Pennsylvania Railroad Company, or to the stork
of the Pennsylvania aml Ohio Railroad Compa
ny be, and they are hereby declared legal invest
ments of money by executors, guardians, or
trustees, in the manner and subject to'nll the
provisions and conditions of the 14th section of
the- uct relating to Orphans' Courts, approved
March 29, 1832.”
This wns lost on a scale of the yeas and nayx,
the vote being yen+, 40---nays, 42. At a subse
quent stage of the session, Mr. Bighorn procur
ed a reconsideration of the vote on the former
hill. 9.12.1 offered the following substitute, which
/ -
wan adopted:
“That bonds or certificates of debt, created by
the county of Allegheny, the city of Pittsburgh,
or the city of Allegheny, be and arc hereby de
clared legal investments of money, by execators,_
guardians. and trustees, in the manner and sub
ject to the provisions of the 14th section - of the
net relating to Orphans Courts." Approved
March 28, 1832. 1
The General Appropriation Bill is going slow
ly through the House, and will scarcely be dis
posed of this week. Its appropriations are nu
merous, and there are are several items in it
which will provoke discussion.
Various Committees of the Home, reported
to day, against the divorce of Daniel Boyer; for
the relief of Wm. Henry, of Crawford county,
with amendments: against the repeal of the Ten
Hour Law; with amendment, the supplement to
the act, incorporating the Hempfield Railroad
Company; with a negative recommendation, the
supplement to the net incorporating the Frank
lin Canal Company, and its supplement; and the
supplement to the nctincorporating the Pitts
burgh and Erie Railroad Company; to incorpo
rate the Brat'dock's Field Cemetery: with amend
ments, the hill to incorporate a Bridge over the
:Monongahela river nt Birmingham.
Mr. Reid read in his place a substitute for the
supplement to the act incorporating the Franklin
Cana'Company, and the net incorporating the
Pittsburgh and Erie Railroad Company. •
The supplement to the net incorporating the
Franklin Canal Company, and tife act incorpo
rating the Pittsburgh and Erie Railroad Compa
ny was considered in Senate, and passed to third
reading, and then referred to a Select Commit
tee, consisting of Merin. Walker, Crabb, and
liege. Dr QtrEsst.
Corre,ohdetute of the Da,l7 Pirtsburgh Gault , I
Well, the Senators and AssemblyntehWho were
invited from Albany by our Common Council to
partake of the hospitalities of the city at the ex
pense of the •-tax payers" have gone back to the
capital doubtless to resume their duties with re
newal vigor. If all that is told respecting the
conduct of come of them . .while here, he true,
they did not go any too soon. Although. I ap
prehend, their visit here was neither an honor
nor a credit to the visited, or visitors.
Scarcely a day passes that some vessel does
not arrive here, and report having experienced a
SITCOPMIiOii of gales, sickness or some horrible
suffering. The packet Ship Warren from Glas
gow, with sixty passengers, arrived last night
Loving been rote hundred and nine daye on the ; , 05-
a . ,., which is the longest time occupied for the
passage accross the Atlantic within my remem
brance. Captain Lawton reports having encoun
tered several severe gales, in one of winch the
rudder was lost and the ship floated about at the
mercy of the angry waves for several days.=
Other damages were sustained causing the ship
to leak badly; and part of her cargo consisting of
pig iron Barley be., had to he thrown overboard
to keep her free. A rudder was finally construct-
WI from a hemp 'sine which enabled her to reach
port. The reader will better imagine, than ran.
he tleArribra, the situation of the ship and hen
living cargo, making a winter passage under the
shove eircurostance,
The passengers are all in good health and very
little "the worse foe wear". The Warren was
boarded by four ships all of which supplied her I
with the necessaries of life and one of them to
New Bedford Whaler , with several luxuries in
the shape of vevetables end bread. Bad the W.
not been one of ' the best ships adept captain Law
ton says she could not have survived the gales. !
Brent fears are entertained for.the safety of ;
the pocket Ship Ivanhoe, which sailed hence for
Liverpool on the 2 22.1 ult. no large quantities of
wreck and cotton bales marked ••lianhoe " have
recently been ...can off Montauk. The franhoe ;
5 , 5.19, tine ship four years old I,lsotons burthen.
"' fle d et sSti.tvin and owned by Messrs. Taylor
and Nlerr.ll. She had Ia passengevrs and a fall
...ago of Cotton and Pestle, which together with
the ship. is fifly invored in thid city and Europe.
The vimndy of the Public Store in Broad Street
IV. the scene of not a little excitement on Tues
day afternoon by a rumor that dead bodies had
been discovered in a box from the Ship Ocean
Queen from London. The lox emitted n moot
offensive eilittria, which CO excited Collector
Maxwell, that he summoned the Coroner, who
opened the box in the presence of a large crowd
of curious individuals, when instead of putrid
! bodies several score of innocent betties contain
! ing hydr? sulphuret of tuntormia, were dissever.
ed. It seens that one of them had been broken,
and ifs contents eicaping gave rise to the cruel
The fifty third of the Sew York Book Trade
Sale., of Messrs. Bangs Brothers and Co. is now
going on ut their rooms in Park Row. Tho col.
lection of Books Stationery Sc., is very large,
more than a hundred firms having contributed to
tt, and nearly four hundredrepresentativev being
in attendance. Almost every State of the Union
is represented. The sale will he continued da
ring the greater pan of the earning week.
At a tire in Lispenta..l street a few nights ago
the entire wardrobes of the Misses Gongenheim
actreses ot the Broadway Theatre and Mille Ade
line the danvevve was destroyed. It is stated that
the manager will shortly give them a benefit which
will partly repair the Ins,.
A highly ramoctable looking gentleman, from
South Carolina, named Duke, was "victimized"
oat of $l4O at a mock auction shop, inßroadway.
yesterday, notwithstanding the Mayor's placard.
warning strangers to "beware." The articles
received. in return for his money were worth
about fife dollars. Ile applied to the authorities
for redress, but the "Peters" were son Oct .
"Surely nature bath made change fellows in her
time. , . -
Two notorious pickpockets named George Pot
ter and Charley Williams, were caught in the
act of picking a gentleman's pocket among a
crowd who were seeing the steamship Asia off ~
yeeterday. These light fingered gentry are both ,
graduates of Sing Sing Prison, and were pardon- I
ed emu two years since on their promise to I '
leave th country. _ I .
The . ia, which sailed for Liverpool yester
too out 114 passengers, among whom were
a-large number of distinguished persons ew rbute 1
for the I orld's Pair, She took $700,500 in the
followin proportions, American gold, $504000; j '
Half Do Mrs, $75,000: Mexican Dollars, $125,-1'
Cent; So ernigns, 5100.
Each ges are ruling . high at present, that
specie i flowing out of the country very foot, and
will con inue to do so at intervals so long as our
importations of merchandise continue heavy as
at the present time. During themistthree days,
about a half a million of dollars have heed re
ceived i to the Sub Treasury of this city for du
ties, wl eh is en enormous sum. The present
balanced in the treasury is &little short of four
millionsi, of dollars
.Amu g the passengers who went eat in the
steamsl p Ohio yesterday were the lion. Jacob
%loom: d fondly. the newly appointed Postmas
ter of San .Prancisco.
Oar harbor is pretty well represented with
shipping at present There were yesterday in
port 114 steamships, 77 ships, 6.4 barques, 123
brigs, and 175 eta going schooners, besides a
large number of coasting schooners, river erift,
Sc.,—total 457 sea going vessels.
Within the past ten days, a hardware stern in
the sill ge of Danbury, Conn., was robbed of
several hundred dollars in money and goads, 1
with w ich the burglar made his escape. On
Toesd y afternoon, the officers at the New York
v s
end N w Haven Railroad depot, in Canal street,
-spott d" a ...cute" looking downenster, who,
from h s peculiar movements, was taken into cus
tody. On his person were found $490 in $lO
Nils, s ugly stowed away in his boots, also sev
eral h ndred dollars in genuine gold and silver
coin, d bank bills. knives, buttons, &c., nll of
which ere identified as the stolen property.—
lie g o e his name as Aaron P. Troadwell,„ and
stated that he was from the hind of "Wooden
Stitme and Hama," and was not guilty of a
dome rge preferred against him.
I understand that the widow of the late Major
Noah will retain her interest in the Sunday
Times, and thut the paper will be conducted as
formerly, with Mr. Joseph Barber as its principal
editor. Mr. Barber has been for some time con
nected with the paper, as also with tie Morning
nod is a very graceful writerand estimable
eitisen. -
atinues active, hut
The &loom! for money col
there is a inereo,e of nice, and more diepovition
man ,f,...,t,1 to invraz. The new bank, which ore
organizing will noon hove money to Into. ~ The
supply mnow very larv, buf mvmy are holding
off in anticipation of more remunerative rates.
Itusineca generally does not meet with the ex,
pectations of a large number of our tradesmen,
yet there appears to be a good deal of. activity in
most branches. StockB are dull, ha; without any
material change in any , le,cription, except Read
ing, which has settled down SCOG per cent since
my last, which is attributed to a rumor of a re.
auction in the rates of freight on emu,
' From the Cincinnati Go,tlr.
IV HEELING Baum c.—The. question of bridging
the Ohio and other navigable iiveri of the 1116-
ted States, is one destined to be of great imp:fir
tance. Notwithstanding the great facilities af
forded by steam ferries, (and they have exceeded,
all anticipation.) it must always be in advantage
over any ferry, to have the meals, of continuous.
usipierrapted line of transit. On the othel hand,
it will readily be granted that the navigation of
a great river ought to hare' no serious dna:na
tion put in the way—even for the public canvas
rlielleP. The question, then, in reference' to
Ohio. the Mississippi, the Missouri, the Ha:lM6n,
and other large rivers, is, can .they be liaiAed
usefully, and yet, not obstruct navigation? e
think they can,„ and thiireport confirms oar opin
ion. The Ohio river, both from thegtrathetidit
and the number of its highwater rises—interpo
ses more rent difficulty, in the way of taidgbsg,
without obstructing navigation—than any rim
in the country. It io a teat river, in this ritroct.
-The highest solaces of the Ohio lie in New York,
Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, and North
Carolina, t pas comprehending a. vast and eirions
range of country—comprising moors CU:gilt:a:4
according to Dr. Locke,) about 77,000 Iran
miles The melted snows and rains, therefore,
which cause the floods arise on so vast and Ts.
rioas a range,of of. that they not only
mace high good:, but they cause them frequent
ly, and at different sources. It was, in etidence
before the Commissioner, that there had beet
high water at Wheeling, in every month in the
year, but in August! It was also, in erideace,
that in one year, there werefourflooda of pretty
high water!
But this is not rill. The modern practice of
erecting very high chimneys to steamboat has
made a new difficulty. The chimney flues of
steamboat are now double in height what they
were a few years since. We are glad to know,
however, that they hare arrived at about the
,height, and no more of this iriconve-
Mont prorirr may be expected.
The report of Chancellor Walwortb, made as it
was, by the aid of Engineers, and established by
an immense mass of testimony, is probe bly the
moat elaborate document ever produced by
mere master Commis si oner. But this ia no com-
mon case. It is to furnish fact and history for
thlr investigation of a great problem and one of
great interoot. Much praise is doe to Chancellor
Walworth for the care, patience, integrity and
knowledge he has brought to the investigation..
Some of the facts of theeeport will be Interesting
to our readers:
. .. . _
1: !hight of finds. —The following are the
height of floats, above what is called low water
marl: at the principal points on the Ohio; '
Pittsburgh, Range 42 feet.
theeling, do /. 421 do
Itart's Rapids do • F , • :18 do:
Cincinnati do • I 1? do
Louievillo . to 44 do
It is part of the law of streains like the Olin
that their highest Hood should he nearly midway
and accordingly we find it so at Cincinnati.
Period of navigable water.—Perhaps,- the
most interesting question connected with the
commerce of the Ohio, in the length o . Qinee and
at what season the river is navigable. 'This re
port gives a fair solution of that problem, in a
a table of results obtained by twelve years' ob
servation at Wheeling. The number of days in
which the water is called at a good stage on an
average is thus given:
Days in which the water iv above 15 feet. 44h
Days water above 10 feet. . 94
Dave wa ter abuse S feet. ' 139
Dais in which the water is at or near el
• trem height
Days io which the water iq at extreme Ina
I t thus appears, that notwithstanding 311 that
is said about its variable navigation, the Ohio is
in good navigable order more than two-third!,
of the year, :Lod that it is at its extreme of high
and low water only five days in the year. There
are 97 days, at Wheeling, in which the water is
either below four feet or froien. But al the ri
ver below Wheeling is rarely obstructed 1„:y ice,
and as the email packets can run where there to
only two feet water, it may safely be said, that
in a long period of time; the Ohio river
gable more days in the year for comfortable boats
than is ;the Hudson, so.much boasted for its navi
igatiotf. The Hudson is frozen over fromtwo to
three months, in each year; making 19 the whole
a greater loss of time than occurs in the Obio,
from all causes whatever.
Ifriyhr ti CliZmneys.—This is n rerscuriOus
subject. The weight of testimony is that an
increase in the height of chimneys, by. increas
ing the draft, doei , increase the speed. It is also.
in evidence, that there is numb difficulty in low
ering them: though it deco not appear that nn
apparatus might-not he made to lower them eas
ily and safely. Indeed, it is almost certain they
ran he, and that point where chimneys are eery
high should he yielded, if necessary, to the con
venience of n bridge. The great heights of some
of the steamboat chimneys may be seen, in the
following example,
Buckeye State, (Packet)
Keystone State, Jn
Cincinnati, do
The passage way of the Wheeling Strpension.
Bridge is - 62 feet above the Water Zero on,Wheel
ing Bar, and therefore the Keystone Ststc would
strike her chimneys, when the water wa. cheer
Id feet, and the Cincinnati when the water was
above it feet. It appears, however, that the
ime in which the Pittsbumh patikan would tie
thus obstructed, would be only two trips in the
year. Wiry then, we may ink, when the period
is FO short, and the inconvenience so little,
should not the boats he required to lower their
Chimneys ° We are disposed to concede every
thing which public trade and convenience can
properly demand; hot this is a case in which one
elate of trade and convenience, competes with
another, anti can it befairly said that one chould
yield every thing to the other`. 10 pee smite -
thing of the trade and convenience which re
quires a bridge, we take the following statement
of the traffic 'which passed on Wheeling Bridge,
during fifteen days mile, Tit:
Travelers an hersett;ck, ?:87
Travelers on foot, t1.j336
One horn wagon.. icy
Two horse do 4 :31.
Three horse do
Four horse do
Five horse do
Six horse do
Horned Cattle, 'l3
If this arerage be continued for year, there
would be 270,000 passengers pass, 160,000 wag
ons, 22.000 cattle. and 00,000 hogs! This is an
immense traffic, and exhibit. the great conceal
ence to commerce itself, of a bridge over the
Ohio at that point, at tenet-
Chancellor Walworth does not report that a
bridge over the Ohio River is necessarily in oh.
struction. On the contrary, he reports that it
bridge may be made, in the following language.
He says:
"I therefore conclude, that it it practicable , to al+
ter the eonstntrtion of lie present bridge, so that it
trill not be an-obstruction go the free narigatlon of
the Ohio, consistent with the continuance of the
bridge arras' the riser at the place where it is
now.ereeted!" •
The alteration in the prevent Bridge will re
gnire about $200,000; but when that is erpend-
ed, the total cost will not be more than what
Captain Sanders, U. S. Engineers, reported as
the cost of a Bridge there for the National Road..
All in all, this is an admirable Report, and has
saved future Bridge Projectors and Engineers, as
well an commercial men, a great deal of trouble
in ascertaining what in necessary to the cow trVIC.
tion of a Bridge.over the Ohio, without obstruct
ing navigation.
NEW Tung CENT COTN.—The Philadelphia
Ledger aye
The die for the three cent piece, ordered to be
coined by the last Congrcas, bits been finished.
and the coinage would ha proceeded with at cum
at our mint, but for a defect in the law, which
makes no provision far procuring the silver and
copper to dOWMCIIC - C with. In consequence, the
coinage trill be delayed until theproperstep.sare
taken by the authorities at Wuobington to remtd
the deficiency. The new coin is decidedly neat
and tasty, and will be in a measure a convenient
substitute for coppers. it is one-fourth copper
and threc.fourtbs.eilver, lie that the baser metal
affectathe color but slightly. lesion it 13 between
the.'gold dollar and the five cent piece, but it is
so much thinner than either theta blind mane=
easily distinguish them apart by the touch. The
face of the coin has a capital C. with 3 in nu
merals, indicating the value of the coin, imbrued
within it. Around the edge are the thirteen"
stars for the original States. • On the revers e
a star having in its centre an American
end around the edge •• United States of Anterica, - .
wm OCKET CKET contin
trhS4l4 iii:“hgeti areet. nal= a,
IOS it 19 ate 0W136.7i 1 ; 013' St thin Ire=
t c,44214
: .