The daily Pittsburgh gazette. (Pittsburgh, Pa.) 1851-1861, March 31, 1851, Image 1

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(D. R. ARM. LIU.= g 6.10.14.
/ DAILY—Fe, .n ,a,uuen.
Bti DoLLtew it mi.l It,
WEVALY-- :no in, nnnum. nelTanne.
1111. Fopplir.i ~.e1,11.4,.
Thre..e,-,1,,, per ~11,,11.1 r, Uu
Trn • 13 DJ
Twentr d.. o.
Th. ylnelo-t 11,r ‘lllO. to no. pmlon,
and 411,p31/1 ha. xrlnl3. I,,Pronee. nub 1 1 5.p,r, Till
bit sent stl, ear ea .1,., unl.-. Co.t money I. sr. to
• reo,rnl.
op, Spppro 04 line. ,•!' Nourorril or lean)
, • 01.• rt Inn. . $ 0 CA
.4.-1, aut.linonal into•rt..kou.. 0
IS. 3 00
Do. 11"•••.• w0...1.., 4 00
o,or month t. tx.l
to••• tnontha II ,O
sZ•roe month, 0
Do. lour mouth, .. 10 00
Do 12 00
' I, :vol., month. ..... ... .. . ...5 01
Si.. •
'• - .Dog Card, t..l•o••• or 1•••.0. per annum.." 34 10
••• • ••••• -. •
OEZelT . i;Stir7;l;;;;;;:ti
thae ninm,
num lb,. 141,,
For moll addltna,tl nna.r.....1....rt,10at.r ow. tanuth. and
Lrr addition>: ottf., turn!, the rater,
half price. ,
• Adoortia.tnanta ear,tnl:nr. n tanant, and not 0000 [Morn
lhvan lo eltart,l n ,tiar and a half.
Pub:la:llra nnt ao-netntahla att: :tatal tatrertitamtatts
71:ind the anntnnt chteratak,ntr their putt:lna:on.
0001100' .+ tat , tt. honied the rune
Y other tut rertiu-nkeote
• •
Adansalmanoloan not niarkol on the , ennr for aperifaal
number of Innnlinn.. nnotnnonl till forbid. en.l Val •
• •
w The
exstrt,i a,,nhn 41.
The ont,l,• k xtr:rtly Ilmind to
their crwu . nn,l 41 far
killetedmk•ly owls bovine... 2.1 .11
e.liuters of nit:ertklnk.l.k. ninth otherwl,.. tocknacl
stl• the limit, , 11 Ilk nstal rates. F.or
Purl tranrig•nt n l r k•parately
rancinn4l. and [qt.T2l,l. ma, ik I..k.uvil.
AU aalrea - tv.411...1k. In•Illulmck. fire rum-
pude,. rani. , thio. .tod noc,
la h liko, Is• ch , trz..t loaf prte, tkblo otrirtly
Morrisce not in.. to 1 , . h ar.t.+l
Dfah wallow char,.
IFOILTIrinItstM/1.1 In N. pot I,.r F4ire tuft - v.06.v, and all nth-, vending roe:murder
tin ne, nntuteme pi. , 41ein4n.,1 In call ettentinn t
Fair, nr au, entertainntents,
whree charge, arevir aihtittnniv—all teeny, nf pri
0:d0....r.0ttat1.111.—.,2, se:, .allattentent tn
private enterpriv, mi.lrnzatni iv intended to 'pronto.. kali.
vidlnattotereirt, van wit+ nvertit with the unilervtatul-
1111 , 1;de:aG ,
..,,me wlll h rhar,..l at II
Inu thet the vim• i,.•
'" wart! in LI,
. .
• • .
rate 4... th.1 1 , 1 nt: t.r I
Bishop nr CB- Nntlf+, In be rbar.,l prig,
Tavern lJnen. rarh.
Heal E..nate Agent, , an•l advertixementa on
to be elaeged ander',ram rme, hat to allowed a dl.
totf o thirty thre , and ono third tor rent. from tb
amou of
On. Squarr. threo . ...... 01 SO
L.,. tsl.l!bot,lit,ertlent
ADVixarql.r. 'et' , IN V. Ptre.n.
. •
. - .
. - .
Pat &mare, (10 na,l-o:cru , n 1 /0 01,24.
r"..711 cry..
AU traUtient tutvcrtim mol.l , 101, 0:04 Irt
IiOHN A. PARKINSON. Alderman, Fifth
Ward, Penn mere. .e ran hits.n Mi and Walnut. All
nsinern prmaptly all,nd,l tn.
I W. F. w HITE. Attorney at Law—Of-
C 2 • n•••• nrutit rtrect, ninr fc.urth . . Arthur.'
Pittsburgh. Pa.
IV P. & L. H. 1 .- ErFER 31 AN, Attor-
IA • per. at 11,1 V. , lnte Agent.. Sn. 107 ith
stn. Pittrburrh. 41.10
AMES .1. K.ll 11N, Attorney - at Law, office.
all =ll
In nigh. •11. o.ruer of brunt,tr,t and Dia.toood
y i yittsbugh. ,
L'bLLIElt, Attorney at Law, office
K. In Inwrii , e thalidlinfi. Fourthat above guilt/111..1d.
ling fortuod. a 111 tUtleall. with Wu:. Sourer. Esp.. of
Washington City. (forno•rly Ihe Laud 0M...) he I. pn
pared to nit , • proper hirenliun It. the procuring of Land
Wvranta l'on,louo. de.. nud 1,, the proseintion of claims
hemp Cons,o. or oar j. 17
JA3II",S F. A tt.rtley nt Law—O ,
on 40 FL, I...tat,n Smith! and grant
FlLiikiCit4 C. FI.ANFASI:si, Att.irney at Law,
No. lid Folxrtls
• •
TN:7 E WATSON, Att.aleys at Law,
1 No. 110 Fourthylr....E.lnt , AnnvE.
eon. Illonnzon En, \\m 0 JO,, I'o-mine,
nountant: W. Jark....., pOOl.l,
BDWARD P. JONES Attorn,,y at Law:
°Men on Fourth 010.0 E, Won] and emllb.
ii.ASPER E. BRADY, Attorney at Law
Of No. fig kiftla PIN. ntruli. Pa_
If. WILLIAMS Bankers
v 'fiustrErelmitm• Nurth Ea.t eEr tier of IVoul
and Third rtn.r.t.:i. IlttArtir,ll.
All trimmrtion. mailc on liberal term, and collection".
promptly attrnilid to. Alkly
P. KING, Banker and Exchange Broker,
1 1 ,,Ztt ' Ird'mla ' . 1 " " -
The hlrbe4 market prie, raid In premium for Arnerieno
Half Dollen., and liritniidi Dollar& in into
funds. iitar
WH. LA RI3IER, .111., Banker and Broker,
ithstrvrt, iutriintor thellank nf Pit.huruh.
E•VILKUSIi] M. Exchange Brokers,
finoth Eini r t Coro, f o 'Ellin] and Th.rkrt MM.. All
Clll,l meq rnt..g.
HOLMES 6Z SON, .Ikeakr4 in Foreign
.1.1 , • 104 tinine.tie lilt , Krell:sure. l'ertiflenten of De-
Wril6l;tr''Xl."-'1:!;!:47o, tin
~'. .5W nn.! k ;;;:',7,7;:f ¶ cr,
them:walnut the Ured...l
GEORG E. Alt NOLO & CO., Bankers:
E laaLlera la I:xchana, , 3111. flank Nate,. de.. Na. 74
fourth atarat, neat did., tr. the flank o 7 PittAlatrab. Col
lections carafully att..” a.. ma the praraalm ratattlrd
limy Fart or tha Unt..
• •
gliA7llEl{ JtA11:11. Bankers and Ex
hsa, Iloab.r. In l'ar,ir,n and Domestic
of Radian of flank
OM, ~
corner of Thin] and 11ood d!reelly opp.ASe
the St. Chub, 110,.1.
CAItOTIIERS & CO.. PoLoki!, Rouge,
No. 15 {Vona ran.q. l'aGbarah. Currrnt )lon.,
It on Depoclt. I,f{« , tiou• Mad , nn nII Ili prinelvsl
eltlee of the
8MW.[1 , 4. %.
A irt i l) Pommis,ion 31,reltonts
goa TIIII N.. ll+ 5....1.1 .1,-L
Ednle !lg.. 0, 310.0.0 nlaacp no I=4
RIIII , I P...110.R. -1,61;1 'a., 6. ;PT.
ALIIIE It, HANNA S: CO., SuctAihnorti to
Ilanun litvur.r., Ec.r.oca. Gramma,
aml dealer, in and la,n,,tlc F:xchauce. Cortifiratt.,
of Gewalt. Ilaak Note.. and orYrncr n
Wood and Thad ccrcel, isurr,nc .r,c , clcod on 11a.-
pt. Bight Check. far ..le. and .nllcctAnn. made on new ,
1p all Lhe principal polnt..•: lha St .w.
Tha hlyncat pramiutu Fusvmu nal American
• -
• 111
W. TA YL 0 1:, COnuni.ioner and 11
13, W Broke, 112 PPINI rttli /tr.-, Etri , t ntt..nllon will in
yen to all 6min...A ..ntro.t..l lo W. rmr, Pilbal,h
matienctand arkl... alwa,. , t, /,,orlt or prommll at .hurt
notion. Note, Iloa , ln, 31,,,,.... ~. ue,nitaled on favor
able term, Atlvisna, .a. 1... If :..ittared. ' oc=^
• .
- -
BocasFu.v.RS AND STATIOrs.
• t0n.16,01,11., Prhaer.
1.,r, Johnston .• Stock-
R Bindr, cm ,
. lor of Market and Thin)
AS. B. 110LNIES' Cheap Literary Depot,
Third strevt, nppmite ,, tl, Pevt lirnks rw
• I..eriptio.ns r..eolved h. any of
1'ut.14h....1 at the publisher's
lowest ' , rift.
Rl3;okSoilPP end Stationer,-
. Na.7R Fonrth .ttvrt. Al , Ol. Builthncs,
7 R
BA" A „, Conf,tielnr, Fe. Foortil d a r: n
t. n Pi ' ttrth e u ta rgb i .
AgnlUMC:r:ANlTF:ll.2n.,c2,7tVlonary.r.lwarx on band.
W• cX.IK , rrr ik. nnl 7. l , 2
'Xir", IS=:h r ankr.:Pc . %5 'north rt.
I 79 Wool qt....PittAtsr2h.
L,sA. Me&NULTY & h
FT.tAltilVgg2 )Irtc
u ~ l ers °l. E.a ra • (
and Cammi.ion ?lercharkt, Nu. CI Ma otre.t.
i. II.• JOILXSTON. Forward g and
Comnal...slott Slrtchsmit, Cu, 112 Fa and ntre.t.
IvEItJONES, - --
et: JONES, Forwarding aiwi Com
lalrelna !Urn-bent, rseNfrrP 14 Pm4nl4. and flan
. llannfsptuml nvirlr, 1;...nal I:14n, near Pfventh
BARDSA- . 1 7 ;in , ..._(lv
.Fora JORLY.
% JONES eK C ~ Snee to At
. tood,Jooo. A 11,..1:,mindinn uulFin.raralnK 51,r
-. 4.1<2.1 , in l'ittfburA Mannartnred , i , .11.. Pit,
bali P.
14 e inixecurr.WlC PAT',
C. SI/ACK CO — Wlinlemdle
Dealer, la Fnr.ign 11,.r., u.,1 itx•lK 11,1
Pal Atir...L, Pitt-Musa,
A.XAno, k..... .0,14,1 T Co.. V.,
AIASON (111,-1V boles:dr. and it e t a ii
Dealer, .n Faury aM Ptlplr tins t:.,nlS, C.; Alartet
A11 ..., HM1X11 Y ,t Butte lin EMI, Wll.ll.Csau
and li,tail r e;,,d. sl..rchanta, rnme.r of ?mirth
W A , n , ..ta., Mt .borvb
I. 111302.
--f t.1.2r.r •11 . ..,.. ....... -P. C. 11-MOM
ERSEY, FLEM ING ::. CO.. Commission
bferthant, .r 11,v rule of lo,nrAir. Wrnl,. and
UM Gond, al, de,l, , r. In all rd. rd Tallnm' Trimm.
Inirt. ICo. 129 Wc.-4 'Arrt.t. f,,urth don. from Flfth, Pao.
Ir. D. HUNT, Dentist, Corner of Fourth
arid Decatur rt. tprtlre..n Market and Perry street..
Da. a. c. crrerr. tr. C. Wrorreu..
•KEYSER 3cDONTELL, (Succesmora to
to Kerr & K.ywrr.l Irlinlotalft and lietall Drag and
pithrn Store, enrper of Wrol Jayrt and Virgin alley.
promptk. arefullr ...innuded.alght and
.a. Ulm ............. ~ . ~.., . . . - ....... _....- ............ ...y. a=
arKIDD At Co.' Whole.snie Drugp . sts: Deal
. es In Palnta. , lalla. Dr.. Stuff, and Ixotromantir
prllont of Dr. 1r.i... , . eolabratod Worn Sooclll LAr.
ea PIIIS. and /.., 6 3'ruP‘ N , co. corner of Wood . and
Imutb er ,..,pluodon•ga altars will be amorally reek.
forrepleel withdispach.
Ft 4. P4liNEs'6)(l{ & co., whot, , ,,h.
: IL/ • nrinNl.s.tss, and suannfurtiires, of %NW... Le... 1. k.... 1
Lend. nO Lithanse. ',rt.., WH.I nnsiFrout estri, lA. hit.
burgh. l' . rh,
... Sliiiilii - iliti, 11111011. mil e. 'lloiler in
It, 1 us,a s Pststs4 1,1,.
, IMI, Oil.. Varnish .Ir., Av.,
t;, 4 , 7„.V f nt 4n—t. I'll/ohm - 0, I's. Goods. ..strrunl..d.
t olf l i 'II. 311.11:GA N iliti.liiiiitlii I)nig,_i'ii.t.
SIPY ns: Dealer in Isys. etulfsiligssiini, Oil , . VeirniAls,'.A.s.
s.. PSI 1',..1 ktri.el, one sirs, gsouth of ftillnints.l Alls.y.
Pitbsbur Is.
. . ....._
4,1 NI NV IC K E itsl I A N1. 7 410110s ale 11111,..gisi
i ' :r . r. '' ,n l „;l==.
A ritana ran R
i 11.1 ht. . .aana:.s Lei
N&EITER, holPsn I e and Retail
b t!r i nt- - .1-, num. , I.ll.arly and at. Clair .
I Self 003; )1 AKER & IV h Drug:
T t, , ,
holesale Grocer, Cemmisah
•.7 •• Slcchant. and l'amr and have, r.enwr
Penn au Irwin Ntrreto.
Q. A:11111EL P. SllltiVh:lt, Wholesale Or
L. 7 Prodo . eo and Cominlmlnn 'Merchant, and
.In In Pitpburrii Manufarturod .Artlele.. 1:Xl and 1
Scooral Are:. between n nod nol Pittsbumh.
10111, 11.1011.70131111 J0,r1 . 11 1,11..1. • ”11.
S. lIILWORTII & CO., Whoiertn
gip thtker... 11...dite. and Contni.lon Merchant., a
Azent... Powel, Cr, ,of natant rill, Conn.. Zs
al I•ll,,,urgh.
J .•
ultpßiixit; & INC; ItAliA3l ' ,.
_up limperm rul l'outouit , innNo.ll 6 NVat
trru.4 lirichlon,Ontron Yam, 1.7 IT •ter.L.litt..borgh.
wArr s: CO., 'Wholeanie Grocer,.
Conatuirrion Yleretutte. ant It.tirr% in Protium. !toe!
l'ittsburgh 3Lanuterturt, No. 2 , 4 Liberty rtrret., Pitt
B. ,CAN FIELD, late of 11 arrcn, Oiti,
• . Clomigninn .00 lervarrlibß Momhant. and Whnl
In Itrwrrve eboe..., Bum,. Pni
Pearl Axtz. Rn.l'W..4lcrn Pratuen:gmernlly. W.t..r,rrn.
bet.e.-n titnithtlrld and W.4.l.l.{l.burgh.
X 01... .6. X. ..yit,66IIAN R. b. wamixo,
' S7TiVATEJIMA N k SONS, WholeAalt•
A. Ina Foreardunc Merchant,.
i kind, of.ltialu , , sad /.141Kirvh Maltufa,zu.
Arti,d,,,, and Adonis !or tnit of Ibtbnsolud and
Imullhoxidh Mzmularldrrd Tnbacco. No,. 0,, and m at. r-
kj•li Un.ern. M.rwuntin: and l'”aunkslon '51,r1
ants. Dealer. to l'ittsburuh and Fein
Plaince. So. an, corner of Front Arret mud Cbsnro, y Lan.
Pittsburg!, I ,
AS. IFALZELL, Vhole,ale Grocer, l'on
miurnn Nlorehant. an4l Nuler In Pnslu, and Put
burgh llulaufacturr,—No. 7o M Putsburgh.
1 , 1" R t•IIRMJT rit,
I SAI JMCK EY & CO., Wholgsale
I ra, •
lannuna.wo mud I.a , ..n• I.n.lueo
Nn. b 4 %Valor and 107 Front gra,. l'it , ..loin:ll.
Ira. .......... ....J J. 111.1a1 - 7.
NG,ISH & KENN ETT, late English,
inithninsrt es- wbobsisis Lirmra.Commi.ainn and
antanfiro Nlerrhant,and in Pnndue. and l'it.,-
bumh Manufartun, S.. Ito Sexond M. and IV r 11 7 .1
bnlVel..l3 tf r..l and Stnittflrld.
TN..,1-I.LL. ItteCZT,l74.
VI I LLER & RIC KETSON, IV h olesaln
4,7 . ;:, rd 7 r I'7 7,,°L and
.ur g h. Pt, lrta“ Nall, Cotton yarn, 6i., ke , conwhaaly
ma hand.
-.1.001- 4 O. 01 . 403........0110.
I ' GILLS & ROE. Wholesale Groceri
CocrnaLoino Mt rebftrit, No. 257 taberty.,nr,
1108 RT MOORE, Wholesale Grocer,
attiring Distiller. dealer Iv Prooduor. Dlttaborith
soot., roe, andall kith. or I. l oreiore and lionieetie
Wino% and Llittiora. No. 31, lelbeetl ilreet- ,10 Don.. a
Ter,' larve
b eti %irk f ov ou otie for ri railor Monntunihela illililiet.
oat l,
11 0 , 13 , /..RT _ DALZELL & CO., Wholesalt
.sti? j oin7tr r o L c iTa t lltX.:' r . h r .'".;ll" ii...Z 1 n dr. lu ..
..11/01141tT A. CUNNING H., 11. Wholesai.
t Ordorr. Prudoeu. Furwardmu. and Crum:dud.. NI,
7 ...,: t . y .53 , 14 , 1...M . Z rv ir1.rwh 31aumf.....tur, Nu. dt.
I n
1rY.1 . h.<11.....
. IC. 11 11100,1,C.11 ...... .. .....MOUS%
NV 3. BAGA.L . EY 6... CO., Wholesale Gro
v r... 0.. Nne... 1 , and . ..d1 Wood .d.rold_ INtd.burub
I:mrt n. ...........
Niee A Is: I) LESS, riuct.o..ors
(..!a. 0. Wick. tiroorr% F. 4,10.1 1.
larni Nlarrhoaa,aopl.o. Inal. Ma. "'
0.1.1...14 Vara, aud 000 , burgh Malfofxro., — gentruir'
t1!rn,0f . ) ,, ..1 and Water stixto, 1•1.401,up,b.
o .
1 •1,1 t 1 'ON & It , SE. AViloleßale
in I . n.-
lanolfs , tur..l Arlielet. Llbert,
.1. D. ICU, /I* J• 111.1 arr.
D. )1 . ILL! SS: CO., IVh:desate :and
mornrr , al Waal and Fifth Oa, rittoburtrli.
R OBI N SON, LITTLE & CO., N. 2.55
LI rty stmt. 1411orr. Grrr,ra. Prcr
due. and ll.n-h,T li
aur, and &ale, I'LtrAceL
JOHN RP U RIO.. fl,rl+
31 . FLOYD, WllOlP9fll.l I.irocen.,
nn Merchant.. and 0...n1rr. In I.l,rloce--Itn‘snd
Arch n B ..111114 frottunx cAI Lat.q-1... Woo antl.
stmt.. Pit 1.1
.. I's.
PARKER & CO.,WholesaleGrocers:
In Pmdur, 1.5,unr...[f1d Von.
6.4 15,516.1 5. C0nan..m..1.1
i OLIN IL 'MELLOR, Dealer in Piano Forte.,
)laic and Man,' Ing_rmnt.n , p. e..r.h...1 1v.4. suJd
I , l4tiourry. :NJ', o,tit fin. Chsekrrinee Roo kortr, ba -
T ,
,v,..,.... 1' notyl,nni.t—N...•.l N,,...1 .
- _ ..
I_l ENI Y KLEBER. Dealer in 31u,ie, Mu
t noel lortrumrots. and Import, td Ital.rl V i tnile,
;it ' lt ' c . „24 ,r
~., L r. • , -..-k— ,,, i-nd , r ---
tat Attachment. Alt.n. or Dunham'r
FIMIU/alif 1110:43:1,4
EDt, CIIILDS & CO., Manufactu
•rry superior 4-1 Sheeting. Carpet C 1,34,
stgl Stating. Penn Nllll. 'tint..gib.
1. PHIN F. talai/O.
1 ONE. & Ma.nufacturerx reE.Spring
ned 6 Iftte.r Plnua 64,1 Plo.rh
kavh and I.:lll,tie sprint..llentanerftl Iron A xlc.: wul
F..lere In Malleshlv Ca.tlnxn. F,. i:131.7111r TAMI-. ua
wh Tri minx. p.nern.ll,. corner of and Ervot
•ittAborgb Pa.
net, *Try 01.. Matonfiwtne,r ,, "of
nit Pox& . 3iuriatie awl Sulphuric Add, Waran , in ,
No. ft 3 Frrrv•
. .
- -—1
.. _
w A . r . E ..i R c. P ii, : t 51 1 1 ,,, R ,,, 5 ,, 1 , 1 „. A . 1. : ! , , ,, 5 ., 1:C r et n .tvv r e ,. r ,,, t . ;, ,
and Asa, an Paper Ilan-Am, and IkaNter. I , lndoa
Shade-, !IT. Boa.! , l.llll, ae. a1....-.-WrAllna, Pnntlag.•
lead Weal3o ac l'nr. N0...5 U'rael atm, lestarern Fourth
mad Diana , d alley, l'ittsburgh. l'a.
IS S: lIAWOII'rEI, Ten and Wine
,hanu. Fvt,W. ..0 the Nun6nd. ll.burgh.
• I. I4• M ' CLURGIIG & CO., Grocers and
Dralern. I.ll,rty rtn.t.. alnr, Wool
on hand a larie. evoortzatnt of Choke arta...r.
Tea,. Alr4p—tiFreign
I. [Wale' , 1, - 141.4 on Of. loweFt
1 011N41. CA !JULIE Y, Agent for the Lake
Erie d Michigan Linn, to thavar tang [hi. Lakes.—
1119 o r on th crgner of Mane. anti Stnithflalil eta.
LEPCII &, CO.. Tr:lmporter" , by Canal
wig iLrnahriling akar-haul, rorniir of Penn air.,
Dthe .
. . _. ..
-- - - .
a. V11317.1.2..T. .6 C. , LITC6rELT, /IL
WESTERVEL'r *k: SON, well known
Vent li
. an mind flalr•r, korr. cron..beadntlr on bead or
A. .to ord r Ihnl.p. nrclrlp in thew line, la • (boil. old
strand. N n. l' .nl.rblr Aro,. slo, nt No. vi Markel dr.,.
. . . . ,
... . .
Wnneond moryi entranc• in ten. Diatnnn,l. Venttlan Phuti...r...
. to onlOr. and old Mira, n.ntl, repair...l. splo
_ I
ILA. BTW N would moot rmitmetfullyiraform
th.pnl ir th ea h. krvp. on tlan,tnt bI. nand on th.. vr,•l4
' do. I nawnd.,nr , ity,s romplvt. motenrtsovnt
...... , • • .
a Venitlan Yr 1n.1.; alai 1 ...Lau nhut tern are made to crier
In the Lent It rle. warranted ,rtal .to any In the V nlnd
State, fila r [ldindo eats he rrneentd. without the nil nf n
p c . m a t drier. Itnelne purelatt.ed the .V.A.na4.., and wad
a the rablerdaltlightnent or R...., A Meaellattrl. 1 arn
pmparal. 43 their old ruetntniers. at we 1 1.4 tb, u t,
lir at Int, Ith every Illilll., In their line.
Atteney...o I {Vneni rtrnet. l'ittaburgh.
. •
tn—Kevitirnre, re,rnert , (Shinl tt,.urm r11:l
(Mo. Irgheny.
11.-1 , 1 De. dand, Mortar. Lath. Ir., f,,r
A7i i TEIWSr lAftiiiE, Veterinary Surgeon. late
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of Tunnel eir,et Pruneylvanla Avenue. "
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X! uji ,II Y & I. I , ', E, Wool. MALI:R. , .nrl
Mtn Pei,. Merrhar. f, lb. pale of Artwrican
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fill , t• li. , II A RBA UL 11, IVool Illeielan . ts,
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.. ,11 .K .3 0.11t1•••le.r. NlerrlmEtto. Nt4 lij fru', otr•vl.
mnd 116 r ticl 5tr...4. PittAburgh. .
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- . - .
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. .
V EVI LE JOHNSON, Engraver on Wood.
Pe...--Ileve of
ti-214 ‘ 11 .; 1 • 141 : 11, L 1 .11= 1 ,1 Pe "'" 7. l ;;.l , fnntleple , ee.
leandeeate.ei Dena Lehele. In ...Oly:Penne for .thrleions, ef.-
eletle, and Aeenelation, ()Alan Stamp,. de..l n the 6ret el.
of eal. &Msr. the Imarrat pricy,
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(4117; mPr.lta'::A:r2l:4l;7i:.=ts.l7.,Tl,l
Deavelnae, !Nein., ant] Vleitinn Canle„ z...e..1 nr
drawn on FFona. and printed In colors. Ba ld .boons, , n'
llbwk• ila mat •Pbrnrnd etTla ..d at the =at reason.
able ark.
WW WILSON, Watches, Jewelry, SilYrr
W and Wilitarr Gonda,. corn,r ,if !Lan. .ad
FovZMZs . barxh , ra N. N.-14 Makes and Ow.
TWLLSON & CO., Imp r ortora and
m in Umbra% .r 4 4uU li. tla 18
Oi iN TZSI MONS tt. CO.. Matt :10.
tity and ,tit Nitll:l.l,t.nthl
.tt MAITINELY. laic.. this tnAllad of tufitrotin
tleclrett• tor havtott irttrk thaw. that lb, 1.
ttrAttnrAtl It at 11A. lAw.ittle rate, At the
. now,. awl In the ItAst tanuttAr. their tAtAttli-hntAn
•tetttr. ttrAet. alAt, the 11.01,11 new. the t:att Work
Tar. In tt.r Illael Omit!, at. 111A.Al. Foruttre.. otttat
fArturotl at th lturtt..l n0tti , ...h.1 Itt. Iwo A.
.111 Mt.. Inkling 11 , 1/0. on Abort ne.t.l.A.
Gas Fitting.
MAFFEer & I ) 13e 1
Front •Ann•h. Fe.tneen Went
market. Intham
ettyito the tto•Ir•
. t .aneuters, 11,idunt, f
ll,' kn. preyno.l to ...oh ,
Fithnn on the eltorteot the
tiee tool incoA nosoniablo toms 1,41 , 117 A(
I PRIM?, FASHION FOR. 1 , ,,1-1 . 1,is
1. heantiftil ntl le of 1104 rreelrtnt mod for qmle by
n 0•137 romp, IV:'lll ' arntn l iti ' n ' t ' u N oiol n 1 h,
Wegner, Buechner & Mueller's
~ilii E AIOIVi Fat r,sprN•tfullynn , ....
Ulric frhohh. unti the pubhe geoernlll, that they
nte prepart.l et•roite in the fir, •I, L. Lb... cut. cl , l
order% for Choi, IhIII, Illtcicucia... Cheek..
ntel Protooonnl Conk. Nino, Char, 1,11.1, no..
The, cotahlotoneut it nt No. Go .t I. between
Tlortl nth] hotel h stotr, tf
Bolivar Fire Brick Manufacturing Comp'y.
GLOVER, BIFJi h CO.. Pr:ovum:Ton,
91 1 11E' SUISSelti 11EIZS, ha% ing 1.4,1 nr,
"ttlaoittled zenke fir It ahoy, ~ 1,110,11.
khel• tattahttat It on hand a •uhid, uu. awn
raw Itrark.Cturibl. l••urnaer Ilearthastal ILv all , .
11,e, ata• also hterarvel to ha-el,. onleha for rid Brie,. to
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hat, lawn •alt tar nate In the L o led dn. .11 ,
rtentt wol, known to alt ~,,, t ,raoit• le•
Eh+ Itriet.. The trehrietnr. ttett rnate.l that the
Briek 41:01 thee note. of their hre-ent nt rep...anon.
1.1 that uo"ettwnw• nhall le• •-hata. to make them even
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ratal•lkh:nent now netnattrtkaa• Iltwk at kw:mu.
EU Jok
tneh: Canal tt,tin. s tern,) 'h. Inth•httrch
havr arrived
Pittsburgh Gas Pipe and Tube Works.
underQiynol have jo their
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nd etre now montifttetorin.f hit ...ire. , el I•1I'E,
•mnhee hn.l other l• the, hntl ntl •ar• • et
IV R01..6111' II:0 N 'rt . lIES.
which tlary a.(lyr -al- at 111.- I , a.-•t nrin.. They are
naa pry par..l eal-ran. P. ally extrat.
t. d--.
lay. 1 1 1 1 AS.: a pi.
an. 111 ar.l 11 1 11 . atm atm,
r.-1.1 11m 1•A1
V 'CHOLAS VIVI.IN. Cita Figint,r.
Pram:ht.-ay. mad PrnetlYal attain,: Arra? \l.i.-.
uptits of 1.. r 111.- lattYnt Mar, . 1,1 11 11 " cf ala , h l
nery Itaraltat-o. n atyr Itnrts. I,lllpa
fawn! t. tctnt lo A 11. MO P II .al ye.lyn... a. .21
11 A 3.1 A DEIRA. Agony for Del:tr. - aro Mu
j_ tura 1 1 aftly I n.uinnm campany. 40 NI err Ytr-a1
GARDiN ER Cl*FFlN..AF.•mfrFratnk lin
111 Fll , I nauranr.- I.l.mpany. mnl.•ra-tram. rof 11,41
.al Third •tx•ot.. •
(t LEN N. 11... K ItiN DER. IVorul
v trordol door from them •of yr to, he I•
t..unJ •ntettlutrall• utatuto.r.,
holnd oon•futir, er r•foured Onto , pui nu so d - 01 It. r•
•• he hero hutting nro om I
'eußl) & CO.. and Retail
2„t- ; "
oda r • fun sod
•tto-it of IN. ( I Tor,
o'er, ,talitt and xi. 10. loh• .1. utel Rehm]. and 11.
Itetr.ll.l their eddeln•r• otri nor
tie 03 I b.,/ lb,
(.11 {11.111 , , A.llBll
Wawl Ln.Lii..l,B„).
I 1
i 3 1"" . L i t: ' ,: .' ll h2" „ r' ; ' , , T, s ,; - :, '
111.4 Itl ••m• ledidttot •ct0..1
New Coach Factory—Allegheny.
M. A. 15 . 11 IT E A I'l'.
•,....1,11 tr. ~ ~, M.. I.
,:n mg 14
l'ai variwolftr nit,111..4 thn n , L•r of nvopru
anal Las tuF nnue but r4111* , .. , me,
L,•. In • arrantins; ~ r ). ther, , re
• rK,-,
1174 r
;:iol I NI, W HAW,. S'' 1.
....I P
Vault. T. nple, ar Man.! Crntr. ,
op, 11..1. •,p1 run.l..
A Linau oti ban..
A CARD-1851.
thmitkiin:uv 1111 11 , . pol•hr . ven
.111 r for the esteuili..l it. then..
the .if theirr
• 1h an ,Fl . thn- tl •
will linvr tin inivant,..., e.l nlent, •Aankt
tAnln. then - Th, tnAkl notahlhmAnt. , or•rn. - A! n. A 1,3111
•T , 41.1.. • lA., •A•ry rtl, 11, I , r; inv.
rAnnin van 1. pr.,11r..1-,upt :rt ~.
. nail a 111
th, tr. wait, tin. r i3.11/10.• Mllld
.tva.lue.l.. to InrAr 11,1 A • :ill lIAAr rn•
ht -The IVII!!1.E,11.1.: IS! .
re!!! !-
the tensile , etatr•—etstrahee Ir,w ith .!r t.
31ITSBUR611 COMMERCI Ae: c111.1.V.
rta-n•r of Third end Moirket TIo• ouly A.
I It.ticottnn of t), htt.iirch
0. K.Elminherltu. 1 , 3/ncrenwlii,. M.-Ran
Al,. NI. Sl nt.r.on. I...eltenr (.11 C.lnnwnc.l
14. A 1..,
Fun2l,llrlo.loo hrun , ll ~,,
nut Aid•rmod {..tinta."l.4, are inrl4.l b, all wul is
tu.• tht. ts.rrunge•moon...
I , ..ureinl evr,inc.
Ileferenr, xi, sc
th• ,Nid• tit. ti.,,hant.
ESTA111.1,111:1, 1:"32, by EDMUND
Cr— IN' I l.h INS, No. _4.1 'Abort) st.,
41 . 1,1.1mr01.
33• ,trint
•. .1.1 .1
r-:-- rhvar, 4 , / ,, lv•r Drioninp.,
I .h.n
, frytn Itmt,
Mint E 23
e , rr. A rt
I fem. Ihrrrner I , n,
John Snid. r,
Pittohiltzlt itnak.
J. H. I , lar,ll,ruer, E. Iliii t Cart,
Wi 11 , kt
Irlinight. F.,. 11
Jo.. Mr:Ewen. E., llrmiur h T
1 O. FruiVr.
N. I.thrnp.
feel+ I.l' f II ' • Nii .
.• •. • ..•
. .
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v , .l.lterin. usto..,n yvAr. In lbs. oily. 11. arc 1.111..•
errs2.ll+ , l joh...ulnif 1.-11 , , 10-m.r.• ug.0.11,.• pr...ent
l, and I.lllrnrh.nv,l. ro , n , le, P. atistartl. berrxilor.
) (hr.+, Warr-rhorh. 97 A 99 mint nrrml
W. W. rh.p.'elft'lly Infhnh• hi• frivhd• fah'
haus,' (tut hr ha. now ..hturahh.,
. . .
nil fintot rntek tif flown bold ttrt.r In
hie oily. nit hr t+ innorrninoti . the tiunlit,
011-nomontnl mittorialt. loot workmanthitt, ontl riowett
stint: and from 11,. rrtont of lot ontorti nrol fnrilttr
itontertintm. itt onnblot to 'trot.... worrmtlott ttimo.
Ile lint Folmar° it,., rrineittlo of Henn(' inn the ening...
. •
interert vitt. dos ova. m donltly and twire. and loop.
a, on hand the m. 0.... Tan.; rwm drommtion ..r
Mtn,. from tho 01,1..1 and plammt, to thr moot rio
t and rodl r, that a how, td part of oar, may hp
•lohrd from Ma' rowk.nmetlfartorml t..
rt.. trwrrthre mlintr or
an norporth.o. that thr ad.ato
...of Ilk orlohn.buwat may I. known. 'llsr folio:wind
. . . . . .
non•I par t.. 1 nhek, I. fur riehneer e.l
null rnhnnt 1. rurhse , ell In en; cr (be Enter°
Parlor. drn.finm.clinlng. and 1.41.m.En Ofnirr, r.f evrrf
rolf.,ting of iffah....msfy ftsf.l alnut.
Elm:. tim e Cu...1,1001n.
ant Ea...). Chair, 1.1..f0ry
Sofw, and If!Tom.. of Inlet
fronett Ind Arrwrt..rin wagon,. Whal.Note, wof
flung 1N.0.1. of kiwi.; Work Tnt,!....
slot Inn, inlaid ..t.totlf.lllllKie an.] hol.leror, nanrl.l
loft. waling., r.,•.verf.4l land ffnlffolt rya, in.! Is
• . •
1.1110111,1 , 01thr im • ot Impror.l,
1•••11.1nri ImA, r2.11+1. 1 . ..10,114P boll mod
g. 11, /, 1,11 AtAl
~ 11, . .n.nn. AIM
lAA +1 rne,.., hut •1nn.)... niAl I 1nn1r.1..•1n. , •r11,-,
.t.. 1 r. r l r for rl,ililn n. , - .,,,r Am.+,1A1 , 1 , . A.A.I 1 , , 1 1, 1 4 .
InAta , ,nny, All.l ,A,rl Tula, o. A , . At. Sr
A lAra, Avo.rtim.,ll r,f ..... ~e, rt,rn:lllr, nlo.l
1 . ..1,ina.1 ittak, 111. lu their
eleArAlevete Atel lh, flie0141•41 at the nherttal mare.
All ..e.lere yreznpl If All
)AtUarro., It, Tlor.l r eltorrr
t , !tarlogrtutt... otr ilo• tottro-to . 111
. 111(...• ntol otoldrolt. tool trill ntu-041 to nor otIto•r
t7toito do. lo•otiott ofttro, 11.0 nt thr It.
Drawing, Perspective, and Painting in Oil
,11 it. D. R. SNIITII
IT Intlito - tton b. n f••*• porn. lo
of 1 o. dolott.trol nrt. •tt lu. moot-.
Atltlst..” , stow I,llll.llrt t trttr, r t{' ' ,.,.l att.l
Ilnrkot floor. of lottroction, (root lo 1/.i
r rum e,!, tt• r tt. Clotrteer nod olltor pnrtlottlar• 1.•
knotrn ralltott tnftoroootto nt tlo• roottt•
Koh, to Dr .ruzsorn or la A./.li•tott jart.ll(
74 Ar.Vorth R.. v , 441 r.. /40. / 1 / 4 04.,4
Nato, and Marl% 00114e.041.,i, all porta .4
5,,,,La Wight and •O!J..n
SEWELi, Attorni, At nw•,
• Ohio Stab Gnlnlnimlonre Er taking.: D4prAtlon.. Ark
nnaletlon.rorote. Deed., Ao. Ofllna—kourth atno.t, 41 - or.
Mnothfml.t. mrl,ll-4,4.
/WIN ocrmrt, ..111MC,
C9IITEY & COLVIN, Coal '3lcrehantg,
Dry G oo d, tir,,rrrie, Iron and Nails
coinrr of Wo.lnut erect and irmht.rtgal Turnpfkr ILowl
Tmwran •Ille 0c19,1/Arly..±
. .
ITTCrIVIOII...I 11111.G.1.
W. CUNNINGHAM CO, Manufacturer. of Wtotenr
n. Market street, between YHA aud recoood.
?Ittelosrch, l'a.
rartirular attention paid to odd 'lam Alao—HcalClll In
Glue. Au: davvb
nr TUE 4001 vs
The und,not.4l, other revel, are •mdnt,d to .11 at
114.11.? Lino A laerial. Strattarrs.
ruf de NEW VAIL.. rum unrcin Pam.
1Ve..... , 1, Mara. LdhlHaturday. Muth Sth
It ~ ......1,... •• 10th12 4 nYunlny.
1t...11.h., April ..-411
IVe.lner.ho, April 9th
....Inn-day , • • Ifith WednendaY. ' 0
t.n.lnen.l.ny. !lay luth IVednenth". 111. T, 2 1 1 1 1:
eatur.h. , - 2 , llolWedunklay,
~.turnht,. Juneithilcedeurndid. Juno 11th
rda, • •• 214 Wednesday. Sntu " 20th
tiunla 4 . July th Wednesday. JulT llth
turdan, .. 10th IVedurnahnl.
S.nlunlab. Allan.,:ll,lVellyrnedsi. Aug, elh
: 1 / 4 3.urdntr, '• r, :_ , 23P!
tI .
•nt tl nt
s inn!.
• aturlay
• — •ltnixl
• at
allth Wednesday. Sold- 'd
.Leyd. lath Wedneodsy, 17th
Lltb Wednesday, Oa. lst.
11th Wednesdn, 16th
. I:drednesdny, •• Dtts
Nos. h Wednesday. Nnv. 12111
set Wednesday, 17h Der. rah Saturder. Dee. lath
Sainnin, •• 27611
,Yrrlard kine—Waekly 71.-4 u.
Aluxtuta , naturday, 31archl5.
.1 . 41-Pm • &Limn April P.
-New York • 1 / 4 turday, April 1.2.
I:ttrtttt. 11..telttu...
- ..New I,.rt ....... ICetioeAtur..ll4.r. L.NS.
Ittetupn April 9.
• w .... re.luettlin). April :M.
New YorkW.ltart,lskr. ..NIWY
Itt 11411 fax. 115.0,4. or New York. CZ; NOCI.IbIi
Sete 1,1: and Harr , Line— _l6..flay ]rm.
t NEVI T.,. 1,11 nivnr.
FranFranklin` V rattint,,. ON FA. Franktil l. t. Weoltini.l • 2l.ll SI.,
11niuln.1,1t - stli Mnr Iltsinholilt •• 9111 Apr
Franklin. - .sth Apr Franklin. - 7th MAY
iiint.l• - ,i Slni Iltiml9.l,lt, •• ith Ju Jul) ne
l• rook", - tl Fnln, •• 114
Ilinu,9l4t, •• rith it
Jun ll o y
Ilin ra nh :4l olilt. -
Irtnk lin. •• 'hitt, Jul, IFraillihrt, •• 117111 Aug
elo ..11
n,19.1.1t. •• 1,1 Ann. liunitolilt, '•111111Sopt
Iran I, 10,. •• :Nth n , pl. Franklin. - 1,1 or , .
Humboldt. ••litli Ih.i. ihnni.Wl. •• Ilith Sro
1 r9iiklin. •• Vol. Nor Franklin, - 17111 ikn
Ilionil.ololt. - Inn
th .Ytran Narianta.”
106 41.1111 r,
, York.
N.,. York.
.N.,• York
. Ender. Marrh
No•Ir York ....... April IX.
Emig., MA, If.
.... Juow
ron rttiroelltt
11 S rani] ttearturrs Itrlt York on thr Iltband 15th
...el. otsoth. for tha.u..
TOP 114V.,11. 011 , l[ll
.111/Inhip Itnty, CharlttnAnt on the Ist and Inthot
tntelJ ta..uth
• hr Chaintwrobarg. Philadelptaa.
Cent'''. and Nrwthrrn parte 1.1 SS t.
Jrraer. and 11, "ix New England Statta—
Tb" Itntf.h Provinrwo of L.'s., Canada NOVA Mats, and
Near Itrun...v.C.. daily. Arrive.' at 4P. ; I"..t.arts at I P.*.
• •
NocTO )4r-row. .141
41oluding thr roman,. of IlrogllON, Constato, Contr.:Om
p.n. ton
m, . I.rmutt onuns. Mil., !dr. Aron, Pot., Prrrl.
t 00. part a 11,11norriutl. via Lrranaro,
ti tirrat rob Mn,,!.. N., AI
ono room.
OiLli) AI . An r, /g
daily, rsn'pl undo) ot 3 A 11,. Jn
tor, 1 r 31,
VP., —lly Butler, r 0.., erns sod JriTer.on
o 11.otrnk part °IN... York ota ut,,C00rti4.440,
os.. owl airport. at 4
3A•13.1., ••1. ,wrzur.-11, aohlomton. P. tirorn.
Fa, et, Pootrret. port of Wrrtroorrlatut nottitr. iretto.
•lor,baol. Polt,ootr, .0 hinoton Citt Southrr4ona
.rn tort: a ncol licsktuAt, Minot% Tontoor
North Coro-
Itnr Ort , r,to. 1...0m0n0. sta Texan, Arrtvro
ot • r a. and deports at 6 r
1c ....
,TFILISVII.L., 0111...-117 E11.r.1. 1 1 . , ... 8 .1. 0 n
Ploy.tu Pan• P._ Iluladayt Va., 'a., J.fltram. I arrl
-.r.. Cara .11. 11.:1m... and Turaamanut amt....a., Jlm
trt.e, at 11 t a.; drpart. al 7 .. a
N•atit Wpm., —II, 11... r. Pa- an Clertlaral.Olaa.
la.. ¢r I . . Pa_ Columbiana Trumbull. Part., Oral.
.1.1,151.u1;,.:•,..L.Wa1 sr. Medlna,u , alma.. e alsitult,Lak.
1:i• 10.0. Luau. Ilan., lotlar a gra.. basuluok, liaal
ar,l Lur......nta, tano.. 11. rxtranto uorthrtu caunta
.t if, amt.- of Imlistat atal Illm., ludmlltis all 41.40
n. la., aml \14...nau..1.11. Arrll,6 at It S. Y.: d
I..rt , at I, r a
--By Sharpnburg.ll ,, Lott...BßriogtoLl.Tarr.
LSIU. Bauntng. Al.lctmlnl4, Artoomne. Oar
sandal.. Ar
r... at 7 v. xs, and atrynrr....l a r .
Iftrxrc. P•mrsille. Zolu•not , le. Pon•ter
1111,. linzi•n•lost t nrnl N••tt Arritr+
Thor“layn, ats.l r;atunln, at nt ; •Ittutrtt
1, • •11k.;,1ft • ts, ri•lnt•, at 7A. Y.
I: st.L. n d ' Hall. n rill.. arid Mon
./ . rich, at •
, te Haw.. P.l
n..., )1,,7,1,
all. I
M v.,
n. 1... ll,n
PrPn A Mr.. :dm]." • and Thur.!, .. SA. III; dr-
Prt e.nd,,, • mud It, t. A ;I
—Hy n. Padplnr.
,luntlay• nu.l Th und am al I, r •
.1.-,st • • tool Tbur-.1%, .. IT I I' .1
F•IN,roV. V, I us-1,k., di., M 0.,. 31 tap
, /mu,. zpme.... turvorw. Arra , *cn
Frldd, . r 11.,11.. nu Pat u II a. N.
-- lir An ardy, Wasiatunu. and A ppllo.
IA A rm.. , remln.-../.1,1, ell 8 thqulrtr
/1 , 02.,111.1 . ,:.. —l,, leklAree Fee,. Arran, On Fr*ley. et
•t• twuntav,.. ti
15.n.m.4 Ilreakmerk.
hit.....nwn. kr • Itchlrllllg ,Sarrela and Venknetn,' Aruree ..1.511, it 7 • u..
Letter. the tlmlr Uukii. 11111.1 be In Ire. "Me: one bnur
then - depart ur, lean., the 1,111-
1...4 .1.10 lw,,k/, mart 11,,e11115r. half
ten., tin ....partner.
N. 110LNIES & SONS. Banker,.
A, 17 Mari, sr, iiinrien not/ and Floolkito. PiUrfAimA.
li EN Aril IA AN lA. 'Blau,., sit Mospillun.. ..- 1
i A., in, Ronk Ado rerillionsb al Aprils_ ........ .li ,
t., poi ilAn o . f..par Brandi at YeAnni-1,0n.......
Iwo, IA C. uiturrer.. -Par City Rank. Cinrintion.... .Ici
11..4 ..1 North Aluer,A,...riir CiounaPrctol Ilk.Clrvinnatlili.
honk ..firorttenlAG-rAiPsrAr Vreink lin Honk . .. ..... . It
Bonk Spn, lininio..-luirjoloyeits Bank . . ..... ....,. do
I•Ann pi ri.nri totruphip-Aoritlhoi Lire In, k Trinif 5'.,..1..
Wail, ,A ti,. I rst-1 stau , 1•20, ...tern I,,wrre Bank .... A.,
I •11....,t., Hun:, .: rit .. nor Bank .1 Nipoiillon.... .. -AI,
I:mino:A 31,irlio,ica . Ilk nor':Amon NPG, .
iiir.,nl.l“ink tor! NEW 12 , 11. AND.
ho.ii•itirtia. l'onk . .. par' All polygon! Hank, ... ..... i r
Aloitifip.. A M., -,L lidAik -Isi.f! NEW YOllli.
Sl,..iiaiiir, ILA, rorl Si. York CIIP•.. _........Par
Alp. mamot": Bank Country 5.
Phi . ..lpin Ins Rank 1. 1. MARY LAND.
si nil, ii .11. liank.... ..... -par; Baltimore tor
• roleAulansi I,orik ... ....... por'Country Si
I ...tern Bonk nor N..IERNEY O'DELAWAIIE.
lank of ClipmlirrAinirob . JO All oily - put bankP `y
lank of ilipAier County-lo+ VIRVINIA.
intik ~I' lon , . 11 IP Amt . Ronk .1"1.13s Valley .. -- • 'lli
kink ..11,1 Co.. .Mr
Ilk pf Ain:lido Richnsaill S
spiik .if I, irnianO.on ...parlEn. llonk. in.. N0rf , 1k..... It
look ir tkoislAirgh . .... 1 A ',Arms,' Illink of Virgin/11 ' - i
lonk ~f Ip.ii Int, or. ....... -1 1 1,Plisist.p . A 111.141. Ronk
Intik ~ f 11lillptoon.. ... L, Ninoth Wi.otrini Bank 1 1.
boil. of Nortloaborlowl.roir, NORTH CA lii ILINA..
'iirl,lp IlAnk . . . . I,llank nrCurii. hoar 2
..lizni hip Ilk A Brithipliororilik Pl' rt. nr N . Lo 5i11...- . 2
ii , ,, I, A..., flank.- ...... norrinino.rilel Ilk. Wilusinien
A.,;.,. .ii Hank nor Merrhotil , Bonk, NP•koin 2
rriP Rank . 1, SOUTH CAROLINA.
Yorrnpro• Ilk ~f Rip , lts I` , ..parlllk of lhn SL of S. Cornlinn 2
rpruipric Ilk ol lonpoiter mr Donk of South C0r01in0..,..
romp,. PAO: oli,Poilllll. in , 8.. , or C1..1 , ... • .
Inf. , . 13 i iii Sigisi Ikill Cr luiiileint.Prii A Mpshanics' Ilk 2
I pi- PI, A 1S o f ',Omni. 11 OEOIIIIIA
t conk 'III Ilk. 11 isibluirtnn 'or Angus!. In, 2 Banking CO
Iltirri-hurkllAnk . I, Bank if AupinAto
II•nr , la, )(auk. ....... ..... ii i , lllt of Itruniorlek AuniPle 2
lonsoi.ipr hark .. .. . . .... !pa TENNESSRE., , ,,0r county R0nk...4,41r All wilii.nt bank............ 3
1,.4L50t,n 1150 k... par KNTIICE V.
Rank _
Ilk of Fi.nturky.Loul.villr
5...m.n,5/ Hank-, ..... psr Ilk of Lon 1•011, Thurotoo 5.
Itrsorl, Itnnk Southern Ilk of Kentucky S
tl yomunt bk.% ilket•banvosr Southern Ilk of Krolorkl
11.114 Nolen ...... Ilk of SO., of Mo , nourl
.fldo Staten:lnk Sten Rank sod brsorles.—LO
Ilmorl. at ......... .do Bank of .........
. ......... ....,...
11r30r1.. Athrttv. do iir INUINSI N.
IttAnell at Itrplart.rt .In Marine A Mire Ikehka 5
Itrnoch at I Ittliodne._ do MICHIGAN.
Brandt et Cleveland . dolFartneri Nlt , hankit . Bank 3
Brawl. at Tohilo do Government Mork llnnlt._, 3
Itrunrh at Barton do Pealnaular 8.A.._ ..... _ 3
Branen at Pei...ire do Inauranre Company. 1
Armtek rd. COillftii. An Matz. Bank 3
I.ll,neh at Add/dada.. ...... .dn CANADA.
. .
. . ...... .. . •
Itranch at .Ostioto do lik of 11. N. Antrwiret.Torontos
Brawl, at Mandl.. thdrinnk or the l'oonlo, Toronto:,
Ilranola . Itlnn, .. do Bank of 0. 6
Brandt .t.loosnuall do Bank of U. Canada, Toronto 5
Ifranalt at Initna n ot do EASTER!: EXCHANGE;
Branch at It On Non ?tort (mut,. ...... '.:
Brunch of Colo do On Philadelphia do. ,
nrourik .Lanoson r.. .... .do On naltintoro do •
Ilronott at Strute.o wino do WESTERN EXCIIANOR. 3,
Inn, o-h nt 311. % 0rn0n...-....d0 Cincinnati 1
Branch at ?son.V. do Lorntiovllle I
Ilmsdh nt Ely nn do 90. !nub,- ........... . -.1
Itroorli et Oprinritold do 001.0 AN It'SPECIE V.: 1.400
Straurit at Motion.... ....... do Dooklanno, dpanion 104,0
Itranelt at Trot do do - Patriot 1530
Nandi at Mt Pia,. . do F.aulo, obi WO
nrattob•o 7anoosino . Koala. now 10.00
Prowls at N0r...01t do Frodorieknforn....... .. 7.10
Branch nt Pidun ... Tole Tbaloto 7.ed
Itrnn. Id dninoao to
Brat , th nt haws . do Srderel,...tut . 4.1 d,
Brawl. al Itnvetinn .. __do Tetiliuddrre 1.00
Branch nt Chitllrollkr- do l'intndedt. IMu
11mnrie et iVrahrodd. dt, Dana, 2.1
Unmet, at Tolelld... .......An!
Spring Bonnets.
Il) It FT Hsi. [An' in received and •, t
, I.e
, I ued. ennuhrldne. In. part. the fdllowiog tl • 1
dhe.n1121.... 4ueen's Own.
%%hit, mud 1 ellnw ,lokee, :+tAr nth! Tull,
, 111 Inn t hlp. . Jenu, 1411.181nd Satin.
htuzlidt Cho.. Fluted Strew end /Win.
to,. Stew. and Iti.sunhl, ['owl and Gots Satin. -
Fldrenee Crienhed. , Atneriewn 1n,..
Enulkh l'entl. 111 ungartan VI led,
Albin., Fluted hienllia.
" hylit Struve, ,'llk ..
I) LACK lIIthiSS SI LKS.--.lmit reed par
I !, „"Si'.;;T;z,r,:rt.;', - .!..t.,h..,!:".':,!irt,,'"1
A. A. AlA7atlri
.LHISII LlNENS.—l{ , •ceised this morning
m , lb•r lot 3,ortnl Krnol, Irish 1.11”...
A. A. Ii ANON A 111.
W E UI L-350 gall. for sale by
1 7 ....III!,
J *CO.
pIOT w.h ASII--7 (prime) for. 1.11,1. oale by
I 14 3
0 .
nee).ls J. KIWI A IV
4,4U1l Ali CURED HAMS—III tierces Da
-1 C hand nrul mr rale hr
1 1 A I kegs Nn. A LF ::
0 I...A ( SSE "O; S-4 ,
J o i , er-
I A 111 , —DI keg. , No. I, for sale by
I )IITASII--10 ellakM, warranted pure., fur
mehll J . k IL. PIJIYII.
Azul Ilrarke, of 111 r lat , PAP l lla.:
a 1... two and nn. light Unzataralal I,nAm., at canal]
orle ulV. W. Wll.-80N,
mrnrr of Fourth and Markrt eta.
(. 1 01,A It LAIIBLA3IPS.CIIA Nl)ELfElfge
o vt lertunrirall..l mac
rarlaa W. W. W11.1illli" Iy ANTED TO
d at
k ß , y L.; , N ,,,.. 0L . e r s fthe Wes t c rn
kk i
u. iN 7 O.
HINTING PAPER—A superior lot 0f
Double Medi= ttißr , MX: and
pale a t.. W.B RAVEN'S
pycl2.s Pat. Btors.cor. unrueml Second ala
!Lummox eisanuctx.—Advertinneutesnd
far I tar pope& reerlve.l and forretnlril (Iwo( from
I hi. -01..
TLe marketli‘Jut any particular tuovottient on ?at
uNat. and PO far az quoUtlonsnrreoncru.ll..irery thing
s. quiet al yrrviona day', quotation..
FLOUlt—The rverlpm were urslerwtm with sal, of
null lots from rest and from witom. et W.12 , . 0 . 11 X
bbl. Sale" from store were ermlinctl to small 10t, ell form,
Prices. bah,. ISP bbl s. f. at 11.3.15, end .50 do extra nt
= 30 1; bbl.
tißAlN—Retslpbt rontlnve Ilaht, and vre otn mi.rt .
laga,. gale, anJ v. chanizr lu prima.
UROCIiIIIM—We nal, a roltanued tiruineAA in !hr
3uket, with Fah, N 0 sugar at.1: 4 0.43 , , of t 001.. ., at
6:42.5, and of Rio mar. at 12(412Y
flACON—lhton rontmuc arm. with a fair reptlar Lll4i
-121,11 In wr.teru and city cured at full prier, nay for h•wi.,
aide. 7 an , l aboahlers at tjaG`ao
FItUIT--.sales of 100Euspplen from_ drat hand. at
75 with pa, for narka.
BULK Mi.:AT—Furth, malt,. Ins h.e.round
tNe it tn, time.
CLOVEII . 3nl Ise front Ilr.t hand.:prltne,
cee lot at NI, azol 40 bu do at 55,75.
lUvrs.—Thee were & fees. 0 inehei lo rhatmel, by
Vier 'mark.lut evening, and falling.
31Icislimn. Bon, kleartir.
Allman , . Burkina/in. /Inoriniville.
J 31ehre, hlcKernaht.
, al
Ilthernia ?it,. Batchelor. Citirinnati.
het - none et., Show. Cincinnati
Diurnal. Ciiunell. Wheeling
orient:O. st Luta.
Ile Witt Chino". It... Thine,. Arty Ola
Go onra. {{ilk,. Niarlirilit •
Yount, Brubr., ,,
enotii.r. M 04111112. sunft-h.
;:xtunle*, M..pn119. 2.2
Mlnhlcian. Role, ligoviir
Benner. itonhin,
Tlito nlirignr. n'iint Negri . n.
I WunillierW.
J. Neliings. Mon,.
flunk, n Stair. litign.Curtouiati
Meinintiztir Nu 2 hinting. I. llnnitigh•il
nail... Wright. !Spin ilrinson
Z.iielisri Tad,. Ilunl.
It :int.:hot.. Mnrtlrs.
Malt, Ikstnr.
.I.lstin Lind, Hunt. Zguenvilln
itierinnt,tar, C 11111.1•11
N. All, I LLE—G,lrra_ 10 A. x.
er Adm.. .
IV Ile.FlN..—lliumnl
IY I LLK— lu t
lot ts
Arl—P” 111 ,, Arrg ,lArtr 1,, 114.14 Ir.m. H.,:
11a) bAle Alorrhul, J Muhl,. I ha lank. J J fA,k-
MIL 1 etovr & cynu.nt... Raab Dn..° A
I. I.A• Iva(
11Aker F.r., 11A/ la d,
a..1iirk,..1 Md.., 21
'I" , I.kgr. 11Alt, d I , d, the to. Alma 11
all l (Ar. 12 441. hirkey. J %V.v.,. ItlAlnl.f , n And
La.,,A, J 1., 11,..12 2 hr. NA , .. II t.rAiT
A • , Iwukler.. Au, 11•• f'&11 11.. Clark A Thai. S
tlelkr , A Nina.: ..blAkey. 1. J., balno. II
lArev, AI.L+J,a nan dr.“l 12,f. IA .1. aLA 14 .1..
S..llorn A Sloan. Au lihd. MAnAI. Ilingimu; dot,.
ClArk A Time, 1 pc hAgrln, M•d( 3 hhtl.
Clark lc Thaw
IV J S cd..s— 2 hr. harldvrn.3l/.8.•
4rd A Cnv..d.: la/ 111. 11,u, 1,401 A C. 1. Pn I, M....
Arovvr.nd A ernx,r. 17 48 dr1...1 (nit. I. 811 Alvan/am 11
LW, Mow. I. mil butt.( ,IV laudased. 10 do door. Inn
Philtper, I radk. 1 AA. Bak, d V..r.ith. 7 I/x.
J 01`..nnow I 4...10. Mr VA.Jrn :114 Ix, .kay..
ILhialra d /bar. 2 1,1,1+ dr., 1 Vs, .1 a 11.., I, Al
14.1 v 11,8. r. Clark A Thdr. ' 1..48 Shrarr. 1:0
1.1,1, Hoar. J / 1 1,181. (.Inc... a trt land
CAITINA—P. 1,,0rn-19 hhd. 4b,ile.. II r..vy &
Co do alu, H lltaq A _.11.61. tout Iltrlt d Ths, Lu
J, 1,11 t Llpmtt. IS bbl, rlo W/I Jotooto. o.k.
Joo, li hb. ton t, rl n0t.... trtoWl llv
Crux,: pkt nolo, 1i It A 111.31.,,,
11 fILI.SIILLE--rtu &tax t—l 7 Mar apple.. 1 rl , ll
butter, . 1 1rturtrn, k lotylt, I ha. I litt, err, It
Peel; lA. Wolenettr, 11. home pettlree.orrnert ramesrd: ,t 114.1.
pple, 3 It, !mutt, 2 eke rualt, et. , dried spelee, itel , l
RE YOU A- FATHER, laboring for the
um. hr. h !intros. :nab:, Laraliparllll.
Are a Mother. runknng from ilto•anion to
, artib.ll
•ro hoibonolio uae n. Bowe a nhalier
earna parg In—it will oietatoly eon. ou.
l‘t nor &RA, or nn otw oar snook.. agol net •
pamphirt. gratin. where you .111 nnd [hot the hhajier gar.
nabanila.nt rigvnarg.t hi Or 1 lion, ban horn the
moat. bornzanontli enrich; niter,. noon, ban
4...b10b the
human faintly ann rontlnually enhirot. than nne blhor
proinuation of sarnaparilln aker yot brounht lion, the
Thu. Irledidir Au enLllihnll4 Inch nputation by 14
numeniu• and well attosukt gunk.
It in put up in' uart hottlo.. and IF the only Saronturilla
that act,. on the Ins,. Kidney.. and Won't at lb, .nio
•hioli rotolor• it mitinwther, coon. inluable overy
ono w
rirtioulaeli fotualon.
oien and emu', for hr.
SAY, AItILLA, hike no otber
brio,. por I,—, hint/. o tor U.
Yon .ate lie
Ult. n. D. E: Proprionici,
Conon , . Hall. Cult:Jun.l,lb..
Tn whom allontoro nine l eg
Al, for Wog he J. A J Solokicanakor ACo 0
ltlar W. Mng,. J Town:ion!. J. ?iliihlor. 11*. Jai ki
non. thttnhurgli, I/ A. blliott. Allo.ilio n e rite: IV
Clollann. Aland...tor b tirneker, Ilniwunyllb;
A . Whoeling". .1 It. battornou, andE.
Chariortlie, Malan A mix. Cuba. nokondauT
A Blast Furnace for Sale
11HE UNDERSIGNED offers fur Sale his
BLAST Ist*RNACE. tittinted lu tfw pointy, g
an. known at th....Allalmna Furnart:ii with all the out• ,
call oral tiltIST MILL: 00.1 strry thing net
to carry .3n the Sinsiting of lir, It hat 1./t., Arrs,..3f Isom! an:ninth with at ninth more adjoining at
would is. n.s.tamary. •hirli ran he had front 7 , to $ , l nto
wet, it hat the unat favorable losation in the South, fur
ranking In.. having Lb. ors within nal-half to 000 rolls
.41. it. is, large rawly m' •. und 01,131ing
iron. 130 to pst• nut. 11 it taw mil., and a hall thr
Mow lilt Rolling Mill. whsn• a natty Is tonal 030
all its tintiurtt of Mstal, an 4 two 01113.3. Inuit tht
It Athuitle whist, one uf the II On
of railtinglt nunriorting the Tennestut River with ilia Itsa
Bawd. whirl, hot tla lintt.3f 0,1113.319 running nut from
it. hnithed and unelsr.rontrart. Nut-tug thnnich tht
I...ant Town. 3.10.1 Clttet thuirgius when mai,- nal,. it
hound for lig Mstal. Machluory. War, at. 1 t it
now ni blut. in., Is, watgr toiwgr. with fall of 1,
trvt. on a nevi, failing part... mull in tinr mutt healthy
loon of the South.
. •
am. on.
I "'"
111 t.,,, Fr., , .-, N 1130.11 1. 1,1.
Marc% 14. 1851. ) .
IT BEING DESIRABLE to gutwtitute locks
vat! Aryl of morn , utter kind far thorn non , in ure for
tin. [owl rerrite,E th• United Ntatea, specimen locks mat
krya, alth prop/r.alte forniph thr nano, -ill Ix reerlyrd
and entundenal at the lArt in, Department, until the Irt
, lay J uly nraL The Iliffrnolt Irclot tn•ruumfwd to
rxrunlnation and rroort. Upon this la
nor, rontr,rta m.o. a. ortrahrthir. ...end into
au rurh IrcAn and bar year., with Or
Lingau OW part 14 the ttroftatrr lienoral for the Utur
bring to extend Ind continue the contract in form for an
additional term of four Sea,, by girl. to the rontrartor
tten non, to that clEct, nut mom than nine nor termer then rin month, tature the termination of the hrnt termer
four Tram
With a view of on oaring the tort Itwk at the Inward price •
tro kind of luelt a preserilod au a ' , Mutant. the l.partment
It however. proper to get, twit a ink oritable for
mall rain , gliould trewwww the follorpong rtuallth, err dU
rabtlity• uniformity • and ptrength.
purpow. of dourlacing pintail:4l3count). a/I the
.., r .mt hot s and bey, woe in u.. alout thirty thotorand
near Icrk. and twenty theurand key.. adapted the N,, wilt
reuntrol to be furnidiell by the contractor within preen
months after the contr..l shall hare lawn entered inns RP
terwenla the annual supply wall derward nn the durabilltr
of the lock.. and • adoptcd. as well an U. increase of the
midi gen - ie., hut It will trobeidy ver excel,/ In amount
throe thorourod ~f tan former runt nnr thourrand of the lat.
No look will he conridered If it lo like any already In
werteral she ; nor will anyone with whom the contract may
lo male he allowed to mote. well, or furnish any lowl. or
key. In maltractell f. for any other pun..•
or tow than that of It.. Prot OtherDepae.
Ti,.- kind of loeksjolopted must be {omitted, and the pa.
Mote.. will be required, ma entering Into rontract, to mak.,
an oreignment it.. patent for the exclusive nee and ben.
ent of the Departmerth. if the Pordrmarter Drumml shall
deem much mut. reinent ....rental to the interesMof the arr-
In ea.• of the failure of the contractor at any time
to faithfully the term* and ennilillotor of his contract.
the rerstanutter I/errors/ shall bare the right, besides
the penal mood, tract mentioned. to annul paid
outman, 1111t1 contract anew with any other pant or
tarties to lie may set for Mllmi...thing strutter lead. and
a il.. decidinit the protorala and Ppeclntena offered, the
Postmaster heneml nray deem It expedient to Retort fur the
through mail. the lock of one bidder. and for the way malls
that of another. Ile nurerrea, therefore. the right of eon.
Marling with different individual* Mr .net dillorent Idaho
of lueks sr he may reler, auel abet the right to reject all
the stwelmens and pnlawals, If lie Phan deem that. cone.
n •
the interest of the Department. The party or mutter
will Ihe roluirod In Ore hond. with ample Pe
nalty. In the tom of thirty thousand dollars. for a GdUiful
performanee of the contract. The [Marnet to to contain
provlnions for the dun mot prover ingortion of the I.oka
nod tey a. and alro for guarding again., them pa o r r ,,,
rarporper tau,..: the term. ot there ono irion. to be ar.
If alhotireen the Department amt the purrearful bidder.
dd aboard be accept,y.
hoapplfration. will [reconsidered If vat acrompanied with
rat leftrebtry rWrmnnf the trustworthy eharerter of the bid.
awl of his ability In fulfil the coutntel
N. 11. 1101.1., P.w.narter
meli-PLabtirl 144
New Books! Now Boole
Itieltant Lord ilollan .i
d.lite.l by hi. NM. Henri I:I
%aril Lord 11.dtand i
1 2 7:417:
Nino..." - 11
Moorland Conn,: by the author of Mary flarton.
Lave...rt. The the tity....y, the
I . rirati by ISO
narrow, nutiiiir ot . tbr Bible In Soda, arid ti ti ,
tlVa n.
libitory {be United etate.--,md
Tb r above ariirkt riot timid and for rale hy
It. tiTtICKTON, Iti•dtaellet and Stationer,
rorhtil 31arket and Third Pits.
0 A nf t Land 011, TM., Cvan
ny Iran's; Jnel Jnn, and for rale by
N&. 47. Markrt
Few Books! Now Books!
T.IIOLifIES' Ll'fFiltAßY IIEPOT, Third
jl AtrewL o r the l'o-t
wry.le: • IlunuproLvo Novel: by lien. S.Awnrthy.
I:rvgnn and CAlifLrnia: n o . SigblA in the ".111 Itcgoon.
11111/.1. LA Vanier, by Alex. In.lincut.
C4rn...L.; by Lien. Soutul--1 vol.. on I V01c.,,1e.
:; w
a r : , en.r . ru: the &bob.. the 111,,, t he Price.. by 0 ,,
The tfu...lll . olNortiorr: by .bor. Doom,
St.vorles of mu Oh Meld: or 11100 to Yourot Moult:to.
Oro 1:o had of P. tf...McNAILAALAI:
Blioo3lS-200 dux. Corn, fur male by
mwAll J.B K
CIIESTNUTS-30 bu. fur nab. by
mcht4 J. L U. /LOYD.
. 4 .,
. :
. .
FROM Wesjinir
4 . N. , ,
1 1 :4•11,,ttoltwe c , l th.. llsilt. Pit wra .zett , . I
Vance Ihrraavaa a Gamcarc
March M. 18:.a. I
The Mat - that of the northern district of New
York. Mr. Kellogg, the postmasters at Troy and
Little Falls, the collector at Rochester and
Plattsburgh, and a number of other holder, of
federal office in New York, were dismissed to
day. The reason is said to he that they were
Free Soil Sewardites Whether that was the
true reason, or the moving principal canoe, I do
not know, and therefore shall express no opinion
upon the matter. Mr. Bush, of Rochester, who
!succeeds to the marshalship, is a well known
compromise Whig. The others are said to he
of the same school.
I To-morrow there will be something of a scat
tering among incumbents here at Washington.
Some fifteen or twenty "are bound to come out,"
and it is considered judicious to show them the
door in the opening season of the the year,
when the grass is getting good, and nature in
vites her secluded children forth to taste the
sweetness and freshness of spring. There is
beautiful and touching appropriateness in releas
ing some of those dust covered fogies from their
well worn chair, and baize desks, mad rusty files
of papers and documents, to breathe the pure
air of midday in the balmy serenity of April.—
To some of them it will he n luxury not before
enjoyed since their official life began.
It ix understood that Gov Lowe, of Maryland,
has offered the whole amount of Chaplin's forfeit
ed bail $19,000,:as a reward for the apprehension
as a fugitive from justice. It is almost certain
that if Chaplin shall be taken' again, it will he
by surprise, that is tiistly byikidnapping under
the stimuloutt of a very high reward—looking to
the example first set by Maryland in refusing to
comply with the requisiton of the Governor of
Pennsylvania for Mitchell. charged with kidnap
ping it colored man from that State, Gov. Gant
will undoubtedly refuse to deliver up Mr. Chap
lin, if found and arrested within the State. It
will lie sufficient for him to reply to the demand,
that the State of New York does not recognize
the right of Maryland, under the constitution,
to demand fugitives under the constitution, when
she herself deliberately violates and repudiates her
own obligations under thin same elnuqe of the
constitution -
It is said dot due reply of the Governor of
• Maryland, which closed the correspondence in
the Mitchell kit:Ripping cave. nsverted that it
hat; been proved to the satisfaction of the Gov
error that Mitchell had not been across the Penn
vylinnin state line for three years, and that the
person alleged to h toe been kidnapped woe in
fait a slave belonging, to a citizen of Maryland .
It is:to he hoped that the whole correspondence
will he published.. It is proper to add that the
heat lawyer,, here air of opinion that Chaplin
is not a fugitive from jaistice within the meaning
of the Constitution that after being released
and allowed to go at Large upon bail, it iv op
tinny with hint, whether he will return to be
tried, or forfeit the penaLiy. It is n curium and
important yiestion.
Jenny Lind, the i1331Ilq•I ritile, will be in your
city in 3 lOW 1133+ iir week g I refer to her ex
pected only lit gay thiLi. I hail direct person
al tiviilen4% while she ten+ here in December not,
of the of the random atatament that her
relations with Mr. Itarintin were iligagreeatile or
furred. There had been then, when the spiry
sras afloat. 'wahine lint n. nnilerstateling,
and hind and courteous intenrour, betwe e n Miss
Lind and Barnum since the landing of the Joi
nter on our shore,
I do not knoll' Clint I referred in my last to the
excalloint appointment of George B. Sargent,
to he Niamey, General of lowa and Wisconsin,
in plane of Booth, wit, has long held and used
the wilco as an instrument of politionl maneou- .
ore and management for hi, patrons tind depen
dents. Mr. Sargent has been n resident of lowa
lti years, and in thoroughly ttetitiltittted Kith the
territory and people of the it cc!.
14 - 41 - •••nontlp,". a LIB. 1::Tly I
hi' 1 , 1. • 1.11. arch
The Senate to day, pm,ed n la to taped tLo
tizin ,ectioti ot the act .ot Isl 7, to
prevent kidnapping, prem,e the public peace,
prohibit the exercise of certain powers hereto
fore exercise l by Judges..lumicex of the Pence,
Aide triton, .trod Jailors, in this Commonwealth,
and to repeal certain Slave Laws. The bill a
it originally :dotal, repealed the third, fourth, t
memath, and eighth mectioun of the above
iity. rimy, ,I.oeol of Tioga, when the 1,01
wan On Peet and reading, moved to Arli" out the
north. "thir d. fourth, reventh, and eighth - -the
effect of the motion being to prevent' the repeal
of these :Lena .no. This motion 11,LA agreed to,
as follown •
, •
• , Venn--\{coma. Carothers. iliirsori, l'raldo,Cun
ningham. Frick, Glicrprey, 1 1 / 4 ilett. Hoge, Ron
igm•icher.-Krt. nee, 31c%trine, Malone.
Walker, and Nlatibias, .s . pedfar
linys..—Ms..,,m Fernon,
Forsyth, Frailey, Fulton, Magus, Ives, llicCas
lin. lilnhlenherg, Sanderson, arid
- •
NI, Sanderson, s absequentl; moved the Sen
ate go into Cunt:Um m of the Whole. for the pur
pose or inserting the word "fallrth--a"
repeal that secti on , a . hieli punishes any person
or persons churning on y negro or mulatto, as it
fugitive, who shall und , e any vrelenaa' of au
thority whatsoever, oh, iently or tumultuously
seize upon and carry Ow ay, or attempted so to
to, to, any place, so as to disturb or endanger
the public peace either- wi th or without the in
tention of taking such Two, , or mulatto before
any district or circuit
_ag 5.
Mr. Hugo' , moved to lime ad by the
wonls .11iird and mventh"— -so as to repeat those
sections; which was {Ds . % ns f- 'flows
, .
Teas—Messrs.. I lucka Ferman,
Prailey, Fulton, !loge, llogu,, Ives, Jones, Ne
Paslin, Muklenberg, Packer, and Shimer-13,
Nays—Nles . srs. Brooke, I3a rothem, Cam •t,
Prabb, Cunningham, Forsyth, !Frick, iluernsey,
Haslet!, RoMpoacher. Lon rr.nce, MeMortne,
Malone, Myers, Robertson, Nat iderson, Savery.
Walker, and Matthias, Spro
The amendment of Mr. Band.enion, was then
lost, and the Till amended so six to repeal the
serth section mily—passed, than :
I r e:.--36visrm. Doily, Brooke, Cratilt, Fernon,
Forsyth, Frnllt•y, Fulton, Mt sentry, 'loge.
Jones. Kondginneher, Muhlenberz. Myers, l'aek-
Sandernon, :Ajmer, end Matt hiss, Stro.7,-
Naya—Me 44114. Carotherr, Canton, Cunning
ham, llnele tt, Malnue, tiavery„ 21.nd Walker—
The Pee lion repealed in on follows :
"IL 'kill not be lawful to use oar join or pris
on of thi.s Commonwealth for th io detention •Eof:
any pt .non claimed an a. a rUgi I 1 V 0 from ge
tode labor, exeept ease , . whr joiriAlootion
map I awfully lie taker, lie tiny juo !go, under t Ire
profoinno of thin act; and nny jail. or or keeper,.'
Lily prison, or other person : who • ball offend a
gni not the providons of thin north to, shall, 011
exedvietion thereof, par n fined lire hundred
&dialog one hull thereof for theneo of the Com
roonwealth, and the other half to thr person who
prosecutes: and shall, moreover, Chenceforth t o '
removed from office and he incapn Colo or holding
such office of jailor or heeper of oi prmoll, at any
time during trio natural life.
The hill to provide lot rem-attain of °na
l-loges, birth..wl 111,101, Orderl , l to be
tnamoribeil for o third rending in the Honor to
cloy, by a rote of OA to
The following bill+ Floored.
To ineeorroralf the Somerset and ti 0n0t ,,,, t ,0 1
Plank Road Coati:inv.
To incorporat, the Saw Alill itam atol
burg Plank Iton•I Company.
To incorporate the South Pit 'oltitrgi t and Saw
Mill Itlin Titntio,he aml luelinal Platte.
To lay out Al State Road on the line of the
Somerset and Bald Hill Turnpike Road in Som
erset County.
To incorporate the Upper Wu Milo Plank,
Itorel Company its IVaehingtuta county.
The bill to erect the new essuuty of Menenka
bele, out of parts of Allegheny, Westmoreland,
Fayette, and itiatthington. Teas under considera
tion in the Senate to day. The bill wee lost by
the following tie vote:
Yeas—Mesas. Carson, Crabb, Cunningham,.
Frailey, Frick, Hoge, Lowrance, McM.urtrie,
Malone, Myers, Packer, and Heber teon--12.
A1,111,,0N, March er•
FROM ISA REszunwi.
Yaps---!ties,a-s. Carothers, Fero., Forsyth.
Ilaslett, Ilugus, Ives, Jones, KohigmAcher, Mr-
Caslith Muhlenberg, Walker, and Alattbins,
Speaker-I'2. TNT Quitsxe.
The best way to build a country house, I sup
pose I ought, Abernethy-like, to say, is to take
•• advice," employ a professional met, e., in
this cane. architect; but as we will suppose that
already done, and that I am the fortunate man
I will do my best to give the requisite informa
tion as fully as if my retaining fee had been se
cure.] in the shape of a promised ••five per cent."
upon the cost of the proposed erection.
The best way to set about building a country
house• is to first consider the subject in its com
mon-sense, working-day light. You are going
to pit up what you mean as your home: you
wont' screening from the sun and seeltering from
the cold: vou leach at all times to Ito snug and
comfortable, nod free from all harassment of
mind, from any cause traceable to your dwel
ling's external character or internal accommo
You have a wholesome dread of the horrors of
o leaky roof. and of possible weekly repairs:
you shudder at the hien of a damp bedroom, or
a mouldy cupboard; and you have misgivings
touching the amount of your Saint Anthony-like
forbearance muter the broiling tortures of a sti
flitig July - night, beneath a metal roof, and in an
unventilated bed room; all - these thoughts
make you reflect very deeply before choosing
your material and your style. Sou notice I class
these two together, because I hope to show that
the OM' influences the other more than it is toe
fashion, just now to allow.
In choosing your material you are, of course.
influenced by the selection your neighborhood
Wood and stone are those generally need.
brick not being introduced so often into coun
try buildings as I think it might he with great
For a house on a very large scale, wood seems
unsuitable, because, in a greater or less degree,
it is suggestive of temporary intention 'in the
Stone is of many characters, and needs varied
treatment; and in often a source of very great
expense. where a character is attempted the
particular specimen of material will not allow.
Erick does hot seem as yet to have had n fide
chance of trial: and though, where stone and
timber ore in abundance, I would not-of course
prefer its adoption; still there - are many places
in this country where it is both cheap and read
ily obtained, and in such plnces I conceive a far
„better use might be made of it than has, so far
as my personal obt,ervation goes, been at.
,to mpted.
England, France and Germany abound with
charming cottages, entrance-lodges and manurial
residence- , constructed of this material; and
the, who only associate with the mention of its,
name a rectangular oblong three inches and a
half by eight, would hare a much more respect
tel opinion of its capabilities were they to see
Holland House, Motel Choiseul, or the innu
merable pretty things dotted ntmut the sunny
lawns of Western Germany.
If you have timber in abundance, and your
building in of moderate dimensions, and you
prefer to use wood, do this : Let timber and
timber only, be evident in every part of your
building. Dent veneer it all over with a thin
ceiling of inch beards, nicely planed and fitted,
so as to hide the joints, and then sanded find
painted, ntal lined off, in imitation of stone: be-
rause if you do, ne one will really be deceived
by it but yourself and, especially dent heap Pt:li
on en thew, and glue up fluted monsters of one
pentry in front, and fancy because they have the
outline and proportions of Doric columns, and
love pointed white lines at even distances there
tin, running around them at about the height
of stone would Inc cut, yon have shown
your classical taste, and possess a firVCia.ll
You have no such thing; you hare only a
great deal of unnecessary and expensive
work constantly to point and.keep in repair, and
which the sooneryntxsweep away the better,
Up.. like a smooth unbroken surface, and
prefer ceiling your house to clnp-homaling, or up:
right planking and battens, well and 7rauL Ceil
it and sand it also, if you will, land p. 15 is anad
rairable addition to your whitelead and pigments, )
trusting to your verandahs, projection of roofs,
windnrt caps, Ann, mid other features, to cast
elladows and reflexes enough to hreak the mono
tony of a level surface of tint, Willa you will
fintrby these natural eauses more varied than if
lined off into blocks with white paint and a rule
A ragtic treatment of this material is often
,elTactive. The verandah 111:1r the supported with
cedar cypress posts, upon which the hark hoe
lima, left, farther preserving. its adhesion by
all tack, driven in here and therms runt the
v. lode vrnished with a pitchy varnish. to pre
set fro a m the weather. The house itself malt
1e It es architectural and finished in its details
to e ut ,form to this styli, and by covering exter
natty t .iith upright planking and battens, by pro
jecting he roof at least four feet, and byvoid
in eter3 thing that looks like pretension, a very
pretty and economical attuning may bc.constuc
My limits will not allow me to ,leocribtt stmh
a hoMe in de, ail: but 1 may aid in constructing
one, by saying - that the building must be rather
Ina than high; rhoubl be spread upon the e round
shouhl hare Lig ‘t pitched roofs, with their gables
perfectly free from the decoration admissible in
more ornate style; the rollers and roof timbers
that project may he. simply finished by rutting
their ends into the form of an S, and by substitu
ting a deep roll moulding, four and a half to six
mates deep, running, alike under the eaves and
up the gables. for a cornice.
The windows ithould lie low and broad, rather
than of their usual proportions; and many of Toy
friends trill thank me for telling them that such
a ho.ase outside blinds will not be unsightly, but
a source of beauty, if Properly managed: which
I would do ilithis wise: Cut the outer or lower
side of the slats to a curve, or some variation
from a it Orjj..ta . tline,and make the frames broad
er than usual, L od paint them a shade or two'
darker or lighter - tina that or the house.
Such a huilding„ - oofcd with shingles, and
nainted a quiet g ra y, w. th its verabdah and om
bra, wreathed with creepers, i can pic
ture now before me as aver N Pretty home.
=Another style, for which Wo od iy a '3-it3blc mn
tonal is that "Gothic."
. .
Unfortunately this beautiful an
' 1 eminently ro
t-al'style has been vulgarize,' and g 'ready abused
and I know that many persons of pure taste
are hence frighten.' when the idea ot
is presented to them as the style suggz'Jl,l for
their home.
atothic is an architectural classification of pa -InCi
ples of erection now determined simply to m
pointed, in contradistinction to those principl
which recoglnized rectangnlar lines - as their fun-
damental basis; thusclassic architecture, us it is
called, with its upright columns and pilaster.,
and its enhlature unit cornice, resting on them
at right angles; or springing from them in semi
circular curves, is very easily distinguished from
that style which has its lines all tending upwards
to a point, and of which its curves, in every in
stance, meet in apoint. The different periods at
which certain styles of pointed architecture pre
vailed, give the name to its various closseg now
in use. Rum' (Millie is wrought out from these
different styles, sad though the peculiarities of
each period of pointed architecture are very
marked. they have become universally CO blend
ed in modern domestic architecture, a description
of the points of difference in each period is scarce
ly needed.
Hilt the great principle' upon which all wen.
based. and in which all agreed,was reality: every
Awn' of even the simplest moulding every line
and portion of the building was contrived en
, reedy to answer the purpose for which is was in
tooled" and m this we will gladly fellow themigh
ty artist-minds of old whilst we scorn the petty
trickery o f s ervilely copying a hit here null there
of their immortal works, and leasing unnoticed,
the inborn principle which made ea ch bit of de
' t o il beautiful.
A tiothic house, ben, is a building, the charm
,. ,„' whose architecture in distinguished by the
direction of its leading lines, and by
each ~,„ Nes as may be introduced meeting, or
borings t endeney to meet, in u point, It may be
highly ore. 'mental: or left perfectly simple: but
true taste w, U be outraged if ortminimt,henutifill
as i t may lon i . % itself, it introductsl where it does
not serve sortie Par Pose. of construction.
The guides, a. Id the wiudowu, and the doors,
an d id a , veran d a h and ombra,. may all be decorn
tub no richly as y o 11 like; but it must be their
composing parts Cut receive the decoration:
there mast be no orti umental work - stuck on, here
and there without lamming and use.
Too much min: mental woodwork shout n house,
any way, is a rtuisaime, and source of contin
ued expense.
In arningink the„ ontlines of your plan upon
the ground, the seigetion of wood as the materi
al will permit of a inure curie d and irregular
altaie than atone or brisk, the corner., whieli, in
mason-work, stud toiconroiderably to the expert...
not beluga cent ce of gr.mter out lay: but irregu
lar outline on Clue ground is opt to involve intri- I
cany of roof. Ise, therefore, thoroughly entinfiod
the latter go M to s i r e you no trouble before g
you cowmen=
Dormer wine lows on t140 . 1 . 00r are greatly in fa,
cur 'with those' who design Gothic houses; unlesa
they are
clear. above the eaves, eons to allow the
t, run below them In unbroken
line, they will, in heavy rninu, or after o. thaw
be a source of great trouble.
A very pretty effect may be attained by cut
ting off the corners of the shingles before nailing
thorn on, or by rounding them off, or giving.them
any other toms that will work in such a manner
ns to,prosent the appearance of an 'etvmunental
pattern on the roof. The covering of the wet
da is generally of metal, but where the elope
will allow similar shingles to be used, the
effect is 'not only more pleasing but the cham
bers whose windows overlook, are less exposed
to the radiated heat from the large surface of
metal below.
Those who have noticed recently Gothio coun
try lons,. will probably remember that the win
doive seemed a source of tome trouble; th at they
were either ordinary sash windows that did not
deem to harmonise with the house, or they were
such as gave great trouble to. the inmates. I
would advise, where the character of open tras
eery is attempted to be given, that it be made
solidly and as<o fixture outside: being in fact; as
it may well be supposed to be,. the ornamental
support of the lintel above; and that the part
filled with glass la, behind and independent, hav
ing, however, divisions similar in character to the
outer frame. This method of execrating en or
namental window will. I think, be found pradoc
tive of more' external and internal effect, and
certainly remedies the—difficulties I haie, in the
coarse of my experience found to exist
The modern bracketted Italian style is very
suitable • for wooden buildings, and is one of
great beauty. In my next I will speak of it,
and say a few words about stone and brick as
building materials. o. w;
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