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stealth, brought us a pot of good broth. which
be bad taken (dile fire whilst his wifewas gone
for a moment into the garden. lie well knew
that his wife would make him pay for it; bdtthat
Le did. not mind, IM the young mistress would but
Skink it, and she would find it salted and all. He
would make baste outer the window again, and
pee that begot home before his wife. that she
might not find'out where he bat been.
But my daughter would not touch the broth,
_which sorely vexed him, SO that he eet it down
oil the ground cursing, and ran out of the room.
It was sot long before his squint-eyed wife came
in at the front door, and when she saw the pot
Mill steaming' on the ground, she cried out,
_•;Thou thief, thou cursed thiering carcass:' and
would haie at the face of my maid. lint
1 threatened ber,•ond' Loll her nil that had tap
pened, and that if she would not believe me, she
might go into the chamber and look out of the
window, whence she might still, belike, vre her
good man running home.' This she did, and
presently we heard her calling after liim, “Weft,
and the dttyil Bball tear oil thine arms. only
wait till thou art home ogain!" After 'this
she came back, and muttering, eomething, took
the pot ot the ground. I begged her, for the
love. of God, to rpare a little to my child; but
ehe mocked at me and said, "Vou can preach to
her ea you did to me," and writhe , ' towards the
door with the pot. My child bemought me in
deed to let her go, but I could not kelp calling
after her, "For the love of God, use good sup,
or my poor dB," must give up the ghost: wilt
: thou' that at the day of judgment God should
Bath mercy on thee, so show mercy this day to
me find mine'le;..„, But she scoffed et 'us again, and
cried out, -Let her cook herself some bacon,"
and went Out at the door. I then tent the maid
aftsrhbr with the hour-glee which ewe." before
me on the: table, to offer it to her fee a good sup
ont:of the pot; but the maid brought it back,
_saying that sheeroubl not have it. Alms, how I
wept and sobbed, as my poor dying child with n
lend sigh buried her head again to the mmee—
Yet the merciful God was more giseione to me
than my unbelief had deserved; for 'when the
hard-hbarted woman bestowed to little broth on
her neighbor, old Peach. lee presently brought
• it to my child, having heard from the maid how
it stood with her; and I. believe that this broth.
' • under God, 'alone saved her life, for she raised
her head no soon as she had slipped it, and wns
able to go about the house again in an hour.—
May God reward the good fellow for if Thus I
- had some joy in the midst of my trouble. But
setille,l eat by the fire4ide in the evening musing
memyfate, my grief again broke forth, [mil 1
made up my mind to leave my house, ands even
• my cure, and to wander through the wide world
with my daughter a 4 a beggar. Gad knows
had cause enough for it; fey new that all my
Lopes wets dashed, seeing that my field was quite
,rained, and that the Sherif bad become my bit
' ter enemy, moreover that it Woe tive years since
had had a ',Wedding item, but two christenings
during the past year, I ease my own and OW
daughter's death staring me in the face, and no
prospect of better times at lientl. Gun want
was increased ley the ereat fears of the congre. I
guidon; for although by God's wondrous mercy 1
they had already begun to take gned draughts of
-- fish both in the sea and the Achtenieter, and my
my of the people in the other villages bap elrea- I
gotten bread, salt, oatmeal, he., from the
'Palters and Quateners of Anklam and LUSSfltis
• In exchange for their fish; nevertheless they bro•t
me nothing, fearing lest it might be told at Bud-
Rise and mike hie Lordship ungracious to them.
I therefore . beckoned nay daughter to me, and told
her whet was -in my theeehte, saying that God,
in his mercy, could any day bestow on me ano
mare if I was found worthy he his sight of
ouch a fnTer, seeing that these terrible !lays of
pestilence and war bad called away many of the
servants of his word. and that Iliad not fled like
a hireling, from his flock, MIL on the contrary, till
edatten shooed sorrow and death with it. Whether
she were able to walk five or teri mile a day; for
that then we would beg oar way to Hamburg. to
Iffy departed site, her step brother. Martin Be
, hring, who is a gnat merchant in that city.
This at first sounded• - stramte to her, seeing
'test she had eery seldom been out of our parish
• and that herdeparte,d mother and berlittle brother
lay in our churchyard. She asked, "who was
to make op their graves and plant dowers on
them!" Teem, as the Lord had given her n
Stnooth face, what I should do if iu these wild
nd cruel times she were attacke•l on the high
ways by marauding soldiers on. other villains.
.seeingthat Twos a weak old man and unable to de
sfend hen item, wherewithal should we shield '
,ourselves from the frost. me the ' , winter was set
ting in, and the 'enemy had robbed its of our
- clothes, se we had scarce enough left le cover
our nakedness?" All this I heel not considered,
and was forced to 'own that , the wee right: SO
after much discuesion we determines! to hire it I
this night to the Lord: and to do whatever he
should pat-into our heart next morning.
At any rate, we saw that we could in no wise
;seep the old maid any longer: I therefore called
leer out of the kitchen. and told her elm bud better .
go early nest morning to Liege. as there still .
-ems food there, Whereas here she =let starve.
' -seeing that perhaps we ourselves might lease
the parish and country to-morrow. I thanked
herfor the lose and faith she had shown us, and
begged her at last, amid the loud sobs of my
• - poor daughter, to depart forthwith privately,
and not to makeenr hear, still heavier by leaves
taking; that old Parish was going a-fishing to
night on the Achterwater, as he had told me,
. . and no doubt would readily vet her on shore at
Grnesaw, where she hod friends, and could eat
• her fill even to-day: She coad not say a word
• for weeping, but when she saw I was really in
• earnest she went out of the room. Not long af
ter we heard the house-door shot to, whetenpon
my daughter meaned, "She is gone already,"
ran etrnight to the window to look after her.-
- "Yes," cried she, ea she sew through the little
panes. "she is really" gone;" and she wrung her
handsaw' would not be comforted. At last how
ever, she wns quieted when t spoke of themaid
Hagar, whom Abraham had likewise east off. but
on wbnm the Lord had nevertheless shown rner
cyin the wilderness. and hereupon we commend
ed ourselves to the Lois!, and stretched ourselves
an our conches of muss.
•[h a! people ell' go about the Aeho•mater every del'
ia Laski Yolten arai ltuateeo. , earl I.o' leom
the tOCIIP Egli they may harg caught.
. -
Tue KAFFIR Woo is sornt• .9tmtG.-=fiar
readers have already been apprized, join advance
of news by way of England) of impOrtant intel
ligence from the Cape of Good Hopei brought to
us a day or two since, by an arrival' at Boston.
The Liverpool and London paper:, are full of the
details, but we have already given the leading
facts of the case. The history of the outbreak
appears to have been nearly us follows::
"Rumors of an appronChing•rising of the. na
tives were, it may be remembered, rife iu Octo
ber last and the desertion of Kaffir . servants in
great numbers from the frontier farms heighten
ed the probabaity'that the chiefs were preparing
for mischief. Under these eircumitroces, Sir
Harry Smith summoned a meeting at King Wil
liam', Town, at which 350 Kaffirs were present;
tint the Chief to whom most suspicion attached
--Sandilli—did not attend. On the! 19th of De
cember, Sir Harry convened another meeting of
2,500 Kaffirs, when Sandhill was again absent.
His excellency's patience was lIOST - exhausted,
and he declared the offender's estates confiscar-
7r.. The Chiefs were on this occasion invited to
express their opinions, and" they availed them
selves of the opportunity to remonstrate on the
' appearance of so many British troops in their
country, nod to plead for Sandilli.
On the first point, Sir Harry Smith assured
them that his soldiers were only cothe "to _put
down rebels and protect the good:"us to
Banditti, he said, 1(1 was to show' mercy to him,
the Queen would cut my head off. lam not going
to loose my head for a rebel."
Upon this, Sandilli's mother got up ; and, by
n strange freak, Sir Harry actually nominated
- fter " chief" in her eon's Acad. ' She was,
moreover," rays the Frontier TimOs, well sup
. plied with victuals by order of hit excellency:
and it is not thoght impossible thatlsome of the
eatables were conveyed to Sandilli, who, it is
, s ppposed, was ;not a hundred miles from the
• spcHt.."
Measures were, however, at oneeltaken to car
ry out the sentence against Sandilli. The
troops at the Governor'sdisposal amOunted, in the
first instance, to 2,300, including 400 Hotta' po
lice; but the great majority of this latter body
immediately deserted, and the rest Were prudent
ly disarmed, One column of 40tl strong, was
sent; 'under Lieutenant' Colonel Eyre, to the Ea
bowie Neck, to intercept Sainlilli. The centre,
about 550 strong, under Colonel 'Mackinnon, ac
companied by the Governor, joined the garrison
.at Fort Cox, and here his 'Excellency's head
, quarters-were established. The third column,
under Colonel Somerset, about 480 strong, inured
to. Fort Havre.
On the 24th of December, Colonel 31ackinnon
was detached with LIM men to thi; place where
Banditti wan supposed to be concealed; but after
• an attack in which one officer mail eleven men
were killed,. and two officers and t•ONCD men
wounded, he; was forced to retire. During
his retreat he' was. harrassed by continued
fi r ing from the rebels on the heights, who
were led by Sandilli in person; and .the bodies
of a corporal and fourteen men of the 45th reg
meat, were discovered on the lino of march. On
the 2fith he rejoined tile Governor; - when the fort
was immediately surrounded by the K a ffir, i n
great force, but we are left in doubt whether Sir
H. Smith left in it, when he cut his way through
'the enemy, a sufficient force to protect it.
Market Street Store for .Rent
r.RENT.—The Store, HS Market,,,
rant, tbe &ER ft= the =ter of Market
liberty stmts. l'oratdatAdra the lac of knell
DAVID (ikt•Mfd,
dad. pd/tar
. Waled , . WO Penn sa
tog • scull nun of money, mu lam betmeen
Imo Seven th streets. cm Maned stmt. on Tsaois re t. the
Zia hut, The ander mlll cooler offlmkt on
Or cas
t= It to the creator, thrtmet tblo caol• fath27
To the Whigs of Pennsylvania.
ST A STATE CONVENTION will he held Iv the CDT
of Lanearter ou TUESDAY, JorTTrh.lh o tl a i: , or
V=C:4ll=lll'eVlr Judva of the 5.D....
Court lIBSET al. FULLER. Cimino..
Hatooel Melletamoy,
4/.7ohosBStortorl'.'6' ' C. flow. Jam,
, . Wm. a.
Dell. Samuel B. Thomaa,
Flamm . ' Dell. 'S..Biowo.
A thsoß T. Tarl. Worth,
Wlo. J. Itoldnaon, , Who
B. Brow.
Worleu E. Urn.. 1 . 511. , UA k 'T•
Thorosall.Corhnus. .I. 111,l Watt" ,
JAM. Clark,
t i l l hu 'n 7ea j ll b . '"' llordraxo n. ~ Sherman D. Dimly..
8 .. A.
• Edwin C. Wilma.
B. A. ri....r. , John All Woo.
Cl. , Daniel McCord) ,
C. O. Loom
. °.7.7,")Yra,r.,
C. Fravell. Jordan.
John U.
11. RUNDLE SMITII, MarrtutT.
The continuation Of the " Amber Witch," will
be found on our first page; also, New York and
Harrisburg letters, pommereial news, &o.
On the fourth pae will be toned The Haase
of Refuge," Cbli9Ek on Texas," and Poetry.
Third Page—Telegraphic News, and Home
Toe Wirt.—Thii first and highest duty of 'a
wife is to endeavorlto act in such a manner, that
her husband's and her own happiness may be
insured. The woMan's party often objects to
the rule that a wile should be expected to take
such an inferior position Q. 9 that of living to
please another being, no bettor limn herself:
but in fact, she wlio makes her husband nappy,
must pursue the course best adapted to insure
Les own happinesS. It is on this account, that
the two sac called one. Happiness is not like
material wealth, uhich one cannot receive save
by taking from anothar. The increase of one
1 good being's happiness, is the gain of all nrcnind.
So the commonplace advice, "strive to soothe'
and sustain your 'husband in tilt his difficulties,
sympathise with !him, and always endeavor to
add to his happiness," is nothing more than say
ing, do all this f9r yourself. Moreover, the same
; advice is just as Often offered to husbands, and
, yet they are ner4r beard to complain of it, as an
I attempt against their "rights."
The first practical duty of the young wife, is
to enter, heart Mid hand with her husband, upon
the task of earning a living. The division of
this duty, which] has been made in all ages and
countries has, besides its universal sanction, the
best of arguments, and the iirme4 fx.:ts to sus
min it. There must be one ea go out irdo the;
fields, the streets, the market place, the work
shop, and perfnrm thQ ] ife heavy and trying 15-
CM , which are I necessary to the production of
food, raiment, ?ltd the luxuries of life : and there
must be another ivipuFaige and guard and beau
tify that inner snide of trancin happiness, the,
very name of Which will rouse the hsnyt, and
bring gushingars from the eyes of the exile:.
there must be one who has the enemy, industry,
taste, quiekuel . of perception, the moral power
rnd exalted vi eto create that earthly pare
; dise, caged home. The 'man who is deprived of
this paradise, will strive with untiring ingenuity,
to contrive a substitute for it. and Ming in this,
will toil and ; faitt, day by day, and year by year,
to regain it. ! Its 'blessings may sometimes he
underrated, bat never by any one who has been
deprived of thCm.
- • •
. .
It is in this sacred temple of quiet happiness
that the wife reigns as High Priestess, and ton
ability so fill this trying station, has ever been
gratefully: acknowledged by the other sex. That
she is appointed tp it by the laws of Heaven, is
so ,evident,' th t not even thej Woman's Rights
Party, will,: pr _tend to say that she shoedd be
entirely ieniov from it.
Bet as one home is more deserving of the
name than a they, as a home becomes more
jags in homelike, j.; in proportion as its mistress is
capable of no. aging it, there is a wide field
. 1
lof ambition o' ened for every wife. The practi
cal cal point win h thrusts itself most frequently
before her, is: e economy pf the means at her I
command. ome is the place where the tress- I
' urea accum ,d by the labor of the husband are;
',•concentrated for corosaraption. Home is expels-';
site. In fact, inis almost the only expense of a
locued citizen. The wife, though she may not al the treasurer, has the power of making
nearly all th' c'eppropriations." The import
once Of thin Power is never undermined by
acute busine*Mem If a man has a cureless,
;;oontravagatieiiiife, he must have a miraculous
i;Monsy inskur faculty, to escape bankruptcy.—
The'number of poor men who contrive to grow
e l
easy. in the' circumstances as they grow ' old,
follows verycl osely upon the number who have
thrifty wiv — Now, as the nineteen-twentieths
rolOmen hav to toil from morning till night, to
accumulate. enough 'so support their families,
-their "sphe " cannot certainly be considered
- much wider hato that of their wives, who man
age the exp nditure. We hear a great deal of
'complaint ong female reformers, about wo
men being • mere household drudges;" but are
not men eo ething worse? Are they not, in the
counting ho e' and workshop, mere machines,
ns dull and angeless in their existence, as the
!edgers the scribble imi-as much bound down
to the perfo ante of certain tasks, as the en
gines molars they control ? These complaints
about worn n's drudgery — are More beard in this
mamtry tars in any Other, and yet, when for
eigners des;ibe our - peculiarities , they say that
an Anseric toils like a slssth, in order that he
"e l
may keep is wife like ingeonotelos. They think
ego to absurd enflame. We would be far
from jo' •g in thig„Pthion; but th ere is one
charge, th truth of whit.must be confessed—
It is said at our yroon'an are so much relieved
from the d ty of earning their living, that they
losC force T character. They become weak for
want of c Ploymenx Hue:after all, no woman
need lack ployment, no - matter how much she
may be e
Pted from th e cares of life,. The
Scotch sa ng.„-Often quoted against our side of
the questi ,) that "wettoan's work is never
done," tonji be interpreted that the home over
which she presides is never so perfect that it
cannot loMmoUde more pleiming to herself, to her
husband, and to her fiends, by a little more
exertion9n her past; and on the some principle,
too woinanls house ioyever so well taken cure of i
by servants , that it cannot he improved, if 1
she studie4 and praCtices the honored profession
of housewi fery. No , woman 1.921 ever li ft ed so
high by wraith, as to be above the necessity of,
being a good housekeeper, And again, the brain
is a wondr(ul receptable. 'floe treasures whichi'
it is intehded to hold, may be poured into it(
continually, and yet the more it receives, the;
More it is capable of receiving. Knowledge tune;
always positive power, but in the nineteenth ceni
tury it commands an enormous premium. Neither'
woman nqr man, who has a brain capable of n-'l
ceiving knowledge:need at this day, complain of;
ro lack of employment. l
Thus, torn the question which way we will, we
cannot find any great cause of complaint against;
"man the tyrant." Among the poor, the man
toile in clpse work shops or, breaks his back diq
gingemmls, while his wife ;noshes, scrubs, gossip§
over the fence with her neighbor, scolds and singai
and both go to their couch at night, weary
enough. Among those whose circumstances aro
a little easier, the husband works very hard 4
his basilic..., while his wife oversees her homei
dressis. cultivates society, and leads a charming
life, 7 if the does not fall Into the error of en I
vying het wealthier neighbors. She has every' ,
opportunity of improving her mind and becoming
as important a personage in the eyes of the pub 4
lie as her husband. Amoqg the rich, vroman'i
spheremf action is proomeHonately enlarged. 4 '
A wealthy lady of cultivated mind, force of clan ;
rooter,,e , l tact, acquires an influence in society!.
which 1 as much worth having as the majority
of theutiles thatronse the ambition of wealthy
, 1 .
We hive ,
not been pretending to set forth nee
truths; in the contrary what we have written t r s
mere repetition of what society, in its every
day it etice, proclaims to be t its faith. Tile
' sphere 9ccupied by the wife in the simple bus)-
, mess CdHoing is no necessary that it must be tid
ed bye l ; t 7e class. The only question is which
sex is e better adapted for it. We thigh
ti uth
there e plain facts which show beyond denial
that wo should be the queen of home. Botne
of then we have already alluded to, but there ire
others ore Important which we will endeator
toebrin forward when speaking of womarqin
4 13
r • er position an a mother.
FROM' EUROPE. i sinus and Poles have arrived at Liverpool They .
; have been lodged in the emigrants' home, and it i
By trECE STEAK SHIP ARCTIC. is expected the majority of them will proceed to
... 'the United States. They speak well, it is said,
o ,,,a n d o nes of the 0, Y..conimercial Aellvertlee.r. of their treatment by the Turks—bat's strong
Loseo s s, Friday, March I. ISol. feeling rpevails here at the servility of Turkey I
The events of thelyast weekhaverestored mat- in still lending herself to Bustin and Austria, by 1
ters to their old poition, and Lord John Russell I
continuing the detention of Kossuth. Fears Also
and his iollerigues are again in power. If the are entertained by some that the-difficulty may
ultimately. be settled by poison.
crisis hay made them sadder and wiser ten it I
will be that—otherwise nothing will result but
Theinal decoration of the Exposition building
the loss ef two of the most important weekii
of and the reception of articles are rapidly going
a a essima which, by common consent, it was , romped. In a paragraph, however, on the sub- I
agreed should be got through es early as passible 1 jest, yesterday, it was stated that •• the American
to allowq
reedom for the Exposition. - : arrangements appear to tie more beithadhand than
1. I those of any other foreign country, and no
aftictsltioaL NEGOrtartnos ,vOO axoUrseititENTs.
',recognized representative of the interests of
On thls day week Lord John met the House 1 , , , •
,hators thence has yet made his appear
ofs tom Mons after the strange penal of doubt s tme „, ,,
The Great Britain steamship, it is understand,
which had intervened since hits resignation ou i
I will not be ready for three or tour months. , se
the preaeeding Friday. Bat it was only to tell
them Mtht the country was still without a Gov.
I that she will be too late to aid much in the con
ernmena Ile narrated all the negetintions whicheoyance of visitors. She is to have new en
and when complete will prove: it is en-
Lad beast carried on by the several parties—the I gives
Protectionists, the ;Peelites, and his own friends . ream ! . o verysatisfactory speculation for her
—and the failure thus far of every effort to form
a aew 41inistry, or to introduce fresh , elements ,
i new owner,
for the jeconstruction of the old. The Papal bill '
had still beenthe great difficulty, mail had pre
vented the Peelites, who are opposed to any mea
sure being passed on the subject, from joining
him; Lard Aberduon and Sir James Graham hav
tug both distinctly stated into be the only ob
stacle 0 a fusion. Lord Stanley, on the other
hand, had found his protectionist policy 30 ut
terly aropeless as to forbid even an attempt sit
establishing a government on its principles. He
' saa we a that with one eaceptiop t alr. ilerries)
the*iy advocating that system aid not pos
sess ripener political eaperience whom he could
call to his aide. A tamer duty ou wheat, the
removal of the income tax, amd a mere stringent
Papelatill, were the objects, be elated,
it would have been his endeavor to carry out.—
Lord aohn wayless communicative. He said that
it had peen his intention to extend the franchise
next ;Veer, .so u s e to be in time for the general
election 1853; but ie Dkiklii respects his speech
wee chiefly confined to a real-Salient St 50° politi
cal cannections and ne a t., for the purpose of do
montathating the consistency of his course up to
the moment of his recent resignation. lle con
cledea by moving another adjournment until
Monthly, when it gas hoped that come definite
at might be ariattea aa.
Ore Monday he steted that Loot Stoney bee
ing failed "with full means and opportunities .
in the endeavor to form a government, the Queen
had - sent for the Duke of Wellington to advise
witiahor an to the most expedient course, and
thatathe Duke.thel recommended bee to request
her into Ministers to resume office. With this
' news appeal he, Lord John, had of course corn-
I pliea and, along with his former colleagues. he from the Nor Verb f leftertiscr.
would againattempt to carry on thelSovernment 1 licavn's 1)01303.—We. hare to record to-day
At the same time he must defer any explanations ; the decease of three distingushed members of
as to the modifications in his 'course of policy re- 1 the editorial profession—Mordecai Manasseh
paling the Papal bill, the budget and other I N oa h, of thi s city . t,,,,,, Hill . o f
. N..n... p .,hi re
questions, which late events might, in his opin- . and John S. Skinner,' of Baltimore. i
ion %render necessary, until the following Fri- i , Major Noah expired in this city on Saturday
dayathis evening ) i night at half past 11 o'clock. Some time in
tan thafoltheing morning 'an called a meetiog ' February he had a slight attack of paralysis,
of the liberal member 3 at hisown Gauss, terahe ;rim which on serious consequences wereappre
pu4k.* of Coming to come emleestahaleg with i beaded. though is wen ocathed prudent for him
then. He pointed out the compact nature of tto abstain for a while flania hie irsusl avocations.
thraprotectionist opposition, alai repanded them I About two weeks since 'there was a marked
that if that opposition were to come to power, . change for the acres in hisconditiQ. speech and
thejy would either reverse the policy which hod ; memory felted, and it was evident that ho had
led, to so much happiness during the past few t entirely lost the use M . his loft side lie melee
yer, or cause a disastrous agitation to repel ' quently rallied a little, but thefavorable - spell
thel;attemta. Faints, therefore, was essential, 1 tams were deceptive. and on Saturday evening
and it aria& be of that complete kind which ! he brealieal his last
weld lead to concesalares sapient trthar.selsar . nn With one exception, we believe, Major Noah
ardeor points. The Papal bill he would go on I 0 „, s o o 0 a., ; , 5 . unopber of the editurinl profession
with. Lord Stanley had talked of referring it •in this eiti, still in stint vocatiott at tpe Dineell
toat committee, but such a commitee might last I Lie death. lie was hunt in Philadelphia 'July
featwe Cr three sears and keep
up feelings of I le, 17,5, commenced life es an apprentice to it
acaimony which should be quieted et once. With 1 mechanical business, which be soon abandoned.
reanect to financial arrangements he hoped to i and devote) himself to the study of the law, and
melte st Et3t4G3el3t on aairiay that wll.' be antis- political soil literary pursuits. Early in the
(eatery.'present century tie relnoVed to Charleston, where
!fate address was well received. but at its he tool; an active part in public affaira. We be
clese the Irish members present declare) their Here that he was not officially connected with
intention of opposing the l'apol hill, even though Roy of the newspapers there, though it Is the
it should risk the overturn of the Government impression of the writer of this notice that the
Others urged that the dlliculty should he met by deceased mentioned to him that his first writings
Ireland being exempted from its opeention. on t fir the press were during his residence in South
gat:meal points those present were unanimous in Cerro', s .
; le lea.; he was appointed consul of the C S.
ea:pressing a strong desire to uphold the return
in` Cabinet..
I 11 , Ilorocco, by 11r. atm:tint., and mailed from
an this position matters at present renvon. and . Charleston In -Stay of that year to 69,3103 the
the full exptimntion of the measures iutended by ' antis.-- or his mission. The vessel in which he
the Government, and of the attitude which will ' took passage itas captured by a British frigate.
.IPritsbataa he itastimeri hr the aerie. , Perna"' t and he was conveyei to England a prisoner. At.
:threighout the thmeindaa °alb , aaaclan, nor l'' ter a deteutien of several weeks he was liberated
' Icaked-for this evening. 1 end permitted to proceed to his original destine
'Or, satisfactory fettittre of the whole affair; t (ion ile returned to the United States
and which contrasts admirably with the general I we believe, .I„,en 1910, sod shortly afterward an
, ran Of political contentions . 11,1911,3 Oro amidst , i„tenat„„a, volume no„ issued from the pima , , in
all the coularation of parties,
red the efforts tied which he communicated the incidents of his for
' eaphinations of rivals which Mire now been pert , eign travel to the public .
i fob more than a fortnight, there her not been a I lin his return be Mentes' himself in New York,
I Single deviation from that tone of Pei - aerial dig - ; ands sainte4 the editorial intaingeincut of tin
nily and mutual respect which should char-actor- 1 Nntionni Advocate, n Democratic journal, of
i. 6 inch 0ac.i.....4.1 '..1 , i , t , i• never departed which, he and hir Illative, Mr. Phillips, were the
tram in England without speedily bringing the proprietors While thus enviged, lie was elect
offenders into disgrace rd uteri] of this city and county, a lucrative
rasp corillE wag. , °eke, but of no pecathinry beneet to him, we
iintelligenee was received, yesterday of a new ', Inas elwites unaerctenl, his kindness of heart
oatbreak with the Cafires
.i ss the Eastern district , prompting him to .lo so mush for the.poor debt
,oa our territories es t h e a„ pe o f G oo d H ope. _ MI 1 illO, wore the days of imprisonment for
Ihe. whole affair, although not so fatal, rend' , debt 1 that all the emoluments of the office were
Verykmucla like the tatack upon our pecyle in Aff-
absorbed "a wee ."".....tIY a earlthdate for
glattnistan, which ended in the tragedy at the Ca- re-election, but wets rtereate4 after one of the
hid Issm. The Caffees were believed now to be warmen political contests that ever took place in
railit friendly, but on It sudden they have attack- this siia
sil oar outlying village, (formal some time ego The National Advocate, we believe, was never
siy military settlers) en d he , hnse h es s e 4 ever y i a very profitably publication, and seine trouble
Male inhabitant in them: They have ales dealt arong among its proprietors, it was bully .ha
aeve...natter'. and Mr. Noah established the New
rely eith the few troops who were 3t tlllll4
to meet them. mot had ~,y nearly succeeded i n , 1 ark Lequiree, which was subsequently punches
autting off Sir Harry Smith, the Governor, wile, ! al by the proprietor, of the Morning Co urie r.
'With a small number of men was at a place call- ) tni the tae estelaishments merged in the pr e y- I
,eat l'ourier and Enquirer. One of the wadi- Executors' Notice.
eil Fort Cox, in the intenor. .LL persons indebted to the estate of John
is divided into 1 thins of this sale VP! that Major Noah should si b - m e d a
leveart Xi ,of Flatter township, dised.,are hereby
It The Cape of Good Hope Colony
, 1 a non thereafter from editing ne. t N ew I o mike immediate pnament and than , having
...'.. r 1 " ' eta., ere monk,' to prenenttliera duly euttratscatod tar
two Oistrits. Cape town is the pr i nc i p al p lace
ark. Afterward it was the desire of Mr.
in the Western district, and Grebe= Town in the , '"utta m "a t " "I''' a ` h. g 'e b 74ll7Y` DeCl/DSTER.
I Noah hi again embark in the newspaper bud- mai„,i.orae.„, !LOSS TAGOAKT.
Eastern. They are five hundrea miter avert.
I nes, The proprietors of the Courier and En- ~ t
and iMte latter that is the point. of danger
`lnn were perfectly willing to cancel his agree- 1 European Agency:
Cape Town has 40,000 inhabitant., and there are
no Cadres near it "... Town about 6.000 . meet to the contrary, but as some trust inter- I ese.. flacitt been detained by business at
oihnhimme. and in aloes oo t h, i ssr a er , o f ear. cos were involved, a friendly suit became 110- I ::r!!' , 1 , ri1 .. 3:1 . 0 , 1 , El y Larep E dati p ts %l i lt see .13,..„ , ,a ,
rsary, of
the decision left the Meier at I al'arn, sea. , ' TOIIN D. DAilh.
(earls. The mistake, however, hes alwaasys , lean
to resume the vocation of a Journalist . 1 . Iseta"..l:. ' corner of Wool and Fifth rte.
committed of keeping the teepee at Cape Town itaa i rt he y
Where there is no danger, the only reason, pro- I
. he established in conjunction with the late
atably, being that the Governor and the officers
more agreeable to pass t h e i r 1 Thoes Gill. sit cast time,one of the proprietors
find a large city
aland financial manager of the Evening Post. It
ime in than a small one.
a The recollection that the last Cape war rout ' wa. eminently encoeesfel, had is Liege trubscrip
' he mother country L 2,000,000 sterling, has
-ir , time list, and profitable advertising custom, and
. AO remained until the death of Mr. Gill, when for
aimed the present news to be regarded with
: the want of business ability in its management,
I! eat !timepiece. The press, however, have al
, It togas rapidly to decline.
Shortly after the formation of the "Conerra
r, ends. protested loudly against our being saddled
;with any expenses that may now arise. Of
'rive pitrty" in this State, under the lead et N. P.
. Tallesedge, the Evening Star was purchased and
Scoursathe payment of the charges by the' Home
w hi c h. merged in the Times, under. the name of the
ii • Government renders war a temptation to all col
siouies, since it creates an expenditure by
sthe so lely profit. In this way Canada, New z e ,,. ' "Times and Star." In this "Unimaii however,
. there was no "strength," and in October, 1840,
eland and the Cape have all been stimulated from
t the proprietors of the Commercial Advertiser be
;time to time to provoke such outbreaks rather
untie the olrllen, of the establishment by pur
than prevent them. .
- I chase.
I Since his withdrawal from the Ev/ing Star,
In foreign affairs there is nothing of much , Major Noah has had On connexion with the daily
„ importance. Austria, us the mistress of Elmo- prece as proprietor, bat he AM engaged in the
perm reaction, continues in her high handed lu- material management of the Morning Star—at
' nacy, and is at length beginning to excite come) least so far as contribution of leaders was con
' apprehension on the part of the friends of order i corned—and in connexion with Messrs. Deans
in France, Prussia, and England, which are I and Sowart,the established a weekly paper nom
. t
rather ludicrous. Her eyes are still upon Pied- ed the Times, which he edited op to the corn
' moat and Switzerland, and in the former she I mencement of the illness which terminated in his
has been proved to have fomented a conapiraey, , death.
got up by the old court pasty for destroying the ! In addition to the office of Sheriff, Meijer Noah '
constitution, which might have been serious but , has hues the Surveyor of thin port, and bunfilled I
for its timely discovery. In Switzerland the i several subordinate stations in the Custom Home ,
Federal Council have endeavored to remove one ; to which he was attached at the time of his de
pretext for her threats, by rescinding a law which t cease.
wog passed in IRA rendering it obligatory up- I Major Noah was not a profound thinker; nor
on each canton to receive political fugitives. peculiarly happy in an nrgumentive article. His I
In Lombardy the state of affairs seems t most effective weapon in his political disputes
thoroughly indicated by a new proclamation from t, was sarcasm which few knew better how to use.
Radetzky, which has just appeared in the Milan ; lie was a ready Writer, with a good steels °avec-
Gazette. All persons convicted of circulating - '_ tient knowledge, and considerable humor, and
"revolutionary 'pamphlets are to be condemned ' showed much tart iu what is technically called
to death. Minor offenders, who may, be guilty j "making up a paper." . .
of having such things in their possession, no mat- f Ilesides his writiugs for the press and his set
ter in what form, and of tailing to deliver them one of travels, Mr, Noah was the author of sev
up immediately to the "neurest" person in pot, oral Orametie sketches mostly of a patriotic cast,
litieal authority, even if only a gendarme, and ! which were performed at the New York theatres
stating how they came by them, are to be int- - with, considerable nueeess. It lens on his bean
prisooerain irons for from one to five years. I lit night, as the author of one of these plays
liassenpflug hi enjoying no unlimited revenge • the ...Siege of Tripoli," we believe, that the Park
in Meese. Meanwhile a prosecution is still go- I Theatre wits horned the first time,tbe scenery hav
ing on ' against him in one of the provincial courts,iug taken fire,it is supposethfrom the muskets die
of Prussia for signing a false certificate. The charged during the performance. With charec
circumstances of the cuss are noestaterl, but it ' teristic , benevolence, Mr. Noah returned the
in to be presumed they are col:elected with 30313 I which he was entitled as the proceeds of
chapter of his infamous career' before he was 1 the night, in a letter to the managers, request
politically known. ing that it should he devoted tetanal repairing
It is still rumored that the Pope intends to , tho losses consequent upon the conflagration. <
for many yearn editor of the
Newlth i 7pm a ti c lll'
hir i eP i atriot, one of the meet intluen
apbleticiecaite e, d chat the
correspondence event is like
te ly ete to
Bomb take I I
;mentions that Archbishop Huebert, of New York, ;' tint politiFal journals in New England, if not in
1 preached in that city on the 23,1 of February, in I the Eldon, died at Washington on Saturday.—
aid of a subscription for building a large Catlio- 1 tin had been for years in 11l health—his dinette°
lie Church and schools in the centre of 1.01,103. ! being within.
'An announcement that RIME Inditeu of the "aris- j Mr. Hill was about 05 years old. lie was a
, tocmcy" would stand at the doors to receive con- ! procticatprinter, and at the close of his appren
atributions was commented upon as unusual. and ! tinernip,'we believe, edited u - paper at Amherst,
as an especially singular bait to In introduced ' N. IL, front whence he retuoved to Coueordr the
by one w h o had just aerated from it Intel of ! cnpital of the nate, where he became editor of
equality. , the Patriot, which he conducted from 1812, with
One of the minor potentates of Germany, the ! It few intervels, uutil a year sr two back, when
King of Wirtemberg, has addressed a letter to the estahliehment was transferred to his sons,
Prince Schwartzenberg, the Austrian Minister, j though he wits probably still a contributor to its
which is very remarknble. Ile tells him that be ', eolunons. Be was 3190 the proprietor and cal-
Lon no faith in reverting to the old settee( things tor of nn able agricultural periodical, the New
after the lessons of experience, but desires to seral Ilanipshire Farmer.
modern 'requirements duly 1111,1 safety met. For 1 fin Genertil Jackson's assumption of the Pres
this end, he coruibleril a national parliament an idency, Mr. Hill was nounuated as nu Auditor of
,essential feature of any permanent plan fur the the Treasury, but wasrejected by
the Senate. The
German confedenthien. But Ice hms littlehope of j result of this, was Lis election by the Ltgaala
being listened to, and concludes by sayin •
'I I fere of New Hampshire to represent theta state
amanekily too old to expect to realize the usa- I in the body which had declined to confirm:him
voidable consequences of all we are doing and I appointment as an officer of the government.—
neeethigtodoedthisMonent in Dresden."
IThisl' i'i'nberetalntuntillB3‘whenhetftweeety,iieenid,hesheehwetiredthe was ehL enGovernor of New Hnnpshire.and
I Hungarians in Turkey, on their promise not in was subsequently twice re-elected, when he re
re-enter Hungary. Eight exceptions, however, fired into private life. Since then, we believe,
are made, and among theta are Kossuth and Ba- he has held . no public office; with the exception
•thyany, who are teremain at Asia Minor till fur- of,' for a short tithe,' that of U. 8. Assistant
they orders. Within tile last week, 240 litutga- Treasurer at Boston.
The Money Market continues quiet, but the
termination of the 'Ministerial crisis hue produced
an improvement in the funds which would have
been greater but for the news of the lialEr
war. Consols, at the last late, were 9f ,'and
they have closed to-day at 934. The revived
speculation in railway shares continues to in
. .
The Board of Trade returns for the month 1
ending F e bruary ii, show an increase of £741,-
479 in the declared value of our exportations 'as
e p ru pamel with the corresponding mouth or last
. i
car. This larger amount of Mul
es. than was thought to have taken pines. even
'though the general prosperity and. hctivity of
t r ade PO horn noticed in all directions. Tho
shipping returns also for the same month show
' an increase in the employment of British ves
mann, both as tegards foreign and coasting
Tine labors of NI. Claussen, for perfecting his
discoveries with respect to flax cotton, arc de
scribed a., going on satisfactorily. A false state
ment to the contrary was circulated last reek In
;some of the Manchester papers.
The arrangements for carrying out the process
for obtaining valnshie products from Irish pent
41a cl=n in progress, end the company expect to
receive their matter from the Crown this after-
In the grain market there bee been a tleciroe
of Is per quarter in wheat.
Cotton has been very firm thatumbout the
' Mr. Hill as • :controversial writer, was a
man of decided ability. There was as acerbity
manifest in his writings, however, that was far
from agreeable. His political opinions were
Democratic to the extreme, pad he was 0111FILT
crips in their support through all the party fluc
tuations of the hat few years. During the late
troublons time in Congress he has been an up
holder of 'the Union, and the firm friend of the
'compromise measures. One of his latest pro
ductions 'was a letter to Mr. Webster, of whom
he bad been for years one of the strongest op
ponents, in which he expressed his most decided
, concurrence in the policy adopted by that dis ,
tinguished siatesman, in the vexed question of
the domestic relations between the North and
, South.
Ala - Da. Me yea Lira Nils m Saw Tual.—Thu rapid
ity with Irbil& Ws inealiable medicine has become known
and appreelaimii can only be wisioun4d fur on the around
of im real mine. It has only tsasitsd we trial to . 4 . 1,-
Eel Its claim, to the title of the ilmly medicine for the cure
of Liver Complaint. The thlloting klter. from a Dnagya
I. New fork. show , the manner In which thee* Pine are
regarded In that motion of the °punter
ulauct Lim Llvininwon noi. i. N.
March litb, 'TIT
Dr. McLane—Dear Air. I have cold out all Tour Liver
Nil, and am an.tiorui to have another lot immediately. I
could bare gold a mach lancer quantity. if I bad 11 , 32 pro.
'idled with them. Tb. Inhabitants are ;ending to Pocher
tor for Shetio, but whether there are any there or not, I do
not krum. Flaw vend me soother supply Immeillawly.
li SHORN. DrOgifivb
No. 801romi et.
For rale by
rocleY. , . 5
WPCIILIC AlTall." le mn.t rePpeCtra7 Invited to the
rtAim unvarnithed statement ofJohn Watt, cameras cured
of an old flunk by the use Cf the I . M01...11:
"ThisWaT certify skit I l;ave been cured of an ofd
Chronic Cough, by the um of FOllO Bottles of Petro d leum.
The osugh attaciod me year acolast Do-ember. en [had
met all haws of want. cell. .o I had taken the advice of
.rend any henefd. 11V tuned tol
singost Innx4tlr / Coltalual op. awing
e m 14ir041681{, a hard rafnionce cerstalied twa—
t make these statements without any solicitation foam iwy
ow to do m, and ioleiy far the Vicapme that others cho
way be suftesing may be benefited. Tun ars at liberty to
pubilah We certificate. lam snot.' citizen of Pittaburgh,
haring raided hers thirtyAhree years. kly resides.. at
this time, is on Pecond street 1011.0 WATT.
Wrrascaun. February 24, Dia"
11011;well. 10 Wend velvet IL E.
t B. A. Fahneet. OCR. A Co, awn.'
t •D. Al. Enna. D. A. Elliott, 'wen&
. • • we-ets., Allegheny. oleo by the geo
DatiKSeventh et.. Pittsburgh.
e by the Bey. Dr. F. McLaren. M.
w Allegheny City, lot' Mae .1.1,
It therft;rd. ELI.. of
S!—Hilo Notes of
Po gi Aljn. id of the /reser, hy the
aiXC 4. IRO.. /311.
• Urn' Ueornetry, and of the Differer
C enitte,• by Ella. Lands, A. 514 I out
st reed syd fbr nolo by
HOPKINS, 711 Anollo
Fourth Hr.,
E tinge,
'A S. IIAY Es 7.
RP •
Tor wale by Huse{
F.,llery, 57 Woml rty
Wood wad Front at,
bOuglats. and Q. P.
On the 27th Intl
toter DtADSRt
&Walter of John It
EW 13001
valle ' Of a%
Elemettu of
tod ande. lutegntlq
to.. shp. Jt
WRAPINPAPER- 50{) reams Died.
Douala le Mailom Pr
A t red by
ruchN BO AVEN:or. Eond
and 31ar4ut.
. .2_4
Lx sale by_the u0f(«, PL
wcht II f. ua - NuN?unr.U.noati and Market.
Fr ARTAI;I4.; Inca --10 eases for'sale by
i Larte2s . " . - H. .4.!FAIL`aNTIX3 a CO.
A LCOROL. Is. (various strength) for
a We hi uu U. A.IAIiIIaSPC_FAS2 . __
VI LACK LE. IMO lbs . . - ponTeret.L beet
_iutt.ttly, for •
1 - I,—li . Gbh .
V' , — 2e'7o
) , 's
1 .
6,IA_LT PETIIt . 0 kegO refined, for sale by
i l
10 trah . .2l i RA. FAIIKESTOCK 103.
61AI:30 -1 30U I .s. Pearled, for ale by
ei lade.Z D. A. POINIMOCK.I CO.
d eOTTON---tr, I lee landing from str. Gene-
R_l T. Teo for raid b
mcbt.' , 10AIA II DICKEY A CO.
If REASE.--IS ble, landing from net. Ge•
xll tam al.) La cain be ISAIAH DICKEY
att a CO..
rarb..K Walar be Pl
BiOON—iii casks name; .... _
Ile Mr, 11. ana Le a:la 1:y 'lN'aultrlrbiratri'l
aaa......1 %Tatra and Facia sir
. ..
-Z5O Ibs. for male by
Chipped &Ground,
n.A V MCi CO. •
ttYg woo
thr by
Dissolution of Partners p.
It IF: Partnership heretofore existilig ta
tween the sulncriben, uteloe the etyle of
diegoolveLl by mutual coneont. on the Itltlfda,
t I.Septecnewr, 1950 All persona Indebted W Bald en, will
I.lenwe ran on tither of the eut.onibere, and mettle Weir m
t./nut, F
JAMLn It. 11.0.10
James E. Breading,
"VIV ILL . continue to transact the Witottsett
DIIU./an BC nINI-Sn, at the oLI ntand. No. 115
atrh2.S:s:ltne , t.
11 - 1 beet articlealways on
Ithe tilaw r iZ: tis Wont 0.
itr W. WALLACE, 319 . & 321 Liberly
tanunsfactnred h,l rvartziptll - . awl &Al st cnitand prier,
a_VILASTER PARIS . , for Sand. &c... for ,ale
ot Li6ellT br W. WW A LLACE.
Li fintA If le CEMENT, I m hand at 319
AA., LitYllj : 7 CM
mrl2 . 2‘ , .Un:
lloltlni, Cloth •arnamtnl, Nt lot owe,.
)1111 NOMI.N., Mi n i
gavl Mum.
1111,1 and 5.., Mill Canlairs.
Nctoit Ilitlllll, w•rranted 4/ eleala well.
,rOl/13 Cabo,. /MI 14A111, CM hand Anftl mule to order.
All Wan prohlptlr altriiletl to st v ll9 I.l r heri wee.
uschllMlhu, IT. I LLACN.
I'M LET—An Office. with or without Ware
I_ Hoe.. atom. WM. IL JOHNSTON.
vach=4 ICJ &mud .t
AGoo dOppo rtani_g for those who want a
no '
tweriber arerl for rale the fhllowitor pima of
ytooo ' Dour In In Pridiee plan of lota In the ELchth
Ward. each I.a. being 24 fan br Ilia Them Ime se
artily eittisted. and will by odd at • bargain, lir th e =Tier_
l' ro. '" 4l -- to c e. w et to lTill b s= and lin
comne—War—adrantrrinn.:lr hated tm either busing:lmm
itivate mdem...
N. 3. Ten lob In the Bo of Lawrencireilly, well
milted far pileate reeideriom.
No. 4. Twelve Ames of
,„ 1.4.1t In Peebles (nirvana Tltk
9.liTit ' ikst l an • =l., ' Zfr, and ad mun rolnilMionlrmal.
No. 5. Moe Lot an 11 'r wrest, rims Elm, 24 feet try
e.—\o.. 2: 4, VII be .10 on k i rittimc
veal! portion the part me money in . engoi
"34. A
A three Mom it 013.1, [MU the renierof Wenner and Rini
rtreete, containing 11 mama, will be metal eery low to
coot tunily. It I. no noweructal that no Wolk. ran 00 0
owner Webeter and Kim greet.
R EC 2.0 .1) 4,1. H AL 5 .2.1:V.
E ximt
013 c
D:t 4,l‘,l.;ccht- .17100
Bn elm :
Irish Linens, Liam Lldkri, do. Carribr6ris, dn. wortir, to.
A. A. MAtiON a Cep
G7=l 64 &lute id.
Board of Underwriters.
Aa Meeting of the Board of Underwri
.rtzriew=l:r was unanimously adop
hczoicZ, That to
and :lice Um publication of this no
tice, no Fire Rink. whether original or tinned Shall be
corwitional on taken by coy lmstrame cn t.; toe tn . thle att.
oathl the
em i r Li gold in mon.
By em i r A. W. MARIO.
nich27.lf Reeretory of the Board.
lt:ere rx.P°4
'Adana, of Med:miles, No. 2fL
london Art Journal. for Muth.
Litteirs Living Age, NI.. 3.17.-a.
The 111Mr1 - end Adrintures of Pee Own, by the author
..Laurie Todd."
Tom Baconet and No Three Malden Aunts-
Pictorial Field Molt. No. 12.
Time: thefi;;endrg4 . %i ts. kbrih.
Collo rill I +.l—toc:
Loulse ' Lo OT moseinalon of
-con Iron Mask
Simfield 11011,a Ilistoriral itomoneemplete.
The Warwlek itiosstlond by Feook Formate,
The Eickleburge on the
) Rhino, by Thaekarey.
The y uns Neekliiem Dim..
Poll Frabhgames Weddirm Illustrated lir 'MIT-
Port Folio of a Medical Bludeng do. du.
The Citr Merchant; da do.
Berth all crumuns Novel; do. do.
ReTerk. no Old Moldl or Illnts ToUng He..
0 1 ..1.1,11114 California
L e tu n t i tt- t y . l:OuttlYosely
Loirengwr Use tteholar-the tilpser-tbe Priest-by Oro.
Borrow. author of the
to o-Bibl in Spans" New suppir.
1 , 11/27 0 g• t h . "e k w Monthly. r March. -
A dime. No. 34.
Appleton'a Meehanire Magailno. No. k.
The Horticulturist. for March.
The Coltitator,
cmislng In Or Last War by C. J. Petmon-oomplets.
In the Diamond, Second Door from Dialcond alloy.
tF YOU WISH FOR TEA that is' really
nnuo, this Is toe place I. Lay It, as Inferior low priced
o an, naver 1.,,,pt at this rstalAlskannut.
Esrellrnt F.11I) Tea. Mt. tfb.
The very last 75e.
$l.OO ..
This I, the only .tarn In Pittnburgh that kvetw Lot rule
L'L'ti; ti'..7.1`11:1".,:'.`,1tkpg.',....1,,,,Tr...ritt... I"-
if-±MiIROGE-62 lbs. reed and for sale by
tochl7 R. E. SELLERS, 57 If:tr.l et.
iliNN.tillON—..s o inats for Hale by
V tnclai R.,14. SELLERS.
irINOER ROOT-600 lbs. for sale by
1" .zt.' R. L. SELLINES.
Mr inslB Df me = IL K. SELLERS.
N UTMEGS-75 lbs. ler sale 1:13
by CAR Atl
R. SODA-1000 lbs. ( S na Jae foi
sale =i n. S
F,PdoN VANIILA--PrestOn's extract, for
rile by cocial X. BUMS..
NNCL arrivisal•
• by war IV. it P. wusen.
moLAssfs--soo b_ta,
•L‘ °
bbls. yam. No L 3 Mackerel;
m ac, 4 N.. Sa/mryl 7 . w/ebilsos.
17 - 71
' PUBLIC are cautioned against re
reirizrz a Note drawn by Later, a Chest er ,
a, my order. dated Elia March 1. 1611..t. 4 ..." 6ff ''
Hundred Dllar, r .y.t.1.,.a. a k rtrarita, apartment
h"...torp.,a. raid Note wan mailed at !la an lid
March, to t AIeCANDLESS. and newer racelred.Ol
them. PARDON sviserr, -
me:aunt:NWT Erie. .
T "Epartnership heretofore existing be
terren Robt. Morris and Jelin Flan .
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Ooeu on Federal Bert Allenhern city, and to the Din
.°t,d• Fittlbullt. under the Ana of ' MORRIS 11Al•
WORM, Is 111* day dlseolved. All persons Indebted to
the late Ono 1 pine* call and settle the earns with Robt
Morris at either of the above done toclOM
& CO.,
.fth Streebiltuburgh.
RE, and to arrive this
• or the moat recent tent.'
he nu. removable tern.
13 doten Patent Zion Wash
50 boxes extra pure Stant.
Cornertf Wood and
reek, the folltielnz
uuuot• which are effete! on
11.5 catty texes prime Ore.,
Tea. ;
45 bd. ciddls do. do.
46 Ougnbq k Chelan;
100 bogo Rio Cade:
15 " Lo4asra and Java:
lump obo
Mb 94 , and I 41
35 bbl, loe.l o3od 3 Mork !
75 MU. h. ix Stol . assex
15 LI.
10 " Golder. droop;
t. Leaf. Crurhod. and
Powdered dutt...7
55) La Foodless Hollins:
50 drove Smyrna Floc
2/Bordeaux Pron . ea
5 Jenso Sully
I t f .4 e t:W Y'
10 mc
" lt=l, a Chocolat.;
5 c Costar 'Almond
•Jl!y do. No. 1 dm
2 and 1. do. laldmom
tk Loxes 2exlml 1 1 .12.1 g;
add ID.. extra bladder
3 balexlc
1 elovao,
An 'P'" l
• uum
1 9 Musterl.
1 a.
_ .
12 d.llllltary Smi , ‘
1 bbl o/. . Pup. Cub. Bodr,
1 eral. Tutu;
1 ease Pearl Eutuv,
to " Clorag
2 bbls. Garrett's Snuff;
ilal;f:Flattr iulphar.
11.1 ma, 31weller.
10.1 ax Extract of moo.
1U - Bezzn
Ido dozen NI nom'. Blacking:
DO Ml...will:le Flo
1.Z3 " & F. lodl w:
;XI doz. Ink:
Imm SY4 ..
Ipll Corn Broom!,
ulna, Nall, White Les&
ehted to the Estate of
uthrseg Buotgh t than berme
1 11 V :1=1.4M, 7:
441, PE RSONS in
tnet,:z. Jufis
-I_4 VELOPIM — BY allThag the toirerto water,andinlP
(ening awl prelaing the µImo:A olge, thew Eorslope be
o the meet loot ettonsren that eeo tputhe
of toper, which alll, eillo araT orokr=g
friction ur ookete4e. For 0110
.by the
_queuttty or duple
ryk. atllltlxtor=f rpehle W. b HAVEN.
fq Otos . lattutsful Ouse to Linens Muslloa
t l ibildh Collar. Shirt Bosom. aod all lauds of pflutti B.
use mitt. the iron flom.adluaing to the Unruh cad duct
from eiiirking - . It routahae nothing urious to clothes
an such)ect. The ladies haul long EOM fhlt the neceselty
of an article, and lo thin their will be _rah
ly c.rapotittoll [wad after au ireParoa.
N. th—fine Cake will do thirty doom of clotheslaad 110
Louth should hr without it.
Pelee l2h, mute per Cake. Each Cake with fall direettorta.
For =Why mcbdd B. K. 8131.1.885, 67 Wend et.
I.A.IIIIOR—Z bbls refined. for sate Ipy
IJ B .74 is ), E t qltc:SA c°.
AV lIITINcs—n - to has, for instelfy
v r • enci,6s . s, .A. FAILINBITTOCIE t CO.
I.IIIISISTONE- - 12 )4. for 'sale by
ll rachi.6l B. A VAIINESTOCR. It CO.
EPSOM SALTS-40 4,15, for sale by
A LLODA—'2O cask: , It_.nAli t s , fi L j t br Bale by
I LOVES--500 lb., for ou t le by
- ---'----
. ~,,r rr AtAb----. 7 5 bbl s, fo r so leb y
N..,) met,26 A. A. FAIINENtOCE A CO.
. --,-----
B — - E - ANs__ - i..... Just rev und for sale 15
.5.19 3 ~, J. B. C'kNqi'VD.
la ULW WAT--10 1 2rpieito for sale by
.1.." Rabid J. D. CANFIELD.
1.1 a{{ ..b' bY mobs: J. li. CANFIELD.
LL. 11F,F,1) OIL-512 galls. to arrive and for
mai% 122 ettord. and la Find stmt.
TIMOTIIY SEED-50 bbl., for wile by
usehlE. EN61.1811 A DENNE - 1
nE.ESW AX—'2so lbs, for sale by
----- -- -
W lfif b E ,.. LEA D—'2s l. l.? ,, k u c L E i f i n:;ll : :3,b ,. 4 - 7.
UTS -400 bo. for hale by
-1.7 IEO stasnr.Wtss,nins 5.,5t....,,
ED 41111. 14.1 ....ddr. '
10 k t , 6'.. .Bnerior Tobserer
Ea., Ea. Clot.
a' l
Ttr'Ne:J.' '
EN LLD. l'lns,7-;. -' In !Nan and tar .tat• L_b
sach , ..E rie . ,r, axl Ed Front
VI N I.:( 4 A It-3t) bb6.i Cider (warranted) for
Tale on enrifigULlNlt. El T. IN OODS A BON,
M. 61 Water .0
1 1../lIN MEAL-5 for eby
RH EY . 11411llr.w$ • CO.
. _
I.TACIIES- - DX OO bu. (halves) for
hr h'=% R HEY. 31 ATTHISH S. • CO.
4.IUNDItiES - -
kJ 00 n!"14. mime N. O. Mol..oer.
00 Lb L. -
60 Lack* Baski , heat;
1.0 half aloe. T. 11, Imp% bud O. P. Tome,
wo Jos CND Dracout,seed:
Ou Woo DulaLap 'rawer.
1 lb lump Totweos
IlorWs 1 lb lump Tastes
Taws. various brands
00 do.s. Iluebets
OE •• PLO,
10 w Heelers
30bats. loobrllle Wm e 9 In store and fm role by
meta; 1111E1, MATTHEIVE s CUL
COTTON -25 Miles on consignment, per
tbmmer Hohmo nn. for wale by
Ichlb/ ALEXANUEII 0011.1)01i,prot
Xi ACK EREL--150 hblp. prime N 0.3, land
lue tblA dm .1.117
toe2lH - 12p) lOOllllOO O ,t
ONION SEED-3 I,IAF. for ,ode Vir
umblld 1111E0, HATT in:Ve. t CO.
-'2O bore* U. rt. Lowe Loa rcinc - .
bblo. enmhed Boom:
170 ° Powdered
° Claribed "
i 0 - Golden and Clotho! Syrupl
e DT
fwmpLe It. Louis 00000
11 boo ) nt lotft ' see ' rl. t7.4brlllrli rmuklutno-,
lab =west by Min. ,
WUt than A (Fry besutlful urn vocal
dl git ' E b ail!ifintrlrslar. a nenP. by W. ROW.
The Soldier's Wife. by Wm, 14:r ° 4r.
Roy Ncil; do. do.
My last thoughts am of thew. .0.31,.. 4 for and sung by
Mies Cabbalism llama
Lat y, on My l• Al%o= WoodburY.
Any with rant earns., rood and catch.
Where ern the Wends of my Youth!
Can. maidens nom. or Troueadilin.
rel..[A,--Slrret Heart, Condette, Uddal. Czar ((At.
Now York ladles de- ie.'s 4100100 Exercises.
lYnticn '-b,rrl.'fr"h.s"7llcila;gllLlr!s":Zl,ll=
''' Al u nb t ap k'n entenslm and varied supply of (toot m i lustros.
moral, Pianos, Hrlodrone, Pen i miNAZViejd thl
Tel lggse
Um musk. Ilue.
N. 11.—The new and most fashionable music croolvad
coonu publisLed. mehlbh
I . 4
LCOIIO4-10 bbl.. 70 ttriit:q2 ilegrees,
y for sale by
I IOPPER - AS 35 bbls. is fine order, for
1,..)na. by
NA 14,2x . te blnilum and Crmen:
Fey rale by 64)
tarhls ?1.12..
J P‘ . l4 E r i7oo "'4 lol7 3 K7R a CO!.
7 ,-
PiIo.DIG PAPER-70 Reamsi'ar sale
o CLOW, conebnyment,_by
enchZ J. BCHOOS MAILER a CO., 21 IV 04 st.
F T ANNERS' 011.-15 11111 s. No. 1;
rale by
LINSEED OIL-30 bbls: for sale by
-4:3 • i 6 htelA prime N. O. B
400 bbl.. " . " Molariena for tale bp
m 624 JAMES A. 1113TCOUS0N a CO.
LOAF SUO A l t -200 bls. Small, for sale by
mehti.:. JAIIES A. OttelllfiON a CO.
heroes Carolina, for sale by
-14 WO pia, lialetaa
Mu NI. Bar
al kegs Sot, ar.ortekt; thr oat. by
meh . 2.5 JAMES A. IIUTCUISON tai.
bbIe. Lard No. 1;
" areawe Lank
3 " rixered:
I " lkwewain
17 owns Baron it
V " • " Shoulders:
4 " Kegs:
1 " Ohnoingr
1 " Dried Peach,
4 " Anon%
Si bble.Eg i in •
mike Donn[
2 " Cu. Talk to arrive nn the stammer
Geneva; for saie by, ISAIAH DICKEY
ate CO.,
nich2s Verna and Wr eta.
SWEET POTATOES-5O bids. on hand, in
nisei order, and for vile
Water and Trout Its.
7 1 ICON SHOULDERS--5 casks for sale by
11RIED YEACIIES--500 buif e nale by
lilt meli2.:. - !SALMI Y A CO.
Building Lots.
'haute In the Eighth Ward. City of Pittsburgh. Ten
these Lola front on Franpjlvanla Avenue. Ingtuire of
D. W. d. 41. E. BELL. Atunnicla at La.
tnehn,...• Fourth stiret
alyoL. Ist. LOSSIIiG'S Pictorial nn
Flohl Book of the,Reroluthiri. Cloth,
ta. It Pld,rial Field, Book or the Herod. '
ti lartrnt ' ss it r lticools etorr. the author of Bob
800 P.
t.b. Ar . VEITI ,thn all . tßor o oLho . 11rtalutosil,"
- Uno,. Arnold. OWvant
The shore morknlust recelrod and too sae
IL C. BTOCK.TON, Bookseller and ataUoll..2
• No. 47 Market stmt.
Ca UOAR-92 hlds. N. 0. to arrive this day,
0 - RN ale by mclal 8.1 W. ILULBAUGII.
GLASSES—}4O bat. N. 0. for rude by
metal I B. a R.IIARBA MIL
Tu . ', l Y --2 ' ll3 bls• vainairf.°LlanaTa.
QUNDRIES--, ~,' • , -
kg,34, bK , r55201.420tree, WO 1t25.11. IL tL. Essus=
A.. 2. L. lag% and 5,000 211: gmcgLc
. Maceton 25. bait. Broil Nu=
150 buts 5)1 Lamp kT
b. gg g "elu4
S:. Roll 7b.= 5 , : " linxgl Nutg
5 52 . mou 1 sus dr.. nag
UM lbs. eal frrrilisb; 5O gag F1r5.(22 , 3552. ,
25 ne t " Prunex
100 bb ba lr. N. c T rt . g : S - L... suss=
00 - L. , 5( 5 0 , 2 Saran 3) " TamatoKetaug
lOU awe, !!arena 64 Bream 50 " 15pprr Salm:
2 WALL !!arena
!ladder.: :5 " Picklc.
4 mo ons • • • . ..
• 4 hollow 60 - Brasil bog.: • 1
350 box Sol°. 10.12 Olsos. WOO Principe
M Ha Srp
100 ticr l - Ms.. GP IIA- M.
~tni.-,rll C. •
T) prlls.llol.6sor.enk 100-5.
1.1.6paa.. • ' '
50 ktto No. 1. 2, • 100 bin. Wow. Swear and
300 kegs Nails, wed gut '
. Butter gnarl.,
.0)03 16. Whitlow 330 Mk "Smith's - Ain
40 Ltd, Toone& Olt 10u Krum, C. 4 4 0. t o
100 gall. Lamp Oil; • 01 ' " liew rut t•
100 do. Bockebn WO bows Rosin nowt
19 •• 'rubs. 5501 - B. a 51•Condie.
25 - Cutile Poem
1.1. 0. Scomi nt od Nolworr, Cord t groom and tn.
monad dp 1.991465 Iliriting and AV espploo Paton
&Won Inn. tlog; Candlkk sad Tsang sltb it pan
s& swortment of goods woolly krpt in ow lion
F.5•11L1.211 1 BENSZTP.
For olds by
122 Second:and 151 Fowls ots. '
EGGS -A few Ibis. (fresh) for sale by
mett24 B. t W. lIABBAIMIL
ARD - 10 bbla..k 75 kgs. No.. Lard, in
store sea for see 67
mch24 S. i R. ILARBAUGIL
---- -- --,--.--
RIED APPLES-130 b-. me, for E.
by metal .e.g W. 11.0.13AU01L
fp OSIN-100 bbla. to arrire to-day, fur e. e
by meta .0. & tc ILLIWAIIGIL
bbls. (Wilmington) to arrive to
". day. fur ale by cb.24 S. &W. BAUM:MIL
rrIANNERS' OIL-10 bbla. No. 1, ' for bale
1. by rueb24 8. AW. BARBALTIL
C OD . T A H-8 caaks re::ll4ind forAegef;_by
lObbla. for Bale by
N 0145 First wd 116 Second et.
Ij 4 Ws. Fresh Hell Butter
bu. White Steam
bu. Dried A
d racks Mum •
30 bet good stoma Cheettulta r Uri reed Der ...di
boat Het etoue Fate, for sale by
meh24 RODISON,LITYLE t CO.. 230 Liberty et.
lINSEED OIL-2.5 bbls.rec'g and fur sal
bT melv2l 11.011100 N. UTILE a CO
GREEN APPLES-18 bbls. Russets;
" rush.. as.
" A ar'd24 4 " af j4 3 ' kr ROBISON. Lima a co.
s AL9IONS bbls. No. 1, for sale by
ERRING-5 bblz. for 8a1e.1,),T
VINEGAR-20 bbls. (Cider) for side by
mall 11. DALZELL • OU.
•' AI ER AT US-125 taxes and 1.0 bbls. for
II De 1.72t1it.
ANTED--A Situation no Book-keeper or
Clerk to c i tyreatile b. g l .
Unmentionableraferenees 001 glom A line ad
dreamt to O. IL, earn of Hal:llia A km, trill melts atten
tion. tortaktf
Temperance-vine and Noblestsars 7fAuii
Road C ompag:
NOTICE id h.:4.-eby gi to the Stockhold
iele kt t
Doi,— on cacti 'bore tbo stock. on Ow tut Armada to.
:v2 and every month bereafter, i rtil the goi t io
lui r h :tlf." l l.. E.,0 od 7154,4, U. neatew to be
rtlitkO . N, President.
A PPLES--20 bhls. Russets and Pißpins,
ÜB.OUND PAINTS, in Oil;neatly pat up
in tin mu of I h. to ill Ma each, among ' , Loco anc
Marko Green. P.M/ Um.
Black. Yellow Ochre,
Tem ..lo Sienna,Crania. Blue.
Umber. Han. ' Umber Bond,.
• eyox.sthemalvom
Casks superior, for sale by
. ..sibW R. 0.. ROLLERS. 17 Wooll
WALL PAPER—Largest assortment in'
the West —motrtiog of Freneh and Ameticao
ngitre Go Italla - rarlora sad Ch.M., ed. 114 M
tonal. IT ' 6"
'M R ' . IMlthr-diVOVltad fd.
WANTED --- $ 5 , 00 0 a.w i tqco. Coupon
isr 6 .11. '; '1 4 3 4' tric7 I . t ajgb"*' ' '' '
the tat tank iee %
ttoootr of ' ' war A. B IL L "
e steamer ASIA, in Julylast,
fia.,, b on l i'"A b s o`ZltY"'sVoirk " or'ill:_i t P, ar° 2 l. or a il
hereby atm, that if the 11.sid mann. owl Vuin Cnt
Mooned br the 30th ult., they mill be sold al L yn'a
to p.,, r feti,ao. and chimo. Wt. KlAlftt.
riILVERIZE OM—Refined' and Pre-
Pu'. l Taidaigy Wood.—This IncoollorablY pare
ber.atif at article Is eiceedlo healthy. delicious, and
ceorhlalcal. Puddings, (Nat*, C uustard; AG., Be., made bY
the directkao ticeompanying each pecker, will be Gould
haat ....peat. Pike my
'kn. tale by • coeta2 rEtfaRS. foricool
v oi c ,„Th" ,
ar:. Cenven 1"<" omen,
DOR PIES AND TAD,TS , :fiesh Cherries
j: eee nee,...r. on Jr, their own jai., pme a ng .
bndirsa it.= 9 lib &Mt Almo—Coopeee bested
sPeat and altred °glass and Freud) lielatine, fur Jollies,
U1 9i,,1,i1 "- "Ar. V e ll!Ztall , & CO-238 Monty st.
VENISON lIAAIS-113 for sale by
aerials J. D. WII.IIMIS A CO.
E . ACON-5 hhcis prime Hams;
5 do de ft:am
MeGII.I.S blers fn . Oran a sox and
tr. try
rilAls; NERS' OILIO bbls.iimrranted pure,
1, for sale by mekuDl R. E. litill.Mbn .
LIERRY PECTORAL, Starch Polish, Soap
To Pond, and Y.llcryennag
Co for sada by
matt! R. C. SELLERS. DT Wad st.
HARPER'S MAGA7piEi for Much, re
eehred and for dea l ! , 3. B. El i targ .t.
'riche eppodie the Pon Moe.
S UNDRIES-1 ffe s pirn a.4 ela,c;
enver.t44 ,
f bale line Ibme CackS
law Liluaric. 7l•l EKNNA3l,l;_ plot mesa
b. N. WICE
moor Wog and Plrat en
wad I r oj oh ii" bx
ALCOIIOL-:5 bble. for sale by
mrl2l J. KWD 2 CO. LC Nand st.
pale br m :•^. J. KIDD & CO.
PANISH for sale by
mehV , J. KIDD t CO.
PARIS WRITE-15 bbls. extra fine. for
Kale by laeh.= J. KIDD II CO.
SAND CRUCIBLES-10Q nests far rale by
tach32 J. KIDD & CO.
ALCOLIQL-12 bbls. for sale by
maa.-^ SELLFIM 57 Rad rt.
- -
FrO MUSE-KEEPERS—Orders for Paper
THE SUBSCRIBER has been appointed
Agent for these. of
Thee are the bet Raters which het ever teen eked to
thepublic. Ma manufeetarer warm the public that the
chef Improvementemery bathe whet prospotee the
durability of ame ache. Having caubittel the bet di
re meal with o .100050 ground blade. and from the pee
liar proem they undergo to toopnit g . , Luther with the
b "wZitijg. th ElV:ll7multt tall=
11PliOr excellence of the hater. that they are *eh oe•
routed, and if found lmerfert In anT maned. hr Maga m
e guarantee every Razor to Ova pra'tt walattettom—
For rale. by the demo or single one. ai r •
metal ontner2dark% attalWiteWsta..
W •
bu.b. Dried AVPk..
lOW %a. Rem
40 Ms Unread Oil; - -
40 res. rem Itlec
?L' tsTeelas, weds ns N. 4
16 Ws. Fresh Roll Battens
SO - Timothy Boot fre MSm and far sshi hr.
mehltrLlberty stMeL
by W.V. Wallace. '`
1 dietit like to eein nizole song. •
Can E Ibriet New Ern:law:Li
Wmatal • Goverliese, by John . •
Mamma is itti Tett particuler.
Voice of bysione daps: bqyreter. /male Untie.
Lil or the Loet Child: Woodbury.
Batchelor by kirk Mil &rd. Home Plek
a Lament; by the Hutchinson.. Olivia rani.
Gruel Polka de Concert by W. V. Wallace.
With all the late popular Poore, Waltzes, Cotillions, Polk
ea, Hardin, Variations, Medina de, de, leaned in The
'Eastern alive
New Neu* rectitest were week.
A very. large and new stock of .
To arrive this week. of 8, 6 b, ( 4..17 .77.7... 7 :.* 7 .7
pled, riming in price Dom $27 t 04504. Also, two nmg
niburnt lirand Fiance, from the moor celebrated =snub. ,
' TM abort. with a fall and general sleek of Mark and
Musical ,llerchandise,fer ale by
JOIIN It. VDU-08, Si wood t. p
.Finer N. H.—Tem . mn Port. to hire. o. Old Plan taken In
part for new once mehte)
DERS, comp:owl ehlefly of Vegetable., ' , III tw/nore to
Immediate health, Thl. Powder le IneaMable for the ettre•
of the muumuu, Straws to which Cattle and Comes am
AeuNeet, rip blander.,lnward Straltur, !fide Bound. honor
Appetite, llama Distemper, Homed IMtemper iwthatla,
also the Iming of the Cord, and Rheumatism, commanlY
oiled Btlll Complaint. which pomp btal to eel:may
;o . b g t s el d rlrs.7 . 4,7l_lr,,Th=rs,trl p=thf.
blood; It la No a pare and certain cure for the -teases al.
so for Con he and Colb, which seem to be the origin of so
many fatal Demme. It will elm clam.. the eta:mach and
Maw from buts, Worms. Or., laud nembreslant the deameh
and benrel o to r
For sale, wholesale or retaikhk . mumnsnAm.
eormr Sloth amt
Wood et,
LmARD bbl. No. 1, kirk reed and
for rale Ur a. A. TALINUTOCK C 0..,"
meta/ earner Thar and Word att.
bbIm. Vrvsh Eort
1 W Lue Omu ADP1.1!; , , V ) 127 .
tectiZ _ _
• " 1 .. - , resWW: 1 rec'd. for sale by
`OAP-114 Lows
LP by mehlg
bbl. reed, for sale
FUG 111 ET Al. -440
tons for Rae b
iii -CO.
-SPIKES--160.ke_ gs (improved).
far sal. by mehlt. RIMY, m /army s CU.
-5 DLLs Framb Roll Butter.
lobe' do. do.
bble Llomeed 08.
Ara. _ •
bo Ins Fates Cram Cheese.
Joe Coro Brooms.
9)0 bin Dried Aspics:, •
(0) bus Dried Pinches, for we br_
mCM9,- - J. B. CAN-FIELD.
LOOMS-250 tom Soft Tem. far tale by
malt. J. DAIMILL. KEW 1173 Vint st 4
HEESF,-50 boxes for sale by
ambito 311133 DAISSLI.
SMI7T MILL-1 Smut Mill (moppet)) re r
ado by nyblik Dm= a.,
w open at the ATILEXELIf JICILDiNGS,Louatti
4170. S. FOWLER, of Now. York, or Pine
bor, am! l'bridolocr applied to human perfection
Tiamiclay errninv, Mar. dab, ofClastaeter
radar evening ; Pstb,.A.lrdrof tropihaitive.
Saturday evening, Pith _Self rerfordon .rod Juvenile
Monday evening, last, Memory anikilnklicet.l Cuk.
" Trdoenlav and Feder, ipril '5l 10:4 oh Mini - MO.
,Y or the Scienoo of Loic, -Selection, topzubip and Mar
ried Life.
T. Ph o .. l Pd enjoy matrimonial klieltrpand avoid di«
ennl, vane.
Monday and WedniudaT, 7111 and Oth, Womaiga
logy, Sphere, Rights. 'drop., Doti., influence, Plana
Tr.tinerit ant Perk-alo e, i
Lot her whom it woks to improve be there. '
Vridar,ll., Laws and Fazta—lt rioth philon.
Odra! treat.
11111domlay and Wednosdar,l4th and lab, Manhood, It. of
riertlort, impairment ca. redusigrdation.
-Commencing. Ili, o'clock and looms with , SMILIC EX
Jtg - First Lecture free. Ticket. t, Moo, 15 centt *o
men, 10 cent. or 10 for El. Itcfradonal delineation. of
character. ..Rh numbered chats. and atico rt. written.
tggii=dlagFit Occupa
n, melt ryrkHMw ti.
m e nu se-dally and lIDOLCOPk4 Ills eei
Tate apart. Brogn's Dowel. mehh3
Young Men's Mercantile Library Associ
tte, ban been prorttruh by the above lnatimato, to de
tol7 i=fls7t : turettr7== r e=
Interesting d: ' ,iett. • . 6 -
Th e ‘ , e . ',di Six Lrearres ow the CO.TORY OP
lays, embracing the. following toptuo
1. InMedootOrft Lore nr httkrd ,
a. Eoollolr.
6. Earth.
a. ;Volum..
The lecturet will be siren on 'Seeder,. Thuredays, end
Saturdays. auccoesively. at the NEW CITY LECTUREROOM.
ROult..erst MOO Of Lourtree 13.1D1445. foOffoooo on
Word Ariel. ettonnenciog on Thuralsy erenhht, March
anik sr. X before 8 o'clock.
Course Tickets--- 52.pc.
do. . do. admitting gent. and lady 3,00
Slagle do. to be had so the W .
Tickets for members. (tingle or for the course.)ad , be
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W 4 McKnight. Committee. •
Tickets for elltarns. (410710 or for the coarse) to beam'
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Boyd Velvet Pile Corrode; do. do. Topertn- Brua.
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ID do.: 44,34, 544 and 34 wool and cotton I 10. - •
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do. do.: common do. Chenille Door MatK toped do. do.;
Jamey akin do. do.; Adelaide do. do.: Threat do. do.
Crumb Cloths. Felting do., Dockinu 134, ca., and '24.
Also—Sheet Oil Cloth, cut to f t way dB , half ut room.
8-4,74, 64,64, 44, and 24 Oil Citalts.
Atio—ePar Rola. of all Carpet 730 ding. UAW
pug Bag doz 84.44. curd 34. Matting, Ted., Unapt Crud.
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runt on any of Mn Faster. COicr.
We cordially invite all to WI and examine our stuck at
The Carpet 'Warehouse, 83 Fourth etreet.
mehl9 W. McCLINTOCE,.
fresh Assortment of Spring Goods. _
THOILAS PALMER is daily receiving
tem the Extern Cider, at the 'old etentl, -
Between Third and Fourth rtreffir, Piatbinh,
/We seefee ln ete to too present rtork. of the inortbasutlful
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the au-onion of wereluints and hours homers is no-TeX
fully invite". ' tatlO7
Straw Bonnet and Hat Warehouse,
No. 105 M.ARES: p •STILLE; • .
1 11. PALMER offers . for sale, at-very
Iti d low Khoo, a full amortment of strs r aril Minh,
i'o l B. 44 . .Lleirenrri an, Am ' ' jo . fain onte fs
'littmr. tirold, Chip. unno, d d, , umr, Pamela. 'a
U.AlN—Mon's. Toutlid . , and 11 • Te Leghorn. &arr . ' arot
W... 10 Itraid. Straw, Panama.
ChM . mid Palm Lona. In
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EKES—Plain and ironlird orbit. nftd ramhd EU ..a
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81.114 W•Mf.iflf/SGS—Cords,Tasitelr, Buttons, Braftla. -
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/10.S.SET SILKS AND SA TlNS—fiLace. Grade No
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SA MA'S—Awned immlitloe and color..
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(MORN MEAL 10 bus rec'd and for sale by
- 8 UNDRIES- . • .
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800 Ws. Ybuution Mobmale tours-i.e. firr sale by
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mehlg• R.
Patent Combined GrMaw and Boiting, or
Pittsburgh, Pa., March . 1 , 4, 1851. .
TILE PUBLI.C:—We hare'now in use,
1 1n our Flouring Mill., two of . snan.T. M. *Cant. Fa
teu Combiuni thinning aryl Bolting. or Illerchant ne
tog 111 lie.” One Ls used kr *minding Middlino,.
_rod Oro
other for grinnlog the Offais, or &MU g the roan *M.
S The lest Ls Verfrotlr adapted to its uor doing tie work
as well as an ordinal./ burr stone, and requiring - mush lea
power, nuking It equivalent, Ina Merchant Mill e to penny
TTheof burr Oros.; tbet will oust say 11.S 0 D to 52,00 0 .
he latter,. a Linnand Offal smarm- sod duster, pro
duces an actual profit of shout macs see ant. on the value
of the Mats from the • • •
wontmennferturing the raw gni' n into one, Mb. the
speedlir, p ro ducing ••good article o usperfitce ur..
and having the dusting apparatus Combined.. Itis worths ,
the attentaro of Millen thongs merchant butte's., and for
Quist SULU isrovareptionabh. • s
We. Uta nnderdgus np , r7u. , -.. , in tho Fittetotrgb O'
Ilona - lug Mills; certify to the ,bore.
Prrra "
Grinding and Bolting, or BE r Tchant.
RAYING purchasedthe end Pateiit Right
of the rinie..t Etat.. for - Jam. Davie. Patent
nod Grinding,Merchant trio,')trio,') no
and w Delo
Pt rerei towel County_ or
nral Nla4 Rlikote, llkowith the Mik,l3.
Pt up for nee. 1 take Mk matted of Informing the public
that tam ail, to otter the greaten. inrcutk.n of the am
and one which la core to onset with anthem and which will
be the Ethane of making every person porches:the County
and Ntath Hight, resit. a bandanna fortune. This HIII
perfectly portable, and only ferule. a erase of Spur feet
thaws Inch. wm., when In operation. and le capable of
grinding and bolting from lea to ton bushels of wheat per
nra limn be propelled with from an one hone powerup
to any throw deeded. Call end Pew It in_operwtion at.
ern A Noble's City flouring Mk, LlTArty
Meek Pltteboorgh.
further,hare the right of Juno. M. Clerk's SMUT'
MACHINE. and tie Madan. tar .le. having purchased:
it of nuarely. All letters poet Taal will . summed,
glloalAS M. CLARE.
Pr* TinhiNalk whoneoT •
Comb, in his valuable adders on the - Phyriology of Di
pith/a: obeerves that n diminution of the true idtantity
of Gastric Jukr"Ls a 'imminent and all p.raWrig cameo(
1 1 2; rltirr d h* l t ,rt h" al;eit ti ely" t' lit 'd ers=f
m m
finding everythrug elm to mu. Led owourse to
lb. Gastric Juice, obtekial from to • stomach of living an
imls, which mired oompletrly rue fol"
Dr. Houghton Perms. thatrac . *restive finial, or Gar.
trio Juke, a Great itipepirCuter. reprint! from Rennet ,
or the fourth staunch of the Or an r dimations - o Baron
ton , the 'meat Phlogicalpic id. by J. H. Illosgb
ton, lb Li.,Plailwielphia. l' ,
This 1. a truly zoudyful retied . for ItillAestion. Da
Ciil ' 'elog stir n7Suenie Own it'd l ' ot l . CI - riitirtos own
wet. the Gastric uke. 1
The Gastric Jake is rzintsols of of the food, thispia
r=fnerql&l.itll. there i Can ' at e ill=ftri b'"
theof fool into blood—no nutrition of the body; but
sµpor a foul, bona , painful...l destruct". condition of
the whole digiatire apparatus. A weak, half dead, or:M
imed stemigh produces no good Gastric J, mad beide.
the Meets, annex, zed delonlity w kb mune.
But this want may be nupplied h extracting the Wro
th.. principle, Pepstir. films the P ruarlis of annual. re
eembling onUt, thus Ihrtelno a Dig stl re Finitir preciashr
['kerbs natural Gastric Juke. in id chemical weer} adA
fornishing a complete end.terfet t e helitote for D.
The art
beenrmg the process Ydigertkm artifkially
has long known to Pli"siolc 6ts. Dr. Houghton
rialtos the berth of making the non kation of this art I.
the mire of Dyspetisihi video.! nod aermable
Heed the ntenthe Bar. Liebig, in hale- brated work on Animal Chemistry, Faye: " An Artlbcial
Digestive Fluid, angleworm to. the Gastric Juice, ma y ter
Pribusal frein the tone.. membrane of the stenoteh of the
cal , In with various idtkies of,food.wmgat and e=ot.will
he softened. changel. and digested. loot to the male man
her 41 they would be In the human trammel" Dr. Houpthten. of Philadelphia. tin Tares ...Marla ill -
Petise fluid called PEPSIN, from the digestive stomach of
the On, which affords an whoirablerrmaly Mr indigestion,
mine after nature's own method. by uature's own agent.
the digestive principle. Call and sec themtraordmary wi
cntibe isyliicide of its tinted. ' -,
Elyaia: a NteDOWELL. &wt.,
140 Wurt et., l'itt•O‘rtgb.
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for yule by R. roprirtor's
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JEAUTY. —I t is univcrsallp canaedad tkat
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country L. It lost at so youngan am ..
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tortelb extent, but the loin le oft, mom] by mgt., sr.
say to all. de cot negloot your • toeaaalbut
mad' the folloniou, end you twit not Iscit
There ertklns era preparatiouN and I.e.
taliana • high opolmtr. •••
Jule. Ileo.l. !Widen or flhirsna Powder. fur Itupertiolt
tithe most bllllous wmplexim a retina whitenese. In.
nothing gboulll a penion be mon; easeful Ulm the me of a.
powder one the AM. as moat of thaw Mid an Tery_hzjari
out. tly Chinn." pooh, Le ameteourslnt seciantMe maw
er contains mil imernalent which tan poosithly lomat
Depilatory Powitsr, for rimming an tin
• maga. iThst 1a mom unsightly than hair alma thri fixe
ar mins of WIT. Tbl. Mich, will mum, It ik Mort.
Clam without tba um of my sharp litstencieut.
Jul. Hauer& Vegeteble Liquid Jiya Midge tin
wile''''"4,ll34.,..k,Tbunser7n:s.,..dara:d'abnrtrityhec,i'lni.7,ll{lTP6co.slrur...lth. tly
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Jules limes Ehming Cremik—lt Is pally %Itemise to
Shale with this cm= There ic rume of the noutrUsg
...lir experienced to the me of meet ngepg.
the muttary. It Mires the skin smooth as . i f mtit mOn
feat's, sad not Liable to beeme elmprieel.
Jules Heuer. limo Tooth L i este.—Lirst to the Mr. we
think theTeetti were intended as the iiTextest mamma to
the teeth a pearly
humeri feserbat whoa negicetA, n9ibing Mdiskiro-
g.m. M estikLY Mem kme XaMb PiNtO will Import
t i k arly whiterms. at the acme time kiteloalt
the =ma ATM and healthy. •
JULY S IlAttlia,-1 and Mead*.
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whams). sad addl. by fsbassttailf Ca,
ss.4 fienassi kittsberghsod J.llltchell, 4=77
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