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To the Whirs, of Pennsylvania.
A7'..,A STATE INI.tiVENTION .111 1-. 0.1.1 In the city
of Aur.,nst,r, on TUE.,1!.1 0 , June VI.. Is ~ I. M. par
rt.Hl t f ..61,1..ine ,=1,1145t , . I', the ~.31c..! a Gov,rnor and
cmal ' C,Anctirri , iner, .n 4 51.0. f, .1.!1, - . !!f Or $12(1,1.1
CqL 21. OENI3 31. I. L1..01.1, chairman.
!,,, , ,,I, 11. rlnnevin. , nrnu ol fd..ll..startly,
T41,1'1..7.1n.0n J,n4.••,
. ..," 34 ° 0 " .. . }!arnu. I ll.Thlmuz,
IVra IL /r!,1411.
n!s..l Hell. .Pd!!!.. Brown,.
,Natlatnar.llrnater. , 7-7•410 r Worth..
Irrn..l.llnl.invo.3. Ayantyirr F. }lnfo.,
14 Lirdtm V. ITaton. - W nz. flak,.
Th!!Enre! 11. 04... 11 m. hi. Writ,
11- - nry Johroost. Jail,. CL‘rt.
.1 . 1,Ar1,s 11. kr.ratnan. Plu-rtnan 11. rhelp,
t!..nrio!Crarv. I.:Alvin 17. Wilw.n.
D. A. Flnnvr. John AIR.. •
ClO Dwell, Inkralel 51.1::tirdr.
.1 , .n Ifauidnart, 114,r ! ,!..1.1rah0n.
IV,!.l.:vans. Aler r !I. :relur...,
.10,1 m C. Nevin, . Vranel, Jordan.
R. 11U7131.0 W.WITII. 1,-cretarr.
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The work of laying the track of the Ohio and
Denn.vylvanin Railroad from Pittsburgh to Mas
sillon, a distance of 107 miles, has just been al
lotted, by the ,Board of Directors, to Dailey,
Hayden, K Co,, of Boston. The. contractors
are able and energetic men who have ho I much
. experictme in laying railroads in New England
The competition among the bidders was great,
end the work is let at rates highly favorable to
the company. If there should be no delay in
the d:divcry of the materials, the track is to be
laid from Allegheny, city to New Brighton by the
Bret of July; to Alliance, et the intersection
with the Clevebtad Railroad, on the first of Oc
tober; and to :Massillon by the first of Nov
vembor Of this year,
.is soon as the road iliXendy to New Brighton
a large amount of travel will come upon it ; and
its completion to Alliance, a .distance of eighty
ine miles, will accomplish a continuous con
nection by i.'ailroade of n uniform gunge, between
Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Columbus, and Cincin
nati. The delivery of the iron is progressing
rapidly, and we may confidently expect the ac
complishment of this important connection in
October next.'
Every observant and intelligent man in the
South is satisfied that the institution of demes
ne servitude, as it esists among us, is the best
possible condiPme in which the African race can
be plarld. To test the truth of this opinion,
Bishop Cullers, of Smith Carolina, a liberal and
Christian gentleittn. the owner of a large phia
l/alert and one hundred negrees, determined to
lace them in a position of virtual freedom,
with every, opportunity for prosperous and sno
res:qui management. Ile gave up to their use,
for-three years, the plantation and all that was
upon it, horses, cattle, farming utensils, and all;
telling them that, if they sued wiled well. at the
end of that time they should have their freedom
and all they had made.
When the-times had‘eipired, be found that
they bad made nethirti;- that the howl; was all
killed for theituse,' that all the farming imple
ments were destroyed; ghat the hems had died
and were net replaceoitthat there was no earn
In the corn-houses or cotton nt the gin; and that
they were on the' point of starvation. Ile be
came satisfied that they were incatiable pf Shift
ing for themselves, and very wiselytnek thee-
one, snore under td3 own ebnrgo.—.lfoilte Rep
The shove h., g an g the roand6 of the Seethe
paper; as an IT mina:tilde argument in favor c
the .I.4:team alat the negro cannot take care of
him elf. and consequentl:,' the state of sla
very is the host coo for him. The teat to which
Bishop Caper, subjected hie slaves was wholly
unfair for the parpoae intended, althoueG the
fileyerend gcatleman, , no doubt, thought differ
ently. Subject the same number of white per
colis uudo'r . prmisely the same circumstances
the 1:31310 'l./...1 . Q1tad they would fail. It was' a
tort of . 1631W:the community system under the
most Vsdverseeircutimtances, end if that system
will not mincer under favorable circumstances,
it could not be expected to succeed under those of
a di r tadynntageons ohmmeter. '
It Is n; foul wren to the colored race to say
that it cannot take care of itself. Every person
in the Northern Statmv, and itt the Southern
States too; knows better. Colored persons do
take care of themselves, support their families,
and:swam of them acquire property under cir
cutest:meet; which would deter a white man from
the undertaking. Our Southern brethren must
—find or better argument than this to satisfy their
consciences thdt it is right to hold human beings
in :state of bondage.
. -
Tun narinso Smears read
ers have already been informed, that the "rip
er '•knocking" spirits have been coaxed
into -manifesting" themselves to some of onr cit
izens who have been converted by the Rochester
miracles. Some of the daily papers 'have com-
. .
invited rather freely upon the --manifetsations
'and, as .a check upon such levity, a card is pub
lished in the Daily Dispatch, signed by threevf
the - leading believers (Messrs. Courtney, allibirt..
'all, and Townsend) in which the spirits are
stoutly defended, and the sneers of the press
repelled. These gentlemen are well known in
this city and neighborhood, are highly respecta
ble, and - have enjoyed all the usual advantages of
°attention. ~They have, therefore, just claims to
a hearing. Here is their enumeration of facts
These spiritual manifeetations - take place daily
and hourly in the house of one of us (Mr. Court- 1
hey's) and wherever else the person may be, I
whose electric , and magnetic spherefurnish the I
proper media. They have continued without
intercession, turd increasing in interest and pow-
er, for-now upwards of three weeks. They come I
alien sitting around the table, at breakfast, din- I
err and supper,—engage in the I
rapping to such of it as they.approve,—and on I
such occasions, if we doubt who it is, they spell
-out their names, and abort sentences, explanato
ry of their presence. When they hats nay thing I
important -to hay, they convene us around the
table or lire Place, Call for thealphabet. and spell
it Jut. In this way, we every day receive mes
sages from our friends in the other world. The
identity of the communicating agencies has been
tined by hundreds of tents and test questions,
audible or mental, and unexpected and striking
circumstances and incidents. Spirits, trio were
never heard of by the •atediums,' come to tell us
things ):noon to themtrices and to atone, These
unites are made on the table, floor, walls, doors,
mantic - 11 --- . e. When, made in one room, they are
loud enough to be heard all through the house—
causing the floor, tables, &xi, to jar and vibrate.
. --It matters not Whether the mediums are sitting,
standing or lying, the room in dark or light, or
whether it is night or day. It matters not wheth
er the mediums are in the magnetic trance, or in
their normal state—nor does it matter whether
there are skeptics present or not.
In all these facts, (and more still, and more
' astounding. which we might name) we know we
are not deceived. With us they-are past all con- I
troversy; no physical fact in the experience of
common life is better authentic led. No crack- -
ing of the "knee joint" or "groat toe," or rap
ping with a "frozen rat tail" or"mrsion handles."
will explain them %way; no hypothesis yet in
vented to explain these mysteries,. is half no
rationlawnd consistent RS the supposition of spit ,
Real agency. We know that neither the will nor
the knowledge of the mediums have any thing to
do pith snaking these sounds.
These gentlemen aro very severe in their reply ,+
to the newspapers; and denounce ) the reports as
libellorm We think it a question whether the
' protection of the how of libel could be extended
to the knocking spirits. We aro told, moreover,
that any ridicule -that may. in future, he cast
upon the, manifestations, will he utterly disre
garded. This closes all controversy, and gives
proof that them believers -are in eamest, and
will continuo their researches among the secrets
' of Ike spirit world.
It may be very trno, that there is no cracking
' of the okncejoint" connected with these rap
ping but the Rochester Rappers have notelear
ra themselves of the accusation brought against
them. - Although the account of their Waterloo
jdefeat was published by one of the Buffalo pity
nicians, in the New York Tribune, and copied by
newspapers throughout the country, we have
--; looked in vain for any special denial. If the
. goat source of all the knockings' has been
knocked into silence by the three Buffalo doctors,
is there not every reason tin' believe that all the
l' minoilinitnifestations will meet with the same
fate. We &noel foi a reply.
The census returns discieso the mortifying
fact, thst there are in Vhiistis nearly eighty
thousand white persons over 2l years of age who
night last, n heavy snow . ell in the eastern cities. , —.
In Philadelphia it was . bout ten, inches sle4, .
and its great weight ca , ed the destruction of ' Paned do the world se,si. o.• :.',e neety-fist •
the Spring Garden Pros yterian church, (Rev.
John McDowell, Pastor, corner of Eleventh and
Punticr—No. 21
Mister streets, which fel with an useful crash.: A RESOLUTION for the, relief of Louis KOBSUtiI
and his. asiociates, exiles front llungary.
The residents of the .eighborhood, suddenly i
aroused from their slum Cr, by the report, were
m 'iV i h ) cr: ' lts,
p i , h t e oi p e cop w le w o o fl baited States sin
thrown into a suite of .. greatest .1'"'" The ' h e ossu . th and hie associates, and fully appre ciate '
weight of the snow cans' the rafters to break in the cringaitninious conduct of the Turkish govern
the centre, when the , f tumbled inwards. The merit in receiving and treating those noble exiles
side walls were forced 11,twards, and the whole with kindness and hospitality; and whereas, if it
~ girders, tc~
upon tun
the pews in the .. a body of the c hurch ' , them to leave his deTuinions th . '
The pillars and orname•tal portion of the front I
Resolved by the Senate and House of R' I resents
of the church are standing. Th e gree ter part of 1 tires of the United States of ,lairriro in C ' ort•yre4r
the back wall is likewi I
remaining. The whole asses:deed, That the President or the L'riited States
centre of the edifice is cashed to the basement be an d he hereby is, requested to
..thori, he
story, which is but slightly danniged. Only
a employment of some one of the public vessels
small portion of the ceiling of the lecture room 1 which may be now cruising in the Mediterranean
gave way to receive and convey to the United Suites the
said Louis Kossuth.and his o.ssoCiateS in capti
. .. . . ..._ .
F r ingtou Republic.
We observe, in the hiding Democratic jour
nals, a suggestion of the importance of withhol
ding expressions in favor of named candidates
for the Presidency, by the public press, or in
public resolutions, until the meeting of the Na
tional Democratic Contention. These expres
sions,ibey argue with lunch reason, are too of
ten uttered by men who, from selfish motives,
desire to acquire prominence no the early Mends
of the candidate, regoidless of the obstacles
which are thus thrown in the way of party !Ile
aeon, and of the jealous es and factious divisions
which' they excite in th • ranks of a triumphant
cause. It is well sometimes to learn from the
tuition of our udversanys; and the suggestion to
which we refer natural i ly leads us to reflections
igin as to the Opposition.
cussion had arisen in the
r relative merits of three
i‘ named by their friends
. residency. Into that dis
s entered withsomo zeal,
at thedistraCtion it was
ads was likely to be fatal to
persuaded, the Altos
g ri e , i t ,.. ed rop w os i t t. .4
I t ‘ ? il t i er fri ilaLe
i ty of pursuing a similar
pone the discussion," said
stint journal, '• wait the
I Convention, and sustain
made with whatever of
wing to its aid. Discussion
• ly to retort and invective:
spectacle is presented of
itself to be agitated and
Is; in stead of directing its
nnn strength against the
•eon as the foe perceives
t to be again divided, his
and can go forth conquer-
It; applicable to the W.
Early in 1539 a
WHIG journals, as to tin
gentlemen who had b
as candidates for the 11
e 11991011 the Boston At!
until it was satisfied
exciting among our fri
the Wino cause. Th
receded from its posi
the contention. and en
everywhere the propri
couse. "Let us pos
that leading and influ
decision of the Natio
the nomination when
zeal or ability we can I
leads almost necessar I
and thus the wretch
a great party sufferin
torn by intestine Wit t /
undivided and uubro
common enemy. So
that we are united, n.
bands will be palsied,
ing and to conquer.
To this suggestion
tore responded with
cordially respond," s
and Enquiry, "to the
ly and patriotically e
with the views we ha
subject, nod will wee
ranlio of the party.
lously abstained fro
ring question, in the
Whig press should h
render its most efficie
the Whig conventi
should be Mr. Webst.
eon. We Gee persmo
of the candidates, I
have desired a differ
convinced that we ha
all others best calcul
of the great cause."
The policy here i
in by the Wing pa
!impending Preside
its wisdom, in the'
$ e Whig press in all guar
patriotic alstrity. "We
id the New York Courier
sentiments thus reflecting
. .ressed. They folly accord
o uniformly taken of the
with universal favor in all
e have, ourselves, scrupn
the agitation of thin elm
full conviction that every
,hi itself in a position to
.t support to the nominee of
• whether that nominee
r; Mr. Clay or Gen;
ed,that the friends of each
owever urgently they may
• nteourse. will be ultimately
'emaiotained the position of
ted to advance the interests
I =mended was acquiesced
Ity, and the result of the
tial election demonstrated
lumpliant success of General
eso sentiments are as wise
In our judgment
and as applicable n
has been, therefore
observed the preen
idential question ii
is that the journals
with the proviso tha
in subordination to
Convention—but ev
obviate the juit;obj
any preferences at t
pith:us to that rpirl,
-lion which ought t '
They disturb the n
which is the streng
They engender riva
and keep alive t
that ultimate heart
eratiou which are
They embarrass
interfere with the
are fatal to mess
importance to the
We think that
prudence. and pa
able to elect the
; but we think, also
ion and create an
fatal to the nomin
Administration is
country. It is s
it has fiankly p
unflinchingly adh
deuce, tranquility
with which it has
I dons of the Rept
liberality of its fo
the sympathising
in our land. It is t i
Opposition, and i
I factions which dr
combine in the ea
Union. This etre
President, or of '
Lion: it is the etr
era, who have co
sustained the poli
their State pope
strength of the
vice; their lives
measures and pol
and cherished by
ican people.
1 Steele being ou
pests of the Whi
party, we Catlin
I 1 good Whigs in al
united that It ma.
I unbroken phalan
I of the Whig N
only be accomp
I ferences nod pre
I great Whig cans
1 by substituting,
I melted, partisan,
I have been acc,
Istern, steady, a
can :thine insur
of Opinion. W
!for a Whig A
1 serviency; but
claim for it fro
confiding acqui
I the party upon
1 such reasonable
to political en
with an hundß
ceive their dire
to triumph in a
keeping my for
; directory that .
. have 'been abl
be now in Stile,
general than t
For our own
Whig success.
indirectly, 'to c
discourage the
didate. 'We h
prejudices •tba
the expressed
party, We de
in common wi
the country, f
work. togothe
that Presiders
may select i
think that thi
by the practi
I denial in disc '
iduals. W
ppolling the C
us they were in 16;19. It 1
with re;, , ret,..tlutt we hare :
• re intraluctiou of the Pre,-
the newspapers. True it i
11 up their respective dogs
they hold their preferences 1
the decision of a National
n this saving clause cannot
tions to the ei-pressions of
time. They are Immo
t' of harmony and camellia
, prevail in the Whig ranks.
ity of sentiment and action
I. of a party and of a C . :Ol.±C.
ley and contention, stimulate
'ons, and tend to prevent
lama and cordiality of coop-
h e only guarantees of success.
rhig administration. They i
egislation of Congress, and .
1 of the greatest interest and
' ith the exercise of ordinary
"orivm, the Whigs will be
andidate of their convention;
lany attempt to forestall opin.
edent combinations will be
in and the Whig party. The
,rag in the confidence of the
.ng in the Whig policy which
Inimed, and to which it h.
.• . Il is strong in the prn
digtity and impartial justice
'executed the laws in all sec.
lie. It is strong in the Wise
eign policy, commending it to
lions who have found a home
:strong in the divisions of the
that fanaticism of antagonist
Ives good men everywhere to
• e.of the Constitution and the
• gib is not the strength of the 1
.y member of the Adruinistra..
1 ngth of the great Whig lead
tally adopted and generously
y which they have indicated in
E and official act,.: it is the
• . t Whig parts, to abobe ter
are been devoted, and whose
cy they believe to be approved
large majority of the Amer-
view or the position and prov
,_ Adminietration and the Whig
but regard it as the policy of
quarters to keep the party so
be prepared to advance in an
in the cause of the nominee
donal Convention. This can,
bed by keeping personal pre
ndices in subordination to the
It can only be accomplished
some extent,' for the untrarn.
roving warfare which the Whir
tomed to in opposition, the
Id organized movement which
1 the successful issue of a bottle
i. no not, of course, claim even
tuistration an unreflecting sub-.
1. e have a rigbt, as Whip, to
Whigs, such a generous and
eence in its policy as will unite
common platfOrm, and secure
concurrence a. is indispensable
eve. There cannot be a party
'1 heads. The Whigs cannot re
tion from local cabals, and hope
Inational cotlict. ...It is only by
entire," Wrote Napoleon to the
cold divide thin army, ' , that 1
o gain .oicim eo Ta ,
r It h al y tl e on esa:d b,, tt
l t;
I o good ones."
part, we lairdno wish but for
We bare no desire, directly o
pouso r
the cause or to promote or I
• ews or aspirution of nay can.
.ve no personal predilictions or
are not ready to sacrifice to
will of a majority of the Whig
ire only to remain in a position,
,h our Whig brethren throughout
'cm which we shall be best able to
to promote the advancement of
ml candidate whom the Whigs
Notional Convention. And no
odd may be most surely attained
'0 of a little abstinence and self
• 'ming the claims and merits of in
an insure success only by pool
!,dittetes to the Cause.
Tun \t NEWS NATon rnon E.Uolli lilLAXD.—Tlio
position of G . Jaunt, the Senator elect from
Rhode Island who was nominated by the Demo
crats, Ind wa elected by Whig votes, is no lon
ger doubtful, if any faith is to be placed in ver
bal deelamil s and written pledges. Mr. DES
JAXIN FINCH ono of the Whig members of 'the
Legislature ho voted for him, states in a letter
to the Droll voce Journal, that while the ques
tion of electi g a United States Senator was
pending, Gel . JAKC9 addressed the following
note tho Ho . William Sprague, the substance of
which toe .iimmunicated to Mr. Finch and
others, befo • voting for him, and on thestrength
of which the • voted fur him :
" Hon W 7. Sprague::
"Dear Si : In reply to your inquiries, per
mit me to coy I um in favor of the leading Whig
measures,and porticularl that of a tariff Wot
Wall afford ple protection to the manufactur
ing interee and labor of the country, and, if
elected to th office of United States Senator, I
will cordiall use my efforts toe:Nu:an them.
Respectfully and truly 'yours,
. Charles T. James."
•• Providence, Jen. 30, 1851."
Mr. Finch further states that "in an inter
with 6 • James on Monday, the 10th in
instant, he gully cotffirmed the'dechuation made
in the lett . e , end gave ins the most positive as
surance's that he was a Whig, and that he should
i act with thWhig party in the Senate of the
United Slane." . This would seem to . settle the
questioa an to the *ideal position of Gen.'
Jams.. - .
Approved, March 3, 1851
[Pt:nue—No. 27.]
AN ACT to authorize the Secret ry Of War to al- ,
low the payment of interest to the State of 1
Georgia for advances made for the uo , of the I
United Statea in the suppressiOn of the hustil- i
itie, of the Creek, Seminole: and Cherokee In
dians, in the year lEthi, 1837, and 1836.
Be it enacted by the Sniffle nod Mots., of Pep e
rentatiter of the Coifed Pram 4 .4 tairtot ox Con- I
;pt. assembh/, That the Secretary of War be,
and he• is herehy, authorized to allow to the
State of Georgia for advances made to the Uni- 1
ted States for the suppression of the hostilities
of the Creek, Seminole. and Cherokee Indian in
the years eighteen hundred and thirty.mve, eigh
teen hundred and thirty-six, eighteen hundred
and thirty-seven, and eighteen hundred and thir
ty-tight, interest at the rate of six per cent per
annum upon all coma allowed and paid to. the
State of Georgia, or that may hereafter be al
lowed and paid for any moneys advanced by the
State for the purpose aforesaid, from the date of
such advances until the principal sum or sums
were or may be paid by the United States: Provi
ded, That no interest shall be paid on any sum
on which the said State of Georgia did not either
pay or lose interest.
Approved March 3, 1531.
LPunile—NO. Ca)
AN ACT authorizing the paymmit of interest up
on adz:times made by the State of Maine for
the we of the linityd States Government, in
the protection of the northeastern frontier.
Be it enacted by the Senate and hence of Repre
iensatives of the United Stales of Awl,. in Con
gas assembled, That, the proper accounting offi
cers of the Treasury be, and they are hereby,
authorized and directed to liquidate eta settle
the elaim . of the State of Maine against the Uni
ted States for interest upon money borrowed and
actually expended by her for the protection of
the northeastern frontier of said State - during
the years eighteen hundred and thirty-nine,
eighteen hundred and forty. and eighteen hun
dred and forty-one; and the cute so found to he
due to raid State ,hall be paid out of any money
in the Treasury not otherwise appropriated.
'• Sec. '2. And be it fqxtl,re roaet.d. That in a.•
certnining the, amount of interest as aforesaid
due to the State of Maine, the following rules
shall govern: First. That—interest shall not he
computed on eny cum which Maine has not ex
!tended for the use and benefit of the United
States,.as , evidenced hy thr sindunt refunded or
renaired to the State of Maine by the United
States. Second. That no interest shall be paid
on any sum on whirl the said State of Moine
did not either pay or lose interc,t as afore:mid.
Approved, March
[Prime—So. 29.1
AS ACT to ascertain and t-rttle the private laud
claims in thr State of CaliC orals.
Be S.lidie end t t !' /,',ere. Uni,ed Setae. f /f . . rieZlw Cvn
-I,cis asscrtß,i, 'Ma for the- purl•se of aseer
laing and nettling private lind slim, in the
State of California ti commission shall he. and is
hereby eiinstituteth which shall nnr•ist •d three
e a mmissioner, to be appointed by the President
of the United State, Icy amid with OW m l e i cuand
coasnr+4 . of the Semite. ahloh commission
contra+. for three years from the dote of this
met, tmle=s sooner diiicontirtued by the Prosiihmt
of the United ' '
SEC. -2. .4nd br irforA,,, ,, f, That a se,ro
tary, skilled in the Spanish and English
gee shell be appointed by the said commission
ers, whose duty it shall he to not as interpreter.
and to keep a record of the proceedings of the
h n ned took, to be tiled in the office of
the Secretary of the Interior ou the termination
• of the commission.
Z. And be it further enec:../. That <tub
not to exceed tire in number, 11% may be
ry, shall tie appointed by the said com-
Sr.. 4. And be trfartl. , en4cfed. That it shall
be lawful for the President of the United States
to appointhn agent learned in the low, and skill
ed In the Spanish and English languages, whose
special duty it shall be to superintend the inter
ests of the United Stnics in the premises, to con
tinue him in ouch as agency 119 !way, us the pub
lic interest may, in the judgment of the Presi
dent, require his continuance, aturto allow him
such compensation an the l'twsident shall deem
rewmable. It shall be, the fluty "(the said agent
to attend the meetings of the board, to collect
testimony in behalf of the United Shot-c, ILIA to
attend on all occasions when the claimant in rine
case before the board shall take depositions: and
no deposition taken by, or in behalf of, any such
claimant, shall he read in evidence in any case,
whether before the Commissioners or before the
District or Supreme Court of the Gaited Stotec,
unless notice of the time and place of taking
• • . .
the mime data have been given in writing to
said went, or to the district attorney at the pro.
per district, so long before the time of taking the
deposition a, to enable hint to be pre. vt at the
time and place of taking the nano.: and like no
tice shall he given of the time and place of ta
king any dej,osition on the part of the United
Sec. 5. And Ice it further 'mulled. That the
said commissioners shall hold their SP9DiLIi4 nt
such times and 'daces n• the President of the
United States shall direct, of which they shall I '
give doe and public notice, and the marshal of 1 1
the district in which the board is sitting stall ate t
point a deputy, whose duty it thrill he to attend
upon the said hoard, nod who stroll receive the
same-compenvstien as is allowed to the acrobat
for hit attendance upon the district court_
Sac. h. And Ge it further 'angel, That the sat '
Commissioners, when sittiog ots a heart, and ;
each commissioner nt hi, elomMers,• shall be.
and are hereby, authorized to adminivter onths,
and to examine witnesses, in any now pen
ding before the entmoissioner, that allhal eac h les
, _
timony shall be taken in writi n g ,
and sl h o
corded and preserved in hound boot, to . bc pro- !
Titled for that purpose.
Sac. 7. And Ite it further enacted, That the sec•
retary of the beard shall he, and be is hereby,
pv ,th o rized and reluired, on the applimition of
the hew agent, or district attorney of the United
States, or of nay claimant or his counwl, to issue
writs of Imbrium, demanding the attendance of
a witness or witnesses before the said hoard, ur
any commissioner.
Sze. S. And be it further melded, That, each
and every person claiming lands in .thtlifornia,
by , Tirtue of any right or title derived from the
Spnnish or Mexican government, shall present
the same le the nail commievimmre. when sitting.
AA a hoard, together with such documentary evi
dence and testimony of witnesseo es the fiaid
claimant relies upon in support of such
and it elmll he the duty of the commissioners,
when the ease la reedy for benriog, to proceed
promptly to elralithie the same upon such evi
dence, and 'upon ,he evidence produced in behalf
of the United Suites, nod to decide upon the va
lidity of, the mid claim, and, within thirty days
after such decision is rendered. to certify the
same, with the reason, on whisk it is bonded, to
the district attorney' of the United States In and
for the distriet in whi4di such dmaion shall be
See. li. And ft it further enacted 'Mit, in all
canes of the rejection or ronifintettion of any
claim by the Baird of Commis , tamers, It shall
and may bo lawful for the slat man: or the district
attorney, in behalf of the United Stan-e, In pea,- •
rent a petition to the district eon tof the district in
w hi c h the lend 14 Fit.ted, praying tho sold
court to review the decision of the raid coin- ,
minsionera owl to firCian on the validity of suelt !
claim; and itich petition, if prevented by th e
claimant, than set forth fully the nature of the
claim, and the nomes of the original Ilft , t,pre.>olll.
00,..ty, Mid 014111 contain a ileruignment of
the claimant's title, with a transcript of the re- .
port of the Board of Commissioners, and of the
documentary efidence and testimony of the wit- ;
nettsen on vs Well it was founded: and much petition,
if presented by the district attorney in behalf of i
the United States, shill be accOmpaniial by a.
transcript of the report of the Ibiard of Cum
minsioners„ and of_ the paper, and evidence on !
which it was founded, and shall fully and distinct- I
ly set forth the grounds on which the said claim
is alleged to be invalid; a copy of which petition,
if the name shall be prevented by a claimant,
shall be nerved on the district attorney of thu
United Stator; and, if prevented in behalf of the
United States, shall bo stirred on claimant or his
attorney, and the party upon whom ouch vendee
shall be made shall be bound to answer the name
within a time to he preneribi ai by the judge of
the district coded; and the tu. , wer of the claim
ant to such petition shall set forth fully the-na
ture of the claim, and the nein, of the original
and present claimants, and :drill confain a ile
raignment of the claireimt's title: and the answer
of the district attorney . in solinif of the Vrikrell
• States shall filly and dinti*,,riv n:lr .
grounds on which 'the- _lain: I ,
be invalid, copies lef which answer shall be
served upon the ndectrpe party thirty days before
thtenteetiow, of the edurt; and thereupon, at the
tirst term of the court thereafter, the said ease
shell stapil for trial. unless on cause ehown the
same shall be continued ly the court.
Svc. 10. And to if firth, enacted, rhea 'the
distict court rhnll procerd to render judgment
upon the pleadings and evidence in the ease, and
upon such further evidence as may be taken by
ord e r of ttiC said court, and shall, on application
of the party against - whom judgment is rendered
gratit on appeal 'to the Supreme Court of the
United StntArB on such security for costs iu the
district and Supreme Court, in case that judg
ment of the district court be affirmed, as the
said court shall prescribe: And if the court be
satisfied that the party desiring to appeal is una
ble to give ouch atcurity, the appeal may :.e al
lowed without security.
SEC. 11. And be et turgier Ti o ,t t he
commissionth herein provided for, awl th. dis
trict and Supreme Courts, in deciding on, the va
lidity of any claim brought before them, under
the pruvisions of this act, e h all be governed by
the treaty of tiundilloupe Hidalgo, the law of na
tio., the laws, usages and customs of the govern
ment from which the claim to derived, the prin-
• • -
eiples of equity, and the decisions of the Supreme
Court of the United States, so far as they are
Ste. 12. And he it farthrr 'matted, That., to en-
. . . _
title either party to n review of the proceedings
and decision of the commissioners hereinbeforo
• .
proriiirsi for, notice of the intentlowof such par
ty to tile n petition to the district court shall be
entered On the journal or record of proceedings
of the cominis,ioners within sixty days after
their decision on the claim has been made and
notified to the patties; and each petition shall he
tiled in the district court within six months af
ter such decision has been rendered.
Sec. 13. And he':!' . ftirtArr mseted. That all
land, the claims to which hare been finally re-
jetted by the commissioners in manner herein
provided, or which shall be finally decided to be
invalid by the District or Supreme Court, and
All hinds, the claims to which shall not hare.
been presented to the said commissioners within
two years after the dotuof this act, ahall be
deemed, held, and considered no WI of the pub
lic domain of the United States: and for all
claims finally confirmed by the said commission
ers, or by the said District or Supreme Court, a
patent shall issue to thoclaimant, on his present
ing to the General Land Office an authentic cer
tificate of such confirmation, and a plat or sur
vey of the said land, duly certified and approved
by the Surveyor General of California, whose
duty it shall he to cause all private claims which
shall be finally confirmed to he accurately sur
veyed, and to furnish plats of the same; and in •
the location of the said clqms, the said sorVey
or general shall have the same power and au
thority as are confer; ed on the register of the
land orrice and receiver of the public moneys of
Lonisiana, by the sixth section of the act ,to
create the office of surveyor of the public lands
for the State of Louisiana," approved third
March, Otto tiloaSe.t eight Lorelei:it and thirty
one: Provicial ehraus, That if the title of the
claimant to such lands shall be contested by
any ether person, it shall and may be lawful
for such lierson to present a petition to the Dis
trict Judge or the United States for the district I
so which the bunk are situated, plainly and dis
iinctlv ;outing forth his title thereto, mud pray-
ttez thz said judge to hear soil deterl;llle. the
.00, a copy of which petition shall be served
ninon the adverse party thirty days before the
time appointed for hearing the same And pro-
That it shall and may be lawful ,
tlir the District Judge of the United States, upon
the hearing of such petition. to grant an injure- I
tion to re,tram the party at who e instance the
claim to the said 'awls li u Lee it contirao.d. front
saving out a patent for the same, until the title
thereto shall have bceil finally damilodi a copy I
Of n Inch order shall be transmitted to the ems
tuia,doner of the General laud Othee, and there-
up., no patent shall Issue until such decision
made, or until sufficient time shall, in
the ~a miss of sail judge, hove been allowed for'
staining; thesem, soul thereafter the said
injonetiou shall be dissolved..
• Id. 0 further roue:lA That the I
prna~ -sus of this act shall not extend w any town
let, lac ea lot, or pasture lot, held under a grant
frau any incorporation or town to which lauds
may have been grantee. for the establishment of ,
a ton t.. by the Spanish or Mexican Goverument,
or the IticrOa. nor to 0.14 City. 1
or town. or village lot, which city, town, or
logo cal-tod tie-florcilth nay of July. eighteen
11,111,1Vott and fin t 3 ; brit the claim for the 00ac I
shall bo presented I,3 4 ;the iorporate authorities of
soil toy. 11; or when. the land on which the
said city, town, or village was originally granted/
to au And the fact of the existence
the said city, town or village, on the said.seventh
July, eighteen hundred and forty-six, being duly
pniysd, shall be prime fatio evideuee 'of a grant
to such corporationt the individual under whom
the said lot-holders claim And where any city,
town or village shall to in existence at this time
of passing this teL the claim for the land em:
bractel within the limits of the same may be made
by the corporate autlionly of the said city, town,
or Tillage.
Ir. An , / b. a t e eitee. reacted. That the G.' •
nal deereee rendered bathe said commissioners,
or by the distinct or Supreme Court of the Unit
ed States, or soy patent to be issued under this
act, shall be conclusive between the UnitedStatel
and the said claimanta only, and shall not affect
thr interests of third pers'ons. •
Sre. In dud ta rfuelLer eausteif. That it shall
be the duty of the commissioners herein provid
ed for, to aueermin and report to the Secretary
of the interior the tenure by which the mission
lad , o vr'lleo 1, 3:1-1 those held by civilised In
dian, who are tog:iced in agriculture.
or late, of any kind, cud also those which are
~ccopie4 and ctittivaLoi by pueblos yr ranchers
Crl:. I And a lore,. roarted. Thateach
itaintni.piiier appointed under this act shall
allowed and rod at the rate of aim thawiand dol
lar, per annum. that the secretary of the, cots
tnivvionery shaft b.r alloired and paid at the rate
of hour thaie , arat dollar, per annum; nod the
clerk. heroin provided 1., rholl be allowed and
oil at the rote of OM, thousand flee hundred
dollars per annum. The oforivtoid salaries to
tenor trim the day of the notification by
the ..0011111..11.0, of the first meeting of the
Srr. IS, Ala to a further enacted, That the
secretary of the tattoo.' shall receive no fee en•
crept fat furnioilting certifie.l copies of any pane?
t. 4 ao,rol tool for i• wing writ, or F 11441.1111. For
furniehing 1.11111 1 Iwrier of any pflp, or TeCard,
h., Ideal receive twenty cents for every Inlindred
Wards, and for ioaultig writ-' of rutqauna, fifty
cent* for ~.101 arlotiteis; which fees shall he equal
ly divided hetween the said eecretary and the
a•iistant clerk.
Arprlved, Nl.trch 8, Is.ll •
Ti, tit baattiv paper announce.the death if
captain Ilene) NI Shreve, who, during the ad-
Ininktratlem , of %dams. Joel:ton and ran Bu
ren, filled the important post of U. S. Superin
tendent of Weviern river improvements. and lay
the vtenin aineglataat, of whit:l.lle woo the inert,
u.r. retort holed Neely to the tinfety of Warttern
commerce T ,, Imo, says the Republican. be.
I on " th,, inm,r of Iletnon.trating the Faction-
Wily or territtating the Mlaniusippi river with
a.teamtveit, lin cononatelvl the firxe steamer
that ever In•croded that river; and Mad° several
anal valuable improvements both of the eteam
engnos and or the 1101 and cattail... of Western
..tennitmats ' Whilvt the British were theatening
New Ilrleans in fa, he wax employed by
Gen. darkeon in enteral Initaaralous enteriaritef,
and durin3 the hattle of the bib of lottery. err
veal one of the field pieces which deatruyeal the
luta:mating column led by Gen. Kean.
II A., MILS von Iteeonttn , .. -It 13 said that
the lust ,Iny's debate and proneetling, of the
Senate, will itinlm toventy columns of printed
matter in the Union and Intelligenter, equal
$1,500 for the cost of pubtiehing this one tiny's
proceedin , of tweulpftve hours, VI two newspa..
peel. •
Filter —Lnet night two wooden buildings on
Ontario Street, nearly opposite Mt flotooeputhle
College were horned. They wrro owned, and
111“, Ilr 1111,11 tes.ophst by Mr. Frank: and were
tio•nred for $9O O , llot other wan occupied by
f,;. E. hone, an n tirocery Store. Their lons
In about s.l4,ll.—ltootratito
f Murary.
TI,Nn!,-- . 111 0 Atislin that.°
Ossetic olij 3 it cost Ile. Brooks is
!linking arrangements xi no eixrly day to set In
Moth. it xlthi.g expedition against the Indians,
Whose continued ainioyantosx and outrage
der It neriiiixiiry to adopt tonne such decisive
ineitthres. e r a tonalnu the frontier to their moray.
It In emote:op...l to place the expedition under
the command of lien. Harney,he co who Itiwt,left fu
Antonio to emit, with tmmanding gen
eat on the iiiitijeet
A Co N1,11.A1 o 01. tosu [mils ,t name tu eon
)1 t;nucu.--lion. 15 illium Valium, who was, on
the 10th im“., fulminate.' for Congress by the
Whigs or the Nashville district, in Tennehsee,
Itngi It few [lays previous shut. Thomas Davidson,
hits been arrested and hehl t.. hailsn the SIMI of
tf.:20,00U, with two ~,.;ettritiec each or $lO,OOO.
Callum Olio, to have meted on the Ikfell6LTS;
1111,1 Davicivm had just been released from the
penitentiary for having slept lien. C. some years
Foreign and American Hardware.
No. 129 Wood Street, •
A fall n,14 cr.:1,A... /awl: of AW/RE/GIV ANL AMA/I/CAN
fh,. , f ,c7ag trade. and which ttal aro praffind
•;, • •• h arah wa • riucas that will COMPTON
.1111 Roy at tba eastern .
Market Street Store for sent
F OR RENT.—The Store. 118, Murket
itrtel, the semuil eleue hum the corner of Market l q
ton of
106 Penn et.
11cLiaes Ism Puts to Nate Vulg.—The rapid
ity with which this litraluable medicine has become known
and a ppreciated, can only be sow unto' for ou the ground
of Its real value. It has only required one trial to estate
11. h its claims to the title of the only medicine for the cure
of Liver Complaint The following letter. from a Druggist
to New York. shMes the manner In which these PHD are
tenanted in that section of the country:
Manna LAIC, laqnset b lZe i r . o . .. ,
Dr. .11eLant—Dear Sir, I hare wad out all your Liver
Pills, and am an: lone to hoer another lot immediately. I
dould here sold much larger quantity , If I had been per.
rialed with themi Tbe inhabitants aver muting to Doches
! wr for them, but whether there are any there or not . I do
1 not know. Piaui, semi me another supply lausitelllately.
F. &WORT, Druggtst
No. 00 Wood rte
Fnr an , by
m 1,... tkvbr .
0 . Pogue Arrydnew le most neglectfully Invited to the
yield, unvarnished statement of John Watt, who was cured
ot an sid fhtigh by the use of the Peraotrun:
° TtiLs may certify that I hare been cured of an old '
Chloe/0 Cough, by the use of Four Bottles of Petroleum.
The cough attacked ma a year age last Bs ember, and I had
ic) all hones of gettlng well. as I he'd taken the advice/ of
...sera/ oh/ addle. without any benefit. I wee be.tlnal
ekltrine instantly by the Petroleum. 1 mooched op, during
the ma , et Me Pwrofrun. a hard rubstanor wing bone._
I teaks thee. statements without any solicitation from any
one t" do nod solely Fo the Purism that others who
tnay be suds log may be benefited. You are at liberty to
publish tidy certillcate. lam on old citizen of Pittsburgh,
having reildtd bete thirty.three yearn My residence, at
this time, Is n Second Street. JOIIN WATT.
l'lrtsuguart. February 21, 1651."
For sale by Keyr,r A !1 Lowell, 140 Wool street: E. E.
Sellers, 57 Wood shed; B. A. Ishnestock. 2 Co. corner
W,sAl and Front street., L. M. Curry. D. A. Enka. / I,l srPb
LY.ulsloss. and 11. P. Selsartl, Alleirbsul,nlso LT the Pre -
cans) Po.sin.rioteutb st..Pittsburub.
Domenic and Forevgn Exchange, Bank Notes,B
Gold 4. Siloer, Bought, Sold 4- Exchanged
No, 64. Wood Street, Pittsburgh.
SE. ON J•l4a_
Citizen's Insurance Company of Pittsburgh
el v g m m No. 41 Water street. In the trareboure of C.
t% Cl, Honest, President A. W. Ilaage.S.tiy.
Thin Cernicoiy noo prevail,' to loom. all merehatollee
in qui, and In treneltu. eLtoels, to.
An ample gaurauty for the ability and Integrity of the
lrdllotlon. le at!dnied In the thwarter of the Ihreetors,
eLa ere all citisens of Pittsburgh, well and faemablY
koloorn to the vommunity fur tboir prudenco, Intelligence,
arel Integrity.
Mammas—C.o. Moe, Wm. Panaley, Wm. Larimer.
le , Walter Bryant, Thigh D. King Edward Ileaselton.
'Hoer' h Ilerbangh. K. 11. Klee. an.3oldf
IVAN Tgll--A Situation as BoOk-keeper or
V Clerk In • manually or mundseturlng home.—
unacertlonahly It rermars 1411 be Livn. A Ilny d
am...ea to Cr IL cur of licallb L km, .ill meet... tam
Young Men's Temperance Adsociation.
. this iiii„ to held in the .9mad Amebae. It.
f•nu«l,Ch ner of 6roithflold Fire. and '.tryiuWkT•
C. T. Eliti EN, wrltd addrem the torrlin. upon tlau
..,I,ttn. It aw—tho ',ow, of the Ourt under It—
an•l the manner of Its earcullon.
0r A. It., of New York. n .enticaan of rep.
tlttnn. en .IfortiTo and doqoent wkivo ,- .0 In the can. of
remwramx, ke es{...Mc%l 1..0 . lkf...r. m. wrjoirr.
mele.V.,:t Chairman Ex,cutie,.lbmnittre,
!emperanceville and Nobleatown Plank
Road Company..„.
VOTICE,is hereby given to the Stockhold
t7,oof , b tio th at
„„ cyan Om, of the etock. on the i.e %,nose ' in
uct, roll
all -.r rcAnth hereafter, onttl the leholellark
;eat nu f--en the will be graded end bralVl be
Joi. 101 k Thu S thole tuckhulde om te a t re requeetwd lo be
00.0‘11n.Vd!"'.""4 Preeldent.
PPLES-20 bbls. Russetsnd l'ippins,
be r. VON lIONNII a
ONT e-cp.
II ROUND PAINTS, in Oil, neatly put up
tritn ran. of I Z. to Iu lb, each. sm.r.F .Glen
Mann.. Greco, l'artA Orel, -
Mack. Othr,
Terra Se Sienna, PrurEari B.
Lwr 'law, Cumber Burnt
-13. A. TAW:I:STOCK it ..
rrner !inn and Waal ta.
FUR RENT—A Dwelling tiouse on 2
Thadatove 11,1 near to t,nlthifkahl. ."
het 10 , fitturee. Ise , . yard. ...W. house. la Will
to V.rate, I w. AI. teyarnelen given itanudlatel,
tale oYlron emu. 111.1 In the Math Ward.
tete,. Pena street atul the Alleghenyr.
ti PAIL nee
al Darlington's. Fourth street, near Wcael.
QWEET OILY eusics superior, for sale by
IJ Lath , / It. E. 5EL1,1:115,50 Hind aL
cf.001101,--12 bbb4. for ',ale by
r INA NNERS' 011.-10 bbb. warranted pure
fur rah , mrh22 R. 6. SELLEILI,.
YPECTORAL, Starch Polisb, Soap
I_, Powder, • 7.1 Eger , 0070 Comiound. f 0 sole b 7
4'l Wood 0
q l
LCUIfOL-25 [obis. for gale by
:XII. 00071 . J. KIDD - co&.. ;0 Wool
JILA .gl. 1•r ruch22 .1 KIDD 1 W.
seAs s isti w ITI NG-50 bp 1 : 1 10 D r . tu e ll , ebY
W111T . E: 2 1 , 5 bble. lxgli p ft i :1 6. for
ND( , 7 , I{I:CIBLES--100 costs for o rerge by
IvEt:ow:6mM kilii:CW•1 1 :• 411
• March 14, 18:51.
XT BEING DESIRABLE to Pubstitute locks
and loge of wrote other kind for thaw now In nee
he mall ferries of the V ulted States, steelmen look. tual
keys. • 10 , propreals to furniob the same, .111 be rocetred
anti matetdored at the P.O Um. Department. until the lot'
day of J
et nraneatThe different beta sill he eutsrillted to
conito.ton for otssulttation and tenor , Cism this re
port. -.morass will.. mem as practicable. to entrawd into
ha furnishing sorb het, and keys for four yoda..lth the
right on the part of dn. Pratt:meter General toss thetae
twins to extend and ~..ntione the contract In fur. for an
ablitobnal term of four para. by giring to the contractor
• tituot boll.. to that 0ff..., not guar. than nine nor less
than rut mouths before the termination of the arid tent, of
four Yoe , .
Wuh • eta. of procuring the hod look altho lowest price,
a. , kind loot Is prexribcd sea otandant the Ih.partutent
r.. 1, Mg La a seloetion tho meeheniral skill and Ingosto..
It whirl, a fair ...petition. t Invited. May develop..
It 1,0 a proper to date. m that a look eultable for the
mall ',stn. should Venn the follundusAustlties. via du
rability. uniform)),, !halloo*, and tattoo h.
For tlan_ porno. of displacing tilutnlt attrourlF all Ne
road I.olt.• and toy. now 133 me. about thirtythousand
nes Leap and twenty thunrand key. adapted thereto. will I
la requiredfurntohnl_ l2 l the nontrector .111110 esrett
months after the eon.. shed] hare leen starred trinn af
r.nrdo the annual ennPlY tetli depend oo sorabitity
of the Lets add keys adopted. es wells. the Increue of the
mall earth, out it will probably orator named In annum(
three thourand of the Lamer and - one thousnd of the lat. I
I No lock will bo coneldered if it tee like any alrreadY th
general or-,r with whom the contract may
be male he allowed to wok.. toll. or furnlelt any Ink or
key. 'duller to Now. ountrected Mr for err *other P.n.*
or nee than that of the f7ot Othre f.partment.
The kind of I.xas adopted must be patented, taut the
unto,• will he required. on entering Into contr. , . m duke
auebramont of hie patent far the elands.. nes and bon.
oat of the Department, If the Yolitttlader General Nall
deem roots roquinqmont eeeenttel to the Intsrestsof the ...r
-, In cs. of No failure of the contractor at any 110.
to 1.061 fitithfhlir the tame end condition* of hie nantract,
the Kat master General shall hare the right. bookie. • rm. ,
to the per.l mtnedy beroltiniter mentioned. to tmnul
end to ctred stwer with any oNrit port) . or
,tarties at be may aft. for furnishing similar Woks and
upon the proyouele and Apr..intone offerd. the
itetmeater Oeuvre! may deem itexpnaitint to relent for the
tbri.ugh mall. the belt of one . b...llhr the way malls
Net sher Ito reserve therefore. the rigid or row
tn. tine with di .mot ihr such different kind.
a hake as lot may erlect, and also No right to Mont all
the e,erlinem awl proposals, if he amen that couree
for the Interest a the DmitettnenL The party or swirlier,
eontreeting w requiral to elveturl. erlth ample me
ourd 1. In the hu nt of thirty thousand Lo a faithful
pertarostaw of the - contract. The 0131.11,ct. le to euntain
World... for tbe duo and panes ineptelbm of the lock.
aml keys, and ale. tar snarling estalust Ned twrainit
'l lnto
V.. ss
7.Tiretil'Z'ul'iliTlt:;:e."Aliaeouf ttherttg°l.oolme.l:ll'Sbrldrt.
If • hid should he ttereld.d
IN.will he onfiblered If not acoana panted with
..O.hdartear Boil.noeof the truetworthy the bid.
der, and of Ids abiliw
Lkfl'--An OFFICE on \Valor, he- eV,
tdolTrn or
„,. fia Chambare. at Inia.n.
"n'' : "r" 72,"
tPt.! Wornt
oIrASTED--41,000 Allegheny Co. Coupon
V Bond,. fill an onler, Por whfril th4.lalataat mar
-1 roT Apply' ' VT ".. ' i l
ii.E r . ` kl. l4
Patent Combined blinding and Bolling, or
March 14. 1851.
TIIE l'lll2l.l4: — We have nOOO in uve,
I 'ln our Plowing 11111., Iwo of "Janie. M. Clerk', Pa
-6;10 I'ornl.lord r :4 l u. ll ui 4 rand 11 , r1tIntr, or %Innimut Flour
t;Sarn"Trfi".ru..llllnit't"ltVir 11"".1
Wort , .
a..a I. perfectly a.Thent. , ll Le ILA tt , r. in;; the nnrt
rt. ..11 os onllnary,burr ?Anne, and requiting much Ir.
I . making It unultralettt, a Merchant 3,1114 to unt , lT
.4n— 0n nk•tn, „rill, or nbout want /..nocnt. d oo ' th: ', ntitte
th. I Offal. IMO/ thr MIII.
01... o*w gran% Int. Flour. It dope th.
,r1,1..`111.. prothontat *,.l•lartlrle oupflne FlOlll,
'no ‘ll.,llnn anynosll:... , mlAnnl. It er bi worthy
n".tutrintt,r3ml.7,l=l.lil=ll.7z4o. flu..ritt4urth City
trYta Cwt.
A J. Mmesttua.
Grinding and Bolting, or Merchant Kill.
IVINti ure tioNed the entire Patent Bight
lc of the Unftw tt i State, for "June* M. (Park'. Patent
ri toting, or Merchant Mitt" and 11171, lasing
ht up Gar asses 1
n ul l no ohleh Ie C r l ,kr . L e tl . ' ' 'l ,... gres 4 t !teist b nol' s l i o n h : c.. , 73 " 4 :n l ;ostEO "th w f
b e th th id, Pa ge b . L'l
ta , b „ mains of Waking eters per*. purchating_County
isarms itiohte, manse a bandsonte Galan*. This Mill
is pern4l,ll' Portable...a only ...Pie. • Maas o morelseat
Inn,turtles s q uare. when in operation. and is of
,diviing nod bolting front net to ten bushels of wheat per
bone It ran be propelled with from an one hone tanterup
In soy pi-Ater detwed. Call and See it in operation at
Meyers. Wilmarth hobble City Flouring Mills. htlawtY
street. Pitt,borah.
1. Nether. Ease the ti g ht of:me w : A : . I : w arlt:tr im B7
mA y. sw y E , and the Machine. fo r 1411, hating purchased
„ f oa arely. All letters ptryt_p•td will be answered
Dr Y•
OTICE.-:The steamer ASIA,in julyluat,
l ~ ' v , T7
brought frau Cincinnati. St Patent Churns, and 1
to Joseph Down, of this piton. Notice I.
hereby g iven, that if the raid Churns and Taliw are not
ntleanmi by the JOUt ult. theg will be mid at public sale
to pay freight and champs WM. B. Et Allll.
toohn . .
__ •
ALCOHOL -1J bbl. for mile 17. - y
mcl3lo J. KIDD Jt CO., E 0 Roods
Ladies' Writing Class. I To , Paper Xartafacturera
II K. CMAMBERLIN will •re-oren las La- PEN TONS ASSORTED RAGS, for sale
1.1 dies , Writing' Roan. at Plttaborgl. Commercial Col. 1 br ftlEO. MALTROUSE.
leg, wmer of Market and Third 'meets.) on llondal.. :Cosondadon Wool Waft.honne.
March 24th. where he •111 be prepared to Glee Instructicaut , foetal/At Perry s Building..
In the Art of Penman.hlp. to ;melt a+ are &afro. of ob. //freThe Ithatert tnagh price mid for WOOL.
talnlng an ln.ant eploolary hand. Hours of Instruction. CARPETS,
from 2to 4 o'elewk In the afternoon. ofthn C OIL CLOTHS, 87. c.
FIE SUBSCRIBER has been appointed
Agent for the sale of
Theere are the beet Razors which pare ever been offered to
the public. The manufacturer misfires the public that the
hief im p rovement necessary le that which protootee the
durability of a fine edge. Baring ostadned the b.. 7
err steel with a comma. ground blade. and Ilms the per
Ilar proem they undergo in tempering, together with the
Meat care bestowed upon them
wellnetting _he can 'tithes-oi
l/deuce recommend them. Sif satiened is he with the
superior excellence of this Razor. that they saves , * nor
ranted, and if found imperfect in nor raped., the saws tr
Far Ba l e, Rasp! tMi , fateeect mtlateation.—
for sale. e or " ag ".R' ''.. W. W. WILSON.
mrhltcorner Market and Fourth N.
rIIOUSE-KEEPERS--Orders for Paper
nansrers no be kft at the Wall Paw Stare of
mch2l W. P. MARSHAL!. S 5 Wald et.
hhde. N. 0. Sugar,
bush. Dow
0. Moles.,
50 bush. Dried Ansi.;
100:11be. Flag;
bbl.. Linseed OIL
.10 tee. new Rine:
70 kegs Nn. 1 Lard:
. In bales liar. waterer N. 04
111 LIM!. Fresh 801 l Butter.
4.0 Timothy Seed; In store and fur side by
11,lberty area
Valuable Real Estate for Sale.
TIIE SUBSCRIBER offers (Or Sale, on V
favorsble terms. the folio.. Rent Estate, Ink . A
M, of Pittsburgh. ar t s
nNe.n6 N vket
r d e l . tr , n .
lots being cash 19f et front by In &el ,
N 0 .,. • Contains 57 feet front on Third street, miloloh.
the Third Presbyterian Church. on which Is erected one
four story brick honey, wad me a printing uece, end o n e
twu story brink warehouse.
No. 3. Two Into In Fallon., Beaver county. being lots
N 0.3 end 4. !wing about 100 feet equare.on •hich Detect.
el one block of !title !Mine dwellings, and one separate
frame dwelling. all two Mori. hiwrh. • •
No. I. one lot GO fret treat on Back etreeL ollpoidte the
above• and estendlog to the top of the hill.
No. 5.• Tun beach into. each 50 feet front, and running
From the road to low water mark, on the Big Beaver-
No. S. One valuable water it. lOU fret on Wheel Race.
with ten 'harm water In. ,
No. 7. One lot opposite the water lot. tel feet front, end
extruding to the top of the hill, en which is erected one ,
Oro story brink store end warehouse. MI by 50 feeh *Boone
frame dwelling. two argils high.
No. K. One large lot in New Brighton. BaavereountY.
Ina shout 140 feet on Broadway. and about WO feet deep.
duelling,. tne!:n‘a noun, ou
h 4s ch ni a e n. h . T ' Vu t Z e t '7l f orce!
yield property wee formerly eorupled by Mr. w. C. Gould.
nod I. very phouiantly located, being immediately opposite
the Feltnr! Bridge.
N 0... One water lot, immediately below ifslleton Bridge.
Icing almut 100 feet In length. and ritetuling hum Water
etreet to low water at. or
The above property will It .1.1 on ac e favorable
APpl y at the Book Store nf It. C. STOCKTON, corner Third
and Market omen, JOIIN FLICKING. Agent.
meh7.l • • !Journal and Post any.)
1,7 DEIHL, neap.. chiefly of Vegetable., will restore to
Immediate health. TMs Powder to t' reloads for the care,
of the numerous diseases to which Cattle and Horses are
eubjert. Si,. Olanderalnward Strains, aide Bonnd.Loste of
Appetite, Horse Distemper, Horned Dietimper In Cattle,
al. the liming of the Cud.and Rho:matins. eommonli
railed Stiff Complaint, which proves fatal to no many vain
able horsier, and prevent. horses from hemming etiff or
foundered, it carries off all grues humors. and purinee the
blood: it is also • sae and certain cure for the Burma ,
no for Coughs and Cold...bleb seem to he the origin of aw
many fatal ilissa.e. It will also clean. the Stomach and
Maw from Beta Worms, ac., and again rertore the Immesh
and bowels to healthy
For rale, wholesale or retail. by
...nor !Seth and Wood eta
Information Wanted
(IF WILLIAM MORLEY, of !Rookie:7,
I.C , ,unly of Leleater. England. Ile La 19 years of
agge. f. fart" inch, high with light hair and grey ore*.
11+1..11 PhiisdolphLa in Jour hot. and has not Am« been
beard of by to , r , latieen. .to it in (Eared he has met with
wuse seridont, or lost hie life. any one whom, gine info,
mum that may had to his diwoeery, (whether dead or
aliee.) will greatly ndiree distresaed and ad
rewarde se d for ht. trouble. by addressing a Ilne A.Errro N e,
Nioelon. sear Philadelphia. Pa. meh,V):llt
Executors' Sale of Real Estate,
'IT'LL DE SOLD, in pursuance of the
I .nt Will an , l Todsment of Martin LOWY", late of
t7ity of Piu.nhurgh, deed on Moder. the 7th day of
April, 1051. at o'r. , ok. A. NI., et the Court noun, in the
City of Pittsburgh. by public auction, valuable Lot of
nate on Quarry hill. near thr New Basin. In the
Fusth Wad... Winne nearly LINK ACIII4 Intuit pa. Of
else, pia. of coined •hlcb 0. held undivided bY the
L. o en, a nd others, and whitia, by virtue of
' certain pervi.linzs In Partition In the District Court of
thr Couuty of Allegheny, Nu. lei January Term. lain, stas
soolgued in ACT rraity to the hid. of the *aid steno Lt u
r,. deed. by metes and loud. to. as by reference to the
Inquisition and pl. thrrenuto annexed , and other rm..
readings In the case had. will now fully and at large at.
It i• tsrmesv,aary ta enumerate the .17...teit.^ ,
the above property, erimmading, es It dors: • beautiful
proep.t or th e eity end the two riven, being easy of sc
ores for • pneate reside., and abreindlogin czendlout
stone fd for toillalng the, are trell , ktidw.
For plan of the property mut further information. atoply
M. ,ors. Mitchel and Palmer, Attorneys etas Counialiore
at Law. Yourth street, ur to eltherel the undershmed,
ortiturs of ltic last Will toad Testament of Martin hoary.
.10115 I.X/LWIC K
JOILN NE :1111T11
s.—The draining Lot. containing about. the same
quantity of land, la also for wale.
Aiiiast tinume for Bale
F.ll 1 E UNDERSIGNED offers for Sate his
BLAST feIt.7IACE. infested in Cuareoesdln Cnontna."
known .e the -. Allan.. Furnace." with &I the out
balding, SAW alai tiltIST WILL; and roe thing ha
-y to carry th e era... Ulna or oroo •It he.
Of Laded attac on
hed. with se Muth more adMnlng ma
elottLl tee nonswary. whirh Can Le had from 75e. to SS prx
acre. It has the at flew-able location in the &stun for
making Iron. hating the ore within one-half to one mile
o d. .„ t yd,w.titles, our to min, and yielding
from 50 to 75 per neut. It is mile and • hag fr om the
Etowah Rolling Min. where • ready male can be finned for
sit rassittete of Pig Metal; and in two miles hoist the
n and Atlantic Intartal. whkb le one of the lines
rathoad• meow-dug the Tennessee Myer With the taw
now& which has Ws lines of rennet& running out from
It. notated mod under contra.. peering through ail the Im
want 'fowl. and Oh, to (twitch, where • ready tale I.
hwind Ste Pis Metal. ala.tra.ry. Hollow Ware. in It I.
n o w In fell hien worke by water power, wtth • fell of 15
n,, e s, on a n e w, falling A n war, and to the moat healthy
part of the :tooth
Impels may t.e ptireftwal ns me at Etowah, Case co, Oa..
‘"'"t soy tit., o THU pre
Young Men's Mercantile Library Assent
PROF RA LPII tr.a.Do EMERSON, a Massa.
setts, Wu hr. procured. by the mbar. Destitute, to Ce
llar to Its Members. and tbe ails.. of Pittabtagh Itonrn
ally. • aeries of Lectures rem lately prcpurd. and upon
Warrant. aulorete.
The coon. will comprise yin Ler:on , on the 1..‘ , DUCT or
tort. embracing the fulload. Myles
I Introductory . Laws or Macro_l. WL41.131.
a. E0, , Y1.
• halm.
:P. 1.T.U1l
6. %moue.
The Lectures alit b. given on Turaday• Thunelsyv, amt
tunlay• sueorearri, at the .'Ell ear trerviag
W 00.41 . drat door at LA/AIX - MI LlCunaos, tentraote on
ood Wert. calumet/cum on Thursday craning, March
drib, at li laefora b o'ckek.
Couree Tit-tea
5i d .;; . ... ',1 , ,',.. er.:',illarg. - r.d,1_ . ...,' ,.- - - —..
Ticket. for tuanbern. teingle or for tne - eouraey) can to
obtatord of thr Libman°. or of M... Henn. Wilkins,
sad Tirtl r t ht eili= "''
ample or for the course,) to be pro
ored at the pedieipal hook atorac at J. P. Ileasalden . •
t. litchmatmotet and Y. IL Eaton', uerb2.o
( 1 0Isit: IS THE --
by W. V. Wallace. CALM
V. 4 1 0 : 1 4
loverneu. by John
'tt Parr,
Matutua Is te , eery particular.
Vulceof byione t t tafic a hl A
r unie Laurie.
VlL . ZYtt h r47l, 7; Ng. i Polka
IlatabeinPa Lautout by the II tuauagoo. Obi la Polk..
grand Polka de euvoerh by W. V Wall,
With all the late pupular Poolga, WaltuU.
so, Nlvehea, Varlatiutu. hand.. au. de- buurd
in tL.
New Max rturtrul etwry
A very large and new stock of
To thlt id 4 6N, ey..w f octa , e, mrvnl hal
Oahu var Vin price from to SSW. Alpo, t.o mat
eLecent tawal Puna, from the woe oclebraled maltufse
-11i;. Orr, nib • full d .room dock of Mole tad
Moekol Zarltsmllmjl4l7lri .bi nmum.
N. 11 —ham 1 , 61. Forte 2 blet. old Mama acre In
thele r.t
A fhe Wanrln'oectletrol , s by , Frank Forre.ter.
Caroline td Itranrairk. N 0...-. by Heynolda •
atanneld flail. • Ilistnrteal homance—comPleue•
The Nickleborite ..0 the Ehimc be Thortarey.,
/style, La 1,411 mm: or COUCI4RIO9 of the lion 1.1,5 k.
The Queen's Neckitu, by Dumas.
Polly Prablo.e.ont . . Wedding; illusUatet/ by Derly.
Thel'ert Folio of a Sledkal ntudnut.; do. do.
City Merchant:
ilerti, a Ilinnurnu.Noveh do. do
'Weer'os of ate Old Maid: or Mots to Emma Men.
tnegon and California.
fiectisuosia Etiquette isy Count lEorway.
Ladle? Etiquette and Toilet book.
lotted/. Listed Age. No.
LIT 0300: the embaler—the Hlpau—the Prle.t—by Oro.
Borrow, author of the “Hlble In Smuts." Nee supply.
Monthly, for March.
Illaikomal. for February.
Iketon Shattopean, No. XL
ApplHortetou's /l St odestae.
The iculturist, for arch.
The Cultivator. "
Dletincary of Alethanke. No. 24.
Crolnian In the Loot tree, by C. J. Patencra—contylete.
mot o r, of, Ly Tharkarry—oxnplete.
Ilenry butenton ; a JorteLlte gory of the 11e1¢o of George
I. Byti. P. It. Jam., Esq.
London tel Journal, fur February.
Ikellon Shake:scare, No. :Et.
Nobody's rim, or Life end Adventures of Percival 1/ad
here., written by btruxelf.
fore and Atubitiou, o Novel by the author of "Bucking.
tteenex, or Sketches of bouthern Life.
11,,q.ehold Monis, N 0.13..
ler.liollick's Work., complete.
Rockingham and Domestic Cineensware.
,,riwto.n. of Rockingham and Tallow Cane Ware,
Eln, Ohto.
Ed-`Lmple Kamm No. 104 Fourth street, ono the Kay
o?. OM., Pittsburgh, Pe-
Our extrudes Worts enable to to fill riders promptly,
A eprapetent designer brin
no w le orat e airo en •
able, in to keep pace with oil the now atal Improved sty los
of the day.
Water Urtis. 7pltoou, Iltohersaancy, Toys, I)eitlistrtgeb,
Flower Vases, Goblets, Mantel Ornottienta Jiledligne and
Bout' Jon. and articles few ilogoostle use, In groat eanotr•
Orders rergriArelle rofird eL mehaktf
ARD OIL-40 bbl. No. 1, just rec'd and
IA for ram by B. A. VAIINESTOCK k
mobs.) corner Vint and Wool eta
NOTICE.—Tee undersigned has withdrawn
from the Ono of "Ibinsen, Plunkett &McKnight .
og illocenl of his Interest In said gnu to Charles T.
The btorluess of the One will tw continued as Insist un
der the style of lIIMSEN A PLUNKETT.
Pittsburgh. Marsh 10th,1151.--inichoret
:Xi ilk Freak Kggo
100' ^ One Ureeo Appl
taah2o S. f' t ' "lll.N y t SON.
—lit. cheap, anaLlo . t , a n t. , atjg r f d hgl i
M ' t. E. E. Sellerr —My children, like other, lia,rt ßi
. h n ee n: a
ralneet nentbletionie roue..
rowdies to very little jol u trit,
tlatonenta shunt Tony 1..t2 Taught...even!
Iva it t0 u t . w . 0 , tif .. 1.7 11 % . ;=.. cr , re
1 hare recommended it to tel,PoiF , ,bot , i,
and d 0 most
enturienelously believe that innthe_o.t . mos
that hat ever been offered to
Parer,. ehould riot permit their,ohl . ldsokl to bo a tu. nae o ltato thi,
cough, when they 001 b 0 =tad by
" ruP '.„l it 11. E. BeLLERS.
' V= •— ; """' ij Woodit.. and Drualrbt anarally.
DRIED APPLES-81 sacks for 4.
_l9 by
Is now constantly ree,ivite x his Sufi. Rock Cf
Comprising In pantile fallowing varieties
Extra Royal Veleet File Carpets do. do. Tapestry
do. do. Demmels extra super. 3 ply: supertlnelPlll
ngrain and fine
fled shim: annenon do, cottforida,
44.34. 54, and 2-1 twilled V 4-1, 34. 64. and 24
plaln do t e-4,34, 54, and 24 11,0 amt 0514-1 do.
Extra Chenille Itusag fine do.: do, exto tufted do, foe
la. do.: aummon do. Chenille Door Mats tufted do. do,
diver skin do. do, Adelaide do. do: Thrum do. do.
thuimb Clubs. Felting do., Risking 114, 64. and 24.
Ala-Sheet 0i1 44, Clmml.3 -l oths. ro
041 t to tit
soy aim hail or room
Ala-Stalr R. 114 of all sizes WWI. Di_eldiSPs
a ets Rag do, 6A4.tandl4 Mattimpelp t le i tger s frash
ru d erWM. l iki "d a i i "%itts Embled Mena
Covens do. Table 810001 do: Wonted Table do.
1115•1131(impartedand purchased our stoekdireet fromthe
most celebrated Factories, being of the latest and tarot OP
iatased styles and colors, we are premzed to feel to our
friends and mamma at Pairm fee Wie M Mr, l um be 9,,,cb
e'eonfr al q i f rt . eft oil Of:ell'and onr Stock at
The Carpet Warehouse, 85 Fourth street
usehl9 - W. McCLINTOCK.
- - -
8200 REWARD. •
tuiN PURSUANCE of a Resolution passed
nani ' mously by th e Eagle Firs ComPaDY,..t. !Dal ,
u na
h , 1.1 La Tiaant In u ll.oa hetrtDiort .. tber nem.
a reysara of Two Iloodrod Dollars far the SDP. -
liension sod cant•lrtioo of thr person or pimp. who .et
o'lo th'fr '4II.OV4SIOA,COV.
F. SIAM. 31— Sprretooo.
i i , UNDRIES—
-17 attl bbls N. 0. Mo!magi, oak toopergge.
In, do. cyproto andotogr.
00 hhtle 50. 0. Sttintr.' • i
150 boo Carg prime gram 1110 o
00 doge 0 Tvri.. Totowa,.
5 du. Plug do •
nO braes Ps and 1 lb dram trgrion• broods
WO do. Window Ulan, City and Country brand.
0000 dom. Corn Brocal, (1..10 9 .)
60 bblo Largo :g. a SlarkereL
(1.1 blf bbl• d o . do..
' . 150 bug Dry Ap JOHN WATT gale C o.,
& CO
mbla Liberty Rawl.
`OAP-114 boxen N 6. 1 recd. for gale by
i. y robl9 , . 8. dW. IldltßAUlitf
II REEN APPLES-20 bhl. reed, for eale
Vir by mohlg 8.1 W. HAIIIIAOOI3.
114 . 0 EN MEAL-40 bun reed and for gale by .
k, othlo . S. AW. RARBACOII.
-I_7 644 wk. D 0.41 14600 , 6
110 0144. yerne N. 0. Nagar
, ' p
Yhaltatloo MOW.- so arrive tor ule by
60106 11,11E7,117.41UNWA CO.
DIG METAL.---itons for sole by_
metal/ IEY, MATIIIEWS k co.
PRESSED SPIRES--1.60 kep___(improved)
tormae by tmcbl9 . MIST, HATT .378 b CO.
-10 p. d b ld& Fret o. o h 801 l D
-d otter.
. '
25 Ws I.liireed Olt
bbl Pearl ArD.
• 50 las Extrp Cream Cheese.
150 dos Cnrn Brooms.
2)0 bus Dried Apples.
500 bus Dried reaches, for Plde Dr
B? LOOMS/250 tons Soft Tenn. for sale by
iy soda,. J. DA LZEI.L. toS n•Wr *TR IFlrst vt.:
fiIIEESE-50 boxes for sale bY
URtiPIKESIOSK 2 4I B 7 hrcs:uben - r ,meTu,,pik,st„.kor ;:: uii.
WuAbinplort Turnpike. thrue miles from Pittbugh.
I A by 72 Pee, Gm which is an old Suer Howe.
.1. R. MURPHY,
.1. S. BONNET.
t.. .hunew McDonnell. in Lot of gmund on the
1 1.• lngton Inroplk, tin., miles Dom PittAbough. on
which 4 erectode new two awry St/mend Dwelling. AV
ply to the ant...write.h nt the noon r 110 itutir
mch ithlG}crlLl.
UNNY BAGS-400 for solo by
mehl9t3t R7l. BLKOIIISI L CO.
15 racks Dried Appkr.
10 bbls. Greta AO-1
pliclual Butler.
`di keg" do. do. do.;
15 554 prim^ Thnory
S% laded. Uln of •.1
and tlrc Yle D 7
mcb l o bbL Maple oEssolto wdoft
R. D LZELL, Liberty et.
‘2IIUT MILL-1 Smiit Mill (IT= for,
br snail°
---- - -
150 bogs urban Rlo Pam
100 bf. ch. Y. IL. O. P.. Imp, akd Mack Tess.
2 casks superior Sladiso - ,
lu No.l Codfish; ..
L.O Lists. lancers' OU;
CO tones Tobseco,stra S'ic Pa sae b
IDOWDER-4000 kap Hazard's Blasting;
RISe4 fords
Le metal) J. S. DIbWOHTEL CCL
AO do. Buckets. 10 dos. Tabc for nAbcb___
up 11. PALMER,. having completed the re
it,. palry additlam kle 'tire. yin rroperg this
morning. finch nth. mehbat
Straw Bonnet and Hat Warelone,
lI 11. PALSIER offers for. sate, at very
low rims, • full assortment of Straw and Mello.
" 33rbllrlah ' —Foreign and itincticalblan• arid Wry
Straw, Braid, Cltds, elms, Melon, Lam Mar, Pawls. Leith
TS—Slaeo, 50u1.% oir t. ll , lar fet tPo im de .
Fln s ta'l..rsh'o ' eu tr =traw. adv. Oi rrip, Lam and mix'.
Slimes' 0 limy, Jenny Lind, and other Pas. In 'crud vari
ety of Ma. and material
RIHHu llotuxet and Scarf. plan Sittn rad Tab
LACEI widths and colors tater an d =dPO
lain sal Squeal wh Mit and
earl. Netts.
STRAW TRIMMINGS—Curd, Tavel. Putiona. Brad,.
r' rgrh a f7.4—lneilch and Amork. SPAM bunclus and
oeparam, rich and noeel 411 m.
pies, Oro. de Rhino, Florence, and other style., warted
qualities and mac..
SA TlNS—Anworted qualities and colons.
dim—Rich and low mica' Parasols and embroil., Band.
beam. dr- do. incltlS
ey MI. Dion's, N. 113 Lamm Mtn,
very large and raper.. stick of Fashionable Clads,
adapted to tlentletrate• Wear for Parham termarlsing the
need styles to American. Kruglish am! Wrench UMW
mem; a very splendid atonement of . Vertings and Clothe
of every fashlonable shade and radon whieh,lngethernitt.
Z3 l 2llllltV Vine "d l g'k InMt i sel=
Is —.l‘ocelft lb.t Tel F= Veli of
?le e i rirr:ll
ebo Amor Mot with a mall. that not roty the
mint superior
Clothing iv mid at this establishment, but alto at the low
e.t price. In the city.
All orders ln the Tailoring liaeesemted. mama, in the
best possible manner, and at the shortest notice. -
ambit .
W I L... NT k E i R ., !.:A o. 1 R.D .. 0j .,, L;j9 k,r t . 11 1 )11 1 ) ; J. L.
mehlg =a and =latterlYst
" to
XIX ' Pl't!'°° Vot,ar"e; tOoPrINI.
In ono. sad for solo by
)KARL STARCII-50 boxes fur gale by
St:Yr - AtIES
No.l Winter Btralaea Larl 011;
LI) tow Juklata Mormar.
bbly. Mats Pork;
Rama Ilmma,Should +5, and Salm to
10 bbLe. No.l Marken+. far gala low by 0111"4"'
Canal Hada.
LARD OIL —N bble• No. 1, for sale by
mehlS JAB. DALZELL, Bg Cater st.
0. ,, SUGAR-25 for sale t
lOU shunts Donlan Houghton mu.dng b
100 do. Coning
100 rti°4-4,... Rack
cornet Third and !target Mg.
Fresh Assortment of Spring Goods.
TIIOMAS PALMER is daily receiving
from the Emtern Otirs, et the Mal stem.
No. 55 MAim STMT.
Bettreen Th ird and Fourth struts, Pittsburgh,
G.pp rayrefip=rjas'''l4l
rc Ilea patterns are entirely nen ,' the
bitty. unsuetatiel. l elut e iurn aprarTa in th ' e f prime
ram.. To this attreeti let of panda& which ewe ft . -
ba foemadby debt thsa deseripUota
ottn Manna awl house keepers IsAiirb
fully Invitee.
Ur L. Thackenn 141,11‘" ,
1. 461 0 1 , r1c11
. I s 'in .d. ..tndw. s p n yLr . snlik'drrrestor.
r at o 1" 11061F.S . Literary 'Depot.
trichl7 TNN ,L. °mai. the root tnce.
I‘ ,,p, ? gNE 3. FO k R .
fm AP A ! . II...-
11ralunee Magazine do
Bartalras dua Far We at
1101.11 E. intrs.u . Depot.
Third at-. v14.4t. th.
LEAD I' IPE--Cornell's improved patent
Lead Pipe foe Iledeante,
A irrrile Ra.. m . .
- . et:Z.lloa .II
All Alm ou halal and to arrim. Am gala be •
134 Yroot gree N:
OLITTTER.--5 bbl'. for sale by
meta: N 014.5 Pint 0z11.16 liebnct.t.
TII klit.9-1600 lbs. prime, for sale by
mchl7 S. & W. lIAILBALVIL
GUS—I bblo. rec'd and for sato by
men~rS. ir.uar.narron.
RS. R. W. POINDEXTER proposes to
o,s SEMINARS for Um Yeluestkm YOUNG
on thi corner of Washington street mid test
Mtmmos. Aprithehr CRY; commenting ea %be DMA Mom'
" VI:6 ' XL of tro Demean rimemitte the astral brat:Lite
. in do ErmalshUrpe!rtment.
Ruramistr— Fkr lter. Dodgers. D. D.l
Dr. That V. Dale, Arifohcap City.
E P. B•Ift.DJ).
JiMtcet Ihreirmisr—grography, History. Writlott. ADD.
matte. Ite.
kmtMet DttlITYLLTT—Pirsr Division—Naomi sod Mental
Philosophy . , Chemist:lr, Ithstork, se e ter
&sold Metre's—W{ll.3h.. the meal Mottles.
ettlh fmtniethsse In. the I reach Language.
TEEMS or ivsromrrox.
junks Deratmettlo t . . _
. .. ........
tent. on SAO peer
_ . . .
lutroettoa tsiMuzle.. .......
TRI open at the THEN-Elll I II 1.1N,5, Warn
amortaleot of the aka,. cpt , 6 1, ..Lar.,11h , .Pr+hg
plats . o d 1.1.1 a Ca.nm.n 11,1 d
do, Meals. Merino C,..irort , .. Rtui Jwao, vmds
of estionn kind, all Sr lowest prim.. mrbl.
L - P
t [Wu:lmm , tb, Mention of
Vaa ' 71, t =l . l=frrat o s f .
llarege, te. tachl7
oaks Dacus Shoulders:
30 bbls. Lard No. 1:
4 - Orrate Lard,
Ye. SotF
13 bays
1 cask Deerraa: •
49 larks Etathers:
" Wool:
4 " Ole
9 Wes Dutton: Dor lacunae Dom do. M.T .
r.r wle br ISAIAH DICKEY 4. (X.E.
0,01,17 • 'Eroot and Water rts.
SWEET POTATOES-60 bLH. now landing
from .to. Mayflower, and for sale E
Water and Etost
COTTON-90 haleX to arrive per str.fiene
so4 for ask , by
16A1 , 111 DICKEY L 01
TOBACCO-150 . taco.
Va. Manufacture, tbo boat brand,. fortale Ittatbr
At A r SOW . S th l i l
for ealo
New Books ! New - Balks ' •
Richard Lord Holland: wilteiby his eau, Loam L 3
ward Lord Milani
Jme &inn, or Prosperity and Airwreity; 61 Cathirtne
Pillallll, author of -61, kldward -liolkh4
Moorland Cottage: by the author of 31,47 Barton,
Larennun The &bria. the Rinser, the Priest; try Cob.
Barrow, author of the Bible in Bpaii, and the Gigue. In
CoLirt. Itildreth's 111stor7 of the United Statee-wood
series. •
The above works just reed and for sale 61 -
IL C. WTOCKTON, Bookseller and Etationer ,
=lan corner Market and Third At •
iiiillebuo of the Law of Lela Me* Title,O Per
o.olo^l•' by Joel Jooe i reed and for elle by
mchlS No. 47 Iderket et.
New Books! New Books !
' l T t ki' PP ' n `% P l t ir'' rih
El a r agli thnoldiiebtio;.
LoOlee Le Wham; by Alex. Laws.
Coaroelt4 by Geo. 13.11-4
the le 1. Moe 50c. _
lekeragnx tba Scholar,. Wren., the Po.eb bY.leee
The Qtoiees.Nectlatk Di Ales. 000100. '
Reveries of an Old Xsiot or Glatt to Young Um lam&
Ina to aLtn•y•
Nene eL ote ant also be ban of P. E. MeN.e'l. ARA,
When/. Olchls Al . •
Webster's Unabridged Dietionsiy.
ARY, bound In sheerklls2PP.orgoe.---Prior
Sarno work hourolln Hunan colter:ll.ord burls old rues,
my elmout—SlON.
A large supply of tbe 'born work roc)] br
nwhls JOHN u. MELLOR.. 5114.1 rt.
Spring Bonnets.
OUR FIRST LOT i. received and
1 ,..
en.a.A. yea:lean. in put. the awn.*
Aiotil Chip, - queen's Ova l .
White and Yellow Leta, Star and Tully. i
Milltio Chip
Smelt& Chip, ' J riol ' e p tl ..13 L irtVaral ud ....
Flue Straw and Diomond, Pearl and Lamp Satin . ;
Florence Crimped. , American Lam
EriEllslo Petal,
l i =ta ' rillra. "4
SpllVtraw, illillt
toch" 62 and 64 ldarlsetat.
LACK DRESS SILKS.—Just reel per
$ Zrpresms-ssuperirrr bleak Luistrine
• l k •
s. l
=ab pl,shit, blaka n A o lASl%' .
a p,e
RISR• LLNANS.—Reeei,k,d this '!xicitnitig
SWEET OIL-350 gulf. for sale b
mtb i s J. KID k CO.
poTA . I.I!-7 casci (prime) frof t r . w ..
- w lil i. Ty. GLUE.- ., .): ,, bbls. (C .
_oop_er!sr , :for
j KIDD 21-92--..
11010ITTSBURGII GLUE-30 bbls. (botrt) for
JIL we Dr toclls .1. KIDD A CO.
frld'n celebested IL C. Ilats. ftwr
mcbls ALL .
LARD -14 kegs No. 1, for sale by
mcbli sum .4 McCANDLBES.
MOLASSES -400 bbla. N. O. oak cooper
-01 see. for mile br meta 4 .1.. t R. VLOTD.
LARD -20 kegs No. 1, for mile by
.elll4 J. A IL FLOYD.
MIOr ASEI-10 c a I ks, FLOYD warranted yore,. for
.1_ ~,J .2 D.
VA Parlor Muddlers awl Worker& of the lark drier.
also. two awl one tight Ornazwewal Nemirow, sd ceders(
mehLs turner of fourth wrol blart4 rte.
Ornamental and
settersa of Center Ta wd
ble:ht.:o, szel Study Lerwei, ell
of th tags AI , nr..ndixan
e watershed stearderture of and
rosters priors mehlS , IV. W. wit..sos.
(ILO RSEED-8 bbb3..for sale by
melt& WICK It SWAN-DM&
BUTTER -6 bbl. prime Roll, for e n ale by
mega .. ' WICK a 11cCANDLEMS.
SEGARS-150,000 Coin. Ohio, for', sale by
malt J.tB..I"LOYD.
BROOMS -200 doz. Corn, for-talO by
malt J. t YLOTD.
tIi.ESTNOTS—Ytibu. for sale by I
melat J. kR: FLOYD. •
TIINIOTHY SEED-50 bu. for sale by
meau J. S R. FLOYD.
FLOOR -100 bbls. superfine, for sale 11
J. .t R. FLOYD.
NO. SUGAR-100 hhds. for said by
IllaLtlllll6lE • INGIIIIA2
nichl6 116 W06,...6.
LARD OIL-10 Lbl. Dia: 1, on hand an
far We by WALLINGFORD a (XL,
as •treat
WWWANTED—The highest market
prior, kraut.. will Da paid for the, different grades
ord. by turbid S. ir K. ILARBAtOII.
O T I O E7—All persona hating claims
Ole Mesmer SCHUYLKILL, lOU pleivre subrlbez=llar: cot lomedlorly,
94114 WALLINGFORD t CO.. 9A Water At.
OR 'SALE—Ohio and Pennsylvania Raj
road Stock Bankofllltabarylo Asehang9 TWA:
r a.in4 ll t. Kt tat. Foorth 0..
WL.TEs — ztx'EAltifzrEsaale,r.
DICE -5V tierces fdr sale by
LOAP SUP AR— bb ls . nss'd Nos., for
ado by - mettl4 BURIMIDOI. k
ORANI:MS.-100 boxes just received and
kw ails by ' BORBUIDGE k-rsoll - ILA3I,
meta{ 116 Water Meet.
store axut k n sale by JAMES DALZELL,
utetli a Water .1.
M ACKEREL— ^ I, 1 h ) , b1 . !. No. 3;
metal JAMES DAI.7.ELL. 011 'Water at. _
DRIED PEACHES-300 ha. for sale by
itasnis S. k W. ILIARBAUOIL
SOLE LEATHER-250 Sites for sale by
SODA ASH-20 casks Kurtz's brand, for
sale by malt S. dr W. lIARBACOII.
DRIED APPLES-150 ha. prime, fi,r sale
er menu E. lIAIITIAVOTI.
'• LAX SEED OIL-2000 knits. for sale by
.—mehli S. At W. lIARDAtOH.
„El 1915MillIMIFFM. conirmla
WINDOW GLASS-6M boxes Wlladocr
CI LW, msorted Mrn and earibur braoar. reed arta
for vile
by mettle e.d W. IIAItILLIIGIL.
10P ,EDWARDS & CO. have ansociated with
bro j o u ntle= ir tikAA
acyam o nfacturera. of EXCELSIOR I OCK.e..
MRS, dt.. No. IN Water rtreet, POta waled, I'd
:e`,=.Vphr:rtgaggito * g.'"`'' llu
cw.hl3 111cIAD 4. CUM- AO,
LIGIIT CIIINTZES.—Mintritr &.Bnicrt
be nabautiful Welk. the atteutke of the Ladles to sues user
styles of Light awl Leah Chlutte
hred. They hairs also open this Monaing, ea drivel
3inapplf or SPR/liil BONS/ISR. Whop is low—sou. at
7% ants. llama Elthous, BotusittAtu...
VIAREGE . DE LAMES; Light and Dark,
Including a t. planer rer, beautiful Prima.. .dot ,
. for thlWratt, reed arta walla,. lea IT" MURPHY A. OCKCIFYIFiLD.
T HE BANKERS', and fitint's :Alerchants'
tta yr..t. kr Mach. Almo4-A m ew R ml clo,p
REAUTY.—It is universally conceded that
. beensr Is more ortunieri In into country thanln any
While at tee same thee It it seta that lo no Obi .
Country to it ton at 1.4,3 - 011[w ao nay. NOWoat
eettain extent, but the nee u orteo eau by lect- We
my b all, de not neglect To. Penettt , •5.41 . _•1!
the following. ace,P•
There bibles are wleounc Pttparittlon.CrtJ hurt Lit at.
der.lsrafur Impartlos,
Jules Meet oleo or Chinese
to the bort hlllboe otentrttou
o pco7 ._ th l na rZr totible
"'.3lpat6l4"latters Depilatory Power,renewing supereu.
ow hal, What ts more unsightly than heir upou the bet
or arm. of a bay. nit article be remove ale a short
'''''er4jllfritociLh4°P"turort'ren:";:ti"betol'hoolf.i'kUr.u.°lltihk.llll-bolob4rlthlLe bfrr'strUtrdrit
shorter time, sod more etteetuellY then any oe r y.
WV:LI= ' Et t irs=ti.--It 11 rtaily• 11,pleana. to
share nib this m.o. There Is thane of the Paurting...-
.. w . eeperteneed to the ofemeet run.. on
s, it lestet the skin smooth end tuft no an to•
tears, end not Hanle to doom,
Joke Boob knee Tooth Paste.—Neat to the bal, ti
think the Teeth err
Wended so the greateet Ilrassemt to
the hIID"n t e te, but when neglect., nothing . is ot ditto,
qu ietly ben.. 11y none Tooth Paste rill impart
e petl i rturintenele. at the root time keeping'
th• W . " 1111.X.8 ILZWEL, Perfumer and Cheese,
13/ Chesnut et, Phila.
for ale cholteukt sad retail, by B,
~,d It_ betters, Pittsbergh. and J. Mituterlt. Allectuny
.55.00 a:•v