The daily Pittsburgh gazette. (Pittsburgh, Pa.) 1851-1861, March 21, 1851, Image 1

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    • ' •,, ' ,:' ~! .'_, , ' y . : , ' , - : ,:,:b: L,' r. , LT. %.1 -...,":: ::.7 • _ , :
. ~ _, . . , . •
. .0. 4
i f r . ,''' ' H l'j . : ',.: • ,
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...-_, .a . ._ • . •
WHITE \ Cc CO. ' •
.gyp.e. 11A1117.
Oreleg on Temp write.-1.. nogg 000* TO elr , 001? O,IIQ. .
DATLT—sFeven drlhet r ennum, Viable bolt tear!/:
Fig Dam. If paid 3.liweee• \
%Tr:fib L\—Two flollors g 0..., inSpdennee. lagge
Ulna roman' en the following eggolitiols—
Threw rept** per onoute 5 00 .
fen reptee 13 04
Twenty eoge '47, 00 •
Tbe !owlet for eneh Club to be adtlremed to one peePon,
end tole. pahl ineltriably tn ehlennee. No Club Pspenlwill
Mr pent et, tho pent , expire, nal,' the money Le sent fur
• renewal.
o ot (ID lino* of Norrparell on Iota)
OUP ..... 0 Si
00. al4ttkpnal tosertkon: 0 2.3
ono ihoel -.0- .. .. a• 73
lw., Tim 00
vo, • • thrio 400
Po.n t o4n. month.— 00
Po. 11.1011119: 00
Do. 4‘.: ...........:.:_...... . 1'=00
• • • • .......... • -
• Po to elvo ruouttas ...--._..... 0..1
rforldio; Cord.. or lesx. uor annuro—.o 00
On« D.r.llor for .111.11tIoon1 , • :•
•.• • . •
One'Ziinere, changeable. at pleasur (Pee
woni) of the '
role tuktitional inserted OVOI t otemult/1./51
far each ailditieted Inrorted under the yearly rate,
hal( pitre. -
Ailvertirentrala exceeding a Mlle.. teal Wit c''`'t U k.c.
One, lobe charge.) pe
e saware and a halt
Publfabers not agaptatebte f..r legal silvertlatearnts bee
pond the =went rharird fir thoit puldliwttOne , '
Atinnitteitie candid:o.-e for *fir, to be shame) the game
other advert • . , •
. .
Advertlemlneati ner. nide:rat on the eery FA a eprellbel
otimt.rnf ineertinua, nand toll forbid.and
Inent erarieal neeerilingic. •
The PrlVllege et awed oliortlairs )'.stria te to
their lAIVU n
tneineaa,siel all 'advertasernenl. feet
the tenertor [eller yorieb,ne ae ell advertise:Pante not
lannedtatagy wirle their min intainea, and all
antr.rtb , nieet, se length ie othe rwise, hernial
the Milt , eneuLyel, eliarpot attha nena4 b a te
'all mach Iran, mut pdatetir.o4, will be neyanately
rendered:toad prompt yeyie,ol - ie desired.
' All advertianaride d: charitable inellttnion, Ere
Paraeh ward, trw - rattiP. and other patine 113P0tiogok, wad
ruck like. to ton chaos.) ball 111. raatildePtrirtly to T -
• Marriage r,tiree to be cherge 150pera, '
male, ipaerted Abner chine. utile" ItSrAMIP.
Wed by funeral rivitetiewe er planar, aiitira, and When
tu wrieetiloWeil to be (aid t
regular edrartie:r, enJ °there - sending miasmtic*.
thinly reentriive led.i.a.s designed'. ettentieti
Atria redrrit. Conir,rie." or any piddle entertainment,
where chary , ' ere male kir retreat...nee—all noire... of pri
vate ILLIKoCiII.b.OI.-, ,, y - irdler designed to toll attention to
Peas. eatery:lw-, apleuiPt-hir inbialwl rraMote Indi
vidual tolerant. coil ono .be ineerted with the und'aratand-
Ing that the mine hi to be yea! fir. 1( intended td be lie
term! to the leak nduain, ebiOood the
rate or net lea. then In rent,. par lie,
Bishop Or Aptinee 01. In chal-pied triple prima'
Tavern teens retitle. real.
/teal KetattAterita' and rot.tioneera' s e cedeeererda not.
to be clime.' nwirr y , arly a, but to owed a dhe
Mara or thirty there and one third rent. front! the
- tratztr tie=
One Senare, three ... . ....... 50.
- •• end, addit4inal 571
11111=.T.M.I.NTA I.` , rrAtA• ram.
One Swage, (10 rinee.) ovelneertiegb--.....50 Cents
•• - •
O k i each alditimal in.serLinn...-.s!Anenteel
All [mail-ant advert`,dueuta Co he T. 1.4 ;arrant,
. •.
rjOIIN I NSON. AldeilMaXl, - Fifth
Wird, Peon otrort,l.,woon O'lfora sadAraluttt. An
ape. promptly atioroled to. „
T W. F. WIIITE: Attorney at Law—Of
fits cm f.nat rinot, r , nr Fourth. in dr.ii m ame a lniiild
G. L. B. FETTERMAN; :Attor
,at.rstirgVir. ul3l 1:4 al l'...'ztutA Avnlz, 5a lralth
4IFLNIES:J.KI3III.sf, Attorney et Law. ofSec,
' '. I. Tilalttlft/L
nua corner of Graaf street and Dismand
• hry. l'itthhorah. . ' • ' - jalSrlty
11..'COLLIEli, • Atierney !at taiT, office
• ais 111111.1 in., Fourth at. above Fmlfhtiekt
- , • atilt. etotnwtion with Km. Nom...NE.SN of
TV•ahlturton Citt,(funuerly of the [And •Clairra in ir.. .ert
%wed to Ore Trona- attention to the freocuriag n Ltuat
arrint• FtiwiorOt, kr, andto the Pr...taut-U.l Oa=
.. Won Conan,.rr any of tiro detertwnt• :. - J.II . '
TAMES F. KERR, Attorney nt Lavr=tifEce
ej on 4th ,st.,,hereihn Frtith9t . 9lthid Giant;Pltirbhrsh.
PRANC ES.C.II..INEGIS,Attorney 4Law,
No. le Fourth gt met: Tslittwavh.
§TOWE & cf_ . %tTSON, Attorneys at Law,
N.. tta Pandit ,ur....t. l'itt.shnrgl, • ":
17ttiUnces—Al..unul. , 1c Dar Job,' Fuyacr. Eal.l ll l ,
ma. ?Smile= t. C.,.. Wm. V. Vaal; Jam Fleming. Au
a:mutant:lb, IW. Jackum. rittlbary.b.. • inUDIT.
DWARD P. JONES, Attorney at Lair:
om on Fourth etrea..betw.en Woaand Ettstig
TASPER E.. BEADY,. Attorney at ,Lap,
II No. AV rlftb etri , rt. Pltobuz,-h.
yiwW73o-.101 , 2 40 -1
yn~lhnArm., kttvinst-gli.. • - '
• Alt traw-aellons cmlc on llbtotal tn-set.t, 2..1" con.tichs
promptly - att ,, rl.l to. lealy•
k , e.l.
1111 D. KING, Banker and Exchange Broker,
■• Furth dn.., li, W ran,: Nam Bills of F.-
._ rkgr.Ctold and nhcr. M,`,“ bought arld solii.
The hLullvt muk.tprire tutiii In premium tnr Aroreirim
11.1 f I/cativo. and Mnem.z raml :tr..101 Dollar, to - Mr . ..
WM. LARI:SIE It, .1 R., Banker and Broker,
V ts:S . CO, ixchanv Broktre;
@onto ESA Corner , f Third and Market stmt. All
ratisea - tiouset tut, literal mire.
'AT HOLMES SUN, Dealers in Forein
-11-• and DosucAlt isflit-litintss, Certificates of De=
Slarket street te
Zy t t all the Prluitllud nitits
thenerontit the Uutiel num
GEORGE .111NOLb A CO., Bankers:
- Dealers In Ilschontr. Coin. Bank Nad i It
!Muth next door to the Dank of Pitialitinhs , Ca
lattices carefully attended to. and the yircexds remitted to,
sac the Union.
HAblElt A RA UM, Bankers and Ex
. chum. , Dealers iu Unripe and DiMaridlo
t. of Escharti.tirtifleates of Domicil , ' , dull Nolo. —
OM., com ee. er of Third sod Itouri newt& directly oryeelte
the Et. Charles Betel.
.CAROTIKERS CO.. Banking. lions°,
4 rls'a. IS Mom! atroct. Cnrrunt Moho) . nt
nem•d on D 11.16 ft. enllcetiom nook on all the principal'
.cltles of tbe Calted
tom A. am,
IRVIN. CommiEsion Merchante
sad PM rok,-.1. tin. 114 Sornod etr.L. Permal pad
Entst4 sonaitirt (rpm 21.1 th alwais ori fund
i • ...Muni/ ritaire..----aiitir • 1.1A,54.-.........1. X.. rasp.
PALMER, HANNA & CO., Successor to
thoi....r. 1r... 0 c,... 11 seems. Ettilaset Iltawatat.
dudes, in Wareitni ant lleinestielbsebange. Certlfisates
et DefeettLlblik liebis. and bale --Nolali West !OMIT at
Waist arid Third iteraus. Corrsot Mao, received eel Ilt
pwit, Kir I:bucks for sate. and ia.llestbuts made On near
ly all the ritieipal ifiiuts of il. United:lWe".
The hl est premium iaal Crt barium and .A . arrieati
Gold. j
Atlvtonricwideou CJII- ^ i.lll,lt, al Prolure,shlpped east.
au liberal term, .
W. , TY 1.0 It aril
, Commissionerl
G!Weber. 112 at-sal ',lieut. tisk atbititliin will le
Intel/ to All business eutron,l to lib, cam Pltnibutsh
manutartiired articles :away, im hart or piseured at short
WWI, 'tate, lamas. Mort:aw, 2. l ••••lleuvtlated nu War
able term' Means , . 111.00. it nquima. •,- ' . 0r2j,...
Re. STOCKTON. late Johnston & Stock,
f ten. floukfriler. , Stal iourr,Prtn ter, and Elhder. rot.
f Lacier awl Third .tremt,.. Pittfbun‘h.
iliC l ii. 110L3IES . Chesp Literary Depot,
..Thlill !IMO. oppwitr tine rnmt Office. Ilex. Bake IR.
led deity Dr ext , r , .. :W.rtintions tweived tr. makr a
the Magezinf. er › , ,,,rn,r , ntiMi.hed et the Publieheet
lowest prin.
11 • .1 - 10 P KINS. Bookseller and Statiornir,
_ :6.70 Fourth .Inc,. Avollo iltliklioge.. . , „
_. _.
- -
peytt) BOWN. an„ 'Wholesale and Retail
yak ° , suul 1', , r, 1 ,, L Fmtrib ftiert. Pittstratez.
eddirm val., en-I F.tury One. kellowtry.ftlwara an liAnd.
All ardev, vunctunlly n11 , .1.1 1...
1.11 - I.INTOCK, 'Manufacturer }ma fm
134..1 . 7=t e rtZ`; 7 '1.Taffm.,17%
nal 70 Wood . "?, - •
1 A - .
Sc, .
, Ikle
ANU LTV & CO— Tranporer
Y 7,`g n F' l iV . ' . h ' nt- er.V rn. i4, , 4:iiilr -i b
101,; iCic.n.
I 1.:
n r , 1 . 1 , 1g . Co mrt 1 .. I c, n .1 1, rrbalt., No. 171 Weer ntrcet,
V4I. IL JTAIK'STON, Fnrcrrirling all
sanlealau 31crrhant. S. 7.12 &wood !Snag.,
ttahv zl..
k JONES , Forwarding, and Com
iml•linv, Merchant!. Ilcateta In Cz!aloce and - Mtt
ri lf , a , rll4a , cl 4, 3l . r.al_analaa, canal p.a,
,AZAT .......... . ..... ......................... P. JCSAL
tz Co, necensars to-At
Comagu?,... and Voreranfluebtr
, I•Abborul. 3b . .nufactutri Umds,
burgh. Tu. •
D. C.easeinsee. 1 . vle . F . Allrt
lIC. fiIIACKIF.TT. & CO-IVholf l ai,.
. D ,.... k .,.,,„ 1 ,,...;,,,:.,bi D.1,11, , tir Du Gond!, ?in 10i
bOO4 Kara: l'il.n.lsrcu. nat.
/1.4...iiri-nlni-rr.cncnit 1.. L. A7TITAT 'een_•;n:;, - Ei
AA.,...241A10N & CO.. Wholesale and ketaij
linnlerx ,In Faxes, .-nil rl.apji Dry (inal,s. x 2 m. 21,,,,
X n et. Pittnbirralt. . .
Alia.,k . ' E• liIIRTIffiIEI , 6, - WiTni:raa .
,i e .i 1, 1
t . 1 , 71 Prr n.,..i.. , i..,Tiapror;tern , r or rOTIX
xlmi ot rtn...•cn. )I:!y.urt. , , .."
--. .
TIM ,grr..wrl., i',E,. rr.r.vm....-...... a-n:3mo.
Ir:RSI:T. FLE:IING SI di. Commission
• Verrhann•--ynr 11. c. real. or Dnmn.t 4 n. IC,lnn. err)
...• , nnilr Yu , . thnters in 111 Yin.n. nr Tedlnr , Trinnix
.'intrx. :in. Y.i ' NV....1 :.Er.-.t. f,oro, atrr-from VIM. l'ltt
.bcryolt. , • ,
• ,
11)11. D. D.2;akt, Comc4. nrFourtia
M a iknt .4 Frn rtnretn.
. .
. .5.1.. o. K. rin - 0... ,
• EYSER k mcnown—L,. (Aftic'ceimo"."wrs7to
.. e
to Kerr 1 iC11 . 1.,.) Wholovije end rotap Dram Ind
Ptimo furrynoolor of Woo.A lt,eet. and A Inbilo alloy.
1 F . ,,,, A .. Protcrlptlons oarvfillly compor.led nigbt and
day, . . .
''''''' th o insa
r,2nte2. Icorr
lirnr ' "i'r 172 ' s ',Aia caxtlny
?War stropts, Poblopl ipach.
Wand invaded Irma
. 4
. A . .FAIINESTOCK & CO., Wholesale
. 111...0.1 may o radltuners of 'White lead. RN
b. • I R
h . .. mropr WfalPti NALPront strre.,
117 R,
X . ----
.. SELLERS Wholesale Dealer in
. .
. .Be Paiot, Dye sniff, oni; ramba.... a., 1 , .
0. a I 0.1 rtzurt, Paßbary.. P. 00.1........t`4'
D. :+IOItGAINT. Wholesale DruOgt.,
II ales. In D-e lit off..Palutn,oo.. Varnldlns.
ood arr., nun dour •nonth f Diamond Alter,
._5l, Wholesale Druggist
sod Agrkulforal Implements,
...mono, of Eixth:
omits =err.
u i lt, Wholesale and Retail
'.mart and Nt. ',lair sta.. Nu,
CO., Wholesale Drug.
ie. Grocer, Commismion
n Paper and Raga, ePrn..,
VER, Wholesale (4°-
11°41109 Meretant.% WI
rl Artirlex, Nos 130 and I 3
est so:awls, eihshorsh.
swrn C 11.1110...
TH CO., Wholemle
.of Olt mtaxion flerc hau lll.• trts. seud
1111. T. iNeTLATTI.
D...ußpsi . E & INGRAHAM, ,Wholesale
Rearto%te°oi'olln°oolVirt°' No . "l "."
„,} 4
y A MA'l',,TllEW i l in ..&.„ ?i o.,, i lN,ll b tol m esalo,
rients l Brighton Colton 10000, Ca Wahl. at, Pinablirgb.
JO - wArr & CO., Wholcsare Grocers,
0 Dian blerebania.wial Dealers In .Produeo and
l'ittebn b alanufautuswa au lalob bilasliT Asset, Pitt.
burgh, I a. .
...._ .......
. f B. CANFIELD, late of Warren, Ohio,
tiol • Ce inmission and Ferwludlug Merchant. and Whale.
sale Dealer In Western licTenn Cheese, Butter, Pot. and
Pearl dab. and IVsenern In-winos gonorallp. Wares street.
between hunt:held and Wool, Pittsburgh
leS. WATLRIIAN & SONS, Wholesale
• rs, Commlaal n and Forwarding SI banta,
— ri a all kin& of Ina'al nor and Iltabungti c heap
004 A ea and Agents for the Ws or itiehmo:d and
Lynebhurgil almelfartared. Totarro. Nos. SU and Si Water
Areal.. Pittaburgh. ..
v i
1 ,. F. VON BONNHORST & CO., Whole'
le la Drivers, Forwarding and Dinruntasion Olricie
an ers in Dittsborgh Slunsfactures and We.m
Produce, NT. 06, rornernt Frani street and blb snowy lAna.
Pittsbu h.
lAS DALEELL, Wholesale Grocer, Corn
tnfr4',i4' 72.Zr.4':tt54.'4% tggZ. trgu-r,r2 111[1
'" .I3ICh_E - ' .- 1. - S.; CO V, hale e To
oomtukcinn latd_r u slern um.vb lo
star. sod 10T Front stroet. .
wk. I. muse ...._....- ........
FNIFSIi & BENNEiT, hate English,
a 0 Ikgher k WholmmlcGrocvm.Ckatordssez knd
ordiod Mozolontd. sod Voodoos In Yrodoot sod Moo.
tough Idsoloactores. 121 &odd It sod 121 rod It.
between Wood and lmith6. 4d.
WW. LIM W. IWCGSTION, rrrencsou-
tfm'Alk, l l7.i'al T 7l,ll7:l7'.2l.ZPltAtml
burial, hoo t Not r is, Cotton tam, ire , ecentanni
nts bond'
IrClll-.-....U.11. D. 111 . 0114 VW= C. •OL
ILLS & ROE. Wholesale Grocers and
Centimbeira Merabaute.• Ka TA' Liberty meet.
1t76: ERT dIOOIIE, W holesale Grocer,
uryi.c doer, In andrsh
• IN and all kinds of Foreigas Domosto•
r i' lz•Z Yarn !co SIS
000 °
:ERT DALZELL & CO., 'IV 11.*sale
rem, Cortreni.dori Nerchuit, dealers Wreeduee
Lauda Usaufaccures. :it.. 253 ar”.t.
at. • Drakr In PAU at lintsztalllan
La..rt7 ritlatralsh.
. EAGALEY & CO., Wholesale Oro
- Woad str.c. Wtabara6.
Jou tl. Irtcl...r‘vrn nicinaczne.
wiCK & iiCC..A3i)Li:SS, succes&ors to
L. A. J. IE Wink. Whisk-nein titoenn, funvneding
„,., 7 Sterchnnln, &err. In Imo, Nan-% On.n.
lbtion' Vern. end litinbuntla Manntnntonn. nnt.nnnill".
owner f Wend *,l Wunn . rtnletsc, Pilintnaruh.
de — tn.♦
'mann end Cnnanission Merchant., Dnelers In Ito.
.antn.,a Pittanzran linnufactunnl Ankh, 105 Lane) .
'trent. eltobunth. Ca.
I. 21.:111;i.l . 103 .-.J0113 llArt
j ILLIAMS & CO....Wholesale and
. • elan Funally Gtoreim Per n a thel Counalschni
uret Dr..; In Conutry Predates. Pittsburgh
Mn macro( Kurt scut Fttat .1. intubetan•
0 :INSON LITTLE .i. CO. No. 255
bray street, Pittsburgh. CO.,
Grout& Pro.
. let all • Cotambrion thrrhaute, and dealers iv Pittsburgh
Flan • tura,
TD .. ..
iL fLoirif hblesale Grocen, Com
4aon Merck/not, and Dealers in Produro--hound
noildia.t. fronting an 'Abort), Road, nod SUth
!ittobargh. l'a
..... 141. 7- C.ll.
Prating, rntrigu_Wair., /Aqua , M
and IbteUral Wrgskay—ha carrireerrat Ron
Est- Pittsburgh. •
JN 11.31ELLOR, Dealer in • Pinnorortes,
mt and Musical Inonnunenc, &boot Boot, and
2.110 u .
Yee anent far Chiekezina'. For.. for
Warterp nauddranda—Nn ! , 1 Wooct
TRY KLEBER, Dealer is Musk, Mu-
Instrumeau. and Importer of DAIL. Suing.
t for hiume, a Clarlee mand and ate equ Pismo,
with . l eman' . ,Erdcan Attachment. Alm, 4x. Dm:khan:l'm
fi-. ,NNEDY, CIIILDS & CO.. Marmfactu
- ern of very auorrior 44 I -heating. fjarpat Clain.
:.unXbre and Batting. Penn lilt!. Pdtaborah.
40 1, ES & ifieldifi, Siannfacturers of Sprint
, mg.,: &eel. P.lnn44 , stool. S to a t P4 4 .5 1 , , , ,...inn
Eliptle npruaga. Ilionarrerrvl Inna
do4ii Iu Illalleabla Caatlng4. Farr Munro, Lamps. and
Coach einvoilnda generally, myna . of Ron and Front at,
Plttabqgb. Pa-
;t. Bei - ry Co.. Manufacturer" of eats Ash. nitwit
dem. Ithaintle seed Sulphtuic.A64l , Warehowe
Yater Lnlow
7- TER P. MARSHALL. Suceeesor to
• :ftiaad c DlD—lmporter end Dealer Frew+
end Amon Paper Ihensinge end Borden, Window
nhaden, Vire Do ts. dzwd Prin i . Alx . —Writtra ; Zeln o =
awl Diamond file t
MORRIS & HAWORTH, Tea and Wine
Machina, Pset side of the Diuncnsl.Pittebargb.
AM. A. MCLURO & CO.. Orocoro and
Ten Dealers. No. no Melly ntirt ab erve (i ii - cal
Ifti; '474.."'=f=7. Prone awl
eats d Deniers eupplied on the lowest tenne.
IN A. CAUGITEY, Agent for the Like
a and Jlklion tIO. to Beaver and the token—
s.- the manor of Wed", and it:lMb bold ata.
LEECII & CO., Transporters by Canal
ardi g comer of Peon atruot
irr.rrinvm Jr
i SON, leek known
, kom constantly on band or
InOnly line, at. tbclr old
also. at No. CO Ylorket
Dial:toad. Volition :Naito,
neatly tonalrrd: splo
z t :A va . tZ so llrn=sert r„ ,
olden Shutter° are
made In order
bed renal tn any . in the Oulted
rewired without tbe or te
rebstwil lbw iamb. tante, and worel
vet of itutioner Iteelellund, I eat
old eurtntnerewa well .o the ;nate
PltutAlreb. •
12:4:CWWIatIrl,,,j144ffsl:ilt 13 : 41 :1
.4jOEPH .JOHNSTON, PAPER ILtsozz..4. -
It u nrent—Fesl;lence,parner of ThIPI Meet arid bud,
L'.4'.l37.laef,bgarti. Storm; Lath. tr., Dn. rale. •
VEttairthitt Slitdritl... - :
, AM lIARDIE, Veterinary Surgeon; late . ,
rem 'Edinburgh, Fentland, would respectfully seci
A. lb.. publle that he has Commerimd to
111 the'
&bey . prnfaudon; and, by Careful atlentim to whaterer la ;
entruti to him, he ho pes to give aatlsfnetitm.
' 'ln martian o-Ith Jame. !fertile, Iturce Sharing aid'
Mu colihlng in zreneral alit be earrint on. at thi. earner .
Tunnel etreet and Peonrylvanla Avenue. ..
. __ ..._ _
A u e R- tl i a ;,,,,.,!;;1:.,,,EL.,
We the
l i ) , E.a o l i E j, n m s .r rd',
It . "_ .! Goaf., Ea. loutthertyfrt.. Pittsburgh , •' 1
Sb. AV. lIATIBAUGII, Wool Mciehfinti , ;'
Drain, In Fleur and , Predoce gelly, and Ear
'and Coannactou Merchants'
115 Met street
14, "rntat rtreet.EittatarrOh. • •
--tifffix JOlTNai:EUgraver oh Wood,
1 I - 1 Sherl ' n „
1 4 " lard t '
PT: P , l ' ',
7 . 1 1 P. I I
7.,. . PVt; ='.. .";
ia , Pi, graforbt,, rem". fur ['Meant,. ft,
,pe rA, and A Ponastlent, entlon Ram la, Lr., lu the 4rFt / 4 4 40
r_ ... Invl st 11r .. 117 . 7t primo.
11,1:IANI SCIICCiiRAN'S Lidlpgraph
) le Knablinartnnn. Third !t t, nrprite Our 1.04
0 ... Pittobargh. M.N. Lonn.rnprg, Vortrait, tllin• ICI,
Rd bcylo,lnnt..Boo.l.4....brliZAnnaltreaural and Machin.
D wino , . DuAnnn end Vl.itin.l Cora,, tr.. «nninTr4l nr
/ To nn ll.lanr, nml printni In cnlnr, 001.1. Ilnyntr. or
111 1, In tbn moot strproTed ft/le, sad at, th n t p,... t ~,,,.
tb Vl's ., inol,ly
- -
wW. W Watelten, Jew - airy, Silver
ww,, sad Miter.. Gond. earn, .I.lda.rkin arql
r•••, B.—WldeAnna Clockx
fnlly th
WAINTIVILSON & CO7finportrais --- and
' Mamas Dearn ID Mr:two sad Cuila7.
I street, =islnd
J‘ll. rerun... 11111141,11 T
rers of FLINT rt . rul p REV.! BLABS, MOULDS. and ell
ir, of MACIIINLRI. take this Inetbod of Informing
those tleslrotis of having. eneh work — done, that thee - am
prepared Bodo It at the lonee weal& re., at the *tort.
Ft not/re...lM the beet manner. et their establishment.
rond street, shore the Canal the ties {Corte
Twee Iron , for Black Smith and Blast Yurnaces, mean.
(enured et B. atiorle.t notice, and at the lone. Prtoso—
All M odsllolm of Jobblpy dolmens ehort notko.
Gas Fitting.
31arket, Pittaburch, Pa,
Would invite the public to their
enactment of
Ch.nteliers, It dungy, Bruclrtr.
are, le.
no., are prepared to execute
Coon iittina on the shorteet nn
nd most retronabletntov. . [meta df
Vfb besUtiful able of Hata received eat Tot pale by
JA.lllas WILL-10N.
torb7 corner Wool at and Macioce' alley.
Wegner, Buchner & Mueller's
/1111 E _ABOVE FIRM respectfully an , leUlice
.11_ to their friend, and the publie wenerall, that then
arm {Miami to elevate, in the en,n 1.1.3 le nr their art, all
orders for Show Cant, Dal& Cheek. Vtw dud
and WroPwainnal line Mnpa. Chart& Label% de.
Tiniz entabindunent In at No. td Market :dreg,. between
Third and Yourth atrwel, up ,tale*. tarliSdr
Bolivar Fire Brick Manufacturing Comp'y.
n. F. JuNta U. a. nAu.n.
GLOVER, KIER & CO., PRorittrross
PRE SUBSCRIBERS, having been
liniutad Agents for the shoes owned wooer., will
keep cioustantl) on hood a supply of the role heated Bolivar
TlfErick, Cruclldetilre Clay, Sunnier Ilearttu and It walls.
r ' y are alai prcparett Ia remise orders for saki mask. to
be made to slat. and chape to atilt purchasetrt which phial
he promptly
Wad, not deem It wee/teary to &Tor rate the roan ad•
havethe Bolivar Fire Wick tsonArat over •Il others that
hove horn offered for sale lu the United :Rate, their sup ,
riority being roll known to lamest all persons who Ore
Fire trick. The proprietors hays determined that tho
Reek shall lose stone of their mescal sortable reputation.
aud that Ito expense shall be spar, , ,l to mato them even
better dun they hare betsitofore been. This is the ouly
establishment now manufacturing Fire Brick at Bolivar.
AI Ell P JON Fe,
meta Canal Basin, itevenbh st o Pittsburgh.
4ideCORD ,t: CO. ' Intve received 11.
their Sprltig Style of Hait i to whirh they re.
pertfully melte the Shee riio of their custom
ers Sul &he public treteerollr._ fetorl.
Eiiititirgii - Giiii Pipe •.
and Tube Works
FrHE . undersigned have just completed their
1 xteurivii
and are tow remufartruirer nitr a 11.4 S I'IVE, La
Ore and otter Vlurr. and all Alum e
hieb they °tiff. for oak at the loroft prices. They nen
verylred to tam., orders. to ant si Tahorttout de-
No. O 1 sad 02 Wow otrott,
117101ART.11 & NOBLE—City Flouring
• v Vito, N 05565 Liberty rot of Mew et- Pittaborol..
NriclioLAs VIVIAN, 0.61 Engineer,
Preughtrotan t aud Practical 3lthlng Arent. Marv ,
rengbre of 31odels the Patent Office,desiert••of ideal.
nen. for )Ines Wet,' Worts, Mille, te- Star be
found tettrixt 10 A. and 0 at his resitleone, Nn. 21
Itarburr etreet. Pltteborgh. tattle:dlr.
A. DIADEIRA, Agent for Delaware ..11n-
Wel UM, lim-num
GARDINIIRCOFFIN, Agent for Franklin
ejl elm bun:mare Comp.}, north eut earner of Irrt4
and Taal greet+.
IM. GLEI.;N, Boot BINDER, Wood streot,
v dare from the earner of Third where
, hr 1.
rel " =lll777lanlMOr gargY 'l l=„7
bound eabetantially. Boots to meter., or old
toood omfoor. m noorot Nvors oolon kn.T.
Thaw who bore Medlar are Invited to roll. 'low.
iIIitCORD & CO.. holeeale and Retail
Manufacturers. and Deshasa.
Hits and Eta,
ranter of Wuml sod Fifth nava. Vltabtuatt. Whore th,
offer • full mat essaplete Melt of Ihta, C Furs, ue, of
aluallty sal style. by Whakatle sod Itetafloual at.
situ the anautka uf their euanmemand ranaturrs gro4r.
ally. ..aril. them that they salt tall no the must altar,
Mama terms.
WM. DIGBY. Merchant Tailor. Draper,
snit Dealer in R a lOr Clothing. 1.7 Literfr n.
- 11EMOVAL.:--I.4I.SPEETL has remsred — t
AL Uteri) . strsst. below Pitt. Nc4. ICC- 015, m 1 dwrt
In. ta the mate building. asur:llAhm
Hew Coach Facto7—Allegheny.
At, 31. A. wiirri: to co. would r(-
04.: 1 - opertluMlbren the ruble. that they ban
e lop on Loroek. !Winne Federal lotn ue
threels. They ore new trtalthul and an prepared to receive
orders for every - denritttlon of vehicle; Co., bee. Chariole.
dosouchea. Pinta:in. Or.. , te...wldeb, Crum then
t r ait thrtfuVilTeePi her b= they I nf e 2 ;:d At I We h: do work on -the mott craennable terms with
limn truth. artithee in their line.
Paying particular attention In the F.lectino of mate.
and Laelnglinnl• but competent workmen, snci hav to
heelball= In warranting their work. 'WI, theretbre ink the
attention of the public , to thda matter. .
N. B. Repairing done Iv the beet iurecr. and no the
man rrannable lento. , huthtf
AGLIMARBLE WORKS, (established
18321 by . EIJMVND INILKINN, No. 153 Liberty at_
of Wood greet., tittablargh.. :NlantimentA. urlid
Vault. Tcmts.. Illeadatoot, A.c.:slaretrl Nene, Crotty atld
Pan- Tom al•ay• on hood, And meth. to orirr.
N. D. A elv,ice aplrction of Ltramttas ov Wnd. )1.10
of Fourth aal Market etre,. Parham!,
A ave. at the tommencentent of the New Int, to iv.-
tam their thank. to their raetomera and the edalo gen,
ally. tor the Large share of earldom asternbal to them. and
invite the continuance of their favors. Ravingnevudir
coder - gni axed trormved their room. they enahled keep
nn hand a very esteuelve naeartment of %male- sod buyer.
will have the edvantan 010.0 . of light emminv
rode. and rank. their seiectinne. Uri deelgo making
their establittantent, am far e• practicable, • TAMIL , .
FIORE. where every article In the Dry Gonda line, needed
for the manta of famillea, cm be procored—and in their
continued effort. to select the beet garde, slot no sell at low
mice, they hope to Make it the Interest of Casollka and Ito
dividtials. Co favor them with their euetinn.
lyb-The 'SUCURSAL/I BUSINKTS will be continued
We rooms up etaini—eotrance trim 4th street, or thronq
lower room. pant/
tlon of of Thir
the kind In Pitteb h. d and Multet etreeta. The only char
rd urg
FAC4l.l7.—John Fleming. Principal Ine.trurtor In the
&genre of Arrou nts. •
O. K. Charoberlin,Profelwor of Penurearovhlp,Slereantde
Ale.. Wateon, Red., Lecturer on Commerial Law.
Those &ailing • complete knowk.dge uf Book Keeping,
and Ite appl.ation to terry branch of bvelneen.aten an el,
Fast sodraphl perunarollp, are healleit to call and exam.
to e the arrangements.
torture on o Cmrcial Love every Monday eve Ling.
• Reference t sa y
m edal
the resident city merchants. ideal
, 'WILKINS, No. 245 Liberty st:.
head of wood street. Pitubtaab, r.
• Molinnavta Burial Vaults,lontbstonea.
te- Slmtle Crate and tier Turf.
always on band and made to order. of the
ebtantat Marbla6and Si very redueed
pries., A donee selegfion of illuningts on
'tan 11.
.PA • front Italy.
I .1
non. Ilarmar Dennr eltnft Tiernan. Eal•
Hon. Judge Wllklna John Harper. Eh.
Wet. Robinson. Fan Joe. Ai:, )(err. Fan- Arehiterg
Jo iTt d Etti
J: IL ShrAnta Ens. Mill t Corey, do.
Wlloon McCandless. Ern. linen ?argent. do.
Robert McKnight. Eat. Wrn k
JO, Mal olght, Ent. orming. D. T. Morgan 6 1.0.
Lana Jerhus Moles 6 Cn TrnWrs
S. Lothrop, FA, Alleghanr.
E. W. DA, grateful fur the very liberal permute la.
salar:l dorkor ninteenTesn 41 OA. dtT , haTi n had the
largest and best jobs entrlatrd tn his ears op to the rnrent
tune, and will craleavar to [ender eallsfaetlon hereafter.
ya 24 -
(winter. wan-mama 97 at 99 Third Amt.
J. V. W. rerisetfully informs hia friends and I
customers that GO has now completed the la
t ro t
and unapt etude of hiiimeteold (
to ars ever Wore men in
this city, es he is determined uphold the qualitY with
well s non materials, heat workmanship. and nrnen &-
anew, and from the extent of Ma wades and facility In
mamibeituring. he is enabled to produce warranted Innth
tore. at the lowed priers.
Lie has adopted the principle of identifying the co atoms
ma' interest with his own, its qualityand Prim. and Scene
%bray% on hand the greaten variety of every desc ri ption of
tannin:ln: farm the eheaprit and Plainest. m t h e most eh , .
gant and newly, that • house. or any part of one , may to
furnished from. Ms stock. or manufatturtil aapresaly
order. lie thernlide Inspetitims- that the %demo
tams of his cnabliabment may ho known. ma following
c omirt, in past of his stock.
for richness
coca at t yle l
and , ftnisb cannot surpaPanl In any nf the Carioca
parlor, drawing. dining. and bed mom chairs. Of creel
var Sty, consisting of rosewood.nista.. 7 and walnut,
Elitabethen. Contereatoire and ESA) . Chain, of erery doe
criptlon; a nd
Sofas. Tetesete to and Divans of the Uteri
French and Anwriran pattenus Taehaos. WbateNots and
ladies . palm . Writing Desks of various kiudic. Work nth.
and fancy Inlaid stands. mash stands. pad holders. Marble
mil. mahogany. rosewood and walnut centre and was , ta
bles, extension diving tables all eirestif the moetimprievist.
and deskindly the last kind made: card. Pembroke hair arid
Mee tahlsk wardrobes, boded/luta and washstand* of cub a
large moortment gothic hall and parlo7 reception chairs,
manna. and stools. r etry and book roam ride hoards,
Ere rcrectostowel max hat stands, and mimic ankh, nibs.
and cot, for children; paper maxim. tablx and tea 1.7.•
mahogany, renames!. and Wahl pearl Tables, le. ke. a.
A largo awartment of Common gurnitora as Windom
Chat,,. Cabinet pater, supplied with all articles hi their
Fteitlnbnate end Iltd , lN thrrilthed at the shortest notice.
All orient pmeetlf .lfreded to.
Attorney at Lar,2:0.163 Third Mc corm: of Cherry
aaallllll y. haring mode arrangement. for the ampere, will
precarn Bona, Lando for ol(brr and onldicro, their
whims and children and will attend to MY other hoci
nera, connected mill 'the sacrament or my of Itai Depart
ment, the Pension Ohm, or the Courts itt..tha City o
Washington. ia27idtt
Drawing, Perspective, and Painting in DiL
t i t ;e 1: , ...!...5 .th 1§ . 11 ,, T . 11 ianowsrcrared to give
et t, delightful art. 31T. d gru,' :In d ll= Omit;
Atkinson's new buildio
g, First street. between Mut and
Market stomp. lloars inannotion. from IN to 4.ti. And
from fit' togdi P. m. Charges and other partieniars can bo
known Of exiling (afternoon) lathe mono.
nett, to Dr. Gazaam or Dr. Addicon. da=gitf
SIMITLEY & COLVIN, Cool Merchant:4,
aro neaten in Dry Good, Groceries, Iron .M Nails
comer of Walnut street and Washington Turnpike Wood
Tamer. villa nelgollnlystt
Cr 23134111. In ISMEN.
W. CUNNINGHAM t CO, Manufartuners of WM.. ,
Nn. MI !ll•rket ottrect, N.G.,. Fire a 31.1 !Wood,
llH.Pl,nrull, Pa.
Prirtirthr iGtrntlim raid to old dam Also--Desh•ri. In
Flint h.r. Vial.. Putties. de..
No. 7 tZll" - `:oft . nn t' all the ' enion,—
Fln^ l, a bonzta and Aoki no msomlnatnn. febinirtNeT
HARRISON SEWELL, Attoal, at Law,
• .01110 Plat. COW Intoner hm WO. Mit
^voklnoats of artt, 00c.--Yo =ably.
5121iltbelfL rs
..its.. ~ .~
OF Tur.
TLr utalerooto4 or caber vr,els are a ppointal to mil MI
1 , 11".. Li.--.lm.ric a. .VeJsurS. '
'NON NVW VON, 11.31 1 / 4 1 . V....00 , .
Wqi newthsr , Ilardt Sth/Sodursl3}• 3, .. , "0 St n
W...1u,....1nr, -. Dith;Salurdny.
W . lllll,dak, A eNt allWtrltteNlety. APri , , O ,
1% , ..1ni,1a.,. • lahledursduy, - V.Oth
W..ilne-clay, !Ray IllthlWr , lnc , J.Y. , h , Y 1,10
Suturdny. - I:llllllVedneAhq, June- 11th
.Satunlai. Jun,, llth
fttur.lay, •• I:ll,l.l%Vednr.drly, - 26 th
elauxla.), July Lthill'eduexla,. JulY Ulh
Salurrla). .. IPthiWnlner..l.". •• '.. , .3.1
tuturday. A"gun ic lil W , r,lnml:t.(. Aug .
SuturdaY. O. IY Atteledw. - .''''.
Paurrley, - MU. Wedorrday, ~ , pli al
P..tutday. .- 1.10
Saturday. ''.'''' ! ' ' 7 ' 3 . l 11 : :: 1 1?.:1: ' ,. .0d 1.1
Sutunln,. 0.. t. 11th IV , klue,mlu): .. 1. 5 q..
esturdmy, - t' ,, luY• - -,..
eyturtlur o''n.
P'ilii'll . : . ! l !? . ' ' ''. ol ' Lth
. .4.q•
Saturday. -t i tV
Saturday, eithpaturdsy,
Shard.)',eaturdaj ,
Cunard Lino—Freddy
Fr.oll 1.17[1,0011, /Olt TUC VIVITIII , MTAirn.
.New York... ..... .-...Futurclay, Merril 1.
.11non Antonia); klarrh 15.
.Nuo York olunlA), klarrh . Z.t. ............ .....1 4 storklaY. Apra 1 .
.New lurk ..... ........Satorday, April 12.
FOU Lircurool...
Eutupa. 1t00t0u...... ........... .Wedneoloyllar, 12.
Aare\••• York IVA orolar, klu.r. S.
enutolo Ik,.Aos. IV udoe".l3 1. April .1.
Africa ...... ..... .... Nov York Wm - Int . ..lay, April 21.
Morrie. Boston.-- ........ ....II oueliAlar. Aprll :14.
A.llO lh.o York Wedoeuday. 01 ay 7.
I • woo.40 to Halifax, ll,Atuo. or Nrlf York, .1...1."., wrotul
cabin, /2,,
.Vern / ant Ilan. •_ .11.1dhly runt .
1.13 , rt NZat P.A. r 11.1 VIC aims.
Franklin. Faturdar. S. F.L. Franklin, Wrdkln). J.kltl..slar
Ilnuthnbit - nth :Oar " •,?11l llr,
Franklin. - lab AK Franklin. : .11.; ?la,
110w1..1 , 11.. - :1.1 NI., 11unkr..1.11.. ,illl Jun.
v r .. ki i„ . - 'Let 1 . 1" ,rn"". ..
j lnir
Illantn.lill. •• _`nth June - :ki t h
Franklin. - ?alb Jul, Frunklim. •• tll l i , ua
Iltituboldt. - =al Aug. illni. ll dl. " ~`,1 , 9. j - 7 '
Franklin. '• :ant. F.i.t. Franklin. 7 . .....,!, , t, •• lath Oct. Ilutnbohlt.
,liSlr, ,„.
Franklin. •• 101. A Nor. Franklin.
lion:lbw/IL - tall pr.
-,'alunlar. Jlar. 1
Ilerumuti .
Wa..hinetn far New V0rt..............Frk1ay.N1arrb T.
Hermann New York. PrlnY. AV , ' i'!•
Washinwtou % w York.— ....... —FrWay. 510, ,
Urrnafasn .. `ie‘c VorS. ....trill*. inn , P,
101 cr .11101, 1 / 1 .
U. e. FlearkerA [rave Nr+ York ov the I Maud Mb
of rare mouth. for Chrme, t
2 , tramahlp Ifabel Ire," ellarl,ten on the 1.3 an - 113111a
each month.
T.•attxx.—Ur Gnam.l•urg. ChamWrahuro, Philsdelvhls,
Nor York, G•tem, Colts. awl NOI thtrn pert. t.f N. Ica.
N. Jer.e.y. end the six N..r England tithirs.—
no Prat b Proshir,l cf Inver Camds. N9sis duels,
No. BruwvricL, daily Arrirel se 4 r. ts•ratti at 1 P. M-
NOITP Enrrtztta..—By ll4inrlik Wd /1441day.burg. ea,
Including Um counties of Bradford. Cluol.rta. emir... Cli
nton. Juntara, I.yrtanlng. Mrßrno, Poli.r.
3 V u .. a r U av ni l o l n ..
taanle atrt
Ro dWs.. ..Nm Alexandra. l . a l n , d l¢o li .
Ana vont., ArT/Ti. l ile, eirrnt Monday'., at 3 A.ll, de
p.-oda* at li.. P. at.
Ural—fly Dud, Vs- dlrderr. Crawford,and Jeff,wrn
mundea. totem part orNdw Vert and nipprz Cartels, daily.
Arrives at 9 r. N.; and drludd• at 9
:.t - ruzed Aar • Wl:num.—By WrolttnatAm, Grern,
Yomrr,t, part of dreMmoralluel county. rtrutul.
AlarTland.Balumurr. a.litnatnn City, Eouthern Te n n Al
. wt.. of Oldo and I udLana. Konsurty, Minnie, ,
tor. Alabama. 51i.•ouri. Arkamaa, t Nordt Ord. ,
Una. tiourrle. Louldnna. Florlda. and Trsaa, WI. dr..n
at b and &parts atGr.w.•
Srzyrzure.t.l,•flmu.-13 Tuvotte, ruaum..
Flnnmo, hula, I`,. 110 y
Cove. Jetterum. Harr'.
k rrive.. m. Carnal, llulium a n d' .
7 Xt. rountle,olno.d.‘ll3.
A 11 P. U.: deurlx
NOT,. WT•Tru."..-11, Beaver. Pa.. artl Clveland-Ohio:—
Dearer C 0.., Columbian, Trumbull, Turin,. , lenowa,
AuhUthu la.,:itark.l.V a, yr.
Loren. lthrun. Cams.. uen010nL),114...1.
Vol Luna* matithu, UhL , , the • nurthurn rouniu..
ul th e :tabu of ludluou and melLullug all flteld•
rum. Imre, and IV4uonuin. doily, Arritr4 I/ .4. it. de
-lartn al 0 ade°. Smnxtetil.Ttpu.
film. KI Arut.trun..
b,u, and Cltsrfrld mantis, dall, ..Icer 4... movie.). Ar
rise. AC r, si.lan , ldrpart. at Br.
Murv--14) Prrryrrilir, Wazkw.l. Teltormple..l . ortr,
vine. Moho"berg and Nrw Arrive. Tawny..
Thumb., ssul vsturdsra. a v. vv.: dvvartr r:
and Prld4r,w‘T w,
HAIL Philp, >boa
or.glabela Cu, Arrtlct. Ttorday, It r.
rarta Ind at
Grsow llothvoran. pivaia hum. Mlia - nom
Cod Valk, t;rxilvt.htorti. M.treerr. Itelltrr•
enn,Conketurn. l'errynmlin .1:rot Liberty, Upyri
taa., pa. Arrive,• and Tl•Ler.ll.).. A 31...1.-
irt• 3:owls', mad nt. to A...
17171/Vil. 1 . ..a11...4 min, !.abkplo, n, Can+,
Crrok mill, I,—
11 4 ..j.r.a,,. Arnt....i,nalry rand T1J0r..".1.110
depart* am! Thurnlsp. Ir. r.
kk ttt t Murd , rkevillr. MoooNllnn
loon, Fru/ tfort 0.. Arr.,. no
Friday. u c r. .Nstop4.%,. u 0 A. a.”..—fly Antrim. Nc•rth. nod Ar. 311,
on . 11rdocrdr,s, at 8 r. Y.. departr oo 110 04 , 0
at 0 N.
I.lterwaran..-11r lAwran , a Irot.ry A,11,0. nn 1.61 .5.. 6
Preaktuva. Owl..
INbll..tnwn. inclul.rnt Wartrn ant
mantle. Artivea daily at 3 w.. and ..I,art. 444 A v.
Lott., fir the. malla mutt be in the
I, derarturt; Irtten. tbe
e rerera - enn
SONS. illtrlkertl.
alltirCElD DM! PH 18
Nu. 57 Ala , k, of, hrtnree Mird and fl,rrrth ds. Palrkrmh.
I'ENA SY LY AN! A. Branch aostnort. la
Bank of Plto , hurah.._......narltranch
kaah.aar. Bank Of do.- rarillranrh
Nes. and Ilan do-.... -par Ilran , l3 at Youn,town-...d0
Bank of Comm.,.. ..... Hook.
Dank • . 1 Nora] Arnarvna.--parlOanm.,l.
Bank ofNortlin Litcrin+-lar,Fraa , kina Bank ......
11.01 of Penn.lvania...-rar;Laray.tto .... nn
rook of Peon forrzohlr-tarjohk, Lift , Inv- k Truot
Bank 0f the Unitod `ant, 1111 stern llearry.. Bank.-
Clunratelal Bank of l'a..-rar liank of ...... Ain
Itarmera''Bit par emall Nam ....... - .
Trarl Clank rar, NEW L'. ELAND.
I‘..nainKton Bank-- P 4310,01 Ranh,-
Malaise. k Lech Eant....Larl NEW
Mreßavl~llank_.....-....parj.Nor Tort CI ty ..... *.rar
' pa
A "
Snetbnirlt Bank.— .--
Tradeanan'r Bank par ,
Woo.= par
Bay% of Ctalulwrebunth-
Baulk orcbeny:r Orx4ory—par
Batik of th.
'llk of Ithtnampd
Ex Bat, la., Norfolk.
Fata-mpri Barak of
,Irrrlmt.' A Nl,h. Rank.
North ll'eftern hank ft
Branch... .. ... • lv
of Danville.. :.. --par
U. of Co. l'il.jt.r..gutr .
Bank of ti.rmmarorn.
Bank of Gettypburgh
Bank of .....
Bank of Middletown—
Sllont=mery Ca Illaut
of North umborland.tar:
of ht.uf N. Lan;
ICntrimertiki Rt. Wittnlmen
Ilercholti Dank. N.mbrm
111 E c.f the NI 4,(P. Cam Hob 2
Wank ‘.l4,4stit rarnlinA... 2
aut. 2
I.l.lern. 2 Mechanics' Ift2
Attgu... lux. L builtitm
•1.,0k Num.%
.fll r.
'Oh of !Iron,. wick, Atom .la
.. . ... ...
Carit,./... 'lak. .!i!
05luxubla Bk k Bridge C..Parl
loorfratnvrrt 8ank....,--- .per
Radom Bank. - .. . i - . pai
Edo 4k 'al
Yanrwri` Bic of Floc ka l:' , ...par'
Farmer! Bk or Lynctott•r.rcarl
Varwr , Bank of 11,adina par
Farm. Ilk ntl , lttlyllolll,.rkarl
ha.... bro.. IV ap0,1,t3 rw.. !...
Fran kl 10. Bit ,1t apttiol.3o” r.r
II arri.tmarK Bank.... ..... . !,
iloaradalo Uaz .`.
L=oaater Ban k
LarEva,t.renuorT Book_..Par
',bait.. Baal ' par
111 d Kentucky, lonAhnrlge ti
BR of Ln.161111, 'Mitt,
Northern 11lk of I.:,nturky
. •
Bank .4 l'ottmvill«
11,,norignbela Dank.. ..... .raV
tlrrt lirasvh hank
Wyming Itk,Wrt
leak Dank
Ohio Stain Bank '
Brinell at
Branch at Albert....
Rh of Plats of HIP•oorl fi
Pamk and bran,11......50
Bank of Illinois
. . .
Malin.. h. Ho. In.. Co. obkn 6
Bna.L zit
licaurb aL
11Farsners' Morhaturn . Dank 3
povnnitonnt Stork Bunk__ 3
Tnninoutnr Bonk 3
ltourano•Cotnnnuy. ...... ... 3
not. Hank
Ink nt D. N.Amnrica-Torontal
Beak of 10. People. Toronto 6
Bank of klontreal...-... ....... h
flank or U. u.nna. Tomnto I
On New Zork ([4 , W— 1
On l'hUndelt.tun 40 . 1 .
On Bannon, ,In ' 1
-.-,Cincionnti 1
.dolLtisvUle-....- ......... .. ..... t
. . .
Itranrh at Cl.volatil
Bratzell.a Toltdo..- ...... do
Reatsett at Dayton 'll
Prancl, la.lawara .
An Columbt to do
!impel at Aahtatoukst Jul
Branch at ...... ohd
Aranth at Manatit,d---...d0
Ilrenalt at
Itranch at
Itranro at Colutnln
Brandt at iisAtu,
Itratu.ll at Cadiz .d.
Itraurit at I....raatar do
Itranell al Stetst..ntillp do
Ilranrh at Olt. tivrtarn
t. 'Ka".
Doubloon', Sinnlob 10.1,0
tlo Patriot.. ..... AA)
F,nzle, nl , l 10.un
Enalr, nrw
ltrarm . .
ftraneb at, riving11014........40
Branch at .......
Itranll at Troy Flu
Itrantb at sit.
Ilranrlt at Zanervill.... d
Ton 1 Intirrp.
rt?1,7 r 51, • • •• •
rent um] r.
. . . . ...
Branch at Nomalli ......... -.....dn
Craneh at Pin.. do
Branch at Portamouth.--di
rtraneh at I.laWn do
['mart. at 1tavenna...........da
linnet. at ebillieollm—.....lllo
I:ranelt at raYaboZa.- c , "!
Breach .t Tn10dn.,.... ....... do
p,, AND,, , , En• ram BE ef,,V f.VDNEST/O.V.,—Dr.
Combs. to hie volt:Mae writing. on Ow ePhyslblogy or
ulieerycs that a diminution of the trim onantitY
of ileotrie Juke. la a prominent and all prevailing m.•orc ef
b mWri:• • . ' llX ‘ ' ll nit ;I ' . t .. t10 h at
; _7l " =.l . l3r r thit!
complaint. linding everything else to tail. bad reontrae to
the Oastric Jab , . obtain...l from the eteximeh of living inn
imals. which nored enmPletelY snecendol."
Hr. Houghton s Proem. the true dincellre fl OT flan.
tyf e juke,. timanOyspersla Curer. prepared from Rennet.
or the (north stomach of the Oz. after directions of Baron
the greatPhL,lnirmtelaemint,. by J. Hough
tu7'l:ll.its% trey 4 w P on ' ierf a iil reroed for Indigat on. t v
. thitoplaint. Comtipatlim. ti ond
tti T k :e j n ` ; rTg i ale r neo n's
own method . , by natnrek own
agent, the thotric Juice.
The Gastric inet. le gmt . ..tit of the froth the pa
erring, Oreeervlng. stimulating tomtit of the eturnach end
lutoethioo. Without it there con be no digestion—no con
'emboli of food into .pail—nu nuthillon of Um laxly: but
rather foul, torpid. painful. and destructive woulitiou of
the whole dimoehie appenitos. A weak. half Mud. or ta
t irtemarli pmalueoe no pod Ilse - tele Jolty. caul hence
tine diaoute. 1/JAM, nod debility which ensue.
But thls want may be etipplinl extmeting 1110.431 am
live principle, Petah, (rem the rack s
of animals re.
combling mth, (hos forming a Ingestive Flail, prechielY
like the unthral thistle Juin, in its chemical ' , owe.. amt
fa mishit, n complete and perfect substitute for It.
The nrtuf metnentint: itte - pene , m adio-stion.rtifiehttly.
btu jmg been known to PliptiologlOs. lie. Houghton
claims tlrcmMt or m.tin,e llw ifOldifelon of thin net to
the cure oh Ma Porfoct and VirmeLhie sent.
Rend the .eientille orbietirel Baron blebig. in his cele
broted work on Animal libetnlAry, says: eAn Artificial
IligefflOo Fluith'analagnus to the butyle Juice, may be
prepared from the mucous membrane of the ettonacbcf the
inilf.ita with Mims articles of food. as meat and than. will
changol. and digesteth
lu the same man-
I t lru y elli n o " u l . 4 o f f t „rt,
mike ibild wailed PEPP:I,i. from the in r ireetife stomach of
the Os, which itiTorde an admirable remedy for Indigestion.
theafter nature'a own method , by nattire's own t.
the digenive prinelple. Call and we the extra/nth...7 sob
entitle erldeure of lie r
KEAllift t fitePOIST.LI.. Anent,
140 Wont 'L., rittnbureh.
Draken rapplled at prmrlotor'e prices.
Also. for nab. by It. eellers. Si Wood It meful
Extract Rvm s letter. doted
l sleOramktiselll.r. Feb. 21, 1 , ...,1.
Air. 14. E, Your 51edicinea are unlike all ler
Patent Medi,.llama thev. ro, becoming more and more
ramular. The half gm.% Pill, ...11l the nee meek• rk2n. are
nearly all gone.
Lacey one who makes use of jourLiver ermlfn
and Cungl. Syrup. rreake in strong term. of their mad
nualltica %num .te- 3. GREEN."
Air - Tbm. Family 31ralleine. Amor/awed with a - reale-are
and el the hest material', I,y It. E. N 0.57 lirraa
etre.. and mar be had of 1 1 ruggietn geuerallr. ILle2a
.A . tr ANTE' , T 1) ill'l . —Notes of theWe.te
Dante, and nflls• Ptlbtlrur•-.11 Saab, by
11. n KIN(I
'I uperior int 0
. sale at
Double Medium Pas,r." - 02 - • and mperial. 22.1
e. II A 1' Y.
ma! raper ewe. arr. Market and Second ate.
Muumuu. Annuc,..—Ailvettbments nod 5u1... 1 1.i0n..
f. r Ibis top.. readial nod forwardni (Iwo( .apeose. lone
Ow MN,
Ornn PrmustraaWii.u.nrr
• Ilarth 21,1851.
The market Jester'.! 4 without ancr
Change. A fair general burineaa was doing.though male.
"were mealy wormed to mail operation.. The renal la
again in good order, and frte of all obateuctiorr, and the
warehounalmun4 the basin were never =lb throng than
et present. We bare.hod another floe rim In the river,
and trade In that quarter b quite brisk.
, FLOUR—Lam, lots of n or hare arrived within the peat
few daps. bat the lamer rtlou of It le either dertgoed for
ea , tern shipment. or pl In forn, to rourequeare of th e
ion parrs, and dull ata of the market. flour at 1.1.31
l+ very uostrady , and ma &shunt to a further dept...-
.lon. ovang to the del i •lu the modern market. We rota'
; ,, IP. In two lota from st, re. ara, coal I'Llo bbls at Vt.:. Ii
W.I. whirls - B.lw may . called the top of th e market.—
Other ruby Ire, made t 1ik.T1a3,3T.11 bbl. We heard of
ivies to any I•MM ea mt from lint handy. We may
Quote at a range of =IN to lt.V.,Lareordiva to qualiti.,
from river and nom.. 'a alm, In city mill,
RYE VLOUll—Stuall Inlet bare [mangers! (rum Ord
handy at 13,25 it bid. and from Mors at $1.3169.3...37 Si bbl.
IlltAlN—.l brisk husinesa ha, been doing In earn at SUM:
4Zt. from the wharf. Oat. are worth 83401,34 e an the wharf.
Sales clubs. at 124(070417 . 2.t of rye at rdd(ms6e it Int. We
bear or no males of barley.
tIROCKRIES—QuIte au sAlve general businere has been
doing In the market, without however any heavy =lea.—
For NI) mgar, tNe I. the ruling rate. alulaaant Is Andy
at a10e..,. In small 1.1-, to city and errantry Lll4ll`.
or entire at ID,41,1::".: for fair nmlnrinse qualities Rio.- -
Tbe regular ruling rates Gor sugar are t•! , ikittl(dklOc. ax
to onaliin No rhango other
11Alk./N,A heavy buslurla has been doing. both In the
an, of imports and earorta, but the actual supplies on
rale In the ;park.4 are comparatlvely light, and penes re..
maln Odle firm. A tale general huslnere hu been doing In
we4tern and Mir cured at 0.1, and a`a(Mne for ehoul.
Jere. nut., and ham.. V3l, Of roger rued .11.11.10•4 , 1
Kama at Ify.‘,lo4e 1 4 ( 5 .
LARD—The no.. 'that arriven fa ‘lesignevd for «astern
thipment, and suPolkvirt this market are L oot heavy.—
Price. range ham 7 %6 ,0 4. In hhla and keg.. amord
OlL..—Regular Inane,' mks of Lirowed at Pf.c, or No I
Lard at Olt, and of No 2 at 50e 7.1 gal. 124t0r oil may Is.
oto•nal at sl,l2!.ast.lllhr the tvdter qualities.
demand It principally fibr clover heed, the
•upphea which are very light. It Is sold at $6 from
ston, in small lots, and may ha quoted from nest hands at
15,5(1'0 bu. The market is unser...W. Nothing of eons,
onenee bele been doing In tltanthy or flaa owed.
DRIED FRUIT—The novel. Is ...tidy at fanner figures,
goy roF P.aehe. , from Ilret hands.6lNtal;l7. and from .ore
nl $1,4ta5,1.4:, P hue thnall soopllow of saldes at , held la
store at :lie'{, ha.
toorkoCli without rhos., with mod
•rate Iravartioo• at r.(yglic m. Larger 101 l would to.
ohl lower.
It M1, , --Its nre worth .Tic for ¢r el clean mixed with
enc..' demur!.
uaUw Tarot or lutwort--The Mono Democrat fttr.
MA... the follow - mg intern:Dug Matfett. in reftwenee
the instnewsse production of grain and flour in that region.
The hawing was the amount of protium Metier in this
plans on the flat of the present month. •.
Grain and floor In store at (Meng, March DM 1631:
What, 17...11b
Dr the following It will baeeen that the =taunt of wheat'
and flour In gore the present month le much less than for
several mars parlour:The (allots-ink shows the amount of wheat in More at
Ms Mare on the lit of Much, for ern, rm. ,
March tar s 1 0 4.5 M 50.000 bush.
lato .
Shirai St.h.
:damn let, Kit 17104.1
The following is the quantity acorn to More at different
myna pit the canal up Uy the lath sin
Pont and Lasalle ..................
lnekfmrt feleutO
Out .114. from the lal:e tow.. italicate a much short
ti•urplr the Tavel-at ecaaurt.• than was hel.d at tha +astir
me het teat
bela $l3 non. the Weetern trove tf Lakr Nllehtmo.
Ncorth of Ching, ............. bush.
In el,* at 170 f.
In etvre at M 41,1,1414 t ltf Ito tu,
On the lit of Nbterh, Ifni,. the amountin sinta at the
...ow lin, inealnit bush. }larch
The =aunt
nf thuar In num on Lake Michtnau, cutho
ho shortnf 73.000 Mots, which esti. but little from
tt• lwet two 3-11/1.
6u sear. Mar 17.
Carru—The quality or the etork at Nn scales today
ti , aeraliy Intetior, but in*, caarctuen, of the nab, sou
ply. brisk dents.] sprang up, and for the better gra,l,4i
avLehi advance au realised.
TtrenUeritirs readied Lod head of biseves.7loo of Odell
wen. sold t„, , city bunny, and.° arm driven to Ilnia
delplita. rm., morn! tram von to $4.000n the boot
~ , tosi to 5 , averaging 11.3.1:2‘. Ca the hoot
iliics—ne quid.. at po.7snr,.—iAtiter-
Kist.R.—Thdn. wen. 9 (M. 10 inchell In ...mud. by
carnal mark. In t errouta. and faUlnx.
‘llrhlcan. Briterr.
i., , rdon.
:Wants, Val.Liar°. Dmlro.vllle.
J. Ilrker. Hem Met., Sleti,nart..
Fk.lons). 1,, Vllrfthrth
sl.—Aragrr No . 2, Virhrr . , Cinch:mop
Paul Amh-r.ot.. iirnw
Cramrll. j. Nehr..R.
Dxatr. Dm; 111.417m,..rt.
Aulsrunia.,l Loulr.
llliehlg-an. lAA., Drover .
Warm. Dorthm, Drat,.
Atlnntle. Perrtvroorl. Ilrulrm4lll,
.1 llrmlrkkoon, Melirerp.rt.
'rho. Slrrir4r. Maier. Ilict Newt.,
14.1nonr, Dondw‘r,l. 11,1.11,111,-
prillinctlVlrare Clurlnnul.
rllorrllr. Young. Drldarp./.•
Ntlrm. 11"orr. Wherllß,V
No. 2. Crain. Sunruh.
11..1 , 11.. loud.,
Dart!, Dm.. I locktrißport
It II Kr.' ER—Rh:rust
DICIS•-14,1ern1 Arh.
I/111,1' 11.1.1I—N3tIe,tor
IS—Nr. A N tztoxt t-4S 1.114 ;1113aty Img, , , lr bbl.
For•vlb L Lni .1, hid., \IT., Iluttlyn 1136
1.11. Imam J l ,Gpt I.W. ll'obionst Llttlo
ly Young k 401030. nuns. Carmo
.11rlini,ht::: Mirth, 3 HA, Furwt - lb, cAs bacon
0 11 )111tenber,r. •
NT lAWl.e.—Prn Bev Wrxr--.5 pot burr block, W W
{Wall.,WoodwrlL I In vrlghb, Ilardr
Jon,. k tV. tot I,bli oncar. 7 .In rb010...e, .1 A llutelllmmi
f, Wulf!„ , k Ksu, lla bbls laal. Nonew • Nlml,
Imelut posebe, Clark
A Tluo, I punrhme II W s m oll4 3 wwk* Carty a
smith: , Iraff k Co: 1 tnink.l bx. Baker 4k
Cincr: lIYI bnrrelo tour Robert
HOCK INUNIIIT-Ira 1 . ...0rm-7 bbla..l Ithral,,ll
in 36,k iNgt^lr. 3 3. do, LN. tValcrmark 7 e•ko Iha bit-
ZlT:r.iht„V: " Rr r A7,l l 4, l ,V`,"V:i' s h 4" 4 "na M ..rai
I.m. Ido nh4 Pk rac, 11 l/ra - fr Co., hhua ba
... I/ L... 11.0, 4 00. b.harv, parac I+4 Alm hay..l
11 rrull. 4 do tax arvd. 11 , 1.1 n rag, D T
•tb,./an: 1, 14.15 ego, I do hoth.r. .1 houaldanr, 11r42
11.,1r barrel, Han. Trlmbl.., 711 erma
Itailn.l lAA, hour. J 17 bbla ry, 1
.net., Drown c Klrlll,.lriek
111111/11E11111T—I.E. Wrta,ruts-12 hhdn tnharro. ATm
Din:than. 211 bbl. Ilnur, J Olkmhnh Id hlula labaceo..l A
11,-s. 1141.1, brat] and I.llnrta.J Ikmaldomh 4 Oh. bob. Clark
Tim.. 1 1 , 1,1 Innl. A rnharonc. erns, a Cm IA in apple+
1V 'trod:, 2.4. bhla tbalr, ht. kg, lanl. 111 bin akin,. Clark
A Th., 3 in haat,. 2 aka Ilaseltnrg lu
1,1,1, hoar. Capt It Younµ- rat, s, 11 Kltuey:
bbl, butter. 1 .I...bat, II Thum,
Fortip and American Hardware.
.Bz. CO.,
No. 129 Wood Street,
Suitabla for rprlnu trade, and which that. an pupated
tooffer to onahaara at o f
that rill rompare
farm-ably aith on, of the rnatarn
Drimemat and Foray° Exchange, Book
Gold 4 Satyr, Bought, Sold 4 Exchanged
Wlll. A. HILL & CO,
No. 64 Wood Street, Pittsburgh.
Zh.13”31.L. ALLO4. 00 rt. ncroorm. Jot thd
Citizen's Insurance Company of Pittsburgh
t , 4)llin: No.ll {Vat.. Arcot. Uaetrarehoure of U.
C. 0. !Warn. PreFltiPtle ...... A. W. MORO, Seer.
tltlr Como:toy Is now rreparad to Joann, toll m.rchandlee
In Ann, nod In trot:who. Tanta+, Ar.
An so .1
sonde .1.1.111 Y PI? the abilltr and intearlta of the
itr7nt""nlPertitt4olrn I 7t hrltr r ualV f an th s
.h...arrto the eoutmuoltr for thetr rruoonee, Intellfgenee.
sod In r
unlons— Moser, Wm. Boulder, Wm. Lorimer,
Jr Waltar Huard, llorth D. King. Edward Ileasaitout
Malvern+ h. S. 01. aPSlttr
RE YOU A FAYUER, istoriing for the
aa r de ' araliT tl a i d eTree% ha rZt a : a ff i el:t . .
14'.'0: 1 1370 4 :g'ink4fte.N.111.•
Am you dlenCi, sunning Dean diagram to w . hleh er
make arl uenetally Folder", am Dr. B.D. finite' Shaker
cerudold cure yen.
Call at nor depot. or on one of our wok, and get a
yumphlet. misfit, where you win Cod that them ha-Bm
prepared by Dr. C. D. Rowe ha been the
moms of permanently taring more &mar. to which the
human flintily me tontinuMly solliert. than mity other
pp......t10n of Surtpartlia ever yet brought beim
Mk medicine him entablkhrd Its high mputatk n by its
numerous and well aturted emu.
Trel. t r b' faVie . 7.1 ud ll Blood a "7"1.
tonn„who-h mud,* it'altene..oer Own Yahlabl to story
oort.leu bo i
. l
ond noulre for Dr. 8. D. 11088r8 MAILER
FA Prim a l
and bot t les othm
Prim al re i r boul.-4 for ad.
nr b ". D. 'tows aco Tsarktata.
ICollego lion, torlonall, •O
To whom all orders soy be addrawal.
Al., for sale by J. A. Jolly, J. echonnmakrr d Co, K.
Mork, H. Memos, J.ll. To.nowod. J. Nlnhier, W. Jae!.
PittsborMe. D. A. Elliott. *ti m b e r, ettm IV.
Ciellend, )let hewer. Crocker. Demmtettle.; Jas Paull
* aloe Whmlinm J. 11. Ptitterson. and O. Dorman, Cl.
ClaLtlYine: Masan Eno.. Gill. oe2l.lldorT
Passed during the ,econd session of the Thirty-first
AN ACT to establish certain post roads in the
United State,tind the territories thereof.
Br if manta by thr &note and House of firpre
the United States of :interim in Con
gnu assembled, That - frie following roads be and
the same are hereby declared post roads, to wit:
From lioulton, via Smyrna, to Aroostook Road,
in Aroostook county.
From Portsmouth, in New Hampshire. to Kit
tery, in Maine.
From Vennysville, via Charlotte, to Calais.
From East Thomann,v to the island of Matini
Front HinghamOymot e ib county, via the north
part of Cohnsset,
From Danny, Rutland couuty, via Mount To
bor, io Weston. Windsor county.
From East Thomaston to the island of natio
From bennyoville, via Charlotte, iluiring, to
From Jonesville, via Huntington. Starkshoro
Bristol, to New Haven, Addison county.
From Wakefield, Carroll rounty, rio East
Wakefield, Gliddon't, Corner, to Eifiugham.
From the city of Albany, Albany minty, to
,the lower aqueduct on the Mohawk river.
From Albany, via Bethlehem; New Scotland,
CoeynianN, IVeAcrloo, to dronville,Ureene coun
. .
From Utica. via Frankfort Hill, Jerieo, Cedar
Lake, North Winfield, West Winfield, Wood's
Corners, Spooner's Corners, Iluntley's Corners,
West Exeter, to Burlington Flatta.
From Newport, Herkimer county, via Norway,
to Grnyeville.
From Warrensburg, in Warren county, to Athol,
awl from Johnsburg to Wellston, in Hamilton
county. '
From Clayville. Oneida county, to West Win
field, in Herkimer county.
From Eaton to Georgetown, 'Madison noun
From Canister, Steuben county, via Bennett's
Creek, Greenwood, Rough and Ready, to Whites-
From Nunda, Livingston county, via River
Road. to Cancada, Alleglumv county.
From Rockland, Sullivan county; to Beuverkill,
Delaware county.
From Almond, via Mallenry's Valley and Col
lins', Settlement, to Phillipsville,Alleghany coun
ty. New York.
From Groat Bend, Till Eronsrille, to French
Creek, Jefferson county.
From Sincloirmille, Choutaque county, to
Chnrlotte Cintre.
From East Lawrence, via Glowmore, to West
Branch, Oneida county.
From Feint].!wine Pennsylvania, to Bingham
ton. New York.
From Union, Broome enmity, New York, to
Friendsillle, Pennsylvania.
From the city of New Brunswick. Middlesex
county, via Bleck Horse, South Brunswick, to
From the city of Trenton, vin Allentown. fm
layetown, Dounßville, and Manchester, to Tom'e
river,Ccean county.
From Lalmencevillo. Mercer county, via lin
ker's Basin and Evert's Corner, to Dutch Neck.
From Milltiue. Cumberland eohnty, via Port
Elizabeth, Dennis's creek. Cape - 3lny Court
house, Itio Grande, and Cold Spring. to Cape
From Princeton, via Blanenburch and Harlin
gen, to,Clriggetovro. in Snfremet county.
From Milford to Little York, Ilunterdon cone
From Eldertnn. Arm=trong•enunty, via South
BnnLL - Wetst Lebanon and Clarksburg to Blair
'ilk, Indiana county.
From Tinker Run, Westmoreland county, via
Guffey's Salt tP rks, to Elizabethtown. in Alle
ghany county.
From West Newton, Westmoreland ennoty,
rig Coffey's Salt Works, to Pittsburg, Allegheny
Front Hepowell Post Office, Bedford county,
via Bran,hop, Beaverton, GlV.plf. to Mill creek,
Huntingdon county.
Front I irbisortin. lionfingdon county, via SC01:1-
rifle, New Grenevla. Spurerille, to ILayshill, Bed
ford county.
From Wentesboro*.via Long Street, to Lancaster
Court-honse, Lancaster county.
From city of Lancaster, via Nets - vine, Litsey,
Warwick, Lexington, Willow Bank Milk Brick
ersville, Elizabeth Furnace, and Shaferstown, to
borough of Lebanon, in Lebanon county.
From Meadrille, Crawford county, via, Chap
manville, Titusville, and Enterprise. to Steam
Mill Post Office, Warren county.
From Tionesta, Venting° county, via Howley's
Saw Mill, to Tidiutc, Warren county.
From Itlanbeim, vin Sporting Hill, to .Mount
Joy, Lancaster county.
From Mercer. Mercer county, via New Ham
burg, to West Greenville.
• From the mouth of Spruce creek, tlontingdon
county, via Philipsburg and George Reyloa, to
Clearfield borough, Clearfield county. -
From Union, in Broome county New York, to
Friendsville, in Susquehanna, county Pennsyl
From Bloomsburg. Columbia county, via Buck
horn, Jerseytoivn. Whitehall. and Bull's Tavern.
to Muncey. Lycoming county.
From Binghamton: 'New York. to Friondsville,
in Pennsylvania.
From Pignen, I,tincliater county, to Now Hot
From Rearrdown, in I,anea4ter county,. via
Fry's Mill and Terre rim Post Office, to Church..
From Titusville, Crawford county, via Chap
manville and Sugar Lake, to Meadville.
From Warren, in Warren county, to Little Tal
ley, in New York.
From Gratz, Dauphin county. via Kingerstown,
Spread Eagle, to Upper Mahantango, iu Schuyl
kill county.
From Tremont, Schuylkill county, to Pine
From Middletown, Dauphin county, to Ham
From Manheim, Tin Stouffer's Store, to Brick
ersrille. Lancaster county.
From Somerset, via Furnace, to
Johnstown, Cambria county.
From Jones's Mills, Westmoreland county, to
Salt Lick, Fayette county.
From Canton, Bradford county, via Union, to
Block-house, in Tioga county.
From Erie, Pennsylvania, rio McKean's Cor
ner's Willis Corners, Vamp, and Saogerstown,
to Meadville, Pennsylvania.
Front Coln mho., Worren county, Pennsylvania
via Cock, Erie county, to Spartansburg, Craw
ford county, Pennsylvania.
From F;iirview, Erie cotinty. via Sterrr Nine
and Franklin, to Edinboro', in ;lame county:
From White Sulphur Springs,Greenbrier coun
ty, to Mountain Grove. Bath county.
From Clendenin, Kenny,. county, ,in Vol
ley of Sandy,LOtter Creek, to Braxton Court
From Braxton Court-house, Braxton county, via
Holly, Fork Lick, Stroud's Glade., and Beaver
Creek, to Nichols Court-hon.e.
From',(Tharlestown, Jefferron county. to Berrys
trifle, Clarke county.
• -
From Winchester, sin White Post, to Front
prom (torn Town to Chincoteague Wand, Ac
comnc county.
From Callsghon's, Allegheny county, to Sweet
Spring, Monroe county.
From New Market, Shenandoah county, via
Page and Itappahantumk county Court-house, to
Warrenton, Faunquier county.
From Winchester, in Frederick county. via Ca
pon Spring", linmpshire county, to Moorfiehl,
Hardy county.
From defferaon to Richard Gentry's, on New
rim Mount Airy, via Judesville, to Gap
From Slatersville to Mount
From Jonesville to Judesville.
From Sugar Grove, up Cove Creek and down
Iloan's Creek; to Taylorsville, in the State of
From Taylorsville, in Tennessee, via Carter's
Forge, Baker's Gap, to Sugar Grove, in North
Carolina. •
From Asherille,.Buncombe county, up Reim's
Creek and down Joy, to Democrat.
From Mostly Hall, Via Jericho, to Strabane. ,
• From Slatersville, via Taylormille and Lenoir,
to Jonesboro', in Tennessee. -
From Union Institirte, in Randolph county, by
Fair Grove and Midway in Davidson county.
From Newbury Court-boose, via Reynosa, Min
tington, Cros,s Anchor, Woodruff's and Chick's
Springs, to al erritsville.
From Rocky :dome, Fairfield district, to Lan
caster Courthouse.
From Sharpe's Store, Lowndus county, vin
Shank's Ferry. Randal Fulsom's, Robert N.
Parrish's Lott Whiddon's, to Vienna, Deoly
From Monticello, ria Curries Little's, and
Gaines', . -
Front Tootubsboro', Wilkinson county, 'Ol Mil
ton, Stephenville and Cool Springs.
From Laurens, Pulaski county, to llawkinr
.From Oglethrope, via Poindexter and Tazewell,
to Columba., Georgia.
From Oglethrope to Vienna, in Dooly county.
From Americus Sumter county, via Cuthbert,
to Fort Gaines, Early county.
From Dr, Swinney's, sin- Starkville, to Lonli—
From Carnesrille, Tin ili.llCDavid ' s and Nathan
Gilnnell's, to Jefferson, Jackson county.
Brom Polk, Clinch county, via Carter's
to Alpaka Post Office, Lowndes county, Georgia.
From Columbia, Adair county, to Campbells
Mlle, Taylor County. •
From Glasgow, Barren county, via Frederick
Foutitnin Run, and Enon, to Lafayette Teti
From Russellville, Logan county, to Hartford,
Ohio county.
From Dyersburg, via Etam, Slerriwether's
Ridge, to Tron.
From Dyersburg. via Green's Meeting-honse..
Yorkville, Mount Prospect, to Dresden.
From and along the Johnson and Carter, Ash . '
and Caldwell turnpike roads, between Jonesboro'.
Tennessee, and Charlotte. North Carolina.
From Lafayette, via Red Sulphur Spriar, tw
Lodi. in Jackson county. -
From Winchester to Alanchester, Tennessee.
From Nashville to Arrington Post Office, Wil
liamson county.
From Point Commerce, in Greene county, to
Sullivan, in Sullivan county.
- .
From Montpelier, in Blackford county, to Bluff
ton, in Wells county.
From Deerfield in Randolph county, via New
Lancaster, to Fort Recovery, in Mercer coun-
From Bluffton, in Wells county, via Murray,
Uniontown, Chappien, to Roanoke, in Hunting
county, Ohio.
From Richmond, in Wayne county, 'via Wash
ington, Hagerstown, to New Castle, in Henry
• From Indianapolis, via Clarlmtown, Eagletown,
Baxleytown, Noomanda, Alto, Kokomo, in Hu*,
and county.
From Delhi, to Burlington, in Carroll coun-
Frem Middleton, in Henry county, in Huff's
'Fro. .Roads, Yorktown, Jacob W. 31iller's
and Jacob Hatfield's, to Wheeling, in Delaware
From Pirgibitt" Marshall county, to Knox
in Stark county.
From Aubvn, De Kalb county, through the
centre of Salem,. Fairfield, and Richmond Town
thins, to Flint Past Office, dteuben county+,
From Largo,. Wabadh county, sin New Rol
land, Mount Etna Warren, to Camden, Jay
From Vo'oy, in Switzerlhnd county, yin.
Creig'e atul- Indian Kentuck, to bladisork, in Jet'
Corson county.
From Aubniu, county seat De Kalb county,
northward, tjll it intersects n route commencing
at Clarkarille, Ohio, and running to White Pig
eon Post Office at Jackson.
From Toledo, in Lucan count', via Oregon, to
Woodville, in Sandusky county.
From Cleveland, via East Euclid, Mayfield,
Chester Cross Roads, Munson, Claridon, East
ClaridOn, Huntsburgh, Windsor, Orwell, Cole
brook, Lindenville, Williamsfieki, in Ohio; South
Slienango, Hart's Cross Roads, to Meadville, in
Pennsylvania. -
From Hamilton, Butler county, via
to Roily.
From Defiance, via Ayersville, New'Bavaria.
Mcdary, and Gilboa, to Findley. • •
From iFiLliamsbUrg, Clermont county, to New
Rope, Brown county.
- From Painesville, Lake county.via Little Moun
tain. Mitchell's Mills, Chardon, Claridon. Barton.
to Parkrnan
From Richmond, via WilliamSmyth's MillS, J.
W. Grafton's store, to Moore's Salt Works, Jet-
fer•_on county.
From Shelby, in Richland county, xia De Kalb,
Sulphur Springs, to Broken Sword, Crawford
From Bonn. via Kidd's, Saltpetre, to Master:
ton, Motu-ue county.
From Watlington to Goa Hope, Fayette
From Nlormt 'Vernon, via Millersburg, to Mas
From Fremont, Sandusky county, on the plank
road. via Riley, Lawrence. Costalia, and Venice,
to Sandusky city, Erie county.
From„Senecaville, Guernsey county. to KCIIOII-q
From Spring Valley, Greene county. via
New Burlington, to Lumberton, Clinton county.
From Bainbridge, via Greenfield, New Mar
tinsburg, Buena Vista, and Plymouth, to James
From Belida to )ledar7, Putman county.
From Vaughensrille, Patman county, to Sec
tion Ten, Allen county.
From Rock Island, e via Moline. in Rock !Stand
county, Cleveland Ferry, Green River I'ost Of
fice, Genesee. Canada Settlement, Bull Frog
Grove, Indinntown, -to Peru, in La Salle coima
From •Robinsors, in Crawford county, to 3lnr
shall, in Clark county.
From Farmington, in Fulton county, via Union
town. Brush Creek, Hartford, to Berwick, Ellison,
Glenn, to Warren.
From Rushville, in Schuyler county, via Wit- •
sows Ferry, to Lagrange, in Brown. county. 1
From Keokuk, via Camargo, String Prairie,
From Vermont, vin Ilariettn, Lee, Centro, Vir- "
- Croton, to Farmington.
gil, to Woa'stock. in Fallon county.
,• From Bloomfield, Davis county via Centreville 1
From Ilutsonville, ill Crawford county, to in- 1
Wayne, Decatur, Ringgold, Taylor, Page,' and . .
tersest the Palestine end Grecn " 'reuier at er ' Fremont counties, to Fort Kearny,
near Elkton.
• From Maysville, Missouri, to liodoway, in,
• From Mitldleport, in Iroquois county, via Wool i
Quitman. Butler and Heater, to Crtimmon, Chant- 1 down.
From Centreville, in Apponoose county, to St '
pagne county.
-, John's, Dodge county.
From New Harmony, Indiana, to Chester, •
Illinois. ..,From 'Keokuk, via Summerville,. Charleston,
From Edwardsville to Decntnr. • Primrose, Harrisburg. Winchester, Birmingham,
I Libertyville, Ashland, Agency City, - Dalgonega,
MISSOURI. • to Oskaloosa. .
From Tully, via Monticello, Edina, Kirkville, From Muscatine, via Tipton, Pioneer, Grove,
Fry's Mills, Frilnn, to Trenton, in Grandy coun- and Ammo., to Prairie du Chien.
ty. ; • Prom Davenport, Scott County, via Centre
From Lebanon to Union. ' Grov - e, John Boydston's, and Peas,, to lows city
From Clinton Henry county, via George W. , county. lows
Brandt's, William Crawford's, James Boon's, to 1 , From Fort Madison,' lowa, via Apponoose,
West Point. • ; l'ontoosue, Dallas City, Camp Creek, to La
• .
From oceola, in Pi. Clair county, via Sac Rio- , Harp. -
er Mills and Fremont, to Greenfield. ' From Fort Madison, via West Point trod Ss,
From Spanish Priori° to Iberia, in Miller - lem, to Fairfield, lowa.
county. i From Keokuk, via Camargo and Croton, to
From Bolivar to Fort Scott. ' Farmington.
From Moscow to Bloomington. From Keokuk, via Franklin, to Salem.
* From Canton, Lewiscounty, via Edina, to Kirk-' From Centreville, through the eounties of
ville, Adair county. ' . 'u - sync, Decatur, Ringgold, Taylor, Page, and
From Erie, Camden county, via. Lebanon, to ' Fremont, to the Missouri. , •
Oakland, Laded county. From Fort Dea 'Moines, vin Garden Grove nod
From.Cantou, via Memphis, to Lancaster. , '
ne Eagles, to Princeton, Nlissouri.
From Clinton to Harrisonville. ' From Muscatine. via Seventy-seven, Talton,
From St. Charles to 'Mexico. Richmond and Wassonville, to the county seat of
Front Fayette, via Boonshorough, Howard . Not...ehi t k county.
county, to Arrow Bock. From Dodgeville to Pleasant Grove, Des Moines
From La Orange, Lewis county, to Newark, county.
Knox county. From Hardin, vin. Abamekee, Dry Ford, and
From La Grange, Lewis county, to Houston, Fuller's, to De Cora, in Winneschick county.
Marion county. '. From Keosauqua,, via Onion Corner, -south
sassissirm. ' side of Fox river, to Bloomfield. . •
From Columbia, Marion county, via' Fordsvillc, From La Harp, to Blandoussille, Illinois.
to Covington, in Louisiana - caLIFOICSIA. . ..
From Liberty to Natchez.
Front Eureka, Via. Trinidad City, and Klamath
From Vicksburg to Benton.
City, to Klamath Diggings.
From Vicksburg to Deer Creek Post Office. ,
Front San Francisco, via Benicia and Junction
From Greensboro' to Louisville. o
t' Stockton.
F rom MsteßM, Jefferson county, via Cadeville, ,
. From Sacramento City, rim Boston, Nicholas,
to Meadville, Franklin county.
' • Eli., and Tuba city, to laryarille. .
. ARKANSAS. Front 7tlsr-,,sville to the Gold Diggings on the
From Pine Bluff, Jefferson county, via South- ]leer, Tuba, ;m u F,, t 1,,,, risers.
west, Crossing, Saline river, to Chambersville, in . From Sacramento City to the Gold' Diggin g
Calhoun county, . : on the American river and Ito forks, 1
From county seat of Montgomery county, to , Front Sacramento City to the Gold
. Diggings
Waldron, in Scott county. , -.' , on Upper Sacramento river. ,
From Princeton, Dallas county, vils Moro Post' Front San Francisco, via Benicia, to Sam- •
Office, Little Bay, Miller's Bluffs, to Eldorado, in ' ruento city. .
Union county. : From San Francisco, via Santa Clan, to San
From Grand Lake, county of Chicot, , via De : Jose.
Bastrop, Hamburg, Fountain Hill, Long View, to ,' From San Francisco, via Sansilito,- Eltn Be-
Warren. • ; phiel, Petaluma, Sonoma, and Napa, to. Be:••
From Hillsboro' :a the county of Union, via I nieim
Holly Spring', to Marion in Union parish, Loui-1 Front San Jose, via Reanoixl, to Santa Cent,.
gmy •,'
a. From San Jose, via . .Ilission of San Jose, Am-
From Pawhattan; via Gabriel Frost's, to Gates- 1 alum., and Martinez, to Benicia. . i
ville. . i From Stockton, via San Jonbuirt City Grayson
From Round Pond Post Office, Independence ' Tuolumne City, and Empire City, to Sacramento
'county, via military road crossing White River, City. . .
Russell's Ferry, Sulphur Rock, through liamil- From San Jose, Via Gildroy's nnd San Joan,,to .
ton, Hogan's Settlement, in Black riser township, M on t ere y,
through Frost's Settlement ;. to Smithville, in F rom Monterey, via San 3.,Lin and pazhem,
Lawrence county. . to Islaripoous,
From Cadron, in Conway cocinty, ro Clinton, F rom m ooterey, • th s owad; 8, Miguel, S.'
Van Bunn county. - Louis Obispo, Danas,..•Sonto Tries, San Barbara,
Pram Brownsville, via Pigeon Roost, to Des and 5.6:, Buena %m ama, ~,,, L i b ' A . ge k, s.
_ . • From Loa Angelo!, via Santa Anna, San Juan,
SronDtivali's Bluffs, Via Richwood's and Bear- Capiotrano, and Santa Margarita, to San Diego. -
skin Pond, to Little Rock. • ' ' • From Los Angelos, via, Han Gabriel, Rolando,
Prim Pine Bluff to Bastrop; Louisiana. • • . chi r4o ; 'T„,,,n,,,,A., sad Aqua. oiaime, to „ th at _
-I Fria! Pine Bulff,, via. Little Rock, Perrytille, ?T ow , , ! ' , . •,.... • . . — Tr. ,-,
Danville, the crossing of the State Ros4,o„Fo r s, „, ,
.t oo mirk. to Sees Pedro,
~...., .
Smith, the present weekly mail frain Little Rock From !Stockton. Irks Z01ur7 55 Irtn7r!KitXte
to Danville, and from Danville to Boonville, be ll:Otter., Ito, „Fiteillitihnl„. fittrira, 116, '5
suspended. • . Dal dad loink Pfil, - to lifitslksts. '. '.
I. .. -
From Forsyth. Missouri, to
From Grand Lake to Warren.
From Arkadelphia to the coon
putnery county, and to Waldron
From Little Rock, via Arkadelp
ton, instesd of passing as at p
Raymond. .
From Princeton to Eldorado.
Fro" . 4-q - np, L1:031411213, Till
Aionticeno, to Pine Bluff, a
From. Antoine, in Clark county •
born' not Wilton, in Pike noun
Point and Paraclifty. in Lewis en i
to Clarksyille in Texas.
From Clarksville, Arkansas • ,
bank's on Mulberry river, to it._
From Charletiton, in Franklin
pler's, intim narrows of Rig C
county, to Waldron. in &lots co
From Little Rock, via therao.
cr. Oaklaitd, St. Francis, and •
phis, Tennessee.
From Camden, Tim Woodla
and Fitz'e Store, to Lewisville,
From Pine ElufF, via White 0.
line river, to Chambernville, in
From StewareaStore, via Oat
in Clarke county. .
From .Amity, In Clarke county
Montgomery county.
From Clinton, V. Buren • e
Mendiire, Locust 'Grove, in .
Big Hap, to Beale city, in M.
From Batesville, Intlepentlene I
yetteesille, Washington county.
From SC Louis; Missouri, to
of Arkansas.
':From Clrrkssille , dobnams eo
Menlo en Big Mulberry, and B g
Osage creek,s, to Osage Post Offi
ty, Arkansas.
From Romeo, Macotnb count
vine, Mbertconville, Lynn, Me
Huron, St. Clair county.
From Grand Rapids, in Re.
Grandville, Georgetoa-n, and ot
Haven, in Ottotta county. •
From Green Day, via Kewanee,
From Bearer Dam to Dekorra.
From Patch Grove, rift Milton
to Ca.rille.
From Berlin via Willow Creek,
Riser, end Lind, to Woupoka.
From Orsanker, via Saul
Newark, Patrick Connelly's
andliorrikon;to Dear
From Oshkosh to Watipoko.
From Freedom to Reeittburg.
From Meneeka, viti llorsonia, t
From Deaver Dam, via Elba al
From Oekoch, via Little River, to Player Poi ,
Fromilearer Dam, 'rim Springfield, to Wyo.
From Menasks to Bridgeport..
From Eelmocah,(Preseott,) vin Willow Elver,
. .
From Prescott, at the mouth of Lake St.
Croix, via Willow aircrew' Osceola, to the Falls
of St. Croix.
From Salem to Nesmettes Mills.
From Jacob Spore's to Eliza Bristoe's, in Bers
on county.
From Harrison Wright's; on Mo!tato, to Byrn-
From Oregon City to Philip Foster's Clacka.
From the Cowlitz Settlement, in Lewis county,
to Olympia.
From Hollywood, oil the eastern gore of Mo
bile bay, via the Nary Yard, to Pensacola in
From TuscOmbia,
Fort. Chianlottr, 0m
From Mount Pirm
Blount rout
From Leighton,
Lawrence county.
From Troy, Pike
Hill. and Pine Level
From Went Point
From New Orlearn.
From New Orleans
of St. Bernard.
From New Orleans to Point alis Heide, gar
bh of PLaquemine.
From Fey West, Florida:6 Mobile, Alabama,
From 3larianna to Ochesee, tri-weekly.
From 31aripnria to. Abe's Spring tri-weekly.
From New Orleans, Louisiana, via Pensacola,
Apalachicola, St. Narks, and Cedar Key, to g_ey
From Gum Spring, Smith county, to Canton, in
Vonrandt county.
From White Oak, Hopkins county, via Wood
land. Quitman, .d nelsons, to Tyler, Smith
From San Ant... Wine, via Port Inseam, to
1 Woodville. Tyler county.
From Anderson, Gnimes county, sin White Sal
-1 pber Sprioz, F. S. Chamre Daniel F. Mcltt.-.1.
hat's, Rogers 's, Furnace, Stewart, Joseph. Hen
non's, to Springield, Limestone county.
From Shelbyville, via Caledonia, to "gender- .
[ 'eon, instead at present route.
From Austin to Sun Ellrario.
From Tyler, Smith countyoo Athens.
From Clr.rksville, by county sites of Wood and
ronsandt counties, to Athens, lionderson county.
195. v
banon, Arian'
ly sofa d ilont- .
in Scott coun
to Washing- t
• t through
liseaburg end
TIS Itrafrees
r, and Centre
is.Talnen; En
' sure, on White
I °may, Ep
k, in Crawford
!Lb -of 6 . 4clierii p.
mziont Rem
Lemke's Etter',
Bluff, ou Sa
eihoun clarity,
s to Cogbards,
to CIO& Cm,
unty, via the
;, county, and
county, to re
Ay, ♦ia settle
g Saab, and
`,Carroll coon;
, via Drspers ;
thine, to Port
t county, vilt
ka, to Grand
to Twin RI,
and Fillmore,
Poysipi, Pine
e, Newberg,
•-e, • Theiess,
a Dam.
Portland, to