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-Naw Pittommarr Moncr.trrr4.—We are
pleased to learn -that Spang & Cent Com•
menced the mamifacture of ga.apipao andiron
hating of all cues from the one eighth' of an
-ineh to six inches iu diameter; We bare examin
ed a large number of specimens, and find, that
is smoothneo, toughness and elasticity, the arti
cies of their manufacture equal, if not surpana
any imported from the Elgt or from Great Bri
tain. •
- There are at present only three "Iron Tube
j Works" 'in America, two of which are in the
.!.. East, the cdaldiabluent of Spang & Co. being
the went of the mountains. Heretofore
our Gas Company has heel' compelled to rely on
the Eastern manufactories for their gas pipes, or
else to import them from England, but now they
are furnialked, at a moderate price, with a supe
rior article of 1 me . manufacture.. This enter
prising firm is.n w ready to till orders, of which,
- . we are pleased o learn, alarge number. have
been received f m various cities since the open
' ' log Otthe works att. month. We can confidently
recommend all articles of their Manufacture* to
. our Western friends, as being fully equal, if not
superior to an,lin the market.
Moor LI „
learn that a most tragical occurrence took place
on Monday last, within a few miles of Pittsburgh.
A younglady, whose family is of the utmost re•-
apectability, was chastising her little brother or
Ester, where her mother Interfered for its pro
tection, upon which,horrtGie a relate, the young
girl struck her with a pok6. the blow, or stab,
rather, took effect in her abdomen, which It pen
etrated, and the unfortunate woman instantly
fell to the'ground. Medical aid was at once pro.
cured. but she only lived n abort time after the
fatal blow.
We suppress the names for obvious reasons
though we presume that these 'tragical. thrum
stances will undergo a legal inrestigstion.
IKCENDIAIIISM.—Soroe villain. yesterday made
a bold attempt to fire the!Feurth Presbyterian
Church in Bayardstown. having obtained ad
mittance into the basement story, he piled the
benches together, and ',lased a quantity of shav
ings underneath, which he set on fire. Fortu
nately the flames were soon discovered and ex
tinguished, though not before the library of the
Sabbath School ha.ibeen destroyed.
. „
Cosrmiamos.—We learn from a lelegraphid
despatch, that the nomination .of Mr. William.
Boggs, of Lower St. Clair, township, as ono of
the Associate . Judges of Allegheny county, has
been confirmed by the Senate.
spai3o •Bus* - m,_Lfhirmerchants are' doing
a fine spring business—tb6 transportation and
commission houies are full or goods, and the-le
vee is covered with drays, and hotel omnibusses
from morning ta :night. ,The hotels. are full of
strangcre, and the town iWesents a pleasingly
brisk and business like apPearmace, . .
, .
-Tau Canut...—Tlie mina '
is now in fine order,
and the Pittsburgh docks re full of boats, load
ing and unloading.
DesorsiVe are t orry to hear that our young
friend, Mr.' Goodruen'Y. Coulter, Jr, son of Mr.
G. Y. Coulter,' of south Fayette, died in New
Orleans on the 4tb of the present month, of con
eumption. Mr. Coulter was for some time en,
gaged in theFrothunotary's office, where his kind
and obliging disposition won for him the yegtird
of all the members of the Bar.
ilitimsrED.—Offi,:er Dougherty, an, able and
efficient member of the Mayor's police, hail ar
=_". rested a colored man at Wheeling, who is men
tied of stealing a horse fnath the stable of Mr.
I:liniaingiati, at McKee's recto. Mr. D. is wait
• ing for the Goternor's requisition,. ,
COLD.—Tbe trendier, yesterdny, "Very
cold nod nnflenitint. A -slight sprinkling of
snow covered the roofs . of the hooves in the
ACCT2DENT.—A. gentleman'ttanied Walker, was
yesterday thrown from hie lArse, near marine rail
way, and ids leg . was fractured by the violence
of the falL
iCOGSWELL'S PASOILAIdeI.—This tine panorama
nts now_been exhibited is our city nightly for
dearly three:weeks, and it still continues -toat -
.X 44 crowded anclieia*s. It is well worth sie
• kniV
QUEER WEDDIISO.—A young oerinin tad, of
await sixteen years of age,,was, mterdaixner
ried by Alderman-Part, to a woman
.about forty
yeiin . oh!, by no means remarkable . on th'eicore
at beauty. Ile h4a to choose between the - jail
or the old woman, and took the latter as the best
of a.had bargain.
ilemenn.—The members of the Eagle' Fire
Company offer a reward of fire hfindred dollars'
for the detection of the incendiaries who fired
their engine house a short time ago. .-
from 11,0 Buffalo Comm,.Mal Advertiser-
VIM PATENT POE A nanromicaant
31r.. George IV. Beardslee, of this city,has filed
his omit for is Patent fdr Planing machine,
•-• 'which be claims to be 'a 'decided imProvementup
, on those now In use. We hue seen it' 'Model,
and Judging fromthis, we coincide with blmsn
the estimate of ids invention: Ile termshls ma;
chine. 4 . ” - Erailic,..C. , fir:" asal claims that its
superlor over all other macho' eonsletl
its simplicity, both in construction 'lsd'in capes
Mimi, it having neither belts nor gearing; a or
about it, bat all located beneath thelloor.:When
once adjusted and iu order, it can not be derang.
cd by the eemovat of the cutters -Or from tiny
• other ordinary come. Itoperates vertically and •
thereby the grit, 'dirt and:shavings pa.uoff with
.ent aid. ,
The greatest curiosity hbout it ' is the -Dial}
Ment, of the endless, sectional platform, and in
.its miumerof “tumin&•corners";--the movement
being von concentric and differing from - any we.
. ever saw. -The whole machine is. very simple
ht Its constriction and consequently', operates
with but little friction. It is of greatstreno
anal the cost is much le=s than those now Muse,
growing out of its simplicity. It Is claimed for
tt that its.operation will protons work repealer
to the hand plane, and that its ordinary speed
will be one hundred and fifty feet'per tab:tate; or
9.000 feet per hour, and that it caw be increased
to 200 or 300 feet per minute, without anydlan
ger to the machine. The planers ate so ratting
ed that they will yield, - and permit sptinterk if
any occur, to pass away without:damaging n or
disordering the machine which is a great fault of
some of the other patents.
-Mr. Beardalec, in connection with Mr. Sarnuel
!Aro, of this city, him also got a patent for a
matching apparatus, which is to be .connected
with this planing machine. It Is claimed that it
',constructed, on a plan that exceeds Oily now
made, to'formn tongue and groove.
• Both sides of the board can be planed at ..the
!IMO operation. Thus machine, and these 'ina
provementa, relieve the objections which hive
been mafludo idationary cutters, as:it will plain
t:team/eh larger quantity. la the same time.
Bach is an outline orthis hew improvement
In operative machinery. It lx in a inenhanleal
branch of much importance, and in which many
machines have been patented. If this ;trona in
ire operation, all that is claimed fort; and what
It now gives promise, it will anpercede those
liqw in use. The Patentee will go to work im
mediately in the construction of .machittea, -so- ' ,
that ere long they will be thoroughly tasted.
- -
As Antislan Occartar.act.--A few days entice
a • laughable ecenc. occurred in Fore street. A
Frenchman passing a housc'where axed Sag was
buug , out to indicate that come infectious disettle
exhaled within, inquired of one whom he met why
t h e ting was suspended there.
er .
Got the email pox in.there," r 4 the toxin;
hurrying nn,
The &curim], use 4 and gazed at the
tag and the house for a moment, and then walk
ed nri to the door, and plied the knocker
f. What do you ertuot.sir!" inquired a woman,
who eantiounly opened the deer.
want to nee secerand show, Madame,.
"We hose no chow, beer," said the woman,
endeayoring to keep te`Trencluntui from enter
ing, "and you had better go away, for we - hare
got the small•poz - .
dot in it !• zelittle fox," chuokled Mon
sieur; ”Vy you coy no chow, 111:30"
-"I tell you, sir, there is no show here! we've
got the 'small poz—il)e hear
"Sacra dam I " cried the Frenchman, getting
oat of patience, "eat is vat I' say, -two, tree,
seventeen timed--ze little fox Irt petit ,reeard I
will sec ze gisfid show I"
He was proceeding to crowd himself in at the
partially opened door, when luckily a gentleman
Passing at-the time, Succeeded in makirig — liien
comprehend that what he had taken a "small .
fon " Was an infectious diocese.
Tito frightened foreigner reached the en battine
at a stogie bound,. and sqrth pale face and
tiling limb's, hurried off Mllttering---
".,th pestct I sal catch co Renard! itb,:ftsal.
'die! I Salle be all over spotted! lob, se Pet , s .
varple! ac petite enrols !"--iyortlanl News.
V .I.
b.' .',,,,' r - ..nruily.,,,it u.. attention • ntmeea._
4,iii 'Beath% Ful,•Uc thliete, awl till 'the ume Bank Fmk..
th• N Lkili." 4 ••‘ of Slai‘k Work. ebiell L. made of . the
b., Li,,,ei pep ,11114. bOlald in the Feet sithithoulal men
th the mire nombreed le kr:tuella tkpe..Liall•Fal •
pansult their •oritinteivet: Fall Mate eak. and ex
ithk-i 6 .4.43 . ;•!F•F1ife rt lActi Fill beklend ell the laiFeit - •
prime N.C.
Nci. il ST7
Devrotoar, Maid' 19.
Der. Doctor Beecher, has been ! elected
of. Rev. Doctor 'Dune:la's Church,. in this
ALBANY', March 19
Dic •
from it,
• •-
I gislature has just elected Handlon Fish
ienator for six years, in place of Daniel S.
r on.
ote for Fish in the Senate was IG—the
tic Tote 12. Mr. Beckman woo excused
dog. to the House, the vote for Fish was
hip Robbins, CapL Kane, from Liverpool,
' ii ore, *Oil a cargo of salt and iron, ex
heavy gales during her whole pao-
On the 20th ultimo she lost overboard
dr Austin, seaman, and on filmfday lost,
pproaehing Cape Tienlopen, she ran
She had on board about 100 passengtirs,
hem got ashore iu safety, excepting five,
fig two Itfilies, who were drowned. Hopes
ined of getting her off. She iv in
.r $50,000, mostly in Baltimore .
The .I
for Ba/
perien. l
while •
all of I
are, eat
Nan - Yana, March 19.
I.neous report iras circulated yesterday =
,j. Noah, the veteran editor of this city.
'd. lb is slightly better, though still ye-
BOATON, March 19.
e last ballot to-day, for U. S. Senator,
the Coalition candidate, lacked nine
all election. The election:isms then post
r a fortnight.
Lomsvats, March 19.
river i 9 stationary, with 9 feet , 9 inches
the canal.
fiteamOr Median' n Belle has been raised
Q. Adams passed up this morning,
Yorktown this evening.
and r..
end th.l
Ptimannetna, March 19.
. The:market his undergone no change.
ask $4,44 for common brands. There is
e export demand; and no take bare
very lit
brandi; ,
and faro
rates.:' ]
, L
Ryi:Plour—Thc market is steady at $3,873 p 1
Corn oral—Sales at $2,75.
.G The demand for wheat continues lira
ited, an we quoterat 97098 for good arid prime
red, an 102 e for white. Rye is in demand, and
but HUI arriving. Cornisingomi demand, with
small plies. A cargo of yellow - sold at 6830
60c Id l i n. • -
Prot: can—less is doing in Provisions, but
we nett e no change inprices.. Mess Pork is
held at 14,50, and prime at 511,50 %l bbl.—
Bacon steady, with sales of hams at ; Bi® ite
for salt d. pickled, and 9 &Mc for smoked—
Salem of 1.50 hhds aides and ehoulders on private
terms. Lard is held firmly at Ole for new Wes
.Buttes—There is a moderate dimand, with
sales, hiring the week, of 600 pkgs.:Western at
71 01114 on time. ,
chSales 500 br.n Western at ate for
common and 9 ®loc j,? Ib, for good shipping
Gine gis scarce, and wanted
Rena I A sale of .dew-rotted nt $122,60 'l4
Raps The market is doll, with no sales to
Iron The market is quiet, with small sales
of Ah le at $2O ,®: "id ton.
Hem I
is. held at $514 cwt, with no sales to re- I
here is a fair demand for N 0
Molars .with sales of 500. bbls at 22e. No
'change in other articles.
Chi* Seed—There is a fair demand, with
. sales; of ' 7 OO to 300 bus good and prime qualities
at $6,1- $5,3T.
Falb re are. scarce, and good Western are
worthl ®4170:
Whisk y.-..The:ilemand islimited, with sales ia
bbls et 3c, and in Mats at 21d. _
•'. . NNW - TORN 31ANANT. . I
_i Sew York , March 19.
cpuctao. asses: r.
.', 'COM The market is steady, with farther saaesof4.,6oo bales at for middling
apland dOrleans, for lower to strictly . prime.
-- :Ploirr--Prices, ham, efightly *fives', way, A
gehd.hustriess is doing. in common Western at
$4,6014 M. New Orleans brands are firm at
$4,68® ,87; I good Southern at $4,56
to $4,75; mixed to fancy Indiana and Michigan
$4,62® ,75 'l4 blot ,
. G oritis lens firm, with miles 5000 bus.
yellow a 66c 13 - Im.
r: -Provisions—old pork is very dull, and the
trade be sparingly. New is mons saleable, but
Trims Unsteady, and favor buyers. New Or
leans m 'in selling ' at $13,25 for new, and
slt9sl "old. 'Sales of new priroe at $ lO V
bbl. Cs meats are :toilet at ftbeytt 3/ for hams,
and 6® • 'for shoulder:s. Lard is steady at 81
—some lders demaniting an advance.
Cheese is bnoyane at 6./®,71. %) lb.
BALTIMORE 314.11117:T.
March 19..
- . ..
' Flour The tn arket is dull, viii S' small sales of
.Howard treit laremds at $4 31 %ii bbL
. The !market is dull, salts at red wheat
at 96®9 and of white at 100q)116c, '.14 bu.
Sales of hlte. Corn at 76c, and of yellow at 55
®66ild IS. Oats me selling at 38 ®4O, and of
/tyeat 111 rt.'
ll'ai:l3 ,
Masker—Sales in . bids at 231 12
.c 4 PiolisiogiThe market 'remains firm, with no
Change ',:v prices. •
Groterfs—are quiet, •with sales of 1200,bags
Rio Coffee at If4olo{, and 800 bags Luguyra,
at Ile. ' Nagar and Nelsons!, are firm,, with en
advance df to in the farmer. '
Clover seed —Sales at $5 25.11 be. -
. .
. tn. that purpose. Sees for kity con
e at54.44g.54,60 for, standard and pod
. 54.66 et $4,75 for choice lots, and extra
y Ohio and New York at rather higher
-on APR, LES,-20 seeks re a, for sale by
- • toetto - • • • SAMUEL P. SHRIVEL
QIIOR .8.2.018 bn. 110 sale kw to dose eon-
RIC 1.0 ' Es. (fresh) for sareThy
me 10 SAMUEL P. ell ERIV.EIL
bbi.r..* F . tmlly_ roar
4 •
bP - No. 3 nur-oreb
4 T n. tt- i .
1M NiArto N R :4banoek Potzb.s:
. . . 40 " Orson Apples;
p) b..b.. Ear Corm .
9 - i's -4 4 PP''Y.ledg'.. 8. rN,
mew u " 0 " a " . " 4c rolr4 .° m "
et .I,:r.
ROLL UTTER --. 3 bbl. just reo'd and for
do b T. WOODS & BOY. .
' isteta&
------- i ----
ARD • IL— 28 bbl. RO.. ,2 .just•reo'd and:
- A n !T, 1 o b"rb7 IYALLI,TOPOIIDA CO.
.A'4oll L--1. 5 bbl. for Bale by •
=640 ' 3,16113 D & CO. 60 Rood at.
-Li bbl. for * Bale by
xi' woo) ' ' J. KIDD t CO, 60 'Wood et.
11-- OTIT:Tb e steamer ASIA, in July last,
trout Dom C lotions/I, 81 Rtellt Chorus. and 1
cowl to J mutt llama or Uge
are I.
hereby giro , that I f the sold ntlis and Naare ./.
T o tiza:l4l t.. 62011 1 Wt.. they „„, t ,....c... 1 . tc p at ....
- mobil
K GROS Rual star) ' Clarke A; Co.'s, g. eauine
dad Live OD, tr• saleby J. JUDD k CO
tattoo CO Waal t.
PEAR 14 casks
, (fi vi rs ex t
k eOZ AN fo b r usa. flalo by
1 FEAT. 1 r ! S- -8 enik4 R ( . 117 : 4(14% gala by
' TAR -7 bbl- (N. C.) for sale - by
ma wrcs. a MeCALNDIMPt...
t ,
. 040 LI 'ELL OIL -- Wurranted porn, on
Cdrsogh Rust:tot liarggianor aftdssle
bi m'as . coml. First Ind Wood Art.
TuTirsfirr-f'fri:B.°l. BOXES
- Ilihtt ' INI I .
-. /or ale r
1 torhii
IR N'TRA 'T INDIAN HEMP—.l:;nglish im
, .fir'i j .._ `".. ' b 7 B. A. FAIINEST OCR 41 Cd).
t i l l A C ' flKlAßlU3l—Englisb imported, fbr
we by a.laS ... D,A. FA 11:VE.47.1AM a CO.
i lplUfri . In bladders, in assorted sized
mTs 64.'1'
br - D. A.. PAIII , O ,, TOCK t Ca
E -W-5V iI s rAStEBS--Largo and sousil, 1
1_ j. h ,4,.1,. y __II A. rniyar..25 1 1‘az , ,, ,, , . .
11116E' Bsi -DRY HIDES received and
fitl.l La wk i mars B. it W. Ilhila.ll.llllll.
-Atii li.S=4,iiso,ciETl,eaillers received
.2.3 Ea •. by mar 14. aW. RAMA UGU.
111 °Lt. B Tit 1-1,--=5 liliirObrTOl d per S. - }fe I
1 Xl, Team, Dad fur rale GT
1 ..: . _ r " '''_. l• 11. •W . IIMIDAUOII. 1
- 1. Am.).— iils. & ioiiice,: Ni,,: f "r„,y.if in. I
ju .10,..•• fia ale by
S. EGG bbl. for talc by
a NV TlARTiallGia 1
tarbs, *24.___--- 11. rOU___NETOZI.
ARIL--ri kers tor snl
in store and e Dp
lJ mchb I • n. Jonnsron7
GRE EN lAPPLLS-45 bbl. s ile
Dyy !
meas -
' ' Irst. .101INSTOS
RI APX%ES--.50 bu:for Alla
m 441 W.M. U.. 1(
IsiUt3.--' 1 . 7 bbLit_fqoasiv,lflac.
F TOBACCO -2 hbd. for sale
DOLL BUTTI3I-16 bbl. prime just recd
sad fur We by BAIIVEL P. PIIHIVER.
Hosiery, Gloves, Kitts, &e.
GsC Merino long had Ha n ~ nt lf Oa; White. 311aL, aro]
Nankin cator...ll:..non do, übblearhed Cotton Lo unol
blaek and .htte alma hilt do. .1 -
hilk. gad Litle Iltnvp,l
Common and super Muludr and Silk !firm.
Cotton and Sterns. Undershirtic infsnry do.,_:Ser and ell
at lowest cash prim,. at NorthiEent. comae of ronrth anal
Illaztet sts.
I UM ease for sale by
useblU 0. KIDD t CO.. CO Wood st.
QCOTCII SNUFF-SQO lbs. (Garrett's) for
t." 3 sale by m all) ' J. KIDD t CO.
'DRIED PEACHE2tsIbu. for sale hi
mrblo SAMUEL P. tlßel VElL_ . __
ICKORY NUTS-30 bbl. fur sale by
GItEEN APPLES—It/0 bbl. fur sale by
WADE. Tea Ware. Britannia Tea 5.41.4., best Silver
Plated Forks. Sproua. and Butter bairn 'Pablo Cutlery.
(lhavt. qualities only:1 Lamps of ths , crualoss. fur
Churches. Stores, au
Ilalls, and Dwellings: Oat Char,
Oaglivarkets. tias Fist:arm Militin:y Sts of all
Sloan Gold Penn Masters' and Glass Cutters . Dlaniunds,
GI - artlle my MITI I. undergoing. repairs In front. ruw
tomer% .111 end me In the Ml} of the Ilona, (mam.* In
(rout.)) with , • Luse s i ck of the ,bore goody. Lod at tan
Inually low price,.
aley-Wetch repelling shop on th. sorond aMSA - • -e•
W. W. WI N.
h:trotter Fourth and 31 het It,.
noN.—wm ie rewelved. hy Ord canal arrleale.•
now' and choke umortment of Frond, and Kaatena I'APER
114.NuINGS. In word, depart, loapart and loin Pathrm:
together with a large Int of rheap Senn and lammota
• Kf. Wad nh
itSB--150,000 feet Bacon, Hick-
IJ it Co..' make, Iramentml, nv iralt. by
mch7 • J. S. DILWORTH t CO.
(AIL CLOTHS-10,000 irds IloorOil Cloth,
vv heavy and atedltun how' to 0 Salve wide of the
newest Tatters, which will b e so d as
eastern make. and read lower than any other Donau in the
city. We invite the attention of porebaaera to th e above
!dock. at our ware r00m.., No. 7 and 9 Wood pt.
nicht' J.!. 11.1`111L121"8.
large awortroent of 46, C arry. 6 Irar, Tnillsl•
l l toCrOrawel Back, Patent Wh, • eplendld
sale wholesale ao low RA eaetern Niece.
J. 11. PUILLIPS, 7 and 1/ Wood W.
Putney-24100 yds. 4.w11 5 qs. Green Oil Cloth. whole
sato and retell, at No. 7 mat tl teceel
twelt7 IL PI7ILLIPS.
CODFISII-15 drums in store, for sale by
IIOPS-15 bales first sort 1'; externN. Y.,
!nature and for We by
12store awl Itr talc by
AS matts just scent for sale by
MACKEREL --No. lin qr. bbls. for sale by
LARD -15 bele No.I in store and for sale
POTATOES -100 Gbh. prime Neshidnock
For sale by
febZ 61 Water and 63 Front as.
C. HAMS—Evans & Swift, and Trow
• b*MR. & Batty'. ee& tinted ChwinnaM &nor - Cured
rm . ? . sal* by WM. A...MOCLUIW. & t&D
Grocers =area Dealer,.
BEEN APPLES-25 bble for Bak by
DRIED BEEF—Evans t Swift s Opicinna
tl Vow Cured Beer, for ale
At. 1.7 LUDIMA
C OD FlSll—Superior large Grand Bati
CM flab, Mr mde by
. A uccLuna
-- • : '
nitOOMS-100 dos- extra just received by
ix rade J.s. DILWORTH
OFFEE-843 bags prime Rio, four Bale by
f,bZi J. S. DILWORTH t CO..
IL/ lg.Ong roots of Catawba Grape Vines, or one and two
yewrs' growth. for sale by JOHN V. nTRAUB,
Brewer. Canal Bank, Allegheny. near the Wager Work a. '
DRIED PEACHES-4W bn. to s tore and
for we by' RILEY, SIATTLIEWS t
fehg6 77 alga 79 Water 4. •
1)61. superior Strained Honey,
ftc23'th' Fr
qlO ; t
', ua'A Cut7oo time—The ronlicinew lir.
Salem nn Wodd street, we beaming very poptdorthroupto
not the country. Ills Vermirtage hew Leen found to be en
invaluable medicine inewer, family. To Seiler? Liver
Pills thousands am indcbted Lir relief fnzo into and ilbe
ease. Three medicines boom gained their popolwity by el,
tecuive experience. They ham. been tried and found to to
tend excellent remedies for the ilbeenees for which then are
rxerieinded. We hare fewine..W.T owed Lir. Seher's
awash our Syron. and ksorr it to he • speedy corn Re mon
blooms consio—Morwrea 7kiproph.
- prepared sod weld by It. E. FELLERS.
kl , ll Si Woad street.
BACON PAPE4—I 5 Wis. Cincinnati Ilarn
Paper. for rale by •
14 1 11.017 R-400 bbl. Ramsey & Scott's Family
ftle ss isms ammo's. LITTLE it CO.
Ladies' Dress Geo&
41.31. P. HY BURCHFIELD have now
vrea—ne. nyiei ef Dam find ,
• drideelide Ponlmnr. Berme Do Lidnen
Damned d Watered dod Frelieh Moos. dar. ac.
They also invite attentlon to their extentive enrollment
of ha-harm:kg nrlea Briptith Printe and Clintrte:
tern ua Chlntieg end goals In general, oft•red at tinicasli
prima (Mein
LARD OIL-12 :bl3lB. receiving from steam
cr Clecienstlow3 for ode
fob2l , CA Watts nreet.
VHESTNIITS-12 bu. just reed and for
N 0.116 Water Arcot
AR I : bbls. No. 1 Leaf Lard;
& be Lust reed ibr subs by o3 EIIIIIBIUDOE 1I b GIIRA3t.
fob= No. Ile Wete , r Klee-
-pt OLL BUTTER.—Ten brie Roll Bata ,
mtl-.-" 1•1324 vd
T AR -150 bble.fn store and for sale by
Wa EYk r CO e
TABLE MATTS—In store and for sale at
the Carpet {Tenho.* of
meh.3 W. InCLINTOCS, 83 Fourth st.
lIGS.—W. McCLINTOCK invites the 'tit
-14 tentlon of these vetehing to fortilek. to hi. dock of
meh3telticti are jun received from the mcnulattiven.
F.l merriment can be found at the Carpet Wan
ton., N. (4, st4l"R. MeCIANTOCK.
TTTS-A very Large - aseortment of Che
..S. Tufted,. Thrums, Sheepskin. Cooo.lenuy land,
00, I \ indlls.atul Flatlet= 3latte, In store and for ale at
t Warehouse, ria 8.5 Fourth et
th. at:email:a of pmehmonsto his assortment at eba.t.
logs at No. 85 Noarth street. (inch,
-00 L. 3.1 Soyar, D awl 15 904
90 bbla email
To:' cruabed. arid pladal4d Loa 80Cail
Clarto4ol Lou Sugar,
• 41S
140 . 9
Moliaoia, Ei. 1.14. a
° claldni Array
ritad " 0 in avue and for 4.14 by
JA3LE3 A. HM011113014 ru
ts 0.,
mcb3 Water' and Trou ts.
pertinent or the following Ronda
lee nonk,Tacenek Feria and !Wenn French Wronab
Cuffs and Collern Koeacinh ennead Collara Valetacitonea
bd Lents Napolean Cull. and Collar.; Loafs Nanoleon •
alls , ,_Crinnella and APplapto Capes and Plainer, Mime
/a-reek Blank Chantal!. and Lora Vella Ladles' Brealcfset
Cleo, Infanta . _ Ckpa and Waists embroidered Linen Cam
brie Itandkerehaft English Tread Lomat and Edologe Jo
cone and Pain Edgings
_and Inuctloga-Ankether_ Ltm
eillb •
aa...ortmetic of . Frenelo A. kr rokl o ,
No. en w est Market et.
UII.AWING PAPER =3OO Sheets (fluperi
0, q—liti) I- _ 1•4!' .
CTIKO: gket.
.. .
'%--16 casks Sides And Shoulders,
LI r ,,, ehl , 07. Simmer 3frommger No, ~...(or We by
11 1 110BAcco_ -15 kegs Six Twist;
wi taxco
%ma Grautr. •
s .. id:
I. • .. Barrows fur yak by
Mod Arnim:
10 75 !wk. and 30 bide. L h g e,t ;
1.7/ bldg. um 50 kegs No.
:330 box. liaising
1/0 MCA
Chime bele Timethy Seed:
0r '
10 ir. puts Pweet 31alaizZIA fee by ,
bbls. Linseed Qili en au 111/PATRILIs.
mehl BROWN
opened at 250 Lilvrty Mreet, ret7 se, • ',nem...,
Bon Tea, whieh, we think we eau ray with ill. IL
rennet le the price, in Pittaburgli. 'which
For the. lower grade. 75, 625,1, would 87ear.11 ad
we warrant fully equal, if ant euperior, to mu . to the name prier. tldeti
Also—Oolong. Impetial, and Ountawder, of all g -ergge.
for which 'all we mak Is a fair trial, and they will re Leg,
mend theme/qr./ A liberal discount- made to retail,
and to 0.111.. buying br the obbbrbr. •-_
WM. A. iteL;URGI
man Tea Dealers and Unger.
PAPER.—...ISO reams 24 ar 24 Printlug Paper,
• 2 , 40 " 24 by 96
600 18 br 24. 24 by 22, 24,by 34; IN
by 41, 28 by 43; '
400 " • Blue. Factory Paper;
bdle. Bluubs Cruwa Straw Pap,.
400 rouble
700 41,0000
24,0 " Single Crown Rug.
1110 uudenslgued keep, rottatantly on hand and fur rah.
hange for Bay, a lugs and ileurrid inolorldnedl
Ruled. Cop; Latter, Ilgolirare. and Tea Paper.; Donned
Board,. r, d'
Also—Felting of all Alter, for Paper manufacturers.
Printing Papid. mode to onler ton short notice.
J. L. SI ra..
feb2B corner of Perm and Irwin as..
ed to furnish and erect spywratus tor bestrug . ..tWo
mall buildings by deans or hot water, and haws en
gag,xl D. It Wlllissas, horn the out. to superintend Its cm,
truclion. lon WAIF& ATKINSON g OK KLT.
.11)ItIED RPPLES-10 bu. sup. 11. Apples
12 rack. •
st. Louts llcent.ry. xtorn and for eal•: tkr
-1.5) Dbl. Lorre No. 3M. Starlarc4
primp Cando.. It.,
5 0 44 ; Ky.
,:."-3it.-ae- '
F.- b
mcc,3 11:$ A. It:11160:1a CO.
RACON--3bale prime Hams;
do Ittir: o 3
aisle try
LIOR NASIIV I LLE---The tine ,
rtraunrr MA YFLoWEi, Hulett; madda;.*_l4 - a2
lest,. fur he: abotrand Interivrallateporta. 4.
on this day. thr at 4 I'. 11.
r.r rrAgt or ta.aairo , apply on lanard. or to
trivh . JOH,: YLACK, Agent
and npkodtd tdaamar FEDERAL Altell.k_,
. 44 511 , g1
to , Ki.ltoiatnan. outnruander, will leave for abosr--na
and intrrinrdialr porta on dd. day, tharbth modal. at 4
terlork. r. a. For freight or pnapago. appl) hair!. or to
FOR Lota•VILLE— mplen
did strainer NAVIGATOR. Cant. W • Wan.
l Imre for tho above and all Intaratedia..
Foron Wrdisraday, the :Mtn hart., alto 0%4,1, A. w.
For rn•lght a0..0.0ge opoiy ,ot board. tnel,l)
VIOR ST. LOUIS—The , new and
fast running at.Faimrr EtiPIIESS,
Loaner. will !care for tlir ahoy.. and all int+
tardiato ports this &Rangoon, all 04,1:
For !might or pasmage. apply on Mani.
ad..., will Ira,. thr aboro and all in.
media. ports, on Friday. the 2lnt Inn.. It 4 P. M.
For froight or pniage - apply . Mani „r
toehlt. . D. WILK
VOlt ST. LOUIS ` s
rarEn.—nm ni.tondidp,:n.narr
rr CATARACT, (:apt. E. W. (3.1,1,
a x 1, `,1. 4 1r,.17i=".."
For larignt ar moan, .poly on , to
sachla Agt.
yoR ZANESVILLE —The fine
reamer E3llltl.l.4,Cra,truut.r,lll
alxneand Intermodlato port+ thl. aftprnuon.
• t 4 n',loo,
Fdr freight or PAARROC. apply on lonril. mrhlo
and oplendid rummer lADF3I. Corlitan.
g:lae ltitLy r airo v 'elnyV
For freight or lama, apply on Lauard.
Ff" .iced
AND WELLSVILLE.—Tha lino rtramor
Wiu.Sdird.ldn. toaster. nil run
at a Pi.gillar packet bytwern ilk city and
ln & r
i d c kbr,l:V i.
tetrare Monday. IVoilaceday, and Friday, at
For {might or ow., apply no board. lid -0
stramr PILOT No. -." A. N. Crani,
will intr.. Pitniburch for Mu...ling. Cantina and
every Mond. and 3 u'elcnik r. returning
Imme Buntial fur Cantina. IC nenlfne and
cry Tneaday and Friday. at 10 o: cluck. a. U. Paniirogers
and anipperiirno drpend upon tin. laud running rnrularly
daring the low watrr lawman.
For frolsbt nr 'moulage. aPPIY on boon , . nachlsd
•ik r EA k ' lB5l. •
rf:Enew an 4 fast running etr. CASIIIER.
. Mr , Mm-t3. Mader-11.VMM' irsmone,
henvllla, Weiltbant, Wheeling. Bridgeport. Cantlna.a4d
nuntah Packet—leaves Pittabunrh every Wedneedny at
3 o'clock. P.M- fir Whneling and Brldgepert. Ittnl veer,.
Paturday. at 3P. M.. for Canntu and nondeb. Returning,
Ltavve hundsh ever} Monday at 10 .n dart. A. M., and
4 Bridgeport and Wheeling every Mondiy and Thoreday. at
For freight and pa ...ire at.Pir an iverd k In
meta JOHN FL. CM. Arent.
IlitllnlitT.—.The line plenum, iioc i c
a ' top. master, will Itare fnr the aburnarelir
tame:hate porta every Thunday. at 4 o'clock. P. M. M.
For freight or trunage apply nn hoard, or to
Rater lnt
whit) \a.6l awl Fmnt Os.
F -
OR ST. LOUIS.—The splendid
new 'reamer STATE.l3lA..4.oormloy, .. : •,,, , I . '
rommlaner,lol Iran , for the ohnre and In
mirliatrports on UM d.r, th. rtl3 Inet.,at 10 A. NI.
Yor frrirlat or !Narvik, apply on hoard. or to
torbr Gth. 11. MI LIEN lIIiIII/ER At,.
xt SUNFISH PM :An—The fost runnhur.
WELLSVILLE, Capt. E. Youna,
run to • regular petard bstaven Pittsburgh. IVhselling,
nrElErtsart , SuutPh, louring Pittsburgh e'en - W.I.Y
afternoon for Wslisville, Steubmvill, Itridat , p.:. and
Erldgrpor M , Co,. afternoon nf I'm
h: SPutalorills, Wbsollng.
ptina.nrl Suo
Port and buntsli arrry Tomisy ahem..., and ' , nat.' ,
=.lor.6ll,—ftptri. For
ja, WHEELING PACNET.—no ?lariat . i tE. l .r4:2
g j o ' sr 'l 4rfo 0 Fie ß r ...4 P A gu L l ' artTsr 4, sk I I tri P• Mtrrnm
this eity and Whasiing. leasing PittsbUrgb at 10 o'sir s t
TAWTO .c :r! n i:ll7ld r ,:f.
In saeh trca.a. For Craig bt or roprags. alp , " nu board. arta
nolad sIESLSTRONIS A ZER, Agents,
no. This splendid boat Newtilt by
the owner,f ths slostarr loam n. and °awry, far
the llarinuall am! Pittsburgh Paekst trade, and .lit learn
lorry Wednesday Cr einciunotL tr, plans of Opt 7‘nor Eng
and No. E bur (Mat orpassawe. apply on Loan!. or tu
mr..l) ti. 11. It ILTENEF.EO EIL Scent-
EMOV A ti. L.—llsoL )11EsNsyr,
ail)) orea-n. and Dealer. in Produce, Lave removed
to 1 . 333. Second, and ra rind Woad atol
Sr:19101W Pittaburglli. Judd°
FINABLE OIL CLOTHS—A very large as
.ortmentof Table Cover, on band and for sale at
No. 7 and Wood dread
Inch: J. a IL rculurs.
I() G boa, Clover Neel:
- Timothy Yvet nod and Lo .ale by
roeL7 .1. S. DILWORTH L 1,1.
['KIEL) PI:AdIIES-15)1 Ito. (prime) for
I_," rale b (meh7l 3E. DILWORTH I.CU
pO7ASii-10 man No. for sale by
men: , J. 9. DILWORTH . / 170.
00 NOsn extra Ca and 9',
40 utly bose4 extra pound, for Kale by
loch: I. S. DILWORTH & CO
A . k. D. KING, ll,uiker and Exchange Ilro•
1t.,.,, Fourth 14.. deals In Western Fond, Fight
the ranterrie.ttell. and malocollodion. In the
wets at low We, and 50 now paying 11,, Ltd rnorket
Premium In par funds for American elver. ' 9 loch!
THE largest Stook of Blank Books,.ofes
.prti,trrsctligit.lo re,l. of blmlln. 14 eitrrred for
NV. E. HAVEN'T Mank Ronk Btorr.
• .
Market and Second eA.
Merchants are iiequeeted to call and examine our Ve•di
um and Demi thank Work. which are °Semi at • AC,
pricer than the' have ever been wild In this cite.
[Poet and American ropy.l mehg
'HARPER'S MAGAZINE, for March, re
" 2 ' " I° tit J:
1,136 ohhntile the Yost thrint
FOR SALE—Excbange Bank Stock, by
mho D. KING. Fourth n.
er our .ton for ..le—e3 rishlng Nets.. one of them 187
yard. lane. an two =slim. ones. Ther selll he sold at a
mender, to the owner is art scrd I•dr of 72 Mara. who
destitute.and alstees to obtain means to take her to bet
family In the State of Indiana. J. *IL PHILLIPS,
mrhd No. 7 and 9 WoNI st.
CARPET—Received this dar, by Leech &
MOCKaI Llne. at the Carpet IVaiehonen of W. Mo.
in 75 rough at, enmprislng In pert the H
is/dna variet/es: Bramela, Inportry, Iciperia/ Three
T5p...., Vaal/lan. Plain ‘enitlan ntui auperthee Ingrain
anat./ of th e mare modern stylnk glebe
OLASSES-200 bbl. N. 0.. for sale by
/TA; :seas $.O W. lIARBAUGIL
CANDLES-52 bo!eg t z )uld; •
• moo ic° " notli'Vf.7olll
fiLOVERSEED-50 bu. recd, for F ale by
metill & tr. W. WAILBAL'OII.
1 ISRD-30 bbl. No. 1, in store. for sale by
LAI .2e116 s.a W. lIARBAIOII.
LINSEED 011.-10 bbl. reed, fur side by
CLOVEigtEII-75 bu. for ode by
mebo ROBISON. urrLh a co.
aItEEN APPLES-50 bbl. (in fine order)
``'` .4cud
fi"."l' 116675()N, LITTLE C CA
WAGON—I large Ner Wagon, suitable
Lulu a co.
mehi •
Li ADD OIL-10 Lble. fine Winter Strained,
to, male by J. KIDD !WA.
Inehl .o. CA Wool Ftmet.
I OPPERAS--2.5 bbls. (in iciod order) for
k_,) rale by 3.1(1110 CO..
tocbl No. CO Wood .t,et.
=l° 44 hbds. usruals i t 24 7 : c v t:lme i tifrt3 ), by
VINEGAR -50 bbl. receiving, for sale by
DRIED BEEF-5 te. S. CT, for sale by
MOLASSES -25 bbla. S. IL;
:•50 •• N. 0.: in oak. obi.., la
cora and to arrive, and toe tale by
tocbb eo &It trao;r, and n;;at'zr.
F ISH—dO Lbl. prime Jeri° N 0.3 Mackerel,
10 isltimaro7lr= tl o7:FJ • 10br
mcbs L. N. ITATER3Lat ' BONO.
I).RiED FRUIT-725 1111. Apples;
1115 l'esebes for 0.1« by
riii - N21T17 7 01.1.—::25 bid. for sale by 7
melll. 11011100 N. LITTLE *CO.
TUBS a:BUCKETS-410 doz. Buckets; •
to Tubs 6iraal«by
mebs • 1.. 0. WATERMAN a 00.00.
GLASS—aSO loxes W. G., amid, City and
Country boutdo, for do by
BROOMS -120 doz. fancy and good com
mon Corn 8rt.1111., far min by
meta L 0. WATERMAN & BONE.
EEDS--'2O bbl. strictly prime Clover Seed
0 Timothy litod.
Mohr , L. E. WATERMAN • ettYNA.
11.ITTER-20 bbl. Roll Butter;
3 and keocm Parked Batter, fur
9-1 ..? • 'l.l'l L. a. WATEKILIAN k SONS,
91 A 9111'sthr.9.1h1C!Froc1 0.
I .IC--4 casks Hams; •
Vale •un reed ; fur pule by
a/aim:Yon & co.
ifiCoSI.: i . 9 . 3 PC. for sale by
tech . ..„.„
trim k MrCANDLE...
111.1(2"ItY NL TS M B rro l Ei, 1. 4, r 4 Y
44, 3 1.::.55.
..._._ mch,
Q co ALFIRATUS---1-1 . oasks and 23 bo . xes pul.
I:1 1, e 1 1= 1 .1. g l .* .. 11. sr u neK r. MedANDLESS.
h 4
B RoomS--lib - duz: 02 - u
rn i i , for snlo by
WICh .
I.r Act , V
Motile Crown Medium end Cep. wan, .I , t
iirkfTt.._.3.l,'l reams Crown,
_Tr: 4 • WICK 4 Me% . ",
NILACKEItEL-:13:3 bbl. No. 3, Cur„s?!e by
mai:, WICK k IIeCAN• "..n:
n L AC KWOOD, for February, awl t....e Art
” j ''''''""'"'"''''''''''''" noLuE s. .
.'?. 4.5 oppr .. ..lte the Pont Ogler.
12 —25 bbl. reed and ibr sale 1.3 -
m cIM" 1t011.0.N. LITTLE & CO.
VI! bbl. No. 3, for hale by
ANA. mcas 1:0111410i LITTLE • Cll.
k." L 0110. lwurest'a eap.Cnna Dream. '
31 .0 .We. tibranlab '
Kt b.. IS Eutaw
I gn.A Bonnet Anardr,
IC bags Rio Cafe,
With • c ;octal or GreTrlca. J. sale by
Drug and Prescription Store for Sale.
d - Y,147:1 1 ,1T,
fenvl kn. male Eino,n easy tern. For Nrowr
.I , PIF W 11.511tD111 YIN.
niehll • 114 hecond et-
EOR SALE --A large Brick Dwelliiig ot e ,„
Hon. , . and Lot of Ground. ou Bank La.. gai
tro th'r ia r c.7,.. ''"h pa%
l'enton. doing • bennn 't etta ' sn the city would And It convent.
Also—Ton Lotx. 'lf feet by 100, on Rebore]. amt.
For price and terato.nply to
int.hl4 et IRWIN. 114 Second cote
VOR RENT—A Private Dwelling. or ttf".,
F..inwle Enron, plowantly located on Federal rt. AO
legheny. Enquire nt 31n. S.t.ntrz . . Book Etore.•••no - •
Allen/war In. of IV. I'. niltillALL. we al St.: Or eddress
Ito t. =9. Pittsburgh P.O. me. 111411
FOR SA LE—Two choice LOTS. pleasant
h .ittnttmi for private residence.. fronting an In.
noesne Way. I.t.rern Pitt extendn Eran's IiIP,T. These
bd.•are 21 t /runt. and hark 240 feet to !.. 5 3 feet
nlley. For terale.apol) to C. 11. GRANT—or
ortEyll,lm J. N. PENNOCK.
TO LET--A AREIIOUSE, situated g . +4
oniVater between Mut.. und Fere, Street...Ea
stntahlw for the Produm• buolne.... For terms. In- -
quire of JAnEs DALZELI.
. • No. t',3 wafer .1.
For Sale.
BLOCK OF litti Mtn If, on the turner of Wag, ":;tt
Ingten and Penn strcets, and fronting on the Penn
ayltanla CNIIAI.
the Cit, of Pittaburgh. The Lot done
one hundred and Tony lour foot ou Penn Areet. n
hundred and No feet nine Inches on Washington stma,
to. twenty &et alley. Inquire of
. -
utebtfort tin. 106 1 . 1.1113 at.
Land for Sale.
tiNE• A TRACT of 320 . Aeree.: one Tract of .
ed. of tint rate quiillty mod looattel MooTor , O.,
nod wilt Le told, to toll purehewere, serf low.
pertieulare Inquire of ll'3l 11. JOHNSTON,
112 Socood
and.o ' L E T—A BRICK DWELLING, 7.0
team nix morns or ground Matted, nitrated rat .c.... 'n 1
riaIIItT,JONRS t en.
IPOR RENT.—Two Roosts in the Post
. . , or a r Dui:dings, nuttatle for Artilted Itonms.ia
Also a FMALI. STORE on Thin! stmt. next door to the
(Janette Oftler, counters, no lilting, and • 131-11. trout with
ler, show window; furnished withotit <SM., to tenant.
fete_ D. 1/.172A)1..1.64 beoond etmet.
lI—OR ItENT—kimiall frame cottage, with
4 roman on first door, large amine room and4itehen In
ammont 2 smell
to gamet. with a large geniert
end several frnit trees. • very desirable residenne Am a
mall family, situated near l'auseesion given
.abo, several email Tenements for rent.
Alen, fur sale 11 lore fronting on hamm y etweet, and 3
fronting on furl Weer.. Terms easr.;onifitno,,
felaklni or 11. I'. Cain. rm. of Market and tilt et.
Desirable Residence for Sale. •
HE mtbscriber, intending to remove a fete
tho mon try. often. for mle the property In
Try he tans raside& burly located doublepe eeenud tunk
In Allegheny City. Ilat dwelling. a nue. and built
I of Nick. IA farce and commotion& and has been recently
repainted and paw., .1. The lot front,. fifty feet on the Ci
otti, running lock two hundred and eighty Itre, and is laid
cut with Wu& euttlairdo; eholtwohrubbety and fruit. The
outdmiblina& newt...nog of a mire, school him, stable
nod carets, hone, an Vontentently located. The
Hon be pi -asset, and the Wire Suenenston short/T to
1 4tb i ltraletn . u .r i ' u b txt ' act•Yris: il t1 re n elly th,
Purrhaser* are refer-n.. 1 to Alex. li. Miller. 'So. 1:1.9 4th
-reef. fehlUallin MOSES lIAMPTON.
,17OR SALE OR RENT—A comfortable
y.and ph ted asautly oltua dwelling house and lot
ou Chmrtbut Mend, In the Eighth %%med. of this city As.
The hewn coutain• are mow: the lot le forty fret on Chest.
nut street by nue hundred in depth. Enquire of
filhlSMessyof Mod and elathts
.:011.1tENT-- Mess y
That larv,e dwelling house
it. with extrusive groundi CI garden, and AMU. ,
attaelbd. the MUM:cn of the late pm. J. Tottou, alt
uatol on Olaf smut. Poasersidn Sired On the Ent of
int term, apply to L. A. Al'Aipy. Ooardian. or 11 C.
Totten. of tho Port Pitt Work,
FOR ssax—Two large Flour 11111. end • Pair 11111 on
the Beaver Croat. with the nece•earr water power. Abwo.
wAtell Improved Form In LawreeicreminG. PH.< 85000.
IA Perm of Ila acre, Coll the Ohio river. three mile,
below Bear., for Al..'. one of 140 arr., on thw
1,11110 rivrr, ti mile. below Dvarer. for 532 ter acre. A 1..,
110 arrow the
tit per arm. AIAO. WIWI of IA 135, and VG
arrow. far AZ-5 per acre. ArTVA for 312, and :XI
semi for MS per acrv. together with many Where rati
ono dreg aud EMBir" of
0. p. 11. 1.. FL FE
Attorney,. at Law and Real sa t. Agent,
rebid IG7 Ith ot. Pittaboogh
L'OR RENT—The store on Market et.,
pa. tioisnouessi to- C. Seaver ita
l a Vartoty Etoreoa .
a" 4l A illtr.VitiCE. Sb 4th gt.
;IN() LET—A IVaretiouse situated be
tween Wood and Mark., and running through "g::41
from Etret to Second km, rereutly unroofed by.awww.
, Valfe a Atkitukon. It la imitable for matonfactoting or .to.
erg porpores.
s Ermine,. o
fotoß isr.. ATEINFON a °KELP.
winced offer. for sale a large number of valuable
oat loot •n.l ma eery degirable alto* for manor. ,
torte, 'm tbo Borou ro gh of Birmingham. located near the
oevr Public School Hour. And Enitlßb Luther.. ( Thor , b.
• The rapki growth of Blrmingbant RoPobamo aod
rotottfa,nrlny wraith. and the removable prices at which
bAs will Ivo add, lent mai, olvm a rate and prothable to.
wt. Title perfect. TMAA favorable.
ntrl nod rtuno . 'sErretn. ,?r of Wilhelm
Srmtrwo nod N. Ntt,non. FAQ', of their omen I
0 LET—One House and Lot eituuted
TiPO —74
n Bedford street. Ssreoth Wool. For tents.
"kis" 1:041N, LLibITTLE kCO •V+.• e.•
FOR SALE—Tho oubscriber'dffers for „r-r , ,,
vale • lam. and well Venn trick Mom, with flee
t hree fgrouodoinotted on the Fourth etrenteMm, •
Dorf, w thin ie curlew of OM elty. IN:neestlon given on
the let of April next.
Alma very sienreble lotof ground. matelot:4: over Poor
Acre, wtth • rprinn of excellent water therm. etriatal
neer the nl•vo.
A 1.,. lot of ground 49 Pen 11 !eche. b.r 1Z) feet. 'Abel.-
I tht t .t e trt . t . tri. ' ll * Zrfont t ev l s;re ' lrill r' s e l r ve th olle! " ik7 " : l l n:
plven Immerulatelp. •
It In now rentem that the Plank Mewl will be complete
pest the eleme nevem, early In the eorulng mmmer. For
thriller Information, apple to DAVID lIF.ELER, Fourth et.
newt near the bet ileecelbeel mperty.
yOR RENT OR SALE—The eubgeriber !TS'
will sell or rent biF very desirable Cuuntry
• 1. 0, lo Allegheny city. situat.+l Obiu Lane and....
Allegbenv nest of the Common. The house Is •
large douLle brick building. in complete. order. There Is •
earrings hqus, stable. and 1...00d water on tho grounds.
which carnun, two area, itoptored.contaJning every
leserintion of fruit: also. a spring hot,. and smoke house.
Po-session given whenever desired. JOHN GLEBILIItT.
FOR RENT—A two story Dwelling . .? l
Rowe on
-I will tell for enth, or on tterveutal lea.. one Luton
at pined, 24 feet front by WO feet to npring alley, ad.
Joining IT. Ninth Ward Engine hon. Al. one mum,
bounded by 'Merl,. Canto, and Allegheny etreete. and
prlng Alley. being
f a t f
on Liberty. by Lib
Alley. Al. 1,5(e/ feat fronting on Fergueon elect. Imme
diately oppoedte the Central Railroad Ihytot, and containing
CI acres. tfan'9ditf) JAMES COLLAR:L.
FrO LET—A large 31ansion House with r*.
1 2h cars or Land attached. attuated at Oakland -h
-ie: lIAJWY, JONES d co.
0 LET—The Three Story Dwellingttn
Nn 171 tr,lie fisyrt, at present occarledija
B M L lTVAt:lllllll='
g i ! ru the I.t of ApTii. havilteof tr.lti
r t io LET--Oue Two Story Brick house, Teti
continuing 4 MOE., on Centre Avenue, Mtnent•Zi
.Tr Rttal. Beat lon. Enquire of
jalo " anus WATT 2 OM
EcAlll, ATE, V V
110 Front at
T2 ,, LEL7 , l , toonl , sPower for
Rare Chance for Capitalists and Itturafae-
THE underaped being agent for the own
i.rsoti sale a number ot town lots In the town
assnar :Uric county, Ohio, with lot. lots, end small
ramie of land adjoining and neer the town. Illeslllon.
being sltnat.A on the Ohio Canal, and the Ohio and Penn.
sylrenia Ilailrurl. now nearly nompletrl, passiog through
It, this reed estate afford.. perham, the best opportunity
lately offered to persons who may wish to engage In man. utacturing of annual any dew,riptlob. The aloundattee
ehrepneeti of all the mean of living, the guild y of teal for
fuel for steam power, the great tity of wool brought
to this market. an well ea the Winn. for transportation of
manuiartured artieles. all combine to mane this one of the
Moat detireblepoinut for establishing manufactures of Iron,
Wool, Cotton. indeed of all detteripUonewhiutt Is now earl.
ed In the Western country.
general Intignornl forms, In the 'trinity of the Canal and
Railroad. are also offered—a tract of .37.5 acne of excellent
timbered land, lying between the Canal and Itaihned, and
shout half mile front the letter, a. lot of shoat seven
odiolologMalltued Depot, along ono skle of which
the tract puma, and On 1.1•0 streete of the nown.
tel keepers and merchants will do well to at this be.
fore they purchase clambers.-
The position of Massillon, In the heart of an agricultural
region, not eurpateed by any 111 the ohintri, than well
known that It le droned annocawary to domain rein
tn it in italum nIl who wish to make goal investment, to
rall andexentine this property. Title indisputable and
loon rerlit elven If desire/. lion. Andrew W. Lomat. and
Awbua Moon, boo , of Pittsburgh, will glee information
Mrl,lllllll, it, and any enquiries will be aliMireleANoy al.
plientino to Thome, McCullough, Kent Jarvis ore., under
signed at Jiwaillon. 'DWIUITT JARVIr.
Mailaillou. Pet,. ii. 'hi. feblAtard.
Very Valuable City Property for Bale.
TIIE undersigned Administrators of the
estate ..hatemas deceaed. offer for vale the
ao mai of the said Thomas Falnaan coastal . na
or one A/ feet lot fronting on Liberty street. eallanir
sat feet .3 inc hes to a ten feet allef. •
Aim, the teems nand kW*. as the Siltation 'foam.
(ranting on Liberty Went 31 feet 11 inches, and On Cherry
alley N. feet 3 inches. running book 03 feet to an alley, Irak
feet gro 4 in und ches.. anti stable connected. fronting on Pill/II alley
Also. three. lots fronting on Cherry allay, each eight/way
feet rrobto tad rtiorilog back sixty fret parallel with Phial
alloy. all of which property will be mild at private. We. by
appliettion to thr eubecriberr. or if notsold before the 2litia
of 3larch, will be !Jend at auction. at 2 o'clock. P.
the highest bidders. 'Apply to
ItO Liberty et
nee Forty Town Lots in East Liverpool, O.
THE recent unprecedented sale of Lots in
the alum. thriving Town having nearly exhausted
t pnTionely laid nut, and the &Maul Nil conboulon,
the untirrelguell luta boon lulluccol to lay out • portion of
his property In them lota u above, avid okra them for sale
' tt l,' e r n ' alaril ' U t a t tu " rn// n lu:. " llle f te t ttaat a t a h y ' an cl a n lo o l .
of the heating of the Town and prorpecte pt haring been
sufaricully illetteribad In rvmot advertuennenta, other tint.
that °ter oar hultelrytt lota burr rrcent/T shamed haul..anie home.d been pored/U.l by threw neighing to procure a devlne
The above lota are among the mpg eligibleand tie/arable
In the plare, and are prinelpally located in We centre of
[line recently euld.
For infonnstino apply to the proprietor in Liverpool, er
to James Blakely, k'ourth street. Pitteburvql..
If You Want Real Good Tea t
LP :MORE, East El& of the Diamond. Damaged or La.
Drug Teas are °ever kept at this ertabllshmeut
ruperlor Green Ted, d1dF..75 emits
The Ter, - bent Impurted.ll.oo •
ktrons and rough tlavored Black, Ltsiktse. Vb.
Floe mild !favored lllark. fenttike. fl P.
TIM Is them,)y an - e 117. Pal.throMl filet WI. for rate pm
n•lr the swmo kind of Mart Tata that are used In Lair'
d, tralaud. dr.
, U p TTEßTi N f o e L iv il b i b st le. harii,imr.ntd.:ta7Ld
kILLED PEACIIES-350 bu. for salt. by
casks (pure.) for Nik , by
tuch3 WICK t IIeCAMJI.I...K. •
1111tIELI APPLES-71 pkg.. for nate by
Forty-six 'hours to Philadelphia.
Forty-four hours to Baltimore ;
'FO miles Railroad-103 Miles Canal.
Two Daily Lines Express -Packet Boats.
EXCLUSI VELV we reede~,ete~~
JQnsN the opening of ennul Navigation, Two
OMIT Linty Nett rlprvm Packet Bout. ail] leave fm town. then, by Portage Realm:o In
There takinn the
Two hundred and Forty-b+e nano+ dirrot
Time through roirrr•eix Hours.
Fare to M1L...1..1111. 510. lore to Bahiroore• 59,75.
Tbe Carr on thin route are ten, ant of tr. moot approe.
ad eanstruction tor comfort and gut•tr.
Parket,' leave nanny morning progisely at Ligh ;clock,
and every evening at the mmu hour.
Passengers for
anival of Car, Ilmrri.hum, the lc an •
berland Itallromt. (non firn.hed) .clty, (e Oar
four marg.) Time. FOCH — hour,
No charge- for handling Baggage ou this route.
The Inemaaed Speed milt. tido laa moot
. nufortuLlr.
sale and &Arable route:nog to trstem
For muo.age or Information aP
J. I'. fl 51. E.
Mono;oto ..11RINOttre
Or to I). LEECII & CO.
C.a.l Basin. Penn etrt.t.
N. 11 On the let of J t h e Petinmrlranin Railroad
will In finiihed to Lochw will Oren IR. time
t ti t‘
hrvunlX hour,
Pirtammh, FehrnarT
Manufacturer's Line.
1 . 851 i r
hat no: i L tiS v ARE
po H ,o fill!B r, " . Faß3a)
la now In full operation, with facilititt. o rry n a4arge
quantity of freight to rt hiadelhia and Hellmann, manta
as sho time, eat at as low rates, an am
other regular Liu,
ow tiperial
to hare RIF° been made for carrying
tr F a l et; r,..,B=tt.,lttz:,ll.tiamu.b‘a 1
Creak. New latallton, MeTrytowu, MlMin,
Jiowport, Clark's Perer, Harrisburg, ColurntOa, and all oth.
er Interamillate points Ma the Pennerleania Canal and Port
age ItailMad. Haring return loads of Iron see
hrml from
the Juniata.. promptness end regularity In shipmonte, to
the aforesaid points, at the lese,t rates, may be relied
J. MITCHELL SCOTT, Proprietor.
'Warehuse, Liberty street,
rachlltf Seennd door coat of the Cone!.
Mail Lines of Splendid New Troy Built
Coaches for Hollidaysburg,
And from then, 243 .111 D, by du
To Philadelphia Neu. York, and Baltimore
Tina Titan:NA IVILT sl flout,
(trachea sill Iran, Err ry alortilog at 9 o'clock: 1 o'clock,
P. SI: and 0 o'clock— P. 11.
Extra,. to I.are at any I item,:;llwart in rondino".. TWA
14 the most dlr,t. aqufortabln,and exp , ditlou4 route to
the I,l,t.rat:ltle... Parrenget, for nalttmori. Ink. the new
lll.lread at Itarrigborg dirret au th. arrival of th..L'ars•t
that place.
11.—T4,0 only - 0111 re for tbe ahoy. Line" under St.
Ch.leo 114,1.1, No. 40 Wood etr•...
:11C.',1 . IN BLV.;//..t. 1 1'S USE, In ply brother.
lo IIINGII.IM. the bu.loree•at l'ltteLorwli will here
after be treatearterl szreler the nty ef Itincbmat &
fruehll It V. lIINIaLAII
Bieentes' irarortation Line,
THE CA , NAL being now open, we are re.,
dy to rrnive xnd fuirrard promptly. Prrducc and
Wo • ...and vest
at:llt d Adlrea. lowe,t n't , cliargr4 nr re.ponsible
Prodore and 3lerehandlze will Le rer.,iatal and forwarded
..1 and wext. withuut an t char, f.o. forwardin g .r ad.
tamin g frei g ht. et...0n...t00. or,
11111. of Crward,-..1, mei nil faithfully.
attended to. A.h.lre., or arid! to
It al. 111Ntilltt )1 a CO. Canal taa..n.
C''''',,,j.‘'lit..T.; nanlaj'eli,al'h'd'37,,leVir:.'.'h.
hetweeti F..urth tool Plum sta. YttladelpliLt
J A)1 ES ICI 14,15, Agent.
No. 1,; North Laltictorr
JAMES IllS(111,431. No. 10 West rt
Opening of the P • ylvania CanaL
t . ;1 11- 0 .. s;a44,.. 1 r: :''.':l s il:'l,:l l y.- ! .. 1 o ,ol''''''''. o ,:rx;.;-„t,-- ,
1-nimarlphla to Pat.! orgh. at the folluarin.,•- rotor.Tit'. '"
Dr, Gond, Mt, tain. :late, 1in.q.1.1 . 1.
an., Lookin g Glom.- le.-- ........ . Wk.-0 100 Da.
Ilardware.Onw..ri.... Hale/ of W.i.ltn.Paiola.
r.,. mull,, Rinks. I , tisti4ner t , t II t l o th,
'Writing. Printing a. \tall Pail,. heath.
el., &P 15c.' , .100 Or.
Qntwnrware and 0.1 i,...
Brown Sugar, In ht..l.- .. . , . _ .... .....-..Wc. .- ..
Whiting., Anvil, Mum, cru de . ...........
It It bath that tb,n Orating talon Which en math
mar than at any prelim. maroon. VIII induce Flappers to
• Ire rtas Mu a u
! Amr elteld Man formally.
Hasa. a Larle to
en, Mr Loath a Co.`a Linn
/ 'Mill. IlP3lrltitaTa & CO.. for Union Line.
Ilmona ma a Isar,
Irma 0 Stayer forcrl:lm
Me tlinzhana'a Line.
for Penna. a Ohm Line.
LC —W. Rep prepared to make mamas to hrLoc out
fn.. 'Philadelphia. whir 1.p.r.0“.1.1.r0e lots of Lair, fre 4 11 t..
on accomnaodatin,. term,. and at Tory law rat., without
rwithipping nn the. ca t . Apply In
fab2l:l4t C. A. NiedNl:l.ll* At CO. Canal Bann.
8 5 1
.Pittsburgh ' Transportation Line.
JAMES O'CONNOR A CO.. Canal Ravin, Pittsburgh.
(STEIL. JAMES • C. 0., Depot., Broad and Chem wrest,
and No. 3 South Fourth are.. between 31mgcr Ind Chest
nut lament. Philadelphia.
O'CONNORS A CO., 7t) Nona street. Baltimore.
tIAVING fully completed our arrange
ment,. we will to prepared irpon the °Pent. of the
aylvania Canals. to earry freight to and frcm
burgh. Baltimore. Philadeiphia, New Vora, Banton. Cin
cinnati. Louisville, St. Louie anJ the Last and West. at
ity l l7.2 a l.r d Il h .t% o f. e m di alt t e ' r. "° ei.' 7::iie s Z y re ., l•ll
liwuranee, without any charge to owners. • ProWvoun
not really afforsind by not nth, Line.
Mtir kutfile","..Odr Loon S
He Loins will meet with prntopt attenuen.
aa-N. R. Our Line ha. noconnection whatever with the
Philadelphia and Pittaburei iil,l,ollMli. Line of At
,kins t Co. re 6.11)
Merchants' Transportation Line,
A. MeANIATT A CO.. Canal BAdtt. 409 Pmn ntrcet.
° I. - 11VMS 3IAYNOII, eentral Block. Dread street. rub.-
e are prepared reenter a lame actnant Anerrhandl
and notate in chip on the opening of the eanals Phila.
delpida and all Intoltnediate Vb.:Mat lower ratee. and In
leas time than in any onlines reuoit.
so - N. The tnereaxed number nl Tracts proeided by
the Canal Commlwnonera for carrying nor koala on the
State Nall/nada. will prevent toy possibility of delay at
Jahnetownt. llolfdayrburg or Columbia-Ma, mason.
Barn. CO.
To Shippers of Merchandise, Produce, &c.,
TO AND mon rrnuflGlz rmLl., CALTIMOILS AND R. TOT.
ATELVS 6 CO., Proprietors. No. P-1 Mast., end Si
Commerce "Creel, Philole
BELL LIOiIETT, Agmte. Canal Resin Pittsburgh.
JOh. TAYLOR a SON. Agra., L•altimora
We are prepared, nn
title.6pe tint Pennsylvania
Canal, to enntract. for Freight loor rat, a nd gveg
shippers as much despatch end care as our other Line.
Jo, .V. 2.
(Sucves,ore to JO. )IcFauload ez?.7
Canal Basin, Penn Street.
Penna. Rail Road Co.—Central Rail Road.
THE subseribus having been appointed
61 ping egente for the Nutley',sale or 'Central Vail
hoed, Ipfurla the public that lee ere .hl prerared In to.
eelee any alerchgndian or preduee forptnent end on the
opening of the c.f.i.
. • •
Onoda vin dde route will he curried tbrtuinS In Dyed...ft
nd contlunr.l to us trill Iv terwardoi frpt commac,
lon or etuugo fur 3.l‘sucen.
'lulls 0? 11ltIOB1 taraira eitiLturazu £3O en - rnme.
Dr} Ovals. Mt. bloc, Doak,. Stationary . (ratleiir.Conter.
tlooary, Fruits, Prather, Purvituni, Drop, Medietura,
Saddlery, Wool, .I,c, Er. 01,C0 'D DU Ira.
I =g - :B'.7:r': - FlZi, ( l=';' 1131T:tPx .' 0 B1u2 \ 0 .1::
do. VC it 1.
Damn, Drat Pork. Dotter, Land Lard Oil, Tobacco LW,
Coffec, Tallow, Grain and Irara. iclo 0 100
kraal, Marble (rough) Tar, hook, Rodu, German 12. r.
Banes. te
• NM '. Ii
.. —..—.. . ......—,..
NITOCK F.Ulht, Minato' in Little Bearer Towtmtdp,
Lawrence County, Fa„ on the muse of ',:tile Pincer, a - Anl •
Mining about 30.1 acres, miles (mu the Ohio and Fenn.
I arlvimls
Itallowd—the l'iltabuthli mud ClcycLund
passing through it.
It Le well known AA the Ilarrin Font, and has her:int
ermits:l as a Shop (arm for the lot thirty yozs. The hind
is uow in lint rata order, and well etiolated for sliver and
cattle. It hi well watered be Little Beaver Crock. and se,
end neverifidllng springs; about •d,rii acres under fence. the
principal part in meadow and pluitnte, and about SU ores
itt woodlimil. An apple orrharti of clink's. grafted frnit.
• number clot., perall too noir the house. If an
ied for aon.• valuable lot of household and kitchen for
niture..alo u rot rate 000 king trove and Eirming utensils,
506.. yi
pueahs. de. dr., can be foul with Om farm at
mlloThe bilowte
uilding. on the fllon erri bur hrleg bob., 40 fort'
WVAl""renitentl two nari.•s big L: ether
tell to the mute.
41'.."11;2'.!h0b hm
o‘ i and in sued reel, the rooms ere very coin enlently
Ciro In the lower marry, with three tire plows, e t a u l t
with three large Franklin start, fire rooms In ilui upper
otory, three of which here grate. ler rood. One frame
kitelion attached to brick house. 24 by lb tort. two stories
high with large pantry, d ranch in front It fret nide.—
One !mine house, attache an d to kitchen, by 15 fol. two
stories high, calculated fora work abed, or lad rr.niu. with
porch In trent ten feet wide. One triune wood house, at
tached to the above how, 40 by feet. One fowl, spring
house, near the Hick house, IC by 12 feet. and On rod
high. with lower story 7 feet high, and the walls reads of
Moroia good and never falling 'doing of soft witterrutatina
I through the loverxtury—thepper room well ei d th i,,,,a
Mr etymon. A tb.el annexed foe a wash honer, • brick
emoice house: ono (tame carriage lunette, 24 by PI feet, ten
fret high, with intorno ivllar underneath; one honed log
house, about ad rods front brick horde. IS by It: net, one
and • half aturies high. with s tierce spring too
the hon., one hew." loghoulie, neer the brick house, 2.5 by
IS feet, one and a hail Minden high, witit buck daintit,
and garners foe spvin—eragon shot en one Alm one taro
frame bank bar. tin by 44 feet. Id fen high, aerating
tined in ripper story. and tritraneeat one ml—stnbiea ice
nap jinn stable attach.' to large learn, on by
24 feet.twelen feet high, with otaito for imaele; one franca
barn. a by :4 feet, twelrebet big h deafaunn thnep Low,
tai by 24 tort. IS tot high, divided into Cheep pert, with
racks in the neuter—awe nary for lisn, one tram., a. , <Lr
bons, annexed to the ale., hem, 1:91L, .24 font.
set high. with raeiso to the voider; One Lamar re ,
toot., 10 Li 4 Pet. PM , / f,”t
For tone.. apply mdubv Holt, on the premises. who
ll nuns
iha harm. and ;iv. all iiiiecesary information. or
enntoti Hull. en the I . ltodincoti Road. 4 tulles 11,10
hence sad nuke ',Wu. kwatitl. •
oak, al 5....* at -a.
rn.Lanq '
. .
WV va 01V
1J No Grocars, No. =1 Markel.... Nallmelyhin. aD4I
c. arc karma W.A.,l{.
4EALD BUCKNOR &s CO., Toba,o
ComnLiors 3lerrbants, No. 41 North { rater ,- , , ,,
r. 15 North Wharv. aual
IMI ERCER & ANTELO, General Corami.-
Metritante, Philadalphia. Liberal aalvaoc,
made on consignment/. or Prtalura graarally. l j.ttdr.,
CuSECT F. ..1.17d C. LIMIGRON.
W. POINDEXtEIt S; CO., General
earantniadon and Forwarding 31erchwItda and Flan,
lira. ',To. w." 6 Maraud Philadriplds.
To Southern and Western Merchants.
The Inkccriber recpeetfully Incl. 'nubile attention
eateniore atoekof PerfumeSnapetShaylgcnoarna.
lc., nev
to which en Silver and two Golden Medal., hare.
within the lact year, been *wankel by the lnetitutra tM
New York. P 144. 1 ,441, the latter being the
only Golden Medal" , ewer awnnied tor pertumt either In
Europe or this.
liorent's boso m eruvom Math. (Almond, Roe,
not Arabi,4al.) unirenedly sekritwledged tubewperbrto
Ruy Sharing 0,110 In this country or Europe.
insurmuir. roc. FlLlVlXO—lkatalfully trar,pareat. and
p..ressing empnozneou, ma emollient. propertleg
SaNna,..ous tumpouutl; Amb.a.4l2.ll.wiug Tat let; Mint..
ry - ShaTing Sown.
. . .
, 61,13:T1N1 Tolls, Fosrs—stimend. lima Mlllelleute, Ron;
net. lister
T .ll e ll , l, ,T l:ateh r o . ut . lj a ji n., l3l2 . l .‘ h i tu z. Pirating,
VIE Hawattionns. P w, :Cumin. lon
'eraneuus eons n Slutor.ohne.Jork
er . CI. "I ' at, and otanY
niter varieties. 01l
Deur Warns—Ho • tette. Orange
, Flower Water, and a great yari. and
dor Water, -
, 11,1.110 m. pot mut Itata--(lenulut. firarcoll. A s.
, U .siolin, Han bestride Uhlue, Compoutel 00 ar-
Ins lair It. H u ld and In ' powdcr, sod Philccorue,ltich
Mu, WI Jo nd Pomade. '
iloowystot oa t e l al,nic }HUI, Tooth
Paste, Charcoal y Is a Tooth
Coswrrtcw— , Ve le Cotmeia for
(hopped hands, CO Crosm of Hoses, e Lip
Halve, Ras rry.Crearo. tic.
rez p at 71 • *d47' jg , . re ° V , :g. ' gr c1r,,1._7 7 .„t,, - il
war (—...p0 th Preston Halt, besid e s a great .uiety cd
atter article tutzsc ns to lw nem I t this ed.-cru se .
The tuband r Lopes maintain the esiutallen whfcb
this entabllahment has uired. by Mt low of nothing
but firtl rate articles, wig be happy to furnish those
who unflteet nlse I . either whole/at! or Mall.
on as maws a m any establishment hill. United
:tater. ZAVIEIt 11421 N,
• Sneer d Comer Director of the LAborztory of
• 114 Chesnut rt.
Mr. spate's Perfumery Is for tale by all the principal
Druggists In the conntry.
A. &G. A. -A.113013%, •
lIRAPERS & TAILORS, No. 303 Broad
',"ay, corner of Duane tenet , short. the Irking Rouse.
New York, rompectfully barite the attention of friers!. and
the public to their alsortment Of new SPRING 000100, of
the the
patterns, which they am prepared to make up
in the host manner and,. Mod fashionable style, st their
ustml moderate prices. PITA Cloths, Camilmeres and Test
inas, of latmt Importation; elewaut light silks thr Tests
dark dn. do, new patterns of Paris Embroideries. Thew.
are throe skillful artists emploped in this evtabilahment—
one to eat COATS, ono to t PANTS , and one to cut
WAISTCOATS. limb departm ro ent is complete In itaelf.—
ARM Y and NATI' UNIFORMS made tn.-order, with sma
rmy and domatela. and in the most approved :manner.—•
etranerm who viiit OM. metropblic And at this
lishment mort thin,. to their Mid., and ti most perfect fit
fthrity• Ingurni.
PREMIUM WAlSTCOATS.—Thomelegant witiatenittu.
that 'Nero m storm Admired at tßuitle Garden, hare been
awanird the first premium of the Mantuan Institute at
their We. Fah, _
Shawl and Mantilla Warehouse.
FA . (tie Sham) NEW TOW. le now opening one of
i e leirmwt wed riehret n.wortments of SPRING AND
SUMMER SHAWL. evw before nweived. Ai.n LACE
MUSLIN end all Untie of SILK MANTILLAS. manufactu.
INA trout tbtt harm Part. Reddens robed by the 'lcemen
.. . t 7Plc h ; f tr/ P .fItTZLS AND C3I.
, ' cwtodeting of rringed KM plain edgwl cotton
l ow r ime. 1,11 m C'altoa and Dim.
Ina prime. IVe erpecially te our W ' ettsm frienQero
d. to ex.
tunine our .trek 10b,.,. Amrchetiog.
Alen. WIRE 011011 S ['A 3 1/0. for exhibiting Shoot, end
Mantilla., pot up In taFP/1 for tr.:newt/Won- febllnf
C. B. lIATCII S C 0.,.
it .VE now in store, and are conetantly re
ssw lug nr etramere.thetowt extenritPowtortment of
hens men'. GOODS eTer beton. °Erne'.
embracing the latest and rieltext Idyl. of CraystOghirte,
I lqe o :l e ktt,Z;d O ggt " r/Resl i ar Erase . "r rarrlittA d e4
Shoulder Bruce, Llneo . Cttßars, with variety of other ay
bairn ~a<ulor en their line of bneine.t All of aldeh will
hesobl a: ale
inrite.l to exentine nark
Superior Black Writing and Copying Ink.
IONE'S EMPIRE ISK. s 5 Nassau street,
Not folD.
..... ZA per Jos.
On draught. per pal= '3 cent,
TIM is thn to, grJeln taxnufactoreLL It :lws freely
1. k gnnd COPYING INK—sed will not ffinxkle, mone.L.
prrelgitate re dney. and ponacann the. onalitin moo n
L.r a good IV rittag !bk. ruitable for thr Quill. And I.
tairxl.l) adapted the ',goy! Pro.
Th." nodnr ,, Fnni is Zn•Yan.l fltrtgA tn the trade. I.
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luvr prtees, tup 11. per . order. and delivernl in any r t
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No-rharge Stlr ra•ct. gam Is
oeor Log :an charged elmra at nett not.
rebily XL' Nanknu'n.. New York
4u.n,. Irr dna_.
5 nv
Murphy's Self-Sealing Advertising Env :1
10). 263 'MADISON ST., NEW YORK.
11 The gobix-ALeri In molleitine the Nitro., of all -
mar this adrertLietoettL furls none of that hoeitatiii
with which a new artklo Is brototht Liefore tit" poblie. T
experkeee of Tears Lao their superiority
loitit enertiott, arid e conCilentl refer, to the Ls
my of those booth.: men who hare y
usoil lbws eaTelopi I
end to Lis rapidly itiereseitig mks. es Woof Of their ex-1
•ne following a. a Si. of the reason for their pop
l tp
et On the place occupied by the anal. perirst
have his mune. bush., and midi.,
.ta,autirully enlist...eq. colored or pima, thus *Hording rk
feet -entity against fraud.
•The Envelopes =coot to opened without peas .
ftr 3V. 4 tat_her wax nor wafers are required to them.
ith. Upon toe oda:an-Mae of a letter, the seal inserts
instnedia,a return to the sender. instead ofLe ying hob
months in th e Dead Latter Wino.
sth. The Envelop. aft fornisho.l at almost the xx
Prim as Maio ones.
gth. Each letter mailed Lea sown effective alvertircom
core to attract the attention'of all through whose handl
may een.
The Lilowing is.• list of prima for Pore, engraved
hr., and which will last for yearn and of EXTZLOYLS,
th sual a lee, either white or huff. of good Pa p er,
modees above, with name, ad dress, an:
Priou £rtre-pes made
:X) letters or lea,— 44,00 oboes.
Ltito nti.— • 5,00 10.0.
21) to 40 n.OO a...
40 wed hi.* WOO.
PO tuft).
to to .... --PAW AOOO- :
When it is not , conssulent to for - want smount of orde
Boom no
exprens. referee:, to & respectable New Yor
nil/ Ns sufficient. Ail orders trill retc,t irlttl prom;
attend... addreniel. lt3l
31tullson14 - ntri ' :V:;Vnt.
)earsll be , attended to Nonaptly. if left at the ntor
of Mott Walt alma , . or of 11e.tar, 1
j,,vilu t ank Co., 104 WiHUM It.
N. IL—nuctueas Card, embosaed io COlO2. from Mt
nt 5111,tal for thousand, feb::.‘l3ro
Professor A. C. Barry's Trieopherous,
nil. MEDICATED COMPOUND, infallibl
for renewing. insicoraUng. and bettutifyingthie hal
ninoring the scurf. dandroL and all affectictu of the scaly
and curing prepuces on LbsCskin, diseases of the chino
muscles end intemnuents. and reticent,: ;dings. mu, bre
ces.sprain, Le. With this Pretarallia `there in no sue
IginMlll,3 L 311." The nest Journals In AMerlea, medical me•
of the highest ominenni. prominent eitlmna of all prof.:
Mons, and ladim who have used: It for years In their dre.
• p g a
rooms and numeric; Omit It with one unmet.. th at
vigor. glom. luxuriance, end curl to the hal
eradicating scurf and dandruff, beating wounds, mien
MintusierA, threlnsestitimt ke, and Tetchily; diseases of
• the ?sin, the glands. end the 'rotaries. •in bas no equal
among the multitude. of coMPounds astrertinld In the Pub
lic prints, or used In 'private preetles. In cheaingue salmi/
as efficiency. Barry'sTricephenus Le unrivalled. The ha-
Menneeidt rule. of the ambit,. lees,- enable/ the threw,
to mpply lout 23 cents per tenth, which Is from :A to leg
yew mut leco than the infix of any other preparatkin for
• the lWr now In tue. The scientific treatise on the-hair
the skin embracing the raluable directions fire the mil.
Allre and prreertatlrot ornatures choicest ornament. In
In which encl. bottleinencialed. in alone worth the money.
The allinity hempen the membnums which oomititute the
chic and the hair, which draws its sustenance from this
triple envelope. in very.thom, All direaree of the hair en.
trlnatoin the skin of the hired. If the pores of the snip
with moisture. and Impart I to to the fibres. the result le
scurf, dandruff, shedding °lithe hair. graveneas. 45711,k,
anAhrimbnews of th e llganocans. and entire boldness, meths
rase may litimulste the skin to healthful action with
the Triooplirrons. atgl the torpid. vessels, revovering their
activity, will aunildithe the tireue. • In all inketionsof the
skin, and of the substrata of muscles and Integument...the
promos and the afters are It is upon the skin,
the muscular fibre, and the gland, that the Trieophimin g
hen Its specilio anion and 1p all affections, red Invirl of
those lamina It Is • eivereign remedy.
held in large tattler, mien ocnte, a/ the principal en
21..137 Bnradway. New York and by the princinth
mid druginets througliJut the L tined States and Can.
ode. deo.4iihri
0 the Itenom th
ble, eJudps-of -the Cottrt
of liencral Quarter &side. of the Peace, In and for
T.C9puty. T. 1
• The. petition of James 31111then,of the Borough of
.PI, Itstreth, In the county eforetald. humbly Morrell--
that your petitioner tenth provided himself with Materials
for •theamorranotlatiou of moieties... and others , at his
dwelling hintee. In the borough afures ray
aid pens that
Tone honors will be pleamil to gram him a I ,a kea.. to keep •
s u n 4llca , o a tio d e , i , ;l" u s i t s ffe ea rt t altonnut. And your petitioner, as In
ICe, the subtetibers, eithens of the borough artrtc:l.l, do
acidify, lust theratiove petitioner is a< tract repute for hatr
esty and tarnocranci. and, la well provided with hour.°
rtccm and conveniences for the atcoututedation and lodging
of t.rangers and &reciter', and that such tavern Is paces.
11eo. Cunningham, John Walker. 9r. &nand 3feCone,
Jamaa A. Ekin, Tlomm McCune. John Graham. Wm. 0
Walker. N. Speen, Jr.. il. llamal. S. MeElhenny, - J-Dough
arty, 'n amen. D. 31cOlnley,11.31ellinley.
Sellers' ConFh Syrup in Illinois.
JUDGE PIERCE, of 3liddleport: Iroquoise
moiety, write, under date of January 15t .1551, that
be hoe been t.cibicti more or low with a tough for therm!
years. which lath year confined him to hit bed, and required
undies! treatment for throe mouth• During the summer
ho got better, but .1111 the cough continued to dilate. Win
by day and night, whirl was only relieved by th e u» "Mitre` Cough Syrup," which a gentleman by the =am
of Chapin broubt with him from the State of Ohio. Mr.
Chapin hail found the dtrepof great nee in his family and
when moving from Ohio. took niteen bottlerwith him, •
portion of which Judge Neve obtained and thud with great
benetit, when other teethe failial to afford 'relief.
Prepared and old by IL E. SELLER!,
r 7 Wood 6t
Fuld by Monteith, generally in the Meatier end vicinkr
Wetthe—o locludi
of ng allow article cf Wool and Ent. to
Mrxrni * keep Loaurtanent 1 the
good& dlfd''S.llk end Oftuar Merino dd. and N ah olan
and Lannb'a Waal Drawer,
REELED PESCHES--A small lut received
JL far sale by .11:.1 W. A. MrCLl:lict d t
WIDE SLIEE'fINGS--119usekef•per ,,
T V thtderite!lng fOr hzek ., ee t pl:l o %:? l , l , ,fiv u Ai:,) sad
•V=l,2,e'Trmfr,:: :ooelreot Shootkot fl Ai ue
one to thy,. yule Id.sebed pod inelleacbc , L
Pillow-cam neat& Huey dlopers, 10.01.
tog tintrers sod ontl torodclerplag et.da geoer o ll 7 ,
otbor ktmln ,Wlnter more.--.nae•surttuntt 14 be
ontl,l h j l at dm stpre
liza Cincinnati ma
& co.
OcIN-100 bbls No.l, for eale by
w. k 'Y. WILSON
bbla North Carolina, for sale by
fet.l7 - W. k Y. WILSON-
tiGiF SUGAR-100 bbs, assorted num
10 15a no Fear
ri_iviD c. 'fI'TTLE, Attorney at Law,
L .
1,1 arki o.rumwmner ausylvitai. 8t444 Me
mmiLMLIMMIMMI promptly answmt.l. .I=C-17
I OHN 11. RANKIN. Attorney and COCIII
- at T. C , 4mmbtiouer fcr &Ws e
I. , m,lratsin.:t. UM, , PitleMarei.) •,
Sjc:ltlt.°l7-I'=4,'&lll a
3fre.,rd A.Co. aostalr
1..,-...,',vein sTTIELT, nontos.
rilng untkr,iued having entirl 4.6 7Z
. 1011 iindettlersed the stove extensive
0„.0, ~„,,, ell shout three hundred and
e. neuld nvrottlhily sire notiev that it is now____l.3/
t ut tin- r...eption and sceouttuolption of the trawnu.ll
enoun 'mitt.
An extended notice of the unt i nginoWiii......kirf.M.
i.,— 0• , n,..4 ..r , t10...... . the. muumuus istpront
'neut.' wittrh home been toxic canna to ittetletrt7 then in
AU aV,I,-vill(11I- Sittlire it h-i s a y n c , ~,,,b .. . b y b"..
Term' to render wtr erwrtreent tweteet.
The funoture was made expressly to order, toirarileat ol
cot. m ud crrtnin twortitms et it, repertstly the Drawing
renuts, will te lowed to tv of theersont Isstutind =mucus
turn. 'The Dining nem. err expations. at:Albs haunt Ibr
nests will be en serstteed es to mit the noun:Wm. of the
e. I T ood intr.
I:rery deparnerot trill be norelartod in an meter:Rims.
!de rostrn e r. end the Adooetetor Pledgee tattuadt that tent
.4.nterieso Moen thelrbeAntly the Trateller•or flow,
reldeausviewersT.. LEWIS HMI.
_. .
lie Qnaadafdirm of the Ltaitts, yy
the Glen. Asthma, Ervothissit, Pd. or Rob=
the recast (I . Litth.ti, anti other of :diem of a,
.P4311511111y Orptats.
o n i p t t h r . , : t h s Z a. igt:c ,,, wi . th thie,
re to moke no rifgertion st, to the rlrMer of thia mada'
cn and to hold hopo to nafferbig Mummify, slaw
fac o ts will Ind warrant:
The Mom of Petard. and the Moe and Wild Chary, an,
10 tie i relebrated for the rum a all digester of thi Looms
ant Llrer, which ore ea feagfollyprondent In all Northern
latitude, From a ombinaticat of rhemiml ostratta mm .
ettriii (mu this Wove loth Mauer Turn Da. Maas'. Har i
FAA or Woo Corr.. Ig chiefly formed.'
ims - Wlemr'a lialmm of Wild Chet./ to • dna nal=
wtotentr i cempmed rottenly of Wild Cherry Dark sad the
routine loeimad Mom. ( the ltdrer Ithposi'd expressir for this
pormaa.) the rare millet! virtue, of which an also WM.
tined by a new acne inal proses, with the extract of Tamer
thus roodeimg the whole eximpoundthe Mad =tab, sad
e•EtarlOue remedy ever Ili:slavered for the e
nun of Wild Cherry.—The two of Jeremiah Is o,
grlg.g. of Commun.. (Mu of his brothers and Msters to'
slug died of Consomption) ls tub'
Pirmasr attar, ILmilttm co., Brpt,oT. 'it.
Pmx—Dear Sir 1 take the !Thrifty of tuirising you
14 the benint I hare derigoi Diva the um of Dr. Wistark
Mdse. of 10114 Cherry. I wag prostrate( by [bat terrible
carps, enneumption. In Stay Oda The attack won truly
Minifying to me. Pr Pee oCoor, fatally. (my brother; and
einem) bail died of Cer.eareptico. I was (nicked with
nearly all the worst furores of the Masan hada demi-on
ion omplamod expectorated a greet deal of bloido hectic
, ter i reverfi polo. in Um stile and chest, Wild ebti4 , alter
ratio; with Mashes of heat.,
was cider th e 'tare ors skilful phmirlanofroto
rte I was lakes OM until about elm weeks shun Dein:
mon arenat belpk-sr. and err friends' maddens' m 7 rate
hopeleag, or at least beyond ontphyairiank Allk ebbed
me of irlstar's Bataan of Wild Cherry. Wlthoixt my
owleglsnou lather promind it, sad commented
wring It tent, sod fromair flat day I commanned Mk
it my oealth Improved.' mei In two weeks front the
ms T comMenced wing It. I was able to I* out and oivr
n.m7 Magnum, and labor, which I still fontlrmila do. I
ge taken four &dilator the undid., and now Muller
ialf perfectly well. JEI2I7IIdII MtGEIOO.
3C.4;4 - 4CCC;.;
Crow's Perth: Lake CO.. la..Juria.l6., Yd
Sons D. Pstt—Dear Hy: Iu Ju1y.7.1540, I Was attached
with a feresof tuthhi.l tharae.ler. Whlth left trzo 11. 11:easy
h.tilitatell State. wh.n, la the Glilowltes winter. I *as o.
with a' .•o eo rere mid. width re4wee.l me to .sueh ex.
to glee me tlw appearance of a costlissed auurtnok,
toe. I Isles,l under wsevere rough- expecturated
nod was troubhd with add feet and tight sorewth.
frequently raised blewsl from ms 1.5.. a. I 6.tsuuo.l
thie ttaLl. crsehtelly sioldog under the disease. until
.c.usr).. I w 2.4 :1,21n etteehA whits's., Sly
- rien,l4 '1...ha1e...1a thy rhy phiekh.h.elheembi_l
huh/ sureive but x eh. tune. My estewellUest'air-
Is pry fret, won. mre.t.shtly co.d, sod almost. On. Mists L. , *
Eder the, nessmetantestt may In iflar milt was
Using ekekteh. I'_• . ' -
helves pre.'Hbed by
sae of Wilt Cheery. c
nennet takine It. I n.
0.1 F 1 mouth
eu,o,tsl ps2l.
morueeel the I,2llans
thl lungw, and non I d
dlurassel i 1 t
urem, but h....weer, as
t also caws out .uf
:rah!. as I hate been.
From Dr. Baker,
Zr. 1.1 SOU cf a m•
zer br woof Dr
which 'leaved n
dolly recimemd. bathe futi
-ev , remFl, oLlch nand inelf upon my lunge, andfor the
4sice of throe Dun I true ermifinul to my bmt. I tried all
rinds of medicine, and every variety of all, without hem.
et. nod the, I wean,) rang until tho winter of 'SUS,
rhea I bowl of Vastar's Balsam of Wild Chem; SIT
friends persuaded Me to giro It a tr , n/. though I bad given
uy all lames of nvvverd, mud bad - prepared myself km the
-barge of downer world. Through their solleitatiooal wee
educed to make use of the genuine Wistur's Baleen of
Wild Cbcmy. The effect was toothy arioutebnig. After
loom years of affliction and' suffering, and after . having
[peat font, or five hundred re to no postman, Mad - the
silt end most tmpechable physinaris bed purred tutuvall
ng. I was sonrestored to entire health by the bleating of
and the 1.110 of Dr. Wisim's Balsam of Wild Marl.
May Ile bleulog of God rest upcm ?Me dirin,ir . id.din Of so
reliable a mediense 13 {V 15 61'9 1:41.1. of Wild Chary.
Tours tispictfuldr,
Wm U. Base.
Gold by J. D. Pus. (rammer to fanfold k Park..)Potirth
and -Walnut etreme. CfncinnathOhlo, Gmerslakeeilida tho
Muth and West. to Idiom ell orders must be uddramd.
J. ICI.II t Co.. B. S. Dalloestock do Co., J. A. Jaws. In
W lima, jr., Yllisburglu too A. Beckham, Allegheny City:
L. T. licissell, Weehini - tonrL. 11. diode, Unlontstand,
Welty. Greesuburm A. Emmet. Somerset Stott 'illlerans.
Belford; Reed k Son Huntingdon.: Hrs. Orr, 17.0111daystnav
agdeltmod k Co.. lunar. J. W. Wright, Elttasmlng;
Emir - 111u A. Wilson k Son, WV...WM
Vol smlnd k Co, SD Callender, Slmuirlitin Burton'a Co.
ErM Graham k Fortrr, Siemer, James Golly & Co, But^
cm S. Sur{ W. Ikaven J. O. riumanerben, Warren; T. L. a C.
3 -.J.nea CoadorePortt D. Crooke:, jr., Bunrumilie. '
Needles' Celebrated
v nits highly innliestv.l plaatere have begin made for
more Ilian twenty tears, during ahich.time they fIRT.
rained permanent reputation, WI the newt nineteen ,
theurnat •
te ntrengthenisig fleeter aver offered Atli:-
Jetta. at the highesterttlittOns, to wham. their eaartimaw
lion has been Fulnitted,•neye goers the most tethering
iantimenial• es to their thperlor virtue over al uthxrpls,
tere rola.
The lutcralleuts or their composition, eery =retail? arti
correctly combint,l. render thou ph:al/nib* nil.PUMthk
remit.; suffering lath pulmonary dohoo.
For pains in the brca.t. resul titer front protracted cold 5,
*looping cough. and hthl pains tho various neuralgi a Jtrert.oo iu the todr: their - beneficial eharachrl bOrmtl
thestiod nr dispute. Ai a recue.ll. II! Lumbago, their au.
rerioritS firer all'utward. apolloaturcs, curb as liedhumta.
Ac., has Leen ful eorroborated by the mauyeurvacthstted•
For ireoknoot and Miln in the leu•A awl Aldo, reettlthLt
from severe straluA die..., .4 the Rolueys, kr, their fll
- ant ed.,,.%c
application. To such,. :uller who rbutogttic th t c c .
theeare mon:mended, with the rcubdeat atiaimuce
, Itat. their 'XI:16:111i effect+ sill be .found very dedded.
Fur sale , wholesale end rutacL be
• metri
E.l4l:Li.Ens, 57 Wood st:
Closing ant the. Entire Stock.
GREAT BARGAINS.—A farther reduc
o. in The rubruittsr 171.1211)111 to elninsbut
tn. balance of hit stork a ny.-ky and nayle Dry Goods br
thelst of tyre next. would rksperkfully cell the sktchtlea
.4 his akt cuattamers and the public, who ate la want a f
arn.l.gonar at nay pet rent. Wore farmer wirer. To any
t.rraokt wishing to commence bneinessonkharketstrett,ttns.
ould be ft frnal sVPortatnity as he will dlirateof the WI
an. of the sleek on liberal testa, with leas of tha start
k inch ha boa ncratpled for over Ilk - rare, end bat In etre
cat finally trade. - W 31.11. GARRARD.
In.. lieu York l - -ntre. 'Markus rt. littabstrz
SEEDS -40 bbls Clover Seed;
" ThigA-NdPatitepilitca,-
s. nite3l}lELD him. ea Imaa a goal ataarttaiztat
111aakeU, of all the ditTerext quantlee,laeleetag • lea
ash. a(altra•ize and, Quality, all Of sr kkh arerf
at. Iclee..l htieee. hr 43
ICKETS.—J.unt received , a.lirge
o v_in . , , oy of el•putt GUI Walches and 3ltafatura Cwes.
u tV, .gnt) we, hair, ic.
LONDON TAPERS-50 dot. for Bale by
fotT2 .r. KIDD L CO.
(lIIEAI' WALL PAYER—From G 1-3 cents
fnr mi., by 04= W. P. MARMALLj
bbls, fur sale by.
1:1141t DICKEY 6: CO.
tt ~,I•rr
VA3IPIIOIb--3 bbls for sule by
‘_.l 1'0:0 • SEILEAS
IDOW'II IiAIRERRY-2 bbla for oak by,
iI . OPPERAS-1 0 bbls for sale by
11. L. =ISM
VIAL 00/111.S-1500 goes formal
V 1.121 u IL R”
1 . 101:SL LAlNES—Printed and•eolid
`v,s b.
, y MURPHY hi; liCl4l-11:LD .re gad az
.l.• of otble I
tarf , o m ir Ays
itnt 3 l? tuier v : g;utlnsa. - IL4 MA; e
OPS—S bales for • • •
M. it. J01t5;.216-
OIL sale
A. ccir.EvasoN CO.
riIANNEIt'S bbil, for eale
iohl2 • 3.lritnomq *CO.
BUGAS.—Kept conat.tly en k nA gm ja r . 3 ,, 1 ,
. fe.324 A. CtLIIERT.S6OI.I . 60.
Ylt:i IRON-100 tons fa sale very low to
dm, co...dgmacat. by ' .r.
fettla . J. S. LUXOR= &CO.-
fi.EA4HERS-10 sacks .now leading front
strum er Aria. mil kr We tyr
1311 AR DICEY d CO,
lkbX ROC iad, haat ste