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- • ' The Patine of the Clergy
. . .
In slate number of the New York Tri
-lune we met with some just and timely
remarks, which we give below, and which
InnY properly enough,receive the above
-'. heading. 'We quote them as well from the
, source from whence - they came as for their
justness. It, is'well—it is hopeful, that the
keen eye of the secular press is no longer
hazy to the unparalleled power of the pul
pit; a nd in this instance, quite willing to
attrilmje to a faithful minister the just
metal of praise. The Church as well as the
. world hold the labors of the pulpit in quite
too light estimation. The obligation of the
world, to a faithful ministry of the Testa
ments of Jesus is Seldom, and' then but
slightlf felt. And the vital and funda
mental position they occupy in all earth's
hoPeful reforms will never be perhaps fully
realized, till the fearful flashes ofliloomsday
reveal il. - "The schoolmaster abroad" is
• ti fit personage for panegyric—the champion
of needed reforms reaps his harvest of eulo
•gies—i-the statesman is "god-like," if his
policy or speeches, supposedly or really,
advance the security of commerce, or add,
. to the strength of national unity—the suc
cessful champion who strikes for popular
liberty, is embalmed in the fragrance of
immortality—while, the minister of Jesus,
without whom those benefactors of our race
would be far fewer, and without whose co
operation their efforts would he vastly en
feebled, and their success infinitely lessened,
-is forgotten. And all this is well.
But to Tay the tribute of our gratitude at
the feet of all other agents of human email-
Oration, and overlook the pulpit; is like
• thhuking the moon and stars for light, heat
and harvest, and overlooking thesun. It is
.. noless certain that Giid is the author of
_huinanity, than it is that the "gospel - of
' •:, God underarehes every-conceivable interest
- of humanitx." The gate-keeper of this
ever-welling fountain of myriad streams of
sacred, silent blOsedness to nun, is the
minister. And yet how thanklessly is his
message received. How illy requited his
. and life-wearing labors. No pop
' tiler demonstrations evince the world's ap
preciations of his services--- , (of course this
is not desired, nor does , thAt prove that it is
- not deserved,)—seldom, very seldom, do
those who claim to be doing so much for
the world, ever acknowledge his services ;
but, on the . contrary, it would seem to be
beComing fashionable for the press, and the
itinerating lecturer, in advocating vpular
• reforms, to decry the pulpit. (A sure-ego,
by the way, that there is ~ s omething rotten
in Denmark," however good the cause that
that Tress or that lecturer may advocate.)
And does not this deprecation of the pulpit,
this slander of persons and things sacred,
because the human agent is not always
faultless, find but too ready a response in
the popular heart?' Did it not,_ it would
not be of so frequent, perhaps increasingly
frequent, occurrence. To this state of
things, alas! Christians, in their estimation
of the pulpit, are often found to give real or
virtual sanction. How meagerly are preach
ers, for the most part„ supiairted by their
flocks? How easy it is to find imaginary J f..1,:_0s
fault with them, and how ready sonic church .- i k 11... t NGES-100 loiSeS 111.4 ree'd soot or
members to magnify real ones; while their `L'-f,,i,t 4 ' No BORBRIbeiE aIN
116 lI WM. e:1,
-- excellencies are seat-rely :mentioned, and IA PESTRY AND BRUSSELS CA It PETs
• ilair value to the church and the world as of o.otwrior etyl, and color,. in .. , , ? ..... f. NL..r.,=!,"
ti whole. never iirt.used of. Families whose i
upbuilding, purity, doinestic pcsec and 1N,; ; ,,, it c A ,. / ,', 4 ; ; ;I Ii . PET:-S7A I n - ' - '"",'",l' a
, ''''"''''' a u' - 'il'..'.'a'r..:.•k '''
sanctity—yea, perhaps salvation—is attrib- ''-'"
utable almost wholly, certainly essentially B ROOMS -200 diwca for b;
to the chastening and conservative influence 44:1;- ' - - '; w "RBA' ' ''
of the .pulpit, think little, and complain NI r AGAZI NE S FOR MA II I.' /I. :it .1. B.
ms.- Les s ss, "i5.,..1, Thud ni..-.. t .area.... ti...
' ' Mine of paying some French or Italian ';:,'„ 4 ,',ar,47,,,, ~, f .„ , L „.. h ., t
. : loafing gentleman—of the ton— " Professor “I"D'"'... )'._.the
e '"
'new .. stecar...
. at .. •••,. .".fnom Paris or )M a d rid,—ten or I Ledo.: V0.t.t...1 Meg,to,... ''i . ,, ,
or the 5.W....1, en 0A.... ....1 .. ,
MITT - fora course of lessons fora ii:lti'l - ..`':
i ,=.
el' - 1 - ,, ,. . , ci : . :white they grumble mightily 1 ::.: ; ; ; LI;; ; ITII ; Ir m > . in : ;; ; ;;;I‘ rms.,.
~...,...,....T . ,illed upon for half that ',..!" - ,77,...',.."r h , Y 31 ) , - .. ''iali.:..''''''''
----' -', ! . i - i ~. , !I:4 for a year's preaching. Tim I ''',7.`o"'"'"'''' '''. '''''''''''' ''''
.-_ , -"t.ii.', -- ... -- , '.'.-: •,. •.' ' „ad i
„,,„ 0 ~ ~ ~w , woo never spent a penny i t LI NGLISIIAND AMERICAN I 11l Chat,
~,4:. . ~ ?:qr, ' , - . Hewes, or Bible bh•ssines, :iu .1,...• .--50t0..... 4 ~..,, '''''"'", '''' co:,''. .''''
I ..ste . et Hie Cart...A Wanhout, No. S'• Courigi A . h, x loch err
girl:Ritmo , s s minister, without ceremou,w, i Ow ettrotiou of t otrelle....,
W. Met .I.lN'lox IC
e/ '.6.0111 ti . . i limit of his study, or his fandly, .
'' . .ici EPI:0 slay in officiating/at the funeral /41 1011N—loO bush. Mr Stile I,V
/ fehlY Wl' 11..1.11N, , T01,
of het" child, or wife; and then the coffin- g sIOVERSEED-1 1,1 - ,1, is storc. and 52 do.
maker, the grave-digger and the licarsenian i; ‘..-- ro, ~i. by
B M li tolis,Ttif
must all he carefully and liberally paid in I:I•I'__. ' - ' -
money, - but he whose Eine was more yeti- IIIICE. , ORIi NUTS-15 11 ‘ .:14 . 1 . , r
j .5 . 1 , c , 1 „. .2 . ,- ,,
01113, and labors more arduous—the minister ' 4 ' l'l-
—is to bra paid in thanks; and even this l i CERTAIN CURE FOR A I ! ). PAIN may
iss novo is we o-s• air Perri 1.... ,1 • , . ~,...,1+ vain
cold comfortand unsubstantialremunera- .i
ter. Opinion or the an t , [ ProtAtio , t , D11i1 , 5 , ' , ...1d
51..hanb. of Cannoned in He favor:
tion is often forgotten. The village pastor, CINCISSATI. tiet..X.ili. Deri.
" eralAnrd. I.T.NAiehe aiid MI rftwile .4 Lb..
. without whom public worship could not ii'.`1,..":".: ail ..v.i.ta .le, ..L1 ,„,id 1,,r a ~,,rg oi.,
long be supported, and without which we , i,• l i r iat• l =ht 4 : l':7l " ;ll:.;
should soon have no Sabbath Cudwith it 1 !,',;,',.;,;, - r,i l .=: - : ',V.1 . ,' 7' 1T.'7;.!`„"..::"',?..;:, m en,.,
would go all that should be held dear in so- 1 tii!,"..",'.'f,,Vr,',.ll`..t.'filitli.`; . ° Vv:ilf:• . ` 7, i':;; l : d r: , •;;
eiety—is often the slave of every beck and rut', 1 .,.^,..,,t,'""°,',',',.„,`"•" 1 0,'. " Z`;`,Ti'.. 1 '',t L'..'i`,.'-
cull when his official services are required, ;ac 'vii:o IT via a.: l''.n. . I '7, ..". .
I ior tie, by IL t- SELLLIL, whole-Ante.., ; 7r , , ,1, , 7
-perforce- of custom or otherwise, and the i NVond stn..- -
public, even the religious public, are often' 4 SECTION BOATS—The 'fanacharison
• as really insensible to his true value in so- ~,,,,, 1%.',',,' - 'll'.''''`'""'"''''''''''''' ' '''''' ' ''' l" r"T "
. '!'-`."-'" '".l,;TizNix,,na.^: ,., " , (l. '
ciety to the cause of moral and social cleva- r „,,,..,
li. 1... , XL1 X I 11,-in. Val.-bomb
on, as is cradled infancy to the worth of
, , I oAtt SiltlAft--100 LI. tissorted num
its watehfutmothe;• while he is often made IA .....a.....0. by lummuoZisi TM:HAWAII.
ho Ili. Mat,
the butt of complaint and criticism by every d°
censorious fault-finder, fool and fanatic who 1 SUNDRIES— . .
7 beer Cotton:
may choose, in their seltsupposed, superio i 'fi'^'" l " l'''"l'''" 4
13 du Pratiote
Sapiency, to "east out his name as evil." i A Jo Dry Appb,
4 du do Serb,
'The "circuit rider," who pierces our forests, .... do do du prea.A.
I do Ilitrmiit ,
shares for years the lowly fare of the huml do Wad: on. landing (min ...on., Geo..
ble, and the perils of the pioneer—build.
I Se, and for sale b, 1417 ISAIAH DDT. 1, ) •t..
our churches, and gathers our children int.
~, 50 TONS SODA ASII, Mr .1.11. hy
. the 'Sabbath school, and plants the cross i i Lop. ASII A - superior artidle a ear ~we
the neighborhood of our homes in the wild ill ....'.N . - , .. -1 ) . ‘,. h.. , "''''''' '''` by
' l '''''''''''' 'I;T IWIEBT AI. • , .1
wood—he comes to us with'his unspeakabli I YAW Wet, Istrnet.
bldssinga, leaves us, rewarded perhaps wit rIIIOI.IACCO LEAF-4 Idols. for sale loy
a Rare
subsistence-=a mere extension of th f ,I 1 &bl/1 wt). 11. JOHNFION.
1:11:.S to prevent starvation, and is see' 1 Q Et:ARS-100,000 Principe, Regalia, and
forgotten, while he deserves to be rank . l'-' o l ,l,ll''''''''''''''''''' L l'igliVasos .0.
• first in ; the inventory of this world's pldfan 1 i i RECK LOST—A check drawn by us in
thropists—humble though lie may be, hot 9-1 favor or heave STD; No. 17a.5. datnl February Ob.
1,1. on N. Maitre d Sone. or this city. for ilirm linn.l,l
ko natural and acquittal tel niAl fitly dollar, hes tern It..t from the men btivr....n
I SA DlAtrilli and Parker,boreb. The poLlir are routloned
The Christian Editor, too, by reason pe i .5....., ~.....1.1.,,,,- ~,s vt.,,,.. 0 ,,,....i. h.. b....
Maps of his near affiliation with the Chri j ''''''''''' '''''''' MILLER A KICK ETSON.
flan Minister, is Made to have daily prop ba i t
L .zild et f , or
I S -; l2i's b S°DA rtsit ") c 'Ut."Q:',. l -1-t
of the world's appreciation of his Mho . I ‘,..lUlAn y lUlt. l o IL 31UltIATIC ACIDS, M
ond of the Church's gratitude, by scent , i t. - 1 -.on bond And for nde b
" . 1 ' is4srry. If AL,.
his paper, full of gospel troth, turned fro i.. : h :„ 1 „„
the doors, often of our professed lovers f .
.31 -,-,--,..„.A,„L --- , 1 ;,,it„) b „ l ' m. l ' i t r g" No ' 3 '
. the gospel, to make place for sonic bomb] .1 tel/W "... . i* " . . ./ 1 1 , S. A. lIIITCHISON ACV.
of pollutiOn, in the way of some "Doi lt/GLASSES-11 1 bids Plantation, for ante
6 (.1,17 JAS. A. HUTCHISON A C
Newspaper, devoted to polite literature, • . ;--'
&c." Let Christians read these thought. , i ILEAU-1 (10 Pipit/oh:no, for sale by
and • the' thoughts -that shall here folio ~,„/ il k ' l''''
• DIU ED APPLES. f t. 1, 1
from the Tribune, and think:— - / Qtur BUS". ItUBBRIDOZAINi:11 . 1.11 ', 11. ' Y
s Ili ‘i at., tdrret
"Prof. Park, of Andover, has bee "
preaching to the Legislature of, lilasacht - I FlSH—lott
, t ,c h . tiLlsi , o ,;i t rk ltfiieterid;
Betts a timely and valuable discourse fro ; ,„,,,i i 005. Seamen: for /, T l , : 1 ,
Ecel. ix. 15: 'Now there was found in t '
' II I
4 4
a besieged city] a poor, wise ratan; he n/ fri,l7
lillitilltlloth A INO
- is wisdom delivered the city :
yet no
-Linen and House Furnishing Goods.
remembered that same poor man.' H s A A. MASON & CO., N's. 12 and 1-1
theme was the value (by many unregartica ) .A. m.iii., anvi l krTlis tTTAI.I,7 .. b."
"' • i"'
of the.clergy, contemplated merely as co - 1 Vi -- ;`."" " the r u l "" 4 g°"'"• '"" '''-' '-
• servators of the civil and moral well-beii g 1 lttattr i t a 7,l: s tg , ''. l l' , ".7 ., ,
,- of the community. We trust the truths s:t i TZ„.' 4 ,,,lij=l•Ar," - ,,,rilgrir,:t'
. forth will be widely disseminated and li .1- '.
VA. 4 ." ' w , ."°'' L '''' c 'f b ' l k a„
ed. Men are too - apt to forget their grcate It ; 1 1t• .. .: ‘ , 3, 1 ,,,. 1 kr1F. 1' "1L Pk r ; ', 14 ' 7 ,, ~
. :benefactors because they are not the neisit. A ' L"iii-f;iioTrset;rsifst,idis;-;:pr4,:::Z.sse, a,. .s..
and meet &tinting claimants of tlseir gra i- '. ``''''
Lode. A military conqueror, a d,,,,,,,, r 1 1 , m,
MUSlC—Where sire the frictids a
.I.NI tuy Youth, b, O. Barker.
- -or explorer of some barbarous' region, ev n ; - 1 1,, , , :r o r m uiloa sin-. won Iva
a great actor or singer, is readily and li - i s I tsiVl:l'Tsfe . f . .:st r a th ii D ',l'l l sr. . ~.ssc stoto , sfoo to 'ht.
roily appreciated, 11,3 a whirlwind, an cart I. mAss. - sr m. Lo g iend, '
_ . quake, or an eclipse is, while the, dew of ; can, L.,`T;;,:r,,,t7,71,:„.5b0n.
_ heaven fulls nightly, signally blessing 11 "I',.''',lP. '4. 1 1•.... at.. Peel' rir Les-WoodhorT
and harming none, yet is scarcely thou t ,-.',';:i• - ,u,',” - - h1, 8 ,,1,'; tr,', , , , 5 . ,,, ~ 8 ..,....,.
• of. So also thh faults of the clergy are I Ask" , 7;
.!..,'...17t12 . e ' ...1nel Shelters Soot, Angl Folio
ever conspicuous, and every one takes ix to 1i .. . , .) . 1 , 1 , , , ,r by .i1ti 0 tare -lor Unit= ~
- of them. Let one be proved a libertine or 1
. 4.... ,. ..4. cont.: P {l;m Pont, 51Altrre. Taxi*.
otherwise Profligate, and the whole - land i A;t:oti - new oippl r : I ....New Carmine SarrAc ream,
liege with the story of his. shame, ash le i, u 2;1= 1 ,11::,z 1 .1 ::.;',..-Aut,:z.blt„:;.!,;:.:0;1;,,
ninety-nine blameless and exemplary ell , i i'r,',:'
,4. 4 . 1 g,e, - .4rptitztl v. m--... m'sytr "
omen living all around him _are never :. " 4 " - •
Goo., it.r. s.. Itil Third 1.1
talked about, nor seriously thought of, out- ' rilllE lIISTORY :OF PENDENNIS. No. s,
tn. IL Tbsekarey end the (1111.0.11, hiorkiai, .4.
' .
aide of their :several societi - '6..5. 'thousands 01. 1 . - sW..`v : R owirsoov C.O. of lAilile Si.h.e.nth, b? m
{• , can declaim volubly of the bigotry and wtr- , 1!"..:74. Irepiirs h r4.ill , frn! ' '''''''' Via l "
- . lowness of the clergy, their hostility to,lEfoo bushels Dried Apples, for sale bv
progress; &a, who never once candidy :I telY2l • .I. S. DILWORTH A AC/.
compered them with any other clars to see A GIRL wanted to'do house work. i i,.. ttly
I •
.-.. how large is their share of the \ trirtuos as A s- ' thi " th "' . .
ARD--4 kegs for sale by . .
•••• . irell • ' as the 'failings of , humanity, ror 1
La 50i..1- i ROBISON. LITTLR A (1i1.,..
. '. thoughtfully considered what the state of rrobAtbli-L-49 boxes 5 lump, for sale by
merits in thiS or any other country—its -I. ott . Mal/ILLS& ROE.
. - spiritual eondition-7-tvouldfie, if the tiera 11}1/SIN-Ifou hi& • . .!, - ., - .1, for . Hall' hy
' had no exist Hence. ' Tim inguiry is one e; ii- - frbv ,
nentlY deserving the attention . of the so,'
oinist; the patiiot, the philanthropist,
tre thank' Prof. Park fur having so for
suggested it."—ifick ahris. Ado.
.2 wo ow feet Plank wanted.
'IOAIMIXIIIIPANIf. lorltc pmponolc until the first of
ouestAlbr 11:m990'1g Ton 111111ou fect of Houk— ,
thick. acid lor 9 feet, to Irogat—to deliverof
lol!urg. If ',cough= the river. ur at such Plain"
thlr'il'it=t°ll.l,l72lb, Prrtideut. S. V. LANE.
Illitkriviiaticr co..' Pg..SPAMI,
ton to c"ol inguirics for further information On lily
Mlly,ct., 1.1 adilrccooll to 01.20.
PRlPtriiB r il lto recoiled for thcileliccrl of Othe „Oak.
P. 0.. o, 11.noluck. mehl
Notice to Contractors.
litlitia—Llcalwl proppeala will lie mired filre
!TV Oblosod Pennalhania Itailroad Company in Pau.
;54 7..Vra.....rnm"" nim i,ati,wl:4"..°J.,n.^4,"zt-.','
,„ rt9ii.... rßia l cifications M fort. ofumgawa. Pia)) 1 " ...
hied at the ohm in Plttaborgh. for two weeks Kett°.
:ie letting. Coapplication to aoleurou W. lioberti. Chief
loser. The prop...was wont be In aironLaneewith the
hal fonns, nod MUM . . al to the i'msident of the Coin.
WM. 11.1111ligl' i l Jo.ll,l4eist.
rashorgh. Yoh. Gth. till. N°
. ' '
Aricari; New Vet Tribune, r.nieriean Railroad
Jo . publish four Owes. Plaatid
• ItOPOSALS fur Erecting a Wire Suspen-
Pion Bridge over the Allegheny River, opposlie iti..
. le Wee, in the Fifth Want of the fit of Pitt , burgli,
irl islnn Grillo structure Y dealuircl by lire.
,di PrOpnAil, will lie b/ea at the tifiliv of Jneaili.
Paluter tC o , Liberty athai. until the I fah d P r aia, . . rel e
tiest, for the ereetkaa of the above dreetilied , the
led ern then.of to be the some oaths Monongahela Bridge.
mph alteraUnna a* liitaterra may suggest otai the di.
Yll'iralicYß'Y' By
" of
"11721.XiitIED bias: City on
• band and for rale by
ODLtVI.:II. OIL--Itushton, Ciark
mw , l , wad Mpal.. by.
- .
RESS SILKS-20 pen. itsnortell Spring
Style Dr," Silky, just me ..I LT
A. A. MAStIN A 11).Z.
. Nit No. ft: Itml C Markel Amt.).
-4 li IT . pie, a11 .. v00l lei k cx.l!o,ll.l.sin ,
pew .22,1 ntleafkrrtyl , I% , rsg , . r.ine ,
10 chola. 51ylr Ustmli A. ne,
sorb! A. 3IASat , ..: iNCS..
TAsH-8 casks ree'd and for sale by
3111.1.11:11 & RICK .rL
1 meha etnd •ZZI 1.11,,ty
WHALE 01L-1:100 brd.
mch l P '3'4
'""lm. STTk""
t4(gcrl foill Ia
itURPHIC & BURCHFELhare jun rpr'd a frndt
nupplr of the above mnde. If
a the tarions
J r . les, rents up to inch(
E 0 BUTTEII-14 kegs just n'o'd and for
nab. 14 (inapt] 3111.T.E1t A RICE ETSON.
ET HAN E R(' II I E Ft•t
-11 Silk mat i.inoti Caudal, of manta! Lan: o ne -ty
" g r"*". ' j" Wat ' lli b l y a
lOTI'ONLIS, bales now laudittg fret. str
.4 , 1, :11,4i for ;ale AS
K4C$• Water and Pant w.
— Kitt) ANI. ti'rEARIN E
A •.2 ALI, No 1 Lard: Swann,
landing from nr. Aria, anJ 'en rile A ,
IVatvr and Unnit
• 0. SUGAR-40 Mats. landing iwr •tr.
• D. Witt Clinton. and for role
S JAMES A. 111,TC111,.., I'll
I DER VINEGAR 7-24 1 1.1.6. for stale
I felt. S. V. VtIN a V/ t.
LICKORY NUT'S—CI bap for salo by
11_ s'. F. VW. , 1t0NN1155155.4 2 Cit
~.- .
. 1 11Et:4:-1 511 bOIPti W. R. for =ale by
:. F. VoN PA IN N 110Itta A 01
1 1 ENUINE PORT IVINE.—Th , 1,. re j0i.,,.
li. II or the tirattr. voitabl..4,tmedirtnal purt..... , . 1., ...1..
Or Quart t.'t Boffin. at MOttillf , HAW illall, 5,,,
ttu.l Inn , "..w. ~-, t Aldo of t be Diamotal. 1 (..L . 2..
Ihg UttA it-150 Mids. prim , N. 0.. jug rec'd
" ''''''"''''" Ylki hn i n ' if.;tP ,, :i... ,), .
N.. Ili. Wattr .1.
TAB -100 bbls North Carolina, for sale by
kbl7 W. lit Y. WILSON.
._ . .
Pittsburgh - Life Insurance Company.
TIIC following personF. 1. - the term of
eft:trier of wePITTSBURGII I:ill; lIVSIRANIr
M.PANY, are the Directon of the :vd company thr U.
4.1 > er:
J. 0.• S. noon. I:Lart..l A. Cottnth
JuPeph S. Leech. Fanntel SleClurkan,
John e. Itiliport h. Wtn. , lllllllo‘.
John A. Wllvn
At ar.upeting of the nbove I/Irerto Itel St the °thee of
V A.llllton. on Ow . .... , th it.:
JAMES S. 1100 N. was eleet.,l P Phthph
SAMUEL .11ret.v..AN, Vier Pr‘..1.1 oh
1 . 0100. A. ePar.e.,F.P.P.retar3;
Jopern A. Ur... Try-mull,.
5a11e[1.1111....010n, 11. It.. Exattult In, PhYPhiuh.
The pliprk pulop.Prigotion of tl Company ttw
found. for the present. w. the hoop.. o 31,11.1 , 11 r. r at WFUNI a
1,.. Ott ‘VOrvi 'tree', where th.... tplph ow to put...cribe rah
hate no opportunite lotto po.
111 o'rder of the Lk.. rd: -
retr- , :w 11. A. COI, IN. Soereharr
State Mates!. Fire T 1
ice Company.
rim vi ELI, Stunt,
TIM beat evident,. is (Ile
Directs, In endraverina to main ,
the t,aniatinili, 1. the iiiiteurall.levl.
which I:A , dun, me
a little more than viuht inerether.: and
espital Ili. tlesuynny: The. ninalm
that nearly all the ',wily In:aired in
• mall risk, and a large. pnwortion
N umber or 1.011,,i,,‘ issued, -
Amount ii property insured,
do. guarantee premium
t•agli rellittints;
guarantee id• Kik; -
I•ises. • -
T. 1.. deducted (nun the !lane had
ems-mew or the wt,.
ett ur country 1111,11411.. and ,ornern of _
and 1,1:0,4 and country unruerly. ix 111 1 / 1 corns
two - aiTunlv advantage. In rin'aPneunilafet. ,
Peritrltl. inforver to no Inviirancelltan mu!. In Minn ...... rY
. 101.104 till the Volt:4bl.. and gn-d/y { ni gem
ote.modieo or e,vltialing a I ellinviid havanlv ,
sating only Inuit"' amount in any tie lurallty, tlinn
the frequenr, and ...rurnulve brg. flirt, and
edgo on bath the Stevk and Mutual ul, only lets.
e.s.,r. the cheaper!. :owl terninunedation of Intl/ undhads,
lent entill, Ilse infarml h. a i.arlicillation in the profits.
It I. astir the nut 1d ed tho rather-Ins lilixdor,—John
I'. Il t ithaiiif o nl, A, .1. tlillett, -huhu IL I,..ker. S. T. Jena,
Alamo A. Car.
Hobert Mott
.1. 1.. dk Preltident.
A.. 1. tiII.LVTT, I,retarV
A. A. Cvanign, Actuary.
Penn Mutual Life Insurance Co., Philacra.
i L t; ENT I N li nD. W,it. DAVIS,
t,k-J• Nee. lad Liberty rtn..t
hetlur runn-nlet, rttirAtllS nvidinv in the.
lower part of the eitv..the acrtel al , u IN. found daily.
tnun II to and inli at the ~,,, Om, ut
.1..-Imainlaker Ca. ul ,treat. sawn- all nen- ,
,vry luuurniatinivw ill be vit en awl entutnuni , alkal. ' , rm vt
IranHl to. Pamphlet. exielainiehr the Svlllelidenl
llts 44 sad Utak fl.ruv. luniubod ou
Capital ,tork ovrr and mist-anti y Incn inc
Ilndelvdlvidevl annually amaze,: thas. Ife.
VIM-burgle. Jan. Al. 1,1.--ia,l
• •- • • •
Marine, Eire, and Inland Transportation
SIIC,PHS of t 1
I Ow. STATE 311:71. ,
tay. ibe want. of
..boot of Inisinc , 4
ta,M Vol kit" , in
Ithin: ore, too.
llTZE n2. kr . Tit;
I trurra for coif on"
thr Insidental
rim E I nsu rani, U.ilnpun v of North ,tnierica,
Philit.kiphia--ebarlyl,ll7,-C. Capital 1..7.0t I.ta
.I.mtat, pr ,I. $11,01.1.%5 "Ai. 11 LII at. ln.oran t,
1mj141114, and their rttnttlatt, in 11111 vitt. und It. bitty ahtt
ttst itrntwtty of ere, tlewriptit.n. thitt,anal 1 twrbat ,
taj t t.l tet, eliber It, tr—tn, , rtattt , tt rvu Eh.,
Arthur U. Corral. l bola, I• Coe.
istuurl W 1..1111 ll N..n.
$lllllll. hani II
111111 A • 1111Itasn Wel. b.
Sarum.' V. Slollk. Frmarl• 11.-I.Ws
Snumel 11111. arr.
'll K
Mor, mlll. II 0 51,1111. See', S •
Tbs.. it the ntlert I rriortru , ., L111..1.111,3 •Wal-- ,
11.1 Inn. iV L11if,01111114../ , .alai vll.
1, . 111 ur 11ra.5... of an ram hmant.lotk, tharart , It
ittrru.: anu.t. rerotityto lb.. 1.111,11,
11'11.1.1 AP. . Arrtit
141 I,mt
American Life and Health Insurance Co.
.4yr+4l . A, Pa I :bury', Si Mi.. 1). Tu 111. T.
s: 1 j11..t. Sinithorla.
nmi.m. nt ,
r.1.1..itt,1 .11. rec.. :1117 Mr
Western Insurance Company of Pittsburgh.
d PITA 1. $300,000. R. n MILLER..Ig..
Will in,
ll nlrnllt,nnr %IrallY rnl
P-AMn, nnu
141-11 , 1
A ht., lwriliktr..ll—amosg- 1 Plinntor• writ, nr,
lAnmel lb , mum .h. , nr• tintrrnun. , l
x lltor 1.. 144nInJ u rho rinnrn.l, niZir
wa..l6—nr, 111 , manr...l
qtr. Maier. Jr . 51,k. Muth,
ll. Ann, 11 Ju1....
11'nn 1.,0n...nrn ,
7rn 1% nu r tx.rt..rrrrlpms,-1
De,laware 1114/tnal SafetylnsuranceComp'y
o~enrE:. Noivrif. R 4.4,31 oF"rilt: E\-
ClTA:nig_ Mint
!Ter I..reicnr • nth,
prnliert, town Alpi wont, I,•.nt
A li
nnati,..rtnil In IC - , gin] r. 0.1 Unnil ani
lk.. tin].
Intrgroi.i—,.. II Ainns. I:
1.4 r. •i
it li•
E , 11,11.I,,it'rrlir g :1 /lini.n. Jam. , I
II tonr.
/ , I.: • Thin ,
Viut I: 11
Irtr grri h gr.
Jniiri T.
0 4 1-iiirl .111. 1 CutllrtlUl !••• ,II it Pk,
Franklin Fire Insurance Co. of Philailo.
....._ .
1 - tilt . El"ri. , Rs 1! lvirlo , W. l'eult.k..r. Go,
It tt ... h%rd., Tlr•R:llurt. Riurl•••••••2 I. 1ur.15. T. Ina.
X A A . ~.t.1..1, lu- r. Ilurto. rum...l urtut . ..u...1 •- I:rtArtn.
.1....1.. It nmth. Mum , • 1.
(11 illiNt'lslilt, 1,....1Rut
ruRRtRu II 13,,,1.R.
.•••• Ru Im y *u
....r.uln'7lAA"••..;.! .1;u: • A •o ' ;ARll....",:i'llt,T.AL":4.tnf '''''
Tit ' 0.tup...% uu ' lu ru...R:AA .. s. 1RY,.1 ' AC . , ;un , i.
uluAlt. u All Cuvutat atul Precana.u. it inv.—led.
•oit.ui ample ur,..etu.o t • Ow ft. AaR•l.
thu uß•utt..•. , th. o.Aulutzt7.....iutuus, 1-`41`,,..,,,
t I
i, their .irienriu.ratirm. a perit.t ,
)• ,,, Itr!
hare tut) tflorarl •.1 inv. Milileu V.... 1 W.W.I.' tura-a...1
Itulter. 1..- I.: Fire. 01,0. l atluutittt . rrk,rt.r. J nut
II ±. their abilitt atut
to with twoutt.t.irre.
.1. o.utro.Le: eof r , N.
F.. run, ut II c... 1
ANCE ( . 111.11'.0. P. N. 1,1 Mark. 4 . ..Ire, Newark.
No. II if all Street.AoAnnut. l ... l
lheWink, Iruln ir f..r P. ont per mom...
fu lite loottmee the hole
p •IN P. 1.. Acent,
Cw No 141 Pm...el_
11MIRY, lit'oll ES 4: Propriet.rH
11, 1,8.1. (ryorl r.a.
Ante In lufru.enntra. Ins. and flier.. al. Int,
lonlios. enninflall. sr, 1.3.. n ant.•inf•
nl Aisa LAl.nonsn. 1,1.1..1,11..11....r A k 'nog
n. 34, In n st, " . A, n,u lriuu Au *Rh Innt
POW., A 1•.,. am In p.55a.5..... of tin. mdl
lars•nt tutartl. la I qualms nf
awls hilt, 14 ....nal. if ust snytits.
.st.t. InnS
ilaatuiStn ulinn Int enarun.end
Oval Mat... , In al. al•rk.rntsan..•...l , On"
h.ntatson In inturilen a ~..rfs.- 1 1, a6:4n "out neat.,
and lounlnsnsly nontp , l4.l. at rransialle +4 prise lar
rquan..., an, in lin•
I'. 11. ,eartirularly I...nalannfal tbnir fs. Is
not on insisnul rhastn, horl. mill lan( a.lwanta,
1,. Ilse soar.'u v., and on ...
. their Ilan. awl is.aafi—and
Mr. linsitas , hall s onn ‘ th.. ma, also la non
"d"'" 1
""--44'"" "' l! . .llYr. , lo l Vi r g: ' !S l fr "
ata j
gI U . V ARTNERM ITP [I3V O tiny
with iv, Ilulslanns The ins.,
inns s5ll lonnl..f.nn. unserlire ling ..1
jll el I NT. for the Kale of Ilemirefse. 11...e1fm. and I' Itou
ie+, No. 11:f 1\'...1 etre*, tlllolforffle.
Ord., 111114 at effort tall// for ftny lb...tilde , . of Weed
len Illaehlnery WA;
!o-I'A ItTNERSII Il' II EREtoF0111:
ettollret Iff•IW*11 the eutefrtiber , meter the /dile ,
I err_;, mime Cf. Im 0,1. , flay Ellee.lted fvutut I
III? Itlui):Y.
11.1-111 NO,
Ira Ur", OTII. I: If euthorisfel e Ihr
a the firm to the ',thine, • of. Welt Iftitire,
• a r ) grarfeer-Iflif heretift,e rf ietlfif. between the
fts se,etlferf, the fit, of whi., teas
wlrNon the nr.t ..( .131 i foutbal run
net, Either of the 'nil...exile,. rill attefel to tetlllug eh.
thy biettfeee. fuel e.0.m./therm...l 10 5.1111..
trio t.r , e lel Woefl
II ll tI2KI.I.TT.
EW FIRM E. I'. Shavklott
11 n o t., A. Aartn.r+. Aptall. rdr.
no.l AArlurr, l Rill •Aullll6. the 111A.1.....1.
Itry 1164- IA
1 A Arne AI 1
C 16 bile. So lon
t 14Ar6 10.1, 0.6A,•14 ,, 3 :91‘.61.
1616.1.11 A, 11 U r1161.31‘1.1,17.
1111 PA I. V.
i io-pAiaN , iiER ! P--T he MI IMeri hers hart
. ander the arns ..i : , ...J...
7d .".t.."-I i"'"
l''' it Al II m'AIFK.
•tn..... a iihti,
IoIIN At .ti.Y.
I 7 —slltrithr a Ilurelaneht •ill thtt inornina. eontnn . m..
""" th ' r ft'. -t0 , ,C, 1 :ea.,!,", 1 111;°1b 1 4 .
~ ,, ,,,, th'7,, ,, ,•;, , "'1- , ,, . ;,;=,..„.,..,•,;,..4,,,,,..., . „,,
',,,,,:,.,,,t.,, , ,':,,,,, 1 , „ ... • ,- , .... ,,,,,,, ~ all vartirular pf
r. ~,,,,,,,),,, ra .....1. An es , ell. at ...Irto 1... aln.
ollanql at In n.utz ,r yawl. warno.h.J la, e..luee Al.o.
rionea Avi.. el Enclial. Chintz., !flan Idt., 1,, 1%4 eont.
''''' "' l ' "'"' '1
""'ni l Y : ".° l ' e l.. Witi . :. A i l . ,n . " :;... •
e,.“ r t>.! e ;, ' - ' ,., ' ;;;:, ' ,. k b ' t:Nja ' r n s. ' Ct . .7l;:l . :bentiulte . ., A C: ,, 17. 17 0n.
n I llonnet !tibia.. Bonnet ea, ke
Utili--I n store and for sale by the soh.
oer.te.r. .11 of the bewt quality
eulphate and 5,•.1.1. of bl..rrho.
Miss titzellae;
Ewa.. elm,
a 1..... t a
Isom 'Arahi,
Vrestrk Tartar.'
lholl Itrim.tour
Flour Itulphon ,
Alesmelria "berm.:
Oulu eatoPhor. .., N. WICKERMIAII.
lAA; earn.r Wool and sixth Pas.
LA 11l ES all ray "If you want real
~.0.1 T..s. 0.,111 %Torii. A Ilayaortts', Tea Rove in the
Ifsamona for It ' The Tea th, nell at 50 ,rah , per pound
~,,,,, 'r e,. gm..l, and tine.. at 7: rento ant ft. are deli
riots, fug, lived, damaged, ...inferior Tea. ate never kept
at thi.e.lattlilitnetit. and they now retail all their Tem
,lineal from the onginal che.t., havltntj.naved that Tea will
u.,t bees In 31.tallie trrat.,, ahlelt, hlnohlini.: til , tn the
ih,lit, you brill find lv so wron. non helv's veil. !Alt
piENV Krum . OF PIANOS. '
John 11. Mellor, bl hied Arad, ha. ila=lSZ 7
nt. mr.tvoi so«or Boa , plerall.larsortment, i I , i
.f HAMA. LAM ,a•a, and mealy fur .ale. den
. , • .
41001) CANTON FLANNE.L---A thither
lift 'a pply a a very awn.. snide at I'^. rent., per
yard. osairrd at Marro(
Whit lIIIMPIIV k 1111 111:11F1 itl.ll.
- ‘11 . 11.110E CII EWINO 1111111—.1u9t received
R . 71 front Bangor, !do., thrnintli the hand, of a live ban.
1 1,,,,, a large lot of thin yleaskut and avr...kaLle Chew iOK, trIO , I in fined for owerteuitic the br,th. e1,..0 tog
Cite teeth, fie. For ma. Whole.ade tv
1?,. N trICKER9II.III,
• =OM • corm WoJ.I mai /Nth on:
a u b1. t .L . 19 ,..,y . . 11: - . -The Water.
Irgi r a r a,P 11=t h ' i r,,,L (ZktallitulDoilor
tvol, uy Dr. Wet., .
Dom,tic• Ilytiropqtby, with 11111,n, rograve,l
illuotratious ,d Important nobt...elo, by E..1.,,yd
)1. D.
31. D.
Tbe eLbore vorkm for gal. by It. C. STOCKTON,
lint,ltfieller •nod Stallone, comer abaket .41 mini
NW BOOKS—The Uistory of Pendennis.
fortuurn sod misfortunes, friends idol his
tiiilVintrso Y. 24171 1 1 V 's
an i tl k drr P' l7 W"
o thsittoory or P.d,oii ley ti l 7l.=. T .
Sfollrillri. A Fish
Story. By ths author of the
Bolls hooks
No. I lel ilae Plebe's' Field Beek of the Revolutil. HT
1,11.0 u $. Levine.
1 , 1,17
GM Mark:ACHES, !Ji m _
"NA 1 , •
, .
1 0
. I ,,, A . ,l i r ,, She fr ov i3 and 3 libiSß A Zt , :l ., ll , lln : pr
S,fo4 ,
..; MILS SENECA OIL, for gale by
r,bl:l SAM. P. St MM.
Alai OIL-12 blilg, reed per steamerl LCiuriunstl. awl for mar by JAS.IIALZELL.
febV2 Na IS Watan•
NO GLASS-200 Silt), for
v V .ale. by febl2 JAS. DALZELL
d 'OPPEItAS-25 bble, in fine order, for sale
) by frbl2 J. SCHOONNIAKEN alit.
FUR'S (IREEN-311 cane, for gale by
febl2.J SI.III.IONMAKEN do),
. _ .
TiMurRY SEED-1n store and for gale by
4.1111 ISAIAH DICKNY a W..
rIA It-15U LLLI, in store and for gale by IS - AIAH lIICKEV a Oh
LI CASES Catisinetti4 ;
T./ tt even Plaid PlAnanrie: for,alt t a a
a mpii,
lula LEE
) Ell El) BORAX—In ewes, for sale by
t t, rbt2 • J. SelloUN MAK ER a 111.
S UN Ditiloit.:•Lb
, E6,13;1,41.16.00
100 do A1,140c
LI lo•os WlLoLlto,Lol Co Lutl.r.
LO LI.In extra Faulty Flour.
fAR) down ..xLro Coro Broom,.
WOO i;ane t4lll,rd, in au
0.1,11 lAtorrly 4
4 ( ; , 2 CIA)11; i :It SEED;
I , brim sod r .1
. • •• • •
bb,b. In:4;r 1.1. O. Sugar,
1.41 Iprk N. 0. Mobs.,
Ni lA* Nall. mood N. It. lldae•^
Ini Iris Flour• rup.rliut• rus,l rstrA
I.:Ludiris; and tor vale. b RUM% N Y K IRK PATRICK
_ .
k LAIN ES—A large and splundild assort
gm nt of Freurli De 1.211....
ondt'adlo....---. from Mr per yard.
tr. orb all woullo. LAID., end ensloornol at. e‘trenod r
lon prie, (Ad /5. A. A. IIASO,I A Co.
DORS TWA N OS—Reeel ed and
opened tisk day.
E-eliviv.Twlft..nallo uud Ladttog Yen
..1 Coat Dutton, IlOno, Metal. and Japsoned Pant and
moo. [Woo.- ilorn and Meek namelstattoW.
A. A. AI A:4.N A CO.
W Ni t 0. I , Y r
. 6 , L r
t ASS--,. 0.7 lOU I. , a , s , ; • L l t laugh o t;s"
IDAT ENT SOAP POll' DER—t!CP boxes just
crised and for *O , ll SE:I.I.ERS. 57 Wood
ot whom the so-twine ankle ton, Ain.). be bad
• totd
1 4 1 0 S STAR4II-211 bones for sale by
1111. A A CO.
ARO AND trANIS-1U bbtr Lard:
I - 1 rAfk lino* to attire on
fort Pitt: for • , Ale by
'emelt DICKEY A CO.
1111' BIAS . Superfine Flour, I , lr
. s . a_l!_by ,
P S,NIA UFS— TrF e ci f a;Ve c K l: 2'it e
NSEED OIL—'U brio reed for ;ale by
I:AA PER —lth reams Wrapping, li.eorted;
Jo iletrbotre
fdr .1- Id J. KIHNINMA K CO
g CUSH lON S--Just received and
It I for
No to Mond Orel,
11. k I , ..F:R'S IIERRS, all t. indB, a fresh lot
1.71 on hand. And for -ode by '
.1 01111) CO.
AA NI .MON.IA FORTES- 4 carboys, '
:- r E .s --- k. 2 ., ( 1 00
I, (. , : ,: tff a et• iN 4u ß s A t ti r A z::d
No. 116 00 ater7-tm,
REST i PFX'A NS--Just reccitcd, bbl ,
t r ..:, uue-
W. A NteCl.htti A Co,
70. Libortr ntreet
1 1 Iii.": •4 11 11;5 —4ll &OOP , received and for
1 '
NV A. Met:Id:110 '
‘ ku-to "
ntor Ldyet invdtxtedhire" w
a do.. eon e,tainlydatoetal expedittondy,re
-oo•dtd tdd I 00,00.. t. Pm, tn... and 11.:,uF
O .-.
oal Jewelry oI T.
t , 1.14 AArket And 1111 Its
'JILL IiOX -- 1100 papers Wood.
Ii r,ELLI-11.S.
)1111.:.1. , r . A PPLEB--34 salt;
. by „,
1 7 1 :i
1.)i: LASII 4:0 cams on hand and for
I -oe it. L1A1.7.4:1.1_ 1.44
I.A tea and qualities. on hand
1:1ii.5. NO. I. ROSIN, Jun roceired
-")....r 1, gab, by B 4 Flt CO
Woyl aad Vint Am.
I,lm. 119 E,K
rrimoTtlY SEF.II-16 bbl. Timothy coed,
cal huail rad lor mb• by it
lAbert I,Z y
( It
V IA lIT R1(.7 ACI 11- —lOO pbi., warrant ti
porn. t,.31. 1,, 11 E.
1 A111)EN SEEKS--A culritTid good .nurt-
N. II we. StY•lO, pot
and ,Li rovrod,frum , l .. l). tr.orrr,
4,t1,•11 , 45/.. nod mull. at th. 1 , no, nororr
11...1 sth
1 4 I 11
41,4 NI
El u
01u DOLLS Allegheny Cary Coupen
t ~ New wID
VI H. A. HILL • 00
( 111 KESE-5() Lo.r.eF on hand and for gale by
IL DAL:I.Y.LL • 0).
1 ) la A PPLES—tW builleht on hand and
10r hr 01 , 1 0 11111iWN !KIRKPATRICK.
.' ""'"." 0 Oil I ' d " P. 6' 1%1 0 .1111U • et%
Strwk Y.. 10. 40 Druk,rs..
tiA All 1)l(KyY k Ct)., Agents for Me
-1 rhnul. '• [run Work, Iv,. Imo 44 emir of oupetiot
trlit , •laratatnl an•lialrrlVl WfttPrstod
et- rehlU
It Al.. 1 12 1 1.1 0.".
!.. , ;1.)1),% . .1 SI I - I ems s, for xnle by
(z(jrroN BAGS--10 doz - t~rilk+l, for kale
I I. 1.1,11 Steil LL.`l d 0211 K
tkVA.i A 1:14--1 0 ,0 00 I , prinespc for sale LT
fablaUdUbbO*O m
Ibis roll,
0 do tar ked.
to kr, do for Pale lty
I)I,A I N BLACK SI LK &—M itz uzr
1 iiCl,lOll - 11 , hare raealred tart' toll , atd ,l l
alarl, they ran aell at lower prin. than Mot tr.
at‘erallt 'add at, Mark Figur,' sod If.r.ade do. at
l i s ; I
baudNC / i t N , u i rx p l
. u . r .. e I i
b e v l
al arrOUY rr,lifeed ntirra, north eael. enrarr 4th
1(1 C ASKS CLOILIDL IlLog,ratts%
brb, tartar 01,11.• rn,p Mule, beat:
u Ile 1.44:1611 Km.rlrr, aarorteal,
Tar, Ile Blur Vitriol. For rale br
I Id J. KII/Ir • (V.. CO Woad at.
lit KSII ritt)nr—l'eachen and Blackberries
pat up In tbrir menjuka, berrartlcalls ceslrd.
,I , y ralnO their ortainat flavor and ....hors.
A1.01'11,1 . 5, , and Plume i•ut up In the !num manner tar
nfe. or In., (hi band and rae by
Von I.llaaly
_ .
11{1) SEEDS--ennary and hemp Seeds
b". ''"atitYfar "'Valene . Al weenno t LW.
El A ,F;WS' LIVER {'ILLS'--"Could not get
slant them."
Sl'Vonnellarllle.../ Jan. 9 Iqsl.
Ma It F.,r.A— Yours arr th e all, Lai r VIII. that
I and,' toll nl.l 11/Mg With( MI them, and fill
.3 1, .nr theta at In the bi,hrr.rt trttna of
Ynurn 1, 11/tEhN.
and 'add by It a:. YEI.LFIIIt, Al Woud ate
and add l.r 4rusurlfto geom./01Y.
Flux AND RAISINS-149 boxes figs:
etei do rrtlelee..oh
hood mud for nate by DROWN A KIRKPATRICK.
61, h
IA RD 01L-15 bbls best refined Winter.
4 far nolo lby. J..BCIIODISIMAK ER 0 CO,
f 01..% 21• Wood ottert.
g 1 LAZIER'S DIAMONDS-1 doz. for sale
i I I, 1,1 , . J. KIDD * Po._
LA", ---80 kegs and 25 bbls, for sale by
g 1 A STOlt Olt-9 bib Blow's make, for sale
II 1 1. r 01,11 • MIRY. MATTIIPTCO 0 CO ,_
`Ail: INVESTMENT-49,000 in Alleghe
io or Couuty Cuopen Rood, for rale by
Wit. A. lIII.E't CO.
f 4 Wool et. able 4th.
B UTTER-7 IA & fresh
.. 8 du • ro!ld,
fur ',I• 1., feb7
NCOTTON TWINE-2M/ Ibs superior c rtl .
J U. fur 01.1. 11, J. KIDD .
1.00 No.llo Wood rdr,L
II I ASTI LE SOAP-20 eati - etf for sale 101
1 . ) frbto J. K 11 4 ,1 CO.
A r E1t.51 1 L LION Triente, Chenese, Lnd
iv Amer ao, mr nth. br
(el/10 tieIIOONMAKFiI .1k CO
f ~I
RNICA l• or so e ~by
6 4 • 10 J. scnooN it ER CO.
B LEAD-700'llor of n r . l } 7AlLo L rgali
roblU• Li Wood .ntrwt._
I Roe Elms.
...I :A) balt ebettt 'Pcmog Ii Txoo and Mott Tett
Id ratty boxes do. do. Imp. and (too rood..
toter Putteil it Rold ow.tbooco. - -
P. do P. Robinmoo t Co.. Lex sal do.
.do Cabinets GI Totoero.
lb or. luxes Print and Harwood'. Ps do.
lb ratty bout. doom. Tbotobtoo Jr. tlultlen Int 11
11) Lomb. in ttort• and ttr -Ale by •
tau.JUAN YARREII l 1111.
aiLl) -*YE WlilSidr.
V 40 lAA, pure
_Rye Wilts= old nod eiwky-",
Cu WA& 111t1 31 ith mtora oni go
IWO 11 ijoil ' lr b4 JOHN :AM= a
Graham'. 11 mein. £, March, with. (41 peg,
Ilortleultutirt, for Februao:
WhIC dec
LiWs Distil:dim a Wee:
Cerhaeles egazncyN .2 "
omenof larael. I,y tins.. Agu.:
Home Indnen, tale fur motherA and daughter,.
Mothers lkyampenee, by Once Aguilar,
doldbeceptiom or the history of the human
Ileert by Mn. Ellie
Olin, a novel;
Henry d enm ren, 0,0. P. IL Jatne, elm;
for tale et JIMMY LS' Litera 7- OPl.ite the Poet of
I'' H. K L EB II It airedp , leacure In an •
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onPianos of the celebrated tusk.. o
Need.* Cl-me and Dvdnast. New Ica, ',bleb, with those
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pAPElt—Folio, P
Quarto Pad and Cal ,
Ilnemoth r ah,' amt plain, blur
VOTES AND D ArES.—Engino.d rind
Strnottraph Note* a
. Prarta. of mart beautiful de.
:4: . s a etnet, ur la?und le...thk of Tallants dor, For
W. S. lIALL.VS Bonk Book Store,
r krt rdal Second .L..
American. Journal. alad Poet ropy.f
tit KITING INK---,Artkold's Writing Fluid,
V Coaling .ml Red Ihk.
Ilibbert's Chemical Fluidhtndlled Ink.
liarrhoWe Columbian Ink—red and black.
Ikon. a Thom n'a Commercial Ink—hlack,ectriet,
nod red.
French Carmine I k. For role by
CI A now cletagical ictionary of Creek and Boman
Pr' R .l4 174 ,11:M„ U ; . .,
by William Smith LL the LFICIIOI.IIVI,4 "New.
and Boman Antiquitien, and of Roman ilio,raphy
thtdogy, revised. with nterooa rorrrrtionr ad
addition, by Chart... Antboci, I. L. D.. Itrofr.ror of Ito
irerk Nod latin Lautruagra 10 Columbia Collette.
The Life d C rtn.wo. en of Hobert Soutbry • edited
by 1 1 1. .0,11 0 1e RV,. Charlet. C r :tither,. Southey. U. Cu
rate of Plumbland: llumherland. Full lound cloth; with
c of the Lir/ and Corrrepoodroce of Liol.rrt Sort
arseof tbr gum:Oaf Smtiand. nod Engli.b Princerar.
roartre4d - with the rmal surreerion of (treat Britain. by
Agori Strickland, author of the "Liven o f,
thr Q 10.04 a
rupee 7 and IL. CAIV.II; en Add,. dell,
mit In the Bluetits, tabeeneele. %fedi/4,day erenineN
Jan 15, Insl. Ly IL.v. N.Alorrey. l. B.
Tbeitirree hooka past nen.iveil, and for rsle:by
It. C. S'fOLTON, No. 1i Iteeket I.
.11.111 A NO FOR'I'ES--J ou N
3leturit, No. al Wood rtreet, Len noel.
en,l non open foe eel., ler, wail I
,elerteil 'dock of 4 04, and artAvo I'l
- (ruin the teentlieriory of Chickerinx. Burton, n.
which tie Invitee the attention of puretwe.. TIIMAP
Ll llll l l l , nraelnLif eokl et Belon prMrw with/4/, tree ...the
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tad t o in pert pal {110 , ?1, et their full rah..
J(IIIN 11. )11:1.1.1lit.
• !Went fur tee rale of Cblekrrioe'r Plen.e. for Wie.t.
N". !yard rte.,
tlmek and Roman Blorrajly. Mythology.l,.l , lly. partly buntupon the Dirtitmary of Ilreet mot lto
man and Slythology By %Vt.. Paint, 1'
Ilerlavl Anthou.
1A.,. of the Queen,. of Ikkdland and English Prime. , "
fly Ago., ettirk land. V01.1.t.
The Life and Cortemannlenm of R. Southey rdited by
hi. non. the Ker. O. C. Southey, M. A. I vol. aro.. m.o.
The !trent. of Popery. and it, Can.,. An %Min.,. de
livered in the Broadway Tabernacle. on ikedne•dar even.
log. January IS. 1051. by Iter N. Murray. 11. D.
Ju-t reerivol and far nale by It. HOPKINS,
feta 70 01000 puttaturn„ Fourth u.
tud,. Malden. a odebratol duett front
Ito imamsfJewunta, by Slob,.
Stother.thmert 61thful tem, • by I C Fowler.
'aweetly •Im•lrebe of Ante fair, by S. C. Fteder.
I'd offer thee thin hand of mine,
Come maidens mne. or Trannalilln.
We mar be happy yet from the Daughter. of ?t. Mark.
Oman Burial. •fannite and touching hdlod.
Thou had wounded the opted that loved the.
Ben Bolt.
don't youkernember meet Alter.
:knee. Polka. by C. koeter.
The celebrated Polka Dance..
Jeant , tt and Jeanott—eomplete.
Fair, Quadrill, eby 11... ErnewL Farbion I , llca
Polka: e Polka.
ILa bytchelor IturYmullor. Chit Chat I,lla.
Lilly Quadtillew—very mayand pretty.
Woe Quadrino.. Rmigned Polka. Alleghen Conlllona.
Ha additional
A new olitlonpage, of Iluntenew n , IdOrnetiona for Plano, with
of lemon.,
Clark'. parochial:ft for the 1.11136
nUrrnif • Pinnegorte Primer today by
JOHN 11. MELLOR. SI Wool at. •
N. lI—A very large stmt of New Plano. (miring, atol
will he open for sale 'hi. week..
• "
Ifnme thriven, ft Title for Mother. rind Daughters DT
ra, Aguilar
Notts.,. Rem-roma lie. Ittfiram Aguilar.
Magarigre f.i.r January.
Whig Ali:manse fur 1151.
The 3lother's Reentni,nre. anerrel.
• By Grace Aguilar.
The Luilerelliii; or tr. mArrilagP• novel.
The Ladder of Golit tingliAb
Tn lore anti to he Low,l—s talc
The lioml•itiline of Brunanirk. By WM. Reynolds.
A LretUß no theJeliiiii, Br Dr Berg. •
Dr Berg , nerdy t^ Bi.non Due. , cn the Dreline art
time Journal. No I of no. volume
tilire. a poTri. by Oh+ anthnr of `TN" Ogilrleo...
No I of the American illuminated rilltion or the Warerlr
New Hacks, just received.
rp lIF. Bard. of the Bible; by Georgo Gilfil
lan 1 vol. 13:on.
ur,k 011.-nd•rf; Must • In , im.d , ^ ..Ett"° "..'
/mama, desipsrd Lo. be,lnnem Urr a, 11
tool of rxerru..... for rad , ml., and collec,a. DJ Aqah.l C
lirwlrle L. I vnl. IZno tnua
Th. Vouth' , Carmel. 8114m.h PlArgliould. I ,n 4 I•Enu
Chum. and Count., Charm.. I:v Mans .1 11c1Intoh.
•01 mu..
Mothriv warn-n.l Induce...'
Ity Asullar.
)I.chauk.l llair , szj . n. and En•qnr.r.. Journal. 1,051
o g l ilre ) .l;irtutriaryal Mrrhanka and Ennineerin, No =-
Ju.d rar'd fur . - ale b., iI.IIOPKINS,
Apollo Buildsn, Vnurlb 0.
• _
' VP
wIN I.l,lbanr. amt fnnottn. Lrairm, af
Sawn". br V- A. Andn, - , L. L. D.
Tux I,b4ha Inns
or T. p.or. Stag tlx• br.n.taal nab.
nth. and nnults lbr..atb i , atalnitt, or
alma Island.r.rod FAA , of tbdruclia. By Bar .
T. Cheer., author of ”The Whale nal bloCazdnr," %Mb
•okray Yvs.
ayazonirri‘. anNarb Thno^ 80... m
- ars.. tb.,11,1 radanr sale br
JIM , O„.I , TOIIiT9N. Ilarlte (
etrnod... Pnr , t, sad An...bk. envy.
Paper of all riarto sad - norditko, bulrd and( plain, bine
rad late.
Blank Book. of every destnirdk,n. an bataa or mad. to
' ; , t2 l = D irr i ii i 7.l4l.l r evarb and Amerken. bawl' taut
staplo, b.... air by W. P. BAV}I.N, Blatioarr.
.14 Market st. camera( Sm-vod.
prim og Logn4tlonsnerrial.Ptrambnat. Canal and
I 3 li:n1.1 Printing, ev•eated mg e.bort wake. and In the
be...t maim, by • 1t..,.. I.IAI KN.
Printing Ogiov. Al mini A.. 1441.412 Ntarket itul Ferry.
Calf • .
QTA'fIONEIIY—W. S. [Lively, corner 01
1 1.7t.17.'PrIt.tin k"". " b " " "I" a. '''''' and '''''-
'.....t . it. ..t r ..t.' . V.:1,VM f 4',J,7,47 °
article in ILL. line • n the most favorable una. gilt '
at the nobler, Ilars. An 161 Third a-
II iglibit is now ion-ming a fh-dt lot
of elegant Plano, made by Ngag. a Cu..,
N. .5 Ark, among thm, a Splendid 7 tit Ms carved Piano.
of Ma rgbestdenerintiou ores terve and tom. It I. code
In the 1b.,. style. In vogue in the reign of Loun N. II and
"x 1 Alma, a 1.• lot of fashionable taial topular Mink.
and en extension rookeliort of Dem Inatrumvnts, 1 mho,
liottara.,Mekdoon, and every varkty of toomial merrhau
dlae vain
p - 1 k.'lV ROOKS.—llumbolt's new Work ,
Comm Or Sketches of a Phyanal dean - Intim of the
tleyamonN a il. I'. ma of niunewar, the New Enalmal of
the II mt. So 1
lierne'a lb, sok,. and Foginem . Dictionary. .114 No.
ree.lved I
lbweinxim Saloom Them are well worth manor
For wal.cliy IL 11101. K INS,
Into 1 apono Doildlo,
1 NOI.I)'S, 111111fEltrS, II(RIAN AND
At ynnurn.c. n, and liarriwon's Blank. Bed, semi , t
and Camillus Ink.
nontal.% ranee, Pennimanol Laniolou , Jarkwai,
Id Monne'. Illsek_and ked Lead st Pencil.
nketaml. of every deer) ppm, Winn, Cr•told.. Pratt'.
Lowy A belly'n, Leman,, and other Imam( kciumen nf Steel
MEnr II A b. 11 Smith'. lauem.xer to A.U.PaI ley a Co I
eeleingted °old Pen., with gold and silo, ea..
lilmelmanl. English Drawing Paner—mitnitinixo. don .
ble elenexListhm. eolurobler, .uper royal- neyal and ele-
P t ' e t iorard ' lanl. Liti " el P. b; ', nitd a' 44l ", t ‘ it ' Xid ver,
colongold, diver and Lamy emoted p in,. . v ii i ro mod
colonel strip.lastd corner, nod litbosrtanto for fancy boseq
al i nirehmetit of all stac4, aoltaide for deed.. chart
e m 411ploymnr. bed nolo inter. always on baud. the
tient rainabld atyles. risen and patter., Plain. SUL embe.
sad s d sliZI. suitable for fall, nand, wed-Boxa and
mon DM
In. b eumelomms, plaln and rwlvamal. berm enyrl.
opts. ~,7 , 7 1. ,..,t iv: ,
an laid and plain said , ire au-
II en st . ll. r rum. 'anon. eatterm writing .and. brass
tin. d an Turkey boxwood sand boxes, ea pMg pm...,
lats. nob , French and Famlidi nom ine books. mid oil
re, I.l..tot t pirr i of alL•olong red and white patent bir t
an corithtMer artic In lb. Stationery Line,
both rtry ant staple. together with • large adortmaut 01
blank lento Void meMeranduni lints of all common form.
of to ug, to every tityln of bloding, and pan, of all alas
and fi r alitge, for side at natured rates on tbe moot maw.
able rms,•X W 8 Maki:NS
Blank oink and Etatimourry Warehouse,
rn Owner of Market and Second meets.
. 7 She American Revolution fly lathed Grayson. Esq.
Illtory ar the Brion:Minn of the Slate. nth I entury
b. .1 II Merle d'Aubigne, It D, Prendept of the Throb°.
.an Sehord Of lienemi, and 1 W hite, t...t of the !t.
gangeltque Translated by II II A . Trinity Col
leg:, Latubritign
hentimX.T , IN Maim, Antiquities, and Biography II
io.trated by forty engraving , lly Lewitt Collin.
The on.. 'nick. , r. ants br ß kse R
lle C. Snd EiTOCKTO...
oor atatlon.r.
lad-- Condon( Market-and Third sta
OUTLINE MAPS—Pelton's splendid Out
Q Ilne Mop• are now being totentuerd le all tlO. leading
Z 1 iti, ' ;rl:e7fl h i; a d i', m ml i. a llittZ ' s o h r . k and ' I ' llsl a :telt=
and mho.' wimmittont to eon and canmine them.
No --Sign of the %Vergers. Hemisphere. F.l xII Inches .
do Idotern do do
do North America 70 x al
4, do United crates.ll: ' x' iri
4 do LEM
il do An... 70 x7O
7 do S. America& Arena. 70 xal
Price of the allies, with key, 525, or the tint too limn
pberc Mary, with Ley. SID
Tenn. mama. umimdled losorunicy,hcatitY and cheat ,
rtes, and adapted to the wants of the primary, gem.,
and Iligh school. of the United State.
For sida at Publisher's prim., wlthoot addition of height
charge , at t h e EDUCATIONAL IkM/14: STORY.,
4.110 Carrier of Market arid Fourth wt.
- Morrie and Willie's Home JournaL
3 , (IJBLiSiIr.D every Saturday in New York
Ity, at Two Dollars a rem. in payable di mad In aim oe.
tarn —(Man of the Ilome Journal, Na.
*Wet, hen lork, twetion.r 24, 1,50 —To all
gho It may mamas. Thin may even!, that J LI llama
ix d ly authorised to set a. ii,ent lon Mem. a II muds
Haw Joultm... and that all receipt. hCif CM by bin. n pay.
...Emmy]] be duly acknowledged by ua at the
. ', '! ,g ''' o f r poblinition, and It le ranee/sly agreed and tinder
s • . that all suideriptlon. are payable one year in ad-
The now volume t i n rol7ll9lllllll . 4=he r lal Isno t .
"1• "brierrn'err by J.
mita, ."' '
a 1 ..,,,..t, i ,
Filitors gal Proprietor.
_ _
akurntor 4
INV ELOP P. S.—Just...received, a large'
go ns . ,
ntity ot "bite )srelopcs, at ell
r 11'17r1.14 1 b1 , 4! o=l7 trarshouse.
Oar. Alartel and Second sneer
kIV BONNETS—Murphy Burchfield
I bare open tlassnotningTelli rosseof No, Erring
„ c u t confining or English B rig hton Chip. llnnenrinn.
; •Eceri m s b :...l' liatr,El . l=l
Al tlsols. Jenny
i• Emliroldenq do. Stactida gr. V i ard;C:
, I end Boat, Eng listt Lutsz, ohlp and I/unstable. Al,.
end Cinnlcen's Bonnets, Of Of ark.—
supernli eolered English Bonnets, gisin and Weed
so km se SE nertn... Alf% Boys and 1.-
1* lists, Basun, diborm. thins Enist lernhorns
I .11
USIC, &c. I
(igINCE the introduction of this new Com
,-7Pecrst, Cyosto mul Cold.. are curnt in a verr ,howl
time. We will warrant Dr. 'Cep...". Ee'et' , A 'Y r "
of onhtl'Adite. Ermarbltis. Lalancits. leiu
titne and at cheaper rat+ than any' other medicine evet
Iledkines all - sicken the otomisch and PrOdn °,n-au ''' " " d
b. more diwndrieable than the eurigit Welt This V titivi
Mel la this mistime, for It Is • pleasant am:thine articli
aW it will rime or the wintry wale eiluna.ii
Jenne In favor of Ole medieine In our city. from our owl.
eitttens should co : prince any ono of ileiefllmeY. 00 'b.
Eremairtion of a regular phyrlriso. and ban been need b 3
Win in his own practinti for a number of year, with the
heal. same..
CONSEMPTION—A lady from Steubrurille write, that
her dam :bier had been with sin:nigh and ...fee.'
natio. nlaht, meaty, beetle fever. and all the distrei•eing
liimi'tten"Lteci2;Art‘PrA tkVag4trin
z 0 01 . 147. w h0 had surf witt u tSiTh , 4c i iai and
oOi t . (.. ,0 1olu o ti n
removed JJ
the Tie of 1.11:li • arisen of bottles of this Pue
hind Syrup A gentleman from Peoria. Mime% •ritei
that to knows the Pectoral Syrup to he • good eettel''''
be hele tined It In hie owl, ra,...11 in the rases of member
of his fondly with thy perfiet surreea
IT 10 °sr Tot e11t..1.01 NI.I<INI,I not KNOTT—it
put up in bah' pint bailee at Y 0 rent.. each. or sat I.oller
tor {=..u.
Now DlCtrir, embracing Jen , .lr
Ira ' ?ltir:N l •it7,;, • %i.
cket, Commercial and
per.. large eupldy or an qua
awl whit,. for oalo ort Moral
. _____ _ 11". 8. IIArINN'S
C.ZN;;; STORIV.CPCI, •would do well to horPa etthe,? ct
turditier-oh hand all the Bun. . It hi oar Of the nowt
wrfivt and edicatiou. nourdir. diand end forall
cough. and ilioewen. of Oa i and Incipient
CAUTION' EXTIIA —Wane art - au. , till en 1.. er ee foal h'
b.)" arano otn. of It.. ram.. nootrutw hot do not "o.
Lhem. If you suit to art well hay Dr lizyna's l'uoivatt
:taut% and 1:0. Fly othrr. Mi. will care y uu. It ha. .It it
nROTC of Me twat rtduaWr plant. and herb... 4 Me under.
Inrdla% and i.euentenunol by a yor...killod la the hcal
Ina art. Them run to no dr.-option WU. tnalottio. It I.
0..r0d In your own why. awl the proprietor h. num,
tot. rot-band,. fn. pt.... In our own 111.. atbrding
',durable proper., o hall will I, n in any ft. 1 .4.41
rain... of wwing thaw.
anarn. lExtrrete thnourbout Ih. Euttm Stall to .all thi.
medlrinr. Largo dlonounte • ill h. mad. to tloro oho will
take an In the LlNniiilll, PS) • 1 .7 0
to all agont..berid.w. they • ill I , dolna .ut doting humanity
a ferric... by blaring:ln tboir band. thr rued .t
for Lune dwaer. Ibo world prodund.
lr. holowsl.. nal "ousel. K 1011 S Mel/4111
ELL. Irruggl.t... 140 Wood atfort. l'ltarburab. Ea.. b.
all totter. ha agenetr. not.l
u. M. furry. A lloghrny car; R. Brneker. or.. Brow
hand. Wtghlugtoo: John 11. Buchanan. 11.1.0 r,
Brom. Illelir,port: J. D lb Canna:burg
and by merchant.. and drama.. Nonentity. y,^l
I.lltll P11.1.--"The very best
I Pill now in tnw'
• . • -
Mr. IL Slier•—,llirar Pie: I .11i .tale to 'on 11.nt It
ir me opinion z our
Pill prrlnium for wry trot Pill noel
in use an Lai. mu, ow 14 L))' note. .4 y.
Anti ne -111110 1 1 111. It le err) MAI', retersuroi In our eolu
utat, - a e Punily plll, tuol 14 rant rupplantitr all otbri.
e - Penk from MY or ‘I reprtitem, alail from tie. ra
rif remr ..fter end ruelocurre.
1 1 eta prruntled to 5111 w the original I.ltu, but
not to publi,b lb+ railr'. unto,
griferlhni Liver Pith. am the Orlinnel. Only True and
iilouinr. All otlirrr err rount..rfeib. or
- .
• . ...• • • • .
renolleet that ,eller-• List, fill. •Fr
the orieliml and .1, Irlie tint gem l 11l Liver I'i lI.MN
me, Ir had at No. 4.i •iviri. anal .1 Lituoirl.•t, sew.
nal? iu the two (tilt, sod
E LIVEI: PILLS sui.ervede all
En.. Sri& M. In4r. IL
Nllem—Your tnavr popolnr In 3.11 thl. E.
L. xuY.naJr
f.t4.:::; ' ,l7:4l . llrnZ. " i r al n"' °
I Ertrant n lett. .14.1.51 ES A. I.6lVirt.
nAollert that l E. Ee fl. ffe L rs' Livrr 1.111 nd ...r. the
traSTlAA',`..",l,";',lL:rT2the two rstir. mud wiring, )310
• - . _ _
ll< .1t)I1N ' , Lynn MAGNESIA
17 1,1.11,1 under the Immodlate rare td the Intent.,
and t-dn1.11.11.-J ho upward.. of thlrty..) ensms.
Tlo , el. cant preparation i. rorornmended In +II ea , ' of
Indhostino. tool. and Srtrel. at the mail
mud rthrtual form in which Fl.nroe,ist mar. and
indeed the only one In ahirh ll ought to he valohited,
n•adng all the. propeortie...l ,Ilagro rt." non In corral
toe, althout belnc hable to form darner., none',
tisn. In the Mneelpt it 01..notallr Intro. heartburn without
toturing tit.. k no w n Vas gunnash,a, oral, rotas , and
eartantats , a tn it preTents the fond of infante ,
turning -eon In all m...• It Ple.lnit attn.^. l . and
It pentllarly adann.l to female..
. Sir Ifunitthre, Davy te.tlfiod that (hit ter.lutiTat form. nth
Ode eonthinatlon. with urir . arid rah.. In r a se. of toot and
traref. roby rountersento.r thea inturinna tendency.
when other altalle• gal rem Magner"... Ituell, had
From Sir-Philip Cramptort. Batt.. Surgeon General to the
Armyr In
tt ! r,.=„,nan nn dot fo r that mar he
adtrilm.f..nd mate .will In thi. of ta tonetutrat,d on
Intl= than In aubTLannte. Inr lid...and many Wt.,. reawm..
I .m of ommon that tint Fluid Ua m ell. i• a eery raluahle
addition to nor %later% Mallon. PHILIP ChAFIPT.TN. -
Sir Jame... Clark, Jr A. Cnoner. Itr. height, and alenrra
Guthrie and llerhort Mann. of London. rtnntsTly re.. , mtneral
3lurrarN Flood NI attn...., a. bens: Infinitely more .afe and
eonTenient than the and Ire, from the dancer att,nd
mg. the onoTtant toe. nf et
of PetlF
tor rale Lr the IMhortFit and prty t.
K lshor.
11. A FA INESTOC k en.
1.11 Con Wad k Yront eta
cciONT A INING no Mercury. nor other
blincral. The following textimtmlal arwe given hr thr
Antral hr. tt in., Beach. the Ptah, of the gnat thrill.
cal wort entitled "Ti.. American:Practice .4 M.:Urine and
I Phy el tan." •
Awn mole acquainted with the ingrriltentr
which rompior Allafralingtlintnicet. and h.,-
Inc prewrthed and lowted It sn earenil raiww In te,
rrecitivi I hare no hcelterion in raying or ,rtlfshoi that
It t• a Te:rtehlr Itrmnly, rainteining nn mlprrul eulenwoor
whatcrer. that the Ingredtente entribined at thee am. end
need ea direenal I. the promietor. are not only . hannirle,
but of great wain.. Leiria e truly briantibe Ileterdv of greet
power: end I elowrfully 1.-nommen' it an n e'en/wound
which her door much goal. and which In adotatod to tlie
rare off great variety of raw.. Though I Ile, ;weer
ottlirr ornmended rri,giel tho esile of weret mutt.
- -
• • . • • - .
M., mcnr.l for the trvls hnomt. ern•clrnt4m.o. humane.
nhnrarter nf thr prurrirtnr of Eliliknantmrnt. eml thr vrlue
nn d. oi• , h•rornrr.obliv. mr !r, .ay thlt• W rnin ... h .t reril . l . l7 ,ls t it.
N. Ynrk. April T.:. Irrp,
Itots•—lt l• •ne af the 1... t thing, inthe world rnr barn,
lon,--Tburana. ant learl, er thl. Ointment.
1 71; : i r o ' f i s " 1:E:rt 4 a 271::11 . aind•iif Sorra. it has no nine.
I( Mother* and N kw,' tnev its mini. 10 Swollen
it Porn llrra. - t• tit, would alway•apPlT , n.n , hm`e ,
n•+l to dir,tlon, It pil•• relief In • yen
Amon.l the 1 ,- -t our , lirertian• it. urine
. . .
Oir.cosent fir &Totals. Llt rr Complaint. }:ryoip..lal: TettA.r.
t•ral , l 11e.1. Sr.o K orr. :.orr Thrtrm,
Noryou• Affrotton, Ow
Arii, Burt.. Cur., nll - Inrea.k.o of ?kin. ~ n t
Lap, PompL, ... A we of lln
p 0011.41 o,r Brokon
From the
• •
Tben s-n. never. rwrif ik,n. 311.1kamo brottcht hnfors, the
p..ron that ba... mad.. trial of it nt...a10 , warmly it.
On, ha: enll.l by It of the tuna p‘infol rh,unnati•rn,
Iknoth, .4 thr ribs. • thin] cf trnubienome pain 110 r
...Ir a fourth of a ewellinst in the Holt.. te. 11 It dor. ot:t
stuum•liatt. tv11.4 In +very ca., It eau do no inlurt.
• iwrp,tahle rittom of Iluneuerrek t,wt,tup. iu this
%lamlrro-rv.t. Iterltsl4l . March Z0.1` , 47
Mr•-r.. Ritter I ,Intn toinfrtv nu that I ww,
I -littered with it sot twenty a: 0 at
•a. nuaWr to sk,_ Purl. that I 111,1
retwslh which ....iv prewnl,l fur me tly phi fielatw. a/.1
other per.... vdthout shy rrlirt. .st last
taw& trial of thti, with wre
p-datllwa. I am now .p lined Irk, (min the pam.a.wl enjoy'
ma ',meet Al.vp. I haw. al,...ured the
' tull ' AVl. "th'r.."" .l , V;l . l ‘ ol;r k • ' happy r.wult.. .
1.1,6• It:; 01 tfk
him-I,IIMo, No a.Ncrtl, Thcll at I'LJ~J.IhLIi
. .
Au 01100 IN 1900ara01-1.1. A. Falgu'i.hiek. A 110.0.0000 of
Wtint amt Ftrat eta Jaelitain, \0.:40 Larne
le Wlbus sr, corner of 11arket .Inset and the
alai tanner of Fourth aml Snothll.ll it, 3. IL
of Walnut mid Prop a.. Filth Want. 1,1 I
tOot gore In Smithfield greet. thin' dig, fnan iiienitid.
Jin gly
tiny 0y1.41. I,
nu) tioinitaia t
litbnMit 11 Aleicaudi r A No/t.
mirshela city, N. IL liownian 1 Ile, u.l J T. Toren. t
tirownirillei John Itarkley. Bearer. l'om John 11 allier,
Erwin, ere iallJll
ey 1l ben. It the man who does nut af.4motate the luxury ,
of au o.lay Lan! II soy there ho. we Jo not adireo
aids.. to the But to all others. we eity. it youarta to
render 'tinting a rileuinte. purr/inie a lot ofJolet Ilaitel
Almond Putanbiii. Aniline-1.1 :harm.: errata. It IN at
terli tinteeadAr h. rind word. to the Feline- of a
worn—who h. been rued ohavinc •ith malt—
apt. ramltlaC trial of ti i+ for the first tline. It 01.1010 I
nation of wonder. mlthlration. and
JEI.EI I IEN:it:US TING tifilolll 1,1
modentir the ettfle•t Toil nowt wiri
aml pliable i rroductur an admirable lather. 1111.1• Ly IL. en, •
stun allaying Ilte irlitation, nod :
that until. +ant' arid gift (miming o( the 'Liu io
cfbin et perteneed aner
llentlemen. ueinir Jul. , 11.0.1, Shavla, t'rvant, mat Mr I.
the f oltaa.t am] tnrel td.,oifor MA, lufasiNllalelf aft, It.
to.a. the !tin I.e.:111m charted. Awl theie who
i u ran twirls eay. will never ute aui other.
tivio anut ....letintare—whieti will lie aDlitntia I
rot 14 thew who west irlittliers—iii the tart licit It will not
if iiiolor the Leant. w oat oil,
or mall apWarattra th. m
Jule, Il a uel'atihaTineLlimintiaredelitehtfult.rernuittiini.
eiimiiounded with atilt. to the utter etclusloit id' all ar11.10..
ealmlalod to iota!, the operation of 11111.1iIN
• 111 1.
tuipmelatul tit all vibe make trial of thew.
litegured 111101iy
L' 1l EL. litTrunter nmi rberti-t,
ILL l'lmiinUt etnieL
For eate,.. - l l ,iiilioa t e , ri . ltat
rei, by :11.
, A. a Cn.. I
'nd J.
To the Readers of the Pittsburgh Gazette.
PBLIC ATTENTION is rempectfully in
rilsal to the following troth.. rot tooth it rolotlowto
f the meat important reined', of modern times,
g I'E ;
oft BOCK it it not more than one I
Hu. ago alumlli , gnat remedy was brought brio, the
public. tur the relief and cure of, Its Gnat how.,
have. rime then. become fully appreciated - by tr..
moreand we alhge that the longer it in tried the
more certain till it. Event Gine spread. tile no , „ m „
in, for the rule porpoie of making money:
tub one. which we contrive. will continue to hr . mast when
n it no .u.ums here Me f.,nodten. The 14troleuni in I
• Natural Remedy. elatawated in th« depths cultic. earth I
b y arum that laughs in Reorti hug
hy me n
It in Mt duty, when we write abet mull- !
ilti t t h el.w. " ?Z l :l. " o4 ° ,V,TY,.. — y t t h r " . ` 4 o,l' .7 ,l o ' .7 , % .l ;ti 7 4 l l:
ton, ti n
na rick are very apt to catch at '
nut thingthat ! premiers relief how dlreare 'n story can
Lordly tie to bight' wrought to *newer the object of Wit- I
ing or humbugging room of them. Now, we do not desire '
1.. do this we ere walrus* only that the truthin relation to I
uir remedy 01.14 he told, in order to encore fur it it ref.- '
tattoo Inc evens:ling wv single annie in the materia med.
llca Plain unvahnshed lact.—Facts that may be ascertained I
n our illy and neighborhood. tent map& a te ne
the 1...1,1nm.
Within the plat ton monsha. two of our own citlecns.
who were totally blind. bare been restored to right
end rases of blindness. in the Ftate or Ohio. hare been
Amt. els, the cam of a gentleman in Beaver county.
There are other, hot these ore ergot near borne, and Ono
he referred to by any pennon who have. doubtsn the *ob
jct. These cases were enrol after the hot bore; abandon..
at by ehveirtane as hopeless. The Petroleum will corr.
hrn onal according to dirmdloria.—Blorrhow. preeniete,
Piles. Itherimotnen.llont. Neuralgia. Ilniptiorm on the Skin.
Pimples on the (soil. Chronic fur. Eye, Itlenrwurna. Tette,-
Ileint,pitina in the bones and Joint*. oki
!yen.. Awe. Chronic Couch, Asthma. Bronchitis. and all
Pllmoriat7 ailsalions of • chronic nature, tending to pro
duce Consumption.
Burnt and :+erildst dimmer of the Bladder and Kidney,
Chspi,l Hand, LlMOrintial ( and Bunions.
In fart. it I* a gnu, UNIVILs.d. C. 1.1.2. and tin. Levu Intl
in theist of the above diseases within the' port year with the
moat perfict sneers. Certificates that will e..totil.h are In
the Bands of the ',morn.... elm will take ',ham., in ..h.ia
t,tT, ‘ , L. ,.. ' ll ' i, ' ,. d rl ih ra ' f r at!.. ? %Vu ' r ntediclnes. the
Petroleum in the greateat Remedy of the age. Physwian•
of high sUreling in the pnifession ere beginning to use it
In d hir ',artier. now who at find looked on with &mild
an uticertaint bare willing to award .t due praise and
eunslerenusi. Before another Y. , ' rolls mug!- all will he
i i ,e,knowledge that the Petroinum LA the great
rd mmticion ever di , osertsl. For rate.
wholesale and rt ,
by Kill:Shlt & ELL. I . Wt.l rt.
Alro-11. Mier, 57 %Soul etrect: D. 11. entry: D. A.
Douala, Alleghen, etty. Also, by lb, pro.
',lobo - . ii. ft. Kilns Omni Mtn, Seventh rtnyt, PIUS
burgh. awl B. A. aatine , tork & Co.. Wood and Front sta.
T W3l. DIGBY'S Cheap Cash Clothing
211_ for.. No. 191 Merl,. street.
I or proprietor atf thrgbore establishment bring ffeniroux
of ditryKssittg of the bal., of lots winter stork, to make
room for hp, of
mamba... for ff orlon. shortly to me
rit.. has determined to oflex them at greatly redurs ,l
priers for egsh. All the,. who smut good, fashionable and
well made Clothing.Vill tint it gm atly to their et.lvantage
to fatter him with • ca 11..., great bargains will be offered.
ALTCN LOCKE. Tailor and Poet; an out,
buiarNao. I vol. mu..
rupular //damn., tor lb, ur of parenta'and
ard hir you. prrroua of both ...lON prepanal and publid,
lit scow \lsom with a re/a/lotion a to. Senate aml
o f lb.preoeulauv./a of the Stab• of Miebi / mrs. By Ira /Ma).
hew. A. U. Late nspertubwal..ot of public hantruction. I rol
Abbott/a New Book—lllstiwy of Madame Roland. by John
B. C. Abbott. Rah engravings uniform with the former
TOILLMTSIAroIar higtorhad mein. bar ale be
JO It. HOPKINS. 78 Aron. Bulathaar. Fourth , t .
is now prepared toren the lament Kerortment of three
0, Carpets oor.olfertd In Ws market, alai of the latest
nd molt apprural et) lea nil patterns. whkla art dlreo
Wow the IMPMtera and Moot armored lectorlea to the
Unica Call at tho Watt Warlattolola No. 85 Fourth at
• •• •
Winter Clothing at Reduced Prices,
New Books Just Received
111EV01 , : , VF:1:S--./ttst re:coived. tttliti,ttict
vOv,3l..,.... i.,,, finutne OA .
11. 1 . 1111-.. A
'2O Cast, Lin' , " Oil,
Eulr 12,
Alio _..z,, kw.. \... I. I.:krd, r..4.'11 anti for
I.i rale 1. m
ur I , , ,\fl 1111t11.1tAilt .
ir L 81 - rrEn 10 1,1,1-. fr-I, lioll Butter
nch., .: A.W. ILARR A A
P :11._ -
IINSEEI) 011,—li , .1I Is. ror 1 0'
1,1/11 S. tW. 11A1tft.tttal. .
B Roams_zii dozen. i . e . ,' Fale ter
0011 5..1 U. li.V114U(;11.
UKIED A PPI,ES—r , i ), reeeired and
for sale In mar It! S. O W. 11,t1tIt t 1 ..11.
I) , ta: . l , l i. liEk ki ll: ' , BEEF.—f , oas k 1 1ner ,,. . , ,Ar , : , ,L
r t i er
itT iNtioit' - 13,1,11( , 1.1 . bxo, ,,
~ , , -o rted
1V -.A. , for 'air I:4' k 61 1 . - ,:: A IT.1111:BAUM.
I .11 , 111--55 1,1,1 , • , ,. and 10. 1 kepi No. 1, for
i A fele. 1., (0.11 S A W.. 11A1111,11.1t111.
1 1.01 : Eli SEED- 55 11,11 prime Ohio, for
tst A IV II AltHAr4;ll,
rr AR - —1 - ol Id. N. e, T a r for SOB' by
I. . J.ll^ • . nniaitiiiiiit: A 1,.11i111.01
llLArii, T . AIIIIY: V . E LVETS of a very !I-
"" ' " ''
h".?1.417AIVIT11111Z1141 en' ' . ''''
tot. ' .1.• 1:..m. Fourth any Slntl,t. xis
114 1 1 N E GAUZE FLANNELS— Nurphy t i
it,,e-telem 1,... , 01111. 1 ”.1 an a.,t+rtus. sat ofolnle t,..1.:.
..... ~ ~.1-1.. una .tons,.-tic dot a.l6,lVidc Fianna..
F.l.,l.rat..lsrm. , xvlo
I' FILL\ CI I C 1.0111 5 .,.1i"
. , . 1 i" ;;'
~z-bz -b 1
..7.'7, • ' .." : Vx 'l =lll. ' l%!lrd
nauttnu ( on, re,•l 2. le In fim
'r rilril;tll,•
Ills. I . F.LEDRATF.D.
V .011 ur, 1, by .1. KIDD 101,
/31 1 •
I tkr rale by 1011011 03
171 A gross lin
J I , .:LI K e n,I I I I O
V ~,11
tr.o, line, and I bale extra
f..r MI. 4, PlB J. UPI' a (%)
I A4 , PM SO lank for sal, by
rl J. KIDD 0 , - I'
:s; Dittt: S=Fifty barr..l,. Family Flour;
. tivrttso.• •1 , 1.21. flnol'.'lobusb...l• Dry
‘,.,k1...; 1 1, fyr •
JrIIIN u'arr sl
E.. •sO.. 30.01
11.AN(') . SAT' NE'rS Volt BOYS' ‘VEML.
Durphy a Dur. full , Ili. 3[l,ltion of thatmu
W 4.14.41 IwirrDnellt (11,4 ,
mtpl.ol., yt. .1 I;4' limy purl... , :DAM
, 1 7 (1 .21 1- r , —U:"
I V l it I F :I ' I r V I O V. LT I E. I 7. I I. Liberty err
BROW , N . FLAN ' N EI.S---One ease just re
.o.; . :Il'lgiN .t. LEE.
-11 ED FLANNEL—One cane on hand and
It far rale by ',NIA MURPHY k LEE.
1.11. LANK WM—Singh , and doul.lci.ed,t,team
ily 1.p.“. I.ttr. 200 ~ : iiibm bl,,.k.rtb b1i1 , 3 I,C .
11 ,
. .. .. .
TWEEDS —three no=es lks,..rtol 1 . 1 , :(10d1 1
14,1 b,-• 1.,1 (rum trambubbturry. f 4 Nth. by .
1,. 1
I mAr—Two tor: Sumac for ~ . ale Irr
a 1:..; ) - an , - . 311.1tillWaLEM.
. . _ .
lOLASSES--Flity:five bits new crop, per
ant rnle , br
J Mr, •DA Wat, rt
I,, t s N one, 0 Mkt, received
t wr Ft...unnr am! tor mle b
J 51Ett Pt Mal.. en Ratrr rd.
Wavy Oak/2,nd ar.llll,,wetrl Toille fmitilale for net.
Qrwaltlc, ryrnitrti row,isniment, Ana tot
mitt lovr• • , II Fl.t.MI NO k
rwr2r, IZJ Wnod street
VEATHERS. IG eacky now landing from
,ty.t.rtwr.lirttcra, for Ktb, by
16A I.kll D ICKEY I, CO.,
Writ, and,Vront
(;',ESECA OlL—Five tole received, for t±alc
br siintript A I)AUNES.
P - FTTER.—Fire bris and ten jars prime roll
hitter. for t mU , a.e. fr nalv hr
MOLASSES—Fifty Lrl., to m•rise,
A, w 41.. ocA, .Yl7llly S HAltNr-S.
. apply
noM O.l•.,T4VliTtik
kin' PEACH ES.—Thre. , lowdred Lon met
SUTTON LA NN E LS—A farther supply
A i n" h " ' b "" '-'),TP;TAR4Tlin`ctian.
WItEN4.II LEAF—Fifty bundle,! French
Clrocro. Drltch..lnl.lsn.l elver 1 9t rcr a:de I,r
Jalt/ J LIKI . .P.. f. CO, :1 IVro'l st.
COLOIL:' , --ti
10 Charm, 11.11 , w and Grom.:
E1131ILLION1:-'frieste. Chinese,'Ameri
su. end Irn,rol 1 - 1,11/1111r.n. nOr
,11.1 ' ' .1 k CO
SS ENTI AI. OILS--I ran Oil of SaAsafroA:
" d i' f" " ran ri'il . 1 1 -11. E ! ' t iT rr
of d `"
and boa . ' ":•d r ;r " Vr
.1 :,111.40 )I.4aa ER dt CO.
DitUSSIAN I LII E--Ten boxes No. 1, for
.•.0. Er J 511111,51.4.E.ER S 0).
I,E I) 0! L.—l.artl Oil of a superior quality,
rm.t rt..
...7-2wenty une , br i ts prime
Vrlrvr r. r iazs. •
IS rrTER.-Thirty an..l Nix Lrlr frerh
ll t.uttr,u, n ir,d a. 1,4. salt. hr
1.11(.1.11"1111211 s co
UGAII-21 ' S. O. Sugar for File hy
nnf.7 KIM:PATRICK. 144 1.111,41"
NS un yu , uLigunrut_fu A rr i l c t i l:; , ..! . . 3y
"“ " ' ',!!"" iT
I 11 1...("ri FI Ell WHISKEY.
4no And tor Balt.
hull JOHN . o.tuor.o a cu.
OLASSES.-2A bris Sugar Douse, St.
R ILennorh.hO-I WO lot Flle by
Nob Orr DAL/ELL L.P,rty otrret.
13.F.i51; LARD-- Tw.ntv brim Grease_ Lard
s. b IV. It.X . I:CLIA3II.
E.A, I , LA RD—Prime einvitillati Leaf Lard
and :l
i fs• barrels,
IV. Nlohltolook r4,1 , b,e1 . 4 to the lancet awl
000.rtnirot hr. Ply owl NM;. Cont.
ha, to , ught to thix stol a bro,r than unv ht the
e,torn We Invite nil h..uli atol o‘autiot, our htax-k
,t No. h, fourth st mod ,Iphot.
lITIN DOW HANG INGS.—w. 31eClintock
..tfcry thoho .1. blot, to I.ko-ohn. , N.., handl.,
of i.oloh 141oin. thttioo..hs. of.the new,' athl
t 1 „ t rin o, al th,toot , l prioo. W,hro
The Old Printing Establishment,
k AT E Johnston :tn.: Sowklon's. anaillank
A.l stativtd Warrhow.r.
1. S. LISTEN i, pn.dsrol to..‘eruta• elro,tylo of
CommemlaY,'ll'anal. and ~Ll,l Idkat-ldh add Galt
Ydsdind: and furm.h ..Tor) 00100 id 11.. Blank
Statiodt, nt the ehord, and on
tti.. suet TaK.nable
Maud 100 t. add ,ddidtdry Woo. Y0u..., rordor of Murtot
at S..cond
IT.lndun inner and ICo N I:loddry, N 0.7.0 Thlnl md
" ,r 7 • • .
Id .24, do. am) moat rleta-ate.l brand,
- dnitro dlo...lldbfna A nrldd." and -VIA.'
ounrhoona ..dltk . r. 011 !dull Indak.rr.
tyldn.. to N.
- oe,k. Port yid...
4, 3lidloma Wido.
Sweet Mall,. Win..
27 do Dry do. d‘,.
10 do tqd , rry %Yid,
a bo‘..e Cladd.
Yn otdro and for P.P . 4y JQIIN
lull .1 Lib..rty
1t11 .4-O, L I I L L , V F . : 1 1 , ! ;
O A E N , I er i. O
and m ' ' ES S r.,. l L t ‘ l,
• Ydnftht and .11.
:, 1. 7,:ri t n.. ) =0 1 ;."Vg17,`7' 1 th r"`
No. 73 Yodrth vloret.
lattentdda morebants and other. , to his large and
na•ortAd at , l , of llrdi..ry. Mores. trntloT-ShI3IJ. and
I,lm.rts. Tb. nhoTe artirlr-L in ilk. 11*tad. Sfrrino,awl
001011. of all and or' On hand and fon
.ale Inc try
OLD I'ENS. We have now on hand a
Lir 'aro, otork f the tort Gold' l!ons frrin Lading
manntacturiro In Co• York- and made ...t.prtrtly to color.
Alen. elvdnut 101.1 Poneil Cas., and ran:Dobler. stlvur
. Cana 1n1.,111 vanety. l'ortdisqm• Yen lloldvdc i'vorl dd.
All for Fate holt•ale and mtml at how York pea
.04114:.—N. HOLMES S oriNo, No. 47
`Martel Aro,. Ekrbange on all the En.tern
foal Wr.torn ding. for Colhrth.n.t made in .11 the
grinrigAl Warr. thr alt god ial
tliwounted. Nntro and Tao,- 19illn ino,Catetl.
NDIA. RUDDER PASTE. -I grosO of that
X gui•ert...rtieto tor ronl.iong them To.
vats proo a
:..nd gioa , t cloth. TIM
rticle I. narron,l te
the to.roar..s n.pooon.l. or
the money refun.l.d. For •de sri.o,o.le at 7
and 9 Wnod ',not. I J., It. ILLIPO.
lEA WAIL American Brit:tn.
nia Tea I go.-k. Lt. eanol•ooni....
en. nn , i mizo; hot.
ance H ,
Handle Tle titter 11E4 Ust
i, lingteg (irrtnog Sibs torio. and Orig..:
Tot,le Mat, T., fr, Itinging:rmai ninnufm
hi:nl3" Trap. .1 ImAutitnl iutt.,rna.
.1 Cory ruporlor P.o.nler for cleaning anti poll•hin..: pinto
waro. Cru.1,... for cleaning. 'Chaninla reather
Iniotorg.k. o o :
6J' Fna lucartv.s•—oSogor'a colebrahal 3lagic Kitchen.
ahout 1110 lk hat.. which sill make mac, took hoer.
. •
steak. oyetere., ed., think .d.k, to a tea' Minutes.
Fur eale I. IV. NI 1150 X,
C. Market and ronrth t,
IJVAt bar lemon, m prime oriel-, on rot:1, 1 / 4 11MM:
•,at brie Clorer Seial.pnme:
kb& :e.g.,,
brie printr .ate:rate,
keys Lard;
brie non natter. •
Ind hue Da.:
•••-)Fria Tikoktkr Eerd: tia band an , ' fet ale hr
141 Liberty
bundtkel and flRt pea larze sired Pe.tidinkrt..
,••Jal pairs Cnto 1t1401.15. su our
• 'AO obk Moans Loat Mang., nbtonlle.nnd
'l . -kt do Dray C.D.
''' VD do Drab do IS, •do ' •
Sn do Lllnn do do do
ck.k, Innen Blnntrt CioIII, do
I do Urn,.<ed. do
3 dnruferinelllnnk n e ,,, e l o th. •
3 do sr,ord Sween, vnorred color,
a do Jean., tun-mien nob,.
do l'ounimoree. I.lnek and fane7 relroa
I do - rnnilen..l•lnek and f.r - rey mixed.
3 do Untie tndled Ilnon.-1, yard nide.
4 a. Croa burr.' do ,
Tno adze din.rribed gnats an 211 013 mule - Meat froze
ration. manufseurern, net and•nr4, and are for rule Cu
liberal term to the tnele, Ili assaiiteetiarent lakes.
• pETßowni, OR ROCK OIL
"There are more Gang. In heaven ass/ earth,
Thou are driampt or in phiksa.phy-".
TILE VIILTUES. of dots reutarkahle route
dy.• and the constant application for it the=ki roprt
ea.. ha. natured hint to hare it put up. in LUG., th la '
bets tool dirictiono. fur the tomcat of the_ .
The 'll?ritilLEl.ll is prom:m.l firma well In this mark
tT a , a drpth of four hundred feet. ir a pot, emulations
tal article. without any rhotukal 'hot rust Wit
tors from Nature's Great Laraaturt:: Shat It enutaina
po.pgrriee reaching • number of di...melt I. 120 longer a
ter of uncertainty. There are inane tlangs'ito the a,
eyn a of , nature, 'which. if known - micht a 'Tact lawful
nr.s In'alleanitlue suffering. and rod wing the bloom of
health and Timor to many a sufferer. long lekgre the pro-
File. thought Of putting it up In honk; IV had a repot.
on r, , the cure cddimase. the con.tant ah.tdailr inures
tring ca/l. for it. and weeral remtrkable Mi., it * has per
. .ca. hi a sure indhathat oh its r. 0,„
our etin. rf
We do not couch to make a Pm; .4-sra/I..tot,ardfiy„,..
„ w t . 01,...1.00. tout the tnedtrili•• rap /you work Ito re . ai
into the farm. of the." who gutfer..and with to be heal
'lt hail we du not claim it a uniterail ahhhauno e
iinlie•Gatingir Mr. that. tu a' number al
Chehnic Araor.g thew may be
enutronattd—all ilaetia, f the woman, to:ate, such aa
• illtfiNetilrE , , L'ONrI.IIYLION , tht its emir
stage./ arid all... Ganges .8 the air rawaars. Lll
- t%I3IPLAINT. hiariowle td the
hhaide r and Kidneys, Paina to the Bads or hid, 'hereon
Neuralgia. Pat.,. Rheumatic Palns, Gout. Eryeip.
ells. Ringworms, guru, enJds. ins,
old rm., la eases of debility malting haul eS.Mrs. ppgr
thug and orhtracted f direr, 151.
A T IC: to . Itwillsetasa tisg
to r 0 004 and
noon, imparting Woe rlo emrtgy tg ties
whale frame, removing Atlantan... opening the sluggish
functions, which cause diwa.w. and a Lavaca constitution.
and lo.o Kiri. locreaerd and renewed 'energy to all the organ.
Th. prorri.tor known of mural
It of Pi L.
that dotal trratment. Frie se n under Oho lane
ut the PETRGLEGNI far a short time. Tlio proof ran be
0 ,0 .. =I .per,
!sour IV I thou -Ignatore ca the crepe:attn . .—
So 11.
ld by
S unairfar,
K Cam) near Seerntli street-
Alga by IL h. riELL/ZitS. IV/awl st..
and KEYSER a.51'1)011 ELI.
Lcorner Woetliureet and Virgin who are
noe24lf regularly appoaded :trent,
is NOW all men wla, are sick and :dilieted
QL with di.earo of the El.hlor and Kidom .. with Then
tuAtr. palm In !leek or limb•. stiff tointg, running
taker, dr-, that they ran to sun.{ by taking the Plant,-
I.EC H. Inn may talk ahniit as 4in-s L. t rum,. much
, ta re of this dnoruct make It w, foe pnrimm.
lu M. tare of an, that it he, blue.•
ennteini,l In any nth, r roundy. The man
who is reeked with
pain. and sulletill, Awn d'o.en, een,
r ut get robot hum any of the HI" emmweete.
Itradre it rtata
Tetilnmate a trial. 71,14 Petro
b•inti is no no pound, Pot up for the purpome
6 11,,,,knq on the csnonnMxty: but It I. a tram], nlabora
frd by the tumlnr hand of tutor., and bubble, up from the
brsran of our mother rarth. In its original n n .it y , sa d a
G Atffering humanity • ready remedy, a masa. and
It eurrd Piles. after othrr Inedlclom host. failed to
anyrelief. ,It has curd Ilheumation. of lons
:lauding, and of thr wont and Land painf01i.t. n . n ,,,,,..
.has cmssl Cholera Morin.. Lions or tarn doss. It has
rtll , ll old cww. of Dfarth.ta. itra Wash sorry
has becn of on etTail. A.l s local nmusly In turns-and
scalds. It is Iwlter t han a n mtapound , Or ointment
that ne kuse of., It will rum eltilblatrot and (mated fert.
in a fru application ,undoubted trrtinusiy.can br furnish
ed of the truth rontsitted iu lhr abate rtatement. by call-
In e A MULL 11. Canal Garin; &wrath idnarr. or
ri, of thu oxen! ,
Refry es StelanselL comer of Wend strert told Vlttiv
alley; IL Srllerr. S. t oo kreet, A. Elliot. and D. SI.
Curry. AJleghrns My, are the urn,
rift., attended the nef , of MORTIMER'S RIIRIIMAT
Mllll%Ol , and mat !merman eseea Of L.\ ELAM
ATORV AND CHRONIC ktHEUMATraII. le a eufaelent
• .• - •
rus-rantee and rreounnemlatton to indnoe all who are &tit
led with this dreadful diemiw to try its virtuea.
Hundreds of cares, many of them eitlaen. , of SC Lout,
and other. nom at.rtrwl. here been eurot within the loot
few . month , in the city of St. Louie alone. while letters from
arente abroad show also that it Le perGamitm the tome
wherever tried. Slawg of thee, were chronic coxes of loMf
atandina. am/ all t
or.. nr recovery htvi bean Kim.. ',Mr
111,11e °there were ot more rrrent dale, of the acute inflam
matnry form. very nPtot, All, braerrer. Ykld to the vmm .
derful inter . medicine, and thonsande who hare
realized Ito bene fi t, and err note In the enjomment of health
eba the dimoverer and preptirtor,-a
benrfemnr ef mankind.
I .
tI. well trallet, [rem the ex - prrienre of th e put., that no
nuand applimtlen ea orn.dhlY - .fftvt a Terttlanen
tbnilnnArw litetlsoe. By the avrliestien of ,tlmolatinji
ttartial relief. In nom+(see% maY Oltalo
for a ehort time. lint all the while thio At le &Iris Its
. ..
. . .. -.- . .. .. .
~.i.:,,,,i .ijar.: ix:rmaltentl, iii ihe. gy,teni. emrl numrr or lacer
141 ii aguiti drvelnpl. 1t...1( In a nvimtlnliolful r..rm. entl after
. lux periodical retttrsm. it Nettle* Into • chronic Inrm.
whirl, If notarmolnt.
ruin, the individual for life.—
This la il•rifirli hr the hirtnre of the pant In all countries,
and morn fully denial by fly, ninny lurniatird of
late to the i n pnoun of this cumpoinul.n, given by seeeral
hundred , of eh: hate pro-ed under Lis immediate
rui n— Aid trertnivrit the 16.2 foo month,. -
%lonTl 31 hit', 171/31 POUND and ELoOD
vvicirtl,:i: the internal rrm,ly.-.....olumences Its opera
tion. lure alorra.,. first eria..tnatce. and In lantfYing
the pe.,,ei through the whole stem. neutralises the
impure or cyudie , rallment. why!, ha , upon the
membrane , . tuner. and temlone—mun,e, It ntliely
the ,y , tern. and re , tores the Ind:vidual to health.
Let than oho an , arltieted net deeehe thennelve, and
put of the tun of 11. medicine h.. long., or until their
one disloeal.4 or enntrarn , l to on. • deurre that
the, are nipples .for life. The rap..rience of humlroda of
thniscand4Uuri. tho par.. a. well as • multitude at the
preacnt day..• the fully id eXP . etinif Verna
nent n.lbt (mai external applications.
The propreetnr of thie valuable nadielne *WWI. frnm ea.
per... that no outuarl application eon elleet a
Pernesnent en, where lid, flondy fixed in the
ay , tem. Ile can and prepay, and apply an embrucr
t i ro
H e rrey 01/IHI 0111 give reins( In one hour s
tiny,uf thl , Nrill not effect h 14.nuenent cure: 'The nty
tune nf thi.divare hrsurb that it req aim+ kmger atxl
an into.rnal to prcalurn the desired wlrect. and Ilor•
thnort , r , lthruntath•CoMPoohLi at , d . the
noly r..oivily that has erer be , ” dlpeorem.l. either In
Atufliew or any other coutalr7. that will tflretttallY e , trw
11 , %
. 1 medicine can be had. wholesale or eetall, Eio.:3
Thlnt nu next tn the root Win" I . lthdnergh.
.1 .11:31(f e,. k
. -
totti tar U. a. 44 , 1% ,
l'Are b
rer nui. ,
P.arrhint, ran 1.. had F.ti , of
IL „ noun.
. nov.l Acnt
'DR. R
mm OSE'S
the ' inventor of tiro oelebratrd instrutornt for intlating [b.
Lung, in efholing a [TIM of Chronic &mar, was • .lo •
dent of thnt eminent phratian. Doctor Phyole. and bra
'graduate of ea enirer,ity of l'annartranbaand for thirty
Anee ha. two rowan-ell in lite investigation of dip
taae. and the appileation of re:medley ther•to.
. . .
throe ch tie of /do Inflating ola.. nonneetionreitli
bin ProphylnSyrup, and other of his remedies, he haa
rained an unparalleled multuttee in curing th an dreadful
odfatal maladlen Tubercular Consumption. Cancers,
rrofula. Rheumatlrm. Arihrua, Ferer mud A. revers of
ell kinds. Chronic Erysipelas, and all thorro obstinate db.-
ewes peculiar to femak.a. Indeed, *very form of dime.
under the me of hie remedies, to which humani
ty i heir—not by the use of One emnpou*l only, for that
hlorompatlble with Physiological La.. but by the am of
i. remedies. adapted to- and preverfbed fdr, peculiar
fotm of di.ease.
- •
rack Tonle Altaretive Pills. when wed, nee
a mraria-
AIT now led geal to be norminr to all others. as urga
tive or liter pIII. loam:tomb as they leave the boatels pre.
f.tly. tr. from costivet., as al. lala Golden Pills are sal
littod. the facultr. to proems peculiar pmpertleea sMtp.
d to fetaale 411. m.. but being Itstirtnalbst ._bore trial
la sufficient to °Mobil. what has be. =ILL, to the toindsof
the most skeptical.
7b, ann.:brat ore incited to call upon the agent. and Fo
con. (grAtil) One of the home) , polo pitht. dealt.
.41 ocutnnt of clot moody. anJ Its opplieothos.
For mt.. by the hrmuct tlnti•
cisto thruoubout the country:
echoontnaker a Co.. tfl Wl Pt.. Pittsburgh..
J. to. Townsend. ItrUPgild, .13 oo Market otc
Lco . rttounht, menu the Not Ogler, Atheto.
nr city.
Burt4j, Bean, county. P
John KlHutt. Loonv Valle}, "
T. Adsam braver. "
TILE AFFLICTED will be found in
I Or. Dewitt C. Kelllnger'll LNFAI.IJEL'Z' LINIMENT,
or Mack Fluid. which haa hod the text of thirty year" es,
perieuce, and hap. beiond a doubt, beam the ineane of rar
ing the tilr, of thoupands of Individuals, to Almon every
eli,s and rhararter.of disrwee- Ife feel Mat WY haunt Ilf.
thing In payinn that chip la the only inetlichae that hap been
ottere.l h. the atilitted, that .I,r, in every noes of the word,
hat it to told hr.
• • .
It h. cured. and IA ropable of curio. retire dbl... than
mother mothetne diem! for rale. we rare not by whom
id. or e. 1,1. or by what name.
- -
AY a atrone and convincing hl , /of or the afore, p)
that it L. the only article that Lae In the tam of
natent 31callrine that baa ever le..ett.hatronlml.d
the pra.he of the elite generally. eM the mast agreeable
Yamill 3ledicinerver of. mt for hale. or noal Ls ooy of
thou, sis.:
The Hon. Howenne late I`.f. The
S . Hld.
11. Late lI.G
I ri lea ll.
John D V.
m. late U. S. Seona
tor. William Porter, tau- /Allot of the Spirit of the
Time, and a luot of other thatintrulshed eidoens of New
Tort, who hare fully tested Its menu. have permitted the
proprietor to al t to them.
An it is well knows that Patent Medicinesre not gette l g
idly patrosirnl by the learned. wealthy pod polite eltel
we bare uodoubt.elly a data to feel 01/Xl.Th - it, highly mav
iloge,L It'oader working Compound hea been nearly
seven ream before the 1, i lie. Ito larxt friends are now Its
stronceet and tel. MIA most undoubtedly Is .trout( anti
mar Wring proof of Its general sawfoltwea amt wouttive
qua lithe. It le a roren•hen resesly Lm all servos.. dln,iree.
rheitniatlr , ll . ..llingt.spraine. bnabow, old
saw, and the pain. and mites that Ceeh I. heir b. O ,
(leer 1,000.•eal Mules hare Wen isl.l without misplaint.
an.l lutre'perfeeted con, after all other
..Lew have faihd. aa roll atezaer belief. Ltd wenot
fferd. and In our pcknresaion, the etzvnge,,, ypealble
. .
Thi4 tordleine. nr nature's remni, Ls prepared from rm.
etable• for internal as well en eaten:Ea nye. I t arta dirret-
Iv n pm' the diantard Ii health and strength._
It L. a rate can• for plarrin, Cramp, Billow. Clunk, and
all roarnintle affectone, din-weee of -the Kidney, and
liewknera in tusk or lemple, from whaterer mare it may
ban originated.,
For wde In Plttnburgh, 11.. K. Seller, Mean., Kidd
c 0... and o,den Ynowdem and by
retail Druggiet•
It put up In four. two. and one rhilling Lois
gen. yanlnnan
L 4I A Compound la wax - Anted to produce the within de.
itero,l thee. a ben toed for maiden bread. tea cakes,
butkwhent rake, It,. by whieh a ration Le eaerted In the
Hour of about Id per rem-
To 3IA. lIIIC..—TO evil pound of flour add two tea
tVX`ftZINTIV.ttI ?riitt"TtlyTrlicliatylnVealt's tats
Penni tour that you MU wwil d; mud tete at letaure.) theta
ald er a muclA cold water ex make the tintigh the usual
Meknes,: knead it well. and let its
fatten talons.
I n f o , 1 0 0,1, 0 0—one or two bower will do no hurt- Biscuit
Autukt Tk taluet much thinner, and ballet at one., but
wind., no hurtle ?Land fifteen or twenty minter. T hera
la .0 dam:, of nettnx her meets of this Compound ht tlur
laved: it will ow. turn the. bread yellow, as entreat. does
when 11.4011 to eare as.
You ran pat the attar, Cutayntand Into...tea cakee, yid.
din,,dolinuy mid, Indian cote, ortger take, corn MEW.
eat:, rorn I read. hndeu bread. bin-alt.tattrr cake. huh..
wheat rakes apple duelling,. pot f o e an
Porno. , d u.t nod for on by ,
IL K. tiELL:EII.e. 5; Woad at.
kJ tits Ilona". reward 'will be yald to any oar •hn snit
posh.. a sr. or mint. gram or dry. that moot be .•
tr.o.trd with Mlle, Imtnyed Chemical bat. I hate M.
j patt.fartlon of raying in the poonlo of tido Oa, that this
' article. by my own notirovement On it. how standa port
tall. din this country f or eattarlint. area., I,r. ittrb, oil.
nand, Or any other rrenarsuirrtanre, trom all It itob , of
thounir or Ladle.' clutLko-, cartats, table meads, moony.
shawls. ladies' bnort, tn.. without fluorin:, nu; thin
tha t pore water will not Lantz.. boot than ~ ue thou.oul
1: - .Td:1%;Z a ff, ".=,,Trtli'f, th °
met 4?l"c:L b a- . : s .. 1
I t tty - t n g ' ilg
1 t•eol, on mon. than :X/0 artlrlet of light /glint patina. alpacas
and ez:itnea, I havenoir foon.l th at,. Men, of silk, two
of 510w...A four of 4,111f144 , 1 whataltaltan,,,l the talon.
tin.rgfure, Latin, potting it .on a light . lllVln. trya maple
of the dress Drst. I Mote this I...use lam do tA-mlnedno
2 to namnmend it any stronger than 1 knot lobe etrittly
1 tinier. from mooing mental:do and realLsrs pratoPtla
attentltd In by the.tutswriber. - It. Y. r talf.ith,
de3o - lti Wood at.
"1 hod not used it twice . I'rare 1 felt Its brut:fetal effects .°
R. R. E. SELLERS—Sir; Si; trcring from a
brainingd gh. for. whidi 1 taicd many reclines,
wit torsi elict, I was hresentod•lrEh • bottle of
"11. E. &lien' Cough 31latairc.. /.think Its duty whit!! 1
ono to both You and the tiublie in'getteltd. to pi.=
ase.rt. that 1 had noa used st Mice tefore 1 felt Its
clot cite., and (under the Dili.. IlessirtOtdisi n 0 taceassicra
to fini.h the bottle. I testify ids.. as to lasng witnessed
n. mayie Pntlortle, wt friends of tains: oete In remittal.
who had a trying attach attics langs. accutepecusd
di.t.r..”ing mug'. bd& the only time F....depicts (where
cough. and colds affect do rulltror) hesdresuded amongst
in - h. &Pollen,' Genet 311:ture.°
IITO6LILiLII. /.^.f. Pry Ile K.
Pittsburgh. Jam 14. 1 , .51.
Prewar.. and roll by li.•£. Ll rats,- No. 57 Rood 00.1 sold by drurai4E , re...tulle. • . tie
Additional proof of its tumor locum
Fairfield. N., Antrnst. 1745.
Mr. I. E. Itrilprs.-13cIng midair.' for ware Maw with a
Lad conch. I saw roconnuendod to tow Tour 1 rup,t a l c o ugh
rue rrolYwt.C'nl
rue of a rough that had dr.:4lml of ewer tanng wen. a
had raw.,l alrorAt errry thin:: that It wax In toy power to
Pl. hut nortrod no brunt until I ac t with your inralore.
thr Counh lr)rnp. 1 tort fully antlrd iu
.to Pura
and ronannwouling it to the an eatte. of 111. tretrt aedi.
rut,. that luta Li,' !wen Vretrarul for the nrrn for whir./ it
go Intended. JAAlap 11. 6321T11.,
worlarld br R. F FELLF.M. 117 Manias. WA
OW Us kw rah b 7 LULU sawn a Bina,