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A Witar Horst vonVtcats.rrs.—We have re
peatedly called the attention of one readers to
the necessity Of establishing a work house. for tht
the reception of mgrants, whose support is now b....1'
Ouch burden:upon-the tax-payers of Allegheny "" cc
County. As . figures are more convincing than
arguments, we will give the number of vagrants
who oive been committed during the present J oe
year, copied from the jailors docket: wit
Vagrants.commitied during January, 175 Sal
•' February, 173 ear
• first 15 days March, 110
i yot
408 alr
Thus co appears that no less than four hut- by
Bred andilfty eight vagrants hate been commit- ins
bed to prison during, the two months and a half Gm
of I BSI, which have already expired. When the
cost Of their maintenance, fees to officers, mug
'straws, Se., Ore reckoned, it will be found that
they &institute a very important part of the pub
lic expenditure. If we had a work house, these
worthless vagrautv would be compelled to bor tt
for their own support, and would be more u
tioux in approaching the prison where theirs e
ness.alone lords therm
APPOlsrliEst or run Gorehnott.—We learn
tp s telegraphic despatch, that William Boggs th
of Lower St. Clair township, has been appointed Pu
Amodato Judge, to fill the vacancy occasioned
by the expiration of Judge Kerr's term of of- m.
• Srarso BUSINESS.—The spring business has
now fairly"begnn. Wood street was literal')
blocked up on Saturday, by continuous lines of
drays, whirls were passing ascl re-passing nll l
Acr.—A man named Dewey entered a suit,
on Saturday, before Alderman Wiggins, against
Mr. Robert Donovan, stove maker, wbom lie ac
cused of passing a one dollar note upon him,
contrary ts the net in such cases made and pro
vided. "
2 C. B. 31. Smith, Esq., appeared for the plain ai
tiff, and Jasper E. Brady, Eeq., for the defend.
Dewey was sworn, and was about to give hii ,
evidence, when he was objeated to by Mr. Brady,
as an incompeteabwitness, since be was a part
On record—liable 'to costs—and entitled to on.
half the Site of twenty-five dollars, in ease o
recovery. •
•Mr. Smith Maintained that it was a qui to •
action, and that the witness had a righd to giv
his evidence, but the Alderman sustained Mr.
Brady's objection.
No other witness appearing : the suit was ins
roia' sed at the cost of the plaintiff.
Inceantitmssi.—The engine house of the Ea
gle Fire Company was fire on Saturday night
by some rile incendiary, and although the en
gines were promptly on the ground, the whole
interior of the building was consumed. Fortu
nately the night was. a wet one, and the flames
were presented from sprending beyond the house
in which they originated.
The foie engine of this excellent Company was
sa s sed uninjured, as was the reel, though the hit—
ter was a little scorched. About fire hundred
feet of hose were consumed, together with a
number of firemen's dresses. The .furniture of
the Company's rooms in the second story, was
also destroyed.
Before the Bon. Hopewell ReplArn, President E
In the trial of the case of M. Wilkinson, for
use of James Wilkinson, vs.. the President and
Directors of the Insurance Company of N. Amer
lea No 163—List 176—the jury returned a Ter
ffict for the plaintiff of $lO.
Von Bonhorst, vs Speer—Vend Exponas, No. c
88 Jan. 1851. On motion of T. Mellon, Esq., one c
of thedlendants lien creditors,artdan Attorueyfor /
Benjamin Patterson, the owner of the lot sold— 0
rule none pro tone, on affidavit filed on plaintiff,
to show cause whythe Sheriff's sale Should not be
set aside, and in the - meantime, the Sheriff was
directed not to deliver the deed.
King et user vs Bailey's executors. Exec..
tion 176, April 1851. On motion of 11. S. Ma-
grow, this execution was set aside at plaintiff's ''
cost- •
_ _ .
Bowman vs Craig. No. 3, April 47. On mo
tion of .1. S. Craft, Rule on parties in this case to
pay therespective amounts decreed against them
by the Court, on or before the 24th inst., or in
default thereof that an attachment. issue against
them to compel the payment thereof.
Jacob• Weaver vs. Benjamin F. Weaver, No.
107-April, '5l. Affidavit of defence filed, on
motion of If. S. 31agraw. Judgement set aside.
Charles Goehring so. Romburg & Reynolds.—
Ex. 163, April, '5l. On motion of John Mellon,.
Attorney for defendants; role to Show cause
why the execution should be set aside at plain
tiff's costs, and proceedings in the meantime
stayed. Reasons filed.
In the matter of the estate of Joseph Barlett,
deceased. Partition. Bole on the heirs, &c., to
come Into Court, and accept or refuse at the`Val
natian—returnable on Saturday, the 15th' of
March, inst. And now, March 15th, 185 L
Rule to appear and accept, or refuse, enlarged,
and the matter continued until Saturday, the
22d inst., at 10 A. M.
Pratt et. uz,,vs. Taylor, No. 305—April, '5l.
On motion of W. W. Irwin, bail reduced to $lOO. 4
Same pia's. vs. Taylor et. us?' No. 306—'51.
On motion of W. W. Irwin, defendant, Story Tay-.
lar, diachaiged on common bail, and defendant
George Taylor's bail reduced to $lOO.
Isett B Chadwick vs. Cyrus Black. No. 90.
November '4O, and 14—April, '46. On motion of
George S. Seldeo, havilig first filed the receipt of
Daniel Deal, dated October 24th, '4B, in No. 14,
April, '46, in full for debt, interest and costs,
and it appearing to the Couit that the two judg
meats ore for the same cause of action, and that
the No. and Term in the receipt should have been
as above, the Prothonotary was directed to enter
satisfaction on both the above judgments.
CHARGE or BCROLAUT.—A young man named
Thomas Whittaker was arrested, on Saturday
morning, by police officer Reed, charged with
- burglary, alleged to have been committed in
breaking into the store of McCommors & Stevens,
on Market street, and stealing therefruma valua
ble gold watch, and a number of - other articles.
He was wearing a pair of boots, which had been
taken from the store, at the time , of the arrest.
The greater portion of the stolen property has
been recovered, including the watch, which is
Worth' one hundred and fifty dollars, and hadbeen
sold for twenty-five- sifter an examination before
his honor, the Mayor, be was fully committed for
Carr. Ora. T. CohmraN.—This popular lectu
rer will deliver another of his very interesting
addresses on the subject of temperance this
evening, in the Fourth Presbyterian Church, in
Bayard:down. Let there be a full attendance.
DISCIIARGED.-Mr. Edward Loder, who was
arrested a few days ago, on suspicion of being
concerned in counterfeiting, was honorably dis
charged on Saturday, by Alderman . :Major, no
evidence appearing against him. • ~.
respectable looking man wll3 arrested on_Satur
day, and taken before the hlayor, charged, on
oath of Sergeant Wallace, of Fifth ettee,t,
1 7 . ith
pass c isi ou g nwrt
acozn t t m er a f n e counterfeit threewo found dQll In°t°hi"s. F PPolss'esm:
Mon, and be refused to redemi the note,( alleging
that he had not passed it. Wo . do. not give • his
lame, since we do not believe that he is guilty.
• Hit' was committed to prison to answer the
charge, ' • „.
Hagueyesteiday recovered a valuable gold Watch,
which was stolen from Mr. Henry IHeber, some
months ago, when he was stopped by highway rob
bers, in Bsynnlstown.
_ Power. OrTlr EY. Ass kl:trr.D.—Mr. John Moran,
a member of the nicht police, was reryl sererely
beaten yesterday by home rowdies, while:ntiempt
itaxtis arrest one 'of their companions, ittlhis Sixth
Ward, who was behaving in
,a eery ricAnus and
disorderly manner.
Lssourrc HALL—Wyman, the tubatirable
Magician and Ventriloquist, will give abashes'
exhibition of his unrivallettfeatn, at Lafayette
Hall, this evening. _
stand that (len Hundred and fifty dollars have
beeneollected in Beaver for'the purchase Of Wood
son. = The gcnticinen who arc interesting them
selves in the matter, intend, we learn, t o ra j,
•theenm of six hundrall dollars, which is the fai
Talus of the slave, and if that is nut accepted
his mistress, will not give themselves any furthe
Coassrati.'s Pasonnii.t.—This fine panes=
will remain on exhibition, at the Atlie.axu.
buildings, sometime longer. It still continue
to attract crowded audiences.
• NOVEL-4E Will be observed by an advertise,
meet in another column that the members of th
Eagle rum Company ore requested to attend
tmecial meeting, in the flail of the Vigilant,
half-pantseven o'clock.
Finer AltetlVAl, FROM 11sLrtmonz.—.k can
• boat,.belonging to Kier's Line, arrived in l'itL
burgh on Friday front Baltiniorii, with a fu
.• corgo..• 'llia is thir. first arrival: by canal
••• PSEUD.:
gg. CID Dows.—Mr. J. P. Schmertz, an in
hi • . t of Lawrenceville, was knocked down
.1.1 se erely beaten by a gang of rowdies, at the
o •lo run, on Friday night. Two persons
ere . toted on suspicion of being concerned in
s b ru tal attack. and were committed to prison
the Mayor. The evidence, however, is very
:one wive.
AD man TO BAIL -Mr. Gardner, a woman
•o Is committed to prison by Alderman Mat
eo e time ago, on a charge of being cormected
lb gang of counterfeiters, woe released on
ay, she having procured the requisite
ai e for her appearance.
Fn L ACCIDENT. —We regret td learn that a
ta l
un lady, sixteen years of age, daughter of
avid Clark. late of this city, was run over
• a tage, near Uniontown, Pa., last week, end
1 tly killed.
. .
Com.sirs, March 14, P. M.
SeTen ballots were had in Convention, this of
moon for U. S. Senator.
On the first hallot Corwin received 39; Payne
1; Sutliff 9: Scattering 0.
The Whigs then nominated 13:T. Wade, and,
on the fifth, Wade received 30 votes; Payne 34:
atliT 7: Scattering 12.
The Whigs then nominated S. J. Andrews. On
to arrenth ballot Andres. receive! 32 votes:
ayrse 33; Sntliff 7: scattering 10.
Tl3,e Convention then took a recevs, until to
is no union between either of tin three
s, and but little prospect of au election
CISCINN w. March, 14.
1 .
Ote l
amer Geo. W. Kendall. this afternoon.
Brandenburg, Ky., while under full head
in the middle of the•river. buret the cylin
.ead of the larboard engine, the mud valve,
.0 stand pipe
e carpenter woo instantly killed, and a deck
. , dangerously scalded. Seven horses were
. • , and a number: being scalded. jumped .ov-
T.e boat was completely enveloped in steam,
od wo men on shore state that they counted
11 . -rmono in the river at one time, not one of
who.. were saved. Among them were two wo•
me. The officers of the boat, however, think
tha the persons on shore mistook some of the
hos s for men. Two women ore missing.
T e scene in the cabin surpasses description..
T e boat sustaineirno other damage, than the
inj to her engines.
Pandaortritit, March 15
i •
I. e steamship "City of Glasgow, — Capt. Mat
s, sailed at n little after noon to day, on her
•nd voyage frm Philadelphia to Liverpool.
i takes out 33 passengers, and a large and
:ble cargo. Among her passenger+ is Thom
: end, of Huntingdon, Commissioner to the
ld's Fair, train Penn.sylrania.
BALTIMARE', March 15.
The bark Inca arrived Item tbii. morning from
id, with 5000 bags of Coffee.
NEW YORK, March 15.
t Utica, yesterday, 4 , 20.000 were sent by the
-x.ress train to Albany, to redeem the bills of
h Ittarik of Utica. The bills, as fast as redeem.
•d, are sent to the Comptroller, ns the Bank has
• w set of plates ready for issuing.
he Providence, (Rhode Island.) Journal, pub
is. es a letter from General James, U. S Senator.
n 'hich he avows daim,elf in favor of the lend
, Whig measures.
WASIUNGTON, 'larch 15.
dward Stiff, formerly editor of the Cherokee
tine', who killed Wm. Gilbert, in De Kalb
Alabama, in May, 1847, and who was
.et on bail, was arrested here this morning, by
b neser Pitts, ono of his bail, who followed him
o t's city.
Now YORE, March 15, 1651.
report has been received by the Asia, that
rPhbishop Hughes has been made a Cardinal.
e foreign papers do not mention the fact, but
't a probably true.
Putt...ELmu.s, March 35
lietton—llolders have put up prices, in conse
once of the favorable tenor of the Asia's ad
2es, but sales are limited.
oar—The market has undergone no change.
S. es of A few hundred blids standard and. good
b • . ds at $4 44 ? bbl, and of common and ex
for city use, at $4 50655 ? bhl. Sales of
R • e Flour at $3 37 ? bbl,
rain—The demand for Wheat continues limi
ted, and several cargoes'are going into store.
BEN es 3000 bus prime Penn. at 97 for red, and
10pc for white. Rye L. worth 65@f Ac ? hu.
Cdrn is in good demand for shipment, with sales
o yellow at 60e ?bu atioat. A lot of prime
P nun- Oats cold at 43c r.) ho.
. .
Groceries—There is more doing in groceries,
wtL sales of N. Orleans suer at 536i,5ic on
tioe. Sales Orleans Molasses at tic four
Whiskey—Continues in limited demand, with
s les in bbls at 2:lc, and in blots at ^_l is "t.l gal-
New Vona, March 15.
Flour—The market iv without change,but pri
- favor buyers.
Grain—Corn is held above the views of buy
rs; 67c is offered for round and Vint yellow to
lllemp--The market is firm, with nn advance
t tendency. Sales of American dew rotted at
125 with a good enquiry. •
Coffee—Prices are less firm. Rio is quoted at
036:11c per lb.
linseed Oil—ls firm, nt SOc V gal.
Iron—Small sales of Scotch pig at $2O 30 from
Tobacco--Sales of Virginia at 1 1 W , ,12c, nod
cry firm.
BALI - INOUE, March 15.
Flour—The market is doll, with small sales of
. S. brands at $4.37 1:?
Grain—The market is without change.
Provisions are firm an fiat quoted.
Coffee--Sales of Rio atilic 14 lb.
Whiskey—The market is dal at •23(k,2* in
No change in other articles usually quoted.
Forty Town Lots in East Liverpool, 0.
HE recent unprecedented sale of Lots in
thestove thriving Town having nearly erhatult' , l
t to overlong!, laid out. and the demand still continuing,
the undereigned ha. beep Induced to tar out a portion of
hie promrty to town lota as above. and oflera them for sale
ot priced and Lerma that cannot fail to meet the views of
those telahing to purchae, It ie tmedites Lt say anything
of the location of the Town and proopette (It luring born
fficiently deacrlbed tent odvertieetnenlot other than
that over one hundred loda have reeently Thought' hand,
and been pureloned by th'eo. .toluei to procure a deeirs
ble hcroate.
The store lots arearnong the wont eligible and clevirable
thohe place. and principally heated in the centre of
se recently . eold. are
For Information opply to the proprietor In !Llvertax , 3, or
to James Blakely, Eau., Fb urlh
- ete,ialNvrllLT,
Ewa Liverpool. P.O. 2d. labadavrtlP
L OIL-- 4 itrainc
reed and for rob by
GOLDEN SYRUP 2 —In idm. and H. Idols.,
for rale by HUEY, MATTHEWS k CO.
febV; -
13.A.RRY, HUGHES & CO. are prepared to
do all kind. of SLATE ROOFING.
ALEX. LAUGHLIN, AO- rar_'Elon IL k Canal.
At Water Work.. FlOrborf
4rd - flak Roof. promptly rnairod, l feIYZ.
GOLDEN SYRUP -5 hf. tds. just reed
and for oar by RCIIIIRIDGE
feb2.s • N.o lit er r
FLOUR --`IS bids extra Family Flour. fo r
yyle by 1'425 S. F. VON . BONMIORST a CO.
BROOMS -450 dozen for mile by
4ESI-14)11 boxe, in
_, fate by a..IIEIN ETT,
0,19 End IM Y1r.1..
WINDOW GLASS-1000 Las. ns + d sizes.
fcb2s Y. VON DONN t CO.
‘l,------TARCII-100 boxes, best brunt b in store
and for rale LT Ai 31. Dati, & CO,
febtlf Noe. IS and :NJ Woad et.
LEMONS -'40 , ii.r su..
hibl9 F:Nt..tirt BENNETT.
Clinteek Write,. the attention of there wishing to fur.
. le his extensive arrorttoent ol Table anti Piano C,
err, at No. aft Fourth street. 's
QOOOTRINE ALOES-75 lbs . , pure article,
13 for rale by feb.s . t• . FELLlihr_
1,1 xcIiANGE BANE . STOCK—A ftw
for h, Apply to LIAJRD k IRVIN,
. fe1.13 111 hemndrt._
ROLL BUT'L'ER-1 bb froth, for alt 3 by
Noble. ItllF.Y..m.trritms .i-cx)..
- - • .
prim , i(h,
drum.. 0.111,b,
1.t.• Irry
I.,YA) 0,111111011 CLokr,
SAI 16. 1 , 4141.-J
u; lb, , u,rit,r
rrm , AV rupplyna
Ls, .up.r. I lb Ikn' , Mb.M .,
I ray, 1,11 Ifyllu
1.19 IL, 1. , Wahl .1, in, tivtl rt
by ..brlIS Arr.! 0,1
• -
LSk:Ell OIL—Ill la)k for
t,b2, LITTIx. A CO.
RoLL BUTTER--:!1 , 1 , 1s ',Lily by
(Lb= 1:0111:4,N. LITT'S it C,:
ITD bun fur 1
LOVERSY --, , by
I 1,..1 1101316QN, LITiLE CO.
REMAINING in the Pittsburgh Post Office,
from the :14 of March, to the IStki of Mani.
Prrimn% IIWY M letter", will Orme my Miry em
Ladies List
Anderson Mari' E Allen Mrs. A. Adams A. M
Armstro. MrsMßAllen Louisa Adams Mary
Maltll.oo Mrs Jd AM. Jenny Mason .A.
Atkinson Sal. Allen Asr.
Fawn Mary Blrmham Ann Ball Lary A •
Ernan Mary B Brooks .11alnada ° llama Mrs Chas
Margth 7 ErYnr 8 8 M. Bea/ EMMI
Burma* Mra M Brono Ellaa E .Heil Hannah
Byrne Ilridgett Bailey Nancy
B Dell Alargth
Burro Mmiena Boa& Emma
Caldwell Margtb Clark Nary A Cooper Iberyrtit
Campbell A Nancy Clinton Letitia Cook Mary L
Oman Carl. • Clougbeary BridzetCox Mrs Sbelbey
Carlble Sarah Clyne Ilargat Cnniln Nary Cambell leaLella Clntwarty Crorte ALI
Cbaelten Marla o:4lll3llDebarah Curter Catbn
Clilinn Mary Ann Colbert Mary tkaw/brd klatk
Clark Y.llenor Corer Mary F. Crouse ]one
Cummins leabella Conrad Marnth Cummins Nancy
Dalerll Mira Dentilmm Altair& Dow.awt. Ellen
C Antis WW ,,
Waking Slsr, Devrlio )Inry E Dunning Elie.
Davidson Nra E Dirkoon M.. 4h J Dun,. Racial
!WNW Sarah ',Wet liatinal Dun,. Nits
Darie W 0 Diamond Wham Duna. Sarah T
Mary J !dn. Mary Drawl . Lucinda
Penutoon JsztaimaJDuff Anon Mate Cahn
Evnnq llartlutl Cevoline neer M. M.'.
Fort, Mary J Flynn Catlin Tenn. , . t xs lnindil
Foster Reliss....a Flynn Jane Finnignn . i
Fri, Susan Falb, Manta, Finning R o b e
Friel Mary Fowl, Mary Flynn Mn
Ferisly Ann Faulkner Mary A
Galloway llaniettai.aaon Farah M Dribble Rosa
,:alla,:hur Mika. thilw.rt Magdaline Ulan% Susan
"nrnstler eatbn Gilmore Hannah Dliraevy Mangth
thald Mr. M Barbara lirvra Sarah A'
I....rhast Mr. Ann Gould Mra 1. A lirifilth Jaw
rgr Slarthaii.Kl4l Llaale A llatnhert Marl
Jan. ijoultling Rhoda A
Ranlillloa Sarah Haydon Eliza ul.t Mira
llarrelbre E Calhnlrer Nancy Howell Nlaziala IL
llamlßun erereh Allaetm,re Clara llopki. Aort
all Elistik Henry Mary llzolrere 1101100
'starelon Mn lloreY Jaren Iroarud M.'S A
Ilanlurk Rrldgett Tllesrou Mn Rrea llolma klarleh
hart Sarah Ilrzalenure 'Sire II REloltara , Mm
I.lretreau Mary A II 01 , Rate Iluntre Margth A
fla'y • Martha
loaram Mary J InFall, Haley 11 lryla Mary A
Itr. Any Miro. Mary
Mr.l!nab Jobtatnn Rebecca Jackman Ellen
can., Mr* I) Jackman Jute Jetbrl Maryth
Otnn.. Nano - Jot Jane E Jordan Ann
-Innv. Ann Jarkmen Mra E Jobnstnn Mary A
!Nam. , .9 Kral:, Dora. Finns Mra
Kra - r Mr 4 M 0 Kro.rh Jralch Kona J
Kelfrr Mary Malaya M J Kyle COI
Kirkland: 11 Aarta Mn. J M
Krylmrt Mr•M •
Loughman Ehth Lee Elenor Lotheop M 11 (I
Lone M. Leeth It J Losran E
Lane Ernie+ Livingston Nlth lumalmEbth
L Am n o t r a e
IoM t t
3 L on m A h
nn I/ Loyd II N
3lahouer E 3 Marlin L Moonibeadl AI
Mahoney J . Marlin Clh• 310.1 r S
Macon Mrs II Marshall Ebth Morrell Ann
Maloney C lolehard Man - Mullen A
Nlnithews MF. Mhaeharl E Mullen It
MansUhl EMIL 31111114h0u Mn Murdock M. S A
Maxwell SI E Miller . H
Martin II . Miller •LII Ns " ae h i ' lre " M A
Mama 31
Mermary Martha McEhralar Ehth McLaAtarr
'.,lceutchcott M 0 31rOsag 0
)1$3•11.0 McGill Mr.l.mtv,
.IkDonald Ehth McKnight N
McDermott M McKean Aka M
Nicholron Mrs 118 Na , l E I
. O'elllean Al A Ort. 'H le Kate
Or b M
Oara E W
Parmir L Malalan Mumble. Pick L E
Veeler.3l.3 PRIS/11.11 IZitt al 1:
rarQllo Eteh Prarre n nr
c PhlLirie
IL v 216. Rl' Mier B . Roblanro 11th
Brahrere. It
1t.,1151 Mari • BLUA.) L
lictoell Al A
1:0111.1.ELth Roo 11th
Iliddlo Jule Bodenbaugh L •
ldatulrz )IJenon n "h: 1
\ r err
r Rok.e% 1.11,11)
Stavra L
F,urgenn J A II
Stvc JumPhl.lo Stewart )1 J
11011 r, C
111)owden) J • ,
Taaff Throe,. S A Trrell C
T.winao Emu. Mrg E Tyler Mrs A
Tillboll !,1
Walker A 36 Williams Mth Wlekersham:Mrs
Wa.Bane N C WlMario Mr. D II WIDon .V
Weir :lamb WlMama M Wilma
WrAlake (lam tit hurt M C Wonlburu firs d
We 4 Mary
Geittlemen's List
Adams llobt Ackert:ten Jacob Anderson Jos
Able. 0 Ackerman J A Amiersou Walter
/ado Sam) ' Arkley II Antler...l Jam
Abp./Jacob Arkvaan Jas Armstrong Jas
Adams It P AlemnderArmilage Valeria
Ad.. II Alesand. J. Arbuthnot li V
Adams ./. Allen John "
Aden, 11
Agelear"Atal. Allele W 11 Atkin
Agnew John Allen D
11A Jahn F
Aiken D Alliann Wm Arm. B Aiken John Amber., Stl. /01 J. 1.,
Aiken S Anderson
G. Ii
Ball I. II Blak.ury .1 Roan! John
Itak• r Josiah Illad..ret li 'Braid Baba
Baehrevh El Blamer Ilea Brady P
.11.4 T W a Ct. Blackwill Theo Ready V
lloneford 0 II Bleelag N Bram Lucas
Barber John. lll.ller V Braaten Sol
Barry J I' Blaney W Brase C
Barker Wm II Blight B V • Bradwlll 1
Barker Pd Bloalit C Brannan P.
Bunny I Black D Breen Bold
Barnett Bold It= r. Brinker Ilrinkar
Bart. II •
Barr tt A Bowman W Drolly II
Ilash .1 • Breams J Brownill II
hates F 14,1 e Wm Brogan 31061
Bat. Itobt Bothwell .1 II Bruner J
liar: mire :am Boyd - F
Bryan C A
11.14.4ai Boyle II Bryan D
11.1. Boyd Ales Buchanan T
Darer 11[1a 110110 CC . . Dokonskey J II
Reamer 34 Boyle J Maniac - ton W
Bellows J A Brown C D Duro: II W • •
Itt 's rU: l ll '",',^ 11.7, 00 ,1., 1011701 And
Bushnell li 0
1 1t!rTlil«plr Brown
.1 V
Brown 3 Butler Ed
nrOT V
Berry tv II Brown Dr NY Byrne no,
Berkey John Ilr4llo. E Byrne F S
Berger (Boron BradliMni 1. Byrne Phil
Cahill Dennis Clouse Per DI. Corbit Inn
Calhoun Itobt Cleland J W Cover Washlngtma
Calm. Jo. Clever Levi Crane
Camp Ephm Coffin 0 W Craig %Pm
Camp T:pv. Collins Dennis Craig Jno
Cann Wm Collins David Crawford A - W•
CanuarJno Collins non Crawford Livid
Carisell Wm 13 Colllus J.. II Credden Jan
C'airevall 11m. Cory Illehani Creighton J. -
Carnal Chas W Cochran Jas Creighton Win
Cary Jo Cochran J Cram Christian
Canton 4401,1 Cmak Wm J .
Cribs Jon W •
Corson J., Conmil J. Crispin Peeler
Cavanagh Park Conner 11m Crain. Carper
Cavite N Conant Marshall Crory Jon
Caldwell 11.mry Conklin Thos./ Crumb, Thor
bildwell Jrn. Copley Josiah Crosby .1
Campball II II Connly F Cr.vb. Jas
C a mpleil ~, Cooberta Abut Cyr. Wm
Chamber, Jr., Chatham M C Cumming Jim
Christy Jas II Lkaysetwia fien Cumming II •
Christian Rev I. II Corcoran J. . Cuddy Dean.
la.. N F Court° It Cn rk I. P Cvmetne . e
Li Nenry •
Curt Pumml llas J.
Clark .1 Al amiter. Dr A D Cunningham Inn
CIA' J C Cordell. Dena. CllOlOO,OOOO Wm
Clark David COl Jno I' Cunningham An.,
1.1.1 t Jas Curry Jan Cunningham J.
Clark A Mimes Curran JOO Cured Stark
Dailey Bear, Dal , Wm J Dounelly Beall'
Dailey Palk DeViDfCalvin 11 Dontiely .3,.,
Darted Met Dickson Wm Ibnaldson Wm
David V J Illtion Jas Donald... Jo,
Darrow 0111.. Dobbl.rteph Donald.r. 9
Davis I.C.Mif Dorgan Jno tinier Stephen
D0.(10 Wm 1/01an Philip Thrall. David
Davis Shadrach Mambos Th. Drake A
Davis Thorn. Doulterty 0 S Duffy 310311
Dean Jno Donohoe .1. Duffield Ina
De J niist ph Edward 0 Dann Allan
. Donnelly ose N
Dunwoody lap Duniavy, Jun Donn
E 404
Easland Jun Evens Wrn Ellis David
Earley Thor EVOIO , Jam W -.Ellis Rota
Earn. David . EnarlS Thos E Ellison Panel
Eeker Emanuel Evans Evan Y.lnol Jm.
Ecker David }Agar Wm SI Engel Philip
Edmond Wm Edringtoa ElMoadr.....M B. J.
Faulkner Fralk Flanagan David Fraser Hurting.,
Fervid Sand Flanagan fl,O
Pratte. D. 1.1
Ferguson Wm J Eulard S French Sand
''''" "I" r?o l r ' l tab French .1.
14nley W I Frew ,las
Venter Wm Paid ! Wnm C Prima ! Alma II
Pettey .10. I, Faun Jan Prime II 14
VIM I Vai II Pugin
A lO Fry JOO W
Flab J.rib . Forbes lex Frisble S
Fisher Wm W F'orryth JIl Fuller .1 II .
'Flslirr.ino Portman (leo Fanny...a Wm
FICA. Lempler Foster Jobn )ltr.sitrun. Buhl A
Pltzslmmo. W MeV. 311.144
GalaclicrJ Gilmore Alf Grant Jan
Geuther Win Gillespie WII One IMal
Gal.mber N lilll.pte J 0 linen D
Dalutlicr I' Gild. Jar , Greta li W
thlawa- 0 'II flral to Th.
rielbanini. 1 11 1 1 4 471 ' ; " ~* ..Zl. And
George Jar Blamer A • Gray W P
Getsluver II It Green John Gray John
Canso. I' II GoffJ IV Gate - Qua J
Canso. P IlniS3l 11 1 Griffith IV Griffith
Gary J ~,,yr ny n 1p • flrLswold J G
Gardner .1 Gorman V ' Crimes J ,
rp,..d.„ Th. Gordan 0 itatr.aar Drohea 1 .1
1161u1 , 1 , 41 Ii Gunther A Itell Grubb Geo
Gilman J Gormley Pat G am 310311
G ibson. N Gormley WII Gamin Wm
ibson Jas Gordon E rime SI
Gilchrist ./ 31 Grady D Guyana Thos
list Thor
11.11 W S llaslelt JC ltonil Itobt •
Hall S
li. p. Ilr Iloon .1 W
1 Inn S P Ilenrl J.* Bough J a C.
Hall IWO Ilprbert Jnhn Ilonugh John
llsmlllon llr Herring Cbnffl Imp
llmmlltun Jos F Ilerumnf I. Horan. Ittnt .1
IlPst:'kllllax. PlZM'TClihor 1i
:= \t tl l
Hammer J.. 1 J . 1 I.lanx A
llnney John Hein Wm Howard Abner
11annnwber Pat Illmtin. ...., llownnl J
Ilantmrs Put I Minn Pat Hull Amon
1 Inrn IVn3 • 1511 Itnbt Ilunm J II
Hart T S Ililler J Ilumphrei Th.
11evrtley ti., Hirano S.A.rn Haub. John
Harris It Ilytulmarrho liner Sml
Minis Wih Milder J I i 11PIller Sian
11.111511 Th. 11°11117 , S II l i lt , fl t bz . :• • Jax
I I:t7VelJi, 1.1
1 ir%l. ' .niti7l 111 1 Inrlbod 15.11 IlaVeItnn II llorknabLy 1 ' notch/mg Wm
llomsn 111
ib a nah J 'T.• '. . I " 4 ' .I. ' s
i r ann T k . , Irvm J A Ireln II H
Ivory Jeremiah
J. / Jeffries T J Jtud. Etnnme
Jm.b . . . j .nkin. Jab,. Johnston Hugh
j''''''' b 6 /ohm , Wm Jones David
Jackson I,
K"''''"r r'
' RZII M Ir 'h aunelLl $
KennedY ' ~..„ A.
Kenney J . ,
Al , aras J. • . Kr.' T K Klux CA
King Chat
Knox Wta J
Kepler I' .- • }, ...r1 T 1 h ,„° Kirk Ilearr
K. Mth /'' . , Aerr . ,
Kroraen Fun
Kearns.6 W. ' .K.l'll , JAI' Kridler Dvl ,
K..rhanah I , , '.. /tel • -:'
16 tun ' . Ai" '''
16tunally Win AlrkParkk J P
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1:1;u;h1I; 1 o.[ L.. ' , en
Lana - ul 11.... L. l' I: . I L :u i t " , 1 1 1 1 " '.
Lannon 1 , 1 nit Loll) John ' Low hr.., Win
Lesdh.T r 1..-,... Thco Lo.b Vett,
LrlAhr .1,- 1.:5., v 31 Lo.h Jn• W
!owl, II II , I.iu•.. Pam Loughry 11001
braio ENnu I,nllinorn Jar Lon, Tboo
bewi• ,k Butler Long Wrn Lynefi J
:Lllll e 4 D • Lt.rorml .1 II
}favor T
Malnge 31 ra!l'ilie Mc.r.... nn.
Mem. II II
Nlalouey M "lesamer 3 Slor.e J
M. 1.11 M . m
'3llnehan D
Mom,. S D
ilanFhester V 31111 a Iler J More Tlerc
Nlartln Jaa 31inon Ales' 31eniAcon 11 It
Marun IV J Miller Her H !denim - An 111•
Martin 0 W Miller J IV J Morrieon It
Marshall 0 II Miller J II llorripon Jenno
Marlton:la .1 F Mitchell 8 F 3lulklax J
Matthelen And Mitchell A Jeffrey Mustut I've
Manterwm Pat Mitchell Jae 'Mullin 31
Master IV F ' Morgan (I IT . Mullin Pat
Mash J C 31ergrare J 31,1011 Sam
Ilattheies Theo Mregrar J.' Mullln own
Mare It Alconey J . 111111er ./ C
!damn II Molly J Munn Henry I
Mark. Wen 3loscery Doh 31tdek II IV 1
Metcalf. 11111 es A CoNlonen W Morph, - Jam
Ileahklll II Mosley AI Murray Ilion
Mcllerd Jew MgrageJ A Murny FAH.
Meenek Jom ' Morse Hon IF. hurry Win
Macklin A 31
WAnn. Alex ' ?'Geary A Merle., C
31'AmIre‘re J. Sl'emmuglay,l) McHenry J 93
Wit, WClure J. • 310;m. l.
31'11rha Tbrct SCOncken It• 31 , 0111 Wm Hugh !WDermott J P 31e.1i1l Th.
3CCullorh 1..v1 311/mmld A m, 3 , 0 ,. J „,
31'Cold Th. 311)onou3h .1 E 31 0 0....1.
WClellsmd The. A 311.mhoit J J Jletinvx 13 It
3'C.l Col 31 . D0M.1d II 31M1vIrr .I.
WeauleY A3P 3. "'" F 31cOmmn .1 . .1 Wm M'', M
..---. MeCulre A' II 1
M'Cloeky V ' 34' --
U . cPher.n .3
311:nilnr Jno W ~Phenu 11"
'lCl`n'Cl''''T J " ° 'Giro •a Co 31e51 Man II
:m1 . .. e c , — ... 3 ,7 1 , , e' k e n, li i 7 m h .1
" ,3 5 1 1: 3 " . . 1 11 ,, k ., : r :
n l n- L i
: 13 ' o: ' h i I ; ' 3;rel2ll: l • h i t i
i l i l l i :cfm , ;:i .
3 1 3 1.
SreloAr FT. , ,,, Nr A - , 9 Ni...t.its r •
Wrarathr II 31*A".• J 3lNuoll II
3CAuley .1.. WAnlcht W 31i1.....11 NI
111`hav Alex 31 . Anhtht Wm 31er eT 3
NlThloe W P 31 . Kmata F McFarland J
Wray .1 311.... r J. 1/c}lque 31
M'Corm iek 3 13 111.elean
SCCoy Wm 31•Laughlin 31
Neenm Jae J
Net+. It I' Nichol! Js•
Nrlt J • Nlrkl.a, P
D'Osniel Jaall'firien T °nen, Alex
O'Donnell Dan Oliver R Oxley John
O'Neil Air% IYlAmr, Jr. , . 11Mmr Jem
O'Neil Thorn I.4'Kean 11T Ontolmne V. 11
01teal, D O'Nelly B I.llhue J.
Orr 11en °ltalie, J O'Connell It
Pspen.on N C Pennock .1 M Patton .1
Mammon A D 11n.ler L Pop. Ales
Palterann It II Phillip. J M Poalin 0 C
Dattemam Jae Phillip , Than Prime (Im.
Pattermn R A /Mira., Ch. Prim Wm
Pattereon A Pinkerton F C Prim 3
Parke 0 Piekermuill Wm Pratt limn
real J. Pierce V !, Prmion W W
Pein, J 1.1 Patton %V It Prynr
Penr rk oade D . Patton 11 Pyatt 11 rn
Pmment W
QiNhanny x Quin
Randall J C lteld Jas Rine b
Rob B J
C ' 1
11:41 ikza F Root. F
Ihnlellll F.
Ratko' V Reid J F Rogan.'
Ray W l. . Held T W ltortly 11
Ramey \\ Rlinley J Roo., /I
CPO. J C illehardflon .1 Itatrort John
Reno V X Illchardam n llohland J
Bever 1 Boner Jos Itu-be M
Rearhy .1 m Ilitchini J liohlneon .1
Rraley .1 - 114il dm - I' lloblevon li W
Roa.lln M .111amey 11 Itobitex. !I
R lL e k ; ' :::n r 7:l:: , ..l ., FF , : i I l i t , l l be'' : l " t i e i j J C , W Iris, ,, Am
Sunam ...Is N Stain DV.< Solomon Chu E•
Suels A Skein Wm Pool Jacob. it
Sanford II C kMan Sam Soudan J E
Saiare Nathan Stalk! in. I' SPe l. nT l,lO D
Scott J 31 Smith Dan 5p..., Jao A
Scott Wm' Smith Wm D Spiingo Wm J
SeJleno. II A Smith 'Math Squire Thin
Seitber Ed Smith Nel,nn WM7I
Shoemaker John Smith CLaa Dierentll r -
Shepherd D C Smith Ch. II Stafflel Ileum .
Shephent J S Smith Wm VIM Henry
Slimily Pat Smith Weary T Pleteitptu Thnt J
Shenk 11. TO I.` OA th R V 1 4 2, e1...1,T 11
e.,..1.0.1r E D
Sl:trier Adam Smith Sam
Shoeniat , I' Smith Jct. it StermPon Itoht
SherlinJ. Sfsauirlink Win Strteutm W%V
Shrt D
re t na Smiley It m.l Steven...ix Snut
Skede P S Fmk. Dan Sl•raart Jat I'
11nt , Ittm Walter Sharper John II rWilnuta It B
Shananhan Pat : , Inclatr J. Co Stnmo Amin , /
Shaffer %V Slut , ii Slim, Fr.l
Shaffer NlJholam Slues Geu fltiNa I ,, Anzr ou ,
.lt h'i l l" Lttnt ' cl ' ti ' pt ; , ...ri n er Itufh
Shan David Snyder Jaa s ,Ir lintel Itaretav
,Skinutr limey
Ta)'lnr Than
h r,T . ,r T P
Tbmua~ , n Nubs
Ilmmloon A Taal*. 11
Thompooo J Tou Jima.
Terwrt. Wm
Thom.. N W
Van D,k. II Van Chun A
Vauhoulen Saud Vanth,
Van Cr, A Vl,her V JA
I s mt ,..r i.. urr J
reAll J • WiLlen firm,'
Whir J
alirM•idattt Wm., J . Will. A
Walk., J im•11 J ll \ Wi rt 1`
1 A siker it... Weittra Wr
ll WO P it
W 'slim. , Al Williams J Widarr L
W,•111..1at• Willismor It Whointl WWII
Wa ',or. William% Aaron Witt V
Nat %on It II William,. )1 W i tt Jr.
Watt , . It Whitt! Aml Aviary A
Water, J A Whim M A Wilitittm
Watki• tin Tod Whig: It . Waif n A
Warren L White Jolla Walt Jot
Waer A Whittlirld It Warn. II
Wart It Wltarry tl A Warn. J
Waldo II Whm,ler a C WarrAt Char
Warthur II Wilrtm ItnlA Wt.altitrn M
Warring I: II WW " Y V Woartall J
Wactitafehlt it V WIWII.•Il• W Wt....LA.111M
Warraosrl L Wilkirou J Wright L II
Walfth 'Jar •Llttliaratoo W II
, 1'1J: i tt , ;..t ...,
Walth M *Want Wm
Walth John win t igia 11.14 Wright I'
wiaih 310... Nr...,, . 4 .i w or.. I'
W/41, II L
Young Si Yelung J
Young It Young
Young J C
4:, 0 F.
captain Slimmer Renlll..
M Omer of F . :H.l5"d Works.
Ektitor of Eartlmuake. _ .
the ° Tr ro°o',V,flVlL="g-I:l'ax34 pialy
L. J 'Mu do .
Eral Jnboann do do;
And ntbrrn or r ,
and Enginh and (iryaera Pgando.—
Niers r.. 07 lour, and akeuracy .ml danbtlity
riD, r00..410s rrmur:ruml aired J°"`"
manutarturrd to mkt and c wreful , ly repaired.
/4-A very excellent pluck of sn
Ceti= .r of Ids and Nlarkrt 01.
BEA NS-10 baa Whi to for solo by
rrb 22 11 0/3160N. carfu: t CD.
LAMPBLACK—In bu.l forTunner's, '2O
bblalbr nate by J St7IOUSSI AKER 6 CO
G old Paper ang-
Ingsolo Gold and Vol,. mate bad boors,rnr bray
tritnums. For vale by W.P. MAIL.SIALL.
fabl j n 5 Wood nt.
ALTPETRII-611i;itp, Cr ode, for solo by
fi.bls k W11:30N.
by Oda J. OD A Cit
fiIIiERMOMETERS—A full Tient for
r.l. hr 64.14 • 1 KID DA
- -
CIIEESE7I2.3 b.xs, in store andfor e nie by !
(kn IS'AlAll lIICKEY .iii CO.
Y .
E ItY , '
er,l I Verssil.willt. on hanL' and
for ralr hi
RIC 1:11:31A'.31'(101.C''L.,,,AU,111ti.,°,;,,...0:11.0"::::
.Inrolins , for sale II
.. A. HUT , :11189 ,4 L CO.
.lEXTI IYSON TEA , ^ ) us,
Tr ..t..• rt.! • rorior N,
.u .^ .
pion Tr ran .ny with conn. "....,'
arennt ho in I'llo trrati.; Prim •••
571 i per lb. wu ...,lr •
to any to lo ha;.l kt . ib . - ;alne . p . rinc.
Ai, Oolong, Imperial and tianprwdo f II
which all we lipk ill a fair trial. laud r°
' •
mend thelowireo. A
by dlacount tu t ad h 7 ro ' r. l . ' tai " l..7.;
sod to familica burl. by th...juantit .
febis , VI M. A. lIIIII.i kCO
Tea Dealer. and Onn•ra.
/v UM COPAL VARNISII-;;Etbls., hf.
LA And IvEv, for sale br
Oxon Eild.Te--The 'mime medirineo !dr.
Seler, on Vend/drat, are I,enaning been puar through
out the eonntry. 111. , Vennifune found to be en
ineoJnahlemedicine every family. Ton Seller: Liver
thon,ande nre indel.nd for relief fnon I.M and
ame. Three medleinee Imee ;mined their p , nnieritY by ea•
tennive expeenne. They bare been tried 33,11 intend Co
ear.dien ri t re.tnedien for the dieemws for whirl they are
recommended. We have frennentlY net M ,
0,0.0 Syrup. and know it to be n epeedy rum fors Von
.blrwme"4l'"d"—jliarring t: z .SF.I;LEI*.
Prep , and . 0 .1*
feb2l Wed etreet,
tiEATING BUILDINGS—We are prepar
al m rumixii and erect apparatue lleattna 1 11 rge
ned' bulltlloge by ten or hot hare en.
gaged D. 11. Wil
llears. from the ext.e.. sui.erintrogite
etlon. VCAIME, ATKIN FON A 01,F1.1.
Needles' Celebrated
L.) Thee/. highl ,em i rted plasters have le.en rowle fur
unite than twen y during wide), tnne they have
gained 'a permanentn.putation, as the miet efficacious
Rheumatic. and Strengthening Plaster ever offend. Ph,
aid., of the highest cminenee, to whom their rompiel
non has lawn submitted, have given the most flattering
teetimonlah, no to their supetior tlrtua over all other phis. sold.
inveillents of their composition, very carefully and
correetl, combined, tender them pecullarlY t"
penes's, suffering with pulmonary &Rowe.
For pains In the breast,
from protractsol colds,
whooping rough, and teat pains in the various neuralgl..
diseases In the body, their beneficial ehameter ',owl
'question ordisputa As a teem in Lumbago. their an
perimity over all coutwanl appllnatlono, ouch a , lin , itii"V . l ;
" Yin";a l anet U tinq„p 'm alt r it " th b e y b i tit m anYsTile r 7ref n u t TSlo n S
from severe strew, .1111e•Fel. of oar leca
Milner. 01, . th"ir
ampl - tested 1,,
from their
application. To onus as culr with rhuniatir pain, throe
are recomMendad. with the eimEdenl ussurane. ,
that their.bettellvial effects will be found very decided.
Poe sole. wholesale and retail, by
• llieb l, IL E. SELLERS. 57 hind mt.
O Li
.1' lib OIL—A few I;i7le. jest reed N
the mannhoetory. for which lain the only agent,
and will 1417111 t, It superior pi any Oil offered In this roar.
feb2B eog;;;;Ni . oLTallelaili r .te.
• If Yon Want Real Good Tea,
flO TO 11.10111tIS k 11AWORTIPS TEA
VI STOKE, East Ski, or u. Diamond. Dame Mel 00 J..
fenor Tam am never kept at this establiehmenL
Superior Omen Tema, teMilb mote 0 fo:
The very beat insfertoi. $l,OO .
Strong and rough flatnmd Black, ,',00075c.71 D.
line mil Paroled Monk, 6(Nalne4 1$
Milk Is 114 only sfure in Piado‘M.2hat keeps per min tee
alsely the Kane land of Bieck Cpra that am meal In
atul, Ireland. ao.
CiL .-::-'- L BeTTEit—.X.TCwpbis ill %n N tri mr d , and
(prude by
1 4NULI T eald 151 Fint ot.
.• .•
BA CON PAPER-15 lAA. Cincinnati Ham
k i tan 'lP" ' k ' "a*" J. acuoONataiuta aat
1.4 1 .01 t RENT—The v , wornodious throw =V,.
itnrail Darrllln, Mum. en I.ll.ertk. nr..11...”:'
t , ..! ' i 'l .! . ' .: '41,1".' . 2 i 1' .t !! ' tfl r .l .' , l .l . . r tF rf !!4 ' ; '''''' ' .l: '
tarl.l,t '.,,, , I.riPt . ;:orisllN '
1, 1 (111 SA LE—Two ehoiro LOTS. plas:ow
-1 I..drust.l T., rrlvati, rrntilintri. tr,atmr ..n 1.,1. , War. li.titri.n I'M .111,1 arul M./ P OM, 7 . 1..-
1,1/I.t. Ml' . :i 1 , ..l front. rani ..rten.l lark 210 to a 2i. Gil
allay. Far Iran., apply .
J . 11.. , 1L0P0,r i
torlamm J. M PEN VOK
Fog RENT—A small crick LW ELL- .r:t ,
Lit} 'roust:, containing tri...parlnra and thr.h..,...,
en, Pow at:11111 , cl, arrrthr - partotit. one or..r t h.- kneb-A.....
'd Vdt ll 2 l ,V.`r:f Jr?. .rit i u l it u t.. ' g :I ' l:. " Torth. c,, , ..k
Rand. 110.115 molars' walk trona the tuarlici hon...
For fortltr' Rglinf; P ni ' lNN. /Morn, nt 1.a.,
mrbi:rt Fourth rtmt-. eborr Snaithfil Id
FO LET—A WAREHOUSE. situated.7 : 7.
In r , Wan,
tin, Pto
it. la•tireen Market and Ferry rltra.t:
.11414 — for ruitt , hurinrsr. For .ruti. lo*..
quirt. of , J A 11KS I , A LA. LI..
~ No. Ink %, at, it:
Delightful Summer Residence for Rent
l ' WWI a Oradea iontalnln;r lug arrvi of tiround. L:f
an. a gnarl .w,1,• .nays.. , ituai.4.l.c.turrn Itutlir.
and I.lkr a”,...ti. I.a‘irenri.illte. in the fork...! th, Eant.
Ltberhr aril C.lTO.r?Trinl...i jain n i r o , T i n;it i l , ; , . n , :a1 , ,. U. ..
Or at tn. , .tarn or II 1i11.t.u... FiTlh Want. l'rua, ii,
tn,h1.14 near Faring , OM..
Far Sale.
i II LI W . K OF 111:11.14. (;:i. on the rorner of %V&A- 1,:',!
inntnn 111 Id l'entt t•trlvt. nnd Irnntlnv nn the Penn.......
,hunln Omni. In the CI nf IntiAblirgh. The but front.
nne hondre•l and (nil, - In r Get ,m .Penn .tend. nod me
Itninlhnl mud nine feet nine Incheot on V fohinliton ATt•et•
1""‘" SAVID'OlikElt,
inehl:lim ' • No. liAl'enn It.
Land for. Sale
gixE TRACT of 320 Aire?: one Tract of
IWI Ifo Arrow ono Trort of. Ott Arm, nrol two Tracts of
0. Arn, mll. All do obrr lend in more or Ira 1501.00
of n raw quality. nod ...II lornlorl In Vhoror 0.•
end will .11, p0r , 4 , ...r , , T ,10 .. For fur so ^ o
particular. hoodoo 4.1 W3I. 11. JOHNSTON.
110 1.4.r0r0l M.
1 0 L T—A BRICK DWELLING. r,.•:';'4
with tin Merrf gowand uttocheal, nltuato.l'atErg ,
HARDY. JON F.s t cn.
r ,,,REN T .,-Twr i Roo , . in the P7st 5-4 t
or, so MA tor Artist , lino
sTuisk on Thin,. now
iiorctte eilli, counte, go+ lifo, ) atm
anti n frontwith
Jar, ihow window: without
E. tiAZ7..4)I. p r o„ l greet.
- 1: 4 1 011 11E7.CT—A imall frame cottage. with
P._ 4 ditliZlC '44.n:find kitrin nin
1.344.4i1'in.-.44.74.411444 In war., a lilt a Inniraanlrn
and irvarial' .a
‘..i y rt.-Wawa tor n
annail aituati4.l near Oven
Aini ,
l:aivtral 4.31 Tritamanta fur rant.
Olt I.nlo II In. fronting nn Hann , : ainiat and 3
("4 '
,r 11. I. Cali..., of Nark....l and oth .
Desirable Rosilenco for Sale.
Tc intnoling to roomy° a tote
r 1n
hlietipw r•attl.-1,61,1, upon th• hank
Iv a1t..... • and hlnit
of brick, bolargr I,ll7lllll.iintl, awl ila• lawn t...erull,
Ind frt.rol. h• 114 ip. fift, •
ton the ea.
lml At ••••111l
•ut ta•tr. conlalnit, nit trait. The
conrl•4l,l . of • pri•a, Aw 1,1..
and ,trrta, no., pima.
l% Iln.1,.•1•411, t/.
tan, A 11,1,,,. 1,n4
within * Ow minuo• 1,,0u1r the rit,.
lrrha•-, 4 AI.,. II %till,. Na. lA. ill,
noSe., ii.VarroN.
1; , 011 SALE: Olt lIENT—A ol.fortable
I.l.monal, Ponnstwl lioun. awl lot
Cl.rtnin .trwo. 111 F.ioOlt ll nni. of tl.
1000. rontn.. the Int 1. forty Yert on Cloot.
(~EIS corn, W0..1 Jon! Swth •1...
lei.ll It ENT—That la r-ge dwelling Wu,
with oLtoloavo Ln-onntl.. for nanl.ll, nod
mulhor, the mo.lono. %I tn. .1. Tolton.
CM' wort --..10t noon. on Um flr.] ~f
To lu e r n . o a r l n th.
e n Vnn lo N
o rk.3.1 .Alx.y. tlunolni.n.
, o L r A n IL
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1A LI!AItLE !5111.1.5. FA UTTS
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Alot..a F.trut ../ 111. ,era.. on tho Ithin river. Inn, nth..
lotion lu.avor. lor 14-10. onoof 10) acre, ..0 11n-
Ohlo nt or , lodno 11.01er. 0 , 1 1515 nen, 51. v
arl fm A wr ntt.. 21.. A.. farm, rtf IYS 1.5. and Ito
acre.. fur 11, to orro 11:, arr. , for :11. and . .to
$.l, lettn,Mottoliwr with man) nthrrr of rart
•dto -ite. and uric, Enquint of
P AI. 1 , 11 - 111101.1 N.
Athrut, at Law and Ittul 1-otato Avon,
fe/do 0,. lot .Ith Vittolottult.
VIM ItENT—The ,tore on Market .t., „^.!'
I: rum ,orttrlot 1, C. Yert,tor,a. , a vartet, StrtreoZ . ...
onv,n on lit do, of Arra....
3,3 M M. M'CLINTOCK, •51[h rt.
rily LET—A Waroloolso situntel ,r,Sll,
tavern 1.1-.1 and Martot. and running throuels
Moor brat to Stor-011 Otroot. tor.dally lanuuttol hyAtsof•
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~,S r . , l l...Er — r ub..T r h . t :f .,u , : ::, l :b r „
1.7100 r 10, and ..... tort deoiAble rlttto for Inanuft,
tort,. in 351 Borough of Ittrmlncham, boated near the
nett ltahln Stload Ilnwo and Ettzlidt Luthoran Church.
nu. :oral ,n , trr.b n/ 111,
t-tpoladon aand
irtanuf,rrturkr a.olth. and th. roomonalde prim. at ...filch
Into trill to orld, ail! road, t Tow • ,ofe and protitalde In'
Tertruent. Title rorOrt Tors,. Invitrablo.
Vorgart.loulncur o! torn, en.lolloof thr unit-mu:nod..
.... of 11.1moro, 1.0,01 rtno.l, Iltto
durgh, loetnotofn Thuol awl Int, Arco.. or et 11 Ohara
Synun. , and 71 l'uttoruot. hot'r, thr:r ottloo. In Ihrto
.100harro Mor l l, r. 0111110,
I tn 0 LF:T--Clow iieotre and Lot ,inttod
luadod tan., lA,IefAIII WarlrTLY. t. For trrts.ts.
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Tru , ...
Tr. 11
Traynor 0
Tr,4, J •hn
%art %%Mame W
th e within Om, tntl..• Elf t /., y.
the La a April 1,-st.
Anna. Jl ' t .r t ' t ' :totatt - .: it . t..;a.l ' /:. 1 i 7. ;;;Ii;t .- att . fl....t.l'eTh.:Mr.if-ICU.eittlr;:l l'to.i.t.„l,
. n „,.., W li MtailtllEKO. Aott
A1t..... lot of :ritind i• 6, II tn., by LSI f,t• eatt,,o• -
104 the neut.., ,I Mr. A Td0er...... the no, ',poor I
11 .1 I P I NG 1)1.114)14 . .1 , IIF lIALE I%llv IN.
th'' e- ,wan tend. '"' r '"'"" ''"''s A " ''"''' ?''"'"""f' 1 TV.Ith. , T IN /i/St.// AN, !Lye:. I. ~,, 1.„,,h,.
'l7'.:T.'.';'.':,V,',. th. ,h . Cli n t, 11-1 -ill 1.1 .....0...- ';,-',';`,'„',' ". 1 ait ,',"!,`,,`,',';`,""; , 1 ,',"'".';','''',..".," ';',;','''',','„7,,l',„'',;";
,r40;',;`,r,,;10,1',7`..4 . .,:i',T,1','.1Ti0'ir,!:i.E1L'T.;1 -, h l " , :j_ ~. '
'.- 1.10, I ‘ %l 31 LtiNtillAll
moot near the tint .Irdwlt-al pn.perty. taLd-ioltf
Bing'Transportation Line,
rOitRE NT Olt SALE—The subscriber t7r"!_ r—,. ._:__......
_. ~,-.-..,* •
1,_„,,,,_,_ i ~.... , r : i
~, at wen ur ntit I. ter; detiralde (~..ntrt Itrer j 1 .1 . 5‘. eatatalltieZtit ,, WAt t St 1 c., 0 1 . F - ---- ,
eine. in 111,heui elty• Wt..' co 01.... Lane- and.tarww.
Alletth.nd A...... w•-1 uf the 11....n..,n. The Imo, la A ItErw El,
lame doulle bath tantllng. to rumple.. rt . ... T 1 ,, , , r , te 1 :.• PI TTSBU CG ll' TII E EAST E RN CITIES.
',,X,T,';‘,.. 1 :TU::,',:f! ' ;':..;,..Z'0 1 efi1;, ' ,17v=1.'.Tan'; , ...:..: ',., 3 Til i: C.INA L being n. 4.• t,itt , n, We ore re.
de,riptlon ' uf fruit: A 1. . ,. n .prin... hotter and 0n... Inane. .1, to rent,. und furrtard pnitoptly. I . rodure. and
Poarration given whenever dadre.l. JOIIN 01:1111Alti• % ,rhindls... rant and Ant
ja22Olf irrts,bn. al.. a at - low vnt ratex rldkrged by nupeneible
- -
re oktlt E N T-A Caro , 6uiry Dwelling (•51 ~,k , ,,.,.. an d 31, n b a „,,,, n id d e ~,,,,,, a ud f e ewnnini ..
2 Iloww un Oat . etre,
.h.nnuln. of ...,A ea.t euel and %rollout Al charge tor terwarthita t at 1,,,,
,,,, .1 1 011,,, 1, A 1.4F.1.L. A, W ater et. .'it'iii• \awl.: fr.,ht. uOl-001, - 100., 0.,-0.
" - - -- 11111. .4 lowlino turwenlni. end all .1.,..t.unt tothfolly
NOB SALE ;I tit ON PEILPET I' AL LEASE va....1,-,t „, . w . r,, . ,i, ,, i .,,,, A ,,,, ;, , 0
—I will 11l fur ca h. or on perpetual' leruad one lut.o.
it. street, .JI 6.. t !coat I, 11, lA-f {0 1 , 1 01130 All,. WI C.. 00.- 1.9,0 nod W am., et._ l'itt2urAl.
~,i g Oh. Nutt!. Ward Kll o lllti Ilnuto. Alw., env ...nand 111 Sli 11.01 A 1.01 . R. 1, Marlet .t.,
1 en ' ,,,,, i' 1,d by Illawty. Cor-urt. nd Alleuhen, .Irreld And 1.-taeen Fourth alai I.llth ite , Pluladelphm.
.....111-Ai It I. , oN.Aoteut.
Fpring Miry. ba ng ..:',4 6, co lAite.rt,. by 1111 1,. hpring
Alley Ale, 1.5. het front:. ell Fl-0,,10.00 AV.,. nn.. In.
I C %ll.':i '' lN i t: ' l77 l ,! ' j r , l . P ll Y‘ • ' • . ,A,.. r‘
(lately opposite the Crutral Railroad lade I. an.l entitaintru; .0. . • . , . o . „
45 ....n.f. I tate-to,1:11 . J ANIE.A tell %It A tart 1 a... 1./
. _
T O Lll'-.1 hifg M
e aneion lio.. Wi
nth 74 peenin g
of the - PennsylvaniTCanal.
13 3' AAA.'
M L..'" apes
l iallVl A lVNTiti !A k k r.V .i..i. qInE PEN N SYLV .1N I A C.INA L will I„.
TiborLET —The Thre e st"ri I ' we l lin g M r . tt!! o r.',V.T: ' , ..Ve:;,. ' i.::` e ''.i . .,,' l l . ..i n t, u ':- . ...g . , " ,' 1 ,;V.',;',!',. '
m N.. 171 i% ylle ......t. at P'a'nt neropinl ;.ti.l 1.1.11,6!..ina to 1.1.1:i[0100h. al tladddlowtou rat. •.1x:
by John Ii Lirtn,ltt , au.l mots.., two park...row. ~.., ,‘,„..,,. 1 1,,,,,,„ ~.,„„ ~,,,,,n „ .. ,
dual. nnot and kitten, tn. the Ant nom 1...... w au., I,okinu liinne. An ....• It lo.'
Kn. on the let of April. Impure of J. X it. I. LON 11, nuninn , ~,‘„,...,,,,,,,,,,,,..,,,,,,,,,
) 010. i R 00.04 Cltur.ti II). atufft. Itnakt. rtationere.. hi I nth.
11 nu.. Prtnunu a Wall Falder. ' , oh! ,
Fito UT-Ou , , Two S ‘ tery , liriekLLr . tee . s,l l '
„.., ....A.
,;,.., H ....• ...
1 til i k-llmtl thth iF. , 4 T.',",:.' k.,,,, or.` a A ' 3 " Ata iin-,;`,.i::-_,;-. ir hn",i7
Jell 301 IN WATT dCO Whitt., Ault', Alum. Frinle lhonnuAnd
1 Ste ami P . .
Room. an,. ow er for Tim E—ElnllT DoT'. _
11° ' 11‘17-1 '' n '.Vili' r i .4 ): l7 i . is'' ,, & ‘M' ELr • 1.... " ..r i' 110rt:t „TrI b dV ' :etAL A :..I . II ." :I ' ET.A.U.,..7.
I didal Ila Ernie et parnuou Our nue.. to a great:, tat. ut l ' han forme ly
- II tun. A 1.n. - .... fdr ',eh A C...k tn.,
Bare Chance for Capitalists and Manufac• ,alto. 11l N1V11.1..t CO.. 00- I nion Lin,
toren. 1t.,.. .4. 111,,
1.r... , kPt rtrlt: nn Ilin4hania 1.11,
hp: Pt.naa. A old Line
1 T 12: .
~L , , , .. , , ..1., T:i „ , ? ..‘ ,..,i, , , ,, ,...,,,,,, . .....,;, !, 7 7.. n t . fur t
~i,,re„..0,\::,..n,::,- 6.1.16,1 m
rro 31 EItCII.I,NTS, llANcvAcre „Eil
1 ortlandll.n. Ltark county. oltio. with out lotr, and .1.1.1
.t. tnwn aitardilon IC -We nn • pn• tu am. runtrarta to b . ,
1 ra.m.roPtat'LlreA;t.A...."[lMl..il7l'.:qatuTl•ml!!l the 0bi.... 101%qm: n'.. ,,,,, Ph . 1n'1nh , a. thl.n.'..-' . .. 1 *. , ~t , ' of in•a , Y frehd
I a0.,...,i,, itann L ad. in, nearly rump... pawing "ni .... , . „%*•ru1.,r,,1, at 'err '`'" ''' "L''' ' t IC..'
"P 'hi. '''.‘d ''''''' ' ff '' ' ' '' ' r.'"" ' ''''' '''''' ''''''''''''' A -P"' f.l. ? ..ltllt " tl. i .k 'l,..v'Nt'.l.'ry .veu. Canal lasin.
Intr., 141,...1.. pen... als,. Ina, wish .... 0. in nu t s
olarntrlng of aim.. any dr. - 11.14.1. The alnonlanee and -
wt-sce...-- - n-, %Abu- tp . Frrri
e1n.np0....0f al are 0.. ....... 11Ti0U , lb. aupply ot .0 for a .
_:...._=- 16 51
furl for ... power. the gnat quantity of w.m.l brntight
to Obi market. 0. , uell ao the twilit ie. for truneportorton .1f Pittsburgh Transportation Lim .
tunnufarlor. a.. In. All i0,01,10u 10 nom , tho ono of the
mort desirable tee., turn... nostrufactun.r of Inn. .1 A3l RS ° P t: I, NaOH a CO. Fanal 1. 1 . 1 ... l'.,t , horgh
Woad. Coln., larlenluf all , I.....reptutto le now a 11... ,IT En ..1 All ter a C.... 11..10,1.5 Bra... and 4.11,1, ..1.1.e.
ed In the Weetern ....try.
Fear. Ino.n.Yol Elmo, in the t ikinity of the CA.nal and AA nt:t ' d N trt A ...I7• A l' A l ' i l l ' ln ' .l " ..7.l. b ia. "A'."'" A 'Im4M and
Cann.. re alw , Ptternt-a trait el r , ...ere , er emneut 01 ONNOItie aCO. 70 N,rtn eireet, Faith:non..
',lnhered are
Ir.. Iwtatern the edual and Railroa. and AV (NG tally rompleted our a ran).
', 'us half a mil. , tr the, latter. a Ir.. nf about N• 11.171
Lt . ," it, adjoining the Rn', 1.., alum, onende of whirl.
I EI molt, at. a ill' le. p n .,,,,, u p on lb, ~ ~, a
„ , ~„4 ~,,,,.... „nu nit ...M.., onwd. ef 110 .000 ) Itania t anal.. tu earr, . tett ~, ...I I , on l'i
L :'.`," . ..., mr , and tu,r. , has to will an well to had, at 111, 1, latmh.llllll.aor, Philadelphia, N, a- lnrk, Ito ton, f
F,....^ 1 ,,, , •unrchare el....unbend rinuati. Lnuhrille. St. ',oh and all the Faat an. W.,
''''" •k . t 'len of 51..111.. in the heart of an agrirultural lot., rate. and with
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that nun.
The AT. ~,,,,,,, ,„ „„, ~. I . eo n., I. .1. well er Line. All gnat. shipia.l 6, uur Line un. full . eon ,
r . .i.-• 0- .. a1,...1 .....aterwry In do MO. th an refer by Ineundare, without any charge to ownera• a I rot. ,
-11 .'. 11 Pit' it ti 1110. WWI 0. main wn.4.1 Inst.attio.nts. to not ..,.al! - ; othditol bi - Wilt rther Litte.
LLLL M . ,..' . ; ~ • 1110 pruiwrty. Title indi.putahle and All ,nanunleati..... lehlreonl In oura..lnea n ~:
- .,.....,' L ,',.."' L '. n r th. ' deeird. I fun Aneln W. I,nmle and 'lull A Cu. Cito.lnnatt, E. W. 1.1.. ',nit:Till, ant Loa.
L - 7 `1 . ,' . ..' . '". .of 1 . 1n,bur,.11. will wilt', Information Whorl. ted.lAni.,..ll ...I. with Pruhtnt ...nit 0•
. t".ititt tit•iit.ii• t...... a ~hurt trill b. anruenal by ap• /tui.N. 11. Our Liar ha. 110 [90010,000 whatere with
I t
. an, It, ,Lod .‘n •!ullot,h,lirnt Jarti.orth.
li d !Philadelphia and Pittghureth ir1.60,01210.11. , 0 LI Uuf
' W.° . rh'' , ii • OWltillT JAIIV lid ki. a Ca.
st.nd at 31.--Illon fetl,ll.l.
I. ,-- -
F l.'f' ' ...'-1e."44 18 5 1
it VERY v
,k Lu ABu AND DESIRABLE Merchants' Transportation Like,
%Alla neater Tutrushi . ,
' kVI 1. PF.INSILV 111 CAN (La IND RAI 1.11011)S )
hTI/Cii VAII3I. in . no( Little (barer. row
' " ..
* - * • - R .
- .
t ' arjr7ri e' " ' '' l' '''' ”" '''' "": a 1 r t. ° h. " Pm ' . I -1 011 Pi 111. A D E LPIILI DI RECT-IVItII
.. h a nut duo acne, 11,, miler fru. , , .3„,am, Fiala 4
ay rat. Italie...l-the Patehurgh a.' 01'T RE-S1111•PINO
land pa....dn.• throutal 16
It la well E no ,„ u , ~,,, -,,,,,,, ~,,,,.. ~,,d h i „.. 1....-nne- , t , ' ,. A. :4:iANI:ILTY I C.I. C.lOOl lt,oo li, Penn , trret.
n'V Ilra , ..' nrl, 6
cUpinlax a hbuet, Farm Cur th e tart thirty '..„ r'' . • L .• and Art
ilk YNOlt. Crotral IlltAts. U.rewl An... 4 Phila.
la taor in 14,1 rat, order. 0.1 ‘.r..11 rd,nlai, , t for ....-1 , id .Ipl.da.
call], It I. atll wat.r.+l\ , , 1.1tt1.. • 14.a , , .: ,, ....k , and se -..
' W.:ar.. pmpan..l to a Inn,. tun:aunt mt.:Thant ,
oral nepr.talling ',HR., about_ . arr. ut dr , f..nnt. the 'lad pnal la. to rhil.. the `dr 'tin^ ''' ' ll° 11.11 1 1 rP ' ' ll IP ' .
ina r , zAixirt ta , :a..,,.1,e,r ~..1 ..a.thr. ...1 a , nut NI arr., . ',b. and all intosoalsat. plan- At 'tent rate, aloe In
A apple orchard •6 ann. ....Ponta hurt, Jr, "DV than to an, peanut n........
a ...t' rh.i. Ira. tn.. near the Inn v.. IC ~,... h... t. " 11 'Da. in,. an... 1 nunda, .4 Troth , pr., itled 1,
ph...1 far ‘alualaL• I IA ht......hu1d nod Ith'ch..n tr. ~,,- . Couirnha.l,, , for , arr, nt:., lan- I , ,nta ~‘t
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nittn, alw. a llama, r...ktnurtote att:t Sortni. ,meal L i the ~ ,an. 1.111 ..n.tent an. ...edit., . 4 drio 6 '''
..00'0'. 0001013, LA- de • 4101 /.. IIIUI YOll It, lam at 1 State hallo Airnia, dn., ufFolithiltit ii . "• " r .''''` Pn
...rat,. prt.r. Johnetuan. lt , C A MeASULTI A tad
Th.. bond.... on the fun. and lute bona ha., 40 fret , . Canal 11.,
Moan. end tan. , ton., 1..1.. nllar 101.1, the whole Ina,. . 6,15 ' -
wi thwi partOnti wall In the nailer The Inn, L. well Antal.. 1
and tn ound eyl. the mun e , e ,. ~,, ~,,,A d d, da d , i ......,._,.. , iii S 5 1 ........--- „, -'''''' r
colated thrn. in the I , act.... y, u,lll threw tin' Plan., trt i .T.iii-T "
with thew. large Fraohlin a.var, five ....nati In the uptwr " " c Produce, d.m.,
h" "
'''''''' '' ''''''' '''''' ` r '''''" Shinners of Iferch . 'u l ,
i.a. eu attach, tr. brie., hot., :di by 6 hut, two ann. jTo a a- - Moat Aar , a• thr.t•
111,th. with Iltr., pantrL. and ...r..h in (mat 1.11"...d auk - ' , ...svo mon t trrastwot, Par'
Ontt,tuutie ........ at. 1., o kitrhen• . .r..! by Is peel, too 1 ~I I k v•F piTTS,,c
.rleo klub. nairulated per .. t wo rk Atop er 1,1 non, antis : Is- " - ' r ' ' P '
rad. In front ten 6, aal -, one Tr,. u.... 1 1....... at .
1t.. , "'or the 10 - 6.1. hots ~.. i d d, 1,4„..., „ nd u ., ~. i .vrtt I St , •tt CO.: , l :rr A , ,T 97 l(l , N r i l L ''' ' ' 'N}:
I nto
with "airier, PM • r pa,' 7 1. el' ht. , and the vol. maw.., i , C‘ i . , '' ,..., ' n.ri...:, ' :, .r . , '" . " ,, ' ;•!IL. 00,11. ILI 4, h.' '."'.
,tone: a g... 1 aml 1., ter tr mug •, , nn • uf -..1. woe.. um...
Al• ' ' • • A. A ......... ll, .. .
through it, hies e et., - -the uppe; ni. w. II h.. l ... 0 "" 1 ' ''''• •* '. t e,.... df Ild• r,.., ~,...
fu ~,,,, A •I„.1 „„ „,•,...1 :„, . .?;, „„.. Ma u l .., . ' ^r" '''''" L ''''E
t : -.„ 4 " e ..• l''" "`"' ''''"' ' r..
„„ h„... „. „.„„„,„,„„.. „„„.„. -A t„ „ t ., „„ ~....,. ~. —,''''" ''' r: - .„4 ra , -.. , T .h " . •""'
r•''''. 1.L , 1 , .rat , leo , . o . r liar dm. hewed b n , ...Pte . . Itt mu' , ~C . ' ' 1,14, , tn
ha...dal...At to volt Int A brick 'now IA fey In fret 010- , . . - —_
mod a half +lnner I.latt anti. • tn. * tulip, • -prin. ' near , au n ~, .1 - ...... &- td ..„ ~,,, i ,'" w a LT '''.
On I.ore. nlt. a etl . d Ina,. tn. the rtri, Lowe, ,hy i -.'-
7.c .. ,, F'A . I) . E . , N - uti if v 5.....,, •
la feet, an. and n ha'.l a.rh. hh,h. wait Lrmk Hamm, n ......
tor wntlur -00 .104 00 010. .kle, um. large - I John Mtia...o I. Lint
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Lank 1..00.1,11 tt, ... t r am 1.. 10 fout. 1.1. th. . .nuenwour. .. •
thaw In ..d.p.. att.,. and . nt. uta. rod-stabl.. In j Ottani Buetn, I'r. SB , el- •
1"... r ~,,,r, . 00.• frat to itabr, Loa.. tr, lark.. Inns . bY
'A (rad, thullo fort I. h. with atallr tor rol./1 , . oar Ira.. 'Penner en Central Rail Road.
barn. 4 , hl 24 'fit
t m..l , ..fevt Ittult, on.,nn.. -
''''''''' ten..P r r i; 1 CIE I •• , •lb..`t A having Wen appoißted
rack. In the .nter. -upper Mort for hat. one trume..1..... ' , . d ' l 'A M'
, u . ~ the Peno,ylT , nia oi.Crutral Itwil
houradanneted . 1 Le adore Int.., 16.1 le, 24 feet. and AI ~ ,": 1 „11.,,,;,',..' n ' e i ' that aa at , n". P' l-.... ' d tr ' '-
fret Me, with no. to lo the runt. r ene 1n... boor. pd ' - "'''P P - "-- - P. ' '' 'A ar slain, fOr rhlrturat. ta,l. on thr
poultry. IA Id st. ~ and a .„ , ~,,,i, 1 ate, :en Lends. P
For mama, appl •d u Jahn Hull, .4. the premien , . who ' ' P 'r• fl ,,L r it, ..", u " .',7T.,,1. ' r will be carried IhrookhAn Err dal:
will vb. the Fan a u and Fire all 00E1-.0, Infonnallun. or P d' ii - P - --*- '-'. tII he Pdvtard , ". l 0, . a ‘•"...
tn Ahll 4lll litil , 0, ;Tina Pitt..horah /halo/, I mil., now Cr !''' ''' ", L '' ' ' 4.. ,, -1 '. "' .7,
Month of litaver ..Irs.elt. mud 5 coulee Lulu.. }I au... I . " . ' P r r t..... tir r ....-- r ' '
febl . 2.4awss
6 Arto or rrol air OrITLIII rallADl , 2l. AXP rrtrantlyln.
--- - , .
I ,allies' Dress Goods. Dry iteelo , 1re,.l Flag, Boot, ktatlanart , Cutlery...l.. -
Ounary .1..1... /Pratt re. Furniture. ittound_lledtrther ,
ik tritfli• I a.- But:011 , 1E LD have now i f,';'':',,,'''`; . vr ''.''''' ''',:,`,''',,,,. ~,,,,,,,li.`,"?. t';‘,..rtit'et
IT er...—a , ,10..., of Du., t-n.vt: t::,,,i'f.r.:1`...t", 7.11.1. Thooth) ana , -. 0 . 1 " G Z ''Z . , ° '
1101101.0111, , P o pli [ooo .. Iterage Dr Lad., 1. 1, ..
e l t Watered
l ot.` kr , Pnrrh Mntta. kt. . Bat:, 1,6 Id k. 11..... r. Lard, Lard 00, T..1.... 1 ,.....
Mel a 1... rite annuli. he their va:Ova a.,ortno.nt 1.1. th.,,. lan •A :tin.. and Ka... .. '1....
of hand.. Er :Sled
../ dt Pruds on! Clunt 1,1. P., ~,,i,,. m„,,,,, ~,,,,, , y,r, ritelL, it.-1.. .. , *.v.:4 50
ell Chintz „ pod, la uvtual , Lottevwl.t. i , ..4 b...% ~,
.1.30 kIeVADEN i cf•triNY
L'oit ti: 4 4.IST LOUIS--The new
. rot. en thi- day. We lith . iiirlatiti or at t :
n'''''' l r ! ' ,ll 4 {llZiN ". .l l l Lit .Apint
114 • 011 ST. LOUIS.—The (ILA run
new 'trainer 3:1111 1 11111.. rnrtafn Ma
n will Irate frit the Lore and .11 inlet.
thi• ihty. the 17411 Itittitot. at 11 , . 31.
tiir treiglit rittlr
k4 -01i. ZANESVILLE —The tine - ,
Emelt ES F.. enx. mane, li ate
nlinie pert. t .11 .i rteein,
for frieettor Nit-ate,
. .
1.1.01 t. SAINT 1. 0 1;IST110 swift
l' ~. 1.0, . .11,1.1,...., DIA I/1,51. Corhrita.
r. rmut.sokr. will Iron.fur Ont.. nod ' tn., .
m.ust , Inwieni, , InA.i,', .1 •I o'rlt+ . l , ..
Vor ~ r ra , ,,,... erply .n, ),,,,,, ,r,1,15
1 4 NOlt. ) UISVILLE—Thi. 911;41- 11 _
11.1•.nn,Avi.; sTo. w
Irwsn for e tho nldw 0 non v.n
3•000 Int. tle t nth nt 10 o•elok, A. 31
frrlVlil or IWwwtot^•{.oll 141 co-Itls
HI V 4:ll.—Thr lAA nrul or 1et7 ... 147.,
RETWOilil—ltirkrrtrta. nwltw will
for tile n 1.0 0 Wll , l ttllrrotetlln portap
For frrlght tr.hl.l
ANP % , "):1.1. , V11.1.E—Th. row t , tva rrt,
I MLLE, NV m. Itlnlarn. toaster, will run .
l •l ' Y 9 l ' i b r. "Pr'r
• • nt
For frolwhl tr rownwr, aPPIT on 1.4,4.
riNIF: new and fat running tr. CASIII4III,
J. MeNlittax. Manor—llrgularßold, Sun.
* Wellahurg. Wheeling. Bridgeport. Captina. and
Sunni. Parket—lgairial Pittsburgh erory W,lniamlay at
nelock. M- %lir..ling and Bridge Port. au./ every
Stiturdar. at OP. M.. for Captina and Suutialt. Returning,
leaver tiontlah ovary Moods, at IU ii . ginek. A. M.. and
Bridgeport and Wheeling every Monday mid Thursday. nt
1 M.
For freight and paraage apply nu fir to •
meta JOHN FLACK. Agent..
AtiIETTAINI ) 1100 -
Wrt llT.—The fine sleazier PACIFIC. ;7.
ialua. master, trill loaf. for the at., audio
ter - mediate porta every Thetuduy. at 4 ii'elock. P. M.
For freight or paiguage apply en hoard. or IP
T.WOOLia . k SON.
. .
meltiO No. 61 Water antl r4l Vrnnt
'Olt ST. LOUIS.—Thi. aplrnrlirl Lrr
new stow:nor STATFSM t Laml, LEM,
commend,. will Imre fur the
nbra4 nnd Into
arl9 on thl. tlny, the Lth itLit.. tit 10 A. M.
hwry a
frotaht or pn.iinao appli 011 ham,. or to
web: 11. VI I,TEN BEIM Eft Act.
IA . F it l; 1 1 1 .1 11I ‘ Nt . Cru m i l t .l Pkt: IS K II E 1 1 : hr i F e ( r )ll -
tor 2, enaL al4ae
evarE Tu091.1, at 4 o'clock a. u.
171 41
w Lt.E. 0.Y"0”g. wil'
Altn, reaulor aa6lott betwan Whalina.
,rt. not FuntlM. leering PaLiburalt ormy IlnrulnY
oona. for II Marine, t;.411939111.6 tool Ilrithtontut. And
overt Thor-hir liftornoLn tar Strultottiilla Wborlink,
Itrlattort. Cotana untiilt. lon , . palace
r: nol Stoma, el , ry Tneol, 3fErrnr.ll. runfLM
elm, Frit ottoman. ha In.ight or patonge. imply on
hoard. 9r tx, , 06,1 IV. It. 11'11111.1.ER, AarnL
I I }: , 1 „ 1 , 1 , ,; .. 1 ,!. t 1 k , A.N d l:
nee prk, -tam, ItICIIN A L. LneaL ' ln '
tr. oat. Mantilla Ism ratittlar trLaL kly trio , 19twan
otti neol AVlnallna, lonvina Patoboruh nt Oetork
T l h r glrVil 7 . ..9 ' l ' t r tn ' t n ef
us malt wak. For fraiubt nr
Vol , A ItMaTIZt 1N it Litt/ZEAL Aaent...
)111 1.. A W E ESDAY,
11. PACK ET, CINCINNATI. l'artnat .ain -
;anon:haul Thii .ahuh,l4l.ll, bY
tho ownon of [lto , tmnter Imoa Norton. ma other, for
iltE ein a lt,nnti ot
atttarah Peoloa and will len,:
p '.
usr.}l m7Li•igi4A, A:.:Tnt
Manufacturer's Line.
1 7 that Ibis LIN E. 4,L11, 4 ,1 I`lltl,l, •
.linrt ti.l at a. h. ran., . nu)'
re-itlar Lin;
ti ha. ti uvula fi car . ) 414
Ils, t., 1111.11.111 e. Jnbn.tavo. 11111.1,,Lurt,
11 al, Ntre. t. Aleanitlna. Ifununntion. Mill
New Hamlin It. Nl , Vet las to. 1,..1/10W1.1, 3111510.
N. port. Clark , Per,. Ilart.l.nru.Calurub a. am! all atli
er Intern... Ate j.nto; on the l4niu.rivan.Cnna l .. l, r ,
a.. 1.11,.1.1 'Losingreturn Itt Iron ...cured front
the Jon., proniptuti. and rn rulc.rlty i t Plaptuttl..
at the lanent rata, a 1 ha rel. l
.1 I 11111111.). Pntnrielnr•
n0.L1,1( we-•. I the entil.
- ) Pe .
Mail Lines of Splendid Nem Troy Built
Coaches for Hollidaysburg,
Anti front ihrrare 21:1 Miles I, !he
To I'lliladr11,111:‘, Sew Ytd.l., and 11.1timore.
Tine Taw..., n tr 1 lint AN
Casein. will leave Ilse,. Ilnrat, at a oitlocki.letlnek,
P.M.. and I* o'flork.
Es tr. la at au, 1:00'. al., lin ...lin,. Shit
1. the M. '• comfortable. AO eso , Llhu,to to
the Earl" Pat....tiger. fur flaltin,rn take lb nevi
EaVA '
un t :itr; t of
"11 ° 1-
FACTURER. No. 41 South :5.'0.1 Street (bo”
nut. rut nide,) rebnly
¢0.“4 - r.
BAG ALEY,- WOODWARD & c o ., wh o l e .
JD/ sal." Grocery. No. =1 Market rt. rhiladebbin. .PI)
J. 111.7.0•• LW... ULU,
RAID. BUCKNOR, & CO.,Tobacco
iTT igon w llle : g4liszrth Water , : u t7l.
mELsctrt rd s,
u A . NM,
mwt,na crunts.,rneolsnf Produce generally._ lion3 - ‘pm,
st.ulati POI
POl arrir....- augrra ttrwornur.
liW. NDEXTER & CO., General
Ceturslexlnn ant Porealdlng.llerchanta and Flour
r, No. '276 Marta ntreet. Phillikuiphia: 1,15
To Southern and Western Merchants.
kph rotenrira rtack nave rieF Croon!.
a,_h .bleb mien Oliver and two Golden Melbas bare.
within the last elf year,. been >wanted by the Institute. of
New Golde n ton andllblladelphia, the latter being the
only Modals ...yr awarded far perfumerr dt.l.r in
Enrol, ar In this country'.
Rorsta's CoIIIVAII2I , eusunto CU., (Almond. Rose,
and Ambrosial.) onirermlly arknowledue4 to be anterior to
no 7 Rueful:Comas In Ude enemtry or Europe.
Octoroon roa Satruou—Beautifully fru:opulent, auk
!treating blehly rianinaacrous and=Anent pronertimu
Soo me Compound: Ambrceial Sharing Tat let; 11111Isc
ry Shaving Sono.
Sari:arise Ma re —Atmmad. Rose, Milleneurs, Boer
quet. itietocbia. Illusly_riatehously, Omnibus, Floating,
Tom:enema:it, 011ee Oil, Windsor. and Clnnsalati.
Earoacrs yak TIM llostoasaminna.—Roar, Juana, Bate
tort do Caroline. Gerane Jenny Motusellne,Jack
-5' Club, llaunolia. Clematit nm,
e. Citronelle. Utast, and many
other varieties, In all misty &Llama , Parfume.
WATCll.ll—Fhlrida Water.
do Toilette
aver. W . prang ,
later. and a ure of at aviary Colcernek dad Lave n
der Waters. . .
ihLPO.7I.II To. rna 1/11I—GVIIGIne &ars' 011. Antique
Oil, Ihindnlinr, Pau-lautrste, Oleine, Compound Os 111ar
row. Flair DvPs, liquid pod lo
Moo and Jm, .,
Lind PostadrA.
otioNT aux. Pley.uuttrosP—thdpamie Elixir, Rope Tooth
Pao.. Charmed L.mtrifice, Odoutino, Tooth Pseto.and Tmth
• •
`-' ,. ocs—Vegetable Cannotla Cr... Asuncitne for
hap, hand, told Crlmna of Haws. errata do Per.. Idn
' t l tio4 l74 lZill .' fr;r l t;moting runerilinouahalr; Prarl
Iv.•r, Vinafgre Rouge, Aromatic Vinegar. Victoria
flair Comptonßio, Pl,.ton Falb. tawkice great variety of
other article*. too nor:arrw to he named in Ude adterttae
The enheeriber harem t maintain the reputation of bleb
thlo Utabltehroent has acquired. br oi.onaot of brdhin4
hut. first rate article, awl wW be burry to furniel three
who mar wish to patronize tom, either wholesale or retail.
nnrm.on.bie Wm.. on, e stab lis hm en t to the Walled
buonerenr to and former Director of the Laboratory of
31r. Benin', Perfumery Is for s ale by ll4
all the n mineiyal
Drannieto In thennuntry.
A: & a. A. A114.031X,
way, corner of Duane street. Myrna the I rat. limn,
V01..0 re,r.evtfully Invite the attmdloo ,d Meta. aid
ithe public to their ,bortment of too :WRING
the newest patter,. which they are preparthl b mak« up
ni the Geer manner and 00000 fashionahlt style, at "their
ml mal,•rnw
ti n't. nt 'r‘ tZ 'b ena o tho
I=u7: ViYt.7tl3
dark du: new pathrnm of Pali, Embroideries. There
are Ulm. arthda eraplayril ad" rataldlshment—
one to mat WATS, Otto to mat PANTS, and one to rut
IV A ISTUCIATS. Eneh department Is =ankle In Itself
A ItIlY nod NAVY tiNIFIJILMS made to unbar, will arca
rocy and despatch. and In'tho ..ploat approved :manner.
btranzers who vi...itthla metropolis, roll Cod at this estal ,
ludluarnt. ...Ty thing to theta-Wt.. and • trmat perfvet L
i' l ltill.n u ie . AlSTOOATS..—Thr. elegant walatroat,
that wen • much admired at Crotle dardeu. bans Ime
+tannin , ' the nr.t premium orate Amerimu Instit
tn ute a
their tate Fair.
Shawl and Ittan - Warehouse.
1: 4 1 . S. MILLS, No.' G CORTLANDT ST..
..L.4 • (C l . Stalta,) NEW YORK, I, ocor oveninw one ad
the inryn ot and riehent n... , mortmeuin of SPRING AND
SUMMER ever before lred. Abo LACY:
:MCSLIN nod Lind. of FILE : , IANTILLAS. manufactu
red frau the lab-.t Parts (*Won, trCI4V4Vi by the otensmer,
and pnrticalarly adnidml to the FP , lng_ttada.
n eery nplendid ,itock of PARASOLS AND U3l
- flingYal and plain edged rattan
n and T ook Satin Parar.oly, awl Cotton and Gin,
ham Umbr.ll.. All of which will by arena' rat extietuell
lovr . prin... We e,ncially Invite our Western frietall to ex
anune 'lock before purehaftlue.
Abo our ,
WIRE SHOW STANDS. for altiblfing Shawl, and
Mnotilb. , . par noln car.f o r tranelPartatk , n. febilftf
C. B. HATCH A . CO.,
AVE no / w in store, and are constantly re
, R evi v ru, I, teamers. the most rxtensire assortmeot of
itetit emen's 11001 PS ever beforo ofcen.l.
embracing the hilts, and riehest styles of CravaLciShlrts.
tillleee, flatfeet - . suspenders. Linder Garmenba London
Ti-,. Rorke, Oiled Silks. Dressing limn.. IlagalkSrehlers.
..Shoulder Dram, Linen Collars. with a rarkty of other sr
Uri, peculiar en their line of bruin.w. All of which will
be sold at ...he very lowest prices. War Western Mends are
invited to ratindoo our stock
Superior Black Writing and Copying Ink.
91' ONE'S EMPIRE INK, 85 Nassau street
New York.
rrOTT.ICI2I TO TO2 The 0....... SI 50 dor. per dos.
1W 4 oz. •
621; oz.
On'draught. per ...... 20 crOto.
MIA Is the Isclt article manufactured. It flows freely
la a good COPYINO INK—and will not ornate. mould.
preripibste or &say , and all the qualities requir
ed fors good Writing Ink, suitable for the Quill, ad
mirably adapted for the tit eel Pen.
The undersigned la prepared to furnish to the trade
tbrr for export or home cousomPtion. at the ultOt" rt ,
~ b l w prio, put up as per order, and dclivernl in an rrari.
. the city free of slurs., No thug. for MN, Barrels
or Legs are charged extra at nett oat.
TII oAL E N!Ix E "T;I..
. f•hlly • .
Murphy's Self-Sealing Advertising 'ravel
, ones.
Tbe subscriber. In 1111011fIting the paWonage 1' all alb.
maT tee Wit advertisement. feels none of Out liesitatum
with which a r...w article is brought before the publie. The
rwt ee of rears has establishnl Weir superiority, h
ound dl question. and he contain:illy refers to We 1.041,11.
y of those business men who have used these tn 11140 ,1 1.
hhd hie ,rapidly incrassing tales. as proof of their
Tse roaming ats• for of the masons foltheir Poet
IA. On the plane tiramtpled by the teal. • peomn Tut
have hts tnne. business, and ultimo. conspicnoutlY an d
beautifully etulawessl , colored or Ptahn. Wus ailbaintb,Per .
fect sumrity against fraud.
2d. The Envelopw .woad be opened without Oclio;
d. Neither wax nor wafers arc orlon,' to seal them.
4th. Upon the tolfrorriage fa letter, the val insure. its
irom.sliate Tet
In on, to the sender, insteml of bring burled
I n o l' 'litsl at almost We same
pg.. or plain ones.
6th. barb letter malted bt a matt effective adverdnent
sure Le ettthet the attention of all through whose bonds lt
.IA a list of prices for Dl.S..yoMUred on
brass. And which will lost—for yt-are: and of .rartwess, of
sb. tuunl row, eltber white or Loft of goal natter, nod
made a, shove. with name. address, ac.:
Prins .if IW.. l'rusa Dindoprs wade era
ato 30 5.00 10(S) 44,00
to 4tl 0.00 0000 '
0 to 60 10.50
ISt tn 4100...._...... .............
(land. (Mr doz.
i M.
1 os.
• • - -
\A to
len 12.00 SOO°
it I+ not convenient to forward amount of orl r
mo il to a r.yper.toblr New I or%
limo.. will 1.. e .uflicint All order. rrill nu, with prompt
attention. If inltlxnar.l. N Pr Nl.' 31V1t1 . 111".
o. rt 31mliro FLIT.. Ne w York.
Ordrn. will tor attended to promptly. If left at Um .tore:
of 31errnr. Fibril Platt. or Wall rtreet, or of 3lerrra. 11.
Jrrollman U Co.. 1:I.4 William rt.
ll.—llto.lor+r Card:. rualaward In colorr, from Orr,
at floor per thou.rattl. frl.234Z•na
Professor A. C. Barry's Tricopherorus,
I)It ,r IIi:DICA TED COMPOUND,..iitfallible
n•stiovuttg th act e
eturi. tundra. anti ell sihoUoof 00 the real..
und curing eruptions on the skin. dPettaes of the gland..
musrles marl integument, mid relieving ging, cuts. brut
With this preparation ,Itere noeach
7.lTin! L lT2ll. ," st eln h' lnt7ine tl f ' Lt e ti l ett A c ' iN , :n ' ; O r f l' al ' l "j oree. "
sion, and ladles who have r m-6.1 it to years In their dres.
„, , i l : 4 44s v it i n , d , ta . umrtlrert r i t il it
vf:L dn<annN, that tar
errall,ating ernof "r ' find Mastro ' weonds. on, oat 0,001 tv *emit.;
theekln, the •Isndo. snot theme Jcy it by aqual
ann f
um the multiunit , of compounds advertised in the Pub
lic prints, or osKi In private practlrw. In cheanticm
a. einciency, Barry's Tricapherous enabledi The Ina.
me u wen
m,. cash emirs of the article. hav the inventor
to supplr it at 25 cent , too bottle. which is from 50 to Ps.
" =IT.? p 'm
and the skin embracing the'valuable directions for the eel
'. tare mid preservation of nature, choleteg. ontament, in
in which each had.. iseueloftel, is Montt worth the money.
The spotty between the membranes Which constitute the
skin and the hair. which draws Its stoltenanet• from this
triple envelop, be very clove. All diseases of the Clair art
3S. snln
ole th r ' tighTd o t f l i lOT
me 000.0
00hui; the
71."n'i774” wmrh f a 4., tesvlt 1.
out seurf. dandron. shed d ing ' too grav urvness,
hseohoooo of th e ilinunenti, and entire fald ' ibess;as
Mk` may he. Stimulate the skirt to healthful action with
theltimpherons. and the torpid vessels. recoiering their
acty. will annihilate the
In all affections of the
skit, and of the substrata of muscles and integuments, th e
process and the Abet tio. the Saa9e. It is 0;400 thAldo.
the muscular thee, and the glands. that the Tricophcroue
har eteritic action. and in all affections, and hum . , of
th. , e organs. it P. sovereign reined,
hee ' . ' lll4 c; z.3getg.rdrglagatrlfl:
ants mid druggists througnout the t, olted Slates and ' Can.
1111 A. J_oU_ Jar
" e Very Valuable City Property for Sale.
Clo; T HE undersigned :Administrators of the
7 0 .,„.estate of Thom. Falun., 411,7.611 , oder for eel< the
e real estate of thesaid Thomas l'airman. consPtinz
of t. '2lO feet lot frontio- on Liberty street rutming bark
r • • 9644 5 inches to a ten feet alley.
. Alm, the tavern stand known a the Mansion Ileuse.
fronting on Liberty street Y.l feet 6 inches. and
.1100. with
the on Cherr
alley 02 feet 9 inchre. running hark f6lteet tO
km , und. and stable eurtnected. fronded on 610 M sileY
33 ft, 4 !tulles.
the frnln'%.e, r
Cherry each
e eigh
e e en
l"Tr-il ee isr parall el Wi th Pl um
lay.: onJ ubs . lr w or t ifoutso a d p bhe s th a ezs b h
appleation t
~.f.Mareh. will he offered at auction , at o'clock, P. NI, tr
the bleu, bidders. Apply to
151 Liberty et.
3lttur4. l ___
Fro the honorable, the Judges of the Court
uter of the Pea, in mad fur
the County of .kil,lnior•
The peiltiwn of Jan.. Milliken, of the Borough of
lu the count) afore,al.l. humbly sheneth— your twtitioner bath provided birdwif wlth ma.rtala
f..) the atenuunodatiun uf traveller. and other,. at his
dwelling bow., to the botu,h afor.wald. atral pnt,rthat
A wr towor , will be plemed to grant Lim a lieen.etu keep
inthlw hour. Of entertainment. And yonr , PeUtkOaer. as to
duty bound. will pray.
We, th., subscribe", cillucs of the bemigh afotoaid. da
errtlfy. that the shove ,titlener IP ut gocal repute for hot ,
and teper-ant, and is well providtd with hon..,
mulcdatlon Ilt:,
that such tavern is amt.,.
Cunninghem. Jnbn Walker. Sr., st.iamoul
Janke, A. i.kira. Thema: McCune, Jobe,
Walker, Jr.. M. Beate/. b..)leLlhenn...l
ern . . 'Warren, D. McGinley, 11..11e1,tnley.
Sellers' Cough Syruiin Minois,
JtiDGE I'IERCL, of 3liddleport Irotioni.o
...00my• write' , under data of January 1731, th,
Le ha.. teen troubled more or Icta with a cough for
3. ao,. which Irot year rimfined him to his bed. and te.ininq
nwhral trratment for three nmuthe., Uarloo the
eu~ :hoer
he got better, hut Atilt the rough coniinwd ail•trer , bha
by day and night. which wal only reberol by the we .1
.. S ..thu " . Cough Syrup ,” which a wentleman by the nUtrir.
'Chapin brought with him from the State oft hio. llr
-Chaldn had found thr Sy rultuf ATTILL WY in N. (Arad,. and
when Moving from (11.1 a, took 'e ttlec him,
joarU , n of which J 11.160. Nem obtainedd wed .05 great
lament. wheaother means failed to allurl re .
Pte and Sold by IC I f
Sold by drAgaista genet...ll3.ln the two dies and vicinity
WINTER HOSIERY, of vuriou, 1
Ineloding Myr erth , le of Wad and'Cllk. Lo
• edklet. the et of .
t l ecurtel. n kern en settennent of the
andk era batme Serino dn.. and 3l eha ctino
and LW , Wool Drawer,
-13IISLED PEACHES --A small lot recii - ea
7i LE ' II E
u g i 01; l
e:k u e L t r a ß an d
°,==a,r,„ — ,f,g, r2 =
.A.Tig..,t7llnZerit;nblactn,tetid unbleached.' Alm.
I Ilue.lnwrs end Melt. and ha b h"b 1 " 1 "."‘ towel.
CPI4O F Mae general.
Charlre etreet4to the new maraca", oo Lb NOWIFI
r i r s Zax:l,lZll.'= l 44sTl;A!,'..." l l, - Z.ALET" A .9P °.
...vend of um mmt
t manufarXuren to the r.ta i ta l
of,LV4l'llbrfi,°l7VV4'^gela.l„,.h.,shoce trod,
apd Cliet;'s eeleb4o:t c' d,"n W ot.Y,V;
RobitCttoolia p •
rach•flaVered pound ,ioittp.
DOlDeStif :UW.; of evn'y NoKING WRAC
CO ami SNUFF& of all Mod, it. am also Foie Aitenta
Grealieer VINE SPUN I)LL TOBACCO: Leaf Tobacco. of
every tifttlirtial: &O Briutda. 11_ po ao. All of
the store articles will h e R 4,1 airommodomoa t e r.,
N. IL We am just reeeiximr 110.1)00 of Mee I.IIPORTED
DIU sew): SEOAILx, Ea :10 and Bari. helmet& Extra.
Baltimore, • feblMllm BONN. DEO. A CO.
PAVID C. TUTTLE, Attorne'y at Law,
- attt Coro mla/ dm:ter to r l'ettnaileartia. t•:t. Louts, Mo.•
eotnttuaintint , prompt* a, ml. AteLnly_
it iOllN 11. RANKIN. Attonicy and Conn-
F 11.4. at La, and Caumil.iotter tot the State' o
. t ' eTr l ,. ' „ o ., o'' ftjti n t '' ,.:lnfo ' n ' . '' • ' . 'f k ,l ol i s t ln t Ilvon .
Mille, 3teatallea. C r. . , 1, - Clure. Juhtt - E. Parc, Ilitaella C
:temple. McCord C Co. 5.14:13.
THE undersigned having entirvlc re
built and rolargeol hr yr.. eatAlish
unlit, containing i all otrint tmil
would n
give nog,. that It is now ready
fthe reception and orrommedation of the trevellitior
' /Triextentl 4 ed notireof the unstmeroxl convenience. of Ills
limier is deemed rutirrtturu, a+ the numerous implore
merit, which have tern maila cannot be properly nivel, to
ITertiPt.o.t. ti Linter it 1,, way, no expense has. been
.pared to render any apartmilit tr-rfirt.
The furniture a ll , eo sle • WWII,' io ..der• re„••Wiear 01
and rrrtrin of It, espethilly the Drawing
roams, will to found to In of the mall beautiful mannfac
tore. The boning um.. are capacious, and the hours for
meals will be tui Arran n Cal of to run the convenience of the
early and late.
ErerS department will I, et.nkbacted in an nnelPerthnn.
ble manner, and the pnwrieter pledara -Idraaelf that lb.
Ameedln Howe shad hetruly the Tratellefr Ilomts
rebUtanddardaT RICE.
9r,rt nqnniyAr 114143Q,1l
(:••• 2.Jr,...4lfAzlAur 11411.” 4f
thr Ilnm, .nff.rtions fMt
• • •
totfi!,,vtl , oelires nod
1v nlaVof
oa, ,_i. ~! . ,
,prtion th« vlrtrA of thin
andtn hnhl o
Iv, htina/ttity,
fact. will
Th. Nle., of 1,1an4..:al tt.. Phi. mmlloll4
In , . II) ,100101 ed for the cm, cf of the 1.0n.x
frarinllr all Northern
latitude.. From s r..nil,lnati a of ehrmid .otractii. pr.oo
cuol4l from thir 10.. 11 . 1111u'0
ao[ Wn. chfi.ll,
nt Wild Cherry la a tine 111.1111.1.
Ilolonoool.. ectlrely of Wilt Cht,c, Bark and the
grnnint , the latter Itningtodt,fr.ll ,l T 0.00
pary.,44l the raw 1014 10110,. of vhich nre al.n cow
l:lard bra new ch.mical vhh the extract of Tar—
[btu rendering the vhc.!e totil.ntAth. , nr•st e , rtala
ellkaciolktrinamlyerrr !IT the
1.11:1tE1)12.tla CONHIMI , :IirN Cond. by Wi...teet.
of Wild Cherry.—The follmaritm raw of Jeremiah
IrThra. or Con.oireption. ttre of lAe brother. and F10d,r,1,-
iritan died of Cormomptit.n4
ILainntan tteot..jl,
J. I. l'Asc—Dear Rt.' I tatetbe liberty of salebtleZ 100
of the benefit I have dcric.ll Man the 1.4* of Dr.
namm of Wild Cherry. I orcedratol by that terrible
Konrce. Cunowntdion. 10 1 , 1 , 0 id.; The ai.tek. saa WILT
loorlfTlnc 0. sm.. for tico of .dir hitally, tray brother, and
siatem) hod died of CO114.110(100. / afdittrd with
nearly all Ili, ow, of the du.a a. I loads dlxtre..“
much. and expeet,rated a great dO.ll of blood. beetle
fever. severe palm, in the. and vb..; cold .111111. alter:
natind with tmh... of 11,1,..
... .. . .
I a ;
n. under We ,Itre of 3 eLllful phygei., from the
time 1 woo taken cob until about eir Nook. tince..behag.,
Wen about helot,, nnJ mi iri/ ods mnit , ideml my eno ,
bop/de-A.or at La/ t h-i mu un- 1411, (dus skill: adrimd•
the tiee of Wletafe•Ltabuin of Whit Cherry. Without my
knowledge. toy fattier oneor.el it. and p mammal minuto-
Letering It to me, dud (mot the fret day 1 torronenniJ Ink.
lug It my health intio-or.d, end h. two weeks from We
time I viamenewd nem. it, I c... Ode to be wit ond over
-,, my buelneee. sod late, a Lmh I :-al coutinne to do. I
hare taken four Wake ci We median,. nod new con/;det
in, felt perfectly well. . JELL-1211AI! IS<IIIIC.:13.
b b b .1 at 0, I.
3 1
" "
.5 5 1 5 5 5 5 5 5 5
Croak PrPrT. 1.nk... Co.. la.. Tune la, 'ifi.
Tonto IL Pier-1)/r, Sir: Ia July://040, I was attacked
wilk a fel ee , d typhout diameter. witch left Mu inn very
debillMMl .tats. when, la the folio/ring winter, I Ira. ta
ken with n eiNere roll. which redncul ow to such an ere,.
tt•at u to gist rao tbe appeanintrofseurdimuPl co.mule
tar. I labored underasereni '' • •. - . - aktrest.
` h. ' . 's o ' w.. troakil 'qt.?" '' .' „i,,.ii, '....kweild. x
14,44 4
.6. fr,.elut4, =feed frank t. t .', , - l'ailothined
In this /MP. unoloalli' , -e , 7-et. , .140otsc, until
January, 1 , 47. when Ili* : . tUcklOggills Iner. Mr
tri.nds despalmt of t . i
,4D... it ypkiksiluene tkineight I
conLl suesiv,e but a elatirt tth461,1W7=11... Weida.
ly my feet, were conkattlrefekTo4 Wit their W
hig. todeithese cirelil4^ll . lnib Aid/ b. ,
• Ilvipg eXele ton. 1 14iillriktniars94 I , lal - talllzz rat
lkinto, preeeribal by plrlitedilS, and try It-Ml,llmeg a
mn of wild Cherry, tuodifroM - Aba trgiiedi - that I tem
menced taking It. I c.n date a 0111141 moray. I onotio
aed Its use eta month, at tlm Mid of Which time Itni/i ear.
ed. and enjoyed cowl health ere# Yinro, and cheerrfallym
ennuncod We Balm. to all those/Mete/1 with diseases of
the lung. end would toy to tluee comincimink Ito use. not
to be discouraged If two or tbret- bettlce do not effect a
rum bat pers. - ern, a.: I less ant, and I have no doubt
but nine cases out of Pm will in I/Wpm' with; renewed
healtha/ I Woe Wen. LmpudiollY your.
OLTMTLYT TO TEIOYT. ATTLICTT: 1111 T,1.,...7.1-00 01 TIM 1.0061
. tkr..1.47.
From Dr. Baler, Sprineld, ll'a , hington CoantY, CY
5rr.10,.1 zmo, Kr...llay 14,'11.
Mem, Stanford L par •—I take this wePortnnitT of In
forming yon of a 004 remarkable cure perforated upon
me by the use of Dr. IVL. , Mr'.e ILLlmut of Will Ch.M. •
In the year 110.111.1100111011 an Inflamationof the
bowel, Which I latwrod miter fir its lllHket. when I grad
ually ivoavered. In the fall of 1111 1 wiw attarked with*
seve. cold. which , iVe:t . ot..u=3' Wag , etadVe
ware of three yearn I war waddaw.t to tar hod. / tr. Tal
kinds of medicine. and every sally of C.l.a without bat.-
tit. out Shoo 1 weari , l along anal the winter of 15:5,
when I heard of Dr. Iciatar's Dahant of Will Cherry. LIT
friends persuaded me tw'mee ids trial. though 1' hod airew
op all hobos of nAvvezy. aml bed pref./ea myself far the
chance of another world. Throwth their .wdeitations I VIIO
Induced to make use Of the cenuloo,lVistarN Balsam of
Wild Cherry. The effect wa, truly aMunishlon. After
three years of affliction ....1 ,offeriug, and after Iltaill
.pent four or Ere hundred dollar, to no pun..., Tel the
beet and most nwreepthl , phynician, bad piorwl uravud
, log. I we. w a re. ref-tort-I to eon. health by the h 1101111( of
1 tiod mad the u,o of 1/r. W6mr's I:4l,art, of Wild Cheryl.
, Hay the 1.100.110 of 0,4 erd upon 'the proPrietOre of no
valuable a medicine or 0 ivtaio Defamer 11'i:1C/ary.
Yuan. rerpeetfullY•
•• . •
Wm. H. Bate.
Fold by J. D. PIM (sumo , : lo Sanford a Park./ ronath
for the
and Walnut streets. Clneinnad.Ohro , Bvv/Votl anvnt
South and 1V... to na hum all so 04 Is lutletvsol.
. J. Kidd & Co.. U. A. Fahro 4067. & Co.. J. A. Jape, L.
Wilrax. jr. littsboruh: boo L bveklqual, Alleubeny CUT:
L. T. 11.1,41. IV ozhingua, L. IL Bowie. Culontovrn,
rvenzburn; S. Koontz, Soavr:vt: Sc.! a Gllnvom.
Bs-4foot Its- .b Sou. Ii notbbnlon:
Hildebrand & Co.. Inillsod; J. S. Krivltt,'hitnandubv.
Evans & Co, Brookville. 11: NVll..n &4.n. Wu, or-shark:
3l<Foond.ud & Cu. N. C:4l , odev, Measlvith.: 111/vton Co..
Erie, Graham t Yorker.)e/v*o Jatam Holly F Co. But.-
kr; S. Swath. llvvver. J. C. Sur:mos:awn. iVarrvni Y. L. 4 C.
HARRISON SEWELL, Attprip at Law,
Ohio ewe Comeribolior Lime. chi
or Liooda our Litzt,airxiiv,
Closing out the Entire Stock.
GREAT BAIWAINS.—A Rather redne
-000 I n pricer. ,lb•rtiber vtiollina to riots out-
the tudauro of hisytoti of 0000 1 and Staid , Dry Good, by
the lot of April nest, would-res t ...ninny cnil the sttentita.
of ILI, old and the who nor want.° f
''''''''.'tYtar. r :tigLf[ r tr .l ltlLZtlilZjo . tre r vVggt
• P o r ,ould be a pool opportu. bo diepoes of the
=se of the •toek on liberal t. , r roe. nith a has, of tLe storl
vhlth be hao occupied ft,r o‘cr it
lent family trod.,
lard3O Nom Took 01201 . 1.. Market st. Pitt...hunt
• -
SEEDS-40 , 7:MS Clover
Tinootbv do T oak by
hasul a good as•nrunontof .
131110nkrtot, of all the ISlT•rent q uslitioo.lncluding a fow
Pair of oars Filo nod i t s:nifty, nil of which ore now offend
at reduced Kira, folk
/101:M LOCKETS.—Just received a largo-
T...loupply of elegant ihd Nt'atehoS. end 311ntature
suitable for Da,ZuorotSl.,ll. , to Co
fobi W. W. 'WILSON.
ONDON TAPERS-50 don. for rale by
CI • fel= J. KIDD it al._
g REAP WALLPAPER—From 614 cents
1 " )
—for rale by WTI W. I. .11.9tsli1LL.
W 111 TE Fl6ll—t , :! LLIN. btr 0:11: by
frbll Wator and Front At.
IJ6W'D BA YISEItItY —2 bids for sale by
0. F-• SELLER... ,
1..1 1,1.1 u It. l'.. nu tuts.
I'IAI , , ,, C w ORES--Ioeto gross for ..:14e . by
OUSE LAlN.E.'S—Priowd , and solid
it..stos. •sirmte • 1.,0 It ca
_rloospri_ e rl to too
;t y o., at CleitPli ; l"
., MURPHY FIELD oast Aollinn Kr•-ad bt-
Ittole of 1,0
Mu, ag
Mante ree . 'l,lO , 1.,1 001. Tbe Y Lott. alo
lon haaul 1.. qr., andboruo•u t.tot
Flanueb• o f various psi.... and ounlitie.
-- -
H OP f S T,I4 S bales fir sale lffm. IL.
SALLAD OIL-20 casks fb r sale by '
feblB f A. CI , LBIAtTI: 1 0N d. co.
DRIED l'F.T.ik.eifES.—WO' bus— r or hale i .ly
lebli A. CU L1.11:Irraill:q a is).
rrAIiNER'S OIL-20 bbl s, for sale by
11612 .I.niIiNINNI • a CO.
L! -a. ' • '
suaAn—E,pt“ratactly.tll.ol ual fur rale Ire
I, . A. Cll1.111.:11Th014 £CO.
- e IG IRON—D3O tam for sale very lox-to
. 42" ".'"""'"''' Ls. J.E. IIIILWORTII a co.
tiEATIIERS-10' wicks now landing from
and f.c . ra i trtr ai i mexty
4..fe 11,9n""'"