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- .To the Whigs of Pennsylva n i a.
41M " ...11 WIATZ 11)).NVE51:70N beld in atuo car
ter. on TUESDAY'. June :Ist, ISM. for the rms.
pea of= etualltlate• for Ma ottleeesof Governor and
Canal mer, and abet for Joof the Supnme
C 1 . 1 r 1 .. ' • 11X1S1 Y M. 1/111AtElt. Malmo.,
. • Jontph 11.11mtegin, P. 1111•1 Si
V. hreos Mort. ma. G. 11g.1 , 011 Jerre.
_,. IVert..ll. Alhorther, Samuel
B. Thome,
Samuel Bell ' /Jain S. !trna.
leathantel Ellmaker, • .1 . T. 'Tarim. Worth,
Wm. J. Edm,. , .Alemmler E. Bruno.
Warden M. Praetor.. Wen. Baker. . .
Thotoaa E.Goehrans Si.'Wen. 'Want,
• IlertreJahavon.,
lbark• B. Iknotenarte James 111.4
' f , Sherman D. Melva,
Ito. n, cv."4 t Id. u. vrmn,
C . A. Elme r, ' Jam Allnon.
C. O.IA m 4 %W el ltleCuhlr,
Jetta Hanaman, George 31ea4sn, '
lets trans, Ales's. M. AlR:lure, -
3 , 41.12 en Netilln, Frans+ , Jordan.
, . ,
.• . i , B. RUNDLE 11A1iT11. nronnotary.
Gas is re,garded as such a blessing, each an
indispensable loamy, that although there are
generally bitter complaints when the meter is
examined and the quarter's bill made oht, no
true is willing to do without it. There is no
flactuntion In the market, as with oil or candles;
no chance to buy, cheap by wholesale, or stand
and bargain for an abatement. Instead of this,
bowerer, there is
a frightful varia
tion in theta]] froin very large to a great deal
larger. A gentle hint is then ventured upon,
that something may he wrong with the Meter.
The min of gas repels this Idea with such scorn
that the doubter is overwhelmed; and thus the
people have abnoat been brought to regard faith
in- meters an part of their religion. It may he
wrong . .,to unsettle their minds, Mit we Mnnot
refrain from returring•to the fact that faithin
gas meters is by no means universal. In Keg
land, men of science and practical knowledge
have contended long and well, against the ...Mi..
liGßity of these oracles. This, however, is rois
-1 •
ing a difficulty for which ire can suggest no rem
edy..nad we will' tarn to another part, of l the
We find on' inquiry, that the Pittsburgh Gas
Company is . bound by a contract to furnish the
cite with Gas at one-half the rate paid by private
citizens. If the latter could be favored with a
reduction, :without nay change in the price paid
by the city; such a redttction might very readily
be made; bat the corporntion with its vast con
,.vamptiou stindsAike a mountain in the way: A
. small abatement. in the price to indiriditals,
zeightbring the price raid by theeity:so far below
costSns to carry away all profit.
• Now. whatever May have been the intention
of the a u uthorities it exacting this contract, it is
plain to be seen Mat they-have done nothing
more theta make the private consumers of gas
pay the great burden of the tax for lighting the
streets. It is to be presumed thlt no one will
• misname thisjastice. The lighting of the streets
in Wholly a public benefit, and the money re
quired to ply for it should be assessed is 'the
taxes far other public benefite. Some of our most
eXtemlive property holders continue taburn twelve
to-the-pound dips in their offices and dwellings,
and when they walk the streets at night, enjoy
the benefit of cur gas! This will not do, fellow
Worshippers of metres! We must awaken to a
nen:mot oar, rights:
While on this imbjed, we will quote the fol
. lowing' erticle from the St. John, (New Brans
aMk,) Coiner. We first heard of the discovery
of Dr. Ceener about six months ago. but had Mat
eight of Hamill wemet with this article a few
d• 45 -8 age ,
Kumar:ea Ong—We hear that this new gas,
Warmed and patented by Dr limner, is now be-
ing brought into Esc in Halifax. and Clint in cal,
or and brilliancy it lag-really superior to the gas
made from coals, besides being less offensive,
and famished at a very mail cost. The drug,
store of Mr. Morton, and the book store of Mr. I
Gossip, next door, are both lighted from a small
gasometer and apparatus set op on the premises /
orrr. Morton, the whole expense of Which was
only nix pounds. The Dartmouth Ferry Compa
ny rue putting up a gasometer en their premises /
at Inatratreth, to light - their wharves and premi
sea at' night; and the houses in the vicinity of I
the ferry; the gasometer and apparatus in this 1
case are to coat only thirty poncodss dm gas can
be made - by any person of ordinary intelligence ,
iaterVals lea required. The gas, as its name
implies, Is of a greenish tinge,. and very grateful
to the eye. . Since 110 introduction into Halifax,
the Gas Company have Minced the - price of their
gas to ti:o skilliaga per thousand feet; but a far-
therharge reduction must take place or the Kern.
. setae gas will completely sopercede them. The
great gas monopoly Which has so long existed in
London, has at length beta broken rap, and the
citizens of London now get their gas at five Shit- I
limes per thousand feet, instead of sixteen shit- I
lings ox formerly. •We presume a similar redac
tion will soon tale place in Halifax and else
where. Kerosene gas is now made in Halifax
from the Trinidad aaphaltunt, which, however, is
not eo pure as that from the Petticodiac, in this
province. The vein of twelve feet recently open
ed in Albert, is now being vigorously worked,
hat we have heard orders are coming in
from the United States faster than theysan be
supplied, and tuiditionalworkings are being com
menee•l. Dr. Gesner, through the good oftieei of
Earl Dundenald, has obtained a patent for his
gas from the Spanish:Government:and is now en
hiairay to Havana M light that city with his gas
undercoat:act.' Asphaltum similar to that found
in Trinidad, exists in great abundanne in Cuba,
in the immediate vicinity of Havana. One-great
,advantage of the Kerosene gas is, that'it can be
had 'an -country boasts and detached residences,
without reference to gas works at all, and being
made "at home," ft furnishes the best of light,
OP tarns ridiculously cheap . as =marred with
the present price of coal gas:
Allowing-oarreaders to give What =Mit of
faith they please to Dr. Genrier'S discovery, we I
would call Clair particular attention to the pri- 1
see mentioned in the above article. In Helical,
gas in worth forty-eight cents per thousand feet,
and In London, one dollar and twenty cents. In I
Pittsburgn, where coal achi:l . ..per than in any
other'city on the habitable globe, we pay twa
dollars and, thirty-five cents per thousand feet!
If there is really any good reason why the peo
ple et.Pittaburgh should pay nearly twice as
much for gas at - the people of London, there
would be 80Me satisfaction In knowing it; anti it
-cannot be thought unreasonable to ask the Gas
Company to throw some light upon this znyateri
,eas sabjeet. - • '
. .
"Lanutoo ; the Hcholar—the Gipiey—the
Priest." By George Borrc4, author of the
"Bible fit Spain," and the " Gipsoy in Spain."'
Those_whohare read the "Bib in Spain,"—
and.who has . not read that book, as
wen we that other moat entertaining and in
stanctiie book, the "Qipsey in Spaiti,"—val be
delighted at the. ammeteement of another work'
from the. pen of Geo. Borrow, and on n a-object
of a somewhat similar charaiter to his former
popular uor.• This, new work has just been
published in'a cheap form by the Harpers, and
is for sale at ihe Book• Store of ft. G. Stockton,
31arket Street.
: Goner's tares Boos, tor April, bas already
graced cur. table. Moons its handsome etzgrav
lugs, the one entitled "Search the ficriptures,"i
in very fine and apprOpti.ate 7 -eo is the 011 e end
tied:"who spice firsi." The .!Fairy's Court "
le not to our taste. Tire printing of this nrimber .
is not as good 119 usual. Godey prints too many
tc'plint well.
The celebrated British Engineer, Mr. ltobert
Stephenson, in a recent visit to Egypt, has sur
veyed the country between CairollndAleiandria,
'with * view to the miustruction of a Itgilroad be
.twCer the two placeg.;. Another .account stoics
that Mr. S..was then On big way to Suez to en
amine the route a
for ship canal between the
.:‘,Tedilmranean and the Bed Sea. This aurg•ey is
said to form Port
,of a conjoint surrey directed
by England, France, anti Augtrie,. the former
being represented by 31r. Stephenson, France by
M. Poulin Talahot, and Austria by 3t. Negrelli.
These tatter have completed their labors, onion
the completion of Mr. Stellhenson's survey, the
route grill It:e determined on the conjoint evi
dence of the three reports. •
ELLVAntADLY. Qczcz Tarp FROX CrNa.—The
Empire City, which arrived in New York. on Sat
urday, brought among. her importations a chest
of tes, which had been only sixty-nine days from
Shanghai. 'lts conveyarme. to San kranchmo cc.
copied 81 days, and SE, to tow York. It came
Oregory'a g.spreso, and wilt ho presented to
'rre Zident
Law.—'flio sonata Committee, in
tbo MasattOlzusetts Legie3alura two reported fa
vorabii-on 'a pill for. - a: pinrality- 'to elect",
Reprtsentstitcs toConstMot, and !'realdential,
elections. It is 'soli that th e bill will, in allpro
ballUair Pte'
Not an American citiien but felt , pained when
Mr. IVICISTIU WAS assailed by Mr. AS.I.UN ill the
Home of Representatives, and charged with cor
ruption: and a corresponding pleasure has been
felt to find the charge -disproved. We give the
following from the Nese York Courier, as the'
finale of the whole matter, from which it Will be
area that Mr. Webster stands triumphantly vin
dicated: .
. .
A statement which appears in the Boston pa.
pers of yesterday, lives the final coup de grort to
the late infamous charge against the Secretary of
State. The calumny now stands out in all its
real blackness, and reflects indelible disgrace
upon its authors. To properly comprehend the
scandalousness of this affair, a momenthi !retro
spect of its history is necessary.
t About a fortnight before the termination! of the
lost session, a Washington correspothlent ' of a
most respectable journal suddenly heralded the
fact limit a resolution was about terbe offered by
Mr. Stevens, of Pennsylvania, "involving a, high
I functionary to the extent of treason, for having
received a bribe for accepting the office be now
bolds," and that he (the correspondent) "Basing
been put in 'possession of the details of the
charge, was astound.' at their enormity." Mr.
Stevens, on seeing the statement, immediately
denied all belief in the story, and all intention of
-doing *hot was imputed to him In the matter.—
The announcement by the correspondent that
midis charge wait about to be preferred, how
ever, proved Correct. Mr. Allen, of Maseachn.
setts, lose in his seat on the 2.titti of February.
also on the following day, end unequivocally
averred that the Secretory of State had made the
payment of •n large sum of money, a condition
precedent to bia assuming office, and that ."he
stood in his place no much a hired stipendiary of
Wall street and State street as a servant of the
Government and the country." Thiir - allegation
he most solemnly pledged himself to substanti
ate if an opportunity were afforded. Now, the
whole foundation of the charge was a letter al
! leg.] to have been received by Mr. Haven, of
Roston, soon after the accession of Mr. Fillmore,
from Mr. Webster, stating that the latter had
I been offered the post of Secretary of State, and
proposing an acceptance of the station if pecu
niary, assistance could be afforded, which' letter
!had been read - by Mr. Greeley. the Collector of
the port, and mode the subject of conversation by
him with Mr:Otis, a member of Congress from
Maine. Mr. Greeley. on learning the charge, et
once mode a public statement, that Mr. Web
ster's letter was a simple announcement that the
drum of Secretary of State hail been'tendered to
Ihim, and contained not the ! slightest reference,
not the remotest allusion, to pecuniary matters.
Mr. Greeley and Mr. Otis now appear in the
Boston papers with a joint statement, which may
be foimd in another column. showing the utter
nothingness of the whole story. The statement
lathe more conclusive since the political sympa
thies of Mr. Otis are with Mr. Allen and against
Mr. Webster.
Thus this wretched calumny falls to the
ground, and dregs its inventor down to the same
vile level. The House of Representatives did
itself honor in recciring.the slander with ladle.-
mud acorn, and in refusing by an overwhelming
1 majority, irrespective of party, to give the elle.
gationa even the formal respect of reference to a
; committee. The Press throughout the country,
• with but few . ' exceptions, hare. done themselves
credit by promptly scouting the charge, as It'
merited. We can only blush that there should
have been found men in an American congress
base enoogh to make an attack so wanton and
barbarous upon the reputation of an American
statesman. We can only smile in derision, when
we consider that these werq the very men who
tar claim to peculiar teneveolence, peculiai con.
scientioustiess, and peculiar reverence for the
law of God, It is but another mcfnifesfation of
the malignity that rests in the heart, -and, the
realm that lies under the tongue, of mach of the
sanctimonious philanthropy of the May. Tlje cal
'utunintor of a public man is a criminal who-ought
•to be brought to a fearful reckoning by public
opinion. He not only commits a heinous out
rage upon an individual, but he Is guilty of a
most grievous public wring in sapping the coati
dence of the people in public virtue, and in de
grading the country in the estimation of the
world. Tho reputation of our,thustrions men is 1
tuitional property. Few things Imre done more
to give 113 pride at hnme and consideration
abroad. There is nothing American which will i
be longer perpetuated then the scroll of ear great ,
• names. It will endure, end shed n lustresbout
' our national memory cs long as , time letStA. He
due of the two words. l's they ! who, without food cause, „ emu , ' to cover or,
ed. rill not permit any other
I of these name; with ignominy ill a public enemy. i
I, thr " . P ,. .1,...i hn e1 ,, . -Lic,h,.. ,, ! His offense is as rank lo plundering, the tedific I
' mrld ''' ''• e —ye ''''', ! treSSUrr; Teo, a s ninth the 11101, : eu. Cr Metter it i
f )
Ir-!-"eoger or ha rdly ` fr i'''''• I more teielled than cevetonorieor. '
ae would propose to ! !
Q . There is no surer mark of a base mind than
"li'''frri•74l.` sad f oe!' " '" o ' he habitual imputation of selfishness and te
a double blunder—He makesk.
• T ' iality agitinst public mn. There i 3 t 0 MOre Ger • I
. " ‘l ' 'n'i h'37.1°3 the d e s - ' min inder. of popular corruptimp, end no greater
hindrance to national' prosperity, than the gen
era' belief that political eminence can only be •
attained and maintained brick.. metne. The !
almert uniiereal distrust of political integrity is -
one of the, heaviest curses of France. It ex- .
tends to almost every statesman in the Station,
iinil has done so for the last thirty years. On
account of it, no man, whatever hi, abilities or
publiC worth, has been able to retain. for any
length of time, the confidence of the people.— I
Hence nil lofty enthusiasm in, their behalf has I
been checked, all sustainil exertion been dis!! ;
conrageth and made impotent. The activity of !
public men in France has to be spent; in easing
their Mtn position, rather than in loyal efforts
for the national advancement. Politics being'
regarded by the French people as a game, it is
not strange that French politician should make
it so; and the constant incousistency end tergi-
venation, and treachery many of them exhibit, I
show how well they are learning to ploy it. Let 1
all faith in public men be destroyed in our eau I
country, and the great stay of political virtue
among the people is broken. He who wantonly
does anything to extinguish this confidence hna
committed a wrong not ,eagily expiated. In this I
case, the miserable abortivenese of'the calumny
does not extenuate tin guilt of its authors.—
They have obtained all that' they earned—gen- ;
real scorn and reprobation. 7 .
( From the Boston Atlas of yerterday. )
In the `Magnet
ilnd an aOionat •
artist named L
1131lotyp has be
inventor. , Mile
those aroma' hi•
s .
hut in p • •
mos remarkahl
gath from the
a process of p .. 1
plates, with ugth
has proven this
told comparing I
Every color is
variation of tint.
type Imo been t
, preusions fur fou
son, GU =I ace
without causing
the pictures ma)
mn only be rem •
ink, ouch as wo
the plate. Api t
time than a eo
inihntor has but I
be able to ope :
an Journal far February, we
if a new discovery ovule by an
Hill, to which the name of
n given by the friends of the
l a the enthusiasm of Mr. Hill and
r has caused them to be too
a triumph, this is one of tie
discoveries of the day. 6e
"Journal" that Mr. Rill, wlio
11, New York, "has discovered
acing impressions upon metallic
eolare of maul," The inrentov
y copying colored engraviniv.
e copy pith the original.
repented without the slightest
The durability of the 'libe
led by the exposure of two ien
niontlis to the direct rays of the
of about six hours per day,
y perceptible change. In fact,
be called indestructible, as they
yell by the most vigorous scour
d destroy the smooth surface of
I tare can be taken in much less
I. mon Daguerreotype, and the
'little doubt that he "will soon'
i te iu diffusing light instant',
kept eecret because the tliscov
.re his reward by a patent. Ile
The process is
erer wishes to se
Slip it bears no
is essentially di e
following seem 1
manner in which
teresting :
"Some two ye
with a slew to t ,
gnsphing in eolo:
ofl my esperim
itselfwhich grea t'
nature of the c
thing was practi :
figured dress, w
I then repeated
from that hour
ued to repeat it i
always foiling,
( reasons for bell
theory, that, UN t
oar the impressio
I at length co
derelop&ig power I
and found that a 1
arsenic, padmiu .
slum, and sodiu
ized, bring out
shade. The s I
eral gases. The
from Dcgnerreot
abandoning the
pettedly, form '
without much h
purpose. My a 1
when I foimd on 1
same proess, wi
lowed sinei, nits
have forty-five s ,
the several tol e
gree of brilliancy
goerrentype, an
and blacks."
.emblanee to Becquerel's, and
sercut from Daperre's. The
it by Mr. Hill himself of the
be attained his object, isle-
. rs ago, I took to experimenting
e great desideratum of Photo
0, but with little faith. In one
tnts, a phenomenon presented
tly surprised me, and in the
e, compelled me to believe the
iable. One color, the red, in a
developed as bright as a ruby.
e experiment, and failed.; but,
til a few months ago, I tenth:-
every form I could think of—
t never despairing—for I had
ving irrthcf correctness. of my
rr certain circumetancce, there to
ed plate a latent-colaled inlay,
menced experimenting on the
f the vapors of different metals,
large number of them, such as
, zinc, selenium, bismuth, pota.s
w e
d latent when
image properly
i light v a paonra
result followed the use of sev
. impressions differed so little
cS, that I was on the point of
pursuit, when 1 ono day, unex
rt singular compound, and,
o of success, applied it to my
rprise and joy were unbounded,
my plate atrue Ifillotype. The
h some variations, I have fol
ys with good results. I now
ecimens, all of which present
, true to a tint, and with a de
never seen in the richest Da
this is true also of the whites
In concluding t i
we have not yet 11
the defective drai
Yet until this is d
istare painter Wi
all those who bar
of the 'laws of
however, of a gre
as we sometimes
tolerably correct
notice, we may remark that .
l'teard of any attempt to remedy
ii: Me of the Daguerreotype.—
one, the slow pencil of the min.
continue to be employed by
. anything like a just percopthin
roportion, We have a hope,
t improvement in this respect,
ee a Daguerreotype which i 3
nal,'" with a grea!
diocretion, sears
word ecgittn. Aft;
vcr.—T he "Commercial Jour
deal of haste and very little
upon our plea in favor of the
r quoting front us, the Journal
This is all ea. l
right. Depot, oh'
rhitam which hel
j both iroirh word,
I derisea from the
Moreoter, the
here been antaim:
non of them than
are used about 'ras,
sipia rialLmr, em
ear dtp.lle, c.
our critic has ma',
English of a Errol
ration of both. I
.ited, if the critic had ftat a d
ch he denounces as Irma, and
recommends as . English, arc
with the advnumgc of being
the Sou's-nal trill reed our re-
I nd then , refer to rao,:k7r books,
he will Gad that we are ste-
t nutherstire usage, and that
Bled the definition of basis"—
ld calla depo: is called a ata
, d and in France.
• If the editor of
marks carefully,
and to neirvimperi
Mined by the
we have not "be
That which he woo
too both in Eng'
nt, in sarcastic italic with
clamation point, that rtafiurt
French words, nod the. con-
• The announce
the triumphant
and deyit are be •
eluding assertion
French word,'
us in shame nt o
of this they mere
bor, in his haste
the following sea
It [station] Iml
more used in En,
be said to have e •
t r. a "hare made English of
were intended to overwhelin
r own ignorance ; but instead
r prove that oar critical neigh•
to catch an error, overloolied
•nce in our article:
gaga to both lanystaste, hut is
. limb; and thus we may almost
changed terms
1 •rrect. .11arge proportion of
used in the vernacular come
tin, through the French, and
1 e number. It is nv thorough
other word in the Language,
l ept in so lately that it is still
ful ,writers. We, no doubt.
Iblaiiiera, and if the editor of
correct us, even thougl be
instance, display more sharp
-1..y, be will have our sincere
lin not forget the sage advice
"Be sure you're right, (bets go
This is strictly
our oldest words
to us from the
station is one of t 1
ly English as an
while depot has c
itslicised by ca
often fall into rea
the Journal will
should, as in thi:
aces than courtej
thanks; but let
of Col. Crockett:
—.-The following letter nays
ommercial, from the lien.
the Held York
Daniel - Webster 11, with a brief preface explain
itself CoL Jam • Tappan, a venerable citizen
of Clizacester now &f yrif of ore, recent-
er to Mr. Webster, reminding
as sixty years ago, be (Mr.
pupils, whoa he taught school
Tho Gloucester News pub-
ly r.thiressett a let'
him that mono
tV:) was one of hi
at New Salisbury
to prompt answer to lab old
Item Mr. Webs
friend and,early lteacher, and remark,. : "We
doubt if any lette that Mr. Webster has writ
ten to public bodis,
or any of thousand great
and noble acts of his life, thomore credit
upon. him than th i ts kind letter atuigenerons gift
to his aged and imfortunate old schoolmaster."
In which aentim • t every man with a heart Will
cordially agree. hat a quiet and unintended
rebuke of those w o would make him out to be
a man corrupt a . heart and unfaithful to his
public duties. T e letter, though it makes no
allusion to the fa . contained a $5O note.
VASIIINGTON, Feb. 2G, 1851.
-I thank you for your letter,
hear that you are yet among
ember you perfectly well as a
font years.. I suppose my-
taught me to read very early,
a able to reeollect the time
read the Bible. I think mas
c.•triiett school master—prob
ree or four years old. Then
. You boarded at our Louse, ,
think, lie the family of Mr.
, our neighbor, the lame man.
to you knew in ••New Solis
to their graves. Mr. John
of Benjamin, is yet living,
age. Mr. John Colby, who
sister Susannah. is still living.
ad" is Mr. Benjamin Hank",
th Read" is Mr.• Benjamin
k of none else among the Br-
Id probably remember. •
led a checkered life. I hope
to bear prosperity with meek
with patience. These thinp
u. , , far better thttn we could
Ares. We.may pray fur our
my pray for the forgiveness
my to be kept from tempta
kingdom of God may come in
. sod Inv will everywhere be i
is we hardly know for what
the Divine Mercy. Our II cai--
•th what we have need of bet
ourselves, and au are oure
his ;Ming kiadness are upon
every moment.
in. my. goat old matter, for
which has awakened many
as; and with all good wisher I
r friend end pupil,
31r.:Jinis Tor AN.
Master Tappan :
and am rejoiced t 1
the living. I rc .. •.,
teacher in my
mother must hay.'
as I bait) never
when I could not
ter Chase was m
ably when I was t.
came master Tappl
and - sometimes,
Benjamin Sandbo
I Most of those vtit
bury"_ have gone
Bandborn, the so
und . is about you
married my eldest
On the "North It.
and on the "Sit
PettieNt. Lthi
int:fa-bons-you Ir.
• lion have Maier..
you have been abl
hest, and adversit
Lure all ordered fo
I order them for on
I daily bread; we
of sit* We may
Owl, and that the
us, and in nil me.
.doer. Beyoud ti
good to hupplicat
I only Father know
Iter than we kno
that his eye and
us, and around
I tilattl4,7yotl
your kind letter
sleeping recollect
• remrdn, Yo
the ilentered in Essimid.—
, ,in one of his recent lectures
apt. Wilkes,of the U. S. En
to the • Aetartic Seas, has
legant Gold Medal from the
t, as an acknowledgment that
sco . verer of a disputed coati.
le saw the volcanic firesburst.
lee and snow, and ponying
eternal barriers of the frozen.
American' En(
Prof.Silliman stet
in this city, that
jlaying ilipeditio
ust received an 1
he leas the true do
neat, from Ichich
ing from a land of
their lava down the
We are authorized, both by Mr. Oti., of Maine.
• and by Mr. Greely, to state that the converse.
' tion between them, which his been referred to
' of late in the newspapers and elsewhere, related
I ! entirely to the rumors and. reports which were
in Boston at that time (July lasi) in relation to
the formation of Mr. Fillmore'', cabinet, and
whether Mr. Webster was to be Secretary of
State. The object of Mr. Otis in calling on Mr.
Greely was solely to obtain reformation on that
point,,and the information giten by Mr. (freely
had reference to that point alone.
Mr. Greely answered his inquiries by stating
the conflicting reports which were in circulation,
as said to come from Mr. Webster and others.—
In this way Mr. Otis may Lave confounded us
coming from Mr. Haven what was said to be re
ported from others. Ina few minutes after the
conversation commenced, Mr. Haven came in
upon other business, and Mr. Oreely did inquire
of him respecting the rumors of Mr. Webster's
appointment as Secretary of State, and Mr. Ira q
yen answered that Mr Webster had written that
the President had tendered him the office.
! Mr. Otis believes that Mr Greet, said Mr.
Haven, in addition, told him that Mr. Webster
hesitated, from the pecuniary sacrifice he would
hare to make, and that he raid he should ;write
to Mr. , Webster, urging him to accept the place.
But Mr. °reel) , has no recollection of this, CO
coming from Mr. Haven, hat thinks that matter
was alluded to incidentally by other persons,
who afterwards came into the office before Mr.
Otis left, and that he confounded the one co:recr
eation with the other.
The only information molted for end received,
had reference solely to the fact whether Mr.
Webster was to Le Secretary of State, and Mr.
Otis so intended to be understood when he-made
his statement in July last, and in his more re
cent explanation of that statement' There woo
nothing in the statement that could be by any
ingenuity perverted to the purpose of showing a
proposition from Mr. Webster to Obtain money,
or that could be used by any one for, that par.
plate, either according to the recollection of the
conversation by Mr. Otis or Mr. Gieely.
the above statement, it will be seen that
the statement made by Mr. Otis renld furnish no
basis for the late attack upon Mr. Webster, nor
does it in any degree justify or eastain the et
traOrdinary position taken by Mr. Allen in the
late attack. .
I.IOSIESQM.V.V.—A letter. , to a gentle
man of St. Lords from Raymond de Montesquieu,
in Paris, states; that his brother Gonzales is in
bad health, midthat huts now in a hospital, where
he was placed on his arrival in Paris, sulfering•
the UMW contli*Frn -- of mind in which he was
when he left this country. Raymond erpected
to leave Paris in a few days for Spain, as attache
ui thelmbassy.. Ile had not seen his brother
since he departed from St. Louis, the physician
having interdicted any interview. between them.
European Agency
Ttsr mtilascribrr Intel:dr hirthhg thr Ihithl7,l dtl•a of
Great Illiudo..rmneo. and fiertriany, during hho xnoutto 4
April. May. mud Juno nest, 'retitle hattburh , ch. Mhrth
I;th. and .111 le pletoal,to .aural to any hhobri*r of h by'
Antos char:Klee which amp by contldnl M hi, care.
taxantunrl7 .10111: U. DAVIE.
;Ram= Azaw.a.a.--Advertimaeota apd autweriptionse
far ibla paper received and forwarded flared est.., fn..
fhb office.
*A.A. A. Mason t Co. cull tl;uicotlon of the Wks tu r d
their new and Lehionable stock or Cl , rthg and 'um."
Market Street Store for Rent.
FOR RENT.—Thu Store, US Market
.1.• street, triers:tod dour Chou the corner cf Market
YweWon g'-thaValinza.
ftzt,„h2 ° 100 rout it.
• Nclr lons, March, 14.
The Steam Ship Asia arrived to ,I,y, bring
ing one week's later intelligence from Europe
'—having sailed from Liverpool on the 1.4 in
We glean from the London Standard the fol
lowing items: .
The country will he a:wry to learn that Load
Stanley has tailed to forms Ministry
Ills Lordship hail 'Valli epee with the Queen at
Buckingham Palace, yesterday aft ei when
his inability to complete Alllllll.l ntion was
made known to her Majesty, and tin e.reunivtan
ces which lead to this result. Shortly after the
Royal Despatch was forwarded from the Palace
to Lord John Russell, at kis private residence in
Chesham Palace; and in all probability his Lord
ship bas been again commanded to reconstruct
his Cabinet—though we do nut find any intima
tion in the Court Circular, that his Lordship had
had any interview with her Majesty in the course
of yesterday.
Both Houser of Parliament assembled this
esening, when it is confidently expected that
Lord Stanley rind Lord. John Russell will be per
mitted by her Majesty to give a full exhlanatory
statement, as to the part each has taken in the
duicharge of the duties imposed upon them, res
pectively, by their usi•xicious Sovereign. -
In the Howe of Commons, last night,- Lord
John Russell moved , the further adjournment of
the Home, as the Queen had rent for the Duke of
Wellington, to take his opinion on the present
position of political parties. Ile expressed his
desire to maintain free trade; and to extend the
franchise, and put down the Papal aggression;
but stated that Lord Aberdeen and Sir James
Grnhatii deemed any legislative measures, on the
last named subject, superfluous. This was the
point In which the negotiation failed. The in
terregnum continue:, and may endure for a
week, or even a month, so far as present appear
ances are concerned,
The Papal policy of the Goverrunent has pre
vented the fission which might otherwise hero
taken place between the Peelitm and the Whigs .
At present, all parties are annoyed and irritated
—the Whigs at their defeat; the Protectionists
at their administrative weakness, and the Prel
ims at the paucity of their numbqrs The Duke,
in fact, old as he is, could bring the present dm
conlant elements into play more suceessfUlly than
any other man in the Kingdom .
New negations respecting passports have been
The committee for the regulation of the Span
ish debt, are still actively occupied in the exam
ination of the question, and with greater sincerity
of purpose than on any previous occasion.
The news, generally, from Ireland is unimpor
tant. Mr. John O'Connell calls upon the electors
of Broghecla to turn Sir Wm. Summerville ontof
the representation of that Min,. and to demand
his resignation.
There is very little sews from Rome. The Pope
lac amnestied three members of the En-Roman
Constituent Assembly, and others hare been ob
tained tit fill their places for the intermediate pc
tied of provisional liberty.
The Turin papers contain a rumor that the
Northern Powers "have adirossed a note to the
Piedruuntese Government, demanding Ott explan
ation of all the Halton entigtvaits—the entire
prohibition of the liberty of the preat, and no
immediate nedonciliation with the court of fume .
!r is also kAted that the greatett activity pre
in the Pietimouteso war office, rodthat the
nit..t extensive preparations mere making for the
defence of the country.
The intelligence. from Paris :9 without materi
al interest.
The Monitenr denies that the President In
tend, to hold a revel's- of 600000 men ou the
llouletutd•. .1 rumor to this effect hoc been
General Auptclt ie gazetted for the London
embassy, NI. Ntanaeholci for : Sroden. and NI.
Sartige. for the L State..
I t)o :.. 4 unday a ohononvlnation was made hj - the Pork. They deposited comas at
the foot of :he •o!utan of July. Monday was
the anniversary of the Ilerolutitra. The ail.-
' nuon and pn , sed ~fl with the utmost trim
The Commies:ln on the bill for the credit of
the Government. of 3.21ii.b01 franca to defray
the carroordinary.erpeassa of the French army
of occupation in Italy, recominemln its adoption
by the Assembly: as it ie impostible, nt this mo
ment, to fir a time to that occupation..
accounts received from the ItepartnenTs,
it appears that the a:minor - dory of the Revolu
tion of February bat passed 'oil . without the
slightest disturbance. At Orleans, Tunis, and
other places, the nuthoritir- refused to allow the
banquets got op by the Itcpublicon ,- to take
Itumers were iitill prevalent at Vienna, of an
Auairian Expedition against Switzerland
• The Ministerial papers contradict the late ru
mor of warlike measure,. They state that an
understaralinr, has been effected at Dresden be
tween the Agents of Prussia and Austria.
The rotation in the Presidency of th 4 Ezeco•
tire, ha, been conceded by the late power.
Prussia and Bavotio hare conceded to the re
ception into the Gertuunie Confederation of all
the Austrian provinces. Austria engageg to de
fend this...m.ll2re against the suspicion, and
jealousies 'of foreign posters.
The en:miler States Continue !heir opposition t o
Austrian proposal,
The above news is eonEruaed by the official
Ureeden Gazette.
The Berlin correspmleut of the 22d ult.,
confirms the late new., of the termination of the
The Gazette publishes an order from the war
office relating to the command, and all eztrordi
nary contributions and supplies for the nee of
the army.
The Newe Preuthsche Zeituog states,-that the
Republic of Plenary tithing of the Cengtens, was
held at Dresden on the 2.3e1 ult.; and in that-sit
ting the kingdoms of Germany supported the
Austrian proposition, and the smaller states op
pose,' it. The kingdoms of Bavaria, Wirtem
burg and Saxony, bare moreover protested
against the competency of the conferences to
pass resolution• tending to restore the old Fede
ral Diet, and no resolutions of any kind bane
been adopted.
A fortnight's term has been hoed for farther
and more pooitine declaratious.
In the Ilerbegivitia, the officers of Omer Pa
cha crossed the linventa near Kernises, on the
lith. All the insurgentsi retreated to Slestim,
where a battle was fought on tho;9tb, in'which
the insurgents were defeated; and the- Sultan's
troops hare entered Movtitn. r
The insurgent leader, Pasha, with 200
of his men, surrendered near Oastert The
chiefs of the insurgents hare Red.
The pacification of Bosco is nearly comple
'A telegraphio despatch from Zara, on the
18th nit., states that the insurgent chief, Karish
Pacha, has fatten refuge in the Austrian territo-
LIVECAOOL, !itarcli 1
Cottons—The market continued firm at the
railing of the steamer. The accounts of short
crops America, and the light receipts, • had
eati-nd on advance of id.
Provisions—Prices are improving. Beef woo
steady, but transactions not extensive, for want
of assortment., to operate upon. There 'bring
no Pork in exporters' hands, holders ask an ad
vance, which Ins checked business. Bacon to
much wanted. Several imports of Lord have
roused a reaction, and it Is now quoted lset I s rid
lower, with a moderate demand.
Grain—The trade bee been exceedingly dull
during the week.
}lour—Prices bare receded Gd, with Baler of
Western Canal at 20@plett bbl.
The "tale., of the ao,hamouut to 30,260 bales.
The Barre cotton tuarkrt on the 27th ult. was
quiet, with sales up to 2 o'clock of 1,402, at firm
The Canada had arrived ant when the
LIVCRIVI7L, March 1.
It will be seen by our printed report of Fri
day: last, that cotton has taken n firm stand,
without any further decline, and that holden:
were holding buck their stocks, utilmis they could
obtain an advance In price. We close the week
with advance eifgood onlinary.and. middling
fair qualities of American, and on td on other
Dimon Is much wanted. and first arrivals 1011
lie taken eagerly. we note a further sale of
900 boles St_ Louis flacon, to orrice, at Sin per
Checso is in actiste inquiry at tta Into ad
Tallow—There is no change to notice in this
Indian Coma io supported at late rates, .nth a
fair inquiry nt 31e 6,11,1)32s for ',white, all @,3le
for yellow, and 2.3 s 6de3Os per quarter forntia.-
ed. Imports continue moderate.
... •
iron—The market remains quiet. Scotch Pg
owing to the unsettled htate of political affairs,
has slightly receded. There continues to be a
great disposition to speculate In this article._
The present make is considered to exceed the ac
tual coneumption. In Stntlerdeldre and Wales,
; the makers are generally well 'employed, end
maintain the prices with firmucts. A. consider
: able ainount,pf orders from the United Stater
' t'usti Canada, has hcen received by the last steam
. cc, and nu alteration of prices can shortly be ex
peeled from the-present rates. Merchant's liar,
I delivered in Liverpool, is quoted at La us: Nail
15st. 1100 p Etl,lss; Sheet £7 los; Scotch
l'ig, No, 2, X. 2 Ils; No. 1, in GigLsgol„.C2
• ton.
Cofee is dull. Molasses is active.
Lomas, Feb. 28.
The Market is steady, Consul's closed at %ten
The Batik of England has reduced the rates of
interelal on-Stock loans, to 2i? cent: while the
ininnimum rote or commercial securities still re
main at X? coot.
American Securities were without change.
Pennsylvania lives at 84et85.
WARIIINUTON, March 14, 1851.
Thomas A. It. Nelson, of Tennessee, Commit
sionei. to Chian.
John A. Bennett, Consul to Bogota.
W. F. Boone, Consul to Realijo, NiCaraglat
Allen F. Owen. of Georgia, Consul to Havana
Samuel Ethic, Of Tennessee, Consul to Tat
Mr. Clark, Secretary of Legation to Brasil.
John F. Watts, of Ind ana, has ralso keen con
firmed, as one of the Associate Judges of New
Mexico; and Andrew Rathwell and James A.
kennedy. as Justices of the Peace in the Dis
trict of Columbia.
Wan. L. Hodge, .assistant Secretary of the
Treasury, haabeen appointed 14 the President,
doting Secretary Of the Treasury, in consequence
of the sickness of Mr. Comm.w who is still con
fined to Iris chamber
Iti“” • !sr..
Boston, Nlarela 14.
Full returns lune been reeeivel„from Tuck's
(Ist) District, and he it elected by'h majority of
:759 votes.
The House of Reprensentatires, no far as heard
from stand.:—Whigs, 116;-Atwood men, 20, and
Democrats 81.1. Last year, from the Same towns
it was—Whigs 80, Democrat., 188.
For Governor, the popular vote in 170 towns
as—Sawyer, 17,0517 Dinsmore, 23,3957 Atwood
men, 10,4111- The majority for Dinsmore last
1 -
year was 4,21
Natchel, Mitreh 14.
Jenny Lind gate a grind concert In the .Meth.
.•list church last nigh:. Tho receipts amounted
is $6,6t01. The fair. Swede gave sway $lOOO
Zro charitable purposes. She left for St. Louis
this morning, amidst the greatest enthusiasm.
Neu. Orleans, March H.
The steamer Ohio sailed to-day for Havant and
Chagres, with ihO passengers. -
The dinner to General Quitrann, went off qui
The Bonnet Carre Crevasse must give way
soon; also the point 1,5 miles below the Caavent.
The river iv almost up to sthe high water mark.
flenntsnincau, Nardi 14, 1531
In the House, this morning, the bill abolish
in; the Canal Board, and providing for the isles
tion of a Superintendent of the Public Works,
tone considered, and killed by anindetioite poet
pone:neut. The vote stood—for .postponement
51, agninst; 40.
CoLts!nrs. March H
The I:allotting for C. S. Senator wit, reeumed
to-doy. Fourteen ballots were had without a
Ou the eighth allot, the cote st6cAl :
Gri3SVOid. (e - hie - - -
l'ayne, (dem.) - ' • - 38
Vaughan, (F. S l - - lu
Mr Griswold was Gann withdrawn, and Mr.
Ewing nominr.led. On the ft,iirtscntb ballot the
vote sta,d—
Ewing, 40
tlntliti . , • - - : - 41
Mr Ewing wu, then withdrawn. sad Mr. Car
wia numizatc.i. iin the elel.eutls lulot, Car
38; Sutliff, S.
Mot;ons Feremada to &tenni, but were lost
.r—ayes nays
The Convention then took n recess until this
writs:won when three or more, tittsnccePtcul
hallottioßt were thrown.
riIILiVELriiIW, )lErch
Cotton—The Arin'; news has affected the
market favor/ay, imd the market is firm, with
.e 1 sued sties.
Piosisions—There is no improved feeling, un
der the steamers news, prices are generally
, vithout change.
Flour—The export demand is moderate.—
;iales eOO Lids standard and good brands, at
$4 4-16$1 60 per Md.
Rye Flour and Corn Meal—Are dull, with a
decline of 12.1 c on the bti. Soles of the former
at 143 :174, and of the latter at $2 81} per
Orain-Wheit is dull with sales 3001.} bushels
prime Pennsylvania white at Wile, mad some or
dinary southern at lOUs per husheL Rye is
worth Cain is in fair demand, with sales
of bushels yellow at CCM, and some at
adost. Sales of Panisylvanin Oats at 43e per
Whiskey—The market is dull, with saki in'
i.bls at 23e, and in idols at 21€421ie per gallon;
Floor and strain—The Asia's news unsettles;
hreadstuffs. Flour irdull, and holders are uk
lug $4 37 per bbl, without ending buyers.—
tiraiu is without chnage
Prosisions—The market is limn at former
Coirec—Lialeq 3,010 bags Rio at 10i€411; per
crEmo atroeT ro%
Nsw Y4V 31nrch 14
Cottoh--The Asia's news hasimparted strength
to the market. Prices bare advanced with
sales 8,000 bales at 11. f for middling uplands.
Flour—The news by the steamer had no effect
upon the market, nod prices are steady. Sales
5.500 bbls at $4 40I:4 58 for common to sraight
state; sod $4 5061 75 for western and south
ern 'common to 'good brands; $1 C*4 81 for
N. Orleans, and $4 tI2C - al4 70 for liatiana and
Michigan. Sole, of extra Genesee at $6 377)
6 00 jet bbl.
Grain—Wheat is nominal. Corn is steady and
firm, Orith sales 1500 bu western yellow,, for de•
livery in August, nt Gdic. For immediate de
livery, prices hare slightly advanced, with Wes
of yellow ut 676vD.87f ' - y3 bushel. Other grains
are without movement.
Provisions—Pork is quiet. and prices are en
sier, with sales old users et $l2 75, and old
prime et $9 147610 El bbl. New pork corn
meads $l3 37€613 44 for mess, and $ll 25 for
prime. Pickled meets are less active at 84 for
hams, and tic for shoulders, which is a slight
dCcliric, Lard is Active, with sales of 600 bbls
at lb. Supplies are diminishing.
Coffee—Continues firm, with sales of Rio at.
hell}' lb.
Linseed Oil—The market continues firm at
)eeterday's prices.
Lead is rather dull, at $5(35 121, V cwt. for
Whiskey—sltles at 28€(.24c plloa
New OrleanN idareh 13.
Cotton—The demand io limited, with sales of
1300 bales at 4,Q10i for middling.
Groceries.—Mdrket7 dull, stiles 300 lithils su
gar at lower prices: Soles off' Molasses at 26
eill6ic p 7 gal. nud of 'erg choice at 25e. Coffee
—Sales of Rio at ittkvio lb.
Flour is in goal demand. with salt`; 10,000
bble nt $3,62a8,75 for Ohio.
Groin—Corn in dull at scie ? ho.
Lord—Sales of prime keg at Sic.
nr,c - ncr Accoomrs nom =us cos.
We are informed that reports have been re
ceived at the Department of War, from General
Gnoont, which indicato an increasing boldness
on the part of the predatory Indians, who, for
the past eiglittani mouihe, have given so much
trouble on the Texan frontier. • The Comanches,
especially, have extended their inhursion to the
neighborhood of the millitary posts, and have
manifested no little boldness m encountering
some of our scouting parties of nearly equal
force. •
. .
On the 25th of January Lieut. Waist. of
Ford's company of Texas mounted rangers, with
twenty-one men, fell is with a band of fifteen
Comanche warriors, when a brief conflict ittok
place, during which, and in the pursuit that
followed, four of the enemy were killed, mad as
many more wounded ; bealdes which, most of
their horses, and some ether articles, which they
were forced to abandon in taking 'refuge in the
chapparal, were captured. This party had been
watched for some weeks by thin company before
it was known with certaittty that they had com
mitted acts of hostility. The horses captured
front them were ascertained to hare been stolen;
end a Mexican youth whonr.Wy hid made prsion-
Cr two days before, and who had been released
during thefight, reported that they bad commit
ted two =Leders while he was with them. Two
days after this affair a party commanded by
Lieutenant BVP.l.[Sani, of the same i company, en
a march from San Antonio, five miles west of
the linceit discovered a „party of fourteen In
dians m the right of the road. Taking eight
men on the hest horses, be moved rapidly after
them. They retreated for some miles ; Lent find
ing itimpossible to avoid anengagement, - they at
length halted and prepared for battle. Lieuten
ant Boraesom orient his men totlismount and
secure their horses, when the Indians instantly
charged, engngeing him simultaneously •in front,
flank, and rear. A close and hardly contested
fight. almost hand to hand, ensued, and lasted
about twenty minutes, when the enemy broke,
leaving four warriors dead on the field, nod
carrying oil seven wounded. On the part of the
volunteers one man was killed, and all the rest
except one, wounded—including the lieutenant
commanding. Among the articles captured. in
these skirmishes were blankets and knives, which
had been given to the Indian agent, en the oc
casion of forming a treaty with them. Some
weeks before a large party of Lipman, on a pred
atory excursion, had been discovered emdchased
by Lieutenant Klan, of Captain )leCuttoex'm
company of Texas mounted volunteers; and after
wards the captain himself followed up the trail
over a rough and difficult country, and captur
ed caveat horses and mules, and large quanti
tire of butfalo robes, blankets, saddles, and. bri
dle., most of-which latteiartieles had been stolen
from the citizens.
We understand the officer, above'narned hare
been complimented by the Department for the
real and spirit displayed by them in then
"mesa, non co.. 0., Feb. IS, 184 f..
Scam!. Kidd d Ck We wish to Inform you that we
bare mold all of your Worm Sperile you left with ow We
wlell you to nem" to some more all min ae possible, m it
her Oren /poem] malefaction here. We hire mewl call•
(or It alum we are out of the article. It hat eupurtiellul all
other towitaratione to this county, sthl for Ws mescal we
wish to helm a eut.hly cm hand.
The &bore I, ow of the bum:hob of Phoney comm.&
ration& ntliel the proprietors of ads medicine .e dilly re
mein.. Where it b. Leen liitroduoel„ It hoo become the
must popular remedy in are.
Formic by J KIDDt CO.,
no. co woul
On Tneaday, Wench Wen., by Rev. J. 11. Byrne& has.
ern B. L.turYga, FN., of Greensburg. l'a, and Erna E.,
daughter of J. N. Bytnattes, Ern., a Elleidlle. Allegheny
/Oa 1(..11,c5
On Frllnr, the 14th lon at. 3 o'clock. P. 11, H. ••ter=
.n the year of Us ago.
1 / 1 1 funeral will lake pl., from hie late maiden= in
Henchc•ter, on next Sthbath afternoon, el 4 o'clock.
Carriages till be in eolith; to Federal greet, lathe end
of the Fridge.
knierbeeno and Allegheny Interpriso copy ;
Special Meeting.
1. SOCIATION mcet on ittaNDAY LVESING. the
ChotheL, in th e
t w ctute Roomthe Secout gresbytettan
ch, Halt Ao
This la eperlal meeting of the AlKristioa. ogled
thc notpoee of completing the orgegingtion, nag gitoPtinn
The =embers toe gsrfletatirly no‘neetad to be eltetrl.
Ito/11.1a lillaDLY.
=chi& Prveidpnt.
Books ! New Boots !
Eirbard Lord Rolland; edILII by Ms abb. dear) 11
..rd Lord LlolLomd.
Jane hoverer% or Prottperity and Laver/Ur; br Catharine
Etnalair, author of - tor adward Graham.' - I.tolottay
dloorleal.Cottaae; b; the author of .Ifary Barton.
Layman, 'tha Ochotar, the dips'. the Etietth Gm
Euro, author of the koala to ayuln. atal the taipcce la
I oi.lrt. 1111d,th's Ilistor; of the rotted States--armati
la. above works tug rood maul for aaht
It. C. etTOCKTI.Qt, Itootaeller sad stationer.
corn, Shale:and Third ate.
S-lEle of the La. of LAnd 0111 T
Jt , v u. 1
Jc•st, mid and of oe,l7l,,L th'
mrhls• _Nu 47 Market 2
New Books! New Books!
4 ! - S. strew4opsamn. lb, Poet ()One.
/Imam. No% el: by lieo. Seawortby
umaub and Cahrarena Sighla In Lb.,1014.1
farm'. L lall.enr. L, Luat.a.
Lemuel% by tin. Sand—. In I- Prim.
Lavvugrv: the xitclar. telc Prve.t. OY Goo
tic--I.lAcc; br Aim DurnAs
- Old )1.11: Uinta t,lt,ungtrAtod
rag Msitr
,ry-Theal,TO sa. W Led of P S. MO, AMAI;A,
Webster!l Unabridged Dictionary.
G... wort Lenrui 11.... a Intririanj stn
A bLrwr •bwOr a LI, work rd by
JOHN IDLLI,OIi, of Word L.
Literary Notice.
r vHE ANNUAL CONTEST between the
j_ Frankl:o at.l 'Literary tineietite of Jererso•
.111 take plate to Providence Hall.. the evcoxtxg
vaca , en fie' D..cstutr....— . lll l v moral cauxs exert c. great
ex talc to-oce ott ammeter then rhysl=l, 1 •
Tb.: put/11c tre r , spert.l.l.ll 1te..1.t0 atteta.
H. Vara.
H. K. Cavern.,
S U. IV. Mit...
Spring Bennett
/VTR FIRST LOT i, receded :thde
iur1:......d., C01:141111,1g. in part, tla• tug
ity tiav Chip, Nuances Van,
White and iellayr Lam, ',Aar and tulip,
Intl. Chip. Jenny Lend e.d E.
Ingindi Clip. !lilted Suave and Y:in,
Firm ntraw anal qamon.l. Pearl anal Lucy bathe.
kl...rence Crimped. American are.
Ansi/111Year', Hungarian Mixed.
trP,.., 'nat./ blar.illa.,
A. A ASON A Cii,
inchlS ISt an d 61 ILarket ot
1.1 LACK DRESS SILES.—dZi reed per
1iJ3,0 - 7, - .:,—z.b.tig:"l7,!' 4 '94.
tachlb A. " . 4:jr ' u.. ' CV.
IRISH 'LlNENS.—Received this morning
anethyr let ...fled credit lrlrh I.4art..
inell.4 A. A. 11.1.,i/N A CO.
POli SALE-30 dozen Good r itinek Ink;
White Lot+l.llle Ltnr, NO ...a!' hl on. 1:.
cuts ?look .6nd Valley Carpet Cbal. rd. lenaptr
ticum Certificate.. • Larne Thskeeranee Chart. and 'a . ..n. 1
•all ..1014y ef I.l.olltuela 1001104. a/
rarer: Quill. and Warn. 10 de., Lead mantic be groan
Vast. and Pantaloon Mole. CN ut the Urns 10. a+
Pittaberes; and • fer ether .000!.. fur .1. clirap
ISAAC MOM'S. Aunt and
mehl= 4
Ou!umbel. 3L:rd Fifth
ASON'S ISLACKING—'2S gr.,. for ,al , .
_lv'. by meh7s J KLDD A CO.. w Wool rt
QWEET 01L-350 golf. fur Nale by
17 u.lchls
. . J . . _ •
eas - in (prime) for sale by
rachlS J. KIDD • C.,.
WRITE 1,615. (Cooper's} for
es!e by nub. J. ICIDD 0 CO
• - - - • -
DITTSBUItIIII OLUE—JO bblo. (bent) fur
L *al. by enehls J 1:100 a Cu.
3 •Id'a celebrated 5. C. Ila i T A LT , lnaiktd , Ly
mehls k ter.
ANTED--Places and employment for
en - N.l : snn areh e pan, Pond :al ' es " crre ' n . : amr " n i se 4 ; leae l 7i
.. s ,:rt r g ua 54...;,;rtilne4.5 r l i erletse In ttnrdwar . r. dry
su 3,..541..:
and s one or two.
wantrd RM . a number of boy. of all ages Howe
I.lmm, ea
cwt r t.Nacatnstreas , .. wet sn.t LIT
rf r ire ' ar i 'um"
li r ri a til "'
trtrhls:llt. &timer and Intelllonee Otter. Yttlb et.
%,,A !auk,. Chandellato and Bracket". of tho latett
alao, too ani ono light Ornamental l'anclent. at <anent
I•ric. W.
mchls 4 corner of Fourth and Market PG.
Ortmaaratal and kilL11:1 Sua . r. Lamp for Church:
Dal= " V LiTt'er i 2.87.!=f41,
of tha cuarmaial wawa tocturr of CorargoE a Co., O
WI Laigf •
rattan price& twala
f uIoOraSAT:FT OF IRELAND, will b e preached lu Faure
oh on Sunday ev. lareh
the kt LI% L. lc3lAllo.S.gning A colo:thal will a be ;
taken o'
that uceleoch fur the beurflt of the orphan Amyhuh.
Drug and Prescription Stare for Sale.
fa_ located In n Courishlng and leurdnrlng Part ofa
Inv elty, uhlrb doh:ups profitable business, Is of
bredfor sale upon rasp terms. For further particulars,
.PPYnel'll4 BAIRD d IRWIN.
114 mooed st.
- VOR SALE.—A large Brick Duelling re,
ju lOU., and Lot of ❑mood, on Pant Lane. ,, All . ,
1171„%rivr,v-,..4'gr4.l2ahfol'im't%l4't b y
Premed. dol t'
g WAWA , in the kity would dad it root-et:d
L0t0,1:5 fret by 140, on Rebecca street.
For psi • nod
apply to
ruchli BAIRD A 111W1N.114 &outlet
KOR 1 ENT—A Private Dwelling, or ze.,
I , lnglie Rooms. pleneantly located on Federal st.,
betty.. IS.n.rdln, la firs SAIoLLVS BoOk
Allegheny; 'on a W. P. 31../111., Woad la.: addreen
Hoz 209, Pittsburgh P.O. ittehl.MY
Mill Property for Sale.
STEAM FLOUR MILL, with three
run a Mahn. marhinrry nparly upp. ten acrga
p ground, and aon roal bank on t he l ine' utua.
h.,1 In Knoxville, JO:tenon county. 0. lour hart , from the
Mtn river, in a goal sent-at granalua regitin. Tr.. •
or Kollar , particular. , enquire, the )1110.
hll•aCt•:d Orooky county. 0.
^CW.hiwt . T . Lte.porter ropy so amount 61..-ch. this aim)
bblr. for aale by
WICK d 3.teCANDLE33.
prime Roll, for BRIO by
1. for utile by
mut: k urcoibi,Ess.
bble. N. 0., oak cooper
mda a J. 1. IL FLOYI3.
0.1, for sale by
ke,, warranted pure, for
11 J. B ELOTD.
61EGAIL1-150,000 Com. Ohio, for sale by
tucht4 J. &IL PLOT
8800M&: 71 2)0..tC72.C.'0711, ai..31110 by
CUESTNOTS-30 bu. for sale by ,
mell.l J a R. (LOYD.
TIMOTHY SEED-50 bu. for tale by
daelai . J. it IL FLOYD.
FLOUR -100 bbls. superfine, for sole by
malt J. k II PLUTO.
iv 0. SUGAR-100 Mule. for sale by
mthli 110 Muer
f it , D bbl.No..4 o t ah a c n e d , and
meta, VS NW,: amt.
WOOL WANTED—The highest market
T,P6,7 111 ""&"1 cxrW
ilkr 0 TICE .—Allpersons haring claims
LI ~ - a isomorte.iser selmYtKod.: will ries- 4 s Pre"
t than I° the aubealteera ter eettbesarat ltamediatedy.
the boat haeis Into ather handa.
rachla la ALUM:FORD WI Wale, rL
SALE - -Oltio rind Pennsylvania Bail
,: mad Sleek: xa,uor L'lttelnarylc I . F.achanga Dank:
Inehl4 11. D. KIN°. F„nrth'o.
OLASSCS - --31.101 1
lot sale I,'”
L 1 nacho ING
RICE -50 tierces far sale by
LOAF SUGAI - -200 bbls. as,'d Nos.. for
1 sale by inch' I 1N anillUGE& INCIIIR.OI.
kRANGES.--/ 00 ln.arnjust received and
Svrssie by DUGAA7I ai & INGIIRA)1.
mehli 11+: Watar
L gee: and for nabs by JAME-a DALZELL
turhl.l IT Wa4r
NIACKEREL--='s bb's. No. 3;
•25 hr. " aa b y
13.4114 J.lllf-S DALZELL, Water al et
'HIED PERIIES—.3OII lin. for sale by
lJ rachl4 F. W. 11,111.21AUGIL
• n RIED APPLES-150 bu. prime, for sale
Jur by naebl4 &W. kftRAUGII.
I - N.EATLIERS-40 sacks recdand fors:de by
Incbl.l S. & W.
QOLE't LEATIIEIt-25U Sides for sale lir
mrlll.l S.l W. lIARBACOIf,
QUI)A ASH-20 casks kurtz's brand, for
kJ aide by Inebll W. ITARDAUG LI.
ItOLL BUTTER—_'Ob o bLlt. , t;nr u a A agly olf.
ad 4 \•.115 00.1 and errand at.
h f, er..Lx Rama Flouldera
12 bble. Lard N. 1;
•• Lsrl:
14) ba., Pea NUR;
13 Flaareed;
1 Obi. .•
Cu r Sweet Potatoes .
I clot Itrporal:
.19 locks Feather,
10 " Wool:
DOl l'esehea
" 1; bales Cot. u: A t k a ' rtire on !framer Slay
&men; fm Rale b y I.IICSEY4 CO..
mrbll Front and Water sta.
I4NLAX SEED OIL-2000 galla fur sale by
moor • • o.a yr. LIARDAVGII.
IALLOW.. 30 bbls. prime, for solo by
meld{ 5. & R. lIARDAtedi
IVINDOW GLASS-'-4.100 box,, Window
Glas,, Mao:1n) Pi 2, varion. brand., cord and
fur rale bT ruehli S. W. IIARBAS.:011.
EDWARDS.i. CO. have associated with
them. In the m•aufnettring burhtler, Mr. D. A.
buena,. will hu enlulttrt,al ttedr.r I be fun
nr. k menufuct.nrv.r. et EXCELSIOR LOCKS.'
LYGS, Ire!, rtrrt.t.. nt.,.rgh, Pr
rh m
Capital to Invest
A BUSINESS MAN. who has a cash capi
4-t1 sz. ell lathe
a.surrtmeatitn. with cPal,4,4
.'it..b.arb P. I=r...tin. attention, and be
krvt etnetty conf.d•ntA6. mcbl3::2*
To Contractora.
r kh itCIPOSALS will he received at the of-
' tee of M. B. BROWN, Liberty inteek
t e9W lust- for elf the Gridnie and Masonry re the
;mit t mites of the Tonprrineerthe Neig...43lKZl Nank
lieut. Alia fur the Oralini: alai Meitner:on their Branch
acad. IM mate, tn Ley'r. no U. trwhinituni
Turnpike tor a Beilke Chart e r's Creyk , near
the Ifobleet ,, en BrYtie. M. U. !MOWN,
rreill3tut Preellont.
lailreA4 Ccrarzav.oolr elrry(ig
tcro to Philadelphia far t.. 0 r+n, LO are
enr.hl:l )leF. DEN A et , VODF.. AVU.
CIIINTZES.—.Mrepur & &ucn-
A ruin ratio- ace ettant.on tba Ludic, to acme new
au•Tbruutiful .talon of Llzlit nna Daub ChinUe, plat nu
ward. They his, alavrwn:bl; tnerninz.. addition:l
c t f la a l : l:autu~tl.eyt, se.
AREGE DE LAINES, Light and Dark,
inch:Minx • few ~laarat ter, b.autiful treueis, and set
B.klCKEtts' and Hunt's 3lerchantaf
63r 3bar_ll. Alno—A nro l ChM," ~.11-
ntn ,7f Cotibtido. at ti 11.114
OL311:.. Lite.
the r,. 01119 c,
B ROOMS -169
_doz. Corn, medium•
ell= for We by
mehr. U J. D. 'WILLIAMS CV.
11E7 . Atill lIOAIII/5--120 du. Zinc, fur sale
v V b; yvhlZ. J D. WILLIAMS a co.
VENISON II AMS—V 3 'fur sale by
v ee.ew J. L. WILLIAM, d W.
!IYN OR •,- If " t.MI bbl. CliecufF;
,i U RIES-1
.. zi; ~k , , Nem
J. fl. P I LIJ A 115 s I;D.
Female Seminary.
,A F ES. Al l t
turn., of W.olunnun etf , t Esst
emr , oo.• City; oenkrauncing on the k trAt Mon
a"' la April.
Th. Cour, of Instruction well almpri.e the tonal branch
en In Lhe ionlOh begnrunent.
r tar I.r. J.ikee,i,rhorr, D. 11,1
11.144-7.lVeling, Arab
. .
. •
i t r—Firr aml Mental
lthemlnri. Illbutotie a., de.
..s.c.mul &tut , fn—WilletaraluelLe nsualetual...
eith I.:rutions In the French Language.
rktmv OF T3771:11170.V.
£5.90 ix, yeararr.
Ic..7crurti. h )lurk.
. lULVERIZED CORN—Refined and Pre
c-ng Expressly PIT lUnd.—Tbis laciatiparablY Duce
beautiful article ls exesedlugly healthy. delleknia:axid
ectriusuiest Pudding, Cakes. au. de e mule by
the ilirretlinut aerampanyltut each wk... sill b found
most excellent. Price per raeksial, Meanie.
Fur sale by eriebl2 R. E. SELEERS, %row at
Et e J a
tg:L t iTi
nub l 2 Veneers airl Tea Dealers.
Ina Phan, DO at, to llatir own Jule*, rreservice.
flqqo. a the trtii. Aho—Cover't alebtstal
:lava life I awl French Lieletine.t.,
Warm..ele Lr
tcbl:: WM ' A. A CO, 2.4. Liberty et.
S I d
UNDRIES—I Sb.else;
. • ... -.
I - Cream Tuatar.
1 Late Large &ult. Carl.
.4. I.y 1 ca, Lilur . ic , T .le ll i al it et i l m etc . cire4
IRK.K KEEPER, who can come well
re,anended. can bear ors sltuattor. 0 liberal asb
ars. will b given to a comi.etent perpou—none other nee.l
windy tit, ref+remvn nal t o required. .Lldnla Son
1 .1.1) Pct tell., Pox Nu. mettli,et
1111E2P ek:orse byl b,,
.;c l ‘D g ,
pyDIED APPLE. '1 sacks for sale by
mobil mrcAsrmc.s,...
OATS -64 sack, for tale br
virrst)uw GLASS-2,300 sues, umbra-
V cLe,.; all 4,•,•.! xb num .oro and
for fale by r. L
lIIRA S' LE-0 1 .) Bbh..
4,7.7 rtort , . er,th oms.nt the
wrarrr-n,iltrt: nuabty, fur pal< by .
mehll FITPF.P.T.
QTRAIV WItAPPING-4'rent the Vircinia
,uratrait!, m rory at mania:wta•
prim', by . :a/P.I:IITeON a IiEPPEIIS.
C THE RIFLES---15 irro,4 (warranted)
L,7 In to, 4,1 ”It :LOS.
Witt., A.
10.7 Lu. S'Ledol Wm: for ule by
metal Wth)PS x SUN. Cl Water
Y V Fru= the Clintcu Steubenville. foe ride LT
1% .
TALL PAPER—Prices induced at the
t . ..s•trra Pap, flanging, `tore. Nn. S 5 Ward Ft.
metal W. P. MAIMIALL..
VIM.: BOARD PRINTS---For male by
IITINDO .,1 1V; liLIS\ US-For sale b
BACON --5 ead&re,e'd and for sale by '
=chi) I. S. nimvor.nt too.
FLOUR___wo bias, reed and for sale 4y
Lucia' J. 0. DiMonti k Cl).
tIOLL BUTTER--10 lads. for code by
meld I J. .0. rattroirrti a CO.
Two Hundred Carriages at Auction.
Fin Semi-Annual Trade Sale at Philadelphia.
9.1115 SA LE will take place On .1131,,K,
wiaixt:aDaYaiii rata day rf 3 lamb i
the CP , am t will excel al other,. in ea
t u C1 , 110(1101, till embrace t 1,1.4 tw o hundred
La. a Lorton of cell, h be a seeou.l.l..tid. la a
perinr met.. thd itt toot enter. The New Work. (mutt of
v. Welt will 6, car - muted.) will be from meter, Of aek.r.o
!eat...1,1..1 , M.; throughout tte tueludltut
!lazier h. Co Ihmeehts, 3, and °there.
It .111 b equal la ell rteeherldt 113 rewerla ntyle.
duratilit 41 , any Mad, Icr cuitamor lOr 10 ,
Pr.:o)le,, from a dletance e.r.. Informed that the tale
rIO! p,targly I.J. d>luCC imtlo: day, wittel:t regara
to tht
..i.LreLD leillt.%2:l:eS,
Hosiery, Gloves, Mitts, &e.
1:11tPlIY BURCHFIELD have now
v Enron apuortnnoot ..f Blank 'ChB, 43lPbstme
I'c'to.n., 51,1m0 Long lalti lialf do.; WWI, St lnt LL-Jd. and
Nankin colcrod Cotton do.; anblinzhed Cotton Lola and
1104 !auk and utile 'pun:l44,
Kid., on.l Lola Ulotrt.
(Antnop and mop, Mohair and Bilk Mai,
cotton and 3.1.11n0 UndoDhirnn Wen. dn t .AcJ and all
at lonort cash trlcnt at Nunn East vorunr kourth and
Marko , . AG.
irlU3l OPIUM-1 ease for bale by
chin J. KIDD It CU.. ou Wont! st.
4 CO Tell .S.NUFF--.500 lba. (Garrett ArforlJ We .
by mchill • J. KIDD
riRIED PEACHES--200 bu. for sale by
NUTS..—ai; bbL for sale by
GREEN . APPLES-100 bbl. for sale by
g`9IESTNUTS--20 bbl.fur'eale by
DOLL BUTTER-1U hbl. prime jun ree'd
BEY APPLES-20 mulct reed, foOsale by
1.1110 S.A.lllir.L P. EIriTFR
QI.IORTS--3t* hu.for sale low — tio close eon-
LI Lltitlent, by L'AMPEL P. SUMTER.
ip ICE— I O. tee. (fresh) for solo 111_ AIL nalt. " YAIII.T.L P. 011.8.4.
40t , Mk, Family F 1040:
ao No. 3 Martrrel:
.Z. Tar.
6.5 Itnai
100 r" pilaw a4
N4ebaanoek 140aL,
40 Gram Ai . td4r
WO bag, Ear Cam: •
• -
. " Shorts
100 - MSc
50 " Dthd Alla.. ssl^
T. 111. 1 0I* s SON.
Psodure Dealers sad Coutsalsss. 3L-rehaat..
blO N. 61 Wat., street.
.. . ,-
131 - 0 - LL BUTTER-3 bbl. just re , 'd and fur
IA .o.•br T. ITOuDis It 80.1 .
mclllo al Walser ft. -
__ ._ . N o. _
LABSI 011,-26 bbl. :1. jut r e cdand
for salr log by WALLIMSFOLD It CO.--
i LCOIIOL—IS bbl. fur sale Li
.1-I.mehlo J. KIDD a CO: (1. Wont mt.
ITIPitPSFI D-1.5 bbl. fbr sate by
i _t. F .tdo J. KIDD a C0..4 , Wood at.
NOTICE.—The steamer A SIA, in July last,
brought from Cinelnuall; bl I'mert (lours% mad I
101.. r. costal...l to Joseph Dogs, of 11.4 s Ora, Nonce to
Y giros. that If the said Moms road 1 alias are nut
ed,..j. he ab a ant 01t. they will be Axil *I rabbis at.
th P.) freight and charge& WM. IL piWV X. -
~.. enelth
street, oppoette the Poet Ottice,
p<to.,—tbr Pri.t — br the.
Borrow, author of the ''Bible n ,paut."
ilarpet's New Mouttily. for „Barth.
Insekwoul, for Sebruerf.
Boehm PheksTeare_ , 11.
Appleton's Meettan. Magazine, No.. 3.
o, , , tusie . forHareh.
Dietlowary of Meehanks. N 0.14.
Cruising In the Last War, by 1.14. Petee'aue-ewoM.Thete
BM."' of Pendennte ,by Marks.) .
i 1.1117 Puma= ; a huothe storrofthe Ih r :rot Ware.
T. By 9. P. B. Jam., ken. curb!
r„ GROSS Rushton, Clarke 4£ Co.'s genuine
ia Cod Lim Oil. for rale by J. KIDD Cl)..
=add 00 Wood st..
10E111LS-14 casks (first sorts) for sale by
FEATHERS --3 sacks (prime) sale by
OD LIVER OlL—Warranted pure, on
draught. RADAtm. Clark. Co,!/., Lazia.Atlelf, Itn•
mean Vint sacl Wool sty.
V URNED PILL BOXES—Assorted sixes,
1 Rs. Wear B. a. YAILVII.IOCK t CO.
u fcr ewe br
meh9 R. A. FAIINESTOCii L - CO.
ACTUCARIUAI—EngIish imported, for
de by mei* B. A. VAIINTSTGCK
pUTIT—In bladders, in assorted .aisod
aAgn. for =le try
suct.9 :B. A. TAUNT:STOCK t CO.
_l_74 for rale by • A. FAIINEFIOCE (X)..
IrtrAB canner Pant and Wood atif.
IDES--100 DRY RIDES received and
11 for ease by rtscr 6 B. a w. ILUIRAUGIL
VEATEIERS--60 racks Feathers received
and far rue by S._ S. d IV. lIARDAVOIL
II • : - !arra rec per .
Temazora, sad fur rale by 5. s R. UAILLIAVGE.
mAIIII-20 bls. & 100 kg . co. 1 Lard is
acre cad be: rale b 7
mar. 3 3. k ItAr.BACCIL
Ebbl. for sale by
mchl *3l. 11. JOILVEIO3I.
Alill-17 kegs in store and for sale by
maS W3l. 11. JOIISSTON.
G REEN APPLES--55 bh!. fur ealn by
DRY APPLES-50 bu.fur sale •
.ths trf
HICKORY NUTS-17 bbl. for sale by
ruthS W.ll. 11. JOIINSTa
►HIO LEAF TOBACCO-2 hhd. for solo
Iv by 'bnthS W3l. 11. JOHNSTON.
Mud ror&i:p r :ottrZa t ' lTi ' ,.l2, -"2 4 `. .Z . ba " E t trT.
(ti 'maks onlys) Lamps of pi
ngs, Ids
Chtietla4 601UVS, Boats, Balls, an d Dwellings,
(Thad., l/as Bracket/4 Gas Flzturen Mint .
Goals, of al
ticubs Gold PCILK ald.Berle and Gls= Cumrs' DBunord;
Lc, Re.
- .
atcrola undergoing retain In front, elm
tomer, will Lail too hi the reu.i.f the Amt. (eutratem lu
front.) with a large Malt of Me above gcn.M, and et tm
mually low price.
.-ICateli repairing shop on the aenteol atom
meht orner Fourth mei Market sta.
Lo- would respecithil7 call the attention of Marche
hanks. Public Offices, scut all who use Blank Backe,
iu las large stock of Bluth Work. which nude of the
ben Lino, Amer. and , bound in the most suntanned thin
n ith the pages ohs:them! beautiful type. 1D la*
wou er.
ld consult their own interne., will please tali and the
amine my Mick shirt, 'an be cilerod st the lowest cash
briers. IL C. STOCKTON,
No. 47 Market et.
SION.—WiII 1.1 neeired. by fart mtal arrivak,
LOW evid choice x,v4lrtsrient. Frencia Embsets ?di=
HANG/NUS'. In gold, damask , bcquet and plain Padua&
together lame lot of ebest i tatlx and Comma lir
_ FUSE-150,000 feet Bacon,,Bick
-17 t Co.'s lazto. marraatea Fatale ay
OIL CLOTHS—!o,oooAunisßoorOileloth,
teen and medium, fawn to 6 rani. wkle, of the
nem...wt.:sawn.. winch mill be. Le low at wbolesalt
eawana make, and mall lower tom an other boonlatial
etty. We trine Ma anal:al. of to totted above
stoon. at oar waraitwou. No. 7 V Wood at.
inch 7 J. H. PIitLIJPI3.
large sesortment 64 4, 6,.a. 6 gr. neetli•e,.=
sal Figured Park. Patent Carriage Oil Oath, •
article. Or Bala ',based. as Lem se raiment prima,
meld J. tIL PIIILLIP6. and I Weed et
ON Factory-2500 yds. 4 and 5 Or. tireenoflo.lsl lir
ante nod retail. at N. i and 0105 ad at.
coda J. t H. PIIILLIPPL.
TABLE OIL CLOTHS—A very barn itn..
e...tnavat ood of
Meet Table on hsvd and ha sale an
vacia J. a 11. PIIILLI:011:-
-6 bass Cover Scott
4 Timothy " just sped as Rs male by
sush7 J. H. DILWORTH & CO.
I •.!i far
TASH-10 eavka No. 1; for sale by
4c., °° cal b"‘" ty be7ves trn e ' l ‘ tro a' ff " .pcno * min for ado by _ r .
meta J. LaLWOBTI.I 01
D. KING, Banker and E:ehanee
ter Fourth st... &las IniV ltr°'
ust tlnt Date:TA Calea Etcht,
, i m
t ritcolawucas lb.
premium In pse ftuuts far enerirat ' ellser big . " 'muk"-
,1 1 , ar t gEst B
Blank — ook. •
i0.f4,tig,..4%." ' of
-. •
IV. a 11ArEN. Blatik Mal Start ..
Market sail meow
Merchants ate =dell to call examixo oar
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