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DT Tllrrse.
A -nazaw—myetercous won], a dream!
Whan joys and r.Orrows are enshrined
In , thine etill hours we fondly deem
play-time , for the truant mind.
It is a happy thing to diem,
When rosy thoughts and risiotu) bright , r
Pour:on the soul: a golden stream
'Of rich luxurious delight. ,
It is A la weary thing to dream,
ITheas from the hot and aching brain,
AS Irian a boiling cauldron, steam
;?be myriad forms in fancy's train.
It is a Curious thing to dream,
When abspes grotesque of all quaint things
Like laughing water-witches, seem
_To sport in reason'a turbid springs.
It is a gloriouo thing to . dream,
When full of wings 'and full of eyes,
Borne on the the whirlwind or sunbeam
-11't race along the startled skies.
It is L WON:Crow thing to dream
Ot tumbling with a fearful shack
. From; some tall cliff where eagles scream—
. To light upon n feather rock:
It is a terrible thing to dream
Of strangled throat, and heart-blood
ghosts that in the darkness gleam.
• And horrid oyes of midnight guilt.
Ijovea dream, I dread a dream
Sometini es all bright, and fall off' gladness,
tut other times my brain will tonal
-With sights that, urge the mind to madness
byarnacb—lt is probably better to perform
thiji _th
operation in wintry, or immediately on
tbgreMorill Of `the tree from the seed bed. But
if it is. deferred until the tree is old enough for a
sbindard, let it be done at tbe.proper height for
the fortnation of the top; and then, if there be
two or more bresochih large enough to admit of
grafting, let a scion be put into each, from one to
three inches from the main stalk. Some of the
most beautiful and thrifty trees we. ever saw,
were managed in this way by the writer of this
article. He 'elected some pretty large seedling=
from a nursery—from 1 to 4 inches in diame
ter—trimmed them up to the required height;
' 'selected two,"three, or four of the stoutest upper
branchei, upon which to net grafts ; cut them
-,done S 3 chart 'as could be managed conveniently,
and inserted the graftsoften the same day the
trees 'were planted. The result was that the
trees formed tops the Ent season larger than the
ones ha cni off,; aud of beautiful form; because.
i-oppose there Scions grew en one tree, and each
scion had three buds, there were tine branches
started at once, radiating from the centre in all
directions. Some trees managed in this way
bore fruit the second year ; but in all cases they
form beautiful symmetrical heads, because the
branches, all starting together from the buds of
the scions, grow with about equal strength.
To renew the top of a tree of larger silo, is
. attended-with more labor, hut it ft ;well worthy of
it. In every branch of an inch in diameter. or a
little less, act a graft. If the branches axe too
large near their bases, follow them out until, by
their own natural divisions, ,they become small
enough. Perhaps a tree may require fifty ar a
hundred scions ; but no matter. Plant them all
over tlie head, and then cut everything else away,
.and throw the entire strength of the tree Into the
mitt. At - the end of the firet season, the new
head willhe more luxuriant than the old one
was., The second season will probably bring
some frait,,and the third it will be a bearing tree,
larger thaalf it had not beeng;hfterl., • This, too,
is spoktia from experience. Trees of bre+, inches
diameter at tie butt may be renewed in this cloy,
by. netting from twelve to twenty grafts, proper
ly distributed over the bead. In fact,,trees man
aged in this way are the most beautiful and
thrifty .
-As different varieties of apples are of very dif
. fetent yiger of growth, it is never good to put
more than, one .variety on the came tree. It is
sure to make an ill-shaped head.
The common method of cutting, off the main
stock, irltereTii. is an inch or more in diameter,
and inserting two Rim, is bad, became if they
do grow the health of the tree is greattenjured ;
and.if they fail„.the tree is destroyed. Always,
if practimble, graft on' the branches. This is
not theory, but the teaching of experience.
Thera are few thiop that conduce more to the
neat:tem and health of a dwelling, probably, than
white wash.•
Applied on the ceiling and inside walls of
dwelling and out-houses, it tends to ptudfy the
atmosphere by neutralizing or destroying those
noxious effluvia which are always more or less
extensively engendered in confined situations,
and ohiEh are no often deleterious to health.
4pied to the roofs of barns and sheds its a
great promoter of durability, and adds also not
a little to the neatness and beauty of their ap
peanince. It is cheap, and any
. ono who ;can
slack lime, dissolve :salt, and nee a white wash
brush—not a very difficult task, certainly,'can
apply it successfully, and in a manner which will
ensure its duration and efficiency for years.
It is en excellent plan in mixing white wash,
to add to the water as touch salt as it will ay.
solve. This greatly increases the durability of
the costing, and adds not a little to the natl.
putrescent modifies of the wash. In some in
striates sugar or molasses are added to the mix
ture; as are - also glue, white lead, common
paste from wheat flour, and rice water. For In
side work, pigments of various colors are like
wise mixed with it as a matter of mere taste,
and when of a nature sufficiently strong to with
stand or resist the neutralising action of the
alkali,' produce a most pleasing and beautiful
effect. These, however, do not augment the
value or durability of the whitewash; npr do
they enhance its disinfectlng..Mielities, which
are to be ascribed exciosively to the lime.
This application of white wash to the walls of ,
cellars, :end 'sprinkling the floor of the same I ti
With fresh burned, caustic lime, should not be
• neglected during the Spring months when there
. Is ordinarily a copious evolution of noxious and t
veneficial gases from decaying roots, and other
similar substances which stilt remain in, and
• • cannot well be retrieved from the bins.'
. I
- Coruna Rxwoorscrs.- , -We notice, that in ma
ny places they are adopting an entirely new
mode of laying out country property. Intend
of squaring all lobby the right angle, the ground
is laid off according to its natural contour. The
road is made to wind about the natural depres
sions of the ground. Lots are laid off, in qtutn
titles salted to the natural advantages of the
place, and of varying Axe. The rites for build-
mg are thus. dvantageously placed with refer
ence to the roads, and the general beauty of the
country is greatly enhanced. In the vicinit34f
• Rochester, N. Y., we notice that a large tract,
bas recently been ail:cued and laid off. In the
centre, a tract has been left of from 90 to 60
acres, intended far general use, and to be plant
ed in trees and shrubbery and kept in order.—
The residences s=round:this park on which
they immorally front; and are of various quanti
ties of ground according to the natural position
of the surface, as adapted to sebdivision.
Grounds so laid off send improved cannot but be
eminently attractive; and a park thus kept, will
answer for all, and save much. expense.
The Philadelphia Bulletin publishes a list of
the' . churches •in that city and county; from
whiCh it appears that the - whole number is 247,
the number of seats 186,639, and the total Coat
of their construction $4,817,050. Although the
nrunber of Churches is stiry large, yet they are
unable to accomodate loss than ooe half of the
intthitunts. Fifteen of •the church edifices in
Philadelphia are appropriated to the worship
for colored persons.
, Timm or Pew Owssaa—in the Superior'
Court-at New Haven, Conn., the owner of a pew.
in a certain church brought action against its
committee for the value of his pew, which bad
been taken from him. It appeared flint the SI,
clay- trap in. declining circumstances, and-ea a
remedy it was proposed to modernize tiMir house.
Tinder the advice of counsel, the committee of
thi society canoed the edifice to be appraised by
three indifferent persona appointed by the satie
ty, apportioned the gross amount upon the seve..
pal pews, and tendered to the respective pew
holders the amount thus apportioned.
The plaintiff claimed to recover the raluci of
. the pow, ifrespeotive of this appraisal. It cost
Lim sfibo, and had for several years to the time
it was tiara from him, rented so as to pay the
interest on $lOO.
=The court decided that the plaintiff was enti
tled to recover the full Telco of the pew at the
time it Wtiataken, and that i.haNaPprailial stunt
be laid out of the C(136. :The annual income,
hawerver, was no =taint= of the real value of
such , kind property, bnt the circumstances
_.,,tendition of the /society must be taken into
canddestidn: ' di throe were not g0,...d in. the
prasiiik etas, the of the pew was assessed
.at . sBoo' = tiallate, Ftk.ilalgtoarnt Om for Pat
amount and tante.
2,000,000 feet Phu*lkulted.
i onDcompexv. Minion & uutll the ft °. of
ApriLl ' neet. for furnishing 'lvo aillbou bet of Kent-3
bleb flak, and Bor D feet in length—to to delivered at
" Lin
84 um, if hroup the Hver; Or of 000 b Ph. e an
the se may be • pen. .• '
Pro may he hooted to the President, B. M. I.A.N.
Bei , Butter or.. Ps., or to CHABLIS Y. EPANO. Pier
buyglu and nay tuoulidet for further Wornastion 00 the
— it,.. i ney be addboised to mow.
. • will be rateived far th e dalleerf n
om tbe , 08 k.
r Hemlock. . ldtd.
m.OOl be received al the office of the Carrot
at Railroad Corn_ pan.p.fat Carrolton, Ohio. until Tani,
• .13th dap of Plarch.nextdiar the
rLaa•ntgliAli.Fl,ll2.o.: anarito. to
nraLV - °LI* r7.'fitTiilrst=g r i a tit :
, Ettin • .at the °Cleo of the Cl'insipany, P axing , lb° ten
lag • re . ii , 0 4, 1 1 , t t i i ii . tbe day of
UOW titLing.
fe • 16nd !LUDT. CROZIER. Seer.
Notice to Contriotors.
0/- omtu
ttrott,?atlgrgriT ' t t e
d 0 of Dlart]r Wert, fet
i020 1 4"ge ° 1 11 4 11,7 4 00, T AtF;irli
0, dd rh toilor. Spetitlanione non tort. propoitale rimy be
Waal lat the aloe in Pfttabrienti. for turoweeke provtorn
to the letting. on application to Salomon W. Roberta. Chief
Cher..., The propotals town to in arcordaneo ultb Uw
printnj fornit k and addrereol to the President of the
WU. ROBINSON' Ja,Proeidern
Tgon ut ob. 6 t h .
,North dote-daub Nen York Trilme. 11212.1.101111 Railroad
Journal. publish tour tluire. • feb:tdtd
' - O — POSALS for Erecting a Wire Suspen
r hr fr.
ia 'Bridge over the Allegheny River, °Twat, Me
eha greet, in the Fifth Want of the city of iiittebnigh,
:1 a Pt= cU riler ' a * go A . .= tg f Jacob
Paint & Co.. Liberty greet, until-the - 14th 4.7 a :' , /•=h
&rat, the erection of the Lora described bririp , i4e
Atli thereof to be the agile the Monongehria .
with nth alterationr ea bidders mar rugged and the
recto apFrove. By order Vine Beard of Mrectora
foltifdtf • F.LORENZ. Prinsit.
0. SUGAR-40 I.l6ls...landing per str.
0 Witt Clinton, re m ff i lTe l l rerlisoN Co.
bER VLNEGAR-20 bbls. for sale ID'
tet2.s S. F. VON IiONNIIONST a CO.
CH. ,4 ft 11."~l. • d tS~4I
EESE-150 boxes W. R. for sale 11.
reb2S e. F. VON BONNLIORST • co.
I 31NiCTINF. PORT WINE ,The piire juice
of the imr, aultable for miebatialTurueera for sale
Quart or Bottle. at 1101tRIU ITAIVORTH'S
a went Mom cart ride of tha DiILIMODCL
50 Ithds. prime N. 0., just
' th " lkl i i alu li ti r uit t b ilunitA3l. •
N. W Wothr
S-100 boxes just recd and for
Water 0.
r4k, and colon, In etoriloaCl dAfoNn rTlX' male N-
CARPETS--A largo assortment
:sad rawest ety,les In a
dIcCLINTOCK.we and for pal. by
S-- ---- 071ozett for mile by
Literati . 'Depot, Thitl Mee.. omen:. the
iinittam's alies BOA for Mar eta
Sartain's Massalm do
Ladies' National Magarioe. do
o:tha Psofflteer, an Indian tale. Sr Moy
Dlctioasszpt Met-har Ea fial
Stanflald Liam a thstorical flosousee:
Ifeureattna bra. P. Junta
Self 800. try :Ira EWS
Shams al= a clew novel, br Mrs :imitation.,
a large allotment of .01.1 eearonol Oil Clothe. for.
Plk the eftryei Werehonea No. 85 Fourth et, to which Ire
Inrite the attention of Duff heeete ,
ePRN-400 bush. for sale by
eftLOYER SEED-4 bbis hi store, rind
tzurs, f. ~.I 47
ICKORY NUTS—LS Male for sale by
311 CERT mi tes CURE FOR ALL PAIN may
be fond lase of Perry DarlWa 'Vegetable Pain
erehjuktem s t=irggrr n . --- --"
f ist . Oct- 'd1tb,15.19
We. the undersigned, Druggist. a Merchants of thi•
nil. have been w.uunted,witk, and ol d for a yew or too
rthtt=°itiWlLii.: 4 l. -,ZaLD:I:I
1 05m.bira;;=7.° tr . ."ue b"
°Ms thi blot!
Poboo as arttde of 1.001 merit and 01120.
Deem knew an article of kledlerne became so dblervedly
ft.P.t=to etzet . t i nzlet • h Is ii =d , rea fact of
Olorwel by 15 of the leadWz Druggists.
yx .4. by B. bolero], Agent. No 10
Won) street febl3
SECTION BOATS—The Tanachariton
and Ittinunn. lying toolvabin, gbingts. et PtunPurt
idlbert, 6t Pntibutgh. In gat ou uPPDpuOuh
Canal Baia, Pittsburgh.
OAF SUGAR-100 Abe, assorted num
ben, far saleby BUILIIRLDOE INORAILsaI.
,10 No: 118 Wttpr
Wes Cdtto76 •
97 mks Featherg •
, 24 do P•16:716.
6 do Dry Aidder
4 do dr, Peaches. • _
do do do 9.661.14.
do Glomat. •
1 do Wool; no. landlot ste6ser.Geno-
Y6.:6.2d Yorudo by 94677 isautrvicKLY ig CO
TONS SODA ASH, for ea e by
SODAASII—A superior article of our own
awantseture. consiazal i o : ltti r d . aatt y ssiejg
6417 Water .tzeot.
rBACCO LEAF-4 hh , is i. for sale by_ N.
fang T OIL'
EGA.IIS-100,000 Principe. &gulls, and
'llama Seg., of all Md., Sr rut. SI
feblB A. CI - LBERTSON t CO.
ICHECK LOST—A check drawn by us in
furor of Henry Prit, No. 17= dated February alb.
. on li. Holmes S Sons of eta dry. for tbum hundred
and My dollar, hes been MO. from the mall Dinneen
110.abursh and Psrkeroburgh. The publk. are eautiourd
r. _:—timin., 'lllDertagor
rate by
cks on hand and
C O .
rah by (.51 7 B S :81.811T. BERM' k CO.
AT '''' ""d" for "111.1NETTY33ERIIT 1 CO.
il [l, ,
tA r C b KE . j:...A . L .p.: 100 .,
jf li r b s. la jz ;7rge No.
v 3, ,, S co lae-
OLASSES-40 bbla.Plantation, for sale
by 1,017 JAS: A:HUTCHISON I co.
BAD-1800 Pigs Galena, for sale by
febl7 -o JAS. A. HUTCHISON ACo
ito , 8ui,....„. 46 1NP11RA31.
"'''. .
ISII- 1 100 bble N 0.3 Maekeral;
Drwro CaMA;
bbls Salmon: for tale by
7417 , Y. WILSON.
00 DO,Zb.nCOßNEU.oo3l,afgosalemby
linen and House Furnishing Goods.
A. BIAS& .t. CO., No. 62 and 64
• Alatiat ateeet„ttrepe emstantlf on hand • large
at of the (*Haring goods, wf the beat manufae
TableeClabs, Damask and Moen' : I
Napkins, Overlays. Doyle", Le. km
Towelr, llvekabee. Dlier and Drataa:
Diapers, homia, Fen and Bird Eye:
Linen Lawns and Li n Cambria: •
Floor and Linen Dam hll
Linen Cidebrie Handkerchief=
1, .4 lalendale Sheetagn 104 Dorton d= I
64 Atimtle sbeetlngre 40 inch oillowse.thea. Le. tre,
NEW MOSlD—Where are the friends of
""i're'Vs i rutiVg4 3 ist. to te4Tou.
The Robin.
Sthlnklng dor dm' Dar. Men.
y New England Home, evlar long, dedicated to the
Leo of mi,
She I Loland AVIY. 'I
th, meet me an the Silver 01000.
Gad Dtght
dyHantra on the Prairie Len—Woedbaa. . ;
,Ily Rad. by h. C. Fn.,
ye left IF l Zl , ative Tillage, by G. Harker.
0,0, ?ft . th VI e.R. l ttakeve Bang and Polka.
Wool I were with thee—amlbdter. .4, - 4 -
41 sawn. by HMV.
:An extensive collection of new Polka, Walla. Carla
time. de•
. Ala a new Imply of ... New Canning Ewa." Cantirs
Load* and ita exerllent new work, alled the ....11•India..
• qolleetion of_yoDular mat meal Boom barmontrad and
• oxed by G. b. Webb and W. Heman—conaldered one of
ith beat work a publithed. 11. KLE BED ,
febl4 Golden Huy, No. /01 Thled vt.
by mn. 31, Thar .d the GeomelN Nand. , 0 0
t Secret lIIIKT7 of the Mon of Loofa Sixteenth, by Al.
oV .... i ry tr Domed, Woe Laen mend, end foe ode at KOLDRA
IS Depot, No. 14 Ildhl at, frbih
1.---- -
bushels Dried Apples, for tado by
feb2l ,T, RI DILWORTH a Cb.
L ma's Coron Byer/L.—The verb:Ms medicines of Me.
Se me. ma Wm:detract, ars .....mingeary poSitiar thMeleb•
mlthe messy. , Hie Vermilege has been found to be m
ill nimble medicine in every Lemily. To Seller.' Liver
ill . thommds are indebted for relief from pain end die'
hale gained their popularity by be
ye exparieme , They hone been tried end toted to be
v. excellent mamaea for the disemee for which they an
mmeedet. We hare tr.i....TlTmed MT. ti•Ue e'e
•lOneb Strop.d kneesow it to be a speedy cure for e troy.
'leans'leans mesh .— en Slannon Ick,gx[ph.
rased and MS by
(chill. IL E. SELLEEIL
LT Weed-street
1.47411 - 13
0.1 r
lIOCOLATE of every description for sale
) . b K,ict'ilet'l` ciu l 4 letoTa N A.f . . " : L it.r. rd— r%
Intocolate v CtZmu Brom. The rent nasortemnt
be Amid the nit , • bob''.
01.R1.r-Wantect , Co ao house work. Apply
at thii Aka..' bl2l
ARD-4 kegs or eby
ecensos. LITITZ t CO.
QBACCO-49 boxes 5 Lump, for sale by
'",-roter SI,OILLA ot mw.
',OSIN-100 bble No. 1, for sale by
fphl7 W. f. F. WILSON.
JAR-100 bble — North Carolina, for ealo by
4617 IV. ec F. tiILSON.
inverter aztSele,manufsetand hr.l. Di
febt• BENNETT, IsEkRY 1 Co.
EATIN t We erapr epare
ed to fordrb met r,..l L e r , - ;
• • small braiding. ly Arm or trot v....T..4
•D. D. Willixtax,lreset the nst, roperintated Hs .
On satyr. ATKI.N.ON k OKELY.
lIRANE'.. 11. I ' A
IN6ISECTITRE. for'sahibr J. KIDD k
MUT - -31ILL—One Smut MI, comprem
gbr maslow try tens DALZELL IF CO.
.4.1.11 . ..30 barrels and
i 5 kegs do, for sale
R. DALZ Lib ert7ELL Co,
OkL BUTTEFI--5 bbli 'prime It. Butter,
'epbiM.ud ter tele bs ,7L DALZELL
street & 00.
• T.l •• a , •' ..xes outman.
. 43'.aababy Mb%) A. coLantrboN t oo.:4
Pittalmrgh Life Iwo:ranee Company.
rE following pereons, by the term of
PANE are the Directory a the mad Company Paths
Oed Yea:
Janes S. lImM Charles A. tattoo,
Jcaph C. Leech, Famed M&teetee. •
John IL Dilworth. Wm. Nally,
At a manna of the above Directors, hell at the aka of
C IVIT.S ° VirO 2 OI,Zo ' elected Free dent
.9.tern MeCtreltes. Yiee Pembina.
(Maass A. Comx, becretam
JOS.. S. Darn. Trearnrer.
Nava. Duwarn. L. D.. Damian g DhndeLaa
The arta •subscriptien Books of the Company wilt be
fa t ed, the the present, at the Mate of )inner. lit.. A
Co., an Deal arca, where those whang to eulverlb+ ean
epportunitr to do to.
order of the Dowel:
fatTiaw C. A. COLTON, Fweretar.
State Idutaal Fire Insurance Company.
BRANCH OiTICE—No. 6413xita'neu!Srustr,
. ,
IIE beet evidence of the success of the
Directors In endeavoring to make the STATE JICTE•
FIRE INSURANCE COMPANY moot the wants of
the communlty, ts the unparalleled amount of bueinere
which has two door; having teemed over 500) Pallet. In
a little more than eight month., and adttlaa user 1.90 A 0
eapltal to the Conipany. The Directors am Mad ...T.
that nearly all the property losers) is of the sake. kited to
"mall r and a large proportion Insured the only one
Slum rof Policies issued. - - 5,065
'Amon t of property insured, - $5,139,406.00
do. gnaralidre premiums, 57,909.79
do. cash pecmiums, -- • :12,194.24
1... ,..,
do. , guarantee stock. -- - 90,104.03'
do. - - - - - - 4,100.00105er5.100,00
To be dedacted Prom the above lialthee. die loads/nal
"if= ofof the
omre fllerohnlite, and om en
. of dwelling',
and leolated and snooty property. 1.1.4..4 this '''...-
paly att.& advantages Is poloist cheapness ' ...lets . nrol
Peewit], Inkster no no InsurthreCennpany to xrueroutaM
Cunducteit on the eiluitable and yr/wetly Improved 03 elm
of Cleastheation of Siege, excluding all medal haunts, fu
nning °air a Molted amount In any onelotallty. am* an.
1.1105 Um ft...puller and accurreore of lerWe &vv. and
lies on both, the Mock and Mutual pine, It out ontrOr
roses the abeam's* and amommodstion of bOth.toete,
hotntitles the Insured to a participation In the Poodle.
It broader the metro' of the following Dins tone ' -John
I'. Retherfonl. A. J. Gillett, John D. Paster. S. T. donee,
Alonzo A. Carrier, Philo thdedgwielt. Cohort Cleft.
J. P. lICTIIF.ILFORD. President.
A. J. GILLIXT...S7-- ,_ 1at , ,6,..,
A. A. Csalthot. Actuary.
Penn Mutual Life humane Co., Philad'a.
the hotter roarcaleage e( Mrpw ullo tee the
lower part of tbecity. the ogeot may Os. 1. round"
front 11 to 12 end 3to 3 o'clock: et the royal. r. , 111 of
J. Pc tz b unrnaker a m Co.; !Co N nag atret= m e al .
Ir . ttttentlnTr Pun Mete Prlbefi r te
lire and
benelita of Life Tusk., and blank Puse turnift.ed no
'r B l arigniock over tiln,ooo and constantly in,ressinC. —
rrnltta divided amemart !lon turstrt tbr
Pittaburnh. d art. 11,)0 1.—loll
Marine, Fire, and Inland Transportation
DT of North America,
Insnrance OcZgr nor , . 6t.: 0 1
btYlru, ' 7,T,l4ti n on. sbippni
Arthur 0. Coffin, Seel, Timm , B. Cot..
Samuel W. Jona, John B- Nett
Edward Smith, Richard D. Weed,
John A. Drove, William Welrla.
eatarml F. F .ith. Fnincir tlneldna,
Samuel Brooke,. AUdlill ABMs.,
Charier Talk., WM. E. BOW'S,
Ambrose White, , iltur tA ge s Ar
c r .A V A L .
Jacob M. Thom.,
S. Mortirlffain, IL D. Sheemed, Seery.
Thiele thq nide= Dinars/me Ortriyany In the EMMA States
and trent im high rtamilus. long egyerience.:MDD Men
'''''' etLl .11
b =ll to tl 'h Valle.
may be dered as offering ample- __ A y
)C8 tia 141 front meet.
American Life and Health Insurance Co.
Agent for Pittsburg)., SA 3!L. D. TbICLE,
Mee. 57 lin et .bat* t , lahhtield.
Pamphlets mntaining all twerstury Infarchtion can be
obthtred at the Ohm, jahnellf
Western Insurance Company of Pittsburgh.
PereMem, SemetarY •
'ill insure &Tenni ell kind. of risks, Fire and
All lamed will be Dberellr adjulded and [dental' paid.
A home Institntlan—mmusged by Direct , . who are well
known In w and amonl maintainw are determined by
promptnen liberality to lb. eharadMr
they NM* Leeward. se earring the beet protection to theta
who dedre to be insured.
Ilm.r.canas—R. Miller. Jr.,Black. Li eu . Boller. N.
Mimes. Jr. Wm. FL Holm, C. rhymer, Jack..
LyonJamea LiTyineett. tleorKe Med, Jaen >!'-
Anajg. Mgdrk.,, Tbm tooth _
Delaware Mutual Safety Innwance Comp'y
CILING E. Third street, Philadelphia.
• Istrnmeor—Building. Merchandise, and other
I,,ry7=nut..l"" lam "
Mau.. Int—Th.l" comely, C•r's
and Freight... Mrehm eowitifiee. under open or I/peel
radicles. as the assured Way dee.
IMAnn TILMIVIITANIPI.—ThPy torore Ilerebandim
transportad by Wagon. Rail road ear. Canal boats. and
Steam boets. on eleera and lakes. on the moat hberal terms.
Drittx - totte--Joaeph 11. Seal. Edmund A. Bauder, John C.
Davi. Robert Berton. John It. Ileum.
ietira ,, C. 1.411 e, Edward , R
Davila Wil
liam Falwell, John Newlin, Dr. R. Si. IltWtors. Jame C.
Rand. Them... Mae Pip:tiding. ff. J•wee Brooke. Henry
Sloan, emir tleorge Srerwer Jlellvahs
Charles Kotly 3. ..lohruou Wm. Hey. Dr. S. Thema,
John Sellers, 1V . ... TM.
Drancrold ar T Morgan, Hugh Craig.
John T. Loop.
Wow.. Plasm, Preaident e rnes. C IteM, Time Preel:
dent. Joehrn W. Cooly. Settetarl.
ilha-Orrtct of the Onnwitty, it. 42 Wewr street, PM.
inwsh. t.,21,11 P. P. PLADRUIA. Agent_
Franklin Fire Ineunince Co. of Philad'a..
viIRECTORS: Charles W. Ranker, Geo.
W. Iticbard.C..TbogWart Mordecai D. Levis. Tobias
ntr. AdoipLe E.. Bork, bationel Grant . David S. Drown.
Jacob Smith, Morrie ratterson.
CgsSirs G.'130.114 &cretary.
Tbls Company motions. to na gs Di...unties, P• 71124.121.
or limited. on every description of Pr operty in town and
coontrh at nat. as low as are c 0... Wept w lt] MCIIIIIO.
The Company bare 1,[1 . ,11 a large contingent
',blob with th eir CmAtal and PIVSIIIIIIII, safely Instated.
afford trap!. proteutlon th. 2.l•llrni.
Tbe snobs of the Company. on January 1.4,1842,... rub
agrtgably, to dm Act of Assembly, well as Aglow.
11.941',431 41
V 4.724 1 , 3
Temporary Loans
Stott, 1.1.001
. 51.5=1
Cub, As
$2=9.4A2. 71
binee their tnenrynnotlen. • perial of nineteen yearn they
haee paid npuarde of one 3111 ban lour Hundred 'Monsen.'
Dollars theme. by Fir, th ereby attottling evident* of the
adenntagen of Inettranen. u veil their ability and the
pcnition to meet with proapuntres liabilitlus.
mil (Mee9. E. ohruer of Wood and 9d CO
E COMPANY, No 151 Market Rare, Newark,
- and so.n gram[. N Y. Arrattotlated watetto
sl,UO3,ooo.dirldlag from 30 to wr per cent prott per annum
The anbactiber will receive appllmtlono for trunraiwa
live. la the atoreautotawful Inanranre Company; the wl,ole
yrodta Ming dlalded anttolf i t i ll i agrifd iosim, •
,15 Yo. 141 Front meek
rARRY, HUGHES roprietors of
the litach Bailout iiametifedam CO.. ' Slag (nearlir, log
eava to Inform Builders. Contractor*. and other. at Pith.
burgh. Wheeling, Cincinnati. that they hameaPiwiot
ed Ata. LAVIIILIS, of Pittsburgh . , their Agent, who Is now
ready to undertake contrmts for Hooting with th eir Let
Gauged Slates.
po.oo. MOIL. 8 Co.. are In pommel= of the twat and
Wiped Plate Quaratei In the Coiled Statem—the quality of
them Slates is tquaL If not mPerim, to the teat Welsb
glares--they employ tame eglim but experienced and prer
tleal deters to do their work, consequently they tiara no
limitation In tururing a perfectly waterilght mot neatly
and handsomely complamd, at as maronable • Prk , per
wmans as angan the trade.
IL k. Co: particularly recommend th eir Slat. to be
put on lath twined of Meeting, which beof advantage
to the contmcgon and owners of building*.
Referenewe'as to their elates and elating can tw seen—and
Thomas PAM. one of the tnmpanr. . 07 idm b.... "
suited my day-.-M their agent's umee clatter of Etna rt.
and Canal ' ; PARRY:III.OIIES I CO.
• firlt•Slato Roofs promptly moat..
C4O-PABTNERSIIIP—We haTe this day
N_Jserodsted with us. Benidadin Hotrhhon. The buil.
new 1011 tti conthrued dr hereddhre, under the Ina of
PitArburgh, January Hid.
CILLVT, funtimaala of Dameetle. tt oolrn, and Con.,
ii. bio. IV Wool atrenbllttaborgb.
Orders fling at atigrt notice for any dewriptlon of 001.
len blarhlnery.faWblt
- -
. ..biting Wyman Me subeinibors, order the irtyln of
I y. Fleming t C.., la this day illaordrod b 7 mutual
aliment. IRA. HERSEY
Ira nem, orflerriloa authoriscd to ace the
name of ttia hae Ina ILI tha aettlement of their basilicas.
_ - _
The partnership heratof,ore . er INna tetwoot the
en aniberk under We etyle of Ch kl ia-
Whda, sea d
soleed on the trot der of Janusc7, 1 5 51. by mutual rea
son. Either of the ma:scriber@ sill attend to settli up
tho business. and are au thuitsed louse Woman, of te ak.
Ann for Was purpose. No. 101 Wood Aron.
nbruary 21105. B. WIIITE.
NEW FIRM—B. C. Shneklett and William
r.. 1- P""
tadii " ird '' = ' r7.l7l . co " 4l B. 4lVlTh r ot.Z
irry ti l oode basins° under MO Am of n ' ,....Sbacklett P Co.
papal Lb. man lately occupied by nits:lOC Whits, 20. 101
Wood 0)0011. B. C. SILACELETT.
Isbla SAYSE.,
oubseribera have
entered low OSPartnerehip under the arm of Semite,
A nano A Otely. _ SCAIPE.
.0.21 JOHN M. OhELY.
LEA Leal
improved patent
Uleeed ugrzz,
Ilydrouilra , ms.
. . Cnnerno,2e.
All oluo on hand and to arive, for rang by
jonfoolif ALEXA.NDER GORDON. Rotor
I,7—Murphy A Burchfield will thie mornlea commence
receiving the y lint pimply of Spring Dry Goode, and he,
von the call of their customers and buyers g enerally They
Invite attention to ther rattier. worm:mot rtyle
Print at 12)6 cente per yerd,releeted with ratticular ref
erence hods:raty of role,. Al 2 cseellmt article la also
offered at 10 eente per yard, warrentel hat colon , . Aleo.
choloe idyl. of Englieh Chintres. Dorn 12Se to /836 Cent.
pr *V; Door 'Aitt.°T,:r4 r "g g,'•4ll"=, '111%77;
Rainer, Needle Work Coder& Cuff Citetniantte, dr. Don
ner. arid Bonnet Ribbon. Bonnet Cape, rte. febid
RUGS—In and
atoro for rule by the
8 Ba>.
railer, all of the teat q ualitc
thilphate and Societe of Morplga
Gum Shellac
Epsom Salts
Sgar of Le d,
Gu u m Arabic
Cream Tartar.
Roll Bet:metal:a
, Flour Sulphur:
u etau ampho r.dna Senn.
fehli corner wood and sixth sm.
riv iE oil kay "If TOlTWll — 'llt real
S R. in.d.r..nto norri. IleywortlN Tea 5.0. T
lu the
isounal Lir IR The Te r they sell at 60 cent. Der
!,;',,r,.... 41 7_verr good. and Mori at dr <wool and 111, dell
dameged, or Inferior Tree ere never krpt
dt alike eats AD/a n ent, et.l they noir retell all their 'fee,
not Re ,',',ll Vl7,2ls . lne,Vhette. havloo p cored that Tea will
"15 h ?‘ . ...rn Kral Iner=natkOhriVireledill'."cetlllio
Joao 11. Mellor. 81 Wool atreet, hat ar
urt rezdaeol anew 1L1341
of Piuin. 00~ open and toady fur gala. deal
of auperlor ant-lo at 12!ti tot.. tot
Iratdactood stone of
Cara klannal. b y Joel Sheri, M. D.
Com Amprira.,edlied by a Wnter Patient
wad atoll of lirdAiliethy for Profespion al and Dommtle
by Dr. Wein,
Dommed. tirticlkai of IlYdroPothy, with fifteen engraved
Illgetratiorui of important volikety, hy Edward Jotinsvai,
near,. and Praetke of lydnipahr. by l a r,,
Franck, tratmlated trom thia German bg Bob., g..m o .
D. D.
The atom ...orb for ale by R. CTOCKTON,
Bookseller and Stationer, corner .tmket and Thine rts
111jEW BOOKS—nI7e History of Pendonnis.
RV thrtuner and misfortunes, Ids friends and big
grea:kit enemy. By MakepeareThMeray. With
lllustratioao on wool br the author. In too ' 'alum.
80. M of We Ilbrinry of Peaderkils. By W,ll.Thaemmy.
MalleGlly: Yranconla Morl. BY the author of the
Rolla Broke.
ko.ll of the Pktortal Field Book of htikervolution. Bt
Benson S. Lomirm.
The slim. Woks post received arid for sale by
No. 4 Markrt pt.
64r. BUS PEACHES, for Rate by
febl3 BAIT.
Sheepland 3 bbl Beef Tallow, for
.1.1" r 1a613 HANS. I'. ALMS ER._
DOZ CORN BRoo3r§; for sale by
lIBLS SENECA OIL, for sale by '
febla CAM. P. elißl PER.
EELS Mint ROLL BUTTER, for side
40E by &Via SAN. P. SIIRIVEII.
LARD OIL-1•2 lath; r e ed - per steamer
Clndraud.l. bad Mr Ida by J AS. - DA Una.,
a bl 2 :in. CS \ Valor Yi-
A - 17].grAf0 GLASS--200 bxe, Bxlo, for
m 4 by febl2 JAIL DALZELL.
iOPFERAS-25 Gbh+, in line order, for sale
el. febl2 J. ECIIOONM A UM le W.
AltIS GREEN-30 cans, for sale 131-
ITIMOTtIY SEED--In store and for isle by
9EIAR-150 bbla, in Store and for sale by
I . fetal ISAIAH DICKEY at.'o
--.,-- ,
, 3 (;,., , t5... t.i c ,, , f1 te i t.. , t..; Fnr..,31,
n3u . 'oii.Trivirr4 , LEE
REFINED BORAX—IO eases, for sale by
100 bogy Drr I. cbo,
MO do Jo Apia..
9) kegs WaabluAtAn C O . Ro..T: • •
(.0 Mae extra Family Flour:
A 0 du SoperAtie do:
600 down extra (Ulm Rm..
1000 boxra WinAtor Olamt,(xxourted, !tore
and for rale JOIIN WATT A CO.
fel.ll Liberty et
,40 bee TinsAhy Bead, Ninon new , "roD;
IS brio and Xeßa 50 I Lear L• 5 1:
QS taxis vitae N.l). Bugs,
Lola h. IA Molassetw;_
(r) bole batik, ground 5. andr
leo bola Floor, ruportua anrot. brand..
Landlnrand for ..lo bp BROWN A KIRKPATRICK
1)E LAINES--A large and splendid asAcort
meat of Hold 31e.ial. Hamilton. and French De Caftan
an. Caoluiterea. from 12n to libe Dor Yard.
Frenoh all veal De Lairs and Caohnaerce at extremely
low, priers, febl A. A. /CASON • CO.
fICILOHS' TRIAIMINOS--Received . add
moaned thia day.
(7.7a . tirig i l ' tri?ql; T ta i W.l: and
tiollan vent
eat ni and
Otrop Button, morn a. 711 &ark Bonoihmkendor Ituttorm.
ot A. A. II AMON A CO.
WVGLASE-100 bri - llaughes "
Y. by 10. hm sale by IDO7 bIeGILL3 a - 1200.
VATENT SOAP POViDER4-20 boxga just
received and for sale by R. E. ZELLEIIti. 11 Woc.l
Meet, cif whoni the outline artlele May al...Tab. bad
F OX 'S STARCH-20 boxes foreale - bv
fib 3 WU. A. n<CLUNG CO
LARD AND lIAMS-10 hbl laird;
cask llama m arrivc
atatuner Fort Cat for Bale Icy
tet,l3 12AIA II DICKRY a CO.
100 Super
F e• o A L ! l l:P f' 4iii i tiCE e ri. cy
LUE SIiIALTS-1 case for sale by
INSEED OIL-20 brls . ree'd for sale Ly
A 5 1a2.1 'CO.HAI:RAVISH_
pIPER-1041 roams Wrapping, assorted;
er - ..Jr Tr ltd do
II I ILDER'S CUSITIONS—Just received and
'Crir sak...4s• J. KIDD CO,
frlsS No. SO Nttsal street.
61 - RAKER'S HERBS, all kinds, a fresh lu
or, hand. mul fur
41,5 • R. E. ZELLEAS.
tiOFFER-200 bags Rio Coffee, jupt ree'd
a. and fbt do by IL'ILBRIDOE d LNR.II4IIIM.
febs No. 116 Irool.strael.
FRESH PECAX,S—Nast received, 3 bbl*
fr " 6 t. A. mr.ccreu A Co.
41.5 • Litoott etr-ot.
RESIT FIGS-50 drums received and for
rs:e by kb.. W. A. XIeCLURO co.
N. ;no. o the (4113 Instrument yet io.rnted by width
r0t:W.0.4 Wt. can be certainly deterb , l elyectitiolutly. re.
qu,rioa but Prinr4111,50.1.34 0 . wad U4O. for
rat.. the %Teach and Jes - rtry Mr. of
feM wroor of turbot sod 4th eta
piLLBOXESL-400 papers Wood,
W rn
I lon.
finot E.SELLEFIe.
- 111RIF f .D t4 PPLES---34 eat
IL % )
.11EARLASII - 0 cask.% ou hand and for
eals Fr fan K no LZELL it CO.
if :ILA SS—Of all sizes and qualities, on hand
ar..l ftt nate bf MA R. DALZEIJ. it 0)
4 3 BBLS. NO. 1. ROSIN, juet received
sad an FOC br D. 0. FAIIN - F-STOCE tt 01.
nb6 , nnun Wn..l 11.0.1 First NI
ELLOWS--Fine pair of Bellowm, nearly
new, far cal. by &CA - O'E. ATKViSON & OKEI.Y.
119 llnn amt.
INIMOTIIV SEELi--15 bbla Timothy Feed,
J. on band and for aale R. PALZELL': CO
TARTARIC ACIII , ---400 lbs, warrant al
our, fs.e rale br IL E. SELLERS
I.IU 07 Word eaves.
10 ARDEN SEVDS—A full raul good atm
mrat of mnell44l from the 'Lantern tin.
fix, mla wholasale and retail. at the Seel store 00110
Wood and elzth ntre.q.
p. Al 7 l: , the h‘ ny . 4.:it , y:e .
j uNe b. n .
WM. A. RAJ, &
fiIIEESE-50 boxes on hand end for sale by
R. DALZF.I.t./.
RY APPLES-200 bushels on hand and
fne ado br 44 , 10 nnowN • KIRKPATILICH ,
by Stock Le 4 Esszate Bredr.ers.
ISAIAH DICKEY & CO., Agents for Me
ebanlem Inn, Werke. hove In. Ear mile or auperfor
9 ,naldy, Lanuaered. warranted. Warehoume II?. Water an d
9 q
/runt ed. Md.
BATTING—IS bales superior, for male by
‘lOl l A ASII-31 casks, for sale by
1,7 Rhin W. aIF WILSON:
fIOTTON BAGS--40 doz tailleit for solo
I_, , Id feblo • MrOILLS • ROE
SE6AItS-10,0 0 0 Bprincipe, for ord. , by
B U.TTER-4 bble roll*
6do paeknl •
10 kegs.dlo . far vet. by
fend E. Y. VON 130.NRII0ftfq t CO.
81.C1171.1u.n hore received 11. very full eupnly Of anew.
mud.. which they ewe tell at loner pricey than they are
generally mold eh ganndllark Figured and Brocade tie -.
nenest idyl.. - la=
IRIP GINGILOIS—Murphy & Ifurchfield
ay hove ark bond large I•d of Dripbiughame , 'bleb
1 7 d eo4 . 11=1 , orootly reduced pekes, welt real corn;Atth
10 Y.xe S t iC 's
S C w Lt o /RlDE ,. L p l3lE :„ !Lu . syratts';
' zoo lb. Englitth Emege. sarorted., •
15 brio (Hurt
=AO 114 Blue Vittiol; For ral. by
, J. KIDD CO- Wood fl
L'RESU FRUlT—Peaches and B ackberries
rrr :7 P c'4 l r= th cii i ihe n tr o' c ' Ttgrt 72,ntrr m
Alpo Comoica and KOMI put up to the MAW manner for
pies or tarts. Ou baud and for We by
W5l. A. 314CLITRO 0 CO
frby 058 Liberty street.
IRD SEEDS—Canary and Hemp Seeds
Jur rs lb. Wet 411414 for Dd. itt 4
few W. Al ! M'CLUBO,2 Cl-).
them * - 3reaccearrlfr, o..hrti. 0, 1811.
Da. E ate the only Meer Dille that
aril here. I ecould not get along .11bont them. and <'..7
one that make. um, of In the hi t ched terms ul
commendatin. Voure J. LiftEEN.
4.17-orepercA and oat r L.IIELLY.IIS, 57 Wont at.
and mld by drUltriPtli g11.41.11y1
F IGS AND RAISINS--14b boxes tie:
• 322 do rsixins. on
truml sml I'm. sale by BROWN L R.IIIKPATILICA..
IA b
IARI) OIL-15 bbln best refined Winter,
1/ ice ..lo by , J. SCIIOONICAKER 6 CO.
Ibbf4 A Wend great.
I LAziER's DIANONDS—I doz. for sale
V . . Is, feb* '• J. KIDD A L.V.
i ARD--SO kegsand 25 blica: for male by
1.1 feblo anowN a KIIIKPATRICk. •
ASTOR OIL-9 tibia Blow'. Maio, for sale
C 1 by (1.1,14 RILEY. MATTIIEWB 0 CO. -
---_ ..
_7l az eau."' c'.'"' Kotula, I'r hr ;Jill LI. a co.
febl.l 0.4 WOOll rt. ishos. 4th.
B UT'PER-7 bbla fresh Roll;
'6) kegs do Jun reorlwrd sad
for Yale by tab? %DILI.? .6 lIDk. .
Ggr OT TON TTVINYL2SO Re; superior
ku, gala by J. IDD DO.
fetlo NK Wood Weer.
11 - 1 A ST I LE SOAP—MI cases !lir sale by
tj (obit) J. KIDD a ONE
VERMILLION Trit4to, Chenese 0071
AVlericial, fur we by
1 ‘ RNICA FLOWERS—For Bale by
/ feta° J. beIIOONMAICIAt & (Xi.
7p LACK LEA D-700 lb, of superior uoli
1) ty. foryslt by
feblo67 Wadetrret.
CIR 0 C RI ES. •
ug 10P half shrsts Thong Ilystra snd Mast Tess.
n 5 ra tt y bases Ma. do.. Imp. and (000 1 • 010411 ,
box, 'twirl 0 Rablnson o's Tanana.
14 do P. Robinson dt 0 . 11 and b's do.
du Cabins. n's Tabasco..
10 by. bass. Price and Inamood's Chl dn.
15 eau) . banes Jam. Thompson }Y. Radon bra
a Lump, In snap and R.F silo by
J . 1:117K PARK ER 0.
bLls. IntlekeL2,rery obi and chains."
611 laden YU Tanmillasia wo la.', in oar , a and Mr
aida IT JAM] JOILN Lizscia t 00.
Orshaml tie March, with 144 Pages:
Ilorticultnrist. fur FebruerY:
Contester. d.O
Whig Review deg
Neeiplha a tale.:
Mmhetilt . . Hameln, N 0.2:
Womenof Israel, by dram Aguilar. [napalms: tel kr mothers mid daughter , :
Hotlines Itecompence, be liras Ajrnilar
Itelf.Dereptlow or the Wooer nt ,1111 . 1411
Hearn by Mrs. MIL.
Oliva, a novel:
r I t 7ge P t j." l F tfbr sale Cl Pag t= e t oppo1; i Pad Of.
H. ft L ll ER takes pleuure In m
nouncmg thethe how u,t opened a lot o
choir. Leos of the orb:brawl make o
brass et Mom noel Lltmrwte, New Tara. which. with those
.41 hand, hem the mostelegant, varkd. and ei4atl.e Simi
ever offered lo this city.
Among other, one sOendld 7 octave double tarred Plana
Lonla XIV style, with the elm ImprOvesuent of the one
strings, the latest and moll Important Improvemento be
found only on k Clark's Plan.. ALso. two aperb
lbllAn Attachment
LIN. 11.—An
r ise lot of New Thule, MbllflOß JPllll3'
ta , td's, and the choler. newhongs. Polka, Wallace. Be.
SIGN OF THE OOLIAN 111E1 . .101 Third st.
JE)APER—FoIIO, Pnckpt, t'onimercial and
quarto Peet and tap Paper. e Inere supply of ell nue.
nee. ruled end plain. blue end white, for sale enllheN
tertian at TV. Et HAVEN'S
NOTES AND DRAFTS.—Engrared and
Ste...graph Notes end Drafty of invert beentifol de.
" 111. ' 1 t'i'.7.4lrittsl*l...aoLancl=ltTae. Foe
yenlll Cor. Market end Second stn.
' American. Jonretal. and Poet copy.]
WRITING INK—Arnold'. Writing Fluid,
Copying end Red Ink:
Ibleernt Chemical Fluid and Red Ink.
Harrison's ()Ann:Mien Int —red and black.
Hgan ThompsOres Commercial Ink—blark.marlet,
m red.
Erenrh_Carmlne Ink. For Pala by
• • - -- •
A new deadest diet/t.ary of Greek and Donlan bit.
Vitt '. r o ' Perti ' L frul fahraita . ,N • Dr-rtlp
by Millis.. smith L 4 D., editorof the ' llietinnariez G nth
LAWRomeo Antigun:Act and of Oreekamd Boman Biography
and MYLltiMuitty Witt-it'd. with ammonium contellowt and
additionth Al Charles !inflow LL D.. Professor of the
ilreek awl Latin Languages in Columbia College.
The Life 001 Corruipondenee of Robert Southey ; edited
by.lide eon, the Rev. Cherint Cuthbert Southey, M. A., Cu
rare of Plumblandi Cumbelitutti. bull bound cloth, with
No. 6 ttf the Life and Co
they. rrespondence of Robert Sou-
Livict of the Queens of Scotland, and English Prioceseee
connected with the regal gureention of,
.aor.4 Strickland. antbur of - Lire. of the Quitens of
E TV ' iliClinariterj end its Cana., an Mame+ deli,
•fiti in the 11 .. wa l y Tabernacle. on ITtelnenlay evening.
Jan 1N 1551. by Rec. N. Murray, D. n..
Tbealeive book, juyt retired, and fin - swlerbY
Jena , B. C. tiTOLTON. No. 47 Mallet 44.
V lit iV ; ----
Mtatok,lto. el Wood etre., b. mei
. and nor own fur sale, s tarp and lIPII
enteettd stock of 8, Uht. 6.V and , atter° PI.
whtorten, from Ott otaltutsctorr of Chicketins, Batton 10
th ho loran the attention a porrhattor. Them&
!wave Iniartably sold at Hoodoo prim, loarna any
damn for traortnntatios at ritk, sod In all c.o. wattuatrd)
Ohl Moos takto In port P•761¢311 at their-hill vslue.',
dyrot for the 0.t..0f Clalckeringh. Plan. du Went. Po o
tee:. ?Oh hi Wad turd.
Greek and Roman DI hl' !ilythodoxy, and o_ecc
banally rattly bawl upon the Dictionary of (meek Ga d
xe.i manellorm br e nD A y ,, an th d . Dytbology. By W.. Smith, L. L D.
Lime of the prim o ‘ f..M.lnd and enel!sh Prlncemea
O L lret.V . , 2 lgli - grirroodene• aR. Southey. Lilted by
'his son, the ReT. C. Southey, M. A. 1 .01. Sm. meth
Its Praline of Poyory, and Bs Causes.
lid A
llvvreil In the ittmasray Tabertmele, on 11edtkesday ',en
ing, dummy Lt.
o r Her. N. 31 orr. ll. l. liNoriss:
Just recelvAl and fr eels try
TS Apollo Buildings. Fourth et.
Lovely Mlden. • oelebrated doett from
;Zi r ii, ' t= faithful to me., • sneer song, by C Foster.
liemelly she sleeps my Alice fair, by I Cc Foust.
I'd offer thee title hand of mine,
anima maidens come. ar Tranisdillo.
We moo be holly yet from the Daughters of St. Stark.
flormit lturlal. statuette and touching balled
Thou bast wounded the W e. that loved thie
ar don't yoo remmber ravel Alice .
Crime Polka. by B. C. Foste e r.
The celebrated Polka Dame.
• • • J
Jranett and esnott—catoplrtr.
rah, Quadrilles. by Mrs. Erne..4. Fs...Won mlt.
Polk. by BurTonaler. Chit Chat Poll.-
In. KA..keg Polk.
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Llilr QuAbillvo—retTeAlf arld rtetty.
Rose Quadrille+. RadKnol Polk. Allegbelay
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JOIL'a u. NIELLOR. 51 Root at.
EL—• eery large stack of haw Plazas 43 -tying. and
11l be opeo for dale this week.
Literary Detait. Third streak opAitte. 4 •• .C 4/
nn Mar ,sat
Home Thriven, a T.I. for Withers and Daughter*. By
Orem Aguilar.
= Ile~m~~m [l pcn.. BT Ilene Aguilar.
Whig Almanac No UAL
The Mother. Beecintanra a IMMO. Dy 01.14 , AguA t.
' The Lunen*Bei or taro ITArrilte•—•
The Ladder of nold—an English /dory.
To Lore and to he Laval—s tale.
Caroline of Brunserlck- Dy G. D" ReynoLla
The Ronnai Confeeslusl.
A Lecture on the /revile. By fir!Dern.
Dr Bern's Reply to Bishop Hughes!, on The Decline of
Home jourtml. No I of new volume.
Olive.. novel, by thew:nine of .- The 04:11•Iee."
No I of the American illominalnl allnati of the We verl y
New Books, just receiyed.,
THE Bards of the Bible: by Beoigeliilfil
ian. I vol. Mao
work falendart twin/ ono exhlhltion of the
Orval atantar. ealguoi far beginners loglreek. sod as a
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he Youth's lltrOnal. Blllaunabilaga
bouhl. I vol llrmo
rou-m• and Coouvr I.,haring. By Marla .1. Malintse,
I vol. nius.
Tbo Mather) , ReosuPao. • aMlue , to "MoTar
Br Or., Aprllar .
'Wehanlca . Maraztoo and Era - Warne Journal. ilriu
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• Hrror • lartionary of Mach.. and Engifieerina. No
Jost reed for oak by 110PKINY,
)121 79 Apollo Prdlangs. F ourth a.
, larger
and critical Wig Engßah Lexicon. thundc.l
~tt t larger Latin. tlerzoan I..exicY , n of Dr. William I nand.
netth ovldinceas and one:retinas hunt the Lexicon, a thane,
Marvinlntl. Schell., Georgec, by E. A. Andrews. L L D.
Tat 1...y.a1en wog. fq T. vane being the Perecdual nu .
and malts of travel thYough the iand•rieb or Ilan.
shah Wands. and otherrarta Of Polynesia. Br Rey. Efeni7
T. Cheyeee, authur of "The Whale .ad ht.Caldora." ,Pith
' Tut YorPll . 4 ILICVIIIM•Fr ..9.4 t , " Home ineuenee.—
By Grace Aguilar. Received and F., aale by
yal3 R. C. STOCKTON. C.' Market IL
Chronlcle. Mat and A.flifyla onyy.
raw of all noel and ovalith., ruled aai pta n, blur
13Lak Books of east:, develptlon.. band or made to
order at •short motes,
Stattenser--English, mesh mut Anvoirna, faker and
Maids for &ale hr IV. a. ii LS. S.lloner.
jahi Market at, corner of Ssentd.
PRI;CII ., NG : Every de
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beet men, we W.'S.. HAVEN.
Printing Ofrne. Tbled et:. between Marbet and Eerel•
'f‘'..iTIONERY—W. S. IlArtu, corner of
Second and Market Ala.. b. for ale.. Ivy and
end. no
p eta an uetat=eut of tar stallonery ha been
or , ned Nu market Merchants aupp W lied aritln every
article In Oh lino on the nok favorable t. jala
at the Itolden Mara. 101 Third
1 ilLt:llElt 3 non 'inner • (malt kt
of elegant Ilanna. made by Mad.
Near Sort. among abem. • splendid 7 octave carved Keno
of ber t h descriatiortof exterior and haw. It La tank
In a.. atyle,rt rogue In tho reign of Louis XIV and
Xl'. Also. • n en tot fashionalde and tnpulat Motio
nal an cstenalls election /rat lnatruments.
Guitar, Metal... nod elver variety of musical merchan
dise. jab)
NEW BOOKS.--liumboWe new Work,
Cala. Sketchns of Phrrieal doecrivtion or tb.
or..ror .
.1 EnOns.eyo . Dictionary. Inm NO
Fertnons. Thew are wrllvro'rib traing.
For Aldo by R. LIOPKINP.
DOD Apollo
Trmine M llo3lPl93 t. X`ii, and Myriam'. Black, Met, ticari.r
• •
firmtals . Drookman and Langdite, Jackson',
load Monroe Black lout RAJ Logi Pencils.
Inkstands of every description.; Oil/tags. Cohen', Pratt's,
I,,m'a, Kelly', Leman . , and otter[ factures of Steel
g a ng fl• • E. M. Smith'. (sueensuir to St. O. Bayley • 00.)
Ag istirated Gold Pens, with gold and allysr case,
Vibartnistes English Drawing Paper—sintiqutugun. disa
ble elepat .4111. ratual and els.
rb lVforat ' sx ' bawd. ;ItZel p ii:sir 14, ad Ailn " Ad ttnid
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.1.1t9,11, buff. hitt* and whits.
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tin, rows and Turkey boxwood sand bum mpring prelims.
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parn Mune paper isf all slug red and wring mdent hint-
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both fancy Lail ample. Purether with •
allylarg imortlitniat ot
blank taxa., and naemorandum hooka of common forma
of rullng. In @Ter' style of binding. and Mtge , of all
mad quaLneas for sale At reduced rotes. thymoat 00•410.12.
able terms. at • W. S. HAVEN'S '
Blank Book and Stationary Warshom,
0010 ti.ornag of Markin and Soorind strati,
the American Revolution. By Eldred 0110. 3 .1 EN•
(Boer of the Reform.tkm of Use Finteenth Century:
biJ. ll:Merle d'Aabigrie. D. lb. President of the Theolo
cal Polio"l of denere, and Vire Pmident of the &dela.
i .anselique. Translated brill. White. D. A.. Trinity C o lt.
s e. Cambridge
'Kentucky...ll+llstory. A ti o nitle a and Illogintoby. lb
Instrated by nnty .Ig-win's.. By Lewis Colltna .
The above narks fur Ws by • B. C. BTOC:h.TOt.,
• •
• Ilimkseller and - Stationer.
Corner or Market and Third sui.
° ()lit 1..1ki: MAYS—Peltnn's splendid Out
Hoe Ihrtsl.l4 cow beLnglntwettecect In all the loallinw
Fr oh In New England and NOV/ Ina. We hwee obtain
ed the n e e- tut' for them 1n illtaburgh, wml Invite teenbers
nd ochuol tonteolthew t o atll amtemmehte them.
N o . I—htap of the Jo
rn %regents Iletulephere, bl: 2. htehen
1: do )Inete du
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ti do Beirut, 70 X h:
de Axle. 70 a'¢
to B .
America& Attire, 70 x
Price of the AP rl cm, with
key. 2:n or the fast two Herol•
phere Met, with key, $lO.
Three mope are unrivalled inaccuracy, beauty and ehroP
UVrol=reloti'gV,V,27itllen! P " ""7.
Pow war Publiehrre oilers, talon{
OK of freight
°ow°, et the KIAJOATION.I.6 BOOK 81'011E,
jeold Corner of Market sad Fourth rt.
Morris and Willis's - Mune Journal.
pUBLISIIED every Saturday in Now York
y, at Too leolLara a year, payable in nil cues In
enratatuon or muncr--0111ni of the Home Journal, Nn il
107 Fulton Amt. Neve York. Deannober all
7,.'°47 7 ".Th1.%7170'.T:,m°Y,7 ' er r 7P: ". 2 . 11 1 ; "
Boas J0C6.1. and lilit all reardtpta raven by him lts pr
,00,„, (4, aald paper...lll dUlyacknuirledvd hY ba n ds at the
o, of publication, and It is expleanlF ntrrered and under-
Ana& that all suboerlatlon. are payable the in
in ad
vanc The wa volt..lW! CoUltilener on the let cf./m.l
- :t b /Tl P l rr'l'd' 1 itt ell.PetPli rd . oth.".
l :Vaea. l 6Ldltorr, nod tPrurietaa
E N E LOPE S.---Just received, a lar
ge .ll. whH :t F'"."1"'". of
W. C. HAVr.5'5, n tation:d7 Wnrelionse
- laar, Madan' mild Seafood nthaar
NEW 130NNETS—Murphy & Burchfield
hare open Cob morning seeerni camper Nen Pining
nane.. emanating of Itogliala Bitch:on Chip, Ilutirarku,
Alma Pawl and Napkr, Iknbrolderial .truer
Mod, and Aldan, Coburg and Milan. A latrine (lnitaae.
China Pearl, Reobroiderni do. Amore:au Pearl, Vandyke,
Pedal nod Pearl. LuMn. chip and Ponotaldr. Allan
yiwaand efdldren'a ilonitita, of a varintf qrlea—
Al" Fain. fnional Knfilles ['nano., fdaln andnnadd
mdn,ad C h ip Jo," lon Udh, Lora nod lo
wa,. Mau, Cuba's, Album, thinaraari, Ler,huni, do
Drug and Prescription Stare for Stile. --
t ii a L a a t. CcrarLddraz mai Improallas part of
rend 7 a p 4•1 •• • Meteor
bustaeas, STORE
apply at the Cheralele"Nire!'"' rob
SINCk the introduction of this new Com
roueo. cough. and Colds a,, cared it. • eery Mod
now. We win warrant Dr. Heysers Pretoria P).* to
mule =amen cmith.. Cada.
time and el • cheaper rate than any other Makine ewer
kintleinaiall sicken the stomach and proilme names which
k more niazgreeable than the mush Itself D °bd.
Mid in th is mixture, for It Is a pleasant soothing made
era it will cern or Ms miner tei` refwided! nig d.
nen. In favor of thie medicine in our dtti rm . .... h. '
citizens should coikinew my am of its atkacy. It le the
rt 'P ro b r i atimV 4 c7y %''° . - r. i tt ,,,
most benne memo. "...
ISINSUMPTICLNA late from Steubenville mins., iniar
her daughter had been &Mitred with akough eXteehr
Won, night teals. beetle fever, amt all the abtrewing
eryln *OO4 of kmmaption, and th at after balm two 1104
hoe"he nee eolinds cora l. A gentleman In Washington
mynoin who had mitered with Aettima and Chronic Cough
Mr eight)ears bat been entirely relieved and therough
removed by thKUM of Mira dorm of bottles of thl• P.O
torsi er , oe. A gentleman from Peoria. 1111no1e, writer
that "he Wawa the Pectoral Sirup to La a goon wilds. tut
he ha, tlO.l It 160 Ms own exec. and In tb• rims of members
of Ids family with the most midst awoke.
Jt be use or twC1143.1. .Dat .
uttd wow 013-16
put up In half pint bottle. at 31
14 twits each. or Ida bottles
liar 112 bu.
COL,T, Stozrumme would do well to keep amOPIY
this medicine en band all the timo, as it is one of the mow'
perfect and effleaciams remedies ever disconcrod for all
'‘ ei h t7 i ,lWh i tzgl
try to get Jon to
tn, com e inn of the various nostrums, but do nix need
them. 11 to get well boy Da. Hursza's Prcrozu
scutanu take no other. this will cure met. It tau in It
some of the mon valuable plant, aral herb. of the tuatarta
medic. and is eimpounited by a perm. thi s
in the bra!
Mg art. I here can be no aseeption In this medicine. I 1.
prepared in your own city, era the proprietor bee PP.,
one iertiticetes from lemons In our own city, attesting Ito
mineable properties. which will be shown to any person
,destrous Of awing them
Wamen throughout the United States to sell this
medicine. La/Tenni:mm.4 will be mode to those who will
take an 10.1,4 In the tuedirimi. It will pay • large profit
to ail agonta,biondes, they will he doing suffering Mu:amity
service by pladng in their hands - thitlrmtest. medicine
fur hum; diseases lite world has tom noon.
For kile, wholesale a nd retail, by ETHER 3IeDOW.
ELL. l lkordsta. 140 Wood street, Pitteburgh, Pia, to +Mom
all letters for agencies mkt be Milnoned. AD. for aide ID
D. M. Curry, Allegheny doll P. Brocker . Brownstille
Il.rge Bawl, Wltitarirtom John 11. Buchman. Hickory.
therm Bet. , Mr/SewPorti..l. D. raven, Canonsburg.
and by merchants and druggists generally. Ja.M
(gELLERS' LIVER PILL—"The very beet
101911. m ill ume!"
KANAWHA Cot TIMM, va.. Jan. 4, 1841. -
Mr. IL. E. Penera—Dma Hr. I win .ante to you that It
in my opinion }our Pill le perhane th e eery bur P il l non
lu toe ea a Liver Pill. and la eurparsed hy now as an
Anti-Dillon, Pill. It lay en, Manly eateenard In our com
munity as • family pill, and Is fag supplanting all other..
I nom !meek from my mend. perince, Irma the ex
perience of many MI and customers- t
P. S.—l ore permitted to shine the original letter, but
not to publbt the ether's 11.30.
Lirer rills are the Original. Only True,and
°lumina. Ail other. are counterfelteor tome imitations.
_ . .
INarchaeera re...11e. that it. E. Seller.' Liver Pill, are
tluoriginal and only toutand geuttine Lim Pill, and
mar he bad at No. 67 Wood et/x..4;mnd of Drugglita gene
rally in the two cities and vitAnlty. jal,l
(iELLEITS" LIVEN,bIitILLS supereetle all
J` e k trttarletton. Z ) . B.
e—Ynar Paho have bee.. at popular In al)
of ennntry, as very much to intrterced• all ethera as a
Liver or Anti-Ellhout Pill.'
]AYES "i.. 41.11479.
lEvtraet of a
Purehaner. mealiest that R. E.. Beller? Liver Pill. are the
Vat a ' t, ' N ' o r' . tiVocal"'' "'" a e nVorD i n= ill 'gtVrfltjt i l o
the two cities and vicinity.'saW
`litOHN MURRAY'S FLuin Mnontsu.
1 N. : rot' under the immediate care of th e lower..
rthd hhed for onwards of thfrtr rrorr-
Thl. elegant preparation Is reaththensted noes of
bile,acidities, Ogigestion, gout , and gravel. I,a the most
safe, easy, and ellerthal Thom in which Mathes.may, and
locked the ooly the in whkh it ought to be exhibited. pow
.creme all the promtlea l of the Magneals now ingeneral
dens in tir Lowe& It4leg . al t ee ' orves hearg o ro ' lsithout
injuring the mats of the ealth,as sole, mt.., and their
cert.:maks the istkwn to dw„ it prevents the food a !Mar.
horde gi , ol in all macs ft wails • pinning aperient, god
.47W ly adapted to kraal&
limy Davy kedged that this solution forms sob
title m m Wiens with uric acid salts in team of out and
whey 1. ttwrebt ro heir 1
it'll! 0 11 . ad b fll“Itr..._
From gir Philip Crampton, dart Ge ne ral to so.
ArllleslS '
be no .10' ht th a t Magneds may be .
adatintsterod moth ealely in the form of • thecentrated eo.
Intim than in robstathe, 160 thl..od 10001 Mbar
I “[I of ojanS as that the Fluid Methods 1. a very minable
third°. to our Materia Medka. PHILIP CRAM
it James Clark, eir A. Coopers Dri Bright, and Meths.
Orghrigand Ilerbort Mayo. of Lors. stronglyrocationeul
Murray s Fluid Magnesia, as being Infinitely more safe and
conreolent than the Aolid, and !metre. the dthger attend.
1 10 .7 . 1 . : othg."g. ofort:11r-%
n. A.VIUn - AlTbo.
Car. Weed & Sloth el.
ONT AIN !NO no Mercury, nor other
e C M following Mineral. The foowing testimonial we , Site. bY the
rbrand Ito. Wooster Roach, the author of the great tura.
cal work entillotl — The Amcrimm iluelce of Medlcuut and
Family Phinelan. ^
ollavlng town mode seguafuteel with the lugrodlehte
which common Nleolliteter's anlioeliee umatemit, and har
m, prescribed and tested It in memar case' ln my pirate
1 0 ,1 6 .`;:ti11°, b „V,". u c.."0111: 0 4 1 ,1ff, —iff ,2t 1 .4:174
whatovor Mat Kt Ingredients comeinallm they arr. .and
Weed nit directed br the proprietor. are not only harmless,
L o t of ,f e,doo, being truly Ecientifle Remedy a rut
power: end. cheerfully meemmend itcompound
whwo Leo,. ...II .oe which ta mlat tweet
teel to th e
rem of • great earlety of mum Tho u " aye
either recommottchel nt engaged to the de of mere. malt-
dn., regard for the truly honest, conatieutiona, humane
eltarer4r of the pryptiotor of thl• ointment:end the TM..
nlg '.d t er TV,V
rw, NA
Ile - Rae—lt to one of the beet thlngslo the world for betrne.
Itnes—Thourands areterly cured by [lds Oddment
It never Mile in giving re lief
For Tumid, lacers. end all kinds of Bores, likes no
If Mothers and Nunes ter. its value Incases of Swollen
or hon. Breads, they would always apply it. In such cued,
if toed according to direction. it glen relief to • sere foe
Around the ben axe directker fir using IfeAllltder's
Ointment for &Tofu* Liner Complaint, Erylipelas. Tenor,
Chilblain, Redd Head. Sore Erma, Witham. San Throat.
Bronchitis. Itersone Affeetion. Falra. Disease of the Spine.
Head Ache, Iturna, Cloon• all Dimas , . of the :AIN Sore
tcte. Pomplee. to, Sir riling of the Limbs. Forte, Rheum.
item. Pile. Cold Foe; Croup. Beetled or Broken Breast.
Tootb Ache A -o. In the Fa, de
Prom lA< Banitec rook
There W. nee., perhste. a Medicine brought before the
nubile. that has so short • time `on owl armettenou as
McAllister's .111.11eallng or World Salve. Almost every
Arson that has made trod Grit speaks warmly In its pri at .
n. het been otind by It of the most psingel rheumatism.
moCher the pile. a third of • troublevome polo in the
.We. a fourth of s swelling in the limbs, ac. If it does not
ve immediate trite W coca rear it two do no inlurt,
leing applied outwardly.
' As another eindenee of the wonderful heeling potter pm.
fromer this .she. we subjo in the following
from a regyertable elliten of Maidencreek townatdp. In thie
Mahltegueek, Pert, co.. March,3o. I• 17.
Mete, Bitter Co—l desire tr., infloni you that I was
..ntnele cured of • seven pain to the back. by the use of
Salm width I nureinnted from
nu. I enfrored with it for about treaty (care. end at night
.3.11 fobs nt , sleep. During that ti I teed emione
remedies. which were prescribed for me by phymmans and
other r4t4.101 enttiout ngebring utt relief, and M lAA
trial of this ROM with a result faeurable beyond co.
peendlou. lam now entirely tote from the panto:o enjoy
et tight • peaceful and sweet I have also used the
Wee tin, for touth echo and othermmpleints. with dentist
h•DPY mutter Your friend, Jon'. Ilotu regaro
. .
, prprietbr of the fsbrs , mei icine.
r'in lVL i iPENWilkreßchl.
40.00 Perrsavarat-11 A. Fahurttrelt d Co.. corner of and First
Wm. Joanna. 240
t he DJ street:
L Wilma to. corner of Martel street and the Diamond.
dso sorster of Fourth and Ymitlitreld sus: .1. 11. Cassel. sir
nee of Walnut hod Penn eta Firth Want: end roll at the
Bad Atom In Smitheeld street. third dour fmm ti,conds
to Albert., dry by U. P. '6c/slitters and J. Dough.,
by J. O. iimlth, druggist. BillnlOgham, D. Begley. Bust
Lth.rty. It Rwland, McKeesport. J. Alexander Mow
sigabels N. 11. Bowman Co.. and J. T. hotter.,
Brownsville; John Barkley. [leaver. Pat John Wslker.rrs,
Bunbright st. Prwin, Ibmitester.
e Where is the man who does not appreciate the luYttry
ot n easy sham! If any there he, we do not addrom our.
sele e ms to them. But to sal othen, we any, if yonswish to
odor pleardra porclime a boo ofJules
almond Pistachi •
o. or Ambrosial gbavingereama Iris rc
tem, impossible to find words to deemibe the feelings of a
panoun—wLe has been used hi rharina with ordinmy soap—
upon floating trust of thls thn first tons. It it
t on of wonder, admiration. and pleasure.
" J ' EI.E , HAVEL'S PILAYINIS :CL is ctoredlnglY
emollient, remlering the stiffest aral most wiri bus. soft
sit prieloning an admirable lather, nil by its ex.
I n na t ely .114 nature allaying the irritation. sod preventing
that enplesmat end Miff feoling of the &la which is so•
often rareriruned idler *having. .
Gentlemen using Jo lel, llauelhs Mslin: Clem. mar fun
the coldest and rood Mewing winds tta
me. without the skinheroming &APRs& And those who
wa ca n sagely, say, will never me any Mahar..
One great adesulage—whlehmetlrte appreolas
ted slm. who itma whlskefs—is the *set that it will not
.11molos the leant. whirl must mope will do, giving 0 S a n
us rusty appsmanes to the Wee of Oh. whir - kept.
Jules flauni's Sharing ilressasatedelightfUlpreparalloms.
compoumled with still, to the utter eachasiouhr MI articles'
calculated to render the operation of staving onplossard,
and will be oppresisted by all who make trial of them.
Prepand of by
. .11.74 ILAlTEL:Perfurner Mid Cltelfilm,
PM Chesnut ahree6 Philadelphia
Enemies wholesale and retail. by B. As lahnmtock deo..
end It. V.. Boilers. Pliteburgh and John Patient. mid 4.
Allegheny Cite.
._ •
To the 'Readers of the Pitizbargh Gazette.
"PUBLIC ATTENTION is. respectfully in- 1
• vitod to the fidlowintstralbseet forth ha relaßon to
ono of the tort Important remedice of modern taro:
ht hethre the
PETROLEUM Olt ROCK tit It in not more Th. one
pu " rli so , fOr 'i the relief end of ' woo 'l4'
to heal. bare.• then. Lemur full dire r. nom= rx
sonde . and n allege that lea It the
more mamba will he great fame thread. It is not the rent.
edy of • day, sot by
for thn solo purpolo of making' money:
but. one, which wenonadee. will coaUnwe lo be trod when
all other nostrome both been forgotten The Petroleum le
a x b y gr d Err:My, plartrated In the depth. of the earth
by n power and agency that laugh. to PcOrn all Marin
cempentinn. It le our duty. when we write alma a man I
that we welt. the vu
to deals Nar who msy ?Zi".lo - =11f."1 - .
deuce In or etatemonts. The sick Lot very apt to catch at
a ny thing that prorolor relief from drether A star, Cid
(do highly wrought to urn, the anen
r atf gull
ing or hombugang seentaof them. Now, we do dear.
to Co this we are anstons only the the truth to relation to
oo y ernely shoold be told, order In wedge We IL •
talon far exceeding any single article in the teateria med.
tab Plan novena:heel feeta—farta that may hornet:Mined
in ma city and nrlghborlerd. Lear ample trilmony In fa
vor of the Petroleum
Within the papt thy =oaths two of our own calmer
wDo were totally blind. have been restored to right hoe.
oral Wee of bander. in the Slam of Ohio. hero been
cured. And. atm. the ewe of a gentleman In Beaver county.
There the others but ther are ears near home, sad mar
le by any herb. . who have double on the •11.
len. Them care wry cored atter they had been abandon.
y d ph r yirene hoewlans The :Petroleum will core.
when need according to direttone—Diarrher. Dysentery,
Piles itheomaarn. Omit NeuraigiapEruptionsontlie Math
Pintrlel , on the fats Chuinlenom hies Ilingworm, Totter,
Wait Mead. pains In the boneemelionas old rues Ulcers,
Wen, AJthe. Cluvok. Cough.. Aettuart. Umbellate. and all
pulmoo t ry aitertione of ebronio nature, tending to pro
duce Consumption.
Burns and braids &rues of the Blinker and Kidneys
grap c zl ll l l l::dn. I:coritti N1 . 7 . 1 . 11, 0 C0r , r i r and Bunton t
meatost of the both
/both lilmao. within the "‘ yrt "" the
ern :ofd
perfect soccer. Ccrtillonta that win Zilati en.
the handy If the proptittor.whowlll take ;demure taphole.
Mu them to the afflicted or their Mewls
Iyhatover others may gay about their medicine., the
Petroleum le the greatest Remedy of the MM. PC:yearns
If high standing In Otis placer= an beginning to use It
n their Turtles Thaw who at gat looted on Path doubt
and LTV Wald. to inerd do e rair sod
ormildo lltletTleallliration. n
Behan another year ro p
lls mood, all will to
ro my e u e d to arknewinlew that the Petroleum le the gnat
[ medicine o'er dirovered. For rale. wholesale amt re.
°" 11 by
R. E. Fell K erVNTTttol " &e7: E N. S tht ‘ rr CoW y,
Elliott. Joseph Liouglse, Alleghthy City. Alen, by lit pic,-
,rkddr, 0. KIER, Canal Bann. Farrah etreet. Pao.
h and R. A. Fahriestoel , co., !Slid no d }'root
J eep
Winter Clothing at liecluced Prices,
AT WM. DIGBVS Cheap Cash - . lothing
Store, N 0.130 Liberty greet. •
e ptoortetor of the OVTO c.lpblisbnunt being detirou•
of (Reposing of the balance of Ida winter 'tort. 1,, make
mon for bte exterodre purrtmere• for Srmotif• shortly m tt ,
rite. hoe detorodued to offer Chem at greedlr n'tl ooo d
pretees for Mott. Alt those who want fool, fartblonahle and
11 mWe clortdog. nib floc it groatlY to att.' . 41, Lttt.RT
to faror him with a 0111. 11A groat bardalro will be offered
New Books Just Received.
LION LOIME, Tailor and Poet; an auto.,
Inography 1 ini. Moo. mar.
rennin /Woo:at:on. for the we of parents and nisch...
and for young in-nrone both azolnubluda,
I n ILITYi•LVIT with Jarcoolutiou of tho nto and llotm
loyme P ntnuira of the Stain a Michigan, B r
bow. A. 11., late sorwerlutcalont of public instruction. t vol
Ablvter N c wllook.--Ilistorg of MadamoMoland. b 77 J 41173
E Ltg a trifo r vn with the former
"09 rm.:mil AAA:B4= j7=7,. gt.
EVOLVERS—Just received. au addition
Itty . nos t bf roui.. ear. IteTolsem_sloo Allett's
OLL BOTTt-2531!srin e, forege byt lA cir.
111 Nolls Ftet alll6.Ladd
LINSEED OIL-10 - bble, for sale by
febll t W.ll}RBArOlt.
TALLOW -10 bills, prime, Corsair by
fetal 8. a W. lailßaColl.
BROOMS -40 dozen, fiir sale by
&bit . e.,t iv. tlsurtAuurt.
DRIED APPLES-150 bus prime, for sale
by &MI ' 8. & W.11.11:11AUGLI.
DRIED BEEF-6 casks sugar cured, Tor
wle by febll " S. & IV. CIARBAIXIT.
WINDOW 'GLASS-1100 bxs, assorted
tirtf. for We by fetal S. tW. lIAREACIIII.
'L'5 bids, and 100 kegs No. 1. for
i able Sr ft•bll 'Ra W. ILUtHAVOIf.
CLOVER SEED-55 bbL' prime" Ohio, for
1j idle by fall Hd W lIAILIACOII.
DRIED PEACILES-156 bags for sale . by
(3311 3. t W. ILLA.BAVGLI.
,rpAR--so brie N. C. Tar for sale by
.1. 015 .131711BRIDGIt a IhonlLUI
ti TABBY VELVETS of a cery su
perUr qualAtt. for boy.' wear to be had at the Attar*
intS E.cor. Footth tad Market eta
Burchfield hare on band an assortment orations groan
uo., Welsh, and demonic dm alichWida Maoris
tor Shding. Ale
kJ Murphy A Burchfield boom. eel:eclat attention onS—
above department a war bu.meee,.nd barite persons
wanting ..loths of ant desalt:Aim , togs ra them a all heftily
GOO grim thi tale 0 7 J. KID
00l D it CO.
300' 4IDr Axle by ialB J KIDD tCO
VIAL CORKS-1500 groan foi gale by
...18 J. JUDD t CO
(gPONGE-2 eases, tine, and 1 bale extra
I•Joxiran fur we by • okIS MDD & CO
PSOM SA LTS-15 brals for sale by
1J juy - J. KIDDt CO
1)R1 ES--lifty barrels Family. Flour;
brie superfine . Floury . 20 brie Eno do; 60 bushels Dry
Apples, 1 big Tipp; just received and Int sale by
E.BELLERS, Wised et, pole agent for Pitt d ab.
2.5 cents per betas. de=
1 Murphy d Buntingld Invite the attention of. those
wanttna VW , for boy? wear, to their nworttnent of then
and teller atria. of matt adapted for this tampon, laid
WOOL--Caah paid for Wool by
Ja.l6 MURPHY I LEE, LW Many al.
BROWN FLANNELS—One ease just re
-11 Iml flral,crunufarturerr, And for sal. li
J. 1.3 31U11Pla t LEY.
RED FLAN-NEL—One case on hand aid
forty. by J. 16 511711PHY a LEL
llETS—Single and double bed, steam
boa, crib, azel coatlnfbLYnkets tar sale ! '
/NEEDS —Thrxt cases assorted Tweeds
Jun rmeired from mermfmturn i ftreAbr k LEE.
11.31AC=Two tons Sligllle for sale by
AA, OLASSES--Fitly-iive brls new crop,Ter
i reAJAMES tO r.u. at
frOBACCO--8 bx No ate, 6 twist, received
4 ' .° " " ' ll 11 nreztiL; es Irst.
Henry °Aloud and Miward 14111t,tntdtil. for tram
. Dorking or Awning, Bred on cortgorond, 0102.2 , 2
L12.22E2, MIND rp,
120 Wood gown
FEA.TILERS. 16 auto now lanclingfirom .
. "= " ljt '''' '.°r° llll-en DICKEY
water and Yrunt. W.
/ml 9
ENECA bric received, for sale
lb by de2.5 SWUM k sawn:
BUTTER:—Fire brill and ten jars prime roll
de butter. for fatal, use, far serA TER *Biwa IL
0. MOLASSES.—Fiftyto nrrivo,.
br .als br do2ll 6
UFF'S BOOK KE E P impply
01./ Duff ' s Book Kumla' sad Munk Books ree'd STOCKTON.
PEACHES.—Three hundred bus just
Jj/ 'waived and (ores]. by slims ... etn i r i
data .
AOTTON FLANNELS-9 farther supply
`/of the above gad., a irlior artleba jou reeid by_
- sn
1 1 RENC,11 LEAF—Fify bundles French,
Cl Dutch. Gold wad S re, Leaf. far Web y +y
)110 J 24:1100d.31A8ER .1 CO. 24 WoW
COLORS -5 brie Rose Pink;
• so Itw Bronze. exerted;
10 cm. Cbrotor Yellow and Oneeno
For /01 , . 1110 J KHOO:MAE= t CO
yEßmll.l,loN T zteste a , lT C o heaa, Ameri
jalo rb7 Cco
VSSENTIAL OILS-1 can Oil of Sassafran:
2 razu Oil of Larcoden 1 cra 011 of Roae ( m ni arr. o l etn ,
of Lemors • I call Oil of B.a.vom 11)00 of or
and 1 boo Odor Rao; reonral fr We br
1.10 .7 SCOOON2LOOEIT. & CO.
RUSSIAN BLUE—Ten boxes No. 1, for
Rale by 210 7 SCTIOONMAISEB. 2 CO.
A,RD OlL.—Lard Oil of a superior quality,,
astantly hand for gala br
IS I tr o 1221211 DICKEY CO. Water 2 Fraut sta.
2 LA brltpLing:
1r a ,r
.aATER far .I.
BUTTEft.-4,Thirty kegs and eix brie fresh
Futter Just received and for ale Fr
QM UGAIt-- - 131thds N. 0. Sager for sale by
0 n 027 CLILOWN a EIRSPATRICE. 244 LthetT e.
• _
TRW RAISINS on conSignment for sale by
bbke bent EntitlE,l%7 o V i til a s
ü bl i nd fia sale
ItIOLASSES.—Z brig Sugar Homo, St.
kVA. Louis C.anetyjuot reerived.; and for nie by
Ja ROBERT DALZ.ELL CO, Liberty end-
IREA SE LARD—Twenty brls Grease Lard
X_P r,vlnd and for sae. br
J .ll R. lIAIIBAD3I4
lEAF LARD—Prime Cincinnati Leaf Lard
ukju kegs for badlytri!nrecce'llielada,.
m o R ,SSES—,3
W. !deClintnelt Inviteepareltavers to the leePed eeel
beta selveted anortnent of Three Ply and Ingrain Carpets
ever brought to Mr market, and cheaper than eon' of the
cancan naive. We invite an to tall taut examine ear stock
at No. KS north' greet and 79 Wood Wen.
jape W. !Petal...7oCH:
Mem tothme viabh.gto porelmatiaanerhgrdninue
of Detain. Dataasks, of the moon =4
r o t jt . Vt.:sr-Fr= Prices. Call pt the Carpi... Za
n Old Printing Establiidunent,
.LiATE,Joluiston and Stockton's, and Blank
Boot and Stationery Warehou.e.
g. iliti i - gie ',ramrod to elentate tree/ .SYM IMO*
Oommarcial, Canal, ani 'Steam Boat Job Printing cud Book
Mallon; and funshh every tinkle In Um Blank Book,
darnP, mid Stationery Bun. at the altomeirf notice, and on
most neanonable trims.
Blank Book and Stationery Warthouka corner of Mutat
cod Seem] strut.. -
Itriating OnI,V and Boa Matey. No. 50 Thh-ct et. jag
LL ss halfpipes Cocniao Brandy, ``Palt, and Dark...
15 mks on mks do— do an`
10 do do, cud mad celebrated brattibt.
6 pipes !lolls.' Ole. "Dahlias Author . and - FLA."
1 pundo cheon.
Jamalea, hish and Scotch Mart Whiakey.
10 bb l. . N. B. do. - tie.
35 or. maks Port Wine. !
35 do Model,. Wine.
21 do ligreet !War. Trim..
27 do bey do 0 6 .
10 do Sherry Wine.
26 boxes Bordeoux Claret '
ln More cad for sale by . 30110 pkitxrat•A CO.
aol ffil Liberty amt. .
and Time Draft. on the East and Feat. Mats, 4., Mra h lan " 37•10 Volleks Lomat on the toast laroroblo
•taa. at the. Earko [tom
E.A2soLDk:Yo. ;1
mt.tio. of tocrobanto and other, to lb largo and
Natrona Stoihg& 21111i . 117:&o175tertoo, ro d ,
Cottoo. of all tliot and nacos. coottalttlx on band • and tbr'
sale Ion); ' nce-S F. U. F.ATON.
GOLD PENS. We have now on hand a
large stock of the hest ()old Pens from the loading
tatnufettorks In New Tort. and made trahreolyao otter.
Also, elegant Cold Pencil Vaasa and PeololdelT.
C 0... In every'f variety. Pomona. PC2I Purl da
IlldfOr sale wholomle and retallkt New York am
dell W.\ .WILSON.
leer irtreC, Pitteborgh. Exchange on all. - the Esatirn
and Western cities V. tale. Collection§ reeds In all the
plain la the Union. Notet on W MICA Banks
utast. Note. and Time bills saliva...l. _jal4
L NDIA. RUBBER: PASTE. 4 gross ...Mat
superb rtiar fur Innis and axles. n 1
n34.44 . ,11r2417:
y yisatrr proof. ervi YU.Ido •
article Is varrarited to an., aid .H.
the =me) . refUndol For sa:u whalers. sun
and V Wood arret. I .1•91' J. • !I. PHILLIPS.
EA AllE—Englim it a American Britian.
rda Tea Sete Plated dun Pleted lisstet..Dandiertickic
muTen, and Tray 0; natud Cmuc brd. reality , ivory Dal-
Knee Handle 'Cabin Cutlery. Fort, ;`ton., and Bede
ter Knieve Flaunt teen tierman Sliver Fa. and Sperm;
Tabin alats; Tat Trate of Cm Dirmin hu mg inimnree`Nrei
highly ornamented, Plated Treys of lessutirnl pana.
{.eery superior Pededer for cleaning and polishhad . platad
et, a fur cleaning. Chasm. 1 - inadter
dirFos. Becrotteas—royerl celebrated Magic Kitchen,
&bunt the site of hat. which• rill maim mere, cart beef
dent. oyster, or any thitut.t.l.o la a Styr minutes.
For sal* Cr. W. W.
1,3 Cor:Muket and Fourttert.
I SO 0 111 le.A r . , G
Fri.. Clover Sei, e;
1.4 trr " D j. ftic .'"- V imp coolieragel .
30 brim Linseed 1.);1;
fai tem Lank
IS !iris Butlw;
1.1 bur Oats,
fe) Mis Timothy Seed; on hand and G
_r We by
_ 111 Liberty sanest
A hundred sod nay pre lance eLted Beal Blitokets.
p Celli Blankets, superior article.
Wlo dot Seam Boat Blankets, ribbon lonind.
LP) do Orley Coating Illanketa. /man.
100 do Dra g do do do
30 do 'Blue du do do
3 cues /Beck Bbuitet. Cloth, . do
1 do Beaver Grey 311sed. .no
do superior Block French Broadcloth.
3 do lltiool ?weals, snorted color.
3 do Jenne, inward colors.
2 do Ci1111,122T.. black and hiri•T 03
_ 13 1:1L.
1 do nnets - , black and roi 4 • o .
3 do White Twiliol Flannel. yard nidk
4 do Crow barred do • do
The shoe@ doserited prods are all on eanalientoesit Pr=
earl.. manufacturer. east - and west, and an for sale on
hbe teron to tha trade. at rotagatitatara' pia". •
tritNt'filf-AL - .
• . 17111=11, OR ROM OIL
. .
where me Como klahAke to ludfien uad ter*:
'Mutt ars derampt In philcurh) , "
VIRTUES of this remarkable terns . '
d 7" am the congant eptiliceion for t, to the proper
w -W hatiodneel itirn to here it put my in fettle. With leT
. lieLiand direction. thr the Deceit of the Pmldm
The erritaxim Injodeured frotOw welkin tblreacos:
ty at depth of filar hundred het. toonure. unadnlterao
t o .l iodide, without any chmial chance b.l afti
am, from Neun't treat Lebratorr That ft . .. 1 . ,.
main& &
number of diorama is ire 0
07 tincertunty.' There are n0..7 thine. I. 00
awn of aline. which.!lf known. atillit be of .04 o.og
come In alleviating auditing. and restoring the tioana
health slid vigor do worty • ituderer.
t lnns' betray the pro,
p 4 ri o Ma r ta c o c f x li t uLtlr KAI: to
bottu p t till • mato ,
ring walls fort. end levers] wesook•ble cum tt l ts per
formed. to • wore indication of Its Allure popularity and
wide aurae application In the cure of diens..
We do not evil to make • long Parwie 00 re Bite.
bow that Ow Judith , eau won ark It.
Intotbe favor of those who wader. and wish to Le
Whihrt wa do net plains for It • tun recut to
to p e l t
cry dices, Wa anhaisitatlngly our. that In • tunPbor
Chronic D oraore It' I. unno.llol. Among the may be
• enumeratet divasow of the m 00.% torn.. 00.
stage,) ASTIISIA. and docesea of the LIN
KS. OOMPLAINT. DTSPECSIA, Dlarba. /news. of the
Mulder and Kidneys. Pail. In the Bark or Side. Pewee..
Menu. Sertralet. Pals, rubPUIStIaJC WAS. bout. KiToP
alas. Tette. Ithouvorms.ludia. Scald. Until.. Old mew
&.e. be. Zr. cues or dahlhty, re.ultirUi from 0 4M."
long and protracted coca of elbow. Ibis reiLletti
Vizir. It 1111 ae. a. a annual TONIC mad ALTER •
hole fratnr,=n& i l P l gor, lenlng acrd
fututious. which moil dimwit. Led :broken eforodittitMei
' fir n ite b TZritr " Volrgi l a= ' 07E1,4 1t1P&53!
that evened every other treatinent. get wed underWenn
of the PKTBALEtiII far • abort 11. f tau t 4
7 'who deltre.
hone granitheng the elitaatara th...f .1.40e.
Rohl by the stopElear.
S. M. hint; Canal Bub. noir Seventh Pima.
-W. by IL K SELLSRS. 57 Wool
and KEYS= & .11•DOIVELL. -
career Woe street ud Virgin Aley. wh.47.
nowt fly n'a" , a.ri2: aProlated Az.z.ta •
TI NOW all men who are sick and afflicted
it with disease of the Bladder and Hidnere. with rhese ,
mule pa. In beet or Leal** miff J01t...01d cores, TUre#4l
Lulcers, Or, that they.. be cured by taking the PETRO
EUM. You any Lei about Ite Wu* a 01104
so you please, but this does not mike it ex for see model..
In the Gee of . aa boam eartununity. that It Ines
which are not esetslized In arty other nimedy. The .uo•
orho ill reeked Irith_peln. and suffering fn..
far .50 nuts. get te/of from soy of .0 ills sappiest.
- iteielerl It costs rem little to make, a trial. This Petro
lento is ue mixture—no command. nut up for Oa mimeos
of Impreaus on the comma raft. but It le • remedy elabora
ted by the master hand of nature. and bubbles up from the
Menu of oor mother earth. In Its orlsmal parity, and of.
fere to suffering hommlty • midi matedf, • certain 11.1
cheap cure.
It Ma cured Piles. after other medicines ham felled to
muter...! relief. It has eared Ithromotiun. of Ines
slandhic, and of the worst and most painful character. It
hut maned Cholera Mariam, by one or my deem It hes
mod old cum of Diarrhea, In which every otherAessaly
Insibeen of ea malL Al • 11%.1 comedy In burns and
.da, ls better thm say mrdkal common:de or ointment
that no Aroma. It cum chilblams tad heeled fed.
In fter applicable= andonbted testimony cap be
1 All. Ve ? d 6 of the truth cord•d In he shore statenot,S
::7: th an g,r l4aY.
Canal Beath, Seventh .snot: or
Kamm s Lebo 11 earner of roll street sat Virgin
allay: B. D. hollers. .
a: Wood Meer. D. A. and D. M.
Cony. Allegheny dry axe the ovate.
• h...ttosuled the use of MORTIMERB PLIIMBILLT
eurlog_the ervereat and meat to vrtewate ruses of. 124 IMAM
duarante• and coemomeodation to induce all who aro •le:
bed wlthillitn dreadful disease to try ILI 'Leine. 1 • ' •
llorellude of eusea, map. of theta eitisau of Bt. fouls. .
and Whem from abivad, hove teen rand .wlthln the 1,14
few months tkoe city of SiLaub 01047. 14.1 e !ram BOP
ascot.. .broad show oleo that It Lc Wir tM mom
wherever Ivied: Many of thew had e a t s of halt
and all hope of recovery becen. ,1 1. —
{Mlle °Mere wee of nosin mesa date, of the mute Woos./
outcry form, very wrens. All. howauer. yield Oho woo
data virtues of dd. taculktew, and therms:dmNow
realised Its benefits, and are tow In the enjoymemt of health,
elm but esteem the original disorrerer tool PoVriet•Or.
beuefi.e/or of•mucklud. •
lt weiLknown from the cf the mut, that no
on au t i :ra:appilotd d lon l t.i ts hporal io a
sum. eaxe, ..pernt b. rae r u t= t cure
of this death.' By the spoliation of slim
trr • short time. Btrall the while this Mow Wag Ira
grad) wmazientlr In the ystem, end roam or rater .
will arosTh - &witty., Itself l a there dreadthi form. mat LB.'
• few periodical -returns , It settles into a =runty racce,
Th t tits U erricd by the .roe the
of tlibeepratimil aidval
to oil lb.'
and more folly demonstrated by the hlttotwlunilt ' bed of
1010 00 the prarietor of this oratoratna t ararßß
Inutdrede of
e .
H op T
ratios cod treatment during the hurt foe moot= • . ..• •
PUBITIER bee Menai remedy —commencea
Woe where the drawee first originated, sad in P
the bloat, Dien th rough the whole grade., mutraltiowths
=onto or candle sediment. which hm willed upon the
mutbrancs, muscles ancl tendons—remora It eutirarafrater
the radeut, endratortat the imiividualth pethet health.. •
Let time who am MI:IMM mat drub. then:delve; Ma r
Fo. aao of th is medicine too long. or until their
be are dislomthl or c o ntracted drab MVO. Bleb
they aft cripple:C(or life. Alia eperience of hurafrairajit
thetteatets =rats the peed at we ll aa a Maltltuild ai
•ra.cra dar.tkamattratea th e folly of emecting Aherterwt
;tent nth( hran external *radiations.
Thep prietor of th is valuable medicine Mows thou es
perdu= UM no Path s =ication can rattily •15001 •
permenent cure where th disease is y ra ted in •the
trate= He sad doesAnepnre give pply m embracer
Woe in very 0001 e am. Mich willrelief In to n bad%
time, bra ills wilt out effect a permanent cure. The nsi
tura of this &lase Is suchtlat it months touter ttatri_sat
an internal remedy, to produce the draired effect, a= Mi
t:lmo:le Rheumatic Camoound and 010.11 Pmer
00.17 remedy that her raw been db./rend, rather;
America Or any other country, that 11111 effeettlally cute
'WS diffirue. . •
en:slietne can be bad. sr hob.% or retell, at No.=
Third stmt. belt to the Post Mob Pittsburgh.
AINO far sale M Plttsbargh by IL Broyeer, W. Mara:
J. IL Moron, P. N. Wickersham, md J. A. Jones.
Plies SS per bottle.: dm bottles for MN' ar ;43 pa damn,
Pamphlets eau be bad glatls of the agent
sortbi a. U. VISELLITL
Dt dacoa fled; the discoverer sad sols profirfelor
c t ' his Jr ' Troird.V.lZ. b— th=m1 d ;gn -4 4,11:
amt LUNN, t h atrait: • sure of Climes :Wefts,. ft+ • sit..
of ensineat physklft. Doctor Physic, and' IS
irmd.te ofthe llulsersity of itventrani....l for•tiftlY
Jean Aft. has been engaged in dm lamina-ft= •
o! dl.
tfttlicatkin o =adios rifts •
Through it& tisef ofrop, f
his infisting Su th b•lnosoft remedieet los,ftrith
Iftpylsede S other of his
gained an h utiftft sad eled =lame In =nag theft dreadful
Scd fatal toslailiess TobercuLar Coasumptka•
rofula, lib etintatieft Aft.. Tesler and Ague, Y e e=
iftftir tnysi
ak peft. s
4. od all those obstinate die.
rardigalider t gVse of hit edren frbich tad, li . sal
ty 111 hidr—not by the use of one aftporont only, ft . that
lf incaftatible wit.b rhysiologift LC., but by Me=
his remedies. adapted to. and prfteribed - fft each l
. .
Dr. ItcwEa Took Alterative Pills, wimp used. ate Lambe.
bill seirnowledped to be superior to all *them as • puma ,
UV. m hoer Pill. I.kt:inch as theylcate the bows.k pet.
Pawned: ebey
da faculty :
osam a s l s p o e cu his
liar lPdeec n T i P k l t l i a k t r M e wi O t
bed to Moak disessew below cat
that - a bare task
Is stadium to p ..
ei. .MIA what bas been said, to the udsule pl
,The (Mi the most
lked me twilled to c
r awl upott the sweat attii prei.
cure (gratis) one of the pamplots t o n. • OWE.
ed account of each remedy. and Its application. • • • - •
oule by the following ugeots, as well asbyukat &UV
giets tbr.glbout•tbe outary-,
J. &boon/maker t Co., 24 Wood st.Plttsbut . 7ll.
.LM. Townsend, Druggist it Mmiet a.. •
Lee d. PKiliant Druggist liner the ro.loftia,Alige.
nr OUT.
Joseph Purkley, Darlington, Deaver otioutT. P. •
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IL Mods, late Mayor, lints-John A. lAA fare 17: FL S.M.
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Threw end • hart of other thlignishoil L citizens of New
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As It Ls well Mloll'4 that Ibtout Medicine. are not Tenth.
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ly upon the dhessedTert—wirters it. health and etreagits—.
fits a sure ware for Diarrhea, Cramps, Billow Chan;
sPrwrserlis. *deafens, of the Eldhey; whir
Weakorees in male or female. hum w Weyer muse ft mV :
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tuber while dry. Odd. maim lave. ,
Wed Acute that you OA set aside and use at
add anima mid water as will maks the dough as usual,
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.IWonkluildnic—o much hourowill do too hurt. Blank
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of getting Pro moth of Otto Compound In as,
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You am put the above Compound into ten cakesocob,
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are Dollsr reward will to held to emy mm who wilt'
pratare e rpne of paint, green or Sri, that cannea be ex
tracted with Holthe Improved Chrtalvad Soap. I ha. the
setiefaction of ming to the people of this place that Ibis
article, by my own Improvement CT it, se, .teexte e n “,.
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Soap on more than WO article. of Ilght
and names, I have only found threw...we. erig, two
of alpaca., torl font of calico, on whleh It thansmi the color,
th e r e dge, before putting it on • light dr., try • maple
of the rem Ir. .1 state this becalm lam detenninevl
to mi It any 10204ger then I know to be
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attended Loby thejutecriber. R.l; Slatelud,.
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and mold 67 drossista lestlecf•df. • .
SELLERS' IMPERIAL COUGH SYRUP— proof of its powtr tamer.
Ma R. E. giicia— fairtk.lti, Va., august 3p,151,5.
fkifig afflicted Es isume time with p
hod laraa reecaninswitlecl to use your imperil Collin
op yOunif friend 31r. IS. Tanipletan, your agent.,
far this plum aid It had the sisalred &Tort Of ofortnii
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bM oeeph drove. I fowl fully aatiafael rating to yens
pwceninendistif ft to the public as one of the best mug
dors that hsa area teen. prepared An- the cure for whislit ft
intrusted. , 6MIIII,
Prrpared Ltd Fold by :E. BELLI:RS.S7 Wood fei
veRBONATE 'AMMONIA, sartahorp.J
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