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    a.; --110.51E :MATTERS:
Inceirmatusit—Arred. —Two Men named Hea
ly Johnston and James McCutcheon were jester
, daY r committed to prison, by Aldermen Major,
etutrged, on oath of John Duffy, with ineendiat ,
Ism, alleged to have been committed on the fifth
otJanuary, in setting tire - to the lumber yard of
Gray, Heaves, Co., in the Fifth Ward.- We
may.itere'meritio n that a fireman, whose name
we do not , now recollect, Woo very severely
wounded at thin fire, by a pile of hoards which
fell upon him, m u d though be has since recovered,
he will Lover regain for-fifer strength. The
following is an abstract of IMlTy's affidavit:
At about ten o'clock on an - evening in the be
ginning of Janunry, this deponent, in company
..Irith —, left the tavern coiled the Star Span
' gled Danner, and went to McCutcheon's house, on
Prospect street..We there saw the two prisoners
down in the cellar. Johnson had a bowl in him
;hand, with two bell, of cotton wick in it, while
.lifecutcheon was pouring spirits of turpentine
from a bottle upon them. I asked what - they
were doing, and they said that they were going
toffs, a board yard, !hat night. I wanted to
knew what they would - do it for, and they said
thit there would be a good crowd at the bre, and
they might have time to Make two or three hun
. eleed dollars, by stealing two Or three good - gold
watcher. I told them I would not do such a
thing as that. It I had a 'Spite against a mon, I
',would sooner knock his brains out than burn his
;property. Soon after that, they left the house.
.IWe followed them up Fenn Street, a good-pieee
land they turned down towards the river, to a
jltunber ynrd, nenrsomerolling mills. They went
and I still following them, to see
'what they would do. They went past some board
piles, and Johnson laid a ball of cotton, soaked
;with turpentine, tinder one, and set it on fire
*ith a math.: .
James . 31cCutcheon laid tho other ball under
'lbe,middle of. the board pile, and set it on fire.
They then storied to go up by the way they had
come down, and Pa.ssell us as we were standing
in the shade, behind n. w'agon,
McCatcheon had n five barreled revolver and
lootri; knife—Johnson a double barreled pistol,
and email bowie knife. The beard pile caught
and burned' ctinsiderably. We staid till the fire
engines came. I don't know oho owned the
lumber yard. A man was hurt very badly at it
by the falling boards. Saw both the defendants
after thefire, and asked them if they had done
it, but they denied it.
Great credit is due to Alderman Major, and
police officer Fox, together with officers lloyd
and Thlmpson, for the skilful manner in which
they hare elicited the above information.
Nam Porte Foss u.—Alderman Major has been
. for some time past in the possession of informa
tion which induced him to believe that there was
a regularly organized gang of bank note coun
terfeiters in this city, acid police officer Fox has
been indefatigable in his attempts to foci out the
liotme where they stopped. At last, aided by,
officers Boyd and Thompson, he succeeded, and
Yesteplay the last named officers, in company
with. Meisrs. Adams and doee of the Allegheny
:police, went. to the house of a 'Mrs. Gardner, on
tFerry etreet. • I
ISo well hadthey timed their visit, that they
arrived just as n box which had been forwarded
by Adam's Express wits taken into the house,
and at once arrested . 11/.4. Garth:ter and a man
who would not give his 'Lune, but said that he
was a land evitt; and had just arrived- in the
city. Some good, and. some counterfeit money
was found in the hime, and on opening the
box, it ram found to be filled with fine eugrav
hip of Jenny Lind. In the middle of the bun
dle, three steel banknete plates were found.
One of the plates was of the denomination of
two dollen., on the Mate Bank-of Indian. The
others were for ten and five dollars on the State
-Bank of Connecticut. The engraving of the
Bank of Indiana, in particular, was remarkably
well executed. All the plates were covered with
wax, to prevent their 'wing injured.
Mrs.. Gardner, and the nameless gentlemen,
who was christened Robert •Brown, were com
ruffled to prison, as_was a man named .Loder,
who, we understand, pays the rent of the house
inwhich these plates were found.
The policemen engaged in these arrests deserve
the thanks of oar citizens, for Pittsburgh would
undoubtedly have been, in a short time, flooded
with counterfeit notes from these plates, had they
not been thua'summarily seized.
TnE CONCEItt TO-smut.--Wp beg to remind
the lovers of matte that llerr Krauss will give his
Mich talked of Concert this evening. We hare
the authority of the bent musical critics to support
us in saying th at this gentleman is a gifted and
nciolopUslie s d vocalist, nod that an unusually
pleasing entertainment may he expected.
Before the lion. Hopewell Itepburn, President
The case of Carter Curtis, vs. the 'County of
Allegheny wad 'called up y es terday morning.—
Our readers doubtless recollect the painful scenes
which took place at the rolling mill riots, as they
were termed, last year, when large bands of men
and women, paraded through town, openly avow
ing their determination to stop all work at the
mills, cost what it might. lts pursuance of this
resolution they went to various rolling mills,
where. workmen, employed instead of those who
were on a strike, were engaged and heat the
men, put out the fires, destroyed the furnaces,
and laughed the feeble efforts of a feeble police,
'to scorn, Things were in this state,, when the
Sheriff was urged by the mill ,owners to call out
the military, with which advice he finally com
plied, and-the riots were quelled without loss
of life, the only, injuries sustained being by the
new .paddlers and boilers, same of whom were
badly cut with stones and otherwise maltreated.
Dlr. Bailey, one of the proprietors of is rolling
mill, was also, if we recollect aright, somewhat
injured iin the melee. It is for the expenses in
curred by the military—their board, while they
were id. the quarters provided for them, at a
thus when they momentarily expected' to be
called on duty, oe., that this suit was brought,
the County Commissioners Laving refused to
repay the money advanced by the Sheriff.
Messrs. Thomas IFilliams and Robb • and Me-
Connel appeared for the Sheriff. Messrs. A. IV,
Lucinda and Todd and Smith for the Commission.
The case was opened to the jury by Mr. Wil
liams,-who stated that this was tin action on the
Cate,' or of asiumpsit brought by Curter Curtis,
Sheriff of Allegheny countYY against the county,
through the Cornmisaioners, in order to recover
a sum Of money, amounting to over one thou
sand dollars, which he had been obliged to ex
pend in 'oppressing, or rather in the p7vention
of the dangeroui riots which had so nearly been
banghtpith the most disastrous consequences to
• gladly of Pittsburgh last year. These distur
.binces arose out of difficulties between the pad
dlers and boilers, and their employers, the own
ers of the rolling milli!.
7.The members of thee, jury were all doubt
_lam aware of the scenes which transpired' at
that time, since they formed, an important
part of the' local history of the county, and'he
Wonlitilot. therefore dwell upon them. It was
hufficierit to say, that the efforts of the police
who interfered for the preservation of law and
order were and that several persons
had been injured by the ribters, before the mil
itary were called out by the Sheriff.,
in the year 1841 or 42, the Legislature found
it necessary, in consequence of the riots which
took place in. Philadelphia, to interfere for the
protection of the community against lawless
mobs, and parsed an act, intended to refer spe
chilly the-city and county of Philadelphia,
which ad duce been extended to the county of
Allegh y: V-
By that act, nay person whose property was
destroyed in a riot,-or by any unlawful assem
blage of persons, was authorized to bring an ac
tion against the county, and recover the full val
ue of the damages which he might have swain- .
o.' .1 But there was oneprereqnisite without the
otasertance of which he could not mover. lf he
kneW that there was a likelihood ors ri o t, it was
midi his duty to give information, verbally, or
in writing, to the Sheriff of the.county, the Me
m. Of the city, or otherathorities,of the intended
This 'Taw was a very just and proper env for
the cititea who , paid taxes was entitled te pro
tection, at the hands of the authorities since it
was for that, he paid his taxes. If that protec
tion was not rendered, then had he expended his
money, without receiving any consideration.—.
The learned gentleman then proceeded to com
ment on the duty of the civil authorities when
they had received information either of an actdal,..
or intended riot. '
There was no doubt that before the passage of
this net, it was the. duty of the Sheriff to sup
prase all riots, but the legislature went further—
it passed a law, anticipating them on the prin
ciple that an ounce of prevention is worth a
pound of cute. By the common. law the civil an
tharittes were invested with certain powers for
the treservntion of •public order, and in case of
an actualliet, might summon the posse cemitatus
to their aid. Here, however, was n new (see—
the liwwent further, and autharized-naydirect
ed their interference, not drily 'where actual vio
lence took place, but where danger was anticipa-
if ,any citizen had pod ressop for supposing
tbst his property was in danger, then he might
moist and claim the benefit of this law, and it
wan teals the duty of the Sheriff* to protect him
k w; i sijorsens .et an his slot h shoo f he
didgottlo se before oe t ta qitii , lttmesh`L'aitlvrntdd meats of the people . Township, and as
probably come t. late.
But this a went still farther, and tnide the I in'tructi°'s
"County, or tl e Commiss i 6en.
ioners. for they repre- .
. nsible for -
all damages sustained, owing to the neglect or
seated the unty in the cane, .to their delegates to said convect-
Resolved, That we object to the establishment
of a Poor House and Farm for the Townships in
inability of e Sheriff-or other of f icers to prevent 1 correction with the Ikrooghs, for various rea
or quell any 'ot. In ease of the Sheriff ns
s o
lecting his uty, when wanted by any o,'
d hu t chiefly,
swould create a new
I sod additional obstacle to the consolidation' of the
I city and suburbs under one municipal govern
who had a ell grounded apprehension of et
riot, then thi County Commissioners could re- I meat and increase the loran
ntfln" " i " '""n " ? '
1 affairs of which the farming interest. already
cover from h tn, the damages which they would
be compellet to pay the injured parties. ILI com p lain ' and an account of which, petitions
was uunecess .
ry-o recount the particulars of tli'e-i now before the Legislature.
ease which n w claimed their attention. They I
, and Farm has proved advantageous to the city;
were familiar with the history of the past year:
and could not but know that dangerous riots then
took -place. They mint lit aware of the fact
ly under country government, and the boroughs
that workine . who came hero - from various
Places. were forbidden to work in the rolling
, 1 .,
Resolved, That as the New City Poor House
a similar establishment for the townships would ' I
probably be advantageous to them, if exchniive
and city district were excluded.
'Resolved, That a common asylum for the des=
judicious than a eoarleetiOrt of the country and
suburbs in the erection and support of a third es
. .• . . • .
mills by deli sing men, and were beaten and
Allegheny Co nty boil le-- , ^4/ either fro m octet- i and another for all the evuntry dish-ire, would be
a h""'ntable
ally being pr sent at the riots, or through the
public newsp pers. It was openly declared that
no stranger hould take the place of the pad
dlers and boil rs who had struck—that he should taldishment controlled sometimes by country. 1
d employment in thin ninrket for
not stAve to
e rioter; hadassemhVr together
hers, and marched through the
went to the mills and insulted
im workmen, at the name time in
y to a great extent. The most
tta were made—the very air seemed
auger. All thin would be made
nem, 'maim naked them if, under
his labor. T
'in great nu
streets. The
and abused
_luring proper
diabolical titre
loaded with t
apparent to t
the circumetn
they did not e:
They then.
how matters s
more—that th l
to preserve pu.
witnesses of it
who constitut
rettore onkel
with thir del i
ices, the papprietors of the iron
were not jusiitled M entertaining
,n 1 irreperable mischief, in case
111 is the aid of the authorities.
rent to the Sheriff, and told him
clrid. nod they. old him something
ordinary police forc e wits unable
ic order, and that they had been
utter inefficiency. The citizen,
!the posse conduit. could not
and the Sheri ff , in liceordnuce
s, and with 'Acknowledge of thr
.edge of the
cesvary precantions, by calling
. The learned gentleman pro
t out the differences between the
'll,l the act of Assembly.
fads, took the
out the militar
eeeded, to poi
Common law, .
.By calling o!
averted- the V
bad saved roue.
ed bloodshed. I
to an expense
knowing that t
of the county,
Moneys to repo
as to the justie,
officers, adtnitt
ring the disple
preferred that 1
before they set
no' question as
t the military, the ..Sheriff had
twatenml danger, and no doubt
• property, and probably prevent
' In doing this, he was subjected
( over one thousand dollars, and
e money was paid for the benefit
e bad applied to the Commis
him. There could be no doubt
of his claim: but these county
ing its equity, were afraid of incur
; surer of their constituents, and
should be legally adjudicated
l ied it. There would probably be
the items of the account, but
it would gimp]
was entitled to
If he did not
them, the weal
pay the damal
Casio,. In l'hi
'lost—square o f
by rioters, and
the. Sheriff we
and if it were
force he was co
private funds.
become a ruino.
stances of the
necessary to
observe, howeri
solves, bad actu.
amount at slid"
but all his clien
lawful interest 1
A dismission
tween Messrs.
ended by Mr. .N
ed four counts
the facts, nhd o
The defendan
the declaration,
the argument li
drown, so that
be whether or net the plaintiff.
Irooter at all.
sneered in this suit, he warned
„. of a Stephen Girard would not
. s
which their verdict would oc
ndelphia, human life had been
er square had been burned down
.nch would be the case hero if
. not sustained in doing hi. deity,
ecided that be should pay the
pelted to employ out of his own
The office of Sheriff would then
.5 ono. These were the circum
, se, and this much he thought it i
y in opening it. Ile would
r, that the manufacturers them-
I.IIy paid three or four times the
for the suppression of'the note,
asked, was the principal and
the money he had expended.
las to the declaration ensued be
•mis and Williams, which was
cConnel reading it. It contain
!threespecial -tints setting forth
1 .. g
ie common count of general in-
demurred to the sufficiency of
.‘.ttlie case was transferred to
.t, a juror having been with
it is postponed for the pres-
Charles Lougbe l
yesterday eeut
onth of Mrs. leal
a violent assault
on her, and on t
Gallagher, Who
be able to apper
Was committed i
aml l'harles ' Mundy were
jail by the Moyor, charged, on
Ha Gallagher, with committing
and battery with intent to kill,
to person of her husband, John
as so severely injured as put to
before his honor. The an ' ftault
Lower Saint Clair Township.
Temperance As.
a meeting this
Copt G.. L. C
orator, will add
f.errcaa—The Young Men's
iation or Allegheny, will hold
ening in Dr. Swift's Church.—
kburn, the 'popular temperance
• a the meeting.
Fins.—Veste i
steb:e . of Mr. D
between Seventh
fire and wag bu
were 'ave.]. •
.y moruing about 5 o'clock the
vy's (Baker,) on Coal Lane,
ml Washington Streets, caught
.t to the ground. The horses
MAnner flocs
citizens of the
who are in favor
311:eT . LN0.—A mectieg of the
7th, and Nth warcin, and all
.f erecting 15qMarket Hoe in
as held in the 'Sixth Ward
h Bth, 1851.
the new
School House, M
On motion, Uri
to the Chair; and
Little appointed
(in motion, a ci
ed, to draft a p
site of the sense
Little, Wm- M
were appointed S I
absence, reporte,
solutions for the .
Believing that
lures should be
Market place for
Further:we be;
Lion requires it, 9,
purchase of n pi
in the Sixth War
House thereon, a:
Rr.soieed, That
appointed by thel
tures of the citi ,
wards of the cit •
pose, to bepresen
Councils of this c'
A. G. McCandless was called
3. M. Dickson and Thos. M.
mmittee of three were appoint
amble and resolutions', expres
f the meeting. Messrs. John
fathead, and George Chester
id committee, who after a short
the following preamble and re
onsideration of the meeting.
it is due time that some men
taken to provide a convenient
he accommodation of the new
eve that our growing popula
.,l we would recommend the
e of ground east of Logan at.
for the erection of n Market
soon as possible.
ere be a committee of eight
meeting, to solicit the signi
ens of the Gth, ith, and fitly
k. of Pittsburgh, for this par
ed to the Select and Common
*ty, at their first meeting here-
R•solra, That
the citizens, than
ket house, on the
meeting in this hl
Reualred, That
Common Councils
yet earnest'
mice and vete in
plated in our peti
Messrs. Win. Si
11. Win)
Grge Moore, an
committee in sc.
t would be more beriefkeial for
e erection of the Central Mar
eite fixed upon by the former
he members of the Select and
la the new wards, be respect
, requested to use their influ
ovor of the measure contem-
oorellead, C. 11. Armstrong,
Wilson, 11. Rea, George Seitz,
G. Chester were appointed n
ordance with the first res,
The following is
Select and Comm°,
a copy of the petition . to the
The undersign ,
burgh, most resp.
honornble bodies
wisdom may dire•
citizens of the city of Pitts
fully yet earnestly onk your
take such measures so your
for procuring n site, and
louse thereon, in the Sixth
net., (or the accommodation
reeling a 41arke
Ward, east of Lo:
of the citizens of • e new wards, and at the same
time, we ask your . onorable bodies to take such
action as is nee . .ry for the improvement of
the old Diamond Idarket Howe. This we ask,
confidently hoping our petition will be heard
and answered, beli9ving that the rapid extension
and fast increasing population of the new wards
require . a new Miarket House, and all the cir
cumstances and tur rmiations thrown around,the
Diamond, demand its improvement. And as in
duty bound your etitioocrs will ever hold in
grateful remembm ce.
Addresses were °livered pro and con by the
`Chair, Black; Woodwell, Dawson, Bruce, Moore
head, and others.
Rf.rolved, That le proceedings of this meeting
be published in the post and Unrette.
Ott motion, adjourned. .1
.1 MI. M. DICCA .1,
Tam. M. LITT f ' fir. ,
At a meeting of he citizens of Pitt Township
held at the house •f Mrs. 'Murray, Penns),lra
ni& arena°, on Sa ray, the eight of March,
Jemes S. Craft, Er 1., was appointed Chairman,
and Samuel Barton ecretary.
The following p.
as candidates for c,
rsons were then nominated
e several township offices,
Treasurer—Wm. , Viley.
Township Clerkles. Brackenridge.
Auditor—Ralph red.
Judge of Electiont—Wm. Wiley.
1 ,,
Inspeetoru—Pete Connolly, Wm. B. Hays.
Guordino of the II our—Byron Bart.
Superrisor—Byr Burt.
School Direct - Or for three yeorn)—J. U. Wil
School Director
for One
. Assessor—Wm. Al
Constable,.--Sum 1
After the nbore
cell was rend from
lel Burton, Jame MeAleeee.
nominations were mode,
be citizens of Ohio township
f delegates to meet ,at the
•doeoday, the 12th of 'March;
1 ct of a four house, for the
for o convention
Court Hoo'se, on W.
to consider the Nutt
Boroughs and TOP'. I
iem and E. P. Jon
represent Pitt To
The following resol,
isidond, and
!hips; whereupon E. D. Gar.
kg were elected Delegates to
..hip In raid convention.—
'fattens were then mad, eon
i adopted a* Um watt.
311.1 . Pometimes by town intittence.
Abd, Whereas, In compliance with the wishes
of the citizens of Ohio township, this meeting has
chosen delegates to the convention that is to meet
nn next Weduesdny, and expressed in the fore
going resolutions the senunients of this township
in regard to poor houses but there are other
subjects of considerable local importance that
call for public ntteotinn nod thorough reform.
Ar9l, Where4l, Though this U 170,4141 is goes
ertml 6v tine Intro C.OllllOll to country district+.
its inhabitants hr their pursuits and near vicinity
to the city,.are essentially ttilivns people. Placed
between the city and the country, the city district
is affected by the policy of both ; but is not so
much involved with either us to prevent /I dis
passionate view of questions' concerning the colo
n:inn good. Interested, thdefure, in the welfare
of both city and country. and IN the friends of
both, the people of this totthip take this occa
sion in express their opinio is on a
.. . .
.r 01.1. fin on a few subjects
in which ;dl our citizens are directly or indirectly
Resolved, That, in our opinion, the numberof
County Commissioners is um ' considering
the important and varied interests intrusted to
their charge, and that their per dons is too low
for the services of competent men. A Board of
six or seren,Commissioners, elected by separate
districts, with a per diem of three dollars each,
while in erosion, and limited to two sessions a
year, each of two months' duration, would be a
salutary reform. By this
! dart, each district of
the county world he fairly repremented, and it s ,
peculiars wants, made known and attended to.—
This, or some similar plan, would probably re
concile those'parts of the country which have
heretofore strugglisl for a new county, and it
and in
duce them to remain contentedly in old Alle
Resolved, That the history of the last few
years demonstrates radical defects in our various
municipal government', now eight or nine in
number, and, without a speedy union, soon to be
increased to a dozen—and proves the necessity of
one city government for all, whose whole police.
acting harmoniously under one head, could be
promptly brought to any quarter of our extended
town, when popii inFrslitement titivated the pub
lic peace, and could at all times, by its homo
geneous organization, better protect the persons
and property of individuals from the outrages of
robbers, tronalerers, and incendiaries.
Resolved, That the interests and safety of the
people, of both town and country, require that this
change should 'be effected before the lotions
Railroads are completed, which are soon to con
nect Pittsburgh and her suburbs with distant parts
of the Union, and rapidly increase our popula
tion with a good and desirable necession, if our
local governments are good, but with a horde of
dissolute and dangerous Characters if our local
* affairs are inefficiently conducted. '
Resolssd, That unless such consolidation take
place, besides the expenSe of erecting and sup
porting separate Water Works, and separate
Poor Rouses for each of our sitiea, separate
Water Works, Gas Works, Poor Rouses, Tons
Halls. and other public edifices for each of the
ran of the
large town, adjwCent, will have to be provided
and supported at an notations and unnecessary
expense, besides adding greatly to the randier
of office holders., whose needles, increase is al
ways injurion. Another reason in favor of one
city government for all the towns at the head
of the Ohio is. te danger of contlictitig claims,
rind occasioning vex thins expensive litigation:
and the almost. certainty of adverse wad un
friendly onlinnes, is an additionllzlmiinitin
to our citizens. while yet compa ar ely united
' in nein! and buslnnss relating, to rivet the
bonds of union by a legal and enduring connec
tion which would make Pittsburgh one of the
chief cities, of the linked Staten, enhance her
character, improve her credit, enlarge her re
sources and secure ' her people the blessing.
of an efficient and res Ortilitile goverisinent.
,Resolved; That a tapir's Court is require.'
'for the prompt con non and punishment of
offenders, to diminis h the present enormous ex
pense; of the jail, Rai to enable the judges, hur
ing ciill jurisdiction. o clear the dorket with
proper dispatch.
Resolves!, That the seal and powerful influence
of the conductors of the public pre.s induced'
the people to undertake those enterprises which
will coon vastly increase the business and popu
lation of this:vicinity,;and if editorial corps will
exhibit the some united spirit in aid of such
necessary changes as the present altered tannin
stances of this community require, we have .t
doubt that success would again crown their efforts.
SENATE—The following confirmation., took
place in the Senate to dap:—Ogden Hoffman, Jr.,
District Judge for California: T. Butler King,
Collector at San Frantic..
By the law of 18,111, the ruileagenf California
members is limited to the nearest route within
the United States. The Douse notwithstanding
have allowed mileage.for the late erosion by the
session by the Panama route. Senator Gain
has submitted his case to the Judiciary Commit
tee, and it is understood they will report against
the I'anama route, and against the construction
of mileage of the extra session, othertvise Mr.
Gain would-be entitled to St 1,0011 for mileage,
since December.
Father .Ritchie's case goes over to the next
session. t -
Mr. Cass defended bimnelf from an editorial
in this inorning's Repihlic, in relation to his let
ter to Mr. Kellog, relative to the !Liver and liar
her hill.
Mr. Rhett defended South Combo from false
and erroneous statements contained in General
Houston's letter to Gen. Hamilton's letter pub.
Belted in yesterday's Union. This gave rise to
rn exciting debate between lihett, "Houston, and
Butler, which was terminated by o -joke from
Mr. Hall. •
A communication was received from Messrs.
Gales and tieaton declining to publish after this
session, daily debates of the session, which was
The Judiciary Comraittee reported adversely
to al!ovring mileage to Oulifornia Senators by the
Panama route.
The Senate, after tin executive session, nd
r¢"ELrmn. March 10.
- • • • -
. ,
The Bon. Henry Clal, arrived here on
!n Saler
day, and left this o ing for New York, from
whence be will sail for Havana on Thuisdav, in
the steam ship °corgi -
Nme.Yoax, March 10.
The Steamer Georiia from (Theme has arrir
ed with half a million of gold, and W 27 passengers.
?Ist, Pons, March 10.
Among the arrivals from California, by the
Georgia, is Rota. P. Ohms, of Pittsburgh.
BALTIMORE, March 10.
The annual commencement of the University
of Maryland, took place to-day. It was largely
attended, and in Inrge number graduated.
The National Intelligencer, of dais morning,
says that the report of Mr. Ewbank. COMMIN—
!Iion, of
,Patentv, being removed, is unfounded.
Cotton—le held more firmly, but the demand
is limited.
Flour—Limited sales at $4 O OO per bbl. for
common shipping brands, but po sales for export
have been reported. Prices range from $4,50
to 6,00 for common and extra brands.
Grain—Sales of prime red idlest at 100 x. The
last sale of rye wan at 05c per doodle!. Of corn
small stocks are:offering, with sales of yellow at
(dOe afloat. Sales 1000 bushels Penna. oats
at -4:1,1c.
Whiskey—The demand is limited, with males
in WEL at 24e per gallon.
Ni. Yuen, March 10.
Flour—The market opens Send) , at $4,436
4,e0 for State and Western. '
Pork—The market is quiet, at 102,75612,87
for old mess. Ifickled meats are firm.
Cotton—Priers arm advancing, with silos 4000
bales of midling. uplands it 1I 761 lb.
Flout' The market im stetOly with males 6000
bbli at $4..44050 for common 'Western and
Stite, $4,6264,81 for New Orleans, and $4,75
06,98 for good round hoop Ohio.
Grain—Nothing done in Wheat Comm held
firmly, with aalea of 13410 bnshela yellow at 65 11,
1 . .. fine j, bu. .
Provisions—Sales of old Pork at $12,87 for
mess, and $lO for prime; and of new do at $13,1
50 for mess and 11,25 for prime. Pickled meaty
continue iu fair demand. Sales of dry salted
shoulders at tti , and of plain boom at 81 ? Si.
Lard is 6rni at 81.
Tobacco-1s in steady demand, at 10(0 12c,.
for Kentucky leaf.
llemp—la firm at $1:15 ton for American
dew ratted.
Lead is firm at 51 for little..
Linseed Oil —le more firm at.7lle j 4 gal.
Whiskey—l s heavy at 231(ii'll41e jr , gal
Coffee—la steady 11. 6a 11 , for Rio.
Bs4ristotte, March 10.
Flour—The market is dull, and sellers are of
fering at $4.37, without finding purchasers.
Crain is dull, with sales of wheat at $5O. Pric
for red, and 1000(112c for white. Sales of corn
at :66.59 for white and yellow. Sales of oats
at 4UOr 42c: and of Rye at lifle bn.
Provisions—The untrkut is firm, with of
11111 mess pork at $12,87, nod of new do at
$14,41(1 - r , hbl. Lard is selling at situ 9i to Ih
in bhls and kegs. Sales of flutter at MIS 12cr
and of cheese nt 7i6r-10c
Coffeu—Sales of Rio at IOAOi Ile 1 4
Whiskey—Soles of 2d(o 25 - (4) gal.
4. 1,,NAT1, March
Fleitr—ltereipt. continne very light. nod pri
cer are first. 6itler of lotl Mils tit 3,47
Wltirkey ia very dull at 211 c j-' 1 . Kith
elinine tendency.
Clove teed—i`rices Jinve ntlvrtnced. with rotes
nt $5.:10 In.
• Provisions ---The market is quiet, but fir...—
Sales of 1.•10,0011 fhb binion shoulders at 14 lb,
and 100,000 Iby sides; deliverable in 3lny nt , 74 ,
It. Sales °I M) bids So. 1 Lard at be
The weather is iilen.iinnt, the river has fallen 2
feet since Itibt report, hot is noon stationitry.
Ladies' Fine Dress Goods.
s. Tleetn, Deno, .1.. Lain,. Mon, tie
1n... Lawns. Ar.., At...—...1k0ir... 0 .r1n g nnd
..irablopattrrna. A. NI kNIN (Al.
1..1.111 n 1,4,1 •t.
_ . _ .
! PRIM; STY I.E Pl{ I NTs_cb„i,.,. null
lr,li nnni nnn ' n ' rn.*l th '" ";,""V n 4.4':!
r• . Is A co'*
ONi.; CFA all ANI I I LI NEN--
" I- ` n n• nr
or lb.. MOO/ 11, 1 1,:f ft' inanufactur.—juat At
f'..1.:!-1 A. A. 11.1505 A CIO 'S, ra and 1,4 Markel
°UM) CANDLES-50 boxo9l Pro c t or &
rnbl.?p, N,.. I. f.. 1. !We hr
11W A 1.1.11" a co
fr/v2.1 und
S4ALEHAT . US-1211 boxtoi No. 1:
fnrmks I,r
WM. RAO I,PY A (11,
ntpl Wev.l
- Ilatern• No. 1
nee , w - • nr , enre m 1 , 1,,n , and foram nr
101. IlddlAL111" 01),.
fe1,21 le and ix, Wien) nt
lIEIKMA\L bolt, for oak b ' y
A Ir. F
1111.0 Ult---50 Allpertinc.-71 4 bbl, tine.
6 7A , iu.r. , anal for ',tit. A, •
11 F: ItEEF-10 en,k,...S C. pri,.,l Beef.
lA., and Akr -.Alr Ay
5-14, .1 < 4
1 4) IASViLLE LIME-50 bbls. reed and
XTIII, 1 , 11 :S---Just Liberty it.
" t
113 isTo BlikT IT—A , upOy of
D IllArmt Inn r..,1 Exprrr, 6 /
1, 4 ,4 1111 -t 11,4 'I LC, A ClA.;2:rell,.el,tr R.
fre4iNopply In.t reed
Wit A 11,4'1.1 . 10i A 4,4.
TEAS: :__n kJ half loon;
L1A , 14 Trni. c.
A (11.1tERT , 4 0. A 01
. 91 141 BACCO-2,10 bozos Slamkiknrtured. Tu
t' hwy... vim** bratulej cots tkan'l •zil fur •aie by
64,24 A ITLIMITT.SON k ro
. _
1 AIK EltEl,--100 b 1,1,.. \o.::, on hand
t •
went ann d for rAlnl,3 1.1111(!:1 lctirs I:
9 /
f•I:J4 %Vat, and Vr.nt .t..
g LIM SHELLAC _ . tiboo,lto. f..r
3 h 11. i,, 1,
f 1,1:,
NI; NE:' , E-2 ton.. for ,odo lky
ii,t6ll A Gil
111 4 1 , , 131 nr
d i , kno
Mroll.l- 4 & 11.*:.
INJOKS--.lrolr•or', Latin F:0,./i , ll
I.•xler.n E A A r•lr•ar., I. I. b. 1:,,,:,1
Tl. 1.1...111,11.1 11.1 1 1 3,1f1, Pe Iter Ilmr2. Prior
ver 12 elm Inst. • TP. P. llll 'n 11l 11 1 . 2,•• krtullar. m.. untlwr Bolla
Tbo 1.1, of hr.. Jouo.o goinn 11. John T . Wr0.:1,1..
J r0b , r i.,..1 tbr br It 11 , 0.51 b..
7; Appall,/ Ibill,lln o . lth •t
I [SUED 011.—r) blds jEu.t roeeived, pure
Li country ill:. and h. ..010
LITT'LI: a co.
fob., 1,..1 Libort, /tr.,
50 . 11.' s "' uTZ . ,Vo l igu ' e 'b e 'r o b . Y
TO itusisEss mEs—A
Q. ...tire twillort mho, 1,,,1 J 0 of IML-burch..with Pti
~ttuus 1.1 h .ass ,o 0I fro rir m Oa to rot). thnown.l J011,5r,.. onaiouy mak,.
on limo...oat. mad .1.., ob.!. tam. to 10btit,,,0.0..
rittrloyr 4 ll or vicinity Vivo.. ,01dr0,,,, 001,e Dot.
31OLASSt:S-2.1 Idds, 13 half do.
'flu LEAD-650 pigs soft Galena, for sale
{,..:W.C11.8./EB-7110 lbs prime Feathers;
311, do. pro LI Corn Ifrisoar.
UOU bran! W. Allots
10 On. Dry Merlin.
Mr bin prima lihderntar:
Alum: In Flo/vend for rido by
UGAlt—lii hlld'm prime N. Orleans;
31 bbl. warted Loaf,
11l do Croolcd nod Pulrerisol. for ruleby J. D. WILLIAMS I CU.
fet,2o . 5 corner of Wood nod Fifth rh,
5 do Iln Io Ulen Syrup, for Nth , by
c4a, J. D. WILLIAMS C‘i.
S 4 u
N 111 i I E S-111() do i r. Brooms;
lb evils Pohyob:
la ba. rialeraloyo
50.000 Common Seg..;
2..000 Ilse Doer Doh:
3Y On. Fon'. Slant,:
111 brit Woncr. Pearl do:
3 * J ho? , Floor; for W e
by frb2o .IL WILLIAM? 4, O.
FISH —lO fill bids No. 3 31nekerel;
15 qr do do I do,
lb I, Ito do 1 ib q
II bid,. No. 1 linltnon: for rrde by
trrble wooden rule.. la. Fnr sale at
rintlaa Mara. :bal. talarPrn lis r W lt.t and F.
G.lO, Amerinn ropy .
«7 DOMES TY l'ES—From the manufaeto-
Cy of WrIl• • Webb. foralahrol .t hart anti, by
Si.S. HA Vt. , .
1,4 1 01 t SALE LOW—A superior toned rose
.ooo Plano Fur', For Irrms..flottlrr, at No. 9 Jark
nan liner. /Inhin.rtn ntrert. Allnrhany.
I/INC WASH BOARDS-20 doz: for sole
by fetal J. D. WILLIAMs k Co.
:An Rerior;
. .
M do ve,
kap Gmundmil,
I du Dr
d y Prarh,
do o ANA,.
• ls In nrrjrn .framer
MC) W.t., and Fr.... 1;
-1.1 •rriptiou, rm. sAle 1,7 1,.1116 J. KIDD AL . CO.
I - /I LOUR—! 111 61,11 sunOr fi ne, in :intro and for
xle. by . (Alt !MEV M
, ATTHEW: , 6 (NI
r u ANNERS' OIL-25 111.11. in (:torn and for
CO Wm., 'tn..
WEET POTATOES4s now Inniliroz
17 ( and for We by
Wet, and Frpnt.
DDRIEShu. in store and
for gale Ay HUEY. MATTIIMS A CO ,
frbVi 77 and Water
ONEY—I bbl .. nperinr Strninrd ibsney,
In more Aral for Pair sr
I A.IID OIL—S bbl.. No.. I, Win. Strainsd,
, 010 ,,:trniEws A co._
it OLDEN SYRITFLIn Lilo. and hi.
fnr oh' by ILII El. MATTLfEWS A CO.
feb . -13
I JlAliltY, lIUGLIES A: CO. aro prepared to
,bk all kin& ELATE‘IIOIIrtNII.
ALEX. L.W.1111.1N. AT.t.. our. Etna Pt. A Canal.
At Wow,. Worka.
4.1-€.1a17 , Roofs priltilOY rnagrrtl• [fob:,
bbls . . just recd l_,E 4.ta z fur 'ale 11CRISRIDGE
\n I7G YYnfrr rt.
FLOUR—'_'S bbls extra Family Flour, for
.ate by • Iptd:. A. F. 0071 11007,110115 T
B was ROOMS-150 dozen for nide by
iIiANGES-100 boxes, in prime order, for
kb= 3= &wad, sad 161 11:14
VIOR RENT—A small briek DVELL
FN. HOUSE, nultaluing tam parl..m•mht latch
n. four rhatabeng m r lb. ope thn
VI I T4 b Vr funk
lon k Amu'. about lI minutes' %Mk from the mar Ant I ...or further larr nl•.lr n.
. l a to to n m ,
utrorth Arr. SotfinlF
WW. LET—A \I .t REHOUSE, situated 7.,
OD II atnr • Intannu Markel and Frrm Ann.!,
Ituiable for thy 'Fr...turn Inninen, For term...
`ll` JAMES' 111.1.ZELL.
So as Watt, et.
Delightful Summer. Residence—for Rent
ft WWI I ronttitninut two nom. of ,M:l4,
tool intitil. un ln toti betwoon Matt . ..wt.
tt E t ''
it Os etoEtt. tat torinowl:
Ur nt the .tort• td 11. Itotton. nnt.t.
owlt7wl two, twrinet
For Sale or Rent,
I, COM MI 111100 S and «,d1 tin ishod
tb.. 001iel
114.rnvy at , Law.
,I,lr. 5! lett, N., I:nglann,
ww-LL.l.4a ,t
For Sale.
I BLOCK itF I11 . 11:DINGh. on the corner of IVatth
'neon hot' Pettit •treet.. RIO ft . .. Mtn, on thr
.y It nitht al. to 11. City of lhat.horOt. The Lot trot.
tote tiontlroel atel tort, tearl. et en Itoon tare, .11
hott , tr , l ntot tont. fret tone melte. 11 rt:hinttlott itto , rl.
to a tarettty fret -Oh, Inquiet .4
Itto l't ..... at.
Land for Sale.
„ 0 , 11 , t , 1 :! :
n. :I 1.. utel
Itod .nit I.x c, lan—l-. • t.r, further
.F • ‘t II II ..oirwroN.
• I
PT" I. \ 1:1;11% I .I VELIJNG. g;Tly
jd .11}, •is ,tultl.l ntE l t
a I ~t~I ii
I:EN T.—T‘k 0 ROOM, 111 Punt !Wt . ,
Arti.'l lt,onnt,E:
Al.O sTrigE flint etrus.l. .Innr 114.,
Cul r• or," front with
• t, L•neul..
1.1.2/ F . II 11 177,M. 1 , 1 5e,,,,1•tr...1
For Sale.
otftrs fqr sal, the
follps.”l,, .alitat•le prorwrt, In A 11,10.30
'The TI r, nl,l Hi ,
fn.nting /..../ /./
nll , l 1111frrt. fr..l
• •
IL. - 11l nI•I 1.• t. •mrla, n•mIL I .411°1.41..111;d. nil,.
I, ‘• •am Ira •n IM. I.nm.. nrh nlwalt 21 I, 1.1 , 4 11
. Im. ga /Int I
11,... hltmut It lib Fralm• Ilall/1ii15,...111..
In•rel4 LI, \., 1.••- , . AL,. Wl', LL.B. - SI 1111 . 111:1/.
. - .
! I MZ 1 ti ENT—A suptil Innh. ehttago. with
1 ' '
1 inn, rt. t•n Fr.t Il•r•r: lar,r •finina 1n...m..1 4ltelleriln
a...1m n 2 rtall Innan- m r• 1. uWI n Inrar annlru
nu•l rs rr al fruit Is", n La % •lesirahlr rsmslem. n•r s
rtunll In. l 1 , . Ltimttl mar IliorrsAtlls hnornssrLal gntrn
j"TV, " -Tr ,I mall m.-nn r•L (..„,
i .
1.1•..r. , r •., , :t. 11 mln frnslum: ms lIno•nlek . stn.,. nul 3
Imam, SO I evl trot un rnr, J ., , , , ,y , . 1 . ,,,,,,.
fr1•11111ro rr II Train. on - a ..! , Inr:ot nr..l SLII .
I)esirable Residence for Sale.
t.. 1,41m4ve a foie
mti.t Ow 44.44444:rr, 444 1 , 1 4 - 4, Pd. prop,. in
144 . 1 411,141,44 1 ,!...11 n 41444414144 one. awl 144,411
441 brim— 144.144 r, 4.44n05i4441,4, and Itn. 1444444 n
1.4 nit4.l 41.1 1.44 ni• Igl4 144.41 114. Va.
44a]. ritnn )1111,4,4,11 .44 t 1 1 .44, and,. laid
$444t aittl. 4.444,14114, 441144,444 •144,11.44, 41,1 fru, T 1,44
na44 N11141'14, 4.414.4,144: 441 .4 ,441,444 4.144.41 1444,444.
and rarrt. ar. 444.nr4n4.4114 1.4,4.1 .1444.-
,41.444.1 r 4,4 r 41.4 11 ,11• 444 14r4,144 ,44444,44• rt.
I.' ""'
4 44 1 . 4,1441,4
1 4 1 01tt A I: , EN T; } ; ,; 1 . .. h 0n1n,r14 , t1 ; 1 : : 7 , g
•.n I.IIWI . 111 tho. 1,1.1.t6 1 ,4 ard. 441 1141.
Lill P1t,..1,1•1 1 , 4441,1 144 41,14114 114,111r4.4 4,1
lt IChElt,llAll.
G• 1•14
1 4 11 -v ; ENT That lar2 , ,lxvl::ling h , 01,77"::
,12it •vr•—t !h. tirn ••I
T "...
rjr , I L ..ti box,r'fleicir =57 , .
ti.ra,l, a:, V. a. r 1,140104 nn
. E . ,
late! rtna,..+44 . la
tw+ hr
, Irn,
I in 0.. (.r
tbr •1.. rr 1 , 1.1 111. al .4 ~11,1141. M.
Y 1.•• •nr. • f ••••.1. M• 11.
n n • I: .•,..1
$ l• n thn
+rm. I.r 141 n.•
.r. • 1,7 ••••,.• lin,. .n. 41'1. nr..l .
I' A.... I. I: {'}7l7:l:\l
I'l7 111. 4 I l'atAl.urzh.
F 0 .1 ;
1, , I . : :; 1 , 14 , 4 ; 0r0 , 1 7, r ;
1,1.1 v. in.i I.nilv rvii 'lin n
I or parti......t•
~, i1.../r ill Ivry,
II awl Lot
• n Vviinv ani Fl. torn,.
IpAt SA I. Fr- 1 : 1 10oiler.for
hirvrml v Itrarl.{bar al
I r.r intim n.r....i 1..41.1A...1.41th.. I. rth 1.
lin- 1,1 .%
bra, ns al.
•• - ey rn l / 1 /. f
int r./ I/nil:11111[0:0V, Vl , llf
n o r
- Al.e,f lot, 1 dr, 1.• 11 'Mile, r, t r oll,.
ing LL.I. A. lan
Lb. ael,natf,' AL-1 Plaft, If anor .tr, Lon' ~....•rien
i• ~.11.4611 1.0.
F . t 1.41 . 5 f 11.' . °0 7 1 1.fr4. r .!, ' .g '' , ' ,
too, near Ole kr-1 01...,.r0rra
ZIJIL lt.N T IFit S.ILE T he , ul , scrit , ,
.111-1; et. , le-trAbieCount, 1/..-1-
Lir, knob), I nel. I 411,10 Lt. in ...M0.,. rd. r. The,
ar:lace boar, flaftln. and Los, wocer ,a. the an,n.l.,
• Ir• ff , ..lPr'fr• tan en-re, •yl I Iroprnte.l.l.aftainftl a esfrr
dr. r11 , (1,•n fa fruit. 11-h. adoth,. boo, Dorf frnoke hoop. ,
alsyn to sr, .1. Jlllll .1E1 1 11AI:1 1
, . _
11 4 1 0 it 1: T—A test, Dwelling
flay farnol. - I.nuln,
In If, JAM', 1/../ q I:ALL L. elk Wider at ... ,111 a
ill a.llll.rfa..ln. or cal ~.rurktral lot on
'eon arrnet.
tq.,F.l t (1.1 ell Al Ina r to r.f,rlng ful
r'f , rina A brio, 244 r•el., , n lalfertf , by l'sl to rlprltra
MI,. I,Loo front., on 1,m5...0n rarret,
rand In, I L -,, a d pot. a rn i eontkfnlng
4.+ JA O'HARA.
• •
9 1 0 LET—A large laneolti llou,e with
2_ 7:4
INI uerer of Land fat - rainy!. •11natefl Offkland. .g:F4
1,03 itaitny, t..s a CO. •••••••
'llree. Story Dwelling :7 .. .a
>l., 11 lV r lie mr....L pn.eol nceup...l ;Lc..
John II 1 .1.1 enownolg.,..n
donna lithe n•f. thl.
the Ilk nf .Ifall 1 to, ulre of • It 1 1,1,1, •
hou 1.1 Church.
LET -- Ooe Two Story Mirk llouNe,
containftl a n•an.t..o n nirn A,IIIIP. )linon "E
del • .• /ZI•rl Rend low/ Loquire of
.101 IN WATT .i.
.L -
14 , 01 i ItHS'i. The Store, IIS Market 1.7:
•Irnik, fneon,l,l.o r from the er,rner Martel :re'
fool Lif•nrl, aften 111. 1.1,4 .Iprilr.4. ,
Inautle ..1
1., Tao.
lon Penn -•
6 IIIENT,. two a ery eottx enient r•T
1 • •: MIT:SI,. on ahoy. ,
I fool , nnar 1 ,, 1- idosi,..hi Poveamon Layen nth. lint f•••••••
kin, to Lois. fa r one nr rano , Ikrar Yarn.
Lora 1)n mei ohr Alb Onto Etver. In the VlOlll Wan]
.tpply 11.11 n 11(1.1 SATAN.
In4altr or \J DAN 1.1 NIITON.
Tnurl rL. rm., %look.
I And ParltHsT,t, l'ronte H wi
oe e,•; , '
bull,lln a . 1•011,1•Ln • , atiorto
rtn , rll ao), Mark /,1701e,1y L. Amin.. ••••••
ror hepir 1,, to MI,. k CO
LET the Store Room NO. 74'4
kr1.•, , ,r1i1.2„ , hthointuo the J. retry hl
1. Ilolmd4 A l lrdok ' t ' r,,, " h . :1;11 ' 71 n ' Tdo ‘ !;;;I:f:
1 1 131. room 1.1 Inrala d en /hon. rot,lr% 1 ' o:o 1 Ipft Ith.lnors
,0 0 d tho
nil vll rolnpied n lino king nod P..
ohororo • Ala-. ond 1 to orhuro I oho, or x t., A
he nda. 11:11 Edorlob otto h 10. hot In n‘ •oon
r, wroth, pen.,
~,, the of o• ouhol
Enqn 1 o• of I %WI 1.1 , 11 N
rnrnor of Marko nod Yoh rt It •drort •
FllO Lril Stpatn Power for
I i 'l tt..irtn in]
` II IIPE, . 1 1'10 1 ,1,11 , , A OKELI
Rare Chance for Capitalists and Manufac
e .... ,
Fr. , E 00 , t,.4-ltino , l 1 .•• • 111Z agThi ihrithr. taNf'lls .
~ 1 t , •l- ...1,. a mtual, r.,1 wan lota on th. tnarn i
M 1 ...'" , " , "tmk ...,,. “lat... Ith.t t, and ..1I
1717.,..1,5,,,,itir,,1,ai.:.r1,,,,,a,,,,1 ~, , , , , , ,: . ... 1 , a,, , , , ,,,,: ii ..,. 1,
,:,: t, , , ,, ,, ,,, r . : :. 1 1 „ ., , ,
, 1 n. 1 , , , ,.. ....1 . 11 , , ,, , 5 . 1 1 . .. !
r p i era.. ll
I,: 11.. , uaL , R. r e t e , i,..Ce , . „ -,
i C u eftr i
, a1 .,.. .T , 1ai1 m,f. !::.. , ii. ,,i
l. th,. ,s. at, a1T, , n1., ...„,,,' ,h;,.'", .., n ,, n ,'",: h '':" ~. , „,,,,,,.,„, ~.,,t• t-r th• P. lat., iva.:., ..a • tattal ha.l
latl, ..1 , ,,-,1. h. pr. a. al.. Ina, ' :.1,11 1 , • ‘ 4.1!,(a," ' ; .r t: . ra ' s ' .. ...,1. it,(,,ren 11,.. sal, Om a.. ar. ~.... ..1. , 1 t" r.s.
ntartortna ..1 1.4..0m may drarript,,,la Ti - n l. , aa h,n, , ,,,,,,C ..,,, ~,,, ~,,,,,,,n, ~r h t,...,.. t. , r •1nt , ".1.m "tn."
elleApre ., ...f all I h.. na , 5 , ..,f lit an,'lla.. • h •.i ( .... I t. , r . .1..." ,. .•f ''"' ''''''
(nsl bar ..ana,t.m.r OW i-... r 013•11,11 . U I '' I 1.1:10 1.,..h..h, ..• .•
to, in, markm ma r , ..11 a. tha,,,..t •It t s"..
t• tl, n.. ' "., a" """•'
„,,,,,,,tutu .•, ~rti,t.... nll n,;” m5:,...r7.;;;'r.;','1- ..., "r `"`'-.
5t.11,1....ara1.h. •.Ini. t,ranall,l , - 11.antafwtur,...4 In.n. -
I /11 retahh.r.l.rnt I, v. 1 11,11.1,11.
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men , •4l at Mar ilh,n. . .1411' !hi HT JARVIS.
. .. _ .
WINDOW OIIASS--D.H./11 itXrt. USed sizes.
1---taitOll-1-100 Gazes, best brands, in store
And testa by W.ll. BAGALEY & CO..
tetC.l Alas. Dud 211 Wood it.
1,11)R N.%SIIV I ti;.;
ll Al A V VIA .AV El/. 111..1.1..
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at 4 P. 31.
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will 'rare for the et.ore end intorno , liate pdtta
on OA. dr, at loo'rlork, A. M.
frri,:lit r 1224.11. r. rd• • M .., D.
1 I F; new and fast running ntr. CASH !Ell.
I. s 31..1111, NI nat , r-1:a k.rular W.. 14,111, S
rt 1 le. NV,.11.1 , a r,„ II had I ra, • 14 . 1.1..rap0rt. ant! Fun Fall
Park.. t —I,. a.. I'rr tabu 3 1 .411,.....1a, nt ,
31.. 11. r 34 haling and Iltielgrport. and Sll It ' , lay
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an Eat . 16.
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melL; .11)IIN Aunt.
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It. Act.
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AND Z E.. , V 1❑1.1.E—T1,.. xtramor trl
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For friiiirliCor on to
111E6;1'1.AR WII}:ELING AND r ,
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torl rtor, 1., E.,
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nrioriiiion i and riunitiih
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or to !frl,,, NV /I WIIKELEII.
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nnl` AI:11,710 INIt I. dotrylltr.
; ir .1 It NV F: I ) NESIIA
11 1,1 I. rt. 11NC! ' , NATI.
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1111: NEA"I,:‘ Nl4 It 111.14. in
V/1 nrnvrs rn THU. DE[l , lll,l
Nall Lines of Splendid New Troy Built
Coaches for Hollidaysburg.
And t:orn 21.: Mar, hy t e
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N.,v . 1 ork. and Italtiona,
/ 1 11, T 1 1111.14.1 • 1 il,ll
Ext., !..1,1 , ..! 111. UM' . .,n. • ... 1 , 1,11 w... TV, • . " ..irri . li.•., , ntr rn in,
,I, ~...1 ..,..1.1,..,.41,,.. ~.r J. . 1.1 ~.. ....z ~.1. dr." . SO 1.1
.1.. V....,?..m."!..... 1 . .....,,, ..., I!...unpr. 1.16.• U... It., . t.,„,„. .. . i ,„, 4 04. .. .
!"3.!,.....1 nt, .1.v....t ~!! 11.. ...r,11..1" !I, ...,...‘ , 04 .. „.„41.0
.1.,i ~,......
1, .. , 1,1. ,r ~1..n..........4.1. r,.nto.
V- n • ~,,, ~,,,••• ~., ~...• ,L,• ' ... , r' ,... Ur , r ''' . nl. irr the 1.... r 5r..... man..1.1."tur...1. 11 H......
.• ••.1 ...1.1 . 1 1 ,, • I K. :!,..1 !..11 via ....1-4,1... 111.•13,4,
.r, %, ...,.1, %I. t_. ..;.;-TT.:,...r, ;;,.i,i,..:11'•i:,::1,!rh!.",",',',117.:74'1c:
1 i '‘, 1 1 .1 \ - i l' 1, 1 I rA. 71 1 1 . !1 ' :.' I V i ,I l A ,1 : 1 :. , 1 ,1 ; .:.\•• T:.."1'1,'1.:::;11.';, 1 !
~ -. 1 .
.. ;;; - col ' ;. • !..rni.l. Ir. th., ~,,I, ei.
M.! 1.. tra....,.... • . i..t..r tt.....,:. .r 11 11 to 11....:1,, .1 1.., ',rt.!" • . pot ..1..... , r 0 4 , :ml d..1i5.1,1 In Mu" Nat
tn . .. , • l, 11. 1:1 , 01.t II , 10. ,a , fr..e. of . - 1:ar,... Ncirhargr fnr ca.... 1. Itanvls
... . ---- - •or 0.i., 4nt cLaryvti extza ...pat our,
liirtghams'. Transportation Line. ' TIIPAD4)11I1 LF..N . T.
1111, - 55 'N.,! .I-. N... )rk..,
n... , ,rk: I,S 51. 3 - 4.-- ----1 Murphy's Self-Sealing Advertising Envel,
Pirrsitr w; II e. THE EASTEIZN CITIES. V( ~ 263 M A I.ISoN ST.. NEW YOIIK._
TII E c•k N A I, l , einz .1 ,, w 0 1.4 . u. I , ar.• r , ..1- ,'I 11. ,, -.1..-,...r. „,••••,,i,nz thr p, non 0'3.11 Tr 11.
. ,' ~, '.. '.., ‘ '.." P n.. l .th . 'ltd... 3,..4 tTI iI ::::,,rl'": 1:!:::.: '.:(.'17."..r.':;1211'1';'4ef d'l'..".ll‘ll,"Vii"i.
) ,, L.' II t• 5.14 .•, ,I .1.0 ...I T 3 t. , Ohl 1,' , 1 1, r ,„ 13,.n..1.:7 "'".....' " f ) "' ' - " W q" ' 1 "! .. '' ,, r''' ,-, rit ,
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~,..1 all ,I.,•ti n 1,11.. v.... 14,110, r.. 1.., to t!...1...1t0n
1,-...1.!, nt..l , 1.r. - 1,a1..1., .4 VI 1.. r.......,..1 rola 11., ' '., 1 . ; 11 „, 1 1:" - ST' 1.1 . 1 " i y......• !T...n . . 1 ... 1 , , 1, .." .1 1 - 11 7 i T. ,4 4 , .... i .
, 1 , ..1 rt,ri 1,--1.. N., .1.1 3," r 4`ri ..... •I' Irrrirarr,lo, rr .1- ,'„.... ' '.'..' , '.''.....'
lreu.i. " 4 .-. 1 • 11,11 • ii • f. 11 :4 14 4. 1 4 . 4 • •• • . 1 ! 1 1 . 1. "1 1111 , -1 11001,1 1441 0 1 4 null ' , about
bevy Jr
INei , .ler au tt. r
nn. r.-ftured them I pot, the u....trnae letter. real nr
atedinte edt urn Id the ...and r. underl or dein, durinl
Opening of the Pennsylvania Canal.
,tn the trttelot— tarrdrnal at a t m,. th e MOW
Yr! E PEN N!.. V \ Nl.l tde
e• I, letter t e rri n e. a no, all, advt.:U...mend
a. lle " ''" stft.. to attract their ni aft tnontult ho, Land. It
1 In. tellom tn.,. t , a.,.1 ,tor
I , lu, 111, hich har tor t ear, and 111 i 41,141.440.,
ht ; 1,41 4 al rite, either wfitte r 1.11,1„ ,4 trasl paper, and
a . r ~ ..
Pro, . d / ,ffersq,orr mad, as
u s entar. I . rinfilt: A all I at-r. Leath
Whet, st t. 1444 v 4.141,040.1 10 I
14.1 ,. ..,1 ardl.nnt nnlar
addr. ea. 1 . )1 '" 311 - ftt l qi
Sc. .2.ft Medt.on ',nal, ;ter sort.
tn•lrrs a, tneti.l,l t. yrnutp, ft I. ft tthe awn,
Hawna.ll ‘l4 It, 14 ‘1,41 1 , ur
C.... L.: tt 1411.111
1 / 1 4 .14 " t ;It:11147; 1;4.4Lif'117:117.-'6•'-"d ••••••"'.1141.104117'
Professor A. C. Barry's Trieopherons;
g bi r t 1:1) tlO3l POI: N I inf a lfi
and eurni, eruption., on the akin., of lite ,1111101 1 .
net Internment, alai nu, •ttnu... turn
aa. It rote this preperatlem - there Is
. no such
nI WI." The first dteurnalntn
ntedleal men
..I the I,l4hett ....sinew, Nunn:tow dttrens of nll prof..., and ladle. ho hunt. umed it for rear, in theft- dr,-
. 1 1041 111..141 Dart, trims( it It Ith . uue treord.that for
roarttlir air, luzurtannn and curl to the hair.
4 ,14144111.111/1 scurf and dandruff, !walnut. wound, curing
adraur. synu, stlnuo. Se o and ,eerie . Itinquara
the the gland, 'and the mdse., 14 to
110 equal
a 4.ettd nf da.mpottuda tatrertited in the put.
Le treats. ttaal In private In rhenpneer tut well
entrant., Barry'. Treennlternua unftralleal. The ..111.
wear...n:4l tale of the artlql... hare enalltal the Inventor
LI sort.), it /0 541
t h e per bottle, rthialt l• :rum 10 100
ttre create, Than the prive of ane other preparadext fir
the h.ll. now tee a-, aelenr treettia,. on the hair
and tin. Attu embraetnu the valuable directions far the cul
tu nd prearrututts naturea choicest ornarpent.
In T h e .eil enol Is anew 'worth the Monet
T ale
netitean the membrane., which constitute the
0011 /4110 the ham a [Orli drawn Ita austanatua (non Otte
[repo. enveldfa.. Ter,. rinse. All din...a...0f Si,, hair on.
tnnate tu the .4in of 'the bead. If the pores of the malt
ure the Hood and outer fluids do not circu
late freely thntuult the MIA. ,eatud. whieli feral tho root
with mutant!, and Impart iefeurtle film, On. result is
trurf. handrulT. shnltting n e t t .. hair. ...err nes, dryn ,
and hat - Auto, of I hr. liu,tn mid eoftra
ena. no, le. rtimul,. the sidts to healthful action al*
n et ts Trienitennar and the toft.l,l racorering theft
e it, . II / 01114 /01101 4 awn., Ind l afftalinus of the
0 4.1,11130 .1 the sul...tratn of murelea and intetynnicat,
1.r. , ..tx and the, lleet ore the ,ame. It Is upon the Ain.
nod the ulandt. that the Trieuulter,•
ha. th. erct.. actian. in ull affection, and injury 01
dna, urge:, it is
atrerrlun ramedy.
rul.l larre bottle,.ti ro
at trio principal of
fice. Eff Itn,luar, 0.,, York, nod 17 the printlial inertia
ants and druauLde thrttuulinut the halted btu.. and Cmrl,a
Very Valuable City Property for Sale.
TOE uniler,igned Administrators of the
etdate uf Tie mar Fr0nn,..1.,a.....1, offer for utile the
enttre 4 , 010, 4 4 1 the. 4.1.11 it.,,.. rstirman. reentsnau
of one It, feet lot frentittu .a! Liherty street, tavola, haer,
ltu feet a Ind,. to 0 74.11 1 44 •1 t
Mu., the tdrern qataLtnotau n• the 11n11 1 14411 i . i4411 41 4. 4
frwn.: nit 1.11, et ` rff..l nat.. Inchon, and 7 ... t e herej.
ull. feet 1 1 inehea„ runtonu hat, teet to ra j ; 1 'wth
the gran., tot 'table enunn rainfronting en aut alt, ft. t
feel ' 72 ... ''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''
ro •
"" t)il"'"'". t ie
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t • . 1 1 1 . 14;1 . 1 " 11 ' 4 1
r r o
It. ludder• Apply ta
it wl 'b.,: 1,-. vl,tc34,
,arraa•ya ti..• r•mr• t•• a ,;.a.:.•2••al• t that. '111 , 4,4.
I, 01., lit . 1 11 . 113 , 11 a A I, .1, I T... I.lllr
lim,i•am • Lill,
r1 1 (1 NIE1:111.1 - NTS. NI.1NUF.1 1 "111:1-:1:S.
AC —Wo nro I.n.rnutl to Mali, vontruct. tu tt,nu, out
luun 1 hit ioto ot tr,
niuttininicolatli, Ivry 1.1. onto, u
rorluhtuno ..nth.. ti•
•• tlo. l iNt I.Tl' C.innl
s 5 I
Pittsburgh Transportation Line.
J Alias dC.IS N all a Cit. c r ..] m t .',
J A MUS it Co.. 1,0,t0 Chorr, rt
anal 3 South h./Ith A:net louwoen Mar4ot azi.l Chem:
nut e,..l l llllitilelplila.
01. 1 1/NNtiliii A Co.. iu .Sorth taro, &Ulm.,
I_l .1vINI; fidly inn arrang.,
I . Dull, ye v3ll lir tutchitreit uiout thr 1, 1 1,11111, 1, 1, "
Penriot Cann', to our, frohilit rind trout
hurahi 111111 tule11 1 /.... w ,11 ek. 1, ° ,1111 . 1.111-
Loutortlle. St. Lout- nu.l nil the l'Aut unit V 1 ort.
hurer rah, ntul with more ilt,tholi 'union, than ant Lino All ohtNo.l la our Line are (till, rotereil
, Inouranro. without eat charge to ouster. a prutuction
niot reel!, uf!onliol tit an, other Line.
All reutrunthiu. uh:rooti'l tu ouroo:rer turent,
11s11 al Cu.. On ntlio o:snub. L. 1 , ol , h. 1,0.1 ahil Lour it
holtio lurt,t nith priiruht ntleutoin
1•Iile.l.II. Our Lino hno nocvit
nerut , t, vrhteser vrlth the
Iplux mt.( 1 1 1t4huruh Trail:lout/Wm, tune of
t• 8 5
Merchants' Transportation Line;
IA PEN ,l l"l.l.,:hi Ctsi thS ASIt 11,11.100111, i )
11 1 012 Pill L.k1)E1.1 . 111.1 1 1 11:1•X'T-1SIT1.1-
tit 111 1 ,1111 1 1 1 1 N ,..
1 1 .5 th - .1 , 1 1 1.T1' ell . Oulu! hurt., SO, Penn tare.. 1'
'IIk II ILA N, Cent:. 111,1.. Noewl otnret.
We ore pret•or,l rvet•ive amount tnerrharnliat ,
ond ornd ore to .111 t, on the ,I•shibg ef the eon:AA to Hada
deloloa. owl oil intermediate ot lower rot.. and in
len, time Ilotn to so, [TwVI,I.
Get- N 11. The meretue.l mind., et Truett. rm ri.k..l by
the Von. Cetntohdetter. lor .tor Iteot• on the
•••tAts , 011 peN•ye, out teedtbdit, of join;
dotoodon lh nhord h 1 . 1 1 ,111. t
1' .1. AtrANI I.TV n tNI,
i•tood llopht
185 1
_ _
To Canal Boat Owners and. Transporters.
vir! . .• ;
~ ,, ,- . i , . :!:
1 t ,. ..1
in tit nrnk i Part] vri, 1.-tni....1 Juhniitnn ii nnit Init.liorgli
, turitiir the nntimin - n.,no.
TIM.. triminlit,inn ii to Pit teniri:ll. . ....1 linnr..
- !nom l'ittoiiinr,li to Jiil,n.nie it., ..... •
11.11: I:It .1 r 00 1 , 1"1 . 11.
(nr 11,11, ~ 1,/
To Shippers of Merchandise, Produce. &c..
RELIANrE HyrsiirE;(;li TRANspoi
ATRI,, or.. IToortriur, AlArlet. And :
ni ll ll3l,
TAYI,I: A 5... Au•Aom.
1., rn
.ann. ~111 n
et,11.• ta , ..111 l• 1...1.• • • I
So 74 Awl). at.. not in Bank of Ilade,h.
Not. •114 Draft. collerted ea all pada of thn
bought and acid on ranunlasloa c..h7:ddlrT
'JP Otio Elate Oammtiodower tor
wtakin Ition, Aak
miof Prds, k dace—sV trect
•_ _ _
1 11031.15 1111'E, BONNET 31A:cu.
1. .1111 7 1:ER. 41• ,outit riorocol .Strort. Oavove.
ortout. on.t
vr. nw.w,a7l.. ..... ....... .. 211.1 . 12
11.110 A LEY, W(HiDIVAtit & Wlp.le
-4:ro,rot, ".al Nlark,t rc, I % ll . l .lyhis, aryj
EALI)„ IIUCKNOR . h. CO. ausaan 'MAI ,
JI North
ANTELO - General Commis
fu.,T r.irm Nlerrhant Lid Aoddranc,•
n& on ndt.luarne.nt. a.
of 1,4 nr, crum‘ll,eral
11.41.ZRT 1.1174.2,131. trk—mavrox.
W. POINDEVI'EIi & CO., General
• ( I .nuniv.lon and Fckmardina M..rehuda and Flour
rrm. N larkut tdrovt.n. 1 1 2.5
To Southetn and Western Merchants.
01 , 5F.1.1, S PICE3tILI:II
4. The antra-rib, reef...tro ll y birtles public attention
toll. exu.usiro start of Perfuntery.tionps.Sbarttf Creuns.
ke.. to w hieh sever, Miser and two Golden Medal, barn.
within the 10.1 nix sear.. 0,11 314/0110,1 by the Tomtit oft, of
,S. , se York, Roston. and Phlleslelphnt, the latter bring tun
only 1.1.1 en Mosi‘Ln ever awarded. for twrfumery Other to
E, nis. or in !Ilk enuntry.
hot'lm.t.',. Tatra stud. , 114,..17 CELAN. (Al
b mond. R,
and Amnisinl.l unlver•ally seknowlnlged to beauperi oar
or to
any Phasing Oran, In this counta7 or Europe,
lumens's, ron Sittrrso—lleautifully tratt , Parents and
po..sessing hiyhis, and etnollient proPertte.
Salsumeroos ronlpnutal, Atubrosial Sharing Tablet; Milita
y sllossing 1,1111.
Fr...11/INI Tottril Shunt—Almon& Eon, Millelleura. Mu
nn, l'i..ehin, 1.1,1.,: Patehounly, Ihunibus , Floating.
Tr...parrot. (111. 011, Iriruhstr. and Cirettssian.
1,10 Wr. P.l: run. 1140Kutrturts.—Rm. J11$111iLt• 110 -
....., .1, Caroline. Gem:wont. Jenny Lind. louseeline.Joek.
e, Chilt. ,11,11,0114 (lemon.. Citzmaelle. Itnant. and many
oil er sari..., to all si tt y dd.. at perfumes.
runny it sres.s— Florida It tier, Eno de Toilette, Oran..
Elrwst , V , lter. and • 'rest variety of Colotrue• and. haven-
Par..1710%S ruastalionnios. Benrs'oll. Antique
0:1. Itatrlninte Eau L.A.-ale, tfielneillompound On Mar
,,, /lair Dye,. liquid and In powder, and Phllooome,Riefr
nine. and Jrnno Lind Pomades.
lharsartioas--Italaamir Elixir. Itnese Tooth
Pus.. rhortsnal Itrntrif,.., Oduntisu. Tooth Paste.and Tooth
Corstrrtcs—Veietable llasnartie Crram. Amondlne fur
el.,pped hands, hold (lrrant of Thewa. Cnsam de, Porn, Lip .
tiolve..liosph.rry Creams ....
Detolatnrs Poi.ders. for ' , swirls. superfluous hair, Pearl
I, wder. I inohtre de lino,. Annut. Vinegar, Virt.ria
(lair C0n ( 0r.11.1.,n. Prrston rah.. ' hesides a errat variety of
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who may n 1.1, to ;mind.. him, either wholevda or retail ,
n o a, rrasonahl e trrula a e ony rstablishment in the Li ultrd
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(1,. lid Churiut at.
florin'. Perfumery Is fur sale by all the prlneipal
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u•tial motor...mins. Froth Clnebs, Casiiineros and Yoe,
ins.. laimt husortatlousselogant light alike fur Vests
dark Ai do.; s fawn Embroideries. There
sro Or, skillful artist. tot to this retablishMent—
ono to cut UATS. one to rut PANTS. and eine to cut
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the nr. ,r , t10,111) 4.1 tit, Awerirmo at
Moir tate L.... f.. 1,1111.
Shawl and Mantilla Warehouse.
1, 4 1 S. 3111, LS; No. CORTI.ANDT ST..
IF/ . rt Sta,... NEW lolto. 100 now copunding ono. of
lAro. Fool n 010..., ~, r nswilts '4' SPITING AND
•Ira+l. Alto LATE
frr.:ll 0,.. Pans Sohlov. rTA.1,..1 W. ntentuntn
non! onortnotinrl, n•ln,orol No The topror, t mob, •
V•no. n 00-to nlo•onlisl Oon, oof PIItA,ToLS AND
I RI: r00 , 01,n, of friwoll nod plain vollon
olk and Turk Satin Panools. Awl Cotton Awl ITOw.
, ThAto 1 4116,0 m, All of a
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I t,
. our Western blends Lo
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(Is, StIoW sTA ITS. for rshiEitlng Spas IA and
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e. It. 11A11.118 CO
I .IA V ETIONE and arr. e/m.t.,ntly
ntontlnorin. the cool cAtiosairenAsAlnisnEof
GIKIDS ot, Is-fort. taros!,
rtrl rnrn, oho. o. lAT—I o, los of CrATAIAAShIrSA.
silk., ITn.olng Gowns. Ilin , lkerchier,
Erans, Iwo.. Collar, aft IT a Vail., TTher
to OK, line of husars,, All of whi. h will
.1 Ow rer, prios. Our Wrawro frond. Ain
loAtteLl esToolos our folsAITOn.
' Sliperior Black Writing and Copying Ink.
DIPIRE INK. sT Nt.,au street,
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1 F. :Nl 0 . V :, \ 1.. — . 1. ; ' , :: 6 , i s :s it,:7,,,-1.1,ENNF4.141,11:11,1,,ie
tA.., . 1,-.:rlrpt .t.•..1 1 .1.1•.....'V0/!..7 6 L1
, .1. l'itt•b.trall atail.
(1A DI F:S . VI. EEC Y SI Lk ll LOV'ES, an ii
~.11 „ . n 0 , . 1 .1 ...1 t ~ :f r t, Int, 1,!, lin•orttnent to be
IA PI W INTER of various
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31 UK I . IIY crttelivirlt.).
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➢tut t In.. I:FIELD ku . en ruuurtanent of the
Gauze 31erinv Axel ithrico
1 W.kol hreaers. feta
I LE I➢ I'E.ICII ES—A snTalIT---,t. re7elved
fur .ale 1., ie.ll • 11'31. A. )leCiailtfl t La/
Sii EEl'l NGS — llousekeepors, and
y y th. o . epent, for tints
et rod at end
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31,1:et aeiortntent of hheeting 3 1cellue, born
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Sellers' Cough S= cu p Illinois.
jj71)(1}: I. [ERA! Aiddlerort. Inaluaise
cat,. wrap.. ureter hoe of Jae nary 17th. 1331, that
he 111 e leen troubleniore , with • cough Ear haratial
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ear, . haring the atunther
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he got tette, lint therouLb continued Ndletere. 41m
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Chapin had fOlld the S,• great toe in hie tertuly.ittal
wLen mining (roc, Ohio, filteru 'bottles With .
.r.hi,hjuaaie I Pier . ..ol4=CM end urea with that[ Cenetit.w be other MHOS &Del to :Mud relief.
p r ,,,,errea :od Bola by IL E. S6LIJZFIJ3„
5T Wool itt. •
Zold by drysyists luayltyln Cho torocttle mad Ykiattr
BONN, BRO. & 00,
kItAVE REMOVED fmm 2Co. 22 South
Cherie@ striwtoto the new warehome cm the NoTII
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and IFS of all ' aind. are Wee Sole teeny
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PHIS t ~1:1: La.,le arid Herim bratuLa Palm. YD
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h a. II.,: serious Pilate of (Shims (~
r , pimeh. Peace Beets ee. A all amt.
meet rot ~ l for us by our (Hen& amt Leaden. /t le •
Not well km an to every gardener of ear's...mi. thst Met
rate Engin trden pr(41160 quirmity and flavor
~,, ,,, mparehly better crop. than mn be obtained Rum 04
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at maturity drop to a line informing us Of mon.. ea
linter. for nor and remit more, wilier al/ thaw IT
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10.1.1 N 11. IiANKIN. • Attorne, and Coun
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11111, 31tandleos 2 Mrelurv, Joha E. Parke,
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TILE unidernigneil haring entirely re-2
hull!. and enlarged the above CSUlartlostiblbkh..
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Es en, de lo partment will he mot:erten in an onexeeptiona.
hie nanny. orot the proori,or pkiinet himself that the
Anyriean Hon., shallle.truly the Traveller's lioroe.
el , :r::nrdSrrne'ry .
LEW'S 1171£..;
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• tsue /1 - thu nr Wialmursqf
Gr../el Lt., ~:Aa r LA
not - with, ; t n. h i o r
to make no'ae•wrt ,o to the virtu. of this mall
and 1.• hold no humanity, whic.h
Luta will loot warrant.
The tin.. r.f Inland. and the Pine and Wild Cherry are
uolly et.l..bran , l for th.. not.. ai all dive-ww, of the Lotiv
trot Liter, which arc m Lwrfully pretalan In all Northern
latitudaw. Fr.. a enculdnatian .d chemical extracts. pro.
-010,1 from this 31row tint tho,w Trio,. La. Wtar..a
ali t? WILL Clatla
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llahrun I.r -fu Ctrerry I. n flue, este.
ventna. rearonneed erely r.f 11 - 11,1 flume- Rack and the
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enraree./ the rare mertiral rthuer of obi, h ore ales rem
hien.l by anew rinquirai trerea-., with the ...roe. of Tata—
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C,ohtt rTION TUE LrNtr.S.
IT , th..:III•ThIS Carel by %Retm'e %jai
-am ..1 wild ch. rry.-71, ertre of Jeremiah Tr
;rim: of ttonrumehon. t 61, or Ili. Ver.there and slater' , ha
rte.: tned .0 1,,,,, 111 11,,,11. In truly "'undercut:
lo • rata, 14a4r. Haan:ten eo X., 'ha.
J. cy,••-le nr tor, I MFe the lil...rty of orlviain4 Jon
.4 thr t 1 hare 4..rivel from use of Dr. Wlrtaes
Ilal,Ln of 1% lid Chen-, orn. pretrat.l by that theribk Cooremption. In Stay laat. The attark %Fos truly
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the ue. of 111-tar'r Ilalrnal of I , IM Rarry. pry
treorrl.l, father proeur.-1 it. cost returner:red admim
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CI.0" • !'MITT. LSAT, .
JCIIN 7, 07,,„.7,,.,7
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nal,n m Anyll m.
• 1-1- the tr.- • u.r.t,,,lct,c,ump.
an WN4 .• , :th •.1 7 , tn,-ht eirdatt. I
•m 11 , 7,e I .matitt,v,l
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ntd:r7,1 , 77. •
twy , sti7,7l fotyr,
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my Yyt. rdm , ,,tl.i.t thefts:-4
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I,• F• I AnNil, ti, emit taking ma
7r•tt,t:,. nr.trrtt that r
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I. u. i ... i um] ch.twfully
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‘r.,!.1 '4l to [l,, 31‘.t.
two 4: C. 0.,• du no: eff,i
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with rcnewt4
alts , ::nri
In. Dr. I{.
Manft.r.b.S Pbrke—l take tEir yy,..,..-tunity of !n•
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, n. by the 11.0 4 ab W:ble.burry.
lo the year 1`.4... I • inlbzimaYlual of the
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rerod. In the f4:l of 1,1 I with a
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iitd , of nowtleitt... wii.irrrry Knott. of ef.l. without bow,
t. nr..l Usti, I it oar:, along hoc vii.tcr of 11 , 10.
as I hoar) .if lir. It of Will Cherry., 01y
itit'Odt 'tom:tatted eti. W .ie it li trial , thou:J. I ityl
wit all holy, of riwwit ow-1110.1 yropor..l zwy.elf for it
hang , . of an , itlior Thrt thoir.l.llritst.or..sf writ
indite...l to male tow. ot the oritti.t, Wt..tar'w Ifttltara of
Chorry. the raret rut tru:v wwtoni...hitig. lnn
titror 'cart LI aCticti. an at,: •wiftriag. and irtl,ir harintt
-owiit tour or fit.. to no portro.i and u
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waif. I ita.t oun rtntored I:e.wirit by the I.!etwirit cf do. awe of lir. li."tittr.r . , toi/tassi Of IVll.leherry.
o h o 1.1,.,, tt 0, of rot!. utwri iroprietorr cif to
valuable a trityitotne trl .'t Iftlitarit IVild Cherry.
lour. ro.tptrtfulty.
N ,u. IL 1:14N.L.
Nra r Eunf.lrol a Park.) FOnith
%rt.! n'alnt:t Ci art r.vnLi. liananal Agent fer . tLe
niuth and lle, to Irliinn a 0 mina 1. alirwtad.
J. Lila! //..0. Fal.naolock L Cn., J. A. Jon,,, L.
1., .1. 11,1.Inan, Allegheny elty,
1.. T. Ilua,cll. 11 1,1.:n...,:nun , 1.. 11 i 3 nicutnarn. If.
lirren,bora S. finn,t,., ,Inn, I:llrunne.
Ileal,n1; goal &Sin. 1 :r. Or:, llngidarvanr:, a C.... Inliann: .1. 11. 11 nalo.- iintannt.g
1.1411. a CO, .1 .1 non. 11. aynatburn:
1 1..Faralnd N. Callnnaar. llnt.nn a C...
l:raLarn haat,. Olarrar. jay,. 1 - :enT Co. -
Ewa: r:r. J. O. Sununcrom. Nararrn P. L. a
n. Joas. 11azdarq.nr1, P. erooker,jr.. grvccurg
Closing ont the ntire Stock..
RE:IT BARGAINS.—A further reduc
-3 hy The sub.a.riber wishing to eh.e. cot
the hall,nce cf his stork of 'Esn,, , and Ptahle Dr, Goods by
the Irt of April next, woqh.l re,orrtroDr rap G. .tke.toft
of IN std elPtnnti et and oh. pul , lir. oho an. In not of
p 4 goof, at 11y per rens h ,FAr fonrp, .:Irete. To sop
,reou wi , hing to rttrto.n... t twner , c4:' , sJelet,
00004 6. a 0.0.1 opportunity, a, he pr.. or the
•nr ,
of the stork 00 , hberzlh om-. with .:rue of thirst,.
" VAT.."'
J. 111 .•
S bEtn
-40 1,111, (il,ver S.
_UPR 111:itCHFIELD hay. o Lanq a cow A.Aorme ut
n... 1 II ,f nli 1.1, .Itrf,,,nt qualitl,,:in,!.ling a ftw
of extra Os, an.l,uallt3, all of whith are now offnxt
at tr. - Wm./yr:La,.
101,1) LOCK ETPL- 7 1 reerired a large
uthi '""
1.1 , 4
ION DO TAPERS;-50 doz. for by
ILEA r WALL PAVER—Frera 6 14 unite
a large aril'irqu,lit, Pa- hy
hl_ n -bp.: W, r
V H •
IITE _bbls, for sale by
Water ant Enna an:
ii.tml , n(fic- - -: . eri
.._____ , bbls or ta e,y
.... fehlo
[...WW11 BAYBEtia-2. bbt:: fer sale by
IL fetan I, r
E. su.k.r.s.
. . . . .
g I OPPERA.S--ly bbls Eir saie br.
1„./ s•Ein E f .:LLEILF,
.. . .__
1 7 lAL CORKS--H p 0 gro,s i;lr sale by
.• twin E. E. Er.i.rm.
NOUSE Di LAiNES--Printed anti !Kaki
. 4.• . -, lnr , . in ~.^,-1( vArin:y and /:t . varion4 prirert 4. t 4
Mt. _ 41.(nre . .!4 . A. 140
_yl.:1:1•111" 0 11 c_Rctiyi E_LD. , •
a g 4 ielr of .bola to bras sena pr r
klr v =4:LtiaoPlaidg.m o 1 1: tl.