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    Itujit, even at a cost of s3o'ollo to the Treasit- 1 Wee open, the street. 21:10111.1 be so deserted ail to A -
ry,' it it cannot-he effected al, ont. But we do make possible the menrrence now t.• be minted. '
object to $2.40,000-U•ing volt oat of the Trees,' The first net of the piece had terminated, nail
1851. S ' I. t
riLiiialtr.s itlNG
A .ccear•,,, N(ll:m
t .,... :Ni
trey white those who',voted it :not the
eon - the' curtain had just fallen. when suddenly it
rare ank oi nc i ns ed-iustead et the netora who , . . '-., . : - • 85-
test anstaidon of the fact, such, we are con
fident, -was the came in this, • stance. Ws not. had disappeared-ten brigends of the hand tel
Within the credible , hounds human Mimesis- i
Paanstorra, who
cornsarmd with muskets r orty-six hours to Philadelphia.
and cote Fortyrfour hours to Baltimore.
R acy that those who dete inedly fought the I bine, levelled them .
_ l ,,
;..;,;.., c.i.
iver and Harbor bill. and me ready to throw 1 range of the-pats - and and boxes.. At the same nn „ ,
the Goverament into chaos rs er than permit its 1 mod ! moth::
t n.:v. consmting Of thirty liri- I Two -__.y - p ac k et Boats.
Patina Would have allowed this grata to Le 1 gnil b s . , ,, 7
' their
, ap , p r ealaAtt i c ,. e h o w n ;: ., lie
, fieor i If I li ow nii n Lin" ExPres3
made by a unanimous vote nd without . n
' per of objection, if they ha ampected da eel . al- - and, an l n t e . s:
~.: rith
k sahres an d !listens. 1 6 n u e ' n ' tc . ' i ' s ' j
. 1 '''-'
,Exo•tratv ELY Fon eassiiN•lEits •
etc And any half intend termined opponents the . tmee a 0 .. . moment of stupor. during i t, 1 , 111 1, A i , i .. i.i , 111 A. ii A 1. , y1
mult i .,
Muhl have killed IL
which DO one hued to move. elapsed, when the !
1 chief of
.i th .. .. brigate k ls advonceol to the foot li-eldt, • 4 11N. NEW VORK.
The Light House toill wen through of course . .."" , , . the °matinee llN ' attittl Natio^ C 1 ‘
We know not what
it come t.., are, no mgt. del told exhvii in the keys of the two gates of the ~, ,th. i.,„...,,,...,...,,,,,.,..,.. • ~,j mit wo
thosewho passed in ba pro ,übly some 1. omit-town, sate,- '•
. Gentlemen, you see by these that' .theasoi, thee, • n o i5.„.t„,,,. 0i „,,,'",, t ,, 1t ,a t " vitt base for
tee was wieer. So in the ate with-the great you are enure]) In our power. Any resistance LIOLLIDAYSBURGH,
Appropriation hill, so far ay the Semite. tstel i i
, ol i i ,ou y d ur b,, pa ti r: ;l. er r !l , l
io le d ad oo t r o e. ts t as w t.. l . ‘ rv ia, tcl . o k l_ ; v0, N ..,... 1... .,,, t0; ; .. .. N .. N
lA. A N I A
it A i
1.1,0 i
cio'il3-"r'inv'iiitr„:mh7tethneo 'tv7eilvAel'mPrill'nott't'r.f penis on you bonnie. Listen then to os hat I have . iso iim*if . ..l sod Fo rt , rat, was , din, t., ' ' ).
Dollars-game up, about 8 'clock kr the morn- to say. I all about to cull out the nallie . l a
Tin , P th iii rm iAp talk tours -r P I ''CiA Ol \ lloarA.
roil t h e others h,rg one throngh after a 1 several among you. As I pronoun. , it name.
fashion-W. Mole of N. IL asked•that the hill him who bears it step forth from his box
he read. A genern i chrome I remonstrance wain:, and repair to his house. in company with one or ll t t 7 "
. 1 " i1t."7,147.- alp. rev to ..11Ines att,7s.
~.,,1,1. .1•So thoe
iin; st trust the Commit- ; two of my friend.. who will him to brine ...,o,!;;;;Zu'r;;,',,s,'',":„7,":,t,",„n;',:i",:nt,t,T: or the moat stem ,
t,„a „ yin , have the pr i n ted r ill !afore t.c.. 1 bither all his hoards, mid 01. d without defraud. -. Ise•xets bts , . etert
tit j enn y
noels,, at hieht u •ni u rk.
"NO, " geld Mr.llale, ol env not (berets übprnd- I ing us a a porpetto. - Thi. said. the area n
et ' d bill; I have the bill as on pally reported Lathe I dirplaymi It paper. and commenced reading the Passengers for Baltimore,
House: but it Was cut dor here and increased ' fatal roll. Submission was Met 'table. A tioten 'o'. n r i e t o t o.3 l ,o • l ' ,....;',T , Ves n' t= t u in tok. ' n 'oh vat' '''' Cunt
there in ever to many pla es. to the cutout of , carbincers formed the sole police of Forlini-Ito- ! toe. eon.. retie. col at .. 0 - o
-e' ''''''' ''' -' d o • Id'h t,
millions of dollars, in pa. sing that branch. I : poli. Six of those were in the theatre. mot h. ; No ear for banning Rngime.. en this route.
canno therethis bill to pa until I hove heard , been gagged by the,trigands The six either, i
~,,,..1:.,,fitv,..7.r,•.;!,:ge..,,1,,.t.0.5,trs no. Atte noel . bonOrnable.
1 ,
what there is in it."-.So, as any one Member ' surprised in their guard house, hall rennet.] a no isteot , .. et ......,L‘toon"':. ' iTt ' r " I Il "
can have a bill read if he .1 totires it, the
wh o vain resistance. The burgo-notster WA, the lir,t .1. P. Ili /DIES, Agent.
woe undergone in sullen im atience, by men who victim. Sone time was, of Culle-le..llll,tuire.l for ~ vo...entalb•loll
a few hours before had bee reading old Mess., . this operation. which did not terminate before il '' 1" D. 1.1 . :1:1.11 .t". I'o.
ges, Engineers- Reports, c , expressly to con- quarter tn. twelve. 'lt IVA , probably to save tltne • s n. on i 1... 1.1 ..1 Joi, • tVis'euV.,,Tkos.,i,nfsi.i= iveiet;,.,
sume the time of the Benet ;hut if Mr. Hale hail . that two lot igands went !min spectotter to Teets- t i f i !tt tsitiotit it t. Isvirett. aim. sin d i nei, e , nt !?. r ii ,,,
celled for the rending of the Book of Join he tor, collecting barrels of watches, purses, chain, it:t u b:toff - Ith 'tiV.ltar, I, •:,1. •
could hardly have been de med more unreason- rings, nml even unnbrellnir. -lom the ham est , •
able. was gathered. and the booty had leen Itenped ' PENNSYLVANIA RAILROAD.
On thin Naval Appropriation bill there War ding : opon tilt- stage. the brig-Finds aloe - v.44.11e curtain ' , ~.. veiv 55.L .,..=7 , .._„,7 dLi r
usual debate abont Dry hocks. It seems, froin to fall , and quietly a itlidr - M, carrying all wall . 171 : 41 . -'`...."."-'.",•/* I (1.1 1 1 • ? i- --- !"'"'""
the documents rend, that the Secretary of the theta. • The money thins obtained a m
to ' ENItIt E S S l' ACh E T LI N E
1 Philadelphia, Baltimore , and New York
Nory, in pursuance of a vote of thin Congress T hud Boman piastres, or about 4114001 .fri nn ,,,,
at its Cermet Session, hat mode n verbal can- and the MMus. °Mee. of art, ac., at doohle
tract, or agreement, or something of the sort, • that sum -• The next day 2111 Atnitrion detach- ; y. FIB:S . I' PACE ET of TIM- SF.ASON
with certain parties to build a Dry Dock at San o 'need set out in portent of the band. which pro..
~ f e ll , w4i are,Sharprturah to wenn ...tan) nn .1.1.-na,o,
Francisco. The House 'ommittee had mean- , liablylool dispersed by that tune h. the !noun. ' ii...nfm,"l.; ; ,'ren7u n g .. . ' ';''''; to ' U "' 0111 ""' ' 0 001
metded a cutting down o the cost of this Dock ' taint, or petted the Tuscan frontier. Their ; ‘,',17,,,,M.'Z,1t.'.1`1,11.^ {''''.'Zi l ,," '',. o !'Thcz.f. tsars . ..
t i
come forty or fifty per ce t.. by dispensing with another is Suppc.e.l to have been nhout three or • i i., ...Ss,. sal er , ..e;_if: . ::::: ; :ii:::, , ,, , 7: ,
a. • Basin and Railway,' o il tiO.Araa,ltgreed to , four hundred. It it probable that they were in u.',..'`',`.```;'..lro;" "ii I. ^so."
011511 hands. Two de thr o Provisos were adfled : leapie with some of the inhabitants. . However 't
" I'''''''''
"'. l ‘.hrr ''' t • t '' '' '''' ''''' '-'
in the Rowe. intended reduce cost, he., the t this 1113, be. private houses and public treasch 1 fr,..;‘, ..irte-D, I.PE1•11 a tat_ Crowl Maio.
i 41WARTNERSHIP-We have associated
last of which Provisos i ored tho alleged con- 1 ries all have been plundered , with the exception ,
tract and ordered the rotary*" make a new rif th e Monte de Mete. the fastening of which !
one with the lowest bi der, after advertising resisted all attempts made to break it.
sixty days. ' The Serial Committee had struck ,
s l .
hut were put into a blacksmith's foe. Tie heat we , ,t :II unTaulle..oll 11[1.1.. late l l .lishi - er of - the Faimew
laseelte Mil. ahead' Mon. hi. powerful attention tette
tmenoo. The rta to or the arm ',mania as heretofore.
out all these Provisos, s bstituting a new clanse •
101 l A. WILKINS A CO.
: The St. Louis Republican • ti s
notice of thetriaro " f ' int-oln ' h e u r . S til i o n le . ' EXCHANGE AND BANNING HOUSE
or section of some kind The Senate demurred 1 iere „ t i„ ,e
to die, dismayed the wh le subject quite search- i hempen rope; recently made in
;1;;;., , ,,. A
ingly, and finally reject d the Comminee' v 'n h ' ' piece of prepared rope and a piece of win' * rope '
! k WII,KIN_ S & CO.,
stitute anal retained t c House section,
struck. but the final P ; mitt°, expresnly on the . intense enough to krobl the strands of the woes ' Corner of Third and Market sts.. Pittsb'gh
rode together, whilst the hempen iope was otolv
Ithsamption that it cent mplated a dishonorable . '- . - ----
repudiation by the Go ernment of an existing ; slightly charrmi itn the outride. Another test i'''""'"' nail
1..""k9" e"/"*"' /3 " " N°l " .
wt . * , Made, the piece of rope and a small bar of
contract. This view n the matter trra , tinnily ; Go*/ .V Sdcsr, llowthb Sold ,V I , :relianyed
M e ssed in by all but rt very few Senator, and ; :
a.. were placed in the same fire. Rh Ihn irno ' - • - • - ' '"..'
the bill was engrossed nil passed accordingly. , hrou ht to a white the comber was but I EN( " A N t .' F: AN" "NKING ][OUSE.
g , ,
gen: ; I But, after it hod 6 ally enacted, it Rat din- I little, if any more atreittetl by the fire than in the •
- This ques.thi bas never been thoroughly die- covered on to airy the this amendment of the ' previous experiment.WM. A. HILL `-
But, CO,
cussed in the public presa, but it is often talked rough - and-tumble of the i
Senate ad never, in th
.- --wee-- - No, 64 Wood Street, Pittsburgh.
, morning's doings. keen submitted to the House: ' w . „ art ,
Ober in private: and from what we have heard Iln Itoren•Qt stone, nn 11.11 . u1•e11..1. , . 1a1.a ..
whereun ale Speak r Cobb, in signing the ; ^ .."-..•••• ME ET/NO / 3 CAMONSBURG•
inters way we infer-that the grand objectioe to I bill, took the resporisi dlity of writing into the • At a meeting of the citizens of Allegheny and . Foreign and American Hardware.
• consolidation is the assumption that the diversity engrossed and enacted te the Proviso rejected , Washington counties, held M the Town Hall, in . I.OGAN, WILSON &CO
of interests Would forever prevent such a union House had adopted bu the Settat - 4hod rejected; ; the boreugh of ) anon , burg, on Feb 24th. It'll.
, and thus the lnw now tends. ond Will he printed i for the purpose of taking into consideration the No. 129 Wood Street,
;from becoming permanent e
Hire ffe'live- In t 4 4" and (we suppose) caret into effect: though this utility of Plank Roads, and the propriety of nth- . HAVE NOW IN FTORE
consolidation is ,newer, in every light, no II mar- Proviso has no more ten enacted by Congress ing measures to scenic a sufficient amount of A fun and eclat - tete gawk of PORP:IGN .I,VP AMERICA";
triage of interest, where both parties must be on . than the French Spo kittens bill has-nor. in- , stock to complete a Plnek llorool, from this Once ILA RI)W ARE,
their guard' against losing by the bargain. Pitts- deed, nearly no much • since one House did, tuad • to Pittrgh,•in connexion with other companies Suit.i.ies , th. • r i ssna trade. and which tlx kr. prepard
trargh is 'deeply in debt and so is Allegheny ; a decided majority of the other wished . to enact that ae on
now chartered. It al. ; a1 . 11...1N1EL„ , of , 1...311.i.r:,,,,,m711:11:-..,4t I f f.l , rif.: tt , t ,r zi , ll ,, :7 . mtnara
the latter. And we
. 11 sums tine Provlso affects , Canon. bur was collet to the t bate ions tot
ted Allegheny would be afraid tent a union of , and private i tercets to the extent of a vittat.. Esq.. of Allegheny county, ‘..1 .1 Aa - - .----'-'
debt and responsibility would operate to her die - Quarter of a Million ollora `l tat..
Esq.. of Cnnonsburg, oppointed ;
advantage. Moreover. Pittsburgh being the lar- We could give fart er facts of the same Vice Presidents, ontootion Robert Caldwell, Esc;.. 14 RE YOU A FATIIER, laboring for the
gust cotporation, all the smaller ones would be rat bearing but they must suffice. Unless the nna Edward Ilaget, were uppuinthd Secretaries. ; ~,t "',.'",rr,,",,,,n...tAiZlOrilViitt,t‘lorTel =Trt=
I PLo e pl d e o are wi . lll%g m to eeeithientTorethosno ry.t.urnnesl,m. 1: t r..J. r . ,, hn: . . !ttnillevtinfgroladoctornteitritotre tel
, ...yet ..t .; t01i . , ; . 7 . ;‘,;.. ......t . .1.•5 ,f um ...ariz .......
afraid dint the would seize the controlling power
and employ the strength of the union for her \ nearer
ly anybody, P 4 l en in Can ens. knowing I motion of Gen. Collettan. woo ordered to tat pr i n t. ..,•!.V..;,r';;;;Cfn:;;?,r, ',!.',.',',7,i`fju,.7:,4„,t,' jb ' " ' l' ' .. k.r
own especial benefit. The reasons urged. against how or why, they will insist on a radical reform ! eel with the proceedings a tto , meeting. A Itts ' ,„',,;;.,,, • ,‘,",',at . ..r:i,:.7-.T.„''` ,, ',l4 , ;T t arlPsr.t . : l,,,*
conselidation are all of this class, and are
lin the proceedings f Congress. The - trifling I ter wan tend from John F. Wrentsball, Lei., of .7!..,::.....i 7.v. =. , ..Lb r i u,. !::. ~ ,. ; „,t t, .
, :! , !:::..... , 11 t a r o b It
- nified by the little jealousies that form the prin. awa of w eeks a t t i, outset of the Seaaion is a ; Allegheny . county, chairman of a mount ,- Leese I ono, se eenti.nt ...1a.,. than am obis
grave misdemeanor, gross breach 01 tru.t.- i ten appolnteil to attend tlos nieettng. unplug , Peen! , diso iA llorAavu'llla . /..r net hrsucht teal,. the
cipia evil of separate municipal governmeuts. I Thy n , doe• , e „ • _ ,; „, ~.,i e uniting .., ~, .. „ e „,„
paltry ge tu t ' The less tongrena . .uoes ; ine d uun yoi woo I,llom I ru.ualy to a ti.i. m ...tieini. no eenditichel It. high reputation no its
,Al little management however, might remove 1 the better for the Co ot is no excme for such j central route. from rm. Lees to the herengh or moo. re, .11,1 wrti att.sus,effte• ,
the principal obstacles which at first present I delity; for there in very much that Congress ' Canonsburg. aud asking the appointment or a o .,',Y,',X,',,`,?,!Tre t r tig l ,i',',` , '! ' „ l „ th l 72,t, :nr: 'tll ;
themselves. In forming the general government, I will do, must du, at . h Session. and the real ; committee to meet the citrtensatJarratt's tavern, : t,t...,:kft,tr.V..,7,:tmapzetf,sr valiant,* to
wt . • , es sow no, effloms• tor ov s n isuwws susetelt
4110 COLMOlidated City m i g ht by di v id e d into I question is -. Shall tis be done deliberately and ,on Tlinrsday the The meeting was
1 or in a confuael . aressed by several gentlemen. and the ;tutor of r 4 'ln-' ut "um ta• tote , tate totems ,
Mather of districts, undo dopy
made that all ; cer;l43'huthrry_lguhrilsb Ses sion.
tt endlt is not
; Pliulk RoTads aver all others. clearly dernonStra. ";';..; " 'ii,...' . i; n : ; , --' l 2
r ' " , -" ii ' i
i * , 1 % . " ::: i ii i .
expenses incurred for improvements or benefits Dresden-4w.
I sihle to mature prop rly the groat Appropriation led, in regions purely nerietoltotral. i con& u.n. eirointiati, ohm.
of a purely local nature should fall upon the di , - Ulla nor any two o them, on the lase night of ' It was stated that roads that were now inn op. ; Ts sass atl ' , Mee. mai fe add:secs..
J as. .1 ?downcast., Co. W.
. trial tO which they belong. . The heaviest item ! the Serrioue. ond w sen they are ,a eel On [lett f iliation were paying Wiper dividends than ol- • inn'n,:i..'n'i-,...,2„.! 5n '",,,.. 0 , j ei ,,,,,,,, , jwk .
of City expenses is the paring a streets, fuel night th wee y o le k nam y n :ertti er i , Di o o t iZ badly ii tb.,
~ o fo to ,y .
1 1 ,, 0ej
o escriptcolo ef Sork. On . ni:oi l len ;
• even under the present arrangement complaint,' 1 ' last night which at ' oth w er time and mi Le ! de - ; to atte i nd the On'tfer=m7.7l..-wlVotPPan.". 14e'• t..l.'lten.r:l.. Z,V:an j e. Lr. ' t " .V.Z.T *"' l'' '' ` , ' 714 '!"
- !Are made that the then is not fairly distribut- : lilieration would hTe been withheld, perhaps , held on the subject of Plonk Ronde in this and ! -
i••• ' ..•cd. There is an excellent remedy for this, in I not all too wisely:. 'll, the greater danger is on r the adjoining counties, andircport at n stalnttoplent
."... the inth slat= of foram . ; Property holders to l the side a extrava nee: and at all events Con- , meeting Messrs Thos. Wets., Jos Mc , ;u1- ,
ii 2 .; : t . t' i a,t . ',"" ''''''..-
it it voting., lough and Joseph Brown were appointed wtid ,
...s'. pave the streets in front
their lots. A law no ( grew ought to kti w what money
If the Pen le woad only eenollewer nod- comniittee. Gen. Callahan offered a. mth,. that ' •
• ..
this effect h"' I ' 6 " d i '''''''' 6e4 It Y the P ° P le a ! sy political aspiran a and more clearheaded, nee ' the prsceelings of this meeting be .ig.led by the • FAREWELL CONCERT.
Allegheny, and will probably he aClePt ed t It ; sententious men of business to Congret, them A m er, nand Published inn the W a shington ,tad ' ka E. K DIMERER will give hie Fareweo
might be extended over the whole consolidated i would be hope of ri peedy_reform.-Will not they Pithatturgh papers. nod tlmt thetneeting adjourn ' i 0 ,T . ,, 0 ;:1;, 4 !, :::`,:i,.,:lvf ;,;.v,,,,rii3O,;:inv=7:4
. city, and thns the greatest Source a joldoo_.y l i confider these giC .to tinsel on the ga ....Iv of April in thin place 'en LI,VI eto.n. Tn.., la .bot. T., he bad . Jo;
ins. , le ruenntrzarn at l. isimex. - , mehllcAS
would lie destroyed at once. It is true thet Many . The shove roar Hof the
the y ore of tv very i r't 'e t ' ..' loek-
I ln IL al :It to NIEL, President. ; :
~,,e ~,,,,,„,„, . ' .
i , , ,„,,,,,,,,,,,
• I persons think such a regulation oppreshre ; hat, serious character, mod, if they .hOlll prove to he I ; ... 3 .k 0. G - ii.rii.
i.ta. i
I (Ars Firistmoss .1. CO., Mannfaetio
we assei• •
could regard it.lo anything More than , true, demand a borough investigatinm The J.. M'Ciattsso, i OP ft-m.71175T ran.. rib 1 N OLAFe, Stift 1.1c..0el an
i means of forcing indolent and penny-wise- , charge agninat Al . Speaker Cohh, eapecially, of ina.eet COI./....1. 1 . 1 5,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,„ tan. et it Ai S T an tare car medert et manning
me- ..e.1...... et Lett rein ns.. don, test Ow, se.•
pound-foolish People into a recognition of their j inserting into th Naval Appropriation Bill n , Edward 11rr,1,,t , n . n areit u• d.. it at M. neeeit ..sfe ros-.. rt the ehrt.
oi i.e... men a Ilan On, 10.00. r in tleqr t-tablteLonit.
' true interests. It is unnecessary at pre:tent, to (nroviso which the !ranched passed and the Stn- I
dismal the other difficulties that present them- ; ate rejected, is of a most important chorocter.. ! me‘‘,:tei,,,goh,',,l,Tlienro'hig„7,ll,,ginn,.‘fi'll7„':,l:ir,,'%"!'ilile'.'2,l 7i'1c,:.i.n.....',L':',....1.,,--..:.:',.-,..7.E„^:.2,,:.:1',,iir,..;i,Y,.:71::::::;.:,-',;:._-
. elin-s, hut we feel convinced Learn thorough in- jit vitiates the eh le bin , and is an assumpt i o n the loW day of Behronry, I rt.".l. fm. the p0rp...1- ' tn. 1,1 Ito .
restigstion of the whole subjed, vimind eon- lof power which o fight to be visited with the se oof taking into toriderntion the propriety of con• I, , 1., I , IK K EE pEn . „ in , ono oonn, well
,i '' since Die great majority a .-a• citizens that a ' verest Penalties. he ! ft Udine is font. ) to make its 'Ductig a then: Road - .4' ~......,...e.0.a...., a.... et . ei.....,.. A 11,1,1. 1.
argil and the borongh of •V• ariningten. bentig ei , • iii is iiii. in n a iesineni. In l rnotn- teal. nther once
' , coneolidation might be effected, which would in- 1 ehargem good or retract. them. If the tridlo on- ;t" , „ . . . ; . n .,.., .0. rer.r..itrva .111 1.. re a nneest Wass , . f ret
n inetructes to ...heel s tatic...: deformation n on assn one.. ak Fe os. to
nt t
elude all the benefith rd .1. without:the
- I ly is stated, it is high titne a senitching Myr,
in regard to plank roods in general and to re
'WI II: SA LE- -Two choice LlLTS,pleasant
- . advantages which at a first glance a( ear in- 1 tigation into thd Legielation of Cougree was . port the same at n meeting to 10. held in the 14 ,
~ .
surmountable. I had. 1 . village of Cantionsburg on the . ..11111 instant .do ~,,,.....• w , ,.,. tel.- ~ mit .inst an, eas f e et f Thew
. ! report • bs . 0.. ki hen Ouz. mot ...Intel tue - a I,ln u a 'lll fr.
All,. 1., Inn. , alblt In •t• II OtteNT- -nr
. 1 From the Baltimore Son. . Thal in pursuance of said ',twine:bon.. w 017,74 med.' , lai ' J al. Pt, b.%
Piirenenon nap Cnevrtasto..-The cial, will I
e i examined the plonk road lemling front Allischeny . IIkILIED PEACHES- 11;8 sks. Sur sale Ine
begin to run between Cleveland amt Ravenna un , THE KENT COUNTY MASSACRE. city no.] Pe err. vi Ile i n Allegheny ;aunty. mid I / est , t n nits A Merebnl.l , ,n.
• , the 18th Inst., and the tripemeen ,Pittebnrgh , The following, etter from our correaponde:tot
T have collecte.i such inform atien. in Midi. no a k 11l ED A PPLEs-s1 tacks forsotle by
' • and Cleveland will then b performed in 24 I 'Chestertown, gives the latest and must antli colic ~,,,, road. ... no ,. ni.i,iin , i , froni
.niirrnii in lin 1 y
fle o I •, n 11 . 6* st,gasaft.y.w:
• intelligence. up ti noon yeaterday. of the progress •
. hours. o . retie] on. Prom a superficill and limited v i ew
iof the invedigntion nail result of the exertiims of the nni.i. for
,h , „iiiii ,
ef. ten, miles, ,0
up . 4 4 A T,5„...,1 ,as k+
I- in
5",1 1 .! . 6 4 .Y iter.l l .l.Lhi.e •
. • e -
. : The following article, from the N.-er York Tri- i
of th e fiee ,„ , .
• making to ferrthout and secure the perpetrators pram ~, nn-wee iiii tin , p0p,,,,,,5, c ud io 1,...„... .„ . . ,
w. 17.
....l ...Cre a M -r- "' de. tt' d i" • ,ill th e oilvstitagee molten - m.l'ord by its warm., % ion n wt.% i MbIANDIX....In':
bone, on th e hasty
. tind careless legislation of 1 family, near Geotriretorm Cross blonds, on Thera ..,,,„,,, ' . a
II ' 111 , ..6 T ...2.; 1.1,1, nor 'sale by
' • Cottgrese, gives some facts of great moment, and ' day of last week: It appears en p'e'ens farilities to the traveling '1 e ~,,,, I WICK a SC-CV:DIA:SU
&Serge, a careful reading by every person who CIII,,fOTOWN, Alarch ti fennnunity, and wlvnntsges to the farmer for .4 sr N, i . „,n ,, ~ 1,.... , 55 __.. 1 ;,,,,,, . loxes, ,
j. ,
• do
takes any interest in the affair" of Governmem. Messrs. Edito -A mon by the north of Thom- transporting hos pastor.) to market in ordinary I
Cecil counts, 00 . . • 11 1 f r .... In nnhll ell4llilStlri Ir. tam Aii
That it will p r oduce ' an y m f orm vice, mach , e . t . a Drummond as ➢arrested in Cec ; . •. . . vehtcle, tar superior to nny other roads n i
'morally last, an 1 at a late hour on the same night -
•' • enact : 7 kind in tee at the present tone . 62 11111AS' A 1,1.;-,tit0 While and ilf. Illols.
. '; . lodged in the jail at :Chestertown. This LA ~,
‘ue gt•rierni bronolth of 00. 4,0 , 1 i• nt, ,, lst !2:, 1 - 1 ut -,...•. a lot ommtasa •rbleal• frt. the nth,
LEGISLATION BY MIES& the fourth pot ty who minds ) Large ] with feet, the ienaiii
or the oto, eight fret. „pour.. . . ~.,
, t r r,';::;„', "" "'"'"" " irn ' itt ! :llTsttN a REPIIERT
Having been nn earnest spectator (mainly iu , the murder o Wm. Cosden and fnmily. The of bemlneek .1 inches is thickness-and tram 1. to ~. . . , „. , ,
- s the' Senate) throughout the last long sitting of I reeidenc6 of thi mon has been in the neighbor. 11 hashes in breadth. They are laol on two ribs l mi l. ,:\ \ , 1 ., 11d5 , .\ , l in d!Nt.-I . rrom the Virginia
-• . Congers for 25 hours, (commencing at IIA. 0 . I hood of Black Bird, Del., !Ind in the immediate_ or the -lime
ionirrini. wit haul any
~,,,..,. I nn. ,
r, .
~., I : . , , '
1;;71471. ZN . 11:1!1 1 2r ..
on Monday and Closing a_jittle after noon 00 1 vicinity of Web ter, Robert, and Shelton, the thri . thno, a small „,,,„,,,,, ~,- e l„, thrown on ~m i , 1,..),i
Tuesday 4 we now•propme, at an aolematesdia - 1 parties pretin ly arrestel. . em! QAT 11E Ell' L 1... - .1 gr.., , warmtnted)
• lance of time and scene Aar calmness, to gift ir The evidence against him, as ferns developed, ; ~,.
• ..ere appear, O. L. Ito ethically in parsing 4 7 ..,..7...f1, tor . 01 .• }.E ste T WOOlin a *IN.
• We ono , 6131110 idea. of the mischtet and joeril of the . is, that on W nesday
,evening, 21lik ult. be and repossing on the part of tine read composed k ' '''';"" So 111 Water et
_ _. __.' .
course habitually pursued by Congress in idling t dieappearel f orn the neighborhond suddenly, of clay, oe the Ilinnoo In .lo not a' 4c•ar tillfliniently 'IE.% 5 :••• k t ' l ill N -
• r • ' 11" Ugh mouth , and then ermrdiftr the Preto , , and yrithont as igning any cause for his depart- ,
irequent te counteract the tendency or Ile on• I. I.on lt One linen,
;nu on .1. me ourn. fur .ul, lu
-.....: labor of weeks into hours at the very - heel of the j ure, and can ve . antisfamory ace... , of im i rn voed r o a d to ee itle, and this po rt of the mom! ...It 1 wn•ons A 11. , 1V. CI W., 0
„„ .. ,
ll'g Il' Ilell.Sioll. We shall state facts, ea ateurately os I movemente du ing the interval. _
- has every appe.arntice of being greatly linprionsl ll' Id.d I.l.lNii Z, PRINTING PAPER--
- .k i " , the hurry, bustle and mnfusion of the pro- 1 He alleges that he loalged at the house of aby + u
~... 1 V InMli th . I 'boom , bus. nuntle.neill, tie Sale On
; ceeding - s and tae ) intervention of two steeples , ' 1 man by the It eof Ford (who lives in the neigh- Ti, fat of the grin. over which the road erehol ,0 . It. vi toe:m.llA.
nights; enable us to do, standing ready to correct , 1,,,ph00d of k Bird) on the night of the tou r- ' passe. is very trinil.. And presents notch greater W 1 . 1,1, l'A PER-Priem 50
St d
at the
. .
any errors which trap b e pointed out . And we
,l i der, which d laration Ford corrol..rate , ,
iLiffinithi , in
i.i.giini in grniiiiigi „ inn the pro . ‘ W ,..;. ; ; 15r. 1.0100 no.nalmn.Str•i,ftVNrintrattilie.t.
Mk OUT COnteMPOTOTine to polling. , tams in such 1 states that I mound did not on ire at hialmn.e ; Tomei route from Pittsburgh to Washington.-- ~ . . , , „- „ : '
• .
shape Is they ugly ice fit betore the country. until n late hr of the night. One of the pork. In the opinion of the committee the cost of 1., lltt, Bo A 1.11 1 IIIN p---1 , Or node by
• '' The hint day's sitting commencel, . it. well , ors of kb pan loons hears the distinct immoral. ,grading on „ room jodirionris ' runll I I
chosen between . DO
, Iv. n MillnqtAl.t.
known,at 11 A. a. on
3 , •londay, but the River and lof a bloody h. nol ! . ' the above mentioned point., neg..] not eseeedione IV IN DI ill 111.1 \ 11,+-Fur sale by
Harbor bill engrossed the attention of the Senate ' The bullet cod slug, found in the house of Cos- . half required to grade the road esotnined by ' wsl,l I WII MA11;11a1.1.
until 4 o'clock next morning. At the very out- den do not eTespond with the calibre of She!- ' throb,. II It Ala IN.-5 casks ree'.l and for soh lIT
, t
set, Mr. Clay, in calling 017 the hill, said in nut -
bee n gin, an from their sire, could not hove From actual examination with a prof - or instru- . 0 0 . u'i l i l 1 4ii AlliWollTll A :-0.•
• - • . . _
stance to the minority: "We of the - majority becn dienha by it Nor do the impressions , meet, the otelmrtore from a hori rental Inc of the I i11.f11111.-1110 blob. ree'd and nor sale bV
wont to pees this bill-we think it la our right of a gun bI on the door of the house cornea - 1 „ rid in „ few places slightly exceedmi three d e _ I hilt,- J. , DILWORTH a. C. 1.: _
to ditea--vre think you of the minority. having pond with Sh Iton'to gun. greet principally in pineen where eloping awl .ll Mi. BUTTER-1i ) 1,1,1,,. for oak by
enjoyed the =Pleat trepertunities tti diem," and Pieces of b ock wool, used as wad, were en. filling has beenersorteil to. There appears to IR••_ me m ,
.._ , It a DILWORTH A L
• criticise it, ought to permitus to bake a vote op- trotted from e wounds of the murierml, and , he no dipion i ty in in,r , in . , anano. ,„ iiippi on 1
. Farm for Sale.
on it.. But we know you 11AVO porivr to talk it black wool cl sely resebling
than found on
. a roo of that elevation. In enchains/ to the Hid SUBSCRIBER WILL SELL
• , to death, and, in din nosh lo:persist, you the person a Shelton loathe time n i f his arrest-- , whored cot , o f ~,,,,,i m a .. 01 r ,„ „ ii eo , „ y
his 1 ARM. dtinaned in lidlire Ohio. fronting
' ... 4 Will defeat the appropriation bill , and ceetrel The gun also bears traces of having been battered , the committee. it appears that it amounts to $3,- To. Ulna risni , r. ii. miles,. hems larletta. and 4
the President to call . extra seed.. Now. ➢against nom hard suboottance. ' 000 per mile, amt from a s olace which ran lie re - ' ;',V2;,:i1r,,„14,',:=,..,.!•i`00„.',P.,'1nf0ti,r-wt.
nu. ,
. . rather than have that result to no purpose, lam The prisoner Webster (who was the uncle tof o u,.,,,,
. .uu...ttpon, the committee µla. Infortioni • thn I the • ,i11,,...113
,Irat• 'CP . .!II .1,1 lel ffre• In bpple.brar. ensile.
- . . ready to give lap the bah and it you simply as Mrs. Crossle and Mies. Rebecca Webster,) was ' pridde oorising from lolls, alum. the erection of the L,1,,;,',',,..,'„%rj.VZ=11:;V,..1.,t71., ..777•Ittrb
t h e that it is your purpose at ail cost to Prevent arrested on riday last, hut released for want se
, p rp, h oo s been nt Ore rote of fourteen per cent', , Avlreelling thee, tm.. a mArisiontent, fronting the
, I the passage of this hill, I will now lucre that it do evidence. t that time he declared his pumiuse per annum. nnol it is cenfidently "%lie/0.1 that n 9 / 1 ',,T,:;',,, 1 7„r I ,t,'',"'' Mil..Z.f.',7:4=Att:: ,
~ ' • .• lie on the table." Ile pausted, hut there was no to be preset , at the fuueraf, then appointed far; much
greater revenue will lie derived from it in 1111r.n.,.:1n harsh.
trnol , n i an , n t f ,
Iv, WM. rirr IiCTNAAT
response. The minority had the will to do what Saturday. that day be failed to appenr, and ; o more f a vorable...son of the year, nod when the -P oo tts,'.l.'itio'es ' tee s ot. ''' '-nruehllwat.T
. they had not the the
the to avow. he the the funeral string been delayed until Sunday, a . whole rood in completed o wing to the unto- .
. • bill woe procemled Avian' the h
e ro t ole on the one me ssenger as dispatched, who represented to ( von-dole . ..tote of the roads beyond it and lending Two Hundred Carriuges at Auction.
' . side to pass it and nu the f it,by him that s spicion was still entertained of his into it, nt this season of the year the traveling • Fifth Semi-Annual Trade Sale atPhiladelphin
ataLking against titne sr. Protracted until 4 o'. gu ilt, an d t at hp could dispel thin sueldeind by li s c onfine] principally to three living in the im- rirll I S SA LE will take place on
• dock next morning: when the majority , seeing atteading the fimeral. Upon this representation i , ned i am mrinity or tiir road. w Ens Imo AY. the %Miley .r. much aiel. : - 3 . 1
• '
• it was now certain that thebill could not pass. Ire inade.hi appearance at the scene of the mar . „ , , U. ,IIINE): At AEI M. awl will 'tax. all off .. a ,M.
oy their charter therompany is authorised to :end Tie eoneriten stil endorser at Inn tor hundred
gre way, and permitted it to be postponed for 4 der. and was immediately arrested. •
• secure half tell when three miles of Jar issonl ore ~,!,T,r.7:,',„",':,TT,4",,1; ji,',g,,7lllel.l.,rwltcrid.• il• co',
. • hours: It was never again taken up. . The pri nee. Roberts establishes a dear alibi,
conipletva Three miles onnllo loaf are now plonk- ...Mal will le earrant.l. I will Iff !rum maker. of ' ltek ' n ' n: ,
' -SO et four &dock on Tuesday moraine provingby reliable testimony that he w. in f, red
ed and from this they recnved a revenue equal j!..1 1 „V i 1 . i ."'a i. r , , ,, ratv,, , , b 1 ,, tni. , ,v ..,. ....... ,....
four - the hafter the session should have termi- ont, an several miles distant from the scene
to seven per cent. on the whole coat of the rood, it ion tre in all rerreeia a r ~,,,1,`,;1,..tg1r0 ; ,
• nated Senate had all the great Appropria- ) f oo tle m n et t between the canon aI S and 8 lu/0410y, 1. , .., Mud ,. 111 , I - Illlolllulll otO
•making the entire revenue equal to fourteen per ~,..1.,,,,,,..„,„„ ~,,,,,,,,,......„.1...,ztte,u%
- •
~ ton bills on its table enacted on (save what lit- o'clock on hat evening ; and his jdentificntion .I
cent per
noon.. ,tit ~,0,,,0r ca. rang en the &bon as( ~taunt recurs
• tle had been done in Committee Oft the Civil and by Mina IV toter was not. conclusive. she having ie-the .I,lAther. ALFRED M. lIF:RE NESS.
I M tire whole,the committee are ot the opi - nion ",
nobs st AllaliM,..
Diplomatic) with tho Post Rollie, LiLeht Hou at the ,a Me time recognized and pointed out
that the i nterests of ICieshinghrti and Allegheny
and Mee others Indispensable. Thew hills werere another min as the guilty party. counties. 'would Inc grwttly promoted by the con.
all pasaed. butt how passed-as they only could The colored woman is yet alive, and hopes ant
.. of n p la n k reel uniting their capitals,
A. strut non
be at thin Lour - we proceed by a fen &metro. entertai
'ned that she may recover.
- • the advantages of the forming and traveling
. . •
tiros to show: community Would by enhanced: that it. would
The Post Route bill probably . provides for the A letter from Rome dated the 11et of Jan. - 1' afford n ~a f e and profitable investment of capi
. . . creation of two or three hund new • Poet ry, narrates the fen - Owing -eitraordinary lt , t nf , ~..„3 1 0 the . And:balers awl that it would af
• Rotates in various wax of the country,• nial in- Roman banditti. It is a beautiful specimen of
ford facilitie. nor quick 001 may communienon
wolves an annual expenditure henceforth of a the real worth of the civil government of the , between me respective
~,,,,,,,,y ats, nodule
- . good many thoothand dollars. It was never read Papal Dominions: intermediate points far superior t any hereto
at 611-sin the Senate certainly, and we presume - I has, to day to relate n most singolar and
.•• fore knowit. . 111 of whach is respectfully Fut,-
- . not in,,the Howse. - When it cone up a Senator incredible fact, the 'authenticity of which in es- mit " lIORERT CALDWELL,
••. observed that it ought to Ire rend through , but tablishedthy the most inconteatiffie evidence, in- ROBERT MfIORE.
. .' a there was ageneral expression of 'No time for eluding that of official report. On the 25th oft 110115 . 11 STILLEY,
• -..-- ,•• that 1101X- - lfe must trust our Committees-it ill thin month the theatrical corps of Ferlini-Popo - t Committee.
•-: • I
only ea• aggregation of all the Post Routes we li was playign the •Death of Cemsar.' Forlini. ,fhomplonville, Febreary 22d, 'II.
''• , have sereitilly applied Sir throughout theliession,' Popoli islet small town of about 4000 Inhalation; •
''..:,- ' . ' . ,ke.. - Ste. ISe the Bill went through like Eclipse enclosed by a high wall, entered by two gates,
" -
, . or Boston. -
ifter Congress had adjourned, we and scarcely three miles from the town of Perth Citizen's linummee Company of Pittsburgh
m et Ile; Josiah Snow on ret1.1.71T5 1 1111 Avenue, of which it is a kind of en
the By eight in 1 ,4
."... • end he inforvied as that he bad obtoined in that the everting, b
A, hour when the theatres open in Office No. 41 Water streak in the warehouse of C. 11.
Post Houtebill o grant of the Rht of Way and Italy, a -movement has 'disappeared from the " LZ T ti. HUMS. Prerldmt A. W. Manx, Fees.
.• ' ; ' an
Appropriation of .$350,P00 (mm the Treahary streets, Windows are closed, and the inhabitnnts . MIA tdaano in nollepartr fissure all merehandiso
S , to ow. hue In constructing a rule of Telegraph have retred to their homes, the coffee houses, 1 _:
'An wispiest - mount,. tar thi Ili& Cod loWaTitr . um
frotaMiseouri to California! Now be it far from or theatres.. This absence of activity in the insututioo, is Weeded In the character ft the Ducciorc,
Ann and appropriation tame which one remarks at who are all dn... of hashesh, wall awl favorably
tin to ottjeet to:ony each giant app .. : 1-' every - - a.wit. community for then. prlldette,ntelliansune ,
, .." . 111, thematic* We think the construction of still morn complete in the malt towns. It may Lan inteenty,._.
leer _
w . nawal.-. Wm. tuimu.
, " • ' each Telegraph highly deniable sad oust
then be Soodnotood how, at Forliniopoli, and
ii ."W, i0,2'.. ,rnotirnmib.Dl, a 5,,,,,,......,
: ,sed,ouliational oaken'. We !hope it Ira be particalry on an evening when the theatre Jabliiit•Milia.lialt.l44 a. te:Toe. mood
• • Too( the Whits of Pennsylvania
_L a /m/ 4. ... ag
T val y vri . hi e . , . e ti th b..
thz.v. for tar ,
~i 1.3.
DP. Of enlacillajf mad/damn Pir the allere offoerno end
niCarukul oner, end al. fior Jodcre the Supreme
ort. Ilk.'llit 31. FULLF.It. Chaim. B. ,
el Ilellenamr.
P. Knox Morton. C. Thom". Jaen
, . Wm. 11. ellnaluft, Manuel It. Threum
• ' Samuel Den, Jul. S. Brown.
- Nation:3g Eltreaker, T. Teyk.r Worth.
' Wm. J. ItahLnien. Alexander K. Drown,
Ironies& V- Ilmton. Wut. Bak,.
• Thom. PI. Cochran. Wm. U. Ikea.,
~ LT ,
..; t 5:A ..., . . Jana" Clerk,
Sherram D. Phelpe.
liel.gen=r;... Morin C. Wilemo.
. John AIWA.,
C. O. lemml, I Daniel McComb . .
John rant,
1 George 31mann,
11 - m. ltrant, I Alai,. 11. Mean,.
-Jan C. Neville. I Muncie Jordan.
It. 1:1.17i1/1,k SiIITII. Serretery.
The communication of "A on the County
Poor. House question, shall app¢nr to-morrow.
Ton PITTSBURGH. CUSTOM hionnr..—Commis
goners hare already been appointed, by the
Heentsry. of the Treasury. to select a site for the
erection of the Custom House edifice, and the
Commissioners hose held one meeting. The
gentlemen appointed are, Hon. Mosel
lion. T. M. Llowe, end lion. A. W. Loomis. The
selection is sin excellent one, and we have no
doubt their decision give general satisfac
Among the Nitres spoken of, the most prominent •
in that on the north-west cornet of Smithfield and
reth streets, now Occupied by 3lessrs. Dollthan
St Garrison as a foundry. This is a very good
end central location. The corner of Wood street.
310 W neenpiod by Mr. Davis, agon s
lot store,
Lis also spoken of—a very gd tion, in
deed. The round church property, the vacant
lots on Wood street, below- tho St. Charles
Hotel, and the vacant lots of , Mr. Denny, a
the morner of Market .and
.geeul streets, urn
also spoken of. There will be no difficaley in
• tobtabain' g eligibleMtm.. •
soNsoupanoa.. ,
• . •
In the proceedings oVe. meeting of the eiti
xerotof Pitt Tcynship,inanother column., will he
fond eomo resolutions in favor of the cotnoli
dation of Pittsburgh, Allegheny . , and the sur
rounding boroughs under a siugle municipal gee
ernment. We have always felt favorable to this
movement,. and unless some weighty objection
i4ich has not yet occurred to us should be brought
forward, we see no reason why it should not re
ieive the hearty support of every 'gond eiti-
Y.k. NI• SIZ A• • V -.CI werttnent• awl .ml;Arn own,
em..l IL.vorwnl , 4 T...
Hosiery, Gloves, Mitts, &c.
Y S IW IteIIFIELD have 11.. w
la.ll an a; • ,,...n..nt of Illark TlElhal and l'aahnrre
al. rlto. I,taln and half da. White, 111aI. hoed, and
Nankin nnt.s. unl.learinal C. lon 1...te. and
Ilan* .1... I.lnrk utd ad.. anon Silk
11.1.*.11.. and Liall•
Common and oup..r MU,alr awl ellt Mn,, , .
ening , .1 15.rlut , Infann , do, and all
al loartat ra.,11 pin., at North Vastcunnor ol Fourth land
Market on-011
N. 0. - Sugar . .
i , l , imps. jest received and for ode by
It, 'l . ..conn• , mll.l.ajc, cu cern a co.
I (IST-- ' A lIItASS K EY.—Any person livid
-1 .11.,1NA,1,7 111 1.1,... imn., It et the llarrlto Otter.
_II , Oit SALE—D. I bblo White Louisville;
m o , enrol sod r pktor, Cadet ChLim a quantltlofi
..I lout I.llrot iat: l ig ?.I , ll . el k ur; IV dot. T 6rnol Pencil, and,
o at . ,tl'?..::: ', ,7‘). o etr . ;4llrAUZ The. ii:urri% l'"ln'ut: r r'': 4 * :Otl:'
, olor 31arriorto Pinta.: Sibbett.r baud Tuunterfrlt. Doled
torr, all our ruorulus. au . d thy moot, of our weekly. and
" it ' ' l! ".441 of
"'" 78 ' 11711 ' 111;i11.7= . ..i .
.rhorz; . Corombolon Ifercb.t.llll.ll at.
• 41 - 1 UM 01'1U3l—1 ease for sale lky
VI mehto J. KIDD it CO. LO Word at
oncoTc-H SNUFF-500 lbs. (Garrett's) for
1,.7 sos ev ovisio J. KtDD & cu.
. 0
Itt E D PEACHES-200 bu. for sale by
=WO ' SAMUEL P. swarria.
u-mon NUTS-30 lib). fur sale •
tI litSigUTS-4261)1,1.filraale by
radii° SAMUEL P. tiIbIIVER.
11 7 11bb 4l a i u ! !''
Rle ; eauirittiL
I)4itPLES:—:2O s,tziele,"4l.;,ifffp3.lir. by
bu. tx,li\leueien-
Cia LY
tgro "Y4 '
tliiE-101787(fri.e11) for ;silo by
mcllll/ SAMUEL I'. VKIt.
bb1..N0.3 M y }lour
.• wel•a,l;
bf. Room:
11./ prltno Nerbantwek
•• linwo
500 boob. KW Om.
.tart.: ; _
IleLli.mandOotoutbo o
oo 31..t.vbsit“,
metal, No oil
It OLLbyllurr KR— 3 1)111 j
.3- . :::d 3 :t
4 3 - 3. ;'1 33 1 1 11 .33 t0l for
=WO .:111.4u .4.
1 ARO MA. Nil. '2. 533,1
I/ for I. low by Al.l.l . Nliikitltl/ ell
otithlu .
! ' v
GROSS ItuallWo, Charte gen. i to.
CoIEE, Liver 011. fi, .444E3 .1 011:1:
%, •I
1 1 N
FSF it I - 1 . 3 hi& Ihr polio ha
aoslu • J 51011113 ao
)LACES W NT P. li• --For ',el Erni good
NiT00rt..77,: atTrr"igoArViV:o
aho, yo ml owl igter, owl .1 . 01. r fn. E.
Imal. lwr ol 1-.., .11 .4.'4
thane I xrl
•tol wono.ll b 4.1 11111 Y 1.1441 lor 1.0..4 or bowl. On.
cr two 4.1411 wOOl.l. 4 0.1 all •tli•••
.L.. 11 ootirt.jal
I`LA Al' 11.11IltIs'
ru-blo owl I otelb.. ore Ilrth
ITOIILE.—'The ni.muu.r ASIA. in .luly In
bnonol foto tloeloortl, 'tont Chorus. dn sad I ,
e.ll.loleli VA !mld. n 0... of tho Owe.
11171'Ilth•M/lit't 1t,.. 1 44 11 '"'":.'-^I', 1 .7"7;b1r, 7 :v:.
obary,.. \
eiNTI Imperior lot of
Tut+. tledidro Pma , r,
me.s Paper A1',. , .. eor ond
AT 110LNIES" LITERARY DEl'o'l', Third
groot,oppolte the l'o.t Offlcto—
e.evongto the Ikholar—thi• tnito-y—t he Prlett—t , G+,.norm*, khthor of the - 131141 e lo
Mee , ' Mlathly. for 31o.rels.
Itxton ,tutkApoltro,
he ttultital; . ...,,
=.:tl; J Peteerwm--oomPkto
Il ear) uLtor, l'orolenolt Thaekuret --complte
Jaeohlte eke) of the 11.103 of arotgo
llbnl. , .4 I' It. J
II omen, roeht
Large Sale of Valuable Household Fund
hIARCII 13th. 9W
ILY einck. A. M.. at the manicure of WM. EBUtt. o the
tw‘enl Bank. in the Clty Aii,nr.r...bnitsitig the
whol mol
der., of ii. Lathrop. Lath offemil for eal,the
of hla Ifounimid Furniture. I. part of Slannd
d Vier tillimom. Mahogany areneb) - Chalra, Center la-
Lctunirea Sob. 11dr Ilrld Card 'table, Ladle... Work
mod; a 1.1.00, of fmo vote and in good order, al., Chi.
tut tea lane:ottoman , girandolea. lard sod oil lamtw.,dar.
rugs, 1 large right ,tai maltugant clerk. for
" ral n ltZ 'l ga " L " ;:a:Zir U ll lgrAf,
•urs. mahogany and walnut wardrobe, I tosguiltrent
Lest drooling glut, I pair mahogany diningiMblm snl.
al lead with the trona supply of CLunber and hitehen
VOrnitur, wag.. wheeiharrow. de Th.
principal part of the abote Maitogaor Furniture ttat made
Ll thiWeelebrated M bite a Cm Walnut Street. Vbiladelphia.
and is in inesi order—wale of it of recent purr..., being
the heat lot of FOrniture ever offered west of the mountain.
public .ale
Ibeir .111 alto be added to the .mle • ant no. FarollY
Carriage. large' and to ionl unbent wta liaroehotome eart.
and • variety ufanlrin pertaloing to the amble.
K11.E13, a uovir.
A urt'r,
')EARLS --14 casks (first sorts) for sale by
FEATHERS sacks (prime) for sale by
TAIL—iB bbl. N. C.
A o
CK a Ma C b AN
if 1 013 LIVER OlL—Warranted pure, on
1,,, , drau,tht.. IWO,toat far ...Ir.
by I , . Co •
Aarb. corucr /Ina And Waal .1.
rIIC.RNEi) l'lll. FOXES--Assor,ted sizes,
Inr .., , le AI B. A. VAIINI7 , -"TACK • Oh
V --- XTRAC'f INOAN llENll'—English in,
CaP, W. 0,
cn.b`, II A.*A-I-D,F.STOCK A I,
LACTUllAttlU.Sl—Ent.tlislt ituriirte , L for
,11,.. to ua-2.4 II A YAIIL.,:F.IIToCK 0 CO,
ILlllli'lli t- In bladders, is nseortt , d sized ,
tZ. " l "' . '4'`lts b'
n A FAUN iz , ractc i CO
CO_.d. stoat!.
litot lot/. by It A FAUN Ef..I , PCK 0
ebA cornwr 0...1 and W ..nd OA.
UI DES.--1011 DRY II I lIES received and
fur A./.1.!am,. e I,V 11AHLIAI 1411
pit:ATiVER---6 , ) •
.uocs Feathers received
stst rut owl. by wax ,‘. 'A All lIAILIIA LAM
Tp 01.1. 'RUTTER -- '.:, Ilarrels ree'd per S. 11.
''' l " . t00.."' ".6
4 :,. A W . . IIAR„ A)'1111
tw0 . ..,
X ARD -- ', :...11 144. k 100 Ego. No. I Lord in
';4 'tor* and fur du by
mat, e W
r A . lIAREIAI , IIII.__
Weiner, Buechner & Mueller's
rpiii: A IiOVE FIRM respectfully
1 1, •I auttounqc
1 1.. their frl..ntl4 and tbe ).,bile A , ..n.r , 11LA1
0 , pr,ol+.l 1.., In lb. lire{ oty le ..1 t}
vrarr. 1..1 et.e. ( ' Sri,, UM., N01a..., C10....ta. \ ' o 1000
oxil I'mf...Alounl Cord., Ms,. Char.. 1...br1n. tr.
Their eelal.tobinant O at ~.. a , . ..real -Or* . Iwta—rt
TI, an.l'V..nrlb yti..tA.,up 4Alr.. osebt. II
V GUS- -3 1,1,1. foriile i‘i by
lil .0, . 'll II JoliN no
1 ,\ Hit- 17 kegs in store an , l tor role by
1-1 ttyrhYi ltill li..IOI.IMITOIY .
BEEN APPLES --55 1,111. for sole he
11 1 1 ~,eio• len. II JtiIINIITIIC,
1 / "V ! I.L"-6"letll, r' h ;'TN , T l „ iy ,
LIICEORY NTS--17 1 / 4 ,Lforsnle
no,' 1,1
IIIii) k.E.lFmTOIiAel:vO--m.
I '!
j li! .:, ,l N . ,. f T uf , sale
V V liunly -tin. Nunn tail • tint ran liana with unt . .l
nt.r...1.i.t.r....1 .1.14, 'Enquiry.'at llyn nitro
(..:, PIiINE , FA tillION FOE 1,.:. I - 1 -Tlkig
cy ~.aotlftil otyle dr llou remed and foreoale tn
4 01
JAI V--1-.4 ir.l.N.
meb: eorner I'.ol at. and Inemuml a 1.,.
I li' ..A.,,I,:RCEIIT Elira w; Jr. .E .a. W , E . ' 1 i. ..111" ;,, 5 t iL . N . ' , 1: 11 . :.
Piand 'fork, Ppann, aud nutter imil‘e, Table Cutler,.
‘P nest ynalitno• tailya leunts of all description, fur
cbncelnes. eMmo, Boat, Ilsils. and Irsellitm, na.. Chan.
:taller, has Ilnarkets.lnu I'tstaree: MIIII.O 1100 e. of an
kind, Oold Pen, lanais& aryl iilisa Pullen.' Inamooda.
.., .".. . 4
..Wale my ands ia nrylersoins repair+ in front. ens
s 111 nmi me In ti. mar of the store. tentranee tn
Monti •01.1. 1 ., lance crak Id Ilie alevs• soa, and at tin
4 14•tf i areb P re ' re:irinI.0 +bon on the .."India Y
14 11,4 IN,
incla: miner Fourth and Maeset ets I
pAta:u BLANK BOOKO.-111 , tiutacri
b., would respertfully o,ll'llle attention of Merril.
ma, lianas, IMblic l l 111100. anB,ll who tee Blank 110.10..
t e h t l e h e r e . f . Y . 7o . . 4 Srs i ltl k„, r‘Vil. 7 . °:',...',',l..l.7:::;i:rmr,:'
...,b the page. numbeml In nesottfut type. All .h. ,
math neinilt tbelr wan interot, r ill plea, ran and ea
amine my stnek, shish sill Is orenst at ins 1.0.e.i cash
hnn7 no 17 Stark. .a.
tjAl'Elf lIANGII-i—S—:sl.iiiNf.; SELEC-
T: Tion.-.-Will be reeeiseil. by Ord eanal arrival.,
77,71,7;11i;71.—.„,:E1'."='7.:,,"trandr1i 'LITIVI.I:rii.i:.
'4'44'44" 4 '4'44
k 4
811VVAT71^,it'a..41717 1.4-
Aurni ' NY. 1'.....1 st
Bolivar Fire Brick Manufacturing .compi,
BIER& CO., I l anenicroßn.
Airenta for the above named concern, tun
;limy tar prepanl to receive order,. for said TO
In made In and abape milt pure's...ere, whielt ohs!!
1. m , mVtlr
.le l r 7i m . it nrcenatti7d-7nuttilitnto_the many ad
vantage.. t he Bolivar Wire lirirk tereprea term. all other. that
.lure teen uttered for ludo In thy United Pt..., then nit,
I rioritt toeing well known to aimed all hereon. hu nue
Fier thiek. Thr proprietor,. have determined that the
t and rhea not er
enter than thell4l, be rrhifide hern. thle le the only
vetahlieliment net, imutarturitur p i ti c grtr ,.i tt. N tglear
Inch: Canal Darin. Seventh rt., littsburteh.
11.EETY FUSE--150,0(K ) feet flacon, Kick
1,3 tont Co make, warranted. or
mrhi J L Cll.
Gas Fitting
111 & OLD,
x__. _ Front etrmt., Wane. Rood and
. Market, l'ittabornh. l. • .
.- ~ e j
, World Invite It public to their
meenrtment of
,Chandebers./islt le
ate. linko,
t • ° "• '• \...)” They are ' el .
1. to eteet
tine Fttllng on
the nhort,
lb, nod renet ren.onable tem.. itnebilf
01 1 1 A C LOT t I . t: 1 ( 1 , , i iOO yari f is ti rd oor0 , 1 1 1 1 .711 , 1 1 ,: .
nverrot pattertke, which *III be 21d o we ' en: al erl:nl;ealr ine
en em make. nod retail hover that laid. <Aber but...lnd .
etty W.. Invite the attention of pureba. to Ow above
tnelt. at . our wan. room, No 7 and 0 Wond 01.
win .1. 1 II 1•1111.LI 18
il 1 A lOU Atli: OIL CLOTH—On Mind, to
11 ' ii:=TiViin.Vai'vtr';l.4,,,,n iiii',Vill,7"..,T,ltt
article. f.r .alt. •boleenle we NV ILA eutern orb,.
„..It, .1 0 II 81111.1.11 . 5.1 and I.l.lTteal Id-
•p knxtor, —WM tar. 5 and 5 to. Urrent)ll Clotb. whole.
',atoned retail. at N 0.7 and 9 Wt.] et.
earb7 J. A It. PHILLIPS.
TABLE OIL CLOTHS—A very large as
,riiiir.s. of Tel& envere. on band utd for sale at
No 7 and 11 Mond etwel
. J. It 11.
.1.111L1.11 . 8.
) 2 it" .2,71"i'.""! , jo.o mid and for sale by
cola J. lb DIVA ORTII A IX).
DRIED PEACIIES -150 bu. (prime ) for
We by [meta I J. 8. DILWORTH a CO.
130TASH-10 casks! No. I. for. imle by
mrtar J. 8. DILWORTH lab
RR bate* to W. and er.
40 catty boxes watt. H pound., jot sate by
t0r157 J. S. DILD °NTH RM.
11 pi,..,Kitvi: Banker
i nn . A
; Ex ca ch rtg, !g i rt
..... Ulan% UM =I makes coll.-Dans In the
Irma allays e5t.41.4.1s am swing Ow hlabdt musket
maims 1RR.5.... go.. ~,,...
_ -- ---
IIR.J. D. TOWELL' 4 COMPOUND YEG , liTlNtEit WHALE OIL-1200 gall. bid
I_Y ETABLE POWDER, k :Mtn cart , of Ercoluatan or 1 V
sdar. !Cirrus h t,' ''''"
A safe and Moat .dal remedy for Watt .‘ r"''ln2 i ; M , LL PLAID Flt} GINCIMAI/IS,
and intqarable altiletitat to whit& ototbrritr In the farl
mulatto of nursing, arc rAjert. 'tam's tbetntret ProMnt 1 I._ of •ery auperlor quality-a full attortment lost
and etunplete cell tiring IItO wand raw. In a few daTiu /venni by [multi) MEBtally k BurßeitirigLEL
v?:. 1 .1,':1'41d,..t:.1,7, rSitr.r 4 1,1 neuk.mre. Lo- -
In. Itn . Vra ;coital] harm- - _- - -
1, - s. t.; 0 1. 0 ... the rldld, as It may br.swallcosed without g A 01411011 T a BURCHFIELD have Just "sect s (nub
the least possible risk of itOurY• Imply al the shore mode, of all the 'Uinta. qualttlusr
Thi. remedy loot le•en rsts;stsdlr 0 ..d...' , .. iidgblo 'fr " . ' "i".°L' " --° ''''''''
renumnanded, I.y srme of the mnlical faculty of Ott'. -- • ' •
burgh. , ir Ea DLTTI,It-1 4 krgs just recd and for
Pnert-Fifl) Cents a Package Fur sale poly by .!, ii, Lsis by I mehl ) MILLER A RICH ETSON.
T It. NEVIN A 00- _ .
1 . -13 Libertuotwet, Pittsburgh. 1 a lI:NTS' POCKET TIAN DKEKCIIIEFS —
Yoe Pais t . Ay L. A. Ilterotn, .11,10. )11.TOITILL., .hwt. porous.% gig so& „ j o Liu,. o.lbriC, of new and handarkae a t, t o .,
and II A. Ltalort. Deuwistar. Allegheol. feb.3.2.en '" d ".'6"". p6'"'''"Vrr:Z'dir, nunenFIELD.
Blank Books. ob,
1 iiiiPltUCE CHEWlNGi;uNlitiet received
rr111 . ; birg & est Sim of Blank; Books, Of 4.r rum thro
Bangor, Me., ugh the bands of a Ilya Van
n.) description, in all At> les of Idnding. Is offend for a large lot of this pleuant and agreeable Chewing
. e at the lowest rates at ' :oitn. which Is oasd for sweetening the breath. cleansing
11. S. HAVEN'S Blank Boot Store,
the teeth, tr. Vt.r usla 10rb01eTa1;:,%...k...ii
Ntartet and ~ e not•l sts.
Merehatits are requested 10, rail and examine our Med., met,A eortL,:r Wood and 'Fifth sta.
no, Nod Demi Blank Worts. w itl, It are offend at totem
'''''" "'n" 'i "' ''' copy... 'mkt to this Ml' ill LA.XSEEI) 0142-5 blob:. City Make, on
;1 , 40.01 ono.. an ~ melt , : hand tout for sale b y
S 4 • '
, ) , ! ,, A ,
~A , ,5 , ,,1 , 1 , ,- -. i. N . 1 , 112 . r .. 1 . f1 3 1::: .
f l , l:S , t
, 2 . ti , U r 1i . t? , ...n. rd 1l d ,
d ()MIN' Elt 011.--41uhton, Clark .k Co.'s.
i..ti o rli. it.. hukillitier, 1,, 3_ , rhr i d and for sal, by
1ud0... taro I.tb,ty at.
I I AH . 1 .. : , E . 1 n t21 ., !i1 i 1. ,. ; , , ,. .A.Z. I N ii .
j .
n to i ral i t , r ,. ..p. 7,- 1 I)ItESS SILKS--'
LES' _2O r . ..rte.! Spring
sit pt.... silks. iast rt . e; ° I ~,, &co
idt e ran Depot, Th u d .drt. , ..t. mrl,4 No. 400004. r
.'" opposite the hwt tAn.
Flllf SA LK -Etch: Inge Wink Stook. by LA,l:',l„.,l'S,',,,i,s'ilt,:S„S,„„,G,,,lX,rg),„DlST,,,n, p,..p5,,,,
;;;.;;;; 11 D KIN , ,, iniirth AL .
111S11}:ItNIEN,. All' EN'I'ION ! -Was left - rt..w and splendid at/le rote° , Loitia° -
in .. rs, le daniallnes, luM Wm . ' '"
at oor store no sr., Ipd,o,F N r...PLIe of 11l . II:7 Ineht A. A. MAFAIN & CO.'S.
, ants lona. and two unaller one. fbey !still be sold at a
•at rltlre ,11,,. owner pan seed lade ot ... IrkrA. who IA ir oi,,,s,,_, casks reed and fer,sale by out. so.; ..1.1,... 1.. obtain 1ii..10 0 , Ake Iwo h. her NIILLER A RILKETSON.
Ism., In t 1,.. elate. . ! Indans JA "
II PHILLIPS. m 1,4 TI . I and 21 LlbertY L
‘., i eind 9 0 rAA At
- g 4ODFISII -15 drums in store, for sale by
I A Ill'ET - Rovoived this day, by Leech & g 110.34 MILLER & RICEETSON.
~ A(an a 1.13, , , al 10. li•Arpvt tit an how.. of W NI, _ _
Ol'S- - I5 bales first 'sort W estern N. Y.,
I.lstock. s.. ; . F,,urtli .t. chlnpririnii in hart tilt, rol
r.,A mil • %Heuer Brussel.. Tapestr, Imperial Threw Ply. 11. in ..tore and for sale to__
I' w.ort tenmo. Plmu 1 eninan , am! superfine Ingrain meb 4 _ _
,____mlLLß o & RICKETS UN. . __
• larm.t• of ill. in. UnAirrit Ali le. . . .
'f''''' ' -'- 1 CON()NtY CRAB Cl DElt - 20 bbls. in
120; bhl. N. 0., for sale by F' 4 store and for sale by
Nilt'l..t‘neSl';;F:S--- SAW.IIARD A BO II ntel,4 MILLER A MICR ETSON,_
- -
d .AN I) LES—:,O boxes Mould: 4 1 ASSIA- - 1;) 0 watts just recd, for sale by
l - - —.- -
ro , i,A b . . MM . " ''''''''''' I iIItIED P.I'PLES-10 bu. sup. D. Apples;
;toms; ;N. LITTLE AI % I . 12 sacks ..
il ,D_IVEItSF,EIF-54) lotte roo'd. for toll. by iso.4 MILLER A RICKETSON.
10. mei. S. A W HAMRA:EMI. sUGAIt 110USF: Nil /LASSES-10 bbh..
i ) )f,i, Fat-l'l fresh !toll Hatter ~ t.. 1.. Louis I`...fine in store and to sale b
I il l rec'd and for Joe by xneh4 ". MILLER & Illelius r " . "SON.
met. , e & 01 - lINRII 41,M New , Mink., ,
iII..RAND POLKA PE CON- vtiiii, -- iiv - A
7 ,Eltr. to t,erformerl by Fraulein Stu- ..-_-,„
o . with surd distinguish.' applause, at the •
merge composed to W . A . Wallace.
• a great tanety of new rompoeitinna hi; the same
I R EIN APPLYS--3 1 ) la.l. ree'd, for rale
II 11, mein; ~,.. W. IIAICIIAI:013.
IAIII)—:'. 1) bid. No. I. in store. for KAI. by
4 nlthil ' ' e. AW. lIAIIIIAIIIIII.
I j.NSEED Ili l—.1;1 Md. reed, for gale t
CLn‘n:fl.',l.tS"}"'—' 75 „ 1 4711•ISI fi :N r . ' 1 ' 1 I TT e 1 17: A i. 4.1
I 1 ; 'WEN . . PPLES--5() Id,!. (in fine order)
1 7 "-' '' M. " ) '' '''' .b illitusos, unix A 00.
IVA( il)N n — ,.. l large Neiv Wagon, imitable
mrlo , • ..
to ' 4 ' . IiIIIISOI:. t.trrtx A CO
I Al'.!) 01L-1. 1 bid, line Winter Strained.
i I )finale I, :I KIDD A (11.
Sr, 69 W..LI nri f t _
I g WITEHAS--:!: , 111 (in good nrder) •fOr
IJa:;Vil'J. kIDD A CO.. •.
N,. 1,11 W.wol otrert.
ATi,E I'ARTNERSIIII' lieretofime existing
tx•tw,n the sultteribt.m. under the .tyle of -Witit ,
:taint^ , Planing Mal, J. tbir tint dimolv...l by mutual
ron...nt All unfinithroi htlAintu id . the thole Puntwill
1.. waled by WHITES JON E. alb, will eontinUe Out bu.
.Inr%. nt the old viand. J. lb SAINT.
Snmo•Tuund:u. Erb 21, 14.11.—(mr11 5, 11
no hhl.. N O. SloLv•r,
10 rnenininn. •ral,•
noilleniN. UTILE n CO.
vINEI;AIt_SO Lbl. receiving. for hale by
Inetri C,lnhallV. LITTLE. , CO.
I) ItREEF - 3 t t; i r ;f.
1 . 0
N.IIOLASSES-25 bile. S.
N o. in not lAA, in
und to arm, nod Ihr nfle tt,
null:. • 1 , 0 A 01 Wan,. and 62 Front en.
WA. prime Ilirge NectlO.o. 3 lacke
Nn•tAlla lufr
[Wring: fur •ale
I )RIED FRU IT 7F...5 Im. •
j. Apples:i,
_._ 1.. :.• M'ALTEIENIAN A S,ANS
r 110N;?..itS. (-"L-2:..lllljiti.ili iJ a'b : ion.
TUBS t BU UK ETs---coi dta..•Balekets;
mrl,s I. 0 W 1 : ' '1T.1 . 1 . 51.1;1 4. .t .' r'
.7!: 4 ; . . '...' '
ILI LASS-35., 6,, W. I;..'d. City . fm.l
X 1 . ......‘" 14. , . , .. I" , .....,
nark, . I. , M ATEMM A N a 541 S t,
ut ROOMS---1 4 . 407. fancy and good 121n11
,L1P,0,,.1:1.-.. I. 1 , 1 C.. 11. - .... m.... 1..0 a, .y
1. ' %1 t Croft 11 A' a SONS.
SEEIIS--...... 111. strietly prime Clover Seed
0 1.1,5 ' ''''
... - w NV:: 051 Pi ' a 540 ath .• ,. ' r ot.
y urrEE-2.11 1,14. Ro ll Batter:
) 1 - nu 1,00 , 1 111iMer, 0.
... 05 I. " NA AT , I,It MAN 0 SONS,
• I A Al M .0.,.. sod Ti . J 0,001 Al
Al . 10N - 4 ewdo. liam,
• •
to 11i11. Ntt. I, o" illlll.i and
1.4 ale LLIN11F1 1 1 1 1) 6 1.
111'11, alrr
V:.‘LEl),l:itliikOSA LS Will be rev ll
.t., fart th e f ( i* •
or tn.,rtwitn,r. ns
).'"*"""!""'TA A:
J. II Mt 1:1111.
1 . 111,•1.l . 0 ,1 li.• .4%., Mar.+ 1,1
IILACKIVOIII,, Ft.l.rtlaiy. alul tt J..urtial I , r JAnmArl. AI , 1 . lA,
/VAR —hid reed and h r •+al.
1 owbo a 010.—,. I. ITI It Ai
Jllll a. Natl.
IL 14110 that.rdh
101 l La,. 111, Mr.
orbs ition(.4 , II 11 II af 41
) it I Li' Pl . . ‘k F: . ~;I . iil
„ tor , •;.1 . 11 , •
mchs At
'LOUi .) I.l‘l Ramse) IA , eott
h 4 .A„ en,•11.1 I[olll-“IN 117'1 011
I)(lTAqi h
s t , lr ,s o•
pk,r. for .41 , by
a h A il.l 111,1.,•-•
B .kt;ON , 1.+.; ta.
I 11 , II N
\ 1 "1 , -11 b ilr , for sby
ii A ) life lill.r a.
n UTTER —41411 prime 1%1. , f0 , r , 5 ,, a , , , e ,.. bs
I_ " "
k LER ATC'N—I La.k4 and 2i 1.,xe4 pu
for " 1,111, A 11({' NM
RIPPI NI. 1,11‘14 Crown
)In„"W ( t'ilet"l \1;1. 1 ;:. ,
N i AEI% ERE L-1 by
1) 1 1 1 ,,,, 1 .p iE1t,141 , N , ; for
I ARD—I4 Leo No I, for s a le by
m,h, WIC K A 11.4 AcstlLlQq ,
Temperance Notice.
Prtltlnn• fht• Ih.•rnartun•ut of pnlhllallr, law
humlnrt Innrch-allu. 'lnn.. In Alb Ohn) . A nun
t ? nr. r,,,n0 .1.41 Imnd In the p Otto. Inune.llAlel, to
( L h 4. t
Tho.r wh, Inv..• not their With no 1116,1 In A.A.,.
r,th 14, 11M trr. at. rt.l.ll‘ dorins. Lt. h. 0%
A %I II AIM. hol,•lnn
111-‘I.M 111 1,-11 10 1 1 Ib.. in store, for sale
nh JI 11. Lill a Bleb ETSON
NM ,
NIII I !It A Ill( hrl,),
H ART 11 R\}: \N IN E—
t, hh,l. UAW , alum. no
• In •l?ri for.alr t
Mil Li d It 1( hLT.II,
New Books! New Books!
T 1101 \IFS' 1 ITFIt %HY bI.:POT, Third
~n t s D iWrkrul L ' l noi r TorruZr
tll.torl Pelklerinte. Thorlasmr....olaete
MraiNeld 111•Lorkorl }tomato-,
,tictkrreare, No 3,1
Noterf, So, or Life and Adventure. or IN.rrived
11..1,etnn , 1 fre t
,l , or :ArlNan..2:l of Fnotbertz
.kf •eohnnio•k• o •
lltt-.hold ord+. No. a.
Pr. 11.111 , 10 Wad,. c0m1.)...
4 open.l I.l l meetr ...Net. • , orr7 ,oliwr,r Yonne
1 ,*.t. Tea. w hien. •e monk we can “915arnr,
mnni§t I.• .lirrev..a. el the prie, In l'itt.burgh &e.. $1
Vur the lower grad, 75, te2',.. 60. unl:l7`,
not fulls non! If not ,uperior, to en, to fir 1.0 gt
th r‘L
mod iiuniworder, nll grade,
for 'shirk 01 we sok • !sir trial. taxi thrr •ill eroom•
mend tionnwir.o. 1 111.•n1 dlw.mut Ulnae to ntallor,
sn.l to r•tllle. Luling tAinuism, 1
1 11d 7Lui,,,
14.• lets sod 17rnevr,
IplOW DE It - ,
6..1 , ... ,, 111/....16.. ~., pts!Isl):
..,',.. :.; 1 ? .. " . " .''• .. .... .
•• 64 Fa1..14
• 3././ • ht.
frti_, J , 011.0010111 0 V,
1 , 40 EA'fsrooT (II L- '2 1.1)I, . jail rot and
/I ''' " 1 ' 0 Cl,'' Dn '''''':".: Iv let; KILSIIAM. roro, M.., nod Sk IC/ .M.
tillt l . l IT- 5 bags Pelt Not,.
3 - Itrir.d 1,4,1, o no. lenttiny. from
.ntatner APil, mad for
by ltAlAll DICKEY A 10.,
teb2ti Water and. trmit ste.
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1.-IYATIIEIt'S--111 sacks now landing from
.tmeno An., Sad so
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t 11 DIVE 01 0. Co..
U •tersnd Front .le.
it I.OTIN —lB bales now landing from str.
1 - i ". n't for '".k. ll
~ feoi.2%Water and Front au.'
2 101... No. 1 Ltkrd; 2 Obis St.‘ l / 1 .;
' tr l 1. " 1 " ftr° ' "r* A" neirll DlajY A CO..
•=; Water satt tram eta
Alo all thr txtr popular Made. homed by the enat , rn
•hhohon. rrerlr..l and lbr sal. by
3.11. 51ELIANI.
_ Agent Feslrketing'a Plano,
of Wood st.
ABLE MATTS--In store and for sale at
thresrp,t Warehonar of
no WI
Of 111,..I.INTiteK. X 5 Fourth et
MaCLINTOCK invites the at- I
2.021.. n td Limne whaling to forolrh. to Ms stork of
nr,ust rocrlvvd from the mannfacturen.
good wa.ortinent can to found at the Carpet Ware
houxe. No., Fourth strett.• -
rurtul W. I.IOCLIN7OCK.
A' . l7S—A very large assortment of Che
tht• Warv , bou.v. No. S.) FourV,l keLis . mcK.
L . ) the attehtion of yurn.haarrs his a.oMment of
at N0..5 Fourth atm, .(me
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-17 30 hae. D. It. farce Loma S.A. 9 and 1 5
V.) bids. small
7:0 • erwLed sod powdered Lost 80.7.1
Claritled 1...1 Fast:
hbdo. Saar.
11,1 run %Atom, Loan
4.1 rlartfl7,l 'Yr • ur' In Ann. and for ntle by
tochn . • Water tat Front stet.
1. M.O. Luce N. 3 31nts. Mackernl:
24 tinrrno prime Carollna
bal, Dry, RnOnd Ky. llemr.
1500 pta. Galena Lead:
Sono lin, liar lontl:
Snot.on.ortml numbers:
12 laze prim~ Fratlon,
Nn. For 'panto .
nach3 • - JAVIEV A. lIETCII - ISON t CO.
t nnrlsornt of the follow= Fwd .,
h....' Anol...Jscount. :-.i....nd Mason French Wrought
. ,t. nod CollarK lin.o.uth Culls sod Collar, Vskmcieunes
,nd 1.... u h, Nov.nkon Cutl an.l Culler n Lord' , Napoleon.
,1.i1 , 1/. liru,rlF. and Annlinon C.C.. aud 5. , •r." , chu m "
.•11.. , "15111 A I - bandits nnd 11..n.e V,41., Ladlee Brtak.fut
Van.. Infnuti CRP. , and Waists: ,Ant.rolden4 .inett Cam
-I.rir Ilnud..rrhiefr, EnnlL.t. Trvad Laren and Etringx. di, and Snt.r , Ediongs and Itvertingn—tagutber with.
,nerul nn•nrton•ut cf French Embrokirrod and LP.
ind..• A. A. MASON 2 CO..
n.rh3 No 62 nod 60 Marltrt it
. 1) it
sect,:::klV N t , 1 6
~.P 41: 4 F., , R-31.1 1 . ) , S i ittts . gu . peri
mail No. eo Wend alma.
n. \ 01 - 1 N —l6 eask4 Sides and Shoulders,
" '''' A 5 '''''''' M ' '''' li : ZCi.k f a r tTVl ' D b i CO.
TI)BACCO— 15 kegs SixtTwish
lal 1.0....1 Ornnt,
- Itnnahl:
:JO - Barron,. Or *ale hy
nuill 11111.11WN A KIREPATIIICK.
I 7 5 nark' , and :In b 1.1.. Dri.4 APl'' ,
13? 1.1.1. Raul 00 04.,1Ard,
,o) 1...1. /tab u.,
Ito •' lie.
Oa Ml!. Tiu..thr 5. ,1 :
'".4.4. 1"'"'"i' ll ' itoin ' t:V1);:1 : 1T 11.1 C.K. • 1
A 'l' ANV BA Glt.kl'E . N . 1.1',.ES FOR SALE. I
xi 12.‘ , .. root, of tokus-I.aOrez i lM , , , :i i , r ui .zti t...
....r. ,nowlh, for ...I. 0r
d r iIIESTNUTS -12 bo. juet reed and for
N. rat.. I, - til. RllOllO4O A.
1,..., NoAS - W../ ni.r....
I All.1)- - - - 1 .4 liblg. , NU. 1 Leaf Lard:
~,: l Icrs,
11l 1111011.04 F. I INOSIBANI.
Nu ll , i Water Ftreet.
titiLL ,,, 8 ,. 111: r 1 . :1.- o : l 'en brit Bull Butter
Ir y .. _ _ _
fp II- I !O i libbi. in tan re itnil for sale by
1,1,2. Wat Ker & Vernal vte
( 1(.1 . 1 *. rt J.N —35 Iniiiis fiir sale by
Itnol/11DICKIF:Y & CO.
g :i r m corA I, VA Illsfltill Bias., hf. tibia.,
I_lni krom for +.1.. I,
012, 1001011 DICKEY & CO.
% Al' li . F. - II EL—No. lin iir. bblii. for sale by
10/1011 DICKEY & CO.
I _
Aitl)-15 brieNii.l in miire and for sale j
-A fi'?:-, l, AlOll DICKEY
,m.y .t CO-
W ater • 1/,
JOT A 11)FiS--111111.1i1, piimeiNenhannuek;
to - - iled:
~.:',,z fale 1.,
Cl Witter awl CA From eta
‘. C. ILAM S. , Evans it Swift., and TrOW
ti,,,,!.. I I :7 1 .• - :;!.',"'"''''''W:n 4 . t'gri:irg M: l.- " 1
~,.:7 ~.........i Tea Nalen,
. —
11 4 1 11 , 1 . t , 5,Y t. .i,,,E— In h .1 ., ;z0 , 0tl SOR ET.. Nl id ttic— . ..
I ..i., n.. A' A 4; .S . roe d f:
mrm.r Vint an 1,11 . 1,d , ~.
Western Insurance.
tEs ~ f this Stock for gale at 121
50 It It. A. 1111.1. CO. k W.
I; AS sTork-15 oboreg A
for le
Wn-. Co.
BANK STOCK-10 shares Bank of Pitng'm
3 ". Exchange B'k;
gale A. lIILLO CA.
ft lIEEN .11'I'LES--'2 5 blds for sale by
IX Piz' en EY. a srrnsws k Co.
. . —
)111111 Itlll'—lo - ms .,. &Swift's Cincinna-
I e.iiu,,011. i. .,,
1e1,77.2A6 Llberts O
. -- • .
CO FlSll—Sopenor aro . . Grand Bank I
I,_ , cot r oh, Pr ...sir by
i(itoLi.n.urri..B.—,..\f:eiwihbls.t hand and
. for Pale et .. 1 . II A R P.. N ..TT.
PE:Second. aml 111 Vint It.
... . .
I;ACON l'A I'ILII-15 bills. Cincinnati Ham
Paper. for sale by
f.. 1.2.1 J. SCIIOONSIAKER a CO.
I.l•tra , t from a letter. dated
. Nleomranll7nLle. Feb. 21. ISISI.
.Vr. R. E. 511,5 , -1; oar Medicine, axe unlike all other
l`annt AfeDelm, As they an. becoming more 111111 more
pupullff. The half iron Pilk, Peet me toe meet, &Rama
near!, all gone.
Et err one ail° mo kee us-of your Liror Pill.. Tomah:me.
4111 i 1..i1l ,yrup, .pralt• In atromr tern of LlteiT goal,
.014101 P, 1 ourP. 4.e. . J. OILMEN...
re -Th.....Yamlly Yledlenyer aro prepared with ;treat nor.
and of the 1,04 matk.rlnts. by IL E. SI.LLEILS. No. '..7 Wont
. .Ireel. lota tonv IPP And of Drug i , .1• YenerallY. (was
I_llli . i N i - , :ci . N!'.... W IL I T . l:i t? , . ;
i a , liii iitß IVI I L , A 'TING
3ou - 24 by 311 ..
:AC 1 - Is by 24. 21 by 3 . 2. 24 by A 4. 20
1., 41. 2 ,, I.y Cl:
Elm.. Vaetory Pap..E
.114. :::::::::‘,
..a . u .'tree repel.
%Alum and l‘inale Crown Rue.
01. . on band and Mr rein
, a 101,.. nod genvral arrortmont ol
Ilaidao , •t.. 1 T.... Papers; Bunp...
Thy uuder,Lruml
Itul.l. r
Ar. se.
alrrr. to nat,r Inanufarturrra.
-h"" 7t h 4IRE.
roblarb oi Prot] and Irwin pt. •
311. 1,1t1., Linseed Oil;
Peer) AAR
Roll Hotter
15 boar. ^
kegs plated
M l
boars Purr Saleratuß
14 =move;
•• eat - rat:rerun Claw.,
15 , 1 &Aro Common Broom%
500 bonh. Dobai ' , sato,
4 hhla. hickory Nob,
1 1410 elarep Pella; rex by
J. D. CANEIELD,I43 front FR
%I Ittn
ttttt I'•• II
Ladies' Dress Glioo4l. •
:- R 1 ,111" £ BU LICHFIELD have now .
lk II
o,nocw ark.% or Illatxt
ankmiabloropitog, 1 144, Mi. De Wnwe
Tlw l l
a Wa do.; Ynrrieh Mau..
a. 1.0 Invd. attentilm‘tffiltrit._esteanlvo d
4 h.n4,inn ety Enplid, Prid4 and l'hiatzel: Palm Pat.
rn Oil Clint. , .; sod goo/. to grorral,offen.d at t.. nub
Cr.V..41 OCIIINEAL-1 croon best Yuality, juN
4 " fuF '46k.
1,61. Whitetilue;
VI to Done for r•lo , br
fade J..521.11.10N.MAK kat • (..‘!..
triN}:" B°RAX-1:11kVISt:RTIF11
PONGF,--2 strings tinesaYidibbria nent3
10 for 91a by J. Known'Asttc co.
JLA b 7 01=111.1 J. JUDD a oo..oolrozort.
Monday, Tuesday. and Wednesday Ereninp
?starch Intl, I hin, 12th,
For toirticulur, Froimiliamra laahr ,
ciorkz Covertto ra.umeure at la u*olrk. Carl, ut
InothlCi mot. No buff prim.
PRE.III. I I PIIC 1171; no Wear...lay ermine. /larch
tor both tadie• awl Centlonicii.—Ntr Gra, vlll pre.
alit to 111. lad,. the author tlie no, oricinal conu
drum. a di-MO nal a the iteui/etnan.
beautiful rifrrr OD. Cruundrumi r rrrolved- (en
dow", in iruy. VP Chart, lloa I until ..lui-ela) al.
at t o'clok. A routrioti , I In
Ito audio:or a, iodic, mohlthf'd
11E1111 •K_ 11,A. S 7, ,
The Celebrated Hungarian Vocalist,
tiEcs n n on, to he Ladies dud Gen-
Ountezt a
Pittabn o r.4l.. e
that c h; Vai RiVe
and I ustrustienfil , 3lutral
In !NOP , . abirrrent 4.0,11f,1”. (Ma th, k-arbe
Evglisq; •
TrEsmAr EvEsINC. 31.dtcu
B .
aid at the r on it-- ,.. to ge bad sfoximude storm.
st c l i k „ .n. o i wnd7 o'cLek—to emmetre at.. 749,
Young Men's Mercantile Library
PROF. 1?-1.1.1 . 11 . WALDO EMERSON. of Nlaara•
ett ltra been procurftl, by the abort. 1141Illile, to dar
liter to Ito member , . and the citlaems of Pitteboruh genet ,
ally. a einira of Lecture , . very latrly prepamd, and upon
Interesting .o,lrd*. of
The mune will conunixe 1a,611.11 on the Coneer
Ltra.emloraclna the follow Inc topim
1. Introdurtor,: Lawn Or
4. POWili.
G. Ctlatra.
The Lecture , . will be Oren on Tue...lsr*. Thuradaya, and
Saturday. ourorl.airely, eommetainu on Thoradar
3lareh Ltnth. .
The place anti time of meellne will be hereafter 'Dee-
for member:. nr for ttni rotirme i l ens be
nnliiinril of the I.ll,nrian, or of MeNini. awl 1,11 illd
* W
Ticket+ for ritiu.ov, t,nale or for the moor.) to br
Jwt the prinnival Reek ,itirrer wt J It
Itirbeirtli , o , . nod F. 11. meli7
now open at the .ImEs.Kr.v Bra.luxus,
tr wrack,. uivinun fall rand comPlete Mtn . ..n. 01 .n of the
Mks. Vilhtalea. Vallyys. llines.ttlindormke..
plowing directly through the onwts of son Frandsen. ea
bilAtina the Public Ittnidinn, Interior of flantlding Fa
n -
Icon, In Panama, 001 limins.Chorchea.ennernt , ltelltrio
Proreashm , Ilnllday Feat, Interior f:burette, Crowelnil
the 100ntua. Cluattwot ltirer. with Iohertnttfol scenery—
forminw. allowether, the meat Itwantettre and Intcroannir
exhibltson erer offered.
The public may rest 11,9,1 i that ciery sketch IWO&
Panorama was taken cot the spot it rtVrecentsk and am a
• work Mart It has no equal.
4.tradmiation It. cents: children under 10 year, half
pri •
every evralnit durins the week, rialimerialitii
at 7% prisieeryi opeti arch . .
ge-p.= every edveralay ant 2atii "lay Atter
nom,, rammeneirar at 3 a'rlai•k- A Iltwrial arranaament will
be made with w•hoof s, elailaxu should .am this ple aAlnit nod
tailfylaa ittickaitf
t .
BETWTEN three and firer miles • ' ,
an of Pitud.urgh. near the Farmer.' and
Mechanic Turnpike Road (erten/donor
Fourth streetyl awl about ono mile from'. •
hart ray.
The subscribers respectfully Mte notice la tbe.rMastotaf
ere and the pub . lice , enerall,; that their extettiyire . ifiir=
9 .4T,OtilTi l ry. ' n ' ts. al I t o r etrlA I,"l=iny ...aid.. •
FRUIT TREES—Con.L.ti.Of Apple; rear.l'inm.Petarb , •
Cherry, Anricot. Nectarine, Alutonds. Grew VIM. lc.
SII.IDL THE.E. , —VIa , Ailanthas. Catalpa. Mountain
Ash, eugar Otani, English Linden. American Linden, Lone
hardy Poplar, Rahn of 011.11.1. Poidar. Weeping_W Illuw.
Whim Barked Birch. Tulip Trec. lione- Chestnut. Paulow - '
Ma Iniperiallt. WeepinVeh„ . ll ; nglivh !tab Loglish Byer
mol."74:TlT;EtZrigrli:oA..Cl?'/i 511111T.,--Vit:Jonlqr.
Cedar. Muerte. Arhortltte. Chine., Arbortinn.BOx t`a,
Upright Ye, Common Yew. American Holly ,
Holly, 'Kline Pine. Norwal Sprite, Ind.= Flr, Silver fir,
Peach VI, lichalork tir,roce,twodelidtrnom,le., ke.
GREES 1101'Sk. I.I...INTS.—Vist a suptrb colleen. Of '
Fuchsias...wring 2.5 vvietiva Thl s noo e . is worthy
of this attention of those who wish to ornament their win- .
yetiSEN—liany of them the first rate, numbering orer
10 varieties. n Often,. via: henna/ or Chinese Everbloom
-10, Ezra 111, r.. or Tea ttmmtml Ilinnm tamer. Warta=
Ity., hoisette 1...... n 11,1 id Ibm,trual. or limagnatattt
atone. A gn-at number of thy,. are perfectly hard! and
bloom fool) throtmbout the tuntrucr Prawn.
Abtn—Cnranitstur. Ctlean.b.rn Oran.", Cactus. Itc. • .
N. It.—All orders Moot be tefrmajfanied will the rash,
or frandlachiry referral , .
Planta carefullyeicked and fent lawrinting todireetioni
to any' Part I
'of the lnited Claw,
Pti ersons ov-hing ilrnanwat their pleunie gr...
nould do well . Foe us a roll, as we think our stock of
Erm-grnmili ratart% he ourpasfed if . ,...i of th e Mountains, ,
now fro ering some mores of iceman!, and lambert. fn. ,
.ray to 100.1,00. a gh.atfnutolo r - Kr - Which are of a fine sire for
0 tintariP;fnd Fhrubbery Planting executed by contract
on reavnable terms. ,
We wish an %envoi to our fain... dirretnt to IV ilkitm P.
in.. near Panda:rah, when, they will Mad immediate atten
union left at our Gaud on Market days, In the Diamond
Market will tied immediate atteitthlu.
The pulKe to general are Invitod 00eill and examine our
Lath. A
Mennen to's isityra d l l7 , ,c i f?' , :h a s .i l,t,F . it i ttli,V.N . ftb "
Comb, in hie 'shortie writings on the “Phypiology of IN:
gestion. ^ ob.erres hat n diminution of the true netantEr
of Gastric Juice. m a ton:advent and all 'lnsulting mititnof p...
Dyspepsia: and ho snit, that 'a dletiugulOo.l profeyeor`of
nodieitte.yn London. who WWI yeverelaltlictol with this
coplabat,nudion everything elwe to t a i l. had r rerun la
the lia.trie`luire. obtained frtut the stomach of•lic I. an
imal.. which Gynidetely ruccesyful.“
Dr. Iloughton's Varff.ta. the true digestive Mild. or Clao
trie dole. a Great Droner... Curer. preparol from Bennet,
or the fourth ttomarb of Cl., 11x. after directions of Baron
hieing. the great Rtriatolouical Chemist, by J. 4. Ilmtah
ton. M. D.. Philadelrbia. Pa.
This I. a trialy , •Wonfierful remedy for Incliqestim
.". err Kemplaint. Coro.dpation. and
rir t . . i y o ,..c!u o ;l:Y i t7flif L r l ua cure' , own method. by Mare's own
&dent. the Gastric into.'.
II The Gastric diner isthe great solrent of the food, the p 0•
rifting. prefeg. stimulating agent of the otomach and
intestine , rWit rrin hout It there tan be 110 digration--no man
tend.. of food into blond—c tutrafon of the body; hut
rather a foul, torpid. painkrt. and destructive condition of
fthe whole Kati, at - para... A .sank, half U. or itr.
Juror! stomach produce.. good Osatrig ,Jult, and boom
the disease. d&tress. and debility which en...
Rut this wont mat lw.tippli...l hy eatrartine. the dißesr
tire ifrinriple. Pepsin. fn. the stomachs of metals re.
t. o
iling men. thus forming f a
Iligeorite Fluid. Precisely .
like the natural .....tric duke. in us el.. latirld , and
furnishing a remote.. and twrfeet oubstitute for It. ~f
The art of performing the proents,4,llaeatein artificially
hag imm ttmm known to 1111.1.d.001 ... Dr. Houghton
0.1. n. the ..f matingOm aittication of thlg art to
the cure of D. ',ppm, 0.• to et and otafeenble form.
Brad the re : lents. t 0 100,0 Rano. Litfitify. In his eel,
brand work on Animal Chemistry, futg "An Artificial
Digestive Fluid. analog.. to the Gaftne Jams. may be
~,...,. j for. the moor". membrane of the ~ t stnuch of the
calf. 1n ,..,.
whit various ....les of .l
of nod eggs.will
be warned, eb.,,1, ..I digs* d. lfmt in the same man
ner as they would be in the human etrourwit..
Pr. limight.m...l Philadelphia. prepares an artithial di
gestive fluid nailed PEPSIN. font the digesnre etomarh of
the Os, which affords an admirable remedy for . lualtrestiou,
theafter nature'. own method. hy nature n own agent.
the digestire prlnelide. Can , and see thecstraonimary sci
entific .crideti, of.lta value.
KEYSER & Mel/OW - ELL. Agents. -
140 Wood st„ Pittdfurfch.
• Dealer. supPli.d to Pr r .`n l . l " .e " l 2 l ::r' .
Ala,. for sale by It. 1,. tfyflier.... Wood rt. meted
Needles' Celebrated
CotPot;N I) HEMLOCK • PLAS'I'Elt.— -
These highly ...heated piasters here been made for
mere th. twenty seam don. whiehf , tttne they have
gained en
a permant rentatum. af the moot efficacious
Rheumatic and hdrenethening Platter ever o ffered. shy'
P1e1,11 4 of the bigh,t entitle., to whom their composi
tion has been 1.111.11111.1.11 have amen Mi. T..t ttal.ring
testimonials as to their superior virtue over all other plata
ter. N. 14.
The ingreclients of their cmpewition. seer carol', and
comedy combined. mud, than Peculiarly aPplimble to
persons suffering with pulmo n ary di...fe
l:oo lain. in the bree.t resußini from P.M... 4 colds,
whooping reacliqaml local In, 11. the various netonalgi.l
diwases in no. 1, 0 1,011,10h,1.1,.. cal charter Is beyond
nuesti. or difpute. As ary I , m Lumbago. their sit.
',Affray ~,er all outwarl applawheim. nueli as linimente,
lc., haft been fully elfrrobenued Ify it. , maty mires effected.
For weakness and paint 10 ther...l. nod aide, resulting
from ,ere, strains. &anises of the kulne)s, dr., their en
. Laborte u tleLl:4 . o:e b r o a i ll
. :l r a , 7lzh c a , : o. be .
, f , ..;1 ., a , m i t i f , lr f lesteit h :?;
applkation. To sti e el ' i an suffer with rhumatir Talus. than.
plots era see recommended, with the ronfalent assurance
treat benefiehd effects will be 4.011,, decided.
For Sal, wholesale and retail. h.•
mehti R. E. SKI.I.ERS, 57 Wtvl at.
'l_l FCKER'S FA !lAN A-5 boxes fresh, of
Aitr22 ' ..altVg . r .. l 7 =.ra.. !.'i r, A5.,.1.".1 . `tf,. 1 .7`e1p -
For auto very low by the t ux. novel, or'n:hill. .--
_ febl3 e r t'll. A. Mc `LBRIIC .1'
IC 0- 1 LARDi OIL—A few lAA, iif;.t. reed
1,1 from t bem.ufartory. for which I am the only is.. - ent.
ygy,l will warrant it rapern tf ., l . a i l , i . y; i fikifiallia , llLis roar
rpm, WC.121315ii :+ixth at,
_ . •
If Ton Want Beal Good Tea,,
rwer, SLIT of T me Disluortd. Instnagmlurill
fa PT Tea, are tter,
Superk,lrt•cn Tea...U..0 mote ;.•
The very hen imporl^l3ll , o "
Stmeg ahl rough flovvrevi Mark. _
Flue mild tinvnred Mark, 411i.g.::e.1 , n.
Thlo is thr,irt.ll.••-ie Athineryhth>t rale_pre
el,l, the unte of Black lens Mot. me.. Krtlr
bald, Irehavd, Le.
-440 beprime Rio. for odic by
ARD OIL-12 bbis. receiving firmst , atu -
I_4 er Ctoehmati, sod for Pale h j y tmr„.
(eh% No to.
P IG IRON-IGO t.,ris for .:de very
e. 011.1COETII a eq.
Arli - "r7E - ll TO BILTY--Note ,he ll'estern
Banks. and Sloe% of the Pit4hurah u L L
1] ROOMS don. extra just tsszeived by
fetr-41 J DILUOI:711 Cti,
uniA eryally von , eded that
beauty le more eninti.n this er . 4intrr th. in any
while at the nom Um• atr ar,./ tint en other
mutat. ir, it I°4 at ma pu , oif no
certain extent. but the ber tr ofloo ream.. _
ray to all, de not negiret four 1: , ." 1 ., 1
rearl the following. itorl o^. nf '^ -
Three iirtklen are orientate Prerantnunr,ad lure all at
tained a high Ularit
tnju,ler fo r the rklew l. ar mato o ery
wder crwatemn.le.l mare
;;;-, awltaß thgrolood which CAIB
D,ohymm. l'uw.ler. for rquollng. euperno,
our hair. What IP raw , unrialaly than hair upon t h,,0,.
TLI. 11 renten it in • 'hurt
Lim, w arm ithout the use of 41M . T.Inflr tire HhoOth,.
Jo lt. "'llntgtl'i
LTV: b iro ' en s'ralaarrn r4inr. It will wire the hair in a
fhorter tne..and ly Wan am other d),
Cr.:aut.—lt is rrally a pleature
Aare with ear crr t
erun. There le Dorm 01 Llzo runirtlng r en.
!when eaperiellon.l in the u. of kn , r, maps., On
t ,,,,nury, it t ravel, the akin anurntt,t4l Aoft
bat'., t arid not liable ta bevonre hanPed.
li at iel'e Kcee lath ihote.—Nest to. the heir, we
think der Teeth were littera...l Ihr arreabeit rnament to
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