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    FIEV—INITATIP.M.—.t fire broke out' of
about one o'clock yesterday morning, in a small
frame building,. nest the FifthL,Presbyterian
Church, which was occupied no a rber's ahoy,
SSW as the wind was high, the flames speedli9
communicated to the church. The alarm was
giTen an soon as the flames broke nut: and those
who were first on the ground rushed to the Nen- -
tune Engine house, which was nearest to the fire,
Pd endeneored to get the eng:ne out, but their
orts were for sometime frustrated, as
Wheels were found tied tcgattlier. Owing to this
fact, the engine did not reach the church until
the dames had made considerable progress and
bad reached the belfry. MI the engines were
promptly on the ground, but it was found Im
possible to rave the church, and after a short
time the belfry fell inwards, with a tremendous
crash. Five sio di frame buildings, next the
church, were rn mueli injured, that we presume
it will be nece.saly to rebuild them. Four be
longed to Mr. Michael O'Hara, nod were not in
sured. The large three etorybrick building, be
longing to Martin Lytle, was for sometime in
considerable danger, and not only saved by the
moot untiring eteorts on the pert of the firemen.
During the conflagration, the reel of the Fair
mount Fire Company, was destroyed by a por
tion of a brick wall which fell upon it, Fortu
nately none of the firemen were injured.
The walls of, the church are still standing,
and have sustained but little injury. We learn
that there was nn insurance of five thousand
dollars upon this building in the Delaware Mu
tual Insurance Company, and it is thought that
thin sum will be amply sufficient to repair it in a
plain substantial manner.
This fire is thought to have been the work of
an Incendiary, from the fact that the Neptune
was found fastened in the engine house, as well
as from various other circumstances. '
Before the Tlonorablo Judge Irwin.
The Gram! Jury roturne4l true bile ogninet
Jackson Corriston, and Thomas Scott, occused
of 'pluming counterfeit coin.
The trial of this ciao was postponed until to
day, in_ order to allow the prisoner? counsel an
opportunity of exa_mlning the bills of indictmenL
.-Before . the Hon. Hopewell Ilepburn, President
Judge. ,
Joseph, Elizabeth, Samuel, William and Nanny
Boyd nail :dory Ireland, vs. Alexander Speer.—
This was an action for ejectment, brought to
recover fifteen acres of laud iu Indiana Towriahip.
Howard for plaintiff:, .1. W. Loomis for,tlefen
dau. Tho jury brought is a verdict for plain
,' tiffs, on condition that they : , ay to defendant the
suns of oh hundred and fifteen dollars within,
three months, tel liberty to take out a writ of
/tab facia. put.,,,ionem. 0a failure to pay the
above sum—verdict for defendant.
John Forsyth tor us e , vd. Joahna Hato.. int.
pleaded with Robert Hanur. . Mellon for plain-
- tiff t Shafer &C. 0. Loomis for defendants.
Action of debt on n replevin loud for the value
of canal boat Sultalm. Veniiet one hundred and
thirty-four dollars for plaintiff.
John Downing & Co.,' vs. Eli S. Wellever find
John and James 31aKee. '
Wills and Coyle for 'plaintiffs, Marshal for
defendants. VertLet for defendants. e
• Bowman & ffhaniam Myep "Barker. Ver
dict of four huii.lred and seventeen dollars for
Williams and Shinn for plaintiffs, Mellon for
Joseph D. resi ss. Robert Smith: Magnw
for plaintiff, Alden for defendant. No verdict.
.CoaswiLL's—This panorama, now
on eihibition at. the Athenaeum, continues to
attract crowded nudiencei. It is well worthy a
Tux Wannt.LlCS.—This fine hand of Ethiopian
Minstrels drown crowded, audience yesterday
evening. Wo Ivor° very much pleased with their
performance, and are happy to announce that
they will give another concert on Saturday eve-
TEXPEILASCS MUrtsu.—The Young Sten's
Association of Allegheny City. have been hold
ing a series of Meetings ter the past few evenings,
in Quincy hull, which ere very interesting. They
have been Addressed by Capt. Colbarn, a truly
eloquent end pleosiog speaker. The hall is en
tirely too small to accommodate all those who
wish to hear him. lie will deliver another lec
tare this evening at 7-o'clock. '
men, whose names we eunpre,s, since we trust
they will not again be guilty of the same offence,
were brought betbri Alderman Re*hart a short
time ago, accused of difturbing the congregation
of the Methodist E pbe , ipal . Church of Manches
ter, by talking and laughing . during' the service.
A large number of witnesses were .examined,
and the defendants were found guilty, and sen
tenced, under the Act of the 16th of March,.
•1847,-to pays fine of ten dollars and the costs,
which they paid, and were discharged.
turned noHy, was taken before the Mayor yes
terday, charged with allowing persons . 4o gamble
in a saloon, in the basement story of the build
ing in which Lafayette Rail is situated. He was
Abed three dollars and the costa.
INPLIZATID.—The females confined in prison,
were xestarday removed to the upper tier of
cells in the jail, and are now wholly separated
them the male department. This is one of the
Improvements which, together with the introdue
tian of gas, into the Court House, &c., dial:hand
• Jurors have been urging for months past upon
• the attention of the County Comenissionem
JiLLIGLD Bunctattr AND Anson.-Joseph
yea yesterday committed to prison by Alder
man Major, charged with burglary and train.
alladge, d to havibeen committed in break:Mg in
to the Moro of Nraliam Buchanan, on Wylie
street, which was fired last week. Mar
shall Hecketeweller is alto confined on a almilar
eharge,.bnt neither are as yet, finally commit
• ATTAcullp - r Bcisrmsn Sweitzer.
Distritt United States Attorney, yesteriby asked
for sa attachment again.t the steamboat Wells
ville, the cwners haring refoiTti to surrender
their enrolment and license to CM 'lnspector of
Customs, after due notice of a till of sale for an
interest in said stmtetboat recorded under the
acts of 1793;08321, and July
The attachment was granted, returnable Els
day at ten &Clock. .
CILLIM* or Armor. yeung Mall was brougb t
down from Brownsville, awl committed to pris
onyesterday, accused of setting tire to the Bay
ar&ton bridge. After on examination, lbe was
discharged, sufficient evidence not , appearing
against him to ern...rant Lis final commitment. '
lii6Era DANZ,. —A man was arrested yes
es:6.y, sad taken before the Mayor,.,charited
with purchasing a coat with notes on a broken
hnte. On paying the value in good money, he
Illut discharged.
• Ritttua I.IIICOII TO A MI:COR.—=.I gentletatuS
Wired a complaint a few days ago, before Al
derman Reinhart ? egaiust a tavern keeper of the
Sixth War", whovvas accused of selling liquor
. to it minor. Ills honor bound him over for his
appearance at the next term of the Court of
Quarter Sea:Anne..
Ins Wraimsal<The weather Yesterday was
say damp mat unpleasaut.
1.008 HERE litY FRIEND!
RE YOU A.I.F.STIIER, laboring for the
mpport of u family. and eel:tering from guitrwl ds
tssaar . i hmlltalmrl seems • burden.
An JOU Nether. rugerritTirion Mame. to erhieh fer
Mks ar r afflterelly teliect. ate Dr. 0.1). llorre'r Shaker
It will mutely cure you.
. g e l ay our drone. ter an one of oar Lannta, and get
p.reol e t, emote, where put lUD amt that the Shaker bar.
eeectua.m. pretertel by Dr. F. D. Dove. has tee. Mel
p e e. of pennanerMY curing ethre dllintOws, to which Mel
Mama LsEilllf are anallmany buhret. tharn CU other.
~,,thur of Parc:gargle ever ye brought beWe thic
This medicine hue retebil.hod its high mutation b 1 BY:
Illonertme and well ilteeted cures.
tht cool. to ire 3.7~0r
time, whi
parttenlatl Y fe.. rl, tender& 41 .1 'thee togrinee mom valuable to ever/
Be mire and enquire for Dr. P. D. BORE'S BIOMES
SARSAPARILLA. and take peal.,
Price 11 herr loott/e—r. WM" for ;4 w
For rale by
DILD. ROWS t.Ol Notaidom
• •tool ge lsJl.Ltteinumj, (Mkt
To whom all order, be oddment.
Also, for We by J.. A, Jon,. J. Feborennaker !_go, W.
Visa. B- W. Bruno, J. Townrcoil. J. Ilobler,..W. Juke
um, PitUburgh; 10. A. Elliott. Aliegheny city; W. IL Ile.
likellaud,Boodoeten P. Crocker, Ilrowneulle, _Jas. Paull.
• Co., Wheeling J. 11. Paten..., and R. U. Morgan. St.
no. Wit. ceeDirlgui
Orman!'* PH:gar:rah Humus], Oriaig,
• /Caruso. Feb. ift,1931.
STOCKIIOLDIaS of the "Cleveland
.24 Pittsburgh Railroad employ," are hereby no.
to meet at the office of the Quemoy, In Htveno;tio
Pridayi lb* lith day of Marsh, initial, or 10 oleicok,
to tats lota consideration the amendments to.thrir
tint Fared February lAN 1441, aulhurishitg the construe.
titesof the Akron Brooch. and for other •
atehll.lll. • TYRE'S THANT! Si Preet.
.210213, Shrubbery, Evergreens, &c., 45 bu.
• Tut StriMOUE= offers for Sale
100 1
I[l2 11136,a11y lug. and well mltelort att
aortal., of Ornamental Planta, lamb. .
;tli,- Vareet=dafTrat&nt%
Aran and ram 11:4. toelnding ew variants of peat
..nit.) rt. amortamot of Dahlia. Lando. ant Intralnall
of the assitsdemsted mid aunt variant. In eldttration.—
ft g. ust. to be hada tba Moroi, on market dam, qr rent
ig i re rdlr , attendad m
Alt milt, addrmwed PI
to ttabooh-Maid Wm
frb,66-1. , JAMES WAILDBOP: M.
N O. 1 LARD OIL—A few bble. jest recd from tasmscseicierr.rwesies ratateeoterstess.
sod vrIII ',mass it Steer. itspv ca . nd
ag.-021 lisesiOrcoa az4 Malik eta
70 1 11,EIGH
NEW Tons, March 0.
The steam ship Pacific reached her dock rat s
few minutes before ti o'clock, this evening, with
Liverpool dates to the 2thelt.
Ltecne,•ot., Feb. 22.
Cotton—Prices have advanced 4.1 It lb. Fair
Uplands cannot be purchased nt 7d. The week's
sales amount to 33,0111.
Corn—Yellow has declined sd, and White Is
1,4 quarter.,
Provision are firm, but l'ork rather dull.—
The market is clear of bacbn. 310 re is cluing in
Beef'. Sugar in unchanged. Coffee is unsettled.
Molasses commands full prices.
Breadstuffs—The large imports of Grain and
Flour from the Continent, and the United States,
have depressed the market, and prices are nom
inal. Western Canal Flour is quoted at 191 Gd
211 e, and Philadelphia and Baltimore, at 22e Gd
bbl. Wheat is selling at 50 10d for white,
and he 4d@55 bd fur red. Yellow Corn was
quoted at 38s Bd, 3lised do 295e8.29s Gil, and
White do at 82s id quarter.
Provisions—Pork is firm. Sales of 'St. Louis
Bacon, to arrive, at 3Gs Gd i cwt. Lard has
advanced Is to 2s. Cheese has also erperienced
an advance of It to 2s I 1 cwt.
Tl?ere was no change to notice in any other
LONDON, Feb. 21.—The Market is steady. Con
sole are quoted at for money, and sat for
The steamer Franklin arrived off Cowes on
Thursday aftornoon, after a passage of less than
12 days.
In Manchester, business was more active. The
surplus revenue for the year was one million five
hundred thousand pounds, nearly half of which
is proposed to pay towards the national debt.
The American %ulster and lady hod a splen
did reception on Thursday.
The Catholics of Ireland and England have
commenced a formidable agitation against the
Ministerial :Measure in reference to them reli
The British Ministry' have all reoigned.
A Cabinet'Council was held on the after
which L•.td John Russel tendered his resign,
tion, and now bolds.the office nail an Another
Government can in. formed.
In the Hun, of Commons, Mr Lock King
moved for leave to bring 311 a hill to make the
franchise with the English owl We!th countie.
somewhat a.nalagous to the franchise of the Bor
Loral John Russell proposed the motion, and
it was RR in a large minority—one hundred
against fifty.
The most ♦igorons remonstrances are being
made by the Government against the entrance of
Anotrua with all her States, into the Germarde
Nothing is talked of in the diplomatic
world, but protocols, ultimatums, and ran.
With regard to this question, the tone of the
Elysce is warlike; and that of the organs of the
Assembly is vehemt.ntly opposed to all demon
strations of energy, on the part of the Execu
The French Government have sent considera
ble reinforcements to the army in Rome, so as to
put the expedition on a war footing.,
The Second Council of War sitting at Lyons,
have sentenced a number of persons, for belong
ing bits secret society.
The President of :the Republic was engaged,
on Monday, iu receiving deputations on the sub
ject of National improvements.
Lista have been opened nt Paris. for a suh
scription for the President, notwithstanding his
wish to the contrary.
Austria and Prussia intend to monopolize the
military system, and occupy the moat important
position in Germany.
These proceedings are beginning to excite
alarm among the Cabinets of Europe. The ex
tension of military power is looked upon as a
direct violation of the treaty of 1815. Of course
all the minor states of Germany will he swamped.
Hesse Camel has no hope, and Hamburg is
filled with soldiers.
The Dresden Committees are said to be about
terminating their debate: and the plenary Meet
ings will then commence.
The Central Executive power is on the point
of being established, and Prince Sohworunberg
and Baron SLontenfell is preparing for soother
interview at Dresden.
Rumors of a revolt in, the sprint are Again
There i a probability of a war between Tur
key and Egypt. The Sultan desires the Pacha
to reduce his forces, the Pacha refuses, and
continues to augment them.
Accounts have been received at Constantino
ple, of_ the defeat of the Arabs by the Turks,
near Bagdad. The Turks have likewise obtained
several advantages in Kusistan. The blockade
of Comas had commencek.
IWZCIAI4 5F.1111102 , 1 OF TU SEAATL.
-The Chair called thelienate to order, and or
dered the Galleries closed.
Mr. Badger said—" Before the galleries cloer.. -
I have a resolution to submit."
The Chair said this was au executive session.
and no business could be transacted with open
Mr. Badger said than he would 'appeal from
that decision.
Mr. Cooper said, that before any further no
tion, he wished to announce, that his colleague,
Mr. Brodhead, was present.
Mr. Brodhead then presented himself, and. took
the oath of office.
Mr. Clay remarked, that if no butinAs can, be
done with open doors, bow can the Senator tbe
sworn in now'. A long debate followed.
3lesars. Walker and Bright sustained the deci
sion of the Chair; and Messrs. Clay, tfallger,
Rusk, 'Atchiaon, Mangum, and others opposed
The resolution woe then withdrawn, and die
Journal of ye s terday was read.' '
Mr. Badger then submitted his resolution.
- .
Mr. Bright objected to the reception of the
The. Chair decided that the resolution could be
The resolution was the read. It directed, that
each Senator should. be supplied with twelve
copies of the Congressional Globe, for the last two
Mr. Berrien, from the committee appointed to
wait upon the President, reported that they had
performed the duty assigned them, and the Pres
ident informed them, that he would cemmanieate
Mr. Bright appealed to, the decision of the
Chair allowing the resolution to be received,' and
the appeal' was debated.
The question ins pot, turd the decision of the
Chair sustained—yeas 41, nays 3.
Ths resolution was laid. over. •
Mr. Clark offered a revolution, requesting the
President to communicate to the Dentin:mien of
the Senate, a statement, relative to navigation
between the United States and countries with
whom we have no treaties of reciprocity, since
1821—particularly France, Spain Portugal and
Hayti. The resolution was laid over. I'
. Mr. Davis, of Mass., offered a resolution, re
quiring the Secretary of the Treasury to report,
at the next session, the number of steamers, and
persons employed thereon, &c., in each collection
districts arranging the ocean steamers, Propel
lers. Ferry and ordinary stenboats, in the dis
trict, in separate classes. The resolution was
laid over.
Mr. Pearce offered a resolutidn. reappointing
Mr. Jeff. Davis as ono of the Regents of the
Smithsonian institute, which was adopted.:
Mr. Foote offered a resolution, directing that
Ritchle's contrait, and the document containing
the decision of the Supreme Court, printed by
him for the Senate,.he referred to 'the attorney
General, and that he be paid out o'f the delin
quent fund of the Senate whatever the Attorney
General shall allow him for printing that docu
ment, also, for all printing done for the Senate,
owing the 31st Congress, and thud Mr. Ritchie
be paid, out of the contingent fund, half the price
of 1810. 'khe resolution' was laid over.
Mr. Downes offered a resolution, calling upon
the War Department to furnish thq Senate with
reports of the 'surreys of the to rritorfnerth of
the Mississippi:
Mr. Mangum offcredaresoluthon, directing that
2000 extra copies of Enpy's report on Meteoro
logy be given to Professor Espy; which was laid
The Senate then went into Executive Session,
and finally adjourned.
DoriniC the 3C99101; a lame number of nomi-
Inations were sent in by th.e President, among
;which were the following:—
I 'Mo Iron. John C. Herr, of Maryland, Minieter to
diedr nt&
. Eastby, of Washin,gnon, Commissioner of
.IPublic Works.
George T. Curtis, Onismissionew of Patents,.
'rice Ewbank.
Hon. B. T. fiheack: of Ohio, Minister to Bro-
Mr. Hammond, to. be Postmaster st Lancia
tar, Pa.
-- -- I
Mr. Market, of the State Department, Charge 1
I 1 ~ ,
to Copetthagen. • DR. .I..VDREIr fridlltr ON INDIGE.VTIOS.-Dr. ,_i , _ : _ _
The following gentlemen have been named as er T'bc.i.f." . . 6 thr . .U.- .114- .". 4 r ' r e - i ---' ,-
old. ohaervre that •41 notion of the true d uan ty For Sale or Rent,
Commissioners to settle the California Land title: of 0 ...wt.-Jot, ts • Prominent and AU • railing niiiiair"f '
; mi.. Ingersoll , , per,n,yl,6 ; NI, Arthur F. . !.Ixlipzia,,:tri, hrtntel , thritVtir , ;Wrofr , r ., i nra , ' i ccot3icirqous and writ finished V,
, fiepkinS, of Alabama; 'and Jam. 'laria t , of i complaiti_ tinifil t 'e;e'rythln7 er; t. f.,' 1! had nsmunie hi ;3L. Z'T . .7 1 ),,, 1 ;,'. 1 ;7;..,1..,d '121 ° .,1 1 ,: . ,‘,,,%11',7,,, e ' u t t,74,t liel
.the noon,- Jules, obtained from the olonmeb of bring au- • ir • !
• KentOrky.
to r hlt.h proved mmpletely sommodni."
ltlr Schenck's rumored appointment has not i lir. lionahlon• 1.0,15. the true dikrative fluid. or Gam i iilipr . 'l7;; i ir, u 0.,....,., L .,. i . ...,... ~, „....
1 for n' faintly atm( a ... M . .,... T . :., •, ,, ;5 , 1. 1 1 0,... C. , , , i , , i tier . Wean•
yet been sent in. tide Juin., ti r e. Drapetola Cuter. prepared Man Itenoet. , ' Fn titre n t tt Tit C11•1111tRI.IN,
•or the fourth stomach of the On. after dlrmrtions of Bondi . htio ,- • d o
A ttru, .at .a.
The Committee pn Foreign Affairs, reported e. the great Ph vaiolotrlcal Chnitist, h r J. s. llotioth- , 1 Or ...Wm... , hi lerter. Nem Itnaldon. I's
Ithe following treaties:— , ton. it It., Philadelphia. Pa. 1 ,i,,hrdilit•• it'. _
; This is a trod, wonderful remedy for•lmilneetlint. til• - - - ,
One with Stritlerlilmd, negotiated by Mr. i ri...b...1aund0... Weer Corsylaint. ConAlpation. ...Id L.- I . For Se.
Mann, with the unanimous recommendation of ! ,;„!.,.'l,',:, r 'i',... 1 .7„,.•„7,.":,, ° ',..„.`'"''"' ''" u " 4 ." ,....^. ''''' ' , 1 . , 1. . x I , i , EDs 1 , A EsIIO T F L . 74 ,
the Committee in its f'd• or,-with the eteeptiOn Of , The tiludnr duds. k a,e great m,lrent of the fod. the pu• f r! l 'IC OF Bri LDLN lit , Paths or, ner of Ws. r „ . ...fd
the Jeweish Disability clause, which it is proposed . r„t!:;,... , ;" --r." ,7,;,1 i :',T, 4 ,' " ,;;„1:.':„ . 1,1, b ..,',L . ,`" = . ',V ~1! i,,,,..i... , L ti N..
s ,
Po' , irlin'i r ." 't''' 1....} " ... ""'" .
CO strike out. • ...rtz.. or ftrd'i l oto his...l-no nutmMin id the loodr. hut , svlronLa Canal. In the City ~f I t
o n The . a fodde
Is • eonslitlon of / one hundred and fort...tour feet on Penn Andd. and one
line with Portugal, which country offers to , ii,..'hV e :',1 . 1..° X ,1. .i.. ' : 17 . 1 . 4 1ft nr ia L t!... " 1 1 : : .- ' a r k u .'it:tl'f d•••-l. ••r Mr , i In undred ...1 .4... r.....t .1... i.d....... m.,...t.i..3.. ....-..t.
pay a certain sum. and leave the disputc4l portion ; l."`I .".....ri P. - W.'''. " r.d .arrive d "" . ". cod hi ' or. I to c t '''''' ''''' shop
it"Pil' ' f' , VID GRrill •
to be nettled by arbitrators. Its ratifiention in I ti llit"'ll . :l7l . 4n t l'OZ . l .. re a s • d it v p'pl i t t ei r l'h. t hl i'a h t . rti n eltr d the dige. , tiodittim , . No, Ithi Prisn st.
unanimously recommended. , ti... principle, Priann. from the stoulaelis of nannalA r.
One with ) Lexica, which country offers to re, . 11 ' 7 , - .l tte'f,aTti * ra" . l i t i h ty,";ri f e ° ' ut luir•e. Iti p ki d 7h ti o:nr i a l l' t ' s,ce .r r;• 6 :l v •
' • • ' a I Land for Sale.
mit the Tehuantepec Railroad to he constructed. 1 'uii.r:hiLi' 7 "...Ph . .., iirid.,P"d''' ” d r,,"‘"'''' 'd Id i ' iIN E TRACT of :I'2ll Acres: one Tenet of
and appropriates seven leagues of lands, . each I too. i..;;,,';' r , ;.... 1 .; . ! . 1..;.Ti0 g t.14:;:::Z. a i21,..1; e 7'11?.0':;rgi'l . ,7,-,T,,,, 1 '.:',.'17,'" zr,, , :,-, , , , ., , ; , ,t,1 , 17,1,::„, ,,, ,, , .7:,... , 17., , ,.,.,:r.
side of the proposed line for that purposi, I t i eln , itas the tneril of makin g the application 4 11.1 n art r•• I , d , , d • first rate' o n a n t! , an d ...II Idrated, lo'.l.l,onme ro.. 0..
also extends to American citizens equal privileges 1 th itZ n iin f .... D .r:gf'4l:.. l •ll=7: fr ihs' nti r
V.:7:ll l .. L ' s t:fg . w.h.- ~ ",,. r .',,,' 1 ,7:1',,. iittuai.:::;" Purrh'l"l.-1111.rr&iiiFir47:rf,‘""'"
with Mexicans. brated cork on Animal Chen:Usti, earn: -do Artificial ] .-- ~,t,,, PIT Sron,l .0.
• The report or the Committee is minium°. in —
l ' re l' iia sU rm v ii i,' ,rt i i,e'n' t ,,,:',l,7,2,l, tb i,,„`,., • ‘.. l '',,V i d,'„ j .,i, A ...... - .,i',',ltt t ;T i : pr.% 0 L E T--.%. BRICK DlVii - d - Nll.
ice favor. I
i. ,'.1,.. P.::i! ',4 1 7' . i ir?;.=4::!..t r :Z. 1. 17,7' .0 1tr. d .".,',.f";' " - f l •Ith or an,. of 00 , 00 , 1 attarlosi.! at ";-
ti e AL
r in, Mei O ul u tw• In the oilmen stninseh " '"
i P.iic° d '
11r. ii , raglaoll. of Plolooldpht, prince, asi artincial di• i •i^h' 4lttir .30ry.S • Co.
trestive fluid raJled PEPSIN. lams the di,. •lire stomach of ' , ,
the Oz. •tili adonis ui•Jutirable remelt . ; for I thildestlon, If , Oli lii,?, T.-I,n. ILI! vs in the Ited leja
curin • after nitture's own method. I.y natun.• ow o agent. °Mee thall,litio • stitahle or Artistes Room, .1.
rii• disiePtire Principle. Call and see the eztraonlitiarr eri" s re, Or.
eolith evident.. of it, rabic. Alm, a 07.1.0 LI. PTititt: on Thinl start. next dm,r to the
KliYSElt I Ali-DOWELL. ,ls,..vit.. tinsette tiltice, eounters, •• • 0101, .•.. end a rode rent with
140 00, 0 , 1 sts. irtiridir.iii• lore, whew windrow: furtilelied without ',win, to Peanut.
IMl,ler+ 1 . 1 11 1 1,11...1 at imprletor's price. Ple-r7 ri U . 11•7.7.501. 0.'4,i...r00d street.
Alm., for ode I d It d'. doll •sL.• • I t nirhr, -,___
- NEW Ons.raaa, March G.
Late advieei from Yucatan state, that the
Spanish authorities had given up the Govern
ment to the British.
A battle had been fought bet.,Ween the forces
of Son Salvador and Guatamehl, in which the
former came off victorious.
NEW (JOU:AV.:a, Moroi,
We are in the receipt of advice, from the city
of Mexico to the Ifdli ultimo,—conVeying, how
ever, no news of importance.
Some lawless bands of Americans have been
committing great outrages in Chihuahua.
Yucatan was inn most desperate position--
The war between the Whites and the Indians
woe still carried on, but the Whites lacked the
means of prosecuting it successfully.
The magnificent steamer Oregon, from Louis
willo to New Orleans. burst a boiler on Saturday,
the Ist instant, The Clerk was killed, the Cap
tain severely.injured. and 10 were missing. The
bout is supposed t, be a total loss. •
tire broke out nt lff o'clock, Inet night. in
Dankly Arcade, the larget.t building in the city,
which was partially ~n o nmed. Several storey
and office, were don bunted. The tire ,Mllllll
- to the office of the rotnatereill new,pd
per, adjoining, whicb, with it , content,
iug the book, were entirely tle,troyed
1 , have tellable infortn:.,iou.• :Iva the Whit,:
utetnbere or the l'et.n.ylvanin Legislature. ttott
iu etteret cutlet., a tew days ago. nod with geettt
uuntnintity, the CoinFtmtuiee men leading, ntruii
itatexl General . Wiufiehl seott 1.. the Whig eateil•
unto for the Prosttleney, in subject to the
deeitiiou of a Whig :National Convention.
W ASH IN le I , ON, :%/DrCh
Chivies Webb, the Tragedian, was found
drowned in the cnnal in this city, tilt, morning,.
. . .
It is rumored that Isaac Storms. formerly a
tobacco merchant. failed ru 1101 lister's paper or
. . .
The report telegraphed to this • city. that F
Hollister had foiled, owning to the failure of
Aestins multlpicer, of New York. is entirely false,
as also the reports that the Lewis County Bank.
and the Exchange Bank of Hamilton. in which
Hollister. 'rasa large stoekihohlers. haring sus
pended payment. Hollikter's credit atitihla good
to-dry for any amount,
March 6.
.Flour—The market continues inactive. The
. . .
demand for ,hiputent and only 200 hhl•
were P-0111 at n =hide tem than $4OO "E? 01,1. Soles
for * city cottaiimptiou at $.1 : 501O 5, for common to
extra brand,
Rye Fluor end Corn Meal—Sales of Rye Hour
at SR 440:titti ,Sikle4 of Corn meal at *tit tt:
Grain—Wheat in dull. with a tede plod red
at 100 e Bin little rye is otTering. the last
sale reported woo ,t Corn is in moderate
request, with tales :ONO bu. Southern yellow at
591 c.
G .
roe. r l ea ara dui', with no change In pricer. !tin . , II F 1: II ES .1. CO. rir.. i.r..pared to
Provisions—Pork 15 in herterdernanti, and pri• i -il '';',..;.. k"..!" ,. ...". l'''''.".
.1; LA18.111.1.N. AA,..-,.. Vatt.., A 1,1.1.
ceo are Atendineitpward. Sales an. m.,s - at . Ai la ir . t1...1..11.1.0.v1 ,
$l4 60: and of old do. at $l3 Tul - 1 4 bid. Sales ' . . 4 ,1 .. it , . l- ~.lIIiI t II 00.0..1 141,1.
LOOlll6 green meat to arrive, at di for shoul. : 4 ' , OLDEN SVIII . P --!... hf. hid,. iti , t r.,',1
den. 71 for hides, and 9r,9}for hams_ Sales ICI 1.1 l. 1.. YURIIIOI..t. A I,: A.,11..01 •
100 ck; Western smoked, at Sic, fur Ride,: 10(o. 1 - frb. +-'- • - --- - N. ii.
11 for hams. and 7c for shoulders . Lard i. in : 1-
' t ' i
'. 1 .5 bLi extra rOOOIV Floor, Gar
1 . 11.
demand, and wanted at lie f or o ld, an d uifi,..94,.l I •O- hi a......, s r ,i, n05 , :n0,,,r,, ii ,
for dew. ! it RtWIMS-1 . .. 1 .1 , ,..n for .-,l lA
Whiskey is unchanged
~ V 111\' IkINYIrol.sT A 111
- .
WiNik.AV ll l/..t N . S- ,. .-- , 1 , , , , :: 1: . ) ,, ,, .. , .. i, :t . . , ;• , , J
.g . , : ....,.
Ladies' Fine Dress Goods.
• B ' ''' '' '''' ' ' '' MArch 6. I AI ECE IV El w.t NI) of .1.:!.s Eli Ti ti:; Wilts-
Flour—Sales of 100 bids Ifowarl etre et at . IN6-1,010.,. Ts .u•.. 1,r...., 1. lain.,. 0.... 4..
$4,27 1- 1 bbl. . ,1”.... L.L•n.. •c... 4..—«"1'. oprin...t., Li. 4r..1 Lyn .I.
. •1r..0.4. ciatle.en. A A NI N.....N a (..
Grain—The market in unchanged. r.lw S.- ..2...1.L1 11....., .1
. .. ,
PrOVigiOD- 4 ---Salill . 200,000 lot hulk baron, at ,... pin S,;Ti" , i , yl:i. , -- ritlNTs__, .„ and
i€l;.Bi for sides, fS( .. ttli fur "houlderw one Si fur I, 13 errant's' vutla.rtu. n..... 1 VILI. r.L....1 „, .
„,,,,, .1 , , , !
bas. Sales of Bacon at el for Allier. 71 for . ±'l 24 A
shoulder, and 101 for hums. Sake 30.1 keg" I 0... , ;(l CLOTII AND 1111511 •LINEN--
Lard at hi. Mess Pork is selling at $12.07 for 14 1! , ,,, ,er .. "P”' •••' ''........•!•• l i'g:f, ' ,;' `."''',,.„
old, and $14,50 fur new. Sales of prime old lur th.,...i
.1 .11Prov,iros,oufse%uc...--1W.:„&...1n0n,..!
beef at $lO 'il bpi, with an advancing tendency. 1
_'• l,O ‘ M ,'''' '• . ' ''• - .' n. ''.
:.•..I ,
Butter is selling at 80.12 c /7 lb. I'-, 1 .T• I RCII-100 in.,. lest brand, ID Mort.
Groceries—Coffee is firm. with sales of ;000 & 7,a4n:i4N.. 14 awl LLD n.•.. 1 ..t
111/ id lb. Sugars bare slightly . Unproved.— I for nal. be ll,l 11.4...1.1.1.:1* a 111.
bags Rio at 10611 c, and ROO bags Lagnayra at ,
1,1- • .., A0 cA...,1,1,1,..5__5„ Lac.ii r ,„ . .,,,,. , t
- 1
Sales of Orleans Molasses at Slc. 1
s 1... mud •.5L N,...t.
I k 0.'"01'.
' I.
'‘'l' 11,. 1111.1.0 V A 0 k....1'
1 r, VA
U. A L E;ItATI S - - - 120 La,'. N. 11
1. -- )
11\I HADA al 5 VD.
I. an.] LLLL W....L1 ..I
NEW YORE, Mar. G. ! "'' -- --
Flour—A good business i: doing /a-day. and ,' ( ' lit t(1),...1TE. BROM .1. Ac
prices are envier. I las - thtlaas "at .
Grain—N./thing wit: done in Wheat. Corn is r
heard and doll at fit; for mixed western. ta - • Eros,: in Wore aw..l Ea wk. i.•
-, 14 11 s uer. a LEI a I:11.
ProviiiinnA—Purk Cis heavy and prices are ea
sier. Ciid met, it telling at ii 41:;; new do at
:2.413 ih 14 bid. (Ad prince iv void at 810, new do
at 'll 25. Sal', of Lord at fijnil-lry4 lb. in
Cotton is fine, With IC advance fin Tuesday'o
Flour—Hale, at $3,44(.:1,45. Prices are im
proving, receipt:l being light.
Whiiike.v—Salev at - 201(4, -e 204 gal.
Provihiona—The market to eery quiet, with no
sales of any con.qwerice.
Groceries—Soles of )lolni,c, at :12c. an.l of
Sugar at tiiE„,1 , 61..
The weather is clear and caul. The river Iwo
fallen two feet in the last 24 hours.
BETNYES.N three,
and fimr miles
Fourth 01. met..) sod atom,. gme mile IMM
. .
The req. Nally giro notice to their enro,m.
ere and Mc publir gen, audit. that theirmatenedve Num,
le, Ureenhotowe, Le., "n u now mrnpriwt between BALM)
and 104,1)00 Plant, all.a wbiell &rein a hulthy txtuditlent.
121117 7.II.EF.S—Cat Wotan of Apple. Pear, Pluin,Pearh,
Cherry, Aprirot, Nerta, ine, Almond, Itntpe Int, A.
81.1A.01: TREES-11.: Allantime, Catkin, Mountjtin
A/41. M URA/ Maple, Enpilth Linden, American Lindenihnur
hardy Poplar, Balm • f Poplar. Weeping It
White Barked Birth, I oil Tree, Ilorn Chestnut. Pantos,.
nla Imperialle. Wreak, Aeh, Enitilah,Arb, Finialrb Sittt
V M k ag ß nolia Tri
Tpe.)4,3 1 &e..Ar .
Ce N ar : Amert EEN Ar ßl rihr AN i D e
S.RUBe — t V ai,a BJu
Yew, Onnunon Yew, American (lolly, European
116117, Mite None, S lisham Fir. Silver Fir,
&tote. fir, Ilemlorititpriove, hood, Uroum. An, le.
G.FtEE.N INGWE L.,S,l7.q—Vis. a .perb eullenion or
furbritut. numbng ttlt rarietle, This dower theirrth
nof the attention of tloter.t who what tourcuunent • In.
El.r.S.F.B3lany of ti.nt the Ilret rate. numberina toyer
70 rarlatire In bengal or Chin... Ererbbedn•
bur. Ito. Worst. or 1 ea itcentol Chlnewe 11..., Bowl..
Ruper. Nolaette Ilyhtid Perpetual, or HEMOTIIIit
N 0... A great numb te of the are perfectly hardy and
tdrrom freely thirmuhco at the ...tanner wqmon.
Alen—lleranfutor, 01 eantlere. (tram,. Cactus, to
N. 11.—All °nine n .urd. be aeamnetnied with the earl,
.hdiartory referent me
Plants ran .fully paq ed and rent (wording todlrection)
InanY Part of the Ijial ted Matra.
Persona wishing to ornament their tdessunn aund.
would do ue a rail.. we think our mock of
EV ,, ,a..P cannot lwweld of the Slountaine,
now meeting Nome an me of ground• and numberin4 from
60 to 100.00. trretti.numhor o{ewhicb are of • flop for
Ore/lent and Fbrubbery f ae , nted by r OO O. Ol
no rearonable Lerma.
. • • • .
We .h.ll 10tt..r11.0 our addres, directod t Wllkinn P.
0.. near 01py 100 rind inarallat. nthn•
Oiilerx left et our etand on Market days, In the Ittunotut
Market. will OM in..e dts. attentin.
The public In genern3 are Invited Wenn and examine our
Mock.. Attention to *Mors givrtpon ixny I.r except Sal..
WM. A JAB. 11U111V1.31.
Noedlee' Celebrated
virhino hlubly moilcated riastem bare beet. ready roe
more than twenty MU, during ',bleb time they have
rei:VmatieU r rra t . n a=Azt , : b .,:.TV.Z . ,_ — i t r, , !
„ a ._ of the *highest outgun., to venom thole ...pow
tion has been gubrultted, have trim, the moat aMbalog
matlmpniW et to their superior 'virtue over all other plan
ter. aohl. L ,
The lugrediergla of theft oomposition, very carefully and
correctly combined, render them peculiarly applicable to
peroons suffering with pulmonary a.m.,
Coopingmtss In the brossat, restating the protrsetol colds,
wg °mei, and kw& pahm bevarious neundwin
dhows. LEI the 'body, their her:Andel tllanseter is beyond
question or &mots. As ape, ennaly fu Lumbago, their so-
Periority over altoutward b r 7 lorm, such OA liniments,.
sc. has been fully corm effected.
t'.weakuats awl pains to the beak adelleTreaulting
DT. 'even. strain', diatom. of the kidneys,
p i p e ' ., their su
rsgdra,lTM.[lla4b7pePirle=bc,:reb"and mlkf f rom UM'A ft,rr
application. So Inaba with rhumaue pains, these
=Val v . Zl=e d 'vr ir rmsVe k r i y " = "'"
=. wholosale o aad. letaktg.
hildag., 67 Wood st
3 or, Itt . 240 Liberti •41+,. worrJoryont:
vt , ;tii;nk lee;ltis
liso le ner. if sro coperoo, to any - t./ h o had at
Alr---41olong. Impel-mi. nd ."
for which all we sdk s (alt trial. and they will meow.
;wool thenmolvm. A liberal alwount tmallom,
i" hl
thl n \ ' . b l i all l hl:llo ACA..
m,hr. • Too beater. and firtmow.
rtr,...l...lpsorbrlte l'o.t
LGa Ihr Srlsolar—thrlljip,— t h r I'6'o—by Gt...
uth., or lb. -011,14. In Spam..
lilettonary Mrehanlea.
hrantirld Hall' a Itotunne..
ll'aou4.l. or llse Prhithrr,,an 111d/I\IITO,
Ilenrr htur a t..., Jambltr+..lor / ll.'
I Br B. I'. Kr,
Thr Quer.o, N..r.tlarr. by .11r, nnma.. •
Thr Duch..., or Woman, LIM.. and IV.hrnaria Ilah—a
,hannnn.laly horrl. By Mr/. Sou.thlrnrlb.
a norrl. Ily author Of .The.
I A I)SC.k doz. for sale
; • -...h him) ..,
13, 1l IIN-31e 'Sugar Cured I lulus,
t.n "nd "ir 'LI S. I.lllArtiln IV.
s l't prim.' f 0 . sale by
.1 • 1.11 '
, 01.1. EN 11(1' - if .1... ~ ,0 ..1.• by
I I.Vt II .011.
I) IZI ilh , :tq
I*11.1V01:111 a 111
EA Tsrcg i f 1111.- . ~
ju•l r.e'd and
N 1 1 ii.
r 11—•1 cokl Qln
Fla 11-
bag. Nut,
1 . ..anh... non bawling Inas,
1,21.111 DICK 4'.1
41ater awl Om. •la
1 4 1: ATii Kits_ I, 1 .,,A1/ MOW landing, fn.
. "'""d
•..1 •t•
, orroN. znin . landing, fn.w sir.
t• a. 1.14 {.4 .al, 1,,
1. 1.21.411 DICE F:l' CO_
Nat, atal Front.:..
1.•212/1 1.C221 A 04,
. 7
14 1 1.11V1L
I rah. h, 51.14 P./1171'. 41.11 . T.E11 Y 1 01
qI.tNNERS' OIL- 5 ILI,. in -nire and fir
•alv by J 411 E, 1151.
%Val, 1 1 11+,
SWEET IN - niiw landing
D - - filEI) PE.l.lltis-- , :wo t. n ..iy, u. „,j
1111E1. s fli ,
77 1.1 : 11 Water
II Straineti'liotte
5141 . 1111_11.:,1
I Mill 1. 1 11.. I. Strains
a 7' l I "` V .1
d it ILI , EN 14.14. 110•1 1,1.1;
ILA ..F. t., 144 n -ram, 4 co •
, 1,4 , /. anal'.. , W,.4 .1
i If:101.1N 1 . 1'.A Y-12:J liss, for ,aie 11
`I • 11' S! it 11,1 PS
1, 4 nOi . it --For kb,. , ”rrtin. , -7v 1, 1 , 1 , fin,
I In .Gorr anal t, ..,), I.! ;
Curt , : .I . lr l z
; Id
111 .0 ED IIF:EE--10 S. Drird Beef,
y dew fur .al. by
W HARP/Mill.
-7 *hurpe /real/ Ilerfp. put up m th
e ramp
.11,14 the ~I .Agrro.,pl..r 7 . .,!•-;rll3.irt
phi )0. • .
- - •
Or IS VI LLE LIM I:!itt reed and
I e A w 11APHAU.11.
F X Tits RiGs.---.ln,trc,e'd at •w(l)Liburty
nun A
Gr•rerr Yu. fruul•ts.
'JOSTON BISCUIT—A sui l trly of lloq.)n
liuMer liPulut punt rued br Expre, toe
fute.3 WM. A. k Ib. . 21,41.141 crty
, 0(.1)A. Sil ELLS—A freshen rpl vjuNt . reed
‘..) !reb . 2Bj If A. Mg4 . l:l3:ii A Cu.
rili:As! TEA'S! h
..n.f e.iems Young
.1 .
band an Hy d
fu mn,
slip b
fuJJ2.I A 111.11EILTIIN L (I,
TOBACC-2.sobraes Manufactured T.--
bump. ftbulue brandaj cn bead end fur nal, I,
.22*. A (7171.11KICYSIoN
• .
IACKEItEL--lINI bbl.. No. 3, on hand
.1 V■ Au, for ah. I,
---- - _ _ .
lIA (SINS- -iOl/ boxes on hand rod
for ..11. by 110311 A CL 1.111.:ItTSIIN • 1,.
Cittiili El) ,k POW DEng!'
I A StflAll—H,tre.n.tnntly 8.0 hand and low nnl.•
10.b24 A C1.'1,111 - a1T, 4 4 I\ IA
I .
BA TTI II; - 111 N„. •
and %b . 4 1" IrA r rl 1.:17111j.1'";
1,4 _
.24 . m
illi()coLAT I.: of every deseription for malt.
No nt l Unt.etant.., Brom. Tin, i....torign• tit
to I. foond In thr ntr.
IV A . T .I ILI . I t ES-- . 2te ,.. e t e , i .r v,d onij a . n . , , l ,
, t i . , 1 , 1 , 11 , t , T . 1 ,,, i: , i ,
Mr wad nt.t.n/rtrt mutant-Wt., rig, .
T. I+ 1,4. e. Hunting mod BM Phan:
Ni J. Tnhla, do do: ..
• Iltdd Jnidtann do eh;
And nit., , d' rt.lebrattrl Engliall and diem , . Brand , —
Prira v..r, Inn. and army and duratillity guaranntl.
fdt, %each nqtairttnt tvddinurd a.g inonal J.ittdrY
manufnelon. , l .....rdtor and cartdollt repaint,
0.-A trry ...trelltdd Ault or wok' 1,.,....,,p3A7 ... .::7 .
.or of 4th and Marltrt A,
" •
LINSEFID OIL-10 libbi for sale by
OLL RDTTER.L•2 Max for rode by
I. 1.1,22 11.1/111S0!:. 1.1171.}: a (0).
N 1 Lov EitsEEl ,-75 bus for 4:110 by
J 1,1,22 110111SoN. I,lDi IX a (v.
BEANS -10 bus White by
Ph ' ROBISON. Lirfix a CO.
LARD -4 kegs for 8310 by
1:•02 . 2 nothanv. Lly11.1: A co.
itirut:A=IP".: •
(. UM Common ilea,.
WA It. rert.dl.2l.ll,tre:
WO Ito Foliar Frathrrc
:02 ream. Wftrping
y 0 9r hxd suryr. I lb lump Toby+,
1 cult 61x1ra.tittn: ,
I do ()hall.;
Ifoolb 11.1 Noir Lcal.brs,
100010. Jo Llyist 4115 In Korand fur
Aida by l:b22 JUAN {Part' a
art' M.
AGini, wanted to do house work. A ll
at Mb 4.19 c.
For Bale
SUBSCIt11.11:12 offiws for sal.. the 17',!
yo.uort, 4.1 A11e.b..,* elty.1:11.
" 7'u. Ilrirk 11..4.. 441 I. n. 20, by 110 11.0.
fn...bluyt unw I.y J.11 . ..1113.01:1,
"1 1 1.. two +ton 11...b...1i1..1.117 by 110 11.4t,fem1.-
1,..111 ,MlOl 117 I ....lfPind Prnnk J.hnson.
fluent 1,4. rnrn.r 1.4. th et Inn... end 31..1.11..411..1,
0) by 110 0,1
varunt r...•.n "balk rarh pl..ut 21 l,y 04 1 ., ft
t". 11 . 4 7 ..T.: 1 1 .''' 1..5. 4 ti n y1 i 1t Let 1411,
;17;1 V.11, ! . 1 4 . . ‘rb" TIT.. 1 1 ' 1111 0" ;r/1.T11!11 7 .11 . / r 61,1r.
volt itoT—a onto!! frame cottage, with
4 room and klub...
a. gar,. n hwy.. ....Men
4 In
:b1 11111 111 n.,
try., n r”.41.11.11ce Cr
‘ltn. + , vertil and Trnilltento fnr rrnt
Alm.. fur ntlr I I lax fnnstlna Ilanrwk ttrert. and .
awake: nn hoot Atrret Tnrint, 7.1 5.
.d II It eninror. Marl.rt and tt.
Desirable Residence for Sale.
TeELE ,ttl,m•riher. rvntolv 4•wv
1111 b, Ihr reeeneer, ...ff.., ee.ek eh.'
eele lee nom neolele ••• natiele ele.ete Ike tettele
I' e The el eleeelele elev. mud Ludt
ref leriek. her, wed reeternee.leeeten. Kepi leete• rerenzly
reeeeeitele•l Tier I•et freeeet fee.el 1.0 W.' ea
reltllll, 11••• !Jewell, e.e.el te,e. ezeeet e.
eme. e•atte•Seellee, •lerulel.ere reteel truer The
andemere /ere ee..eiteeee• 1e..nt..1 The
:••••1 11t. ,1•111/...11.• nitre
••• e.r 11.1,1,e eet . 111 lering the. ieneleert,
wet letee en le , . maim, eerel/ , •r lris.• •ef elle ere,
l'aerelese,er. an•re , leerm.: II 'lsle,. S.. 19, 111,
.tre•et lelel,lleu 'I. er.E. , 11,1111110
1;01I SALE I IR RENT—. 4 v.insfortablek ;17".
t.'lplru,atlly lecete.e• etted
e.te •Ireerl. In the El.elelle 1 Veen!, eer the. elt
The Lem... e•eletwiles bee ree•ure, the I•et I. fere, L.t use CL.,
ut lee ••eee• hesnelre.l tu •Ireelle Eineeire •el
ee. 111,1:1:S11 \NI.
e•erreer eet 111..1 nee,: ,all, •I •
I Z 'ult . That largettm ling Iwo., cr.,:
4/1 , 1
allheile,i r. imbnov (11.. J Teat..“..11
..11 t'llll Fttorl ..n lb. .1
:.1.10, I.k I. II ..r
lb. /lit 1 . 111 (0.1. .411
FIN I ..11
....1.., and. fr•atlttsu
II eta r I , Ir.
• •••r •Ir•••••F
71 11 • 1 1..... r 1ruz::••• " • • • ‘ :;:t1:1•1;• I„r I n•ttrutz•••• Offtr•-•. 6.
•••••I •••• •
/4.1.1.th1• Mr11)1(Alleh
lorn nALk—Two.latue , 1114 L nevi a Pan VIII; on
lbw Iteavor with lb.. nonvovan attr
f,: onn•nal In Lann.n ~,,, f'non
C.., 3 Farm of In' noon. on the nn.r. tnno. Loln.
',lon Wave I, !kavl 4nn. In' ~11 111.
n 4.• t. nuke Velem it,nvvr. nor in.rn l'o.
• f., Ake. (ono- .4 1:41. 1.t... am!.
o-rov 44 in nor ano.. non lb, with man? •41.. i. van
•on no, an./ Eu4nir• of
111 - f VIII IN.
...In,. Law nral 1,:roo•
f. kin Pot-loin:II
1 4 1 1)1'. ItENT—'l • ll, , .ton. .1 Marko. +l..
inn ',rt. t I morr s• • 11,1." M., EL':
, • n'tr.'n nn 1.1 its , of April n.. 1 t
WII 1 11 . 1.1N1'.1.11
LF:T- .Itwited
aryl and riihnlop 11.P.uutt
front EP-. •tra, i• up...
...sp. 111•10,./ 'I 11 U. auttatil. fpr manufa.turlnt..,.. h.
• tuna )4,w,
4 1 . St MIFF.. A15.1 ,, 1 , A .4,1 , 11
jjEAL ESTATE 11)I{ :4A LE--Th.• ntrlAr
.•••, in the 4,..r.ptan of Ilirtutturlmen hL _
t•nar tb.
51.1 Lotprratt
I rad rnm It.rminplo. in 1,...,0.4..
nt It
t. 501 I. 501 thrat •At• nu I pr..n40.1. In
a l
Int part.. Plan. Intel
nttrn uf •:•••••,, r , I OAT
t.rtwat Thin? an. rPttrth atentrto nr
rtio LET —Om. nous. , and L tli
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1 0n Arta. ....amt., Daryl
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l'i.mannn gra:.
l IIIn RENT—A' two af . ,.ry I.lw yt . yr
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Ninth Warl Eualut A 1..,, nna 'dna,
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AI.: l,:ou tnadlna
; ly opp.alb. the I , Tedral Itallroo-1 U tx:b an/ n:111,11Ina
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/1111 LET—A larKe Man,ion Ilottre with
..I Land attu bad. aduao.l at 'AP
(ROE...NES aco xY
Filo LET-- Tow Three Story I ) well r onz=„7.,„
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. Id )old. II 1..r....aat0n. daotaanns: lan
no.nt •11E1 tb. !Vat tba.r
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on tb.. lat of April .I.adtllr. /.1 J 3 It 1.1.01 L.
looen:1 Ptunh
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li‘Oß RENT. The Stre, I •',l,rket .er : 3
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a7 a t ,,,,, t u roma ' DA nh:En.
lOU Penn at.
14 1 OR RENT, two very convenient a
IIW Fl.l.lXu nurNFx "on 1111n1 rtrnat. ihova
mad Emit/Add CA WU 40 thy 114/4
of April neat.
At,,. to for nna nr runty, n..,aar lin,
Ind. and haar the AII.yA.n Rl•ar. In On Nioth Wanl
Apply to M d. 51 1 / 4 111.1N(ITIIN.
lat inure, R. naar We.l.
i‘OR If.RNT, a Two .tory Fratto.Thoise=?
and Rackhull:ling:l.h tarn Fob. want.. onL o ti
Math Wantadoolinnar Shnno.
Poe: tarn., apply In 1.1171. E t
:1.012 512 Liberty atraar.
TO LET, the Store Room N0.4:5 Nlttr-2 1
Ind neat. adJnlolna %Valet. and Jarralry
V W. Wlhan.. and rorrittly tarat plat! loy M r olora.
N llolooaa Son, Rankin, and Larhanar odlda.
TM* moan I. Itaa.l.-.1 In the no. nentml and
point In Ow d sealol ,well adaj.s.l for a Ilanklnt; nn .I ,
chamd: Warn. Inonrancullflbaa. or a Ode. A
now front. •Ith Platn will 1. put iu . mad.
na thn wrathrwrtnlta.
r00d0..1. glyrn on the drat of Fnbroary If *ankal
Engin, .1 , W. W. WILSON.
247 Corner of Marital and Fourth strool•
_ _ __ •
r I.F;T_-I;,..mis and Steam Power fur
I Kuptift. rtf
-4 . kinVTl(l%.4l:, t I lIC ELY.
I .t
gore Chance for Capitalists and Manufac
turers. •
!if; li , •lng agent for th,
PT orate a nunth, of town Ira. 1n Mr. town
Stark, t ther. ill, nat.') And .T.ll
n „...1. of 1 , 1 rultnitrltui atal near to n.
foliar )11t)...11 111) Mt, • 'anal, and the th
Iva:al, It al Irol. non rtra lyily It
It. ths. ruts. alltmla r ..rb ay., tint hen ntrport uss I y
late I Ir. v...r.r.t. RIP) mat 1.11 .M.nkkr In Math
t tfkrtu rlttr of a.m. , Rill' The tth...lantar and
r tmani,.. of at' Oman. of tim. the • u pr.l ill mat T
fir annum tit. oval quantity of 1rre.”.1.1
to th I. mark,- tt. it..l I ar the, forth,. for tram.. .tali... of
n, At
1 11 1,1 11 11 1 ., all mtni.tbi• tll/11.. 1111..... of tit.
for or.tatoltrltlnit ma unfair{ u ...I I nm.
kyr..1,kr..., 1 0..1 of all tl..rrlnt lon. hl.b hot. „Hopi
..1 ntu
ti ra I Int yrnr...l farm. In, vt.lnity of tit. 1 ;.I. 1 1 and all
hal I hum!. art. al m (tart rr
~,„ i, t ,„, y „,t, „ ~,
tint Mr..l 1,1. In Ih. Ca aml 1,11....1. and
about halt n fain the lat, rt Int of almut • „ „ t rt. ; tm r t .tt tt
mlf olnt tat, the aka.: otto •4.. f 1..11 rtrzartx
:Tat t rt Ott..
the trnet ...T. aml N. kkl.., rtret. nt It. Inn. rt.. ' , ••• 1- .
110.1 - 011. n .1., 1.41 to 1..1. xi • r. ." '• h r . • • yy r. Mr
MIT mirrlishrel.t. - S 11.1))). r . ... a.
or a.lllrrn, In t hrart rte ti I I oral • ny l 7,.
} Tr' .
rmrlott. not . orlrarr.l by any In the. . f • •
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In It to, It
all nla utak. t0...1 11....1 turn ht„ tI. Ilrl•Ir •hf .• •"..••••• •^7, •- • • or.
ran and ..ant. nil. vrot.rt 1•11.1. In.ll tint Mlthr and "'l'lrr'r. i''"••• • ^ . !t
t ten tr lib:. Amire. Litnatir amt A r".•""."
11.111111, 111 .'1...•1n fnmoint loit •• '' ' "••••
ing and. Ir. .1 1.4.
v....runy mut hl rt.r. he a try, ,
nitration t llmma. rflet I lott Fr h. J• ry ror the undo,-
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(11,-111 '''' 'hl
.tAlivl r,
itIOBACCU --111 !Al len 5 Lump, fur szig;
NI, I 1“ .
WSI N—luq 106 No. I, for hale lir
rhhe: F Wo.soN.
rvA 11.-1u4.1 Idols North Cltrolina, for mule by
I r•bl7
LEACIIIN!; 11 1 11 '1 1 Ellti--201/ tataks.
urriou.rth.... tuanufarlu . rwl and
NW. Ilt.N NETT, I.ltlll A 1.41 7
jib I 'MINI K—W e are prejole
fnrulob add r•r, 0 1 , Pa+aln* F , r
brribllna4 by or Ind wab.r, and to ter',. rm.
gay...l H II 111 1anix, (min r•nal , nuivrlnt..nll erm
trurlion jaal !WA WI:, ATKINS.% a ~ /KELV.
lIJJ Pill MIXTURE. For I. by .1 KIDD A 111
u3IUT MILL --Ono Smut Mill, complete.
f male low by L 7.11.1. Alt
_ _ .
LARD—ao barrels and 15 keg,. do, for Kale
Liberty .tnno_
Ot L BUTT E R. Butter,
on head and for Pale by "H. DA LZELL M.
tab obsrty
_ _ .
NEW A 1111 A NG EM E NTS II ill
s. , rillfit)Al AS Vif Fill'E; . NN ET MAIN LT
ii '1 WTI W . .. N... it 4 ....
l ' ,_•Z,-,an_ -'l. ;, IBS I . L-r,_..._,•••.1 - —• ' ..y
• -11.111, .... .
~,r i i.: „.•w.„„ la,t rultbili4 , tr. (' .ISIII Eli, I II tc .t LEy. Ivo( om+ .kitt) , t .• c„ .. u .. h , e..
J , a1..31.1.4t• Mint.d--Itnantar W.. 11.1 i 11... t1t.... . •al. ..n....... !an.= Mani , .t l'lntaalph n,,.tl
1-nrllln. ...Hahn., AN Inaaltnn. llnidln•land. and nunfolt : .
Vart...t-1...,.. Intt•hurnh ..d.., at lt .....1.%C ; ' •,, ..l .
..,...,„ . . .. 4 . .4.4, 4 ,, t ,,,,.„,,
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''ll 'l; . Ul.ti.':'44lll e ' CV 4 : l ;;;l ' l:::: l .•: v gili r' -rt "r a ' !.r: . I_ I (EA Ll l 7 i; Uek NO ii ' - ,k li. 7 V,..,b,,,„„
m.,•d, A It, i• ..h.alt. A. M . and Iln.lcanurt %milli...Hun I C.4 , 1111...i.1a Mer:bant.., N. 41 Nr.ra, :Vat, •tra.
...., Mondat aml Ilerlas, at 4 n. NI .
ant .... 11, Nara. Wham-, l'hib..biOb6- igata
t d !With[ and tanas, aidolt "la lanai. or to
ninl.7 .11/11N HACK. \_..n. .llEiteEll. .i . . A NTE Lli. Gen,al Volnral.,
non Merchants, l'hlladal Ina. Llbaral ,1... n....•
. 4 1 0.1 t ST. LOUIS.—The splendid . . ,„ : .b. on ~...,,,,,,n,,,, o r 1,,,,,i ..„„,,n,. ~,,„.,,,,,,„
• Ind• nIATE•IIIA N. J...i..rm 1., '---. .4" ;,. ~.,..„,„.„.,
.4 , , , ,,...
~.,N .....„.,
a. nanatalar. u 111 !....... tar Ilia ahoy.. and It..
lantlat tadt• WI in•• dal, th.• r•Ill ....n .al 1. , A. NI. .11 W. POLNI)EXTI & CO.. General
1., fr,...1,1, pu.nay.. mtg.], , •11 1..nn1. or In
• I . 4notni. ,, ion and Moran rn4N.lon - ImaL•and four
mr hd ..F.O 11. •111.11.:N REIMER Avt ' b.. ”. N., - 11% Mark.l pan.t. I'll ladelphlts. Jr-,
1,1 1 1.1 E. N ASH V I LLE.--The Ilion- . 1 T o s ou th ern and Western me
rn i unra
A . did atnant, 1 , ..1tT PITT. fill. , tuna., .. P
sal tante 1.... lb.. a tad• •tal tnndnnallal.. lad , „--
nu , ti.. 1,.!“ no o ebwk. A. M .
1 .. . n •-••tfullyllnyita. • - -
fn , ight p.01.1,....p1y 11,1.7
FUR , ST. Lorls.—T he
YLlili. L. Alurrhall.
enuunanirr. will Inaln Inr.l/nre awl inlrr - -
rookllntr nntu. , MI I t. an/
For (rel./ nr apply nu Leal.rurl,L
z 0,, GLAsGoW, ,
ANI/ WELL , VILLE—Thr fino ...noorr
:14:11.LE. Wm. msulon. gill run
u. a rruular park. lular:rn rlt/ nud Iran.
Ins I/311,humh ewer/ Monday. %Vr/Itlruli/Y• auJ r/iLo/ • o/
rlnck, r.
tivialkt or j' , VMILZI.. upplr on Nen/. Ja. , 10
( 1' /Lunn. IIIErS,CoN. mount. will Lave ZL.q.72.2:
or 1/./..el interzonliobt.rl.ll/i.ullertoma L //
rue froda or nor...apply JoI:o
111 ,
nut 'L Lt. Curt will '
ernrr Turnla/ nI I n'rlork r
Yor rr' 4o a +/PPI/ rn brounL fir la
Ulan ‘l°
kt/unon ELLS/ MIX. CoLl I. Voting. 1/ 111 -
ruu no a rnuultr .rket INtr.huruh. Whorlina„'
Ilrlvronrt.ond /ray I. Pi/Wu/rub rner 31.411/AV
iIfIMMMI %11.1),S11... oL atol Brotarport.
Thurolur ofterw.r/ 50...ri11, hryll..
Cuptlnn. and Sunli.l% tot urnl.. bur...Dr.:o
p./ awl Sunlull turn/ l'unrdo/, aftnr... not ,o nl//11
/r, /*rola:, uftrro.n. For in.nall o or In frb,l W 4\'III:F.I.FX.
wilEr:LiSli i•Ann i nr.-
/tn.. I/I I: I:\A L. C. v.', I.
n.r. I. now p..rt uoin,/ h. rouulor tr./ uark trIN IA.I
nu , rat, anal Wltra.uA. PottalalrAh at o'rlork
very 510.1,. nn.l Fri. and rrtarnit,
I..are- Tleukulan-Olnd tat
rurh for ran.lll,..appi, .in board. or to
Tints Altll,7l:oNii A I.IIIIZEIt.
A. & G. A. ARNOITX, •
11121 PERS A: TA I LORS, No :',03 Broad
, orner•ri Dunn. qr...t. lborpthe• Irat, flour,
thr alh'otion frarnd• and
puhlot.' their orrortnwat of nen :HUNG If (lOW, of
f,ato.rst. whir+ ill. Pn . fazfq
tlo. 1.41 fahooar Ino.t fn.bionalffi. atil, at (aka
lora d a,. Irnoh and
lost- ahos ~,,, ; ..1. gaff! heist-ilk. -11 k, ha. • 1,..;
, h• .1. , Its.path-m.o.
ill,' .4111.1 artlqa arnfilof d thl• r.toblhhment—
Sr.llNl ER AIIIIA Si I •.n•L ^ut 01 T.' Ito eta and onr rut
_ ‘l,l, •hr,artm..ut la 'tn.!!
. ARMY h All. ILNIF.IOI, mad.. fa; ord., wltl, aeon
0 1 5.
I L 1-.1 , 1 and , 1.• pat.+. and in 'matt a,prorad
_ .tr.rof who ‘l.ll 011. aa'tfraffoll lind Itt fatalr
IA . 11 E l'hh 5.1 . 1., SI s!. ''" ~rd anr•l
(rrfmt GL
l• .1. • til •
,;.. 11 '"
GOOD INTENT AND TELEGRAPH' 1..• o "Io n., or 1 1. a Inqiant , ' at
;1.. Lr tah h 1.1.IN;10;
Mail Lines of Splendid New Troy Built
- • - -
11111:C: I, Alt WN ESI) Ay if
t PACK ET. 11 WINN ATI. Cnii , aiti John
'lmmingham. built lit
loir rininriiiAti. in Ow, i.f
II tir
Coaches for if ollidaysblu-g„
Shawl and Mantilla Warehouse.
pA . L , 111/ILL, rtL,A. ,111
s f,
\El\ l'}: \ NSY LI . A N I) ;
•I 1..11 tumfurtu
T., •,11.11:.tkitn.
I:att.:l4 wt Ilarn,t,r, .11... rt et. it...t - ttt..:
IS A\ I\1: lII' )1v I \
Binghams' Transportation Line,
BET 11 E. I.
f`I'FTS111 . 1:1;lf 1:11F: E.ISTEIZN
Terl I E C.l N.% I. 141,411.•,' Aip••11. 111,
• vVr hau.l.,. • 4,1 erel •••••• . m ete••• •el I.S 1 0,1 •• • :r7!•i
• •
1•11,1,.flo nn1..l por~ ti „
noel •••••• ft e. e•le 11..• i'Vt ....nul.g•turod h
111, ofK—ao~l .illnot nr• mould.
re •••••
...tot•ot to .1, tr.. • ../ erd, we... 1 11 nth,: ..ntabl... lhe Quill. aria aa•
i I . !. 1 , .13 [1..•
. f•, • me/ 11 .1.. 1•111..t..,;..1. furnhll to 11, trade rt.
h5..11.01 hos. lor •r lo e..n..uniptiol.. :II the abura. sort
•ee prlr•—•• ,•• order, deihrer..l an f y purl
‘ l, •
r... 1,1 ThEonoitt: LENT,
Opening of : the Pennsylvania Canal. Diurphy's Self-Sealing Advertising Ravel
('.l.NAL open.
irs.t.. at.. 4 IV . U. 263 lAI , ISO - is; ST., SEW
..,",•••!* • •,-.• in aoliritin•thi , palm - mace of all who
at n ll - 1 . •tl , ma. .e. levk none Ilmt
n,rh n I.rought ar. the t.iil.lle. Th.
II•I• ..f ear- thAr auporiority
: all une.tion. and he f,fera to the
k ,•,I,•tarr• 1,11, 11, .4 0.... men also bare them enYelOpeo.
tiritla4 ... . a ' , all 1'3,, r.l t.. rato.ll, aah... a. proof of their
a, t • "-1 Th. ..ry a few of the law.. for their man.
An111r• alun: I.t. lin the plan. 'ty Peal. peraon may
lito mime. and ..hire, rohYpi,mouaily anti
LW, V. 11410 1411, ly,ullllll/.1 441110,••.1. e•041}....1 or Ulu, alTonlinX 1 1,
It .• b.,...) the rat. • • he, ar. mu. f••• - t
...on, fraud •
„ , • I. 'thou being Jr
4tl: ry.ll thr ult-.rriau.. of lotto, mil to the Lila,: buried
month. In IL. 1./..a.t Letter tulle...
I 1•11, Th. L 1.1.111,1 .4fr (Lariat:l,4 at almo..t the rune
, 11, a•
I• 11. a nio..t uffoctirowireiti-ement.
n. trait the attenti..hof all liii. bit win, hands it
; i.. 11.1 .4 on,* 1110, engraved on
• 1 ulodi •ill and orhaortnrrn. I.t.
ET bull. of paya.r, and
Prior of Ist.,. En..1.7k, math ar
.1.•1i , X1
. , 7.1.11
. 10.50
to to
.1.1.111 . 1•1310
it 11, convenx.nt iorward amount of nrdor
mall IT rapre..... a refer, to a re.pi,taLle Num York
'Lon-. will I....tifllelynt ...rder. will utoet with • rutunt
attot.uvri. if addriva, I. • 11' Y,
No. 2 , 11314.11 mm street. New York.
Ifni. r. will he attend...l to promptly. if lest
at the atoms
141,11 fluil.l) Wall Air.% i.r oft
Jerollinau it C.... 134 William
N. II —lllnotto, Card, iu ianorit. Tam fem.
11i... at 51i1.1.31. r thuurand.
I •• t.rt I. • rot...
T 1 ‘ ! A ' ltttroti ot
ot •• to S . 4 4
Pittsburgh Transportation Line.
.1 ill., crotiN %.,1Z A 1 , 1- , • •
,ITEILJ NI Y., A C... Iw I. I. 14. •
lata . str•-.1, i'hil,l,lo,l“. • Co'4.
_ gt oiNNlllt, A ct,.
1.1 VIN 4 ; fully v0n11.L2t...1 arrang,
I pp.par.l ni.. th•
1,4;1, 4al
l. E.,. I. 4..41 .; 1.1 ful4
I4i,ft Et.1..14414,. 1 , 1.. 1,4,4 E 1
. 14.1 a• 1.;I al: the F.. 44 1.411,1. et
41 ` .1.141.41 .4;4 I.r. :1‘ . ..11)
uil1; nd
/ Ino
.u. a... 1.1 4a 41.
nt.l. sli4. 1. a. 141, 14..
Hall I E Leak: ill, 14.1 t, , , • S
r. ;..4 1.41, .111.1.1 s. al; nI.
a t N. 11 141 a; ha, u hal.4,
11;114/1.-1.144 an, Tral.op.rta:l,4l
1M 5 I
Merchants' Transportation Line
li'Oß Pill I
.r 1 I
C. 11, IN I a
,mr..l ntt tr. a lac, naloui4. tnerehankl,
aral ,nlore
U. Oink •n, Oa ',ening el the ranl - .
aiai al yr rate , . au!
It., tune than In an 3 nren tei.aenen
N It The nentne4l ninnher True), trn tnel
ltt. Canal I , m:tit-than,. ht ear, tn, -kar leet,
Mate ~ r tv. In an, {an-itality delay at
Jthnthet u. -bur- Columbia. thit nt,nn
I: V. , iC.{S (I.TV .1. 4, 4
. .
r - :! -- *---.
To Canal Boat Owners and Transporters.
IVE ‘,1511 ti,f 4 , 1111t1111 fur the trorr.iptyla ti.on
0 1.0., 144 Lir V1..,114.kti,.. rt.... v. - 5.144. T .,, , 414 -
' the ut.,-li, rqu'il WA, . 1...1•,..1.1.4111•11..” um, 1 .. 1t.h0r . -11
..(rom ..4c , ba,‘,.. - 1 . 1 t•• 1 . .11 ,,, Tr-In 24 hour,
1451 .".1
To Shippers of Merchandise, Produce, &e.,
SIJ , 1 . 1,511110,.,,,
PITTS111111;11 TE.kNspuit
11E1.1.. 1.164i1.:11'..1,ntx. I . llll.nrcl.
0., nr1,317.1:,
f..r Frci,lit rave. Awl gllv
u. 1 1. h nod eat , u. all: .41i, Lin,
'hi7fADEN &'
{l , Ji , h11111 . 1 . 1M11.11.t 0,1
Perna. Rail Road Co.—Central Rail Road.
.F 11 1 11E tsttri het, flat 6 , 11 ttpittiittleti
titilkt.itt, gun.( h , t 1,11 iv., I..stitt rriar.l IGdI
t I.lllllr 11131 v. itr, ototu rtrt.i t ,
rvti , ittst Ittervltrintltr , ttr t•rt.l tat. tor
ett , ztestt lir nttal.
A., 74 /-Imrl4 ./ • mre I. IkeriA i111+,1,1
N,M./ ../.11..m.1 .m all ,m/m/ th.. I Mon
`irk. and //11 , 1 vmmtni/.1.01
1 ,1.. l'
emml//lon, talEllut
I-, 011icr—LwrIli n n: r r/71,..a10mee
emlll.ll , Ml
Irate received'_ .
their ,pritm SO of 11111,, uhirli
lin 11.,G.. Attmillmk rumo ur m.Ll gmkrall! 1,6=2
Partner Wanted.
PERSON having n thorough knowledge
of the NIIIIIncry budne, in an Ito branch.. and
Inc co lacome s partner In nu 441.1411 , 1 ml Garin...
"741Yrhislr0apIV,i;111 by 7g.t",f.'` th 6
I.I I ECKEIVSO FARINA-5 holes fresh, of
///lehritl/11 an dict for Invalid,. or
• . for Illanernanac, Puddi r
no, linm.l fon/
q..A. Met . l.lTh cis
TA NNIiIt'S OIL-20 bilk for hale by -
~at, The •utacribernuretfullyhuvit w o putdie atieution
u. hiv ext..nnive rtnek lerftimere.Snom,hairille Cream,.
air_ t whk , ll ...Ten Silver and t Golden Medal. have.
within tho lant nix year,. Innen aws nled hy the nexitinen.
:sew York. Dorton. and Philadelph an the latter being the
only Golden Mnlala awarded or perfumery either In
hum., nr In ILI, country.
1(.1.211.11 UnErrnlAM) 50,M,10 UK. (Almond. Ross,
ind ArninendaLloniverrally ackm - lodged tnbesuperiorto
any Shaving Cream In this cowl or /lumpe-.
Omornaar rox Sitartwo—fleantlfally traneptrent and
pont...ging highly eaponareon. and emollientpertira
Sanntincentin Oraupound; ..tinbruedat eharing pro Madan
, Marltur
Sregartat Tutor Sound—Almond. pore. Milleffenra Bou
quet. NFL:lrbil.. Munk. Patehounly, ° m uffin ., Floating,
Mummer.. Olive Oil, Windsor. and Clrra..l4ll.
Earurn lOSI Inn IlaanammUcra-n-Rome. Jantnin. Bonn
duet de Caroline, llornneum. Jenny Lind, 31oussellnaJock
en Chan. Lngn dlo . Clentatite.L'ltronelly. renal, and many
other varietien, In all sixty different perfume.
Tond.l 11.—Florida Water, Eau de Toilette, Orange
Flower Water, and a great variety of Colognes and !don,
'onion trio:* lon TIIE Ikars'oll.Antlque
hl. Dandohne. Eau Luatrale, Oleine, Compound Ox
w. Ilair byes, liettid and In powder, and l'lallooatne,ltlci
nine. and Jenne Lind Pomades.
nno , n,.do Lent trnuiltaPande Itono Tooth
Pante. Cinavoal Odontlue.Tooth Pute, and Tooth
I .der
Corwr . rn— Vegetable Comuelle enn.M. Aman for
Okapie.l hand, Cold erno/o oh Hugo, Cream do Permdine
nalne. Ilv,Yerry
hei.ilatre Powder, for removing snperatiount hair; Pearl
Powder. V snafu,. de Rouge. Annntatic Vhaegar. Victoria
flair Oomporitlon. Pnneton Salle, tan:ides a gnat varlet, of
Cher article., too numerous to be named In thleadvcrilse
The otio,rilyr hope. to maintain the reputation which
thin eglahlinhment ha. aromml. he dhow-wor: of nothing
but not rate articles, wetwill he Imp, to furniah hose w he tony Ids to patnmine hon. ',they whole-ale or retail.
reaennoble terum v. an, endabllnhment in the l'uited
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on'Uir.<tnr of the laMntory of
11. Omen. rt.
Drti fly Perfumery in fur nate hy ail joinfinal
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th• ,t Lb;
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4,3,1 ( ~t rot, and , on,z•
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L f.J,1l it
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z.z,•. 1:1111W1
Et. •. 1,..•. 0.1,11 gil6.
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4.. r, tOu. , a which
rn r wzgzn tn!, az
Superior Black Writing and Copying Ink
oxi•:'.S E)II'IRE INK. M 5 Nassau ,treet,
Professor A. C. Barry's Tricoptlerom,
CO3IPOUND. infallible
' • ~,e F e ii;':- . 7:;, .. T217i. u
.ZiN d ai%:=2 l :l'ti b e .. . i Z
tivl eurine eruppon. on the ...kin. -dineau, of the stimuli,
Itioveluo and lOW rebel - Inc attnini, cults much
vprairp. v... With tho preprontion utlieni iv no much
1.• fail." Thu Itrit Amer intidiral men
.4 Me hiithe.t vnunent, pruminent eitin.rur of all prof,
and Italie. alio have tiled It fur ',arc in their
.41, 011, notord. that flit
ICI parting thin,. gin.... luxuriant, anti curl to the hair,
miuri Whet daudnith healluz a mind, cunt..
priainv. attn., kr., and ntleinnit oi
the tlll. the and it haa no ninal
aim., no. multitude tit' comp.:lid. advent... 4 In thv
printv...s ti-ud pnvate prurtive. In ehexpneav
i rub
.to-anus, liarn 'frit-opt/et-ow la unrivalled. Thet ell
wet,. vath . -ale. of the tend , . have enahled the Invent.
u• ovid, p.r utivti it from ll°
per ...tit 1.... that, Mi. price or Mn othur prepantlion for
the tivit vet...dine tread.. on the hair
acid the .4.1 t, rudiment,. the valuable dinietlont tur the ntli
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tripl. .ni ult.,. ult... All ditintivi-of the hair a
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or 0 tip. nod utibl. ilo not
tlin ugh the tondl nide!, Pod the root
int-tine. and ~ L t wart ti. the fibre,. n.vult
ol the hair. 4 - raven..., dr, nevi,
vri.l the tii•. and halibut, ...Ulu
~...• tint, Pllnatilaw the Ain arthin with
...t.,. %till anuAlatt. the In al ritietitionv of the
atid .4 the of niu,Lev and internments the
pr..... and ilteot an the inn, I. awn the
the 111 re. and the that the Trirophertni.
ha- IP ,ivettic sului. and /II all alt. Pun, and luJurr of
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ni mart n ',tie., tun,l.. at thi. pi - tonna! .1 ,
fn,, to: nee..t..,. Nets Vurk. the rrinellial nivreh.
anti. and drug:riv thr.uxhout the L nit.. and
Very Valuable City Property for Sale.
,mderA g n,..l .I.dmini,trtor, of tie
hairutan..l•••••tun.l. , Ifer for -.1, Oz.
i-nt roht I..ente of the lutol Thonia, ruin/Into rotuutins
000 teel It .1 fnuttlturntn I.lhurt, • tr.. t.
, n.O tnehre n ten fur, nth,.
A 1.,. the.rtutitl Itnon'tt te. tho. Mati•tort
franltltl. ott I.ll.turern
•rty •tre...1.1 loot nutt Chorr•
the. 2 leot to Invite.. ruinuuzu burl( ••••:: fort to nu nlle•, with
the groulam autl ntnbl” rousu,h.l. fru..., .41 MU, 111.. ,
fort 2 tulle...
Ale, three lot. truntlur •to l'ltorr, . 11 ... rn• 11. 1 0 ,',1 —. ,
fort 'runt. tool nr
Mild). sill of whieh imothorty •• le. 22 , 1 at •
4],ilrati• it. to Itu• .utuoriber, ur ti net utl•ll.•forr the —tin
ut Metre', tll oil. t et 2 1.. h. I . .to
Ott Itiult• •1 104.1 r, .01-rlo . tt
C.% M1 . 111:1.1.,
1 , 1 Lll,rt,
11? E310V.11. ENcl.l,ll A: BENNETT, IVIwIe.
j ttr , ...rA 1.11.1 uvml
at. 11,1 tt,..l , ,t•twn %%mnltaa aud
I 11 Inc, 1:1“1, BEI Y. 1 , 11113111 {0 1.1,
1/IES' W INTER HOSIERY. of various
a,o ortitle AV,oI wntt oilk, to
t,.. rlrts , ri tto. 3LIO
nml I.ntn , nrl l,raken. feb:l
I . loElfi.El) small lot revolved
Ji i o . use s l i z l e t e t pe a rs,
ituroltPri.F..4ro. er Pg . 47:1 .
Nlsrloi 'op... sin nssortnient of Shorting Muslin-, Innas
hi Ant- rod,. I.lenrhini arid tinblmshod. AD,
Ihn.n dlopern.-UngPl.
Inic dra, 3 , tout cro...h. sad hnuselowping goods gensFally.
{TAit CAN DLES-30 ham Cincinnati ma
-1.-2.r2intactor... ha.' and fon 1 , 30 s by .
CURTAIN CIIII , ;17, of 'differ.
t nt width?, and nt hneeet ,1 the et Eiu mre at
.4: h3 a 111.1tL11)1
ROWN FLANNELKAll)onlesticArticle:
.\N° , W hl4. Ilarnil, li nen. and 31f:swine nine. to
and nt the Mare ur
Sellers' Cough Syrup in Illinois.
1 UDC PIERCh, of Middleport. Iroquoire
couny, writer under date of January 17th. lASI, that
ler•r( troubled more , lerei with • rough fur rental
year,. ir Web lust )•arcontined biro to LW beiliand requited
inediral treatment for Ore. month, During the mummer
lie got letter. but edit tbeentigh inutinned b diatrese him
by day Anti night. w we+ only reihrteil by the tire of
lleer . Cough Ira ni. - wideb twine
of Chapin lireugh with hire fro m the Btate u Ohio. Ur.
Chapin but hued the SyroPef itTrat t.'" hie fundlY.and
•hen merit (NM Ohio. took fineru bottler with
rtWw hich judge Pk rer obudziel and Wed with gr.;
611.41 buoLt firmaenure
and row by I.I.3BELLEEZ.
67 Wood id.
by druselmr rrrorridlrdri the twodtlo and ricixdtr
BA L'l'l 111011 E.
BONN. BRO: it CO-:
REMOVED trin N 0.2.2 so • uth ,
■ Ch.rh, etreetito the n..• sntrihoftl4 on the NOR=
VOlth CIL f!Iq)IIIAI tU nttliEZ{
they intend nmayrtir, MIIOLKSALC.rottAcco
lIPSIN in 10 mule MIMI
~.ral nr Eno pr.nntn.'n: inonuarmrers in the :Phi
for o •nrildd ‘l* thc re, trtuld.
%whim: Ihrd, re and nu.l
edn] curnd: P
Llninpe. hapcdt.,l and
of ,NlddhlA.>lonAC..
soltil IFF.‘d. of all kind. fotrn, dat
LINN SPUN 1:f.1.1. TOIACCO. h.q.! Tzhami. of
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PRINCIPE SE.: A'IS:.• hrandw. kxtri
h-t.1,11n. r ihN 111:.I. 2 CO.
• •
_ _
r ,,.• untier‘igt.,l I I,, ti.lalturi,t. and Seet:t
I , ti;:::": '"ii 1
, - T j 'ii - '',Z :.7,'''v 7 , ',•' - ',. l ,''''' i t ''''''"'"''
, pi,,.,' •-•,'n' - .." 1 ' - t‘ t` .:ac Li ' " 77 ',,'". ''''''''' '',
' ~,. - . ,.:',',1,1,'1,. 1,'...,`1",::',,,i'.'..,.' 711.!'i:1„"`,-''''' ' ';',',Z
.uell 4,1.4 km.l. , of Cannai., Caulike",m a r. 8,,,,.. n ii
lttnee ',lnk anion. lo 1 , a4. Lteeti. kr. A. full +aeon:
fartn r ~ ..1 fer u. b. on fr:end, near Lomlon. It'. a
fart wen ~.... 1. ro eveir wardenre or rwrienne. that brat •
rare 1.n.,1...1. e:.,eien needs produce ia quantity and 11a*ar,
~,,,:,,,..,,,,i, I...rter reon. Ilan be obtained than the
beet ere., -•,e.1 10 toll eltmate. This tentark le mile.
larly ap,d, ....le to the kind, nomad above, and the,rine cd
0,,,. s a ,Il t...inut the -am:, tb. paid here fiat-Ihe land.
rotartron tr... 1, Ts enable centlethtn to as, tbe difletenes
~,,ality, ‘-it:e,t i`,lsellm. to tbetuaeleg., we here teeth'.
eel enme 1-e of 11, principal kind,. cinch the v•Illora of the
Gazette will pr.ror ta curb of the it friends (Modica. cud
mane:na.w.r. und will do the eeneturtlde. and
al ity dry u- :, :no- fulurtn:to: os of euerkea,
, ',ode, 1:a. our ,e.. 14. and erruittinne.tsillat all tlna. re.
~, i er our prompt and /....1 etttotino. Ina. rill lazd 4'
Adam.. Exprew.. tor we onlered.) Wk will fax - Watt the. by
the ounce. pound or t a r . or put`in, UP to order.
.1- , I'L AUI.T d CO!'
lair. rt au& Water strteta.
1)ATII) C. TUTTLE, Attorney. at Law,
an d CrIMM,{I6OIII, t lonic 31e
eeatunininttung pre•Lepti, nw,rer...L
101 IN 11. RANKIN, Attorney ancL Conn
nellnr at U.:, and ( otrteaL.,ire,er) r the ..State
elvarkin, :it. Lauf, Oat- rf Pittnbur.:lL)
- fleferenece.-111,1sur-411: Ilnn. it: Ilarnytna
31111er. 3! Caudle.. L Parke. llineelt.
Ifrenrllk C.. ai,011.111-
17.1NOVER 111,TON.
T untiertignell having entirelT re-=
built and enlar..4 the ah.v..l,6.n.fve• em1;1,11-h• '',lt4
tuenL ..antaining al ?Lil/4,w Om, hundred at•LI 0 ...".•
vr,,u1,1 noti , that It .1. , now mut,'
11.•• thr ree. plwa n.l nt , anmalatton ea' the travelling
tvit. n0tt... , , the u1..urpa, , ..1L1 4 :ntrrenienc,
•upvrtlunt, the
hne.. 1 ,417 tat.u . l.(antut oroperir 10
IYI Sulnce I: to -ft, 11.•
-,nr.,14,, rt . ., ap.rtnt..nt
Th , turnitur• • 1441( kT nrac:. tvgartlies.,.:
...J.:. m 1 ivrtnin the
w tout,l tuo,l i.eautirug
tur. 1,.. 14,4,
.^.!+ -Lot en rohvettien... o!th.
. • • •
t•:•• awl t. 11.• )4.1.1z.••• ihr
Amt•tiour 11•••. k, ohm!Ilm tru i trur.•ll,,
fet,,L.,4•15.0•1ta Lrwys itimt
1 .17 E 11 , w wi
, :taz vrrir phdo• ot,t
otux.. tp, r.. 0, 11,1- glee:,
.111 00t cit.
Ind NVl:d
twi t Wlttl 4 11,, lark tttatt art
It tatutr t taltto,,,,tsrtttmly Pt: ttii.
th- rat- ru,,,
,111,.011. fr, tbr
11E1:13 , 1T:k It I-•
am 4' Cheri! . n-w r;•.,
of Con‘utrif , :i. , .
vinz .11.1 or (~,,umptien•t•
i 1 IF Para—pour tiin iakt Inc
litiortf at adorning.
if thr lieti.ifit I inn. ~. In, 0,
Italtaint at Wili: Clair,. itt kW.
Li:artl nit nit 4.01... ant trait
tito-nit inn tu coo. En- Lt.. of ant Lanai rse.
hvl 11N1 af 1 waii alitiOtod
:warts lilt tar trt noititto•iiif tFe ;w,[ !ola
ronatt. and •oannetnranal a ivaiat itart of blond. biotic
fever. a-. h
tuna. , in th , id., atat cheat— mil obilla. altar
manna tont, ',tannin or tam e
was uud, phyr!cLat. fr.s.lhe
Um.. I tat,. tin . l.l About Re..k.: ~ ;11,
then alma sn.l , , n*id.rtrl
or at 1t.u.1 hey , ,,J our ph, , i , !att,
the n. of aaaau c..; Cherry. IVlthou! IPI
kpowhalge.trty tatb•r procar,l IL 4.1 conlstum..l / 1 ,111iTi•
:AteritlK It to au, and Outu ILL. pr.t Sat I
lug n my Imalth in I 6 0from thm
Ulm. 1 cnromerwed ualh; abIL w i. out' mad aver
mr hwitir, which I ',III ccatsulto bid:. 1
harp htken four bottlr. of Lit, uirdlrio,. :aid not: comp!,
loy..:ll'l.,rf.rtly tali. 141:1!!!!IA11 1:131t14:6.
aatta .1` 0 0 0
(Nowa Cu_ ly Junelk , i4l.
Jun., PNCS—I) sir: In July:lat., I 11, atta , ti
sltb .a (veers( ttwlitid rhara, r v 7,1 v h iu ,
alv n. I.:ntrr, I na
'ken ith la) ,luo mote. auchm ea•
~P r.+3 ,11,U : a an:twined
tire. I labortfi under c v vrr cmagh,—ex pvrturahal [Lunar
deal. dull‘re lnauhltd n.. 411 cal:t c,: ,iatt I
Ilro Irrnurntly r o t.- 1 1.11..1 ham a2 it1b9.4.„
Jai...n . .1 , 47. **hen 1 ve., atmin eiteeked urfit'rener.
Primal, devjatirml af my and thenei,i
could .arrive but a .Leannme. itly entrereltte,
IY c, wean Ltruvrantl,,,,4l. dad alu4se ; tlr,t their 6.1.
Uudvr Ultra, drentnataurra it um,l4lrally
a hiring skeleton. 1 tth4llt,Ltletertmu4tinfult Lakin, fee ,
liduex prravribral by phymciau,, mad any II:. Wlrtarlv
.1Y of Wild Clammy. and f-nra the u,.i avvk that I f-na,
urn taking _madnal r..eavory.
deal It. aveals month, et tl.f n-a of tam, 1 war rn,
'al. and ca,,0)a.1 nand healti vrer Nu., and cheerfully ye ,
rrazneud the Itahiara to all Ch.., ailluArd math divrap, .La
tile lung.. and vuol.l la thane.
to 1., aura,l tv.. Om, la.ttl.
curt, but :v. hal, tivu, awl 1 vo
but niu.. olv• t•tzt of ten. w1;1 tot , r•1,, ,,, ,1 with rrulro
tteulth har , Rtgrc-rtfall, yowl, •
Fr..m Dr. Baker. IVlDlkingtoD I:4lmq, It:
Mt n. Stanford .t l'Ark.—l MI, thi.. UP,Ortl.ll,
farming you of a no. remarkat.l• I,z - formed v.v.:,
m. by the n.• .1 Dr. Wi..tar'.. ..f Chem}
In the y•ar 1410. T wrs taken vith an intintnati,nr,
b.wrh, • Lich I lakbor..d made, vb.. I ~.r..v.•ret.•.l. In tb. tra of 18.11 I wa, attactrd
rach 1,71: ur.u.nMY lung. and L. ,
gw~^uf dal, ,rar... I tt , u.ronnt...l to my —I tole.t
klnu medicine...nd Te.rn‘V
et and 1.110. I • earitil On, anal.
v. of
I hoard of Dr Wl..tar'e. ~11..1 Cheri:.
. .
rri , tut. T.t,t,drd In. It 4 trie.l.:!.,,th t tntl,
up MI hop.- of nvotery. told bwl preparrti tur.olf At
• L.lot.- ituuthrt utr:d tloir,to;tritatLx.rt ,
tt, I-, -
11111.1 It“.• trttit
*ape Ntltittn, .41,1 ,111,-tuw.
.pmt fidut or Lir liondird lo sr. ytiriv-r, and
loot moil idi, ourior had prorod 1141.,
riodor, cow,. licoltle Iv IL.
too. It Wild Cho,.
NI, III.; I,•••,rs .1 0,4 r.—t wk. pruprirt/4. t•:
111.41. (1 111:1.1 Cher,
I , .sc IL
1‘1,14 Y.,. I.; Snunnl Park., fourth
id Walnut 4n.... Cluannn..u.l.l;:u. A nun t
.In. an! 11r..hum all run.t I. addrull.on.
PaLc.a.lo... a. Co, A. ...ft, 1,.
I. 11. nom 1., Etalt , utu.
if It;. On. n•lnn:. ;.; lit•unt, nuns.n., Scott A Cllnlurr,
Snr.. Iltnahunlon:MmOur.ffnmd,,,,,„
11i1.1.LrInd .t Inlynuc. ./
,:.An.. A C,,. llruuk‘lll,
1141aanlcul n C.. Caintadur Burton C..,
huß.‘. Jun.: nu;
. Closing ont the Entare Stock.
.(4R u E ,.., 1 i. 1' pri 1 n 3... , k1t ., (1 ; : , 1..1 ,, N ,,, ,5 ;, -- „,. .A ,,, !fftlie t r Jedt ,, t . c , - ,
;he 'Allan, ot la. en...,k .1 Vane, and I...taple D. 1 ., ~,..., , .
thr I C I. of vv.,. aould r.,a , tfolli .all 1.1.• at, uti.....
of 111. old elmtan•r• an.l the bulete...• hr. aZe in vata ..t
~,aal gt.l• at eft) ,a, ri.l. !whoa termer nru.a. .Z. En.,
la, •.t. alatiour n. , a.nsni..taa buain.., en 31arktI•tr..., 11.,
a ould la. a •-ot.l olport um(' .. la , 1.1:1 ding., of. IL.. I-1 .
an, cf Cu. on lit•ral Innuk,ith a- 1.......etha .ue a
vita.h t. ha. nerophal ILI. cla-r llaaarr. nit }uo an ~.
tent fondly tradr. ' UM. 1i.13.1.1t1WW.
•n:•I Ni.s- Vor4 Ste?.. 11nri...: •:. 1:::41ear.
_ ... .
UEEDS-40 lads Cluvr.r : . . 4 ..1 . ti:
I - 3 a , Tmott •..' .1.. Jot •al• hr .
f.. 1,10 li 1:0%t": , . .t li I lOC I, Title:.
- -
a .11CILCIIIKILLI, ha.... ~u1••tal • goal ay.orlau,.. i
Lk Blank... of all thr4lill.reul q0a11ti...,11,1u./it, :. n:+
Mir of extra .ix.. atalooilit3. a:I vt alorh a, now et.,,a fat prir...
.._ _ l,l,
g , OLD LOCKETS. --.1‘.1 re0....3,i a 1:11"gl,
luipupply of plawant 1,4 11aue.. nu.' 31inlatnle 1.. a.,..
ultabh. for I4glnlaila.... lizar..3
L ONDON TAPERS—'mdt,.. f
r. .r x g ,t eb e t : t .:
WAIL PAPER—Frumt ceLtit
IL to c,•,•
am_• • '"`•'•'"""—Lir
VW —fir 042 W. P. MARtifIALI.,
WHITE FISII-:Q2. Itblo„ for sale by
1: , A1.111 DIVKIN ZW.
1. , b1 I , - Wider and Yrnnt A .
' CAMPHOR -3 bbls fur sale by -
11. E. SMUT:,
'.-011(rli-------.1SAYBERRY-2 ,bin for xale 11,
It. E. SELLER:. •,
iiopt : pt:.„--io bbls fur , 16:111 :. b ..t y
5ra.,..,, •
‘"_ _ _.° 2 .__
DIAL CORK'S-1000 gran, f u r .11., by
MAO It. E. FELLEI?__ . .
MOUSE DE LAIIs..IM--Priuted :Ind solid
ltailitirrifullarati, '''.
• •
• E-M MURPHY BlatelinELD Ern olllo,f psokl tr .;
Ude of abooo so low as 2f, non. Jw*,. M 'Y ,
on hood Mosul. 1311...C/e, 3.10 I odd oolor t ro .
Flo.auelo of mit.. prim, awl