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    i sn dlbirty_plue, uae thousund two hundredflol
~For permanent annuity, stipulated in the
{Dumb artiele.7of the treaty of third dugast,seT
eateen hundred and ninety five, five hundred
for permanent. annuity, stipulated in the
third esiele of the treaty of the thirtieth' De
cember, eighteen heindred and five, three hundred
For agricultural implements daring the plea
sure of the .President, stipulated in the fourth
irtiele of the treaty. of the ninth October, eigh
teen hundred and thirty three, one thoustuati
For periument annuity,stipulated in the second
article of the treaty of the seventeenth November,
eighteen hundred. and seven, four hundred dol
' ..
. ' Foe permanent annuity, etipulated in the
:fourth article of the treaty of the third August,
seventeen hundred and ninety fire, one thousand
i FOr permanent annuity stipulated in the l third
,article of the treaty of the ,thirtieth September. . ,
,-, eighteen hundred and nine, five hundred dol
. Por.permanent annuity, stipulated in the third
... .; . article of-the treaty of the eefond October, eigh
_. -I• teen-hundred Land eighteen, two thousand are
brundred dollars. -
Par permanent annuity, stipulate' in the ne
t coutl - article of the treaty of twentieth Septem
',la • her;" eighteen latuadrld and twenty eight, two
if, • • -thousand dollars:'
Per life annuity to chief. stipulated in the se
l'hilt „ nond article of the treaty of the twentieth Sep
t- t tember, eighteen hundred and twenty eight, one
, hundred dollars.
, ,2 For permanent annuity, stipulated in the 5e
...:11:- - • oond article of the treaty of twenty ninth July,
.. , . r .... eighteen hundred and twenty nine, sixteen thou
. .. 4 ..., sand.dollers. - .
. e - - . For nineteuth of twenty instalments as ap- I .
. unity, stipulated in third article of the treaty 8f
' twentieth of October, eighteen hundred and thir.,
ty two, fifteen thousand dollars.
For life annuity to chiefs, stipulated in the
„third article of the treaty of twentieth October,
- eighteen hundred end thirtY two, four hundred
dollars. .1
For nineteenth of twenty instalments, as an
nuity, stipulated in the third article of the tree-
ty of twenty girth October,' eighteen ' hundred
and thirty two, twenty thousand dollars.
' • roi seveideeth of twenty instalments, as an
nhity, stipulated in the third article of the treaty
of twenty-sixth September. eighteen hundred
- - - and thirty-thiec, fourteen thousand dollars.
For life annuity to chiefs, stipulated in the
third article lof the treaty- of twenty-sixth of
' September,' eighteen hundred and thirty-three,
Seven hundred dollars.
. - For seventeenth of twenty instalments, as an
- ' nuity, stipulated in the second supplemental ar-
tide of the treaty of twenty-sixth September,
. . eighteen hundred and thirty-three, two thousand '
.i.,, - dollars. I . •,
'. ' . For permanent provision for the purchase of
salt, stipulated in the third article of the treaty
_ of seventh" June; eighteen, hundred and three,
one hundred and forty dollars.
_Par permanent provision for the purchase of
--==one hundred wed sixty bushels of selt,stipulated in
the .third
_article of the treaty of sixteenth Octo
aiglifeetthandred and twenty-six, three hen
dredand twenty dollars.
For education, during the pleasure of Con
gress, stipulated in the third article of the tree
ty of the sixteenth October, eighteen hundred and"
twenty-six,ltwo thousand dollars.
For penziatient provision for blacksmith and
assistant, stipulated in the third article of the
treaty of the sixteenth October, eighteen hurl
dred and twen-sit, seven hundred and twenty
definer. - '
For permanent provision for iron, steel. de.,
for shop, stipulated in the third article of the
treaty of sixteenth of October, eighteen hun
dred and twenty-six, two hundred and twenty
.dollars. ,
For eduCation, during the pleasure of Congress the seeohd article of the treaty of
• ,the twentieth September, eighteen hundred and
'twenty eight, ono thousand dollars.
' For permanent provision for the payment in
Money, in lieu of two thousand pounds of tobac
co, fifteen hundred pounds of iron, and three
hundred and fifty pounds of steel, stipulated in
the second article of tho treaty of twentieth Sep
tember: eighteen hundred and twenty eight, end
-their-nth article of the treaty of fifth Jane eigh
teen hunched and forty sir; -three,. hundred dol-
.lars. ' . , ... .
For ReOanent provident for hlanksmith and: ,
iasista.n.t,; atipla .4 in the second article of the
treaty of twentieth September, eighteen hundred
Wad twenty eight, semmkurndred and twenty dol- la
For permanent proviel for iron, steel, &c., \
t, irt
for ehop, stipulated in e around article of the ,
treaty of twentieth Se tember, eighteen bun - i
dred and twenty emit, ( two hundred and twenty
For psrmaneut provsion for blacluemith and
araistant, stipulated in ,the second article dee
treaty of twenty : ninth July, eighteen . ' hundred
and twenty nine, eevec hundred and twenty dole
For permanent provision for iron, steel, Sc.,
for shop, stipulated li the second article of the
treaty - 9f twenty ninth tily, eighteen hundred
and twenty nine, two hundred and tWepty
For permanent provision for the ptiich ase of
fifty barrels of salt, stipulated in the -.Second ar
ticle of the treaty of the twenty ninth of July,
eighteen hundred and twenty nine, two . hundred ,
and fifty dollars. .
For education, during the pleasure of Con
gress, stipulated in the fourth article of the
treaty of the twenty seventh October,. eighteen
hundred and thirty two, two thousand dollars.
For interest on els. hundred and - forty three
thousand dollars, at five per centam, stipulated
in the seventh article lof the treaty of the fifth
June, eighteen hundred and forty six, thirty two
thousand ono hundred and fifty dollars.
• . TO rue PLAT/MS.
For nineteenth of twenty instalments, as an- i.
unity, stipulated in the fourth article of the
treaty of thirteenth May, eighteen hundred &cid I
thirty•three, two th u i r tund dollars.
of the Presi
• a
For education , d gthopleasure
dent, stipulated in the third article of the treaty
of thirteenth May, eighteen hundred and thirty I
three, one thousand toilers.
For blacksmith an ussistant, duileg the plea
cure of the President, stipulated in the Carl
article of the treaty of thirteenth May, eighteen
hundred and thirty three, eight hundred and forty
dollars- _ - •
For iron, steel, ~ for ehyp. during the plea-.
arts oral° Presider , , stipulated in the the third
article of the treaty of thirteenth May, eighteen
hundred end thirty-t ree, two hundred and twenty
dollars. .
FoV pay of form
President, stiPnla
treaty of thirteenth
thirty three, six h,
.j'-;: , :::,...,if -,
For permanent ,!
tirtiele of the treat
teen, hundred and
hundred dollars.
- For permanent
on stock, per act
eighteen - hoodred I
For interest, in
five thousand doll.
forty-viz. three th
For interest on
five' ,
prticle of the teen
tier, eighteen bnn;
ilred told twenty
• For interest on
• et five per cent.,
etc of the treaty
teen hundred . an
For fifteenth o
in goods, stipule
treaty of twenty
dyed and thirty
-I'. For fifteenth
T .
purchase of in i
1 -. .r?,•. - w.
'):el• stook, and, Mid bloc
' •
second article 0
September, eig
• • en, eight thong ..
• ' lars.
For fifteenth f tiventrinstalmunts for the per
. chase of provisi us, stipulated inke second arti•
chi a tho treaty .f twenty ninth ptember, sigh=
• L teen hundred a• d thirty-, Ven., fraOttlOU.SallOfiao
,- - hundred dolls • •• ,
TO run a Ca ALID OXIa or xissorm.
For interest on one 'hundred and fifty-seven
• fhemsatel four undyed doilars, at live per cent,
stipulated in .0 second article of the treaty of
the twenty , October, eighteen hundred and
' thirty-seven,
' s yen thousand
-eight hundred and
,seventy do
TO TITS ea.szoxnn ASV OP Xltlataa r taPt.
For pentane .i annuity, stipulated in the third
nide° of the t aty of third November, eighteen
hundred and • us, one thousand dollars. -.
For twentieth of thirty instalments no annuity,
stipulated in the third article • of the treaty of
twenty first September,zighteen hundred and
thirty-ttro, twenty thousand dollars. •
', For twentieth of •thirty,instalments, for gun
-smith, stipulated in the forth article oral) trea
ty of the tweaty-Srst toSeptember c, bun
deed. and thirty-two, al:hind:red
For twentieth of thirty indlamoittlt tor iron,
steel, &x., for alt 4; etipnlited in the fourth situ
de of the treaty'of twenty-first September, eigh
teenhandred and thirty-two,-two hundred sod
Far twititiettirei 4iliiy listalioSt6 for black
smith and sasietanl e atipnhited In the fourth arti
cle of the treatyaf twenty-first September, tigh
ter aduandred and eddy -two, eight hundred and
forty dollars.
For twentieth'',
of ..thirty instalments for iron.
etdel, ke., for shop, stipulated in the fourth arti
cle of the treaty of twenty-first September, sigh
' teem hiiridred and thirty-two, two hundred and
twenty. dollars,' .
For twentiet h of thirty instalments for for
' ty 'barrels of salt, stipulated in the fourth arti- ‘
ele of the treaty of twenty-first September.
eighteen hundred end thirty-two, two hundred
dollars. ,
For twentieth of thirty instalments for forty
kegs of tobacco; stipdatod in the fourth article
Of the treaty of twenty-first September, eighteen
hundred and thirty-two, six hundred dollars.
For interest on two hundred thousand dol
lars,. at fire per centunt; etibulated in the second
article of the treaty of the twenty-lint of Oda
:bar, eighteen hundred and thirty-seren, ten thou
sand dollars.
For interest on eight hundred thousan
s d dol
lars, at five per centum, stipuleted in the econd
article of the. treaty of toe eleventh October.
eighteen hundred mad forty-two, forty thousand
dollars. . .
collet), alto, one for the establishment of a Free .. ____-___
Ranking System.' Ruopean Agency.
The ruleirils r Intend.visiting the grind,* dn. of
Mry Bight., a petition for the erection of a , en 0 er,be , tr,,,,,,,.. .. 1 ‘ .. ,..,L., , , ,.
during the month. of
Poor Rouse; 11130 for the repeal of the law au- I At r e, Floa and June nrat. haring Pittsburgh on ktarch
thorixing the collection of toll. on the bridge IA- it ., and "Hu b e p i e ..d to a ttend to any &growl.+ of a toe
et Saw elill RUB in Allegeeo) county I stmen character which may be confided to M. cant
M aw
Ithey, II F
ree.t.n foe the
o, or of I ianTillinrl7 JOHN D DAVIS.
a Canal Bridge-at Feport; also, for •
• separate I ••25!---,-----• -
echoes' district out of parts of Indmen and Aren- I Ilsollarants Altr.nresi -Advirtiamenle and Suldrllptlnnee
for this pap. »orient and forw.ded free of ensenei. from
strenecountiele also, for a ...rate school dis
trict out of South Penn towuship, Armstrong . '-' 55 "5,re . _ ___ _
county . , also, against the sale of public bedtimes ' Young AI
M'S Mercantile Library &Wei•
of Armstrong county-for pre. Banking-fur th e atm
erection of %Inhaling county-tor the Incorpo. 1 '
ratton of the Ripening Mutual Insurance Corn- 1 EMERSON'S LECTURES
Mr Hamdton, from Thom. 1 e on for re- I'IIOV ILILI'II IF-ILDO E1ta.6.5011. of Mann.
lit 1.-neatest any division of th Brighton and lee': eeetle'eetetertee.e=teetase •ke , ,
et ee t Ztitee t e a fe ne d e.
nheilorTuMMoWT)Pik•'", ..I.P.l3'yeoaleivelrngc,oluanesety-titton Mom Soul- 1 ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' Ci.. ng e% .".g si l l ' i g . s iri b"' cu .' sa7e . .:e7a ) Lee Wll .l:res Pr r a theL d t:e u r
erect county for the Incorporation of a company en c, rt..... the fenowith Laplon
Introductoil. Lau•. Moir:-
to construct a plank reed from Somerset to Johns- •• NILO:M.
town on the bed of the present turnpike; elso,for i ...1..
a plank rend from Meyers Mills to the Miller- 1 "' '
b i.strt.
burg and Went Newton plank road; also, for the 1 , .5 ti *Nine
change of the mime oPreeloterian" to that of I ~,TV.7,7=:',T,':',,w,L•ree," e",,tre.,)e*dettee'e•RtweeterXed
"German Reformed" la the deed to the Unton nue Mandl :till
church in Quemahomeg township, Somerset re ,' , 1 " . 1 " 1 "" -e'd time ''' m,5000 win be '''''T" . n . , ' q'''''
county. lIclel• for waiter. t ousle or for the mono) ran be
um. nf the librarian or of Hamra Hersh. Walk...
Mr Leet, for a Free Backing System-for (be ".„,, er e e s e he t.e..„,,5, •
mcorporatton of the Upper Ten Nide Plank Rond
~1 , : ::..:1.14, . .if
. ri rt itatao, 1•11.1: ,, ar , foL2e; semere a te e te Dead
Company in Washington county-from member I „,d,„,„„„,,,:frin-,1.0„,-- --- ;., , ,, , 11.
of the bar of Ilmver county fur the eulargemetit 11 _ _ _ _ _
PITTSBURGH GAZETTE. - me i ""'"g g"ll"gag NIT• Ewing . 1 " ), of the Judicial Districts of the State. ‘Alt/ „iNTD-A SALES3LAN in a Dry
V a n esals stole :ion° but:. first roe hand with good
Was 6 curium, device to lull the bill, and the \lry Leet, also reed in pl. e, e hill ineerpori- 1 rehirsin • mall snob innuan. al Mu Ohre
-, =----- .. -- 1 .., -- =.---r= a - - . _-_ - - - --- - -.- .s - --- -- -
"noise toad confusion ' was not an great bat that
erneisnets es n tort. e en. tier the Upper Ten Mile Plonk B unt Comp.) ,
- - , It could be very well perceived hate ee Cues
..[toot its " mm ' mgtg"ggg 'gg""gt . s . ,L 7 ,`,,?%- LI FAIINESTOCK & CO., Wholesale
_ ' wn. its author. Gen. Cass repelled th accum .. o t r o g u ne ni o t c n om marter et theL. conene v iti i 1 r 111 s Iteunet. :ad NI latt ‘ e r,... Lva i tl
pany-egamst the new county lit eta ..e.e ...rt.. •ad
-cove ma aseht
, tton enth great indignetion, hut hit denial onto- Cmiemengh--against any division of Wettmorc- g '''
----- -----_Le..-.-• first nobody of the Injustice which ho alleged Mr lend county Delightful Summer Residence for Rent.
TO two SESEC I.S. ITo the Whigs of Pennsylvania. Lome had done him, in imputing to huri one.. Mr. Bigelow against an independent school e 1 II REF, STORY FRAME HOL SE, ter•
For permanent inanity, stipulated In the fourth ettrerl.,•'UTekTenveiYe'n'e‘et,l.PsNi,,•lebg, 1 1 :T r,ll'. r,.'.7. , ..1.1 ,, Y ri i SIT tioitnet in II ehinfiebl township , 51 e•tro °rein. ft with a orterti tee de n• a ...s.a.
Bradbury'. motion. All hie • h • ' h , ~...,...1.„ • annexed .mead hewn. B o nier...
latiele Of the treaty of the Meaty-ninth
h u e - , via ..cot randia..• for the onter• rd Gov no. ant , dehartng "erred hut tn Make the awlwardnees „I g"""q-ag'""" g new ggaatY ' 'g
I vein.
I ,:7,14-ge;',gg.;',l7,"7c,lrgie`rbe'refi'lks:tr.'er,f;„L'• '
her, eighteen hundred and seventeen, five hue- te.eselcemm,'ee, sTil;:.infliiriir,:d. 07 4----• , h 1 _4‘,.. a revoion of he Melte ..e.tern
,- positien the mere coot The motion Mr Pap., for the t ecorporation or Cur S ,s, ~ ti., ' ,T ` e• - . of " l o t n atir ... n !'irth 1 th 1;frd " ,7 ," :" .4 .
deed dollars. Jo".Ph n 4ieee.m. five :.a, ID,Vri‘..."..iM n
w i• nab 10. by a tie rote, -.9 to .n
For permanetu smea r y, Stipulated in the ,t, K•ii e W e n : e t ~ .-..„„e:;,e'ree'er,:,,-„, Wenewille into 11. borough The pen., nof Bed me ) . et war hying et !lurch
fourth article of the treaty of oeventeenth Sep- ethein tertz ' I S Brown . Foto O'CLODI.. P'4 This indicated that the der & ‘r
'lob for ' I ''"'4".g • tell'IlINI„. FASHION F0R•1.5•51-Thie.4
tember, eighteen bonder! and mghteen, five hun- 4we e ele t e t lme e ,,,,• • *. I I t terer wet..
1. riand r I !Drown bill must be defeated. for the amendment would Mr Blame. for n law to allow the Elie coal 1.'7 I...ottani . one of Rau received and for uls by
Edinboro Plink need ts, ne.cupy township rosbla ~,,,o: JAM LS 11.3f."1.
decd dollsra. I IForden E. Ilwatons e 11 lt., n met. Mord st and Diamond alb.
For blacksmith and,assis during the plea- I iih,:;:r7."54,L12... 1 NS en )1 %m, dill Cave been fatal. but immedintely ate. the tnettde Mr Reid, .Ire-4:Outten poeed in Erse county its
J er e, I Clark, I , ‘T 1 T C LIE S , J E W E L It Y, SILVER
sure of the President etiptented in the fourth mien, 11 Brrdnasn, Sherman D Melt. r i the bill rallied and rtioweel that they reamed ofi to
ton and Ethislemo Plank Itead n ABL. Tea 1 V are, Britannia TeaseledT rast 311...
George Cr,.
!reticle of the treaty of the twenty-eighth of Feb- D. t e,„e„, Edwin f' u wee. their ever„„ mejeetty, thee , . sheet et to e e ane thricerdie of n mertiug In NICE,. co t , ....! iorlr, e t ...T. ant ItuiterianiT. , AOutlerz:
, lohn -.Don
runry, eighteen hundred and thirty-one, eight I . n ., e n in,7omnn , eene4 neeersir. Among the elenng gunners to acme the inn on the seme subject. itiuSeti "e.g....Le.. Ati,' Italia.' and 4elllngs 0. Oute
hundred end forty dollars. n m Frans. I ';T:Tv•ST'rz„,.• NI,. Reid, also read in tame n hill to eaten" 1.1.• •
L OA4 Brasel•et• tsa• Hatun 111114 are trout& 1.11
leges of the Senate , to linter to confeund the Ini- the cherter of the brie auil eentsury II tilrond kth '''' °"" r '''' '''''''' . be r
For - iron and steel for thole Miring the pleas- eche i Nevin', trend, .L•roen
e e RCNDLL 311 ITH roar: neelonty .Mr eoule made home motion respecting Comp..) ne .I.lle in. rtor.o. oseferaos. ,Pn. in front. en"
Ure or the Preeident, two hundriel and twenty , will tad oar iu shi nay. ei tho .., . 7 a..... i n
dollars. , the len Pr MI em"..lpyri, an, lint up to the neer, Mr. Worm r two ogeiriat any tieing. in ton ~,,,,, sub a t...... "la kof l ei a.... :aria and at on
GRATIFYING NEWS ' ayes Law of 1 S - -agrilrat any cleanse to the sees., . ''• n •
Foriay of miller, during the pleaeare of the , tam'. eeek to be rend, It long printed report from '''. l . ' n s It slab ra , torn. at, an the ...SI 40"
Ltcenst Law -twain. n state rend from breena. 11 . . I Le." '
PITS:Idea, Stirdated in the fourth artiste or the
OU T Beath et•rom •theminlesTlO , resnre the topographies! parent, ten or twelve year he , , me e , , .
treaty of the twentyighth of ebruary, eighe County-fora
OUT readers Will unite woo at in tite heartfelt ow .efts - the reeding hel progres s ed for me I pro f, 1 " , tt Monroe,
l e :`,, ,`,., . , , liquor , ~,F . 1 c.lart F.n.b and Market eta
, teen hundred and thirty-one, six hundred doL , I- 131. \\
so h K', Th Sub en
p:vours winch we experieuced . the recce.. • w oda of an hour , the Senate bonnie melee.. elte prof,
' r'
' ' .‘"
' t"
1, 111-r• :• " ula rt.,. Hulld thee a nd
' of It ' h.
tars. . . lianlas Ist he °thee. 8 0 01
who oar Wank Bad..
TO THE wily. DO of •
the fullosnue letter from h 41..11[101,13 , d mem- mi i Ms:ratted, mid Mr Phelps moved to au.pethl Mr Ernie, far en alt-ration eetion in the lee of 1 7' 54 e,';',,, . r e „,,,.., i m at , N s ore ., am. i r na de ... t he
alga" eto the oheers Ince of the 'lnd.. 11 t. et to, .. itryer awl ei. to the um. ruladanual man
For permanent sunni stiptilatei in the s eadin • u son thin ro (eon. irtfere. , n De
., ef Cong.. , from this Si'''. ''''''''''" 6 ' '''' " PP " rho .h 0... T oomoos were gr,.rot..d lit the , 1';','„7,';; 6 , - .; - Vo ' : , :rig.g.ZVer T,""o.cti,Lb°.
third article of the trmty of the seventeenth of gratifyteg fun that the Appropri•dien or s7s,iss ) ,-. tOot , at. ilt . ore of other worth... teem , e ,, Let i eg be,,, this ~, ,, , , , , 0,, ,, ‘l , ii, ,
~ 0,1,,,, .
~,, ,
~. ,• .4. ~,,, , ~,,,,,
~, r ,,,,„,„,,...,3,
teeny, eighteen hundred and forty-two, seven. f o r the tee
of a C rottom lfou.e in Pittsburgh fits. Irately th>eked. tietbeig couhl i n duce them I swept te,, or sin e . we e . I n their "ent., 'wring, 1 " .;„,,, Ile el OCKTON.
No at %I ad at
teen thousand five hundred dollars. had pnssed both House., and wan new a law .- to an aatnll ha 'nth an °Cling: upon their parte. ine anted trot. fieltunere ilisee .., ) our delegn 11.11.kPlett il.k Nt,l NOS-SPRING SELEC-
For permanent provision for blacksmth and sitter the , , , „
in the eighth article of the .• rejection m the Appropnnteou oy tee tutu eel and c0n...d0 Donal tights After e M e . i ben who went with the per.v teen," &mate the ee , no s _,,, i ~,. ,-„,„„, et e „, ~,,„.1 erre .i„
treaty of the mventeeeth or March. eighteen Senate , we gave it lip for bat, an the time , we ette•thil a c., hour .d a Lau' upon the point, ww"'l`7T-'''' r. '" a^.) Tl''' • "..". h' , .. l ' l ' ' ' `'''' b ''''' . ''''''' e ' ' "" e ' h '''' l. ' re ' ' .•""
fortified with their not, e. well t.v might 50. ~,' ,`,e o ,.`,:e` '" '''''' '''`""‘ '''''""''''" '"`“1"
hundred and forty-two, noTen hundred and twee- conceived, WAS 1.00 Ilhort to hope
It nun' re•ron- whether a •Onatar had the nght to introduce n 1. • • las s s •• aa t hasp `who lurontou as
for llter were ree,istel In the ktuder and most 1-• ii et 1.0 C. ) ee lt ILL
ty dollars. enlernuon et the matter But welt eennot env-- .
or two of reprint , Imo hi. Teech on ho•pit •ble manner This nrtt hie flint, much ,„ „. e .„, St ...I et
For permanent provinion for iron, ewe', and determination do. to by it lerge es- nu oesuen 'like dot it iris decided ayes to ursee sin breaking up the pre j edices of ponthinn, which Bouvar Fire Blink Manufacturing C01111:1' y.
ke., for shop, three hundred and seventy dol. 0.
gaited Influence, nnd gentlemithly video.... Our 12. that no ,each right emeted are ton o ft en ens -alma !moor communes , „„ ~,,„ . „ ee , ~ , , e , „.„..„
Ise. ria Men eh. uhl 11... o ham change" of el eil.ties -
For permenent provision for education, mi.- Indent - Igal , ' , rind nbl. rereeentatiee, Iloilo. , Eteto o Ce• eh -AL- Penman." tt wog men. te e. ute „,„ , eeeh e ,,,,,,i ~,,,,1,1 le . ,t en , n „,.1 t h e 1 ,i,l "I II 1.11,11 se Co , PROPRIETOR ,
lated in the fourth article of the tresty of the daunted by the deicer ot We eppropreition an tie ' Ife ' (lint this contest wouAd lead ono other 1,, bole pe o pir o f the ei nthir) woo I to ► fr 111, st itzq itillblis basing been 01e
sesenteenth of Meech, eighteen hutelred aud s
twee, took tar scree to eecero rte rest , raft. i ,„, ~,,,,I , tt ,lt than he enure defeat of the I asides 'bete ...Other* e• their b o o the" - k l 'a... '' th '''" "....". n".."" ''''
forty-two, five hundred dolltare.,„ , „ e „,,, ~i,,,,,, . t er , i of the ,elebrat. Wheal.
in the House and rhea Le penonal apish...oil , et t,, e 1 ,,,,,, te ., , I i b,
~_„,i o , „. 11, ~, , ,,,d t , \ , L , I brothers in ltftere‘t -1 r.Abere in the nifeenee of tee i is. t t runt f. s ir' tea.
t ur.r. theetthe weer ,
TO THZ WE.EI3ADOES ' ' n comet , neeeetr) and In the news, of • anoint. T" •xo etr° en i dto enea ont.r. tor pupas., ten
to the Fenatern, cenntie•si teem of the
. i..n.e t „, ~ ; ee ,„ t h e we t , 1,,,,,t_ej t o .13. , deafen , " ~, , •- tmee .0 e..• emt mote e nut toarth.e". art .11
For twenty third of thirty instalments, ao an- tommon imis, non CraMllloll lorse" be r a. tn. tf. 111 0.1
arid utility of the claim. end tlos tremtphentle :ace i ece. e . e -Th e e t i m ie ge, ette ho tt e t , with' it, .5 , ,, me inrm it urre..." to enuMesan. tar mane, ei
nutty, etipulated he the second article of thele g lees„. • se ., U. te ha sr F." 14,1 pi.... 0... r a ll others ea.t
treeiy of the first August, eighteen hnedred and , mrned the measure . Toe people of Pittsburgh as 1 1 en.lllO ells•Ce4s. A vote con Joel been taken on , -.tee- i.. •re- 0 Yter •1 lor •ale in the tonal Sr.,. their sarWt
twenty nine, eighteen thousand dollart owe a debt of gratitude to Hen M 0 . ,. li'll4l.- at rt. eat, o '. t ru st
oso a 105.. t all ,s note. who ow.
3 Motion he Foote 5. ley on (he obi, It w e ., Ur 061 1. th, or ST Teeth.: •• Ci. is. it -It i . tiee , , Tt.
For t' -
twentieth of twenty rseeen instelments,. rose (or his Hermits in labtar , In bnngine ~ boct „ j „, r d _ )r ,
_, ~,,,r , 3:i m r. cir . r ., . f . q u ter part tweles,on Duni!" morning . ft. t. ~"r,":". , "'„";%,"_,.,,_," • •.,,T j "',:,',.„'' ',V.': ~:. ~,,',L",','',..
. stipulated in the third article of the this gratifying result, . well . for the ntelto kb , , . , • wa• discovered to Nt Tbotn.. tem..), en 1I • 1...... thrb th., hose hereloftwe Iss•n 10. t. 0, .mly
I treaty of the fifteenth September, eighteen bun- seine te , e propose. to strike out the corner Of Brendeny ant If e•t, u Stlta 1 The 55).'• 54 • 555 e ew "5" se
tee; ofeo e' 0 •io se .
iudnetry, end degatty with which he ties repo- ii a JoVrAe
dred and thirty two, ten thousand dollar.l l, . foe LI, ,1 rbanins near, and .puke tb, , rooi, e,„,,,,,, ~,c,,,g, ,p ro od o'er tho enure 11014111 M, to h. Canal %vans 6 t ee ; et lot.Darah
If he Las not
For twenty third of thirty instalments for the ' •ewt"..l beet ( I'' snot '" C",';'''''' el..' two heura • deeuteig most or that time to et i o in a ela , i ere, the roof fell in The fire 1.
puree of fifty bared , ofralt, stipulated in the secured to this dirtnet, ..I to Penn•ylvena,
, reedin„ one of 11 r Polk's old messages eat the serreed t." hate emeoeted from 5. the beetteg
second article of the treaty or the first Auguet those greet measures of public concern which 0,..,),, oast tee p 0 ,,,,, ene of c „,,,....,,,,,,,, Im „ spinratutt The chum). was Melt in lb. I, eel
... Gas Fitting. _
eighteen hundred and twenty nine, two toundred ;, inn Any, betwn oSt oat and
were so anmou•ly itertred by the mejenty of tbe e,
, t The met
~:. ..,..... tee e •': g ' g wen then eOnnidered one tlf the mort serpent in Marto I•ltteburs,ii.
and fifty dollars. t. 51 691 of his , te- yee I • noes 29
•the, cite
yor twenty third of thirty instalmente for the P ee P lg ' '''. b" not been b" fault, ng •• ,,,, fee Cow. trestle • hot appeal for the ' et. Theme.. clear', we. ender the pasthral
purchese of three thousand pounds of tobacco,
Melt' file determthed that no g P
Gin be the seeond artiste of the treaty of • IpVeiruligtiersolLmeTjorienty wTheY have
bec'"""rted bps
ag gg g ' ." ‘ gg7g
the first August. eighteen hundred and twenty '
I relief should be granted. Mr. linarros Ile, understood that at Metre care of the Rev Dr Whitehou•se
a can- i e'clock: the , ineeelent would tend a ...age 1. 1- . 2
te, e tie,. levee the public to their t . f
rhanda.".., Prwlawars Broca rO.
1. 'minable Oreth mild to ..e he. one of lte/Te514;4',..-ne - Sr are tw' .. liw - " t mea elite
e „„„ nteg the . sna r e e t E. tee . 5e, ... the best ir. the city. slier. the fate of the um the mer resonate. 10.5. ‘g""g gg
n*L.. " , lta bg eh g rel " gg
umen , te::rreer A miscellaneous di
nine, three hundred and fifty &Bars.
For twentieth of twenty seem instalmenta for greaajaall labara
a'ag '
the purchase of onethouaand fivehundred pounds . •
returns to the mere quiet duties of
and we know ho _ buoeing It ort 5i. 1 500, end was ineured for
prima lice aion Went en Until %Wel, O'Cl2ea, lorhen sc l ' l s ie 5"2 " Wi.
r c'"'"'"di
-....----- - i kIL Cl.o't lIS-10,00 0 yard., toorOil Cloth,
ky n-il y •nd usediun, from to G garde wide. of the
'see. pat...en. •hirh will Ire mold eat, st of .
as r-o wk. sod retail lower than an, other home In the
et . teheeee. et . ipti t ete d he the f if t h . fl i ete ee the with far more pleasure than be enthral upon the n e t ,
Clerk r, ti0..01... appeared 15 ith a rceoluti. eertre Metes , . feet t rrte, .r Mr be, ',sots. , eni 1 , insate the attentl...f pu. alt.., to tte abo.
1 treaty of the fifteenth SePteohet'• elehtems hue- etormy sea of Cengreenenal I there, and . ertn ' that tee. I I esie• was prepared to adjourn. Davis, , ..5. v 1...0d at
lie. er t steed-I.of 1./1111,67,/.4,1114...1.,.;t1i4.1:4
L l , ll
,e‘el,ir iot e eepoe e^ mos!. et , I
.. • li PIC , LI Ps
I deed aid thirty two, one hundred and reventy be ereleomed home by his fellow eturen- wah
~,, et„. „ . , , ,,,,„ .
n,,..,,,,, , a
a , ,
ge _ ~,;,,I ts
five dollars. that hearty Warmth whieh hie public worth and et. _
nn , c0 ' , .: 4,,a ,, 0
an I ,,ne , g t
a : n Pr.`"" t rti te aa ertili a ,..r.7.. ' ir lir lie [Lee , t ...e ; is, ir, ...Lee if *.eRitIAGE - i.)IL C LA) r 11-lth hoed. n
th t ta.l 1.. I_ liter of 4. 5.a. 517 All. hew 1.111.41
For twenty third of thirty instalments for nitrate r 11.1.24 merit, and { which the people of , 'ld gentlemen • •hr , ' 1... a. L..' r•^ 'la ''..' " " e''...
' " ' .11.1 it-kassi lira. rainat • erruin ea • :oh t
. • nelane, hase eller," •rt, am merlialw rare sr run sr arlto.n „,..,,5,,,, r
~• . C ,,,, ~, ..
~r . .
three blacksmiths and aesistants, stipuLeted m • remain he, e Toting rater there term" had exptreo • et , • . JL II ;HILL! as. : the v 1Z..1.4
the third article of the treaty of the first August , this district slehgtute exhibit towerde their fettli-
Let the queetion be decaled
Here the President's rivete Secretary brought b "'" ""''''''''"' "` n ` "" g " ''' ..w"' "' t ggg Slot Ijt. sT REC7I)FIETM Pffitl.fPOTAll7l7F.
eighteen hundred and t w enty nine, two thousand ! fat public servant. The follreneng is the letter
m 4 message nOtify log the Senate that a spell tets.. Line our ar. it . best verr offered t.). the cure
1 .bira -2..."0 ed," 4 .3.1 I a r Grano be CI ilb *lode.
one hundred and sixty dollars. . ef nor correspondent
at Peruke der...Seaton* 1.....` 11. , Ilontore• i° "I''' age •abd retail at N. "tad V5l cat et
For twenty third of thirty instalmeets for iron, auffer cinder Mal sore" f a roulgss-Larer Cnnalahonl. but soh: Ja II 1.1 II LLI 1"..
[Extract of a Letter to the . rdttor of Itt , Pitueureh Executive sewn. of the Sen.° wee to he called hthenses P.o.e. au , a." thew" rtli•
steel, &.e., for shop, six hundred ant sixty del - i
For twenty third of thirty instal eta for la- Gaztte.) fur the fourth of March at noon. For .le h,
m rblilkolw tt J hIDD A CO-. --- ' -------"- 1r1..Le.. OIL CLOTHS-A toy large le•
je. .rtment of Cable Ciders • on Intel and fbr asle at
'C" V" 'V" II NO 7 us, V NOVI etnit
11 Aaiun:To", March 4 , Along dieputatton took place over the point of • --- - --- --- - - ---- Each: lAIt : tiIIiLIFY.
borers and OEM Stipulated in the t ird article I couertatulate Pittsburgh upon a chore m the precise wee fur die termination of the sertnon Attentlen! If sLOV E R NEED &T I NIOT II 1 SEEL).- -
of the treaty of the treaty of the rat AuFweL. peril and Diplomntic Apprepnatton Bill just I t ea , et l en gth d e temneed by e l arg e ete ,•,,,,„ • /1.1. Pt so- Aliases •is won newt...oolf aosalral ta the • N.. a i ~.,,,,
~-1,7,n.,:;t0r.,....". . , ,
1 eighteen htuidred and twenty nine, three bun- • - ' plain. onearnlthed etatein.nt . fl.alin. nu Who was eured an I, ~ 14
to rt.: v i 'r"VILDoRTII A Cal
I deed and sixty tie dollars. p r een)' into a lew That claire meager en
t h e et , e i
peened. of •57e,t50 0 to erert n buildtug in the , Can uee a reopen, that We •closing hour of the tar an .efei t's ova he the a..., the PL..... , -- __ __ _ _
r lhl• mat rertlft that I hy•. hewn cured .n an di I )1I 11. I I PL 1C11.1.5.---1 sti lei Tr.. I li,r
For twentieth of twenty seven instalmenth for • c i te of Pitt.litugh, tn eontem a Custom House, grete .et I'velvv•"'eleek on the Otto Ninneh
Chronic. Con,. to the un of YAW 11011.141.. ( /..10.111.1 .00 N Ili. IC I J r 1.11 It allt Ili at 1
education, stipulated in the fourth article or the Post (Office, will United States court room, end • 11 et ren sr roe 5, c thee, Tip se sr Mewl trio, - The cough stlu-ked rto • year aeol.t Dec..., r , an d t 1,,," , r ‘ ,... ii io
c.,,,k. :,,, 1,1.,,
I treaty of the fifteenth September , eighteen hww office. It will be a Iteftatiful addition
your Mated, 1 -The Senate then resumed the Meer het sot Lee, ,a ie.,. eell. , I int I taken th. satin
P' ' ' -
Idled and thirty two, three dollars, thriving ea) The effort. of ;fair faithfal repro - mrh.
end Harbor Bill,..and the debate speedily became
eaie„,`*mtlte'4::,,:`,l7;',',lll.„o,T.,,"„`„7,T,,,,,lg'reet;e„j",.,t;ge`ger,.,','' I.
- ' • DU ..oitTli a INS
For twentieth of twenty seven le Imenth for seamiest were emote. ens effeetne to get the
..„ 1. br ~,,, I and general lan If the Senate had more f". s . • s r the /....from a hard ruf .d.,...,......n0 liar -I 1. . 1....• extra a a aral • .
.81i agriculturists, pnrch.e of oxen, ploughanmi the I ear, .cal wt. ks tban 1 hain hour to run.
appropriation into the telL elide in We et
e , . ,
other implements., stipulated in the fifth article It meth theertesr im eitaoiomot .or eakitrtion (owner, ' ~,..,,,i''''"'l , •"'s . " FI. ) .i 1 ",;.171,:,,', I 111 'Z', , ,,
In thelenate. the item wax 'truce vet by 040 . 1. . d ..o. and .•1.1, for Ow pert." Ond others who --
Committee, but Mr Hampton nes be-) 11,ere Tuxes 0 ceoce -I"here ie every Proepeet of .. r e...eieriese me , Ic leertstei see en. at Warts to I et4AFETI 113•4E-esO t inel feet bacon, Rick
of the treaty of the fifteenth Septe r, eighteen
hundred and thirty two, two thong lid five hue- also, nut was euccessful in caking Senator the strangle
contlntled for eight or ten imbed, tee evrefeete lam mow estithis of entebereh I- 7 .7e1 t w o•'sm.-1e.... v. 1 m .: eetr, L e t l ,e tett et „
droll dollen) bone. longer end I lesive We Msputente to them- Lavine newest bee. thirp tn., .".ar. My re aid nrc. at _
undersmnd that the isepropriathin was proper
For twentieth of twenty seven 1. Immo. for tai. thhe. II . ° . 4 •"'"' .th'''' I" IIS " AT T 1 1111 311 VOW ELL'S COMPOUND A EG
pay of tees physician', stipulated i the fifth ea. anti &Served heir mt. Mr. II line been a
, eave. for n few hoere I Yin. k.hrunry ,f 4. 1,41 sir VT% IMF POWDIR. far the cm. 01 . F or
working member. but tic li i. se.tinvatehed the
tide of the treaty of the fifteen September: t eet eig ht of h t , o„ ngree . t onee i r . by en I A• the River and Harbor Rill wan the point of .
•or .1.. be Kerner A 11. IsTs. nlin is eel •ortet ii t:. 1 ~ " , j .,‘,.. a nd Most ucenseful rem.dy lor that ran-aslant.
, 1 eighteen hundred end thirty two, four hundred achievement T ina., entitles him to the grunted , chief interest. "e • the Fe° o ch sPelietthe bill 1110 :rot., s; Boast etra a 1., la A / aborairek k Co, mnuer 1 and Intolerable dile.. to olarh
_mother. lu the ear ,
during the pleaeure of the I Jolla„. :of his toirsom mof Pm - burgh. The sureerts of th e „b e -, o e greetent ssetceude in the llo.e - weea and Fr. .
I .tr."... D M Corm D A Lillott. Jaw t at f:Lrt , !.:_ , ~ , ,, ., t n%.,.7.• Tee t , ie, lee. me as.. , reser ,
d its the tient article of the 1 For interest on one million .e I neared thou. , the effort wee net the reset'. or erecch.maiong ~11.1A..1001 II I Nal • rata 4 Deal. or• sten 1 a tie pro. . n ik1.,,V,`,:,^,,1'e1te.,,,,,•',,,..,.,'.;",`,4a7,,; U . : .1.,t , "
)tut the Crfrustels of ohoth long negleettel claim .11 HU 11, Ilk. ot h. rll meal, for the, plinful Km. h •
.. env n ts Imre,
"' Prlator,
May, eighteen hundred and sand dollar., . foe per centam, sti attest in the eet
y httle All(Ce , COMe4 in thet way , . hm le te. I i i. or , ...lowed woilseut
arc ed dollars. ', fourth article of the treaty of the rat '4Ol ember I tlemanly intercom. and con:dent attetitton pro w"twee' d hedly The bill thy.. the Speekee2 ____ _
febl...-IA•aT Canal 11.1 n .:_er, nth .. Pat bur. Ira' , st „.. '; -,p,::::;0,,n11.14‘,.‘,4 t F
0 '
I eighteen hundred and thirty rev ,fiftyfiee thou-
.artist 11,, gtnh j. 0 1 which j'alsbilr,CUM may I table behind many , others which the
e prsksyLveNre RAILROAD. ri.,„ ,„,.,,,,„, been anyesteally owsl non tonal loihly
AVON' OF NEW coca . ' reonin.. udea. 1.. 3 .... .f the ni... e l [ tII Ma
h 1 sand dollars , felicitate themeelree C I strong • e pport . By retuning
uity, stipulateein ho met 1 re'',„,,,,e71
For interest on eighty five thou. nd driller, at Frs.-kitty S ' int, a Plats, 1i.. „ ."1,:a1 . 1 7,, L
or elesenth November, seven- I
five per centtun, stipulated in the fourth article I my of those bill- in advance of that measure, le, 'Anti, Stmt. Illtsboreih
Tasty-four, four thousand five I
of the treaty of the thirteenth Oct bet elghteen I S Hier to Ai FSTEIVI •
liHfrrafte -In the Lo. which ju.tice Greedy demandeil, and which& de- ‘RRkNti• E M F NT 141 I • >or tale lo I A Dv. •a, J. MITI nem. dos 'eta
1e.51 spiuse. . . • •• ,
hundred and forty six, four the nd two Men- erpool Commernel Clrcular, of ilicherdeon, LAMA majority of the (louse (toured, they must I Forty-ea hour , to Pluladelphie and D I LuJot. Demon' ..sllO 1.22 n.
• CAS or sisw 1 ODE deed and fifty dollar - Brother &Co , dated Februar) . 14111, the follow- , hate temp thetr point. But they pursued a Forty-lour hours to Behan., ' Blank Books.
~,,,„E lerge•t Since of Blank Books, 01 °,-
•nuity, in lieu of interest 1 TO THE WEAS mg paregrapb °CCU". • 1 miserable orinng policy, allowing the other "5.0 mile+ Retire id-102 miles Cathie esa 0 vas than In all .libs 0,1 lands is 0fh....1 Mr
of the nineteenth Febmary. For permanent annuity, attpul ed in the fifth The Parcel referred to in our ' , let etrenlar of I bill, te be taken up arid pae.edrfifisl of course ~,,.., --- ,Fs at ltra lOwent rata,. el
II n 11,1FV, Blank nook Store,
nd thirty:eine, six thousand ' n Daily Lines Express Packet Boats ,
• article of the treaty . of tiecond chwwbe r • 'R h- new It extern. per "City or Gliolow," .14 landed ' at the crtheel moment found indifference to have •• w e - corner 11"..2 and ...rad nit
I teen hundred and eighteen, Ito thoutuid dole within 40 deve or being shipped et, Ctheinneti, I teken the piece of warm cooperation Among oe.. %Wag 1 M. • rehnot. arc to roll so. easolin• our Medi.
Z r l' .,
ien of investment on ethenty - 1 ie,„. I
Instead of 70 to 55 0 t o via New Oriente, was
at five per cent, per act of I e-- other lees which were missed vita the eye fur the 'Pia and Anteriren ropy I melt,
AI To defray the expenses of e chiefs of the lof geed ete . e. eroet te Ee , eo ... tn color an d non _ , (EXCLbett LI 1 FOR reeseebens i 1 -,se -- - -_- _ ___
dune. eighteen hundred null
Lion I n dian, in Wisconsin, on e visit te Witsb- ver y s entirely f ree f rom b eet, and eh ottg h , ePlieuttment lit erPrei•erw et large, and for TO pRILADELPHIA, BALTIMORE AND D KING, Bunker and Exchange Br,
i wand seven hundred and efty . • i hteen ban and . fly one, in re bang •
amend Ime the mode of aneeesingforeign merehane' NEW YORK ji - 1 , ,,, ker . Fourth st . deed la Fite.. Funds. :Mbt
iington, In e g h - very soft, realmed •Les per ewe pnce paid the I , her 4on the lantern CAlea. and make...Bretton" In the
lation to their trestle+ wit t • Uetted States, , eeee d __ eel . Eastern I diec This was the bill to which the fideociAce QN fhe opening of Canal Navigation, Two I yea at ems rat, anal n now paying the blab. market
E STOCE3IIIOOEP rend.. In per fund. for arrow, diver
rendered neceseary by the dem , gedeondttion of I ". 1 ''' e . 4
n _ he l i
of protect .. toad t „.„e e e to e ff te t h e i r see for th. Lees the toe,. Parket neet. mu beer fne ---, , - . mars
; teen thousand five hundred 1 their aides with the Federal t overnment, one I Thm shows the mit:mere upenor. e 1 I do etown. then , fir Portage Railroad to , QODA ASII-elepratt n beet stuality and
• Pennse lent. route for P. entern ehippers to En- ' the modification of the tariff It will do some good, HOLLIDAYSBITEGH, aj la s h s t e eped. L. ale at 3 , Lc fbr 1. ton. or upwards,
cent , stipulated in the ninth , thousand dollar!.or 111,.. for Ir. o multithe, to,
I. yof the twenty-fourth NoeeM-I I For errearages due the first C nestian and Or- 1 rope, both in the envin of thee and In the nu pe nue a+ the hour and the circumstancee under Thenteener the M MITUILLTRLE.
i• and forty-eight, eight hull- 1 chard Parties of Oneida Dull .In Wisconnin, ' nor condition of the poeldS I A I I.II they rirroe in I which a came . reedered nny attempt to amend .rte' PEN XSY LYINI.I HA I I.IIOA U . '. _ .^ ,1,-, _ _ _ ''' L ' b. " ). '''
se dollars. ' under the crusty of seeenteen ha died
and ninety I r , , ,
i Ite have no doubt that teeth of the P hopeless, it partied WIHDIDI soy eu'en to add to Two Hundred and eons nee lane. Octet to ' H ARPLR'S 3IAGAZINE, for 3,lareli, re
. h dre and ferty-four , r'pß''''• PHILADELPHIA. I en a.. and for vale at Jti BOOM
310VE 01 HISSISSIPPI. 1 °I.. t'ne tb°'"and seven an Western produce which has hitherto gone by Inv t . or suleract from It a line kfterary Trent, 111reet.
i ,r o e u
thousend defiant, I dollars and eighty through Marl -WC floor" owlet y!•--t
the " gin ,.
etipulated in the xecond art!. I. See. 2. And he' d further snag d. That on
t mI of !sew Olivine, will take [ pin retire I elemld nut forget to mention , that very
I "`" 1 I Fore to Philadelphia. SIO Far" to stal e tore ,lo 71 ' 1 4 2 0 RSA LE-Ethliange Bonk Stoek, by
.ftwenty-nuith eeptember, sigh- I awl after the thirtieth day of J•• e next, all hone , after thi, meeting of th.:Houtse, fight l 1
a took teamd 10. tn., aPP.F met , '
, TiThe r.” on thin route lire new, an o , II D hl,O ...Ix et
thirty-seven, fifteen thousand I . parts or laws, now in forty, rending for the FIRM WASHINGTON. I between Clumman, 55( SC , and ho e,ettete lit emistrtietam tor "...fort aml taft 4 2 i t r ci,,,,,„,, ~„„,, _„,.,,sft
appointment or employment of superintendents I , -- - I
Mr. :matey it wee altogether o private nf ,
ew . , erary moral. pneleela at Heald "e I*-• •' 1 ' ' '.' j '' '' , '
• ism every ...valor at the ram. hoilr at our air, for tan Flotilla, Nets. one t them in
p madenre et the I.lly PlLlshumb fluent d - i yard.. I.a. and tun email. r onre It.. will be rob! at a
twenty instehnenta as annuity. •of Indian affairs, of whatever c, erecter, for any 1 i .._ fair, and was not connected in any wakaith the • Passengers for Baltimore, sarritloe, ne the owner le an .."1 lade of :, ae aho II
t• in the isecond Reticle of the •of the Indian tribe, east of the Rocky mountains,re, take th e lork and Cum 1 t nod at..., to obtain tun, to tare.. ker to ber
IN'ASlll'lOlO` l , MniCh 2,1 . ' 51 , preeeetheg• or the Hew , It tees. that the two ?,A.trzit'.l Vr. l ' n ' Ote ll t ‘ t . l ' i•lual , dlr.. to that -ID. teighty km dest i
tute ltte . f 1.1 Jt 11 ya k L
• ninth September, eighteen bun- and north of New Mexico and Tex. !Mall be, ieels set „a is n d
'Ten, ten thousand dollars. , and the same are hereby, repealed; and that the fic r . y
et and uneertautty az 10 1 e mull, ‘,./ Mt member. were engaged In friendly and hymen sine niteel atm,. sot it laaanys
T No charge for hrtndllng Baggage on this route
1 ,IR P ET--It , seell ed this day, by Leech &.'
of twenty instalments for the President., and he i 3 hereby ale;; an
by undo &mon-Land Warrant, to he re ede °atonable , conversation, when Mr Stanley obsereed that he , Th. ineos•ed Speed mate+ this the met nun(• , , ,
• a I anal ion , . at the Caro. t War. house of W Mc
•icine, agricultural implements, I with the advice .d conthnt of the Senate, to 's -Them and Harter approprihttorts-Spenal FL end dealr thlr route:oi to the theme )fins , ,
had been stn.:men to fet the floor for a few min- '' ` l ig. ee age or iee rm. , is sods te deers , . h .... : . 1..61. .4 n,ntertentat Iva Part tho ad
or support of farmers. physic- I appoint three superintendenta for aaid Whine, •
1 scathe St ~.. gr Ow S"'"k - " I ' e " V M r . , Wk.. In order to reply to the late speech of sl, wing rsrat tes Wore. I, Tat ter. .. Itoorrinl Three Ply
J P. HOLeIES, Agent l'elee•e• ‘• e ' llee 1, 55 5, 5 senitten..... ll . ll . ll l a '' llTa.a.
w hile. ettpulated m the I who shall receive an annuel salary each of two i „ Mononsaltela 11.. Car tad., or th , • mad rm.. et. les mast,
I tho unser of the twenty-ninth thotrand donates, and whose duty it eball be to 1 eeem"" I Clingman on the to 'if If you had done.o, raid Or
to 1) LEECH A. CO
•-• I,II)L.ISSES-5`... 110 IMI. N. U., for sulT be
teen hundred and thine se e - eeereise n general e upenntendence over such I All ie uncertath .to the moITOW The se , 11. I shOuld have taken it as a persered ateroet, I , temei reel. Penn etre.l I . lid t. A 0 it %inlet id I
N II On the Int of Jul, the "nosy Vanla 11-dlroad 1 ~ _ ,
nd two, hundred and fifty del- tribe. of Indians 1. the Presient of the United s eras of the appropriettons dependeopon the See i for 1 remarked that you followed me in the speech win te at:lo.d to 1..1.1 .0 which will el. u. the tame // tANDLES- 50 boxes 31.11, -
I Sthles, or the Secretary o (the Department of the ate It 6 te e,„ d e Cy so me that the opponent , I made last session Mr Stanley rejoined that , t h r4e,','„rt i t ,l, h in's;simr to .51 it- lb Stan
Interior, may direct , and to execute.d perform a -_ ---- __ -- eel • lerseet for sal. • by
mean to diselife the he nhoull have given . cause of personal of- ' ROBIN.", LITTLE Icu
all the powers and dunes now assure. bylaw to of the detention to Ritchie, I PENDSYLVAHL! RA.IIROAD. I
saperinteadints of Indian antra i Proeufed, That , reeelution rewanling him f. his trickery . If fence, for he should hive coufined himeelf to the . ete ,„ _ r , .. i
the Governer of elinnenota shall continue to be ' they
,doso it must either be thendoned, or all I subject But, stud :Mr. C. I will not permit you,: - 18.)in •
ex officio superintendent of Incluthaffiers for that I the e I agnin to allude to what I nay here, and I warn 1 EXPRESS P A C K E T LINE.
DO Driations mast be lort,
Territory until the President than otherwise I -- -• • g"' TO
direct. had done or [hall do as ou ire- i
, It seer. that the resolution making the new 1 )ou that if you y
1 Philadelphia, Baltimore, and New York.
I Lave 1 quarreluDell VOUS ban .1
Sue. 3 And be le further enamel, That hereafter , bounty lend warrnuts athignehle, was passed le I lede, Sate wew 0 • • • d• t T HE. FIRST PACKET or THE SEASON
all Indian treaties Isbell be negottated by such I the Seance yesterday The Renee will no doubt 1 out of winch you would not come no eafely as ! v,illienzberLenbizi, IS
~ta1i1,....,i.,:rir,, renan:F1,57f.,„....,,
officers and agents of the In.. Depertmene 1, I )0U did out of your duel with loge or an I did i 'XI', te e n. t se. fur g ' gg
the President of the Butted State. May.,,dAstg. , concur in the amendment, . e Traseengt 'll•lll n tralca the tframb.l 1 IRGIN7A. loppo•Ite
nate for that purpose, Ind Bo thee or agent so ' The meateet anllety prerni .
•1 3 ea t o eee rythieg. out of mine with Tithes, Mr Stanley said ea , th, pagginot pg, wile peal IA h sr l,) e very ItlOThlt. in
eraployeashall Mei. any additional COMpenan. tit' the serocates of neer and harbor approprta- , should wee Ins owe COW'S!, and if on; personal ,
“i44t.kAnl:l!rej:try7ll!o“ St ho'clucic for thartmburgb ,
irt Dun Pi repaired
lion for ouch service. Il i ac utast upon passing that Mil, it is ohne -
'es lemee were forced upon him, he should know I Fre or other Information apply to
1. HOLM! , llnuonaahcla Hout,
See. 4. And be it further enacted, That in lieu that hem. Well, then I tell o 'mid 1 CO., anal Bonin
oohing else will be done, for the resolution how to meet t , y t i, 1
f0.,.,it,;),,,,--tt ',smelt e ,
or the
twenty-three agents and sub-ageute here
tofore employed for the Indians east or the or ,te oiponcote in not to be without ...lig
re men. in substane, that if you make any I,
Rooky Mountaie, and New Mellon and Tetha, , w struggle which must coneume overt i me ure
ou t
more reference to he e l will eerve you tau . setae I I Foreign and American Hardware.
• , Yea are a Rae, , `
the President he, and he is hereby. authorized , , A mueteleintile amount of ex, claire business , Md. I Intl cane you.was LOU I:X3AN, WILSON 4x. CXI,
by and with the *deice and .anent of the Seri. i remains enacted upon. It ix probable that the- the anewer to this menace. To tbis Clingman No. 129 Wood Street,
ate, to sepobateleren Indian agen t. who shall end "opal-Mot Indian treed., will be tent over made tome such reply 63 Was Edttibrally eugeeet- , it eve Note IN STORE
each receive autumnal eatery, of,.fifte4w hundred to the next erasion Bat there is tame tilk of a tel by the temper he was in. 31r. Stanley l ip- Aran mulTrului. i , .. FORWG 2I AND ANZRICAN
defiant and also six ether agente, with Bantam- . .
al saltivf one thousand dell 4:, whose appoint- 1 Peet. , executive Fesslol3 of that body It is pealed to several armed him to Id_ twos that be 5: guilt DW ARE,
ent .1. offset tone d eft ei . the thigh- i thought that the President will require them to had given Cling.. the Be, whereupon that Chi- Ditila w bla*ll:,;= e ,'
_,.."'l" t • r • "' 4 'h ub ti ..*PI.P.n d
1, do of jigs n ext ; s ad et sad sputa abill I continue hide a few days, until the more preas. vellums popiaisy precipitated himself upon hire Zombie web szaz . 9t tba naters dtla.
For permanent annuity, stipulated in the
fourth article of the treaty of third August, sev
enteen hundred and ninety five, one thousand
For perm:Meet annuity, stipulated in the
fourth article of the treaty of twenty ninth Sep-
Unifier, eighteen) hundred and seventeen, two
thousand - dollars .
For permanent provisiod for the purchase of
e tip t datisd in the third article of the treaty
of the seventh June, eighteen hundred aml three,.
sizty dollars;
• For blacksmith and assistant, during the plea
sure of rtbel'Preaident, stipulated in the fourth
'article of the treaty of
August, eighteen
hundred and thirty one, hundred and forty
dollars. •
For iron, steel,. &0., fur shop, during the plea
sure of the 'President, atipulated in the fourth
article of the treaty of eighth August, eighteen
hundred and thirty two, twohundred ezil twenty
For permanent annuity, stipulated in tho
fourth article of the treaty iSf seventeenth Sep
tenther, eighteen hundred and eighteen, one thou-
sand dollars.
For blacksmith and assistant, during the plea-
sure of the President, stipulated in tho fourth
article of the treaty of twentieth of July, eighteen
hundred and thirty one, eight hundred] and for
Forirou, steel, Se., for shops, during the plea- ---
sure of the President,;stipulated in the fourth or
ticle of the treaty of twentieth. July, eighteen I
hundred 1)13 thirty one, two hundredFßlDY MORNING , MARCH MI
and twen- ; 7,
• ;
ty dollars.
----,----•••--- --- 7'!" --- •
perform all thepotters and duties log of the business now before them shall le
execute and
now Resigned bylaw to Indian al tots. dispoeed of. '
Sec: 3. And be tt further eltaelod, That the Col. Benton continued seriously, iIL Ills dis-
President. tirauthorized. by and vial the advice L . , ; ; ';.,.“,.,,, i0 i d. !. . i ,
. . . WaantEnioE, March 3.
J dalr a '
'ad minsent of the Senate, to appoint
, four agenin . ee.°` .e .
for the Indisma in the Territory 0; - .et: Mexico, ..
.. .
It i9' et nneertatn whether this Congress will
of f all
teen hundred and fifty dollars, and perform all prove a finale in the pan, a senseless and miser
the duties of agent to aueb Indians or tribes an i able struggle between factionisis, or whether • its
shall be assigned theta by the superintendents ! deliberations wiii ,, , ,, t io
imba.. .
Uot acts, nor
of Indian affairs for these Territories, respective. 1
th of the country nod of the dignified councils
Iv, undelitlic iiirection of the President, or the y
Secretary of the Deparment of the Interior. of sensible men. 1
Sec. G. And be it further enacted; That the I Within five minutes after the meeting of the
1 Senate, 0 was teen the struggle of Saturday
superintendents awl agents to he appointed un
,ler the provisions of this act, before entering
i was to be renewed, and that it would be carried
upon the duties.of their respective offices, shall .
' bond in such knalties, and with such seen- ;to the length of seriously endangering all the in
Mty as the President or Secretary of the Inter;- I complete legislation of the session, including all
or may moire, and shall bold their offices re- I the appropriation bills. There was a resolution
spectivoly for the term of. four years. i pending, that the rules should be sc-pendeti, to
SEC. 7. And be it farther rueleird, That nil the I I
r ermit the first, second, and tldrd r,:aling, o f
laus now in force, regulating trade and inter, .
bills en the same any,
n, without all:, h, none of
course with the Indian tribes, or such pvisions
of the same 6.4 may be applicable, shall be, and the important*prOpriations could 'a••pna,,,,l.—;
the name-are hereby. extended over the indian I Mr. Mangum moved that it be taken up and
tribes in the territories of Sew Mexico and
i passed. Mr. Clay opposed the motion, and mos-
Utakl ea to lay it on the table. It wtis laid on the ta-
SEC, S. And be It further d, That from
land after the thirtieth day of June next die sal- i ble, ayes 48, nays IS.
arses of interpreters lawfully employed in the 1 Mr. Clay then noticed the condition of the riv.
service of the United States in California, Ore' ier and harbor bill. It had been clearly shown
Pe , Utah, and New Mexico, shell be floe he ' i th.t a large majority of the Senate were in favor
dred dollars per annum, nod of all so employed ,
of tho will, and he Muhl not hellos . ° that the mi
elsewhere, four hundred dollars.
1 . Sac. 9. And Le it further ,reatteci, That the : nority would seek to defeat It by the unnecce-
I chief clerk in the Office of Indian. Affairs shall l -may consumption of time. The bill could be very
i be allowed a salary equal to that of the chief I quickly disposed of, and he moved to take it up.
clerk of any other bureau, and that the appoiet- 1
The debate on taking op lastedjtist one hour,.
meat of four additional clerk.!in stud office be,
end was decided at twelve o'clock, high noon, in
and is hereby authorized, two of whom shall hal
I allowed a salary of sixteen hundred dollars each, I the afitrusa ext tive, a
was coyes 30,
'24 in frivolo. ..
one a Wary of *fourteen hundred dollars, and , The n hour umed us
/ one a salary of twelve hundred dollars. And
!Trumpery debate over amendments of like char
that the payment of the salary of fourteen huu- ;
aces But at one o'clock lien. Case assumed the
dual dollars to one of the clerks in said offica. I • '
1 out of the (9iittinsaw fund, be discontinued. and . teed of the ePPee,ent, of the hilt. noel issued as
thvnetzairyd :o f
l lar be y u b ui c t. h a cre sta aft u cr ,
paid uor sh l' a u l t l f o u r rth th e e r I l
a ce e e rs di t ti o g l .. l' Accordingly lle'ten'' o M o r t . o ltra sh il e biZ i o e f o N f t. l i7e.
pnymente be turtle out of said fund to any clerk 1 muted . proviso that no money should be paid
or clerks in any of the Executive office t.
out under this bill until all the other appropri-
For payment of per diem of a special agent I
„,,,,i atiooa had been satisffed. This failed by only,
1 at a rate not to exceed fourdollar+ per day,
expenses of trtmeportatitin, for the purvo.e of , two majority, ayes n. nays 29. But Coo. Cos:
paying off Indians in the old States, and palate-seas not thus to be foiled, and he advised Mr.
ulnrly the North Carolina Indians, their removal 1
Bradbury to alter the motion 009 n form some
on ;1 subsistence fund under the order and in• ,
what diffdrent but retaining the substance, and
structions of the Secretary of the Treasury, one I
- , ' substantially preventing any use being made of
I thou
I Approved.sand dollars.
February 27th, lEll.. , theme appropriations; until the accounts of the
.. Mat year had been fully made up. Here was
- - • -
head. A - clench and scuffie followed, of course, ! A 4 l NCOURAOE iiriE Pally
Stanley, Oring him a blow on the side of, the l'eitjzzn's Insurance of Pittsburgh
which was promptly interrupted II the imerffir- i,
. 1 4 n 4) . 11 m.N0. a
• Water st.ot... lo Ihalr/ of C. IL
ellt:e of 60,*erfa geAkmap, standing or sluirm TL.J..;grzerip.ffient.r.4.Vir.•Mat.lis.=th.
arour.2. And so ended this disgraceful allir. iri . .tore.soA in i trs.rrcicT4V.,se. '''''
It is understood that Mr. Schenck hoe been , 1,,..,V,,Z,7r,1,r,Z,Va Te . a i1 L ,,,,.. I f alfttr=
nominated Minister to Russia: that in antis' ; Zr,..f.,„l.:l=‘,ll;lotrt..Logn,.,rot i 7.1 t iz0 ,.. r. ,,, Ti .
lion of the rejection:of lion. S. 1-3, Ming. Pon- i ""iin"... nu,. W. 8..... ,, . W .. L. , ri .,i,
George Evart, of Msine, has been =elected . , 4,...V.a1,,,,,„nrr.9t. it. g l, D. ki ,,,„ 0,,r„,,,, yi,....,„..
Collector st Sao Fruacisco, and that lion. Ed- I j-7,-'_''''''. '''''''''''- h ' ' ‘ l ' gi "' -- * I -1. --
OPARTNERSIIIP—We pare assossiated
ward. Curtis is to suxeed Mr. IllytAnk in the : IL) ou.n tut 'ltt xtroos BELL late Car.hte the Farmer
dent office. J ,..,„ . I rougruld Danl.. , e ' ho win &Tot. hto pursoulllttentiola tu the
_ _ ! A. . The etyle of the 15no mmalesWlLKl as , herrtufore.
O.NS 0 CO.
lIABIONOCILOO. March ca. IKil. ! A. Al II,KINS & CO.,
! Corner of Third and Market eta.. pittsb'gh
Mr. Fife presented a petition for the erection 1 • „ , ,
~ ,; me, ,
~c, ,, - ..'ore. , , e.
gn ...00lge, Dank Nan,
of a Poor Bettie in Allegheny , county; also, for 00q4 Silver, Bought. Sold 4. Exchanged
the pwage of a law to proliinit the sale of in-
EN .
AN. .
tosicating liquors in Allegheny.. county.
Col. B.OherteOn. 6 petition for the passage of a . WIII. A. HILL & CO,
lat authorising the purchamo of ,a fine fur the I No.
Wood _
Street, Pittsburgh.
aunoort andemployment of the poor of Allegheny .
. -.__ . 0., !Nita. , aLlayeran 00 Foltz MX." , . JaleOL
!Stein: Correepotadeura of the l'ittgbunth Ouse.,
I PARTNERSHIP heretofore existing
the eulearthere.lesder ttiereall.. o =
mtnt." (Plarkina Mill) is th b 4sTEM•dri_?/......' " cen
ereaseDt- All calfaLlsbid beldame of tbe
by Wfinis & JONES, irbollill Kat:W. llo mr
Lsirulis I.e the old nand. J. 11. MINT ;
JOUR Wlnkt...
512.1.13GL1. V.b.3.l,—{terealf
I,fl ar s bta.
40 10.10. Sumo, 010 reselving. fns al. br
VIN bbl. receiving. For sale by
1 %HIED BEEF-5 to. S.C., for vale by
likl AS ; S
OLES--25 MID. S. IL ; •
•xso 04 Itt sak is
,re and to erne.. and L .
o or WO.. toe
. WATERMAN t 8000,
Bet_Bl Water. anti ST !pat...
prime large No. t Mackerel,
to 131.11.1E1°re lion:Bar r tor *al. by
bu. Apples;
875 l'escbs R. 12 rat. by
' L S. WATERMAN ..E*Ers.
F iSll-40
T .
ANN ERS':OIL-25 bbl: for sale by 1
meh,l ROBIi 3 ON. LITTLE *Co.
T UBS & BUCKETS-- 60 dos. Buckets;
is - Tub.. for
f 1 LASS-350 bores W. G., aste.d, City and
ILN country braruls.
fur Ina by
S. W.•
BROOMS --12 1) doe. fancy and cone
..tnto Corn Broom..foilserwbit
Elmo a
I.OVERSEED—.SO bu. rer'd, for pole by
j n e
bbls. frosh Kull
~ Y FfEtN A 1;1;111S---- ree'il, for sale
• bs S: a w nAnuArrn.
I A Itl.)-40 bbl. So. 1, in guire: for vale by
• s, w. II AREArG (I.
lUNSEED Offer-40 bbl. reed. For nude by
..rh', 110111 RON. LITTLE' L 17 1
i * LOY ERSEELL-75iiii. for sale by
1,.. , mro6 HolllrON. LIT L. irrrr.r-
in AMEX Af'PLES--50gid. (in fine order!
0 juM. )1 wad fur sale br
larlor r.... 1:01,12.0r,,.L71..}Lt...??._
111LrAGON-1 lurice New \Napa, suitable
lr V ...., g r F ''''''''" "''llbcoios. uTris o cc.
fine I inter Strained,
LARD OIL-11) rni) Ca,
lbr sale br
tV) Wood street
ill a
Nolk4---aAS-115 bble. aboti order) Or
SEEI:S2U-bbl.'strietly prime Clover Seed;
. - - To s ooto.
C b.- L. B• WATTRMAti a .048
n'a th .- -B. ~ _-L---- ~-...-,-.
RUTTER- 20 bbl. lic)ifiluttor;
.1•W by
.. . , RI a , 11 Water, end 02 Trvekt et_
B ----- ico•s—t c...k, Ihm.;
1 : .anAdrrir inst reed ferule bY
mulS________L__ 1.U.L.1..NUF01115 a to.
LARD 01L--10 bbl. No. 1, on han 'and
for Nair lir . WALLIPOFORD 4
EALEDPROTO7—A-LS S will bd received
until the 12:10 Itut... for the folkrain . a . G:a.rillimilbe
" '''d oo
th 7
1121=41(bur'""1 . g'
1010 " 4 "
6676 . " 1 "
For ''''''''''''. in
quire Of
J th Ottlret Mar
Committee on Extension.
PITISSIM. OaeXtrass. Sferth 6t1.1551.
ULACKWOOD, for February,
and the Art
ul Journal. for JlMall.rf. ere f or at utwits ,.
2.5 bbl. reed
l a . V i. for o. at t le 11 .
T A tO B rI3 - 5
VACKEREL-25 bbl. No. 3, for &ale by
. itch:, 130111501 t, LITTLE & CO..
I 7 Inu nor. Indinnirei• ritY. Com pm...
1., .ndia 63.061 Sol Leath.:
Intl bar. Nt ander. Glanr. anlorted au, kr, Natl.
. . liit; f.Z4VVler B°'4's
i . .
With n art:tend aarortatent of Orce•ries,EfLsaln by
yhRIED PEACIIES--550 bu. for sale by
Lo I; R-400 bbl. Ramsey & Scott's Family
far rale br mrls RAMON, urzrus t CO.
I)OTAgi- 6 mike (pure) for sale by
DRIED APPLES-71'pkgs. for
BACON-ISS pc. for sale be
H ICKORY NUTS-8 pkg. for sale. tee
eIIESfSUTS-11 bales for sale ,by ,
BUTTER -1 , bbl. prime Roll, for sale by
QALERATUS-14 ea.ks and f , ..3 boxes &l
-c, verlseil. far sal. by WICK t SIeCANDLES.
BR IaOOMS-13S doz. (Corn) for sale 4
chs WICK McCANDLTS_ 9_ ... _.
tli - It - INGPAP'OR-3 4 g reams Crown.
VT r ~,A , “1 2 i'rown. Medlvs ' n anal C. for wale by
tacb., WICK a 31cCANDLMS.
lk if AC is.EREL—I3S bbl. No. 1, fur sale
1 Nlt Y E RIG N G-34 boxoo (fresh) for
P Al. Or otchs WICK t IIeCANDLESS.
A 111 1 -14 Icco No. I. for sale by
Temperance Notice.
'rim FRIENDS or TEMPERANCE, hold- ,
1 Loa Petirioo;.fior lte,yartmentot:LT:ltgutorzot
hrttellgutionr immediately. In
C Maar , So 31 eaulthteid purer.
Tier. h..bars nat their petitions filled
r by
a uarte4 . rvery eaeotZa i td.
arse kta
ar Agri - E'YEAR,
c?,, v 4 fr ',qVi. " .l.. l .!etr
enebra ,
ill ALM tII L-1000 lb, in auto, for sale by,j
t LA HET wIN E-14 hhde. &ripens;Ned.: I.
(.4) totra
nrhl -
0111,1,111 C RICKETSON.
-13 haul 00112111010e 1
211 " - in store.torsale by
coebt !dIi.LER t ItICEMSON.
Vir isTrA - 1 WHALE OIL—RAM gall. brd,
to "100"-
LA SWIIPIIY A OtiIICIMELD base just reed • fresh
nf the three cords, of all the vsliCatil
ham 12.4. rents up to S.W. =hi,
EG BUTTER-14 kegs just rec'd and for
ix. we by tmcbil MIL . Y. t RICEMON.
mehI lil4 and Linen Cambria. ulnas, and turas.. etrlm.
".."-"'" Pr". ':611 . 117C BCRCIWIEI3).
UPRIA;i: CIiEWING GUM—Just received
h ... tetleor,
, Ba nhgtor MOh.
trhhros u e g m h t
t stet
b agreeable
( Chewing
Goo,ehlrh ie wed for sereeteulwr the brea th , cleansing
the teeth. et Ft.r sale who' 71J , ... bir vicarmni
r"'M mew, Wahl mad Fifth es..
LALAXSEED City. Make, on
hand and for Pale br
lODLIV ER 01L—Rushton, Clark & Co.'s.
rel and fur sale by
lIRESS SILKS-20 per. assorted Spring
1/ *l., Drtu Silks, j ust reed l •
• A. A. MASON 1. CO,
toehf No. n and RI Market street
t iain all wool tip:l2 oOlnred De tables
nen. and n dendld style rema k e De Laltus.
10 •• choler style Oattadinag.jclast ocennida
pOTASII—fI meks reed and for sale by
old TX, Liberty M.
drums in store, for by
, .
1_1()P-15 bales first sort Western F. Y
in more nod for rale by
MILLER & rzlexr:rsoN.
lvi:oxoSit CRAB CIDER-20 bbls. i
.wr'"" frr .ale LT )lO.l.Fn t n icarrsoN.
ASS! A —lOO matt just reed, tbr sale by
wri,4 sfluxn & RICKETi.ON.
IiPPLES--1U bu. sup. D. Apples;
12 naelis
s `; 1("" VlCKirgri.
TIIE Associatioh of Teachers and Friends
Mlneation. of. Alieghenr county'. Pa." WI nowt
io Hotaintille School Iltrate, In &nth Bittatourgh, PK.
.toy Kooning. North 7th. at 7 o'elork. at which time addiesw
es will be delivered by the [Lew. d. J. BUCHANAN arid Ms.
J. K
Thep utiiir are reaportfully Invited to attend.
liy miltr of the kiseentiwe Committer:
inch:hot J. C. litilifillEß,Sedy.
New Music.
Cithit so performed by Yeaulein
s t s „ lt n ts , e r nsb tllsti t n . co s itdo..twalla . a
Alen. • great matt,. of new entopontkas by the same
And all the late popular !quote. boned by the eastern
publisher, reeeirml extd for ale by
mch3 A,[l:l Chia; iilt4 . l .
4. 103
rrABLE 31AT'CS—In store and for sale at
1. the Carixt Wa.rehoux of '
mch3 W. )ICLINTOCK a Fourth et
UGS.—W. 'neCLINTOCK invitee the at
, of thow niehlug farnleb. to hie alock of
vhfrh are "tot rweived (nom the manufacturer..
.1. A cowl eevortment ran he found at the Carpet Wmn
bon, No. 3:r Fourth Are,
tn,h3 'IItCLISTOCE..
J th o e t
X kITTS -- . very large assortment of Ch - e-
Iv nine. Tune, Throw. rheeivkla Cuco.4eanTlea•
74 0" "
• • ""
" W. 31‘CLINTOCF:.
3 the ottentlfm of norrhavery Whig amortonnotof Sheet-
I t na• at No. Mt. Fourth etrret. Intrb3
f3o hover . urge !tar Sur., 9 and 15 St.;
so MAIL mwll
ertothed and prordered Loaf Sugar;
(larlffel Loa Eugan
Jr, N n - " Vtl ' Telev.
- &B. srsup 51.31a55e5. St. Loai. , .
noldeo CI
.V 1 I ,
1.11 t ll7 / 1 7 Z! I rkta. b 7
v Water sod FIVIIt ttS.
‘ , UNPRIES --
C. 1.3 MA,. ore
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3 Mao. Mortore:
borallla it Va , o i
lOo t it i a. OOP.
NW) Laub
Si , K. Riot. grouted numbers
xs ttf:.V.lLTrc
Ear rola by
oortment a the follontiE gond":
Hank.Jannset, anisa and MinUn French Weonah ,
Cuff. and Collar; Kornth Cu&and Collar; Vs landau...
and Louis Napohnn Cuffs and enlist; Loan t: hula.
Yalta, Brunel& and Apollo. Car. and 81.••••
C ache; Black Chantilla and Lon Vella Ladles' /drealdart
ttl4l. oda= Baa W.l.ta alrLees d
waMW and Eyries Edging" and Inaertitathernyi_ •
nY of trench a=
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Western Insurance.;
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