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Paned ',twiny the :timid union of the Thirty•jirlt
- Congress.
: [Pentic—No. 9.]
AN,„I - Atlirto supply deficiencies In the appropria
tions for the service of the fiscal year ending
the thitteeniti of June, one thomuind eight
. himdred and fifty one.
Be , it spaded by the Saudi . and Ilorist of Rspre
lentAiols of the United Sta#s of Antrrion in Con
iivess'.essened,d, That the following aunts be, and
the proe are hereby appropriated to apply de
ficimpie, in th e .piproptiations for the service of
the fiscal year ending the thirteenth ofjune, nice
thousand eight hundred and fifty one, out of any
money's in the treasury not otherwise appropria
ted, namely:
'For odditional compensation to four watchmen
iu the northeast Executive building. five hundred
.and forty dollars.
For salaries to the judgesio the northern and
southern districts of Califtirnia, three thousand
two hundred and fifty dollars.
Forniklitiounl compensation to eight watchmen
in the southeast Executive building, one thousand
and nighty dollars.
For. contingent expenses in the office of the
First Auditor of the Treasury, for cases for the
records, decuments, and offifial papers preserved
the office, and for new furniture, this sum hav
ing been transferred per act Septenifier thirtieth,
eighteen hundred and fifty, so an addition to the
salary of one of the recording clerks, two hun
died dollars.
For contingent expense:4 of office of Indian
Affairs, nine hundredanti twenty twodollars and
tire cents.
' Forfompensation" to clerks employed by the
Secretary of the Treasury, in the ThirdAuditer's
.tiffige, on the examination of muster and pay
rolls of the war of eighteen hundred and twelve,
and Indian wars, in addition to an Uudrawn bal
ance of appropriation for the month of July last,
twelve thousand dollars: Provided, That no clerk
shall receive more than at the rate of one thous
and dollars per aunum under this act, except one
Whose salary shall besiiteenhundreddellars per
annum, and four others whose per diem pa y shall
he four dollars. ,
i ii
For contingencies incident thereto, such as
printing, binding rolls, desks, office furniture,
and lal;or,'five hundred dollars.
For additional compensation to four watchmen
in the northwest Executive building, fire hundred
and forcrdollars.
For compensation of superintendent of rented
building corner of F nod Seventh streets, from
first of Chitober, eighteen hundred and fifty, to
thirtieth Juno, eighteen hundred and fifty one, at
two hundred and fifty dollars per annum; one
hundred and eighty seven dollars and fifty :Cents.
• For compensation of four watchmen, from Orst
of.Pctobn-r, eighteen hundred and fifty, to this ,
tietki tum, eighteen hundred .and fifty one, fif
teen h dollars. -
For eon ent' expenses of raid buildit:
twelve hand d seventy dollars.
To replace oa almint obtained from the Sdb
eisteneo Departmenich wan applied to
service of the QUirtermastets Department thst
year, and is a charge on thetappropriation for
the present year, two hundred and,s7nty fire
thousand dollars.
For the aroma of drafts drawn, the pareeth
of which were applied to the service of the Quar
termaster's Department in the last year, as
have been paid from the appropriations for
the present year, two hundred and sixty four
thousand one hundred and seventeen dollars and
three cents. •
To supply a deficiency on, Recount of claims
yet to be discharged, under ihe heed of prevent
ing and suppressing Indian hostilities in Flori
da, seventy five thousand dollar.
For additional compensation to three -watch
,man 5o the' Departthent, four hOndred
'and five dollars
For contingent expenses of,the office of the Au
ditor of the Post Office Department, for furniture
and labor rendered necessary in colo,equonce of
the increase of business and numberof clerks, and
for deficiency in estimate, one thousand seven hun
dred dollars.
E =I E 3
For temporary clerks in the Pension Office, in
addition to the balance of appropriations now on
. hand, thirty-two thousand nine hundred and
thirty-three dollars and tnnnty-serge
Provided, that said temporary clerks shall tot be
allowed more than three dollars and thirty-three
and one-third cents per day.
For salary of Recorder of Land Titles in Nils-
Touti, five hundred dollars..
For compensation of the Surveyor General of
Oregon, sitteen hundred dont.s.
For salaries of the Attorney and :garland of
the Territory of New ,Mexico, 'four hundred
dollars. •
For salaries of the Governor, Judges. Geese
tory, Attorney, and 'Marshal of the Territory
- of Utah, eight thousand dollars.
For compensation and mileage of members
of the Legislative As.....emblz, officers. clerks.
and contingent expenses, twenty-four thousand
For invalid pensions under various acts, one
hundred and sixty-three thousand dollars.
Fin pensions to widows and orphans under
• the acts of the fourth of July, eighteen hundred
and thirty-six, and twenty-first of July, eighteen
hundred Sod forty-eight, seventy-four thousand
eight hundred and twenty dollars.
For pensions to widows under the act of seventh
July, one thousand eight hundred and thirty
eight, fifty-six thousand dollars.
Pio pensions to widows under the act of the
third of March, one thousand eight hundred and
forty-three, twelve thousand dollars.
For pensions to widows wider the pets of the
seventeenth of June, one -thousand eight hundred I
and forty-four, second of February, one thou
sand eight hundred and tarty-eight, and twenty
ninth of July, ono thodsand eight hundred and
forty-eight, forty-four thousand dollars.
For fulfilling treaty with Wyandois, one hun
dred nod eighty-seven thousand dollars. '
For fulfilling treaty with the laths,. eighteen
thousand dollars.
For fulfilling treaty with the liarajoes, eighteen
thousand dollars.
For arrearages of compensation, from first of
October, eighteen hundred andfifty, to thirtieth
June,. eighteen hundred sod fifty one, to the In
dihn agents for the Indian tribes of California.;
4r, thousand seven hundred ao fifty dollars.
For expenses of holding tret . s.l),a w ith the vari
ous tribes of Indians in Califirripa, in addition to
the aPpropriation of the thirtieth of September,
eighteen hundred and fifty, twenty five thousand
For expenses of removal and subsistence of the
Chippewas of Lake Superior and the Mississippi
from the lands`ceded under the treaties of the
twenty ninth of Jnly, one thousand eight bemi
red and thirty seven, and fourth of October, one
thousand eight hundred and forty two, in =din
lion to. appropriation of thirtieth September,
eighteen hundred and fifty, twenty five thousand
For expenses of the removal of the sub-agency
for the Chippewus of Lake Superior and the NIL.-
sissippi, from the old site at Lapointe, to the new
one. Including the erection of necessary buildings,
• three thousand dollars. . ••-• .
For compensation and expenses of the commit.
tea of old metier party of Cherokees. theirclerks,
dm., for services rendered in pursuance of the
• provisions contained in -the fifth -article of the
treaty of seventeenth August, eighteen hundred
. and forty nix, in addition to the appropriation of
thirtieth of Septertilier,--eightecti - hundrevl .d
fifty, in full for all service rendered, or hereafter
to be rendered, one thousand live hundred
For expenses of holding treaties with the wild
tribes of the Prairie, arid for bringing delegate,
on to theseal of. Government, one hundred thou
sand dollars. . --,•••••
For expenses of thekemoval and subsistone,
of the Choctaws, trete the State of Mississippi to
the Choctaw country - west of river, in midi
tion• to former appropriations for object,
twenty thousand dollars. ,
,:iFor payment to the Winnebago Indians, of thi;'
• sum erroneouely'charged *pilot the fund of ten
thousand donate, set apart (out of the consider
ation'r•to be paid for the lailoin ceded) by the
eighth clanse of the fourth article of the treaty
of the first of November, eighteen hundred nail
thirty thousand two hundred and twee
ty-eightalollars and twenty-eight cents. •
Far pcliyment to the Cherokee Nation the sum
of seven hundred and twenty-four thousand six
hnudred and three dollarA and thirty-Imre:l cents,
and intirest on the above sum at the rate of five
per cenium per annum, from twelfth day of June,
. • eighteen hundred •and thirty-eight until •paid.
• .shitil be paid to them out of any money in the
treasury not otherwise appropriated. But no
interest shall be paid after the first of April,
- eighteen hundred and fifty-one, if any portion
• of the money isthen left undrawn by the said
„ Cherokees: erurided,houvrer, That tho sum now
eppropriated shall be in full Satisfaction and a
final settlement of all claims and demands what
%-soeveg of the Cherokee Nation against the United
States, under any treaty heretofore made with
• • •
the Cherokees; sad the said Cherokee Nation
shall,' on the payment of said sum oljnoney,
,execute,tad deliver to the United States a full
c and finl` discharge for all claims and demands
-whatsoever.' the United States, except for such
salinities in money or specific articles of prop
•:f,•., N ip us the United Statai may do bound by any
tr eaty to pay. to said Cherokee Nation: and, ex
••••• United Statek may held in trust for;s : aid Chem
' 'kegs And provided further, That ilk money up-,
4 proprimed thisitera Shall be paid id strict con,
(amity with the treaty with said Indians of sixth
August, eighteen hundred and forty-aii.
For reepprogintrion- of the -following toll*
(canned •to the surplus fund on the thirtieth
tune, eighteen : hundred endforty-six, Wog
and the thirtieth of June, one thousand eight
hundred end forty. eeveth) under the_fullowing
Fulfilling treaties with the Kunsw, eight thou
sand siren hundred nod seven dollars and tuen
ty one cents.
For fulfilling treaties with the Wyandots, three
hundred and fifty-fire dollars and twenty-eight
Support of 111ml:smiths, &r., for Osage., Nix
thousand fire hundred soil six dollars and fifty
nine cents.
Payment of claims for Osage depredations four
teen thousand three hundred and seventy tivedol
mars and fifty cents.
For purchase of cows and calves for Osages,
three hundred and twelve dollars snd sixteen
For continuing the collection, and for pub
lishing the statistics nod other information,
nutherixed by the act of the third of March,
eighteen hundred and forty seven and sub
sequent acts, fifteen thousand three hundred
Fur supplying deficiency in the amount appro
priated at the last session for the same object,
four thousand and sixty one dollars.
For expenses of an agent to collect information
to enableNhe department to execute the law of
Congress providing for the per capita payment to
_Cherokees, under the treaty of eighteen hundred
and thirty-five, so far 0.8 relates to those Indiana
east of the Mississippi, one thousand five hun
dred dollars.
For removal and subsistence or Indians, fifty
two thousand five hundred and ten dollars and
thirty-seven data. This rum is required in or
der to' settle the claim adjudicated by the ac
counting officers of the treasury in favor of the
Chickasaw nation Indians, for losses &c., in pro
visions purchased in eighteen hundred and thir
For the pay of the several companies and thn
expenses of three companies of Texan volunteers,
called into service requisition of Brevet Major
Genet.' Brooke, two hundred and thirty-Ai thou
sand nine hundred and thirty-four dollars and
thirty-four cents: .I) , ovided, That the pay and al
lowonces conform td the pay and allowances of
similar troops . employed during the war with
Mexico. .
For expenditures; inciderit to the isuti of the
ten minims dollars of stock for Texan ioietnnity,
ten thousand dollars.
For reimbursing, the State of Florida under
aueh rules and regulations as hare heretofore
governed the adjustment of similar claimeof the
several States nn the United States, for monies
advanced and paid, and for expenses incurred
and obligations and services of local troops
called into service during the years eighteen
hundred and forty nine, by and under tbe,eu
thorities of said State, seventy five thousand dol
For defraying the expense of an extra session
of the Legislature of Oregon, held agreeable to
the previsions of law; to be expended under the
direction of the Secretary of the Treasury, on the
- Production of regular and legal vouchers, lice
thou.ind dollars.
Fnr the pay and expenses of four companies
o: volunteem calle4 into the service of the United
'States by Brevet LirurenrintColonel WdAiugton,
New Nlt.,Lien, its )eur eighteen hundred
.ind forty-nine. one hundred and thirty-five thin
e Lad five hundred and thirty dollars nod twenty
(Signed) .110WF.LL COBB
Speaker :f the House of Reproorototives.
President of the Senate pro tempore. ;
ApproTed, February 27, 1851
- I,A:, CULTIVATION. —The proceedings of the
g. bi......f.„
Ineetin_ of the Royal Society for the Promotion
of the Or lx. of Flax in Ireland, held in Belfast
on,th'e flth o 'eh , were of the most gratifying
deacription, as t ding to show the incremred in
terest manifested ih.,Alrnort all parts of the
kingdom, on,tho vnbjeCt of flax. cultivation.—
Several new members were enrolled, including
the Earl of . 1.a.y0; Viscount. Dungannon, Mr.
Thos. ConollY, M. P.. for Donegal, and Captain
Rushout, M. P. fur WoreesterXhire. It woo re
ported to the meeting that large quantities of
Lids seed had been imported into the South and
West, owl that many of the northern landed
proprietors nee providing their tenants with the
lost seed, on credit, until harvest. The ,erre
tory was instructed to communicate with the
Lord Lieutenant, and to request his Excellency,
would press upon the Government the great ad-'
vantage which would arise from the extension of
the objects of the Land Improvement Advances
Act, during the forthcoming session, so as to in
clude the building and apparatus required for
the steeping and scotching of Sax. Many land
lords would at once avail themselves of such a
facility, and the concerns once erected, practical
persons would, in all eases,' be ready to take up
the trade. . . -
The brig DTMCSIIIi LI, Lockhart, sailed from
Philadelphia, September 25, for St. Parts, &0.,
since which nothing ha_• been heard from her . —
It is feared that she ie lost, together with all on
The last accounts from California briqg intelli
gence of the sale in San Francisco of three ves
sels belonging to Gloucester, Mass., via: Ilarques
Galileo for $lB6O, and Izette for $l3OO and brig
Ganges for $l2OO.
.t7ii=igmbesag.;.tt" 4 the ntEry of the ;11,Tr:.1•
der, the MO anyw March u.uf,frr the gnalnaMo. mvuo•
11;',11,„byridx.-Ti,7.lhL)To=de'tr Mfir"'"
Plane and epee:ll3mM+. of the rote may . to .
sad nrceasery Infortuntion ohtained on application t o te
Keehn, at the theca of the Cohlt.+ l 7. during the ten
deg. pcdeelfolis
of the Ro.rd of !V int
pfe%l.-td n' 7. CROZIER. •
Notice to Contractors
lit ROOD—Sealed proposals will be re,mited 'at the okiru
gorpci, ° ll:ol=lV. ' Tt ' At il dW d elit.MV . r l :X 2 TU :
l o a r ralh i arrar,,k trumlit=ll , tr , il o r: ro lio=d r =
obtained at the tarn In Pittsburgh. for two-weeks pretior
to the letting. on application to .lomoo W. Karma. Chie u f
Engineer. The promaalr moat be In Ismordane. with the
printed forms, and a/Mr...A to the President of thr Com.
I lqiishurgh, Feb. (41,
North American, New York Tribnnb, Ameririo Railroad
Journal, publish four timer. feb7,ltil
for Erecting a•Wire Supper,
Pciao Bridge over the Allegheny Hive, opre.ritt
enark stre,L h the Fifth Wan) of the city of Plltrborgh.
In place of the nrneture recently destroyed by tree.
Sealed Proposals will be tereivol et the can ofJacub
Painter & Co. Liberty street. until the ISM day of March
next, for the eremlnet of the +bore described bridge; the
pattern thereof to be the some as the Monongahela Bridge,
with inch altendirma as bidden may s u rge. end the
rector. approve. tty order of the Board of Pireebow.
feblallf P. LOBES 7. Pree'L Pro.
January 16, laLl.
DROPOSALS will be received at t h ey lie-
Te: i l iTgiligirs',t - f fi g. N o,ri
States for four years from the first dey of April e re
ordered by the Department, of (lie following deseriptiou,
'rho Dame of the Office atul Stele cirrular form. cut
from a solid block of h.-netted Fleet, and made ton+
manner as to admit of letters unt figures to ded,roate the
and day, with a thumb screw to Iteep such letter.
and t he tu stamp. and the letters rump.- ,
lug the email, to be of the name rile ise. thew rimy man,
factored and In use. A turned mahogany handle of the
like el, to he seenrely Lode:mil to earl 4.211 D ,. lb.
mouths of the year abbreviated en at to contain but three
letters each. of the tame size now iu ue, and to be rut from
solid blocks of hardened eteel. ri.rps, for the glare of ll.e
month. flvon I In 31. ittelnelec. to le northe of like hanlened
metal; and of the sire het ,
Also. stamps with the wants - paid" and 'ln" , of the
form of th., now lu nee.
' Also, stamps Pith figures denoting the rates of po•daae.
sod similar to dime ram In wee.
All of the above donuts to le made of hardened steel
The prupsnalo must ale. midair seanntte htdo for the cir
cular ritatop, with U.. months and furore. '
Alan, for each ...pante pier, cmitaining the month eon
' eisting calibre.. letters.
Al, for ert,ilpie , . far the daya of the month.
air complete eem of mouths end figure..
ai.e:for CEED . 1 . 0, ",'," ** Peer sod
Al, for each separate Mere gird the liatire• denoting
tater of postage. The making of the didertta ~ts will
not, however. he giytm to dlfferent
which s, hut
retch , the
er to
ra P re i ' pagg l e ' ;;J:lk It exacted. The IA•
co iteelf the right to rmect th.
to deemed .traraasta.
Specimen. of the varinos kinds of stamps reohlred can be
wen at the appointment otter of this
ja2...5 , !leant , N. K. HALL l'osUntater ilerseraL
Linen and House Furnishing Goods.
i A. MASON A CO., No. Ca and CA
/a.''. Slartad 'treat. keeps entudantly on ham! a and s 4.4
of the tollneriew goal, al the beet manes,
le Cloths, Damask mad Diaper,'
Nap Ilearlayla Ik,Jio.•. a.. Ae;
Tawele. 1 vetabee. Diaper and Darnaelo • '
INapera. Ituaeli;lianteh arid Bled Elve:
Linen Latenn emd LIA/l i tabritan
Ylont and 1.0013 Denlaek, 4,ldthe; ' a
Linen Cuabrie Ilsodkerr defei -- --- •
104 Allendale tibeetla. 104 Ilnatoli - del,_. .
t, 114 A lantk Pheethem 40 lorb pillow el0000." 0- to ,
i feba
KIIIILADIES all say-If you ;rant real
goal Tee, et, to Monis & Ilaywortir's Tea Mon I. the
au' fur IC The Tic they nen at MI reins per pound
•MT Nisch and those at 75 rents and $l, are dab.
clews Low JP MIMI, damaged, or inferior Tema are newer hePt
dthiseatablishment, and they now retail an their Teas
irect from the orifinel oheas, baring rrrmi that Tea wilt
not beep In eletalho wrappers, whkh, b
eholding up to the
light, you will hod is es hornet as a lady. veil. fobll
IMISIC--Where are the friends of
,sy routs ; br o'. Barker.
hies Bnoet to mll You.
Cm thloiline obri ILO Ley, Liary
d ""'" to ih^
iihe Le. ter
Oft toted me 012 the Ellett shoo..
/laid :Robb
licene's on tlm Prairie 4 .—Woolbury
fthey. b y 0. C. Porter.
I've le ft a:l: r etire Villain. by 0. Barker .
The fil.k Shot '
tsTitild lir • with th.—u:Za,!°dl . -"....
i.e. Adi.v. of '
An extatudre collection •of new Polka, Wei., Cs..
Con; du
Alio ataco supply id - Neu Canal. risen, - c a m.
; Landis. and an mmelkat nen vort, called the - Ideloden,^
eollectiou of pope. , and motel .3.104 h.rexmirwl and
...hied try 0. IA liebband It. Ileson—cooddered ens of
the best novice ever publiehal. 11. KLIBEIt,
AMU Cold. (tarp. ThIN Co.
rEllsToßy OF PENDENNIS, No. 8,
im. Theckarey end Om Quevu's Nettle", or
or Secret Jibtry- of Um Court of Louie hirdeeeth,. h e Ai.
emeader ha.boen reed, and for sal• at ROLLIE'S
rebid •
Mann D*: o. Third a.
John IL Jtellan, 61 Word and, hat
levlseda Om and rininOn63l l l , .. l ,
Pr linnotaton op.n.amar no'nnlo• 4,111
112.00 D CANTON FLANNEL—A farther
= l7 <s• rts =write ertkle 124, tam. ftr
Wi lk . Tot at ttan of
Pittsburgh Life Insurance. Company.
T HE folloying 'penn - ms. I, the term of
thr Prrr,nrnati INSURASCE
NI VASE. an I.b. of lilt' tipturupy fnr th.•
S James y. llmm,
am.] MeClurtan.
!oho& wilmmth. m.1.1:111M,
Jolm A. %SUN..
m....ttutt kh.:ubove DireetnrA. held at 110. office ur
A. C .l ' A U ;;lt..l n ti.llZ —th ' l. n: elected Prei . rient-,
. amos.. Met, Au, N lee Itrteddeta:
CHOU. A. 4.!..0-to, Aerrotor,
JetAAA A. 1.1.t , 11. Tr...queer. •
:4111 ExamitAAA Phy..einu.
tbe rook euturriptien &Jolts of the teaut .111
Ind, fir the proneut, of. the hew. tdeltem. W.A. A
ou NV•uvi Atreet. where thrux ertehing
• Ul t.M+ll . thlia, In a... nx
ny not. the II•ortl .
C. A. COI:PIN, S.ecrt•lxr‘.
Ante Mutual Fire Insurance Company.
. .
HE leist evidence el the. S , IICCI`SA of the
• Dirertn, in ribivarorimt.e.•make the JG
FIRE INSCRANCI: c0.15 (( .1 N 1 1,,,...t t 4,As,t. ,•1'
t n
oi tr.utntt). I, the ...m
um. 11, 4 ,1 amount 14 1 m ,...,....,.
(Ari d
l haw Leen dam,:
mouth,l 06,E• 5.0.(11...ri , ..• it•
little utore lbws eight an hcMin,... t or,
ghat ty the ti,mmv,. The Direet , u,. are Pt..% . ^.) •
11 . 1 .."^t1Y all the Prupert, 3/1/ 1 111 , 4i l• of the *aft—t kind In
.that( rttkc, and a lard vroport.i,,n kr uruti for ~n 1,...
„. ~ , ,
liiinnber in ..
renews 1N.110 . 11. -: ' 5,(1C,5
. .
tmotott of proporty inson•d, •
do. gulsrautee premiums,
do.goarantep Ntoek. -- -90.104. W.
do. h”ofoN., -. .... . .4.100.00
T. 4..400.d:ft.. lb+ ul..••• 1,n1.1.... 10,14,..1
exiaynaen of the. 011 1 ,,..
To olt, ur country in..reltattlY. and ov urn. of •Iwyllinga,
and LoLonal and Yum try' , l+ ,l ). It / 1 1 . 111 ""1 1.111 ‘ 1 ‘ .
pony Allard,. tallatistan,” I point ..f eht.0PnY ,. ._ , ... 1, • and
worth. Ittfyriur 1.• 110 il/tUr11101..00111,11, 111 UliS eau.,
Conduct...l on the equitably nod snadl, iuthey‘yd y , 'tent
of eloaslbration of Rhto, uachultnt all .I , rtal ttY
curing only a hunted nnu.unt In u, on , 10 , attlf • tll l,
eluding he fryquyney nod ,ya oreeney of 1 nu, and
/Lbo on both the Stuck and ‘lu” L ai : don.
nuaalati :n of 1.41. method,.
Lhlei L t i tTtle dn a TrVo ' r ' . l • l .l l l ,` , " :7—,, , tA „ n in Ihn
It I. uuller'lltiOgutryi of the tuilouath; lain...tun --John
P. Roth, rb.rd. AJ. 1111b.11, Jan 11. r 1 Jon.,
Mom. A Carrier Plaint: Roburt lta.
.1. I'. icrrif gILF01:11. Pr
A .1. 1111.1.F.11'. rater
A. A Vora., Artuar,
Penn Mutual Life Insurance Co., Philad'a.
:1,1 Leber, .Ipe.t.
r.n. the better roorenu.ner ot Perrn . r0.'.." 2
lower part of the rite. the agent clay aPo lo Polar du),.
Mtn II to 12 and 2 to 3 o'eL.ek. at lb, ...min.. room
nary Infennation.attl g1v..11 oral ekentounoealoor. prompt
ly Wended to. Pamphlets explaln,PC ""
boned. of Lite lueoranee. and blank form. fornotttet
4' !:{Tt ri artroek over $,_410.000 and mlt-ta.l
nunuall, thont• In-t.r. for
Pit.borgh..Pos l.
Marine, Fire, and Inland. Transportation
THE in,urnne.:(',,lnpany 4.1 North America,
iladolyti— , battor , 170 1 1 a 1.t. , 1 o to., A••
Jon nary h. 1,•1. SI tte 1 ho i:1 tun, I ntonto,
huil•l.u~ tool a... 4 into 1h I • oil o•o•
on proport el. ~,,
Ant ,ah•r vol., I , y in :ant in mhos Itttoo or on the
Artbor Cain. I'ret. •
W 1, , ,
.111 lost
: 4 ,..utb.
elimrlo , T.:,
M. rinallll,.
Mm. , M
n fn lto - or:4o,
arot .rnr
mod avtuulin.: ',A, .fun ,:•mtn , I I
• sto •.I...e.eur:t. t o
14' "'Ad"-"j s.'tir".' l " l ‘ l I 111.14.NEF. Areut...
. - No ILI Front ~., 1
. ,
American Life and . Health Insurance Co. ,1
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• Ia 1 It RI ~ Supt•rfm.. Eh.jla. for gale lir ;
Western Insurance Company of Pittsburgh. k k ip( ) ~., . sOl P SIIRITEII .
(I A PITIL $300,000. R. MILLER. JR.. iII LEE I.\ LLS-- I tfa-g tl.r ,111. ha !
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who ,P. e in•irour,l
l.rala.-rig...-4 , Mol.a. Ir. low M.A.,. .1 111 11 4r. N •`.l N'l. 11, Ph. J. F-1.11,,0N M AA. ER a ('(I •
"*".".'. .".. " M. " I " .Mr ‘ . C r "."". C. '" " j ''' ... " A ,I L I $l.. IV •••• i•I:SI I I i'VS '...L.l , aast:l „ ‘ l eli t re . l , l and
Wm. 31 1., on..lamw LI1 , 11.00 , ."'" ,, I , T`l".."`''''. ' V . W r
Anlr). Alwy. Nino,. Ttan , ran.,.l, Ell. A 00.
I aTynn. No W., U 0,,, Aro-, I warolawa. nf Franz _A 1'... ..
up wan-a, I.l.l.nrah ,na ,Il , r
. -- -1..; il A K Elt'S Ill.:MIS:all kinds. a fragli 1 ,, t
Delaware Mutual Safety Insnraneo Comp'y c• ~• ...., ..i , , —,, . ,
tr 11. D t
0 F e 1;' , 1" ., F ,. . :,.. 7':,,1.,t1,1r1...,1,1:44:,...,1‘,1., t , lt . ' s Till: 1...• 4 ,
,‘ ‘ m NI , tN I A E ,-,,, TEs __ : ,
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Fla,. law ~.a, " -11,01d0 , , P ~ 1. . r.T.-1:,, 1 1-Y. ...1 Ahar .. I 1 I, 1. I , E 1.1.1,1,
o d wood ", 'a ..., aro,. 1,, .._
s r ,:gr,, - ;,; - 7 - : ,;,.. ~......:., r... ~,„.... i ~,,1 1 F.F.—i. hats. It . 1.. I '..11;••• • iti,t r..l . 'd 1
4. ` t-ll `' I , ' ."`'.. -- Tl''''' . '"' • '•-••• C. '` .... ', A ... '''' ", • 1 ,- 11.r.r.t1H , 1. A I 'ay IYAllAll.
and Anteht , .. i•••••. 1,7•1 nr •r.....ra..... tensor ~,,,, or , 1 -wia, .1., Nn tin Wearrqrmt
lar,. ‘ ya, ra.a.r0ar , ,,,,, -Th., al. v.•,., m..,,,..1,-. 11, , RE:..zi I l'El ', \ Nlg---lugt reooiard, .I MA+,atga t.. II ac , glg. 43,1 road oar, , an.. (.... am, '`
Fteam Twat, on 'lt, and 1-.1.5. on 1,,,- non , ,1.,...' .. wa • ' ' ''r n. '"" ' ' ' ' l'l' 1 Mot 1.1 ill: A no.
iontrer.:m,-. 1 .....,t. II real, ,Inotrol A awd,r ~•,1 a , -,-,1. Lab.rty otrewa
Tail, Rohors 11,1rton. Jalra I, 1an...-. ' , Aran", Ada w.l-.
onn., r L.,, 1,1 , ,, art 11.1 r. , ,,, n. I.nan II la , or II , I•R 1.. N I I 111 ;s - 51, drum.,vo4l 3 . 1 . 141 I", Tht,toi. , . 1,131,1. II .1, tr. • 11r- wa •. 11... I ... , a "lo• 1.1 - .1 A 11 ,
••Imal. un t o Irr,•,. 1•••14, . 1,... 1 , ••• ,, .. i , I it 'NTH:VLF] . , , II \ PrrEC'rohs.— SwllrrY. Ia Pet a l. Jr I a:lt. (1.,- o 0,. , 4,1, w atrum...nt , w . n y....1 1, ...ft.
I/Tarmac-4 VI I.n-11 T. Marva, Ilnall 11rw' ° , 1'3 1 .1.. , 0 " - . ..1 , I"' 1' , ... -I''''''' , '' ,.. `""'°,... l '!'
John T. Ingan ny, na at l'roN• AI ..0. p..Kksatal $4 ~,, Ina
WWI, N 41010. lang.aal.. To.. c 111,1, , ••-•• I fr• • . A A' ”.. II ..I. 1. •.••••• ....... 1, LI. r' a w w
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dour iggarn ,a C. ,,,,, .. ~.nrWara
4.91 , 1rwct ot Ow C. , 11,11.a. N , , 42 W.A.'' , 11,1 , -- I. .I rwrnor of Market mai It;I N A. ,
Intratt 1r2"...-tf ; 11 a 4 aI,FII, .1,, at
r . r • ' . IJO LI, It( ,:t. KS-44 pi. papers Wood, -
Franklin Fire Insurance Co. of Philail a. • 1... yr
• Ilk I DECTOItS: t 'llarles W. Hauck,. I lr. . It 1: ' , ELLER: ,
j IV atwhard". Thda:llArt. Moo.. I , 1.-. ya Tolana
arm, /1.1,1,1. E Rorie. ram. 1 s.ran,. Das al ,
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l• 10.111, ll lik‘rttal ~..rota,
Tby. l'ompan,ty , a.. In.onown. pormanent
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whwh. %nth thwr t'aintat and l'ynanuao. ntol. Ys.,•-t. , 1.
afford ample A n,. taw to 11, •••••••,...1
Th.. a.... It. , A Ils, lann... on Januar , - I, H. ay ; wk.
11.11.1150ww.1y In t 1,.. 0.1 ..I .4.••-n,1.1, , yrow, a. 11,11. a •
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to Inform Itualala.n. antra. , Pam, 1,1 aaa Mar.. ad
burgh. Wheolinv. 4,1,17 , 133 1 1. 1, - lit, 111. :••••
/1L1N...1 Partaataurplaa, lipatr anent. arloa I. rams
an undertakr nantra. m Para.,: with rMira
liana:tad Fla.,.
111 , nra A 1,.. ara In aaf 'Ma laya.l ami
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timal ralateim rya do Own. acark. anamaaamnal tiara lasam nn
lavritaatinn in iatrurla, •laaarfaaYtly aantaar-tawhi P•al. na.anly
and hand ~,,, nal, aaaMlairll d• a° a Prl'' Paa'
aqua , apa an, in 11, trade
l' II d part-it-tabula PaYrailanarmi tl.aaar Nalatta. P. tr.
put pre lath Mammal aa! alp.yatamr Itich I.ya•al a.l ra.,
M the a-warrant-r. anal aoh ..1
ta.Partaurarr aaa In Unalr a•lnMaa anal Ylatanua an laa
Ilmrapay ..Inlns,, may ay.vaa
aultrad an' Jai -at tiayir amena a/1111 - Ya. Yaarmar 4.1 Lana az
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Cif - `Oatr garnmptl a maaanto al
(i( i .tARTNERsii I'- thi. 4,y
',la, u. /0.0,000,,n1 TIC. Iro.•
11r 0 1 Will bk. r 0.11110,1 tfure. 1,111.4
.1 I j 1 'reiti,i•N A cm
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1111 A fl E ICS KY, 01.NINI ',SSD is mEn.
I . IIANT Ihr N.1...4 Ihano—Cr 1, 4..3. u. 0t..1 CAI,.
(ink, 411.1 at -4. n , .. tor at!, .1...,,,...n ”1" U orl
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Wet, ....tapir , ' L,
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0,14 M3l ['W.I . :
O.PARTNEI:SIIII•—The Fi.hacrihers have
ivrttrrt+l into 1,.1.art5,,Atit,...M.1,T 'lip firm
- 11 - km Wolk . 1 .1•Alrl,
1n 11 Jon itk 1,1. y
LEAD PlPE—CortielE, inlproN7ed patent
Lela Mr, for
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All mire, on bend and to anine. for -ale. 1,1
lara:dtf A LE :( A N I/Elt I KIN ;N. )pon,
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offered at 10 rents per yard, warranted WA ',dor.. 41..e0.
choice style.. of Englisit Chintz., from l if t to 1 , 4 eel , "
per yard. many of th entinly . new ele.orn.. A lon. re...,
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bet! and Bonnet Ribbon. Borinctc,stn..te. felell
ETABLE POWDER. her the sure of or
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A lode mid most oneces.ful remedy f..r dist user:n . l,6.
nd natolerahle affliction to whirl/ mother , in the ear,
mouths of nurstnit, are subeect. J t &filen!. the moot prompt
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ne other remse• for this eutlrelY harm
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recot.This 7.rtieT &Iser omen
Prlec—Oue Dollars P F I I h
• et/..
.12b Liberty at m:, Pitt..deonlh•
For axle by L„ A. Bre - Shut, !NO. Miiii . lllLL. JOS.
and U. A. Ettel.f. Ura t yert s. Alleitheny.
111tUG1-_ln Hull Cop hy the sule
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Flour Sulphur:
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Burn Wavle..
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Elt CI ICE WORK S.--The Water
Carr 'Manual. t, Jopl bbra.
Tata, Can. in Aaterwa.w.lited bi a Nab,
Hand Ba,k or 11. drn.thy tar Profewkwialatul Duna atk
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Tloo above works for •‘l.
Bok-ellor and Mahone, corner klaTart au& rt,
E W BOOK S- -The History of Pendenpis.
i Ili. forum... awl miff,tuneg. frioncbt afasl his
f•neln, Ity V illimnt Nlffteffraraf Thsciferay. glen
tllitftratirsn• on fx , ..1 by 115 F, author In two rulumr
f f ,, the fif f .torf of Pruil..nulf. By W.M.Thackeray.
111k,111... A Etanefailif lif the authorof flf,
N.,1 I ..ftlff..lftrtorial Field Bunk of the Itevolutiou. By
r.f..lf,tlnnfl for mt. hr
It I fTot.IiTON.
So 47 Nhfrifot ft.,
otl BUS PEACHES. for I.s.
SAM. r
;51;,...1, :Mll libbq ill ,
1( y 64.13 SA'd t• N . 1 . 11;1 \
;Mill 111. , ?% , ){N It
_ AIL v
r SENECA (114 for iiiile
4 ! T IME RI
11. P. 5111111 Ely
1 Mal till.---IC stiNttner
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CleetataNti. an.l •01, by JAS. DA lieu.,
. No. I. Water At.
IV I Ij , l i .SS--;21 1 t I
1111'1'E1:AS Mil,. in line order, for SAil,
19 1,1,11 J IoONM Al< ER A CC.
1:11.; E vans. for hut., by
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T ultrrin FEED- -In store and for male by
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EFIN 61 1 11 A X -
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Orlo Flour, ou,rtair and tra I,lundr. •
1.0 . 10ur, laud I,tr KIIII,IIATRICK
I AI S I:S.— large and splentli,l assort
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111 , 11()%% 1;1.V4,Q-11.41 •• Ilittight's
• lit. :IIrIIILLs • W..
) A'r T ! 4 ( IA I' 141W111.:11 -1.N 1 box. , ust
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11 1 1,11.1, APPLE,. I
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:uld qualities. ,1n h:md
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LULLS .\lleLdieao' Clio Cou.en
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Vll HILL Are
I. EM-, 511 Iwvr on hand and tar ash' Lc
a Ili rent /I; I I 4
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1 , %.(.t II 1.1110.) A Agent,. for 31,
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7ulenrnm.r • %Seen /a.m. 11215 at, an 4
Yr. nt .1- 11.b10
!HAITI \ 11— 1", 11 , 11 t. sullexior, for mile Le
I all all MC I'arr A CO
' (..;111),1.cake, for side by
(c()114,\ A1,..-411 “Cliii` , l, for vale
I iH e 11t:• , --1 ,1 1. 1111 PprineiPla for ' , di 1.1,
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1 Mu- Vitriol: For mle
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It F.SI I F t; IT—renelle.: and lilacklierri ,
4 "i. in their iiwo tolm , null hermetic-1. •enliel. their orlotnnl Onvor noil
A 100 Cluirne- nitil Mum. hut
for 4 r In the wtmr noinner far
hi' ”t r '' " " n.' " 't b A y . wri.rm: ACO
Liberty .100.
Mir SEEDS—Canary., nod ll,mp Seeds
1...1 quality for ...le 11,
61.4 WM. A! toCCIJ - 10: A Cit.
Pi LLS--- .. Conld not gvt
1, ne , nx willmut 'born
311Intimillirdlle. 0. inn. 9. IS4I
M. 10.1.tirme—Yriorti nre the only Liver 1111. rant
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11.0 mat... It, of them coral. In th e high. letta. ot
mmowinilnllon lours reemetfully, .. J. GREEN.
e-lirehnreil sti.l hy IL E. tiELL}:II9. rt 7 Wtmi 0..
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S A NI) 12 A ISINS—I49 hoies figs:
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1 A RI , fllf.--1 hI & boat refined Winton
I 4 Int nil,. f- J SCHOoNMAKEit a en,
...!4 W.. 1 .tart
A 4 LAZIER'S 111 AMONDS-1 dog. for anfe
iI.A to f , I. .. gum x co
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1 A Rl)—`U kegs and 'Li bids, for gale by
1.4 (Av. DROWN d KIIMPATInck.
A AST( IR ( Il L-9 bhd- Blow's make, for side
Q 2 11.2 1..b11 et F.Y. )(.171111.4S a CO.
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i . AFE I NWESTMENT—S9,OOI.I in Alleghe
ny CO , llli V C 1,11,11 i10i1.).. for nnif nt
WM. A. MM. a CO.
f.. 1,14 : 64 Won.% rt. shnve 4fll
g II 7 I"I'EV-7 - 1.1)14 fresl , l RAI;
'S. kat, J. 1110 11 , rviVrti and
faI.7HOE .
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iillrON I NE-250 Ili, superior quill
•ftlo J KIDD 6 CO,
No. NI Wool Atrept._
CASTILE SOAP-20 o,es for node h',
J. KIDD X ea
Sr ER All LIA 0s; TriP.te, Chenose, and
Arnervan, 1 *al , L,
1tN117.1 1- LO‘V ERS—For sale .I/V
LACK LEAD. —7OO Ib, of superior quail
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frß.' SELLERH.
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'A Wood 'greet
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bble. Old Monongahela Whlatay, In A.m.:din
eat. by ijabß/' JOILI DULILLII £ Cq.
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..I..Oi /liuuulur /larch. Irryth 11-1 pa4;l
for rehruary,
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Mother', 11.4,euhrenee, 1.. lira, AStillar.
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Mr,. El,.
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Henry elllealulp. P /l. Jame , .
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choice Plan.. of the celel.rate4 mokr II
Mrs,. l. eltac and lino tic hew 1.44, vlth
and estel4 , lwe .14ek
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+Alan Attachment Pius..,
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and the choler. ue., Sour.. IN•lkar. Maltz., dr.
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~! 1:, ) t. . 31. 1....,5.: ; j a i i, ) ) ....); TAININI: no Mercury, nor other
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It 10..011, I, D.
1,.,.• •-- II I. 4 ro , 4 the In o %mop-Mt/A. • orIJ Pm barn,.
Newßooks, just received. i ~. 11-....0-• .41 , ~ e , II ellrell to :Me tnotntent.
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1 SSENTIAL OILS-1 can Oil of Sassafras;
th. loath • t Soma. 11. 1 lornmh Fla., ........1 1• ol lam 14 .......,1 .. , a- lA., cy mutat. , El. 'IP. las. Ter.' , 2 calm 011 of
O i l yLaalext 1 eau Oil of eat,.
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, „., 1.0. mon 1,....1.0.• . ..ur 111.Ytno. 1N.,. 1.45,0 e of ch. p , 1t.... and 141 WI of }Ewer, just red Ibr ode bY
The Moth. r • Itmompen.. • moo.. te • 11 19 ,n 11.... A 1.. /tor,. .N.r..ail 1n...4..•. t the slam, eilee ~,,, J KHOO:MOM a CU.
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~,,,.,, ~, ~....,-, , ,,, , ... ..goe in thy Patar j_ Role by "10 J ECLIOONMAIEER b CO.
h, rue . Inotemn, 4.1 Thr1...... ad thorimer..., N.. . F .ro the Rem/thw. JoSir N
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NEW BOOKS! M. ttbdA . •11.11",.....t ... ...TM Salem All Wart rrer, ,
~.,-... t, 0,, ..,.1.3,1. tru4l-4. •pealm warmly In If. praloy
-t NIIIIEWS. 1 or,'. 15,:n ax
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1,,, .1.1,‘ , .. and moo- le m• In t.. 1,.. In • Immo, Pe,. r, r„,.„ • ,;,,,,,„.,, - ' •
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It, bra Azurlar 1.....,4e.1 and • , ...... n, ,:. 1........ - NI t-lit, mu... which I Imrektamot fr...
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IJI A VEIL It-LAN IV it. It lE7a A STAT I( .N EltY r::4•;;:,•.'';',:;,•:!‘•,•'•.:,•4;,1.;--,-,z,:,,:, -c; ; ;• , , , , : ;,. , ;.. ,, ,, ,, ,;;;-,T11,1 it ECTIFIED WHISKEY.
i 1,,..,, r„u ru , ...r ~,,,,nr„ •• r.,1-1 ~,,4 r,,,,,. 1.1,,, ,„.„,,. f r i, s , .r 0.. ml re. xlth • r eth it P.m.Ta1.1.. 1.d...1 ex..
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rd . . meal. a ~ .d, . . 0 ...- ( 01 au' •--, -1 - 0 ' ' •- " • ' Il- u••••1th, L OLASSE.-25 brim Sugar Rouse, St.
,4., at .bort lost, mly. -ewe taro... et. lie x.I other son...Mts. .10, sknilar
lu, K0,,1.-1.. a ,u , .1. and m, riran. f.n, attd h,.,., r..-ot, 1 our trwr.d. ,1 „,., ih,,,,,„,„,, i Loll. Iheflni.ry,jort received, naZ Mr asl, hr
It n II [1 LN, t.tat,ohrr .I,lllrll Nis I.lsTr.. .1 ROBERT DALZELL a CO-, LINIYIT attntt
,1. Na11...1 •I. ..... ...r of M. 4-4.1.1 5.1.. hropmmtor . f 11.4 mom tonlionm
. . ' I'vtr.tnal , oh,. •,,, .:, ...ell. 1 lord nt 11.0a.11phim
11 ooK ANP Jolt • PIIINTIN(;--E,vry d.- ...... - E..V.i. , . - n - 44v.. ,r, I.Lh 1.),
II ~,,.11.0 of Moral. Commeretal, au-aMso. i ordd al 5 , M01 , J 0 1111.t.t Y.. 11 41 .1 !enc. dm kAICo . corner of
1 1-,....1 Ittotitn, ....rat, at 4,1 ...di,. n.I m tt , WL, , al and In, •t. r
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Flirt. , th Itonlr.:ht A liar.", 14,1,...... r ..11.111
VEW 'N'rOcK OF Pl.lNoti,
il ..t 0..,, liar, Na WI Thlni +O,IIFAI ' ' IT I,ES ILM:Ei:S . SILIVING CREAM.-
II K 14.111 It in no*. n. , ....... a fr,..1, I''t 0,1 P. h. re.- the Mon .1..• dm- not .4 [lra , rm. the InaUry
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VEW BOOKS , --Ilumbolt ., 111, , " Work, . .11 1.1. , II ,1'1.3.S I , IIA , IN , . i I/P.A. Is ron,llnuly
edherit. thn.lenng the otlftm. and noel at , I, •a
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1 1 Corm... or hkethh, of 0 l'hsnral de.....ript4on •.1 tl, ~,aI n1ht1.1,.. to-olio-mu on a.m.,. I. loth,. and 1, to rx
r-n1v..,.. . t,an.ll .11.1 021111e.' Filar in: the irntat ~,,,, and p,aentln..-
r,t.rr'n Stu.,la.a 51 Nlinnexth. the New England , f that IIahIrYFFIII and •1111 forth. t el' Ow .." whith 1, so
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1"..r. , Sermon.. rh.... , . :Iry w.. 11 worth remling I u s...lthout Ih. -1.14, 1m0n...44 eliam.l .01.1 Um,. who
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RNOLO'S. lIIBLIEHT'S. 1101;.AN AND - . !i7,.... ''. 1,......................t.d.a.5 . ...a•w.dY
44 . ‘, 1 - 11.1111 , 1 ,4 , end llserlmn, 111... k. 1t.., Stood. I or rtht r ~n. arnnee to the 4.120 °Me whl•kero.
aru Cannon. Ink+ • Jule- Ilan. I •
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1,, .., FAH, .n. 1....n0ni., ad other Insuurortures of C o ' Pr. pared .u..• 2 ., . I . .
Pen , t s o' F. NI ,1111111 • /........sor Is 1 /1 Itoi lee A C I ' 1-I.oa 1101 014. Per..., and 1111.1111ot.
n.l. hr0t.. Penn.... 11 gold nrel other rem,. lA. Chesnut ntreet. Philudelphla. •
. hartmon's Enalinl. 10 , ....: Van, - anta,,,,nrlan. dat, I For .Ir. • bahmoh. Alm/ ,11‘11 he II A. E 5 1 L ,,,,,k £ 1,..
~ el. ',bank 011" ...Intr.l.l. r, sum • 01111.
aml elm' and It. 1., 5.11. rs 1a.....0th1t and John :ardent. mud .1
Plumb broth] Itmnts, rat...lyn. rind Inedinto : Marin.. 30...i0n, Cu.
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r "" ^" ' 4. "" .r a " ran '' "" r " l' a1 " .1. • '''''' ." To the Readers of the Pittsburgh Gazette.
~..,1,.,ri, awl rorn.,, and lit hogra tati for fan, 1 ir.• , , , . •,,,,, ~,„ ~ •
prepared ...pitme{ r ,rn u-r,...
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Inuol. It.. : Nth. le the P.11.4•1ne truth, set forth it relaton P.
mod .I.eirsl.l. 1, 1,,. so - and pm..Aro. plain. 0,111, ea. , . 1 *we , f Ihr noot llll,rtant remade.. of modern tunes!
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The 41.... e. with all other article. In the Stationers Ithe • I.v a p.m. e L nini ii.i .... , th.". lan. ll . n. ...nen all human
b o o, faney and otaple,:together rub II large amorttalt at F. 411,110441 It In ....Int,. when er lam about a rnedh
blank I.lMyurd memorandum hooks of all romman P.m. , etii.., thot yr. , write the trtith-Ahat ... ray
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IA J. 11. Merle d'Aublitne. B. 0., Pre.i.lent 14 th. Sham., tn . or .1.. .....1 ... tehilmrhmol. leo.' tin pl.. teitituuny to fa
glen] School of Gene.. and Tire lin...lent the Societe , ' e.. 1 11... Petroleum.
It,earmellour. Trawled...l ley II Whit, It. A . 'lnn., C. 4% '' Flee... the punt two Month, two of nur own ettltetto.
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I.llnd. have been to to elp[ht Ser.
I' lienturkY. Int !Bator,. Antlgultler. and Illography . 11. Prat 1.1••• ol blinittue, in the State or 4400. hare. Iwo
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th o, L ed m.,,,,,, •he thferred. 1.1 an, "ud who .hllth NI the •Ille
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i E"-, in Aru 1.121.411.1 .4r:4. ' 1.717 1 1r 1 . 1 Imre „,..',7,f. 1.-0-- - ....- ' .- 4 . 7 ... 4 ' .. "' r , - ILI.---. T. , “'r.
' 7 ' Li. ' ''....''' r ' T ' l ' m '. '''''''.''''''' ... I '''''''' ''''''''''" ; ' 0 1 ... 1 .. 11 \ c '1 . 1 ... '1 ; 11 1 1 . 1 4:1 1 1 1 . 1 .- ' 1 1 !..13 1 . 1 44 1 . 1 411. 1 n 1 i3[ 1 1 1 .:4 1 er. 1 12:..L 1 1 1 72
al About eommllti.• to call and eosin". thrin
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x.,.,, , ,.„... ~,, x x .., hx ..,,, , p.... ~,, en t ar.... ..,d a rbrome nature, tend.. to pro.
- I di r. thumunitthai
N do • ALA., America,. ' 70 xMI lth,rus s mt 6ralds, dirrnses of the 1110.1der ltd Kidney,
.In ~ 1 nited Slab,. ' 711: ',.• ' Chh,e•l HMO., EXel/eiLtell Nipple., enrol. and bunions.
' 1„, 1 ,,,,„ I I I. r g 1.1/41.7 I lIILLII,L. brutal, and ha. lo t :tied
b 11.. bum,
7 , 0 x 7P ' in mod of 11.. *lore dinners within the put pear trith the
do . a Anumira s .. iNfrien. 711 XFt mmt perf...• GAUP-rat, that win ...W.I. are in
tIo•bond• .4 t:,.. p.A.p1 1 :1: 2 14.1 . .1ai.•11 e plAmute In nhom
I'ner an... Irento..rlth lo". Ses. .. the Int Iwo Ilea..
, 010 them to . tea . u their f"a"de.
0 4 , , ,,, Moe, with k.", 510 Al h o n.., ether. 'May as' ~Lout their medicine., the
Thrre mono are 1in...114.1th anot Tarr. lA.."' and rhea
~,,p,,,,,,, 4n 4 , 4 4 „,,,,,,, , p p., ‘4 ,„ 4 „ . „ 44 ,,,„„.1- Petroleum l• thr L-rratert Itotnrdr of the Mo. Phrotelarm
Vie.. II 44 blob start.ll.2 to the pthfusoinn ate he bunlng to no., 1t
and high ,• of the l'aotrd Mate,
For nah• at 1.01,114,r'n loin., without addltlr'n nf (might * 1n ,., 1 ." , g , .. , 1 1 1. '. 1rr . rb" . ..n. b '' . ,1 " 1, .. 111 d. ..... I th. dotan
h ra-ra, at Ow F.l/1111,74.,1. ItotlK rirollP., t Atonal'. aro wuntla M named it One pro", and
" I ° ' lll , l'onier el Market mid Fourth AL i'di•hlerd o . o . IbIron• another} ra , .11a roan& nll will ta.
- .1.r0t..11.,1 t...rtnowledee that the Pethiletan I. the a-ne...
• -
Morris and Willis's Home Journal. ,-‘ .-th , .... , ..•* ,11 - ,- ” , - , '' .l. 'N.' , .4rikr'ole and rl
y , Mit. he NEYSLIL a Max/WELL, 110 %Void FL
puuusiii , r) .., err Saturday . Nov S ar k Alm.---11 E, aeller, 1.7 Wood .41... et :D. 51 Corr/. D. A.
I Elle.. Joo ph 1m0...-. ,peahen, rot. Alm by the t,
CM.. T.. i '''''''" . ''.'' '''‘''''''''" '. . 11 '.." '" 1 prin.i. NI. Fil Ell. Can' Ra.lik aeentl ' Pi • +tree.. tte
„..,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,
~ ,,,,,,4 _ ,
-04 ,, , p p,,,, pp..., ~,,,,.,,,,,. ~,, I 1,0,11. IEOI II A I al.notts - k I Co . 11 cad and Ythut el.
1.07 Fultntt street, New 1 dra. 1 , ..i.rtn 6 r 11-4, 1,50-To all ,al4.
~,,,,,,,, it, may roarn Thb, MAI' eeellfY that J. B Mot, !
In dnly authortrod bp art OW mterst for Moony , a VC 'L, P
lIIIVII 41nr•Mok. Rodthat sll rervinth guru 111 1.11,1 In pa.
no . nt for raid japer "111 1,• dub ar1.,..01m1al I. um at 11.4
obi, of pUldiratlon , al tt ... 4.1pre,11 nal., adal under
weed. that all tb.crlldton. ere Fatah' , one
,par In .1
lance ?he nr. rain. , win enteutenee on the Ist of Jan
arr. eubeetig.tion. rwrlvr,t 1.. .1 Ii Holm,- Third arm..
Piet 0111.. .011111, A WILLI"
"PD,..4, fr Lb. Ethlorr. ang) Prol.[lrtor'
EN V ELOPE S. --.1..4 reeei, eft, 'll bilge
onantlty of huff. Mum and white Enrelnium, of all
intro, for male at umnotarly lon pr,..,, at
W. :4 lIA VEN . 2. Stations,' ..rehntme.
Car Market anti aertnul Arr..
- ..
oFM noNNTrs-m.,,rhy 5 ih.rookiii
ili ha" open this mrunlng revers! C4,10f New ['lam
lionueta. mutating of Lnglialt Itrlghunt Ltd', 110pgartan.
Mc. Pearl eusti Napier. l'Ambreigerml Rutlandt._Jeunt
Vbj i na . . I ,ll4 ri d . rtttn=;tol=lll.llTCa7ll)lfe,
1. 4 1.1 X' Pearl, Mullah Lutatt, rblp•
and 1./anatahle. Alao
311 after and tartldren'ir floonats, of • variety of stylm-
Abo, aitierior colorad Entillab Ikettrh l ,9 ll . l . nnd mixed
. 0 30,4 OMR do, aa lota as nit. rents. Aim. Ibl• and In
hati MON Miro& Album, Chi= Pealt Lest.v....k.
Drug and Prescription Store for Sale.
14 enlea_ ill ttnnnri.ltinr rin.l trurTru'in pa.
°..t 7 • Uoir, ,rootelTlT. bal,itle.. In of
Ton. Tor ode Tu.Tn raTo term,. For furthrr furtioutur.
‘,..1 INCE the introduotion of this new Corn
if pomp!. Cough. and Vold. aro cured In • verY Ph."
tuna 0 will warrant Dr Itertoral I
"I Lalirugitta In Iran
ton , anti at a rltraner rate than an; other mtdirlu.. seer
IT Ar AS ESTI liFt.T 51110 -The old Cough '
Strait len. all tnita the anti endue. tenure whleh
mo, Ittagrenaltl. than Ow rough itt , ll nun I. tda-t.
attal hl. toktura. for It la M al
a...thing article
nil it wlll , ore or tar at..., real In r,itimalnl I the ert•
Jon.. 10 tavor .4 11.1. tat-dolor in I.ur rlty. from our town
,latteld rom f . it
itun any oue o. entrary It is the
p b ....rinttott net t p.a., tar Olt nrtast. and ha. hat.n used by
la in• 0.0 yratdire for a tattuttrr of Year , with the
f1 y..., burnt's...v.-,
Ct1Y...4:11 lilt. , -A lady from S.ohenville writes , that
bar daughter !ant I.att anlintral with a cough and eaneetor.
atom. utahlt. LI , V so'. on.) all the dlrtrowniug
...moon. M 1, 11 , “111,0.1 . r, aud that Olt, takins two not.
arr.! A Heenan I , 3AD:wit/la
..out: 'rho had with A.thsna and Cbronla Coogh
tor encht 'ear. Ino lawn roam], relieved 2.1 .tr. cough
n.toottal It, th. t, of ballet dozen of bottle. of thio Poe.
n.r a l 01000 A getrdamrtst ham, PPOria. Illinois.; writ.
that - Ite ktn.w. the 13+ , 11 Syrup to he goral article, for
Itt. it In o gml In the cartes of utalnalault
hi, Ltittilt with Inv it. oboe 1001.1 a.
11 41:, h al m
I . lt£ llltntclar, Roo rinays- It la
nut on in hall taut bottiva tit fA nen. tart, or aLI Intua
o.'olol 020..0 would tin well to tint, a SUnall of
thn itoaltrute no itattot all On , time, ax it is one of me moat
m o-rand ellitactou. rt enar din-nit:red for all
rvlla3.lo 1,..11111.10. indrient Ornsurnprfala
t•A Tit ENTRA- Many twryozia will try h. get tuit to
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Inattrunta but an not hand
tia , to If 'nu VI - aOl 11. ,t ht., [to. pi n . Iltarrultat
P. and tta... r. [hot core lt hen In if
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nosh... and i. romp...nth.) e ,orrron .I,lllrd in the hest-
Inv art 'lle., an la. wo e In litho
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. trnto t..r..tts our own ritt attaning Its
alonald , whit+ 01 be glow,. to any panto°
draitout ....11.1s;
. .
ACAS, IV,;,ll.rnor.litool the Unit.l.Vlatro In noll this
:undo to tiro.• who will
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nil tit will oullorinj, humanity
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1,11.10 a ~ rl.l rror jrulnood.
For am! 1.-nail. 51.1).1W.
Innt,pl.t... 1 4. it ...1 Pettalpurrh. Pa- to thorn
all kn.., I, ...two,. nnol 6...n1.1re-ord. Al wt, for mint,
o m. cum . n, . P. IlnorkVr. jr.. nrcorrorwlllo:
I'v trim W0...1im0n0.1 , 110 II llorlmonn. Hickory;
otol lo no, , hnot. ^rot .Irou.n.n. gonernll,. oat
E S' LI V Ell I' I I.l.—"The very !rest
S 'lll nun ,
.wa am i'ornr 11,ror. Va.. Jan. 4. lha.
Sir 1.111 mint. to you that IL
. - _
nsp oppossp.n spa"- hit pssrhapos she ss-rw host hll now
ppp sr, ss• I.Port P.I. .not ootho,sool Ist none no an
ill Is po top p Inahls Isonoossesi In our cum.
/p.m.unship fo. supplonung tsthent
now moo. lona in% ow • apsortnre.'isnsl from the ex.
hstPonee of moos p.l nis trpouslo aphl est-tomer,
ours rosoottallp
P —I to, po matzo! Inrho. the mini.' letter, but
not to puldisb the s. r'
odo. name
1511 a are the tpsts,p.d. °tar Trot ssnst
p.n.s. All os hos, tos s . riot. or ha. , Imitation,
illsrehowto, romilses sletlrre' Liver Pill. are
orntlipol nrol only tr. 3.0 ',maims Lion Pill. And
mat 1, Is es I.s. wsl +Owl. mnpl of Urns:cll. go.
111/11, 111 the 1.. cl(1•11 nW stionntt • • trestB
Lf: GS' LI V El:. l' IL LS gupercecla all
Silt l'inn.—Mr.
I.llk linty her,. au popularin all till. rt.-
•kr , , twit •upertedn all oltiva as
k, nr A ni Yours.
n tin";..IA3IES A. LEWIS.
iirrLimin.r. ',nal., iliac IL Snllers . Livrr arra..
minima grin. limn. Pill. and' may tn.
Inn) N.; ;7 S•• 1 ; Drodizb. gnnerally
11, Inn nit.- awl rinnilt,
11 I , t•nr..l
I r e ttntmliatt , czn , r•f 11••• InTent,
mid ••”1•1•••It.1 Ir •1;••••011.• •0 thtrt , to ,
0.•031tt i• re,matett•lt.l in all mac. , t
rtl• (1,41 fort•l . whi•-h )logur)t• May. aml
m wtmh tt ••.‘lOlO he rxh!)•l44. ;kyr
•••••••1••) all Ow to..t.orti•-• of 11, rum Irt gertrral
oritt•••01 'wing 11,1• Ir ct. 110711 dantternwettri , r•-
t 01,• It• 11••• tt ••tirettlailv heartiturp 'l
thei r
mttrt°00,1•••••••••••‘•• nf Wan, and their
•••tr1.0,0/.. at, lt•••.•” 10 •1••• 0 yr..ehta theta.) a ittfalo.•
~,, ,111 a. rate. In all e•••••••• it set., a rlemlnE .1'1 1 . 11 . 1 . 11,10
t•.••••Otarlt rtat•t•A
•tr II ettur•ltn.) I•ttry 1.•0 MO that thin itolittlon (net:rya/C.l.
010, .t•rol•it•alt••n. all tir.. .It.. 4 . 3.4 . 0 of goim aod
ra•rl. timr , •• •••••ittl,t-a011.04 111101(41,.
n ntlt•••a110•It 4111 oeen•Majitte-ta bati faalt•al.
)1.0:‘ tut. 1 . 1.11, intitloo), i.iirgPon
*mit' Ilt I n•latri.-
11 11rts, ,tr-1 ••an ttn •It•ttla that M.O , 'Sbt UM' he
.0.1.00•••••••••1 t••• r•• ••••fely ttt tho It•rnt of a eourentiatcds - t•
t••••tt ft... •••0•••,0••••••: r• 0 nut /Many .`thee
.l••• I ..pinee. that tho Ett...1•1 tr• •• very Tainablr
,I•Itt•••)•• t•••t••. , 11, 1.-nn , I•4ltra HI ILI It 1 . 11.1 , 111 ,
•r Jam , / 1••rl .11 T. 111 Itetolo., nwl Mes)m.
i• ‘1.•••• I,ll,ltt.,tmotthr remmtttrod
1,1.1 v. 1..1. t t itlfitlitt.l,lJl , lV :talt•at
tl, .41 , 1 torl friterroin thtt .hugrr attcodt
nk, or
lor •alt.ppritm ,
Winter Clothing at Reduced Prices,
A' \ V M. Clothing
Nn. 1m 1.161 , r
prop:lll , w the a 1.... ettahlbhment being deellww•
,tr dts, of the halsnee el his . Inter stork, to make
rown $r •atensive purchases toe rreing. shortly to ar
has determined to oder them at greatly
twiw. foe gash. 411 Mg 1.71.4 i, fashionable and
well made tiothlng, .111 find It 'sr...tit - their stdrance
to C 0.., him Ith enil. as great bargeJne will be offrred.
4 LT OS .LOC h:E, l'ailor and Pod; an auto, 1
ropular I...location. for rho um of perm. Au/ teethe.,
twol for roam: itcr.otto of both metes. prepared salallbnab
rd art-orals:we with • renolutiOn of the Senate ehd Howe
of Heyrrtentottvem of lb. State of 111kbtott. pf /lAf•
new. of public Ina
/ tot
Mtn, tAAA
Abbtt', Nett Bnot—llittery cif Madame Bolen& bi=
Et C. Abbott. eneteethee mg.= teith the
volumes of Ms popular teauniest vain It= eels ht.
}a 0. MPH/1M 75 Apila 1h0141.00, prort6 .1..
.hmtt.l with the iturrniktits
A11.11 , ...1ingt huhu:lN:l,lnd
ix. MI PriVft.
A • , rin,: that
New Books dust Received.
ittEVOLVERS—Juet received. an addition
iTalgu. ppI T ebrulue
nOLL BUTTER-25 Mete prime. for sale by
LL nu 8 a - w I.IA/LBAVOIL
' No 143 11.1 and 116 Soncedat -
INSEED bblS:fOriale by
LA fsfl S. it W. IRB
LLOW —lO lAA% prime for sale b
y -y
0,11 tk. ' a 11Aatuton.
IiROOMSO do:en, for Bale by
fetal . F.* W. ItARSAUGE._
nitllD APPLES-150 hue prime; for gale
iy By febll. • - B. tt W. HARBA1:011.
'ARIEL BEEF-0 casks sugar cured, for
.15 we by febll S. I ir. lIARBAUtiII.
W i tt 2'4 ;tl, for W
maJe ll b l 7 4 ll BLABS
LABS -55 bbls, and 100 keg: No. 1. for
Katt by febll
fiibtElt SEED-55 libla prime Ohio, for
V FIJI, by febll Bt W HARBALVII.
ItifLIED PERILES I ISO bags for sale by
Jr !All
'0 brie N. C. Tar for sale by
V ted ' r °"1 "' for NinietiVi b traVlNlETD: k"'
N. Y.. cor. fourth and Motet ids
~,,a , b- I ng ; V:ri:,° : =l lc tr.' ; ii =
.ronro:ll2g. AU
i., Murphy & Burchfield tat. erpeclal attelatlou ou the
&lure department ..,f their brudne. .d Welts
e eutiru: clothe of .ty demiptloo to glee them a .1 br . 74
pitrelisAl.. Ank
l'Elt3lllldE, De.-McLuties CILT.BRASID.
ruu for sabs by J. KIDD lk CO,
JaP, Arractl
I MO gm. an 13y jars J KIDD &CO
VIA L CORK S—lsoo gross fat sale by
v pas • J. KIDD CO
PONOE-2 eaeee fine, and 1 bale extra
1:7 mare, for prat by ple J. KIDD 2 CO
PSONI SALTS—IS brals for sale by •
14 wag J. KIDD CO
QUND It I ES—Fifty barrels Family Flour;
1,7 25 brim oupeenne noun 9 irrls fine Ace 30 buebele DvT
Applels 1 bet !CARA inet received oed in pale be
I mote 'a. SELLERS, ST Wood et., sole agent for Pittsburgb.
2.5 per bottle. deQ.5 '
Murphy t Burchfield Invite the attentlizet of thoite
r doll louette for boys' yew, thetr eseisettoent of thaw
an.l other ety le. of soords risfitcti fru' j"
W OIL 6 --Cash pe tu fz y l a Vool
-I„ErriTcH frnm manutlicturen, and (cc akle by
11 E2. ,. / .., F . I 4 ANNEI ;; One ca 2 3 3 hand d
LA :ME:TS—Single and double bed, bteam
and etertaiblantets Oar Pais by.
ialt '3lllllPlal t
riIWEEDS —Three cases assorted Tweed's.
I lust from martutocturen for ealu br
Swarm Tzz.
SUMAC—Two tone Sumac for sale by
,al6 31IIRPIIT C I.M.
J. MOLASSES—Fifty-five brls new crop, per.
steamer Whoa. mad for tale , _
rrOBA6CO-8 bxe No one. 6 twist, received
per otructrr Brllllaat end for rale er _
106 JAMES lILLULL - .88 Water et.
Iravy Oakland end 'toward forn . stm
Veit Qr As slug. reisAro ,
srde.lree. by 11131.SEY. also.
~may 1:3! Wood street.
FEATHERS. IC, oacko now landing from
'''''''''''''n,f r'a 11.172.11 DICKEY a 170-
3rd Wear and Front Ft.
QIENECAOIL.—Fire brie received, for sale
L by der.. PlialVEß IWO
UUTTEIL—Fire bris and ten jars prime roll
.I_, butt, for fozally WC. for cla im a BAR:m.
. I \T 0. MOLASSES.—Fifty brie, to arrive,
ill Cm. •.a. by de2s SHILIVER BAILNM.
SI p y
Dull'. Book Keep:. s.ral U%.nk Boats toed Et
1,16 It. C. STOCKTO..
HY PEACIIES.—Three hundred bus just
" de r L b.""4 ar4 fur sale
, OTTON FLANNELS—A farthersupply
Ph' ~toee allele. "NV &SW°.
VRENCII LEAF—Fifty bundles French
x norm, Dutch. Gold owl Silver Lest for do by
Joao J SCUMMY MAK.XII t CO. 24 WOW or-
COLOR.S-5 brls Rose Pink;
60 ow worm.. e.rrteo:
IU cases Cbrume Sdbw and Omixt;
Fur sal.. be jalo 7 13CHOONMAKER k CO
I'ERMILLION—Theste, Chinese, Ameri
ca, wad Imperial Vasa 6or We by
I ARD o[L—Lard Oil of a eupetior quality.
romdantly or, hood for rale br
1.11 (SAUK DICKEY t CO., Water t Erma eta
s rty one ILlLptime
ale - .ob . by
BUTTER. -Thirty Ire'gs. and six brls fresh
butter jest remind axed 6r mole b_r_
UGAR-2I hhcis N. 0. Sum for sale by
lei EW RAISINS on consignment for sale by
IREASE LARD—TwentybrlaGrease Lard
(HViTi'd awl for •ate br
LARI)--Prixne Cincinnati Lad
pul up In kr,s for Funny nee Jan reed forma/ br
Jo A. wetanier a co.
M OLASSES -3.1 tierces and 300 barrel*,
ti. McClintock torltra zurclumem to the teOgeet and
eoloottil amortment of Three Ply and Ingrain Oaryete
aver bromillt to this market, and elmaperthan any of the
runern eitieg. We intlre all Co call and ossratoo mit Mork
et N 0. 1 ,.: Fourth ittrtut and 79 Wood street
IV IN DOW HANGINGS.—W. Dlcelintock
V offer. to dime wl.phing tor:imbue very bantirom
Dursterts. of the. new. elaul
041 at the Carpet. Wan.
house. No. 8.5 Fourth greet- jail)
The Old Printing Establishment,
bATE Johnaton 2.nd Stacktan'a, and Blank
Ikaa and rtatioorer Warebodre.
. Vl:\ In ' , mated to remote even - gallon( Legal,
eommerrial,t'snat. gala Straw Boat.loarldblina and Bork
Hindi.: And fanilA every argarlo to tbs /Bulk Book
sod rtationery lloe, at the tkorteat and Co
th. reerd rrarmalde term,
Blank Bark aurl Stauooery Wareboute, rarer of Market
and Second garrets.
Beintiog Oben and Book Boded.-No. 60 Tided at.
35 half ply. Cortese Brandy, "Palo and Dark."
15 asks a qr. ea, do do "Pale... rarlow tirdb.
10 do do. and mart celebrated brand,
5 pipes Holland 010...80h11ns Aurhar" and "Fish.'
. 3 puncheons Web and
alum Whiskey.
3 do Jamalca Wan.
10 hhlr. N. E. dn. de.
35 qr. tasks Port. Wine:
2:, do . Madeira Whoa
.3, do • Sweet )lalsza Wine.
do Dry do. do.
10 do rrherry Blue. '
...:,' tove• Bordeanz Claret.
1n store! and Tor sale by .70113: PARKlais CD..
rani , . 331 Libertr Arad.
m b re wi rinret.
u on the lest 422. West. Eteelti, er—•
Fire Wel Marine Polities Issued co the most fato:rubla
trruu. et the Banking Ifottsesl
Je p No. 74 Fourth Area.
atnottloo of torreholt• and oaten to hit lar¢n and
11111 orPortol rtock of llorlerr, Glover . Under blintr, aat
Drawrrs. obore articles, Ellk. Wool, Errino. and
cooro. of all drys an 4 nr = kor, tonstontlfrot b
ATON.ond and for
sole low br no l. E
ti OLD PENS. .IV6 lave now on hand a
hirer Argil Of the beft-Onld Pea, from am.
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1 144 Liberty . street
A.3ZO WOOLWOOLLENGOODS.—GOODS.—One b... U. I On 3 3 ,4 100 food 11411345k0t0.
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9)0 do Stn.= Bold 11 I.l4libbon bound.
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111109) mmurabotornsonst Ihr m.l, on
twos to the Ind% at Vice. •
aremom thlu s oi home. ..1.1 earth.
...Than are Creator% of '
IrrlE VIRTUES or this rcw . tri: . thle come
j_ dr. and the eon onto applicallen O. -It to the
star. has Indeed him to La, it put npc , Isotho. with 1.1;
Dela anal directiotm fur the hemellt els
The PETHOI.I:IS3I is proconol ,tril in this count
tr. at depth of font hou•imd s. t urye oundulteral
tol setiel o f
arty al car... 'tut met wr it
flows from .NBSUP , timat as - stmt. Med .t mmains
PMPartles reaching a number of no luster
matter of uncertainty. Them ace moo, tun in the a.,
Mina of notate. whirth. If known, eC•.O el ewtrasefole
Mao In alleviatin suCerinc. and te n t .he Idiom or
health and Mont tom any a Mlle., 10 ag lefcrothe rm
rd,,„tor us, st rght of nutting it up In d 1..4 a repute- •
Ilan for the rumor disease. Them...tam sal daile lueres
ran" A.m. ,tto rentarlad,le mei It lea PM
hewed, la Sure IndicaliOn of het utr,•. ',polarity aul
wide 'mead application iu tho ut dtonse.
We du tot wish to Make a long harm! , •4 ...ethical,. •
we are ronacleus that thee...shrine ran o mor , r ,, r
Into the (icor a them: alto suffer. aot to be healed/
Whilst we do not claim for it a vols to, ap.0..-atmota art
Rectre9.4=ubi'll". as
n as
Mad.. and Kidney, Pains 1.1 the hark or mar. Nerron•
Dieesse., Neuralgia. Pals,. I:1,11=00h. Poo.. Omit. EtlatP
ellis.Tetter. Clone...tor. D ung* :raid?. hes. Old Wee.
le. Ye. In owes deLllity, rosultimt oun exposure. or
long protracted cases of disase. this mo jlethe
being relief. It will act ex seneral TONIC nod ALTEII,
ATIVE such MN, ilflrSTlitlg tone and enersfe to the
oblaie. frame, removing olotruetime.olo'll:o4 thl , ;WI:MA
functions. which muse disease and a beet.. rs.eurtitutioo.
and ntaina tocreased sod ionewol enerso all the ormum
of life! The prom-let r know. of ser onl I'm, CILN.,
that retistel eye, 14or ter-stool. .Oct '
•••11 rimier thou..
or the PETKOLEUII for ...hurt lien,.. The hoof eau
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None genuine without the siznatun• r 0 the
Sold br the proprietor.
a. KICII. Canal Carla near .. sent/. stook
b, E. SELLEIIs.. .
met IL.
at 111 , ...WEL1e
emmer Woo,. street nal I Irglo who aro
1401 . LiT hie 10001.111 appointed
'NOW all men who are sick n..t0l
with ilitraoLli th .-uNdri, anl iiiklnrri. with rhiin-
Ticeth 'i ri4 ' .l ' zit , , ^r , ': ::: -,,, . 2 .i .)' iTT.11 . g ;,; ' ,:714. )rg.
Lze.. ~ o u may talk a abmie it, I...itur uro.trum,aa ninth
tot plat". but ibis not make it tom w.
ID the bee or an houoit runitunit, gnat It
which are not cuntninirl in ani c.thor wooly Thu man
who is racked with Iran. an., /110 0 111 ro direvo, ean.
i nr 6(1, 0 ,, g o t ii.boy fr. any the ❑ iLnumotatial
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leader! It ends eery little to make a TM, Petro
letun b no mixture—no napenvel. pot I, un r, a ,a.
tf Wooden on the mainnunity: 1.01 it remedy elalfora
ed by the Matter hand of unto.. ant buldd. I in , from the
bOllOO4 of our mother earth, in ocinnial jonLitv. od of.
fence suffering humaniti a reed, ndrooli , r. lam and
cheap cure.,
It toe, cured Pllce. after other ce,ficinge have [ tiled to
render any relief. It has cured Ithrtunatifiu, of long
standing, and of the worst and won painful floracter. R
bee cured Cholera 3ffvrbo.. by one or 5.01V.h.e.v. It Inv
cored old ims. of [herr!. a. Its whet, r cry
has been of no avai. n leval rem—in in burna end
Wald,, 111, butter than any niedit-al romtsnuid. or ointment -
that we know of. It will core chilblain. end feet.
Ina few appileatlnun ca., t e furnish
ed of the testa containc.l in the bca
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ing on 2.A3ICEL 31.
11101: Can. enth eteVer.
either of the narnt,.
Kr)MT d McDowell. mare of t} -.1 el.:,t anrt
alley: It. E. Sealer.. 37 W.s.l street. h A I.lhot. aud 0. M.
Curry. Allegheny dee. a. the ...of. ,
has attealed the eve of 311/01 1,111:1:31.17..
COIPOUNI , AND ft:. in c `..stall
curing the euvereet and meet oterl ..f INFLAM
MATORY AND CIiItUNIC ;tiff:L.3lA r 1,31. sufficient
nnarentee and ne.mmervlanoil r.. !lota, all Loam-elk-
& , d with this dreadful dove... to tree it. - . virtu.,
hoard" of many rat than cat I,e. .1 it. Louis.
6d other. from aturnl. here la-eu cur., the last
10 month. In the tirr fett-rs from
w n r t v o r h t m d . . l o M w a a w l ; . o fthbc . t
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.rmin:th of m
Whileand all bone of ree,ver, hed Peva given
While ethers were of to.ere riveut for a. utet U
matory form. very 'ere. A.l. f to the wen .
Mittel virtues of Rd-, umbel.. and thcalfamls who have
realised tie benefit:, and toe now in the of health
'not but alacem the ongmal a
and Ptitmtde.
benefactor of manki.l.
It is well known from the -ap...rietre o.! the put theta,
outward epplimags n nrofathir effect a Termencot rum
nf this dr...lfni db... By 11. agg2tati, ..f stitasdatlng .
linimullk. partial reliet in some ens.. Om!' obUm.
'for a elSit - t time. Pot nil the while•tbs, An.giee is Atlas; tte
Mgrrgertnanentle CM. 3E4 tadier re later
will again develope Melt 111 a more dreadful torm.l.6dalter ,
few periodical retort.. ft .ttice into chronic,
which. lf not won ametted, ruins the col o , to hie.—
This la verified by the Liam... the pa., ail countti.,
and more Pally demon:drifted by the lihtory (l ey of
late to the prollrltiAr of this compound.... niseu by several
hundreds of Ranee who base pateed noire hie lbw
notice card tree..nt ditch. the Ina few mouth..
MOUTI3lEttlf f111E1f31.1710 Co3lPtit77:D and 131.00 D
internal ronedy—cfninicifges rte opera
dont whersetne tine[ originate., and In nitrifying
the bleed, parses through the bole oven., neutralises the
Impute. caustic sediment. which 1,. settled Yr. the
membranes. tritisedes and tendons—mums, it entirely from
the system,and restore., the itelfaidual to rwrieut health.
Let there who are vat Arceisc theimetrea, eat
m e: tar car 11' tf
car R.ntr„rt-.l, v f
they are c rt
ripples for neon. of hundred, Of
thrnmenda eurieg the Pedt, . well ea a multitude at the
present day,.demounrat. the folly nf rap,tm,4 . perma
nent relief Irmo erternatapplieetione
The protglene of thine alunble medicine tuns. form ea.
peel... that no outward aprdifation can 'swag? elle. a
permanent rum where I. Certify fined in C 1,,,
system. Ile can and do. pier.l3l. 011.51 . .mbruca
ticm in veryOlL arta , 00.1. which will na.lens.llcf in one hour's
Vane. but . will not ethrt twvmax..... mire. The na
ture of thin discsc is such that At moons longer time. and
Internal remedy. to produce the .laird effect. eel Hare's sbir-
Ril[l.lll2lC CMINUnd nod 111..1 Purifier is the
only remNy that ha, evet been discovered. either in
Monica or any other ovantry, that will eflect.llY even
thin dir e...
Shia medleine run bk• had. whol.ale or rots - 1, et \0.73
Third street nest to the Post Pittsburgh.
, Alm for no« in Pittsbnrgh. ho oinlser. Wm. Thorn.
.7. D. Morro, 0. N. illeker.hittn. rid J. A. Ina,.
Price S 3 per Wttlef eiX bottle ter doom..
Pamphlets can be had gratis of the agent.
eff.9. 11. It. St fell Art. Mont'
—Do. JAM Ron. the diecro.ener and tole proprietor
tthese most popular and beneficial medirines and also
he Inventor of the eeletoated instrument for inflating the
Lungs. lu rd sting a Ours of flos,ole diem., was a stu
dent of that eminent ohysislan. lassor Physic, and la a
graduate of the University of Pennes lvaand for thirty
years slum has twen enganed to the tureetigation of dis
c., and tho application of remedies the
Through the use of Isis lariat/nu tuise.ineunnestionalth
pined i i!n=l ‘ ,4an d etean o en f
and fatalaltulitsc Tubercular Cunaumption. Cancers,
Scrotal', ne as t:maths:l,lMbyte. Fever and -taus. Fevers Of
all kinds. Chrome Eryupelas. and all th,eo obstinate dts.
vanpeculiar to females. Imbed. sac form of disease
ishes under the use of his remedies. to which tarnant.
ty I. Itelrnot by the nose of one I,l6lpound only for that
Is bacumpalable with Pliyebsina ,w but by the use of
his mantles, adapted to, and Isk-rilsol for. each peculiar
farm of discus&
Dr. /61164 Tonic Altendire Pills, when need, areTuraria-
• •
acknowitelgad tole 141yerial ill, all others. al run",
tire or liver pill. Inaatauch as they tame the bowels per.
*ally free from cootiveneng to also hit Golden Pills are OP
Edna, by tbe faculty. to paws. peculiar properti, adare
ted to 'mak. disown, but being s a id . that a boot trial
sulDthent to petabllth what h. been In the minder&
the moat skeptical.
The afflicted are Invited to call :than the agent. and Tiro.
(gratin) Ott of the Doetor'sTamphletsorlviug a detail.
oal anagnat of each remedy. and its applieathen.
For Rile by the following well se by uthot dror
gists throughout the roman:
J. Pahnoomaker A Co.. TA Wood at....Pitteburgh.
J. 31. Inwarend. Druggist.. 4.5 Mat ket et.,
bee A. Beckham. Druggist. tear the Pool Max. Allegbe—
ay city.
3.°77110`1L D- ..1 , 151:!'•
7. Adamr,
EOR TILE AFFLICTED will be found in
agle b 1 ode whkh. has .v. 4 the test of thine years ers•
ml nf
a aeaner t
elm. and character ..f 41:oegFe.. IVe ft-el 'h. wenl
thing in =yaw thatthle the only mefleinc that ha, bevy
offerml to the etfilichd. that .ti error w , t”e ofthe won!,
oust It LP .Itl for.
• • • • .•
It Om curcal, and f. rap:lb:o r.f curfew mnre ditwltw.o tbat3
lavalielneoarml ,aIL.. we ran not to, whom
We arsuLl. or by what
As At RUM. an.i InpentriLlr. Isee ., ef & the
that It is Orr only :allele that app rand ht the farm rf
fpatela Medicine that heaven. been patreulead and rntai,
e ' d the.prefee of the ellt..grortallt. th. moot a:tremble
Fatally Math-toe ever offend for ash, or tor.l le) any a
The Don. Mara 11. Grilrbell. late MX. The /lon. Robt.
H. M late Mayor. lieu. Jahn A. la, late I'.
-William 11. Patter. K..q. }Alt r :lam .1 the
Tienen and • bad or ntlwr ot 'New
Ye, whet... fully 14.4.41 ne.r.tte. bar.. tatmntad lb.
Zd.prietor to rakr to thorn.
Ae it 4. yell known that
Blab],- pet ,
Urged. nth. ‘Voraler Inviting fororoond ben
Tema before theldie- hr.! tro at. ara nor it.
attongett and teat . T iilt. Cll,‘ IlLlt•lliltrdi, MIST^ and
clog nroof of its Faneral utaultatt. tot: 5t . .2,11Te
12,:= . ,TI:TZ 7 111 0 ei t g..1. 1 rn 0 ; . ;f:.T. ' i . utg
. old
sores. and all the name and aao. that bob t heir to.
Over 1,00(4000 bottle, ha, la. old tatuplaint.
and have perfected curb aatnin.intot cur,. alter all other
remedies have failed. aa 'would .to.t.n.r halal. had 've nut
offered. mad in out pr.e7 ,, p... Il."
- This medicine. or TIALF/r.. n-tu. dr. pr.-pared trot.
tablea.Por internal ..4L w, II !
ax it
g P s ' IL Lu L
Vo)caltPf:;':l'dju eLn ' l! e m. ' rul.tl4_7u ." :l! e.
at ' c i r:r ' = . 11
h' gr=l; i ttbureb. hr R ~ .11er0.'31.-.4.1. Kidd At
On.. wod Ogden a Stow au: 1,. tkru.. - s.ta
E cuendly. lib put up in U.tir. aue ota• Lot.
co:inr.mond L. warranted to prldury the itlon de
nt" carte.. when moll I:4' u.uklue [cat mkt,
borkwbrat 4... by arithh wott.; uln the
Cour of about he..
cent- .
To 3.111tx Itairo-Te Poun.l Vllf mild two tea
ataanfuls of ConiVounnt u-unl qurulEt) .0 tali.. mix
th,m tborougltty wbth. oaken) prc.
Parml tour tbatiftu eau t aeide and T.., then
add ututich col Qater so the ut.ual
tblekot...;, knead It well...nd let tt. MI,. minutes
before baking—man or taro Lour. sill do no hurt Iti•cult
amnia be Soloed much' tbiuncr. au,l hod at on,. but
wind° no burt to Lital Ottcvn nr Len:. minute, llicra
I. dangrr of artut, non md..b"..i tit. oup”uod in the
I.rcul: it will tot turn the bresd a.
when med. to exc.,.
ye. yo ialt aluva - Cnuk,Atrrl 1.110 ua rat.,pmll-
dlaya.johnier eAkr,ll[filtau
pu bread. birmn butt,
mke f ..pple dttlim i ts i !ot V . ltaucl La. all Loki,.
JW j'"L
Wonot st.
L . / ;flee Dollars mantra will to paid to our one elm will
prdrldco slat of paint. nave or dry. that.cann. Ihe en
treated with 110114 Itoprornl Chemical r, up. 1 bath tha
'attractive of RATIN: to the r.,ple of tht, place that this
maid, by my Own troprurentent" on a. now stands 1.114
walla.' In this country for astragal... rra,. pltoh.tith.
Irst. °ratty nth, greasy subtearico. loom all 1.11.:1, of go.
tiemen'a or !atin . clothing, earwax. table rens... Merl.
shawls, ladl.w . lonnoth. to.. without Injuring auf thtrol
that pure water will not num, Mont than or, thousand
portions in different parts of the country bath trld tmo tiler
e. 14 not be without It MD cost $1 a mho.. In trying this
Soap on mon than .1110 artieles of hula silk.. w....•1aC50
and datives, 1 have only found thee pttna of silk. two
Of alpecas,thd four of calk, on which ft eh...cod tha color,
therefore. before putting it on la light arr. try . aittnPle
of the them first- 1 stale this bora.e I ain.leterrairra
to recommend it any strong, than 1 tuna win strictly
Orders from country merelmota and pollm, promptly
attended to by tbe,suMmiber. rk.LLEIM.
37 Wood
EcEmas' GOUGE sYnuE,
'I had 'hot mod St twice before 1 felt its 4 celletal effect...,
R .4! .. L .
, S!itfe ri from a
gitil7^ ° 7reni i7f!lolstVlbq
one to bath yo nt u
tool the p t to pf.n}..h.
anent. that I had not wet it pr. bows Ph Its bette
dal end.. tool /leder the Meier blooms) Joel no op:twice:l
to hash the bottle. I Vent; tLtn N to L lug withers...l
lit magic neoprene. on felesoleof mine; one to neph e w..
who had • tryst. onset owl her /01010. mew:n(4ol..l with
Well) the only true t // ulapl us (where
=ugh. and to street the mentor') has deeetwed stamp(
to to •t. E. CsrptilillATiffr.D.
Mt Ja5.14.1;51.
.Id - 1u IL E SEELEItt , , . No. ll'mat
and sold IT drasa4M art:tr-r.n , lali
"'W."' P T! °."7.1=. 1 r. --
„,. 5,13,a-I.llln ellakt.d .r irlth a
bed mach.' erns recommend.] to um
b 'nand hand Mr. tt Tempb-t.m. yonc,j,
play, I, did bad t h e dekred eMmbutanting
t7l=7 t i ale i Pyt l Zl l Vlt r y= r ln b t dd y_ ."l
"d het, trot rostred no benent until 1 met with your invalare
r , IPA fullr extbuinl In An, lac toTon.
r . .. o `=„ uuu a ng it to the public au one or the bent ertedl.
dn. that hod tree been prepared g c , , u „
lotembd. 2..11ba B. &W M.
yummy] ucl told 11 1 / 1 1.L.M. Id Wend - frae
so the Or wY t 7 (Jul BHA= MEMEL