The daily Pittsburgh gazette. (Pittsburgh, Pa.) 1851-1861, February 24, 1851, Image 1

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DOLLIES If 1.44111 a4Vance.,
UKTX,-Voro dollars por analleti, to altrious 'Chats
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tea eoldta per md. ..... .. .. 6 00 , * •
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pid to bo_pdd dr/11,144y itt .I.loClabPapers*
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Standing Carat; (mizr.ra. v., ........14 --ii.
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nor n th satilltnand anon. inserted titer one month; awl
each additional mean luntnal mid, the yearly nitre.
74 reetlairnati r tazeirding i aims's . W f tleit sm. Wham
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An awing nualidatn to otoo, to be eliaraed the nun,
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inunedlately.conaaated 'with, their own tenons, and all
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ell. . tr=e1111.1 1 ; " atl, Z.l " P:iirt i t . ' , Lanier;
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animal atenst.,tan culr br aid ertni with an mouth,
lag th at, the none le-to be r far. -If in to he in
sertedin tholocal column. the ilanie irill be at the
rate ot.not. Ina than tonna KT line, .• .., , _ . ~.
Urban. or 4Eil. Noticrea to be detrital - Nice. •• .7..
Tmen linmeo Petition t.l enli. ' ' ' '
Rut Estate Annita • andAuellotwere _ eraimementeetot
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.(3:"L. B.' FET , TERBLLN, :Atton
says:Ad-law and-tteal-E•444...Lienbt,-M02137
Pittnborich.. • • 11.1•10
AMESAI'KUILN:. Attamey at Law.
In Silatimixt tc.o caruer of chusutptrotit pad D
Pittsburgh. is' kdry
K i....
IL COMER,...AitAiiiiT'sit - ilisi: cifi - ca '
• ILLnnie.Dualiam rside . atm* Prattheeld.,
wing *naiad a tontto alth, ?I., mt. !tonne, Lag, of
W City, ifOrmerly of the last Offloe,) ha. fa pt
ltanalt:trettbror aotper attention to the procartag or -Land
Warrants. Pentium, ke, and to the aratteation ett' etatom
beibeeWetiPew, or any att., depart:meets. tc• '• :jaW , . '
AXES F. ICERR, Attorney nt lalw—Office
weietb et, between Entlibileld srut.Grant.
CIS C. FLA NEG IN; Attorney Lair,
17i.442 Fourth .t t. Pittibargh: '"
TOWE & WATSON, Attareys at Law s
=ta KY
Mali.* C.: i rm• Ja
5m1114.19: &Axon, Pittsburga. - Isaias
a ...Attorney-at Law::'
conto, Oil Fourth stnikt, between Woad gad &alb-
I'ASPER. BRAIYY, Attorney at . -La
4tlrlfo,titrulk stwel Pittsburgh,
- 9,011:61t9 AND BILGEMt
Vs. t Wyse_._. a. come.
WILLIAMS la CIL; Itvilzeie
- - and Sullins Brokers. N6rehlatt use of Tracer
4tnastmete; ilttsbosrgle.
llrisacßms m34o llkstral terms, and eoßeetioas
gi,D; ( LNG, Baiikei• Etehat Bac*
irowth rime, Dealer ha Hoak Yeces.l4lLs af2s-
Ard . ***.tr. -Citcles •
.4 4 ,X1 4 .14 Alalarr
A VZIDERETLarri es and
• . Attuareet. No. 00. adjoining- the Bank of Pittsburgh.,
lacluatv .Eroke;i,
to Earth East Ownsr of' Third and Market ttnets.
at mot IlbersJ roam •
/1010 , 3E5. - & - SON, Dealers in Foreign -
: - .4 Ift,Dtiy: MU of Emeusoge, Certlf.des of De
' .11aalc 3iot.....Epeei.,.xa, CD AIDA. Wert, Pitt.
th.DeligeStVtrt..4":4! °' ' WI the 3 1,,, DiDD1 duet,
ORG -E;A-RXOLD - Blinker&
Dealers lu Xicitinev, Coln. Bonk Noon, Jte, \0.7
routb_atroet. next door to IL« &sok or PAW:ouch.
eetefigklettoodOkt and yrceeede matted to.
0217 2.11 or the
.4- -
ehaa g e .Deolonv TOfolitik Oita -
Of f , o - • w IMpoolto. Hint Notoo.—
=corner Of flied ifoW aroota, 411,stly opyodte
d street, rittlburcb Olsten t Honer rep
ob Dwdlt Culleetlpse awls as Nl We intact*
Nei AIR A: IRVIN. Comnriasibnlterchanti
raftoro.L. Pahl. •• ' :-,trarect Mirini . ' ' 1014.11/Orit.
413:ER. — JJANNX t: CO.; Sii - c(iessors to.
' /Intory , i1...¢.4 - ftv._ , .
_ .: lli.losts:Pscrtaxar Ihwxna;
to tairlmandA.mextie]trehokagleAkrttlikater
of N Bonk Note., sod Fwd.—North Itort cont.! Of
tad 'Mot street, Corrrbt Money - revolved on
widt. tight Meet. fur nil, sod rollertionn male on near
ly all the pd .:id - Dal point* of th.lln tol Stater.
Th. blahttd M. 0... 4.14 A, :.} onigo .4 Ammican
• iw.-I.AYLoIr.,-currinii.hioner iraj
G73iatteri 114 3...34 stn..- Sold attention te
Oren to all baranost oatmeal to too etra ;Pittston . ..6
soannfactoml trades areart on bane or procured at *Lott
matey_ :lionm tiondn—tlortnares, nogotlaW on force
•be tarmo. AGrancot anal, If required. ,„ .
• BOO7tß 7 l7 R AND
It. C. STOCKTON; Ito Johnston Stock
' • tonntket . Boikrellesd
sw, Hu/loner. Ihinter..d co,
Affi and Tineeets, hrtebnrgh.
AB. ItAIOUTES' Cheap. Litenui , Depot,
Ittni street. ommstse s tbi 144 f)fric... New rz .. rr
erpapc ' mput t llthal al Utt
iiOPKINS, Bookseller and , Sititioaer;
Nu. 76 Fourth street. Apnno Bui3d w.
, AVIDBOWN, Ja., Wholesale and Retail
BaTZglOifviktner. SG Fourth rpri4
sad Fuser Confactiouarn al gray* ott hand.
All adenrimactsiUT attended W. . .
~'?` v:~ D' u:
LII :;'74'CLINTOCK, Manuracturerand bat
• • • -1 4,P61=' V= f 3
slll Pltia-,
w '
L.7OODS &SON, Pitiffitiit DE ftS
saf.tiew - Acrenntiy . yo,,q,jrater Woo:
. _
:WIN C. BIDWELL, Comminion and .
groom Slacken% LIS ireter street. Pitteb4llll.-
JOIINSTON, Forwarding and
corooderwo *reboot, No.. 112 tiontiod" Anat.
, . .
• - JONFS. Forwarding and Cora
•Mai* 'tore/wax, Dialerx in P2r,e• aM Pitt.
_ 012 =1,11.1k bear ErmUl
Cr• 3FANULTY &, ►a I Forwarding anti .
liFreLa t a a , aura Pittaborgtf
4 . _
~ A ithic-Jatriv§,w4 ,
..,..„,...,,..p.c.........., awl l'o= ° , t"
Duet fr!,.. m nth.4 " gb 3 P ..5 . 1 . 4,4 o ** JPlu►
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"'Cf.-4344./CIK,Irt:TT 01-41/1191orrilri.
prl p pd Z g regn and Darrul!leprjr i V e t a r
' odd
a. a 4 ti l oe l )<to ^ lfrM . atl Ylf L icrodL
• A.:34.50N 4E. CO:, Annlemale and Retail'
Iftirt Twery and Stkpla Dry Adoodd,, d23lLtßek
1,- -'Pm sA
4 -
.• Iteedi Ih7.oacts !GramM.. 40,..* q rcTit.
itvmdixt-•—... ~t.vrars,, ,a—mansn.'•
.. i'L.E.IIING A C 0. ,, CommtnuOrt
„u l .-.4 4 ,1g ,
i v , z i pADom v' 1tc4.,...1
~.... ,in lad stmt. tamilTorfrogglZ6litt..
r c uccemint
.44 rt.tot Drug sod
.• • iro:4ltnet. VlNis
. • DIV.2/145.3 CILIVII4Ir I"gbi
'.4.JAIINESTOCK, Wholenle
A o w,a Ihnokt,mrcoriVrmt soll'Proat rte ......
COOl. haZiarro g ote : toe sl-,1
_Oll, tli.Stufftl.-Ynd botramp4R-i.
tr,,,c74e2tme4 leoemmexty2:
suad Warded iitti
11-:•-k.:tgELER9,, Wholes:lie Linii in
tiN:Pattla, Ile SLIM. Ilerillitres.44, am,
ritialn9c6, Ocoas.
1 01 I 1 VD.:.31ORGAISIV Vatolciile.Drugeri,
i.ielouLDk Dr. StulL4 Yarni.b.•
••v. V 3 ottl xtreet. ODE dnor Youth oi Dlemcod AULT.
15T.39 ..W.KER9TAm" IVbolesiao Druggist,
.ft idle Wi a it
segoonj xr,R & CO., ‘Vtiolesale Drug
er Na 24 Wool at- Pittobargh.
RAIN & REITER, 'Wholesale And .Retitil
Thwaistt.mrs. atlibezt) sal Ac Char sta., PILL,
L:SHEt, Grocer, COMMlidatt_
el 6, Nlerchaalt:
jt nul dealer' In Nta. .and : earner of
Penn nnt! Irvin meta. rittibareh. •
qA3IIIEL P. sugralt:. -.
err: erolll.lo iLtei , Commbudon
414 In Pittaburich Slanufactured 51
ItaTet. ,InitettliVaallula
1011 N
drrox Produce cud
Adret••"Mr ilazard Pow4Cd
11 Vocal pt. Vittabor6rb.
BIYARII)dE . &d:NGRAIIAA::I . IToteetiIe
'dinner, and Core 1 . 1. MaLehanla, MialliF Wale
swoL awl ILO Find Pitialzffarg - •
Vri HE
Y, M. THEN A' Ca, 'Whp . tesalo
Orman, Conlianott tool -Forwanlbot Merchant% and
ooas for Ihirckfini Cotton Form, Li Water rtoPioabusta
JOAN ATT & CO., Wholesale tirocero,
comi o ootoo aleO4:aior,ioo't:w... In Prodium ial
b =rig. , Manofartuara. TiFa LlGertp.atrett. :
.7:PANF4ll;l?;.jate 'of - IVOrren, Ohio,
Aith.A.:ll6llroition generaiir. Uwl
Waler ativei o
Tf ginillillcUdind Mood. litioinargh.
a. warrliattwo-..a. r o artiotaa......w. wVII/0411.
S. ',WATERMAN • Lti SONS, "Whole.solo
.f i lozr=o, P rio th io a t i Forl : ardin Morels:oat::
:rod Arriolos, and Agents for Oa rit ' e t ViticlUirrd=
:14rwliburgli Alanotorturod T I r, , Now 80 etial 81 Waal
Admit. l'ittaborgh.
W ads Goons. Forwarding and CAMIIdII4OII Mara.
anta. bairn: In Pittatiort h 31anidacturoa wail Wrote:en
'ltroort, No. 00, corner or rout! 'Sort and Chancoi r Una,
DALZELL. IVlltilestsle - Grocer, Co*.
a.b.101 nerebant, and Dealer In Produce and TIDO
laurgieMauttlacteree—lica 70 Water at, 'lletaberg.b.
- Irrart 7
!ISAIAH Mat/ iTeCTit oes is ro
.i)Co..ltholooste Gomm. Cotamlorion mot
r - ograNth °4 4t7ohontosod Dera ha Prot:hi...awl l'ltto.
wo. Nitot No. I= boomed +G and 'La ,Firot
War. mans' rianaba..—..n.n. =racism rf77.121:.
4.1.11XER & lIICKETSON.. Whillnentle
Oroce”, tral Inintatra or Drainn . Win.. and
N. nil corner of lawny and Irwin Amen. Pitt,
ad&taXia. • iron, Nal* Cotton Warns. 4.. s°. nanainniir
N'OILLS & ROE, Wholesale Orgoers
OatmaleSoa'.Xrrebant., itlbaty drat.
4OBERT MOORLOnidesale. Grocer,_
Rectifting blather, dealer tn. Produce. Pirtabaratt .
tketetroo, wad all land, or 'Foreign and Pooo+
Mats and Llionora, (o. zin Liberty, street On. learil •
14=et i ar m or angering old, dlonongabala liUnrer.
toy. sir nub.
ROBERT DALZELL d C 0.,. •Wholpsale
• Gramm Col.lllbllo[l.3lenhaisto, deelent in Produce
arsi Pillebregh .11rieetreeeree , No. 233 Liberty next.
ROBERT A. CUNNINGHAM; irfieri6tal — e•
PrAuco. Forwanlin ikadl $
p itub Comm.smort Ler-
Liberty strret. j'attabtargb., O. '''"ls
W 7 M " :I,AGALgk fi7766., -Wholes ' ale Gro-,
v-v • tars. 390.13 504 93 'Mind street, Pittsburgh.
gal 11. . lewiTtion.
WICK:A MOCINFLESS, .1113Me.5.10111 to
V LA.J. D. Wick. Witolcsale Wawa.. I*.ardl.4(
and Comnslation Merchant., laden I Iron. N. 1.4
Cbttati and' Pittabutzh tianufaetuec.
oat= of.WoOd sal Mater Areal. Pittabarch.
Omperomed COintedssion llereb.ts, Dr•lers Prá..
...7...sana t i=lisauthanzed Artie ea. lIINry
to. • ..1114.L .. . .. .. . ow,.
WILL S ... .i . 'holesale and
• Ifdtall sad Comaitalmi
eretrwatx and Dealers!. Cowan P oda e.dd lim•burg
7diu :
mbetures, corner of Mom* ii4,l 111th rt., rittsburg
,55 .
VbeTyr gavot; PittAnnhilTbolestale - Gromrs,:Pro , ..
atd Cotimindica 111.1e4matsquld dcaleroln Pitubartb.
,1 IL FLO ; Wholesale Grocers, Coro-
iitiarcAL --msnaridrs
TORN It MELLOR, Dealer 111-Piasto Fortes;
41s 3199ir' 3finkta latrvatrnts. Sellout Hoots 91:91
99991999 9 , 7.' 9‘99 , 19mt 119. Chlrkesimee Pill. Parte% kw
rencurhlrea—No. 91 Wool pt.
DEENRY KUSER, Dealer in litusic,•Ma
- itic..lltugume , r4.2.ll.l Lir :ttziurci.
nq "lux!!
M., tor ltunkstri,
rcIiENNEDY, CIIILDS. ,CO., .Manufsetu
no" Tery , nn.ridi" 44 — SheitiG4 , Carpet c -
ton ' t
wine arattttlg. Penn 11111, Pettaborgit.
twat • JOSS y.Ai.
ONES St .42uw, - G.. Manufacturers of spri t
and Blietet Elect Plonith - itrat Steal Plnugb Winn ,
h and Eliptie Sptlnß.. Ilanunitnl Inm Azi, and
jlantiable Castings Fine YAW. Wapo, and
enaeh'TrlimEnhiga geyrally, corner of Rune and Fro:data,
Pitteburgb. P. : a. • •
net. Begry Cu- Maintriounrna .SodAvtAll.lll..l3-
!.‘ e...10.11i. Warebolut.
Wag' et- halo., Fen),
WALT rat P v AIAitSIIALL, ,Sucoesoor to
Flaintfera 11113L-Inip,tort, and Dealer La French
and damrleau ram:. aungutz. ILIA 'Emden. 'RUM*
:citadel., Fire 11.01 rztatA,it,
and Wt‘Ptal jlkPer. 65 Wool rarroa i betwera Eau eth
andDiLlnand LtitimbarglL Po.
ORRIS:8. HAWORTH, Tea and What.
Merebeett,,Emet .We of the Rlemend. littehmh.
.Wll. A. JrCLUES/..5: CO., Grocers and
' Tea Denier,. No: hiete Liherty fuer, Adore Wood
have rdsayi on band • large wroth . .. of Chem* dna...e
ke and FILM Teas_- 4leo—Foreidn fruit. and.:s
diid. MAIL .ierr ...POW on the lowed term. ,
.4:::HN A. CAUCHEY, Agent for the Lake
Cris and 3fieblctn Line.. to Warm and the
on Om corner or firstre and Smithfield
yAAFFE 4tll:VQ3,lkiNtlt, Proprietors of the
Fittoderrah Potable Cool Stem earner of i,1112
I LEECII & CO.. Tramportera by Canal
I and ' , aromas, Nerr.bdta, comer of l'enn Arad
the Cade.
i. iiiiiiiiitir, it - - ..awimariar, rt.
AWESTERVELT -& SON, well liciown
. .
todmlLlan Illlod 113kon. keep most.* on band or
to order tar brat article In their: r, at, their old
stand. No. 13 lit. Chit rtrowt; gm, 20 No. ..3f•rket rtmet.
decood dor,. entrance In the Diamond.. raid. Bhutan"
. mad. t0.”.i.r...d old blinds uraLly rePairrd- • nPla
4 A.. BROIVN would mostrespectfully inform
' thopnbllo that bolrdeT h on buld andf !tilnd =Um weft
rof lb* flitinaud, AII.g .ny city. At oomplet4 stoortnymt
..fireallap blindg al. 9412 /Ws Mutter. an nude lo order
fn. ala bott ark. warranted 0.1.1 k, WU ./6 the United
.01,dea. 111 r 111Indo ran. be rrmoved wi th out tn. &el of.
oder driver. 11arrood theticelr,_taa., and wood
elbe ...L l..blntitlitsb of _ltanuay d NlClonsed. I ant
lAforoybatnngrola aid dasdowers.wirtll sa this pub
...WaTiZrkdoolthintimating in tbo/r Md.. - ~ ..
Jltalf O. fi Wood dtrtit, i'd.labardb.. - . ;
VANIEARDIE,. Veterinary Surgeon, late
• lives .I.4llllmgh, lieotla4. would rrq,i. NU, an
tha pubtle that ha has eccomormed td•ctle• k. tha
aad, 117 ...dal atttaUn. toArtratarer Is
al:dluted to Mao, hp Isatoa vivo natiotartlne.
In tOttbelifen wiat Ilardia. llorat anel
-ihwkataithfris t a /general *lll he carried Om at the Tommy
te Tunnel strart tad l'erktoy I rani& Av....
URPIIY & LEE, WOOL Dt*Lertiv-Apil
• Cottanharion iferehehte foe the *mg of Aneeetteut
or. en Geode, se. Me llty et., Pittelturp.
2 lenairr Jet,
NY; .11ARBAUGU. Wool Merchtuak:
bre.. lo 71. v and Prndar qmoroktly, and Fur
p..Myr aid Vanudeafra flachaats. Na.. 11 1, Vint ans.
all& *teat xtr.t. Inttmbevgh. • •
t r M M •
y d olti,El, JOHNSON, Ettgrarer on. WOO 4.
. itflo MIL ithlnt Plebrorgli.
I I ino. - nsutanay.ll.4.or
laa•lscapcs, Drag Labet,ldeolaga,tiema for sarlPlans,Ra
tactics. ilaclAnamlationnOottan tramp., ira, in lam aret styt•
' Gt ay t, awl at the lower milk, •
LithOrTt: r.
• le tstabitshamth Ibet.
44 =2 iLorail ore, Ln
ng Lo t Ws. Arshittsetstrol n'tol /WM.
blit , lngns Basin.* ang Visiting Caen, kr.,engsg red at
&gra on , P4Otte s and printed eniort. Itronte.
k, laths won aphrotren e4Tte, 1.1.1 the post mum,
prteeg Jgaltl7
- JEW R 8
fir W. Nit I LSO . N, \ V atches, Jewelry, Silrer
vrAre;-,,,,,1„1nut.v.04 , , ercornernuket
YnarlD p,twbunte. . n.-11a1rD.. nS Cket.i
) 1 MAN, . • Importtra and.
Wbol/uale llkulere In Iran!hear. and Cutlery. No. IZ
uul street, Yitirt/nruh.
kr. NuNT...Dentist, Corner of Fourtikl
• Ntweeti Alarket 'Ad lerry mega,
Lab, and Almi.
of. 1:10 and
antuinion 3fertbenti, awl
of liazard•llle.tban, gn.
~7 of DRY GOODS, at the Ou. ark* Won of
, A. A. mAsta a a), lanai 64 Markot stmt.
Blotnaneneed on Iloolay. laronabrr 30. 1650, to continue
th.fragb the month of Jan orary Theft who&rOahllelh
tallatkne bean Warn onto rot Retail frWa. their.,.
bohdlor emir. atroontlan to One Unwired and Thirty .
Thowand Dollar*. 1011 In offered' at Rota, at fuone
four* teat wool I riorr ,
Tha mina. of their Stall-Auanal Salo to any one f the
thtoranda who attoadoct the sale of lost_tear, 011 l sufn
t l.
dent ruarantra iur *tall this mouton. Thry will. h e .rem.
mtotbn a few of Dor Rom!. and - pylon, far the Ivnellt of
War who hat* barer attandol Cholr sake. sit •
l /Orb C,ashatarsa ill c00nbin11411 , 71.13.1.
LW Pk..
and Wet Cashmeres 05 eta& orntl
_ pens 314 centa.
, /top pkg. cot.. ml WohtDelalnal. lb and 111 oath.
lb:Arms 111,4 nocainr :43.41 " ..r0 t : 40 osota, ttonal lince
02.11 ro.nto .
CO Ono. ttrlptsi and flanred Ellka, LO nottr, tonal
prim 70 mot.
D h 61
O plense al do Chine tad Ratio, tag eetilp, usual
mo. 2ll
W Om. Mark bilk, redneed Z per rent
1 4 1 1=r . „gv , =?Jet,. :"' ,Za k 2W.
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Li UN DRIES-8 brim fresh Roll Butter,
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-1 ttrlflol Corn Deal.
wit.. other,
L Jltla IP Flour.
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liU -'---- BKIIIIE — AT CA " , KES--11 Fou 7 truni sn;fl
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Pout.d..the val. by JaDl X X St 1.41 MS
1.! EVOLVITS---er4lol and Allan's, for lult .
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. tu hooter
Pittdurghtlas Pipe: and.Tnbe Works.
T IE ufidersii,med hrive.jitAtoi - impleteii their
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fauaihetwirS 10 A.ll. spa 0 I!, rrsidrore, N 0.21
Marburz2:l_7ot. Yittabumh.
D.A2;ikravEtra. Agent the Delaware go.
taxi Safety Insuratir*Cooirartr, 42 Wert rtmet.
GARDINEICCO FFIR,. Agent the — Franklin
e 0, 71.1” - , aznrr of Wood
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IVAL - GUWIC, Boot: 13pinza. Wood stree t,
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bum! ouvmuy. or retAlscsl. ...Nauru put nu likullt letter,
Thar sr4o have bl &How Ire sarsl gull. rums low.
• 4 'C'ORD At CO;: Wholesale and Retail ivj tb.uteaumr....d Dealers In I 1 u. E. 4”,
turner 'al IVocal and Filth Atterl, Pittal. WM...till
offer a flift Awl rtalpkte of or Ili., :are. run, ar_,
qaqualt , t . i and atAlu„ by AVltalevkiv.ina4.ll.4.6ll. and
he'att •atien a tlwir ruffi1. , u,.......1 pur,.l..r. genet.
ally..scuriag thud, that cher , all ...ll' a. th.... ad.. -
IT ------- -----------
M. DIGBY, 31Orehant Tailor, Draptr,
end Deider. baCesily Med.. Cdothitte.Lel Merlyn.
irenlOVAL.--Tht. Itas removed to
I.e Liberty. eiscel.. below PIC. No. 103. Olitne and dwell.
NE:* Oki& Factory—Allegheny,
u A,
e witlTE & co. would rr •
, 'll"rel . thard t _2l - tl b Yy .
'street.' Thg ' ' are now meld? erelvehered eeZiee
Nero fur .•cry dt+m'ippyan ;41`driglIti'•
Ce P TlZ; n 4n; ° ." , T,lValtlge:,l"..l'i;of,k r :
enabled to tio work on them ad ***wattle berme T will..
them want:ow artichot-Ist their doe.
Patine ',ardent:* attention to do , releethel nt• material,
end havto t t noon but competent workmen, they hare no
hesitation ha Werrentlee their work. IVe thendbre etsk the
attention of the nubile to Witt matter. • •
N. B. alone:rind done In the beta
.4e. cuff en the
met ree,nable tonne.
A - AGLE 311.AltrILF, (establilthed
ICS by EDMUND Wll.6lNd, Na 184-Liberty et- ,
• of wood stswet. Pitt Aura. Monument..., Pude'
Vaults. Total, llendstones, 31kettedpeces. Centro and
Pier Tor, al treys on bend. end noule to note,
N.11,t. choir, *lced.n of lletterinpran hoed. jai°
Important 'to: Stage. Coach and -Wagon
Live' biughi the 1.1 nt
i„..,t`VT.Vtt'rtre,-'1r41,..'14"1'.7f,,a' 4 hr
lw Meth.: in j ua 44, Zito. ' TNa e :a.ii. eet unee:
Axle, runnlnd dilly. wilt reef Mile a half hint of cello ate
menthe-. altoetnall quantity of, oil VIM in Me of the beet
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We. will entirely prevent i.e wheel ram pacaug ed. •
By yew, ea., the teatouhtee will warrant thotte A ykarto y
lend than 12 to 15 year, daily running
Wertheim—No.= niter, and I.l4Yront strouta.
11U1 .. IPIIFIELD, North East
- ozniforrouriltritud Market stree, Ptllkberg
eV trait the commencement of the - be . Year, 40 t o
tern their thank. to their rueloniers and the public cell,
Olt, for the lark, share of etartwea extewled to them, nod
invite the enntilneukte-.ol.tbejr hirer. ILevine north,'
enlarged and improvnl their rum the , nreenabini tn kww
on heed •rcl7 ertrr.ll , , ockentincet. of Woody-wed borers
will rave the odslettkee lehty of 1104 to exited.
&_ei 'd4 r hl aW Ta k trw " at far en pmcliabl.. their
Where every artlek In the 017 blond. Hun,
for the want, of fitaillen, Ics procured—and to their
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divklualn. to favor (been w ith thetr . encanna.
WIIIILF-b ALE ,likS I .•.*; Lib will, be octoloord
the memo up athinw-entraece from 4th street. or thrvehh
lower )ixecn•
Cofeer t Third arA Market .tre•ak oply rtiu
eetittit9a, 9f the ht.i Titteletegh.
feecter.—John Fleming, •199eipal Inetrector to the
Science et aoreente.
... • .
O. H. tharaberina, Professes of Peonntanshlp, Mercantile
Coptation, de
• Ales. 51. alarm, nt_ Lecturer cm Commercial In*:
Thom &raring 14 complete kneeld., of Houle lircping;
and Ita application to branch or +mune, oleo au el,
greet end rapid peurowuchfp, Inctlefl to rail and exam
it.. the errettrom ote.
Locture Coranameial Lao every Moots. *venire, ' -
Ilefcrence any of the 'mercer mt, uterebante Lk=
WILK INS, Nn,245 Li horty et , - 44... " - ' 0 " ...0 0.. 000 " T " .... . , ....T n. .*
hew: of3Cnol atre.t. Metal drib, I. N HOLMES & ,SUNS. I.A.ekgro.
sr! c eio,o i°14.,,4.1' 'd eeeig l l . o:7 . ttl . Tp,... '' ' A 4' ''''''' ''' i ''' 4 " .^ Pi i.4 .74 r iii. l Aa 4 J ' ''‘' . .VA
1.1.0 re w; e t... and unail...a order of th.. 1 FOND . il L131. , 1A... • 'Llhittelt at twdlieni.. :. 4,10
choicest 1ar1.1..., .1 at en/ , v . ,-,1,,, aa y Dank nf 1,1.1 newt jar lortorn , L t N; .. _
i rk. ..4 clone &Va....a v en-,,,,, ~,,. taenina , Dank of Lha+dodur Bran r 0 at \ ata- dr
.., 11, and 3 1./a dd./
tar Branch at lonnwndan do
31, nn r ra
~....,....... ~-...,..„--. ^ lank uf L.antottra • . tar (.113 bank Llc.r.natl do
wok tlfjLorth Anatrea Ooontaarrul kl...43nroonalld.
~,,, poi.,
• Dank of . orth arlalmaanawalarnak/is t Jaya dio
i'Lio 3 iffil i - i --.". -'- 1, Dank / f P.nneyllrania ......pao Labrella nava.. . do
r= 'o' ii C.TZ,V , `4 . l.T.:?‘'' , I TE!" . T r.,`k"_ d '.
L , 11l - 11, .
.. nate raer. I
,1 ... ' ilra ' Llt . o o : - Vt1 . . 0 .0 r
St ~. I:,tur.l, .g u - s"ao° , :I:
L—_-,.. 1. lirard Han! par NI. W .11 Aan
DLFI'DFNCErt Er, .logo n flank .- ..... parlAll aol rant Flank. +.,
Ilabuf .• a L1....1, Book au N COO 101 h
lion Ilartuar NMI( Clark 1 - Ltrnan I ....,
31... gnaw.
• liana ..... pp ♦New kork ldfr Co trl - Par
Don Judso_il Liking John Harper 1,
tt In Doldnactr.fa., irk . 4 " , M ht.' 11 .•'• L'ir i '''''' .Alive Il
ndobla oink MAItTL4\II
Jona 611)1tr. Tad CaAa .. 00 ii. .ri '" .i. ' 1 .1. uthsr•lic Bank 4.llDainnwkro
Pi "'"i' Book . ii i ii ' r ' t Li. ' .i . do I Iralownan . kank . von
Count, "'
011 :thorn/ ark., L. Ina 6 Curt/. .1, D. e., rn Dank __ par \ J. 1.11341 Ifst LAW AIJ
11 Hawn 31+d +Lodi... kr., 11 , n • 4 . , .... , .. 4 Ba n , L ., + hand. rphora 0 +.1411 ... !rent Lanky
&dart )lenvi ght. k... 1 V../ 10 na , •` , 'i ',3 11. L. aof ebertar I.ontaLL lar r l IRGI \IA
Jo. llclinfal-t,Lon. brtoh+a D T klot-gan A , o
, y , Danko( Dauellle Imrillii•YLelbe Salley , 4.,
~ ~,,,,..,.,, 1...„' 1 n 'A i r, c 0b ,.," d . ,..." • l '" ''' Dank of Lad C. (+brat, r ta-,100 of llrairla, Rio - lan - on - d i .
/. II lir., 'frau fill f r 01, • vrrl 111.33.1 ratrooldre ra. n „.l . Of ` , 7;:....; Pr k. ~,,,,,,,,... ~ ..k 1.
rooted durtra nhalarn year. In Ili" .1.1, b a. Ink had tbr 57,,0t 0 •f1v.,., : fr 2. 5i =n;. 4 1 ,.. 11, E . : ,
1.r,-...d k. ,-- ti , t- ,,,, r=.i. , 10'4."T' ii P l ' ii Ui '' i' ri '''' at Dank tf )tklllrt ti %Oak \I I atrrn DaLl ''''
Inn. and will endeavor to randoeuti.tariud, herraltrr .
Monts.nse,ll.3. Be.ok _par limn -b.,.
01 , 23
Dans. of Northomberlan,Lpar, ?...11121.1CAROLII•
l'ud.. Hank L s Dank ' 4 A. it.,
L. lataboa Ilk • Driddr Capar , lik of: . 4.1 V Candlnd
13 , twatown Dank parllinmrn.wrial Ilk IA Hwang n 2
0.".7.2t'k - -- PI:I m 'ltx11, 0 cTilbt1;":""
Fafnir, In or iiii:ce to. par Ilk of the St ore; 0..0;1.'2
Partner.' Pt of 'drawn, pa, Dank .+0 annth Carodlna 2
Partners Bank of Readings.. Hank of tharleaton- - . 2
Paron sk.ot , cimylkill o,par likannws A Ilachatura Ilk 0
For A Ilia, ileilnira .. 4EOIIIIIA.
Irranklinlit 10 uhlngton par Augur,* Int • Banking Co 2
Ilor-L.toure Dank._ - L, Itati , f Aurtnna 1
...u. 11... - - - ... Ilk a f Ilrunnekk, A onnata 2
Lancarur Dank tar fl. \ \ ...F)1.
Lane art.r Lwlor,. Rank-par •Ilaolvent bank .. .3
Lebawn. l ook FL/
51......• N an„
Rant 't nor Dent./ kl 1...d.i1D+ L s
ML , Lasnaahrla R
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1 it(o7:,..?•Kar"'ll,l.:"‘ll_ll_ltvl.d..-rntor.hg ....'ufl',,,,,r.'ltil:7,,rL.'sisk7:.-1; ::
04, 4 ., % Ilk of a
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1 2 1t ' l ' . It ' ',re% , ;''f''''l7ll',,'„,^ld t et"'h” r-A a '
Dr inell at ttb.os .11 IL 1-........1 \ .
Ilrancb at DrialFeordt.- - rio Maxim Jr.
I C I Inv Cu Odra 6
Itranrl. al . bilvadhe. 311L1110 \
Drannb at liivv,land dlorarnwra lhaebarnor Dank 3
Drauch at 2..1.1.. do - now.rntneurtioek Dank.- 3
ltranrh at barna. do Peninanlir Bank 3
Ifraneb at Delawar. lo lacunas,. Coml.!) . -- . 3
g . t.acli .do htaloikkok .1
Draneh al Ashtabula do 0 ',NADA
Bland. et 001,0 do Ilk ofil \ low.rka,Tornolos
Btan.h at 3 lanalield d Dank of Mel . .. We. Torontn3
Wan+ at Int I, do Hank of Montreal .5
-limo+ at !turf onall . dio Kalk of L Canada, Ton nth:,
Branch att trlund 1ia....-- do IiAS 2 / 1 1.. 3 . rat'llANIIK.
Blanch at.lCaahin•lnn ,-.430 On Nrlr bark (prm ) 1(
Blanch at I a lla .-...-, A., (IA Philadelphia do - - . ) .
limbo), al I.alawder- ...,„< ern Baltimore do- ..-. ii
Drawn at Stettlarlelile- -..4.9 WL3Tkft.)/ rxcluks GE.
Drawl at. Sit.
or!, ..dr. tlnetmaatL. -.• . .. ... 1
limpet al \ owark dlinplorlllo- ...1
Drawl. at liens do id Loan. .............'_....-....1
Branch at l'orluarald.. -...d0 °OLD AND DPECLIONALU)
Mauer, at llarktta do Doubloons. fpanlth 1430 • ltranth ILI.Tror ..... -dlo. do Paletel ~ . 14,V3
branch at 311 Pleantot—do Pule, old ID lip
Dennehat 7..1311.. . dt. f aale, pew - _..10A M
ilroneb at. Norwalk... do Freda 'rktdorm I
- . O
Ilrowl. at ILNII. do Ton Take, 7 ,firJ
liftmen at Eaton .. -- . 40 twntrvilit. .- ••• ... • . 'LIM
lirametz at linvenna .
- -—. 4,01
Branch at Chlllitatho- ,ddiahloloolla -- - . 3,113
)itanch at Cuyahga-. ... claiDucata.....,.. - . - ...!.1
klmortz at Toledo.,
farturer, Ware-mums .1* Third street.
W. respectfully inform. his friends and
ch - ftomem that he has now comphnid the largest' J -e
Oil horst stock of household furniture ever before stw in
*ids city, as he I. detemnintgl to Uphold the gtmlity whh
ieellweasomul miteriabi. best workmaneldr, and tie...std....
from the extent of ins ordens and facility in'
Illanufarturing. he ts enabled to warrent g d fan.d.
ulm, at the lowest prim.
jle has adopted the principle of Mentifylng the custom.
oil' Interns/. with hia oven, In quality and lieu, and keens
lalway • 1M lintel the gresteit variety of ore descruir.ou id
Yikrtuture, from the eheariest and printout, to the moot d e ,
gent acid onetly, that a hinise,,or on 1,01 of one. may he
turniatied from his stock. or tuanufnetutwit expretwiy to
under. tbereflin solielte an InApretiou, that the Mean
lag. of his establishment may be known.-' The follueiur
arketes cond., In Part cif 1.1. stork. w bleli for name.. of
"style...l tuna, cannot tw sus
neawl. in may ot the Eastern
ll'arkw, do tng,. dining. and artery
'ErZ l eih r eq n," (7:4a t tr i s l ato " a ' s=:'.hre n y h ales ' , n O; d re ' t7y l 74:
etAlion; Couch.. T,te-s-td , t, mut Intim,, of the wen,
ch and Americana Patter...T.lla, What.hots. RIO
top.' mahogany, eiwwwwod amt widow. centre and eau to.
bsl, titruslan dining batik:et:all ainaof (topmost improtwil,
add decidedly the beet kind nosh.. cunt, Pomading., bail and
plO tablet wardrobeo, lwdsteade and washstands of tack a '
Mtge witortment; gothic hall and marlie tempt/an chain , .
.ottimians and stools, secretary and toutioisesi. side , boards,
ffte , sercens, tumid Mirka bat stands. and' mash `tools,
is for children; toper. tteht.: 1.1.1" tad in pays.
411.1 lirosewood,nd lin
noel Tables. Zr. Sc. Le. •
_A, large auarttrientrif. Cnnutiou Furniture and Wind., -
Chiles. Cabinet /Man" supplied with all artWlee in their
.. .
* Nteafttbtonv .0,lttmLibtal at thv shartna note..
' 411 orders promptly attended to. hal
AOUNTY LANDS--eArr. CuAs. i'llitl - t a / 1 ..
JattOlney it Law. No. laa INN al. rlysli, nrch, r ,•
having envle arrangentruts for the pulynar, will.
nrovore Donut: Latelv ha mu„ anal auLlierl, (hear
wWinov and chile a, nod will attend to any otheqnviv,
weal , oonneotell with the government or any flits •arr,
merit, the l'erelon ofIVO, or the. Courts at the r, y of
ottrfnltt ~
wing,i Perspective, and Painting in OiL
.B. D. R.' SMlTifig noiv pireviared id give
f . to AFM pupils in dm Oftterent bren4les
i ' li ' "n tt gi tirthor " lll= l g; ' ,ll.„„ `"" 4,74.l
Iterket 'tree: More ollnstruellon, (rem.* to eh. and
Input 01114 to NO , r. at. Chem , . awl ether portico We ewe be
k WeVe b t,7, ' ll l` 'ln': ) = IT"' i..T.
.., ~ :r ~ 4 I ' l 1 •%. -.:: il a , ':, -. .'1 - . . 17 '''•-• -::_ f • '•.. .r .,
_ i_ . 1:', ' 1 ':
.. '
i l
.• • ~ . . .
~, .
TEAMER, 1114ILS,''
istoy*iimir — fs
6, 11
711. undmaptca or oftieries . srl.Aro &pt.:Al:dui to lull .
! "iiP iA.
1 .
. . 31;orli
-..Satanis 11Archlb
......... Awl! 9.
.&,1A ... APril
.. . ..... ~.-New Uri
Pantag.o. . i 14114.1. 11a4b.m. or
S E. l . 4, lorzerrs—(l;Vin4 . thy.
rang •
VrOall....KO r t
--Liverpool.. ....... ....Iyeneslay, Fab. J.
Tot 31* TORE.
...frcqn Llrerroll ....... Jan. 11
. Snumlay r , keb. &
1..Vm0 run , and /lartviline—MaF.Afy Trum • . •
`ntUrdnlirb- T.
11nri,:a e.
.ntu.nlny.APF ll, •
.... .. .. .... 3.
roe nrifToll.l(. • •
.111• Qt .,day. 12.
'-' 1 1" = . 2.Z! 7
y .
Frna lin ~
Hum! It -
I , n Ilta
(Aran 5t..3 75 - ipS. I
Wasbilagton trnin cf;:
Ilernuton . dew l'ort .....
Weelaingtou ..... 'Cott ketwedeS:Aolll9
New York.— . . ...... halanley,liey 17.
ream -
17.11.10gt00 for New 10ft ..........
. Friday.; Marrik
W t'ridaT `IN:
wlungton— New ..... TeM.Y
1. • S. WO oteothrro loay.• :tow York oo the 1 Ith
t of torhonhoth. for Ilhagres.
' • rox q•nore. e.:6I6CT RCCT. !, •
Stentn.hip lsabenlowteiltalom cm the fet avJ ICtla
- -
__. _.__......_._
EAtnut.—tly-f/treualiur g , Chunher,burg. PLII10.11:1‘1.
Nu.. Yuri:. ta.torth Centre and Northrns•parra of N. lurk
1 1 .nteti.ft. Ann Jursuy..tai the xis New tug - lau Stab:a—
nt lirni.ll Proritsretnt Lamar .Canada, burn ,roti. tad
, Now iirtitioriun, daily. attires atl r. a.; Is.part.. at 1 v..
It Notru Ears - ranc—lly IllaltscUle add Ifolildscrhurn. Pa
; nch: thu eountita or bra:IWO. Catal.s. Orutre, CID,
Inn, Junata, Lonming, MIMI.' !Intents, Port Or. Frrty.
Than,. Union , as. part or Wastmontal, via Ll...haver.
. Murrapurillo.: , alroi it Maul. 'Noun AlenA.dria. &int hull.
ant mntar. Arrls ea daily. pace pt 31onday. .3 s. at do.
; parts Jail) al 1 I. r. n.
Enn---Ily. Ruder : T., Vierepr. Crawfnl, and Julien,.
p.n.:, It ...tort:part 0r3..... Vi.rhaltd.uppuiemat.U.4•
.0110114. A AS Tr. 0,: and 4.1...... at U A. 140
. nent,a, 4140 1V...u5:1.-li, Waphruntno, ra.. Quern,
I n,rtre. .C. , ...a.,1444, pan of IlVentruorrintui rountr, iinrlo.l.
Mary land.l3altituors, IV.tiluatun et). Pouthrrum.l Want:
ton Can. of W.:. arul Italian. Kont.k), Mi.'. Tann.
...P. 3 1...1. MU.... Minalmappl. Arlauank:inrth Can.
1utn......... Lout:dant, M.'S% andJaptaada.ll7...atlittcu
. r r. al.; and doter., at Cipent.,' • • 0-
Sror arrynta, Ilinn.—re.) . htp:: Ramo. Rarinctros :
I'l.Tc:cc, Parla, P., ttal asp Cure, Va., Jeff. pyai, Ilsani:
pal. Cu•adl, UoLmed..3 , l 'Was:mar. c00...P..0E11..10y.
Armes a 111.....: Orlnalat.' 7 4...
Noura Wrwolkno—Dy Dearer. P.4and Clerclaral , Ohio.-.
Bearer Co.. i‘a.. Cultatiana. Trumbull. rUrtall. 11.T.4.
Ashtabula. ntark,Waynr. Medina, Cuyshos.tturatult, tam
:Richland. I.nraln, Iltun. (Mama, trio, Sandnaky.Wocal,
.41 Loa nrs.tirr, Ohl,: IN. extreme taciturn notattle.
cif the II of Italians atut - 1111nolipidiculina a 11111611..
an. lu W.sconau : dal's, Amara at 11 a. lt.; Yr'
yarta at 4:1, •
liirrnsft By F , tinn.sbura.llouston. Surinriteld. Tare.
turd. lappral.,lCirlassign. Kitkliniultu, Arnudrou,. Char
ha:, and Clearfield countl, - dsity, rawpt on butalasit. W.2},
riW.2}, n.ated daparat, at li P. u.
'n ilancia—R)) Perrs .111 e, Wexford. Zelleouple, Porten
"lle, Illtlinzburi and :yell IP..lsa. . Arnie. Tucalsys.
' N ',l' nll7. - b lal ' a ' Xi rlaaltti.7ll.. ' st " ''''''``P sl !'" u ":
BanaliroLt.--Ity ntutizeutes 11;11, FinlelonflOo. and Mon
onnala•la City. Arrives TUPplari, Ved.lll9, at... 0. 4.: de.
saula tret/nrpla3. am Patunlay. at 0 . 4., .
l'atuxnian.—Ry enciartan. tittreirn Rae, 31cfEnratnirt.
Cu. VaJlus.4.linalintLishati. thaohla's. Itantrave. nether.
11..0.:Lotusn. Perryupoll. taxi Lawny. I'ptpr Mhl.ll.-
1....,1,.. Arn , , Pussicca and 'Usurp's)... •t a , a.: do.
Inn. 31orkla ir a.m. Monday. alt. A. L.
Dern %ST. 0 4 —ny Walker', mil. Nobleanno, Candor. Vrtaill Creek Vlllaup, Patternots, mill. Ps.—
Itothau:„ tn. Arrlver•Stindeal atz.L'lltunda) 10 s. si:
depart. Morala) a and Than:lays, at I 0 N.
Enantio.:V...--Er Clinton. lturdnolinville, ofaull. Mon
t..., Frankfurt ni , r1111,3, PS, hurting', Va. Aran. an
IrlaA,at .3 F. a.: .Iparts Uu hatunlny, at 6 . sr.
Cnatuura.—rir Aattins., North, Washing . ... dl Apc,p9.
r , ... Arrive... W 01404.17. at 15 P.S. deitand on Rhonda;
at oa. kt. . I -
I..custran.—Ry Lkaii.Y..rry. •
Arrir. Cits Friday. nd•;
I tr : d..prirtas, Satan'. , at C A. Id .
la to.r.u. —III Purrs attlie, It rad* Brontorrn. Oil,
1,,,,,,„ whityddrdd, do, indstliag Olin,'. and I ensalla
fount,. Arrtrp. daily at 7 .1.,,agr01 dedart. 5144 A. 5,
1..,. nlontb,•taill uutil. must 1.• la the tailen unehout
loon.o th:lr dronruito: Irtter. (or the lei-..wetly, read—
arpl:l7.roal nevi: ly snaiLs. napt t.: tu tho Cul, half as lour
IPt.rctb.ll. 'II triune
LP0 , 6111. •
witano k CO, Et6l ;
Oumff of nfrd and
Pm -am
Prt r
I ir. 1.4.1
110.0 u
..1./A11.4 Stal:etis%? .""'•
: Pen n4l . Yonla
uo. A's
A/leglieny Co. ....
• ln. r OoW p W.l
rg i y l a
IlAtugl thy o
...... 1 ..- Do. yup.rn,pylni.
'Alleg.hony elly
Yalulk' of l'lltAburgh.
Sleyrhante• Monuf. Ilank• I
Etr.hang. Dal%
•Fgrfoen.' .....
llgnk of limTrnevillii
Allegheny: 4 .omA, Dank
1.0 00
. idnr
Mononpahel ads lrn
I r a Ilie iti.
Mt. it. 111•Idgt... .............
Hind di. Brun.* ..
.. .
Wllllimiport 11r19pr ...... .....::.:....+
• t4n ll l inaliden treat
rrn nsurance C........ ....
Citizen."' Induranno Can
Onclined idirtnin'i Co.
Plinth h 1..1.111
40 rTOCX.
rit.hntgb flu Wnrt,........„. ..
‘d= ' i,n7tjt..fri ' l.n ' Wrir,; ' ""'"
' .
j..:tf at Cenral 11.ALITonli '' .. ' .. ' .r .
(dim 4 POI. A- Rail iIMI
V:71:01 , 1 . 111I+1JulgILI.L11 •
linolciork's t r 1 ..t.i Flank Unad........
1. ,
k IPI•PiI irrew;l,
ritb.l.uryls Hopi. (01111 Yllnel..
lh -
-North %vr.t.lrn . . .
Iff,:n (Its
Etird. ... . _ ......
l'lll.l.urgli i. isle 1t0pii.:.::.......;..
(11dg. 11l u11egZ.'.......- ............... .....
URM }1
11.9,1a0t 11.,iblZii. ...........
tl i ntlT " rt.. l ..... ........ .-.,. .
. ..
1 1 ....
1 I 1 gal
- - 11rANTED TO B Y—Notes of thoW eitern
, 41304. end swot or the Pntibbrub 11.nkm, by
yo- U. P. KING.
).1 1 LANKFitS ' ! - 131,A ' N KETS! !
ja;11 riELD 1..4 ft oval *on/n.l a
Pankets, of .11 We dlfle , put uply G ft be.
' iif extra nlr• y nil quallti, all sd rlakh are bony ulYwre,l
. 6r B 1
/110idi reeeired a large
1"b2E,71;::1'4 , 111:, , nrut t 3:!• - i•mi'4 ,
lab.l R. W. WILSON.
Pittsburgh hoard of. Triule.
C osllll 7Tl4 . .F — Clit, gzirtu.exv
- The Rirer and Harlwr Be; 1 V prt A. ::: el s L l l• s er . i lF o e nn; otter
()Mei POlCSlttlika atmers.
„ :71 r, h r . ,:::A -d p p r t
February :a. 150. / —U Jin.nry 101 l nnd A fair &gear of activity prevailed In the market en sat
o [he r yult of
the struggle on the Hirer and Harlrar A ppropria,
asternmaree b y o lo orrnind kre ime
Mil connection ; non Bill; were not verified. It Was imeged nt
th tlie* n
about eight o'clock !net night, ght, ay= 103 nays ti.
-ma Omagh We mar antlaimate a heavy =mg
finish—The neicins ea Eaturdereoinsisted of • orgo of majority Id. The factionista worried and fret
s,ltrt ti ,, y ,, cariarbot
ead a to..4 ow at or 300 n. Led themselves and their opponents in callingthe
tot., roe yeas and nays tipon each separate item of the
non, 0 53,52 VOK tor mad s. r, limed% arst 10,75(44,15 until they could not raise a sufficient RUM
= extra. Pries. at city mills an without ehange,,avi
tier to order them. The amount nt the bill, as
for mom= 0. 82.0 d foe evana quality cwt. by
Passed Is $2,200,000, about three hundred thou
sand dollars greater than when drat taken up.—
tinAlN—The market Is without any material change.—
gin. amount+ =Mug forward are limited. and eiles hare
anyin the course of yesterday, a spirited pasasge
foam our lost quoistleoi,ear, for wheat at the mills TWA 0081111.01 between Mr. Stanle, of C., and Mr.
sei rte Ord, nod Ivkti at 400 are. We 'hare no sales of bar y
Is/ to mann te Os sea telling from ernhands at =RS', -
Inge • of 'Alabama. The latter charged 'llr. Stan
ley with conniving with northern men to forte
ClitivisiONs—We paint a
Gnaws. in elm
tauter atrial pricer- Sanaa of 18 lila= =eon era this measure upon the South though she had no
proper share in it. Mr. Stanley repelled the
atk . jasonitmait
,quaniltles, 5% la demanded. Sid= la
smartie= are 101.1 sz,74,atel Lams at"o'el h. mica of charge. Mr. Inge called him n blackguard. Mr.
itidrled "e nal°
4ao LM . Stanley said Inge had shown himself to he what,
and kegs; emit 166 at 71,(
rECLK -MEAT—A ni.of 4,800 good ankle, at 5%, he fahiely charged him with being, and he
hcavoutat; should' regard any thing further that might come
tittoCkfitt's-stiabs of gu eke MO okraa at mile- amt of
rpm Inge, with the contempt it deserved.
t,v44, neap lots at igx B , ,,aline. rides afar/ bbd
Isrek at Ole and of 10 do at &Oa p Ball on time. rata of But the hill is not yet sure 6f success. It has
It alias le irStarav le two hes at 0:c ? 15. Other gm
gone to the Senate, and must there he referred to
cerise ire stratr. with no ebaaace price,
BUTTZI-Vetter qualities of butter area little enact, the committee on' commerce. Mr. of
anneals' , kinds are undimmed. We quote roll et 110
lirvAdie for comma= pekoe 00 aura qualities. Kee Maine, the Chairman is against it, and doubts
term dull at I in enn l o, are entertained whethe\ it will ever be reported.
Phlrdt raum-Sat,of LI, boa peaches, halves, at 51,- The Post Office bill has again been under dis
moron et I°4l " " 4 " nrii nn i " .°
nu *
'TALLOW-4Pd= 11 bb mission to day. The Senate amendmentsamendmen bbdlo4o7e m- trill
is olls-8001111bbls No 1 lard ell at die V gal. Linseed all prerail, it seems probable, and the bill will
esittec hands4sta woos at el T rod.
go back to the Ifouse in a 'totally different shape
from that in which itnassed that body. The
substance of those amendments is as follows:
Prepaid Single letters ore to pay three cents
for ell <Silences: not prepaid - five cents: Adder.
timed !them; shall be charged with one cent n.l:
(Stimuli postage, Every letter conveyed the
whole distance or in part by eca, to, from, or
through a foreign country, will be charged ten
cents 'for less than 2000 miles, and fifteen for
over that distance. This provision is important
because ii.embraces the mail transportation be
tween Diegon and California and the Atlantic
colult. This discrichination againsilhe new ter
ritories of the Pacific is both unjust and impoli
tic. Ralf an none in weight is considered a
single letter; additions to that weight ore °berg
ed double or treble postage, according to ciream-
Stances. The Postmaster General is authorized
to' gain= postage to a uniform rate of two cents,
prepaid, When the revenue of the department
shall exceed its expenditures for one year.
Xncepapers—Weekly papers not exceeding two
OULICOa in weight, will be charged 5 cents per
quarter for 50 miles, 10 rents for 300 miles, 15
cents for 1000 miles, and 20cents for '2ooi) miles.
25 rents for 4000 miles, and 30 cents for all
greater distances. Semi -Weekly' or trillweelgly
papers to be charged in prOporlion, except daily
papers, which shall pay only five times the above
rates, that la 25 cents per /wirier for r, o miles,
rig cents dor 300 miles, 75 ets for 10110 miles, and
so on. Magazines and similar mail matter will
pay one cent per ounce for :300 miles, and in
proportion for greater weight and distances. •
11111 a million of dollars-, ore appropriated to
indemnifying the department for the transporta
tion of the wail matter for Congress and the
Government, and one million to•meet any defici
ency in the revenue mused by the present reduc
thus. The rooeinding archon. n very natural
Cate:lll.'4OP to,:, nrithorites the appointment of ad
ditional Clerks in the P. 0 Department.
the I'm-lido:Ws proclamation tko the 00set10 of
an alleged fugitive from slat,ry in Seaton. is
mild and admonitory in its tone. There is no
general disposition In resist the law in that. an
cient citadel of regulated freed ma, by physical
force; raid I feel confident.that the persona en
gaged In the affair will he punished tit the MO5-
ner prescribed by the, law melee which the man
was arrested. One circumstance i* *uffisient to
show that Ibis Mole' of re , d - , - ,t;ft,,.
become 1, M1114./11 th,r, fogi tin co 1,0 1 , 1 .
to believe that there w.. a party e (ruin- enough
in Boston to shield them fool alio operation of
this low, they would lock there in numbers
that they would become Is very great haronvon
ioncie, and n source of curb serious grievance to
the other population of the city, that decisive
measures would Ike found necessary to etstoooe or
abate the evil.
77.14tagg."' tr u.
April 4.
...rktnar. ADrirM
-.lTednosdity. V .. 1
Ihr Mat:, tt AgrUirrr.
Sew So., Feb. Itl.
to ritreign Dry wale trade les been biro &whit the
pnat week, snot under Ih, intluerwe of the prevailing don
noolfitprita aro less gm than they were • fortnight dace.
pie Japers . trcertilleisat eines have roads their first par
ehrixe and , sldposente, erd ere not disposed to boy wsp
mote at prawn,-
higistoicesof DomestkGitoile will warrant !marten
Ina titan warm s and although trade le doll at preactit, It
ahtaildbirnnembered that we have • large eat wealth,
oniidtirr to .iiIPPITs suol apopulation swarmed to the lice
spa Ofthit comfort. nod room/Wpm" of lifn
POItEIGN 000 5 .5.
'lttivii•—nini during the past arra have been conaider.
.64:oa0ry.hat with other owls, •but such picas as will
intakes Wet than pap the root of traraportation.
Otistilturia—ltalni Isere lan eitensieo and loot styled
sell 14111 1 1.11.1106.1.61 t Wrenn On tho eterling med.
;NMI filitilara—The small iroporiation of this carttclis
etsailers to demand and liocsuw • profit. good..
V ineland e, ankle has pail a batter pnsfit
itilds go
Letwitior• without mom, and laden trade reel,.
,sannjittliat 6., war in prior.
*ll*r them—All artletei antler this heed without to.
Aunts—the mete on dud . ar. largeouel Wines estrernelr
Jittglltia—Thls I. Om daft araiton (=Aids article. Saks
aro light, but Prima are Ural, am! the re. .oleo
alai sr. a higher rata,.
' ..rlietat:Gooteeeribe trade ha trench Goods Is dull, md
in *Mr department of bna , theas Is Inanimate, moon, for
icholee noreltiti. The high trice of ghat. la Praline, taken
to .1110ritInv with the dlottnithei thapartathatt, *III have
• Atom: tendency to maintain the market herr.
. /03 1 / 3 $llC rum (loops.
tare a t.11...1 surau... lu Notteatioltry Gonda, and
hedirj. orintrlalnti tho of trade hare been made
Int/mt.. few dap, ret priamhare not 1 rcli nett and agent.
.fsem tednetiquotathms. The connth4 l3 lla6 ntervtnekod
wlth.annlaoa tha present LIIIIO. 2.1 If annif do no sell
/malt - In Fobruhrt. they must in March.
/Isorl Y 111010144 410 41 1 11.113 , 14-41/n demahi far thi,
cant of domestics is brightening ap a bola , .ml fair tales
o(kr. Pia./ have ivrit made. As:a.m., A. at ha. are
tanottal at 3%. du A. 41 ih at 10e... and Jo 0.411,.
10 0 1i
rani hgplehm, 1100 . T , lo an PO In. and 44 in.
l 00(, Adana., Anttednerk. 44. nue. 111, do
00 0,1 ,1 4 , 114.-kirphsm. 44, fitim
2 1/121 - 00. .I , IG lIRIII O, I.—Thvt• is madden,
his 'lnlmattun oleert abb. on Ow.. Cool, teat take hull with
more en:tit. but no I.t to tot et hut 1., the tar next
Aguedneck mille, 12, Om, are quoted at Jn 34 in. lot,
do 44, lldar 'f Attache C 4-1 mg 1 . 4.41 Jo 14. :01 in. Ioc.
Oirldett 0411111. 31 in. 3 0 4' do : - .7" In. B dime he,
rand Ul~achnl, 4.0. to., Iththite Jh 44. lue. llanilltm
103 111."4.3.t - Lawn.nee, IL= In. !j: do 0.311 lu. ft t ; do 11.:14
tart. enckinshana. ine. 34 in. he:
Wm...kat asthma, 36 ha. 0'
Dand.....-Sales ...laity making, In tokitllinis tined lob. •
tddlrngpsto..l , . thesa be:ng the ave.. songht for.
pingeoircording wkith. fromio
1 -hrfa-the sneaked to taigas presents nthbr a dull fea
hrtheoithig tn the 3outliern (Lae ha , Lhir he.rlY
Ird thßk warty UM. more Ihmte.Naie reatern
(rule NMn-to Gating nmennentr6f operatitta. Frio. mug. ntiall; it a Oitrid • 1
coacaa. Cempany
reeelm pew
fle ...It. Lfar.flebrar,lf a ...L. .1. very fairy 'thr
a. .1. arnl lathe •loore the aother goolt C 1.,,. '
aru selling to . limited eatect I:34olgr a , as In
Le full etuntalloos. tdl U. rat., fur •
u put up Priers raugr Imm64 w 11. S,
tutyttm—Falot bat, futTra•utt I tutt repur, but
sultuaut eluutzs In. {atm, Petit ran? (tutu 1 0 10 / 3 5 , -
Cutius Itlt..mtu are ulthuut clung, And not, fit pH
t, Irvin 9 1.,11;'. td.
Oto.arbut. bat,: bom tullttut (reel) fir thr South and
flirt. slut there It u. 5 sucumulatiottut tbeettruodslero.—
Iluldt, ur.trm it quntatintut. teblett mug.. hum 9 to the
L. 4 -uNr , -- - )bactehet.l•l•,llrmill y ti
hUNTI.U, CLOTllr—;.k. Ucet. 0.1 C4l—(4. brindaz
N lLT*l3.—lrr ry ni it. goat abundant admiral
our eatint nahn.ll. le, ratan Is i the value or
goldiand snore, sent our ball' an n a loew of all th e metal,
Prexi e 1 kl , In Ilia Cuitail Staten. Ilvi)
of truii
The int... valuable mine, b ua In rallabore, Cann..
which 3 Hilda :loam him ainnually. The min p Ia Durbarri
and iCalnitibla eouoW. In the Stare at New loric produce
annually ..50.00r [aura( orer Ilea, manly ISO loom
too :Loa, }rani:lin Wu: Ur Lavin:mu arnounruor in'
..11 micire than 86,010,1,00; hr I.IX. 57.700,0ue). 1,1
Ir. equate .re under laid vitt. Iron.
.1 region inaphirra In furnivb Iran alt miles
oida,a squat, mire Would yield llaXiniival tuna of pig Iron.
...thin goalie& Would r00t.,, InethrlOO.ooKi Lana Itr
taking from lb. raglan 400, U taus annually—a tarn,
0.2? 'tan Englund mfun.l merlon,. to 10111—It
a Vielllosilt rur ' , Tot
diana. Illinois. Ilheeletal and Virginia. preva" .exnanatleirs
ortautitilaa of is taimexxxx luairiat liona are annually
teianuActared. Nob. libiaanding our great Iron mown...
more than
con tinUaroor mohair. hardware, rallirrud iron,
ae., ix lull Imp:oN from timatOtilala
ttmea.—Thrya wen 15 her, o fucbee In ebaustel, by
rocl.l mark, Wt orrulogs
Vlelidayi, Mk; fle,rver„
Deaver Gordon,. beset".
Halt. , linenavillw.
Alhint', lirotenaville.
J. McKee, Ileodriirkson, MeN
RedetorieWoodvrand, Brivvii±wiuw-
Vaithiou, Nn.
71,m.& abrivur, Weld Newton.
Tun -Ann, Murdock, Yr ellrville.
eyvtorm Stale.
iurnal. Cornwell, Wheelhu.
Atlantic. . I
iitickan arth men.• n, rownaville.
J. .11.
Jan Nonow Moore, IVlnaOhin.
Mew nil, No 2. Mbar. ininnati.
ninth...m.l No. 2. Nailßrill..
I :ir Ha rts,
% aim. New Orleans. •
11, pun~lrJ, :i d, Om-4.4th
Wotslwol, Inoweattue.
lt.u, Ball Y. West Newton.
IIOCKINEIDORT, I'llurt No. 2 it r.
11' EklNVlLLE—lleteilln.
ET. cours , ..l Q Adana
4140 1
, I.CI)
V 4 Oa
8... W
min:LINO pn Svc NlLAns—'... Ls 4 Mb tobarr a Bs.
Yee e Forerth: I do tutwee, heexpiton; 5 de da D Leech
5 16.b00u: ILI do dn., 1401 a Liggett
/674441.31% , .. , ho.A
wialsvaLe—P. Tr1K , 11011.4—.1 hWo arpin b, Ater.:
I , pouhry. i
1.4 1 .111 1 / 1 . 14 by .11ples. owt.r ebo# 01
0 N. , . mric xm0...0g bolt , L T 49 bne
Ngiv oItILFJV;?—Prn Par.--76 hh4, oozyr. I oto
tr 6La rvi
oIlJa 14V1 Pf.:l::',l. 1
11, la" kgg i
tho.vr tholt inaTela
is sp Werrinst—no-all mbn r rqr used
. Lanr V
), rtuslfsige! It , s4 forl , 4lowjag lease (taro
St, mitt, Cl/rwrtztm Co Y.T. Fah 5e..47
& Co--What. 'our agent 'two h.. T 1,e,1 iu Jt
ea, ow! he tau Inas f.or d/tx,trof rerntilbg,
!Wl{ I. w.dutt l troy Wt, and ihow to II
~ ..1 esitieftellpu, itzwl but prwted to he )tint what
In wobto..ll we hate art thg..ltut, ellWww , th
t nut Lut .Id.tet, left. Whea Jour ti ,h ut
het, T think lie twld mu etwd (II .1,, Ad
wow hat If Ito .1i.1.1 hare farw•dten inn rou b
to ”nler fdt we 11...1nte1. wort. Ott the tee
F111"Z It
it r le Ily
iittAiktVir'itt 'Or l '"'1" ! .' k 't." " fr.4l " "g f b'll7 ,
etre., W, ettintitell with wlter. ' e n tsu l ettitetwi • te t. e t toe
the rivers, plank made or • salirnwl, within hr t ' tial to erg.'
2 tltett". " l ' ellt%l i v " e l ei r t " n=Ng n; VAT Ite . t P .X;
the Cenitnitten. JAMES AN! thitSltiVt •
.1 1 /14 ) . 3 11. f ilirit:
CHAS. ll'illtiESi.
Eittablirgh,Feh . ts.V._
_.: Efebeehtl• 54E1
Ant* xvsyksr
Q 1 NUTLEY & COLVIN, Cmal Nerd wane, '
1,3 stet lenders In Err Eteele,:lrwee4=4l,42 . tale
eerner or %Velum tweet sod wash,
Ilaperennerille ocllislN wig
iCorterpAttleay, .f Ih. PittAnrgh llaartte j
, . Vet the truth hoist be admitted that there. are
some sguthern men, moderate in their views, and
I hut little, if at all infectOti with the fanatleilm
which is howling in South Caroline and else
where for disunion, who shake their heads and
say with quiet but bitter sarcasm, -1 - es, we un
-1 derstand, the fugitive slave law will never he
disobeyed in Boston, unless when an attempt is
made to enforce it. It will never ho resisted un
i lean whoa lianeek to reclaim our runaway." It
may be so. but I think otherwise. flowerer, if
experience should ',RAT this view to he correct,
"the South," no such, will surely hare little right
to complain, inasmuch as the nohnitia the unjust
and unconstitutional laws bywhich northern cit
i2CCIS have been and continue daily to he deptived
of their liberty and their rights in 'Charleston,
Mobile, sad New Orleans; laws,ahich are not
only oppressive, contemptuous towards all tte
free States and the Union, bet a disgrace - to the
American character.
The deficiency hill, providing for unforeseen con-
tingencles of the present year, passed the Pease
to day, Swelled out to the portly bulk of $4llOO,- !
000. The West Point Academy was debated at
some length, and will pass to morrow' The i
House will now'go on with the AppropliaLions
and leave to their foto the innumerable s e cheince i
of a private clquacter which are pressi'
Its attention.
, i
.. i , g npon
' U. 3
9 ,
Ico.ronwm.nn or thy Daly ritlobufgh (31
The recent outrage at Belton, and tht news
from California, have been the principal)topics
of disenssiort since my lamt. The slave case in
the “City of Notions" has created a grey k liens
eation among all parties in this city asi I*ll
throughout the coantrY.
A serious disturbance occurred in the vicinity
of thu Fulton Ferry. night befisire last, rpstfiting
from the misconduct, of a notorious rowdy and
pugilist called "Awful Gardner." It spriest':
that Gardner insulted a featak, aud assaulted
her husband, who came to her reactie. Others
took part against hint, and being worsted, he
escaped fd the Coiled States lintel, when he
fired a sin barrellad revolver, a boll from which
Passed through the sleeve of 0 man named Mel-
line, who wen in pursuit of him, and another -hot
lodgod the hell in — the nose or a men named
Welsh. lie was afterwards arrested and impris
The examination of Boy Tompkinsrelotive to
his th'iwlrta . tion, was larcoght fors.sonCyc,tor
day afternoon., but PR, again postponed iu con
sequence of slue absence of John Van firms', 1:10
COMMA for flue tAefence, nod also the non _atten
dance of the witnesses. The further erianina
then of the raise ie taljourne4 otter till to otorrw
The fine friipite St. Lawrence sailed yeatrislay
nt noon for Soodeoertoo England. freighted
with i•Vankne notions' for the F re., World's
Fair. Th. St LawrenCe, after tainting her
freight. in to bring beck to the !loiter! States the
remains of 11marnialore Plod Jon , . wincit are
intermit in Paris, They ore to lie brought home
io pursuance of It rendotion of l'ongress. liassciT
n lone' tint,. rime. Colonel Milsou S. Long, of
North Carciltrai,. who hos la,. 'appointed S.
Natal store Keeper at Speriia, for the Mediter
rrintin squadron, and Mr. S Std, clerk to
the store keepeis, went out as
pas;vrngera, She
hag besides. including thtrotheeas,
and forty nine tutu - inv.. three hundred ands Cm'
• '
Th o u S more ship Relief arrived yettterday,
in fitly days fret a Rio de Janeiro. o °Moore and
crew nn well. Who Relief left at Rio the United
States frigate Congresa, and the V. S. brig Bain
bridge, ail well •
John Smith attem plod to put an end to his el
istence, by jumpillg overboard from the ship
Shaksperire, night. before last. The Icy bath
soon- brought John to his senses, and ho cried
out lustily for help, which was rendered bye r s cr
Lleeman who happen ad to be in the eitinity.
it will be recolleu ted that .1 stated about two
wees, ago that a bat eh of passers of counterfeit
money from Philadd phis, were arrested in this
city, atter, they had wasceeded in passirig several
hundred, tinlinrs of the worthless trash to- sariou's
merchants.. , At the than of the arrest two of the
gang, named Cloik and Neirtnn, ms . de'thrir
cape Ito& went baek'to 'Philsdelpkia,•-where they'
were caught and • brOugtst bark to this , city on
4. I Monday night/. and docks.' up to await their ez-
Faoat wesFmraros.
The Siock Illerket, which luisriSerfoi:soveral
days, and showed grest 'firnmees, gave way to
- day. width was attributed to the effect of the
Boston Riots. 'Money is. easy, and .rates'are
, There were $ . 50,000 of Mad Rims and
Lake Erie Bonds Isola to to day at auction. They
brought the following prices: $2,00Q,P; $3,000,
Ail; $l,OOO, 89 : . 55,000, 81% . $7;000, 87i. and
$32,000, 88. Pennsylvania' 6's cloied'at
Ohio and Pennsylvania Bonds were held at 98.
The Hanover. Bank,- al new institution, to he located on Hanover Square, in this eity,har been
prgwited under the general banking law, with
a capital of $500,000, of which .$400,000 have
already been subscribed. The Diard o "Direc
tors is composed of some of the leridinglonsiness
men of this city.
An offer of. .5..10,000 has jest been made for
Dr. Chspin's Church, et the corner of , Chrtmli
and Murray outsets. for the purpose of waverh
ing it into a Bank,und the probability is tut it
will be accepted.:
The Directorauf the Erre Railroad havejustis
sued n fell report of its affairs; which - Li verY'llf.'
Numbly received in:Wall Hemet. There are now
405 miles of road in use, including Newburg and
Chen - rung branches., The whale
rola, 455 Miles; will bo opened aid in operatiori,
en or before the 14th of May neit.
The receipts of the road for 1 &50 wehrsl,4oo;
300, and We estimates of receipts for the last
eight months of 1651, are $2,161 , 0183.
timated receipts of /852 are .p ut dowitue $ 3 .-
735,108, Which, if realized, it is calculated wilt
parer' interest to the stockholders '
ei'leal to 141;
per Cent. SPECTATOR.
The United States Steamship Cramme City,
arrived et New York, from San,luma de Nicara
gua, by tray of Chagos, on. Tuesday sem:ling. .
The LOWS from the Isthmus and .California, by
tide arrival. it more than. ordinarily interesting,
:Ind we have taken liberal extracts from She can
respondence and details of the u,coe published by
the .Vro,. r‘:rk.Contratv-cial Arloev•fiser._,., •
The Steamship Cherokee, Capt. Windle; ar
rivedat Cisagr,fm the ith ult. Thus all fears
for . her safety, arising froin the reports in.circu
lationahout the wreck seen off Cape Itatteras,
Ire at an end. She was waiting the arrival of
the specie train and of the Unicorn at Panama.
. -
The SteanviiiP Philadelphia, Capt. Brow;
we. to leave Chafes for N. Orleans on the 10th
The Steamthip Sarah Sands arrived at Pana
ma or the fh-,t with 110 parrengem the
oilcan, on the '_•.l, with :S:100,0W in gold and
2'. sen g r:+; • and the Antelope oti the 4th.
-with a like rum in gull, and 450 pasivngem
Th . e Unicorn, with the mails, and $OOO,OOO in
gold, had not arrivi-d when the uuin left pasta-'
ma on the 55th."
• Our latest Ihmama paper is the Stir of Janus
ary'li. It •tates thnt the lire at Gorgona, of
;which ire had peevioully na aecount, tlestiroyett
every building in the place, with one exception•
Koski UotcL The popplation of
the town is about one thousand.-,—Thebonscacle
stroyed were !neatly constructed - of bamhoo cane
with palm blot roof, " ••
The Sew ttretnolion Government hare Leaned
eir,•ulars to 1. C. 6 all it, other countries,
qualating them with its desire to eneourn,qe.ira.
! migration. It offers to each settler within its
' territory one hundred thousand' squire ran..
yardF) of land, on condition of cultivation of the
whole or a portion. Religions toleration; with
the right Of public worship. and of inter-marri
age with Catholic., is guaranteed.
The Panama railroad, according to the Star, •
tote been fully graded, and is now ready for the
rail. from Navy Coy, near Cliagreg, to Gatoon.
A letter doted Jan. 7, from a gentleman-connec
ted with the toed.. in answer to some questions
propounded, says that the road will be completed
to Cation by the lot of July ISSI, to
the lot of January, uhd to Panama in 1553.
Engiires would be placed on the road - wi thin 4
Inset the from the date of the letter. The cote
pony have 750 men employed, and expect 2.50
more by the let of ,larrelx. The, course•of the
road from Navy Bay to Gatoon is South, by . 8
degrees West. From Gation it foliates the by.
to Gorgon:l, where it crt . tsses arid 'runs fin=
thence to Panama, about South, byforty degrees
The great difficulty
. in the work heretpfore,has
been the refusal of the laborers,. who have been
brought from the Uniterl ',States at i , vent ex
pense, to perform their contractS upon arrival. -
To remedy this,- Gov. •Bernsudes - has issued •
proclamation to the effect that all persona coining
to work on the road, under contractosnd desert
ing after their arrival will be arrested nian d cotu
ed in jail. "
The. Star is speculating on the sutject gull
on the Isthmus, and'mentlemi an' instance of 'a
Frenchman who accumulated' seventy '
dollars in a few months, by working one'of Ili.
old Spanish mines. This is 'doubtless tin exag
geration. The Star says
Gold hos :Liao been found recently on the IMO
ofthe rail road, the workmen in one day - having
recovered upward of $lO worth.
. ,
.1 party. of Americsaaleft this. city, the latter
part of last week, for the purpose of examiniog,
and, if practieable, working ono of the oldmixtes,
formerly worked in a rude manner by the Span
iards, where, it is alleged, large - quantities of
precious metal still remain.
NEw You, Feb.
. There is also npirty Of some three A landred
men nor eußigeti in leading a mine Moot 40
miles from tins city,. 'rho, it is state', overage
iliocit mu ounce of gold per dug. This nearly e
qual. the yield of California.
The San FraneibeoarvlSau Jose papers are to
the lah, ani Sacra:acute papers to the 14th of
lAnuary, Bfreen lays Lacs than our previous sd-
Our San Fraucisco correspondent Amnia' bet the
folltming eumwary of events on the Pacific side,
iinec the departure of the previous steamer from
Car iparcca rlf V. Commercial Adreratcr.
SAN Fr-rNeacn, Jan: IS, ISSI.
4 .
I ni'ire still b1e,,0,1 will] the serne. deli-i e
I o eaper which o'e prevalle.l for tlaelmit toptitha,
rite--piners fret the want of rain, and art , pre.
vent'sfi teem working in many of the diggings, in
1 ~,nsissinence of I \ lack of water. • •
lelfv..oriess is improving to some extent in Ban
Francisco, and in other ports of the State.. Mont
t.5 . ,1111 contained, high rates of interest liere
trate it bid per cent. a month, and rent 7, ereirro--
portion:llly high. § .
,I'3le city lands., titaness/1 - lots; tiro
t,,* said on the 20th init., and wilFeetirely m
ile}'e the embarramendet of the corporation.
Si.J.:be the announcement et the selt.p the'errilit of
th city hue greatly improved, anti ieritt,' which
ha prerien(ly been !old 0133 cents, isnow held
nt.,Z7l) cents. ~ - • • : -
ene weeks ego e. conipany ws rMed hie
WO,OOO were subieribed for'athe fohere
In. ing explorations betweet Trinidad Day and
tbonaonth of the Klamath river--the sand upon
lhe 3 en shore Of, that region :having been rrpre
re4ed to bo,ironregnoted with gold. The-com
pany chartered the steamer Chesapeake, and
ttllebt thirty individnals fvero (Aim to Trinidad ,
8.0. . From Trinidad Bey the company proceed
eilidong the Sea mhos* anal they reached "Gold
Ilan , it distance of 27 miles from Tainidad,•and
elide' t miles 10 from the Klamath. • These bluffs
nrerepresented to be from one hundred to four
liritlreil feet high, rising perpendienlarlynpun
the-, sea shore," nod extending along the eves!
alt fifteen miles. The sand upon the beach is
au' to contain, gold, in grant quantities ranging
fro ten cents to ten dollars the ppunff of Sand.
Milo:Chesapeake returned a few days ago, and *as
immediately purchased by the- company-Which
orirdneny (hectored her. She goei up this tOer,
noon with 100 laborers. • I-here seen I:time:ems
spepioseas of this min& ..: A pound ~..;,.. 1
ei e r e .4,
7 •7777.---4'''
A resoliition bZ been introducedlnto t ert
ate orthis'Stare, the object of Which - isitippoint
corrunittento inqiiirettateascertnia the' amount
of unclaimed dividends and 'deposits bade prior
to the Ist of January, 149, in the Savings and
Deposit Banks.. The amount .statel,to he, in
those itt.titutions for which no, owner aipearst,, is
about tii"2.00,000. iggregate of capital
is tnainly in the Pirings Beak, trait is agreed
that in Banks, no wore:thou indiridsels, eXhitS
a right to
.retain property in their possession
that does not belong to thew. end that, the pre.
per trustee for Such funds is 'the State.
A man named Henry', preeinesly 'nodded
hosing been arrested for having been eegeged in
the slssa tang Martha, was yesterday sentenced
to two years - imprisinunent in the.Stote Prison,
Ile has a wife and two children in, Philadelphia.
The officers'or the Atlantic InSurance Cowin
ay of this city have passed s resolutlon'to dis:
tribute the rum of three thousand clellare among
their clerhs.,which will amount tp frf d hundred
dollata to each.. .
?yielded dollars...if gold.': The gold ie very
j fine, too fine to be separated by the common
Wft.lile rS..Quicksilverortimeltitig . taustbe . bronght
intri use to make the discovery of any great ben
efit.. For miles the beech is raid to be yellow
with goLl. Some of 'the stories told - about - this
Huff" exceed in Wonder
. anything son
tainol in fable. Men are docking there in great
numbers, end about fifteen vessels will sail in the
. course of the next three days. The sand will be
taken away by ship leads and will be .conreysal
to 50me...p1....age where laLor is cheap, perhaps to
England, anji the gold extracted.:- This is the
Operation . intopOseit by the .. pacific Mining Com
pany," .11.1 j 0.13 0 .3 of . the • Chesipeake. The
bluffs arc a eset of rotten 'quartz, apical which
tha sea tircoks, and the geld found upon the
beach iairchably the araahing-Of the bluffs. A
Man's reputidion for veracity would safer largely
were be to rOpeat half the stories which are told
about these wonderful Gold Sluff."' Time will
prordiheir'fitity or truth.
The - Legisl. tare of California met on the-geh
instant, at Sag Jose. Mr. Edgier .(Ditinoersti .
was elected 1, • tker of the. /louse, caul Mr.
George 0. Me) alien. Clerk. The other officers
of the House . also Dettiocratis well as those .
of the Senate. It is agreed that the Democrats
have a. majorit • in both branches of , the .
Two lays all, the meeting of the Legislature ,
Mr. Burnett 'se
t Di' his resignation, and Lieu- i
tenant Governor IcDongall inial ediately ass - dined
the .daties of .C; vernor. - • lion. havid G. 'husk-
rick wee ehosen resident of the Senate, in place
of Lieutenant G vernor McDougall. The Legis.
lature is very,hu. undoing the acts of last
session. % number of bills to rediuto the ex
penses of the Govenurrent have alshadi been in
troduced. One billproposes toredgeotheisalaries
of mate officers about fifty pew cent., and another '
to lot out the sta printing to the lowest bidder.,
This item (printi ',..,) his cost the state. - for tile
year 11350, the en of $115 . ,000. -..- ,
c / i
1 - new candid" e for Senator has appenred In
therfield,-Han. T Butter King: Thilgentleina a. •
has been address by a committed of the Legit,:
; attire, and the fol owing questions propounded : 4 F
r lain. -Do you d eider yourself eligible. to SI
ioffice of I.T. S. Seth's? Would you, if elect". ,
t accept that office' Mr. King has answered both
• questions afSrmattvely. Mr, Fremoritia in San
Jose, and is rapidly gaining popularity with thh
'," members 'of the'. Legislature: Ills prospect of
; election is better than that of any individual /
have 'heard m Honed. Col.' Collier, the late
; collector, has so e strong friends La ther:-Islii
; tare; and so hay 'Col:lVeller, „ Col. Geary. sod
Mr: Irydenpeldti ' -•- ' -
1 Mr: - Walker; one of the editors of the Derail.:
'was wounded in ir duel Litt Sunday. - The 'tete
of It. N. Morrison, 'county judge, - have Itch
ratherkeverely ensured by the Herald and other.
newspapers in an FranelscO, and the duel A
allude to was th result of theee i herisurea. MP..
Graham, (a pert guofJud,ge Morrison) exid.ficti
;or six other., ha expressed a determmatiouip '
"call out" all 'question the acts of Judge
Morrison. Mr. Walker - and llr. Graham rat- changed sho,.xis ore staled, on'Sunday min2n
; in& when ht.iValker -was shot in the thigh,-
' He will reeo
' The Indian difficulties in the vicinity of the
'NI - aril:toe& have assumed an alarming charactee.
Every day brinks accounts' of milers. and 'Uri'
whiten have called upon the Executive for did.=
, Troops are now being raised, 'and the lotion
mgents will proceed to the scene of the difficultie s
'immediately, to endeavor, if possible, to hring
the Indians to ri treaty.
The mails have of late been very irregular.= , -
'The Tennessee left tichind seventy bags, of till
'2oth of November mail, awl it is snid Ilialn part
of the 13th November mail is missing. ' l rlie ;Si-.
ticulty is attributed to ,ha tirdiuess of The New s
'Grenadian nuthnrities in irandporting the mails 1; .
'across the isthmus.
Three steamers will leave for. Panama thiti
ternoon—the Unicorn, ..Intelope, and'Near Or
'leans. The mail goon by the Unicorn:the , 2 1 10'w...
'est boat is the PLItiC: The 7.sZorthecorr 04-
TertiFrd to take the mail, but ii, cotoequenco 01 4 7'
niollision with the, steamer Tenne , ...!sce, 'site i.•
preventod from gobic down befort the i=t ocs
February. and therefore the mails . were tranr
ferre.l to the unison.
The frignte 'tlavanunh, eurnlnotlere 3lc
reiir to-dcfjfor Boston, •I helicre) touching qt .
l'anntna atia Vnt.rutria..n.
The working td quartz ledges trill give cm-',
.playment to a large
,r.mnber of tnen thr ,
eatmtryt• . The Mariporn company are trerhinsT
their claim :cry 'aces-sfitliT, .They have :rank
1 . 3 shaft above thirty . feet, and ther And that the
gold 'increases in quantity every tacit 'from the
urface. Several Cornish cmployedn
is company, and they sartlicr:Lave worked in \
the mines in England when, the tin iris tic; nil
'abundant as is the sold in the MaripoealedSe.
The quicksilver mines near San VO3O ant .eery;.
suecessfitily,Lit'arked, The Onadaloupe 'canto
ny's,naine yields one ton of quicksilver per day:
and the New Almaden company a larger quanti
ty. Another year will dovelope the rerourcesof
California to an extent uuptatill&l, f - believe, in
the history.of any country. J. A. L.
• (fur correspondent has given a summary ee
-1 count Of an alleged new and - most wonderful dir
' cOvery—a beach of 'literally golden:sandi.
Coed scarcely say that we are disposed b.. receive
the narrative with all due caution, if lotto else's
it with the now exploded :aeries of the •Told
lake," the "gold mountain," by which the
Weed wile speedily to be enriched, that is if geld
Was not made coplentirwl thereby, as to be of no
more account than So much obi iron. Vie our
pose, howeverithat:thir readers will laic aomo
interest 'elle us It is and
.we therefore furidth such details us have totae to
The Alta California ear.:— ' sr
'lt is well known that the ateastar Chesapeake,
with about thirty adventurers,' left this port on
the .21st alt.; for the Klamath, and inyesterds,y's
paper we guru some account of her progress.—
Scarcely was oar paper issued when the Chm-a
-e came into port bringing back'fiVe ec six of
th - "prospect:9ls," Gen. John Nilson and. John.
°A thCoellinettoe,.}:khllatms.'"lli'lengastbeallemcund,behor.hea-trntiteeefiteng
s tof the expedition, whigh:meeting we attend_
I .k
, load if TWe can bring our ideas down . to any
' thing like refxson, after hearing these wonderful
details, we will Iqt the public into the secret
'Twenty-seven milca beyond the Trinity there
Is a beech seven miles is extent, and beyond:by
a high blue: Thu sands of the beech aro mixed
with gold to ha extent alarost twyond belief. ;
The sand is of two kinds—a foie black sand and,
a grey sand. The grey suid coo, be separated
very easily froM the block sued, and this seems
to be ri desirable abject The gold is mixed
With the black sand in proportions of from ten
cents -to ten dollars the pound. At-times when
the surf 'is high, the gold is not easily discover
ed, but in the Spring of the year; after a SUCCVS
sine of claims, the entire beech is covered with
bright and yellow gold. fr:Collizo, fhe seem . -
taty of the Pacific Mining Company, measuredff.
patch of gold and sand, and estimates it will
I yield to emelt member of the company the mpg
1 little awn of $ 43 , 000 . 00 4—5tul this estimate iv
formed upon a erlicuLtean that the sand holds out
1 , t o bo one tenth fts rich as ohthrvadon viarrants
i them in supposing..
The Pocmc MMing CCtripany—f the Avetitures
of- the f'hessigenisedurre- bonded theniselves to•
Bother under this Gdej—found setae ainetel , ii .
moo at these diggin,. 'The tacit had no dispos;-
tinf to dig, for the paid was fill - ready for them
whenever they felt di: nosed to take it. Besides - . '
Such is the choricter of the - roads that -they .
could not tekestway rthn-e than 75 or 100 pounds"
apiece, is, amount to6-trifling for the considera
tion. They had erected a comfortable Idgmbin,
awl designed watching this claim until spring,
and then take a ship lead of the gold and tract
to ease country whore the metals was not on
alnaninnt . Mr. ,Collin v DIM o roan arliohdd or.
cumulated filtrilloM,ilid pounds, or fifty thou
s:mid tons—he did not roonllect 'which —of tie
richest kind of-black sand.
' General Wilson. rays that thonsandi of men
cannot exhaust this Rohl' in theusonds of yearn.
tad ho gives all who doubt his statements the
liberty of going coil • oscerianung these facts for .-
The idea of tot recollectingwlreir*ittrasSi.„
ty ' thonseird Sens, which
thounand,soundrar lift)
lome fortunate adrenturer had pc;uprallded, Fg ,
nairely related abnre, itidieleiift Or, thliftliatte,' pLseed on the wholo story,
.g44",:i i i „A r i a
keeping with the enticetts font' - thre e m ink t ,
lollara prorta nhich ore to accrue to eaejt mem
ber of this enterpruing
The 130r:ince nays:
That on the line of the roast-Isom 25. miles
North of Trinidad, to ti Toms, South of the
ma th deer, there in a rely fiefs deposit of goiti.
In scale, intermixed sith blaet sand., it beyond:
dispute. The gold bearing range of the interj-..
or here strikes the ocean, and mating down to
a line or bluffs from 100 to Li/0-feet high, mai,
or less precipitous,-skirts thgcoast for stearlY
ten tulles These are the celebrdled gold Mode. •
Old father Neptune here. conies on a agthrinasfn
iug operation en his own saiount,- precisely oh
the principle of the minces goldiranbing; but on
a colossal wale. ..As the wares ebb and row
they wash out the bluff, carrying back into the
sea all the lightersan, bla
ck nOd leasing .
bebindon the beach the heavy bla amid, coa
t *hap,. the geld. -
130easienalli, 'after &Atom, the black multi is .
btiried tinder.a Bert of top &easing of grey nasal
4:f0w1% up by the sea; Oa TCMOritls . which, to
slight depth; the Muck gold .benr ' ing sand is: .
wa.'sa before,
'The very richirs , pinto of di3 deliait4 ecuke7