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Antrim to Ben
• The news of the safety of the Steamer Atlantic •
w iii - be hailed with universal - joy and gratitude.
We had not given her up; pat' it seemed like
hiving against hope. 'We refer to Our telegraphic
(:Onto for all the particularl yet received.
We presume the "paddlo.boxes" mentioned
are hos.wlieel house% incleuhrig the outer bear
logS 'or her shafts. 'lt -must ; bare been a tre
metidous sea that .tiorddrdlii that. The shafts
'ere alsO broken, it is . said, These were of
-.wrought iron some 12 inchei in diameter.
Tieing, 1800 miles out, alio was within 12 or
.1;00 miles of New York, and abontone thousand
of llnlifax; but owing' to thti prevailing westerly
wiruis ut this season, she could not, in her die,
bled 'Condition:and disprOPortionate amount of
canvass at best, make New: ork. She therefore
returned to Cork, the nearest port near the usual
route from New York to Liverpool. Toe
paTtiettlais will reach us in i sfew days.
• •
TunQulscr TILACCDT..—Thv Boston Courier
contanis some further par tiCulerii respecting the
two persona whose , dead Oodles were recently
found near Quincy, an account of which we pub
'tilled on Friday. We give h feW extracts which
seem to confirm our conjecture that they both
died by virtual suicide, although by one hand.
The minds of theSe young people, says the
Courier, were evidently deranged by French no,
eic, spiritual knockings, clairvoyance and study - -
the philosopyh of Mr. Andrew Jackson • Davis
[the anther of . the "Great Elarmonia."]
Sands, It is stated, visited a Mr. Sunderland,
who appears to be connected with "spiritual
knockings" and a professor ot other wild deo
wines, with whom she remained some lime, eager
ly endeavoring, to learn .something about the
• Spiritual world. Sunderland says that Sands
705 • person of unusual refinement and
"About a week after this psit, Mr. Sundeybind
states that he received a letter from Quincy, pur
ptlrtinj3 to be written' by George Sands, which
stated that' be Was desirousiof getting Mr. Sun
derinurPs opinion on behalf of his brother—
"lneilier vtheide 'maid interfere anA and
pracesa in a future etote.
. The letter else stated tht the writer was 17
yea., of age, and desired employment. -The
letter was very long, and related mostly -to Spir
itual Philosophy. This ! L etter. unfortunately,
has been destroyed. I Mr. IStmderlund wrote in
answer that he thought the effects of "suicide"
an-the future state would he terrible, and
would interfere., with sm be detrimental to
the spirit's happiness ' and could no more
be' . expected to to beueficlal time, e x pected
milturity from the race by cutting it. Off early in
the int i."
The abase is a ilsocimedof the teaching of the
Great lisrmotilig but as it was only a matter o
opinion, the suggestion was Idisregitrded.
Thu jury rendered the 'Chewing verdict;
. ,
"That that came to their deaths oat the 12th
of November, 1850. in the following nnumer, to
wit: That George (Alias Nliss) Band's death sync
occasioned by a ball discharged from a pistol by
the hand of John Green, which entered the
.head out halt an inch ribove the left ear, and
probably raining instant dGatit. That John Green I
-came to Its death by a ball discharged from the
',1.e.: instrument, by his lowa hand, and which
bill et:tered his mouth and passed out at the
bark portion of his head and caused instant
(Sicced)—lbrahim Baillett, foreman: Loyd
C. Houghton, Whitcomb l'orter, George Night, Nathaniel White; f r . Bass, Coroner. -
-., Among the papers whfch the decceased left
' el were the subjoined scraps, which savor of that
FLAW of mind somewhere between full blood trans,
eendentallsm anti partial insanity. •
"Tosthe oppressed and downtrodden—to those
, - who are bowed even to the grave with grief—to
the'. suffering and atfilictetl, I would say—Fear
• not, but follow truth and tread boldly where it
lead+, and with philnsoptnc calm, and a majes--
tie hearing, go un throng the seemingly myste
' rirm,. process of death: tat hstill gables with light
revealing to the naval: ning end more interi
or senses, a habitation of harmony and blessed-
“Death is only an everltt only a circtimstence
in the eternal bite, and the experience of the ha
• man toaL
"Death is simply a birth into n new and more
perfect state of exister.cel
"Never be depressed: but be cheerful, he My
, ells, be exceedingly glal ever, though death is
knocking at your door."
This wild rhapsody is in the style of the Great
Ilarmonin, if indeed it is not an extract from it.
--,- To ,persons who have never investigated real
. truth, and who have no fixed principles, its dip
punt and flowery style is very fasinating; and its
wretched twaddle about truth and the "inferior
smAcs," which in reality is only another phrase
for a diseased imaginatiOn, render tt one of the
most dangerous hooks tliat ever appeared. It
40C3 not directly attecichristianity, just ns a
truly devotional book dt ] ies not directly attack
priganism;lbut its teachings, if received, are sub
versive. of: every trace of christian faith. We
soy sithatwe• de, nun wa 'lig to those who have
the guidance of youth, t want them against its
insidious teachings. ~st its f rails' ye >nay know
tt; though truly it comes to us decked in the
garb of an angel of light ]
tesides, there were tido ord.:tee sheets of man
uscript containing spec-illations relative to spir
itualism, mesmerism y &C. They appeared to he 1
written by al person of simerior education.
One fact which possibly may lead to some in
formation in regard to the deceased, is that upon
' the right arm of the mast, between the wrist and
elbow joints, is marked' in indellitle ink, an (di
long wreath and also a likeness of some female,
the letterer which, lie ad been repeatedly heard
to =my he wished was ei literated.
The bodies have bee deposited in a tomb in
the burial ground in Q i icy- . They will ramain
thus for, a few weeks or itidentification. Il is
i .
hoped that by the pub city which is now given,
the tragedy-will meet he eye of :some of their
`friends, or at lust ti ese who may have tollte
ReqUlliatt.canith tact, . T
• .
As this is a great g
ails growing country. the
the stockholders of th Pittsburg,h and Cleveland
Railroad feel anxious o extend a branch of the
'above road into this lection of the country.—
hope thereby to iceurc the profit accruing
by carrying the produce, stock, Sur., from the Tus
corawas valley to th 2. Eastern market. The
President of the Company was here last Trtes-
day to consult our ciCzens on the subject. Ito
:olye, the Company will furnish the iron and the
CJITH, if the people along the route will grade the
road and make it ready for the railing. To put '
the road in readiness for the iron, will cost $ B , -
tOIO pee mile, or from New Philadelphia to the
junction at Salioeville, Columbiana county, being
.. L
thirty miles, $240.000 This branch would pass
Ilan-ugh Fairfield an t Warren townships, and
fram,thence to Magno in. If it slmuld be cum
. pitted, could then:be asily transported (refit our
tos.'n at all seasons of the year, by way of Pitts
burgh. to PhiladelphL city, or sent the. Northern
route via Cleieland. Bu ff alo, to New York and
fiestas. We hope th charter will be so amend
ed as to enable the to, ships along the route to
take stock, and we , 've no doubt the voters of
Goshen, lairfiled. au. Warren, would then come
up Manfully to the - ork, and subscribe later
ally. .
from the Ta,ear au.. Ad
. 3. Philadelphia. It shows
ple of that region to con-
in the direction of Pitts
ore Southerly direction to
- Wheeling. In pormanee
railroad meeting was held
tty, Qltio, on the stit inst.,
tion the propriety of con
fute New Philadelphia. or
deg, through Cont.. De ,
lance all along the
tone were paced
The above we copy
vacate, published in c
the desire of the pc
struct improvements
burgh, instead of a in
wards Steubenville ea
... .
of th'uaante object, n
. in Canton, Stark cou
'to take into consiScrc
struccing a railtood .t
Dover, to Alava, p aste t
le:gutes wore in et • 3
The following resoluu ,
/tomb/ad, That are
vcr. inluscarawna e
lireferable to a plan
Resolved, That th
iiittce of fifteen pc c
' ' of'pike township, tl
Zotr, and three of :
, eroploy on . .engines
1 railroad feon Canto
' taste of the expeavel4
alro, of the whole 1
Resolved, That f
heretofore made, no
• ' a: reread can be fo
' .. Canton - to Akron.
• recommended by this
a Ak r ,,, u , and at otl
' . andthat town, for th
ganization under the
road charter ;" andof
don of the road me
!• clotirtonn appoint n cone
!one—ttace of Canton, three
ee of Sandpitle, three of
Dover—to roise fonds, and
to• noney the route for
. ra
to Dover. nud make an esta
,,r grading such rood; and
i ' for constructing. the
• .
t i Nik ' w .. 4 ., , .' . ' i r.. 4. 45 '1 6 ',..H . - ,,.'i. i i e N - y or k• ~,,,H.- 1 Faux MM.. ico.-4Dates from the city of ; Alezi- i
.' - , ~-: •• For thil'illabersk G.tre.fle.' Corinemina Political Temperance Conaention.— '
less are tAking shoutr'jirecting a new State Out cos tO'the loth tilt, have been received a t New, , Ma. Entrorn. , -.The Market Etzuse' War has
t, d th det ermined to consummate it. The bel-'1
, Temperance men, to 'Tevi?. th e T"7"' th ' s " f '
ciflatthatien Island, (the city) Long Island, and Orleans. On the 17,th, the ceremony of the inj i fairly _
.. reco t minenced„end 'the partici concerned' Wednesday. the:nth der of Februaz rust., is
: fined upon for a State Contention by e political.
Staten Island, lobe called, legally. the State of auguration of the newly elected President of the i ye now
gerett at La ve gone through many battles. , th e different .poltucal panes, an o opt s*to. or
• minimum, andpopularly, the State of the Ares L Republic took place, according to the provisiona i are strongly fortified ' the ti - di Idcd t favor the enactment of '
m e ats, where many em oo are Pe g ei
Mends. It would contain at this time nearly ,of the law. 1 associations, and recollec , . well as large : elan , prohibiting the liquor tra ffi c, to be submit-
- revolution at Guanajuato wits . I cluster ,
one million of inhabitants. It is a very pretty '
~ TiThe attempted . . 1
interests, are its itopregnebte, while . red to the people for their sanction ur rejection.
it seems, a pronunciamento in favor of San j the young. vigu .. and bu
idea, but they will not get it accomp li shed. It
Anna, proclaiming Lim dietntor , and deelttri; led upon the hills, a . re r l oyant forces station- n- i Gidignitni states that a man , dining lately at a
would require the consent of the State of Nevr
the deposition of Arista. The revolt was head- i pow , and fall of hope;ith e ;ln. " a t d ive. f restaurant's at Bordeltus, made a bet with some
i compenitins that Le would eat for dinner raw what
York, which is not likely to he obtained easily. c. 4 by two brothers named Lieegu's , who seem to ' wide scope, and.'rupidly increasin . g numbe rs . ! seer o
and then it would require the consent of Con- ,be always engaged in such affairs, baying taken Now this war will end, it is quite difficult to - 1 •
geese. as little likely
to he given a. the other.—
1 part in the inmrrection of Paredes II Coll le of decide. The wesent movement of these new
Years ago. .They are very tic' pfd Gave h p to f— . lowers
We think there is no probability . that it will ever i .. fore
punishment ^n
e„. .
be seriously attempted.
The Massachusetts ou.t
is comps of VA. members, ofwhom • ever thi , y might take cooked, which he won by
getting through a bee steak,
_1 a mutton chop, n
I t h . ~. upon pork chop, and a dish of smelts, and apparently
1 0 7;1: ~,v . ,7,,,,,,e u r v d 3r1d' ,--.— the prospects .l suffered 110 incpuvenience from his meet Whet
•rs. They seem to he pre- i „ pie.
iWith two Ittindml men they got possevsion of , cocious learners in military tactic No sooner' -
I the government of the city of Gu. na'unt place i did they . • that 1 o ,
H .. of Representatives
i , o
0, ) . h
b. „ , t 0 , 5,,,, ,y the e„,,,bi,„,,. ~ a the Ilrary V erdirt. —ln the ease of Taylor, Hale,
dn, J , a in a . mints; and held it for several I Third with the Sirth, Fifth. EILIIOI. ,t.,1 Ninth ! .k. Murdock so. ,
• o‘i boot , •theddon P. Church, in the New
ys. The Legt+lnture of the State FM init.- I Wards, they could, not only ronte Iti,• veterans, ~. Turk Common Plc., for alleged libel by a met-'.
1 farmers; 41; lawyer, 52 manufncturers. -. , ,
dia.ely convened, and aGo,ernor ad aaman elect- . but grin 11 splendid site for 11 fort... • opon the , ...tile agency in n notice
and shoe manufacturer.; 15 physiclans; and 11 , tsl in place .if the one who lad been captured by clefts of the rocks along the b r „,, ~, ,j,„,,,,. ; house of plaintif f 111 Wo.i , , , lppi, I Mr. Taylor re
The remainder are divided . the in s urg,,,, H e ,„„ e d „ very d o leful pro- ! min. No. it is ens il e ' , re fro . . the eminence , siding in New lork.) the jury gave a verdict for
printers and editors. elamation, calling on the tithe,. to come to the ' that the Hunkers mast fly before them; and that i Plaiatiffs of '•''''" l •
different trades and professions. ,
among fifty-five • - ~eelsof M rescue; but in a day or 0110 the Government for- they can entrench themselves behind their breast- i
.th„t ~t tp.,,,,,mfion.—A it, i n the Itepub-
So much for the "aristocranc - I rev,under Cra a and Bustamente captured the : work. must securely, no. i
I p , ~
shusette. . . • . pre, and put an end to the revolution. Arista ; is, however, a portion of the citizens who prefer . should he taken to Washing ton, as at the time
received this news on the day of lib imiugiirti- i to compromise somedifferences ruthenium olden- . o r t h e removal o f,Governmet hitherto it was e
- "" ' . . . . ... .
The Senate of Ohio have Lad under considers- l tion. ,
limafor so me L t me, a General Free Banking Bal. ! The fidlowmg is the composition of ristas
i the 1 Cubitted D. Mariano lanes, Nlinister a Rela-
The basis urat
• " whit' the' '' r'tem is
formed,, s t ! lions: D. Manuel Roble', Minister of War and
p l e d ge o f o ne dollar of State stocas tor every i kinrin, D.
Manuel Pay., Minister of the
dollar of bills for circulation the banks mar Treasury; I). Jose Maria Aguirre, Minister of
issue. This C .is in addition to the capital Sleek 1 Justiee..
and other means of the banks fur the redemption ' The w w ar in l'ocatan still continues, though
Kith no decisive results On either side.. A great
of their notes. Speaking of this measure,. the ,
effort mto be made in the spring to ' ring the In- , ,
Ohio State Journal says: diens le terms.
-The effect of the passage of the free banking I The norther n Statesof Mexico are still infested I
bill will tte, to draw back t o (thi n t h e millions of Iby the Indian, i'ilahniirt, Chilmalm, and Un-
mar stock. now scattered abroad . o i...the Union ' range are en erruntiy them. .1 large party bAk I
and over Europe. The annual prObent of our,. porierimn of the tone of Perms without oppo- a
interest, amounting to over one million of dollar), i side.. and committed the greatest attrocities. ~
willfthen bete our owncitizens, orb - ) those within I . ........--
out own country, thus envies at home, a large ! A correspondent of the National Intolligencr i
amount that otherwise would go abroad in specie , states that the grave of Wa. Wt., in the Con- I
or its equivalent." gressionnl burying ground at Washington. con-
RAILROAD TO ME PACIFIC! 4 tinues without a stone to mark the spot where.
We have before us a patnphlet, and memorial I the remains of this eminent man ore now mould
to Congress, asking for the incorporation of a I ering into their kindred elements. Ile adds:-
company with a capital of one hundred millions ni if
the membe. of the el profssion, al
sed to do s l ogs wellsas to con
dollars, to construct a railroad, nod establish
I h riTiTt i n f t u h n e rls ir ror m th l 0 erecticireof a monument to
a line of telegraph, from St_ In. to San Fran -
Chief Jostice M ansti ant, in the same cemetery, j
cis.' they giving to said company, (after shall still neglect this duty._ it is to be hoped that t.
have paid in two millions of dollars) the right to (Negro,. will do something to honor the men
borrowd I
United Stated eta per cent.
stocks to on ors of both of those groat and illustrious men,
who have given so high ti character to the 1 Tex Core. AND loos MINES /an Flattflatro
nflt pant, not exceeding NS millions- of dithars.-
1 t z ' , ae ri e ,. bar and to American jurisprudence: - OF LAKE Sr PEYIIIOO.-M 0 learn front n statement
The Government to take one third of the stock 1 • - in the Detroit Free Press, that the amount of •
in said company, and appoint one third of the I 1 "`"" THE BIGHT OF WAY. copper brought from this miner of lathe zleperior
directors. The road to he a double track, of
, in i IS4O, Wet 1.1.11 tote, Th.. amount shinned in
In the Virginia 'louse oh' Deleg.ates on Monday,
the most substantial character. They ask for 1
a Bill to incorporate the North Western Railroad 1 d 6 n r i 't;' , 7• o l l i ' l l e r dl e •:::' , j .,. t : f t ' y ; i t r l a l l o. t d. th t l lt . : t r i, l o tt P,,P o ' - p ' d
a strip of lad ten miles wide along the north I (..,‘„,npony, was
passed by a rote of 74 to lit.- I oi, the whole ' consumption of copper in the
side of We road. The loan of stocks to be se-
The Richmond Enquirer says: United Stater, which is a little over six thousand
cured - t hy a mortgage upon the road. The bill was the result of a compromise ho- toe+.
The mernoritil asks th a t the charter h e gra nted ! tween the Nerth western members , and settles at The amount of ore which had been ra ised on
to P. P. F. Degrand, William Irigah, E. HD , 4 , 0 ' Ins( the vexed tmestion of the “right or ~,y..._ die , shores of hake Superior, Unto December,
1 It allows the construcfion of a ranrolvl from 184. t, exceeded 3,000 tons. This ore will, In
Derbey, James C. Dunn, S. S. Littlehall,
vp l o 4 :, l ,T e r :i , Three Forks. on the Ilaltimnreand Ohio Railroad, the *Mon of competent judger, average 20 per
F. Flub, 0. D. Ashley, a Committee
to Parkersburg. cent. of pure metal. so that even this nmount
by a meeting mend,. held in oston. It is I
The Richmond Whig, referring to this Bill, has ' r. I every yea r *app l y the "lied State r . The
signed by a berg° natnber a gentlemen'. Nia+ri I et mer ore from the mine+ of Cornwell, in Rug
' the following remarks: v Ladd, for ;10 rears past_ has yielded but nbont S
achusetts and other New England States. many' THE Riser or 14 kv.--Thr important contest roe cent ' . o f 1,,,,, metal.
of whom are officers of ra il r oad c‘aFar i l' ai i a I between the city of IN heeling and certain coon- /There are now, including the two Iron comma
those States, whose nat. , and professions are , ti e , ~f the North West, which deelre the right of ties 00 Carp ricer, in the vicinity of the celebta
given in the pamphlet before °S. The first name I constructing a connection with the Ballimorelimd tell iron mountains, 24 organized companies in
permanently deride , l hy active operation. their unites base been per
on the list is that of Charles Paine, ex-Governor ''Oltte Railroad , will be
the passnge of n bill engrossed yesterday. This chased of the Government, mid they employ at
of Vermont, and now President of the Vermont '
, bill incorporates the ',aactrth Western Railroad t hi s tim e . 8:01 Men. The Iron companies refer-
Central Railroad; the second, Josiah Quincy, ye., Company. under certain con di t i on .„ Th o s e con- , tad to, are prepared to melt and ship the coming
ex-Mayor of Boston. . I •Itthats require that the Baltimore and Ohio Rail- se.oit, 27 tone of pig iron. Much is said of the
Mr. Degrand is the author of the plan. Ile I rind shall voinplete a single track, with the grad- superior q.litles of this new product of Micht-
I nations+, bridges. tunnelling, soil masonry ogees- got, its remarkable malleability, peculiarly wield
says, •
~ tatty fora double track to Wheeling, before the lug it for boiler iron: wire. and machinery and
°I propose that, immediately after the Sur- ,
North We-tens Railroad Company shall he un- I ev e n in its crude state, owittg to this fact, it
1 vet's are made, the Company proceed . . construct 1
thorized to use their road. The bill also prodder • readtly commands the highest market pnee in
this Railroad ou the whole Route, going .w work, ,
that the North Western Railroad Mould not nuke ' Pittsbergh
at once, en as many different parts or practice.
a double trark until the Baltimore and Ohiol i
et. The tishenes of Lake Superior were establish
ble ; and building at difficult points, temporary R
' ailer. nip
] should culete a double track to ar long ago no the year 1 teal, by a company
Railroads, to lie °grit while the perma e
nnt Rail. wke,linz. lof enterprising adventurers, and the bud..
road' is constructing: and actually bringing into 1
It a l s opriiriilwl that the Wester terminus of : wee N ignrously prnsecuted up to and tittrittg the
use the various portions of the Road, as fa, as
th e North %Vector), Railroad -hall 1,0 nt some , year i a in . w h en , owing t o th e enormous expense
completed. •
wont 0: , th e Id t io River, not above Parker , - of tratesportation ,ta il re-shipment at 'Hie Fall. of ,
°The Company, being thus in poriession th o , 4 , b„.......
v- Sands Ste Marie, the enterpri., en fur as fishing
tangible means, and acting under a send of . ''''.• Corner 01
The grin ciple whielt bad operated upon the 1 alerre the tall+ woo concerned. was rt•lnetantly
I m p e rative necessity of giving to the Peldie Cite L„,,„l n t ore h eie tofore. ens ads: It had sieve('- • a b ato loned 'file product s of the fisheries in
facilities of Railroad ira r 'dl ai g: a' f ', l a' prat-, ' ed "Wheeling st• a Virginia cite , against the Mitt. ' Is 10, the y•etir when tiles were alaandonex was
ticable, will very soon reduce to rt rtiotierate um-
ry whlch would have tested from the construe . I ,, ' sa i ~,„.,.,4, • Onnoind,
Jo. :ow t i
tango. the inconvenience' of ' fundi'"‘,Y to . non byn foreitim wirporritien, id swork <silents- Complen• the Canal around the Falls. and It 14 2.0.4t40, /,
California atel will secure the completion of the
ten ri
otestroy her. Alb t• a centrd. o f th e most , ti-tittriteil that front .",0.000 to Wi,ooo Morel+ tai .1..,
entice line, in the briefest period practicable •-
ol.dittate and 1 tote:Wl , I alt,i meter, the Bald- 1 he atoomily sent to market. and all die supple
and in the interim, the mail stage and tle• ten- ,
...t. iiiiii: rb,iie,,,, I
...1...i,,,...e a
tor ,
eller, by the land route. by folltawing., netear as
. to this promiple. and :in agreement was contirtn• pm altne and preparing the fish, wall be drawn l','„,"1„1;'
rouvenieut, the track. narked out for the Ilan
'ad he the leat'datita" nder whteh tltl` Company from the .ertlowing granaries •and well dm:l,d s ' . , it b __ T i,,, - ,-,, - -
road, will avail themselves more and more. everg I nbers of tio 1 oung Lodiea .
was authorised to extend their mad too Wheeling warehouser of the lower peninsula, where every
day, of the comfort and protection. naturally 1 , IL. Awc• stain iiir M itie Relied. the Mor, Moire te sie-
Now, there ttppeared DO tardier reason Irby the I article required I n eve hung- for the I.n-ducts of ' ito.ted•se ' eas trimet o f 4 i e , . tee anieewhi.. tri• law rt.
Meident to the incipient stages of cta ihrntion.
1 Lego:l:atm , b h01001..1 , long, deny, to tiny portion , Lake Superior , can be found in the inirst Maur- ' ' i i, r i ,'=',,,:,';.;;T i r„M,,,!',V„,'„,”,l,trZ,',`,.Vr
which nceumulitte on the line of a Railroad,
from ' o f Virginia. the right . condi - act or have con- I i nn , a h on d,,,,,
the very moment it is begun, to the day a a.,
,araa,:d by others, an important work of Inter- ! • I It A II Elts E I, COMM I SSION NIER •
-.was- .1 CllA"il , c the 'Ade or 1......-0, nOoleu. mud Cotten
completion • t nal Improvedent It aratt only doubtful whet. Cita el ries is Loom., -Taking the whole of 1 '",",. q ''•,.,.?”' 1.", - ,;1„.,,Z7'; L.,,,, , h- ,, ~ of „,,,,
* * * * -*
* 1 r tic"''' and °la° itallra ' l Cala p all Y . , London, and not ea taunt,. 'lrene". distne+, ! ma' at.aetoL.r, ' - ' ram: '
••Tbe importance, in a pecuniary point Of view. , hailing within their io als a rtglit of way for i
suclt ON may eorreetly classed nr toetrorwilslan , r iii fsistiNr•
of using the Road. at . early day, is shown by I „ liirii rir ,., inn ,
.to lung contended, might not
institution.: as Greonwleh Hospital, We., then. , t -stio
the intimate, that the extra expense a truvening. I
, abandon th e extend. to Wheeling or construct
are . less than Int timrsitable iuditutiees. ea- n , t ai
between the Coital States and t'alifernta• id a slim-road. for the purpoce of ',tenth - ay coin ,
, murise ef mere local endowments and trust +. 0',:,te .. .1it'...
$67,75 0 , 0 0 0 a year, over and &Jove what it will plying aride an engagement which it
mi g ht ''' : parochial and local schools. ac. Tiled chart- t n""- .t
be after the Railroad is in use. her interest to repudiate. For this porismc the . Lin ,
.. orner , se-h 2 geared
e, ~ _ „
..„, . T . s .. t „
"By moving for this plan. the friends of the ' pr o ymiens'referrril to were in. orperatetl in the l
r'tiinronis Inct np,onfl " - T 7 o t r ro t .e tt , N 3 ' . .. a . t grop. ' , •, ; ,,t' i r . :;t r i t i l
measure will, by ono s i ng l e e fl o m v i z : •' the act o f inwirmintliin et the Northwestern Ro i l- I r .,, r , d ,„ Tn ,,,,, r ,„, to ~,,,,,,,,,, an d i n .,,i tnt i ons t „ r • r ",;',. t a i r,", t , ',.•
passing of the act, - s ecure the comp leti o n or the : mad, with the .tangent erinifitionr that any) the preservat i on o f lif e a nd public mond, IS eh ... Lsottes. se.
Rend, in the shortest possible time; whereas, ! breach of the term- nn the part .tf the Company , der4,,, for
ri,niniing the , inn
an, staying riin et , Latoa It
if they adopt any plan, which relies on fonds silo 4,1 be attended with a torfeiture ef the whole ,
, , progress of crime: 11 societies for the relief of ,
created by the sale a the land: or on a large
s'"'"ri , ''' ' s ° LiterarY F"" d ' We h '''''' ,"" s ', l T' ll° ' general destantion and distress: I 9 societies for ; lAN T
amount of funds, front private individuals; or that Ihtluntar e will ean'tr"e''' in g"'"' ''',""' " relief 01 spec:fie deseripti. I I societies for aid- 13 st tli
on funds to be, from time to thus. appropriated , double track Railroad to Wheditig. ""' l l "'.'"' " t ing the ...roes of the industrious (exclusive of I ''',;;L:1 r .,,,,„,
by Congress-they will impose upon themselves • branch to PArkersburr. eriw , ing, the IShio , lllver.
i . I loan lands and .wing banks'. I 1 aocietiea for the annoolo4l 0
the serer ' 'ending labor a Sisyphus. and by the : and c o nneetieg. with the R tdroads f
' the ''''" . '" te °' I deaf end ,bomat. and the blind: 103 eollirges, Los- ll ''''
delay waste enormous sums for the Nation. ' Oh i o.
I pitals, and institutions of almshouses for the g gIEcK. imsT-1 cheek drawn by U 8 in
°To sec. the Loan a the United States l ' IL , ow.. lear CRUZ No r 4 sated settnar eta
stock, made to the Company, and to secure the I EPODE ISLAND SENATOR. , aged. Itl charitable pension et 74 char- ' I ,1, A. aril,, 1 , i , 'i ii „".i , thr „. h ' th .,,,1
iith ., i 0 , 0 , triable and provident sonietica, chiefly for 9:eci- sad coy L , onp3 ; a. trn ... i .e.. t y e ml stucco
oArrying forward, in good faith, a the contrast • The Preside°, Journal that , dr
lied chem.. :II asyllms for orphan and other l 5 ',,,,, t ":, t ,'," t V `l„, e " C ';'a'X'..t. rh a , h `',!'",,a h ,'„,"' T a a n".: a t ,
made with the Company, the United States may, ' whereabouts of Mr. Sonntor Jame+ I neeeriitons cliilth.; It) e,luentional foundations; , sterisso "rebi77 .
_. ' hti.P.4ll a - Mi.:KZ:Es+.
Road, if they desire it, take a mortgage of the Ro • , "it is so seldom that our Demorratic friends I e h a ritabie modern date; HI whooi societies, rillif , :l2o.pAßTNEttsitip u Eitrroroßi:
and its appurtenances: take one-thin! of the '-rum's
an election or nny kind in'this State, that a : , i s h „ i hi ,
repen, .0.-4, eo-re.,D.-ruz and Christan I extol. lietwern tar subscribers, under the .tole of
Stock, and appoint one-third of the 1-!tTeetar"`• I
tau wadi:. pity them, w h et , t h e y h o d th a t even i visiting societies; Eli bible and missionary so- , I4 ,, tettti ,, , Chun. A Ca., Is Mt. e i tr i, 1.=;• , t1 , , , tis loyetu•l
follOming the precedent so successfully practiced,
' their lauded succea. 1. o nly mil... They elect- ' eietie, showing a total of PG, twill. includes , • ' aNDlikat rI..C.HING,
by the State of Massachusetts, in the Case of the , „
so sirs Thurston to Congrcoi, and the Herald did p,,,,,, ,i,,,i, na b. , no d is quite eacho s ive of i • Ira Slaw, or 0 K retain; i i ‘ A K attOLTl N n ' t usc the
Boston and Albany Road, I
.. e"mr""lYcalled the : not dare to pithii.ll his toter upon come tif the , the numerous ••auailineSes. - ac_ 1 These chari- , mains is the lan nil, la the settlement of their business
Western Railroad.) in wnien case, as In the eon- : must iiiipniann ,
,nrr ,, int ni ,,,,, n in c h i n , atn , I tin ",
noniini , y th. ,, nr .,,, , i i n arni , their r , , ,,, p , t i r , •
.t. sl7 •
templated charter, the Railroad Company I
'" I ceded to awl They hero elected Gen. dnetes to I t ohecta, the extraoriltpary Drriettilt. go( 1,761,- o X E i lV 14.001i5-.---'
fhe History of Pendennis.
provide punctually fur the payment of the in- , the geouth,
and in
sou 1,,,,,.....
t, .. „ . ,
! t 7.1.1 I. tel which upwards of 1,000,0004. is ruised •
i -, 4 i..1,,,,, i ,,:,',::1 an `V - Var.'ll2,7,',• " rt'a m .,%!ar j "lan,
retest on the Public funds loaned to them,
.atel ' t , • „
rejoicing. they ore met with a declaration, under annually by voluninrycontributiens: the remain- ' Medan,. on wood to the author to Inc volute.,
a ka., are to pax/vide, and are providing! by '‘''''. l C - his o wn hand, that he is a Whig, and with rte der from,funded property, sale of publications, ' tit ' ,,at,lgi,=4,r: ° .rr, I.', o ' r n;.! -. 2 . 1 . 2,"10 7IL
itigifund (and occasionally by extinguishment by ;evidence do. be has toted with the Whigs for & c. _„4,l e , I Rolla taroks. . .
p rincip le,) for the payment, at maturity, of the ten
yen ,. clion these
we believe,
there ,
'V I No II of the INemnal k laid L,wk of Mr Revolution fin
pal of the Public Loan. is no mistaki, The l'ost admits them both by I vaaterrEs. , n....... 8 Low.,
, no adore Isola sun recened and for sale 07
"The 575,000,000 of the United States 6 per 'expressive silence. The Democrats who went to it C. STCKToN,
cent. stook, loaned to the CoMpany, being Coupen- •sblf
bed Thursday evenine rejoicing in a treat too- The W ilmongton Gazette announces the death • I e hrnniri ,.. a.rin , rn „ . ., prni
~.No 47 Market st
stock, payable in London, will tool have been the I
um L, awelke on Friday morniug, to learn that of Professor A.nstey, lately connected with St. ,
Massachusetts Sterling s's, in the case of the • . . T.) LEl*-Two offices on the lower Sour ..
they blot been •add.' Their Demos Senator Nary's College to NVllmiegton. Ile'w. deems. I
„urn, ~, ,,k, ., ,
..,‘„,.,,,..fm0,, , ,..
Western Rood.) furnish, nt any time of need, i
. , voted for liartistor in 1810, for Clay in 18.14, sed from Ids station on nerouut of his intetnpe- I NioL4r en, rub 11 feet.
n. , JlAstl
Exchange on England . be sent there. M l ieu
l supported 'Taylor in ISM' , and was prevented rate habits, but continued his career of dissip- : ~,,,,,,1'.%:Ji"47,...i"..1.5iza=Knth1r...L'0fr,;,,,,,,,5tt. esredet
/,f our specie, and Operate as o.iditional caps:, ,
„ fling for hnt , 0 ,4 by a b sem . e , Ile ro b e d f or don until he tans reduced to the utmost dmit'ith- Au . :ties, e rsimii ,a7 minable tor In...att. 011 ice, As ,
to b e ia sed by the citizens a the United Stites. '
• Alaimo) . for Governor, although Mr. Sackett, Ids don, and sentl.h•re.labounhotneless and friend- '
:Lire'. bin ' . ' 1 '" h r '''' ' ' Veirtaiti l l'lttnltillig. r"
••The $118.000.00U of United states stock, •
personal fricml, was the opposing candidates; lee,. Ile was discovered last week in an !almost . fetal ads
lOrtnOti . the Company. (being made payable evil
so end, for fear that all there pledge , which his pad Goren state, in an tabl hovel, with te bottle of 1 s_____
1 OIIA .ISll'-;--A superi , ir article of our own
We Tato a $2,D00,000 per ....a, .flee .a oo o,Not offered, might n. he salt... be made tel by his side. and soon died fr om ef. manutamme,instantl7 . hand and for .Io hY
yearn,) will he paid oft", by the Company with , in rrrirnig.
a distinct one for the future. Ina recta of Ids sufferittgs. Professor Anstcy was I rent , • .'"hand, ItElatv A CO.
perfect ease, either by actual profile, or by the
communication to the 11.. Wm. Sprague be olis- 0 YOUllgt,llion ‘,l' line classical !attainments, and
creation of new stock, to represent the amount I
1 tinctly liroutlatnees himself in favor of the ineas- was the and. of a work published .n year or , BLEACIIINIi POIVDERS--201 1 cask
paid I slas artscle. manta 113,1 Aral for es e b
1 ' • • . I• t v ow , . in Philatlelphia, entitled
of I rchi. l ",,,,r . ~,,,It , ; Cl,
arcs of the 11 big patty, an d declarer that, if ao s
••The other illstinguislAug feature of my phut I leered to the Sande, be shall render . those Literature, iir an introduction to the stutly lif I s
tAL . .SOD.I-1 11 0 corks on to and for
is the creation. by a single net of kg.latitai,
' measure+ a cheerfulond cordial support. This Rhetoric anti Ihdles Lettres.'-What a mehnicho- t ni ,,
~.iio io f.iii,nwki,,T,.
one hundred millions of elttlhars of Ameriman '
is the •Demoristt: drat, with the aid of defection ly ill4toll, ..,f the find power of 0 depts. eil op.,'
l bor, by ordering, in tho very charter, that the .
„a , and treachery in the Whig party, the Dertiocrnla Pe tllld how 1011 of nolettat wanting ! 1,,,,t U LPI [URIC &MC ILIATIC ACIDS I
. a
mattis used in the construction a the road of this State have succeeded in eleefing. Whh- & tars i, i-, y . ll ocns .-dr. R eese , p h sa i c i a „ „r felth,
3 ste l a on hand and Vor ealc , l,o '
shall be exclnsively of domestic origin. The,
out this pledge, it is well known, that he never I Dellerue Respite!, New Vork, has been making It I At' I: l':It AL- lul 1 bbls large No. 3, Mae
one hundred millions of tangible money will could Lune belt el ect ed .
.t woo not, of course, I. „ pee i, o ,„ tae ,i oce r t ,p, t h e 1,,,, mo d e o f he,thog,, A. at eensetm Suspect., Locale bs . .
naturally, directly or indirectly, be distributed made known to the Democrats; ( Ley were not a burns and scalds, and checking Oie - acute sutler, , - ''.1.1. JAN. A. IllTilllrON 2 CO.
to pay for the labor, the manufacturers, end the
party to the eontract. They were only the lord- i.e. Inc hos found that flour, thrown on with llt ICE -30 lees prime Carolina. for sale by
to products of every State m the Uninn,a al7 _ JAS A HUTCHISON .t. Co
elotil'l. The purchasers and the-elle. arrang- a common dredging box is one of the bed tendl i S ''
and will set the whole industry of the whale tsl the bargain. The Democrats have nut now most efficient remedies yet discovered. The ex; (14 ill/T--36 kegs assorted numhera, for sale
country in motion. the 061111 degree of spirit necessary . deebunca teetotal air is one cause of suffering, end Sour thus ''-' by
• :
.0117 _ JAC A 111 e m s, a Cos s _
i the deception that was practiced upon them.- applied, Loth heals and closes the wounds to th AIOL ASSES-All Id& Plantation, for solo
4 , Th e p l ea now proposed. will finish the '. They pretend not. know, or not nt creilit the o tmosphoa. The edges of the wounds whici ..L. i., fahll J. A. lICTVIIICON _. A Or.
Road, in the short apace of five y e ,,,,, because , notorious fart that Gen. Junta Is Idedgid a) a I renunned open be dressed with lime null oil, tip I EAL 4--18140 Pip Galena, for nale by •
the money will be easily obtained , by the sale , lef,, p „,„/„. 0 0 ,
on o „„,L I
plied with a feather. Dr. Reese anys•the nor 4./ fi.h.7 L tn. A. HUTCHISON 1 Co.
of United States Stocks. . I
I • application made to wounds by fire, hot adder wee RUSH.RUSH. DRIED APPLES, for sale by
••.\nother plan, which rs before "
the public, ,..,
ar.CION AND ULU I.OO4PECTIV.E.-The Albany gimpiorder, sc., has' been most happy in th i
ill! BURIIRIDtIE a latilIRAM.
contemplates to create the money by sale of the . practice of the Hospital. lie Water orwo.
irgur has a letter from Capt. Joues, U. S..lrmy,
land. But by following that plan, the land can- , ril TONS SODA ASH, for sale by
from Fort Vancouver under dn. of October 20, The Macon 3lessenger says that the entir: )ty 4.),17 lICaRRIDOE las/IMAM
not sold until after the Road is built, foul the ; teogth of „h e G eorg i a ra il roa d, i • '
to build the Rood cannot be tangible, iof which the following is an extract: • • now n° P °ralala tofri•DOZ. CORN BROOMS. for sale by
viz • the Central, Georgia , filacon mid Western
until the land is sold. The plan is therefore , Many pardons of Oregon are truly beattliful- 1p rslth ISCRBRIDO ft &INCUR/al
4 Western nadAtlantie roads and the Athen ------
radically defective . If hbe ndopted and rid=s the volley a the Columbia and a the wiiii,oootte bilk N 3 kte-td•
FISH -DV/ . 0.. Pit,
' fi n ranch, is 642 miles. The extent of railroad :
hered to, fifty years will not suffice . bring the river, Puget's Sound, and Astoria Bay, which, I 7 Drums Codfish:
e u tnpletell and in progress is 38k miles. Tit 4 thhtsannon. tor .alga
Road to completion." have seen, and many tither 10Cf,litie4, Whieb i , , , fehli It, AE. WIL , ON
i I.:very
We like thin plan better; than Whitney '
s; and ; hear from the descriptions td' my friend., . roads In opertaion are all prosperous, and Dr. __ _._.-- -
realizing from S. 16 per cent clear profits 110S1 N-100 111 No. I. for sale bv
very • thing here is rapidly prog r e s si ve : even during , bl 7
it appease la be Supported by the names of .. . .•, , .
.. ~. . onto. Th. is demonstrated the i wisdom an .I:i____t_ _ .aV. S it-des
the year that I have maul Hari tee Luang v ono .
substantifa meta. , importance or n proper system of improvement . Er Alt-IIN) bbls North Carolina. fur sale by
i improvements have been very great, and in not.. qi , ,iiv
~, .
t 1 t atter expending nearly fourteen million• j_ rada 4
To Mr. JOHN PEFYIBE, D. Chinn or Boston, , i e g more than Ist the itnervointnurdentinn with ''' - .•• ___ . wk I , WILSON.
item. e l • i . ti • Stags s * When we arm
belonp truly, the paternity of the se • ~LI
the, . tlan x . , ed of Jelin. ts,now twice as rich as when she eon . - um S pal ES
i., menced her noble enterprises.
has devoted himself to it most zealously for the' bat October, 1 . 849, we glided . °long the river . 1 . C.., • 7 bates Cotton.
ti +asks Father,:
zk ' en., or ill their snake-like canoes, hugging Cob( It ent.r. -In . lontpelter, Vt., on . Tue - r do Peanut,
lasi fourteen yearc; and actually travelled er
every nee and bay to ovoid tle strong currents. Jay, I • 1
k I •1 1 II s. 10t1 ultimo the Mercury at noon too. I
du 10, aP1404.
the route . tent, . Ids own expense, to assure ~, , 4 dt• do Pearls, 1
:toW t h e passing of the stria.. warn uti of "vd 111 thirty degrees iMove zero; hem, s i x & e l • Ido ds do grand
himself of the feasibility a the enterprise, t a rn , ( es rg.res." Tow. are born inn 'dity, in the evening h fell to six degree, below, .1 4da d o
1 iln Wiwl: pow lauding from it . t . e . Anor Sews.
- - - tt 'All DI( ksYY At O
and . rapid are the changes, that arn s eem to del nut retuto shove for several days. On Sd - wit and tor iialeitis fat. I.A • •
- .
elig. in a panorama A very few days' since nanny morning it sunk to thirty-thre. liege 4 - .4.4
there sat upon my pillsm, goring at Mount flood, I below: zero, the lowest of the season. Su ,h
Ile , und:Tai,,led Horticulturists and Seed-
covereel wall snow, ca Smith, Major Ogden. , groat changes in the temperature are not ve ; ry l o
. , Own. Icimlict. Imo., emildished tberwielres In
and Capt.' Lentlbenter, engineer , : Capt. Goldsbo- 1 uncommon in Vermont. The most remarkal 5 I a tinto'n " .. Md., tale tlie aloes tr. Inform the , ,yentlenr
rough and Van Brunt, end Lie. Blind, U S. occurred shout forty years ago, when the Mere. 'of litt•Zr.ter,nbr..l rad.).,t,lit.:l.!..lll7,;d: 7::
Navy, and some dozen joniorefficeN The United 'ry fell in the ernme of ten O F ( O ,I EO hours ; fri r l lg a : a. Tare.. 1001 . 4 of Calibmw.esaliflowerltroe: ll .
States steamer Massachusetts and wail steamer Ildrty two degrees above zero% thirty-two bet t.,nuras Radish, gsinneh. Rae, Beet, 1c .
, A ..o. fuß !wort.
Caroline are moored within twenty rods a ‘a. ; in the nthlst of a pooledt hurricane (Ora Yor. by our frlwidsra ‘ r ist r cd ,
.. t . l l i a ,, a ,
''''''''"li"L''''''"V."'Z.'etraTskree'lit'dlinn'llts ;nil Nalco.
A Month since we dined on fresh salmon from A new tirticle a boots and alto a has just co: e'. 71 l ''' l ' o s"'es'idt!'irit . ..; ;sae th.•• ••= 00 .• rdiada° tram nn.
Puget. Solll.l , and hod for dessert a Wntectriel- , . , ~ , , , ~ ,
„ j rip us ringoutu. it . entteu x analna Corium, r frit ... roam In t i tv i i n ,. tl y rsaml r i p sj i Les , i.
on 'front Hoc ohli'' "' hall' t''' " k.arbu', l '° l- ,- ' I !rather cloth, and wa r 's invented by a person a+ ' 1::11171,17111nr: It 1 1 1?: :. k . 111: a• llint FOFIIrF4 as an" n".
are nos . ' , suing td 'Mc tra°l'l"'"'"e" tro t h
_,''''. ined Dint 'The material is cotton, but has le l"'!"'''"t",..hi, r":.x7...itt',7:l;T'Xii;s7;e th js:irthrorreia
South 54'nes. 'Sydney.' bought by I
I ' '" 'l"' ''' , Mass and general appearance of leather, and e- , ',!' ''''''',',.... c•Alre st ld ' irtOl n .l . '4.l'.,.k.le',.' h ",,,.. L .,"'" ° ,...l" . =
master beentme so unich.roper than canal be
crises a polish from ordinary blacking and in tle ttittahrl""'" swan ‘;',7:',•,:,...rwnf0-w,..!--,.,.:..,
parehowel . or the farmers here ro e. .sr know a .
~ .
~ r
. rattle wny. It is used only for the upper, ter e t enter. s lo t . us a„,m' d + atha" t tat, , ,,„ a " ' t , u r „„ ii„„... ~
Four bemired etnierant wagon. base :anew!
ride being kather. Ilk slid to he . durable. ' '"''''"'" our S: '"iboite;l " aTl ' '''. t7 '"" ..4' "l n ... " 1 i ''
in 0 "" nn ' hi ' I ' l l' " MI -r' mar era thl ' ir : lea th e r , never creeks or t:plits, and 010 ea a tit '''' n'l'erraltw'se .mand ru .. sin rorman Ilea: by
way. The .surplur !emulation tif Celifornie is 1 p C e e Ado. It
advantage of not d !
rowing the foot. • I thtouive. natta ..r cwt, '"'"‘l.,;'qi.";,ll`..Frrc.,l
also wending this way. There ir no measure to Calvert and Mater streets
t h e m isery existing, thole now, and the only- nl- A Parsisian inventor thinks he has at length ' lialtunere.lld.
ternatise to the disappointed gold seekers, who discovered the long-sought desideratum, a lett
re destitute btu industrious , is to come and set. chine for netting type. He has been at work tip
tie upon the rich farming' lands of Oregon.- on it forfifteen yearn, and having completed it,
The , bonds are easilly imltivated, and the Mar , his entered it fur exhibition at the Worlittt Ft.
ket for their productions the beat at this time, in' It comprise ; bathe distributor and netting sti tr.,
the world. is nifordedat a low price, and will set tan thou-
Then , ism: such thing as quiet in Oregon life; sand ems an hour. It in said not to interfdre
all in excitement. Every body is seeking wealth, with the regular appointments of a printing
. °Oleo
and nobody values it after it is acqtdred. and requires no now cbarioters.
Mn. Grrcn, the new Missouri U. S. Senntor,
is erroneously elated by the N. Y. Tribune M
o German by birth, born at Frankfort-on-the- i
Main, and came to this country when only thine !
years old. Referring to this, the Frederick ,
nminer says:
"Mr. Geyer. we are assured. was horn/ in
Newmarket District, Frederick county, Md. We
knew him personally, when a boy, having gone
to the sane school with him and hi., brother
Jcitas, and remember him well.,
:ailrond from Canton to Do
hunt}•. would be decidedly
. - -
tannin° revival ever known in the Niethodint
Church of this place. is now in succeesful pro
gress. The Church is filled to overflowing every
night, and the altar is literally crowded with pen
itents,.many of whom hove given entistactory
evidence ef their acceptance. There in no tell.
ing when the meeting will close ---certainly not
whilst there is ,a mourner at the altar.:itlinintern
would fuld!plenty to do here just now, and they
are wanted.—Beiford Pa. Gazette.
m surreys and estimates
heaper or bettea . route fur
d in Ohio, than that froth
Therefore, It is earnestly
body, that meetings be bald
er places between Canton
. purpose of effecting an or
°Canton and Akfon
commeneing the construe
., tioned in said charter im-
A Larglluilder.—.ll New talc paper says that
Wm. B. Astor has contracted for tllO erection of
lone hundred and flltylret dais tenement Louses
principally on Fortieth et. and vicinity, and be
tncen Eight and Ninth annum
ger the union of these Wards, and at the some time
; greed that the Mint should remain in l'hiladel
,to save the city an immense amount of experme• phis two year, and then be brought there.
The _plan is this:
lat. Let the 01.1 Market house remain, anti
put upon the ground at sonic future time suite- ' A man, xtarned Turner, was lately found lying
asleep at midnight on the railway at Writtle, in .
hie building.. • England. lie was of course roused and rescued.
By ordinance of Councils, extend the width , Such pors'ons should remember that the trains
of Grant street. fro Seventh street to Liberty. pw.,.over tip the "sleepers upon the line.
to 100 feet, and forthwith erect n market house Lima Seri' AT Borrox.—The Boston Times says,
the whrile length, two stories high, for town hall, —We understind that Mr. LYman Towle, a well
council rooms, &c. known lint manufacturer, hal+ commenced suits
:hi. By ordinance extend the width of Vine for libel Against the sellers of te e weekly publication
Street to 100 feet, from Central to Pennsylvania known as. the Life in Boston, for alleged libel
-"'"..• tigaillat his wife. The libel +arges Mrs. Towle
That street is now Sixty feet wide, and there with adulier”lleged to have been committed at
is but one house in the whole length that would e Beach, Lynn. PeTerni year, since. Suits
be disturbed by adding twenty feet on each side ' were also commenced by Mr. Towle yesterday
of the pre;ent street; and every lot owner would , against Willis Little & Co.. periodical ticklers,
receive an equivalent for the appropriation of his State street—damages $f1.000; Hotchkiss &
ground. t Co. , 13, Court street--damages 53,000 for hav-
To this arrangement there could helot little iing sold copies of mid publication. The goods
objection, and the city could at its leisurel and c h atte l, of (bees gentlemen were attached
grade and Ire Vine street, preparatory to Ito the amounts above named.
market house. a few years hence. The Sixth
Ward ie already quite built up. and therefore 'lt. Citizen's Insurance Company of Pittsburgh.
Scnentlt and ll'ghth moot b e provided fo r in. ad " NCOU RAGE HOME INSTITUTIONS.
dition to the Sixth. as the' principM increase A ,i i p, ti Vin . at u'vmr ctnsl, In the waucbour of c. 1,.
must be in them. The proposed Central Muse /j,;.1.
x. ..A. W. NI Mr, 04,
on the brow would not accommodate them. Thin Coo: T our I. tom
pr to 'Evian. all tuerrhau.l..e
l'Aqme-mu' In llterity of th e
In.titution. to afforded In the rhortirtir of the Ditowtom
Zt h o'l'lrt„ a tt."ftnrily „Nre2,
Wm. Hanale i . Wm. 'Lorimer. l i,iO Belly.
. \ V alter liryant.
Jolat llorl.toth. v. M. hi,
• European Agency.
The rutewriher intelolo visiting thr o r-ind i te cities of
I ,rent Lritaln. leant, and GeTutany, during the mouths of
way. end June next. leaving l'ittAburgh on March
I ;tlt. and will lw s team to attend to any oveurine of a bu
rhuart.r ohelt may Iw couildol Ma rem.
1..17 , 1Unr17 JOHN D. DA TIA.
- Foreign and American Hardware.
No. 129 Wood Street,
A fuld mu! ...rlnte•wrt of FOREIGN AND AMERICAN
Suitable for the opnrug trod., and whleh they aro prepand
to offer to purrh.ersatnorro that will mooporo
fwvoroblr rah any of the cities. •
Domeitec 'aria i'orrign &Mange, Bonk .V.tes,
GA/ Bough', Sold 6- Exchanged
'I T.
No. ood Street, Pittsburgh.
I "Era l W tuorrn on Ater. DEP,MIT,
101 a
•AItTIERSIIIP—W., ham, mencited
wtth tlqt NIMIN OEI. 4 C 116,7 r ,
te mof the Frame
1/I.ele Dan .1% .111de•cle hIA perwmal a:tendon to tle
bunn,,, 71 , .101 r of Us firm roman. heretofore
A WILKINn l t`o
A. 11 4 II.KINS & Co
and Market sta. Pittsb'gh.
• Lt. inst.. 1., Wl Itelp a F MclAurr,
plo.t A.Nsa. detaxl.l..r .PI
P• and .Pt Leputd pay.P.r. rep, p
rmmt Ittb ‘t i• infaol
Amok Mano ?quart. , mouth
G DItY Go01)S---I1ltST SUPPLY' g .611 , AjurNEitstile—IVe hate this day
by & PurrhaeLl will this. rnortupw .ranmensw . .1 x.Ydrsiiiaal u' th U. Iv he CaAILoItr , INESS. Polwrt
not eu e ply of :mu: err tlddsles awl Iss It - Tlionspaas law ay le will be tnofrrs a. Iseldre. .
dr these Pt. 15441.11,1 and 1,1,n5:rue...111. Tlso s 1.- ht - It. an Ill:EW LEhs'ils Yu.. & Co'
bssn Iss these eassadssse adodrussent of Isdw .ts Id - -
.•..i . ,‘; ri r ~ , ,.1. ••• ''" .• : •4 . s .,•l`L,. • 'i n ,• • , ° ` r ••;••• ~ k ~Ell'fAlN t'Ulth FOP. ALL PAIN mat
~,,,,. ,„ ;,“.. r .t.u.,,n - io, ;,,,,:: ..,1-:,: - ~..,,,,., . h • see of Perry Met , Vewetalde Pain
.4 y: ss , s sy.f s s h5,,,, a , s sas y n 1,2.., , s , s.y. s . „ fl y, s s Kil s r ossinissn et es. most y.rannalent M. 0.. and
.n, of ~,,. ~.,,,,,, ~.. ~,,,„.. Ai„ „,..,. 1 Mrreltants di lancinnell as no fa , dr:
last - .3A1", Oct. Nth. IFLPI.
ds-sa alas, :muss 510 u, do lAnne, harwase dW
'As,. 15,,,,, ~,, 5 _,,,,,,,„ ~ iy„, s 1 Wv , tn. undenskanal. Thanrcbga awl Merchant. cr Oa.
[salsa Itaslesn, amens s s . ..ssos, Tr. f ,,,,s sits .. here lawn
, arsaints.l wait. and essla for a rearm tas,
. - . . n cult I }away Mdwy• knees, sw Perry' bawl. a
GREEN RIO COFFEE. i k".. - ",!...t,].. Pain Killer. and we wonlalnastlill She pulsile that
l iner rtv stu.nrts ad far . we know. It b. Wawa , the Nwf
IrESDAY, • Olil illat:: at i i ts . PIC, 1 ~.N751;.t......",,h•t'7..h',1r",:5..\1T,ft"',7:Vu,'Z it..
" • ` .1.• '''' . " •••••• " . • '''. •, •B‘i , ltn . rw. l-ba • .13....5t ILessr . e - a - rsnale ' di Mdalclrse become so dews - ars/1r
Actsr, .s .tilts tem. , Prune tsrden bust:Wide. ! paspular In ed slum" time. which TO penveal by the fart
ess will Ise ssrepardst, end wsnspirw taws., r., •••• , it• erwnnee sale end • cdtptantly Inn - Pa - dna sisstawalw, -
slay twtswas sale. W. J. IlAlthlrlOn- s slssanal la 11 cl their...dam bruattista.
Crss sal.: by 11. E. se.t.t.Ens, .tetseds...igr.=•
obi n. '7
_ 1, 1 Waal atrdet, Y
4 SECTION lIOATS—The Tatewhrtrisen
and Itellener, Icing at Columbia. Plainaiws.WS Fredisort
. A.-------.•".v,w,vl,gzstintll
folsl3 Canal Basin. Patebtsrsch.
s l,4 ,.. is , lgres frsr .ale. Apply It PAllall s . & 111,L1.,1
J - - _
( i , 72 , F . 0
nr t k it 1. 1„. •
T 1 ittlg;;;Mthnittr"titirtu.'"..Oto"ltri:VV:=
an oil ady re. led ea the pmoiref the Waling la
rati the rat, w pettrating boats La haLch4 at all
peaartur, the coal to of the feet quality awl easily
the Lilt 110. t Ord.rolll ••'~ !SAT dralmil, and
pen, lOW. lere W u. twenty-eve yard. at the rune
I ", P.Tm n4 "`r* Etotaire of JAS & MOBitYBOW,
febLUNr• Att y Law, ith
PACTIIIER. Ms. 41 South- Second Stmrt,..(Abure
irf!xtut.., rum aktr.)Philsidelpb* kblsfly
C. SILACKLETT. & CO—Wbolegale
t. . 1t
~..7 il t l a zr rn
and Dee.tir Dry litrrbt,
hl l ttl
g A. NI e.l N LTYCO—Tcl.ll , porters'.
LIM! ftW:,74lt n
icriT d m e "T 744'. 1 z°.21;. - b — ,` Zoi•
pR. 110 1.1.1 C K &loct Private Lectures
„„ • Worloo..lnyj.t.
• marlutlvolt . >t 71.. loutb• not .111.1.
Fur I.aollrot ear1u.i.e13..3 . W. I.l ‘ .
Slusdr reu.. Tie.. ut for each wnu .50
311.nm:umbels Mu.r.
.111 ROI. COI' N'l'Y RA I LROAD—Sealed
' proveale ail!
I. reerli al the ollten of the Carrot
Count) kailroeol i'sant en, .to Carrot ton.lihln.until Thum
the 1.111.d:till March next.for the graduatinn-unuaan
and bruluum on the hoe extending fnsm to
tbe e.tlle, of -Itta Sandy':' near the Oneida 11111 , .,
Plane and
of the work may to,
;I',!qtrny', l l=l".: Rn
previous to the Mir ktnng.
It, onto, of th.kitoar'd of Director..
febll - td ROUT. CROZIER
QODA ASII—:I1 misks, for hale I.v
t febl.s W.!: WILSON.
s A LTPETRE--Sal lingo, crude. for solo by
g 4 ERNIAN CLAY-12.1 Imo, for sale Lv
ll frbts W. a F. WILSON'
. ..41 %%ma sl.
.1. sale by febtt J. KIDD a CO .
TiIERMIIETERS—A full assortment for
by feblt. .1 KIDD aCo
ICA L INSfRU3IENTS of 'every de-
I rEnptioq,(nr sale by (Alt J. KIDD & CO.
&II &TETE. for sole by J. KIDD,/ CO
ItTlS'f COLORS, IN OIL—A full as
- t1.,:—..i:.".1,".1,71.:,'T:T.4,T,!..,.!dr„"gg:.ri0i1m.d,,,
Canvass of ever, description. for eale NY
• d
'I.IIIDEN SEEDS—A full and good aMort
-4,..Am01t of Seeds. Just reweived Prom - Faele
thern &r,
Got sale rholesaleNtial rnlnil. al the Seed 'torn mem, of
Wousl and Matti stmt.
febll S. N. WICKER:MANI.
1 )I T S LI SOLI.::rib b :N OF ' PAIiT n NITS . II . IP ‘ — b,
it/atilwra under the style of Elnacklett \i,:bite, ". U. die
sol,eal on the brst day of January, 1651. by - mutual m•ts
....tit Eithe , 1,1 the satumihers will attend to aettlltm up
the bitsiness. and am authorlual Muer then.= of the Late
brut for that purtuee No. 101 Mtn.. t.
EW Fl EM-13. C. Shacklett and William
11, Pam , . as general partner, and Benjamin
perm' ond limited partner, will runtinue the Wholes:de
Pry Bursts Inudn..s under the firm of a. C. Shseklett k Cn,
i:1..1.7 , 1.1.1 y occupied by Shar ri k . l ( o . lt i t i Se: 101
;1 , 1
febil • IV NI. VANS.
EIVMUSK—Where are the friends of
r Youth: bv 17. Barker.
Bre strant.thing total loud' You.
The Robin
I'm thinking doe the Bay. Story.
Nt Now England chime. a new nine. dedimted M the
1,01 U., Of Now England.
She 1 Love is far Awn,.
Oh. moot me on the Silver Shure.
olu.l N tot.
. Sly Hume h son the Prairie Lew—Woodbury
Lily Rh,. id S. C. Reiter.
I've left rns Notion Tillaue. by a Barker.
The Spirit Ituto.
80. hi. hi: the Mark Shake' Funk and Polka.
Irdold I were with thee=fe rs r Guitar.
1..* Adieux. t, Boer.
An exten , ive collection of new Polkas. WalbsW. Ynclo -
Alm.s new supply of - New Carotins Puma." Conti.
1...di , alai an ...tench , new work. Gallo
the "Ne1..11 , t."
enlleetion of popttlar and webs/ wings. harmonize , ' an f
arranged Id Webb mid W. 31.ant:- - enneidered tme
liar works ever - published. 11.1iLP.11E 11 .
fehll IlAmt. Thlef 00-
FA/C R-9 0 bbln superfine. in store and fur
d” n, 2,14 , 1 !MY. MATTHEW SA CO
d I BEEN APPLES-30 bids fur sale by
G. 1.14 RIMY. MAT HEWS t C..
7,POLL BUTTER—I 1,1,1 fresh. for,sale by
g ,AsToR OIL--9 We, Blow's make, for tilde
IL , 141 1.11.1 RIMY. MATTHEU 3t CO
AFE INVESTMENT —49,(100 in Allegbe
uy County 1N0n..-n IMmi., turW
WM. A,
A. 1111.1. t (74.1
61 Wm.," abnyr Jnh.
lOC)DOLLS Allegheny . Citj Coupeu
inOrest pariah. In • lark, will.
0.14 101 A. HILL A CO
EW BONNETS—Nlurphy, Burehtiehl
11 n liar. anon thla morning ...arid ;31...• of Now norinz -
PaeN , DP.ball.: of Engliala Brighton Chip, Hungarian.
uld hap., Embriaden.l. Ontlandx. Juno,
'Oaf. and Calturn and )111a11. - AY
rand Yk..
M 0... nal rlaldran . Inmate.. at • rarittly of
or Enanitth Bonne., plain and wised
Clip dn. a. low ea U:t. Ikol and In
fano. Hate. Cuhurg, f lllnm.lhlua Pearl. Uttrifturat.
f. 1,13 .
F. it isTuitv OF PEN ['ENNIS, No. S.
js4-e.t n th.tue Th .rkam ll.
. santit.r Dula.. have havn rnt,d, oafh
for sale at liril.All: ,
vet Sva. N., 71 Thor' .t. fabld
v v run' Manual. by Jaw; EhaLL M. D.
1:n70:Z.7 = ‘ l?) " 4. ' r
V), Or IV.,
pra.rie. a !Iran - T.14.. 60, an.raalal
wnA t r y- • ,atn. ittri..riant aulniat.. by Ethe•ril Johton
and Perris u( 111 dro)athr. by th• lan. 11.
FrarLke, ham the illertaao lay Robert Balk,.
M It
Th. 'tarn. for ...ale byII t• ntOCKTON.
Stat.-11, and ntattao.n. earner Marirt and Thinl
Fe-b Molten !iiArrATIMi and
.. Vorrukylll,:ou bond and
I:]r ale by thi. I.a tlO
or n.l. WM A. MeI..LUHt) d CO
A1.1:1 :An Liborly 0
I !ECK ER'S FARINA-5 bores fresh, of
a thi. ortiolo...n rolobron.4 as a dirt for Invalid , . Cr
.In. 1.0 for Illoorniongo, Pudding, limo! or S.W.:
For Merlo low b, 110 boa. or retail.
VOX'S sT.t itcti-20 Ixaes for rule by
0.11 RM. A. MreI.URVA CO.
RD AND lIAMS-1.0 hhls Lord;
1 cwt. Ilan., to arrive nn ittorr Fort Pitt fur ealo br
1 00 1113 LS Superfine Flour, for sale by
G-01:1 KAM. P. SURIVF.Ii.
500 13,I i :S hi llORTS, Cor s o&
200 BI f :S2EACTIES,
20 - ix Z CORN BROOMS, for sale by
1,h1:1 4 SAM. P.:MI[4IVMM
6 BRLS SENECA OIL, fin. salt by
1 1 - rebl3 RAM. P. EMIT EIL
Partner Wanted.
PERSON hating a thorough knowledge
A of' Ih, Itu,snpu. In al it. branrh, and
I.mane • pnriner in so rntabli•lkul bnpine..
12: gr I OTP r a. "
10 11:1 1 s ,, Sho r ex i3 und 3 libls„il,7f;
TIIE Foundry connected with our works
h ., 10 ,, brro pretlally ttenttoyed by fire on the 'right
he Mb wr mike that wo wo r k iiropsnid
10 precut.: iintrre 11111.1. for Fool:Orr sod ohwill .
Ihiprre whl , ll rortitioned the enfiretioetructlon of
our sort., sill pious corroct I.finte.l.)
( th
ARB—The subscribers take tins mode of
rokrinc their mincer.. WantWantto thaw Fireman ma:
. r Inewle who, by eir catraordin .Y e.indion. e5 , .. 1
Weir. unk ..1 anode from dOdillidioll b/ err and ' , O.' I'.l
the night ..0 limb inrtant.
-11t1/ 01L-12 bbls, recd p er steamer .
Cincinnati. and Ihr rah. hp JAS. DAL7.ELL.
6612.1.0. iiii V. al, et.
li b
f LASS-200 b .fA e..
u l;a Lz lll.. L for
il IOPPEItAS--25 bbla. in fine order. for solo
‘,.._. t o bbl! .1. lICTICIONM AKER 1 CO.
liAltIS GIIIIIIN---:fil cant, for sale by .1
6.012 .1 1,1100:0IAKEI: F. CO. 1
1 ANIP BLACK—In bulk for Tanner's. 241
I 1 biJA far!, J. SCHOONNIAK-FAI 1 CO.
tare with tlidd and Volent matched hoyden' tin. Draw.
nd Ronne. For tale by AY P. MAICRIIALL.
6012 liS Want et.
g .11E.11' WALL PAPER—From 6 1-4 cents ‘L . , tnl.s Hots. a Intro amartnient. K.
aide by •
- 601]AV. I'. MARSIIALL.
for ode hy Wilt: r W r I. MA KS li ALL.
W 111'61 FISII — U 2 tads, for sale by ~.
(Ad I , Water mad rent ata
!LEESE—PM has, in store and for sale by
1. , fetal 1,A1.,11 DICKEY it CO.
TIMOTIII . SEED—In store and for sale by
febil. 1001011 DICKEV . .1 CO. •
rip Alt-150 bbls, in store and for oats by
i. Phil 1001011 DICK El oin
i i : ItIE CANAL COMPANV—The Stork of Its Elie Canal Ownliwinr amberwhy ono- hi. that dm Allll.l elertion of Director, nth ilniuni,
la ys will lw brit] al their rilliow In Erie. n 11r.5 Mil,
da n Mitrrh next. at 2 o'clock. P. lc
IV nrder of Ur Prwitdent.
W5l. MAIMED, Swer.
Cann! I IftilV. Fair. Feb. 4'+l
TLADIES all say "If you want real
ntml Tos, pen %TM. d. liar...Olio 'Dm Store in the
burnond fur 1i The , los they MII at SO rents per pound
1. rvNlmm and thorn mu. ..a SI, are dell-
d u o, dnrrugnl. or luferlar Munn, react kept ,...hunlnent, and ltmy nEnr mull ell Owl, !raw
dlrrel from original chndx. lunlnntmoMd that Tea will
not km In nrullle irrwpnr. ••Inb. bY.llnlang op the
Ugh., pan and l• as Com. tn. • • Ma, WI
E.Al.)‘ . —Corriell'a imprOsed FORA
Pipe for II
A r d =ltizos; —
aster., Ate.
All dm on bawl and to orrtvo,l4 salfDy
DEFIN_F,D BQL-1...'i--10emeg, fir sltle by
1 - ,1 1..M.2 J. bt1t0I.IN:1168.116t T._
- - .
TANNE___ ..
R'S 011,-20 bias, for sale by
re1..1.1 J. SCLIOONSIA.WCI T._
D. 1.0•I‘ I, Pe...Le, .
W.lllnaton Cu. Dull, •
bttly extra Exmily
atni fur l J. Lr JOHN WATT S CO.
Mal • I.lhertY ct i
Ireroir,,.. • ' 11.1.11 W. W. IV 11.sON
OLL Bur Elt Lbls prime. h o'
1 S Ir unlcuAl'r [i.
I Nu I 44,1 an,l Srrenrl ct
, MO
IN SEEL) OlL—ill 1441, for sol , lir
IA 4611 S.?, IV lIARA %UCH.
bt,l4. prime, for sale lov
10,11 ,x " - Ai tiniAlal,
-0p iti( ,, , , ) ,, i , 5,_:0! .I(kzen. f0r 5. na1 , , , , , 1 i -
it l _. ..
. 0 _
B li , !Ell ,:i. t i l:PLE!L-150 I, , u. , v r i u m: in f , o , r ... s i le
1 llifiED BEEF--1 iv ole , ugar run-ed. nir
11 ode fr f.'llll S. A W.. lIARCIAI'tiII.
' --, I_
W l:il°Vil I:kS l llb l 4l4rt7i
zll4alcb;r;l 5.Tw. ❑,6;l:it
IA.1:1 1 -55 1;16. and 11))1kecs No. 1, for
,I :oie hy febll S. A NI. RAILICAUtiII.
g ' , DIV EE SEED-55 bbd's prime Ohio, for
Il i mle by Poll sA 15 ItIRRAUOII.
DRI ED PEACHES-15c for Talc hy
fohll S. a W. ITARBAUGIIi
Vorros TWINE-23U lbs snperior.qual
k) Ky. for dal,. I, J.' KIUD x C.
foblO No. CO Woal !trot. L
il I ASTILE SOAP-20 ta - ses for sale by
X' , febib - J_FIDD al CO.
1 Alt D----, ,, 0 kegs and 25 bids, for side by
8 EEDSL=IO bb lo Clover Seed;
- 41,10 . Ni
" M illgi ' v d kr:l ' Wll ll. lCK.
DRI: APPLES-200 bushels ~n hand apd
for Axle by hid , } MUM NAk I R K PATRICK. •
VERMILLION—Trieste, Chen e6e, and
tV "° ' for " .1 ` bY • J. SCROONMAKER & CA
.[I. foil„ . J. SCII..NMAICER & C..
BLACK LEI 4-700 Ilis of superior . q itat
'JP ty. for Alb. by •.
feblo IL E.
Wch L o i t ' el%O.
d lAMPIIOII-3 bbls for sale by •
ti_i f.-•ion , R. E. SELLE IC,.
1)UW•I BERRY-2- bbls for /die. by
IOPPERAS-- - 10 I.lhLs f4a• sale by . SELLERS.
'IAL COItKS-1000 grogs for Bab, by
R. E. ,‘ELLER.S.
OUSE DE LALNES—Printed and solid
- -
OCIi•N INC, GOODS—Murphy & Buret)-
1 Be Id h...• on hand an ~..rtnarn) al" Week Itatata Canton Cloth. tloo J. Lam, Partnettra
sine Ilnlmlpal Ah.ra.a. eupt ding etyles of Munn:ging good..
OAF SUGAR-100 Lbs, ItSPorted nuln-
I ten for Axle by BUIIIIRINIE 3 INOWARAId.
lizblll Nrk. 116 11 at, ft.
ISAIA II DICKEY & CO.. Agents fur M
i- ru° w " r" h " ." 'r 'T,•°l4ll " ..Zi
?W' l N;;.°7 - •" 4 ' "'""'" L 410
BATTING -15 bales superior, for sale by
diCITTON— 1,11 bolos foy . sale by
1,..) thEl ISAIAH - DICKEY t CO
d ,orrux BAGS-41.1 dos twilled, for sale
1. te 41,10 !WILLS t DOE
51.16. , A . , i 1 1 t i .:5!-- . 10.01.10 Pprineipe,ml:4ord.l.le.low
Law Partnership.
rjrUE auhseribers have asseiated ihem
wive!, in the prmlire of I. under Ma firxn of 111. k
soluntrion. One or tio.Gther of thaw, lieu not en.
tv:L tn a t "
B UTTER -1 Mils
r. 0.. 1. , "
10t.Fv.In for
lit LAIN 13 LA Cl\ SILK S.—Mt - Ural . &
Ot B , llllt LI. Lavo taweivati a vat, full empplY of ibove
good, .lach ,an aan . tnacra than ther err
trancrally atColeo. Inark ,Flautval and Iltaxade an of
Linen and House Furnishing Goods.
A. :NIA SON & CO.. Nu. G 2 and 64
:v.Narkrt otr*t, keeh. rc,n•taatly on hand a 1. , :h
a.K.runeut of ihr hgotortug a the lo,t wahafe , c-
Table ii,LmaA and Di a nh
c. ,
I/tar...nd Dm.mmk,
hus-13.. trb told Illsl
l : u
I:havo Lava' ahJ enhatrh,
ilnor unal Lil,ll 1.11.4.. all width,
Linen (S.uhru. Ilandkerehlrf,
144 Ikatoct,hr.
Atlauller neeting, 40 invh
Large Auden Sale of Refined Sugar
(w 0 2 k:' ' ~,
0 1..: 1 . 1 „, }11 ,, N . f r, . I , ) .
ii., 5 ,.... 1 , 7 , G . : .. t.P., , i
......-....ndarinct, will De wl.l at Aurann al_NalrDn.
1. i No 1.1.,v a rtiarr. 1,1. !, 11. I',liltt IN,
' ...A...a 111.”.. 1111 LLI . BLA \CHARD
Au '' . """'• ' 0o ~ J: 1 . , • N n 2sCu.n. 11.,••• ..trnil.
1.,...-5., , n. lil..ral at nal,. •
.11...0. .in 11. i.• ',. at the misar norn, , , .
.iinii Danlazn. DI, i,n•af pate ant dark
. D . r11,.. II
..o tl .
lA, t o :Ird i , !. , vqtt ,,, r:- . .: , 1:
,I n
' 24 .' do
r-arle Gin.
"P'. n ' a. 4. .. °"l" irtll -I Cuiitom Hon, Roy..
BY ' . 1 1 t ia. " 1.....1. tivi=el,
...n. AT,irithi
?2 ..t..1 Canliolr,
1 1 n t "''"n =i li7i in ;1. in ,
. • .
100 0111,101,
101 l 1A.., it•anhn..-• in Oil. in •ht. 1... hall. Iliarter tia1 1 1:11 ,
' , 1..,,..,.. NEa-Ttnnts litwral at link.
1)RIP GINGIIA:118.--31ttrithv-&litavhfield
hart. «t I.nd a large Int a In . (Ilughsm,
nrr ladling at gz atlt reduerd prima north mai corner 4113
and Market ..trret,..
1 4 1 ItESH FRUlT—Peaches and Blackberries
Pm P to their man juin,. mut hermetically gelded.
tater ,, bYre , erma their oriel:Lai !Ufa ,. and Lhallne...
A1,1'11 , 111,, alai 1111ILIP MIL or in the game mann, ft,,r
pion ar Gy
)rcLuno k CO
/OA 2:a. Liberty ftr,et
SEEDS—Canary and Hemp Se
.ur th, quality nAll. by e!
Ibb , l WM. A! AMU,
INSIIfiD . OI4--5 bids just received, pure
Vnuntr, tht. and tonal.
frbS Nn Lllovrts
r'hi up. fm.
AND RAISINS-149 bOsed tip:
29'.1 du maul, on
{mod Find for fair hy BLOWN & KIRKPATRICK.
'. MOLASSES -3 , 1 tierces and 300 harrttl,
"ll '.l °' ' ittitalirrraiirrtictt.
LMID OIL--11 hbls best refined Winter,
.24 Wpm! FOrset.
f t - JAPER- 11 ml reams WI-upping. ii,yorted:
1(P , do Ilnrdware aq
or Pal , by lA, J. KIP KIN MAKER aro.
GATE . '
I -4 10)
feta J Splol/N3IAK KR
d ILIIEWS CUSHIONS—Juit received rind
rnlo I.y J 1 KIDD 1.
Wood ntreqt.
:tll kirols, a fresh lot
to on hand. and for Anlo Lr
LAZIER'S DIAMONDS-1 dm.. fur safe
I4ONG SHAIVLS---A row lon- privet' Long
Stumt.—s oc.tme Artirle—lrot rNielrml by
1.T.5 .4 N1r , W LS—of a
hs m cit 0
C A STOIt 01 brls Bloo's best, for sale
BUTTEII-7 bbls fresh ItolL
s rolitt;
T OBACCO -49 boxes 5 Lump, for sal4 by
iIVfNDOW taLASSL-100bso 4 . ;t's"
Xby 10, for rale by f..t MeGILLS 8 7WE
ATENT SOAP POWDEIt-20 thaesjust
11_m , ..lved and for sal.. hy R. E. SELLERS. 57 Wood
win= lb< gvnuim• article may alwaTa bad.
it Tril E 1 - 1651E-5 , 1A1)}:
v MURPHY s BURCHFIELD are rrElm: ar.
tl , lr , of above as low a. In' evnt4 mr yen!. Toy,. built al.
00 hand Ilalarine 111.10, (kern and Plaid home-Inade
of varinn• prin.. and quaLlab, f 0.1.0
t 001) CANTON FLANNEL—A thither
•upply of a very wurvrnor artiela at I2N m'au Prr
yard, nr.rtlve.l at atom of
utmouv BuitornE6.
TIRUCS—In otore and for rule by the sub
Ham 5L
ii,om Salm.
Sugar of load:
Gum Arabic-.
(T um or Tartar.
Roll Ilrlmnene:
Flour rulybur.
Alexandria Senna:
Gum Cruntanw
Sellers' Cough Syrup in Illinois. - 7
JUDGE PIERCE, of Middlepori. Iroquoiso
write. ander date of Jammer 17th,14..4, that
he hae been troubled more or lea with a cough far mecca' .
Teen. whieh 'art ;ear confined him to hlabotLand required
~n k lic al {moment for three month. baring the - rammer
he got better. hot atilt thorough eontintied toMatterts him
1. do. and nieht. which war 01117 Mimed by Owl.. of
ilers Cough hymn." whieh a gentleman by elle name
° gehapt,' brought woh lom frt,m the that.. of Ohio. Mr.
Chapin bud !sand the Sy roped' great no., 111 hirfamily.and
when mowing Thom Ohio. took Men trattler with 'him..
reVeTT, ' :l6 " e l nlatfi ' r Zlltit " Ver ' en. ' l;l.. l4'
Entrant' and mid by It. E. WELLER...
"T A..
Sold tre.drogglsts gelmrally in the two title' ,andrhinitY
EAT'S FOOT OIL-2 brim just reUeiced
a eery raperiar fee Late be
jtal , E. N. MTEKERERAM:
SPANISH Ivurr brie in eitore, for by ja2i S. N %VICKI:It:MA.)I
MI prime, fhE - ealu
.11V. 2$ IcoN tt.
200 BUS. (:A\; ' .
MU bus. Oscu'
lon buw bh,rtr; for We hi -
T. W , K)D, , A SON.
rroduce Dralcmounui comudaskua Werth.%
je....1 61 Water street,.
C.ItANI ) O,IN42ERt !
On Monday . Itvening, FebrOary 17, 1851.
BuStAIELLE, («imoi of V. Via
mot %Van., lebtotol ViehiaL L l ru '
=. LT
1i • bait. the lag.. o f .111011noin to lb, ellasens of
Out they .rill give a Convert at Igilltt , o Half 1 - ‘ll the above
ev Th ening.
e t11...1ug is an .t ract of • kttev from IV. Vincent
teal lapt. to Mr. John )leitor, of this ea, •
Shalatur inierhatte. a, a Vreali.t. after - Jo v has
no moat In thiA country. aul .hr well worth y of ant Oti
tention shown bee
The lady voreenitatoSlng her.
i nankin btu lc, oneof
LaattVan t'ltee
twit , have I heard ti Oa/ a.‘ito•
sestits , t. that Itt Introinerog them , bates to the pub
lit stilt etintgr favor on the lover. of ut tote In lift , bur,; ll .
Nett. York. 10, `3l,
Tteketit, of Aduatssi , et. fgt ecutg to le 1.3 at the 11.4,
the 3lunengahela Hon,. ang at the cloer foltlS
Lafayette Ha ll , Corner Wood and 4th sta.
melee the direction of Ile. Kel.llO , lV, .01 take pave
en nest Monday evening, Vebruarr at 'Lafayette l
F.urth arid %too,' eta. tittebuteith.
Mr. Bi erly'rqtraas Band will neelat the rung. tinge',
who will 1., amnia,' au a plairorrit with eeil sea. ,
The Un. HAM .111 commence Oftehui before 7:
and the pinging will commence at etmk.
A•truittan, vent, Children meet °wanted DT
pan , ot, hiilf prier.
Tieliete to be hail thadeer oat at the Vittsie Aare,.
-(1011N—_'0 brls and 30 seeks just recd by
1...) J. S. DILiVORTLI
1 - 1014. BUTTER.— ^ _S O , *
DIG IRON-200 tons on hand
130TA0II-LS casks linnenn'spure Potash,
•j_ for rale by ill - 1 J. &
dIAAK INlTATlON—Puvr;iirtning ha'
Untelion of Oak, and samitbed. inrsmln by .
Iv. 0. NIA SIIAL. Waxl
.1s Thuntb, - Sml. prime.msrt
end kegro No 1 Leaf Lard:
rim. N. O. Sag.:
Val brio O.
1.1.10 I,sttle yrosnni P. 11. Iloluna.K .
Ir. Iris Ilt4,7..nprmm afAertra
larullne and for ealt , 1 , 7 BROWN A KIRKPATRICK
7.4,1 •
ick CASKS CLORIDE LIME, 3fuziintte , ;
ILI. 20 ham Cattnr (111. Pew crop. lilotCo book
3,30 Do Eoplidi Kneeler, orBortalP
• 35 Prix Oloto .
2500 It,, Dior Vitriol: Tot Pole by
Cofolil S. KIDD k DO. O Wood tt
LAIN large and spleidid assort-
and of Mold Medal. 'Twilit.. ai French De Whet
an Caahrom . ..a. from Lle to Sc par yard. '
French all lraol I.alma mad Cnahlmema at ealremelr
low prim., MASON
TAILORS', Tfillipt INGS--Reeeice4l • and
. .
opened this ditri
Cantu Padding, Se
lid., Taat4Sa Japa n n ed Laving
d Coat Buttons. Rope. Metal. and Pans end
drop Buttns. linen arid Black Bono,ittusptmiter Rutbmv,
_TO-PARtNERSH.T.I 3 —The subscribetslwe
ordered lnto Co.l'atturryhir.under tho Ertu. ealfr,
Ai LIAM dsi 11.5A1F,ki.
UM • • JUAN 31. °KELT.
,R,neI Ted and owned thio day.rlnbt caw," &Taunt—
ack. Blur, Drown and (Own ktrotultiotto Of Situold'P
s r u k i;ditir 'nark ' Dunkin,. • • ".
Mem. of Koala:Vl and Middlerca :
Ackin'i grand Kentucky do. • •
ROA Satin, Fancy en., Cashmere, Merino and Muncillini
Veytinut, A A A. MASON t CO,
MA d 04 Martel St.
JUT 50 boa Dried Apple' ,
50 brio Plantation )(chum, oak copra-1 , 4M
ilia Corn Brooms: Just raid kr sale by
MetilLLS altem.
iforolph at 7 erect ariparatmt Lai beatink Lure
dl banding, by sham or bet water; and-bale ...-
Faked P.lll Williams. from the mobilo aunerintend ma,
structlon. jail itiliAlkti ATKINSON 1 0102.141:.
TO _
LE - T—Rooml and Steam Porr(?r, for
torehanleal Dumont.. End bent
at °KELT,
lIP FrOnt
I_ILUE SAIA_LTS-1 cme for sale.hy 1:
REF'D SUGAR—g )i bts .. d. Tr rd r lar g e loaf
210 do cruabrd .. 7 •
NO do tanrdera,
AO do Cland , d L in - Stara and
for rile by
nrro JAS. A. HUTCH'S& gal..
Ants St. food. Sugu . ltdenrry.
LOAF SUGAR-30 brla for'saie by -
.nd.Z RN. DAGALM: & CO.
.., ,
.. .
T o lien:U.l,4n CO 's KAMM rinN
all's Sarsaparilla. far Belo or
rroBACCO-s.hhds Ohio Leaf 2o4relaral
AL in Knee and tor Pale M y WM. Ic JOIINTriVi.
110 dot Prnnsrv,, rerriTed
wm far
0310'17-L5 brls Cincinnati Hominy just
'd 1.7 t.cjim`NnthA7Vcg.rilliva'.•
!AMU' HERRING-12. new; for aale
.I.7br 3,31 wm. A s . m'cLuoo At co
pulf..linver.. nod Dealer. In Protium. baTe
, 12, 5,,,,,,,i,,,,,,1 In pfingt .t.t., between 4.=
14 .1, 11 .bumb. ' I ,'..i1113:11
,Closing out the Entire Stocks'.
iREATBAItiIAniS.—A -- fintber- ' rOd ne
,inn isle., The raw-Aber withind ei . out
th, Indsuee hi, Mock of Fatter and StaptirliiT ri odd er
he let of ATuill oext, would trspeetlully ward,. s2lllnftlein
or hi, oldeu,temers Mid the public, who We , * of
grinl wool , wt. fitly per rent. below runner To stis
per*. wi , hiti twnaurri4.oo. , bt.ierto on Mtirketstrt., this
would br a cool omv.rtunity. to he will dL•pcuie of the bal
he of the idea: int liberal terms. with sites. uf ihOstoni.
which hobs, occupied for ores II vexes. smt has ui
lent tamily trade. lt* ?UAL GARRARD;
junal , New Tort Store.'Slarliet
DRIED APPLES—:,l4.sacksfor rak=br
febll . IL DALzxra.,
DEM:LASH—Z(I casks on hand an L d' for
rale br fhs S.DAL7.ELL WO.
lIIEESE-56 boxes on hand and for anlety
fILASS—Of alt sizea and qualthea, on band
fw male by !ebb lf. DALZELL £CO.
0 BBL. ..%'O. 1. ROSIN, just reeitised
and fur rile by P. A. FAHNESTOCK CU.
...own. Wood and lint its.
SELLOWS—Fine pair of Bellows, neatly
new, be sale by .LIFE. ATKiNSON 0112,T.
feb , l 119 9191 street-.
W.TL:C . G SO ,L ON— m P , Zr fbr numb t r
. deners. math sue, welter', baetlere told labneese4.l
g it 'lt="4l. VotrZVX,IIT,".°' " n
3loney tnrrovre , tand lent. and all lan& of rsZe ononl
10 A gem,' 11161 hltrnigtteM MUM promptly
and for Ten . ..lent* ebarmr. rjeaec t atgel iA
fels acrat7nollntolllooorwOfflec. fah wt-._
FiII3IOTFIT SEED-15 . bhls Timothy seed
on band and los sale by R. DALZELL k CO.
feb.: I.ll.tty
Fp ARTARIC 'ACID 11:* Ibg stnrraiited
Mne, for ask br R. E: smaxas,
111 } :I. R"ING ;2 14°°.
. • _
VOR SALE—Good Whiti3
X' by the bUrrei or retalk 130 roloblk sant Lnod Small
uneaten borlu, blink To berg 150 temperanee erratum/we,
our late counterfeit detectors and an our dull rod 1126 ft ue
wwkly, and about 100 different Jute Crurern, Akeetura.
Northern and Sontheryinerrkeprrlf and antral rend aupe
ply Almanner and tem reboot book, lnk., 'mm11100..1.0 l e r.
ter ptiper, quill, Went peas tor rule <beep le any otriort
tt tor curtain., 10A.AC ita.llll l ,
feles NOW turret.
calJGA.ll—Priine new anil old Orleans
4- " } ' 34 P !' 1 " ...4 ' 6 " . .r. VILLIAMS
M - UT MILL—One Smut Mi.II, complete,
10 for No low by {eh:. R. DALM.I.4. CO.
LAIIII--;',o barrels and 15 keg' do,'for'sale
b, R. DAL7.ELL k
f..tZ - Lilwrry
OLL BUTTER-5 bbls prime R. Potter,
Do band earl for ease by 11.. DALZEI.I, e co.
4Ai_ _ uhtni
fur ralr by 0 , 15 • 1 . - E. SELLERS._
quA AMMONIA iORTES-s.,csiberys,
by 41.1 IL E. SELLERa.
('COFFEE-2.00 bags Rio - Coffee, jrist rec'd
felS So; 110 Witter 30....t
Fust .received, 3: tlblt
JI: (mob Preen nuts fbr tee by,
• . At. A. lidl.unts
Jun meived mud
MclilLLS k ROE.
itt:S.lf FIGS--50Ardrro and for
r S2.:C by febh . W. A.t‘IeCTXRG &CO.
k..ThIA IA the outr hiitrumeht yet b7mbitb
muntorfolt eoht on be tertaloly detected expollho.l3, re
gulling but a moment. P 11001151.50. $3,50, cod 0 1 . 50 . Yor
role al the Wateh and Jon-h 7 ease of
, W. W. 1511.50,
" a tr. F l rsi 'i li7 l Un"r.
.106 roin pint and Quad n..k, . ~
. ,
.41 Wing 11410 Witos . 1 ''
30 Ina4loxl2 du . '
40 din Corn Broomn
:OW Ildi heraliirS tanned Folo•Lent lir , :
For . 44 br • • liNtrlat II & STrsyrr..
i'° — ' • 1....!2 Krivint. yd' 14 4 Ind
OT tgllt-8 cask!, curt rm'd for salebi—
noxu soN.urru i u
h''''''' Pr'''''' 'Mb' P'd K3 . l. A MAL AT;
&M/ Trotter, fit Wood rttoll. 2 dottraborodilt
-- -
EAUTY..—iIt is universally coneeded.that
satr to ntorc ma. . In this country thate,
ilk bs
while at the Nam WO^ It PI mad that In on nth.,
to h. Ind at sot.. .
an a. how tin, to trait to a
certain ettent, but the tea It rata ...I IT Inatkett. We
say to all, do not nettlect To ta rersorod ki pcsraseis lint
read lb. loud, and you need not twit ;mod kola.—
These strict are seten nee, locualattaat and Mn all at.
tamed a ht. porulany. e
Jalea Ilan lt Han ur Chinese Itaolt r, far Intyarllnal.
to the meet p lots esonalealnot a radiant whiteness,- In
earthing rho J a pert. he more esertui than the wake a
wader do tLe sktn. se many of tloat crit are aery ftd PO'
al y Iltlnece powder ta compounded In aredentsle min
ter. sad ells. so togredical. abate eau pnallltly India
an nt.,
J a t .,, 1., it Ttallatetry FOOrdEr, fur
.. tn.
btu Mir . t'Ost la wont unsightly than hair ~,,,,,,,-; ....- .
or tortlO4 Of g WY.
pea tattqo will rm.. It. in at abort
1 "T,f,l:: l rg u ly ' s n t't!tetTblr /4',, - ..irl'l'l• 1417'41. 144.-
moods Impair. to rat add, Or any tort a besalll'ally
t i w k. b, or antoan color It toll raw ten
r 0 llt a ,
sheerer tlmal 1.1 mato rffeetually dun any other oml*-
.3.4u:ltra.thitllaut":l,:stthbtaltidi'd%&...7,7o, 1 . 11 , r f
u 1 .4• eitalltla At. l . o .
t out. usualliasenel i zlALl the nee a( mat snap. yin
1 ttitrllftra . nt Italle tn la ' 7r, ',p,a...1 tail as Min
t Jul. linne , ttetta TuatTllfte.- - hiest tat the ee
I goat the Teeth a s Intended to, the streatata h an g as In
the horranfaillna ahem . ..leered, nothtne Is an dollen-
V ' t=n k tcletil:g-uh "' lT T e b eninVihri t =
the guns feta and 'thy. -
0.. Phila. _
Far ode arltkt‘land retail. by /I. A. Fahnestrek 50.,.
and /tEoSelialat =ahllTEht attd J. Matitadit Allealtcur
at.r.l%. i Alla '
cur., wool owl rixtli W.
.11,0 Pae, • •
Will o w .
G•bG Wt. Z. £II.J.ITLF.