The daily Pittsburgh gazette. (Pittsburgh, Pa.) 1851-1861, February 07, 1851, Image 1

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1:-5 . ;- .. -- f:PITTSIiif•Ral GAZETTE
,••...,...,.•• . •. i • .
& Co.
[warn flamer.
fD. WM?.
.. onus ers , frilll., azir mm ro rat row orrice..
11X-Bqwen dollarit i rirrennurn, parable half yearly.
Irewarif paiil In ni ram,
• VilingeLX—rwoilellare iwr annum. In arivanee.
(W be aipplised
crime% per AI -...... ............... 4 03
ITrncolok. 0 0i)
13 Or
. T i li T e 'r rieV.i ' l l' or ". cee . l " ci ..
auntie ne pa% I int- y o in ann.. •No Cit ' h o ra ' pere will
be sent lettar the ye.. expire, the =miry la .111 fw
• renewal.
ch, gosh (Into., of Nonpareil or lea.)
one in,rtion ' 6 0 50
Dn. e . 4eha.l.lltional lonortion.. 0 24
nos. week I:5
two . 3.00
t .., tbrm .... . ..... 400
onemonth 5 w. O 0
two month. 7 00
tblve month, 9 00
foam month,. ..... ....-••.... 10 fa
month, la 00
flOn.100: 1.7nr,1... 15 lin* or Ims. per annum...Ss 00
Oise f4r f xrh additional line.
thu, Yatnnr, rhang..ohle at plewure ()er ao-
Auto roxelopireof the pope, ..f.3 00
ntr .14ith , 03.1 inaertaxl orir one month. an 4
Lir earls 0441104 ml eqoare un4ti the ykarly eaten.
AdVeLlLVUL • lllterd,l/tll, a egnare. ntid Oct Mer filhen
I. Le rt.. a.wpuare sOd
P0011.40.r, pot nerrmalal4o fi4 legal .Irertivatenti be the atmotut charvel for their puhlkation.
A 000404104 eanditlate, fur orlire, to he rh0r4....1 Or .on.
at WI, Wr.rtLu Snouts
Adv..rtl , ementa tO4 marke4on tho ropy On a
numlar of Lecontium.4 foroll.l.au4 Fat
/writ exaetolmeur..littzli..
. The of anona strietlr limited to
thalr (11,1131m0a..1.40. 0101 all adverthreneta. for
the boneht ofot her ne,410, a.: 0 .110,011 advieltmementot out
"1111004iotely_ennue4..1 Mali thew own 1111FitteL, and all '
elam.ert of a.l*-rtno.montn, in or.heraise. Iq 00.1
onem(ral, will rharg nano
od rat the ' rate, Oct
all Noel, [violent a.Pitrlixang, bilk will be nevaint , ly
Old 3401104 paysteelit It deoired.
All adsorti.novola for eharitohte ityttitilLietlq, fire men-
Mole , .wool. towtohly, an.l other Publm
astrh like, to rh0r,....1 halt toe, payable ,trktly to al.
notteev. to o,:nta.
Death uutlem upwrt..l'welbotot chafe., men., *manna
-01.1 fOMVaI tutilal on, or "battles' mai n. ., a nd when
acevitnraniivl to lie i.:41 ho. .
Tutor aJ)iortlii-m, and all (other., Pending rioniniunim
timas, or roquirin, .1,6..1 to eoll attention to
Fait, &Ore., or nni, public entertainment,
when , . chary,. are made for ioltuilloare—all nottma of tot
Vote a.vvionstimii—ever, io.tio, to call attention to
Irritate miteriorho,, roletilahvl or Intended 'to promo,. indi.
inter,t. in...novi with the unilertanol.
tut that the came Li L. be pal.] (..r. If intend...l too Le in
aertxtlin tbo 114,1 minion. the iame will he champ,' at a.•
rnta of not lei.. lo (otit• per lin,
lii.Lop or esii- N.C./ to In.. har,eil triple prim.
Tar.. Lanti•v.
Heal L•tate doovit,' oral .Inovioneoiroe adtertirement. not
kr be cloned itudiv trarli rites, lout to he allow.' a
count of thirty Otto. aoil one thlnl per ovvit. from iLe
amount of 7.115.
vraAtrTT.l ttrci.r DtILY ram.,
Ono ninon.. (C a ntinfortinn, Si fo
00. end] loldillouxl
one noortion ronot.
..I.Okooll Inn ..... - o.n.
All Cronalont. olve act rt.l.-n0m05.1 tosn,e Ix. paid In advonro.
JOHN A: PARKINSON,!.AIderman, Fifth
Want. Penn atrent bi , tawn and Walnut All
lnevi prompt!: mi. to.
-- • :
AM.ES .J. Kll 11 N. Attorney at' Law, offic
in Tilghman Ilan ~ rn., of limn! ntrea and UL orb
a y, YVittxbar,h. . ;... Julrr.d .t. ~.
_ . .
. V H. COLLIER. }Attorney at La 51 3,514.
" ' •in Loali..). iluiltilw - Fourth ,t.. shore s , t•;', , .F: i
iVi l = r C ' . ', ;!fl „7 o: - I:Vtss h i2.liirilZ.7' ' '.
r .. 1 twle
to the prucuring i . Land
tumor ,
1 iefo7v " adn ..' :, "- tuf::7.; . 4.: , ,, th , s r7,l=Z uth ' n a ' il ''''''
. .: - 'I . .ANES F. REltiC'Aitorneo; at La iffiee
: . :111J1 ..lth A, bettrern Smithilehl said
F RANCIS C. FLA .7%: - EG IN, Attorney at Law,
, . fio.l42.FOurth SIVVI. I:itt,nurnh.
unas n. VT0;1:...... ......... .... .... ~7,./ I. IL WATSON.
—,TOWE e'.. iV ATST. , :, Attorneys at Law,
No. 110 Fourth .I,—t.. lituhufzh: '
acitercet:—All,:an , l, 0. Ihm Jnkin Snider. EA., Iler
lOU. MOrrison .4 Ca.: Wm. II Vu....y: John Pirminc. Ar.
co:mutant Gon. W. Jne,...n. itiltaburnh.
BDWARD JUXES. Attorney at Law:
Office ms Iwtw,,n Wad and Smith
ASPENt. BRA DX, Attorney at Law,
tararittb !Vert. 11t0.'7:14 pa-
Irmusve.- ..... J. rt. wray..... .J. 0. COITIN.
and Exch.. Ero'scip. N orth Eact corner or Wood
sad n± stlect.R. L'lttchtir,ch.
...Alt tranzations 01,1dr. no Ichcral trmu, and callectionc
::. : .11
. .1). KING, BankTer:noi Exchange Broker,
. ' , . ;mink irlacrt, Dealer itn Dank Note, BBL of r.,..
. ree'VeT ,l 2nreiggW,.ri.i.,'‘ii . 4;=;'lV. 4".i.,i,..
. .1101 f Dollan, aud Mexican aril iiiiionteh Dollar, In par
,-• i • 111 P, I. LA.RIIIIER, dB., Banker and Broker.
newts,.ieoser... , N.,or......n.ionecns Dank of Pll4leornll.
.T . LKlNgiiCOTY'ixcliango Brokers,
J. South Emit Corner of Thiel wad 3larket sterols. Alt
. , . ii e tricot llieiral retry.
N HOLMES & 'BON, Dealers in Foreign
• and Dinneitie 01110 of ea charcie. Certificate', of 1ie
...-- poll . Dant Notc, and Stacie. No. 00 Market stniet. Pitt,
ibotriiihZl/I?...Colleettone ircele on all the principal eines
' ' ithrinlkhout the United litate‘.
(ti. FORGE. E. ILNOL1) & Banker,:
Deakin in Exchnncr. Coin. Bonk Sot, N 0.74
'Fourth street, next door thr Ennk iit
lineliona capita,. atlAtatiod to and the tonnialii remitted to
/411 . Dart of the Enloe,
11 . ". 111.1.11 M
AMER BAUM Bankers and Ba
rbance Ilmkere I,,aler. in Fonisrn boviorate
of Nathan., Cortlficatri, Rank Note,—
OfEen, corner or noman.l lrn,d atrr”ts, dirretly optaisiti•
the Et. Mario. Howl. • • '
CAROThE RS tt. CO..Banking House,
241C0 75 Wont rtnt i r t j ' tq'Zt. h- o ti e :l'l'la ' A n nel
r r a am l
attestor the United State, ',
DATR I D ,S; CorimissfinnlfeicOnts
and 13111 Brokers. No. 114 Smond etre4t. rerremal and
Mate ....with.. tem. $l.. 516.tr10 alwere on hand
110.. Successors to
Iluvry, Mane 6 Cc... Ilance.,l".scnclot Banc.%
i dealers In Fornien end Domenic Exchanue. Certillmtc.
of Gewalt. Rank Nolv, nod e . l. , h — North Wc. of
Irma a me
nd Third rtr4tta. Curc-nl alonc, r,c4.1 on &
mit. Sight Checke foe sal, ncar.
it All the prinripel of th. I:nitcd
The blgh.44 prrintorn paid f4r Forrigu end America.
, d.lrsattevarleou con.igmm..n Li of 14.1 %tn.. 'hipped
on Liberal
G W. TAYLOR. CulipliiNs;ioner and Bill
.112 rer.ntl rtm, .trig: all.catina will bo.
gam in all hu•Ino« entrtrtni:t. hit ram. Pittatmerti
walatillactamtl n.iwa, • nri 'band nr prra•umi at 6hnrt
loader- Not, Borah, nerotiaLal ou ravor
able term, AlifilT/rP. Mad, rrquiresl. 0,20.
grocKToN, lat. Johnston & Stock
Printer. aof Einiler, et,
nor a 'Market 3.17144,1
- - -
AS. B. 110L)1ES' Cheap Literary Depot,
J Thin] OtTRY. Nev ra
eerell dallY eypre... nyydyed to. any or
f the 1 , 311,11511er
Invent trio..
RHOPKINS. llonk..eller and Statione
•. fin. TS Fonrth
filAttEi AVlttilegale tind Retail
dl 72tak•T Oonr , rtior.,r. Fiqn-th gtrvet, Pitutnrgh.
ag•id ryncy alio ron hand'
ALI onler. pu.rla ally aiten , l,d u.
. _
ror t, or Carpot, Brut Trim-
Window Am AI iimittim, h 5 Fourth
.mllO Woul
1 . 110V01111(1,0 Kocrrt 11 - 0.11,
11.1 CDTriml , Pl.2 Ws-bard:l. ::o. fil . Wikt•r rtrort,
10ITSie7E1failLL. CoLrnipsion and For.
irgniinq MerrbAnt. 123 Water .OrL PittAburgb.
- 11. JOllNS4Vl , i,TForwarding and
aaaiao 31cerbant, :in. 112 F... 51 !teen.
• . •
rti -- E — JONES, l'nm — aiding and Com
snistionlfiachent, Dealer. il2 Perdue.. •nd TN."'
141114Ctintd article', Canal Tlaefn. nrar Serentb
*mt. Pill.butaeb..
A. — TWA — NULTY 8 CO.. Forwarding and
o,4ollllirian 161erchmtp. Cum! itarin; Pittibunrh.
:•WRDY, JONES & CO., Suecessors to At
ternd.lotew 1r C., etutnlvt:n and Forontrditisr Mt,
t desires Pitttbatth Hattutitturol °pods, Pitts-
- ....
.. LILL,. A,
~...,,,,,,i n- i ;ru,,,, irn:N7l ,
,AL' 111ASON & CO., Ir.t.\ hole:akin and Retail
Denlern in Farr, luta ftnple Dry G.ln. 62 Mirkrt
- t,,ritt•lrtrah.
*Rig" y 1 13CIICIIFIELD, WnoLaaaix
~,,4 iteai: p,,, llnctlF Mnvbnnts. own., of Fourth
.Dtt ket rtreeto. ht.bnrirh.
S. C. R.,XL,II,Tr ,
tsen In Forehrn end Demean, WI Goods. No. 101
new. l'inshuruh.
IRA MUT anon , rune .....
11:.FISEY, FLE3ICIA CO., COnuniblion
Nerehunn—tar the ockor nomnflr. Woolre.d
Cade 5.100.41..a1ent 111 ell Morn of Tanore' TrhUin ' t.
bun No. 1M Wood Amt. fourth door from Fifth. l'itte
px. a AI. catvga..l - ie. C. Winn-mg
EYSER 6: 3IcDOWELL, (Success6rn Co
to If .rr'a Itars.n..) Whole...llr hull ReUll Drag and
ia :tore. earner of Wm.! stmt awl Virgin alley.
in.rgfotiong canfally oagpontaled night and
gay. ..
IMt pFATiaiNEStobitkdr.,Wholesale
slid Rohn Drozd•rin. corner Wood and Ftnotots
N. WICKEIIS EIAM, Wholesale Druggist
RI and Dentn In Fool. and Anniendinord ts.
.34 and 10 0 Wr/Oli .e". t. pornor Loddemen- •
:SELLERS, Wholesale Dealer in
• "nun". Rant., no. Penn. 014 Vat - old:I, So., Se.
WEcd,slTeet, .londo warn/alb-4.
• .1131.1_,
p_up CO.. WitolcsaloDriaggirts: Deal
te Gine_ ) • k mrorr •variat grect.‘, PittanurA Ontr " w111 In csierally
1 , 41. mid totwurdo with amoral. -- • •
- •
01IN D. MORGAN, Wholesale Druggist,
ity ari 3
d Deal, In Dye Stuff,. Palot,. 011, Verni•hee,/,
No. 1 ,
Pletehurth. W , e.l etre,. ate dear Snuth of Dimstorel
SCROONMA KER CO., Wholesale Drug
." sin Nom.l Wm!
REITER, Whole:ale and Retail
rorcur of Lawny And ,;t_ Clair a.. Pitt,
P.:;? . .l O lf..twitr.t 10 A. XI. end 00. 8.. , h ,',4`,.,;,„,YZL 4
31arparr nttvet. Itittqltursth.
117101,11{Til NaBLE--City Flourituz
I No. 5 2 . lit ,, rts - car of Adam, nt
MADETItA, - .lgent for DelawarePtold ttatt , tr Insurance CnnnaoT. 4 2 Wnter eletvt•
1 G A RbliNtif AgT—nt
tar Conipan.r. north ev,t nrrner of Wool
anti Thin! - -.•
HEY. Ell'S & CO., Wholegale I AITM
• C1111.i. , 1.1t1 And Mert.hnntn...4
,ut. ' rly bright,. Oat.. 1 217,51 tt e4r at. • -
A3I LT E L Stilt I V ER, Wholenal, (I—m
-13 ner. Produeo .1141 Nbvtlinnt, aryl DeAl,
en+ in PittAtut--11 Slntltif,rtur.+l and tJY
Se , rwrbd rtn,t. tw,we.ys Wm.l and ' , tun hf.. 1.1, ht.t.umh.
40}iN S. lIILItORTII et: CO..
w f . irr_o r xr!. Jr •Itrr and
. 1:4•641411,41.m . .114471144.1.144. 44t4 , 41
r 4, i 741er (4.. or IlArsinlvlll4 . 4 uttll , A .
rfrl 11444.14444-4.14.
J. w 1
itl.nrnmar..l., E INGIZAIIAM, 11 - 111es:de
JUN liroorn votntoO•irm Merelosn,t, No 110 Wato
•Arect. and Flo•I -tow, Pit blourch.
Ttonic ..... . -
01IN \VATT x Ct/f, Whiliositie I irtteinli,
ctitunatrion to Itri•iintr
Missitiltritsii, 21.4) 1.11...ri t
CANFIF:I,I), lAt.. Warron. Ohio,
*1 • C , r111.11,; . o. No.l Alerrlimit. nod 0 bolt.
litmler in oi-tier', Put snit
Pearl Anti. nod generall t at,
hetni-en 511.1114104 nod
•. maw,. la • IF ..11...Ve.
aIS. %I ' ATEMI A N SO NS. Wholesale.
A., ir!
...ler, in nil rit :id Psi:4.unit Ninitulnriti.
mit Article, Lir 'anal
Ni., sir mini .11 %Vat,
I. • 4irorrn. F.wardwir nod C0....n0n Slerrit.
ait..ll.Wprr In I . ..tourgll:-,Manut.toroo und
Propuro, vonwr ot .tn..t Chw., tin..
Pin.burgh. .
lAS. DALZELL, 1t boles:de, Com
31..mhAnt. 00.1 I , od, 10 Prufuer and
Slanuncture---No. 70 %Enter 4.. Pit.burgh
)SAIAII DICKEY CO.. IVlll.losale Oro
rnr... Ounsni. , noon Nlrrcleint, NIL-4411n rnAnov—
... fdi WM,. and In; I,ml nn.q. htt.bunat
orn. LNGVII 1 .1-4.
LiSi LI l tt, BENNETT. I:tte
7 . 4 11allann r ,: tt , mml•nnn and
rwanlau , 11nrehannt. taut I,,tlnn nn.lur. and hut.
t n '
MAnttnununn. I Z- ' nnton.l st 1,1 lin.t •1.,
.1,4,11 11,4 Intl Smithfield
santan - a. RIO...PQM
Vi /UFA: ItICKETSON. Wlll/11,:ile
ilraa.c.., and Inu.nrl. , , ..1 Brandi,. Wm., and
2JI ran., ..f I.o,:rtv and I rain -treov..
,nhOs.l,. I ion. Nail.. Yarn:,Sr. S. .tr.u..tantly
.0611.5 . 1.1. ...... .
IrG , ILLS ROE, iltr
lerg and .
(Z 11111,4.11 . N.. •::,7 111.• rt,
lurc, gtip..n . ne• old maunlremn..ll ' ,Veum.:l) ' ,
Irtneb will Le will lon ter.-...L
D OBE la L)A Ut, L L hulesni,
-Lir °MVP, Codumd.ion 31en•han., deand% Prulune
and Pittshurrah llanuthuture, N. 2,3 lahert, strwet,
Grwv.r. Prn , i p t , ..l , l-3,,rding. and rulnun•mit.n
h 31anufulurr,
1731. BAUALF:Y .e Cu..
•err, No. In and . 231 Wand
n: wn'c
VICK , es: 31,CANDLESS, slaeves-ors ti,
L. 2 Ir . \t Irk. fl lumarding
Cnd Onmtni....iun .Slerrbncla. draler, Iron. 1:13/...,
olton Yarn.. nn.l 31 - nbufinAnn. wo.nen.ll,.
rornrr of It,vd Atl.l %, Pat,hurgb
& ('LOUSE.'
Gr.+, and
2n Ifrrrhanu. 1.41., in Pr,
a 1 31zifivrtur,t Artivie, Latcrt,
I D. W.ILLI AMS Wholesab• ;a,
re. • Retail rumilF and 141140
erehnn, Drn,r. ....I.', 1,. ..10r....111t.buru
Manuartun, 0g..1..r. I 11/2)
)1-1011LNSON. LITTLE S , . t
I.ilt.trty t. itttt•lturztt. i•nr
Munn nod C.mxabrauu ‘I. rvlatn,. aud 41 , ..aur. l'Ut-burgh
& R. FLOYD, Wholr,ttle Gruerrs. Com
-41,!• araa,non 3lrrehaw: and Nab,. llralnr•-I,tnal
C lamb •
131illalma. fianillna nd Liberty. IVroxi. ant a...c111
strovla. l'itt•ltrafla. l'n
1 01IN A P'IKE]: . 1 - lol.,,:lieGrvie e r,
el /*slurs in 1'1 , 4m , , I ,, ,iyu I.l.otorm. old )1..n
ed,..^l4e r la 13.1., —No L. CoLumurrial how.
bL• l'lttnburah.
, k , (: ,, (l., ,t. DealerN in Leather
01I\ 11. MELLOR., Dealer in Piano ForNa4.
and 311...irn1 Inztrunifnt, tchnol nrel
~..v e! ionerkn F ol. r , r b,:tln for (l -l. Plano Fortn, for
• - •
IJESItY KLEBEIL Dealer in Nlugie, Mu
I 1 slrJal InArutnell4. awl Impvrt, of Italian :qr.,.
Sole a, , ....nt P.I. Nunn. 1 elarl., ,rian.l nt..l .41.,
With Colproan, .E.lrr.:. Att-Lelkup... A 1•... Cm 'limbo,.
it.' , EVIII/XY11111013:t4
:%I:in . ufa L to
6% onTwin.. and Eaten.Perna Mill.
JON ES & QCIGG. M 4nnfactorcrA t of Spring
ned 1111 , or 1.1..nch Plauch
nnd rpnna, Imolut.l
dt.3.1.-rm In 11 , 41rab1.t., ra,tin,. Enulnr Latni.. /Ind
enn , h Trimnin, mots 1t.... and Fr/al! NV,
net,ll:fnuLaoturf.rm of S•Lf A.ll. ft
'oader, and 4.14, Wmn.l.toto
G. 3 Wafer ft.. below Furry.
Mumfartorpr r.l glom, •
1.0 PortT.4,la, Al , Ikiwrl reent
deine. And Win..
.ith, n I.ln, Orter. ,r all
nn }Treo ' l ' ,e ' ;ll; c. — ""' '-``" "''
.„,• ~,,,, I. tb •tau.
curr end
Froltlifwitt Pit t.t.,lrvb
t , .
V 2ismoupl aryl Dean, in l Vr....0E
And Ananrien.n Panel. /Intnnn.. , 11 Ind. , .
hire Inrard rrin, a... Al,n—Writzn n ,
Wramang Paper. k, Wte, I , nuf
nud Into:nand All,. I'al.l.nr4l,
'4IIOItRIS 11:1W011.1 . 11: Teit :snit Win
Ifl_Mrn7l.3ll, En.-1
T•••• 1•• • ,
•••Irr.. -. .•• •• rtr....
Mts.. alr•nt. •••• I•••••. 1 txr••
I - 7 ••••• ••
•,ra •pri.•••l ..r r . l•••••••• ••••• •r•
Sr, taxi Irri, s• n• n
,111 f alui :
tL.'t • .
, ale.and 0,411 Itr,ler• •.t• LI••.
1011 N
A. 1!. 11'GlIEV. Avent b,r
• t hr I.A
1 Err . . 3,;1,,nn ,O tl ,•-
t Ht a • corr.,t•l I .{ , MW-t
TAMIT. k tiIAIN NE I{, l'n.prirtor;olib.•
l'ill.burub 1,1:11: 1:. ,I.n. mrarr of Penn ..I
,j,LEECII. & Cit., Trausporterg by Othal
awl P, armor Merar.ust, corart ~ f IN , tal rtrovc
th, Omni
WESTERVELT t SON. well lue.wls
Atnitian Dhoti tlalicrt, cmtnantly on hand or
•.• 1,, onlcr thc ICI true!. tn 1b.... line. at thetr 01.1
rtand. No. lit St.ftlatr 11,•••t. N sit 11.1±...T.
nd n irau•
watory. cu••• iti• Acruttan cliuticr
mad.' tuncicr. and old biti.4. t••••it o.
it aid"
1117 A.. BROWN would üb..trl,npeetfully it.f"rnt
LLe puMllie that In: ou band at big rand on the. wct.i.
calcOf Diamond. Allcch•ntr rtir. n ••cusidcto• naw.rtnicut
Venit/an abn Vtill.l,l;22:trn arc ramie to Orde -
In thn •warTantctl cqual itt any In tilt Unlict
Sta.. MA can lir ccnit•ccil without the •Fri
drio c , uoirrha•••••1 rock. mt.', 0101 w•••i
n( the cabittriec,ntiliAiincut of Itanc•ar it Wantland. f nut
prettaritil to turnl4 their ol•I clificnicr... lac well tbe
n"'T In their
A fe r ;g4 .s., • itt cci• .
.2. A. BROW,:
DAM IiAItDIE. Vet;,rinary Surgeon. Int.
0u2Abn.,A.1,.1,11 Srrktl,tel. wont! ,
at the noblte be 1... • ~nitop ram,. ,l, pra, in 11,
nlmprofe,lNL, by rep,' attenl.n
retrap.l to Win 13 1,4, to ~,,.lati,ortnal.
oonnerin.n with Jain , Hon, Shfwing
In nn. at Ow r.rn,
of Tounrlntrmq and Venn, autA Anroun.
inadn with him hi• tmner pr. - trier. J. it
, : I For. in thmlVfol and thune.Lie Wc., bustn..., unarr
he Erna and et; le vf Numb.. k
nnalmakca, Merrfonts 4n. th.• Autericau
an Lihrrry Pittaburgb.
January la. 11,51.—ja15
S 4 ItiIiBAUGII, Wool . M erchant..
Dralera In Elnur and Prolutnveori.allr. and Ft,
wanling anJ Coutrui,sinn Membants. :in. 115 Vind atrod.
and 11 , 15trund ..trert.
IVE VILLE JOHNSON, Engraver on — lV«.l.
Drug L•bebt, nt
In co)orK gr
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Bllltnnullt. Draft, Bond. Lat...., Arrbitrrtural and 311.t.ti1n..
Draurlnna.lltudnev. and Vltltlnv CAM., kr.. 113,1,11n+1 nr
drawn on Stour. and nrltzt,tl ndnrs. t 34.1 d. hr
Mask. In Ito In, aln/sn'... l,, qh, nod nt Us ,
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WW. WILSON, Waches...Jewelry, Silver
Were, .4 MUltari
Solent, Art.*, Pl!talatrith, 44—N un
carefully repaired w.
OGAN, WILSON''& n or ,d
Irtddrvde Deaden. ID Ilarinala and CotlerT, Na%
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pR. D. HUNT. Dentist. Corner of kOurth
and Dreatris rl., Imtvreen Slazket and Perry stri.ela,
GLENN. Booi Binunn. Wood street;
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and durability. Bigot Hooks voted tlan of
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Thme-erho hove binding no' invited to JAIL Nitwit log.
n fI'ACKLEIT & WHITE, rholenale
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Dry on.b., No. 101 ITOr.I
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all', maurino them that then rill toll on the nowt nat..
trivet,. term,
111 M. Mereliant Tailor, I /river.
y end Denier In newly Mode Clothing, 1:17 lalwrty
Nevi Coach Factory—Allegheny,
cdpiti4, M. A, WIIITI & co. tooold re
sp. flint'. inform the 1I hue that they have
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°Nem , dereription of vehieb, (Menthe.. Chtmloti,
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Paling particular attention to the brunt of material...
and hallow none hot competent workmen. they have 131
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nuot.MMOlMbie term,. yttM On
1 WIRHTMAN. Manufacturer of all
kinds of cotton andwoolirn inarhinory, Allechen,
Tb•• atm, itt/tii 'I being now in full and row. ,:u1
OM•ralinn. lam prep:m.4 rarruto orders nab diroawl,
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or Meal,. for no:reliant nr country work mulos, J.L.
slid. and Wood lathy* and lOni. {l.Crol. All kinds
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raw or mills at maronatdo
Boma Tr.--Krnnrdy,CMlLts Co.,&lllackstork, Tell Co..
King, Prunork & Jas. A. thw.r.
AGLETM.A.II.BLE WORKS, (Cstaldished.
L'A by EDMUND WILKINS. No. ISt Llbi.rty
1aw7,1 of Wood 1.111,1, Pittslumwh. Monument, Burial
Vault., Torahs, Ilamlworte, An, Mantel Morwi. Matt, and
Pirr Topa. always dalmand Mad,. to ord.,.
N. 11. A etude. ralrell4 Ilrawlogron band. Oslo
Important td Stage Coach and Wagon
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te.:ln'althrz;ll;eniV.::lll'n'tt.T.'4%l7i77tlgnna with th.-
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lart term 1.: to I ‘retra riallt 'mann,"
Man hot:3,r,, nal tt anr, and In , host, has
3 , 1 4 1)1 , 1 . 0 n 1:11 , , ,,
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Fourth and Ittrlert ety4etr. Pith.t.urgh.
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have the atlyantattr ph,ntr of hgto
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for Lb, wants of I.ssatlies. ran he proettred—stod la than
C00(413111.1.11urte to whet the {met nuote, and to oil nt inn
ai tltyl n h , t , ,t ,, .. to tu ,. ..te . g h tln . l . ntere lr . 14 , ,,, Fratulhee and ltf
Itti-The 111.7.7E ' P.tTE 11 l'nl will be cusaibml
l b.
oner noon. .
.nzurs—entranre from or thenta.
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Corn, ,Lii n TiOrel and Markey,,,,,
'' l r .:g.Tii•. " -fit:l. , : ° o:MY.V.llZ42ll.c., to , I.
sriellry .Lf
0. K. CharmLeen. Pnafe..eor of Peannaanaltip. Nevem:ooe
Cotat.awdon. de
Alva. M. IraLyon.l..onrre as Comm. mal Law
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/ 1 . applL-attvn to every %mulch af hnaltarda. also an ele
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MAL.. artwn..vment•
Leetnrr on lanmenaal 1/.• Monday
heferatiee to any of the revident city manhunt..
11)1 , 5 . ... , 52L a
fir. nvt. the !main.... of Use 502, will he aettled 1., either
of 1 parth... the nuns the firm um.] for thro par
In kirin e Inanthe totodnead r.l /leynnlda Si,-.., i
rvvvdamend Mr J L 10 my ffirtala nod the
fonner ruatotnery of the how..
L. SIT EE, Whole,ale Grocer, Commi,ision
o IFJP Nlrrrhaut. and dealer In Pap, Adv.l Ita.g., corner of
Prnn and Imln .tr,L.. PIM-buret,
• .
. . - -•- -
MutliAL—Da. FIFER has removed to
R kilr:rt% nit,- ty.low Pitt, au. im, 01.11, su.l dorrll.
ink in kb. 'line •c.:M 'P.
. - .
fik.:.,• ESTABLisirr.r) um, by EDMUND
r-- , IV ILK I NS, No. 24;; Liberty ,t..
arad a Wcwal otrwrl... l'iltklmrkh, 1..
Mon =writ, Burl ‘I V nun+. i' , . Er.t.r..
kr . Slaktlejlrry, ..ntr.. Ind hyr 'L.,.
alum, • . hand eakl rtonir ," orkirr. ctr l . ...
ctiotn.yl Marble.. wkl kl very rrd tun'
....... . ~r;
r. f urn Ilkly ! -
• a., . 1 . i
::±_,..... 1 • L ll' 1 1
. .
MA; !lemur !A.m., C.ark Tkrusu, r , ut
trilLuot Julio llarpr. 11..1.
goltu•ora. K.o
.A.oh Fon,
Vot I.ort h ...,fluret Itubto.
li•Hill Cprrt.
II Hoot tletunitle,U. Aso. !tor.i.-nt.
I,A..rt tl.lin.rttf, 11 . , DI !hoot., A
Th - hns. , ht."A:s..,. Urn., LI Monrun A Co.
Jothos ItAll.vhfou lAI.. A Co Fruit'rs
5.1.1/ Foo..
W Itru!rful t..rt putroartg. P-
Aoriou /ontxru In haring 1...! the
I ...:Atotu.ctstrtoArd to hi. eurt• up to Ch. pn-wol
ton, nod .111,elrutor to remit, .uti.fAction hrroset.,
ti A it' NET
.ItItNITIJRE PcIAN IT- ..of::: !7 ,
lacturect War....r..0n. id a 140. nun' ', e d.,
.1 - 10 10, inform. L. tnonda asul
.urtorner. that he haw now canndcial the. large..
anti Idiom .I.ock b00...h01d filruiture rear I.forr won, In
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man.: and from (lie rata. of hie. onleow and facility In
manufactuncur. ha enahlrd pru
warranted furl:l'-
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Ile ba. aloptrd principle. nf identifying" that-ulna,
or, 'morel with b. own, In duality and prin.. anti 'crape .
alvaye on Laud the arratrat variety nf r•try durrylptinn of
furenturr. IYort, thr rbrajawt and plamrst. both.. mewl
9,01 and rvally, }hat how, or any part of waY. may
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onler . lharrlOrr eolleils iwpration, that bfnl
of lue retakihoond may ha known. Thr
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etch, aryl flnieh canned ourpardad In my of the Enneon
Parl, draalng. dining. and loxl-noan ohaloc. of en , '"
tariety. MilFin.lllg of rtyearc a .l. mahogany d walnut.
i:llaa 1. Weir, l'on.erratolte and I,” Chary. an eeory.
Saw, Trtryclete and Inca,. of dm tan.,
kr,tell and American rytttert, Tenhen, What-Not, atom
lair,parlor, Wntagia,ka aanoto. kind,, Work Table.
and fon, Inlaid PINIVIA.I7II.Pio Mgt:lb% and holden.. tnarblc
ton. 'mahogany. rn.....aoraland ' , mint: , main. and ala ,
Lira. eaten...lon dining tabby: ell scsge.,f the natal Imprtg.g.
and del:kb...llr the beet kind anal.: rani. Pembmka hall end
id warlnday. bcdabags end gembYtatkla of each a
large aa-otcrurnt; gothll and aarlor re , gll.lott dud..
ottoman+ and ic ha
d in
cam, ;Ida Goan!,
fit, nrrevn.., towel rank., hat stanch, and 121. k rtyola. crib,
nod .cotr for children: MI. , mach, tab,"-and 4 °. 1 .7,
tnabogan,. rewegreal. and Inlaid p.arl Tables , a d ao.
large ayortarnt of Ccamou honnture nd Wlndaor
flame Cabinet makers oupplled with all articten In their
ZAehatuteede otvl Ilnrvdn. fueutobed nt the rLurt..•t no. Lie
All (ml• , re PevenPUY attend,•' tn.
_ .
A 3 Ft( UHT Maws. at the On, mire ~ m .. of
A. 0. 11/1.F.“7, k 02 and 64 Market odmet.
Commenced on 3 lntolor, 9...eetramr (0. 1150. to euntliany
thrott,,h,tho month of - January. Their whole r,tablinli
113vid. it,tu thrown open for 11 , 1.117nd., and their ,•
temirentoek. amounting to One Ilandred sal Thirty
Thomand will he oifertd at Retail, at fully one
The le note. of e, tat;
their usua
S l prime.
erni-Annnal Sale In an; one of the
tt ~,,, mod. who att.:tided the sale of tart year. will Le end.
dent anneal... he. a rail thin servon. They will. howo, , r.
emotion • few of the m. 4.; •lal ann., fur th, benefit of
Mom who La mien. tit:
. Cmhtnenw 75 mut, usual prim SI.
9)0 pimea Cotton and Wool Cuhineres rent, usual ;
prier 3734 mute
1.56 pier, Cotton and Wool . I/violets, 1.3 and lb rain. , usual prim 'll and 3., mate.
Au Mem. high colon,' IthMi M.... 1F ones. 0,00 O. l ^''
62% rya..
Ge almc , e , ::tri , l..l and furttred Silk,. ha T 126, UP 011 a I
I 7 nut.
I 00 )dew. 5a;.113 ..' d. Chine and Satin. a 744 reels, 1.1111/al t
• prim SI '25.
0 ply,. Black ,J R.. avian.] 11 per cont.
ItAt pies Fretwh 'Myriam. SI usual p
eal rinelilXsi.
300 pies Pal.lll/11.11.4 and I.}onewe e r d u ,,y (y. 3
twr rent. -
TOD Ph,. Alpaca", all redumd per mot. I
230 Long &antra Flaw', which will 1. mold from SI to
Sh 1e.,. than usual priors.
530 yards Itonoet Ribbon. at 8 end 10 centa, anal
prim 18 to ., 3 rent,
Vast alum; Carm al •N rent, usual neer Or.
o aoeo linglirlt and
. tnertran Colin,* at 6 and 10
mut,. newt] pri 10 and 123 i rent.
91 TSP. /tlearhad 31n:41m, realurrd ti rants per yard.
I.TO bales Brunt Muslin. all grad,..
;.noes. k:tobrolderim. Trimmin, Hoeirry and
Glory, Linea, Cbrek, Cloth, Cawnterm. Cmaineta and
Jeatis: tog th
eer with an barman, rari,tr of °Nay psdy
all of which will be Marked Down to Lowerrrio, Ulan any
of tiv-ir previous tale ,
rail. aamanr of their eholomt
Thu lo A w . ex A t . ne m or A, n o arn , !Int
jalo 02 and 6.1 Market Ft
, O.AN Bltool%lS.
lJcloacu Corn Orman in .far. h
erne jz ,z, i co.
OT TUE 4410
T'hr uodernoted or other revels are srpointod to salt at
(taunt Linn— Irkady Trips:
I '4^...rrsaroolo rot ?us
Cansdk J/..? 14 .
.... York_ Rikturclar,Yeb'y
. .......
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a —..
11k.ton ... nkrrk l .
31 ..vh 31,
rktunlnT.' AP./ 0.
4 •lkrder. April
Lirearool: .
• ked, nr•l .r,lAtru-k .. 1 Iklkel.
No.* 1. L. ..W.mik.d.s.M.b
I. Ivib. ~
1,4 k tV..fiwklk/. kik , 3 .
la. ...... ... ‘..
..IVklrwalmj. April
. ....... 0. 11 3.
....... .... Wedekkflay.Sl‘r
I,—k, to 16111k3. 11.1441.6 r h..* York. L 11; lemma
V. g Nail la no
.. (or 1.4V0r 0
pooi . • • Jan.
ron n tar 'net
. Hatunlay, Erb X.
j,rl mW /7,!1,0 Lin.---.V•4101/y Trfps
rvelle New von/E.
4n lhtm. ... . . r.f.
llnfrP . .r. K.
.11,r, „. May :1
tok RUN ti.“
Vrtinkl.l3 frotn .111, , Jety Mar. 12
11u0.1.1.1t. • Moro -t. edst, lay. April ,4
FrAuk Itn Marro njoereln, M , /
114410441 !tarn., II ovino.ln, .Jualo
.V.eny.Ti.:... 7 •s._ re,js
FOR r t....err
fr... 1. N., ... .
...I.luuton . . 1.41.
Ng, Imk 1',41x1. Mar
il 111:1
.Nowo Vtork.. . Alky j 6.
1,11. C.11.1.11/0111.,111
tll3ll .Lamer, 11... r Nee fork wt lb.rllttisod lab
...11 mouth. 6or Chagnv.
TON 1,0,V" .1130 NAV WZ3T.
Stennt.hig, learrs Cbart-ton ott the lf
mad 151 hi
"" •
Greetuddirg, Chatubendourg.ladetpldn
Now York, Eartorn, Celan! and Nnrtly.rn puts N. York,
Delaware, Nvw Ittld the six Mn kngland Stan.—
The Initnh IYnvinrrn of Lower Cantala. Non , entla, and
Honuxwirk. Arrne. at I r. n.: I , ,Part. at IP.M.
NORTH 1.:C1T.:5.-11y Blalerville dJ Ilolliolapdan,z. In
foe:tiding the nuntier llnullord, Cazuhrla. Centre, Clio-ton, Jauluta. Lyronalon. Nleheani Pone, Nrry.
Tuna. Conon. and part of Vte.tmareinntl. %la Lareinadv.
I luarar,nll... Salt at it Ronan, Nevr Alexandra. and Ind,
n1111 n dail• at A , ndy rmy dad; ...acrid Munda, at ma
k. .; d,
Ran.— II! Ruth r. Crawford, and Jegtroon
nolo% Part atNrw laund uppt-r Canada, .
Arrna. at I; . and driutrto nt I. A.
:nu 1111•
na tap ,hnigUlkrz. Pa. (Imre,
Ill?r7/ 1 ;ral. " 1ZI r t;;; ' ;'4 7 . r \I
ratt/Ahoulrino.k an
myth Cart.
, V a n e. .... rata
dep... ate P m. d O." oll I , u u •
t A lu ...
Tloentun alas a im /
Cy 3 . 4 rron l g ar u ri ,
pamtVraomit, brntawrasramitlu.tdn 4 dart, at II P.Jr.: A. . 4
Cu..srctar Ilrattrr, Va., and Cheland.
Itratur Co Va., Columbiana, Trumbull ' , Porto,. ilusuaa
Ahhtobuta, anal., It at ta-.3lrdlutt.c oralloms,Vutztunt,Lolte.
Richland. LOMIII. Sattallud.,. Wood.
and Luc.. mount, Wm, Ibr untnune
an northrru m
of tar Mateo of Indiana d Im-haling all ount,.
Para,. bona and 10,4 1 , 114 daily Am,. at Uau; dr
Am titr e ;
tlyFbarrubortt.ltnorlou. Rpiltwftelrl.Toren
tuna. Fnvport. hiluontsam, taktualnltao:Annerrong, Clan
lon, and It'arheld nounu, dad,. exnt hula)
at; r v, and depart. at a eu
lfuorra.-11, Parr) swine. IVarlbrd. at. Purterp
Ilarlin•tura and New L.A., Area., Toulon",
• Thunnia... and naturday.. at r. dr./meta ...tondo'
VI ,
tallaaola) a an'l Cada,tr, al 7L. A.
I = - > "
narnl o and :raturcla,.. at a, a. non
t ail I•tioara
on.:. a
la.thtan Horhan na
mv.u. Ilottßun ;tlr/l on-t,
;a.. t natal/mu. I ,rr
alai [thee,. ; 1;pla r
vax. Inv., moat,. a
Part, Itonda, mai htuadayr. Tin; rla, h
Itrra,, tralkrr'n Noblvai . rurn. Cara r.
Ilururtnana cmor ['rev! Patterronla Po
rrt,", Sunda, an d T 1,00.0.1,,,,,
11,4, . 11, 111111,
Eurto.v lin. to. Alan
tonrl,, rant:art r l't . ; ttrlsr.
Va. Arm, ot • r z. . 4 0 14412 0115
Lah...uart...-- Lni,orn Fm . . Arrire. Frab., at Z.
r. .I.•pur, “el ralanla . at r
Fen, aua —lt: 1.. . Oglr.
tgrlVllatol I..nanitn
, antufint: Arr. , al 7 x . ana ..parla at tn.. a at_
tnr IL.•dm!, ulaih• mllnt 1.. In tlan , 1111 n. one hou . Er 1.4 tran....kih.. Penn.
.a1.1%..nal Math. 111.1. t Mali.. i/P.l, hall In hour
Ccritlf.64 . l - tn nlltl C , a C11.111,311,117-4171,L-71-Z.
ii 4 11.N1 Linnliern.
_ . -.....
.1 r.: IL rid .- hrrnen ran. un I F 0r.% in; Ilttenztv4
IFIS OS L% Oil rtar 4 . Sltool'lntr- do
Hank or Pntahur.t. F.. Manta. at n /..ot +do
L ' e ' r han i ' SPX ' f J.! ' I'° ;•1 ' 11=;I: ' e: .''''''' '''''
hak ° ,7(l..tann t rar lit. hank (i';ir.ll.ll:av'—,t,'
Lank lot %/nth Atm non - pia (inn. math:. I nirinn.ldo
Lank of Snrihn Lila Kies par Iran/dn. hank ----do
Lank of P.m. Ivanle_ par l linfa) l “. hank- - -dr ,
lank of Penn Fon.htta par ;hut 1.11. In. et 'I nu. Os. do
liana. do lintlod nhat.-. 12 Itranrvo Rank'. --do
(...norep a l hank . f ra Itatti. or 11 1..111. de
I liana+,• fk %In hmoin. Ilk par ...tall Soh. do
Omni liapk par 4111 1 ...I 1% P
hon./nu 11. k I a 111 ...a. ot ha, I.
I Thant/Lo A Mt. /I hank / nil
ar \ ?AI .
Ittlt la
I %fort/unsay Ittalk
11 / aavn.ll.- lank 1nt1 , .•/tn. l'
, 1 hibolo4 In. flank tn., 11%1%1 tall
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n..torn hank tor I. Opt spy &bpi ksi tank
hank t•f ( loon, ..1 urn!. a. %11 .1. rot 1 .31. , li.
hoot t/ / h. , ..11131, 1., , 'WWII ,
flank of /net /11. /nrtlaank . I th. I allot l.
' I.1:1 ' .; l ',. . ' ,.... ' .in;!nn ''. r ', Yr 1.: ^l'l . ‘„ tr. '°- , `,, :41 ' ,1 n'i •„',
I hank .to it , Inerirl. 11 .4 artnrea hank flip ~.a. t.
L ..... , , L, .., a a _ I. rol nnl. A norh hank h,
~ fOO L 1 . rtl n, H..,
%1•..... ne.e. I Bank par! ilram b • _ ...
Ilank al Son hnln lo Han I par. N. 11.111 C %MIL IS 1
r 'th lrld i a '°° lo.l trt tU; rIlt"°I or
I- rs. °' a ‘r s '
;;;',1,4„.„ "nn,!, ''-' ' ~„„..,„.., bk' ,Z-'2,,,',,..., 5
ham& n flank ...tin...ban,. Rank, Sea 10-pn 2
hrl. /kink S. . 1 1711 I-Ulf/LIS a
}anion-. Ilk I hurl. 14 rr,t Ilk of tho tit .f o Carolina 1
f art., Ilk ...f laznnor par.llonli of *math Carolina 2
Sarin, /lank , fltnalitt e t Oar hank of I • harleautn- 2
I Sam Int./ . ....11C...1 I tantor. A % . toctianlo. Rk 2
11 / r gn o kt:llk ll l .l l"rr ' ig ' t/7 ° lr l i ktrin *La Yo } ;', Vg.t.n.,.. 2
11. , , z , ..1.:1:): .. . ,, ,4k % Bank ' of Aurti.Ll
‘ "0
r B ITZ \ ''' C , •}6 '''''' '
i Ltninrovr hank
tfLoll /..tor i t: , ../.15 Hank pea, All.. Ine k n;
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Ilin.S. at t 1../.... In Mk 1111.A.S
Iltaarli in tI. oriand It. Fanner. ll...hank/0 Rank 'I
Bram al T. loth do hio. raiment On. k hank 1
Brinull al Lt.., ton dolhoon...lar hank 1
Dean hat 11 Nano ~Ara In...ran., i•uttaata
Iltatiols at I. lumhte. - .....1,. .1.1. hank 1
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Iltainli a A 1... .h. Plt .111 N Attu roll. Toniotns
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liranoli. .41, I. Bank I 1114.1,-.1
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llrau~l. at
Bnand. at 1. inaii
Brno.. at I. I. rim l. . hon. 1
Drawl: at kt nook.•
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BM /It hat %lan. ttn .I. ita.4l.. to opnonlit. 16 MI
brand, al 'RP, J,.1 II Pato a i ',ZIA)
Ilraneh at %It Plea.ant It Panlo. nli loft?
Branoh . ituw.nlll. I (lain,. 1. to
'bran.. at %aro ala .1 In.l.rlr lint or. 7 .11
1, t1 , 11 at 11 Inn .1. inn Th. rs 7 41
EMU h latt rt.: ~,,,, th .1. i Inn. a,
Itrano h rat San It 1. +neon nn. ,i
Bow I. at Haven.. .1. T. n loniklnat I 0,,
Bran. hat I:11.111nalto .1. Nap.... La.l
Brandt at 1 oil/honk do Diktat. , LI%
Brandt at Tolvdo do
Pohroar, 4, INAI
VII. AA'etl,ol7. - 'd
P..nn• 1 st
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rnon ^ I,ln 11.1
a'lwl lo
Dank of 11,J.Al•uruh
Nlrrrhault , an•l 31allia( !Sauk SlAno
Earhator nnu 4
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Farmer, 11,11 11.10/0
Bank of lirnnnAnl, •
Alb nl/..ny nal Ina. Bunk. ...„
.t , a.ra
Hand nt.
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Atlinti , A °hi, i 1911 al. no 11.11'a), :Ai,.
IlttAl•nr - Ah.,nrinnan A
Pitt•lntrith 110.11,
Y•Ncl.l . 14.1.1101.0111, a &NAL 1N.,.
Ventral 14411t0..1 ..... . . TAW:
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(cher Mlu.l
North Ato..ricAu.
Kurth ......
Inn] City ...........
Adveuttir...- .. . . '''''
I,9uahva '''''
l'iwa trup, .................. ......
Drawing, Perspective, and Painting in
.. 1 , ; ',",r w,P.rd"qa".....: 1 ,
delightful , tit; rut% tut, ' in ' 31u... Soife
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tkitounie roo. Vital etreet, betutten WOW
SarLet el.reeta. Dour. of instrurtion. Dom to 0h...
Churgee itud other (i , tatleular• can Lir
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it 'r o n rVr. ) .,Vt i :T' n'• jellidtf
%V fIITE PISA--i 5 brim and 4(0 hf du. fur
V V wale by ttlA.ll DICKEY t W.
.`h~~ , t .L~i,:
Pittsburgh Board of Trade.
prrrszuzezuniart - -
0173311313Tattnon Omen.
Tebrnarf 7. 1 811. /
The weather titans./ Makelly on Wednesday . adolil
and Moires itsetenia3 It nal minister cold. and eery M.
Ile badman wan MM..
The KW. , ornmate the MT Is flow Mien with • mellelere.
, of raterin the rharmel for all the porton. of wade.
rinelt — Nc..e worthy of nodes Ms mane Inman! for
several dot n, and rmaedes of moment he Manered. The
orteeol tone 00 the wharf coal banana! at $4.4303,60 11
Md. Prom note tiro have been Moaned to dm mind.
home Grade at 113,..M.33,33 Lr mod l C breads, and 113,70(1
13,716. extra.
RYA PIA/Illt—tmr UWe cm role at peacoat, ...1 Pekxa
rule higher. IVe may goote notulaml/T Boon WM , hood. an
11,2:473.31. and from nem at 12,37(0.164 p bbL
BUCKWHEAT VLOUR—Botall sabtifrom wagon at 51 02
and from noted 31 76G0111 ST 51 cwt.
GRAPt—Nothing of Interest bas tranapirod lo the Oroln
Alar3rn Barley Is do.. W cue:. 1t ho, sal 11th., dolt-
Whe‘t la telling In Molted lots al the edit. 01 124175e01
hor nre-et CA(.45:0. eO,l Coro at 4231.43 e. Palm of 0.2,
from fire( hood. ar3.14170e, Lod from store at 31.6440 e 111 bah
I. small Inn.
vBOCkatIES—We =Aire a motioned steadlema In •Me
mket, with no =tend Mange hs Mime. Ite ,^•,s ''' been
eunfitted to Moderate lot at the followlog ram —Soma
oVllls her fair and prime quOltlee. G/11032e to
rite, and 237033 e to montry trade. Its small lot. Ma Cob
fie newly M 1251 01 m.
BACON—Ube market I. mitt. boors., et full prima
5a1 , 41 ort 110. , Milhouldere at fie, and 00 4000 0o 004.. at
7.1. Rs Ilanu are nearer oral held at 801 Sugar Cored
(lame 01. aellhoTat 1051 e th.
BULK .3IEAT—IA male of nnnou 0., at 6tie cab. Hon
ntlrePTL—Hei, 0515 Md. orliue 0011 at 12.H413r, 0101 of
extra to 3t131:1 hale; iu tad, at 144/5
CIIKILSE—SaIes 60 bums ~comae at (Si. and of means at
(.14,17e lb.
TALLOW—SaIe of len bble at 7411 lb, time.
LARD—MIes of:XI bbl. In lots, at 7 . Se 11 E. Yana lo toe
ot 771 Vt.
CIA/VEIL SEEDL-Sale of 3o MIA at 30 75 'Wis.
• GREEN APPLES—S.Iex on the wharf,( 51 w 7051 31,
.1141 from stone at prisms ranging front SI to 11 GO 3I
Snt-unin,. 1.1
+.lnning. Mar.
Tat rnow Ut , ttL—We have. been abotrla by the Brazil
ian Cenral. Bartholomew Valk. Bag., a number of samples
of tea, cultivated hr Brar.ll. Theyare of tuioaa WA% and.
of diltermat qualities, but we believe avven team err of sole
nor chancier to the other, 'Maniacal' wane of thew fru
clelightful. and If of comwpoodlng flavor, 'they• mud
make a flue bvernWe.
We learn that the tea plant has been cultivated In Brasil
for Mutt' Tenn the climate and will tire congenial to Ita
tiourirtlnt: mirth, amt latterly tnew thumb.: haw boon
riven In Its ' , mine/ton by the improvement. made In it ,
cultivation. owl the prdltable mires it muumuu!, Iles.
Womb hat hmn ....milord to home mtommptinn. but cf.
fort. am note laingroadk .under the Wm.., of Rowers,
ment, toostend the. knovrenimenf It, with • elite or makitir
it an adieu, of commervial extrittatiou. When we take
into etimiitkration the 'Wonderful incrrue of their toffee
tnale.we will not le ourptiard to tind In • row yew, Ws a.
one of the Walla pmaineta no Denali. Sixty yew" aro. the
erase plant trap aa conch • curioidtv In Brasil... the taw
Own bin the tinned Snitea thin, rearra,‘,their export. . i
of cutioe were wpm. sum to the exportw of this ar.
bele is 1.100,000 bag, Why then with • moil and climate
athiptot atandil not the iindurtion of tea Weft.. in a like
Th.t Clacinnati=exit.] fnllowta t t numlYr
of vessel. built at Emir •Itip yarda at that pint dulag
,car 1,50:
AJesander Temple
Jr , lnk Uthrthury... ......
t •Iburtea Ila.n
Jnhuam, Sinn. a Oa..
Forabm valuallon of snarellandlg, lataaad
anJ entaml forei.neuroptano at t i. port du
ring the 3 ea. la;.n ' • EA3.77:. as
wad then•on 4174.911
valuation of merrbandlarmadam;
Pular P1a14.1310.1 LW. port. 3134
2.2.71 S
n paablo th.r,on b1a.W..1 - 2 19
Fors-1, val.-Won ~r merrhand4a
frau Euulu,,,( :41.243 27
an irrtnan,
d ..... :n.599 .1
F071a n 11.:1 , 13,. a arra/A..1310 laport.l
unn .... ... ... ( " s3 '
331.-d trom
tivntaa 121
Ao . Z.S.RLI tat
Total $:0,773 1 , 1
Ti,,. grawral dvarriptlou of inerrhandise Itu,.lrted. 1,
ah0,.3 iron In.n
Ch.. and rarthen .
B arr.
Brandy. am , . alma,
Dry r0aa1.... to.
Mak - am, . faav ataxia le.
Taal . 1ga633.773 30
caillacteal In 1450--
110 oaretakal In 1 , ..n for mliaf uf.kk
end v 3 3 ormaten
The fnlbming table obrivt the Import:Vines and mpve
.l.lU of ft , . 4 .. lb , ' 1 1 ' 14, ,1 t till. Port. rbr 41te munch of
January, 11,51. aukl a. 1.6 tbr the .1/0 , t. rind la 1.49 raml
Psi/ ',N.G....4,14 1,4
.6., us,
IC, 4 1,4
M..4tuf. W.•. 1
4.1 r..11.0n
.14 121 41 4 .:.
44-. I
. .- .. .
w,h,j,•,,,,.,, 6. 4 „, ll:grrh.myr dun,' 6 , ..0rme /kr,.
tlannf. nf ,4 nnl 1121,/.1/51 $.
.1.. Silk
1.,111,.21,n3k. 114 ..1 2 01111, 1.7
NI un,llann I
u.. ~.17 411:1 109.151
T tad
111 1 n.. 1 f r
7 , 41 Ihnbwv 9r,-- -
on LA, market 6L,414.0, 17.2 .:VS
19.157 50.199
Taw St. ~f ,kk‘n '..k ~ . t n 7 tl =l4 . .,:,,,e)
th. ,, , , ,i):., Hijr , ....n> dunno Mr rave p.. 4.
1,1 P.O. 1 L. 7.4.
Nlanuf ..1' 1t"..k1 $.2.7 , 17 1t0.0.1u $1:19.5.511
J ,, I.tou 11,1.
I.k NII. :40,1. i1.i . .; '' ,.;? tiS
Flax 4 - I :All, 4 . 4.,,3
Mu.,11,...,u, 1.1.1.“. SM;! 4.42.:.1
Coult.spT nr Ifimain. --nor.. •Tre onierfil at Balt,
mo, iron: foroion iaota, dun., eh.. .nth of January:—
4 nhanon... awl 4 aohoonora—total
.4. boffin:llw oano n..fnal 11n.r arrlfisi fnon
now firm,. up. 7 hanlocy. I .lllla and 1 .4
4.111.}1 total nf foivion and
Tlr during lheelon month
for (m gm,. during Ito.
woe period
amounted to ~11. ac.aTeirato toun•ge of tin..
an.l Dural., of not: et:1N...y.11 to
uarloale thew The following.. lb. dralluation
•It.-ITot India and ITovanyy
lbo it Joni.fia 1.1filT•vol Itio do la Plate I: Lagoa: ra I
Pornooil.u....T and California 2. The L:nocn ...ports do.
rinc“fie Knonth uol large. and wake ayagar..
oalo todo lbw, to California.
wbioh aonuunoo :V 11 11,
Trent—The interinux of reeve. ttt the watt.. nn Motelar
rettehel :74 •h /eh were mold to lie butcher,
stet the re...1t5...1:4 were tit /vett to Philutlelphia.
ranueol freut $ . 4., to $71.,f1 eke the hoot equal to Lente...)
urn_ tterrattittu S.l rue*.
none—There tr a run eapply IVe quote nt h.ittin,
n r:tt n nt In rbann..l. at dn./.
br [atal mart, hut rvq.ninC...,
311rIonan. Ikin. Ittaavvr
Atlimn, Perklinwe, Human, ilk
. oNlr
1. Mrhev. 31eKevri,v,
The. shelve,. Ita Writ Nv , altm
Mktg.:tn. liner. Ilwerr. •
‘iordon. Wove,
Ilaltr, Bennett. Ilivortwvill.
Atlantle. Parkinwn. Blown, ill.
.1 Wk.,. Ilawlrtckvon.
I , briver.lVrat Newton
Parkinlenn, St Lours.
Jw. Nolvnn. Mann, Wlwelina
Ma 0 I 1
ST LOUIS—L.II Nl•vont.
Ml 2 AI. 1
1900 00 H..
It'nut.o.l.—Tlie ha. mwlar parkvt tuataor blur.
entmell. rill Irave loot the ahoy. and .11 tut,-
rt,hat• point, till. mramithr at to tirinek.
14 .1
L.. 44 )
En. wry,..0%,.= tiusapow.—Tba ',mivr part:el Im.
BPI-POP.. rapt 2+llr4.lrn. will In EA abr., Una 4ay z , hp
P , a IPIP ,lamer. aml the.well ktman ral•erl.•erv•, and
nt4•nnvic la nrtny.r her oflierra. aunt make my anti
romr.ttable all yip. p.trovi, her
it :$ .i&*M
' WIT I . l.l.llen—pent Jewel trbi.6
TbAve . .a.leo .lo de, Lrak,a; 31 bbl. sk. vehat.
lealmarth a Nol.l, ere her. J Cbeelnue kas bent, J
Ver, t .1 4 :l t :1 1 ; . 11 4 o o k g s reeT r e j eer r b ' e r' pajfeer. a
Wed.: 11 14,1.1100 r. MI sepke, .1 Le, In do p - rple...
hick IV Noe .1011. IL .1 Cumelogheme NI hot barb,.
%save 1641 ev, bulk meat. 11 bble. )eµs lard bbe,e d o ',"
prod. Statfoed:T I,at, M 1 bleb. cloverleoed. 11 )1 Clurkap Ceee
bbls clover 0001 Iloleneq. L Cn.
CINCINNATI—Pro 111.11.11..NT—.173 Le. ralthe. 149 oto
item. Limon el Kirkpatrick: el lebels suiper, IV BreasJey
Co.: 24 bhls vehlelerr, II .1 I Yearn; 1 ale hardvraze. Wolf
I.nea, exp rho. Dakar it Forsy th ; 3 bbl. briatlea. IV
lharbaulthe la buns II (irate tCo I bee becks, /ter It
llopleioe. 4bb4111.. Lick wader, Baker yorereb.
10,65 110.1.1
UJ9 9,Q1
The Greatest Bargains of the Season.
iiiiOßT. D. TIIO3IPSON, No. In Mirket et,
Duey d from Lllierty, haring determined to eke.,
.toinene by the Arai of April. will, from thla daY.
Ide emir.. noel; of Fanny oral ntoPD Dry 6 . 0 A, at am 6v
rligh. Tide Murk beton new, lame. nod ooU minded. mm
elite m part m
GOODS —French 3fer100... rmarnettas. Coburg
0a AlPioraajoall
1111.; nide Black html,l do; Shawls, na and mum..;';
fIEYYLKIIDN'S Camimeret.
tlittfa !TIT' d
, C-4
tfon heethruh.; Dantaek rable ' Llmit, blown
m arl DaLek Table C. el the; Napkine, Do_y Da, An.
AI a lirior . emortment of Whlthey and Ilath Dlanketh
fiber with • fall Moak of Dorman., floods.
may rolj upon gettLita thaw Joni, at anty
n fhb...loch must be ceol out the. Dna April. ;
LOAF SUGAR-100 barrehi aes'd amnion
Ibr rade by 1.14 BUILDRIDUL • 12fa ULM.
I 'll 2.0
I s ° lll to UV
WANUIwirrON, Feb., 3rd, 1851 .
Funeral of Hr. Ellufroan—e,tfonaehwetts &natal'
Further efoite for a ma/X.76am of the tariff,—
Fodor. Bill—Senate Amendment,,—Franking
The melancholy rites doe to the remains of the
lion. David S. Kauffman were petformed to-day.
The body mistaken to the Capitol a t 12 o'clock, I
and was laid in thtingspleninity in the area be ,
fore the Speaker's Chair during the religious ser
vices, which were appropriate to the 0CC2..10n.---
The Presidnt of the United States sat upon the
right hand of the Speaker, and the Presiding
Officer of the Senate upon the left. The Senate
preceded by Its chaplain mine into 'the Hall of
the Representatives. Gen. Scott in full dress, all
the members of the Cabinet, and the Supreme
Court occupied . seats on either. iTtle of the bier.
Mr. Butler, the Episcopal chaplain of the Senate,
read the truly mournful and eloquent service fur
the dead prescribed in the forms of his church.
Mr. Gurley, chaplain of the House, preached 11.
brief but impressive sermon upon the moral In
sane presented by the awfully sudden decease of
the late young, able, honored, and promising
member, struck down, es he hod lein„in the
bloom and vigor of manhood, without an hour's
warning, taken from the midst of a loving and'
weeping family, from his honors and his hopes. 1
Mr. ICauffunin was but thirty-six years of age,
and with his capacity, nod his past experience,
might have looked forward, nut presumptiously,
to the very highest distimetion of the nation.—
The loss'of no man couldPhave produced a deep :
er or snore wide-Spread gloom. The body was
taken from the capitol to the Congressional Cem
etery, to which it wasfollowed - by along train:of
mourning friends.
Mr.- Winthrop will probably continue in his
sent until the close of the session, as Mr. Ran
toul is sold to be in the distant territory of Min
esota, and if so, will hardly hear of his election
in time to reach Washington before the 4th of
March next.. To give him some chance to accept
and wear the Senatorial robes, and thereby to
enhance the merit of their cones:don to his thin
ker friends and supporters, was nu loota a lead
ing motive with the Free Suiten, in bestowing
upon him the unmerited Compliment.
The distress among tlni iron manufacturers, as
well the operatives as the capitalists, is so great
and so manifest, and the political power which
that interest Wields, is'no vast, that I believe
another effort will yet be made to mitigate the
severity of the present tarif system, in respect
to that article. Mr. Buchanan continues to em
ploy his activel, intervention between' the free
traders and the protectionists proper, in behalf
of hifliself, which at this juncture is the name as
saying, in behalf of the cold iron of Pennsyl
vania. I advise all tariff members to be at their
posts, ready for action; but I have to repeat that
' 1 have no hope of a successful issue of any effort
to be made ut this session. list still I know the,
potency of that recognized axiom in the politics
' of the day, that with Ibis question, an open one,
the Whig candidate for the Presidency in 1552
goes into the field with the votes of New York,
.and Ohio, as much fuel espied.
This every Democratic aspirant knows and feels,
and for this reason there in not one of them who
does not tremble lest Congress should ailjoign
without doing anything on the subject.
Although the amendmentsof the Senate Com
mittee to the cheap postage bill, will give the
system of cheap rates a fairer trial, yet they do
not strengthen the measure in either House.—
Thus the Senate have struek out the section au
ihnrizing the free circulation of newspapers
l - Vthin forty miles of their place of publication.
This I consider a very partial and unjust regula
tion, hut it woo made a part of the bill in the
/louse after among debate, and be a large major
ity, because it wan intended for the benefit of the
county press. If retained no a part of the new I
'system, it would entail upon the department the i
loss of something over :3500,000 per annum.—
Still the proposition of the Senate to strike it I
ourwould meet with no favor in the !louse, for the
simple reason that the country members outnunt
her the representatives of cities by at least five
to'one. 'Again, the Senate's Conquittee prop oses
to impose an additional charge of two cents upon I
every unpaid letter, making two rates of pestmo,
namely, three cents for all distances on prepaid
lett..., and live cents when paid at the place of
delivery.. Thin, too, will he resistml in the House
where a ntrong, and'.upols - the whole, wholesome
sympathy. prevails' for the very poor who may
often find it necessary to correspond without the
means in hand of prying even three cents for the
privilege. !jut it may pass, as the difference
I attss alibi but a trifle. it will, however, be on
popular, and will be a A:intent source of jealousy
' and irritation, and will, I think. raise an agita
tion of.inlpnle." It is a little remarkable that
amidst all our iltecussion, upon the details of the
system to ho adopted. no little in heard at Wash
ington about the franking privilege. Here,
where the practical operation of the thing is un
ilerstmal, it in felt that the evils ithhitelling to the
existence of .the privilege all spring from the
abuse of it, or rather rill proceed Gam abuses
which are thcidental to it. Here it is certainly
a great benefit to the constituency to be allowed
to receive Tenches of their represent van e, or of
his ;associates, on the really great political ques
tion of the day, free of postage, but it in just as
evidently i'very great burthen'and expense to
the member to tend them either with 'or without
his frank. But it is n serious public grievance
that thin important pohhe privilege should he
miaapplied to the free circulation through the
mails of hundreds of thousands of ekpensive and
voluminous' books, printed god bound with their
costly engravings and marks at the public et
pens*, but distributed among the dire and the
aristocracy or the country. who, if the; desired
to read them, eould'afford to buy then;. That
is an outrageous abuse, and it is an incident to
the fronting privilege. As to that sort of teat
ter, it were to be wished that the privilege were
utterly alinlinloal. But the reform must begin
with the printing of rongre,.. and that will be
effected. I trust, nt the next mission of
We must have a government printing office. and
we tolo.t confer hpon the head of it n pretty large
authority ris to the .election of the public matter
to he printed.
.1i MI,
IGurr , opotolourt of Ilely Pittologr.l/
Ilsnisuracit, Fels::, is - i 1
In the Senate this morning. Mr. Lawrence pre
sented a refill.. front Washington county. Sir a
law to prohibit the sale of ardent spiritst in that
!county, except for medical, ineeltanieni. and Nu,-
rd.tnental purpo-es.
Mr. !Inge, from Lake township. Alerts, co , to
lei etieuel into a loin:irate tileutaiti iti.triet
Mr. Ilaslett, from Ailthilesex township, flutter
county. for the repairatf a cermin State read.
Jr. rarothero, for a free banking ,ystem, and
the issue of small notes.
' Mr. Lawrence read in place, a lull to restrain
the sale of ardent spirits tn Waohington county.
Mr. MeCitalin, a hill to authorize the laying
inttid a State mail, iti trireme anq W,shmvon
Mr. Ilaslett, a bill to repeal a State ro a d in
Allegheny, Butler and t Ariustrong coupties.
The bill incorporating the Pittsburgh Life In
sidanee l'ompany. was taken up and pa s „, e d
The capi.letment to the act tneorporating the
Temperanceeille and Noblestown turnpike, or
plank road company. was taken up, ;intended nod
The bill to provule for the patenting of certain
out lots, in Franklin, N'enango.county, was pass.
In the noose. Mr. IValker and Ntr. Bigham,
presented a petition for the new county of :Mon
Mr. Robertson, one for the establishment of a
seem Banking system, and for the repeal of all
special or general acts, excepting certain property
tram taxation, ne the petitioners believe them
to be unjust.. impolitic, andainerinal.
• ,Mr. Laughlin, a remonstrance against the in.
corporation of Calle . nsburg into a borough, and
for an alteration in the school laws of Beaver
township. .
Mr. llowne, of Mrs. Fee, for a pension; and
for a State rend from Thos. Patterson's, Gra-ene
county to Monroe, Fayette county.
Mr. Griffin and Mr. Gulley, a remonstrance
against any division of Westmoreland county.
Mr. Win. Evans, for a turnpike road from
Greenville to Centreville, Indiana °minty; also
the petition of William T. Rhea, relative to his
Mr. Riddle and Mr. Lect, for a law to prohibit
the sale of ardent spirits in Washington en.
Mr. Leet, for a new bank to i.e located at Mon
ongahela City, to he called the Valley Bank of
Moonngahela, and fora law regulatingn system of
The bill relative to fees of Aldermen and Jus
tices of the Pence, which was read in place by
Mr. McCloskey a few days no, and of which I
game you an abstract, has been reported front a
Committee with a negative recommendation.
The Select C'oMmistee have reported without
amendment the bill repealing the Ten llourLaw,
as far 65 relates to Allegheny county. •
To day we lead quite a scene in the House. A
Select Committee was appointed on Thursday.
lust, to whom wits referred the Resolution offer-%
ed relative to the twill. This morning thisCom
mitten reported. They had had several confer.
emcee, and were a gable to agree, and we' had
three reports, no tore of COUrbe, being fr om a
pajority. One was otferedEtthe Whig member!'
of the etramittee--Wmers. Rillinger apd A. E.
Brown; one from the cdtra Locoloco members—
icayrenanaleace of %DoDaily Piltstrargb Gazaita.l
7.lars. Bonham and Brindle; and one frotahlr.'
Penniman: who wan so unfortunate as to he nim
ble to:agree with either. :the Whig report ia
excellent docummit, is not long, but ; xistrong.
and deserves general publication.
To morrow the Whig State Central Committee
meets to decide upon the place of holding tho
,Convention, to nominate Governor and candidate,
for the Supreme Bench. Du 'iapptlE.
ICA'nvlmalenoe of the NWT PittgrniSb Gautt,./
New Feb. 3.
• The Telegraph from Halifax' this morning an
nounces the arrival at that placoyesterdaj of the
Steamship Canada alter to long passage.of Bfteed
days. She brought no intellitmottetif the Atltuq
lantic. The Canadaaxperieioced roughweatht
Cr besides, benignmitly wedged Dovery e
Ice between
Halifax - end Prince Edward's Island.' No other
news has yet •
Considerable excitement prevailed here oti I
Saturday aftenaocin, front the fact that the Cap
tain of a British vessel which arrived from LIT ;
erPool, having seen a large steamer on the tath
of December, under canvass, in a latitude and
longitude cotwhitent with the supposition, that it
"was to New York veiseL Without stepping to
compare dates almost every body jumped to the
conclusion that the-steamer in question must be
the Atlantic. It was moon ascertained, however,
that the unfortunate vessel did • not leave Liver
pool till the2Bth of December, of course it is a
moral and physical impossibility that the steam
er seen could not be the Atlantic.'
According to the citi inspector's report, 'the'
number of deaths in this city during the week.'
ending, let toot , was 326, which - is a falling off
of 28 from the - previons week. 41- were of con
•somption; 31 canvulsions; 33 inflammation of the
lungs; 66 • men, 69 women, 108 boys, and 83 .
A beautiful steamship, called the Marion, built
for Spofford & Tileston's Charleston Line, was
launched from the yard of Jacob-Bell this morn
ing, at half past ten. She is to be enmehamiCtl
by Captain Berry, formerly of the Southerner on
thesame line.
The intense cold weather mentioned in my I
last, has given place to mild Weather again.
Snow fell the greater part of the day, yester,lay,
though, the temperature was on touch
that is soon disappearml, disappointing some of
the "belles" and 'beaten" who had noble up their ,
minds to have a sleigh ride.
The total number of alien passengers who on : '
rived at this port during the month of January
just closed was 15,000 against 13;154, during the
same period last year. 10,468 were from Ireland,
2,403 front Germany; 1,1135 from England; 216
from Switlerlatil; and 243 from France.
Great preparations are. making here,-to cele
brate the birth day, (22nd roar,) of the illuqtri
ous IVashington. All the prominent military com
panies - of this city, Brooklyn, and Williamsburgh
will parade on that day, and In the evening fire
works will he displayed in the Park . in front of
the City Hall.
The Steamship Merlin arrived here last night,
froth - St. Thomas and Bermuda with dates to the
2011 ult. Everything Won quiet at both places.
The Merlin brought the mate and four seamen,
belonging to the Whale ship Wilde, of Sew Bed- ;
ford, which put into Bermuda recently and was
condemned. The Wade had been absent fifty
two months, and had seven hundred barrels of
oil on her. own acemmt, and Six hundred on';
The British Bark Laconia arrived - here last
night from Liverpool, having been one louden!
eirap on the passage. The Captain rePorts hav
ing encountered very rough weather during the
whole passage. She brought two hundred and
seven passengers, and lost seven by ithip fever.
An ordinance has passed the Board of Alder
men, investing the Chief Engineer with full pow
er to appoint eighteen fire bell ringers for the
city at' a salary of $5OO each, making an addi
tional..expense to the city of $9004) a year.
Mayor Kingsland has concluded to keep in
office Mr. Mau:ell, the 'present Chief of Police.
The long
experience of Mr. Matson renders him
a very valuable publih officer.
The Corporation officers, with carts are busi
ly engaged in removing the • obstructions from
the streets; down town, the proprietors of which
having, failed to do so after being notified to that
effect. this Honor seems determined that the
laws (which has for some time been a dead let
ter,) shall be carried into effect. A large
her of cases null hogbalieads of sugar and molas
ses, &c., have already been carted off to the Con
poration yards.
- The Consul of the city of Hamburg in this city,
has received official information from his . Gov
ernment, Silt the Senate of the city on hearing
of the loss of that ill-fated Steamer Helena Slo-•
man, resolved to present to Captain Hovey of
the packet Ship Devonshire, (which will be re
collected rescued the passengers and crew,) a
valuable gold medal, as a token ofthe high appre
elation 0f his exertions on the occasions, have-al
so been received by the Consul to pay over to the
families of the third onde•and the seamen of the
Devonshire who perished while transporting the
passengers. the suet of one hundred dollars each.
and to distribute among the other portion of the
crew, •another $lOO.
The giant boy, eighteen years of age, weigh
ed over HO pounds, who for some weeks past
has been on exhibition at the North _American
Hotel, corner of Bayard street ,and the Bowery,
died soddenly on Friday night.
It appears that it has been almost impossible
to satiaTe his thirst., he having drank several gal- ,
lons of water per day.
There has been something like a panic in the
Stock Market ditring the last day or two. and
some °lithe fancy stocks have receded Ill(!}11:
per cent. The slain cause of this WWI a slight
stringency ill ill, .stock market and the. late fail
arcs. The sound stocks, however, stand quite
firm. Permsyliania s's bold to day at 95/, and I .
Perm. &rObio Londe, 911. '
%The quotations for prime, SD days to C months
paper, are 144,7 per cent, and LOW. on call fr(r, :
ri per cent.
METHOD OP EIItENG parrs zr.azn: •
The hams of MarytSnd and Virginia 'have long
enjoyed a wide celebriryt - At the list exhibition
of the 51arylanrIStato ,Aticultural Society, four
premiums were awarded for hams. ,We are in
formed by tho'se who had the opportunity of
cramming them, that they were of find nde qual
ity. The following are the recipes by which the
hams cadre cured:--,foor. 'Far.
T. E. Ilumiltou's premium.—
To every 100 pounds pork, take 8 lbs of G. Ai
salt. 2 oz. saPpeittre, 2 lbs. brown sugar, oz.
of pothsli, and four gallons of 'water. - Mix•the
above, and pour the brine over the meat, af
ter it has laid in the tub some two days. Let •
the hams remain six weeks in brine,
and then
dried several days before smoking.. lltare gen
erally had the meat rubbed with. tirCe salt when it
.is picked down. The meat should be perfectly
cool before packing.
J. Green's Recipe-2d premium To 1000 t lbs
of, pork, take` half a bushel and half peck of salt
1 lbs_ saltpetre, lbs. sugar, and quarts of
.51ix—rup the bacon with it well; keep
on for three weeks' in all, at the end of nine days
take out the hams, and put which were at
the top, at the bottonfil.r•-•
It. Brooke . jr.'s Recipes-3d premium. One
bushel line salt, lair bushel' ground alum salt,
one and a half the. to the thousand lbs pork, left
to lie in pickle 4 weeks, hang 'up and amoked
with hickory wood'until the/rind becomests dark'
brown. •
C. D. Sliughirs Recipetwlth premium_ To
'Ursa n, .),E OF .tout JACOB .%STOlt's PAZ, ' 100 lbs. green hams, take S lbs, G. A. salt, 2
brown eugaz or. molases equivalent, 2 on. —Donald )IcKenzie (who was born in Scot- lin':
land, in one I:, 1761. I died Jon. 20, at )lay- saltpetre, ha; pearl aehes, l 4 .ge /le ee water, solve Well; skimming cif the scum hrisingon the
vine, i•hautatote county. At the age of 17 be
came over to Canada. and joined the North surface. Pack the hamatompactlyiti a tight
„.nri continued e i g h t ye, with ; vessel or cask, rubbing the fleshy part.with fns
them. In he , hemlue one of the partners, ' a day or two pout the above pickle. user -- t•
,with the lire Jacob Astor of this city, in the meat, taking,• - thre to keep it covered with pie
establishing the fur trade west of the Rocky kle. In four to six -weeks, so:Milian to the size.
in i,-,wps„). with Mr. n a ,, L, o f and weight of the "home, .(that ?A 'to say, the
St. Locus, slr Mrli. made die overland • route to longer period fir heavy llama) hang up - to smoke,,, - '''
the month of the Columbia river, a feat then ra- hock up; smoking with green hickery
rely atteutpted sod full of perils, and remained I have put up hams for the last. twelve or
at Astoria until it was surrendered by ItleDoug- fifteen years by the above recipe, with uniform
all to the British. He eooverte l everything, success, equal at all times to the sample now
could into available funds and carried them safe- : Presented.
ly through a mighty wilderness to Mr. Aster.
Washington Irving, in his,' Astoria, narrates a
few of Mr. McKenzie's adventures on the from.
nee, although the friends of Mr 3I'K. claim that
umles&re.l injustice has liven done him by Mr.
Irving. relative to the beiniyal of Astoria.—Mr.
Mcii.'s friends assert, to him alone was Mr. .1 , 4.
for indebted for all that was saved from the ruin
which, treason wrought. After ,the restoration
of peace, Sir. :McKenzie exerted himself to se
cure for the United States the exclusive trade of
Oregon, but oiler a long negotiation with slr. As
tor. owl through him with Means. Madison,
Gallatin, nod other leading individuals in and
out of office, the matter was abandoned and Mr.
McKenzie in :[arch 1821 joined the Hudson Bay
Company, and was immediately appointed one
of the Council and Chief Factor. In August,
1825, he was married to Adelionde Ilumbert,
Iwho survives him,) nod was shortly after op
pointed Governor. At this time, 'he resided at
Fort Garry.,Red Rivel,ettlemerd,where becontins•
tied to reside mail 1822 in active and prosper-,
ous business, in which he amasses! 'a large for
tune. In August of the following year he came
to reside in :Mayville, *here the residue of his
life was spent Ile leaves thirteen children sur
viving Itim by his present, and one bye former
The Ileceipt, of the Erie Rothoast, for the
mut of Jammu, 1851, were--
oin Freight,
Pia,eagia, and Mail
T t tl.
U. S. ManhaPs Offlett.—.4frie. Slave Trade.—
Capt. Wm. Tyson was arrestell'on Wednesday a&
temoon charged with fitting out, in this poll.,
about two years ago, the brig Baymo de Zaldo
nu a slave trader for the coast of Africk: It is
also charged that the brig repaired first to Rio,
then the coast of Africa, where she took on boon/
620 Africans, and brought them as slaves to 'Ha
vana. The information was given by a seaman
who was onboard the R. de Z. lie says he raw j
black people .(slaves) put on board, when the
American crew was discharged and a Portuguese I
crew pat on board the brig. Capt. T. denies
having had anything to do with the slave trade.
lie sold the brig he says at Rio; and does not
know what was done with her after that.—A - .
Tribune. •
The examination into the charges pending
against Ray Tompkins, the broker, commenced
at New Yerk, on Saturday rooming. Mr. Na
thane, a broker, testißod he sold the seamed one
hundred shares or. Parmet'a stork, and
~ had
made afransfei" of the same. which hi ha d not
yet ind,h '.-Thv examination was still pending
when the afternoon papers were put to press.
.. ,
Jenny Lind - Ilierana.—A letter front .r .
erican , No a;.to the N. - T , ' Journal of s
merce,Sputki „ of the iTheuccess of Jenny Li...
visitliTthatNt4- sant— - , , .
-A more prominent reason for the failure (not
of Jenny Lind but) of pararoin in this expedition
was the combined attack of the press (the Faro`
excepted).on the prices
These.-asi,have, already infcanted you, were
fixed at much lower rates, and for much more
commodious Seats, than hecharged in any part
of the llinitett,Statest--Misi,LM d. as an extra
ordinary magnet . tif attraction, comes among tut
a heavy adddiimal, expen.Se to the •Empressaria'
(contractur.Thirunm,) and `We are will to bear
our pniportioll of the charge; Malt Mr. Barnum
thinks to humbug us As he has done the Yank*.
'he will he tnickly undeceived; for we will not
gonsent to 'contribute to his already enormous
profits, whale reriveleay be - irMing to do for
Jenny Lind, who. we are creditably informed,
does not get the lion's share ill the Operation I
Whether just or not, each -were the arriments,
r /
or the substan e of them, made use of and with
success, to - def at the operations of Bamuun in
this '.music-lor ng city, and there are not A few
Americans he who begin to think that the New
Yorkers on* o have.taken the same stand, in
' stead of si. r ibroj ting to prices that are anpreetp
deikted in tiny ' art of Europe! Jenny is still in
If ' arta, and is: not likely to leave until the 2nd
of ebrnary, :when the Ohio leaves hue for
New Orleans. The theatre here bad bedi emu
for ten nights for her, but by mutual consent the
engagement was cancelled after the fourth night
which was given as a benefit for the tharitable •
societies, and produced over'and above the 'ex=
passes for the use of the theatre, .:$4,125. - . Er
forts are beim; made to induce Jenny Limit to
accept a' complimentary benefit, PUS doubt if
she appear again in public. Last night she at
tended a ball given by the Count Penalver, espe
cially intended to do honor to her public anal pri
vate worth, hut I have heard of scarcely any
other attentidni that hue been shown her.
TBB,P6BTY.6SD rez musing?.
.. . .
From Sir. Broadhead's speech in the . joint ses
sion of the .Misiouri Legislature, on the election
of Senator, we quatedhe following paragraphs':
"I have been taught that to reverence the Con
/ siltation, and to abide by its twits, is A cardinal
! doctrine of the,great. Xationo/ Winn - Plan.
.' We recognise at its political bead Millard
Fillmore, of New York, the Man who, though
called Unexpectedly to Sic high elation which he
now fillS, at the most stormy period of our his
tory—at a time when the upbmtving of the po
litical elements was well nigh tasking a wreck
of our glorious Union, has proved himself equal
—aye, sir, I might I.y;roore than cqualtnthe
dread responsibilities of that etatiou, Ale may
haia sacrificed hisAsipuLarity Bads native State,
but throtighout lasbroad, Confederacy he is.
attracting the adruiratiOnnf all the soberdnissibsl.
men - of all parties. Ile has allied himself to no
faction, North or South, hot; 'belonging to the
National Whig Party, and !doling do the inter
eats of the whole errantry, he 'heeds hot the de
traction of faitiouists and fanatics,. North or
South, East or West; sod if we aredo belpLaced
by the gentleman from !toward, by.thedest of
politicatorthodoty that he presents to Cs; in,the
band of Free-soil Whigs, which 'is 'headed' by
such men us Millard
.Fillmore, Webster, Clay,f ,
and that other illustrious son of. Kentucky, John •
J. Crittenden, then I accept the test, and glory
in the name of Free-Soil Whig. To me, air,
names are nothing." , : '
A Sovtt CASC os. - .t . l:)ussrui's or Faincou.—
A case of warm nevelt:s , 4nd interest was tried
during the past week, in this city, • in the llceri
co Circuit Court of Law, Judge ItoLertson presi
ding. It was a snit far freedom, brotight by .
fruity of eight negroeb, claiming their freedom
under a deed of manumission executed, by their
former master about twenty yeara age, in the
city ol.Verc York. We leara that the evidence
arm that they were the children and granotehildeen
I of their fvrmer master, who carried thenttn New
York and there emancipated them,: to erode the
Late of litzfittio' which did not MIMI.' him to
emancipate them hem, without sending them out
of,the State: that he brought them immediately
hack with him to Virginia; and they ware never
molested in the enjoyment of their freedom since
his death, which occurred !thou t 13' years ago,
natal they wen, arrested lost summer by the
Sheriff. at the instance. of his next of kin, and
claimed as elate.,. The question of the .anghlency
of such ft deed •to confer the right of [reetlote
Virginia was very elaborately argued for several
days by Nlevsmi;arnnel Taylor and J. R. 'Watkins
for the ne;moes, and Mr., dames Lyons for the
claimants. The Judge, upon a- fall-and atten
tive consideration of the arguments, aetteuthor
ties, delivered an opinion, ovincing much:ability
and power of discrimiuution,:allowini the deed
along with other evidence, to go to the jury, who
foetid a verdict in favor of the negreek after the
case had occupied the.attention of the enact for
six days.—/lichmond Dioiatch.
'6,874 81
112,945 21
• .$31,954 O.
Judgment was rendered ea the 18th. ultimo
in New Orleans, iu favor of the •Lonisians State
Bank, against the Second 'Municipality for two
hundred and thirty-nine thousand dollars and
ninety cents, with eight percent, interest.
, . .
Forays hrzu—Frain ae ;Veto nrk Pod.—A: • . 1
Mr. Robinson, a surgeon iii • Englantl,laa peen
arrested for branding a ...boy , with caustic on his
forehead. Theipunishment 'for this offence is ~..j.:l, a''',
transportation fir life, .nn4 not lees Mutn,tfteen ' . rli
years imprisoment, with or without hard Etlxir, • = 7 , 7 11., ,
for more than three years. . • 4 ' t. , ..- ~
.. - s.- c,'-..
The line'of the proposed railroad in Egypt, is - ' - ~..?• ....,"
parallel to . the Alaiunondielt . Canal, along the '* .' ' . .f,, ,
embankment which sepamtes'lMareot, from lake
Sladieh, as far as the point where the . . dans! • ' ' ,....,:.
, .-.
beads to the east and then the line will skirt the
Desert, east of the Naton Lakes, and hazily ter- '.
minute at the village of Ghiseh, oppoaite - Cairo . —-.„ .
_ I F ., -\
Archbishop Hughes arrived in Rome on the Mat
.December.' . -
A cry of fire, having bren 'raised in one of 'the
Itomen Theatres lately, the corps de &diet, rushed
into the streets, greatly to the astonishment •of
the passers, who were not aware of the tame of,
this imilden appearance of ao many women in
hort clothes.
In 1833 the Record Commiesioners dratted eh ,
cuter questions to themunicipql corporation*
I of England and Walm, requestink• various infor
mation; among such questons was Ihnfollowitigt
4.1/o any remarkable iactomaliirevail,'or have
any remarkable customs provailed within mart
; ory, in relation to the cererninue* accompanying
the choice of corporate officer*, annual proem
! gnu* feasts, Sc., not noticed inthe printed his-
I tones or accounts of your 'boiongh? Deticribe
I them, if there 'be such." To this question the
borough of Chippenham, Wilts, replied as fol
lows “The,,forpomtion slim, together twice
year, anii.ty for it,tittrusetres."
A three day's sale of autograph lettenttook
place in London hitely. A letter ;of Rube. - •
brought 163., and a letter of Nicholas Poussln's
.C 3. be. A ltter of Pope's brought £2. +a, and
the well kaolin letter from Kirke;
etlitoof the Monthly Review, as much'4,3l.4.
The lies also brought good ennuq letter from. - c '• e
Madame Neeket, wife of the naniors; to]avid '
Garrickesold kir .£2. do., and a 'curious letter of ;
Kitty Clire's to the same greet actor,42.. Roy
al nt!tographs found eager bidders;.ai l d a erigaa,-
tiro of Oliver Cromwell's .;