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nitiltBDAY hiORNING, ' EBRUARY C, 18.S1
In some remarks, wliic. we, made a felt days
ngeott the subject Of the I le'orresPonikhs be
tween the British Consul . nd the Governor of
Sontdieniolion, we took ot anion to advert to the
law or. that State antler Which colored. Weanieu,
citizens of other States!, upon their e arrrival in
the porta Of that State, are seised and inearcera-A
qed during the stay of the vessel in the port;--1
4 'We
. proncauced .that laW unconstitutidnal; be
cattsc,it infringes that provision which eipressly
secures to the citizen of oae State all the rights and
immunities of a citizen id ulltheStates. Wpotr- 1
'tainli had no idea that,u+ cane man would call in
iiuration so obvious a proposition; but we findge
t t
,were mistaken in that; or we suppose we must
admit that the editor of e Journal Isla hisright
land. In his paper, of( yestertlay. he has too
• long articles on the Subject: " The first one is
vrefistney and drprecato There is not much
is it, so lee shall let it sits with a very slight
But here come) the htft end of the big
He says:
the present condition of `thepublic mind
in the United States, there could not be n more
tilorming proposition, nor one PEegnunt with such
disastrous consequences no that which the Ga.
setee has asserted in an article of Saturday last.
If it should take extennve hold of the popular mind,
it w e deluge the country rn. Wood. For what
purpose it is now presented we are at a loss to
discover_ It is not involved in the issue lately
formed with the British Government in relation
to her colored seamen, end hue no relatido to that
question. What okiret,rhro ato be attained by
deploring that, 'in several of the Stales a colored
roan is n elate.; and no such nos juSt claim to
the ringtstand immunities of to cititen in South
Carolina under the 'Constitution'" The Editor
inserts thisas n julitirol truth—and charges
"delinquency upon the general government in
permitting ;loath ilarolitin, for a long period to
tram pl e apes the ri.,ho of other Stater, in direct
contravention of the Con . stitntion.;
d. We deny the correcrnews of the' position as-1
• mined—and reprobite the spirit which would
cut each a firebrant in the present excited and
explosive condition of public sentiment anti feel
ing. 'lt can do do goal, and is directly calculate,'
to canoe immense evil. Fortunately, however.
its malign influence may he counteracted by the
power of truth and evidence. This We shall en
deavor to. present fairly, and we not, that what
weoffermay he examined with candor .
"la it true that • colored men' are • Citizens '
—'in several of the Staten ',—within the purview
and meaning of the Constitution 9 This is the
preposition—for the editowallegen that the gov
ernment has committed a • blunder in permitting
&inch Carolina to trample upon the rights of other
Elates' in this particular.
"Let tul fart ascertain: ta -Spot alleged—and
then examine into its constitutional import. We
shall take the, word citizen' in its familiar and
common aeCeptation. In its widest range it may
mean one who dwells in a place—awl exercises
municipal privileges and franchises. lion many
• States allow these to colored citizens even
• now 7"
We ray the but-end; for after whit .we have
quoted it becomes .• small by degrees, and beau
tifully less," until it at last tittles out in. some
musty quotations from Vattel and others, about
as applicable to the subject before us, as, they
would he to the memorable project At a plank
rout to Washington.
We accept the definition of fittifli, because we
'can afford to do to, although it it not the true
sne. We said, "In severnl of the States the
colored man is n citizen; and as such has a . just
claim to the right, and immunities of a citizen
in South• Carolina under the Constitution and
the editor of the Journal says a citizen One
"Who dwells in n place, and exercises municipal
privileges and franchises." Very well.
In Pennsylvania, under the present Constitu
lion, the elective franchise Ls only enjoyed by the
• white male citizens, so we suppose NVe must let
that go : Sue, pray, why use the qualifying word
relive; if colored men are noncitizens at all T The
edilot adniits that. in Pennsylvania. colored chi
-I;M—we beg pardon, colored men—opal to VOW,
Litt seems to intimate that they sever hail the
right; but he rays "this interpretation of the
• law bar for many years been corrected—long be.
fore our, new Constitution." He it mistaker
here. In some parts of the State the exercised
the right of suffrage by colored men was waived
through motives of expediency but in most of
the counties, including this one, it continued to
be exercised until it was cut off by the new Con
stitution. Well, then, the black man was once a
citizen in Pennsylvania, but according to the
above definition be is not so now, notwithstanding
that qualifying adjective in the new Constitu
Now let us go to come other ,Stater
In Haim, " every male titifen of the United
States, of the age of twenty one years. excepting
paupers,perions under guardianship,' and Indians
not taxed,' ' ore electors. Not a word about white
orleolored. •
Monad usette; t Constitution amended
18210 . "'Every male citizen of twenty-one yew
of . elm; excepting paupers and persons under
guadianahip." Here again there is not 1 , 1 word
alma color; and it in a.well known fact-that col
ored men do vote. and might hOld . .office if they
could got enough of votes to elect them.
In Nen Ilatv shire, '• Every male inhabitant.
excepting paupers and persona excused from pay
ing times ot their own: request.” There are no
other exceptions.
In rernlopil Every man of the full age of
twenty-one years, having resided in the Mate tot
the space of one whole year next before the elec.
ton of repreeentives. and is of a quiet :Ind peace.
able behavior. nod-will take the following oath co
affirmation, shall be entitled to all privilege.
of a freeman of this Spit'. The editor will have
to argue colored men ..nt of the pole of humanity
before he can disfranchise theta in that State: .1
' • In Nude Island a property qualifivation,equal to
one hundred and thirty -four deltar.l or on annual
rent or income .of seven dollar, with proper
age, constitutes an electoi. Nothing about
In C,conerneat, "Every white Mole citizen. of
twenty-one years. On certsin prescribed condi
tions, is an elector."
. Vett York is peculiar. For whites, age.
"Ithaship, one year's residence in the State, nix
mountain the district For coloreeelector
. $260 (mei:mid, tax paid thereon., and the mall
, •stary requirements of redden,. A property
• • quaametini iareuitired of the black man in NeW
Tart, as it is of the white man in Virginia. Ace
we to Infer,that the New York colored citizen in
jtmt equal to the white citizen of 1. - irginia.
property qualification, the Journal remarks..
must be, übseried, too, that it is sot it
personal privilege which con go with the party
wherever he removes, but in is property prink
Now let as see where the Journal's logic will
Marry us. A New York voter on the property
Attalificatlort goes to South Carolina, and is ins
prisoned; but as his citizenship in New York is
not •inerrottai prinlege, - but only ,a ••pro,esrry
privilege," be tattoos plead the provisions of the
Constitution, which this:4s its kireild protecting
shield over every eitiven io every State. Now
reverse the hull and the on 'Suppose a
property 4lLllllisoqiusk voter of Virginia or South
Carolina comes to New York, upon tonne lawful
business, and that that State should, upon the
pretence that he might lie an atearactionint or
ditnniouist, throw him into prison, h e would be
in a very bad fix. As his right to vote at home
was based upon n property q ualification, nod
••that it is not a pereonal pra,lege clod, ran f p,
wido this party ieherrer he xr71115,A,.. it will he th
rain far hint to plrad his citizenship. lie and
his fellow voter in the Charleston jail are tu
precisely - the same category. See, now, host
ineffably absurd this proves his argument , to he.
- They prove nothing, because they prove too
• Our declaration, therefore--for it did not m
ildly argument—remains untiwched, that the
Le of South Ciro Una in question is unconstitu.
lions', and ought never to have been suffered to
be carried Into execution. • •And we repeat, most •
• Oulphatically, the opinion, , tkatthe National tior
ell2=etit has beefi derelici in its duty, In not
putting s atop to to gross en outrage upon intli
iidual rights, and tacilrare ate infraction of the
. I ..Mfit'fleny•the - correctness of the position .-
1. r. mod," says the editor, alluding to our declar
atlas, that , the law of South Carolina - is • uneop
" stituticusth: Very troll? let Its'. "Wirt; as quoted
ty..thetiitioh Consult astwee, that. quet , tion.—
•_ - 7 1 11..., - : Be *civ/4- 4 4 1 am of opiaionttuithe section of the
hee. - Ottlar consideration is vvid; foil4eing against
therm:institution, treaties and laws of the United
Stst, L and incompatible with the rights of na
tions in amity with thelltdted States."
.It IS manifest that the editor has found some
law higher than the cunstitution—some horrible
buggaboo that has frightened him out of his
propriety. The mad threata of ranari. -0 di" -
unionist, have so overpowered his nerves, that
he is ready to relinquilit every right upon which
we pride oursetyeli as freemen.• We repel with
acorn and contminglithq charge of incendiarism ,
and claim to be ao much attached to peace and
union as.he ix : but wel COWL beg to be esaused
from purchast.uepeace; or even the preservation
..of, the uoinia, by •• the base bowing of the tame
to the dark spirit of ilavery.- or by tame ne
q uieseetics , in outrages if the kind in Ilisoussion.
But we forbear. W have said that we admit
the sanity of the editor We may be wrong—he
seems to be laboring udder the pressure of one
als.a, as much as the loost ultra school of oho
litionits ; for if it be] not so, what means this
frantic rhapsody which we cut from his first ar
ticle on this 'subject in yesterday's .loUrnal'!
- When the the iii g of barns end hay-ricks
has become epidemic, ml the people tremble for
the security of their wettings; when head; of
household; go to bed ompelled to pray heaven,
the morning may no . dawn upon the charred
and <mouldering - -or ,es of wife and children,
swept into eternity by the horrible agency of tire
at the hand of the inc ndiary: flan is surely not
the time to discuss th relative merits of popular
inventions for speed safe, and complete model
of kindling conflagrat. mr."
otal population in
In Iti4U it was
Free colored persons
Slaves in ISSU.
The free culure
11.221, while the Alt
population ha, increased
as have only increased
Hair CA,E.—The Baltimore
authority of account., tram
he Supreme Court has Mil
in the W heeling bridge fllde
this term, as the court ad
d, of March, and the record
.comprehensive brief V• to,
of the testimony mast ga
eh of the Jndgeg, and on th.
ute a volume of HMO pages
hope for nu opinion until th
December next '
Patriot states nit th(
IVnehington, that ••
united that n
will not he rendered
journs about die 10.
trom which 10 elicit
voluminous A eq.
Otto the hands of e:
it 15 prep:ol. - 01.M t,
term commencing it
oiru - i+ in very good ',lotto in
ly on our cintenl, Inithoug
Euamrnge you
all time,: but may
ctness of the sentiment, sad
t into practice. Heretofore,
est citizens 'rent to the East
-I.urpose of purchasing th!ir
they admit the co
ly neglect to carry
many of out weal
ESI3 cities far the
thst our workman were in
g •np thing gad enough and
•r doming moms: But this
ad its day: and people are
copnblo of product.
rich enough for t.
obsure notion hss
.. ..
now convinced that Pittsburgh Mechanics can
manufacture Furniture equal to that brought here
from Philadelphia and New loch.
The foregoing plrograph, which we clip from
the Pittsburgh Poet il, in our opinion, an excel
lent argument in !icor of the policy I . or which
the Vhigs have een contending fur so many
yearr. We endor,e the sentiment to far as re
gards Pittsburgh ritechtmics in opposition to those
of the eastern rag., : but we do not stop there
—for it is equallx applicable to American me
chanics., in oppos ition to those of Europe
a _Mr tiumshury. the ague
;Yttrium' Committee for th.
it; now in New I . ,Ak. hoe puh-
THE Won htis F
the United St
odd', Fair, whc
.11.,1 the folio rit
having been appointed by th
for the United Stntea to re
r the nrtide• shipped by al
forme the eabibiturs that he i
The under=i
• lard Connaitt
ice and receipt
1. Lawrence.'"
tallish Intl: , of Puling for
recened at thr nary yn
the nary yrtnl up
new prepared to
pexle wbieh bay
Goode will be
the latieset . possibh• utorneut
The attention II 'exhibitor is r A lled to the fol
lowing regulation the ilritish Commissioners: --
••All goods which are forwarded to England
will remain depo sited in, charge of Ile customs
until claimed by an agent of the party sending
them, who will have to establish hie right to re
move them to the building by producing the bill
of lading and the certificate given to the exhild•
tor by the central authuiities in each country
that such goode are intended for exposition."
RHODE Istesu SC.NATOR. — It appears that Mr.
James was chosen Senator from Rhode Island on
the eight WILLA 4 when he received fifty voles,
against forty-nine given to the other candidates.
The Providence Journal thus speaks of this un
expected result
••The election of Senator in Congress was
made yesterday iu Grand Committee. tin the
the eighth ballot, Charles T James. the Demo
cratic candidate, was elected, receiving the votes
of fourteen men elected as Whigs We will not
trust ourselves now'to characterize this transac
tion as it deserves . .„butMe should he wanting in
self respect, if we did not take the first occa
sion to say that, in our opinion. a more shame
less treachery has never dligtaced the annals of
any party to thia'Srete Mho ore the fourteen
recreant Wins we do tot 13towc They prudently
sheltered themselves,...,behlinta secret ballot, and
•we would:: mit, withiret gO - od evidence, charge
such condireropon 4y member of the General
Areembly v 'But their names will be known.—
The Whigs of the State, the outraged coustitti
elleire whose confidence Lore been betrflyed hoar
aright to know the names of the men wh, base
done it. -
Fur the Pittrburyh
IYUCTK.—Your neighbor of the
seems very fowl of laying out ruilroadtt by tin
map, wadi am only surprised that he does nut
carry out his own mode of location in sill cases.
If railroads were all to be laid out in straight
lines ou the map. the road from Zanesville to the
Baltimore and Ohio would cross the Ohio river
some twenty eight or thirty miles below Wheel
log. 413,1 would avoid entirely the very difficult
and expensive portion of that road from Wheel
ing t o Fish Cork If you will examine the snap.
(and if you hale not got one, the ail.- of the
Journal, who has such constant use fur one in
planning railroads, will, no doubt,
you will find that the mouth of Caption creek,
eighteen or twenty miles below Wheeling, is con
siderably-nearer Zanesville than is Bridgeport.
and the air line - front Zanesville will pass right
along Caption creek Why then go to Wheeling
at all! Stiffly it is better. in this carve at least,
to follow the air line. First, because the distanre
is shorter, and secondly, because, no doubt, the%
ground 19 111101 . 9 favorable.
On the other hand, it the old fashioned mode
of tanking railroads, by examining the ground,
is to govern in this cave, the Zanesville and Ohio
River Railroad may, be taken to, the mouth of
Indian Short creek at the town of Warrenton, ten
miles north of Bridgeport and twe,lve naile's south
of Steubenville. From that point, by what the
Journal elegantly calla the rircusitroilitoo," a
railroad of about filly' wiles, on a dead level,
would connect Zanesville with theitht.. and Penu.
syltuda Railroad at Reuter'
Although the editor cat' the Journal laughs at
the circittibendibus," I understand it is nu
laughing matter at Wheeling.! There, I have,
heard. it in regarded very seriously, and if I
have not been misinformed, the proposed sub
scription of $250,000 iv only to lie made on eV,
111(1011 that the rant! from Zatte•ralt FS to term:nate
at Bridgeport, or rather in the third ward of
Wheeling—Wheeling Libra Stour of the folks
in Ohio think that the Central ell/no Railroad
ought to terminate in Ohio, and this build up a
town in Ohio. The Wheeling people, who are
canning—havitig dammed up the west channel of
the Ohio, opposite Wheeling, by a low bridge--
would be greatly rejoiced it' they could draw the
termination of an Ohio railrond into the Third
Ward of their city. W..
- -
Tbere wan nu enthasiustie tweeting of
friend., of thU Uuioulteld iu We4tchester.l4 V.,
nn Thurt.lay.
Letters wore rend by James A. Hamilton,
Chairmen of the Committee of sirrangements,
from Daniel Webster, Henry Clay, Daniel B.
Dickinson, I.louverneur Kimble, William Nelson,
William Paulding, William Henry Anthon, Jutuev
Brooks, and Theodore 11 .grnedict...ymptitLising
with the collet the meeting, and encouraging the
people of, Wevitebester to persevere in efforts.iu
behalf of the Union.
The folluwiug in the practical and splendid
letter, from Daniel Viehstet, the reeding of which
elicited the greatest applause
Gr-urtsurss 1 have to acknowledge the re
reipt of your letter of the 16th • of this month.
knifing roe to attend a: meeting proposed to be
holden at . Tarrytown, on the :30th foot., by the
people of Westchester county, ,without any die-
Sinctlon of party, who approve of the COM
ptattise tonsures of the last eeeeien of Con-
My public duties do not allow me to accept this
incl,tatton, but you need noi doubt that
f I cordiallywhich
eppreee the objecte end perpolee or
the people of Westchester purpose to assem
ble. • .•
I hope the spirit of ilieunion May be consider=; Pof
Oa As now. in some degree checked; btu that it. tiut
has existed both at the North and' South, - and , tent
does still exist to u dangerous extent. cannot. any
. it seems to me. be denied by any honest , scut
m. I
In the South, the separation of the States is wh
openly proposed, discussed, and commended. al,- ' tam
solutely or conditionally. in Legislative Halls, . o n
and in Convention called together by the staler- ; tin
ity of Law.. 1 .
In the North, the State Governments have not I.
run into such excess, a n d the purpose of over- I or. i
turning the Government show, itself mere clear- . 'eh
ly in resolutions agreed to iu voluntary assent. its I
blies of individuals denouncing the laws of the I n ot
land, and declaringa tiled intent to disobey them. - ow
1 notice that in one of t hese meetings. holden' d o
lately in the veryheart of New . England, and said , • '
to hare been eery numerously attended, the mom ' h i ,
hers sunanitnously resolved. ••tliat its God hour I tit i
helper, we will not sutler any persen chore...l,l.lth i wi I
being a fugitive,from labor, to be taken from le ii,
mong us, find to this resolve we pledge our live.. : su 1
our fortunes, and our snored honor ' i lie
'flow permits tin trot -cent to have been iiwar, i no
that the purpose thus :i owed by them is die
tnictly trensonattle. if any low of the for il be , a I
resisted, by (bees of arias or biree of numbers.. , ell
with a deelered intent to resist tie applicant,. of . p a
that law, in all 4lnteB. this is leryitig war noinat 1 ,1,
tire ()armament within the meanities ef the Con. I, ,
ititution, and is an act of treason, drawing after' 0 -
it all the et - marquee,- of that otbewe lad iis p
the precise ease, in which mini ictiens fee trey i p
I sun took place in lienteiyhimia, denim tic i id
Washington's 'administration iand riot only does ' rt
such i c spirit ire this manifest itself in the lesth
ell and violent public assemblies; hut is else de ' i i
fended, encouraged nod commended. by a tier, „
iddafratile portion of tine ;midic pre-:. and What I ~
is still trot-, the pulpit har, in leo timitv in tail ,
ces, uttered these pm,- o f . 1 ,,,,a,,,,,i p„,1”.1.,,
instead of the voice of Christine imailitiess, re•
pentanee and the noir of tied Indeed ,aes..tain. ~
Lave Lappered ',in Whieh melt and vooneu hare 1 ,i,
engaged in a .v 1 of rivalry or contest, to -re,.l „
whether die laws of siveletv the in...tem t I a,
religion, and the authority of Invite. Reitilatioh 1 „
could he treated w ith die more isonleninpl.
It h: evident that if tier lie not eneiked, it nil) . ~
endanger Ike Goietinnent . a it spread ter sod
whit., it will overthrow the lira ernment I •
- There are amide plettees. gentlemen, that with i
y ou ari d tort hilow emcees .4 Wernhesitir iti, '
other meting will be entertained, than that .4 1 .
zealous attacleueto to the Union and the I. i ,
tenon. 'and a IteterMinatiiin to •soppom both ti I i
the Insi extremity. Among )oar rOntnntte I -es ',•
the son of a greet and an UltiatrioUs man, spud-
Iv distinguished in the revoletionai awl the •
cron i stitutional period of his canary Alesantlei
Hamilton was one of the twelve etetimissienera!
who me; at Annapolis in September. l'isii and !
r e commended to the countri the eitaliii-luitent I
of a Constitution of (internment, ••3.ltoinste S.
the erigencier of the Union" tiers wit- tle. I '
cradle of that form of government. which has so ' '
long bound 113 all together. and mole inn , pan:- I t
pereae at home, and so such resperted abroad 1
Where the blood of Alex_rmiler Hamilion fills the ' I
vein's, or MS example and patriotic services Ore ;
remembered, the T.gunge of sepal-nil. sect... ,
sion 4 and diguniob, will find no utterance, and 1 '
purposes of violent resistance to the lawi, no ap- I
probation or tolerance
Gentlemen, the mortal remains of another I
great man venerated and loved through the whole '
course ef a long life, repose in th
J county' 01 i
Weetcheater; uf course I mean John ay the
public life iof this illuatrrouavean wilt almost en-
tirely devoted to the preset - ration of the Union
of the States: the establishment of the Cnnatitu
don, and _e administration of the pos.s eon
ferred under it. No man now more clearly ur
felt raorti'fleeply the evils arising from tee..;'
' tence of States with entire end distinct sovereign
ties. N ttitoiit ii ppeeled to hircnuntrymen neatest
such a Mire. ef things with more earnestness, elo
quence or power He saw the been/meg of
spirit very 'touch like dint which eaists .e, he ,
foretold- fltf...ylengerr. and hid Fit mne
uch ar any
Man Mal:rote the public npinion front its pen,
• In 1785 he wrote tun friend, •ii t soar hest
Wisit . tu 4 see the United States as.ottne and merit
the character of one 'groat nation, who, lyre',
tory in divided into different State merely lot
courenieid Goverument. - In 1757 lie said, ••It
has until lately heel.. received and unejutrodie
tell opinion. that the prosperity of the people
of Ainerida depend on their continuing tired)
united: mud the wishes, prpersnett etfern.
of our beat and Wisest Citizens hots been .on
stantly directed to (hat object. Bet politicians
nun . appear, who insist that this opinitai in emu
netts; mad dint instead ofilookitte for tarty 0101
happiness in ninon we ought to seek it to a dire.
aion of the Suites into distinct confederative or
norm, eigetier. - .
eThis country and this people ,tient to hate
been made for rank other. anti it appistr. , it
it cue the design of Providence, that sl, Once
dance so proper awl acteivenient far :k bunt' of
brethren, united to rack other I.y the shames-I
ties, shunt% ever lie split Into a number of nes...
dal, Jealous sail alien movereiguities
. •• They who premete the idea et ituledituting
a number of distinct ranfederneit,. tit the roots
ofr i the plan of the Consenting, seem clearly to
foresee that the rejectien tif it would put the coa l:
tionanCe of the Union in the utmost jeopardy
That Certainry would he the case . quit I sincere
ly wish that it may lie aselearly foreseen by et cry
good citizen,' that wheutiver the disselution of Mr
Union arrives, America will have reason to ex
claim, iu the welds of the poet, 'Farewell • a lone
farewell to all my grantees'
''When I ant speaking of the ardent :moth
ment of John Jay to the Union of de. Amen eti
'States, I cannot forbear. even ::t the ri4k of . i
'tending this answer beyond' it- prop:, tool-
front intralucifig atutther extract from his ate.;
ruble writings. as exhibiting remarkat.le trigneity
and power of illustration . iilVii have honed
much, - said he. -.4 the tlects'nf Britain and if
we are wise, the time may come whet; the deer.
uf America may engage stenos,, Rut it or
Stational Cluvernment hail not, - , ref.:lamed the
nevigation of Bruain 11, to Maki. it a our,ry fur
senmen—if one minimal Govurenieet bad not
called teeth all the wahinel meant a r id nteteriel.
for forming fleets, their provte, and ti, Ilion.
der would never have Seen celel.rated, Let Env
land here ice navigation ittel Hest-.-lea Wide ,
have its fleet—let Ireland have it, navteituen of
fleet--let these font of the covolititent part- •.I
British entpire he under bier independent t ea
ernments. and it is otsy ti perms , bon ••••••Il
they vv.1.1 each dwindle into compantiee insig
When Johli Jay hiliBl the ..,it oil Ile L e ad of
the Supreme Jthfiremre. imei would one appear
who, beine charged with . lie, sheitl -tale] op
before his face. beaming e q uidly with i'ithill L . nr e
aud benignity. and twist tlmt I, had ,11,11,11./.. I
plighted faith.. l Inlnted the must amp", ri ot ..1.11
gatione, and contemned the -au. tit:, .0 . ..tin ..
only upon his reliance on the -oriel-nail, ~I lo
osen mttilligrure over that of the cumintiniti. ittel
the rigid of every individent to ithlee iit i •iti ii
tution, laws and rimpacts for biteseli
Gentlemen, I ant ,u f e Grit you and. v we t rach.
will do ;our whole duty, 38 intelligent -nil path
otit entirety, in upholding the iniditutien , ot i wit
country I purpose so do taint- a n d -bon lit sot i l'erry
er.lll,eilt -n[WI with any, hody, w h o ~,,,,, L , 1,. fou n d ; 1 ,,,,,,,,,,,,,
I to waver or to liesitste, on 1111, - .h 11111...1 ',II . I . IK.
I que,tion ; etirtage,
The President's ale age, lit the "pining •,I tau i hectic.
present Sermon of Congte si. exprease- folly awl I relent,
plainly his otWni opinion :del the ittemittems opin- Richland.
ion of all those associated with him in the es- Lobe,
e , ut iy e a dmiejstratisn of the government, in re ' Sandusky
Bard to what Ore called the Ad j ustment or Com-, Scioto...„
; promise Niensures of the Met Session That I Seneca,
opinion is, that those Mellinte, should he re- Shelby.
girded in I
principle us a final settlement of the Shirk,
danger)ua and exciting subjects which they em..•Liumnilt.
I brace; that though they were not free from int- Trumbull,
' perfections, jet in their fnutuel dependence and Terraria..
connection, they formed a ~ airtaitit of cement. , u n i o n,
Mier, the need mincilatury and best for the entire Van %Vert.
, country that could lie obtained from conflicting I Vinton.
tettional interest and opittions, and therefore ' Warren,
they should be adhered to, rota lan, and riper.- 11 ashingtom
ea ..should demonarate Mr arreerag ,t fouler I,g Witytte,
ith st, ition, tu guard agaat•l C1'11•11,1/ .o ,hr, ir Thai 'lt Illinois.
npinion, to far as I know, rennin, entirely uni Wleel, •
(Limpid, 10111 will 1m !WIN' 111/011 1
steadily m 1
and W yivieltitt.
iteci,ivele The .pen.pencee, of the country require. •
this; the security of the Cineilittittoit require. Total.
this; tied every enesideration of the ;midi, good
demands this. If the administrathin catmint '
stand upon the pritteiples of the message it
-does not expect to stand Inn nIl.
Citizens of Westchester' Citizens of the Stale
of New York ! the voice+ of .your own illustri
ous dead, cry to You Dom the ground. They
who Orrin their grave , lirseerit you. 38 you re.
tweet their narnes and memories, us yott lore lib
, erty, as yen value your own Itappintisr, Ile yen re
. gard the hopes of your children, to held on w ith
unflinching the C./Untie.% and to the
Union of the States; and ns if with lips still in
log, they conjure you, in toner of initignatien
to reject all such ideas a- that 41,4.1 h-ore to
the lows is the path of patriotism. or trea-oe to
your country duty to tied.
'For myself I confess, that if I were hi wit
ness the breaking up of the Union, and the Con
stitution of the United States. I should how my
self to the earth iu confuttion of face, I should
wish to hide myself from the observance of man
kind, unless I could stand up and declare leanly,
before God and man, that by the utmost emir.
Dun of eeerY faculty with which m Creo has
endowed me, I bait labored to nier y t
the at ca r
I am, gentlemen. with entire regned. .
and all good wishes, your obliged .
friend and fellow-citizen, -
.To }leaser, James A. Hamilton, George 11. But
ler, John R. Baskin, Albert Lockwood, Cc.m.
The Whigo or the New York Legigature mri
an caucus on Friday evening, at Albany. and
Agreed to eupport We Run. llomiltou Fish for
eleat in the , C. 9. Senate, in place of ,Mr. P!,,k
ast.prqs OF TRADE
[- the-House of Repreminintive,..ppe.r.inar ,
kt to net on the tariff, we have made esleu
'to see bow the balance stands, and the ex-,
of injury that might he inflicted uponn, us at
time should foreigners lose confidence in our
ich anthority — II , IIC.TT Lnwgxscc, than
m we know better national man in all his ren
imts--fins lately said' that we owe to Europe
hundred and fifty millions of dollars for na bonds, State bonds, and the bowls of cities
s the balance of trade is certainly against us,
in other words, as we have been overtrading,
ch is proved by the rate of foreign exchange
I the fuel that coin is . being exported, it 14
ling more than a reasonable estimate that. e
• Europe at.leaat fifty million+ of dollars un
thi. bead
ites, two items onto up to the - tune of two I
sdrent millin,.
it Isieh we are lialnh; to he called
Inn for rat any moment. The fifty millions
Ino doubt he required no fast on the debts
due, and the whole orAhe greater part of this
a must to. paid in our California gold and our
Instant of silver. This operation will certainly
do us any good.
1- to the large dela of one hundred and fifty
Ilion, let no see how that might operate if we
re to he called upon to pay it. IV course the
ropesu hoodholders coup not demand payment
the drawers till the lannils were actuallyist ma-
I rity hot, in the event of looing confidence in
, they would send the whole of these securities
the United :lint, for sale, with instructions
transmit the proceeds ill foreign bills, if hot
oi e par value, but if abbve that rate, to make
retnittance , in coin
ii ith each an immense asnount to vend ocean,
iviter. ex/111114;c would inevitahly advance
iterialli. arid by consequence we ishould he
ittpcll,l to part from the pillar of ...ui financial
.t .. th. with-111.08dd 'cause incaleillable 'di."'
.to all branelte , of 11u,itte,n. - i .
Titi4 latter In,e is one that in- all probnbility
ill not occur: nevertheless, such 3 country it
,is should fortify heriielf against any ernergeny
lane trona quarter it 1111,7; and this cannot ate
ci t e orrcpt by modifying the tariff an nn to i
ctic .klie ,vort, voillui to or more thin our im- I
...It- If there la, to, modification of the tariff.
• , clear that indebtedness must go Ott
.tcrt-ii•in;, till it Itecome , ...l large that intim ef
.l t tp
o ay it id we ,hall all fall upon anothet 11-
~no,al and constnercial crisis.
,rmiiii a condition of thinga 41,10.1 he avoided.
tol the matter rests with the liepre,entativ ,,
I the people The whole question io in their
4.1... ilnd they can termite it in it few days: If
Icy do'not.they mast shoulder the consequence , .
• ..1. fIMITIIEILNE 11.
rr.,uk 0.r.0d
II .• are 1%.10111.41 to lien. O. A. .lout:.. U. S.
q u o. tor the Official eennas ileturtos
• the Site on the first of June, I We have i
• hied Inn returns of Pit°, and a column showing
lie increase and decrease in each county for the
past ten yearn. Also a table showing the pope- I
I of the Western Reserve in 1820, 'BO, '4O.
t. rid
. 'the apparent decrease of population in several I
•f the counties.. is maned generally by the for
melon or new counties - . which has taken from '
them a portion of their population The ratio ,
. f incrense un the Renerre is only 33 per cent,
owing manly, we think, to the fact thsethe dai
iy business .has largely increased and larger
t trma are required in thin business than in that
glyvvittg - wheni and similar crops.
The present population of the State is 1,9 33 , -
:to In 1'440 it was 1,519,467—5h0wing an in
,tat,. of 453,67 V. or a fraction over thirty and
one half per rout . being about the name ratio no
pennsylvntsin. and five per cent more
than New York From a population of 8.000 in
;'et, and 45,,1t10 in 10.10, the Bucker State
.vv numbern nearly 2,000,000 inhabitants; is
I !le grentent grain produchig State in the Union;
p • nql the estension of her public improvements,
tot the tlevelopement of private enterprise. in
t .toof that her present prosperity is but the be
nmiue progr.-s which will nut reach its den
, ~„‘ „ ,l wail lies prevent I.opulntieti and
t•Etltli i• mere:l-r1 tell fol'.
Ii the rltiti Eit rerre,entiolun slittlEl
Iqlll . Ihi•I will hitve twenty Itepre•Erntutiree ED
the nest l',Eig-rge• rettn•Eilennitt twenty three.
,tel. New thirty
1 , ..11
1,411 1
' 1
11 IL
Qat.. 1 111,
\ boo
\u-11 e
It It
rr.orit. ...-- Ui..;',.:. zr..711.,
: 1:: : Il::r i .. , ,
v., •' i ;•. 7 .. ; ,: :;4 . i. . : . 0; '.
I lark, '2.2,13 1 5. 1.7062
C1ern.,...%. .0,45:!, 2:1.111.1
Clintn. 1....,17 17.:719
I'6llml...tun. ::3,111.11 411,37 h
ogiltWl..ll ...'5.71)2 _. 21,690 .
, rt , Ga. , ' 1..17'1 I '..l,Zi'
7 I 3, •1•32
• - •2 ?, . I ‘+ '' . ki i ' •:i
I i i ':::::::: , ,, , , , Ik. 119 , 1
1.0 3 A,...•, '' '. 03 1.. , ! , ,1 ... . 5 .. . I
2 ......! ,. ..t ,i 7 i t. v '
l'lkrtiel.l E '3021 II . it . ..... 1
S., C.,
11*,r::.k.:Lit .4'..:;1.1ki,1,2,
• I: UGC 13,11.4 3.922
1;1,112 I , 17.747 le,. .29; 1,4c0
..n.tql , , 1,94; t 17.5'_'t, ' 4;41.
~,,..f..,‘ 27,749: 2 714)
1 I ',milt°, 1',,,;971, 90,14 r, 74,723
I in.too, 17.114, 9.986 7.163
if anttn 9.2.'4 . 4,599 1.7.C51
ll.arn ~1, '1 , I WI - 211,1r....1 1.04 E
9...-:. '..4 - 72 . _•..611. - : 929
9 t,91,'"1- ..9174 _22b 9 4,594
9 . it., 9 741 • '.ll, I:11,
I i.t9t,• -• ~ t.., I , 4 .OSS 24293
LI ur.... 2C., 2 1. 1 -:. :: ...9:13 2.:!1;'.9
I ..k.. I -1.,i4 ..
1 . ,„ ~t „ .,. 1:,917
~, k ,„, , :4 , ..7i.• I
121.11- 10.1121
I ;
'1 lz.l
NI I - In uni
I ;Et
19 : 688 5,319
'18,521 9,..5
31,9:8 0,2..
Now Co
98,749 6,21 2
2.218 1.00
1.014 9,732
19.344 1,430
111,723 1,561
7.62.6 3,37. e
22,963 1,845
19,4.82 2,227
5,189 2,0112
14,532 '11,645
27,420 4,423
10,182 4,273
11,192 7,237
18,128 8,982
12,154 1,694
-24,12 1 4 5,277
22.560 4,830
36,107 •7,617
25,631 G.9'
8,422 3,783
1457: 3,217
New Co
10 - I . ‘,
20 7 - 1
Iss l l. 1840. 1030 1020.
A ..I,tnl.l)la. 20,766 23,724 14,584 7.302
Cityullogn, 48,01 1 9 26,506 10,361 6,1U0
F.) i.., , 11.:.70 12.899 t New in 'PA)
0111,11r1. 17.767 1G.1.11 1 7 16,813 7,711
9 urn, 26,2.02
.73,933 13,348 6,676
1.1,, 11,651 0,730 ( New in '4O /
Lornin,.7 16,467 5,61115 new '4l /
‘1 edinl. 2425.7 : .456 , 10,382 7,760' :1,002
P.,rt:n. , .. 21,010 22,1167 18.827 , 10.11115
27,410 22,860 ( New in '4O)
A 1,4911 28;107 27,174 15,546
786,976 '232,148 111,1t4i1 TA I.,91:111
Ton Kuwaiti, or Flouter Isocruanuaor —Mr.
Doyle, one ,f the proprietora of the London Week
ly 4llironich.. has lately %Seen compelled to go Into
b a nkruptcy On his extunination under oath,
he tmliti.,l that his troubles began with his re
fo,l to insert in his pope}; for payment offered.
of George Hudson, the “railway King,"
I was written by his son-in-law, Mr. Sey-
Mr. Hoyle refused to insert it..and from
that lime forward his railway and other advert! ,
n:, patronage was withdrawn : and other era
barra.tnenta were thrown in his way, which had
made him bankrupt. His failure, there
solely the relnittlof his honesty and re
.;srllfor justice. He refused to allow his paper
Z"„ be made the tool of a swindler; and failed in
~,..arence Punch eery properly euggeste
,•,e who hare enbeeribell for the ..testimo.-
io Mr. Huth= ehouhl aleo,do something
'ier 3 r. De l rie ' • '
NVEL 0 P E S.—Just recciv,al, a large
Desirable Suburban Residence for-Sale.
r.... truhatnibervilfavi Tar sale tl;ei howw and gnosea' I. -IVA o,si.,..t.,ntity 0f .. 1. , ./._ 1 .k1i , 0i ,, ..nd arlt r ite . EnYelopes, of an
lettere he now reside, situated on Park greet. Leto.- Tr, •r" le la i„ . r i n A NI O I,... g ,.., , , : ri. ‘,....1.....
wont.. Allegheny. and afoot 21, minute' , salt fn. thr, ~,,,,, Co?. Market and Second etnvd.
• --- '
...rb't a thh.ntf Th . " t ' 14° r " 1--""'" "n
"".' '''''
li r It III'S( ; IN K —Anlttld's Writingr, Fluid,
rut:ming bark ..1,2 fet. to an elley--conmining nearly' 1-11,
V 1 '..1.. n, ao.l 1,1 Int,
it., of ~,.a...1 ~ t.,..m.h-d on ... , a - s oae tO 1a. , " °Pe. II o , 1 , -nn ~ I shraoral t . htid and ltol Ink.
~,,,,„ „i on , ,tb tree. ~n a aliniLlwri The lion, L. Ilvernon e O•lutut,mo Ink—rod sod black. ay.-
1ai„... ,
r,„„„„ ..„,,,, ~.....,,,,, ~,,,,,
~ ,T ....yl a 11.1.isora.a • 1 ....inertial Ink —Elarr ..earlet,
a frtint of 50 feet *Ski a detdb of 7S. and ovatatn. fourteen 1ir.... I, racoon, ink lor nal.. In WS. ILA lEN
tomt , 6. " 4.1.. 1dh . . 1... ''' t "t" " I.- bn"t
i 1 (/ it SA 1..E—(3.. „ 1 IV hit,. 1..6.N - il k Lime.
and tn,t durable wanner. and ho a tin-pn•df roof. nod .t
the horrid or lfoi middle dad and small
contains all the movir.t.m , e.hT. ze. ' T wo ...TM - ''''' ...len ...env, hiank T., Lenv If.o t unierance mein:can,
an unrolling wanly of band 110.1 radt ..Ivr, are at the don, ~,,,.i. , . „......,,,,..„,.. ~, , ,i
oa th. ~,, ~,, vb.. n v eenoary put handing, stable, our wrekly, and
, a , lo . ut 100 dliffvern m t late . 4 . :nat.:Ti. Wertc . rn.
sarrtime 1a.... Sr. th.' annual. 4" 001 ''''''' "'". _ I) .r dri=atit ' and i n h i r e: ' ;;lf.: ' ,lMO.Pc.ti ' k,Tri:ll:l •l l ' ‘ ' L I ' 4 .
lawn, corer,' wlth choke fruit trees, evert-reene. flowenng ~,,..,,,,,..., pre!. f0,,..,„‘p iv
~,,,,,, „ fl .„ c .,,,,,ietnerriev, raeptienim,l, and • small ti for customer, ISAAC II ASO,.
tranlen. The fruit I. a
brgt laisal, and the tn.. , well fn:.
.. Fifth stn..t.
lint prime, and yield enough for the wants of an onlinarl 4.2 M UT - M 1 1,1,-4 tne Smut Mill, eoluplete.
fault,. The situation of this property, to to tralubrlty and 17, f„ . , ~.. 1,... b, f,t4 It DALZELI ACO
sUburhan comfort, cutuLined with contiguity do the city, 1 •
.% ILI :Ili barrels and IS ke,.. 0 . do. for sale
la ail v 0rpa.......1 1.1 w) maiden , iri thin vicinity. It has
R. DALZELL ~.. 10..
. tlelvd the Ohio River fur user e L i i„ tuile, of TemPeZuier A rt .',,.. , 1
•Ille. net Pittsburgh, the rill, two rile,. a lie . Liberty at
1,,11A around. forming altwctlier a 'patioraink ,pro-pect of il BLL 11117 E it- _!. tila„, Kim.; R. Butter.
which Ito. et. , Tie', tontri , .. Ever) boat which enter. or Le et, Ii d and for vale I.) It DA LZEL rt L a Vlt.
d.,art...114.1 the Port of l'lllotalral,..O the Ohio. 10.! - " In ,111,... Li bey stme
f r o o Ll::: ,
, T . b. ,, ,.. : 1 :::: : :, , ,::— °1 - 4 0 0 ... 1 ..-,: d b-, t --- r. ,:;I:o o y, st , H: r u r 2 It
h) IN E ,, , , V , IAIES— 75 lho, pure article.
''afar{ and rege.tion, and Ohm!. a retirement a. qui, t
Idsu ook In the country 4 1 .4 1 ' .k, A 31Mt IN I A FUR'I'ES-_;, carboys.
.I.7, ' „ ' ; ' ,..,,. ' ,: tu rty h rvl l l f t ... i.". ... 44 .titl 14 10 :1 , 1 0 ,ou ' u, and pavvoodon siren v, 11 hi . trio IL e. sELLrali
I 4 OFF I , E— 200 bag, Rio Cotilite, juqt rec'd 1 T k iTA - NT Ell TO BU Y-31,ttes of ttielVestern
~.. u,.. fird of April. Euituire at tbr dalette odic,
li. an 1f , sale I,' 111.71tUltlIal I k INORAIIAII. '
--- - .- —-- - - - ~,,,
yallidtf . ti NIV lIITE. hank, and Stoelt. of the Pittsburgh Tinaa, by
Citizen's Insuranoe Company of Pittsburgh. - - ito Ito Ii ater vtnvt : ~,,,
. F ' ES .
_ , I:Ft ' A V: 4 . ,. -z.lit c .t i, rm,,,,,,,,,eiiiit1eRd,4:3,,,,,,,,,hb, Is
~ ,
fii,.k.,lL D. KING.
f , INCOUR AG E lIOSIE INSTITUTIONS. ~,,,,!,,, ',.,,-,-. -,,,•-,
~ ; ' ,
; . 2 Itege vtralva , ll !Liner:
Ofilce No 41 Water street. in the warehouse a c IL
ti NT
C. 0 !least,. President A W Maar:. 5,..-'v °0,.. butt. nvlo Oho.,
Tho Conga.) . in nu. PrePared to {ware nil merebo.'ll. 14 1 11E81 FIGS-7,U drums received and for ' - a, b,,,,,,, 10.120. '
I. .tr , 4ita io tu,, ~....,:cp., ..,.
.10 ample guarant, for the ability' and integrity of the / '.- W A. IIeCLERiI 4 CO. 40 dux Corn Bowan.
Institution, o allorded in the charmen rof the lilrectora, ' 701.1 II hemlevit tanned SOle Leather,
who are all eltner, of PUVOrtirati, well and favorably Notice. Far ill, by' ENG LISli 4 SKIN - EV.
heir prudence intelligence, la
" ...I. th `"'"mi" for f ' rkillE - 1 ACIIER'S ASSOCIATION of Al- -
a... 1 integritt' 12:Seond, and 1:21 Ant eta.
a litarreoa•---P 0 Mow,. Wm INN,' Wm Latimer. leghen 1,001,, will innvt In the Public
el lovas il KEGS 11 Twist Tobacco- ----
Jr. , Walter Unarm. Ilugh I. hit .. Edward neaten., in ...wool, rill, on the 7th Fehruary. at 7 eeloel,. I '
31. - 1 U .- st, flit. Tanner' , 11,1!
a Loxes Prime Clweve • For sale Ly
d " " "''' n" " . 9 ' n' t":- ,n -- 'h. - 5. "l
u 2
r -- -.- --- " ' "'tt :Illett 11 7N ‘ 147:17 ' 11:• " ::;b1: ' , '-^ 3. ' g:g4,1; ' 7; .i i ", : ', 1 I. .?` ' ( JA , DAL Z / L “ W /1 ' ...t
Foreign and American Hardware. '' ° T . t":4 l ' ''''''
E'rrilrulamt - 4.. Fx Cum. 1 S Ckiiiiis ,- -.. 150 ba , i, Rio Coffee;
LOGAN, 'W I LSON & CO., East'. gh Gas Pipe and Tube Works. , ill do Poneti.F ildt
12.5 Loxes manefacttind and lead:
No. 129 Wood . Street, rrilF. , tulergigned have , j o l t eompleted their ' 50 pckgs Green Copal Tamlah:
A full and completc.wk of FOIISIGX AND .I.MER.ICAN IRON TUBE WORKS., . Water and Front atm..
IAIIIAE, warm IaIs,ofGASPIPE.Ln,WII nintiTc a t oan
f, d ll PI., of
Suitable for the .proo, triale. and which they toe prepare./ VIIOI.7GITT IRON TUBES.
In oiler to ptliThroe , at rine, that willromper. a .. oder for oakat the iowest min... They ors
far,ahly with say of the stern rilka .1 to rarrulr ~r.lrla. to any extent. without Jr
_ 1., SPANO e,.
Dongr,hr arid Foreign Exellanye, Bonk Note., No.:it and 14 %Vat, , rtirrl..
Gold ,i . Solver, 11.2`01d .1 . Errlian fird PITT.B111:11 II•
_ • •PA
T idr , 1:
ny . qui. ,
W3l. A. HILL & CO, ri—
No. 84 Wood Street, Pittsburgh.- 1 i i
Ad- lary.Bl7(l.l3.olt_St , ..‘ tiagr Prawn, yolo.,
10PARTNEILSIIIP—We have it , l , oriated `"''',
I with „ a Tnowevo., Itriv, laic Cavltii , r_of the Former. ! _,
1). poke think. who will .Ic. - tte• hi, Vernon :a attention a the S ,
lanities, The style of the lon ,111.0. 41 .• it,Te tofs.rc 1 ,
Or 1 T
Corner of Third and Market eta., Pittsb,gh.
European . Agency.
The stibscrlber intend. , visiting the principal eitie. of
Oivat Britain; France, and Orrmsn). during the month. of
m.r, and Jane next. booing PittAburgh on )IslA
17th. and will b.• pleura to &Mod to soy yrrnete. of s
sines. char.ter which ma) be confide] to 60 care
/sti:4ltintl: _ 301Iti D. DAVIS.
liefoge not to porrha, a lot of wrouni suitable for
orlont 7 .ll of thl. lostitutiou. containing Man ten to, fdtl
orro., ellmulled with water, Kul situated Litun one of
the rivets, plani, riauls of rwilrt..D. within Eve mil of the
Court House. ;:tesletl Pu•Vwsia• "Wt. , dcw ,,, l'Hou. 1 ,, ..
sod tett.. will be rrmirts , l mat Mood. ~t
). the tlt trot,. h l 1 ki
thy Contudtt, .1101111 ANDEILtniN
Mt,. 11131
,ES. _ ,
Pitt•hurgh. Fel, 5, '5l. if ,,,,,, w 104 S I 1 4rn TONS SUPERIOR No. 1 COLD
- l Ju BLAYT ORE lIILL my:L.L. for nth. IA
' 1
, 1,,.14,1".1. 152 LibertY , t ,
, A BONNOFON'S Third Party will take ----
. pt,,,, oa Thursday ly . the oth luel N
, at
hild Wilkin's Hail.
I reuu, ars yartieular Invited o cren, exmo
1 wholary, win be admitted This rule will Le idriett, to- 11+
1 torred., Mr. 31.1r•Nosand food at, , mbar. t. (oM:it
Civil Engineers and Land Surveyors. 1 ,
l ln It lE , l . li r 1;11, ' . l%zi n vi::g
1 ari in, laying out the m.nt
anal dividing hind Into
11711.1 "i' vTi
tl n adana anruther MLA, art.l " ; . Ir.. on ',orate. irryna. I gon
litfae No. lOU (too *vent. heurnf Fifth eirnet, hoer tlv onh
t.'ourt Ito".r. PittaLanath tel. aw2IT
riNt PUBLIC.— Lunt. OR the earning
of th• inelant. In the Rev lir. /Male' , l'huols. ito
Et) of Allrgheny. a ',Ant knit. oultainuig num
nf nunalr, !aut,....f hand. a n
to 'tin
in. one Lilt dn....tor. p,inent lo inound'adel> I
.1 1 1 11:,.!.T:1 ". 11-Z i 471 , 17111 fr iVl!?c , lr , and wiper. In Venn...inn ' X ,
ell! confer it very. grrat favor on the rule. rtb.r. Nola-.
t.any nowt Iltendly rowanled. lenvinh thrus ho h
a/I,p, nyruer .4 PIK and Penn Stint.. 1 On"
If usarrenti.entent to the prraurrotattillia tin.i• lb.,
dltrenal W tne Ihrouah the medltun of Um mart.
log tam of the Pont Odle, in am calf of Plllr‘P•trif,l- I,„
latitild they be rrtUrnal through the .
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money ~,,g,4 prmay br 6r retaltsea by the mdtva.— . .- .—...........
I oral". them, ae rotlllj/r{1.44,K1 11/Jl/1, trouble. . 1. , Ltherrt strt...t. PitAbora Is
tette ...-. CILARLLS If. TAllelit. C.. ~,,.,, l , A. pyr,p,..,,, ~...... j., " ik ,,, 0u ,,
.- ._ and • A. hu tre. allrattent. 1.14:310
FRIO LET - A Wur..houqe HituntnAl be- ml-k
1 n...n 1t....4 .n 3 Markel anal , rtmolit, tbn.pli itt: Pe Mutual Li.fe.lnsnrance Co., Philad'a.
hunt ' Ftrat li. See...l rtrert. recently oorapit..l by.... :ENT IN PITTSBURtI H. W. 11. DAVIS.
.tt.rpif.. a Attlu.s.n It A eultabh. I. - manufacturina or one I L . , i
. c,
nag p b oilateta. Elvin , . of . ir...1 inn, .tr .. ,don-..del ~ ......, rty street.
SCAIFE..NTRINS../ 71 A ORELT. .• the teener rove levee of Per... te 4 ldintt in the
f. los, part..! the rite. the &vent may alito het fe.und daily.
t ' LF—Tito qv, fm 1r., 1 1... and -to 1 o'eln-lt at the mural int of
11 °U , SE , A1 . ' , " ,, If FO T , I L" , SA ; . J Z4....,..1., r,... ...241,;.c.i .....s. ni...r en w‘-
~ ...., ,,-,' e ” ... P .. -^ -- -.""'''''''- l ''' '," Jr4lll I -.,,,, .nfortnaittat .1116. icon and rnramoniestanx. Prom P l.
at , to the m!./ .4 '... 1 1 .. '''' " '"'"''' a ' "L 'lt 0 tended to Nutphrets exolainlntr the prink:l6les aua
, 1 0 , ....0. 1b. , .
..."^, LA, '... 4 "" % '" 4 '''''"" i 1;,. I. m - Life intonture. an.) Maul Wane, furnished re.
..tof.A. The hour A sell .irt, ruried for ronifo rt 0,61 I. .
the .P. 14 Pon.
D". `' ..4. '"" . `..' . th ''''''''; t._. nett prttlito of the Comparir. which for the p6at Ito
lot 6. well with clutter fruit try. and ..hroo.ert - -,„ h a' , L.. n eighty per eent pet minutia. arr divided
The Oar , propert) to vett Jettrabla/a.ia pleaxant arid 01. t
_. _ .... ,•, .,.,..... ,
raid rendes:we. ) pat, of Mint' No 11:. to Pet front. 11 - , ,tr,t.r.,L...1_,.. A I .I,
and Mt fesA hart, and 10ck...6
)ill] PCSAN COCIIItAN. Otnnot!..i - ' 1 '" '"kk and Pr ' ''''' T "'" " k ' "'''' 6.. .!..'"‘ h i' r4 1'" 1
For Furth`'
9"."''''''.l.ltAlitriilSlNGEß avent. I NEW BOOKS.
Dearer. Jan. no.. :a if""'i l .t lITII'S CLASSICAL DICTIONARY;
- .
DR ,ri t - i i. 3,S-- ,..a 1r: , at ti re and nn , g o l
4 f;‘ , , l ii sale by the sub- 1
a„..1 .: ,,, , ,,,, A , : n . ,,, ,, 7 ,,., ,,j ,,4 .„ . ... c1 i , n 1 ,. ... 1 .,, i c i L.„ .. r.i....ii i , t, u p , re. n.i k y 5, ..L i d 1 m , t i 0 T v % 1 t , b i , r. 7
~ u lphatt. and *'retatt. cf SlOrrltta I by Dliam Smith LL D. olitte..of e Dictionaries ofllm4
lium ,liell. and Rom.. Abbot Pie, and of Greek and Roman Biography
Epaota sils.. and alYtltt.lotiy. rrytard. Pith
corrections and
• ttgar rd le-al: . add thin, by Clarks AntOon. LL. D.. Pmfeteutr of the
tium Araln, . l lt It and Latin Looppaarts in Columbia CstP .e - sr.
erram Tarter. r Life and Carreepondenee of Rolata. 4.. h t edited
801 l Urt.n.toto. ' I h. . rt.n. the lies autrles Cuthbert Soothes. SI T .
A.: Co.
lima tholpitur. • . rut of Plumbland. Cnnaltrrland Fall boom) cloth. with
Aler.andria Sena: , , rail
tlum Camphor tt iti WICKED:4I , OI. , ." .ti ..1 the Life and Correap?mlonee of Cohort En .
Pbei , trener 5r0..1 and oath ttt• I tit,
il ri LliTt!i , ."(B),1,':-.-t'.1;t1-,?...r,;: i L un A ,, N . N ... -EL— ,, - , T.:,
nele of abort
lot as 2:. cmits for rent The , hai , , alt..
ou in 3lararine Blue, lsmett and Plaid 6otori . tnedi. .
Flannels of talitoll3 prix..* aryl qualities
3,11 N
c. 7 -7
40C/11 CANTON FLANNEL—A farther
MI ugly, Oka vvr, •uprrhyr artwl. kl
_ . .
IIrIDE SIIEETINUS--11nuAekvepers, and'
Markel ttnn
./4,13..1611.1w0rtment of Sh. , tinor • frnln
non three nrtlt blerplual Linhlr/u.lled Alnu.
Slunlin, town tablecloth, table dinnnr,
thnren-rn nu , l mud, land Lonwlientilnn unnemll,
m.,), Illtrehfo.l , l Invite the Atteniten et /vow
keepers to 'brit rootertment et shore gen!, el vatic.. ototi
Dien *rat min, Al. White Vartitturt. Moot, fen qulllt
11 11 SI N S—rommon Bunch.
Mrcuai: Iv A iiWt.l l. l;i7 .t h cla b
prLL BUSES--W 1 paper:, 111
WA • Pu
um.) A PP LES-34 sack 4 for sale by
r I,loh K IPA a 0,,
CHEESE -10 ho al
se, on band and for ,elic
I LASS—Of oil sisee and yualitiev, on band
or tob6 II DALZELL b CO
NO. 1. ROSIN, jt.n.t. received
' Ara: for Palle by D A FAIIICESSOCK AP).
ciirticr W, d and First dz.
ELLOWS--Pinwpitir of Bellow 4, mealy
11 w, fnr •ale On SCAIFE. ATKINEON WILLY.
febel 1113 stmet.
To Gas Consumers.
v.! arum —Wherefo, pedlar, tar about. lutrulue lug the
now *trip liaaburnera. reseutbllug s +Term mud!, nand
with a ~;how, queer and long tulw , and top with two
dating they can wate'2s or 44 per rent- and theta
al fl. and Old ' how we. the n Inventor , . beg to .tale, that
711'11,.."'•411Ilierrij%11'°•IIIITttl'i with
11 1 1 1, l t' Og i ttln " WeVIkl. " ;
Wattled price. Wt therefon• caution the pooh..
agahv . guoh hopntera, and particularly aged!. a young
M. about sfeet d Inehen high, harlot,
stil t eye., curl,'
hair and redlah whlaltrrs, under the chin salt. • 11e ea
reariteh Inaba In WA bovine., and well ,raleulated to de
l•°. lierrNuehtir th,galn ennfalenee through tout
Felloweldp. 'lloptug this thoelt ...Ice 01 I h l, kind " 1
y o hoot. r i r
ll'C thwattor.
11+ Ludlow athvt, Near tura
hl - The 701105 roan alluded to by liert , r been connected
with the
Erni, 01,4
2 4'l
1 2 600
1 ,602
. .. . , • •
11110E--'l5 tiereem, iik store and for Bale by
IL ~ 1001011 DICKEY 0101
WU I Water and Vaml .1..
PIA lb ator and Front near.
1) Rl' PEACIIES---1179 sucks,
''' ited_7ey . ived
kma Ai ,ale by 09 j I t. ''.".L”
LEMONS--l 4 Irises; just received and for
•st• by 010 J:lt CANFIELD.
( 1 II EESE.-2. , 5l hires, for sale by '
FLOUIL-30' bids extra Fdmily Flour, for
oda bt Ala, 'N. Y. VON lION N HORST a CO.
L ARD -hl ~,1,. prime leaf Cur sale by
- 0. Y. VON DONN Hoitet .t {:11
B urri 4 bbls roll,
0 do paked.
10.kega do for rah: 05
4.05 ' A Y. VON BONN IllillYT a CO.
II 'URN MEAL-40 sucks'eifted, for sale by
1 11 I 614 P.Y. VON BONNIIOII.ST tr CO. ,
VirA NT' NG SOON—Places for a number of
V V v`Wv1"..,..1k a...PorAmbloolmaftaraaganta gar. mu+ 111011, wallarA loarclara Sall Labor", and for
aulto Aw . .imber a boa and youna man of all all. y mot..
dumb. , maid,. Imam keeperY and dry sums aupplled.
31orwy laarrowed and lent, and all karat a %.,.... usual
In au Agoary and Ifilelllgyuye tax. atlauded to promptly
nod for ter) ,tuoderata chant... Plea" call at
febs Agen , , klia Ilitalllgnimo 011141. bth at
TIMSSTITY SEED-415 bbleTimothy seed,
or: band and tor sac by E. DALZELL a CO.
Alia • Llbarty groat.
TART/MSC ACIDIOO .lbs, warranted
no., formal. by IL E ssuratt.
as 11 Wma arva.
'JERKING—WO bx Lubec scaled, fur sale
1.1b7 J.2 4 ICAtnn incrair & co.
4 - I:l6:lR—Prime near wad oldOrleams Lo
Crualtd sad Pactircd, tape ire
a c
Tbi. i. thr nob - in.troment rt Inrnnt. , .l by mhirlt
serf. coin rani,. certninl) dnirclnd ntn,nliti'. o . l T.
Tunnni.. I' E. 3.40. 1.1.:m For
nt lit W.W.11 nn".1.1...-Plry nor., of
h. 14
corn, of Markut rind 4th wt...
101, I LOCKETS.—ItIet received 4 larve
ITltd ..I.nnnt Watch.. nnd Miniature
'hi.lP,nn.rnt!l , .. LLait. 6r
ER COIN WANTED—Fji which the
"'`''' ' "' "l' ''` ad Ai..s. n i L., G co, ...
Itrola, 64 {VOW arr.,. 466,10.4..4U,
11,1N111: BANK STOCK-5 0 Aare!
.0., rn,o-, a `IV , 7 .1 1111.1.4 CO. •
LtJ persona indebted to the late firm of
mqnn k :qv:Mon. sill pl.t. tall and wtt1..1131-
741,, T. and ..ave . JOHN F 1.1.3100,
I 1. URCIFFTELD have on Band goal aaaprimrntof
lala. of all tha differant
rnf stre.iss and duality, 111 of which a, now nfferod
'l. A rim,
- -
en vdlta. and xt Invert prier, reed al the .lone
N ILIN 4 NELS, Domestic Article:
A Wllite. Barred. Ur...n, and Mazurine Blue. C.
, nula nI the qalre of
r told. of Who, lilac orttorot to be
Dow ortiolo of WrAll nod
_ - -- 1
I ' , tryout 1 Euct arm. toot. lan sotortmeot
tt ..ol of the
rt. .c.t• Alto. Silk atot ...n M
o. or:l000 .., ttl , ritot
I I. ml:. W.tol lirstterv. • 1,14
A N:11:11. A S.I.E.SUAN . ill 3 1)1'y liotr i tis
.1 r:::` 474' ° 4Tir7:t
F 14/WIAlt. for the run Escualtruu or
r fr oral uut.l•uomuful rurthal• orrrorkating
ot ,thho-al.l. adlirtha• which urothrn, 111 the elkyr
nut uur•itur, rohyort. It all Dl! lilt tuo•t u muipt
.a u turr mhrr.ounnu wont in a 4a-.lp T x.
1 t n•usllr •erurrot I.• sirmle rurLaorp. Lu
ke tor, rratuotimfor.thia painful our., u.rultrrlyhnrw ,
• a ho,,rt• thr child. as It tar too /walkrtd ulthuut
u. I NAIL 1000414, no 4 of iniat,
rh • rt•uh .l? uoul. awl mar t hi g hly
h, rou, .L.l the wrath-at f.ssuttlr-;ifei,; co.
et of th , 4411ePLII of tkohland. atul Englith Pth
tett with the restal ourrettnun id Great Britain.
- . . .
11 - . 4 n tr: r , ar i d, author nt the" 1.1-kva of the goC. , :n..
I l i a o ;ic; , ll.7 ,, LPoya7 . l ol dan na Canmaa: an nh, Marra n ,
1,1; ay 17,,,‘
. .
• •
abnkr.k.alka ikna rearve.l, mat f r a
FTOCTN. 41 Marko
Po, and Amarn-an Pops I
Tlnv4hv Leal
I , bal. awl sat Leal Lank
lohdd llama uaar.
lrn Aria
bunk annul a 11. M.N..,
1.5 krl. Pl., an...ann. and extra hran..
Latllng and tar ...Ma by 111103 v Nk K PATRICK
fk CASKS (I,oiti DE LIME. Nl.pratt.'
• en,na 011. nnw crop. Inn,.
i..,,.5z""" - m" .. '"'"o" N0k72,1,14,„...„, A.
11)1E 1..11 N ES--- A la rgc4ro I sioleriricli ti . R;;;,rt-
I tninit nf iinlit 31,1p1. 11.01 ton. end French De Le.,
tol I,thtnen, fn. 12,0 . 2Sr p, yard.
,noh.ll .....1 De 1... nyul CA-410W ,, ..e oar
Ohl A A. MASON A 01.
II 'AI L 0.11. 5. Tlt I MYI IN 0 S--Recei red awl
omnAl thin .1.1
nin. Itnililtrign.•Selinitin. TA - int, Natio and Lx.ting Vt.. ,
witl Cot 11000 n. 11. r. Mr121..t1 Jap...l 14.1 and
t+tyro , lloo.- 11.11 tool 11.0. llgne sug,na, liutt , ..,
etgl Phi . A .1 %IMAM( I (N.
1 1,0111 S, I! ASS' 11E:1{.F.S A . VESTINI i..!. ,
' 14, Ti.. 1 ...I ..pelted Ihl...J.elaltt .0,.5.(110.r...—.
l‘rk. Illue. Ilnoirn. end t;nott Itna.lelo.ll. El Simag
..pent , fahnr.
F.l.l . ..perior 11 Drelkin , - --
Wrg of Enalasnl un l3,l d L11,1.1k.c.. di.
30 vuslu. on hand and fur
1,13. ELL It
ekiti• raud Kentp
m d .
Mark :Satin. Vane, ,11k. asrat e 3 , Z 11 1.4,4,,,
Vii3l.l[ll, A.
Pla , rt Market rt.
•• • .
50 BUS ;
So YlatataSioisPar, oak roopera;re
100 dna Cnra lirrotar Jird reed Inc lale by
1•hl .IEIIIEL4 a HOE
Sellers' Cough Syrup . in I ll inois.
1 DUE PIERCE., of Xidaleport. Iroquoise
el unty. writer ander date of January 17th. ISZiI, that
berm been troubled more or eta arith rough fer merend
yearn bleb hat year connived him to hie bed, and reaulml
Inedneal treatment fur Olive months. During the %untidier
hr gut Intl,, but etlll [l:trough continued In dion••• him
hy tad night. which am% old, relieved. liy.the min of
- Sellers' tough Syrup," alueln a gentleman by the mime
of Chapin brought wlth Min Cent the State or Ohio. Mr.
Chapin found the Syrupot great inv in Margit:illy. and
heu inn Donn Ohio, Wok fifteen WM, with him..
ni•lbui of which Judge Pierre obtained end wad • Ith great
benefit, %db., mean. failed to client relief.
1 . 1 . 01 , 811,1 and sold by R. E SELLERS,
57 Wnial eL
54.111 by druggist, ,nerallyin the t•oeitit, and rbroltY.
• To Coal Men and Boat Builders.
(1(1.(K)(1 lik AT
ROBERT llcliNltillT.sttono.).
Fourth street.
January . 27,
i Thin Culltpany has this day
deelnred s ssulAttoluel Identl of Bre dolLsrs per
sayable at the °Mee of the Tren.lawr, ou the loth
Vel.rusr), 1.11 CHAS- AVERY. 10sset
tso- PA R'EN E RSII I p—The subscribers hate
esred Co.Purtnershlp under the firm watt..owatt..
AVA. A ok.rl WM.. It. WAIVE.
;nal JOIIN M. (WKLY.
IiEATINO are preintr
Is furnish sod erect spparstus for ItoNtION Ws,
ass sulsll hoililins• to, steaut or hot 'cater. awl have en.
sygßed D.ll. M trots theSsAt. to surintend Inn scan
LET- . --R , U013113 and Steam I'ower for
meelosulral purposes. Eimulre of
1131 119 Front st
OrOBACCII-5 Itlids Ohio Leaf ,t 51aryland,
it In 'tors awn for role b) WM II .I , IIIN.STi/N
rk hu Leenuoy, lu prime order, ou ~ - ,. .4.U.,
W bar , ['tower. bwul. pm., •
.1 lituly bugur:
OM, brit MolaywY, prim,. ca.-perys,
:04 tabo Liusawd Oil. .
WI kegs Lank
Yu brim WO LAU,n
IP) Lus Outc.
: . 6° bd..nm""tOVti'AVIIMVIt k,
ya2.l Itl I..iturly area
JrAli --5 brl, Cincinnati Ilorniny jun
r ,, ,„, i , un ,.,,, (14,w...bah will he sold very lot
y e bd. or bus. ja4l , . WM. A. lI<CLURO A CO.
II OTC II 11 EitRING-12 kegs dew: for sal
19 by TM. K. IrcLURO a CO
- -
triEMOVAL.—ENGLIin & Bmarr, Who'
sek OFCen aml Dealers In kedluce, base .
Pitia Beeelal. wad 1.2151 ram, betsseea Waal
B hlri
110 dm (ammo.. tweir ed 40 •01,.. to
11,1 11 .1011, , T0N
It Closing out ,the Ilatire Stock.
..Thr 1 R t y 0 . 2 , ,,T, 8 . BARGAINS.-- . . „ : ; k-fii=iher t ,,,
.reduLve oc-,,,,
t halan. of lA. +Net. of 'Fancy and It tap ~lth l nh'y thls by '
t za Ist et April neat. W.W.I reatattfilltl ran t b " . ' " ' ": 3
e filo 01.1 eustamers .4 the ar , Dt .ant of
4a- 1 wads at (Ma per et0t....1.4aw former oriel- , To any
,Fert.. wt-hi {.lli LI,: ti. routuata+. husint-ts to Market atreet.thia
it n ~ 4l la a soot ~0,..rt Otr, a be - rat do' pre Of the Dal
in., at the ....-k on 114,1 firma, aalth a lesar of the atm , .
, l ''' . ' ' '..` ...+Oted:ftr orar 11 haws, sal ha+ lutexcel
:rot tarutir trade. • ; `Val. Ile
....a , • ea York Storr s ]liner are Pittsburgh.
- - --,
v uTEs ANL) pltAFTS.—EngrAred and
1 1 1..re0....-raph N..* and Draft, of most beautlllll de
•. In sluat, t.r laaind iv booka of *vio Rise, For
+. l, at IV. F. HAVE:CI , ' Wank 14a/r. Story.
1 3 n. ot. Markat alai tt.rotal 11/11.
!Amerirat , ..lnorrtal. coal Post MPY.i
McFADEN & co9isr-
. n 23 John 31eVulen ea]
Canal B.* l'ivm Sired
Penna. Rail Road Co.—Central Mail Road.
s ut.crilwrs having hen appointed
'hipping a.aeuts fur the
,nform the 3u di , Mut we use tuus urrywrint to re
eete, en, men:hasiliu or tkr..lut, tor Ahlywofut ,rwst oaths.
osu.nins thu nnal.
Vi 3 hi. 1,11t 3 will be rSz,-4.1thr0.13 in Eve days!.
n.l oil eou•Notsi tu us will ta. furvna,b4 in, ur . comm..
'"r"' - (cc
JOULE!) Pk:AC!' ES--A Nmall lot received
1 for Wo br 031 . WM. A. IIitCLUILLI
Fart •alp I
12-0 Al
0 1 1 ---- a. 4 . en,sinett.o : •
Plaid Flimurl, For wale br
.ianV . Mtn/HIV t Lr.e.
( j[n irt EELS. N. 0. MOLASSES ;
' lira 1.01, Nm I Ll.rd : •
.41. hos 1.ri.. , 1 Pvisolt....:
. .10 bu,e Iftird Apples:
Z,O bbla estra Family Flour. For Kale by
u. , ' N . _ • xi a W lIARBACCIII.
e./ 2 bl.l, Tulin.:
bit, .1.. Ilmum,
lt, b 1.14 Pearin.,ll: •
i 1,2
luau pure Sabrratua:
V biol. 8011 Butler
1 V Mu,. do do: ,
. ...:J k , , , do do:
IN ,ac!!Crehos Cho!!..:
I ilo: ' !!!! Chrunhm do;
''''' ' l' Y'lCi';': Dolor
'11.1,1! Hie. A ._
h Ih - h4 , A .
213 n t;'.i. E.-
. r.., 01)04 Ph; Iron ; „. ~. 50 ,..., 1 ,
- ' 111 4of :Thee!, r , '" . • . , B B-kiripp____
A ‘!.. 1 .
h.03-a' _-- 'i.y. FLotIR;
( ;: ' ‘li_rur 100 brig f-t i r t h .o. !V.4
' ;..‘ " ! l aft: .' o ' . A if.k..i:
1% , tale Tor.
~... 5,, 4..11b1' ,
If./lhhr, 3.14.0il W 0053 k T2g;,„.31,,,hiht.4
I ' =7, , •t.
3 _14G1 !, t
bu Corn Meal: •
Q.Stat lballuckabeat Flour. for este by
Drabs, ' , mien. and Comnthaion Merchants,
61 Water street.
200 . ..,_8 ,30 C , 5 ,:5 .
101 bu.. Si:torte; fur'aele by
Praltin• Dealer* and C0mm1a.666 Merrbanta
nits , ~; 61 Water
if AORN-20 legs Ad 30 sacke just rec'd by
A ) .W 29 J. S. DILWORTU I(O
11 QLL lIUTTER.--'25 lirls in store
s_ t 3,...9 r ...I. $. DILWORTU A CO
i 0 I RON—On ) cues nn hand
ft LUE SIALTs--I ease for . Bale by.
A• 1 I'l.l til L.-111 baskets for sale I,
‘Io el-rt.‘)P CASTOR OIL-10 brls Blow.
NNo I, pod roreivod for Li IL E. lIELLEES,
to 7 Wood ot
k I 'IL. slat SpEl:3l OIL. for rate I.yy'
11. E. SEL EES. LT Wool st.
It GC KIV II FaT CAKES—If you want good
I 11 ituvklets-.. Cakes, xtae Itahlwrs ITersearing
ror .10.M . It. K. SELLYJES.
liW R.VO ELLS—Colt's and Allen's, for nnle
t. 7 Market ,t. corner of Fourth
VOTICE.-- The partnership laleiS, ex,
I.ovrvon the naderoloud. anal' the bravo At.
It ur. IlCua nor A Co, Phlladellohls." and . I:l'Costraa,
I Om. Pitot.traft." war diorotrod by mutual consent, on
the 14th Os)
to of January. 11Z1Verl E. Atkins to alma ,
I'Llto:wised lira the name of Alkiva tElkmnar t Oa, at
ladolphia.and Jarnesp'Counor to alone authorised to
the name of O'Connor.. Atkin. Cu. at Pitts
KlN burgh. to
Putoburoh. Jan. IL, ISA. JAMES O'CONNOIL
J:1111., O'Connor, of Pittsbuigh. Pa., and
./Connor. k C,. of Raltitante, Hd., have ibis 4as enter a l
i l !. .!?;iirejrgri. V tlVl) l (erfottl
nlrpo.e of trenFarth. the bueinelvt ef tbe Pito-bat& Trio.
Lin, ...sell toTor senesal connalmion and tam
ehandtso pen...". • JAMES O'CONOR , rh, J. IS. IS:11. OVONSOKS .6 CO.
A CARD—We tender our thinks for the
tout rutrtuaqe errentled to tre In bueinees tor the ta i t:
""" tr ILLTbatim of
that our
the suit eltentiee and perfirt cut.. We will display
them more sully in s future sivertlermrat.
Wan:Wm CO.. Pittrburgh.
Pitt.buruh. Jan.
IREEN APPLES-10 brie prime, reeod in
order, wad Clr
SAMUEL. p. mane&
UE3IP-11.0 boles Mivionri dew rotted, in
store 004 f. male toF ALEX-11%1)ER GORDON.
134 Vmat
lANDLES"---,50 las mould, on consignment
"rob ssib by eeis ALEXANDER GORDON,
fl INGER ROOT—:; snag prime, on hand
kliond for =lt by S. N. WICKERSHAM,
• 03r. Weed IfLx - Or R.
'TEATS FOOT OIL--2`brts jwit receis
/1 • Wry eurrior 311i*. t.ll .
l'A N I Stt Ica I NG-20 Itrl in store, for
hale by jteSt S. N. WICKF.RSII/151
It ismsessosss wsteso‘oe sst Liberty street. now
w.ettnitd b. Ileil a will be rented. with the basin
thss , ( 1 , 131 the 14 of Mort net. ApplCouy to
' II ItitAltV WILK s INS. rth ot
w!lar. prime,BEANS- 7 1 , 0 0 1.11 ,,
. f k o , r ro n . c
• 24 W. 4 4.
1:111*-15 kt•gs assortel. for sale by
1:12, J. F171100N1tAKEI: It 60
IQUORIVE xases mmall sti c k
I r-r ati J. SeIIo.NMAK ER lt
PS—:.3," l ,l :ll r el ( ;rt i l en S t Up' Pr mile
lays• J AS; A. HUTCHISON' I a.
rF LLOW,-29 recd per steamer Arena
nn.l.llrr rah. 1.3- _ J. A IL FLOYD,
Round Church Rullolluß.
casks Dunean's pure
be mar 1, .1. t IL FLOYD.
(lAK IM IYATION,—Paper flanging in im-
Yitation eflClk. and varnhhed, for AO. by
0.25 W. P. lARSIIAL. f. 5 Wood
SUU A ItS--;21 ° )
b iT , f r id i tr is dlarge loaf
. 210 be
170 do poirdinvd:
20 AO Clarified, In .taste and
JAS. A. 1117CILISON (X/ -
Auto 1 1 1. Inui. Sugar Refinery.
- 2 .10 brie for sale by
wm. nauaLlY a co.
for , !tip. by
Itrm,...ntx a Cn P •itreaparills:
w. sam,nrill. for R. F. SELLERS,
57 Wno4
- DowtiEn—lakke bla.ting, for sale by
;a= J.l TL YULYILR.ound Cbutrb
nULK PORK-200 pieces ho , round, we
JUlPtrimme.l. far, r.t. by WM. ISAGALEY 203
THERS-47 sacks prime for sale be
lid Water ft
I A brio and 15 kegs for sale by
I . J DI LIV(111,T11 - 4
- - •
sty dot just received by
1 1 vas J.ll 011,WOISTII
At EA UTY.—lt is universally conceded that
tweet, IP more roolmeo in this cosentra than in any
while at Ito. Pelee thee It 16 rold that In .no other '
reentry 4it Iret et po poem, - au age. Now this true to•
rortain;rtiont, but th e Deo le oftro reused by neglect. We
ray to all. de nut neglect Y.M . but
PPlul thr following. and , roe nem% out hick rood lona,—
Thew artkl, wirotifle PrePerathat , atal bete dl al
- u hiKh poettlerity.
Jul, Ileuel n Penleis or elinwoo Powder, fur imparting
tothr moat tallow, complexion a salient whiDnerya lu
mallins . ... 1,1 a tor.. bo more artful than the um of a
powder for the akin, a, teeny Of thine add are eery injuri
ous. Fly Chief,. noviteriseothpoundol In aarientiDe man•
no nod eentemp luoredient which an medial} halite.
am r imer
I Jut, Itaiters Depilatory Nod , for ramaalate OUPerll.-
our heir. Whet L. emir , unioghtly than hair upon tb•Cacie
•or arm. of 4 hely; artele aril! . more It In short
thee. Ile. upe 4.1 en )) Ina.uusent.
.Jul. IlimoVe Vegetable liquid Hair Dyo will Instantly
'?ii b cdtgr t the ' Vr il e:
%hurer time. atiu more ..e.esosnr blake~~ auburn cane.' 4au uir ether dye, tw
ee: et the same thee Indollshl, , .
j u t, li u d e r, Cream—ft La malty a pleasure to
shore .Ith this exam. Thine iP
t. o f the martins sew.
'lt?.. ' ;;VV s' ol.lll .h pcn e ' E - Zb f aTrart " lll"ant
len d ,, the rt
iselao La the
become abelipial.
Juke Iletkel . P Rope Tooth Pasto—hateto the bale, we
. think the Tooth wore Intended as the areatest oroaMent to
the human fen: but when betel: wattles la to dads..
rl"vg. or w, qutklY ern. My hie, Tooth Paste Impart
the t o oth a poarly whltoorm, as thy use time keeping
tho gunei firm and healthy. ,
JULES LIAITZL, Perfumer and Clieuatt,
PI/ Chesnut rte
For oak wholoaale aM retell, by D.A. Fatineeteek a
dIL . acne's, PittatsUrish o mid J . AgrAllelay
UST RECEIVED.—A new work on Me-
cbarer, Engi. Work. and Euirinegarkm Irictiorrorr of
. klerlunin, Engl. Work.. arkt Yaglneertaa• dr-
stored Rrt prarthal workingmen, andthome Intended forth.
endlueerinic po'fe.em. Mimi by Olin. , innerly
Pnifeson 3lnthematio, Condor of (Mil re, lit
This work is of lune S dm, strataltdon Dearly WOO
P . .. o of INA plater, and 6000 amid ann. It will'
m " ;;;t i an7 kw il - ^
•7: Iv ml dt
&o f .= 'll
Otte mull of Ametimin instennlty. It will contain tocaVe.
practical trestle. crn Verbal:du,. klactilnerT, Et'="
and Engine...Mr, with oil thafls lawful in more Coin
w=hat folio tangonmei, and other honk, The
=tat object of Una publication la to plant before le
men md students "mit att amount. of theoretical and mr
entitle knowledge. In e a
..mbensol Perm or Mall enable
Mem to work the bed witentike, and tn moiCtlineo
raisinkes shirk they rah/lit otherd. commit.
The publiehers am determined, tard y r .
make the "rod av complete R 3 meddle ,, . sad ltd a
my °Main the work. "on Prronm It laid. -
el In noodle.. and Onree enamour the en .
Priblidiny in a 0 nimbi., at lid cent. Per rkmber.
completed thin yea,
Twenty nindtherf tendered,
iao tia anat.
LafayetT.e Hall, Corner Wood and 4th sta .
It. KE3I3I£,RER will Ow a grand acme-
IT,L.ll..Strudeol Entertainment of ns InioroLLmoo mush,
on next Mouldy evonino.Tolguary by • atoll. of newi_ • j
rhiklmax frotn . th el.tolthtioLl "
thotlront Wert Ilataist eonolay rks=a. A tom.. band will
moL.4 the )ton. stager.. To rotou.noo o'dooL• • •
• &Loins.* =4, *mt. Ctildlon half prk.,e. PnY
6.04 '
limns. NU. ti Had stmt. baa mail
, an d now upeti fur eaau. a 1., .4 well .
artUrted Adak of b. Wa. ta.a atlid , oda , . Pi
anoforte. from the man .urry ur Chieltering. Bmil.i—t te.
Oda he 1 mit. ....Maim ut numbs..., nowt
chare Invariably rota at Elaatoo teem wetland al. r
ary. fur 4rup.waiLos or nat. atulati ultra., warm
oikliama la lu put paytto ut . their full rain
rnt fr u the sale of ChicketiteaPiaa4,: far Z r litot. ,
NEW , 800103.
Gnmk endue illarraphy.' Mytholevy,
KTI I I/ 11 ,1, , butly homl upon the Dirtkabry at Um.
bur. ,el.-raphy 1.4.1 3lytholegy. 11l- Woo. Szblt4
br t. Mann.
Ll,n of tle, Queesto. of 15.1•54 sat rAgll.4
Hy Aim. tbzieklan4. %01.14.
The Lt mod Corro..pnodence of R- SoulhbY.
bio moth the Iter. 11.1_ Southey. 31.4. I ToL
The Decline of Popery. and 4.13
11v.b..1 In the Medway Tabernscle, on 'New.'
Jumary 15, 1851. by Her. N. Horni L tl.
Jsba. reoeiTrd and fOT:de hy • Hu,
1,44 ' ...5 boll: , Rbikl ah,
~lm<lyMuib .a6tkbnteldemtt hem !'
Sweetly the eters, my Alice Ws, by S. ' , Foel
Td offer thee this hanil of mine.
Come yes Liens mute, or Tresismilille.
W. mf.Y happy Yet: from the Daughters 01 .
Omen By el, s
d emise and totiehing
Thonlieet unded the "pint Bat losed thou. •
Ben Bolt, lir don't you remember Orel Alice. •
Soiree br S. C. Foam.
The celebrated rolksetemens
Jesuett and Jeanntt—essnplete.'
Fairy Cumbrillset by Mrs. Ernest. Fashion
Pglalt'A'lt7,7=l"" Chat
lllly Quinhilles.seryeser end pretty'. •
Rene linsdrillee. Resigned Polk. Allelbeof
A new edition of Bunten's Idstructems for Tee ,
six relational pages anew leveme
Clark's Cucchism for the lilenn.
Burrow's; Mum Forte ]Amer: Bemired today 1.1
JOILN 11.`11EL1Allt, al Wore -
N. B.—.t eery large stock of New Dienes arritic
will be open for tot ads week: 1•
. °"(EOPATIIIe BOOKS-Just pubh.
e rm for .ale es the book 'stole of the usidert - ,
Tenn'. Domestic Physician. Swished. with ad
from the entheirli tommscript of she 7th German Ml!'et ,
Containing, Ms. • tabulerindes of the niediehm sod'
disesierr in which they see nerd:
Cams of medicine fur the slur° wesrL Mates Muter.
Arnim Flower. sent•sierture, • Summer Mlle, Globules, •
full enfilly cleft -too ...skim, used by . Dhysiciane the
different deinsione. Ditty 'dim, with all the mires pub
lished on Ilinneceliethy.sukars on hand.
Itgent for the flotriseerthk Meillelmes end Books.
dwia.T It !Abair ft
. A.—, '
LiterneT Depot, Thhei Wert- oppodte LI •,:,,_
e e Man
Henry Sweeten: a lard:dee rem or err
Men er Ga. - ha I. Ily it P. R. Jame., Keg. 1
The Threhere; er le 0me.0 . .• INT 0 MI NI omen'm elate '
vpU. a
arthondalet a navel. By Mra Sentblvalb..
Olivet a novel. Dr the author of "Timoolv.
Ifrane Influence: e Tale for Mother+ and hen. 14
Rearrenpenae. .6r Omen Aguilar
Rankers' Magazine far Jaar..7.
Whig Almanac ((trig'''.
too wo
No-I of the Anlerii , ll3 Illuminated editka
Nevelt. .I•2s,
Holm& Literary Depot. Third street- °M.D. lb
°odor's Lady's Book for lehinuM . ..4
Gmhmta Magazine a*
artain's Maganne do t
Plannotslaln a nay namis by Mr. BOnthmorSit.
Home Influence; a tale for mothers msd daught •.: '
firms Aga.. 'N .
Mother's Itesnropensm a men'arl to Home infineastoN.
OBIT: a 110.01. By the author o f - Th. Whin , ,
The Whig Almanac for 1851. - • -'‘,..
No 1 att. Amerkan Illumlnated edition of the WSTP ,,, ,
1 NOTCN, the dampest sditima•orer published. ~ .1 salS,,I.
New Books, jut received.
THE Bards ots the Bible; bfGeorga Gilsl
- I vol. l'oo. i r
reek (divider!: being a yrogrewiee exhibition of Ito
Creek Crammer. designed for beginners to Greek:and as • .:. •
Ito* of ewes:Yee fora cedentles anil college, By Amami Ii: ~.7 4
lientirkk. I vol. ligoo. moo. . . , t
The Youth . , Cannel. Bylionaldi Flagg Oorild. 1 eel lanto
Charing end Counter oftarma. By Italia .1. itchateeh.
I vol. Ihno. moo.
The SlOtherW Recomrcnret envied to "hems Ingather , "
By Unice Agron., t ..
blechanirs . Hsu:mine' and IdOgineeral Journal. '1
ray:ober juit rtweived.
Brener Dictionary of IdechanletatolSogineering..No ~.
Joet reed for role by IL Ilillelilrig,_ f' 'W;
1021 . ' 78 Apollo Building, Fourth t.t.:
i .
K ilillEWS'• Laria;,; eNGLISEtILEXICON . ••
. . .
copious and critical Win, Egglleb taxlmn, foot: -
ri 0 lar‘welstlrceiertnin Lexicon of Dr. William rye'
with edditiona and oorreetban from the twatoong of U.
Facciolath &belle,. Cortege, by B. A. Andrew, L. L. If ,
Tux .1..1ab WA. 00 TBt imam trios' the personal,
astir. , and reoulto of travel tbrourrh the dandwichor
ahatahlanda. and other partetor lholoueda.. By Bev. II •
T. Cheerer, author of "The Whale and hlaCeplonii• ,'.
ettOttillgot. ' • . ' ''' • '
, ,
tat maanaara 1[1.1.1•01C • mind to rigpiria..o
By limo Aguilar. Raaired and Re tailaig•
._._ g - - 7 -
a& R. C. ITICCE.TtiiI, 47 Ilarke4 t
le. Pad. and Acieticon fogy. . '-;
I.: a aaa.timse.,sai oratties,rukdi .11,1 plan : ,
Blank Book" nd Gem dendipldon. on Band or me;
tinter at. snarl notion' • .
Stalin...y-I.amßab, Mends and nroerkata. W. , Yi '
*I, kw axle by 'IV. It. /LIVE.; tkarkwer,
. _JOS • Market el. arm Swear
00K. AND JOII PRI ' ....e.:-Everi.;
WU= of 1 , 01. :....wenantltenaboat, Clime
Printing. eareutwt al abort notice and 1.. ,
bet manner. by -, IC.S..ll.liSti,
Printing Office, 50 Tblol rt.. between Market and Y.
Y p *hound sod llarimt sis, has fas Sale 4hte
so usurtmeut of Mary stalk/herr *
In. mer
opened Mt Phis rostion. • Aleselmats supplied With
article hoe cm the mat fumble term. j
APER—Folio, Packet,. Commertial
GtSerQuarto Nat =I Cap Paper, white , Lm
of alf
ruled and plain, bine and for ea r an U
term, at • /al9 W. S. 11APP.i
at the Golden Harp, No. 101. Th ird
I . KLEMM IV now teceitiog wheel,
' get To°,l.==.l4=79tetoVel
of the tiebendeeteiptionoltaterior and Wan It je.,
'ln the lint:flea style, In 'woo lathe
a n of !Awn Xl ,
"Cy. Alm. • new lot of pehole and mon.. X'
sod to exteneive selection of
Inetnzawnts, VI
(Wt., Melodetwo, and every' er oftotudosl met
dine. i
VEW BOOKS.—Humbolt's new W
or earache , of a rbraleal drerription
th Se . ionoreg . liet i riz n ef !Humeri; the *eat 'Exists:
Burm's Meehan/a' and ahrgineere Irietkeno7. zi
Ittortmo's Sermon, Throe are well earth oralloip
For gale by . IL lIOPKthb.
jolt, Apollo Dalian
A THOMPSON'S. and Harrisoiim Hid, S 5
ma Carmine Inks.
?.Mr's. Brinkman and Langdoxia. Jae',
Id Monroe r Black and Rod Lead Pencils.
nkstands of story drarriptkm; (Merin,
Isn't. Kelly's.. Leman's. and other atartures of
Penn k Smith's (summon to A.Ol. Harlot
celebrated Gokt Pens. with gold and Alter mass.
Whartomea English Drawl= Paper—atittonatili.
Fie od.ordoler. super royal, royal to!
" 1:1t7f.) and
endspord gold, direr Lid faney ''" eolo i nal po ' per •
eedne.d notch
and eornera'and litbannmpha &U . .;
prepared parehtnent of aldsirea, Imitable- fur deeds. • addl.:Lk Fretted. note paper, 'always na boo
anddesirabte Aries. Il<l. and patterns , plank g il t, s.
sect and slivered. suitable for Lail, lwrt ) ret woldirn
Irrenchnvie etivelopos, ',lain and Ashamed; letter
Tf2 ‘,krzi , n, white WW2 blew; laid and plain .dhoti.
R.ldne and white. • •
J =, , ,, ' b' vrater mps, various patterns; erritiag sand
Up cocoa and Terkel' to.ry . a. , W[ . zr;,, ,
inks,ypape,brushPb =to wart,
... I'°r l epe at
kd _a. • „
The W, with a. t sew &wort trt tbe -tattooer,
bnth Ihnor and staples toirethtes alth a brim worto
blutk boas sad rorroomatom books of awatm
of eating.ln every style of binding, arid
and qoalittes. Ito ante at Wooed
able terra% at
Utak Itcolt and Btittlhooe7 Wavle=
ortle tkrrawr of Market and homed ste
I.nle at 110LI1F5' therm' &Vat. Third gm , I
Nana th.l'opt °Mae, ittsburgh. • •
Bankers' Vino Tear $5
Hung. Itc to' ' OCa
Kok-kart.. do 6 N.'
American Ip m iteview—... do 5 nt2
Eclectic 51 --... do 6Oi
'Mn.. Env do 6 (X.
Harper.' . do 3 OCe
thaley'eLady Bcok do 2 51. i
Bla llo ckood'. 31.gasine......wewenrlsc .
Unclip Li v ing .
3 04.
Contes.. ' 6
do 1
Age-.•. do
Yalotarynolater of them , Yagncineswill at!'
outtilar of the new .volant.L.mod be the bett
CS.T he above magnsinevr Will be delltetod he. ci
ane at my dike, Laing quite • sating to %boar , subta
with me.
A ti. h tnr a llol.l l l=
li,ar's Temente. .
Alto—An extenele,sneortosent of Kneel* zent m.l
titattnnery, %Latins abed, OH orders
et to punctually. • -.11:11:.IIDLIttki.
net • KIS IS Thinf Dirvi
the Anierican Revolutinn. — Dy nisei Demos, •
Detect of the Deformation albs Illstmath
hy J. IL Kerte d'Aublutte. D. D.. TrteSdnet of the
Oral Schissi of Genefa, sal Tice President of the
Keeneelluste, Tratislatol by IL White, IL A. Tyln,t
Ito History. Autionitles,sua
h lngoVetZl:Erglra B etillAttnlti
. Ilookseliet and Statiosil
410 (limey a maid sod Thfr ,
•BIAPS— VOltoth . ft
1164 Mohr Ow , ow 6.l,loM:olden! I. oth the
New ktood oxid Twit We 'hew •
.d the WthWar fat ohm battle t
and ~boil ownwlttom to dl sod metal. thew.
No. l-314 0 of tn. w.u..1 , d MJs b 2
do Rowe,. o • ' do
- do North , ••• TO 2WS
4 _do United :Reim' •TO t
,de • linthro, • 7 - 0 2 lot
6 do !odd. 702 70
do k akfelee,' 10 I . 84 p
Prim of lbw pert, with hey, s7:r. tulle lint two'
F hone Mao, with Ivy, lOW • • ; ' • `
. Thome mpg aro unlimited • in wwWWW howdy thy
new, sal adoptedtir the want] or the polotary.
004 hiolt othuoth of-the Uniud
Foy mole at Publither - o trtiw hoiMothfitliott of •
dom.., *Mho hOUCATILMAty 8.09 W
.00 of swoon sod Wow •
aid .Viriniffla tot neTionnt
I,I3UBLISHED erery Saturday in New ,
11 City. at TWo • Dollar* a 7 , 4.6' Itefthie,' In
COVILLISION or Auto...T-62Tc* of it, Ur. Jour; '—
.10; Fulton Woott...,Now Tett; litaymbor 24. Itlfeti -
whom It mop wasueen: . :/ , * . 6.4±. 44 MTfr thot
l'ugairJOct=rall i tt•all ' ! , Zeloto t r IZ ° :: ". tat ; ,
mt , tAra=lt k i t a t t ol g ell: 7 l.4l. 44l lb L i
amt of rabwiptlon• Po.bie
loom Shat Der id.. Will .1221....c0the in w •
i t: N o m tM = t a, •: ,, tzsited
dare —.
NETV - B - 0 - 00! wE9rlio - oKsl
te the BeetooScre‘ , !
fhe the scaktor -TbeVe•See . ,
*Auer'. orompesee. s meet- •BI thol. Ar ! :
r.utterrlls; or two toatsecer—s Sorel
Th. L.A.. of liold--sta &when gory. • :
T. tore to to taftlaredm- -
,[hellos of BrareArielt. Br =-BersolAr.
!,The Boselde
th e
h. •
A Lerture es the ireetto. Dr.Be rB.
Dr. Beres Berl) . to Blehop Useerte es the
11;ms karma. Nal anew tohnno• • .