The daily Pittsburgh gazette. (Pittsburgh, Pa.) 1851-1861, February 03, 1851, Image 1

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at amal. amaalingly. . ' •
1 :V. , 37l.l 'n ent2itt . M . :,llXt:•=tt . .. and .ii"'" all a ri vflt i rae lm •Wfc t :-
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I. - ~ I.l . l . el,faatta 4,1,44.a•••1 : a itl 1.i:11m-4.11 3 ,F 1.10, 3 0a131.1rat0, for
Itatrli •1474;; , ,111. ..1,011,;ng. MI6 wlil be separately
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fin. elutritAblo Ilre
Pknhx.'xunl. cemnAlis arul p,ll.lie no-rtinVA.
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Ittarrivz.notie, to M rltargml mot,
1).4J1 wiLlwat unless. stnnwpa.
— siltd fuw-ral Invilathn. or Nix., maim, anl rhult
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sonnwpanle,l to Lr pl7a for. .4
Ite,tolnr wh,rl.lAeretloril all Oben,
not rrtuli ro ntrn unlen
or requirhp.; iri,...h.h.nail ng
attentbm to
poblie entertainments
where clues oto ludo for-4lwlttapro-411 1,04,4 of
vale anmelatno,,n-r-,,n. notiostlwitrood to cull atterotion to
priest., enterpri., 011itliOrti or Intelnlnt to promo:.
vidnal intetertow. ont. In in•erlod lorlin the uu.h.r.tarnl-
Inc Illottho tonne be pant for. If Integi,44 to he in.
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Mho,. or 114-....1.4 , 4 fol.! els.wnt;l tr/Ple
Tairorn 1.1ret0r,.1 , 11,40,,
A rc ed .Inoula . and Ot‘Aintp,... advertine:ntrutA hnf
to b u
of owlet yrsrl. rntjt, loot to 4, alloned a atbn
count of thirty du, and one LIAO per rent. fnou the
. 06/manta Will• , .
• . -
r. Mr,
r gti t . l7 IN DOLT I'AITILS. •
y. .9pe threo inae lo ........>4l to
owl: addltlnnal Inrert.oh 37
.I.V...II.PrOtHATS a a rau.T meta.
- .
Ihn.'Sq oar, ILO tyne ...::al rents.
earl. alldttionnl 1n.ertnrn........A5 ran.,
AU trawirnt nAvvrtivernents lobo paid In advancy..
. OILN PARKINSON, Alderman, Fiftl
Wnnl. Penn stmt., t.., en euvl Walnut. AI
••• prznpai.nuendnit...
~;; A MES .4 KI/lIN, Attitrnoynt Law, offive,
iu Tligbrnair Ilaili. carver of (Jrant short curl Diamond
a Lar..; Pittebortrii-
. jalSally
.Cf: COLLIER, Attorney :a Lau-, ,Ilsre .
• in inane ' . linj Ir I 1,... Fourth s at. above ProlthfieW.
nat. formed caronsteri.orrorith %fin. N. P,e)....f
Wykingten City. (form,: i of tho Lana (Mk.) ba is pr.-
-Warrants.m give priarr attention Pi the proctoring nf Lew!
Penrione. at., acid to the priieerution of claim,.
Dunn am„—raii,ur auy ar itio dalurinicit , Jan
JAMES iLttornev at Law—Offi...
on lth tleattt.. l'Utptutruh
FR , cis C. FLA N Ea IN. Attorney at Lax
7:4,..112 Fourth stmt. •
1 wont ... t...
;I.tiorneys at Law.
sa. nu Fourth Pinvt. I'ittetrutuh.
• ' Eltracl,—Ah.ark.l, 4 lon, John ettutior. F. at'
Ton. Morriron t Cu..: Wm. It. Muslim., A,
c,todant, o. . tautly
b DIVA:110 P. JONES, 'Attorney at Lan
01 , ourtil betwo,u 11"..741•.1
ASPER E. BILUY., Attorney at Lass
All• tin. btl FULL Atr,t. l'/UAlAugh.
1/31.. 11. W 1 Ef.14.13.15, & CO., Bankers
- • AlOranwr-slim. t..rmy •:ernel 'mu...Aims
prneriptly netent.l.lll... J.Aly
• • D. K KID Broker,
o E.:march BMA of Er.-
„fi r i. , :t ,. .i m us i; ;lie: t er und - .4.1
) Half 11.311 tr, atrol P"76”
sr.uph Ln Fur
LA 11.1.11 E R. -I It.Jk . ink.T and Broker
V Y wholnin. the Itattk. of Pittobu was
WILKINS & CO. Exchange Broker,.
4 . - 1 t . lajtVyzrzrr rt Thin] awl Alatiket Nivel. Al
t .tal ratra.
Xr. lIOL3IES ti4:4ON, lienier• , in Fnivign
• aryl Domeptle nia• or Exchamn, l'erting•ate• of
r 6 ,0. a.ok No. t'o Mariet
nusdr, on all thy: principal cities
thmtatont the 17n11.1
INnaler. In Exchnnee.t - Inn. Ibiili Nnt•nt, In. No. 71
Fotteth etreennent dno, v. the WA): of Paula - 11,6. Col
antsefull attntnl..l tl, and dot nronvel. mutitted to
any part• of the rni,n.
-..... ...... .... _ ...
.14.11/01ER & 13mkerm and Ex
lnatzt• Ilrokrt< I.nler• in I , ..rvioi arid Doroexti
corn,.g Ilepo.ity. flank Notil.
Caen. , or Thi,l NV,r4 eitmrt, dirrely orooPit
the 84 Chula. lintel.
CAROTHERS &.. CO.. Banking House,
• Nn. 15 Won.l atm.,. Pa aar
talr.h. Corr.. nnr
11y n_
Lnu Deretta , 11....tinn. inntl.. on all the principal
chief of the United :nate,
a. walco.l - tiwa, -- ;*;I x .
EiIIAIRD it IRVIN, Cianiniasain Mentlianta
and 111111trodre. Nn. 114 Sentiltil alrrel.' I'PrIVIIIAI ap4
llodat.• aacurstlra (van $ll.. to 7.10.1”. Ova, no hand
WAM.III,I K. 113. T.
rALIVIEIt, HANNA & CO., Sue,esm,rl4 to
name), Hanna Jt EtelltSOß
flettlerr Esur.has and thanestir nart.nsw, C•aill'aztea
Dep9all. Real:Not, u t :+0,40---Nnrtlt %Vert mrner
Sant and Thlolianva.4. Curn.ot Money rnirrd on [A
void. tight. (Impel. fat .11, and t• , ...11,t10n0 made on nrar
dy all lka, prioriml pan. of lb. Una...l Ctates,
The hlglieet pnaulorn raid for Pavia's, and Atortican
mrsAl. •nn nna.laumen.or Produon.rltipprd rant.
an liberal l,rnat.
jr - 17'1, 17. TAYLOR, Comminsianor and BM
13mkm. 112 Smtmt Xtric.l. attention will lr
given to all lotxtrw, ro.n Ititlxiongh
Zuw.o.Cactato..l ort.rori..lnt. phort
12olloe. Not,. . gain.] on (non,
Ole term. Adintlf , ` , M.!, If rtnulre...l.
C. STOCKTON, late Johnston A Stock-
JAL• r. n irn r.I rnt r. and Eivdcr, mi.
Rn of Markel. awl Third . •
AS. B. I.IOLNIES' Cheap I,itera6r 11epot,
00,41 i., the Punt WEI,. Sea . t Book,
red tit ired, to any ff
Mayminet nr 1.1 u•
-R•1101'KINS, ltaokNeller and Stationer,
• No. ;1. Fourth ntrret.. Apollo Building,.
PAVID BOWS. JR., Whole Fall, and Rftail
Rak,r. awl Con f. vtion.r. S Fonrth An... l'itt;Lburwh. Cob, en•l Vanc). Om k-rnotury. alwerm on bawl.
'All 0rd.... pnn , nallT niL•nat"! to. -. .
m'cLiNToOK t II
, , /I[ll/ ae urerulto m
• porter clrearpe., 11;1 (71.thfi, Ftenm Trim
Weirelioune.Nn.Bs Yourth ;4-
entandralon Merchant, No. .31 Water '4114,
4.liN C. BIWELI. Con - mission and For
eanlina IStrehant. MII Waterlr Pitt,inargh.
WM. H. JOHNSTON, Ponvarding and
Conn:do..lnn Merhant,
N. 112 Second etrnet.
y an
lEn. JONES, Porwardinff and Cam
aa.lnn Mrrht..l.,aler.. Yoder. and Pith.
Vat Manniset.Lre. articke. canal near Seventh
etr1....1 i,4ll•Jt
CCA.:3I`.:.ANIJI.TY CO.. 1 , 4 n-warding and
ommloinn . Mer - 1 - .3.1-, Carnal flnxin. l'ittabn , ah•
.11)5.... . ..... li ......... AIt()Y.S:E
i"; 11 Co., e(74,1r1, 01 At-
ISrotil: Jn, . C4lloliKedoll.lllll4l Fontsnling Mr,
tt.,.1.11/e.n. in 1,, , 1nte,t), MAnutular...l
bomb. Pa.
_ .
A • A. MASON . 7.: CO., Whole..le
Fluple Pry
i h E ;o IV . ,„ Lv '
of Youno
andtark. 14te-Intro/.
HACK LETT A WIIITE, Wittolemale Deal-
N l '. 101
ferelisol4--Por t he .:11.• Dtoortlr. Woofr et
n. ud
• o m i.: dtoter. t: ob. of Tailor" Trinon.
lerk,Neo. 11.1 , Wool *to-t- c,orth vinh. 11.„.
ma xtvara.l rt. C. kir . sEß (50,,,,=0r,, to
Ix . to Kriri - 4 - 1t4,-,r,) art.lLlkt/q1 Dna and
-- l'r;rldrur A ; 7 7LITA nA
111 A. P . AIINESTOCii St. ef)., Wholentie
V rod R;ta.ll Drug - id, ern', 11 - 0.4 iod Toot ere
1- Q N. VICKEINIIA3I, Wholesale Drugg*
ddlit'Oltdrol Iropirtoeutr.
r of Sixth.
Ila SELLERS. Wholenaie Dealer in
i7l' rr — . AA. V 7 Z tXr:ra d.
,"77—"a • ... forma.
......... Deal
) . In Paint, ha., x Sinft& and Initrurramtc—
,PrnpiMcora or M.' }l'7a,µ'. pole/ waled Worm NiwelfW. LI.-
/41 , 11 'Lwow Wimp: No. no.torber of WaDd
j 7 not, rittabwrew Adam will to carefully pack
aTia tonrarded arts#dlayakti.
' C . • , \ i
-THE .
. . , .
• ,
.:,-.: : : . 01 ...-,..- . . 1.,..,,,,,, li
4 .„,... v _ _ • '
, .
. . .
. .
. . .
, .... . . .
_ ....,..,..„,,,,,,,•,. ...,,, ••••.„. _,,..•.... _,,, ..„:„, ....,........ .._, ~ •
I ) . MORGAN. \v
• Anal 101, In
I SCIIOON)IANKRNyti.,)Vh,.i,,,d, D r u g -1
• sA.. Ittt.l•ur:6.
itJi RA U N RErrtm, hulemale
Druurirts,,,riwr of 'Liberty und 1 , 4 Clair
burgh. Pa.
AM UTII. I'. Winlit,tit• fin,
retainer and l'nitan, , ion Serena... and Deal.
ent ht Pittsbur.h Manutarinnsl artielm ?sea. Mu and 1Z
aretaal I.etween tV.ret and atoilbteld.l.lsahur,ll.
coin 11...11.116,11 JO-4.l.llll4Vinktit.
1 OrIN S. DILIVOiItTII & Ca, Whole.le
JP (1,,,cr... Prdur.• va..l.l.;twattnok.o licrchautA.
nts. for Ifaynni Prord..j of Ilax.arriville.
T l . l eWord 4..
. . 0e...i . n.r..1 r. LTOJAkIII.
D URBItrIiGE A.)1,. V lolOt.
Urncernand Orlunaqiuu 51,d:tante. 116'
1;,0 rsr.d etrveL .
/i'ICY, MAIIIIEWS & CO., Whohisale
Ilenrerly C0rumi,.1,43 in..l Funrardlcur Ilemlumbh ml
at• fur lima ton CottortlYstsi, :a Wairrrt,lllttsbu.nrh.
PHIN • - I
kr" , JOON FILM.
TOHN, WATT & (40., Wholesale Groeers.
f•Fet. ' : - .4 6 t=7:„%,Zr 0dT"',7 i° r-- , ‘--d
, 0. 266 LB:arty dreth rub.
burgh. I.
411. CANFIELD ; iIate of Warren, Ohio,
. Comohtelon And Fo hiding Ilpreirmt. MI Whol,
R:rI D A,Z. r : , I Ilz:r.^ P:7o°ogo7;:ii,.".'l-r:tor.ogon d
b........14a1th11.4.1 mr.l IV . lIILIALurgh.
- -
red M11e.,. and A avute Mr the raJe .ticementl
Lyuellburgh Manufarltiml Nee, 1...6 sal el Wet,.
etreeL Pittelverelt.
- _
•tiale Yorvanlinis mud Merr
anLt said
!Waite , . ei.rtier of Pro.. iiireiet not Clitinevry La
1 AS. 11A1✓'.4:1.1., Wholenalo Grtiver, Com'
9.1 Mer...hant. nna In Prod um and Pitt,
lutivh anufurtur,..— N... VI Water st..
1.61n11 WEL,' RAMAT MCI.,
SMAII DICKEY CO., Wholesale d;
0.1.1rn Cozninivion 31.,hanta and Lanleta In I'mlun
0 Wntnr, and 107 Frnot, Itiltainn-gh.
y ,..wr.
LIS' I & BENNETT„ Englisl
linnacher On.,lVlautemilearouru.Conuniminnuut
onsidinehirrriumt..ullhmllers iu Protium. tuul
11aisurutun.e. No. P/41 , eound Firxt,L.
betwrgyi WMlod and Fluithfleld.
VII. Mar., 114,tre.174.111,291113011.
VI I LLE & BACK ETS()N, Itolenale
Ilinwrvrx. 601 Inmuter. of Ilrnntliep, Wloop
grint, Nn. 221 ott-ner of Liberty and Irwin Pitt•
burgh. Pa Inn, Nal, 1201,1401 Varur. h 4 In. comannUY
vu hint
.11 11 . 1; la. Wow.. warm c.
11 BILLS & ROE, Wholesale Grocers and
At. Comie:ion lierv-hant.. No. 157 LlN•rty stn-rt.
AOREIiT 31601ZE, Wi;;Fp4lo ---
Rectirring MARL, dcaler in Produce. l'ittel.oralt
facturro, wad 'ail Eorvio. and loonntAic
and Liquor,: No. :11:. Liberty ..trect. On Rani a
s T r large etork of Sionongnikela Whinke,
hh.ll will bo wad lotr for mats.
ROBERT DALZELL ,f CO., Wholesale
Orme', Counnimion Nfurchaula. drab.," io Pluluee
aria Pit,laur g h SLinufacture. No. Liberti eirect.
Pmhz, Vorinarlina. sl...lComenix.slon Nrr
BA tv
. and Draler l'itt..burh Manufzeturo, No. 3,"J
Liberty Int.L.thurts.
CU., Gr,”
mr, N... IN stn,e. Pittml.ur,b. •
. -
W ICK C ;i nit U .
tn. '' e th ' ro U " iso I n t''
Cott Conid.sion. Merchants, deolerr in Inn,. N.J.I. tilos,
Cotton Yarns. and rittwburch Sionttunol
mfNT of Wood AM %Vidor xtroot.ii, Pittsburgh. ~
. . „
CU LIiEIiTSON & CLOUSE, Wilele . .k
AL . I:tue.vo mull %velum.. Desl,4 In 1,.
dum. mul l'ittnl.ov.rli Numfarturnl Artirle..... 113:. 141.ert,
street., I. I
D. ILLIA3,IS 5... CO., Wholesaln u ml
o f il • 1t...11 Vnnally Forvranlitnx , and Olan:ol.,1.11
rhants, maul Da.,Ourn In enulan l'n.tut, and
31Antsfx , ..nrer. a.nrn..r r oll and Filll.l Ihltotnn,h.
IL a
IPOBINSON. LrrTLE co., 'No. '255
(hue., Pr,.
4orr und Mrtr!nm4.and (I,..nier. littolnargti
441- kk. IL FLOY 1 1 , Wltt•lt,alt. Ortleers, Ow,
nts66l. 10..ivr• In Pri.l.r.--I:ourwt
.urril 11,111111., Mond. and Milli
l'il.4.burgb. IS..
TOLTx . R., L tIth Etta:
1 :1 , 1 6,1 Y0U kalers in Leather.
1011 N 11. N1E1.1.011 Deal, in Fortes.
,kflp Wok. IT.' Instrumen.. Stlvanl Brink. and
etzuvon.,, Soh 4_-,,1t f, I'ho-..•nnu'• Nant. Pon.:, for
gENRY KLERER: Dealer in Musk. Mu
riml Inetronmot. mut 1,11.
amt for \lnn• f'lnrl'• orand nrol mon, Pinno.
Troll Coleman'. .6.1.-no Mmetonent. Alm. Mr Dunham
reri. Tex, ruperiur 4 , 4 Carpet Chain
.10..ri Pauli, Nail Mill. l'atriairrli
lON ES & QULOG,Mann funturern Sprin.
it/ lo BUIL, Strel. Mauch Str..l. steel Plough Wing ,
mmrti and Kill., rpringr, lutdarr”l 'FUJI A 3 kr. am
sl,alrrs Nialirable Ca.tinc - c rim Engine Lamna,
Cob Trimmivg. grnemilr. rnrocr of and grout
wt. Berry 31nnufactureni a Sulu Anb.
hag flowdvro..Murhuie mull Sulphuric Add, Wan-huuAr
No. 41 Water beluv }Wry.
IlactufartnrsT ..f GAL. Vials 14.1. s
dt not,. Porter. SnArb Alr, 511urrs1 Hanm, 101. ut 11..
ine.4.l Alm.—Vl Is
Lor thissa.
Abe. , ptat...—np other 1:1.-apPell
44.1.....1 nap ip tip. rxt.., In putnuppr,—LlCo. Vac 7r, '".
.IIPPP.:‘ ,IO4I . un , l .111 puntliau. In o,p. ' rati.n ' lrrotl i t ° 47na Pw
mil prinerr. . .
• -
11'ereheuret—No. 112 tterxmol .1.1 , - , rl. I .lrrrl err
Etrtltllllsl.l rte.. littel.tinth.
ALTER. P. 31ARSIIALL, Stiervtwor a, V
.4runuel uud ihtl..F In Fmurh
:gut ',.lturruttn Pup, Ilsuglnur Itmirrx. Wintitiv
.Slll , l, Yin. 14.n1 Vrinto. &r. Pruaint.
and Wraphinu Fuvrr. \n. I, I\o4l etrwt, tuttravn Fourth
and Diamond BM,*
• - tioltutis & 11A1V011T11, 1311.1 Wino
. I,l_s . lnrollant... FAA shl• nt.lho Innonnnd.
3... 11.0.
W . 51. A. 514.11,U110 1!O., .(In.. e r,, no d
Innn.nt.. No. I.lboly ArreL sten, W... 1
how.: alwny, on bawl 3 nu, .....nonuent of Clinim r.
antl Minn T.... Alon—Foro Fonita aunt Nun.
J.-nen:of rotall. Dertlong ourplin n,n d
nn thn lannont term..
. .
JOGN A. I.tAIIGHTY, Apint for the Lako
: Erie and Michl.n Lino, to Leaver ma the Lakuu.—.
MN* on the corner of 1114 r and budthfadd eta.
AA.FFE Prinrietors of (the
TPittAilll.ll Purialde float Samm, fo
, rma. uf Penn aml
end the Canal.
• • •
IV,EST}:RVELT SON: well 'knulru
• Vanltlon !linker, karts ronttontly an heanatur
.. taa anger the 1., ankh. ha Mgr M., el their .1.1
'dant]. N. 13 I. tlolr ante: aleg.. No. MO Murkel gnat,
mat-fal gr, ...ran,. the lagnand. Vantaltan Mantua,
mod, La rani,. and .al.l lalizat• aarratla rioting. lapin
A.BROW l would most reppi;druilyinform
the pagan , that he kaaaaann hand alhia'aallatid a'atithe wag
rale"( COh Itin tan
nnal. Allaula aa'etangalato aavaarttneaat
of Vanltion ata alao Venation blatattar, Ira mato - To ant.,
Jn thr brag mete. a amt..] /gnat to an} In the aaroltatl
YtnLa tin Mind. on In naantartgl aJahaant gar Mal at a
rangy driver. 11. p
In, urelanarg the rho+. toga. anal iratag
of Car ,alto , t ag.tlali.linarratt at Itaunena:llaVloallagatl. I am
pretanog furobah 411 v ir. old cagoana, Iva to taut-
Ile at Inc,. with (hip: In a ha, hne.
.Uanra . No. a Wood go. t. I Ma:ant ft.
A. 1111gWN.
A 1)A31 HARDIE. Vf.t.a.intay . Sorgoal. ha
1, flame Vol I nl.O re,le. Sl.alteta we 4.1 teil Iv . ea
aaa tla. /as lel ee Lie, la. IL, re mow uteri renal,.
les lao ••11e1 wlealverrr .
en te• I/. hill, hv Uniar an,
e. • •./Inevaaee w tl, I I as.l ee..
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a'f ute..l awl 1,...a.,1% tea tar: our .
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II U r It P & LEE, Dr., L.F.RS and
••• • • .
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1 - 3 tholnln In Floor nen! owl For
...ont: Cnounionon r Ilan, No. II:. Tint ntrect.
[nol lln Son.). onnl. Pittolrrals.
E VI LLF: .11)1INSliN. Engraver On ‘r(orti.
112,11. ithinl Iltlrbutruh. I'a—Cir o lSTlnv, Machltney. Iles& a Newrpspm. Fr.tinder , .
Laulpespt, Drug Lab..lN in r010,..14 , 41. for Divlolinvo ,
ti..Atrwl A 1...14110n.: Mani., b.. • in the hat
of Art. and et the lowert print.
WILLIAM T e ;! .. 1.11 ,1, SC 11 1 r 32 AI , A SLi t b, h nen p o l , l -
lite= AtniPi d
Madam and Slotting Cgrlgi Sr., "."' O r
drawn on Stoat., arid oriattal to eaters, led& Inense, or
Itlaek.latlam MOS% approved style, and at the rune nuns,
all. prise.
WW. WILSON, Watcheli)Jowelrv, Silver
war, ...1 military_ Gem., atrtne
l'oarth 4 Ltebunb.ra- 22. 11.-11 echo ccul Clocks
cue( ally lepetitG. , ..
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- -
I OGAN. IVILSON d: CO., Importem and
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1‘ no] ....I.—Pttbstoi rub.
th Diamon.l
burgh 1). HUNT, Dentiet, Corner of Fourth
DrrAtur R. hetvren
Irk sad Ferri lurret.r,
IAILV:4111 1 1:1.1);1111,4
IFIEOLAS VIVIAN', 01141 Engineer.
.11 prnnabt.lnno. nod Priertierd
.frovIAA of Model* for the Patera ()Mr, 41e.i,nv of Marl.le
bery tr.r Mims. If aier Wort, I:nlimg Nja,
fou.l 1.1.wi71 10 A,. 31. exml 11- zt rmidoon. Nn. 21
Thirl.nry otreet, joull:41),
ltriL3lAltTll & NOBLE—ite Flouring
v !fo. f. , %Libertr my of Adam. Pitrome.h.
13 A. MADEIRA, Agent Tor Delaware Mu
tual Sal.) Irmraon• Comm,. Mawr elrjrt
JGARDINER COEFIN,A gent for Franklin,
TFire livtursuce Company. north cut comer of Wand
and Third Atre,t,
WTM. GLENN, BOOR BlThilt. Wood street,
wood dart fer.rn thecorner of Third. abet, he In
p ar7lVrll t lamml aulwlantlalln Ilona. In h.'umber or 1 ..., t' 010Gn
loom! earefolly, repairod. Nt.e , pot.. in font
T lino who bane !Jodi. are invited to call. Prwra hon.
lIACK ',Err & WRITE, iviloli•sale Deal
tot-, ern In
o lnoinesi ii lr mod Foreign Pry Good, N 61 ITood,
0-011. atal request on easzuhadionn of mit atn. , l
ern merchant, and other" riwltlng our Aid ,
M& co., )vhoic.te
IT Manufacturer, and De.dera In Ilan, Cann and Fn.. corner of %tout wad Fifth rtroe l'itteburgh. when. they
oiler a full and complete etwrk ofllnk. Cot, Fun, ar of
tit.every quality and Idyl_,_by Whol...ale mat Renal!, and Ito
the attention of their en:dm:nen WWI purehaners getter.
lilt.annunlig them that they will cellon the most adv. ,
tageon. terror,.
M: Merchant Tailor, Dr., w,
Ihm and ler In Ready MA , I. 1111 lAhert,
• -
New Coach Factory—Allegheny.
M. A. WHITE & CO. would re
reeetrully Infirm the path. that they hove
encowl a +hop on Lannek, between Federal nod &antitank,
nnvt... They are now making and are prepared to mottohmlena for eYery dearrlyth at of nehirhw. &web.. ILlMrlota.
ltarratchea,llumyley. Phadhor.. 6e.,&c... which. front their
tVe r' 4 , lig... h h t 4 r h=rtt . ...; ' rn ..lof entl , ftlerthe o.o or rk ..
mabled 010 cork on the run, 'lnvaluable term', with
Ulna, wanting ankh', In their in,..
Paying particular attention td the selection of material,
snal havitm none but competent workman, they hare an
bernat it,, in warranting their work, We the reLnm mdc the
a...lit:on of the toddle to thin matter.
I N. 11. IlelLairing.hate In the twat manner, and on the
Mont term.
.11.3. Ar
!WAIVE. JAM. ara...a.
4_ll - Manufacturer of all
khals of cotton and woollen machinery, Allendirin
city. Theshore aorta behm DMA In and auertnAul
mwradon. I ant ponartnl to warm. ante. with dietatEll
re all kinds of umehlurry In tun lino. haw
, lekern...mnaders,cardn. mind!. maalilnes. railways. dam.
. rtimaea, tbmnla. loom., woollen car,le.doulLff
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Int.l and had • general. All kisaln
by ,visaing made to sour. tie phau, &tyro fur nevi. (ado
rn.. tw mill. at retwantabla charge.
ITY/AII Ty—Kennedy. Childs t Co., Illankatoek. Dell & Co.
Xing. Penny& & Co.. Jam. A. tray.
Cr* •
. .
.. I AC9.- MARBLE WORKS, (eBtablished Fir:jr,,.. ; „4' , ..0... ) ,P.- 20,.TA,..'1,... , ' 46 1 ,1 1 11, 1. 7 1 , 1
.4 1/83C1 lir FIDIUND IVILKINK. Nn. 184 Liberty at, Arriani at 11 t• Id n i ' d Varte t' t - A - . ' lk .a•gl-
i 1.4
• or woo lOrret, 1 6 111•Lngh. iloninnentii. Burial
nulta . rollliol. Itradginent, And abodel Ping, Centre mud -a rm W.'6..---Br (Later. P. , "" 0, '•. , .. , •'' , "
er C.., 14.....6dituililana. Trumbull, Portage. litia.
Ashtabula. glarL,Vitm no. 61.11na, Cut shoga,tiumnil
ri i 1 i T171.e 1. "' r r 0 Y.,. .. °17.,1- th , r. L orgr a--4, .... '7.1,,^". 4- .." Richland. 0n...1in0,. Ottawa. /gin, Namlookr.
Important to Stage Coach and Wagon ''. Lama e..m., Ohio: the eIIf<AZIA northrrn eittnnlem
...lhe Kate.. of Inira. ant IllIrdr„ Including MI Ilkhi.
MaiIIIfaCtILITUN. 1 g/111, lora. and II Lg...., dallt . Anitta at 11 A. X.: dn..'
horn at 11 P. M.
. , /ESSIIS. SINGER, II A ItT3l.A.l‘e & CO., I Kirriang.-11, hharhurg.llougam, lipr s ingfield,Siimta.
bare bought the right of an AXLE, linee./ by ' tum, Fog hurt, MIL• 13111314. h01da11...18. Ananning, Liar
r .arnuel A. ininer, called ••84.tlield Patent." II has litni. mod 13.1arehl nounlie., Jail,. oars•ht On M.A... Air
u tested 1,4 , our beat nneli builder, and tirtmountad to
at 7 F. w. 'td at a ... u.
he that...a lii.ung An °Mune, mart, with a.l of lane itaa-h, 'horn ..411... 11inford. Zeli..noide Portani.
Ash, running Jail .will eumumit a half hint of oil In nn, , ,1., ti, r h a ,,l, a , „,„,, a. a . t.„.,,,,„ A„,...; i.,,,,,,,
p... 0.. The mnral ? 86641 II• ..,", med i"..- of Ll* I". 1 Thurada... Mid Batunla, at it e it • dmarte Nionili.'
orldeurB.• we base o
in gnat ogluction rif fnetioa, and , tag.tiingfay g mid Fridayi, at :A. At., • • i •
M....9 1 ...4 VAAL ravif t. , wer: it will mal.rthernali i .
honoaturs G. gate 25 pertat, ro, their et... 1. and 11,..1. • initma.t... - Ily aturgoou'e !lAA Finley Title, and M.,.
gi. It will give great aitfi•ti to tit.. el,.n. the out 3. ' 8 . 464 ^ u '1 6 _,"•1• . 1,-,, , ,, ,_r“ , - 1 , ,, .e.d..”. nt 6 r. M.: ilgi
Ina • Ith the 1.1...1, and out Laving any nonunion with Ow 1. 644. n ooto .. 1 ./ • ma. nat.itnlai 6 .i. It. a •
...i.., .iti ..1,1,- ~..c th., wt..' ~., ....„, oi. r•i...1"..-it, Ilindinian..nto.'. Nun. Mi-Karneirti'
Ili hopper cans lino trdrelllnee grill warrant Min. Allen to • .4.11 San,
1,11M1.81.4....u, It...drat-re, Lelia,.
• but Inca 12.1. , 16 year, dad, mooting. a „.,,,,.......,n 0 . a. 1...rr,•,•1a. E.t.a LiNortt • Upian. Middle- 1
Itarrhione-No. NM Water. and I. Front ...rota. Pitt, ton. Va. t. 11,.. hilint.• ELLAI Tguralat a, al ft it. au do.
bur.:l3 tin=ily . tarn .110fillAI A ant l'hurnta, aatl, a. a. -
-_-- —... , . . .
111 7 1%1. i/i4i BY. No. lit lif o•rt v str • t 50...., .8 6 '6 6". '' . '- -46 " 616. ' .6 B I I U , 6 ' 61,866 'w , 16 .Mit.
' .., at e• - - r.- Iltir. tn..., Cro....rtek Village Vatter.... usIII. Pa.--
noingtfull, to iiil..rin 41. ...Non ineiglo sad ,I t mv. 13 di-rn., ratted, -ail' 1 Idsralai ~ at lii t. am
z.r.,t;.177.,,1.,',11...Li.}v..:'. i:-."-:,.\-t.-.:,w5,r;:.-.,, ,, ,t',..-;:5.L..;1, Lit r.-.-„,-:',. , :v_v ;r:1r,:,r;:,',.-m.„-,..,;....;,....,. m....„. m—.
..,.....„,,„pm,i tor the ol•tooa h.-, MN Mid woo' r ginnon. loan, Vrivit fort I•diiim.. 183. 1 - B.ti leer.' ha. 1 inn. , ota
11l thug In want of rhea.. Imltionalib. mid n.•I rlotbdig. Irate, n 4 r AI : ..hart. on Sat unlit, ,atli 1. Ai
ialll find tlio 1arg...1.. ni , ...i [.......a1 , 1«. 3..1 torn .4. It 114 tip. ~..“.A . A . , , . lit Mari.. %with ITaditzigt.m. nod Apolka
‘‘rflrAll country. at this onabliglareint_
. 2 , 1 , 1 6 l'a. 1110.- go Unbind., r. a t •e a . ,/,.,,, e , h an m 0 ,,,L,,.-
../11. CARD-1851. ~,.. —....- ,:. ~..,....
~ • .. natiinta,..
IrRPIIY 4: BI. : 1:C II FI ELI ) . North Ea.. 4. ".
.2:1.'7. . I:. ~. r, ....,1,
rot., ol fourth mod Nlara..i .t0...i.. Potrburgb. Vni 1- 'i• 41 Idi.d4g 4 ar- n.
A vage. et the ignoineagerneut j 4 nu. New 10 r. - ..... U.. , 1. n• - J., so
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ally, 13r tin lingv than. uf ....logo ei h•Mtnl G. them. ax.A. ~ .-1.,
then ...tan., 4.t-`lnt
Into. the roultuntin. of thetr tutor.. - Ilan
rularant and inihrornl their n.orrt. th.rareguald., tu an, let., thr.r detaiture.
on bend a ler, eat...naive fr-mortustaa. a.(01.11 , -...0 tot. it. ' _
w .. 1 11 Lava the
k admaitage of plenty iii , lll,lll t. , .. inanitag‘
gllt4;'l•=igge.Yl4V- :Ina ai4n:td .ds l: 2 "l4lVEl.
8 . 401118, w - boo• gm.r. metal. In the Dr, limas lia., tic.... 1.1.1
for the want of lamilln. ran Ig In then
eginthiunt efbn-to to mina 1.4.• 1.34 good., wad a,, r II at low
Mien, they horn It. mak, 11 Ili, intern{ ~f latallie• mid In
dindeml.. in favor 111.... ii with then gartien
. . . . . .
'l/? 'II in W11ir..., ALI( Iti .IN r.nn ..HI I. continue.' in
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iiii rn• m . inn,
)I 'ITS in: RUH 4 '03E11E1:C1AI, (.'i 11.1r.i:e.,
Giro. rnr Ildni ami kinilinl•crnr, Ti,,, i.rali rim.-
Imnil Itirtiiiiiiim ref Ili. Lind in Pitt•tinrirh
l'AmLn --./nlisi il•minn Pnortgial Irvimtrinn ~ethe
S-ii.iini.•.r Aremilii• '
la K. Chan3l , ..tiv. rrofraorn. of l'anntrian.t..n. iirrranttl.
Gaup:nation, ar
M ...on. Ey.. Lortmar on Caanna .mil Lao.
Thior atrlrinz a rus,:rti• Cora Ilcok Errput,
atal Its arnilration In • branch of Anon..., alma au
cant and rapid ,oalnlatta.hip... 1.1.11 tu rail and raato•
thr orrartarmenn.
larann. lona:a-n..1 Law ram, Moo-az, rrrnaar.
Itrfi n.n, to an, of the naalenl. rat inrrrbanto
TIISSOLITTION—The partnership of 11,T
1M .we. A.h....a..h..aeaTf naltnalenoarnt
nna Ih.L. tlaa butuaao of the Dm 0111 b. 11.1 rd ht oath,
• fi •
w.. mrtier. Lb. 31.1.3•• of IL. n° Ix ILr pur
I. IF.
'ln reLrirar fr.rn 11.. Luun.o .4 It, .114, .1 ph..., I
0t,u1,1 m. rn.i NI, 4. I. m, n.. 4 th.
(arras ru•td.w..te. Ilbr Loon,
11 L. SHE E, Wholesale I :rorer, on
•ly". r in P. 5. ., rnrorr ,
lryrnn rtrrri.r,
EMOVA L.—Dn. SPEER removed M .
, Lined, xiieeeieb, benne, jut, S. 114 onir. and J.en.
mg en Ow mune building. aueniluilern
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.... E•T ‘III.Is:IFAOK32,II El/MUNI)
• ' . {SILK
14,4.1 441 , 4,4,441,41rrwtr. 1411.41,tir g h. 1.1:
11,4nur,,,,a,4411Nr1,0 Vx4,11.41,41114.14,n44.,
A, 11,,ndn II I'l. and IN, 1'‘,1,...
Min, • 4,t, hand nal MY 1.. lo order, of t,4.
4•1141144,,,,1 . .11ft,1,14,4 , 4 al at r 44, r4441,ar.441
rir..... 41 c4.rarr .I.elson qf IPrutelrwl on
S T T-h 4; t ' l ' l'i ! n .."---- 1
fr4,u, p 4
1.4., r 14,1
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1. , •-•
e-- j il
111:144:11}:1•1041_4. 1.-- 4 -4 "-
Ilm. Ilartnar ( 1, 4n,1,- Chrl.Tl.•rnAn. E..,
11441,..114444 11'ilk11,4, 4 , 4 , 1,41 11mr,44•1• 4 }'Jr,. 5.....
WA,. 1101 , in.4 , 44,1,,r.. F.,44, 4 ~,, Vl, yirrt, 1,44,., A r•r1,4144-1
Jellon : 4 111 , 6, i:,. erval , • A.A... 14,4,m.
1'i11.4144,r1:11 Ilauk• .. s • ILO;In. .1..
J. Y , 114,444,114,,,,T. 11,. Illil A Curry, .1 4,
W 11,4411 16144,14,41144,4,4.11.,41. 1144,411 R r , f4r1,440. . 114..
110,4,1 11 , 411110,1. E.,. IVnt. 114,-a,44, .1 1 . 4,
J.A. , 1cK111141,14, Ex, Brming4ll. T. 114 - tratar, A 1'44.
ham. Jewl,lla 11114.144,4 A no PrE,ll',..
11. Lothro,.. Fat, A 11440,01,1,
E. IT. 1 1 .4•14 4 grul.ful (46,• thr• 444. r, liberal gutr ,, ,,A,r , 44
, 41....141ur1n1: r,1n14 , ,•,1-,44a4r. in thin rill. !taring had the
1,,,,44,41 And 14,4 ,p,1444, entruale4l In Word., ~1,1,41.11.4 ~ , ,4, r ul
lime. t 11,41 grlll4,l4lraror In n4n41414 4.31,4,&41.144n 1,44r ,, A11.,
/AN -,...
.9, Third ymet.
• rminetfully' inforsne hi. frlewlnl
...Mower* that he lute 1M , .• enmpleted the - .
and din Meek of Inumehont furniture ever lefore men in
Mix HO. Its he IA deternfhw.l to uphnld the quality writh
netteemoned materna, heel workmamthip. and neareet.le
mum: awl from the rul) of 1114 mho+ and r.aul, In
manufnet wring. hr le enahl e. r.l. prtMum warn Paul
turr. M the lomomprem.
llr hue adopted the prillriple of identifying the
• Inter., with hi own, in quality nud prim, and l o w.,
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fornttmw. fnm the rho:next rani' t,laineet, to the met
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furniOnwl fn. hie 'Mull- manufantuted. expreel, to
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Mitre of hie letaloliMment may In 4n" n. The fnllowine
arnele. roteigt, nt part. of hiy .h -k. nl4lrh for rie100.....f
.t,le Old finish tanmn 1. ourprwhel Ii an, of the Euetern
l'ari..r. drawing. dining, and ls,l.rregn eithirr. 4.1
varlet, emyow:ng
inale,vuly and walnut,
lurlerlhen. o.r.,rtrtAre end E., I e-rere
erinthei:lchen. ht•rant, Tete-a...t0. and Invaire nrlia• late,
Pn-noti and Anwriran ,ontlertog 111.nt-%...... and
ladle,' puler Writiugbe.4, ipr verrstre kinolg llnrt. Table.
and rage) Inlatl rtandr. Mori , rtanol•, and fin1.1..r..,
top. WMIIOIOIII, rerelwx•l and waing, 4,aln• and 10.
121, exteneinn tlinlng table.: nil sir.r , d the M.. 1 Intig , re4.
and clecirloWly the beet 1,1,1,1 mule: rant. hidl and
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large ae..rtnieng gellge hail and ,rior rgoepti..n eintirr.
4,1.4 and ..tale. eeegetar) and rave, ride banie.
v:enwne. lowel reek,. hat wande. .11.1 mode wrwle. erg..
314.1. rer .I.o.lreig •
pat.,onaehe. and lea reg..
to he:. pearl
A ..ngon itirfotrire and t o
Cahinet maker , rupplied with all .1.1.- .1. their
,vntow,.. am, 11. , 1,1 , ..
t,. ,
61: EAT :4:111-.15NI . ,1L
..aims torop, 11
A Si AidlN A Ir .•••.1..1 - .lurid • .1r,.1
•le. ••••Ad.l. • Juno., l'loor ....1.41•11.1•
hroon • non fdr And 11e , .•
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Louie on.. Ilon.lnul and
r11n.0.r....d1 1•11,1.1 .1. Lentil. nt fully low
foutllo tIdo..1.11•41 prim,
tudou Mir to any .nl.. of 1.1..!
I.l.,Atudirn• 10. Ow role of d Ive rut!,
on.rolon uf g••. 1. land .forteh of
1.1111i11.1,' mono. 01t..
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tett ; ev, ta. wend pal, SI.
oler., Cotton and tVool l'aelanerea 20 rata, tuned
pleeo /60.1 If, and is mot,
notal prea...oe AIM
Idoh enlos..d plaol oaonl prier
(4,ntriped and hoered ~0 ., neon)
prier (hewn..
Al entin de Clone nod .0-00,, tuned
plonra Itnirtn‘ilks. redoe.rd per rent.
...'. p1ena...F1a . .. 0 . Marne.. SI no. ton sal prin. Fur, I.
awl plor.e. Para/ and L.,nurar r ,..”, 0 ,d 01 ,
Oral Alpneaa..dl aadnro , radoend Al p, rent.
Twat Lont: Munn. Shawl, ableh •111 (nnu SI to
1 , 0 ha. than nanal Prtena.
• SW/ yard. Hormel RIM... at not 10 nen.. [Lana)
previa In 2.5 moe.
Yitat enlnnal Calinase et 101, req., incual prier (Si.
100 auest Emelish and American Callecat itt and LO
cents, naull prim 10 and 12?..9 ann..
90 cares ldraebe.l reduotal .. 0011 per yard.
bales Brown MIMED. all grade..
Alan, Irv. lEmbrotderint. Trinuntha, Iladary and
(any., Llnerol, Cheeks. Cloth, naraltnent.a. Caanltneta and
. I . ll.lrA h aZ h 3lt7 1 j:.llllTrt' (Queerr
t [2 ' 7,17
of their PIVIrtO.
invite an glarly rail. aa Sonny of their eindragt,
Amato 0111 soon 611 POW. The kr/teat pane maned at et.
A- A. SIASIY.II le 4.10
.1•10 E 2 And 64 rt.
11 0RNIt00148. . '
kJ ISO noun Cum Llnnuns In Aare lunl MIA y'
Jana JOilnl PAWS= CO.
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uudrrut,ted or arther vesSaz .0.17.1r00d b mil
. • ..
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rr.ou LIV/116 , 101. e.. 6 T)3l 0.1.1111 D PTATI.S.
.. 93r 11rvelone Vntordwy, J../ PI
Afro , s N.,' York Feh'Yl
Y;urniwt --newton . aromal. 1 ,1, Y 1,,
tiro 1 j vk...... %lamb L
1.1111.411 N [Wet. . ,wttollny. Marrb 15.
....... .New Ynrk ......
%Meru, ,Muralay, April 9.
....... ....... .latordtr, AV.! 12 -
Wedoralar,rch. 12.
..... Jan. 1D
New York . Fob.
. .........
.. ... . .... .New Yoriz ti10.1.10.Y. MOO. eo..
l'euuda. newton 9.
....... York • Uft/Wew ,1 *Y..4.1 1
11 : odnceo1
k . ..ton ' 40"
. 410' York kfirlrowli 31s) 7.
l'ar.eur. to Halifax: 900106 r New Yorki peeocel
1/.7 Sktrwrr-- ,, liNe
1 , 11.11.11 14.11“
W .
Atlantic —tor
Liveronul le sl fay . . Jan. 7
I , %lValay.
rt. eg ter as I,ifke.... frt. ..... ...Fatunl‘y. Jan. I
Lit ........ Fofi.
%Vele livy and HarreLine—M.thly
Fenn k I rll axn• FatarJay.FBl%. 8.
Slaulds) Mar. 8.
frank 118 !lam 8.1'8.80 , April L.
..... VatuTday. Mal 3.
ron PICA" 1 . 011.
Franklin...... [1awn,........._
II intslo.ldt. Ilavrp...-......_Walt.exi.ATra V.
Vrnoklln Havre ' Thruroda7.3lax 7.
......... WolurodAy..lune
&front ,Vitrigtai. Trim
IVe..lllncton... -.from ! I i ° o: Salonlky, Vett. IN.
11 , rmoun • Now York .. Setuniky. Mar.:'.
kolOnao.o York. ...a.unley. iypill9.
11. memo Na, York .atunlay. AU 11.
s l. .hi.onn 6r Kw
Y 0rk_.._........ Frl,l*r. April 1 .
nn ...... ...... ork. ....... April IS.
Warlthttaml hror Yt.rk rria.Y•
Ilurniau is ........... York ........ J 66 1, lei
ron CALI/0•1.
U. S. mall steamer. lenve Mw York on the Itth and Ifith
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State Mutual Fire Inaunince Company.
COUNTING BOCCE ALMANAC FOB 1831. ' Martell llffloti. :A Smithfifild et. Pitehurgli.
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• ilt ' , 1. 1 !:1 1 1 . :. I. I. , 7 ,1,' * . .. 9 ,'? ,1,1 I ,i, th, , ,P,0.1 n.nterol t. .4 the anfi-t kti . . i artelt Thk
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1 :...'. "1 ~, !', , . , . Amnoat of riolt poqiituite.. . ~, 2.4,631
11/. I! ki 1 1/ 1 111[I . • • 1 .1 " I . - 11 1 !" 1 '" I '' Mamma of puttrnnu... a,....k. .
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' 7, 7/ 77 . 7, -"••• .'" •. PtISIPAN Y. in le laotholppirPure may he manie upon . the
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of • pretnittm note.
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.i I',I7EN DI I) NEW MINDS- .-- --•_ 27,:::::, 1 1"; . „ ::.;;;,!;', • " " "''" '"'" th `. m"'"' ini n ' Ib ' .
i 7 II hi. Ell t 7 It Wire ~,,,...,,, in ..- : 1 67.7 '4" , '' ..i.a. i• itoth,rionl, Alhert J. (Itllett.S•mttel T. Jon. ,
llWUrtell,4 Ihnl he Imo fia•tt .penrml n lot .4 I 1 I Alnim. A., Philo C. tldpent/Irk, Robert lilotit, J.,l '
e1t...... P/nip. ../ 11,. ..I..l.napel "tpi.J, .4 J 1. lIIITPIERTIII7O.I.renident.'
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I V )41U USE lILACE TEA, 111..kmisr,
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Tim Ir. 1m1001...1 Into the U. Mateo %A. do
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All Toot d thi.nsothllahnient are Mailed fresh from thr
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Attorney al Law: N. MI Thlnl at, rorn..r Üben j,
having made arrangetnrn. for the Pttrfnon
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aid.% t nod el.ildren. and will alltnal any t . " -
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thr read. cum. t.
Waal. at -ON 1.
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tueeld, wlliels they run at loner grind than abet..
generally anld ago, Black 7lgurnd and ilgoent o d. of
slowest stylea.
. _
Pittsburgh Board Of Trade.
Prrnmrtau Gan-rra. t
Mondar morning. February 3. MI. )
Th. mart.! on Eaturday am• wintry. if tomible.than an,
pi:pious day of the week, and Is heard of no Immartions
.I.tlUll-11e found no material chatute m 1b markot.—
Tery Dub ramo forward. and dm ember fn.= first iamb
nor. wore very hat, with no marled than.. Jo
Otkationa. 71u; ruling rates fnlm atom yr UAW-51.73.
and from lb. wharf anal wagon. at 53.5043,56 V Phi. Pulm
bur 1111 b, at f „ * . .14..' 7 cwt.
Mlle Is arriving. and sale* bare Immt
toolliand Co *mall lota $3.14a3.31 from fir. Land, and
=ft3.: s o from Mors
cu. Mr-u.—We falr rupp4t.. with a dull ..rket.
.Fah. Von:ikons sal nom the mill,,at /11.4.Z.f.c 11 bar.
liceamixti.Floon—Salea from wagon. at $ 1 . 50 .4 , 0 3)
mgt, and Sisal slum at $1.94453 mark-of GO 1..
4ACON-11 sodm w enatlnuml finntamo in prim, with
ell. 500 15. elkoaddem idol llama. Pr ax
ogui.oand Me ost. fur flail.. Moir. sugar eurnl ban, hi Ora
;11.46:10 1 :c t b.
• I.:(111,-.4a1of 100 MM. In two lota on time. at
IN Vb. ?al a4O Itml at 7 . 1 44 . 1.5 fr
1/11(8-Mtl Priers am steady, with coodenst. tratoww"
Ain... Vie not. nue.. ow:4.lkm, m followsl—N Fug,
5 . 1 . 0 1! 1 r for odr P 11.• Men% of Gmfo.lmar....goi..
as in qualit7; palm of Itio 1.);Alko at 111314, for prime. sod
12!.. for fair. ia steady. at 31 ..StSsar33, to ray
and mon.). tOde ; aalew of Ilk, loin, 0`.. , 11 P.
MUM) .F--F.llh. of 10 tnma, at )0.;.v 11 S.
DILI i'.l) s.lll :lBupplies of Apple, moth. Mmletate.
With rubs them stun...! ale; sales of fnm
stare. at $, xecordia it to quality.
.pKANIS—SrJes of prima quality. at 5 1 .1 5 01.18 00 btu:lu
smell lots.
F 7 Hll—Nal," if large No 3 Mackand at 87.313 of N. 2 at
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Ilk AIN—We unlit, a enntlatuul fulr dematal, with grad/
Wirt, but ran xettort no large male. The regular rates arr.
Thou. firlt handl, fur Wheat. 734478 c nye, G tr.; Barteyt7oet .
Curn, 4110.4:tc, avd Uob at dk ha.
Ater.r.tx Sr... The elder Inteiness tarn
, P•nt n/nut tuna, rat., tor etatk Rods, the &wand it ,
now - brirk. . quote Me..nrint,tta
tfl:dokrml alcar-35: Intrntal Itannnenlent.
tilt bow , . Cikr 11. A. Male Honda of
Ineerippou, L1K4 , f.1111: Cumin ..r..106,,
•A telearapttic diriateh from Lase Glradeau, announrra
the bat of the abmr Alhambra. She struck somas at Beater
Lam, fussier morning.. 10 nehrt, and aunt In.fiftean
fart stater. rho ems rnsghtrd from thla purr for h.Orleanr
ald trill be, it rtC , .lll:Util• a bd. Lsa.. — (St. P•ui , uev.
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RILIVIRTOF Baaatarta - rro [arm tho United Stat., to 14...aa
• llMain tuat Iralayd. alum Ist &PL InLo:
Fn.— Flour. hats. Meal. bui.
Xew Tort: to J. 7 1 , Z , 7.1.14/
New Orient. to Jan. 0 3.7K5
In 410,001 ~
lioatun to Jan. In IJ,OI a
Ilaltinion. to JILI2. I' 10,atel
Uthaa pulto IA Jam n , .
Total ,
,Jn,109Ja.21 73.
!Sarno time lAA yoar T-17:11n
, ew lost to 1 , 1;o n.—
Mai.. bo. 0 arll 411 .
h 72,0:,. Iro n s I
Ilalthnorn to Jul. I' M. 441 al. ,
Phltslephin tap Jan. 17 . Iso;Jul 78,71
Nov Orloans to Jan. Pi
Ikainaso to J.. lh
Other ports toJez. H I
"y.y+• Hire.}
.+u~Y.n ul..ry
EvariA lent
—{S. Y. L.
littaa.—Xltert• acre 5 4.4 06 furl,. In channel, at tfottk
lr mend mark. hurt ratan., and frill.,
51klagan. Thin, Lauv.•r.
t:,,nl•,n, Heaver.
Ita 4 , nnvt411,w11,•111,
At!anti, Parkhoon. limwnsrtll«.
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01.3. Uad..' louinn
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4.avvr, °union. 11.1 aver.
1411 t, 141unot. BrimnrrlA.
INkrthu.a. Itrtot
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Regml.l3 , ..Nreml. einvlnnall
gr.:LOLIS—J I" t.
AVELLBVILLY-1,1."11e. In •
! lio • w
koNEW 01ILEANW—Es."••••• lo • w
WILK. t 01. ETCH.* NOF: 111101 i
TArni and liar/ et !Um,.
I,7l,l..,laill._Vetirina, 1. 1,1
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l'at•lueruh . .
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V. 3 /II
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51.,1nm5., .nd Ilanuf flank
t..Arhaur 11.1.4
Bawl: of Itr•..n,rillo
Vtownyaltris Itrit
4 . 1.. tr
!baud St. .„..
14 illia.cuov.rt I:rtivr.
• ITSuILANcE groct,
%Vratteni I usuranm
11111at,' amtratin•
Aismiitegi Furman,
Atlantic t Ohl., 1 Ititttegli
Ink.. lint Lille ................... .......
1•Ineko ni t .
look:116.11,1 ~11ek00.r...-..
Yoko woo, OM
Venn's. Control null 14.1..
ilhin ..
ewel:A 1 . 1141•11,1. Rail
Turtle I,lrok 11544 ....-
Erie Canal 14n010.0.1.1, .
I. Jo. Is.. 1.. rah ~
A r Br. 4 (011101n %till.,
Ninth . . ......
W 1.14711 .
In. City
141111 , 111.1i1 Royal
AI ..nVwni
i ior L •
Merino 11+111.1/
The Greatest Bargains of the Season.
I. TGOSI PSON, No. 1,16 Market
111,t1m, olo.rn fool. I.lbert) . harlot/ dniorminod to eh..
lon 141,1111,. lb.' !Ind ol APrd,wdl. tn.. thin tho. w4l
bin roll. Fir , k Van) sundo 0, 0...0 at coa for
.A. Thin nu,. Noon now, large, nod writ rwincted, ann
nnnt vart (nowt
ititygs di atlas —.Wreeh dloritont, l l aratartian. Cohort/
Chain 10.10.1. Ouhtnorr.. and Mown..., all min.; Draw
sat, wido Mark (Bade do; Shawls, Long and Squat,
taloa, .
lt %TEAL —Clr•ths, Caariturra,Satlorts,
To-lin" Cravat., Ildkra Morino, Shirley Drawers. dr.
HELP 1011 ‘looo,).—harnaley Niut , JOK, 6-4. 61
avJ ILA; Cotton Shallot.; Ihurtark labia Woe., lonwo
root Lirachal; 100 , ..0Tab10 gothnt Napliont. Do) lan. Or-
Al/o, a loyar swarrtnient of I% hito, and Bath Manta".
tw:rilier with • full etcr.k DomostAr. (tomb.
urohrrwra tray rely upon writing thaw gnats at and,
as thin stork mast bw eloord out by the fl.t or April.
11.011 T . a 'rm..-
rßitEsit FRUITS, NUTS, &U.-424 lbs
rant* Clitraza• 500 Ito &Wine Attain; MI by, M.
abOn• 1M hi bmi dodo. 411 qr has do:4 du; 40 4 bye
dO.dAY drua• Smyrna 14115 S comes idtlzoo; 0 dos Goa.
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' 3'33' S
MAW.. 006 rale by J. 11. ALLI/518 • CM n.n .
IWO Corner Wood A Itith yty.
(„,lILVER WARE—Spoons, Forks, Ladleg,
10 Butler 111/doom 'fro 54(14. CoLA, •o-.A . Abw
Isetured to order and on bawl!, o
51lrer Wt. tatwavonavrates.
itri "."'° ' '6" 0.
tbr. mazut a Yonzlit K.
[Corre•poodence M the Daily birmh Gasetl,.l
Sane between Old Dillon and .Ifr: Borriro—Lre
pont"! Mattor Geosorol—Drolior of Mr. Ern
.ton—Crilirol Star of TnnPF Modifiratons--.IT
Borharton, Cold /rota; and rhe Prosidemoo
There wan animated pas-ace to day between
Mr. Benton and Mr. Berrien in respect to the
bill for the settlement of California land titles.
The Ulfxsouri Senator has ton since his defeat
none of his imperious manner which hits charac
terized him during his thirty yearn nenico In
the name exalted •position, and hr came down
upon Mr. Berrien with unusual virulence to day
beranse as Chairman of the Judiciary Commit
tee, he had shown hut little partiality for the
bill, which he, Mr. Benton. had prepared to set
tle disputes over real estate in California. Thin
is a domain which he considers almost' as exclu
sively his own as Missouri itself. Mr. Berrien
however,. the last moo to yield to impetuosity
to sarcasm, or to intimidation. lie met Oh
Bullion at the threshold, and told him that h
bad parsed the day when ouch assaults could i
Mate him. If there was one man in the Sena
who supposed that he could he goaded into th
one of the some weapons of defence which M
Benton had thought not unbecoming the plac
or his character to seize for his attack, he cool
- ,
Inly say that Qe fulmired hie simplicity. I can
Convey to your readers lint at feeble impression
of the effect which the calm severe dignity of
Mr. Berrien pmlnced.npon the Senate. Noth
ing can disconcert 0 01,1 Bullion," hut he showed
himself sulliciently . sensible of the rebuke be had
provoked to return to the argument on the pen
ding measure without renewing the personal as
sault. •
The gtilleric, of the Sepals were crowded fro
an early hour this morning with an nudiencr at
tracted by the expectation of a personal debate
between Senators Clay end Benton. Mr. Clay,
yesterday announced tl o tr he should app.e the
bill for granting to the State of Missouri, cer- .
tont arrears alleged to be, due her of the two per
cent fund on theistic', of public lands, for school
purposes, and that 16 should controvert every
one of the positions taken by Mr. Benton in sup
port of it. It seemed to be regarded, by the
friends of the two distinguished Senators, a per
sonal affair between them. But the sehject was
passed over to day by consent of Mr. Clay.
It niny be pertinent to the dexription of the
passage between Messrs. Benton and Berries; tb
state that the particular amendment to theCalifor
ohs Bill which Mr. Benton offered as a point on
which to test Mr. Berrien 's position, received
but nine votes, againiit thirty seven. How diff
erent the etene k now that from that when the 're
ally great Senator frobs Missouri rode triumph
ant Over the rommon sense, and all legislative
propriety and demeanor, in defacing the journals
of the Senate by expunging with black lines ,
part of its record. Then he strode at the head
of his servile majority, literally a
Y'msar with a 'Senate at his heels
Now he gets nine votes out of sixty two. The
rontrast presents a notable lesson on the route
bilities of human affairs.
'Cul. Fretnont will not return during this ses
sion of Congress. Should there be no election
of Senator in California this winter, as there
cannot be without a special session of the Lekis-
Inture, it would not surprise me li:lice Mr. lien
toll making his wny to the field of content, and
perhaps himself standing for the }hare for which
his son-in-law is a candidate with very little hope
of success.
Notching tit6uito has yet been agreed upon in
moanl to the twill. The interests rettuiring and
demanding protection are conilteting, some de
eeding 210 much that tits friend, of n ...dill.-
tion hate seriuus fears that it would destroy nay
chalice "(success with the genet al Lill itt whine
all prvuottoitions for the telsantagy of the nation.
si indut.try most have a Once.
Mr. Much:man k liven to town these t na
days past. Ile rttecives of 5.05.0 crest mutation.
of all the Northern eantlidates for the succession
he is the hoed popular with the Sotithera,politi
ci.ta... "r rather lot is the tody ow. a Ito 'Weill,
vii 1111/Ch tolerated by the noire and ilifiu
maial wing oldie part) in the South, to wit.the
seeviiviohists, uulliher,. and . tho evtrone net gen
erally. liana all will nit dn. Thu nonlial Mitred
between Mtn and Ilivas in thonelitatew when; taint
Imre iniluenee will prove fatal In the pretensions
of either Ihtt the hamsomg,iir Mr. Bitch:man
herr jai.* at this time, is a fortunate tircuilmtance
lowan, hi , prevence and active 1,111 vaysing a
mong mmotiery will do nitwit to bring the dem
iwirtveY to • vense of the fart that unless they give
more etfectual protection open iron,—they will
be licked up lite <tnh6ie by the devonring flame
In Pennsylvania. Mr. 11 , 1 , 1m:ion itsolervtissl
to levailiising Mu fetetol. to vault. alsoit the eidd
frog'. fa , Thie,e-.ieff for if the pima aim . lie 101 l to
tiles est. aloe!. will he giie II op votively to pr.: •-
ickntonl intrigoes. his V:111.• I. post hope.
111,1/ 7, IYro l .
-4 i,ln4i;h7i
tr. Jerml — rat el,. rqj
and Refroplv 6a. , ren , hmeni
and ryform.
A few minutes to fore adjournment yesterday.
Mr., of Penna., ogerml iq committee of
the whole. as an amendment to the hill for sup
plying deficieneics in the appropriations of last
year. the rollowilig important hill for the utosliti
cation of the nanlr:
• , •
,A• 14::..
Jo • ..t.
W 2.1.
And lie it further ensiled. That on and after
the first day of April next. the dune, required
In law to he levied, collected, and •pahl ou grids,
wares and nierchainliss, holm-tea into the Inn
teriStates, shall he asses-red inu the market value
thereof, with the mhlition of such charges WI are
el.w imposed by law, nt the time and place of
xport: Proroloi, That upon all descriptions of
iron. upon machinery made wholly or iu part of
iron, and upon anchors, chain cable, nod anvils,
the duties shall be assessed upon the average
prices with charges added, which like desk:rip
dorts of iron bore in the principal torts of the
country whence imported, during tine ten fiscal
years Immediately Jo - et-riling the y of impor.
tatio, sorb values and eliarges to he ascertained ascertained
until declared by the riceretar of the Treasury,
as the basis for each ma:reeding lineal year.
L!. Anil is. it further enaeteth That en
411.1 after the first day of April nest, the duties
upon window glass nand linseed 861 shall lie thirty
per cent., notion all descriptions or iron, upon
machinery made wholly or in part of iron, and I
upon chain cables, arrehors mud anvil, the dirties
.shall i.e forty per cent: Presoitsf Th a t an y
urns of ditties impiserl by this act on any rail
road iron impovel for the nee of any railroad,
and actually nod permanently hail down for the
me of such railroad within one year after the
passage of tan, act_ shall b e remitted by the
Secretary of the Trtresury. iio sarafactory proof '
being furnished that such iron was so iniimrted
and laid down.
NI I: win
4 44 .1,
4: Du
0 . .
- •
, Sec. And be it further enacted, That on
and after the let may of
.ipeit nem, the duties
upon all cordage and yarns' composed who* or
in part of hemp or opon all manufactures
composed wholly or in part of sheep's wool, and
upon ail _'relined sugar, omit be, respectively,
ten per'cenitita ad caiman over and above the.
rate of :lots now asneseeil by lair on hemp .and
sheep's wol, inouanufactured oust raw sugar.
"See. 4. And be it further enact., That on
and alter the Ist day of April nest. rate silk, in-
I digo, and all articles which on the 2tith day or
I July, tolil, avert. imetnitt from duty, shall be ad
, witted free of duty.
••See. u. Ater be it. further enacted. That to
prevent fritioln by undervaluations, and to insure
main-mit) in appritisements, there shall be 'ap
pointed. MN now provided for local . appraiser,
three appraisers at large, who shall' prepare
miles for the government of the local animism,,
the iiivoral ports of the United States, rind
Berform ouch tidier duties as the Secretary of
11... Treasury may upprovr and . .teeth, eatill
whieli Sporaisers shall receive amnia' 1 . 01/1-
pen,ation of two thouviand dollars, with tin ne
cessary traveling exp. - moot, to be timid by the
Secretary of the Trearury.
"Sec. ti. And he it further enacted. Thirt the
periods during whirl, byexisting laws intpoil- 4
deposit. in public waridoittnes inaylie With
drawn for immediate exportation or consump.
tiros, be, and the mine are hereby, extended to
thing years."
This bill, it will he ,eco, is exece..lingly mod
erate in its provhdons. The plan of iiiiiiiirtaiii
lug the duties upon iron nee . ording to the average
price of a period of ten years i;ieeeding, to be
ascortnined and declared by the Sedretary of the
Tivasury is iiiiiiiinitile. It guitriiii nplititit
frauds; it precludes perjury. the reinisly provi
ded in it against the, minim, 4 ilitaitilatioliN in for
eign markets is omplete itii it is eilluliin:—
Hilt owing to influ as c ences which liwill not now en
larbm upon, the result or thin well arranged effort
to obtain imme mitigation of the present oppres
sive system, wan entirely unfortunate. The
chairman, Arcade, orVirs,dnia, (of course of Vir
ginia) decidml the amendment out of order.
While the appeal was pending the !louse ad
journed, This morning, es soon as the ,louse
again Went into counnittee, the chairman stated,
the grounds of his decision, and Mr. Strong
called for tellers on his appeal. The chair was
sustained, ayes 10", noes 87, majority against
considering the amendment, 15. The vote being
taketi by tellers, it is: impossible to place upon
the record the names of those who, not being
called on to ..keep the words of protnitie to the
car.':l on the yeas and nays, hesitated not to
"break it to the-hope." .
, Mr, Schenck attempted again to bring the sub
ject before the House, by. combining together.
parts lof Mr. Strong's amendment, one .or two
sectiolla of Mr. Winthrop's Senate bill, and MO,
log to affix the whole to the bill as an additional
section. This wan ruled out of order, by the
rote of 103 to :0.
WA.I,IiITON. Jan. 28
On both votes, with two or three exceptions,
the northern democrats voted with the opponents
of protection. The only exceptions which I no
tind• were Mr. Waldo of Connecticut, 'Messrs
Story and Thompson of Pennsylvania. The
Southern Whigs generally likewise took a wrong
comae: Notwithstanding all hopeti and expect-
Snell, of our friends, I am compelled to admit
that thin veto is probably decisive of the contest
at this session: It is my deliberate opinion that
'these divisions are just as' conclusive' of the
struggle is if they bad taken place wile mer
its of the question. Mr. Story Ina been deceived
by aesurances probably not meant to be fulfilled:
And now that settled, that our foreign and
domestic industry are to remain upon then re
cent unsatisfactory basis for censor two yeats to
come, and thatur revenue are to be insufficient
to tneetour immensely increased expenditure, we
must do our best to curtail disbursements.—
We must give up all thoughts of new lines
of government steemens with the enormous
direct outlays and incidental expenses andpatron
nage which belong. to such schemes. We must
abandon the thought of appropriating need
ful sums for the improvement of harbors and
rivers. We must every however cruel the
necessity appears, refine, those additions
. the army which have been proved India
peniible for the adequate protection of our new
and greatly extended frontiers. We shall not have
the revenue to defray the coat of these objects.
We must economise, or we shall next bear of the
cessation of payment upon the interest upon the
national debt and, its virtual repudiation..
The bill providing for deficiencies in last year's
appropriations was passed to day as reported, the
aggregate •of its various items was $1,398,000.
This has been swelled by•thu addition of two or
three hundred thousand dollars to meet the char.
gee and delayed bills incidental to the late Mex.
icon War.
The census returns of the more neatens South.
ens States ore coming in not quite so favorably as
imnue sanguine caloidators had counted upon:—
Take for example the population of the eastern
Aloe holding portion of Virginia. That div,ision
ih IS4O and in 1850. _ '
Whites • 371,000
Free Blacks 42,000
Slaves 384,100
806,000' 865,000
The increase of the whites has been 36,000,
equal to 9 per cent of the blacks, 6;000 or 14 per
cent, of the slaves 17,000 or 4 per cent: The
lVeatern District of the same greet State, con
taining, perhaps, aix-tenths of the territory of
the whule,comparativelynon slaveholding and in
t 4 which imudgrationbas received a new impulse,
lms - risen from 432,090 of all classes In 1840,
to 507,000 iu 1850,this large increase is emial to
an aggregate gain of all classes of 32 per cent
But the number of the whites - has advanced from
371,000, to 492,000 while the slaves have gain
ed only about 10,000, and the free blacks less
than 2400. 'The population of the whole State
may tie thus given—
Free Colored
Total 1,430,006
There is one fact about the above podulatlon
eaculated to arrest our attention and excite our
regret. In Western Virginia we see nearly the
actual natural increase.. That is not •a slave ,
hlwiting country. But not so in the olden region
East of the mountains, where, in IS4O, the sloven
were considerably more numerous than. the
whitss. Tbere,Lit appears, the actual increase . ,
of the white, on it lesser foUndation has been
just about double that of the slaves. There Lis
been no po , tilt , ttre there, nor has 'tiny thing oc
curred to diminish the regular natural increase
of :tie slaves. They love been soil to the
Latium; of the South, in such numbers as proves
that one cause of the still anima and 'fanatical
attachment of those worn out districts to sldvery
is the existence there of the abominable % domes
tic slave trade.
The total population of the United States wilt'
I.robahly fall slightly under 23,000,000. Penn
sylvaitia, if the statement te.correct that she hat
2.21;0.1100, will retain her present sneer of 24
rept eseatatiVen. Jun Ira.
eUtrt , lwenieum of the Nay PitteborSh Gad..
. Bighorn read itt his place a bill to repeal
the third, fourth, and fifth sections of the Ten
liour Law, no far. Inleteo to the County of Alle
gheny: also, a tupplement to the act reducing
interest a money from, eight to six per cent. per
annum, which provides that Ito lieu of the penal
ties coot-lined in the second section of the act to
which this is a supplement that on any con
tract made after the first day of September next,
only the excitss of interest over six per cent. per
annum shall be forfeited--one half to the Com
monwealth. and one half to the informer. After
the let Sept. next, any person, corporation. or
body politic, may agree in writing to pay any
rote of interest agreed upon between the said
Also, a bill to provide that Mattock's Alley,
twenty feet wide, running from Penn street to
Duquesne Way; one hundred feet westwardly
from Ilantock street, in Pittsburgh, be, and the
same is hereby declared to be 4 public highway.
Mr. McCloskey a bill which repeals the tenth
and eleventh "sections of the act to amend the.
fee bill passed Feb. 22d, 1821, so far an they ef
fect the Justices of the Peace of Allegheny coun
ty. The bill revives, solfar as relates to Alleghe
ny county„ the fourteenth and fifteenth sections
of the act of 31orch 28th, 1814, to establish a fee
Mr. Griffin n bill which appropriates $6,009 .
out of the State tax in the treasury of Somer
set, Fayette, and Greene comities, (an equal
amount for each,) for tho improvement and re
pair of the state road leading from_ the White
Horse Tavern to Shulman county, through Fay
ette and Greene colludes, in the direction of
Grave Creek, in Virginia.
Mr. Titre read in place a bill incorporating the
Firadleyville and Saw Mill Run Plank Road Com
Mr. Robertson a bill to incorporate the Odd
Fellows' Hall association of the city of Pitts
Mr. Browne read in 'place joint resolutions
relative to the Fugitive: Slave Law. They
call for such a modification of the measure -as.
swill meet the wishes of the people of Pennsylva
nia, especially in the mattter of the special tri
bunalS clothed with discretionary power—tribu
nals which all past history shows to have. been
the subject of utilise and the instntments of op
pression; .and in -the allowed in izdjutlicating
slave cases, and the obligation it seems to im
pose upon the benevolent, the moral and religious
citizens of the Free States, to refrain from ad
ministering, in a christian spirit to the unfortu
nate and starving runaways in their own efforts
to amine their personal freedom, and so as to
protect more effectually the free citizens of Penn
Mr. Linton, in place, a bill relative to the
claim of Jam. Layton, and a bill extending the
limits of Johnstown, Cambria county.
Mr. W. Evans a bill incorporating the Green
ville and Centreville Turnpike Road Company.
Mr. McKee a bill fixing the plan of holding
elections in Oliver township, and changing the
'dace df boiling elections in l'erry township,
Jefferson county.
In the Senate. Mr. Walker, of Erie, from the
Committee on Banks, reported the Free Banking
Rill, with amendments. •
Ur. ('another: reel in place rt. 'bill fixing the
place of • holding elections in I Alins
.111egliens county.
The hill to establi.Sh the Board of Revenue
l'omutiseiouen wan considered in that body, owl
was under discussion when the sessionelosed.
Do grrxsur..
I Cc rr. gtonJ e nrr vt the Daily Plltabstrgh Gazette.)
This io the thirty-third day the Atlantic has
been from Liverpool, and - the general opin
ion 0000, is, that she will never he heard from.
A gentleman Bear Boston, who bus relations on
board, called on Meagre. Collins &Co., the own
en, of the line, yesterday, and offered to contri
bute ono thousand dollars towards the immediate
fitting out of a Steamer, to proceed to the Attires,
or IV eg tern Isles, whither it is hoped elle ha., made
her way.
I learn, that they will, in connection with'the
shippers and underwriters, adopt this couree.—
The Halifax papers etate that a -British revenue
cutter has been dispatched from that, port to
Sable Inhued, in search of the Atlantic,,-, and
though there is little if any hope of receiving
any intelligence of her from - that source—the
humane feelings which prompted the act, merit
our grateful approbation.
-The Cunard steamship, Asia: sailed hence for
Liverpool to-day, with $2.7. 5,678 in specie, 111/11
about one hundred and fifty pessetegent, among .
whom were J. H. Smith, A. 8. Consul, and A.
8. Solonten, bearer of dispatches.
The Opera of Romeo. and Juliet (in Italian,)
was brought out at the Opera House last night,
in splendid style,•with Signorma Panetli as Ro
meo and Miss Virginia Whitheg,
VOLUME mciv--LSumßga
Ilanatasonn, Jan. 28, 1-£1,51,
PEON NEW Y1:1118.
New YORE, Jan. 09.
sumo ratio i t increase would give us a popula
tion then, of 3,146,600-:—lnceedlng .the present
population of Not York.' But we anticipate
much more rapid growth than that of th e lulo
years. The completion. of the great "Catilli
it,,Hceed ; the opening of steam tommamiestion
between the metropolis of the State and Europe;
the modification of the taritT, which isuonfideut
ly expected; the ineresming derelepementof our
agricultural and mineral resources; the reduc
tion of our State debt and of on, taxes may be
expected—all these 'are eirmunkanom calculated'
to spur on the Old Deystone to renewedprooper
ity, and make Der mere attractive thin seer, to •
immigrants, at the same that they attach to her
more finely thail ever; tht ce . who hese 14r*17
found homes within her borders. If curl:ranee
ID the lest 10 years has been nrarly SU per cant,
it would not , indicate an over sanguine mind to
predict that in the next decennial period, one in
crease will be 40 per cent. or over 000,000. Lot
we will give up anticipating anal,' fully contety
id with the Tirana liatteriatreality.
Juliet. The incidents of the Opals are A im \
than th ey are in thi Play, X.fierigh the main fee- \
tures or the I'M are retained.l.4.After abort \
gagements in Philadelphia.Baltiminu,and!t a g-
Ington, Parocli leaves for Swope. ;
A Committee his been ippon:del bye:allowed
of Aldermen to tender Gen. Houston, of Rena
the hospitality of the city, on his• arrival hem
from Philadelphia, to-morrow.
.The small pox and typhus fever is at present
ragMg on Staten Island, having been brought
there by the emigrant. , at quarantine. On him
day; John 9. Cameron; M. D., Assistant
clan of of the Marine Hospital. at quarantine, died,
of typhus fever.- -Tbo-cases of ship fever are
very numerous and altogether there is consider.
able alarm in the sicinty of the IlospitaL
The arrival of the . American Clipper' Ship,
Oriental, at Leaden, recently, alter an unprece.
dented ran from China, him canoed alai,* drat
of jeabmsey on • the part of "John Ba11, 0 :sod.
formed the subject for several
,artichte in the
_press. The impression she created
on the mind of the British public was ea
favorable as to disturb the equanimity of :same
of the ship-builders there,- one of
tared to nay, that if a rare Oland, was gives t o
him to build a ship, he would construct one that
would out-sail the Oriental or any other
.Ameri- -
can vesiel. Thin challenge has not beta 'over
looked here. The Union Club and aims large
ship owners of this city have already atartad a
subscription of $100;000 to build a Clipp er,
casting that sum, to:sail from Liverpoollo New
York and back, with any similar built vessel
England, and on the completion of the roma, -
both ships to belong to the winning parhy.„: .
This challeng e was sent out by the Asia;
day, and if "John Ball" accepts, the braider* -
will be set at work immediately. This trial Is to
settle the question of.wha has the dosainiand the
seas. Thus far, American ships have outstripped
. .
every nation.
A week's later addees from Europe are looked
fin. to-day by the steamship. Quads via. •Hallha.
She may possibly bring some• tidings of the At
, .
There has been a reaction in the
.stock market
to-day, and nearly erery description operated in
is lower. This is owing -to w little leers ease is
the money nu4ket. Pcumsylvitu - ''s Lis sold al iist;
Ohio and Pennsylvania Bands are holding firmly,
' with few If any offering.
The Complimentary dinner to Col. Richard Mf
Hoe, the inventor of the celebrated Cylinder
Printing Press, given by tie Mimes. Heath, of
the Bun 4 was a grand affair.. The dinner took
place at the Astor Howie. The guests comprised
,a strong deputation from .the press of this and
other cities ; some of our most prominent Print
ers, type founders, - engravers and publisher;
G. P. It. James, H. T.- TurAerman, and ether
authors of celebrity were present. MOM/ 8.
Bench was in the chair,• and the Vico Presidents
were, Gen. Ceo. P. Morris, Horace Creel'', Gen. .
A. Chandler, and M. if. Noah, of New 'York.
C. Bentbuysen, Albany, T. T. Kinney, Nesiark,
J. F. Babcock, New Haven; and Jasper Harding,
Philadelphia_ A large number of toasts .wets
offered,. highly complimentary to Mr... Hoe and
the Messrs. Beach, which were appm4etely
responded to by the various distingmahwl guests,
The cost of the Press is - $.20,0K and the Messrs.
Beach regard it as the elie,•-• bill they ever
paid. .
It appearn from the anima report of the,State
Engineer and Surreyor, containing the returns
of all the Railroads in thin State, for the year
ending September 80th, 1850, !that the whole
number of miles of road in operation at the
date mentioned wen 1 , 284 i; the course of con
etruction 484 i; brought i n use from January
let to September 80th, 202; cast of conitrietion
of thee,' .102 miles, $8,167,448 41. Total' ex
penditures for Railroads In the State to Septem
ber 50tb, 1050, $60,i00,7tr1 DI.
1 learn that an additional fifty gales of the
Erie Railroad will be completed next , Week--
. The whole distance from New York is now, 320
miles. The rails hare been - laid clqin between
Calm and Dunkirk. TheAlrectorti state thit the
road will without doubt, be coropletmlby the first
of May nest.
. . .
There i.: a rumor that a ut,aithea: cd . the Beard
of Rrukers leas absconded Ixith . n lame . , amount
or money obtained from tine tea/later air. stOelts
to him f, which he 122110 d hl4'oll l ook2i aihlch 012
pret,oltatina were not ;4.0. • The 00101.2112 "is
2211,p0,1.2 01 he nifty thourand doUsra :She indi
vidual altuded tois of highly reFpectr.bteimeent•
age, his father having oecn , pioil, tine niost exalted
stations in the'service or w, or
Irma thr I . l3ltedelphia reslng Rulletln
• . .
There is no ouch thing, see Relieve, as-remedy
ing the defects etc census, and hoWever palpa
ble the error may be, the' oaths of the" Slurshal
and his 'deputies are con,iderml to make a decis
ion from whirls there is no appeal. The cetieue
-of New York city, which ciphers ant a popula
tion 0f`31,5,:1ne inhabitants,. also Ores them and
37,730 houses to live in; or ono house to eveu
13-00 person, The census of Philtidelphia
m6l-es n population of 409,045' inhabltantsg but
gives Amin 11.501 to lite in, er-one house to ev- ,
eryol.6l; persons—n reasonable and probablerras
tie. There...must he very, great, errors in the
New York enumeration, or her homes must be
crowded far-beyond any thing ever knoiin before
in America, and quite equal to the over Crowded
_ .
towns of the old world. if there has been no
wilhjl misstatement of the figures:- the Marshals
must hare pursued the pinto of wanting all those
residents of Brooklyn, Williatosburgh, Jeaet
City and other neighboring Cowin, who hswkpla
ccs of business in New York; besides letting them
be enumerated tot 'their dwellings : This pine,
wo can readily cooptive, would give New York
no many inhabitanfs as 31r. Marshal Talmadge
introduces with sushi, flourish.
But while New York city is thus made to sp-.
pear so far in , advance et Philadelphia, it is •
gratifying fact that the State of P r eanay/rania
fibs increased, within the jest ten'years, in arr do far : beyond any of the°Mir Stales, and tptita
as rapidly as some of• the younger States of the
West. Wogirs 'below a statement of the . pepula.
don of the" Atlantic States, with t 4 increase
since 1840. The figures are• noi, in all eases;
official, but the full returns will not Tory but •few
hundreds in any mum -
140. IMO. !perm,. I. per
Peonarivani.l T14,0e1 'Z721.030 C. 00,011
lore.. 2.4 - .1.500 Z,ami,4o3 1510400 , .7h
New Jar... 7, • :f.".L.MO
be 4 7lstv. 1X,4\5 . I=2 .
Maryiarai. 5':.14'1' 1u1'.573
{bifida! Ltaista - - ..15N
NA-a:vans. .a 1419
0{4,702 Za3.1141. • .1413 It ak
ilamaralare. 310.907 :St.t.ra • 11 , 1
llmea.rhwetaa, 0.7,04 0.1..15n.i 101"..a1
l anacnat., :114,=. 1 , 4174 7.74
This table shows, at a glance, which_ f t:te
Eastern Stites has in her 'Oto elethmts of the
greatest prosperity. In spite ;of thererippll
of her energies by the redaction of the tariffluel
in spito of the ingenious arithtoetics'of. the New
York marshals, Pennsylvania has increased with
rapidity exceeding that of New York, by more
than seven percent. We have not the MI pop
ulation of Ohio, but we have sees it sated at
about 2,100,000. This is an'incraans otibant
680,000, and is a little heavier ratwilrwint_
than Pennsylvania; but we:fully expected that
Ohio would have overtaken us by 1850; whens..s,
she is still more than 200,000 behind tie; and at
the present rate at which Penneylvilds
wincing, site will not be up to of even in 1860.
But it bt not only by comparison witikOther
State', that the growth of l'erinsylinitie in tshib
ited. - She shows it remarkable ndvance tut com
pared' with herself during previous intininili of
itl years. We hare - prepared the following ta
ble, showing her population, and her inare4se at
rosnakm. incresne la 1070. tweets per et.
lea..-- oe-1.09 .311K
.U'uu, ooo .
This in e striking picture of, our. pesgrgee,i It
show that the Old Keystone has increased 4110
1810 more rapidly than she has dons Wined:toe
in the present century. We contemn to. astonish-,
meet at the result. The reduction.of theletlift
the suspension of se, many of earlforruitteisind
manufacturing establishments: the -heavy tern ,
tine reqUired by our enormous State debtzthe
Amin of enligeci to CulifOrflia, nisi' to the
Western, Statcaia-all these were anises Which
would le one to expect lint 14 torily hum* in
our popu la tion. That the State hue
.gioil at
ouch a remarkable rate, iu opito of shone obsta
cles, in Oa, stroarst proof of the copfidestne
which the world feels in her resource-1; and her
ability to rid her,elf of herbiirderot; nail became,
At no distort day. the lending Scow of WlUn
ion. If Pennsylvania ban grown that fromlB4o
to 1850, what may we not expect in -1860 . 2. The
y ,;