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    friun width ire were rescued by
tbakaaistiond. ooarage, and pairiotbnn of our fa-
It would afford Inc great pleasure to -dwell on
•these moat interesting topics, , tent I am adman-.
Idled that my hour is rapidly' paSSittgaway. Aa
than are mousy gentlemen on this floor Who are
'..itbuntiantly able to advocate MO interests of the
vnrioud brAuebes of industry, m their respective
States, I shall confine myself thietly to those
brandies of industry and enterprise embraced
in, or affected by, tho manufacture of iron in
• la order, eitsiFtnan,' to a right under—
rof the importance Of this subjtet,
• it will be necessary to, lay before you some facts
and statistics, not generally. known by those
whose interests are not immediately affected by
them. •
For the following statistics, I am indebted to
the labors of a conceal of tuanuftictusers
_.. .cowing a' L.
.he labors of a colleen ion of iron ..
which tort in Plilladel hia, 'in Dec. VW, and
they are helieied to be correct :
The total, tumber conntie , th. Scato ...
th,::the eaulabwr now cortudnins WM worts. t5....P
• nombarmatainiast no Won worti b .. .17
• -.Of these .so7enteett counties, • however, nine„
-Contain abundance of iron' ore and coal, but lu'
r 'Mitsui facilities of getting to market, they remain
untottehrl, leasing only /apt countien out of the
sixty:two' in the State not suited to the manu
• t I : kt.
5 1
F e.:a
• v.
. • , s
•,•;:= ar
• f
- 0 ".:'!"
g e
•-• fifteen foremen were sold by the eherifidorbig the first
bar months of the lent year, mei other dc. uhtlet . eAeer ,
WI trill ndUoi the ember in blast still lower. A COMP.-
ism of the make of with that of 1.547. thole" &stew
of Is*.c27 ton% or 49 a coat. in three years. It the pelmet
,:tase thiAA-loootbroes, the =the of len will not =eel
armosoN or cur vitt. 'nor.,
The SZTrizo , to.111”hows tbo number of forgeoloid
M=f:f ' l ' ; B frto iotV,Ml= g„w4ibr
OA+ Cumetr par annum. and theirmake in and Si.
t iClume• Mae . WA
brocatsit " 0 Ruz.
fag!! 12142026,300 60.Z0 39,997 25.495
ans., 19 844230 430 174,400 1E3,760 103,359
70t41.. 3)3111,690,600 402 4ZI V. 4,650 Ml= IM S.`3.
'The amount made in 1849 shown a falling off
Tette that of 1847 of 86,874 tons, or thirty three
per cent.
Lithe eattorn part of the state, every descrip
tion of manufactured iron 'that comes in compe
tition with tee English, is, to a gut extent,
driven from the market, and its malitifacture has
Ivied almost 'entirely suspended • All the Mar
kets at all accessible from the lakes or the sea,
have been supplied from 'abroad.
But little railroad iron is manufactured, and
that only . forthe Interior of the State. In this
branch of nattrinfacturo, Small as it to, the follow
ing doellivolle shown:
Presentcapacity of the State, 64,400 tons rails.
•In 1847 were mods, 40,966 do.
In 1849 were made, 18,973 do .
Decrease lit two years, 11,993 tons, or 54 per
The other rolling mills that are attempting to
run at all, are chiefly sustained by the manufac
ture of boilerplates and Cut nails, which are not
no much affected by Soreign competition, though
the ilemandtmd prices have been much reduced
by it. ,
tett nails are exclusively of AmerHcan invention
And manufacture. The numberofinail muchines
in the State is - 606. The annual productions of
etch machine arprage 101:e0 kegs, of 100 pounds
each—making 600,000 kegs, or ''0,300 tons a
year, Of the product of the forges, two thirds
are' Bald in the form of blooms to the rolling mills,
and are manufactured into boiler plates. horse
shoe rods, and bars, for the manufacture of
scythes, axes, edge tools, and cutlery, and other
articleS is/Wring a high polish. The remaining
one third to eold in the form of hammered bar,
iron in competition with Swedish and ItneVian
' •We have in the State thirteen worts engaged
in the manufacture of steel—coven in the eastern
and six in die Weston!, part. Those in the east
rare situated in Philadelphia, Lancaster, and
York counties.. Those in the welt are all in the
:county of Allegheny, which composes MY own
district. These works produce annually over
six thousand tour of steel.
The total number of iron works in the State is 504.
The capital invested in Wads, buildings, awl ma
chinery. $20,602,076
• Thellinnber of men employed, 30,103
The number of hones employed. 13,562
The capital invested includes only such lands
'unit buildings as belong to the iron ruanufactu
rot, and suelt as are directly dependent on iron
works for their value.
• Thus the value of fmr., grist, and saw mill" ,
and similar property, horses, wagons, tools, he.,
'stud: the dwellings of workmen near large cities,
flee excluded, because, though belonging to the
. 4fOrke, and their value greatly affected by them,
'.3*t they have, to some extent, an independent
"The value of all cool lands has also been et
eluded, both for the reason before given, and be
cause it is the custom generally to purchase coal
delivered at the works. The capital and men
einployed &raining and transperging this coal to I
the works, and carrying:rile iron" to market, have
not been included in the above account, because
nothing may than a mere conjectural estimate
rain be formed without more accurate information
posseos at present.
' More thtui one half of the anthracite furnaces,
and a portion of the charcoal furnaces, purchase
their ore of the fanners in their vicinity. There
- are other large ore banks in 11w State belonging
it patties who work them and sell the ore to the
fitrnricea!n their neighborhood: The value of all
!Vete bre banks, and the number of laborers em
pldyeil ai them, are also excluded front this ne
cqiust. .
Estinintea have been made, however, from da
ta believed to, be reliable, of the number of labor
ers net lathe pay of the iron manufacturers, hut
directly dependent math° iron works fa supporl,
amounting to 7,091 far blast furnaces, and 4,43 _
for rolling Mills, forges, Bc., making together,
11,613, to be added to the number before stated,
pr a grand totnl.of 41,010 men dependent on the
i r Oa bAainelt 3 in the State: Allowing five per
'llona to each laberer, which , is believed to be an
under estimate, we have a:population of 209,080
persons, or nearly one tenth of the entire pope,
I oti&inf the State, deperidCat on the manufacture
of iron. ,' .
The eoinramptlon of fuel in all the- Iron works
of the Stain In 1647, trail as follow=
Anthracite ,coal, 493,000 tens, at a average
tralua of $8 per ton, '1,449,000
. BitumMousrconi, 9,007,800' blishels,
at 5 ceota per buahel, 450,380
yood, iailading coat
of converting
• into charcoal, and, delivering at
fnisitee, •
. .
Total value, '54,876,881
- About the year 1842 a great irapettis wee gin
ip owing to the, discovery a few
years before that of the %aloe of antltimite real
for the putpeee of making iron. The reduction
of duties , under the compromise set of 1833. hav
ing reached its lowest point in .41342, and the
postage of a new tariff in that ;year. together,
pri:aluee the curious result Of twenty pew works
built, and twenty failure. f
' :The ntimber of new wcrks then increases
steadily, and the number failures ileereietes.
until, in 1846, they stand Mg three new work+
built, tofinir...fuiltire , lint in that year the te
riff:oring seas repealed,'arid the present ad no
lorem duty. Lid on the price ;of foreign iron.
which was then eicessivel3d,ineated, by the rail.
way fever in England, and it the nett year (18471
.iibersumber, of now uorks,land the umber of
'failures, arc again nearly even, 06 to n 24) us in
1842 ; het with this iraportrint:differetwo, that itt
1642; distress was decreasing,' while the ditlicial.
tiel'of 1847 were only the ginning; of more se
.SiottCtroubitts. This is eh. vu by the regularly
number of new werks,,.and the con
-staidly increasing number of, failures, Until in
1649 only:rusie new works w re erected, while the
• failures amounted to the fe rful number of Fl3ll
- oeJ.
• •
, • The - coal interrat of Penneylranian, Mr. Chair-
Yuan. rapecially of the western port of the State,
. d
'is also suffering severely - tinder . the Operation of
She praent tariff. Unclit the to " of 1842.
Millions of bushels-of bituminous coal wero
mined on the Western elope of the eghenies,
by which all the towns and tines ening on
the Ohio and 3lississippi to
, Ilaw-0 Icarus were
supplictrt4thillis article.. Yost q ti t were
sold at the latter ;lace fur. shipping Purposes;
and in retina, - oar 'market watt a plied with
'their, Immo, cotton, molasses, fte. l i ty this
f 4.ex
change of products af i inhor,'„ On 4ndiuttry,
euterptira,- an& capital of intt,h v . I . mi . InuttallY
stimulated and bencritted. Ntra, antler the re
duced duties of the tariff of DOG, our principal
market, New Orkans, is taken, from tis entirely,
'ad Oran to thajoreign importer, who htitiß in
is full supply of that Article no
saving the height entirely.
i regret,'Mr. Chairman, that I have net with
in my rroch sufficient data from which to form a
correct estimate of this great interest, which
embraces within its range thousands of our citi-
Llens, as well as those who are immediately en
' gaged in mining and transportatiou; {l., the Own
ers of the coallands, the farmer, the mechanic,
and manufacturer. who supply them . k:ith the
necessaries of life, and the uneans of mart ing
on their business.
The allegation Inns often been mode that a
tariff is Only calculated to benefit the manulae
tures, and that the, farmers of the country bare
no interest whatever in it. Let it 4 examine tints
question for a few moments.
The fernier is interested. as all others are. inn
buying as cheaply and selling dearly a+ he
can. If he could fad in ready market. Int as
gOOll . prices. and each paymnt
em for nll his ag
ricultural, products, indepsadetnay of the manu
facturing establishmates of the rountry no they
afford, there might be s omething_iti_the asser
tion. In other words, if the farmer had nothing,
to sell, bat always paid cash for all his pur
chases, it would be bast for Idol to buy iu the
cheapest cash market. But. if Inc: Into no market
for his wheat, corn, oats, hay, tobacco, hemp,
horses, cattle, hogs, sa, where is the money
come from to entable him to buy in thin "cheap
market V Under such circumstances, it matters
but little whether the market he cheap or dear.
Geaeral Jackson once said, if you will take six
hundred thousand 1111 , 11, women, and children,
from agriculture, and put them into manufac
tures. you will create a better home market for
the farmer than is furnished by all tine world
beside. Sound philosophy, as well as experi
ence and obserrotion, all teach its that the high
est degree of prosperity and happiness will hr
found wherever labor is so equally divided and
mingled together, that the producer awl Con
sumer mutually furnish and supply a market for
each ether. with the least expense for tramp,-
Lotion. The ready exchange of the products
of labor and capital combhusl, is the great
desideratum, tending to the rapid development
of the resources of the country and its greatest
degree of prosperity. BM time will not permit
me to dwell on this interesting topic.
Let us, Mr. Chairman, for a moment. survey
the effect of a single furnace on the markets of
the neighborhood where it is located.
The average number of men employed at a -
charcoal furnace 'making 1,000 tons of pig iron:
a year,. is not less than seventy: making a pupa;'
'nation immediately dependent of not-less than .
350. The amount of grain used will not vary'..l
much from 2,600 bushels of wheat, 3,000 bushels' ,
of corn, 3,0110 bushels of oats, .1,000 bushels Of
rye, 80 tons Of hay, and 3,000 bundles of straw-T
-while the amount of merchandise sold will he
near $B,OOO. And besides all this, the farmer
finds a ready market for a vast amount of bacon.
veal, potatoes, butter, he., a part of which will
-not bear transportation to a foreign market.: ,, -
From the single instance of one furnace, employ
ing only seventy hands, furnishing such an ex
tensive market, to the farmer, some idea may be
formed of the extent of the demand created by
all the iron works in the country, and the incal
culable benefits arising to the farmer from the
manufacture of this article at home. And what
must be thought of that policy which would de
stroy this home market. and expose the farmer
to all the changes and fluctuations of foreign
trade? After all that can be done to increase
the demand at home, we shall abllays have a sur
plus of agricultural products sufficient to supply
the foreign demand..
But, sir, suppose we extend our sphere of in
quiry beyond the limits of Pennsylvania,
see how the prostration of the iron works
throughout the United States would affect the
farming interests of the country.
It is estimated at not lees than forty millions
of dollars are paid out annually to the public.
through the operation of all the iron works inn
the United States, when the business is prosper
ous. With what truth, then, can it be said• that
protection is a tax upon the many, for the bene
fit of the few° It is true that'll on. at the pres
ent time,. is furnished at_ low price, by limns
Britain; but let the home manufacture he de
stroyed, and it will immediately be dear again.—
It cannot be doubted that if all the iron works
in the United States should:he .clusedfor only.,
, .
year, sAti we should depend,upon England foe n - ~ : • , ~ ,
„ f wino, iron i tunnel:le:try :toots e m esnoin enartet 7 . ,it vanslies In Pittsburgh This trozipe COMPS here with
our enWse supplies, the price
would he greatly enhance". and, the country; at ; i"" 61" air, '`. .‘"" t nit hoot theo ries do. 'the. high reputation, and will use doubt command
sober test of fart t and experi• , ,„
the end of the year: would be writ nigh hank- : zehml ll 'a l °' 'be 11110 [mu, Sian advertisement
ruin, by the drain of the immense amount - All . fl‘... 1
specie necessary to pay for it •
i PITTSBURG/1 /MD EBB 'unsol) cow/us
nut the advocatis of -e rn e . trade emterol that lof chi. splendid theory of free trade. viz .
we would pay for it by the .portatot ofd ur : the if we .. e nse i natnotartneng in this country, MONS.
bread-stuffs. Let On see whether thin be .a or i und bay All we twel from, Great Britain. -Inc Tine totttea
wen ,
of it 4. , sty
not. - c 1 " ill ''''' ""' '''''" l -"`"' '" 1 " ) "'"'' " '' i th " - de And o „on her seitinon in eel: toe tzh • •
Political PP OO Ollllli, allow for isiehrindividull I fornelt a reanly market for 001 tatmers 1 1 •-f t o PlO i i ,
io tho , conotty, 0 c o nstrain-din,. of .thz."prothoynol I When, Mr Chairumn. did sto. •nv so ' When mlicant !Innen of Itstirneols, or, jent-fist en d c o n
the hood, to the value of Lilly donne': per .stnnum. I did n+ine :An buy trnon tes 00S bail,: 01,0 .. 4 gnine stros zing. beton...Ll the Atlantic sealmand. and the
The number of People supported - Li ,-tine n.„,„ th a nry was iniei-"a to snip!, tinedetiiieibiy in almost illimitable region of tine Slississlopi val
inusiness of the United Stites has-la Sen estinte 1 her own ag einsoltutul prelnAts, ni keep her open lee Ott I,,tttoe to matho to
the heat
ten at about Mx hundred thousand :loiters, olio, ' olives from atoning inn drill' 'and Me. e" l 3 • nt",,,,,,,,,, of thi., ~, require ,
s, was taken sears
at fifty dollars each, coni u ru r annually about ' when sbe could inuj from us cheaper than else
thirty millions of'dollais worth of InteadstotTs , where. If every otenutacturing e.tabli'hmeet ag''• after a careful aunty of the whole irrnmonl.
If they cannot find employ - Mete le umnufactur• •no the United States were : abandonel to-Any , and we hare tierce wavered from it for one min
ing, they must become, producers, find thus is a I Great Britain woold not. ::n that areount, per- mete, nor have we seen cause to change our opin
home market to tilt...immense ardinnutiltfAtto the chase one dollar:I' worth more :4 mir hreel a n ti - , ' toe in
attithtea ,
mwene, In
the steady and
American fanner. - - . . than site Aloes now k
.....„, said, that a! „,„, .„, ttnattreti . persevering advocacy of 0 ,western Railroad nit
The tntal:exptlrts of breadstuff+ Irmo tini , coon I "* y .. be "'"
try to all the world, for the year endin- Breen,
[hemmed Pe ra '"'' "re d
,i'f'''li'''' upon II "' '''" "' gm ' . Fr "' li " . °hi° " a'ilr '''''' snd g'"' "1 ;
her 24th, 184 U, amount to only ftl°2Blni.7B•l. anono of the lotted :states for samiset. The, nod keel Inc upon the tsinle lands between the
of which Great Britain and Ireland took 'Si I,- • are oil nst'''''''gr a ... l .srg auPPlied "nth "rnel waters ..r the lake and the riser, we are con
-157,666 worth—not equal in value to the iron we 't'dfs by the ra'ama a ‘ .1 the '"."1-rg• in, Iln ' sineed we have faithfully zlischargel no high duty,
noel in this course we have been amply rewarded
important from that country that year, Thus i s astund. it ts -opposed, of misnot s t do.illen,ollll
1 the pendintion or Genenal Jackson more than u" ,l - 1 '• . .sa . • If the "..." ..° l4 " .f ' 1 ' 1 " . ? . , ...
Tv me ortinant results which horn followed. and
nr , o il a b a ndoned, these six hundred thousand
verified. because the iron business alone furnish.
most h e , : onie farmers and by this means which. If they have not been promoted by our
es abetter and larger market to the fanner at : P"r"'"'
home, and nt better prices. than all the world I m't 0.1)- n' °''' dem. ml ("" f i n e * 411 . 1.g) . 1 " 1 Mien , , show tint one opinion boa been ?unstained
I ~.„,.g, .A b rnai dAatis which they consumed de. '
besides. And furthermore. that Great contest. by the majority of our /reeling and public spirit
which offers to make all our iron, and. inileel. : stroPal• hat by btaa... m g , t la" fue ` a : :,:"..). ad' t ~.1 ~,,,,,,,„ Doting o,h, time, n „ p „ attata ,,,, ta , r ,
overrbitirdnis, takes less than one half iit the i 1' ,. : 1 7 . e 1 t i ; Y tek t " et 1 , 1 ::: „ .1 . i:1 t 1 :' : a .. a d , r .r..'_, 1 ,, Y ry t ,',,,.. ' ,,„ " ,, h ,, "2 ,. m . r i : severing 'efforts have been made by ng4lnsing in
farmers' products conituned by the Iron 111311 U
duce the price thus worki d
ng a twooldinjory to wre s ts, t., detract and divide the attention and
Instead, then, Sir. Chairman. of discouraging. the ho n est and industrious fanner. by dimmnd , energies of the people of Pittsburgh for the ben t
mg tine demand for he besot still and increas
the progress of the home manufacture of iron. nit of tied route, which, however well enough
to the advocates of free trade do. for the mined Mg the ..1.1. 1 .Y. in themselves, were beyond the present ability of
Mr• rinairinin• I do not web to IA misitmler.
benefits or on ra , . no Policy hnvnwthi . ~,o- . • •• • • • •L - : • Pittshur In to accomplish, and had their claims
demi could be ruore injurious to their interest, -tmel W htle-nds..aliminus incense In 'tune's." g
On the contrary, that policy would be the best 1 iron and ee.l. I nor eit.allY :nine.. fu are suet a been sustained, would hare pievented the sues
for the producers of thin country—the farmers i modification of One present tariff as will eminrare rens 01 any one object . In these distracting ef
and laborem-ywhich would tend to double the i ev ery other interest that needs legislative aid. and fore :. a perthat of the press here has lent its aid
present home manufacture of iron. in a ccomplish- l s'n i ,nay na'n l ""ed in."' nn ea... U.. " ." "I all_
ing.which they would at once create six hundred these branches of busbies. , by the stringent re . lr". time I" "en without mach innuenceshow
thouesind new customers, entirely dependent up- ge irenneuts of your . 11011 e Mile. Any 'just • men- , ever. upon this monmunity. but .of deleteriens
+are looking to this great object will receive my ; effects a broad, -iiiii , ), it has taken much Minn
un them fur thirty 1711.iliora of dollars' it c eth Inn,
of breadstuffs, which is more than the boasted n" , t ear."' "'W.P.M. to neutralize
market of
world takes from then.. 1 The evils inflicted on the reentry by the opera But the most mischieitgle aides which Ilan
Every complete iron Worka, capable of tench, tion of the present tariff, !ire tuanifolnl, and should . _
ee, from
cing ten thousand tons of bar iron
per 1111011 M, 14. instantly rertlllVed by its modifientiou They `'... ' I 'h. pre=p or Pittsburgh, on rail._
supports about six thousand per son= , and mates I-nre everywhere felt and known by men of all par.
rand topics, Inane been some of recent dole, hear
a market for the fnrtners in its neighborhood, totie., and all trades:lnd °teapot... Ily the •sys- ing the editorial impresng piplished lathe Attend:
the extent 61 three hundred thousand: l o ll cm per I tern of levying ml valorem docks on the fo , reign' one of which we minced intinlentally a few Jays
annum. Suppose one thOU.SBOd lumens to par- rah:atm, a wide door in opened fine frnuo and since, in replying to smite &anments of a 7.nnes
, telltale equally in the advantageanf this market, perjury. which seem tin have herr, practiced ton
paper. In these' artieles the ground is
sup ping grain, beef, pork, mutton, vegetables, fearful extent . The Treasory of the country i s p villa
&c.i this will give to each ready sales to thep defrauded out of millions by means of rai s e n
, tnken, or the admission made, that the Ilempfield
tent of three hundred dollars, one half of *Bich - voices. mode expressly for that purpose. being 1 Railroad project pre:smug the shortest route be+
would Inc for perishable produce that would not presents! at the custom houses a nd s worn, to , i n
tweet. the central part Of Ohio and Philadelphia :
heat trimsportation. which the Vinilln• of the articb. , imported is set
that Pittsburgh is too fat north ; tbut the "route
if we resolve .our importations of iron and down at a price fur below they cost in a foreign t
manufacture+. of iron and steel into their origi- market. The duties, therefore, levied and col- from Philadelphia to the far west ought to pass
. •
ruilelements of cost, we shall find that in this leetel on this under valuation, are for hes than through Wheeling :'' that it was settled that the
shape we have been large importers of British. they should he, and the Government loses the l Ilempfiehl Railroad would be built, and moth
breadstriffn, coal, iron ore, limestone, labor kc. revenue. more to the same purpose. tinting presented'
Let no examine into' this matter a little, because Again: the honest importer is drjAztin' out of the i them: alarming position's for the contemplationf
it is a question which deeply concerns the farmers, business, because lie will neither defraud the , • • .
our citizens, . the editor very properly asked,
mechanics, and laborers of this country, whale Government nor cominit l asi -jury. His Ica con- what is Pitt:burgh - to do •" Here was a ques•
er their money is to go to buy British bread- scientions rival, willing to do month. can well tit
an:lfs, and f . ‘ny British labor, while they them- ford to undersell hen in the market, and yet tins pregnant with Munches: interests. effecting
selves ate without a market and withoiff croPloy- make large prole by his dishoneslty• This aye- i the prosperity and growth of Pittsburgh for all
went. tem, therefore, practically oilers a reward for t i me ___,,,,d h „. t ., ~.,,,, i , nnanert , h lie , win
the Th fi.6 e i ,ii m y port r. : LfLro g n
t in ,o t th s the United t i e s d it Str: , t , e . :s e fin: . vh i lee , ,,iiv i nim ile i,, i , t rt e e e r m ti gn y ri t e l e ‘i, i:u me te „, hi;:is , l4f e h, ve rg m ,. -
let the editor spank forhimself. Ile soya:
follow : ` I pr o portion of all the importations in in the hands •• If then the Ilempfield Railroad will'he made, 1
o f foreigners, and carried on through their agents what ought Pittsburgh to do 7 Will she sit idle
or einsigneem in this country. liut I cannot stud take her thence of the com p e ti t i on of on ,. I
dwell not is point. Bennsylvanin and Ohio rend, with the Ilenmfield
Again: by the sysicin of oil valorem duties j fond, which is 02 miles nearer; or will she me
whenever an article commends a high price denver to avert tis fat an passible the injury to
abroad, if imported, it would pay a high duty, her business that may result otherwise! A ruff
and Sins not only increase the revenue, but rif... roadto Wrlisville, as suggested, or direct to Skutt,.
ford protection to our own manufactures. But rate, will cost a great deal of money—mid must
when the article commands a high price -in the Still he exposed to viral competition on a shorter
fureilra market, it will not be brought to this route. The prnhabilky is, there;/.n, that the profit,
country—and therefore, nit such n titne we need tcretbi not remunerate the inerstmemt. An interstee.
no protection. When, however, there is an over tion nit Washington ins liable to the same Aka,
supply in Wu Peeing!, market. Ow price :sfall, and time. There seems, therefore, to he n o other xi.-
the surplus is thrown upon us. Then we need penitent within Mil reach than a PLANK aunt,, either
most protection, Ineenum the importations are alongside of the present turnpike to that place—
large; but the priers being low in the foreign .or au independent work by another route.”—Pitte
nevi:et. and the duties assessed on those prices ' burgh Con. Journal, Jan. 18.
c o rre spondingly low, we bevy but little protee , ,
rail, this beautiful air-lice railroad, r which to
Here is the sovereign remedy fa th's nreat
tion. Th., IV this and valorem system, when we I
tuned the least p r otection we have the most, and ; e
„ teat,
we hay,. the len , By . earry past our :lours all the trade of line inighty,
this mains, the capital, industry, aonl enterprise :
oi.r westi,ll,4.rli to
.A7anA m .lnat i nt ,r,,
.' o f iou
(rota the
ci ty of
villagehedecay w p . l .hiiig.
of the country are constantly e x posed to all the
c hauges feel fluctuations of the foreign market, J to , ‘. A railroad
t0 ...., , _
11 ilyt;tirg . .0r Stet:hewn ills
I'lUI4 in eaerria " ." control :ter : won't do--they will cost ' too much money, and
wthout the
it, or derive the advantage from it. Many
I , lllllldl L.OOOll MITI," co, ether evils are inherent in the present tariff, of be o.SpOne4 to •. rival competition' on the shorter
About nine-ienthe of the value nit iron, we have which my time will out permit use to speak.
:sodas ta r
ru in u ve tc , : , :l e n il e v p it ro , fl ,, t , s ,h iv in o g uln t ize . , ‘ • , :r p e i rn an u k .
id, consorts of the labor beat:mot upon it--' • • Whioll is that provision which discrimi
7 -b.. "'" th ' n :" .(4. sfif"'"' nithuee MO-retht nate against A pommy, and in Juror iffomign In- ~,,,,.. .. ,„
~, .
~ ..
o u r delitet7a-71nitt"::1"ziVII't:t'w:ary'. (Iris is
0 1 :
I 1401/d nine tonadred and SiZiy.oo.• dollars, thin • bar, by imposing. :1 higher :hey on the mist rina.
aloe of British iroo iunportel during the fiscal I tc „..i.....d than on the article manure:lurid front it.
ezr ending 30th int June. 1849, were taken not I But I must pass on as rapinilj - as possitnie.__ editor himself to 'reveal. This •• 11110 . k R 0101"
if We poclietp of the formers, Merhenie., and n What ore the remedies required for all thele scheme had got so stronger hold on the imagina
tewety, and ,
shipwrecked r,thethe
on to . it with the I
abating men of this countiy , to pay for frill-h evil , In toy judgincot. the President of the n ot , „,- th „. d i to
labor, betowed on the manufacture of iron
b tight here, and sold ia o ur own market, ...l U i n p it ii7i i ed SL' me te s ' c ' eg in e, h h i a ' s e p e nni e rt ' t ' n i sl a o l it 'l t ''' lltin hest anode 1
w Be our own laborers ore turned Lott of ems
pl yment.
i l ,
. „f
,ysie. a
v . i0n ,...,, i , i ,..,,.. t. 1 hist plank that titerenes Between r g in= an to d ' I I I::
“Mder every possible safeguard that the wisdom dark caves of the, ocean, mid in his paper of
ming the last fiscal Yeitr. I learn from the lof the Legislature eau devise, Mrever rronain lin- I Weluesday last, he reverts to it again.. in an
o dal report., that mar imports of iron and hie tonihusee in various forms, och e productive of „ ttAk i n „ n thn i f ,,,, npn ,,i B in " d . r iii ,,,_
,a, . , m the 0
manufacturen of iron and steel, have annotudel lllllOll derangement and injury to the business of
of - dollars— .
sot ~ I,
int:nage :
to . ern eighteen-milli., and a nat.( dolla— the country; while that of specific ilutims is sin, .'
nine-tenths of which enormous sum have gone tin z ple d pinin, uniform in all the poits of the (Init.. • „this the Ilempfield Railroad] la to be
pay the pauper labor of Europe, instead of being I ed States, and not liable to any of the ohjections I
a connecting link between the central
paid out to our laborers at home, ‘ I or abuses to which l have referred. By udopt•
tonne of Ohio and
,Penosylvania—and, by its
''f'he farmer who sends his wheat to a f o reign !,:ng Win systep4 with a Moderate but sellicient 1 means, the intercourse of , travel and trade is to
market, is dependent upon, and affected by all I increase of datiesun many qf thelleading articles I he drwn'nfront ow ray, we should be looking at
tl thichiations of price, according to the imp- I iinported, isintilerto those manuffictured hem it it —iu order that we may obviate the disadran
il and demand , and is obliged to sell for what- is believed sine greint diwideratu would be 04- loges as far as we can. We must have no eon
,r it will bring, in competition with all the Mined, vino permanency and stab lily in our leg. , nect ) on with it—and by some convenient avenue.
o ld. What he sells at home is tit his ewu islation ; without winch we can have no pros. 1 %Washington is the nearest point of intersection.
i e, and in sold or retained according to his perity.
A tad raid, if within, reach of our means, and if
discretion. Well cultivated lands dependent This sulnjcet, Mr..Cheirman,'has been too lowng .it sherd& lie thought the thisiness would furnish
foreign market, are worth front 1. - s0 to 5211 connected ieitli party p o litics. l ought e a fair eetuuneration upon the capital invested in
acre; whiles th ose having the full benefit. of a bane been, made a mere party question Thy 1., would certainly be the boast work that could
no market are worth from $OO to s ip. if great interests I halo attempt to describe, be einatructed for the p ur po s e_ But it la doubt
llm~orml iNn...
Ilwln.~wf EhYeL.
Macaufmcturcd of Irtu Duel.
dc 11..521;
Total No..ton, 11,3;5...T0tat raltv
fkal asat to tf , ontrtufesderr. 6w:a ftn.n.
Of 116412 of bar in. , J.01113er...1 Sr.. at 5 tan. p,
La' V7 . .trt tuna.
of 105 r..:72 pig Iron. at 2., p. 4 mi . tan ••
of li,MO stn.l at lona twrrh .
Of 11,001
at 0 twin
2 980,504
Total coal Import.' la rom a :lnt Iron. ..1.41'.&649
/run are used.'Par nal Brda.
Fur lulu haumulud Iran. bon.. and s , luvto.
ZS: taus. .• . .no.
Pm .1( iron. tuns ....... . ... • ..... .
For 1..1 at b9s
For sruaufustur. of tn.. 4..4.1, at ".
t'fittalorrtruportted to the form of trtm.
Ftrr Mn hammrr i rt)V,:r;„l7 l .
It'tt pit; Irnnt at 1
oe tOor tt , ton.
m , tosnu t.
fseloirr ol: rtf . t.Ac . ttot• !tIlfr: I
Total Itharn,nt,
the productions of iron in. Pennsylvania were I hare for Swats been nwatle a mere football for pal
kept in full activity for ten years, it would , iticians to ploy with country !mimeo sacrificed
greatly enhance the value of her own lands, and Ito party, and its beat interests o ff ered up on the
coatEbute largely to the value of other hauls 1 altar of unhallowed .ambition. Sir, these things
should not be; and I call upon every g-entleman
and property beyond hei limits.
If it be impolitic for the farmer to send abroad en this floor. without respect to pnrty names, to
his grain to be exchanged 'Tor iron, it is equally come forward and lift this question from the
no for the planter to el r od his, raw cotton to Eng. slough of party politics, and make it what it real
lona to be exehatigeol, or manufnctured cotton, ly Is, ri u na nd t e i r en a a o l , cr o e n s u ti t o , n yTte a m n
o A f m ie e zi rizi ti n o re o s . -
or any other foreign goods. The cotton plant((- ;
lions of the South are' eapable of feeding the , this subject, wiseioy and judiciously {adopted and
operatives necessary to manufacturenearly 'or i patriotically adhered to for a series of years,
quite' till the cotton at present produced, nml , what pen could describe. or imagination con
such a policy would nacre:Lo the value of every ; reive. the degree of ImloP hies., prosperity., nod
cotton plantation] in the country noon eultivand, ; greatness that awaits us . a nation. Sir, we
end offer new and powerful inducements to clear i would come to be in fart, what we now are in !
up and cultivate the millions of acres .if cotton i name and in ret ources, the most prosperous, as
land. 'yet untouched: in order, if desirable, to • well as the Ines t powerful people on the face of !
supply die foreign detnaind. To prosliwe this the earth. We have a emintry, I had well nigh
additional Tomtit:, of food wo - Ad probably re- saiol• boundless in its extent, reaching odrom sea
quire but few, if one. sitoie labprers Mn a are to sea, - and fro om the rivers alniiid "to the cods
~.,,,o,r, in gr0,.,„g,„„„„. It 0 .„„,,, onl y lof the earth"—enthrueing every variety of ;di
require that division of Wow which is - as itn- I ((rate, sooil, and production. Its mountnitm are
portant to the success of the planter as to that' filled with the richest ores. its rivers are literal
of any other producer. ly belled with gold, and its forests onttop even
To manufacture eight lunar:ea thousand tons I the •-cedars of Lebanon. - Time and Howe Litre
of iron, estimated to be about the present en- - been annihilate al by American genius, which ex-
I of the United Sates, wouldgive support l tends one arm overthe:sen and the other over the
to upwards of two hundred and fifty thousand I dry land, awake ' . stimulating, and imparting
persons, to veliont at leant twenty millions of dal- influences that ere long will govern and control
Ito, M wages roust he pail. Of this sum st,-' the world. The name of Fulton tint! of Morse
(100,000 would he expendell'in coarse cotton fob- ; will he remembered ns long nks no ocean remains
ries for ciothing and furniture, 1ig1.000,000 for : to he traversed, or taunt to commune with mina.
woolens, land $3.000,000 more fur ether items I The great national highway nisint to be enn
ui clothing nnol domestic comfort. The $20,-; structed across the continent, connecting itself
000,000 yoorned by the operative in' iron would l by meaner of stenm commtinication with Europe
thus two oliffustsi over the whole country, giving I on theoeastaind the Celestial Empire on the west,
vigor, life, and activity to every brunch of busi. l while it invites to oar shores the choicest fruits 1
ness The South would furnish 00800, sugar, !of foreign commerce, will VI develop the resent ,
rice, hemp. and tobacco: the Middle and West- ', CC, and stimulate the in , lustry, enterprise, and
ern States, bread, potatoes. nod meat; told the I capital of the country, as, mutt,! with other
Northern States the products of the loom: whilst I causes, will give us the control of the commerce
thousands of tailors, hatters, :Moen:takers, and lof the world. Sir, if we are true to ourselven--
other trodesmen would find constant employment 1 le the great principles an which our free instant
in supplying the necessities of the makersof l lions ore founded, of equal and and justice to all,
en ron, consuming theniselves oin nolaitional sine.- I a high destiny awaits .. Our principles have
tits of food and clothing. nit - Cady gone forth beyond the sea . They have
' The estimate I have given 0
$7/0,502,000 is I penetrated theolnrk corners of the earth: break
limited to the capital invested in tgodv, boibloo,, I inc the sceptres, and demolishing the thrones of
and midarary alone. To this is to be nailed at I kings and princes—unfettering the mind amen,
least on: equal amount, necessarily employed in and sending it abroad to roam, at will, over the
'Carrying, on the works, which, with the BUM al- vast field of thought and investigation. These
•ready mentioned, will swell the investments to pure and lofty principles are indefinitely capon
forro million, of dollars in the manufacture of iron ; sire and progressive in their character, sur
mounting all obstacles, and breaking down nil
in the State of Pennsylvania atone. And what I
• has been dune in that State by way of develop- 1 opposition: bearing us rapidly onward as a no
.' ing her resources, enhancing the value of her' tion to fulfil the high and holy mission intrusted
: lands, furnishing a market for the farmer, giving 1 to our hands, of giving new life, and new laws to
employment to the mechanic, and laboring man I the whole human ince. .
of every description, and diffusing life, energy, I
and activity through every brunch of business, 1
_____. --,...
may, by a wise and judicious system of leg . .d.. PITTSBURGH GAZE rE,
lion, be done in Maryland, Virginia, North Caro : ---= -
lion, Kentucky, Tennessee, Alabama. and Mis- !
souri, and perhaps other southern and roads:
western 'Steles.
' lt is said, Mr. Chairman, by the advocates of 1 -
free trade, that we should buy where we can buy , ' Whig" State Central Committee.
the cheapest; and that if Orent Britain, er any'
Tut alemben of the Wlita State Central Covamitiee stall
other country, can bring their ininufactured are , onset as noverlr'm noted in itai Borough of Itarristorn.ou
ricks into our market, and ?ell them cheaper T o :" r s o llitifinoVol'e t ts.,'....`oll k aorivoZitt ' t 2 g
than the cost of numufacturing them in tidal Vetaltnn to antniaal• Noullclo. fia. 1it.v.,...5, luage.. tr
country, they should IM allowed to do ran and '' " 1 .. 1 r Tss u S it:74 . 193' i . d ,,,,...
for this purpose nll twstrictiilonn sho u ld he rem°, I Willootarrn, Jmn,r IS, 1,/ ,
ed. But is net this argument olecePtive I The ; -
m of iron in this country
presentmanufacture • , • Fla, PM)ll.—Washington, New York, and
otmounts,•protmbly, to five or six hundred thou. , Harrisburg correspondence—Hampton's speech
soma tons. Suppose you Color making iron en-' on the Tariff
tirely, change your investments. and thus eve , 7 ,,,,, A„ ,. .
go,, of
E , ,, ,,,p— L0ral and
e a ...Armee to the foreign menitfacturer that you , , ,
will HO longer cOmpete with him in the market. lelerr°l'''' -
• _ , ..
but will pareb.e fn. him this fine or sin bun- reartil !'aye..-. - "Coofe•soons man attor.y,
dred tbotnand tons winch you formerly made, how conclusion .
long would your market continue cheap': You sod-' .
,li.,,iy creole a d etm and on the foreign manage- Me. fisxratot.'s learnt. —We give to-day • the
tower for five hundrosi thousand tons of iron more able speech of our Representative in Congress.
than he im , heretofore hod sale for—and that . tt
:Jar ...IPTON, on the Tariff questmn. It Is all
amount you must bare, you coma, vin without
abl e, "‘ r " n l i eelldell'"I "rilareea"ln tie
c '
it.'—would not the prier be instantly ionised to a
Ijoint far ((bone the present prices for Americo]] atilject .of which it treats. and reflects great
l-irn • It is a well established law oc ) trade that honor upon its nether. We trust it will he
: the-demarl nod tie supply regulate the Prices • widely published, and extensively read iri" Penn
lore you diminish the supply to the amount of .y I ~,,,,,_,
've hundred thousand tons: while you increase
e olein'tiol to th e same extent, omi, . no inev
i .0 _ , , ,
re ,,,„ inee, eni, the re i„, i n the coos. The convert , Wilkins Hall to night is by the
p oporAnt. What, then, becomes ..r your free- Ifintely fondly, who make their first appear..
' --'lli
....r it,
. .
fel whether, the motte.T-Cier.' he tth-taieeti — and luta afterthey-had-teisal-them fue..a whilaustlie D e i am p ere al
more doribtfhl, whether. frith rho ° `” ° P na ''''' of ° Governor wrote to the State Society,' by which rPHE Seri w lltttltHieetr . 1 a Digennee Co.
aorta' rook, it wal y i eld ...1 71 .".f , t. ,- .• h ~, the law retabhahing them had been passed, that
ear derided opinion, under all The ncruntafamar, the people were in a commotion about them; awry.. reZr tordarigetten. ' 3..
i er rtiree ,,, P .. aa n1.. ; :n ., .. .I ,.. ec.!: i ired by th .d e. tard .uo
that a giv - id plank road to Ifadanyton, is our only and that if the law was not modified, in a year , t ,i;„,i fl r i t t .4 l , t'„: s Ts i IT4 . l s r is '. ntl 6o sd t i , i s i T a te Di.klett u ati
decidable elpeditni."—PittelatryA COIL Journal, ih e , ~,,,h1 ~,, b e ~,, h 0 ,,,,..a „„,„,, . fa, c o l ony ._ roaly for delivery. when ca n e d r ot , vg:-
Jan. 29. The law was modified—the ad raloreri was made •,...
_, i, . ~„ ,„, , 1h47, , .
...., , ~.._ •
A Plank Road is the only arailable ezpedirill ' the barbs for the estableshmert of specific duties, ' .. :i i ts ,, ! , zol:ihn...
... . si . , re , . u .k a ,0,,,_ _
..,.., to
.d there has been quiet ever sic* see t,' ';'''' ....""'',.; ,3 t,:t, isi ssr..v4l, hi..., ..... -.lai, oo
Only this relief awaits cm in the epproaching:e.
Robert J. Walker might take lessons advent, Fwe,l llL e• s l i'-' ise: t-- - 15 I. 1:1271 °R a .4.. * -A--. lo ' IT
lentil) ! Even a Itailroad would not pay—having
geously from these , alarkies " The practical t?...r.; • sii isht, '''''.. - ..mot iiti is`i-ct l i t i h a h lisi: —. --- _l3 :13
to COmpete with the shorter Ilempfield route, it
workings or the adralorein system here is the name ' Fst h -li V rai h 'i ll eT i r" . - .to ti l ii: l ctil'itt ( lt i . ; ............ - t 5 it
would not yield sufficient returns ! A
Plank as in Liberia ; but our Statesmen are too obtuse it: 11,,, , ,.; a ' .
.- -''.; '',, e , zu n i--- 1 ,1:0.,,_ _ ?.0
Road to Washington is the only nalvation for to perceive . , l „ d tiros Jams li - SOD iicevettock :ft: '' h C ''l; it
Pittsburgh !
it We cannot say as the Governor of Liberia ::=l,, , - 31 91;`,,,'"e a Lt a r:,.. ..- .- .. nt to
Another day passes . The editor reads the did that It would not leave an honest man in the , thaff . cla;tri-..--.- .10 M aleantx•Me't oaJu_ to al
Gazette's incidental comment/ on his first article, , country. but we can say that it renders it very ' ll7,itisi Jana ~.,. ia ixi.-=4...,..b-..,:. --, ; „: , A
hfficult for on honest man to remain in the it. ' PiTeres Jan... . .. .. .. ._.. _..t ileii rep= •
t5r . ..!.... .2.." to '
and lo i a complete change as wrought in his
riewv—another panacea is diseolered fur tm- porting business; and the sooner we follow the
.,T .
....._...t io s v t = t v li_ ....... 1 , :8
pending ills ; to wit, the previously discarded example of the Liberians in this respect, the bet- Hem.. L T .d.X. 00 {Nciaht John A W... -10 00
Railroad to Ste bete as will appear by the , ter both for tine
• and morals of the IMO.
following extract i'.l' natton - (tam', Jones rte. 000 '
•• We have indul din some' badinage' with the , iirtal,'•'l3.o Imo Co IS 00
editor of the Gazet , but it is not the way to I
gi,l iWiria d 're ' ' Tier I' .i it
The late returns of the cities of New York and Huller J. W it Pro __so to
treat a grave cones a. Facts, and midence, und , Philadelphia exhibit a singular disparity in the 1 , 111,1,!,',f,i7,14. a 11 aa a e,,, .ii gi
argument should be.presenbeil—and the peop le , r e lative propornons of dwelhngs to population in ' le n zi.,l 7 Me t . ''" 2 x
urged to action. We differ no to the mode of , those two cities. 1‘ .7.5, 0,
,pe n aing—r,ot as to the result sought The , , taster James .._ .-, 5 ot,
In sew York there are 37,730 dwellings, and lan T lism . „Zel ..
..... _ s o i %
idea of carryom a railroad round the great bend 1
of the Ohio, from Pittsburgh tosWheeling, we
i 515,394 inhabitants, being 13.66 to each dwell- t , ligi , / ,, a r ftinfAlL ii ..
.4. ,
regard an preposte num The Ilempfield road, I ing. r Clark A Ttl n- aw . _ ........0 CO
nearer by fi2 tell s, tegh a bridge or Wheehrty 1 In Philadelphia city proper, there are 16,272 , f,,,l2j,'. " 37, i fk ° ''''V.i . iie r i
dwellings, and 121,917 inhabitants, being 7.86 to i : ) ,,7„ a tt h s t ri ji t. '„i . a i y,'",' 7' 5 5 %
~,hieh' ~,y Gs arranged fora ria!itet , with little i
frpr, moil eertaint take the t owed a. tranepor
each dwelling It Altman, Itallman &Cola 00
(anon. There Is 11l ONE IV 'A TO lIILTKAT IT : that ''attic. eich'd ~ ....... 00
is, by making a railroad to, Steubenodlr—and en- In the city and county there are 61,202 dwell- t„'reamistVi. Hiller
i i i , e h a i s o li r ri „ nz i to at s t e h e a ure t,
po tte t jun T e i t , t i o s o m o a f y th d e er C e. e t utr th a e l i 6u f ss ,t oa n o du c 4 ho o d,.o 4 o sl i t n n ghabitants, which gives only i oilier L''''D it rII 15 tit
1 m e
W It 14 tal
' ('awaken Thomas ..--15 is.
Ilempfield new, il undertaken with spirit_ Shotdd .
•PI iffidelphiacity and county has 2iL97'-' dwell- l i . hd ,„,.,Y.' . l s' i hiii't:l,: C " .. ii iii
it not, however, the investment will be a loss ."— . '
Atteheiryk Com. Jour., Jan 30 ,in more than New York,
.while New York out- ,7-,„7,',1,,
numbers Philadelphia in population by 106 _ Ivire , J.• 0 i, oe
A perusal of the above extracts forces upon 1 , hales John a ...a5 ta.
Indult Jar' 10 00 '
the toind the conviction that the editor of the 349 . Modish ti IL omit 500
Journal is writing upon soidecu , of which he is If Philadelphia had the some proportion of i , i , t i li;t i iart . :. , :t n
.. i s o , IA
population to dwellings that New York has, its lotion 't it 50 00 .
wholly ignorant. Ile seems to imagine that a I
1 number would be 816,4- , t . itfier . Jr .i 10 00
.00 tgl .
"6 almost double what it Lnht.r3 "
straight line Railroad can be made from Wheel
is. Or had New York the proportion Pluladel- ' ,;7,`,„ . , t ,Trat ii , - .t? L'; ,
ing to Greensburg, when any one, with any ' oil' ,
correct knowledge of the topography of the court- I phi' has, its poptilation Wahl be only 222,1e16. ' i .r. , tt", ria . i
•. , I 00 ,
North American th inks there must be mac t:;ll(liattv't ti Co lo tat
try, 011tl the direction of the streams, knows that 1 The orny J. aw n
points would gr.t mistake.
a direct Railroad between the...rayJuJ
11.1olt Win Kt tai
traverse the hilliest andswist difficult region west I .
;Infant IST kV: CONTENTION.-10 the Virginia 1 11,11,r1f1 It 0 . I't VI
of the mountains, crossing all the great and many 1 c 0r ,..- en t,„ ni on Saturday last, the committee on I lizn l zi,-i., A C0......_.
co r i tli:
of the smaller streams at right angles, requiring , the Executive D epartmen t submitted its report, I 11:4 . ,, ‘ , V , ,,. , l „ . , ~,
~.;,; r , ' , ' ,
alpine grades, short curvatures, high embank-'I proposing several important changes in the pres- . utmeton-,..-0,
I. ei , • lo '
l attalw P. A MAI
merits, and numerous tunnels, as ilic report or at order of Songs, as follows,- -
Mr. Mclinight admits, atter only a superficial The Governor to be elected by the people, for i 3 BBLS PRIME It
examination, with a strong desire to prevent a ' a term of four years, rind to haue a salary of -. - t r r r''''! lr '' l ''''
favorable appeartuace for the project .1 very $5,000 a year He Is to hove no vete and '.., tq..• 'um di.,l via'
:Zo bol t , saw Mati,
tyro ought to know that thin trial Railroad shorn of r 0 ,,, o f , the , [' ewer ' of appointment I v. t r xe. lirtl do
1101 t ex.:niacin by toe r.xecutive oin e Corn Mourn,
would have to cross the Monongahela and Tough- ;mu it., nealloitc tanned
A Lteutetiont Governor to be elected by the l For tale lo
iogheny rivers where they are but a few miles
peop l e fora term of four year.. Ile will pre- 1 /.30 _ 1.5
apart. presenting the wolf formidable obstacle,,' aide over the Senate, and net as Governor in a , Th KEG S h Twist ,
immense expense, sufficient to '.
case of the death, resignation, or absence of that I .
and throhingl " ''' I'L l 'e. T l' n" e r. g4
deter any lone men from the undertaking unless 1 Ifh e l i r ou. ti e of t e n t l ree t et : e aa t h h i e lo V a i. L i 'L f
u S p e ci a a h e er a d e io f I ,o. 30 -
there was no ponsiffility of finding any other • Senate, and the salary of the P Governor while
route. Nor is thin all; there is the right of way I performing gubernatorial duties.
to be procured teem Virginia, and the obstrue- A Treasurer and an Auditor, to be elected by
two offered by the Ohio river itself; for, not- the Legteittntrei and a Secretory OT State by the
withstanding the editor, by the dub of his pen.
Pe Three Commienioners, to be elected by the
has converted the Wheeling bridge into a viaduct I people, for a term of nix yearn each, (one every
for the passage of Railway trams, it is well two years> to constitute a Board of Public
known that it is wholly unfitted for that purpose, Weeks, ,ec
having a grade of 211 feet to the mile, and of '„ W __.....-_
as. ITICTS or nALTO.-=He is a great simple
almost impossible access by a R
ail"ad. bo th as ton who imagines that the power of welth is
to grades and curvatures, and withal possesaing to supply wants. In ninety nine eases out of
vibration wholly unfitting It for Locomotives A -hundred, it creates more wants than it sup
neighing 42.000 pounds, and heavy railway Fates '
trams, Then, again, we thought the bridge was 1 Desirable Suburban ltesidenee for Sale.
to go down ,or at least go up twenty feet higher. Tel subsenbir .dtara for we the home and around,
what: be nue nail, situated on rare Woe Tie
It is only some twelve months since the Journal
editor resorted t„ the moat threatening and re '`'L i b l a t h ' is ' h a r i e ,'''' Th °4 a t' u i i ,,'''' 1 , 0 1,,,, 1° , ° `7 . , f c . s .d s h a , r i ,,,,7, 1b ` . .„
prehenstble language for the purpose of showing , mullion la, -k 1.0 fiat, to an alley -matanitoa matir one
his real In promoting the abatement of this nubs- . 7,...L.7.- i t . ti: E-7-0,71, 0z,% , --,,, , ,,,71., r b e .7... , —,0.,
atom, and now, while the case is still pending in , ~,...1, es.t lame, and eseolsllnely well arrano.l. havlna
the Supreme Court, he tamely gives up the qua, i a Rout of GO ea i and a depth aria and mamma fourto.,
li., in dispute, and Very benevolently suggest sa ' t ~„,,,,,,,t'ta",...ka.,,,,,n, nit. ta
man t a i al c,._,, I : ~I , , hul a 1. 0 ,,, i .,,,a t . beet ...
to the Wheeling people that they may proceed to ersitalai all the ...tern moventimat. Two pump, wild
prepare it for a railway viaduct In Carry the rich 17. i . a e sha ehtu ci r o l a u p i, p l e a
art u ht ` t ` t a.o .°4 '";ft i w n:r udi ` t oc.. the a do” .
[rerviures of the west past the doors of Pittsburgh ~.t-dal, s, louse, *a The ' ,round, are laid out month sr a
.tad sagely tolveies this travel forsaken city to' Ilw ru e- b. rosn'tva ~ ..0 h e . h0t .. X ...h ew .. 11 ,.. tret5, , am , 7 0 ` . ... , r . —ll
compensate herself with a Plant Road to Wash ,
„ sou ... na , e ri , u ,r o , a! , r .„„,.:',., ~,; „,,,,, ... i .
,ngi. i thil u r ) firlii4,...z.: yie . l.l . lsir tho /Lb
p fir „, ttse m traztr . o .. f .d an .t or .i .lrartr and
The tiled of a ll tfiroad by tine river from Pitts ' ...- hur0....--- comforts. eitinldnial with con' thrall, to the dit7,
burgh to Bridgeport, oppostto Wheeling, the 'Ol pot aurna...l to and midden. In Mit 'ninny It h..
editor regards WI preposterous, and be asserts . : vrt " h ' thh l t:"7 ZT ll `" rT r ne
ua. L ii : hoaii ; assaou ;
that the Ilia [Meld road would he by WI miles hut a y ‘ad ad, hamlet altomither a putorstok aro,. .t of
the ehortest route. Ile should toe careful of his tdt,ll‘",thier,.....,',„..°"'''' poet 0 7 1 ,1,, .t4,E."rn0b°"1:,,,,1b,',:,,,h paeo "'r:::17,
a‘ri..., espeOally when lie Is arguing against the ' ,
hid view The maidenia and recoil& are alio nmPlitelt
claims and , welfare of his own city, and in sup- removed from .yrouoyanee of dart, 50 dtotrodnve of
port of one of the most chimerical of projects, I c '''.. d r, "' d ie j e. l%.'7 oe r,,,,r d it ,:t d e t: t " ilr ' eee i t r: t r ee 7, e r j try "
the only real exintence of which will be tin paper, 1 lb. peu porty alll !amid at • I.4wirain, and ocamesslon given
and the only injury it will do to Pittsburgh will I csi Ws er."l'l`rn r.'"'l'llr° 7 .l ll.' 6 ...l.'"ffi'lt•
iiilMdtf 1 b `i Minn
be in leading astray ill-informed and unsettled
minds who may ilium, like the editor, Dee the
western trade passing by as. and Pittsburgh, as
y.. k .
a last tea m ice, contenting herself with a Plank
Road to Waslongton ' We nay, he should be
careful of Ina fart., for rorreet data show that
he Is an much in error in these as in his sir-line
mdroad, From Wheeling to Greensburgh, Mr.
Latrobe gave it an his opinion, a road could
not lie built short of ninety miles, and other com
petent Engoneers have expressml the same opin
ion. Mr. IFlinight makes it somewhat less In
eh estimate made after a superficial exam/nation
Is it would be absolutely necessary to follow the
cnurse of the streams to a greater or le. extent,
it WI/Uhl not he unfair to estimate it at one hun
dred tint, lint say it is ninety miles, it would
be only Sternly fire miles shorter than to fellow
the course of the liver through to this city—ii
slight difference of thirty unties id favor of Pitts
burgh over the Journal's estimate. And when,
alp,,. it Il considered that the route by the river
is almost; a deed le-el, and can be run at high
-penis, While the Hempfield route has to cross
the °hit> river, and then encounter grades of
eighty feet to the mile, and curvatures of nix
hundred feet radius, and five tunnels to boot,
ire may safely set it down that the river route
eon be run in less time than the Hempfield, and
is therefore really the shortest and best. Then,
or to the expense, the route can be Constructed
at a coat of $1,000,000, while the Hempfield
road will cost $3,000,006 Who does not know
that a cheap road can work cheap, and thus defy
o Furtlermore. all those arguments which are
foundeltlioti the assumption that the Ilempteld
road el hid take all tho trade of the west, or any
large .rioportion of it, are more twaddle. The
Ohio d Pennsylvania Railroad will command
all th ;trade ot the region through which it
and all north and north west of it, inclu
vast Lake country. It will also success-
Mpete with any rood running to Wheel-
I with the llemptleld road, If it is ever
!!'r. the trade and travel west of Colam
ading the travel from Ciucinnati. This,
.demonstrate did time and space serve
passe - ,
ing, nl
bn , k,
Irere it necessary.
h re been constrained to offer these re
o neutralize the injurious effects of the
is and . declarations of the Journal.—
from a Pittsburgh paper they are calct,
destroy confidence in our position, In the
inn ,our real estate, in the stability of our
and in our continued and Increaalug
i ity; and especially to injure the churn
•• Western Railroad, as a great trunk
I thus weaken confidence In the value of
iirities. They have already been used by
; Itt favor of the liempfield Railroad to
r up that project, and promote s the success
erprises antagonistical to the intermits of
state .1
its se!
of ell,
xt: Rosa Nlstrtnu.—We invite attention
report of the proceedings of a meeting of
Ilene of Washington county, held for the
Le of taking measures to construct a plank
rum Cal. Lee's residence to the State line
`rose creek.
are pleased to see that our Washington
, friends are awake to the importance or
valuable improvements; and although we
t promise that all ale more and travel be
central and southern Ohio and Pittsburgh
over their road, yet it will, we feel as
add greatly to the comfort and prosperity
section through which it will pas, and
„ut doubt be good stock.
tw, • 1
.pn 1
of till
ITitle' vi. ADVA.RILM Lunt,.—Mr. LA
of Paltimore, In a speech before the Amer
'ol,Mitation Society, bears the following
ony of the shrewdness and good sense of
loloniste of Liberia.
or ore the Colonists so ignorant of the prac
workiogs of commerce as might be suppo-
They are not set down in a corner. They
a place on a great highway of nations. So
.14 being without a commerce of their own,
have found that a tariff was a proper men
sail they have a tariff which datum in a.
Lmeasure, the expenses of their - civil list._
ik. of Cape Palmas more particularly, and
; mlatideotony there, with which I mu best
~.ntel., They have -their experience too,
Ii mighthybegan w
not betr th ele a m in muck higherduties,
p ar.. ll-
eed. i
gTea ' i
the .
Lnrely M n
alde. a celebrated &lett
1 .471 ... :1451F.1
• orwra .1,...00da, by Spobr .
Slot.ber,flonirt faidd ul tome. • new onyx.dT C Fthier.
Sweetly the 1401,4 my Mire air, by S. C, Foot,.
l'd offer a.. Olt baud of mlne,
thmt maide. cane.. Tranadlln.
K • may be hailpy yet; from the llanaldera of St. Mark.
Wean Burial. •favorl. and touching ballad.
Mum hat wounded the spina that lurid Wee.
Hen Ruth or don't you remember tweet Aline.
noire. Nth. by h. C. Foster.
The celebrated Polka Dance.
Jeanett atal Joanna—royale..
21tl 714,r-T-I,buy
I ,,,... ka... o r tr Mtgeir ks... Chlt Chat aka
Lthatlallet—yeryeasy thd Preal•
Rote thualfill. &maned Polka. Allegheny Cotillion ,
A new eilitkai of Itunten'o Idstructlont for Piano. with
alditional pay. atm.. lemma
nark , 6techient for the Plano.
Harrow i Piano fortePrunerll. ME . Re LLOR, 81 ceived t0e.107
N 11.—A - rory large stork Of New Flamm araylnit.and
elll th open for tae this week.' •
To Coal Men and Boat Builders.
100 ,000 LZ!I:2/,,G3
11.11allali 11T. A
Nl.llton, ,
ellf Fourth Arra.
Januair 1441.
IVIDEND--This Company lm• this day
d•o•nrsi a nemlanot.l ,I{,,Wrod of fire dollars vr
p.0.1.1* at 1110 oftlre of th;Traurrr i 3llTl
Ft bnarr ~t04,tA.;,,
10-PA RTNERSIIII'—The subscribers halve
Iran ex..-14.rturr.ip thorn or t 4 c.16.
titnson t ekel). NVSI. B.
.1,11 JOILI 11. (MEIN.
Penn Mutual Life Insurance Co., Philad'a.
(co, .1. Finoryi it.. droolu , sl.) laberiy
tor the betterronvenience of Penton ,
ean,. to the
lower part a the city. the of
also to found dad
from 11 to 12 and *'cork, 3 o'ork. a mayt the counting room of
J. School:inseam . t Ca. No 21 Wood otresnlairbcre all neses;
nry in forosatlon will be gieen 1111 d communication.. prompt
ly attended to. Pamphlets ryplalning the principin and
hence. of Life luagrancs. and blank forma furnished on
application. •
The riot profits of hie Company, which for-Ilona*: two
rears hare been eighty per not per annum, lire divided
ong the holden of life p.lloien
Pittsburgh, Jaa. ft. /8.11.-- , 3•3;;21/
iCh.clicle end ease copy two week* and , rharwo thia rite.)
F od A , T . 1 r iN . ; ‘ , ,, 74 ,, h1J I L
and .8 . 1 ., .N t e t
o af , e prePltr
bp f 4ea m
l'i or
'r and
/C r : cc.
ft ' rle t te D, O Lt
0 LET—Rooms and Steam Power for
mremiewa Kt3ollre of
/331 Ilu Front of
1 TOBACCO--. 5 Wit. Ohio Leaf & Maryland.
In don and furl wile by WSI. 11. JOUNSTON.
kllO don Become, received formic by
Intl W3ll It. JOIINSTON.
;,4? l q i. ! q r . se&t.prim4i
25 HI& Sugar: -
,U) bell Molaamonarime couyetnitn;
13 I k XltolAlutter,
100 bus Chile;
)•31 Lela
144 Liberty street
4tv OMINY-5 Cincinnati Hominy juiit
e'd ter steamer Clipper, vadat, will b. , aold ;et" low
by brle or boa ,a,.11 ISM. A. IIeCLUEII it W.
Uwren II 6 iItRING - 12 kegs now, for pale
by J a dl WM. A. AreLtdill LW
PIitACIIES -I— A moanlot receiced
iht Mk by ) 101 WM. A. McCLOltti k
Closing out the Entire Stock.
REAP' ItilAlNiS.—A further eeduc
-1 Uoo 10nth,* The sul•eriber wishing Jo rho. out
lite i4illltne Igloo/. of Vane, and Rapt,. Dry (h... 11, by
lb. i 41 of April 1.111, would reapectfully call the attention
of his old eu .lm met Md the public .LO are hi want u
fifty per rent. twin. runner Priec. , auT
ran.whhina to;eoinfuence btodnesaun Markitatreet,thi•
wwould be • anal o
Llch hr bportunitt. as he .111 dispose of the bal
ance ofthe anal, do llberal tem.. with • lewe
or O.
" ( 171r. " 4A i itailiT. "4-
ALUM New York Pion, Market rt, Ptt4bnrith-
sal*. Ill0(<1 . ) and Denten In Pnelure, beerremoved
im. 121 tteemal, and 121 First Yds., betwavn Wa il anal
N VELOIWE .--Jutlt. received, U' large
.4 numitity of huff, blue, and white 'Envelopes, of all
aes, for sate atdwally 10. prim.* at
W. P. 11A%1.N . 5. Platioruit7 Wirntinuee.
J 4430 t Cot. Martel and Second
NIT INK—Arnold's nting• Fluid,
p, R ed .
IN berea Cholal7l Fluid aaJ Red lnk.
Ilstrieon'e Cala blan Ink—red and blaek.
Mogan Ttitanpaan'a Cutenarnial Ink—Mark., wallet.
and rest.
rreneh Carmine. Ink. Far sale by T. S HAVEN.
NOTES , AND DRAFTS.—Engraved anA
tßea, art
theeta l tral In twice .nr 'rt i u ge AV: ut i l e;
sale at w. ILAVEN,IIIank Rook Saw,
Jaw.%) Coe. larkeieNzal t4eond
[amprlean. Joarnal. and Floe ropy.]
Jo. herrlArc_...... ........ -10. rover... - --- -
, 111 EFT SUQARS--20 bxs d. rerd large loaf
_l . - i,
. leo brts email lost
tiliarewatin ra John alcioderi A Cal t
:rid do crush=
1 . 0
d d:rsr ,.. 4 Ir
6,, redi t
• C WWI Burin, Penn Street
- , . . 1 far Pale br - lAA. A. lIIITCHIAPSN AOO
Penn Erin Road Cm—Central Bail Ewa ;•,,' AO& Pr. Laois dog= getraerr.
HE subscribers baring been appointed I OAF SUGAR-40 brls fur sale iy,_ . ..
rsOlilroalaw =el= far the Perineriannals or 11%nusi to _LA jaZt WY. itALIAL ACD
I. lafiemo the public. thot ae.iare rera flatearsl to re. I ,
man , aw =Talmud= or prceluce tor ehipourat east on the 1
warms Vs . Ins rote will be earried,ia=sti io lion del*
s od .o . eloond la as =it be fiaostaied tree of odour=
we or char., rur Stlvalaber. _
. . .
N . ANT "CO BUY—Notes of the Western
!MK PORK-21. 1 0 pieres . hog round, well
Ilso/a, awl eat of the IlltaboribeMl 131 - wm . Lamar co
Ilarlett J. II g
00 °
liiition.'ter 31
!timber J. V. • J. T 10 00
Lrdlie Geo 10 On
Lippincott 11•5. A ‘A.015.-20 (V
1.11C14 )1.00. 25 01
LivionntraLliannen k Colll 00
Litc-11 d Co
Local 31. 00 I_os uo
Lot.oft 31. k &nu-- ....A5 03
Lippincott d Co-- ...L1.3 00
SloCutchoon K. a IL. 1.15
Motive S..t CO ' f:.. 0 00
Miner t 01
3111140 N. 0. At .N, 8.. ' 10 00
llolculy k led(' . 6 0/
llXOrrolekerblest ~a, 00
motor,. w......--. -45 00
Mina C. F .30 03
31nrulto I' 135 00
31.01 A. A. k. Co 0 tai
Moor.. 1t0bt.... 5 1.0)
Moreho0LCorel0olli(050 0/
Morelos Lona.. 15 On
Pennock. 3111c501 ACo... 6 00
Price II 00
I Vtri5i '4 ...7 8 .1.1 1 1 '1 7.....7.10 00
IV. Ilene t
lloorrtson a Converl-10 011
irony J. CPI( -3.
5 00
Stolti o A liisgel -
, I. 00
......0 00
( ..•cratg t : Ltn3 5 to ,
Srotthon. IL. .... . . —....... 4 01
,Tbolooon !no . 31 15 W.
IlVillissnn ILAIMPOU J......T3 01
ilVttiLe Wm 0 00
)l aeon ....... 15 00
Ward 1(10 0/
W4Ol Januol a Co 500
Wad . I-.- 503
Waal 2 Itoghoa t. 00
WocldA Ldwarlb. a )le
, . D.) 00
,(0 ntormau IL S ' 10 00
Wright JoLn k Co 1000
I/KRIA. Agent, Pitt/3,0100!
Sole - Leather:
Second, and m Pint etar
£nr PAC by
JAS. ItALZEL, CA Water of
i7Cl)l:lES l .ffil hags Rio Coffeo ;
mrkoo V. LI. Tea
10 do vourbrms
126 boxes sononfortrand and Int,
Paa VP , :trkerl a Cl l / 7 1 b4 :0,
Water mod Front shyer!
..2 CASES CassinettB ' -
e 9, 2 cases Plaid Flannels: for rale tir
tan3o ... =inn t LEE.
's, but freeh WI Butter; ..
NO kegia Nu. t LAN:
3lat hue Dried Pe:A:tee;
:MO bus Dried Madre:
50 bbla extra laudly Flitur. Fir ride by:
IV bide Tallow:
105 dos Brooms:
151ibla Pearl:Loh;
t boars pere haltratua;
•Aoßutter •
'Ai boa, do do,
kegs do de,
4(4lb.a.ea CMIII Chre,
0N do Common do:
0• der lingliati Balty do:
4 tdili Hickory Num,
'.od Audi Dried APPles:
1,114 E.., • •
A few tons Fie Iron
• A mall lot of :quiet , Pelt. For sale by _
tanoo 13 CANFIELD.
ItrANTEII.--A private tutor, to take charge
of the tuition of. fatally netting witie 00116,
in the nountry. The enallficatioto mash., Joe a know
-I.+l, wf the/each lwateage, 3lathetriatka, and the•
rad Menem For further Information, [wilt. ati tba
alien of David Width., Folirtlr4reet,llttabarsh.
...47,0ULF 100 brls extra
e. doe
no hate Coffe
eu Nis Nu. a Mackerel,
70 brie Tar.
1 0 5 boo ealtpetr= fit sale Ay
Produce Dealer* and Consenhisiortlderehantr,
1.409 61 Bat, street.
MUTTON 'l' tLLOW • •
00(:)!e! s j‘3„„,.„ ,
ltat 1
T. healoolei fo
S t Flnot r wile by
Produce Deideneand Conimlsshm tlerchania,
ji.3l 6l Water street.
5200 BUS. CORN; a .
sso Wu Oats.
Usk boa. Sbortr. fra- wale by
. T. WuDDS a SON.
• Produce Dealers and Cammissios Merchants,
Jam GI Watrr strret.
—..., i
( 1011 N-20 Eris and 30 sacks just rec'd be
It I da y J. S. DILtWORTII i OD ' '
OLL BUTTER -25 brIA in store
joi • 3. $. DILWORTH CP
I ,
, AZ)
XR-10 barrels in glare
J. F. othwtorrn a co
11 E SMALTS-4 e ft. e ci r aN sa i l l w a a
CO 7
Ili pall
m. mit ny. men J. SCIIOONSIAKER it CO
ILIVE OIL-10 baske fur sale by
JUST RECEIVED per steamer Pocahontas,
75 .S PUN ROLL. ToBACCO. for wie by
BONN. BRO. A CO- Sall/ Agent.
Very Valuable City Property for Sale.
I , l l tit: ST Administrators of the
R rens. of Thaw.. }suntan. docer.ed. offer fur eslo the
ell 11 rt. real rats. of Or ”ist Thom. Fairmart, emtulninZ
of otte_t Pet Int fremtiu,•ll laberty dad. running back
s ten feetthat Aloe. tbe tat - ern rand blown w the
laneton 11.0t.0. Mt the grourolo and gable enacted.
fo.ntlng r.o Plum alley. thlety thrte f,-*.t four 'ochre:.
Alan, three 1.16 fro;otint eliorrY alley, nth
Pot front and running tack t..l'str feet rsrallel with Yin..
:they. all .4 wt.n.t. r.rorern . mitt b L. 4
szphestton to the rubowriliorK or anotoold before the '25
ot will IN offered at auction to the hi,hept
Alen. the TaTttll .laude uttered for rent ail ly to
151 Liberty at
EW CROP CASTOR 011,--10 brls Blow
,1 N.. i. ,u,t n<MaN (sr Fslr by R. E. SELLERS,
1,7 ITts,tl
oIL. sad .',1 . 141)1 Cal i, s.
u. 0.1
lICKW HEAT CAKES—If you want good
11 turkebrat Cake, ear tablet'. ElTerycad_ ag
teutub Car rale by 3.'3) IL E. SELLERS.
EVOLV Ell.S—Colt!; , and Allen's, for sale
, C: Murkrurt. corner of Fourth •
VOTICE—The partnership lately existing
1.1 hroween thr undernicnotbibraler the hems nr`At.
lu to. OT..nner & CO., Chilndelphia," and "O'Connor. &Litho
Co_ Pittehurgh.” .23 .11401ve.1 by mama_ notoent,nn
the 16th day efJanuery. If.M. Hansen E. Atkins in alone
suthnrierd to vse the name of &thin, O'Connor & Co., at
PhliaJelphts,and Janne, .O'Convos L. awns authorised to
nee the mane of 0,
Connor. Atkins & Co. at Pittnbargh, to
Itnnidatlan. . MANSES E. ATILINns
Eittetrurgh. Jan. lb. 3.31. . JAMS'S O'CONNOR. •
James O'Connor, of Pittshrirgh, Ya., and I
WConnorr a 01, of Baltimore, 31d., hae: Witedtkt entertkk
Co., =71:, ' . ^ 124 1. e=1
tuna.. of trammeling the Guitar:dot the Pittsburgh Trarw
tr.rtation Lite, ak •sell as for general eamnosnon and tner.
rbandlre turtalt'r orooNNoa
tittrhurgh, Jan. lb, 1),. OVONNORS CO.
A CARD—We tender our thanks for the
kind teasel., extended to ut In buss.= or the tag
q. yard-Lunt would ...rum our friends aull.the nubile
that our arratiaralunte , for the *won of 1831, ahall be of
the Inert eatentive and perbvt nature. We WWI dialdny
thorn wont full)' Inn frau" wlrrrtirement.
JAMES OIN/NNOtt * CO. Fitt.buxtb.
trCUNltOltdt CO. Baltimore.
.. . .
Pittaborsb..l4n. •
15, 1551.—i52.4511vr
/IZ.I KEEN APPLES-10 brls prime, ree'd in
IJ~ emu . °4 in"
4 ,SAMUEL r.81111.1V434.
It m EMP - 110 bales 51issouri de; rotted, in
ri amt for wilrity ALEXANDER GORDON,
134 Trout n
g !Alkii)LES---50 bx mould, on consignment
".INGER ROOT-3 sacks prime, on hand
duet fur redo IVICICEM3IIAM,
JstS Cur. Wcul [Rath as.
EATS TOOT OIL— hrls just received
s ter) suptalor said, Mr RIO by
brin in store. for
wile by • j a ..ti S. WICKED-411AM
Warebotoe Co :141 Moly Octet, now
.to , h‘l by Ora I.4mott will to retard. with Llolmu.iu
V" , rn ! ' 1 111;76iTarits.ireinTrth.
-BEAN bu prime, for aide
13C1100S CO,
21 W MAKER .I 4.
1 4 1 NI Ina-15 kegs assorted, for sale by
J. 14.1100NMAKER 200
I ilitOlti,l2F. ISA LL—f; cases small stick
_LA 114.6 by .24 J..scialeaspatEa &
SYRUPS -36 hrlet Golden Sreup:
Clarifw..l t lin tbr salt by
)12.1 JAS. A. livrc:tnsaN d cx•
-2J brie ree'd per Ateamer Arena'
J. 16. FLOYD.
Round Church Building.
rand Ibr ello by
UkirASH—ti casks Dunean's pure Potash,
I. far We by J. l IL YL9TD:
nAK IMITATION—Taper Hanging in im-
Ncritutou ulOsk..wd 'ambled, be We by
- .
!lender.. A Co's Yanst4.l ll .4
utr• bur 1. fu de by it- z. ezmus.n& .
.n 11 Wood st
OWIER-150 kegs blasting, for by
J. t R. FLOYD, Ittaantl CAMeb
lr - CO.NCXRT. - •
' - ir t a. a.: 1.4,1
IaNSRECTFAZIN-annotuire, to theritlign*
WlLKlNSman:tiri'Fridac erg. 3lit Jan.
A they will Intruues l unrat variety•O
...... f
R.mlN.etta.l3rtm.Quatiffitta, alLe..vevernidart.
ma! Nlknklal by.M.Labottra.. ma, two alai
two gentlemen. OretaLtra, Plano Fortajour - hardy. by t`./
India. /Ma and mad Violin ard double Da. -
The Toes! Musk of the late]. Family waist. of earl
frvm the alma. Inekal. to the hlohet artivitY
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an a glees on TIIVELIDAY evening twit. au het.t,
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LiI.k.BEII., who will aleated ho 54.44 haat and Meant y
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I. Overlum 'Tea Diarao. , . Orchelltra-Mteta. •
. Lanning for the Alm" aro.. yudf;
sod Mr. titrata reated)-Knaken.
a. tartar, to -Stradelta..- I.r eight hands, on two Ply
sem 'lleum &NOLL. & 1-Myva--ittualut
4. Ballad Llivave Item,
If ail than endear-Lug
5. Miew K.1 . 1 . -MoOre. •
5. Violin rola 31vater IVAIDS Lt.-7%1,14101. ;
0. R o ma, -Met; mor's Ilr. Kiters-Lre.
T. Ilarealles Ilytan. loin b
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... Denture.. `ln dame blanche' fall Orrbeetra—Bolal -
2. Dan, de. 'when" Salm Fong of Mann M 144
Kaarr end MT. KLMUlt—Slllbrau.
A. Hamburg Polka. fall (frrebestra—lfernin,
4. Song, "Aa .1 rime them armies ca. chansanin
litkers.-1141110. • f.
b. M.yflovreg thnOrdoldra—Fetha
The tinamiled &tamer, full ellulUx.. lib Or.b.Ll , d
areompartiment. '
Tim Pi 3114. need or. tills invasion rill'foralehed by:
Mr. Kiel., fl the celebrated manufactory of Nunn. a
Tickets 40 emit., lc be W a d the 4.1.11 of Kleher.i
Third Amt.. Wm. M. lienlJam. .McKnight . A Ma 4 '..'
ket street. and at the doorpn the meat.; of 'tkie
Moon nne . n at T o'clock, Contrest to commence at half.pasr.
es n'clnek, re—meltd
, •
CONCERt of Sacred Music, for the bone-'.
. of the 'peor. gout] 1.0 give.° uu TurydaY uvrni9g ,
Fr Iv tho Tbuq Yrrabyturisu Churrh, v.mmenrmp t''
114 o'elm.k.
Awake the Harp..
01 What Iteauty.-_ .. _
Native Worth
Achieved I. the Glorious IVZT:
On Thee each Lis low Steal Alm...
hallelujah to the lather
Pert T.
. The )lornln—a Cantata, F. Bele.
Reef. elhlrit 100
The Marvellous trork, 111001,
Eve's 1./&nentstioli King.
Where., thylltnsers.... Ronehal.
Grassi Ilalleltllals el.*. Bantle).
Tlcketa 50 ornts.—to be had at thr_steres of J. H. Mallseri
11. }Usher. IL Biebartlson, sod li. C. Sto.lkten. No Mono,
seeelred at the door. . jal2.',ol4t
Z;' tl
loll) . 4
A • .41
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‘ 1 4.1
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. . . .
bTFULLY announce that they will
ow.. Connell on Monday eteninr,, Febrtuef 11d, a:
ne MIL Their programme trill actin •ehoine eu.
leetlon of Pond, Duel, Trio., to...totn, to
Tirana 50 eenta—,to be had et the Infle plants and ay
thedonr. . ,
DOW" open at el; olurk. ' Contort will commence at hat
past 7 o'elrek.
i No pmtponement idl areount of the weather. f
A eolleitto of Some and Quart/tlana u ca nun by Lb;
Allealtaniane. can be had , . the Colnert onto. PM
FEATHERS -17 s'acks prime for sale by
inN aotcn 'Vf . atei MIL".
lARD-3 brie and 15 kegs for sale by
,1 ies J. .V. DILWORTH A COI
BBOOMS- S 0 doe just received by '•
VREUT-100 bu Dried yeaebee; .i . - .
- 1:4 be Dried Apple. for Wig by_ i
VERMLLiON - 1 ease genuine Chineall
V (rule by I.IRID *CO, •
eti W ie.
IA3iPBLACK.- - .50 brls for sale by
CASTOR 011,-10 brIS Blow's best. torso!:
My ' .94'4' .1 KIDf) Vi CO.
W12 ,, K 1 K . S ON BOOK
Iktok KEEPING= '. "i .
' Dere Ream Bor4 Book K
a dust
Blank. tor the atom or orkadust reed, ledeuPbri
, for Kale by j Il IL
ood 81 MEW8/16 • ,
Jall4 81 W -
Ark UK IVIIKELBARROW was taken awe
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t ' .l,Tire r :l - !. " :.M7E . _. ° ITAZITIfSNI ' .I. - 4:t m afi - glir ,
Moseley ibe lean. and agd. Tbe gentleman erbo 811
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and ant hie money peal; . It eo dole g be will ova,
oblige jaLe. JI: aIL P1111.L11.3.7 and V iood 0
HECKER'S FARINA-3 eases for Dale V
/08 • J. SCIFOON3IAKER 03.
$1 25,111 50 1 aid ill 75 per gallon.
r.,tVERN . KEEPERS had better tryllfforf,
,dam ti.rartw. Prime Pau Puma Rusts, st abce.
stbalm , Ottettasttss elselibere.
SASS Ent side stew Diamond. ,
1111ICE-36 tes prime Carolina, for sale by
AU, Ja2s JAS. A. HUTCHISON dCO,kigsassorted Nos. foe by
incrongds ato,
‘.; Proposals for Chain Cable Iron:
Nave Aoree's
EALED PROPOSALS, in duplicate. et
er r dodottedProton]. tor theta table 11911. , will be z
ed at Ode odice until wens at llooday, the 24th hobo
NVotetZ•Orotlag'el sad delltetlas at the ~errl'a'
den I mentioned In the thlloomo table. tit
• 2•Ets-q.
1 -*N of Whams:
a ,
F?I .--2-74.-7-7
; ii:.? i'''''''''
- 1
7 !
Et ~
I,metar I
7,5 t I
Of I rtkv. • ,
• v . i
'r!41 . !.. rod
e e'
k P~~zy~~lroui
i ; "s~P~~N
All the then edit.' son mud be of the re
beet quality of Amerman socent.fitdam free from adm
tore of foreign iron: It must LeWon:lend front hl
to rough bars That for Lbe links must then to, cd
Piled, sad rolled to about an inch Mekong then sea
cut, mind, am' rolled to the manned Mee end rut tit,
.aoVatargtsusWll won
' utlttle'rbrdttm7rine:
ri me
nod elmpes Maid ho famiehed to the contract.
The bole must Os &livered tu rlgul Kb& lengths, free fec
all More, rugged en& or Men, or other &fig., oubject
such Proofs and lode to the ihmmu of
In rent
menu and Repair may dingste, and be In ell Mammal to t.
entire ratiefeetion end eptrOvel of the ognOthstent of t.
Vat. Yid sforgnad. or It will nut he otedrod, nor sr .
u s dell of the eald Irma be roldened M test
god Drop! r(
ant Wit
Ls poduced to the saki mamas
ant that It o,sbeen ssunsubsclund es berelnbelbre rol
She qn.atity required to mike dmothlni of thi s.
felon need mblee must Le &limn.' en or lePire t
drst day of June need for another third f i
nes odd s
tiles on or before the first of to bas . I,
the ...cider on or before the thirty tint of DeeresP
Perot. &drone of dining Id furnish the sad le
(should 'no farther Informatlon be required to rust
them to to their cake.) see referred to the mum.*
or eommsading an per of the Nell lard at Kid:does
Dtcf Colutalds.
Toth, prnons whom OQ:r may be Oefrged ImtMat
mbedulea. denting, old medelmlegnlni , e of
end portion. of each Litsl of iron nernind nonn
al, Mien the contract le tempered for. examtitese and
vehkh the eskl Mon mind roan.=
Men must embrace the quogity requlnd. god t
Pde tuns' by Pool , sad doa e Lremste mosmul Of t
offer given meiearned c nt.
Approved sureties' equal to the ',thuds.' mount of t
asumact gill be vequlrM in Po owner ort AMP in 11,
Indrumetat. and tea µremained. whist'. rill be olthbo
from the amount. of nob perm.' er n ilenrd omen'
the nth performance of the control `clod) pa ce .
urn of tech-delivery gill be pad tq, the Acts tit
Waehlogion 'ratan thirty-dem WM , this Podeo" . °
NUL ft Mplsolit, approved by the orsonnsuclant of the re
Eteq Navy lard.
offer must to ecrompthiod by a gram puma'
(the noionedeltd of the or iptiarantors to
certified Mby • navy agrn metre o to e d
ose one known to th Blaze. of (Midnaction. At I LI
t en h Offer be mended: the bidder or bidders MIL old
t duos alter the rec. int of the
co the Pon off
Ertl gnated,
lbw woe, nth dud iced outlet'
ninth% to farulth tbe mid chain ettold Iron. spread
the meats merited In this edernisetnettL or which me) I
embodied In the ranted. . The bow of the 10th of Aug°
VW, forbids the cgoundendson of all pronged not ame
Pm""th KbbbLb4. maimed to coigne Mar n
IlkXers stre.r thel mar to &diminished
per 164
Ztel re n b ese letter. order to proven. their del
opened before the MU erne-tat., -;
All otfrre not Evale In strict conformity with title j
verte pont, to every to vs& to emsslieted e i e
peeteZ et the option of skin..lirel of Construction, E q e . l
estvf &dr.
Led to den:rusts the pert on
t henm k.n ro b hle - h - they &the to lo Warmed and the no
agent tu whom the oordmet shell be sent for execution
A m g ip required to [Mar their bids prersnlipo to tb• fo I
hereto smegoi. J. 11. L Nary Agent
/beet,/ oe
and ochres at the limy Ye
b , *° l l mri" r of Columba. in confannit
, Le Dismiet
th e ewe. of the ahrellse , , J . All Age
W ,..r e f h = Wile Ism of re rerrart, gu l aL!
I .meaX a facture at Won of coats I?
AttaiMeatl mane ,
egge n tramented, 1 desbe to be mlbeesed them,
ww - Zit oars --. and the mama to be eent_i
the eLee r womt et -- mC Iteration.
r,rrpeel/aDy. 0001 mahout etreant,
To J. D.. zg,u,rb,,„ D.C.N •
w e the eel
a i X 4' estansal, maximal of in the St'
hereby ittementy that, la mole the famaal
lad of --r . ; t — p to meePtek want. ten ,b 7
... rev the of the Matsui at the met allot slealatC,
esh meeate the maw eelth wood and eaMdeat. am . =
tternah the &de cable Ina therein weediest, la
' writt the kilns of the adembeentent under sad& the es:
hid was mak. • • C.D.;
1 Caen. milt, that, to the hest of my lnseelestm
Wet the ahavanstuel guarantors are red sod
nay: ,
Sinks* to out.* . tropouls Dr chain e+.l.llr •
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