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. ' , Was: e t:4o ai January 29.:
-,- '-'Blsker..—:3lr. ifale p d petitions for the
,11:teal of the slave law, which were laid on the
le. I
from Mr . Sturgeon presented petitions soldiers
,who served in the mar of 1812, asking bounties
. .;.- l if 160 acres bui . d. ^ 1 i
A number of other petitions were preeented.
:,:l The Committee on Fest 0 co I reported, with
-"amendments, -the bill 'from th e House reducing
`: the rate of postage. '
A bill for the idler of clen Company in
, 'Virginia was debated fo r e time, amended,
~ a nd finally postponed.
' .The bill to settle privatclaims in COAT.
:Ws was then taken up.l :
- - ; • . Pending the amendment ofl Air. Walker dealer
;.rig that-the potent issued by the United States.
[ . ' shall only, be deeined as a relinquishment of the
1 i ' title of the government, was, after along debate,
. .' Alter some (either delete, ,he Senate adjourn
!", ed, without action. • ,
. .
lyerran,_—The. House proceeded to the discus
; gun of the .pending questiod, which was to re
weiusid' er the vote by Which the -Homesterul bill
1*- - - was referred to Committee of the Whole OD the
. ;;•state of the Tinian. I ;.
Mrjt .e tulzocated the policy of giving lands
- to actual sett:
1:- '-' The question was into " passed over, and the Souse resolved itself-in Committee of the
! - ' Whole; and took up the bill making appmpria-
1 ' —tines for-detleiencies of theearlB3l:
- The question ! being on ' relevancy of the
amendment offered yesterda by Idr. Strong, of
t t i , e
Pensylvania, the chair' num decided the amend
,L. .. meet out of order; and the Committee, by a vote
. - . 'of 102 t 0.87; sustained the jecisiOn.
, 111.enera- Sackett, Tuck, and Sehenek, subse
. ',..klitentili proposed Tariff amt:dments, with the
.. -Rover ll4:l4l
Harbor bills attach 11, which were file
i.' wise ruled out or order. I
Several amendments were 'made to the bill to
wapply the der ciency of 1801
. . ~. The Committee then rosetheist action upon the previous' question. Thill was then pass
. The Howie again went inCOMmittee of the
Whole, and after being 30n30 time engaged on the
bill to establish branch'mintii , n New York and
:San Francisco; the Commit e again rose, and
:the Mouse adjourned. 1
.kportion of the splendid gbiss works of
"laiweenY &Bell, was:thin mokuing Loonsumed by
fire, Including the cutting paonng rooms.—
'Tte loss is estimated at *40,000. The blow-,
big still continues, and before the ;fire was well
'subdued, a contract was niece for Sebußdin,g.
t lIA gauf sawn, Jen. 29.
The Canal. Appolutnients or your L city are—
J. F. McCullough, Supervis r; John Hastings,
Colloetor. • .
T. It, IVeet, Buperiatentlen Portage Railroad•
Barr, Collector at j lairseitte.
Breatistuffs are dull. Pre, *ions . are firm,
trithomoll stocks to operate tipon.
Beef and Pork—Very Haiens doing in Beef
end Pork, and prices are withbut efionge. • Holes
of city packed mess beef at 512012}
Mesa Pork is held at $12,7.019131 bbl, and
prime at 89,25. •• •
Baconn—Supplies come foe
the indents thus far.hare bee
Green Meats are scarce .14
Bake of hitms bids; salt at 9 ,
}o, and of smoked sides
hams range from 10 to 111 i p
&9}c for old:
• Floor—The market is quie
era S. brands at $4,561
Mills; it is bald at $4,56.
Rye Floar—Sales at $3,621
Grain Sales of. Red Wheat
good to prime, and of White a
Corn is steady, with salea at 6
62e for White. Sales of Oats,
of Eye at 68 to' 70e:
ProrLsionsThe market le /
tales at previews prices. '
Oroceries—Vhe market is
of Rio Coffee at Ili . for ,prim
Lasses are quiet:
Whiskey--Sales- et 24141251 c
NEW roui
Cotton—The marbet hi dull, but to change in
flour is easier, with 'isles of 1500 bbls at $4,-
15€4,87 for Indians and Michigan, and $4,94(}
5,00 for round hoop - Obio. ,
Oran—Wheat is dull, with sales of 500 tine
now yellow at fanner prices. I •
Prorisions—Pork is emehangid, with sales -of
150 has old mess at312,12@i:2,25; and prime
at $9,1210 ; 9,25 ? barrel. Laid is in good de
mand, with sales of 100 bbls o d at: 8c.,. Hogs
aro selling at $Ol4 cwt. I
Linseed Oil—Sales 5000 gallons at 90e . ,t 91c '
Whiskey—The mike! is 0 ' , with sales of
Ohio at 2fic.
-- .
. . TrtSl2lo =Poll
I January, 29.
Cotton—The market is doll, with aides of 800
halal, including middling to fair upland at 131
181, and of fair Mobile and Jim... Orleans at
1 ' 15e1411... .
' . Th e market is esale with sales of
c t i
7,000 bblainelndirig Indiana an Michigan at $4
7_41®4 87,and Ohio at $1 Si 4 91. Sales of
Ohio soak at $5 18 ® 5 44, d of fancy at
$5 5005,.75 it bbl. Sales o 25,000 bbls on
prirata toms: T •
finin--Cons is easier, 'with ea; of 10,000
bushels at 06 for, new South and 67} for
ProvisicaThe market is Orin and guiet;-
Thedemand , is principally for filling contracts.
es of 800:- Ms at $l2 -18@12 25 for mesa,
; • . $9,25 foe prime. Ohio nevi mega is doll at
18 28por'obL Salmi of 1,800 bbls ft 'sB 25®
': 50 for mess, and $50.01 for pinta Beef hams
mow., I
I Jawill7 29 .
About 15 head Beeves, Cowe, and Calves, and
- 00 Sheep and Lambs were offered to-day.
Beeves - Then market for Secret Oaring the
.. ,4. week, has been dull, bat holden' being firm,
• ft is difficult to purchase good retailini: qualities
,' t• low' fic 11 lb. • The fair average , of the market
$ '... 7€,So itt lb.
tixtuary 29. ,
'' The weather is exceedingly co d, , with high
, '• . The river has fallen nine icnoltes In the
' , 24 Lours
. , Frour—The market is firm, owing to the cold
, • . titer, which threatens to closol the Canals.
es of 700 bids at $3,5748,68 per bbl.
Whiskey is i better, with sales at 24ie per
i i.
Provisions—The market is Imo. t„ with no
bongo in prices. Sales of 400 b Is mese pork
k 511,2 5 per ,bbL Sales of 1110,000 Ars dry
. t aides at 51e, ,and of 50,000 do elyulders at
I.ic per lb. • ‘ •
Sroceries—Soles of Molasses. at .V3ia."ffle per
ron. • Sugar is selling at pinfijo per lb.
. Lot:welds, Jan. !..19.
1 . 110 river has fallen four :inches s t int last
j oin..
the eutiaL Tbo weather in very , cold, atm
There have, been uo arrivals from below in the!
' „-:24 ana houra there an Thet tla Or li e nu g , 7n i w inno g lifeneetari.l6 cold,
*seed. The Vermont is loading for New Or- 1
j Bales of Coffee at Ilif4l2e 11 lb.
4 Band's woolen factory, at Lexington, Ky., was
,*ituyed by fire this . zrentsing—supposed to be
.„W vrorit of an idrendiary. , The boas is estimated
l it $15,000, with no /111 prance.
* w The New Orleans Velegmph l i re is now in
dee from this point. - -
Co;reaponee of the Journal oflCoosrnerce.
- _ W.Asetsoms, Jan. 23, 1851.
.A. lase Delegation from the American Color&
17.... ,,,, y. tbfs mor ni ng waited upon the
O, L Mr. Webster', Secreierl of State, ".raging
recognition of the Liberian Republic by our
Ole strong ground presented war, the &dean.
b aud,
etet , we th u tt id E sult to al o o ur itt m
tarries ltttii:
• __with Africa that amounts to no less than
Milk.= sterling, or about $25,000,000 ew
reu'! ..•c should share more of it' tium we
3lr: • R ebt ter received the gentler= in the
im ner po a nu t th t e
. Deputmo ub
E nt e lo e f iren ßtate, cd azut i
.4:opiw ds p m lessu a ie th a e t p th n eir i.a calf! n id g th his e etten wnli
' - thm 'tlll i ted "T ra te tal t. wo u nl far d penal " tit,b"Heinrecconterests
plitrim:Liiktu"ionti.....owewarevlx.l:6.tht co e or Prni uteonsi lds °ent ' tere,
A y. recei bY : h i t t " :
t Ischemo of African colonization; and his
1/4talittloningtodpvttmroznottet. ito rtts plan i , t ee theatts far le ble lmtt Pub- to
1" , tI Aft/ends ef the black man.l
House or Iteroas. , —The election for officers
.of this Institute will.teke place to day, (Timm
lay) at three o'clock In the afternoon, at The
rooms of the Board of Trade. It is hoped there
will be a general attendance on; the part of the
contributors. ,
Tea Status CONCF.B.T.—The lovers of Music
will be gratified to learn by . advertisement in
another column, that thelfiakely Family will give
their first Concert in this city on Friday even
ing. From various notices of the press in re
gard to the Iliakely Concerts, we select the fol
lowing from ntockport,'New York, paper:
"As we have elated in a former notice, this
troupe have but recently presented themselves to
theeriticism of the musical world. Last even
tog was their first appearance before a Lockport
assembly, and they were fortunate in having an
audience capableiof appreciating musical excel
lence. We bad anticipated an entertainment of
a very high order, and see are free to confess that
our expectations_ ere more than realized. No
coneertcompany has ever visited this place, em
bodying ao large
. an amount of musical ability.
Their singing is of the highest, and their
selections embrace the best pieces of Mozart,
Hayden, Handel, and Arnee. We question wheth
er the Misses Blakeler have any superiors—
(certainly none have visited this place)--in eom-.
pass and sweetness of voice: and the style of
their singing bears the impress of those celebrat
ed master,., Prof, Webb, of Boston, and Char. R.
Horne, of New York, under whose careful in
struction these yonng ladies have been trained.
The instrumental music of the company is mag
nificent. Mr. Blakely is an amateur upon the
violin. Mr. Sherimod is ft most brilliant and ef
fective pianist, and the eternises of the Misses
B. upon the piano remind us of Hertz, Hoffman,
.Barker, and other distinguished artists to whom
we have listened. As a whole, the orChestra
'will not suffer by a comparison with the most
celebrated In the country. This combination of
Instrumental and Vocal music is a novel feature
in concertizing, and we predict that the variety
and quality of the music discoursed by this
troupe, will place them among the first compan
ies, of the day."
Tun Corctstan Hogan or Rcrece.-We ore
indebted to a friend in Cincinnati, for a copy of
an address, delivered ontho occasion of the op
&dug of the Cincinnati House of Refuge, by
Alphoniso Taft, Esq., a leading member of the
Cincinnati Bar. It Is an admirably written doc
ument, and reflects much credit on its imtlior,
'who is well known, not only as a distinguished
lawyer, but as a true hearted philantropist.
We will extract a few particulars from it,
which may not be without interest to those of
our citizens, who are at present so laudably en
gaged in laying the foundations of a similar in
stitution, In our own city. The first /steps tak
en to secure the eharter were owing totlre Rev.
James 11. Perkins, and the. funds necessary for
the purchase of the ground, the erection of the
buildings, and other expenses, were raised by a
tax imposed on the citizens of Cincinnati. The
first levy for this purpose, was made in the year
1846, when the sum of $6000,00 was raised. In
the two.succeeding years $19,000 were collect
ed—in 1848 $19,082, and.. in 1849 $20,760.-
1 The levy of the present year is one and a half
1 mills, which will produce nearly $66,000.
All the expenses connected With the tNtablish
meat, are to be paid by the city, unaided byany
' grant from the Legislature, and assisted in but
a slight, a very slight degree by the contribu-
Mona of private citizens. The citizens of Pitts
burgh have already. contributed by private sub
scriptions nearly ten times as much towards the
erection of a House of Refuge for yestern Penn
sylvania, as was subscribed by the citizens of
Cincinnati towards their own. We mention this
sot out of any spirit of invidiousness, since their
raising the necessary funds differs es
sentially from that adopted by our citizens, and
we have no doubt that, had it been 'toned neces
sary, they could have readily collected a suffici
ent sum by private subscription.
'After alluding to the character of those unfor
tunates who are to find a home and a school in
the house of refuge, Mr. Taft says:
"Hitherto our city has made no other piaci-
,ward aad
tn uuridly
:11 inquired for.-,
lc; of labouldcas at
at B,ic. Smoked
crib for new, and
Jenuary 29.
There are buy-
No*elee of City
slon for these suifortrinate children than tile com
mon schools and the common jail. In the for
mer, their influence has contaminated others,
and has done much to injure the otherithe ex
cellent character of our free schools. In the -lat
ter, their own ruinhas been completed, by 81150-
elating with the worst of criminals. The conse
, quence has been, that in the midst of our city
• been sustained at public cost, an expensive
institution, where these youtht4l delinquents,
who, from different causes, hate • been drawn
away from the advantages of schools and church
es, are taught the very science and mysteries of
crime, from its lowest to its highest branchee—
an institution whose professors are the most ex
pert kousehreakers and thieves, whoselectures
consist legit:ming tales of successful villainy; and
where crime, with all its fascinations, is inge
niously expounded to the young and curious
at 1000104.: (or
1.3 for Yellow, and
at 43 to 46c, and
firm, with small
chaiged: Sales
Sagan and go-
I •
Per gall, in hhda
They become charnied with the heroism of
daring and undetected felonies, and when dis
elisrged, whether it be in twenty days; or in
six months, go forth with bolder and more law
less designs than they bad ever before conceived.
gush an institution is the County Jail to the hap
less youth, who whether guilty or innocent of of
fences, great or small, are once confined in it.
Aware of the degrading influence of this coun
ty institution, courts have spared many children
guilty of minor offences. It has been judged bet
ter, to Suffer the mischievous consequences of
permitting them to go at large, than to cifissign
them to certain infamy, by confinement with old
and irreclaimable rogues.
By the law under which this institution is es
tablished, it receives no males above sixteen, and
no females above fourteen years of age. The
badppaass . b tex o peri wn lnee of
reformation,tle world
to be
pson su dieripl i t u n l o
must in ;general be commenced at ages sot great
er than those to which the law has limited the
privileges of this institution. The expense and
effort bestowed upon criminals of more advanced
ages, with a view to reformation, is generally
wasted. The character having become thonfugh
ly corrupt—stereotyped, with criminal thoughts
and purposes, cannot again be made pure and
We are truly glad that Cincinnati has succeeded.
in founding a "school" for the reformation of
those juvenile delinquents who would otherwise
'become accomplished criminals, and sincerely
trust'that it will not be very long before a simi
lar institution is established in Pittsburgh.
Chrism/D.—The motion .for a new trial in
the ease of Joseph Barker, late Mayor of Pitts
burgh convicted of mielemeanorlsi office, wan
mended yesterday.. We do not think this news
will distress friend Joo much—when it reaches
him, since he has very wirely.takeit himself out
of harm's way for the present.
Fram—The blacksmith shop - attached to Mr.
Wilson's Coach Factory, on Third street, took
fire yesterday, but the flame. were fortunately
extinguished before any damage had been done.
Coniston. by trade a_ painter, the third of that
name who him been arrested within the past few
days, wan. yesterday committed to prieon by his
honor Mayor Fleming, on a charge of counter
feiting. The evidence agaimit him `rent to show
that be had offered to Bell fifty half dollars for
twenty five. A . prase for the coinage of
counterfeit coin wan found in the house of
one of Mn. brothers, and another wail arrested un
a charge of mining counterfeit money.
LUICZNY.—Three persons, named John 31e
'Cluskey, Fraimis Wilson, and William Bignell,
were yesterday committed to prison by his hon
or Mayor Guthrie ' on a charge of stealing a
basket of olive ail from the stare of Jocob Wea
ver, Jr.
Arrawnrn BItROLAILY.-A gang of ruDians
attempted to break into theltouse of Mr. Robert
Palmer, situated two miles up the Monongahela
rivet, on Tuesday night. They 'mule a noise
whith awakened n German who slept in the km
erAiry, and be aroused Mr. Palmer, who
latelyseiteda fowled gun, and went down 41tairn.
The rascals fled an soon as they found that they
'were discovered—but not until Mr. P. had fired
tepee them, though it is probable that he missed
t.tem. >
Acmmvar.—Blr. Tbirkettle, a baker of Alio
gbe,sy- city, wbose store lesituated on Robinson
street, near the canal bridge, injured himself se
.yerelyyesterclay by a fall from Is bread wagon.
'Several of his ribs were broken, and it is feared
,that be has received some severe internal injo
AMIN Tirrxre.—Mayor Guthrie, in pursuance
of the Ordinance, passed at the last.miteting of
the Cannel is; authoruing him to engage fire ad
ditional ds y policemen; has appointed Bernard
Dougherty, John Marceline and Jades Recd.
Arrammarr Eira —carim,-A very respectable look
ing man, onataiVJoseph 'Hill, from the State of
Ohio, yesterdarattempted to Commit suicide in
one of. the cells of the watch .house. He ens
yamded' klamelf by cans of his .handkerchief
the upper liar T the iron_grating in from:
of the cell, and lino namable when he was die
covered sad cut U n. The usual ristoratires
were appled o bsit it a tong time before lie
ermuicionattess retum d. ' Ile was laboring under
en attack of mania a pan, of the time.
• Summar Paxxxxxrs—,- A cam/. --A gentleman,
whose name wo did not, learn slipped and fell
yesterday! in Penn Street, near the Exchange
erel,.bresking bin leg. and otherwise severely
itikarin himself. ' A carriage was procured, and
be was tak kale residence. •
! =cm=ll
• • - .
C0'032 or
- , Janunry 29.
Present—Hon. "m: B. McClure, President
Judge, and Santa, Jones and Wm. Kerr, As
sociate Judges. • ,
The notorious laniel 'Snyder, was convicted
on throe several in ictmenut of obtaining money
under false preten e, was brought into c our t to
receive hie sentenc . When asked what be had
to say before sen ce should be passed upon him,
he made a baron , declaring that though he
'was guilty of obta ning the goods and money,
yet he had intend to repay his victims no soon
as be got money tm his father in Germany.—
Ills remarks gave evidence of the acuteness be
has displayed in d frauding the community, and
he has escaped wi . a ,sentence of his month's
imprisonment in tb . County Prison.
To-day had been set apart for the trial of the
tippling boitse lice era. but nut one made his
appearance. • Despi the number of policemen
in the city, whose duty it is to return them to
Court, there have been but half a dozen trials,
and two three convictions during the present
Alfred Duffer and William Jay Cox, two young
boys who were thethief witnesses against Kelly
in the recent trial f r murder, were brought into
Court to receive the r sentence, they having been
convicted during th present term of some petty
offences. The Court, after a consultation, or
der.' them to be remanded to prison:
Considerable sympathy has hen created for
these boys, in the \ ininds of the jurymen who
were empanneled in the murder case, and it is
probable that the ',Court will' consent to their
being bound out to some farmer.
The 'Court adjobrned until nine o'clock this
morning, when the last case on the calendar not
already disposed of,:will be tried, and the jury
will be discharged.
CHAN 4 or Weainta..—The chilling air of
winter visited as once more yesterday, and the
weather was eta cold E. any we hare had for a
long time past. The change was the more per
ceptible, as the air was very mild and pleasant
on the precious day.
Fn., the W.L.ftteDh
- •
• .0a Saturday last, at the Coy Hall, in the presence
61 a large assemblage of persona, among whom we
recognised the Hun. C. M. Cortaat, Secretary of
• War, the Hon. Litwin Cass, and other distinguished
citizens, and several officers of the army, the use.
dal of Virginia was presented Major General
WRIPTILLD Scary, by toe hand of W., 81 Heimann,
Esq., chairman of the counuttice,dl the Virginia Leg,
. Mr BerMatz. addressed the General in the fellow.
tog words
• .„
Gasteui. t The diatingnibbral servile winch you
have rendered the Republic have received the gral.•
lode of your countrymen and the admiration of ms
Entrusted with the organization and cunimand of
no army of itliabitni, we have area the debarcation
of your troupe—the uniestruent of a fortifed city- - - -
the approaches—dm siege—the capitulation end our
i render succeeded each other er lb the r. gularily and
and precision of a programme of conquest. On be
MU' h of invasion, you have demonstrated unbound
ed resource audeonsununate intlitsry skill; while the
enthusiastic obedience ol your soldiers boo evinced
implicit confidence in their commander. With an
army numerically unequal to that which impaled it,
you have penetrated acountry in which every moon;
tain eras a rumours, and every defile a dick Itrtifled
-by iniluary skill, and defended with patriotic despe
ration '1 he wearers. of your arws Was traced in
iod and blood, einerging from a terrible and
protracted struggle, amid deeds of exalted heroism,
you have pl Wet the banner of your country upon
the citadel of her toe. •
You rested limn e coal et to a chieve the gher
lor ot moderation th in ; the hour of conquest. You
g ranted ton -prostrate eation terms it: which triumph
as tempered with mercy, and the interests of your
country mail: to accord with the diciaten of your
heart. You have aubjected 1.1 your valor the proud
al and the most inment City 01 the mmuneul—s city
first conquered by a race long rival to your ttwo; bin
the iieroll of your renown will be unstained by'the
blood of a people tortured fur gain, or scourgod erten
coniumed or inerclrew superstition.
The :dory of your conquest will revive with IN
brilliant successes the uminorien of the psi; the
l o v e r of chivalrous adventure will. read with calla,
atin the proilties of American valor which it re•
cords whilst the plan, progress, and consummation
of your campaign, detailed in your deeptitche, will
be studied with imdruntiou by the suategist and the
General, your Note will be eternal, for it :w en
twined with the honor of your C000lry; to suls'er.
re I, tor a haw received the applause of the civilized
Yet, to those who knowtour heart, that fame would
be incomplete Without the approtau eon o f the Sam:
that gore you birth. The maternal approval of Vrn
glnie will commend to your hew the 'squall.ns of
your genius You will spur... Una, her masers:v, for
she kiss never spoken the language of adtdelion; end
treasure her affeelim, for she has never forgotten
her sons.
We are here in the mono and with the voice hi
Vuittn, to confirm the honors which where have
bestowed. She does not, like the republics of th e
pan, welcome you with a inomphal tram Sordid
captive. were not at your prnwess—nor does the tn.
bum gold of revered cities insult your emanirymen
by enne'uli^g w theirneolityno votive v•ctime
heap the altar to hek o
tat gods their approval of
your actions—nor does the glided arch or the miner. ;
al title lore you to forfeit, for en empty fame, Ike
solid honors which you have woo so well, and woo
so nobly.
But recognising in your matured renown the con•
firmation of your earlier promise, Virginia regents
mob .pride the 'added emdtmees of her capacity to
contribute to theStepubliciherervices of the hero and
the rage, nor deems it evidence that this capactty is
exhausted because she has in yoor, person united the
atirtbutes'ut both.—
General! Vlrginie . htdrus air you tbis r eilt. lis
sculptured surface bean faint impress of la. scenes
of your glory. Its motto Is significant of your sago.
city and of your %nccns. l It is a gib otuatirquote to
esprem your worth or her affection But 'begirt rm.
bbdict and embalm. the emotions with which she
regards your viriues and your deeds. Receive this
medal and preserve nom the gat of a devoted mother
to a cherished and illustrous son.
' During the delivery of this address, General Scrut
repeatedly bowed in acknowledgment of the en.
C.C9ll.lllif conferred upon him; and at its conclusion
GINTLIMLII OF TEM Cavern= h win no fp..
thegm of Pericles,-thet where the highest renuarrir
are ghee to public eirtme, there the but of patriot,
will be foxed.
The maxim of more than °minor:lent republic may
also be claimed by my native State, the honored
Commonwealth of Vitamin. Indeed, her loyalty to
our glonous Union has, from the first, been most con
spicuous in the honors she has ever been prouipt to
bestow upon all her sons who have devoted them.
wives to the service of our common country—the
United Stales of America. I, one of those SOO!, and
who never directly held trust or countossum from her,
have, in pursuance of her generous policy to sumo.
late by reward., a second tune with a third of a centu
ry between, been made the ohjsct ot bee distinguished
partiality Al the end of the seeped war with Great
Britain, Virginia, besides giving my name too cone
ty, presented me with a .plentbd sword of honor,
which I Olen weer with pride, and shall 111.111111
with my affscuona
If .sweet are the uses of edversity"—and I have
experietilid those trials and persecutions, to which
all public men are •übject—so 1111113, prosperity, roan
the glory of this moment, tench a lesson tit humility .
This beautiful object of an, with its moat euniplimen.
boy Benue mid inscription—the audience that hon
ors the occasion, sod the eloquent battering address
delivered in the !Janie and in behalf of a great Coin
moo wen ltb. certainly thole faint, and make it.
impossible tor me to say that, in respect to distinction,
I have tired wholly In vain; but when I contrast my
career with the fond a•plrations of youth—springing
from the study of the great example. of room and
usefulness a& ancient and modein history; Including
the hatory of America I am made humble by the
scone (rimy own mediocrity .
Gentlemen of the committee, I most gratefully
accept this medal si a mark of the continued appro•
Ninon of my native State. It will serve daily to
remind me and my postenty that, won a and to
worship, each has also a country to love, to honor,
and to obey.
Thn,other membete of the committee, Messrs. Ay
lett, Beane, Carrington, and Barbour. Were then
individually presented to Genera) Scott, as wens Nam
a large number of the ladies and gentleman present.
The General was in Nil uniform, end au also were
the (dicers of his still In attendance. •
A friend has received a letter from Abbot Law
rence, our Minister to London, from whirl we
make the following extract. What it says dfour,
growing indebtednesS to Europe, and of our
large importations from Europe, is important to
those engaged in trade, and interesting to all
The same letter contains a high compliment
to Mr. Skinner's magazine, known as The
Plough, Loom, and AnzlL"—Neci Fork Ez
Locos, Dec. 31,1850.
• • • • Something most be done to nr
rout the importations from foreign nations which
so far exceeds our exports, We have now in
Europa an hundred and fifty millions of dollars
of United States, State, City, and Corporation
bonds, which hate been sold to pay the balance
of trade against other words for the pro
dacta oY foreign labor to the detriment of our
own. Our exports should balance our imports,
and to that extent I. am willing to go—and not
further. It is not creditable to our great coun
try to borrowjarge sums of money of our rivals,
for the purpose of obtaining such articles of lux
ury or necessity as should he produced at home.
We are recklessly squandering our magnificent
reiources. . When will our people learn wit.
a m , • o a
Believe me, dear air, mosefaitlifully.
• Your friend and Olt servant,
JKNAT LIYWAT EIAVANA. -. Jenny Lind gave three
enacts at Novena, toe reeeipts of which, says cur.
tespoudent of iite N. Y. &prow, d.d nut nium than
flair defray the espetwes of the same, The music
or Jenny end of was much applauded, but
the nevrapapeedhe Dimity de ta. Marine, di•liked the
price of admission fixed by Nir. Hameln, and that
and the lOCIESEtiCiII of the people.for filament epecien
of etnumments aro said to have been the mamas of
the thin attenda'ace. A fourth concert was given for
charitable purpowse, at dhicb lie said the receipts
exceeded the expenses by $5,000, which. mutant
was distributed on follow.: *l,OOO to the-Lying-in
Reunite]; SIM) to the Charity Horiitel of , - - SC. JOh o
rd On 1; 151000 to the Canaan Beneficent Society;
$l,OOO to the Unialine CAMIVtat for tbe.Education
0: Poor Children; and SLOW in else for the descry
ing poor
LOOK 113 - 233 IttY MEE2Th!
RE YOU A FATIIER. laboring for the
roe hr. 0. 1,7110. r's ehaker Sarsaparilla
Are yuu • Mother. suffering front thee.. to which fe•
males see Fenerally tanned, um Dr. V, Howes bb•kur
nanssparilbs—it will certainly eure you.
Call at our dere. ne on our of MI? went, slat lag •
Patnnhlet, gran& where you will nal that the Shaker ear
even-ilia. uDrmoerarl bf 111,,e. It. Mare, h o been the
means of pertratuently curing more &rear" to taint the
human family ere nontiuWly subjeet. titan 'Sur other
Prenntwinto of earsaltatilLat err, yet brought before tbe
TLin ntedlelrso by establlobed is blab reputation by lta
and well atttiDed cur..
lo d tbe mil/ Turpati
time, wltieg t ' ore n T l oluatle t g emery
one. ula l to found..
IRlcm el
Ent oak by
lilt. b. D. MUM 0 CID, Proprproo .
To whom all order.
__Moo. for ,otlo by J Joneo, Seboonontkor IS.
Diu+. . 11... J. M-Towt.o.l. J. Mohler. W. Jack
...,,.hmrob.: A.CCy,utl~te•.k
Amr lleohou mot y city: IV. Mulle.
Prown,rlll/ Jaal
Slella'n Knox.
Drawing Perspeatite; 7 tind Painting in Oil.
Ai R. D. SMITII now prernreit to give
tont twthllog. !'lot .toot. boluern Kadati4
NlArkot Hour, botrortit.n. (non .1 , , to .1%, and
fro. , •t r... rbortoot and other inuttoutsrli ray be
Gnoivo by (ortoreo,n) ot tlw room,
ItoG, to Dr. tiguraun or Dr. Atllltook. jendtt
ALLOW. S this foie sale by '
1 UNDIII ES-3 iris fresh Roll Butter;
3 brl•
eark4 ollu.l Corn Elval:
auks Frathenu • •
brie Rye Fkonr,
Drial Ai plow and ['melte.. on eon-
TOCtiti FOR SALE—Western Ins. Stuck;
Turtle Creek Plank Monad Stout: '
Ittaburuh, thnelnuall and Loutarille Telegraph:
Marine Railway Stock: (land .0.. Drilla, storlt:
DAV Ylck. GEO. E. A ItNOLD &
.131f:1 74 Fourth et
I curtly lc
111...111 , 1[41, 1111TP rnn.i ri d n very full aupply of above
Whirl. chor ran Poll ;a1 lower prima than they are
ueiierall, *ld at: Illark Flout.) awl. Braude to of
Trite SATINS. .of tho most desirable
- Tim • ° ", ( . 4 ' . nuncivinD
TA . - li2E--Twcrop, enty tierces new received
this dav, and for rain hr
ja 5 IIItOIVS t 11l IJl.'rly It
lirls-No 3 Mackerel;
cork. Codflela, for .ale by
.IaZI er.t IL FbIlYll
V, 01/A casks Johnston's brand,
1.3 for rale by„ jr,g, ./.4. N. FUND
B ItOaNI,S--150 do: for halo by'
, J. It. FLOYD
. •
mr:EriNti of the , Bottril of Manager, of
the Allegheny County Agricortural tforletv *ill k.
. at Ilare`a Tavern. on 11odueulay. the oth 0f Feldman.
lasl. at to o'clock : th e new board art requerted to at
tend. 11101
Drug and Prescription Store for Sale.
arllt,T.l.l l T,P4il:A;4glrmitf„..7o,'`,gZt
freed fo r ufle tpert vary term. For further turtlettlarr.
apply et thollb ‘ roniele °face. fat: -
rrtt.a. late
F?1-;j17.1L'f„I, Wsu
. clad for boy, sod gtrla. on Monday nets. In tl.. torture Kum i
of the blob Fverbyterlata Church: tr-lattlattrld rtrueL Terror
bff , sod unole knot. on &VW/ail:km at No 40 11.1,1.4,4
or at the retard rot.. faaf.`..lla
1(3-PA ItTNEitSll.ll'-- - =W - 1! IIoVO llllff tiftV
~areed with to, Benjamin F. Unteldron. The heal
near wil hr continued n herntoPur, nuder. flit, firm et
Flttel.orgle J.1.111.11,11•C I a:A.—p..22,11m
VICE -15 cask's 'Carolina for wile by '
to Jnt) J. a IL FLOYD
N l ol ' lCE—Theartnership her,tofO re
lr.•l .m the ull. under
Irt t llv a n t r Itonftitua iltuann
ronamt. The o I:r llarrien. ua i r
fran l -
fler , wilt hereafter be coml.' on by Henry le Rottman and
Abraham llarrhan. iu lbe name of Rottman A blarriron.
ja2),ilw A . DAF,IIIYON.
IFE ASSUltANCELdusuranee on per
oat,. of 1.5 and CU mar In flleetfrl
National lenn Fund lAff• Arourann• Foricly. by
appheallon to, the uadenrigned.
ablitlenfal quantity of expLinator) pamphlet, lust •
errelted for gratultour circulation. Enquire at the Dank.
Ino 'lnure of W:11. A. HILL t
ja= 'Wind rt, Nunn,' time alnveyourth.
DOLL BUTTEIi—,2S !irk fresh, in good
I,llnntrr. non.. far 'ale 1511:DMIALEV CO,
1•22 14
lAltll-7 lags N 1 Leif Lnrd:
4 = key. d0...A.5.
_'.! A. l et!T
. I. kli , ALM a CO
t .,.. 5111:::. , .-10 casks Pure Potash:
' in CiLekk Pc. ..w., fur rile 1.1 -
'. -2. J. 1. ti(. VLOTD, Itousal Churrb.
(.:EGAIRS--1110,100 common for only by
I_7 1.. J. a R. VIZVD
iyUTTER-I6 lA+ prime roll fur r4tle by
- ..22 - J. A R. VLAIYIC
Soda Ash—PriceßeducesL
(- 2 la CASES blnspentts' bestßfuttlity Maks
ap Mtesro of 7 i ,de A4l. on hood sod for
i;'2'l' Sy, ht
,i7t. it W"" "
11. MITI. I Itt Lett,
Winter Clothing at Reduced Prices,
T WM. Mt1111"S Cheap Cash Clothing
store. No. 1:011.0.rty Piton
proorktor of thr shore .rtolasltoirot'b• ins Jeoiroun
of dipprelo, of the t.lani, , inter tohk,•
rooito for till oatonsive port:Noes for Sprlog. ghort4 .
rive. box dlrter-roinol to nIT...r them at ,t
Trk‘ot i.e ea...b. All throe who wont ftahloriabl, nod
writ mad. Clotbln.. will Ana it ¢ - ri.ollr, to thor aaranta?p.
to favor hi., 0110 o evil, /11, ,1•11 bargain. will Ie offend.
j;or.lhr rale hy
• p at;
.jl2l W.. H. J.41N , 1 . 0N.
11 111.. i ritY NtirS'e—t: lirls w i k or u sal:4 , l , ll . • Tos.
111 RY APPLES—UP sackv for sale by
15 Wu 11. J011 . ...5n0N
hu unshelled, for sale by
ity 11.1 JOHNSTON
OLL hits fresh for sale IT
tea 114. 11. JOHNSTON.
InOTTON BATTING-100 bales for sale - iis
{,g TAIL CA NDLES,—;to bag Cincinnati tan
-I:7lnutar7nre. on hand and Ow tale 1,
4,, Ana. Labia). Extracts I , %the hataikctrltGA:
.1.4 doe. small •
dot. ATM., 13x1 Subeta, Tarp. main:
1 dr
dox. rouiroun emsl.?aelv
Tngutb, altla and torn
jh rn-iront mat km ale at • , A
p ne e ,Pr at '"of WPal nud
TA LLOW —Thirty brirrols Sheep andtwetl-
ly Larrel, nor( r,rlrot nod for riklt hr
.I,a) E
T . . . .
LMOTH rrels Y SEED-4 ba received and
fni ssn bf 1.30 SAMCES SIM trcit.
11 1 111:S:11'n.j--Sizty bushels receiVed and
i.r.1.1 by le9 SAMUEL P. einuvrat.
1 k RED APPLES-2M bushel just rec i si.
A" nod fur vale by bland • iv & wtuuNt
MOLAS.SES—Fifty harreLs of nun . crop
recelYed .4 tor .ds or,
N. IJI emd Permol
i , L()Ult—Seventy five barrels Family Flour
xna far rale by
to LL lyl'E!—Twenty barrels primp
I.lAt rnr i r.
14 1 WI/It—WO brls superfine;
W ',rho Awl for Rd, by
it.2l Wm. 11. JOIINSToN, 112 P.-. 4111
.I) RY
11' I'L fty humheln received and
fanl~lr not SAMUEL P. Flfitll'l:t.
b I!E A N l i4 ul A T - t d: L rr ;i e t i i lir w ! , lu .
I A Rl)—Twenty teirrelm and thirty kepi No.
Jui Lard rm. 1•44 asstl for ule' • '
. •
NJ or wished wool t.r 101 l 1 1 1 . 1 :k.
A1T0C) ,,,, LLtiii ,.... G( . 3: ., () , D5. , —0n i e ....4 e!Lr Scarlet
Flannel.::; are.,, SorluuTLeul,'•"ll . 4; , ,i: 2•l4
Cam!!nen: 2 mml. rors.ll,l on ...w.f.:merit (en,, lbu
utatatfurturrn.. rari fur nal. . Jail IL LEM
I 3 Murphy a littr.llll.ld moll.. to I.uhm particular
attention to thin braorl h of thelraurrlnr, nut are rar.ful
to leet oor.Prior Ilutu• warm:Fled pure Ha,
tub! both at low mire. outtllty. jot I
!lINESE, V ERM I lbefor gale
101' J. 1(11011.1
lIEMI' SEEl)—.Fiftden b arrel,, (new crop)
. tor rule by ian J. KIDD a Co.
LUE—Twenty (le;bncrely, for wale by
11 A ll J. lill3l/ a CO.No. CO
g LASS l'A PER—Five hundred
aquae of
sndtter ( arm.. U, ,to
lintJ. 6 1111, a CO.. No. 310 Wad .1.
- n OYS' sATlNErrs.—furphy d Burch.
.0 11.1.1 hare nu..lved • lot 01 hanofiamo now)" Nilant
ratiortto. for Mu.' 0.1.0 1 al, Hula nod Plain Cualrurrem.
Ip nf ritt , • .l l;l . l . .tz, 51 , :r1;1 1 , Cam ° horn,. lituaucky Joann Mack
u rth root corn., of Fourth and
lid_lA S
MI hlai r
lusea n+clrnl ant 60 ~lo , f , ty t l „. , uses and
_loth IlitIlIVSl A ISlTZk'rttic}:
0. ALEItA TU S-4 eingkii No. 1 Salerntus; ---
i. 7 . It, Mil,.. .In de,
In Mon+ and for gale by JAMES DALZEI.L.
,nll rA Water ntrrrt.
BLOOMS --One hundred tuna Tennenee
Illomm, '3, Inn. '1 . ..pup...8.1.10m mrolvlne frani rtram
,.....,,,...nd rn,..,11,. by J A3IE.S IkALZY.II..
POI . Sn. r.. 4 Mottpr strrrt.
WINDOW GLASS.-Fiv, hundred )oxen
aernrild Mg. otorr and for •rtlt• by
)01 AA 11E14 bAL7.ELI..
_ _
-". •
130TA.SIL--. 5 vu,kl4 Runsl t, just rucemml,
*nu s.uuo bT 1.9 ROBERT DALZELL A CO.
FRESII ROLL BUTTER-20 bxsjust reed
by . jal7 • J. 11. CANFIELD
The i•ry&.r.ddy, Iserrlnfnrn e‘l,llllv betwown lin , mon•
odbot, and St to. Lk-Walnut, Doll, innkrbs. nib!, the
move of lm o. 31..:1114t0r • b.. t ho. been di,nlY , Lll4 tb•• of Ow ..
St..lll4er thorb.i.
Jaw, 11/air and -Imre Tlbmo . , ohm In vonnortinnvlth th.
umlonlJnol. one nf the tnvinbbn. of ttmoald firm, sill obn.
witim by J.tnr• dlalr Co, to whom only nil rirrollYll
dobtol tbrrylo om Ing tto•ted 1,, wok,. In moot.
Plttobufgh, hinnaryo.lSsL.M.l3t
ur The partoccrbip beretonne eolalirny under Ltb firm
ot noccop Vomaln.llorchnot Zino., MI Wooly Wee,
h. Wen amicably illmoloal on
rrln art any. in ocono lark% and on ork Ito none
of tha al tam In all such acttlemenla. 11.81UNIP.,
11. 101XILLI:.
./ri - 0.11-5...7.411.3..7 =eh, nate truly the .14
thomt,soll to kitty to Tattoo Ulf customer.. - at I
rj 11. RKST—AII that portion ar my river
Ia I Imt Tog between tho eatnastreh and Biaddca-lie
ett and the river. r0pp....,1 ennteln about
any err, to Whichwill be attae..l • two en, frame
below with ant:retina trtoneeellar underneath. an i,reliard.
• utable anclbarn. It la all in • blab 14111. of cultlvatitat.
and would be *ell calculated' in, dairy or gantening ?ar
ra:am an apply '-
entamendtql for boneety. hriety. and inituatre. The
facilitiea for gettlux in naar ' ket are onual to any In the
routdrOw. the menpant ,iii hate hie choice of the river,
plank mad. oersit rood for hh. accommodation.
~. stoned offers for kale a laraeow , tt , a ....I ' d ''' .
Lulldloa te
k. mai wale very &Arable o c lu e G,r manufar
-I.'St' normnrh nf Itirntingbant. !mated that the
uw Public ttehnOl 1t.,,,, and Ettaliah Lutheran Churrb.
The rapid growth of Itirminaharn in population and
manufacturint; wealth, and the ft...unable Mire a at wh ic h
h. will he eold, will reader them a rare and prolttable In
v.:meat. Title perfect vree. favorable.
For partleulan. and Inuit. eAre of the'under,howd. at
the olUoe Gramm V. Gilmore. on Grant drrt,
bun:h. letvrern and Fourt otreetr, or 4111111 am
Syttuneaand Patterron. Men', at their *Mere' Ittrn,
TO LET--Chte !louse find Lot situated =7l.
finttord eneventh Ward. For term, t;,l
aI , PIT
Itt,lll:4 2, yd b, d . rj o h . li , CO
it .ALE—Th subscriber offers for
en - -
mute a Irmo and we built Itrl:k Home. with five
ire tnorw sews 4 mmand mitaated raa the Fourth ytevetra. , .. ,
I:nral, within three Irak of this city.l . 4 exaelim ah.n on
llor Int of April treat,
AIYo, a Ter, rierirable rotor ground. month:an 0000 Four
Area. with a epritia o excellent water thereon, altuatrd
near the above.
Alp., a lot 6f trround Ifet II Inches I.y 1611 het. adjoin.
Inn the rcrldenre nf 1t . A. Toner near the eity optvolle
thr toren:tit Werd..l . ennay Ivan]. Avrune. Ikoo,sion
It la non nirtato the the Plank Road will he e0eu1.1.6.
pant the alure proportyooly in the continn n:lure. For
further informalk.e. Itgl:LKII, Fourth
owl. nor/ the drat do tined Itruyerty. ta:r2-311f
7rolt MENTOR SALE--The subseriber'rc! - . 4
will or rent Ina very dt6 - leable Co.try 11,1. A"..,1
nce. In Allegheny city. nitonled nn 0h63 Lane andAraow•
Allegheny Avenne, went of the Common. The horn is
large double brlelibuildlng. In 00111 Kit. order. More In a
ewreiage bon, ratae nd evol water rothe ',mond,
•hleh rot:grin:6l.w. mere, well barmy:4, aining rvery
anwription of .0010 Ono, a orring linun• end 11000., bow,
reeol:velon stleen whenever derainal. J(IIIN
I‘OII.IiENT—A splendid Dairy Farm, ?mi,
joining the lily, with a pod Uwe tog L. and fine Apple Orchard. Alm. wel eon. , , dahod
Country Mangan, cottage 14ylc, with out
buildlotta and one arm aground, within twenty minute,'
drive of, the Court Hon.. Alen, ',rend [Urines,and
Dwelling 'Lwow in utd out of the oily. will he rented no
resoonahle terror. by 110111 . Att'Ext, Law.
laf2lllw4wltT dl Opal atm*, near Fourth
OR RENT—A two story Dwellin 're.
Howe no liar tarred. Eriquire or
Jaln ,JASI,EN DAL'LNLI... Watrr id- n
—I will .11 7L. rash, or on perpetual loon., nnr lot on
n 60,1- 24 livf front by 100 tot to t± ring ad
eunnk:ltiT!y_nlirb rt W r t ei ,F- gt " . e a l u h rZir-t i e '. 9L " tk u rmi
7Prlnit 2 . 74 feet on oibrrty, cart. Spring
Ailey. AI, 1,500 feet footing on Femme.° amt. item..
diately liptawite the Contra] liallmad Der., and roninining
45 wow. inainhkirtrj JASIES ARA.
111 08 RENT—The store room and cellar on
, lb. mouth enot corner or Xlarkrt, street and the liier
andat torrent oreupird no a lamp shoe; al. the •erond
and third onake of the same entrance nn the Dia
ond. Will ix. noted hir one or than ear, fn. the lot
of April mar Apply to LEWIS 11111111 CON.
jawfficilf US Water Street
The Third Went Puldir Fehot , lllotter.and , olte on
which It old either reparatoly or in-kr.,
tile= The.
lo 17 . 3 1 441 whit ln
„Aorglalitional i1)1
natiZiorirrd rill be a - 11.r], and
terms of rale - nude know, on applieation
JttldY .11ECASICEr,
;Wel Iktanl Director., at. No. 4: and 1.5 .I.lallut ntrret.
ran2l •
'llO LET—A largo IRansion Rouse with rzr.
20 00111 of Lau/ attached, attnaled at Oakland.
Real Efttate worth 8100,000.
VERY DESIRABLE Property in Alta.,•
it, Smith 0.11,11011 by :ail to 1 Vat, strivt.. The other, 140.
f, , et lewd L T 270 to air alley, bnprvard In We ben wanner,
nonling a dolialstfid akar uf 111 n titr of littabarah, the
Aand Oslo tiarra
a i , lkarofymnind (muting anrib nn North OITIZIIIID.
feet. rooting 170 feet back, bounded by Inn My lint
ellrr In nor. •
.. . . . .
AI, twouty art....s dir..rtlv ippon:le the Rail (laud Del , t.
of the tuo4 dr.lrable propir4 so. °arr.,' fur rah, Thk
pie., of MI1.11470;1 tokloennetsts to nww.olatorw. Apply
to JaL , ' ! BAIRD h lIITIN. 111 &rood rt
rim LET.Tinit desirable residence at .....:',..,..
nn....nt orreulrd by the smhwerllwr, altusted as
Pthe naborgh kr: In the Borough of Lawren
rllle. The honor lahm sod 'our...neut. Mu 12 P.M11.1. -
nra rollari. old Ira.ll bona, Abe. I. otable and earring..
we with att. xatd.n, containing choler. abrulw
.Iwry soot fivlt trey, The numfbuw Mallon I. a 'bort din.
lance lobo, and perwouo ran go In at an. hour. For par -
ticuistv Inquire of ROIIT. D. /11031110:1,
.1.11 , 11 m
. ho. 114 Market Wed.
"OR RENT—A SAW MILL in East Binning
wol d tuand fa • I•rwe buslnovq . It nu eton-
Itivt tho ,- nitre ha tut". of th e Ortntbr eral avoid.
win IP! thnmotrhl repairraL with new Lahr., AM ham,'
fur a ttqqta of ,trot.
.Alw, ausareilcut alto fur Mirk walklntt—clar deep.
Atso. etqterat goqtt quarries artiyetteot Moue. Inquire of
Thinitnii;rlW - ; it:siiiV.OP.i:&." - t — iiiriniiretiieii.
li!Oli. RENT-4-A Dwelling.llouse, with =l.l
ti„. tit; or elererwim• in want repQr,and with lant• ;:,.,
1.04. on rodent /UV.. Altentonty. /trot, $175 perwwww
. ,
AI, A,STOII: 4 ' ol Maxtet Mixt. inttabornh. • long
War..howe .on INA newel, and owseral Boom+ In I'.t
I/file,. I:wilding. E. D. IIiZZAM.
j'in'l Ztroniele. flit, and Tribune ronN47 - rit• W . '
T o ,LET--T;e Three Story Dwelling
llouwe. No 111 - O. •liswt- . 0n . ..". 'sn - f" Er ,
1,,, Obn 0. LO
togs no. and oounfiffina two par.,. ww
dining moon anal 0 dont, on the find noon haw•wico
011 rn on. the ILL a Awn]. Inuit. of J. IR.
Choral-10 FLOYD,
ali Itoutol
. . .
rIET-Oitt , Tiro Story Brick liousikel
c_ct3l.l9z nin.n.y.. Centre Aro-nue, ilinerillE{l
vt noul. :WU 10.. .11 , 0 n,
VOR RENT.; The Store, 118 Market
st ree w
f. the ,erond, door ham the Turner c.fMertrt
en4l Libert, etret.. Fromuion uiven the IFt of Arra
13.1- Inquire of DA% TO OITCF.It.
ja•hilm . 106 Penn rt.
701 t RENT, two very convenient
DWELLINO HOT:YE: 4 . no Third etre.. shoe
end neer to tintitheeld. i 1144.1,4031 Oven. the srst Jima
a April rkxt.
Alai to Lewe tor one °imam)... enme large reran LOo on awl non
the Alleghen, lin.. In the Ninth
Appl) to WM. M. BARI.I.VOTON,
.1411 Fourth At. near {Void.
11, 1 1 0 IL RENT,—The following proper
1. ties am Air mut, tiro
A Inept s,ll aud mnphIPIT fuenhand
STORE. on Market ,Arent. between Ttded nod Fourth eta,
.unable f, DoT theak ,
Several mount in 1 . 04 Dul:dlno. In the ,venal and
thtnl gotta for Artio.'t thann, Ae.
A Isom and ennrentrat LIWELLIICtI 110VSE. n 143+
ne..e.reet the glty.
Poroce.ion el ilic . fluTtolng . ma be given on the let of
April next. .
VMALL 1310fITI on . third ourret, next deer to the
Cixertte "Mon. Preneuritni given homedintel.
'ALE—An tineXldred Leuee . the { t i ..rhou , cut
1111rol Ann, turetordrn occupied hy the Lale rA. lierleo.
For ter spray to
r .. ' r.. D. ft )I. 14 Reernad Ntre,t.
janl or toll. 1111.X,RMICK, Ntl third 'beet.
rit:lllENT. , n Two toots Tram-, House .ers
an.l 'Dark hulking. with ty7o lota, Mtu•k, ouill
Cord at mat, !IV W. adjoining L. Nbrorn.
For lento, apfdp - to !WHIMS, LITTLE • co..
•:i5 Liberty altwet.
:Jr.l LET, thir Store Room No. 65 Mar
ket /Amt. fahnining thr. Watch and Jewelry
W. Wilnaa, and .nanny ,avunled by 31.afra.....f.
N. flt . tintaa St Mu. as a flanking and Lanham., afar,
TIM man la fiwat,4l lbe nand
and best burin.,
'mint At the dlr. and wrllsdaphd for • flanking and {lg.
change Inane, and IMuranne nllee, or a ann. A splendid
nee front. with Engligh Plate liLw, wlO beintt in mown
/fa thnerather nernlit.
roaseaskaa Oren On the trot of February. If wanted.—
. Enquire of • , W. W. WILSON,
In 7 • Corner of Market and Fourth stmts.
"OR SALE, the Three btu," Brick
Dtwillini. No. In tier strarL Porter's fine—
;mire Waal,. 'terms, if. rash. PUO in ono tar, and....
giall) In nee year, to be secured b. mortalte
Cklr rd.g e et/I " efr e.
Ist AV E' t °
101 Liberty etreet
P LET, four . ,wry Slatu2
rot not, Lath gas ras, datu and bake
orrn, ICJ Third itmet.
It:lgnite at 01.1 Water Amer- nrP.,
FLAXSEED—A small lot for sale by
QIIEEP PELTS—I bale finale Ly
, J. IVAN/ lELI ,
4 1 UGAR=TITA,nty bade new Sulzer on band
11. r role by hIS MUM, a KIRKPATRICK
P BACCO—Twenty ban IV. 11. Grant's:
1;? b.u. Grant a WIIIIlome;
•18 Lap A-Ilanal.1).:
bole Ilarrovro half pound:
• :kb. l0aono.)4 du 00 Ilona aml
R.r pale . jsla • lIIKiWN I KIRKPATRICK ,
LARD—One hundred keg p , new Lard
ou bawl awl Po pato bra .
SUNDRIES- • -Ten Lxx S.:E i t:hntuujeuvoa;
3 bilt ofir Ilwra Punt, 011 hard
minable fur mrdlcival 14irpoor Away, on loold rind
for MI.. by 31ORRIS t lIA% ,
• • • •
4 4 LOUR—Thiee hundred barrels just reed
7 1
!awl ha oak h h III'ItBRIDUE A INUBRANI,
sill No. 116 Wakr
AVANA SUllAlt—Twenty boxes White
No. , IILIWILLur et.
t. 14
‘ l , VICES. Canino, Pimento, Peutier, Cloves,
17 mi, nn sal. by 'NAIAD DICKEY 44 CO.
thai Won, Front OA.
BUTTER -Ei g ht barrein pocked for sole by
& tiltEASE—Ten brie No. f Lord;
4 brio (Inoute, non landing horn Otloner lytohltortton
onle Ipf 11144A11 DICKEY CO.. t
J. 13 ttod rm./ eta
IL A ILI ) —Sixty brie No.l in dor° and fdr rale
bY JAI3 18AIAII DICKEY ICAL,Witkr hout.t/
/'1 lIEASE—Forty fire Idle in etore, for itale
4.44 'Water and Front
11 EST BLACK TEA—Same .kind ini in
I_, Enularal—ftnall bell, Arntyi anal fine, plramant Ita.
the pale
Inv !row all herby WU—prier 15 cents Per 1..1
the pale hy MORU:. I a IIAWLOCI IL in the Dimond. az
no where .Ire to I'lltrbandk. j. 14
B ROOMS4—One hundred dozen for enlediy
Inl.l 0 .•11. V. VON BONN - 110MT a CO.
momue A IIAWORTIVS Tea Rom emt able of the
flueomd Tram st-SO mute per pound.
'l'lo. nue, quall}le. at 74 d,
Lalre nop,rnte m Si 00 du
Ohl Country ;wool., thst u, BLACK TEA. will find our.
sun their md.b.wxn..lly. 'Rem kinds of 'few. we recelr.
dint., irrtl
Atom from
In Lulland. and Ow) mount bo bought et any
fl I , ol.•huruh.
tb. quart or wboleente, fur rale by
t. l*: N APl'LES—'rwonty.brls.
r 4, aI yby 2. r. VON BONSIIVIINT CO. & w.
t.:ALMON.-4#4 Salmon, No. I, in store
171 and Om owe b BM OU DALZIILL CU.
EMOVAL. • a.. firr.ra has removed to
Libertr greet, below rat, No la 3. Mee atal darn
mita the maw buildbotb • atiatialtaa
W.ELEs:II F N ELS. of the, different
T V qualltlero the X.1.11 , 2ie1; attleloa—so briber suably too
aotaat : - • 211:1OVIIY to UURCILYILLD••
VOULTER & Wholesale and Re.
DragrAst, Comm a Wool azttl Third utv•
&ems vt. 1 atel. Pitubnr -
.111 — .4 • 011 lA./VS4OW, .11.1,VIIRPCN5L ---
AND WELLSVALE—he hoc atealier 3 .
inVEILLE, Inn. Shedden, roaster. will Aln
11.. rnwolwr packet hrtweett thla city 1.11 tollsriDei lew,
ton , Ilirsturnh i.very , Matulay, iVednentinninna )111111 r 1.1
1: I. chwk. 1" w.
Far freight or onsnwinn. apply Ire itolnA. I . . 1113°
.._ ...
.1.,j 1 011. .Isl ASII V ILL E--The fibe
inn, 51 A1FLOSIESt. Mule... WIWI , - I ' 4o,
t/ II I.nt.• tor the aloresplinterno.lloternel-0.
on Fr..12,.ut 1 v. Y.
Far 'night or in/ uhrti; on Loan!. I, in:
I4 1 ()II. AA NES V I LLE —The tie
.. riontner I.:sl PlLE , ln.Cornna..Lor. will 1 o „..011:611.,....
lorni..v. tirol luterm,linieti,np,h4nflorpn,
For trvlch nr Dri , .... annl) on luard. :: jaTi.
1 4 101 t CINCINNATI & ST. 1.01.J1S
A The floo ntattmer J. Q. ADANIS: lAA, .......0
111/101.1. will lenve.for alo.p. and Intorpodiglw
~,,n 11 .01.10•0143..hh lint. ut 10 i w. I
V, fnicht or im......nr0. app. on loinn.l. i JAIN
1 -
1 - 4 NOtt r 1 .; , 11 , N , : , ( , :1N IC 'I, LOU ISV I LliE ..„.
i i • A At . s :sr-7'..;.`;',`r,",,l.':TC4ii '..*'
true.. Pr tho slylin nod harm...lPP port*. of
thr 1.1111 hod.. nt 11 1 . 11.
For tnioht rr ponner. nOn l l on honnl. ( ~ w ill:
. _ .
FOR ST. LOUIS. The film rub-
m .., .
olnir ntenruer ROBERT hoismßs. e4t.
hen will bare li , r tho nhowe and inter
inetlutto porn. th 4 dor, the , 1 7th tooPot..t. JO A. 51.
tor o f
or innn , ..1 1 1 , 11 on 101 .0.. l' J._n
tiiiit NEW OItLEA:) . ;... s--rt.,. niw , rtr,. ,
e it ..,. i ' :::, ar b r . . , . "' r, " l,_=g ttilTAVif;'ellrt,
rind Intornoninte noro on . Satoolni . Ilto :nib h oot. at .1
.i‘ l l t. l l ' ' ' For
t or .l r : ; 7 1t4: 1 K ''' ./iNkL " . ' l,ll;. ' ;J. lO
11 4'4, :!„. / ;:.i it .,.. ) , L 1 1 , 1 r 5- C,Z: I I , 7:IIIi,' I LTIL I ' I . t a F;tp•
..::11=.";,rir•c"'" , , I ,?"*. r "..° L .'..' - i/IlrYtt - 4:P.11.
ir :I On • 11(11 3, .A....
-I''''''..Pi .i i . i d,llo . s " .} . ., A„...
.f.t-^ _ .
11. 4 1017 Iy()EISVILIIE.—TIie. ? T ien- itTE . .. ,
GI , 1141 rteruner Vermont. Parr_ Itnoloth will let, .1
lents• forth.. alnre nod sll Inleirtml att. point. y l — , --
on thin dn.. th... 2.1
n o n at In o'clock A. 51. , .
11.111 " ( nil. oll no Povnvo , whnii on hon.). ,in;.l
._. •
T., °R LOUISVILLE—The spleml, ~,- ~
1 11 -I:r t. l ' l ' ,: '. To : 1 4%, T , ' „? ' ir t c ;eltslirt. " l ' 3l.7/ 1 1 1 ' ' '''rr"'4'
irs, dr... 10 11 . 1 . 10ek A. 0. •
For ereight or pt./wive. apply on board. jaPi
L'I O oli NEW ORLEANS —The m r,
JII' light'clonight Romer PAD In, lireronlon.V. ,
MN, will Purr Pr tho above and /ill Intel
Moho. port, .311 51norlay of In A 31: Vor might or pop
lipid, on Weil or to
N sIIV I L E. Thu last
runnd ,dazdner Gant ~..,
H iti
for the above tl EN ta
and inrmaxllate port..
on Monday ...341, hd-, at It) A. 31.
For (night or WNW, apply'on meal.
LOUISVILLE L.l.The fast'cu.;
running Aram, NAT cantaln,_
nal,. will Ira, fortho Onto nail hatortnedl- , ---- , ---•
ate porta. thln day. at 11, A. II:
For fmiltht or toilvet6... apply on talard. • ..,jal4
I. l l olt ST. lA)UIS. _
nrw .tratiter FLEETWOOD. 01. Conley,.
r..tnoinder fray. .fort he ahoy. an.l
tartr, Fattorday. the I Olt 1..1.4 at 4 I'. 31.
For Instal or_plaasato apply on I.aue. or tu
tau NEtVTON JONES. Anvnt.
VOR NEW 011 L EAN S. The
lj • aph.nolol new ateazarr EltiTt/It. A. R. Ma.
ron, tot,dor. will b.., (or atul., and lobs, —4
oo,hate morntnn. inatont,at Ib u'rlork.
Far freight or Mono,, aPPIY horool. lag
lltloit .NASA VILLE. Thu splen
w I itdid Aan:ter Itler PITT, Milk.r. toa..dr.
for tho aboro and lntaranto ports ,
thla day. Uth btataill.. clock. A te .3l.
`For !Ni g ht or i.e.., apply on 14613 d . ' ja9
xplyndid .d...antor
tindor. will leave ror ahoy,•
and intorni r ollan. jam'. tih day, at o'clock. A. 31.
llEGuicAlt PiTTAITIftuIiANp .
WIIELLINII PACK ET.—Thr 4alendld ...r7 a
new pork, raceme s 1/11lItNAL. Co o writ. max.
6.r. 1101 F ta.rfortdinnber regnlalltri.lorrtklytrlpa hotareen
1.1.11 city. and Wino-li ng , trattng Pittrboryhal to o'clock
ovary Monday. Wetinavolat and Friday. end. returning.
IVl.,llto g earn l'uOaday, Thoraday and tlatur..lay.
In each week.. Vortrclthr or porn., apply on board, or 6.
not LHOZER. Agadats.
111 . 3 , Al;a i [0.2,
.1 e
loarrot Monday, waeueauay" En
d 4. For freisatt or par....a g e. Apply on hoard, or to
tx•LE W. 11. WILEF.LEIL Aunt.
L S . I) Y ,
the own,. of I.ln. Avant, Inane evroh. turd other, 6,r
It, I; whatati afol PlOrhorch Parkrt trado. and will tem., for Cler!onati. In oho, of tho New Eng.
land For frrialt or ,autos a n plt on lonard. or to
tor-At It. 11. 3 / I LTENIIKDOEIL Arrnt.
ei.L..tita.e. Capt. It. • 'itourr'all
run a. a traular ictrlat betwren PilObur g h. iVhcadintr.
Ilridneport. and You9+ll, !rayon: g h rrery Moods,
anemones (or Stru6ral amt thidavrort. and
esidl Monday oltrronon. for Stellt.C.lll,
r i Z ' ll7:; " . Z l2llthrtil Vlltl4 - `'•nr2 l .tf.; I '7 - amtl'l'l;llth .
GT2 - I. l. O r 'r atni For "girt:"
at to.rlork_ A. ,L la-AIII.MI are. Ihttrhn r:L no lan
Velintille on anti
dot. and
at oelork. A. 31.
For 11014.1 or nn bo ar d. nos
, will Laacv aloft'
'V jr T,!r•-tNrp ,`.' l •"! . ' •
n traln/. orlo
.talll W3l. 11. JOIINSTOV. ALrt.
, Q 1 INCE the introduction of this new Com
niZr.'7..! nua tl;P:Fl,...onfrlntr.T.,Al"7n:bTo
rn,.. 011:14, Oruniini 11 , souzit . A.!iu P le,
time SW nt n aiwnpre enu. th3o nn) k thcine mrr
Iledaintu rll sicken thy stunt:wit 4,4 0,11100 I•nuwa which
is mim disaoteral.te than' the tutt;th Wulf This I. o.'l
- In this an:Atu re. for It laa I.l.want anoth ing ankle
and It will ern , a nu. atenra tri7/ le rrfinrinl! The pri
,lt are In favor ..1 thid rnedirine In our ray. float our orrn
.liken 'honk! 01.11,0,- .:n3 ton, of lad ellio arj. 11 id the
pr., ription or 0 ',Gies? ph, ririon. and has. lwen wad! 1.1
tiro In bid own prartine tu a none, of ~'ant with tha
aura heroic. 'news,
CONSJSIPTION—A lad 0 frmn Stylthenrllk. wrib , d. that
her di:tighter hal Id , it all!leteil with n ;virgin and exp,rinn
'alien railcar torah. turtle fever, and all the illdtresiing
sinaptamot of consumption. not li/3 t affer taking two law
Iles she . .. eutlirly eurril.' Agrant . ..a in SS...Minato.
ell - init . Ishii had auffer.,l with A• 1119141 SIMI ( * Munk-Own:lt
fcr sdaht jeitra hrid hewn rutirrly nifddial and thy ugh
r. tun 14 hi lb. tide of half a Joao of Iditned of thiniv,
t , ..a S,l , A gentldman front Prolix. IlliPl.ig. Writ,.
hot 'hr loon. the I,toral , rya lo he a mddl :trade- hir
h' to 11,4 It In his man rerun and In !lir mars of tarmlwrs
of hi. loudly with the. wort lideturt , indidid
Pr la ONG or 000 Clit tn,T Shan:tugs sow rgna - u-1 I Is
put up In half pint 1..1, at 10 14103 .m+. fn. six bottled
fi.r 111 .ii
Catirrav Saintarturer weld do well to keep tout-ply of
this media-int on hand all the tone. ar It b. one 4 the roma
n-rfeut 41.1 rni.oraind reniedira u`ter thud-demi for all
" V.A7;l ' il ll' Mlr.t 'f -- U' isi l i o ar n' :V;X!l! ' 4. 4 lll l' ; ' 4 l ' t., 4 ,7.7, ''' iu ' l . t
bur mutate ma. of the variois. nostrum, bui JO inn ' tio..l
them. If rot, want to get ng.111.0, SM. litaSigga lis.rtia if.
e.wcr, and taki. no other. till. will you. It lvw In it
memo of the nsoet Yaludd.. plain+ and herb. , of the
m.Ata-a- and id n,trodittolli,l by a ;diarist in Ito healn
ing arr. There ton Id. no 1i1 , 41.00 I, thldruodielnu. it in
timpani! In i our town rltyn and the pruprienie had. molars ,
tit.• rertitkruied trout tenons in mar own eltj.e.ttriling ins
Ti.lntdole pn.portlrs. wl,hh will be .loop tO any Irmo
tie-in'ut JI - r....1. them.
Al/1"%. W.I. Ilinmghoot the United :Usti.. to yelo this
nuallehte. Lard, thorium. will br romle In tip.. who will
trite an Interudi In the nudlitiair.- It will pay mbar, proflt
U, all in....n..1,41,, I n will hedoing.doffering humanity
a ...tried, be Oaring In their hand* the creutrdt inodirlue
for Lung dfdroarr Ilse world bac turf lunation'. .
For dal, wholrutle mid mail. by KEYSER & Slrlalli-
ELL. art.,
141 , 11i...1 stroll- Pattetturgla. Po.. to whom
a ll. h-te,
trite, for a gentled must be oats...rd. Abut. far dale by
It. SI. Curry. Alleglirny ea,: P.
I L l i , jr., lima naralle:
o...rge Rand. WitiMingtoin John IL Ilitehtumn. Ifirinr.,;
th , ,,, heyder. 3letorvr.rt; C. 11. Vowt.ll. L'
alOl lir wombatst and dragilstd cenrsidly. ,er,
4 , EL LEIIS' LIVER PILLS euperceile all
t 7 other", l'llalituton. Va.. Sid. Vt, 1 , 1 1 .—..',1r. E. E.
Salem—Your litlid bade Idut , nso du tduntinr in all this tv-
E0 , 1: . ;...f r e.A12 - d i ai „. 7? il a i utarla to auptio , , :tr ,„ l „ ill uthera od a
la.rtrart or a letterJ . JAAJ'.!S .I. 4 I,i'AVIS.
Purehayyrw moollryt that It. FL :` , ...11.Ww . lig, Pill , an. Va.
original sad ouly true tool miontic I.lyer Pall, and rimy hp
hail at ho. tin% ord stnuf, 'sod of Druggistr,grarrally In
.7....... iglu
tbr two silks and al.-M16..
Professor A. C. Barry's Trieopherous,
g itt mEllicAll;1 47ilIPOI:Nli infallible
N., 11,0 rvtiv.iny. It. tool-atom. and lountif; kw the, heir,
nn' olitor lb.. roorf. ,luildruf, end all nen-tione of the male,
and enring ernetioni on the .kin, diaataa of the nbuide.
'lnterim end ;ee - Imola, nod talhainii .1 , i3 , .. ~. “4 hr. ,-
-,, •ernit,... err ,%‘, ill, t hi. ovens - 01 lid, - then. is nii eurh
word a... foil. - The firat eittrtiab let Atneriest, inalleni men
of tho Ithibe,t eminence. enamour citizen. of all en fee.
pi..., atot lath.. who ha... 0101 Whir tear. In their dn..-
ging moot. Orel noreeri.... admit it tints °newton'. tlint for
loneutlt,4 rhior. gin., Ins orintoa. boil curl to the heir.
eralleatin, •e of and datitlneti. haling wound.. eUring
......kin...aeratne. etlima. Ai... and n Irking diera.aa of
the elan. the ohm.. ,otel the totoeles: it lota to, ..tont
1171: ' ;11Z . I.Tu 'ItU t u.'" "l.,—P'7'"'7l'""'l7ri—l inn '''''2;."ii
.-• ~, IT, .. 1 r. , • ...-:.i• env n ,
ex eelrioner. litterr'a lricoelionon, hi unrlialh.d. Ti,., Int
mei..., mill eishe of thee/1101, Inv vo onabled lloi Inventor
eupply It at . .i.l "'mtge., bail, whirl, is earn, Lat to WO
ja; i :...nt lees than 1111. pri, iof an.. bill, toviainttion for
11 hair now It an, !Thotkleuttlie Inane, .n, the hair
t'at ' s. .kin enibrailij: the , alnuldeolitae,llona to the rut
-1:IXV . I Zirb 7 iit? ,ll :grlT. • : . :ln. '"„ r ,' .;;:. l t: t .r. ' int. " ; ' ,::. ` ;... i , " .
4:Tnb.:341,`..",,!;,',!.*v.v,',,';;;;:;. 1. 7,: - ;„':,".4c. 1. ,.;g"Lft,U: .. :1 1 ,1".
triele env/dope• 1. react char. All illanaa 1.1 the huh. owi.
ethato to tho etin of the head. If the 10.001 of tat ern',
withlgrat. or if the bloat anal outer fluids do not Tann
rfowl, th met, the intell whirl) feed tho riot
tlll/I.thiN, Id initart Ilfe to tho fitireN the 1 . 1,4111 b
,eurf, dandruff. wild.; of the halt. insane., drynem.
met hadaloea , of ho ili.uon, 111. and o tinil.ldnexa, ostho
re.. no, ht. Seidel:tit, OM akin In ho 111101 'teflon willt
the Irtropherees. end die tnhild rem. 6. ravel . ..rims their
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netnity, will ri litlatit the dia..... II :ill eillectiotn, of the
Alta Wel Of OM Itill.lN, of muNcltx tont ittleguntenta the
era-email.' the elhea a the mnie. IL la upon the akin,
the enterular hilt, awl t I. ginuoln. Stmt the Tsiroidierous
Nu Its meanie action. end 'I, ell ellirtione, and 1111111 r of
tit* organ, it In r, envetal o ratnedr.
Sold in ar s e. 114110, plea In lola, at the principal' ria
het i IllnvelsOr. Ne Vora: met y the erincleal thumb. !
nide a n d druahr6.. titnetaltontw b
the tinned State, and thin.
oda. , ' .1 0e2.4 :it ni
Witi-JOIIN 31131t11Ais FLelo 3IAGNK.stes
1.1 Prep:old under tho Inanodiate enre of the Itirentor
asal intahltaltod for npirthle 01 thirty earn.
Mei elegant erceanatien la remount,. 'tied In all CAWS of
ell., sel,llto.e Inithoodoin. iniut. Anil e *eh oi the nowt
Imre. ea.ey. a wl elfertnal form In wheh Milan...ln ally, and
Indeed theoy ono In whir', it ought to ho \exhibited, to.. wealth; ell the proiNatim of Ili,. lititutala now In nenensl
U without halm; Rattle like it. hi form tlani . r ‘ rnua cones. ..
noun In tin , bowel', it rfTertuallv rm.+. heartburn without
Inntring Ow nal, of the othinnth.a. ioda. poto., and their
rerlwanlee are known to die It prerenta the tiod.of Infnute
turning eouri in oil new, it
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.'lls a pkoduit aperient. and
la reaultarly lelnet to (enrolee.
sir Inunehrei liar, liatllled that 11,1 inhabit, births enl•
üblri ninthinaliona with uric nth' mite 11l 004'0 of gUllt fuel
nrarrl. then+, niuntemellog (boil , Ituurioue trader e,
when other nlkalhe owl eien ilaineale lewlf. 1.1 tanninN
Sir (lone C.. 11404111, 11001.. ,,
tur,oe, tieneral to thlt
Army ln I retsina:—
.• Ilettr eir—Thero 01111 la. no doubt that NlNnaorin nosy be
adtninirtenol mote .1141) In the fonn of a nuseentrated lun
Innen than In ' , Witten..., for the, awl mn, other newierui,
I of ciethion Lin a
d the Fluid Maanfais In a eery reliuktota
641.111 inn to oilr Illaterin 3loillea.' VI lILI l' t'llA.ll.PTeth."
Sir Janie, Clark. en A. l'io:tea, 111. thight. end 3lothm.
linthrie and lar k. .11nyo. of Landon. at n.nely rtheththend
Nlittray . , Viol! 31someata. ee brlllij Inanitelr morn
at tad
renient that, tlie wilid. wad rniernita the dettarr attend.
too the
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nee of wile or learn,
..,1. vale lit the inthorlor a ll atel . orepriator'a earnta
A FAlthaelth.ili & CO.'
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The extenalve rouge of huibl Idg firruerl, mended
A !oat., Leeeh and Co., no the l'ihd. between Water U.
nod Duquesne Wiy, led! bete:unit ion term of your,—
They ran be re... 111, 'Abated, with ntetru paver. an umm
toratnte veer, kind of nuumfarturing twines. romarrion
given tmronlintelr.
APPI' t o CHAR. 11l FRULLY, Agra.
. - eeno Fourth lame., itittalmb.
anted 1241 pergonn supplied 'nt
e tn , , t' l l ia7.:n t oa " TI 'p be, V,Tll l i..! ti.7rift-.T.rm
Winer.f to trades.
on icuirbturoa, lumtleri, %oaten,
or Wiwi!, in boon or roman.. Wit end dry
uurars,cluunbenusida,eunkr,ar. _Moony forroard or Dot.
end nil kind. if auencies;dam ptly :Mewled to for tooduram
rburou. PirlYkl roll st 18dA0 11ADJLIO' Auiner and In
telliorneo Office, Fifth etreet. join
WHITE' IEANS—Ten burials prime, fur
nate nt 514Owne bu,lant. tr
J tCHOUNMA.I.I.It & C 0.44 Wood of
To' Sotrthern aad Westein Merchants. .
entemelber riespectrolly Invites public atletithia
n a:Canna norkor Perftitsery.nape,gb ee v e .c,,,,,,
Maiokhieti aerenliilver avid two tlen Medan have,
the bud six been award br theloalltutos of
ime - York. Maim aod Philadelphia, latter bet* the
nly Wilt* Medals ever avrardol kie perfumery either in
bliimpe or in this ovnalry
Rocortre ilsaffstarn Paamo CUM (Alnotaxl. Root
and Atubroabd.Wnlrenkally.knonlodord tobeateperior to
any &raving Comm In this country or ilusopo.
Otbornans tua Enamo—Boantlfully transparent, and
Ktrouscenus and emollient . propostkoo
Saptsmenotts Lampotiatt Ambrodal Shaving' ablet; Malta.
ry Shaving Snap.
Memory. Vat" SlLTs—Almond, Rom, Boio
Tort Pistarblo. Matt i
_Patchoasly. Otaalbaa, • Ykothaii.
Ttadstadatd. 011ra OiL Windaor. and ClicatalalL
do aarollae. tlersuetuiL Jenny Lind. llotureiltua,Joelo
y Club. &lagoons, Cleandlts, Littman, Band, aid maul ,
other varied., la all sixty Oltenia performs.
Twit" W true—Florida Water, Lad de Militia, Otani:.
Flowor Water , and a gloat rankly of lbiagcee and La m,
d,r Waists.
Plursarrtoss ros THE IlAre—rientline Aottorte
Oil, Ho odollsr, Ens Lush.,le ' Olds, Coropourst Os Star-
Vir., ilsir DP'S Iloold Inporder, and rhiloooole,rUtS.
e. and Jess,. Lira %mak,
morrusto Psersuross—Habonale Row Tooth ruts - Clorool Dentritior, GlajltlllV, Tooth Pasts sal Tootb
. •
Commas—Vegetable' Cermetle. Cream. Amandlos Wt
damp e, .] hatrale,.oold•Cream of Rows, Cream de Pelm lap
lard wiry. Cream. te. •
Pepilatarlatartleta: for removing Inaperrlnotte bah: Pearl
Powder. de Itougr. Aromatic . tineasz.
'lair rrtaano AMP , . balder a Kara variety ofratter ankh., teo ouroctotte to be DULA ID Mir adTtstis...,:
• • •
The rathaylbor hope* to uttlntalo tho trpotalr at i tia!
!hi. onahlatnnent has antu!trtl.. Crpt!...17..°
firl , l nan Drtmies. and I , P) lah Nat
ITZ h t n lt h i ' l;ftrolai
°^ 4. `"^'-• "171.1r.M Yl: QA
114 Cbeanot
Mr. Basi. t.rfontery for tole by all tl.prioctial
bruyataalv lhemuutrY.
roj'ARTNERSIII? asmocinted
u. r Ain 11. W. Loomed. with cor. the Ludlum; .111 In
vonttoued at the rid Azad. No. b . :. Weal 4, under the lino'
of W.
The 'nolo, partner of the firm tetarna rloorrre thank" ,
thr friend.. 61.1.1 ibi9lol . pan.. of the Ito., Log boor.
brAtriet attention to hu•ilmrea and the wanta of ellotuatera,
to merit n full rharn of
bile imtrone.m.•
All perron.• knowintr OKl.Jere Sudeten] to W.l.:mord,
by book Innollllt or otherwise. rtine .tan IN, InZ•
w plia7or roll and rettle. anti sate coat& Ulr
)&OPOSALS will be received by the under
ettmol, until the 15th day of I'Am/try nest, for the
nosainktians of Nine Locke and bolus la Duck Mee, or fur
one or snore of them. and far clearing the eloostod of Mahe,
and the tanks of tram lemming over Me channel.
-Tho limns will average 1:- . /./ feet loam: nod will he 13 hi
VI feet high. with a lama of 50 feet In width. The hock
Chamler will be 190 fort long and 40 tot wide. with walla
w ths tot thick end 10 lot above the comb of the dam, with
lsirht mciard roll 150 tot long.lo feet thick, and-of the same
m the lock welt,
•• • .
The lado and Darns to td built agreeably to the plan,
anA albs character particularly unrifled and denerlbed ht
the report of ay Isamu Loth min of Pei:l6,7lnm'; • copy of
whlclowill Ire foundwith the proprietors of midi morn.
papers ea publish Chia notice. to which inference Is made
Sro more full and innurste information.
The entire work to la. completed by Int January.
011ielA the work rhould be retarded by unusually wet, and
therefore ordirromalsle *awing. Contmetom will be rr.•
rmlnrl nice natlnfachrry ...unity for the nuottrnetlon of
• the Unprierement. &minimum] melt in, nsenta will be
made to contraria-a as the work . prod - renew.
The common' renerven the maid of th e ' ! rm.
pconla dumul lout to. IMlnterent. and the early enurpleike
of the eotha Wu*. BY order of the Directors.
. .
So-rofory of the Duck River Sliokyater Navigation Ca,
Columbia Tenn. fan2l.G2w
Ej of DRY GOODS. a. the Ono priori irtore of
A. A. MASON CV. 62 and C. 4 tlarket street
Commonetat 31norlay,Itetembor 18UL in continuo
through ` t he "d
of Januar.), Their whole establish
ment hos been thrown open for &Nil Trade. and thoir ex.-
tenoivu stock. lamountlng b (Me ..11undred and Thirty
Thousand Dollar. will I. offerol ut -Retail, at far one
fourth kat thou usual Nip..
The antler of their eannbAnnuai Salo to any ono of the
• thonsandswho attended the solo of last voar. will to sulk-
Oen' guarantee for call thisseseret. Thor will, however.
mention a kw of the good.. and price. for the Isorbt of
those who ham never alto-Weal their NI.. rim
Rich fisthmeres 74 ern. usual Petro SI.
1000 pieces Cotton and Wool Cavloserni 25 cord, usual
i.rioe 37.4 i ftnt"-
1301.1 pieres Cotton end Wont Detains., L 3 and 18 renta,
tunial prim 21 and 23 amts.
90 plan. high colored plaid do.. 43 tonts, usual price
70 pima, striped rind fornrod Silks. 10 rent. usual
price 73 cont.
In pits. Satin de Chirac and P ila, fit% net,, 41.111.1
Pd. SI 23.
LO pleow Black roluend 23 per root .
Wu pieces french 31erinas. EL 00;1.111li prim 10,371.5.
.ssu Nemo Paramettas and Loom. Cloths, reduced 73
Per cont.
310 Sleet? Alp.rx all rolorr, rxdoned 30 per rent.
=al Long Sous, Amok. which will In sold from 51 to
13 lois than usual priers.
3000 roods Rennet Illbbomi,at 8 and 10 rout. usual
Priw 1a m r, coupe
Fut colored Calkkee at CV mot. usual pries Pe.
• 100 mew Ensibb sad AmsricaniCollooes at amid 10
rents. usual and 1211 oent.
SO eters Illescholllosllns. Nth.. 2 ream per yard-
NO lairs Drown podia. all wradot.
Alen. Loves. Embroider... Trimming. lkeiory aml
Mari. Liner. Cheeks, Cloths. ilkiavieneres. Casainets and
Jenne, toJethor with so immense - .Gott-of Mbar Nods.
all of which will le. Marked Dona to Lawry Priers limn any
ofthoir pr; i viotts sale.
bet- In to an early .. 04 , many of their 'choke.. j
Footle 'will moon Le sold. Tbo tonsil pet named It Ent.
A. A. srAsuri d (.1);
ed and 01 Market st.
The Greatest Bergsma( of the Season.
011 T. 1).-T11031PSON, No.llB Market st,
F t s . ; 111.. y ra fr , rta Melt y, determinal to that
era i v ra, tan. from AU day. tell_
14...nt1n• Wet of Panay and rlay.te Pry tlo-ala at Pcmr br
Chat. Thla ttork
abt A fa put vs Pllova— •
1/111,0 Goollo—Yroph rlnato Panatellas, Cohort;
Cloth, Dt./aint. Cathmermt. aml AI dl colors-.
SU.: aide Black Glad. do: t'hattlx. lamp nod Mann;
tllatra. Ifodnrt. all.
- GENTLE:\ NU:An-006v, C 32413101111.. &abets,
Vertina,Crarat... Mikis llt.rinn, :Rau. prawers..ltc. ,
KEEI.LNII (1001/S.-15.,w1ey Shertint..., s{w
Er . lll4:e i trit i itr k tiriaz i Liti i me Table Ulm, brown
• Napkin, 16 , _ gm. A.
azi‘, . ;.===a - BUh
Yurchwn rt.) nil. twat gallikir pxkl., at amt.
Ilibt.acck mud 4•4.1r..a0l 6,1 ApnL
CIGARS -Fitly thousand Ci=rs received
!miler rale by jail S. it IV. lIARBAUOR
KRESII FRUITS, NUTS, ,to.:L•ti24the
Zonti Coriontn 3..0 11. s 0,111,1 Robins; by , M.
azin, 1.13 IJ hoe cba.4lo, Ll,lr boo do. da; .10 3i b‘r
do. do, L . :. &limo oa. run Fig,: a moot Cart. 5 dos Leman
Sugar; ti doe Corri, Powder: 0.1 jar+ Rortleoux Prune, 3
Itrt 1,1.1 atoi Pat., !bell Alntronbr: • doo jam ommted
Pickle,. For rale lo t J. if. 1L1.1A3L 4 CO.
even, Wtotl Flllb
t I I. MEAL---Thirty bye Oil Meal; reeeived
and tor sok by jail 0. t W. BARD-MOM
LOUR--One hundred hrls Entra Family
anil SO 0. Y. Vlotrr,jumt nvlr J are 6nrlolo by
jell S . A W.
use mlnne.l prlzr, ronsiminii or flip fed 1.n.. Dral,
t"',l,Y.Anto rd
earloce.l Am' wall be solsold ou raro ' e,bse aerral ,
11. LEE.
MOLASSES—Fifty brie neirerup for sale
11ik by d 71I.ILOWN a KIRKPATRICK. .
ALERTUS.--5 tons Saler:llns, in. brls and
bee, tor rear by., - jag 11061.:FIT (MIZELL t
EAF LAltll.—Leaf Lard in bras and kegs
wml fur rear by Rennin DAL7.I.:LLA
yen !Morey .t.n.eL
[dis prime N. Orleans Sugar,
J In Mon, and kw rale by ROBERT DALZELL CV.
_jig Liberty merest. '
SN Fifteen drums G. IL Cuslfish;
CO laL: Jlarknrel; W) LOAN. 1 lake VA, 10 .2r.
(•olr No. 1 Ilackend, In etoro and for iris be '
3011 N WATT a . CO
Cream. Cheese in itture
Li and La PIO by JANMe'D.,IL7.EI.I,..
No. G 9 Water 'Wert.
la chext.. Voting HP . . nail Bina rd.
SI rally brman do. do-, lcup. end lino Ponder.
boxre Inseerll a Itoblnnutt SY Tavern.
10 do P. nnhineors .t Co., We end h's do.
1) do Carew. Ye Tobacco.
qr. Wiere Prior and Harr ood's We da
13 ratty boseeJanna ThoLLIPI.II Jr. Galen leaf!:
a bunn,.. he rose and for talc by
Ian!) • .1011 N PARKER CO.
N EW ? ,,,, , , ) ,, R ti I . 2 :AN s
rstgr e SUGAR.
!ft- to itictlVidar,z,--
1 4 'ion k S-95 dog best east 'dead liar Furks;
mdee. 1.4 Herman onyl dot .
an del 4 Dronorod t a at $14,r1 Mallon, Fork.on ron.ignr m
nl and for mit by .
'al+ , , 1.. S. WLATER3LAN & SONS.
11 0E8 7 12010 . z be d S , I. EaSt , !terl u lloe ,,. si i.,
on con,lgorarnt sod Sr"ale by
IaIA • . 1.. a. WATERMAN A SONS.
I_,EACIIES,Jhree hundred bushels reed
JR .. , x1 fi , r , sle 1., f Pali SAMUEL I'. SR - RIVER
S C 1"f I 1E 6-7 t4 5 ,
~d , .o zi 2 A s ese t GL•ts Lez then;
IS dm Look Iltru 114 on olnalgn't
and for sale Sr Lt. , . WATERMAN a SONn.
ials SO Ji SI. Water and (I 2 Front .1.1-
I CI'.'TIIE S.NEXI'IIg-415 tot bent patent
I. Snratbs. on roomignment and lier fa:e lw
NT AILg & SPIKES-120 kegs for sale by
'PEARL ASII-1 2 cootsprime for solo by
jots-, & SONS.
0 11ANCKS--2.0 brls sweet, to. :wive, fur
._ ii 6 Water ,t Jots •
LI ler- -20 4,14 for sale by
I U. GAlt Sc MOLASSES—.2 . 22I . ht
, F i lar ; ,I
rl, jail , IlllnnitlDUE .2 INGIIRA 11
WlN t L r innl t ieLA . S- .. 2.1:?0 bxu ass'd siaes,
tILUE.-Twentv barrels just received, and
irror oak low )4111;: lanai. at S. - N. WICKISUILAWS
Jan Cor.of Wood & elarh '
e i n. LBS. CANARY SEED received
„uty aud fur rale at A. N. ICK ERNIAM'S.
Cor. of Itiwd d Nth sta.
Mew= 1 cuk Beckwag now laullAi him Menton
I' ISArA b IfDICENS Wider t. hoot stk.'
INNERS' 011—Twenty brig Bank Oil.
lo gond artier, for sal. by dello J.& R e '
101,ASSES.-,38 I store, for
od.or dnl9 I. a 11. NAM.
, ARD.-44 hrls No. .nose landing, for
\LA aaln W' delO ISAIMI . PFKEY
U Hare ood CKWILEAT FLOUR—Tents netsin
for bi Jan. 8. &W. IlitilßAUoll
0 - RAN — GE tERRIES. •
P. for role br [MI BRAM; a num, '
Bortbfkhl haveilea owned a truth /overly of the
IMATIR 114111liVell of Lbeabove ..tiefr, Inelutling tame
twilled, renter- Al h French IkeVkine nW 118.08erer.
'black atul font and Ulart nib sa Yathv g , at err ) low
brim ler the quality. • ••
111OLL BM:FAL—Teti brie' Roll Butter
it mxt , su sod ss •
thmt Urcuino in Anne and 4hr 'On by
Jong PARKKI: k OR._
d kLD 9tYh Wlll - 811Ei..
NUI 40 1:40.. wire My. Illthd.Ay.!'l , 7 all and Olden,"
h.) I:Lia Oil Monongahela irhh , kne. in lA.. uhl fuT
rate bi - I lanni VAnKr.ic A Ou.
XTEW liAMS—Evans k Swift's Cin
d chin4ti'
oireniv.t. fni Pale b
1 17,t'S' C 'l%:grAt. Larly
r., SALE few shares Cliff .Mine
ft.k:s..l". North America:l aal Wutem I
-Apply to ULUd1...1.431;f. 11 Becond .
QC AM. P. ROSS, Attorney at Law, Office
1.7 Nona Fourth O, t, eg.Ar Cram,{. tapactloo BMW
-10.0. Pitbbursr6. al,akvrlys
ALEX. IV: FOSTER,. Attorney and Coun
sellor as Lim,. No. 1G rouritt Arai. apt . Onal at.
orgh, •> vltialtormlrE
The Human Body Ittiatl'erapire„
Q 0 SAIS NAME to hare a healthy: i t
" . ' ll ' = " Di. b" a " Z g lirg rP ro ' xnntallaa
Cheinical ttrlyi ea free airreitation. aid at
e he same
tuollincs aureate. Die Aka it th
• teatace
Scurvy, Rheum. and Som., ate wet omit harkd. hut
‘ .. Y" , ltr. arc, its at best 7 physician. In lb. York know,
who tue It 10 Wleh Mk, thlti it unfallinc—ae thO ir g
11 .0.4 W010f... otanyother sklndiserute.
realer is assoced that this ir no nklifaa natal nostrum, as
DDI will Yenta I nada enumerate kart .11111t7
want. clued fir fibre bead, wee {Mc
Duy It-wral the beaky is a,nrin usual I would pot m
ac scll It Car the irle,r, Irak. I knew it to hew I stye.
• Thom who anionble to chael, crankeor chap ped lean will and this ly acne, Ina a fecrentler; and
now only add. that arry one afflicted with any of tin
dmilar deuce, •111 end this all. and even more befhab
cable In 14 pay , rtic.i el an / L ila,
/11D - But. main, the toile eta thesicd with
and be rice yen ask nw - Jortc' Dalian Chemical
boy it only of 11 - 31. IM.fliStriN. only .t.7cnt in rittb.
head or Wood.
Pearly White TpetA, anil:Pure,Breath, to
'he had for 25 rthta—Perrona Ith. [with either... havara.
FIY "muted' that if Ordr breath is doet‘r
0 lout. or their
teeth cent dark or 'rile, 61:11i ated eat, tartar,
that a 2.. hox Joxth' /tinier Tooth make
the teeth iIJI whiter sa thew, mid the treattroiktriimthdyf
• •
Gobi only at JACIiSON'S Sloe, 240:Liberty rt. inekl
A Scienti6Alair Tonic, Reitprer and
ruhfrrut.4.• Thom irho hare mind
Joao' Coral lialr excellent matinee—
Lilo. who bro• nut, are axon, it powers the following
qualitlre4-1t will F•rue Wu hair to grew on any part wheys
nature intunilad Lull to gm.: whop IL f o lling ntinii.. 4.
Fordandruff; and auto Light nab or grey bale grow dark.
For maturing thuThair roft suidi May, nothing can exceed.
thie--IFmaktu It troy y beautiful. awl trete , Ito. 1110, in-
Ihesb. We =nut e'en:maid—rat etifeYkir—nrgeki ay Wa
• .
Soonly al {I'M:JACKSON'S Stotv, 211) Libnij ,
bead or Wuo. Vitt :burnt,
.I..kek-37!; rcot., SO nuts. and V... • ,
. JONES' Silotion of Jet. n•Lignitl Aum to
ihar ter the chum:inn . wb I te, t.Tey hair, tot
4,mt11.11 beim, er Wiwi; jet color, in a t'en Wonky.
Prinei--zo cent& atiit Si.
• -
Sold Tay WlLJACK. , ON.l3ol4hert74trew46rallot Woad
rids) orxh.
JONES' LILLY AVM! TE.-•:-Ladiee are can...
....eet.4o;l the 04:010.00 prrparrd Chalk. Chalk.. . •
.A swum .1tov• frightfull.) 10.0.1000 It In te U., akin/
haw how rough, I.ow
the Ads 001.4 - 0. after n.inu yrquniltlloll4T 13011 , 1v0,1t
InjurNus, m 14010104. a 1031, 410001.114. of W.V...
W have prvp!...11.0 I.antiful vt,ll.ol.l.oartlelrorhith Ire
tall osmi 011000 , 11 hilly Whit, . • _c
It hi perftctly itoom
omt. 1 , 10 , :e mirwdetell 41 , •e'ertee. •
quallth% 00.1 It hapartg to lbw. Flail a mtursh
elae ter, at the fatoo.llioo sal= as coo..
meth. co th” rtin. 1001,10.0 Ft mil etturrtsoutb,
&II Lr tho.A..OIIL UAL JACI(t4IN. ItllLibat(ohnst,
lit.l tVOr.l, 10010.
cl.. , ,Jahm) 3,8
1.611 N IsTrATOIVS NOTICE--Lettera -1 4
4 ,;n . d ee.a,
01,,., to 011 o,Anng uhd to the
....ta d.
to to tnalte bOO
1001001. 0.1 all mono., In.‘ito: elnl.lo =alert
ralcl mut, am tl - quofto,l to o,oooot. tlO.. 0 , 0
_O. dull
hu. F.41-14.10ent. (MESS:
Luvrrr 1 , t.C1A11.,100 ttl.l ja...1.1.0f
' • "
'1' 1 ; •
,ituht. ummEnciAL, coLLEOE;
- 1 311 Corner of Third an Muka Atreet. Cli.setn.l X. D.
no, emir luAltutv of the klud In Pep.
racume—Joire . Amuse, Ptiociftelatietrtutos in the
&ileum of ACCUllflit,
O. K. 01.0,16ERLE. rtolimor of Pontnohnehip,
W Computation, :to:
L ALCtI3I4II, 5/. It'arma, Lol a • Loeturee Cumnseestiel
. „
BoA/ol Torstuk—ltoo.
Duebonsw. Jobn 1:rolca. Wm. Mule" Moar. lion.
Alooes Ilatuotott, Hon. W. 11. Lear}, Dr. 1.1. It. licellotoOk.
Jobrt Aadorson. D. lieu. J. K...1/oorabood, Jam. DTIO
- anclayl2,-.101113 T. Cabot., AttotnoT
to, Jame/ Trook, - , Al.Tehout: ILA. Aletiotnlsot.
liettdento nn color lbto Intlitutko•At boy Moo, nod 010
Loki InAtzurtko brar do" onamtoo:}then
entlthrl. 10/11 rood!, o diorooo.A. Fls/1.04 bt , AL oil
lhlosoolang Cumniatt.o. . •
Thom dogrloLT Ilorowzlz Imosolnloa Bock korpte..
Penoasanohip, bs-ar 10 MIMI that this, i• thb..o4/T
Chortend Collego oath. him! In l'lttrborolL • Conuomis
ti, addrosooti t 4 0.2 C. Chomberila will enrol tIimDe B OIPA
BXECUTOLS SALE—Ntitieo: is :hereby
given that in prirettanee rill onlei of tho Oryluur
urt of Alle.rheny rowdy. w Ojeda-1n prtbilepatle,
in the village a Clint., AlLealtony . county, Pa.. an the
Tart 9111rulay.A.f navy. A. MUM. all 0'c10ck...1.4
nY,r4frl.m.NrisPiT•ii'df TV:I 4 ( s n ' t rt etk . blt - k
hr Judy the street. Widow: ilono and ottiVre.'op •
libleb In metal a 154 story Frame Dwelling, House. :
Lot No. 2._ cull111:1113317 trZelled perch., bounded b j
the street. by. t. Parker.d, the nchrdr.l xnal other+.
on arida en trot a :Frit., • • • '
Lot No. 2. eat:mini Thfrty fithal nevelp.e; /viand
ed, lertbe Mixt, be an olley. h ots . ° ' 9 4.. t 0
whlela in union tfag,..t )litt Plv.p. •
Lot No. 4. am MI, ittr Forty Eight i,loop..rchre, bonsai.
by lady 11 hetwl, Charles Ater. and ter.'ls ilmn. •
Terms of pwle arr bat( reek tir o [edam , ' inawnequal
payment...with otturtzt. 1. t*iint
bonds and mortgarre, A NMI 3!..t:Lemvp .••
-- - Erten:or. id:dr./Leo Taaa.'4reA,
043flivis — Cotirt Sale.
lN pursuant, a 111E.thfleir of the oTh:true
court or Countu, will to ettrotut loahtle
at the new.Oeurt getter, ifr rut, - Vdtebtirith,
Thurulay, the twentieth doe 14 telooary, A.ll. Inid, at
ten o'clock. u. the tellovelnk W,Atrito,
ate In tho _oath Wen) tt raid city. to Situ
All that <erre!. i. 4 Al feet on Cunene. Areal;
and ruunin; brick tt, enure width lan feet. to him Wier,
u which la ererted eti , el and convenient too elory revue
dwellino too,. Alt , . all Oust other bt ad.iolninc the
above. tont:titling tnoit 411 COlllOl. .aunttee, arid
Init baek U. u ;dill EA,
... ss mitreKt. ellatinim. of btu I..ut
trona Vratiklin 01feet. 1
Term. made tuulen on (lay 1.1,11,
Adualzlrtzr.tor sa.v.,-1 MD. aced
. 1 " ' 4. I '
et,cr ""T..!
F l, l.l ;l ° , 4 ,7fYU l. ttinsuek, ,,ur
Mr. It 3frl'un nod Bash
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innult h tf, loun• at low uf 1411fautu
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Notice fo Lcv gitov to the AbeloValved artleo.lllAl
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Patter.... atol the '1011.% of Peter natervott,rorstainllvt
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• CAI:TER ttiltVlll.
Sheriff, "hit,. KU, Jvivary
1)3IIN I STII,II'O It'S NOTlCE—Letters of
ill wal.• hillateduar pa) en, t. linage balm,'
doll.. VIII 1a.,. Kau,• 11.1. Ret0 . 111•11t.
• 1,10111. L Adminifindar.
Alle,lh ay clty.
Public gale of Real Estate.
ILL - The eipose4 hr.lublic sale by the'
enlweribwra, Ilith day of February next. at la.
erlork,' A. M.. on the yn.iiiiww. all Ilist..ftrialn Una of.
land eltuale Jo 0011klus tuunly-of AliewberlYi
.tnundoil on. the north by
,Lsiela 'bury 3101111*, an the
west. by Joon. huff y on the i.outh by Naury Tlybir, sal to
the tut byline. hell y.n.t.tednion lifts nine and one half
(bOti) arra. incr., dn. Iviug the r ad i . tract of ps, oo d
01( vhirh 11.4-fats Jagu, Cralrfont :sin sirepelly
.11kw twar the, and ls about len tulles fnm
Uro elty of illttsliorzli. about 40 :owes of the. cuss l any
,learns. and In pied rolarstion for fanning pans..., Oast
half Ix owl lazuli awl thetwrly.b. only otei oral
• "
front the Cesiln.ll.lll pro
S.S. I / 4 1 tract of around I,
now owned by. MI,. J 81.19 Oboe l rn . yire. I nhella Herdsman:
and, Mary la. AlCott.: a lido. and tinkl fbesn as
.tenante numinon. 1..11 owning an tuelleidod third Tart
thereof. And C. rerol hosing lawn,enipowerwl.hy Sim
Jane Mollowan and - Shwjeulella llerdrnan by warned of nions:ll,e latertensl,-ind nobert Ilryd
roar, guardlan,e.f raid Merv' lane Stele - int. •hasies beets
authorized anddirreliel by tlieOrptsins'Cnurt of A ll egheny
osittily. to reji the. lolovot of the:ROlannoy. In the tehl
enata store dirseibed. The raid Iran accordinglit La
sold to the hieing }IA Irot Utter. on the 13th Jay lif
February nest, at 10 o'elbrs. A. 11. Terms of nibs 001 In
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11\TO. 49 LIBEIIII :141.}.}.1, I irrsnoßan.
P. DELANEY hai.jortatUrned Ws Lorring Durk or'
rrery drarrlptiou gooda' nodality for oft, - oft, - trade.. Thu
Dintiot. Carrisocnwt our Northuta hare I:... arionted with
gresd our from thy tatrrt introvtaDyna and rianutiac • part
of evyry thing th at is. iiMor liranhatme, fur. rioting and .
Sommer wear. TN. aro.ortonent of Vertino 1s trononally
large and varied. both in Alf le and quality., and moot hot
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nery Oats amt Am* . downier Groil Mnv a
of etarytiorerttiou, •
rush am Tweuly. Crudimen•tta, ClothE Dior , dll., •
00, The entire eloCk ravonablv COMM. itEll any
nook of Cohn opened hmotolLrn it Pittelorult. .
ME!. C. U'nit'e writ known *ill tarto a. a treater,
II frolo o an amid* guarantee to nll t oho *ay farm thia
o•itotiolirinnit with to. onl.M that they Wtll hare as
tr a ' rt ‘ i i tt h k i .Z4, d' otl a a , C o ntt ' o L rlitt ' ; •Pn4 ,, a 7lnt,:l anY
arknowltalgt4 ointio who horn Irina MAE. 0 .1 ruin* fur
ther Mate, that 'I .furodrtr 11 , good and DultitinaLla
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rot rortly matte dothhagl
1Y au hand,. plod,, lo the *o *Out*, nowainishd"
Dora. Frocirand Iltntinrew Casts of the Lomat 15910,10 ml
of fronds, Engliala awl American Chdlia, of el f * hi o .
Lie rotor. l'antahom.of evyry deorrtitrim, rosin and '
Dirtry (.I**nerar of the 11.1,1 StYit Sattinet and
roam. point Tr.da .thtt Loon. Patios an'd dilkg plain
*dawn, Nlaraelllme, Mahn, Coal:roomy. Ar., and rAbor
Mira 1 the Clothing How. All liartorrini motto at No. 4IE
are Warranted tole cutout] made In a gout workout/alio '
rtyht, and will la Fold low for earh.
*A.:ince Lot Ilto boat of Workmen mairloyra, full
wag* raid. All liannettLa Mode kr ordar am *Dora. war- t.
Drl.lTholesolo pnrchvcn will find thn . ntork at .0 a oust.
deatrahla ore tot whorl, a ohm* sod tamotiful miattrtromit.
from imarlLN•rtfl • P. DELANEY.
NARM FOE. SALE.—A situntc in
North toosubip. Westmoreland county,
iihdit , inisi c 4 . 4 goiti r leincL trilindesi by of Jr r. abr.—about Ifemeroseloirof,
balsam in belay Macro withinnoodle of for Yonoblo-•
Ebony Sleek Water, too odic. horn thou Preintyloanix
Road, anti one mile fn. Imbroverrohicemo
gmtu , Log Lorciliugi liatur,•bmak liar r lame
elder to ie. Title Ind triTtall. a lf , r ‘ tetec l to V" tr .
t i 0 0 .10 ,4 if, itvEsti.`rY"'
.: x ;~-
JAN PT.II3(I.XT . : ..... ...... : .... °arra.
MSITLEY 'Coal bLerchante,
and Dealer, in Dry (ada, lirrarrics, Iron, sad Nails,
adarr of Walnut event aul anniugton Taratlka B
• aclßilkwlrßr d od , •
Military Bounty Land . Agency;. "-•
Q lIIATIIEW 110SEY, would respectfully.
lij• Inform goer Interested that he hve emended In Noe
cur ng &mutt Lamle under Ow reevat law of Uteldere. •
Br that hoe. ell who have *Knelt," served LILA) of the
• 11100.. 17vt, et their valet aor 1:11iIIIIrtili ~....
WI to hearty Lend, from 40 to Ho 0,,,... 0. ~,,,,,,.., .
the tem of . ft-rekee sod tot the her expresaly ptorlelef
a net the traveler, bo brovnt cot teems. La the o ado,
Ide land I) herded. IL le thedtPeettateaerateat that
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op b.,.. *vols. 'lle out trill be 1011.11 d It.l.ElMlthe—lb.
other to he efficient. era:arra liberal patrousta, ead fair
comfort/oak. Allender to Lleente LT ear other method
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emit ennhmldattel 1,0 Conteree, nod reeenntelaled by the .
derattatett le to nedu uldtet. 1 I. thereaue, at a.
eveierativtly trIZILIC , COT+In4 V. 1tr,“,—.1,, A t o m
Ito t for thee, eraltlel. 4(..1,3 moecrude IXi removal y
' Lhe Leather of Fnkl v stmt. therefe et ettrin n ...4 atm ate
WI to the "attar n Lod kite.. teleelite. ttave 11l To-ifir of
ere intim or tale ::,I. To attain: a rerett ftr ee!.l heel.
O her with a dereriptlon of lie outllty.healLotaAe., Met
eraff. , or him to terra en retoonte of Do veer. 1
attelt val le revettablel made a way . aPPI,-
(pled ). K. 31ATIIF.NY 110 FEY, Ilutrrillr.
Clueurt cottuty Pa. • 1 • -
N.l p. --W rho tlio moron of your Port OM., rouutO , ruul
EtatO, urry ytualrzon.L
•' • •
?uf the sobrrrit.r.
Iced altrut e...artt
44 . oat 1.11.2,.. MI (Le? i 4 rN/O , 4 . to 4,4 .. 1. ,
Intrl.prup,rt.y, try cL.,,per, sind Ink.. hes 413.4 . .
. 4)LIVNI: PA:V.
(IA Eto the limitlenve a the. subseriber, oh
yr steal lb.. lab crt.,int•• t.t. • dot red Cor,
en keite cm lex Leek. *bent fate flare Al. c!r.
log milt The 01. nee IA hereby Dotted tiA obeee
nr 0100 will be the law directs:
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