The daily Pittsburgh gazette. (Pittsburgh, Pa.) 1851-1861, January 30, 1851, Image 1

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Ward, Ycnn Aria, botwerst 011.1.nd Wa.a. All
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.SIES 4. KUIIN, Attorney at Lavr,,othee,
• Itall,ronter of t!rent street and' Diamond
g r, Pitub,a,a, _ rals,ll/
:kg:II . ..MULLER, Attorney at Law; office
I• Lvivirie's ieorth ft. shore EnvithSeid.
• ming termet o worweting wiLh Wm- Now.. kiwi, of
liashingwgi (forrivriy or the Lewd °Mew) he Iv m
atted to 'give Frei,v• • atte.otio vi• to the procuring of land,
IVarragts, Peuiwur, ared. to the prnocention of•claiggs
hefevg c‘wgvvevi mans of the Ileryartinna. iatf
JTAMES F. KE11 . 1%. ittorpey at Law--o.lfice;
on Otht lonne4e ticonlifirld nod Ursa. Pittsburgh.
C. FIAN Lbw , ,
ttrekt, Pittsburgh.
TOWE WATSON, Attorneys at LW.
r.rd, E n : t,
• Iron. tfen.:, ;Wet. II 1,461 John Flecking. Are
ennntann Geo. W. Jook.own llttebursh. je.ably •
.• • DWARD Attorney,.at.X,aw:
Office on.Toorta etnet, between Wood wad Sainte'
ASPER E. RRADY, Attorney at, Law,
so. B 3 Filth Burr., lir.Blmnb. . •
W11.11.12,t, J. C. term
H; WILLIAMS & Bankers
"E•se bar ei"Crrikenib Eart eoreer Weed
iisid• IN street., I etsburzb. • -
.131rimiectier.s nuele on liberal tem., ;and eatledlosis
aterelN t ti' .
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•Fr D. ICING, Bank:m nkl Exchange ld Broker;
Fitath Ftr , t. itatl.t.Na4• 6 lAtls
0=7;,. •
Mgemd and. nsalatt V.
VITI4-14AEDIE 11, IL, Banker and Bioko,
• ), ll4lA,Ria
WILR.V.I4•fr CO; Exchange Brnkera,
: e sc a m • • of nixdswiltuletstreets. All
0 I.I[ES l& •N. _Dealers itaoreign
• or.d . noortl.- Bills of LFl7 l Catllsooes or Do.
poi- Woo,. ond Siwio, No. OS . szkot oireet.. Vitt.
6 :: . 1.1ra540 . 114 :al ircloolsal
gOBGE 8.1 ,, PIO I & CO.. Bankers:
6.. in-Errt os r v f !i i . ot.j. N. e zt .
- Nowerstreet. sescf 7, the
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_tome -el to.
n of of th
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Bankers, and Ex.
• Bratri-Dralsta Fandxst Danustk
Of 0.110 . 500 DoDooli=
LCAROTIFERS CO., Banking •e.
34 weal •=rlet=• . ClV. lll =
duo, origrA4 wawa
'4(& 111. VIN, Commtesiou Merchivata
• - - •
WATIMICW , P11.1p.--MatilLt 11.1.7...:-L-IFIC is SUM
A.LH.EH,' HANNA 4t) CO:, Successors to
Atm. tat9.!....r. Co.. tuarporsittfortas,
..rtyrtthalTgaZs sadrA ges
rirad - sonsself
sad ad ;amts. Come. )(cosy rateiTed oa Da
gri s t tiVaarstgtasaclat.,Vel=rerds an sap
- . Tao IM&Trlddstas pad Ibr Tossfdas and Amide=
Unman tuds op esaidamentsdf DMus*. sidSPadsda.
. ,
. TAYLOR, Commissioner ond , Bill
nistr, 11 ssiese street. 'Efriet Wrath. ein
• •• ut bostoom entrosted to Ida cam Plttrboret
natriteletored elides obs t otunst or tsrrcared it Jam , .
Notoojlordp;11 strotblod org War
letio teem ' Adrannell made. vired. oat
1 " . ,C. STOCKTON, late Johnston t, Stoci
to.3.- Booliwner. Stationer. Printer. tutn Pinder. eon.
sera Stakes era Silted otrrett. Matti:cash:
ASS B. HOLMES' Cheap Ltterary Depot,
Third Arm , : oppoeltestbbahost fobolts
PAgred I; smblitiignl.
iItSPRINS, Bookseller "and Stationer,
FooTtla .:mt.
FiX . : - ZWA:l , lk6ct:t 41' 4b$:11:4:11
AVID 80WN,./Tt., Wholesale and Retail
Tudor w i gntvtisttrT, M Fourth stmt. Pitten.ll4.
Redd Ing eakee. Facer Couren!ornalOth.T. tread.
ordrra nnery. llr al.vmdett tn. • ;
Turc tucLJNIOCK. bianufacturerand Im-
LIT,: Va1t., 8 : 1,1 17.5 Your% st.,
1101.1 .9 Wm! na
2 • C. BIM •EL 'ominission an or
Inonosirt,trbsre,lm wow sorer. Patsborsn.
.r JOlLN:STO.N7Forwarding and
coonoltg l on >fordoLot, No. 112 &Ira Meet,
,Mtb, .
& JONES, Forwarding and
1,1.129114,1rant5. Drairrt Ist PrOev"..tiod
stnes,'ptitT,gir. Cmt: BaMl3. emu !Priertth
nrw xig and
. caaad,u,a Pinoadeb:
-TOILN , IdeFADEIV & CO., Forwarding and
011 06.664166:74, • )6erchartx, Cam] &vie. P 4.63. 466.4.
•Piltatztegh. I •
- .
AMES M. OUS & . CO., Produce. and
t fir.rnr 46::.,, 6 , 6.= Marlri.t, nra.l 64 Caosaiene K. l i niailrbla.l .6.4.40ur4 1.11. by , 4tbar of •bo. r . , 66 ,
tonstoln.l4 .1 rr.Lu* t , 1'0r.,... I 6646
nAUL JONES kEO.;'.Sitea.ssiors to At
iocd * Cnn. eeml and Forwading:Mer
e deatern Merear.eurrei 00:44.yitu.
4.41.A.a.vca eco.. ITZVTIT & I , MM.
3rA sox. co., holesale au .Ratan
tk.krar nr.4 EW. Drt q°olo, Market
litutnrah. . " . •
and 1304-4! I•rr ntrebants. comer Of road,
-.Let li/t.,5nr,..1. • -
RC. ....... 1..-..- .......... L REM.
fiIACKLETT Ir. 1 , 7 LUTE, Wlfoltsala Deal
t!! itt.FMAgn zed DOllirrtie Mr 01011, NO. 101
r . . me s on
7'..A.:" 3 "" b r'„,'7„. l 4l lE ggtig?..rlViiinr*:7l;A''... 4
.• nree - - frua'
at. a. v. torso. L.. r"'""'
EysER &,;McDOWELL, (Sumqssori to
&Ts turp , ri I.Pron*".
4 i1 . 73;r1.1A7404 .. Th1ia1i 1 f,
rue ally componaded i tight am
FA NESTOCK •Al CO., _HWholo 2lo
- sat itete ll toraggist.. eornei WWI aid rms
'4-WlCKERSllA3l, , WholesalaruilcOst
41 D:ct 1 / 4 717,Wholesalolimggiets: Deal
en Pgnbr Div fteraoseell /tlatistMilb4—
. n,. arunes noewstrdicono LH.
7 , UM- Eq.% No. 60,:earaer OCIWNeI sad
:510Ira AMU. vsteimagwrx..ui osnrar
ba-giatrib, 14bnleenle , 'peeler ie.
11 , 4„Men,Meg st. tr,Oletn i z i. line= 1
' .
• Az •
OIIN D. MORGANi Wholesitle Druggist.
ana Deakl to Die Stuff., Paint", OVA, VarnisheN2e.—
0. , 03 Wood Atm.?. ouo door bouldr or Diaddood
rtabo d-rir.
SC ROCWIAK ER it CO., Wholesale Drug
gists. Na 24 Wood lit-. Pittsburgh.
BRAUN RElTER,'Wholesala and Retail
h, Dru p eist.t..tortier it( Litints vat St. Calls AL-. Pitt.
QtatUEL P... SITRIVER, Wholesale Gro
i." Ptah . od Comnalnima
rAli MeTeheattr, nod D
er U Pi eni
ttOve Itamufsetured Not. L 7/ and
Smood areeL. Uetwirrt Woad and tmlthfield. Yitteburth:"'
ITIigT:F/fitifOraii ICOMie
Graarr, Prod ado and Coo Lawn Mord:mate, =al
Hord lvt tar Hazar
bas d Prrodar Co., of Car., .o.
.#lfll:lltrridE INGRAILA?r, kS r a u alle
Warn' Commtainn. Merebant. 116
1051 150 Vint street, iltufbargh.
MMEW.;; 31ATTLIEWS CO., 'Wholesale
Iceraty Coassnivitrci Forwitrillng Slerthants. and
. fa. 1 / 7 74114,13 C0u.417 Yaii74 47 Wale, mt.,11t1.64477;4.
—— .
J'flV Rail /owe WWII.
111 WIN WATT & CO., Wholectie Grocern,
Comm/yam Merchants. and Dealsrs la Prniuo. And
M Mt.asat.... .
utcrly arts, Plus-
CAKITELD, Into of Warren, o,
nls * Deti' 'nre
Pearl D. wad Weasern Produce gederalis: Hater stmt.
~e tweed Smi th field and Weed. Pit/thus:h.
AA rttattAratt A rt. AITrAXLS.. -.At D. AtTLVIAtr.
LEt. WATERMAN §SCiNS, Wholesale
ronrni, Corannoioa and Tonfordloir Merriman.
rs t o sU of Produce Ana Pltoborzis Mnantsoto
niel Article% an% AFOrittt for the nas. of Richman. mid
LynbbgettAlhoW. Larva Tann, :lc. 60 and ster
L , .F. VON BONNHORST & CO., Whole
• oda Grocers. forwardly, and Coottolmon hlyroh
an . psalm Ls Pittsburgh disnUfsetutes and Westory
ce. No.:A corner of hunt street awl Clunotry Lana
TAS; , DALZELL, Wholesa, Com
° mlidou Dlmbarit, an Denier In le
Produce Grocer end DUD
burgh blanntsetteres—iiii. 7u Water st. Pitteburzii.
tsnua wrznr. 1•41...•
Ca ß w aIso KEY
b na, C
m , l De ers lns anGmr—
e. bit Water. .oil 107 Pront.trtd, Pittaburah.
pgT`otisrifu,i. - 11E - hate tagiieh,
Gallagltcr Cc. Cooll7liololl acht
unterdlng Merrhsnt. wt 1. Prob.. nal Pitt*.
Onrtgb Unannainares..No. 4l Vocal irt.ween &wad end
WK. MM.. ..... C. W. ItIcTIT4OI I . T 1111.1.00.
ULLEIt. RiCKETSON. Wholesalo
Groner, and Init.:ten of Brendle, Winer. and
- No.= - corner of Liberty ant Irwin Amer, Pitt.
burgh, Ps. Iron, C•Xnn Varna, die.. We, ronetantly
in hand.
JO., O. WOW.. ltlrt C
Y'GILLS ROE, Wholes* Grocers and
. 1.- , rtaasisocu verses:a; No. y. Liberty %treet,
ititnfteTßEßT, BtOOKE, Wholesale GrGrocer, 'nee:Stine Distiller, denier BMus. Pitteburgb
. lineturee, andall .kiwi Norritin Doinevik
Wines and Liquors. Nu, 315 Liberty On inual
zrealszei Monongahela Wllinkey.
°BERT DALZELL & CO., tVlioleiaL
1A!%14 'Wholesale
WK. pa
• W.. OODIrxr.D 3ern 11.141.13.
WM. BAGALEY 8: CO. Wholesale Gro
om. Nos. vs .n.l 29 W... 1 stnet. Pituburgli.
WCK & McCANDLESS, successors to
V L. d. J. T. %Vick. Who: raja Grum, romosc,cUsin
Commission nrmants. m..cors Irma. !dal. (dam
- a Van., awl Vicubdrida Slanuf.etur. it.rd.J l J•
\Coda and Water drmds. PittAbargh.
csumsos ............... .. ~.
C,TILBERTSON C1.01 , E, Wholegal ,
. Orman and Comml.aloa '3fercbarit.. Lamlen in Tat.
and Plttklaargli alaaufxstated Ankle, W Litcrty
jD. WILLIAMS & CO., Wholegal° and
• Ratan Family Grecerr, Forourdlng ond.effurctL u v ,
.rd.o.ony., one', Draturslo Country Puulnuu ono taT u f , ,,,,h.
Manyesetants. mace of Wool and Finn au,
no, LITTLE ;Sr, CO., No. 255, stmd, ritubur.h. Gram, Pm
BnaConintiorion )leretuna, awl &mkt. in rittAburgli
Momurreturva. •
- • • •
• MOM r
dikn. FLOYD, Who! nine Com
. rilWen lieridianti,...ndler, Vroducc—Sound
nreli Building , . fronting en Winn). Wood. and Fain
s k i. Pittiburnb. Pa.
TORN .PARK.ER..i: Co., WloiceilloGrocers:
IP) Deakin in P.M nee, roneigin Mnn
immthela and Itantifirel Whirler —No. I. Coninacreial
Libnity at.. Pittoburgn.
I — i:tin) :a Di r fiiTs7lt: .57A-.141
WM. YOUNG £ CO. ikaleas in Leaorv.
I;4lf3(ll:llWW:jitykif , s 3 ivil: l
•LOIIN 11.1kIELLOB,Deriler in Piano Fortes,
?Irate, awl 3lnitcal Inrarruneats. Marra I.ka. and
.faaa nana kg ChicLatta:ea Plano torus, for
Western akinaarhaara—Na al Nand.
LUSBY KLEBER4 - Dealer in Music, Mu
den? Mr= estantr=r WWI Op=
•ffiliVemca'• greala Attar.bment. Als, and TMLAwas'•
Liam. •
PL1:11 - 4. - I - to - 4 1 1 91 : 4 : 1 1
ENNEDY, CHILDS ic CO, Manufactu
nr. of veer cornice 44 61.4ton.._Ceefet Chene.
Thine end IWe:on. Penn 31f11, menorah.
ISAAC .10,21 JO= 7 grtcv
tENES.t QUIGG; Manufacturers of Spnug
mut Blister Med. .rlaaSb at./ . St. l ino.r.b Wi....
4. 1 AT/ie. Bri.O.
_Elarcuaecoll . boo Aslen sad
dollen In m. . eablo taltunv. Niro. tegins Lou., sod
Cos& Trimmings wmarally. canard l'as a.c.l Trout Ma,
Pittsborst!. ra.
SCAIAfk , ATKINRN, Manufacturers of
,s ,. ..mgrua t s . a...t Tro tr . an, ramtt, bes,c, Wood
not. Berry Co., aranorrateare o lA. Blench
.. Marlatio and ruirhurje Adds. Wareham.
No. 61 Water at.. belai Farr.
"A Maticasettirs , of Onses GL.swur, Vials. Dottie.
sod •msttie Porter. Motet Alo, Miners] Water, Slated. Mee
diet.. mod WM. Bottles, lidevery doetription. Also—Wm
liCer OW.
moitsintly on band s etemeid ilesorisocut of Om
sham articles
Also stets—es tho other Greco Olses Fertoetes ore all
tler.VrtttllZ=toorgrAttw° Factor? 1s
mar sad 'Motor.
Orders remodSolly solicited, sad will he filed au the
shortest oath.
Warehouse—+o. 112 Second street, between Wool and
Smithfield stir., kittabaigh.
I,VA_LTER I'. MARSIIALL, Succeßsor to
gam.' Paperlmr and Dnatrr In French
and Anortora iltatgingr. and Border, Window
Madera Fire Board morn. ke. Att.—Writing. 'Printing,
and Wrapping Paper. No. aft Wo4 garnet. !cancan Fourth
and Diamond alley, Pittsburgh, Pa .
TEAS - 3. A T .Vlz43
ORRIS k lIAWORTH, Tea and Wine
Meyebents, tut Bide of the Diemacd,
.I — V .L3 ' . ;:"'''t;..P .e foul. T.& CO, G
t,..7 Cer' stvw.
boo. always ont bawl amortmeut of Ch I 4 Ortort
ko and Fine Teas. Aloo—Vonign n ul l s 11.13 d NotS. Whole
eels mi retail. bearers ouPPbni tho 10onot
- - - -
JOHN CAtiillEf, •Mt
for the Lak
end Michigan lan, to Braver end Mi. Latex.
lace on the crosier ot. Water and titoithfield eta
IrjrAAFFE & O'dONNEß,.Proprietors o t
rttubunib Pcrt•hle Stcra. cm - onr of Pcs. •
rn• sinvo.
PLEECH . 'Transportem by Canal
a ra em-rmitug 3bi,unts, corner of Vona strftt
. •
WESTERNELT t; SON, well known
• W blind Mr,
halen Bake hush enrortansloron
A. to order the teat article In their line, a? their old
edexid.,:Nn. 11 FL Clair .sour, alio, at No. 80,31arket street.
Nomaerory. entrance to the Diamond. V•nitlian Shutters
made and aid Mind? neatly repaired.___ olo
4 -- A-- - . BROWN would most respectfully inform
- the publie that be tent.. himdatble stand on the vent
*of tba Dinroond. Alleglecnr Mr, i maniac amortment
of Veratlen blindr, elm Cep Mtn t
he are made to , ordrr
t'oe l._lllVl 3r. do. "''' et d mrTgd ltitlou'etaealigro2,
41 ' ~ drlrcr. l3 lomat ptrehowtl the suet ,tmln, =ld waNI
Of the cabinet establiersonit rf Pump t McClelland. 1 am
prepared to fomOlt their .0 „ 11 ,, c manor. , an tell an the Pnb - .
Moat large. with every 11.1 gln Men . linc.
Ancenca'So.S Wood attrp PittOrtrtn.
1 1 4 -------------'--'------------. ---
S cE late HRM}, N' etennarc u , e
nom Edintrorib Fesenad. would resweelfulli
q btb. Pbblk °."
6 b"
'bmb liTi l o:frVatever t
IstM t teee6 , rn: .3.1. br Trinti . aZi mtion.
4 1n. arat:cti . I o'its.lllli/rule. 'Hurdle, Her. Ebrring it
Bladunnitblug la guwer.1.1,,,Z1...571,147, ""°
nX Turuul stew awl:l'mm , . ,
ti him t LI!LTer mna.
ibirnsilklYWlreTlOOr "4"
Cortomlesion '3lcerbsiets for the Woo of Amorioss
tloote, No. lyv Llhorty et., RitLeburgb.
JoanerT Vssl.-1,15
C Wool,3lerchants,
Denim 1333TIotir corperany. 3.1 t . 1, 1"
Imp3ll. 3.1 0.313331.1333 a sterchnote, 115 nrst 0tt.1.3
and 1161 , 3.4
VEVILLE JaiNSON, Engrnver on Wood,
I.att, i
rbu" 11 " , (thlgm-y.) enoturgh, of
I ea& nt Noriryarterf, Frontioploa-ro.
Landocaloo. Moo Labels. In colors; Foals fn. Ifrivisiono. rico
elell.sulAssalatlaso; Cotton Btampr, tbe trot sl7l.
or sot, .4 al the i.e. prima.
k Dtabliehtectit, Third - stmt. opposite the Poet
e, Pitts buh._)isisjsuldscsses, Portraits. Show bins.
Mikado. Drslts.hOad, Labels. Areisitoctursi sled Mullins
ikstritits, flusine. otgl Vititlez Cards. Se, shgnieed or
draws oa Moors sad printed la veld., O. Woo. , or
Asti In the man am:meted style, and et the molt reeks,
OGAN, WILSON & CO., Imi.vorters spa
• Who Wale Molars to Llentooro Uutiory, No. la
cot Moot. Ilaitotret.
AV W.. WII I SON, Watchen, Jew-alry.
Yth PauMmva rn za.: t zlzuk A
carefully mailed.
li. 11., lIGNT, Dentist, Corner of F . ough
•. . •
W. CUNN Ie:GUAM X Cal Nlsoullseturtrs WINPTIV
, No. :N Market etneel. leelemou Fart eud Seeood,
Pitoborgb, Po.
Barllenlor otter.tlrea rold to
odd shoe. Al,o—Deolern Iv
illut Glom, Vial, Bottles, ae.
ICIIOLAS VIVIAN, Civil Engineer,
IPMIrAteMO3I, rIIICLiCaI Mining Agent. Make*
atrglats of Model. fur th n, e Patent O tleolgas or
foundfee 31Inee, Water Work. Melling Male, Le- MAy tre
found teteriat 10 A. M. eel Co P. M., At Ms evrittenee, No.ll
Marbut7 etreet, htteburgh. innitase
gLotL , ri g n .
11 A. MADEIRA, Agent for Deliware
JIL tual Wet:, Ituuranon Cumtuny. £2 Water amt.
I GARDINER COFFIN, Agent for Franklin
co lir bandsnco Cendsany. north mat matt Woad
ald MIA Amu.
r.m. GLENN. BOOK BINBER, Wool street,
T ecru/ door hum the corner of Third, when hr
prepered do von. deculptlou of landing wall untrue
and durabUtty. Blank Boots roll to etty WU.. Lod
bound eubetantielly. Books to number., or old broke
bound ruefully, or repaired. harou put on In gilt :titers.
Tlute who hare blrallutt an Invited to call. Prfres
Q ILA CKLETT & WHITE, Wholosnlo Deal
t a r errr tti.); — ores~n Dry `'' N '' ' ,Z l l o , l l l they
nr,2Tarkr,:=,%=,:ithl.X"47frnieing the
'rayon, end entuest. en eneminetlent mt. week by west
ern tnendukutn..end othere ettithut nur dtr.
& CO., Wholesale and ItetaC
Manufartmorrig at.d Malt,. to Haut Caps and Furl.
tumor it( Wunltoad FIR 6 snort o Pittsburgh. Where they
Oros• full sod etomplste stook of flat, Cork Furs, te., of
, too, quality . and stylo, by. Wholesale nod Retell. and to-
Tilt the ottrotka of their onsoktous and porottosure gorter
a11y...01i0,. them tint they rill soli on the Toot Mean
tottous torsos.
AV M. DIGISY, Morclint Tailor, Dranor.
IV! and I) Itraily 511.1, n ClMblny. 137 I,llmrt,l.
New Coach Factory—Allegheny.
c epeoc...z.
M. A. vairri: & CO.. would re-
l' hey are nog making king
end am prepared to lords,
order.. for eters . dereriptim of vehicle,. With.. Char iota.
Ilarourber, Platoons. go. deo which, from then.
long raped... In the mount. tare of Me above work.
and the facilitate thug have, the,. feel confident thef gre
.reauntablee Le
Pall; parlicidar alleution to the .retortion matortale.
and baring 110110 hut camped. wortmen, they ham no
heeded:cello warranting their work. We therefore ad. the
attention of the public to thie mdter.
It. Repairing dune In dm boot manner, and on the
mod damnable tram, Jeam ,
• •
WIOIIT3I.IN. Manufacturer of all
kinds of eotton and woollen roachtn,ry. AlleAwn,
00j. The above wcrkw belog now in Pall ampsuraweefol
operation. 1 ant Inwparwl to eaccute <mien with dispatch
to all kinds of InneLlurrY in my Ilve. nuch,a
seters, .1.. r.
rTre..mulf.grirdiugumehluer. raillrays.dr-a
og frann, *venders, loom, wain. rani, double
ingle. for Inerrhant or coaster Imrit, tank, Jack,
slide torl hand arnt won, to innwn.i. An kinds
of xbaftiow made to orlwr. plies' 4iTen tor ',anon , ik,to
rieo or mills at omwmable rin , raw.
Urns rn—KentiNir,Chila 0 Co., Illarkatcck. 11,1E0 Co_
King. Pennock & C 0..... A. GraY• •
I" 4 , IRST STREET, I:awern Wood and Mar-
COVAIViV zh ,NrIFIZE r2sPl.Yzal.!
Illreliminith Mork..
St...taloa. built loonier.
l 7rrgtnntr
r te . . "r l n =t l a t i ' l.74 ' 4;7
Portable Forges. variona otrer•—• T. 17
Fa! rtewujwaut. California emigrant., or [ dent sitlrle
goad Com-
Mu , .
woul.l roatiertrully Invite Stemnicat men and other.
to call rev our artirlea outd mire, 'before rerratur3,
1 - 4 1 .A.GLE 51.1.R11LE WORKS. (emtriblighed•
A 1x971 bS I.P)IUN io WILEUNS, No. IF: LAlA•rty
L . Wort! strees, Pittolvtgb. Monuments. Durinl
Vsults. Tosole,llll.l,toc, 3lentel Metes, Celltr, row/
Important to Stage Conch and Wagon
here bought the ri.ilit of an AXLE. taunted by
32.. benusel Oiliteur. rnllal Steil:Lent 0i1y... It hat
hurt tentnl by our lent nuts builder, end proneuncod ta
be the beat in OM, An , erJ aura rrach. with aen of lieu
Axle.. mooing daily. sil II anuithie • half Y..• 00 nil T., coot
moutha The nosil ethentity of oil mud is au of the tut
eeklcurns we bur of th o prat yedurtion of Meth. end
co/wine/illy great miring of bower: it lull noire Um roaril
pronnotors to tat e rent. on their sleek end feed
Al. It will rice rrrat safety to truck,: the nut
w i th
tor with the wheel. and not bertha =iron...slow with th e
AV , eatindi PeeriSti. the wheal from ortultur oIL
By proper rare. the patentee. will warrant thou Axlos to
'"lt'=olu2. 1,
w Dioli3x,:,,ica: 13
orm t3j.d.bort..
hut rothiving tots new fall stock et
CLUTHA. CA* 311.1t1::$. and VESTI.SOb, of the =west
etyles,adentmet She the erprftehteg fel wad whiter mason ,
AU the. tn , esat ef ebnan faidnottable, r/.4 elothnon
will ISM the lurest. most rata/mat/hunt:o be, stock in the
Western .o.uttu, at this atablinbrunt. eeplD
A CARD-1851.
IVBintouriELD, North East.
cornaer of Potent and Marina streets. Pittsburgh.
ve, at tho mounmeensent of the New Year. to re
tont near thanks to their means. Mel the pulite gene ,
ally, for the Lam than of MMm extended to them. ma
inv. the emit:mann of their farms. liming rewentlY
enlarged and Imprmed their mom. the yare oust..h keep
on halal very entente., assortment of thools—and tomes
will tone the sdnostage of pialoty of hobo emmins
wren, and make then snorts.. nay dal. making
Mon estahlistment as far so pamitothle. a FAMILY
SUMP,' whew mom artiele In tho Dry Goods Lim, xaseilea
for the wants of families, can ho Fued—aud lu their
contlunal ego. tO wlert the beet . and us sell at low
PTV., they hope to make It the inirest of families and ha
-4.1.1,10a1E, to fame them with their custom..
Vi e The WiIOLEmALE uusuirl.s will be continuod fn
the rooms up stain—mans. from {lke stmot, or through
lower ram.
Corner of Third and Market Porta The =IT kb. -
luditution of the Mud In Pittsburgh.
Fmayrs.—John Fleming, Primal* /mattes. In the
Science of Amounts.
(e.g.' Chsraberlta. Profcwor et Dnmmanehlsbßercantes l
Catanutstion. so
Ake.Hamm Lee, Lecturer on Cummercial Lew. '
Thome Awning a complete knowledge of Rack heaping.
eadtir.sitt.lAneu=brz.ner,fact ge, a %ILI au elm .
ffthe esemagneents.
Lecture au Conamerriel Low mere lionets7 smaing. •
Dammam to say of the res Linet dry secrulamm. l&e=
- - -
tkISSOLLITION—The • narMership of Re.y
-.L., void. t Ebro wee dirselvolluevtual censent oo the
not fart, the bustarse of OM. Eta will be wetted by either
of the maims, thy ?sae of the 6rm ts be used fee Mat pub.
ame. L. 0. REYNOLDS,
To retiring heel Ne Dimino% of Rs7a2 o lds . .0 Shoe.
would brow:mama J. L. blow to nu frien d s era the
former etutomera of the house.
jal4 - L. 0. REYNOLDS.
L. SIIEE, Wholesale Grocer, Commission
• aruna, &elm la Pumr end Rage corner of
Nen el lemin memo. Pittsburgh.
NEW LIGIIT.—We' have received a lot of
LAWS. of various visor and 'Mutsu of • DEVI
construetlon eat Ls nal. stools alai couspleto—ooose
Abio. the arttela to burn to therm welled .. 11unrIng
- Eare.: litL . It has run qualities which wrote...nil
t tulle attention of 'eteatnbwit wen ,
loege eepira. Fee cleanliness. etononly, and brflllaner,
t anpaiwer any thing rnrcable ewe lu nea
Pereuna ho playa in call on will he nhown the pee,
lartites of the now nemeworwl.
A emplane. supply of the fluid and tempo kept by
4.15 ' lid between Ward and Market.
L. J. steno. ..—_ -
mwa nratit.
d. t LD,
DUOILNOB , & CO., Tobacco
CorolutrAort Merrbants..Nn. 41 North Wster etrret.
It North 4Vb.rver.l.2.ltodetom. am:4
&J. TARDOS, Commission Mooch
f,Psatir lO.OO N o
F "`,',`
Icrving brand.. oblolrthey vnar for nolo at. room. _Tot J.
Durand Cu.. ltordedun, Meglo7. .rood. J.
rand A Co- Larochrlle, J. J:Ctustol,(.4groka. A. du Nome
zuo, A. L./U...011r, A. de 31nodoro,. Jean LOUIR. it, 4r.:
alp. Anchor CP.o.`gordeaue. Ittd oto.l Wblte Wines in meta
an 4 ewes. related with ram by John Durand COO lA
nide. CL•olonono Who. and sweet Ituretimly Not. 11.7:1y•
MERCEIt & General l2o.mraiN
*lan 31errhan I'llibulelp4tr , Liberal st.lvovvr
oo t.
enmeignmonta of Vroduct. ,enently
pAVII) C. TUTTLE, Attorney nt Law,-
tnd Corimirrloo o r for Penn9rlrosto., Et. Laub.. Mo.
roatmunierainor pmmptiroroorered. nett.,.,ty
jOIIN 11. RANKIN. Attorney and Conn:
'tenor at Lati. and Commitsloner for the Etats of
nneslrania. SG Lout, Mo.. Urn of I(tnantrzn.)
neferonna--Innahorgle. Hon. W. Forward. lieTnton d
Stiller, St'fluntlessCn. ,sloClunt, John El.
Sonlnle. Mcflo/n1
- ------
• ior. ............ ..... e.
vot. .......... 0.4441. M.
Gann. No. =1 31.32iiet pt.. Phtlndelphle..
6014. W. POITIAS7I. I :
W. POINDEXTER 4k, CO.,C General
B• Coromirfion Ynrven.llnl , Slerrhomtsan ,l Flour
er, Nn. 276 Mark*t Amt. 11,114v.h.lphiz. .I,IS
Allegheny County, se:
4,71 ,- Tl.r. • THE Commonwealth of •Penneyl.
'.• rani. to the next of kip of full age of James
r. Nrli', o w. . John 51e/teatn., and }Yard. Or
' Att!”*.,:;,,! Vr71';:31',14.11 , ... e 1.r. of
• the city of Allegheny. deed,and 40 all oth:re
pereuut Interestot. greeting:
Whereas. at an Orphans" Court. held at Plttabergh. to
p for said count no the ti day of January. A.D.
the etition tel Ana y.
Ken ln Mcna, Adtalnletrelais of Frannie
McKenna. lota of thoeity of Allegheny. dogsled. was pre
sented to the eald Court. elbowing War alia thet the
intritate, by virtue of a certain article of atTertnrat dated
the loth day of t4r,frtcr, A. It 18.30. between F
on F. Lorcue.
U. C. Vanes. and Jacob Painter, of the one part e and the
oald Francis McKenna:of the aher past,dled melted. °fend
In all that certain Inter['goo of gronod eituate in the said
6tr of Alleichery,llate the Referee Tract, Uwe tawnebi
ontwelta the bcrtlsern labertleo of ritulnugh) heing LI
Va'lbalrl rt'sitzurk.rd.TNlin..T.V,Vit),,Vsbil. r=.l.
-:,,, zgl,"“gttrircvni.4'N's2t":iLi.,". tgrgUe=ter?';o3
trent thereof a two fiery brick musung, :bout twenty feet
front by thirty litt In . drpth. and on the rte: double lon
a t e g w.e._ ft d= ll g i e n tg ' e r gegirgrl= lrtll:4;s.e;tratie
Zi.."4l`.` (h
o "1 .
h a ePrge r d it'ol salted. And
r irt.l " " tr. the
gtt7.,;(lldilleining..i=lier 2 , lathe gilt°,
children of the won intestate. that run
Jae. therefore, 1.1 (...19341/01 ,1 TOO, CDISt you maw., sugar
beide our Welt:oust, at Fltlaboxitb, oh tlathrelaY.thr. And.
day of February, 1141, then lad Menet° show anon. lf 4.1
you hair. why the prayer of the sold -peqUat should not
L'N=V;lttdl'icT'lVriliits'elk - AFeCI : Dal Flutid t
. ~,,,, ~ e n
Judge of our odd Court at Pittsburgh, thle I)Jth day of
Jaoller) A.O 1001 . - Il Vila. IloCI;101,,C1crk.
issournoN—The firm of Kennedy k,
nne dispolvol on Um 10. loft.
_The badmen.
Tn. =VlYAl7.7,7ll7ruty mi,-,-r.WE've.4.7`ar""l7,
°NAB aniN%lnny
"'At" JOan ISAinZiC.
.- 7 ,...... , ------- ___ ~ __ __
of. T"
4-eq.,i.-, . ~ . _ . .
Orrkt. Premattek ditartn . feorrnporalanes or the Pidabanth Galena.)
CEIS-BTIELM ELM .........`d:= , . , Theratar Inartintg. hamrr =MI. 1 WAIIIIISOTON, Jan. :25, 1850 . •
Th. and cud. or ether yowls are appreet.33 ...... 1 3 .1 The Prsther yweentay war antra naly eat and !Gamy.
Pallowa ._,_
174,-- 0,,,,,,r v, r ,...nelf, Teri. . 1 ... .. 1 r i ],r 4 =r 333 .lAnd_ to the matter ; =et , ,; Tariff Sterling—alien Lynda's Claim —Skiffid
'"' ""' ''''" "' "'
" gtt:rd ' ,1;. ' .0 r . 13 " IA 71: ''''''" n ''' '"W"."'". I LoUling—French Spoliaaan Clailas—Appaing-
Camiaa. Pr Moro. 7 , FLO ha Th e arrirata yeatenlai warp =dant , 1 . 1 . t -
Arrusa —Nee Nwrk.------.......vdt, P,• V . i ;:i from era handl went emdlead to pall lob at S'l,:4; and i Intets—lrOrftra Fair.
Earn. t.'"'" l-.---- ''''''''''''''''''' kiawil I. [ tom done bug:LI:CV-175 V DLL I
Ana- —lies lark C tariff meeting, to which members of Con-
Omuta. ....... .....—lkoton . ......turtley, Nlerrllls. 1 0041,1—WIth otodnends eapplirs in us, market. mix.. ' .
AM., -...... .......... .N... Tort Paturday, J. rro , th , m u, fn. n ... 1 , , , ,, ....,.........., I, %knew 1 green from all porta of the center, and gentle
merles ' Boerne eatenlai AK
sett. • ri . , Av ert Pt 1'.34...,P. Byq 03 ; ttP1e7.3.473e; Corm. 43043... minas , - men known to the country for their aide end ef
, st ataCce`a• be- i YeCtire idyl:many of the cause of prmaction,
Yon blintainal.
Aata..- -
Catmen N^w 1. . 1, ----W.'.." 7 : 3°.. ..' " o " nir ' S—' iti.m. am deetevell , etveakt te1 5 .1.... I ,hare been invited, takes place at the National
Lama— 0,, ,, ,,, U.' N0'n 1 77 . L ....
.` ... ,, ‘ V. T ..: d rt 4' l p tletal " 7. 4 .4 l . :Fe ttl. Ili 1 ,. Zi ' , G e r th i r r "'" ; m o t" h . ur. ll ' 4 u U "L .. o N .a g r ,' 4 1 30 ,,,.. e ttl e ' . 1 T,.. i ; ...ll%t o el i. lins ivi . e::::: ed thg. i.d A
i ltu• m te k r . d . general atte n d-
th d;
Ltda.... ..... .... ...... _nor York Preeereasy, NW. Lt.. et I.2nc tor prime.
Ceraete Ran. Waddonla7.)4dil 'Li
M,- PP.OVI2IO:4I—Of liimak aquae, ,e,, ih r ka, o od r ,n,,.., • .proceedings of the meeting will have a tendency '
romote soma favorable action on the tariff,
Amkrua , roman IV weer. trtl 3 4. ' . • . e 49 b” b." '''''U'd I°
In the attention of Con- '
.11....... 0
ii.,,,. N.... u..„. ti0rk......... . ~ ,,, ,..., W eeli .r ela ,v . .. ..,
.....a l -.. ~I ,
....,.d .... 01, 3; rr,: 3 3. 1... : E5nr 3 :: :_5a f i,d...f ..1 7t em i,.501.4. 17 1.buiriatir.: 37 .00,: p1a1 m.i ft sf .: lo.l: : ereper i:: . 1., by directing to that subject 1
. 1 Lard istelltreraiT.Vldkie, tin DLLs mad kaka I gr..
of The
C. S. Nail „valtaterr—fidine Lk,
reek; dew roan . Lya hk h d:ty th tl e te d. tl g f b o te r t r be a re c li o e i f . :
r s 11
C m h ' e a
r I passed p
t e
.....f, Lirkrpool—. ....... ...Irrdneadar. J... 21.1 MAI, ittLlfddea. Ode. tleellte. teetS° fr.. Ute Idtir it/ E. Cmmy, of the revoluttatiewy army, and mother 1
.........n.rmad woduredar. Fee ,• ' rou nd, . , 'l, of Miss Anne C. Lynch, the poetess. This is a
eon maw Tann -
Italtlc tom
,r rize0 ,..,,,.. .
..—..Latuni.a.syy:dvao,a. 11
~,fe e nii ir-r-a : r•—.
c . .b. mitu r .,
v b.: . lsm R. B. at 646tae, and .j re atarkable bill in servers! respects. MOO Lynch l
Ne a remarkably pretty, agreeable, and talented
• • I 'woman) who ban onducted:the soiree, and the I
!Ilan Ntw' tong.
r ' ' ''''' 11 ' 4 "' d n' ' ' ''''' — ' l.°"°4 7 " : ' '' • 1 I SPratTO Tin ICESTIC Itlll3Mrn. • • general seem' I economy of the National hotel l'or.
'' .... 1 ::: ". .v,,... '.....: ..................................k T iol l i , 1 rar tr . ... T he t e y l l 'al ..—..ltufr ''g rio; • I °-""-th t.t2411 7 1 " iti l' r jg7rAt.4 dett7rar rdi: i l ' 77 )../ b 4 l p throefi T P7toftWM9r • °r•Ctlo r , CkYne':rs.Bcott • lti'sndLaygn'uch tisa"athe
..... ....... v •a,ne,d,n, nay U. war; Hiddnetpezeot w ,„, andudn i ong Lug: hoe- ,•ber of other distinguished- men, nod' in return
Talk Nan inalg. .d1.1n.• Voir, ;Pk 13, ; Fa1r.13%31.1e.
...from Ram. ..... —...-lltkicsettly.klar. it toireem—llie re bat been a batter napalm and due. fue 4 she patronizes the
. fashionab . le young hence - and !I
.. Ith u tnaretLeert i lf , ke o litir Entre. She annsellettoSaAtr ,! beaux of the Capital, during the sestinas of
.._Worn 'W,akda.m, , JO nt lei
L ir ' t f.L' l llrl ' .r-.P.preneereu n ' 3. 7 ra1 k 3,11: X.eir 11.3Lur.....T11{ j Congress. She is the cmitroof.that Mama , and ,
tem, itharaz, „ • I fichiehable circle of which., as before intimated, 1
, ~,,,,,,„,, _ ,fh day theta Wu a_ dad drteaed.etel ebeet 'OW ~ the
d denizens of the National, togeth-
I bb . ' 7171 , 1.1' cils.'Zla?7,l4n Mt o" u s m. i g lkh Lha nD world of Whi glom, fohla Ole
--- , aalrq . a• M "" . • 1 shz - L ," ' - ''''' ' '', ” " "'""'„ .. ' - I radii, circumference, and area.; O f course there
'''.:''144;41'4.-7 '..000 1.1 714. '" ..:.. 5J ett1 .. : b" t‘P te i' Llele *".'k e.eetie . i• ', C ci t ' utt ' be ae r jP enis Y tingaueh an : l ed ' i nflu e nce a.Sth*lld ' XI '1
"--- " U"::s1 " -'11"114"111: . fiL ll t atfr, '""..-B'" lc ' ts -. ..ratesto tlw lune nosattly . olfidarktraminan. , ,
h hid aumnnundfigi
/a day the motet was tau+ , , Congress has poised the 'claim of Col. Graft
eta shoat use ttm Wes Leroy maths) wo Ebb , tlea .. l.ltif t granddaughter,
_solely because it had such en ad
en• lagard..ktiapald fte editor.'
I-ear—The Baku ok to mkt.. ream. ITAtabbla. I vacate In addition to the other artillery which
Ili•a•i'''''"''• I , fellee.l—°ele• it, . • lith.i. and , the fair beeeigor had. brought ' to bear upon the
st Loma/taco:sat Faun,, aka), to rotatawss sollat t
s4,ab gbn.l44,a:- . . I teenier susceptibilities of our conscript fathers '
c'emit , ~v r_...t.1.0„:,, a ,„.6:41:1_, i a=lt i since the present [fusion began* she has placed
~ . nala4''''' • --
I , iu batteb two sosudets which were discharged
- diti—itte &stet has Ike, needy it .to &Nike& for -, th rough th e r u o , 1,,,,per,%. Th . us pressed, t h,, b e _
wewkerfeke of tell bb/./ llKttfleS, at Zl4. ' neiged copituLsted to day, .titid , Miss Lynch Was
d „rd It i; ofd niLi' f t ' o l : l lL bVirM i t,,,,,,'",,s' 44 ° - "pi.`"`::! allowed to come in for a auto - varying from ten:
being and rang mom, conshheas SWaddeoStr, today...aloof; to twenty seven thousand do ll ars. The money
mns, at steo.
1 ,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,., o r H 4,4. -,,...,,,5, N , , rh oo ore " odor ', i
. paid to her is a small consideration, but good.
gad taw t•:•llta. ll athz tan alocr st
tar etzta 'judges mull this allowanco est a blishes a prints:-
'f,,,,,,V4••• "' ti t tmo and 001. oenn,andia the- but k,,, )'le which applies to other similar claims amount
udag ware, pone mean Weal of that. saw he. Leas i log to millions of dollar.. .
told at ,?4,,ne.tar.• • • -
h‘ „,,,,,,„ , 0 ,,,, dr u d ,,,,,,,,,,e• nadtut, at ill far men, , —"Can these things be, ' 1
and b da . :... fur Prima—fete. I . And overcome us like a summer's cloud,
Without our special wonder."
Yes they can, they take place here every day.
But let tuo caution al) plainwomen of not re
markably attractive mannera, and who do not
write'protty fair sonnets, agsinet attempting the
BUBO game. For let not Gomm them that though.
they hod, eecto of them thirty six grandfathers
who had nil fought and died in their country's ,
service, they could make n progress against the
indolence or inattention of Qdngress, or t h e !Mies
of the Mouse. - . -
The French spoliation el , ms bill wilt undergo
a most searching debate au I ,ommittation in the
ilonso of Ilopreseetatives: -. I think its -oppo
tient. there tore more s ive and industrious
than its friends, hot which re the most Minor
-0113 is the great question.i 7 It will come up nest''
week, and loam ornocessi be noted upon, after I
a very limited debate. .
A great many New York politicians continue
in town. Among the newest arrivals are - lion. I
Francis Granger, the well kncert form:Am - of the
sect of • Silver Greys;!, and ilr.:,Thonusi M. Foote
' editor of the Buffalo thimenorehd,"and late charge
to one of the South American gaverstrueote.—
The'Dr. will probably soon' receive another -ap
' pointment at least equal in rank to the one be o
relinquished. ,
The United natal ship St. Lawrence in rapid
ly fitting out at the Brooklyn nary yard for the
conveyance of the articles to be cent (Pont this
country to the world's fair at London. From the I
list of articles which I have seen, I greatly fear!
that they will not contribute much to the etc" ,
gone or variety of the exhibition. I should not
think there would be enough to fill. a email
sehotmer, let alone a large • frignte. The Sc.
Lewreikee will on the first of Febraary.
The National Institute hare appointed in ugent
to go out with and attend to the reception and
care of the geode amt. The chip will probably
be commanded by Capt. Joshuti'llr Bands.
°sun Mann -Yuriwaabw (.—Monthly Thm.
Wwillingtoo-....fh0n der York.
' llrramou Now York
rlVw,hlofigow. Now York
raw;l6 [IC'S
.for Now York.
.Nwo York.
.Nwir. York..
-.New York.
WOR C 141101.0,..
C. . wail alowner: lean/ M. York du ine llOland 15th
of oath mouth. roe ellarrrea.
606 11 &&&&&lxn 6. FLIt•
Rear.whii. aWi ieee elituientost on the let ILIA ILthor ,
ClunlereLurg. rbitrulelNbla.
f4ew York. Laitern. Gear., and Notelet,. I , Arte.Pt N. ‘ort ,,
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New Breinewtek. daily. Arrive. el 4 0. a.; fh ear. ea 1 e. a.
Naern EMITZII,.—by ltleirettlk edd linWda[eLura. I's.,
theludlter the euuntwe of Brad/ Ord. Cn.utarta. Let.,
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1,84, keert.
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Metre, settle. delent Heed,. New Ateeundrne and tale
eve oeunty. rlLly. 888
.riutler, Ilerror, Crawt.n.i. stet Jefferson
Mantle, ‘1...e1..1. , eek.toedor'w B .q.: B "." ,d. ' , '
Arrivre at 1. 0. 0. a. 114 neer-neat e. et. ,
5.0na1.1.1 nee , V•rennte.—lty . Wwltn,ftnn, Pe., G .
• Yeyette, toemeene, yewt of Wewmowlntol ..nunt). Ireiefa.
Marylend, beltare.,. lOwinneem 04-
ore wart. 44 Oluo and lientne.k . y, Mimeo, Teener
Ainbetee. Ntmeourt. Jliwon4l4 B , Atkettew. North CBm
linn.Georga.. le.ultiane. dwiy. Artires
nt Br. sal d+perte O U.
• -
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tvu,' Owo.— gyrtin, ltamm. E.rinenn•
FlonuCu m -P-1, iolu es. WA I W 1. A 1.1.a C r u o r r , a e , t . r l — M cts. r 4 s th on i4 1.:).
AM." at 11 r. tlepane et 7 A. It.
• - • • • - -
Derain WeArt.r.,—lty eel CkvrlailD. Uhlo.— I
Itoromr Ca., . Trtun . ,,tib Porta..., Gentles,
Ilninand. I.4am. ittxx, tla,4.
tad Luca, 11., extreme
.4 the elan,. et Ineludtnaall
xxn, lova. taxi Wixtxx, tlX•1)• Art , . at I A• a.; de .
ti r X.
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taut, toe. ka,rt. ~,rt.
Aru..tren, Oar
lan. and 1...ear...1d y,dndept. on At
tire. et .; F. b. add departs at IS. "
311x.rar..—D, Parryteille, 'Wexford. Z,ilenoplo, Neter,. I
villa. Una... Lard Noir Arrive+ 'alexia',
ta.a bebratoa'r Hall, Cultr. and . .qutt
t ar -helm ('lt, A.rrlves tr.dave. at d at.; dr.
• tarts Widuendays and oatunlayK o
t t `t ['n Mel:e. , Put . t.
Coal IL•in xr.
nun, ebnlst.,n, eorryup,de- i-ao. Liberty, Upper
Arr....". :,Enulare cud lbur.dapb a. di,
Sart. :dondaye and Tbureday, at a. m.
Hants.., V A.-1:1; Nobkatoon. Candor.
Hurgetuonen. Cr.,., Patter:on'. u.ilL
bkb.a.,n,, Aortas ~unda,r. and Tliur.da.r.../. 111. a. X.:
droner. 3rendat,e. ea.! TlturalaTe. et 1 T. 0.
bArtLettde‘ Ylurclockevill... atop. Moir
Mum, Franaben Medi, rms. Pad F.rvb.ori ia.• Smart on
Prblay. at v. 0.; .levarle tat Zaturtiav,
• North; Nrsulin,trt. and Apollo.
~.tbeNlare, at h I. X.. dcreirtr on. l . l,, ndaY
nt . a.
Lxtr Lamais Ferri. Arlin. on Frldit,l• at I
T. deperu tatunlev. ay OA. X.
yaa,atra.—P.r Pr.rryrvillv. Wexford, illkakborl,
P 77:•Antra dada nt i
the'dally t.,
before tbeir departure: letters fen- tk Jit
at ttla:
,nad: =dia.:lll.ot tu half art lx , ur
deb , ro 'belt . departure.
comenn way roic. t¢r rarsrmnco o..arr.. It
N. HOLMES & SONS, Banker&
No. IT lar/rt At nnetern Ilini nod Fbarth an. MI ./A
DENNSTr.k . 'ANIA. Prircaltat Mata11kat:,....... o
Ilatakafilltanarts lnialadref PlaantOr. , •--:' no
' l ‘ e?../fir. M ' J ' ait ' fit 4 dt..... - .... * .rar r tro '' rxrlltWt ". ltrti:r;n2 - : ',1 :
lank of Cnsutnrrca._. ..... Dar City 11.013. fkilnannatl - ..d0
Pank of Neat, Atnerl Catanneralal Bk.C.lnelttnando
Lank ofNorth'uLlberticaparyrunklin liank_..----.....q0
Dank o( rental! Innta---Far!LA fent% Bank-----r- •el
Dan/ o(3'.mri Tostithrs-parillhio Lila Inn- A Trutt to-tro
rank of the Crated &also 1/*Wrrtard Rel•rWO linnik--1....11
CosamanTtl x %itzt; . l.l. c parillank,te . 31aar.111....--- . ..A0
irgilartk__. . . trr! :lEw eiiiiirigir 43
Keinlnyton Back.-- --Ind All wit old Banks---........X
kl.nfac. .0 'loo Dank. -.par NEW YOBS.
11:21 ' 741, i l ' a 4 1 . ttc_ r"---. 9irI C'"tn.3I ANSLAND.
fouilwark 13.2
Iradeternau's loan k .... ...... rar:Cnoune • 3.:
Wean.rn D. 1.. -- .. -oar N.JkIittIEY.PLELAWABE.
Bank of Phatonereintrili.. If AII aninnt I%okt-.....••• X
Bank ofCharler Coanly-par VIBCINIA.
bank Of Danrilla .... .. -....rar Bank of the l'alley.,..
flank of DeLC,Cliseter-Dar,llk of Virgin:a. flk - billatod X
Panic of llentaziown......parlEs. Dank, Va., Narf01k...... X
Bank of llattreburph X.Warrorrif Danko( Virginia 3,
b oo k ,4 . w e ndonn..._.... -131orrharts' I 3.10di. Bank k,
Dank of Nliddlatown-..... X North W h ertern Itank---- l :
i ltile t <T%7,,S , i,, O 1 =1`...1::., ''.7gitlll ca l/ROLLNA. .
Carnal. Dart .._. X Bank of Cr, faar........... ..I.
C4untb1a .... 11 ,,....k a11r1.!;_a Co. ,.. 7l.l=S cia l. l\ l 3‘ro i di .im na-...1
Futon Dank ' par Dm/sant Lan Dawbern 2
trio Barn- . -.. _-_ .- XI BOUTII CAD t.IN.A.
1....,e1ik eii.i. C0.4.r)18 of the St cf S. Otrolina 2
F•rilners' Ilk of Lanteartn.len , Bank of South Carnllna..... /
Far r Dank ofltendlq . , , a
, 113ank of Charlerars-- _.... 2
arc Bkof nehltrlklll Kazuo& a MnetnoloP Ilk 2
Ear.l Dr,. Waynonlonst- 43 GEORGIA-
Franklin aehington farlAwnta a Danklog Cal
Ilantabfr E Bank-...-,.. X lßa of Adannta......-
, Ilk of Unman - Set e Augusta
llotterdde Dank-
Lartearter Bank --fit TENN ESSEN .
Latonetrr County Dank...,sorll.ll rolrattflntak....---......
Lebanon Bank-....--- ;an , XINTCCKY.
Miners', Bank of Pottnille X.llkof Rentnekr. Lot/nine fl
Monnnatiken, Pank.._.--far,lllf of Denitrflle.2l aretrat f
w ‘ . 01 1,,,,,, 0 r, Hank.... ._.... !vs - nein. Bt of KentnaltY 'a
Urranlng Ilk.Wilkrbarreportbern Bk of Kruludif
York Bata
•_ 8, 3116.10DP.1.
RAW Nov. N: Bk of Elate of .0 00.,001 X
01110. . ILLINOIS.
Ohio State Bank.- -.- X.lltata Illankand brandiak-f0 !
Branch an Akron..- .do Bank of 1111nula -...78
Branch at Athena- ..... _...1n WIECONtIIN. I
Branch at Drids .roorl- do Marlon t Inn IM. Co. aka F
Draneh at 0111ov/the_ . : .... rio 311P111UAN.
Lean. at INevolasul..._...olo Farman' Meelnanin' Bank 2
Branch at Toledo.- no,Onkarorrtenk Work Dank— 0
11n.nell al Dic t0n........--10l Penland. Bank 3
Branch et Delaware_ dojltouranocCororoPT-...-..- 3
Brandi at Columbum do !data Dank: .- ...... -- 3
Brandt at AAtabuls..-....-do _ CANADA.
Branch at Salem , Pk of B.S. AlSerietaTatantoll
Brandt at Manallehl Aolltank of the Donal. Taronton
tnatteli at Illoler ..Dd Dein of Moran.' I 1
liramb at Chid n nat.t.-......d01 Bank of C.C.nla Toronto l.
Branch at C 01.... ..... do EASTERN LXCLIAItGE.
Brandi at Wishingida..--do On Neer Zook ttireni/... ..... .1.10
Branch at Cat1ia.,.............110 1.0 Phlhuldoblatio--.........,
Ilraneh at Linear or._ a,,rl , llaltekera de %
Wand, at. Stenlo.3lll , on wren:Kr SECIIANG P. .
Itratwh at Mt. Vernau.-...-an C1unin0ad....,...-....- ..... ....1
linnalt at Newark.- AlcoLetinthe.3- 1
Gram h .:Elyria ...10 St. Iduie.r.._ . _,.. ... _. ...I
1 6 =1,11.t . = ‘ ,.P . e11 ......... 11 i t n ,.110 ,0 = r 1 ,. t.Gy . V . A.i..a
/Innen .117e/r...- .... .....del do . l'arriot 1310
Branch . Mt. F10n0nt......d0
(03.0 ',Eagl old,- --. ..... ..,....Ill,tO
Branch at Unv villa_ r.,.......,..... 10.00
Wand+ at Nernst!, ---,lot Ertslerkitoran....... ...... 7.00
Prand. at {Haw.- ..doll'inaTioatars
1 7,1,0
Donnell at I,rinclouth an 0191n-00 . . 1,1 V..
Brandt at Farnn.o....- ..... do Stnentgatt-
Dnlich at Barenca.-.......d0 Indinildas -
Branch at Noreatone
Ilrandl at Corahoga.-.....d0i1/ntati....i. ............ ....... 2,11
Dratieh at 1'010tt0.0.,:1..3.- ,doh r:: - I
7. 4 7.57 l i t r`
61 . 1
i s.l l 41'.:411'15r
- 4 . 61
. 1
.1 1 . 2 4 . 1/ . 1 1 11 . 1: 5 :: I
l yt i l l . l_l , l , - 1 1±11
111• MI O
A '
14 1 1 1
01 _l4t II
'1 C T 6
11.1 14 1. 1
' 26 . J . . " i - 15 1
• 4
. • •
17117111 i
- .
].opts 10, It4l.
DROPOSALS will be received at this Le
Mater for tee tr~amVa for
yvar. from the Cret day of April 1:1 , 34 "hat
nrlritd by tie Itrpartret.t. al the felletfluff
Themime of the' and and Ptele'ln 'circular firm. mat
from a relid btmk of hardened shdl. emlule to suh. '
meaner no to Ethan of lettere and m
eerternets the
month and tai, with a thumb ra ilch cw-to keep F lettere
l a n
Ilscures , c
lietere.f erh stump. NM ripe lettere corepotwe,
. In n o
noun file to le cc x.
eitholf resum mooed
ed to r e in l 7• hanm
month. of the year ahenthlated wets et. contain but
letters each. or the sense siscande thee, snede be twit from
mold blocks of heritimpe 'yd.' Figures, for tho dare of tlis
month, Irma / to,3l:lochillen belnatledflree banedne
metal. and of tbe else is se efermette. ,
Alen. stamps witle.the ironic "pier anew - froe of the
fro of three UM/ In nee.
Ae, Menthe With fIMP dement.: the rete. for •r
end :i t eler bi the. 00 0 In use.
All of the nbvrr demon to be made of headence steel. '
The pretenses tend •Iso remtain
Ligon- r = bide for the dr.
damp, wlth , the teentlis end .
Also, for eachßP.* Pine . , rotewheng•the mouth noe
-1 slstlnd Mfelirce lettere. '
Abe', for melt mind.* pleat our we dare ad,. m e nds.
Alm, for complete kite of menthe and Onnree. .-
Almbm each separsle pkwe erletellt• weeds - pied" s o d
thilletort eZbeigllVe 5 ' re. d i rje ' ea ' n ' LVr ' M
net, Issecedi eye* te till:forme tontrattors. but - Um
propowsl for the whole "which le do n set mod for,trohlo to
the tortartmfut .to occovtotl: ha DVP.1.121 . Mg: re.
Knee to noel( the right totsott all MM.. lf th e bele ,
is deemed estraeagent. •
bpaelment of the ••1101111 kbd.gfitAZlP.SlVilled =Jibe
"no.laiwltldnb'l4. K. gla=tsural.
~,3y~y, ~'~'l~i.. m.uw.k~~v:
J Lme
110 mat,trrean 'or my. Wasase.—The Lafayette (h.)
JourtaL of th. Idth,Tabllihee the forleeetag •
This Year. Lea Tear.
. COM • d.... 03
I. O A O
S.OUU pot. kn 0.13.
P. 14
Tee Yew Y,rk Tilhuue aaya.-ooun4rfeit Gold Dollars
IV , In chevlattem. aida ler were elmieu one thlonsoruluguull
ralculutel ao deoelett,tha unwary- Oa examination. how
ever, it neither lecke, nor feels lIIe the revalue, and the
avd mutt the lhary.well defined character of
the true .vie. It Is made of hauler or NOM* other be.
pi.tod /Ace with gold • little mud= will tmermut
the circulation of them little de fires.
iw l'itstmaoh cf
.vrt.ecuiu, Jraulay M. tea.
IP. VRI. Atked. OCer'4.
Petro' oulo
emu , . run
fooDfo,Por-IDA. Y.
ADAkbeny . city ......
Do. con.6's,pepto Dbll..
M a -
oreli/AC ..1 Itt Bank. .._...
ropnor. Drpoof to
Hook of Droorerff .....
Agewboor 6 o*rin2 ,
ht. Clair St.
AsedaW /'1
Athatie 80hlo Vitte
1 1 4 . 0.9P 115 :
ou men.
Pittard:lib One
lar.a.lealser "Alvin/non arxcs
Thar unbend ,.
Mfrs AND UM Dun,
... Central Hall
k. Peen's. flall Itrug
Clevulend Yittsbursb
'turtle t.a . •, , it Malik .......
Les Mal Zonal, OW.
DO. dm Caen,-
Payette Manua Co.---- .....
Curt= erects.
Plttelsneer t Borten relllf 311ard....
r , arili Muerte.
North %dad.. .
Noah Wester%
irgryar , - .... ......... -
. Zap%znger ,
rieart. Wagierer
, lionglogo ILunghtnera-
31uri. /railway
Rivc..—There %rex. 4 - fat &I hate In channel, at dusk,
by nuotal mark, Isct evening, atnlat a nand.
Michigan, Dries. Ineaver.
Lawyer, thintaci, Ileaccr.
Mtn: Bennett, lironnacille.
ttante. raildneon, Dretarniaille.
.Inrani. Mertnetpert.
Tina. Plaice, nailer. Vreat :rennin.
Clipper N.. it, Pistol, Cincinnati.
Jac. Nett.. Maven, Wheeling.
Anna, Finney. Wellavtite.
Mtellgan, Drlan lincrart.
Malik. weep.. tiros - manilla.
Atialek. Parnicon. litentrnsvtlita.
J. McKim% thandrkluton,Maliecapart.
Them thriven,Daliny, Wags Newton.
eirnal. %Winn/.
Cincinnati, hirminntaattn, Cincinnati
ocnitral thine. Almon.% Cincinnati.
NASITTILLE-111.0oArr, W A 3A
ET. LOUIE—J. Q. Adim.A.lo
ClexP Tant—Tbe shall boa Tolestsge tin 2. Cain 310 '
elation left Loubtrille for Clueinnaid, at 11 % *lock. on
leirsda) ntornlnn Else attended to bee annlor helm.
(rennin. tinoen landltua. Gelato wattling) nod arrivol et
Claclunatl, ten put 12 neat A. : 33 • an ea. than
Lawrenceburg It. Tatlonnllle, • 411nante of I 3 tollen in 33
- remain . 0 1 Me leanretreebort to Cinchssull. Y 6 In/les. In
1 hoof and 43 minute..
Tae Moder Rote left Madleon an hoar cod • half ahead
pf the Tele,:raph. nnd - the latter overtook hoe at Layman
burgle. Both Loma tartan out at the eason time, and tha
Telegraph got un let Lenlway nthautnand a half alto.
the Iltentee au rmated fAnclonall 23 Inlaulanhrad
of her. There ems tet other fuel than word and coal used
toa Tekgraph.-1/..0n Cour.
Pr. Lome. Jenard . ) . 12.1V.A.
We erne aro imome—The. weather reenewleVenrdena , d
emodderablr, end br evening the Ire let the river •u =nets
.Iflviint, nal navigation direct:Pt. Up to our going. to
press. there war hut two emirate—the Alton packet. 'Mom
poet, and the Whirlwind. Sown Cwiro. enntionzumor the
~CI3II,IIrNSTI-1, 5 ".11t(510 1 1 11-1 bl. 1 nbli. All K 3,11 ,11
6 pkv, z 9 boa, Isth., 13.4/ A rurs3ll;; 1 1,53,11 11r31:1; 40
sks wont W Ilarkrr; 10 bb , a beef, telletli 0 1100110 43111:516
t,u3Ar. ILier A Juutn. I 1 i
. ,
Wk.:I,LSVILLE-1./313.*M5L-3ThIR 01e0330.s.,1Ambett
I Sbilo,oo :10 ALI, cloter 4,41
S k \V 11arbstts,k47 ruts
1.131-A3,.ltillert43lll. 611.A1G, 16 L OOOOO V3lOO .1; .I Ar 333,6
In/ capdad nu ll , stam tilauzur. 101;0 P3talo.o. 7b 16 Hoot.
1 bo, 7 hbl. own 61;0, nwnrr; 3 Imo lorrotiore. 100 11”..o
blde..ll b,. tudr,,,,nve. 13 15111, rywiloci.3 03 torn ta;;;/.1, ;
J 1113-0 A Cc; /;; LA.LArlry..l 06..61; ld dud;;, 1'0.004 3, ,
Ono flour. I II 1..... p, 15 do dn. ArmTtrOng 0 5%-clar: 4 .1. ;
potodot... MIL 11001: 41-Weoll,
WILI;111.1710-1 . rx 1/13 INAL-44 ton. blk 13 , 31, 4 4go Ind, ,
4 1..41,0 brlver 0 114.f00. , , 134 '_ow Gent. 2 Lblot 0, 13131trib
0 :10b19 Cm 1, I.llt went, 11.0.0 4; Eon) th. 6 bblo Him,
Drown it lilrkpatrtrl3 30 bbliapplef. 1 do 0.3/4.01306n066i
5. I - sun; 004/ pvt, balk !pi at. 'AI 10,gs bud, 4 1.;b14 Cu tt e r.]
th. 61 1,6 enro. 1600.1 0 G=4ololl bbl. 611. 33
Itge;lard. ow , . ~ . ; .
.); •
z7 , 7 7,-- - - -- -. .. 1 ,,,1 t . l •Ji . , 1
,1 1 ,t'i;,'
UL , ,11,
.;, I :11 ' 11. 8 " gig ', l
11 . .: ,
:4 71.2 Ai 77 1 ,
P"''' .-,-- V - i,; .. 61 -, 8 1 5 .
1 11 r, 1 1 . ii llit i l li i; :i 1
.11; ,
~ . .
_ .2 , !..!.:; ,-.6 2 " , 3 °
.' ..i...4.::: iji7PTitll.:lll;
1 ' "I ' . ' .1 : :.41K11.. , n,11;r . .2
0 i,octostn.!t".l!'..til'i ''i:l - 1
Ith '! ' • .' 6 'f'''.; 6 ;1'1'1!
r. - ir,1,,4:::„
... :1.. ; ~
li/ ' '''''''' '.....31 " 6 .1 111 1. i.1 .71 I`
7W.11 ' 9 1011 17713.!.1.1:.
, 1617 LL , Farli.Z! .' i ... I!
1:7.,Ff i I gal
Proposals for Bituminous Cola . vote or
(;,..EALED PROPOSALS will be received at i
/..7 the idniacielnbiellae Wortm, until noon of FRIDAY, .
theifth of February. forest . ye
harbor it/ehole of TWEIIiTY
TillbtlhAND TON! OF LIITUItiIVOCS CULL. Imitable Ihr I
the mannfacture of tiara to b. delired at the Cost darn at
VtlZlO ‘ f,Tll ‘ ty The 1(.41 of Apra,
toot do to the month of May. •
1400 du • to June.
Ilfeid du do July. ;
AO do do • August.
'.iolo du do bcptember,
4000 do do October. • I
hood do . 'do lioerfaber.
The Coals moat be ot , ,b.tgoto.tod dry. and of • IluditE;
to be f fr =leol by the Enlineer . The orrele moat NEW
the ler variety of Lod it la Infidel to fltrldshisfed
if 0 a kind rim belbre'rtaolat them werba c romipim for trial
sill to requlrolvindlone to the time °rooming OM Ver.
retll'irtirit=itrtl==fitletTly?tdeet sarteeel;
'etatml, , alai If It be' prefi.rred to yeller, ormemnre. ties
atrank boded 0.1 WS rubletnehee will be seed. In cam of l'
.lotion to deliver tho coal erterding to NM...elite 1b.?...
"ten of the lisa WOrkareaerve the right to ourcluae when.
rer they may deem best. and I t Aggli n t!atc . rinretorennY
717"; gittrn tallreliT'itot . almente. at 1 aed rmom... ',
i after the avedol prtiole of delivery. the
d e iv each mouth '
to tw token ai. the seerageof the monthly delivery ,or at tile '
option Of the Truelove: payments will be earh. ,e tie lewd
Interred deducted,
ifhould the Contractor prefer to denier the Cool earlier
than required. Weill be rereloal. bat perment....o l ive .
made to date from the time eponted.
tatidamory ...airily Jur the fulfillment of tle rentract
will be. roduirid.
JOON C. caneedN, Engineer:
i cruovo.brat . Ott W1410...1,1!. It. Itisl. jafibliewbt
LI ELLERS' LIVER PILLS- - Could not get I
0 stag without them.- . 1
• M'Conneliferilhi, 0.7a5a0.1141.
1 Ma. R. E. Futrato-Ymus are the WY Wer tine that
rellJter , . I could nut get Wan without them, and. ever! ;
one ehat mare uq , of theta epealth In the Ittett terms at t
notarnendtalem. S'eure respectfully. . .J. Mtn.% 1
Mir itertartel Ind mid by It li. bEUSIt4 t V/ Waal et. '
and sold by druggist. draerally.. . , - __jab
CULVER LIVARESpoonri, Fran, Ladles,
0 hatter Kole., Pltattera.7.o. Bette. (npo, to amok
farmed to tatter and on hands. halals at the wart nut..
tarttsitto.tooot fillonr *dd. .W. W. WILOOL
fall. ecr.lbaintt 4 to . rkte ft
woo l
96/19 95.50
90. W 96,40
90. 99 MA ,
SSP eam
1 , 6,00
14A ...IA a
19000) 11CO.uti
' l4 . °G
Wasurvolow, :Tam 28, 1851.
1 • 1.- -
‘..; .. . : letting oujbe.rorifs--.X.r.s.erwriclath-Prin..Bartu , —
Meaner Ationtir.
' , las The meeting of uniebcre of Congress and oth
sopa ; ere, to take into consideration the proper mode
,of proceeding in the proposed attempt to-pro -
434.1 .
turn a modification, resulted iu a dethrmination
tt , not to rely upon the chance of the,pitheage of
=or ; Mr. Winthrop's bill in the Senate, de of amend-
Do ; lit; it in the Boise, should it reach. that body.
I but to make a direct movement independent of
any other subject fur more of ectunl protection
.; towards those branches of industry which can- I
not longer struggle without it. 11l regard to .
lieu, it was resolved to recommend isematnes- ;
core which would secure the degreemf fat.-
tio intended, to he conferred by the MEd of
1 6, equivalent to about 30 per cent. od-reto-
t i
, s , when the price is at a fair average rata.—
..11u although the detaila; of the entire action of '
timeeting have been communicated to me, I
de l not mnsidcr it proper to speak tifithem more
at length, and indeed I think that a I rely great
mistake was madein permitting the publication
,; the results of previous cousultations. Of
comae nothing more can be clone bythe friends
of protestiou at Washington, nut o . Congress, i
than may be done by other edentates-of the same
policy elsewhere. All that eau be meomplished
' is to state theceudition and wants of the country
land suggest the„means of relief, by memorials
and by drawing the personal Attention of mem
-1 bees to these represeutation-,, To-any that hills
have been driown op and schemes definitely net
tled by gentlemen knowing ne_otheial connection
With Congress , is not only beyond ,the truth, but
it ie a most impolitic ; imputation Upon the pru
dence and modesty of gentlemen entrusted with
the delicate and responsible-, task of, urging ac
tion upon Congress in behalf of •the mechanical
industry of the country. , ' .
Mr. Storey, of Perumilvinsin: a prominent and
much respected Democrat,.. has undertaken to
manngethe parliamentary Part of the business.•
I understrir,ol that it is his opinion that Speaker
Cobb,would rulevout ;of order any motion to a
mend a Senate hill' in as to engraft, revenue
measure uponit, unto give that character to any
proposition originaiing lathe other house. 1
The New Yoek State Agricultural Society have
taken the .trouble to: bring Ex-President Van
Buren again upon :the atage of.iniblicaffairs.—
Ife is•place.d at the bead of the .delegation of
their SoCiety- to attend the World's fair at Lou
don. Ile will be the object of great attention at
that great aannblage of the celebrities of Christ/.
eodom. Ole. ynn Buren is n nian calculated to
please in society. Ile has ] almost outlived his
political reputation, scarcely a fragment re
maining of tint popularity_ which made him the
undisputed leader of a powerful and victorious
party. I observe that so intense is the preju- ,
dice against him, that the names of towna and I
counties in the now States of the West, conferred,
while he tens in the Presidential choir, have
been chmged since his conversion to prep Soil- 1
ism. Ile is now in his seventieth' year. This'
host surviving President' chosen by the people,
Ole. Clay, Mr. Webster, Its. Benton. and Gea.
lees, ere close upon the rents 4, oi have pass
ed their grand climacteric, and must soon, in
the advancing course of life, lea're the Isaacs of
political contention. to younger, and ns appears
to us now, bas capable men. , c 4ietrt the necessity
of the period generally IV up its own men
fitted to meet it,
The Democrats are under the greatest appre
hensions since Mr. Benton's defeat as Senator,
that he will take his chance for a scrub race for
the Presidency, which he s is very likely to doe— .
" ` - ..- -^ tie will deprive his party of the
0.00 :460
Should ho do
of several closely conteetc.
The steamer Atlantic is probably lost She
had a very heavy freight on board, which was of
immense value. The loss of this vessel, and the
accident to the other of the Collins !hie, will in
flict a tasting blow upon American steam naviga
tion. It will also have
. a tendency to weaken
the claims of those innunairnble projects fcir mix
ing sip the governments ' with other steam lines
to and from allpaKt7 . pf. the globe .. Arid Wthis
view oUtheoase;isome benefit will have accrued
!rem a most terrible and lamentable disaster.
Paler. Ornman ton An AXEIIICAN BEAL - IT:—
Mr.:Brown the American Dragoman aeConstans
linople, who is now accompany i ng the Ttirlffsh
Envoy through the United Stains, says that the
female Circassian slave markets continue in fall
blast at Constantinople. lle affirms that the
prices range from six hundred to len thonsind
dollars, according -to their personal . charms, and
that the slaves are sold in svklnt are called the
Circassian quarters hf the city. On Ilr.l3's ar
rival in Constantinople, he was not a little no,
tonished to receive, front a Dream, an offer of
tea thousand dollars for his wiee, who to a lady
of remarkable beauty. ,
(S.- Y.,) Intelligencei states that thihridge built
lase season setd recently finished act-ors the Mo
hawk, at Tribes Hill, on tho Remington plat!,
went down last week, being uttatielo sustain iis
own -weight froni its inuncuse length. We un
deretand the cost to the community, no for, in
erecting this and another bridge limit tell down
last year, is abOut.sl2,ooo.
-glace o:ambers's E.nalrergh
Mader oa so 13 /°""f.
The firm of Flint and Sharp enjoyed, whether
deservedly or not, when I wan connected with it
as it mill does, a high reputation - for keen mite.
tice and ahrewd business management.... This
kind of professional fame Is usually far more
profitable than thscdrnm-and-tinapet variety of
the same article; least we found it so; and
often, from blush of morn to far liter than dew
ey eye—which natural phenomena, by the'way,
were only emblematically .observed by me du
ring thirty busy years in the extinguishment of
the street lamps id dawn,nri their re-illumina
tion at dusk--clid I and my partner incessantly
pursue our golden avocations; deferring what are
usually 'esteemed the pleasures of-life—its ban
quets. mune, flowers and lettered ease—till the
toil, and heat and' hurry of the day was past,
and a calm, luminous evening, unclouded by
care or anxiety, had arrived. = This may or may
not have been wise; but at all events it daily
creased the conneetion and•transactions of the
firm, and ultimately anchored us both very cam ;
fortably In the three per chi; and this, too, I am
hold to my. not without having .effected sonic
good incur generation. This boast of mine the
following passage in the life of a distinguished
client—known, I am quite sure, by reputatign
to most readers of thiaJourgal,.'whom our cha
racter for practical sagacity and .profesaional
ahrewdziess brought us—will I think, po admit
ted to in some degree to substantiate
Our connection was a mercantile rsther than
an aristocratic one, and my surprise was there
fore considerable, when, on looking threaagh the
of blinds to ascertain what vehiele itcas Oast
had driven ito rapidly up to the. door, I observed
a handeamely appointed
... carriage with a coronet
emblazoned- on. the 'panels,. out of Which a tall
footman was banding a lady attired in: deep bat
elegant mouning,,ned closely veiled. I instant.
lye withdrew. to My private* room, and desired
that the lady [Mould bo immediately admitted.
Greatly was my surprise increased when the
graceful and Mill youthful visitor withdrew her
veil, and dinclosed the features of the Counties
of Seyton, upon whoee mild; laraincini !Wittily, as
rendered by the engraving .from . Sir Thomas.
Lawrence's picture, I bad en frequently_ gazed
with admiration. That rare and touching bee*
was clouded now; and au intense expression of
anxiety, felir-,elmost terrer—gleanied fropkota
the troubled depths of her fine dark eye.
'The Countess of . Seyton!! I half' tvoluniiiiily
exclaimed, as with my very best bow i
her ladyship a chair., . -
'Yes:. and you are a partner of this celebrated
firm, are you not?'
I bowed again still :more profoundly, to this
compliment, and Modestly admitted that . Fleas
the Sharp of the firm, her ladyship was pleased.
to entitle welobrated.'
'Then, Mr. Sharp, I have to consult you pro- fessionally upou a matter -of the . :utmost—the
most vital importance to me and mina' Her la,
dyship then, with some vonfasion of manner,
if aloe did not know whether whit abo.watidoing
1714 in Accordance with strict .etlipatte or.ant;
placed. a Bank of England note, by way of retain
er, before me. 1 put it' huh, explaining what
the usage really was, and the . countess replaced
it in her purse. • -
.11/a shall , be , proud to. render your ladyship
any assistance its one power,' I said ; .ibut 1 no
derstood .the-Messre. Jackson enjoyed the coati-.
deuce of the house of Seyton!' • .
'Precisely. They are, so to speak, the tiered,
itory • solleitent of the family more than of any
individual member of it ; and therefore, though
highly, =epeeist ?crawls, unfit to advise me in
this Particular matter. Belittles' she added, with
t increasing tremor and hesiMtiorn 'to deal With,.
and if possible foil, the individual by whom I am
I. persecuted, requires an agent of keener sagacity
than either of these gentlemen can 'boast. of;
sharper, more resolute mese• moti—you under- .
stand what I mean.
'Perfectly madam; and allow me to suggest
that it Is probable our interview may be. a. some
wbakproleaged one; your ladyship's carriage,
which may attract attention, should be at once
dissalasiaL The office of the family solicitor, jlv
Yon ere aware, not. far off; and as we could not
explain go them the reason which induces your
ladyship to honor us with your confidence
it will be as well to avoid any chance of- in-
Lady Seyton acquiesced in My suggestion; the
carriage was, ordered home, eand Mr. Flint en
tering just at the time, no both .liste:ned with
earnestness . and anxiety to her oomumaienthin.
Iris needlais to repeat .verhetint the .siimeirhat
prolix, exclaseative narration of the Conutess:'
the essential facts are as follows:
The Countemi of Seytom. previous to her first
marriage, was MIK% Clara Rayley, second daugh
ter of the Reverend John Iloyiey, the rector of a : 1
parish in Devonshire.. She married,.when only
nineteen years cf age, a Captain Gafford. tier
heehaw" Ran ten years older than herself, and, 1
as she discovered oiler marriage,- was curd
with a morose and churlish temper and disposi
tion. Previous to ;her acquaintance with Oen- '
•foral, she had become intimate with, almost be
throthed to, Mr. Arthur Kingston, a'young gen
tleman connected with the peerage, . and at that
time heir appareutto the great expectances.and
Mittel poverty of his father, Sir Arthur. Kingii
ton. This haughty baronet, the instant he was,
mode aware of the nature of his son's intimacy
with the mace:: ilaughusr, .peeked
the young
man off to the continent on his trivet?. The
Reverend John Ilayley and hie btat(ifpl Clara.
were as proud as the Baronet, and extremely in
dignant that it ehoUld be thought either of them
wished to entrap op'sdelude Arthur Kingston In
to an unequal or ineligible marriage. This feel
ing of pride and resentment aided the success of
Mr. Gostord's emit, end Clara Bayley, like many
other rash. high-motioned young ladies, doomed
herself to niiaery, in order to thaw the world,
and Mr. Arthur Kingston and. his proud father
eapecially, that the had a spirit. The union was
a most unhappy one. One child only, which died"
in its infancy, was born to them; and after be- . .
ing ignited somewhat more than two years, a
separatima, vehemently theist.' on by the wit - ea
father, took place, anal the uubapplly-wedded
daughter returned to her parent's roof. :Mr.
Goaford—he had some time before sold out of the
army—travelled about the' country in search of
nniuseineut, and latterly of health (for his un
happy cankerous tempet at last affected and
broke down his never very robust physical con
stitution.) accompanied for the twelvemonth pre
ceding his death by a young man belonging to
the medical profession, of the name of Chi tog.
Mr. and' Mrs. Goateed bad been separated a few
days less than three years, when the. husband
died, at the village of Swords in Ireland, and not
far distant from Dubliti. .The intelligence woo
first conveyed to the widow by a paragraph in
the'Freeman's Journal,' •a. Dublin newspaper
Mr. Chilton; enclosing a ring which the deceased
hod request." should ho sent to his wife, and a
note, dictated just previous to his death- h our, in
which - he expretsed regret for the past, and ad
mitted that he alone had been to blame for the
unhappy separation. A copy of Lis will, mule
nearly a. twelvemonth previously, was also for
warded, by which ho bequeathed his property, I
amounting to about three hundred pounds per
annum, to a distant relative than residing in
New Holland. liy'a memorandum of a subse
quent 'late, Mr. Chilton wan.. to have all the
money anal other personals he might die in actual
poeseadon or, niter defraying. the necessary
funeral expenses. Thin will, Mr. Chilton stated,
the deceased gentleman had expressed a wish in
his last moments to alter, but death had been
too sudden for him to be able to give effect:to
that good, but too long delayed intention,
It cannot be supposed that the long-before
practically widowed wife grieved, much at the
final breaking of the.elmin which. bound - her to
HO Ungerlial a mate; baton Lady. Stites was en
tirely rata' upon the aubject, our supposition
can only rest upon the fact that Arthur Kings
ton—Who had some time. previously, in cause
quence of the death of the Earl of Seytou and
hie only son, an always weakly child, precedea
a few months by that of his own father, the be-,
ronet, succeeded to the earldom and estate—has
tened home, on seeing the announcement of Gos- 1
fords death in the Dublin paper, from the con
tined, where he had continued to reside' dace
his. compelled departure six years Before ;Wad
soon - afterwards found Ida way into Devonshire;
and no successfully pressed the renewed . offer of
his hand, that the weddiag took place 'aligjatly
withinaix montlieldter the decede of Mr. God-,ford. Life passed brilliantly.aud happilywit
the Earl and Countess—to whom ,Three ebildrers
(a boy anal two girl') Were bom-4.i1l about 'five
months previous to the present 'Heed,' when the
Earl from being caught, when out, riding, in a
drenching shower . of rain; was attacked -by fe
ver, and after an acute illness of only two or
three day' duration expired. ;The present Earl
was at the time just turned offive'yenrs of age.
This blow we Conaprehended from the sudden
tears which filled the bertutifel eyes of the Coast.
• teas as she..apike of .the Earl's deceese; was a
severer. One. Still the grief widowhood team
greatly have been pasting." by love for her chil
dren, anal not inconaiderably, after a while, we
may be sure,. by , the brilliant petition in which
eke was listh--to, in addition to being s plendidly.
jointured to, she was appointed.' by her him
.band's will sole guardian or hey ouig lorther
terrible reterse awaited bor. She won ea
ting with her fatlicr,.the neer, end her still on=
married abater; Jane tinj l ey, io 'the drawing.
room of Segton Honer, when a note was, brought
to Ler, alpaca gd,card Chilton, 'the' writer of,
which demanded an immediate. and private in
tertiew, on; he alleged, the most irciparlant , •bu;
shiers.' Lady Ecyton linttanturrtl/41 the nam e snd
Immediately iter'odett to tho man' Bll XPaa Ito .
annotinced in a brusque. insolent tarot
and taus
ner, that Mr , Goeford Ltd not died attha.tinte
hie death was announced io-r,.lutaing thin on
fallen Into a state of syncope, fiem othitti be
bad unerpectedf3 , recoterod, and' bed dt•
months longer.
'rho truth is,' added Chilton,' 'that, etattedet
the other day to to looking OM ',.0..p0011111..
noticed for the first time the date of your;zosr
riage with , the Isto Earl of Seytott,•and I tare
now to - 'int.nn you that It tool; plats prectilly
eight days preNious to Mr. Goeord's death; that
it was eimsequentty- no marriage. ate all; and
that your son is no more. Earl of Seyton than I.
This dreadful announcement, u one might ex
pect, completely overcome the Countess. She
&lute/ tat oat till she had beard and ConiPre- '
hended Chilton's hurried injtmctions to secrecy
and silence. Ile rang the bell for assistance, and
'then left the house. 'rho mental agony of Lady _
Seyton on re:o%-min; cOnsciousness wait tertitilt.
abil she with great difficulty-succe eded d in con
cealing its cause from her anxious ands seceder
ing Motives. Another intercity with Chau
appeared to world= tho troth of his storyis
yond doubt or question, lle produced& terniatc ,
drawn up doom - tint; signed by one Pierce' Can. t ,
nifigham, grave digger of Swords; which let'
f6rth that Charles Goeford was hurled me*
26th of June, 1932, and that the inscription -on .
' - his tomhstone , ees forth that bad died -Jona
1231 of that year. Also a writ en amino t:ot- , '
Patrick 31eillios, of Dublin, the he had hetet!
the atone at the head of the re of 'Chilies
Ciosford, in Swordshurying gro , inlBB2, end
that its date was; 12 stated by Tierce Cunning;
ham, Juno 23, 1532. I
•• Hare you,copics of those dcatenentai" toted
Sir. Flint
- 'Yes: I bare brought them ,-with- me," the,
coimeed replied, end landed teem to Mr: Flint;
T .
'ln - my terror ism' oxtrernit;,: teamed: . her
ladyship, 'and tinguitied by ootessel—for tanov.
I have not dared to. Speak upon the added' to
any person — l have given this ' hilton, at - Uri.
our times, largo' sums of mane : bit he isinsali
tible; and only yesterday— I cannot .rtspeat
his audacious proposal; you iii 1 find it IA thiS
mt with et boot - •
Ahonldtr, ..Tho
'Marricige!' exclaimed Ur. hh
ire had rend the note'over my
My worthy' partner 'lns ratht.r exeitad." The
_truth woe, he had'a Clara 'of hit own at henne--'
a deed eister7s child—very Try, Jut -about
marriageable, and a good dca so
he told me, afterwards, oar nei n id interesting
- .1' mould die a thousand
mimed .Lady Seyton, in. a low,
LLB alie let fall hen vei.L. Tau to
is a ttill; fainter eaieo.. 'he any ,
tbiai —' cr •
• 'That derletid , into
'open v!hethee. thi. fine story is
ostioo, got op fur the
au.. It teem. to D.l* . J mtv.t/
," el
athi rithsr,!•tt•
tremulcas **ice.
ett,' she atid.ell.
roptsd Mr. Fllat.
or is oats fsbri
Ist estorting too.
No 'you really think so': - _
with joyful v,t:hemence: The orlon that Chilton
was perhaps Imputing onbera ity and team
!seemed nut to hav4 struck her Wrote.
'What do you tbiak;fillarpf said my partner.,
I hesitated td give, an oni done as I did hot,
share in the hope entertained by,:hint. tater.,
!ion was MI rertaiN that I don cd if ter calming
'a person as Chilton annealed he, wooltl,ltave
ventured on a fraud so severel nunieheble,
•fiuppose.'. I. said. avoiding answer, ,, a* this
note appoints an interview Art Tee o'clock tit4sy
at Semen ligll9e, we'meet hi there Instead of
your ladyship? A littletalk with the fella* might
Lady Seaton eagerly agreml to this ?xenon);
and it wee. arranged that we should be ear
Notre half an hour before the anpointed.
ill readiness for the.gentleman. Lady'. ten
left -in A -hackney coach, Somewhat relieved, 1
thought, by haring confided thh oppressivaseeret
to us., and with . a nascent hope slightly !WOO;
her pale, dejected countenance. •
Dmid, omatr of notch and kindly spirit; had
long angered from the bla tter. netee-sHnd.
in seolding thagne of his 'stoner hag- tane
day &herb doctor Factual,' -lila at hie wet with
ttWell,-MasterDatini,[sud Low be ,-'
'•oy, 1 be-very well; -thanks" to -- lfe. - but toy .,
wi'ftfa not veTy
tihdeed mid the gatherer of dimples, with, al •' 0
quick ear for an Ailment, t•what may he rho met-I
ter wi' she, Muster David • V •
"Well," raid David,' in his usual gide! tray:,
"she ban s had hrenking Gut About her mouth es- .
cry now and then, troubles her and one very pore!
I endure ye. Minter Lector.", • _
[ said the latter, "I could Mahn &grind
cure of her, I'll warratt:l n, telve'st I makes
of the juke of thePinilnx tree, aunt by bine up al
suet o' different , 1 things it quite,Mk - it it.
in ne timer'
...Ikea," said David, wlent might 5 - our,
charge be now, for it hot that' intment'st
would quite cure herl”
t•Oh." said the herbalist, lnulciugtaniiouslYup
in David's fnee, rawly 0 matter of n altilling."
tbat'a dirt cheap," said Davitl.--..fff you
cares her. give ye eighteen pence, there
With this offer the doctor 4 ct off home to pre
pare his nostrtun. and etrnig trtny hied the very
neat tiny to David's house, hex in hand. There
he found Price, nod two d nt once to bunt -
1.1005. - •
''nd toldwe that
—Well, Mrs. Price, your himbond tohium that
ye her betimes II bad .byealdn' out about. the
mouth; 'en' Pre brought abut - flIll3 'intmnatrat
viii cure yo:"
With this announcement, NI.M. Price firing up
at ones seciug her limtbond'a jest, raised the
brush with which she was sweophig the floer,and
Pummelled the doctor to her. heAft's content, et-
en following to beat him a furlong. from her
hotme, he screaming all the while— •
"Oh, 3lueus Price, boys geniemid !" •,.
From that day, howerer. ,Mrs. Price boa been
wholly civet' of hei eeoltruig habits. David hu
only to look up in her fare and ooy— :
4 1 II get a boa o' that 'inimont :" and tioirlirs
an end of the!tootter.• • .• • • a
David honorably paid the doctor his ls. 64.;and
also treated him tomato hint forget ithpummell
The whole of these circumstances ore stelvtly
true.—Darhtilo _
Lrrllol3lLiSPar-rue airy or I'srsnets ,w e,
Brosr..-,The.proces.4 of Lithographing is based
upon the fact that }aiming. ink,. being largely
composed of oil. Rill not adhere to any Surface
which is wet %VIM crater—
to set
knees how
utterly impost•iblo ..ith• to m*6ll and triter.—
To lithograph, then, all that Msteiessity Is to draw
on the surface eta dry slab ofstone. with a am
sy crayon, whatever iu desired to he printed. A
weak solution of nitric acid is ihen rubbed over
the stone. which fastens the dmwhigeo •that, it
ean.not be rubbed otf. 'Antr thia asehitioded gum
'Arabic is parsed aver time surface When this mad/
for printing. lly,toesni 005 sponge, water is
now passet over the stone; and while yet wet the
inking rollerls applied. The ink, of course, eid••
berm to the lines of the drawing. becomes . they
I are oily, but to the wet stoneit does'not Mick.
The paper is now laid op and with the abate pai
red through the press; this result being a beau
tiful and exact copy of whatever in drawn, , .-
The stone required 'for iithography is of a
peculiar kind of limo and elaynatore„ resembling
in appearances smooth yellow hone, yet petiole..
log thequality of absorbing ;enter. it is 'found
chiefly in Bavaria, though there are quarries of it
in*Eugland. The Barman atones however, ars
Ithoso moat tutivertallya.aaployed„ and their ha
portatiom it a considerable object of commerce.
They aro worth in l eve York from fire to ten
cents per pound. ... t , ' •
. , ,
Alta:Glen Nsw Finnan Gorsasa.:—The
Massaehusetts Legislature, as well la the.Nrs
York. City authorities, area:ming against lottery
gambling, such as art-urdeus,. gift concerts, An.
Vivo gilt conceits aro tieing' mtrodeicod also at
New Orleans. The nu - nation's; do they coma un
der the ardinary,latra sgathst lotteries.. Further
iegialation is proposed...; - '
LOUIS ,14,trca.tvg trifled •tO appoint' his - old
friend the Count D'Orsay Ambassador Lei one
of the Italiancourts; but th e . inister for Foreign
Affairs ; iemonstrating against the nppoltatment,
his intention was abandoned...
Ties I..isr Scar:vox or COOK'S iroliazaii is
still living. Ile is John Beannite Walab*Madr,
and trim horn in Neil York at' the dm* that it
was an Eogg.h piovinee in 1751. Ile b now is
his hundredth year, MO supporta himself by beg
' ging at Eing t ton-ott.the-Ilotones. , •.
Mr. Brain ha. paid ell th e 'debts sonlreete.t.
hi , hier - or Tula *Antes, daring thalr resident..
torother iniPari , Me allows Lola .C5OO a year.
on eunditioh that shir• still not umiest him, or
mention hit name in her, tortheautiag memoirs.
Putnam—A London paper Says that the Pope
Is about' to "establish no Order of' parried 'wends
ors, so on to employ n 3 orris& English perverts„
linstsr.•:—Tls WrtShingtou,ljnicn est - s „test
•• the mortis of President Filuurre hse . D 4 fir,
been geneielly commended.'.
first ono et this iramtnei lotto 7
haa arrivect , at Norfolk from .the No rth, mlrealy.
Ex Garefaeithigge . has resnalett 'the . prattle.
taalformer. peetettate, the taw, at l'lttdell.k,
cliamsid we Ines