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~..,,,,:-,:''.‘..,',.- ..SOME MATTERS.
MlO/1/80 10S Boma) or 'kW/M.—The
... .- wetting of the Members of the Board of Trade,
:: 'Mid Let night in the rooms of the Ansociation,
•.-." ihasnrganized by calling W. W. Wallace, Eat.,
go-the chair, and by appointing L. B. Fetterman,
`.isM•r Secretary.
..: i The object ; of the meeting won stated to be,
l'for the purpose of taking measures to extend the
!.. . ; alackwater navigation of the Monongahela river,
.'. ,• '. to'the northers counties/ of Virginia. ,
. , !..• 'General A - . J. Bannon, of Virginia, was called
!'• `,: 'upon for a npeech, and addressed the meeting in
; a eery clear and forcible manner, on the import-
Ince of, the subject which had called them-U.-
41:16er. This improvement .would not, It woe
j. , Aiwa, build up this city, but it would be of - great
I f, I belle 4 to it. The General pointed out the great
!..'f , ratan s Of !ay. valleys of the hionongaliela and
.. - Allegheny rivers to Pittsburgh. The total-Cost
of the proposed improvement was only two bun
t; dyed thousand dollars, nod the State of Virginia
k • • Woe bound to take three fifths of the stock, when
..--- the remaining two.fifths mere raised by private
it a Lscr ipti sn . If, however, the terms of the
E ` ' charter were not noon complied with', that State
f: , ' , would doubtless reface to beCome a atockhol
i.., . lie pronetdefl to show, by the eleventh annu
-1 • al exhibit of the business, of the Monongahela
Slackwattr itati, - ;e_ticti company, the heavy.busi
i. ness that - ce7orotion was doing, and to prove
1 7 . - bow be increased, if the elack
..i. water was es:tended higher. 'up the river. ~ C de
i -,.... inintl for our runnufacturen would spring up in
----;'-' the Beet., and Maiylaml, Virginia, - ; and North
'J . , • Citrolthawoulti deal with us largely. ,
Gen..Bannon encluded by pointing out the
! manner indshich improvements of this kind knit
the country ..sgettite. The Virginian and the
t•?,..,-•: Pennsylvanian would stand side by side, and a
~,. Jove of the anion Wits best promoted and encour
.• aged by a union cf the interests of the north 1
-' sod
~ the south. " :
.st - - General Lorimer was astonished that.he did
- not see thorresident, or any of the managers of
1 dm hletiougahelo Company therm It was ter
- r• • tainlytheir interest to aid in extending the Slack
Wnier Navigetinu still higher rip the river.
•-,..: ...: Mr. Charlei Poulson said that the President.
- .•••
General J. K. Aloorehcati was not In the city.
„ •,-',.:,,..,` : GeneradLarimer had devoted all bin nttention
--- to the Youghiogheny Slack Water Navigation, but
"--...• looked on this proposed improvement as a most
... Important one, and one that would greatly tend
. ' " - to promote the interests of Pittsburgh.
-"General Bannon. announced. Ids intention of
remaining a few days longer in Pittsburgh, - . for
• :" . the purpose of receiving subscriptions.
litr. Alexanderhad visited the counties of Vic
- exima, deseribedby General, Bannon, recently,
. -and could benrlestiaiony to the fertility of their
soils, and the richness of -their coal, iron an
t , other mil:Lend resources. The population wa 4
:.. . rapidly increasing, and the:only thing which rail'l
. - . iftted against the improvement of the country
was the difflculty with which Its produete we
got to Market. . -', - ' •- 11 '
. ':,...- • A number of shares of stock ere subscribed
. .fer, and, on motion, the meeting ' adjourned.
, We understand that General. Bannon will viol
our litudness men to-day and to-morrow, and w
',‘• : trust that he may meet with a . favorable.
:•. Gem . amount of subseriptions which
! . wishes to obtain here, is only& little above t o
thousand dollnrs, and we trust that he will ha
•••, f' : no difficulty in obtaining that small sum.
. January 28.
lion. Win. B. kleclnre, President
Judge; and Samuel Jones and Wm, Kerr, As
' lodge 'Judges::
.Commonwealth ss. John Phillipler—lnflict
meat, keeping a . gambling! and tippling house
The jury this morning returned a verdict of no'
guilty of keeping , a gambling house; guilty of
keeping n tippling hou.le.
The -defendant wan fined twentyldollars an]
the costa of prtsecution. Ile was also fined
twenty dollars arid cots on a,protions charge 1,
the same nature, which had ben brought against
Commonwealth NT, Beach Redman—lndict,-
'el btealing horse, and selling the skim The
defendant ie a miserable looking old man. ap.
parently ovir,eighia Years of age. :
Attorney Generarllarragh, and several Othe'r
witnesses, testified to Itednian'S good character.
lives - proved that at the time Le was accused of
etealing the lore, he Lad Duo of his own in his .
peseinsion; the - skin of width ansiered the de
- saiPtion of he one he sold. • •i
Tho cake of Beard itednian—lrufictinent, Hone
Stealing; was eontimusl. ..
- After having beeu addrewed by eke counsel,.
;ad.? eceived a:charge froth fus latiOr, Judge
McClure; which woe favorable to the prisoner,
the jury retired, and in a short time brought in
a verdict of .tnotguilty." ' 1
• . The primmer Was discharged byProciamation,
and, bowing to the Judges• loft the Court..
Cemoionwcsith vs:Caspar Shronalralittment,
Keeping a Tipplirig Sohn. , ,
Myers C.-arher wrii the pre-seceding vitnesi in
this case: He store that. Shrum's house was
fitted up, with 1, bar, &Wes, Lt.; but had
• Mil him sell liquor._ The jury, without leavhig
thebos, returned a verdict of “pot guilty=
Bounty to pay coots."
Commonwealth T 5. Michael ifechler--hulicted
for a 31h...demeanor; a.l.;:,cd to: have h en com
mitted in attcniptiur; to sot ftre to a ha ...ji
in the
eottutry, over the Monongahela , rirM-. , I. jury
was celled, but not swore, and the trial of the
ease was.posiponed until Thursday mottling.
' 3lartlaa Smith, a colored„ who was im
prisoned on an attachment, In, di•obsrgcd.
His Honor, Judgc McClure. auudanced to the
jurymen-in r.ttendance,
.that their, attendance
,would only be required for anttherday, when a
number of tippling house caws wilt be tried
, The Coirt then adjourned until this morning
At 9 o'clook.: - . 1
OBTP.SUMMom... - UNuraFxl.sE rKETVICL.S.—
Begat persons have been convicted of this of
fence at. the present term of the Court of Quer
der Sessions, out no one bas rendered bitneolf so
notorious by this infamous trade es a German
waged Daniel Snyder, who has been convicted
on no leas than three indictments. I His country
inen were principally the victims of hislmmery,
-but "all were fists that cane to his I net,',. and his
shrewdness and cunning rendered him almost
irrverably successful in his undertakings. One
of his best "dodges" was .-going around among
the Gcriaan tippling house keepera, and repre
senting: himself as employed by the Court of
Quarter Sessions, for the purpose 'of compromi
simi all suits of that nature. If 'they would pay
him eight or fen debate, he would give them a
receipt, which .he declared, if-handed to the
' would exempt them froni Punishment.—
Ode or these infamous tranneiSoll9 came to
light :yesterday afternoon. A (Term= named
Shrum was broughtinto Court on Id's eharge , pf
:;,keeping a' tippling house. There was no evi
dence to warrant his conviction,' nor did it ap
4rgar that be had ever sold any thing but miner=
al ;water, or something else of thit nature, yet
AI Indifatigable Daniel had been with him, and
- steered him that the Court would convict hint, if
‘arl Wcounter in his home,' and glasses,
t .whehei it could be proeml that he actually sold
t',-trythiliaotta liquors or not. , Intlueneed by his rep
rsocalstlons;the German went ant and pawned
I 'Meg hfil wearing apparel, to Pay the sum of
. eight dame and'ixty-two cents, I the "amount
of contain the case." , Snyder - gave him a re
. - ceipt for Ca; butreterned after a few days, tell
hag hhethit hey had made a mistake, anitthe
costslamoruted to several dearer more. This
toe) waspald'hut still Snyder, was not ratified,
sad Ctilltilllll4 to "bleed" him' at intervals ' until
1 his money attl l patienca were alike! exhausted.—
, It is some taro - Intl. :i t. reflect that this swindler
will he 4gt, fa lt time, at least, where he can no
longs impose Ten the communitY.
tom 'named Edward Watson, who
appeared •is a 10!ness 'against John Maniples,
iu,thctitil for keepkg a tippling ,house, was yes
terday committed ti prison on au/large of libel.
It appears Oaf be INA aritteu alletter to Judge
m e cluse, elating au the house which Phillipier
kept was a salitatice,srel that he bad been twice
Wicted for keeping thous° of ill fame. Four
A i r waves wero attadid , to the litter, whichthe
persons whose' Mal bey
lavlDE)Nr#ten. • be,
. onr local column of vta t c ,u., on ,
the arrest of a person.on e ha o 0e 7: 11 7 s
threatening letters for the mrpni.e of extorting
looney from one of our eit,,ctui, nod we
pleased to learn that the nide affair originated
to alitistike,l and when taint the Meyer's
Office, the innocence of the uqd . woo deorly
protedoind Le was dircharged:
tatnutstert—The COurt .et . ct air f er ses
sions adjourn on T h ur s day.
• •
TinWzmum—YesteNnyv ,
ash mud the arts . .nther wait nett'
" winter mils !atm taken his
'Reported for Also Pittsburgh.
tha SMICLICIDIIII Institute, Wn
liT.101:1 ; Cr TOO i3r.1,41
• From Anu lry 21V fn Jil
. .
Date. 5L1.171t3C,..0 311, 111 111.
.23 :,12 e 42 ' 1)0
32: -33
• 28,.. 41 i - 1,
• - o P B. Jones, Ehq.,
Reggie. Harpers. publishers.
Las tot the first edition of Ids
WastrisatoN, Jaaux7 28, 1851
Senate—Mr. Clay presented a petition from cit
:ens of Pennsylvania, praying the modikation
.f the tariff.
Mr. Hamlin presented petitiona in favor of the
repeard of the fugitive slave law, which were
bid on the table.
• Mr. Walker offered a resolution, which. gas
;adopted, to invitee ns to the capacity orate pres
ent patent osce; building to the parposes for
which it warerected.
peveral other petitions were presented, and
resolutions acted'opon and adopted ;
Mr. Owin submitted a resolution', calling for
the correspondence, in relation to the seizure of
British vessels in Oregon, which was agreed to.
The Senate then took up the bill to ascertain
and settle the private land claims' in Califor
3lr. Benton moved to strike out the 18th sec
tion; and after a loug debate-, the motion was re-
.. .
Mr. Berrien offered various amendments,
which were agreed •tu.
The Senate then adjourned.
Housio , —The bith of Mr. Johnston, of Tennes
see, to give every man 160 acres of public land
or) certain conditions, including the occupancy
1: ,1
a d settlement thereof, was taken up.
r. Brown, of filississrppi, offered a substi
tu e proposing to extend the pre-emption right
n til the occupant is able to pay for the land.-
11 advocated the subsjitute at some length.
Br. Vinton moved to lay the bill on 'the table.
w lob was lost, yeas is, nave 90.
The pni 17P2 then referred to Committee of the
W ode on the state of the Union.
The House then. resolved itself into Committee
of the Whole, and took up the deficiency bill.
Several amendments. were agreed to, among
which the one providing pay for the temporary
clerks -who were employed, more promptly to ex
tute the bounty laud law.
Mr. Strong, of Pennsylvania, offered anamend
meat to modify the , present tariff.
'Mr. Jones raised the question an to the rele
vancy of the gentlemen's amendment, after which
the Committee rose and the House adjourned.
Cotton--There ie a moderate request in the
market at 14.1@1/iic per lb.
Flour—The market has undergone no change.
Grain—Wheat is steady, with sales of fair and
prime red at 10366105 c. Corn continues in fair
request, with Sales of yellow
at 611 per bu.
Clover Seed-.—Thero is n good demand for clo
ver seed, with sales of spo to 400 bus at $4,871
Cl:fai per bis 4 641bs.
Whiskey—The 'market is dull, and declining,
with sales in hogsheads ae2.3c.., and 24ic in bar
Provisione—Nothing hidoing, forwant of stock
to operate upon.'
The inclemency of the, weather checks opera
January 28.
Flour—We have no-sales to report.
GrainLSales of Red "Wheat at loogioac, and
of white at 106 .a.llfic per hush. Sales of yellow
Corn at GO®6le, kind of white at 67e. Oats are
selling et 44a45c, and Tie at GUaGfic per bu.
Clover Seed—Sales at Vie 5,121 per boatel,
the latter for small lots of very fine.
Provisions—The market is steady. Holders
are firm, and prices tend upward.
'Groceries are steady. Sales of Rio Coffee at
Mall} per fb.
Whiskey—Sales at 24ia25ic, per gall, in Midi
and bble.
• January 28.
Cotton—The market is. unseltlmL and nothing
doing since the Arctic's arrival.
Flour—The marketis steady, with sales aline)
bble at $4,8164,94 for Idichigan and Indiana,
and $5 for New Orleans.
Grain—Wheat is dull, with more disposition to
meet the views of buyers. Ohio is quoted at
1050108 c 41 bu. . Corals scarce and unchanged.
Sales of new yellow at 67a 'lO bu.
Provisions—Pork is better, with sales of 100
Ws mess at $12,121 %l lad., and mime at $9,-
1.2169,14. New„ mess is saleable at $?8,50 19
bbL Beef is held .higher, with small sales of
mess at $8,37,010,50, and•of p ri me at VOSS
per bbi. Primo 'mesa is held at $15®16 per
labl. Beef llama are heavy at GI per b. , Cot
taests'are staree;rofilh sales of ILO bbls hams at
Sales of !Moulders at Ge per lb. lard is
Srm, with sales 01.100 barrels old at 8 cents per
lb. •
Whiskey is dull, at 2Le.
Linseed Oil—Sales of 1560 gallons st 740 per
Lead—Galmia is held at $4,87i615,00 per
Other articles pare unchanged.
• January 2&
Cotton is steady. with further sales of 100
bales. •
Flour—The minikAt is more active. with fur
ther sales of 4500 bbls at i,01a4,?4 for Judi ilia
and Michigan; $5 fm lump Ldno. :tut
.55,25a5,75 for feucy and cotta tibia Brawls
Wheat is in bettor demand, with ;:des of .5000
bus Upper, Lalie on private [elms.
Corn is 111134,1% A ith I..siee of 9000 but new S Wi
tham at 67e.
. .
Provisious—fHl pork is better. nods sale, of
500 bbls at $12,124a12,25 for mess, and $9,1:2.6'
9,25 for prime. N.A. prime is, held as $18,.50.
Sales of 200 bbls beef at $8.67i5.10,50 per 'fibl
for mess, and s.sasG for prime. Prime mess is
dull at 15,116 per bbl. Hams are quiet at 3a5
per bbl. Nothing is doing in pickled meats.
Hogs are selling at $6 per evrt, which is a de
Lard is advancing, with miles of 350 bbls
at Be, and 100 do new at She.
Whiskey is firm, with sales of 200 barrels at
26 c.
Tobacco—The market is active, with sales. of
100 Idols Kentucky at 9812 and of 'Maryland
at 7e per'lb.
, Linseed Oil—Sales to the extent of 7000 g alls
at 90a91e, cash.
Sales 300 bags Rio Coflea at per 19,
which is an advance.
Sales 100 bbls New Orleans Molasses at 306
Per 81,11.
It will be seen by the following, which we cut
from the Sacramento Transcript, that the Sand
wich Islands are becoming rapidly Americanized.
But it is almost certain that the simple Kaunas.
will soon give place to his more energetic Yan
kee brother, even without the use of violence or
.. . .
The rightuf suffrage having been granted to J,
thepeople residing in the Sandwich Wands, an
election is Si take place on the first Monday in ;
January, for members of a legislative body.
termed the Parliament. The Honolulu Times
congratulates its citizens upon the attainment or .
this great privilege, and hails the event.% auspi
cious for.the future growth and prosperity of
the country. We have not twee the law prttseri-
Meg the right iif, suffrage, and do not know pre
eisely bow far it extends, but beliere that item
braces all, both native born and foreign, who
have resided lathe Island for a specifiedperiaL
An adopted Hatraiian writing upon the tubject,
says that this is the long wished for opportunity
to engraft a vigorous ehoot of Anglo Saxon ent
ergy upon the less thrifty tree of Hawaiian Leg
islation, and. that it is sincerely to be hoped that
the friends of progreis will not supinely sniffer
the precious time to pass without taking Some
vigorous steps in the matter.
Twenty three persons ate to be elected, and a
vigorous effort will be made to secure as many.of
this number out of ..the universal Yankee na—
tion" as possible. As 'is very justly remarked,
the greatest objection to the Hawaii= govern
: niont, Hawaiian legislation, and the iniministra'.
I Hon of jastice in the Hawaiian earwig, le, and
has been, that they have long bean behind the
..., No one can doubt that the only tweedy at once
- ride, mild, and effective, and which will keep
them within hailing distance of our State, the
American eboot on. the Neill° side, in her on
ward march of greatness, is the introduction of
such men into the councils of the Hawaiian gov
ernment 113 are . properly irabwed with the spirit
of the ago they live in. The period has arrived
when men, not only . of Integrity and moral worth
are wantisi, but men must be, placed at the helm
of State who are not timid and indecisive, but
bold and determined. With such men at the,
head of our neighboring government, we feel con
!Meet that alga will speed on to eminence and
take rank m a nation entitled to marked onnsid
• 4•loamy, rainy
• Arm, indeed
d.Prure alto.
The PEiladelibu ft
t Spirit Of the 'nines, a leader
of the lileystena: State Democracy, in 'a long artl
ele'rejoieing, over the elect] on'el Seuator
has thelollowitifs ruertitilt :
"Mr—Mr.:it:mutt et felted, :toil we city
thank God for it' The $t ate is well rid of
end the Terrain. olio or, life by
the sou of his p u tr.,..orv. bona create.] back
'front Ilitrriti.borst to their b i , Nng rltoiee, to lie
bpotlet their'betters with their various standett,.
luntil they are trattiihirlitst either to the peniten
tiaryar the Blot-house."
,IGszett; and for
itemry 236 •
{P m. Vailyeenn.
Lln . 41. L
45 4 5 .
47 45,
' 47.
30 52 I
1 45. :40 .
1 4C,
• - In the South of Hungary, there being no mon
: received from uy except paper, which is nen, too worthless to Do
ne- thousand dol d, the peasants Lave resorted to a system of
ow novel, entitled , nehnnees hike that in dio ruder !stages of 154}-
1 • witty.
No Puma.," NuT Yiuß.—The Syrftell3o JOUr
mil nys :
• On bare been examining our peach andnpri
cot trees, and find the fruit buds nll dead.--
The cold snap, with the thermometer at 11° be
low zero, wso too much for them. So we 01011
hare none of this fruit next year. Perhaps some
of our neighbors 011 a different soil, or on higher
Dualities, hare fared better."
TUC CCDA AY/Alll.—Tjlol . llll of OM Renter.
son, for being concerned in the Cubs expedition,
which has been progressing at New Orleans for
some time, has revealed some rich ,disclosures.
Several witnesses testified that they .wers enga
ged. by Capt. Hardee, at Cincinnati, to go to
ChugreS and California to work a quarts mine.
The first intimation they of the real object of the
expedition was when they arrived at the out
side of the Belize and took on board arms and
ammunition. Some on board the.vessel express
ed themselves dissatisfied, and wished to return
to Now Orleans. Capt. Hardee, told them they
might go back on the tow boat, but it was kept
at such a distance that it was impossible to get
on board. The witnesses further stated that
when they arrived at Gontby they had to enrol
themselves in a company to get provisions.—
' Those that chose to remain on thy Georgians
were permitted to do so. Col..o'llsts told them
that he thought no
.9cademilii that had gone so
far would turn back. The men taken prisoners
were badly treated.
The great advantages Cleveland affords as a
manufacturing city, begin to be understood and
appecinted. We have before mentioned the pur
chase of land made by Mr. Hussey, of Pittsburgh.
on the Luke Shore. near the Cles eland nod Pitts
burgh Rail Road Depot, for Copper Smelting
Works, the construction of which will be com
menced in the Spring. This will be but the be
ginning of extensive manufactures in that vicini
Mr. Hays, also of Pittsburgh, and largely in
terested in the Capper and Iron Mines of hale
Superior, has just purchased three acres on the
Case tract adjoining the site of the Copper Smel
ting Waits, for the site of nu extensivelron Roll-
ing NEW, to be erected another fall and winter,
by a hear). Pittsburgh Company, soon to be or
giurized fur that purpose. Mr. Hays, who is an
active, enterprising business man, - has also pur
chased a fine building lot on Euclid street, for
Ids family residence.
It is also highly probable that the Brothers
Watson, extensive railroad car manufacturers,
at Springfield, Mass., will soon establish a Car
'.2llanufactury near the Cleveland and Pittsbutgh
I Rail Road Depot. Such, we learn, is their pre
sent intention, and that the Messrs. Case dispose
of their. grounds for manufacturing purposes an
the most liberal terms, donating generously to
the first to establish a hew breach of manufac
tures •on their very_ eligible location for exten
sive industrial enterpriser. A day of increased
prosperity is dawning upon Cleveland.—Cices
/and Herald.
destruction by fire of the St. Charles Hotel,
New Orleans, which Has been announced by tel
egraph as having taken place on the 18th, Will
be considered by the entire North, who do busi
ness in that city, as a public loss. Thousands
who, during the fall and spring, visit the city for
business,. pleasure, or health, mid litho have
found a home in this princely establishment, Eel
within it all the enjoyment of society, exercise,
and luxurious living which could be desired, will
miss their accustomed place. The loss, we tear,
will prove irreparable. We think this hotel was
built about 1836. It may be considered as har
ing bcerrbuilt by the public, for, if we are not
very much mistaken, it *as erected by a corpo
ration with bankingpowcre, called the Exchange
Hold Boating Company, which, in the trillium
tion of lts business, and in the erection of this
establishment, loaned their notes, which obtain•
ed a wide circulation. The lank failed—the
notes were sold at a high rate of discount—the .
hotel was sold for the benefit of areditors, and
we think, was purchased in by sundry associa
ted individuals, of whom, Jacob Barker' war the
principril. The cost of the hotel was not much
short of a million of dollars.
We fear that .money enough will not readily
be found to rebuild it. The hotel was a beauti
ful model of architecture,. the pride of_tia city,
and woo visible to travellers ten or fifteen miles
before reaching the city. It often provided for
over seven hundred visitors. Whelp will Near
Orleans' now find nccommodation for them
gin. Oas.
The Empire State, according to the census re
turns of 1850, now nearly complete, contained
pop:flatlet' on the Ist of June Jut of nearly, if
not quite 3,100,006—an increase of about G30,-
000, or,'over twenty -Lye per centum diuMg the
last ten years. The current estimate of
01)0 as the new ratio of Representation in the
Hausa , ' would give her thirty-two members
henceforth—a, loss of two. 'We are inclined to
believe s however, that the, ratio will be nearer
100,000. and that our State will have but 31
members in the Eve , Cot:geesera succeeding the
next.4.V. Tribune.
M. P. Mrtcnezz.4e-We are again called upon '
to annoy:Lee the deceasilf one of our most re
spected fellow citizens. .Matthow Pope Mitchell,
Eaq. • the . wolf Imown and highly esteemed pro
prietorpf the toiled States Hetet, died in that
building, yesterday morning, about 4 o'clock,
after all Maps., of thtee or four days, In the
fifty.beienth year of his age. in the pour of a
long and ',varied career in - Philadelphkand
irbere.i he; had bccouie widely known for) the dig
nity aeoP. urbanity. of his deportment, for the.
ahilityi4M,',4lispleved iu his appropriate apiece,
for hialciddly feelings and generous dispoaition,
and for the many other excellent qualities which
belimg: to' the character of the good, citizen and
worthylenticuarin. To the travelling community
all over the country Mr. Mitchell was particularly
endeared by innumerable pleasanil associations
and .friezlly recollections.—North Amer. • Lertee Quire—The Washiugton
Ripoblia, la the course Of as interesting eructs upon
this subject my. • I
The whole number of dead letters returned to the
Department we coo onlyvviguely estimate. Thu, in
one quarter, the bulk of opened letters equalled about
6,030 bustle!. crammed; each buibel is suppeeed to
Contain 1000 bushes,
The number thtumed toe goer- .
ter is 'therefore about bit milllous or twenty tour'
million. a year!
Unclaimed /moneys, less the dismiunt, are handed
over to the general treasury, subject to the demands
of the rightful owners; but we believe for the half
' year, ending )one the 30th, IgtO, the mount of the.
wan not more than about 81,700, .
Drafts, deeds and other papers, of value, nod also
jewelry, mer.otoes, fire., are preserved et the dead
letter office_ These are often recovered by thew
owners with much delight. In one tosethcc, not , a
great bile Mu.; a gentleman, for want of certain
do c timenta believed whams bele - lost from the Mello
119114e1Mrelf in ;the power of en unscrupulous pep
aon,tht a matter in Which property to the amount of
ten tbinnand dollars (all the gentleman war worth)
was Involved. A. n possible mesas of obtaining the
papers, heapplied et the deed letter Mace and is about
three mamma they were produeedl j The peekage
had been Improperly addressed. • - •
Deed letters are usually unpaid letters. The
=Morn of prepaymentstuth become vastly roue
patina since the reduction of protege to five had
tee mere. to the fourth quarter of IEOO, the slumber
of dead letters reeethed them llideinnstl, not pre
; paid, : 'was 8,700; the number pre paid, I,qlo. la the
• third quaver of 1850, the prothaid letters from the
- Boston pant office numbeved 1,61% art letters not
pre paid, 9,401. These tameness are taken at ran
demo. i •
The Southern Rights Association of Christ
Church Parish, S. C., met on the 17th inst., and
after a number of flaming speeches from several
of the Incendiary spirits of that section,. a series.
of resolutions were adopted, approving the ap
pointment of deputies to a Southern Congress,
sod • call of a convention of the people of the
Slate. The President of the Association, Dr.
A. V. Toomcr, delivered a terrible philllpie
aipsittst the North, in which he said the enly al
ternative left the South was secession, or poser ,
ty and destruction. We quote the following as
.specimen of the whole speech:
•Wo must separate from a section of country
whose interests, feelings, prejudices; and - Belga
mantis are all at. war with ours. We mast form
separate government. The al:web:Acting states
must all yetsee that their only ash:Wen consists
in unitingg, and that promptly, too,' in organising
' a Southern confederacy. Should we be wise
enough thus to unite; all California; with her
exhaustless treasures, would be our -- all New
Mexico also; and the sun woull never Aloe op
en n; country so rich; no groat, end so powerful,
as would be our Southern Republic."
This is grandiloquent enough in all eon
science; Aqd if the people of the South were
weak enough to pay any regard branch stuff, the
Union would, likely enough, come near to disso
Notalwrahcouass—The Charleston Evening News
ests• that Mr. eal home, 'some 'tare before he death,
nillrmed, in couvenalion with a gentleman by
whom the facitwas told to the editor, that the right to
estahnsh noronterooutae could be sultalned under
tuat irovielon i of the lionentuuou which gave to WC
States the privilege of trUllittilAt; quaranune mettle. !
lemma - He was of °Tuition that It felt clearly with.
In the Spirit and intent, ea it out pat( of the Wrier
of the consiitnitou--the prow woes being one tat
domestm policy, of safety, ol is Of pro;ecuun, as well
et of &amatory C3tllloll. There were low things that
the subtle mind of John C. Calhoun could not have
•-imitairtad" very plausibly, if he chose to undertake I
the 'oak. li would be, however, ut the eye ot t
comenou setts, a difficutt matter for even him to
deduce this rioucluswe, without showing that the I
Slob hod aurrendered au power+ al all lit the Gra.
cal Ouverruneut We thing it would be found that
alt couveivablesubject.mouer lerttalatirin one
of t"domestic 1 polloy," of "safety," of self prefec
ture," or of est.:lstory induce." It the Constitu
tion la to be thus' construed, ti abased have been
originally eugroased on gum elastic, and made to
cover every conceivable proposition in or out of
Eicillaro,—lN. O. than. HuL
'; : f..
A RE YOU A FATHER, laboring for: the
017oralloir Ziff: l or% fr "" :`1 . 1 4 '
K. 0. Isowe'r • Flokorrorsa * NAno. "'" *
Are you • Jlothei, rorlering from dioosse to whirl, to
-7.`," or" georroPy Faded, woe Dr. e. It Mar's fluter
torroparlho—lt ul routairkiy oore you.
(NI at our &wet. or on one of our agents. and Oat
crane:when/ you will iitui that the abater War
tmwarflla prepared by Ire.. B. Li. Bowe, has been the
perrusneutly eating more Oise.. to which the
bon.. family arc contlinially auliket, than my othee
preparation of a...p.rui, o
pal holuallt bald. i f.
This xmlleino boo establiohni Ito DIA matathm .by Ito
hunwrout out well attested ruin. •
It Bout up In not bottles and In Mr Otiy
that arts on the Idnier, Kidney.. me te c st the same
tote, Which rouders it altogother viduable to caul
ma Porticularly to female , .
Beenre nod enquiry for hr. B. D. IIII)IVEB aIIaKER
SAILEAILILLA. awl take Du alai,
Price $1 par bottle—a &MB. for
Eny rale by
1 College Ilell,eineinuati, Olaa
Tn yylynn n/lortler. may LIIII4I.InYA.I.
AI, for vele 1, J. A. Junes, A trlY , Pk.k , k , " k W.
111,...k. H. AV. Alen'n.. J. V. Tnurn,nd. J. Whirr.
a CO.. nlyl E. 11. Mnr.yeal, tlt
Meit.n linot.C.tflis: or.:A.AAvrT
State 'Muted tire Irikarance Company..
Branch taller- :,.1 Stnatinitrat.
.Inn +.r) 14, laal.
bent evidence of the 'success of eke
Dinvtor. in envaltroring to anal, the . litaft 711 - 4Nt.
ktut laermasat lantraar" m.-it the smolt of
If Ult. Otiptosilehal amount of basil,. arbieb bna loon
do., isaned orly
Jun Pttlloirt in a little mon.
than 7 menthe: nd na , a- J7t.o.ltat 0444 to Ilse
COLIIP.IIY. lhe Diroctor, rroull to .at.
tbr prano.rty instir,ll I. of in t.feat knot. Su rsoall
1 •• lar-o• tr.:11.410u inaartal for toil -rat.
r I t "'ld •
A. 0.. 01 ontarrly ....... 51.07:1:4S Off
Amount of ttuutantm prx-crl. Walt - .0-13,19 4 7
Amount of tenth ...... 4.C:111
Amoul of a...We 404 t $70.125
a,suo tat
To 1,0,40401 fro. the shovo halanre. 1nc7.14451 ea.
M Th'
. ttho loce
l o ottint a ot the oront•any 1. - eutata4n4 stri:4l, rot the
- utVa.
mutual priotrie.emegituiin;e , ,Y Member.
and Ontitling halt te a .hare of the profit, and bY col , '
mettnal In the *poem ef mutual Inqrtrance—thr.t
ot I:LAS:11E11M, lileliw..—thus all!mr.tig equal
letwtte 0. the in‘urni. The 1,..• an• nerunlingly divided
Into two W. 1 ., dasseas. the eharler rrorkling dhat to
part Of the funds of either een bo opprupnatrd fur the WY -
Meta of losee occurring the other.
_The First Class
denominated the.FAIINIEIte' Cutil'AST. In which Woe.
may he ode nnoti country dwelling', Lorna. oat
building, mud pen,nol protwfil,
hazardous Is aliow ed W ho taken.
The Peened Clamdenmointited tho MF.RCIiA'STO'
COWAN V, to which 'neurone, may he made own the
mf , ' , WO , Of Iwolektir in town. and village.
The premium MOPS are only about 0101 . 1 - I.rnt tart..
those usually charged by other Commutes, and the rate*
low. Sot over t2.fdAl I. allowed to be engird in one 10.
rality. and Oho applicanT le. allownl tint pri‘lloge of Imam
nere aril
liberality. It la LIOW tha control of the
W d ivert
John P. itutherf urd. Ailed J. Go b T. Jones.
Alottm A. Cali, , Aedgeekt., Hobert tiluM John
R. Pucker. J. RUIIIediFORD, Neaktent.
A J. lltuirt. Semler, .
A. A. CASAIrI, Artuar, jal.'7:trT
F ISII-75 twin No 3 lockerel;
CAP Lti for sale by
‘IODA ASH-25 casks Johnston's brand,
fir Pale Ay }i,l3 J. k It. IYIAID
BROOMS -15U doaihr Bale by
jsal J. ± R. FLOYD
44 MEETINU of the Board of Managers of
th , AMeghttlf Daunt,' Ageleultural Sudety 111 ho
lirl.l at Iloe , a ravunyint tled. Ala). the 6th of V.threarl ,
162. at In ticket, tha are nattuate.l to at.
lobe. land
Drug and Prescription Store for Sale.
' lr g rura 'g p " lagn P rZZarl t r n ,:art
fermi rale upan Yttr 1.1 ,, Uh"
apply at the Chrunkl.. nine, Pat
havitur been int•totalnd. Na. Irtemitc. Inge
in raid netund+ prom.. on , nlng n_Talnirnr-h.n ,
for burr and girls. on Monday not, In rho Lecture Homo
l ' . ( uV . 7sin F lgE ' ad i r InnarM t a 'h p=4lV i it i tlai 704
nr at the achnol noon. • . tat-411.
if 0-PARTN EItSJI I P--*e have this day
v.) ns..s.ust - with v. 13..njetniln K - 11124.1412*n. The haa
ttrax silLte eoullutiol the firm of
litt4truh. /a...nary INlsl.—jelni
• _
10E —lu earke Carolina•fur j. r.:l l 2 !L yn
• -
IVMICE—The portnership horetofore rr
Wiry: ruder the Ben 01l
f otimans A listriden.wm
Al i rMllol.4 the let iu 4..1, by mutual euimenL Tht bud
twes dill hereafter le earned on by Henry L. 130111.0 atal
Abraham Garrison. to Use lama of Bu IL V. da,. lia
ROLLNIAN rrieon.
j - a.lfbfler A. UAKRISON.
ASSUBANCE—lnnuntnce on per
...n..4.... L., r ani and GO maT bff rdefed
n :fifth:mat Loan Lffe Asenrwfor Soddy, by
apttea . l k irgo u th i
defend for grata tans drentsflon. Ensniro a 1 theltaak•
Ingeonen of WM.. A. 'RILL 11.11.
Y.= Wood rL eetend doer aboVo ',berth
IciOLL BUTTER-25 iirls fresh. in good
4rder, ba .lure, fur Able by inl i lptgil , b , Ej j / C 1..,
lAgll-7 brim No . i Leaf Lard; ~
r Ikeg, do d. 2 tbr ode by
''''. Iru ILWALEY A CO .
__ ____
A SIZES-10,1make Pure taell;
le cabsyaleratue, for lade b.
'l' J. a. R. YLOYD. Itoond Cbustb.
.Q . }WARS-100,000 common fur
b Jikea J. £IL riuttw
Leis prime roll, for.ralti
3. a 11.143 Tb.
Soda Ash—Price Reduced.
' 9 . 0 CASKS 31uspratt' best qualitvGlass
Man /Oh. on 1..1=4 far
ovular of err to or upward,.
' It. snTelittaitEE.l4PcniA.
Winter Clothing at Reduced Prices,
T W3l. PIGBY'S Cheap Cash .C 1,41111,2
Stme.Nn.l ,
Pr Wu.' .I.c
of dir.ramq th, cf Int u nonk. ft. [nal.;
rom Lin ..M..n..tvn rurrhantn for npring. to
. 4,ttes2W.ia - .1 to offer tl.nrn ott greatly
. lord
to rnrur Inna with an ;real t,at :an. all) Le pumht. '
o , n •
), I.:1 m. 'IL
li 10 Ii.ORY IN UTS---2 I irt; iJi..::iie by - -
a . 1,. , .
_lv.. II .1311N; , 70?;
ill I:Y APPLES 7-10 ..,,i, 1,, salt" by
.11 V ,-,.1 11..1011 . :,:to. ,
• • -
I ( ihLi;.7:-2.ju beuumbelle.l. , f: ,.... r t. ii ...1 j . , ... 1L . •
I ti
P I..Clililik.E— . 2 1;r1n freta . for - sale. h , ,
rx.ti .. WII. 11. JUI/NSTI&
if , orrox BATTING-100 belle for gale by
ai.... , i,...1 WALLINUIVID tCO
I,x Cincinnati ma
" 4 '''Vt".:Elsoyortli r. ay
as •Inr. T.ubln't ratrools for the batlhcrebrot.
44 dor. - • ••• ••• Isnsorhal.)
14 dos. Jeunr WW harbela. lure, satin:
1 door.
•• onoall 1.1.111. •
dors chtuulon earall Sarbot.4.
Torrelbrr with& full arid ....Irk Le trrorhanot nf tn. I'er
folr•nrr• rill ronaregl r d Inr nnle at 1111141.1r44 rrinchta
do. corner of Wu or aunt rillth amen. •
Aral S. S. WKI ER.E.111.11.
'FALLOW—Thirty t.arrel. Sheep and twee..
t Carrel . by .
Derr riajetr. suum:r..
/1310TI1Y SEED-4 barrels received and
rrer Pa]. cr 1a95 SA3int.:lr. SHRIVEL
iIHESICUTSSixty Luxhels and
thik9,t.l SAMUEL SWIM:IL
111:1Ell APPLES-200 buehel juot rec'd,
ALF aul for ode br p.m) w t P w01.0u .. :!.!4._
OtAsgE&Lfitey of now crop
I,,:i.ed and Or sale by mirri
1 3 , 20 No, I'M ny,ll3llBcoarl ytmet.
'LOUR—Seventy five barielo Family Flour
lYed god Or nit , by
OLL BUTTER—Twenty barrel:4 prime
kit Pot wag...l.M fur Miss by•
F Lotm—wo superfine;
021 1.4.14 nn . fale.
Dl{Y APPLES—Fifty Laehell+ recieived and
for W. jna) 9A114:1;1. rfftatvr.n.
WHITE BEANS--4 — harreln received and
r.'.41. by Ya2o SAMUEL SRN-VEIL
LARD --Twenty barrels and thirty kegs No.
i Lard nmeived sad for sale Iry
of Washed Wool by /all 11. LEK.
WOOLLEN GOODS..-Xone ease Scarlet
Flmisel; I rare Brown Ylarisol, 6-1,. 2 g . ..... Wllllr
l, 64: 3 rases owing Term's, all wool: lams Yartcy
easetalerm, 2 rams Jeans, reeeival cm consignment ht. the
smouraetsrme, lad feu =ls by jall 11. LEK.
Murphy & Burebteht contfoneta bestow partlenbr
• eottoe to We braewb of their Lesions. and ens careful
i retelaio
r o stAVti „ l:7ll , llpe . newarnsatnlptia.rAfas,
JJ by .1. KIDD R CO.
HEMP SEED—Fifteen barrels (new crop)
far ale by jail J. KID • CO.
ilLUE—Twenty fivibairels for sale by
-Rjell . KIDD f (..11, No. DO Wood .5-
'l LASS PAPER—Five hundred reams o
Swilh'• Wont, for W. bb
all • J. a 00. N0.C.0 Wood st•
gli --
OYS' SATINETTS.Mu by a Burch-
Illd WI waived • wet of Vst•T 11 1 . 04
•ett• ft r oy4 wean Wo. Pl . id and Plain (W4Mcce•
Tir d Veltegt . •;.„ at me
atat K"l'ci Trocuth
• Wescott. tvlo
AISINS--One hundred andtifty bolas nud
1, WO half boxes recol.A Ard Av nM WA by
ja I 6 • - - -
1 ALERATUS-4 catkkNo. 1 Salemma;
15 bbli, do dm,
*. Om WI Male by • .1.104.5 DAT.7.F.LL,
Jaall Gb Water street
B _Lo — _ --
031S-TOne hundriKt tom 'femme
Traueree Daly. rerolY:n taaet... -
.riteuera, anti fur auto by JAMES
, Nu. Water .tmet-
t Vls DON GLASS—Fire hundred borer
asourtottl nisei to store ud for sato b
Jan • Jllllll DAUM.
TASII.-5 casks Potash, just received
el eon .ele by ing 1111 BERT DALZELL tco.
jr e.tvF I F.I.V
Ili. fr.! , the tif the
wit • in iiiinn , tioni th
• tir, tit 1-I , i
nn 11l inn, NAT
h •
Agri -inn: , of flirt rill iiii,rainwly
Jame:. in ii.b.)l3 only nil
Pll.4.l.tirgh. January' 0,1 , 91.—.1nt:a , 1 2 1.
uoy, tt , wttl r
e ein and en , u..olt,n ll 4Tru ,
of Um .L 1 himin a:1 suc.l.l actUctozni....
w a-
. 111 V i z? , w u ll Ig.akrvy.
OWEENT 'All that portiOn of my river
trittibi Wog wean the Patotrurah .11i r Illclie
Yl Plank limo
the rivet supprwiel to contain shoot
Mb acme. to whir be
a t
a t . atrwy frt..
hoar° with marrow Lent atorierwllar underneth an unbent.
state lwrn. It all to a high este I,feultiv..lntt.
and wtnilot he well ?tabular:it tor /WT.' irwrth . " , : i nt:::
itrloruT ‘. y! The
getilon to ...Wet are rpm] to :air lo
country. as the occupant will hare his choice of tlei tire,
plank raid. or rellrod ha his artamsandatlon
. .. si 'm e d °ff. .for ude a large number or rcihmble
l h
Yll4-4 . l ' - ' ,../ =Me serf ;drairable idles for masulter.
tor*, in the ugh of final. ham. kcatral near the
new Bubbe &haat home and rtiglish Lutiaknka Church.
The rapid grow of Birmingham in penult/Ann and
manufaeturinu wt. lth, end the reasonable ;dims at width
lots will L. sidil, w II render tad= a safe am' PmrtitOtk' 1 . -
vestment. Title rfmt. Terms favornble.
For pertleulalw and term, enquire of the nndrniguM, at
the elm of Gtioire F. Gilmore,/ Fsst, on UMW atm•t, Pithe
burgh, letwrpn MIA and Fourth streets, or of B illiam
FT... , and N. rath'butat F-Gre, et thrir oftlees in flirt,.
1110/1“11.' Jsbs • 31G5F..3 V. EATON.
EOR SALE-;--:.-The FURNITURE and Fir
t urn. 'of the ItottLioo Merl, Bt. Chfr elm with the
se. Terms easy. Apply to R. A. DAILY, ri•evrtetor.
Musburyb, lb.l—joL'istMAAUT
ff on llottford rivet.
atTIT to
oOR e it,,,ebseriber ofrers . foi
IRLO he, a t bent 'mirk Howe. withint
riwre %LM
of Mewl. eitnared on the Knuth
three Mlles of Mb city. lioaereiwri giver , 0 0
the let of April w.f..
• • •
withry deflrable Iola( qroud. ecotAlthutowf Fn.?
Atri, a rprpig uf extelient water thertota, Lltuawd
furs, the above.
, .
ANA a lot of kroutil 4.5 feet 11 huller hr feet. agkinlh.
tog the trot:lmm of fir. A. Toner. near the city, OrDAD.
the Feremmed nth Wen ard,,on DeanerylyauLa Arenne. Porretdon
. It 14 ono certain that the Plank /load rnU be ellAntlete
Dart the shore prOpertr early in the coming rummer. For
further InkrematiOnt apply to DAVID DEELEIt. Fourth-,
.n.l. ned the frit illyeeri/e4 rn,rty• is22,ltf
• o
i u I
l fN - TO
t R a SALE—The
tul. r c y r ber b
gT,A yce, l
nAlle o b r ny city ! r u a e lo bl O C i an. F nd
Arcuate,. aced of Cimino. the bout* lc a
larce donble brick building. In romplcte ordcb There Li
carriage boner,
and orb oatec on . the
crociVa i
ire ;1 4 1ZI * Pi g , g FtVoll ' o g ;oga..
-Pam...inn given wnemever deaths!. /OILY OISBHAItT.'
EORMENT—A splendtd Dairy arm,r a
adinfattny tba city, wall a good itselbcdc Elmer. Nl'
, end line Apylo Unhand. AB°. a well frairbed
Country Bunion rolls. Mile, eldAt room& Pith out
buildluss and one arm of ground, within Unruly saluutace
driso of the Crand Holum. /deo,parrs! Burin/a, owl
Lvellln Uoutres4u and out of lb., pity, will be rrnted on
restantable tonne: by I:WY Att'y at Las,
4_4141:1 irStrIPP 44 Brant street, mu Fourth
FRENT—A two story Dwelliog rt ,
ju Muse on Boy Kroft. EnqUire of •
pl. JAMBS DALULL, PS Water It.
.-- 1 wurvil f.= n. or on verpeto.i Iron, tot on
, rno enrol,
_24 feet front by too fret to Perrino nOo-, erb
rgiaAPTPaVgZrZtrii< r AhttoZ:V;i
2 orlon Alley, befog 254 fert on Liberty. oy IW to sprion
•Allry. Abo. 1.544.1 feet fronting on Yorgornm etreet. Immo-
Hurl y opprolto the (karat !railroad Deintemlrnotaitring
45 mit.. : [jantl,Allfj JAMEN 0.11.411 A.
VOR RENT—The stare room and cellar on
1: the small FM./ ounce cf Market street and the DI.
anond, at ree/tentrupled as a Ism). atmot she the wental
d Mini othriestd the lame Milldlng, entrance on the 1/1.
mood. Will be mmtml for one or throe from tho Ist
of April neat: • April homell 9Nera.
latt9Ohltl • 114 Water ttreet-
The Third Want Doblle &hoot Ilinsio.iind eta 3 en
16 It MAIM& will be .1d either aenamilelT tit to
aether; to suit .parehuera. The tab is Ili) frolt wide on'
alto. and in forms Itet deep on Diamond alleyj
Any addlikmal tion doilmil will ba given, aid
tenror of sale made bittratii m antilttan
Presl. IMO Direction, at No. C and SS -Market meet.
Jantil lm
To LET—A large Mansion HOUor with
31 acne of Lealattarbedodthateil st Oaklet&
• /013 11111D1. JONES *W.
Beal.Herrite worth $lOO,OOO.
ArEitiMESIRABLE ProloertT in . Alle-
V ph..T luny twr T.O n aeraa lestdooor ri7i
fing bank, Ist 'ward, ono baring ...trout or m f..t
tri?Ot l i ' t TOT trt u d.r,
_=7. 1 0174 4 =1 1 ?,
agonling a &lig to
vier of toe city of Pittsburgh, the
-; kW. Orton( ground fronting both on . iionik
%a fool, runnbug feet back, bound. 4 by taccnnY foci
stoc. phikat in rear.
Mao, (wont y acroa directly oppnite the Rail Road Dojni,
of the taut docirabla
progeny now offered for ale. This
pima of. groundygicre induccutents to nooulatora Apply
in , Jall EIA/RD Ihkßl. ll4 Pecund at
L"T.-That desirableibsidence at -t1
oepted it the subscriber, situated
Orvssubtlruh Fite, in the Baough of Ls..,
rills. Ito honor Is w r and convenient. it.. 12 rooms, 2
then with • 1,110 P. 1114. f01141 4 :11 " ,
tray sod hdt.trarx She omnibus station Is • short Albs
Ism Wow, ant persons can co In at soy Mark boor. For par
ticulars Inquire dr i.OBT. intnirsoN,
116 et stmt.
VOR RENT—A SeirMn.t. in East Binning
,' ham, well &Weil fix a large bteilner: It eau orati.
man' lbw entire iMIPiORWiI of lbw llfutthy tail hall Wail.
It will he thonnighlr ftlwilWille wit u. hhikiii•wfol
fur a Wm of Team
Abe, au excellent sliwitrt Welt eawklng—eley
I t M
wereraloinil of eaewllentStiew. luqulre of
lallettiatraw K PHILLIPS. FAA hinulnithatu.
ikitEM.LA Dwelling House, with
...M .
remur eleveurnatis In repair with lua i 7
"awl. on Tedenil Anat. la/eghewf. rem. 1.175 M.o.*
Alm. nonr. au Martel stn.', Plltrburzh, o hwa
%Tambov.e nu gm] wireral Amme to Prat
11. D. tifi7.7...k
rgo L,BT.—The Three Story Dwelling 5 ,
Net!ITI. Wylie %treed , et lucent excepted
hp ohm R. Lleingrue, awl containing ture
dinind mum etCRI tithe. on the Ora .nexer. oxeceertede
M 1.113 UP led of April. Inquire or 3. ir ID.I.I.e)Y
il Round Churehill
LET--Ono Two Story Brick House, 74;
crentalnind I moue& rn Centre Avenue, :diem-.Vet z ...
vox. Road. Lea tut. }:u.pdre wATT
J .. • •
IF - ItiftitElCT. The Store, 11R Market ;14,1
rt,et, th,rehrored elver Irene the turner nt
e nd . h lou ,rerre. Isrerwon um% ths.tgar l
next dn..of liigi
pe,4len 106 Wee rt.
FOR - I:ENT, two ter: convenient tt:q
IetVI3,LINO 1101.i.i..x. 00 Itenl earext. retort .
sod tour to rdeithr.cler. Peex.e, eon erevreou thr lee'3 ,
of April next
•nrt In Enr, brcr v+Tant
"' " JI7I;.IitIANtrON.
Arply In
tourth et.. Woual.
. •
.• .... -,, _ . 1
FOR I:ENT), lc proper- .rM
. 4 .
Ilea are for root. l a
lit,. woll timeh at o 1 cow oh ele ....... '
FP ME on.tlarket . t., between T h ird and Fourth eta-.
imitable tor Orr Good.
evernd Num. in Net Otter Building, In the second sod
third rieri, oultable fee Artiste, QOM. I into, At.
A /al,: ant muve,l , :rt UWCII.II , G HOUSE. in a taut.
'ltem part or the cite. SF_
Pnoei...Acn n 1 the fu gretoil eau to giooo ou the 1 . 1 “ 1,
. April next.
Aloe 2 egam, trro nn Third greet. Hirt dour to the
Galtette Ofhre. 'Peeoraelon Oren inuttedinielr.
1 , 011 SALE—An ...rind loam. nn the Wareh:oto . ....oo
Third fowl. herelefert occupk..l by tiro late Air. Ae Llealta.
For W ., 10, oPPIT to
R. 00. CIATTAM, VIA S.:eond street.
jail or to 11. lIIIAJIIIIICK, torelhird *tie.,
FOR RENT, a Two story Frume llottai.w.".,
and Hoes bulldh7. with two lota. .1104 e =LI . %
F 'd cr .I..ixto'..e,L'ai.p'ihr 11 N,
t igin th iLYS L Ll b lreg A CO.,
derl2 • 11:41..itierty rt.r.t.
rLET, the ..oro Room No. 65 Mar- 7.7 . .7. 4
„ , „atoll. athol nu the Watrh and Jewelry .....•;,,
T. W. WU.. , anti renentle occupied hY M....rm ....
N. IleluemitrOon, as a hutting ail ext.b.sav o.
nil 010111 1. 1.001.0 l n the coortcenttal sod 1a..1. htolnesa
point In the city, and ad! adapted fur adlanking and I:s
-chen', (m, with
In. ran, ofrov„r a More. A .Dlcialla
new horn, with Enallal Plate Shia, will 1... Put
as the weather permit.
Pn.c.olun given 00 the find of M wanted.—
otet+. If want.—
Easel, of ' W. W. - WILSON,
..... err of Merkel Snd Vretrth greet..
• fa
Jai -
"TOR SALE, tle Three story Brick rri , ,,g
J Derailing. lin la Hey street. F.nyder'a
priztrVel , i. Serpa S east, Val one year, wei
er ILLIAM Man, •
Jaialim Da Liberty Weal
rrio LET, a Cour story Dwelling, Slate
roof. Etna, lalb Toms gas fixtures and bake
et PO, 119 Third street;
Inquire at OD Water ittnict. pepd
FLAXSEED t- small lot for sale In ,
J. meartrfkLn
_ _
SHEEP PELTS--1 bale for sale by
QUO AR—LTwouty hlais new Sugar on hand
1-7. ad far .14 , by iidc. BRORY A KIRKPATRICK
141 d
14 ba
for Mc by j o y&
k.liltll--One d
on band and for
a .
uu4 lOrraliby jalsi
oltits . lo fur ruedlcf •
fur sale bi ialt
j and frir de by
rxl4 - - -
- HAVANA SUG R—Twenty boxes W
1111 u." 4 " ° g"' TigiTruboE a INCIIIRA3I.
tau , No. Ild Wear at
SPICES. Cassin, Pimento, Pepper. Cloves ,
u havos, fur oils el. HAIM' DICKEY CO,
de27 Weer 1 Front MA
4,11- 0 1! -8 ' j
liit D CGREtto, -Ten brie No. I Lard;
4 brlilirrase, now\ ulding from
_otcaller Vaothlaijou
7213 " °ALL I I IVat i x rx YL c °: . ,..
LARD--Sixtybr s No.! in store and for sale
by isla 1861:b11 ICKLY CO...Water /root ytm.
611110418 E—Fur H
u brls in store, for pale
Wafer and From
nt:landSmall I
rend, fore frt. sit herb
for rate by MOIMIS
he wire...etre to Pittatot
TI ROOMS-Onohunolre,l dtrzon for Nile by •
F VON P.ONYTIORbT k t. 5.9
3filltlllEk 11. i MITE'S Trs salt 1.12,r td thr
i.s a ot Ilasnr.,l Tr, at csnts pothri. •
•rt.... En, quaLtst, II . •d, •
atir.dste at II Od
411.1 count,' brsrl. that n-r BEACH TK.O. will End nun
uhirrairtr raartiy. Tbrma kinds 'et Os.. rrrirc
tbs.". Enna England. and they cannot be baUght
" A lu"''r"r`b°k"'' 4 ` 4 ' itsl lIMMItTII.
it.a ly IPPLES—Twenty brls. Pipp. l"'
Q,ALMON.-5 hrls Salmon, No.l. in store
bs iga . ILOBERT Dd LULL t 0).
ALn. Sprite has removedto
Lll•ertY str.-etb,low Mt. No. 103. Mice , and dwell.
the ame building,
"WELSH FLANNELS, of the different
Olt- N A SIIVILLE—r-The She
• rteamer 31ATELOWEIL Maolott; muter,
' wt I hare for the obareand Intermediateroft4
on Friday. ators. 0 • •
For freight temage. afrPlf oo is
steamer EMPlLESO.O.o.nmater.ulll leave
LLA, sad mtermoliatemrlattillatlornoun.
at 4 Welaek.
For freight or proyal`.. arvlr on Loot .
The tine Otani, J. ti A; Duo.,
Mom , . aril' into fur andin
Id termedue4
porta nn IVednelday. ot. at lU . A. .
Tor Iftloht Povoge. ap h ply on board. IS_
ST. LOUIS—Tbe fastrunning steer=
SACMOTTOS. Captain Charke lxrael. will
have Or the abom and totem:alibite port. on 'Motley,
ttke :Nth Ind-. at 4 P. li.
For freight or pWrage, apply or board. lip
ji , oß. sr. LOWS.. The font run.:
',hug ekeamer ROBERT BODGE ht. n
m ueber, velll leave roe the above a ntNvpartn,hsmdtvay,..tb.,:p=otiholonz,:al4l.l7l.
and splendidoa
rmer FEDERAL Allen.
Fo.llowman. enraninnder. will bare for ntwao.....=”.
and internwallalo forts on Saturday—Urn. tnth instant. at 4
a'ricrk, r. fa. Forlici . gb , or , T . Py no),".0.•. , 10
. EA% TO. ON
VOR ST. LOUIS—The splendid.,
' grinner J. J. enirrEsovi. 31. Strtlina.XV , fir7
ronimander, will Into for &Nate and inter
torn r, iiatr parts on! 2 ST int nt t o !.
Inlaht rna
rn,re. .14 , 11 000
J. NEWTON J11N1,2. Acrnt.
toe and Loesituated
imaY:rlrttl:ar . .EL
rift LOUISVILLE.—Tbe splen-
did ateanirr Tennant Capt. It sill
nne for the atom , roof Intrrtn.rdiale
no dd. dot, the =1 'rata at 10 o'clatt A. M.
For fndat or Paanote. aFPIT on
yOR LOU'lSVlLLE—Therplenrl-
13 .tvaravr 3111:FON. tt.t.F- Mart, adi
r thi o aln i ,.red Ttermtailate putt on
For &PA: or c ra7vti k r;. 4,ply on Ward. jolt
VOR NEW 0EL,41,1%.F.--'llleA- ,
11.1 d draught Menuter PAltlSnitreeolee.
mein,. 0111 tear. for the alAve and IA
ntodlat, ?arta on' Monday atlo AM. For freight or r,o
-"c",:i? or toI,D SULTEMBEIIItMR. Aga
VOR NA Sl.l VILX, E. The fast
Anr l l47"°rl,lgvv" l in
Tm,;.2;:i1.:0.: '
cm Monday. 3)tb lost., at Io,A. 31.
For freight or prowl,. apply ou board,' isill
running tearruh• LiAIItIATOR. Captain .-..
vill leave for Win a l .co aml intorom
ate port, tbla day,.st 11.1 3....31. ..
For freight or tan3mar. apPly on board: , . mll , •
VOR - gr. LOCUS. 5 tile splendid
E OCIV .groins FtEirrivnon. Wm. Ontilny
ennader. will knee le.r the above nod Inter!.
mediateyort, no .latutliay. th e 11th !natant, At 1 P. M.
For [might or kiiMgr, appl y on tnonl, or to ,
143 • • ! ..I,3lElrftiN JONES, Annnt,
LIOR NEW Oit LEA NS. Tit? ...
.j . eplendial on, aWamer EDITOR. A. U. Ma- .7 -
. n tt' °r lt n r a itZ:Fr rit%l im i iyona:lan:lO ickek.
freight or ca, am I.
, jai/
d4l stew orr 'PORT PlTT;t3llllcr. marten.,
titesbarr and Intnrsontlinte ports.
din; day. VIII Joatont, al In o'clock. A. 11.
For (might or ',wage. apply on tout!. • • tan
LOVIB suletulld Ammar ZACHARY
Ihml. rusy:cr. will lam; for abov
'o r
nut, Intortnedisin portn this der. atlo o'ckek. pl. M.
._!rfe . .inh,t ar44 .. trsage. flub. buanl. juin
_ _
r) FAG
A _ _
AtIIEELING PACKET.—Tbn rplenahl) "W.
newlseket elestenre DII.IIINAL, Comer% gnarl ••
ter. IA now iwrforminr Ler reguln/tri-wecklytelystbclweep
thln cltr lYlwellng. !caving PillNburgh nt ID oeloe/C
lre.). Monday, Walnewlar anal Friday, nit returning.
eaves Whrellng emrTT Tb w 11? .44
In rarli week. For frrlattga T imn i v i lli z Z ,
. 0 . - to
WELLSVILLE PACKET.— Th e etealneel - •-
EILLE, D. R. Dale, marten or kayo
Pi.bargh every Theaday,Th Grainy and Paimettay * return.
filo. lean, Weltrellle etery Aldaday. WpancellAy and frt.
. 1 % . 1.2 V0r frd ' ght Itl37Wrlri.Wdeleed:-
rnalnicham. 7112, roletalict boat wasbnilt by
the nwne4a of the Kremer Inue Teeartm, &ther. Ow
the Cincinnati and Pitteburgh Packet trade will tease
tarry Wednerday etneinnatt In pl.. oft e Now Ens
hind For freight orywrearte, mlrly ,or to
mr2l U. It 311LTVIIIERUXIt. Agent.
81.1NITS11 PACKET—The test marl . V
reamer WELLSVILLY, Capt. IL Young. w
as a regrilar . p u ailts:t between Pittsburg • Muffling.
every Thurols i z afternoon for litenberallio, rho,. Ing,
nasand Sunfish; returningoleares hridiro.
, u n
and nun sh ewers Toesday elem., and nuanala
TZ T % 74;7 awr-r...„4—ft" , tg. %MN: `A11.7
ugnt creamer ARENA, D. P. Kinney,
I. Dawn Pittaburgh on dlunday,Wedneaday. and Friday.
W ) 0 10 anionic. A. )1. Draft* Wellrrille Tunalay.Thare
day. and natnlay. a o'clork, A. 31.
For freight nr parrocr. apply on Lraul. ,no)
4 IIOCKIMIPORT.—The fine Areas,
tut Cpt. S.S..Ctala, will Irate ea clove,
etary Taradar at o'clock P. a.
INCE the intrmiuction a this ;new Con,.
2.3 pound. et. 11.0. 1.1 CAhls are cut‘.l la !‘ very sheet
time. 'We will warrant. Dr. Eeywr's Protorer Byrn) to
rare euses Conalm Cold". Romehttir. Lalntlaithb m los
taus and at a <Leaner at e then any other toolielne ever .
t lan:twines all rick . n the ttotnoch and 11 rt.tnes 00t 1 sea whAt
t. mc re di.agrovable thou th.....act. in. If. Thin t.
1 , 1 01 Etta mixture. lot it td. tot!at 4tn.:
and It +lll ram or et.:l CI,
dens. In Co,: of tattitellw la cur e 1: bro.. cur ow. 1
raturibee ant 040 itrefltra.te. It i. the ;
.11, 1 . 11, r.f r.,, , er yhY. a1..1 ha. used I,
lam in hi. owu yrietwe tbr a nunalwe of year., with the
most hon.,
O.INAt/MPTItE , A4..I: front ,tstd.,uvilla writ..., that.
bur had la,tthie,..b..l wall a
and eaPtehl ,
:dim:- night f , tet. tour all the ditdt!!..llll
uh a Act, eon. u m ate n tbat after taking two 1.4-
th...lw war entlreb- cured. .1 senth . ntan W44131.wn
had ..ail , e4-1 Aotinua and Chronic Couttb
ritht la,n entirely relit-red aryl sough
fooNted .., l , tb.l taw burn - 111.11 1 11! n 1 , 1; , 111i; of this , 4, l ue.
that. “I.. ' .7tri . ne. I.lf3 ' e l etural 1 1 ,471 t. to ' he ' ng.tod in
atile ' l r e.
. I. ( . llf, "'. ll; t le t 4 h rhMo ' ;.ri ' vr i rt i : ' u th”
h. 011 ur 31. L , 11;312 , 541 . 41.1‘ 0 15. NOW xxoer,—lt le
at up te half Mut Le.ttle. at Sr oath. each, or eta bottle.
TV bd.
et.i. !my ,TVlltet/TRA P 20014 do well h. koito ...PIO of
'bit mede nu hand the time. se It I.'one of the mut
',forto h. and et:kat-ions remolkt. ever dhwur r ere.l for All
0,00 irrl lee
I', teue. lOU t o
et rnu to
uy ban CACT e
oat a-
t h e v
tantrum. but du ' uo.. 11,1
them. Ii ,ott want to pet well buy Pr.. I
on, roatt.
CT. add take rif nth., this 1.111 cure lon, It Lae In It
f the mad valwilde plants mid herb. I.fthe materla met loitent,unded by a tvrtedt :lulled' In the !wal
la.: art- Tla re ran be no tloweta:011 its lilt
prepared In your 'mu city. and the o wn d i e. bat. unmet ,
oertlficaht. from lu itur own dir. attesting Ha
ralumbles propert.LA..• which will' down an)' Iwt.ta
&Areas of thou. .
-ats wastm thrtsughout the rutted :Ulm to sell tolh
median., Lax, dlwoutsts atllnbe mails to thora who will
Intreeot la the tuolleha. 11 will pay a lartte wont
to all ato.beshlo, thee will bedoing4alleritn: hut:watt,.
mrri I. ; phasing In their hands 110 trNattad!ttudlehto
Or Lung diet' the world has ever serum.
Fur wholuaale and retail. by Rea - e,Rit
Lew:Flak 140 Wool otrwet-Pftcrgh. Pa-, 10 whoa,
o i l
tor ...twirl must addre Al.o. for rile by
)1. c a ne, Allorlway city; P. Drts! r, jj,
Ww.hlauton, Jultu Iturhanu.'lllrtory;
..rat. Keyser. J. Co. Vowel! .C at anahurm
bud Ls mercLwn , . and drutruleb. generally. t 023
kS ELLERS" LIVER PILLS s'uperce4lo all
, other, Cheilotten, Vs.., Sept. 'X, Itolt —Mr. 11. F.
Se o f Pill have talcum eo Motor ht eh this re
clon of eouotrp. es tore much to suptAcelle ell others LA •
laver or Ault-11111km+ Pill. Yours de.,
tEstract et a letter.] JAMES A. 1. 1819.
. Purchascre =collect that B. E. Sellers' Liter lilts seethe
originst tart only true and iterativeiterative Lent Pill, nodmay be
the at
cities taxi vicinity. tick LT It oat street, .11 ut Drug**. F.....dir tu
Professor A. C. Barry's 'Tricopheroii!i,
Poe renewing. beautifying the hid,
removing . the mend. dandrof. all affections of the than,
red miring eruptions on the clan diseases of the glands,
mom d. and integuments. and relieving ninth cuts, brut
e., sprat.. .Lc. 11 ith this preisoatian .tliere la no eoeh
toed as fan . The first joarthls In America. malted mon
of We litsinst croinenre, prominent chianti* of ell pref.-
them, and 1.11 e• whohere lout It, for•).er In their dies
ring moron and trunerne. admit It with ono accord. Shot for
imparinag vigor. alouy luxuriance. and curl to the ben,
ersdira i tios 'mkt cod a dandrza. tre i aliz ye , smilnla,
We' rusci7e. ' 'L'"tf... =SI
sniong theme...husk of orthoutitis advertised in the pule
prints, or
Irani primils tiractne. &mink th
as erlthry. Berry's Tricopherous be unrivaled. The Im
mense cash sales of the ankle. have enabled the inventor
to mpply that 25 rents per bottle. which Li from 60 to lot
Igtent lei than the price of any other prey/mile° 651.
hair now in us Thy scientific treatise on the hair
thd the akin embracing the soluble directions for the cul
ture an&prerertation of thithis choicest oemament. In•
whith rich bottle isencl.ed. !mile. worth the DM* e.
The sginlty between the
membranes whkireonstatuts the
akin and the loth whkh draws - 1U matelot., from this
ripe mirelork, Isvery class All dioceses of the hair orb
sinste ba the skin the had. if the purns of the snip
. or If the blood and outer So k', do not sixth-
rj through the *mall recede which tied the root
with montane, and impart Ilfe to the ilbnis, the result le
mkt darsimilLithediling of the hair. graveness, drfrono,
and Lowther...Cale lisaments, Aral cathrobalducts, as the
ease may be. Stimulate the Ale to healthbal action with
the Tekopiteroas. and the torpid Mantle, recovering their
activity. will auraillats the disease. In allalfectkrus of the
thin and of the substrata of minks and Integv..ll4, the
67::::At b ege l r:fetb th e:= ' 0 .121
bas Its specific callow, and In all laketlOU!. clot timbre of
ace, 1= Broadway, Newirert, and by the principal merch
ant% .10 dniggiststhrtrtigbolit the United: Stata
;nty bas W. 11. Grant's;
Grant A William::
W.A. Ronald*
IlarnoCa ball pound;
Ontoroep on Bata and
droll koga prima ucw Lard
t,x S. Tobnan Cocoa;
do Zee Cbocolata
do (boo. Part., o band
I " TIM!) .l ra i ll 9 Wiretir l
Itundrod'barrels jgst, reo'd
Not.. Ile Water a
Prepared under the humbliale cam bran, Inventor
and ertslglebect for nOvarde of thirty ream.
Thl. elenst prefuratlon la recommended
to all cams of
bile, lodbmatlon. gout , and grand. au the turet
ram, eauv, effectual Qum In which Ilegnesla may. aud
Indeed Me codf one In "blob ft tm._ ght to be ashlbltal, our
erteloff nll the propertkv of the alagnmlM. now In Ileocnd
bum, without befog liable like to form Morten= mom.
oor In the bevelc, ft effectually coma heartburn nil:hood
',doting the mate of the gala, p0t..., and their
carbenatat are known do t It beeventa Ur foot of Infante
t rrolpimallr; Vll . s=.•ll•l4eur ng aperient sod
Nnetne T hzer p leOrTirttltlod that thb cOlutlon roma, sob
tit& occolthrtions rah uric mil mite In mum or gout axed
gravel, thereby ottuturacUnv their lednriona tendenor,
vbeu other olltallos and teen Madveslaiturtf. had tolled
FM lir Cramtbm, Bute, Eargento thertral to the
Army lu
bear hlr—There an be no elnobt that ilaffertabolter be
admittletenut more =July In the furm of a counentrated uo•
lotion tban aubetamm Ibr Mho and many . other memo , .
I sitri of Opinion that thr Fluid Thnrlturto b a IforT dun '
addition to our Nlaleent Mottle. VI I 11. lb IM
Ulf' Tamer (Irak. lIIr Conivr. Ilehttu..and Mecum
Guthrie end I tatted llaf:e. of lumiteu. Amway mounmend
01111.1 tub, ert belsrtJlatintrty mom rtfe
tut tear tho 'aohd. Mot C
) Vent U i , f.lab o or attend-
Ina tbo -onttaut the
a rl• )01,, ' •
" ."
full Cor. 'Wool z Erna als.
riL4O F.
11, 0 nmee of out:ding rorrlrrlror e llpitd:i
by caln,.. Licelt owl ut thu.l'oftt. hem oat Watur Md.
10 wilt he bared fora term of year.—
1t,!=f 7 ,7,.,b111Ytdat.t..1. volt otertui p naer. t
mote kn d of tonnuMeturind Lairtoert. gremakna
gluon framedlateit.
Aildt to f'11.11.. O. :TULLY. Agent.
eco . hourth etteed.bittuborth.
)LACES wanted and perauna supplied iii
abort notice. alit. a Bundler ° verb
num men, Ind Inoue-oil bout of all age. , to etorci„vare
-1,,,,am ort to trade, or ••• MV1.1.1000, Juvtlers, valtere,
,meftruen or Inhorms born or country. Wilt aud dry
norme.chandvemalda.ecokart: 31orier tmensed or lent,
and all:pale of a:combo promptle ifttellatod to for moboralv
ebargeoj Plea. call at IlALUtlh' Avner sat 10
tellhonsto Onlee. Vilth Abort. ads
"iyiIITEBEANS- ,- Tan barifele priMe, Car
rale at 81 Off ry, honl.ol. h.
J AKER do Mud
barrels packed for side b;
I TEA—S'aine - kind as in
and ne, yleamint ta.
Win—prier 75 mats pre pound.
Al7olall. in the Diniannil. and
G ' gr.
011 VIER 11ACKE, Wholesaleand Ra
tan mu . Owner at woof Lad tbird 0.0.6 an•
Or moat. CO.rica aoui, klissbiatt6 culmird
• -
'• . -
To t3outhern and Western Merchants. `AM. P. , ROSS, AtterneY ?t` Lan - , Office. -
ROITSPI.f.'S PREMIUM 'PERFumE,Ity. All N 0.1.1 Etuarth strodOldf.afilflfe.."....r iv , w rtellulli - • ..,
thus, Pittston:la .. a . lob
The sulerriter respectfully invites rutile, attention
ready dock.f Edlumed , Soma.Shavonceresard, i A LEX . W. FOSTER, Attorney and Coon- .
Le, to which seem' Saver and two Golden !donde have. I.
Newthe l.ft * l . MG'S. teTf. u'rllfllui by tbelnetitead of I seller at Law, Na IC4 fourth Ade. near Grant sit
New York, Gomm. and rhiledelPhis, the latter being the I noturuh. • . ettovDdidewlog •
only Golden glodaht seer awarded for perfumery ei th er Int , — se e m ud p
Europe or In thin month/. ' The neaten zoay.
lito"thJ's blaidal.l. P.n., 'CRUM, (Atmore', Rod. 'SO SAYS NATURE, to have A. healthv an- ~
noAr...naL) urdernially actnowidged to bumped= to o-gi
teem;. c .,-..r. In flab or Europa. . Pearanev, sad redo. 'Mods. not yodel.. dfl - ir. s
i.. the met dleturtlnc Skin Dived. Now Jong halls; ~
OtraNt. von Snovrth-lleantifolls trausparrot. and I Chemlon Sou duds a feet ni mil... & 00 O. RR.. ,
padding ItighlY Sagomccons eat eanitient progerltem . deer , e „„,),,,,, .., ~,,d u„ ,, 67..etn, nToug it Goo texture
,eiltnscrout tX,Mpountl, Atultnteal Charing TRPlek KUAte. a„„ ~,,r „ ,„.
ry Shaving Soap. hendr. halt Els.o.m, and Song are tad only Iddel, bct ,
Bonn. Trater So-the-Ahnotitt. Rm. Millefieum, Sup dared by It, eh, ea at lead ' physeiant In N. lork b.f.
a. ."'
in, Mark. Ilatehouply, ocean* Floenog who tow It rod ot twos , stnl en. It octrallth&-nm airs,
Wr ' atil Pl'i ni h , Olin; I.lll,llndror, and Cindestra. ' thraplixlik.tchd. 4 obld. °el./de eleu.i...• ...
EXTRACTS FOR T. lIANDIZSTRIXTR-Krett. Jannit. 800- ri mier to adurel the . Oda to nu owned, pniled n0d..., so
cue[ de Candloo. Uerarienm. Jenny Lind. Moudelinecheic od trial will prod. 1 died enumerate at least eighty. ,
Club. Magnolia, el.mallte, Citronelle, Edna, and many Proms died of v.., 1 ,,„„,,, i ,..„ nod ~... b ,. d . i
'other vssietien. In all 'slaty different perfume. nor lt-nied the rdder la main aawnd I would unteru-
Toner Warear-Slorlda Water, Eau de Toilette. Ordure '4UL...Oi it for the Mod, man, t p d . i t to b e all I date.
Plower Water, and a Mat enders of Colognes and Laved . ' f ha.. w ho an INN.. Mann. rrackethor chapped tlecb , ~
&rfest. .' will and thee n,... , n1T • run, tate preventive; and 1 eau ' ;
- Purruesnoss roa mu Hun-Genuine IdarteGil. Antique mow only 104. that risy ma. abr.,. with MY an , . shove;
Oil, Bendnne, Fan int/Tnle, 01 , Ta, Compound OT Man ~ 1, 1 .1, 1 1.6.-t, t , ~1 11 A.. th. , all, wt. coon more ORITIII - t
row, hair Dyes. Ildtdol arid In powder, and PhUocceutheld. rah!. In Its properthet ;nth I note.
nine, and Jenny Lind Pomades. .
•, w-But. read, tht suet. are fleorinl wilt '
OvartrAtonc Detriserode-lityleamie Elixir, Row Tooth I anal i elm , Tl.S_Sbk fO, itahanChankal Soo
P.M, Chardal Dentried, Oddpna ToathPasta,thdTooth 1 buy it only,rf 1,51.1.441 y N, ms., g. prgr , i r , pa ...t, .
Pow hem ! o f M cod.
Cdurrun-Terrtable Otensnio Cream, Amonthor for •
Kowa, Crown as !erre, Lip ' Pear.y u ..1) eL .an re.
I 11'1 * f
l' T — d Pa 'Reath, td
e t .,1 , .1.114V4, 9 V 2 41 - ...,.." ~_, „_ , ' t.. half er . L", t.,-1 wh o who hide either, honer.
Depilatory Powder, for,nmovielf ...Perth... ..l , l'ufi 1.., adored tha 1 rif their breath iceeer so Meth or *air •
I•owdr. Vinalcre de Rome. An mark. Vitwerar, Vicente treat 4 ,,...„. 4. dwi . kw ,.. „Ain, au! .thwthwth wi th i.„....
I lair eon delta, Poston :Ont.. tend... geed vdletY of that al5 cent los of Judo' Amber Tooth Pluto will mat.
'died' artteld , ico unthummi mho ....a In Ohl . ... 40r. " .. " the teeth as orbit, m Ft., aratths breath cdothemualy
Tt.• tubterilotT Imprx to maintain the reputation which sa d wAy on J.,,,,,,,,, lan e , Ith 'berry 0 4 it .. 1 .1 0•
fhb. ...I.ll•Mocut Lax an sleet he olocodng or )1,5 . , ..R Watt. .. .
but fan rate setae. nod will bet aPP. tot omien Go.. _____.
. h " .. f " L ` h " " . I " . ' ith "' "h "' "°l " " '" ' ' . l ,l Sientiftc hair Tonic. Restorer and Been , '
on d reads/MN term. d any dtalillehment in the Guth_ , •
State, ENVIER BUM. • e.-Trial Edam ~..I. cent. Those who tune nod ,
: Succoaor to and former Director of the Lattegtory of Joan; Corn Iteitmer, Imam RR ...Aleut qualltlee- ~,
KINiENE ROOSELL. those who luso mt. we ammo It to 1.141. ttl• salawing ~,,
• ll4 Chrennt It. imlitie.-11 will Coca the hair to crow on sampan whore ....-
Mr. t...hi. INTiondrY I. for die by ell the Ichmilsal nature intended lair'to urnendlop it failing ..:41; curadrod . )
Droccide In the mummy . • . or dandruff; amt make ISocht. ITT. or grey tai CTS./....T." - ''
- l Vol lVol reakring the hale soll 1..1 Mks noting on aide
t i ld...--ILroabe. it truly brautltui, dell..wpi It ea, 11 isrii.
CO -PA RTNERSIIIV Having associated
V .no. tl. W. Leonanl. with me. the tri
m ll to
al b t k he b v 112 wow .0 , Enslnces
The eentor partner oftho firm returatel thanks
to the friends and former Whets of Lb, bAst and bowl , .
by oriel estredon to badness asul the nude of enetonices,
to merit a full sham of public ,Istreage.
b A b l . t .it pervens krojb,,,,,,arv‘
oare iheorlerbi,
•111 please rail ittar metals, and .are cash.jaffslitartno.4
PIgoeROPOSALS will be received by the under
signed, until the 131.1, der of February next, for th e
mostruction of Nine Lae. end Dams In Duck Elver, or the
nor or f them,..l for clearing thee...n.l of Umber,
twat thtank. of Dees kenlng over Dec...el. -
The Dams will average thl fort 1000..4 will be 13 (0
It foot high, lOW a base of 50 feet In width. The Leek
Chaniterartltiml9o fret long nod 00 Pet vide, with walls
fret thick and . lo abrenew moth of the dam., . 0 0
w kit thick, sod optho same
Tbe leeks told 00000 to too built cipVicably to tbr
mral of the character partkutarly tiverffirt ova
the ',pin of Syleanus Lathrop, ot Pennsylvania, • eoPY of
which will le Mu. with the proprietors of such
this 00(100 0
to _
.11.1014 refere .. nee I. 9/040
100 on full oo
The enttre work to be be
by Fst JsmutrY. 155. L.
thethe vork rhould,be retarded by ...Kafir rreL
therefore unfavorable' amen. Contractors '•111 120
401.4 to give satlatactotT security for the construction of
the hnlnooeavot.
mnie.Tl(4o soh loyme,t.
U b'
The co made m
mpany reserves tre right of accepting the pro
em. &gond boot font tutored, sod the early complellon
of the entire track. Dy order of tile Dhedors.
...ereq ff .g .. Dor
Dock Elver '6lOOl Water harig•licaCo..
, DuarDerie
of DRY GOODS, at the Ono price 00000 of
A. A. MASON • CO, W. and 04 Market ateroct.
Cutorecoced on Monay, Deranther 30, ISSO, to continuo
through the month of dthuary. Thei - yr/tubs estallithe
mtht has toed thrown open ho Retail Trade, and their es
trus-Ivo stork.smoutdog to One liondrol and Thirty'
Thoursl Whim trill to olitcred at Iktall e fay ode
litorth kiss than coma prices.
The notice of their SenikAnnual Sale, to thy ono, of the
Osisidokiti Rho thonded the ask of last year, will be sold
dent tuntstoe for sotl Mb sea.. - They .111. however,
ment. akw of the trade and pride, for the Lenient of
Wager who have never attended their Wier,
Richthdlunerea 75 OR., usual trice ff.
tese pierce Ontiets sad Wool thaldnerea 25 ocithi, usual
price 375 f mute.
' 1540 plead Cotton and Wad Dobbins, 'and IS ecolsk
usual price 20aed cents.
I TO dhow high coda plaid do., Womb. nth.] price'
40 skives at riped and
,Rimed Mks. 10
pi 5 mats.
00 pleas Ba 7 lls de (.2tinti and Satin. 07% areal
Price 25.
50 pleas Stack Sins, reduced 2177 'cent.
100 pima Fiends licriesso, Oh areal lathe 111.X5e. •
,300 plecee Porthtettat and Lynam I.hir, reduad
.oup. ut.
2:os mkan it, rodeos! SO pee oath
2400 Satiate Mach , . viWth nal be mkt fruos 01 to
leas than used piers.
3300Fards Bonnet Rribossa at 8 and 10 cad.. ...a
N y... IS to ..Xa' coot.
Fast ctilorni Lblkinta at 034 emits. thou. Price SA
100 oases sM American Calkoes at and 10
- Coeds uthal_prkto 10 and 125; once. •
, 90 ran. Sheathed Dinalins. mimed 2 oeuts per ratiL
'3CO tales Droste Letts, dl credos.
Also._ Laces, Embroideries. Trimmings, Itcokry and
-fiktvesaloma. Chicks. (Rothe. Ctoseinotree. Ossoinds sad
non together nith immense *misty of o th er geode.
all which will he Darted Dorn 41 Loner litices then and
of timir puska. mks. • •
They. Invite an early call. as many of their cholovit
girdle till maim be sokL The lowest tido. named al first.
A.A. - MASON it
rale • ' 02 adf a Ilarket et.
The Greatest Bargains of She Season.
AOBT. D. THOMPSON, N 0.116 Market st,
Mice doors from Liberty. liathig dttermihod to elon.
lpine. Dr the Ai . M. torn, Dem this day. well
Arch or Enney and atahlo Dry Meals at mat Dr.
(UM. natal.* being Dor. Large. and well aelected.ema-
ViN 4 t.14.1. - ell Colittriti
Cloth. Ildainn. Caahmerm, and llpaetan. all colors: jhreraj
10100; wi.D . lllark Glade dot hhawls. Long aita 6 0‘ 144. "1
11.aere. de.
Ithalt Car.lnMe eri
Teatng E Travals. lnwr/M.
110 LS (IDDS—Barrlcbettngs. 4-. 64!
Irei; Cobb* Sheetlngs; Dazna.k. Table .I.inen.innaroJ.J
and Colt*
Table Clotho; Narldta.
Atm. a Largo az..rtatent of Whitney rod bath Blanket..
together with a full Weir. of Dortuatie Groh . . .
Purrar.r. mar rely uren on: at n+.-t.
(1111.::..2 must 1.. c on: be the tr.l.ef Arnl.
,audit • TII. , 3IPSON.
• .
• if , IGAP.S—Fifty thousand Cigars reeetsett
j ) and for rale by j.lll lIARBACI/11
ritEsu. Fiturri.;, , Nuts, &C.-624 ihr
Canto Curran.; 14.0 241. x ... 31.
•..11ahlort DI lif too '1..104 40-;n ho; de. th, 40 la 1.3.
tsr.. oars
Mir. Caper ilfat Almond, L.' jar. aarerted'
For rale by .1. D. WiLLIAM.
del. Corner Weed d mew-
(AIL :111i3L—Thirty Lug.• Oil Will. rep eived
pale b jolt! S. L W. l UILBALTaI.
?I,oFR—One hundred lids Extra Family
11_ and 5u S. V. Flnttr, pint weelyrd and Pr
.11ai 5.2 W. lIAIIIIAD3II.
-at reluerd prime. meta - Ulm oftbe foneninra
tue and Gray Illankrbe Bine and Itner Beaver Clotbx
Bed and Crib Illanteta, which were antliorised to close
rtdaaed niece, and will be xold on firrerable term. br
jall 11. Mt.
GLASSES—Fifty brls new crop for sae
QALERTUS.-5 tons Saleratio, in brls and
ta. for sale by j. 80 o ITT DALZELL t CO.
_EAF LARD.—Lcaf Lard in 11th and kegs
lA . awl Gar sada by BODE= D41.2.F.LL k CO
• ' Liberty strwet.
UGAR.-15 Wag prima N. Orleans Sugar,
1.7 1n um and kr ode by ROBER D
ina Libert7 street
FI SII Fifteen drums G. B. Codfish;
59 brlo No. 3 31a.okterl: . .33 brio \o.l La,. Flat; 10 or;
r o too. ;Mackerel, In amore awl Bar oak be
jail JOILN wArr a co
VIIEESE-198 has Cream Cheese' in store
sod for rale by JAM'S [MIZELL,
101 l • No. GY Water street
AU half ebests Young Iliad. aed BI Tas.
:LS ratty boxes do. do, hog. and one , P.A..
LI, box. Ilustell Robinson Vs Tobacco. •
Io do P. Robinson t Ca, 5. and l's da,
2/ do Cubinua Vs Yob.. ' •
IA or: boxes grim and Ilarwood's s's do.'
bou. Jason Odden Lue
lb Lust:lpin gum and Yu sale by
jou.) ' JOKY PARKER a CO.
10 1113.1.. croP PA.. qtyg Aor-adava.
wqRKS-95 dor. beet cast steel Hip Forks;
teuterenan steel do
40 dos 4 pronged east Orel Manure Yorke
o eretslannont and lta sale by
H OES -130 doz best Cut Steel Hoes;
6 - dco do. - do Gonlen lioec
oo cortrigrooent sad tor do b y
DEACIIES—Three hundred bueliele reed
and Ibr tale by WO SAMUEL P. PRILIVER.
SCYTHES -75 des best °rasa Scythes;
Co dos best Crulls HcylleK
• 10 dos WA COM dee consigol.
sad fix sato of L. S. WATERMAN EONS. •
/MA CO tCI Wsterc and Fetal st
CYTHE SNEATHS-125 dos bent.patont
NAILS& SPIKES--400 ke_go for solo by
laltl L. S. RA7T.RSIAN a 2501.0 i.
ASH-12 casks prifor sale by
aRIIGIES—D) brls sweet, to arrive, for
at A ,, M 11UKBILIDOE 1N01111,131.
/an • 116 Water st.
Ir% 2° . tcs for
UGAR & MOLASSES-30 Mule Sugar;
7241:anelalfolswe4 for
by jal9 BURORIDUk a 114.alltlik31
I Vi r tiDOW rbeatt.. ( b a.AAS g;; ; l 2 , TO, bze ozned
AD suit Z.
ULUE--Twenty barrela received, reeeiv, and
- Cr ado low by the lwrrel. B.lq. WICISMISHAVS
pl 5 lbr.of Wad s An/a nti
1 , 6 Cor. of Wool Bsrth rrs.
Ginsetur. 1 enk Beeswax; ttrot lauding tram stoma:
far vd. by
eel° ISAIAH tiICICEY z CO.. Water k Frerit eta.
►I'ANNEItS' OlL.—Twenty brLs Bank Oil
ji. In goal order. or rale Lr d<l 7. k It. FLOYD.
IVI O , I e A t SES.--38j1) , r13 ne . w,
- ARD.-44 kis No. I, now •
landing fur
A no,. dept . M
p UCKN4IIEAT FLOUR—Twenty sacks i
.'"rr.wd fur , web, - J.ll S. lar.n.typit
IL/ 114 ter s4le nT.1141 DB Al'N d I":E . 27fX•
1141RENC11 BROADCLOTILS.-3furrliv
"%Lt.:M.lf navy,) 4 1 4. 4 , 4 • 1 ,41, CC . ll l'
athlue quthtlef cf. e' slcce artlele, Inelc 1 4 4 . 4,
t very tee. Alen. Frech Ikeekths 8.1 (144thercee.
black and A. 444 11144 112144 V44114.4 . ,5i veer kor
prince foe the , th•l3l •' caa
1110 W BUTTER.—Teri brls Roll Butter
nu ri
mved f.• reel/ , •
fBORN 81i00313.
V) SO down Corn Brom= In IMNl.Zarabir
. 0
bt.). ba r.fir.
110, Evans Swift'a Cincinnati
jroll. - SALE.—A few shares Cliff Mine
awa.: al., North &ordain am! Western Ip.m:we
Apply to DA= /811NiIA .jala
tierd. :it;rin - o"4 - 414;;;Tf;s71' ;7314 7- le 7 itiriik . i . ,-
hair. •
So only at thi s JACKSON'S Store, 240 Elbert) ern!,
head of t -. 7 Pittoburolt. •
rive—:., mute, to rern, son SL- '•
JONES' Solution of Jet, n Liquid Human
Fier Dye. Por the [bonging of whits" ...Lot! gray bale, to a
beantlful Crown. es blocKoot colur e in a few annulus. !!'
topes-4.0 rents. and et.
Sold by - WII.JACKSON.:3O ylertyldreet. head UFtod.
mu) .gb. •
JONES' LILLY WIIITE.--Ltdies Die eau-
tinned against using Lao ennanon Preithred.ellulk. ner --
bnot swan how night:Uhl Ininurne it re to the. And
wman". how mush. bow eallow, ellowandunloulthy'
the th in appearn, n aller wing PreTaredtillt i Dobler it to
% ‘l l. lm bro!e ''' il
. g n ' tn. I IMILTV - i.:Vi.le artkie, w
call Jones' srenaisli Lilly White
It is perfectly Innocent. being purified of all deleterious •
quoin', lost It Imparts to she n natural. healthy, ab , ' •
&bather, clear, tiring:whit, at the man Inns acting en boo.
WOG' co the thin. waking it roll and ennoth.
hold be the AlTlit;.ll . 3l. JACKSON, KW Liberty street.
brad f Word, Paulen:O. Erioe.,Ss cents
dee ..olawlyK
fX. , Alluilribtn.non on th e tofato of Woo Fatter. latO of
Unser 01. glair Womb Ipi Altegleeny county. deed. hattOg
this day been wanted to the undersigned, gouts le. bezihf
given to nit P.T.PLIA indrtoed•to told ostatt% to nuke tut.
tnedla ot to poyntmt. sod ell persons having elahsof mai.*
tnteant nolueetoi preaent We same dolt . authsu- -
ticated fur etlllenteni. Mtldt:S
Lower FL Walt, Jan. , 1651.—ja2lortte$
Coon T of =rd. amt Marl. Arnett .Cltartal A. it .
eat The otly L'hotterol lasUtuta or thn kind In Pr.-
n - tranta..
ynynory—Jo. Fittamo, rrnaripel holinctor to ilk
Solemn of Accounts.
O. X. C1L01...M.1 l'onn.or of Pennsunioldn, Drhrnn
Ills Compf..... • ' "
Atintantan M. Wrtnos. Urn.. on c0n...1.
Ilooto or Tursortf.-110n. Wm. Wilt.. Ma Jetille%
Moo. lltuctlnnan, Hun. Jana ItnAten Ct.. tiny ion. lion.
linmpton, lion. W. If. linorti., tkr.
John Andenan, Gett. J. K. Moore:nod. J.. Dun
., Y... lya _ •
T. Ombra,: Attoinny st.
La. J.. Meow. 31nrelinnt It. A. Pryor. Amon. int.
Otudents can thin 1 toOtntion nt any .01 ob
tain Inntsvetion Lott, day n0t.... Ob.,
notified, rill merino • di..., pinned by the Fuculty
Tbonedeniring thionnob tn. lot. of l o o k .lanning,
Ilemonsrahlyt se-, sill tal. that Ude inf. only
.(21.t0t0l Cnilego ortho Motto Pittninagh. tfooniuntra-
Woo unload to ILL W. Chamtnolim modnrith prompt -
Wtontinn. : ,
SALll:—Notive it :hereby
nitro titot; 1p prirornotroof an order of the 0114/.'
tot of Allogloalr county. .e ea tom to pralnio
in the rillago. of Clinton. Allrahcor tha.•on I t sio
tut Thrtraday or February. a. C.darl. at 11 er.kols..a.m.'.'
on the prelobles. the following draoritall broarttr• via, •
100 No. 1. °attaining Thlety . Tra..34-107 previa,
ot tfoacolo
When.). the atmet, Widow /hod 'and Worry
which venal a too at•ty Craule Darning lfotr•o.
lot No. o _, containing their Ild.llld Odd., loniuded
.thrt ottaat,..h7 J. Cotton by the °drool hocrotiotatal otltova,
on whirl, I. erected a Frame atalde.
Lnalto. erantalulng Thirty SeicnCaltfr !wrote* fount.
nr.the att•at,.l.o an. anti. by iLo rcl.rral 1an....10t•
' rroaton • Wagon dial:real - hop.
• Lot No.d. °attaining Forty .t.iaLtit..lool.orrlica.l4oo4
by Judy 11 hotrod, Clutha Ateo. a°l Isr. it'alroa.. • :
Serum of rale are half cosh. lit ',also°, la two Muni an.
'octal paynicata, with tote:No-h. be ...enrol lay tiargliteut
funds and taurtgaara. ANL/halt'
ko_tr'rtrath d r! .a .
Orplan'i (Tote •
purgunnce of ;In order . tie (kph:ol4'
Corot r.f Allearheor lo . erlotai to rubric.
t auten.. Onirt flottor; ht Ito.rits of laCtrbutirli..ot
Thinolac. the poutlrth tint el' belduarY. 11..1. , •4 1 .
too Wriork. 1.2 r. the allow!, Leablatatc,
aloft+ tbn It/sth Mani of ard•e4tr- •
• All that certain bd. frontinr. =that catooX7.l3:ltt , i ,
running barb by the tattoo width WI hit, to !Cm all, •
on which L. orectol,ll. go°l and ra.laveniaat too
dwelling Itooro. 01a,,111 that olliee lot ridloiloon tiro
above. contagion.,
in front co Conant° trtrrt ?lir.. and.
running hark br ilac•f.nco al.lth tor lot to tam oiler. tint.
tot hewn. fil l'arlarro. rtral. -at alo,-..lotartte
from ktanklin tto.ct. • •' " • • •
disStil'll-11. 1111.1.. •
klroisilattator ••I Saran,' C. HIM •Itid.
-- . .
IN lIIE or.rti,iNs• COCIZT a .All, , ,glierly:
1 Cf.Uray. of De:enther'terta .1. D.I ktO.
, In tho utattte of thHartitst,o ..i *Lethal rulef %Vita I:.
DatteDon. lat. of E1:411/eth I ha-stah:p. d.,cta.a..l.
All,2lta)y C.,ienpf. SS: .
.... 5 i . ,11., 1 , r.0 ) ::-..,.. ~
_,„ 7.T .
4 , ' ,7J7'..`;.2.,.1..t.ri',."if'.C.. T.'",...:4=.
,f.,...,1.A..., a^fth's h4acr. 1. itilant . ..qt.
..4w... „ larenhi'atier , a, .t.atida tatter..., D.:,
1-• at: . C. 't 'att-r.m. ottt ra',ll..rett Datut,
i y . r . t i,,,,„ h.. then. guUn a• 2 h.t.111...,,yMf•1
a B • ':.h.V.,t1.1t.i. heirs at law t.lllDatta L.' I-at
terFon. dar.-4....d. ' . . . ,
hoDea t+ la,Le t itan t o the sbove naze.l. yart/Cf.' Cart
by ' , actg.. cl the ales.' me:Jawed iarit ~ r ::: , =thrmg. 6 ih
qun.t. •di Le tabu unit heal. up... 0 lit ,r , n'i::, thertta
dt-s - riDNI. Lt wit' 01, , ri.1,111 tne,Lita.-..url Sex-Ger . :Nal
ittrltt. in El,ltat. sin tarry,hit..•ta oaaVer.nn . ..v.• totiritn`..:
lani:a of '.l.lrn llitaltnmn, .lehr. Daakt^.. 11,,ha tle.D.s:c
I.htneaer lirath-r.en. th.datid Harlan. Jatr," Mr tintea l'. ~.
and thr heirs at Peter rattenant. mat-titling AbOutp, Is.t
Lwith the ari.ort,tanta, A 1.,. 'poe ~ thet• reitain
tne,..anteg, and t enet of lao-t 1.44.1 ate in raid Imam. hit, af
Etitabeth. Doont!,ll4, - lamb. of ~ . .r... )Iclitii4ltt..Theze....
Dattemn. and ilia: heft, nriNdid.,liaft.,. - 761. rentaison.
brut Sh amt. with the at:tourtxusa:o7, an Del Lilt dk , of
Dant. A. D. IS:4, at .10 a” fart. of 12.1.: torentrn. her Um '
I purpooe or 6. ikinG ra , iltion er taination and antwaLa.stent
at 'aid n. 41 ef.tat, as in th, aa'ol merit Detnired. ot .sce nt
' ' ''d
' 147 '''''
I f ''''''. . '' ffriltt t M.7 -t ie:.; , !1 . 11 7'
sh.-ur. n1r..... ritt..1.42,11, J..noore IA. 11,61.jalti,ats
d+tc~tufetncinn no Vz:;tr,„o,r,, Pr= 'lef;"4:
Lvm.dilto la. ut thal ,
Chß. win i vt. the nano , tor n VAL ut.
LANILL 1111.M...ttbalnISCralnr,
JaIPmG:S All.thextr citr.
PabliF Sale of Real Estate. ,:• •
WILL; be exposed to public Talc by tb
subwribers, ea tire I.3th dot of Yam:wry nat. at I •
&thick. A. M.. on th e premiete, all that certain km, o f
land !situate In Allkins township. reunty of Allekhent.
baunded on the north by Imila of Iltinry.3lerrow. ein the '
theby Dolt, nn the evAlth by Nancy Taylor, and en .
the aut tame. Kelly, nradalning fifty Ante awl inte half'
ih 5 .1.) anti" more ran 1t...10,100 It... the. Kinn - tr.. of Around'
ea which the late dams Craw:owl preperty
lies. near the Trankettewn reed. untl Walnut ten tulle, berm
tho city of illtelturahe ateut Or arras of the Argued me
clearehand in amid cultivatien Qu analog parlswes, alma.
Kett is cool ls.ud. and thoomperty to only gibe Lade half
mlfrem the Central ltail Nowt.Said Abut of gretrad It
maw owned by Stet Jane McCown. } lee. Isabella ilerdaran.
end diary Jane 31eAuth a Weer, and I Vehl
tenant. in tonfirion, .oth owednn en undivided - thirdprt,
thereof. Aud C. (Xtrotheya haring leen enwew ern! litTlre
Jane 31cCetwm awl Sirs. deal ella Iterdinsa be .arrant of
attarneyon cell (bar reveclire lawn..., awl Robert
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