The daily Pittsburgh gazette. (Pittsburgh, Pa.) 1851-1861, January 23, 1851, Image 1

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i may, et t. waV . I. to= h tu r k other at eeii ..„01 1
7 "EiC. noti to be charged 00 0.1 1 0. '''...7.
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notices ineerW without <barge, 0012 x 4.0.0
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- ‘ Do.- :.. each additional irmerttoo ' .!1.5 mots.
,g All gronalent eilrecliecounts to be paid in advigtoe.
r OliNtA. PARKINSON. Alderman, Fifth
barrel, a tYt. Wan.. All
44.4,4.144.141 T Atterdol
lIN, Attorney ntr le, office.
&rapt. of Orareutmet wad Malawi
, pittabargh. I ' ia1541,T
- - It' COLLIER; • Attorney • at Law, office
• oi hilhoeildo WaildinaP4 Fourth R . aboveWthflekl.
• el= formed whneotion with Wen. Nonni, EM., of Qv; thvowrir tho Load' Otlino,), Pt,
Strglit proper attentlon to the *curing of Loud
leraoth , rousion. am; to tho hroomption of anima
' before Omirrofo. or any of tho deportment.. - ...
AMES F. KERR, Attorney at Law—Office
on 4th et, botsrom Sm'Meld aid Grua. litteb=h•
I •
TOWS , Ezt WATSON, Attorneys at Law,
Stu 110 fourth ntroct, Tltldnagt.
cm .
—Alomm At , der Dar. John :33 - 4 , , KN.; no , -
• • , & ,;C Wm. R. thney; John F10...MP An -
I• • • Want; Oen W. Jackson, Thitsburgh. • .Imhuly•
DWARD P. JONES, Attorney at Law.
otnm aa Fo - . 11113. ernft. b.t o Woad and
Attorney at' I,aw
~LuryJ. Pa-
4P. l 9 Firlia 'Meet. rin.,
s . : : ' - CARD. i . haln - on into portnernhip,
tome practice. or the Pon,* teme. JOIEN IL UAW
-. - dela of Alt term
t ' I " s " b " I :l=it ' i n g ' Et7,
• pursue my pmetice float' farther Luterruptien.: AID'
~..... nafeeticaml Matinee/ entrusted M laieri, tetpeem thia mei
.-.:. • aeljourattent of tioupreee. will I. preaPtly att.134.1 to
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il ab' °'" ~. L. "Tql , r.*•4 , .ii,7 , opp , •l. w,l l v: court
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W • _ • It., , tan er an • et,-
4th vtrnet. rq iljoblizAr tbe rant of Firubargh.
WILKINS • &, CO, Exchn.noro
Petah Vast edemas . of Tided and Market streets..l.l
• e•I at aunt literal ran , " . .
:110LAIES Tc SON, Dealers in Foreign
• and Dames* BIM oletts•ge. Catthcatei of L.
Bank. Nate. 2 and SpeciNa ar3larkorrirees, Plat.
=vie PR all lAt p•i•ctßS , citho
11k.1Y4 • t : '4' I I 1., :al •
I tottlizt ttl'Ext , kk.t, Cola: Itaik na .
.stmet, nest do. to tbe,Bgkok. of Vittsborgo . :
p;wroililVO4.2dett isod the var.& maimed to
-pro.n. limor
tMt, • ' tan up • and z- ,
etcss&dpkenc Foietco and Dasoatto
$ll g ~Dertiftcates of Depositc: Boot Doom—
, o Eal and AT •• • streetcd,trectly opppolto
!..1 :CAROTHERS & CO., Banking Howe,
, iq No. 15,Wooti greet. rittebarghl Vueresif Wooer re ,
.1 , isalrtbeCLlPtireV" m ' a° P° tt U. 940.1Pa'
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I - . • . ommiisicin Ore ritA
I .• 3 34BraBiokers.N.114 Seem! stmt. Wm:ad-sad
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...72 1.74F .it . :iikiNA 8: . b0;i3 . 1 - lecessors to,
1 1 : Bain gmte ,... . I.9l4=‘,E=az Ic.=its.
4:fital tleak7Wee. mod 10iiide—Noriti vres OAINT of
streets. cement limey received cid Dei
, . r mat Owl* Pr late . , eisk r wp.e made on L.... 1
. : 7 4= 11.L IC.V4 i 7irg Tr4r... 1 4 .... i
' , - ,1 . 11,.....4. . '...'.fp,,,t.....hipp.i.a.:
' 1 ' . mnuesumer an.
latag, to .04. Strict sttoation .11! •
w.tondomos 00nm..0 eon. PH:Lobar •
toc. mod. f otteq.,g"""ogt
tt:p dry 0.11 y (s);p:4:1:1
op.; o. SfOCICTON, late Johnston do Stock
Le*.ol4 eaolcaller, Stattomer,PrbArr. tad Mailer*
: al Nand and TWA steets, rittsbarib•
. ,
• 'llolAlB6' . cheap laterairDepou,
isnetotromit. Oa Post Woo. Now 'Books Iv,
roal•el to wry et
34114411 ri a= B*blal bilslud al the pnlaishrys'
PRINS; 13ookeeller and Stationei,
.N. 31 TOUltb street, Aro Bulktinv.
2 -7•!';'irrIarITFONFECTI -----0- Hili c
k.:: ; ',,: 1 : , A - VIIS 'TOWN, ,b -- iiii,li,;l.iiii,Tifiit. , iii
;•,1: ,i-..;.. ilsksrsaslCCßlO.tranDle 'Fourth vtrtiet.Pitttbursb.
•.:42..!:;.;.."*Pt.."'Atr.4.".114117..d.t0d. '...u" . "."*" .
'f'';'. ' l i. l :' : -..' '.', . thiiitiltittia.
... : :;:,..,-,.....; 1 V- W,CLltika - . 1., iltinufactumrtaTd Im
, :7:.; . : .. , -. •Iter of Carhe Oil Cloth., Stem Rost Trim
4 .: f.. , ...... glit st - Wotr hballon, do. SistrhoWte, N 0.155 'Fourth rt.
• '. ..7.,',.. , . , 414 1, . Ifsalst., Pittshursh.
o . .-•
OAH C.: Du WELL ornivaPion o •
•outlisis Unr.tapt, mi . Ayr Atio7t,lsuaborgh.
JOHNSTON, fprirrirding and
1.1111.1r[b121 nn4l•nut. No.. 112 P.isrul - stmt.
. 4 • •
'it JONES: F i onvrOding and-Cum
''lntafyilltrteltant, Trndnee and IlttP
Wanntarmattlartvio. Canal 'pad., an'ad' Sevmtn
, ,Plttabare,'
:Cmaiiimam Steretant
e LIN '2IIcPA DEN C0..1 Fortrarcling and
Ctiortixiica Mter_brints, C4,44118.4.1n, Penn Area.
AMES M. ' I ) A.rIS. CO., Produco. and
Thar Fedor', Na. 9.77.54nrket..4.1 54 Cammerno . 44-.
• 'Pig. 444 . 44. , trr stb,, Qv abort, on
. •. nts rt Pruitt, to r Ibex. l4ryx. Men
.. r pun. •
ARDY; JONES ........ to Ai:
M a...taftured 41..35, Pitt.
,r. 1.1.1[10.i VI. W. TO
WhiAchale and. Reini
OA Rena Dn .
oiroet, P
I, ell In Fomicrt 's
, ad•
. _
• .
. • . -
KASEY, - FLE3I Inursibit
Xerclunts-Fa *tin ....W— . Roan'..ya
limpic sl., dealer , lq all, MO of fai ' Telma
.M14;,.N0. IA Wood ettut. r.,1111111 duor &Ina Stith. Pitts
i C. arrnirgu..
YELL, (Sticommrs
Amin Ina Retsti Drug and
Wool *mot Ind Virgin glirr.
+Mir krennornAril night WA
m 0 6. ILastiLl. I
, tb Karr t Ker.r.),
•• IS . 14.1( tt CO. Pho es. e
sod &till Dms,xtgb, nwr Wcrd ma Yrcat
IMAM, IVlroVart , rit
Iliathinaheds au , l
, Fr r kultanil implemmtN
• noln*Panta. into.
and Inxtonman—
.• • • or Ur. IrLaturs Mated Worm nroriEr, W
and Inng Smog No.O, ran r ol.Wood and
• • stmt.. Piunarah. •• en mill Da earrfutir pin
I Wholesale Dealer 'in
•• •
SHE DAILY :PIT -Ts -:.1:::U.4....!1,
.PV 1786.,
JOIIN _D. :ildliGA,Z4. 'Wholesale Druggist.
Isi.Dre Stuff. Oa%
, t t. Wood attott. cut &km South Dlitound
SCHOONMAKE CO., Wholi:Lalel)—trug
gut,, No. 24 Wood littotorgh.
YARN & lantee ale and Retail
Draggirta, comer of liberty antl.FL Clair sta., Pitt ,
AI, ri.
11 AMUEL P. - SHRIVEL Wholeaale Oro
:er. 1101 , cl:teats. g ra Dit
I !gdPit""rareeziLad'alldjkoit= Pittsbur.:ll.,
:10113C h. umcoirro
01IN S. DILWOR Who esa
Grow, Pi...Jure end Cuimpuleelott 'Merchant , and
gentn for Huard PO - larder co, ofillwrlTllle. 0,10, No.
1 Wo.i et— Pittehurgb.
TSr. stsukstnn_ 3- ' Es r.i.....x.
10,URBIaG — E & INGRAIIA3I, Wholesale
(Issuers sot Cstrungsioh Murchants, No. 116 Was.
s ls and 1:0 Fin,. Milt.- Pattsbumb. 1
'LEY, ..NIAITIIEWS & CO., Wholesale
Ogress. cumusturinn and Fers , ruding Thwhants, amt
~gents !us Brighton Bottou Yarns, L. Water sr, Pirtsbuwa.
II JO. ISArt --ToiviiilioTi7.-
IOIIN WATT & CO.. Wholee Grocers,
Con nsiBsion 31srrhants. rail Desiers 61 Prtdose lust
les h' Ilauttbruree, Zia 'AO LibertY street, Pith.
B. CANFIELD,Iate of Wiatren, Ohio;
. htserve , Cesandasiosi andVorwardlugoi;thant. and Whole
s Dealer in Western I Butter. Put and ,
d Ba, gal Wsstarn Produce [eared s. ,Water strost,
• Wens bmithtleld and Word. Pittsburgh.
I I"
" S7WATERIAN E.: kilgg, WI;OlesIao
A. int"Or.icl-,Y=crlPpr=l,°g ?i=
Artleles. and A wax idr_=Prd , : 4ll
so ttraxtzl
u rPM,lltr "-- . /
r 7 65., 1.. 0
• sale Groner. l'aiianilng. sea: Downtimes:l tfervlr
an Dealers In- Dittsbarsh Manntostares and Western
Prodare, 3/1, miner or /rent street stet Chancery lass.
=Woo AL
gulch Maralketort•—No. TO Water 0-.lltlstroreh.
- I men
'l. d
..o ra
arm Commloodon 7..tereluats. on Donlo In Praicor
d. Warr, and 10T Front greet, Fltt.bursh.n n
ISII. k BENNETT, late English,
eal = her & co.. Wholeitale G mart, Cooanatml7m and
°exF ,
Ming dterebante, and leaters be Produce and KW
ngb bllannbecturee. Bre. 41 Woad st, between Second and
Third street.
, --
— WY. ICILLi4 1.931....! r vr. lactrroos, 117telt. 11.
,L Go3i.n., =0 Importers of Brandlet. 'Wlrws and
1ia..4:1 corner of ILltorrtt and Irsin stmt.. PM.
burgh. Pm. /goo. Nails. Cotton Yams. to.. to . condo/04
on bond. _._,—
C. 100.
A/1 '1 3 ( - 10 E, 1t . 1i0 N 1e2131 2 1 . G u r b,, oce i rs .„ - and
Attitare, -.
F L OBERT • 11.1001111, Wholesale Gracer,
. Rectifying M&o
ailer. lio in Produce. l'ilteburgb
soSelaree, and aft tiodi ilireign aid. ',tango:
Wixom sod Lionor: i 'O. 4,l o , ,Lifer)' L
lotnt roe ti.
ix, a mere, Cornintseion Merchants. dealers to Prod nee
and Pittsburgh .11oustrortures. ho. 253 Liberty etre.7t.
elittsbargh :
41 0 ?_ti's A io U . :\ lIN611.13!. Wituloo - 4 .
t?but braes. litie r rorih ' Vit a u d u Let"S. " l2l.' ' .;
iberty d!! . Pittsburgh.
1.41.112 T ..... .....
VV ' 3I. BAUALEY & CO., Wholesale Gr -
and street. l'ituburgb. '
Jon. 0. WICK arturnift.
'WOK SIcCANDLESS, succesvm
L.: L. J. 11. NVIO, Wholefal.. G TOM ft, rorvarf
'and Cosom.Wiivu Merchants. &ILI., In lons. Nail., ta.
Corm= ra,rai, rod 1 . /U.4=rd ,, Mazilsfeinur. gene
lo ,, rner of Wood and l'abborgh. ,
A. CtlitrAMA
a Onaapra and Comadsaion Nlendlanna Dralnn In P
. and Pit:unman 3lnnularsurnd..irticle, 1.3 Idbe
*met, Pittatnugh, Pa:
--- _._— _,
a. ikVlll l / I t. . 11.11/T:
ler I). WILLIA:siS C 0. ,, wh o iezaie ,
• • Retail Family Ilvarra.Forgraniina and Cuannadoi
b chants, and lx-aler , la eunadry 11 , tone and fittabur,
blanufardurfa. earner of Wuud and I. dtb INtud , ura,.
i .41,03 MM. LITT!, , „gas,. 11.(1015”.
"Liberty otrat. Pittabunitu iriadeaaln Gfou , un. I,
tuat and CC6OIIIIiM.I Merchant , . and dealers to Pdtabut h
?hunt erturra.
41re= Turn
.k. R. FLOYD, Wiwi:lß:o2 Gribirre, CO
• utisgion )lerclibubs; gni 'Coming , in Prishis.—lia 1
L writ Buildings. (muting ou Liberty. AC•nd. gralii'
street, Pia:burgh. Pa,
all. fe[ITCYGON rrems Yer.tru •
Wit R. 31'011:C11E0S. Wholunie e
r«Dsuisri•lst Prbiturr. ire; \.lt•. WLu ,
Pittsburgh Staisufartum gssenslly, Lib•rty qrs..
TOON PARKER & CO., WholesaleGr
la Donlon t o Itrxtutn. Forelnn Witnn. It/nntnn. 014 '3
O t t y tts . t t n.tiA=.lVhttlnn —No. 5, Cortcrwrcial 1 1 ,
M. YOUNG it CO., Dealers in Lead
.te..ll3Lllxrts rt.
208ICA1 -134STRIL
•• •• • - •
IIN IL MELLOR, Deiler in Kano Foil
10 M u, , and Muriel Inetrommurr, kehool nod..
Marioor . 6o1.• wool for Clolokerbler's Moo Fortes,
Weetorle rlTs.pia--Nts. WI Word et.
ffENRY KLEMM. Dpler in Music.
eital II:retro:moot , awl Importer
lroporler MIL? I!tr111•J
iltetTe=Mr =LI C 1 Abu _
s ' n
ENNEDY. CIULDS fr.. CO.. Min Call
inni r w s ig.l.72Brsgir IttAritui=c
ONES & QUlOG,Manufseturon; of Spri
and Blister Steel. nutlet Steel. Rog PloagTo
Seale: l' llV 1=1:1 P = ta. th lrtrg2intltst
Coach'Trimmings gcserstlly. earner of Rm. :sul Frost t
Pitt.burgh, Ps.
_ .
AIFE & ATKINSON, Manufacturers
1..7 Copper WI Sbret. 'film Ware. Prost, trtyrees
and Market arte., moonlit,
11 "
f ."
• es.
T • ow
r 6.
• 10,1
401114 A. CAUtiIIEY, Agent r ,, r the Ldtk••
.Edie and sliebb. - sa Li,, v. 104,r and th..
<a on the corner cf Wat, and tittdtbftlet rte.
AA t & O'CON 7 .s E It, Preprietort• f the
littabureb 14 at tvterr n and
Arne larva ,
LEECH & CO., Traniportery
and Forazating .Thatbiltda, rnrn a yd r on.fleet
aA tba Canal.
:77 WORKS.--4
' net, Iterg k Oct,'Nennfaet.nrers of &do Ash.llll
rug Pantie.: allele and Bolphurk Add.. W.
No. 63 Water at, bekne Veorr.
Fig.tifLE GLASS' WORKS.-4. DAm
Itantrfactnear of tiasts•Guarratie. 'Fiala Bat
kat Porter, .bra Ale, Mineral Wow, Ndoor
Blaine, and Wins Bottio.ot arm dew:lpda. .1.1? -1
Ws Oates ' _ •
limo 0011411.99_ 0 • general anortinent r
:stela articles
Al* rtatea—as tbs•earr O 01 Factories at
&prod tae la the auk= in oioniner)—this Futon lel
Itafta opetaileat, and oil.' wenn. lo operation bo th /
nor and wintry.
• pater tesorethilly molleited, and will to Allot c
. Warabot tit
oo is No. 112 Broad irtreatettetmeen tre
Bodthneld au,
littrliateste. .
Aismisel C. lllll—Traportwr aid Dealer In
and Anserksn - Paper • Ilanstogs and Borders. W
!amides: Piro board Priam • as- Also—Writing. Pero
noel %rapping Paper. No. 63 Wend street. between YL
• and Diansand atler,Pll4#sritb.
P. • _
1119-fißtsatlvoitTii. Tea antfil
eILV th• 311.• FALL AL. ~f the Diamond, Pittabbri
AVM.. Groverl
Mrs 250 Liherty street. above
hr:ontllf"r:pre-....l%"'grerr'nit 1:411%.‘,7-A
rate an,liretiln—lnenuppreen loneve tern,
renalttnn Mind Maker.. Leon ennritintli
tel artier the Inn' article in their line.
rtlatiL Nn.,`l3 Clair Omer. sten. at lin. net :if
ioloond story, enunner in Itu. tom:wont Vent t
mnie!titritorand .nritil RrrallTat.
iiOWNhnkneie would most renrafi
of Venation Windt , eh* Venitlin hhinterr are r
I g . tei& e lift P lana trnt " n * r
ern, &ire, tiiirchannl the stork, h t.
of the rennet ettatiliehlonnt ItnanuF 3.t0,
peJtt pon‘l to furnieh their old en-to len.,
latne,,rith,ritry In their title.
A A gejhn. it Wood Mew!, Pit...burgh.
Zii:C l 4il
A DAM -HARDIE, eterwarv"Surgeo
it Crow FAilitinstli.—lerotlatiti. would erneietf
quaint the noblionlist he has mumenorel procure
. aboeo profewiren and, try easeful attention to oh
entrusted to biro, he hones to is sitiotartiow
ronnettion with dam eo Itardle. Howie Shori
filacksintthing lo groom! will be rorrnwl
at to
of Tunnel 'Urn and l'enns3.lsunla Mon:,
- tool, -- kdduNrs.
Surcessor to 31
urphy an
wool i.ekr and evtainlyplun Merchant, Ibr
Vi‘nlet, , . Liberty, olyn6lto Eiltb
S& lIARBAUGII, AVool . Nicre
Drain" near and Produce ireireralle. •
warding and Couvairsien erthanni, // 5 V/r.'
and lie Ewen] erect, Pittabutub.
EVILLF, i JOHNSON, Engraser on
nuk. Ifs% Ward story.) Vittrburgag, Pt
e dings, 3lachltwry. Beagle of ',megrim - erg, /root
lsoderg , Pe• Moe seals fer Ingle
eiettel g andnesociamong Calton Vtooey, l e., go toe ft
a art. awls. the loved
, le Ertablisigasat., Tl,llll lama. appagis
0 e, Pittsburgh. Mapa,lartalrrap., Kering., 111 ,
Pil bead.r. Draft, Baad, babas, Arrbltectaral sad ;
Drawlasis, Basis.. sag Vl.llBeg'llo l -1 , u , .agf
drama on Beans. sad reale.' he eolurs, Bald. B I
Black. la the roast spgrar , l .01, ...I et 11... 111 '1
abbe prices. j ,
HARDWARE ..1:4: ti: . :
oGAN, IVIL KIN lmporte
ww.1. 4 1. Dole. Faelvz• sad Cotlarii
064 Meg, PlUstmatt4
. ,
WW.Si her
w , m, Jew .
Forth streee.ritaba mud U
r5h.1 . 2.; N. Lt.—Wm. - b. , . awl Chrl d s
carefully mtmlnd.
p De - 4 - iFit:eonier :Fo - urt *
D o wor betvreli 31Arket sal li•47l . strwi , ..
NICHOLAS Civil llnginen.
Draisghtronn. and Practical. Mining Agent- )lain
orlatx of Nlodelt for 111 , Patrut OEErr. daet;nt or 31orbl.
ery foMinx Watwr ork.. honing 111 W; M. 3 6
fund betwixt 10 31. arta GP. M. at big mote urn So. 21
llarbary rtrrrl. PlttAhnrgh. ianl4 , lly . •
WILMAitTIi & NOBLE--City flouring
341... so. Liberts nu of Adams Pittsburgh.
JJI A. ISIADERA. Agent for Delnwure
tux! Bectr Inoorevtro &.1...r. 4 2 We.' M,
IGARDINER COFFIN, Agent for Franklin
Co. Irmrante Compatty, korth tut conw of Wool
. Wlll/1.1 strevto,
m. GLENN, Boos. BLNDER,IWood ritreet,
lamed door from the enamor of ThitYl..whero ho 0
moored to do mery.dearriptloa of Binding trith marorie
end durnbility. Moot Books ruled to an pattern. and
hound mitemothdly. Looks to portion, or .nl4 banks
taunt earefully. or repaired ' Nam. put nn In gilt hitter,
Timm who hay. Waling are Invited to ealL Prkm Ider
, .
. QIIACKLETT S. WHITE, Wholesale .
'1..., .ers to Domestic extd Ferritm Dry tieeel: L . , , , fro. MI
street. lithtbargh, tor ite Um attention of b ler. to' l
large .Lock of legth Dads nob. opening which
T 1 amommadatia trnm.
\sntlT ' b t e ° = . ti e y r remirlug fresh AAR Marin
gloom and mamma. crangootion of onr Mock by
ern merchant.. sod others visiting our city.
X 1 'CORD & CO., Wholesale and
litatinfuturem. and Wale= In Belk Capittind_
corner at Wont and birth attinitai ritt.bmwb. me r .
ra r d zr ,t.
attettion iTtheir Lstemara and piirehmer• wooer
ally. muting them that their will pelt on the mat dean-
W S L it..11 . 1 c 2L 1u g2,% 1 , 0 1 r 3i•
New. Coach Factory—Allegheny.
ocigg. 4
M. A. WHITE & CO. would re
=woo I.c:lM= i°2ll4.l th .t i r.o t i:;;
streets. They am to
making and are PreParial to Mod..
°Mort for every deerription of trelitelte, Comb.. Cfmriots,
flaroucher: Iltigniee.Tinetonti, war, itorn'their
loop aPe=in the mannfactirre of alma nogg,
they hate, they fool morattnt they we
ambled to do :Al Lai the reawomble term with
Paytri t i=al.7ll:4l3oU r to rbs ' sticetton malertaba
and half IMO but 'competent wOrkm they Imo no
hesitation n warranting their wait. We'lterefere Imo
&Moltke, of the public to this wager.
N. B. Unwiring dme in the boot manner, awl on the
mat re
. - -
vIRST STREET. Between Wood and Mar
krt. Pitbiburgh. ivaatinue to tuanutsrturs all kiwis
TIN 'AND sit Err IKON WARM. A 1...,.
Illectimitb Work.
Steamboats built to tinier.
Korth., Tot Ware, to. tleatubcat
Portable Yoram various; liszs — a ' , err eaOrrulent arbeie
Pa' Straralasaii, Cabfornis emi k trants. or HMI 14e,d Cam.
We mould respectfully invito Steamboat men and otbers
enll and mai our articles trot prices, leg.* Puirbaliug
• 7
AdLE MARBLE WIiRKS. (established
IL Is:12/ try LI/WlitiD WILKINS, No. tot Liberty rt.
brat of Wnsal street, Pittsbut'ult. Mormuscutit.
Vaults. Tombs. Ilesiletones. itc., Mantel Piero, Centro and
pier Tops. & Inas" on rand. and made to order.
N. It. A thine , selectum of Drawing's hand. )alO
NOTICE. We hare associated .1. CARD
COFTIN'seith us is oho Esrhange rant Be niciug
busuies , \ t')l. 11. WILLIAMS t CO.
Pittsburgh, January 1.
TDL H. WILLIAMS & CO.,`, Bankers
gml.klatlaAap• Benkyr, North Eipl mriarr of \Vocal
art,l gtr.rts. l'lttsburvh.
MI Irsnlnction, wade no liberal terms and eollectibnp
trumplly artemleal to i 3:0:11"
.... J ECCT.N. LI.. I. me..
u. c XAJ .....
, CLVON 5........-J. A. NV,11.1._
ItEALD, BUCKNOR CO..¢ 'Tobacco
Celan...dna Merchants. An 41 Nerth Water •treet. :
au. .-, IA Serth Wharren rhiladaphou nu;)
&J. TARDOS. Corniii9sion Mereli-
fil • ou An :31 Old 1... ,, P H.,An'. 0ri,,,,, 1,,,,,,,,,,.
rtautO no hand . large omortusent of ;Oshawa of the Al.
lowirig brands, which they offer fur saleAg Amos Ar J. :
Durand a: Co., Bordeaux, r(.-. aa
/lioilory. J Eraud, J PO ,
rood A Co, Lan•clielle, J. J. Durand. (Agana. A. de /I.IAA
mon A. L Blio ilia. A. de Mandarin Jean L00t... Or.. an.
olin. 'lobo, Gin. Bordeaux lied sod Whin. Illiod , in Clatit• '
and •-•••,....elerted with rare h. Juliu Durand 4 OP 1... •
aid. Ch.uPagria Who. Mad nor. Maximal, Port. ief:li • 1
Ik. I IERCEiI & ANTELO, tieneral Cranmil- 1
.I.V ..lou Nlrrebauto. Pidiadelohla Literal ..)noon-•
_ tn. e oil enrrignroeut• of I'miurn reuerolir ( soriAloina . I
DAVID C. TrITTLE. Attornev at Law. I
and lonoureeiner Ar /Ain., loauio., . Le s. al , : ILO aprwored. , orz ,1 • '
loi IN 11. RANIIN. AttorAN : and C‘'.,ltn
' . ?!..,7ilvth'.l•4!..;it-a,„ln!-J,117.-I [ l:;.l4furT,;.,"•l' of
lieferonere—Pinnburgli: Iron. NV Foto - ord. Ihrupteu A I
MOtor. ArCasolle.. at McClure. John L. Put., Biwa a. - .
Sample. 111.-AAAO t Cf. , aaglaily_
. .
WC. 1.“1.11 JOAN. X. cox:lora .,
r , Jur axle Grocers, No. 221 Market st..Philadoirhla-_ , ,apl]
4 tonarr w. IKANDEXTVI, . .-WILTEO. re trroworag.
1 . . R . W. POINDEki.E'R b..,C0.,-.444erali.
-,- •• Orguiniewitin sad Forwarding/I.:Misr:dial:id Flour
e • is. itt,..741 Market Amt. Philadelphia. . J>4o•
- ..
WIGIITMAN. Manufacturer .of all
mate of colt.) and woollen totoldnerr,rAllegbror
ar. The above works being Pl. itt mt. faircrrolul
talattrat. 1 am preparod to aserate orders .it dirratch
for All kinds of roarldarry to tar liar. torb ea .tllor<e.
platter, prrooder, nada orindino acbtora ndlwara dor...-
tog trauma *leader, thrutolla. loom, %troll.. tart.. dotal e
nr vinAte. In? rocarbaut or ottstary work. maim .1..1..1.4
elide and band lather and toot• to Avorral. AU Mode
of ahaßlps unde to order, or plants Oren forAcarima tacta
raw or mills at rratonable aurae. • .
Itratado—ltatualy,Cbllds Cost ßlaaketo- - 1. Dell A Co.
Rio:. Pennock A Co., Jett A. Grar..l
Delaware Mutual Safety Insurance Co.,
CHANGE. Third et— Ptah&hia
Q. on
following !listen:mit of the •6•Ir• of the Comtewft
is noblitthed ht conformity with • world.= of its Charter.
Premiums received the seer enditti Odd!". Ziviv
On Sistine and
(In fri Risks
r. 411 3 , 4 Pew® dutinx the yeer_en,lintrebove
Marine and Wand Mae
11111 L r ;". 120•31 E drulrEptfiti '" valo "zi :atn - i vigG,
Proet sad Loa- .. 434.33
Hewn Premiums- • 17,9a1.15
Keturti TAW.%
Agmey thu5........ ....... n' . ., 17 41:4 .02
Miaow* Bent, talubes, ntai; .
17. A. . 14,21a1
The luxixtx of the Compasy arm •• followe
ri'4! 4 d6 'JZ!`'td7.4 . : l Blll',V.Z :stag,
5111)000 10itinsylvanis ••• " ...—....
$3)...00) Philmiel'arity Sir ••
1%000 Spritig Garden SI . ........ 4.750.03
130 Shares 10onxylvsnisi 8.11 hurl
20 " Unknit Bank cif 11.150 i Ald* 4.110.0
•• 31xrclutut sod Ilanithrturxxx
Mitadelphisand Ilarre.lo.lracegeszo
Tow - Boat. CoommnY
rbila.telrhis hxrhamen •.
ter.. roil Stwk GE otiadry 51nta
Camapvolce 6.112_70
13111. mr , ..l••ble ..... —....—.,. ........... .. .
Cub ou band
Intrrest..lun . 1.7.4:43
Balunr..•ln dm hawk... 3
iI 71.nrms merraly ....
s wit r r, rest rirr•rettoit o‘trrit..
II 1 I LNlttt 11 ,r , ONS, 13,,, i ke r s.
ji t ~,,,,,,, 7",,,,i end J ...Cis:, r•Or'usJk.
r)'o 1 1. 1 11.. II •rrlosh at Mat,tllno .d.
-- rank,! 1,1, tut' t • tne4iirust, st ~,,,,r . de
al.i.L7 , La, 1,,,,e, I. 0 iit . 51.'f,..,), st J.•
, ~, ~..i ,i, , 1
~ t ~...;,,,,.., , 1 -sin u n 4,.
Norma. Jilt. 0‹. , .. • ~..„-„,,,,,, w, ,,,
~ ~ „ i , ~, 1,,,,,,. el,,,L,hati ~ . It..
The limn! of I...set/tr. hare this Oar tlseland•di , tk'nd ' hank • f . ...or , Nos rs.a.. Pk i 'ins . unati do
of SIX Plait CENT. It, cull, on the Capitol 014.1., and sl X , t‘,..,,, n r:s. r ~,, 0. ,,, r „,,,,,,,,,,,,, r , ~,,,,,,,• ,s . dl.
pi:!: ChNT. MI the Sni, of the Comsat , . ToOshlrun and look ~, ~,,,,, ~,,,,,,,
_ 10? i. „, , ,•,,,,,,,_ ••• •
~4 ,,
aft, Oseetols r let, 10.1 ,, . Al, • it Ohnid of 14 .:' V" UsOk of I• n . Ts, tsloy. tor'.!.. 1 ' 4.. I p , ..1.. fi:r.4ls ., :ds•
CENT. In Scrip.. on the Carnal Etrek and' Earned Pre., . r.ank ..i ths 'nowt sent-, j.:ltSruns P.•sr, r itin..._......,p ,
naps, CertiEraire for ablrb •111 he Craved as atom. ~,s,ot en ,at :auk of e a t dr i Danl. of Na.sillin..--......41 , t
IV , ,De: '1 rarne ri X 7, sstatrs • Ilk pa. L. mall Nests , .,. ...,-,..---do
wtmani anua, . Wllllaun Irolwall, J.O. J0h.... ~litrarl Ban . . . osr NM ttil.i.ND.
Jotuth rent. John S. Newlin., l+amusl L. Stokes. ~r , ,,,,,,,,,,,, ~0 , ...,
~,,,,..n .. .„0 , .., R . ,,,, , •
It. A.
L e ts .soos' Or. IL TI. Iltuton..hinisa Troduair. ! ttanuf, 1 tern lank.. .part - N 110 l'iiiii.7 - "
..iGia. C. s. Jams. C. Maud, :,.. )I'l !rely,
IL Burton. T. Paulding, . Chet.. lIstlY• I M.on tlrtl
insuri a Hun,. pirlC'satuatry.-.,_.... - Ynrk
J,,b,,, 1, p e .nee.,,,,, 11. Jou, ta•rolte. J. T. Logan• PlOt'n• 1 thlladelphi itauk... pad 3LtItYLANP. -- '
S. Dlorante. 11. Sloan, • b. T. Morgan, - ..i g,,,,,nuaeu look . .._ part
Co par
11. 0. Lupur. 'II to. h: re. Jr.. Hugh Craig. '' 1 Tradestua I . rira. ....par Countr, . •
la. , . 0.1, ! ...a, ri, 1, nk .. :' . ',,1 -. . . reri , AM , i iii i ii i iiiiiiiii i iiiii
WILLIAM MAIVITN. Preldent, i p, a ,,, or t.,, ~..r.t„,,i,, ~,,,,„, ~,,,,,,,, ,
TfIiIMAS C. ILAND. Vim Priuldent. , u,,,,,, of ~,,,,,,,,,,,,„•,_„„., III:4101A.
.. Jolreu IT. OVIVAIf. Fet-rstart . ; flank of It. Mlle .. . .1..,..1nank of lb, Volts, .•
; hank of L...C0 . tiisaisr..par.lik of Virginia. Itlehtnotid
Br the Art Insorponding thlsColitteny. th e toirns?` to'. , Dank ~f 0 coantown.....per,/,‘ Ilank,,ka„ Norfolk...,
,ring pnpsrly thomln •te II .I,nrir of Ihe ',rat, ),..o.), ~Olin 01.00.;•1, .... %,E.,,,,,,,,e Nnt; of Vir,,,,,,,, ,
.:flu. Intlitufion. With.% SI/LSwllog tktntw'it" ' 0 •t • T • liana of ttoto.i. iii .. -I Ito..lisoll a Mara knob l;
lialallor tertood the i.rennum pat). ~ bank of M hlisionn 7.lNorth Western Hank la
Th. 1 ~,,,n1 ,e... 4 and Sulowru,tlonNOlre NM pinOrol by ' Nlontconts rln Inink_. .part Uranshs.
the !;Lamer NI OM 100 trwnl. of nod the
,pn,flte of . 11„,,,,, 0, I, o mhu•laus ys.r. XOIITII CAIIOLINA. •
Ow tOilipioll toe .11reclott to he invested and matron In the , 1 •„,,, n,, ~ , , , ~,,, , ear . ~.‘,............. ~
~,,,,,,,i,,,, of the Loepornilon. ro a fund for the further se - I Cob:mild u ik ti,ltridceno oar it i.f St. of N. Camilra... ...
..ur,tt of the ...ore,' TIM fund will Ls , repn...entod hl I hoy Imo , . 1 Its 01.........p.a essono•rstal Ilk, Still:Wog . . '....
I...tau eh Interest of via per rent du lasi Ninon. , y,,,,,,,, p,,,, , . Is,. Utteliant , ' ii:1111, N01av(11 . ...
ths 'tont" ) sod Stoekho , l . ., Pt. 5... . 14 . 1 * ......° Erl. Tank .... -. I. SoLTII CAIIO LIN'A. '
of onrnoll rretl,ll.l l / 3 0 and l'aN.l Mose. I. amen. I h sf B . oskt Co- P•tr . flk of the St t,f O. Carolina
Pllttharsh Aest, , ...'s 1 1 ates `trust. ; 1.,,,,,r,.../ ~,, of Lausaater.rar , hulk el routh Lara Ufa..... a
1.0. Am , , P. A. MADEIRA. , 1 ~,,r a• I auk of Heading par Bank of Char105t0n......a..... 0
- ------,-, - - --- -•-. - ---- j ) arm. IllistSclinylklllenine Planter,' & 3lschaulm , lilt 0
State. Mutual. Fire Insurance Company, „ h.r.i.r..-.... ,‘„,....L.,.11., lit:01(01A.
• 1.,,,,,a4n raf , , tt arlanutowtem Auruua 10,4 Banking 0 . 2
Marrifibarg,,Pa. I Ilarrltluir think . tillialik of Augurta.... --,:,
TILE very liberal patronage pried
10. to , ftgr'1..,.. 1 ,',1!::,','1
.... :::: . ..i . ,;.:.j00 fl 13 .1,Wat. ii. /2 . INA. 2
1111. mama nr , having tumid pohriea to IL? funaunt Lancaster ;minty ltank ..,parlAll aoltent bank ......... ....- t
t• near Ons autl Et Half Marna,. Lf Dollar...ha - Ina Om 1a." 4 ' Lebanon I ank par Kt:STUCK V.
three months. Is el:Atari,. niandfr elation of the r , tlniatunt ' Miner: If: nk. Lt . Pottsrille 14 Ilk a Kentucky, houlseillo ,t••:
and ...faience of the
in the eyetton of ructiaiMuietn. I 3lononalst•
an . ~- .for Ilk of 6.11111 e, thilrets. ....,
01l *hash it• basins.. le <maharani. Woo Ito,, -11 Hank ? Northern 111,1 lientuck.,",.L.
To oily or celbottryoarthmalLeud owners of dwellings, Wyoutlnailk.ttitheabarrepar Southern Bit nf FirntuckY fe
and totalod 00,1 country propsrty, it Is bell,s4 Me rom. 1 boll n o , o l ......... ~...._ ti Ilintill'lll.
Punt' anted, ado
Point of elistPnett. ntfttit .it , d Relief tiotes A Ilk of :Ron. of Missouti...-ia
iwsurity. Interior to no Insurance Conaraur 111 tail row:arr. ILLINOIS.
Wad uctol on the c.oultal.le 2114grrat.171ai1...1 kyetem , ,••• ' , Sta. Hank nal brauchnt -fro
of Claaaireatlnn of Maks. excluding all stud." latit.O. In auk of 1 Illuom ..... -..if•
ruling only a o
fd anumno In any one locality, tam pm- IVIsCONI4S.
eluding the
ion) onsurn,nro of lark.. Ores. und• 71orins t Firs Ina C. elk., h
all. no posh oho Suvk and Mutual plan, it not only fuus NI 11:1 I MAN.
emus the atillp.. and auvmmtelation of Lnth methods, Farmer.' %Thant,' Dank::
but ;WOO., the 111.1 , 1 to a partlrinallon lu the prunta A:overtime. 1..0 Ilank -- ;I
It la tinder lb. control of the following Directors•--John . Pridimilar Bank ...............
A. .
C a t A. A, 411151.1. John 11. Parker, a. T. Jou., . 'mummy Cufkruur ...........
Alonzo A. Carrier. Philo C. ii.nlawlrk. Robert Klub_ . State Du _, ,
i J. P. lIIITIIOR VOILE/. !Valliant. CANADA.
A. J. CILIUM', ravvetarr. at of B. N.Atuerica.TarouLa n
A. A. CARGILL Actuary. Liana or ow Peoria Tomotn r i
Clank of Montreal .. ..........
flank or U. Canda. Torono:.
On New o r
(MOl- ...... .'',
On Phlladettiloado-..- ...-,
Ou ItalUtoore N. ‘4l
it P.STEll e i EXCIIINOE.'
Cluounall ....... ~ ...... ..L.... .I
SL Lut; .
Donbkons, Slaitatsh.--IN DL.
du - Patriot ....... .1:0/
11aa1eru1d..........__ ..... _IDA.
14..1=piw.:::::k.: 1 11.3
"Jul... ......._._
Branch Mee far westent Pennsylvania. 54 iintithfield
/stmt. Pvttsburgh. Perlin:is desiring Insoranne will tie fa,
hished with - WI, or the entispluy irye 11,0 i at the base.
- • -
rehle '
Western Instuance' Company of Pittsburgh.
(CAPITAL e. 300,000. R. MILLER, Jo.,
'lll Innua against all Mode of risks, Ilre and Ilarlme.
All buttes will he liberally adjusted sod prompt, - Tali
A Name lostitutlon—manswed by I/11.ton who an, well
Immo In the teaumunity, and who rre determined by
wermiltnees earl LW/entity to maintain the character whirls
tlmy tun, arrunwd. am catering the best pndeetiost to thaw
who desire to be Insured.
Dnuterum-.4t. Miller, Jr., am. Mark, J. W. Dotter. N.
hipline. Jr_ WM. 11. Ilnltore, C. Ituaren. Geo. W. deelue.
'urn. It. Lyurs. ./mnes lAppinott,.osome Demi , ..... H'.
Att.,. Ale. li hula. Thou &MA
, . Mar, No- 92 Wale, stree4, (womb.. of '...11 r,..1' ir
up dere,/ rittellarib.
Penn Life Insurance Company, Phia' dera.
r., at the (ace of the Washain iiiiattranne CotttPLOS,
No 2tt ate, atrart, Pittiloariatt.
Petophlrt, with all ouvrietarl. iolicutelloia. sad blank
(mu, tr fornOihial .
Ilantazal• ran ioatur heir live+ for the !.meet of theii
arliain oaf ehildrem creditors the files of thely &atom
Th. bolaO
ts of the Company are dirtied among the,
holder. .'f Li t. . tailirlea.
Thr 411alatenaa of the pant two yearn bare been elahtfp.
rent. rach ,aar. _
Fire and Marine Inaulance.
An:maim will nuke pertontnent and lintltrdlnommine
on pro,rty in thi. city and vicinity: nod on Ithlyukcnt• hT
Canal. ' no. proncrton of thin
Company at, ell turretnl, nod furnish to availatde fund
for the ample indetuvut4' of all .,ns oho de3ire to
orotecOd I.y luSurantv. •
tnTIII , IY 11'3I 1. JON 11ERnU 44 WO's'.
Delaware MutualSafetylnatranceComp'y
• CIIANOK. Third 'Meet, VidlAtelphia
/amamer.—{luilthorr. Rcerhymlina. and other
damage b y
and entudry. of
samlnst bra or
damage by fire. at the lowest rate of premium.
3ltturt Bantam—They also Annul Tomei.. C.V.;
and Freights, burigu or 'mut. tee. under open or special
painter, me the assured may &gin,
i,1.010 Tata IIIYaLTAMON.—They aim Munn Sletiroandhe
by Wagons, hail road ears. C..mai boot, an 4
Steam teats, on riven and lobes. on the mmt Uneral I,m/.
Dratonnuo—Jrweph U. Peal. &hound A. mode'. Jahn 0
IlanlYohre i lb Joha d Newlin, Ulayturb
, J ' ammt 13.
Tynt h gTrr ' eteN'ter . rif4 4 7l 2 : o l. 7` iara.
Mariam Kelly: J. U. Johns.. Wm. flop, 'rnr. TRluma,
Jahn &1101, Wm. FATTs
Mammas er ITrrarcirea—D. )frayme4 nitalt Craig.
Jolm T. Logan. . •
W . Preddrat Yu. C. Mar, Peri.
&pc /one's W. COWAN, PermstarT.
gar Ortra of the Cobspany, No. 42 Water sterrt.
bergh. lodalf ] P.S. 31.1DE111A, Alma,
h r
r eta
Franklin Fire Insurance Co. of Fidltul'i
!RECTORS: Chute!' W. - Beinaer, Goa..
AT. Richards, Thoio.nart, Mordreal D. teeth MO
later. Adolphe R. Binie. hainuel Grant, David di B
Jab It. Smith:Adonis Patterson.
. CHARLES V. RAMMED% Pm/idled.'
COW. G. Rineigni Semidry. ~,
t .
This Company rooted. to me mate Inctiniones.plcriaman
or limited, on ererf description of Yrolierty in town aid
country. at rate.. w. Ice as ace enneistent with. steciritT• i.
wh i ?3, 9 ,.ergnk. r vr.VPietOrantr Ag a
afford maple peon:U . ll;n to the minred. • ,
The watts of the Company, on hinuaer 14,1519, tee-
Belied on-moldy to• the Act uif Amiably, were as fol 0,111
it,BGAS 41 ..
14.721 to
7 . ! ;4 ; 4 ,, t4 44 7 1.44.4 a. 41! 001 1/5
4..5 . ..n 35 !
Cubb..t..- 5104 37
Mee theft Incorporation's period,
have mol - 1 vosrarde of line Fa
Dollars loan.. hy flee. axe:oily afros
Naly.tagcs of luouracteo, a. well
loa th. to meet with hromptneu all I
mnl totllliNEß
Offte. j ..B. E. corner c
fo Trtn tioilerutard ur othrr vr.aels are 1140 , th. 04 Lr WI
rtmard Line—Weekly Ttips.
FROM I. lIVEIIrOOL TOR 1 . 1.1[11,3
.I.neda.. 'r. rm.l) •
Africa ....... -Soo , lork. ......
t .
..... t: L
... ....... ..Siitu u rd m al:T!.l2l S .=l:
April 12.
• rob LI% r 1 . . POOL
A +ln%est . Vurk...l Wedursday.Jrat. J.
x. 2.4 , n-ton .. ........ ...11,0t1,1.13,1b. .It.
Arm., '...,.., York_..... .J...ll...lnenday. reb. "VI.
1..tuvp...114.,.' NI etirke"lar. Mar. II
.I.t. ' ' cl, '1,1; ... ..- .11 - .1.-141!•• Ma.' W.
C4ixads INgtou ... . . .... ..... ...Nrvder al., Alali '*.
Alma-- ...... ...-Nr. lor.i. ...... ......IV . ednenlay. Ayril 2.1.
Aruprin nrann, ..... ........-. , !.4llyritay. Apil :32.
.41a..._ .....
IV ....New lurk iirdoc- V. 3lay ...
~.., to Ilallfax. &mum. or .Nry York, 1:13: mond
r .114.7
031 VOIRL.
. fi:rl.tie rpoal Wedne,lay, J. V..
. ..... ...LlTerptn4 Weinavals,
1 . 014 ,Fir 113E4
... from Lis ..Fatchla), Jot, II
......... .....
7 ,, / end IT
trn N
f-r avr rer .Fr F. K
. . 111.1 v .....
.. : ... ....taturday. Mal
r. L ,111 C.
(me .. W
... Vredniatar. Hari 15. ,
.11:arm . 7.
....... —lV.lnemay,Jiscullt.
ay.ln Sl,Tra Xsl.ll,i, 0.. — J 1,41 4 Trio
, ON tiarmr,..
W.hin0r....... f.,03 Nese :ilckl
EltunlAy. Feb 4 . .r..,
Ilfrn.l.a.. . . ... Npr 1:24.1. ...—. ...t.,tur.lo . Mar. 21.
tl.l.Lioaiqu . ~. .! , .4,0. 1.n1... ... Smtuntlf. . Apr4l4.•
r 1t.4311 11.141,,T• •
',. - ,1 . ,i,°.=, '' ! - . 7. . -.. _ . r .r..,.` . :,' Mi.7. - . 1. ..... ITt: 'A t :2 a
11::',t'2„'''.°. C . :. '';'`..,. 1 5 ,Vi,.. ....... .....=',l flu,., ,i'.
tocag.hi I,Cl'hagrer ALIVO•}I,
of .a.rit •
',tram., lean- Nev. York on tbr llth and 17.01
VAN/ ANS , rIT w ant.
Stenzethip I ht.l hnithe lharteeenn on the Itt oat li , thnt
raeh tinhuth.
* ' NO
Imicaliva t
ma, Jam. I
T Calm
Murray, 111,
atm tramaly
;arta dal), at
Ws—% 11
{tia t
rti t Y I.
ka Ole Ml*
rtyland . . Bal
treong•burs, l..l.uunLyrkburn, Ildladj-ny
lorn.M.n. and.Northont partial N. dl,
Jersey. and me NY, Nere Auglatet
OC - r. a Lover Canada. N ora GOOSU, antl
, dagy. MTh'. at 1 r. L.; Lk-parte at lis IL
—Ely Bleirocilte add 'llnllldayaburd,'l ., ..
, telaltin of Bradford. Mulatim. lkniro.Clin.
14 toodrig, Idfin,k McKean, - Prater. Itrf Y.
, and part 0 Wectruarclaud. via Lierluoare,
. A btligifi, Non Aleaundrta. and Ind/.
mot, daily. esnert 51outlay. at 3 A. x.: tle
-3 tiler. M.. klerrer, Crerl3rd, mad Jelknon
t rn p a rt ofNew York and upporlduzadm.dmßY.
m.- and &darts at it A. et
a u . tturomn.—By ttmehiottnn. M. Bra.
t t. sart of Westmoreland manly. 11r Ind.
1 Inure. Washington Llty. Southern mad II reS
I b ud butt.. Kentucky. Minot. Manes
lemourl, Nlfeekulypi, A rkstsme, Nutill tins
Mirkl. and Tease, daily. Arrives
depart. at 11 s 0.
rayette. I , acom. !Wit=
11°111440 Coy% Jellemn,
.I.......lTworara.rem counties. Ohio, dally.
•.; Jtvirts at .11.. N.
Ilorroro. l'
6/u Carroll. 1
trrl66. ac 1/
.W, IMarier, Pa, Mad Plageland, Oldo.
Igidarm, Trumbull,' Partner. G. ;a
, ll. ll a/ nr,sl.4lna.eurailnalNSuratollakr;
8 ' tkib U ILTILI Tse t' gt . a.d' in=rt Y. b1 " 1 1 . 4
lof lndlaaa and Illlnuls,lbeltaling all Ilia,
• Wlecusuln, daily. Arrlir at ll a. ad Mr
D) Sbarrebura•lindeldellBlntdtaald , Tamrr
.-. kltrazulum, IMMltolultatrong. elm-
Id commies, daily. earept d onmlaya Ar•
. mai departs al 8 r. a.
r Perryorllle. IVe.trord. Zelkuoyle, Porte,
bay, g ad Peg Lodge. Anima Swam a,
PM bAtllldllYA. ItA 8 r. a.;',.l<puto Mundldr.
Pridays, at 7 , g.
--Hy Sturgeon's Hall, llalegrlUep and Men
. Armee Caudal., }'rid.. at •r. x.; do.
y. yr i SalunlaY% at 6l S.
U Padua.. Streel's gun, Melirerport.
'lizabalbluan. tlasal,k's., kustrawar„ B•llver
n. PenTopulls. r...t lelteerty, Upper >Midi.
yes Sundays asst Tbunday, at P A. X 4 111,
[ I
a and Tluuml.a), at UA. L. . . .
4 1.7 n
Doerer Co .,
Ad:Cabot. nt.
and Luca.
dte eta.
gas>. lava.
at. 6 r.
tun, add t
rives at P.
anle. Harlin
7 n h ed=a '
onnaltela Ca
next* %sodne.
Coal %bile,. I
non, eueld.a.
na, H. Art
win .11oudai
Malay',, .—Ay Walkeia mil 4 Nobhulown, Gamic,
Eurgetatuu , Crum (Vert liatterson'a mill. Pa.—
Duchasy, Va. Arrive., Sundat• and t, as th a. at:
depart., Siondays and ltutrulal, at
VA —By Clinton. Murelorkeuille, Munn, Mon
toun, Frankfort Upeors. PA. Va. Anima, on
Friday, at r.thi depart.. enturday, at 6A. 111.
Btimerva.--tly /Astra, North, We...Wuxi... and .Aptah.,
Pa. Arrly... on Nrultuudal v. la. sr. depart,. otOlondat
0 .
11/20 . 110 O.—EiY Ferr
n . Praia, PI
P. 0.; Arlamts rm Fatah:Lay, at ti
rimed, (Ve.
a... Including itarren mat ,'roam'Arnitur daily at I' A a.. alit• at a
I,Alers P . r
e daily mails most in the Ohne cu ; e hoot
.`!' k "1:,„:17Z17.11` h"ar
Minn , tu
r drrartm,
Ohio Ftatc atst .......
Branch al Alttue
Itrsetclt at Bripport-.. -do
111-auch at Ntno do
umbnr Jo
Bil u l Ju
:IT h :r asj '5 nnl ;,a
pley ;.
Brandt at eincinnott do
Branch ut
Ilranch a tt ...hingtott
Ilmarli • Cadiz.- ...... -....d0
p " r •,.l:
DrOwo S a t Vt. V•rvoo—..du
Itnauch a Newark.- do
, Branch. ..... -.dn
Irr:••b •
Unu•it • Norwalk do
Minch • Nom
Brooch • Port•mouth......dn
Itraoth • .....
•• Ilvalmb
Manch • Clalltuvtar----do
0,11. h •
Branch a Toted.-- .... ota
Orr., VTruscurs
t a 3l. nt. t
Thendar smoraln, Us. TS;
Tb• parka madam. atreatr aMtilala. allb m
etnno from one Inn mart The neathar . Iry lona nal/
plea/mat ford. ammo, . .
nova 01LA114.-licablsm of annum t tnn•TbidP.
the atannl. Prin. of Flew Ai. Andy, at $3,44.10tr0in,
Ent MouLa ant 1:175 from story: IVbeatla eenla%W tba
-1,4 Ida at.1 . 3.a11e,: Rye at tee, Earley at 7,1,a1 cloth dlt
ftl4le and at ^S:P^. ht. tram Ern hinds.
PBOT1E101(8-11aeon rantlnues In sad &Mad. . 111,
sale. of movenfed Shoulder. of sef(Asf;lplaln how of &A)
61.%-alal sugar coxed da at 10e 8 B; inks 10 &kerma Ddild
Betf 00 KCI I b. Lord I. Yang It 74110. In bbl• sal
IVIIISSEY — A Talc taminem Is doing at 254a96k Be %vett
CMOS follembur Is • ntetemeat et the
umemeate of Caron In the Vetted Stetµ to tlr taut
Expor t . mOteat Britain, Ante h . t: k . 7850. Pi 1.000
StoeilltNeir tiork etui . Peuee
l 0 18t9 tGQOOO
Recap . ? iat Pot!, since Sept
- ...... - .............._.1e3.000
Sept I,llr. 470.000
[lns Diike a Bro. arra
U' a Avt. Saw. 8. lla .
Oee £ west' market bas bora ' , MM:Ia dating the Wt .
awsalk, the 'orautlty w4lalwa 1811 .. 18 .
belay ratlef almost woralaskoar—Gowuruslow,
flewet! ' d=7 l4 . 46 Z... W. bll.e, W34/. 4808 .; VIM
L.. sad florets di.:ll/(4107.
The exporls daring dm par bawl,boon as follows:
1850. Ufa. ale.
Galled' Plates • • . 7.i
Roads atol.Gowew, forblteo).-......144.637 110,912 91,034
Groat BrUsla & °maw( przwist-412,21t 4144215 1411,1%
Meolltrorarwan ...... 61.708 G. 7
Total terns: 643.2 e 905.642
- tloxarrof Om war •titlp are easing MW. awl be..
M. and of the month ore shall ham some Mock at market.
Itusomadusa are_yetsmros, am) a rale of a immll parcel of
fait quality, al 4%rs. The weather continuos line for cot.
Mpg and ka ft ans... and Nes kme us mum to closure
. sear
opinion mgatating mobs .Me morel of tin msg.
m several 00 uric remaking isamedists dematch. . Molasses
mks otatotolool last mooth as rs. on the mast. 34 ha Iss,
Imm but tam nom deellokl to 2!:. The total exports of last
year amount u adifll.:l
&whirl la Iltited
Brh Pro.lures.
" tient Britain
'81.23140 , 3 71
of utorteest Year, We
111Mdr04 'MAU&
=tr../ ' S
COM. AZ 3 .M.
of Wood wad 4 Na.
Nor Yowl , Jatmtry, 1551.
The tocolpta Nlmmtartntml Salaams at this poi tor the
oar just mmt. armmat to 159.0= No r
tbelantamt goantity
ever received here lo owo year: We tr." tttkinl , fro.
the following' plaoa: Pear_
reereburg.... ud .. 09.7:1 1
Onus platm . • - al'
. .
Total ...... . .-. .. .---159.0 el
.Tho etsrk ma lu ila - t:Eaae reivalTal;all7ge .44,600 po.
egea.l la.ooKalset yea/ L . The sales loathe anz amount to
,43,...T iage., thus:
alock 'Jon 1, lesa ' Poky,
Hetet. , In ISLA/ .. .'
521,.1550,;(the large;ll. reeertl)----_.
Manor.--13retersto.—Oo the LA of J.stery.4l.ltidende
the nertecot ,11 - 20W,003 were payable In Barba Rmylm
the mouth, the tilvkleade.payable ha that city - trill
Mount to nearly $7,04000. The diet/keels &dared by
tarietneosouLteloting companies, name from 3 tit &Trent.
far the lart rib month,.
PRICES can annoy noon.
RtyyrfAi by th, PYIJL:m . 8Y.41 Yrb
Prrsnmunr. January 1851.
Goiter' States IFF
NoloyIv 1)0. ikola
' Do. ono \ do. Pbil
D o. o •
Do. '
of Int f p o rg .r
autre u l u ll.Morthm nf Bank
Farmr, 80.%-•
- .
All Ern ,Tort.A.
Inoancabels rtidg ,
ClaAr UMgr-..
. . .
Ha n7l tt Bridge:
• -
Goa Lomat. .
Aarocattol Drama, to
Atlantic:6 ' Odle Ulm . "Phil a.)-
LRa ,
sucre•nal ve....r.aftuii Weak;
V...101.01cny sl.eklrater.
smxxa 1060
cleret Tutl. end
IS*. Canal 80n.3.4 .....
.1111.6 each,
littrburhh tlkdhoo (Cliff 'IWO.
'North Wert. '
North Werhret4
Pittsburgh tale
Ridge Maingo,.._
Muth,. tiuhrm---
tut.r.s or eitx:
lo ElebsiuP .....
00 A. NclWAmerican Malta
24 star Oblo Peon'.. K. R.
listma—Tbri• ware awe 06 lachas fa damsel. at dusk,
by metal otaxl4. bial arming, and tattinag.
Niel fan. 8... Beaver.
Resve&U.k. Bearer.
Ranh. Dem.. UravreuvlDa., Partlaw. Unoraevills.
J. McKee, lleadrieksoo. Me.E.WW
-11. ! L BW.. /Wiley, W., Ng... ,
ItavelDe. Dam I.llsabelb.
NA 2. fissbvffie.
J. Nola" Sloore, Whasissu
arr. tibo. Slelissine.
1.10dx.. RIBA De..
ISeavar Uardoa. Deaver.
lAlte nat ull.
MB naw. Browns
.; vllla.
J. 11..Lleartriebera, McKeesport
TB. Muir., Miry, Wac 11.100.
Renate, LW. =Lab..., Bfralou ClaclastaU.
10..4 Maw. 11 Dretlarr.
De Wilt.. 011..
Jeffers. Job.. L0ng.... ,
' •
LOI.IIIIYILLY.- - VerMorit. 100. X.
or. Louitc—J. J. CrithmJeo. 10 A. a.
EIVOREVANS---Yederat Areb, 10 a. u.
wia.i.svict.E—Anosk 10
brVin•oraw.unnw—Tbe Lewisville Journal *LWa that
ibestentnew Aloud. nod Princeton came WWIMori recently,
t roth.. the littler. The hint , :lan twuts hound for New 0r
lean•, with a!eurco cotloo. moot of ..lilob will Lc rated.
Try, twat, with the extortion of her fillTinure ...I a porltm
boo worloncry, will be e lixtr. The 11sworuetsinni but
elltbldanolki• - . one tit her ,lerlx bomb was dreonted.'
Fqn fine Mrs cac r Crtarmt.C4l , t.ll.P . U.
di Ica , Ws day. at 10.. x.
moats BY ants-
WELLS:SILLS—Yea Ateke-74 . slut bLb wheat. 7.6 eke
b air t Vittl ' :Sqerol=Nrlt&t ' friff `l4
itb WOOL Mal% 3 bite doter reml, MeClurkan Ctr.
e.r.t balk vdk. 6 bbls bode,. 17 teas lard. b
. altratua t
Lambert A hhiptoo: 4 bble ebll buten. b Je. 11 learbaben
blde, Ikg bbttet. bble. I keg Med. 1 bps lecke, !Meed L
Ca :
. •
cIyCINXATI—Pat Ravrato-16traOur Ontlf *. Ca
rl/I:gil'er trar,j.b.,:t..,=.1.67: ..1,;;;;{:
.boulder, tilt• & Jonta, lot pm, Iro. alma. Italhatt)
• k Co: tvC4 p. b matt, Kin /t /mum 35 bbla, 3 bran 1•a1,..- 4
Ras ,orn.etlartat &Milt 3341 , 1.1 m 17 do fnat.3.1.0.+ 5-
ers, D T Ammo. •
...: COMPANY. No. MAWR, amt. Nrowl , .
tg i 4,1 0 MAI Street, N. Y. Arcutoolood worth
rubreAbei ;It ye ' reire ' " AryI:TAU 7 47: ". ba11 r a an an
g i g .g . , g t g:tat i guljo i =oeugful Lusu e ranee Common the gaol.
AfILLIITer Aiwa,
N. 141 Front street
'arum. , Comp.,. of Nbrib America. Philadelphia
apitai t3niooo—Charternll794. gut =helm - unit., on
Innidinnt apd tbsir sonlentw in the eity and vicinity; also
eq prole 141°' ''"vrT kind.ehlPind per stem and rano
bent, and rfinols by transportation ors. the sea.
Aral= .l I D M. hal, Smut! Dtoo.
Ale t.d. C.A. Taylor,
• Samuel Jolt.,
ikbranl Smith. Ambrose Whltta
John at Brown. Justb M. Th..,
John White Jnhn ho Nark
Thom. P,Cope •
Welsh: Rkbard D. tined,
Frauds Dos..
11. D. Sherrxrd,
This It the Mold C.trattPlntite UltDO PM"
and Cr Its high standing, long eanotia.s..l. moan`,
g.l svokllng
_ail rig. of cat. thatarten. h
co.:dead D e
a l atnalsvacurtty to the hulthe.
WILLIJ.I P. JOtan, d.nt.
den • Ito. 11l groat stnet.
important to Stage Coach and Wagon
t bore boo Sly .woolytAbt the
oer, ealtel "Ylbt of aeki 14.7er ut it d bt
been tested b our best ouch Widen. and ptourrunoul to
ho the beet Ur use. Arl ordhurf coach. elm • out of three
Atte. rootung mum., • half plot of oil to six
wou the. ,well quantity of all owl to oue of the beet
erl4eneel !!,, bore at t.he trout teal Yo. of lira, erl
A1.1016/I give tout sa et
fety to traveler.. the out revolts
with the wheel. sod out baring et:gym...Sou ettb the
art e..ollleutlfelY.lftervat the wheel num aardwg
y proper ram Me rate. ute. wernat thweAr.lem to
Let from 12 to 13
lierebenue—No. IVY Water. and 1401mort Ant% Mu
XTO TI C .E.—The partnership heretofore
j,.l<lisoss lames theimaolopla is dsy awahso
V mutual nati .eat enfants. of th• tn te
will be s , r.lett to b? Joitialusissemb wbo Is authorised
to remit say motel doe Lb. Ontb sod row." ref tist 'ans.
AWN /117151.11.0Nr.
Tim adagios; iitt coottnao to ■oo tho bodaaa
ssol tbo itand.. o =4l 5018 d, Waid.
L ••••.'
fecznemnelencet of the Deily Plustrorgh (h.zett.l
Baarnmax, Thursday, Jan. 19th, [
E"tres•rlltlempt !to shoot—lateristing trial—;-Parodi
....Steamer tlantic—Didreiaing deaths, 4.e.
Ilsittschts, Sunday,
19, 1851
Januar* 19, _A.
Since Sabah;y noon, we have had misfile a do
zen fires, several of which aro again attributable
to incendiaries.; None were of much consequence!
exce pt three—one Cl 1 o'clock on 'Saturday, seri
only injured the large dwelling of J. Lamden, on !
Lexington greet; another at 5 in the evening,
partially destroyed two large dwellings on Ere=
t er neer Pratt ;Street, occupied by Messrs.-D. li.
Small and:W. U. Richardson; and the other at 5
this afternoon, totally destroyed the dwelling of
William 11. Rogers, on Orchard atreet
Edward Costello, a notorious scamp, was or :
rested to day, charged with attempting to kill a
woman named! Elizabeth Shipson, by shooting
at her with a pistol. The ball grazed her head.
Ile titan been held to answer at Court . ,
One of the most interesting trials tg come off in
out city Court,l, now in isession, IX that of Felger
P. Lovegrove, a young member of the bar, chls:-
god with innumerable forgeries!on bis old iissoL
- aces. The case will attract greatattention in our
community, the licensed being well known to al
most everyperSon; and it is expectedthat certain
rich developements will result at the examination
of the witnesses. ;
! The great Italian cantatrite, Signorina l'arodi,
1 is to appear in: our city accompanied by a full
operatic corps;under Marx Meretzic, in about Mk !
weeks. She is represented to be equal to Jenny
Lind, and a great furore Will be got up at her I
Much uneasines is felt ; at We non-arrival pi;
the steamer Atlantic. which sailed from Europe
on the 28th : ultimo,. for New York, and has now
been out 28 days. Sevetal Dalllmorimas arc
kniiiin to be on board, and 'their friends are in
the, wildeitstate of anxiety to hear from her
Some accodent has undoubtedly occurred.
A distressing calamity has befallen We family
Mr. F. T. Ellicott, of llaltiniore county. With
in tendayr, his threechildien, —a boy and two
girls—hove been swept o ff by the cold hand of
death. To lose one scion-of a house is painful.
but wino eat are taken it is truly distressing. '
In thatuouey market there 'was no change of
- moment, on Saturilisy, and there,waa nothing in
the commercial line worthy of especial note. .
%Vattern merchants
are crowded.'
m large num
bers and our hotels are crowtied.' An eaten:Aye
business was done in the dry,gocsl market on Sat
urday; and this week it is expected that there
will be Mill larger sales.
Weather cold and freezing:
Ma. 11411.
3009 35,411 90.510
75.67.1 CAM 74135
...... .... SMUT LASS 7413
-9X4130 ' 16%922 147,183
163.503 344444 14068
12g4.5 UNA& B.utto
1M.9 1.U3
P. rid. Arl.4. °treed.
100.00 '
no im=lunm
Tll6 noTssic GARDEN Is THE anGSST's Pang. , .
As a pendant to this sketch of the arboretm
at. Derby, let me. give you an outlined another
garden in the midst of the Regent's Park, at the
west end of London. It cannot, perhaps, he
called a public garden ; it is, more properly,.o
subscription garden, as it woo Inade, and is
maintained, by .about 1600 members, who pay
20 guineas at the outset, or 2 guineas a year.—
The privileges they have, are the free enjoy
ment, of the grounds, conservatories, etc.,. at
all times, and the admission of their friends, (not
more than two per day,) by tickets. As there
is no other way of getting admission, (even the
fee, that is inrall-potent in most crises, does nor
prevail bere,) of course, very few strangers ever
see this garden—the bent worth seeing of its
kind, perhaps, in all Europe. As I had, fortu
nately, been one of the honorary raembers for
some years, I was glad to claim my rights, soon
after my arrival in London.
The scene, as you enter the grounds, is ex
tremely beautiful and striking, 'especially when
you reeal (what, without an effort, yon would
certainly forget) that you are in the midst of a
east city; or, at the most, barely on the boiders
of it. ' Here is a large, velvet lawn, admirably
kept, the surface gently undulating, and stretch
ing away indefinitely q (to all appearances,) on
either side, liming itself amid belts, and groups,
and masses of shrubs' and trees, with , winding
walks stealing off, here ands there, in the most
inviting manner; to the right and left. At the
end of the broad walk, at the farther aide of the
great lawn,, which forms the central feature of
the garden, stands o noble conservatory of im
mense vire, with lofty curved root, and on either
a id e of it a re small brit-houser, l full of all the no
velties of the day; and all the treasures of - the
exotic flOrn. ,
. 1 - .
There cannot be a finer contrast, in point of
tasteful arrangement and beauty of effect, thou
that which this garden presents to the arboretim
at Derby. They were, both forined about the
woe time, and the extends not greatly differ
ent; the whole area of this place being only 18-
urea. Here, the utmost beiuty, satiety, and
interest, are concentiottal 'Within these moderate
limits. As you enter, you are-struck by the
breadth and extent of the brood velvet lams. As
you ramble about the finely planted and well
grown walks, which form the border to this; lawn
—now quite concealed from all observation in a
thicket of foliage — now emerging upon soli° pret
ty garden vista, and 'again °taming upon a little
separate nook, dented to some single kind of
culture, as groups of Rhododendrons, or Ameri
can plants, or a flower garden et in turf, or a
rock-work filled with curious alpines--you imag
ine'you have been introduced into some pleasure
grounds of 50 suck, instead. of the moderate
compose of less than 20. The surfacing is most
gracefully undullatinif, us as to give that play of
and shade—theise sunny' smiles, no pleasant
In a lawn, and to prevent your eye from ranging
Over too targets intat one time, and though
this variation of s was, as I was told,
wholly the work o art whet the grounds were
laid out, it has noue of the eta and hard look of
the surface in the aboratuni at Derby, but is
charmingly like the oat pleasingbits Of natural
e rt.....
flowing surface. I cannot, therefore, but believe
. that Mr. Marnock,the able LandseapeGardener,
who laid 'out this pints, convinced me by this
single specimen, that be is a man of great skill
and refined.taste in Ida art. I saw nu new place,
abroad,' laid out in a more entirely satisfactory
manner. ' ! I -
In order to.: give the garden a character and
purpose, beyond that of more pleasure grounds,
(although, enjoyment of it in the latter sense is
the main object,), abotsoleol irrai3eMCnt, and a
medical arrangement of plants, are both very
well carried out here L-I beliere for the use of
the students of the Londcm University : But in
stead of bringing these scientific arrangements
into the pleasure . ground portion, which meets
the eye of the ordinary visitor of the garden,
they are kept in one of the' title's rena—quite- in
the background; so that though they add greatly
to the interest, and general e tent of the garden
when sought for, they do no mar the beauty or
elegance of its conspicuous o tithes. ' '
In the great. conservatory ,. though the larger'
number of the plants were o t in their summer I
quirts., the whole effect ..iso still extremely '
pleasing, from the , noble b esitcyeas of certain
showy onniner (hlootion; planta, growing
here and there throughout the: open space,
which woe elsewhere turned uto a broad gravel
walk. Those were either pa-antic specimens of
Bilighuumtv, loaded with their great white trum
pet flowers—enormous scarle' geraniums, trained
.L 3 pyramids, ten feet high; and 'brilliafft with
bloom—rich PMisallorue, and otherlines, climb
ing up the rafters, pr very finely grown exotics,
in tubs or large pots.
Among the latter, I noticed
FtleAriat, grown like etandar
Ad size. runnlig up with a pc
sixteen jeer high, and bronchi,
iog or depending head of fol
cry point with their gracefu
rorratlina, among Fevers' apt
,fineat, treated in -this way,
foliage, and deep crimson ,
quite beautiful.
I saw bete two rare plant. which will, [think,
be very fine decorations to or gardens in awn
mer. The first its Helmuth sew elojnine ; a plant
from Mexico, which, it is ueht may stand the
winter here. It plan in the ground here,:
and trained to a War so ten or twelve feet
high. The end o every b rah vies leaded' with
clusters of fine pink era-sof the tint of,
a. ripe Antweup berry and I was told it,
blooms without ' terruptio from spriug to win- I
ter. The rise, c lor, and fusion of the blos-
Boras are strikin , and -th . whole plant is ex
tremely showy. he mean favorite is the Crs-,1
tram aurantideuth a green house shrub, lately,
introduced from Gu.atemni It grows six or,
eight feet high, with fine lu orient shoots, and is.
loaded all summer with ri clusters of golden ,
buff bleasomes—}cry ornamental. Both these
plants made a grind displayi here in the conserr
vota, planted in the grout and trained tcithe
columns; but if T not gristly. mistakes, both
will thrive equall well. in the United Stales, if
turned out in the open border, and trained up to I
etakee like the dahlia—the mote being taken up 1
and houoed in winter.
The society of übscribcre to whom this garden
belongs, have two or three horticultural shown in
the grounds, every year, which are . among the
most brilliant thing* of the kind on this side of
the Atlantic. 0 3 t h these occasions, the grounds
open to an one who chooses to
are purchase tickets,
tickets, and are rouged by thousands of visi
te}s. The displ y of fruits and Bowers takes
plane In large to and marquees ; pitched on
i x,
the town, and dm of music perform in the
gardens. All th elite of the West'End of Lon-
1 . with astonishment,
t roses to a wonder,
eetly straight stem
; g into fine spread
ing% studded at es ,
ear drop& Fachairs
.cies, was much the
its luxuriant dark
p u rpleu dowers being
<,,~. ~; Wiz; :,._
vion pre there; for in London, horticultural
shows are'evin more
.I;2.4lov:obit than the opera:
and agwyer or more beautiful sight b not easily
found. At the Wit • fbstival of this sort, the
great novelty !MIS a magnificent plot, or garden
of Rhododendrons, ef all colors; the pLunti •in
bloOm, were large end' finely grOwn epee
,sent before-band from allriOnle nursery
gurdiras fif:o to 100 miles off. - Ousted:here in a
scene by themselves, where they bloomed in the
came perfection as if they had grown here for a
doren years.
- 76edinc stifled Willt 4' this subserit
I was exceeb—mly grat.--st with
garden, and examined it in all its details'
with ;Crest' attention. In its tasteful ananke;
meet, its Moderate extent, its management and
iMpoaition, it afforded the finest possible type
for a similar astablishment near one of our larg
est cities. Here are 18 acres of the most exqui
site lawn, pleasure 'grounds, and conserratori,
wholly created and maintained by 1600 individ
uals, and - enjoyed by perhaps, Esor 6000 persons
more—thier •frieads—at all times. Here is a
fine example of the art of landscape gardening,
Which if it were near New York, - Philadelphia or
Bostbn, so that it could be seen by those who
are 11112i011.4 to learn, would bays a great inert
enee on the taste of the country in ornamental
gardening ;liere is the most perfect exhibition
ground,' fur the allows of ; a horticultural socie4,
that 'can 'be imagined of devised - ; and -here is
a scientific arningement.of plants, for the study
'Of botanical and medical classes—the living ,
plants arranged according to the best system.—
Half the money which has been paid annually
Into: the credit account' of the cemeteries of
Greenwood. ,Ilount Auburn, orLaurel Hill, would
'keep up in the very highest condition, (as this
garden is kept,) one like it in the neighbohoood.
of any of our cities. And the precincts of Ely;
'slab Fields, near New York—Brookitne, near
Boston—on the banks of the Wissaliichon, near
Philadelphia, would be ea fine localities for such
subscription gardens as Regent's Park infer Lou
don. if our citizens, who have the money,
could come here and see what it will do; expend
ed in this way, I am 'sure they would not 'hesi
tate to subscribe' the •aeetlful.'`—poseini,
- 'London, Augusti 1850.
Dees. the reader soy he bas seou this before? No
mistier lead it spits.
sr man t. easanhalv.
I followed into a burytng gronad, in the suburb' of
the City, a mill usie of pewees, not more. tan a
Jaen, who bad come to bury one of their acqslaite
toners. The clergyman in, auendancc was leading a
little boy by the hand who Seemed to be the only eel.
alive of the deceased. .
I gathered wish theta around the grave; and, when
the foi al d n un ° a :orl a o ll I t! o gr w i e e r T. d d 'A w e little e boy ehd tarn o
one left to whom be could look 'for affection, ;ix
who could address him in tones of parental kied•
nest. The last of his kinsfolk woo in the grave and
he was alone.
When the clamorous grief 'of the child hid a little
subsided, the clergyman addressed us with the route'
awry exhortation to accept the monition, and be pre
pared; and, tinning to the child, he adsed,—
"She is not. to remain m thiegrave forever
As sure its the grins which, is now chilled with the
frost of the eenson, shall opera to greenneas and
life in a few months, so true shall your mother rise
from that grave to another life—a life of happiness.
I hope." •
The attendants then shoveled to the earth upon the
coffin; and some one tank little William, the child by,
the hand, ihd led him forth tram the lowly tenement'
of his mother.
Lite in the ensuing spring, I was in the neighbor
hood of the same burying ground, led seeing the gate
open, I walked ninong the graves, for some time,
reading the ablest of the deed; when, recollecting
that I was our the grave of the poor widow, buried
the previous autumn, I turned to see what had been
alone to preserve the memory of one SO niterly demi.
tote of urthty friends.
To my sorprise, I found the' mom deniable of all
mementoes fora mi teor's scputchre;littleWilliam was
sating oar the head.ot the no v sunken grave, look
ing intently at aomegreen shoots that hod come forth,
with the warmth of spring, from the toil that coveted
his mother's chtftn.
Witham stn tad at my approach, and would have.
left the place. It was long .before I could induce
him to tarry, and; indeed, I did not win • bin con
fidence until I told him I wan present when . they
honed his mother, and had marked has tears at the
"Thin you hard themiumter soy that my mother
would come out of this grave,"„said Witham.
"It is uve—is it near abed be m a tone of cont.
. . .
Cosa.roa a ilcutowstio He ss e-Some feworeekt" -
since, being overtaken by a revere thunder atone ors
my way home, 1 took refuge under a shelter whets
were assembled ,severat gentlemen from the name
cause Cue of the, gentlemen thus accosted me /..r.,
.•1 mew firmly believe it," mid I. i "Why do you not cure your horse .of the _ bele -
"Believe : a!" said the child; "believe it; I thought :. l e m r "F or the very reason i-hat • i "ana l, r e '
you knew it I know it." . - , pitied. •
illow do y. know ii, my dear 7" •• - "Well, stmager,''said he, "when lam at borne I
"The 'tette"; add that " ha ' " the fr". world 1.; Core
a d i • l tc a u ' t ch tif ;*', ' e and r w r a ran iro " g m ti t o a ac ' e t , e a n io. dolla rior r.
grow up, andthe dowers bloom In spring. so true , 11::''' !. • _ ~.,.',. loop t ....4,,,, you ~., and your
. would tnother use I mane . few days afterward, I horse ia a "..""'" "e , ' '''"
and planted flower seeds on the grave- The gram- cure him effectually in a 15•5 , days. la the first? .
pleme,", said he, "giro your hoer salt' in his water
tame green on this burying ground long
, 2rg - and I
ned eve ry goy for th e loran, o to d 9, 10t three mornings .in succesraria, utier that, pound
they have . up the , Se. th em breaking ar, a ' piece of blue A one aboutlther ens of 'lt'
won!the gunto p . By wad b.„....,k,,,iii , ,.
.ctunque pin, and mix. it with Wet meal; give him - ;
Win • ' the tome tor tea euntecutiveixontiaggifeedinfinint- -
A smile of exulting hope . tayed 0.1 the teatimes of I ra t her hgh L IY f o r 'hp. 1.. darg "'lt g Ise .41-.61
'the boy, sad I felt pain at disturbing the a i th I well &Cleo end of the ten days, I will give yon m 5
and confidence erithistiftich he was animated. "Bat, l need." 't
I have tried the r e med y, and itbas wrought a Ir.
my littlechild," mid l,'"it isnot here that your moth. I • - • t t i
er will roe." feet cure; and I now give it to the readers the he_
' "Yes, here," said - htt;with emphasitg -"here they ; '1.7..,111..1_Lh.Y. many "T. their tea &data to e.
ph tee kh e , a m b ete I h ove come eye, since t h e o no i ICialtanbus taw:arr. •
blade of grass was green this vear." •
I k ee n e d „thee. nod new t r., t h e t i ny b eet e rn.. ! A D55.1515G S p anish, officers •. .
child had trod out the herbage at Me grave side, go ; met to,fight a duel. outside 'the gates of ifilbee; - i f
cototant had been hie attendance. What a faithful ; after the secants had failed to reconcile the
watch keeper! What mother would desire a richer I beligerenti. • „ . , , .
monument than the form of tier ton bending menial, I oWe wish to 4a-to fight to death," they :
but hoping, over her grave ; i replied to the representations.of their Cornpae. ;
"Bat William," said I, obis in another world that
i .. ions. At this moment a poor felloti, looking'
Me will arise;" -and I tow - opted to explaie to hon i- , .. ,
.. - ..
the nalure-,,0f that 9,,,,,,i,i. which h e
~h o e nt h,. i like the ghost of ROInCO 5 apoutocary, pproaen „ ,
taken. TfiMehild was confin e d, and he appa rel ed the seconds, mid, m a lamentable voice, reld/ •
neither pleased or tatafied. . "Gentlemen, 1 out a poor ortisani with . a lute ,1
"If mother is-not comingback to me, if she it not ! family, and if yon would-.. o Nly grxid tram s
to come up herh,-what shall do? I Cannot slay I don't trouble us fiow."'crierrone of the teem*,
without. her" • ' ; "doted you see toyfriends ere going to split eagh
..Yon shall go to her,"said I,)tdoptiag tiro language i
' other' We are- not in - a charitable humor." ;-;
of the SeliplUnS. "you' .wo go to her but else Mall t '
not come again to you."
„ . ,
"Let me go, then," mid W illiam, "let me go, that 1 a Poor carpenter, with eight children, Mau to ~
I may rise with mother" wife is sick; and having heard that these goatee.
iiWllliain,"tald I pointing down to thelplautsjust ,men were about to kill each other, I thonght' , ..
breaking thro ugh the ground, "Mt seed which wait of *siting you to let toe make the ceffins."' AtT;
sewn there would not have some u p , d. " had not horn these words the Individuals about to commence'
ripe; so tea must awadull your appointed time, tirt• the cositbat, Mint ditto a laud fit of latteiter,..'
td your end cometh."
"Then shall I see her?" . and, simultaueoully throwing done their swcfilts
"l surely hope so" . .• Amok bands with' each other; and walked away.
"I will wait, then," raid the child; but I thought ' ' - •
I should ire her soon; I Mimed 1 should meet her i Death of Eminent • Femme -This LOW= 7111rn .
here" . of Llreenber 31 enumerates the followindprotainent .
In a moral William ceased to wiiiy He died, and ;,,nototishunt gieg d o nogghe year - • •
they opened his mother's pane, and end be lusts;, r ~_,,,_ 'e l ,4 .um up bt li p .f.,„„i dent Ttokor, than'
cotta oa best. •It was the only win the child et. 1 "`"ta` e . •
premed in dyin Better teachers 'haul had instroo. Duke of Cambridge, the Pt irriperor, of China, 115 . - 1
i,l him j h ih. w h y me et h,,,g h , • ; hh d ,ohh , .. 1 1 American stateerasn, Calhoun; the Avestan Minas
l ab o r, tle sufferer was, he bad learned that all the ter, Comit Btodenburr, the Queeteti the BOOM;
the Date of the Vice Chsocellor, of.Ewi
and hopes of happinen, shore or heaven, are 1 , .. . .... . .. . . ~. e s
profitless and vain. . g • and.
_Ow Itecoreer, ot London, me . Arm 0115.55.,.
. ltoberty, Word. worth, Jeffrey, and 13owleg bliss -
, - : Jane Porter -Wyatt,., the sculptor; Sir Marta .a.
ABBOTT' LAWRENCE. Stet; Fraser Trier. the hutopan• the elder Ewe
Ate recent emertamment in England, the health of ; nel ; Jamm. SnOth,•
• the crictih , "; eleankir
Mrs Abbott Lawrence having bee-n give4the Amer/ ; the Gem= theologem ; poor Wagborn, of *e
ine Minister acknowledged the compliment paid to ...demi room , sod ninny other came" , "'P een "'
his lady, and said, "that be 'erns indebted to Ms I hie in this age, and venetatile perhaps, to the ages
wife more than to any. other huitm being, not only ; to coma.
for los happiness, but for big =datums In the • hells-The 554151 hells are hung to the amfaie. .
world." ; dams meth, ether things being rem t, the farther they'
"Mr Lawrence then Must be the mostmisemble of eon h e heard. yonodati US remarked. that 11.n6.
men, and we regret' it tmeMMY: for if hnillmDDipost` I }rata ' , ago, the inhabitants of Philadelphia hod a Ze ll 7
be in abet ratio with his brsefalnws• in thinworld, I imported from Eugland. fa order to . ;edge d. the
he ppiness and Abbott Lawrence must he stiengers to wood. it was elevated on a triangle - 1n the Went of
oue another. Ms Melidaess 55 revery negative men- ' the city, and snuck.. it happened no aniarket dep..:
toy indeed."-IN Y. Sun.,, • ,-• Ple a the people coining to market ?eater ISLITSI.I/54 L ,
I,Ve have ncniced recently in several of thaiLletno- ent bu ttto n g the .'oud of e bell, at it ircencrdiadsace
e'llie_esiont et•letii uncalled fort and mean attacks from ithe city thin they loot 'ever heard any - bell bee
on ger. Abbott Lawrrence. our Mutate, to Eoglatid. fore. i Tins tareuestancleartmd the summon 0( the -
These attacks have.ortginsted to thlaWorat Metal-Sof een o us , ~,Me smock to Go strei.J, 'remitted Pretty. .
the Mitten lieut. They are without even the shadow d hh hl h !fin th.51.•15, re did when tamed lo tte am. In
of encore.the shrisouni 'riven at the con cf from 1,14 t01,14'."
Abbott Lawre n ce is a fine nod noble epecieneo of ' (ea pnl cro, od. In oarar t .:l,efiii fee per immond.-e.
the fruit of our Amerman Institutions. lits father .soda, art [distinct at ti me the distances on Water
was an huinb'e farmer in Gowan, Maas., where, t h at they nret.4l loud'• • • :• r - -
some 158 yew, ago. Abbott L. 1151•51105 .511.5 berm. In .• 1.. .co - T o ee. ' . an d D ei sm `
iit a e ihoton i
. _ , A ., I...etn ._,.. eitu . ,,._,tro_rvet,__ _s_rms , tl ea my 4. ,
early life be aneaded tobool at Me
Academy. At the age *Calmat 13 yeard he left his ; ;.,T . 0.,0ff . 0...._.`'..1.,0,!7": 0 7_ - _ °. .DO., f. „ :"„t
_l.__ •5•_.....
father's home, with hia whyle week el. clothing bett r wl " tera ' re7o be " n ' ildeilr.:; ° :,,.: ,—'l-'r,c•ig7 •
111 +rig l', ,
up in a boodle which be carried to his band, and • "
with two dollars In tot pocket, the aerosol' his own eaca4aad " h." rri , .... tel son Ica , .;03 go
, g u n power, end two screw pre s idia:a of 1101 tom'
labor, rede Into Boston sit a neighbor, touch ent..
Moment. He entered a tore as • Merl, and used iesetre ""Y re.Droi' l '; ei 'a 'D. •
to carry bundles of goods home to the housed the i Fugitive Slaves' .Inmatituda .....54ne firs. or ma
various antorners. 1 vend ago, bit Lisboa Zuntrentriati, of BootieeitaintYr '
Such was the beginniag of Abbott ;Lawrence. Al- I Ey, brought his favorite servanti a boy mimed litily,•;
ways industrious, studious, honest.' be ...the cond. I with] his, faeatiy,geveu or eight in number, to. Ohio,
'deuce, esteem and respect of the community in which 1 wh e r e he. n ettl e d them oo a firm, which he Pinzlnail' -
his Mt was cami ed earnestly for their benefit. A few days ago, do. ' .
He married M iss Catharine Bigelow, datable/ of 1 nontoeihut„gtytneo„nt 0 1 b . tt5....09 1.... b.)
the lice. Timothy Bigelow, who was foetrway leers i and *moat them soenc.'of the temauider Mllilly•afita-.
a limy - ea r ed datioSombed ability and learning. and • i ily petitioned for leave to make a volt to - the Oaks.
procament enigma of Inatetchoson "Her father's l branch et the family was atwitter, the master -
well filled library she had reed with Much ore and I furnolatog them en . ; a paw to cross the river, and. ;
profit . ," tad after her marriage, to that gore house of ' the l etm hor s e s and wagon. When they unused it ~
wisdom she led her husband, end When his hours of the end ii their tourney they wrote to iheit'eutster ,
toil were over, in the pleasant evening time, she that t h e oteice s tete of Ohi o wys . mor ,„ coo o,d,Ltc,
would read to hen. ' • " - , their itttnithan the urn fields of .Kentucky: awl that ;-
Mr. Lawrence bitterer teen a tuceetafal nutmeat ; t i h e tog ,„od a ,,g roe his w., it
... ~.Vl.ll::l,CttrXo2,lllsi -
1111.2,4111.11 keen engaged ta Mac enterpract which ' but vuey respectfullf -declined morning ho hit ter , :..
have Oct failed lin was amteg the carly . prejeci etee _../G to . G i g.
tort of the Lowell enterprise, which has made that . - a .u. t teno .onitheth L.
city spindles and machine shops known the world Canieiden ce er' la yrau " a -
• ; Wuhington wates..thnt very frequently patensare .
over.He was one newt originators, and it *large stock- I Pinned
pm i a t u df u l u r r hetd D e th rar e e h a ot ta T oth , the t e g eeet teh t, " L e in eu t tlea "
holder in the new town of Lwrence, soma nine 1 the Pan,. ~,,,,,„„ u ,,, th „ntogeme of t h e ...gig...
mile+ below Lowell, on the beautiful Matimack. i test '''' ',..."""• -r-- ' e --- - e
nver is the orld.
drive mole
spindles than any elbet fer ul l ' orriti •L' in u Ch ' uni '; , gat 4" bc a l"welb l'a is ‘ coul yn iitulye l beers ;
beyond the eras of the - Patent *.adlee
' He was for several years a member of Concress nat.." tar L i „Ls t and
too ether Inventors, eac h fr om • Cr= , .
from theeltyottos adoption, and mut known throtigh. i ,
..,..„„.,„„ tent m oue to t h e gg eotett g .t oton ie t o e .
' 1
eat m en the totim laa tiod as y7 e of th e teele able and edreleat I m t' :ri sw- t., A n " . iaterfcrenco was accordingly derla .
Au u merchant, m. sound and athoeuuth i jud o I anc; no tower had the decision beau made in favor
! i te m, or oohova ono ',bond views, and or , , 0 , 000 ,. of he, pecatec, than three otherinventots were fond ;
pressing their eating , to the same invention.. ft wee
'dished beamers talent, and as a man of Ineinestioas. sea en eopthee d emo n eine i n the I m o ., d th e.
hie. bolo". and or laeoinPanOno WWII ‘ 1 ". LAW . yen.' Office, of seven
,person, each a been fide
moo In New England has no superior.
m one ne e a l oe , nit .. 1,,, tee
med wne wad pr e
has inventer, all clawing th e same [Meg, and about the
commis of an intellgent and dee wife, he has ain e e__,L a n e . and . 0 - . 7 ( fool 411 11 ."... a PG 4 = 6 ... 1 ' 4 .*
woo his way from spoor p and not Itheralle tdecaled ""`; e , u ' A t h - pthm, sad imp i mmg geo o moto euen
beoryt bi
chmo benebe aud fr e7 hot Z4 tmoo a ad e te reo ePe tt e an td e s boasted tharh P ecoubier 4 alk home with any oar after '
p 7 u‘i va lirtnan: e He drt i: the n vc . ry -;;;; -- sal Or home --;
" .. • mennerlar a cenaldUniOTl Of the DlClOne nVei Tem'
He has agrateed • fortgatir, and bit liberal and gen. Donnie". from °hare'. ini.. ..._ aceere c ---./ /41174 " w"'" o as i'* '-i- 4; .
erom - band, has given away fortunes. TO Williams I ,eve_ .Vej s r...ll,l.lle
. Ittera....,
, 0 * , !P , ..---_, ___,...-
College Iter gave $lO,OOO, tei Geitein•Acsdemy some ammo's rt note mu' ro, yegi_rm.„.._ee„,_ f itostao-e .
1 gol,ooo or $3,000; to liervard.s3l,oo l % to Societies., 1 1 .1": 1 1 1 .dY , "bl instinct,
, ""'" ",'".. 4".,
Schools and Institutions in Bottee, ID L E at = g i r t D I „„ ner p o t t ointua throtaltaaylity jos .
sande to the blechamc's Franklin ithrery -. • -., e •
•• -- - - , .•
t eam, 'Low; lute to the poor. air the 'Soled. he ".' d1 .." 1 ,. 136 ., 11 ". ' 4°6 '. . • :it - 1 ..... ~
#.i.;;~ .
Lai Eiiea many thonsatitb, the world ,ktow
Ka aidedlarge numbers ymqr ta
d ty his assistance Etta enabled theta ettleea..
s Ola
Ail . ating . whed merch.ail. , —P. e.t.a( MU . benelo*
knee and %polkas lepniatioit; at home—art beamed
representative of onr nnantry, abrcad—ever jealous
the honor and 'he unstesta of his it
land a man ne kirilikence; and tkrodehly versed
the commereml:arairi el bO, country—he ha% talk
eyna of the &rammer at Melted, Ott &eine. Pallia ,3
inentaaapaidonabie tanit—he is rid". •
Would alai we had more men. each as Imam .
' Lawreace. Ile is an honor lathe ktepublic—aliar•
Lament - bilis mee.-10hio Butte
- FLAX GEOW/11 6Li 'TEA' WILT. • . •
. 1.131,,,p0.1:33. , of ilk,. raw York Tribune. ' '... .
_ t Nca - rart Fuze, TruMbull Co. (0.,) Jan. if, :
of the 2d fast ,to relation to Fiat, Hemp, am 1 t i ks ..,
the. liberty to communicate to you a few facts (which •
you are at liberty to publish •If yul Dix, fa) ../, tie
geewthpreparation of Flax, it now sue& kt"' - '
this, part the Woo.. I have been for two or Urea .. :
-ydars ens ged to buying Flax and cleaning it ont - for
the manufacture of paper, for which it ts well adopt.'"
ed; but I tun becoming - more end more satisfied that,
sea proper
. .mnchinery, Flax; can be chamed•axag
red no sato be spun into twine iv yam. -
.The machinery ate in use clean it enti re l y . feei
from the stock or woody pert,' teh expense of may ' :
three dorms per ton; but they do not. lent .401 - "
tbre'straigtit kite this band damned Flex. Bekaa
• nor,' however, destroy the strength' and taiga of - •
the fiber, but leaves ail:waled eo as to rectums pick. -,•-•••
ins before r ,can be tpun.- Tun I am sat oW em:_
be done with little trouble, audio picked m to allow -....
it orkiecirded anddrawn much thiamin:teas WWI ot
Cotton. • '""' a r . the - need ' 4
The flax which I purchase a raised orl
alma. It to mown and Mired the lame no hay, end'
then threshed or tramped with horses; alter. rhiekif :-.
...i.ry, it is rotted. It yrelds, in this State, about;i
20 e 'per Cent of fiber, and is - cerundered by the tamer.,
of no vane whatever; but for Paper it will warrant.,
: raying from SG to 10 per ton, which in addition to the::
seed, makes one of the crops now raved: and as -
afallow'for wheat it is considered superior to • .tq . ...
other crop ,
1 have Oconee tly beetitold that. with seed 'KU pa
bushel, and $lO pero to for the Flu, it me decidedly: i
tho.bert crop dustpan be:raised., both for the laud awl , '
the tanner. And as every acre that is desighed for •
wheat wilt produce a fal low crop 01 - 1122; that , 1 4 no
!Mat to the amount therms ylbe raised. ' Only-let tin ,
market be opened,and Ohio's - 11l produeemerepOusda .---• •
of flax than Georgia- can of Cottoa-and all co.“Ftve •
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ad out in the wintertime. It la considered to be worth
one half the value of the prepared Ilax to break and
dress if, and it sells at from 11 0125 to $l4O per tom- ,
At this price 't will pay a man fair wage* for Olean; •
tog by Laird , .
But, a, smelt proportion of the amount raised a
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lowing in the, Paris correspondent of the Wadi"
ingtou Globe:
•• Condderablq vensation_bas been created
among the agriculturist. at Ohio department, by
the result. of the experiments made by Vi Das
sae on tr-form of idiom two linnilrol and fifty-'
acres at,St. Maur. M. .i.latib,m is dm patentee
of nib - told in which the groin to ettepol for 24,
hours before bowing_ On borue,of the land bona
with this prepared reol, and withoat manure,
the crop boo been one sixth -more than way over'
rm (hammy land when richly mauhired, and on '
being richly monured, . rod rown,witli prepared,:
acid, the crop io Some time 'ago, ra
great deal woo bald abouti n liquid for dye naltoC,.
' purpooe, invented lay a Mr. Bicker:, but the re.
atilt , were, not eitiofoctory. "Tide, however,
not the coon with the liquid of 31.-Dtioaam and'
, his reoults.bove been verified by the autliorities.„,
I The cost of Glib liquid is only one tenth afthe
Binary manure, and .con,cquently, even' at the;'. .
low pricie of corn in the market, the tiro Luz; - 1
dred and fifty,ocres at St.' 3lattri yield au error..
moua profit.
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