The daily Pittsburgh gazette. (Pittsburgh, Pa.) 1851-1861, January 22, 1851, Image 1

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,etricr.'os Timm =tar. 371 -44--- s root, vo Tax 'on tint' L
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DArLY--SerfitlilohinaPer antintric Mali bar rmil7.
arc Dallas Viral In savvier'. • • ..WEEKLY—Tiro donna. per annum. ln ailrance.!
yin barapptint maktio Ll4nlny conditinax— i• i
Tim copier do 1 Ott
Twenty cried w - ••• .... • . L.. a) 00
lite pocket Air icali 3
Clnix to be adrenal - to one Demon,
arid to be patitinvacialdr in silicon.. .2to Club tapers will
bo seat atter Ilie•year capitol., unless tbo loamy ix oral for
Ora Swam (II lbw of l'introareil or Lai
' • • Ito.. each additlonsi ie . /al:troll. 0
i hrce toontlua...., • oop
tao month, 12 OLP a
• • I • , twelre mouths 'O3 •
"Itandidccoi4,4sl.lore or
pee annoni-43 00
• L , Pelllollar rth•eseliaillitirma lin, • • • "
Ogle o chso
I n ool eabir st - pkas
70010) uro (per an.
• •• 41Ir over ' oi;:iientr sad
• fbe tukh additional, sows Ineeruntunder the yearly ratcs.
- ....odrarthetnents extilelein n purs, ani terdnrer All
bet award la equaro and a hlf, • '
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Adsorthenots not actritel on the tar ftir nava:ldea
'ltlntber of iit.dieltt, Will
exasteol kabid.aqd
, roe.% coated aceordingl.'
artno priilege. of annual Wunder, Is aridly lindttello
'.{lino own lannolialr burin/vs: and all 'advertisements for
thslementordther peron.a.well as alladreritscetents tun
intandistely • connetted Inithlbetr taro hetelvena sod all
clamor of advertlsontentsi In length or ottosruisee oeloceld
tbe.llmita enttagad, will Ds eh.-rect at th e toned rates. 1.0.
strata. troustent • adreeddus, .01110 win la sepandelr
1014 . 1 . 1, . 12 1PunoPt iartnent to donne'. I .
• All Ittrorthaments far obartlabla insg i ttlorde.nne
p=ss or :szl i. tral4lx,gld t f r tgr p p . u r. .. v niz u ttts iu sa
Alas to lu dodged BO rtutt.
• • ' = "i ttottees buartnl nithoot charge, malt= sound.-
Died Dr tonere invitations or Oaten , / Wk.. srallntuu
Ragular sdre to
ttiscre, =tall paid
others sending commitnics
rinss.. or requiring notion. designed tet sitantket to
Mrs, rioirces„tloneerta PubUO colartsilunsA ll .
. 741.97.= attentlo P t
pi kl rate enterptiast calculated or
to Iwamoto Init.
loal intearst,eso mac be inserted with the tualrrstand.
og that the nunc Is tot. paid for. If landed to be in
marled to the local column. the ea= wW baebanted at the
retool got lee 01=10 cent. Par 1100.. ,/ •
/11s100 or Vir liodoes to he oltargod triple orina
Munn Pettlions nut. • • . • I •••
lea Estate Aphis' 0.1 ductloneers l altartbortrllita not"
' tab danod outlet 'ready rstecaut bo•allovad mar
exia - torture, three nod otteL.thied Per cent. , On. :
• unmated' ' • - •, •
vaaa.r os tal-Wares 13 ry . :24 roar& '1
,04a.ftvtare three lorergolur...
• Dew weetraddltlLdtel ineettke...
aiu.rc, (10 Ibrel.3 one larertirru...--50 . ecula.
•• additional tmeriieca.—,'S eents...
Alltrateriaat sukrertionaanta fo.tq 11.44
OfiN:A.•.I'AiiitINSON. Aldesnian. Fifth
:Mad, Pena Oxeye: Wirt. O'Maraard'Weaut. All
, ttorney IA W.
fai Tilgiaraot Mal, corner of Grua - et:vet sad I:Qum:rod
IL,COLLIER, Attora&at'Lzw, office
b2tynerldiltogltx do lF u ttrt i g\t i tztg r a4trleitt ix
: exhlWtort Ow, (formerly of the- lettol Mem) be e( l 'iroy
" beg o. Rope r
..t u o
' tor. V'tite th =tBofor lad
•• • liotopete w . or Amy of the &putout:do.. jolt • .
AMRST:RERR, Attorney Law--Office
-sea Sttrat., behoves Saltrateld sat Gnat. Pittsbarsts
RANCIS C. FLANEGIN, Attoniey atLaw,
Na 143 Dearth street, Pittebursb-
TOWI WATSON,. Attorneyi at Law,
1111 Nal.lo.Youtih street, rirtcpurrh.
• • • • cm—Alessminr - Zl)nr; Julsoi Naylor . Esq.: tltr
MorrE•ose& Cor Wm." B. Nmr,- Jobs. Fleming, -Jur.
• • •; th,lV..l4cksols, litlabstrght.
WARD JONES, Attorney at Law
"OrllCe on Foal,' etrert„, bam. Want and Salt
J -24.59 If ifthstr..t. Pittiburgh. • • ~
hate titkin: into partilership;
• ••2 the hail' ikcett.h. T.Ta JOILI 11.1311 . -
• I. ••••- trr3 t a ',vim bt Cattaras 'tilt ellen
• ft. - 4th ettMesch nett: 1.-shall that maw* ttsZelata
• Prite ttrtr ectice=g7re c la t trrult een l4ll
atticareatent I . }ix;4l.":,...aill.t.esjrromptly attendedt
Irevpleli t atAv r a r T la id coort
Wahlazton /1:51.--11sawlmS
EMCEES -AND 33110101 RS
1i t 10. 6 4411 1 tMR%Ea1.1•4
''',WILSINS=4 CO. Erehnnge Brokers;
Fouth !set 6eire Thiel eve market erreer, An
atm:oat leDend ream
:1110L5IES:& SON. Dealers in Foreign
• cod Dioneftio talle of Ertb enc.. Cettlfluates of De
.4tmle Notes Mel FSpee-D, No. 49 Dartet street PDS.
iIEOROE CO.. Bautem.
diMakri Cain: limat - iiilitee: So. , No. 11
.iloarth itmet..orst door to the Dank of rittsimirsti. We'
WMa curfulle attended Pi and Ito proceeds remitted td
;b7 Art oftha Uafda .' .
gry prarrw. or,arm. tr. Toti[WOW Domes*
6 ,
01 ., :to: ir oy&orr d lo 4 ; of rk•rorite 11.10 Notes.—
6A. Charlet 6"cni'
A e • 1., ng i ouee,
threct.Pittsbniab. ' current Money rt. ,
eed ca, Deve. ColleetSh!cr made on all the rithiPal.
. • , • , . Orat a.:rarly. •
t .11VOIC . G'ommission Merebants
■ and SW Broteri - A6.114 &rend street ' .Fersonal and
Estate areolltles from IMO to $104,00 always on baud
" Vnalit..3( FAIXI2-...,i—RISRIA aAf X 4...-11.
I AL31014: EfANNA"4 .00.; Successors to
- sower; thusi,C Co: I:amuses Banana,
• designs In Fop:lc:n.l t
aad rundle Exch.*, CartiOnaten
=TWA ;Lets- - ClorM 11 3°1th y rad . anlV
„Wt. - 2 .., Cbatits far ..10 , and eon:Timm madam, niana.
011. Pa Viola e to. usual stem . -
, rtaa , prandann, pant Ihr . Zarrigia and; danetkan
latvaxwee resin on ecialaianetasof Prom:m.4*Na
1 7 -4 W. TAYLOBreonvadsdancr and Bin
'i':;a; i trairiU=n=irre ' t " t rarrog4
inikiealdway, on bond or Precasted nt d'art
A A51:1:1r191g
O;.'STOCKTON, late Johnston lc Steak,
toe. Tkokeelkr, E lsiloxr.Printer. and Blotter, <ca.
oilLtrket. an4Thlrd Arm., Pittelatrir.. ,
'HOMES' Cheep Literary'Depot,
Ittg,aivil.orre.abstoe Post - Offign. :New Beek. te
1101 - HOPKINS, Bookmillor and: Stationer,
11 Fourth stnet. Millalualg. - . 1
AVID SOWN, Ja.,.Wholexale and Retail
Baker sad Oststootasuer, 841 Fourth street. rittsbusala
Gaga:and ram Confectiosuary, always ust baud:
; 1• sessa. wortualls offended la
' • .31TISSTOCK, Manufacturer and Itii
,treof Ciorprto, Oil Clotho. Ate.= . 17not.Srlith
. window Fhtedow, L. Wu:ohm:lst. tt .15 Fourth O.
Vittoburgh.• _ ,
. . -
COMMISSION AND rouwenrarof
OHN,C. sad Fcir.
welpr = Water rerret,lNWltatriak.
: 11:J.01INSTON; For rdilt ;aid
IScrebukt. No. 112 BereaC strcirli
t k, s„F :•.d• C.
la Won IlAttnata...bralen F .
• • • nia• 'sad Pia*:
ManataeMred &Melt', Canal Darin, ova, &Troth.
Pitta barah •
, A. M!, NULTY & CO., Forwardiag arid
linetint. N Canal Bagn. Pittpardb.
rOtiN MerADEN A CO.:. For; ardi4g and
Commixdon Itercbants Cffinal Num sotr.t.
*MIES It. Li.. , Yi'11,C0.,.-Produje and
Line 7 . '-
- -
0. ^27 v. 14;4 ei,lll.loesea;re• it.
a.- 0utr..1;n,,..t. I, either...of the shore, Oa
~ ;,..eFtt., of frolone to Other Boum. . mei -
[4 ,4
ARDY. sthiES & CO.. Ate
wed. Anrs , A Co.. tl , nonia,km .(Ponronlieg Nee
dealers la Pith Manutrterrd, 0fx . .1.1, Pimp
i • TibiTtpOODS NERGITAIns. • i.
Lulu*, .t w rdrariyrn r t iNVII4Ti 01... 1.1. TOIL.
• A; MASON & CO., Wholetale and Retail
b l'attry ounl Etna° by GaAs, G 2 Starlet
rubel:nth. •
. 4 • 17 , 71
wA NW r+ *Mx Slcretaats, comer a Tourth
• • amt.,. Vaskarch. • ,
_ •
..'..TIMLLS It. Wllll7 '
AldilSYß tiiiiift
E'Wholtialti field
4,ri ta: /*nip, owl %Monk Dry. (kplo. /to. 101
KIM Yltilhrnb : _ .i.. .. ,. ... : :__ .):
Mitil:;;Viißirg c - 0 0 .. ,T 1 ,M,,•
• , Nerthantg—E, the or . of Down!. vr00,.. ic4
nano ann. dtaldry 0n on kholo of :Want Trintar.
Pr n - . 119 Wn...1 arnrt. f.un.t. door than fin. My.>
. . . .
' . Z. c. m*VATIL.
LtilE It - i,' SicDOIVELL, lguctew:ors.4o
- k. Ital. & Serer.) Trintri'ab. 01144211 Diu& &&&
Auto" a Wm! Axed seid Viten alley::
I.3l4= L pzeortiralons cxxe& and
1 - ,
'•1;', A. TATINESTOCK & CO.I Wholesale:
And Beall Drsaitbic angler Wood sal Rata i
.. 1 1 -17, WICKtiCSIIAM,Wrolesale Druggist
7 And Nader in Ser.l4 and Actireßang IMPieMeete.
1 .., OM luello4lScoll 4trunt, enreer et :Wk. • - I t
1, Cirei-:•-•:.....4. ...... -...„.....:-.:-...--.:.÷...,
.-, KIDD & CO,; Wholesale Druggsstet, Deal.
• so t ,,, P. D ,nbli,r4 Dreatetle, ofe ,bartrerem . lbt
V i tra jetieg .137247NoVrefT=M4
ritt.rbentb en. Z7.lll be euttull7 Pr.:
• t r r •' SELMA. ' Virlielc4olll; Dealer in
iiria. 4. :Pg.t.. Wails : 7= 3 ,,l,r,.p ats. **,
. • . ~......... ... .
. •
i~ y,
JOHN 1). :MORGAN, :liliolesale Druggist.
- .al Wolof In Dye Stnß4 Dolnto, Oita, TamMY , . ko. —
ho:' n 3 if ood.atroot, omr Mon Youth o Diamond Alloy,
SCIIOON3IAKER&CO., Whiilesale Drag
nast WoW a_ PALAburgh.
- 711211433 Cl iiICY.. IDRct Z. 1311.
rmUN tt REITER, Whnlemlo and Retail
irsidA. comer a Libqty SI.ISUCIIdr MS, rub-
MER, Wholesale Oro
io ger. Prraluer and Conontleakao alerchanta. and Iclat•
caw fn Fattalgurab Ilanntagantsal cloaking. Nat 130 and 1,11
&coed otcleet. Langan Wood and Nanillogleld. latlabsgraclil
JOO. S. toll. 01114 ... • ... ..ItAltra DISNOLTIL
4111.011 N S. tilliVo,llYll ... & -- CO.. iyh
(Iron, Produce uni CooloaFoe reba 6l6"l gl e i
3 Ant4 d for LfOrl rowarT Co, of Its.Zdville,
burgh. ,
3 ➢[tßt~b.
BIII{ORAIIA3i, Wholesale
Gnieri 'Commie:Rion 11rechtzts, No.:ll6.ihkre
aural, sari hrs SANS, Pitsburstd
THEY, MArIIIEWS .5: CO., Wholenalo
Grocer.. Cocomho-lon .170 Coro - toning nerrhonti42.l
• o for Brighton Cotton Yarn, gr.Wntrrot.,ltitirttt-th.
Mad.lolol unarm
4. Ctan
burgh, 011 N. WATT iom & CO., Wholesale Grocers.
intatiorr alarrhau wl ta, aera tu Prolix+. aad
ttaburrh blazufartures. a. aao Merl) Warr. ritta.
B. CANFIELD, late of Warren, Ohio,
i De C AVVr iT rTss fi r ' e l t. h lVgir.tV. ; l td .
Purl Ash. and Irsstrin Pr7s f iurs gents-Ally. stet' street,
batsmen Smitlahrld nod Wool , Pittsburgh.
S. WATERMAN & SONS, Wh01c34113
814.;.%"ara. c r0 itgt.r.tintitVg •
rrd Article.. sod. Aida. Pr_' tbe role : ot i ltiehrocid_ and
M 'T,l l l7luV"'" *l . sod"‘v•!-
5.7 F. TON BONNIIORST. & CO., Wholt.
ado Orem, rw•..wo¢¢ an Commiosum
Ikolefo In Pitlabt.O. Manufactures sad Western
Ercolare. W. miller of .F root street...A Ch00...R.
AS. DLLZELL, Wholesale Grocer, Co ra
minion Merchant. end Dealer In Pnained and tilts
b Manufactunt—No. TO Water et-, Pittalnargh.
1411111 DESST weer men,.
ISAIAH DICKEY '& CO.. Nbolesalo Urn
NGLISII & BENNETT, late Enßlieli,
I 41•11s4par Tlleolesde t; h r7l4,
.I. l &&llZiu r ?ei, ' 3 , l.l 4 l l l ) go l d ' tt.. tereZt ' e .nd 'LA
TIUM street&
rms.uoA..-..0-7. luectrtos. rrtracsmor.
IUILLE mauaI, K . RICKETSON, IV holesale
4TA:P sad Isszocte ra of Brandies, Win. . said'
_ oonex . as samertv mut Irvin streets, rieb.
burl*, Cstton tams; te, ta, rozot.tir
hsaL Y,- r .
, POEN V . 0111........1L1M D. 11 . 1111.1.....,..WA119, C. SO&
NOUILS kßOE:WhoieStge . (Isocers and
• lAberty Kreet,
t BERT 'I4IOORE, Wholemile d
io Produce. Pittsburgh
'Wines ..211%'"
liouniumbeht Whislort,
..BAL Cartmolirkmilierthants,ilesirrifin Produce
hod PULhurdt hlatothactures. Liberty erred,
frilfiti CUNNINGHAM. IVb .- C . )lesale
Onto, Procinct,. Fornarding,firel Lkainnicsicn
Dealer In Plneburnb 31ensifacturtc, 39
lttelreirtiet, Pittibeirgb.
........ 03SMATIL
Urn. BAGAUX Whf:terale . Ora
ern., Noa IS and MlS:nod drat. Piasbarsh.
corm 0. 1ncg........ -..n.ann leelADl.os
WICFI & MiCANDTVSS, successors to
L... J. D. Wiok. itholesal• tlosers, forraollus
ota CoeconDslon Darla:WA, drarrs in Iron. 51•115. 01. 5 1
*Con Y.,ao. sad Plit•trarob ItaavtaDtale. gOOOOSDY,
corner of W.I. sail Warr otreet•Pitt•burgh.
,--- • .
• Groom, and.Commfinkm Merelvot, lited In 11,-
. D.1 . .r . , , Lt545E , t , Daoli•aured Articles, 155 iltmoty
J. D. incirlft. .......... ...E., Jo. OT.
D. WILLIAMS & . 0.. Wholenale and
1:p• Retaul l'azoily tircer4. pr•arding tad Cocuroll.••••
5 ercloott•ona DM101 . 160 , ata, Produce:lnd;11
stanasetorea. corner aNV d'aDd Fifth ,to., Iht.burgb.
IDS, tanucso, 28;n. urrit.......nua- n. nonmon.
p L OBINSON. LITTLE & CO.. Nog 2.55
' liberty 43'1.0, Pi.toburgb, truciß.eni Groons. 1 . 1•••
woad Coiozototion 5115rehatOr. nod dean" Ina loa
JO rtnTD.l , _ . ".1 • ,—....socumso FLO W.
4 - .1,, IL fIOYD, Whillenle Grocers, Vora Ifutolma, 0u.5 Doan to I.:akar—Roma
moat Ilaldhar: tomtio,;•oo I.4bertr. Vaal, sob talk.
ax U
ots. PObstrals. p.., ~- .- . ,
- 1. ~konssi
ix. arrercsmoz.Jecrwavnt.
- R. 317 - dliTC4Eol;,:.Wholesale (air_
acre Diinfors a
Pittxurg.l3 I.3ozavres gOzera ir, Liberty rert.
JOIIN PARKER £ CO.; WholesaleGroxerie
Lralas tliPirdure. V . Wft, LiquortC-01 , 1 War.
Lurabels /IMAM Whix 3—No, 0, Cusperrial How.
reist— Pstubargh.. " •
lATM: YOUNG {c-00.., Dealers in Loather,
11Itle, Ate.. 143 Libertr rt.
101 I N IL MELLOR. Dealer in Piano Fortes,
3%vie. mid 3.13kal Imdrumenti. , Seliel Books. mid
timr Zr o Cal:Ozie Nano Furl, for
rNIIY . K.LEBEI!, Dealer I . ltAie, Mu
. 6.1 Itvtrntannte. and Importer of Italian Stri.e.
Sent finnna tharide grand and *rum Pi3l3OS.
with lolentan's dttaantent. fo r Dunham's
KENNEDY, CHILDS CO.,3tinyufacta
m" et vrrr guperbt Sherting. Ct Chain.
rotas and Batsing. reun l'atsban:h.
r snag
TONES & 01.0. — SiSTIVifia — S1411% of
,tad Bibarr Sind. Plough Steel, Steel Pious!, S pring
gads sod Eli tie Springs. , itarsturrol hes Asks sul
grubs" is 3lalirsble Castings, Fin. Farina .Isitops. sad
Coach Trimmings grocrallyi ssa us( Ross and Frost Pis,
Pittsburgh, Ps. '
..SCATEE .3; ATKINSON, Manufacturers of
t Csq.ser sodgbest Is.- Ware, host, between Woad
Straka etrret, Pittsburgh,
net. Derry &0,. Drukfarturers of Soda Mb, Diesel.
eenie. Mecelletie sad dellptnerle Arid. NYirettoetre,
2:0.61 Water et., new. Fear. ' • • 'GLASS WORKS.—J. d stru,
Han IlfilibllTS 'f.f GPM, GLILOSRAII. Vials. Potties,
a Porter. &Mats 'Lk, Mineral Water:Patent Me.
dkle, and Wine liordlos, of every dearripthra.
Keep. enodantly to hand • general ameetincitt of the
tbort artielm •
t alto stato—ria the other Green Glut Ftetoriet are WI
h s hmd . bat I Imo r,i,t,t
lu teat
mer and winter.
Orders retnectridly tolldtpd, ma will . 1.0 filled on the
ohortmt notice. • •
Warehono—No. 112 Seanal "rixeot, .bettimeupool and
Smithfield ma. Pittsburgh.
. v v Earincl ,C..lllll.—lmporter awd Maar in French
and Annoican • Paper. !Waging% taut Donis.. Wiwi. ,
Roam. Yin, Board Prints. Fe. Aho—Writing. Printing.
and Wrapping P P
ar.. ?WM Wood ewes berms , F....
awl Diam ond alley, ittsburgh, Pa.
fr irAv 0:4:1k4:01
Mefebanto, Eliot oldo of the Diamond. Pittoburob.
era. A. tear. .... -cma. I.
Writ. A. itITEURG & CO., . Grocers, and
V V • Tcs :to. Liberty' sireetc_ahore Weal
hare vorare 00-haad a large luteertracei of Choice Groan
ia* and Flea Tees. .Alta--Forrign Fruits awl Nuts:Whole.
Ws and stmt. Dcalereauppliesi oa the lowest. terms..
srliN k. CAUGHEY, Agent fnr the Lake.
Mt and Mrbiren Line, to lhiver end the Intm—
me the corner of Witter and litolthfiekl
AAFFE di O'CONNER, Preprietore of the
l'ltL.Lurgh Portikble Ithai.Btorr. corner of Nan w6 Tyrut cream. •
LEECH . CO., Transporters by Canal
o Ca Torma.ling Merchants, MINT Of WWI street
• •
A. It
A. arlarrsitrirr. es posswar,
WESTEIT,VELT SON. well known
• :reolliso BOW Neter& keep erneitantlf 00 herd or
te• •to order the beet article in their Hop at their Mn
fto 111 Et Mir elseep of o, at No. 06 Market street,
imeoral gory, retwitiee'in the Diamond. Veeitlan libettere
made to order. sod old 01010 pestle ',paired. • spit)
T. A. 13 ROWIsi wonld most. respectfully inform
otWeo the
ltion hue& .It Need& Pliutrets =to ' titan '
id the bed:style, orprentol toted to any to the 11111Wid
Platen. Mind. nap be reproof without the old of o
renew driver. Itseige'poreldmil
m s ay Pole. sod Mel
of the cabinet ealoblielimeot of Ramsay k I sea
prepared to furnish their old exortornere. welips tie polo
ItAst. leirior..reith teen . thing their ilne.
er. !to. AS pod etreet. Pitteburelt.
racial.% DROWN.
17 5 0 VD I : 4 0 f•i:VO:tip7,r)Dr,i);l
..A . DAm liARDIF VoCcrioury Surgeon,. late
from: 741rib/inch, Scotland. •Vicoild respectruttr
quvin , Mr While that lin Xite commenced practice in the
above prokilidcon and, by careful attention to plater,
estrvorted to him. he hope. togive Imti4mtlicru.
lir connection end, James Middle, How Ehnelng end
Illarlowlthing in general will he carried oth
of Tunnel gonad an , thetowlvanin Arnow •L the meLei
~SYZ~~~Ty:(:IiYw , ~
LEE, Succootor to Murphy and Lre,
11'4,011).u.. pral Cornatttsion MitehanL for the mle.
mrdran Ltbertr. , yl.'itt ,
Q. &W. Wool Merchant.s.:
S Fine awl Prctlnte itettersllr, sttel For
wartllnx and CatnsnArtfort )lerchattiN Uh,
sod Ili Beothd atm'. Pittoburgh.
ENGBAVIH(i can ttitcitiiipara a.
EY[LLE Joll\ 80` Engraver nn W I,
rricr z the 7ty
a1:11l r
!hor b, at
fe q" n 2 T uaet.=Pitutmrah. :.Ireapri. P Fh c bm t
3ml.b. , Dratr DoZtoli. Archlt.cluil
Oirds. te..eigiraved
thimii on Eton*. tad 'WM in 11.1. bronze
Mack. in the awat acona aa
01. rem, Jaaliqz_
, 0 - (AN; tiVit Ndo W.. lmportcre,,wkaad
, r
%r W. WILSON, Watches, Jewelry, Silver
V Watv, and litllibtrylhetwtter of Mark. and
Fourth etrortr..lltb.lourgh, Pa. A. B.—Watch.,oolCtoo,
. - • D.ENTISTS. ..._
Jill:. IL 11UNt„fientist, Corner df Fourth
and Detutui"st..between Market and Ferry stmer.,
tt.mburgh. .
,piICIIOLAS • VIVIAN. Cavil Engineer,
Dranchatcan. arta Per-erica ?Minh: Agent_ ache,
ttlps of Allar,ls fur are Patent trine, ,Imnue or :11n.'111.
fnary an? line.. Water Nark, 11.11Ing gala. de.. Ma, be
ural betwixt 10 A.X.,484 6 I'. 31, at hi rratleute. au. 21
Huhu," Greet. natranreh_
4. LACKSA. 4 Agent for. Delaware Mu
_ll tun, Saar Insurance Cannany,4 Water slan.t.
GSROINEItCOFFIN, Agent tbr Franklin
ej. tim Itummora wnranr, ttnrtlt rest rvrn,
anti Thin' xtrrere.
91. GLES~
K INDKrt, Wood street,
iltror frcm ter ntrner of MEE. •thcre
121=AT,717,61"Tat - of„l n ez,*;l:.g.ll;
tabetrcEally. Books to notate.. or ttle
Imacid cacrtullt, or rroatrctL NKEte. Eaton It
Tbo.a who LAVE' bltElloo onto WYEw to call. PrIMA !Mr.`
eta in Ilinturritic end Forelmit Goode, No. 111; \Voir'
Meet. Pitted:ltch. itbritti the!ntlenth.n lot buyers their
bieurti tdoek of 100.0 Coeds now openin arid abich they
my pervert"' CO 1,11012 very asetettotoito rig term,
U. obeli be constantly receiving this t gm& during the
PC45.11. Mad rivaret an eientiriatiott of our elorlt by west
ern znerchante. end Others visitier, our city.
ACCORI) & CO., Wholesale and Itntail
Iv . Manufacturers. hod Dealers in Ilats.Caps . oul Frtrh
corner of Wood Ind Fifth etrceth. Pittsburgh. - tt here they
offer a full and houtpleto shy]: of lints. Cath, Fur. de.. of
.orcre Quality mutely], by Wholeshin not ItclaiL'hu.l in
vite. the attauttinu of their cusbnusrx nod purchaser. deb.,
ally. vasurior them that they will roll on thy. turad &dean
lagoon., terms.
WM. DIGBY, .lereltunt Tailor. Draper.
toJElvaler in lima,' Ilade Clothing. 1 Llborir qt.
. New coach Factory—Allegheny.
. ==frv b r tw i m h.. •i • =th r, a n t a qu i =
xtnetn. They an Dow making and are Inviximl rer f lZ
nyder" her tvery dewriptinn of veltieb.%
Berenaehe, nllgr4ol4 1.6r.t0u, Re, to., which, from (bole
Iw arer=rierhUlte;:'l,'n'T,"irv7,ll:474:ll"4",ll'-;
z h atird Lo ti t , l; . trgc h ;3l . tt h e ol l e ltarcanitrabli, t or m, .sith
. • . ,
' ku . ylMfluntieular tteoritunn to tbo notation of material,
ALAI Intormg tlOrle but competent workmen. hrts,
beettation In warranting Limn. emok. therefere Auk the
,Mention a the public lothin. manor.
N. U. Reps/11ovlemo In the bent rummer, and on the
mewlnum:table term , no,N)tf
MIL a. sutra :UAL, At[INN , N.
i 'IIRST STREET, betn'oen Wood and Mar
kel Pittsburgh. runttnun 10 manufacture nil kuuls
Blacksmith Wcirk.
i— .
n...brut,. built Warder.
Tal-tt . :l ` .. ' T.ll:=
Kent, Tin W. kr. Rs. Strambont Inuklnu
Fme, VArkon, clue.—a r.rJ eotteruiastt article
Ste Steamlsats, CallP,ruis ensigt,tit% ot. 1411 !toad Coml.
Peale ,
We would respectfully - Write EGatuboat Imo and Alien.
to call and tee our articles *ad prima, twit, yurchwitnt
AGLE MARBLE WORKS. (established
lad;) hT EDMIP:I) IVII:K1NS. No: 14 Lan, 2 na.a, ileatus4enl,
Vaults, Tomb... Ile.lAton.. At.; Mamtel Cetitr.
rk 2.1. 1 11 ' .14
ebokr ^Jmtiou of lb ~o on hap 1. Selo
oTicE. •We have a. , s:ociated 3. GARVI-
N NEIL COFFIN with lu the Faelutnye 11.1.14 , g
rith`b44li,h..llnuary 1,
wa. v. R111.141.........1.1. S. Yttt ..... ;vet,.
• • .
Av m. '1...i. b WIL
1 ,L1A,..1S & C 0... Bankers
North Ea,l nom, of W.. 11
;Lull I%lra gmet+, WEAlltr...
All truaacflout mete on lilan-..1 terra, en.l nll, tious
1.....1. 1 Y Altroilvd tn. 3.0 %.,
ILI). LIUCKNOIt CO., Tobaceu
ff ConLikion Niorrit.aul., No 41 Narti t Watt, 't,-
North Wham.... anal
TARDos. entith NI
alhion ,nh
01 • ant, 41 OM Lev, bra °rival... keep et,.
,danlir no hand a lacer ad PLaudi,o the lt•
losing bremaht, •Fblyh tby, attrr for In A,..sat. for J
Durand J. Ca.. I{.Jniontr. Manlory. I.muL .1.
rand H Co, Lay.r.h.die. 4. J. Dur.d. CY. 4T13 a. Nenh-
A. L. lila:Title. A. do Mon.lorv. .1.4,
also, Anchor Gin. Berdvans Gal and Illdto In evh,
and, relerted Iran ran. hr John imrand 4., co.. he.
Odra tlanar , une sa.kt N.r. •
Eitclat AN:I . El,o:l4tinend Cninrni,-
adall.L n. LA.,31
- 1)
..truy C. TUTTLE, - Attiwnry-ttt L-rer,
and Coanralrrioncr for 1, , a
eraltuanirannn• py,upgy aro.rrrd.• •
011 N• EN. Aitorliey and Court
n, wltnr at Linr. and C,riarliyeinnrc , :or th. ;quo, or
Pvulutylranin.fq. Ltuti...ll.a.. 11.. of
I:Nfirennw-1 . 11.,,10uvh..11 , n. Eatiranl. Ilamyv.n
Miner, NrC50d1...... 31reinn-. Joha tarty. Illp,^11:.
alriNml Ca- atatlily
•sslc Grre,r. No. =1 Market rt-. Phil.,lelphis. 414)
vLLPT rol:kl:=Tu. .4.1.11 X
c,lfina,k4n. nml Fvtwartlim; Jlexhazit. end kinut
Morket ntxtvt,
PEAS ZlAl.athsk. SHOP.
1 (1 V 1
tip of mnm .Wt ,:,,,,,ahnuf,Titur.,rAiii.,-4.14,1.
city. The above work, Liu; upw fall P r inl
verretlen", aro. preparinl to axectito arch. with dispatch all kinds of tnachincry coy line, owl, as willow.,
tfor '', ZTlZi=, * &ll,:
nr 'tingle.. Ihr pierchard. or coputry work. dud,. whs. Fr.:
1640 nod harul loth+ and tools lo ..nondol. All Vol.
of charting hods to unit, or pious give. to
drarinir mottc
ries ortollts at rtdardiable clurdit
. ro—Kenned y c ChILIP ACP-, Blockstort. Bell Co 4,
reunock. A Co., J.. A. Gr..
Delaware Mutual Safety Lmtee Co.,
-14,...'ef0nA51,4a n "mra CrettPt.T.
putattshattin g routorraitz trith•proriaten of lb. Charter.
Yr . .. Mum. received dame: thr yasr railing (kWh', :Slat..
Ou nurirst• wd 1n15a.11161..5.
On kire •
Earned Oremlsms :luring th e yew' ~ , ,, , I f !L.'''.
Or: 31arlo:: and Inland 1tte10...----.slU l t
Ur: Yire Melo
lo last
and SaTeege 14,5:3:z2u.
Lows., Sc., ri
dunx tiii , same time:
Marine...l Inland NUTtgalkal 4nenrilll.72ntr: '
lira banes 9.1,4 , ..47
Profit and lop. " il,l4.ini
Iteturn Premium. 17.9,21.1.1
Ito4nanrancea f 7.05X1.7:
Agency charges 17.5Z.51rr.
Expenses, neat, Salaries, Stationery, de ....... —... P1M1.21
The Amets.of tho Company am ns follokk
Bonds. Mortgages. and G round Rents $21.7145.3
$12,01M Unit a! ktadm gig
. per mut Loam... ..... .... 1 ': .w.._'7. 501,000 Pennsylvania '' " ..Ni.os.mio
$ll,llOO ••• Piro - - • 12.:R.1.R.76
V.M.OOu PkiladorarityP 3,
$6.000 Spring Ilanlen Plz . . .
. 4.1 25 10.0.1
100 Phan" Pennsylvania Rail Bred Company-- 6.00001
10 . Union Bank of Truman:, .... - . ~...._. 4.410.00
60 . Mts erchan cad Mannfeeturers Bank.
Pittslmrgh • .650.00
6 . Philadelphia and Harry delirneoNleam
Toss Coat Company' 250.00
0 " Phlladelphla klakhane Conarany....... 75.00
Fain and Monk of rundry .1 utual Insurance
11111 g reorivablc
Cosh on huld l o.od
Interest duo--
'Wanes. to the hand. or A.omts, and Pr.mliums
on 3lmino l'olieles. recon . tly lsamsl...-... ........ .. 67.011.64
Sulsieription Notes 100,000.00
- !:oVratota 4th. Ig.o.
The 'Board of Dlreettita hit...this day de eland (Stride.]
of SI.X PEIL CENT. in =4,00 the Capitol Stu and SIX
PElt CENT. on the Scrip of the Corn ivny. able 011 atal
aDer Derotalw, lk.on. • Alm a di.1.11.1 of Tr—N Pr:11.
CENT. Inl‘ertp. on the Capital Strelt mat Enrood Pratt/I
OW, (Jett/1147110e for s bteh out be tutted no n ln.P.
Wllllam 71ttrlin, William Volvoll, J;11. John,tn. .
Jotteph Sent, John b. Nrw lin. Vilulnel E. Bloke&
E. A. Fonder. • June.. M. 'Curzon, Jim., Tr...luOr,
John C. Dalin. C. Rand. S. 3rllvnin.
R. kturtna T. Paulding. Chu. Holly.
John 11. Itnromp, 11,Jonenhe, .1. T. Laqt, rlttr.'it
S. Edward, 11. Sloan. C. T. NlorKttn.
G. U. lelp er. rwac f Eyt. r C ,, lAnglt "
It.av •
WILLIA3I MARTIN. Pr.-.14..nt.
• • TI1(1511i1t C. lIANh, Prt..A.V.nt
foot?. W. (Nmek.v. tterrattr):
• •
By do. Art IMorporatiug thip Com pa.. 11 ., p.rtirr
rim property thrown aro entitb.l to a rho... of donpodds
of tho Institution. without subordm theutaelvn. SOY
liability Iwymni tha pretolum
Cho Capital Stork sod Suborrn4inoNOter are Pbubmd
the Cbirt, for thm inymeot of 'worn and the e rolits of
the Company on, dirn-trd to be ionohlt sod om in the
posonasinn th..eorinndion. fond fo rt eforth,
thenf trio amOnil. Thin fond will lw nu.roarnind by
Scrip. boring an interest of six per rent di 0.4.1 among
the Insured mni Stockholder, pro rain.: oroo amo un t
of carnal Premium. sod Capital Slo.k.
State Mutual Piro Insurance Company,
Harrisburg, Pa.
rjLIFIE very liberal patronage eiaendoil to
thlY cotoluny. haring veiled te,itc.., to die nutount
near One tool n Ilalf :thin.... of bollare.durittr the lard.
1 three months. I. yutileiett nntifc-tritiod of the erttrueltent
and confident,. of the publle In tho rides. of M 11.14 4, ... .,
on which Hs InaYinere In et 'Misc.'.
To city or moot,/ merrhonts. and nonere. of dwellince.
nod he . ..toted and rountry prOpetiy. it it hollered ill,. cian.
pony ntifonle who'll...a tu point of ehennuere. rat.) , tout
a< Conducted
inferior to no !neuronic islutpaur In thin enuistry.
Conducted on thn ennitablit and tireat/lltontuTt‘S .....'.
'of CluYttneatlon of !deka. eactudlnd .11 Arterial itotoole. in.
I eurlior-only Is hunted amount In any one locality. than p r e.
eluding the irni...l ...I 0.mun ,. .. , or hm , ... to , sod
I also on toth the ntork laud lutual phut. it tun only,roere
I but e ntitle.
obeannoto and arromtnednilut. of both method , .
entitle. the insured to a participate° In the profit,
It le under the control of the following DlrecturtWohn
r. nut.b.,,pul. A. J. filllett.. - John U. Packer. o. T. J..,
Alcrulti A. Carrier. 1 . 1311 n C. lied., , elok. Itotort lihitr.
J.P. IttiTilltitTOrlD. Prealdatit.
AI.CI,LLETT, rtyretary ,
• A. A. C.r.v., Actu..r.
P.rmt•h balm tt,• Westoro l'amalrobto. 54 Smith?told
Art.. i'illoborgh. Porto. detain, Ininrona will lw fur
oiebott .tilt 7ooks of the Company br tiling .th 01D,.•.
Western InsurandeCompanY of Pittsburgh.
CAPITAL $300,000. E. MILLER. 4n,
ineure aveimet kin& vf dab. Fire and . I d .
b a te wilt be bberolly aljtverd awl breveLLY Ld
bathe lustituilort—matemed. Ly Lerrelere who am Weil
lareert be the cemmuelty MO el. dcw".'"" 4 ‘ , K
NV= 't".`,Ttfl:M=rnfTf22 l 4.
who derive to be I peered .
Derzeree—W. Miller, Jr., Bro. 111. k, J. W. Butler, N.
Mime*, Jr., Wm. B. Helm.: alleneee. Oen. W. Jackson,
Wm. 11. Lyas‘JammLlsrpiremeL: u.anr. M Y '
/Molneslnes.Meekly Veer. 13eolt. .
carte. he. InWere, (emeibeetee 010.4 * Co ,
. • ird;.4!1..:.
Penn Life Insurance Company-, Phisdel'a.
[IV It'ce . tem lataranrn Campapy,
with 11
neee r .t.ry Infarznatlon. and blank
L, rm.. will 1, funalli..l.
Ilu.ban.l. ineure their fur the benefit of their
i ve* nn.l elladn n. rmlitnr. the lire• of their debtors.
a1.:; .. ... 1 61 , ..n.g 0 r i, r u f the C.Anpany asouna the
The g11re1.14.1.1 ihe'reft t . . 0 7rxn b 16.2, been elshtf re ,
ern, •
Piro and Marine Insurance.
t7O.IIPANY of North
I Amer:, a will make 1...rm . ippiliralteillacurwliCS ,
In It& dryani.l vtelnlly; and .bliitnentkby
n rd. nod proprrtiee of this
Ciaujaoy and furninhaa anklhtbld fiipt
iln• CIA.. liwii•ottilty it .11 iwelon.. arab drift:" to 6 ,
Print r t Ire inrnnntt.
Wlf. P.. 111% C.S: Agent, 4.1 Ram nt.
Delaware Mutual Safety asuraneeCernp'y
thrrlOE, NtAtTli. 1:0(1M OF THE EX
qy Mira ertr,J. Philjnlcitga.
Mongiandlsr ; and other
noTrt. In town nod ounutry, inAttn4l againa4 tor , 1111.
dmn, lir' ot tho lowom rata cif prernhnn.
)IJun, INNlll,..2.—Thry taro barnm Ve,vls. Gunner
amt nAJht+, tout,.. or noo.t‘rt.o. under open or 11 5 4,1 4 1
thoo..urod.ay rain,
isttgo Telarl4l4,4ll,ll.—Ther In4nrr nerchandlye
tranr,rtod by Wagons. hall mai ran 4 Canal ,30441, ted
't I t
hr¢ta. on riorra and lainr,. on the nn4 iihend term.,
Inrcrror.—Joarllt ,onl. Vilrnund A. Solider, Jahn C.
Part,. nobort John;11. l'onmee. Samuel ikhran/r.
I.eurno C. Lelgor.ll.l.vani Darlington. Ira.R. Aria,
Haut Folwell. John Newlin, Dr. It. M. Ilugon. darner •C.
Nand. Tbootddloa 11. Joao„ Drorkr• llrarr
1 1 1L , on. Iltnril era!, Goer, orrill, Sq.:mg 41rliraln.
.1. G. Johto4.u. m. Hap. Dr. 9.
John 1:olltrr: lltn. 1:yro. Jr.
I . l4 . r.segun—D. T. Morgan. Itugh Crag.
John T. 1,;(1121.
NV tut. :Urns. 1`re...1.10n.. Too,. C. Vicl9l,ll.
Jr at. Jaorrn tn. Cov nocti•lary.
ag,ooritcr tho Company, So. 4:1 Water aireot. 4141.4 .
lough. ' . 4. )lADEIRA. Asnot,:.
Franklin Fire Insurance Co. of Piaui's.
TURECTOItS: Charli.s W. Bancker, Geb.
15 %V. xkbnnh rho i s )tordecal D. Lewis. Sobis•
11 ,ro •hroor. 4 , 141, 11. llorie,Nanmel lhweld . OrtntlS
J bIL budill, Morel. Patterson.
1111.1.111.F.1. 4 11..1:iCK1.11, President. ,
11l ev.r..
hi Comp ny tina
a eouv. re
nuke Insuranec*Perfnann l i 4
or limited. col every &scrip:ln of Pnmorty to," and
country. at rate. to. lost so are eonnirtent with kruritt.
The Company bornre,erved • large noltinenl fnnd.
•Veh. with their and Prey/lona. safely in.e.tul.
maple prr.tmtlon to the toonr , d.
The •,.ett. of thr l'oropsne. on January fel 1849,.. rob-
Bohr.] to.,,reobly to th., JI , C of Axortohll - . e , vn .
51.947.4:1 , 41
Enstr, .... 04,1114 43
TrznrorAry 1.44113—'1
Caeb. te x... 414 01
$1,1, , ,41 , 1 71
Slurp their Ineorpnretinn-ri re,Wel ninet,n rvarr, they
hawe , pald upwarth, otoor linwlmiTbot.attal
}lre. th , reby •ntfvw'ravlome of the
riiiePitiligiee Irionninn, UP it Is Muir
mat Ott, K comer of Vitmil awl .1.1 ate.
1110V o E , M TH E , .S
NT .
Tlx toolorooloal or Other rtoreir Oro orpotrool to ail a
rosi. 5T4.173.
Africa n. ........ .1.411.114{,
lwtnni Felif 1.
...... reley
...... -Now . 51are/I. 1.
+31n1.0a.., 31nr.111h..
.• ..... .-?aterd , tr. Arcll u.
.... flntuntm. 1,461-la.
, • r, tiver.i.49l- r- .
•:.-gr furl ll Al.nrAlay, Ja. .1..1. .. .. . . ..11,1.. ... .. ..... -IV,ane.•l4r, Eel. Ii
Afewa . • w Ynr4... .... .„Il ein...l.i, Vet..
I .
A..i"..... ............ ..N..-w 10r1,... ...... ..% , ...11.1r,da, )tae. M.
m.:43,, e l m
Tort Wedno.,la
m1..4 , A poll 34.
Qur[•~n..,r'\K York. nenorul
,Ltu. 125
r s Lin, .
s.ct. - To".
•litattlk Jr.r realt,io.l). Jan- fP.
Wr.n...1._.'............t5tun1.45. Jen. Ii
Itxiw _ .......... ....W.erl+.~l_..._ "+l+'i+l✓•f. Yip R
oN. rr I.ri
.Sat/mlley. Pc.A. 0,
.t'itiunlwr, M..
.riguardity, M 01"
nuttolsit . . ,
11ttm1,4,11 _ Tv
itaver . ...... 1 2 ,qt 2.
41bn ...... Vor,
•—• . .14‘,11•1 . • Feb. :at
33 .
. A 11".
........... ow Tyr..... V.
York June J.,
r 1..<73/11/1,4 frtrre n :kew Vott tm the Iltha6 , llJth
nt va..11 fm
n.1,1,3A AND Err ',v.,
Strwilybil. 1.6.1 lecit'ea ILe I.4.and 151.1t4
ca , il um/nth..
A3.11176.1.13AND I nrs./aTtams OF 11/1113.
1.111:101.-1.4 tireriahur.T. Chatniarri.nrs. Philadqplda.
Now We., Nortiorn rarts at N. lurk.
in.b.ware. Now Jerwi an 4
Ike 'Orlin!.al Lauer (nand., Nor. :..don, and
brun-airl- 'Am.,. .1 r. a.: Latarta at I 0. N.
k...siar-N wid 11”111.1ayshani,
invni.litn. braritni. Cara:, elikr
Jont.i.a. r. , !inn, )11Inuft,
ni.d 01 •ia Livelment.
N., nun Ltrli
ea. mato; . rrh es dub , n.; dc
ut Jufferals
i.artolNaw I oil: and upper lanals.tialiy.
Arrive.. al' 0.3 aim 1it:1.4 a* oa. J.
situ Wm - ann.—Hy IrnAllugua Otani.
Faiett..3, :N. - Inc...A. main( tViannorrinuti tvuitty, Virginia.
liaryinna, 13.4dtuorr. nouthern and Weal.
ern ...rim tnun .nd littunla Tenn.
h 4lO, Miaaoun. North Ono.
tkurva., klorina. ALIAI Tex.. daily.
ut r.m.; and dtparti at ar.
t , TCCPSYVICit. Ilaccou, Harm -.
Flotva, 11411:darta:occ, Julfersnn,
Amtee at it .
Nami 1.V. - n..1.-I.le Denver, ray at 4 Clartiami.
1N... 04.30,0.4, irtrtutrall, Imrtn n v, Cos4/0,
4,111,,,b4h4; Cul ati.a. emuuut, La co,
Lore . Wood.
.4 c-ouutt.., riarthcrn cuuntio ,
4 LI. aur alof 1141.., .4 141.4, inaiwlnsglLll3.l.l4.
al., lowa, and Wisocuu, duly. IL A. X.; Jr
porch et 4
tun, kr..q.a. Arta,trotla. %lat.
km. At
c.l. 7 r. st.•ud cit 7 ,4114 ut a r.
Perrpdrol, IVexford, 2,110,1'00e Portals-
Ilardnatorg and Sur ArriToi Tueedaya,
ThumGaye, and rattnita, ni il r. YI dcluu 010041 11.
11,,dannalaia and iridu)a,atl A,
Ftinuf.vte.r and Mori
nnamilvlE. tot). Arr. is luk.alay, arida)e, at 51, Y.; de
p.,. 11 ntriv,iisyel and 5111112511,, nt v 5.11.
l'mopror.N.—By Ilatitanats. titrrnt'n ltan. Menre•purt,
EltudoctlOolan, tleatble',
enrrpna•lla. 4r04. Wort, 1:112er
pan, oundaya and Tburadaqa, at 4 A. )14 do.
r. Monday.. asal Ibut.doya, at to 1. a.
o.n.uly, a.-11, IValkyea Inlllo l Noblay4nru. Candor.
Ilnr,ryttotown. Cm., a Crftk gilay lTlhM , n'r ' mlll. PS.—
VA Ai-rive:6:lo[4a,, and Thugnlaya, ellO
departs "loada) a and Thor. dolt. at I Y.
Fuartzw, dlurdcwkeyine, Nnln..Non•
Vninkf di ?indium ra.. FairTien, V. Anivea on
' , rid,. at nr. v, tit,ltiter on atunlnr, aUi A. A.
Stl4l/XTA.-13... Aulnin. North. Waoldinnou. and Avila
p o . Am pt. Wnlnenlnsf, at A drrantr un Nonfat d
at S. It.
Lateurr.u.-I.IT la.,aais Ferry, Arrives on Fridar, at 5
P. ta., &par. (11 FatOnlay, al b tl
Prrrpurllle. IW.ixford. iirraltn.rk, 06,
Proop.:ri. iuelu3itu4 NVarrou MJ Vruango
enuatlea. M11,,11311 , :O. 7 1. v.,and .b.partt. at Oi
Irtter+ for tht. doly mato. IntISL be In So' tour
Wore their thlmrture: lettor. I, Ito.
.ma! ;1.115,1[161A ho ht W, 031.1.1.ut1f au boll
before; their ..b•Parture.
L ... a a n nazhr roa aim Fmattraon oathlrt, ft.
f N. HOLMES I: SONS, Bnokers.
• ,
.v.,. a 7 .11od., d./afmn , n Thirst and .1.1nr1.1.9t, Atfalurth.
PCNNRYLVA NIA. - ITIh r at Maeallkm.-..-..d0
Rank of thltahar4li....m.paOlinun nan, i) nt
Lartutt.., finnk of do parßranch at Xruin- ....... ..-..d0
Moo. and Mao. of do ..... ..pul
Ilmnrh /A
hank of Connnnrco Inc City Itank..l.ltannnatl ain
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Bank of Montreal
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Drawl/ at Eaton-- An trerelcus. -.
Branch at ebillicatbe----dt• Napoleon., 2,60
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~f. ~'~
.• Ilw thr mot miino JonsouOT JUL
In recierrlng the Mirka for tha week just elatedswe hare
vets Was amoral barna to notice. The general apathy
in trade, which we marital • week since, till contintrea with
vas little inceneet of • ehatigs for the Maar. boooe the
epotting of the
Tbo ricer ationis an amnia.. of watCr for all the per
lams of trade. but (mho; to the scans of freight. businers •
to thatquartrr hot ham light. The nosh:atm of the Ohio
has born slightly lament - 4rd br the Costing fee tram the
Allegheny. but it kw not boot of oaltelent weight to 100
rent ow eG~amera from Performing their regular trim to
the Morcott paints above and below this car.
The weather during the part Week has *been eery tomb
tha t baring lemma than alumna fro. the oaki.." o f
wing to Utast intense mid. In contequenco of these
toadeit chanina. our country marl ace in ertrimoly bed
order for wagroling, and the notelets of praetoce throngh
that moditun hare hone light.
In rehire.° to quantitate, thel market planar no =Pr
rial chortle bran teat hat weelr,la report. Sake hare been
taaluir Aubtatel ro the 1.011• S !boon demand, brunt the
Valera/ muertee between our quotation. today. nod tie..
than to our toot veal). Woe.
ASIIES—Every thing tb4 bead months oulut.
,ith Unto, if any variallun to but 'wk. Palos Lure
been confined
to Ilwhd tranouctlons. at. fur Sob dab a%
tA; Pearl . AA. Piltrannh Y•45 , ,i0; Put '-tub, 4!h4P
430,ana Ewtteing. st. ajicA.3%.
OPLES-71a rueriptu bare beta fair, tritb tnltn^f
MO thin on ttuf wharf. during the not. at 87041hrl.1*±
t hot. Pricra.frotu Moro range, acruNbuf quality. Inzu h 7
to vas it bbl.
ALE—Prkos range, im utak]. from SO to tv, calk I nclad.
PACON—Ife notice:the receipt duttig thu •,k, of PC,
mat mintlidablo lot. of IMMO, but timidity .are, sr yet:
amparatimly Iluht Piker Ira:alum too high for &ay or:
watt calm, awl rater ham bred mulitiod to landi
tturatkultr home iorundoptim we hare twofer nf Sick/ to
Mixt We hob calm of Shoulder% in rarkr; at tAidtio: of
piaci him, at. e4R4e'f lb, sat of mgar rural muciated.
BEEP—We hare Po mint of prim. of me{. to report. the
reek. hello: hare. Deed Beef is stillrig brew , tree. alit%
14. Nth light supplies.
1a1111111..-.The market. at ppownt, Is dull, leeluu Darn
nbß6tl: ' Eair queJlty of toll will red command neer 12e.
'white pipe and choke may be quoted at 1:1(.4,14e p 11: 1 , 4;
huller 4 noudrtil, and were:welt quotallorte.
BEESWAX—WIM cratersto supplies Is seore g so may
quote at :Ulna IS lb, without sales of emommeoes
slogs sake In Saga 6 to 10 bbla. at $1.1251
le log. as to onailty.'
KROONS — W.nsabe fair rapplipa Irs ciarkat. with rrgalar
rime aalea. at prima tanatng tynarl3l..i3 1, 11.75(42? Vac
DUCKY:TS /0. TUC:a—The mauler glare reteivvs2.l2.%
11_ . x? u. 4 for Iliirketa, luaal lIMPas for Tula,
LIVCKU ' IIEAT VLOUR—Tbe pralarut ruling rat. Ran
hautla. am sl.l , ottlJl2. and Cram truare at $1.7341,a7 ji
•141AN—ITIth Untn toinlynn nod.. • rte demand on
theltbort 110/12. , :e VI bu.
fati Awn on hatele. with solesdur.
Inf the week. of sewn MO trewn Ithaf hie foelnftlor, 8 0.
11% Mr coal entrnno. ant eh,erfe for croon..
CLACKERS—The tolinring le • het, of teh countnetzte.
en' prkee
Water Crackeiv,ll
Batter ^
, .".0 barrel .. 3.7 b
• WAsHINGTON, January 17, 18'41.
A singetor nweemint—An istrigne—A -Cowper
. alone! candidat, for the Presidency—Cheap Foot
age Bill pass d.
I understand that there ion paper in circida
lion among the members of Congresa for signa
tures in the forth of a solemn' cngagenient that:
the signers will not support any one for any olsce
who will not pledge himself to maintain the
whole of what are called the Compromise mews system. and di.ol.l.l3tetlAlsee every prop.
mdkion or attempt to disturb them— -How many
have signed it I have not heeril, but think 1 know
its origin, and that'll, such as to eubjeceittis the
greatest suspicions and the utast unfavorable
terpretotion, at the ontset. So rse fiery and sin
' perticial people thought the adoption ; of thin
same compromise, R. a whole, the-only condition
upon which the Union could ho primerved, and
they now believe that if any port of it lie abate
&tied by either party tie the agreement, that the
Union will go to 'pieces, spso larlo. Now this
belief or ripprehension is no part of my political
creed. If I were renumted to eliape otit a course
for, the Whig party. as a party men, (which I am
very fur from being.) I would say as to past con
itery • • troversies. enter into no stipulations to confirm
Naiads: - P47.7.77. or t 0 overturn any particular ththement. Litt
L ratlier be sunhat by events., and trammel our
' telses with on prondeca that . will place us out of
~c i hem end Anchor MU. is tile current of ,a limil th fuLprograss -of public
Wile et s!;:rtand onssaskus Nsonissa ikfirss.l,Assl ophdoir. I
Rut this —solemn Ithgue-and covenant," now in
ot rake 433..1 itgoto, Its , s3Js; mks sbrathlsg at 2.15. emlemPl 2 t.*stthegt n tr 7 COMT l,
aaa srat at i II propose. to make, the fugitive slava- law awl
•COTTON TARNZ , —;-Prtextrare gosterally eery arat at the
tet: Welton. Stocks are ljahh ettal mho have been ao•
ottooilf ft.:M..l to toteularlhalted tnpMlop. toenstam.
err We glee the Waling het of prim, with an tomprov.
NR torsoleory •
Nak 11 . 1b.r. 1U_...... .
...... .....
----- --
No. 400
ti ......... IA• Coverlet ......
;10 ......
. "
^. " l=ll. -
a. " flu Dillow
I...VILDAti.E—We ocelot:10 cltaxatelo rrk' t4" 5 !Dim.
nnieltentoder o DtD bead. Ther f.,llovrlot b s 16t of the ow.
1.1.11114 Rope
. by ern It
Da do
Ditr not, try . ouil • Ile "
Darut -.- " •
rot.._. - Ile •
• - 001.11051....
...41Z14,4236i4p0 -
tour MEAL-4 , k, ext. w rnlall aa, [flea the, the Ten million deflation to TOUR a eecond eon
..aa rr,.. the milt.; at 544' aSias v 4,,,, . • • stitution, and the Strength of the name to aecuro
(MAL-The mauls milts= Prime am Sr at the river, and : thd guTorunient • or' the country intim lamb of te
MI Aam,_
Drano IPRVIT-ITe uotke • immilatim draelst for.Ar , certain net for fi fteen or twenty years. to come.
vo . ,wrinohe ~,L.., week,
. ukt,
... . . i...7., . :._ . i i Itorould else,. if the plan should perfectly•aue
emsl, be ectuisnleit to the Congressional caucus
to 7=164. Tombs!. were emit hem elm, pelneneelly by ' --,. -„ - •
''''' lo bus: Yeran '" nert. "" lia ' rds w ' e o.o lm .t 7ir o . n .l u ' Oaal E' Re "' uf couseo ".3' ;ar a are fa ! !il ' ore " to..6l M-" tb . e ci r rth f° lr l pleal io go lB lS 4' in fo tOn r i d l oal 6-7 f:l l l i y Un teTs
bet marque., at 7001 e tom eel,. or 15,14/. hare Mans I much for the benefit of certain persons, as for
;dad, ao. fair .1.1. at 51.at5..1.47 la be. ream none. 160 salesocenieut of any definite principles. Now
nittlCs btEntriNtm is° DYE 011 rrs--w.. cad ma I 66 ported has gone by when any such Congress-
Important Marv= Iv 6uo6ationa. Thi silk wink in a C I
. ional noutinatioU would be reecirMi wifh patience
IL of peke,:
1te6.15.._ .. ____ls 5117 IMaddre. fulbro-__l4 otIO by the country. 1 sagacious and beetling mcm-
Alma • root 4 M a errh. Turkey ...-5u (4.56 =her of the lower bluest', Mini suspected the origin
4.,..te5t5.........-25 5 ,. .....4 t vitriof.....- ....... 4 .5 , ;,
.tra.,, 1:.4,, to kin' . Ithuharh ma 4,- R - 3 1 ,of eieti paper, took this same view of the personal
50 7 . 40 (tb .... • -...-. 1 . WI sal Ammasc M Ia" , :teutleucies of the movement, when the.ducumerit
Immrtim,i...-- . 27 , aw l sal '' ,4 .-----..... ' .E' 5 , . led f b: s'gnature "Show me,"
na,t,,,na taaresfia._..r..... awl , 5aa,.....-...-....L.15 ~, , fi, , w ad-Preeen or, m•f . ,
nres,tons .. .. . ......_ 43 •,a. 5 TartarirSehl 4-4 6130 ;Said he, "at the bead 01 yOnr li st the names of
esmsbor rent...-. 44 * VISO Tltekel lue. . .-I1 iii k: , .. . .
ehlottlether....,_ ‘5, .ei cam 7= e 7,p e 1,14, - _ 6 i z o 7 1 the Presmenual aaparants of either side, and I
C0pt..aer.......-Z ii n 5 Fangio ..... _.. _ . 71pia 25, - , I will gift you mine.
Copp. -.,-----. li e kit 2 !kr . dal cb, _ ge. TS e
Ohm. iu b1in_._....11V . i;17.7; Pamela' Peru P mw0r7,.," 75 [ 1. cannot fore, Ono remark which has occurred
,;.11, ..... ....-.......Va 41:AI Otelsintal ......-- liati.Th ,to me upon tid;pnactice of getting up Congreas
tmer, Midis_ _l,l cao lymear_..-
tiuCovail..._.. 4 .-.19 tit' , .1 ,,, a , 1eg ;, .. ;;;: .- ,1, i
.;t:f ,... 4 1 tonal platforms and pledgm, . Iu 183li a certain
a'" Tr ''''''''''•" :4 —nr "--- '''' s- "'" ,tats atterupted a treasonable opposition to the
- 3 " "•-" ' '' • laws 'feu t . ea That tramint was
Lithe-age ',57;0; 6 •• Cleave ...... ~.. I.thurr sin , 0 to w Itif itu In.
L0 ("Pi1'n 1.:,..., 1K . ' " V f. 1 .......... - - - .. :111 €O2ll op : fit, -* V., 7' ,.. -. , - ;!:L. : ''''''. .. 2 t5,..; 411'un f 4' ....., ; m t %.p ai. r .red th , ,n i th co r m ed pr a i' t m w is tt e s d let wi id t ba h, f u o na rcAl tb. a; e " ol t a t
r ye
-31"‘"'"1".6"""774" . i .,. '" ‘ 2 " 4 "...- --. ^ ..... ^ 4 • 44( 4 1 .'" by its . contrivers and supptirters as perpetual awl
P . Lrirn- ""‘"' h• 4 " . " ^ " , ' Pi ' ` .Bah' d"th" `` "4 " 4 : inviolable. Was that compromise adhered - to!
Me week.. The cabana the wharf would probably uot ex. ~..._ . e ,
_,,, i n . i .
country ,., hi y , ory
creel YOU `Ale, tbemaelet Owing with would
• ante at, =•" , r.Y moll " .r .'7. .
gr , of 6, 666 ., at 0,7.43113.5 0 la O w . , fm. .b, : knows that it was utterly abandoned, and not a
tore been ramlita,l to mod' the resuLerhume Mail= ; fragtoent of it left, when tho.time arrived for the
at 43.5:70.3.75 15 hit. Between km toot 500 hbla have hero • enforcement of those feateres in it which were
mit,,,,f for Nashville dodo= the 'met seek. Thraty Mille , chiefly_ objectionable to the majority. For toy
.' d "'"" a ` ...."i"' n''su "".'"'."-. . '"="''''.'" - t i 100 P " ' sal iI mu a conservative mail, end ,am very apt
Y""PUr. of
"I'6 tooth, wharf, .010 . 40 [to lockwhat ri I fl, use Witt, hut
upon is, us g i eMa
& - .140 ? 141.• •
lien 01.15 - We hue, 00 ea r 6 0 7,,,, , 607 „. t o nip ., , I hitwemoparticith:r respect thr that ontaserratmm
rolfollefoc scry licoltint. 850 may 1 4 6 e=6„l. 6 b o utth r : which would stinebify compromise with ungifica
rifling Wires foltho market. , . tion in 10 1 3'! or With secession in 18 , 50 - , The
ES.11111:11-4-1Ve notiee fair *upon , . in Me market...lth Mule will iromewhen the whole country will be
oas tuft,. to ILmitod lona,at Mdfodile • at a loss to conceire why any body should have
FISH—The market Is steady, with ample aupplin. Sane •
clouted merit for upholding some of the featorea
"bee. , Wen at ihefonoirlim rates:44lmo, IllnaeliLfgh Shad,
Mlsli.n4 4101 Si , 2. 5100110.50; mut NeL 3atl of the latter compromise, or should have pre ,
57,50(415a. Hernias at $d brie and Cod flab at 1/13.14 - 0 Bunted to 1105 it e a ladder to office.
114,30 it too ars. Sales of White Fish at no, 00" P bet. • The House passed theVill for the reduction
FRUIT—She demand it fain with islee of of postage ,to-day, it the provision for
toe; of Almonds at 110j1/re P 4 of Ground Slate at
prepayment The uniform rate of three cents,
boa; of FiLbarta At gel of Cream 'Oda at 61'i
of o f c argo .. no ag,,,,,n; sad of go.gin alnua letter of half an ounce for all distances is
Be; mid of Cl o at I:4lre la Si. w e e of o gg , at 33 ft established, and an ad , ditianal postageoof three
Lemous At t , .z. ts.s. mutts for each
office or fraction of half an
tillOrnttlY— , —Thomis a cefassal,mmtaos,la m o o, ounce. over the first. Each - newspaper of two
muicst, sub no marked th.?nits to prim. Pales hare beta • ounce* in weight is to pay one cent, and one cent
ermisircontitiol to romlllitehe Pillowtnit rater:—S 0 , for each . additional ounce or fraction of an ounce.
Sod., rite and ouniteYl 31 0 1moea 'nee Iso But newspapers sleliverable within thu state or
air. hem 31 to 33e, to eltrarel mut:try trade • •
tertatery where tel shall be subjeht to one
Of Indbout IV/ Ws have . ..handed betide, at '
s ; o f L o a g ag .. no ss o f 1,, half the above rates, and new may alluv
ia 4e "Sl ID. Other articles under this head ate without late : thriugh the mails within the county
material charm, • • within thirty milel of tho place of publication,
. .
. . _
filtAIX--Ileirlido bate been Indurate donna the week, ' without clm r ge . The postage on magazines may
" we haws .."....". [.portWo dodoo dative , be reduced fifty per cent when the postage shall
in wane nano, and we our now (11104 AS C01101•5:—Whoit. , be id.
73teThei aye, 00e : Corn. 41 10 4.1 aid Oat. at 133 c; tales of . ~. r r
2 li b L 4 -10. 24r o.— k r T o . r " It Y ltel G ?vr claws the eu - rtva ' ' t nava am, far city The. bill 'd f the' ( f three cent
pron es or comage ;
piecos, to .be composed of one fourth copper and
break, tie folloarei—a by 10,11,1,00, 10 by 11. St, 10 by IL three fourths silver, and to weigh twelve grains
stti:,:ead other oteoc in proportion. and three eights' of 'a grain, which shall be „a
Oman,' broach are odd at loaarkiTeee. but iee nettoe legill tender for all debts of' thirty cents and
'''''''''''' from '''''''''' report The'r"lk..i.O'''r° the ear -' under. The bill containn several other important
are:quotation, , '
~..„,, Faction,. which I cannot describe now. It passed,
- ii° 'l4 10 by ts _
4 tc 1:1•••- • ........... .... F o ). I 10 by 16.. ......
------- 17,7 . 6 ayes 130, noon 75• manly all in the negative
to by 14.-- - ... .1,25 10 by 17 3.-' b e in g 1
110Pit—tlaidern was are held of .0: ti.
' so uthern principles" Junes.
IlAT—we nod. a ;rand demand for Timothy, from wag.
at 3114117 Tt bah, as In quality.
. •
XtS—Small lel .- pre taken by the butcher. at 81'3061 1 - , WnstitscroN, Jon. tR. .
ts,on ?to eq. , • , , •
_q ( t at leer.—Proxikfts OfProtertion—By
1111.ika—llegubtr lake or dry dlnkat 111.01a111,1e ? b. ~.,
LBATIIEIi—We node.. rtaular demeuel, al. fallkidee. °loll°. 0 / . 171 '.9j0i0-- 77, 0 ,, d ci ,, iadr. .
(00. 11 ...ud°.'° 4 • 4 th,* heed. o lal. of H'tidt.t.t. ". at The bill introduced iu the Senate by Mr. Win
t'lt?::..24, nod of New York do.. at 16® ISe II Th.
I..U.MoKti—The Proteot runoir to." an POtbtalkom the . (heap yesterday for the appointment of aPrra
nod al 115022 from the yard. for ~,moon and clear. ' er at large in ono•of ;treat importince, as 1 trust
Elan—Timm IA a reuulat demand in thi marke t at lifia the mtlo.equent legig amnion ation of the amnion trill
5!. foi 01.6161 V.ied.slir 6..14, .
Litro prattota ratt,, of Klattn be apron!. prove. It authorizes, the ,euretury of the trea
las to six. , aury to appoint. three lit - Trainer,. from different
• •
Eater M.o.D . —Regular Nat. at (d by, atect. and ale
T . States of the Union—hut 1 will insert the 1,111 at
arben rut
a ttairc Lcsa-Puro Lent to o tlios et e. 2. nod No. 1 al • Imr,tth.
st.o '7O , ter.
LAttn.-sah, lii 1.1,1,at rt,tali;fri and fa tarn o trd,: e -a ta. . -
'Be 11 eairernil. That the l're.,ident of the rated
Cri No. I, ea.. 11 eel lino, Stales in hereby authorize.' to appoint, with the
MALT-Saliio Inge ntlitr and the Lemont,. Cl tillotl,l advice and consent of time Senate, three :wpm's
-p bairn& ert at large, teljude duty it rhall lie to it the.
OiLi* - W l. . I .i'°' a nilitil l itial l arr .1 , .....1 Ce Land Olt principal ports in time trait." States fr to time
Au APoue liirN.l.- 1 . 0 . 1 4, 1 1 i/ii o e r or No. ili. 01 1 - 11 ° 1 -`‘l .°' i t 1 Cline, under the direction of the Sec tary of
Bare ran, ileritat the week of Zdi nth, In lots, at or. ti age,. i the o , . o ~ .
_ per ,.
~.o iii, ,,,
la Antall loin, at St it ogl. t ireasUry, f or th e purpo, of nu
powpm..._ita.aa.barba, eat Lama a , mita .,, Hia . , the apprnmement of import.' goods, of correct-
Ponder way Co quoted In largo truantrtho, at 14,10: nut by i jog impropervaluations, and of prescribing rules
elude err. at s4, la kag. Rock Ponder at $3,1211 !qur the uniform action of the local appraisers.
t „,0,3,:,0. foe large got gnat! quantities. : Sec. 2. And to, it further rnatted, Thar said np-
RA(44—w " . '''''''' I'm bau d "'Lk.'" '. for . 1 .' 4 . ...I , .
praisers shall be appointed from different States
about Jr far white. of the Union, shall be sworn to a faithful die
, losifr—eater . at i 11.74 i v MA the No. 1.
.. ! charge of their de fi es, and shall receive en an
-6.tLlSales in a regunr way at 51:Ni PW. w.lik.! 1. 1 ' •
th e irvilairly e,tablblied tirire shoat anal compensation of— dollars per 'annum,
sturr—.l.a, at p tent Ito be paid out of any Money' in. the Treasury not
eruars TURPENTINI.I-2ales la bbla at 1110 P sall.'; otherwise appropriated.
...h.:.-bbls extratharite. ! 13 re. 3. And de isforther tuncittl,That if,id appeals
• " -"
31 . 1llflE—taa.fa. 41o; Com 2.".(r.i30 ; anti Nnto.2. at. I erS shall conform in all their proceeilinp CWSUCIL
tpr No. I. 111.40(01.3)1) lb.
00.4.1' AND CANDLES—NaIes of Bolin Pam at 4(9.A1:e/ of I re g uUtim '' " 1'..4
:17. 5"i m, rdy b i l t,ll B . b e e* .b;
I n tir p,t uein ni ttitt . r . tbc; moat Ta ll ow. 10c; and Cmuaola
n tl atun f7 or ro th: n Tre" ,i 49 10 ;
them rosthwitn ,
area—sioeiCattititu IA not. • ter best calculatett to prevent ilio., father per.
TALLOIT—SeIes of 3) blAs at Me it C. foot. petration of frauds upon the revenue; and to eu-
TODACCG—Tbe regular rate, for twat prullUes Mann- earn a full, fair. and uniform collection at duties
fie .. 7mt s z t 7 t. L . , ::::. ,
f0r 0 ,„ ::: ,.... . ,,,.. . , ....... in j all neetcr th ..4 e . pa te rta_o a f e pf is o ir Cl a i r n.i aci,
..m.tnsi — ..nrcid,
agal TM JIM ' •
t u ibm
eo mor et Iritgge II WI
wool ,_ Th , ti.i.,..& 4 ". 1 ,,w,,,,f, of min e., to barely %aloe= duties *all be . soaessed and IcriefL on
eieth noteing; If,, enotonomintnr, et: ropeo for tn. thoealue ate') tline of. entzi r in ehe p r i nc rp a l
warlani giyfr from 30 to, A fit.
__. ,:.,_
___. flliTkl44l/ . 111 . 11Y_114.3413tayte, of the goo,* n”--
WILISIEY—Ws Doti= 46m1. deasial let the may k i d ti i en hai r. w w hi ch , iwich duciet
11, lir. Winthropsilts" able, iinctilistno.
lot ell atria thi OM* Ilslg ere geeerally •
tae scau alga Fork . - giti-SPetch att.WO ittrbit4Lll adverted to
was MU=
, ..
Baer. a lhatied matey Wen arched at, the yard
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Yeeterda breh want sold at 14(4.511 hy) hid, '
dircie—A arthirg it 111fd,2 erxh'ieritherry few raddaß..
11, y a shish aurabrr vcie erred. aith sales at
_ , . i liktlaysioas Jane 17, 18Y.P. ',
eattic—Tbe majority of thy Breves at the reales ma asi
day um of an luf:illorpvla,vrtilat die buidui. minor more
than so orilhtsmly itoOd quality. and prima fluelebilai se.
mullugle. iTha yituou scathed 3iio basil. 480 of Wilkie
uric aola tycity butchery, GO were Jolt over 0nj 0d.,,,,,,, (0
were &lams to l'biltalelphlu Prize ratibuil toast tS b,s4
uo the 1.2 F pat.! to 4 1 43.Vae` . 1, ... 4 ..•=c l .4 s'4l?
Mg.—T*63/I.e if brisk. at 35...MC44,M3i. '
Puhainkruis. ka)i. 16, 1851.• •
Than wsnlost market this WOO.= hostlofnest
luelcidink_almt 400 ofAssn to l'es York; Cows sad
tilresi,4oollllas s said l, Oboe, 444 Lam).
Prkes—Brof Conk has, been fair demos, and prices
rage from i t 4,00 to 50,7 i "0,100 104, for military to perm
Slookr , •
this aro .I.llMtril Issued: Fresh Co.. islngsll7.lll 620
to VW; emit:were 115 to VA an 4. Pry CO.. at b 7 to 111
emh. •
llogs range fr0M05.14 to SO 8 11$ Ost
them ai4 Landis rouge hum 4450 in Skis).
mem 6 Oat at ththin channel, at' dmk
by metal mart. WO claming. and falling.
31101 u c orm. ,
12411.4.. Deark4l4 Brovnnvilie.
JAtoice M akp ACO t 01 o SI a geo
Thda. tllartrer.l.lailny. Weg Norton.
Republic. Woobturd,' Cninnel. .• •
C. MAD Purnorden, ClPtionsti. - '
Jeffers.. Jabal... Lou Willa
Gram, Chuhatti. •
te ere. ti,DlnenitutbanO. Chreluutl •
• Dlntrael. Quavell, Whecting.
„ M.Mus. DrArt'lleuver. • '
lieuer e rAndotl; Buyer- • . •
• 1411.0. Rumen. Dr. - n.lll,
Pultheturn Drunrinillln. • .
J.,MuKets. Ilandricluon. McbleesPerri l"
thou Rake,. Dull Alleabether. Keg Nun..
• Reerlikt Thane
J. ;helm. AlcortulVbsol .• •
Arens. Kitioc7,
• tilbcrula :hull, Batchelor, Cludinull.
WitaLlNO—Dlurne:lo i. .
CINCIANATI--querrouil. /0 A. X.
o . +aCutua l rritt.-Lrhe,rerrular Wobroieley rocket neurier
ClurlnnuL Captain Ulunlucham. nitl lelll, 141 utinm this
o* WlLL[2.l.l.—The Lno packet•tcarael blortrALCAettAto
()unwell. leaves tor Mir Above port, this . morph; nklen
o'clock. .
1e01,(VP0041 , 12.1 of Ow litt•binvh Galatie.l
the late decision Of Judge Woodbury, •• t the
duty meat be levied on the value of .. ~ at the
time when purchased, and not at the .. e when
exported, the effect of which, he showed would
be, very scrims on the revenue and on e dom-
I merce and navigation of the country. Jr Bon
i ter, chairman of the finance commit te and a
i,.. trader, admitted, that unless 1 the Su
preme Coert overturned this decision, it would
be necessary to change the lawi and td, imbsti
tote home vett:m . But the meet important
result of this movement of • Mr. Wintll is that
it brings the subject of the tariff up in .way in
which the 'Semite can take the initiat,i e. The
necessity for the appointment of these appraisers
is obvious, and I think it'will pass the Senate.—
It will go to the Howse, and there the fends of
protection can affix bit any clause for the modi
fication of the tariff of 1846, which th,ey think
Proper. In that way the difficulty will be over
come of the refusal of the Committee ?f Ways
and Means, who have possession of the. subject
at present, to act. The Southern men begin to
manifest the influence which the, rise of mann
futures in their, part of the country is calcula
ted to have upon their ideas of national, policy.
The Western men, I think, are mare inclined to
listen to reason than 'they were-before the census
returns begun to come in. • They perceive that
the same necessity exists for cultivating,and re
ciprocating the goodwill of the States, as in for- ,
user days. I would bold out no.false hopes to
A ny one now angering from the natural effects of
the free trade saturnalia in 184,6, but the seems
to bo a ray of comfort in the girt.= nett; I
have referred to. .
- I see a etateinent of eenaus rearms m ten
counties in Eastern Virgimin, which, iTcorreet,
world exhibit a falling off of 66,000 inhabitants
• since 1840. I presume there is some error or
unexplained fact about these returns whibh when
exposed will show that the lose of 'population' is
only apparent.
The gain in Western Virginia, - of whites and
blacks, has been' about 123,000, -that is 116,000
whites, nod 9,000 slaves. The rate, of "nerease
ginseng. the white inhabitants Is equal tout 31
per cent If the returns from -Eastern: irginia
come in to correspond with the districts! of Ma
ryland andliortb Carolina, eimilarlYsiMM4 the
population of the Old' Dominion will be abont
1,400,006,•and she will hise two represertitien
ill Congress: . .
I alluded, yesterday, to the secret circul ar
which had been prepareilin certain dark corners,
designed to commit members 'of congces, and
through them, their constituents, to a coarse of
action favorable to the expectations of certain
plotters for the Presidency. It seems that the
grand, crashing, and , astonishing demon:Oration
which had been set down on-the 22d ofebrua
has been aliabdoned, and that this tte pri-.
l c
rate bit of intrigue, this ender handed way of
saving the Union, has been substituted as the
next best thing attainable.
It is rumored'that Mr. Sane& is abort to be
nominated minister to Brazil, which is ' ely to
be true. ••
il re.
. ,
FROM Emaumracirc
. [Correfpowleneo of lee Daily Pitteburgh GaSette.) ,
• , ......
• . HALB.11101:1104, Jam 18 , /oat.
. ,
Inf o
Mr. Ro'bersou, thin morning, retol•in ' place
a bill authorizing , the city of Pittsburgh, fate
possession of, construct sewer in, and fill up,
that pareof the Pennsylvania Camel lying be
tween the Monogaheja river and Pennsylvania
Avenhe, and between 7th at, and the tunnel; in
said city.
"'Mr. Laughlin, a bill to change the place of
holding elections in Perry Towzahip,.CLazioto
County. .
Mr. McKee, a. bill authorizing thC laying out
of a State road from Ringgold, Jefferson county,
to Kittanning, Armstrong, county; ale.,. a bill
repealing the act relative to Schools in Beaver
Township, Jefferson County., • '
Mr. 1/owner, a bill to incorporate the Fay—
ette' County Bank, to be located' at Union
fitiffey, a bill relative to the &abstain
Maga Co.
Mr. Leet, a bill to prevent the destruction of
fish in Washington Co,
In the Senate, Dr. Cmnthers presented a re•
moustnmee from citizens of Allegheny Countr,'
against the charter of a 'portion of the Itirmiug
ham and Broweaville Macadamized road. '
petit' ionfor..thet...upeal of the
milieux law of this Commonwealth.
Mr. !dyers, from Armstrong County, in favor
of a free banking system, nnd the Issue of entail
• Mr. Waker mad in. plao supplement to the
act relative tolurtatim and habitual drunkards.
This supplement enlarges the powers of the court.
It gives them
,power to authorise the talc or
mortgage of real estate of lanatfts and drunk
axle on the petition of the Committee setting
forth, lot., that the income (Item estate is insuf
ficient for the payment of the debt, and for the
the maintenance and education of .his rrAinor
child orthildren—or for tLe purpose of pitying.
debts' alone; or 21, that the income Is insufficient
,for itujiilivement or repait of other parts of his
estate, sir that the estate is dilapidated or dee4y
ed, or so unproductive or elpentato that it would
be to the interest and benefit of the lunatic or
drunkard, and the judgment of the Court, that
the *state should be sold or mortgaged.
Mr. M'Caslin read in place, a bill extending the
charter of the Farmers' and Drovers Dtink of
e •
_ .
At the commencement of the sesssion.. the
House passed a resolution provioing . for Olaf ap
pointment of n Committee to inquire into the ex:.
,pusses of publisbingn . daily record of the pro,
ceedings of the Legislature. This morning the-
Committee reported against :the measure, on ac
count of the expense which it was discovered
would bo about !SLOW), and because the neces
sity for a daily record wail,. to a great extent,
obviated by the publication of a daily pajter in
Hurrisburgh, which furnished the members er,
cry morning with a synopsis of the proceedings
of the previous day. The paper referred to, is
the ••Daily American"—a very. spirited journal,
which was started about the first of January,
and has made arrangements in the different cit
ies to supply its readers with the earliest tele
graphic news up to as late a date as those fur
nished by the city papers. • 'it is in-addition,
thoroughly reliable Whig paper, and should be
supported by the Whigs of the State. The same
firm publieh u weekly , journal—The Weekly
Ainerican--ifit the 'very low price of ono dollar
per annumi
,A motion was made to give theme of the Hall
of' the House to the Agricultural Convention
which will meet in Harrisburg next week.---
Privitege was granted to them to on Toes
day and Wednesday afteratton and, evening.—
Quite an interesting meeting is expected, and
one whicn it is hoped will do much towards a
, rooming the farraers.of the State, to the impor
tauce of thorough organization. •
I - Do Queen&
(Freat the l'ltatouth (Ihm.) Memorial.)
I went laid Saturday, (28th silt) by invitation
of Mr.-Bennett, the keeper of thelight on IMinot's
ledge,.to sisit that celebrated structure, in which I
on deep au interest is taken by the mercantile
community.' We pulled off just in the .edge of
the evening, with every prospect of a quiet owl
comfortable night; the sea was smooth, with a
light breeze from orn, north-east, affording a fa
vorable opportunity for containing the 1.1011:41
we approached. It stands upon nine wrought .
iron pillars, nine inches in diameter, which are"
Sunk five feet into the rock, which, though only
twenty feet across, has destroyed more ships
than any other single ledge upon our coast. Its .
appearance W majestic, as truly mestic, es it stood there
so solitary and still, towering to the height of.
eighty feet the grim sentinel of with a
forehead of flame: apparently no firm and strong.
that in might safely bid defiance to the winds turA
naves, and tough while they beat against IL
The second section, where the edifice,Sweig,li
ing thirty tons) rests upon the pillars, is forty,
feet from the sea, there is a platform called the:
d ec k, on -which the boat is kept; fifteen feet'
more bringing you to the story room. which loan
octagon in form, 19 feet each way—ten feet Moro
to the lanterns which consumes the remainder
of the extreme height, 87 feet.. From the, lan,
tern deck a cable sonata a. buoy moored Outside. ,
the breakers; upon this guy is a large wooden:
box, called . o chair, which is slipped, nod deem, being the only MUMS -1)f 'commUnication
between - the boat and the house. In this I dari
gled for five minutea between sea and :.heeieno
before reaching the landing, Whin I received, as:
i was told I should, the reughest and the warm.:
cat welcome" lever had. The Cueing was Spent
in examining the lantern, the best in this coun-•
try.. consisting of twenty burners, with eilveii
plated =main .rellectons, two feet in diameter—.
and in listening to .the tales and adventures of
11r. 'Sennett, whose twenty-five J.lllll of Ina, life
in all Pelts of the world, (much of the time as s'
first lieutenant in the British inn) bas even .
I/Irina fond of information whiCh is surpassed
Of the light house, I was coolly told that it
was eery doubtful if it stood through this' winter,'
as one of the iron supporters ICA split the rock,
andwhen a sea stuck the house, It shook so as
to take a man off his feet, and only is week be
fore, one of the assisttuats was thrown from his
berth, by the shock of ••tea. end a bane- I ' o f *IV
ter was emptied ;attwo-thirds or itp contents by*
the oscillation, the wurator ending with the
comforting rework, let you 81:6hcridelt.;.
it will blow • gale of wind:in the morning.
Gulag mat wake term". a .bewitifur s p ade
plitenagittelt. .The 114 1 43 h itati
gni; mat the snoW,as it ew past -the lan l MT6'
glistened in the intenserght like so teinipiecter
of silver, while the Water to lemird "militates*
of - milky futon; On which .ihe streaming rays,
crossing each - other, from their aifferetterci*
above us, picaleced a perfect' miner of dastilegf
brilliancy which at? one point Mitred Maur,
selves, as we looketypon'it from as claret:Mt of
seventy feet.
The distant grumble of the oceans:mad Ore,
be heard, while the wind began to roar as ,
constantly increasing velocity it rusher pi*
thetitle, which was at on early deed; bioughtiti
seas with it, which: thumbed 'at Intervale at niV
balite, giving prettionitory and culmistakealda
sympteitts of what was income. During the niett
the gale.steadily increased, and the structure,
under the combined forets of the wind and the
surges of the Atlantic, vibrated and trefribled with
every shock. though this was but a foretaste.
The sound beneath us and the sensation
compared'to nothing so aptly as to what we
should imagine would be the movemeut of a,
steam engine of a million horse power, anti the
throb such as is felt when lying In the berth of
stem:alma, in like proportion. . Add to this the
noise of the blast, and the incessant thunder of
the breakers all around Id, relieved only by the
crash which ocean:Tattled the strokes they.dealt
us, and you man have some idea of the sounds
which greeted our ears int this battle of -the elts:
But it was at daylweak, when the gale VMS as
its height, that got my reward for going there.
Never shall I forget the sublime and terrifiit
scene which the'dawn nnfolded—it had been .
beard and felt before, buknowit was to biseeti.
No pen can describe it—the best heee.attemptett
it in the delineatied of stomas sista, bake this
was sfecbllen. (mad I wets Immured by Mk
Bennett that be liadmever seen the like lttuitt,
etae tfiere,) I can safely say they have all tailed. •
Probably there is no place in the *Mid/ which •
affords equal facilities for an ocean view.. IRA
a view pan be seen from no t or __lf
man ever came away to tell the' talepecitheila
a view from the beach of-n jutting cliff slmitar;
for here you stand directly over the breakets;PP
from their very centre, and looking down heholti
them almost within your aines reach, (from :the
lower deck,) where their size and power can-be
So full of majesty and'awe woo the speetticle,
that from slay-break until eleven o'clock, noth
ing - was done by either Mr.. Bennett or , myself,
save to gaze upon the sea We forgot to Oat bur
bitakfaat—the fire went out in the stove, arid no
thought, either of passing time or of our situ
tson in that racked and trembling fabric, acme
over ILI, Our souls were toe full; anxiety little
succeeded by exultatrou, until our hearts leaped
with joy instead of dread, and our eyes danced
in gladness nt the privilege which trms ants,. men
on shore were worshipping the God of Revelation,
but the Goa of Nature was there. enthral
asm, accustomed from childhood to such scenes,
wars fully'equal to that of niyself, (who was gat
mg for the first trate even the ocean in its anger)
while he exclaimed that he had ' , never labia lifts
seen the like before;' he amassed me, almost
with tura in his eyes, for having kept my pro
micas, "for," said he, .1 have never desired any
thing so much in my tile, as for once to hue
some one to ace what 'a gale of wind it bete;
you are the firrtmaii, sate those who have been
employed here, limt has tree witnessed
And truly it was weight which any ryas might
take pride in exhibiting. Far as they eye could,
reach, the sea was a morthg mass of foam, wave
rolling over • wave, era lo alters towing about
breakers, which tumbled 'v upon the rocks as if
determieed to hurl them bon their , places, and
then flew Lick ies clouts of spray, or urged on
,by there Eurryu foilowers, were ILn:denture? the
reeks, darns whose , sides this.) , fell like a cataract,
and a:smells:lg agalasin the ho; race, ruheriltitli
fresh fury , upon the :art lesige, to repeat and to
re-repeat the scene of the first, until three milers"
away they spent their strength upon the beach,
whore the sure inis had given them their
power, lord also set the bounda of their usual.
I was shoal: every part' of they house over
and over again, uaw to the lantern, 'wheat,
taking care not i° lors Erma against tho glass
we could see fi rthest, and then down lkom ter:
race to terrace, until reckless with,delght We
ventured non the millets lower deck, and
there within a few feet of their crest, we wattle
ed the huge rotten, thundering beneath
;e7 Pe M t-i lvr ar tL e ° o n t 4 ockl m t e d at at t'l th " sr e n th ess e t t ag 7
led theu thirty ft et of rater against the slender
pillars, o spray (treenng an it flew,)
in our faces; cad then when the glee sounded the
hoarse trumpet of retreat, falling back to gather
fresh strength to slash again at that work of Art,
which presurnpnioila nun had slaksl to place there
intrusion upon the element's domain,
Never slid I o regret that description was not
a gift of minx ; would that an Irving could have
been tbeee for the spextaele which makes the
rode assistants poets, and good poets too, mould
have &nun from leas pen a sketch winch 'the
world would bade loved •to read • Even now I
' -
has e not lost entirely the transport and delirium
of that hour; I often hear the roar and feel the
vibration of the pillars, while the billows come
back in my deLlOl4 and gambol again. LITOW
not why it was, but we were almost wild with
joy, and knowing no other r.av to testify the eat
tsfactarnef the hour,'ne tolled the huge log bell,
determined to ring each , serge a merry welcome
as it struck even though at the tame time be
tolled titd light korne'e requiem But these feel
mu did not loot lmig ; the sense of danger and s
the hopelessmeu of escape in case of the de
structrore of the pillars, forced themselves again
upon us. Rado s with*'delight ebriest as in
tense that see t • Ll' it dear away end knew that
many an anxious eye which from the share was
seaward host hr d found relief, when it salt that
the hght house had anthred the gale
At nigj,t, hoarier, with every appearance of rs
return of the' storm, (when the tide made flood;)
we felt, far the first time, the utter desolation of
our position, A sea satin, to which that of the
morning - woe nothing, and shoo', the buildings so
that it was difficult to stand, s aume in to dull
late two fret each side -of the cuitre, and to
quiver and jerk in such a mama as to make it
suer impassible for the le es , to sustain the thir
ty tens of weight winch zaded upon them Mon
day morning there was still a heavy sea, end
every indieatio,e of r return of the gale We
were afraid it would return bets re the boat
could come elf, last, neirerthetess the nignallests
set, and for two hours we watched the shore,
but no boat appe sgad The assistant had great
difficulty in getting a crew to man the boat, but
at last a speck in the drunce told US that they
were coming -It woo a pleasant sight to see
the fruit but as it came tosang along, now Ills
appearing behind the hinge seas and thew raised
unharmed from the gulph, teased they
would turn back but ou they mine, though the
wind and the sea were rising every moment.
In the meantime we notated up the gny(whieh
is MIT sys lowared in a gale) and to clean the kat
with which it was covered, placed Joe (As brave
a fellow no ever bred) in the chair, and lettt go
by the run, t ttr fect,crash into It; the experi
ment we repeated finotyt or twenty times before
th e ice was champ, the heat haviug to wait mita
it was done, at Ire nittuat risk of swamping, iv
ory moment Finally wt. hoisted kiln in, and I,
with one of BLunett 4 patent safe yrmerrers 'in a
tin boo tm•un 1 of 11,f:rainy person, as the event
morsel it Lai belles hare been) tone l en s er ed
I down until it act struck the chore, When it int,
rente d a lade. A momenta glance told me the
boat could not come along side the'chair, the
sea, "of which we in the light' house could not
judge at our great height, wits 60 rough. The
whaleman in the stern sheets nal, out, "Uzi
over the stiles Calculating they chance* when
the boat , would lie Mater me, I hung over the
ice suvend vale, anti wattherl her booming--
There was tin getting buck into, the chair,
and either into the sea or into the boat I must '•
• Once borne on on a huge at a, the ens carried
beyond vie, but of one side; -stem 'Was the
isms!, and she •passed so* near, that the oat and
gunwale were beneath ott, but asm took' bee
away; again she dime up;'dad the boie-airidnett
twitching her beneath toe ju;: os 'ke&-
was taking her bad:, villeu 1 let!go, nod dr opped . •
ten feet into the centre of tier, where was told
to keep still until shalet out of •immediate
ger. The boat, in;ble and out, was k shed' of
ice, and the men looked likeilmageentlibitiriwk. •
Ay, that WWI a jolly pall to the efiore; gaidedby
ono who knew the tray, we shut last the' Inner
Minot, and wound our devious path among these
famous rocks of the Cohasset, the beat dancing
over the seas, end the lusty onnemen beodilig•
their ashen sweeps until she seemed tojadopfrout
billow to billow. I used to think there was n4ore
poetry In a locomotive than , any thing elm in the
world, but now the locomotivenntet yield to the
'I mmet enteited no newt sped away, until
rite last ledge was pueted, and theiwo heard the
deep toned bell tinging its merriest' Peek and
long may they lice, the light house and its keg
er, the pro-semen of property and life, a comfort
and a blessing, tothousand.aof eduls, Sounded
my first and my lost visit to tlilb Eddy Stone' of
America; as a work of net, and a specimen orate
proddetions of human skill p it is equal to.t4t
world-renowned fabrie, but, when yea look for
the elenients of safe.* and otability;:lcuatten4
feel thatiley are wanting.
In England, tobacco is ised to fesolgintt - thit
the plants in hot-henna to free therd from in,
'stereos sulphides that are sti destroctire to'. the
tender plans_The tobacco lia enitianted• there
for that potpe end has been' found to 'be tho
ably remedy. .ifszty =eke tbo,letreb - ,Of 116
ipldialad prat tar
-^ .i